Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 31, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 31, 1855 Page 3
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ia TimM, it A rwtow of PraacUa troope, dnrlnj the accrfpatioa of that country by the allied army, and whiea he ?1??m w*n oa aay fnit puolic oco??ioo. The Duko of Wellington iu there hi?nt>el', weerteg the ?word, bat Hading the gallant Bardlage uaable from hi* lata injury to use bis own, h? unbuokled hia bait, and pissenud him his own a word, whiifc ha said was lighter and would better aa;t bia purpeee Several officers of the Bengal Artillery, In bright Mae dreseee, ezeited a good deal of noti-e Admiral Deans, late ooomu'er of toe Blaek Sea fleet, waa reoogaired and received many hearty and warm congratulations from hi* friends; aa did Sir Thom ,h Iron bridge, of the 7th Fuaitlere, tae valiant officer who tadoae of bu l'gs and hla other foot ?taot off In the trenohee. Be waa brought on the ground in a Bath chair, and appeared to be almoat in a atate of conva leacance. Amonget some other offle*r? we observed near to thin gallant iffijer, were General Wetherult, Adjutant Gene ral to the Force#, General Brotherton, Sir E Belcher, Captala KeUet. be. Precisely aa the cloek atruck eleven, the first of the loyal carriages entered the tilt yard. upon which the royal atandard of England wan hoisted to the lummit of the staff; aid on the carriage containing her Majesty and Prince Albert drawing uj> to the dais, the whole of the line v. 3>*nte4 armi, the band of the Royal Marines Struck up !?!.?? rational anthem. *od a royal lalute was fired from tt>? uscloauie As bt>r Majesty stepped fro n bar carriage every head was uncovered, and loul and hearty were the acclamations ibat greeted her Majesty M the waa conducted to tie chbir ot a'.ate, where she was surrounded by a brilliant staff of officers of both inay and navy. Upon her Majesty being seated the Duke of Cambridge gave the orcer for the entire lines of -.hose entitled to receive the medals to advance rhe 'rent line waa com toned of the Guards, next to them the HUhlan'ers, the ttfle Brigade, tbe naval off c*ra ao<1 men, and the 60th Uflee. The other txoops of the line wer? slightly ia the tar. Tbe first who approached tbe front of the dais to re Wive the hozorable token from the hands of her Majesty raa his Bovil Highness the Duke of Cambridge. Her fajeaty addressed Dim for a (ew momenta on the great atereet she felt ia tbe success of her arras, and handed so his Rojal Highness the medal atruck in honor of the wOliaat achievements of her arms in the t!rimea, which ia received smid loud and pro onged cheering. The neda! is very well executed, bearing on the obverse an izcellent profile Ukeaess of her Mijetty, and oa the re feree a figure of Mars, crowneis by Fame, with the word Crimea"' The next in order to receive the honor were the Earl if Lucan. Lord Bingbam, and Colonel Lealie. After them came the Earl of Cardigan, a ho, as he left the royal pretence, waa congratulated by the assembled thousands with loud cheer*. To detail the names of those military officers and men rould be utterly impracticable, from the pressure of ime; but it may be proper to remark that, an amongst he number rnanj of them were either compellel to walk >y the aid of sticks or crutches, ttiey were specially ob ecte of interest and sympathy. Amongst this class Sir IhonaasTrou bridge (above re'errnd to) received marked oanifes\atioDs of regard as he waa wheeled up to the lads, to receive from the hands of our gracious sovereign hat hoaor which he so richly deserves. After the list of the military had been gone through, he officers of the Royal Navy approached, upon which he band struck up "Rule Britannia." accompanied by oud cheering. The bonors were then distributed to the ?' blue jack ts," and great was the delight of hardy Jack as he ooked at this acknowledgment of the service he had icrformed in his way for tbe promotion of the oae great bject. With the distribution to the naval branch closed the ask la which her Majesty had been rapidly engaged for tpvards of aa hour, having, In that space of time haal ti singly to upwards of 4C0 Individuals, this small lark oi the esteem with which the country regards their ervice*. Ber Majesty seemed to be highly interested la the teasing outy in which sbe waa engaged, and In every at* bestowed thejmedal with a graeious condescension. T>o troops were then formed into parade order, aader be command of tbe Puke or Cambridge, the Life Guards ad other cavalry regiments passing in review order be. ore her Majesty la slow time; after which the infaatry assed la l'ke order, and having executed some other volutions, tbe business of the day terminated, at half ast 12 o'clock. Upon her Majesty re-entering her carriage, the band truck up " Paitant pour la Syrie," in compliment to her lly, followed by " God save the Queen," and a royal alute was again fired. As ber Majeety departed, the entire assemblage of p?r ons cheered most enthusiastically, which her Majesty requently acknowledged. Tne Duke of Cambridge and the Earl of Cardigan re lived similar marks of approbation as they retired, and baa erded one of the most interesting sights ever wlt essed la this metropolis. ipoitant KuMlan Movement? Tt*e Nentrall. 4y or the German Power*. I The following U a full synopsis of the ****** J? atch of the 30th of April, addrewwd to M. de Glinka, Russian representaMve at the Court of Darmatadt I at the Diet at Frankfort It commence by stating that the ConferencM w lyed at a joint when >t would depend upon the Wester i a whether the negot at'ooa wojria lead t? wj ? It or not. It was therefore adriaarajj to coiulijr tn else state ot the question, especially a* regard* IfU' Mft*ch ? then Indicate, the iotfrpretotion o^the iMrflta ai resulting from the protocol* of the Cooler y , pointing out the coodeacenaipii of Robi 1 ??3S?HasssSffi '"?& Si- W ??? r?"? ?*" ^Vsjmsjs wass* iUin a ?tri0***?^rtMu??ted to communicate the 1 T^^UVn'?h. Jer7^n ?To,i at the German Diet, to ^SuSUSd ST5t? Z? ??* | We cop? from the Um of the N?w York Htrald the , point a in qne.tion aa .ubmitted by togland, France, ^ and Turkey, which gire a clear idea of thii anorUnt political movement of Russia ? of thVll^ PO-.M the privilege, accorded br ?SEftotte Principalities, depen^mciw of thefr T.f? haTin* considered, and do consider, that none "uw'atlpulatlons of the ancient traatle. wi'h ?; as srssyssi ? z Msluded on tE aubjectof tnem ^^W be^JV^ately 1 ^S'ive to the freedom of narigatUn of tue Danube h the dtTf lopement of which It is aosceptib^, it would desirable that the courae of the lower Danube, be aS f,om th. point where it become^ > co nmon 1 ? the {s&^j^i-ssrss, i\ Si , tind?? th? coQtrol ot. J^SSt Sreafter be formed tnere. rKrom the l/>n?on TUnsa, May i?.J . ? '?? fjssx ? JmK?S SSSAv SAa?sssW; jsKSrtSStS siSa^'SrSr" t.* ?".? oj it negotiation pro* ided the State, of ?ermany p.r^t Editions are .uppot^V the united a^ngt^o.a g pali ties, but to relinquish th^rote-iora* idendence of a commission of tie ****'. rt4r,n. , tie instalment* of the terms which it Is warm ii, t? ,,k and which we hope eventually to en orce. TjsMa Iin'tor the present re^elela'tojstherfrom^ Anarinir att.tude ahe had assumed just two J?**' Vd"he la"'"n assented to m, o" the JtoM I v,rh will ptobably form part of tb? deUn tlve treaty ,biCh bit all hereon jessVuna have beeu wrung from b bv force and by fear, and hare therefore been 1? too Uta She refused to resognUe the in rsntion of Europe in b?r quarrel with Tur*?y ??,? that i-iterrentlon assumefl the character of i -lie rejected the four points contained in l-stlhties. ? >e r'j y? t ? .{j tliey had become V "? *! ? m,1ttary considerations, which Increased XMmLll of aioVution , and .he t?l continue, the I f general fiSSfof Ifcsfla to "ubrnit, i and, tho" anwep ^ g 0y.aiaing | and ted.ous, tlie p P Inryire us with full con -i [ lire. Although, ?r! h erne If satisfied with theee jnperof Germany to iec a ^ from the nlonsh to .If loneersiona art and ?o feeble a hand, I llch fhe has set ?) faint a ,_co,ir*?)ioent to perae M thl. partial .ucce.0 I. a ,.?ist from them on i ?!V5?m?w ? "? "d '* AUDKlBK. b".VTV' ^5Ltbto 'iX {iTlotrn e Daenblan princlpalttiea i? to b- the Con rmlty with the Prt^ W** ^J^nlria a<1h?W to that rence of Vienna, and that eten Kussia entitled .rtlen of the lata Imperfect n??otiaUon w ? rsrert with lnerea^ farce to the suggestton u. ^ rangement should at onoe be carried nanobian ar ut be Indefinitely prolonged, bu ... Keiii. Aa^alitles are no l/nger threat-oed by eith.r beUi - n, though they are Buffering all the evil, of a pr -aged military occupation. It 1? obT,?n*ly ^P. - of I t\e general interest of Soropa, and to the welfare o OkM proriaoM, that they ikwdd be riUtttd U their MM condrtloa, ?d rMcMl from *W ?? auit t*ra their fiwMt uomiku u< nnlitiMtrjr MuliM. according to the U?t account*, General Ooroomi, now commanding the Austrian foroei at Bucharest, kM actually proclaimed martial law. which u, la oth*r word*, to uhw, ob bcbau of th* AuKriaa military authorities, aa arbitrary ant luprsma command over the country. Tie Wailaobian people are ao little accnatomed to reai?t oppmnoa in any ?bapa, and ao utterly powerlee* in the hand* of tbtir master*, that it ia imrovaibie to justify auch a measure by any political necesrity. We ?-aaort, on t >e oontrary, that tbia act <a a direst violation of toe treaty of the 14th of Jane, 1864, between the Kmperor of Austria an>l tl? P< rte. By the third article of that treaty the Court of Vienna contracted a poaitive engagement to rector % in concert with the Ottoman Porte, aa far a* pjeMble, ttw legal atate of things in the Principalis*. Can it ba contended that by way of na'or ng a legal state of things in a oouatry occupied by the tro?pe of an all lied Power for a particular purpose, the General com. manoing those troops ia entitled to proclaim martial law? that ia, to supersede all the eata*?Ubed author! ies of the Stat* by bis own foreign military authority f It is a mere abuss of foroe, subversive of all law and government, and the more reprehensible, inasmuch as tbis occupation was the result of a compact of alliance between Austria and the Port* ioto; other thlrgp, that treaty ezpiean'y proviieU that, ia the event 41 tb* occupation taking place, " the cam BRE.'er of the imperial army would enforce tbe strictest diuciuline of the trcops, and that the proparty, lawe, public worship, and customs of the country should be reapeeted." Have those conditions been ooserved t On the contrary, many of the regiments sent on this ser vice are Croats, whose conduct hie been to th* Uit de gree offensive, disorderly, and tyr&nnieel. Men of eml u?nte have been drlvm from the country without a pretence and without form or trial The amnio titration baa been kept for the moat part in the hands of th ? tame lLdividuals who served the Russians, and woild si-rve th?m again. Prince Stirhey has evaded th ? promised inquiry into his conduct; nothing has resulted from the Mixed Commission which waa to sit at Vienna on the affairs of the Principalities; and it is probable that the scandalous confualon of the government may be the reason alleged by General "teronini to justify the proclamation of martial law But auch a atate of thing* is destructive to the provinces, injurious t* the Porte, and disci editable to Austria. Tbe remedy is to be fonnd in the immediate recount Uut ion of the government in its definitive form, a* aa to aubatltute legal crder for martial law, and constituted authority for foreign occupation. The Port* and it* allies have a right to expect the asaent of tbe Court of Vienna t* auch a proposition, for it ia identical with the engage ment of an existing treaty ; Rusaia herself has accepted the principle of this arrangement, and it would be pru dent lor Franc* and England to require from Austria some categorical statement of her intentions on this sub ject. Aa long ago aa iaat seasion we think that paptrs were promised to be laid before Parliament with refer ence to tbia occupation, and it would b? deairabl* to aa certain from Mr. Colquhoun'a reports what meaaurea have been taken to restore the legal government and to coreect the gtoea abnsea of the former administration. We are also entitled to ask on what grounds and b j whose autberity this declaration of martial law in the Principalities has been made, for. unless it haa bten don* wtth the consent of th* Porte, it ia a mtra net of violence, not more justifiable than the original Russian invasion. The continuance of this state of things is only th* prolongation of those evils which were the most direct causes of the war ? to terminate it ia the first step towards peace It ia true that Ruasia has artfully affected to make har recognition of this principle depend on the neutrality of Gt-rmany ; but, in &t, if Germany oeased to be neutral, Russia would only 1? the more compelled to raapactit. The neutrality of Germany does not depend on any saoh consideration. It is th* result of the inveterate divisions and jealousiea which divide the Confederation, of Rua aian influence over th* minor Oourta, and of want of genuine resolution and purpose-like energy among th* peop!e; insomuch that, until a material change has come over the policy of those rulers and the spirit of ths naticn, we have lost all confidence in the<r support. Germany had last rear a magnificent part to play tn the affaire of Europe, for, united with tbe Western l'owers, she might at once have chrcked the ascendancy of Rus sia, and terminated th* evtye of war. She proved, how ever, altogether ut equal to ths occasion, and even th* Court of Vienna haa been paralyzed far more bv th* in tiigius cf her own confederates tbanby the hostile influ ence of Russia. The policy and operations ot the West ern Powers have at no time bean made to depend on these precarious adherents, and, thcugh we acknowledge the importance the German States would immediately acquire by action, thrir neutrality anil their passive condition virtually obliterate them from the polltioal map of Europe. IMPOHXAKT CUMFKBXK01 IN BERLIN. The German papera mention a conference held at Ber lin cn the 12th, lit t ween M. ManteufTel, President of the Prussian Cabinet, Count Filter hazy, Ambaasdor of Auj tria, and M. Bismare who rrpres?nt Pruts a at the Geriranic Diet. A private letter, says t'.ie Conference, waa of a very important character A union between 1'rutiij and Auttria for an annul neutrality, ia spoken qf hemming more and ware probable, and that Prussia, with a view thereto, will support the proposition which Austria is about to make in tbe Diet for tbe mobiliza tion of th* Federal Contingents. There is some prosp*st cf an interview, towards the end of the present month, between th* King of Prussia and th* Emperor of Aus tria. The Ininrrtctlon in the Ukraine. Tb? statement of an lDBurreitiou of the peasantry In tbe Lkraine 1* me ol great interest, and the accounts hitherto given are very various. The Ciat (a Polish paper published in Cracow) ?4rea the following account as the result of its special inquiries Carriers (probably drivers of arabas) who were re turning from the Crimea through 1'odolia narrated in the neighborhood of Mohilew that the Frensh, al though they were fighting against the Rusiian troops, were by no means iU disposed to the Russian people, and wanted to do away with all forced labor (vilaine sotage,) On this a deacon (a Pope not ret in fall orders,) in the village of Mog inlaw, near Mohilew, having ob served bow little effect tbe appeal of the Russian Synod in St. Petersburg had had in rousing the people in the provinces of Volkynia, Podolla, and the Ukraine (for merly Polish) to take mp arms for its faith and its co religionist* in Turkey, made the peasants, believe that theSynod had, in fact, addressed another appeal to the people, in which tbe abrogation of the r.orvee. was pro claimed, and tbe fee simple of tbe lands conferred on tbe peasants who cultivated them. He asiured them that the gr< at men who stood nearest to the Emperor bad cansed this address to be suppressed, but that he bad a copy of it. This document, of his own concoction, he read to the peasants that wore already exoited by the French news from the Crimea. They proceeded at once to their Pope, and demanded to have the genuine address of the Synod published, and were, of course, informed there was no other than the one already made known. In a number of vllages the ex cited peasantry began to maltreat their Popes, and as sembled together tumultuously, armed with scythee and pitchforks; but in no cue were any threatening de monstrations made against the landed proprietors, tbe lords ef the manors. With the assistance of military, acting energetically up to the very sharp orders they hat), the diituibauce was quieted. Forty of the rioters lost their lives, and about two hundred of the more prominent were taken prisoners and sent to Siberia; tbe less prominent got off with a plentiful dose of the knout. The villages in question remain occupied by soldiery and the whole state of feeling in Leaser Russia is de. cribed as su'.ky and threatening. The Prtittrttrhe Corretfondtnz favors us with the fol lowing statement;? 1 be disturbance was confined to the estates of the Polish Count Branieli, and some of the neighboring do mains, and is principally traceable to the hatred ot the Seasants to some of tbe lords of the mauors. The people sd misunderstood tbe recent manifesto of tbe Emperor; they rose m masse for the purpose of entering tbe ranks of tbe militia, declaring they would rather serve the Em peror as soldiers than continue to serve tbeir lords This movement caused the greatest apprehension among tbe landed proprietors of those parts, whose religion, lan guage and race differ from those of the people. As no conciliatory and pacific means availed to brio? back the misguided people to their work, military fore* was obi jed to be called in, if a repetition of scenes that took place not so long back in Galicia was to b? ptevsnied. Ibis proves that they are perfectly in error who, in tbe above mentioned disturbances, recognise a Polish rising tgainst Russ'an dominion. The OatrrrrtrKtcht Ztitung has another vers ton differ ent from any as yet given, vie; that a large number of tbe noble proprietors or land, to indemnify tliem lelees for tbe sacrifices thrust upon then by the <overn m*nt under tbe name ol war taxes anl " voluntary con tributions," bad laid unusually heavy burdens on their serfs, snd required of them excessive services; in conse quence of ttis oppression, the otherwise inexhaustiole pa tience of tlie latter bad failed them. The appeal ol the government to tbe peopio to co-operate in the de fence oi tbe country, and to flock to tbe support of tbeif standard and the cross, afforded them a wel come opportunity ot escaping from tbeir oppressors ; to ibl* was added a very sensible dearth of salt, wbic'u ra<*?d tbeir cxeitement to the bigbest The peasantry left th'lr villages, and repaired in troops to tbe towns, where they demanded to be admitted into the militia, in order tliat tbey might "serve tbe Ciar and get salt to est " Cndsr the twofold pretence of love to tbeir cran tij and to salt, thty strove to free themselves from their ftedal shackles, but tbe autborlties refused to enrol snjbody who did i>ot produce a written permUoloa to tiNteilect from bis lonl; all those unprovided with such a document were sent back to their homes under mili tary escort snd admonished. India and Chlnn. Payer* and letters frcm india in ad vines of the over land Trail bad reachi! London by extraordinary express. The fi rs were despatched from Alexandria on tlie Sth of May, by tbe Mehta, screw steamer, and from Malta on tbe 10th, by the Thsroise to Marseilles. No news from China had corns by this arrival. Ib're have been two rather severe skirmishes on the Punjaub frontier. The first occurred on t*ie 19th of March, when a strong fcrce under Qen. Craig marcheJ to ravage tbe valley of tbe principal marauders in the neighborhood, which tbey successfully accomplished, after tome sharp fighting, Uen Craig lost 0 killed and 27 wounded; among tbe latter was Major Pattensoo. Tbe enemy had 10 killed. The troops were then ordered back to camp, a distance of thirty miles, wHl?h proved a very fatiguing march. The second affair took place on tbe 24th of March, when the Momunds cams down In large numbers and attacked the garrison of Abucal, consisting of two troops of the 10th Tight ctval a snd tbiee companies of the 6 2d native in'antry. se soon turned out, and a spirited contest took plane which lasted several hours, when the enemy were com pletely defeated, snd compelled to retire, rue loss on the British side was tbe jemadar of the town, and one or two sepoys of the 82d killed. IJeut. Bradford was wound ed. The loss of thd etemy was also Ineonsiderable. Home alight disturbances had taken place on the Bur mere frontier, and it was thought they will oecaei >naliy recur until tbe whole country shall be annexed to the British dominions. A treaty of friendship had been concluded between Tost Msbomed and the English government. It contains three articles; ly tbe first of which friendship and p an* are established between the British government and Post Mahomed Khan and his heirs; by the seeonl. the East tnOia Compsty engages to respect ttte tenitorles uo_ ? -fleeced by the Ab<w, aad not to latarfen thero ta uo In" *? Uurlli ^ h? kMri MiotUu not onlt tak.'' theeaeae toftrii us. but to be tha iri-iU ef N ???? *?' OB-eelae. ladia, |D ?U otv. ?* r**P*?u. ?e/lee*r tranquil The Bupr-m* goTv"un^nt b?d <*<???.! the cen>truit<r>n of. Ur, of Meerapk Mhw??fj?U Jab^'jor*. fltKWf, Restore, ud , "t*'"7' c1"M!t id,j mow pi .o? with the a^*M ,1B? *??*? th- ?*? pitalsof the f'rehlrtereiee anrt ' unJ??<> Tt>* K?nU of BtagaJ bad Urn**?1 lto ?*? of 'Rarest oa kiaDi- ?ne i*itroQct ob* ptr ceet. At Calcutta tbo commercial aoeouata .**? di?oour*i{inf. Dtitiati goti^H coald aot b? dliptk"' ot Mn#t ?t alir. out ruinous pricee. Tba ran**/ mrt?i??Wu? what teat sir ng*nt Excbang* on I ^odoo, first j credits at tlx months' sight, 2s. l)?d. to ita. l#d par nip?? At Rombay trvde continual depreesad the awi ley | maiket was tight. Exohs*??oa London, at mix mouttu' sight, for credit bills, 2s l?{d. per n>pee. THE VERY LATEST. TXIKORAPHIC FROM LONDON TO UTKRPOOL. London, Saturday, U17 10, 1855. MONET ART AMD COMMSBOIAL. The favoiabla appsaraace with which the KnglUh fund* cloned oa Thursday was maintained eo Frilay, and the mo rift exhibited buoyancy throughout the wbola day, a farther advance baring bean established of K per ceat. The t.">tal a 3 ranee in consols during tba week has been nearly 1 per eent, solely from the influence of steady purchases on the part of the public, coaae luent upon tba Increaaing abundance of money. Tosy *r?, h??r ever, still nearly 4 per cant below the price ih?y t juotiei a few weeks previously to the aaaaunccmsot of tae re oeat loan. There ia an iacrease of ?426, t82 in tha stock of bul lion at the bank. AUSTRIA AMD TBI WKSfERW POWIRS. Vienna, Thursday, Hay 1', 1861. Telegiaphlc deapatehaa which hare b?aa reoeired of this date atate that Count Baal, M. de Bourqueoey aol the Earl of Westmoreland have held eewral meetings, with a view of conferring upon the aubject of the re plies reoeind from Pariaaad London, and to arrive at a conclusion based upon them. Vienna, Friday Evening, May 18, 1855. Things bare undergone a change. Now Austrian pro positions were probably forwarded yesterday to London aad 1'aria. It is said that Aastria will give her material support to the Weatern Powers should they accept, aad Russia reject her proposition. TOE GRIMIA. Pabis, Thorsday, May IT? T:!0 A. M. The Man Its vr say a that a telegraphic despatch sent oa the 14th of May, by Gea. Caarobert, to the Minister of. | War, states that the enemy made two sorties duriag the light (the 13th), whioh veto rigorously repulgsd. Another despatch, dated the lAth of day, (In the morning,) and received early to-day, Is to the following effect: ? We contlnae oar works before the place. Various at tempts toeraokeout the enemy have perfectly succeeded. Tba troops coatiaue ia moat excellent spirits. They are full of ardor and confidence. Varna, Thuraday, May 17, 1866. There Is heavy firing every sight at SebastopoL The expeditica to Kertsch baa aot been renewed Three divisions of the French army have left Masleike for the CHmea. Ibe cholera has almost disappeared. RUSSIAN ACCOUNT OF THH VIENNA CONFERENCES. [Kiom the Journal de St. Petersburg.] Tha settlement of the first point Is declared to be tha fulfilment of a promise which Russia had made to guar antee the prosperity of the Principal ties. The Emperor decided the aeccnd point 1b favor of the commercial liberty of all aations. The third point concerned the balance of power in Europe, but was incompatible w:ti the honor of Rusa;a. The Plenipotentiaries of Frause aad England refused to deliberate upon the fourth point, tha most important of all for Christendom. THE BALTIC. Bkrlin, Friday, May 19, 1866. The Driver arrived at Dantzic on the 17th. Eight Ras liao merchantmen hare been captured off Dunamunde. Ibe Imperieuse and Tartar have been damaged by a colli- ion, and seat home for repairs. When the Driver left Kevel a flag of truce was flying ob shore? cause unknown. DISTRIBUTION OF THE CRIMEA. MEDALS BT DElt MAJE8TY. London, Saturday, May 19, 1866. The Queen, after the distribution of the medals, gave a dint ft in tba riding school at Bujkingtam Palace, to a party of about 464, comprising all the aoa- commis sioned officers, soldiers, seamen and marines, who had beea decorated by her Majesty during the morning. Her Majesty and the Prfnee visited the riding school during the repast, accompanied by the eldest of the royal ohildrea. RUSSIA. Paris, May 18, 1865. Accouats from Vienna and Berlin brlxg ao confirms tlon of the rumor given by an English journal of the re tirement of Count Nesaelrode. THE FOREIGN LEO ION. To the present time between three and four thousand recruits have been obtained for this legloa by oar agent* oa the Contineat, independent of those who have beea enlisted ia Switzerland. The Swiss corps wDl be 3,000 strong. HarktU. Ix>ndc>" Mojrrr Market, Mat 18?12 o'clock if.? The English fundi opened thla morning with renewed Iidmh, and at an improvement of % par oeat abort yesterday 's closing prices, which shoniy attar increased to a una of % par cent, consols having opened at 89% to 89%, and advanced to 89% to 89?,' for money and the 80th instsnt. The increased eaae of the money market, with the appearance of numerous buyers and the continued scarcity of atock, are the principal cauiaa of the steady improvement, there being an abeence of any adverse intelligence to counteract tba favorable impretaion. Reauced 3 par Cant* opened firmly, at 88% to 88 %, and the new 3 per Ctnt* 88 % to 89. India bonda, IT*, to 20*. premium Bank atock, 208 to 219%. Exchequer bill*, 5* to 8*. prtmlum. Ditto bonda, W/t to 100%. The Omnium waa first quoted this morning at a rise of nearly % pir cent, opening at 1% to 1% premium. Turklah binds conti nue very firm, the first quotation b?ing ax an improve ment ot fully % par cant, at 78 % to 79. Two O'Ci.ock, P. M ? The improvement In the atock market bas been steadily aupporteJ, but there haa bteu no further movement Consols remain quoted at 89 % to 89;, for moaey and the 3tith inst. ; reduced tbra* per centa are at 88%, and the new three per cents have im 8 roved to 89%; bank stock, 208; India bonds, 17a to 6s. ; Exchequer bills, 6*. to 8a. premium. The Omnium continue* well supported at the improved price? 1% premium. The foreign market haa bean more active to day, and prices in general ihow firm quotation*. RICHARPBON. SPENCl * CO.'g CIRCULAR. Ijvirfooi., May 18. 1885. The corn trade continnea steady, with an upward ten dency. At luesdsy's mtrket, flour and wheat were in moderate demand, nt previous quotation*. A good busi ness was done in Indian corn, at 60s fid to bis. for yel low, and 61s. for white, the latter having the preference. To day a favorable change in the weather gav? us a quiet market. Flour and wheat wrre inactive, and tie turn lower. A further advance of fid. per quarter cbeclcd the sale ot Incian corn, which we quote at 60s. for wilxed; i(s. fid. to 61*. for yellow, and 61*. fid. for whit#. The Psnnbe in open to neotral flags, provide] the car ?0 is 1 hipped to the country to which the vessels belong, eveial cargce* of Galatz Indian corn, in Austrian, Creek and Neapolitan bottoms, have been sold at 60s , C. F. k I., the vessels calling at their respective countries to cancel bond*, and then proceeding. It 1* stated that there are over "iOO vessel:'* (<alati. Hftt ? An active business has been done this week ; end tbe ssles reach at out 3,000 Heroes, but, aa heretofore, principally of the lower qualities. Hollers have met buyers freely, but now feci eneourage 1 to demand hisber rates. We quote " Adams." "Peat*," and ?Klebo." at 1(2*. 6cJ., and "Itomlnlck's" 111*. 9d. to llfs.; ''Gurnoy" hell at 1251. and 1.10*. par tierje. About .1,0* 0 barrel* pork have been sold at about 07s. per barrel, which has strengthened the market; 72s. 61. to 80*. Is cow asked, according to qaallty. Bacon continue* to advan?e, with a fair demind; the pretext high rites tend to aheok consumption. The fjui tatlcns lor Western are: Cumberland cut, 44s. to 46a. ; long middles, 46s. to 47*.; short middles, 47*. 61. to 4 he. per ewt Aboulders scarce, and wanted. I jiri) ie ea*1^, 4?s. being taken ex ship. TalIOW ha* declined Is per cwt Common Rosr*.? About 8,000 bb's. were offered at aucticn, and withdrawn at 3s. lid per cwt. QrKJir-rmoN B.*kk very dull, and to maice sale* a de cline would have to be submitted to. Conov ? Ibe market has been animated at a further advance of %d. par ib. The sales are 112,060 bales, of wb'ch 86,490 were American In Manchester the rapid riee in the raw material haa led to a corresponding ad vene* being asked for yarn* and good*, which haa seriously checked business. BARING BROTHERS t CO.'S CntCtT, A*. Lxwnov, Friday, May 1#? 5 P. M. There ha* been a fair amount of business in the colo nial and foreign produce markets till* week, at steady prices. Pugsr and cotton dearer. Money abundant. Consols leave off 89% a 89% for money, 89% a 89% for the account. _ . , . _ AxKiurAii 8totks ?The bus! nee* has been very small thl* week, without any marked variation in prises. Ca nadltn secuntle* have Improved in value. I'nited States bonda, 1868, 100 a 108, numinal Buyer* of Massachu setts sterling 6's bends at par: Maryland fi'e, sterling 91, buyer* 92%, ?*U?rs,reDnsjlvania5'a, Inscriptions, 77 a %9, nominal as also bonds at 82 a 84%; Virginia 6's, dollar bonds, 86 a 88; Pennsylvania Central 6's, bonds, first mortgage, W% a 90; do. sterling. socond mortgsM, 89: Canada Government 6 per oent bonds, 109% a 110. lotLsasfis. a 6s. %a.; bar silver 5s l%d ; South American Doubloons 76s. ; American Eagles 76s. 2%d. Co?hi?iul is quiet. Of 102 bays at auetlon only part Hold; ordinary to good Honduras silver from Is. 6d. a 3*. I 114. ; Mexican sliver, 8?, Id , with middling to good Mm* hen 4a. Id. to 4*. id. Teaeritfe Mirer tUH in from 3a . Od a 3* IM. Cocoa ?670 toga Trinidad at iuUm aold (root 11* a 46a. lor low to good red. Cow** ?There continue* to be a good enq ?iry for c*k>>y aort* of Plac tat ion ley ton, of whioh but iittl* l, off?rog; but a* tue arrivals th ? week are #on?l er*Me tie market will abort]/ be better supplied. tue omiy CMio sale of Plnctat on Ceylou baa ?-*eo 1*7 c*h*s, *5 rela, aid t-0 bag* Una mart a, which were chiefly bought la from 6aa a 8. a. A fair busmen* baa be?a d> ne in native at 47f. a 47s Gd About 2, f CO nags Ftio told privately at 4!ia. a 4?s ?d., and afloat a cargo or rit. L<>m'ngo (8,800 bags Jacmel) baa changed oaacU at 43a. Od., for a near port, iaaured la Hamburg CorFeR in fair drmacd Tough cake and t'le, ?128; bea< eelect'd, ?129; sheathing, 14d. : yellow metal ?beaming, m. Corns wry firm Ths sale* for the week are 8,000 balee, at about Wd advance At Liverpool tbe boiiaeM curio? i be week h<? been extensive tha h?1m amounting to 112, COO bate*; yeeteroay'a quotation for midlliag Or leans waa I %<V per lb. Cok.i ? Tnere mbji a fair Pupp'y of English wheat at theaarteton M< aday, winch aold steadily at ae ad vance of about one ?lu!l>ng pet qr on the price* of the prtviou* Mod o*y f or foreign th-r? wa* al?o m >r? in quiry, particularly for fire qualities, at ? similar ad vance The last av-rsge quotation for Regliin wheat waa 78a 4d on 96, 7'/7 qr* returned On ffedaseday the aarket waa Arm, and to da/ thete wa* a fair busl Less, at an ar van e of la. a 2* per qr on Kngllai wbe-t; foreign waa alto tn gooi demand. We quite white Anxrican wheat ut 82 a 87*., red, 78*. a 82s , per qr. American floor, 42*. a 45h per ftatrel. IiHioft, ic.? In the absence of publ o i*lea we have lit tie to report Cutch ? 1,400 oi<* Pegu* were bought ia fh* ]l* a Ki. KticUlac? 100 b?g* aold from 15* a lfcs. (tl, for ordinary Moulmein Lacdye - 60 caeits biougbt 2Jfd f .-r r end K Nuz Vomica ? 137 baga go?d quaut} from P* M a 10a Quicksilver 1* 101 Saflron, V* a 24a Turiey opium, 18a Camphor, 8". Huti* ?tbe market continues very flit, aid tHe no mi oal value of St. P?ter?burj e'ean is ?4# a ?47. Kor Manila tbe demand i* also very limited, aul 2<X) Nton of fair cuwent quality at aoot'on were bought ia in ?42 Jute la alto dull of *ale. and of 6C0 hales offered the chief portion waa taken in from ?13 6a. tor ordinary to ?18 lor fair. Im>ioo.? ' The aale* may be considered as brought t> a clow ; only 300 eheats remaining for sal* next mink. Of the quantity passed (10,683 cheat*) 1,921 have been withdrawn, an J 3,347 bought in, leaving 6.415 *>ld, to which may be added about GOO of tbe boight In making a total o G,000che*ta sold. There bas been agool demand throughout tbe *ale for the middling and good middling qualit raof Bengal, ranging from 4* Od. aft* 0d., which have b<en getting icarcs, and much wanted botb for ex port and the home trade, at an advance of 3d. a 4d per lb. on tbe price* of laat sale. Fine qualitlM, aad the ord vary and low lorta weie in very limited demand, at about laat tale'a price*, aad proprietors had to support th*m by buj log in a large proportion Iron. ? There la mer- inquiry for Welsh iron, and pr'ees are firm; we qaot* rail*, xA 7*. a ?0 1J?. od ; bar*, ?>t ICa. a ?6 16a , free, on board, in Wale*. Scotch pig* have advanced to 67a Od. for mixed numbers in the Qyd*. Limmxd ? Since our laat a Urge btulneaa baa b?en don* at advancing price*; several cargoe> on tae coast have been taken tor the Continent at 69*. a 64* , cost, freight, and insurance; subsequently a apeouU'ire busi ne*>, arising from the amaU quantity to arrive, baa canard a further improvement. Calcutta aeel having he?n sold at 66a , cost, freight, and insurance Condon arrivkla this week, 24,20:1, of which 5,400 trjm the Black 8ea. tbe remainder from Calcutta Lineuj) Caius continue in good demand at full rates. Kew York in bariel*, ?11 Ida. Benton in bags, ?11 5a. Lard in leaa demand. Western keg* 60s. a 5 !?. Ijud Arm, with a good inquiry: common pi/ ??2 ICa., redned ?24. Mouahwob ? ICO puncheons Cuba muioovado on the ipot bave aold at 17*. 9d., and 160 puncheons since disposed of at 18a. Oil* ?In fish there is no new feature; the market i* quiet far all detcriptiona. Sperm, ?132 a ?134; South ern, ?47; pale Mai, ?t2; cod, ?44. Olive steady; Galtl poli, $15, Malaga, ?61. Rape is scarce; refined sells uadily at 56s. ; brown, 62a. Llntieed, influenced by spe culative purchases has advanced to 37* on the spot, atd in extreme cases 40s. has been ptld for the ead of tie year Cocoa nut, 43a for Ceylon, anl 44*. lor Co chin. Palm, 42*. lid. Kinv.? Ibfie baa b?*n a fair Inquiry; but holder* ask h'gher prlcea, which has cbccned buwineia. 1.600 bug* fWngnl an auction to-day aold from l?a. Gd. a 14* for low to m'dtiling wh ite. iSALirKTRK flat, and rather lower. 1,000 baga tn puMie rale were bought in at 29*. Gd lor per cent refran tion, and 20s. fd. for per cent; 3 per cent refraction bss hten sold 'ifn t'd Hi m ? 710 caSas East India, now landing, hare been tr l't at 2a. J>ad, and higher price* are notr aste l Si'iCKS. ? Pimento? 1,440 bags ha 't baeo brought for ward during the we?k, and nearly all solo at rather eaaier rates, fnm 4)^d. a 5d for ordinary to fair Pep per? 110 bips black croagBt 4?^d. forbeivy Teilicberry. HrnAR ? Tie dtmand has been active, anl price* g'n erally may be quoted at fid. a Is per cwt. higher. Tae ia?e* of West India ate 3,300 bbds. and of 30.0 )0 bag* Mauritiu* acd Fast India oflered at auctloo nearly the whole found buyer* Privately three cargo** of Bava na bave changed bands afloat; 2,400 >>oxes (N'o. llXJ at 21a- 7,^d , 8,000 boxes (No 13) at 23* , both for tbe l.nited Kingdom, and 1,700 boxes (No 14) at 26* , foi tbe Mecfttrracean. A < unalterable buflnes* bas t?en drre on th* spot, ut advancing prices. At the Dutoh Trading Company'? sale of 50.482 baskets, hell on th? 10th inst., the whole quantity sold at 1 florin over th prices of Uarcli auctions Tallow dull at 62a Od. for Y. C. oa the spot, 64s. Gd. for tie end ot tbe year. Tra.? A fair business has been done iu cotnm in Con sou. at 8$?d. Public dales of 31,083 pkis have been held curing the week, but only 8,000 sold at about pre vious pries. Stlltkk duQ at ?22 Ss. on the apot. Tin steady; common block a 111a., bars 112s., refined 114s., strait* 106*. a 107*., baaca llf*. a 111a. Ti bpkntinf.. ? Rough bas been sold at 0*. 8d. Spir ts dull of sale; American, In caaka, 36a. South AmeilM. Tie mill steamer Avon, which arrived at Southimp ton on Sunday, May 13, brought advice* from Brazil and ?tte River Plat* to the following date*: ? Buenos Ayres, April 4: Mcnte Video. April 7: Bahia, April 18; and Per nrmbuco, April 21. Ihe Intelligence la altogether devoid of interest, no eventof any political importance having occurred., either In BrarJl or in the State* on the river Plata, linse the date of the previous accounts On April 3d commercial matters at Bneno* Ajttm were improving; and although it can hardly be aald that the crisis was over, yet it* more violent symptoms had abated. Daring March no failures of any coniequenoa took place, yet outstanding moneys were being got In but slowly, and confidence and ere Jit remained much as lefcre. In the export trade the news so anxiously expected by the mail steamer caused little impression on the pro duce market. About 10, ?00 salted bides, for the English market, weie taken up at 41 rtia, which waa an advance upon previous priees. borne smaller lots were disposed cf at about th? eame rates The atock on hand was very limited, and purchasers were s'ow In closing at the rate mentioned. ) alio v had fallen to 20 rials, and even st that reduced prioe the demasd was dull In quence of the ft loom; nature of news from the European markets, together with the uncertain prospects of tha wsr, exporters seemed deterred lrom entering into haary speculations. In other produce, including woolt, there had been no vartnM'on worthy cf mention. In article* of dally con sumption, tbe-e was no essential change. Supplies came in freely, and, with few exceptions, the demand wat brisk and prices steady. Sugar and nee were the two staple articles which were least abundant and in consequence maintained high prices. Tbe ?tosk of Spanish wino-i waa coas de rate, but holders were fiim and prices had varied but little. Flour had advanced rapidly. In eicbanjre, bills on Kngland, per doublora, were quoted at B6s , currency per dollar 2><d. At Ternsmbuco great tiulnets bad prevailed in com mercial matter;! 'nee tbe last advices. In imports Utile ha>l bee n done, except in coofieh, of which article about 7,000 Cruras bad been consumed during the mouth, ruling, by letail, at 14 milreit to lfi milrris psr drum. There was but a rm?U stock of Sour, at high prices; the consumption consequently was limited. In exports, tha transac.ien* in sugar had been but of a limited nature, caused by tha high prices ruling and tlio con tinuance of rains. In cotioos, several parcels hal cbsnged hands for Msceio's, from 5,600 reis to 5.800 reis, snd for Paraiba'a from 0,050 tela to fl.SOO reis perairoba, free on board. Hides were still nigh; dry ?>altf u were sold at 190 tela per lb. A lot of Calcutta dried htfe* wera told by auetion at 187 reis per lb. Kielghts were very low, and >id , 5-Hths anl yt p? ) b. , aid 6 per cent for oottnn to Liverpool, were the ruling rates Several veetels bad be?-n paid olT br their cbartiifrs, tteie being no praduce to ship in them In exchange, about ?62,500 bad been transacted at various rates, from 2*)td. to 272?d., at 00 anddOdays. One trsuiactrn took place at '-8J. In discounts, bank rates w?ra quoted at 8 to 9 per cent. The We st Tout of Africa. The Candase. mall ateamer, arrived at Plymouth, (FtgUnd,) on the lftth Instant. Her fates .ire ? Bonny, AprilS; ijgoa, 5; Ac -ra, 8; Cape Coaat, 9: Uberia. 14; Nerra 1-eono It; Balhurst, lU, (ioiee, 24; TeaerifTe, May 3, Madeira, 5. Sbe brought the utual mail and a full general cargo, with 3,0i 1 ounces of gold, and thirty pa --sender*, auung ?bom are a toyal Spanish commissioner for the Canary Islands and his lecretary. At Kernando Po aha left II M.S. Philomel, and at Via Celra U.M.6 Teazer and H?ca'e A dlitur >ance bad taken placa In reference to tbe latter ship, In come queute of tha natives attempting to nonver mm on board; and one of them bad been shot by an officer of tba ship Both vessels left Madeira Bay on the 5th for the coast. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MO IV BY HARKKT. WnixwDir, May 30?9 P. M. Quotations for stocks show a farther Improvement to day. One or two of the leading railroad securities show a alight decline, hat the general movement waa upward At the flrat board Indiana 5'a advanced \ par oant; Virginia fl's, X; Illinois Central Bonds. X ; Klcaragua Transit, X ; Canton Oo., ; Pennsylvania Coal, Jtf ; New York Central Railroad, X ; Michigan Central, , Chicago and Rock Island, Reading Railroad declined par cect, and Cumberland Co. K- Then warn vary la-ge aalea of Krie and Reading. About two thousand shataa of tha former, and five thousand share* of tha latter, changed handa. Illinois Central Bonds sola to ths ex ten* of 150,000, and Improved fro* tha opening. All othar railroad bonds were quiet, and without change. There waa not such demand for State atocka to day, bat thete Mid (how M improvement En* Ui.lroii stock kti ba*B ?t*a1y for iimi day* pait, whtls *e v Tor* Csatral h?i , witk Bo'trtti sale*, b**n graically marine u? word That tbea? afocke will, he'ore the Up-* of bib/ moatba, be center together In atrkit va'u? do-? not ? of a doubt Ta? Y/r.t, upon ? auipaaiioa of divi dend*, fell oil to 30 per cent; whil* the New Yore C?n*nJ, upon the non-payment o( it* July dividend fell beck to 75 per cent, A r?en optica of Civ dead*, pi/! mint of which wee m?d? in new bonds b y the Central, ha? raised itx ?to< V to riuety three and four par coat, while the Erie has advanced (rem thirty tj fort/ nine par cent, undrr the operation of Ita sinking faad. I wm always our opinion that the Erie Rwiraad Company never earned the dividends p.ia We to etatel time after time. It hne lately been officially annoua-,*l tftet we were correct la all our statement* relattre to the finances of that company, anl ita munaj ts have itoce adopted the only oourse calculated to make up for paat loaaea end miatakaa. While these improvement* have been going on in the financi al affairs of the Erie Com pany, while ita sinking fund has been steadily reduain* ta funded debt, and the suspension of dividends gtvtn? the company strength, the New York Central has been going on with all lorti of extravagance la expenditure*, adding lar^eiy to its bonded indebtedness, declaring high diviiKt Js without earning them, and paying them by new issues oi bonds. While the Erie Company have opetly declared ita in*hi!i x to pay dividends, the Cen. ral Company declare that thair uet earning* exceed heir dividends. The two roaua coat about the same amount of money, earn about the same amonnt of monay, both gross and net, do about the same kind of business, and one Is, therefore juat a* able to earn a dividend aa the other. It there 1? any difference in their ability, it is rather la favor the Erie, for the rate of interest on ita funded debt, which comprises two-thirds of the cast of the road, is leas than the rate of dividend paid by the Central C Ja pan/. With these facta before the public, it appears very strange that tkt atoek of the Central should be selling In this market for nearly twice as much as Erie; that the former should be selling at 04 and the latter at 40 per cent. In onr opinion either Central is selling too blgh, or Kris too low. It Is stated that Erie is earning cot more than ita sinking fund. If ao, it is earning four per cent on its capital, which would mate It at present prioea an eight per eeot stock. We ?ee no objection to replace Indebtedness with stock, and we believe It is the intention of the management to pay dividends for a time la stock, to the extant at leaat of tVe sinking fond accu mulations. After the adjournment of the board the following salea of bonds were made at auction, by J. Thompson;? W.?0 Virginia State 6's 00 4,r.0C Nortn Carol na 6's 09>$ 10, WO Tecnesnee 6's 93^ 1,(C0 do 6's, sterling bonds 92J, 2,000 do. 6's, Ea*t Ten and 6a. RR 78 b.CCO Sacramento City Coupon 6'a 75>," 6.(00 Lake Erie, Wabash and St. louts RR , lmtg 731,' A. H. Nlcolay's regular semi weekly auction sales of stocks and bonds, will take place to-morrow, Thursday, at Viyi o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. At the aecrnd board the market was steady at quota tions current in the morning. There was not much bu siness done. Ihe steamship Baltic, from this port for Iiverpool to day, carried out ?1,086,788 50 in specie. At the close of tho market there was no change in quotations for foreign exchange. Tie steamship Pacific, at this port from Liverpool, | brlrgi seven days later intelligence from all parts of Europe. Ihe news is highly Important in a fluancla and commercial point of view, and of a favorable character as regards our great staple exporting products The gre.otent activity prevailed In the Livtrpool cotton market, at an advance of an eighth of a penny per potnd. This ltiakei the adrance ?? of a penny in the space of one *tek. The trade took the bulk of the sales. The marktt at the latest date oloeed with firtn ccbs at outside figures. It was cxpicted that the cheap ness acd abundance of money lu England would give a great impetus to speculation >n cotton If the dtisouraging accounts from this aide continued. The following arti cle from the Liverpool Albion, rsgarclng tho movem jn'.s in this important ataple, will be interesting to planters and thoae engaged in the trad*:? The ealea of cotton for the week, as male up on Thurs day evening, amount to 106,000 bait* ot which apecula toiH have taken 63,570; exp rters, 6,380. and spnoers, 47,0)0 bales Here is another large week's operations, to the extent in money value ot nearly ?1,000,000, alml lai to la?t week, though the advance in price is greater, being this week equal to !?d. per pound, against an im provement last week of only ,SJd The cause ot this ex tensive buhinesa and advance in price is to be found in tbe atatlftics ot cotton na they appear at thu? moment, and are as follows ; ? Lett in Stock of cotton ia the Uni- 1855. 1854. 1854. ted States, as aiade up in Bales. Bales. Bales. New York, April 24 385,361 606,660 281,308 Stock of eottoa ia Liver fool. May 11 684, eCO 876,610 202,010 Quantity cf cotton en the way frt m America, May 11 70,000 120,000 50,000 Total 1,039,961 1,663 269 033,318 These are star tling facta, and, viewed la connection with all tli* otber influences bearing upon cotton, per fectly wairant the recent advance The above statis tics .?how a falling off in the quantity of American cot ton available for spnners, as compared with tbU time la."t jear. of ro lesa tlian 623,318 balea, or 36 per cent, and thla not at a period whe n oar consumption la being reduced, but at a time when it la greatly increasing, loth from the ordinary annual increase and demand I or heavier fabric*. Turning to prices, we there And that, with tbia greatlv reduced supply and augmented con sumption, the late advance has only brought us on an average to those ruling at tbia time laxt year, thoee of the middling aad lower qualities of American showing slightly in excess, while fair and upwards have tot reached the price* of last May. Theo, again, locking at the money market, we find toe tendency Is towards lower rather than higher rates of interest, while latt year the very reverse waa the cafe, ana we hate also no* diacovered, what we wete then scarcely prepared to learn, that our cotton trade is net diminished by the war to any extent of consequence. We would ask, then, if under these eiroumstaaca*, there is snything , unwarrantable in the recant ad vance In tbia market '? Certainly not; for it only brings n? to the [?? ition we were in last year. We are her* dealing with facts al ce as they stand at present; as to the future couree of the market, it may well be left, with the impulse it ha* now receive!, to the natur al influence of supply and demand. If the spinners do not require cotton, if they are not necessitated to come into this rrarket aa purchasers, because they are either well stocked, or. fl ndinif the Remands for yarns falling off, aeopt "short time," the statistics will lose much of tbeir force, but sbort time is too hazardous an erperi mei.t to resort to except as a list expedieat, from which it Is to be hcpei we are as yet at some distance. Spin ners complain tbat while the Liverpool market has ad vanced >?<1. per pound, they cannot get more than S'd. upon tbeir yarns, and upon tbts treat the advance In ihe raw material as unfounded. The complaint would be reasonable ?nd just U they were accustomed to offer btgher prices for the raw material In proportion as they obtained advance cnon jams. This market, after all, most be influenced by that of Manchester; she must be able to fol'ow to any point to whic>> we ascend, or It cscnot be maintained ; that Is an axiom in the cotton trade, and It seems Mrely, from the course now being pursued, that the power of Manchester will be faliy ana lairly tested to the utmost. Preac'stulTs remain without material alteration, both as regards prices and demand. Indian corn had advanced one shilling per quarter. The weather bad slightly I m proved and the prospect of a good though late harvest was better. The financial accounts are of an encouragiag charac ter, but do not nmcunt to much. The most important item Is the increase of bullion In the Bank of Eagland. ! The last returns, compared with thoas of the previous week, show sa Increase of ?426,962 ia thf stock of bul lion la bo h dtfartme-ats; of ?674, 67Mn the notes un employed; and of ?29,360 In the rest. The public depo sits have decreased ?1,603,682; the otber deposits ?240, 44f ; tie government secnritiei, ?2,<i74,90f>; the other se curities, ?177,260, and the notes In circulation, ?149,096. This Increase of bullion is accounted for by the follow ing repci Is of continental markets for gold:? The quotation of gold at Psrls Is about at par f accord it? to tLe last tariff) whlct , at the English mint price of ?8 17a It Xd psr ounce for standard gold, gives aa excharge of Vi(:17: and the exchange at I'ans on Ixm^on at short being 'J* 20, it follows that goll is about 0.12 per cent dearer In London than in Paris. Ky advices Irom Hamburg the price of goll Is 421<^ per mar's, which, at tt>e Knpissh mint price of ?3 lis If i,n d . per ounce for standard gold, gives an exchange of 13.4 rnd, the exchange at Hamburg on London st shcrt being 18. ft JK, It follows that gold isO 63 psr cent cearer in london than in Hamburg. Gold is dearer in London than In New York. The rata of exchange la this city on London, is say 10 '4 per cent premium The par of exchange between England and America being 109 23-40 per cent, It follows th?t the ex change is nominally 0 67 per cent in favor of Eaglaad: and, after makisg allowance for charges of transport and difference of interest, the present rate laavaa a profit oa the exportation of gold from this country. Quotations for consols show an advanoe of oae per cant during the weak. American stocks were not actlva, but prices were steady. Baring ssys Tie business has been very email this weak, without any marked variation ia prices. Canadian securities have improved la valae. United 8tatea bonds, 186$, lfC a 108, nominal. Buyers of Massachusetts sterling 6's bonds at par. Mary lend 6's sterling 91, buyers 9iH. sellers. Pennsylvania 6's inscriptions 77 a 79. notaiaal. as also bonds at 82a84){. Virginia 6's dollar bond* Pf> a 88. Pennsylvania Central 6 s bonds ( 1st mortgage) 89 ){ a 90; ditto sterling (2d mortgage) 8f. Canada gov ticraeu t 0 P?r c<Bt >9B-ls 109K a 110, ?T0.O lod riUte fa.. St 6000 UisMnri t.'e.MO WIS 6(40 K-ntuoky 6'e.. 108* 1000 Vlrgtoia 09 2000 trie Coo H? '71 64 &t? Frfc I*ta, "76.... 81) 9(000 111 Cm UK Bs. . 78 6000 do *60 78 ?<T0 do h3 78* MOO oo bflO 7K* ?<00 IUC RR F Bs.wp 70 100 N T On 7'?. . . . ICS* 1001' Chi & K I ltR fU 96 6300 CWrftTol Div Hm 77 & ali* Maiket Bask 1C7 SO Mereb Bx Bank.. 106 SO Am Exch Beak.. lit 200HaM?m RR ? 27 V 10 N:c Transit. 16 50 do 16V 20 Canton Co 20] !< 110 do #3 26* 100. do b'!0 26^ 60 do .. ..bSO MJi 1"0 do 26 ? 1(0 I'tnnCoal Co *4111 110 H do eCllO 20 do 110* 60 do 110* tO Canib Coal Oo.sfiO 28 X "o ofg ? b-kO ?10 b30 ?took InhMic, Wk?*bioat, May SO, t0?*. 10 ?h* N y 0?B HR. MV 200 do bSO M M do ??* 100 Hud R?v RR. o? U 6 Ml -6 Ontral RR. 60 111 Gen RR...b30 M 64 do b?0 M t Cin, HAD RR.. T? 606 bit RR. s3 49 500 5f0 d?. 200 do. 260 do...'.. 60 N Y Con RR M c'o 50 do 20 29 ? 28* 28* 93 * 93* 83 V 1400 Roadiag KH.bM 100 do ISO 800 do e 88 J? 100 do M0 88 V 160 do b30 8 t< 300 do b39 8?* 300 do blO 86* 400 do....?b60 66* 100 do 0 80* 1300 do MM oOO do bit Nk 100 do ?10 68 2 75 Panama RR 1M 10 do 101 60 <io bSO lOltf 10 Little Miami RR 1M 33 Oaten* fc Chi RR M 6 Clue U Rock hi R M BEOOKD BO AUD. $1 0000 lad State 5'a Hi* 200 ?ha Comb Coal #3* 80 78 * 78* 78* ?OOtt MImoutI 6'a. 40u0 Bda. '75... 600 111 COn RR B?... 5000 eo ?3 5000 do MO 10 shs Mttrop'n Bk 110* lot Ilarlem RR . . . . aft 27 60 do al6 27 60 Ohio Life itTruat 03 100 Oaatcn Co. 26% 150 do b60 27 60 do bOO 26* 160 Cttmb Coal 28* 1C0 do n30 2** 1C0 do b60 28* 100N YOn RR. ,b66 26 Qalc na ft Chi BR 100 i?rie Railroad.... nts 360 100 200 200 100 60 500 a b60 .bS hU M0 do do. do , do. do. do , do bi6 60 Reading Railroad 200 do M0 150 do 16 do 100 do mA (>1 MW ufl Ml m9 Sill Mm 88*1 88* C11Y TRADE RBPOar. WcD.xaHDAT, Ma/ 30?8 P. M. A/uun ? Sale* of 160 bbb. pearls were made at 6c., ami 60 do. pots, at 6??c. Brkajwi ftm ?Floor ? The market for oommoa to goo* brands waa 12* erata per barrel higher. The aaleo aaa braced about 8,100 a 9,000 bbia., including ooamia to clinic* State and Western, at 810 37 a >10 66: raoati? (2,9C0 bbia..) at 810 60 a 811 37; Southern (1,600 oMO at 111 50 a ill 76, for good to ootatnon, and 811 81 a 811 87 for common to extra. Rje floor and meal woro quiet. Wheat ? Sale* 3*0 basheis white Michigan at $2 60, and 1,000 bushela Genesee white, at 82 80, ami 3,000 do. upptr Lake, at p. t. Cora ? About 60.000 baah ela were sold, including Wsetera mixed, at 81 06 a 81 and white and yellow at $1 13 a $1 14; a lot of aupsrlor old Poutbein yellow waa held 81 18 aold. deliverable fca Jrly and August, at 81 04*. Rye waa urm ant waa tod at 81 70. Oa's were alao firm, at 76c. for Stato, aal 83c. a 84c for Woatern. Comt.? The market waa firm, and prices tended ta favor of seller*. 1,600 bags Rio were aold at 0*e. a 10*o.; 500 do. Maracaibo,at 10*c. a 10*c., including 120 bags at 11c.; 1,800 bag* of Rio were aold by aao tion, at 9*c. a 10*o. The aale waa well attended, aad pa sued oil rtrj well Cotton ? Tbe sales embraced abont 4,000 balea aftor the rectipt ol the Pacific 'a nowa, and the market oleoo* at *c. advance. Freights ? Ratea were inactive to Liverpool. 888 bMrf rohln were engaged at Od. ; 0,000 bushelt of oora, at 3*d., Id bags; 70 tons fustic, at 8a , and 30 teas oaai wood, at 112c. Cotton waa at 6 32d. tor aquare balea. Tterw waa littl* doing to olher porta, and ratsa were ?? cbsngtd. To Culifoinia ratoa varied from 30c. to 36e. for foot, messuiement. Mi'i-iihsm ?375 bhd?. Cuba muscoviwlo, a little tart, at 28c , and 76 do. at 26c. Naval . tortm ? Spirits turpentine ranged from about 42c. a 4L'e. offered and asked 800 bbbf. rosin woro said at 81 87 a 81 90 per 310 Its del vered. Provisions ? 1'ors? TIip market waa a trifle bettor. The tales embTacrd about 1,250 bbia., including oM njf M, at >16 76 a fl6 81, and new do., ia small lota, at 817 60 a 817 62, i>nd new prime at 814 26 ; 810 for priaa mess, and 810 25 a $12 75 for rtfute p-ime. Cat meat* wer<- firmer; sales of 225 packages were made at 7Ke. a 7}jt. for shoulders, and BHe a B*c. for hama. Bv ccn continued firm, and euppliea l<gbt; 100 boxoa mi< d'eB sold at 9*c. Beef? Market firm; sales of about 486 bids., at 91C a $12 50 for country mesa, aad $8 76a $9 M for prime do.: beif bams ranged from $16 a 820, tho latin figure for piiuie Western. Lard ? About 300 a 408 bbls. were sold, at $10*c. a 810*c. PitijiK.? The market waa active, with sale* of aboalt 2 300 bhds., including about COO Porto Rico, at 6*0. ? 6*c. The remainder was Cuba muscovado, at b)j(o. a 6*e., and 12. COO bags Mauila were sol'* at p t. Tallow ?About 16,000 lba. Call'ornia, from veeaOl, sold for city use at 11c. ; for city rendered, tho Batoh eis1 Aasociation advanced their price to 12c. Rent Estate. lit on Fourteenth street, near Eighth Itmu, ft 10a..., $9,W8 BROOKLYN. Four lets on G?t*i avenue, 200 feet from Ltwit intMi "*?# 26 by 100, each ?3M ( our lota In rear of abovs, on Monroe street, same ala each 1296 I New York Cattle Market. Wednesday. Mat 90. IMF* At Allerton's Washington Drove Yaid thero has baaaa better MippI* of beeves during tbe week, and we are eaaklai to report ? decline of 81 per 100 lb*, from the prloee ourrsae laet market day. Tbe anmber on eale dnrlag the weak haft beta 2 .'IIS, and to-day was 2,206. Tbe demand has beea ?[ oite light? butchers, generally, holding off, with a view af orclng fellers to jield a concession, wlueb they were lull} obliged to make in order toeffoot sales. Tbe qnallty of the cattle w>i folly a* good aa the areraxe ran. bat we notleaft several poor lota, which looked aa though they had s* flora* from the effscts of a long Journey. The anppliea eaaae mainly from Ohio, Illinois and thia State. Some 400 beovaa were lett nnaold. Of milch eowa. there waa alto a better supply, and with only a moderate demand, prioea have fa ces edabont 10 per cent. Supply for tbe week, 39 ? allaolft. Teal oalvea were more plenty taau for some time paat^ and if oil of aale even at a decline of >?c. per lb. oa tbe eaaa mon aid medium qna'itiea. Supply for the week, 1,0881 Sheep and lamba were not eery plenty, and pri. maintained, though no great activity baa exl.ted. S apply 9 5. Swina have been rather aearce, and an average aft* ?ance of ,'?c has boon catabllabed. Good qualities sold at Co. live weight. Pbicks ?Beer cattle, extra quality, per 100 lbi., flS; 4a., good quslitv, $11 .'On $12; do, common, >10 60 a $11; da., inferior, $10; eowa, extra, $60 a $86; do., good, $46 aSW; do , ordinary, $30 a $36;*ealt, good graaa ed,4c. a 5U*.; do , extra, 0>,o ; aheep, extra, $6 a SB; lambs, $4 a $6; srlaa, grots, Cc. The following table ahowa from what part of the sonata* and by what conveyanoea the supplies came:? if* tJ. By the IJndaon River Railroad 1,088 ? Beat* 60* ?? Irie Railroad 0*3 " Harltm Railroad. *. 88 From Illinois, on cars 777 " Ohio, oa cart 6li " Kentucky St " New York State, on car* 441 " Indiana 1M ?' Iova 1M OTHIR STOCK. By tbe Krle Railroad? Swine Mt " liudeon Kiver Railroad? Sheep 88 " Harltm Railroad ? Coves and calves 19 " " ?Veal calves 1,08ft " " ?Sheep and lambs 4?8 " Hudson Rlrer Boats? Swine 37V " ? ' " ?Beeves <08 ChHi. Cooper had a very good lot of 60 head of eattla (Torn various sections of the oountry, which are to be shipped ta Bermuda; Barney Bartram was selling 110 head? a inlr 1*4 flom ll'laols, at an average of U}? cents? the highest prioea were $116 etch for throe; R. Murray waa selling 61 head lira* Kentucky, middling quality, at an average of about'll oeata. One pair of extia brongbt $M2; Oeo. Ayrault waa Bailing 188 bead, atr.lfed. from this State. An offer of $100 a head aa* oflered for tbe drove: W. Birnee was also selling 06 head of still-fed from this state? rather a common lot; Bead a >8 Holcomb were selllag an ordinary lot of 703 hoad from Ohla, at an average of about 12 cents; Tbos. White had 134 heat, common quality, from Ulinoia, sellin* from II te lt^ oeate; Joseph Willintna had bO hoad, erdiaary quality, from thia S'ate and Ulinoia, which were selling at 11J< a IS eaata: Cha*. Tweed had 87 Illinoia oattle, ? a poor lot, whieh would averaso about 12 oentai Tbe Messrs. flurney were sail ing TO good Illinois cattle at aa average of 1< oents. at naowniivn'a. The market has been betUr supported than at the Cppar Ball's Head. The supply during the week was to a moderate extant. Milk cows with ealvce, which two or three weak* ago told readily at from $60 to $?), <to not now bring mora than $46 at most. Tbe falling off In price Is owing ta tto fact that most of tbe large distilling establishments la tkla city, Wlllismsbnrg and Brooklyn, have an mended oaaaa tions. The milkmen cannot now prooure cheap food tor their cows, and manv of them are about giving up basinaae. One lot of oows with calves were re- shipped to Albaay, ts ing worth more in the country than In (lie city. Sheep aa8 l??u>* continue firm, with a good demand, aad then gn the supplies have heen larger, onlv a few were left over to <ay. and there were common quality Tha market for veal* lns I roved about >^c per lb., live weight, and some extra quaU ies were sold as nigh as 7? Supply light. J(? Veeve*, at $11 . to a $12 !>' ; do extra, f!4; 86 cows ant calves, cnmmoi, $60 a $40; do. do , good, $46 a $60; 67 vodl calves, live weight, 6e. afftfe.; to. do., extra, fljto a 7a.; 1.W4 ?hf?p and lambs? sheep $4 SO a $6 26; Ismbs, $4 a 88. Tbe followlngls a memorandum of sales by Samnet Me Grew A Son, at Browning's, for the week ending May 68 sheep at $385 7 6 IS sheep at 807 60 4 do. at S3 0 0 ?7 lamba at HC OU 89 do. at 678 TO .73 do. at MR 68 111 do. at 6 ST 50 Sn do. at 1S8 at 17 do. at 104 UO 4 do. at 37 18 98 do. at ?M 60 7 do. at MM IS do. at ?8 00 Total. 348 aheep and lambs, at $3,194 $> Also, 39 beef cattle, at from UJ^o- to 14o. per lb. The following is snemomdaia of aalea by James M'Car ty . at Brcwnlng's, foe the week ending May SO, 1886 ? __ $6 sheep at *5! 2 76 do. at 468 08 37 do. and lambs at U$!S 11>S do. at SU ? ' 48 do. at 1M|* 19 do. at <22 1(10 do. at ? SJ lambs **1 15 SB do. at "J* 69 do. at *22 49 do. aad lamb* at .. n?M? 616 sheep and lamba at "**'e25 Average per bead m at t HjtwawttA IK'B. Tha market for beeves is steady, with a moderate demaad. fWkeeTea t tie , a t $f0 a 81S; 168 eowa aad oalvaa, at $.*> a 8?: 109 vaalcalve?. live weight, at 4?. a 6X0.; 3,146 akeep aaC lamba, at $2 a $6. Af |i,lini& Tbe market for besves is firm, with a fair rapytr. Ceaa .ad calves sail ratber low. 114 beevee, at $8 a 811 SO: 1M "wsllnd calves, W a $66; U> reals (Uve weight), to a&He. nXCAriTVLATIOIS. Cows and Veal Si> sai Beeves. C'a/ees. Calm. Lamb s. Allertcn's ISIS W 1,0 ? MS Itrovnlrg's Tw 66 9T 1.884 Chamberlain's, 816 lfiid 1 <>' >,17* O Bri-. n 114 114 81 T?t?4M f. W MM MH

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