Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1855 Page 2
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[TNatk* Kn Yurt Tim?s. M?j 17 ) m CliWI AUADffT r. T IUWVM TUflMNT ttiiN uro?i jnrm oshoknb? tu oabji dijb llfHt All UNI OF ATTUUTICD KTTOHTION. lb. rbiaeae T. Fsranm app-?r*d Ik 'ore Justice O* 111 ?l , at the V()H'| offlce. M S u'elock y??torday a't?r W)?a, to aas MI a oomplatnt ?A.i? against htm uy Mrs. iau Be?aing, a mamad ch?rginT htm eithhor tng violated ber mimi. IV roam waa crowded throu jh Ml Ik* Tbe complainant. t el(U and moderately ptlir loak tag G?. man dame, Mii| unable to au'lorntaad E'gllsh, vtiiion aaa By the Justice throng 1 the MdiiBt' Mr Ludw g 8?mler, of th? May or 'h ofBoe. Mm les'ifled an follown: 1 cannot tell the precise d*j of tbe weet or of tbe month wota Mr. H&rnum um to way imd. but 1 think it van Wet netcay er Th'irsdty, and about tfce 16th of April: he remained on that U y abo.t tan or fi'teen mmwlee; I bad iwn B*-oua t^ice V lose 'hat, tie first time 1 w introduced to him by Mr Howard, at the lraing Bonne; and tbe second tine ?>? ai I artum'i auaeuin: [ uid not tell anybody of the ? ?l- ce<- caae mo by Mr Barcum on that oorasioa, aai'l 1 told Mr. "-tinier of it in tais otll so, cm the 9th of K?t- ?| H?re Mr Farsam Interneae !, and said that he c1ahn<d that to is was a eaee of eoat*p<iacr, an<l objeetod to tho ha- best of the compla'caut bein^ pte sent. Tfce Judge ordereo the burb ud to tuUre, which ho did to tie further end of the loom Witaea?. resuming? 1 to;d my husband that Mr. Bu ild bad klited me. at about t?? o'clock on ho eroaiag ?f tbe ocrvmnee; la waoW to know more, but 1 woatc teil bra no* bine further; my hu-band brought m? to tins offioat be V>I<1 mo I ?b?ald fo law him to t'ao C'ty H?I1: lie did not tell sh for what purpose I was to oone hue; I came n?r? to tell tne tru-.h an' to nau a complaint agaiu-t Mr. Berouui; the first per on 1 taw hoie was Col Mi?g; I dil not tell him auytUtog. for I oonlu not t-p^ak toll m, not ap. nt'iug; I umt ia? Mr BimUr. 1 told biia that Mr Bsmuoi tud eomo la, ?ad bad .tmandtd & ki<s from no; that I refused: the t be tl'en toot a m a bj force, [lb# witoess a dud * etateuxnt ebi?b wat >et ferta wore fully in tner-fllde wit ] That waa the tlrs statement I ma i? to Mr J <n V:?; previous to tbat I had 0?n<e ! to my billhead that Mr. batiim had takiu any o;bi r libert ea with ao ex eoi?t tbat of kissing m*. uu (.??'?' a*k>d uia ?boat it except my b.*b*ni!. raj bus :nnd told me io t.>e canrrr , aath'D up) n iha anbject 'liat l)u Ucew huoi-'.uId? xns.-o had happertrd, an'1 tbatbe would kaow it; be eouM ate that mu. ??ti'ifg an wr<E?, ahd he d?mao<lo'l '.hat I ?bwuld tell blm what It waa, hut I refu .od, bo d.l nut ?oroae mo of <nfl 'w)Uy with sir. Barnn'U. he aa'd teat naaiib m alta kad happrn-'l, hut be did not nay what it wa;; be did cot use Kay tbr?ata to <?<?; wben my hua bar 4 eeme koo>e in tte avtirng I told U<m tbat Ur. Boroam wanted to aeo him. a nd be tbeu went up t> the Mearura; when l e ait" back, betwrrn nine aad teu ?'e'e'k, I told b'm what liail b>ppeoe<l; the oai'tmtuc* took p'ere b?twB^n four and b>e o'clock iu tbe afttr ?oon; 1 rtrnr iiw my buabvad alter that between iix mn! ?? van o'clxk iu the etenipg, he took nippvr with ms th?n am! I told him tvu*e t<me aftrr "upper; ho "took ttipprr alter b? catnt- hiw-k from the Munenm. Mr Hutiium? I want to know Mow leag your hus band aevaiieo at home hetora *o w-ot to the Museum? Witi.i ss- Ao?nt a quaitrr of an tour. Mr. UurnuK ? And curing that you did not toll himv Now, I wanttokaow wflotber'I oi< uot requeat her 'O aead hor huabaad down to mo, whilo I was thero da- lag tbe alifrnwn' Wi ?e? ??l did not know, for I did not undsrataad hit word*. Mr. Paraum? Bat a he tokl her buaband that I did want be a* a biia! Wi-aeas? My husband aaodto go to the Museum in tho waning fte Jcatfce? She stated juat now that aho told her bus head that Mr Bernuaa wanted to aoe h m at th? Muse am Now, i' ahe cid rot understand Mr. llarnum hair dad aho mow that lie made that arrangement? W>'Betr? fdid not e*y that I told my husbaad that Mr. baioam ? sated to aeo him; I told him tuat Mr. Boxaum ban keen there; 1 did not understand Mr. B., an? tfcoaforr couid not know what he aaid. Jorge? W?il, that's Dufth enough. Barnvm? Now she rays she did not tell her husband 1 wsii'od to are biai. H itoras ? 1 told my husband that Mr. Barnum hkd bora there, and beko**?redtbathe would go right away to tfce Muaeum to a?e him. Be rases ? >ew, I ?aat to know I' b?r husband eon tinacd to 1>t? with her th?t alglit and >he next.deyf Jargs? 9ow Iook did ycur buvaoi cwntlnu" to live with you after the cecurr^ure which you aay took place boiwtn yoa sad Mr. Darn ami* VilBess? Until 1 trade the complaint here, rarnnm? Now, I want to ark be? whetk?r there was ist a man sitting on her bsd when I went Into hsr loom? Ikitnei r_Yer. Not wtrn Mr. Itaruum cams in at tbe door but when he pafsed the window in the basement; 1 eannottell extcilv bow tfce man wm dressed, but he had a co*t on; his name was Wolt; I do not knov what bin ocivpation is (to Mr. B*r?umj ? I n?T?r h?ard that le mj> a lawyer; I niatlo his aequaiatance on hdsrd tbe ship con. tg over 'ruin Europe. Barnum ? *?k r-i-r if Wolf d d uot go with her husVand to my 1 ome in CoDiectirut tbe jext day. Witness? I do not know whir* try husband may bare haen leant! * oil nred to go oat together ?.trry day. Bainom ? I would like to ask tlie aitoeuif she has not teen f>r<]u<i>t]y?to tbe Maaeum, both with her >i\is without hlpi, and mqu rod tor ma, aui tried Vitkeri? I bare nerer gene to the Museuaa to ail tor Mr. Aernum. I h?ra oft* n baea to the Ma'eum; I "aOTer haarc ay husband inquire of the door-keeper 'or Mr Uainum; 1 nevr aaw Wolf write, an<l >)q not ^Bow Ms haiK wnting . when I wM t*:7o#4 *n the trunk, uad oeruri*|i5? tajk> puto, 1 did. t ot make aoy outcry or ,or oelp: 1 was too mech seared to do eo; 1 don't kaew whether Wolf bad lelt tbe house at that time; tak trunk waa at the back part of tho room, opposite the Vtadow; It wae about six tret toog and throe fe->t hl<U; Wolf took auppei with ua th*t OTraing; he usually dii; spanmeat ?an os tbe third fleer, I did not t?>U him aayftiaf about the oceuz ranee batwvau my?eif and : Volf was the next wltr.?as ealWd? 1 live at Ko. tAscS Varick Ktrrat. (Bere a letter waa preduecd written by wHneas to Mr. ?owsrd. late cf t> a trying Oousa, netting forth that be fWa If) knew all about the oecurrcnoe betwo?a Harnum aad Mm. f eamrjr and that the former mustritbei go ta prison or fj Bcsninn's passage to Kurope.] I wrute tbat W.ur; 1 wrote it k?cau<e 1 knew all about mi, Jodge? Whttii yrtir profeos'on ? "W.tnras? I am a lawyer, but 1 do act think you oouVd oompel me to aasaer that quoatton. Ja go? Well It la an?w-red now; so aerer a nd It In no oiegrace to aay that yoa are a lawyer. (Ua(htar). Witntta ? I 'armed all tbe fwsts of the ease from my Iriaid, Ur He?r ng: he told me at different times, I weat with Heesing to B*raum?s hoato ta Urid^eport; I ki ew nil the circt iit'eno1! at tbnt nme; I tb nk we went to Bri< geport two dtyt aft?r the oecurruncs; t did met c?me to this oihto ?lth Iiassutg an' bit wlte the day this complaint was maie; I advised Heating not to aotnpromlse the matter, bat to go to law, aad bring the ?aae i??ior? the eoart. Nernom? ahat wert you doiog in the room withilre. Meaning on (he dev ol tbia oocarteaes? Wltneea refund to answer, aay lag that lieaaing was Mis (net d. Coi M ng teatiSed that Hoiwlag etine to the Mayor'a affirn to romrlaln scaisst flsrEuni tor hariag kissed his wit* and ra)? oj all tie ei run ?tanr.<e o> the cash to h m (Col M.), doc'ariag it to betin purpose to separata from lit# wife, and tale the .aw agaiost Uainum. Wit aras thought at the line that t&e oharfe wat a very flnraloas are: that Bar run might have pons to the h one, aad tic -tag a good i< o?la* worn in there, m gut have riasad nor, but he idriaed Hearing to let the mat tor drop, aa<! to bom<- aad lire peaceably witb lits wife. I.uCwig Printer being only aworo. testified, in sub otanco, that Boo ing bto <ght oomplamaut to tue ofllce, aad told tim that Uatruri bad a me J Bis wife, that be bo'iayed tv err was at>tL>e'blng mors, and waate<l hi n (witioft) to ?oam:ne her under csth.toseeif snme fbtag more cool-i not be got at; wltoecs told bin sach a thmg eould not be douo hut undertook to apeak to the wife; at tits', she said <?be was afraid o( h?r busitaad who waa of very r'oleat temper. Vat flnvlly she told Wt* note that llarnum had not only kieaed bar, but hvl v'o atrd her parson and tuat the had been a'rai 1 to t?U hrr husband of it, tbis was the day before thu atlidavit waa made: at the request of conpieinaat, witn*sst<id Meeting of all that n*i uoousrad, and adrisrd him not to ?ate a mim.nal eomplalat n ;a'nst Uarnnm, but to com acn e a ciril suit or to scad some one to see Barnum about it, and witoess rolntiteorvd to go: Hevin< StiJ ho would think about it and call the next m roiaj; next day H?ssmg came and said that he woull ratk'r make aofiaaiaal complaint s^aitnt Haraan. for he wautod him aoat right away to prl-oa, aad iio oould rommenee a eiril aait afterwards; aritnesa tbea took Mrs Hr ?iag * affita rit, <n wbieb thu fact waa sot forth tbat oa a certain fay Mr Bar nu no k aaed her . wh a he read aad troaalatod this oMdartt to bar, tbe huaband said ^Weil, there happoa od nometbiag site, and I now waat ytu ta tall it; you are wadsr oath w'.tnens tbea told her snch waa not the ?aae, tbat she wan not aa tor oath, aad tbat nhe should aot aay anyohicg through fear wbieb m gbt eruainate her elf ahe answiiad? ?'! want to hare the com ?taiat drawn for the whatn aa I told you yeeterJaf ;" witaetn than took tbe affidavit In ita ariatnt sbapt. Judge? She an >r a tending that she was not uader oath t Witness? Ves, sir; about aa hosr after tbo affliarlt waa made out he came back to my eOic# and wanted t? ft aow if bo coald be a*parat?d at oooe from bis wife, de abating he would no. Kre with her; I told b'ss that la her sent condition I would toko oara of hrr If ho separate J Bom btr Fan, Hv-Bb# U large with efiiw? % Ym: ti>e doctor aaya ih? air 1m eo?flo*d it ?>j bour. Mr*. H'eslaft ?n tboa abaadonod by hei bit bend aad at the iDU?<f>ol or Jm dgo Oaborre ! neat bar 4o a private hoaptel oa Teatb etreet. Witaoao farther tootiied that ba bad fn.ioo oat that alaae ab? had been ?Ml to the tioepltal, iUv hat beaa to aeo bat ba>baad at tor own bonne. Henry H easing awora? ! am the be* sand of the owa eiaaat, ab? 'old me oa? tie lcih of April hurt Mint rnani bad klaerd h?r Jai're Wbat Jld yon ear !a roply to t^atT Wttneee? I i o not talak 1 "all anything. Jadfo? Wbat did yon aay to reUtton Vo It after tbat ? Wltneaa? I did sot apeak with my wife after that, aay ware than woe neooeaary; I boM-re It woa two dayi after tbat that I toM bar I thought Svrnaoi had done thi*t more than to klea her, '??>? ma la no *uawrr tboj; I lepeaiad ?b? name tti.n* ta ber aeraral Uan, and oaoa ate would tell <oe who** truth belore the Jn? woe; 1 'blab that tu tta day before we came bora flrat; l boor I eb?n I came b*nU fr?m 'ha Muaena, that Bar ?wMtlaHttfr lb. tel l m? tor*, tbat Baranm lial boon tbare ai d had aaked (or ?>e, I want direct to the Mateum ear! a^w Ha-nnm, hot be aold nothln; about It to?n, exaopt tket be bad been w e?e me, we ha 'I trouble oaough bolore a^e toM ?. that; laaar aomethlaf w?a too Matter, aat ,uk?<t ber *W it wax. aod at 1?A the toM too taa Brtruum hw neon tb?ro and had kleaoi her; thla vaoakont t?n o'el?ak; 1 went back to tho Mueeam to f Beraom, aad I ha t foao 1 him than? Btra-im Go oa. W'oattbaat WKaooe-ob I never aniaU; wbaa 1 vot there tho Ma "? ??? +?****? ??<* * Rowira nboat thlaho a#o4o to no aboat U firat. job nj aajtfctof to Mr.H**ir4|kMi mi uu? *fc? BMtnf Witneaa? Mi. Howard atlhi a t my b mm fartof tk tim? 1 ?m Mm( ?t bn#g*f art; 1 "aa a Ml to |itk*ra ?t ill tat Hi 3 fn?n<l iikttl ?* ta go Mil to kHf qalet, ?iti?w p?e?Mi4 to teatify that m kit N'.in fiMl UWf>|i<Fl be w?t ?t Mr Howatd'a reqwaet to m tM( g*nii?u as at tb? Brudittb Houaa, and bad a Im| cob veraa*:oB about tkfa (mirnm, i?l tkat HttardtoM b'? to ?ay aoU isg about it to mj om, iad that ha wi a Id m it# to Baraum and make bia oaaae oa, to the a'tfjuoca Howard and B?rnum um to a eamagw to witrne' houta; Balaam ? aid. "What an you doinf Baling ao Bincb tr auble?" 1 replied, "Mr Barn urn, you l*t? rob ted me of my family hipplatw" Baiaum ? d ?mt away, aad I bad a Wag talk with (toward, who rid all ia bin pawar to Maka moqaiat. au a aid ha would muhtm* a rleh mm, auo coinortoble all my Ufa. Vr Hat bd?~ * ho ?ald that 1 1Ti??t??? Mr. Howard. Mr. bamum ? Wu I there? Mitbtta? It wai att?r you ?nt away. Mr. Earanm? Thlelt tba drat I hav? heard of it. W ti h> ? Haward nM 1 ahoald like my wife a grata, ?' d a?k?d ma what 1 toUnded to d?; 1 atid I ahould ?e ba'ere tba jotine, tba proper place, to apeak tha truth: ht raid be wood give me ?!,? 00 If I would ba quiot, I raid 1 did not waat money bat my family happtuaau, if it ?<ra j.otaibla. but Idtd sot b*lie?a i, ?ai; 1 bare not luace amy |.rop"fit!an for a aettl* ruxat, J bare not com menced icy proreedtBFa or a oiToreej my wifa Jaft ma torn* day* i?k" ilia erne bark o or.t nuc* la iny bouia for tote* ela'bea; aha came in crying and said aba waa to a ? octet ? houta; aba Mid -ea w look bar tbaga in a carnage, aid r? tlia way ottered t j kiaa har; (laughter) 1 am ixrrT 1<r it, but I have witaarfan to it; my wifa ??< ma to lia*? |r?at power OT?r Now York gentlem?a ? b?.tb / nu ri< *i ? ? a" liirBUi; I tmr aa d that ( would In the rualt'r On p i* barnum would pay my paa*ag? ta Elpji; 1 nrrtr u fr?.i ta fdili tha difficulty tar mooay; jio??rc offered ?* tb 0<M?, but 1 tabi Uim I w-oul'i nit To it tor $-< J 00, aecauae i tbojgUl iny w if# waa worts wi re Mr P P Howard, la*? of the Iraiag Bntiea.was tha )a?t wilaoaa awrrn Weat with liaruu? to U???iiig'a liBM-,thtra ?ai> a pla'ol lyifclf ou tea table; H-a-iufr ?aa ttry rsucb axfited und >a>d to Bamuta, " You ?bal' k II u>* < r VU kill jau;" and propoaad tbat they ?) ? u!d go to t he Tiittery. Heaaiic? No, ?lr, I old not ray I would kill h in; I nit, 14 If yau ?r? geatlomaa -tcu^h, toma to CaaUa Oardtn, ?no wa'!J Bie tojr?ther." Mr Howard *0' tb?r t*atltiai ibat H?p?:ajf thr'ateaed ?o rtirli.b tha who)* n>a?t?.:- in tb-> city papera, and aloo *li?t ta wculd ki'l iiaitum uplra* ba wooid fiivo bim J i ,0l0: Fe.urg a'ifrwardi tmd witDri>that ha waa \?r> cony for abat h? bad dooo, und aaid he would lat lb* mauer raat if ba (Howard) , would p.y him tue moo?y due k in far aer'iceB at tba *<tr<cura and a few doilara extra for the expeoie Xi '?hicb he bad bean put; wi'ner* ir>\e bim t'zb JuMica Oithorne briefly rtTiawal tbe *y .'enea, and ax p? e'ed tb? op sine that it waa a ana* ot aitamt. tad ex tortion. Cn -er tbe cire nmctaactB, he fait it to be hie < oty to diro'iaa the comptft ut MK. 1URNUM TO THE K?r0nTBft8. Mr. Biroum ? tb?n lose >nu said:? tientl'ineu Re potter* I hive mom iunotent gfntlmeu to pay from (Dtt 1o t wo tbou at d tiolWr* ia the eourav of tee oj three Jut*, brc*. se eor spiracles had l>etn m?de against thrm. ow, 1 aJwa?s aatd that if ?>ue wuh tier mt<l< against m?, 1 wtuln be annihilated before I won VI pay a single lartb'-g. During tbe twenty jrt urn that I have b#en in tte city of New York, 1 have at various times received letters attemp'ing to inveigle or into houses of ill-fame, but no td?o or women can eay that 1 ) a .'e ever dutitg that time bee n within each pace*. 1 have known wiibin tbe last year and a half a b'gtily reapeotablt clergyman tob* mvaig'ed iatc sucbahcuse by a letur from a lady, c'l-nring to sea hm for Mima charitable purptee. He did not know an? thieg about tbe boute: but when he get there he found it wi* a hooie of ill fame, and wan aurrounded by ruffians who threatened to expo, e him. aed ruin hi* charaeter at a m*n and a c'<rgjr.,au, unlets bo would pay thrm fc&OO. The gtstkmsn toiil me >bat although he felt that the letter * as a sufficient justific&ton of bis |we?noc in tbe hour*, he nevet ih?lc?s finally paid $ZkO. I told him he wan a ioul end an ate; that 1 t *a wen too much of '.he world? and I tbii-k 1 bavo? to b? caught in a similar piedicatreat; *tt>d wl>en tbla m*n wsntad to settle tbii mattrr for t-f\ 1 wouM have cut my right arm off before I would have paid bim mo** than I G?*d btm, lowed him (21, an-t Howard paid bim M more without my krowledge; tbif man. llre'im, threatened te tend me t) firiecn unlei-s I cool J pay hla pataa e to ha rope; Mr. lowtrd will tell jou I raid I ieor would do it, although 9180. or even a tew thousand*, for that a-.tter, is no ob ject to me; *ut j would rather "face tbe masit" in fubllc? although I How tbe envy of tbe world and that bare enemies? and w*ie an exsmple of these coneoi ra'ora; I sin told that 1 can now a*rest tfie?e men and tbla w< man, and have 'leiu bound over la $20,000 to aiitwer for ccnspiiacy; I to not .:o it; at present I say lettbim to? tbe worM ia Isrje eiou^b for them and me; but 1 am ready, I itpeat. to " faoo tb? Mu#fc." I have ret a too much of the world to ha twin. Had by ex tortioner* and conspirator*. It woald, p?rbap?, hare been mare )<leas*ut to have > ept this muUr out of the j-ajtrs at1* to have st-ttUd it lor lluo, l>ut I relt It my uuty io purrue tbia course, and for oa A, at least, I have dene ni? cuty to tbe public Dr Besting then s?id that he protested againat the whole of tbui proceeding, and ktouit ajopt other mea sures for letfrrp*. T he partial then left the Usyor'a of fice accomparied by their irietda. Mr. BAHNtll's EIBB - HI BOVlRO'S SiTArMfETtT. Kitw Yokk Thursday day 17. 1SS5. TO THE EPITOR )iia Vouir T1 mi,y Ti*h^i ? fiB:? 1 ptreeive that tb? retorw in the papers, of the -il ,? "T (tM of conspiracy by Ues-inj and ?t) trs against P. T. Ba? ;* |'T9 a v-ry dlaoonaect?l and imperf*ct accoutt ef toy ai ftir. Thia ar.aea mainly from tbe cir^umatanee that Mr. Jubticc Oabcrne, to tav^ tte time or the court and close u protracted examination, felt tt to bie d.ity to oon fin* u; anawtia to particular q?e>t<onp in tbo eate, und not rt eti?e a general aec<>nntot w! at I kbewof the mat ter. 1 was tbe laat witaeta examined, sua 1 was imooedi ately put upon tho witnesa' stand on my arrival in the comt rtctn; eoD.equeptlj T was ^qW4M or waat nvi ptfTlonaly oetttfTf? Og |r? ?, Nation, rod had E0 op pf I'.Ufiitl thaalng explijnatioBR befere the eiN wa* tloret). >a trrcaroua impress ona may be produced from tie printed reports aa they vtaad, 1 tike the liberty a pan my own responsibility, and without tbo koo*l*dge of any of tbo paiUea eonctined, of making tao following eonnectfd :tatemeit ef fatts ? 1 thlak it waa in December lsat, Hestlng cillid at the Irvlig I cuff, where I waa Imaging, brlngiar a letter of recrtnmendatio* addreae*d to me from a hi;hlr re?pest able V>lelkeet?r with whom 1 (topped while la DreaJon, tieracany. He wta arxiouithatl should procure onai neas f?r bim ao>l hi* wife, wno ? i?e over wito hun. I tritd to ostale him buain*: *, but without sneeess, as the timea were dull. >tter this. Heating flaUei at the oilleo of tbe hotel and Mr. Barnnm happening to be preeeut, I introduced lleraing to bim t* a Uerman from Oretdea, the fct me of Jvaitj Llrd, who wca dettroas of procarlng employment for bimselrand wlfo. I added ray own per ronaf rcquent that he would loH-rert himtelr for t)<em. Hfirlng kad brought his wife with him to the hotel ia mak n* the rail, ml she waa then introduced to aa, which was the only time I ever fa v ber before the affair. Hubfeqvea'ly 1 learne-l thnt kLr. II gave tbem baiineee rcnntcted with tbe Muteam Some time aftor, Hesaing r?me to me ar<d compla'cni that Mr H had taken the lOerty tokfia bit wife. He did not <BtIaMt? or pretond that anything bad oceorred. but waa much txoitel, and deeirtd to see Mr. H., sayinc ha bad failed to find him, and afkfd m* to h?0p h:m tj an iattrv ow. Itol' him 1 would rend for Mr. B nessia^ atld he wouM go and remain at tome rntil he hal n^tio-j fna tan to enme over. 1 then a*at 'or Mr. B., and be came to my lodginga, wberr 1 reiavd what Resting hil said, and :iaktd him If I khonld tend for Heating He replied tt waa unntceeasry, ard said h* won<d %o to Ht^'ica'a bouff, and d? mJ me to ae^impany bim, which I aecordii'gly <*id. U- 8 told Hesaing bnally the object of liie ca'l std ?oon disavowed any improper mo Hte rr ndart Hessing for a whllo apue?r?J satis lei, but finally, without any new cause, b*c?(ne apparently frtatte, aad in a blusterirg mancer request*! to fight Mr B on the Iiatiery. with pistol* Mr D. orlofly rs warl:ed tb?t hs 1<1 not come there to 9*ht, bat to mike tbe tiituvowal. H?m'p)!; ronUnu-d to blastrr, whareup on Mr R., without furthtr remark, left the roon Hup foelcg be would retura, I ren>a;.a?d I waa anrpr'asd at the ntiaorolnary 1 eat :nl over action of lttt*ing in the lat*er part of the irtenrlew, oontraated with hia earlier actictt. I eo''e?.Tort-1 to p>oif? him, and told aim I aa * so oc -aiioa for huoh vlo'ent coadaet; but he greir more Inriout, *nJ urea;<?a< ?! to aovertiie Hr. B. in all the p i pers ia ihe Unitfed 9'atee, and closed bv nayitg that if Barcum i^td not give bt-.a %' .r> OOrt within one hour, he would *ht<ot bim to thi.* I ma 'e no reply, and it is at Irne that 1 olTared Km $6, WO, or aay otuer aum, to aet tle tbe matter I ?>ai ao ?nthority or request 'rum Mr. R. to aet la hla belul', and wouli not btve boea tture at all but for JTeas-eg'a original tptli'-.a,loa to m? I th?-? want out. Mr B 'a carriage was still at the door, al though the driver tnfureaad me fiat be hal gone hoiaa. Vki that day I *a?r no mrreof the parties for tiiroe ?r four d*ya, when Heretng again enme to rae and lu qniredlf Mr It wan going to do aay.htng. This waa io tnrh a aiagn^ar ooatrsat wttb bla preTtou* bl niter vn-1 the pi *tol *, hat ao moth ia harmnuy with bit prevloa< eloaing deniaad for tw>n'y ti-e tlionaand dolWr* that 1 than bee*me fully satisfied that blaobjnot waa mercenary, and told kiwi to- that I ahontd do nothing mors for h m, aed theie'OTt- be must not expoc*. anything from me on tbe atremg'h o* hla letter of reoommiaCatioa frota Drea d?a Ha thra dlkclaimwi mercenary purposes, aad nail tl at an he wanted of Mr Barnein waa pivmeat of his bill for aervtoea, which waa, I think, Mi M>. 1 advise 1 b m to ga to tke Muaeam and get at* pay He reel ed that be waa aebamed to go th*te, and wl?h?> I wonVl pay it. He aak! be had a violent temper, and waa very ? orry he had! tteited Mr. B. and my*?ilt eo b? My when at hi* honpe. I had ao aatfcortty or vqneet from Mr. Rarnam to pay *ne hill, or any money, to H*s?tag, bat in view of hia alWred aa 1 iaaproved eoni<nct. and the ob vions Dealing ?< 'be whole aaatter, I thooght It proper to advaace U* bill, wblih Heeeing wish' J me to call $26 instead of Itl M. This waa ewiiraly without tb< kaow tedge ?f Mr Barnnm. After payment at the bill, Heaa <vg oesired to be reinstated with Barnaul aad wloied mi to speak to him on tbe anbjeet, aad also te solicit far ther employment for bim from Mr. B , which I deoMn'd doing Ho left, and I did not again see aim aaltl 1 aet bim in eouit oa examination. 1 bis is all 1 know af the affair, ex-" pi that I reee'ved a letter flora Mr. Wolf, Meaning's friend, atnting tint the sffair waa all fmah a<ra n, and that aal'at Mr 11. paid Ilessing'l paaaagn U Onrmany, Burnnm wonld be s?nt ?o prieoa. diacloeing what I had r.ot before heir'. Ill tin *t*d. that tbe rudsnena waa not limited to lb a Mr. Wolf I bad never aeea until la oourt yeatarlay. H * letter Hear* date tbe 28th of Aprt:. many day* pr?. v!oua to the Pth >nst . while Mre. iie?ri?g swears that previous to tbe itth las' aha had never divulgel the a? erete af Ue cbar*e a? pMf??r?d by her la Oonrt. D. D. HOWARD. T*b Coil Tbadk of Pmnn8ylv*nu - The Jfi'ner*' Jtw.rnal i*ya that the roal trade 1* aot br'tk, al though there i* a fair demnnd, aa the abipment* indicate ll-e b'ttsrkipda of coal eomir and the ratea mentioned til w??k. The iaferior qaelitie* are d nil of sale and aome are forced into tbe raaiket at a pretty low figure. Tb* Second Adventista had fixed upon Saturday last as the day wb?n the earth waa to b? seorehed to a arUp. The untimely rata interfered with tbe fii-ewer**, and ft bate *n*Uxr braatbisf f* 1, 1m ? th?t I ta? leoger Mim'l Odkc. nvMM uiniiT rum ?mun. H NfHi (to iiMuwMt la Sunday 'a H?tn> tkat tki IU;?r tad ImW order* to the nrtom ftlto captaine, 'eatr acting thorn to arrv*'. ptoctttatoo who ?l|k' ta MnM la ik? act of 4wrii| nriut iadl tIcmIi homo lillk tkra, or mt itopftif or toaaltlag |RWM IB tko public mf mt ulb?r?iM oaadustiag themaclvea to a bmi ?/ uabeocmiag iMftettU* bMta, ku naM no >m11 excit<-tu*ai all ?T?r the city, talk amosg the tnr'tuu them?olvea and the faacat and kit called fwih tko aock ijafaU; aad ?MatoarM*ta of the charitable enitodlana of thece helpkroa, auforta aata, frifadl?.*a aad anproUctod females, wko vtoieaily declaim agaiaat " tko aaauihorted astioa of Mr F?i ? aaaco Wood." A wroag idea baa evidently goae abroad, it at hl? Boaor 'i ozdtrx we-e to arreat luapecwd 'e??Iei. akatker coaduefeBg tbraueivea property or ao'.. ?b.n? i* no? Ike cate. The dirtctiea* aia m?r?:y to t?k? up tboao actually seen ia ike oommiiu lea of ma? ? luat if, aeiau'tiag aiaWa or tamo las la the pabhc eiro-ia. either if tk?ir language cr aetleas, or oilier ??!*? acting with iadeeeacy onaspiopnety? *o iHit i' a proalUtre >? (jmetlj perucag the Mr ft, ate wii i not br m ih>f tod by tka lolltfnirii, but audt rtd to |>a*a oa iu be o*m* manuef at ia; oner Itoiaie. i-evoialof tl e ^cllac oaptaio<??ppe.iro4 at the Xla toi's ofTce jeateriia,). anil le&ttivd ton haoi* iactruct r? picsueiy, fr< m the klajer mm-eli ll" re ec/Btaioa^a them to u*? great care and diM. 'ininatioa ia jaogiig ol the cbaraetein 01 Uio-." t&ey may cnu* to u ainbtno, in order that all awkward mistake- any avoided, at d b'de ttta go on ia tne poifoi ounce of 'heir (luti' a. Doe. lcS? of What ti uy oataii'erg B>) Bay. arid uu BiiMilii) of whatever oj jiiaition lauy be aviaaej oy to* vbLe pit-*. Itie tulk win* letter ot the above subject waa lecdveJ jesteriay nucroitg; ? lJCM'lli l.J. V TrSAANLU WOCE ? Limn hm? 1 i a 'our through th? Park on Sa'ur daj tvo iu?. u d find t|,a< the nymausof ?h? pave are pa raoii p. in roil* ot ?our tffort* to |<ul a nt?p to tliein, In fntl ftstlur and aim eix r ei ht LuoVf w ?? ftin diux ia tfr.iaJ ?t),ia trt.nt of tha t ark as t?r ll.oir nuubon, I oould nut lee U tm. aii they uio not uarrj ligbti. I hu n> ui{ia< al?a parage lir>.'Bdoa> 111 ant quantity, :r<-m CuamlMii ui> tu M hitt ami l.itpauai J ftr? eta k that i*. in u?*t > iiopomit lo to i at* by tl em, with lidn.?, without their mojoa-.y hat'ig hvrt ly iht'r o reevo l?ugca?a. Id r>rd' r to ?tap <oia< B>toih>. uod old oi>?t, to<>, from valkiof Dr -adwty, ynq tivcld firakur'oat or di<(??rra i ho#u crowd* ot r iwdiaa au 1 wiiu'n be gentlemen, mm tticcomeri ot theTanou* atroeti. trwn. Chtia' er? lu Li-poniud. 1 may let >ou l>o ir tiom ,ue atrinaom. Tonrt, truly A.v ^li' I' b ? 'i here wa> a nmkt di^rtootnl row re"terd^y *->out 6 1'. 14 , lelw.en ?>iiiiio Uvuipai y Mo '31 and llo*e( opi >a rj Na. 21, o* the oi rner firvadtvey and J'<hu street, and uf all thr pelitoiii til* eiiy. osly one w at tirxcnl %t tb? #?ht, a i. (I 1 hi" dii Hi U't. 11* wan a Secuad ward poliuoinau. I Bill aeiid yo? Lu numher toou bi BLbT VLB^NIhG XA0H1WE3. The annexe 1 report of the operation* of tbe street eletniag mackia?? * as banded to Ilia Ifcaor yo&torday moraiBg:? a^ocsT or dirt jind -isnm emovhi kur the n. iirs r.vd may 19. * From Firrt Ward. Second. Fourth. Sixth. Tirt 334 an-i 710 ?US.? Ai he* 248 186 276 327 Total munker ot load* of dlrtf'-iaa the four ward* . 1,684 1)0. do. avbod do. do 1,U3A Total 2,623 The operation* of tbc com par j baTO been moch re tarded by tha largo amount of pav tag and repairing that haa been and 1* *till going cn la the t* rural waid?, but particularly la the Fa at aad Second ward*. Ifcia diffl culty, however, will aooa be obviated, aa wo hay* con mrnctd auapiug oil the land. &c. from thoae *tre?t* nhivh have oten rapa<rod, (the pruod raijuirod by t'ae rtgalaticn* for the aaaie to ramaia having expired ) aad will tollow up tlie work with the m?ahin?a. ikia *vi>, if evil il can he called, 1* net eoiittatd to the kieaiitiei repaired? the aand and gravel ba ng, by rraaon of tko iamenio traffie, carried in every direction, ttiaroby ren Oering tha labor of keeping the oUer portion* of tlie street clean very difficult. The Klnmy Expedition. [From tie BrowmviiJe (liutj Am? ric?o Flag, lift; 6.] As to nuch hk? l>e?n ?aid and published with regard to ti p inoTteimtt ot this gentlemen, we have tbouitlit the following letter would not be unintere?tln? ta a p jr ticn of our rearers U is wiit-An to eae of o jr citizens, mi dated Mtlrcjpo itan Hotel, Nsw \ tr!i. April 6tb, JS06:? IIar N? ? : J receive!" ycur faver, dated Brownsville, March 7. You ask what ) ou in tbe Hio Grand* navs i on* that jou should be preciured 'rom eigaging rub Kt in tlie Central Acrtcun trtirpme You are not precluded from joinizg n.e; en tbe contrary, I know of no sat-D I would sooner Lave witn inn than yourself and n 3 Rio Grand* trimc's, and I hope you will join we ihtre at tbe esriies' lime jnu can nafc<- It convenient. I iook ujf n the f'eo'jal American expedition a* fall of primiie. It requires but a few hundred Aaer can", and paiticulsrly if Texanr. to tate tbe control of all that country? a country which la des'laed to commtod tbe x'DDiueite of the world. 1 have grant* of land, and emcgti to tuake a mart upon safety and legally. I to tetd to niali* a suitable government, and i.he lest wtU follow. Msey of n.,) fr;ente have already gon? eat, and nui'i tre joicg? all of the right stamp for auch an ex *P' dition. I expect to be able to lea re in a few daje. ifc? of OwjU-wm (m* Jmiu (U1 Norte) bare re queued OjB to Take o uiu) of tlielr place, aod to eetae lirfc Rvselt tbtf first. Tbey are anxioutl; tx>*ng for ?? 1 7i'ii will be the point Itom which 1 shall start, nnd where I Vojie to fee my H>o Grange frieoda. Ax to tbe ratine of tr.e country, it ie productive and btauilful biyi nd description, and very aalu .nous. The ccri?iponiJei>t of 'he New Iouk LUkaij> ea;gth*tuin roil, climate vegetable and uiinaral prodneta. geographi cal aiiu geological formation, nature nsvtr ar. more for tvy couu.ry " My policy will be to male lib*, a' pttu of land to all wbt. aai 1st S,e IB BIT TOflfrtatlng, and that aecordlng to tba tduuos, ability aid mrelulaeaa of the iadt?idti!? And my irqu>?t li, iha*. every one should equip and provide b-n.R>U In tbv best pee?ible owr. Ia a country Ike that and un.'.er a new atate o' thinge, thcie wl.'l be. of course, mnny opportualtiea for a man to Improve h i petition and circutnutinees. 1 hope to have you with m. lleiieve me jourt, truly. H. L. KISUKT. Here, then, l? tbe scheme of the Colonel in a not shelf; he w U first plant himielf c<a that suffle.eney of land which be fcaa legally acquired, au 1 then, ?? tbe reat w 11 follow" ? the "lew hnnored Aaerieana, and especially U Texsni," the Colonel infera, would provide fer the balance. Who of hia " Rio Grande friends" will meet him, as rcquijec? Oae word to tbone who nay f?*l thua dtapoafO. Ibe etlootl ii quite right aa to the axpiili t:cn ofierlag opportunitiea lor tht improvement of ?h? ]>oeition ot tta partlaipante Hbonld the people againet whom be deaigtm to operate oa re tha power, tbey may expect thr.t elevated '? poaiuos" which ia awaxdelt/ ! the Itwi of mctt nati?nH to thote who take the life uad pi ope j ly of otteri. Ibe colonel ia generous in hie oiler to CiTit e the pluncrred eeuntry air.eeg the oooquerore. Pnt this wo'Jd follow only in the event of eucses*. ! hould jeversta, whtt thenV Tbe eeie braved *' baf Ito buDtlog cx(?dttioo" of 1(50 argue* no favor ,ibl? pri ccdcnt for th>g ao venturous colonel 'ji that event. Ibretirs suitl Krhlblttoria. Acjlpvmy or Menu The a?eond reprt-aectation of T>~ nixeiti'a opera, >' l.ucia Oi I Aminermoor," takei place to-morrow eveaieg ? the cbaractor of Lucy Aahton by Mad 'an* da l^rante, Kir lxl gar Kavewewool ^y t^lgnor 1 ? h 'th< lse Muate. lor J Henry Aaliton by Signer Mutelli, and 1 ord Aitbnr by B>gaor Arnoldl. JIpoadwat Theatre ? Sbakspeare's eomely of " Mnah Ar'o about >otb)og" 1s announced for this evening when ?r. Oarenpoft will appea as Reoedick. aed U>< F V n rif aa B- atr'ef. The farce of the " Windmill" will t*r.cln<!ts the amniemi nts. IIi.wijiy 1iuut*k? Tbe drama of the "? Robber'." with Mr Jbhnaton as the principal,' will commence tue 1 Bter'aimn nt? ; after which tbe tali of encliantnent cslltd the "te?en Temptations," will he played. The Mis t ia vfry good and tbe se< n?.iy beawtifal Niiilo's Ganrnr.? This faahioaahle and favorite resort opens to-motiow eveniag with tbe i'yae and llarrnoa oi>eta troupe. The pi-eo selected is the "Child or tile Regiment"? Mi?s 1 . Fya? ss Marie. Mr. Harrison as To nio, rnd Mr Rorrani as the Sergeant EintoN's TnxaTRK ? Three very popular p*eoe? are nouneed for thu evening by manager fiurtcn, who il wsys eati-ts well for hia patrocis. The G rat pieae la the '?ThiesVo Rig," witb Bartor and Mr. Holland in the le*d irg cbaraeters "Take that Girl away," and "Out for a Holiday" will aleo oe played. Waixacx'h Thkatrii.? The roaaely ef the 'flddki'i ConrWhlp. ' with a good cast, will be given to ntgnt Also, the admirable pteoe called 1 -A Core fo; the Heart AeUe." Iho caata ooatatn ell the names of the distin guished eome?i?ss attached to the theatre. l.ap.tciiK'H Thkatrr ? This piece ef amusement ie well Sited every night, and dseerve Uy so, as the company is very good, aen Haekett'e Paletatf is exeetlent. To nigh*. "La fere," for tbe first t me; alto, the new lrieh tar* of "MMmerlam," and the petite comedy of "OidGaard" ? llavctaaes by M. Harnett. AK?.ir>w Jfrwrw ?The aelee4lons for this afterwoon are the drama of "A Glass toe Much," aad "The Ttlier of Te^wortb." In the evening, the drama ot the "Sons of the Republic," and "The Uvod for Nothing," Clark, Badnway and Miaa Meetayer a* prlae*pals. Bucklky's Smucwadkw.? The representation ef eaera with wblt? fsoee, has mn'e a hit at thie location. To niybt ' Norma," wttb a very good caet, wiU be giveo, together with minstrelsy and lantrumentai pieeea Wood's Y^xxtukw. ? The genutse negro perf irmawoee ean be My n here? alee the bwrletqaa of the "Kandeciorf Minstrel." ^ Pxb ham's VtmmuiA? Tbie bud eeetns to be galaing greatly In public favor; they bareaoatae well, and are e|iplan(*ed in their sieging and instrumental please. They pioduce the "Baby Show" to night. CoNrTRT.? Mr Edward Barton w(H give a eeweert at tbe Chinese Assembly Rooms on WeJneeday evening. Prof. Rj>ley left for California yeeterday, after haviag astenlehed and deiigbted three quarters ot the globe, In elud ngailof the crowned beads of Europe. He now visit* Sen Frencieeo, where we predict he will reap a golden harvest. Culled gfates District ConrU Tf.rv Bn.M ? The Grand Jury rendered Mile ef indlrt mentegalBAt Thomas Longford, charge.] with anae<au1t with a dangeron.s weaton; JohnO'Donnell, eliarged with ceunterfettiag ; and against Henry Williams, for a einrJ lar otieeoe. Common Plena In Chambers. Before Hen Judge Daley. Mat SI.? Tli? eaee of "San" against the refractory witnesses was again postponed till rtuieday meraing, at 11 o'elork, in et neeqoenee of the engagement of eouneel. Tbe Hsall ow, Canada, Ha*n*r says that on the lflth iest., Blower aed King, tbe two nnfortucate men was were eofteeraed in the murder of Mr. Netiee, suffered the extreme penalty wf the law la front ef the Qourt Hwuee ?tCn;aga FINANCIAL AMD COMMERCIAL. Monday, May 21? A P. M. The stack airtit wy Iwjut this moraiag, with great activity ia all the leadiag rnikea * ? ?>M? ? Il>? threogheat ?n ipudi. At Ikt tret board Krto Bmil, 1876, UtumI X par Mat; Cumber land Ceal, X; M:unf??Tnaiit, X : New Yerk Central Railroad. X ; Brt* Railroad, X , Clevelaad and Toledo, 1; Hai lem, 1 , Headiag Railroad \ .Hudeo a Railroad, X;Fa nama lUilroed, 2 Thr* were pleaty of bayars ia tha streat to (*sy, ud tbe aukit Woks aa though it ?u ?bout be -eating peimtnently active. Then ia certainly a good btrli for quit* a ipteulttin a?T?Mat, aad eapi tal could far a Mm*, tad profitable employment ia tka ?took market. After tb* adjournmeat of tk? board, the followiag sale* of bead* aad stocks wera aadi by J. Thompson:? $10,000 Iadiana SUto 6'a 82 >4" 41', too " ?? 88 66,iOO " " #3},' 10,(00 " ? 83}< 13 I CO '? ? 88* 12 610 ? '? 83* 8,1(0 " " 83 X 6,000 '? ?? ||U It., 000 " " 8:>X 1,000 '? ?? 83^ 40,1(0 Iadiaaa State IX per cents tS% 14.0*0 " " '? i?3?i 5? 0 Iawitlana 91 Ja 1 * no Missouri #1?4 Th? following tales af bonds sad stoeks wsra made by Albert H Nieelay: ? $' ,CC0 Clavi-laad aad Toledo R. R. 7's and int. $2*f 160 tbnie* Cumterlsnd Coal Co 21 20 ?' Webster Eire Insurance Co 66 26 " Gio. ??' f'eam Sugar K? fining Ce? .... 32'j 600 " Voiment Mining Co 24*^e 6(0 " tluin*r(l Mining Co 3:. ;it 0 " It?bel)a Copper Co 34 1(0 " Cold Quart* Machine Co H4i,'a. ?00 " 'orintb Copper Co 2i>c. At the tecord board, tbe market waa much better, Paraoia Railroad advanced 1 per cent; Erie Railroad, %\ HmUro }J; Cleveland aad Toledo Railroad, X\ Ne* Yoik Central ttailroid, \\ Nicaragua Transit, X> Cum ' berlaftt), >4' . At tbe close, prices w< re firm at our qucta tionn. Tbe Ouctuaticas In Manama are about equal to anything we liava had during active apeculative tiaaes lb * afteiarea tbe stock opeaei at 09, buyer thirty, aad c'oeed at 06, teller thirty. This morning it opened at 97 J?, can!). Ibe umberland Coal Company hare rejected tbe bids mtde for their loan aad withdrawn their bonds from maiket. If tha company hare aay aurplus ia the trea sury, it had batter apply it at ouoe to tbe liquidation of the debt outstanding. Ilolcern cf tbe first mortgage boads of the Buffalo and New Yoik City Railroad, secured by a first mortgage oa the road betweea uunesville aad Attica, &c , are re quested to send in their names, and the amcunt of their bonds, to tie "Trustee* , at tbe MechaniM' Baak. " The trtaractlean at tho At sistaat Treasurer's offloe to day, were ss fol'ows: ? I'ald aa Treasury aaoount $142,791 22 Fetfived ou i4o 2:5, 164 12 Balance on do 2,876,114 98 l aid or Aieay office 86,281 34 Paid on disbursing cheeks 106,887 41 The receipts to-day lnslude >60,000 from Boston, t60,< 00 (rem Dubuque, aad $42,000 from Toledo, Ohio. The wairaata entered at tbe Treasury Department, Watbington on the !$th last., were as fo kura ? K't th? redemptiea of stoek $6,616 19 For ib* Tieasury Dtpannieat 30 00 For ibe Interior Department 7,056 41 For tbe cu???hs 609 00 F< i ? mount of warrants rto'd aad entered. . 20,965 83 RetiiTtd for eut'toms I,208,3(i0 89 For the Nary Department 167,727 00 Tl>e itdrmptiea of pub. la debt far tha week coding th? lGth of Maj, 1866, wan aa follows: ? Loan oi 1842, $11 6C0; lean of 1847, $16,900. Total, $27,600. Ibe earnings of tbe Michigan Central RaUroad for the ?teend week la May amounted to $07,499 67, igaiast $42,824 34 for the wne wetk last year. Iacraaae, 124 646 23. lie I'rchident of the Boston and Fitchburg Ra lroad C'< af any hee issued a circular, giving a statsment of the petition of the ccmpaay, aad laggesting a plan for tbe paj Bent of the floating debt. The proportion is that ibarthoidtrs wball come forward and take new ato-.k at , ar, ia tbe proportion of oae share to erery fourteea owd<6, by which moaaa tbe floating debt, amounting to about $300,000, will ke discharged, and the earaiag* may he appropriated to dividends, eommenelxgla July next. 1h? grors tarnlcgi af the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Daj ion Railroad Coaipaay for the year eaiiag Mareh 31, 1166, amounkrd to $483,820 48, againat $403,021 46 fur il?c pi evicts j ear? showing aa laereaee of $20,699 03 Tti mm, ?r o( passengers carriad on the road daring tbe j 1 ar (ezclasiTe of thoeo carried on exeunion truas) was 370,189, agaiaat 343,964 the previous year? showing aa Increase of 27,256. This it-create was mainly from local aad short travel, asd the receipts from paseeagors ?(Mu?qneat)y fell seasstting short of tha previous year. Ibe general iacreate af the receipt* of the road was d? ilvad from freights. A remarkable aad highly ias poittnt fact exhibited by the laperlatendeat's report, ie that about seTea-aighths of the eatire rtveaue of the read is derived from loial hntiasss. This baslaoss has rapidly !acr*ased unce the opening of the re id, andt'aia must continue to advance as the eouat ry through which this traah road end the various coateeUag llaes pass> Mils op, aad thns a large prolt will he 1 soured, iado peadeat of throagh Eastsra travel or freight. lha aaaexed atatement exhibits tho average daily ir eve meats of the leading departments of the baafcs of this olty, doring the week proeodiag Saturday morning, May 19, 1864 > Krw To*k Cttt Bxwkh. a. nan*. 8j>- rie. Circ'n. Depmilt. Pew York ....$3. IG?. 969 1,146 939 233,087 3,168,627 Maahattan 4,2'J9,<<97 8f8,807 399,980 3,070,666 Merchants' 3,7t>b,4C6 1.121.029 228,216 4,901.868 Mecliamea' .... ?,88?,867 848,611 371,339 8,317,721 UaioP 2,797,189 277,361 174,602 2.332,929 Anicrica 4,6f?,816 1,37$, 808 124,266 6,114 0 7 Pbtnix 2,246.741 3?6,934 S6 670 2,126,240 Cltj 1.664K1H4 3.'iS 450 76 721 1,449, 22? Naith Hiv?r.... 1,031, C89 76 8^9 1 81,817 815,634 Trac*ia*a'a.. .. 1,418 lf>? 183.640 239,490 868,892 Fill' on 1,629.960 269,811 184.059 l,?l>8,901 Ihtimcsl 1,616,502 662, S61 274,805 1,700.840 Meiob'ta' fcjish. 2,474 394 211 206 14< , 496 1,782,124 National 1 fi44.?43 184,946 184 181 928,384 But. t Diov*r?'.l,369,7? :t09,609 64,471 1,069 428 Meeb k TraC's.. 738,(48 64,758 114,29# 649 896 Greenwich 843 256 41,042 17?,9h2 461,571 Slot* 3,48', 844 474,003 602,340 2.335,453 Amercaa E*.. .8,926,112 to9,17i 2S4,24t 5,23)). 119 Kec 's Bt g. Ass 1,117,087 97 840 182,530 898 515 Ccn-merce 7,286,694 1,010,099 2,16i ?,C88,7d7 Bowery 994.801 72.334 176,076 776,445 Broudway 1,401,889 14.\fl(>2 211,679 1,252 871 Own..., l,I3a, 781 92,972 104.611 676,974 Mercantile 2,282,591 231.671 80,028 1,667,923 l'acific h:0,H96 .10,092 111,443 602,338 1'riinblic 3,087,9^6 771,780 94,811 3.489.476 Chatham 606,^07 66.216 102,726 364 ?88 Peotilh's 849 197 66,601 122,740 615.727 Nor'e America. 1,576.864 167, (>78 86.122 1,295 666 lit rover 1,20 f.79 93.727 114, 2?0 6?6,314 1,T)#? 630,612 05,(84 114,426 4*8,666 yetreioik'taa ...3,94^,128 635.(82 100 264 4,668.010 ClDiroa' 712,6*3 61,131 139,714 648,128 Grorert' 649,<87 9? 160 90.161 6)6,('t0 N.,,,u 1014,107 109,346 121,589 891,866 East hiver 532,919 64,89$ 89,176 281,787 Market l,14i,780 111,799 112, 43? 937, 2?7 ft. Nicholas 700,113 40,126 88,463 430,4'?0 lather Maouf.. 1,749, 3>T 173,114 211,837 l,8PO>?8 f. real b War*.. 1168 K78 158,841 184,240 897,400 Pb<e Ir leather. 810,018 68,236 104,639 466 874 Coin Exchange.. 1,69C, 443 2o7,847 98,636 1,696,317 CtBtiD'ntal. ... 2.046,20$ 192,444 78,7 '9 1,716,003 ( evmon wealth .1 166,973 $4,271 88,324 942,736 (jt"ni.l 634 380 44,887 97,0*4 346,897 Maria" ..... 740,822 66,92# 9? 669 637,017 Atlantic..' 463,409 70,44$ 94,058 $46 329 ltland City 341,663 83,089 8i,0!6 158,076 W Y Dr/Dcea. 4*6 668 iO,6hO 60,28$ 139, <M7 N Y Exchange. 197,676 9,808 107,261 130 044 Sill's Head ... 216 066 24>6 87,793 li6,684 Total 991 .476,500 16,225,060 7,C3S 630 77,351,218 ClJURIKO Hortl fiUMUtTIOKa. Ezcbn?|?a for weak ondiiic May 14 ?101,009.059 " " 21 110,110,174 Mmn m " 14 5,484.288 " " 21 5.97?,63J Tha ahara aegragataa, eowparwt with thOM fa* pro rtawR waakf, preaaat the aaaasad pitUmit ? Hutma or Maw You. Learnt Specie. Oircut'n. DepmtU. mc. 90, '54 .981, 863, 68T 12,07ft, 147 7,076,830 99^8 W0 >a 6, '65.. 82,244,109 13,600,903 7,049,982 94, 882.168 lac. 13 >66,. 83,070.081 15,488,626 9,680.401 97,808, :,M /an. 20, '66.. Hi,44?,0?8 18,372,127 8,081,8*5 89,647,818 Ian. 27 ,?t6.. 89,864,867 18.897,280 8,830,823 79, 190, Ml ?>b #, '66.. 88,145.897 17,460,198 7, COO, 780 72 92.1.817 Fah. 10, -6*.. 80,8*2.177 17,124,804 8,980,111 74,794,843 Fab 17, '66. . ??, 966,081 17,330,086 8 941,899 79,19a.*:i6 Mb 24, '65.. 91/90, W>i 18,378,876 8,983,692 T4.644.721 Mar. ?V65. . 92 886.126 18,M1,2T1 7,100,710 76,968,344 10, '66.. Ifi, 870,800 7,181 009 76,969,489 Mar. 17, '66.. 92,447,646 10 Wid, 032 7,091,018 76,624.227 Mar. 24,'ft?.. 9C, 0M>,778 Id 002,720 7, 4?2, 281 78,289,923 *?r fl.?55.. 9*Ai4.04l 14.018.106 7,837.033 76,0Otf 189 4p*il 7, '66.. 94, 499, .'94 14,^8,004 7.771,694 77,813.909 ,-p' 14 '66.. 94. 140,390 14 800,970 7,623 628 77.282,242 A pi. 21. '66.. 9.%'82,*03 14 866,041 7.M0.124 70 744 021 Vpl 28, '66.. 92,606.051 14,292,424 7,010,086 *$,219,961 y?y 6, '66.. 93.093,243 14 826,650 8.087 MW T9 214,1*9 SUy 12, '66.. 01,842,498 14,686.020 7 804,9 "7 76 850 692 M ?T 10, '66.. 91.076,600 16,226,050 7,988,830 77, .161, 218 A M "f tha U?t ratnraa with thoaa for tha pra nona w*?k, #how? an laertaM la dUoouata of (33,002 laeraaM fa rpacia ?f 039,4'KI laertaaa fn dapaatta af 1,500,02* Daeraaaa la ahealatloa 100,347 Tha ??vnmt laat w??k waa foil aa aaUaartlaarj aa '' - 'T* TT tto?tarftl?i*|NTi(H. For weakendte?ltey IS, tk* dopoaita deeraaaed 12, *3, 817, ?Wn for tha fMk aadiag the ICtk, there baa haw aa Immm ia that do? yutwit af $1,600 Ike rataraa af depaeita da aot, kowcTtr, ehaw their utul eaaCltioa, ul ill reported niteteai u* Mt, Ikmftn, af m M<h ooaaeqaeaae. Tka hRWH la tpaele la larger tkaa anticipated. After Ua laatiaa export af last week, it *u liuai that tha baak* woaU ahow a deeraaae, bat it la sot aa. Aa In ert no af mi* tkaa half ft m llioa of dollar* la tha faoe ?f aach kkipwata, akowa great aptcia atraagtb. Wa aia drawiag fraaa *11 etb?r pan* of tka ooaatry, aad ?traagtkenteg aarnalvaa at their expeaea. Tha utartl affrct af a eoatraedao la kaataeaa la as aoeaaaolattea of a>o nay at tha priauptl palnta. Capital la concaatratia* karw, aad naib-og will rito It tha rigkt kind of aatirity and dialrlbailo agtia but a full aad abon iaat harreet. > tee crape wiU glvf everything a atart,and aattl the reaait of the giowiag taaaoa ia kaowa, aionay will accumulate ta larg? title*, aad a Masterly inaettmy prevail. Stuck Eschaage< Monday, Kay 21, IBM. IBOfOVad'a *30 WX 1(0 aha JLria Kit. ? 15 48'i 1(0(>0 do >0 OtX 1260 do *10 4?% 21 (110 do b3 87 MO do 630 4H* ItiO N Y 4>a RK be 88, VJ 260 do b?0 lOWX lUIat laaath'47 94 X 100 do k'JO 48* 1CCC0 Mo 6'a bS? 94% 2(0 do,. ...a40 48^' 1C?0 do 04)5 I? d? bflO 4h< 1H0 FrU l-ODd* '83 fiX 50 Cl It Tol RR..a38 60)J 6C0(? Erie bmd*, **i5 87 J 60 do.... .a8o 8U,\ 1C00 Erie Con M* '71 88 M 60 do e li'6(0 111 o*BhKb*.*3 72ft 200 do MO 81 6000 co. ... bid 73 200 Harleia RR..r3 27;"? 7010 N Y C?a 7'. *3 103 460 do 27 X 10 fb? ) *l& H('?i>4l 127 100 do *3 27ft 10 Am Eirh Uaak.. HOft 60 do b'W -H 16 <lo Ill 160 do bOO 28 10 Bb N America .. l(4ft 100 do. ...bJ0 277* 30 Meirovciittu I>k. 110 20 do 23 60 Ca?b ( oal.. . *3 20 14 15 N 11 & Hart RR. . 118 60 (to *3 26ft 100 Kwadmg AR.. .a3 87*,' 1P0 co *16 2?ft 400 do a3 87ft 100 do ? 26ft 400 do *10 87ft 8 Canton Co 20 600 do ...... a3 87ft 100 *30 2 ' >i 100 do bdO 87 ft 100 btO 16ft 100 do kl?0 87 U 100 do... .c lfft 200 do b60 87^ 60 N YU.en RR.b30 01 2( 0 do b6t? 87 ft M0 do 91 180 da S'ft 78 do 91 ft Ao M 87 '* ?C0 ?0 b30 91 >4 t Hndion R RR.. . 60 do ....*10 91X 60 do *60 S9J< M0 do 91 ^ loO d# *20 40 g do 91 X 1C0 do *30 40 5 do 91 X 60 do e 40X 60 Ho *10 ?\X 160 ? do 4#'^ 1(0 do 91 X ll? do k30 40X VftO Erie JHjiilrr ad . . 48>i 155 Taaaina RR 97>i 210 do *10 48)i 50 do 97tf 8t0 d.> *3 4?X 100 do b3*> 97.^ 260 co b3 4tX 60 do aflO 97,>j' 160 do b3 4- ,'4 60 U STraat Oq,... 106 26 do 48;* SHOOK D BOAHD. 91000 loairiaaa 6'a. W X 26u iika M Y Oa RR 91 \ 2C(0 Ino State 6>i.. 84 200 Harleaa RR..b?0 MX 3(00 do 8?X 60 O Jk fol KR. . . ado 81 hOlO Mo O'a b:-0 91 >4 ltO Erie RR 48, 6500 HICrRBba k30 78^ 100 da e8 4*X 100 *ka Cumb C'l f30 27 100 do *60 48=4 H0 do k30 1\X 60 do 4HX 1(0 do (60 27 50 do *80 48?* 50 Cacti n Co. . . b40 26 X 60 do a3 48,^ 2(0 1 arU l'ry Doc* . . IX 69 do k60 49 ICOMcaraTraai.klO 16 60 do k5 48, ^ ?joReadiigbR 87 X 200 Panama RR..b30 UU 200 do alO WX 100 do 630 OHX 1C0 do bl6 87 >4 100 do ?D0 97^ 160 do 87 X 100 do h60 98.S 100 do b60 MX 29? do 930 98 cirr iRiDE HEPoar. Monday, May 21? 6 P. M. >fHM? The market vu quiet, and the sales unim poniit BMLADfiTrm ? Flour ? There wa? a good demand, and pncea for mdbod uod in' ilium grades adTanacd 12><o. per btriel Toe salts embraewl about 8,000 a 10,000 bbls , including c'miaon to choice ritata brands, at <10 a 610 24; Western Hut* do. do., *10 a $10 2ft : ftocy to extra do., (10 (0 a $12: Canadian, (4,000 a 5,000 bbla .) at *10 12 a ill; fe.<utbein was Arm, with galea (of 000 bbla ) at $11 25 a $11 87 for common to (p>od, and $11 50 a $12 50 for f.D'.y and extia. Wheat? ?*(?? of 8.O00 htishtls white Canadian ware Bade at about $2 63 C?it ? lbs market wka itendy and active; about 3,000 bushels wnt sold, including white and jellow, at $1 16 a $117. Rjenaa dull, at $160. Data were heavy, and nominal. CorrtK.? gales of 500 mats Java wore made at 14 We.; aid lot) Rio at 10)4 e. Cotton ? Tbe m?iket waa aetfve, with aales of 6,000 a 7.010 loler. fatout 2, COO of which were in transitu,) closing at lull 'Hc advance since the Baltic's ne r*. Fnhghth. ? lo Liverpool, 600 balea eompreased cotton weretagsttd at 600 a 600 hexes choe-e at 15s.; ICO bbls. rotm at If. 10)^d ; end 6,u00 buthels of enn at edits lo Glasgow, f60 bbls. tar were engaged at p. t. lo Hamburg, t 00 bbla. rosin were engage-'; , and tame cotter, at p. t. Naval Ethres were qniet tnd without change of mebt The last sales ol spirits w* re made at 45r a 4Hc., a> d of coir* iron rosin at ?1 9c pr ol0 lbs., Uei vered. Otis.? The market was witaeut change of moment. Fifty ca?es of olive were sold (quart*) at $3 60. Tkuvwioiib.? Pork was in tair demaua, wllh sale* of about 600 a 0( 0 bbla , including old mt ss, at $19 02 a $)6 "6. ano ?e? at $17 76 a $17 87, and new prime at $14 60; 1C 0 b' la clear mesa Western pork aoid at $18 60. Beef waa steadv; 2t0 hb!s sold at previous prices. Barcn wae firm, with eaten of 360 boxes. rii> in, a*. B.'^c. a P.?ac Cut meats were easier dales 160 bblr. Milsrau kin large tiz*. were made at 03{c , am 3G0 paetages of otter b?m?, with sboukera, aol<t at 0 l4'e. a 8\'c. for the oimer and 7)^c a 7 X<?. lor the latter. Lard waa firm, wi'h rales ot 400 bbla. at 10\e a lo .Sc. Batter ana ebeese were Cull. Bacx was quiet and dull, with small salss at 5)tfc. a ?Xe Fricra.? 260 bags pepper were sold at 11*., and 300 mats cassia were sold at 40c. ?rOAK ?The salts embraeed a boat 600 a 600 hhds., part Pcrlo fcico, at ft^e. a 6>?e., and the remainder Cuba, at 6)tC. and 60 hhda. Florida were sold at 6e. a 6e Vuifin-.- 150 bbla. State sold at 35c . and 30 hhda. drudge at 40e. tuimiHitom atsREWKi mtkeFi in. $300 COPARTNERSHIP HOTICB8. (jhl */? A Aft -VAM1D, A PARTNER, IK TIT? SpLU.vJUui lumber jusiaeas, at Albany, by a gentle man et goes aredl*. who baa exeerienae and all the appli ance* U carry on the business, eaeept capital, vie.: a well looatrdjara and offlee. and saextensiva eeqnaintaaee with Wattern lumbermen and Eastern and Southern lumbar dealers. lie la net particular whether the partner be active or <llent. A rental of from Ave to tfteea thousand dollan, or n.orc conld be proOiablv employed. Addreaa ffm. W Uu dxleb, Af orney, 11 Wall meat, Mew York, or bex3,H79 Pott > gice. fo nrm to v> 000. ? tub advertiser. nAViwo O.UUU tlit above amount, would like to engage in nun 1 roll -able bu'incea already established, or would take a bookkteptr or cashier's situation, where lila servioen, ma iler ?lth ti e above amount, would ea<u>e him a 'air rainu teration. Can give tUe net t of refereneea a? to eharaeter, ?ap-uelty, At. Addreaa William, box MS l'oat Office Conn TO W0.-WAMED, THIS DAT, A UBNTLB JpOUU nan of rtflned talente, to take an interest hi one ot ilt moit f ovular academies in Broadway, well estab lished, aid doing a fleurlebin* bnaicois. Meed* only to be eetn to be trptcclatad A a-oa man will ahare la Kt",Vu0. K. McMAllON, 176 Chatham stieet. -A TAkT.VfcR WANTED? IN A CASH MAXU facturing buaineia, that pays a bandaeme pr?nt i"r COO per r^Lt on thean ount or sales. If done stnotly for rash, and !? nted by all busiaesa men. Apo<y at the niabufae'ory, No. Ml Fulton aireet, room 7, fourth floor. <2>l>rw\? WAMED? AN ASSOCIATE. AN HONEST ?PZUU nan, to receive the money, at the door; cue wbo i? tond of travelling aad ran raise $2U0, will enter a rlad t.oid of >|.tcula iofcr; tbtre la nn such thing as fall. Call at No. 27 Bo a cry, room 1, third floor. PARTNERSHIP.? EIGHT GOOD BIN, WITH <P^UU from S200 totMNlto invent, are anxioua to got into lutiueea; no objection to travel. Also, partner wanted in a good mercantile 1. airiness, with $1,0110; money seou ed; een make irom V> 000 to $8,0*00 ) early. Aeply to C'AMi'UKLI. * DAT, 113 Chambera street. A YOUNG MAN, WITH ABOUT *2,000, WISHES AN intercut la come paytna bnaineaa already eatabliabed; la taniiliar with >ai> millt and machinery la reneral; weald pte Iit a manufacturii g, eonimisai.^n, or ahippiag bnaineaa. or wocld loan and it-oive a salary torarriicas. Addreaa box 107, Btrald i-flice, itaiing nature of busmen. C CALIFORNIA. ?1 WO PERSONS, WITH $2,000 CASH /'capital, n<av Join a company cf six, now forming to g > to Califirnla, wiin certain prospecta et making vaat aad speedy fortunea, by uslnn a n?W and tried machiae in tbe drv di< (ings, whicli operates without wa'er or quicksilver. Men of ,cou standing in lociety may address C. i. T., Chatham iqi'ara l'oat Offlee. O PARTNERSHIP.? AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN* with a small capital caa make a vary favorable arrange ment in an ageney that will pay a large profit. Addreaa, with real name, L. M., box 147 lie? Id 0*00, R. riTZPATRIOK, or THIS CITY, HAS TAKBN A ' drua atora in Brooklyn, for the pnrpose of having a bianeh cflee In It, and wlU take a yeaag gentleman aa part ner, with MtO, wbo will have aole obaraa and be thoroughly seated np in rvtai), anatomy aad a bate trie praetloe. Call at l'A Hud ion avenue, from 7 to8 P. M. DISSOLUTION.-THB PARTNERSHIP HERBTOFORB eiiattng under toettm ot Cutter A Stag*, is this day ditaelved by mutual consent. The bnaiaeas to he actUed by eiibtr patty. ^OHN CVTTAB. May ltt, IhU. NOTICE~THE PiBTNBBSHIP BBRBTOFORB BX iating tetween the awbaeribors doing bcslnees nndet tbe firm of Wm iaekawn k Co., oyster dealera, foot af Canal street, te tkis day dissolved bp mutual consent. WM. JACKSON, New Terk, May IS, 1W?. JAMES WARD. PARTNER We*TYD? II TBE BOOK, STATIONERY aad engraving bustaese: eapital required, $2,OOu Any respectable cersoa, who wMl put Into a good concern a ca pita 1 of $2 000, and bis own aorvicoa, may bear of a rare en portunitv, by eddremlng, with real aame, X. M., at the c IV SPICfAL > OTICB-? V BR UNDIBSIGNBD, SOLS pi of rotors of Adaaaa A Co 'a Cali'eraia Package Bx pttsa, have ihia day diepeeod of their entire interest la the asld expreta to.Meaera. Fr?? man A Co., whom we c>x>orfaBy reotmmend to oiir easterners utd the publlo generally w H Dims VORB. B. S. SAI?t<>KU Nsw York, May 16, 11U. S W. SHoRMaKBR. Tilt CNDRMlQmm HA YIN a THIS BAY P0R rhseed of Nostra. Adama A Co.. of New York, tbelr en tiro inttreat in the Calif oraia freight and Packago Rspreao, have formed a aepnrtaerehip, on dor tbe name aad firm ot freeman A Co., who will 000(00 thera.elvea te a legitimate expreaa buaineaa betwoow tbe Atlnatle fl'ates, flan rvaaelaeo sad tks west soaot of heath Amino. OAeo D0 Rroadway. J-O. M. FRRBMAN, K STIMBON, JOS 1 A H HEODEN, NfW Terk, May MA JNU. HOBY. * rl t ?* * " V I t . -Jl.T.VTJWVT*^* A'HllH^ilJ" AM..1CAN INDBPENDBNC A la Full -laiiliu t?ilk who ma* b* la Pull aal ^ ? *" ,["'*?* *? ?nl?* ?a a to U>* tam* i Latajette. Tb? raanioa wi I mbmih biu th* iviiiM Library iaPa-is, a* ib* UoWl d* Vill* ; Umu m la tm riam *? tb* eastern ntnaltrof the at**, to tWaroaai oontaining tbe mortal remains af bin who ooalaoad to 10 1 fait aad defer d tba cr.dle af liberty la tb* United State! altar whlob will to vi.ited, ia tba western extrnity at th city at Paan, tba bouse aaaapM by Krauk'ln. Par*aa daetrlas tartbtr part eola-s may Inquire af DAVID J BOLTON, 11 Hue dr. Mat-on* Sorbet ai, Part.. l'arts, a pril 19. IrfV Census taking notice.-tee marshals af pointed to taba the lain, at thi* (it/ are Tawnlit t attend a meeting to ba teld at tba Broadway Hon**, *1 W ednerdsy evenln*, tba 23d la.t. at 8 o'clock, to coafb tad s*cnr* aalformin af ae'l?a B? pra*tu*l. , Pl-OUB $10; Ci'iu %A ?TUB PEOPLE'S OLD EST AM lUbcd cal t>ad Hour ag*aoy, 38 Broadway, wilt eaatraa Ji* !!?. TT?* to ,nPP')f f#r lh* H"?? in! quality aoal a $5 per t?a, delivered ia .New York, Wllliamasarg *r Br*ak lya. Dv+m with mononolv iu o?ai and floor. G***'*lr<iOD Lc ""ERY AND HAMILTON A YBNU1 Railroad -N? tice W hereby liiaa tlial ear <rill .am men?e running vd tbe Hamilton av*?a* raad, tram tba farr to Ore.n?o? d, oa Tuaaday mora 1 eg, tba 33d iaat. Taa tan aill I ma jrtm 6 A. M. to 9 P. M., in aoaaactlaa *|tb tk 'rzv&sz av H OLMES Jt BUTLER'S Atom fatcat lira Safe Daaat, 90 aad 91 B?lu^c Iubc, (bolow Liberty,) N. f. 10 OF O. F-THB MEMBERS OF BNTEBPRIBl ? Lodge. No ?ti. are hereby u.'ifled to ma*t a', the !od.s< loom. Odd Fellew.' Ila.l, thi. day, (I'uatda; .) %!d last., at o'clock t*. M , tort be pnrpoa* of at'endlag the funeral of on late krotbrr, James Boyd. JOUN T. WILSON, N. Q. I iioa. Fay, be.rBtiiry. T 1QUOR DEAl.ER?, SEVENTH WARD ? BUS T NOI U torget the meeting neat Tuesday evening, at 151 Eaai bread way at 8 o'rloek Com* without la 1 to h?ir the r? pert of yovr of raaiUtHv. A. M. idtTtlKW', Cbm'n Seventh ward I.. D. Aie'a. Masomo notice -ins mlmukh.* oy covn nrLtal Iodic >0.287,0' t. aoj il., *ro 1 imm.uei toaitied 1 ?p? -rial moetiim, at tho LnJgo r oma, ooruer 01 Broove atd Croet'jr atreeta, 011 aft' ;uoen. the W(i <n?t., at 1 a eloek treciMly, to p.j the last tri.'nte of r**pe.( to abr late br?i|.-i. JaiuaaF. Jlovd. By order at Lvuaa, St?r?t*?y. IVM. UUnaElT, W. M. Notice -a ij?rj to tm public.-on anb alter WcOi.e-'i.\y. May -ui iuat., tb* fare in the anum A lla* ot atone, will I ? ?. Vi eonta. u T. MARSHALL, Proprietor. New tobk, ja>uakv is, im?? mb. bdrlet Dear ill? la r*p y to you** if the loth, a.kin< toy opi UIOL ef ycm mactiiie 1 oni i.tcr yonr pat-out <l )**taili-i uiact ina viilob haa bact lu < per*tlot> in my fattory f*r thi laat tour or ftv* most ha one ?t tb* grvatoat aad most import ant ini{iiii*Daair that ha? a??r boea Invented in the maaa lecture 01 furaitur* It perform, it. work iun*h mori quickly and neatly ti.aa that d me by haad. My triend. ant ook'omcra bare of'co ?-en the maobia* in op*ra'lon, aa< they all tpeak of it in the bUbe?t trrma, and are y?ty moel pleated a ith the n anau in wblob it p*tform. it. work Tb*y w*r* avrfrittd tu ??? how m'-ea tim* aad raoaejr eould ba axd by tbia aiachiu* I *aa altb tb* gr*al??t eonfldeuot mm ainitbd thi. wuohice t" all wuo bare dovetailiag to de, ai a vary important uiid valaablo ea* ?ei tb*m to p ?*.?*.. It wiU ?are ao mnch time eillabvr that it will vary .ooa pay t*i Iteolf. I aire 2S cent a on every barcaa wbieh I m^nnfao tur*. Ore v>an eaa wi h eae* dovetail from eight hnadred to athou.and dra?rr? per day wbil* thirty drawar. are eoa aidercd an avera.e Oay'd w?rk I ahoald not b* williag to part with iuj naobli.* ler three tb*a.aod dollar, if 1 eoaU Bi t procure another. It -ia plain, aimple, p*rle*tW prae'i ca 'lt in all it* part. Ev*r> thin* about it work, admirably, aad i> eaail> kept in arder. All ibat have wltne.**d it. op*' ration., aire* that it a ill make a great .avian in tim* and exp*n?*in dovetailing. Ibey .ay yen are en tilled to mn*k *r>dit for laventla^ and pertaetia. ao important aad ?ala allt . machine. I ?b*ll take much pl* ia .howiag the machine to any one oho would lik* to .** it in operation, *rd tbiak tb?y cannot fall to b* wall pl*a*d in *v*ry r*apeet. Et.p*otfnlly years, Warren Ward, 144 Grand ttr**t, N'ee York. 1 All cider, for maehin*., or any iaqniri*. ia regard to thamj sb<aldb* atHrtaaeilto tb* proprietor., Meuri. BOELEn A PUTNAM. 65 Uav.rhUl atr*et. bo.ton, 0 8ACEETT ? THE "TANKBE CARD WRITER" ? office at f-balea'., SI7 Broadway, St. Niobela* HstoL An auortmeatef the Yaak**'i *l*gaatlf written or engraved at bom* note., waddla* aad vi.ltTrg aarda .1*., eaa a* bad on .ppiioattna, or *?at bv mail to aay part of th* eoantry A package written in 15 nimutte. Mr S. vi.' ta tb* wattrtac place., as u.nal during tb* aeaaon. Tns carson lkacite wiLii uold a meetingi on W*da*aday ereniog t3d laat., at 8 o'o'oek, in tba lslercker buildings, U e*?k*r .'reet near Morton. Ad drasie. bv K*v, Prof U. Mattlaon, Wm. D. Morphy, Esq, and Iir. Jau-ia Kei.muy. th* frieadh of law aud of it. *z* eutioa are iuvltcd to attcad THE BTOrKIIOl.DERS OF THE PAOIPIC MAITj Steamship Company are r?daested to attend tba yearly medleg of stockholders ** tb* ? fflce. 64 Sooth ilrnt oi 'Itoirday, May i?4, at 1 o'etiok, to receive % report of tb? pretont condition of it. afl>lr? Bv order ol the lloard, WM. U DaVIDOE, Secretary. New York, May 18. If 56 rTBE EDITUH Of TIIK NEW YORX HERALD.? 1 have fluaily *b*lly exploded th* e*a.piraey acatnsb me. Jna'ioe Besart haa dlaobargad m* from 'he eaargas of rspe aad attimi teo abortioa crombt again. t ma by Annk V<e?-n, and embodied in brr affidavits drawn by Ja?ol? Coll. 1 hope to be able to nataMl b by evident* th* who** details of ttis last *ff> rt to rxtort mcaoy from me If evarp man wonid art bi. Ike* lik* iroa a^aia.t those attempt, at eatortion, tbry ??n)d a?*n b* far !?*. fre<|a*at. To J a. ticea bavid.on and P*?ro?. andJudra Bcgart, I am pre lenndly gratctul f. r the fair and thorough inv*atlg?tt<<na thev ba** made of ti.Me ekar e , aud 1 hope that ui) family and myiolf will aae lomer suffer in tbn estimation of tb* crvmnvltv ty the>e trnol ai d groundless aoeasatioas. C bop* that I ha?* m*?e my last app*4r>no* ia suoh a cha raattr apon tb* pabbc atag*. Ke*a**tfnlly, 1 HOMAS CODBIRTII. 30 ' tUSICAli. P^E *%W PIANOS TO LET VERY I/IW? WITH (riviles* of sal* and r*at deducted. Ala*, a large uunihiref I*?w 1 ork and Beetoa pltno. for aal* at graatlw reduced prices, bar* ehanee t<> k*ui* bargain.. Call all ?e?. COUA * BMoTIIaB, S43 Broadway. TO PlAMiFOklAh 10 LET-AT ??! Ct. U AND SS A JO moatb, or fcr aal* from t85 uptoaatra oarv*d, S39U. A baid??me ro?*?oo* ti vctav* fvr $100. Plane* taatd aad. muit taught tn all tin prpular iaatrnmaat., by PKOF. DL'MSUaY, 2i5 Grand .treat. Attention? pianuportb pobcbasbeb? look at .ar ted need price, for *aah.? or 'ave, plain, at $146; 6k oatava plain, ?<H>; b\ oatava, plaia, *175; 7 ** tave, plain, SJW; |k octave, axtra tal.b, S155: tiW eatav*. extra tnieb, *1 t, i ?4 octave, axtra nnl.h, SAW; 7 **tava, I extra Snltb, ?2A? 1 1 0W. MoDOAALD BROS , Maaafaota rers, 202 Bowery. 4 LABY. TEACHER OF THE PIANOFORTE ANI>| 'l a I a* ins, wiU aive ,nui. at KS p.r anas tor, If appliea-l ii n ia made immediately. Undoubted tefaren** givaa.l Addr... kasic, Lroadaay l'eat ulo*. A SUPERIOR 7 OCTAVE BOSBWOOD PIANOFORTE, but litti* usad. f'r ildo oasb; aUo, a an in tor *f seoaal hanl Llano*, roeewoed a>id mahonaa*. at iraat bargala*. U taken Imir.ediately ; prices $20 >-5, $36 $10, iwi, $70, $76, $K6, SCO, It.V aad $1110. at 402 <ith avenn*. Mar 24tb at. Pianos taned, repair e-, or takea la azabaag* STIIR8T PEEMIDM PlnNOPORTES, MANUFACTURED F by STE4> WAY SON li, 88 Walker street, aw RrMd-l vay, N. H ? Tiiea* ptae* received tb* ttfat s? am lama, Iml **mp*titioa wltb stone, mad* by tA* moat *e.iabr?tod maaa t etarers *f Bottoa, N*a Y"rk, Phiiad*l oUta. aad BaltA-l 01 ore. Every piano ranaatod. Pttoaa modevato. VTEW HESIC.--B1GHT OYEB WROVO," 8WO ANtt] il ehorns by tbe Uauhiaaoae aud *na? iy th*m at tbelcl eoaaert. wltb nf?at stioreea; 20 eta. "Swinging Polka*" kr| 1 homa. Baker, comao.or of th* o?lebrat*d Sparattag Polka ;l 36et>. lit'anage embi lifbed with a batattfol virnette r*H Saaantlni a fotaat sateg. HORACE WATERS, PabUaher.l 3 lirvadvay. P1ANOEOETM. ? JOHN P. WAEE A CO., MANUVACJ tnreta, have ramoved tbelr piaaoforte wamboaa* find 48 Barilay .traet, to tba near aod ep*di*ae building, !fn Caral Mr**t, betwe** Uudaon aad Yariak atreeu. I ilaaoforto. at wboleeala pncea, for eaac, or *atisfaatorv| pap^r A great todaoeeteat tn pnrobaaers aew offered. TO FAMILIES -4?N K FLUOR, C?>N?ISTINO OT Six] handsome aad well 'nralthid apartm*'ite, 1 avln* alH tbe modem eonvenieneee for bo-iaeli-aolag. to l?* ut No 77'J bread way ; will be let eeptrately, if required. PI* as* appljn from 1 to 3 o'alaeb, 11 afrar ti P. M TnE MC81C WAR -THE DISAGREEMENTS WUICQ have existed II the cm>lo trade 'or tbe put few mot>tiu have been amicably ?rratg*ii 1 1 1. agreed that all the con' cot yrl|ihtmu>ie publt hed at tb* > Id net prle*. .hall b*.ol<! at 20 percent lea. than thete price*, whioh will r*du** It to tl* dscin al divisions of our euTotcy. All th* masle wl have P'ibllsbcd,markei< "reduced pr cee" will be -old at that prlc?. tat on fu'ar* editions th* words '* rtducod price'' will be left tiff, and an aaenisk (*) aab.titoted la tbelr *t?ad. W. to return o?r maaka to th* inblie for th*lij*rsl mat< n.r they have eontrltioted their s-tpi ort to r-r rnat reforn In the trade, aad t? oonRrntHlate onraelaes aad onr oot?m porarles that aa arrargement ba. le.n affected oa term* so honorable and s.ti.lgetoivr to all. WM. BaI.l A SON, > n 'fti Krotdway (opposite tbe Park), T"T PRIGHT PlANt S FitR SMALL RtlOHS? O ILBEEPfl U make, snperiarinatmmaatoat v*r? low prtoos; p'aa*a and malodeons to real or for aal* and monthly payment* 1 la aold at half pnee, ba HmEaCE WATERS. WANTED- A FIRST RATE VIOLINIST POE PEE J bam'* optra tronpa Apply at 069 Broadway, b*tw**w lOaad S P. M., tbl. da'. taken at 333 Broadway, wher* muaic I HVSVKAlffOB. Vf ?CHANIC8' rim (JNBDBABCB com* A WT. ? CAFI> M tel. $?a?ao.-oflu#, Um u< uather auk kaUttac, XI r Breaewa/ ,?ora?r of I'kwkm i'thi. - ThU (tM taplta] k?Tl?( all km p?14 l?.) h prepared to Imri talli' INK ?rnkiiOM, iHjt to fori, uJ wrut. kn? aol? taraitare, aal ?wi?l property get^aJIr. a^ain* 1?h *T ?*b>he* *T ?*?, ea favorable tarai Imm *?nita kf t4?M M< mM. _ m W*l I.I 1MH. BB 8B0+T. FteMwi. IiDlT B. Bawbob, secretary. oia rrroK*. W*. H. Be greet, ?? Tietowt, friian Haai, Dealer T. Smith, .V.iemor Khiito, AH*. VeCottw, Ckae.y. C?peUi?,Ke?.ken A. I^iw, M*w4 BeOieefc Pan* E Cio?m ?arrerae. LECTDBB9. _ ' T SCTVRE9 IX BKOOB l/TX.-PBOriSS*)* VITALISj JU 8CDEHH hue Wn ia?i?.?<J k; a anmber of Promiooml eitiirn* la Hrooklyo, to rtp--?t kte eoar?o "f fi?e l?"taro? on the "Wo?m?t? of the ? hrirttva Spirit In the Sphf*e M Po?try," (d that city. la e ? piianoe with thli taOtatloe, be aifl ilvebla fltot Holer* tM?(Ta??<Uj>e?raJn?, n* laet ( it 8 P. M , in Paekcr-e P?m?lt laitiiato /oreliuaea "tree*. Ticket* for th> oeurie, rt (I. are eoM a? ? he h >eh?t?>re* el Mirth, Atbcrwiim, *ad Palton meet. ?ingle tlekoti 36 cent?, at the <t0f. .7".'.",'"; ?.s55! ob FhIav ???!!?( Dr B HOfM fflMUMUMlirii, eat ofloe, Ne. I Boad ?tr?et; hear*. ? till 1 B A8TBOMK1T. "T~gTBOMKlT ABlD PH**.VOL>?0 V-TU1 CK[.S< A kmtoil Hro Flonry, from P?fi?, elioit Klalnthukwi MBttnatlT eeaialted hy Napoleon I, give* iaronnetloa?a ?ll ?T?ate o? life, et m Broome ktteet. UBi BABBBB BBSPB^TfaiXT ANVOCtfCBf TO M ell her trionlo tbat ohe he" r?aio?.?t te m Br?om? ?tieet. (formerly SB Utpeaar* (treat.) where eho eia b< owafted ehoat laweaHe. ?yrlage*. fce.Ueee, the eeta*?4 thehetf, khe iha?nl?i ef iWhaitoeM

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