Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1855 Page 7
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ION BnORATlOM TO NkW OdLKANB.? The f table ?bow* the number of pascn g*ir? from ? oantries wbieb arrived i a New Ortolan, frum ' Juury M the 31st of March, the pto??ot Uoitt. PemaU* .1,186 1,426 . 662 321 . 457 405 . 64 24 . 43 6 . 516 256 1 1 . 159 121 1 1 1 0 . 71 33 . 40 16 . 21 26 . 230 210 . 18 87 . 28 12 . 17 22 2 ? 1 0 1 2 ? ? - 3 j *,llft 2,002 ...? 7,108 ?MMtiftmS Ifaswm KTBBY MY. TMAimr REourrsiu IBROADWAY'TO LET.? A tARGB ROOM ON tnt low, fronting Broadway, 25 feat by 60 ? several sdows ; Mao, roami of "all aiiea and prfoe*, snltoble ??, very and airy. Rant* cheap. Apply to NDER LAWRENCE, on the premlaea. BROADWAY. CORNER OF LEONARD STREET. ?To let, a Urge and splendid room. 25 by DO feet, . floor, fronring Broadway; aeven large windows, onis of all iliea and price* for offices. and furnished r single gentlemen. Rents Tory cheap. Apply to er C. Lawrence, on the premiaei. I AT COTTAGE TO LET, TO A SMALL FAMILY' Weit Twenty drat street, near Fifth anemic. Ad array, lie raid office. iDWAY OFFICES AND ROOMS TO LET? IN THE ge, wall lighted building No 331 Broadway, (Cooper I corner of Anthony street, at very low rates. Apply t It U tiEK. on the premlaea, S34 Broadway. Alao the rlor on Broadway, elegantly fniniahad. >EN ATTENTION. ? STAB LBS j TO LET: ALSO ond atory floor, with six looma; water an the floor; on en the 1st May. Inquire at No. 109 Weat Twen nth street. ICES, AC.? TO LET, TWO OF TUB THBBE Itty cottages on Forty-ninth street, near Third avenue; alne rooms, Croton water, Ac. ; neat garden in front '?* yard in rear, now being put ta complete order, and keady before the lat of May. Alao, the neat three suae, No. 77 Yarlok, near Canal street. Apply to JAMBS PRICE, 2U0 Hudson atreet. 'I8HED HOUSE TO LET IN BROOKLYN? A i ireeatone front honae, in First place, furnished in and mahogany throughout, will be rented as it | or will be rented without the furniture, if preferred; rhele will be sold, at a very low prioe and ravorablo Fer particulars inquire of F. COXTON, 10 Beekman I8HBD HOUSE TO LET OR LB&SE? THE FIRST as brown stone front house, 38 Weat Seventeenth ?between Fifth and Sixth avennes. Haa all the mod ovementa, and very eommodioua. Possession ean be icdlately. Can be aeeen at all hoars. Will be let a private family of the highest respectability. Board ^e keepers need not apply. Inquire of J. L. Colby, 8. Smith, 85 Wall street. USHBD HOUSE TO LBT? WEST OF BROAD f, below Canal street: thrto story, flfteen rooms, odern improvements. Furniture good; tapestry car s , all in nice order. Will be rented tor a boarding la reasonable terms, with immediate possession. B. W. RICUAKOa, 3U7 Broadway. ISDED HOUSE.? TO LET, A FIRST CLASS wn stone honae, nearly famished, in Twenty-third ?the rent mostly taken in board by the owner's V-self, wife, and servant? with a gentleman and arie. vy small family, and no boarders. Liberal terms will Addresa M.. landlord. Union square Post Office. ISHBD HOUSE ON EASY TERMS?A WIDOW without children, owning a large furnished house ?nion sqnare, would let it to a family, and. if agreca rd with ahem, thereby reducing the rent to about Apply to JAME8 SUCH, OH East Fifteenth street, o o'clock. ISIIED ROOMS TO LBT? IN THE FIRST CLASS se77ti Broadway; a splendid suite of parlors, three ?srith eatra bedrooms and privilege of kitchen, if re suitable for a family or party of gentlemen, who live in good style. |N1SHBD ROOMS TO LET,? A HANDSOMB SUITB furnished apartments to let in a first class house, V for families or single gentlemen, having all the pri and oonvenienoes tor housekeeping, at 870 Broadway, park. USHED APARTMENT TO LET-NEAR BROAD f, in the centre of the city, with all the modern int ents. An ocoaaion for one or two single gentlemen t a quiet and oomfortable home. No boarders. Apply amc street, two doors east of Broadway. 8B TO LBT? THBBE STORIES HIGH, AND AT is, with all the modern improvements, in the best on, Ne. 698 Houston street, near Broadway. Peeses ^?adlatcly. Apply at afJ Broadway. TO LBT IN HOBOBBN? WITHIN THRBB ' walk of the ferry; affew new first class houses Fterraee, with court yards, commanding a beautiful ' the river and city of New York; ca^anlhot and eold Ae., Ac.; and win be let to private families of the respectability only, inquire at the office ooraer ? , and Second streets, Hobokea, of B. MARTIN. 8KS TO LET? THEEE THREE STORY HOUSES i Fifty third (treat, between Fourth uj Fifth ave th Croten water. To good tenant* the* will be let each. Apply to JAMES BUCKUY. lfil Broadway. r?M TO LET.? A LARGE NUMBER OF MODERN Kilt house* in the neighborhood of Broadway, Eighth Band Thirty -fourth street, at the following prices: ? PO, $400, SAW, W60, SS76, ?V? $CS0, $780, MOO, $1,000, Kent reduced from SS0 to $U SO on each home. Poi i given in *eme of then before the let of May. Apply JM A WODKLL, 444 Eighth avenue. " . AND STORE TO LET? THE THREE STORY pa**, with large *t?r* underneath, corner Fourteenth nd Tenth avenue, formerly Hudson River Railroad Rent low to a ml table tenant. Apply on the pre 7 to 9 in the evening, or of S. B. CARUANA, Fine itreet. fEL TO LET. -THE NEW BUILDING IN PRO > of completion known a* the Lafarge House, situatod tdway, between Blceiker and Amity streets, will bo |on favorable terms to a first elass tenant. Apply at i office ot the Metropolitan Theatre, from 10 A. M. un . M. A. T. WHITING. STON AND CROSBY STREETS, CLOSE TO ?Headway.? To let or lease, tho two four story and |t>t houses No*. 866 and 667 Houston street, are con contain together over 30 rooms, ' and have the do iprovementa: would be let separate if desired. Apply JAMBS P RICA, 200 Hud*on*tr*et. BE AN# FURNITURE TO LET? TO A PRIVATE Kaily, for Cor 12 months, No. V2 West Twenty third south side, between Stzth and Seventh avenues, melv furnished, contains all the modern improro tnd rent reasonable, un be seen after 10 A. M, to Na. 279 St. Nicholas Hotel, or to HOMER MOR Plne street, No. 3 Metropolitan Bank Building. TO LET? TWO LOTS ON HOBOKEN STREET, setly opposite the Hndeon River Kailro%d paseenser A, and olose to Collins' steamship dook and lloboken ?-have a front of W) feet. Apply to JAKES PRICE, 200 n street. BR PART OF A HOUSE TO LET? AT 1S4 LAP in* street, three door* from flleecker, eonslsting ot 'tting room and two bedroom* on first floor, front and _ iscment an* bedroom between. Rent modorate to a [family. 910 BROADWAY, TO LET? SUITABLE FOR A _?tel. boarding honne, or school, havir.g 35 rooms. Fir?t ?sen pied *s a stun* which will be altered tj suit the It Apply to GEO W. 1'ELI^ 34 West Eighteenth it., W. AH. STUYVESANT, No. 9 Wall street. ICES AND STORES TO LET, ATftl AND fit! BROAD ly, (Glob* Building,) suitable for engineers, archi' eets, , express companies, lawyer*, and real estate agents ribee. Apply asabovo to WM. FURNIS8. Attorney, ftlssioner tor Georgia and Florida. Brooklyn lots for |?d earth for filling. ;T OF A HOUSE TO LET? CONSISTING OF ONE ?rge room in the secoml story, three small rmmi in the ?ttorv, with kitchen Ac., to a pUtn respectable fami'.y. ;?ments n>ay be mawlx to board, the only other oecu (a gentleman and his wifo) who would desire meals in their own room. References siren and required, at the drug store, corner Greenwich ami Morris sts. ,T 0? A HOUSE TO LET-FIRST FLOOR, CON ?4s time of front and back parlor, back basement, and id room on tb* third floor, to a email genteel family, of No. 28 Second avenue, lnqnire from 3 to A P. M., ?t it door, to H. Brill, ar No. oO John itreet, to M. Din Jal; raat $276. CE REDUCED,? TO LET. TO GOOD FAMILIES inly, those elegant brown stone front houses In Seoond , Brooklyn. P. W. STKBBENS, 14 Front street, New ?AM POWER-ROOMS, WELL LIGHTED WITH ?Sad? steam, to let Aoplv at JOHN KENNEDY'S marble works, eorner of Thirty flftfc street and Broad EkOOMS TO LET-IN TIIE UPPFR PART OF THE ree et?ry >rick hou<? No 01 Horatio street. A small liable family o?n be well accommodated at a runt of Inquire for particulars on the pramiaee. A family at children occupy tb* lower part. Bond floor of iucse 234 third avenue to But? consisting of fenr large pleasant rooms. Marble N, walls painted, folding door*, Mr. Rent only W) Ih, to a good tenant. Poesessiou Riven immediately, he basement. Can fee eeon at auy time. Apply to FOLEY, 107 Broadway. RE AND DWELLING TO LET.? THE STORE AND fuelling. No. 47 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, on the busl ide, containing eleven rooms, two ba?*ment?, and a Uar under the whole, large parlors with marble man nmh waiter, iron balony in front, all In good order, >e let together or feparate. A responsible tenant suing liole can bring his store rent to a low figure. Apply te IA WA1.XKE, .5 Atlantic street. I ET, CHEAP, REST S125-A COTrAOF,, A SHORT letsnee from railroad depot and near the slty, con is fix rooms and largo peirden. Apply 'o PRICE A SOLDS, Ml William Street. Alio, houses lor ssle and | LET? ONE OF THOSE LARGE FOUR STORY orv etore* amd dwellings, on Eighth avnnu- between I 36 feet front, suitable for Almost any kltd of husines*. .ha *">0. and po*ses?ion given Immediately. J. DENHaM, Eighth avenao and SUtoeuth street. [fcET-A TWO 8TORY BRICK BASIS! NT AND Ma hour*, on Kkillman strei-t, between Myrtle and ?Venus*, East Brooklyn, ontaialng sloven room* and 1 trier, jtono colored front, to a responsible MS2-...I?,ln?'? within, or of THOS. J, ItF.RKY, ? Hon Willeufihfey street, on Franklin arena*. weu gaica II ran, in streebith wlthUfw TKSlfTff iBOlSTn. mOIIT-A FIRST CLASS HOUSE. ON THE CORKER 1 of kut fourteenth street and Irving pleoe, well qaloti lati d for a private boarding km*, with twenty six i ,:nmpl<'t? order. Alto, a h< u o, ho. H Robinson str tbe dwelling over the store, oommunicates with 1 boarding house. Apply a> 75 l??t Fourteenth streot. TO 1.ET-A STORE ON THE FIRST FLOOR, SUIT ablo for an oAee, and the whole of the'teeone floor, eon eieting of front and but parlor, and three bedroom*, at 204 Fulton (treat. Inquire on th* pre mile*. TO LET? TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, TUE eecond floor end part of the thirl of a bouse situated in Twenty-fourth (tree*, containing all the modern improve menu. Cae, bath, Ac. Address bos 130 Herald office. TO LET? A HOUSE, 30 ANN STREET, UPPER PART used at present as a dwelling for a mall family; the Brit (tor* aa a tailor's (tore, and the basement ae a bottling cellar. Far particular*, apply at R?. 127 Falton etreet. third itory. B. QALBRaITH. r LET? TWO OF THE ROW OF THB TWO STORT baaement and attic brick hooaea 1a Seventy-third street, between Third and Fuarth avenues, with an adjoining lot of ground to each house. Said bonaea are handeouiily finished, range, grata, Crotea water. Aa. Tnere la attached to one of the bonaea, on the adjoining lota, a Urea and good (table For further partioulara apply to BAKER A WEEKS, Ne. 1 . Pine ttrcot, a ear Metropolitan Bant, _ r LET? WORKSHOPS CONVENIENT TO feROAD way ; the three upper iieHea of buUding corner Priuoe and Crosby (tract*, (Aft4ble for any manufacturing pur po*e*. Apply on the ^tom|*c*. TO LET-THE THREE STORT MASTIC FRONT BRICK houae?, Nov 22 and 26 favonia plaee, Jeraey City, They are delightfully situated. within about five minutes' walk of the lony, are supplied with Passalo water and gaa flx ture(. Rent low. Apply to A. ABBOT, 289 South Sixth (treat, between Jeraey avenue and Colee it reel. TO LET? THE PROMINENT SOUTHEAST CORNER Of Canal and Hadaon atreeti: haa a front of 00 reet on each atreet; upper part eontalna 10 r >oma, Croton water and gaa, with a separateand genteel entranao on Canal atreet. The atore would n^fce a capital (tand for the olothing or hardware bnsineea, etc Apply to JAMES PRICE. 200 Hudaon (treat. TO LET-THE OENTEEL FOUR STORT AND BASE ment dwelling. No. 239 Tenth etreet, near Second ave nue?ha* all tbe modern improvemeutc; rent $ti50. Alto. No. IBS Chambera atreet, near Hudaon, Croton water and range in kitchen ? rent tw; alao, the neat 2% atorv dwelling No. 3 Hubert (treot, near St. John'a park? rent 1600. Ap ply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudaon atreet. TO LET? RENT $280? PRETTT COTTAGE HOUSE, bow in alee order, 11 rooma, (table In rear, (hade treea. Croton water, bath room, apaoe for garden, Ac. Second and Third avenue carspaae night and day. Apply on the pre mises, ooruer of lOSd atreet and Third avenue. TO LET.? A NUMBER 07 HOUSES, AT REDUCED rente, baring tbe modern improvementa. ? Noa. 227 a d ZS V\ eat Thirty -fourth atreet, 91,200; 13U West Thirty-fourth ?treet, $880; 173? Weat Thirty-tourth atreet, W00; 39 Seventh avenue, $1,200: 207 Weat Thirty fifth (treet, $700; 199 Weat Twenty, seventh street, $610; Fifty-second (treet, Eleventh avenue and river. 9400; 141 Weat Thirtysixth (treet, $400; 1S9 West Thirty- (Uth (treet $360; Broadway and Sixty fourth atreet, $280; alao a number of tenement*. Apply to SMITH A WODELl, 444 Eighth avenue. TO LET? THE THREE STORY HOUSE, 215 WEST Twentv-sevonth street, with modern Improvement*, gaa hotandoold water bath connected wiJh (treet (ewer, ic in complete order. Alco, the (tore and oellar of premise 379 Washington atreet: corner of Beach. Inquire at 87 Broa (treet. J. O. AN Q A RICA. TO LET-A FRONT ROOM, BEDROOMS AND PANTRY, on tbe third floor of a genteel houae, 191 Twentieth (treet, with gaa, Croton water, Ac., to a (mall, genteel family, without children; no othere need apply. Poaae(uon given immediately, if required. Aleo, a (mall three (tory house, with Croton water, whole or part. Inquire on the premises. TO LET-A DESIRABLE PLACE, CONTAINING thirty acre(, and wllhin three quarters of a mile of Tuckaho depot, Harlem Railroad, on which there ia a two ?tory houae, barn and ouriage hones. There are ten aoree of apple orenard, and alio peaches, pear*, plume, eherriee, curranta, raspberries. The place ia well watered and very productive. Possession given immediately. Inquire of E. bUSENBERRY, 15 Nassau (treet, or of CHAS. DUSEN BERRY, at Tuekaho. TO LET? OVER THE ENTRANCE TO THE BROAD way Taberuaole, deairable roomi for office* or buainea( purpo(ea. Rent from $160 to $400 per annum. Apply on the premises No> 342 Broadway, or to PARTRIDGE A BRITTON, 300 Broadway. TO LET? TBE UPPER PART OF A THREE STORY brick bouae, on Flftv- first (treet, three doora eaat of Third avenue. It will be let cheap to a email genteel family. Apply to JOHN R. ANDERTON, rear of 142 Grand atreet, or on the premises. TO LET.? A FURNI8HED PARLOR, TO ONE OR two (ingle gents, at moderate rent; breakfaat given, if required. Apply at No. 146 Mulberry atreet, coal offioe. TO LET-THE FIRST FLOOR OF THE FIVE STORE Mb. 101 South Sixth atreet, corner Fifth, WUlUinsburg; tbe beat location in Williamsburg, Aleo, for a family, the tbiru floor of the same bnildlng. on reaeonable terms. In quire on the premiMC, or o liD. H. OLMSTEAD, No. 18 William (treet, Mew York. mO LET? THE FOUR LOFTS OF THE NEW STORE. X No. 43 Cortlandt atreet, adjoining the Merohantc' Motel. The beet looation in the city for any kind of Jobbing bud nee*. Apply on the premises. TO RENT? THE WOODI.AWN GARDEN, ATTACHED to the Woodlawn Hotel, Bloomingdale road, for a term of five yeare. For particulars Inquire on the promisee, of C. W. CAMPBELL TO LET-THREE NEAT, WELL FINISHED COTTAGE houses, eight rooma each, on 111th (treet, between Third and Fourth avenue*. Inquire at 16 Amity place, first floor, or on tbe premises houae nearest Fourth avenue. TO LET-ON 129m STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH and Sixth avenuee, a two atory attio and baaement frame houee, filled in with brick, in good order, marble maui ties, Croton water, Ac. Rent $200. Inquire of S. ALBURJ TUS, Jr., No. 7 Broad (treet. TO LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF THE HOUSE No. 00 Bergen etreet, Brooklyn, containing twelve rooma, with gas, water, Ao. Apply on the premiaee. TO LET-AT A LOW RENT, THB SECOND AND tbird (tcry rooms, two attie rooma, with basement- - aeven rooma and cellar ? eoutheaet oorner of Dean and Pow era streets. Brooklyn; rent $140. Inquire at 84 John atreet, up (tair(, New York, or 127 Rivington (treet. mO LET-THE UPPER PART OF A MODERN BUILT JL two atory and attio houae situated near Broadway, be low Houston (treet, to a (mall family without children. Situation detirable. Rent $290 per annum, payable quarter ly. Tbe moet undoubted reference required. Apply at 242 Front etreet, up stairs. mo LET? THESE HOUSES, IM FLOORS, ON THIR X ty eixtb street, for email Camillas, wishing to live re a poo - table and clean. Gns, wash houae, splendid yard. Inquire at 216 Thirty-sixth (treet, between Eighth and Ninth ava. mo LET-TWO tyi STORY HOUSES, IN MELROSE, J. Westchester county, New York, Bine miles from tho City Hall. Rent low. Inquire of Y. B. DEPIONIS, 600 Broad way. TO LET? THE FRONT BASEMENT, FOR A QUIET banned, and nmo rooms fur a email family, m the bouse, No. SH White itr?et, near Broadway. TO LET-IN SIXTH STREET, THE CPFER HALF OF a three story home, consisting of thro* roomi on second floor, two roomi ?.n t iird floor, with eroton water and gat. Apply to W. H. REYES, corner Fifth it. and First avenue. TO LET.? HANDSOME A PPARTMENTS AT A CHEAP rent, Four rooms or second story with one or two attic rooms, pantries, part, of vault and cellar' at 110 Bum at,, to a gentei 1 family. Inquire at 127 Rivlnton it. TO LET? IN TUE OENTEEL PRIYATE THREE STORY house, 163 I. aureus street, one large square room on se cond floor. Also, one on third with pantries. Accommo dation for coal, and privilege of wai hing in cellar, to a fami ly of two persons. For particulars apply a* aboTO. Refe rences required. TO LET-IN HOUSE 26 VANDEWATER STREET, THE trout and back parlor, front basement, with two front attic bedroom*.. Can be ieei? from 10 to 6. TO LET? ONE OF THOSE HANDSOME HOUSES, OX Lamartine Place, with all -he modem improvements, won Id l>? let at $7.r0. Also, a th'ee story brown stone house, in Twenty-sixth street, near 3i?Mi a?erue, bath, gas, Ac. f would be let for $?00. Also, No. 264 West Thirteenth street, near Mntb aveuuc, bathe, gas. Ac.; rent $600. Also, a neat brick bouse, on Seventeenth street, near Eighth avenue; rent $400. Also, a neat three story bouse, on Hudson street, near Foorteenth street (for one family), S390 Also, the large fonr story store and dwelling, oorner of Hudson and Horntlo streets, $t iJO. Also, the store and duelling, comer of Fourth ana Perry streets, would bo lot at Vl*0 Also, some ator?n and dwellings, on Eighth avenn* and other places, once open from morning to 9 in the evening. J. DENHAM. TO I.ET? A Tn REE-STORY BRIt K HOUSE. NO. 761 Washington street, corner of Bethune, containing 10 rooms besides basements; rent $600. Apply at 277 Spring St. TO LET? THE STORE 273 OREKNWICH STREET, third door above Murray street, suitable for a hosisry or gentlemen's furnishing store; ono of the boit locations on the west tide rf the city ior the above business. Apply to JOH> JAMISON, 272 Pearl street, or 117 Fourth street, af tar 6 o'clock P. M. TO LET?YERY PROMINENTLY LOCATED IN BROA 1 way, a small hottl, with the lease and fnrnitnre for sal* at a bargain. Everything complete, in niee order, with gas and Croton water throughout. For immediate nouses session arrangements may bo entered into immediately. B. W. RICHARDS. 3fl7 Broadway. rO LET-FURNISU ED HOUSES ?A GENTEEL THREE story bouse, in vicinity of Madison aquars. Kent fi.lM per annnm. Alao, a fonr atory brown stone honao on Twen ty eighth street -$1,8UU. Also, a large fine bona* on West Washington place: and a number of unfurnished houses. E. B. K1N8H1MER, Sl? Fourth avenue, from S to 7, mo LET-THE NEW THREE STORY AND ATFIC J. brick bouse 172 East Fourteenth street, with all the tnodsrn improvements; the same for sale Store So. 2H Broadway. Also, the three story and attic dwelling house 64 Bleeeker street, corner of Mulberry, well adapted for a hoarding house. Inquire of JAi. L. PHELI'S, J <.,61 John street, or of JOHN LOYD. corner or Plae and Nassau streets, over Bank of Commonwealth. mo LET-IN BROOKLYN, THE LARGE THREE ST.HtY A bnck house. 622 Atlantic street, third house beyond Powers street, in a most healthy and p meant loeation. Rent $360 Arpiy to W. J. Ill ?I'PI N. I VI Wall atrooi. rpo I.ET? A FA (TORT, *0 II Y m, WITH NEYBR X falling wnter power, calculated fur moulding, print in.', bleaching, cnginrerinv, Ac., Ac , situated at Monroe Works. Ornnge ronnty, New York, ninety minutes ride from this eltr, a few yards from F.rie R. R depot. Al?i. houses, barn, and 26 acres laid. DR. M. PRICE MooKE, 77 Warren street, New York. TO I.ET? THE THREE STORY nOUSE. IN GOOD OR der, with Croton water and gas, 64 II a< denial street. Kent ?700. Apply on the premises, or by latter, bo* 1,701 Post Office. fTO LET? THE I'l'PER PART OF A FOUR STORY X modern built houso on Sixteenth i treat, containing gas, sas fixtures, baths, water closets, Ae.. pemuindar occupied bythj?**"!. Rent, to a small family, $400. Address box :i,uY. Post etWce TO I.ET? A NEAT AND WELL FINISHED HOUSE, No, 4 Koslyn terrace. Eighty second street, Yorkviiu, between Ihird and Fourth avennos. It oonsiats of seven rooms and seven pantries, wood hoase, Croton wnter, a good rar<l>n. Rent $176, and Croton rent. Also, a house on Eighty third street, botireon Second and TMrd avennos. No. i; Hollyrnod place. A suit of parlors, marble mnnt?ls, four rooms up stairs, n rood kitchen, Croton water, and cellar, ?nod yard, Ae. RcutC.O. Apply to TliOd. W. McLEAY, U2 Bleeeker sticet. TBHAJm* KBOISTHM. T>6~LBT-3EVBRAL HOUBEB IN BROOKLYN, IN ft nil leir Clinton ???nae. Rents from $1.10 t-< $3S0, ?? oordiog to sii*; 11 u *?d buhiy rcapeoUbto uoigb bosbood. InqfciX |( ?? T. 3TA LI.K N ECU f tib Nmmii at. TO LIT? TBI THESE B?<1*Y BRICK BUILUINQ 570 South street, mt to cormti 9t Govsroeur ajreet, ?nJ cpponiw tha ferry U Bridge itreet, ?r^klyo. Will b? let together e* in separate floors. Apply to !?> r. ? J BOFF, 11* avenue C. from 7 to ? A* M., aad 5 <0 ? ** 8 r LET-A PART OF A HOUSE, TO A SHALL OTNTUL family, Apply ftt 91 Mftdison street. > rLBT? A BEAUTIFUL CUfkOI IN CARMANS ville, with coach house ftiid atftSla, and aU lota of ground ?a 155d atraat, within 140 yard* of the Uada' ? fciver Rftil roftd depot. Apply on the premise*, or ftt Ail Broftdwfty. TO LET-A SECOND 8T0RT AND PARLOR, ON TDK (Irat floor, wjth plenty of oloaot room and privilege for waahlag, to ft clefts, responsible family ; rent for the whole, fS2U, or n pftrt . $20u; the root of the house 1* occupied br ft family of adults. Enquire ftt 487 Houston a treat, wait of the Bowory. TO UCT? THE UPI'ER PART OF A TWO MORI Lento. 2ft Lndlow street. oonaiating of front ftnd buck |?0k>, two bedru >ma ftnd b?ck hucment; gaa, If required; to ft amftll fftmilv without otuldreu pto'trred. Enquire Ok tbe premises. Rent, $240. TO LET-A SMALL UKNTEEL, T11RKK STORY AND ftttio houae, on Lexington ftTOnua, n.-ftr Twcntyfifth street; tbe houte la in flu* order; 8 or 10 rooms; hath, ges, obandaliera, Ac.. rant, $5011: also ft number of Urge houaei at $700. Apply to t B ClNSUIMEK, 319 Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10 A. M. and from 3 to 7 P.M. rLET? A HANDSOME SUIT OP FIVE ROOMS, ON second floor, in the genteel houae, 101 Ettt Twenty eighth atreet, between Lexington and Third avenue; gas, water oloaot. Ao.; rent. $200; alao other part* ol houses Aj>pl^ to E. B. KIN3HIMEK, 319 Fourth avenue, lroia 3 to TO LET? THE TITREE STORY FURVISHED HOUSE, 39 Seventh atreet ThU dwelling bonae ia handsomely and completely furnished, and he* all the imdorn improve ments. Oft* ftnd wftter all over the houae. Apply to M. GIBLIN. 49 Wall street, or HENRY FRANKLYN, 71 Weet Thirty fifth street. TO I.ET? ONE OF THOSE TASTEFUL TWO STORY and bftsement brick cottages, 322 Weat Twenty -fo irth street, between Ninth end Tenth avenues. lift* courtyard in front, gris, Cnton water, water oloaot. Rent $400. Ap ply on the premiaes. TO LET. 483 AND 48ft BBOADWAY, LARGE STORE ON second floor, suitftble fur merchftut tailors, milliner*, Ac. Also, offloo* and unfurnished rooms, on moderate terms. Inquire of GELLATLY A P1IIBBS. agents, room No. 7. TO LET-THE FOURTH FLOOR NO 86 FRANKFORT street, sixty feet long by twsaty wide. Kent $125 a year. It la lighted on both sides and very suitable for a manufac turing business. Also, the basemsnt underneath, forty by twenty. Apply in tho groccry store. TO LET-THE DWELLING PART OF A FOUR STORY house, 2U0 Sixth avenue, with modern improvements, eompriding basement, two parlors on the second do >r, three rooms on third floor, and two room* in the attia. Rent $475, or will be rented to two families. Inquire .at 322 Bleecker street, in tho store. TO LET-THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, NO. 21 Hudson street, aituatcd between Rjed and Luane streets, at the terminus of the Hudson River Railroad. A superior stand or any hind of boainesa, especially a restau rant or an anetion establishment. Rent $700. Inquire of H. MARTIN, corner of Chambers and Hudson streets; or Of Washington R. Nichols, No. 5 New street. TO LET-AT FORDnAM, A COTTAGE AND GARDEN, with all kinds of fruit. Alio, a large stone house. Tbe whole or part will bo let to a small gratoel family. In quire on the premise*, ftt tho drf|>ot, or at No. 70 Frankllp street. mo LET, FURNISHED, THE LOWER PART OF A X house, two parlor* aad kitchen. Beftutifnl Freuoh lur nlture, ftnd complete let of oookiag ate Mils. Will be let together or Mpftrately. Apply ?t No. 5 V art ok street, two door* from Franklin street. A piano la the parlor r LET- NEAR FIFTH AYRNUE, BELOW TWEV tieth street, neighborhood unexceptionable, a superior house, 25nC3, lot 15x100 feet, ia all eighteen rooms, newly painted throughout; two baths, ga*. and okandelixr*; to a good tenant a three voar* lease given with immediate pos sesion. B. W. RICHARDS, Sffi Broadway. TO LET? A FURNISHED COTTAGE, ON THE SEA ?bore, containing twelve large room* and bedroom*, hav ing a commanding view or the ooean, and within a minute'* walk of tho boftob. with cftrrirge house and ioe house at tached. Inquire of G. B. OWEN, No. 8 John street, offlce No. 2. TO LET? THE FRONT AND BACK PARLORS, and three bedroom*, kitchen and sub oelUr of boue 132 Mott *treet. Apply to J. H. RACEY, 182 Mott street. TO 1ST ?STORE, BACK ROOM AND BASEMENT NO. 84 Elisabeth street, a first rate stand for every kied of business. Also, front room aad two bedrooms; possession immediately. Apply to E. VAN RANBT, livery (table, 34 Canal street. TO LET.? A LARGE STORE, SUTIABLE FOR ANY business; stabla* and other aceommodfttlon*, corner Smith ftnd Bergen .street*, Brooklyn. Inquire on tho premiie*. TO LET, UNFURNISHED? THE LOWER PART OF houae 48 Croiby atreet, near Broome, consisting of front and baok parlor*, front and baok baaement*. and attio bedroom, pantrle*, Croton water, with a large oven in baok baaement, Urge yard; will be let together or separately? if asther, rent $3A0 per annum. Can be seen from 10 to 1 ock A. M . and 2 to ft P. M., by applying to H. Y. TU SINGTON, 18b Mulberry street, near Broome. r LET-HALF OF A THREE STORY HOUSE *IN First avenue, near Tenth stroet, consisting of first floor, flront bftsement, and two good room* In thirl story, with privilege of bath, Ac. Inquire ftt IW Second avenue. TO LET? TO A SMALL REPECTAB1.E FAMILY OF grown persons, the second story, with privilege of kitehen. and one room on third flo jr, if desired, In Eight eenth stseet. near Ninth avenno. Ga* aad Croton in the honse. Rent moderate. Address James, Herald offloe, for two day*. TO LET-A PARLOR ANB BEDROOM ON THE FIRST floor, neatly furnished, for one or two single gentlemen, ia a private family, where they osn Had the eomfort* of a home. No removing the first of May. Apply at No. 60 Wot ter itreet. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE STORE NO. SCI Broadway, a*xt door above Thompeos'* saloon. In quire of BENNETT A CO., on the premlaea. r LET-TO A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, PART OF a two *tory houae, in Amity itreet, near Thompson, consiitiag of five or six room*, Including two Urge parlor*, kitchen, bedroom*, Ac. Inquire of FR. KRUGER, 181 Lftury* street. TO LET, IN BROOKLYN? A THREE STORY AND baaement trick house, with all the modern Improve ments, 185 Dean atreet, between Bond aad N?vla, fifth houae east of Boad. Can bo sees from 9 till 4. TO LET, IN BROOKLYN? A FINE THRRE STORY baaement honse. with gas, bath*, apeaklag tnbea, Ac.. Ac., witbln fifty yard* of Pulton avenue ear*; genteel neigh bornood; posse n Ion given prior to 1st of May. Roat$J00. Apply at 25>> Livingston street^ TO LIT IN BROOKLYN ? A STORE, NO. 90 MAIN street, near Fulton, suitable for a dry Rood or n; light fsncv bniintu, counters and fixture* complete. To a good tenant, rent moderate. Apply to WIN ANT J, HEN NET, 95 Fulton street, Brooklyn. TO LIT IN GRAND STREET, WILLIAMSBURG? AN elegant brick itore, 86 feet dceD;ai dry Rood* or tea ?tore would do a large buiiness. Inquire 162 Urand ?t., 1 W Uliamiburg. TO LET IN WILLIAMSBURG TO SMALL GENTEEL families ? The last of a row of new elecant brick cot tages. Rent $175 per annum. Alio beautiful rait* ot room* a it h water, gas, kitcben and all the modern improvement*. Rent $'J)0 per annum. Alto the came, $150 per annum, 10 minute* walk from the ferry, stages pa** tho door. A* tun houses ate new and eoitly none but p?T*on* highly respoot able need apply. Inquire 452 Grand at., Williamsburg. TO LET AT HARMM? LOW RENTS, SOME FINE cottage, with Croton water, large garden*, Ac., $3W. Too beautiful houtee, on l-'Stn street, ?30U; large mansions, with modern improvement*, near the depot, $MJ; other places, at $125 per annum. Apply at WARD'S Real Estate office, adjoining the railroad depot, Uarlem. mo LET, AT YORKV1LLE ? TWO OF TIIE ROW OF X handiome and convenient three story houses on the north aide of Eighty sixth street, uiraotlr west of Fourth avenue. The ground if high, street one hundred feet wide, and location desirable. Croton water, Ac Rent $30(1. Ap ply to B. SIIiLECK, Eighty sixth street, near Fourth ave nue, or to R. L. SUVDAM, lid Waverley place. TO LIASB-THI DESIRABLI STORE 96 BEKKMAN street, with basemeat, sub-cellar and fireproof vaults, very suitable for wholesale bar i were, paper, or other bid nesa ? possession lat of May. Also, the three upper lifts, li ? 1. 1 and commodious? possession immediate. Also, at a xreatly reduced rent, the fine itor* I* Spruce street, with basemeat, vault*, Ac.? possession immediate. Both these stores a>e in good business locations, not far from the City Hall and Post Office. Apply to JA1IES PRICK, 2U0 Hud SOB street, or 1. W. C ANSAE, No. 8 WaU street. TO LIT OR LIASI? THB STORE 249 SOUTH STREET, with or without the rear lot. 4V1 Water street. A de sirable location for aay kind of business. Site of store iSxfiO feet, and o? lot 25x110 feat. Situated opposite the Sectional and Balance doeks. Inquire ot C. 3. 1NGBB ?01,L, 160 South itreet. TO LIT OR LBASIC? THE FIRST LOFT OF NO. 26 Beekman street, extending through M6 feet te Spruce ?treet. Has fine entranoe and hoist way on both street*, anil is ttted up with gae, water, Ae., eoinplete. Possession 1st of May. Apply to /AMES PRICE, 21W Hudson stceet. rLIT OR LEASE? THE THREE 8 TORT DWELLING house 67 Warren street, directly opposite the Hudson River Railroad depot. House in good order, with all tna modern imf rovemeuts. Apply to W ILLIAM HoWHOKTIK, 61 Wsrret street, oorner College place. PO LIT OR LBASE? STORE KNOWN AS NO. IIS 1 Fulton street. New York. Also, to let or lease in Youkers, a house with three acre* of ground, within five minutes walk of the depot. Apply to T. LA WRKNCI, IS Bee km at itreet, No. 8 Clinton court. rrto l> r or i.ia?i.-a rarb ciiance-furni 1 ture #r sale cheap. ? A splendid four story house, 25 by 1M> feet lorty rooms, near broad way, Mtow Wnlte street; >w, Crr, a water, baths, bells, two kitchens, with vut/es, Ac. A^ to O. W. WESTBROOK, JIM Broadway. TO LB OR I.IASI-HOUSI 57 WALKER STREET; has i largo back building, two kitchens, an extensive front vt ill, water and gas throughout the building bath room, w^ter closets, Ac. Rent $1,600. Apply at the hens*. TO MA KB sSRSSSssS *?d number, M. mo CABIN IT MANUFACTURIHS AND OTHERS,-. A To lei, the loft* aud basement of tho elegaat five story t>rovn stone it<re, 100 feet deep, and fronting on two itreet*, No. Ui7 Canal and No. 8 Vestry street*, between Hudson and Varick; also, the store 58 Barclay itreet. Apply at 58 Barclay itreet. Rent low. TO LIT OR FOR 8AI.B? THI FOUR STORY BRICK house, U?; F.ast Th-rty -third street, between Lexla<toa and Third avenue*. Hath, range, Croton water, on each lloor, with the new improvements; also, part of bouse in Thirty-fourth street, between Third and Lexington avenuee. Apply at 109 Ia*t Thirty third street. TO LIT OR FOR SAM -TWO LARGE BUILDINGS. 26 by 80 feat ; one suitable for maanfaatarfng or any kind of business requiring large rooms, ana one Is fitted up for a bowling saloon. in forty second street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. "'Apply at 221 Creciwloh stmt. rpo LET, OH for SALE- Til R rfMT CLAW MODE1V J. built lhr*a story kr??? ?t??? house. No. HH Kirtt iiUce, Brooklyn, in excellent oto*', with im, bathroom,, 4c. Aim, a In* brisk <!?>!?' adtaiains lot, with an en trune an Court street. rot terms apply to X. U * D. CASHMAN, No. ft Ulioi TO LIT OR FOR BALK ? THE ELEGANT BROWN ?tono boufe, 158 tut Xi?htoeath *t., is complete order, ?u bracing oil tho modera einvoaienoeo and imrrovemeata; |ora<>uP uneurpaased. The furniture can bo purchased, bat I uptJI HKUii of moueydown aa a iiuur part eaa remain on ^ Apply if T. 0. YOOEHEES, Appletw JJnUd *0 RENT? THE TWO IlIC. IILY FINISHED BROWN ?tone froat houses, Not. 227 and &9 Witt Thirty fourth street. Thoic aro tho moat elegant and boat built houses la tho ait t of tholr claaa, and will bo laaaod at a Terr moderate rate For card's apply to J. fl. QLENT WORTH. No. 3 broad street. TO RENT-A SUITE OF ROOMS, TO A GENTLEMAN, in a small quiet family, where there are no other hoarders or youac ohlldrea; or parlor and bedroom, for alahed or u'brzii'b?d. pleasantly situated one door from Prva Jw^y , ISO Nlath iWit. TO RENT CHEAP IN HOBOKEN? A FIRST CLASS three itory and basement brisk dwelling house, newly and conveniently bnilt, with all the modern improvement*, sight minutes' walk Cram the ferry, ia aa excellent neigh borhood, will bo let eheap to a genteel family. Inquire at ISO W ashington street, Hoboken. TO MANUFACTURERS.? TO LET OR LEASE FOR A term of year*, the large new build nga Not. 12 and 14 Pitt (treat, near Grand, well adapted for mannfaotoriog purposes of any kind, havinf a at* am engine capable of sup plying power lor the whole premises. Apply aa above. X\J ALL STREET OVFICK3 TO LET.- WHOLE OF v V first floor and alio the fourth floor and loft. Inquire of EDWIN F CORRY, No. Si Wall atreot. PEKXOMAL. A NONYMOUS.? LETTER KKC'Kl /ED WITH <100, AL A to, another enolosing $140 Thanks are returned. Ad vances by the undersigned in closing the bntineta entitle* him to the whole amount. B. N. GOI D DINERS AIIOY ? IF JAMES JOHNSON AND TUOS. T. ARMS'! RUNG, Esqs., of St J?hn, N. n.,who eame to t'cru, S. A., last tuinmer irom Australia, and sailed from l'eru tor Liverpool, in December or January last, on board of the Br. schr. Tit -Bit, should see this advertise ment, by tending their address to tho undersigned or calling upon him at 49 Whitehall street. New York, tney will confer a irrtat favor, and at the sa:ne time receive information thai may prove exceedingly advantageous. PftTER SYLEK. IF THIS SHOULD REST THE EYE OF UR. A. TREAD well, who formerly did business at 283 Pearl etfeet, iiv this city, be will ooufer a favor, and possibly hear something to bis advantage, by dropping a note la the Post OBoe, boi 2,092. itatug where be may be found. JD. HALL.? J. D. HALL, JAPANNBR, IS REQUEST ? ad to call upon L. Chapman, 178 William stroct, Now York. LECTURES. ECTURRS ON EUROPE.? THE REY. DR. BAIRD gives a lecture to-night, in the Spingler Institnte. Union square, at o'clock, an Franeo? its History ; tha Revolu tions of 1739. 1830, 1848; its present state, Ao. Admission, twenty Ave cents. THE TtRP. UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND.? TROTTING. ? A purse of free fer all horaea that never won a purse, niile bsats.bsat 3 in 5. to harness, to come off on Thursday, April 19 Entrance to close on Tuesday, April 17, at 9 P. If., at Faulklaad k Duryer's. corner of East Broadway and Cathoriue street. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors UNION COURSE, L. I. ? TROTT1 NO? ON MONDAY April 16, at 2X P. M. A mateh for >200. Mile beats. Best three la Ave, In h omasa H. Woadruff, names Diok Suffolk. Wm. Wholan, name* B. G. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietor*, ihmq faibwih. CONTINUATION OF THE SALE OF CHEAP SILKS, Commencing at 4*. per yard, to whioh will be added on MONDAY, APRIL 16. ft case* of superior quality ENGLISH SPRING SILKS at on* doUar per yard. A. T. STEWART A Co. Broadway, Chamber* and Reade street*. MRS. A. W. CARROLL, FASHIONABLE DRESS AND mantiHa maker, 62 Divisioa street, return* her thanks to tho ladit* of New York and its vieinltv, for the liberal patronage which she has reoeived, and solloits a continuance of the same. A tew dressmaksrs will flnd steady employ ment. Also, a few apprentices wanted. NEW FRENCH MANTILLAS PER STEAMER ASIA. The last modes for tho seasoa. The latest and la.*t novelties in silk maatllla*. Mantelets I'oulk de Soie at Guipure. Mantelet* I'oulk de Hole et Yelour Mantelet* Peulk de Sole, with fringes, ruffles, aad other new design*. Mantelet* Moire Antiaue. Mantelets Moire Antique et Guipure. Mantelet* Moire Antique et Yelour. Mantelets Moire Antique, with fringe*, ruffle* and ether new trimmings, from the moit celebrated houses In Paris, will he shown by J. BECK A CO., commanding Monday, the 9th instant ; togetherwitb an immease variety of thetr.own well-known and highly appreciated manutaeture, adapted to the most cultivated aad refined taste, at extremely moderate price*, la addition/to tho above, J. Beck A Co. have received several cases of WHITE EMBROIDERED MUKJLIN AND CHANTILLY LaCE MANTILLAS, in entirely new designs. Alto, real Guipure lace mantillas, and mantaiet " La Fantasia," in groat aaaortment, suit able for tho more advaneed aeaaea. J. BECK A CO. 386, 788 aad 788 Broadway. EW GOODS BY THB WASHINGTON WILL BE N opened on Tiieoday^Jkprii n^by A. T STEWARr A CO. Coa>i?ting of the latest MODES In Chine silk robe* with flounces. Grenadine robes with Araboaue flounces. And a superb assortment of tho LATEST PARIS STYLES in organdie aad jaoonet mualina, bareges aad silk tissue*, ia robe* aad by tho yard, * Me. Ao. Ao. Broadway, Chamber* and Reade streets. EW SPRING MANTILLAS ? MOLYNRUX BELL N _. will opea. this day, a case et Paris maatlllas, just rooelv ed; and will exhibit them previous to their being copied for tho retaH trade, this aad the suscaodlng days. Xadiee who desire to taspect tbem would do well to call as early as pos sible at 90 Caaal street, New York. STRAW GOODS, FRENCH FLOWERS, ETC., FOR cash. 10,000 ca*e* rich straw bonasts, 1,050 cater rich lace boaaots, MO cases rich Florence bonnets, 10 eases rich Leghorn flats, 20 cartons straw mobs, and 2,flo0 boxes rich Freneb flower*. Of the very latest importation!. ar> offered at a reduced price, for easb, by HOMER A RETCHUM. Kos. M and <6 John street, corner of William. STRAW GOODS, FRENCH FLOWERS, Ao. 2B0 ease* rich itraw bonnets. 20 eases super English Dunstable bonnets. 10 cases super English tilt straw bonnets. 60 cases rieh laee bonnets. 10 eases Leghorn flats. 10 cartons straw Ruehe; and flOO boxes French flowers, of the latest importation, are offered at reduced prices for oaah, by HOMER A KETCH AM, Nos. 61 and 60 John street, corner of WUUam, New York. MUSICAL.. Atoung lady, teacher ofthk pianoforte. would Uke to meet with * private family, where tli? could teach tbe children mimic a* an equivalent for her board. Apply at Dr. SKINNEB'S, 5 Bond itreat. Foreign and ambrican music bepot-thh >ar?e?t Hock in the United State* of on* Billion work*, with 20,(100 own publication*, all tbot* whUh are reprinted at reduced price*. To tbe trade ami teacher* an ununal 41*< count SC11U BERTH A CO., 339 Broadway, New York. Fifteen pianofortes to let-at $2, $3, u and ?fi a month; or for aale, at #35, $80, $75, $100, ?125. $l.v?, up to $300; piano* tnncd, and music thoroughly taught, by l'rofeaior Dumtday, 12!> Grand ttreet, sear Bowery. Great bargain? splendid 7 octave piano torte, flnithed ail round by btit maker*, eoat $325, war rant* d, been a*ed a few month*, and will be *old for (210. Can b* teen at No. # College place. \l CS 1 CA L? A ~L A D yTbVp E RIE N C E D IN TEACHI NO, Ivl wlihaa to obtain a few more pupil a for tha pitao. Tbote requiring tbe aervioea of * oompatent teacbar. may receive them npan immediate application to Mutio Teacher, fid Wait Twenty flrat itreat, aoraar Sixth avenue. Term* moderate MUSIC AT REDUCED l'KICES. ? HORACE WATERS, No. 333 Broadway, ia telling tho choice and popular ii, u tic of bit extensive catalogue at priaaa la** than can be had oltewhere in the United Statei. Dealer* supplied on tbe mo?t liberal term* Pianoa, melodaona, aid mimical initru ?anta of all kind*, at prieaa which defy competition. PIANO FOB 8ALE-A SECOND nAND PIANOFORTE for ?al4, of Duboi* and Warrenar'* make. Ma* be teen lor a few daya only, at 18H Eaat Flttaanth (treat, a* tha owner ia about leaving tha city. SECONDHAND PIANOS AT ORBAT BARGAINS ? Ona Chlekering piano, aeven octave all round eoraara, With circular acale, inn frame, and all tha modern improve mentt, [He a $400, *ill be aall for $225; ona T. Gilbert A Co. JColian piana, price $380, will ba ao4d tor $210; ona Barmftro piano, ?H octave, for $175, nearly new; nod ona do. for $100. To anlt aotna parchaaart monthly payment! taken. HORACE WATERS, pianoa and muaic. 333 Broadway. SINGING ? TO THOSE WHO WISH TO MARE SING ing a profottion, a flmt rata opportunity offer*, by giving ib'ir lervicet in return for lmtniction during a ti me. For farther particular* apply at S. c JOI.l.IE'S Baric Star*, 300 Broadway, N. V. Tuition and a pianoforti for board? owe of tha Sr?t pralatiora of muaie in tha city, will ia*M?t ' two pupila and tupply a grand aqnara pianoforte, tor tatt and lodging. W eat (Ida of oltj preferred. Addr**rJ. B., i Broadway Poat Offle*. , . ., ,, CLOTHIJI O , AC. , ? g , SHAST OFF CI,OTHINO-Sl,Ora) WORTH WANVjD. ? Gentleman having good euperflnom* clothing to dJvpoaa ?ran obtain the full vnlna bv anplving to Ja?W MMHar at bit old aatabliabed atand. No. 11 Orange itreat. 5? y.?a''Kte,r.v.wcai^y- ? Smart Of r cr/iTnr.o and rCRNIttrtl ?AVT?D I Ladle* or gentleman having anyM tha *ua? tn dMpo?* ? can obtain a fair and eaah prioa ky trading ferthaoaW ?criber, at bin re.iiiance, or thronghAM JMt N. Jl.? L*die* attended by Mr*. C. M. 8. COHAN; 8* Bha- It?at. CHAR OFF CLOTHING AND1 FURNITURE #AN1*D. ? ? Ladiaa or gentlemen bavin* any or tha lantwto dlrpote of, can obtain a fair and caab pMaa M tending *?* ?M>< aoriber at bia reaidance, or through the poat, IS Elm etreot, for L. M. DUSSELDOBF. N. B^?Udiag Mlantltlg Mm. Dutieldorf. . ? . i, j CHLOTH1NG ? LADIES I OB Ofllfklint HATING ? any to di>i?.t* of, ea? regime ? fair pe?aa, hi aaahi'bf attended by Mr. Cohaw. LSftSr. TMOT7THS AVD I'lfrLMtBB'S CLOTHING ? B CLOSE, BiiiOT4,oo., w?s .pa*krtn*%rip?8 ?' gsggSffifigPlj I M.J Jl ??*?-< \*CB ?H W '?M .*.??% <K i M | u?i ft|h ."'ih#?av t o* 44 ON r t ' I ?* ' ?a * .*1 Mull) ? f'O' TB m i s.-: .) - ,?*U .L .unsEWoirrn. BURTON'S Til EATRE, < HAMBEK* STKEIT.-MUN day? Tt>e attract :>o hi ncMHlui comedy of LEGERDEMAIN; ? _ Ob, tmk Cosurao* awd mii Wire. _**? Harry 11?11 is Sin utcr; Mr. burton u Snogley; Mr. Cm. Jtrdan a. i the /onjsror. With the tmri vailed Ium of . . THE WANDERING MINSTREL. Jim Bag*, Mr. Burton; with the doleful tragedy of To ccnolude with ?J.ME spectre bridegroom. JANET PR I DR. ? Ihi? eicollent play rises nightly in po pularity U cannot bo excelled in dramatic interest and effect. It will b? played Tuesday, Thursday and SaturJar Friday? SERIOUS KAMILY ??<1 THE TuODLES. ? Woeno.dnj-8hnlnp.reJ. COMEDY OP ERRORS- Tfcs fllce ""** X?Mr?. Uany Hall tad Burton; and a now Bowery thiatre.-proprietorj and mana gar. I. P. Waldron; Stage Manager, Robert Jon?a. Price* oi admiaaioa ? Boxes, 26 seats; Pit and Gallery, m; ooato; Private Boxes. IS.? Monday evening. April Id, TBI BAG P1CBBR OF PARIS. Pathcr Jean Mr. Eddy TMB DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. THE SAILOft OF FBaNCE. BCCEI.EY'S 8EUENADERS, 539 BROAD WAY.? M0N day evening, April 10, and all thia week, NEGK0 M IN3TBELSY, and the oelebrated burl*, que on SOMrsAMBULA. Atatn* Mil* Eieator I Uea.. Mim Andwwi Elviao G. S Buckley Rodolpho ...W. Percival Thereto T. S. Waddletoa | Alliao R. B. Buckley concert eommmcea 7% o'olock. Tiokets, 26 eeata. N. B.? tin Friday evening, April ?, complimentary hene Bt to G. SWAINE BUCK Li hi Y, when bo will appear In two lavoritu Oper&a, aUo hiug tho icrand romanir., from LUCRE ZI A BORGIA, as lung by Mario. AENUM'S AMEBICAN MUSEUM.? MAMMOTH 01 BL ' over UK) poaude; Maine Giantess, nearly eifht toot huh Dwarf Lady, only tl inches; the renowned Fijec Mermaid, Ao. ?Monday. April lti. ? Evening, at 7}i o'clock, the FLYING DUTCHMAN. Afternoon, at 3, THE DUMB MAN OF MAN'CHESTEB. Admittaaoe, 25 ooata; child ren nnder ten, 12Koents. GRAND NATIONAL BABY SHOW , Jane 5. 6, 7 and 8. Preminmi ?1,000. Circu lars to be had at the Museum. A CURE FOR HARD TIMES.? THE COMMITTEE Of J\. Shareholders have decided on Distributing the 100,000 Gifts in Perbam'i third Enterprise, at Georgetown, commencing en Friday, 27th in at. Remeuiberl? Tickets are only II eaoh, or 11 for 110, And that tmongst the gifts to b e distributed is a Farm of over 1?0 acres, worth llti.OOQ Loans of eash, amounting in the aggregate to 10, (X* Tbe mare Lilly Dais, valued at 1,506 10 rosewood pianos, worth S.KM) and S6U0 ealh 4,001 AO gold wntoues, valuod at 1100 and SAueach 3,MJt Beridcs carnage*, gold pous and eases, gold pecells, Ao., Ao. Send orders lor tickets, by mail, to J. PERHAM, Melo deoa, Boston Faeh of the** tickets will admit four persons to Perham'i Burlesque Opera House, Cb3 Broadway. "fXTHITE'S OPERA HOUSE, 49 BOWERY. TV TONIGHT, CHARLEY WHITE'S lafit great benefit this season. B PERHAM'd BURLE. QUE OPERA HOUSE, CM Broadway. PERHAM'S GREAT BlflloPlAN OPERA TROOPS. Grand perform ance overy evening, at 7,'+ o'clock; and on the afternoons ot Wednesday aid Saturday, at J o'olook. Last week of tbe laughable pi-ce, entitled DAN AND POMPEY. Admission, 25 cents-, children, half- prioo. Perham's GU t Ticket# admit four persons each. NOTICE TO PniLADELPHIANS.? THE PROPRIE tor of the KoBsnth Exchange respectfully intorms his frierda and patrons that bo has effected an engagement with Mr Tom Vance , tbe celebrated eomio nightingale, acknow ledged to be tho beat comio singer of the age; he will conse quently appear every evening, commencing on Monday, 16th Inst. The price of admlaslon remains at 6,'* cents. Harry seymour will appear as Quasimodo and Eustache on Monday, April 16, at the National 'i heatre, Boston, and dnnng tbe week as Ben the Boatswain, Scaramouch, Dubose and the Courier of Lyons, Henri bt. Cyr Le Monstre, Orson, Tom Topeey, Ueroules, ~ld, as Riehard III. and Soara Ao., and'on Monday the 23d, mcuch, at Detroit. NY OOoD COMIC 8INGER_ CAN_ M AKE AN JEN - BtraT A gagement, by addressing GEORGE A. LAMBERT, ild oflkoe, postpaid. 165 WR. FISH, FROM LONDON, THEATRICAL AND ? Characteristic Wig Maker, 559 Pearl street, New York, feur doors from Broadway. Amateur performances atten ded. Wiga lent on hire for privato parties, masquerades and fancy dreaa balls. Whiakers and mustachlos. Country the atrieala supplied on abort notioe. rpo EXHIBITORS -A LARGE MAGICAL APARATUS, 1 complete tor travelling, with about 100 experiments for sale or hire. Address FRANK. FIELD, Schraalenburg, Bergen Co,, N. J. angCBLLASEOl'g. CANAL STREET, NEAB TARICK.? W. A B VAN NOTE'S grata and fender, kitchen rang*. summer range and stove ware rooms. Wo have a large M sortasent of the latent patterns of mantel grates, ranges an* stoves, for sale on reasonable terms. Graves and ranges set cad repaired, range* lined, bras* founders' and JeweUet* furnaces built, stove* lined, bakon* vvaaa kailt and is paired. A NEW INVENTION.- THE PATENT; SLEEVE AXLE, A for wheels of every description, is now on exhibition at Loveloy's Hotel and the right la offered tor sale. The right for the whole Us:oa, State, district or county, will b? dis posed of as may be agreed upon between the parties. E. H. GREEN Patentee. ? ^ 1 . ? i i ? Brushes of evert description at the brusb factory. 337 Pearl street. Franklin square. All artiole* sold at tbe lowest factory prioes. Paint brnshee of euperioi quality constantly on haa? Machine brushes made to ordec, JOHN E. HQPPEL. Connecticut river &ad. -received this day, seventeen Connecticut river shad, from J. S. Otis, ? ho Intends to tend about one hundred thouaand to thia market this aearon. All lovers of good shad oaa be supplied in lots, either for tbe retu l trade or for salting, by oatling oa BENJAMIN A WEST, No. 1 Fulton Market. CHEAP BOOTS AND SHOES, CORNER CANAL itreet and Broadway.? The (iroprletor, going oat oi business, will sell his entire stock of gents' and duties' boots, shoes and gaiters, at 26 to 30 per cent below usual pricee. Boys, misses and children's boots, shoes and gaiters or every description, will be sold at leu than cost; also, a large lot of soiled work very low. Save a dollar oa year boot*, and fifty eents on gaiters. CURE OF CORNS BT MADAME BERHARD, NO. 167 Bowery, east side, bstween Broome and Delaneey streets. Madame B. respectfully informs the publio that she has redueed her price, in order to enable every one to be free from pain, and ft els confident in promising tnat she will remove corns, bunions, nails grown in the flesh, As., without enuring tbe least pain cr inconvenienoe. Person* oaa be at tended to at home, or at Madame B.'s residence, from 1 until 7 o'clock P. M. DEMEURE A CO., MANUFACTURERS OT PATENT spring bed bottoms, Freuoh iron bedsteads, anl mat tresses of every dessriptlon, will remove oa tbe first of May from 63 and 65 Centre street to 383 Broadway, where they hope to see their patrons. Four good second hand show cases, a pais of glass doors with window sasb in store tronV Alsd, an upright *lasa case for aale obeap. Apply at 97 FulWn street, Brooklyn, orto HUFFMAN A FERSCH, showcase manufacturers, 67 Bowery. ... ,? Gas fitting and fixtures ?stores, dvel . lings, factories, and publio buildioga promptly fltttd up with gas pipes and fixture* oheaper than any etner house. A splendid assortment of chandcUers, pendants, bMMets, Ac., of tbe latest designs, at the wholesale aad retail ga* ?xtcre manofactonr of JAMES G. MQFF&tF, . v lli* and 121 Pnnoe street, 3d blook west ot jlyjailway. > CIAS FITTING AND FIXTURES -STORES. DW(?T, J lings, factorie* and publio buildings pro&mlly fitter} with gas pipe and fixtures, at reduced prlees. Gas fixture* oi the latest stjles and dealins, or made t? order. ?> ? ? JOSEPH H MARTIN. No. 9? near the oorner 9 J'anak street, Mif Centre ,atre?t. M Important to merchants Afroff* TRitiiW . Paris ? JULES FAY, commission merchant-, H4 tfoa "1 C'llsuteTille, begs to inform hu friend* and other ncrafeMts of the United State* abont visiting 1'aris, Chat lit hm n?il? *try extensive smineementh to 0t? *11 po>sibU facilities J and the be*t desirable information concern ?nj tibo ensuing great Jtihibition; and dealers in Tioti mrmtare IflU find it very advantaneous to visit his establishment.- _ \ ~ _ ' ARBLE MANTELS.? TO BUILDS R3 AND OTHERI. 1W Tho ?u bscribe i has a few ,?ury j??t mantels, wtM ha. will i?U at half prieo for ca?L A-gtlj Ul#. gtcaip .Marfcfo . Works, 136 Essex street. ?" ... VTOW IS TOUR TIM* TO CUEAR UP YtotMf tft*TS''| IN garrets and cellar* af all aid raMirtv, nth u W4 newspapers, pamphlets- oid ?sritin? pft|*v. old blank baaka, ?Id (chciel books, and oldpapar <>t Any s>?t or *V ?iset foe whioh yon can get A'o own." ?tSsTAnn street, basement, between li roadway atfd Naattti ?t|jw. ' ?? CBAWmrgyWOCKWttt; ' Roses, roses, ?the unbb raiok b d would rb ? pecilnlly call attwtiea, i? U? apl ndtt a**af ?f fu Etaal. mors, I ' is of the fine wise, lo.ouo w ' MMilW' ? dtng oat pl*wt? of arery daeorlpttaa, rbade tree* ?r*+>? Tines, Ac. Oaddaoa iaU est ia. modern style, is Use el ay on country, tad jaoold, muoar?.and sod fntniaked for aamst. Plants jjnckad rare fully And sent to any part ol thaooiwiry, rs'&mCTwa "-"r1 ? *>*? *>m4 ?*'h ? ?'< ?*'" '? ? "?#*? "*? HOBC CABBS -<CB*IDT * li ROTH EM MJrWtTACh. J IT H TbE?l*RIMaBAt0 IN MKT V V leaves, tor prey ita wint?r neat. v ? H ? Now'atha time, ere >ettbey bask ... ? la namer't sun, to (u? the H ? LTON 'S flask df coans +e mKS- H ? it will ew*rpy?ewrdw*lHnir clean H Hot reach stnd bad hag, ant atd ??a*. ? ? And ilia pills yanr heme will k>? ?? H fp m rats niioa? ?on(oui><i"d vermin I sd Safe extermination of InMcts ??d verfcln, 421 Bread 61 roach and bod ha;, anv atd I A ad bia pills yawr heme will Irea J> m rats ?ioo7-?o n f o u n d ;? 4_,y ermij Way. and No. 8 So at a Eight hstrawt PMIadslphla Nod* Maainn without tie font natieaskt medals aad stoatnre of | S, 1-ynr a? eaph fl^ak or bofc., irooraie, m. NO BREED BEL B rlritn canards all mated A 7ol. ?f breeding sad luu ?ajfef The best modrtng Mri in Ifc ?lty ifllfbo solja* ?est, ia oloswthe busioaae, oa the Vlfe of AprO .--3ft Bowery, ?ear Saaand etraet. ? t^Oll SiiJI^A FINE fVU. BIX>ODED ENQLISH j F ttoybaand dog pap, mentla old. Can ha a?an at n Piae Street. ' ?; . ^ , , Mookino birds- roR SAlI ? 3ETEN SrL*NDTt? Mackial Birds. ?t>oaa birds ara'froM two V. thr*? iears okt | they mook oat. do*, heaaixi Master, sad are wow id foil ?W I they mook oat, do?? hen an- 1 maater. aadsti ts take to thair fTO BPDBTBMEN -Tf1* S3?IE, 1*1 If* A satder pw|^?es, af Mpertor1 braMlac They are well wortny the MMtSHBHIH fond of walKhred faoaj 4a?a. . May ha <M(M? I I*** . t??4) ?#T *?<.- 'It M \du a<l.' w 1?M ws, t M ?0 #imU j td is - ' J ? a?s ?nt ,*o'-w?ta <*?& muorJ It * *** Hm .s*u*) ft/' \ < Ii*c4 ?*' ?? Hv ?-*' ?**? i , >uiMi mtk wi*? ink m I?** w ajw v m fi m tc am. C1ERMAN OIK" A - MIHLU't UaRDE-N ? TEV:"H I Subaemtion N t hi ? i'a? day April 17, I) m nenl request, Bcil it i'> lirend "p< r* m hl'M*U AMI JUl.Il. 1 Romeo K,bii CAUOLIN* LEHMAN U ? Mf *?" SCHKAUBSTApilft UJ VIM KE in the other principal character*. Imctl Diwt r and conductor ...JhL OaMV, Admission? Boxes, a< 'curding to location, $d aaa 14, Dress circle and Secured Malt, $1; to aU otliar parta U tie bouia, 00 oent*. Doora open a* 7, to wunei at 8 o'clock. Box 9 Be* om> from * A.M. to 4 P. M. s??*e?wo?w Broadwat theatre.? e. a. Marshall, nu Leasee? Doora open at 7; oommenca at. 7U u ulook. Monday evening. Awril 18, will ba performed THE GLADIATOR. p?*urf?f ! .' .... Mr. Conway I Braccliins Mr'lffetis! Crassus Mr. Hanoheti Sem.ra Mm. Foal* Cellius Mr. MoDouaU | Julia MUa A. Congenita^ 1'aa da Deux MUaea Price and Honrs To conclude with tbo laroo of LOVB AND LARCENY. Peter Drylip Mr. Suaan......' Miaa J. OoanaMla Andrew Mr. Whiting | Oswald Mr. Gre*voMC WALLACE'S TllEATKK, BROAD IT AT, IT1AB Broome ?treet.? Monday art bin/. April 10, THE SOLDIER'S DAlGHTER. Governor HeartaM Mt Blak* Frank IKartall ..Mr. Leater I H i, low Miaa R. Bennett Suaint Mr. Vini-en*. Mr< Mulfort.. Mra. Conovar alfort Mr. D>ott Sutan Mr*. Phillip* ? ^ THE BOLD DRAGOONS. l.eon Subertash jfr. , Hannibal Faiee Ur. Rkoughi_ Coclet Mr Vincent | R?ii no Mraliooy Gaiard Mr. Chippendale | Ninette Mra. Stephen* Metropolitan opera house? " Thk Hkcdmi GRAND OI'ERATIC CONCERT OK MADAMr ISI1HIRA C I. ARK. THC AXKKIlUN PKIMA DONNA, Will take plaoe on TUESDAY EVENING, April 17, whea ahe will be a?aist*d by the following eminent artisti:? JdLi.r. Camilla Uiiho, Signok Bkunabdi. Mr. Ghiswold, M? sans. Siidk and Eni:si, and a full orchestra, under the direction of Ma. Caum IU hi.ha^. PROGRAMME.? PART FIRST. 1. Overture? Straddla Flo tow 2. Grand Air du Cha.ct? Slgnor Bornardi AdAU 3. Grand Soera ct Cavatina? 'Tu nl cui sguardo omul poaaentl," from the op.Ta "1 Due Foscarl" Verdi Mine. Ikldora Clark. 4. Fantaiio for violin. lrom "La Favorita". Aiaid Mile Camilla Urso. * 5. Ballad? "I'vo Wandered t<y the llrookslde" -w Mr. D. Oriawold. 0. Horst dul Nun da? "Dost ?thou hear? 'Tia now thy tiinc.'' the celebrated vocal and inatru mental trio, from the opera "Camp of Silesia". MeyorbeMf Sung by Mine. Iiidora Clark, with eoncertante tluto ncoom psnimont by Measra, Siede aud Eben. 7. Graad Wedding March, ("Midaummer Night'* Dream") Mondclssobs Performed by the Orohestra. 8. Grand Dun ? "Sotto al mfo pie," from the opera "Louira Miller" Verdi Mme. Isidore Clark and Slgnor Bernard!. 9. Fantasle for violin ? ' i.iicrciia Borgia'' Halnt?> MUe Camilla Urao. 10. Ballad ? '.'TbcLart Koae of Summer" Bishop Mme. Uidora Clark. U. Scotch Ballad , n Mr D. Grin wold. 12. Grand Scene ct Cavatina? "Ernani: Ernanll Invo lamil" ("Eri.ani"} V?f? M me. Iaidora Clark. Pricks ? Parjuet CiroJe and Parquet, 81: Family Circle. 50 cents: Private hos**, 96 and $0, accommodating six per aon a eaeL. Doora open at 7, oonoert commenoea at a o'oloek. Seata may bo seoured at Win. llall t Son's, 238 Broadway, or at the dox ofllue, without extra charge. GEO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, NO. 473 Broadway, tMechanioi Hall.) Proprietors llenry Wood and G?o. Christy This week, a varied and pleasing ETHIOPIAN PERFORMANCE, commencing every evening, at 7}? o'clock To conclude with THE HOTEL D'AFRIQUR. Ticket*, 25 cents. All bnsiness traniactod by Henry Wood. A THENjKUM. BROOKLYN.? GRAND CONCERT ON J\. TUESl'AV EVENING, Ai'KIL 17, OF MASTER BENJAMIN I'. MALI. A.TRATT, the vounir American Violinist, a;ed nice years, pupil ef Mr. Fr. Mollenhauer, ou whloh occasion he will be kindly M- '? sistedbyMBg EMMA qillINGUAM BOSTWICK, THE BROTHERS MOLLENHAUER; the celebrated Flute player, JULIUS SEIDE. Mr. MATZK A will preiide at the Piano. ?< THE BROOKLYN L1EDERKRANZ, a Chora* of for V voices. Leader of tho Chorus Herr GeMiart "i AND THE TOUNG AMERICANS:? MAST. J. MERRICK, sied twelve yeara; . , i MAST. A. WALBER, aged twelve years; MAST. E. WALLBER, aged thirteen v ears. Doors open al 7; Conoert to commence at 8 o'clock, . .. Tiekets 30 cents, to be had at the maslo stores, aAIat tl* door. | ?L? -IT ' JOHN R. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OF StTtOPB, ' " AND SIEGE OF SEBASTOPOL, ?t a* 1 At Empire Hall, 096 Broadwat, showing ONB KVNDB CD VIIWH, - * ' ?? ' forty feet wide, of th? pHnoipal , j* .... . r Cl'llES AND OBJF.CTS OF INTEREST IJf lCROPK. Every evening, at 7>^ o'elook, and ever* " 8s?rfrday *ft? noon. at 3. The music by Mr. Alaryu Field^ q{^??tdon.~o . ?i> a . pi?i'<'<' " d>OAA -ANY PERSON WHO WOULD W vel in ormpany with anot)>ef,jn.a.: genteel exhibition, and can furnlah &!U0. can * ?ll genteel exhibition, and can furnlah &!UO. oan hake, an *Mk9tl lent opportunity , by calling at No. 312 Broadway, roonlX I-niti'U 14- ?> lNRLIN MUSEUM, NO. S3 BOWERY. ?ppodite the llo wery Theatre. PcrM irttlwa &Krf af'* ' ?n, at 3, and evety evening, at 8. N. M.^fltlMaffWM '? bitrve that th? Franklin Mukouiu U, the.**ly jMeaal)* ? nited States where thu M oiWl 'Artimarfl e?Sfl|it*E other original entertainment*. RemomMr/?ro.' 5* ' ^ i I iAa ??!>? mi AN, ENTRAWiR, rfrfcTCf*.'" patent ontbiddi, and other lat? improremunte, oiothj. baiifc. .. cues, one point,, Ac ^ *k reduced ftimH JssM} 63 an?W Centre street. ? T> ILLI ARD TAIiLS FAR SAI F ? Ifcit O&B WOUdVTA Btg. *1' ~ U mai* by on# of the beat maker-. ^adl(?en,?n iueMa oj ? short tin;*., will 'be iWdQmoafT lBl*f tW lar^e fcinrorv with rtoblarVei^ <kai*e?^ ^ AJsofl J> M**d*on? conn4*r anl **** wi0oh lt^l.^" Ap*ft5t S1 J ^ ? - 't?t' , in ...IJ. . ?T .L ,u_ 1 II ,1- r I M-r L c Ml*s ?T MT, Fare lJ 76**4, *M<?3 ??m) %*+ r~ ' th? West. nn? for BaMm?i?t WtMMMMA, V?i?Nlflb.rt31 'friMtj Iwtnt u ?> u% ..:o MfT k-Htg" '?'?? i a> ? 4tak? so t?H m#?? *? ??? w J^bii idj Mt i BWr *? x?j? ??>? *>? st> ???? Ilk' rvll M? ' Pm i?.n.*? U' a W'AKG M 4 IfortaBJtvr \ ,u: * <^W> *h??. js *?*<**> ?* Vm *v? ?*-??>?? tu*u*;arf? ?*Ji :*? ?> '"Mt *?* -v ru*<u*?M? ** ? i* mm ??

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