Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1855 Page 1
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1 -*? m<4 m. ? ??!? ii?a???????? IflE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON. t&XCEFT SUNDAY.) -j At the Star Bmeldrng, corner PenneyivaMi? avenue and Eleventh street, my W ALLACil * HOPS, Will be acrr?d to vubscritera in Ute ciuet of Waab iBfton, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and ThilaJ^ljihia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the AgenU To wall >ub*?nber? tbe Mbeeription price la THRCE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in advance, TWO DQL LARS tne SIX MONTHS, ami ONE DOLLAR for THREE MONTHS. O^Risoli conn ox> c?rr. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 1855. NO. 683. flAHTFPM SPANISH MIXTURE. Tha Great ParlAar of th? Bloodt lot a Particle of Xeroorj la It! Aa Ifltunu Ruist lor Kcrofula, King'* Xrll, Khanmattoa^ Ob'tlist* Cutaneous Eruptions, I PlaiiM <>t Pa?tnl?-? on the fM% Blotches, Boil*, Cfcroai- Bore kyss, King W->na or Tetter, Beald BmiI. krdareemeat and Pun of the Boom and Joint*. Ctabtorn Ut.?rw, Syphilitic Disorder*, I.u -aba*o f pinal OotnrU nO. eni all the dig?*t irinlrf from on Injufi '-ioo? n* of Mer-Tiry, lm proU art ia l ib, or Imparity of the B!ood. maiS vsloaHe M-di.vtts, * hfch hoi brcomo oele> J. lr?t*d fcr th<> numba* ot xtra rdinary cure*. eTctod ihrougb its ha > ind ae*d the proprt ?co'o. ot tb? ar$ i.: r.-qoest of .heir frunds, to offer It to the pubrc, which 'h -y do with the una est eot^ Id?e in ita virtu's aod wctvierfni curative prop ?rtJ a The follow ia* e?rJ5 at^e, (elected iroai a iarfe non,b-r. ate, boa ever. stronger tcs'iincnj than the nure woel eftoe proprietor^; an 1 are all fxom gentlemen we'I kDfwff ie th-ir loca'itW, aad of the hLtboot r*9?e~tabtlity, many of th-m res din# ia the .-it/ of K;ebxn->r.d. Va. P. KOYDSN, cf the Exchange Hotel, Rich moad, known everywhere aayehehaaseea he Ked I doocallfeJ C varr.a'a ^puhu MiiTcxa, admin iatered la over a b enured in nearly all the dlaeaaet for whioh it is recommended, with the moet as ton Wbiagly g;*u rsmlt! ifo say* it ia (he most ex traeru uary medkine he has ?T-r seen. AOUB AJO F'VCR?GBBAT CO ft 8.?I hereb) certify that for th.e* y?ars I had *gne and Per-* of the n- v ?; ?l-nt description. I had several Ph v rtaaaa.tocx Nrg* <;uaa.iiie* of Quinine, Horary and I bol.ere all the T nics advertivd, bat all with oat p#fijwu: relief. At la* I tried Carter'* rpaaiah Mixta*, two bottle* oi which effect jail; cured as, aad I an happy to any I ha. ? bad neither ehi U or fever* eaoe. I confide*- it the beet Took in tale ?ofkl, ani tho rmly nrdl^ ae tbat *reT r-vtb?l sara;?*. JuH-s LONODAN. Bxivx* Ditcif, near Riihaxd, V->, 0. B. LTTCS, Rq., bot in the city of Richmond aad f>r -naar rears id th? Poet Ottos, baa suoh eoalleo-i in the as^ais^ing e3;a?y cf Carter*' Bp-: nisi MiXturs that h? hw bought upward.' of bottle, whk-.h Le h?* givrn nway to the affl ctei.? Mr. Loch s-ijs he hn u-jvc;- kaowa it t^> tail when takaa .-v -r ic; to direciiooe. Dr )il.N?3ik, a priJtiea^ Puy iaan, and formerly <f tbs Civ/ ia tl. riiy of UkhiasnJ, saye bt 1 a3 wiiowiel ia a 3Uiai>*T of its *?<??;'? ta? effete oi '? ni ipaniah 'lixcur*, irtiiah ?*er? taoar trulj furprMa^. II-? siy* ia ? iaa-? of Con<u?npticc, de pea l?nt on the Lirsr, th ? effji;a wers won liertu! in lvsi. bAMOKL A. DRINILBa, ofth? ?i\a of Drinker A Morna, Ri^riia^ud, -arwj of Ur-?r Com plaint uf three ? t'aadio^, by the U32 ot twt bottiaa of 'Jarwr'a ij;?aau u Viiiure. (li.K IT CUi?U yf ?TLe editors o* the PJchaiai Hetpaali aa b-d a m mt etnployeu ia tb<r pi>ai room. co>! ot si >i-at dcrofala. cr>m b n%? with Ku?uana>ia-n, whi<^t eatinsly aidatled him ftaa wort. Two b^ttiss of Carter"i rpanisi Mixture rnai ? a p*i-Suc. jure of him, aa-i thf 1*1' tor. ia a puotlc aotiee, eay they ' cnwrfully reor m meal it to all who are ifll'itsl with any ola.aao oi the blood." FULL axonici CURS 0? ftCUOrULA.?Thid a Tery ralaal?'e *>ry car?d of Scrofula by CarterV 8p*mah Mixtar* I oa-oler I; truly a valuable cyfiicias. J4M23 M TAYI/>tt, Coniactor ca the R. T. anl P. B. K. Co., iw-_hmonJ, Va SALT RliSU* OP TWBSTY YEARS STANLIXO CU ?* ED Mr. JOHN TIIOXPMN, raiding ia the city oi llsl?md. w*d c-rei by three b .alee of Carter's Epa^'sa Hlx a::. cf gale hheaa, which he ImI xor ?*r'7 t^aa.y aal ail the phj.v claai ?f l!w *.soold not cure. Mr. 1 iiia^on w a wel> kaova WCt'ua* in the c.ty of Ri -iiaoal fcr. \ hit L a* 7i f?* 4-X vfM ft. U ^-TT IP or It! hao ^d ha 1 t "rr-ni rjiedaf "yvhi is, ia Jh? wore; fo*ai, by Ca tar's PpwnieB Six tar*. II- eays h? ch-erfp'e reortn meads it, and coa%ider< it a v^ry iaTal*..=b!e m^ ii cine EDWIN* BJXTO'J, oojiaiw.Vuer of th?? r?Tfna?? ?T' he aaa -jen jtx^i of Carter's '"Vanish Mix tare :n a aumb>r of dypailiti; eu?, aud aays it b ? tvrf*..-: ear* f rtiaai hcr.*ib<? dls^aiie. WJi. d. UaRV. J J?f, at Richmond, cared rf old I 8cr a tal wiaer*, w'u ch ?^i^?bi-*l hi _i frem walking. Took a fa * U-ti.-v of Car'wr s f- p.aiah Ml siure, aud waa ero??i ? 1 to w?.k without a oravh, in a ahort Oiae ^.'aaaen.,y caxed. Principal Uep^u at M WARP, CLOiiii * Co? So. & U^idaa Lta-s Nc M Yore I)\Orj A No. 1S? Ncrt'i ^aooud * BB!.*>iirrr A Bizaj, No. Vaia slraet, Rich Kond, Va. Aud for aaic by CilAKLU STOIT, \faehicrV--a. I D. C; UBNitY I'KEL, AUxaniria, and b/ brs-'i/ti ?varywbMa. f no* $1 per buttle, or iii bo^iaa Sut ii tat? 21?ty Mott Bedell's Line. NEIV YORK.JlLEXAS'DRI.i, WASHINGTON CITl', Jl.\'D DIsTiilCr OF COLUMBIA PJlCKETS rpilld LIVE or PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY I from pier 14 Ea^l River, X^w York,aud otleuer if neceaaary. and are coaiposed of tlie following Grat claiM ve?acJ>: New achr. Ji. V. BetUIi, Bedtil. uia^ter. New achr. 3L>U Btdeil, A. V. TreJwcU. -Scar. Am D.t Wrn. Oliver, iU4at*r. Schr. 1'tsiani, L. A. Suuih, uiaater. Scbr. Ojtnman,Ut .in- Ck\ef, Wogljia, master. Setir. Grtemray. VVilmta, aiaalcr. The<>e v?a^U are ail faat aaiiers, and tue maafera men of cxpef'QC^ ?n the uade, en-1 the only regu lar line of Washington City packets. MOTT IIE^EI.L, Wail street, N. Y. 8. 8. MASTERS & SONS, Alexaudria, V'j. THOM *8 BILEY, leb 1?6m ?? a?hutgtoB and D. C. DENTISTKY. pVR. ifVTioy raspertftxlly cal a public fctt?r.tlct \J te ti. pafrni, -nd CKRATLY ^ , UIPR'JVPD crti.<-d of *rt:fici Taath, wilh Ccn;:ruoua Jom?the >?? '*->L PtfBjrcCTlCNOrf'EART. Tilattyfs of laath his the folic w advaats?ea ever all ethers vis: eai\r tTP.Jtsorn, cllanu>bs?, c-?m foar, auaAUIY, ?icing with iTatnre in then* r?ap. :?i, and icrus otLat j excalllxg. Public Inejwc U>a la Plea:s call and sat VmImm. CACTI0.7 ?No other Dext? In tha Billot cf Columbia has a right to caka tU : <ylc of T?atB. N. U.? Teeth ccastrtatioaal y haalthy, piaggad ax J *txradtad ?or life. oSce aul hocia at Nj. K ft, atar tha cor aar .f ^'anajyivaaia are%d? aad lith atrcat. t-tr r>>? IR TO INVENTORS TUB v lie* of "Tha Inventor** jrrcUctioe KatSooa L' -.Uru" u ca 7th street, opfca.t? th? Eaat Pot bco of iho Pateat aad la v;v roady to attend to thv Lii'i^aj of ltd i&aoUta, n*;aeiv : la Mtaiuuea- aaa tcilcitiug pat<- ac. In- :atonaxa inn tal io -aJJ a:.! a ecpyof th' Ccuau:atio? aai By laws, a_>i any :uat>raa Vu will be ?.ivsn respecting tha I'aisa. ail letters ca bLa.a^v ? xuat b? Inctal ts thla ot fee, wber? artesbce *u! giv*a aasie liataiy. A modal shop U ia coca?utio.> with tha oIBm, where modab can be oale w rrier at tha ahartaat aottee T. W. CLAYTON, ?Sl??tv Peas>? lent I. P. N. 0. PIANOS FOR SALE AND^LENT. ^ILE sabac<ib?r baa aiwa>a uu h<nd a aaautt I meat of German an l American PI AN OS, from the very best unnulactun wlucti be uffera for sale at lower prices than can be purchased in the Uuuict of Columbia, aad ? n the iu<m itccuiua.odatiag lerm<. All Piaaoa pascaatd irom uic are warrautcd tu rjtiaiae IM. Okl Puaos takcu ia e\chaiige. U UE1SS, Yrsjfc*** of Mu^c, C, brtw. Puartecuui aud FUlaenlii ?ueet?. Gold, pir.VER, sieel ai plaieii spec TACLES t?? suit every age H?, Biding Speca, B. U. Clasps, Ejre^n^ Protectors, Eye (Jlasaea of all descrtp-^PM|^B lions, keading Clw*, Giggles; fcc., Parabola, Penf'?cal, C<Hieave, Coavex, and Colored Ciasars put in frames at the ahort<-st notice. Persons ia want of giasan may be sure to get thaae which benefit the eye a> H. S EM KEN'3, No. 330 Pa avenae, betw. Uthand l<MJi *t*. jan *) LAW PARTNERSHIP.' SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED 2TATE8. BOBEkT J. VVALKEB aad LOC19 JANIN hava formed a c partnership under u.e naeis: oi "Walkar aad Jaain,Ml<>r the argument <A cv >-s in the riu;*eui? Court of the Lulled Sulea, at Wa. li lagtoa city, wbeie both will atteuJ tfiruugbout the lature sessions of that court. They may be addrea* ! at Washington, N. York, ?r New orieaa*. jan 1 'J ?aoJm * C. WAKRincq. WATCHMAKER, NO. 330 PA* AVENUE, Between Ninth and Tenth streets, WaSHIMQTONc. feb 14?dt\ov4* ' GUEAT INDUCBVU^Tt. Off-r Baltimore Ureet, Baltimore, Md., ij'rf JLV' ^ev,oua 10 u*'"* iheir annual ac count of Mock, a large stock of reeeot y imported COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR v!I f01^ T-XM- California, tfew Jrf(#T, Louisiana, _ Missouri, i;n?2^aaK K.ntudTy, ' Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and <ina*sot% Plnrida. other States. GEOEGE 0 THOMAS, ATTORNEY FUR CLAIMS, AND ? _ . WOTART PUBLIC. "4 rfjAi/wrfan war Odd-FcUoMt1 Hall ,?.9?V ^TH 'N***1'- Waua?TM. *. A. DAYIDGi; ~ AUornay ud C?tnit:ur-?t-Lav. ? __ in COMMISSIONER OF DR5D8 *0H TH1 oTATBS Of eir^nia N*?Tcrk Main# unlucky, NawJerssv Il.lnoU ^Jus-An*. Kim-Mi c| Oonnacticot Maryland Pennsylvania tV*.d* 1 mtMMe Almivama ,?T* S*?'*1* Onllforaia tv"'? B Oarolina ?? Convevandng in all iu branch* promptly Mi ?awmtoly exeented. Louisiana arena?, opp. fifth street 15?dl? R. H. GILLET, Cotaitllor ?t Lawt 0?oe and rwidece# la franklin Row. corner ?/ B ?nd Thlrt???nth ?tr??t am gg ?jjT WM. M. Mill KICK, Alt or any ?t Law, BO. 38 LOUtSIASA AVXHCt. w :I1 practice in the Supreme Court of the United '"d thp Coart? ?f tka D strict of Columbia d?c Sfl -ootf BAHXUTG HOUSE OF PAIRO * K0DB8I UmUA State* Treasury. UNUs, siocks and other securities purchased and w>ld. Interest at the rate of six per rent per annum al lowed on deposits when teft for 30 dnys or jan -M?0211 ??wwm- T~^7TT ? w. uwiN. OWKM 4 SOW. AND NAVAL mbrchant tailors H.1KSTLVAIU AVItXUS, Between Fourteenth and Fifteenth street* WASHINGTON CITY, D C ' 4^ Naval and Military Uniforms executed in the neatest rtyie. mar 2-eolin cabinet maker & undk^taker rH4 undera nu*! would raepectftxily'lnferia his /[', D(|i?i',a2th* pf,bU'* i^^railT ?*" . POnthiae- to ev?*nf? ?li nr^r* In RU jr,y ta aunawnad at tha abort l^ftyexaccted ? JltcivALI attended ton* U ?ni short^t cot.ce, and in the >*-** ?wi??! >-tiI naaw. pretend in U14 *?tt psr/vi sum "w, ezfn in tAe ta.irmejt i^eat/'it. ^.^k.ulfnr ?<wt favors, ha*wenW respeefftjUy *? ? "4 wBi endeavor to a y>p.tinoanoe et ?%c*' A5THOHY BC011LY, "? ???-. ?? Vtw^ea ?th *nd lOlhfta. Ewldanoas Mr. Ml aO's, No. H9G. U t'.frd :#Q* c?t Cf Tth strest n??r 17 ly Private Medical TreatioV on Tax kGYsiouKJisiL vrr.v?' or maueiaqe, M. B. I.A CttOlZ. M. D? AZjLiyy, x 9. Mi and 1? fine plain and Colorad Litho graphs ???d f?atos. Trie* only Cants Sent fr?- . f poetagato ?11 parts of the Union- _ CHK APE-T HOOK KVKK l*UMt,ie?ii5i t ,C!j crntAining nesrly d ubte the qnantity o> rea Mag aia>'6r in that of th* FlirT* 0fc.N1'3 JIL DOLHh PUBLIC 4TIONM Tt trsat* r>n the Pm*8f0LO 07 0# MARJUAOk.and tha Secret i ? drmiti?<eand disorder (f jronth and mataritr, rs ?ultlng from excer^s, which d??iro? the piivucil and mm ta> wovsra. witli oi>^arT?tions 01 damage, iu Uuttef ar.i didqoaliflcaciond, bud .lei' r^Siadi-t; li.ttO<riph?>, iiin.itratiEg the and pnysioiog/, ana of the repi* - d J5ti?e c-rga^j of both 8^x^.1, thw* strc?tcr" uses ^''d tuoetioiia. A popular and couiprehtnalTe'U?? t:se on tluj duties and casuAi** h. f siiigie sad mar r*d Ufa?happy at J tru.'-al *J''^>sa, niMe rf ? ?urlng them - laWv*:c?r sTjx '.i^.tlle ones tbeii oiTiaccn aud r^irxst.?^jj^orr^nt hints to tbo < 9?3teuipiatinti a* ? ay, U:et ?tii ovuroonia 00 j^ctiou^ to it; noij, hf.w .svor. UiouLl take thij iuy. P'irtaat s ap w* uout Irat consulting ita paco uri?s oj thr oi?.nd msitcaJ traatmant it Hmmr.'.ta froci to 0I.2 a/e, each case graph lca!?y ill a?tritc-i by beautiful Uthigrapiiic pUt9s~ 1 ?tToaa debU'ty, iL- cao-fj nud ours, by a proca*. at coo*' to riaijle, i?fii and ^H^ual that failure ir i-aposoib'a?rul<? for daily macagsmect?an e^s-.y on Sp -ricat rrhcta with praedcai or>Mrration? on s *?fcr, and more snra*>?rul mode of trn.:ja*nt pre mnt&asrt h'ati or. the e?\ls resulting from smpiri Ml practico?an assay on all rtiae jies ari<dna fiom i^discrsUio, with plain ^nd simole roles by ?Lieb al! persons can cure them* Itm witbont zasreury? rea-?dls4 fc.- those self infiictai iab:i ri?s and dlecp pcist^i hopes so nn^r unataly prevalent in U?r rcuag It is a truthful advi-er to the marriad and those <.ontcsKpiatiog ustriate. Its pertLstl L? par tieulariy reecacend'd to cerscns entcrtalnJa* ca ??t doobu of their phy. i;>tl condition. at?l who v)B?i^.uc of ha?ln^ l-.a*i.:dsd th? health, Lappinbtt a?id pnri.?^:? is stkteii ovaxy Luaau V-<in/ u an. Ullcd to. Pries 26 eents par ccpy, or fire oopies fcr cue dol lar. Mailed free of pwrtsgs to any ;rxt t{ tho Urj tnd States. N. B.-TU? who pm'er nay ccnsaUPr LxOnon ap-^u anj ct the aiseuw upon which til took trratr JitLcr axsonaUy or by mail. Medicine Lent to snj p?rt of tha Union atjurdlng to directions, safaK p-u-kfed and csrefolly seeuml frcu all ol*er- ition Addrjs* Dr. M. n. L\ O.tOIX, So ?i ?*idaa Lane jr Poet 0i:s box t7?, A.t^nr. ;T. Y. OfUco open daily frou 5 a in to 9 t a. tnd on Sunday from 2 until 6 p u. *jT" OCRce Uanaovad from No C6 De&ver *t, to 31 Maids* Lane, Albany, N. Y. <*?c 7 GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A PEV/ words on the Rational Treatment, with Xnj out Medietas, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Wt uancNi, Nervous Dt-bili ty, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weak ness of the Limbs and B ick. Indifpo i aiuon and Incapacity tor Study and' Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss of Memory aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Sell Distrust. Dixzineas. Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Paiu in the Side, Atfecuon of th Eyes! Iu'afin* ?U F*Cr' 8*,U*i *UJ <Xi>er "?finuiuei PROM THE PRENCU OF DR. B. DE LANEY The important tact that these alarming coin plaints may easily be removed without Medicine u, in Una unall tract, dearly demonstrated; and tiie entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by tlie author, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to curs himself perfectly, and at the least poaMbie cost, avoiding thereby al 1 the ad vertised noatnim* of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in a staled envelop*, by remitting (post paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. 17 Lisp?uard street, New York. jan 17?3m MATHEMATICAL IVSTEinUHTf. Mas. O. AXDa.UiO* has rsosivsd a large and oorapt?fiaasx>rtmsat of Mathsma'dcil fnstrn menu and Drawing Materia s of snparior quality Th* Math eatioal Instmmeote art chiefly of Swiss manufactory la as w*U as i-i ssparals pieces t Watar solo ra and oil colore Drawing papers of sv sry q?al>ty. Al?, Snadiss In Drawing and Palatine, d-e O-U 4T? Pw.i UTNAM?S MAGAZINE lor March. M _ FRANCK TAYLOB. fab 98?tf DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED (German Bitters* nUPASCD BT DR. C. M. JACKSON, Fhil&dV, Pa., WILL SrrZCTCALLT CURB LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, Chi >?iic or Nervous Debility, Diaeaaot of tha Kidtu /?, and all dieeatet arittng from a dt? trdertd Liver or Stomach. Such us Constipation, inward Pilc^, Fullness, or BI'Kxflo the Heal, Aci.lity of the Stomach, Nau iwa, Heartburn Disgust for food, Fulliice* or weighfciii the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink mg orTI uttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim nuns of the Head, Hurr ed tnd difficult Rieatliing, Plu.tering at the IIfart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in a tying Posture, Dimness ot Vision, Dots of W> lid before I he Sight, Fever and Dub Pain in tlie Hea I, Deficiency of perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in tbe Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, fcc., Sudden Flushes of ileal Burnnr in i he Flesh, Constant lmagin lugs of Evil, < nd great depression of Spirit*. THB proprietor, in calling .mention of the pulilK to this prenarr,tio3,does so with a fed rig of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended It i.i no new ai.d untiied article, but one u?at lias >to*d the test of a ten years' trial before the Atneri ? ?an peo;.lc,and its teputatioq and sale is unrivalled by anv ? iniiar pr?:parisii<.ns extant. The testimony m its iavor give.i by the most pronrneut und wdl <now,i Pliy.-lcians and individual', in a'l pa't of he c< u< try >s ininirn^!. Tne following from X.Htii Cai<'l'iia is res(>?;< tfu!'y -ut> itt d, referring any who ni!>v sti!i dot bt, t<> my "Memorabilia,*' or Prac ical Ke.-, i|>t Boo* tor Farmers and Families, to be nad grans. >?f a 1 the Agrafe Sor liie German Bitters. Principal Office and ?la. uiuctorv, 120 Arch st , Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certijiceit of Dr. W. Smith, of Pine Hill, Rich mond County, N. C. Pime HtLf., March 4th, 1854. Da- C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: I >iave 'leen a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst f rui, for th-: last five year*. Sucn was my condition for twelve months that ihe physicians and all who saw tie raid I must die. While in tlii* condition, I was carried to the watering places in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but was net benefited by any water to which I waa taken. While on tuy way home, I stopped a week at KutherforUon, a small village in North Carolina, te try Uie t fleet of some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store ?o get *ome medic me for my child and myseif. There were several of the viil*te physicians iu the otore, and one of them seemed to take ?oine interest in iny case and, af er asking me some questions, said he bad been a dyspeptic, and had been- greatly beue fitted by the u.-e of 44 Dr. Iloofl nd's German Hit lers," prepared by y u, and he in^irted that I would t y the Uitt-rs lie al-o called the next day at my room, and in?i. ted so much that I would try them t tat I asked h:m to get me one b ittle. He did it, *iid I commenced taking it as directed, and I do say I was more benefitted by it than ull the water an I medicine I had ever taken Alter reaching home one of my neighbors caine to me f*r a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) an.l i gave him nearly ail the Bitters I had left, which effected much goo<i in his ease, lie has often railed ou mu for more oi thu same k nd ul medi cine, saying he was in >n- benefitted by it liian any other lie had taken, but I have not been able to get any more for hiin or myself since; will you, there fore, please sbtw me a dozen or inore as soon as pos sible. Respectfully yours, VV. SMITH. D. R. HOOKRR, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N C., October 24 1853, says :??* Having experienced very great benefit from the use of " llootland's German Biuer*,"' iu Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement ol the Laver. and us concomitant evils, 1 am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for the benefit of my community. Vcu will, therefore, please send a lot, he. flic. CERTIFICATE OFWM. J. ATW(?OD, HrxrsviLLK, Yadkin Co , N. C ,Nov. 1st, 1653. Ih.C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to you lay sincere thanks for jour dis.overy of a intdieinc wbicU, to ray the least of it. ha? et teeted a cure that all other luwl cines, thu 1 have ;akeii. have entirely failed to no. "lloofland's Ger man Bitters''have cured mc of tlu most stubborn and aggravated case of the that, perhaps, ever fell t?? the lot of man My ?a*e is n->t a manger iu Ilis community, as I am well knowi in this and the urrouubing countics, and can truly sav that my re covery has astounded all my tner.ds and relations, as I had tried everything rewomiuended, and nothing did me any go'd unul I was prevailed up<jn to try the Bitters. You are it liberty to r ake auyuscol this cMiiinunication, for the (A n> fit of the afilicted, \ou may tinnk proper. Truly yonrp. WM. J. AT WOOD. Tae?e bUters ar^ entirely te^etubU, they invigorate aud streugthea Uie system, never prostrate it, and can b ? u>eJ for infants as well as adulis. F->r s <le by respectable dealers everywhere, aiifl by Z. D. OILMAN, Wa-hington; J. L. KIDWKLL, Georgetown; ; n.l J. R. PlEitPONT, Alexandria, mar I?1 y _____ CPHILLIPS' COACH FACIOBY. 47 T 1 :h?a st, adjoining Heine's larery fcUb'efl OWl ?? to itM ltr.u* *hwh a usnsroua has bestowed uui?, ? have boen com ?.eUt i ? orect a new and bulloing tor the c rriiUtj oa of mv bueiieis. ibm I bl.all bJ ec ?M?J to . x^rutM all orvl& s t? ci> wi?b ;.?ut rt?e.litiss aai dispa'ch, and I would respect ?qfcy solicit a oontmusuee o: ths pubil/s pat?>nag^. Usrn-K-s an i Wrgons, of thi most mod ro <ty.e, oailt of a^b?t ia*ter.als, add wsrranbid to gtvr iauslaotion, repairs oi sv?rj description^!anotuUly atU>nJ?i t). Ifor sa.e, chaap, a socot; i-hand Olarsnce rajria^e, osartv n?fw oe'2n ? ?J SPLENDID RAFKLE. WILL be Raffled for as soon as the requisite number of Chances have been takeu, Uie fol losing splend 1 and costly articles, viz: ? 1st Prize. One splendid gold Payer Weight, containing an Automaton Singing Bird and 8day Chronometer, mo^t beautifully deeoiited snd adorned with enamelled Painungs $1,60U ?2d I'nze. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamonds and Painting on Enamel... W 3d Prize. One Lady's G^ld War:h, richly s/ t with Diamonds, and I'aititin;; on Enamel.. liO 4thPrze. One Genu Full Jeweled Tutei.t Lever (with C&l?ipei:sati?r) gol 1 lliuitin^ Watch iOJ 5lii Pnu. Lad>'sG?*Id H luunj Watch, splcu didiy chased bb Total value...... f3,000 There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollars each. The raffle will take place at Hilbus fit Ilitz* Mu sic Depot, Star Buildings, corner Pa. avenue and 11 tii street, where Tickets can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. Persons desirous of possessing rome of the motl superb -rucle* of workmanship ever exhibited, have U'.w an opportunity offered them of obtaining such a. an eiuoaiely low price. "all and examine for yourselves at the Music De j: >i of HILBUS 8l HITZ, Star Buildings, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 6 p. m. feb 7? tf STEAMER BO. PAGEJ ORJiSOE 4- ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. I HEunderwgnei having become proprietors of the large and commodious Steamer GEORGE PAGE, intend, by their efforts, to accommodate the community travelling between Was tun-too and Alexandria, and the f c.lilies which they offer for the transportation of freight and the employment of none but courteous and gentlemanlike officers and obliging servants, to merit a sbaie of the |?ublic pa tronage, and would respecttnl'y call the attention of meKbants and other citizens of both places to the following schedule of prices at wbtch their Boat will hereafter be run: Passenger* i cents; Buggy wagon and one horse, 1-2*; Buggy wagon and 2 horn s, 45 , Horse and ri der, 13K ; Market wag'ii aud I horse, 35 ; Market wagon roinid trip 37^; Market wagon and 2 horses, 25; Market wagon round lrtp37|f; Drays 25; Drays round trip 37V, Hacks 25; Hacks round trip 37tf ; Flour per barrel 5 cents. And all other freight in p oportion. In connection with this boat are Latham k Cook line of Owuibuses. JOHN VAN Rl3VnCK,\Prni,,r_ RICU'D WALLACH. / 1 rop mar 2 2w K. A. UYTI1ER, Captain. UNION ACADEMY. Comer of tbierUcnlh it. and New Fork avenue. a FKW mnre pupils ssn be received to make op Ois limited number. A|f>:M>?tia? mast be ?2* tooa. The discipline, Instruction, anl means of UlaatmtiM are sash as to Insure ?atie??et.>rj pro rres la those \ upils who ate punctual, regular aad obedient. areolars at the Bookstore*. dMXMa X. WCF4 Trcarcby Dcrartmcrt, March 5, 1853. Notice is hereby given* hoidersoiI stock of the United State* descriiied in Uie fbl lowing notice of 3d Janaary last, lot the pur pose of complain^ the purcliasc or the amount therein named, this department will continue to purchase, upon the terms of said notice, to the ex tent of the residue of the sum proposed not yet ob tained?say $1,158,581 05, It' said stocks arc offered aud received here prior to the day of June next: TnEA?nnY DErARTMrnr, January 3, l^ia. Notice is hereby tiven to the li?M< r* of the fol lowing described stocks of Uie United Stat**, that ihi* department is prepared to purchase, at any hint between the date hereof and the 1st day of March next, portions of Uiose stocks, amounting tn the ag gregate to $1,900,000, in tha matiii'r and ou the te ms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In cuse of any contingent competition, wiUiiu tte amount stated, preference will be t ven in the order of time in which said stocks may bp < tiered. Th?* certificates, du y assigned to the United Stat s bv the p.nties who are to recttive the amount thereof, must be transmitted to this d; part in nt; upon the receipt whereof, a pDce will be [aid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par valu--,or <u.iouut specified in eacb cer tificate. 2. A premium on the stock of tlic loan authorix d fcy tlK set ot' July, 1848, redeemable November 12 1356 of percent.; i n the stock of the loan au ihoriinl by the act of 1842, redeemable rist Decern ber, b62, of 10 per cent.; on the slork of the loam authorized by the acts of 1817 and 1815 a d redeem able, the former on tli>- 31st December. 1867, and the latter on ih?20th June, 1868, of 10 per cent; I ?nd on the stock of the loan authorized hv the act of 1850, Riid redeemab'e on Uie 31st of December, 1864, (c"Uiiu"u!y called the Texan indemnity,) 6 per c-nt. 3. Imerest on the par of cach certificate from the let of lanucry. 1855, to the date of receipt and sct Uemeiit at Die Treasury, with the .tllowancc (for the money to reach the owner) of on* day's interest in addition I Payment for raid stocks will be made in drafts of ] the Treasurer of the IJni'ed States, on the aasist-uit I treasurer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, as the parties tray direct. But to certificate will be entitled ti the benefit ol this which shall not he actually received at the Treasury ou or before the said 1st dav ??f March next. JAMES ?.* I "TI I It IK. marC?dtJunel Pecnvary of the Treasury. PALMER'S PATENT LEG. This american invention stands unrivalled both in this country and in Earope. It is worn by 1,000 [>? r.-oi^, and with most astonishing success. In competition with 30 other snb.-tiiutc? of the best l-rench, English, an.-i Gem an manufacture, it received the a war.! of the o'k&t HtioL at the IVori.d'i Kxii bi tion in London as the best artificial limb known. In 'tils country it lias bei n thirty times exhibited, in cooipeti'.i.'Mi. with all others, at the annual Fair- in the princi|Nil cities, aud has,in eveiy instance, received the award of the highest or fire' premium. And as a crown itig honor, by the unanimous approval of au interna tional council, the " First Premium*' - *r? , . - only Silver Mflid riven for Limb*?wns awarded Ui<- inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full information, sent traiis to every applicant. B. FRANK t ALMER, 373 Chesnut street. Philadelphia. feb 28? 3?n J MORE ABOUT LOCKS. OVC*' ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATEl LOCK, now eomm nly called'he WORLD'S FAIR L< MJK. without fc?*y or key Kole. is ihe Lock that secured the outer-doors of the Her in; Safe that j contained ?1.000 at the World's Fair. London, 18j|. I it Inting necessary to unlock thii In fee other Incite | in the safe cool-J be unlocked. All p.^rtir interested | are referred to the following notice : TUB WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. NOTICE. I have tliis day sold to Messrs. STCAR\'? & MARVIN, Manufacturers of Wl CHER'S Patent Salamander SAFE;1, Now Yoik, the Patent right of my ROTATING PERMUTATION PLAT I? LOCK, Commonly calle l "JONES' ANTI-GUNPOWDER LOCK/' or,1 ??Till'. WORLD'S FAIR uOi K.:' The latter title was acquired in c n- rqucnct ol' this Lock bem; placed in a Sale at the Woild'?! Fair, wiUi $1,000 in the Safe, u> he thf? rcu.ird of any person who could open the door. The guld remained therein for a period !?(' for!> five i^ays, whilst the vi.-iters got tired of tiirnm; Uie diHls^vith such poor pr'^ei-t of success, tlie uum ber of changes being 24,300 000. Bankers, Jewelers, and Merchants who desire tn | have these Locks upon their d">ors, can have them by applying to Stearns fc Marvin, No. 146 Wafer street, who have the exclu-ive right to manufacture said Locks in the United Slates. IIENUY C. JONES. Newark, N. J., January 20th, lfc">3. STEARNS 3l MARVIN. Sl.'Of.'.S'POIlS To p if. It Si Co , .14 & 146 Water M., N. Y-, TltE ONLY MAK R8 OF S A L A M A %' D K R 8Ar'K8, combining *V|LI?ER?S aid RK7II PAT EN IS. S. 11. HO WELL, Agent, . .ar I - I hi Georgetown, D. C. THE LATE MR. MEADE'S PIc7uRfc>. TO BE RAFFLED FOR IN 5400 CHANCES 1 AT t?5 EACH. PRIZE MO. 1 "St. Thomas of Vill nueva, Alms to Hie Poor," a copy of Murillo, by one of h?j pupils and touched by that great artist?said to Le equal to Uie original, cost $4,000. ratzx 2. " The adoration of the Wise Men ot' Uie Ea*t," a genu-ne Murillo ; cost $3.00<t. ratzK 3. " UoaJ of our Saviour,'* by Corrtggio; cost $1,000. PR1ZC 4. . " Herd of the Blessed Virgin," by Carreggio; cost $1,000. Mr. 8. A. M ATLACK is authorize I to receive subscriptions in Uiis city, of whom Uckets may oe obiaineJ, or of Messrs. TAYLOR t. M AURY. All money received on account of the Raffle will be deposited in Bank until the draw:;ig takes place, which will be duly announced. From the National InteUisenrer. Articles similar to the annexed we have observed in several diat <nt papers, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We are g!a<2 to see thai * member of the family is willing to disjtose ol a part i.f the rare collection of the late Richard W. Meade, who, dun.15 his long resideu^e in Spain, had oppor tunities, which his opulence euabh-ii him to indulge for selec ting many ot the finest paintiii^s in Spain? that treasure-house of pictorial liches. The dis turbed state of the country at the time, moreover, made it favorable for obtaining many gems of art which would oUierwise never have hecu purchasa ble. From tAe Boston Chronicle. Oitrr D'cavKKE or Art.?Seveml ehe/ d'utcres of Murillo, Correggio, and other ma*t-rs, which were brought from Spain during revoln'ionary times by the late R. W Meade, have elicited the adinira'.ioii of connoisseurs during the past week in the Rotundo of the Capitol. They are to be disposed ef for the benefit of a daughter of Mr. Meade, residing In New York, after an opportunity has been given to the public for an examination. feb 6- tf SILVERWARE. AVERY pretty assortment of Stiver Coffee Sets, Pitchers. Goblets, Cups, Creams, and all kind of Spoons and Forks, and a variety tf Fancy Silver ware, suitable for presents, viz : Soup and Oystet Ladies, Crumb Scrapers, fish, |>ie and cake Knives, Cream and Sugar Spoons, ctc., is offered at low {li ces, and warranted sterling. IL SEMKEN, No. SSO Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th si*, jan 10 FAHCf 600D8, PEKFUMEBY, fce HUTCHINSON & MUNRO, are now opening at the r store, No. 310 Pa. avenue, a splendid assortment of GOODS, in the above line, enume. rating in part as follows, vis; fine Cabas, Dressing Caaes, Po-te Monnaies, Card Cases, Jewell Boxes. Shells, Shell Boxes, Jet Ornaments, Lubins', Pircr'c and other choice Extracts, Pomades, superior Bay Water, Coo?bs and Brushes in gr< at variety, aud In short everything to be usually found ui a first class Fancy Store, and Uiey cordially invite their friends and the public to give them a call. Their Siore is the first do^ wert of Messrs. Har per It Co.%, between Ninth and Tenth ste. ^ uiar 2?tf PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PKOdPERl begs leave to in. form his friends and farmer pat sons that this baud has Ifeen tally re-organized an l is i.ow under his direction, and he is Pjlly prepared a band ot the most Scientific Musicians in tt??- city, to fur n-?h music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nks, Ex cursions, ke , at the shortest notice pcssihle, by ap Hying to FREDERICK PKOSPEftl. Leader.CUAg. PROdPERI, Conductor i IIILBUS & UlTZ'S Mu sic Depot, or at PETBR TALTAVULU, opposite the tiarrtsoo, Garrison street, Navy Yard. ftb EVENING STAR. THE LAZY MAN'S PARADISE In Lieut. Gibbon'sVcconnt of his ex ploration of the valley o * tlie Amazon, or rather of one of its' main hranches, the Madeira river, (executive document No 36) from the Pacific side, we find the following account of the daily life of a Creole family in the town of Santa Cruz, the capital of the Bolivian department of that name. For a lazy man, Santa Cruz de Bolivia mast be a perfect p radise, to say nothing of the chance a bachelor has of being able to choose a partner in a city where there are fi?e women to one man: Very early in the morning the Creole getting out of bed, throws himself into a hammock ; his wife stretches herself upon a bench near by, whilt the children seat themselves with their legs under them on the chaiis, all in their night dresses. The Indian servant gill enters with a cup of chocolate for each member of the family : after which she brings some coals of file in a silver dish. The wife lights her husband a cigar, then one for herself. Some tune is spent recliuing. chatting and regaling. TL-e man slowly puts on his cotton trowsers, woolen coat, leather-shoes, and vicuna hat, with his neck exposed to the fresh air?silk hand keichiefs are scarce?and walks to some neighbor's, with whom ho again drinks some chocolatc and smokes another ci gar. At mid-day a small low table is set in the middle of the room, and the family go to breakfast. The wife sits next to her husband; the women are very pretty, and affectionate to their husbands lie chooses her from among five, there buing about that number of women to one man in the town. The children seat themselves, and the dogs form a ring be hind. The first dish is a chape of pota ;oes, with large pi 'ces of meat. The man hclp^ himself first, and throws his bones straight across the table; a child dodges his head to give it a free passage, and the dogs rush after it as it falls upon the ground floor. A child then throws his bone, the mother dodges, and the dogs rush behind he r. The second dish holds small pieces of beef without bones. Next comes a dish of finely-chopped beef, then beef soup, vegetables, and fruits; finally, coffee or chocolate. After break fast the mau pulls off his trowsers and coat and lies down in the hammock. I lis wife ligh's him a cigar. She finds her way back to bed with her cigar. The d 'gs jump up and lie on the chairs ?ihe fleas bite them on the ground! The In dian girl closes both doors and windows, takes the children out to play, while the rest of the family sleep. At two p. ni., the church bells ring to let the people know the priest is saying a prayer for theui which rouses them. The mau raise , stretches his hand above his head and gaps ; the dogs get down and whiningly stretch themselves ; while the wife sets np in the bed and loudly calls out for fire ; the Indian girl re-appears with a 44 chunk1'for her mistress to light her master another cigar, and she smiles again herself. The dinner, which takes place between three and five, is nearly the same as brcikfast, except when u beef is recently killed by the Indians, when they have a boil. The ribs and oilier leng bones of the animal are trimmed of flesh, leaving the bones only coated with meat; these are laid acioss a fire and roasted ; the members of the family while employed with them, look as if all were practising music. A horse is brought into the house by an Indian man, who holds him while 44 the patron ' saddles and bridles him ; he then puts on a large pair of silver spurs, which costs forty dollars, and, mounting, he rides out of the front door to the opposite house; halting, he takes off his hat and cries out44 Buenas tardea, senoritas,"?good evening, ladiea. The ladies make their appearance at the door: one lights him a cigar, another mixes him a glass of lemonade to refresh him self after the ride. He remains in the saddle talking, white they lean grace lully ag.'.inst the door post, smiling with iheir Wvitching eyes. He touches his hat and rides off to another neighbor. '?fter spending the afternoon in this way, he rides into the house again. The In dian holds the hotse by the bridle, w hile the master dismounts, 'fakirg of!" the saddle, he throws it into one chair, the bridle into another, his spurs on a third, and him self into the hammock; thelndian leads out the horse, the dogs pull down the ridiLg gear to the floor, and lay them selves on their usual bedsteads. Chocos late and cigars are repeated. A 8IHQULAR DEE/IK?MOST BEMABK ABLE BKaLlZiTIO*. A young married lady, the wife of a Main stieet merchant, residing on Race street, in the vicinity of Third, had a most singular dream on the night of Wednes day, December 6th, which has since been realized in a remarkable manner. 3 be name of the lady we withhold at her re quest. On the night spoken of, she re tired to her bed in a pleasant frame of mind, not however, particularly elated. The first of the night she was visited by a deep sleep, which, as the dawn ap peared, gave way to slumber of a nure broken character. Suddenly she dreamed ?and dreaming, saw her brother, the same that two years ago left his orphan home to brave the hardships of Califor nia life, that he might secure to himself and sister a competence. She saw him rise from a small hut-like tenement, and running his hand under the pillow, drew from thence a revolver, and a huge bowie knife, both qf which he placed in a belt which he wore around his body. # It seemed that it was not far from midnight, for the embers were yet smoking on J.he i ude hearth, and as they cast their lurid glare over his countenance, she thought that perhaps it was ah a dream, bat then she concluded that no dream could be so real, and bcctme convinced that all was : m inttn variety at teurw8ta| * TttMS ai^k copy, pm iuul Flee To curat. Tm _ Twenty it... ?/- G*u, iHT4fti*ai.T m avaM l* "H"! CM k. (Krt at the counter, ?w4aWr Aar fee law of tt? pa par. Prte? tiiu anrrs. PoiTVilTtU WtK> act M ||(|)|| nr(|| >LyJ1TT| ^ a comtnisfino of twenty per cm. actual. While she gs zed upon hit coun tenance the expression suddenly changed ?it betrayed an intense watchfulness; every pu'sed seemed suspended, and eve ry heart-throb-muffled. while the eye st*>d fixed upon a particular spot near the head of the bed, and through a small aperture not aoticed before, was a hu man hand grasping a short, keen instru ment, looking terribly like a dagger. It appanntly sought the head of the bed, ior as it touched the pillow, it passed it* self slowly down to about the suppMed region of the heart, and poised itaeli lor a second as if to make sure its aim. That second was sufficient for the broth er to rise from his Mat, draw his bowie kniic from his belt, and advance a sin gle step toward the bed Just as the dag ger descended into the blankets the knife of the brother came down like a meat axe, close to the aperture, completely sev ering the hand of the would-be assassin above the wrist, and causing the dagger mid Utnb to fall on the bed, trophies of his victory. A deep prolonged yell sounded from without, and on rushing to the aperture and convincing him self taat there was but one. the brother on U>1 ted the door and stepped out. The moon was shining, and by its light was discovered a man writhing as if in the last sgonies. The miner drew the body to the door, and turning his face to the fire, beheld the visage of a Mexican, who for some fancied injury, has sworn to never rest content until he had taken his (the broth er's) life. On examining the man close ly, he was discovered to have a wound in the vicinity of the heart, which a long sharp, two-edged blade in his left hand abundantly accounted fo*. Failing ia the attempt to assasinate his victim, he had, with his remaining hand, driven an other knife to his own heart. The lady awoke, and vividly impressed with the dream, related its substance, as here re corded, to her husband. Judge then of her aud his surprise whea they yesterday received a letter from California, per the North Star, from the brother, relating an adventure on the night of tha 6th Dec., precisely identical with that seen by the lady in her dream. Verilv there are strange things in heaven and earth. Was the dream merely an accidental coinci dence, or was the spirit of tha dreamer actually present in the lodge of the bro ther ? T hese and other inquiries invol untarily rise to the lips and seek a solu tion not yet granted to mortals to solve. [Cincinn.ti Times A Noble Dued.?During the night of November 26th last, in a thick snow stcna, the wind blowing a heavy gale down the lake, the water chiliad and making ice fast, the Canadian schooner Conductor, Cant, llachet, struck on the bar outside of Long Point cut, on the island side, bent over and filled with WAicr immediately, some distance from sh'>re, the sea making a complete breach over her; driving the crew to the rigging lor their lives. In the morning at day light they were discovered clinging to the wreck, by Mrs. Margaret Becker, a trapper's wife, the sole inhabitant of that ei dof the island ; her husband being on the main land. She immediately went down abreast of the vesssl on the beach, and built a large fire of logs, made some hot tea, and prepared some food for them itt case they reached the shore, and to refresh their drooping spirits by showing th-?m succor was at hand. All that day, with the tempest raving around her. did that heroic woman watch the suffering seamen clinging to the rigging of the wreck. Just at nightfall the captain called to the mate, who was on the other side of the rigging, that tbey would all perish if ihey had to remaiu in the rigging an other night, and that he was going to attempt to swim ashore; if he succeeded ihe rest could follow him; if he drowned they could cling to the rigging and run the chances, lie leaped overboard and struck out. As he reached the under tow and backwater, his strength fai'ing, and chilled and benumbed with cold, he certainly would have been drowned had not the woman gene to his rescue. She waded in through the surf up to her ncck, grasping him and dragging him out safely. The balance ol the crew then followed him one by one, with the same result, this noble woman breasting the sea, and meeting and dragging thtui out singly as they tame ashore ; being in the mniu, instrumental in saving the whole crew. Sush noble conduct de serves more than a passing notice. She is a woman of the most humble position in life, but showed herself on this occa sion a true heroine, and possessed of the noblest qualities of heart and soul.?Buf falo Com. Adv. Woman's Monostllablbs.?Fome lit tle while ago, at a private evening party in the city of New York, a young lady of considerable pretensions to the highest attributes of woman?wit and beauty? became engaged in playful repartee with a gentleman; but, losing ground, she resolved to direct his humor into a new channel, and requested him to compose a batch of rhymes on the subject they had been discussing. In less than fifteen minutes he handed her die following : The fro* ii f t woman? *ila a faarfal thing; Tlie wit of woman?abield aae from iu King; Tae laith of woman?fragile as her glass ; Ti e face of woman?mercury and t>rass; The charm* of woman?serve to lead astray; Tlie eye of woman?-dazzling but to slay ; The head of woman?with strange vagaries filled ; The love of woman?tbousano* bath it kUI?d; 1 he you h of woman?foolish, sing t?mg dr The age of woma-i?scolding, fnuulnes* ; The senii: of woman?h*i hinder of guile ; T'.ie tears of woman ?chirfly crocodile; Tun heait of woman?flintv, ruthless, cold; The hand of woman? Urntht wttli lands nod gnid ; The heels of woman ?they wbs'ie wise will t>mn 1 lie nails of woman oft they've made me run ; The tonpue of womalF^lsTfUng in the middle . " bang up ?> fiddle I ba wialh ol woman wrw IU * f- ' ? " (?7*We knew a lawyer who gets so confused by press of buaincas that he fre quently mistakes one parchment for an other?in faot, he has been known to" "take the will for tbe deed."

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