Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1855 Page 3
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moms mm itbt ui I&LK8 AT lOOTKMI. . UCTIOB NOTICB.-SUPEUB B.NUU8B IMPRJYBD ? *mki? ud ?ii <U iiamoad Jewelry. - VwiKB M: U K N 0 K will Mil ti uttiM this day, lay 22d, at huitlbroDBi, lo Wall etreoi, at lt>)f e'elooti, ? li*** iaveiee ef splendid diamond Je elr>. Ao , Ae , W? ?' ?mglo (Una ud cluster ilaoaoud rings, pirns, w ting*, weaetpins, Ac., ladkee' watehoa, >?! wlOD diiiMili, epleudid ur ported watches, ia heavy 18 earal goH ?a? ??; 'UMtpiii, 4a., lediea' wetchce. rot "ita dlaiaeada, _ did imported watches, ia ha?Ty 18 earai (old oaa-s; Bad detached lever, doabia Uma keeper, ladaauu I d?i second, jduplu.Jeplne, to , bf the boat makers in^fco stone onyx pin aad eariiecs, s?ti ?( gold do , bracelets, brsaak rope, vis. Cov par, T 3 bias, lira ., Ros oil, Jurgeneen, kike Fretee, Ae ; tploadid acta of aioaai* cameo, gold ?nd oayx pia aad earrings, NUtl gi.ld do , bracelets, r>r Mat, (old fob, (sard aad vest okaina. I a dim* ehatelaines. Bleeve kattcai, studs, rlag?, penods, looks to, to . Ae. Alaa, a largo assert meat or plated ware, saeh as spoaas, fores, Bettor knives, HUta, As., 4c. Auction notice? large sale-excellent household faraituro, large mirror*, ail paintings, silver ?war* Ac. JUSBl'll L SMI I'll, auot.oaoer, 'ill soil this (Tuatday,) Morning, 10>f o'oioek, the furniture in Ik* large three (lory bouse 76 Franklin, near Church e'reet, o .usiit lag of one costly grand action pmnulorte, ia ro<e wood, very ?oetly aad nearly now, elegant carved rosewood parlor suits, ia satis braces c, uiahogaav aulas, cushioned chairs, rioters, Yoseeuod centre, side am curd la .ies. o.k r?ok, mnsi; and ?or nor standi, e'egant tapestry carpet*. nearly uc* lar^n Mirrors -4*44, rich broeatel and lace cur ains, easily oil ?>, ei ten si in tea and diiilug 'able*, bod com fnrnl ureoftbc beat kind, vis . r tisi'ud and mahogany bed ?tends, bureaus and wasbstaods, marts in the be<t man set; also maple and otber iedst?ad?. cane seal oh air i two elegant painted b?dro?m .ul"i., oeddiag, r boa's, pit lows, Uaakets, leather beds, h ?>r uotara a wa-ib ?lands and crockery, bedroom carp' a, lounges ouiaa vaie<, ?lrgaat ohinit tea sets, beat cut c .tlery, rloh sil verware, salvers, carters, with h-?*y at b..tuei, oake bas kets, spoon f, forka, rich plated tea >er'ioe. 4c mesas *ill commence with the kroben f irni' are, <? . ich embrace* ? large and aesirakle assortment of e?cr> tni?; neeesaarv foe lie ns?he> ping. Persons abo-.t sun, *o bonaokeepiug wilt do ?well to attend, a> evcrytlnng will be rotd N niaiusJ in the ionae, and witkont tha 'ea-treaervatiia wbatoyor. A aask alepoeit required from all purchasers. Auction noticb.? John uotrcu, jr.. auc tioaerr. ? Assignee's sals ol alegaut ro%ewoji aad ui? horary 'urkiture, pianoforte, royal tap-stry, volvot car ?etiug, pier gikl'e*. oil paln?iu?s. aiWrr ware, oblea ware, Ac , to morrow (Wednesday) at lu)i A. li. prootaely, at A*. 70 Karray street, the at>tir* spleauid vontenta oi ttie boaai, which are, in brief, as loUows:?Koae?o< d parlor anita, ete Raatly vnholsterea, and covered in marten ortmson and areea French satin damask; Italian r'aiuarr, marble tnp tables, leariiy carred 7 octave doable action pianoforte, made by Ba-raere, of this city, warrsuted; t? ia ih?trdm?nt, for fineness of esterior and qua>it? or tuu-i, a u isui-paaaad; also a fiaa rosewiod etogere; UbUIifii ?bre>ishoat in pltte ?lass aad ltslika marble; Fro cb work tablo?. rano? eoep lion ohairs, eseritolres. larPe and aplaudid f'r? eh i lata pier plssses, in oostly frames; rich ht-a?y lace and br?catel ou? taias, orUiual oil painaiogs by emine'it modern ar'l.n; CSotbie inlaid aad solid statuary, marble cloaks, enemy Dresdea cblaa ware, fine vaaes of Sbt.ih puroaiain, Parian marble stands and claasio reprr?oMa'i'ina; isa'io ;au? ox tSL ion table, with antique uarv'ag; table iloe.i, ivory o it lory, Vn-nob china, silver tea eerz ces, cako saskots, torks, apooas, neavy cut glass ware, wines, champagnes liquor oases deoahtort, 4e.; rosewood aad matin- any bedstead*, rosewood marble top dreseiag bureaus, ?a?h?' torts, oeruer and towel stands, pallikssea One eurud h?ir oiatr.rsj?e? ?onnterpanos, bolsters and p'llows. ehiua 'oilot s?t<, oval ?ad square frame gilt mirrors, 4c Sate positive Auction noiick? by imwa&u scuinck. -on Thursday, Hay 24, at 10)? o'oloik, at <t? Wall street, areat sale or aa importer's stock of flneo'd wines, braadlst, Ac., without reserve. Full pareieulars oa day previous to * sis. A UCTION NOTICB.? CROCKERY, GL.A43 AND A okiaa.? JOHN K. VAN aNTWCttl' will sell aa Tues day, SZd last., at Ut o'clock, at iso 210 Pear street, freia the shelves, S3 orates white granite, a-isoc'ed; 11 lu. mul f erry ware, S do. light olae, 7 C. t'. dipt aud e iged wars; 1 cask ehiaa. Alse, 73 packages gtasH, assnrted, all kinds; 1 ?rate cpittoous add wate? ke?s, 10U (aaey cloeas, knives aad forks, chamber aad water pails, lantocas, Ac. Catalogue! new ready. Teims at sale. AUCTION BALB OF KOSEd AND QKEBNltOU'B Jx plants.? J. L. VA N Hi. W AT tt K, will sell, oi Ibis day, May 22, at 10% o'oleck, at 'he sales room U 3d ai iea lane, a large er>llee<t?n or mvatblf and perpetual rotes; climbing do. in pots, full ot boas; alse a largo assort seat ef grteabouse plants, auo fine cullootion et bedding plants; all ia fine oraer, from the tiorsery et Chariot H-rj, Niaot) eighth street, aad Third aveuuc, N. Y. Alio, saaa ?srtmet t of (rafted dwarf pear, appie aad quinoe trees, all ia ftae order. Auction noticb-crocbery. gi.asj, and ohiua ? J 8. 11. BARTLETT, auclooeer. will sell ->n Wedneeday, May 23, at 10 o'oioek. at 2til i'uarl street, lu lots to suit purchasers, w. g. black printe.i, yai-ted and Rook iaghoai ware; china, silver plated war", glassware 4o , also, six chcsta oolong tea, tea oaaaistcrs, ao. cat?loj>ua on Tuesday. Auction noticb.-j bocart, AtcnoMBER. By S. HOOAKT, Wednetde), at H>4 o'clock, a ?? the auetioa rooms, corner of ffankrort and Wit. lam etreets. mortgage sale jar^s assortment of gcaieel houaehold larul tura? sofas, mahogany freneb bedatoads, bureaus, ear poos, kair aad busk mattresses m.rrors, cruekery, ktacoeatuiai tare, Ac., removed for conveulenoe ot sale. Thursday? dry goode aad fancy goods. Auction sAi.sor plamts.? j-btb* par^s will soli, thji day, kt 111 N?m? street, new Beeknaa, ? splendid variety of moatbiv i .see, verbeuas, tu Ids, oreopers. Aa? Irom the nurseries of Mr. Wueoa and Mr. Fitxpatriok. 1 he sale will comprise the fiaest ateortuienn presented this seasoa. Auction notice.? will bb sold at thb foot af Fifty-third street, Bast Kiver, tiie euatents ef tbo shot tower, ooasisling of maoblnery, short ooals, horses, >oarts, aad varioas other articles toe numerous lo aseati>a, ?a Tcesaay, 22d inst., at lUj^ o'clock. l'hs above sale is postponed to Taesday, 29th, at sams place aad hour. Auction noticm-tuos, brlu auotionbbr By Bell A Bush. To beihseUerr eiatloaets, blank kook maaufactorers, *e Oa Thure iay aad ( 1UX ?'oioek each day. we will tell aad olteu tbo balance stock o choicest articles In the line, by order of assignee. Removed from 177 Pearl street. Auction noticb? thos. bbll, auctionebr. By Boll A Bash.? This day, at 10>? o'oleck, ia oar aa lea rooms, 12 North William strait, no will ooamaaee tke i%le of a stock of rick silks, sa ins, remnants, mantillas, aba wis, laoes and various d if goods lla< ne, 'able de_, boaie rj, goats' faraishlag goods, Ao , wi I "e contiuued. Wednet day, at 10>i o'oioek, at 234 Seventh avonm, between i wea ty flitb sad Tweaty-siath Streets a geaeral aesertmeat o aaod second hand furniture aad housekeeping articles Bare particulars mernlag of sale. A. CHILTON, AUCTION BBB-rORNITUBB OF A hotel aad restautaat, this day, Tuesday, May SI ? Cole A Chilton will sell at auetioa, to day, ai 10% u'eleox, ai U Barclay street, aear Broadway, a 1 the (araitara re Mitiag ia the aaava house, oempri-iag aasagaay a?d other esteasiea tables mahogaay sofas, sbatra, oliolotns, toilet bureaus, a aamber of enotosed wanhi taads, bod-tea >1 a. As ; plctares, mirrors, s bad as, related ehe<r?, plain bureaus, glass, neekrry, do. isrms oain, in bankable a>a?y SY r. COLTON, ACCTIOMBR? i.A*Qi SALB ;OF household luraitara, piaaof. rte mtrrora Ae ? F Col will toll to-morrow, Wedeetday, 23d. at l<^ o'clock, at the auetioa rooms, fit) bookman street, seooad eto.-y, a very large assort meat of good bow aad socsd tiaad firn-tere. Betas la hair oloth aad bmoaaol, Voltaire oha rs, tote a tote, mahogaay Froach b?d steads, ohairs eoaohos, mahoga w aad rosewood secretaries and boekoates. mar el a top dreeeiag aad plan bureaus, marble top oeatre. eard aad ?am tables; Maok walaut exteasloa diaiar a a., carved and pisia rook evs. largo aad small Freaen pltte aad *val mir TOfs, caipetsatd eU oteths, beds and mattioseoe. Ae 4c.; alse, oaa eudt of msrbte top outtage bedroom fureitare, la good order; also, oao very rich set of laoe ea"aiae and cor aicoe; also, oao roeowoed piauonrte. r>\ oc<ave and fatly marraated; alee, 20 full pieces of otlolota aad ?i disea e irl maple aad biaek walnut cbairs. gala peremptory, aad coeds mast bo removed same day. B1LLIABD TABLES, PISTOL AND B1FLI UtlLBtT. Atauotien, oa Wodaosda; , M?y ?). at tao ?tvia< Koouie. ?vraer ol Breedw** aad Walker streets, aiae supsrt >r oil liard tables, Bassford'e mace, iria frames, together with Balls, eaea. Ae.; also, settees, chairs, oileiotns, 4e. a so, the rite aad pistol gallery, targets, and everj thing oennec? ?d with the gallery. Sale ia ceasequeace of tuo owner re Auolag his butiasss to one Boor. Also, the two fioers to let. Inquire oa the premise*, or at the room, l<7Caavl atreet. WM. WlTi hRl, Anctloaeer. Si; CK. kilLI.XK A CO., AUCTIONS IKS, *IM< 8BUL, ? an W*dB3*dhl May 23, Hill) Merotimta' Bxtbeaga, M UK t'clMk. ii ?)?(>?!* aiory *a? bae*iaeux eric* ktiNn Ckrumt iviiui, miiih> Greaea aad i.? ?>*ate; two Ttlotl l* thr*e ittri sod ka>xeiniut brisk boa ?? on aaat ?id* Carlton arsone, between Fult.a aud iUeut'c arenan; two I run* dce'liag muii 01 doutb Sevcuto ?tmt, Jarn/ City; on? da. Hargta Hill, Bear Court Unw; Nthtii' tui ul? of taeniy one fcaxt >?ar Vork oeBire lata Cor tar mi apply at the eOoa of the anctiaueore, 19& Broadway. DS. HOUGH, AOCTI<iM|CR.-MwRTUaO? SaLK . tbU (Taeaday) norata;, at lu*j| M ? ( au-.ll *xp*ae far Mile the tpleadid ??>Mait o lu ? <t?rr aud bee* ??at heoae in Warita near U'a*nwi*u atraat, e abraunj rlah roxeweod fnraiture in rtrlajtl; notorvd *.>rerie<a ; ?ar red roe* wood stager* do. boeketa*, do. trench aeereiary, 4a. alaftbut aioi atoi re, aoatly oantra table* put* (runt rjM iraod artaolr, reeewoed aad mtka.aar **f*?. obalrt, rioter, aarved cxtexaloa table, laial* ta >i*a farU aad p?pir xnaebe d*., taperb royal 'alvat exrpot, BraeaalW ?ud iugrain <!?., elOftat. reeewoed pieaeferte tina oil ?aiuiia<?, pier aad , oral aalrr?ri, elegaat laoe aad ia i<iia eartxtue aiatLa, nor aioex, io,, elegaut decoration* ahiaa ???*?, parlaa laar'iie atatuary, I<oh*miaa oat ulaaa ware, *ilTar eerrioet. lairer*, fork*, caal ire tpeenx, Ac ; oklaa dinner and tea rota, ii;a Man, wiaea, deoaater* liqanr rti ?t to. ; reeewojJ bid ?taa4?, do. bureaaa, withamrbletupx, do. ar%<a<ta<i. i> et ( ill, hair mailt***. aofa a>d aid* table*, toralar o?a of tha )anoat aad ao*t de?irable .aale* of the HUia, aad all of wbiah will bo peremptorily aotd. EC. HALI.IDAY. AUCTIONBBB. PtMlTITB SAUK a 01 ftaoraaiODt* ooanty !? por otat baaii* ? K C HAL l.tUA V will Mil at aaotion va Taoaday, Map Ui IH&>, at UH o'olook, at tha Merohai t*' axcU?*<?. for aeaouat of wh<a It My ooooora? U&,0?0 a a*- aaiaato oaaoty taa par oaot baa da $1,000 aaob Jtls 000 4e. du., tftM aaua rtaae hoade an laoaod ondef a law of tha at* a o( California, paeeed Maroii Sth, IMA, whteh eeateta* etrtojen! prO'lai>a< far tMr eeeattty. Thar ara areas ted by t^ia aieetw**r* ap ?iatad by tha State, whe hare nirau b-arj bonae let the tbfal panwataN af tkair duty Tba eot uroouae far aad lapooaa aa aaaaal tax oa tha eanuty to aaot tbo late Mat, aad a farther tax af 14 oaata oa each eae bnudrad dol lar ? of property ta aaot tba rodeapXoa aad aiiraneat ,.f ?ha baa da ta taa yoara, via: let Marob ISM Tha laaeraet Ii payable aa tha Ut Mareh u< lit itepteathaa, la taa ?bp of flow Vork. aad thaanenat tha . will e* da* aa la* ^toat-ia bar ?a?t it already aat apart Tha wb >1* taaaa autaariied by law ll bat WHi ??, tha prooaals af whtob war* app'iad la tha araotlea af pabllo boiidieea for tha oaealy. A eertifted ?apy af tba aat aadar w blah thae* be*4> wr* lataai, ba?r h? the aaal af tbo Baata aad et*aa??re* af ta* SaereUrr *f Stab* aad Dapaty, oaa ha aaaa at ah* *Aoa of tba Atauta WW. ? Wat ?/r**t. The* ar* la all r*apa*u a drat ela a *a ?ality. wblab with tha hl(h rata <f lataraet tkay haar. rea Mn Ihb aa attraoti** ail deetrabla leraetaaat. The* will ha eeld without re ear -e t* tba ht^kaat Mdaat. ELI AS B. HBKBT. ATCTIOKBBB, flu BBLiTtHO day at MX a'otaek. a? 7d *??**? etraa-, a tiea tuart ? tat of aaathoaaa aadalhar ?<tat< o*M>la<l?? af r?*a ta had aad blaaa, ataaa aad vaaal?? rea* . tvreato aa. aarba ?aa, wl-earlaa, (ladaelaa, p?> alaa. dahllaa, earaa.laa?, oraaaa aad !*?*? ttaaa. A* ; aelaot*d pa-ti*ii?r r ior ahlt atla rr>a lha aar?arla* of Ma?ara. A HH.I, ??? Pe iraeaath atraat, aud W. MTllaaa, U W*et Poarlaaath atraat, aad A* tent, Ua| Idaad. EH 1.MPVOW, A0rTIOVie*_ptRt??T.?BT ? aala af aa clop aat h? a a 4 twa lot* *a fwatj flub atraat, a? anntlaa i H. Undl >w will ootl t< atatia*, ox Tvaaday, May. >24, IHM, at it a'eloek, a- tha I ?rataata' liahaiia. by ordar of tbe <tapr>ia? Oenrt, aider the 4leaa nloaof dohn Oraar, dberlf. that *ary do^rabia prepirtp Pie. in Welt Iwtali till Hr??t i-?t St* fe t fy.?*', a?d raar, by 117 fH* f |. *be< leap; brisk (d*able) koaaa ,W fait by U that, la BnnlWk ootta^e -t?lo. w a 1 altttti i hr ? ?a Ptnae front l.l xh baeama t, tare aMiriea a?d airy ??tlx; baaa ?Ual Ire* e*raadeh I* fr<ot, with o*a ?a-Ttter * it fee t rt-oa M tl.a r*ar Droat; *e*rt terd I* fo-<t doe* aad well Iiae4 w'th ahnloa atrabbary; gar'4*" 6" fa t bf M fat", aall laid aat aad aaaadaat *i?u ahrubi, piiata aad rr*?aria*a) ?awater heaee, wt'*r leaeiaia, Me. lha hiaa? i* sail* la ?o** xvboxaatlal aianaer. EM. AAH-H. AOCf IoNB *1? WIM, SUM, Tlltl a day, a* l*j( 0"el -ok, at tna t tle?r?*.n '.T Nai<?'i 'treat ? ?B't ?alondla iee*r<m?iii *f fla* aeM ??>? mt, ?l?> <!'* * I?0"," J#wal?y. Ily ord*r or t<<n a <4 ? ran. full per "fntara la a ,talo(aa? on the ru >rrila,-, of ala. ?AIM AfAfOHOR. Elgin* b. AUcrioNKiit. bt pra** I IN A Mi. Hut. 8, to-Bimf ( Wadaoaday), ?i 1?X ?'?iMk, at 7t Na**au atr-et, Wlnw Pulwa ?1 J out ?tract* , i Urtt uMrtDim w ktiwMl I furaitaro, piaae firm ail pai tinge, mirror*, <U*ar plated wara Ao i ?<>? prieiag nwil epleadid .uit* of *arred rueawoed p? lat far niton., covered in nek French aatin, kraaatal, ptdah, ti ; ttrw ropericr roaeoood plaaofortaa. aaa of which (t 7 made by Gilbert) cat HM aad ii aim >*t aewt a .aegoifleeat aulte af < ban bar iurnitafo, oonaiatiug uf beditead, baraam, waeliataad, comuode. to??( rack tad four ohaira ? It U beau tifully oarrad aad enamelled, aad llued iaeide aritk p -Uabed aatin wed; aaa on exhibition at tt>a (.'rratal Palaoe. aad coat J.-OU; It ia a moat ror?eo?a auite, aad wor'-hy of apeoial attaniion, ro**w*od aad mahegaav aetaa, tata-a totet, eofa b*da; eary, rooking and parlor chair*. eorara l ia batr ol?tb, aad ia urea; variety; bcantifal roiawood and ataheseay bed ?lead*, dr?*>lng bnr?-ana and aaah?t?ada with marble tept: boekcaira aad werdiobea, apleadld'y oarrad; roeeweed aad uiai opir j marbla top centre, pier aaa fancy table*; uitto cany . o an and wa'uut e.itenaion d reaving tablei; fane * . aavr t>? and quartette ?ablea, in great variety; oornar a'a?d*, bouk raoka aod mnno ataadi; riuhly oranmeatod Kilt fraaa and oval nirrura paarl inlaid eight day oleok, a very due nae. rin?-i>t of aiiv rpUt-* oot bottle oaateri, eaka b%?iet<, epoona, fork*, Ao. ; Brj??eia ami intrain carpet*, ha r mat treaaea aad palllaaeae ai h al'it of ntbar good* not tiara aaa tinned; alao, aa invoice at beautiful French 'a?oy <eoda, to ba aula nitboit rtwta, oomptiaing paarl inlail poplar ma cho writing deaka lultoa work bejea, roaewooi ua ntlu^a ny do. caeca of m?thtn:*ttoai Ir atrument*. mother of piarl mr'ume boiaa, thermnmetera, ladica' oompantona, f? uof fatur aad not* paptr, Ao. Catalogue* on the meraiu g of a* I a. Fob sale at auction without rbsekfr? doboeuer Amity, onrria* CO iaaa; and alaop Carolina, JO tun*; *1 oop Sa peri r, 60 tone; aad one, nearly new, .ii toue, 01 Wednesday, at Wo'olook, "a aortb aide ot AUaatiu Ua<:n, Br->okl>a All are eentre hoard, ef light draft, in porfeot erder loi n?e Inquire oa heard. GEORGE COOK, AUCTION KB It ?BY 8 TOVIR A CUOlC. cxteu?iro ?al? of new aad lowest furniture, Ao , aa 'I unadai , ( Il ia day,; at 10(4 o'oloek. at their ealearoomL 904 Broa i*ay, corner of puaoo atreat a ap'eadll a-e?rtaoet of roaewxd, mahogany ami walnut faraiture, corpis*. > reucb plat* mirror*, oil {.aiutlagt, ebl ia aad (ilvar plated ? are, Ac , ooarittiig fu pait of reasrood parlor aui'.aj, ia t'r? >>eli brecaMl marble top oea'ra. aidu auJ aofa tasl-ij braotifally oarrcd r<>aewo -d at re*, aeeretariaa, uiaale cabiaetu daoorated ohina ware, ai rer plated ta'.la ware, flue taM* eatlery. lace ourtainv, Froaob win low (tadet, loantai olooka. pier aad mantel gla?*er, oil pa ntla<?, tapai try and tngroia oarvet*. Caaaaa mattla<, ouatoin utad* at tention ('ining 'able*, dialog room ohair* maho?any aofa*. t*te-a-t*tei, arm obair*, ?a.. . da., r o#er?, apriog aaa' parlar chain, ear a aad ru>b **at obair*, b*.d?t ada. buroaua, wa?h ataada. enamalled cotta-.e fnralture hair mattreaaea, palli aitea, bad* biddiuR, Ao.; taa wbule t? be eold witbmt re ?errr aad every facility ollarod to purobait r* tor bozaag aad abipplng. Cataloiue* oa the a*o(BiB|( of eala GO. QOBTOV, AUCTir?N?RB, WILL. SCLL, T1II3 a da?, at 11 o'clook, at 13 Sitth arenue, ladiea' droaaea, oiatbiag; alao Inraituie beddi*h, mirror*, paiuuaga, oa* band power earing maohiaa. GROOKBISS, SALAD OIL, CLAOKT WIVI, liUClC ?b- at flour.? Thia day, at 10X o'oiook, at t>J l)ey . foot, c rnerot Cree>>wioh, brandy, gm oliuinpagno, aaadiiUa, tea*, *u^ara. o' lTooa, cbociIaU, ooooa, pioklaa pruaea al mond*. tobaoae, (egara, aeap. oaad'ea e'ore fltiorei, glaa* oa*aa, hardwa-e acele?, weight*, balaaoe', Ac. W. A. CABTK*, Auotieaeer, 67 Oey itreet. HBNEY n. IBED3, AUCTION 1KB.-BV H U. i.BKOS A Co tbi* day, at 12 o'olook, in front of t .* *t*re, IV Naaaan arreet. a pair of blaok beriea, 14^ hand) oig'i, be tweca *eraa and euht yeari old, kiod and gaatle la ?tl nar Best, and one being a well kaown aaddle bor<a, good tratil lata and atyliab driver*. AUt a due carriage, aaarly atw; baa bee a but little uaed, aad *eit itU laat (all. Ai.oa aat ot da able haraea*. HZN BT B. LBBOS, AUCTIONBBll? BT H. II. Lead* A Co? 'laeaday. May fi, at 10>4 c'elaok, at ta* eelaa rovm. IS Naiaaa -tr et. Aa*li<ae*'* .ale of a lane* aleak of Jeeelry, by erder af tbe a**Uaeaa of Brnah, <aardaer A Co , rcmoTt d to our atore 'or oonTauieaoe of *alo ? em aiatla< ml Una geld pine, aaaorted ; aoroll kaaba, gild (tee* dr*p*. creaiea, Ac ;a large atiok of teal riag*, aoa and ua<*'. ; oeameUtd meoruiBK ringe. aat oltn atanee, iookata aaa etber kind-, *?itc1 droi>a. braaah pin?, flue aborted hard a*ld*r eatch keya ia various *<yle*, lo*K*t>, flao a^ala, atnia ale??a button*, pearl and box pita ooratllaa aad o>ral cameo, gild; atete and other bracelet* aud rlagt, aar nag* *?t and un**t, enamelled, Ai ; naaoti'ul eameo iraoeleta, plain atudf, mo- air atodi of rarisu* kind*, and etber rate able jeaalry, without raaorre; alae, all tbe affloo f traiture, durka, ttalea, tofa, window abaio*, Ac. Can b* **ua ea tie morning af tale. Hr% KV B I.EKD8 AtiCl 1"J> EEtt ? BY H H. I.KdDS A CO - W edu>aria>, Bay ?1, aad ihureday MtjrM, at ai'fj n'aloik eaeh oay, at aalearooma. No. 19 waaaau itreet, aui crb marble T**ea, atataary, Ae , o"*n< to* las* a?l* of the aeaaen, con prl-lni- toe la t imporwtloa af M<u?r O. B. l'ando.flai, |>r?eioiialy to bin departure .'orBorope. V aaoa - A mierl eolleotion. oonalitiag of Pompeii K rn-o?n, Bar digiio, I'ytotaie, Roman, Ao.. ef marble and a'jbaiter, all r ell) carved ia Baen?-ra<ieTe A larje rari*k? ot marble at d nlabaater f ta uettel, tIi Tra.edie* aad Com*diea, Diana, Bileli, Qtr-iulee, Hac. hna, I'rud-ry an 1 Coquetry, Inn ? jouce, L?*e, and mauy otner olaaa*o anbjeott several {itor* oi Biaamittoent marble aud verde antique atatuar, hy lie melt oelebrated ltal a* aoalptera ? annuj them will ?e found tbe llndrnna of T-acraoi, Four beaaoea, Arloatn, Dante, nnd otLeia equa'lr floe. A lance inre>oo et bronze*, contlat'iig ? f lauina and atatoat'ea. onmpririn^ the u?t un.i,ue*ad rraierche eollro?ion vet .'Her < i, ti.ether with *: airoitment of bioi io and orsioln e'oeks, ef varioa> at?m, riiea aid fatter*, ba'e without reserve, to cloae oat Ute la voice. HBNRY B. HERTS. JR. AUClIONKBR.? OOjITI.MU atioa aale of shalee wine*, liquor* tea*, braudy piacbea, anchoviea, riokled ealmoa and Utva it ae<are.? b> ?r)ar af Aaaigneea, on 'l'neaday, Bay Si. 1?M, at l?>? o'rloek, at (tore No. 1'iie itrtet. oa>icewine*, liquor* and Havana legari, ooi al'ting et Freueli obeoelate an choviea, Oolong, gtinpawder aad Povobong tea*, braady prachea, pickle*, lardiue* apioed aaliuen. leinoc avrup, ab aynlhe, aariatttr, Curaca. Uaraeeblno, BKquet, Otard aad ?einette brand.**, ?M Jataatoa rum, Ooff O trd >a, Ainnntilad* and golden *herrla* Howard Madeira, Leadoa Dock, Port, grape leaf, Hol iodam and Bella?d ia Taieaay aidHeidilck *hampagae, Muu A b?ni' BiiaUur* a>a la ca.kaHdoien each, ae^ara, nperaa, Pigarot. a>mitaa. plaa tatlen*, Principe, Jenny Llad, Paaetella, ro^aliaa, Ao. JAMBS COLB, AUCTIONEER.? LaKCK ANO eoa I tlva aale af 116 valuable eatldlaa oca la the tftb ward, Brooklyn.? JARES COLE A Son will **11 at auetioa ea Tnaaday, May Tl, at 12 o'clook, attha Uerohaata' Baonaage, Naw York. 1 10 le %e *ltuato oa Broadway (lata Diriate*) ava Bue aad an Mci>oaongb, Oeoatar, Eaiabriage aad Chaaaoey ?treat*, tbla property I* located la the moat improving part af tha el t ? oi Brooklya. Oa Broadway will be a rail road ta I'aek *lip fairy. Tha lmproveraente la tha aal (bber beod are aU at dret elaae Sixty par oeat aa bead aad mort gage. lor map* and fall partiealare apaly to tha aaa t aaeera, iS * ultaa a tree t, Braoklya. aad iS Naaeaa itreet, Mow Terk. J OHM L. TANBI WATER, AUCTIOVEBE, WILL *eU oa Tue>day, adaaaday and Iharaday May V, X ai d 31, at 10>j o'e'nek eaea dav, at tha wararoema, 623 Broadway ? I arye. attract. va aad pormptery aale af Irit eJaaa caVkrt furaitnra. ia roiawood meaegaa>, walaac and tak, embraaiag tha lateat aad moat roohorehe atrle< and deauaa. Alao. a liaa of Pariilta *lnek> aad real kr iaie ?gore*, baiag the ettlta etooa of Moeera Roonefor A dkar ran hala pciemptory ia oeaieqneace ef dieiolatiea af oo partarrakip. The furniture cemp'i-lBg thi* *a'*, wita the exce^tioa af tba i'arinaa atock, waa maaufaaturad ny Beeer*. R. A > , aadar thair own direction aad mpervlelea, e?pro>ely for their private eaatam, aad la a* well laiahed aa tboufh made to order -ovary pleee of whieh fatly warraatod. The well kaowa reputation of the ?taaa'aetarare aa *o atrle, daiiga ard flaiah, la bel oved to tie a fell guarantee ta all who deairo to nurol aeo The toed* may be oxamiaad t'veral day* ba'oro the aale, with sataloga <*. Aa Inaneetiea ia r* ? pectfully reqne*tod. Rvary lot will bo eold to the higteet bidder. Term* oath. For particalwa ao* Cearier aad En qairer. JOHN L V AN DK IT ATM A IT CI (Off ECU, WILL rail, cm W*di.e?dey, Ht; 23, at lityf o'oiiek. at the rait* room, IS Maiden lane, hou**hold furniture rem red for ctkinkitt of |>1?, ooiiMiait ta put of VrtuiU, Wil ton and inrrala o*rp?i?, ?U alutho. rwtfMi aaite*, OBT?r od ia plaab and krocatil; r**ew*od ad mabo,.aev >trbli to* centre tablet ladiee' M?ok walnat mrturr wi?h piate (lata door*: mabeiear and r.?*?ood w>rk ta !->?, mah*<a ny o?cre-ary boukcaur; dama.k mindotr cartai<ta Ao. U?d room tiiraitn'* ? faho.any aad roreweed Freaoh bedattaU, marble to* di**<iag bareaa*, waibitaadl, table*, mattra** et, toilet i?ti, A*. M DOUGHTY, AUCTION IBR. WILL SILL ON THIS ? day. May 23, at 10'$ e'elen. at 27 Centre etreet, a large i*\atl'y of boarding Biinit farallure rotaevud for ooa voaieaeo, vii: mahogany Mtao and oa'a bid*. .lenagea and Icutiga bed*, mar bin tap and plain bareaa ete<irea and ioMro, aecretarr book eatet. 60 ot. ta'an t *e*tt*?iU aad baidin,-, 80' Mahogany w**h*lacd*. Alio oraokor/ aad a'ar*war*,;*ilvrr pt ca*tcr*, maatol cloak* ard oraaiatnta. 10 iieg*n maple eliain, iBtravlag*. oil paiatlnro ball aad anlar lamp., window abada* Fraaah >l>u pier aad oral ?>a?at*, hair maUrf*>?? oarptt,, ail cloth. AUo a lot af tiki, doort aad caakoa. M ARK WRAT, AUCTION BBR? LIVBItT BTAtLI h*r*r*. (/tiMe*. cairia^ao Me. at aactioa. thia day, May 32, IMM, at IkW o'oleek ia Blahty Hub urea*, botirooa Ikird atd Fourth aveaee*, (Yor&ville.)? M. ?ray wi'l *e'l, a* abev, th* eteek of Mr T Mnrphv (go*ng Into ether b 1*1 nix*), comortaiag tevoral gaud haoa bor*oe. two .n?#r('t natch bltak*. vary fan; Sootnh p*ni*a, mrriai** wa<on*. b?flia*, ?:*uh*, haraee*. aiilab cow, Ac To* building will bo eeld t* rraiir* liepotit *f 36 por ooat roqalrad bin a?ery parcbaiar, time of ?*la. McCOMHU DAM.? TALCABLR PRO>?BRTT FOR cale.? To ha *ald by aae'iva without r**>rre, aa W -vi ae day aeon. Mar 23, at the Merchant*' Kiahta^e, (aalo?a prevloaalt diapoaed oi by priva a oouumi.) tfie uud*r:aan ti .ted valsalva freibeld property, oooipHainj o*? uadl Tit id half ol about oaa haadrod aad io*onty b'jildiag lot*, 36 x i(*' foot, Nwiat II wm aad S< p*re**e, bounded oa oao *ldo by ibe Harlem rlror, oa *bi*i tt c>m>ae?4* ** **? ?ira water prlrtlacat. aal mt?r**?t*d by liteatt ar*aao aaa I. Mat, llUd, 1AM, IMth *ireat?, nlfording aio<t otoolloat trilding all at. lb* land I* r alt la Tilaabl* n-onldtn* *l*?, and alio ountaia* aa oitoaaiTo atone qsarry. aaKabl* for aulidlai pai|0>a*. Tbo quantity it bai(dii< (tone. *? ortl mat- d by tetnal anryry, 1* W, WW cabic yard*, and tha da btla bom tbla qaarry and tba adjboaat hlxb ifflnnd will af ford amp)* material far tba foraatiea of deoke aad for (Il ia* la Ion gruand, or will e nmaad a ratdr *ala ta the eity Rveripill tor taiaing tli aontlf ana* gr mad to oily gr^de. ia?a i* a batal bad oatbnildiag* oa tka pr apart*, ooiapiod by W Flerobea at an aanaal rent af M) Tho tile 1* ?*U kaa?a a< a favorite i**ort to al ptrtie* rl<iUai UaOeaab'* Dam ar the nigh Bridge, aad I* t> ore Tore additljna'ly ad vaaiaaaaa* f t taildiag lota Roadt a*?a?* ta aad from tde city will be attainable on the oeatpletioa of tba 'Mith and litMh area no* Partial aarklag a laeratl** la*e*ta*at aili Had tbi* a r*r? opsortnaity. aa tha maerty nut bo ?old. aad th* preinat rapid grevtb of the eity ywlr n hanrc* it* yalaa, Fr?aa ibt preaeat te tia date of enla (2M Ma.) per'la* davhing to par*ba*a by private enatraot, or ?l*Mag farthtr iafarmatiaa, ana ebtela tha una en ea Slleatloa at the ???? of A. J. BI.BHOABE, B*q , ffa. T road atreet, or at HI Ninth atroat. ?WORTO*OR84l.B -JOB?? W. SOMBRfN D7KI AOC j>] Meaiir, *111 **ll, tbi* day, (May Ud) at 10M o'olaak, at thi auetior room. II'' Centre *tr?ei, a*raor *f Fraaklla, tM r?i??irr*d pi*n? *et?re. faaaw??d piaae *t *1. two large maatal n>trr?r*, on a lar<e pier gla?e, blaok waleat ?? Uubn tabltw, boraen*. aofla*, *r*?dr*h*?, marble tag table*, eaontlng bo?? daek*. >ae large raaagle, aba at NjW Baa *a?ar*. let Ckir#** **?.p, Aa. . al??, her**, wa?ea and bar >>*e rtoirti mar* B>*jr*ar? old. **yl>al k drtrat ll|b? top vtmJbWM* JuffN W.SOMiilNOtRB. Atteraey fcr mitrtgage* PRCABBB, BERN8TEIM A FBIU.IPB, RlAlKHIATK UBNBRiL AUCTIftMBBBl. Na 61 Ut evty *ue*t, aaedaer from Na**an. wUI |h? tl etr r*a**aal aatanUante aal** af real aetata, aaaaka, T*a "It ??d mirtgagae, at pebila aad private **da, and ta tha anie at a??t|. no>J**g..oe, bowaeheld 'aroltara, Mblatiaga, Wttmt^ track* af M^jowotry, *?., and ta eat dear lalaa Hemap ilbermlly advanaad en real aetata, ataaka, rataala, farnltnr*. ae lata en ml* ?M na. Utte magedntad PI.AMTB A WO FUtWBU.-W. 8 MoILTaIH WiLi. "".W *?' '*<? ?**h, at the e* d Kara, Na 7 J**a -S.}* ? nooarvnant af ra**e. ?*r ?eeai dahlia* flak*, honayraoblae, t .be'o oa, Ae? la iaa eiadv t'*n, frem r,?ea Jtr.ey city. Tha i?u* f>r tb* III I'.M tM. ?ook. aad overrun a? til be aeld withe at raearaa by oatalagaal * ' ** pAWWBtOlIB ? BaI.R ? OBOROB l.BTtB WILL *? Hi, tbl? day, at IK> Bawory, (np atnlrij by order af W . AR fliwoaoa, a qaaollt* ?if a*r"deefae4 aladtoo. tet eltila* a' aiMi't a?d wowm'e wcorlng *pp>ra| *?ltail*f.r tb* toaroa. bl*a will be ?eld lh? baUooe nf *ta?k from III ^ e e-ati ?tp*at, fo? m itcti, it may e ^aacra flale ta eammaaaa t ? 'o!? fk A. M M> ?'? ? tl U o'eloak. IlLHI AT a VOTiUH. PAWNBROKER'S SALR.-J.rHN MORTIMOBB WILL ??(I tblt day, u 187 ( hatoaia iq ut. a lar .?? u4 *ee?raj aeeartmeat of Bk*a and wibh'i Kutit^ apparai, k| trier af A. OOoDMAN, SI (J Ultra ilrML r LIVERY STABLI KEEPS UiUKillt AO ? Morttag* aale ul horaea, ofriagai and h?rn.i. Jana W Betmrindjke, auotionoor e ?r??r a' tiaatre >> A Frank Ui ilrwu, will iilltt Tburiday Mtf *Uh. >i II a'elaok, li boil *f th* itor* ob fmklli it ?i, b> flrtu ?> in t?l niortga**a, two oalrohc ooaobee, ono feur R>t wagea, tui'abie lor out or two btr-a; iIm, tao *iai bora* aid a Mt of lilvar plated double kuaiu JOHN IT. SJMEKKV LIKE, Aiteni) lor BartmM. TDMS MoREElL, AUCTIONEER -EXIBxSiVli auction tal- una moraiaa, at ll'K a'oi'Ck, (ujr catalogue pribted,) at hi Naaaau aire**. of riob aaJ plain lurnitu., from tbole ueceaailated for tub, ro eare?d pailcr ?<.it?, tatloa to niatcb, reaowood eiejere co.t i ti. ?ad told to pay advance mahogany bedaieadi, buieaua, *u , mahogany aofaa tote a tete*,eaay aaJ rooking o laira, o.otra, ?<? ai d pier tab! oa, tuperier oak exteaaiuu diui 4 tattiae warurobo, book oa-on, lounge boatload- ootkaga oediteat, curl maple aad It if. chaira bronte naU at aud i, and oandelabroa, aad Freuoh olaclta ot bronae.oot, a a i a>i treaaea, forty aingle oedateada, oountiu- htua* deaaa, a <au tere from ibturance e uij au> ; at mb? ? ime.rioh ui1 paiaU'M* in (lit trainee; alto French (ilate piai glaaaca itud oral mir r< ra; alto 26 fane curled hair oiattreKaea, 40 m< earn, ei-o It W. aooretery l?r ladiet, with at bar useful ia ? laaoy ar tiolae aot mentioned No uuder&iddiu ; whatever, an I ?r ra> gea in the neatc*t manner, to that iadiej mav at col with o< uifort. Alio, a lark* number of taln/erator* of t> dijaraut *i*?*. fVILLlAM IRVINO, AUCTIONEER? SUPER 'J *11. E " 01 elegant cat-loot luratture? tVilliaui lr<iu: Alio., will Mil at anoiien, on Meduttaty aud rhuradat, M.r Ml aad V'iMi, at li t* i', clock, at tlia taleeroouia ul J...-p ? Ui<ua IW> Broad way. Parlor t utBiture -Ho.t ulabrratel) o?r>ed> and |>iar tablea, of rote?ted, oak. blaak walnut, *) wttli etutuaTy marble, B* vpitan and y?UoW ot Sia-inn tioa rsr*. eot'a and tate a tote tablet ot tne inu?t ueaatifut da t)(D>; laoltt' <M>ritelRt aadteoratarioa.liuci'itti a%t?u ?* i?4, ebd^atarti of rotowood and blaek walnut; etx^eroa ofo* >ry eeioriptioa. with btav> plate p'**' (lo.r? and Oajia. au I <rb > uitt of rokeaivod verier ea c ->i<e. rite ca; >lug. of ererT at) It, ooTsiad ia '? ari Ui ooloral h!( atd tatia brocatell, mttqatt. tati i tiooadt. aelrat, a <o, a larjta tumbtr ?f tuitt ia mutlia, tanc/ t*bla? ao l utbi net* lJiulnn ooin fi-raituro ea tuit ? Bitaaat aarved oak exteat'on dining tablet, buflet tlde^oard*. aide tablea, ote loaater, arm ohairi and obairt to ma'.ek oau daie raiti oaratu rottwood, olaokwalnut a 1 ma > >^a:i) dm.aa roam luinittire. liadroum inraiture ? lieauitful y etr??d lUNHMii bedroom luialture en toll, o?rv>d h3.1at>al<, dretelnx bareau ?, wathataaa oa lnett, very e>a^a i< rober amour a ylaoe, I'yeoiie Hlaatci, Ac., la black aaltat, alto, oumplete aaitt ?ktliotaay bedroom raraiture. *<e<%nt roKwoed. black* al not ana mtho^aa> bo bo?<?? aad?eora tarloe. Italian liaudoir and bed- noui obairt; ???, ro-e?ood. blaokaalout aud atbo^auy na> t'aadt; Hall tailat aid tbair*; tulta ol enaine'lcd oottate furniture Al-o, jiltr .e ak>ortniai>t of balr Biattreattt, lca<ber b?-da, boiatrra * <d pilloae, tpriDK matireaaet A 1 of taoabe e iurai-n>? It if ti e l*tt deaeriptiop, Bad made withaat regard ?? oott, for olt) retail tradt. Sale peremptory. VVII.LIAII IRVINO, AUCTION EKK ? Ol.tUn.VO fT Jeweiry, gold waichrt. Aft. ? ifll t.1 A Co. will tall at auction oaTntaday, May at lb^ a'ulaok, at tbe ia ci mm, Na. 8 I'iae atreet, diamond Je?a'?/, ? old oatotea, Ao , bein^ a portion of the ?t >oit u ? dealer <*ecluiing bukla?M>:? Klt-ABut aluclo ttene diaiaon-l nn<? a id pint, tcarf plat, a egaat olutter dlaiaead ria*aa*d pi t Jlv mnnfl, bieattpinf and eariingt, iu^io atoae duru m* l-rraatpiua tegathrr with a nnmbtr or aaitet ?r pla>n <al t J< ?> Iry, auitee af hreBitpiat, tarrlagl Bud fcraoeleta, aat witb arln, turqd.a and Karrnit; loIi tbimbla*, p noilt aii panel, catet. Watches ? Fine geld Ie**r, lepine, onroaome tvr, iaorpoBdant aecond, hnatia$ larer. la iti' line <- id vt-nieh.e: ?tr wttcbat do., by tbt i?-t baglian. Ir aeb and bwiaa maker>; &?>? gold foi, guar* and ??>t anaim; la diea' bee aald obatclainea, tpeotaoiae, Ao Avar> artUI* wtrrautcd aa repreien ed in oatalo^ua. m .In perneptory fvT ili i am t. roth, auction k&r-latb saciv TV man with John W homeriadyke-iMrida TJ ??a?<au ttreat, ttoat ra m. lira! tloor. Uort.^ag* aala -f aleaia ioata, oa Wednetday, Hat 23, at Id o'ciuca, at Toot al A la it o liana, Utovklyn- the et-aioeri lladi-rwriter. Ki>oiUeit. aad Indiana. UIMlY BlaUof, Attt for Heritage*. WN I.EHT f 8, AUt'TIONBER? iniS DAT AT 111* a o'oUck, at titl broadaay, at tne Manbattan aavla?? Itankiog bouto, tba oanntere, deaka aa< tttturaa, aigta and feaaklag turmtiue of cmd bank; the wbula to belaid witheat ret ar?t. Tcrua oath. BOIiELLABBOPS I bAhab Bl'aAAV, NIC am. VAtlicfc. N <a Va." lUu bulB'H grate aad Itady, kite ho a range, aaaot* f??i? aaa eto?t aareroeint WWtn a large kniur aatl < Uia laieat pa t tor a ? at' mantel grataa, ianr,?a aad e'.?vae. ? tal ? oc reaaonaole terina. Of a tea aao raugaa att aad ratMt.4 ?d, ran fa* Uaod. brate fosndera and Jewelleri tarttamv built, atoeae lined, baker*' OTabl oailt and rapairad BUNDRKO AND BRANDT, MACHINBBY AOBstTS and hroktra, I7tS Chathaui atreet, Ntir Vor*.? >ew and L aad urokera, 17# Ubatbam atraat, New Vor*.? New and recotil Land maohinorr. attain enginet, tonla Ae , bo-.ght. tola ana exobanced; fluted rtllert, apiualoa, and all n'.hir rtpaue turiiitktd at abort i.?ti*e Alette lor tirundrad'* tpttiBi tram*, t'eraoua having ib to binary to duput of woul* do* U'o call ob the advaitiaer*. CORNS. LUMONS, AND INVERTED NAILS RE moved from tbe feet in the otoat akilfol and aaii^rai'ory maniicr. without b o- d ir dau or, eauaiefi no paio, and al lord'un immediate relia', t.y Or. CIIaKuK i t'Rl^K.B N ?. Zli Grand ?' n et, bctari en KlUabelb au>l Mott atreota. Pa tltot* raited uaon at tbeir retiotneek irbea preferred. Cup ping and lacohuig promptly attoudad to. GAb riTlINCS AND riXlDK??. -STORKS, DWkiLL inga lactone* and 1-ubHn buildiagt promptly fitted witfcgat pipea and Hxtaict enoapar tban a ty oihtr bouto. A ?piendid Bkkoriineut at ohtndetiari, pendant*, traeket*, A*., af tb? iatnt ?o?i*Bt. at b? wboittai* and rt ail hae ttx .oro d ai.uiaatotv of jA.MEa O Ut lFfcl', iiK aad lid Priato ttra*t, third block weat ot liraadway. Great core or tuomas di rson. DR. 3VV a V NE's oom>ou?D aruur or WII,D CllKKRY The mukt tffeatual aud a patdy ertt mow* rut o >w*tfarTiuw, atnih* , ee> da, aatbma, broi.ohltia liver onaplt'.nte (pitting blood, difficulty a- brtatblnc, paint io tba aid* aad brcvtt, palpit'tiaa of tea heart, ioflaenat, eriap, broken oona'itutlcn, aore tor -at, aerreai de biiity, and *H die*a?c* of th* throat, h re aat ad Innta. the*. Di?k*oa, Point of Hook* I'redene county. Mart land, waatronblad with a violent ooazh cay and nignt, lot* ?f appatite, aad > xtraaaa debility, and a aa'ara ga>-herla< la thttraaat, w blah fanned a large abtoaia; alto onanaanloM ?d to th* lann, aad di?olsar<a? large faaailMi of *orrup Una, *xl<raaTai:d iateraal, la fact, had all tbe ayaataiaa af *?Btraa*d eoaaampMoa. By th* aaa af the boot ? laralda hla Bodiclo* be ha* beaa restored to par eat health, a* th* aridtaa* of kba Raw. J a met R Itwbarrcw, laaator af BeHia eireait, baltimore Coafarenae, aad if priaeipal merabaaa* at Celit of Rock*, bar* tactiSal Be vara pardon I *r to ah tal* tbeori'twal aad only (Maine preparatioa a' Wild 0 har ry, aa prepared by Dr SWA Y >B k Son. nt their tabara'a ry. No. 4 North so Tenth * treat, Philadelphia. Ear aa. a. wholeta eaad retail, by C CLICEENBB A CO.. 31 Barclay treat, New Tart. HARRISON'S COLUMBIAN INK, ALACK-aOB THE aattaaal garerament, State l-egi.latere ceurta a' re cord. bank*, railroad*, pa*t offloaa, ttuuranca offioe*, *dit>ra, a tbur*, law) en, dootura, oi*rgyB*n comnareial and baai aa** bub al ittry **r?, aallegea, aaadeaia* aad teb >ol* aad ti at t.r?at alaaa wb* aattaia au. tbt farmer ? th* great tat af tba ai-natry . 644. 37 J battlaa told ia IM4, 1* ti7aiB*aat that th* Amari*aa paopia apprealate tba Aaeneaa iak nai* by Barriaoa, tba Amcncaa maau actarer, aad determia* itagiaat *upariority o?*r all loraiga irb*. It ii at ?h*l*?ala by W U. Lyoa ACt,4 Dty atraat; at retail ba C. B Clay tea'* baai, Ul Ptarl. If aay af it *L*a!d write palaaa evening th* bottl*, let it itand A taw day* with th* ?*rk oat, it will b*ab*a*iifnlblaek. IMPORTANT AMD 08EFHL DI SOOT BET. -TdB UN d?r*ia?ed iatorm* the owani of oichard* aad lorere of tound trait that ba bat di*oover*d a remedy <a dettret the di*aatr*na imcot, the eoarealia wttn all othar eermia drtri m<i.l*l to growiag *rult. To dittrm-aate tbit bl>*? a< in tb* ibtrteet time, h* baa publufiad it ia a pamphlet with 1* taripilon and lattruttioa* how t* dattioy taam tlaTin< obtained a premium i* tb* Peaaayiraata atat* Fair bald la 1'ittaburas lor th* flaeat genuiaa geraaiam-, of wtiloi be hae a buraary ob hi* farm, it *#eak? tor tbe truth af hi* aa*<r<lor. lb* ptaprl*'., both ia BntH-h aad Oermaa, It told torWe*tta, at tb* bookrter* ol B W ESt BR MANN A CO., 'Mi Broadvay, Now York. PR. PfEFFER. llom* P. O., Iadiaaa oeuaty. Pa. RBPL AT I MO -HOTELS. BHIPIk, 8TBajUK>aT> iUIX private famnio* aaa bat* a?*rr iawr^Bla af old wart rauUt.ed Aad warraataA. ?*air tad*, oMinbara' Iiium ?aw, *pooat Aad fata*, aad eyarj kind "? mated plated <rtt gald ** all var, at abort aottaa b r the Maahattaa P'.teCa*, paay, Na. M Bowery. Srit/W CASKS ?BOF/M AN A FkRISU SOOW CA3B wtroraunii 87 Bower}, betwaea Watkar aid Biyard airaa*F. Catat mad a m erery atyle. ailver plated, <rai*. ro*e end aatla wood, mab -gaay, Aa h. A.? Jld oa*** takes Ib axchtaga. orders promp-ly e?**?i*d. Tub new York iundlino wood company. 13.1 haal atreet, between Wa?bia<t >a aad *?it atra>t* offer to ?be publio. by meaaa of tbair apltttle< inatMoa, lladllng wrod, aawod aad ap U by ataam power, aa obetp or cheaper thaa u?) pay i or their wooj la tua uanal way, beaida- being ia a lhape tbat will g* farther aad mnon at are cenveriabt. ilaet Yirgtoia p na or hard orod p -r <o*d V b< ?e* of il% eabio feet/, $3 25; do per box. 44e ; biatory, pet load, It; do. pet ho*. Mtc. Ik a*<ria >>ut one trial to prove it a icotomy. All order* by pott, prapaid, promptly xttaaded I*. IMPOW AT fFBOLBBALB AND RETaII OEO. V CARPENTER ba* *jmeed a it? ev ,-e a It Chatham * treat wbara he la vita* <B? aabli* t* etOl aa/ ?a* hi* *t?ak *f aald aad ew *a ahade*. af au wta* ??rw aaa. batdi laaaa da* Aa. awwakaatiT aa hand Wl B HOTBU ARCROFT BOCA*. M?T ToRK, CORN!* III UR 1 way u< Taaatlrtb itrmi- i/U aaw aa J hoal 1* >mi lor iMiNiptnxriuili. Tea traralltai *'? u iuIm will aid ikiata ara>y raap?at a fint elate hatal, and ?ituaied la the faakienakln par* af Ik* ally. l?rm?, ti oar day. ff.HA W. aoRU>? R i.L. RICHaONI* HILL HuTJL, kTAfaN IIU??, W[tU. apaa for tat aeaeea aa the la* ?f Joaa Ckar?a< nr tfci' e?aaaa 91 a waak; ekttdraa andar uu yvare ?. aj? ?i. aarrai t?, >4 SO; kar?a? ii rartionlare at & IT Raaa dlel'e ataie. Aa. 6 Wall atra.1 ? |>L.,,TT| Spanish aUd rRiM:u hotri.? nr. t. rui/. r> tMotfall) larnrma I'* pablia tka* ka taa r**b?a4 at* imlMwl Iran MM. Marl'* t'laea, to 79 Saaaa k akara ka ifarn all tka a*a(att( al a kaeae a*l beaker aa aUtaaea tkaa ka'ara tRoNltl UOTIi.-Tt* AMBRICa.t U CAR ITlaR inkllaM I'laaa will ta naat?< by the aadarateaffd fat tka aiieMoa af a Int ?Uaa hataa aa the mh? ef l?ae aad fatk atraata, Taraata Cat* a/ tka k<iiM<a?. aMk a rufa af tKfta aaderaeath, aa *a uaa d 4 m aiaa ofMUl will ka paid tnr tka K?fta? olaa ?' tka arahl kat *111 faaaha t aaaaUil o for an par* n tan dl a c tka araa tlaa at tka MHIa|. r aa* aad aa*?a4teet?ea* ta ka eaa k? tha *rt* at Jaly aai* 411 tartiaalaa* ai%* ka had aa aaalf aa Jaa ta tka aaderatcaad U. ROSMR A DdoTIIR. Taata atraa*. PBOPOVAU. Orrics or onv?iuit?RRa or rriorati<?i. ? a* T rk, May IT, laM Baalad pr?y.aa'? 'ur aa ? iiikl af Vtht AU Mkadtlll (M, .H tha bae> <i>iaMt, 'a* tka laat?tatteae aad?r tka akarga af tka Oa??iee?aaeae at KakraMun. M fklletre;? re- tha Rait ran* *t'tf aid UarpttaU, "irl'a lataad l.flM <?? eaa auta. a ad tMlaae aat (*aa. ta ka dalirared at IM data af t6 l)?aai<daaatt at Ward'* lalaad; aid tnr tka Marlaa n?apttal. Helen Idaad. SOP t?aa *M >*** aad II* t?aa aat ?*?, ?? ka 4al rawed al *na dnek?ft*t Ma-tee Iloap4??l, will in rao?4*-d ?> ? ??aia a* t' ?*T ?.?aa. 81 4a*kaar at?aa? a< tttf *kt fM taataat tka aha?a .oppliat ta ka reraabad la *aah ataanar aat a ana aaali tl?aa, aa <ke < <m a><?*ta?ar - af r dtoa*. Iha C?waaiart? aar- reaaara ? tkxaeai -?? rUbt v. ?t|#a> hi pr .paaaw ?Mak that Bay daaaa aa? far tka lalAiaak af tka CaaiMlHta?. PL A T1H ? OA HI??. PLdTTWO 0A??*. '.?RRf 'UHKI MM aid aad aail M'oaad altk all ka a??dl Mac af llaaa a?d aarda ?ada ka **? MART * ' . r^ta^a ta tka trWdapad a ak kanaaa *? tka# ?V*?, Ma. 1 ?>Mlar a-T-ijV opp<?jU Ut Ac-*r Vv?ft. TMUTV RBUlflTKft. A A Q eeoa DtfET? tbied floor tomt -hup, TlO I'M 9uA ?i>IM iiK 4 ro-io . rrct MM; iinkli tsjftUr fvur'b ? <or. UtbU. reel ?|,S, aaitaale Nri I' dj* no, <MHfnu KtlUrv, or igtit mi? ?? uriaf pn P?aea Apfl) ni VN. tSB'ilFl*. ?a the prc-aia-a. ! r<>|A?b B'i kbit, ?i*akt or iue ah ?v ?k rat I UU Buwinll i>* r<-Bte? to A *iu<li aentevl ??mlt , su i raaaOBakl>. Ivm; or *|M m> will be IM . ? t<>rai^l<ed at ai turi lai mi with'O' i.nard. aio<l? >r in a ute. , 1 k' ree?? trr ?'! |il bti l; iltmixil, and to t .amht par > r, ' ? nnuxtt rt.i i?u<v will ha offer* I. /^"Ul/NTHY U'.tat To LET- AT NullNT fERNON. V> within a ball iia..r'e ride ?' New Ye-k by Kee llt'es Malln >4, a iM>dt ru ei*il aell built baoae, MxW, wi n *?f l"u I and barn a leol,, d, ell in n?i i o?n litlet A J* ira'ile ? id cheap rtaida-iia* .ur a param dam* bn?i*eea |a t?? aity, for I Urt? ai-" part ten I art, airily to El?*WialtlU v"ll?Slllt.H-Ull. 3U3 t'h?u? or* ?. | # tOII -H V KEMl'KM E *? LET? IN GREN VILLlt. ? V ? air*? 4 rO'iniy ouLaeliouvn t uae \ud ei<ut euro ? 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I", ?.?ll:? IStnk, I. oof laland CVtMIBU EtHiMS TU I. ST. ? ?r? SUITS .?* 1 r on. s 1 ar :m a mi -mtl! u? tli< <c..nd au(l t i r 1 '1 mr*, a!*" a?n o io Ifea at ic, an -uodv ra " t> rutt, at Ml Wii.?o ??rr?t, a in danra u ? at of Lr-adaray. A aaa.iment to it'. furktii?>>l purpuaci. HAt> I'St ri'KMMUli Ki oMS TO Lh.l? 1% tba. p:a?ran l> l>caiad Cnylia'i baatununt lio .-a 2' 6 loiirtb Mttw, ?ifi'l'a ? nvai Clinrob <Ur llawlta'.) T)i? ru ^ ica a*a Utjia. and cantalu all th?* lanlacn itaarAtra ? ???(. '? ba baaaiucrt r?un? aould ba aut aMa for a pity ?lotah. htl|i?K. AN I* PAll' S OP llutiSKS Tit latsT.-VUH Dialed ai d nnturuial.ed bouaaa ta Wnarltj I'laoa, ? .ibihb I'laca. Kaaa ibir>r?',tn ai'aft. MTaat Twan'y 'Irat aifae', ti?a? >ialli ?a<!n ? Ao. I'arta ?f hnuHl ?u I. ogfcl itraai. Hovoovh ltr??t au.t i'vauta-lub aoar .ln<l 1 K)1 A Ki 1 1' A II A "jr. 1', 4 A?t..r PlHI HOBOEBX.? TO U1 a riiKEt STOET Anu 8%<k. u IB t lirtiaa la ?.? dun ^t'n?l, a .piandld In atinn, a .4 u < ha ir i>t rdlrud ptri I tti. ur j Ken' mod jriti i? a yard truant Airdytai Millibar I l)dl,i., fiard ?? ttraot, or A A U oOD, AO I batulxra atr ai, new Ifark 11VK OAK II a LI., dlXiIl s TltKbf NkAK aVS\UE J > ? Into a.aoi ?. kHildiBa ia aaw o .ar'j oo iipl <ad, ?mt?b!a ??r lada'a, o?u>mlt at-a. ba'la, drilla, to., tr.' Tha ? or- ail- he T?t on rtMonagl. 'arraa. applf ta JOtlN CIHIIklN, JlHuvauiii atraat Orril'l 'lit I.ET? ON TUK (iaoU S 8 fLOUit, ? ?O.VT, at tda ?> uar rt' I y ball olaja, tanr dao>i l"r ?m ? *? aitara i irt-et fcn'rinoa Iroia i ha ?? r??t aoparato ,r in ttat Iif til. Iieia-a. 1 1 iiii i. a af t? M K J A Nit * A If, 51 i?ay atraat, Ir m V A. U ta l.s M. PART up A MliliEKN llot'sr TO I.F.I ? NO 251 VfKST Ihiitj lourili atrial omn at mp u?a aad tlit araa, uato, eatrr flopoia ai il laundry and i? nowiy painto I. m uaiant -o alaga >i.d tara t run. 'vi r ta> ai> r >aiul. Koulla< to % *a>all Uniiiy. App ) "ii t e promi?0? ROOM VIIUOCT IU aR>. -A Ofc^Ti.KMAI, OR tan '. riand., can bit* A la?t.? aquaro 'roat rauui. haad ?wjfly fnri tailed, w I'll (?'?> ued and aapt iu uioa itrdar, I'nr HWptr ?a-l, >? api'iyipf at l.'li Par ytb alrjol To tk? ri^bi kibd ill a I'B. ty a g<>?d opuottaaity olTara. SMaII. .Hloult TO ? KT-15 ANN STREET, NEAR lir?adaaa> a?il Adapiud Inr an ninne or any kind ol bun ?.?? Klaut &i?4 1 p<r jtur, luifuiia an tj? piamiaa*. OTUKK T. I.ET, Wi lli >1h.AM I'uWEtt? THE FOUR O (li|) brlul atira .VJ7 hi , Ii a '.-tut, ke?>'?i)U Aivnno l> and l4?ia a ir*? Apply *i tile lit j l> -?k Beak, ojruac of Taa'h atr'et <ad avaaua E OlA EN K?LA> D.-TO LET taR FuR SAl.K, A TURSG 0 a'oiy vot'a?? and 'nur ai>n of uraunl, near no :>I r>' S"|.| llirb rlBudinj. on I'.a ne tT> iu >; k-j at # ii) Apply t? lir AI.EX U. kin 1 I , corner af Tba^pton aid 1 ttfclier atieola. /i n LET? IN I I RjT rt.ACE, SotfTH BR ?04LTN. 1 a l.anueouie ua-i r'y now D ree atory and baae'inat bmirk at Aae I our, oiih pea, i n' and o Id kbio raa;?. laundry .to. Tbe I uura it lo . in oi tuplule "fdtr, end te a < ?id touaat will a- r ntvd iatr. luqaire n tba prouaUat, tutt p'.ane, third houfcwrat of tliutam atrait. I'll I.ET-?'ud?A5?->l<?iM il i V EN Is* ton u'lil-a h ?? rear part of <.bo aeonnd atory . tba fr?at part a.' tha t iilrd atary, and all of tbe lo .riii at ri af SI MeikinaB etraai Mae. the T'ln' r.iam ol lie llftk al'Ty af 31 and 3J ? >akdia. ttreet. Each apar?uient l? (Mitable far Bay kind of meoUe ?I ial bnatiiaa". Ala.' haaameat af it Baakiaaa aVreat. Is lvir?o JamSS <:OM>KR A SON a. ?? Uaaauian atiaat. To I.ET-A UENT EEL THESE ETOET ANI> -iASSUENT brio* hi <ia*. in a pUaraut aoi^bbxahond. A* proaant ua aurgo nt repairai ?U1 '? I in per'i-o. urdnr Bv t ? lat of Jnae, a I'll nit paper, punt, ,iae. aband>'li.ra, and laoa'linilS Eld ridge afreet, ntar Uraad. Apply t* J HII.VA, 109 FarayWi ?tfeaV Tl \ ti-i i ?. UT-? llKMSlUll'IW.t ^u*f ?Nn aTtic bitel Iu-qm li> Iba- tiuinitji ul Fount a'met, mi and ttit Hut Hint party wait to S* well teouro I; ?ul ii?< p' mmmidb is the beiitnist ?l Juit uit &pplr atytiS Bmtivi) IMi 1K1- SKAT ATCLU'TON. 8.1 , TA.UI.Va tie twit, ?lti all the tnoilnrs iiuprevtiueott, otu bui oin?>, An , vMturt for A **-t rniaa'r rteiiieaa*; tor t?? Ik, Uiuti aed e eWj. the iltattioi li naiur( ?(?oL I ?u hi' at all h?ii?? of ih* day Apply t-> M o'CON hcK, ID teaoeetrrot. II I.KT? AT CAHMAVhVll.LB (ISSrH STRKKT), A ihi dm Mo (.oKilo witt.i oily A few Btinatna' walk '!? m the biidaen Kiver Hailna i jti>o'; b>< A Una tardea at tached, *i h t oh In* lor ot Tuit treee Kent low io a (n?4 '"A I icquii* on the prtmtlnat or to Jolly C. RRNB.V I UTS 11. Ne 76 William ('(Ml TO I.BT-VBRY LOW. FROM NOW TILL MAT NBX T. tha tfr? ttvrj , baeriuoat nl eaboollar bnok btrnt *?. 174 I'oera ? rlre?t. between Court tad Staith ttroo'4 lirwlht, ?uhiiadira imrtTinriu < b*ad>-li?rt ia >ar' li ra The boat* In Bret cla*a aad will bo et to a rtrtu)' a tie traant at Iwil aaa third below lit value Kcat. MM riMi LBT-TO A S1N0LB OBNTIilMAN. IN 4 SMALL 1 pnTat# iaouiy without win. A large Ai wj tlenpiar ma, i" a (if loeatMB boat Uraiaaray aqaare. Apply At M I *>ia||t- ii kV?aua flO LBT? TUB Ui'USB AMI M'OKK 2M DIVISIUV. JL aorarr of hidie atiaet. Iha ba<.aa if la geod order. aaa If Ming |<Ai?tid thr iBf boat, a?t U aaa af the bait ?tandt la U? oitj l<? the |iMai| beau aea. laqtln at JU DirUiaa ft I'O LET? TIIR TUIKU 8TOKT UF Hdlljt 131 V ARICC itreet coiuiatanft -f Iroaa noa, bach r >aft Aad bedretia bataara, ta a aaiaUl family Rat aaa family ia the heal a rro I. IT.? A FURMSltBD Bi.USB. IN A BRAUTfi'lfL 1 tad central looaitoa HBiamffl ta ear* aad atai 'a with o^andelirre, am art, ta. Kaat $1,310 par auunoL honao eaala at Ifttaa riaau. Poaaettlei iamndiately * AddieM ? L C., liarald afltt, tar thraa dayt, with uai Aad roiidenoe. IO LBT? IN WIL1 IAM3BUF0, TO A SMALL GBN te.1 family, a pretty a*w brisk heato, i\'int aad rt Mrtd, rrat $173 par aani.a Al?o, aa elegant baota, with m.dern linproremeeta; rtft $300 perauaant Alfa, baaatl fal tail i ot rants*; raa i $150 par aaaniu. Iaqaira at 132 Cratd ttrtaf. WU'iaatfearg. TO l.BT-ON 1UTB STB BIT, BBTWBt.V THIRD A"> D Kiarth Avenaaf, tkraa atat, wall ftaubad a?ttA(a fcoaiat, tit bt raoBt aath; raat $10$ lArge yard aad cariaa; wculd Ve l?t laraitkad laqnlra oa tba Bf?mlfaf or ol J. DRNHAH, anraar of Sixtaaatb ttraat aad Bifbtk araaaa. IH- LBT? TK TBB OBNTBBL TBNBMR.VT UOCJB N?. W >? fit 1 atafittb lift a', all tha Irat n?<ir. ona i< i r a;t hi i anna, with kltat aa aud tan paatriot ia th? ia.erl, and ?ary lar^tyard. Raat low to a toad ton ant. A i' ply aa the pi am lata. TO LBT? AN BLBUAftTLY FURNI3Q&D HOQSE ON Baat Bixioanth ttraat, aaar Irvtag plaaa. farnitura ea<a piala, aad tha boaaa bt> ai* tha uiojaru im|>raTaiaanti. la quirt "f K A. WATKINAO.v, No 7 n?mhu .traet, ri oi.AT? io e>i'?iho tiiK?.icr. riVR i? >i??3 ru .m 1 !)? aary tbe U| l>rr par' M huaxi. coa>if'iB^ of dm plaaaar.t raoma. t r>/tou water ?ud % bath aa tha flo?r. Raat M73 Poaaeftioa laimat iataiy. TO LIT-1U SMAI.I. AhBalCAN t aM'M B?, FLOORS 1 thruufth oaiift?iia| at ti>* toutaf, wita hath, Crotea vatar, It ib tha now M)uaaa to ???l Nineteenth ttraat bo tveea, na?e?th and 11,1. th aveuaei K? in iro'n i'J fr) t? tl^AU|ia> u-oiiib Apply na tha pramitaa, I W tFeat Niao tiaitk atieot, fri B 3 lo 6 o'eloea I H. q o i ki-ri/RMsiiBi> r<'R tub season or itb* k. X an i !<? lime m?i.?|..l. , wrh fppr'priite aatboaui, tnra ftfoeai, and trait ot a I kinda. Looaiiu u Mataa Itlaao, Bii rt Ir in i art hie'in.o..d lanaiag, aad thre-mi ea fro ? Vanittr- i t'? iaadiBg. it it in all retpoctt a eon'orta ilo ei>d I'lraaant place, aad very aocettibie. Addrata E. A , l oll I Ate a lih leal name. Tt? I *r-? H 1UB OA.NRS or THB I10USOM, an oU IA hloard duuRti) batM, |J??t? ef trapet tad nth rr wi baa mceilo-t gardra; ei?aatod atieway be t-aen VvrKeia and Uaattuif; rem $IM. laqulre of t. Ol.M.lh. 21H tad Ahi litb aeaant, or of JllU.t VFRS I AKI i* '.It, n the froailaao. ? I O I BT-A H'I.RMjII> Huts* IN WEST Till K f T 1 Era. street, botwern Bit bth Aaa Niath aaruata, Bat all Ua'.ry'' .%%.*',&&: th-?r.-.W rru. 1 1 r? a r sst orand strirt, a fr->nt R'him 1 BJ J ' i dn?.ia oi. aeenti <tory Uk.1 afraat todranai ia tho attic wltha ? T* r - eBi ia ealiar. Apply ?o B Ul/ 'K.tAH A C\>.. <?'. South ttraat. 1<M I IT r II BAP? A SnoF IK TRB RRAR Of M 1'irry afrrft. |r I. v.i b, ti oeliar aad throa atortod a bote, laqalr* at lb C tntoa Market <?? atU Urara atraat 'i II I RT? 1 1I R l.nWAH V ?RT Of TUR TURKR ST'?RT I bitch hoaaa II'. It<t tr<) tlth ?treat. a-ao*d h?a-o rt't't llird a'l-mo two parlnr- 'r*' t bi*en?at, aad two U 'rwoaie nant $173 Ala* , -??oral eo< la ,oe *a Wi K I* Kl>tUlMRR 31i> f mrh a 'ita*. IVlS'N-AI A MflllRRAlR RRN T, A SUPERIOR 1 ?? in rt. rt b'o?". etoi.o boaro la ' Ingaat tedor. Aad all n I d?ra Itnprorraioaitoi ?ao dataree, 11 o ?th<, Ao Loea t.ea ikBI itifih nana, aa a ?r? nia* utroot. B R KlNSb 1 WkR Ji? r earth ATaaae. Hit I P.T-tt? A SMAlL. *iRn"?C*ABI.R PRITaTR X t' n.ll), ttio lo?ir part of the hoa'O M*rta, t? oot. ? aaiMtB, a) r- ? t aid ' a?? pario , ao '-odra .<? aad baao B.rat Aba, Itimie' e an.l nulura i.b?d roaat far elatlo , e. tlrn ae; .ood rataraaio, raq.. red Apply at Abora for ?ai ?aah. 1 t. IT? TUB HWBl.tlNO HOOSB CflRNRR OF _ *a?t lW't^e h a* re t and Slltk aeoaaa, Wjr tha peeooay ?t?n, tl.e hrat t> ttrra rwniait aad tAa ?ip*r rt?rtai a -a wail di? l.i-d into boar>.?t; ku b aa ? K<roa hit npeir d aad nai.ied, (aa. aaiarti oaata, ba.h rt'.Bia k" Apply >a MAt T A CO., IW SUV, araaaa, OOT ear af TUrttaaiii aireot. rTQ I H ? A f"M All IK?U?B 114 ?n.iaI??AT I b aaaSa 4 Vr*io? ?tr?-t k. a?a K, ?att f.raot ftral 0<>ar . f t. nirft6 ?*?Vwiai. r 'art tt'if mato a reet *a let la Wllila?#b?r?. a I hu'i?o r,?, | uirf hat *aa, aad B arbie a>aa?lt?. Appi> to i . sMtl ii, U Ra.t -watt ?<v I Rt? 1 HE fRI'ii"? *7 iv COVNRR Ktoll ?? tlA It (ill t, Ba< 'Ilat r4aM>l c a' r^rtlaadt ,.r?t ' ha ??.' di-'-a IP Inoa'i r In tti? fl if f.i? a Sat ??< a I'aa bo had <ar a r*m ?i |a?r# If ' Apply oa the irtnnet. itr iw?inr KCournM. rLBf-A bW ALL IHIi KB Sty *Y URIi'K HOUSE oa tw n?ih i?r?t >Mr Foerkh inm. Cent %&%. Ala*. *? aloe kr?-e at ?r, cnt'ao kaa*a? aa Forty Milrd ikntl, iiw lire ad ??r. Beat S3J&. AM. Rift' SHI *M A. SI* Fourth aveav*. Ta 1ST? * Fl'RNlhHBD IlOUSB, IN M.'RBHTO "TH New J ??(?/ A fuaiif wilinm youag oiiidren pr* l<-r*d a be ? . bid l#e willing to '*>arl tee ooe ipant (a led .'I i f. r <ba ?a? of luaea aaa (araiture A?dxa? L. F., bat 12, I Herald uffiaa. T> I A.T? THE 1 WO FIN ? MItr FTORKS, 27S AND 277 M * >'-r ?lio t Quod bttiuMi etand for auy kind I a' i-uaiaete Mnn 10 oumt.leti ardar, with ? a i turea Afinainli Mu be Iiaj wilb the mwrui; ileo tba ! tar?m?.t li ?antad. I. U Elk kill M KM, 310 Faurtb ? avraue I'M l.BT? Tl> A MESI'BUTaKI.E > Atill.Y 1HB CI'I'KR par" aad Ira; i lar-uiei.t <?> ion-# iUi Bit 'era etr*et, %>ilb cae, hat li aid Cr toa a aier. i u iinu.ertiatoN lit n' moderate. A i>|>! v in ib pr?mi?ej al.u, ike apnar part, avar I b? etcra Sti Chat hast atrwt. A;'ply la the rtb <>ra. rr? ILT-1BE 1 11 It R 8 bTultT HOffN ST?*lt I dwcilitt, bnuac, with i jlUh-i u r>>ut> la Ar t an! moid iiurlrii, witli tl.u n . dem ini|?>vcmeii<a. butllo* ta a n>a?l tmarit Alan, the i.e lour -t ry aaillin k?iw 2U RMtttl'lj'Htk Cleat, acar i . i - . . awaii, nwaHlfei m? drr? inij>t" 'auieuta. flout ? ? > i tviaut h">JJ Aha, a email Train* l.onaa. l'}4 ?MJi raul J L a Ml All, fightu avaure, caraer Siiteen'.h at. TO LHT? TliE T1IKKS SToRY AN It 'IAHBWBHT briok bo aaa HO Bldrn4<? atraat, near Ortai. wl'.n a .w I i??-r, pai.'t hot ?n I oula water rathe, ran^o, |ia< all tkr iaih ihe l.?ati-: th?udulier? Ao. , at in <o?d Older, K?ai fc/JJ par anauiu Uqiuiaif J S11.VA, 109 !? eriy ta ilreat. >??<.. kik'-.'f?IO THE VI lit. AO A Of ?OiiRlSANiA. 'IB 1 ??(? hill and Saooud atrneta aod >????<><* tno Mo; rl?aii? ut Welreee atauuae, Uer'oia railroad, a larfe tad >\rari: ti*w dw.-llinji heuea, ei/BtafiUBg en tee o rauwe, at able, Ne, ta. and 19 ell./ Icia of lAud. aU la j'.od ordac. Hen' ISIU A at It to A. F IS OLA Y, 11 Sk?( atcaac H'U REM--II1F LARQR ROOM NOW Oi^COPIBIl A3 I a >ill ard i-aiooo a >ruer of ll< wo ry and Itrveui ? <>r>at. t aid ro.m la tio feet lu wldtk on the -mei-y, aa ' M feet i> i*< |.tboii llrwime etreet; a fine looetina for a* bua u'M. Inquire at the num. ur of J. ti A W K. Bowery. r- KSNT 1^ JBRSET CITT? T(T.? OrTUOi)* H A V D aou* browa eteuo boueea Jaai uai-li-l IranUo^ Van Vorat ai|OH?t ? by 55 t'entua tba *r<?n'l, tare" atiriea %ad luriiim i? t atb", waVarnlaat'e naa, laruaoti aai all tbe io? <ii' Impreieaiente, ouat n?rr $10 IMI; will be rental fer f .90 lie til ?be law of Hhi WO, with the privilege ol parolia?lii| tbc eaa e oonaiderably uiiAer cott. Aim at Shorwuoi, * #a n I n freni >ha lerry, a ban lanma Qo'uio villa, wi* u ?ne aora of iirimeJ altaoheil, o?u iu?iidir ? an attentive view of tlia ba> end barb r of Vew V>rk, Me , *<?. ; >hn loua'Un i? pr? ?ai>-ib>ly bealthj luquln- of ANOItBV '"bAitiv at tka ?fBne ol the 4ar?y Cit/ Gaa t'-ompa jj, oaraer af Greene and <;r and atrael a. TO I ? tSh? A COPlHTItr su it', AT HBLHAti, tTMf 1-he.ler anuuty oont?luin< ab.>ut 51 ao ei ef laal beta' trolly rUnated oa tb? Sooad. Apply to AJAIIS1 Ll/'> 71 Naaaau etrai t. I O G*(V BUS AND OTHERS ? TO LBT, A NBW bouaa eu i atora, la tha centre part af 11 mi. on, iVirm-rly l(er(io New Ji ra?) . aud ftrtaea minutai rile flr-m J?raeT l it ? f^rry, abrra there i? aa at?ra, la A tblokly a*-trleil neifb orhi'iid, aad a Bra' cltii eti-ra l.'An da a" eftoxllent t n.inwa, la ail branches, like a oenntry .tore l ortar'uer ptrllri.lar-, inquire at the oeal yard, Sou'h Miath atroet, near liro?e, J ur >e> City. fPliE DWBI.I.If 0 HOFSE HI. I0? l*.B0NA91> STRttT, 1 a law do rt aaet of Uruadway, to lot. k'roui ita vary crntiel |W ?lrinn tble houao la w?.l adapted for a tir.t nlm boer.tinf b.-uae, ' r whioh pnrpuna It bn heeo u?ed 'or many yoar*. Apply to $T Rl'lUM Co^oVMii, MS Broadway. WORKSHOPS TO LBT? IN TUB BEAR OF 299 Uroailway, well IL;hte<l aad Teutilatad iiant mode rA-e. Apply t? SvKI'HE> UONOVKB, m ItreAdway. noRHBM, OARHIA6BS, OH). A CHESTNUT UARB FOR SAl.t-AB.-DT IS U A\D9 a <J, , kind in eiarla or double kara ??*, la al ie a gu?d s?d d e In rao; a ill ba aula Aheap aa ttie u* nor baa n > viii or a*r \ Apply at ile corner at UaialUoa avenue aad Woodkall mo< t, feoutb Rruoklya. A BdKSE FOR SALE? A B<*LEN HID IRON OBAT, 1\ UH b&nd* high, kind and gentlo ia barAaea oi out; will h>ni d vi'bont tying; ueiaht yeataeld Any poraua ?aat ii>f a |cvd borae, may apply in Franklin Market, Mid si in. < <AI<R1A0E IIOKSfcS I (?lt PAIS OF DARK fJ' J carrta.e lior -a*, ?tvlt-ih drr-rn, very <cnt< and per Irony tmiail; hare raver hoon ia the eity, nor utdar tje sure < t a usrre dealer. H ill be a l l to - it applied ler imiueeiato ly. J ACoH II JBWkri, i'0!i?hkoeo*ie. LMVS VBRY FI*B AND PUoMKINO YOVNO I' Lr?e? j -? i reoeit .| ; j r y *, browm, black and inrrtl; (try vary ironi !.'> 'o If, lieiios aud wairaiitod perfectly unud and kind, are verr at/llah aad beaatl'ul lorm-d aai meia.aro aonm *M* biilt.d f r (outloiuon'a or family u<n aad c.i?t -wo art very fart. Cao eo seen at the tale at.t!>l*a'J linlvcrrUy place, aba?e Fourth ? rent. l^i 'It 8A1E- AT nRXWSIERS STAB1.K. 4*2 Al'uAN r tluaireet, Bretkli a, pea pair lar.s,e dappl J gray beraof, ii'l>(u bacdi h?rb, line ?tyl? aao aoiiou; >ue fry Ann fami ly > <rfO. blond bay idxteeo and * ba'l baud* lit. b aix yoa-n old; bim i air very fine I ay horned. tt) ??n aud a bat h?ud* H|th at* joara aid ? ? 1 h a liaurisnme r<rVa? tt carriage aad fcaruett, alio tiru or thin* ?trj line ? a??a and latlle a*r<?<. For sals? a shifting top dm srat wagon aad barn***. Apply to J. J. UAUT 06 Maodougel at. F?i<t ? A I E ? A UIMl.E'AN #1311113 TO DI1POSK vt Lir, wry fa-t ?ia> trnti iur in* re warraated voun,;. R-.iihd, liii'd and penile in al !iaraea, ; al-o a light top ari^i, ? iib *)>? 't? end I'biiadMpbia all... due ha -mm; ale* a ? ry tiae light double karoo. *, uaed on y lit ujioa, a", a cr**at bargain, tepiehcr or aeparat*. Please addreai box irtte, fut cflica. BK..R HA! E? A BAY HiRUK, SEVEN YBARS OI.D, fire-, rat* (tapper. alt b the baai dUaealtitu to "oanie (ant," alao a wagon. of Mr. Wis Ford .t aio'a make, aad a o?? Inuoh ?ji lag aaddl* aad audio. Apply at I QUARY'H (table (uuw kept by Haiari. 5wtr? A Yertailyea), No. lit Arnly ttntt. FOh SALE- A HAtDSOMB BAY MArB wahranted *ono* aad kind In all barae*(, or aaitable far a goalie a.aa or lady under (addle; aUo two kandnom* light w ago 01, aew, with topi Cab be Ml at J C. ?UYLB'S, Id Canal llww. FOR SALt-A BAY MARB, U% BANDS HIGH, el/ht start old tbt* aprlag; eaa trut la 'bro* ralnaiei; ?arraui?a ? ouud, klal aad goBtla, aad of great o^deraneo. AUo. b ll/bt (birtug tap va<?a. eot *f aiugle h uiiu, A a. Lbb b? mi Bt 27H HbMmb HrHt. CV>B PAI.B-THB CBLBRBATBD PACING TEAK, r kti iB aj (.laderalla Bad l ldora.? Ara eatirely tree <ri'D taolt, perfectly aunad, Tory spblted Bad of great ea dnraaod T'.ay are without deabt the fatteat team (a the world. Bad hart made the faataat time aver mad* asvi the traek. Alao two la* read wages*, a**t af doable aad alalia haraeaa almeit aew, tocrtbir wltb <ip*Mr bUaktta, hood*, Ao. Addrae* a* a 3,343 Toil OOo*. tl<OR 8A1B? A RAY HOR9B, SEYBN YEARS OLD IhU apnag, ktad la ilngl* deehia bar?*?i. Jmt from the ornatry. aud warranted eenad; aUo.a light wax**, la quire ol P. II. MuAVtiY, C2 Pria** atraat, corner or Martea. Fir salk-a splindid sorml mars, setbn yaari old tbi* aprlni; ft*ad* witbmt tyia/; lultabl* ler any bmlaaea. .SAMUll. 3PAKKS, Jr., *?ra?r if S*T*ath avenue aad Tbl'ty foortb atraat. 17IKR 8 A LX ? A UANDMIMB, FASHION AB1.K Tiro . arat racka way, liaed With cluth Uaa patent ax Ice, aad he* brra a*rd vary lltt *. 'l a ba *e*a at Maura W fMANN A I A I Kl>'h iterry (table, 71 R**de atre*t t'rl**, $1.'3 FOR SALB-A MAONlPldNT OBIT dkLDINO, Six teen haade higa of fla? atyle aad aotioa. Caa lr*l la ^:U>, anra. t an be ?e*i> at BUR"ilAM'd, Blooiolagdal* road. U* l? aow (a *xo*llaat health, eoaad and kiad la all barn***, without -ault, *?v*a j?>n old, aad a mora deai taWa hor?* oauaot be fon?d iu the wo. li. Hndaoa R. tt., liJi A M ; S ru and 6 P. M. For saie-a splbndid assortmbnt of NHhu, rookawayt, twa Mt and ela^l* **at wagnai, ? itb aad aitl.ont top*; a *<>, a oort, r'a gu and aulkey. The aU'W Kill he ?? Id esnep. Apply at SW and 91 Ba*t Blorentb ? treat, aaar a eea<i avenue. f-t.? sai i-hm. pair wbi.Ii maiciikd bay un traiuei horaor, ju.t from tin 16 hand'* blgb, wilgbt !<? |i-a , atx J ???" old. warranted *oaa4 aud k.nd. aim tor t.aul - , at le and aeiton fb? I rage the wrrld. They ran trot t*(?th>r la 3^; aao, In Ita^aear, l>.>ldn of throe ailnntca. Canb*te<aat A. KcUOaald'i alabloe, 13 Dowa M *tir*t. I'i'R*i.9.->EW Y- RK TaTTRKHAT. LS, SIXTH 1 imut, ouraer ot Thirty nWth timet. bit 4*?, ki II a'cloak, a>*i;n?at' ?aU of ?tx oaul'iKi, nearly now, a-?ea ?ttt ot fnri?r?? an* f?ed ?a?na, nna luh? t>n?inu?i w?< >?, 'krae |i' it ri'KliN, hank nnsrho'. fifteen hnrtaa; alio, in niftl.a'tlj alier, potitira eole of a aplendtd b kj aaddle tua>r wHiTBit'd ? ?tird; one lay Cuba p'Djr, one hay t Wharf an I' Dy, out oli>-ataui lariiaa fooy, on* aet aenond le.d II n dbvtlr karnaia, two II. In nlro a ,to?\ varlolj nl * e? and renoed hand light wa:ona, now aud tread hai d ain-le and dia<le baraeia of all deaariptloa*; alio, Iwulj boreai bj eatalotuo. ,C?*0. VI.KMUNS, Aootloaaor. lirnitr I'ai.mir, Saleemaa. HIB.'K Bl'OCT. AfDHIRNIS', FOR 3 A l<R CUR A I*. ? I l>a burro t> I6>^ I ai'di high, browa with a Jang tail, a food aid at?l *b nnrir, aiil Hand withont tvioa;. aad aar.enwd auoad aad klud. The ?hoi aad bara?i< are both in f?od ordrr, ai d ?|i| fa 'old aery cheap, If applied ft-r 'hn day, at ika -a a aod ctmimuiloa Mallei Ma. 1 Uai verait y p.aca, al-ere l'oarth atraot. SAIMR AND BR1DLR V* A.*iTICI>? SMvjO'*' D I1AND w?li aado, abd iu imii erd-r, lar notch a fair prloa will M paid Addraaa boa i,U>i I'aat OOaa. SECOND HAND CABRIAGIB F'?R 8AI.R ONI ooaok. aaa ila aeat rookaway , aad a aura Mr of kagdlee, wwatsiws Ji1. r.L ,1*. ty M><tik idMt. VI K MONT UoRStS. A FIHR PAlR Of MA fCHED ha; a, y?na? ai.a atyli h.a bay ailt. ??? jraar. aid? aaa tiat U Atu; ale*, ?a?*rat yean*. "t.liaa aad faal riarla i?.im?. far* Mergaet. aaa wer'aaWd aooad; a' en thraa II. M aagoaa aad haraaoa Apply a* SI aad fl Bmtib ? tn-aa, It real lye. w AN HP? A filCI'I **< ?? KAWAf -ANT ONI HAT it lag a K*"d ar ticU for ta i pleaae drata C. U , lllllll rRw, etattog | rl'f aad *km U saa ba aaaa. U'ANTBD ? A SHORT TaIU l.lOHT ORAT BOAS*, aat mr et?h ytara oM, aiait a- It haada ki<k ta (* la ami i a and dankl* haeaaae, a g??d traveller, perffcaatr n iii a aad reatr* f h< ac. hating Na aaa aaawariag tbi* 4?e*ripti?a maj dad a pocaaa ac at UM raaat i*mi W'AO zk FOR HAL*-A.?UM>R3i AND PUiASVM aa?tao m?ia?d ?ata ?a atdar ta tha baal aaa^aar; Kaaaia, bulk n ?-?aM?; ?aa a tagatat c? aaaa, wirt Inl olaaa (a* aaaa lad t*atk?% tap; an aaoal aai artintaf r a Ka laaaa *a??t la tba ai'y, aad wall ?alaa<a*a4 'at a aaatta >41 la Ha ooaatn W?t ta a(?takaat ot taUtafl dapata. A#p>y ta J. It. ItoWK, I Caaal HtaaA, K XT IRA VAT. Hi UM1 LANn-rHANt |S. O *KIINA*I>0, HAKORL, 'I ?f?', J?ba"*, Rdward Btnaa. taaval aaaddar, j. ? till -all iKm-d<atri?. aaantiaa pr aar< d, ba itnt ai d *? Id at l^aat rat. a WM Utt.M ulN. autary padl* and atiaiaay, It Naatai atraat, raaat li A' ATT Klbmi LAM It AM "BX1?A PAr' OVF|OA I* -HoaaH laada and "aitaa par ' ?af t A IHawr uflaM ta . i? all waft ataca i7f?-?halr wtiava aad "TUtr iniaglT a- tat aad aad paid ktlastai daa oldawa **t nam a? duaaaad >? k adu aad "'Vara. onMawtar, aad rfl ttada af alalia* a??taa\ ?kd Q^iaad **a??a aaaaa.rad k* dl>*tUl ilBoMata, Agaat ?a? lata- f maat W. A Uti V *td?Wlu 1 ! N II II? RTA'*9 PH1P Al.^l ** V.? "? HR *?<????;* I it Wl't tl om wkt f?t< h>( ?Kb aald tSln alll ba l nakUS hy ea'lwig oa iin'jill _ ? rottar V. %. lar y, 17 ?all l ok mtrbpboi? cbitab mm F *t>ip BaLTIu j? i UaiiNiL Ml will d opart mU Ik* Ua<M 1 Itnft pvtilltal; wa W?b? day. KM _ . _ from her t*r*h at tli* 'u?l *. I'uM WH? iumii hiring M?nw?4(MU tor *1 Ma* Of at i! twf rt, *pi>ly lo II'WaBB K. C> LLIMI Mf?l iiwi I'UHtttntnirqnNird UMrabnwdktK^ A A II * r?e1Lo w'll auoet-ed 'be Bai'le, aad tall Jom 13 *Mp p*ia ?ill flitMkkatdmi tUl U< aM^tf lwllaait? dot a rry my a< ntro h*nd o' ttr AlllrlM(iB?| pea* thraayii th* Poet < i:.<- . u; lUxn will b. minA 1>llB NKW Yi RK ana I. ITRRPixil UNITED STATW Kbit ?tebn.eii ? 1 La iLtp ? o*ia|**iiig tbi* U?* *rw IB* tUliOPIHI ? ATI AM IC, l>r? Wert. BALTIC. Capt. 'omatook. I'Atlfli , k>? ADRIA11C, CapA . 'Jh?#e eblp; bav* loaa fcr.llr Vj contra**', axp,e**ly rri Bail ?tr*loa l i rj im? Iim Ua? tUea is IMt **? ??tuoilvo, h alao is ?i air an iubi, lo ei?ara atrength aa? ti?td at d tfceir aeenuiini. Jbtloi ? far pa*a**f*ri are wm uuellcd lor ileiiBiie* till ei?nif..rt 1'rte* ? f pa*aag* tmm Nf? York lo Li>?rpool, ii> lr?t olm oat la, tl3U, la -aaesB d? . |7A, u? of a> ra a'te atatrroem VS. Iroaa Hr*r|w ? I t<' N'*w York, flu *ad SIkiiIkii. Aa axperleaaaB *? r?o .n attached ?u aach atup. No barit nouaiai until P*M fir. i nopdaicn dat it oraAiLino. r*OM w.n ruin. moil uivrir?oi> W i dm ?oay bar M, l?W Saturday May l?. IBM Vt tor ? ??di-> ....klay .111, 1Mb* Saturday June ?, I MM W ?i*rotca> ... Jnnr 1.1, IfM Saimaiy Juna 10, IMS *mih>) . .. .Juna ?7, IMA i?atord?r Jim X, IM Vtflnt-dey ....July II, lfA6 Saturday Jo y 14, IM ltidnei>?*> ....Jati tb. Ih j6 Saturday July JR. IB) >ur In i.l.i or ????*.. t la ii ri liK i > i I I > i, S ii b>< IT all atr-et. Nov Tork. I. Hi VI * mo l.kV A Ct? , LiTtrpod. Sill H(.N Kt.SStUU A CO.. 27 Ant tin "liar*. Luin. b t?. H'AlMUIi.liri Co, l'aria (?Li k<-k 11 I'H A I* I.H, ll?rra 1 1 o < i-ra uf thee- rhipt > ll not Ho aoaoaiiabla tor |?>B, nl?er. bv.liio*. ap^tiie, J*-wrlry, preoieaa etoo** or noial% i nlf t th'i i,l Un<n< ut tinted therefor, and the nlM tbir.of t t enia i i .irera. d. Shipper ? p'?a?.- ui.h u ?le? U at the ihlpi of tkii Uaa oaa ? at or.rry any *cod. contraband ot war a IBB V AN I) KB ill I. T EUROPEAN LINE OP STB AM* -bip- tb* Brit u >4 i'uhmio STAR, Wac iiooa. Baiter, ni l ioa?e Ma* York fr .m pier & War* rl<*r feot b! L'hentbeia aireet at aoaa preomoly, *i Siaaar oay. Jun*!> lai Davr* iiraot Fifrt c'aar MB Necud " M 1 be >*rth S'ar will *i* f llow*d by the Ariel Jan* M The uokar *1 th?>? rt*?*U will a*> m aoanuotail* ??* (ola, ailvir, batll'ua, t xxie Jewelry, praoio'M ntou*? ?raa tal>, nalei* bill* of Imhiit are signed thur*'ur, aa< tb* TfeiM tkurruf tberaln aip bpi ole ??e g?o*> taken av n?ual rata* No I r?i, hi tei?l??-i ahvr *oo> of the day Safe re (aBtaf. K" brrth Minn4 until p?io ter. I.atiam Iiwpaid, l?>?e. ptr k oi., will ba ra?eiT*d at tb* oO;ce up in II A. ti. ot the da? tf itillig. and <rkil ba *ar rird la utrona ludiaru b?r ba i itdir luok, aad on arrival atMarre. till b* .mondial" y dnpeiit** la tka l'o?t Mm thrra Paroelt tak*i. r*<<h prepaid, one d*Uar and npvardk rixm DArM or *ah.ino mi irrw viibi. riiw katii. Nrrth Siar JiiD* f Ariel J a a* | Ariel June 30 North ittar JuaaJk >oria Mar July tl Ariel Jo If M Ariel Ann- II North Star Aa?. II Nirtliiitar !?apt. 1 Arirl "?**?? I Ariel A?pt 23 jvarth Star &?ft It NorrkStar.. net. 1.1 Ariel Hit. ? Ariel Nor. J Narth Star No*. B Ariel Nay. M Thrre iteain-h pa areclaaaad A 1 at the ia?araa?* oSoaa, aed rpei ia aud g< oda will ba inaured la Mieia at an law rata* ?I |.r?mt'<i> a* is ear oik?r ?teaa>bip* tbat oroaa tb* Neaa. Fcr fitiyht or |a<iaoL apply 'o V. luiiKiM't, no 6 Bewliaf Greaa, New Tmk. SLMf kK, MOaTaNI A UfcarkK, t? Ro* N. B. ?*i ria to'ra, I'aiia. I .'liWdTIB Hi lll DB3SBANN k CO., 27 Qaal DoliTbar, Uarra. B ob li v Kkpi'iiL ? Bails on wbunksbay, mat 13, IB'3 ue? ellpprr abip llNTARIV, 3,0W toaa B**? for a tea more **ooad oabia aad ataara<o faaaaucar*. Jfaa pa?n?* apply I* lllnii C. RUC1IK 8J S'.?:h atr**fc. XTlrllCE.-PlBS'M'ALKBrhUlP r?>R Ll V K K P? Ha? Xi Tb* aplendld ar d tnucMfloent paoket ihlp T. A. PAL I.A.K, Capt. Rivbariiava, > ill poattlirly aail ou IfMliMttf, kla.i VS at IV *'o;nck, t>r?ciaaly. K*r pairn.e In eaMA, an- nd cabin and at. ?-ra"o apply ea board, piar #1 E B. TAi'SCUVr A Cu., H'j Soath mf to*t of Bnrtta* allp, or to L' lit ST Sllll* ri>R LI VSkl'uUl..- TUK SPLBNDI* F packet nh<p 1'fc.NT U Kl()>, Capt. C'oouiia, wtil porl lively ra>l to murrou noun ? or paaaa^e, barin' ue iuaiied accommodatiua, ap^ly to&AISti. A C'tiRTld, 'kTI ultuu at, rjtUL I. IV kttl'OliL AND i UILaO?!.PUIA STBaBSUT a company luiead v*ilia< tbeir ta*orl<* atcamahiai ? tl'* ur MaNCIlCiiKK 2 1*6 tona, C*pt >Vylia CITV wr l.Al rmt'KK. new ) 2 toua. ? apt. C I A V ??? KaMIINU'i'O.n, IIO..J 70<i ?*-.?, Capl R. r.oiltah. fralix 11 ifcl, t'.b aad ir6, aaouitlirg tx atate rojia A lliukna n*?>li*^of aulrd clans paiieiiRara will be takaa frt in 4'tsiia?l*)piiia anu Lirerp->?1, aud <ouud In pr?ri?i*aa . Inii l'l.lladeipbia .#.Ti|irom Lirerpiol MB partKa alaklng t* bring out their trleada. caa ? 'taia o*r liCca!ea o( pitaa >. a'<d draft* on Mrerpeel, in auiaa *f Bt aitrlinn aa* upwaroi Apply to SaI||i?i, sM I ril, (??*??, 17 Walnut ktroet, Philadelphia, and iilo. 7 Broadway, Maw York. UR 30UT1IAMPT0> AN1> 11a V Kb. ? TUK NCW (M*l J? tvd Stale* mall itoaoier aKAUI>, 11. Luida 0'iruiaawA ar, will 'oa?a l r Havre, tt/uohla* at Soatbauipieu la i?aB it* u. ail* and p?ea*i...,ira. oa Saturday Jua* )* at t2o'ot?afe. tr> in pier No. 37 Nortu rliar, loot *? Reaok atraet. t'riewar hr>r .labia, AldU, priee of a. ouad oabln, A 6. uuggag* Mt w*n<td conn* the roja^o tnould be **ab on board tke 4af t?.t*?e KailiaK, ina.ked * t.eiow." No fr*igkt tak*a afbac Timnuiay, bay 31 lit Irtij't ar paiaaj* anply t* M. LI f INtaSlUN, ag*ai, M Broadway M. M ? All lattara oat i* ? '.irnngh >.h* Pot Oltto*. I klSPA-rCAl LINK A UK SAN fBANtJlSCO? UUaKalB U t*?d to ? mI oa or bafor* the *.?> b lift Tb* *pA*a4la a 1 (lipper ahtp Radiant. Boars*, aaaUr, U no* rapi'Uy lea Abac at piur No. b, taat liter, and wtAl poaitiraly aaU or tea t ranciaer, on or keforo Tu*ad*y, .'.'iii laat 8bi*?e?* *?* partiualaily reijuiHnd to auad ib*ir freight laaadlaialy a> board ar.d oompleta ih*t*oa^a>*?*ata aefora Pa ?d*y, MB Imt , th*i*by anrillai tb* d|. appuiaiaaota *courraa ?> IM lb*t d?y? ot loadiag. Speelai eotld* -Pal *t a -l rnll, bba Radlai.t wlU aail ou *r be for# tb* day *A?*rtla*a, aad a* freight token a 'ter t.h* aay firooeadlag tka aaAlina (A. aaAar any otreuanitaaoaa or at any prio* 8l!TTii>" % CIA.. M boo i* atr**t. *oraor *f Wat>. r*r*ioriy af M Wall ilmt. RkbUC'TiON OF FaBRS TJ SUIT THI TlRBA.? New \ ora aad Caiilutaia ataamabip ilaa, via M* va^aa Awiwtf) Triaait Lomiiany, of .Mcara^aa. propei*i*r?? t rough la advaao* oi the(uiall ? 7W tauei iktwr tkaa aay other rout*. aroidla< tb* daadly I'auaaa favar aad ??* bl *a at danK*roaa boating 1* fuaaa Sat. Tit* *| doabl* *Bbia* aioaraah'p Mar of to* VTaal. 2 IIOO toaa oariUa, La. tain loraer will I*a?i> aior No. 3 North rirac. at (kroa o'clock P. U. preoi??iy, ?or Paata Araaa*. oa fdaMW, J a a* A, I AS, oobaeotiBg with the (toaiaahlp sierra N*r*da, IBM tona hi re eu , over tha Moar-gaa Tranrit roata. kariag bai tw*|y* Bilra*t lead travap .rlaUaa by Irat aiaa* carrla^M. Per Ixforiuablaa *r paaaa^e at tb* r*dao*d rata* apply tmlf to I BaBLRS HuKUAN, Agent, N*. > Mawliag tira*a. Lettar bagf aad* mp at tb* ilia If* aajtaap**! latiaaa r**?Ar*d Australia- independent limb? onlf rmmwb ?o* ii port of far AaatraliA Tbeaptaadid A ( tllw* abip i BYSI AL r*! AC* will hart ImmaJia* iuMtakftf Melbourne, oa bar mmi>4 ??>?!?, b?li| bUi bar ln> M Ii (tti. liar hwbb?MUmi for Mwipn is tret u4 <mn| eetia HI ol Ul **r< boot. of wldeb Mlf A lualted tMMt ? 111 ktikkiii. For Iraikt or patta?e at tba umt mhl apply u amiu a eLliot larwi mhm, mail** A LORD, lw> H all itrat, N. T. ACSTBALlA.? riONKER LIN* ? CABBTIMO TAB Untied IMMt Mil ? lb* Mlimtal A 1 nlpfw iMf NIUbTlMUALB, L?|,tala DtUur, lw Miltolru, mK b* lltpkMkti Ob t?r N?.U ??)??? IHtl iii* 1Mb J kw ini made how lut is lb* nuwih'M time of 74 d*r* Mil ?ICllleut MNBV'i'MlllOt lor 1*4 AA Dij at Ikl ?Uo< of B. W. CAVlCKwN. Nl li BowliaA O ud lib Wnl itnm VTBW TORE AND NEW OBLKAN8 STBAMMH t OQEt XI pauj -r or New ur-tati. a top pi I at Itaraoa, mi >yia? tbo United bta'ea oialL ? Tba ataauiehlp UAUi'U k W banfcldt, t?aa?n4ir, "ill nntiKH r**H HaR freight on 'luuday. ?id, *ud eau far tba a tar* porta vi n( day, Mat 2#, at lZe'eloek. hta atar at (bat ai l*M?a meat, Airtb rirer Freight lar tba interior aaJ far Ita bi'e ceaeigBed to oar araat la New lirtaaa*. iaa? Om atly A Ca , will k? larftriai lr?? of o?iaui>d?aa fua^ ??r? for Bat ana mutt procure paatpartt before loaring (Mi ltili* of lediuc matt b? Hit Ib for attain c tba er*aoac ft* tlont ta tba >kip tailing. Fat ( or pat a(a aiinr ta Ll V BOSTON , i.doCliMut A CO.. A(*nU. II Bra*B ?tj. b R ? Tba Black Warrior. J. ?. ?aliaak. ? n ai. ler, will ma?oat tka 'JakawVa, aad tail lltlaidtog. Jaae 0. Foe st. tikiras. w. i., dirrct? tue rotae Mall Steam|> rompaay'e iteamer TKVItlT. 4 V. f-awjur, oomiiiaBaor, aill tai far tb? above part oa Taae obt, Ma) 22, at IJo'eHek M. fraai tba N??tl(j Warti, feab arT* tilth t.raat, R. H For ( ????*? apply ta MAlTLAM). rnitLHSItO 4?al<, H HUnaR. I aim* rutliad tt ilia atkoa oa tba day tftalilii uM 11 a 'cloak. I'OB f-AVANNAH AND FLORIDA. ? OK ITBft STATES nail liao.? 'Ibo to* andelnrfant tMaiaahlp ALAiiA VA, i apt. tifo K. feohanak, atll leare Near 1 ark tar U'UUaA ?n ? ht'? day \ia 23 r m pier No. 4 North n?-r, atd o'eloak F. J1 Bi I* t.f lading >l<B?t on board. For Irdrht tpll; ou beard, or for pe?*?ge to >AMUKl. L. MlTiIRltal* L'l feraadwty. lor Hondo, thr'ith ttcboto <roa No* f rt ta Jeekaoarilla, Ul; to Piiaika, MX. Tba RaeariUa <;ajA. t D. Ludlow, a ill taoaaad. aad leave oa Saturday, Map M. f OR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA ? SBMIWKEEkr I aited hlaUi Mall Lisa ?The itotm<bi? S'iVTi fel'NkU, T. I?n. eommaader. will loaro pi?r No. i, N R, oa Rrdaeadajr M?y XI. at 4 o'otook F. M.. prtoiaai/. Fa* fraiabt apply oa board, whore all bl>lt af ladlar trEl ba tiKBed ; tax far paaea?a. at tko tfflot of SfOFFtpRBL * TlLbMt'N t t'D , ? "roadwat Tbraa?k tlekete ?? flaM da aa follow. ? T? JtekaoaTilld, Ml: to ftlaoka. Ml Tba Jaa Adftr will taaocrd aad loaro oa Saturday, tftb laab. |i OR NORFOLK, FBTBRABUEti AMD EIOIIM?!fEl? r The tailed Atatae sail ittutahlt EOANORE, t .*klaaor, a?a>aiaader. will 'aaoo pier Na l> Rortfe rirar, a* H tltei.Uy, Mr J zgrd. at 4 ?'e ?ok I'. M., will antra *b Norfolk tba aei t afteraaae, aad at raterebarg aad Wah ??rd tie trllawtoa moralBf. From Norialk, paaaiaaarl be tba fc'Btb f roaaoa by tulroad dlraot, with tbroagh ttabaAa a??, halfprie*. Tt'Teaah ttahou ta I ruabbar*. #lT 'tab ta Lv bl.AM A FI.BahaNTE Ma. SI Hraadway. M.E-S fraltbt takaa fcr klatotad CttiR FETE R.sKVBO AND NOEFOLK? THE STBAM r *>.ia RtoANOKB. Caat htsaar. lo aoa t lajlaa 1 (baa Ma. li North rirar, for Potat*bw?a aad ?orMt, BM ?B lea*a aa Wadaotday, At 4 a'etaah. A Mb SaNTS, a Braadway. ??? bat parttataf tba b^Tafc pjayabHt,, gty^ ^ ^ ^ Z _ WMlTPEEo~ YTMAMRI LED C04TA0E FP*? IT*?E? ?EAT f? CJ I) tr.ta tt Uw aa rt. at tba ?aoaiaaty y BM* ? r<o?a. tAt RrnaAway, Bear Blaaoker aaoae a. ba**ae eaa^J ?to lb M alftit aad fcebloaebla e^n^ 0?riCB rP?NITCBE - D<>0*L? AMD et A* 4<i| aad ?l't.a? daeka, fra? * t ? ? f.??; a?tal??( ol arota oate. ??" atalra, cook otoola, Mroaa MtaaM Tba loiroat aad bo?t aeoortaaat la taa ally, at KauVi tool rt-ro, M l;ooka.aa etraat PAbiiFS wisoimo To DtarosB or atmss rn a It err, to t"< * ardor, will Aad a aa?h etitaar If f apply la? to. e? addraatiac J?#U* ANDRE# A, AM *4jbl arraaa. rrwt PTRflONB CIMO TO nou*vtc II PINO -FOE ; I la'r T- ri ofoop, la a raatrul nal?bhnrh tha far at ? lira nt a *ar ? to.oai, brdnnna. too ataeata wda p*a'r?, fop 1 tb? taa af Hlbj i*'.llar-,t* r tMa? eitra eooptoaa *?* I #p:/W t?b month, rioaaa vldr*4? o. P. R , H?atd adUa

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