Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1855 Page 3
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KVENTNK STAR. Local Intelligence. Board or Aldkrmbx ?This Board met this morning at 10 o'oloek, when the new mem bar*, (nominally elected.) Messrs Magruder, Miller, Trader, Kmery, Busey, Clark, and Smith, were duly iworn in by Alderman B<*!y o bald over. On motion of Alderman Smith, tbey pr<'. ceadad to the election of a President, Messrs Marks and Bayly acting as tellers All the members were pretest except Messrs. Houston ? 3d Pearson ?H-The following was the result: Mr Clark, 7; ?earfon 1; Magruder, 3; Bajly, 1. So Mr. Clark having received a majority A all the votes cast. w*s declared to be duly elected President of the Board of Aldennen of Wash, ington city for one year from this data. Thcv next proceeded to tha election of a Vice President, with tha following result? whole number of votes east, 12: For Mr. Busey, 3; Erans, 3; Bayly, 2; Pearson. 3; Blaak, 2. So no one having received a majority of all tha votes cast, a seoond ballot was had with tha following result?whole number of votes east, 12: For Mr Busey. 2; Pepper, 1; Pear son, 4; Blank. 2; Bayly, 2; Smith, 1. Ho choice having beon effected, a third ballot was cast, resulting as follows?whole number of votes cast, 12 : For Mr. Pearson, ft; Bayly, 3; Dove, 1; Smith, 2 No election yet being consummated a fourth ballot took place, resulting as follows?whole number of votes oast, 12 : For ilr Pearson, 7; Smith, 1; Bayly, 3; Dove. 1 Mr. Pearson was declared duly elected Vice President On motien of Mr Mag'uder, Mr E. J. Mid dleton was rs-alected Secro'ary of the Board. On motion of Mr Busey, Jacob Kliebor was re elected messenger. A message was received from tha lower Board, announcing their organisation, and asking for a joint meeting to oount the votes received at the late elestion Mr. Magrader presented the protest of Jacob Gideon against 4l2_5dflli62ion ?? Mathew Q "imetv*o a seat at ""Board of A'derwim of the Washington: Believing that groes improprieties been committed at the late election againtt the undersigned ss well as a large number of legal voters of the Four h Ward of this city, he hereby protests against the admission of Mathew <3 Emery as tha Alderman of the Fourth Ward, believing from testimony taken under oath that tie undersigned was clearly elected as the Alderman of said Ward, said testimony *ili be la>d before the oommitteo of elections when appointed. Kesdectfully, J. Gidbon. Washington, June 11,1855. Mr Bayly presented the following protest of John C Firspatrick, against the admission of Samuel C. Busey to a seat at the board, as follows: Washi5Gton, Jijne 11, 1855 lothe President of tk* Board of Aldermen of Washington City: 5ir By the returns of the commi?*ioners ofl election of the Fifth Ward of this city, of the) ?lection held the 4th icst, for officers and members ot the Councils for the city and for that ward, it appears *mong other things, that tfcere were given at that election, for Alderman?for Samuel C. Busey 312 votes, and for John C Fitipatrick 298 votes It al.o appear?, by a list wbioh was made at thr tame time, and sigred by all three of said commissioners, (but which was omitted to ba returned in their report,) tbat 18 o her per sons presented themselves at the polls of said ward. anJ demanded to be permitted to vote, and'hat they were refused ''on acooont/>f not being naturalised r>ne year before "Lq ?lection " And it also further appears by t\e affiisTiu cf those forsons, that they intendel to vote icd wou'd have voted the entire tiokel known and distinguished as the " Union," o:| " Anti-Know Nothing ticket;" end eons-j quen'ly that I would then have received such a number of vo'ef for Alderman that would have been a m?jori:y ?f all the votes given tor that cffic*. And it also appears by the affidavits of =un - dry other persons who offered to vote and whose mmes were not upon the list, that they too would have voted the said ticket, and that my majority would thereby have been in creased Claiming, therefore, that the said list oagbt to be and is a part of the returns of said commissioners, and that all of said sffi. davits are to bo regirded as so many votes given for mo, I denitnd that they be inclui ed in the said returns of said commissioners, and that I am justly and legally entitled to the seat in the B->ard of Aldermen from the Fifth Ward, f?->? the term commercing in Jute, 1855; and I do hereby vehemently protest against the holding cr occupying of that seat by Samuel C. Busey, or any person whomsoev er ether than myself. Tha list and affidavits above mentioned are ready to be laid before the Board or before sush committee ss it may appoint to investi gate the matters and things herein set forth. Respectfully submitted: Jso. C Fitzpathice, Alderman elect for Fifih Ward These saij protests were then referred to the oonimittee on elections, when appointed. On motion of Mr. Magruder, the rules of the last cession were adopted. The Board then took a recees, to meet in joint session in the chamber of the lower Board. After the j^int meeting the Alderman re turned to their chamber, and adjourned until the 25.h inst , at 4 o'clock in tho afternoon Common Council ?There was an unusually larg* number of spectators prefect, attracted to the obamber b the meeting of the new Board of Common Council The secretary of the former board. Charles F- Lowrey. called to ? rder at 10 o'clook and read tb? proclamation of the Mayor, pub lishedon Wednesday last, announcing the re suit of tho reoent municipal election. All the members elect were then sworn in by John S. Hollintshead. E:q. The secretary then announced the Irs: busi ness in order to be the election of President cf the board. Messrs. Fuller and Uuff were appointed tellers. The board having votid, by ballot, the re sult was declared as follows: Alex Mob Davis, 14; William Orme, 4; J. T Clement*. 1. Mr l avis was toerefoi* declared duly elected, and was conducted to the chair by the tellers, en assuming the duties of which he said: (Jen'lexen of the Common Council : I thank you for tho honor which you have jait confer red upon me. and 1 promise you a faithful and impartial discharge of th? duties which the important trust devolves. I trust that the session will be harmonious, and that our de liberations will fsul: to the benefit of the public and the advancement of the interests of the Corporation Ihe election of Secretary was next an nounced. and Messrs. Orme and Walker ware appointel tellers The result was: C F. liwrey, 15; R. Barry, i. Mr Lewrcy was, therefore, declared duly sleeted, and took the oath of office. In the case of MMsengor, the balloting was dispensed with, and Mr Jaoob Kleiber was unanimously declared the Messenger of the Board for the ensuing term. On motion of Mr At Lee, a committee was ordered to be appointed to inform the Board of AMarmen that the Board of Common Coun cil had organised, and was ready to proceed to bujineas The Chair appointed Messrs At Leo and Abert, as the committee; snd they at once performed the daty assigned to them Mr. Abert rose to pre??ni the papers??ne from Thomas Hutohmg^on. and the ether from J y> Meade cf the Hfth Ward?contesting seats in this board and moved that they oe referred to th? com nit tee on elections The President?No sush oommiUee has yet been appointed. Mr Orme?Send them to a special oomrnit tse The President? Each board Is t&e judge of the qualification* of its own members; and thi< lubjsct is ordinarily referred to the e?.m mitiee on elections. While the chair is ready to entertain propositions, he would ?ugge3t to the gentleman frim the First Wird, that the Proper lime to prefer: *be papers will ba after the oomxiuee on eiecticn ?h*il have been *Pj*"Bt?d 'If Abert?Very well. The Preeident?(continuing his remarks)? When the matter will bar* the fullest investi glitlOD ? *4.;. .Would it not ba in order to refer thema'ter to a select eommitteT ?MSKSLJfc."?*? - - I-?? ?ent rePe*t*d?Tha proper plaoe Mr Orme?1 do not A n?na^? w?s received from tha Board of C?S!?f 'nforn,,n? tb? B?ard of Common body orgrnuatlon of the first named After the j>int mealing of the two Boards? J.rJrr'11 the protest of Messrs of Dr N h'?'*' and J L C?aHb) and that r M. ^ for himself, (who wore can for the fhard of Common Ccnreil in the racant election, in the Fourth Ward ) against the right of persons admitted this body 10 Mat"' fr?m that Wardin that Ik9 *?from Oj mmitteeappointed to wait on the Mavor and inform him of the or fhJwlSr ?V t1W01_B*,irds' repo;ted 'hat hey had performed that duty, and tha' the Major had requeued them to inform the mun^/f^U neXt mwiipS h? ?hall com tL' i in writing #wT? B"ard then adjourned unti! two weeks from to day, at 4 o'elock in tha afternoon. Joint Meeting. ?The twe boards convened in pint meeting, when Robert Clarke, the president of the Board of Alderman, on mo tion, took the chair, and C. P. Lowrey acted as secretary. J Mr Busey offered a resolution, that a com mittoe be appointed to examine and report the Jesuit of the election in the several wards on Monday the fourth of June for register, col looter and surveyor. .. Mf moved to amend, by adding, each board'"* comn,itt?? oon8ist of one from thif/Jui* I?rm the r?<olnti?n was adopted; and ne following named gentlemen appointed as the committee: From the First Ward, Mr Dove Second, Mr Orme; Third, Mr Walker; Fourth Raffill"f"1 Mr Bn;?y; Sixth, Mr. Md fn.m the Seventh Mr. J L. Smith. Theoemmit'ee retired to the chamber ef he Board of Aldermen, for the purpose of per forming the duty assigned them Ihonr i5?Ih- lap8< ?f Qt thre* qQ?ters of an Lv / 2 committee returned, and reported E 755~rS R keCt?,iJ'^n M received U 755 and Kobert J. Koche 2.481 votes For Register, Samuel ? Douglas received 2 770 tnd Willi.* J M.Cormief 1 ^ barvoyor, K F Hunt reoeived 2,808, and S M.P.iiV n? ? Tor#8 Therefore, Messrs McCalla, Douglass, and Hunt were severally declared eleoted for the respective office's above mentioned in connection with their kuSliw.?u? l.^Jd ,Jhl"v *'?~U wil1 berecol lected tha'. Mr MoKean denied in the Organ of Fndsv last that his letter to the Intelli '""I R,tmijl?- '-*18 binding force of the ac tion of the Circuit Court in the Gruen cage. ril 'UP?w Intelligencer ?-seitk his f(,,70e.!quot'frem *rtkl*? ' That the public may be enabled to form a KJ3?, 0pi?10" " f? ?tent of the injustice!7 inflicted on this oom T? D0,W gJTa pla0? t0 th? ?Qtir9 let .r which he placed in our hands on Thurs lay evening It i* follows : My attention has been drawn to an article in your paper of this IbVUiSfn ? """ T ) !? "bich il ,s 8tated that the commissioners of the election ' disregarded t .e uecision of the Ci-cuii Court' I do as fVt rJL.gfenil*,m?n lhat fiuch ?? not the fart. , th?r t ? venture t0 for the r ?? !r?.CO?m, ',oners of the Fourth Ward, 1 assert tbhC we w<sre Dot inforajed offioillI' or ot-erwi?e. that tho ccurt had made a deei. ^iou un-H aboo: six o'clock in the evening (mO of the e mmi sioners obtained ?a irtieU ii? ?-b0 Stw ) 'a *hich th're was 8n article purporting to be a deouion of the court lali ?k? ftrSue<1 on the previous Saturday J?C-?U-rt a""ume(i jurisdiction tc inst. uJt -Oe communoners of election the order would lave been promptly obeyed, and, I feel jesti led in ?aying, by the cr>Eimi?sionern of all the ??"rt hwVing dw,iD#d ins-met he commiHsinnere, they were of Moe6<itv loft ? ?W? Jad?ment. ?nd a? sworn effi.-ars, wsrif fa,'hf,llly' "cording to the il jud/ment and understanding kn l not know.r^Jy re'urn the vote of any pef ^n who is not le-ally entitled to the same.' P#rformcd d?fJ as I had swern to do, and conscientiously fe^licg that I havo riAtfi!!? hV bj d?Pvrivice hi? of his just rights and behesmg that you desire to sus i Just,c? against calumny and falsehood, induces me to trouble you with this ? U 1 hm> "d nnworthy as l iQg wC t0 b; by thcs? r!l0 arfe 80 lib i ,r tha ^cmaiissioners, ?till iu oonKio*' ' June 7,1855. jamks P. McKiait.' U'?Tiry.Iei?d8r c*? determine for himialf ItionT,Vd i" f pU'u aDd an hoDMt interpre. L L T r l^8 purport of which, a? explained by its author, we endeavored to state in the paragraph firet above quoted; aad _bere is no reader of the letter, we think, who mJw i, iorPnaed t0 learn, what Mr Mckean has subsequently informed us. that his Intention was to deny that the Court had mvle any decision that was binding upon the Commissioners. Or, in other wofds-* we prefer to expre?s lt-boaause, in the then con di.ion of thirjs (the election being in p-o prcas and the Commi sio^ere not being minis terial officer-) the Court had no power to enfyrrs its opinion as to the rights of vo'ers, the Commissioners were absolved from caviaa any respect to ic. Had this porition be?? taken m the latter, or been orally stated to us. our readers may be assured that it would have found no place in our columna lest it would have placed us in the eategery of those who are denounced iu the letter as falsifiers and oalnmmators. ?"iuers ?n;?^C0-pli??Cu *,th th* 0Plnion of the Cir cuit Court, whioh is the highest exponent of ?" ?*> this District, would not have violated the oath taken by the Commissioner^ as may be seen by the form of that oath, quoted in the body of Mr McKean's letter. Am the oath simply restrains the Commissioners from knowiagly returning any illegal vote, thev would certainly have been justified, even in the judgment of their party friends, in re csuving the votes of saoh psrtons as the Court, after hearin| able arguments on both sides of the question bad deliberately pronounced to be legal voters. " Wo add, in conelusion, that we have no meats of ascertaining the truth of the rumors afloat as to the number of votes re jected at the various polls, or of any other of the charges of unfairness in conducting the ?5?##But we fediatisflad that the gen. 1 *nd aeep teeling of the defeated party on the one ride and tha fair fame of tha members of tha successful party on the other both demand a calm and dispassionate investigation of tha subjeot, and consequent oataaiion of the criminations and raorimina munity^1 di,tarb harmony of the oom vjuaiiti i? ?Ikiilt 8W/w ?ince we pub I i!f ft0*1? ,0f an tSa,r on Pifteenth street, in the driver of the Georgetown omnibus No. 25 lushing the lead ho^e of a stsge severely, Ac Our allusion to the affair crused it to be investigated by the proprietor of the line, and also by the large number of drivers in hia employment. We are glad to learn that entirely disinterested proof was ad duced, showing beyond question that the course pursued by the driver who had been blamed was abs? lutely necoisary to save the life of a horte in each vehicle, if not of the passengers in each I. seems that by tbe breaking of one of the bre*st chains of the omnibus, when in close juxtaposition with tbe stage, u horse of the former got over the i( whilll3 tree" behind him, when the stage osme down upon him, and he became entangUd also with the near horse of the other vehicle, which fell on him. crushing him to the earth. Ihe lashing was to Compel tha stage horse to rise instantly, withop.t breaking the limbs of tr e animal under him. that was abo eutan. g'td v.',th the o*naibu?, threatening eminently t^ up^ct both vehicle#. The lashing p ue s*c ceeded the drivers all agreeing that him of .10 25 showed both skill and preeesce of u..Li iu thus warding (he danger to the passengers, and string both animals from sa rous damage We know tbe driven of thi? line to ba steady, careful, and oompatant man, And therefore cheerfully exonerate the person who vu censored by those who were Dot ''ex pert!," from all blame in tha affair. AxvrrxRfliJtY Cklbbratioh.?The Junior Foreign Missionary Society, composed of young persons attached to the Fourth Presby terian Cbarob, Ninth street, whi'h bald its anniversary cn the 28th of May last, the ex ercises of which were attended with so much Bocoess. will, at the solicitation of numerous1 friards, repeat those ezeroisas in thtt church this evening, commencing at 8 o'clock They will consist of speeches, dialogues, and sing ing by tba members of the society. From tha preparation that has been made, and the suc cess that attended the former efforts of these youths and children, this will doubtless prova an interesting and gratifying exhibition. InrAXTiciDm ?This mrrning. iba citisens in the neighborhood of north Sixth and L streets, were shocked with the spectacle of a . new born ohild, louud in that vioinity ; tha j mouth split cpcn on one side, and several punotures. supposed by same persons to be stabs, in tho back. A coroner's inquest was held, and aft?r a deliberate inquiry into tbs affair, a verdict was rendered in accordance with the facts, with an expression of the be lief that the child came to its death, in conse* quence of foul mean3, by some porson or per sons to tbe jary unknown. Coxcbrt or Classic Music ? It will be seen by an advertisement in another column that M'lle de Baye, tbe accomplished pianist of this city, intends to give the lovers and ad mirers of classio muric a grand treat on Mon day evening next, the 18thinstant. Pr:m 'ho well-earned reputation of M'lle de Boye as a faithful renderer of the compositions cf Beethoven, Mendelssohn, etc , \rs predict every one in this city, pretending to correct mnsioal taste, will immediately place their names on the subscription list, whioh caa be found as statod in the advertisement. Tn Scott Qcards ?This handsomely uni formed corps, composed of respectable and pa triotic youths, will parade on Wednesday next; on which oocasion they will make use of tbe guns?lighter than those carried by their adult brethren in arms?manufsotured expressly for them, and less fatiguing for the purpose of drill and publio display, than thosa of the es. tablished pattern. Thb Festival, in aid of Graoc Church, is continued i < Concert Hall, adjoining tha Star building. During the past week many ladies and gentlemen availed themselves of the en tertainment thus tfforded A more pleasant means of passing an evening, could not be devised?a statement which visitors may verify for themselves. Tax National Qcard, and a large number ' friends, are this afternoon going down the Vriver to enjoy a pic-n:c. Wants. iir Ante;}?a man to take the chakge If pf feeding, uuiking, and^care of a large Dairy, an I two men to assist in feeding and milking. Also, a cook?a colored man who understands plain cooking would he preferred. Such as can be tvrll recommended for sobriety. honesty, c. retul n> ss, and industry may apply at Lccu^t Hill Farm, 7tli street rotd, uear the iiist loll gate. je II- 3t* WANTED?TO BORROW for nine months, twelve huir'red dollars, for the use of which ?en dollars will be paid monthly, equivalent to ten per cent interest- Secured by a li n cn read estate w.rth two thousand dollars. Address 4,l W T," Star office. Jell?3t* 11 r ANTED?2 5C0 FOR ONE OR TWO YEARS, *T secured by r a! e?ta??' in this city, worth three times the amount, for which a liber .I reward will be paid. Address ?'Boi 155" j?ill?lw lay ANTED-IIY A YOUNG GIHL A SITUA f v tion as chambermai 1. Applv on F street, be twe n 2; and ad st*. MRS. BECTON. je 11- It* SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WO man. as seamstress or chambermaid. Satisfac tory recommendations eivm. Ei.qu re at No. 45 T Sixth Mr< tt, betwet r. D and E Mre'jts. je II?It \I 7 A NT EI)?$2 COO, AS A LOAN FOR TWO 7? or three y?arc. which will be secured by a deed of trust on pr perty situated in Washington city, w< rih thre*s time* the amount, Address Pol lard Webb, office on Pa avenue, 7 doors ea*t of the National H??t< 1. je 8?3t* ANTED?Fl FT YHANDS~TO CLEAR THE earth from a quari y. Inquire at RICHARD RF.ID'S Farm, en no Grorget .wn and I.eesburg Tur pike Road, two mites above the Little Falls bridge. Je 8?2t J ANTE I> ?A PARTNER TO WORK A . Stone Quarry and contract for sale of Stone to Government and others, there being now greatde mand for stone. Ths Uiarry is immediately oppo site Geor<et wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the s|* t. Tl is quarry fur nishes the best and largest truck Stone, kc. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD k CO , Fifteenth street, i;ppo. the Treasury, may 3?tf WANTED?EYHRY ROD Y TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 fest deep, for the low price of .*75?payable $3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7;h st., abovs Odd Fellows' Hall. ap 28-3ji JOHN FOX, 8ec. Boarding. BOARDING ? A lady, Without children, hav ing taken the hnice, No 4 05 Union Row, can accommodate one s?er.tet:l family wi?h beard. Also a few single gentlemen. The Ki'uuiion is very de i-iraUe, being on F strc-t, the 'lord door from 7ih, in the immediate neighborhood of tWe Patent and Pest Offices. je 7?lw* BUAItDlNG-l 'ieasant rooms lor Summer, with boarding for a g'-ntleman and his wife, and lor several single gentlemen can be had by ear ly application at KING'S, 393 North C, between 3d and 4jf ?treets. The house Is delightfully situ ated, snd has just been thoroughly renovated and le furnished. je 4?lw* MUN. M O. t;H K jCU'M Boarding House, on Pennsylvania avenue, firr-t house west of the Capitol gate. Pine rooms at v:?riou< prices, aud evi'ry possible attention and comfort bestowed on Indies and gentlemen guru's. inay 96?3w* ERGONS WISHING A HANDSOMELY FUlT aialied Parlor and Cha-nber in a private family can be accommodated by spplying at817? south side of the avenue, opposite Will.irds' Hotel, may 25J?eo2w BOARD, transient or peraianeui, during the r? ceis ol Congress, can be oLtained by applying at No 555, near aud south of ilie Capitol, N. Jer NO T 1 C K ? FOR RENT-PARLORS AND Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sient beard, with a bathing room aud shower baths and every attention to render it most agreeable to her boardet*. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4^ st. ap 23?3m BOARD, Ac ? MRS. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue aad 9th street is pre pared to accommodat3 gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der those comfort*'>de who may favor her with their i i* iron are ap 6?tf FREKcH II AIR DR E8SINGAND S SHAVI.VG SALOON. ?*T^HE undersigned respectfully announces to the 1. citisens of Washington, that he has opened a Gentlemen's Hair Dressing and Shaving Saloon, on Pa. avenue, between lltli aud 12th streets, where he is at all tim**s prepared to accommodate them in all branches of the totisorial operation. Hair Jutting performed in the very latest styles. He would call particular attention to his Wigs, Toupees, Braids, Fnxettes, Whiskers, Mustacbois, kc , and is prepared to All all orders in the above line at the shortest notice. A good asa.riment con stantly on hand. He respectfully solicits a call, feelirg assured that he cannot fail to picas* all who may so favor him. jw 6?eolm JOHN HERBORN. INTERESTING TO CARPENTERS AND fUILDERS. THE subscribers having secured the services of a lir-t rate operator, are prepared to execute with immediate de-patch, und in nucquailed < tyle, any j description of Plauing Mill work. They have An hand 40,000 feet prime seasoned 5 4 North Carolina flooring, and also aft equal quantity 4-4 Eastern Shore, which will be sold at tbe lowest market price for cash, or to such customers as they may choose to trust. Je 6?co3t FITZHUGH COYLE k BKO. (Organcilw)^ \ A LEXANDRIA POLKA SCHOTTISH?Hans Kraiiiuu^oher's at w pieee of tbe above naoie, dwK -lt d lo Mlee EUsa J DeCainp, ot this etiy, Jusi put 'tstovd sad for eeie at toe Music Depot of 1 j * 5 U1LBUM k mTZ. For Bala and Pent For rent-a large pront and back Room, over Majuire's Hat Store, 4ft? Pa a*? eime, below 4% street. 11?4t* For rent-that desirable brick rb sldence. No. 399 Twelfth street, between I and K, sear Franklin How PrWi $400. Posses ?ion given 1st July. Mr. Bowen, the present accti- . pant, will show the house and premises to any who may apply. )ajl 3i* 1 COUNTRYSEAT FOR RENT OR BALE.?The place adjoining and cast of Kalorama, just with-1 out the city limits, containing ;.boui 15 acres of land, witi commodious Brick Dwelling and cut bouses, large barn, fee Apply to C. VV. PAiRO, Executor, Je 9?6t opposite the Treasu^r* For ren't?the forrest hall rebtau rant, centrally siiuaied in Georgetown. This is one of the most spacious b&u* luents in the United States, and attached to the only public hall In the town. Po>se?uon given 1st J ulv. Pot tenns apply to BLADEN FORREST, Corner of F and Twentieth sts. First rate Devon Cow and Calf for sale. Apply as above. Je 8?1 w* A LARGE AND ELIGIBLY SITUATED c>mor Lot, containing 11.000 rquare fret and fronting ! the Capitol Park, Co.- stle on rcCi ii.niodaiing terms if immediate application b" made to I1ILBU8 Si IIITZ, Comer Pa avenue and 11th st. Being so near the Capitol and btit a few minutes' | walk frttm the Car Depot, makes it moft advantage, ously situated for a large public House. je 5?tf T^OR rent?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., THAT | r Ian?'- three story Brick House, well known as the best Maud in the city for a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, ornate the Market Hou*e. and now occupied hv Mr. McGonegal. Possession giv en on the first of July. Address lloyd 3i CO., | Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Wa-hing ton, D. C. tnty 30?tf Rents reduced to suit the times $150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres ot ground, stable, wood sh?-d and other conveniences attached. Pump* ol pu.e water are near the door, and commuuicat on is had with Georgetown by way of II and Seventh streets and Pei*n. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the | departments. To secure the advantage of this great rriluctiw of rent immediate application must be made to tl.e undersigned, either by letter, or at his houne at Kenda'l Green, after oilice hours, where the keys j may be had and lue houses inspected at any time. Several ot these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM. SPICKNEY, No.4, Kendall Greer.. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9,1S&? tf For sale?a large number of build ing Lots, located in all parts of the citv. WILLIAM II. PHILIP, Attorney at Law, Office, 494 Pa. av., bttw. 4>% and 6th streets, may 30?eo3w Real estate at private sale.-one Frame Dwt_!!m? House and Lot on O ft., be tween 6ih and 7th streets west, containing six good rooms, nearly new. One two. and one three-story frame DwelHnj House on Massachuset J avenue, between 4'h and 5th streets. Two two-rtirv Frame Houses on Washington Ft. Also, n very comfortable Dwelling House on Brail street, Georgetown. All the at> ive property is nearly new, and will be sold on accommodating terms. Enquire of FRAN CIS WHEKTLEY, Lumber Dealer, No. 3T Water street, Georgetown. may 23?eodlm Building lots and dwellings?For, sale, Lots on Third street, near the City Hall; on F, between Third a*id Fourth; on E, between First and Second; on Seventh, between L and M; on M, near Tenth; on Third, near L; on Seven'h, between L anil M; on K, between Fourth and Fifth; also, opposite to Franklin Square; Massachusetts avenue, hetw^n First and N. Capitol; First Ward, G near Twenty first; Virginia avenue, near Twerny first; N. Hampshire avenne, between H and I; also, two frame dv.rllineB on Fourth between F and G, will be soM low tor cash. Island property?Two small fiai'M* tenements on I, between Four-and-a half and Sixth; also, lots on Virginia avenue, and a variety in other pans ot the Island and City, all of which will be sold on terms accommodating to suit purchrjers Enquir" at No 337, Pennsylvania av , opposite to Browns' Hotel. may 2b lroto DAVID MYERLF. I^OR KENT?A NEW THREE STORY FRAME . HOUSE, on New York avenue (No 166) | near the intersection of New Jersey avenue and 3d street, containing eight good rooms, with a cellar under the kitchen To a good tenant the rent will l.c put very low. Enquire at No 165#. J? 4?M?6t VALUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR the City, at Private Sale.?For sale, four very de sirable ami eligibly .situated tracts of Land, contain ing about fifty acies each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county, D C. opposite the farm of Joseph II. Bradley, Esq., about 4Ji miles from Washington, communicating with it by a new and commodious road now under con struction. The soil is excellent, and well adap'ed to corn and wheat The situation is prominent and healthy, and the land well watered. Tacreare three tenements 011 the premises. This property is p?-culia*ly suited to gentlemen having business in the city for beautiful country res fdences. A plat of the property (an be seen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, Esq., living adjoining, will show the property to any who uiay wish to see it. EDW. SVVANN, No 130 Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 -eo2m FOR RENT?SEVERAL handsome PAli lora at:d Chambers, with board. Also, Tiibk and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. 333 F street ap9 HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on ended streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $J per month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan 9?8m JOHN FOX. Secretary. J OHM R. KLVAH8. WILLIAM TH0MP80H. KLVANS A THOMPSON, DKAIEBs in HARDWARE, COACH TRIMINGS,&c. No 346 P?iun> lvanla av?nu*( bettcecn Ninth ami Teii'h streets, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISH INC HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver Plated Tea, Table and Desert Spoona Carvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks Brass, Britannia, Block Tin and Plate ' Candlesticks; Shovel and Tongs, Waffle Irons, S-.d Irons Madia and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnaces,Gridirocs, Ovens, tic. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rnral Cottage, Closer, Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle, Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut and Wroi ght Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubbs, Door Springy, Handrail Screws, Door Knob* Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, ?c. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Mom, Gimps, Sola and Chair Springs Vsnitian Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends, Brackets, Furniture Nails Glue, Coffin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plate*,fee carpenters' GOODS. Planet, Saws, Drawing Knives, Spokeahaves. Chit els and Gouge* Plane Irons Augers, Braces and Bitts, Boring Machines, Him mers, Hatchets, Devels Bevils, Squares, Guages, Axes, fcc. BLACKSMITH AND COACH MAKERS GOODS. Black and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Spokes, Hubs, Bows. Shafts, Poles Sleigh Runners, Silvered and Brass Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars. Top Props Curtain Frames, Lamps, Inside Linings, Lining Silks, Damask, Ser.ming Cords Tufts, Tassels, Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Lacee, and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled Leather, Dash Leather, fcc. ELVANS 81 THOMPSON, je 1?6<n 396 Pa. avenue. THE POTOMAC RIVER STEA.?lliOAr COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE O. PRICE, CAPT. SAMUEL BAKER, - _ Will commenoe her regular 5&3fflfc?trip? on TUESDAY MOBBING, Uie 29th instant, touching at the different Landings 00 the river. Leace Washington at C and Alexandria at 7 o'clk on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Returning, wi'l leave Cone River at 4 o'clock, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, until further notice. may 96?d FOR SALE.?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 yeara old next spring, well-bred,sound,stylish, gentle, spinted ano capital goers. They are well-broken and perfectly free from tricks, and will particularly suit any gentleman who is fond of driving. The owner parts with them only because his purpose is to retrench his expenses. They can be seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Stable, on 14th street, *outh of Pu. avenue. For terms, or an op Krtuwity to try 'hern, enquire at the counter of the tir office. '11,ey w.ll be sold a bargain. an 8?tf I WHEATON'S ELEMENTS OF INTERNA uofltti Law, new edition Adams' E??tiy, nsw mHU-mi, *lth Amerk?n note )?? FkANCK TAYLOR. AnctJoc Pale*. FW Awtimi Jois* w Jlrst j-bss ? By J. O. ??eriHK. Anctton??r. T^L'RNTTFRS AND BOUf 1 FrRN7tHI?fa , JF ?ood* at AMtioa.?On TUESDAY mo ittug. Jub lith, at 10 o'clock, at the ?oase-farolfAfcig ; Store of J. P. McGregor, on the south ilde of P?w sylvanii avenue, between 4U and 0th strewts, I sfei! pell, without (ewiTt, th? mIum of hi* stoak, comprising? Suite of I'lush Parlor Furniture Marble top Centre Title, Arm Chain Mahogany rarred R- ckers Jenny I.ind Cottage and French Bedsteads Mattr?ases, mahogan? framed Looking (^tpsra Clock*. China and dataware Tin PafcrjiTiildrcn's Chairs Bureau*, Wa>-hstands. Toilet Seta Tin Were. Willow Wa-e, Ac. Terms: $90 and tinder cash ; over fflO a credit of sixty and ninety day*, for notss satisfsct rily en dorsed, bearing interest. JAS. C. McOUFRE, Jf 0?d Auctioneer. Bjr QRkE5 A SCOTT* Anrt!on??ri Household and Kitchen furniture at Auction - Ou WEDNESDAY, the i.lth In slant, we shall pell, at the re^idene of a !ai?y de clining housekeeping, on the north ride of (1 Krirt uor Il/Jfo. -363, between 14th and 15th streets we*t. a' 10 o'clock a. rn., a good assortment of Furniture, vis: Mill. g*ny Pure-u> end Sideb: ards Do dining, ?i :e and other Table? Feather Beds Hair and shuck Maitre*se* Bedsteads, Wardrobes and Wdshstands China, Gla-s, Crockery and Stoneware Cane.* at i.nd other Chairs Window Lounge* Th ce-ply ingrain aad oih?r Carpttt Solar, ha I, and nh-r Latrps Stores, Shove' and Tongs Wit i a go-d lot of Kitchen Requisite*. Terms cash GREEN 8t SCOTT, j'* *?' Auctioneer*. By 0;il.KX A bC()TT? Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT8 AND HOUSE and Lot at Au.-iion - On FBfDAY, the 15th instant, we sba'.l sell, at 6 o'clock p m., in front of ' ho premiss, pirt of let 21 and all of Lot No . 22. n Square No, 138, hiving a fronton Mi??c'iusrtn avenue of 88 fe? t 4 inchea, runnirg I ack about l-!5 feet, betwren 17th and 18th streets west The above d scribed prop'-rty is near Favier's "irdrn. Ard iminedlMely nfier the ?al<- or the above, at 7 o'clock, wesba'l sell part of Lot No 18, in Square No. 117,fronting on M street north, between li*-h and 20th arrets west, witt the improvements, which are a good an 1 nearly n?w two story containing 4 good rooms ar.d cellar. Tb- lot fronts 18 feet, ru i ning ba.-lc 97 feet to a 29 feet alley. It also br.s a fin*' spring on the premises. Terms: One third cssh; the balance in 0 and 12 months, for note? bearing intfre?t from the day of the tale. A deed givmi s;id a deed of trust taken GREEN A 8COTT, Auctioneer. By GRKiCS A SCOTT, Auctioneer* VALUABLE BUILDING LOT NEAR TI'E Navy Yerd Gate at Auction ?On THURSDAY the 14th June, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p m., in front of the premises, Lot No 4, in Square ?8?, fronting 47 f?'et 9 inches on *outh M street, runuiug hack 129 ten 1' inelies to a 30 feet alley, hetwei n 7th ar il Canal xtreets cast, imuied.a:cly m front ?>?' the Navy Yard w II Terms: One-third cash ; the balance in 6 and 12 moths, tor noted bearing interest Irom the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trua: taken. AM '?or.veyanceatcosi of purchaser. GREEN A SCOTT, je 8?d Aue ioneert By GR2EJI * SCUT i1. Aactloneera. I^RLVTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL Estate.?Hy vir.ue of * decree of the Orphans' Court ot Lfre District of Colurtibia, lor the county of VI a., approved by the Circuit Con:t o: said District, mttiiis in chancery, passed in the matter o' t' e petition of William V\ hitniore, et al , children and hcirs-at law of William W Whitmore. late of said countv decea.-ed, I will, on THURSDAY, the 3]st day ?.-f May, 1855, at 6^4 o'clock p. m , in front ot the premises, pre ceed tost II Lots of ground nun lered seventeen (17) and eighteen (18) in Square numbered Cve hundred an<i three (603) aituate in the city of Wa^hiuct' n, and District aforesaid. The above desenbed property is situated on toe north-.*.-! s? comer of 0<h street west and N street south, a,id contains in the aggregate about fourtei n thousand *qtnre leei of gr >u(id. 1 rin? i f sale: One-third cash, and the residue in two eqoal payments at su and twelve mouths, wi.h interest IVoio day of sale. The deferred payments to b" secured ? y tiie botes of the purchaser or pur chaser?. satibfactoiily endortcd. I.pon the lul! payment ot the purchase mon?*y and interest and the ratification of the sale by th?* Court, the trustee will convey said lots of groan* to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, at his er their ci/*t and expense. If tho t riui of ?alo are not complied with within five days from the 1'zy ??f sale, the trus'ee reserves the right to resell satd lots, or either of ihem, up^n rt isonab'e notice, at toe risk and cost of the fir.-t pureha?r. RICHARD H. LASKRY, Trustee. GBEEN A SCOTT, may l.??oo2vvAds Auctioneers. Lot 1 7 having been told, the iatf of Lot No. 18 is postponed until THURSDAY, the 7th of J'tne, Fame hour, when it will be subdivided ar.d sold separate, oc.e j Rrt ot which having cn a go? [ two-st.-ry traine Hoese, the other part is the corner lot, having ti front oi 25 feet, and 102 teet deep Tcrins as all ve. RICHARD H. LASKEY, Tm-teie. GREKN A SCOTT, 1* 1?eoAds Auctioneers I hi above ial? Is farther post poned in consequence of the rain until TUESDAY, the 19th instnnt, at the same hour. By order ol the Trustee GREEN A SCOTT. j ? *~eoAds Auctioneers. By J. * . SitUl'Iilll, Auctioneer. I TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE AND EL igibiy situated Real Estate i.n the Island - By virtue of a deed of truM, hearing date on the 0th d ay of 'u'-e, 1855, and recorded in Li' er J A. S., Nu. 58. folios 130, &c . the subscriber will sell, at pub lic sale, an THURSDAY, the 14th day of Juue, '855, at 5)Xg o'clock p. m., nn the premises, all those tieces or parcels ol ground lying and belne situate in th" city ol Washington, and Known and distin ruishel as the north half of Lot No 12 and the whole of Lot 13. in Square 643, the whole fronting iO teet 6 indies on street west, between K nnd L streets south, and running back 100 fe? t to an al ley, with the buildings a-d improvements, which const?t of a subs antial and comfortable cottage built 1 raiue Dwelling House and necessary out houses. J he above property is situated in a rapidlv im proving ??urt of tne city, and offers a favorable op ^ortunity lf> pertous destruus of obtaining a residence | or investing. The terms of sale will ke one third cash ; residue in 6, 12, ami 18 months, for notes bearing interest from day ot sale, secured by a deed of trust upon the pro pert). If the terms of sMe are not complied with in six days after th-} tale, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. CHAS. 8 WALL \CH, Trustee JAS. C. M-GU1RE, j< 6?d ^ Auctioneer. By GHCBI A SCOTT. Austlottearf. riUVO VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS a. Auc X tion ?Ou THURSDAY, the 7th June next, at ft o'clock p. m., we shall sell on the premises Lot No. 2, in Square No. 515, fronting ?9 feet on K st., between 4lh and 5th, running back 96 feet to a 30 ft. alley. Also, north halfofLot No. 20, in Square No 510, fronting 27^jj feet on Fourth street, running back 100 [ feet, betwi en I and K streets. The above described prope rty is about two and a half squares from the Northern Liberties' Market Ilonge. Terms : One-quarter cash ; balance in 0, 12, and 18 month*, for notes bearing interest Deed given and a deed of trust taken to secure de ferred payments. Title perfect. GREEN A SCOTT, may 30?eoAds Auctioneers. Ths above sala is postponed la consequence ef he rain until MONDAY, the lith instant, at the same hour. GREEN A SCOTT, Jf 8 ?d Auctioneers. Dy J. C. BlcGCIRB, Auctioneer. Choice collection of rare and val uable Oil Paintings at Public Auction.?On TUESDAY afternoon, June 12th, at 4^ o'clock, at the Saloon over Fumham's Bookstore, eorner Pa. avenue and Uth street, I shall se.ll a collection of rare and valuable Oil Paintings, selected with great care hy H. N. Bat low, Eiq., from various galle ies ou the Continent. Among** them will be found specimens of Dotnenchino, Velasquez, Sir Godfrey Knell?>r, A. Van Wi'lies, John Wilson Gainsboro'. Murilla, Vernet, Poussin, Shayer, jr., and others. The saloon wi'l be open and the Pictures on free exhibition duly until the sale. Catalogues may be obtained at th 9 saloon or at t'te auction rooms. Terms: $100 and ondercash; over tba* a? a credit of sixty and ninety days, for notes satisfactori ly endorsed, bearing interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, Je ft?d Auctioneer. By WALL, BARSAltD * CO , Anets. -irEaSEL AT AUCTION.?On MONDAY next, j -1th instant, at 0 o clock p. m., at the stemi - boat wharf, i 1 tb street, we efcs'l sett to the highest bidcer tba s^ho^ner Only s?oa, with all her rigging and umng complete. A eovKl opportunity is ciTtrsd to those in want of such u vewH. Teiius at sale. WALL, HA WARD A CO., J? ' ? dw AaottonssMi TELEGRAPHIC. ? Know ItUlif Kui iMtiu u4 Pi gatiea of a Rational rUifern PmiLAsScr*U, Joe* 11?The Know Hoik lugs are making pet* preparations for n pud DM meeting, on Sattt4?J evening Hit, t# ake piIn Independence lV** *7 time it i4 probable that the n?1ie?*l which it mow preparing, will be iik1^ the convention, and promulgated oa tNa foeu lion. An Uaaenao throng Is anticipated. Ltki Steamer Got Of. Bcrrau>, Jano 10.?The tUann Baekey* bote baa boon got cW bj tbo 0. 8 Michigan withont any materiel damago. Baltimore Karl BALTiaoax, Jano 11 ?Flour it dulL do ralee roportod; generally bold at $10 87 for Ilow&'d street and $10 62i fbr City Mills* Woett?raid of rod at $1 Wi$l 61: whit# %i bb $2 63 Corn?receipt* ** #00 busbelt; tialea of whito at $1 06%|1 08; yellow at ma* rates?0.000 to 8.006 bnabola of wktto and yollow wore acid at $1 10 per boahelol 66 Ike. Hew York Market; Ifiw York, Jone 11.?The cotton market la firm, wi'h an upward teneoney Fh ii dnU with a declining toodenoy; inlet of IM0 ber -t?a g od Ohio at $9 WaW 87. ttoutbern tear la oDob as gad. Wheat is unchanged with a limited demand at pritioni rate* Corn H firm Mixed $1 00i$l OSft. Pork it inn; eld raees $17 00*17 05* Beef It firm. Lard la dull. Whlikv; Ohio 55#3 Hew York Stock Kuket Now Yobk, Jane 11 ?8toeka are dialing Money b unchanged. Fa'et at tke flrf i boa d of Mita.~>nri 6t, 94|; Virginia f'e, 9?f; Ohi* ? 107; Ohio Life Trutt Company, 100; Caa ton, 26; Cumberland Coal Company, 2W; Railroad 48^; New Tork Central Railroad 01!; Heading Railroad 90; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 81 J. COPARTNERSHIP. T?TC have this day formed a c.partnsrahlp under W Uie firm of NtiL k Bavihmie, for the ?a*? of Wines. Liquors, Cigars, lie., at wholesale and retail. at No. 66* Seventh a ., npp Centre Mwtam. J. T. N EAL. may 25 -eolm C W HAVWHrtH PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT k BRO. eaW attention to theft # "jcu<.? ally large aaaorunent of Silverware, coins.;=iint of? Kol'.d silver TeaSeu, complete Silv r Pitclieis, aolid Silv- r Castors Silver Oins and Saucer*. Goblet* _____ f?il*rr Fish Carvers and Porks. Crumb Sorapen t'atf Kuiv a, Fruit Shoveli, Sufar Sifters Jdly Sp on-, Cheese Scoup* PicHeKn:vcs and Forks Olive Spoon*, Salad Tonga, Vegetable Forks Fruit Knives, lee Tonga, Desert Knives Soup, Cream and Gravy Ladlea lee ("ream Knives, Salt Cellars Napkin Kims, Butter Knives, Tea Straiaers Tea, Tabic, and Desert Spoons and Forks of avary variety Breakfast and dinner Coffee Spoona, kc. AJpo, a very largs assortment of Fancy BBvsa kar". suitable for wedding, birth day, and other presents The above it all of our own manufacture end P warranted to be pure. M. W. GALT k BRO., 1*4 Pa. &>>., betw. 9th and 10th Me. av 31?if L. J. HIDDLBTOIi DEALER IN ICE, OfLrr and Depot tovth tide F, nrxt to cernm 11M A ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HAND AT THE OFFICE, which can be had m large or amaU quantities. [ OQp-ijfficc open from 5 a m to 9 p m. In I ? f HE MISSING BRIDE, by E. D. K. N. South f won.h, 2 vol*, price $1 H rp*r'? Wa^aiine for June * Hnrper^ S'ory Bitok No. 7, Virginia * Putnam's Mngaxme for June ? Go-ley'd Lady's Rook do * Graiiam's %laraaine do ?? All the New Booka, Magasinrs, Cheap Peb*oe tioii* at.d Weekly Papers received a? *oon an pnk liehed and lor sale bv E. K- LUNDT, No. 1118 Bridge atreet, Georewwm mny 31?tr . STEAMBOATS CONNECTING _ii "" ^With each train of Can anPle S^K?irg in Waahinftea or Alecaa. dna.?The dreamers THOMAS OOLLTIlw GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the above ronnectiona, leaving Washington atd a. as for O Orange and Alexandria cara, and connect with' s ;-ame train on their airival. Mealt- furnished on the boau. The Boras connect with all the trams fVom Bel I timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17?d TbTEW BOOKS RECEIVED AT > SHILLISGTOI'I. The Watchman, will he found a fitung coanaata* to the popular and simple stoty of the Lamp lighter Harpers' Ma^xine for June?commeacea a new volume The Mining Bride, bv Mrs. Poutha orth The Two Guardians, by the author of Hear:*oaaa Blanch LorwooJ. a tale of niodern liie Virginia, Harper's Story Rook for June | A Book of Thoughts, Mcmoriw, and F&uaies, by Mrs Jameson Peeps from a Belfry, or the Paris Sketch Book Leavea from a Fam ly Journal, by the auih >r uf At* tic Philosopher in Paris Joy and Care, a frisndly book for young mothers, by Mrs. ?*uthi<l. .. All the new books published received iramedi^we ly afterwards, an J every thie* in the stationery fiae fbr sale at SHILLINGTON'S, Bookstore, OJeon Building, j*- l Coiner at, and Pa. nv. ~ PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. THIS Band is auitable for ani' and all porpoeea, and is warranted to give satirfacuon to all those who may be pleai?ed to eng^e them, either as a Briu., Reed, or Cotilloo Band. . Any number of musicians to be had at the aborV est notice by applying to FREDERIC PR08PEBI, Leader, at Taluvuh'a Store, opposite the Marine Ban-asks. N. B.- Orders I ift at Hilbus k Hiu'a Music De pot, will be promptly attended to. n i ay 25?4m TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. AMEI.IA PRIBRAM k SISTER,sff lAljNo. '417 Peonaylvanu avenue, be- Jfllll /fW tweeu 10th and 11 Ji atreeu, return their regards for the kind patronage heretofore be flowed upon their efforts, and tak* ibe liberty of is forming tneir many friends that they intend open I inr their Spring, Summer and Fancy BONNETS, which consist of 250 pieces, besides a rich assort ment of STRAW BONNETS, kc. They are able to serve all sises who are in want of a faahioaahLe and cheap Bonnst. Gail and examine before purchasing alatwhAre* may IS? 1m* POTOMAC PAVILION, Piney Point, $t. Mary ? County, Maryland. T" HIS desirable place for health aad sea-batbing will be opened for the reception of visitors au the 15;h of Juue, with iiotbing left undone that will promote the comforts of ita guest. Many tmprov^ menu have been made since my last season. _ A Luneh Room has beea bnilt tor the accommodation of visitors at all reasonable hours, day aad eight. 8tables and Carriage Houses have beeu built to accommodate those at at a diataace Billiard Table. Piatol Gallery. Shefle Board. Tau Pin Alleya and Baths have all been improved, aad are free to rintort only. 1 am thankful to ibe public for their aatrsuafO the last two seasons, and heps> to see my old flaeuda and many new face* the coming season the Pavi.k>n sha'l be clean and well kepa Children Willi whooping coagb or measles will not be admitted aa boarders. Ttnus or aoane: For single day....- - ^ 2 For three days or less than a week, per d y.? l OT By the week ????????????????*? a**???? s" ????sssseseesss By the month, per day........ W. W. DIX, Proprietor. Letter Boxes have been p'acrd on all the (,rs lor the aceomsaodauon of visitors. je 5?eolm T MILITARY HALL. HE undersigned would respectfully jahtu frieada that he has -akea the esiabliabmen t ^:!y known as the ? Arltng*oa Hoase," ,^h be istond^ upeaiiu on Samrday nci-, Mijf IWi ?? ? HeatauraT4 of tb? dnt orde*, aad w?la assured that be will bivt LIQUORS and CIG ARSUMtbeehotoam brands, OY8TEWB. GAME aad FI8H, in seasoa, Nhd every othe* article lit Ma Mm ? sh islI (kvut bim wMi a cell, f^lOOOB. way io?eolm*

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