Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1855 Page 6
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AJYBTISEJUlVTS MHIWKB BTE1T DAT. 0ALE* AT AUCTIOM. r^jlLMCOtAt a C CTION * * 3n^O ixrrg*~i fStt.OUU Fluiklng Mailed ?'* ?orHw ,000 eaoh. 3Sft^l.>V? R*ilrond'84 ' M?'gM* 7 ?"?3??? s't.' Loni. Railroad 1st ??? i22? 7 P?r c?it Conv?rtil>le Bond*. limimk' M^JBon*dr,Yi.u*."4 ABbuso $$W Northern lndi?o* Knilroad iOo.benBr.noh) 1st Mort glu3?Ui?forois State 7 par cut B jnd?. .2 Bonl. are for $W0 ?l?S(WbC^?n4*ifgu? ?na ?'ornln|, now ??on M the Ctnan r. of ?UJWL 186 shnre. Williamsport and Elmtr* Railioad caoh MO 260 Brie Rnilrofcd...... ? ? wo 25 Th'rd A?enue Railr'fcd ... ? ? ? ? ? 1(M 10 C'hioajo and Mi.sUsippi Railroad ^ 50 Oleteland an* Toledo tiailrond 10u ;<M) C???borlnnd Coal Company ? IBFirenen's Insura ce Company JJ 50 Long Inland Insurant Company. 40 Beekman Fire lmurunce Company *J 60 Williamsbur* Ga?.U!it '.ornpauy 8 American Powder company > 80 Atlantlo Dook Company lv SOONorta Carolina Copper >_onir?n.v ? S fiwa jasss?^-??i?v.?r.: 2 ssawsc-siristei^fe. & for# two o'clook to-morrow. The accrued intere.t om th. bonds will bo charged to iUo pwbaw. k DCTION NOTICE - BY EDWARD SCHBNCK.-ON A Tti.rsday, May 1U, at 10)? o'clock, at 16 Wall ?J'''*' Fin. old wine., brandies, ?e*ara, Ae.? The balance of 'bote fine old Wine. remaining untold from Triiay la't, together with a tin all rerarrod ?' ook, including ?ome choioo brand* SUr *>t>n "l.r.J .1.. . Ki? MwJJjL "i VS.S.I?! &&???&&/&? "a? win??7old Jaauca mm, Ac. . A BCTION NOT1 C*. -ORE AT SAL* OF MAGNIFI a ..nt ou p^;f,-u?? ?tM..inwin Includes many pleating landscape.. 'Ote rtLSJTa nlJ5VWw?r!.M?pi?torai s, ?"<? other subject. 11 f?m.d. "I'mo'ag *M5S&n7?\o^ JgSTtl, fraied "?. Va'lMo'-; mo? On. Urge win tor by \an ,??? Un<UoaDW. ind"i:?Mfr.Pm ?IM to MOO. late IIOiltiT*. _ I rCTlON NOTICE ? GREAT SAl.E OF EXCEr.LEVT A ? k?o~MlMd'~tbW^ V P5r 1 LSO:?, Auction. ;5cuiwMto' the1 S.t b.^^r^orTuTi'il th A rariety s^siigs^i igpHMWi Ls jw ?~w ?."S w ?r ?le"kut ohinlk v V"' carf rv JEi' Simnar and'tea ?ct?, with gold bandi and expouiivoly doov wire containing all the usual aH.ortmen',. IiU^w2^o"ne riih tea .ervioe, .alver., oU' ba?k.t?, fln*oiiK forks eloirftnt plated outers, with cui battles , &o., tocetber with' a largo a??ortmont of otuer Talnable houBe keeping articles. Sale positive. Deposit* re<|?iirad. Auction notick. ? J. bogaft, auctioneer ? iiw s BOGART this il*y, Et 10^ o'elook, at the auc ,.j rooms, comer Frankfort and Willi im streets, iicty sale? dry gcods, fancy and millinery foods, also, a email lot of household furniture to oommonce with, dry buttons, thread, eowin* silk, alpacoa ?rpot bag., bonnet and A4|.? rikthnno show eases; also, a lot 01 now oirpen, ?c. Fr daT at l'o? o'clock, at 109 Dirision street, mortgage a^Ia the effects of a hotel, consisting of oar lixturos, tables, XaU ?. tatnm.,bed.t.,d., bods and .uperior bed and table linen, kitchcn iurniture, 4c. N. B. Sala po remptorv without regard to weather. remptory, ji^TUEW MARX, Attorney for Mortgagee. i C CTION NOTICE-TO AUCTIONEERS.-WANTKD, A m epg?gemeni ty a youn* man, ai .aleatnauoras.i^ 7*i salesman Ac. Bas ten years experience in tao anotlan business' is woil posted up in household furniture and laticy ?ods .slel;U at present employed In a respectable ?ta blishmant. Addret* Fred. Herald ofceu. k DCTION CARD AND NOTICE^ .- OVK A No. 12 North Wiliam Jtreet ht? now ready, and all bu;.mes, in our line will l>o atUndei to in the moi-t satisfactwiy inauuer. Regular sales at pubilo auction o? commission, of all descriptious of merchandise and out door sales of all kinds of prepert/ personally &ad promptly conduc^d.^^First^ale a, un^et.^ Ajetioaca?, pS&r?:ac;is So , Ao. Sale rain or thine. At AUCTION? FRIDAY. AT 11 G'Cl.OCK-TUE CON ^.nt. of the crocerv lis West Twenty fourth street, n??r enth arcnue The iixt ires tre first rite, wit.i good lease Sni Shoot the b<It neighborhood for the grocery busmoes in t^in city. No charge f.ill be mad e for the lease. ?-? . - .... or WiANTS.? ' THE LAST SALE OF AUCTION SA , t VANDEWATER will sell, on Friday, thesea?o(l-?. ' -? the sale, rooB. 12 Maiden lane: Hay 11, ?t 10H o ?'<>?*? .. . -est raritties. adapted to standard roses ot the flne t and tie- ?. Blm. . looted from our climate, and all warranted true ia BiBie, .. d. ***? - plants. ? ? C^^ib^ atte?ufo'iPu aW seiT Ji? ^.lT^;Si'.N^V.U City lots eaoh on ?atf bn.rCon.lyou Eu , ^hJ^BrooklVn "urn/te end thr 'e miles Flatbnsh, Jnst ont.ide th. Brooklyn lira in the from the ferries, ou For health Merchant.' Eachango, by J ?}? *t?? CMU,0t bo ?ur swri,,s.4' ^"js sni"'&l" minntes from the Ju ieS/i?y*y ? j Front btroet, lim?? ISSS: ?"??? "?* v"" DS. nOUOH, AUCTION F.BR.? lill'ORT A NT AND . extonsive sa'e, this Thur-dny morning. at 1 >}i, at No. 7V \V'i net street, of splendid ro??wood furniture, rosewood pianoforte, valuable til paintin/s, costly china and iilver ware, heavy velvet and Brusca carpcting, Ac., at 10K o'clock precisoly. the entire splendid contents, consisting of royal English velvet fioor and ;? tair carpetinjt, iu*rain do., Bnglish oilcloth*, silver plated stair rods, Ac., rosewood parUr ?uit, elegantly upholstered and covered ia moroon, crln.Bon and green French fatin damask; also, one antique medallion set, heavily carved, in gold and, crnniou. Italian ttHtsary, n.nrblo top tables ef the usual descriptions found in well furnished rooms heavily carved 7 octavo double action pianoforte, made by Baraore, of thU citv. warrantod. this instiumcnt, for flaeseit of exterior and quality of tone, is unsurpassed. Also, a very fine roeowood et egi' re, finished throughout in plate ?lass and Italian marble; Fronoh wurk table*, fancy leception clisir*, escritoires, lar. o atd splend.d .French plato pier glasses, in costly frames, rich heavy lace >iti3 \ Vrocatel curtxlna, oriiiral oil painting* by modem artists, go'h'e irlaid and solid statuary, marlde clocks, costly Presoen efcimiware, fine vases of Sevres por celain. Parian marble s?ato*-s and classic repreeentati ,ns, nek ext i.sion table, with antique carving; table linon, French china, silver tea service-', take baskets, fork?, sp >on?, Ivory cutlery, heavy cut g'a'sware, wines, enamtajtnoe, madeira, liquor cases, decanter*, Ac. ; rosewood and maho. ?an* bedsteads, of tlisartiqae and mudert. styles, ro-u-w >od narble top drMstng lureaiis, washstand', coraor and towol ?tands, palliasses, tine curie I hur in ?ttre.-?op, e ilnterptnes, bolsters and pillows, ch!r:a t llet sets, oval and square gilt frame mii rors, Ac. Sale pn.itive. Eugene b franklin, atctioneer.-bv* frank ltn A Nichols ? Household furniture; pianofortes, car Cets, mirrors oil painting EbkUsIi plated ware, Ac.: > morrow (Friday) st 10} j o'cla k, at 79 Nassau streut, between Fulton and John streets, c insisting of a number of ?tyUf of elegantly covered roseeiot parlor furiituro, in varien* colored French satin broeatella, plash, ?0 ; a large assortment in rosewood, ma'.iogaoy. ?*k and walnu; of sofa*. ohiirs, extension, altiinz, centre, vier and fancy ta ble*, bookcases, wardrobes, bedsteads, bnf>eus, wtabs'and*, bair mattrtsies. palliasses, carp?ts, It 4V, an invjloe or English Mlver plate J ware, oonsisting of be*Hifnl cut bot tle*. carters, spoons, caps, ladloe. An., to bn sold without reserve. Purchaser* will find it to their advantage t? at tend thie sale, ae we (ball offer some very scpstjor furni ture, w bieh must be cold to pi,f advances AUe, ? &* mn nifloeat stock of chamber fuin. tare whioh was *0 weatly admired when on exhibition at the Crystsl raUce-.0o(^ **)#. To be pnt np at U o'clock. Evfry facility for PMJt tag. Catalogue* on the morning of sale. BE AARON. AUCTIONEER, WILL SILL THIS ? day, at 10K o'clock, at the salesroom, No 07 Kmiii r* " " Mertment of fine gold watches, rich dia do wall t? attend. Sale without reserve for casb. _____ KLIAS B. HENRT, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL THIS day, at 10K o'elock, at 7t? Nassau stree', a large variety ?f standard aaa dwarf roses, rnnsa, perpetukl and runninr roeee, pssiiu, grape vine*. Ao. ; also, a Urge .luantltj et fruit trees, consisting of dwarf pears, apples, oherries, plums, aprieots, qniaces. evergreens, bo* for edging; alio, a large lot of rosoein fall bad and bloom, all In flue order, from the nursery ef H?. O. Marx, Astoria, L I. All plant* warrant ad true te ??me. Til COIiTON, AUCTIONEER? FGKNITCRK, PIANOS Persons wishing good time pieces Will BALBI AT AUCTION. GEO EC E COOK, AUCTIONEER. ? BY STOVES 4 COOK ? Elegant hi ud Hoxd hand household furnitar*, Ac., on Friday, (to morrow,) at 10% o'olook. at sales rooms VM Broadway , corner ot Duano street, a largo aad spi'ndid ool leetioa of fnraiture and housekeeping article* of ovary do icriptioa. eoasUtlng, in part, of superior tantskry oaruito, lace aurtain*, window (bade*, rich doo'atoJ china and ail Tor plated wars, white obina dining set, rich Preach plat* mirror*, oil painting*, mahogany and rosewood parlor furni ture en unite, in Frenoh brocatel and plush, marble t/p, cen tre, kid*, aad sofa table*, oarved roaewood ot- g-raa, Fronch secretaries, bookcase*, custom made extension diaiag tabloa, oak and mahogany sideboard*, dialog room obaira of a auoo rioriquality, mahogany aofaa. tote a tot. a, arm ohaira, parlor do , toungoa, rosewood, mrbogany, and walnut bedctf.ada oftvery variety of style and tiaiah, marbie-top bureaus and and waabatanda. bair mattroaaes, palliasse*, bed*, bedding, cane aeut cbaira, docks, cliina. gfasa and crockery war*, taffk- cutlery, Ac. Alio enamelled cottago ?uiti, on* high pott bedttead, coat $200. Catalogue* on tho morning ot aa!e. rj, 0. DORTOV AUCTION EES, WILL SELL, THIS day, at 2 o'clock, furniture of two pirlora, in house No 13 Sixth avenufe. consisting of hind-nme mahogany bu reaus, cbaira, bedstead*, bedding, fine oil paintings, hand ?ome carpets mirror a, Ac. CI ROCERIES, CHEESE, SflOULDERS I'RUN E3 FISII I ? lriday. May 11, at 10)? c'ol>ok, at S7 D.'y street, cor nor tf_ t?reenw leb, walnuts, pickles, olive oil, chocolate, ci oca.' vermicelli, currants, raUlns.teas coffosa, mgara, siap, candle*, brandy, roin, gin. winos, sexars, tobacco, oounter balance* hardware. borsAcollars, wliips, Ac. W. A. CAR TEtt, auctioneer, 67 Dey street. Henry h. i.eeds. auction kkr-?y n. h. lerds A Co. ? Weducsday and Thursday, May 0 and 10 at o'clock each day, at salesrooms, 19 Nassau s'reit, Signer 0 B. l'audolfini'* second s.ilo of real marble statuary, rase], Ac. ? Superb statuary, of Carrara marble, being oopieafrom the mo t celebrated Florentine masters, consisting of tho Madonna of Tcncranni, Mag'alen of Canova Venu* of do., David ot Grecian school, Flower Oirl, original of Franohi; the Four Seasons, and one superb mantel o< statuary marble AfinebusWot Zono, executed by eno of the moat celebrated Italian sculptor* of tbo present ago. A'so, an aasortmont of Vtrde antique marble and alabasttr groups and atatuetts: among tbem will b* found the Rape of Proserpine, Rape or the Sabines the Farneaa Hercules, Horcu!** Reposing, the Dvlng Gladiator, Ileroulea Returning trom the Cha*e, Group or Centaur. Ileroulea and the Lion, Venuaot Cairo va, Dancing Girli of do , Cleopatra, Pleaiure and l'aln, of liae polished atatnary marble; Hebe of Canova, and other beautifully exe cuted antique and claa*lc subjects. Superb mosaic inlaid table* and brooohei? five magnificent inlaid with ma locblta, pietra dura, and various other fine *pe e'.meua in landioape* aad flowora? all bom the mans factory ot the Grand Oak* of Taacany, lately on exhibition at tho Cryatal i'alaoe. Also, riohly carved wood frass^s, various aizei, aaitable tor painting*. Also, eight richly carved and fluted marble pedestal*; a large variety ot Bar digUo, agate, and Yellow of Sienna vases, of various styles and alies. Gothio, Etruscan, Graoian Roman, Me dioiano, Hebe, Florentine, .to., tastefully and elogantly oarved in alto and basso relievo; Iterculanioum aad Pompeii urns; rich and elegant tassas and card rooeivers, Belgian liona on pedestals, oornor pieces, fruit bowls,- flow*r vaaea, b. autiful Florentine and open work baaketa, ag?te candle aticka. watoh oaaea, fountain with birds, and a variety of marblo and alabaster articles, nsetnl and ornamental. The above goods have been selected from the moat celebrated studios ot Italy, by Signor l'andolttui himself, expressly for this market, and must he closed peremptorily, us ho is ob liged to return to Europe early in the onauing aummer. The aale therefore presents an excellent opportunity to persoas desirotft of deoorating their residence* with artlolea of r*al tasto aad ornament. Plated ware? A large assortment of Elated ware, consisting of casters, liquor stands, cake baa eta, card receivers, spoons. Bronzes, olooka, Ac.? A superb collection of bronzes of various subjects; among thorn will be found tho following choice production*:? Phidias and Peri cles, War and Peace. Tragtdie and Comedie, Infant Bac chus, Francois de Pbilebert, Chevau do Marly, Comiuoroo and Agriculture, History, Meditation, Masidora, Ariadne, and others of equal merit. Also, bronne and ormolu clooks, of tbe beat workmanship, by the most celebrated Paria maker*, of the noweat and most exponsive devices, forming in tbe wbole the most rechercho and unique collection offer ed this year. Also, several superb French china dinner sets. Sale without reserve. ENRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.-EXECUTORS' ?ale of elegant household furniture, statuary, plotures, articles of vertu, Ac.. Ao -HEN RY U. LEED4 A CO will sell by auction, on Thursday, May 10, at 1UJ? o'clock, at No. 2 Dfepeau row, Blecoker street, by order of exeoutors of tho late Madame Depoau, all the furniture, Ac., in said house, consisting of royal wilton, Brussels and other carpets, largo pier and mantel mirrors, green and other silk curtains, su perb oarved oak entre deux, cabinets, oeatre table, aido ta ble, carved figures, sofa*, lounges, chairs, fnutcuils, Ac., cov ered ia green and white medallion silk; arm ohair* and fau teuila, covered in Frenoh de laines; superb real ormolu and sevrea clock, India and Japanese vasei, marble statuary, valuable paintings, a costly paintingjDrOBentod by the Aoa demy of Arts, at Paris, to the late iDr. Hosack; also, two valuable pictures, painted to order by Benj. West; beautiful colored engra'inga, Ac. Also, life size figures in composi tion; black walnut carved oentrejardluiere, etogeres, oarved brackets, many article* of vertu, bronze figures, ormolu or naments, antique*, Ac., ormolu candelabras. fire aoreon. so vrea vase*, large bronze llguxc* for nioho or entry, 'carved oak stands, dreaaing bureaus oi roaewood, b?dsteada, mattres ses, Ac. ; rosewood pianoforte, tine tor e, real sax figures, Ao ; beautiful India secretaries, India eaneotegere. Ac., As. ; bed rooms in mahogany, rosewood and black walnut ouches, chairs, cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, furniture, ooverod in worsted de lainca, carved walnut cornioes, curtains, Ao. Dining room? W ilton carpets, maho/any marble top bullet, side tables, cxtonaion dining room tablea, dinner seta, saxe china tea sots, plated ware, and other valuable artiolos. Sale commences with kitohen furniture. Can bo seen one day previour to the sale. Henry b. herts, jun., auctioneer, will sell at auction, on Thurad&y, May 10, at 10^a o'clock at th? store SJj l'inc street, household furniture, consisting of rosewood suits, in green and gold satin brecatelle.-large mi. hot- any office dork, mahogany looking gtaases, tables, chairs featberbods, straw pailiasses. Brussels carpet, Ao., cngrav' ings, oil paiutings. Also a splendid model of a ship and ciso" Henry b iierts, jr., auctioneer-assignee s sale of diamond and other jewelry, watches, Fronch and German^'incy K"ods, Ac., to be sold at auction, on Fri day and Saturday, May 11 and 12, at 10}? o'clook, at storo, 1'ir.e- street, ootsisting in part ot masilve cluster and single stone rin? e, brooches, plus, earrings, Ac , in brilliantH, pearls, onyx, emerald, ruby and other precious atonoa; splendid gold watche3 in 18 carat caaes, in every variety, by Roakell, Jur?enaen, Breting, Freres. Cooper, Tobias, bent, French, Sewell and other celebrated makers; gold vest and fob obains, rings, breastpins, earrings, studs, sleeve buttons, seals, ko)s, ladies' aets, Ao.; solid silver and silver platod wares, Ilerlin iron brooches, chatelaina pins, ear rings, portmonales, cijar ca>es, French plated chains, bracelets, studt, sleeve buttons, Ao. Also, a large lot of fine Frouph hair bruahes, in treat variety; the whole being the entire stcok ol a lane Rroad ?ay stor?, and valncd at over $i:0,t00; to bo sold without reserve, and well worthy the attention of tho trade and private purchasers. JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, AUCTIONEER? A DMINIS tratrix's continuation sale of a stock of furniture, Ao., This day, May 10th, at No*. 106 and 108 Centre street, near Franklin, at 10 o'clcck, tbo stock in trade of tdo late John Wallace, consisting of blank walnut exteaaion tables, Mack walnut bedsteads, feather bods, hair mattresses, ma bopnny bureau*, office tables, sofas, easy chair*, mabogany dining and breakfast table*, horse, cart, and harneu. Ca talogues on day of sale. LBTITIA WALLACE. Admlnistri?. TOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, AUCTIONRER? STORE 110 O Centre street, corner of Franklin. Sale of saloon furni ture, on Saturday, May 12, at 2 o'olock, at tbe American Star oyster saloon, t<7 Sixth avenue, consisting of one blaok walnut ctuater. oyster stand, large and small tables, paint ing*, crockery, knives and forks, largo stove fun ace, with griddle, made expressly for the coffee and cake buiiueta; al so, tbe gas fixturos, shelving, partitions, Ao., Ao., will be ?old without reserve. T HOUGH, JR., AUCTIONEER -AUCTION SALE TO 0 * morrow, (Friday,) of splendid roaewood furniture, rosewood pianofsrte, valuable oil paintings, costly china ai d silverware heavy volvet and Brussels carpeting, Ac., at 1 OH O'clock precisely, at 70 Murray street, the entire splen did contents, consisting of royal English velvet floor and stair carpeting, ingrain lo. , English oilcloths, Ao , rescwood parlor suit* elegantly upholstered and covered in maroon, crimetn and green French satin damask; also, one antique medallion set, heavily carved; Italian statuary, marble top tables of all t he usual description* found in well furnished room*, heavily cnjrvcd seven octave double action piano forte, made by lilrmoro ol' this city, warranted; this instru ment, for fineooss of exterior and quality of ton1!, is unsur passed; alio, a fine rosewood etegero, finished throughout in plate glatd and Italian marble; French work tables, fancy reception chairs, escritoires, lar;e anij splendid French p'ato pier glasses, in cnstlv frames; riob ^cfcv- ia0# i,rooatelle curtains, original oil n?'.utings by eminent modern wrtl*t*; Gothic iiit^}4 a?'1 aolid gtatuarv marble dock*; oostly Drea den ch'" ftw*ro. f'.ne vase* of Sevre* p iroela'n; Parian mar* -.* statues and cia*sic representations; mahogany exten sion table with antique carving; table linen, ivory cutlery, French cbiaa, silver tea servioes, cakc baskets, focks, spoons, heavy cut glascware,, winos, champagnes, liqqor oases, de canters, Ac , rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, ot the an tique and modern ttyles; rosewood marble top drosilnz bu reatis. washstands, eoraer and towel stands, palliastos. flno curled l.air mattresses, counterpares, bolsters, and pillows, china toilet sets, oval and iqnare frame gilt mirrors, Ac Bale positive. JL. V ANDEWATER.AUCTIONEER? WU.L SELL ON ? Friday, nt 12 o'clock, In front of sales room. 12 Maiden lane, a Rorrel horse, 14 }? hands hinb, ei-ht your* old, kind and jtcntle; has boon uaed to saddle; is perfectly sound, ?nd free traveller. VrOTICE,? LAROK SALE OF PAINTINQS.-WE RES J.1 pectfully inferm the public the (tie of Mr. Granville Sharp Oldtield'a ooBeotion of paintisgs will tako place at Carroll Hall, on Tneiday, May 15, at 10 o'clock, ia the large Concert room, and will prove to be well desorvin* the notio* of persons desirous of obtaining genuine works or art, aa i he snk will bo irado without any reservation. The collec'ion will be on view at bis late rwidenoe, Monnt Yornon Place, Baltimore, from 10 to 2 o'clock each day, (Sunday except ed.) from the lit to the 11th of May, aftor which time they nill be removed to Carroll Hall for convenience of tale, r. W. BENNETT A CO.. Anotioneeri. -DECARES, BERNSTEIN A PIIILLIPS. X REAL ESTATE AND GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, No. 61 Liberty street, one door trotn Nassau, will give their pereonal attention to sales of real estate, atoeks, ves eels, and mortgages, at publie and piivate sale, and to the sale a* motion of oacgoes, hoit'iliold furniture, paintings, statuary, warke of art, Jewelry, Ae., and '? o?t loot salei generally. Money liberally advanced on real estate, atoeks, vessels, furniture, Ae.. left ob sale with aa. Lous negotiated. PLANTS AT AUCTION-IT. I. MelLLYAIN WILL sel this day at 10K a'olwk, at the seed store, 7 Joha I street, t splendid assortment or^erpetual, monthly, climb ins and moss rosea , (ia and oat of pots) honey aaekles, jessa ?yines. rrape vines, carnations, pinks, verbenas, aahlias, Rrdlolus, tuberose*, Ao., Ae., direct from the garden oa of sale, from Peter Henderson, Jersey City. Cat pLA?T8 AND FLOWKRS.-vWM. S. MclLYAIN *11.1, A sell Friday, the 11th instant, a splendid assortment of fliwerin, plants ot every description, at the well known Mtab?ihiBerf ?f a. Reid, eorner of Eleventh street and BrosdHy.atjo'oloek P. M. ____ PA??F^i**R'8 SAI'R TO-DAY.? McCAFFRET A _ XitiTLwIU sell to day, at 10 o'clock, at the oorner oi Catherine ate Henry streets, a lar#e lot of women's cloth ing, rowns, man?M>f Tomnknt, 0f silk, carpets, shoes, um brollas, Ac. By fly, of (j A s koFFMAN Rl c J- ee*. -assignee- 1 sale of VS fri.! .ifnn? 1'n.r th? wararooms of W m. Uuillfer, ??" .? .. Sit ar?2t!"*? -R c KomP wl" ,#li ?t auction thit day, ThapiC- at jq %9 *boT?, the ?ntiMttock ?ffrnm Wm. Qollifor, to bo sold without by otdor of ttf* Ei<j?n0A &nd Aoniiti of a ?erne and fine assortment of rosft. 4nd ra?hogany parlor and chamber furniture, of g#2 ' nil It yw h ir h I s w e H worthy of the notice of h o u .e k ee pe r 7 J t hY ' cits lo?ues are ready, and the roods may K ?*?,?!,,??( this dar at the manufactory, No. 9 Bedford Are#"?'r r Tunis morrell, auctioneer.-^ ,?ay ai> vauees. ? Sterm or elear ?This mornlna, ? ini/ st *1 Nassau street, rosewood, mahoganv, blso. w'Jiont and oak ftir>lture for parlors, chambers, dining roert. ?. . ?wc terj fine rosewood suites of parlor fartltare, ci'.?jVuh brorntelle; oak estension dining tables, seeoadha^i niaao fortes, superior oil paintings, with gold leaf frames; **> i?t, of ga'd plated Jewelry. The limltattaa haviag raa out,-.!., will be peremptory for most ot the article*, partiea'arliths rosewood suites for parlors. N. R? Strangers willrso?va ?very attention In paoking, at moderate charges. rBR SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION-ON MONDAY, tli* 14th Inst., at 120 Cedar street, at 10 e'eleek, a large quantity of beds art bedding baloagiag te (aid hense; also, a awanerons lot ef luggage, Uloagiag te emigrants, to be ?via Fitkc?t tmtr*, u Bti niniKwrn M* day tt Ml*. ? ALBS AT AUCTION. Terence boyle, auctioneer, salesroom no. 46 Cvnti* atreet.? tleiant hauaeheld furniture. o? 1 hia day, at 10)$ o'clock, at the aalearoom, jm order of the cxeeutora of tho MUte of the lata John MNaae*. com I rlring Mlu in balr cloth and plaih, table*, rosewood and mahogany, with marble tope, dr*atlng bureaus, wathatonda, card table*, siring seat chair-. oarpett, oilcloth*, piar pi at act, bair mattreaaea. budatoada, single and double, be sides tia kitchen lurnituru. W| 8. WEI. I, on, AUCTIONEER.? BY HOUGHTON A ? Mellor? Tliia day, Thursday, at IBM o'clock. In the two salesrooms No. 113 Naaaau atroat, elagaat houaehold furniture, superior t??<d rosewood pianoforte, rich ohtna ware, ohuice oil paintings, FrrncS plate pier anl oval minora, 4c , together with ip??uiflcmtly carv> d rosewood Br] or, chamber, dining ruom and library furniture, of the lost detkss. We rooeminend thia really good assortment to. oar tritnda, country merchant* an 4 hotel proprietor*, anil warranted ai represented, all of whlch-baa been removed from one of our b*et city manufacturers, and preaents a favorable opportunity for buyera, *oaela?ing in part of one elegantly carved roaewood parlor suit, covered in rich French crimaoa and maroon bronatel, medallen backs; several aults In fancy covering, hair oloth, Ac ; rich chamber furniture, roaewood bodat ads. bnroaua and wnahatands to match, mahogany an > walnnt do., library bookoaiea in oak, roaewoad. inatigany and walnut; elegant etegarea, side boarda ball furniture, ka. Alao, a large lot of mahogaay nii'iu, ohaira, hureaua, waaliatanJs, rockers, loungea, lounge bed*, ke , together with a lot of secondhand furnitu*e. CataJogues on m jrning of sal*. Oooda can be paoked for shipping on the premises, at a reasonable chart*. fir*. B. JONES, AUCTIONEER -BY VIRTUE OF A TT mortonge, 1 will expose for aale at publio vendue, on Saturday, t h. utli day of May, at 11 o'olook la the forenoon, at 308 Fourth avanue, lour horaea, two truck*, three express wagona, four carta, lot of harness, Ac. V. S. MILLS, Attorney for Mortgage*. WC. ALBURTUS, AUCTIONEER? MORTGAOB SALE ? of bouacbold turniture, on Tburiday, May 10, at 10% o'olook, at 2C6 Atlantio ilrect, Brooklyn, consisting of roae wood and mahogany tete a tete, sofas. pier tables, marble top centre and aide tablea, bureaua, bedsteads, bedaand bed ding: alao, Brussels, three ply and ingrain carp*ta; dining aud tea tablet, dlnnor and tea tets, and honaehold gooda of every description. Cataloguoa may be had fie day before tbe aale, by applying at the atore or the auctioneer, 19 Court atreet, Brooklyn. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER.? ROSES, SEEDS, Ao.? WILLIAM IRVINO A CO. will aell at auction, on Thursday. May 10. at 10 % o'oloek, at the aale noma No 8 l'ine atreet, roses, Ac., from the nnraery of J. B. Mantel, Aatoria, consisting of standard, half etaadard, dwarf, per petual on their own roota, perpetual bloomors, moaa. Bour dob, noisotte, hybrid, Baltimore belle, oloth of geld, Prairie Queen, Russcl cottage, and other flue varieties of roaoa, importod two yeara ago, and havo slnoe been growing in the nnraery of Mr. Mantel; alao, a large assortment of fruit tree*, comprising pear treea in great varieties, apricot treei, quincc treea, Ac.; also, a flue ooUeotion of tree peonies, Ac. , all Irom tho nursery of J. B Muatel, taken out of the ground on the morning of *ale; als>, 10,00) packages aaatrt ed flower eceda of all varietiea; alao, two caika bulbs, from the nursery of E. M. Bltael, Oxford, N. Q. WILLIAM IRVINO, AUCTIONEER. ? ASSIOVEE'3 aale of diamond jewelry, gold watches Ao --WILLIAM IRVING A CO. will soM at auction, on Friday, May U, at 10K ?'olock, at the saletrooms No, 8 Pine streot ? Koooeiv er'a aale of diamonds, Jewelry, gold watches, Ao Superb cluster diamond rims, diamond earrings with pendents, dia mond oluater breastpins, diamond saart' pins weighing fr*m to 3% carats each, 11 stone diamond Maltese crosses, dia mond bracelets, three stone diamond rings, Ao , together with an assortment ol opal, garnet, poarl, Ao., Jewelry in sets or single. Gold watches ? Fine gold hunting levers; le pine and aupl*x watobes, cbronomotor watches by the boat English, French, and Swisa makers; ladies' gold enamelled watches set with diamonds, carbuncle aud gold scent boxes, fob, vest, and guard ohaius. gold thimbles, spectacles, pen cils, Ao. Evsry article warranted as represented In cata logue. Sold by order of Honry W. Sebert, Receiver. WM. WITTERS, AUC1IONEER? WILL SELL THIS day, *t 2 o'clock P. M , at 187 Canal street, a large quantity of genteel household furniture of every description, consisting of sofas, rocking, easy and parlor chairs; pior and oval mirrors, oil paintings, one elegant rosewood piano, nearly now; marble top centre and side tables, mahogany bookcases, china, glass and plated ware, elegant tapestry and other carpets, 300 yards oilcloth, stair rods, mahogany and cottage bedsteads, bair and other mattresaes, bedding, marble top dressing bureaus and waahstands, toilet sets, two mahoginy wardrobes, d niug and kiteheu furniture. Also, horse ana groocr'* wagon. Sale positive, without regard to wenther. HORsls, CARRIAGES, &C. A VERY VALUABLE AND FASF PAIR OF HORSES Jt\. fcr sale or exobange, in real estate, stooks. Ac. ? Dark bays, 16 hands high, 0 and 7 years old, kind and true in all respects, witaHo for a gentleman's use, and rarely met with. Apply to UEATT1E, 7b Nassau street. Fast mare for sale-at 121 twelfth street. between Fitth and Sixth avenues; a bay mare, with black legs, fifteen bands high, rising seven years old, sound and kind in harness, and a stylish driver. To be sold for the w*ut of use. To be seen from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. FOR sale? a pair of HANDSOME BAY MARES, very fast, stand fifteen hands Alsa a stylish box wag on with singlo and double harness oompRtn. Sold in conse quence ol the owner going abroad. Apply at 47 Exchange place. IjiCR SALE? A HANDSOME PAIR OF IRON GRAY 1 horseB six years' old, vory stylish and warranted sound: also one phaeton aud harness, nearly new. Inquire at JOHN FAGAN'S, corntr ol Hicks and Harrison streets, Brooklyn - fV/R SALE? A VERY FINE 1IAY HORSE, 15^ HANDS higb, eight years old; can trot a mile in three minutes aud ten seconds: warranted perfectly sound and kind in single cr double harness, and it an excellent saddle horse. Also, a very handsome pacing horse, 15J? hands high; can pace a mile in two minntea -y seoouds, in harness, and warranted perfectly sound ana (kind. Address box 2,807 I'ost Office. FOR BALE? an elegant and very valuable family or road horse He is thoroughly broken, very kind, fast, and a faultless driver. Alto, top waion, harness, blankets, sheets, Ac., making a complete establishment for a private gentleman. Can be seen at Tignoy's stable, Lote lane, Brooklyn. FOR SALE.? a FIRST RATE HORSE, CHAISE, AND harvess, the horse 15U hands high, seven years old, warranted sound and kind; the chaise in perfect run uingorder and tbe harness entirely new and madA to or dcr. bold because the owner is going to Europe, Can b* seen at Pagan's stables, torner of Hi oka and Harrison streets, South Brooklyn. For sale? a black mare, eight years old, about 1A hands high, good in harness and undor saddle, and very kind. Is sold as the owner has no use for her. Can be teen at SMITH'S stable, 36 North Moore street. For sale-a good sound HORSE; he drives Iwell in single ?r double by mess, and is an excelleut sad dle horse. Apply at ELDKED'S livery stable, Nos. 4 and 6 Eait Twenty eighth street, near Fifth avenue. FOR SALE? a SIX SEAT ROCKAWAY. IN GOOD OR der. Can b* seen at Ualllgan's stables, 124 Clinton place. For sale? a handsome dog cart, built by Wood, Tomlinson A Co., and modelled after the prise vehicle at tbe London exhibition; has been but little used, and it in exoellent order..' Also a aet of harness for the same. Can be seen at stable, oorner of Lafayette place and Fourth street. For sale-an elegant second hand top wagon, very little used. To be seen at DEARMAN'S, 1M Crosby stioet. For sale-several second hand coaches and wagom, cheap. Apply to RYERSON A HOWARD, 84C Broadway, or University place and Thirteenth street. For sale? a very stylish and beautiful summer carriage, wheels turning undor body, room for six person), with top and plated mountings, equal to new, worth $800 when new. Apply at Horaon's atable, 177 Twelfth street, near Broadway. For sai.e-a gray mare, is hands hioh, 6 vcars old; can trot a mile In 3.10; warranted sonad andlind. For further particulars inouiro at the stable in Liberty, near Concord atreet, Brooklyn, or at 43 Liberty street, up stairs, New York. Foe sale cheap-12 railroad, farm and plan tatioii carts, C farm wiznni, ir?n axletreo, 10 two or fear bor** farm wagors, 12 Now York mado certs, and all ot 1 .irness ir.vle at the large manufactory of MI CHAEL MlLLOftE, Warn* street, Jersey City. FORSALE CHEAP-ONE PAIR OF WELL MATCHED dark lay bonei; one a beiutiful eaddlo horje for oither lady or gentleman; Perfectly eound and kind, about 13){ banda blub, well broke, and eau travel fast together. Priee WH If applied fcr immediately. Apply at KELLY A WIL LIAMS' teed storo, '.r.' West Eighteenth dreet. For sale low, for want of use-a s -an of era) horses, seven yoare old, sixteen hands, gentlo ia tingle or double hitrneM. Apply at 57 Stono street, upstairs. Horses for sale.-a pair of dark brow.v Morgan horses, five year* old, foil 15 bandi high, fall natural tails, very line, cheerful pleasant drivers, in single or double harness, free from all vice and tricks, half bro thers, and bare boen used ouly by their present owner on hi* farm. Can be highly recommended, and seen lor two days at small stable on Forty second street, between Fifth and Sixth avenuos. Sixth avenue ears and stages, and rifth ave nue stages run to the earner of Forty-iecaad street. Morgan horses -three pairs of matched bay i, young, kind and sound; also, a bay oolt, Ave years old; can trot a mil< inside of throe minutes: also, several very superior single road and family horses, all of them lately from Vermont, will be aold very low. Apply at 21 and Ji3 Roemm atreet, Brooklyn, OMNIBUS FORSALE-A LIGHT FAMILY OMNIBUS, built for private use. suitable for a hotel or boartliiu school, together with a great variety of eoachee. ealeohes end rockaway wagons, Ao. Alao a second hand doctor'! tin for tale, very low. M. THOMPSON A CO., 26 Woostec street. PACING HORSE FOE SALE.? THE HORSE IS SOUND in every particular, and so kind and gentle that a child may drive him with perfeet safety. His speed is under three minutes, and lor beauty stvle and enduranee, if hardly snr persed He is offered tor eele only because the owner baa a* use for him. Apply at f>8 Broadway, New York, er at 41 Remnen, corner of Ilieks street, Brooklyn. Rockaway wanted.-any peeson iuvino a good light aeoondhand Eoekaway wagon for aale cheat, snitable for one boras, may And a purchaser by addreeeiai A. J. W., Herald offlee, stating priee and where it ea? be ?eea. WATCHES, JEWELRY, M . m? ROGERS ? 131.? MY FRIENDS AND THE PUB . lie ara invited to call at No. 131. and examine my assortment of clocks, watches, Jewelry, silver aad plated ware, wbioh I will sell at law prices, w. H. ROGERS 131 Mrrtle avenue, between Gold and Prince streeti, Brooklyn. Clocks, watchos and Jewalry repaired. WATCHES AND JEWELET-A. M. CEISTALAE, auctioneer, 2* Bowery, will aell on Friday, Uth at 10H o'olock, line sold pins, rings, earrings, bracelets, neok laoes, gold and silver watchea, silver and plated ware, Ao by order of J J. Levy, No. 45 sixth avenue, lioenred pawn broker. INSURANCE* M ECHANICS' FIRE INSURANCE COMPAN Y.-CAPJ. tal. SIM, 000 ?Office, Shoe and Leather Bank huildiai. W1 Broadway, ooraar of Chambers steeet This oomoany (the capital having all beea paid ia.) Is prepared to insure baU4 inie, merehandiae. ships ia peri, aad their cargoes. hoaee hold tnraianre aad personal property generally, acalaet less or daman* by oa favorable terms, testes effuita by adjusted and promptly said. Wll.l.IAM H. DE GEOOT, Presides*. Here a v B. Dawaoie, Secretary. masoroaa. fa. B. BsOrset, James Tiebout, Freeman Heat. Dariel P. Smith, Alexander Philip, Alei. MeCotter, ?I as. W Copland, Nathan A Rogers, Edward Da Greek, E. Her^ JobaJay, Bartiett Srnit*. Da.ieJ 8. Pari lag,. fnm M. C?oa 9trr*fw> TENANT 8* RKOI9TER. 4M0*iR0E PLACE, WILLIAMSBURG-TO LET, till upper part of the handsome thr?e story brink hsmse Mo. 4 Monroe place, South Filth street, second door from tho c? mar of Siith street to * ?mall reapeetable family, consist ing of two rooms and two bedrooms; root moderate to a good IraMt Inquire on the pr.uussa between 9 A. M, and 6 A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET THREE OR FOUR room*, in a good tour story houao in Seoond arenas, below Twtllth Btr?et, near St. Mark's Churchy modern Im E-ovemeats. Reforeuoes exchanged. AidroM A. B., bos 691 Post Office. A HOUSE AND STORK TO LET-AT CI WALKER street, for one or four year*. Inquire at THAYER'S saloon, 881 Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET? ON St at en Inland, containing tourteeu rooms, elegantly furnished. Tbe lawn, of seven acre*, is well (haded with evergreen and loreit tree*; goud stable, wtor, Ao. Situa ted on hiah ground, about tea minute*' from Sailurt' Fnug Harbor. Kent MOO. Inquire of W. C. BARRETT, 10 Wall street. A HANDSOME SUITE OF ROOMS TO LET. FURNISH ed or unfurnished, in a private family, with tho use ot kitchen. Tbe house contain* gat, bat lu, As. Apply at 118 Wavcrley plaoe. Broadway? m<>dekate rents.? to let, the large and well lighted building 618 Broadway, just at-ove the Metropolitan Hotel; first M oer very suitable far a genteel tailoring or ml'linery establishment; upper stories well calculi >t?d for daguerrean rooms, Ao.: hasemont can be altered to ault any business. Th* floor*, eaot 00 leet deep, will be let separately. A p sir to JAMES PRICE. 2Q0 Hudson *treet. COTTAGES AT REDUCED RENTS, TO BMALL AND ginteel families. ? Two pretty cottages on Forty ninth street, Bouth side, just west of third avenue; eoh contains nine rooms; Oioton wator, Ac.; neat garden in front, and l*r*e yard in rear. Keys at groeery corner of Forty-ninth stteet and Third avenue. Apiily to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson street. Furnished or unfurnished rooms to let, in the first class house No 772 Broadway, oorner of Ninth street, Also, an office, with bedroom attached, suitable for a physician. Apply from H A. M. to 7 P. M. IiURNISHED ROOMS TO LIT, SINGLE OR IN SUITS, with gas, hot and cold water, in a private family. In quire of 1\ COLE, 860 Broadway. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? WITHOUT BOARD. AT 42 Great Jones street; breakfast if required. The house ha* all the modern improvements. House to lit-ms forsyth street? has all tho modem improvements; gas, baths, water olosets, house connected with sewer, and large yard. Will be let to a nood tenant at a reasonable rent. Apply at 106 Bedford street, or 128 Troy street. Possession given immediately. House to let-desirably situated, west of Broadway, near Sixth avenue, containing about twenty rooms, with mirrors, elegant chandeliers, gas and Croton water throughout; tbs parlor oarpets, Ao., in nice order, mut be purchased.when Immediate possession will bs given. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. House on Brooklyn heights to lit? the three story house No. 77 Cranberry > treat, between Hicks and Honry, only two minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Cas throughout. Rent low. Apply to C. G. JUDSON, 57 Msiden lane, np stairs. Hotel to let? for one year or a term of years. A large, new and elerfant summer hotel, de lightfully situated oa tho sea side, New Jersey, For a te nant of experience and established reputation in th* busi ness, tho owners would be willing to furnish the house. Ap ply to HOMER MORGAN. No. 1 Pine street. N. Y. T cfts to let.? to let, three largb lofts in JU building 116 South street, near l'eck slip, suitable for a light manufacturing business. They are well lit hied, and can be leased for three years to a good tenant for $400 a year OFFICI, AND SEVERAL HANDSOME ROOMS, TO let, to single gentlemen, furnished orun'urnlshed, with breakfast and tea, if roquired, in a private Freuoh family, where the language is spoken. Inquire at 602 Houston street, near Broadway. Rooms to let? handsomely furnished parlors and bedrooms, without board, to gentle men only, in a private family. References required, in quire 1 1 302 Fourth street. SECOND FLOOR TO LET-SUITABLE FOR A GEN tleman and wife, or a imall family without ohlldren, OS) West Nineteenth street, near Sixth avenue. STORE TO LET.? THE NEW STORE, SITUATED AT the Junction of Bayard and Division stroets, (t>8 Division street,) to let; a very desirable store for groceries, or any bind of business: also, a splendid basement and vault. In quire of C. E. MILLER, on the premises. TO LET, FURNISHED? THE HOUSE NO. 45 MERCER street. The house has lately had gas put in, and the furniture is nearly new. Or would be sold, together with the lease of the house. Inquire at 2G0 Hndson street. TO LET-FOR ONE OR MORE YEARS, A BEAUTIFUL store in a brown stone bnllding on Ninth avenue, noar Twentv-iirst street, now handsomely fitted np for a country vegetable and meat market; all new. Apply to SMITH A W UDELL, 444 Eighth avenge. * TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR OF THJE HOUSE 29 Hubert street, to a small family, at a Tow, rent; the front basoment may bo had for one of the rooms on th* sa cord floor. Can bo seen at any time, near St. John's park, TO LET-THREE BROWN STONE FRONT ENGLISH basement houses, with all the modern improvements, iu Twenty first street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. An ply to ALEXANDER WECKBECKER 31 Libarty St. rpO LET? THE STORE NO. 778 BROADWAY. rjio LET-STORE NO. SO ANN STREET.-RENT WOO. B. GALBRAITH, 117 Fulton street. TO LET-ON MYRTLE AVENUE, CORNER OF YATES avenue, twelve new bosses, just finished, with folding doors, tea room, acd piassa commanding one ot the finest views in Brooklyn. Rent only $150 a piece, for one year. Apply to A. C. FRANSIOLE, at the office of Therasson A Bryan. No. 8 Wall street. New Fork. fO LET-A NEAT THREE STORY ENGLISH BA8E ment brown stone front house, on th* north side of Fifty s< eon d street, between Eighth avenue and Broadway; all the modern improvements. Inqaire on the premise*. J. C. ONDERDONH. TO LET? PART OF A VERY GENTEEL, MODERN built house, in Ul upper part of the eity, consisting of fi?e or six rooms, kitchen, Ac., and with a small fanuly. Will be let furnished or not. E. B. KINSHIMER, 319 Fourth avenue. TO LET? AT 361 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN, AN unfurnished room in the first story, suitable for a dentist or daguerrean. Inquire at the store. TO LET? PART OF HOUSE 38 STATE STREET. Brooklyn, consisting of tour rooms, on the second floor, room and bedroom on the third floor, and front base ment, will be let together or separate; possession immedi ately. Inquire oa tbe premises, two minutes from the South ferry. TO LET? TWO LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS ON THE first story, suitable for club room or society meetings. Inquire at 36 Churoh street, near Barclay. TO LIT? A FIRST CLASS FURNISHBD HOUSE FROM the lit June to l*t November. The house, recently built, is of extra site, and situated in the most airy ana vUarant pait of Fifth avenue; it i* completely and elegant ly furnished, with choioe painting* sad statuary, china, glass and plato. Southern gentlemen or others desiring such a iesid*noo for th* summer will pleaie address, with parti culars and reference, stating alio if any children in their famiUe*, Fifth Avenue, box 404 , Po*t Office, TO LIT. ^-OFFICII AND LOFTS TO LIT, IN STORE corner of Trinity plaee aad Thames *tr**t; offices $150 and $200. A fine loft, suitable for manufacturing purpose?. Inquire sn the premises, second floor. TO LET -THOSE TWO FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT brick houses, having a'.l the modern improvements, in Sixty-first street, nea; First avenue; full iqts. Rent to good tenants very low. Apply to PICARES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, ?1 Liberty street. TO LET-STORE 275 BLEECKER STREET, A SIM, EN did stand for business, over 70 feet deep; also, the hand tone store, with fine ihow window*, at 358 Third avenue, near Twenty eighth street, as good a at an l for any kind of business as can be named on the avenue; rent f 25 each per month. E. B. KINSHIMKR, 319 Fourth avanue. TO LET-A NICE, UNFURNISHED PARLOR ROOM, on first floor, in a genteel looation, with bath, Ao., in a private xespectablo family, where there are no boarders or otiildren, either with or Without board. 61U llouiton itroet, rear Broadway. TO LET-SEVERAL TARTS OF HOUSES IN EIGH teentli, Tv enty soeend, Twenty fourth and Thirty fourth streets, west of Eisbth avenue. Also floor* and apartments at low rents. Two small stores, with two and three rooms, HO, in West Thirty third street. Apply at 375 Ninth ave tine. HAL LOCK A BILLINGS. TO LET? TO E WELL KNOWN EMIGRANTS' BOARD inn houre, doing a good business, with itook and fixtures, well known as 121 Cedar street, with immediate poisosilon. For further particulars, apply to Mr. J. Cawly, 121 Cedar street, between Broadway and (keenwich street. TO LET-FURNISHED, PART OF A HOUSE NEAR Seeond avonue, below Sixth street, oonveaiunt to both cars and stag**; two parlors with valve* carpets, two sleep ing rooms and basement, ia all Ore rooms; everything for housekeeping. Rent Ml) per month. _ B W. RICHARDS. 807 Broadway. TO LET-THE STORE NO, M5 ?R<}.iDT7AT, 95E door below Fulton stmt, trlA rear skylight, Lnd en trance on Fulton street, having a cellar underneath, the fronton Broadway; Is furnished with show window, Ac. Apply oa i ha premises, Marston Fire Arms Manufacturing Company, 8U5 Broadway. TO LET-TOE OLD ESTABLISHED HOCSE. KNOWN as the Grapes, 27 James street, together with bowling allays attached, suitable for a wholesale and retail liquor and provision store; depth of store I4t feet, front 2D feet. Apply ta EDWARD H. I'LL' ME, #7 Varlck street. TO LET-THE GENTEEL TWO AND A HALF STORT aid basement dwelling. No. 109 Hudson street; has about ten rooms, Croton water, range Ac ; also the neat two and a half alary and basement dwelling. No. 3 Hubert street; ten rooms, Craton water, Ao. Both these honte* are olose to St. John's Park. Also the threa story dwelling No. 2U0 Hudson street (except office on first floor), eight rooms. Also dwelling hoa*e, No. 53 Watt strset, eight rooms. Also the uppor part of Nos. 199 and 201 Canal street, suitable for a boarding bouse- has ten rooms. Croten water, and ras. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 2UU Hudson street. TL O LET? 7 HE LOWER OR UPPER PART OF A respeotablo three story hense, 181 Seventh avenue, with all the modern improvements. The advei User will o? enpy the remainder of tba house himself. Rent moderate to a desirable tenant. Inquire on tba premises. TO LET-TI1E WHOLE FIRST FLOOR, FOR ONE OB two families; and, further, some nicely furnished small rooms for single gentlemen, with or without board. Inquire at K Franklin street, near Broadway. TO LET-POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY? THE rear part of the second story, the front part of the third story, and all of the fourth st?ry of 29 Bookman street. Alto, the front room ol the llfth story of 31 and 33 Beakman street. Eaoh apartment ia suitable for nay kind of meoha nital business. Also basement of 24 Beekman street. In quire of JAMES CONNER A SONS, 2? beekman street. TO LET-FIRST FLOOR AND BACK BASEMENT, with one room up stair*, la hone* 24 Hamerslay street; also, ho nee 32 Ilamersloy street. Inquire of WILLIAM C I.EAKY, 24 Hamersley straet, tor ana week. mo LET? IN THE MOST DESIRABLE PART OF 1 Brooklyn, n modern three story brick hense, marblo Battels throughout, enclose* rianaa, and Just been tho roughly painted. A iret rate opportunity, the present oe on pant being obliged te leave tows. Rent 9425, A4Jr??s J T. rwto*c?. _ WIIBW RBOHT1K. r? LET? A HANDSOME DOUBLE GOTHIC COTTAGE, at Carmansvllle, near the Hudson River Railroad depot, 156th street. with a flower and kitchen garden attached, and a choioe lot of fruit tre?s Rent $t.? per aiium. In noire on the pre mil**, or te JOHN C. EKNENi'UTSCH, 76 Wi>iiam street. mo LET? AT PATERSON. !f. J THE WELL Ksbws X We't Ward Hotel, situate on the corner of Elleson and Pospect streets, In tho Won Ward of the city, with stable and wueubonse attached. Inquire of Mr. J AS. WALLACE, 890 Eighth tvonue, corner of Thirty flr.t street, New Vork. mO LET-A THREE 8TOHT BRICK HOUSE-26 J. feet front, gas througk<ut, Croton In kitohea and on first Uonr. Rent, $580 a year. Apply on the premisos, be tween 12 and 2 o'clock daily, 3>>i W? t Fourteenth itroet, nor Tenth avenue. Immediate possession given. TO LET-THE GENTEEL THRfE STOttf BRICK boufe No. 79 Sackett street, near Hamilton avenne fer ry, Brooklyn. Will be let to a t nant till lit of May neat at a low rent. Apply to EDWARD II. JAMES, No. lb Nassau street, N. Y. TO LET-IN TniS CITY AND VICINITY. SIXTY houses rent* from $460 to S4.0ilU i twenty pirts of houses. rent# lrom $160 to $1,3*'. Also, offioes and ?tore?. A wly to R. I?. GOODWIN', real e?ta?e agent and general auctioneer, Clinton Hall, corner et' Eighth street, near Broadway. r LET-THE WHOLE OR i'ART OE DWELLING home No. 141 Bowery, a most desirable lueatien, niir Grand itreet, consisting of fire room*, with a brick exten sion dining room on first floor, noma in attio F r further particnlar* inquire in tho furniture wareroojai ti above. French's Hotai. No' t City n.? .qua',* \udw TO LET-TWO LARGE BASEME.NTS, WITH BASE ment bedroom, two large handsome parlors and three attio rooms, with ranlt nnder yara. Kelt per year, $400. Alio, other apartments, from $15( . Inquire of JOHN FEN N, 46 Ann street. N. B.? Cr.ton water on every floor. mo LET? IN JERSEY CITY, TEN MINLTES' WALK X from the forry, poaieMion on the 15th, a oottage house in alogant order. Water and ga< speaking tubes, Ac., fine courtyard in front. Rent only $390. Present occupant is about leaving the city, and will dispoie of bis furniture, or a portion of the same. Fine opcortuulty for partial wishing to commence housekeeping Apply to E. B. KINSRIMEK, 819 Fourth avenue. TO LET, AND FURNITURE FOR SALE-A GENTEEL two story attio brick house. Kant being low, and the furnituie extremely oheap, any person wishing a bargain will do well to eall. For full particulars apply at 66 Thomp son street, between Broome and Spring. TO LET IN BROOKLTN-A THREE STORY AND basement brick honae, ploasantly situated, iu Livings ton street, a ihert distance trem the City Hall, painted throughout snd in perfect order, with gas, Ao , in evury room. Inquire at 176 Livingston street, or 219 Fulton street, New York. TO LET OR I.EASE-A FAKM, WITHIV SIX MILES of (he oity, good house and outbuildings, with suon quantity of land ns may be desired, not exoae ding eight hun dred acres. The land is the very beat in the vicinity of the oity, for farming, or for vete ablcs and grass. To a good tenant, who will take care of the place, a mo?t desirable op portunity offers Apply to JAMES S. L. CUMMINS, 19 Wall street. New York. TO LET OR LEASE? TWO HOUSES, TO PARTIES WHU will furnish them respectably, on very reasonable tot mi. ? the centre tio of a row of ten handsome English base ment fonr stnry houses, with all the improvements. Street sewered, and lit with gas. Inquire on the premises, pleairnt, 113 and 126 East Thirty ninth street, near Lexington avenue. R. GIBBONS. TO LET OR LEASE-THE FIRST LOFT OP NO. 20 Beekman street, extending through 186 feet to Spruce ?treet; has fine entrance and holstwav on both streets, and is fitted up with tas, water, Ac., complete. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson street, or to J. O. STEVENS, 28 Book man street, up stairs. TO LEASE, FOR SALE, OR EXCHANGE-IN HUD son City, N.J, within five minutes' ride of Hoboken ferries, junction of Hoboken road and Palisade avenue, com manding a fine view of the city and harbor of New York, the new three story and basemont brick house, 24 rooms, martle mantels, Ac., on eight oity lot*. Also, on ten oity lots, adjoining the above, the new Swiss cottage, containing 14 rooms, built for the residence of Lewis Ginoochto. Also, in this city, the throe story store, northeast corner Washing ton abd Heade street*. Terms easy Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. mO LEASE, AND FIXTURES FOR 8ALE-A SMALL X hotel wilh|n a few doors of Broadway. Torms moder ate. Inquire ot RICHARD W. WEYMAN, at the St. Ni cholas Hotel, ot of Henry Davis, Old Franklin House Build ing, room No. 7. TO LEASE-A COUNTRY SEAT AT PELHAV, WEST chester county, containing about 64 acres of land, beau tifully situated on the Sound. Apply to ADAMS A LUCRE V, 76 Nassau street. TO LEASE-THE DESIRABLE 8TOKE NO. 26 BEEK man street, with basement, sub cellar and fire proof vaulta, very suitable for wholesale hardware, paper or other butioess. Also the three upper lofts, light and oommodious; also, at a greatly reduced rent, the fine store No. 18 Spruoe street, with baiement, vaults, Ac. Both these stores are in good business locations, not far trom the City Hall and Post Office. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson street, or to J. O Stephens, No. 28 Beekman street, up stairs. TO RENT? AT HALF PRICE, THREE THREE ST0R7 and basement biick houses, 108, 110 and 112 West Forty fifth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues; te good tenants will be rented at a mere nominal sum: have the modern improvements. Inquire of CHAS. E. WILGUS, at the bar, basement of Clifford House, Park place. TO ENGINEERS.? THE OWNER OF A LARGE, WELL located building, would lease for a term of years to a ccmpetcnt engineer, at a price to enable him to re-let, with steam power, to great advantage. Bnilding, engine, Ac. in complete order. Address Hamilton, Herald office. WORKSHOPS TO LET-IN THE NEW FIVE STORY rear building No. 62 White street, only three duors west ot Broadway. Light good; rent low. Excellent .loca tion for manulacturinc Jewellers, silversmiths, carvers, gild ers. printers, or any other business requiring central losation and airy rooms. Apply to fj. L. PLIMPTON, in the firout store. INSTRUCTION. A LADY OF SUPERIOR EDUCATION AND BARE A musical attainments, desires to take oharge of the education ot a few young ladies under twelve years of a*e. She purposes residing out of town, and will surround her Iounz pupila with home comforts and influences. Address trs. B., care of Mrs. Read, 74 Franklin street. AB CARD.? THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE NEW pupil* daily, for class or private instrnotlon In penman ship ana bookkeeping. Cards and eironlars may be had at the rooms, 362 Broadway. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH Hebrew language.-students preparing for the ministry may avail themselvos of the profes slonal set vices ot a competent Hebrew scholar, who desires to extend his evening class of pnpiis. For particulars ad dress Oriental, Herald office. HOTELS. ~ A ^ a -n ^ WVWVA -CV VVV Wv A - A *? -v ?> vV? HOLDREDGE'S HOTEL, 767 AND 759 BROADWAY, oorner Clinton Place ? Two family raita and leveral single apartment* handsomely turnis bed and neatly kept, can now be obtained with or without boarding, at the re duced rent of from 93 to 916 per week. Heath house, schooley's mountain mineral Springs, New Jersey.? FRANCIS RIDER, formerly of the West Point Hotel, West Point. N. Y , would inform bi? friends and the public, that he has taken the above delight ful summer retreat, and that he will be ready for the rooe ption of visiters early in Jnne. He bees most respectfully to acknowledge past savors, and returns his thanks to his friends and the publio, tor the very liberal patronage be has hitherto received, and assure* that every exortion will be made to merit its continuance, Those wishing to engage rooms, can address Mm Heath Honse, or New York Hotel, New York. N. B.? The cars leave Jersey City, via Morris and Essox rail road. at 8 A. M., and 4 P. M., daily, for ilackettstown, where omnibuses are In waiting to eoavey passenger* to Heath House; distance miles. rrilE LONDON COFFEE HOUSE, LUDOATE HILL. J. London.? EDWARD ELLIS, hitherto of theatar and Garter, Richmond Hill, beg* to notify that the London Coffee Home ha* very recently undergone extensive alterations and improvements, and an entire reorganisation The spa oiou* coffee room Is rendered private and comforta'b^jMtd ? large smoking room and writing room have besn added. Metropolitan hotel, long branch, new Jersey.? YAN DYKE A COOPER, the proprietor*, fceg leave to inform their patron* ot laat season, Uielr friends and the publio, that the establishment will be opened for tke reception et gnests on Monday, the 26th of June next. Eve ry addition and alteration that could be devised by their last year's experience for the better accommodation and for the oomtort of their guests ha* been made. The advantage* for tea bathing, the oommodivuj and extensive salt* of arertments, the daily and easy oemmunlcation with the cities of New York and Philadelphia, render thit hotel one the mftjt 4*?ital>le and pleasant places of summer rest dencc in the United State*. Applioatiini ffupirtmenta or for any it formation respecting the ettablBhincnt will 1>? promptly attended to by. addressing either M. M. Van Dyke, 23 Catharine slip, or J. H. Cooper, Long Branch, N. J. NEW YORK BAY PRIVATE FAMILY HOTEL? Two and a half mile* from Jersey City ferrv, 1* now epea for inmmrr, on Bergen Point plank road. Bathing, boat ing and Cubing. Stage* leave the ferry every hour. Apply to Capt. LEES, proprietor, Post Office Jersey City, or at th* N>nW? M> B,-Tpcr* I* 8f bar attached to tbjs house. SPANISH AND FRENCH HOTEL? MR. T. RUIZ RR speetfnlly informs the] pnblio that he ha* removed hi* reitanrant from Si St. Mark'* Place, to 73 Seventh street, where he offer* all the comlort* of a home, and better as listanee than before. BXFBB88 AGENCIES. Adams a co.-s California package express. ? Onr next expreis for California, Oregon, and Sand wich Island* will leave per steamer Star of the West, on Sa turday next, May 12, atSo'olock P. M., in oharie of ipeeial messenger to destination. Package* and small parcels re ceived at the office, 60 Broadway, until two o'cloek P. M. oa day of sailing. W. B. DIN8MORB, ) K. S. 8ANDFORD. J Proprietor* M. SHOBMAKER.) ? ASTROLOGY. rSSfe'MfBK an event* ot lift, X W '?*rmat io.*^ Madame morbow, seventh daughter.? nlrhly gilted lady has a natural giato tell past. Me*ent ana future events, and even the r^thoughts-to the treat astontohment of all her visiter*. sne is, wKbont exception. the moat wonderful astrologist In the world. No charge If not catlffled, 76 Broome street, between Cannon and Columbia street*. Gentlemen not admitted. ' IWABOIj^ AILW^YACCEPTANCES AND BU3INES3~PAPER discounted, by JOHN B. MPRRaY, 44 Wall Hreet, over Bank of Hortn Amertoa. Caah loan* upon bank, rail way, and fire laeitai ce stock*. bonds and note*. Advance* upon flour, grain, lien, provisions, and other merchandise, and en veasels at sea aed in port. TO CAPITALISTS. -rfTBK FOX AND WISCONSIN IM prorement Company offer to oapitaliata for inv.t'ment the ri noticing bail of their A per cent bonis, (?2M, 000, )p?y able Pel raary 1, lflttS, iaterest semi annually, at the Bank of North America, city of New York Th'ae bonds are se cured by a first mortgage upon lands wor'h, at a low vaca tion, more than double tbe amount; alee upon the improve ment itself, torether wi?h its proereda, water power, Ae. ItHr at th? offioe ?f th? ??mpiay ,u WaU sttejt. FINANCIAL ?i,dqp,bbq'3^^as?.jB: poaals will be received for th? whole or ui part o t tha above u*ae it bond*. Thoj are dated l*t Julv. ldH. mC piitllt to hiwi. is the citjr of Now r?rLuU?SHliiufc Km, *ltb Intireo* coupon* attached, at tut rate of 6 mnS peituiua, payable semi-aanually atth j Bank of America. *a the lit of January and July ol taoh yaw, ai-d una hall thear amount convertible into tho atock of thu oompaay at thooa tion of tho bolder. Tbuse bonda aro Usaod nude- fcfa authority of tho atockhoiders, (or the porpooo of "-'irtilw aud equipping the read, and they are *eoured by a * aOM mortgage on *h? road. wl*h oil the ruai eetate. fitturta art equipment!. iran?hl*es, appurtenance* tad privilege* ma tal'iiug thereto. The flnt and prior mortiwe in firfKOOnQOI of which ?l,?UU,00U wn taken by tho State 01 Virginw ot the followin* TOrv adveatacean* tone* .?Six pec orntsa tereet, and the principal to be liquidated by payments una ally of one per oent for thirty tour year*, comioenciMoa th 1st of July. 1HM The remaining ifeoO.UUO wore sold at p*a The capital of the company it #3, (WO 000, three-fifth* ot vaa la held M the State of Virginia, aad the whole amounts*! in ii M,B7?,1U). Tho length kof tha road, from the oitya Lynchburg to tho Tennoaeee lino, it 2?i mile*, of whioh 19 are entirely finished and la oiieratioa. The remaining slaty nine mile* require only fcit5,t*MI to complete them, and tea mouth* labor !? only necemary to put the entire roa<l ink* full operation. Thug ha* been expended ou the road abotal IV 000, 000 in oorstruetlon. rolling (took and rxpenao*, a ni douMo the amount of beta mortgagor which together do not exceed H3,0(o per mile of road. Trie road torn.* a link in tea ohain of road* wlieh are to become probably the mo*t impor tant route in the Union, giving an almost straight Line I ram the Northern and Kef tern cl'-ie* to thou on tho GulfM Mexico and the Mississippi, shortening the distanoe ascM than twe hundred mile*; aud thero ii but one mora link to be finished to afford a continuous railroad truaipeetatien trom the citr of Washington to Montgomery, Alabama. Bat Independent of the travel that will oome to it a* a part at ?bo great South and Ncrth line, the Virginir ? - Railroad lia* a certain local business ot It* ?bo great South and Ncrth line, the Virginia aad Teatteaaoo Railroad liai a certain loeal business ot It* own, whioh li olearly aacertained by the earning* of last yenc, with owtm eighty fire mile* open, (9163,02V 79,) aa being sufficient of is ?elf to lupport the road. It pasaea almost Its whole length through a region abounding with a variety ot mineral* ofMta nit valuable nature, *ueh a* lead, coal, iron, supper, MA and gypsum, all of whioh exl*t v a great abundanoo. wMcL have boon hitherto neglected, but which are iait being deve loped now that they ean -be oonveyed to market, la ihwst the prospect* of the road are moat pattering; and fo*terM a* it haa been by the State, and supported generally by 9m people of Virginia, with *o lar^e a cash capital actuary paU In, it ia believed no security ha* been reeently offferM ot a better character. The Company have agreed to aet apart one per oent. annually on the amount or their bond* from the earning* of the road, aa a linking fund to meet the pay ment of them at maturity: and the atooklioldera have aaeM id aa a lino of policy, to declaae no dividend excepting from a cash surplus, alter the Intereat aud slaking nnd hare been proviued tor. The terma on whioh the aale will be made ar* 2S pec oent. down, and the balanoe in payment* of W per oent. oveap thirty day* till all paid. If the whole amount ia paid at once, intereat to lat July to be allowed. TherUht or r?t|ow ?all or any part of the bida Is reserved. If deemed for It* areata ol the Comoanr to do so. The band* will be lodged in bank, te be delivered when the whole amount Is paid. Full information will be given on all suhjeots ooa nected with the financial affaire of the Company, whioh eould be derived by parties wishing tj offer for the bendpu and document* and reference* obtained by applying to Adrian n. Muller. Esq , No. Wall street, New fork, to whom offers mnst bo sent, sealed, and marked " Tender fee Railroad Bonda," on or before the 24th day of May neat. JOHN ROBIN MoDANIElI President Virginia and Tennessee Railroad Oo. The Board of Directors are : HKNRT DAVIS, THOMAS L. PRE3TO>T, GEORGE STUART, WM. T. ANDERSON, WILLIAM A. READ, And C. F. M. GARNETT. to Chief Engineer I will receive sealed proposals for the above loan, which will remain with me unopened till three o'elook P. M. of Thursday tha 24th day of May nest, to tie then opened la tnopreseaoe of the Preaident, or tome ether authorised agent of the company. ? ?... AflRlAN H. MULLER. 38 Wall street. New 7ork, 0th April, HS65. 4s7^0 OAO tore ani> uihlu rah. ?P I t/U.uUU ? road, aecend mortgagn 7 por cent bonda, part of anitaue of one million. This mort??ge ooven a large amonnt of real eitate la thij city, aa well a* uaaay parcels on the line of the road, not included in the fine mortgage; the branoh road to Port Morris, oa the bit River, with wharf and ground belonging thereto, and all the tolling stock aud furniture of the road. The bonds are iasued with intereat coupons attached, pay. able on the first days of February and August ia each year, and the principal reimbunaole on the Brat day ol Auraat, 18C4. Tba mortgage is made to the Farmers' Loan and Trasi Company, of this city, as trustee for the bondholders, aad recorded m all the counties through whioh the road paaaea. This issue, added to tbAnt, will make the mortgage ia oumbranoe upon the road tour million dollar*? leaa than tny Br cent upon ite eost up to thia time. The prooeeda of tha nda bow offered, will bo uaed? first te extlnguiah tha Boating debt of the Ctmpauy; and, aecend, to eomplete the double track to White Plaina, and erect aoma few atattaa houses required on the line of the road, ail of which, it ia ex pected may [be done [so as te olose " ooaat motion a?< count " at the end of the year. The socurity upan which tbeae bonda are baaed Is bstievad to be in all reapeeta ample, quite aa reliable a* that at tha first mortpago. The earnings of the road aro constantly In creasing, and its business, present and prospective, nerst ae satisfactory as now. Proposals for all or any of these bonda may be addreeead to William B. Draper, Treaaurer, Harlem Railroad Com pany, New York, endoraed "Proposals for 2d Mortgage Bonds,'' until the fifteenth day of May next, when they ?rut be- opened, and should atato whether the offer be mado ia cash on rcoeiving the bonds, or in in'stalmeutsioftwentv-Off Jar cent, payable respectively on the ISth of May, 15th H une, 15th of July, and 16th of August. The right of re jecting all or any part of the bids i* reserved, if doomed fee the interest of the Company si to do. By order of tha Board of Directors. NICHOLAS DEAN, Preaideat. Wm. B. Dimi, Treasurer. Nora.? This road terminates In the oentre ot tha dty of New York, Is one hundrel and thirty miles loag, con necting the city with Albany, and all tha trade of the great West, together with a portion of that of the North. Tha ar nuai gross earnings or the road now asoeed one nilUoa M dollars. New York. April ii. 1888. LIBERALLY ADVANCED, IN LARGE or small sums, on diamonds, watohoa, jewelry, stocks, bonds, or any valuable personal property, by BIRDSALL A CO., 75 Nassau street, rear building, room No. 1, second floor, N. B.? Real en tat) bought and sold. Auctioneering and conveyancing attended to. Bnsi aeaa atrictly confidential. ? a nn flOfi -money to loan on diamonds. ipUUU.UUl/i watohca, jewelry, aozars, piamfortea, merchandise and personal property generally, or bought for cash. Notes, stocks, bonds and mortgages, Ac., negotiated. Business confidential and executed promptly, at 78 Naasaa ueet, first floor, hack office. FLORENCE A CO., Brokers. ?j.KKn nnn -money TO loan on diamond* tJ)uuU.uUU ? watches, jewelry, dry goods. Hurl, te., or bought for cash; city stooks, notes, mortgages and WUa of exchange negotiated. Business confidential and prompt by THOMPSON A CO., brokers and commission merohanta 101 Naaaan street, corner of Ann. room No. 2. second floec nnn-P*RSON3 WISHING TO NEQOTIATO ?Pll/U.UUU. loans, or sell aav valuable personal aro perty, consisting of diamonds, watcnes, jewelry, aegara, ia., oan be accommodated on reaaonable terms, by applying to FORBUSH A JOHNSON, No. 107 Nassau street, eatraaoo No. 29 Ann stroet, rooms 4 and 3. N. B ?Real estate salea, loans and commissions generally attended to with prompt ness aad dispatch. All business strictly confidential. <kZ(\ Hon T0 LOAN-OR BOUGHT FOR CASH, ijPUU.vVv/ diamonds, watches, jewelry, and every de scription of valuable property, by JOS. E. ISAAC, baaeaeak otfice; 11 Chambers street. Transactions striatly confidential Office hours from 8 A. M. till 0 P. M. N. B.? Highest price tor gold and silver. (fcCA nnn WANTED-FOR THREE OR FIV* tJPUU.UUU years, at 7 per cent interest per annum, on bond and mortgage on improved unincumbered real o state in this city and Brooklyn, la sums of from $2 5(0 to 95,100. Apply to EDWARD D. JAMES, 25 Nassau atreet. $600,000 4M n OAn? TO be advanced ok diamonds, fuv.uUU watohee, jewelry, and other merchandise, in small amounts or otherwise, Parties attended to at their own residences by appointment. All business strictly con fidential. Apply to J. LYONS A CO., 598 Houston street, between Mercer end Green. Q nnn-IN THREE SUMS Or 810,000, $5,000 AND tjpXO.UUU $3,000, wanted on bond and mortgage, on in. proved city property worth double tho amount; title per fect None but principal! need anply, as no brokerage or commissions will ba allowed. Ad dies i J. S. A , box 1 518 Post Offloo, N. Y. ' Olin -MONET TO LOAN, FROM $5 TO $4,000, tpU.UUU. op all kindi of diamonds and Jewelry, or bought for oaah. We offet great inducement! to per'ons in want of money as to lioorality. Call at J. II. ROBINSON A CO-'S, 21 2 Broadway, corner of Fulton street, room It. Broken bank bills bought.? wheat grow err, 85c ; Bridge ton, (S.lo.; Stark Bank, 85c.; Kent Conn ty, 70c.; Coohituato, SOo.: Washtenaw, 37c.; Railroad. ~>c. , State, at Morris. 10c ; Eastern, W. Eillingly. 10o.; Lewis Cdunty, 10o. BENJ. NATHAN, 140 Grsenwich street. J1ASH ADVANCED IN ANT AMOUNT, OR PURCHAS ) ed at sight, diamonds, watches, r'eb Jewelry, merohan so, and valuable personal property generally. R. W 0<>D, ('?? Fulton street, second floor, front room, from a A. M. <o ft P. M. CASH ADVANCED ON THE MOST LIBERAL TERMS cn watches, Jewelry, dry goods, pianofort is, furniture, or nay other property, at the old and confidential offloe 304 Broadway, corner of Duane street, second fluor, room No. 9. Tbe itrictest lienor nay be relied upon. Divider d.-tiie metropolitan fire insur ancc Company have declared a semi annuni dividend f f four per cent on tbe capital stock, payable at their oflloe. No. 1<>8 Broadway, comer of I'ine street, on and aftor Mon day, the 14th day of May instant, until wbioh time the transfer books are closed^ By 11 " UNGLISH SILVER WANTED, At 34 CENTS I'lfft Hj shilling, half-crowns CO cents, sovereigns $i S5 to $4 R7 five ftanos 97 oeats. All other foreign gold and stiver bouxht at tho highest rate*. BEIRNE A DAVIT, 3.* W?st si. MOKBT LIBERALLT ADVANCED? By PilCARRS, BERNSTEIN A PHILIPS, tioneere, Si Liberty ftrdot, one door from Nttun, on stsoka, veoeels, teal eetato, far nit are, pletuee, meruiiaduo. As.. loft wrth ms for i<lo. Money to loan-persons requiring tem porary advances on real estate, diamonds, plato, watches. Jewelry, pianofortes, dry goods, hints, carriage and every description of person .1 property, promptly ac commodated at the Empire loan and agency offloe, Broadway, opposite the Bio ad way theatre. Removed from 321- E. C. WILLS, agent. ORTH CAROLINA SIX PER CENT STATE STOCK. -Treasury Department, N. C , AoHl 18, ISM - Sealed proposals will be received at this oOce until li) n'rloek A.M., of the 21st May next, for the purohase of tbe follow ing bonds, to be issued by tho State of North Caroliea, In sums of $1 000 eaoh, to wit: $90,000 running thirty years, bearing interest and date trom the 1st January. 18M. Also, $15,000, running thirty years, bearing interest aad date from tbe first April, 1885. Also, $60,110 running ten year*, and bearing laterett and date from the first January, 1865. All of them are axompt from taxation by law. They will all bave coupons attached for the interest, at six per oont per annum, payable semi annnally; and Mh tbe prlneipnl and interest will be payable at the Baaref the Republic, New York, unless whore tho purchaser prefer* to have them paid at the Treasury of tho State. . , Parties bidding, will pleaee address their letter! salaried "^Pr?po?als for North Carolina Stoeks," to tho undersigned. The bids will bo opened at 10 o'clook, A.M , the 21st May next, in the presence or the Governor. Secretary, and Comp troller tf State, and the President of the Bank of tho Sttato. The undersigned reoervee ttie right of aeeeptlng such b.ds, la whole or in part, as he may deem most advaatageeus to to the State. . . Successful bidders will bo required as soon as la'crmed of the acceptance of their blda, to deposit ia baak tho amount. With tbe accrued interest from the date of the bond, to tho credit of tbe Treasurer of the Slate. This deposit n? be made la tbe Bank of the Republie, at New York, tin Rank of the State ot North Carolina, or the Baak of Capo Fxar, "Documents showing ?he wsr.arees of ths StAts and tho amount ef Its Indebtedness ma} be had *t tail o<koo. or en application to Messrs. Brow a A Do Hornet'. N V ? ,, . ? W OtfRTS. Pabiio T ma rarer ?f Nsrth Carolfea.

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