Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1855 Page 5
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artists of tlis theatre. The farce of til* "IwoBocny KMtkii" will esuclude the amusements. Bowxry 'Iuiutrs.? Tli* new moral pit** ea'lcd tbe '"Seven Temptation*," in tbe principal I'oi'u-e of th's evening. M?psrs. Webb, Sony, l).ino, Mn? liilTrt and other favorites in the c?i?t. I'ae ' Miller of WtwU-ino" and tLe drama of "Paul ike IWher," wW ...? bs ylejtd, Burton's TtiKATRy. ? "The Youthful Days of Louis XIV.," which has b?en played with *uecess, is again announced. Barton, Jordan, astl nearly a!l of Burton'* celebrated comedlanb appear. Tbe fare* of the "Wander, oy lltnetrtl" concludes th? amusements. Thoce who with good seats hhoaKl go early. W a u.ACK'd Tuk^trk ? "Elopementi in High Life,'' which emlrjceM all tbe ntooes of Wallack's excei'eDt oompanv, ^ auoeunocd at tbe commencing feature. Th'.i will bo succeeded by the amusing p'ecc cited 'Toppiag the Question," ?a 1 the amusements will close witU "A Kiss in the Park." AmonciN Mrnrt M ?The admired drana of the "Fly inf Dutchman" will t>e given in the afternoon, and the drama of "EusUche" will bs played in the evening. Messrs. Clark, Monroe, Miss Mertajrer, and other artists ?f celebrity, appear. Wood's J|!N>trrlh are still drawing large houses. Be twsen burlesques, negro melodies, dancing, and Instru. ?trumental p.eces, they keep the visiter* is roars of laughter. Bitkle v's SraiwxDEM.? This band has gained greatly in public favor. The ball is every night well filled, and the audiences generally retire liigbly pleated with the entertainments. Pxbeam's Minstrels ?This company, which censista of vocalists and instrumental performers, are doing a lair business. They sing solos, duets, quartettes, Sic. Madame .Augusta. ? The complimentary benefit of this distinguished danseuse taken place to n'ght. She ap pears in the operatic ballet of the "Bayadere," as Zolos, Mr. Frazer as the Unknown Tne comedy of "Naval Ka gagements" will follow, with Messrs Lester, Brougham, Peters, Norton, Mrs. Brougham and Miss Kosa Bennett filling the respective characters. Dodwokth's Acammy ? The grand concert of Signer Bernard! and Mr. ^Charles Wels comes olf to-morrow evening. Court Calendar? This Day. Onird Status District Court.? Nos. 14. 48, 49, 52, 63, 66 to 69. Buntmuc Court? General Term. ? Non- enumerated mo tions, and Nos. 32, 40, 60, 63, 64, 104, 68 to 76. ?Co* if on Pijus? Part 1.? Nos. 140, 170, 416, 304, 460, 602, 370. Part 2? Nos. 366, 396, 483, 263, 613 to 616, 618 to 621, 623, 626, 626. f Superior Court? (Three branches.)? Nos. 345, 64X, 846, 848, 849, 861, 860, 863, 868, 432, 799, 871, 8Jltf, 877 to 883X, 887 to 892, 30, 4C6X, 722. Bee be 6i Co., 150 Broadway, have just re eeived a large assortment of Paris made beaver, ?elt, soft hats, extra Use and light. Their assortment of fashionable bats and caps for gentlemens' spring and summer wear is complete, a ad comprises every variety. The Espenscheld Hat Is distinguished as the Best eclsbrated in the oity. It bears the Impress of tatte in design and skill in manufacture. The taste ol tbe pro prietor suggests novel and handsome variations of style, and his skill and experience immediately give shape to those fancies, and enable ,bim to surprise the public by the ele ganoe of bis stock and the eoonomy of bis price 1, at 118 Nas sau street. W tilte, Hatter, 331 Broadway, has Intro* dnced his bummer stvles of Paris felt bats, of every style, color and quality, those In want of a fine article oan obtain it of W UllE. 321 Broadway, opposite Broadway theatre. The Spring Season Is Very Backward, bat tbe spring of human life never tarries; therefore, secure family portraits while the ordinals are in life and health. Photographic portraits, of all sUos, made by HUOl', 3ii3 Broadway. To Daguerreotyplsts.? For Sale, a Quantity ef apparatus, consisting ot cameras, coating boxes, buffiiug wheel, fto. Apply to GkORUE DOAK, 127 Anthony street, in tbe rear. Daguerreotypes Heduced to One Shilling (12k oents) on rainy days only- The originator of tbe cheap est daguerreotype system uuder heaven, presents to the people an extra indncemenl to turn out in bad weather for geoa pictures at 38i> Broadway. Anniversary Week.? Those In Attendance on tbe anniversaries, now being held m the city, ana who are desirous of obtaining pianos, mt lodeons, musical instruments ef any kind, or music, sre invited to call at the great piano aad mime bouse of HURACE WATERS, 333 Broadway, where they can obtain really good instruments at a less price than they can be had elsewhere. Musio at the reduced prices. threat Music and Planolorte Warehouse .? Hi A Monger having taken possession of their spacious ware seoms, 619 Broadway (St. Mloholas Hotel), are now offering the most extensive and desirable assortment of pianos and Mlodeons to be fonnd in the oity, inoludinz the oelebrated triple stringed doable ootave piano, made by ourselves; Messrs. A. W. Ladd A Co.'s superior diagonal premium pianos, and Messrs. Carbart and Needham's melodeons,all 0 Ihloh we will sell at prices that defy competition. ELY A UNGBY, 619 Broadway. N. B.-f ianos to let. Great Piano and Blnslc House of Horace WATERS, 333 Broadway. The largest assortment ef calc inated pianos atd all kird of music merchandise in the Uni ted States. The public 1b aware that this house has, in op> petition to the combination, adopted the reduoed prices, and ?hat pianos, melodeons, and musio oan be had of Mr. Wa ters at less priees than they oan I? found elsewhere. New pianos te rent. Melodeons*? S. D. dt H. W. Smith's Melo dious, tuned tho equal temperament, to which was reoently awarded the first premium at the National Fair, Washing ton, D. C., can be found oaly at 333 Broadway. A liberal discount made for 0 ash. The trade supplied on the most Uberal terms. HORACE WATERS. Albert H. Wlcolay will hold Ills Regular semi- weekly auction sales of stocks and bends this day, Obnrsday,) at I2H c'elock, at the Merchants' Zxohange For further particulars see his advertisement in another co lumn. Catalogues can be had at the odlce, No. 4 Broad st. fashionable Well Made Clothing.? One ?e for goods; no deviation.? ALFK ED MUN ROE A CO., Broadway, invite attention to fhelr choice assortment of flkahionable clothing for gentlemen; also, boys' clothing in great variety. Lace Curtains, Lnee Curtains ? Just received kem auotion a very large and rich stock of superior laee curtains, which we will sell at 50 per cent nnder their real lalne. F. H. LEADBEATLK ft CO., 347 Broadway, corner Leonard street. Kid Gloves, Kid Gloves.? Just received 300 desea superior Paris made kid gloves, which we will oiler ?bis morning at 5s. per pair, worth b*. Also, lace initts, rib bens, Ac., equally cheap. B, II. LEADBE ATER ft CO., 347 Broadway, oorner Leouard street. " A Thing ot Beauty Is a Joy Forever !''? X>adlei who wear them say this line is extremely apropos to CAlnTRELL'S nonpareil gaiters. Such gaiter*, for twelve shillings, ladies, have never been equa'led. Don t forget tho address, Wo. 330 Bowery. I?et this be pour Guide? ?sglicb velvet carpets, 10*., lis., 12s. per yard. " ? tapestry f' 7s., 8s.. Sc. '? " throe-ply" 7i., bs. " " ingrain " 3s., 4<., 4s. 6d., 5s. " " oil cloths, 6s., 7s. " American" 2s. Id., 3s., 4f. " Geld window shades, 83, 84 and 80 per pair. Table covers, 12s. te 24s., at HIRAM ANDSBSOX S, 99 Boworj. *5 Oarpettogss? Peterson ft Homphrey, 373 corner of White street, h?ve just received jtn the late l?rge Motion Sales a largp assortment of ear pet log, Ao., which they will Mil at tbe following low paieee:? Rich velvet carpet 111. to 14a. per yard; rich tapestry 8?. to 10*. per yard; rich Brussels S?. per yard; three ply 8e. to 9e. per y*rd; incratn (Lowell make) t)i. per jMd. And all other good* equally low. Defiance Salamander BaAi.? Robert I, Pa* TRICK it the tole manufacturer in the United States of the above celebrated safes, end F. C. Collin's Impenetrable de flanoe locks and crossbars. Depot 1W Pearl street, ono door feelow Maiden lane . Keteham'a Mowing flgetunee, Hay Presses, ftorne hoes, cultivators, ploughs, reapers, horee powers and wmsbers, oorabiaed threshers and winnowers, and other scsiemltural machines, for sale by P P. GATES, U Broadway. Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupeee*? Hatchelor's celebrated factory for these artioles is 233 Broadway. Nino private rooms for tbe application of his unrivalled hair dye. Wholeialo and retail. Beware of imitations. The largest assortment of wigs and toupees in the world. Wlgl and Toupees? Read This ? An Old Han Biade young for S10, by getting ono of the best fitting wigs or t< u pees from the celebrated manufactory of HEDHURir A 11KARD, 27 Maiden laae. Back aid frost braids, bands, evil, Ac. CrUtadore'a Kxcelslor Dye? Why la M In de. saadt Simply beeaose it bai been eompared by an Intelll Ct oommunity with other dies, and found superior. It no longer a rival. Retail dealers admit that It stands ?laae. Ivory month it is m greater request. Maaufaotured, ?old and appUed by CRISTaDORO, No. 6 Astor Uouso. A Lore of a Beard and a tweet Moustache, produoed in si* weeks by my onguent, which will not stain or injure the skin; SI tier bottle. Sent u> any part ot the ?onatry. R. O. GRAHAM, 685 Broadway; Zieoer, II Sonth Tblrd street, Philadelphia. HhenwatUm- Captain Comstock, of the Steamer Baltic, (Collins' Use,) was enred of a severe attack rbeumatism by Dr. Tsbias' Venetian Liniment. Sold by all the druggists. Depot (iO Cortlaadt st. Prlee. 60 c?at?. Fonr medals on the wrapper. Of Lyoa'o flask jo? see "sarsrars""*' Beware ofeheatsand peddlers. Whoso trash no insaot kills; Oet Lyoa'a sendee powder, Aaeteue Magnetic Pille. Depot for loom's Ma* aetie Powder and Pills, for destroying inooots aad vermin, 434 Broadway. fs Nervous Suffferers? A Retired Clergy - Mass, restored to health la a few days, after many years * awt nervous ?offer. mi, ^ is anxious to make knowa tie mseasofoure. Will aendafreej tie prescription ueed. Bireot Hot. Jobs M. Dagnali, 87^nltoa street Brooklyn. Mm of Thousand Wowsn For heauttry toftko complexion and ?^toato( alMfe, pimplsi and (joekJei rvom tKo facr FETR1D3K A CO., Bootes; C. H. 2q[o7iH Broad war, ag-.nts Patent Medicine for Sale, having the naoot general use and extensive salo of any ariicls in the United States. The health of the prepnetor makes this saorillce nooossary. Terms favorable, but Will requite luesns. Ad dress box 1.745 Holt tiflice. Hollowaj'i Ointment and Pills.? The whole civilised world have, as with one voice, endorsed ia fbvor of theeo wonderlul medicines, as bslae the only mre remedy fer aay eld wound, nicer, lore leg, or sore breaat, even when all ether means have been tried in vain. Sold at the manu factories. Ml Maiden laae. New Tnrk, and 244 Strand, Lou den. and Of all druggists, at ii cents, t cents, and 91 per or pot. Cleanse the System -i( thii Season mt <Ue year a Kc?<jr?l ?arifieatfoa of Uu huou system it vitally lm par. an*. Di.nng the winter reason, a tut amount of impu rity . a.beri in In* system t producing humors and lassitude ?ml eventuating in if not removed; and as aaturo pi prides for the purification of bar dominions at this mind by elee .rfeitj, snoeer aud storm, 10 utu should w**?"uv*r 5" ?y<tem and purify it with appropriate 'ai tw!l ' "T "*is purpose we are pert >iaded that Brand relh ?I II. aland pre muni, For twenty jcars past they have 'va*a,iB||i'u* ral are throughout this oouatry, and at the truant tint there is not another <o popular medicine lor purifying the sv teiu in use, b.-?idej which they are olttip and pleasant to tate Fold at Dr. RKANDRETH'S principal nfflce, Braftdr-'h Building, cut i unce 43 Canitl street, at 2o cents per b->*, with full directions; also, at the offices, Nes. 274 Bowery and til llud?OD struct. The pills may alio be had of D. U. Wr.;ht, Wi lludsoii street, corner ot I.e all, and of Joseph Kerr, 813 Broadway.? Yonkers' Derail. ? Hernia ?Only Prize Metlal-lwardctl tJ MARSH A CO., by the Industrial (inhibition o* All Nati>u?, lor their new patent radical cure truss Kct'ersnoe as to its superiority, J-'rofs VaK-utine Mott^ H'iUard Parker, and John M. Carnocban. An extensive list of names ol morcau tile an d other gentlemen cured by this trur.i may be scan at ttAKMI A CO. '8, No. 2}i Uaiilun lace. New York: and h AKStl, CORI.lsS A CO., No. 6 West Fourth Street. Cin cinnati, Ohio. Married, On Thursday, May 3, by the R?v. Win T. Balch, Mr. Wm. B. Forman to Miss .-ahaii Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Smith A Barber, Esq , aji of this city. On Sunday evening, May 0, at the Norfolk street Bap tiit Chspel, by the Rev. Dr. Armitage, J. Gilxocr Hkiu to Mihb Acatiia Wheeler, all of this city. On Thursday, May 3, at the residence of the bride's fatter, Vo. 616X Pearl street, by the Rev. Mr. Thornton, Edkn?z*r Rr riiKKKOKD to Isauella Robertson, daughter of Thomas Robertson, both of thia city. By the Rev. Mr. Gillett, Mr Be*. I.. Cole, of Boston, to Miss Ellen B. Hcmphrky, ot this city. In Williamsburg, on Thursday. May 3, by Rot. Elbert S. l'orter, Mr. Tbomas Tothox, Jr , to Miss As.n ?liza Hanson, all ol' the above place. Died, On Tuesday morning. May 8. Mr. Ajrromo Caraociola, from injuries received while on hid way to the fire on Monday afternoon. Funeral from his late resident*, No. 160 Canal street, corner of Sullivan str?et, this afternoon, at two o'clock. His friends, and the members of the Fire Department generally, are invited to attend. On Tuesday, May 8, after a long and severe illue*s, which he bore with Christian fortitude, Charles F. Bos ciihBT, aged 113 years. 2 months and 24 days. His friends and relatives, the memliers of his family, the members of Franklin Chapter No. 9, 0. U. A., aud the officers and members of the Fourth Regiment N. X. 8. M., are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his father, No. 182 West Thirty- eighth street, near Eighth avenue, this morning, at nine o'clock. On Tuesday, May 8, of consumption, Mary Esther, wife of Reubea H. Cudlipp, aged 20 years. The friends of the family are invited to attend the fu neral, from her late residence, Broadway, between Forty seventh and Forty eighth s treats, this afteraoon, at two o'clcck. Suddenly, on Tuesday, May 8, Mart, wife of John Evens, in the CEtli year of her age. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at two o'clock tnis after noon, from the residence cf the family, No. 68 ChrysUe street. On Tuesday evening, May 8, at her brother-in-law's re sidence, Mr. Henry Neal, No. 10 Hamilton street, Mini Eliza Geraghty, aged 21 years. The friends and relatives of the family are hereby Invi ted to attend the funeral, without further notice. Her remains will be taken to Wil iamsburg, this afternoon, at two o'clock precisely. On Wednesday merning, May 0, Mrs. Elizabeth South add, aged 78 years. The friends of the family are invited to attend the fu neral, from the residence of Wm. U Marshall, No. 203 West Thirty fifth street, this afternoon, at one o'clock, Oa Wednesday morning, May 0 after a lingering ni seis, Mrs. Scsan Wuioht, la the 68th year of her age. The relatives and frltnds of the family, aud the mem bers of the First Baptist Church, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 12 Carmine street, without farther invitation. On Wednesday evening, May 9, aftei a severe illness, Mr. Moses Dunbar, aged 63 years. Notice of funeral in to- morrow's paper. Boston and Taunton papers please copy. On Tueeday night, May 8, in the 33d year of his age, Jades Brady, from injuries received while at work in the U. S. Bonded Warehousu, Broadway, by the failing of three cases of iron on him. The friends ol the family, those of his brothers, Charles, Michael, and Patrick, and of his brothers- In law. John Conway and Thomas Hynes, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, No 287 East Ninth street, this afternoon, at two o'clock, without fur ther invitation. On Tuesday, May 8, Margaret Ann, Infant daughter of Joseph and Margaret Gardner, aged 1 year, 6 months and 11 days. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re ipeotftally invited to attend the funeral, from the real dence of her parents, No, 2*7 West Twenty fifth street. On Tuesday, April 8, of scarlet fever, Adelia Elizabeth, daughter of Edward A. and Susan Ann Borden, aged 2 years, 4 months and 14 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from No. 264 West Thir teenth street, this alternoon, at three o'clook. We miss that dear and gentle one, Now shining in the realms afar, As heaven would miss the noonday sun, Or evening miss the evening star. Her form of beauty and of grace, Her footstep, and her laugh we miss; We miss her pleasant voice and face, Her "good night," and her fond, sweet kiss. At Yorkville, N. Y., on Tuesday, May 8, atter a severe and protracted illness, Sarah Middlkton, the beloved wife of Edward Windsor Johnson, in the 30th year of her age, late of Birmingham, England. English papers please copy. On Sunday morning, May 0, Christopher McDo.vough, Senr. , aged 66 yeais and fi months. His remains were interred in Greenwood, on Monday, May 7. California papers please copy. On Saturday, May 5, George Ryersok, aged 14 years. The remains were taken to the Cemetery of tne Ever greens, from No. 97 Lawrence street, Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, May 9, Kuza Johnstone, adopted 'daughter of Rev. JJojd Windsor, in the 12th year of her age. llie relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, to-morrow afteraoon, at one o'clock, from her late residence, in Second place, sixth house from Henry street. At Castleton Heights, Staten Island, on Tuesday, May 8, Mary 11. Cbbka, aged C9 years, wife of John Y. Cobra. The relatives and tiiends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residenoe, to morrow morning, at nine o'clock precisely. The boat leaves Whitehall dock at eight o'clock, for Quarantine, where carriages will be in waiting; also at South ferry, Brcoklj n, at eleven o'clock. Her remains will betaken to Jamaica, I* I., for interment. At Maniaronecs, of consumption, Ekily E., daughter o; W. D. Disbrow, in the 27th year of her age. The relatives and friends ot the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the Methodist Episco pal Church in that village, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock. in Albany, on Thursday, April 28, Mr. Peter Daey, aged 58 years. Dearest father, thou hast left us, And thy loss we deeply feel; But 'tis God that hath btreft us? lie can all our sorrows heal. In the city of Hudson, New Jertey, on Wedawriay, May 9, William Miller Cola eh, ion of George and Sarah Col ver, aged 2 years and 28 days. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY D.U PERSONAL. IF 1I1E PERSON OR PERSONS WHO STOLE TWO odd shoes from John Ernst, bootmaker, near Lovejo> "? llrtel, on Tuesday. May 3, will return one shoe to faid Ernst, he shall receive a mate for the one ho retains and no questions will be aaked. JBIGLEY, I. ATE OF 10 UNION PI.ACE, HAMILTON ? ferry. South Brooklyn. Any person knowing his ad dtoss will comer a favor on him by sending the lamo t ) lownsend, Clinch A Dike, 67 and Cy Front street. The young lady who i.eft orange, new Jersey, on the 12th April last, and parted with her father at the Markflt streat depot, Newark, the sama day, is earnestly entfHM to return to her homo, where she will meet a kind reception, and relieve the deep distress of her afflicted father and family. THE FIREMEN. Association of exemft fikemen.-tje mem bers will please meet at 21 Ell/.abeth street, near Walker, this day. (Thursday,) at 2 o'olock P. M., to unite with the Firo Department in pa} ing the last tribute ot re spect to Antonio Caraocioli, a member of Engine Company -> o 10, who lost his lile, while in tbo discharge of hij dnty as a fireman, on the 7th inet. Y. W. WIlltELSK, R. 8. VTOTICB.? THE MEMBERS ANB FRIENDS OF Gotham Engine Company No. 10, aro hereby notified to meet at the engine house on Thursday, May 10. at I2}{ o clock. P. M., tot the purpose of attending the funeral of Antonio Carraciola, deceased. By order. E. BEaDLE, Foreman. Thomas M. Talmas, Secretary. VTEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT. - THE MEMBERS ll of the (ire Department are hereby notified to meet at the office of the Chief Engineer, this day, at 2 o'clock, to attend the funeral of their late associate, Antonio Carac cicli, a member ot Engine Comr any No. 10, who lost his life while discharging bis duty on Mnnday afternoon. Members will appear in eitiisn's dress, with crape on their left arm, without banner or mnsio. The members of the Common Council, eflicers and trustees ot the Department Fnnd, and the Association of Exempt Firemen, are invited to join the Department. Hose Company No 64 will take chargo of the Department banier. I he alarm bells will be tolled while the procession is moving. The Chief and As.isiaat Engineer will act as Marshals. ALFRED CARtuN, Chiet Engineer. EUREKA HOSE CO. 54.? TH E MEMBERS, HONORARY members, and friesHs of Eureka Hose Co. M, are re quested to meet at their csrriaje house, on Thursday, May 10, at one o'clock P. M , to pay the last tribute of respsv. to Antoaia Catratiola, formerly a member ot tac company. J. A JuUNSiON, Foreman. B B. Johnston, Secretary. Fulton fire engine company, no. 21.? thf, memlers ef the abovo company are requestad to mj?t at the engine house on Thursday, May 10, at 12,'? o'clock, to pay the last tribute of respect to our brother iireiuan, Ante ij io Rauseoa, who was killed whilo in the discharge of his dnty. CHARIEST. N LAKY, F?reinaa. Jons 0. Mahkiso, Secretary. The members, honorary members, and friends of Columbian Engine t'oropaey No. 14, are here by notified to meet at the enrlne bouse this. Thursday. 10th last., at I o'clock P. M to attend the fnneral of Mr. Anto nio t enacciila. By order ot the Company, ENOCH SMitn, Foremaa. Char. A. Crat. Secretary. ? IjMBEMEN.? AT THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THI 1 Deeanns I Ire Engine Company. No. 11, hel l May 7, the following gentlemen were unanimously .'eoted as offl ters tor ti e ensuing year, as follows:? Mr. William Williams, 1 orsaian; Mr Wm. B. Sminck, Assistant Foreman; Mr. Jas. Jrv'x M array. Treasurer: Aaron Wateoi, Secretary. If. J. L?WI*, Secretary su tout. SPECIAL NOTICES. Any person who witnessed the outrage committed upon a IIHle girl, by two policemen, in Broadway, nea* Prince street, upon the evening of Satnr day, Ilay 5, will confer a favor ami subserve- the ends of Ju<> tic*. by calling at, or sending their addross to the ofioe of U. S. TUt'EERMAN, 7tl Merchants' Exchange. American institute.? an annual election for trustees, matiajera of the fair, and standing com I i. ittecs.will beheld this day, at their rooms. So. 3>M ilroad I way Poll# will oyen at S and ol??o at 7 o'clock. By order if the trustees. HEN RV MEIGS, Recording See'y Address from the passengers on board the ship Osprey. to Captain Ttinli'isan, May (I, lSii:? . Silt? We the und?r>igncd, passengers on heard '.he ship Oa P'?y, from Bristol to Now York, feel that wo ahonM not be d'lini cur duty were wo to separate wi'-Uout expressing onr that k? to yon for the courtesy and k'ndnssa you have shown na (Jul ins the voya/e. It la with plensurewe teatify our imlounued satisfaction of the mauuer in which you hare conducted yourself aa a eaptain, especially aa an emigrant ship c Dittoing so far al we have aeen, all the requisites to insure harmony, qualifications and comfort, amon< the pas sengers and crew: and we earneitly hopo your life nuy i.a spared and health rrauted you that you may contribute to the Lappinesaof those who in future may be trusted to your care. Aa a further acknowledgment ot' our reipect, we he* your acceptance of the uocoinpanying silver gublet, as a to ken thereof The committee on behalf of the passengers: ? JOHN ADAMS, Esq JOSRr'll WATTS AMBROSE KIMUEK, Esq. JOHN B. WaTIS. Masonic? abrams lodge, no. ?>.? tub mem ters of this lodge are respectfully intormed the net! regular meeting will bo held at udd fellows' Hall, Gothio Koom, on Friday evening next, at 7 o'clock. Members of sur Bister lodges are respectfully invited. John Lie as, Sec. N. R- MILLS, W. M. Masonic notici.-tiie members of eastern Mar lodge. No. 227 F. k A. M., are requested to bo punctual in their attendance at the regular meeting, this, Thursday evening, at thoil rooms, coiner of Bleeeker stroet and Broadway By order of SAML. D. WILSON, W. M. JoHrt Ha.ina, Secretary. New tobk and harlem railroad company. ?The annual meeting ot the stockholders of this com pany, for the eleetion of thirteen directors, will be held at the oflioe ot the company, No. 1 Centre street on Tuesday, May Id, 1830. Poll will commence at 12 o'clock noon, and elose at 2 o'olosk P M. The transfer looks will be elosed on Tuesday, May 10, 1855, at 3 o'clock P. M .and open Wednel day, May 16, I860, at 1U o'elock A. M. * W.J1. EMERSON, 8eeretary^ Notice.? there will be a meeting of the Liquor Dealers' Assooiation of the Twelfth ward, on Thursday evening, at the house of Mr. Edmund Junes, Olare mont, which you are respeotfully invited to attend. By order ot THOMAS T. JACKSON, Chairman. NEW YORK. LIQUOR DEALERS' SOCIETY WILL hold their meetings every evening this week, except Saturday, at the Westchester llouae, at Ho'olock. JOHN N. HAY WARD, President. D. S. Paige, Secretary. ORIENT CHAPTER, NO. 13, R. A. M.-TIIE MEM bers ol Orient Chapter are hereby summoned to attend the next regular meeting, to be hold at their new room, No. <11 Broadway, on Friday evening, May 11, as business ot importance will bo brought before the chapter. By order of the chapter. JOHN HOOLE, Secretary. PERSONAL.? BfcN. WARREN SIIITH BEGS MOST respectfully to inform his patrons and the public in general that ha Las left Phalon's and looatod himself at No. 5 Cort.andt street, National Hotel. HAIR DBESSEK. THE WOMAN'S HOSPITAL, ?3 MADISON AVENUE, corner of Twenty-ninth stroet, opened on Thursday, Mays, tor the reception of patiects. A oommittee will be in attendance dally, from 11 to 1 o'clock, to receive appli cants. By ordor ol the Board. TI1E JEWS' HOSPITAL IN NEW YORK.? THE DI reotors of this institution will celebrate the anniver sary of the cor?ecration of tbo now building in Twenty eighth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, with a banquet and bull, on Thursday evening, May 17, at Nililo's Saloon- Tiuket* of invitation may bo obtained of GEl). HENRIQUES, Ctftitwao, ?*ij Merchants' Exchange, Hano ver street, who will receive donations and subscriptions in aid of the fundi of tbo society. fO THE EDITOR OF THE NEW YORK HER ald ? Sir: We, the undersigned, natives of Uormany and Hollaed, and passenger* i y the ship Conqueror, from Li verpool, beg leave through the modtum of your journal to return our sincere thanks to Capt. Curtis, master of the above ship, for his kind and oonsiderato treatment to ns du ring the passage of thirty-five day* to thti port. We also feci bound to express our gratification at the treedom we en joyed from any insults or harshness from the sailors of tho ship, the same being strictly prohibited by the Captain, as from the reports of some of our countrymeu who preooded us, we wore led to believe that this was a source of groat annoyance in most of th> ships from Liverpool to the Uni ted States. We cannot, therefore, but recommond all our countrymen who intend journeying westward, to be careful in relccting a ship whose commander would, liko Captain Curtis, make the comfort of his passengers his particular c?ro. Schmidt, from Germanv; Klerk, from Holland; J. I. N lower, huiie, from Holland; J, J. Amoy.from Holland; K. M. do Klerk, It W. Dicbereiner, conduotur on behalf ot the rest of the passengers. T11E NATIONAL COUNCIL OF THE COLORED I'EO ple will hold ar public meeting at Dr Pennington* ohurch, Prince, corner of Marion street, on Friday evening, 11th Inst. Addresses will be delivered by Frederick Dong lass, the Rev. Dr. Pennington. J. D. Bonner of Illinois, and Rev. A. O. Beman, of Connecticut. fO THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE NEW YORK AND Harlem Railroad ? Tho ticket recently nominated by the committee of the stockholders, as directors of this com pany, to be voted for on Tuesday next, the Mch instant, ia not satisfactory to me, becauso it hai not the name of Henry S. Blatcnford, now vice president, upon It, who, In my opinion, is tho most devoted, efficient sua valuable officer now in its service. To be here, under any clrou instances, is to me a sacrifice which I would gladly terminate, and to re main without bis aid and assistance, a sacrifice I will not continue. This distinct avowal i* due to the stockholders, as without it they might Infer that 1 had been an actor in getting up the ticket. NICHOLAS DEAN. THE KINGS COUNTY LIQUOR DEALERS' ASSOCIA tion will hold special meetings at Toynbee's Hotel, Mon tague place, near Court street, Brooklyn, every afternoon this week, at 2 o'clock, for tho enrolment of members and the transaction of other business. THOS. TOYNDEE, President. ALFRED ROUK, Vice President. P. Clemitsojj, Secretory. THE TURF. RED HOUSE, HARLEM.? THIS FASHIONABLE RE aort is now complete in all its appointments, and th? sales stable* attached are oonstantly filled with the finest and fastest horses to bo found. Persons in want of horse* oao always be supplied at the Red House. The trotting trark Is in splendid ordor, and trotting matches ooonr ever) fine afternoon. The Second Avonne oars pass the door ev-iry five minute*. CENTREVILLE COURSE, L. I.-PACING?MONDAY, May 14, at 3 o'clook P. M. ? Match $2,100, mile heats, best 3 in A. Mr. James D. McMann names oh. m. l'ocahontas, (pacer.) to wagon, wagon and driver to weigh 300 lbs. ; Col. Joseph Hall names g. g. Hero, (pacer,) to sulky. Omuibu*<es leave Peck slip and Grand street ferries, Williamsburg, hourly, for the course. JOEL CONKL1N. Proprietor. CENTREVII.LE COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING ? THUR3 day, May 10, at 3 o'clock P. M ? Matoh $2,000, mil heats, best 3 in A in harness. Col. Joseph Hall names eh. g. Whalebone; Hiram Woodruff names bl. m. Stella. Omni busses leave Peck slip and Grand street ferries hourly for thecourte. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. THE MILITARY. XTETERAN CORPS OK 1812 -A SPECIAL MEETING V of the corps will be held on Friday evening, tne lltli imtaut, atSorlock, at the corner of Orand ac.,1 Ellxabeth streets, on business of importance. Punctual attendance ia requested. By order. H. RAYMOND, Col. William Taylor, Adjt. REMOVALS* DR. I. JARV1S, DENTIST, MOVED To 08 8T. M ARK'S place, kiphtli street, near Second avenue, two mi 4 a half block* from Hroadway, will be at 433 uiand atrial daily from 7 to 8 A. Ji. and 6 to 7 P. if , for extrso'.in, o?ly. MU. ROGERS HA3 REMOVED FROM 192 FRONT ? street to 1 10 Ur< adwav, over Metropolitan bank, where howiil continue the forwarding and commission business. Particular attention givon to purchasing by order. The pi trorage of those who favored him w ith their custom while a.ent ?l tie Enfield I'owder Company ia-re*p?cttally aolict ted. I*. 8.? 8aiety lute and [erouation cap! for sale on con signment. Removal.? the firm of marquand, moore a CO.. Job printers, (late Vinton, Mari|nanU A Co..) liavs removed liem 183 Crtenwioh atrect to tho faun Bull lings, where, with enlarged accommodations and increased facill ties, they are now prepared to execute all orders for every description of plain and ornamental printing with whiok their; friends aud the pnblio may favor them. For pa*t pa trccage they render thanks, and would most respectfully to licits a eontinuane* of the aamt. REMOVKD.-J. N. DC FONT'S LADIES' SHOE Bu siness baa been removed from 821 to 437 rfroalway, third door above Howa rd street, (the storo formerly ooou lit d by M. Wit*. Ontiaton,) where the proprietor will be happy to see all his old mtomera and the ladies generally. REMOVAL.- DANIEL KENNEDY. MERCHANT TAl Jor, las removed to No. t Astor House, Barclay street, one door Irom Broadway. BK UARD BUSTEED, ATTORNEY AND COUNSEL lor at law, bM removed hi* oflUe to 237 Broadway, cor ner of Park;tlaee, over the Broadway Bank, room Nos. 3 and 4, on the second story. RICHARD BL'sTEED. M08X3 ELY, Attorn iea and Counsellor* at Law, 237 Broadway, cor ner ef 1'ark placo, Now York. THE MISSES O'BRIEN HAVE REMOVED THEIR aohool for young ladiei, from 827 Houston, to 14A West Twenty seeend street, between the Sixth and Seventh avenues. A limited number of young ladies reoeived as boardera. Circular* obtained at tieir retidenoe a* above. REWARDS. QfK-n REWARD -THE STORE OF THE UNDER suted, 52 Broad and 5(1 New streets, New York, wa* catered otrSundav, May A, and goods, conslttlug of silks, of the vain* of about I1.8MI, stolen therefrom. A reward of J "'ii ia heroby offered for the reeovf ry and return of said goods to the underlined. For the recovery and return ol a part of said good*, a proportionate amonnt of the reward will be paid, The following i* a mora particular description oi the goods:? 3 pieces black satins .ootton back, 21 ioches wide; 17 piece* black aflk*, gro* de rhins, 28 to 34 iiciie* wide; 4 plews colored silks, marcelines and satin de oliim. 22 to 24 inches wide; 12 pieces black silk ahnwl*. t>2 to 64 inches wide; 14 doten black stlk cravats, 30 to 32 incbes widi. c. r. pambmamm a co. (JK REWARD? LOST, ON SATURDAY' NIUHT LAST It-tween 8 and lOo'oleck, from an express wagon, be twern Twenty Fecund and Thirty sevcath streets, Fttth ave nee, achnmpagne basket, marked "A. V. Ilenehoten," eon tctniug two or three theatrical suite. The above reward v ill bo given fo the person who will deliver it to LUDLOW A Co.'* Express office, I'ier No. I North river. LUDLOW A CO. LOST AND FOIIIVD. I OST-O/X SATURDAY, ft.H INS*., IN KEAKL I J street, between Fultou and Maiden lane, a five st>ue boup close set clamond ring. The linaor will be literally rj warded by leaving tho same at Seymour, llojt A Co.'s, 2 ,6 Pearl street. 1 OST? AT THE LATE FIRE IN AMITY 1'LACK, A JJ lady's g"ld watch, ro'd ?ap and dial, detached lever, lftjewel*. Breitling Lederieh, mas.r, Chang de Fond S?i**, .No. 20,4 SH, with a long coLd chain attaehed. FRANCIS UUINAKD, 18 Amiry (lace. I OST, OR MISCARUTKD TTIK FOLLO 9f FnO Nf>TES j drawn by the underslgaad, to the order of N. .Heeler, Bethel, Conn., not end.ried, and mailed April 21, 1\VJ - Onc note, JCO, dated Fcbrutry 13, ISM, at 8 months, for f <34 4(1; od* not*, 2fil, dated March 17, "iM, at 8 mouths, for f(\3ft; ol* note, 2112, dated April 12, 1 KM, at 8 month*, for tiM- payable at the North River Bank All person* are sautloaed net to buy or negotiate the nm? a* ravment hat b?e??WH<>. aACU?R ? CO., UI , W Itmi, WARTS. A YOUNG LADT WISHES TO riND EMPLOYMENT 1 X. ii ulnvomu in a first ela?* lv>e u< embroidery ?r fancy itore. Address box 167 Herald office. A PARISIAN LADY, OF AGE. WISUKS TO il find a situation a* nurse and to sew. She will produce the t>Mt city refurence?. Address Mr*. Phitipoteau* Mi Broadway. A SITUATION 19 WANTED rOR A GIRL, TO DO chamberwork and assist in washing and, or to d> plain sewing. Call at No. 7 Grameroy park, K?-t J)vk st., the family ?he bai lived with tor the last six year*. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 1VOUAN WISHES A SITU atlon as chambermaid, aad to assist iu washing and ironing; baa the beat oi city reference. Pleate call, ior two day*, at East 1Mb at, second lloor, back room. ^ A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU at Ion aa chambermaid and waiter, or to do pltin sow ing or take care ot children; no objeotlon to tho country. Good rcferencet. Apply for two days at IS Rose (t. ASEAMSTRES3 WHO CAN CUT AND FIT, WANTED immediately, for a private family in the city; and three English or American nurses and *eamstre**e* tor the coun try. Highest wages paid to experienced girls. Also, a sn art waiter girl wanted at WESLEY'S Select ftmalo Of fice, l!tt 7th avenue, between 23d and 21th sts. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOM AN, AS J\. seamatrca*; is a good sbirt and dress maker; would do light chamber* ork and take care of children; no objection to go In the oouutry. Can be aeeu at her present employ er'*, 112 2d avennc. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIKL WISHES A t itnatlon as chambermaid or obildren's nnrse; is capable ot taking care of a baby from its bitth; no objection to-go a short distance in the oountry. Call for two days at 'J3 west ltitli St., between 6th and 7tb avenuei, rear, first flvor. AN AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO chatnberwork or waiting. Good referonoe from her last eroplojer. Call at 3i)l 1? tu it., between 1st avenue and avenue A. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUA tlon an assistan: bookkeeper or writing clerk, or would be willieg to attend in a wholesale and retail grooery or liquor store. Can produco moat respectable city references. Address J. B., 71 Mulberry St., for two days. A TOUNG GIRL WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION as chambermaid and waiter, or as seamstress, and to aaaist in taking care of children; is willing to make herself generally uieful. Has tbo best of oity tefercnoe. Can be seen lor two day* at 112 6th avenue. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation as plain cook, washer and ironer; ha* lived with a French ftmily for the list nineteen mouths. Can be aeon till Saturday in her present situation, 3U5X 1th st. A MEDICAL STUDENT, WHO HAS NOT THE MEANS to eomplote his studies, and who ba* bad experience at took keening, wishes employ mont for a few h>ur* during the day, at keeping a set of bock*, collecting bills for a p.'iy iioian, or at any business which will help him to defray hi* expenses. Please address Medicus, Post Oflioo. A YOUNG MAN, WHOSE EVENINGS ARE UNEM. ployed, is anxious to devote them to the writing up of beok*, making out accounts or otherwise. Satislaetory testimonial* can be furnisned. Address R. Baker, Herald office. AN EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER WISHES A SITU ation in an oflice where abilities and integrity oan te appreciated; lon< experience as bookki?per, cash keeper, and cilice manager, baa made him thoroughly conversant with ] both in door and out door busirets; will have no objection to fo West. Unexceptionable reference given. Address Box U Her tld office A YOUNG GERMAN MAN WISHES A SITUATION aa assistant bookkeeper; is a good penman, reads and write* English, and ia woll acquainted wiith bookkeeping; he is willing to devote all bi* attention to the welfare of his emplo>er; wages no object: good city reference can bo given. Address J. H. M , Herald office. ACOACnMAN -A SINGLE YOUNG MAN WISHES A situation as eoachman, ia a private tamily. Him good city reference*. Would like to go is the oountry, and would make himielf generally useful to hi* employer. Please ?d drea* F. D., box 17S Herald office. A YOUNG MAN, WHO IS A THOROUGH ACCOUNT ant and flrit rate judge of momy, wishes a situation a* bookkeeper er cashier; he has had several years' experi ence in this eiiy. The best of reference given as to charac ter, iiualiilcnticn, Ac. Ad Jrets Geomutrle, Journal of Coin mtrce office. A YOUNG MAN, A FOREIGNER, WHO CAN PRO duce good reference, is tleslrou* of getting t>oard, (tea only,) in a strictly pnvau American family, where he may ci Joy good cociety, and bo considered a member of the fami ly rather than a boarder. Payment* weekly, iu advanoe. Address C- A. K., Hating term*, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN WISIIES TO OBTAIN BOARD IN A private tamily, in Brooklyn. Address P. K. M.. box 718 Poat Office, stating loca ion and term*. Aiianuensis.-lawyers and others REQUIR lng tho service* of a correct und rapid writer, may ob tain them, on reasonable term*, by addrosing Seme, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN-ACCUSTOMED TO BOOKKEEPING, the collection of aceounta, and generally acquainted with commercial business In this and the neighboring cities, whencohe oan furnish satisfactory testimonial!, is auxion* lor employment in any or all of those capacities. Addre** box 12U Herald office. A YOUNG LAD, SEVENTEEN YEARS OF AGE, JUST returned IVom boarding school, 1* desirous of obtaining a situation in a wholesale stote or shipping home. Not particular in regard to salary. Undoubted rescrenees given. Address Benjam n, care of Young A Jayne, 432 Pearl st. A BOY, SEVENTEEN YEARS OF AGE, WISIIES TO bind himself to a trade, such a* carpenter, plumber, machinist, coppersmith, painter or marble cutter; no objec tion to iny good trade. Apply this day at 100 West 17th St., between 6th and 7th avtnuc*, baek room, first floor. I >READ.? WANTED, A MAN TO DRIVE A BREAD WA ) gon, in Brooklyn and New York. Address M., box 1,260 Post Oflice, N. Y. Boy wanted-a smart, honest, active and intelligent bey, to amwtr bells, and inaku himself ge nerally useful; Jflo with board and lodging, tlrityear. Ap ey at the office of Holdiedge's Hotel, No. I Clinton place, roadway. CIUaMBERMAID ? WANTED, a situation, by a J young girl, aa first rate chambermaid, nod to assist in l be washing and ironing, or ohsmberwork and plain sewing. <-ood referenoei given. Can be seen for three days at 35 Hamilton St., second floor, front room. / COACHMAN. OR GROOM AND VALET-WANTS A situation; is an Englishman, single, age 25; can drive well; has an excellent oharacter. Address te, (or can be seen from 2 till 5 o'elook,) H. W., Herald office. COACHMAN -SITUATION WANTED, BY A STEADY young Englishman, a* coachman crgroom, and thorough ly understands it busines* ia all it* branch**. Can produce tne best of city reference. Can be aeen at Mr. Lowdou's, harness maker, 79 Bleecker St., or address T. Jouca. C^LERK WANTED? A GERMAN, WHO HAS BEEN J in a commisa.on lusiness either in Hamburg or Bremen, ia able to keep books and oonveraant with the English lan gnage, ntay bear of a situation by addressing 11., Post Office, box 13"2, (pott paid;, stating amount ot salary expoctea and reference!. EMPLOYERS WANTED-FOR A LARGE NUMBER OF very efficient, well recommended cookd, washers and irontrs, clamberniaids, waiteis, unrici, and general hciujc worker*, Ac. Families in city and country can mwhere make a better telcotion than at the UontU lirooklyn Em ployment Office, 6c Atlantic sticot. GROOM.-A YOUNG- ENGLISH II AN WISHES A SITU atiou with a private family ax gro'nn; understand* the care of horses, and in wHIing to make himself generally useful. In attentive to hi* duties and well recommended l.y hi* t rcient employer. Apyly to John F. Bell .k Co., i>2 Wall street. CtFNTS' FURNISHING ?A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD I address, with lire year*' experience, and having a tho rough knowledge ot the above bualnei*, desire* a situation; Brtadway prefered. lie would devote bis time exclusively to the intercit of hia employer. "Iho moat undoubted refe rence for integrity and japabilitj. Address Reguald 1'cttit, 134 tecond it. HOUSEKEEPER WANTED.? A GENTLEMAN, WHO haa lately loat hi* wife, wiahe* to engage a respectable elderly lady, to take charge of hi* house aid young chil dren. She must be a I'roUatant. of kind disposition, and accmtrmed to children. Address, tor three aays, J , box 1,803 I'oat Office, stating name and where may be found. MILLINERS WANTED -FIRST CtASS MILLINERS at M. Martin'*, MA Eighth avenue. Note but good 1 acd* need apply, and to thoie conitant employment and good salarlo* will be given. Nurse or chambermaid-situation wanted, by an industrious, attentive and tidy young woman, well recammcnded. Wage* modorate; understand! tho care of babe*. Can Le *een for a tew day* at her present placc, 06 En*t 30th it. Nurse wanted? an experienced woman, to tak e charge of a new born Intent. To one who can bring a good reference, this will be a permanent situation. She will be required to reside on the premises. Inquire this morning, in the millinery store, C7 Canal it. PORTER-WANTED, BY A SOBER YOUNG MAR. rl'd man, a situation as porter, or any other busiues* where he would make himself useful No objection to drive a hone and wagon. Would find him extra useful wliere there are one or two horse*. Can give most respectable city reference. Address J. F. M., box 188 Herald offioe, two day*. fi m PRTR ESS -A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT S ?co Dg worn a a wiahe* a situation as 4- i o?rtectly; c?n cut Mid fit children i S^^JaSSUTW the country. Host city reference. SSraa. day at 110 Eait 3oth *1., hr.t fk or, front room. SITUATION WANTED.? A I.ADY WISHES TO PRO cure a *ttiiatloio in a private faniilv for a soud girl, either a* chnmoermaid, c r seamatres*, or chaml <rmni>l aod waiter. Address bos 3,4G?; Post office, stating where the may call. SITUATION WANTED? AS MATRON. IN A PUBLIC inst tution, or to tako the charge in a private gentleman's family or hotel, by a middle a^ed lady of experieno?; ha* held responsible station* in a number of public Institutions both in thieeity and Philadelphia; ha* had the car* of chil dren. Can tarnish teitlmoniall ol the highest ohasaoter. A liberal (alary expeotid. Address W. H. P., Herald office. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN'; one a* excellent cook, and hai no objeotion to aaslit is tho washing and ironing; the other to do general homework; i* a good waiher and ircner. Bert city reference oan be given from their last place, where they have lived for three .voir*. Can be seen for two day*, at 100 Eait Uth it., be tween let and 2d avenue*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A TEMPERATE IMA V, AS coachmaD, in a private family ; understand* hia business in all it* branolir*. Can produce the best of city reference from hi* pres.-nt employer, t . Ceary. E?q., ?7 Beaver at., or call or addrei* to W. 0. hradeley i On , oorner of 18th *t. and 4th avenue, for two day*. SHIRT HANDS WANTED -GOOD FINISHERS, Bt T tnnhulo and tidy maker*; also, a few plain sewers, who wi*h to learn the hutine** None but the belt, and those who ean ?ork in the manufactory, need apply, JALKSON A rURDY, 2?l Broadway, uuaer jrving House. SERVANTS WANTED? IN A SMALL PRIVATE KAMI ly? a cook, who mult understand her business in all it* ? r?n-hey?nd a wosnsn as cliamh-nnaid and waiter on table. I To sueh liberal wages will be paid. None but Protestants need *; ply. Addreis box 1,040 Post Offioe, whieh will meet I with immediate attention. . SITUATIONS ARE PROCURED FOR PORTER'. O clerks, barkeepers, waiters, eoaehmen, gardeners, ?*' mera, boys for store*, te. , oooka, chambermaids, p?ant strt**es, homework ?irla, *e. Employers suited a-wo, at No. 4 Eaat Broadway, corner of Chatham square. {'? B ? A sir?rt boy wi?h#s to ItSIfi !l?e T'i'-tl"! U?lc. *3 LEKMVN, agent. WANTS. SEAMSTRESS WANTED? FOR ABOUT TWO MONTHS. One acquainted with all kinds of domestic sewing may apply at 100 Mscdou^al street. TO INVALIDS OR AGID PERSONS.? WANTED. A ?ituativn for a middle a* el toiou; ean briug s?ti?fao tory testimonials fur competency in nurstcg or waiting on in invalid or a*?d person, in which capacity Inn much ex perience; can make horsilf generally u.tful, and her servues would be fonud vefy valuable to any in want of inch a per ?on. Apply at 62 lit it., betwetin lift and 2d avanuei. TO MANTILLA MAKERS ?WANTED, A PERSON TO cut and take charge of a mantilla establishment. To a p?rion of experience and (arte a liberal salary will be Riven. Adure.u J. R. U iiscn, Broadway Post Office. TO DAGUERREOTVPISYS.-AN EXPERIENCED OPE rator wishe* an engagement. Ilo has hid consid' rable practlo* in collodion and photography. Addrsss Collodion, Htrald office. Travelling agents wanted-in evf.ry city and town throughout u,? Union. New sheet, jiut r?i?.. l?? Kr?&t haU'8 field*, Eurjpu. Crimea and the Baltic 8e*, wit'i portraits of ?ho pria e.pal crowned bead*. It (bom the r.ntos and dutance* army and nary foroes in the Orim*t, population of Europe veotela in tbo Baltic fleet, Ac. l'rieo IScenti. My old azeoti are notiiled that thid u new and muat out mil in thing in tbo sheet or map line. Address A. H. JOCELYN, 00 Kalton street. N B.? Great inducements mads to per< in< want ing employment in any part of tb* ountry, abd those now in tbo business. Letters of inquiry promptly answered. TTN JEUNE FRANCA1S IifjSIRE INK PLACE COM ME I domestique dsns una famillo privfie; il |>?ut 'onrnir los m?t!letirts recoumandations. S'adrciser J. E. M., Herald office, pour deux joura. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK; UNDERSTANDS baking and pastry; would like the country fT the sum mer. Good oity reference. Call at 23 Prinoo st , lor two days. TIT ANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION n as eook with ? reepeetable private family, Ha* . > m years' superior city reiarence from her last two places. Would go a abort distance in the country. Call at 05 Eld ridge St., one door troni Grand, room No. t>. WAN TED-SIX YOUNG LADII3, TO WAIT ON TA II bio in a duing saloon. Apply between the hoars of 9 and 11, and 2 and t> in the afternoon, at Mefchutt Downey'* t'irtUudt Coffee Rooms, 01 Courtlandt St., one door trom W ashington st. WANTED? A FRENCH WOMAN FOR NURSE AND seamstress, and an English woman tor cook and to as sist in wakhing and ironing, (lood references required. Call at34Wuit lUth it., between il and 12 o'clock. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youag girl, to do chamberwsrk and waiting, or to do obamberwork and assist in washing aud Ironing. Has the be.t of eity reference from ber last place, where she has lived three years. Apply at ?4 28th St., bctw eon 3d and 1th avenue*, second floor, fVout room, for two days. WET NUES1.-A HEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN, * hose first baby was still born a week ago, aud who fan give good recommouilations, would go out to nurse. Can be seen at 17V East 24th st., top floor, room No. 15, for three day*. TITANTED-A YOUNG LADY, TO WORK AT VEST il making, custom work. None but a good hand need ap j^ly at 28 Thomas st,, one door above West liriadway, loom VXT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITt' li ation as nurse and seamstress, or to do chamberwork and assist in washing and ironing; is experienced iu the care of children. Hai lived fonr y are and a hall iu her last I lace. Please call at 77 WeatYth St., between (ith and "?h avenues, second floor front room. Can bo r-eeu for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as chambermaid and fuamstress, or to take care of children. Good refeience. Please call at 85 Smith street, Brooklyn, for two days. WANTED? A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work for a small family. Inquire at 181 West 20 .h it., near Hb avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A GERMAN LADY, as lady's maid; understands dressmaking, liair dress ing and millinery work. Address H. B., Herald oifloe. WANTED? A GERMAN GIRL OF RESPECTABLE character, and well recommended, who understands cooking thoroughly, may hear of a permanent aud good situ ation by addresting O. K., Herald cQlcu. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as cook, or to do general housowork in a small family; is a good baker. Good oitv reference. Apply at 52 Stanton st., Brooklyn. No objection to tbo country. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER, TO EN gage by the week, in Brooklyn; will be re^uirod to cnt and Qt. None need apply who are not competent to do the work (with neatness and despatch. Apply, by letter, immediately, to L. M., Herald office. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation to take carc of cbildron and do light eh* mberwerk or plain sewing. Unexceptionable city refer ence. Call lor two daya at 219 7th avenue, third floor. WANTED? IN A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, A GOOD and experienced nurse, to take charge ot an infaut. She must give the lest reference*. Apply at 2L1 West 23d st., from 9 to 12 in the morning. WANTED-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A GIRL TO DO the cooking, washing, and ironing. Also, a girl who understands making gentlemen's shirts, and is a good tine *e?er. Apply, with reference, at No. 15 Perry street, Ash land Jlace, corner of Wavorly place. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waiter, or to do general housework. No objection to the country. Good reference. Can be seen at 22C West Kith at., iu the rear. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as chambermaid and seamstress, or to wait on a lady, or take care of one or twn children; has no objoc tinn to the country; anions family preferred. Please call at 69 Perry St., for two days. TIT ANTED? FOR A SMALL FAMILY ON RTATEN TT Island, a good cook, who understands her busine*. thoroughly, and who is a good washer and iroucr. The bosi of city retorence required as regards oapacity, Ac. Inquire at 211) East luth st , Irom 11 to 1 o'clock. TirANTED, IMMEDIATELY? A SMART ACTI YE GIRL vi to act aa waiter and laundress in a private family. To oae not airaid to make herself generally useful $7 a nunth will be given. Apply at 135 Macdou^al st., near 4th, between 9 and 1 o'clock. WANTED-A SITUATION, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a woman; ia a good washer and irocer and plain cook; orto do the central bonsowork of asmall family. Oood city reference. Apply at 177 Adams st., Brooklyn. "TirANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION TT as chambermaid and waiter, T todj genera' house work; is a good plain sewer; no objection to the country. Call at No. 4 Garden row, st., near 6th arcnue. TAT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A GOOD, HONEST, VI trustworthy girl, 17 years ot age, to wait on table or up^n children assist at housework, and make herself gene rally useful. Apply at No. 4 L?rjy place, where she has lived nearly two years. "IITAN'TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VI, as good cook; understands bakiug in all its branches; is a good washer sod ironer: to oijection to the country. Good city reference. Call at 221 West 10th st. TITAN TED? A SMART RESPECTABLE YOUNG HO V v man to do boutcwork for * ^cntlenmu and bin wile; Fbe muit be a first rate wanlier and ironer. None ottieri need apply. To one that will auit good wage* will be paid. Inquire at 109 Weit it. "nTAKTED? A SITUATION', BV A RESPECTABLE TV young woman, aa rook in a private lamily; nli? under ttanda French and Eng'iah cooking. Call at CO 4th awuue, between 9th and llth at* , for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A 1(KSPEC*.BI,E I'roteatant girl, a." nurae uud aeamatr?aa, or aa cbam t.crroaiil and aiamatreaa; in willing to make hi-rjelf uacfnl; wruld like to go with a fatniiv in the country for tho auui nier. Good leierenoc. Call at 300 'Jth avenue, bctwean ',41' th and 30th ttr. TX7ASB1NQ AND IRONING FOR LAMES A NO GEN Tt tlemen, dune at 273 7th avtmue, between 27th and ihtli ata., second floor, back room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE woman; it a firat rate waiher and inner, and an ex rellent baker of bread; baa a little girl twelve yeart old; would like to have her in the aamo family; boat city rofe rt- nee; no objection to the country. Can ba seen for two day* at 73 Wcat ) 'Jth at. T17ANTEP-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV girl, aa waiter; no objection to a hotel or boarding houre; beat city reference if required. Call at l'J Albany at., flrat floor. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa cook, waaber and ironer in * private family. Good reference* givaa, Call lor two daya at SO ->th avenue. TirANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE INGUSH WOMAN, v v a situation aa general bouao aervant or hoatekoeper; fl.e ia a ti rat rata cook. First rat" reeomixendationa uan be given. I'liaio to inquire at No. 3 West iy;h itnet, near 6th area up. TT7ANTED? A GIRL, OF UNEXCEPTIONABLE CIIA vv raeter, to do general houtev ork; ahe muat waah and iton well; a German girl, wl.o can apeak Envliah, prjfeired. Apply at 181 Maditon at , between l'ikc ami Rutgers. ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, vv it iltnation in a private tainlly, aa laundrett and cham bermaid; beat city relereacc. Apply at ii Weit 13th at. WANTED-BV A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION, in a private fan-ily, aa chambermaid, or to aa<iit with tbe wuahing and iro: iiig, or ?o take care ol children; la a nest aewcr; no objection to go in the country. Can be leon at her preaent aituation, 27 Slat at , between Stb avenue aud Broadway. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOlt'** a aitnatii n a? chambermaid and waiter; haa live ">Jlr yeara in her la at place, and leave* on aocount of the amily going to Europe, tall at or addreat to 12,'j Woo*' e 'n tbe rear, for tbit week. _____ WANTED-A 8IWATION, BY A Rft'ECTABLE young rlr', ii ?btmb?TiKi%id or J,? , ,J| to do general homework of a private facr^y- ApPV *} Lexirpten avenue, between 3"th an<J 31* eti., two daye. WANTED-A PROTESTANT WOMAJVJO ?0 THE general louaework of a amail taaa*^ ,'B 1 country. Mutt nndir?tacd plain cooking and bf J "*<?'} ? ?? a good ? aeber and ironer. Wtllh or FngUa'Pre,t!rt%<*- Apply at 11) Well 20?h at. WANTED? BY A RfcSPEr W-<>MAN, A BIT uatloa at good plain tag* ""in jection to do general nonaer- , ? au '?? ???? ,0? two d?ya at her ptttent plaee, No. """a*" at. TED? A SUCTION, ^ RESPECTABLE toang alrl at Jamktrauid and nailer, oraaoliaaa ket?ald ul fo atT- '?,*:??""< ?"* itosing. Beat city r? I*rence7 Call ^ ^ 41 ?* ? thirl floor, tor a' few daya. ______________________ ?nrANTE'-S,X AMERICAN GIBLS OF RESPECTA W bill*' *bo ct" P*1 *uae t!,# ??oit unexceptionable ro ferenoeh 0 atttnd at a clatl taatautaat. Applv a- 113 Pulton '? ??>FT. 1Ar.iKTiD-BY A YCCNO MAN, A SITUATION AS W < lerk or porter in a rrocrjr atora Ifaa the hostcltv r.i'erence from bia laat otrployur, and thorooghly undtr etandt the bii?tnai<a. Call at or addreat 2S Priuoe at., noar Vbe Bowoty, in tl e grecory atore TITAN TED? A TOUNG MAN, TO TKAVEL WITU vv atraw anil millinery ^ooda. Addrafl K W Judaaa, Uerald oflioe atatiiu expeotaticaa and where latt employed. W"' AN TED? A WAITER, IN *A PRIVATE FAMILY. The belt cl'i r?f'ti"io#? A"f 'T*' 'wHr 13th it. , lotwtea U< ho?r? of IV A. M. aad I P. *. WAITS. ^ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A TO UNO MAN, AS TV coa< t.rnan or groon. lately from Europe, kaowi Ma bnaincai in all ill branohea; bo ohjoolioa to the oouat rf. Gy d reference from hlf laat employer*. A^dieia 173 IM rent ?t., for two day*, \y an'/id-a situation, by a respectable TT m*o. aa gardener, whf ii com'petea' in all 'ta l ranehei; uo objection to (o a abort uiatance m the country. Um4 re uience from bi* last i mployar. Call at 21 Oak at , M floor. "IX"' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young loan, to work on a farm or in a dairy ; he ia ac qnalnted with the riiaini of ve?e'.ahlei and gardening; H not a'raia of any work. Haa good reference from wbero M bai lived three year*. Please addroii J. U., Herald oflN, this day. WANTED-A FIRST RAIE MAN, TO ATTEND A large billiard room; one qualifl>-d to take charge. Ala* a cori|i tent larketper, and on' experienced waiter. Apply at ?be Philadelphia lleuw, 131 aLd li'. Itb at., Williamiborf. on Friday morning, Ray 11. TTr ANTED ? AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT MAN, TO TT act aa waiter and liall aervant; alao, au intelligent lad, ot tidy bakiti and good udlr?<t, to act a* page. Apply ai K!8 Broadway. TITANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yonng woman, aa laun<*re*s, or to do cbamborwork. or aa waiter. Haa good eity ret irenoe from when aoe haa lived six year*, i'ltaae call at I'M Heater at., lint floor, two day*. "\\rANTED- A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE t I young girl, to do general honacwork, or aa laundrqgi. Beat Pity reference. Cau I e ?e?n foe two dayi, at 101 fill 25th it ' WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO COMPETENT AND respectable girls; one aa chambermaid and laundreM; the other aa waiter. Oood Teferenoos Can bo aeen at tbetc present employer'*, 13 EngtUthat., between Hand 2 o'clock, lor one week. "IV ANTED-1HE COMPOSITION OF A WEEKLY tt newspaper. Aa the adyertiaer hia a large font of ty pe, nearly new, alanding Idle he will set it up at the low est cash pricea. Alio, boom of all kind, ret up aud stereo lyptd at a low rate Addreaa 0. W. 8CHRYVER, 18SWI1 liam ??., m i ond lloor. WANTED-BY A BOY BETWEEN 10 AMI 17 YEARS old, a iltuttion, to learn any respectable trade, a Slumber or carpenter preferred. Good otty reference. Ad resi a note to M. H., Herald olkcu, for two daya. WANTED-A LAD, AS ASSISTANT BAR TENDER, at M igulns hotel, Conev Inlaid plank road, L I , four miles from l ulton ferry, from 15 to 18 years of age. An American preitrrcd. TlrANTED ? A LAD TO ASSIST IN A RETAIL DRUCJ TT itore; one that Uvea with uia purenta and understand* the Cerman language preferred. Apply at th'j itore ltto Grand atreet. ?fT^ANTED-A STOUT, ACTIVE AMERICAN BOY; T T muit live with hi* parents; ?alary tlrit year $.">0. Ad dreri, in handwriting of applicant, Hardware, Chatham njuare Poat Olttce. *17' ANTED? AN ERRAND BOT. ONE WHO WRITES TT a good hand, with unexceptionable ruiercnoef, may ad dieis bo* l.fS3 Poat Office Young man wanted-in a wholesale dry good! itore; a smart, iictiv* young man. IS cr JO yean oi ace; one who baa had mmo eipeiii-nee preferred. Salary $2(0 first year. Addreaa Silk lionds, Herald afflce, lUting age, previous situations, reference, kc &?nn ~A SALESMAN W'ANTFD TUAT CAN LOAM' iTovv, hia employer the above aum. A ( slary Of WO# per year will be given, or, if prefetred, be can have an Inter est lu the business, which ' ayi titty per cant, and cash aalei. For lurther particulars addrela it. B., Htrald of fice. (i(> BARROW STRSET, IN T1IE BASEMENT, NEAR Z.U Bio I eker. ? A lituatiou wanted, by a respectable g.rl; is a ,'ocd onok, first rate waabcr and ironer, or to do general houaework. Good city rufennoe can be given front her lait place. Can le aeeu for two dayi. TIIK TRADES. AIOUXO MAN, A CABINETMAKER BY TRADE, wants a aituation: he can work at stair building or carpenttr'a work, and will make himaelf generally uiefal. Address E. G. Y., box Htf Herald office, for two day*. BOYS' CUTTER.? A SITUATION WANTED, BY AM experienced cotter of boys' clothing, In some respeotahle eKtatlUL nicnt where tils atrvieea can be appreeia'.od. ?'an give the beat city references. Addresi S. M., Herald efflce, lor two dayi. CARPENTERS WANTED, AT ASTORI A.-THREE OR four good hands will find steady employ, by applytnz to T. A. KlNGsLEY. (10NFECTI0NER WANTED ? A WORKMAN WHO J underitauda the general branched of ths trade, and cap able of taking charge ot a workshop to a first olaas oonlection ery and ice cream saloon. Address, stating capability, refe rences, term*, &o., G, A., Herald oBIce. fO JOURNEYMEN CONFECTION EERS.? WANTED, A tl.orounhly cnpablo coulee. ion tr to take charge of % abop; ono with proper qualification! will meet with a per manent aituation and good talary Addreaa (postpaid) M. confectioner, Broxdw.iv Poat oQco, stating what expe rience, general qualifications, agi, where to addretl, Ac. Communications atrlctly conlidential. n^O CUTTERS.? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A CUT i. ttr, (German ) who vnceritands the cu-tom cutting, eaa apeak the Enxliih langnaje, and tivc good reference. In quire at 447 Eighth avenue. /' ATCI1MAKF.R WANTED? FOR THE CITY. APPLY of Akerly, 4SU Broadway. w WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A CUTTER AND SALM3 man, Inlly copmetcnt to take . . a- ? of ? auiton au I ihop eatabtlshment duwu tovu. iNono out a good hand need apply. Anx rican or Geriutn proterred. Audrean, fjr two day i, J. H., box 10S Herald otSee ?CTTANTED-BY A STEADY MAN. A SITUATION AS vt gardeuer; ii eriUlng to take t are of hones, ant ia a cartful driTer; no objection to the country; best of reier encc cau be given. Apply att! Bayardat. T*/ ANTED ? HANDS TIUT UNDERSTAND THE TT pieaemg nnd IlltllhiJ oi priLted latiseti. a. pi. at the Ameiirau print wotka, JTth bt., between Bro.vl'vay and 7th avennc. JAMES BURK, Ju. SPRING FASHIONS. rj C IH5AUTIFUL SPAING BONNETS - if EM I 'J troidercd straw and crape, Juit reeclved ty laat ?tesmer; and the novelty of the atrles which wo po> nionopoiiie in New York, is no othor houie can exhibit tbo like artiole, will attract, ?e have no doubt, our numerona friend* and strangeia, who will never be aiiapp.iuleJ to vlait the metropolitan itore if M^. U A It HIS A SON, 571 Broadway. Ij'LIGANT AND NEW FASlTlON.? LADIES DRESS U triniinii'g ribbons. The anderetgncu haa the pleaanre to ii form his friends end the ^n<lie, that he baa roeeiveil to day a very handsome addition lo bis o?utnlve atoek of beaa tilul dross and mantilla trimm n.a bonnet aad othsrrib b ni: and would invite all ludiea who havo not boon able match their dresi triminin.s with tundM>me trimminc ril> boni lately in bis store, to plea*e select irom hia fre'h ?t?ok, and hopes to bo able to match the ment difficult shad's a& very low pricei. M. H. LlCUTE VSTEIN'S Uilibon store, 91) Bowery. s~ TRAW BONNETS.? A SELE.'T ASSORT'IF.NT Or the f.ncht i.ud moat approv?d stylei of ladies straw bonnets, nunufactnred f-y the ftrui ir employfij of Frank Bennett, ii now offered for sale by the suBscribers. Those articles will be found to fully eijual thoie kept at Mr. Bot nett's old establish nent, wbicn were ooniider*>d not only the beet but tl.e cheapest in the market. Bonntts cloune.l nnd altered. PITTS A CO., 7t'J Broadway, corner of Nintti street. 1>KY UOOUH, ?fcC. EMBROIDERIES AND LAifcS.-JUST RECEIVBD, A complete aaaurtmeut of i mbroideriet in new dtiuui and *11 qnalitiet; alao Valcnciounoa. UruiMila, gniparo, llonKcn. poiat, aud r.tbcr rich lucee, black tlroid naatillu, point*, vclli, Ac. Ihe pricee nic much helnw previous avaaoue. MILLLlt A OKA NT, 371 Broadway. From auction.-great bargains at tub me tropolitan lace and embroidery itore, 843 Br?ad?ar, record dot r nl>oTo Blecrker Mro?t. Kaee dranei, $J, wna iin dn ("ie?, M 5U; brcak'aat co'.lara, ?a. ; race collar*, ii ; lailtta' hemmed liucn handkerchief!, 2a ,2a. fid. aid Alao a I'.r.e lot ol Sniietaidi, 2?. catb; 1 caie of einl.roidorel nkirlf, C*i. cach. MADDEN A .1TKWAKT. C^REAT SAI.E OF F.MURol HKKiF.S FROM AUCTION? J Ccnuatinit ot alcevea, cullar*,, bandkorchiate, babit rbirtr, flour.cim.-y. Ac.. Ac., bindea 100 pieces blaik tilk, fruin auction, eold very chcap. Alao, l.SOO piece* dra per> inm 10 cost* a yard uj , hue jooda, beelue a largo lot of matting very cbcap. ANDREW ,t COLBY, 37 Third avenue. IACR MUSLIN CURTAINS FROM AVCTION. J Munlin curtain* lor ?1 V wurlb ?3 M Mnalin cortaine ?or$2 00 " .1 ijO Mnelin rnrtaina for 4 00 " CM Mualir curtain* for C W. " l'> WU 1 ace curtain ? tor. . 4 00 " ci 00 l.acc curtain* for. . fi 00 " 9 ?tf Lace curtain* for. . 10 00 " 1A 00 i ace ourtaiBi for.. 1A 0O " 'M) m l.aeo curtain* for. . 20 l?J. " 3u 00 A complete aeaortnent of oorniCM and curtain tiiminlage, at radotad price*. _ __ S<LTT A FERGUSON, N?. 381 Broadway. Rich ribbons at auction.-ioo boxis will bb ?old at Mr. WH. TOPPING'S anotion (tore, Broad ?treat, on F-lday next, Uth May, at II o'clock ?. M. I PLA VlV TTviNg CARDS.? r ARO PI. A VINO CARDS, VERT old and wall teaaontd, utth All the varioui other .iftili tea nr lineu and rntton carda, made by SAM II ART A CO i tr aala to the trade and elnb hoaica at their etore. No I Barclay etreet, oppoiite the Aator llouie. CLOTHING, &C. /Ml. THING AND FURNITURE WANTRI).- UDI-'i ' at gentlemen laviug any to ditpoae of, e*n obtain a fair caah price for the aan.e by rending f. r tha aubacriber through the Poat tiffira or otherwiae, at hi< reeldence. N. B. ?La dle* '.attended to by Mr a. C. M. S. OoflEN, 18 Kim atreel CLOTHING AND FURNITURE BOUGHT FOR CASH - alao ataek and fancy gonda of all deMriptioae. oil r?'n? inta. Jewelry and prooinni atonaa. Pleoee addrem L. M ? USFSLUORP, 13 tlm atrtet. Ladle* Attended by Mr*. ? MJSN AND BOYS ClOTHINO TO Bit ALM08T GIVEN away, wholesale and retail, at J. VANDERBILT'S, .17 I niton atioet. Now la your time; (took la large and ami h? reduced. India rubber clothing and fornUhla* good* e.n >t*ntly on bend. _____________ YOUTHS' AND CHIL??em'S CLOTIO**-? 'O?*1** B. CLOSE, BAILEY A CO., *?? * Pit* ' **' tb^ity Ball, have now on h?nd the a*it JM*?rved aprlaa an*ummw eto?k and etvlei u H hee^CebeUeit** Bute*, and tuluble for all age*, from tbrwUtwaaey ye*M el rt Vkalwelvi ?1 ? ? ~?ll?rt??Me |MNi MATRIMO^aL. Mttsa in tt|| the nnn?? of bnticeaa, *?.. ?n<l *, tfta r?me of hat t Ilk?' K*?tl*maa ,h., ' In U.e l'llH'b, Fremoh aad\ fu'^rffiS.'. WB.wiry, between FlretB?^ itteclf. DEXTlWTnV. I-pM m I will mare a b e acti r UL ANiTWt. 1 fi'l aet of thirty-two teeth, oa the lea- ><"i pu ?, * itboot ipriijre nr claapa, warranted hr life, *Belj ?? tn . ? I wear ryt?H Teeth ran '.a Inserted without en'r^oa ..i< WaaHrniif 1)T. NAPOI.ioN PifRTFTHR, C.' "fa^ ?r?y.

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