Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 13, 1860 Page 3
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troops are by this time in Qaiabria, or even nearer Naples. Of the large squadron of different nations In the bay, ouiy throe Sardinian frigates remain, and between th ee ant the people on shore the beet poasiulo understanding ex lets Desertions occur every day of sailors, and even oficers; and whether owing to the inefficiency of the [?>ftoe, . / or feeble attempts at their capture, they all dud their way to the camp At first the Sicilians approached as near as they dared to the Sardinian colors, only omitting tbo device of the crowu; now they openly tly it. The fort has s flag exai tly like it. The ensign of the health officer's boat diOered in no respect from that of the frigate's boat, which came alongside of us at the same lime. In fact, no one pretends to disguise the fact that Sardinia is hand in glove with the whole affair. On our arrival hero this more ing we learn that fresh outrages have boon com oil ted by the King's trooas. last Sunday evening several bodies of soldiers suddenly appeared 111 the streets, which st that time are the moot crowded, and commenced a furious 01 slaugbt on the euarai"d people whom they met, cutting indiscriminately right and It-It, like so inuuy madmen. ltany persons were wounded, and It is not known how many were killed. The iCugliaii Consul received scut en the head, and of two French officers who happened to he walking in the street one received nearly a dozen stabs, and many other strangers were eerionsly injured, and It is said that several English sailors are missing. Their officers matte pretended efforts to stop tho mass .ere; but though the King baa since publicly reprimanded them, be immediately afterwards sent them a dinner. The next day the English, French and Kussian ships In the harbor tent their marinek on shore, who puirollcd tho Toledo all day with drawn cutlassse and revolvers?a proceeding which speaks significantly of the power of the King in his own capital. His government seems to have grown mad with terror and rage, as events so Important advance with the step of inexorable fate. A more pitiable condition of hopeless imbecility and impotent rage waa nevtr witnessed in the history of Europe. It is the frantic death struggle of the monster which so long devastated this fair land. At one moment tears and entreaties, con fees 10 as and promisee; the next, sudden out rages, with all the blind tury of baiilud rage. Still the end approaches with irresistible strides. Ills agents attempt to get up a sympathy by circulating very beautl fully executed pictures of the Kiug and the Queeu, who 1 young and passably good looking; but it is only a childlilc expedient?on a par with his changing the white tiag of the Bourbons for that of tbo tri colored?no one buys them, while revolutionary picturea are Io every abop window. Subdue 1 hopes aud expectations of the arrival of "our friend," sometimes breaking out in cries ef "Viva Garibaldi," are heard on all sides. Meantime, the Committee are completing its organisation; every day printed slips are secretly circulated among the people, urging them to have patience, an 1 wait and be prepared Isr the proper time. It is not likely that there will bs much lighting; a bombardment like that of Palermo will aot be permitted by the foreign ships in the harbor, and the troops cannot be relied upon. Yesterday, eignt or ins ofltoers?marine and artillery?deserted, sending la their resjgnatiois, after going on board a Kreuch vessel, and, onoircommenced, others will follow in rapid successslon. Kvery movement of the King Is only to plunge him deeper in the m re; and in a time when firmness aad decision might avoid utter ruin, nothing but Irreso lotion and terror are shown. J net now tbey are making extraordinary efforts to finish the two sixty gun frigates, the Mouarcb and Bourbon, commenced long ago, and which are to be ready for sea in two or three weeks?too late. Garibaldi will soon change tberr names to those more agreeable to the new ideas of Italian liberty and unity. Except under the firm rule of Garibaldi, a revolution in Naples would be a hazardous thing for all parties. The lazzaroni would ravage the city ; tbey are the lowest class f the population, and in large numbers?treacherous and looking for revolution only .as an opportunity for plunder and raphe?clubs and stones are their favorite weapons. Next above these are the cnmmnnula*? something after the Bowery style. They are united by a sort of Free Masonry, and sworn to avenge, with dirk or I stiletto, the wrongs, fancied or real, of etch other. A kind of thieves' honor is observed among tbem, and, desperate villains as they are, tbey never betray each other. Just now they are doing good service in the pay of the Committee, by holding in check the excesses of the lazzaroni. ? The Committee directs everything. They have arms stored in great numbers. Their orders are Issued with secrecy and military precision, which defy all attempts of the government to discover or repress them. Another Important element of Naples, recently brought Into Dotice, is the new National Guard, of about 7,000 men of property and rank, the most respectable class, well armed, and on guard all over the city, usually in citi m.-u> uiim. it is rcauy tue uiuy gooa miug me tviug uu given, as thejr are about as much protection for him as for the people; being Interoeied la the preservation of their own property they are the conservatives of the ctty. It is uncertain which side they will take in the struggle; but ther will play no insignificant part. All sorts of rumors are flying about town, bat nothing is certain. Meantime we await the end. The Blave Trade. [From the Iondon Times, August 1.] If the slave trade does not flourish to as great an extent as it ever did, we fear we must not attribute that fhct to our exertions. If America want-I slaves, tec may depend upon it the would hate them. and s he would not be hung in duco&rinQ that there it no real distinction between buying a tlar* from hit captor on the coast of Africa and haying one from hit brmler in the Stale qf Krnttoky to in?poit him into Louisiana Bit the fact is. that, notwithstanding the noisy threats of some of tlie press in the slaveboldlng States, America does not want life slave trade. She finds it answer better to breed her men tlacet than to tm port tavaget. Virginia and Kentucky breed, and Alabama and Louisiana buy. This system answers their purpose much better thau catching and transporting wild negroes, and under its operation the United Plates have in 40 years Increased their slave population from a million and a half to throe millions and a (purler. It in not iho interest ol the United Stales to revive the slave trade. If it were, that trade would go on in spite of anything we could do to stop it. Times have somewhat changed since England was sole mistress of the seas, and since France and Spain were the only two maritime powers who could hope to keep the seas against her, even they only uniting to b i annihilated. Spain is, it seems, the only country which now finds tier account in an active encouragement of tins trafll Mi tm ports her slaves from Africa to Cuba, thereby breaking her engagements with this country, and depriving us of th<? only advantage wo bargained for In return ror ?400 000 advanced. Mr. Buxton now urges our government to puniab bcr by demanding a return of thu ?400 000, and by suspending diplomatic relations with ber until tbo * treaties are fully carried out. Now, there can be no doubt tbatppain has been very (blue, and Is very guilty In this matter: and nothing can be more certain than that If sbe did not provide a slave market tbere could be no slaTe trade. But bow far we have a right to lake our atand upon theae treaties, and from the height of our virtue to look down upon guilty Spain, and to condemn ber snd to punish ber, is a question up mi which foreigners might possibly decide dldbrently from ourselves. They may, perhaps, think that there is some tinge of Pharisaical pride about our virtuous indlgnali<? when they Ond that the sugar for the cultivation ol *li h theae slave* are stolen and Imported Is nearly all aold to OS, and consumed by u* They may suspect the genuine new of our seal when they see that our negotiations with America have taken sucri a turn that we have conceded practical impunity to every veaaal which goes to the ex pense of a dollar for the stars and stripes, and that our oruisers look on Inactive while alavera wboae oalllog la undoubted scud by them with that flag flying. We have tried a great many plana to put down thia slave trade, but we have never yet rucceeded. Why f Because itie principle of all our schemes his been force. If the lax* of common ' \f IV principle if proAt and Inn, if IV inter-<t gf the tehtir race? are apowut us, mm stag make up our mind/ that tor ntvrr thaiI tuooord. Series of Military ttoeetloas tor the Com* moss Comarll. to mx Eorroa or thi hxxalb. In viewing the funeral obsequies of tbe late Oapt. Fair child, on Monday last, I oould not help feel lag ashamed of our "American" anldlery. After having due not lot to tin the veoort (by iavltatloo), to bury the remain* of a rave and noble son of our oountry?one who sacrificed ull_wife, chillren. home and business? to take up arms for his country's rights?ooe who was in every battle, from the commencement to the and. of the Mexleaorwar? soch a man. with shame be It said, was esc#rted to bis last and Anal home?by whom1?by four German ootni* ales, together with the remnant of tbe Mexlsau volunteers. Great credit is doe to OMonel Mmtwtck and his command for tbe kindly set- but where were our gallant Heventh. Eighth, Twelfth and Bevonty flratf Is all feei ng lost for the few remaining diseased, sick aad dying volna teerst Has our Common Oouncli forgotten that the colors presented by the Empire City to the volunteers was re turned to them after Uie war. wlUi booor- Ouild they erea id d wij, wow no morr roP|w?ri u> ino imi* rev?rmar Or were they too much engaged with tb? Jipu. se artair.' or waiting for Kmc other prince or potentate to nhowcr honor* 11 poo? By the by. wtin la the "monument" to Ik* erected on " Battle HiN ' (no long promised by the Common Ovidi tl) rr the remain? of the lamented Baxter, Etrcklcy. Ch.idler and othersMr Miter, I do hope that Mine more able pen will take thte matter up, and ah>w no mercy to thoee who hare allow* l a stigma to rent upon the Amrrtoaa soltlierv of New Vork. J. L. W. Tom kajran' Medal. to run inron or tub bbkald. ? Aa many of your render* subscribed to the Bayer* medal, I enclose the report of the arrival of the name, copied front Bttt'i LWt and UportiHf Lift. T 8. BRuWN. Arnrsr 12, meo . tom harm*?a view ronv testimonial. Sayi r* has just received a very hands sue testimonial from New Vork, America. It ia a gold medal of the aire of a crown piece, attached to a ribbon, with three gold clasps, and the Union Jack boiated between the Ural anl ' nee. nd clasp. On the obverse side of the medal la the following inscription:?"This te?tim.mlnl to Tom Saver* was presented by a few friends m New York, for the gal I ant and manly bearing evinoed by blm while defending the belt of Old ling .and " On the other side are tbo words?"Tom Bayer*, champion of Kngland, June, lfflo." Tub Baacm Tr-gsm?Tha Newark Mn-cury given some Mtteresling facta connected with this great enterprise This work is now considered so far advanced that the en glneera eapect to lay the permanent track through the tunnel by the middle of October The finishing proems has been recently commenced?the entire bore having hem completed through the length of the tunnel. From the inception of the work fonr year* ago to its preewit Ute. abont forty or the employ.* have been killed by ordinary accidents, explosion*, he. The casualties by the latter were chiefly caused t.y the hasty runt of the | antner* to examine their work daring the dangerous pro ' ceo* of excavating Borne lime since a remarkable acc' deal occurred (me of the buckets need in rem ir log the rock fell on the heads of several of the workmen, six oi whom were instantly killed, and not long aince a mover, In descending a ladder leading from one. of the abaft*. m.sae.1 Ms I.old and fell on the foreman beneath, who died from the Injat lea be received. When It la known that three hundred kegn of powder were uaed regularly each ? month, the wonder may iw genera' that the Ion of life | h*s sot been more ?t-waive r- *' CCBISI ll?Mt new yoke. Unci The Census Marshals hare eampieted their labors and reported the population of the city as fo) lows. We give also the population when the State oensu* was taken in IMS:? Wards. 1866. 1M0. First u? 1 443 1.431 Second ?.*? 3,736 Third 3.111 8.383 Fourth 4 837 ' 8,718 Fifth 6.380 3.101 Sixth 4.809 4.848 Seventh ? 3,427 Tola) ...22.189 22 843 Showing an increase in tire years of 474. about two per ctut. B..t for the general stagnation of business after the panic of 1867, an : the temporary suspeusion of many manufacturing establishments, our population would have increased considerably. The revival in business which is now taking place Justifies the opinion that the next census will show a largo increase in the population of I'lica. The population iu I860, according to tbo United Stutes census, was 17.605. showing a gain in ten years of 6 078. Makti-cxi).?The following table exhibits the population at present, coinparod with that of I860, of the several winds in the city of Baltimore:? Wards. I860 I860. First 18.000 14,853 Second 0.400 9,492 Third 18.000 11,811 Fourth 7,000 7,827 Fifth 6,400 6.742 Sixth 9,880 0,016 Seventh 12 000 7,880 Eighth 14.600 8.962 Ninth 3.it0 4,740 Tenth 4.592 6,033 Eleventh 10 500 8,923 Twelfth 11,000 9,283 Thirteenth 8,000 6,683 Fourteenth 8,400 7,411 Fifteenth 12,600 10,302 Sixteenth 8,000 5,878 | Seventeenth 16,000 9,834 I Eighteenth 20.500 11,748 I Nineteenth 13,000 7,876 Twentieth 13,700 7,630 Total 218,812 169,054 li win dc seen, nrom tnc above table, tout mo city has [ not increased as much in imputation as one would have supposed, which is in a measure attributable to tne t scarcity of money aud the large number of persons who have been unable to obtain employment, and hence have removed with their fhmilles to other cities and towns. Deducting from the 218,012 above enumerated, 36,000 for the free and slave colored population of the city, and we have 198,612 white inhabitants of all ages and sexes. One-seventh will be the legal voters?that being the usual average. There are, therefore, In Baltimore about 27,000 voters. MASSACHTSBTTS. Drxn OorxTY ?The population of the three towns composing this little county Is 4,403, a loss of 187 since 1660. Edgartown has 2,118, again of 128; Tisbury, 1,631, a loss of 172; and Chilmarlt 664, a loss of 93. Though the population cf the county is 137 less than it was ten years ago, the number of families is 112 greater, and the number of houses 83 more. MARYLAND. ijnnmrowN ?The population of the town of liberty Is as follows ? WHITS. Males 196 Females 231 COLORED. Males, Tree 02 Females, free 76 Male slaves... ^a 14 Female slaves 23 Total 000 TKNN9YLVANIA. The following additional returns have been received:? Delaware county, Concord Township?Number of population, 1,280; deaths of the year. 13; number of fkrms, 100, of schools, 4; teachers, 4; scholars, 326; churches, 8. Birmingham Township?Number of population, 021: deaths of the year, 4; number of fkrms, 61; value of real estate, $437,737; there are 8 schools. 4 teachers, 102 scholars. There is only one church in tne township. Lebanon county, Swatara Township?Number of population, 2.087 : deaths of the year, 16; number of farms, 140; schools, 11; teachers, 11; scholars, 820; 1 academy, with 2 t- tellers and 40 scholars; number of churches, 7. I'nton Township?Number of population, 1,668; deaths of the year, 18; number or firms, 116; schools, 8; teachers. 0: scholars, 411; churches, 3. fast Hanover Township?Number of population, 1,809; deaths of the year, 10, number of farms, 164; schools, IV. KiMiinB, XV. wiuwtru. o?v. luuriuw.o. Cold Npring Township?Population, 140; no dentha reported. There are no farm*, and there was no grain rained In the township, according to the returns as a<>nt in. There are reported to ho 144 unoccupied d welling houses in this township?more than the entire population. This extraordinary statement is not understood at the Marshal's oflice as an explanation. There is but one school, ens teacher aud thirty scholars in the township and no church. Chester County?Upper Uw. hlan Township?Number of population, 839; deaths of the year, 6. number of farms, 70. valuation of real and personal estate, 8957, 034 schools, 3; teachers, 3; scholars. 207 churches, 8 Lower Uwchlan Township?Number of population, 810; deaths of the year, 10; number of farms, 75, value of real and personal estate. 87.'>4,378 schools, 3; teachers, 3; scholars, 166; churches, 3. The Southwest ward of hnncaster contains a population of 4.272. the value of real and personal estate is set down at$s77.304. There aro in it six public schools and 406 scholars. Number of churches two. Seventeenth ward. Philadelphia?That portion of the ward lying west of Cadwalader street and Washington avenue, contains a population of 11.286; number of dwelling bouses, 1.916; tamilies. 2.110; value of real and personal estate. $1 7H1 (60 There are In It 104 establishmente of productive industry, in which there is employed a capital of 8037 000 The number of public school is 8: teach rs. 36. There Is one Roman Catholic school in th's |KUt;on of the district, with 10 teachers. Tbo number of churches is 8. The oldest person living in Ibis portion of the district, is a white woman, of American birth, aged 103. she II able to work about and assist at house work. The oldest persons died within the year One was a white woman, aged 107 years, a native of Pennsylvania: the other a colored wonan, a native of Delaware, who was a slave 87 years. At her master's death he gave her her freedom, when she came lu Philadelphia. Her age was 104 years. l-AMCAimcR Corrrr ?Caernarvon Township?Number of population, 1,192, deatlrn during the year, 13. number of farms, 121; there are 0 schools, 9 teachers. 229 scholars; number of churches, 8. Fast Ktrle Township? Number of population, 2,806, deaths of the year, 38; number of Harms. 840. of schools, 11; teacher*, 11; scholars, 886; of churches, 6. Manhoim Township? Nunber of population, 2.M6 deaths of the year, 26; number or farms, 'AM, schools, 18; teachers, 12; scholars. 686, churches. 4; valuation of real estate 92,000,000 Weil I .am peter T'wnship?Number of population, 1,771 deaths of tbe year,IT; namber of ftrms, 113; number of schools, T; teachers, T. scholars, 490, charches, 8 Paradise Township?Number of population, 2 081. deaths of the year, 14, number of farms, 137; school*, 9; teachers, 9, scholars, 826 churches. 3 Two warle of [aooaaW City, northeast sad southeast, oontain a population of 8,010; In the northeast there are 7 schools. 9 teachers, 683 scholars and 8 churches; la the southeast, 7 sohuois, 7 teachers, 788 scholars, 8 Jtarcbas. VIRGINIA. Tbe ansae is showing a great fttlllag off in the alar* population In Weetern Virginia. A few years mere will entirely depopulate it of its slaves They are being rapidly sold and removed South. Tbe returns of the ceasue of Wood oonnty show a heavy falling off in tbe slave population and we mm have the census of Chbeii county, which shows ooly 216 slaves and ten free negroes, against 388 slaves and eight free negroes igiua Tt?? population of Winchester la a Utile over 4.000, ibowiag a alight tnoreaae orar the awaoa of ISM. NEW ham remits. Maetbehex ?The ccuaua returna exhibit the follow log nTXi of people ...90.134 Tripptea 1 Male*. 8343 Number of death*.... 409 Fenaalra 11,793 Malea 113 Colored 30 K* malea 350 QUhoOce 0 312 Whole nnmber boiaea 2.764 PairuiwiBa 83 Famine 3.449 Hie population of Murbeeter In 1840 war 3?V>. in ISM. 13 98S, abowloa an incnaaae during the iaal decade I of 0398 The ocnaue of the towna of I-iacaalor, I>uminer, Milan, 1 Rark. Cambridge. Erml and Pltteburg, In Oboe county, ahowa an Inereaae of 947 nooe ISM, being nearly 39 per ; cent. riUaburg ta the only one that baa mate a loaa, an 1 that but S. It ft atated that the renru* of Cbcahlre coonI ty ahowa a decreane of from 1,000 to 2,000 aince ISM It ia probable that the whole population of the State will be ahown to be leaa than in ISM Tnia la what we bare cooatantiy predicted, when remarking upon Uie euormoua Incroaee of rotea in election* held in the laat alt yeara coNXEcnrrr. rinmcarotT?The cetoue of Bridgeport ehow* a popu lation of 13399. In ISM It war 7 MO. lucreaae.6 729. The population of the eity of Bridgeport ia 9.144. an Increase of fifty per cent unco I860 The great propor tlonal Increaaa baa been In F*<1 Bridgeport, which h*< grown rapidly There are in the town EJfcw dwelling* and S 774 fainIIlee. But WHHSIUS ?By the new renene ftvithln.-ton contain* 646 liouaee, 039 ramilbw, an I 8.810 inhal.lUuiU In ISM It had 1.136 tnhabltanla, gaio, 1.176?ejual to about fifty are per eent. NEW JflBfEV. Nrwaxx ?Tbe prrweel i-opulatlon of Newark' about 76,099. MICHIGAN. The following la the pree-m popula'ion of aotno of the 1?60 1*00. Ban line 3,112 7,0*3 citnton 8,i?o ?.?u l??*w 10,310 26 301 Tito oetiait* taker in Joueerille, Mich., put down ? man aire at 800 yearn, Inrtcwd of 300 acre* of laoJ, which war Intended. He wa* beaten, however. by the mm man In the town of Allegan, who put down a man a* having 160 ehildron iuatead of 160 acre* of Ian I The boat part of the joke I*. that, although the man had been m?'Me.| tweoty ive yearn, ho ncvar had a child In bla l.fe, an i never expated to hare. MAIN*. Bangor haa a population of 16,400, and the town of \'ea ale, which ha* been taken fr.un It alnce the conn* of 1H60 le 001. Tbla make* llie gain aioco the laat ccoaua 1.006. The Bangor T~ni m poblltrtw* return* from thirty alt town* and plantation* in Penohacot county. Induuiar Bant r, which ahew a gain of 0,064, or thirteen per cent. WKNMOTA. Ft. Part.?Tlie population of Ft* T'aul, by the cenaua Jnet completed la about 16,000, and of Ramaey county about 13 000 There ha* been an increnne In the county, hot Tallin# on in the city, aince 1MT Purlog the part three veer* three tbounand people regarded a* reeidenla have 'i?R thia cily. Tbocn who have ?tft are moatly NEW YORK HERALD, MO: SMutators, real seta to agents, (harper* and day laborer* e present population of St. Paul m regarded aa a per mauent population. The population of this Slate will run between 176,000 and 200,000. It ia doubtful whether i there will be enough to entitle it to two repreaentativea In Congress, as the ratio will probably be Increased from 96,000 (the present number) to 1*1,000. uitavmrn. ' Nims? Natchea pousersfs a population of 6.80Q, | f bo sing an increase Since 1860 of about 2.400, or ueurly llfty per cent. Negro Insurrection on a Guano Islands A BALTIMOHJC VKH31L THKKATKNKD ? WILD KXC1TIMENT [From the Baltimore American, August 10 ] A serious iniurr etion of the negroes at Sombrero Guano Inland lias caused no little excitement among the merchants and sea taring people interested in the guano business, both in Baltimore and Petersburg, Virginia. | Ttie excitement attained such a pitch that Capt Benthall, i of the Baltimore bark Warren, and Uapt. Burnett, of the schooner Emma Tuttle, of New Haren, Connecticut, were compelled to interfere and Imprison some of the j insurrectionists. The Km ma Tuttle arrlvod at Petersburg, Virginia, on Monday, with a cargo of guano, and her captain gives the following particulars of the outbreak , which we take from the Petersburg Rrprtn:? < The negroes employed on the island, which la only three-fourths of a mile long, are all froe, and are hired at the rate of $12 a mouth to dig guano and load the ves scls that come for It. They number 200. The foreman, a white man, had been on the island for a long time, and desiring to visit his home, in New England^had the good < fortune about two months ago to meet with a brother Free Mason, named Snow, who had arrived from New Kngand in the schooner Eastern Star, of which be was first mate. With him he mule a omiuw>rv ..hsnim of place, Slow taking the foremansbtp of the inland. and the foreman taking the position of tint mate of the East?rn Star. Snow was a man of energy and determination, and being long habituated to the exerotee of a rigorous ' command ou shipboard, did not change his system of I discipline on tho island. The negroes, who were priuci pally English and Danish, and were ubUUcd from the neighboring islands of the West Indies belonging to those nations, and were consequently always hostile to Amcrl- ' cans, on account of the latter's slavery proclivities, grew dissatisfied with the minagemeut of their new superintendent and meditated every variety of revenge. Only ] four of them, however, setmed to have brought their designs to a concerted measure, and on the 24th of July one of them was delegated to murder him, while the others were near to see that it was effectively done. They were engaged in loading a car on this day, and I the chosen murderer being up on the top of it, took ad- j vantage of the foreman as he was stooping on tho ground below, and hurled a tremendous lump of gaano at his head, crushed lis skull with the blow, and left him for dead on the ground. Considerable commot>< 'ollowed < among the whites upon the discovery of i .tempted j murder, and the negro who committed the deed was immediately arrested by Capt. Burncll, of the Emma Tuttlo, and Cap:. Benthall, of the bark Warren, of Baltimore, placed in irons and conveyed on board the latter vessel. i It was their determinatiou to lake him into a United I States port for trial. The arrest created the wi dest excitement among the negroes, who rose rn matte, and took possession of the ; island. The wh'te employes, who numbered only twelve, , were compelled to submit to the revolt, but were uu- i harmed, since they remained noncommittal, beirg too much intimidated to attempt to suppress the rage of 900 half savage negroes, and at the same time afraid to Join with them against the vessel, knowing that pun- 1 trbment was sure to follow from th? United States authorities as soon as intelligence should have been con- | veyed to the nearest American port. The uegrocs threatened to sink the two vessels if tlieir comrade was not given up, and when Captain Benthall attempted to return to shore from the Warren, they collected en the j wharf and stoned him until he was forced to take refuge back upon his bark. Captain Buinell got ashore safely, bat was met with savage demonstrations from the lusurgeuls, who were armed in their right hands with huge clubs snd In their left with heavy blocks of ruano. He. i with difficulty uuwle his way through them, and was compelled to mrreoder ail the English money be had in hia j poaaeaaion to appease them sufficiently to admit or hia , eacatie from their murderoua clubs. Getting safely into the office of the agent, Mr. Elliott, who is owner of a large interest in the island, and is well known in this city, he succeeded in making ready for his departure next day, ' having already taked hia load for this city, and of return- . ing unharmed to Ins vessel. Mr. Elliott expected in the course of a few days flfty Irish hands from K cbmond, with as many revolvers and f other instruments of government and civlli/jUlon. 1 through means of which bo would be able to subdue the | revolters and effectually prevent any further outrages, " should it be his guod fortune to escape their fury until 1 that time. I The superintendent was not dead when the Tuttle left, on the 25lb, but was not exported to live. There was no physician on the Island, and no treatment be received 1 co rid either alleviate bis sufferings or insure a hope for his recovery. The negroes had refused all offers or demands to return , to work, but holding |>uesersioc of the island, were having a One time with the provisions and privileges of the place, with nobody to dary to say "boo"' to lite first one of them. Tins tbey will doubtless insist upon continuing uutit their ooinrnis la giroo up or taken by themselves ' from the "WlffSS." FrrauL or a Rxvoutiosabt Patkiarih.?The funeral i of Reuben Burt, a soldier of the Revolution, who died at I Chtcopee Falls on Wednesday. took place Uio next day. and was largely attended. The Springfield City Guard, the (.litcopee Falls fire company, in uniform, and the children of tho various commou and Sabbath schools of the town, were pffeont as a body. A brief address, etnbrac iug a historical sketch of the deceased, was delivered by Jtev. Mr. Ik llamy. The deceased was the only survu-r of the Revolution, and only pensioner In Hampden county, having been present at tbe battles of Ticooderoga and Crown Point, and as an evidence of bis bravery carried with him to the grave a bullet which he bad received from the enemy, and which was'never extracted from his body. A military salute was fired over his grave. I tl'MNEH KKIOHTI. 1A TOPRKTTK HOrSB, HEROIN POINT, I*. J ? J Ptramboats for tbia favorite wataiiug 'place leare pier o. S North river, at 7 SO and 1I ? A M and S JO and A 30 I*. M , from foot of I>er street at 10 3u A M. and 4J0 P. M. Ample areommndalton for transient boarder*. WKM.KY W. HILL (formerly of Ufarge House), Proprietor. SFA BATHING AT DKAL. NKW JERSEY, IK MM.EN from Ixaig Branch.?Tbe sell known llpardlng llo ise of the subscriber, for many yean kept by Thus T. Hoc ten. la 3an fur rtal era. The bonae la large and airy, and tbe grounds ord abundant shade from trees of the largest groetb. it la easy of aereas steamers leaving frra the foot of Kobinnn street. North river, dally fur Port Monmouth. connecting with the ears for Lnog Branch, and from thence by stage to IW. For further information apply ic IOOTT, WIKNER A Ol)., No. 112 Pearl Mreet or address (he proprietor, Wm Hal ha way. Long Branch Pont ogle* OHTMTRV. Artificial bork fim.ino for drtatkd TKirrii, put la while anO, re<iul4oa no praaaure and girtng ne pain; aehtng L-etb or mere belli can he 011*1 with it Kmrai l.UMiaew number 1,264/ Broadway, corner Thirty Am Ureal 1 JTMKX PR ARBOR JN. D . Dtarorerer. ARTIFICIAL TKKTII.?HKAUTIFUL BRTS OR PURR nicer, only SB, on One gold and pInline, S2S. r,, Irani red rubber, fit; single Teeth. SI. Teeth filled and eitrarted ?1Ui <it the leant pain. ArtlBctal bene tilling only 75 ennu, at Ma IM Rtath avenue, between Tenth and Kleveath ntrecu DR. LL'TlIRR, Dentlet. 1 T MCRRTRR, ORADTATKD KCROROR DERTIBT, iii hae removed to 10 Weal Tweet* ninth atreet, between Broadway and Blith aveeua NB. ORIFFIR A BRO* , DRRTWTR, RO S7S ORARD atreet, R. T., and 257 Fultna atreet, Brooklyn, lamrl full or partial aela of Teeth na their leap roe ed aim eubarle plate, with or without extracting the mnta?oo hirer. IB; amber or robber, S10. mid. SS5. platlna, $30. partial aou no gold, SS per tooth; allrer, $1. Teeth olted with gold, SI 1'iarls, none, allvor Un 10 reata Taeth eitrartad without pain. M oenta. STEAMBOATS. DAT BOAT FOR WICKf POIRT. B KW HI' KO AND Ponghkeepate-The aeamboet AI.IDA will laara Jay atreet pier dally at ? ? AM. touchina at Thirtieth atreet pier, arrtetag at Poughkeepsle at 1 P M ; (earlax Pnngbkeepala at 1 2 P. M return log to the city at 10 P M. P annex ere for A1 bany. Troy. Harainga or aay pntnt want aaa maka aare aamaeUoaa at Poughhiepala. Baggage traaaferred free. liK>R CORNWALL.?OR AND AFTRBBATDRDAT.HTM | JP inat.. the ateamer A LI DA will land at Cornwall ua both bar upward aad downward trip. I ? - - ? ? - ? I TOBAftO AND IROAU. ( I II A1AIA PA'tA IW*.?I AM nni(l?int| Hd'AWA PA'IAAfl, XI loalndln* Lb* flow* brand*. iwh a* iUkiua, PUam*, I I XT by tha 100 or l.WI.'M low u 1(1,WO oae b* t*"i*to of >nr 1 otbnr dawler la Ibto **y. Tbnm NblM U> bny wffi tod <1 yreatljr to tb*tr tntarrm in mil ?od b* MUibJ, nod will warraat mltofwtton both In q'laltlr and price OEOROR W KI?HotX Itoportor. 73 Ubertytontok CI ITT HOTn? NRWARK, N. J.?GOOD BOARD, COOL J and airy Rnoma to b* obtained at rmnno&qle tors*. I alibln bail an boor * ride of lb* eltr- Inquire nl lb* odoe a? | lb* bote!. PLARTRRH norm,, ** BROADWAY.?TITK PROPRIR ton of lb* nbore hnuee hartnf cnapMnl an addition of I'irtj parlor* and bedmrw** "ffera the* to 11 ill aainl or Iran' tonl benrdar* *1 rmwmabto price*. The bona* baa all the In i privemenu and a yeneroo* Ubl*. Transem board* la SI 60 P? day. BI la L> IA IU)B. ~ PnEiin IBPROTBD rtm.iard tabijb Aad (totobtr.mion t oablnna. PMRI.AN A COLLKKDHL Rnto manufacturer* to W Croaby etrna*. Rrw Tor*. Y*"I*AirrH BILLIARD TABI.KB AND tXCBTJUOR YY Hprln* Cnabmna. - lirely, durable aad aorroet. Milliard Table* lo erery rartoty. and warranted *up*rtor la atyl* and flntab. and rnnnlni quality. OMM amabltabment la lb* I'm tod Malm Man'if a T| (Vdd atreet New Vor*. IWTUBa FTOR RAI.N-A RLOOP RIWORD YACHT, or 70 TORN, 1 l>uq*bed In April, bnIM to the heel manner, of whlto oak, Popper farmed throughout. of Irreproachable modal, and on* Of lb* famest Milan afloat. (tohlna, to*toron?M and gallop onlahed In th* bow torto, and bar aq'ilpfnanto thnrooghly mm Stola. til ha *i>;il cheap. (ton I* Man br calling on JAM. . UKARDH.hT, 110 Baaaau toreei Addra** boa (JUt l' *A Off! a*. ri'HNITIHR. 11'T'i* ROTII'R RrBRHAIPB rURYfTrRf I I J V praaw and packing eoubliahmant. Km 111 and III W*e? Klararib afreet, between fifth and With areao** -Rich boa**' bold fnroltnre of erery de*rr1pti"0 bntaf and shipped to all part* of iha world. Pianoforte*. mlrmn, chin* and glamwar* carefully parked and woyed. Idkri* lonr bona wagon* for remortrg fiirnllnra to the country. Htorage for furniture. WATT II P.N AMI .IK. Wlllilll. ClAI.Ir'ORNlA Dl AMOND JRWK1.RY-OK MHIHITIOB / and for ml* *i ts| Rrmdway. Or*npo*HR_o and (Sold Veto Cbatoo Haadgrwto, abeap and dorabl*, ai Bi Brood way. a BOAHDHO AMD UIDOniq. OCiKD 37 WBHT THIBTIBTH STREET-TWO SELECT Ot) fsmllt? and three or four gentlemen can now be anuommodalcd with sulu or shigle Ruomo. f urnishe.l or unfurnished, 10 one of lbs moat delightful looauooa In the city. Table Ont class. A f? WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET, BKTWIM Tl) Kifih and With sveoue#. The entire aecond floor, handsomely furnished, (tillable for families, can be had, on icasonable terms, in the above Aral els? house. Also Pari * mid Bedroom on third floor. Private table If required. iQ l.ISPKNARD STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?FU RDished Rooms, with the use of a handsome parlor. St to IS per week, piano and bath; single Booms, with Board, $i to So rsmiUes and slugle persons sultel. Spanish spoken. 1 ()U WEST FOURTEENTH 8TRKKT.-TWOOB TUBKB ... *. furnished Booms on second floor, suitable for a family or single gentlemen, to let, with Board. House a very line one, with evrry convenience, and location ?ery desirable mo BADISON AVENUE.?A GENTL EM AN AND AOVf wife can tlnd at their dispose 1 a handsome Rult of Rooms, on second floor, In a first class private house, replete with all the modern conveniences, ami flandsomelv located Also a Room lor a single gentleman I WERT FOURTEENTH BTRKKT-HANDSOME ACI commodatlous for a family of four or live adult persons-parlor, four or live sleeping rooms, with liath room and other necessary conveniences attached. Also, one or two rooms for one or two single gentlemen. MlBCIClalaAW BOPI. C111 ARES V1NTKN, PRINTER HAS RCMOYKD FOR J the present to No. 46 Ann street, just below Naa?u, where be will be happy to receive orders from his customer) and the pnblie. Will return to 1U0 Na?an street, ? soon as rebuilt IMPORTANT TO SHIP OWNERS.?FULLER'S IMPROVed Liquid Brimstone Is a superior artleluNor the bottoms of vessels. It prevents the formation of barnacles, worms, grass or other growths; hardens the wood, makes a smooth surface and Improves the sailing. Kor sale in canisters of one to five gallons, by HULL A CO., agents for the manufacturers, 278 Peai i street Lemons-prime mknton lemons by the box or by the hundred, for sale by JOHNSON A BLISS, 183 Washington street, oorner of Fulton. Marble mantelr-grkat bargains in mante la.?The subscriber sells ah?per now than ever. A good stock of veined, statuary and colored Mantels always on hand, at KLABER'B marble yards, 113 East Eighteenth street west of Third avenue, N. Y. New york wire railway company. hutchinson A wiokbrhham. NDAY, AUGUST 13, 13G0 BOAKPIWO AND LODOlMe. A small private family. owning a house P eeaanUy situated up town, oontalulng all the mod* fcnpmvrmenla. and having more room than they require, would accommodate two or three gentlemen with pleasantly f orulthed Rooms and partial HoartL Call at third house above Thirty* eighth street and Lestogton avenue. A RARE CHANCE.?LA ROR, HANDSOME, UNFURnishud R(?im to let, with Hoard; two person* K; house Brst rlsu. food Utile, Ac.; also imulshed hall Rooms reasonable. 113 South Eighth street, one door west of Blxlh street, Williamsburg, three minutes' walk from all the ferries. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LKT A FURNISHRD front Room, with Hoard, to two persons. In a house with all the modern Improvements; gas, bath, but and oold water, Ao. IWl East Twentieth street, near Seoond avenue. AGKNT1.KMAN ANDWIFKCAN UK AUCOMMDATKD with a pleatent furnished rouiu lit a soeiaide private fa ntlly; house hss all the modern Improvements Dinner at half past sis. Stages puss the d or every ttvo minutes. Apply at 101) East Eighth street, St. Mark's place. A PRIVATE FAMILY-121 IAST THIR1Y FOURTH trret, between Third and Lexington avenues, will ao* commodate a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen with Board, on moderate teg?. A PRIVATE FAMILY WrLI. LKT A SUIT OF HAND Homely furnished Room*, consisting of the entire second Itoor, together or separate, without board, to gentlemeu only, b) apply ir gat 141 N ml h street, third door east of llroadway. S U'lllhW IUIIV Will) II 1 U I'ONSIIIIR mi e SITS A nlture, desires to m??t with a lady who has enough ready money to lake a small house or part of one, to the and of using a few Ik larder* nr doing any light paying business. Address Mrs. Ma It alee, station A Poetomoe, New York. A nicely furnished boom to let-without Board, to a reutleman; rent M per month. Apply at 102 Prince street. Abmall american family, without board eis. would let a handsomely furnished front Parlor on tecoDd iloor to one or two young men; hath, closet, pantry, Kk Ac ; excellent neighborhood, house lirsl class. Apply at Rast Broads ay. An unfurnished boom to let-to a gentle man and wife, with full Board. Terms Id. Apply at Mil Greenwich street one door from Beech. Board.-oknti.emkn can find at 182 grand street, half way between Broadway and Bowery; good elexn, nice, airy Rooms, and cbeap too. with or without board, location central; cars and stages pass every two mtuutea. Board.?si crobby btrket, rktwebn broome and Spring; a large airy front Room, aeoond floor, for a Rentletnan nnd wife or aingle gentlemen; also, other single looms; baib. hot and cold water; a good subMautial table; family English. Board wantkd-for a orntlkman and hir wl'e: plrasant nuartcs and unescepttnnable table; not tic low Eighth street. New York, or in Brooklyn Letters addressed To A. P II., box 1.473 Post olRce, stating terms, locailon and full paiticularm. will receive attention. Board wanted?by a quiet, respectable young lady, lu a small private family or wltb a widow ladv. A plain, unlet home all that la wanted. Address Scott, box 109 Herald olllce. Board-a few gentlemen can be acoommodated with single Kooms at from 13 M to W per week. One large Room, suitable for two gentlemen, at a reasonable price. Location pleaaanl and convenient. Apply at 434 Uudiou street, corner of .Morton. Board and hinulk room wanted-by a young man, in a plain respectable family, either in New York xr Bixr klyii Those addressing A. B. Ill Broadway, room No. 9, stating looalion and price, which must be moderate, will receive immediate attention. Unexceptionable reference given. Board in hroadway, rrtwkkn twrlkth and Thirteenth nrw'j Tbr brut Ideation In the city; bona* lii at claw; possesses all modern Improvementa, an exoelleut table; dinner at 6 o'clock. Southerner* are Invited to oali. Apply at 1KB Broadway. BOARDINO-WANTKU. BY A SINOI.K (IKNTUHIAN, a well furnished Apartment or Sitting Room and Bedroom contiguous to bath, with full Board, in a atnctly prtrate family; house miiet pontes* all the modern Improvementa uid be located between fourth and Twentieth atreele and fourth and Slith avenue*. A liberal price would be paid (or if reeable quarter* Addreaa Moltero, Herald offive. Boardino.-two or thrir lad iks and oknllemrn be Hcmminndated wi'h irivsl Board at a mode ate price. Apply at 67 Downing street, three doors from Board in Brooklyn -larck and handkomki.t f urn tubed MM en suite or single. on second and Ihtrd loorm, for families or gentlemen wishing permanent board; the louse la first class, with all the modern Improvements. Apply AtW Henry street, near l"lark. References required. Board in brooklyn.-a okntt.kman and his wife or a few single gentlemen may llnd desirable ti-oms. with Board, at 108 flint wi strest, oonveulenl to Wall tiect or South ferries, references en-banged. Board in hrookbyn.-dksirable rooms and snpenor Hoard are ott ered by a private family In a flint less brown stone bouse, 101 Auilty street, movement to S mih it id Wall street terries. Dinner at au o'clock. llefe.renci a ixchaaged. BOARn IN brookltn.-A FMW of.nti.EHEN CAN And first class arc<imm>ljktinn and Kfxxl Board, In a newly 'nrnlabed private bouse, eight minutes' from the ferry. Apply kt 223 Stale street. near Hort BOARn IN BROOKLYN-MAT BK HAD IN A FIRST class bonae no Ibe Hei^bta near the CUy Hall. Apply at 119 Krmaen atreet. or to FOSTER A LOPBR, real eatale igenta, No. 4 Saiula atreet. EI.ROANT FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN IN a brat claaa house, No. 1 West Twenty fourth atreet. E1.W.I ANTI.T FlfBNIHUMD SUITS AND HINOI.F. ROOMS U> let, wttb full or partial Board, In a tlrat claaa bonae. containing all the mi-ten. roi.vriiirures, lii.lbr vicinity of Fifth Avenue Hotel, Madlaon and Union parks. Terms moderate. References eichanged. Apply at ylO Broadway. FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD -FOUR RINOLI i entiemen, or two marrted gentlemen and wires, ana be a e nimi dated with hai.daomtly furnished Rooms, with all Ibe modern improvemenu, and A rat class board, at 177 Kast Fourteenth street ltreab last from all to nine. Tea sti to nine te persona wishing permanent board, farms will be made low. Apply oo tbe premise* CRNIsnED.-A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD r 1st a Parlor, wttb one or two Bedrooms, no Drat Door, to (enlleinen, without board, coureeieot to ears and mages. aad sear Broadway. Apply at M Fourth street. Furnished bedroom and hall bkdroom adjoining, with or without breakfast, wanted, by a gentlenan and lady. Address, statins location and terms (so other retired), boi 3,31# 1'iet nOlre, New Tort. Furnished rooms to i.kt.-a comfortably tari.iabeit Room, suitable for two gentlemen, wttb sep* rate beds, si $1 7? per week, or would lie let to ooe at |1 XL A .so a small Room at $1. A pply at 211 (ireene street. Frankfort house, oornkr or feankfort I and William street. New York -Mingle muni from 23 to S7 rents per night, or from $1 to S3 per weak. Opeo all night NO m WENT NINTH BTREET, near fifth atesue. furnished Rooms la suits #r singly to let to gentlemen only, In s quiet Oral class boose; every attention paid. No. 7 brevoort place. tenth street -a hand eon.ely furafcbed Parlor aad Bedroom, also a single Kdhm, to lei to gentleman, with breekfaet if <mnt PARTIES MAKING ARRANGEMENTS FOR BOARD for the fall aad winter anil find rery desirable Apartments, wttb all the modern Improvements In tbe brown atone boom No se Tenth Street, l*tween Fifth and Puth avenues. Two i.r three gentlemen with tbetr wives awn now enrage very can finable Rorsna for the atmeoti. Dinner at (o'elock Kefe rente given and required. PLANTERS' HOTRU. M" RROADWAY.?TIIR PRO prtetnr <>f IM h?"iar ha- IT.* . (,|B, , ..I 11 i ?f forty Parlor* ao<1 Bedroom*. oflara them t^ierrnaneol or tranwent hoarder* at reasonable prior*. the ha* all Improvement* and a yeuarvu* labia; day buafdera oar dollar and Iftp cewte par day. SINOI.r OF.NTI.KM KM CAN BR ACVOMIfODATRD *ith Knrana. fnnildhii, ne aeoond or thir l d.?>r. with full or partial Board and a pleaaant bntae, at 73 Waal Twenty third atrvwt. near Headway. I-ooaUon deUyhifal. mo utt-rrrwwhid, to a aimolr ormtlrmam. a 1 Ronaa. without board, la a reaper labia neighborhood, near Pttfh areoua. Por addraaa call ad the Madlaua svuare Puat *?ra. rpo ormtlkrkm -to i.rt, without board, to 1 one or two yeoUemea. a neatly formatted Room and larva Pantry, with uar of loath room. Family atrtetly private Koran pleaaant and mnilortabla Apply at IM Weat lionetfw Arret, corner of MaodoaaaJ r i.rt-a pcrmibhed room amd two brdrooma. to a gentleman and wife or a am*11 family, rota la for kouarkeevlDf; a rood opportunity for ihnee tired ?rf oartii.y; mnma front no aaaoad iloor. hotter mod* m. rent aily K par weak Call at Broadway, aaar Thirty drat arret. rWO I.AR'IR rooms OM RKOOMD RTORT op a mo darn hnuaa, wRh paalrtai. hot and eoid water and bath onat. with Btatrd, for a gentleman and wifa or gentlemen front t . m Pa week, bark r>mm. $7, wKk board, at ICI F.avt Ibn.i illth alreei. near 1 :,jrd aramaa. rr f MIHIIKD OR I'MPVRMIRHEO, WITH tl,t. the marealaaraa far hrnmeaaephta. a very pleaaant ar ond rtory la the private limine No. 4> Omiraraanr atraet. or vmild let the Konma aeparwtr If dew red noawaaion Imme luneiy, tars* moderate. Apply oa the premier* rhrkk nrwr.r raivti4> avd rrrriniirn roova k> > *. ?111" And claaa Hard, lo angle or married ,-eni;r nan, In the houee SB Henry atreet Terin? for gentlemen, H W> K <et.i>m*. and lady V p> f;0 p?r weak, In advance. TO tKT-WITHOUT BOARD, TO ORRTMMRR. A RUTT o' nicely fnrnl?hed Rooraa. with nmlern I m pro remnia. at separate It rc<) .ired. Apply at it Kaal Thirteenth street, icar 11 road tray. riJtr-TO A OKRTt.KWAR. WITH OR WTTIIOUT board, bark Parlor, wall (urn*had. uaa at ptann; family tralrrl ai d email, no children, neighborhood uneinrpttouahle; jiirr moderate. Inqolre at tm Raat ween Madieno bqnaru aad fourth arcana. r) I.KT?WITH IMMRDIATR PORREfNlOR, THRU* Inrnlahed Ki .it a, with gag. water and l>ath aUwhrd. the are 1*1 ry and cnyrnterd torlith and Klghth a- . . wra. inital le I or * gent >a?an and wife or two single persona, deals ran be bad If required. Price 96 per wee*. Inquire ad >1 Lbroy Rreet. aec atd Coor. U'awro?BOtRD. IW A PI AIR AMKRfi'AH PARI ly. lor a gonliemaa and hia ala'ar; a good at/.-d Know t e C'red. neatly ftirnl. hed. and Bedmor. adi d: lag; raat aide of cily preferred not above fourteenth atreel, partial H>atrd or the geotlemai ff? p?r week will ha glaeo. and good refe enees Add rear *i *ot II. Warner, Hroadway Poet office. W'ARTKD-BT A TOCRO WAR. A ROOW WITH PAR Ual H ard lu a pri?ala family, Rooat toeimtaln ftrenUc* ad iaa. relrreaea* etrbanged. Addreaa A A , box 171 Pi*| ?ea llrA> TKI>?HT A RPARIHII ORRTI.RWAR, WIPH RUM, TT Board, a Rodmom and rlulng Room, with nee of hath md gee, with a private American family where there are no Ithrr Nwrdera Addrtae, stating term* and iocatlia, M , boi i.2M I' et oflire. ll'ARTKP BOARD IR HRroKf.TR POR A (IRNTl.K TT nhn. wife and .errant gtrl Would like a aroatd Boor la ?ew TOTk or Clir'..n .reneea nr rtetniiy Reference* giree nd required. Addreaa tma 4 TM Raw fork Prat dice. iiii wtrt rocRTRKRTH RTRrrr RRAR frm tVA uid a ? H er.I w1*h Haml* mely form-hp I R.,,o?, In rare nr angle, at rraar able rataa flrmae flraTWea brew a not-e. fneterj U- t able references rrqurrd. Removed to Mo. 6M liroadway, New York, Next door above Metropolitan Hotel. Manufacturer* and dealer* In Iron Railing, Mann Fence*, Iran flute*, Verandah*, Iron Furniture, Canting* and a general variety of Ornamental Iron Work. Royal bwrdibh punch. A. KOBlNbON, 82 GREENWICH HTR&KT, SOI K M * NUFACTUKKK, Invite* the attention of wtne merchants/hotel keeper*, reetaurante, and the public get orally to thla superior beverage, a* originally prepared by him for the royal oourt of Sweden, and which he 1* now ready to (tipply to the trade by the box, galIon orcaak. Thla fashionable drink t* Justly celebrated in Europe, not alone on account of It* excellent taite, but for It* truly Invigorating and refreshing ^qualities, and cannot fall to meet with general approbation In thia country. Iu order to guard against inferior* rtlcle* with name* mmewhat *tmllar, the public will do well to *ee that they obuln the BOYAL SWEDISH PUNCH, Manufactured solely by a. robinson, No. 8S Greenwieh street. Roofing si.atk8 of the eagle blate company are of superior quality, low coat. Are proof, yield pure and untainted rain water, and last a lifetime. Builders addrem the Agent of the Company, 0. FURMAM, V Cortland! treti, Mew York. THE AMERICAN SOLIDIFIED MILE, Prepared from the richest milk of the beat dairies la Pitches* county. New Turk, Is the only way to procure pore milk In large cities. The medical profession report It as Invaluable for Infant* and Invalids. It la ohsnper than the swill made poison sold as milk. As It will keep for year* in any climate, it I* Indispensable for travellers, officer* of the army ax d navy, and for those living la hot climate* or the South, For sale in various Maad packages, enclosed for transports lion, at the depot AMERICAN SOLIDIFIED MILK COMPANY, 79 Liberty street, two door* east from Broadway, N. T. WATCHMAKERS' AND JEWELLERS' TOOIX AND materia la, Turning Istthea, Hints Rents, Draw Plate*, Rolling MUla, bra** and steel Wire, abeet Brae* aud German Silver, sand Crucibles, Ac. W. H. Fit ABHK, U Chatham street. DRY GOODS, AC. T INKNH, LIN F.N BOSOMS, WHITE SNOW DROP AND Xj Damask Cloths, Damask in the piece, brown table Cloth*, | Towels, Napkins, llandknirhiefs^Ar Some job lots for aale very low to aentera, uy w ?*imv> ?. ?* tJainariae street. OOUTHMRM TRADE. ? CUBTAIE MATERIALS. FURNITURE OOVERlNOB and UPHOLSTERY GOODS Of ?tmt ?esc*irTioi?. SOLOMON A HART, Ml aMMio"! are now Offerlns to wholesale and retail borers THEIR FALL. LMrOETATlONS, eotnprlahtK ice Largest Btoek to be Found la this Market, LAOS AMD MUSLIM CURTAINB, Broce'els, 8aUna Satis Delalnee, TapeArtes, Chintzea, Worsted O imaaka, Cotton awl Worsted Damasks, 1 Reps, LksUuks. And Tabourets, FLUSHES AMD MOQUETTBt For railroad ears and earrt.ajfee TABLE AND PIAMO OOVKRH Of ererr nastily and sty le. Uegi Scotch Hhade lloiliuid#, aem c A|J ^dthf( ^nd (y>Joni Together with an unusually UrK* aenmruaent of LOW riUCSO COKNICES, Bt.SIM AND rlNS, With every style of CURTAIN AND FURNITURE fRldMINd, Tassels, Loops, Fringes. Ae. All Of which they offer at eitremelr low pnoes, t.y the pleoe or yard, or made up In the rer^VstjSnd ;VW Broadway. OTRANOBRfl ARB REHPECTFULLT INVITED TO EXO amine at retail, our large aad magnificent aaaortmeut of K1LKH. DRK8? OOODE, 1 S1IAWL8, MAETILLAR. LACKS, EMUROIDKRIK8. Ac.. Rec^dpe, last earner. ^ ^ rtk.W ART h OO. "yyiKDOW H11ADRH. SOLOMON-! HART, Manufacturer!, No. ItM Broadway. An now offering To whol?Oil? end retell buyera, At pricea that defy eompetttloo, A Large Htock of OOLD, PAINTED AJTD MKT A I. 8I1ABEH They would cell particular attention to their apian dal i*r.Bent U I err* at an GOLD AND LANDNt'APF. FIIADKN Eipraan! j manufactured for the Mouther n market. LOIT AID fOUID. ' 2ERTTF1CATM LOST-NO. 141, FOR ONI PART (Ml right In the American Atlantic and Paette Ship OMnal npany, Handing In the name ef Mary K Face. AppUeatten haa been made to the company for a new oerttflcale. Nsw Toai. AuguetT, 1H0. T OUT-STRAYED. FROM NO 7 BREVOORT Pt.trc Li Tenth atrott, on Hunday morning, it gray dog Pup. hi weekaold. The finder will be liberally rewarded ou lla dell-* very to I>r. Piatt, 40 Uoo?l mn et. LOW PAS8 BOOE WO. 13,371, IfMI'FD RTTHK IW3TItuUoi for the Sartnga of Merrhanta' Clarke. Tbe under wtU confer a favor by leaving It atUie hank mO BAWKKRH AND RKOEKRR?IF A DRAFT, DRtWW 1 to the order of H. ilernnt.'ln. 1U Raal Brwdway. frum California. ibmiM be pn-aeeted. for payment p leave atop h. The Draft baa probably been taken I root the FoM offiM by mMaka. MWA?I?. A?? RRWARD?FOR TH1 FOLLOWIMO WOTM WIIKW ?0 delivered to Meaara Robarta A Oathell, 113 Rroadwer:? Two ProvnlaaoTT Wolea having baen lorn, both bearing data July 5, 1M0, made by Jnbna f rankenateln to ble own order, and endnraed by him?one at three monlhe for tk?> and one at foar moo the for 3771 73?all perarma are hereby nanttnnad againet negotiating the name, pa} meat thereof having been Mopped. ANtnll, HMO. AC RKWAKD.?ORKVHOUWD l/WT. A MM ALL LKIUT brown Italian < I re vhound white oa bar neefc, anawara Pi Ika name of Fan Tba Under by rvlnmiog bet U/l. tlraoterey park will receive tba above reward AC RltWARD -LOST. IW Ajf EIGHTH A TEN UK RAIL VU road car. between Twenty third aad Veeey atreeia. on bat irday afternoon. a aitall bnekekln Purae, noolainlug a ten dollar plane and eime bllla. The above reward will be pell on leaviog It at No. 3 Barclay alrect. IC nrfWAHD.-WTOUW, FROM THR RF-tTDRNtH f>OU of thr mibeertber, on thr night of thr lihn amir* hoard Hall lloal, ?J fro*, long, right frrt *11 or rlgh' Inchr* wldr with patrol rufdrr, rrry high otd of tuo and hollow bow. with on mm#, painted t er> dark grown, thw drek t* planked with l)( Inch ttrtpa. riirnng to ahapoof ixat. with two hrwnw w rww vrntllalnr* and plair g,*a* *kv light Irt In, and mala! rniurt hole eerntchron, *11 palmed rrddiah drah.oak fendrr. painted dark rr<1; deck rail perforate forward, hnl olid an. Oork pit dlildrd by bulk bam I a little abaft or mid ohlpa. with dnrw* to Minr, ra> h aide of centra board, all grainrd oak fat rigg with halyard* paaalog indar deck in rock pit Thr ahovr reward will be git ? for reoorary of boat and detection of tbieree,or %2S for l.oat alonw. Addreaa by tela graph or mall to H. Wllmnt. flrldgrport. < 'odn. < <h kttty u<?amp.~ (lOUNTRT BOARD. NRAK Oll'tlRRH rtatioir?A J frw morr Hoarder* ran hr accommodated In a plwumat and bra.thy location. k*ttb a rlew of the llidano rlrar, abonl fortj mllm Iram New Vor*. Tnq'tlra at lei < "h*mber* atrrn or mldraaa NR.*. Haenbel P at oMoa. Weatchratar county. (tnrrtrt board-wtm/iw parr itotri., Mo i t'on b'i Dam mad, Right* arrnor. brtwm IWth and l.'? th atr-<'? a frw morr hoarder* c*n hr *ceomm'?l*trd wtih finr. airy Room*, it la a plraaaol and lira.thr I nation. with a Ttrw of thr Harlem rlrar. nomtf IUIARD TAN hr Had ii.v a uk* at Vr1 South Orange N .1, Fi r particular* apply P< Mr dOIIN IV FKP.FM AN Poet ofllrc Month Orange. N. J.. orWAdrcm hi hot 1,771 Peal nOnr Raw Vn*t. 1 tKHTRA PLR ooemi HOARD A DftLMBTF I. I I rlarr oppo*Hr Slitirth mrm rem-kel In twrntr minute* (r?a> thr foot of spring atrret bout i) . Mm I'ampbrli, at thr i>m#r*-k H'?iar. baa twr raeant Rnoma I.epilrw at in* tlrran a I -b atrret, rear tdlior. arrond door MffrTvRAm IftARI.P. D'HOTR AT RIX O'tlAMyt A If yoa with for a g> ?! dlnnar at 7?'^*ta, Including a jMnt ofrlrret. m I at 7t* Fried way, bet We?a Eighth aad math Araata. Prtrale parlora for nipper* aae partem 3 BALM Or RIAL CHTATA BEAUTIFUL FOR H ITU ATION . - A PLAUSooMTanxT ing eight acres; four htm a full crown orchird 1 acres a warm southern hillside vineyard also garden and or dluary fruits. Said place is situate on the east side of He nam 1-ake, six miles north of Grid, N. Y., and la offered for sale at a bargain On the premises Is a Rood storehouse, now doles a remunerative commission business in grain, also an ordinary dwelling house and barn. It Is a Rood point for a small country store and lumber yard. The place is now paying a larger Interest than the price aaked for It would return at seven pec cent, and Ita Una prospective vineyard ta not yet productive. Address D. P. Dry, Waulns, Schuyler county, N. Y or J. HDry (Evangeliat office), at Mo. 6 Beekman street, N. y. Eight lotb for ralb-on fiounnt art oor. ner First avenue and Fifty seventh sumet, four on the avenue and four un the street. Four luu or eight wtll be so.d. JOHN B. MURRAY, 251 Canal street, oortier of klm. Farm in Illinois fob bai.k, or rxchangb for New York or Brooklyn city property, oonatsung of 214 acres, delightfully situated on the borders of Rock river; j? well adapted for raising stock. A brisk dwelling, furnish?4 completely, barn, smokehouse, and also SO bead of cattle, 7 horses, hogs and poultry, Ae. The whole offered for 410,DUO. 44.000 may remain on bond and mortgage. For particulars address N. P. LASSEN Dixon, Illinois, or to FRKNCU A MKINCKB, 41 Beaver street. N. T. Fob rai.b?a rabb chancb-a houhb and loti I an old established millinery stand, situated In the ffourlshtng village of New Roc belle, now doing a good business Address P. D. F? New Rochalis Post office, or apply on the premises. For hai.k-a houhb in thibtt firht street. between Fourth and Lexington avenues, south side, with all modern Improvements, In oomplele order. P< ? sslna given from the 1st to the 15th September. Apply to W. H. DK lakc'KY, JR , Noe. Sand 10 Pine street. For balr-at a bargain, in conhbqubncb or the owner going South, a House ajnd Lot at Port Richmond, ...on,, wmiin nvc mm ilea' walk of the steamboat landing, a good weil.out houses, Ac , will be auld with or wtlhouh JU^Sy^o iS W^Br^wry.rlirUCUU^ " For hale?four new brick houses, ok won f?2h.1L?V*l.?VJ- K*Ph U 21 ,eet front by SI don* three stories high, with basement. fltie plain, good yard in tM rear; gaa and waiar throughout; atone stoop and Iron fence la front. Terms easy. Apply at & Arch street or M New street. Newark, N. J. For balk or exchanc.e-a beautifully hituated plot of land, containing 170 acre#. 25 of timber. wlUl Dwelling, Ac., at Hcarsdale, Wean-beater county, JO aided from New fork. The land ia fertile and well watered, and desirable for a rural home; near the depot. Apply to 11AMlloND A ROMA1NK, Broadway, near Fortv aixth aueet, eg No. 10 Cine atreet, room No. 4, between 1 and 2 C. M. For balk or exchange for a hocbe in new York or Brjoklyn?A Cottage House. Barn, Ac., and three quarter* of an acre of Land, beautifully located to the Tillage ot Yonkera; good garden and pleuty of choice fru't; nice view: oonTenient to car* or steamboat. Addreaa looker*, Herald office. JOHN KATANAQH, 778 Sixth avenue, between Forty fifth and Forty aixth ate., REAL KBTATE BROKER AND HOUSK AGENT, iita roH .hi.* 4 atory brown atone Ilouae, built and finished In a first claen manner. in 48th atreet, between Fifth and Hlxtk avenues, 26x50 x75 feet. 3 atory ar d basement *brown atone front. In Forty-fifth street south aide, between Sixth avenue and ltrxadway, 22x48, with an extension of 17 feel, well arranged, lot 22x100 5.12 feel 5 Hon sea In Second avenue, built bp day* work; wtj trad# for lots well located. 2 1,0is lu Forty fifth street, north side, between Fifth an# Sixth avenues; will trade them lor good tenant property. Brown atone front Ilouae and Store in Ntflth avenue, between Twenty aixth and Twenty seventh atreet*-price 66,000. Land on nuDeon rivkr for balr.-a dkrirable plot of Gronnd at Dobbe'ferry, containing about n acrea, well located, near railroad depot, with a fine prwpect of the river and adjoining oountry. For term* apply to Mr. WARNER, adjoining the premise*, or to WILLI AM REDMOND, No. 43 Barclay street. SMALL FARM WANTED -WANTED TO PURCHASE, a Farm in Westcheater county, of 30 to 40 acrea, unproved or unimproved; neighborhood of White Claim preferred. Address J. W. Lane, Herald oflloe, fling location, price end terma. OAfi ACERB NEW YORK BTATE HEAYT TIMBER U i U lands, also, valuable village nronertT in tbe village or Kingston. New York, for aale orexchange 'for merchandise, Ac. Addreae box 177 Tribune adlce J. BROWN. &q oho -for rale or exchange, two acres cO.Uuu. at Hyreruse, with drat claaa house, barns, carriage house, Ac. All modern improvement*. Every varietg of fruit in abundance hurruundlnga tirat claaa. W. H. HAMILTON A CO., 213 Broadway. A()ET fww\ ?TO exchange, ^rkal estate int tpZDA'UU. Baltimore add Virginia, for Merchandise) utlable for Southern or Weatern market*. For goods which will suit a fair exchange will be made and 20 per cent cash given. VAN WINKI.F, A WINANH, Auetioaaer*. No. 1 Fine street, nnn TO i-end-on bond and mortJiiitJl/.UUt/ gage, on real estate id thia city, in turns to auit applicant*, strictly first claaa loans will be Biadealwi per cent Intareai: buildera' ioana ellecied. Apply to S. 8. BROAD. 13 Wall atreet. HOCRKR, HIHtMl, AC., FO LET. A FINE K10RK, F1RHT FUKIR AND BASEMENT, TO lei. No. 2M Canal atreet, corner of Elm atreet, ne^r Broadway. A BROADWAY- BTORF. TO I.rarr NO. DM -thf. whole Building would he let together If wiahed. through to Cortlandt alley, or the Ktere separate. Apply to N. C. BIFltOP, 144 Broailway, first Moor. A FIRST CLA8R HOl'hK TO I.KT-71 WEST THIRTYeighth atreet, with tit ty others, moat of them drat c I saw and well situated. aoiua of them furnished In splendid atyle. For cards apply to N. C. BIHllOl', 144 Broadway. ATHKER STpRY, ItROWN RTONK, HIGH RTOOP llonse, with all the modern Improvements, to let no Forty ninth streat. near Lexington avenue. I'oaeeaai m given immediately. Apply to P.O. VOCUHT, auctlaaeer, No 4 I'inO Street An uxfvrnirhed rkcond floor and front baaeinest kitchen to let; House has gta, bath, water closets, ranlrlee, bells, tuliea, waali tuba, Ac., rent 330 peg month, including gas light, wore room If retired CI7 Se^ r 1 venue, near Tblrt) seventh street. CTHEMISTR WILL FIND A CONVENIENT LA BORA) lory to let In a desirable loratkn, No. 2b4 Ciuial atreet, corner of Kim atreet. Dear Broadway. .?? ii/in'?a urrivt i" l.r.i, ull rim 8AI.B-? Al"XLi ply oil til* premises. 63 (Ireene etreet Aleo, Basemen! t" let, fur any genteel business. Apply ? above Furntfhed Hom-ro i.rr, a nmall hovhe oh Irnnp' n avenue. nicely furnished. rent I7S) * year. Also. an unfifurtahed tniise.wtth stable on Murray IliU, imwcdlatc po?raalno can be had. Apply to ff. II. LU8II. 2M Fourth avenue. JjU/RMMIRD IIOUFB TO LET-IN TWKNTY 8ltC'ONr? 1 street, near Fourth avenue, to a private family oulv: twelve man, in perfect ordei Apply to R. C. RKAl>, Ui V-ast Twenty eee?v?l street, from 12 to 2 F. m. 0manor, new jbkrf.t ?rixtt country heath, filiate Reatdenoea, Parma ami Villa HI tea, a treat variety, beautifully aittialad. one hour fr? t-nrUandt sweet. for real ardfnr aale by hrnrt R. BlAi'KWIUW Wtlllaa street New York, froaa I to U A . M , Mala alreet, Orange, 1 lo I P. M. ROOMH TO LET -TWO LAROR AND WELL LIOHTEI) Parlors, on Orel Boor, la bmiee M Hndane street, will ba altered Into a store fore rood tenant, alai one attie Roan. Apply In T. M. ROOM AN, Metropolitan Hank, Broadway, ooraer of Fine street, or to #M. LOYELL. it Hudson street Rent us rir month-a lovei.t residence In Wllllamahurg, containing all elegant apartments gas, rhan.leliers, French windows Hi lgewood water, kitchen, waabbntiae, all no the tecond story. Cars, Sr. Apply at oi Ormad street. Williamsburg. STABLE TO LNT.-Tt!E BRICK NT A RLE ? THOMAS street has alalia for eight bursas end has jest been pal la perfect order Apply In T M. ROtlM AN, Metropolitan Baiw, Broad way, eoraar of rtae street, or to WM. LOVRLL, M Hudson street mo let?baskmf.nt no. m eart twelfth rtrket, 1 with Bar. Hoie* Ala Vault, Ar , also Base wienie ?t> Twelfth street sod HIT Bmadwsy, adapted for any buemeea; ala? the Hecood Flour, rurnis risens, with eight front windows, JOHN 8. KRLMO, a William street. r LET-IN BROOKLYN, WJTII IMMEDIATE POHRENersetos. the neat three story , basement and stib cellar brick Hmise 121 Adams street between Hande and High streeW; rent low. Apply to CHARLEH BAKNl'M, 102 Liberty street. New York rl.KT-THK FIRHT FLOOR AND HI "EVENT OF A house In Thirteenth Street, went of Fifth avenue. to a small family gas flsttire* In Kent 919 per month. Apply at Ik.' Fourth Street, near >uth atenue. in sr ?ri r? I.KT-A flKRTEKT. AMD COMFtlRTARLR two Btory aaiffbaeemei t llooee. very oonrenlently nr.d p. carnally It Anted for * down town rx' !w? (U lo the II" iM; rent Wt"l A pi If on the prmlwi. V ? IM f, nnkln alreet. rl.KT- IH nil TIU.AOK OF TOKKRRR. OK* OF the iiiiNt corn* In the ?1ll?r for bnatneaa. near the depot fitted np for a dltilnp and drlnkln* MVm; Plot.tree fnr Mil*. A cnnd rhnni-e fnr a man of amah mennn In aUO RoaenM far aalllnff, the uvtrrlua other b toneae h} attend In. HI. ASIC T> 1ST OR FOR RAI.K-T1IRKR RTOEV. RAsKtnent. brtrk llmiae, In Fifty tklrd Wreet- all the mnlmi Improvement*, plaaaant nel?hBorb<od. rent Mnv per, fir I nlaace of Ibla year f. J. KM ITII A CO., 700 Tklrd ayenoe. rl I.MT?TTIEKK STORKS, WfTIf RXTKFKlOXk .in*. 70.71', and 73 Km* Fourteenth atr-wl Mo 70 la tn'.dw rxmpiete lor k Aral rate, 71 and 73 am aak-nlated fie knjr kind of l.'.alnenw The k<eatlon la a r-?1 owe, hem* near lb.' 'It?era b'l'iae Alari, the aemnd floor of the houae .Mo *a Kent Fifteen lb Arret. Alan, for aale. a armed band < arri**w and llsrneaa, marft to ordar. App.y at Ma 73 Heat Po.t*. leenlk Frret. T) f.KT OR I.RAKF?THR OOTHK' TfiTTAOR AMI* Stable, with fonr IrtU of tlrunnd nn Kilty tilth atreet, be? tween Kernnd and Third avenue* Apply on Maty third afreet, between Ftrat aienne and avenue A. rl.FT-A ri.KAKAKT FROMT ROOM, TO OMR OR two rentleinen, with partial Board (ItreakfaA aad Tea, , With Dinner on Bun to)), at 1M Waal Kuteenfh at/. <x. fit.i LFT?MTOR* AMD OTflPM fR RROAD STRHTT. 1 near Wall; htnra No 3 Broad atr-M on aeenmi floor of fto. | Hrnad atren, <>mnr? on 'bird door of Mo 5 Rrouf atnet Apply lo A. J. DKI.ATOCR, ?H Wall atreet, near rUT-rVO l.AROR AMD WRU. MOIITID FARIon. on drat floor, to bonne Mo 17 Howard atreet will bt? altered into a atnee for a ?ond tenant, rent moderate. Aprlf at Ma 1 Amity atreet. rl.RT OR I.RASK?TIIK SROOND, THIRD, Pol HI?] and fifth Ktnrlea (are arranfed Into aer?r?l?? < olSeea on earh Boor) of the new bnlldlnif, A3 M ??w . -? ' ? In tblarttr, alan, the Store of aald b"'iw, HW feet d-ee I Itaarment of I ke depth, the Haaem ni amM fr?*? a n billiard mnfn; the bo>iae haa all the noodera Impinemt e. Apply to FRANUlR HVUNK 13k Maaaau ahret T bark Rnnma of aamnd flnne, on Hmad way between Sr-. me ar d Spring atreet*, aullable for a tailor!? r <e ta.i> "acae hliahiweot Arplv ... the 404 Hr?lwar rl.RAR*--TDAT PRAt'TIFT'I. MOmR. i ***'f fifth a yen ne and Twenty Fib atreet. eilendlnff to Hmad| way, oppraMle Mnd.arm a.par?, b'H't tl.r**l71, ' " 7A , | bt?wlmek '.?e Apply at or wldreee w -h " iJtP.fA neenne. Mew York.

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