Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 1, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 1, 1855 Page 2
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THE KANSAS QUESTION. mi M miitnii r% VI*jW ot Gov* iMocilcr ? the Washington Sentinel, May'i9.] We D&biJik or low th? comrfiuBteetioB of "Aa wnr?t*" is ralati^a to the Ktoiu el"Ctlea?. A? wli te p-ioeived, to* oo ;uinui*lo?tto? drawn o-t by 60/ neecer* Eastoa speeeh, ia which he toot to f.? that MiseJUttaca had invaded Kau-as, nw1"1 msmbIm of the baliot boxes. It Wiu beraeoUe.-ted CT! I neat articl. we draw ?*'eatios Jo ' U* J?=* ?? JiftPSJ? ^-"^rSHSfe ssn^'STESSbiusi"^ ?' ??? -?-?? sw-S^SH^wrft *? ,m* to our article on this impor aWvery ^**7^,1. f?v>>ta#l<J, cue or mure o oar arclsles in <? lh" 1?' "*?>*" ' , ^'fr^^rt^^rder u.d constitutional right la _ ' * ."-trr ? '.Inn With abol.tioa fauaJca and i-a of Fh*tpa .r.ay be assured of onr ?jtn S!>, ,M t at ?ith alespiess rlgiUaoe we will .perform ollr duty as * Uithful acatiatd, *ud wiUgiv? .ltaelj warn mo' d'.n:'r<?lb?ircmw ... >. v Ike em BJunlwtii B of onr norrefpon.ent is aot pub ,l?h? d ?otiie Pome poitiona have c?mb ent raly omitted, sad expirations in tbe potion pubh?h?d, in some la st*nres ? cdiliefl Eooagn, however, his bfr'a r-taioeu to ito? the Uu'ft waich has btcn excited ia Mt?ioatt ?ad KaahJi* bv tbw.ll judged and uajudUdable cv or*# at *V*r? correspond eat beata t1?e cbaraetw of a uau of ?itdit und ttabdiog. 9fe>BhCB O* M1B80UKIAK8 AGAINST THE CHARGES 0# OOV*?*OK . I have read a letter la the Nbw York Hkrau. of the r?k of ?? sli eh t>m the ?ub*unc* of soma of tna r??srk* uiix'e by Governor Reeder on big ri'tttru to V.*a ? ? "J rtflert, itronnly upon tbe people of *>?ouri; and arnoig otter tbings, atatea th*t Kan-*a bmo tK-.ninredrd by a regularly organued aroy, anued to tbe tret U, wbo lota pj??ea*ion of the Uallitt buxea Iia al>o Mime to bo profute ia hla ubb of the terms "fraud s?c outrage." . . feaviglie nlD Karens Terr.torv at both elect'oog, and ttlore and after trem, aad haini; had ample epp>r toPt.j of knitwtDic what took plat* titere fro a aotual ?bi,?iTat.t.o, 1 dce<u it due to tWsouri (ae no oae ele^ ha* Itoiigt t pr> per to to do noin the Eaatora p*p-r*, 00 igQ the etoW m?t*?r t? well understood her#) to give a f?'r renrei-eatatioii of tbe fit-it*. , f before do op fo, bo?ever. 1 wish to exprmc the actB of Ct.r??B()r Peed-r Mnre his err.Tal l-J tne IVrrttory. I'l the ?reatie? ma?'.e with tae ladiaae, ,"??. waa>.??bt .omeotMh m of portiiad of their Uod, and ?ome of the trib s, und.r tno*? tteatien, haee the fi.rit, ?it? eertaia re^trieMOoe of selling euctt raterya ?odb On bl" ainval In KaoeaH instead of atteadlag to tbe unferative ontl*? of bia office ia iirondio* l^^ for the goTrriimect nf a oouatrT rabidly tili'.ag up, *?' tor tt ? want of whith tae most serious eoitifltoa*, from dhpxiteK a??cut claims, wrre to be apprehj-aled, tlnvtra mr h?eder r-'Ul^es of the ifttewate of tbe peopn aat dl r ?-? ! 'Hlothti.<?nty, entered upon a sen?? ?4 ?b?ealat.?a< a the?e iDilian r? serv?tioas. tht? o>oa mtva bis r.tWut-.' ii for wwm aad perbapi moath? a ter k?e; ma tsg, in the mt-antime exenrs oqs in va v<oi.s Oirrctioue ta orier. as be alleged, T'^l^rly to dts ?tit'"* t he Territory ; bat. ia reality, visiting the h?ad auaiters of vaiioaa 11IWI witose laaos he wisriea to ton* * * * ? * ? After t>>?9 can had netted wWespretd aad opea <hs mnnt-nt and loud mnrm?ir8 at hie noaluct, he rela"Uot lj orders^ as ?lectin inNovemier laet But for ?b? . Way, ?nj ten?ibleper?on would suppose for the ?f kl/iiiliwrt, toenaet la?? for a <nnamunlty oouposB'l ?I a bet.-rot!' iicons yr.p'jUtlon, liab'e *t any time to be br*uaht in'O noleat eolltaion, for ? eoom ini ? y sufiermi; l?w the want of .ueli laws, and which had been drtvca to'o tbe forua'iou of voliiDt*ry assoc'. *tion* in ortHr ta ?dopt 8ufh r?gulitioiiS a? w?re necessiry for lt? t*mp<? my provctiou Tliw wou'd have been th? reawa^Me ?occloK'no; out it would bave been wide of the rntrfc Tbe tl?eti<!n bo ordeied was for a d?l"Sa*e in Oongr?ss. Wht ?? L?k stature (si sot at tbat time elected, as i< ??uld e-silv b?ve keen dODe, Ooverar.r rt?o lor and hie ?r?ia T-uut aid ai-socUtea can bo doabt esplaio, bat autil lie coee fo tbe laid" pr*poaderaoue of the pro a la very BBT T brre at tL*t will be a BuflUleat My to > hH Sot onrt. T"e A d f-.nitty with which 'hi* fwim vfflr?r *|Uretirds h0 h-^rttl? co opfcra-.ed, had not b?ea able to fotwtid oi? a iittrober 0'" t??r?o3S who bid sai l ttirBi rl>?-f. to ceH the exigency, asd It was ne t?Mary tlat tir ?ioiil K've it the wtiolo -vin cr ti operitem. ao-J k* I.T spricg to forward tlielr teoups M m -n. ?l o bad br;B houKbt f. r cio^ey, live tne Btusiioa of ?ld, t?t ir.ul e t??r upon the rub?-? o^ others^ I aoulo Kl*o''y dtfm>.s thi? personage without anetber war*' but the pilas he h*n beea at to calnuia??t? Mis MBitass. n>a*?s it ?r act of justice 'hat rds while 1 cha fm t'tvr t?o far a.? it if k own, fhoul<1 exp088d. H ? w?? r?pe*tedly, rrspe tuiliy aad nrjjently 8CK>??rv to ??n tbe n?c''?i".yof cjnr#o!B< a Territorial l^g'aU ture; to wtiion he Biaoe reply, tn*t he ?n aaln^ the ffftjUBt to 00 at> , and tb^t he would no At ibe e??lt?st p-.ctii'ahii? d?y, tze \ waite in tr'i?a, at i'jib ???j time be was a m-mOf- of a f?eret society ?f.os? object was t? .lioliUotiiM Kansas: and wai in corf.i? MiidrBce to that eicd, with the Ad ciocioty ?nd was ?agagtd in io oortir.g, for tbe B'.oie ?ad, aaoli i?' '?'s tr.m reoDs>)?aj.ifl, or pr^pTiog there'or. un *r t e Ctopce ih.t hi- wanted a thou?aad ??chaBiC31"??B well km* tha*. tli?re weie then eno igii of mechanl b ^Iraadtotbere wbo woulJ bave been gl?d ti have got'.-n work ev? o at low wages, no deititute was tlieir cia.i twa * tetn?r hii nei-ret o\th to this aaeotiafoa was compatible with the impattial diicharne of hi* duty as fiovernor can oaly be gwea.ed, and toat gaeM must us He however, at last, d?'d order an electioa for tne'n ters of the LeulHlatuie. I>et us now eee what wa< nH ooaducl ia this ms'ter. In ord?r to glv* the pre?t?st old to bis bsoIUiob aiJi ?, he made a -et of ie<ulai Uo-vi for condocting tlie flection calculated to 'thro* all the obstacles p?MlbJ? ia the way of vot>*g hy tie pro s'*^f *?ft? BBdaboliy n-pignant to the provi?-oiii of tie Mt ?f Co?gre>s o.-raaizi g tbe Territory, lit fetlons voti-rs mifrbt be required ?o take an oa a th?t thev were fid' oetmaDent setters Now, ne w-u litw tbat to 03 *d could i?Hf that M lnt^o^6(l m BHD pertrartnt'y tbere. That might be hia laUntion bn? it waa one lianle to bo ehaagel. and ta? tilts* of tbe oato aeemed to require perman-noy of set tlem-D>. Be well knew that th*re were but few coa Mi-ntious m?n who woull take Buch aa o*th, aod equally well koew that m-a who openly avoved-her toteotien of sualiog negroes (ae many of the ^jUtlon tot* did) would bave no suoo scrapie. I imagine p? - Maoeojy of seMlriseot ia B>t required ta any *ta?9 io t?e Union. All that they requite *s a residence tor a definite period, some shorter, some longer, and noUlng *The aet of (oogr?*i prescribes tbs qualillcattoa of voter* to be inhabitants of tbe l>rriWy, who are ac'.uai raetdmt* on the dty o? the election It does not require oov e?e to be a ci'ti-n. But tbis -a^asions Hovernor oot ealv required th?m to be citizens, but th*t they eboilo b" boaad to the toil aa long ae they live >. Maay ? hrr arMtriry and unoeee?B*rT r-irnUtloBa m'gat be Misted ont, but this Is deemed sufficient. ^Aitbuti.h the election had to be hell for a ciBJt'y aa large as lb- Hrgest rjtate, and aim )??. ejt roly dei .1 fate of mail actlittes. yet tola ptragon of a rworn offij^r oolv ??ve. to the pro flsvery pirty, some ten or fl'Vi-n tfavs ncti'e of it, not evea tfiroeingout, bsforthand, an totim.llon aito tbe time. This was his coura* only towards the pro slavery party. His pro-.laoa*tion wa? nriot.d ill* presumed, under the siooti'iB o? seo^sy. to sb abol'tioe pr Btiag offlfte? teereU| e.r3ul*w?d ? ?r wards among the abohtionUU, ani it wis only by acol deat tbat a eopy wa* procarad aad made paaltc Hot this ia not tbe worst p*rt of thiB mas s coaduet ta t&'S watter I state it tfel h-rately, aad with a faH know le<i<e of it* imitfntatie, (hat tbia aov-rnor ooaimiwl est. d to tbe Aid Society 'n ?he E*st, or to sjm- of his friend* tfiere, tbe ti n<i of the election, eo<ns two ciob hs Wore b. mad* it known to tha p*opl* of h iosaa ro a fs-t ?aa ebarged ipon him while he w?i h?r?, aat fhe ?roof wasia vr?tport. Ue baa never, *0 far as I am Bd?i?*d, to deny it Comment upon such coo tact ft* iim#c* iMmrr. HI* la?t offleiul ontraitt, I heli?v?. wai to appolirt h!a totD of Pawaae aa tbe plnae for the raeetlaij of the Ia> ata'atar* ThU town exiata tn lithograph? :* far aray leyeuri tbe Hottl- m-uw in tbe I'^vdm coun'.ry. nnW?? titole of food or bo/ pl&oe or tbe membrra V) naaet or too** id. teveral noi'abl* planea could hare Umo ae lertrti nrir tbe Missouri river. 1 will now pmoe*d to mawer Soreraor Ree'er'a ohm-f ee. I tu at tbe eUeiion and bare alace read, attentive I;, ?hf pa pern and convert*"! with per ? on* from vartona ponta ia tbe Territory. and I asetrt, without f?ar of ?ns a<*ifm eeatmdietioo, that a mora pea eaile orderly, qutvt election. never took place In aay State, ?hi<* the 4*y af tbe revolution la the whole fear it *y thera *? bu* a tingle di-turbane* ? that took piac at the tew a of Lawrence, aad im provoked by an abiltUon editor la ebarging noma voter with perjury; for vhicti feul charge an effort waa made to panuk htm, but ha ana, aad aa be ran, a piatol waa trvd oil a'ter max but 4<4 him bo injury, (tat there were arm* iaabuadaoM, aa' veil ?bnttferi *o> ta undeniable. But what waa toe ?oaaelen e? tbiaV Hiuipiy thm ? Tbe aVoiitioaieta gene a*uv came well armed, tome of tUein m vie a ? bo ? of ?heir anna aa they rem* bp tbe Muao*ri rivr.aal mtde tbetv threat* wba. the? would do with the 1 ftlare oatch era." ln<Wet, ?ea?* aeem-0 to tt*e ? pride in ahowio* tne'.r orOTado. They alao thra^Une-1 to preventive >rr> ? lav?vy party fro? voting, by ft) roe, aad it ?aanotor<.d* 'if* *'*? K'teraliy <-?rn?d their arma. A party hvi am?r) (hot down <>n? man. woo dial oa tb* a t?'.. On "?* . , c>renm?t?ece? it ?i r nothing naoretu.ta pru want or tn? ith? tarty to be jr^p^rH ta re?i?t any la me, e* ... o. t*jej ri?i.t?. IU:I tbey nsen <o diapoaed. ?h? ? led km abow that the pro rlave'y f" 1 .T'rV? mr" "*? uum~*ra it every i>r* unot to nave '??* |ie l Uie Wm aholit tnlec la the f?rrtnfy T>at no vioi?n>~ cvmtnit ed ?iowtt that U???r arm# ware for tt>e ,.f protozoa %nl oH ?h? only a?tetn; t m* ? to n?>r T itera wu. <n \l?> br ttie a olr'lcoieto th'mxdvM, who, 1 'lwui *t <.lna n?lnr mm the K*aaaa nrar attempted v. uk* p>'?.?>* of tm pel>e, Not f f prorooMf nubdjet '?or were iHetra) votea irven. The Ju<?/e. of the eUv tion w#re of tbe Govern 9r'a nwa aa?o ?ttaeat w1-..* they could b? #0t to aerve. Ihey looi An o?tb 'n? m? anrfhad by hlai. of a moat atringeut ktiwl, t-> r?jen> %h il Vfal vot??: aad at neanlr aU of th* p?ec ao'e h-re w*. ?*? or mare abolition j<?d*?e before rnom. aad ?i whoee pre at lire, tbe votea were oa?t penieiaHly ?at rh? lei,?e, ex ept ia a few iaat^oox; anl *?n?rnU? y?*n vaalUaged, (be vote aaa r?jac|el. rti? mini Java mai'ato the Governor unler oa h, aad he. af er tokm* ample time 'of rafl'ctton with a full >ioa?iel<e ?'?"at tran>i>ired at tha aleotioo, eoma>nn!e?ie1 to ?"* *7 ? '* ' ?p<ea, aad nnler bla oath of ?9oa, ?MMCwrlMaatea ?i>?tlna to a m verity of the m'-n 5*" alaeled. Yat In the fane of all theee ?olenu offl Mai ?we aad oaliherata proc*?<i'aga, h? h%? the andaaioaa ?PWmterp to aaaertla tha taetom -<?at?M that Kanaaa waa ?* ? ??"<? <* ?rn?e i m-n A no.t atthH?h(ag ?**????*? * ? * ? ? ? did he uot raf m e* rt neata* of elwtl ? u to tfce vt^mi r*than fraadnleailr ?'aa'ad t De will doubtlma *?r Oietr rl-ctloa waa aot aaa teuton. Hot wbjr, tf each |Imi fraud waa paafatrated, m their ?lect!on net contested ? Wu there a single iinr ct lLat had Mi many eunniog lynx eyed abolitfea hts j:r*.e?.t to watcn for and retec'. ta* ?kg hte*t Ille gality is lb* ejection 1 It '* veil known that lb era w*.f hhdt such. In addition to thli, the Governor, by hie regulations, (?? tbe greatest latitude la c.>ntMttng eUciiosk "Ibev authorize t a cod vat cot only by tee le'eattd caocidate, but any vot-r tn gbt do *o. And jet, notwithstanding these grtat precaution* and this extraordinary vigl 'auce. but lev diatrtcU h > rc b??a coa te?t?d Ado why iatbt*? Oertanly uot Tron any ia dii-pcsiti'-n to lieli'D to the omplaitts oi contastauts. tor this pattirn of an exejutive officer, on receiving the speribcutkns of illegality, without giving any op poriuni'j to tbe person el?ct-d to *hoi? tu? falaity of the grout da alleged, or without giving bia? auy bear ing wlmteeer set a*i '? the election, and baa ordered ?ew t.'ections in all of tbe dietrtcta which were con tested liathor a novel pioceediag on tU? psrt of an executive ctEoer in Iht-M United ftlatea I Where his excellency got bin authority for each unprecedented ac's, I am cnaMe to learn ; certain y cot froaa the act of Congress, Jrr that act on'y canf.-rro'l oo Lim the power to ueclare wao waa elocssd? (I do not pret* nd to quote the exact word*)?* power pre eiitly a milar to that granted to the clerks of the cauntv court* in Ui*>ouii. and perhaps >n other States: y?t .beie efii< era n- ver ma.'leed. under oufb provi-iona, the; had the poeer of tr.-iog contested e'eitoas It woolo b<! ub m> uit to th* tateli.geuce of the Cougreii that paired th" Kansaa "'11 to snpposi that they <1e 1 bera'ejy ilea gned to lu&wrt a*d aDiiul a rule teat has be< u considered a sacred ever sirce our Rovoiu'ion, to wit : ilia' ??<ry legislative equably eha!l he the exclu de* jurjie of the returns ??? qualifications of its mem Via. <>?(< rule adopted by tha liovnn' r would iniie tbe r i k>f- ature a plant c bony, to be moulded and shaped by tie executive, and on-lroy i! effectually aa a x> o- 'ia?t* snl independent rfepatliu' nt of govtrooient j>T3 im icent ooi-urrtii at o> e o< the precinct* aio trio.; '.be kind of mtu wbom the Oovrnur appointed for ju4ptt, an! the i*iap>-ition maui'esteo by ih*-ta. wbich t'vijbt to b? known. Vceel*cton there ?aa coeducwd with the soo?t perfe t order, ani during the <raole day there wih 'tut a a ng'e vote ehalleoRni, and that vote ?4? r*j?fHd Iher* wire two p-o al.vtry anl one etdlitifu jbdye. the vcte waa challaoged by the )a?t. It wit iscertmsed that this ju-Uo had. ia ihe nxtriiiu?, eooeavored to g'-'t this rejected voter to vot* for the abo-itirm candidate!, anl bad g vi n h id a 'Iclet printed od p?pvr of a different co or ticDi the other t cket. Win n the man went up to vote, be ofltred a ticliet on the other aide, and then lUU na na jucge, for tie first t'tn?, found out that b? wad no*. a le voter, an had bis vote rejected. After tbe wcied'-'ed, tbe sane jud?e rof uhhI to sixn th* return', on t e ?r> vnc that tr.rre bad beau illegal votinir, though be bad takto a noleuin oath to rejoct all auch, anl uad sat tii*rn and rec-ived tao.-e vot-n wivnout o^ject'oa, cily cbje tlDir to tli'i ote before oamad il? waa asked by the otber ju"ges wliy, at be waa sworn, he did not ot>jeci to th" vo en He xaid he w?a afraid. Fie waa then Hnlit'O if the election bat not been quiet and order ly. lie *aid it h id ne n He waa a.-nel to point o ?t any threats made, and h?w< uld not down. He finally aiippao out and ruQevrar tv ithoat %ifo<ng the remrnn, wh ch were tifiDed b> 'he o b?rs, end an affidavit jivJe of the tacts. Thia Oi tric.t, wi< not ccnt?*ted, far t ho reaaon tba^ the candiOut<>* aere electcd, l.snn< out the vrtcs of itiat prune rt tn'irely for th* i>aea so olecti 1, and giving tne votes pjlted there for tie otaer flan .11 datoe totb>>m That many pereon*, who had re-ieel'y been eiM^ens of WiKinri, wi nt over to KanHax tt?t b'tore the electioc, and vo'ed there, ia not to b? -leuied. R<it I "o deny tLmt aty one to wect there cnl vote", w^o b^t not iho rlg it to do to under the act of Con^reF.a; au-t 1 cvj a bo 1 1 ii? eotclut'valy. U 1h welt kuo^n t'a-.t people comaseaoed le'tling id Kansas in tbe early part of tae summer of 18A4 ? oo late to matro farma and ra^e crops H<in creds, end I n>i?iht eay thotiaa jOi, of Mis-.ouriaiis weut there, ann nt d<i and secured their claims acsor ling to the regul?tionB of the various " S^uat'cr Aasotiationa" ? wUieh claims were duly certified. As there tv^re no laws in tbe Terr tory regulating such c( ima, suoh n some of tbe boner tiat-s have, tbe people found thnmaslves driv-u to the necessity o' mutually *irree<ng upon some rules ol' tbe kind, in ordtr to prevent trio auarchy and ptiife that would inar.t*bly follotr tbe wan", of tbein. Aa ttere waa nothicg ts live on in Kunvoa, and no fo:?l or provUiona 1 1 winter their Mock oa cx? p- wl'.a*. m<ght be c..rri 'n there, theae uter r< turned to \li(xoari. fiulsaed their growing c:opi and reumined danng mo t of the winter, whet ihey had i><>int>tirn< to Uv? on When tne election enme od, they went to Kueas, wb'te they hau eleta h to iana ? wbere the.r itlaim^i th?ir re. sirepc*, aid wbern thty wers actual reiidenta to tbe ex'l::MoL ?f a y otber ree deme, and vo'ed m they had tue iirquesticoable right to do ? tie act of 3?o.{r- ss jenuir re no p'evioua ftiM<m( but only that they should b- actnnl jefi"ent? on the cay of election If tb^re be ? jocg in tni^, lit taat wron^ is oa he aboll tioDistsanr tree no 1-ri ia Coo^rees. who relusol, on Ge?i r?l Atctiiou's mot on, to prrseritK a thr<e month's it fi"fDce But acrot'^irtf, for the faVe of arguisant, thit per rrnh did go to hansa* frr-iD Mi1 aaurl and voti wbo had co rigbt to Oo so, i will stj m that even in that caio tney were ^uliy juetltiod 'n romjc to. It Is notorious thit i('ii: lar'y orKauized cMnpan'.eii were extabbxh^l ia toe !./?>? t to aholiuoDiy.e K?m*8 It was not inor-iy ti sotUs tii coun ry in us'r ou?, p<?, i^T a'cliri ; eit-Z'ipB, >n<miiflT? io tbo cooxtitut on itudiavs bat wtli lawiefa <i>Batica. Und p:rete9, a r"c?,e?s crew, brnt <n aygrr^eion ajain't tbe rights kmi property of the |?-0| le or U'rsouri acd the souio. 8o far old ta?y carry 'J'nr nefarious rcOemo (as It appoara from one of their pnn?d pitopntets;. they requited aa ?>?th fron each riu'gT*i", wtilch, tf he o^ejiMj w iald inquire hlai to v o'ste ihs ?enftitu inn and laws o* the UniieJ S'V,??. Many of itme em grants were Icdiicrie', entugh op?oly touvoK the'r ebjec s to be to ubolltionize Ka-.e?* ? th?n icvade Miseouri< s Arkausia, and tnen T^xai. Ibey were Jnud an?i bo'eterrue in tbeae avjwalt, anl actually rt mneDced ?teal>oit elav?a in Kn.n^a?. Ore i*D*inn<-e was that of a fVmule slave, belonging to a wtd.'w, wb(<m tbey a>*ooj od olf, um wi:ea ovortanen tb- y t'ful her tjea'f'l at tbe ttklx with tbem calling tier by 'the endoaiiog title of ''Hi* " Eni^sai ies of this lawieee band were in e is o:iri, under pret.<oce of selling iu<?reet tan.'es or rome otber eniali articU, serretiy ex citioff ri'ect nt nt umong ihe elave'; sach af ieact vae tbeiesuli of tbeir veits Under thepe c>r:ums antes, what did it beconf MiHCouri t" do'/ I be!ieve th?t it wiil not be <ieui"d at this day. thai ^overnmeut* ere InatUu U-d to secure persona in tbeir rtghts, and that wben they become subversive of tb>s tnd, or tbe admini>tr?tion of the law i* too weak and ioefilcient to accompli h this purpo>e> it :s sot od1> the right, bnt it t* the duty, of tbe ptop}* to jrofect kh'm*?lio* and thtir prooorty. Tbe people of Hip-ouii saw this wa'ign c'o <d, foWiading tbe prcbtekt e vil to > hem, gatht ring on the r ??t Toey knew that an important una to them vital provision of tbe coostitntioij of the United twites bad bfl'a virtutllf null'fted In some of tbe non-slav?bbl 'ing dt?t?s They > sew that Michigan had pasred a law mahiag: it felony for tbe owm r to tlrum hu elave ttiere. They knew that rneot tbetmwn eitizena had gooi to Chicago for his rlavts. and *lthnugb be hw them in tbe s tre^M. inojiev day, 'h" marshal or t is deputy, fratltiy toll b'.na that the law cr.uld not be executed ; tiiev saw this sime law less >p>rit btiDf traneferrei to tbeir ^or'er Were tfcev, in view of all ibis, to sitntiU, anl like base covsida fuller thetr property te be *iest?d fraa thin>, and for redresi appeal to laws that w*re tramp led uncer t >ot ?itb oonterept ? No. Misa mnacs ar? not ir.en of that teaip^r Iboy wiul! have drenthed ttcee pume wiih tie bloe-1 of this digested ccew, r.tth?r than have p-Tait:ed ih-m to ?euvo th* net won of evil; snd bad ttey gonetbire, and by for-e of arm* dnv-eu thcae irc?n(* (ir.?. out o- the country, the peop'e of Mis souri wi uld ha?? been jnstiSed 'n tbe ejes or aH en hgti ntd iai aensible men. Here w?.s a case if ever there could be one, caUxtg londiy for the rwlit of self prr'tectioa To tbe gov rnncm they daretl not trmt for proti ctioo, for iae'e<id of a pctfe, htgh minded distuVer ?st?d patriot, thej bnd seen a " ? * <* ? * * appctnted Govirnor of tbat 'erritory. There r re Ml 1 other notorious facts to bo hr taghj to rotite Hundreds of theee vile eraUkrlet are sen^ to Kansas for the scle purpoee of voting They hav* eius* ih? election ieit. home vot*d, aodnttirted b?o* abouc 12 o'clock, od a boat, on th* day of tbe election. The fefeaien candidate for Coogrnas Imported by (iovemor Reeiier ia?t rnmmer lsft so son aft r th?t *l'c*.ian thit b? w?s tbe herald of hi* own dofast. Sam* who were unable to get there at that election on noooant of the low stag- of water in the Mioouil river, retained on the s- nil tin.t. Tl esu f<cte are aa totoriors her* as tli* ooon day s in, and rou'o bo eaTubltshed by a-or-nof wt'oe*?ei la view ?* tils wholo-ale import >t!on of aboil tun TOtew, merely for tbe pnrpir.e of vot'og, what Hgbt wculd Oov?rn<r ?'eet'or and bis a ?o'itiou *i is hare liad to coin ?plain of 3Ite*ouriar* bad they dose the same thin f to counteract and cbockmate tbt'* adroit ratvanentr? a movement which - evelop-s the true reaaon why General Atchison's amendment was voted aowo In conch sirn, it is proper that I should eta to that sorri" of these taatern cm grants have roou ltaW th* in cendiary oi'sigbs of th* t?**e tools of she Aid Society; bave avowed their determination to nptold th* lava of Congroax, and Uimmi tbe nght? of th-tr ne ghoara; and while l.ohMtg to opin'on of mating Kanaa* a iree Htate, aiaw Inn pr^ferenoe of making it a altve htnte, iatbe.r iaa Cave free n>groe? there. It ia hut r>gbt that it should he known 'here a ?uoh a class there, and that tbey ahould not b* 'n -ludnd among tne infantotta band of abuliMontat*. i"hi* olass ia v le we I with no di?favor by the pro- alaverv party ; who ise ia them men who have a pre.fwr aenseof their duty aa gaol eiti?>na, and are ciapoeed to per<orqi that duty. Saoh wtd never be regarded with unfriendly feelings, however much we stay eUsent fiom the.r opin oos an kyb wir.vica?. IlnrrkUK In Oodgf Coaatjr, Iowa. A eorreepeorient of the Hit rhin Dcwrat writing from Juc?au, Dofg* ooonty. glret the following account of a terrific tempeet which panned aero** that town. ant tlror gb portion* of Dolge count#, en the evening of the 21?1 n!t. : ? I* it evening thl* Tillage ?u netted by ooe of the n>r?t deetructive tornad'eeit baa erer boon our lot to wi??<?a A boot half put 0 o'clock a henry cleud a,-? p?..ird in the n?rthweet, accompanied by rind flaabea of )vtitnuo|r. About an hour after the hetl begin to psnr down in great fury. It cosed ?< though ?U thedemoet o heaven and earth had been let loo ee ?far about an f-om and a half the roar of the harrlcane drowning every Other eoond. In aM the town, e?er? window on the north and w??t Mdee waa ?maehe<t ; hardly a pane of glaei wae IliWtM. The Juoeen Hoaae loet ahont two hnndred pane* of glaae and the Amtrletn nearly or qalte aa many. Not a building eecaped - all be?riag feetimosy ta the fary of Vhe etorm. Kevrr ban It been oar fate to wltneee a eoene at otw *o terilbte ant nihil**. The new building e reeled by the county laet acuta, 'or Bre- proof count* offloee, wae nnroofed, anl in Ite 'ell came within about all feet of striking a perron who we> at that time penning In a wapoa I1>?!orieof th-> hurricane appear* to hare pa*eed plaeipady through toe tillage, the oentnrt portion ?%?!? '*8 dli*?My aeroee lh< public aquara We doubt if the luehaa rrrtr been w<ta*e*al in Wteooniln Ol??? le In demand thl. morning five hundred dollaw will not more than eorer the damage to the county. upcrw m JCOti, For the pe?t year Lcf 9 Mile year.,,. 3M . ?, 764.707 AIM, 698 National Pol it Ira [Flora the >arl?Kton Mtrenry 1 th? sorra and pamim. .u?? P"?pw;t ?f deadly war upon the Booth tW?iy7.U|Ki P^P'* thene ^aitr of a reaoluW set wm?bt (other o?n mmdaof what they ?m 4a(Baad of ? Tm'VT.I '? * PWeuientUt WLTiii bimII Die for tn*lr support. tb? e*ll of aauonal organisation la Vtu lonnded ; already to* ijm or grew r and btN noi t aitu are toisfd to the booty in '6?, and manure* and man ?" ?|oi? of, by which the Win petad Into a.sol.nee and the donth dranedtown tats f<*..?d....?ce It ? proper. the,efo>Cth,t ?h? t?ue m. n at tbe (>outh should ?nrik out ?n. _7. i , Isy.tin ?.ima?d be.ore credulity ami any into tr*ach?roo. bar* am* wllliDart* V entrap Tteie am inuti crowding now in fedar.t Mil tic., urptialleled 'efore in tualr ? i and practical intere.t T,,. u .Uy of fe*llnI 1620, the tar.1T in the " L? the W'lmot Proviso in ?% ,k j . * Sl4t rdl*' fornia, and tbeCcm pro mite' nant than m. ?hJ , , "** oroken oat mire matu. SSi?: TC Sssss? ttari tea1! be bo more g'av* 8*at?? " tha Fu u<>? i._ ia to he rt-peeh-d; to. Mi?< uri r*?t icHon riatoiil" iu vny In tit Mat/lot of Columbia, and m il -h the fettn) government has jnrladletlou iatob/L ioV theTtliVv orth.rn ^can'oVpa r^y tha d are* 'bd xrs2.v? will bear with Kome f ram- ling and grmiac- oer'.'iM ih h f 'i ke*P?d Iit. n?r? ta th-chalice & $. ,Si?LfrcM*u * Sou5b#rB lip'! ? ??? 1 be Fugitive Slave law wax the poor boon which th? i.' uth received for hei scqn<e?c*nce in t' a comarom a a It w?> all gbe got in that inftisooa swindle. It wmid ^ave been spurned by tte i-outh as a <rorth'e< i tiling am., ta ? Int'iM-rion of tha border State* Toe coa' Mitution which cai.e the reodi'lon of fugitive au-tot % matter between the Estates, had rroved impotent. Tne alave own -t had bun mobhel anl murd>r^d in ?hH ?treet* of the Ncrth ?hi e hlfpwp/rtr, !n ac *' ^uarac^''8 The border 8**tea a^aed for 'nrt: er Kuarattitf, and they ihou*tt tfc^v bad ihem in .be Uw. But, like ih. ^MtilutiJa. lanatl? ci<m mar'e it from t: e begjnu'ng, nractijailr 'nnll ??<) void, aid baa trampled it out of the tta'ule b jot W'at buinng .bane and o.aappo ntm.nt rauat theH, w" el the 'fu'e of "?"frvSn ho^VnV^r row paltry a price ihev acccepUd tae lo-Jignitiea ? ' t?t ci mpromiae. Yet nboiition detsanda that taiN inrinMfl tor n nball be taken from ua. it ia not enou.h^ai tbe fouKtitution avaiU us notntngin tie reeov ry of >ar fugitiye (laves? cot enounh that the law Itavlf is pr. tioaily a worthieis n jner<uty? cot enough tDat S'u^e aft. r etatc haa nasfed law* tuilifyicg it; but, to hUmo bprn our htarta the convl-.tlon that neither ourr gli-.n nor bebor nor ftel-ng,. a?? though', of or r.apootedf itfi to be wiped out ^f the recr.rc s of the land The poor re June wi tch a gaile-i but tiiniu priae might find in t ;? 1 m H& oMoUi**W" l*^ven t oiSfato * i hf reiteration of (he Uiesocri Cok promise line lg *ho next feature in tr e programme For thirty veurs ha>i th'o.t.smao; the couth', tir.t .ubmiS be!n uP a ti?n hi' ,tdn the wav,,s of eoutoern oolomz* Wrf ^, .'ga nn barrier ri gtn b? 8t)u?h^ru bacds and been turned o?cb. cull consenting to i*a in ? qualiiy, and wrong, the ?outh agun a*d alvn 'eud j reo It 10 th, A orth a. a .ettlemeot to the 1'a^dc Bat of Nmt'V' ie,Ube<1; U 8tood Urtu ^ta? mstanje of ^o^t? ein m?n? it waa repealed by the Nebmeki l\?itp?? bill. What Is the conanjuense? Kanpa>< a re fo'thX tk W for .l^TCni', is thrown ooeo Ai l !?' North ?r0W8 fct -he tiwqgut. And cow tbe contest opeoa Ilireting emtgrantt are ponrtd in to ext.ngoiah tola new hope of the ^outo? But true to their uistiintions and their homes, the Mis' . souriMia prepare for tbe struggle 4wa? f?om tn^ old ?nues ol actional strife, far oir in the f4.r fl?lds of n ? ^<>tX\ *?d South, fanitlawji und nl i ' ' ^!t0'? 11 W,4B a mortal rtrait^If and flaveiy con^nored. ?ru,5bie, Ihe ie?uit l as < opened the hostility of the North lte? ccxctn'J in loud.r and fiercer ton s th?n rrer the mtcfmfcin o{ tbe liisso iri Jiee. aa.i Kaosaa u to hi tt cludtc uoltss the a*>ulisli slavery, it tie h'tcb-nt *?id fcMt.ggrMiire policy yet taten by uboHioa lt i. rrVa tinal aou mameKtous in a!l its ?tanngt. lUdcninn ?go est us Kettles tte fat. o' ^ntaern p 0 ilm ~Krrlh' ^ superiority ,lt>d don.n?'ion of tlie North, and .^ajg the ultimate doom of ?lTth,'? ^ involves ?n i?fu<l Mg mum.aV)as as ucy th>it can come upon a people Ii couini-ia 1 tuifc frn.tii of all tte ho^.lTty, Mct^lavVriSi fni !?*? Wat",e'1 *3 Cu^Pt ?rai"S ana ?uSrj.? ,ten gMmtnat ng for our desiruct.on sin' tl e oi.ndatiri | of the governm-nf. I hn rena?l of th? Ilc^'V rVi' MinrT'/w8 t'B'0f* "n of f)l? Missouri lie", see t e rtji-cfion tl Kan-a* as a sUvn tit?t-e with n?h?r n frtnieH no ir.r, ?on.tlUt= tb? jJatfwm of VboUto^ . Oui ?ea erstcow with wtat au ovsrah^iiiin? 1 " jorltj it bat (wept tie entire Xortb upoa tha e la-uej ?? ' la'?t8?Teiy party thU stiol ,n !<? w.y ??!: tnitug tte itf] in nutrition, and sending to tne H >u.e of I.? pTu IjnLiIr^d atifi tbirtv to do i g . ideng. Tbe nut Presided, i ^Ms wTbe inuuguia t a in the n Ida ol too ,*Ui* We rtal7 L? ^tvmpt.Bg to patch up aect'oaai dUittoas reve the l iiiin ana control the spo'in of tt?? """t. ne North will b. impt.-nd ^ w tifc^w>1;itup,ol^;;,^v;;,o:f..rnote^ r no accented with no faith. 1 a? re ?i!l be tbe o'd st*>rr ovy 0/ COI ce#fion, nn.ty .n coB.?romi,e dur ^ the ttrvful- , ef s'rile, trc,.cbtry aDd vi dated nrom m? in th^ hour of victor,. It i.'rfaw of Vt c1 >rewb ? t U i n -mpendiogover u.,tiat , r,0p'B'00' ,h* S??oth b'jo.W de ?!'?' > hope, for h#r snpport i. Qrft flico, it will Ttoz Iw ^uouih tciAt tua unfn tionof slavtry l. ah, toot of party weed * hat v^r ttpertance Kay be airbed to other queat on. r"ve^T tie ^ warDwhf^ ?"-K>0"nt vital question to the South. In Iv/.r. W 0,,'k !' ? ??con<l pUoe in hir po.i^y i jnter a n'organUatio n wMc^'avo^rtk^'ll^^ ? b tbif^l^!1 rh* r ?1# tb* fouth 'oeb <wlf-?taltiaeaUoa V. ^ M 1 or 1 any thing '''else* ana dea,rr.?m''lte "u^t.of ofTm'ri^r^Tl'1^ rot be ,?ip?a ovar In silence by *oy B,,,, t tun*u0?T tl'elr rtghte to the m.rcy o thj r ZTtu,l Cr?Wn "1"U W1Lh *? 7" ?? or,t,Lm nod tb/'n' do tb* n^ewslMee of the Poath ?e.iu!r? at n^nVh'.?1 'UU \n<1 ,x,"Icit ?w>~*twM U, he?W Ibtni t. ^l * '.b tr" ?"OIe Ue o-'Jntry. If tJ0? svr. 'ir r SM^aaray Sr r" f; lih^w " Bu,t ,f ,he Njrtb C " r.voSfoTr ^ r<b^.ou' ?t?ong fnonKh. ?he hUa r?.<aol<ei to <wee d &a r#i' fllnirnt of her long fettled policy. A Caid for the "Utile Villain." Sr.v York, May at, 1*65. Mr Wemy'ia Job?on pro*?ntN oooiplimttaU w the rVil tor ofib?N*wYo?K Hkb*ld As a fcrxign?? j?ro?tly a*?&ll?d, and den'ei evea a aha <Jow ?i r?Ori?pi, h*> uroy p*rh<pi r?*nt'i''e to aatljlpre iet-ertiofi of the ftubjuined la tbo lnip?nleut ooMaas of that journal Whin D? mention* Uat the phut* 0rm with v'atob Mr. f<a;n>ood m coenected. h?v? recently purloined ant it j rintfd a (mall English work on the hlu'vry of Kr*nc? with the eale of wnl:>h Hr. Juo-on'* volume in-gut b? ruppoetd to Interfile, it m?v ?u(flol?otlj expUin the m? lor tbl* attack oo bin wor? ? vimped ap for ta? pu> pot', after it b?wl ti?rn alx mootat Id the r band* B? add* that tliln Mr. Ray mood at th? laat >?? York e'ecJoo rndoavore 1 to oh'am bi* loflneaoo over tbo "foreign vo*.? " oy In'ormln g blm tha; though tie (Raj mond) "i?om nally supported 'b? Liqior b li, la private ha war opp.??<i to it. and hhooll t*?a care that It never came Into foroe," Mr J00401 will loavo tna public to mftr who "tbe preaiou* acoundral" la. copt so 1. To H. J. Ratmo*t>, S>q , Editor of M. Y. Daily fiiun:? 8r* ? Ob rav.nrt.uu from a dlitaot ant aa*xp<ctf dly prolonged tour in tea Want, I have to direct your atten tion to a mo?t unwarrantable axtafk covertly dlrojted against me In your journal of tbo 2l?t alt la ?n article wblcb, aa It qnotee oo authority, I m<ut pvtumt emaniit?* from yoar office. I am apoken o' aa "I hick of tbe New York pre**." am a " preclou* n'otindrel," merely becau?e I had al'ove.l a dlareputtMe fellow journal!*! of vonra -a Tile, uofroekM pwaoo namec Run ? to obtain fron me by falaa preteneea and publish *ome Kuropean letter* conoernlng tba noted fcngliab libeller of America. Two or threa day* amaoquently another copy of your paper waa forwarded maned to ay addreea, containing a rovew of eoma work of mine on tba Fr?nen Kevolu tlon, In which I wae by nma held up aa a writer too ob aceno for (flotation, merely boeftnae In alladlng to'M vie Antoinette, t bad not fonad rnynelf at liberty to anpprooo the hlatorioal fact of ber uncnaaUty. I Und no faalt with the latter inaamieh M your re viewer la at fall l>berty, m far aa I am oonoernel, to ex pree* hla free and nnolaaaed oplelaa ooa'-eratog any woik I ever wro'e; tbongh I mn*t tay that la juatioo to mo ha ought to hare r< marked that tba etrcumataaw al'e*?d waa In ber axtea nation, aad batad on tha autho rlfy of Madame Cam pea (tba royal gore rasa*), referrad to la a ante at tba bottom of tba p*ge. Rnt In reference to tha other, aa I hare never boen " a bad of the New York," aor any othar pree* what ever, and ao far from ?e*.ng a " prociou* aconndrel," can rj>aii?a|re aay raa to lavaatlfato my wbote Ufa wttHoat finding m It a Mngle act or word Inconaintent with the i-ondnct aad fooling* of a gentleman, I mm*. mtue?t an pxplaaatioB. I hara the honor h> be. tlr, yoarob t len't. D. WRMYS9 JORsON. N?w Yarnt, Moy 21, 1815. oorr wo. 3. Mr. WratM JoWn rannaate Mr. Raymond 'a reply to the latter ad<*reai*d to blm on Friday laat, and da bvervd ob tha follow fag morn'ng. Tviopat Way ?, The BrnptiM of Hooat TiMTtM. Tkt Mtodu m aa titrut of a lettar troa MtplN, *a?ed Mat I, ItSA To? m ay MMWiTt my delight this day last week, the lt( of May. *ba I eame to dii.e at ? , ud (hi tuTiati told ma that Vmutiiu had brokaa oat la a violent stee ef erupt it.a. 1 thought the diaaar Mult bare nev-r esard, 1 wa a to iaapat ent to go aad *ao it. Hiwsver, at 0 o'cUck, ? ? oidrred hu carriage, and wa drove to t-'aiita l.ue a, wkieb it, von know, the qwaurlirr oo tat Vesuvius aide, it waa a lovely night, without a eloud, ana the moon ae bright aa la tue mouth of August. Ai wo turned U>o Chiatauv>ne there waa tbo mountain standing oat of the p am age?aetth* blue a tarry baa Tan*,, und a broad stream of lava alowly rolling down lta cone, ana from tso turnmt a thick cloud of smoke spread over it la toe shape of a ? igautic ptne t-w, the low <r part of which, from t'>a reliected tire, waa red. ti'le higher ap a thick Diana leyei of nmjUe, with a whit* t>?, lay curl ug over I ke '.lie tollaga of Vie trae. The l iva wan streas isg la one broad flood from a "tout half way u j the mountain's cone, w hot ce , wbm It got to tho bottom it seemed, flora tee ground being lei* arep, to era ?l aU>u? until it rsathtd the edge ot tne old crater that forma the vacuum between Vesuvius and feont* .-oavm*. H?re it fvuo'i i trail arras ten) ou to* brint of an abyai *oa>-s 2w or 300 feet wide; and from tha distance we were at, we could ace the stream of fire ruehin^ over liaa .i rut oataiact. with im<a?nt*e buuhlers if red hot roiv-. hu'i-ul over, and chasing each oih~r do *n until tha i;r? iaa got more fvpu. and the iptel slackened. From this point the lava crept on, but so alowly, that It was difllo .It to n ar? il? progress; aud th ? elTact was trP ku- ul al It bumeo the tiers it mat in its course, waiuh lUaied up wit a ought blue light like Roinau candles The re flecti n of the burntug wountaia was thrown across t aa ita on '.''e v?ry ed^e of the spot where wa ware stand irg, ?no krinod a lovely contrast to tna baams of th" p Je, alive y mcon as toe; lit up Oapr and the Sorrento coast; The nest remains to be toll. ? ? pr jpoied gO'Eg on to 1'ort'ci to nee tha eruption nearer vVuan we got tbne 1 suj Rested Messina us oro'eiabte, and, in ehort, it ended by hie taking a dookey wo m t, and I walkeo to we proceeded, botb of us dressed as we ?ere, in thin evening shoes and light apparel uutil we reached tUe summit of he mountain, .? severs tug of too tours. lie waver, we were well repaid, aud I shall never torget the tcene, as we stood * i a i a a few yaria of tbe cutanct of lire which I mentioned before A strong wind c.lew the smoke ov?ir Monte Somms, batthe heat was terrb'e, for w<* were very near it, of ehioh yo l n? j juofe when I tell you tbat /auf. Ue Mieux, I lit a sen*r irom the e( ge of tbo torrent sb it rolled over tbe erne of the mountain. We r warned thure some three hours, which passed quick ly enough, and ?s we descend en the mountain wa were gra ided at teeing t-ie eolipsa of tl e moon, w'?'ch took place abou- 3 o'clock In tie m< ining, and of which previously we knew nothing In ?hut ?e were very tortunate in the r-uht, for it was the only one on whlv^ the moun bad shone >in-i this day laat week its j ou may suppose, th?< lava has made great progress, nod it doe* not seem to be dim ulsbel. I went agfeu), but to another part, Ian Saturday oi<ht It wes then tbre >temug a village called San Sebastian), for it baa alieady g?t mto tho plaiu, and has dextroyed snisOndyo pr-'ptriy. I bear to cav tha tiestreara Is Fix hoD?tj?k> fi at in bieadth, and has lngulfeil three bouhes. They have sent bremea to buill wails, to *rf ani turn the direction of tne dtr?am iloweve*-, tb&t won't co much good. When I w aa there laat Sa'-ariay it was a curious light to see the wretched proprie o h cotUng do*n the r lines. and t ens to sare the wxjl Tboui<an<ls of people were atmdi i iu front if tbe ad vancing Sood, for in the p'alo t'ai-re is ?o '*ioger, at it move- about fifty yards :n live hours Wh^o it ii ly to cease nobody can tell, :is every dny ?he m luntaia opens fresh craters, and it la likely to ooatlnue to do so. To-r*ay we bave an awful storm, and It ie thunder ;o< and 1 gt tmrg -.nd r ininn torrrnU, sach tori\at-< ai are ODJy ?een in Naples. If it c eir* up ? and 1 *r.? going this evening to see " the village debtroyed." f*o vie talk of it as it t&ey were going to the Surrey Gar lens. However, it is no ji ke for t\ie orters, aad a branch stream ba? made a cirec'ioa of iu owa towards a iavel/ villa belonging to the Marq<ila -tt. Angtlo, aiid in all probability b-, to-morrow ho wt 1 hav? an uuplcts nt neighi or in his flower g ardvn This is the moat popular eruption the) s?y l&ac has ever be>n known, an > all the world goes loVi-iu/'uK ot aa evening The K a< aud Queei. weat t?r? *he oth*r n<ght and ?p-ut it oa the mountain The last three or 'Our eruptions bare alwr ya isken place oa the other ai<*e aod aons->iuent<y bate beer* OiCcult to get at, audbut-ittle haB beea se'n fr tn Noples. This cn?, U it goes oa, will do a great ieal of damage, as tlie -e aro three vi Uges t>at<roea It and tne sea aud the grouod ia mu h cultivated. I at)*ll be able to teJl ynu more about it in my oexb letter, as I bave not givn you much d anid'ao t what a grand mgbtitis TheUctts. it vo-i'd bt very dillijalt oo ''o to aa any -1e?rr'P' ion wouM :all very i?r <hort of tie reality. I haa h< urd a ?re?t J-al of the efTect of er'ip vona and pictures reprea^nttu* taetn ?r?not acarve, but I cao a>s<>re yen *h?t t.otliiDi-: I had seen er heard gave me tbe i ightest idea of whai it really is. [Naples (May 10) Corre^pcncence or London Globe ] '1 be lava baa u >w advanced ten miles iroja ita and i* f-otrg terii^le darane. Ijast night 1 went to tbo tcene of m< Bt sturu g interest, a'ter an interval of two rays. How ehar.ged tfce ne<ghb-<rhooi ia two day? ! Where I walktd ou t ucii* j ni.tht ?a- now a s-a of Ore. Hie side ioad by whioh 1 bad come dovn into the m*<n stream from I'oilena and Ma^a di v-oui hi waa now full ot blecteced cote, the hoa-es ou the borders or toe village ''id fallen? in one t' lrty ps?r people !? ve l ; a ir.ii.ll cbape) was xwsi'owed up. a icfnv>nnu'n villa, ar.d a tad n'ent of vioeyard aod ga^.tna ground On tbe othtr side of the gr>at lava be > another rtriim ?v bian< hir.g oil to t*?n K> r.ast'^ni. bad hoped to 'tare ciosieo it, and a' enritd to the cascade again but it was no lot ger to?r'.l)l?. ; 1 r>r, as one saye, speaaiog of a iu\ s ly country in the wir.ter, the lava was oat l'oe 'ire u>;re had ^e^un to enter the burial gmuad o? th? i tt'e town, but wai- diverted from it? enur^e by a wall Ou th? op posite side of tie stream were tbe King and all the royal ?amily. Tbe banks on e<tr>er side were thronged with curious ?n ani'oua multitudes, whose faiea were light ed op with tbe blaze ot hundred* of tornhea and ?.th tbe mere reepl^ndent fl?t;e of tbe rapwly deicnlio* lava, hince iIip morn eg it lead moved a mile. It wai lite a vsat liver of glowing enke As it nnvel on the tens ?f ibnueandt of larap^ rolled and tumbled one over tie other. erac? 1 og, and grind ot, aol g' whip, fnm tke very faee of it. a large lamp fe-lloif the appearance wan tbat of ae Iron furnace wvu th- >ioa is being drawn ^o mai e tbe letembiance more complete, at nuch times men darted forward with long pil-a taken ire m tbe neightor ng vlneyarda and pulled out great msMea of lava in vbich they .mbedded money ror sale W bat ? me at flrst, aod still a'rises me aa the most majestic feature in toe whole scene, ia the alow, eilent, irmietibie mot on of tne fiery flood. Active almtjhtf power without an effort 1 everytbirg be'ore it, overcoming every obstacle, growing up against inter v?n<ng wslle orhoures, and nevoiilrg them bodily, and tb?n n.arcbiog on in tbe same silent, uorelent ng i're sistible mano-r ae before. There waa a spot beneath b,j feet wbeie a wall of masoa work had been bnilt to break tbe violence of tbe winter floods; to tbia epot all eves wire directed. The fiery river wonld fall over it la an hour; as yet it was dis tant from it seventy yards, perbapa Gradually it rrre in height, and e*e)edont its vast proportion* snd th*B vast mattes Ml oft aod rolltd forward: thea it e*tHsd again as 'reeb matter came preevng do wn be bird andiolt^roke and on it rol ed a^ain and again till it bad arrived at lie very edge There *aa a genera' boiz and murmur of votoee. t'bev /oral fa. uil? stood oppoeite to me interm ngled with the crowd, loo> log oo with in'eaee anile y. At laat it broke, not hurried)* el ill with a ? Uta shov of majea'y. At ftrs'. a f>TV rmall lumps fell down; tben ponred ov?r a pure liquid of metal. 1 ke thl-k treacle, clinging aimetmes mui to rrses from ita glotinoaa i-baraster, and list of a 1 'am b ed over gigantic lumps of ee.orim. Tben en it mtv*) r roe wore in its s lent, regular esurre, swelling up and epresd'ng over tlie vincjarda on either side. T:i? ei pert?t'.oo is that toe lava, shonid tbe eruption eont nue, w'll flow Co?n *o tbe Ton'e Maodaloni aod into the a*a ?o grand and to destructive an eruptioa ha* not Win known for toany year*, and oven oow we cann rt t-li bow or wb*n it will terminate Tbo miootam Is 1 teraHy seamed with lava, an'* many fear a violent explosion as tbe final rcene of the traiiedy.' fINANClM. a<ND COMMERCIAL. M OUST ?ARK?f. Tiu'rsday, ll?y 31? 8 P. M. The n1osk ncirW is getting dull nod depieasel a;*in. For iciae tim* past liirre tM bt'sn coofi.1- raMe aottrHy Aicong the leading faasiee, and price* bare in many in Man :es rtaehedthe big hen t po'.ut, bit the little ex eitement which at tbat time existed baa disappeared, and we shall without doo*>t hare a quiet w>ek or |pro. As dlfilenJ time approaches bo dera exhibit leie dl?po eltion 10 a ell, and the eaah atoek offering will ooat'.aue limited. Oi the non-dlrideud paying stocks very llttl* ean be said one way or the other. Thee* are pretty well maintained, but would be aerioaaiy affeettd by any stringency la the meney market. At the drat board to-day Inc. tana ad ranged % per eeat. New York Con tral 7'a, ){; Harlem Railroad, ,V. New York Oan tral Railroad declined X per eeat; Readiag Rail road, X; Paaana Railroad, Indiaaa 6'? eoto to some extent to-dsf at the ad ranee othw Bute atoek a were not la demand. The only eUiaa of railroad bonds at all aetoro waa Illinois Central. Vh? bears are free seller* of New York Central at the deellae. Tn? aeaaclty of eaah atoek la the only eaaae of the high prieea rulieg for thla atoek. Beading waa qake actire toVay. The traasaetiona sum up more tbaa four taou aaad abaret . The future of Vila company la highly en aoaragiag The mmeaae profit* ot thie year 'a bueloees wdi giro the aompaay a etandlag ?qual to ttut of aay otoor read In the eountry , and as for ita future bvlaoM it la bey cad competition Id erery part cnlar. Ia that rospoet It baa aa ad r eat age ore r ereny othar road. Western rail road etocka hare been negleoled lately, but paloee re main wlthcut reflation. After the adjournment of the board, the following aalee of bond* aad (tooaa war* made at anotloa by A . B. NleoUy I' ll, ooo New York City Flree,18?? Int. addod. 9S 8,000 Harlem Railroad let mortgage. 88 1,000 N. Y. A Erie hR. Ooarartibtee, 1*71. .do.... 83 6,000 Clerelaod, PalneerUle, aad Ashtabula Rail read ^'a lot aldod. 1" \ 14, COO Wirtl?m*port aad Elmira R. let mart. .do.. 64 M 100 aharea Cumberland Coal Oo 2*f, 2(0 Catawlaaa, Wllliamaport aad Brie HR. 22 % % 40 Bowery Baak !' <>*? 1M do 10i* 70 Chatham B?ak ? 03 * 30 Commercial Fire la* u ranee Oo 108 2' Itrlrg Fire laauraaooOo 9 > 80 Folton Fire Insurant* Oo 81 20 AlUntle Fire laouraooe 0?., Brooklyn 101 * 20 Ft Mara'* Kire Insurance Co 7#K 90 Groefrs' Klaan Sugar Reflnlag Oo 61 l?PaMfle Mail ?eamshlp Oo 36 20 Balance Hook Oo TO 60 New Greek Oeal 00 188 Ytnnoat Copper Co,..., 6* Simeon Snftt'i i^ikr wri wwkly Mrtlia eaie of ?Ml ?ai bond* Will take place to-Mmf, M half pact 12 o'deck, at tbe Merchants' luhMp. At tha ?tcond board the okrlit ma sot ao steady. In B*a]iBg there wa? cn> id arable badMH. The traaa actions la thin stock to day sum up nearly eight thou rard tharea. It clonal tbfi afternoon firm, at pric?a current la ibe morning. Erie fell all per cent; Cutn tcrland, CI* * eland and Tcledo, ?{; New York Cen tral >?. The transaction* at tha Asaintant Treasurer'* offioe '.o da.*, were as follow*:? Pu d cd Treasury account 9243, 090 40 Received do 133,448 H9 Balance do 2,237,978 75 l aid for Alley office 16 371 00 Paid on duburclDg check*.. 68,152 10 Tie payment* to-day include (200,000 seat to Wash in (ton. M?? annexed statement exhibit* the r?:eipta and dla bnraemtnta ot the Assistant Treasurer's oflise during the- nic nth of May, 1865. As-ibtaut Tkkabi'b?r's OrncB? Rkcxifm >?? Diaaca-'fa BKNTS, MAT, 1865. May 1, 18f 5? By hal.nre $2,252,223 84 ftcfii ts Vurii.g the MotUK? Cmtcna $2,582,043 88 Taent 'pen 4,023 20 lost ''flSee Department 4f ,795 11 Trantfers 1,600.1 00 00 klioccilaneous 89,588 30 4,218,409 44 To'al $6,468, 6i3 7S Paymmti ? Treasury drafts 88,931 821 22 Poit Office drafta 299 82J 81 4,230,047 68 Balance May 31. 18E5 $2,237,973 75 Balance, Cr , lnsbursing aac. .$1,339,885 85 Btceipts anting tne mouth. . . 1,880,194 78 2,719,880 81 To payment* 1,624,311 17 Balance $1,196,533 44 By Balance, Cr., Intercit account! 8fi,3f.8 43 To payment! 7,444 00 Balarco $23,924 43 Receipta for custom* May, 1855 $?, 582,043 83 L'o. da. do. 1854 3,287,611 60 Decrease in May, 1855 886,487 87 Ba'ncce Cr., Bull on end expense account for Altay Offioi 84,087,080 01 Cci* rec'o during the month.. $81,236 40 r.te liar* do. .. 1,334,704 43 1 425,909 81 Total $5,613,029 84 Paym?nta in toin $1,076,884 69 Do. fine bars 1,831,068 65 2 907.463 14 Balance $2,805,676 70 Cein in band in Assistant Trea ? urtr's effice .$3,462,470 32 Do., Aabey Office.. 2,288,303 27 6,760,773 89 Fine bare, do $317,273 43 UnparUd bullion, do 1,158,081 38 1,4:6.354 81 Total $7,226,128 70 The warranta entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 29th Inat., weie aa followa : ? For tberademptlcn of stock $16 673 15 For tbe Treasury Department 14,058 2t For tfce Interior Department 7,442 33 For the custom* 6 871 0o W?r warrants received acd entered 3 214 10 War repay warranla received and enterci.... f> >4 12 Interior repay warrants rcceivea and entered. 2,488 f 0 ()i> accrnn o' tbe navy 4. 998 6* For covering into tbe treasury from lands... 28,020 01 The Howard Inanrance Company have declared a divi dend of ten per cent; tba Atlantis Cotton Mill*, Lav nnce, fonr per cent; tbe Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railrrad Omptay, three per eent. The Boott Mi )a, (Lowell,) Dwight Mills, (?priojfl*ld 1 York Manufacturing Company, (Sac a, *le ,) and Luwrll Machine Bbop, have decided to pass their usual divi dends at this lime. The latter cncpany ussa'iy p?ya its dividenda annually, the laat one b'lD? ei<it p<r ctiit, May, 1864 Ibe Yort paid three per cent May 18)4, botcoih rg in November last. The Boott and I) wight Dill* paid Tour and t#op?r cent, respectively, ia Ni> v?mber, 1854. The)e?t relorns of the Boston hanVs, comp*red wit'. 1bos? for the previous week, exhibit an increase m the i'tm of specie of $68,807, and of profit* of $189,731. atd a decreaee in the item of net clrcu)arionof 8199,732; ct deposits $308,725 aid oi loan 6383,633. Tbe Old Colony HaUro-wi Company, which had to bor row ia order to pay >ta hat di?ideod, now propose to i. su? six jer cent bondr, to fned the floating 0?bt, and stable it to pay ci?b dividends in future, instead of a.v pioprlat ng ictome to m-et indebtedness. Its larje s'oek dividend at tbe time of nnion with tae Fall River road will in tbat cape roceire i<* *b*re of the earnings Tbe value of merchants* i m portal i o to Canada dur it g tbe year 1854 was ?1'), 132, 331; and tin vftlua o' ex ports in tbe aame time was ?5.312,327. Tae amount of duties collected was ?1,224. 151. We are is formed say* the Michigan (Ann Arbor ) At*. gut of May 25, tbat tha Bank of Waahtoaaw wai en jolBtd on Tnotday of this weak, by order of tbe Hon Judge Jahnacn, "from tha exereiao of any of its corpo rate light* and pr vie gee" Tha complainant*, we uo dsrs'and, ara Messrs. Bach, Tbompua h Co , and D. Berning, of this eity. We p reiume tha banhawill now be wound np, and tha sooner tbe better, as tba vie tim zed bill boUtr* ara anxioutly waiting to team ho a much tbfy nut pay to gat rid of the note* in their poat-isbioa. Ibe annual meeting of the stockholder* of the Essex Ccmpaty wae held in Boston on the of May, the cua'omary dinner and viait to Lawrenre having b?ra dispenaed with According to the rreasnrer'a report the floating debt af tba company is $564 151 36, against which tbe money asset* are $604 '54 94 and por-ona' property, iiseladtng 8287, COO Pacilc M.lia atoek at par, 8341,787 30. Tbe d?bt exceed* that of U?t year by $137,123 33, and tbe nllla receivable bare been ine cased to tbe amount of $219,384 02. The ealei of land hare amounted to tba gross sum of 87^,308 87, from ?hija deducting expenses, the net receipta were $66,901 99. The ainexed bill was r*poited in tbe Legialatere of Pennsylvania during tbe recent session, by the com nit He, ana ordered to be printed, bnt wis not noted upon nrreailed, and of course fa led to become a law. It waa reported a few days sines tbat H had paaaed the Legis late re, wbich .p not true: ? Ah Act Prohibiting Exchangx Brokkhs axb Bank was V'ROM AtLOWl.Nfi INTKRIXT ON JlKPOBITS. Fee. 1 Be It eaac'ed b? tbe Senate and House of Re pr??entiitivfs ot tbe C?mmoaweaitb of Pennsylvania, in Uet>era< Assembly met atd it i* hereby enacted by the au thority ot the snme: That frm and after t e passage of this art it shall not be law'ul for any Incividnal, or ot'partneraUip, licen*ed aa exebange brokers, or eng?n;e 1 to the routiners of 'aBkina, to allow or pay in'eretit at any rate per c<-ntum en noeej* depoaiud with thsm, vndtr a vesalty of five hundred dollar* for each and every oflence, to be tec Tared as d~bts are by law recov erable, one )'%lf for ^e n?e of tbo Oommonwealti, and tbe otter ball for t e use of the puaroiana o? the poor In the connty vh?re such c fftnee slmll have been com B't?ed. i rovidod Thai fb<a act ahall not extend to tM city and county of Philadelphia. Tha London Banker f Magazine furniaho* tha rsturni of cbenla ion of tha private and Joint- stock banks ia Ki gland and Walea for tha fonr week* ending the 14<.h of Ajr.l laat, and gives the following ae the average weekly circulation of those banks dnrlng tha past Month, via. Private bank* ?3,912 378 Joint stoek bank* 3,161.442 Average weekly circulation ?7,064, 10>j On cmpaziBg the above with the roturne fjr tee preceding month, ending tha 17th of March laat, it ?bowe? An ineroaie ia the circulation o? tha private bankao' ?1C 8,065 ia incieaea in the circulation of the joiut ?tock bask* of 110,165 Incr<aaa on the month ??<t87 230 ? aad, aa compared with tbe istnrn for the correspond ing period of laat year (?!??, April 15, t864), it ahowe? . in iacreaae ia the circulation of the private back a of ?8, 829 A decrease in the circulation of the joiiit atock banks of 1,732 Inrreaa* on the yeu.... ?3 497 On comparing tbe above with tbe amount* of ?he fixed haues, the foHoelng rfppear* to he th? comparative surta of the c venlatiaa ?? Tbe private banke are below their fixed isauee. . ?488.010 tbe joint atoca bank* are below their fixed Isaacs 1)4 416 Total below their fixed issue* ?><62,476 Slock Eichtngf. Tut .*r>AT, lby 81, 1865. #t^000 Ind St?t? Va. 86 10 iha N Y u>a Eh. MV M ?*??) Mia*< un 8'a.. QH'tf 100 do i60 W !<**? ?? Wjj 660 Kria Railroad. ad 48K 6C 0 Vlrjpmia W 260 do a>0 48H 60-0 no... . h*0 TO 2u0 do...,.bOO 48 H 10<H0 Eric Vfls of '#8 !? dj 41 H lOtO Hudhlatlf b'a. 1QA 40? do *3 48* If CO M'chK l?t *8* CH 100 do *80 4ft K n20tG UCttRR b'a *8 78 100 do bM 48* 26< OC do MO 18 6 Gal A r?l RR. .. M 500 do 78* MO RmmUbc KR..aM 88 6000 do MO 78 1760 <lo a 83* moomC?RBA*'db'a 73* 100 ?o 88* 10( 0 N T Cam RR b'a 8ft* 100 ? 4? b3 MM 900 do a? aoo *> felt 88* lOOONTCwT'a... 1<*X 400 do ilO aeoo do 104 200 do *3 10 OEr eTon b'a '71 84 100 do b30 20(0 Erie Cd inge b'e 90 200 do bOO c ana Am Kxeh Bk 114 lto do ? 88 10 MotropoU-M. lin? so Harlee RB 7.7. . r tfl 10 Common w'lth Bk 08 100 do aS 27 wl 4 J Vereb Mob Bk.. 10?J< 40 Had Rt ver KR 39 15 Canton Co loo do. W HO do b?0 r 100 do. .. Hf 38) M <*? ?Pf "dJtf 15 Mich StN U Rtt 101", 2X0 Kie Trans Co. *3 18 ^ ICO 111 Cen KR b3 M 100 d'> b?0 leiif 6 do...'" 93i^| lOOCaaabCcalCo opg 80 Clare, C Jt t: BR 107 200 do MO 28){ 10 Clara U Tol BR . '. 81 176 M Y Central KR. 9(JJ 10 do b30 - 801 100 do aftO 03 2iPuMuU 100V HO do alO 93^ 60 do .'*30 100* | SHOOK D BOA.RO. 8K00 Erie Via of *76 88\' 100 aha Hrading RR . 88* K-00 111 Cen RR bda 78 1(H) do7^..a30 88 I'OO do 77^ 100 e? MO 88tt 60.0 do . b80 78 200 do..!!..VT. 88 IW'O Hod R.'d U bd? 72}? 100 do a30 87V 100(N IlMUGoab la ??U 200 do ..a3 88 SOQfl Erta bd? af '88 03W. 2100 do al& 88 7u aha OiloT.ft T Co 98 ? 20 Erie R*ilr,>ad . . . . 48tf 100 pun foal Co. i<15 110 150 do *;J0 4RV ISO Nlc Ira&a't Co.. 1(0 00 b?">0 48'? lt'O c<o ?>30 lt.?^ 100 do *.'! 48* 460 Comb Coal Co... 27J^ 100 d>> bS 48?? 100 to b30 2:?, 100 do 48W 100 Reading RR . 8b 60 C)ev& Tol RR.?16 80W ffO do .. . bCO tfX 70NY Caa RR.... 03itf 100 do MX 1 Rfal Eatnte. The fo!7o?lvg property at ManbattaiiT.Ua tru tKepeaecl ?f jenttrday at tb? lieichanta' Exchange, aad brojgatl vary interior pricee:? I a water rgnt 16 feat front, cornti of 132d it. and 12th| n>Hif -*&l A witter right 48 feet front, adjoining (500B 4 lot>, tcgetlrr with the mansion east side 11th avenue, P betw*n 129th and 130th ata , 100 by 100, to>-l gather 83,OOOB 2 lota Dortbeaa' corner 11th avenue and 129th at, boB by 1(0. together 81.0601 1 gore lot aoutbeaat corner 11th avenue and ISOthfl ?t 942*1 1 triangular lot formed by tha junction of Bloomingdalefl roa<% Lawrence at. and 1'iOih at, 107 feet on two aides! by 63 cn tbe road ll,22Sl 1 gore kit in the trta>.gle forme i by tha junction of 12thl avenue Manba tan at and 129th at., 83 feat on 12thl avenoe by 178 fret on 129th ft 92.000! 4 lots and bouce on 131st at, between 11th and l'Jttd avmvea, IOC by HO. together fl,67l] 1 lot and house adjoining a^ove, 2!t by 100 87S 1 lot on 130th fct., between 11th and 12th avennee, 2 bj 100 1479 1 lot on tame street. same s'ze ,94101 8)o'*ind house, running through fro 21 131st at. tol i:-2d rt . between 11th and 12th avennet, 82 feet on! 181st st. and V6 on HM ft .^1,600^ 3 loie ana boure north aide l?l?t at , between 15tb ???nnea, 7 f> by 100, together I1.875B 2 b ill aoo Louse adjoining above. 50 by 100 $1.0501 2 !o?a tomb aloe lsiat at., between ltth and 12th ave-B cnea 48 f??t front by 76 feet rt&r, together ...#1,150| 2 lota a ao bouse noita aide 181at at., near 11th avenue,! fiObv 1(0 $l,09j| 2 lots no'th aide 112th at., 'between 5ta and Oth avennea, 26 by 100, each 8220 CITY TRADE REPORT. Thursday, 11 ay 81?8 P. M. __ Afiiks - The saVi embraced about 160 bbla., ioelud ug^B polh, at $6 76, aud pearl* at $6. Hun<Tm ? Flmr -Tht f a!es embra&ed aboot^l 8,f>t'0 a 9,000 bbls , Including State and Wmtud brands J at 910 44 a $l0ft2){. Canadian wan tlrcaer. Tae sales In-I eluded 2 '00 bbls , at $10 60 a $11 37J? for MMMn to^| fmry aidfxtra. Soatbern (1 300 bbln.) (old a'Ttll 44^| a $11 > for in'erior to choice, and $11 81 a $13 for fancy en ejt't. Rje flour ? ; 00 a 400 bbls. euperflna wer fold at (h &i a $8 75 Meal? 8C0 bbls. New Jereey wer fov at I? IV 3 j a $f> 16 Wheat was firm; 800 boa1)*! wbl*e Mtrhlnhn told at $2 fiO; 800 prime white GeaereeJ a' $2 80, ki>d n.oiO inferior tn geed w bit* Canadian, &f $2 16 a $j 6t)f . Coru ? The market w is aot've ana firmer Hi* tales r?aeb?1 about 00,000 buahala, an 111 >4c a l?0c tor new \\>n'eru mixed, anl 11 4c. si 1 ' ?) >, e torjellow. A prime lot old white was held at] 118e >e?ilj b*lf tb? s?iea *?e made for export. Rye Ai.out 4,&0i busbeld were Bold: Pennsylvania, nart t arrive, at 17(>c.. and the romainier a fraction lower Oats firm, but tsl?s were light, Coirac About 1,0* 0 bags Rio were noldatOXe. i 1( \n ; 3C0 do 'J?m?ica, at p t ; and 60 M.racaibo, at )* J,n . ao<i 00 do Legoayra. at llo. < OTTujt.? Th? talee reaonea about 4,000 bales, closing at ?d a< vouce, vinee the receipt of the steamer's new* J t,l J-KUGirre ? To Liverpool about 43,000 Visbela ol cor were ?cg*g*d at 3d , in snip's bags; 70 ton* fustic atl R ., nno k((i vb>?. spirits of turpnntiae at 3s. To Lon-| ira 6?m boxe* o' con-ne were engaged at 30s. To Bremen 1( o btilx epir'ta of turpentine were engaged at p. t , an " 1,0(H bto>. mun at tnout Is. Cattoa was at vch ?-l chartered ts ?oad at 8t. Johm for Liverpool,] wi?b -tit, ?i ?8 ro Caii'ornia rates varied from 30c. i 36c. jer ?<ot ni'a?uivBeiit. Hay ? Tno uxrkos was dull, with light sales at 91 13 per cwt. VotAbFFs was qui?t, and prices about the same. Naval storks. ? The transactions were 1 ght. 60 bbls. I fijie rosin were eold at $4 60, a*d 60 bbls soirits at 43e J minim rot in was at about $1 86 a $1 00 par 310 lbs delivered Oits ? w bale and rpenn were steady; linseed was aellJ mjr in whole parcels at 90). and from a ore at #2e. a 9icJ lie tisvB?ctions on tbe last day or two embraced a 10 ft 0 a 1' ,<'00 hueeele. I'KOvjMONs - Pork? ibe market favored seders. ial ? reach* d about 1,(00 bbls., at 910 75 for old mesa (afterwards brio at $17,) and new men at 917 60 1 $17 t ?, aid $14 62 for new prime. B?ef was Irnai ?oHr* My active. The sales embraced about 500 bbls J . t $* 7ft a tu ?0 for food country prims, and at 910 I 1 12 60 for b>?m do rut meats were firut, with sales o CO a SC'?- i?ck?f at 7>*o a 7?^e. for shoulder*, and ? PWfl. a f n t o bf'Xes roogh bacon sides sold at 9Me^| There **?? b> ore doing in lard, with salei of 1.8O0 bblsi^l at It >?e. i> 1* H*. Butter and cheeae were unchanged. Hiri. ?as quiet and prtcea inchaiuted. fries* ? a tout 10 cases natmega were sold at 9B?. VrcAKB ?The eales ?m->raoed about 800 a $00 hhdaj iaelater in *h'ch are 147 Porto Rioo and 160 Mew Ol kus. tb* r? ait nder being Cuba maaeovado, at 6)?e. ( ?4'c. ; tbe w*-ole ribge being 6^0 at^e. 300 bbdi 1ex?> aeln at pr.vate terms and 260 boxes at S^e. a Ae.1 TjiILciw.? The sa^s emorased about 10,000 Ike Phila-f delph a rendered, at 11c., with a email lot of eity at 11 He V nifKrr ? 20C> %bls. Ohio sold at 87e. Commerce off tbe Canals, 8'ate?ee?t ? ho wing the tetal quantity of each artist Brut e'etred on the eaaal at, and the total quantity < eacb article left from the eanai at Mew York daring tb ?ni'Dtb of Mai, 18(6; and also the whole amount < to la received en beats, passengers, for flees, In., Jcs.^ in tach art-cle fcr the same period Article 1. Queen'. fci'i n Cleorr'. Jm TH* FOIU8T. For snl |?'try, Ibe ? l|24dH Jjtrduct oj fl cod ? Ho?rr? .no acantling, feet.... 1/80 3,90ft, 70dH tbt.aUs ?? ? *30,66 Ti?i cub'e :ett ? 162,31 l. s ? 2,44K>,3CQB inbts, pot. nd pearl bbls.... ? 2,401^ agkicvlturx. Pre r'vrt rf Atnn.als ? Pork b' 1h 10 Beet . ? l;aroo, loa 1,700 42 (brete 3, 600 < In'.ter ? S l^rc. tallow, and lard oil ... 3,8(0 $1 Ton'- ? 1 HU.e 130,100 Yfp'lcht /?cn<i F our 1)' la ? 4 W t>e?t, buabels ? I hie ? 1 (urn ? 17 I era n.?al. bh'? ? Pari y bueheW ? Oa'a ? 16 Fran arid >hlp ituda, l^e.... ? 2,0C F>ta??d t?ai>a, bnahela 20 1 f (itttO'l ? ( 1 rt?d frott, Ibe ? 1C All tike Acriwltdral Prodwtf. Cett. o, 1 e 274 200 3 I i.U'ttiii acturrd tubaeeo. . . . ? 1( b'TT-p ? i Flux eeo 1 hoy A ? 1 MAKCrACTunB. Frmeatla rpiiiia, gaHeas ? 186,162. ? 1 n ? ?.i and cat a, Iba ? -378,6001 1 ' : * 1 1 1 ? M9,766B PuiBiture 43,400 lll,l%l l'*r dm! J 'g lead ? 47,400H Pig lion 1, 444,800 340,20pH K o< ard bar iron ? 144, -00^ C* >*inge an"*, iron ware 201,309 92,*00l me?ti' ?o< lUrs. ? 40,7 *)J 1 ??neatie cotton# ? 9S,9no| i.omertu salt... ? 4$,000| Foreign aslt 361,000 - MUCDAKDMS. Pnfar. lbs .? 9,108,6fl0 VoVae 4,176, C>20 1,10 f.oflre l,89?,trf)0 Neile ' pikes and horse ahoea. . 027,800 S6S 600l Irnp ard s*??l 1,934,300 9,700l Hint enamtl, rrockery snd * I gl.Mwste 648,700 4,7COl All <tler nierobaodise 2), 160, COO 2,637, 2ool Bei'road iroa..,., 2,210,700 tikir Artidet live ca't'e, boge k sheep, lbs. ? ' 6,6001 8T><ce, liBie as a clay. 866,120 r>,0M,800H (ij |ii\im "~r Mmerkl coal 035,700 1M,0<X)I fundi lee 814,800 .Mtfl.Sool Tot?l rrteipts M| I ccrtiiy the above to be correct RICHARD H WtiOn?, OoIUotOT. PaUd ?t New Tort, the $lst of May, IBM. Uomesttc Market#. Kxw Fkotobd On. Market, Mat *8 -Xpcrm has Wal quiet tbe r*?t week, althon?h the demand has >ieen fair, I but owl eg to tfce 1 wilted qaaattty n the mirket. hol"eraH do not seem la 'lined ?? eper??* *? ??* >??* q??ted pneea, aae we have < o aalee to report. Whale -Tie market, for whale la very ewtive and ttrni Tr?n. notions incladol eeiee of 1* 386 bbU. for the week? I0,i 48 bhto. at 70?,;| l,8?(i do. Ina Me. to 09c., aooording to qiaiity ia- 1 eindiwg ground tier. *?., as II rnna, and Aoata Baa, I part daek, at ffte. a 6*e., and tbe market cloeee with aa ?award 4and*n<7 In Boston, 8,640 bbU. or ibe Nor- ? Weeur'a earwo has bean eold at 6Pe. a 70e , aeoerdiua to ? qaality. ?ha let one ?The only aaJee eemlaff tarSaar ? knowledge are 47.000 Qm. Oehotek at 46c., at whleb petal MCeis an flna.

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