Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1855 Page 5
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Th? Late Kmbcialement In the Paelflc Bank* Pa( IKic Bank, New York, March 12, 1845. TO THE l.DITOR OK THE lii'KAI.D. Id jour article rrltU\o to the defalcations of our for mm b*?kke> per^ Jno. 13. I'rmy, you >ttt? among other facta, that iu hi* yacht excursions ' he wa* often locnm (tuned by tk? caiuer." You will permit ma to ?tata tiikt I cerer wn in bia company, nor on board hU yarht, but upon one occasion, unit then by request of our board uf 1'irectf r? to aiccrtain the probable coat of the sa*ip, and for purpose* ol investigation. J. CAMPBILL, Jb., Caabier. Court Caltiular?ThU Day, INimi Statu* District Couut. ? Noa. 60, 80, 81, 82, 10, 11. 64 12, h6, 13. 8i I'Ki.MK Cot'RT? Oenora' Teim. ? Adjourned to 19th. Sci'KKiu: Cockt ? Crcuit. ? No*. 3107, 3631 , 3498, 3496, 34#:. 3490, 36:tt, '2061, 8521, 8486, 1742, 1743, 1744, 1710, ltWi, 1762, 17i4 to 1757, 1759, li'iO. 1727. SOfERiuH Cocht. ? N?*. 82 it?4fl, 10G6, 53, 10-59, 1073, MM, 1082. 10*N, 424. 9'.<4. ?7?1 592, 974, 977, 10 ?7, 1008, 1102, 1108,1104, 1105, 1108,1107, IK'8, 1110, 1111, 1112, 111&, 1114,1115,1116,1117, 111K, 1119,1120 1122,1123, 1126, 1120, 1129, 1130, 1131, 462, 306. 681. 75, 634. ?Capenaeheld solicits thi Attention of hli ?nstoroers, and th?? puUic, to a *r?at improvement just per fec*ed in bats manufactured uj<ou an entirely new invention, ai. improve me nt of hi* own ou the waterproof stiff, hv which !? retain* it e i-tapo much longer, an dint part.-) t(vit a perpetual S'ot . Thin invention, orntinati'nr with hiin, win be used ex ? s *e yfcn tbefiiianulscturc ot hi- hats,snd will dve them a f>rt i?r?'iN?o ov< r all ot.h? rn in this city. ('**11 and jud^o for irotir- elven of the advantages offered by this ??-tablidiun -nt. V. ESPENSCI1EID, bat manufacturer, 118 Nassau street, ht? ?eu lieekman ana Ann strectn. A Boil Hnt la the Sign of Poverty, and If any ?ne would K?t ri"b he must never appear poor. With one ot SNOX'S xnajeniti ent spria? style of hatu on hi* head, nny ledy would look like a gentleman, for they improve the ap yw. mine, and. lik. charity, cover many other do foots. Call **4 takt a ie<>k at those masterpieces of gonius in either of KM)X S dep. tf, Nos. JSd Uroadway or 128 Fulton street. WMIt'i Spring Style of lata ore the Hot* that take tbe lead thi? snrinir. Geut's In want of a splendid md Uchiim I'jt will Jo themselves juatieo by calling on kta at his emporium. WHITE, 212 Broadway, oorncr of Fulton. IpiInK fit) lc orHattf Juat Introduced.?' Theme ?f "or readen iu rial of a fa?Monable hat can obtain 0110 at HAI I. 'S, Mt Broadway, ?1 o is tbe acknowledged leader of taehioa in N>w Y<irk by public approbation. Corner of Lis penard and Br. adway. (ithln'a Spring Styles of Gentlemen's Hat* tad cap? ar? new ready at 214 Uroadway, opposite St. Paal'i Church. Cheap Rent, Important Improvements, and a rapidly at< U'lins trade enables I! AN TA to offer to hit ?I* aatr< i s Ms snrlsg stylo of f.'iitleindn'a bats, in taste, brilliancy ?feelerand dnrabillty lavorably comparing with aay 14 bat, ai 13. An eaaiLiuatlun, at 1% Canal street, ia respectfully solicited. Pianos.? -T. Gllbrrt Hi Co. a Celebrated JEa Haa piaaee, lloraee aters' modern improved pianos, and tb**? ef a l?r/e aamber of other makes, jomprisin/ the Uii"i aad must desira' le aaKortment in the I'nitcd states, ??ll t? ??? 1<J at prices wbit h d> fy competition, for <iah or sa Uafart?*ry paper !'? reene m the city raeeiviiw ordurf fyr aMUM er uusical mitruments of any kind, will find It to (hear adtaatafa to call. HORACE WATETt.". 333 Broadway. ??Meaaa.8 D. A H W. Smith * Mclo. 4?eas, ?aa< d tbe eqnal tcmrcraineut, can be found only at l|r Maaie aid planu store el UoKAl'G WATEltrt, 333 Broad ??y. the trade supplied ua the most reasonable terms. The ImproTrd Vlolln.?The moat eaally i aa well ae m?st ? -lar musieal instrument in uue. ?janetket?r?d ?t ' :UI Croadway, over Waters' moii*' store. ? liolil l(1>ON, InvtuUr aud teacher of tbe improved hayed vielis. The Grand Compllmrntary Concert to l> uUssat A I ( hatmao. eomes off thi? Tuesday erenior, ? area l.fch. at th' Hr< adwaf Tabernacle, klra Ueors;latia K. ftaart. Mr Vat-he, Mr U. A. t'ooke and a host of vocal and aMtriaieaial talent, also live mintarv bauds, ae., Ac. l'ick iwMaaai*. Ila(*ra Valla In Winter.? Meade Brother* h*?e f. r ?al? aad ? a vKw the at*v? ee< nary taken from all (elat* >u wiater ran Alio, th? American I'ruresainn in Aastial'* haelml, th. trafio actress, t c. (lalleries Ireo ? |t?ier>> aa>arpasse4 taken dally. Broadway, lour doer* fbete ?!>* Altvr U' ?te. DtniltU', PMn?r*|ihlr and Dagnerreotypc *t?ttrat,|? and nr<t<*cbate r lit- meala, aabeator. cardlrouin, Balrau ?Mk I mMM MML I'aratan iuau?t powder, plalitta. ticket, aiu, Bdl*o aat.n whit?\ ultramarine, ?Em a n U f ?<! i ii m. krumlnr.J ?dried, plumbago, V if tin* kit r uuMi |>?t.a*eiiini, and KraiuUted; aitrata ?<i t * .da all*?r rallie and prouallto aeiilr, vanilla, fig blar, ra-t r hhifUlnf pwliM, llnri'l eifract eupaiva, pafaat aaaduiaei of utry 4 rrription. Tlta Ijoat M MOM, m?!M, Jan air? and Si ) r. tt ruui, eidtr. gin, and o'.srJ. TktM is rtrtnal I'ftt-Hfti* ?. f? r ?ale by UK I n:l < H i H ANGER, U1 MaiJenUno. Wllllaiu Poole.? A Kraut Ifully Rxecntotl Brtr t 1 1' a Ik I William I'aMa, t ? th*r with tome ue* ?kt?mtf?r?ill'i Hl|Mk.?n ba |iuliltali?il in tna Mi ? di* . '??< " Kt-a ly on TUar?day, Country Aaa It ra ? ill plaaa* >? nd tSw-ir atdt-ra mi< ??<??? i >i>i< ntlara fWr 94 or 93, with ?MM ?arni*T- cnm|>l< ta. llarftn-rreitypia l,v Uo'itue*1 kfimd itr??',|i . uinl Inali tt rajiaraa for 2io:nt<v60 Mate, Ac. Il*ure tantory ?? Broadway tM?h> Magnet root ypea, Lm|c IIh, Cor .V) Vata. H land, ai 'l in a ultra c*", lie d with ?*l*et, ami pro m rtrrr. ,? < * tin ? ia t,tb*i a nak,, fur W canta, sad in Kalitt aatd ate* to tfc. a* made *la< ?b' re for tl ANSjNS", Rrav way, oi>| uaitw the M?i r.ip-tlttan ii tcl HMrbln(1 larKt alar Kl aant Oa^nrrrran ralt*~y r? in trad ta .173 Brualway, bat w e n Franklin and * I.?w attMla II ? v n/ an a.ldtttorial akylt(li*. , h?i ta | rapired to >ti>i d ? uli daapault aU ?b? nay favor !ilm with a call. A |Md PbrruoluicUt villi prove It to your ?ova ettaar i*r.**, by 4etiaeatia? yoar character, talenta ant p. *a larUx. far mure a* nra'ely tliaa y.ur own :uoti lef araid 4 II* attal) aea all the I. ilmm an an I luno It. m -ber- ty auoalac ?' what material! w? are cutnpt <?"1 aad b? a In aevrlnp* them The ilta. Horaaa Mann re mark* "I iaak upua pkreaolaay aetli<-?uide to pliil .aophy aad *ba kaaduiaid of ??n timity tVliuavrr iu-'niin?! i |ra* Bbr*a*i'r> m a aaMic bena'aa*- r ' luatnatiaub; rnf HiM 1 lift. Ha ??*? Hradaay. day and ? turnup. iMpoetaiit lo Hvaata rcprrt^Oor Spring ?aaialanal of earpat.npa, t.ikrtetua, curtain*, aad car lata material#, m aua ready for ita;?ct.on, and ?i.. bo adai <1 at froaUy radurati prica*. loRL) k TAVI ')H, IhmI (traat, o*-aar of Ckr;>Ua. ?prion, IHVWt uatoaa IKparlnifnl.-Oar Marl of clntlia. MHimw, aad Tftiri^a fnraf r.n< 'ra''.? I* at>* read; lav luayruaa, ??brac.u( -rarytmiix t^at la a?w aa4 d?.ir?M?, of oar ova iatport?li?a <? <aWc fenaa. TIm antkara of tki* UKpartiDaBt, Bra. lad ny 4r. A. M V*B I'm. are artiala of tl.? kr-1 rUa? .a t ?atr aararal Ikaaa <f oaata, aoata, aad paota, aad oar > '.arm aatioa Ii la iyra ao pa>a< <>r n^ao to maaa thia * r?ry popu lai !'?? .artBHWi'. of our nu- i.raa Tii? dir-i'io? *o tlra aMaa" ??-lrn to aiaka orerjr rarartt ,p to too beat akaa ? I U*to an tun aakaklp-tli* , ualily to b? aiaa>> lairly r?prea*u'*d aor> t?4, to bo r ><rf t<> Um ah*ar a yaiBM-nt >a |ito* i>hi and. fiird, to bo a I toaar >a priat tbaa ?arm?ata of Ik a *aa.? looerif ? ttsa <aa ?? ha." for nara bar* It MCklJM *00., 2M, *M and WO Broa4oay . AUfBllan to t alu.l to th* Hale of ValataMc ?>aa>ir<y ?.a Abb. t aaal. laakk. Waak *r- > laray. franklia a?d ? a*., k *tr at, a iaa t tb* aal* ?>( ti.ntty a.^bl aalu aita totaoB M oray Hill. tr>.ntia( ?a Madtaoa. f .artk aad loaaart*a avaauaa, tk.rty mlk Tbtrt* ,iati. aad Tbirty oao*i>lk alraaka. kn ba Bad* by I II LI DLHW tbi? day, ak lta*ato'k. at 'U lonbaao Ka*baa|a Kaaty !?? tal ap villi' puaitiraly aold Tataaa llbaral Napa aaa >4 bad at Mm >kii at u.i aac'taaeaa, II * all .traot Utaltra la ? lalklna VlaHlam How Vork I hi a MBtoa. Ma raafartlalii ia*il*4 ka aaaanaa . -ir al<?k of apa a,? aaa iaaa>l ah <fcla? aa *a laol aa*ar*d ibay ?UI (nd ir. a. Ma aatook aatt.iy, aa? la Bad *haa?**aa, vail vorti.) *f thaar r*Mi4*rai.<>? ttailo tba dopoaitiur ?f oar aMaolB*iarara 'i> ? ? ?? I I a. |aa 'a ?reatt| MM 'bait ?HkMaa B'aiiO aarat it> ? ?? it- a4<aa?a/aa af a law aaaak I bt (a*4a aad labor, ka auoalaatura a aaa> k tartar aba#k Ibaa ?a ba<* a-*r vluab t> uaa laaall/. *o Oitl to kaallt ? ?? '?? at rat arkat ly l?.o inraa ? Mfllli A tu , m. m aad *? Br ad-ay. ?ar??r Waaroa (kraal. Kali) A Fitgwaa, Mo dN it ?...??? \ Ikaay a *? u , aiau.ii, >i "I ?<*#?* ai,a4a* ^a>iaia- i *r?4 by ?baa I- ,*? aad *arraKl*d l'"*.aa por> baa a* a? tbair aa kakMab?aal aaa aa*a aw HaaMi .aa aad mmm4 i-rvfivf BO) kaad .N a ? A laraa a.. 01 , a> ?!,?., .'-a laoa aad aarkaua. t*- a. a .? I.ta r aala at Bb?*k ball tdM aaak f ta fir to' ? a ' ? ? 1 Bala of bwda fl9 Ha a. Nor ra' raa? | Baaaar. a a 104 k* It * *? taaaia* rai aaa ka. no oat* ta aaarn, .,a> af t*? aa. ?? bra aa la* tr^aa.x, |t.a ra Ml H1 1 ? ' *b" ? ' ~ ' ?- -- aalraua? ?tab aii raki a,i" I |'<I aa aaa '*?? ap.ia ?laaaa? t-a-i b i?a. ?MAtoMaa a aad lodiaa a?>.? .j aaaaa 4*aaaa? t aad i Aaaab* '1 I*at tar .a* lar-adaao a.4 laar la Vaa- ? K?oaaa a a* .baaa*? aaBaa ...I r. a?#tbor o,tsi ib* ???i ' >..i ,a wt |-' r i ?'?*?? ; aa4 Mapa oitb ?a aal M lanai) ? ( > ? ? ? th- loaai ? -at aaal aalr aakaaa 1 1 akt. .r- a A" ?''lbaa.,4 o-tb .? <Br i t ...? afBar?iai aa afpartai |1 , la a* ? ? ? * *,hr *t?aaol?aa *i b ?**?)< ?> aO,.a aad b??auf?.i Bt ?? a I boa bail ?l 'aa and pr ?*?* M a RiiOU f aa r Raaao#. kd? At lalaaf. PMaai.aa, tVa> *?? t I -a JBa'fMM ?at la bar ?<a fraaa la m aaa an akaatf I IB 4a af *0 aad . UalwlBa ak m pat aaa* loaa '.iaaa aaloa. Ibt .i.dJ/ if at baraaaao. Oaalf Tra <lullla|a par 1 ard UKafltok V * h Bat aarp*ta aad aaa I* a* I .r ia|ni kr .aaa . .a t k . ?p,ta aa 4 aa aar tan f*r apdai.Att ??raaa aarpak. at Klktl Ahunmf* a, a B??ary To Rafart of ? raabary, t?akaao aatl UIm> vara ? aaita so aaaait a? a af aa >f t|. ?aaak* a aOa t aaaa laniaaai.a ay tba u*a .MM ataxia paakar* r r*i? k*i tar tba * aatrr P? aa plttjk A KI I I' T I l ayanan I ? I', .f .t??t Oaao Do* flaalf Uft -%l> fur a Motor aa* ad ? Tka latt af Vaadr^a b ti i.a? I. *a aat far*, a J. ? 4,ai4ad Maat IB| , *mt ' ra a tba "aatki f tba lk*k taak. T\.? |B a rr*ai .pparaaalty top a para, a af aoaail at aaa a ta aaaara B kaallky reakoaoaoot <baa>M'ry tU ta.a'l'.a .aakal ?aala. oiit aa?ar> ' tr a t a< la M ay |t? M ar a Mot af ?r-ai ta? ta laaaly a. ra* At ply i aa- lai fy ta iVA* a ' .a . i> |a- br adaay ? Ul Waal Mata atb atreal, Boat Aaraatk aaaao* < Mtli'i Hair aod \%IUo?irra lolMltoMp, Md r art It kr atlaatita paid ta aboap '.*/ rtartiaf aod draaaiaa tba bkar ?kat.a?a.a raaka. kr BiLI a' akraat B4 Itbarty iafak.'M aa<a-at Uf >ra*<< kba ba.r. taotaaiBaaaaa aya far a tloak *p bpava. P0 Wlp and li.apm.rba tolakralof aaa jfartnry tor ??**. VapaM, b*% ia of laa? ka u frMl brabta, Af , ,a af taa^ad at 27 MaadM laoo, aaraor af ?aaaaa ? treat U ,ba,a? Itavara af Bread war pnaaa * ttuw, n ibin jm*. All DtaraaM of tlM Kjr? ut i?ii>nrf?ll|r treated ly l>r - . H . t.r ? aad I ,?!,??.. No Ut I .0 ? | ?Ml Ilreadway. n?MNMI)HMM MM t<.i~ \ ? amaurosis, hltloit*! e?a?i4er?4 Ui arable. m ???????' e-t, UrtMctl Hi MintJ Without M Operative. <M ? lrum 10 A. V. to 3 V U Iljalt'l Life (Ulwui.-IlhruiattUm In Hi moil paiuful form*, alto scrufela. oil el?er? at?.l <".??? ?? tifi of Uiii a?ct of lk? bleed. greet 4et<ility UeatflME f taints, ki'lncys, incipient com lUipUea, Ar . af? aluly cured by this grcab piiritter nrtaeipal J.-fe'- -*?. Ormd ftrcct. Seventy T?e cent* ft buttl* Hollowiy'a Ointment and PHU.? \i?jr Vlre-r, wostid. or itire, even of twenty year? ?t?'i. ta/. *11 b? cured liy these celebrated rcme.Tiee. Cee them end wli a neidhu :iin|,utnted unless the bono be .Iceteoyed II fa thenisaciiro tor all. Sold ablhc nianuiai I n-e. ? 1 4 a lane, Now York, and 244 Straad, I.ouJ.'a, and hy all 4m, gists, at 'J5 cent #, ta>, cents, ana (1 p?r put at bet. ? Pnlmtt'i V<i;rtiilUe Coamrtlr Letliui hn conferred upmi me a iiroat Messing, It haver fired my f?oe and bardii 1 -T an eruption which had toon pr?? tauoed mee rable by all my phyiieiana."? Uaunah U I'olten, Cuuiaaa ti, Ohio. for miIi at CIH I. SON'S, 'Ml> Ilr.uUw iy, aud 1 y druggists everywhere. Rots Don't 1*1 e In thrlr Holes, Out Com* out And die by nfinn COSTA K'S eflVctnal rat, roa.-h, Ac, , e 1< r. V'bolesale aud retail d*j?t, Jhx |lr<ial*ay, N. Y. None Reinine unlets signed by llEN'RV R. COSTAR. Nut U t- .?My On^nent Fore* til the Whiakrra, moustaches or hair to grow in tlx week*, and will not at mi or iiijurc ti e skin. $1 u bottle; sent to any part nf the ("?mi try. K. 0. tilt All AM, .'1*6 !< read way, baaeiasnl; iiicber, II South Third street, rhiladclphia. DUrrlea, On Monday, Mirch 12, by tbu R< v . Hamnel Cooke, I'minil Wommoi hk, of this city, to Mmutta H , ooly duuglntrol 'lheophilua E. l;e?'?nnn, Esq , of Hudson. In Brooklyn, ou Monday, March 12, by the R?-v. Mr. Series, Mr. Ciiarlkh Dowmno to Mile IliRnitr K. Oakuct, daughter of Juo. W. Oakley. }>euburg aud Bridgeport, Ct., paper* pleae? copy. On Sunday, March 4, at Kairmount, Westchester coun ty, by Rev. Mr. Burgbardt, Auuinn stbwart, Eiu., of Chicago, to Miss Sarau Anna Clark, daughter of Mr. J. Claik, of Fairmount, On Monday, February 22, at the residence of the brido'i father, by the Rev. A. Messier, I>. O., William H. H. Vrall, ol Syracuse, Grand Secretary of the Grauil I/Oilga I. U. ol 0. f ef Northern New York, to Mien JHaRrikT Vooiuks. daughter of N. Voorbees, Esq., of Somer ville, N. J. Died, On Sunday evt n ng, March 11, at eight o'clock, after a long and severe Ulneai, which the bore .ritU Christian fortitude, Mra. Makoaiot Ujlnnkit, wife of William Ben nett, printer, ageil 36 yearn, 1 month And 'J dayg. 1 be friends and acquaintances of the family are re apectfully inviteil to attend the luneral, thin afternoon, at one o'clock, from her late residence, No. 30 W?*t Broadway. Her remaina irill be ttken to Calvary Ceuie tery for interment. Cloyne, county Cork, Ireland, papers please copy. On Sunday, March U, Jamih Ma?kky, aged uU years, formerly of Armagh, Ireland. Jjil remaina will be t'.ken to Green wood Cemetery, this afiefiuxg, at tbree o'clock, from hie late residence, So. fiH Mulbe'i/ street- Hie friends ate resjtec'.fuUy lovlt'.-d to attend. On Sunday, March 11, Mra. Maboarrt FlynM, ajed 01 yeare Her friend-, and those of her brother, Patrick McBar rtn, are invited to attend her funeral, tt is afternoon, at one o'clock, from tbe residence of her aister, Mrs. iian uah O'Brien, No. 173 Ileater street. On Monday, March 12, Fkancuco Bi.lnchj, la the 60(1) year of hi* ago The funeral will take place from his late re-i Jenco, No. 139 Diviaion street, thla afternoon, at two o'clock. Ttie frienda of the family are invited to attend, without fur ther invitation. On Monday. March 12, Frank, son of Perry ami Louisa Mapea, aged 2 years and 2 months. Tbe relatives and friends are respectfully invited to - tend the funeral, this afternoon at two o'clock, fro^ (he re?dence of bis parents, Oolllna Hotel, foot o; Cauil ?trett. On Sunday, March 11, of erysipelas, W,rLIlll d,w,k Wrn, atn of Dr J. H. and E. G. R Va^^^ u l ie friends of the family an 1 In- lt(Hl ^ fttt4,nd ^ fa. M I ' rendeuce iif W ' ^i? m Rockwell, M. I) , No. 51 taat Broadway this aftw^a, at three o'clock, with out further invitation ' M*?h 11, In thu 75th year of her ^ ! J V -?w '>( the Ute Wm. Adims. The Irienos "I. the f'.milj are respectfully invited to at UBU tho fun'ral. f'.om ber late residence, No, 127 West no* afternoon, at two o'clcck. On Eunday, '^arch II, alter a short bus wvere illness, Mrs ( ATIIKRI',, GROIum. 'J?'1'!' >!? of the lamily are respectfally invited to at tend th? , jneral, Irom the reaidenceof Iter son Frmlerick A1"" r* tt'ternoon) At one o'clock precisely. On Monday morning, March 12. after a lingering Ul Ukrnaru McCamtin, aged U6 years, for the past 40 J' are a r?sp<cted citizen ot this city. The relatives and friends ol tbe lamily are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon at two o'clock, from hi* late rraicence. No. 141 Clinton street His remains will be taken to Greenwool for in terinejt. On Sunday, March 11, Onoitae W. Baicow, son of tho late Robert (fames, of this city, aged i'J years, 3 montho and 12 >:ays. Tbe luneral will take place this afternoon, at one o'clock, from tbe residence of his mother, No. Ad Carmine street. The frienda and acqntintaneea are respectfully invited to attend. My flesh shall slnmber in tbe ground 'lill tbe laat trumpet's joyful sound Sball burst tbe chains of sweet surprise, Add in lay Saviour'n image rise. On Monday, March 12. Ellen, daughter of Michael J. and Roeanna Quinn, aged 10 monthi and 17 days, Tbe mends of the fanulr are requested to Attend tna funeral, from No 254 West IVnth street, this afternoon, at one o'clock, without further invitation. On Sunday evening, March 11, Mart Locira, daughter of John and Rosanna Connor, aged 1 month and 7 days. Tbe funeral will take place from the residence of Mr parents, Ho. 97 Sullivan street, this morning, at ten o'clock. Mrs Ann I'moox, widow of Edward, aged 76 year e. Her frienda and relatives, aud those of tho family, are inviteu to attend the funeral, to-morrow morning, at ten o'clock, from the residence of 4ier son, Clermont avenue, Brooklyn. At liatavia, Genesee county, N. Y , on Friday. March 9 ibe Hon. John T. Bkjuikn, in tbe 69th year of Lis age. Mr. Hergen was formerly from Kings county, ia which be held si veial important offices. At ^airfield, Una., on Friday evening, March 9, Mar OARaT, wile of Almon P.ofT, age^ A3 years Williamsburg, L. I., papers pleato copy. At Harritburg, Pa., on Sunday evening, March 4. of ? p?i(>l*iy, Mrs. C. John, wife <>'? wtiltam Jona, tn tbe ' tah year of her age. Hiappy *obI, thy days are ended. All '.by mourning days below ; Go. by anirels' bands attended, To thy bit seed Jesus, go. Struggle through tby latest pa^sioa, To thy dear Redeemer ? bn-ast, To his clurious great salvation, To his everlasting rest. H. B. J. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. ] l'KltBOWAL.. INFORMATION IS WANTED OF *R8. PATRICK I m-y, by fc r hu?t unl, 1'fttriok Hwre^-y iter in Aid <*n ! i ?n ?<*?<? Jo* im* Mar |iliy; ad d aft e i* from fiftntrce , county t < rk lr?hnd. H b> n Mil heArd from wm ro?i J m< *t l ) H ftt?r iirctl. Addrt** I'ftlricfe Sweeney, KmI I>? KaM , Si. L*?r?ft<.c county, New Vork. LKCTUHEg. *1 LRCVNTIUt I lltKAKV ASSOCIATION -THE EAS I?J t.raWer ? Itt !-ol??r will delieer ki~e folliwin* leo < l>ut 11 lull l.ecturi room, A. to t place, m Ibe i l'.il?wi?f >.T?*r at * P, M 1 1 imtv, Hack It? The Merita of the <'?"?? ,t nericaa ") anpatliiae, nbether 'o yo ? ith Ruana or Knrlnn'l' I ?mev, Marrti 16? Th? I'o.lej ol tLe l?*-i Eu^lnh MloU lr Aa.tfia? ?.l r??M. 1 ??i at H ?r h a< ? 1 l.r K>r"li'l n to ' h# Crimea ? Tb* ' Hattlea ?t tbo A lana, llalakla.a, lakernu, Ac. ?i <? M .r r, ? - Ihe Ptact ConTemnce at Vieaoa? I n I aim r.tea, kvaatl . Meaalnl, Ac. < auiM titkiti, II. Ivf r< utlemaD and lady, 1 1 S); (Ingle t >'k?te, i'i real' Cm be i,tain>4 at tbc lAltxry, No. 2 i itr?et, er if aojr ?( the oftcrra of tbo AaauoiaMoa, ai l at the 4o?r m Ibe evenm. of l"Ctnro. J?tM II ? MoR'ION / J'iIini HEKAK j l.'?tare CommltWe. K U. 1 1 MI'MiN, ) RI V ll*M;y V? AKIi BKP.I I1ER WIU. DELIVER A r ? ?? ' I'lrn.'utl t. fiurcti, Brooklyn in Tliurada; teatlM IHk laM. at 7H a clo< k, n fMrlotiatu. for the i?? .*> I the In watnai 'rUo< I for Uirll. Tlceete lift lenta ?? a eaa? he ke l t.1 the aealna ?f ibe church, M at tlie T"? INTRi.Mi TORT I.E' IT RE To TUB THIRD J ?r** ii. tl.e Men .j .lilau Uedw el Colltg", will be 4eil ' ' ? r? i hf Pr?f J II IKIK.ND, at ll..t?uie Uall. ?- Ea.t l.r I??jr a ) d>i4>; oroaia*. I tlbmet., at 1% o'eluek. r ?? ?? f meiiaai refuraa, and tbe Mhln ."riuralir, are ? ui i* auoad m founcAt. VMMMK'* DEMOCRATIC REf'L'BIJCAS 'iLNE I fa A r'fn ar laoatklf mtetln* if -ble ' a<a ''e- otli bo h*l I at the t r or>ma, '413 ir^aaeir, , ? H-aMf Hai.iH, latin |i at;u., clock JA.Mt.-4 i'ARKCR. Cbajmao. Jv aavRiao, I - _ tarxatl ??iK?re?, } '**r*tarioa. !1t?T Omi E *OTfC KM. r<T OP? ir ? NOTK E ? < IIAVOR HP llor R -THE ? ait<i<?tke fca??, ?ia -1 aia-'.<ia at?aai?ra irlll, ota at I ifUi M ale? <i* !?' ?l ?> at ?? I' M 1'A.V V P'lVLlI, Peataaator. PLlYIMICtKM. I ML t ? |N?i ? l R I ? ? -I Aftn PI A VINO I ARDV- rERV I ?M >e 1 ?? i |> ia-4. <Hk all the fari .?? ?tb-r > ual - ? I *?ti a ard< aadekr'A* HtKT l i.ii I ?? Ml* t* ika Ira 4* ar. 4 Hii hi am at ? boar iUiio, Hi. 1 lari im f ittaet. <|^Ma tba Aeter H I'M K A HTM. jf|t ART* -H>R liKit.l.VAI. M " D P. RN I'Al.VT I ia(* * ? ??ald > ail the att?Bil/<n at aaaUnra i . a*T ?rU ? 1 1 ?h' . e cr joal |.ic-. ir??. If A neneaa tad Ea/i,.b a'''*** ? h" ? *e lariti iaje at reaa-.i.ahia ori???i antu ? hxk or- ? ?? r^eciatta. I j W K?ia?r K Uiraear, C .1 i I re i* ||,? ?? . ?e. Aina?,,?old I aiat <a? ?f ike Naiitujr k? u ?|? r ,??- *r<.? a (irtra'e ? lie.', a 'a K ?r i Mill EN A R RRI'S, Md UraMvsy. lei ii. ii a of Aaalia; ?r OooUa OLD ?WC*ATa>qn MH'?HT AI^O?UU) FKlOKfl W aa? h ????!< f I U hay aM atW^ra^He, oM aa(f**k?(> .14 out C*lu aid aaa^ai n?o, ?r aa; thiol .a ?? ear of beat ? a* at tao .Id t urio-.ty ?>??, ??? tmln; *<*? m * n?-uii *f ?? mrj TIIR4TKK4U i luiii or araic -it alum uriii. A Ntmr Till* ?ri.?iMnvi bVkvimo. march h, ?a. .?j aaa? ?'?'?? * r*? of it. ..Ivtrai-J T.aur, ? lev UK r BIIUMul.l. rmttww 1* <la i f tu I'aria. >%?>. ?IC*"? ? L-AKK A* Mil I RAUAMk. molKit MIRKT/.EIt. lad ?4X MIRirZEti. >? an- tii i?rii>r?i??t la ?? r?- mi*, ut lit U*fr| I. AM NERVOUS, ?Ml V* ? - 'lb ? U . M ? ? i 4 l a ?>ii I Iota ... Ii4 anttMt NiMtitk A.M ?? .... Il| ' ? - .r. Bm IjaH is I ????#. ...??. Count Ar'M ^lik >| Q'liitu MRR... , . . . . M%4 ivifftlro I iMHv ... N>< M*r?li*W T)m W i .lA-a. %r ?? tnv ???!? ? ill Ik op*o?4 oaSal'ir* J?) k?i?iM *1 ? 'I >1 II Dm Arilni/ ut M iMr; Hall X S- a., % ??. k li'. ? mi < iioa a it ??., i > 1 in* or rum or arhiMiiim ? IVlio' l*r*M < irate, I >1.1 Tm* M V . nnl Aaaia. ?a| k? tm ?r*4 illy ?a llflWII ...Nil lai.ilt I mil ...VI <????? An^ulKiln 29r?nt? rn??t? ttaa fOtofJO At 7 D|lll ? uMHMM ll I ? llwl RKW % KIM. ?*)?? SVKKWARO- TIM* I iMArii'.S? MAV 'K'HOr hc?, k*? York, Hiiclii, IU>4 - <VbM?M, Johu i I aaa run bf A bui iw'ltiiL Mil tin f'lmrr ?i hprioy u4 UikImiu MimIii, ?? Um Z-.l ol Jaaunry lial, it " o'atera >a thw ?M.rn.n< of that lay, in-i ar?.fm?, tLn mil Uhu CamplnM IllmMdMIl ruswqme' "I tl.i iijurwt thru r? -?l?a?l, Mil a 'llrtw, th* p. rnoa wbo lrava .aid cart la uakaoan to tba *u IbmiliH, I ?'?>, by ilrtm of authority f?ai?l la mi, o(T?r a rtwuil ?( t?<> bini 'iwl u<l 1(1; 4ulUr? for tin- ip|in lirutiii An 'I rf u?irii?u of tba piricn aba c>iinnuUi?l ?ai<I ?Kil?n tu t?' pawl en <,?>a?.rt"'a of th? 'iff.ij'ler, on tbi < frtHriti of tin Rm-onter or INntrirt At lorn**, that luch roavirttoA li< hail apod Ihi loatiiconr of tun |*t win or tytrnon* tla uiiiig Uid rcaar l, but all >-Uim< not prfmnLil to tin Mayor with a t'wauty day* itur luch couiictioa, will b? il >r?nr .??! PKRN ANOO WOOD, Mayor. Sr,/U\ KKW AHI. I'Rut l. IV \ t ins VWM Uvv W llllam I'|. li ha? dt" I frmn Ibc .Ifiv t? ..fimtol ot, triMii.*ti?l, ai I. txl. irrd. Wr oaa I ? wi? lltker, ob or about 12 o'iIk k of tin aiflit of tliu itlh ol fibf ary lad, at a |>nblle houro known Manwli Mall. ?t >7<J liruail *?j, and whcr.aa tl? ianl Law la Hak. r la till at largo Now. thefafora, I, t'lraaado Woil, May. ?r of lb? elty of Now York, do, by virtu* of authority in nn\ IT- rar* ward of two hutidr?<! and fifty dullart for th? tD|?r? b< n<?iun and dalivery to th? aiithnriti? aof **t I li?krr, aa i a furttior ?um of twohundrv l and ftfty dollar*, lo b? pai l in ? a?n of convution, on Ihu cortificato of th? RMoN<*r or IM*trt?t AI torucy that auch conviction wan had upon thu Uttinoiy ol tho pcrion or prr.'^n ? claiming -aid reward, hut all elauni not cnientcd to the Vfxyor within twnty days alter tucb appt?jbcii?iou oi conviction will b? di?ra?ard'Hl KKKSANDD HOOD, Mayor. Mayor'g Office, Kow Y^rk, March'.*, lNifl SCA REWARD. ? 8Tt?I.KV, > KOM SO FOURTH f )\J Rtrcet, between the 27th Fc? ra ?ry *n I 4th .MucUj one clu?ter diamond ring, one mn/ln do. I ? . Mt ?liainoad >hap?; one ruhy and diamond nnr aet oval ?L.ipe. one t'old pencil ea bp, with coruthaii tvt>, ihtttun/ ami opening with sprinx U'hAever will give #u h iof..rm-? *? ki may lead to the rvevery of tho ahovc artlclot to ilr ? lloyt So. tonrth street, will recelva tho a hot a reward ' ! REWARD? B0WJ5HV TDKATRK._VTOI.EV, tiD^a# I frtHu ft drvicinr room in tl? Bowery Thoatro, on Krt Uav eTcninc, March 2% lbtf, a chm??*d .old watoh and chain, nith key attached, double eaao, with inarriptton on lr.n?r aide of eaue, "From Frederic Conway to hU wife, July } 1^64." Whoever will five inch information ai miif !*n4 to ita recovery, to I. P. WAM?RON. Uow^ry Th. atra, or fcn K COX WAY, 28 Second atreel, ahall roceiva ahnvo reward K REWARD-LOST, on SCNDAYTIIC I'.TH INiST., in &oing from tho Calvary Bnptiit tib*'roh In Twenty third atre? t, through tho Fifth aveau*, Twentieth atre?t, Sixth avenue, to No. 214 Weal Twenty *??<? . nd ctreet, a h?avy | gold croi?, with a gold chain attached. Wh<H)vr will re j turn the above to No 1*1 i W'cit Tweuty aeyoud atrotl, will tCfcaive the above reward. j REWARD.^LOST ON SATl'KDAY EVENIVO ? / laat, in one of the llro&dway and Saooud at rent atagi-a, an op?>ra irlaaa in a morocco caae. Apply at 47 Fifth atreet, flrat door eaat of ^aoond avenue. tf?0 REWARD? LOST, ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, RE tween Ckarloa atreot and Si*th avenue or on one of aaid ?venue railroad cara, a Urge rise gold brooch, aerpont ahat?e. Tho Hnder, by leaving it at No. CharUa street, will receive the above reward, ai.d the thanka of the owner. TUBS TRADE#, AC. Architect wanted? a first hate draughts ? an. in an office, in thia tily, lie mu?t b ?j a citizea by birth or adoption. Addreaa boa I'ont t?fA? e. /GARDENER. -A SITUATION AS GARDENER WANT ed by a practical married roan, without lueumbrauce. lie until r?t*tii<ia pardoning in all ita pur?uit?, greruh nMe, grai ery, flower and kitchen garden department*. Hh wife wi.-ne# a aitnation iu tho aame family ; h?a the h?!?t of tcati m? Lial- aa to character and capability, ala * city reference. I'lta-e addreti City Ref- renee, llerald oftioe. Gardener. -wanted, a situation, by a man ol aoberand induatrioua habita, who parfo -tly and* r atanda hla luaineaa in all ita varioua department* , i? fully co mix- t?nt to tako charge of a ^entleman'M place. The a<l vcrtuer la a married man. Satisfactory city ref? renoe givt n. Addreaa D. F. D , box 171 Llerald cfllcc, for three aaye. OWNER FOR A C.OLD WATCH WANTED ? INQUIRE DANIEL D. IUKK.AK, Lower Police Lomt. TO JEWELLERS' ENdR A V ER.S.-A MAN WHO HAS VfD for aoine yeara at the head of a Jewelry eatahliRh m?4r?, wiahea aaituation; can em rave, repnir. "??ll, Ac Good refnreiife. No objection to go out or New York. Addrvae R A , Herald oltlce. Trade wanted-by a stout amkrican boy, aUteen yeara of age, wh<> reaidea with hla par^nta. A Jock and gunauiith, or tin and coppersmith pr^err^d, or auy reapectable trade, f leaae call or addreaa Jamea Brady, 40 Madivon a'.reet, till Thursday. TO MERCHANT TAILORS.? WANTED, BY A MAN of twenty veara eaperionee, a aituation aa foreman and cutti r in a youth'a and children'a clothing atore or a partner with one or two thouiand dollar* For partieulara, aidreaa C. A., or call at a\o. 206 Bowery, er 3&7 Grand Street, where rampiee of work can be aeou. TlfANTED-A SITUATION AS GARDEN ER, BY A if Ringlo tuaa. Crderatauda forcin/, bu tdln* and gra't ing. Well acqauinted with gardening in all it* branch^ ?. Beit city refcrenca ran I* Mv n from hit late employer. Apply at 26 Whitehall atreet, for two daya. WANTEB? A SITUATION AS f RAt TICAL (i AR DEN er, by a auagle young man, who perfectly under?tao 1 * bta huaineaa in all ita branchoa, alto th ? managvinent of ail kinda ofglaaa nouaea, and tho layiag out and mana/oineat of flower anu kitchen garden*. Any genthman re iulring tho aame will ptfaan call oa Mr Creoawood, ?ommer?.-ial luaur auce ofHc?, 4V Wall atreet. Beat of city reference. WANTED? SEVERAL GOOD FRENCH COMPOS! tore, iu'iuiro at the office of th< l*ro/re a, No. &1 Broadway, to day, from V o'clock A. M. to A P. M. WANTED? A GOOD PRACTICAL HOUSE PLUMBER; oiae who thoroughly nuderatand* hia buainca*. None oth? ra no??d apply. Brooke A Cummingi, 125 avenne I) \\! ANTED? A SITUATION AS GARDENER, BY A v v rear cctablr y oua,i man; ha a had several yeare exp?.n ence in Great Britain and the United State#. AdCreai A B , boa 117 H?*rald o?ee^ "ljLf ANTJE1V? TO ENGAGE A GOOD JOUR^'J YM AN vr tarter, one thiat thoroughly anderatanda the tHMin^an, of a* her, aleady habita, and lg< nt*<el addreaa, who would to willing to go to the citv in Roc heater. Call at CI Patten *tr?VA t, Eruealyn, from A to IU o'clock A. M., on Tu'j<lay, Uth fnataat A mericau preterrtd. EXTRA PAT. BOUNTY LAND IJCT THE SIX THOi:HAND fOL diara aad aailnr* ia and about N?w York, antltlad l<> on* hundred an<l aiity kim, under the naw law, ap pi; at ones at Uta Doanty L?ad Offlea, 76 an4 77 Naoau a tract. rtiKlJf ft DlXt-Y. BOUNTY LA.VD NOW 160 A UK KB? -TO A LL UNITED .-Hair* nation, aoldlara and otl.ora, in any war I unc I'rVO Kitra pa/ promptly paid. Land warrant* , obtained, bought arid aold, pennon* procured land*. aitia pay, or balaneaa aomitig to widow* and hair* of | daceaoad lolled Ktataa Milura and aoldiera eollaetad, and all kiad* of claim* againat tlia United HUlci raco i awed b/ KDWAIU) HIHSELL, Agent and Uta I'urur U. 8. Naay #7 Wall ?t. Bounty i* forms to be observed by par?<.oa applying Ur llontljr I. and, nnder tbo Act <f Warrb 34. I^V are Juat received from W*elilo*t<?n. Tboee I n titled (in reeele* all a?'i>uar]r a>?i?tan?e I jr raluait ti|-m or addreaaiiig It. Walerbury, S? Wall itrcct, Jauncay Court, ?acund ?tjrf. BUlNTY LAND -one HUNDRED AND sixty ?< raa tu aoldiera, ration. widowa and minora, aed widowa of raaolntioaary patriot*. r*aalone of ?r?ry d?*^riptmn, Ural and notarial i.nai&a?a, paaepnrta, Ac., promptly obtain ed . CatuBiuiioatr for tb? i**arai Stater W I I.I.I / M orandin. Attorney and Notary I'alillc, No 7V Narean atrial. Bounty i.and acenty, or tiie veteran corps of tb* war of 1*12, of the ait? uf Now York.? The pronto to b? paid Into tlia charily fond of lb* corpa, IJM \um airaat. a< nth tide, l or doura l?low Bookman. OBi > boura Irou -A* to 4 I* M (ol U RAYMOND, >*?.?.. t Major A. DAI.I.Y Jr , J A* J Uaa L. W kVlEMAN ) *' lh* ??*?' IT P BOUNTY LAND AOEVC Y, ZV B |i A D W # V ? / ? I.aad warrawta for aoldura, anion, arti^ra, elorka, teamawra, Ac , obtaiaa l, kounbl aold and looatod. llUn< ia patMtl title* pnrckeaod. OIBee h'lara from 1 A M. till DC M JAM ES K A JOHN V SIR oW, Attorney* at Law, offlce No. 2S, up itair< RPIRITUAl.UM. / 'I.A IKVfiYANT A ft It fWCMPWIC X X A M I N A Mao* i-.f I'T HATE^aad l-Af'T. t!i* t ?at clairvoyant pt> ?irtaa* In thla **aatry. kleeead i.y thaaaiida fat h*r aluort ntracalena earra of e?ery dlaoax, rapaolally u.otd nial i ladla* .Oatiafaetor jr asaiaiaati -.a/iaau, or no pay. Ottco No lo Hpilar atract, u?ar tb*B"w?ry. rmiTUALiurrfN* and itritim.? jnuk OOAV. will r??wi?? ?lait?ra, thia ai.d ?i *ry da J t l.ta waak, at .X) llroadwair.Uapo i har?l Ifoara 12 A M , 3 to S, at 4 7 to i F. M. A^mlaaioat >> cant< N R.? I'arUa* at ton lad at thai/ Hafdatca. alao priaaia alralaa at har r?m' CI IRITl Al.'f IrT i.E at UOI-E CHAI'ElT?*' BROAD O ?*y ?By part.ealar m- odi?l ,u a >p<?ial r-*o latloa aMMMoarty *4cpt?4 at a iat? ina*tii* of a?T*ral ku *Jrad citucra of Vaw V Mlaa m*A ERA Nf K1 JAY will pi** ?ar ra eircla on W -la"la/ <-roaln/ M?rcb 14, IMA whirl. ?ill'? tb? ?at lima *h< wil[ad4r?"? fol lie m! Iv III Una 'i'f prl?? la bar daaar? f* for Ea ropo. Tickata af ?dwiia?|oo, Jt a/a To - ha1 -f I'ARTNIIX.C A liRITT AN, M? Ii?.a4way. ~ T1IK M I i.l'l t K, V. " f INL?AY BI.UEH-HEADUL ARTIRS, 83 MADIflN M J itr*?t ? Tk? niaaiar* of tba ahoaa *r.tpa ?r* haraky ra aaaat?d to attaa4 iha rafilar atoathjy Ba?tin? to to Ual4 ?.Lit, 1 aaaday aT*ai*r Marak L3, iv-'. By cr4*r, EM, A R A. RoBlkTS. CoaMMcdAat. Jo*n T. Toai, tacrrtary 1v> l hk VrKERA.Vf I V ltlX, Oft TtB VlfiofiP T1.o*? whe rwMtaad forty ar?* of land tra m? ?n?t U*d to 1*0 a rraa mora, arid tboaa tkaraanl ai(bty it" a r? a?UU?d to aifhty a> r?a ?at*. a?l rai obUia that r wa rraat* af tb* ?????. V T. KXTDl, M Wall *tr*at, b*a?n?at. N* cA*/|? vteWiat iu'.J wanaaU R.U.E8 AT AVCTIOM. /tOCNTKY SKAT-IN RYE. WEsmiB-UKK OOl'NTY, Kj for *a!e at auction, bj ASTLION* J. BLEtXHCKI', at fba Merchant*' !? *o.h ?\U|(e , uo tb? ISth i'ay of Ma -a, lWii, at 12 o'clock, biil ! oi l articular*, at the auctioawr*. Ko. 7 Broad ?treet. H2NRY H. I.KK1M k VO-, AUCnONESR ? IIOL'^K bold lurniture xlu ? Honry l( f.owla 4 Co., will give tlifir (leiwioal attention (?? t'i#y Ua?*doi?? for many | year* p??t) to tin- **!<?? of houMbutil furniture, at tti* mudcBc** of familie* breaking up bouaekeeptnK or re moving. The; will alao ha*? regular ?nl?-n at thmr sun tion room*. I'.i N'muu at riot, tx-lw< eu I'ine ami Cedar, for tba convenience of Uiom who may daclre tbU medium 1 of tala. AUCTION NOTICE? (JREAT StIE OF MAOSIPt eaat dianinnd J.-wi-lry -KBWARU 3* UENCK, will ??II at auction. on Tnr-day, March 1.1. at li'ij o'clock, at his salesroom, 10 Wall >ire?t, superb diamond jewelry, consist i ti K of n't" of bracelet, pin and earrings; crosses, cluster and staple stone rin?r* and pins, also, an e|e ant assortment of ladies' watchaii, p*-t on both sides with diamonds; al o, other* l.y To Mac, Couper, Itoskelli Breting From, and other*; dou hit* time keeper*, independent nccouda, Ac , Ac.; also. a lar?e invoice of superb jewelry, consisting in j>%r t of gold sets, stud*, slewv,- button*, bracelets, pin* and earrings, *eal rinsr*, Ac., being one o! the large at aud most valuable tales of trio ?MM. A i ? ri"s s , |, , ORBAT SALE OF FIN1 WINE I brandies, peuuinc imported Uavana se^ar i, Ac., io ? KUWAIil) 8CI1ENCK. will *?dl at auction, ou Wednesday, llth Inst., ut his t-ales rooms, Iti Wall street, at o'clock, :< 1 r i . I t li< ??< lino witf *, br.uiduM, imj rt I 1 1 i v w na soger*. Ac , which hate given such gen< ral satisfaction in our l?>-t ??ale--? consisting of London Dock brandies, South Side Madeira, ."-talker's Victoria nud Dull (iordou sherries, llnnt A Co * ports, Hungarian i kuy, Muscat wines, wiiis key, rom, and a latve assort tncut ol imported llavaua -e gars, Ac No other liquors admitted* | A UCTION NOTICE ? I) S. IIOUGII, AUCTION EBK- ? i ??V Ihrtularu" uoreNerv<*d sal*is of most (?le<aut c ?t? tl y r^MWood furniture aud durable and genteel inahoaany do., t"geth? r with tbre? pianos, a eoll?ctlon of oil |iaintlius, and rich and ? * remove dcuoratious.? To morrow (Wednesday) luorni. y, at PM* o'clock, at house 71' Warren ?lr?.?t, partly consi?tin< of royal Kmrliih velvet carpet, for lloor and ?tairs. Ingrain Jo., Knglish oilcloths, silver plated *tair rods, fOMWood parl"r mits, ehyantly npholnterod and I covered in ii kroou, crimson ami green aud French natiu ( damask Al'?, one antiouo medallion suit, heavily ca t\ d, in gold and crinuon; Italian and statuary marble ton tables, | ol all ti e nanal Jeseriptions found in w ?? 1 1 tarnished rooms; htavily ? arved f?il 7 t>- tavc double action piai oforte, ma io l?y Harmon of this city, and warranted; this instrum-nt. for leanty of en- rior and ?inallty of tone, is unoouailtid in ibis city Also, a very tine rosewood ? tagere, fini-he I throusi.out >% ith plate ^lacs and marblt: French work ta Idee, fancy reception ri.nirs, ascrutoiren. lar/e and splendid pier clause , in co?t|y frames; rich .tiid heavy lace and f ro catelle curtains, original oil j aintings, by eminent modern artist*; p- thic inlaid and statuary marble clocks; eo?tly Dresden china *are. Movres prcelaln vanes, of the most ct E naive k nidi* ; I'arian marblu statueaand classic representa ins, oak extenaion table, with antique oarviu/, taido lutru, Kreneh. china and >i!vcr t- a <crvi. cs, cake baskets, lorks, spoons, ivory ? utlery, heavy cut glassware, wines, champacuf*, Uigtleira, liquor cases, doe inter*, rosewood and in a no Any besteads, of antique and modern styles; rosewood marble t'.jt dreasing bureaus and washatands, corner and towel stands, p.'Jl'ases, fine curled hair mat tr?t?ts, CGuntcrpfunce, ?nl?t^r/l china toilet arte, oval and ^^uaru ?llt frame mirrors, Ac., A<5. Also, ou Thursday morniug, at lu^ AM, the Contents oi No. M Warren gUect, the rcsidcuce ol J. S. Uitohoock, Esq., tCirwlr.g r.i?ue, oontaining, in parlors, rich aud elegant rosewood suits, ro'*wuo4 and mahogany centre table*, lace aud broeatclle window drJ?*ry? Bnglisa tapestry, Bruteeli car|.ttmg, ruga and mats, rosewood jMt* board, mahogany do., rosewood and mahotrany chairs, cof' ner cupboards, two large square lr- nch pier *lai?4os a very flue selection of mantel ornaments, original Ian (Hcapes, fruit |?iecesf^A?vj a vory cvttwvod sevru octave piano ..Trie, mauC . 7 aiivers, and warranted, walaut and maho gany easy chairs, mahogany extension table*, rosewood and mahogany side, sofa, and faacy tables; also ingrain aad lirus* reU stair carpeting, stair ro(Wt olleloike, Ao. In ?hmmber*, a I arse numler of single, double, and thren quarter bod steads of rosewood, mahogany and walnut; also rosewood and mahogany bureaus, waahatands, toilet sei^, Ac.; enam elltd chamber furnituro, in suits; fin- .South American curled horse hair mattrebses, palliasses, counterpanes, blankets, aheets, pillowcases, Ac ; parlor atovos, cooking ranges, diu ing and ironinx tables; also a variety of cooking utencils, crockcry, cut glaeswarc, ivory table cutlcry, tea aud coffsu icrvltef, table linen, Ac., Ac. Also, on Kriday morning, at 10* ? A. M., at the rosldenee of Nathaniel I'. Kimball, 7M lieekman str ut, all th? well made durable uiahosany and rosewood furniture contained io the b?use, eonsiatirg of three fly and ingrain carp^tings; lino mahogauv tete a-tetea and sofa*, well unholsterod and co vered in haircloth; upholstered back inaliogany chairs, uta bogany aud rosewood corner stands; large French plate pier r las*, *lab aud brackets;?evrral verv largo *u?* fine lir.c sagrav ii gs lu Costly frames, of the nativity, rroatioii, eruolttaion; rosewood pianoforte, <?*l octars, made by ''hlok. nns, a v*ry superior instrument; mano^any eaay chairs, in haircloth rock crs, do , cane seat and other chair*; mahoaany French bed steaOs, pallia-are, pillows, mattresses, blankets, sheets, pil low ra??e, counterpane*' also, walnut and maple do , look ing elaf^rs. marble top bureaus, wa^hstands, \ " ; also, the crockery of atone. Frcuch china aud glassware, m great va riety , parlor, ana other stoves; silver tea set, forkt, sp?<?ns, Ac. l'artics washing to store their <ood? until the 1st day of May, can be accommodated. To those wishing to purchase at theae sales, an assurance i* given that they may do ?o with j?erfect security, as or ery article that is warranted will be found perfectly round, and fully e jual to th? deserip tloa given of it. Thcee sales are positive, as advertised. Auction notice? w. a. carter, auctioneeii, ? H. TOMI.V will sail, without reserve, this, Tuesday, at 10 o'clock, at HU Olt -nw ich street, a stock of dosirablo drugs and dje*, some glassware, damaged ualli, storu fix tures, Ac., to close a concern. Auction notice? crock ery, glass andchina. J ,m. II UAKThETT, auctioneer, will sell on W< duns day, Moreh 14, at ten o'clock, at lr\ 1'earl street, iu lots to suit purchasers, f?est and *e? ond quality whito graulte c. c ; ciit, 0owu. blue and mulberry, bine and brown painted, yellow iron*ten?, koekisfham aud gipsey ware; also a large assortment of glassware, rich china v%s? *. Ac N.H Also, a inr.? sale dragglsl glasswsr*, at two o eleeh l' W. Ccuntry merehants and retailers would do well to attend. Auction nothk? tiioh. rem* acctioneer - By Hell A Hush? This day, at |u>^ o'clock at the ?alcN room*, Ir7 Centre ?t., will be sold a valuable variety of good household and hotel furniture? 2" bureaus ami bookeaees, 7"chairs and cane seat stools, looking glasses, llrussels car pets, Ac At 11^ o'? lock, two trunka fino dry rfoods, silk ^ , satins, and clothing. Mpleudid pledged wat* hes, Hue jewelry, fancy * oods. Ac. A UCTION NOTICE -J DOOART. AUCTIONEER? 71 By ^ BOG A RT? This day, at 10^ o'clock, at th* aue tion rooms, corner of Frankfort and William street, wort ga,*e sale ol household furniture, Ac , mahogany sofas couches, bureaus, mahogany French bedsteads, feather bed?, niarble top washstwods. chairs, table*, cartels, looking glasse*. clocks, stove*, crockery, glassware. Also, the effect* of a confectionery , refriic?r*ter, offlc* desks, Ae W< incs day, at |n>^ o clock, at the auction room*, lar. e sale of rich and costly dry goods, clothing, fancy goods, A Am cki .hta i. a k, aimtionleh, wm. sith, ? this day, at Vtfy o'clock, at Ifi? William str et.the stock contained in said sti>r?-, damagrd by fire, consisting of severs and tobacoo, together with counter*, show ease* an?| futures. BV C. A. VTATKKBUHY, AUCTIONEER.? flUR RE gular weekly sale CI choice Havana aud German serars, I wines, brandies and oordial*, takes place on Thursday. Murch 15 at 10^ o'clock, at our st.?re, .Im lined street. Full | particulars by catalogue, on morning ut sale Terms, caah on delivery. (iRtH'KKHY? AUCTION NOTICE ? I.AK'iK JITOCE <?K a retailer -J E. VAN ANTHER I', .ill Mil on Tun dav, l.1th, at 10 o'clock, from the shelves in lot* to suit pur (has?r*, the entire stock of a retailer deelining boiiueae. ?on* la ting of best irfcite iraaiWL li|kl Mae a. e, dipt, edged ant Ri'cklnsham ware, freuch tea sets and vaacs, eut fU**s. a full assortment, Ac Also, two rase* rich tea tray* and waiters Catalogues the day previous. D|) NAMII, Alt TIONKER STORE NO 310 BIOA0 . way ?Administrator * sale of stock of a si.ip aud I steamboat Joiner, on Thursday. March l'V, l/vV?, at 10 o'clock I A M . at No*. VI aad W Eighth street, consisting f tenches, clamp*, hand screw*, worked and enwerked Iwm | kef door*, shutters, Iliads, monl iinss, jdact* aarAvav . warons, harness, steam engine, boil-r, pulleys, banger*. b?lting, planing machine, saw frames and beache*. t /?ther with a iar*e lot >( alear lumt-r Ac, Ae Hy r 1. r f HAVII) L VfiUNOM, Administrator; I.VDIA IfctlHV. I Administratrix, of Hiram 1* Ferry, deceased. DI> N AMI. AlTTItiSKER -HToHE 1KI liRm? ? <>|I tuunv <ulf vrtia ?ir> 4 .< *4j tfu*4 I* til liludi; oil, Mat tin?kb l fl*< ? 1 M.I AS CO Mil*, At.'I'l ION P.BR W I 1,1. hCLt., ON J Thnr><l?> . Mar' li ?1 ttniul ? ? ort- ?i,i itr *? II I o rlock, laa 1'**. f ti,? ooal ;wj, 23U I|4 in ttrt I ir I ti.eth ?li p**n l? pau, ?!*? i'n !?*?? it J?ntk ; dwllluri ?1/ it I i!W Kail Ttir' *? ntli ?lr?*t? IV jr?*i* to run CLiAlt tUMIl.t. Au< tioarar, 2<l <>r?* I ilrorl I,1 1'liEN IC U I' U A N K I.I N, All I tOXSU IIY I'M A N K J lla A Nii-l,ol?, offir. M Sf.ta ?k' -I , riar furnt' r aretioii utl** Tli* aal?**ril??ri ?Ui *.i?i t**ir f*r< ia*l at t?nd*nr? to ftrit elm farnitar* Ml**, ?lk*'ti?* at Oh f. >i<l*acti oflxtilllM that latent 'r**k.m up kui?k**|i*n f r*raoil?K Ihli ipriar If. * AAHON, AUCTIONEER i lf;*.Kr- HAI R )f i J- wtl rj rn|4 *n 'I iilTtr vatilf* i.rli <iui at' ih ? '!?) *< aaetlaa, a? (tall j *u in * ?lu<k. *t lk? ?* ? r .<? i; s???? >tf?i l>*ar4* <,r ?ni ?..i i *i,4 ?.i?*? kMml *n4 a larp* HMrlMat of 4iau. a la I r ? I without raivrra, f?r *a*k. C'M>l?(nM ?r* a ?r *l? L'l HNni Kt ?TUB ftUB'CRIBBB lUfKT' I f? Up r"|i. iti th>>>* aho n> ?/ Imw* Mi nm ?? I ih / II, ? <aviin( ???'!*. In 4H|-..||/ ..( Ikm h- ... 14 r .raa tor*, lo call hi him or **?4 a4<lr- .a t tl>. >*J ? r**a** ?? looa a* P***lhl*. Aa **rl/ *' < ? 'r m iir I * la * *l>l*i o* to aalWIpat* man, *f . r I* - r ?* tk* (r | i' li ?< of tital.irooi, A? , for ia|r* lu Apr. I Tl.? ? , >.t*at .* ? r*i** of lunar**, aa4 th* ai? '*?iip *f katla* a*p*ftfliM?4 p.ri< n* to att?a4 to tb* tfillaiuff irraai >?? i> ? ? ' I *a kii< t ten ial*. r*n4*ri a ?oia|i,*n i nil tk* *^- 1* r. , an -?l??m*4 fa??r RtrM?*ri ar- ta?,t- I t> all *t tt-? ?nu*l ?>!?? roon.a an-! I. ,n.|-.Ml.*t ??? a. mIk ? for tf,* arrariprm* fit aa4 4i?j Uy if a '!/*? *W"-k .1 t ii ar? ua*<inall*4 >Imi h?r? an-t ??*-??>? ? ?. < ?? ir< ? * *M*4 lo ri?* *ilt*f**ti?a l? ?,.???* ni'ii **4 M' i *r>tnl *n4 r*?voBalkl* .*rtia*? m ! ?? ??*ti < aai r*r >.w V- rk 'Ity it lit okl;a JORCIII IIK'i K H t M *?* licaw, '*?)tr?l Ml,* raam*. Vlll*?<>>?7 -ri'r I' ?| Bro?kly?. Braaklya, Mar k it i v.*. /?ro ? t.twir, auction f er, hi >m.i, h> *JT mrlH, a TI,or*4i> Bir#k II, ?l l'? **!*?? * H IM 'altr* itwk of ?t?r? No Zll f>. 'I *??? < ??**?? NlacUtatli ar.-l Tw*atl*lh itr*-it com t */ ?? -at ?? >! ' k* ii.-l jiolrj -*- Iwjn Jmi ia?? ?%!? i Irrnir tub. Bal* to M roat.??i4 uai.i t.. iat i i * . aol4. (*RCH EHIER, MACCAR"-- Ill tR ' ?. I il .at Hour ? A7 I>-r iifwi ? r ??<.?? - It. * 4.jr, 10 o <i**k. k*a4**ai. Ir a i*f-i twliir kt ?*, ? l.ip*. rl4iar ?*441.*, tr**4i'? m,<i .,*, r .. *?*: ** 41**, HfWi l*ka???, *llf* *||. ikall.l * ? ai* ? Him u4 fork*, (al'al < r4 yrunf f~ , t H A CARIfcR **' ?*f /-lBOBOB COM. ACCTtOBBBa-OBBTBBI rt'R<H ' Vj Ian pi*a*f'ft?. A* ? T ?* 4*> iMk *t , , * >t t' Hi* N II H .t?r iin.i '' hi I ' i ? m . *1 *a?tloa. a* IM lalir* f?r*Mv< *' u< ? *? ' a mtiai ?l ?oi*?i*4 |.aa?f4 r*? la p*****! ?i??r i*p*o?f f **w<.?4 | irtor faraitara. ta* i? rr?*-k f< **? ?*. la" *i.rt?i*? *a4 r-r?>??* ? r.? h *! *<?> ' ? i ? kl?ni>4 ?l*'k **4 maatil miawili, (ill pa.atia^*, tap**<ry . *a4 tkr** plf ?mifftt il.fa.IIMi. 4 **rr*lair., Ii.I'-im mni- *aki*.<i -?#.-*..? r?.? it* ti mil It Wf ?**tra, pt?r aa4 ??'? tai n i i ?*? ?*? far ait*r?, r?m*i*tta? *f r***aa*4 a* I aa.r?f k?r a,. ia*nii Hp ?a**it**4i rw*i*< ail Kik-iuf 1*4 ii. **? i?p*rt*t Amp ?altrw* nIIum uti ?*< m i ?i ? klaa t?il.,t wli. gilt fraai. Uakiat r ***?? >a?r*t* .*'*??? li Dtaiai ma farailar* . uimxn lia.*? t*lt? t.a takl>?. BtlMtaat ?fa. ipnw ???> ?'???n ? ???? in* ?!,* n r*ikir*. iImi, im k iy <!*?* a*4 *? ** **r* >?* trap*. ?!?? pl**a4 Ui *a4 am. ? ??*??? ulnt imii fork*. Ia41*a, Itarp Uttl* taii.rp liVM* faraitir*. It. CaiilttM *a Ik am?i *f Mia /? 0 tlOBTON Af'TION (PR * A I f ? R ' ' * 1 ? II y, *lltk *!???*. ?lll **ll ?? H iIimIi; *t l?N . I -.a at Uft Oi*?b ??'I *??*?*. tk* ?*al. 1-w* *a4 laUrn *4 a 4ra* it?ri. - amti a? *4 4r*n **4 'ivi irt??? at*. >r?kir) up, |b*M|', *M Mi III lafttl |U M*ui I tl. 0AKK9 \ r M i riUN. I / 1 EoKGE COOK, AUCTIONEER -I.ARUE *ALE Of i VX olllc#, rablnat and household forn<iur%. m .ft, |ir. *4 street. ?o Hedtetdny, Mnr^ ' if, nt !??', ? el?ok -Mo*or 4 CVok will Mil, at above, a largo end will |t?ck .?f a | manufa* ttirtr, cousiettug in pari of parlor uit*?, In broce ! telle au?f hair alvth; Mi ? blaek walnu* anl ensm 1W.| j chamber suite*; u*ten~ioo dining tatl-?e, dinin room elm * ' sidi boards, bureau?, be i steads, wsahstands; e litre. | tido fetid pier l&bles, tofa", rouktrs, ?hairs, lounges, lull it an (Ik, library bookcases, swert taries, chairs atl tab]** of i lie*) chain, tibiea, book*, Ac AU?, a splendid ??? rtiiu u' of *ilv*r and plated w are, forks, sp o?? Ac Sale | retup tory, for cash Catalogncs un morning of tale. I nINHY If. LEEDS, AUCTION EEE.? ASSIGN KE H pule of manufacturer's ?tnck. -Ilcnry H Leeds A Co. | will (tall by auction, on Thuradiy, 1.1th, Friday, ltith an 1 Saturday, 17tb M Mar-f<. at |UM o'oloofc each day m | salesroom*. 19 Nassau *treef, to which place the g ?ods will be removed for conveui-uee of sale b?tnr a manufacturer * j stock of tf no ico|?t Jewelry , to be all without any re*erv I The said stock consists of * groat varbty of all kind ? of | Jewelry, and of the latent styles, anion.; which will t?o I ?un 1 the following article* ? A complete a*M>rtm >ut of tine . "I I j single niiil double cased w ate? e?, of b ' mak*r*. <?l%vr I* , j fire *old lob, puard ami ve*t clikiiu; I - k?*t?, i ?a? II ' . j m, cam*, fob, suard and v< ?t watch ke \ ?? nil ><u'? signet and finder lit v? of sreat variet y , l<*i.t n f. 'merit' sfoue and seal Anger tins* ot every stvle, Mu !? *i< .? i, it tons, scarf pias tail do.; ladiee brooches, arc age and btaee !? j i, v 1 1 of I ne late t ft vmm alt kii ? I nu * diamond, euieraM, ruby, .pal, coral and plain 'rv-l.ts, brooches and enrrmrs t.? match. This i a ?i k w*ll wor t by ot manufacturers, j ? ? ? i- wr** an i t icr *?t Hiif at p? rtanity to Individual" and others to w *? * 4,fy 1 ?'? * ?"* with Jcw?-Ir>jfat Ice than eo-t < i tnaniifact or** \\ >? , I ourHilvea that ever> ur Licit shall tv ? id pitiiout my r ? r ?e to the highest Udder nEN HY II. I f: K DM, A T ' rfoSKKK HY II II I. MM- I A t o. ? Tuesday, Mni< n 1.1, and H -tn- ti\ II. at ! ? $ I 0 i lcrk curb day. at tbo salesroom 19 Na??aan strati - . | (.1 . It l'? utiohun a lar??' al ??< v ?? it !'??'?? ? ? ? j r" i%r , bit Koodf, jutt rcc< iv? d ! r* in t'lly.r'-o ftmn of lar*- and j 1 - . ut itui it i istau, lleba, htn ? I r vases Id batto rtHti alt< ? lsri< m a ri asl f naa i dtf cripti??u. and a large assort mvut ?>t i?n w -r incntH Alio, an invoice *>t ' ? a n ' ? a ??' r r-? .| ? Venus of Canova, l)an?'imr (lirls 4 I ? j-is t r * -inni' It ? of I ? aova. Hereul Veaui \ i ? a larga lot or frttb *oods Jnst n l*a of rococcft tal'incts, hoxtf, b'okina v I a<- ? > ? ? l?' ' < i? u? ' Bated night cloeka, ftrount, ftenras, ortttoln elotkt ?t ? ? plated ware, china, uud other dcairuble go "it, ^ale with j reserve. TTHNKY U. LEEDS, AI7CTIONKER-M. II. l.EKOs A XI Co.? On Wedneaday, Maroh II. at I ? ' c I ? ? ?? k , % t t'?e s*l ?# room, 19 Nas au *tre?-t b?> tutilu| ?at- ??f Rtufl? i ' ir-ls fre pare by the celchraUd (ialbraltb, bi ing the nue.t < "II* i ??i e\ i r brouaht forward by him, c 'ii?t?tjn? of lar/?* ???#? ? ?*t birds, do. in ^laHN shades, bird" in ? roup? and sIimI- , m > it ed on sprig*. fr?ni II parts ?>f tt^o w rid. T# ???? s i I w.t , ?? reserve immediately nfter th<. sale of mar le and plat d |w are. JOHN W. SOIfRRINDYKE, AUCTION EE It.? UN ITEP Htati't fale of marine clothintf ? Thi* lay, Pu? --iaf Mai>-h 13, at the au< tion room UOCttitro ttreet, fit 1?M4 ?'el<?vk. a quantity ot Cnitcd States marine clot fiinjr, In 4' e l condi tion, on account of chance of pattern*, con*i*tin? of blankvt*. shirts, fatigue linen Jackets. Tbo attcnti??n of captain* of volunte* r uniform companies is oalled to tho litter artirle, as suitable for summer dr?ns and camp duty. AI?o, l.'si p?irs of blankets, ft.UUU Imeu Jacaers, huvu pants, sbttts, \c TOBK W 80V1HINDYKI ACCTIOVftll \i.i> ?i..? oey, at tee iUflfKB t A .Mil, No 1 10 C ntre ?trevtj corner of Franklin, at 1U)? o'clock? United StaU't salg v, woollen l lnuketn, liuen Jaca?ts, pantaloons, sh e^, .to.; n? cusea blank? ?* and 14 <!a-? * JacVet *, pants, A ? Also, oonsta bit's sale of the r? tnain* ot a -.rocery stock; also, good (juallty segars; mortirn^e sale of a lar<re datfuerr-oty i?? Sheriff's laic of ono mirror. Also, a |uantity of secondhand John i Vandewater, AfCTMNEER. -E T Tl'RNERwill sell on Woducidav, Maroh II, at U)\ o'clock, at the sab s room .'VI I'iae ami Codar street a larwe assortment of household fumitnr*, r<.nsiitintr of uia hoirany hair oloth sofss, tete a totes, Voltaire easy chair i, . rcckfrs, bookoases, marbl? top centre, side an I j i?r tabl i bla?-k walnut ?*iten*tou tal Us. bedsteads, bur* au#, wa?!i- j stands, hair mattr bruosele earptls, Ac. JOSEPH IIKGF.MAN', A l'< T f '< N K K U W'iil)N|>liA Y March 14th, ?t j o'cl* ?.k f* M , rricisoly, at the corner of flrerutn aud I'acitic sir ? ts, Br? Vlyn. the ? alance of the stock and fixtures of a retail grocery, gas fixtures, covered wagon, set of harness, Ac. JIIORIARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS ? day. at 10 o'clock. 173 Cfiuham ?tre<-t, the furnitart from llroome street, a <o??d assortment Jalso, furniture from Ninth street, a pood assortim-nt; also from manufactory a rood assortment of furniture |Av. Sale positive. MB BUTLER, AUCTIONEER ?PUBLIC A DMIMM ? tiatoi's sale of a baki-ry. <tc - ? ? u I .< -eday, M r 11. at I o'cbck, on the premises, 4l Leonard street, t??e ftoek, hakin* ut? nsils, and lease of the bakery of (be late James U. Smith, d* t eased Terras cash By order of I'cter 11 Swsmy, I'ui lie Administrator, 51 ( bamt/ers street. MlH'lf.lIlY, Alt HONKER. WILL -FIL t?N W K I > , ? ntsdiy, Mtr< h II at |0jJ o'clock at M -ut'i av*u?', a Jarre and ?*?n< ral tssortm* nt i( go?.d hou*?hold 'urniture , com pi isiufs sofas, ? >fa be Isteads, lete a tctes, drestins and plain b* r a?i? lii r ry and secretary , bufikcases, marblt too eentro and faucy tables, walnut aud oak extension do , card | tables, w indow wha les. mab ?gany parlor. and roekiux ebairs, full French bedsteads, ' e*t hair mattr*^'-* and pal liasse*, cane ' hairs, clocks, va?f? aud ornament*, oil paint legs, ovtl and silt mirror*, mahogany sideboard, lounges, Ac., together with an tndie?.s variety of < oinmon furalture, sevrral ? tirpets, Ac , worthy the attention of housekeeper* and others. RC. KEMP, AUC TIONEER -F.LEGANT IIR-T ? ? lass cabinet furniture, at the war r ins, No 4M Broadway, between Broom ?i aad limn I **tr*Mrt*. H C. K?mp will sell at auction, a* above, #>u Wedn*-s day, at li?4a o clock, at the war * rooms 4^1 llr ?adway. a lerv beavtlml aaeortmstit of superior rosewood, mahogany, and oak parlor, din lag room and chamber furniture, whioh i* particularly worthy of the att< atb>n of housekeen*rs, es the *>aie is positive and without r?*erve,to ebiae an estate, ao I consists o I rust wood |?arl< r fiTSilS?t,tt swite, teeeged in Hob two and tbree colored saliu, d?toask. velvets an I brocat ? !!*?? , tiro, suites of nufinisocd, in Diuslin, whieh will be covred to suit t be tsst? s of purchae'rs. carved ros e od and "tk ? It* tf* r< s and sideboards, b sollfnlly aarved r ?*ewood ceatr-, P?? r tnd work tables, parlor ae rttaries, bookcases an l ?>? cretaric,-., mahogany, oak and walnot eateuilon dining tabl< ?, teautifully carved rosewood bedatvi l-, tinrtaus, wasn?iaads and flsttBSCft, eatf and fan- ? sewiug ' atrs, lotintre*. r cepfion chair*, hell ?land* and ? I. airs. <nr?->d i.iah 'Sany and walnut cliauibe r furnitar* togstuer with all the u?oal a? sortm? nt of afirst class cat net maker, (j ds parehased to go cut of the city can be packed for *1 ippint, * r can remain o storasc until May. < ataloguts will ? - rex?ly and th* soods Risy be ciamined on Tuc* lay, at I I Broaiway Stocks at auction? by j Thompson, .no j Wall street. The nndersigi.ed havinr ? ornplete-l ar rangements for the sale of bond* and *t .? k* ?t auction. be?s to announce that hie flr?t *ale will tske il%?e n Wedn* ? da), the 21st instant, at the Merchants' K?eban*e at 1^*^ o'clock Full advertisement hsieafter. settinjc forth com n>i?sions aad otber ebar#es, il anv J TlfoMI'noN, eorBer H all street aad Broadway. K W l.atkam A u tlon* ?r SIIERIFF H SALE- THIS DAY MARCH 1.1. l-v, A I l*i o'clock A M . at No Pearl stre? t and 2 *'J VYa' r street at !<>>?, a ler?e sseortm^nt of hats, tape A J off S OKMER, Sh* r ff. N. I. ftEI.Afl, lieputy flhefiiff L* II K R 1 1 I H w A Lsu Ml I I < / 1 oh (iA ? HXllKf. O Ac.? On Tuesday. March 13, at '.''g o'cloek. A M at the ?onthweit corner of 1 l.irt^ second *ir?et anl Fourth av? nue ail the right, till* an I interest of tlorati * N <*?rr of, m and to the lease of said premises, together with eertain t as fixtures; altoa lot of wine*, il jiors. A , A TCNIH MoRKELL, AUCTftiNkER -IIAVAMA SE (rara, Jewelry, A* . On* meramg at ^-1 > assau str*? ' . 3ij.<gg> segars, in l os? sad packages o t l> t ? of various t rands; alte Jewelry, consist iar of reard anl fob nains, earrinss, breast pins, alsootb* r fan* / articles j&xteasive sale of foraiture, *e to morrow C'NKFSUHVEH .HALF Of ?,Nh IIHtMUKV LI ?{uors. Ac ~J I VANIfEWATLK will sell on W* I nesdty, Marsh Id, at lo't o clo ? at tt. - saleroom, 1 1 Matin lane, among which will be found Ins old of different Irands ; Aae old port w me* sberr ? ? ao-i Maieire*. -Isft ?, p? re Jur e , ebamj anae# , Preach - r Hals raisins. in fanct b i ts, sardines, pickles, olives, an* bovses, catsup*, turn 'amy I teas, I reserved |r-kches, nlum*. ptna applet, gates, pear* { ueiaees A<- Also an in*' i's of f* - . 9 r* '?* b a >aps ? ae* ile i 5;d?., eaefcsScot'b ale dsmsfel on voyage ef iu?po?*at. n . I Room sitot aceo, II joid blacking, < a;tn..e |epp*r, Wolfe t icbnappt, Bermuda arrow root lif V A L Hit v, At'llOM'.KK 11! KM I F I' H f f ? liil Oft 7 ?. ? ft V , Mftf< !? i j ft* II I Ml *4 Si III Atlaftti ' #tr*#t fl'.nth lir okl/r*. ? 'u/" n1 Mu., i'lftniteti f rilfc frint**, $tmp*? 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Houth Brtokl;i 4 M I DOW L Wiror ABIMTT, AND I'REPOSSJMBINU n.>uk> r?, w la baa to ??/?*? at aala.w.iaaa ta a raaay or inilunary ??1*1.1 1. l.oiaat, ?lt!mr aaolh or wmI: la fWljf ma L VltV h' k'i?tao.< far haraalf. A44rwa 7.r?" . . llud*"u itiHt. 'taiiBK what* an laHrvlaw can i? had Ktlaraavaa aiabanyad. A 0OOt? COUK MMH A XITUATIOW. CAJ* BE " 76 "rM,; lM *?' " A "1IJ,.ri".N WANT*n IN * PRIVATE FAllir.T. rK. J.i l* -L AiI i?* " rr'1 r?1' ?""*? h*? ?? o?'J??t?a " k1v? J 1 iV ' " *''? r?rt.uiljr nn.laratanda htfbaaluc. , ha. I,.ed ?u" , fMlt|laa aail nan y|>? tha ttarftr m,it i",j <??*?.?**?? ? A Wi'?AN WWTS A SITUATION AS CHAMBER Kiiil or mniirc?i, or i-Mrn, la ?P^bu of tok. nr caro f ft Lf > fr?Oi il? birth. h?? u ? <?)?Jo? tim to ,/? * ,1,0,4 4>iUn<? m II ?' lum.trj Iftu t o ?can lor two dftya ?t 22rt Muttony ' 4 VOl NO I.ADY WANTS A SITl.'ATION AH WET ?/\ 1. nfif tn ft i>?| ?cfft> 1** fnnniiv; luftl brr 0 wu oMfc. ono wt?k old AdUr-aa A li , Union Pool omc?. \HI * I El I A 1.1 K t ol Mi IV. >11 \N IV IS If ft \ situ ftti b ft* ? Umi. ! ? r-i, ?? . 1 ft n I muifttrofto, or nuroo on I - b?t?t rrn?fts4 , cftn?iv< ih.t 1 . y r?f?r?nN. Ploooo call ftt So. II I tiirili t li ? ? r-'f l, n- . r'i ih ftV' f?u?, fur two dftjr *. AVdl N(. I.AI?V A<<l"T-?HED TO ATTENDING , ft ?t ? r* ?n lira 1*1), mi u I' .AMU,? ? ?r ftituft (.?. aad will ? |.i ft? "if-r m ftn 1 ?t r? (ijod rvl?r m(? ?iMn. A4?ir*?? II 11 , II- raid olAoft. \VUI .NU I \ l V WA N 'lEh - AS COM I' A V ION TO A _ ?<;, t? tiii< if ?tiftiiiK ?p|Xftr?n?fl Mii mftniMr*, tn I 1 ft. 1 ? I - ? ? in 1 I <r ?? I *t 1i ft?t p*rb of ti. Iiiu. if ffttr A Mi Mr# Kmurjr, II ral<l uA<?. \YulNQ uomas vii m \ SITUATION TO DO h?n orworli M??i Mivluf I'M r .tftu lflt for lft4i?o ftti'f . I> 1 <r?i? ftll hh lt - f f ?! ii t ' y tftwinn, <ftn m*Ko ^oolle i>.m * fttiiru U *- >i ??*!?? i.iivl r?f?r?nn if roqtalrodT Coll ?? r i? i 4?j?. oi 14A ?IH Trolli la<l l.l? v*mh lit**!, in th? fftot y il?r?. \l?l ll.>T?i'il loi.-sa fHOTKATANT UIHI. ?Mia a ?H"ai 11 ?? *1 a, waafe* r >a4 Itoaar: l| a t Ifeah' t. (. ?? aa ?< Ja??i a l? I . ? haui^.?rw'>rh aoa valt '* * ' ?a l.? l-.^liiy ittmmui I'd tan t.a mu at 164 ilrtil, kviafii attnui ? A an I H AM?t AMiTIUV l'H" I I rA >T (IIKI, WANTS A ilil.ttlaaaa mim or ahaaii.' rmaM; no '>>.jaatl'i ia t<> h> ????. fli. in a troall (l .i. family, >ba U xll i ruujl.l ?b, al i i?aim? maaxtra, ?n4 ?..?M do all >ha an Id to alva aat lafaaUoa *rrly lor t?o daya al |h? atora, 3T? Kl?ktli \H0riJt4rti r.K S SITUATION W A NTK t>. tf A mlMWWl. I l.o?li?li a.imin, m a |Ti?at? family j haa #?<?!? yrara <ip>rlaar{ la that capacity. <'an ha nail ra tit niRtrndad Would tak-i rhar^e of nhlldran. Can ta atari at J1 |)?(ra? Ureal, kataeaa Mmlh aad Ourt, UraoklJW ln.|uirr >11 tha al?M, fur Mra Taylor a aynpyfT ? pj.E l'?OTI TAM WOMAN. WITII A iV IraVhTr. a'al ..1 ?. 'a- lo.l har own I w>rkaoM ? 1*1 .? I >' >HI, I ? II II ran at liar a wa w drf. nr. \v. .1 i*|.'iiU. a'r.-t Apply for lw? 4ay?. , HUMAN WANTS A SITDATIOM AS wft n ?r iriiRir, ho? oo a to ro I# a ftrtin* I - !????, or Iq 10 0 ?h'ft 4i"tft?eo tu llio ? r t-? mm in. ?b? Ifton4rr I'Um coll ol Mo 6J ?i< k i rt ?lr?ot, room 5, mcob<I floor 4 ' HENCII 01 RL WISIIF.H A SITUATION ASCIIAM a\ nntftid <r to tftke cftro of Iihll4r#a. iptoka Knnli?h ?" II li< ?l f r?f*-r' no? fr m f< riu> f Mi)t<loy??a A| |>lv 0% 1?J tholob | loci , Estill* coro?r of M?re?r. AMESI'EI' 'TAIII K rHOTi;>TANT YOIJNO WOMAN Wftftt* ft |)tuo tU>o lo 4u |?ttorol mo ftiaoll I rltoto family IM?o*o co?l ot 1,'J llf^m? atroot. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO . ctjftRihorwork oo4 o??i?i in woaliint *?? t IroBioir, or wuuld i ' ll.o f?i ?rol houMwork for ft autoll |<ri?olf fftiaily. Cob Ik ??. n f*?r lw?. 'toy* ?t Il.'? Twtnly mv?bIIi ttroftt, (tir4 floor, ' ot? o i? S?v?o(h ?o4 l.nrL'h ftv?auo* AH NCNUK -WASTED. A SITUATION AS WIT J\ onr?o, l y o ro*po#lotl? y oo*? # l'r?i*ft(oi*i ????? . U in ?oo4 l.iftlfu. on I baa ft #1 If *#l f Billki b?r boby to ?>? o? ton vmIii o I *1 Apt**/ ol l.'l fnUoolli ttrool, Boot Kliliih Bf'But, f -r two 4oy? A OIHI. H I All KH A Mil \TI'?S A? * II AMIIKRM AID, J\ or to ?#?!?( )B tko Wft4* III# ft It I lt?liO| , ? >ul4 bOOO BO i>i jftriiwn In '!? r*>n?rftl ?? ?<? ?<>rk ?? o "MBit frtftU Umily lift* |< o4 tiiiy r?f. riBft lr?m b*r s* t ^Ib** I'Uba* fill ll ^o ' ? M i-*t H ft?buii* ? i Ib .lilt ??fft/*4 voi Mi Woman wishes a mi ation as cram rtooi'l on 4 tft 4 Bft* ?? bill, ftd l r ma#, *r nhftB If r work ?*4 tftkft for* ? f ?bil4r?B ? ft* #? I lb? >? ti M f?r? oeo tr< m b?r Ib?I | !* o, ? 't *li? ?? M?*4 r?M? < ftn !????? for iwi 4?r?. ft* *<*? Kft?i l'<mu?Blti oirowt, h Iwccb B?tnu?? 11 ?b4 ? teluir A rR??TESTAM u a M A ITVATION An e?ok who I bur- vi ? I > ti 4tr lft*?-l? bO?t?*ftO IfftB no nl)00ll?>B %*> ftOftiftl -ft bin ool IMOIO4 ?f fO Willi I f -ml foittily to *h? riBBtvv *???bo o%l#or n*w4 oiftf llo* 1 * ? wftii f?r io9 4b|i. 1'Waoft <-oll ? I. to? t?*,m A YO J\ A RKM'r< I Afll ?; I f ? I Mj OIRI. U %NTS A ?ITUA J\ lion to d '? 1 i fttn ? ohinr w*?b??.> o > I t/?aiBf , 09 u 4<> ftotrol bonft? wc.rk ib 0 m?!! | rtvuto fftmilr, or W 4o tkoai ?rw-rk ftod tok? 'orvof 'Mldrwo Tt.? 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