Newspaper of Evening Star, 11 Haziran 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 11 Haziran 1855 Page 1
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VOL V. WASHINGTON, D. C TTTE EVENING ST VR PUBLISITED OTO AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT PUWDAYJ 0 At th? hi-ir hvAl?i:ng*.cornsr Ptnnsnlvant* fid E>vr?tk street, It y W. D. WALLAC1, 1A ?'! Kc MTT';' ? ? fl V' rjVp, ;n ,{,, r tries of Waiih (?*or,r f rwn. MciinMa, Baltimore and at SIX AM) A QUARTER CEKTR, pr/aMe weekly to th* Agent*. To mail anWribers IRe Wtaeriptioa prfrc it THREE HOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a veer iu orfi-avt, TWO DOL LARS tor mx MONTHS. and ONP DOLLAR *> TTPEE MOVTH*. corias on 0?MT. IMPROVER EYELET MA Firs' patent?corn lined nsi ine *tock S-con t patent-self faedm- witti eyelet fcO'h',*irt^atert?'>1tCnt 'niProT^ fastener, riveting All partly in wmt ofa r*>d Ev^lot Machine, are to none but L1PMAJPS -F f Roved, wh:.-h is deciMiv tiwM't ever brought b?!'ore ih: public, inn hnuna nu'neraj? advantage?, vz: It is Ptr'>ii r. durable and not liable to pet out of or der. It punches the hole well, ind to fit the Evelet, and m one operation clinches the Eyelet or. *th n.tes. It saves time, as the papers 3tc., ne?d not 'U"" or lurnetl "v? clinch the E?let a ae combine . a* is the cane with all other M udrine*. it i) uatini tu the Merchant in filing away papers, m< t S? to th.i attorney or Conveyancer,: nhie m i*er, I ail or Ml!!in?r, au<i numerous others, and u a very lai*>r waving Machine S?d by a'i the principal Stationers rind Fancy 0 wd- Dealer* thmvrhoiit the United fctate*. Afeata for Washington, TAYLOR * MAURY, " Bookstore, near 9th ?t m A CARD. m Eeonomy u the. mad to Great Reduction in the price of Hats & Cape 'fIHE nnderm^ned, havus? made airange meats X with a New York fist Company to be con **?** Wllh ,hf Tefy best Moleskin or ORKSS HATS, got tip in the late* style, offer* U?em at th* uupreceaeniKd low price of $3,50, worth front f->u- to five dollars; neron-l quality, J3, worth from f i.50 to $4 ; md a very good fashi >p. able Hat at #9,50, worm from $3 to $3.50 -je-be A Co * Hau?, at a mu*h le<s advanc. I Rave b?en her- tofrrc sold in this eity. 1 tte beaver Hrtts $3,5 >. All kinds of >?ft HATS and CAT;? very low. la ^rJer to sell at the ib #ve low price* the cash ?y*tem mast b< adopted ; consequently those wh<> purchas* will not be oh irged fror.i fifteen to twenty nv<: per cent, as an offset for bad debts. ANTHONY, (for many years in th>; employ of Todd k. Co.) No. 3,Col?imbta place, 7th su, ap 13? tf -1 door north of Pena. arcane. H SOJtErETNO U RKK THE SUif. CHARLES WERNER, Pennsylvania acentte. opposite Browns' Hotel. * \s> fined up the c ttantodioux hall over his Res taura .t aa a fir^t cia?s L.AGKR BEER S * LOON, iiat nz pro~ure<! a supply of every luxury ?"'! -onuiorts fatui-d in fir^t rlaw cstablisimtects o! the kind in the V?mern cities. Hw RHINE WINES aud French White Wine;, a* well as h;s CI '.rets. Serar*. Laeer Beer, Certnatt Italian, and Sweiti.-r I HEESE.' and indeed f ev ery other appropriate luxury in such an e.stabiish luent, is uiiMirpas?ed in th?^ country. lie solicits a call from his friends and the public may 12?tf DENTISTRY. KB. DONALUSi iN. 1). mu??, late of the firm ol ? _ Hun & Donalds <n, continues to _ manufacture and insert iho^e beautiful l><?rcelnin teeUi, with cr without tuns, for specimen? of ?Lich (made and de poatH by the i*te firm) was awarded the Gm ftreouum at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently ield in this city f'** tetU; are carved uud shaded to snit tarii purtit tuar cast, and their resemblance to the natu ral organ*. t? >o p-i -ct as to deceive tliu niot t prat, lised eye. Purtieular att^atiou ^i^o paid tn fiilmg and pre M?rviu? the natural tee.ih ? "harjiej- moderate and all operations warranted. OlBce southwest corner Seventh and D s<a. en tnuce on D. mar 21?Cm FISCHER'S BA5D FULLY CZQAX IZED. HAVING now completed all my .TrR'igiiment for a flr?; rate aid COTILLON B % VD, I am apim at the service of the pnW:c to attend E*f-ur#- )ij l'.irtie>, Exhibitors?, Parades, Pic Nica, Balls, and s?er nult-i. All those in favor ofa citizen's h uid ; resp?-i t:u!iy invited to encoura^<' our u-?ipri?e, litre in vVa* <n City P FHCHi.R, Leader. P S.?Tins Barul, uu :er iii i direction, is regularly uniformed, and Iro.n a practice cve.r twenty years I can give wtifl iciMii to every or"-. Rekidence. ?*a. nv-iiue. n >r?h side, bet. Uth and 1Ut|, streets fir* d > r nvst ol iron Hall. Or.i.:r* left with Mejam llilbu- ii Hiu pun tuany attended to. may 14?lm* NOTICjE JEh WHITL HOUL;. PAVIL ,ioa 4c tn? b*n r ? ted for tte *eas??n. au.. i> .eady or the uceptio.. f visitors. Lar^e a d -aua.'l parties can !>? accomm<>du.t^d with Mi-dn, fiic. F'ir particulars app-y to VVll.l.I \M COKE, on F, beiweeti 21st a;.d I -trcets No Cxcur^n part:..* except th >*e already en tiffe?l, can tm ir jwii caterer except paying ejira f"?r the us? of tliv house. By order of the M \NAGEU S. may 2i?MW&Fhn LAND W \RRANTS WANTED. THE aoJr Slimed wdl I~ay the hifhest price tut L".*f W rr.mts. btOCh> .jut Mid Ob Cummi idoa. II A It.TON U i'ANT, No.43? Pa. avenge, ?. uiiy -liu (lut 'l'ilKTTR VLL ST HA O lk*? " visittns tile C-'ty ?b >uld see Huntet'^CaiaioKU vf tr.e < .'urirxities of the Patent Orti ><. Als?j, hU Uesenp i >n ot Powell s Great Picture. HUNTER u to be a*eu at 436 Nintu atrc?-|. may 31?Jin* ICS?ICE?ICE! \ 'ILKi WVK JHC-, cm Pa. avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel, will keep throuKh<iut n *" ""I-* "f Pettibone'? b st H'E, which he wiii sell, on call, in any quantities, at the lewew powllk ratea. ^ may'i#?<itrt^p30 't'UIL L NniCU lOare now wo:am. ti" Stoue Uuarry lormcrly occupied by ?laior v\ tn B. Scott, and arc prepared to fti.nuh ?iTONL at the aroal market rate.^ HUMPHREYS A WILLIAMS. May 16?lio* PLEASURE TRIPS TQ THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. r The Steatcers GEO. WASH INton or T110S. COLLVtK caii be cnaru red for public or select parties to viait iii? White House Pavilion, Motuil Vernon, Fort W aauin^t'.n, or i.tlirr places on the river. The \?*hite House Pavilion iu now open for visi tor? Ft is a beautiful p!are for pieaaure trips; it tas a fine BaJ ax. | Dimac room , a so, a new Ten Pin Alley ? r-?t" For pa/liculars a^p'y to the President of the tympany, or the i.'apt iias ol the Boau. Mr. V^fLLIAM COICL is tiiriushind re^Veahmenta and is prepaicd to furniah parties on ?"? hot terms. an a; ..o,,, GREAT BARGAINS AJ)RF5lf l*'*)TS AND SHi.'CS.- rhe^^,, bi|t^rr;.K;| c- upclled u> P'aioTe from Up|l >j>re ni- bow oceu [net., offers his prea fWl a**<r;i:d Stock of Ii?XJ'l'S AND SHOES i^auy reduced prices. All persons in ?J l??; arucl.: will fiud it to their aivanta^c to ??-. befoit purcUaMnK clsewher;. A. II. ULOAN, No 304 Pa. a v., near 10th st.. north -id*, auy 1?tf REEL'S EAGLE PLUMBING AKD T GAS-PITTING DEPOT. BE anb^-riher re^pectfully announces to hia friends and the public in general that be haa re ll>e rti?t lot of the celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE A?TING HUCTION AND FORCE 'L wi'ion received the SILVER Mb.DJIL at ??? le-T*1'0' ,; e Metroi^luan Mt cf.anics' Inatt J" , 18 ?"* prepared to furniah all who itnv fivor him with i call. Ln^ ei? f1 i ? '1 '"aptlenl workmen he prides G W kit "i v;;"y or1 r' PLUMBING AND J [ n>* W!,h promptnesssr.d despatch ' ? warraired to give complete - JuliS RiiE^E, ? 1?^ eor. Sixth at. aud Pa avenue W NEW AND OLD PIANOS. PtsLW "l'W ln ?',''rc laile*1 assortment of Te. fe Ji I r> ***'offerr ?n thia city from Hal decide*' a it "r,d Ki^ihe, p, ' x '-0 s celebrated manutactoriea. Th> s? "* * wr fuarantee, and sell upon vei y eaay terjx? wi <r' a I,c* n'J u-e,t on-y a f?w months, which hand fv 2 s?w. pru t 01 "*oud Wd Puno, ay Aiidre Stien. for f75. a very fine secondhand Uhickerinc Piano for *** M *Urgam. id Piai?o6 taken in exchange for new. h*?d, Stuoia, Covers, Viuluia, Guitare, *' Actordeooa, Mumc. ke Ac. JOHN f. LT LIS, 306 Pennaylvania avenue, ** yu? and 10th streeu. TO ALL THAT F *LUE TFieiR SIGHT. v. MBMBBBMMMBP aBMI*< IK MSHES lo call the attention mail thai ~uffer Y? with defective eight, caused hy age, sickness and jlarly f oin gl<-ses iiijiidin.Hi*ty aelcclsd to hi* su -ertor SPECTACLES and GLASSES cite fully gp-i.ud *.y fc;nise;f to a true -phorical accuracy, an.J brilliant trcn-parency. sui ? d precisely and ben rlci My to the wiarer according to th*1 concavity or convxuy of the eye. Very numerous are the ill ef fects rana-d to the precious organ of sight from the c?inme.:? tui' ut of usirg glasses in not being pr< cicely suited. by the use of an Optometer; and the practice of many years, enabl s him to measure tlie fical distance of the eyes, and su -h glasse- that are absolute!/ required will be furnished with precision and sati? faction J. T acknowledges the very liberal encourage rneut already obtained, -nd further solicits the pa tronagt of those that have nut yet avails themselves of hid'aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by pending the glairs in u*e, and statin; how many niche* ihe> can read this print with their spectacles, cau be supplied with such that will improve their sijht Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and refer ences given to many who have derived the greater ease au<i comfort fiom hi* glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office. No 51 ti Seventh street, three doors from. Qdd Fellowi' Hal!, up stairs. ? Norfoib September 7, 1854. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit ver> well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other I have lately tried Lrrr. W. Taziw'kltj. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr Tobias, and fiind them of great assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description of the focus, f recommend him as a skillful optician HinrtA Wise. Mr. J. Tobias : Sir?The pair of Spectacles you furnished no yesterday are particularly satisfactory to me They are very decidedly the best 1 possess, and 1 am th of eight or nine pairs, earefully selected i different places and from opticians recommended ti me on account of their professional standing in Kng land, France, and the United States I have been also pleaded with your remarks and directions on tne treatment of the eyes, for the purple of pre serving and improving the sight. Respectfully jours, Chas CALDWBLt,, Professor of M. C., Louisville. Ky Lymchbtho, Nov. 10, li?5l Mr. John Tobias having furnished me with <"!a? ses. by which I have been greatly aided, (my vision bavins suffer- d greatly fVoui reading at night :n m> earlier life) it rae the highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who ii.ay need his profes sienal servicef Wk. B. Rocsie, Elder of Methodist Conference. Wilmington, C., Jan. 27, 1854. Mr J. Tobias: Dear Sir-I am happy u> nay that the Spectacle wbi' h I .obtained fmn> you last w ek are entirely i-ati?fact*>ry. From an im quality in the vi>ual ranse ??f m v eyes, 1 have her? r.frre found '/rent diflTn ull> in getting gla-ses of the pr >per focal distance. It aff r.t me pleasure to stale, that by th> aid of your optometer this difficulty has been happily obviated so that the Glares yon tiirnished rn?* are .tccidcdly rite best rdaptcd to my eyes of any I have ever yet used. Very respectfully yoars. R. B. Dranb, Reel ?r of St. James" Par sh. D? partinem of Interior "''ay 7, 1B55 Frotn natural defect" and the unequal range of in c\e?, i bave been compelled t'> use glases for seve ra'. years. I have tri'd different opticians without obt nun; gt.vse? perfectly fitted to my eyes Four months -nice Mr. Tobias made two pairs tsj?ecia!l> lor me. wnich I have found to serve me j^rfecth By the u*e ot bis opt meter he is enabled to a ap U'asses minutely to the eye I most cheerfully rec ommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to u> glasses, aod bear my testimony as to his skill a.-, an opuc-an. Hcnry f, Baldwin. Assistant Sect'y to?.gn Land Warrants, mav 15 -tf FOR TUK CURB OP Asthma and Cousuinpti: n. NEW AND Vh'KY WON I) HFUL HYGKANA Brought home to the door of the Million A WONDERFUL discovery has recently he. made tiy Dr. Curtis of this city, in tie treat ment of Consumption, Asthma, and all diseases o the Lungs. We refer to Dtt CURTIS'S H YGE \S\ OR INHALING HYGEA< VAPOR ANI CHEP.RY ^VRUP '* With this n-w method, I ? C. ha- re-Tored many afflicted ones to he ?lt , as hi evidence of which he haj nnuinerable certificate Srw?.tKin2 of tne tr-atm'-nt. a physician reumks, "I is evidcut that i haling?constantly breathing a. agree Hl?, r-^ali g vapor?the medicinal pr>pi rt>? must ,-ome in direct contact with the whole i.? (.aviiic ? i *h lunrrs, and thus escape the many an vi?rie<1 clianres prodite d upon them wh?n intr dnccd IBM the <iomacli, and ?ubject to the of diction " The Hygena is foi .ale at al; v Druggist'* throughout the country. N. York Dut<h of Jan. 14 The Inha er i* worn uu the ore.ust under the line witiwit the i?ast it>convenience?the h< at of th b d> !?< in* ?uScieul to evaporate the fluid ilui drcds oi ctte-s of euros, hae Hie following, n>i:'hl h named One paefcag* of the liyg ara has cuwd me <-f tii. Asthma of six years' standing. J F Kkesbkbbv, F M. of Duncannon, l>. i Lru cured of th e Asthma of ten years' sttuitfin. by Dr. Cuitia'g IJygcana. Marqarbt Eahton, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr*. Paul, ol'No. B Hammond ktreet, N Y, wa cured oi a severe ea?e of Bronchitis by the Kly geana. My sister has been cured of a distressing cough o several years' standing, and decided to be incurs Me b# tii?- physicians, the was cured in one montl by the Ilygeuna. J. II. Gai*bbr'i, P. M. Richmond, Me. The Rev. T?r Cubbveh, of New York, testifies o. oui medicine in the follow uig language: Niw York, Nov. 15, 1854 Dear Sir?I think highly of Dr. Curtia'? Hyge.ui. as a remeiiy in diseases of the throat and Lungs H iving had ?ome opportunity to testify its eilicacy I am convinced that it is a most excellent modi eine, both the Syrup and the inhaling apphcau n to the chest. Prof. S. C?X7KR writ-si uu a* follow*: Centleinen?I have recently had occasion U> test your Chury Syrup aod Hygean Vapor, in a case w chronic sore throat, that had refuse;! to yield to oth cr forms of treatment, and the result has satisfie. me thai, whatever may be the composition of youi preparation, it is no imposition, but an excellent rtmejy. 1 wifh, for ibe sake of the aSicied, that it might !;?: brought within the reach of aB. Dr Jouns, one of me most celebrated Physician in New York writes as lot lows: Dr. Ccrtib?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the ex Cell.' ct effects of your Hygeana r inhaling Hygeai Vapo. and Cherry Syrup, in case of Chronic Br on ehiti?, and being much in favor of counter irriution hi atfecuobj of uie tliroat, Bronchial lubes and lungs I can theretor* cheerfully recommend your Medi caied Apparatus as being the most convenient an<' effsctual mode of applying anything of the kiad I have ever seen. No doubt, thousands of per on.? may be relieved, and many cured, by using your medicines. i must here be allowed to confess that I am op posed to prescribing or using secret compounds, bu; this little neatly contrived article, and its ? fleets n the case above alluded to, bave induced tne to sp>;ak in its favor. You are at liberty to use this in any way vou ma> think proper. Respectftilly, yours, &c. C. 'OHN8, M D., No. dU9 Houston street, N. Y Sold by CUKTIS i PErtKINS and BOYD * Price thr??' dollars r. package by CURTIS * PErtK PAL'L No 149 hambers street, N. Y Four packages sent free to any part of the Unite*] States lor ten dollars N K ?Dr. Carti?'s Hygeana is the ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all ethers are bo*?: inula ions, or vile and injurious counterfeits Shun them as you would POISON. For sale ui Washington hy CHARLES STOTT. Pa. av nut, near 7ih street; and J. B MOOitE, ii. the Fiiat Ward. may 22? 6in PERRY'S AND CILLOTT'S BT JEL PENS in Variety, b >ught in person frotn the manufactur ers by the u'.designed, in this way securing gtnu o ein *, a? well s? ifc? best qualMy and each hi^nd. PIMVCK Ti^YH?i., Lrtay* Auction : ale* By J. C SlcOUIRV. /mtMontfr CHANCERY SALE OF YALUA6LE AND EL igiblv ?ituat?d improved and unimproved Real B*tate, consisting of Dw llinc Homes and L'?ts, va cant Lo^a, and Wh&rf.? By v rt?.i r of a decier of the ?'ircutt Court of th? District of Columbia tor Waali ington county, ir.ade in tin: c.iiisc wherein John A. Fraser is compla nant, and Jolin Waiker, i lien is. Fraser, mid mh'ts. heirs a( >nw of i'ra^er, deceased, are delendauU-', !Vo 899,in ?'naucery, tbe subscribers. trustees appointed by taid decree. wil -??II at public auction all tho-e pieces or parc??L of ground lying and beingsRuat*d >11 he city of Wash ington. and kn wn and distinguished an beine Lot* No?. 1,2, 3 4,5,6,7,8,9. 10, U, j2, 3,14,15 16, 17,18 19 20,2 ,22. 23, and 24, in Uie subdivision made by t-aitl tru>t?*e? of Square No 412, ironting respectively and variou>lv ?rom 18 l'eet 1 inch to 30 tVet 9 inches on 8th and 9ih streets west. and E ami F streets south, by various depth- t'j an alle>, with th* improvements and appurit nances, which con si.*t of a ommodtou* and well an ! substantially built 3X story Brick Dwellin? House on Lot 8. and a comfortable aud well boiit 2 story Hri? k Dwelling House on eacfcbf Lots Nos. 18 and 16 in said sub division} lot No 4, in Square No 388, inn tint 2;> on F street south, between 9!i and 10th sts. w st, hy 125 feet deep, with the improvement* and appur tenances, which consist of a 2' .' lory Frame Dwel ling House; part of Let No. 3, hi Square No 730, fronting 40 feet on Pennsylvania avenue, running ack to "A" street south, with a width on <aid "'A" <treet of 43 feet 7 inches ; and part of Square No. 472, fronting 44 feet on Water etreet, at the termi 'lation o?'7th street west. with ti;e valuable Wharf ihcitrto attached and belonging, extending to the channel of the I'oromac riv r, and n-rw occupied by fJ<orge Page and used as a steamboat wharf The sale of the several Lots in the subdivision of Square No 41i, w th the improvements and apptir t.'iiancea, will take place on Thursday, the 24th 'lay of May, 1855, at 5 o'clock p m., on the prem (see. The sale of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 388, with the improvements an-i apfiru nances, will take jlace on -aid Thur?dav, the 24th day o* May, 1855, at 6 ?'clock p. m , on th* premises The sale of part of Lot No 3, tn square No. 730. will akc place on Friday, the 25th day of May, at iU o'clo k p. iu., on tae And the sale of part of Squar ? No 472, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, wUl 'ake place on Tuesday, the 29'i; d -y of May, 1855, t 5Vf o'clock p. di., on th" premises The above property is all situated in desirable Io nium-, rapidly enhancing in value, and offers to apitalists and others a most favorable opportunity or inve-iiinents or procuring a de-irable residence. The terms of sale, as prescribed U? said decree, -ill be one fourth of ti;e purcha?e money in rash, old the balauce in .-ix, twelve, eighteen, and twen i_v fou> months, to be secured by the purchaser's ?Kinds, bea tug interes' (Voni day of sale, with secu rity, to be approved by the Trustees. Upon the full payment of the puichase money and interest, and the ratification of the sale or sales by the Court, the Trustees will conve. the proper y to he respective purchasers in fee. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six lays after the sale, the property th' terms of the sale o which are not so complied with will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchasers upon one v.ek's notice. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchas ers. en tP. s Wall Ann.. ? , ...= ED WD SWAN If, I I-Vsl*ea J AS r. McOU'RE, mav 2 ?eoSids Auctioneer. (j(7- Th? iil# of the irvtral lots 11? quare 4'2 ami lot 4 in square .'t88. with improve* ueut^, is postponed, us consequence of the rain, inul TUESDAY, June 5th. same hours. P. S ?The sale of lie v ilu .hl ? wharf property at the foot of Seventh -trcet is p?>tponed untd TMURS > \Y FTEKNOON, ju ;e 7th, at 5 o'clock, on the pc mii>es CIIAS. R. % AI.LACH, I EDW'D SWANN. [Trustees J AS. C McGUIRE. tune 2 ?eo&ds Auctioneer. *v Tli ia>? Aftlic W arfPr?-p r?y is fur'tn r postponed, in consequen e?ot the ra'ti, u til ICESDAY AFTE. Noi.N, JU"el2th, at5^ o'clock, on the preini-vp. < H\s s EDWARD SW VN <, rru*leee je8 d J AS C McGUIRK, Auct'r. By J. C HcGVlKK, Auctioneer* iJIRST CLA^S RESIDENCE NKAR TRINITY 1^ Churdi, at Publn* sale.?< ?n MONDAY alter noon, June IIth, at 6 o'clock, on the premise*, 1 *hall r-e|| bat new aud desirable dwelling h' U-e, M'h ttf lot attach-d, nuia1'445, M itat'd on t e south side ot nortii t street, between Fust and Sec ond streets west Th- hf u>3 is ot bri jk. lour stories bi?;h. with good .ry cellar beneath; ot building 24 by 40, au i contains large salAon parlor lb hy ;<8. hamlsomely finished, with walnut trimmines, &c., tix larg^ ond airy chamber-, iliniug room and kitchen. T! is house is built of'choice mate.ials, and iu the most substantial manner, wit all the modern im ?rovements, cooking rar.te, furna< e, pure water ?uoushout the bouse from a well in the cell r, hot, old, and shower bath fixtures, bells in all the ?outs, fee Each ot the :bre^ first stories have urge :?na handsome porches at the back. To per ms de-irinj a fine re ilet?ce th;s sal?- offers a fl:.e pportunity to secure one. Terms: < ?ne lourtli caeh ; .r?c residue in 6 13, 18 24 tnoiub>. with int< reit. f eiued by a de-jd of rust on the pr? ttilsei: JAP. C. McGWIRL, w 4?d An*l1one??r. M. WILLIAM, 4IHF.V DRE SAND f?t MMI^O ^TOEE. # Pa. avenue betircen 1th end Sth Ureits. U WILL I AN would respectfully announce to ? the Ladies ot W*saiugi<.ii, that lie ha> ust cceiv d Irmn ihe Northern cities a complete stock ?t LOODS, among which nlay be fouud? Mew style French liress Triiuuiing; ?'ine French Flowers and Ribands A lar*e lot of Bonnets, iu silk, cripe, and straw, of the I a ten patterns \nd an excellent assortment of handsome Embrni Jerirs of ail kind Dresses made in tl.e latest Paris fashions at rea sonable ' ales. Pinking and Fluting aud kid Gloves cleaned. Ladies Mantillas, reudy made, and made to order, may 31? eolm CARRIAG Ts?UARRT AGES~ [II AVE now on hand, and constantly finishing, a very large assortment of Pleasure andcJCSJt/ I'a.nily CARRIAGES, of the latest fa*.lj K>ns, which I will sell as iow as tlie same quality of >. nrk can ke sold in any of the principal markets of the United States. The subscriber is now dealing exclusively in Car nages ot his own manufacture, and all work >old by riiaa will be warranted, and compare favorably with my work in this market. As 1 always keep a large tssortment, I invite purchasers and others to ex amine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. Carriages built to order Old Carriages taken in -xcliang'', or repaired at the shortest notice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No 409 Pa. avenue and 4^ street, may 1 - co3ui i H* MUTUAL FlT^ IilSURAKCa COMPA RT OT THE I3TRICT OF COLUMBIA, <1IARTE?ED by Congress, offers to the property i j owners of lite District safer and cheaper means ?f insurance than any other Company. ULYSMES WARD, Presiucnt. CIIAS WILSON, Secretary. MATUEW G. EtlERY, Tri^isurer. lillSIIS. Ulysses Ward John Yan Ri. wick Thomas Blafden P. W. Browning F. Howard, Maihew G. Emery. J. C. McKelden, Office, Columbia Place, comer Louisiana avenue tnd 7ih street. Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p. in. feb 26?eotf Orphfcti'i Court, May 33, 1855 DISTKIIt OF COLUMBIA, VVashinotok Codntv?To wit: In tbe case of Teresa A Mitfeli, administratrix of Thomas W Saffull, dereased The administratrix ?tort said has, with the apprubatio.. of the Orphan's :nurt of Wathi .gton County , in the District o< Co umnia, appointed Tuesday, the 12th day of June ?ext, for tbe final settlement and distribution of the -state of said deceased, of the assets iii hand, so far * tbe same have been collected and turned into money when and where all the creditors of ^aid eceased arc notifl d to attend, (at the Orphan's Court of Washington City,) with their claims prop rly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be ex tiindwd from all benefit of sais estate: Provided, a cop. of Urn order be published once a week for three weeks in the 4i Dai y Evening Stai," previous to said 12th day of June next Tsste: ED N. ROACH, Reg Wills. True copy?Teste : Ed. N. Roach, Reg. Wills. May 2! 1855-in 28 H3t 1JRENCH VISITING CAKDS, extra thin, and X1 ot the fiiM?t finish, ju-t impornd iron. Port-> di rect, by PftANCK TAYLUB. may IS STEWART'S 0 K VLIGHT DlGUEKREAN GALLERY?We ' arr mRking splendid pictures <01 lower prices than any other Ga ier> in the city. They are per fectly life-like, and s itusttction is alwav* given. Gallery directly M. IV. Gait's Jewelry Store Pa- avcr"R Je 1?lm P* R. * O W ' tVITTl DtPM: i ? VIC vision are invited f? examine my extensive stock of ail kimisoi SPECTA * CLES at <1 EYE-GLASSES. Clamed' of any kind, such as ."atnract, Parabola, - I'enscopic, Double Concave, D.niulc Convex, and Colored oia.-s? a, put in at st.ort notice, with great care, and persons in want of glasses may b~ sure to gel 'hose which benefit the eye twr Circulars "Defective Vis ootrans at ___ H. SKMKEN'S, -30 Pa.avenue, betw 9:h and lOtii Pi ma/ :w Fians perfumery, toilet articles, ?c. We hr.v? now in st^re a large van ety of fine an., common Fans, Harrison's and l.u bin's celebrated Perfumery, llrushee, i ombs, I'ooth Powders, playir.2 and visiting Cards, fine Portmon iiaiei, Cigar Cafes, Cart Cases. Baskets, Canes, &c ,&c., all oi Which we art- filing out at I?.w prices to suit the time- at the Pimo. Music, Sla tionety, Perfumery, and Fancy Goo.!* Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 30 ? Pa avenue, bet. 9tb and 10th Ms. may 23?if N? ? TI1.' K ?I received this day a new assort ment <>fSLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latest stjit?s. Also, a vari-Mv of other *iew Goods: as Vest Chains, Chateiains', Brace lets, P.i s Earrings, Rincrs, etc. Great inducements offered to purchaser*. H. SEMKEN, No 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th st {??? Ne>- Points put to Gold Pens at ?hort notice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to ord r mar 29 ? -tf K"o.a07. WMHIWO* STJth MiKUPKT KV, S. &, corner of Pa av. nmd Eleventh tlrr ct Sole Agency for CHILSON, GOULD k 00 f? Wftfmins an?l Ventilating 4 pj?aralns, M POND h CO.'S (ot Bo'tern > Uuitu Do?blc-0ven ook og Runie. J L. MOT P^ (of New Vork) INV NC'BLF DOUBLE-OVtN RANGE. Constantly on hand, and r-ceivinir LATROBE STOVE^, for heating tw ? storing; Parlor and Cham ber GRA'"ES. Enann l ed and Japann*-d Cooking Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dinin? Room S OVBS; Plain. Tinned and Enam?-lled Iron HOLLOW W \RE; B *n Tin, I'lanishedand Ja unned W \RE in great varit-tv. All or which will be sold at the lowest possible rates, that will compare favoraMv with any C.-tas lisliment .outh of New York. An examination of mv stock t* earnestly solicited ap 13?3m J*S SKlRVIsG DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON respectfully call* public attention to hi- n<-w patent, and GREATLY IMPROVEM method of setting Artificia | Teeth, with Continuous Gain the very PEHFECTION OFTHE ART This?ty|e of I ? etn has the following advantages over all oilier*, uz: GKEAT STRENGTH. CLEANLINESS. COM PORT, and HF.M TY. vieing with Nature i; the?? [ respects, and in some others excelling. Public in ; apection is respectfully solicited. Please call and ! see specimens. CAUTION. No ether Dentist in the District of Columbia Ins a ri*ht to make Uus style of Teeth N. H ?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. Office and house at No. SI9 8 E street, n-ar the comer of Pi nnsvivania avenue and U;h sir* ? ? ap -24 ? tf FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN SMALL BUILDING LOT* of 10 f~?t tiw . ?art !!? jHitj of tbe Oifcy, and Georsrstrrc - lew price*., antf tanss ?o euit. LLOYD A CO CPILDIBro STOW ? . For sale, d*'j?sre.fcle at the Oansl. or V/h?r; ? Wufclcgtcc. Geor^i torfu. o; Alerapdri-? t#JX)YD & (l:, L'jih . r>r.L opx> 1rwr,< l???ye ?-i ? 1? NEWPOLKA. ''pHE CHEVY <^IA3E POLK4, cnmpxxA t\>; 1 and dedicated t M:*s Sally D Bradley, by J. D. Saunders, Esq . of this city, whose compositions have always met with sucii great pui.lic fav.r The merits of the pieef are su.-ii as will introduce it among ail lovers ol umsic. Price 2.1 cents. Just publish d arr* for ssl*' by HI LB US & m rz. The President's Mounted Guard Quickstep < om posed by f e accomplished Pianist, Mr Robert i!el ler, will appear in a lew davs mas' 12 DR. TflEOD II \NSMAN Keeps >is effi hoars from ? igh! t?> tes? nV|n?*k .vm No 5 03 Seveiil/i U., cf/p CkLI beUou>^ Hull. may 2't- lm* w ILVKiR VI? \ K. PLATE!) W Allrf ABIPFIVE PA O OOlilJS.-SiiVKi C fee and Ten S?i?, Sujar Bowl-. Cre?m Jti*-. G< >>ieu, Cups, Spiions Forks Alow .. treat variety of ncigniflcent Fancy Silver War- ':?ta'!? for presents. Plated t <?li? ? Si u, Castors, '' islteo, a^i' Porks, osi b< -I AI bat.t The ir'k'le:; are w:irra? ?ed as represent**!. t.r;,i "lil i>?- M?ld at a small Advance. U. SKMK&N 330 Pa. avenue, bet 9th and MKn st'e. t?. mar 29 -tl FOR THE ORANGE & ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP KAfl.POADS 1^11 E Sabai riber's Coaches w II call for P.'wenger* wi-iiinpto connect with the above m ^[j "? ^ Railroads. My i.'oaches connect witl^mBUhB3? tbe Steamers Taos er or Gtckot vVa^uino tox, which leave Washington at C a m. Utj- Meals furnished on the boat?. Persons wishing th^ Coaches to call for theia can leave t'teir name and residence with Mr Jidin T Tillman, near th* Capitol gate; Mr. Butt's drus store, corner Pennsylvania aveiiuc and lSiJi street; or at Geo. &. Thos P<irker &. Co's ftnre. Coaclnw can be had for Pleasure Trips, may 28 i.u WILLIAM WU^LEY. SI tH iwiOii TABLE AND POC1&ICT ('utlery, Razors, Scissors, Sic A large assort ment, lower than at any other pla^e in the city. For Kod articles and low prices alwavs call ?! the jusekeepcr's Furnishing Store, 400 Seventh st. may 30 6 FR ANCIS MO RE BAR GAINS. JOHN H. SMi'OT, Bride f street, so id A tide near High Georgetoim, "|_? AS j??t received a lurthe' supply of seaMinabl) I"~l Goo-is, amoDgst which will be found 50 pieces gi^xl styles fast colored Lawns at 12~$ 10 do plain black a:.d white and black do. :? do rich plaid Ginchams and Gingham Lawns HO do dotted and rich emb'd Mu-lins 50 do plain Swiss and Naiusook 40 do Jaconet and Cambric do 30 do plaid und striped do 25 Grass Clotli Skiru 30 corded and daitask do White pnd colored Watered Moreens 50 pieces light pretty styles Calicos 10 do Barege de Lames at 12%c 2 do Buff shade Linen With an assortment of seasonable styles of Giorea, Hosiery, and many oilier very desirable Goods, tu which the atten!ion of cash or prompt customers ts invited, as we aie constantly receiving new grxxls, and are selling them at prices to suit the times, may 29?tf _ J_H. SMOOIV NOTICE. 'I'HE Undersigned can accommodate parses with 1 COACHES for pleasure trips. Also, to make trips to boats arriving, after nigh' from the White House".1 For terms apply to Mr. JOHN HOLBROOK, at the Sta*e Stand at the Capitol, er orders left a; G. & T. Parker it Co.'s Stoie. WM WHALEY. may 16?lm* FINE WATCHES. AV1NG made a considerable addition to m) stock oi cold nrsTma rATKirr lkvs&s, and LlOUl' WATCHES Of first quality, heavy 18 carat| cases Also, SILVER WATCHES for bojr?>. I offer them at greatly rcdoced prices. The mov? merts are selected with great care, and every Watch is xmranted. pcrsouh u? want of a lice timekeeper are irvited to examine my assortment. H SKM KEN No. <30 Pa. avenue, betw. 9thand 10U? sts. mar 30 H kV hN t<T S'l AK. ' COLO**?. M^BTBTJS A wag; of a fellow, who would joke at a funeral, seeing so much j-'olemness abr?ut the cholera at New (Means, told a very good anecdote, which spread a grin on every countenance, a d was no doubt, more benetic:ai to the sympathetic por tion of the "crowd ' than would have been a d??e of 44 d cior s stuff " "When the choleia made its appear ance," ?aid he, 44 in one of the Eastern cities, in 1832, a sanitary committee was appointed to vit,it each house iu the city, and enjoin cleanliness on the inhabitants In a da?k alley, iu one of the suburbs, they found an old Irish woman living in one room, which was not remarkable for cleanliness. The spokes'nau admonished the old lady that she should be more e'eanly, as sickness was approaching the city and she would be likely to be at tacked. " * Divil's the danger !' said the old lady; 'dhirt is ho ul some?it niver kilt half as many a* the divilish doctbixs.' 44 Just at this juncture a grunt, very much like the srun* of a pig. was heard to proceed trorn a corner in whi?h the old lady's bed stood, and the spokesman of the committee inquired what was un der the bed. 44 4 My pag!' said the old lady. 44 4 Your pig!' responded the commit tee. * 4 Yes, my pag.' 44 4 And don'tyou know,' ejaculated the committee, ' that if the cholera morbus comes here, and finds you in this tilthv coudiiion, and with a pig undei the bet;, that you will be one of its lirst sub jects V ?4 * Who's Curnel Maribos ?' responded the old lady, - that I should dhnve ou me pag for him I To the divil wfd yer Curnel Man bus ! asn't Gin'ral La fayette wid us, and me pag under the bed, and nobody disturbed him ? and isn'n he a betther man than Curnel Ma nbus V 44 4 Ah,' said the committee man, 4 you don't understand us It's the disease the sickness?we mean!' % 44 4 Don't throubleyersilvesaboat that,1 said the old lady, 4 lor it don't throubu me. And now, gintkuieu,' she cot. unucd,4 1 won't turn out me pag for yei disease, ner lor Curnel Manbas, ner foi yersilves? so yer may jist as well lav< me house ' 44 They did leave, and the old lad,? | kept her 4 pag. " OPIUK IHroXICATlOtf The confessions of Coleridge furnish us occasion for bringing >ut what ha. long lain in our convictions in regard to the retailing of opiates There can be found in every community, persons, mostly females, who have taken to the habitual use of morphine, laudanum or opium. Some have resorted to thets narcotics as a substitute for the intoxi eating cup. Others have formed the {taste while taking them to combat dis ease When a craving for the*e drugs is once established, it becomes as impe rious and engrossing as the appetite lor a strong diink. The wretchel wotua ; who becomes its victim goes to it under the same plea that the d? unkard does to his bottle. She must take it to work on, to sleep on, to beep awake with, to deaden pain, to quiet excitement, to screw her up for company, to make her herself. She can't live w'th'-ut it. As it 's not a soc al hut a solitary vice, the habit may be concealed for a long time Iroui the public; but as it gams strength it gets the mastery of sclf-respev t and decency, and the sallow visaged, ab&ent m;ud< d, maudlin, i?ath some object, publishes her own shame. She grows indolent, shiftless and drowsy She is a living mortification to her friends, and becomes remiss in almost every duty to her husband and children. She lives for opium and not for them ; and to ob tain that she will barter eggs, yarn, but ter, rags, anything of domestic merchan dize, and if these fail, will squander, if permitted, a large share of the earnings of her disheartened husband. Every country storekeeper and every village and city druggist knows customers to whom this description will apply. They are as truly dissipated as the drunkard, and the man who, knowing their habits, will supply them with opium, is as really doing wiong to them and their families as if he sold them rum. Public attention has not been called to this evil. The legislature has passed no en actment against it, and good men have thought very little about it, but we put it to the conscience of the merchant and the apothecary, that they are morally bound to r fuse to furnish such women the narcotic stimulants which are de stroying them, and bringing misery up on their kindred \\ e perceive, from articles in the En glish newspapers and reviews, that the practice of taking opium, in all its forms, especially that of laudanum, is alarm ingly on the increase. The victims to this drug in that country are mostly fe males.?jVormc/i Herald. C? hiousDviko Scb.^ks.?According to Fielding, Jonathan Wild picked the pock et ol he ordinary while he was exhort ing him in the cart, and went out of the world with the parson's cork-screw and thumb-bottle in his hand Petronius, who was master of the ceremonies and inventor of pleasures at the court of Nero, when he saw thnt elegant indul gence was giving place to coarse de bauchery, perceived at onoe that his term of favor had arrived, and it was time to die. He resolved, therefore, to anticipate the tyrant, and disrobe death of its paraphernalia of terror. Accord ingly he entered a warm bath and opened h:s veins, composed verses, jesting with his familiar associates and died off by insensible degrees. Deraocritus, the laughing philosopher, disliking the in conveniences and infirmities of * pro* THE WEEKLY STAR. (Mi Hoar-Jay MM 41 * St""* " nrr4KtAaLT at istmkti (t^- mpiu (io wrt^p?rj) en b?' pr^x at the counter, after th?" i*>m oi paper. Pn<v^?tbui r*jrr?. PomnmM wtw? act &? will v allow<* a cra.vt'Viu of twenty pet oe>? tractcd old age, made up his nund to de on a certain day ; but to oblige his sister, h2 postponed his departure until thr ?? feasts of Cera were ?v? r. ii? s i- ? J nature on a pot of honey to the apooini %d hour, and then expired by arrangement. Jerome Carden, a celt orated Italian phy sician. starved himself c^dnaliy, aad cnHra'cd wi'.h such ma<h< m&tical ni-v.y, a to hit he t- ry Oar and hour foretold. When Rahelai* was dying. the Cardinal 8* nt a page to inqune hoy? he wr ss. R? htlais joked with the envor until iie found his s length declining his last momen-a approach. ire th-n s?.i . T<li his ^mincn'e the state i which you lelt me. ! ant gving o u.qmr' into a geat toasibiliy. lie is in a snug nest; let him stay there as long as he cm. Draw the curtain ; the farce iu ovtr V ben the famous Count dcGraui mi nt was reported to be in extremity, the King, Louis XI V., being told of his to'al want of religious feeling, which .-hocked him not a little, sent tbe Mar quis de Dangeau to beg of hirn. for tho credit of the court, to die like a good Christian. He was scarc ly able to speak, but turning round to the count<*-s, who had always been remarkable for her piety, he said, w:th a smile, "Counte: s, take care, or Dangeau will fitch from y<?a the credit of my conversion." A Ludicrous Scene. ? bout 3 o'clock on Wednesday morning officer Warkins, of the Fifth Ward, heard a rattle sprung in the vicinity of Fifth aud Spruce streets, and proceeding to the scene, was some what surprised to meet a man in an en tirely nude state, proceeding up the lat ter street, making a tcrrib e noise. The officer was under the impression that the man was laboring under the mania-a potu, but advancing towards him dis. <\>vered that he was pursuing a black fellow. The officer then gave cl.a-e after 1 he pursued man, and after a long chase succeeded in bringing the object of pur suit to in the vicinity of Washington square, catching him by the leg as he w is getting over a fence. After securing the prisoner, who pr -ved to be Samuel rhomas, the officer, convulsed with l^'ighte! at sctiug ih*. sorry plight iu^o by the nude man, in his pursuit of the prisoner, met the gent, and succeeded in b Trowing an overcoat from another of ficer, with which he was covered until h? could get home and procure his clothes At the hearing before Alder man Moore, at i 0 clock, the testimony of the nude man was taken, which showed thai he was a barkeeper a' the cellar corner of Fifth and Spruce streets, at which place he slept. lie was awak ened by a singular uoise and the tact of the place having been robbed a short time ago, induced him to tndeav< r to catch the burglar. Whether he stripped himself fir this purpose or slept entirely uated. deponent did not say; but it i.j certa a 1 hat when he emerged into 'he s'reet from a side d >or, in pursuit of the robbtr, he was in a nude state. Thomas was committed in deiault of $1,500 bail, to answer the charge of attempted bur glary, by boring a number of uger holes in the door.?Phila. Sun. Extraordinary Spsed.? Anthony D. Thompson Conductor on th'* New York &, Erie Railroad relates to us the 'o!!ow ing: On Wednesday last the Dunkirk Ex press, drawn by engine 159 with Mr. Thompson, as Conductor, ar.d John Hull as E:igiueer, ran from Susquehanna to Hornillsrille, c distance of 112 miles, in precisely ihree hours and forty-four min utes ; or. deducting 36 minutes for stop ages, (20 of which were consumed at Os wegi) in three hours ard eigh' minutes, runniugtim.! Allowing als, for tin iost iu approaching and deparLn? from stations, and the >pe J of the tr - ^ could not b ive been less h*u a niii- t minute, or GO miles an hour. If this rate of speed over an equal extent of road, has ever been attained before in this country, we certainly never heard of it. The pas sengers on the train were of course per fectly delighted, and on arriving at Hor nellsville a deputation of their number waited upon th# Conductor and Engiueer and solicited them, in very strong terms to ruu the train through to Dunkirk, which, of course, they were obliged to decline ?Osrego Gazette. If the train had met with an accident and run off the track, those passengers would have been the first to hold a meet ing and resolve to have the Conductor hanged. The Deseret Alphabet ?Our readers are aware that the Mormons have adop ted an alphabet very similar to that known as the phonetic alpl ft'ct, by whirh the number of letters is greatly reduced, and a uniform sound always given to tho same character. It would appear from the following extract from Bro. Phelps' letter to the News that a commencement has been made towards introducing tho new alphabet in the schools:?Elder John B Milneris teaching Deseret alphabet with considerable sucoess, having sixty scholars at Lehi, twenty-eight at Ameri can Fork, twenty-five at Mountain ville, twenty-eight at Pleasant Grove, twenty two at Provo, first ward, who are ma king good progress.'' Such an alphabet will be of great a&sisiauce in enabling the many foreigners among the Mormons to acquire the English language. C^7*A damp match will light readily by first holding it to the arm or other warm part of the body for a few secords, until it attracts a small amount of heat, then rubbing it gently on woollen cloth of close texture, such as doeskin, or what is commonly used for pantaloons. It will ignite if the composition is almost as soft as putty; woollen cloth is the best to use in that case, as it causts lit tle friction, and is a good non-condactor of heat. we wish to shiDe in any partic ular character, we must never affect that character.

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