Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 11, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 11, 1855 Page 3
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U?HfES OF HEW rVBI.ICiT10SS. ?tlWfJMi Budb: ok Mnu cm rut Antral*.? is, Philadelphia. South worth liu tirMil far kerael' a prominent ? uiMjrat oar medtrn neveluta. This ie attri lid ?? think justly. to tbe frr hiiii and fore* of giaatlve power i, and ber cloae appreciation of or. 2T)o prooont tale does not. however, develop* nalltieo to the hdo extent m t?n? of her former The plot ia involved, and wanting in unit/ of t; and, although there are portions of rt akUfully wrought oat, the geaerel imi>re.?lon which it ia far fro* eatiafeo tary. Ooa or two of the ten are well draws, aad ataad out in bold relief, l others are ia general common place and devoid The aoone ia latt ia Maryland, during the loaary war, aad tbe ovate af that stirring period ute the framework of the story Bom* of the la are vividly and graphically described, ana dis neldtiebls dramui ic po*?r on the jart of the fair We select the fuliowiag aa a earn pie:? >e meantime Jac iu?:ina had reached ho an- sooner ie had expected. it wa? ju?t dark, and the rain ginaing to fall aa soe sprung from the carriage into the house, Waugh met her In the hall, took her hand and my dear lapwing. I'm eo (lad job have come hack, tbe weather ia. tor indeed tbe Prnfr??<>r irtvei me , teal of anxiety, and 1' you aad stayed away to could not have been answerable for the coaae a. There, now. berry up stairs and cbaoge your aad eone down to tea. It it all r-ady, aad w* pair ot canvass back ducks rotated. " y well, aunty ! But ? ia Grim' la the hoaatV n't know, my love Voa hurry '' tueiioa tripped up tbe ataira to her own room, I <be found lighted, warmed, aad attenoed by her I Maria. She took off her boonet aad mm tie, and t ? Mide, and began to amoatb her hair, dancing le, aad quivering with suppressed laughter, in atlon of li?r "fun.'' Whan ene had arraaged her pke weut down ataira and passed into the dining Habere tbe supper table waa aa? if Nace Unnuhaw ia in h'a room, and if he ia not, wait no longer !" laid tbe haogry Co anno lore, Bag bla lie?vy htick down upoo tbe door. pa sprang to do hla btdfllag, aid after an absence tr mtnutru, retained with the information that R e**:* w?a nut there. fj?liaa nhrugged her shoulders, aad shock with laughter. , all aat dewa, and amid the Commodore a grow la h>| irregular huura and Jacqueline's shrugs and md eideiong glancea aad Ul-repreeiied laughter, 'al pnseed. Aad when it waa over tbe Comma easing oa Mra. Wangh'a arm, went to hla owa lar aula in tbe back p?r<or; Mra. I,'Oi?e?u re -? to superintend the clearing away of the supper I iad Jacqiielina lanced on to tbe front parlor, ''the found no one bat the maid, who waa minding I did yon see anything of the Profeaaor while I qb " ebe inquired s, boney, 1 wish I hadn't ! I knows how de t of It will five me 'lirituaa nix' time I haa a what did ha do? whan waa it?" v, ohlle, j<M afore sundown, aa I waa % carryin' -falof wood np ataira for Miss Mary's roim, I ie 'feasor n-comin' down. I lUetoa' a creamed ! lo a' let de wood drap ! I like to a' drappsd rigat loyselt : It made my heart beat in de back o' my the loot so awful, horrid ganbly. Arter ipeakin' pice hoJiow aa an empty oofltn. an' akceriog me jay eeventeen senai'-' -a ax in arter you, he jes tuk ' ofl aunn^ers. an' 1 aint aeen him aenca at did K iau jon? what did you tell aim-" Ijea ax where you waa: I tailed him how you wer' ome long o' Hiaa Marian : ha ax when you were back; 1 tolled him I believed not tdl to marrow 1'; then hla face turned all aorta of awful dnrk aa' feme'! like It eruabed rigat la, an' he nodded d, ? Ah !' but it sounded jea like a hollow groan; tuk hiaaslf off, and I aint aeen htm aence." If danced about tbe rom, unable to restrain her And tbe longer Doctor Grimaoaw remained away, lira excited ahe grew. 8be skipped about like the brtte of miachief, exclaiming to berself? |! shant't we have fun presently ! Oh : shan t lough ! The Grim' maniac ! he has gone t ? detect ?And he il break in upon Thurston end Marian's ew. Won't there be an explosion ! Oo, Jupiter ! ck ! Oh, Mercury 1 whal fua, what Geltcloas fun ! r ' 1 can ssarcely contain myelf! Bi<ooe, Mi aaiSii ! 1 want all the space in thia room to my Ob, luo alive ! What a row U.ere'11 "oe ! uie I hear the din af battle ! ? Oh. elang a ran?, a rang, clang, clash Whoop ?e elf, springing and dancing, and spinning, and j around ami around the room ia the very ecitasy thief, lier dance was brought to a suddea tuj aa ck*'*- . ? , * % hall door wa? thrown violently op?n, hurried and lar step* were heard approaching , the parlor door ishtd open, and Doctor Grimahrfw ataiggared for I ad aau>ed belore her. i! her trUic waa brought to an eternal end. 8he a glance that something fatal, irreparable, had (led. Th're waa blood upon his hands anl wriat Oh, more! far more !? toere was tbe unmla ie mark of Cain upon his writhen bro w ! Before now d seen h' m look pale ant wild and ha<gard and ha I neither :oar nor pity for him; but now ! an ex icorpae galvanized into a hoi rid semblance ot ght It ok m he did ! with juat such sunken cheak? hen lipa. and frozen eyes !? with jaat such a col and ahucJdfring form !? y?t withal, could no ?bow a that terrific look of otter, incurable despair, igers, talr n like in their horny palenesa and rlg'. futabed hi< breait aa if to tear some mortal an theece. nud hla glassy eyes were fixed in unut ter ?eproich upon her (to? ! TliHc? lie esiiAy?<l t-i but ? rurtliBC DoiM in his ihroat wn the ?tlj . With a last great efloit to articulate, the blool aly filled his throat and guahed from hTs mouth moment ha Honght to stay the hemorrhage by press handkerchief to hla lipa, out soon bis hand dropped leas to hia aide, he reolol and fell upon the floor luelisa gazed in horror en ber work. then brr screama of terror filled tbe houae. family came ruahlsg in Foremost entered the i odnre, nbUing hia tuok la a towering paaaion, ! (Claiming at the top of hie voice? I bat the d? 1 ia all tbia? What'a bro*elooie now? are you raiatng all this row for, yon infernal little | cjine'"" I, uncle ! aunty ! mother I look ! look ! "exclaimed tlina, wrioginj her pale finger#, and pointing to illea man. aigbt arnated all eyea. mberable man lay over on bla aide, ghastly pale, reathing laboiionaly, every breath pamplng out e blood that had made a little pool hia face. Wlogb and Mary L'Oiaeau haatened to stoop and the autlerer The Commopore drew near, half stu , as be alwaya waa in aorials. hat? whtt-what'a all thta? Wtodidit?bow did mai> ' be a.ked, with a look of dull amazement. i to as a mfa cushion, Maria, to.plac# unler hu? i Mary I.'Oiaean, harry aa fast aa yoa can, and i i boy for Doctor BrigbtweU; teU him to take tho ; ?at borne in the stable, and nde for life and death, I ring the physician instantly, for D?etor 0 rimshaw | what? what did you aay, Henrietta . " red the Commodore, in a sort of stupid, blind anx or ha was unable to comprehend what had hap- I . ''Speak to me, Henrietta ! What u the matter. s^ua'rnptured an artery." aaid Mra. Waugh, grave- ( >he laid th? auffeier gently back upon the carpet, laced the sofa pillow under hla head. iptared an artery 1 How did it happen^ <.rim_^ Bptak to me? how do you feel? Oh. hofcTen^ no 't apeak lie doean't bear me 1 Oh. Henrietta, he ry fn ' he U very iU ! he must be pat to bed at and the doctor aent for ! Come here, Maria . help lift your joung maater," aaid the old man, waking ay ! the doctor has been aant for; bat he mu-t not ITad, it would be fatal to Mm; indeed I fear he is id human help," said Henrietta, aa she wiped the ng stream from the lipa of the dying nian. >yoiid human help ! eh? what? Naee ! no, no, no. om'tbe !" aaid the old man. kneeling down, and ot0t hi in in nelplose trouble. ttead Doctor Grlmshaw, while I hurry oat and aee wn be done, Mary,' ' a^id Mrs. Waugh, resigning ibarge, and then battening from tbe room. She returned, bringing with her such remedies as her i.krssx?tss-?toS^-B? seemed hut to hasten bla death. The hemerrUaie ubaiding ao also waa hla breath. "It is too late, dvina " said Henrietta, aolemnly. rte* *' no, no. Nace ! Mace ! apeak tn me Nace ? ?Mt dying ! I've loat more blood than that in mr i Nace ' Nace I speak to jonr old? speak, Nace i r^mmodore. stooping down and raising the auf ia bla arma, and gaxugf half wlllly , half artupidly , 'wbUnu'ed' thua for aome momenta, nntll Mrs. {b, putting ber hand npon hla ahoulder, aaid grave ar blm^down. Commodora Waugh? he ia gone. "* Jm? > Gone ^ echoed the eld man, in hie imbecile ?Juoa, an i dropped hla gray head upon the corpse, iMK^fgh^oame aad lali her hand afleetlonately on boulder. He looked up to such hopaleas, belpleea ' e and cried out, , , 1. Heai waa my eon, ay onlr, only son ?or, unowned boy ! Oh, Henrietta, U he dead? an Waugh: lay him down; come to yow room," ><aid Henrfetia, gently taking hla Ljueiiaa wblte with horror, waa kneeling with Si haaila and dilated eyaa tbe rala. Tke nan a gUnee leU upon her thers, and hi? passi?n ^ftom grief to fury? fiercely he broke 'orth, ? waa jou ! Ton are the mnrderess-you Hea 9T/?S! meant If I am very El, ,d ' I wish I'd never been bom !" cried Jaeque Zrv'sUbt^.^' Out of mv Mil ?d t tven s wrath ^wane yoa thunder., the Oo . s lal.lag with grief and rage. kitz'8 M IJWIL or AjfCiEHT History. Blanih d and L?a, rhllaJelphia. is ia the moet complete manual of ancient history baa aa yet been comnreined Into the compass of one 1 octavo volume. It furnlahea a brief bot care coadenaed summary af the hiatory of antiquity the ramoteat tlmee iewn to the overtlirow of the aa Empire la the wast, A. D.1476, exclnding, how , that of tiie Jews, which Mr. Sehmiti properly tblnka it to be )e nmed from the Holy Scriptures, rather than i aaf a i. ternary abridgement. In order, however, to t the kiW'ical student, ha haa added to tbe cbraae a i tabla hi tii? tnd at the work a brief reeipitul* tion of Uto principal ?( Jewish history f ?? tlie creation ?*M to the ?MtrueUen at Jeeuaatem. Tki |Mk win to round useful for the put?** of n?^ refer MCC. Blawchu Dkakwoos, a Tali or Moi>?? Lifc. j Bonce tod Brother. j There is a simplicity, truthfulness and vigor of thought | ia this chaimiDg tote, which eatitiss it to rtlk with , acme of the moot papuJtr stiries of Mra Aoatva. The ' writer is evidently a persoai wuo has mixed a tha toat j ciroiea of society, aad who has pro tiled by her opp?rtu- i nities of obacrration. Tha Interact of tha story is main tained throughout without offort, tha strength of tha cbaraefere impaiting to a slenderly constructs 1 plot all tha variety which Bight have been derived from a com plication of Incidents There are few aulerm talaa tha perusal of which haa gives ua more pleasure. New Toaa Civil List. Dr. Fraaklia Hough , Al bany. We hare juat had sent to ua a valuable volume cees piled by Dr. Franklin Hough, uuiler tha title of "Tha Sew Yoik CirU Iiat," which give* ua the names tad origin of tha civil division! and tho atj^a and dates o ' election or appointment of the principal State and county officers from the Revolution down to the present time The materials of the work have been principally taken from the publie records in the offlce of tha Secretary o Htate, and their authenticity may therefore be relied on To ita utility to pnblio men it ia scarcely necessary to b*ar otir tsttimony; its title at once demonstrates it. There are several finely executed fac sim<le line engrav ings in the volume of the seala of the State and pabllc departments of New York. PUBLICATIONS ANNOUNCED. The "Sins of Society" seem just now to form the cur. rent staple of onr American novelists. Garrett Ic Co. we nee advertise a new atory satir sing what ia termed fashionable religion and business lying. It is litelr to have a run amongst the saints, though we feat it wil' have but little influence with the sinners. Fetridge 1 Co. announce tha immediate publication of the recently discover**! romance attributed to tha pen of Sir Walter Scntt, but respecting the authenticity of wbieh considerable doubt prevalla. Curiosity and the desire to exercise an Independent judgment will, howev er, probably do aa much for the book with the public aa the publishers can reaaonably desire under the eiicnm stances. Amongst App'eton's recent publications we perceive a volume of charming social sketchea from the French ef Km lie Souvestie, and a new work by Mrs. Jameson, called "A Common l'lace Book of Thoughts, Memories ani Fancies." harfbb's fob ju s. The June number of Harp *r contains a more than ave rage amount of attractive leading. The paper on the Hiatory and Mystery of Tobacco presents us with a col lection of interesting facta in reference to the use and abuse of that favorite weed. It would appear from et? tistical returns, that the amount or the present produc tion la about two hundred millions of pounda ? twenty milliona less than it was twenty ysars ago. In the mean while the home consumption has increased uot only in proportion to the population, but also in the ratio per individual! It is a singular fact in the history of this product, that the exports from this country have varied bnt little In tbe last fifty years. In 1790 our country in round numbers sent abroad one hundred and eighteen j thousand hogsheads; in 1840, one hundred and nineteen j thousand. The conclusions of the writer at to tbe evii , effects of the use of tobacco upon the intellectual and j physical faculties are deserving of attentive consider*- I tion. j A curious and instructive work could be written upon the influence of tobacco upon the intellectual charactel of nations. It mates tbe French more gay, the Spaniards mere grave. It has confirmed that; Trains in Uieirspeeu lative philcEopuieo, and made fatalism the constitution, instead of a belief, of the Moslem, and waakened tbe an. mal activitv of all. What was heretofore action is no v tmoke The Turks, who, before the discovery of tobasco, were tbe terror ol Chiistentom, have sunk under its en ervutiDg influence into second childhood. The Hollanders? whose ancestors wrested a country from the *!?ves of the ocean, and once swept the seas with a broom, emblematical of their naval prowess? now live upon the exploits of the past, ani smoke un dismayed amidst all the confusion of the present snd tbe thieutenings of tie future. But in spite of thvee aad ex amples of national lethargy before us, we mustconieis that we acmetimts envy the refreshing calmness of their stagnation, particularly when c jntrasted with tne death inviting activity or the American character. The use of tobacco upon our own people is exhibiting its effects by increasing the mantal activity at the ex pense of the physical liame. It ia stripping our men of all corporeal weight, and leaving them, like over trained steeos, to fly across, not. travel, the field of life. Of i course the career Ls br.llsnt, bat necessarily somewhat i short. The riling generation is attenuated, but the brain is largs? the jaws are shrinking up ani crowding the teeth, but the imagination is expands' , and self confi- | dence knows no bounds. What the loture will develops, no one can determine ; but if our disregard of natural laws is persisted In ? IT we cultivate only tbe intellectual and fer ever neglect the well being of the earthly tem ple? we must, eventually resemble those smiitious stesmevs whose engines, being too large for the hulls, as a consequence snake themselves rapidlv to pieces by the very poweT that senls them ahead. While contem plating the evils of such a result, we cannot bnt regret that we are not as a nation possessed of a slight infusion of that refreshing slowness so peculiar to the Turks and Hollanders? that our immenee consumption of tobacco should not calm our nerves? that its smoke should not encourage u? in the occasional practice ol' quiet aspira tions. If this were the case, then tobacco. " well quali fled'" snd "opportunely taken." would indeed be a '? vlr- | tuous herty ' and its enemies become as silent ae are tie ashes that fell from Uncle Toby's pipe. The paper entitled "California thtoogh Kngliah Eyes," is a good humored and cleverly written notice of ths California n Impressions of an eccentric English traveller, Mr. Frank Marryatt, who characteristically carried about with him, for the protection of his precious person, a for midable collection of rifles ef various calibre, three blood fcounds anil his game keeper, an old poa:her named Barnes. The article is illustrated by a number ef humorous wood cuts, which serve to heighten the ludicions character of soms of Mr. Marryatt'S adven tures. The article on Brazil will be read with Interest, from the curious views which it presents of the state ef eoclety there. Thackeray's Newccmes is continued in the present number. In none of his works is the caus. tic talent of the popular satirist more lavishly displayed than in tie cliapttis heic given. The other articles are of an equally interesting and readable character. Our space will not permit us to notice them separately. From "the Editor's Kasy Chair'' we have the following just tribute to the exertions ef our new Mayor:? The new brcom not only sweeps clsan, but promises to continue doing so. Our new mayor has made himseir a national same. He has come to be regarded as one of the Institutions of the country. Vigor and Intelligences have given him a prestige which seems sufficient of it self to secure the execution of laws. His name is fasai I laxly known in Maine and Florida. There are even ru mon of impassioned letters from lovely western belies. On the whole, was there ever before a man who earned such universal applause for ? doing his duty* As we re gard it from our chair, the enthusiasm and commenda tion are a caustic satire upon public morals and manners. If a primary school should decree a solid silver medal or a lease paper copy of t'andford snd Merton bound la gilt calf, to the boy who had not told a lie, what an inference of chronic lying la that scheel wonld instantly and juauy be dra?n! Mayor Weod is justly praised. He has shown himself quite worthy his very difficult position. Aad vet, when we remember that his daily ovation is occa sioned by nothing but <lol?e his duty, It must give us se rious thoughts asout tbe moral condition of this Ameri can metropolis. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. 6cni?ay, Jane 10? G P. M. The stock market during the past week has been quite active, aad prices current at the eloie i yesterday show an advance on those ruling at the elose of the week previous. The highest points were realized about the middle of the week. The rise was too rapid to be sustained, and the bears for the time have a little the advantage. Holders ate, however, firm, and the depreciation has seriou* ly reduced supplies. Nearly all the most produe tlve railroad stocks will p?j five per cent en the next semi-annual dividend day, and in view of that high rate there are very few sellers. In money { matters there has been no change. The arrivals or specie have not been so Urge as anticipated, but the banks show no diminution In their supply. The change in the departure of steamers from San Fran cisco is the oanse of the small remittance by eajh of the last two steamers. By tho old arrangement, the Panama boat should hive left on the lGth, being her regular day. Had she done so, her freight alone, would have been upwards or one million of ' dollars, aad there would have been no disappoint meat. The next arrivals or gold from Ban Fran- j cisco will bring the accumulations or two weeks, and we have ao doubt the aggregate remittance will be upwards of one aad a half million of dollars. The rates of Interest coattaue to rule at the lowest points, sod there are not the first indications of any unfavorable obange la financial afihirs. The out- ( ward movement of specie will, without doubt, con tinue large until our harvests are completed, j whan we look not only for a cessation ! ?t exportation, bat for a tarn i? the tide, and a ?tting of tbe current ??y. Hie weather is all that ou 6* ft the ciopa, aad the prospect every day biigfcteca. A few weeks will aKtle the entire qtwstion. Uf prioca f* breads tufls will new regu late our foreign exchangee and enaMe us to aiau mulate oa oar California receipts of gold. Tfco Southern rive? were at the tateit dues rapidly rialeg, and the probability is that we shai open the ntx t biaincsi aeaeoa under olronaittnooea more far watte and encouraging thaa hare been known for jean. The exportation of apecie frem thispsxt lut week was sot very heavy: ^toWMW or Brant mow rag Po?t of N*w Yob* iS?*C H*vre, bam.... $08,1(7 04 w' "?- <!?? Am cola IBS, SOI oo ssiisff*-* 7^^ lTtnouM/ 13,702.256 72 Total for 1845 $l3,928rW4~76 This week the export i. likely to be neater two millions of dollars. Mr. Albert H. Nice! ay's regular asmi weekly aac tioa sales of atocka aad bonds will take place on Monday, at 12| o'dcck, at the Merchants' Kx cbatge. Oa the bat will be found 5,000 shires Lan eaater Zinc Company. The Treasurer of the Trustees of the Utica aad Bcbeneotady Railroad will sell at the Merc butts' Exchange, in this eity, on ths 19th instant, the re maining Meets of that com,. any, consisting of the following securities:? 1,81R YTk C*ntr4l> P*r value $184,300 "C"^]o (Tperoenti.... 14,800 ~ . <6 e,nt> toa,ooe The sale will be for cash, and as soon thereafter as the accounts aad dividend lists can be pre aa red a dividend will be declared, embracing all the fimde, except a trifle for contingencies of claims against the conpany. The assessment of seventy cents per share on the stock of the Gold flfll Mining Company has been ?ery generally paid. Tbe anthracite coal trade from the Schuylkill coal rejrfon has fallen off a little the part week, in oonse qwcce, as we have been informed, of the unnsual amount of water in the mine*. This matter will probably be remedied in a few days, and businew will then become as active aa ever again. For the week ending on Thursday, the Beading Radioed brought down 36,308 tons, and for the seastn 958 - 751 tons, against 819,709 tone to the name time last year. The Schuilkill Navigation Company ?fc?<rs also a very light tonnage. The whole amount of ooal brought down for the weak ending on Thurs day waa only 16,887 tons, and for the season 334,273 toes, against 282,199 torn. Ife shipments by the Lehigh Navigation for tbe weeftflbding oa Saturday last were again heavy, reaching #,232 tons, and for the season 283,720 tons. Seefffersons are already putting in their next winter'a snpoly, having learned from experience that oleaner and better coal is ob tained now than later in the season, w&en business is more crowded. The receipts of caal at Richmond, the Reading Railroad depot, are taken away about aa fast as they ariive. The railroad brought down last week aad the week belore less than the amount shipped. Tie shipments lait week were as follows:? Sbipmkms of Co* i, from Richmond, Pbs. ^tany, N. Y 841 Mobile, Ala.. . 50 Babylon, 1.. I. Ill Naaman'a Creek, Del. 80 Baramor*. Md 247 Nantaoaet, Msss 332 Bangor, Me 520 New Bedford, Mum... 212 Beverly, Mats 250 Newburyport, Ma<s.. 347 Boston, Mssa 6,f>02 New Brunswick, N. J. 2?0 Bristol, R I.. 175 New Haven, Cl 916 Pnaesburg, P? lis New London, Ct 151 Bridgeport, Ct 157 Newport. R. 1 184 Bridpeton, N. J 43 New Rochelle, N. Y.. 154 Cambridge, Mats 1,146 V. York and Brooklyn 7,033 Camden, N.J 190 Norwich, Ct 1?0 Charlcaton, S C 300 Pawtacket, R. 1 86 Cbarleaton, Mass.... 1,634 l'hilade phi* 528 Cheater, Pa 50 Portland, Ma 692 Panvera, Mara 375 Portsmouth, N H ... 370 W*hton, R. 1 145 Port Cbsatar, N. Y... 225 Me 166 Pou?hWeepre, N. Y.. 230 Fall River, R 1 2,970 Providence, R. 1 1,052 Frank 'on), Pa 60 Qutncv. Ma?e 123 (.eorgetowo, D. C.... 224 Red Bank, N. J 90 (.l<ut?Mer, Maaa 264 Rosbury, Maat 866 (irimaj Poiat, N. Y... 146 Saco, Me 250 Or.?abnah, N. Y 212 Salem, N. J 50 Jtieenwloh, N. J 30 Salem, Mats 1,348 Hartford, Ct... 180 Salisbury, Maaa 174 Baitings, N. Y 200 Sing Sing, N. Y 144 Havana, Cnba 660 Southport, Ct 135 Haverhill, Maaa 249 Stony Point N. Y.... 83 Havsratraw, N. Y... 160 8t John, N. B 600 Hmgham, Maes 172 Trenton. N. J 67 Hudson, N.Y 580 Truro, Masa 152 Ipswich i, Mai a 200 Warren, R. 1 290 Irving, N. Y 225 Washington, D. C.. . . 607 Jeraey City. N. J 209 West Chester, N. T. . 80 Kingston, Jam 227 Wilmington, Del 43 Lrnn, Maaa 190 Yonkers, N. Y 110 Mamarooeck, N. Y... 177 Marcua Book. Pa 66 Total 40 027 MiddJetown, Ct 252 v. For season ?481356 Rtvr; S u,,,~ m-m Total amount of coal transported from the entire Cumberland ooal region, during the week ending Saturday, 2d Instant, was 14,263.?7 tcrs, and since tbe 1st of January last 214,434.10 tens, of Which 148,098.07 tons were trans ported ever Ihe Baltimore and Okio Railroad, road, and 66,336.03 tons descended the Chesapeake and Ohio canal. The ccal trade for the last week abows so improvement upon the week preceding; demand still continued limited, and the prices too low to justify extended operations. We see no pros pect of improvement in either particular. A great many coal boats are still tied up at tbe canal wharfs, and business about tbem looks decidealy flat. On tbe iailrcad but a little over half business is doing In shipments. The annexed statement exhibits the condition of tbe banka of New Orleans for the week ending May 28, compared with that of the wee k previous. Banks of New Ca$h Asset*. Loans. , Specie.?-* Ranks. Mmy 28. Hoy 21. Mav 28. May 21. Cltixena' ?:i,4?2,670 3,478,532 1,889,398 1.887.64$ f'"1 1,723,075 1,679,205 834 320 1,006,040 Louisiana 2,498.124 2,540,801 2,083,616 1.960 150 U?u State.... 3,(49,036 3.560,778 1/26,711 1,837,376 Mech. A- Tra. .. 1,138,979 1.148, OCH 296,211 426 433 NewOrUsna.. 1,045,056 1,071,147 318,716 264 189 Pcntbern 226,943 271,340 212,796 236 010 Cnion 713,935 727,927 279,913 431^142 Total $14,382,817 14,477,768 7.541,681 8,041,897 Decrease. . $94,951 Dsoreaae. $600,216 Cath Liabilities. , ? Circulation ? . ( Deposit Banks. Mai/ 28. May 21. Ma>i 28. May 21. Clticena' $2,100,086 2. CM. 870 3.026,818 3,116.387 980,165 984, 0C0 1,024,655 1,018.261 Louisiana ?7?,614 976,904 2,628,629 2,641,345 ?>u. State... 1,106,27$ 1,144,715 2,904,007 2^986,725 Mech. A Tra. . 348,775 354.890 768,024 872,838 New Orleans.. 140,910 549.620 724,94$ 729.039 Southern 229,825 263,705 201,462 247,764 I "ion 629,926 648,300 636,256 789,399 Total $6,920,424 7,0l7,0c7 11,803,690 12^350,223 Increase.. $96,580 Deereae. . $646,663 In addition to the foregoing cash assets, the btnkt hold foieign and domestic exchange to tbe extent of tbe respective figures, aa compared with last week:? ? , , , May 28. May 21 Bank of Louisiana $666,216 $717,302 8?J42 714 288 ?outh?n 679,711 684,341 Loui?iaaa Stete Bank 146,238 128 777 Mechanic*' sad Traders' Bk. 69,807 69.12$ """"J ?W, *66 761,126 Bank of New Orleans 127,838 182,40$ I men Bank 366.171 610,962 $3,480,47$ $3,899,862 There were in store at Chicago, on the 30th of May, 252,282 buahels of oorn, 85,733 do. ot wheat, 317.326 do. of oats. It was being shipped off at the rate of fifty to sixty thousand bushels per day, but was atthing almost as rapidly. Annexed is an abstract of the condition or the Provincial Bank of Ireland, on the 25th of Mar$& last:? Itie atateiixnt of accounts showed the sicoiint of rest or undivided profits at tbe 25th of March, 1854 ?146,318 9 11 Bonvs at midsussmsr, 1854 21,600 0 0 Balance 123.718 9 11 UiTidend^ tni(l?uinmer and Christmas, 1I54..T 43,200 0 0 Remsins 80,618 9 11 n>t profit* in jear ending the 81st of Murch, 18'>6, after deducting proportf In* end providing for all bad and doubt Inl debts , Rest, or aadWiM proBU, at the 31st of Hank, 1865 ?182,11# 16 8 At tin mef.d| U stockhofcl?u ttu chairaai ?tsitld t!?tt the progress of busbwas hu ?-??a ?iih. factory, aod that cm m-Hetriai internet# ?* ir*i4xi we MM'i7 i* * r/Toaoeroaii position With re gsrd *o ?te .'aijaree winch occurred ia?t jea- m mm departments of trade, it vu mentioned that tbey were attributable to eanawotjoa witi specu lative firica in Mvrroool. Tae improved pothtioa of (be teak ia coaudetel to b><k>vab|tht jtMd; advance in tbe amount of teat or undivided p "OtiU, which, fro? ?132,000 a 1^53, hw, notwitstaodlag icctttKd rates distribution, augmented to ?162,000. Tbe (Hurts of Uw Boston buki tor CM week eacing June 4th. compered with those of the week pievioai, exhibit the aonrxed waits ? Basks or BotTOft. UaUliti*. J**e i. Im rt**. Dtcnur. to:, 710, ooft ? _ Doe basse.... 6,989,17$ $67,12* _ Pepoeite 14,620,292 14.763,932 183,440 Cixcnlaucn ... 7,192,8*: 7,lltf,in8 _ 78,34* T'**J ?<30,<?12i29C b0,'?64,214 161, 9J1 Z A 'irfj. l>iaccuute. .$62,004.:i24 861,902.063 _ $11*ti Due by banks. & 040, v8S 8,000. &70 ? S3 6 "! a, 201.248 3 3TV63 $174, 10". _ T?,?' ?<?8,245,856 O3,.:T0,?78 128,321 ? The cMh receipts of the Morrii Canal for the week enoing Saturday, 2J iM?., were $8.81G, agnisst $7,570 for the corresponding week last year, baiag an inoresie of $l,27ti. The receipts for the year up t? the 26th alt were 151,312, agalMt 145,458 to same date lent jear, being as increMO thus tar this jear of $6,854. At a meeting of the Western Railroad stockhold ers, held on tue day, the 5sb in.t., it wai decided, by the huge majority of two to one, not to aooept the Mt or tbe legislature which authorizes the company to issue six per oent bonds, to pay for the parchsse of the Hudsoa and Berkshire Railroad, and construct a second track from Springfield to Albany, Alter thia ?ote iras decided, a reconside raticn wm callea for, on a "stock rote," and carried. The question or acceptance was then taken and de cided in the affirmative. The Courier says:? Ths opponents of this measure have need great uxor tionatoueteat It, hot finding themselves ia the minority, submit to the r*suit ia the cheerful spirit of true rennb SJSSSi, ^SSSSz* lotmed Without the to??p'*tion of the aMonl toeok, aad the tnenaaara ??*??*'? *** COBfd??t bell?f that th&T9 will be no certalt?ee* of the dividends. Ihe Sinking fund alr^f asaonnti to $30 per ahsm, and the stock ought *' '?tcU P*ri including the J uly divioend. fti- citato Treasurer ot New Jeney has given no ace that an injunction bating bten issued from the Coort of Chancery restraining the American Ex change Bank at Cape May Coort House from exer cising any of the privileges or franchisee granted under the State act, the notes will be redeemed at the Treasury office at FTenton, on and after July 20. The groes receipts of ttie Hudson Hirer R ill road Company dating the eight months ending May 31, 1855, amounted to $1.:'>45,252 05, against $1,199, 954 53 for the corresponding period the previous jear, showing an increase of $145 297 52. The Newark Jdwrttter gives the following sy nopsisof the decision of the Chancellor o New Jereey in the case of the Morns and ??ex Riilroad, The company will probably appeal, as the points at issue are of the greatest importance:? fhe Chancellor appears to hare given much time and attention to the subject, which Is not only Important to this city, bnt of very general importance, iniamucti as it is deemed to settle the lav in the case. The opinien, He are inforoeo, it very erudite, and exhauats the sub ject. The court comes to the conclusion that no rail road company, in the absence of legislative permission, lias a i ight to lay ita railway along any public highway, in town or country, with tho consent o' the proper au tboiitiee? if, indeed, any other than legislative authority can effectually be given in the premises. If a company does, without tuch authority, ihus lay down its track, the truck becomes at once a public nuisance or ob'trantion to the strtet or highway, and as auch miy forth vith be lemovfd. The Chancellor, we understand, retains the injunction for a i hot t tune, to afford the complainants an opportu nity to appeal from tie decision, ir tnsy shall see fit to do so. The opinion and juipment of the court fully sustain tbe act uu of tbe city autboriti*, in the matter and but a sbort time will elapse before the final adj&'licatian of tbe matter will have taken place, even though an appeal be taken. Should no appeal be taken, however, in a rea sonable time, the injunction wbl be removed, of conrse, and tbe Common Council permitted to remove the track. )n thia ca*e it may be dona, in fact, at the expense of the parties claiming to own the track, for it ia provided, we believe, by section 5 of thn ordinance, entitled "An ordinance to remove obstructions from the streets and for other purposes." that the Street Commissioner, Mayor, or any or either of tbe members of the Cimmin Council, may order any article or thing whatsoever which tbey m*y deem aa obstruction or nuisance In or upon any atreet of tbe city, to be removed, and if it be not re moved forthwith, then to remove aad sell the aame, and out of the proceeds of the sale rslmborae the city for tbe expenae of the removal of the obstruction. We understand tha; the Chancellor has made no order yet to remove the track, and the o ty will not move fur ther In the matter till official authority to do ao is re ceived. The receipts of the Beaver Meadow Railroad and Coftl Company, since the commencement of the sm soo to the 2d inat , amount to $54,429 58 To oot respond >ag date last year 38,022 79 Increase (over 50 per cent) $18,406 79 Tbe coal tonnage for the put weeV was 14,G41 tons, against 11,072 tons in the corresponding week last year. The State Anditor of Indiana notifies holders of the circulating notes of the Merchants' Bank at Lv fajette, Merchants' Bank at 8pringfie!d, Greene County Bank at Bloomfield, Government Stock Bank at I/ifayette, I -aural Bank at Liarei, Bank of Con nerevilleatConnerovUle, Wabash Valley Bank at Logansport, Bank of T. Wad;) worth, of Hartford, at Michigan City, to return the same to the office for cancellation, on or before the 15th day of Jaly next, that the outstanding circulation may be de termined as accurately as possible, -and a pro rata dividend thereon declared. Certificates for the amount returned will be issued, and the dividend cn the respective banks paid upon presentation of the certlficatM at the Auditor's offiv*, after the 15th of Augnst next. The Lancaster Datly says, in relation to the fail ure of the LancMter Savings Institution, throng a its Treasurer, Mr. Boughter:? The amount of defalcation is reported to be $.100,000. Before hia arrest Mr Boughter had assigned over to the trnsteee all hia real estate an 1 other property, amount ing In value to $120,G(i0, leaving an unbalanced deficit estimated at $180,000. The capital stock of the institu tion was $60,000, all paid In, which, taken from $180,100, leavea $130, 0C0 to be loat by the depo?itor*. The depo sita are set down at $560,000; and from this statement it is eetimated that the depositors wdl realize from 75 to 80 per cent on their deposits, gome seem inclined to be lieve that tbey will eventually realize the whole, and that the institution will be again put into operation. The Auditor of the State of Ohio has just issued his report for the last fiscal year. The revenus and ox pendltutcs were as follows:? Fixincm or Ohio? Bstwpts aso Dlshi rskmknts. Receipts. Taxes of 1853, aad delinquencies of pr? vioua years $2,851,671 32 Canal tolls, finea, water rents, kc... 477,264 26 Dividends on railroads and other stocks. . .. :i9,8i:i 13 ^urplua revenue? principal and interest. . . 106,250 82 Froceeda of aalee of school lands 149,748 51 Other sonrcee 93.466 38 Balance in State Treasury Nov. 15, 1853. . . "62,830 67 Total $4,477,934 00 l>i*burt*ment* . General revenue expenses, being in pay ment of mate legislature, Judicial aad Executive departments and offioer*. State benevolent institutions at Col um bua, new State Houae, new Lunatic Aay lnms, Obio PenlUotiary, Ke $664, *'47 85 Interest on State debt? foreign, domestic and irreducible 1.003,416 6? Payment on principal of Htate debt COS, SCO -.2 State Common School Kand, distributed to counties 1,107,218 80 School library Pnnd, disbursed for nse ef counties M,16R 4$ Csnal repairs, auperlntendence, >t:c 8-9,847 99 all other purposes 27,092 86 Ta'al $8,803,253 00 Balance In 8tate Twaaury Nov. 16. 1864 $58 J ,680 00 It appears by this that the balance on hanl November 15, 1854, was $178,149 58 less than at the clote of the previous fiscal year. Tbe State and local taxfsof 185.1 and 1S54 were m follows: ? 1863. 18.V4. Incrrtut. Stat* taxea .$8,026 W. 92 $3 077,601 41 $51,277 49 local taxes.. 4,797,481 .!6 0,014,7:18 011 1,217,260 74 Total $7, WO, $0*27 $0,0t>2,.%9 50 $1,268,534 33 the annexed statement exhibit* the (|nanttty and value of certain articles exported from this port datisg the week ending aad iacladtcg Friday, June 8, 1865, distinguishing the destination aai extent of experts to each place:? Goiuuftrs >r mi Pcmtt or New York? Exports. UVBTOOL (Mtiim r,jf M# UitfWt b?- .4 J4f OtlXhing. ?U IT Ufa, but 64.4SI 62, IM Vii'l, oilta 6 B?#f im J? l iifti)>, bbls 2 ?tft Wax, lbs.. ..6 734 i,af>? See em IX VIA v metal. Cil 28 2 00 Tcdi/?, c* ... 34 ??*> >'4 re < 2 K 0 t2a Plan, ft. . 188,017 <V ?0 63T Totai $304,421 trtWOW, ??>,#00 Koeim, bWs U.l.iO (? ?:nat{*. IVrf, (??., 4a totrl, IVS.23.F7h . . 2o,u&o Rs??. b.Mn . IT J?w.-lry. cs CVii bxs.. l?a. Uotb, c? I u?woo?i,*.v?u W lkl?, Bift. 14 20 4 Ml 8o r.i.iw. ? 1,000 JiO 8 9*9 1,171 114 6.500 2,2?-* 1H9 6,441 12 E?'l oils, Cm . Sp rii, e*a 6 '*10 Oep>e*ore.fii 00 O l Cbfcv, bg?l,2G0 Hops, ba.e*. . 62 6 Kjce. to* ... . ?* yt'.ilw, b 1,000 K & tkio* c? 31" h turp . bbu 600 lur;eotme..l,66# Ton; Si9 20 7 13 31,3<M 4, CO. Hcoaa ci. 5.^79 Tebacco, 04. 2*-.M Do 1(m. . ,SL_ 2,640 Dry *o*l?, c? 2 .-8 250 Paint, Ub<? '?H 69 162 !?a. c'oth, c? 26 8 403 Stave* 6. *00 0,800 ?178,74J I i)LA.iuo<r Cott-w. (wiee. 182 ?I3.U6P Hp Oil. gall*. 2, 068 91044 B*fon bbl*-JC*61 10,214 Hair, bl* -ilWl ?1.S00 3i>( l.'JU 4,222 ' . OOo 1.976 209 2 ^74 G'M Tobacco. ... 9,000 Butter & ,100 Fursit're. en. 12 Hot. a. bbl* . m,C'"1 Lsrd, lbs. . .It 42; Q bait, [kg*. 060 Owte, txt.. 70 Fo*f?, bbU.... 8?i ffooJirilt, cm 100 1,640 68* 174 ',081 8.S18 844 706 1 018 142 Oar* 800 ' loethar, bU.. 4 Ren**, p*gs-. 372 Hooi*. lb*. .78,840, bales... 1T6 Fusti c, tons.. 14 Staves 2,000 771 2HH 650 060 3,017 426 16i : Total ?66.031 HAMBURG Cott?n. bis. . . 044 ?..9,264 Bona 6,140 Fuim i niin> . 21 Dry good*, ci. 7 I. K. good*,.. 382 Clocks. ,'?T8 1 toenails 9,000 Drugs, bi*.. . 56 S. torp . >'bl? 2<>0 Gnu, bis ... . 10 Bhoepegti.bbl* 166 Oilcloth. c*. . 28 Logwood, too* 66 Pot *?ht>N ,bbls 50 *9 Tobacco, bbl* 86 1,513 Do lb* 1 796 10,771 Whalebone 45,727 3,677 H ird wire c?. 3 ?54 Fr.uoy goods. 23 1,475 Hops, bl*.... 38 1,783 L?? cloth ct>. '47 120 Saltpetre, bug* 851 472 (Jccoa CM) 1M.992 Wadding, bl*. ?>? 1,126 lloney, ck*.. 31 1,661 Total ?123,97; III ? S K. Cotton, bale*. 262 ?12,0?5 Shell#, ca*ee.. Hams, lbs. ..7,759 1,175 KU?cu,c?*e?. ?8,8?0 2.119. | 234 20.614 209 1,71 j 929 3,023 9.067 1,772 756 816 Violin*, o*?c. 1 226 Jew'l'sMhbb .. Clothing, c* . . 2 595* . 2 Wagon 1 200 Maple, piece*. 382 Wh>b7,lk.4S,0?2 25,434 Hop*, bait*.. 50 Machinery, c? 6 3,60C Briatlei, case* 2 fUirervaje, c* 1 20C 1'otanh, bbj. 127 Copper, lb? 560,021 129 :<02 Hide*. 100 frkins, c?*k>. 24 4,213 Hair, bale*... 70 120 Dry (roods, c*. 1 524 Drug*, case*. 2 1.9H0 Sp*r? 1 2 760 Other article* ? 8,898 Book*, caaee . 3 Segar*. ca*e*. 4 Pearl WT."'# Mo**, bale*.. 36 lad?ubg'*CN 112 Total Clothing, c*.. 3 Leatbei,c?... 2 Tobaoco, ba.. 27 ??(a r*, ca*?*. 22 Furniture, c*. 7 Shoe peg?,bb. '-40 Tttal llREHKX. ?200 Pot aahe*. bb. SI 176 Ro^ia. bbU. . 729 400 Spt*. 10 96.'; Ind.rub.g'? c* 84 HCO Lumber, M .. 06 720 ?533 2,6;.2 6.788 4,085 3,800 1.500 160 3,8 ">0 603 2 610 290 3M> 175 344 ?814^413 ?1,614 1,864 1,756 4,003 1,100 Doineitios, be 6 Tobacco, bs.. "2 Rosin. bbU.. 200 . ?12,925 MUEMO. ?288 I<og*ood, ??' 50 91,7; 0 2,110 Fu*tic 3 90 806 Total ?4.6 13 TilBCU. Gnaso, ton* 1,179 ?58,959 OPOSTO. ?1,706 lHtoh, bbU... 60 Tea, ch 110 1 B. gooita, ex 5 Roein, bbto... 100 Tar ?0 Stave* 5,620 1,009 200 ?200 2,100 ?120 549 220 logwood, to*. 27 Spar* 63 Total *8,176 CADIZ. Stare* 56,5?0 $3,356 TRriim. Pp. turp, bl*. 135 $2,550 RaroaparilU.. 67 $870 Roxto i85 1,006 Other articles ? 100 logwood, to*. 38 J 7,480 Rum, ck*,... 26 400 Total $12,555 l:*msu NORTH AMKRICA V COI.ONUS. Flour, bbl*. .3,380 $34,490 Leather, aid*. 54 $241 Beef 30 4f>6 H?t*,e* 3 83 Cornmeal . . . . 974 4.003 Cem?nt,bbl?. 300 3.'i7 1,075 Tar 30 80 R)0 flour.... 150 Bread 120 Tobtcco, lb*. 2,000 Do. bd*. 1 Segare. c* . . . . 2 iMkit, l)U?....2,!i00 Pork. btil*.... 4.15 l.ard oil, gl*. 710 Motaaae*, ndt 25 610 Corn, bua... . 000 264 Rice, to* 3 ? ~ 301) 10 800 Beans, bun.. . Wine. c? Butter, lha . . . Other article* Pork, bbia.... 80 Pepper, bag*. 70 Drnga, pkga.. S Hhi* 1,300 Oj atere, bx*. . 2 Match**, cr... 6 Candioa. bra. 100 Paper, r*.... 700 Soap, bx*.... 100 Laid, lb*... 30, 785 Domestic*, ba 3 Int'igo, c* 18 Hardware. ... 14 CCBA. $1,687 Rope, coil*... 18 690 Vamiah. bbla 4 128 Cbeeae, lbs... 881 2,170 Batter 638 90 Sumac 10 195 Shookafehd*. 1,190 316 Ale, bbls 12 211 Rice, hhd* . . . 67 107 Wood ware... 60 8,421 Tube*, bx*. . 2 200 Ilam i, lb*.. .1,709 2,726 Hop*, ba 1 334 Other article* ? Total $58,934 133 COO 1,025 7,205 70 850 BRITOH Vf'KHT INniHH. Flour, bbl*... 100 $2,7<>9 Candles, bx*. 1,060 $3,459 Kjellour.... 26 206 Hardware.... 4 7.>6 Meal 2.10 1,318 Woodware... 215 450 Bread 400 1,615'ne, bbla. 10 175 Batter, lb*., 1,110 201 Tobucro, lba.l 3C0 195 Starch, bxs.. 24 326 Tob'co, hhds. 20 4,632 Beef, bbls... 254 2,H88 DruifS, c*. . .. 20 105 Pork 215 2,4(0 Rice, hhd*... 6 225 flams, lb* ..3,9f.8 524 Lumber, ft.07, 000 1,206 Cbtexe 9,818 1,188 Wbiakey.bbW 5 102<? 36,850 4, <00 Brandy. c?... 7 133 Paper, ra.... 400 269 Coflea, bag*.. 17 163 Als, ck* 20 180 Other articles ? 180 Total $30,500 Total $20,438 N1W GRANADA. $2,0C1 Dry goo li, c*. 4 $736 696 Books 2 162 147 Powder, pk.. 199 677 180 Oakum, bales 72 270 112 Demijohns. .1,350 675 113 VermiciM.... 200 190 203 Dome stic* ,bla 10 458 2,267 Brandy, kgs.. 69 800 1,944 Bread, bxx. . . 50 118 6,139 Shot, kg*.... 10 136 148 Spiae, bgs.. .. 277 556 915 Horse 1 176 2,069 Sugar, bxs... 18 350 319 Musical inat*. 1 110 338 Hats, bx*.... 1 122 1,097 I. R. goeds, cm 1 650 2.090 Other articles ? 1,474 140 Tatal $27,366 WKXWO. $160 Combs, cases. 4 $1,942 430 Paiut, pgn.. . 282 944 308 Dr? good*, o* 50 3,961 1,44*7 Cinnamon, cs 8 2 323 3,715 Pepper, bag*. 3-*? 399 1,202 Paper, reams. 800 276 fOO I. R. goods, cs 1 341 1,169 Other articles ? 1,120 615 187 Total $19,134 nKAxn. $6,800 Paper, ream*. 400 499 Rosin, bbls... 90 500 ("lock*, boxes 32 500 H'dware, bxs 40 8,291 Popper, bag*. 20 856 Shook* &hhd2, 100 127 Sogars, case. . 1 310 Other article* ? 000 Floor, bbls.. 194 Hams, lbs.. 2, 000 Butter 1,216 Soap, bxs.... 50 Dag 'pa mat'*. 1 Clook* 8 Shoes 1 Wax, lbs.... 6, 510 H. ware, c?.. 106 Drags 260 Boat 1 Fnrniture,pk. 30 Groceries.... 267 Matches, rs.. 24 Faisin*. bxs.. 228 Candles 210 Wine, cs 176 Cassia, mat*. 160 Furniture, bx 16 Whale oil gal. 656 Crockery 28 Cocoa, bags.. 69 Hardware, cs. 417 Domestic*, c*. 20 Lumber, ft.. 1,063 Iyubs, case*. 24 Machinery, ch 17 BntUr, lbs. . . 748 Ham*, lbs.. 4, 071 Cfeecte 1,763 Candle*, bxs. 65 Raisins, bbls. 7 Cider, boxee. 200 Lemon syrup 209 D. apple*, bbl to Hops, bale*.. 25 269 Olocks, boxes 15 426 H'dware, c*.. 96 437 Shook* k hhd 53 724 Oars 386 ?82 $2C6 225 1,750 1,660 1,060 185 2D6 Total...... 99,204 Hxrmn ooiaka. Flour, bbls.. 920 $10,360 Tobacco, bbl*. 9 Beef 25 560 Hay, b*l?*. . . loo Porit 276 3,678 Matohes, caao 1 Braui 750 3,000 hheep 100 lard, Ibe.... 4,200 626 Total $21,981 JFBICA. $117 Powder.pkgs 1,981 $1,542 3,461 Bread, bbls.. 60 167 100 Shook* .... 262 596 6,646 Other article* ? 200 4,228 - 201 Total $16,248 ( UnnjlTINV RO't'lIK 10 91 380 Lumber, ft.299, 600 $6,392 4 360 Total $7,122 Rkc IPTTCLATIOif. I.iTerttool $304,422 Harre $214,413 londun 178.743 Bremen 12,926 Olargow 66.031 Palormo 4,613 Hamburg 123,978 Valencia 68,060 Opar'o 6,176 Cadi* 3,669 Tiie>ti> 12,306 Br. N. A. Colonies. 83,034 Br Wsst Indies.. . 30,500 Cuba 20,438 New Granada 27,365 Mexico 19,134 Bra 741 20,218 Argentine Republic 34.738 Australia 9,264 Br. Ouiaaa 21,081 Africa... 10,248 Ciaplatine Republic 7,132 Door, bbls.. 10 Rom, bbls... 200 Hats, 'cases.. 6 T>bacco,bbl*. 218 Domestic*, bs 66 Sogar, boxes. 10 Oilcloth, cs.. Taper, boxes Floor, bbbi. . 477 lard. lbs... 4,619 Pe]tpetie,bbla 50 Hats, boxee.. 29 Domestic*, pk 136 Brosd, bbls.. 696 G'y bagi, bal. 3 Tea, boxes. .. 58 Gonpowder. . 200 Total 820,213 ARGBCTLMC R*PL*I.1C. Rice, tierce*.. 852 $13,220 Books, cs.... 1 $280 Pross 1 2,060 Matohes .... 190 770 Faacy gds, 3 350 H'dware, bxs 81 900 Clocks, bxs.. 31 490 iob&e , lbs.20,80;: 2,711 Furniture, c* 116 1,724 Wax. 2.586 1,185 Drug* 6 750 Wicfeiag, hies 100 192 Sp. turp. bbl* 60 948 Whiskey, bbl* 100 2,460 Varnish 12 1.466 Cement 260 276 Moulding, ch. 5 282 Lmbr., ft.. 118, 066 2,437 Rum. bbl*.. . 100 2,281 Total $84,736 AriTRAUA. $417 Ro?in, bbls.. 100 184 Pitch. 100 648 Domestics . . . 28 Valve of mdia. exported during the weeh $1,240,081 *P*cl* " " ?26,690 Total exportation $1,472,089 Total importation 2,442,161 F*ossd of import* expert* ?1,iW,47S "Ike value at ex part* during the pest ?wk ??* Kwhtt larger than anil, ud eo was that at la port*. Our foreign traio appears to be g94Ung hom active. The importations it ihia mm , tuuelly I ar*e, while the export* ?" usually m tfca otber extreme. The HmiUd tnovemeot la beead muffn, OB uc'juit of our email domestic aappttaa, seems to redaoe the total exportatloa very iae* all;. Notwithataadlng the high pri*e ruling ia< own mark eta, we contieoe to ship to foreiga porta, in oar immediate vicinity, hot nothing goes to Ba re pe except perhaps a little Ixiian corn to I<iiw pool. We nouoe a very large ihipiaeat of copper la Havre last wiek. The foil >wtag ia a comparative atatomeat of the value of exports from the coouunoeneat e the ; tar to June 7:? Id ,'>4. 18">4. Inert ou. Dtcrwr, Cottoa....?T,o^,7:r ?4a?4.42c ? gi,Tee,?4 tlofi r 4,i!7T,490 1,926,399 ? 2,441,194 Corn 1G6,*5S4 161,2W ? * beat 2,210,077 ?jT 9l? ? 2,148,149 039,600 1,461,1*18 ? 4ft, M> Beef 611. too 818.4*.'! 9206,873 ? Park 667, 115 1,?49,US 1.082.128 ? 817,037.344 til 449, 740tl, 289,001 t?, 878,444 Net de<iea*s to Jcaa 7,lf.~i6 $.">,b87,ft#4 Mock Kiraui|?. Saturuay, Jaee 0, l&M. *3000 Califor 7 ?, 8T 400ahaUeUUill Mine H 2000 de 87 Si 200 trie lU.lroad. . .0 48fc 1000 do 87 >, 120 do a3 48Ju 2000 do 87 100 da ?<v? 4M< lOCt Ohio 6's, '60.. 107 ;*0 do. o 48* 1M0 Kaetacky 6's. 103'/ 1C0 do b:to 4KV, 6000 Vlrgisia fl'a. . . 99'. H* do a60 48ft :;0000 Missouri fl's s3 94 i? 406 de bSO ?W lOCO Krie B<i* *74 b3 S9?? 100 do sSO 48\ 3<0001UCRKtUa.b60 70 400 Harlem RR..,b89 2TJai 4COO Co.... b3 79 ro Hudson R.R. epc 10000 do.. .b30 79 51.0 Reading R.R s?0 91V !COO do . ...aflO 78'.' 20e de bM 91>4 65M do 78 ? 1O0 do a 60 90* r>00 NY C RR Rda . 89 450 do.. ..hi 9UJJ 06 sbs Cam Kant. . . 98 200 do b'JO 10 0 Ufa h Treat Co 100 290 do aS 90tf 10 Hanover Bank.. 98 Ho do b69 #?>* '.'0 Oreaa Bank HO 100 do s? 90* 200 N Cr?ek Oeel Co. 2 100 do b3 Mfc 100 Oumb Coal Co. .<? SO*,' ?00 de bS 99 150 ?'o a 60 S<H, 10 Nor & Wor RR.. *4 3(0 <*e e Si 76 M'ob On RR...C 9 '? 100 ?lo c 50 Panama RR ... . 19t KO do alO 80%' l'.t de .Al> - *?* 100 do hlO 30>, 100 ... "J* iCO do ? ?*! ?? <?? W? 2; '& ICO co l?00 30?i 275 do aB 8if( 440 do SO1* TO VYliftB KR..C 9*S 1 50 Morris Cacal . . . . 14'. 50 do sl4 OSfc 100 de 14 V 50 do M 9?V 150 Caotoo Co 26',' 50 MS&NerIR.b3 t?l< loo b40 26 \ 150 dev. C & Ula RR 10T Si 100 do! el 26'', 10 de Wt)f as COM* BOABQ. $1 0( 0 Mlaxeuri 6'a. . . 94.S 100 aha Erie Railfoad 10000 do...b?0 94\ 100 do a 39 0000 ni Cen RR Bd*. 78 k, 60 do t? 16400 do... bOO "8S 68 do 48^, 6C04 do.. -b60 78, S, fOClav i: To-edo RR 8tfc 6000 do. ,.?14 78 59 Ual?-ea 4 Ch? RR 109 10000 lUPrea dB-bHO 76 4oO Rardieff RR .b80 9?K 100 aba 111 Cae RR. . . ?*\ WO <1? Jfc 100 Cemb Coal.... a3 30 100 do.... .... 90 ico d<> . b:o 30 s SSPamuaa RR..a89 latf. 100 da bo 29', 50 da *39 I9JK 100 do bCO 30 do lMr*. CIXl" TftADCC RKPOftT. Satlrday, Jub? 9 ? 6 P. M A^hi ? ? 8alea of 100 barrela pota ware made at t4 8t a $6 87: peatla *?re *t 98 Brkaiwii.-fi's.? K'our ? There waa ao change of eae meet id prioea; inferior and common were ratter eaa'er to purchase at quotation*. Tbe aalea footed op abort 6,000 a 7,000 barrela, including: common to choice gredea oi <*tate. at $9 50 a 910; Michigan, Ohio, Indiana aad WipeoDsin do., 110 Cf a 9lo 76; and Ohio extra at til a til 75;' Canadian, 1,800 barrela. at tlO 37 a til 99; Southern, 700 barrela, at Sll a 111 62 for common to choice and til 75 a 912 for extra. Wwcat ?Market quiet; 1 OflO buabels Michigan wUt* sold at $2 66; and a cargo of 2,500 Upper Late at t ~ 20. Cons ? Active; sales about 50,000 a 00,000 buahrta, ch efly Wfatern mixed, at $1 01 a tl 03 for iaterior and common: 11 < 4 a tl 04)? for eouod, on the apet, and tl lib a 41 00 for good noond. in lota for thlpaeata; yellow Southern waa, at $1 10, offerer), and at tl 12, afked; a Fmall lat of Suthem white aold at tl 18. Uje wai flim at tl 80. Oats were acaroe, and in goet demand at full priefs. Covrnt? 1 The market wss qn'et, and confloed to abeet 400 a ?00 Rio. at old prices, and 150 Jara, at ltc Cotton ? The Hales embraced about 6,000 bales, and tbe market closed firm. Fanona? 1 To I4v*rpool, about 1,200 a 15,0<>0 tmtheW of corn were engaged at i!d in shi|m' b<.ga, t.OUO barrela rrsiu at 6d., 150 tons logwood at 11"., and 800 bales ef cotton at 4h. per bale. To G largo w. 160 bbla beef were engaged at 3h. There waa no alteration in ratea fer Havre or for California. PiMHtTO,? ' The account per IlKnoia from Jamaica beta* of aa unfavorable nature regarding the groeiegerep, a heavy storm having prevailed there, holder* have be come more firm. About 790 bags were sold te day, to bend, at 9^,c. cash. There in now none to be had at this rate. Pnovwiojts.? Pork? .The market was firmer, with aalea of 700 a 80o bbla , including old mesa at $17, and naw do. at tl7 50 a tl7 62. and tew prime at tl4 62 a tit 75. Beef waa firm, with sales of 400 a 500 bbla. at fol prices. Prime meae waa quiet at t22 e t26. Beef hama wf re atrady at tl6 a t20. Cut meats ? Among the aalea were 50 hbda. bams and 70 do dry a id ted ahonldera at private terms; with sales of 200 a 300 pack age t sheet - oers, at 7>jo. a 7jVc. , and hams at 9>;c. e 10c. Ra ccn ooatinued scarce and firm. Lard waa leas active; sales were coafiDed to 300a 400 bbla., at 10<^e. a 1 0 a. for common to prime. Butter and cheese were inectave, and nnchaegsd ia prices. Weekljr Report of DeatHe la the eity and county of New York, from the 2d 4a r of Jnae to the 9th day of June, 1844. Men, 67: women, 68; boys, 112; girls, 109? Total, S44. ?dolts, 125; children, 231. males, 189; females, 16T; ee? lored persons, 11. Albuaalnaria, and Bright1 a Fracture of tbe rkull.. .. 1 disease of kidneys..... 1 Heart, diaeaee of 6 Apoplexy 1 Hooping cough t Asphyxia, infantile 3 Inflammation t Asthma 1 Inflammation of boweia. . a Bleeding 1 Inflammation of braia. .. 8 Bleeding from lungs.... 2 Inflammation of braia Bleeding rrom stomach.. 1 # (from a fall) 1 Bronchitis 8 Inflammation of liver... 9 Cancer.... 2 Inflammation of lungs... 17 Cancer of the breast.... 1 Inflammation of ovariee. 1 Cancer of the g allet 1 Inflammation of stomach 2 Cancer of the thigh 1 Inflammation of throat.. 1 Cancer of the womb 1 Inflammation of tonsils. . S Cholera infantum 3 Intemperance & Cholera morbus 1 Lockjaw, (infantile).... 1 OoncusMon of brain (by Lues venerea S a fall) 1 Lungs, disease of 1 Congestion of brain 8 Malformation or anus.... 1 Congestion of lungs 2 Malformation of heart. . . t Consumption 40 Marasmus, adult 1 Convulsions, adult 1 MarasmiAi, infantile lb Convulsions, infantile. ..31 Measles 4 Croup 9 Old age 2 Debility, adult 2 Palsy 2 Debility, infantile 6 Pleurisy 2 Delirium tremens 1 Premature birth b IHabetee 1 Rheumatism 1 Diarrhoea. ,.f 6 Scrofula 2 Dropsy 5 Smallpox a Dropsy in the ehest 2 Softening of the braia. . . 1 Dropsy in the head 11 Sprue S Dropey in the heart 1 Stillborn 2b Drowned 4 Suffocation.... 1 Dysentery 10 Suicide, by drowning ... . 1 Enlargement of heart.. .. 1 Suicide, by laudanum... 2 Exposure 1 Ulceration 1 Fever, congestive 1 nioeratJoaof bene, (feet) t Fever, intermittent 1 Ulceration of gland under Fever, puerperal 2 tbeaar 1 Fever, remittent 6 Ulceration of stomach... 1 Fever, acsrlet 20 Worms 1 Fever, typhoid 4 ? Fever, typhus 14 Total 354 ?KurrnrLAno*? Motiimi cum. Bones, joints, ltc 3 Stillborn and premature Brain and nerree 71 birth 39 Generative organs 5 Stomach, boweia, and Heart and blood vessels. 9 other digestive organs 94 Lungs, throat, be 69 Uncertain seat and gen Old age 2 eral fevers 44 Skin, kc., and eruptive Urinary organs... S fevers SO ? Total 344 Of which eleven were from violent causes. Asm Under 1 year 129 80 to 44 years *4 1 to 2 years 42 49 to AO years 2b I to 4 years 49 60 to *0 year* ? 4 to 10 years 12 00 to 70 years a 10 te 16 years 4 70 to 80 years.... t 14 to 20 years 8 90 to 90 years 4 23 to 26 ysars 19 ? 25 to 30 years 18 Total ...854 Rinrnm China 1 Sweden 1 England 6 Switzerland 1 Franoe & United 8tates 244 Germany 24 Unknown 4 trelaad 4* Wales I Kaly 1 West Indies t Scotland 4 ? Total 844 Hiwo imrrmmomL BeDevne Hospital l'i Pent'y Hosp. Btk'U's Id. 1 City Hospital 8 Raadfs M. Wars. Heept 4 City Prison 1 St. Vincent's Hespf tel... S Colored Home Hospital.. 3 Ward's Isl'dfcal't Hosf.. IT House of Refuga 1 ?? Lunatic Aayl.BIk'ITs Is! 1 Total 48 WAsre. 1 7 18 14 2 1 14 4 8 - ? U 17 18 29 10 17 8 K M 1? i 17 19 11 5;::::: n 20 w 21 to 10 ? 28 l ? I I 88 ? 1 5 HO Total 8ft THOMAS K. OOWinNO, Otto In spasm CTt j tnsyeeter'i 041m, Hew Yert, Jvia? \ lift,

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