Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1860 Page 2
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OUR NAVY. Tfct \Ao.alei* Wall* of America. Wle-e *t iim it r the Ttit eiteut of our seaboard, h-'U? .? ihc lUvitit km facitk wben we look at Um (ureal* mrtt tt? M dc .Ion* the water (Ton's o' onr 'arue ?-nuuer. <ui cUim, and rvOect thai our ships visit every p>?rl of the j Obe, Lmt our tonnage ettusls tUI of Great UritaJt', und aurparr) > that of every other cation, when we rrtnt-ml *r th.. we have no walled clllea. an ' that the appluM'tic* to our harbors are but Inadequate)' t rtiflod, I brbccvt-a u? now and then to think of the real strength a our onvj?tl e pro acting ara to which our defenceless ? r Lajj.u en may fly (or alk-lter In tme of danger, the *Opyuer<l' c which our helpless wives and ohtldren rely to keep lar Irom our aboree the borrora of war. The true sir ngth of our navy can not he learned from Presidents' BiwafM or Secreiariae' reports, a* they aaa nty iu nbne ibeinseivt* 10 recapitulating the dunes paeii rroi.l by the different sqoadrona during the year. We will inert lore endeavor in thta article to give a feithfti/ eih.nit ?t" the uavy aa it la, commencing with the Oil navy proper consists of len ships of-the-Une, ten rvifwue. twenty one sloops of-wsr, three briga and three ?lore ahjpe, making a total of forty seven vessels propel ea by aai!s a loco, carrying one thousand sight hur Ired sad twenty one guns. There are aeven screw frigates, an Brat class screw iteopo, f< ur first claga aide wheel sineainn, eight aeoond stsss acrew sloops, oae aecond claaa aide wheel rtaamar, Ove third class screws, four aide-wheel steamers of th* third cltsa, two steam lenders and one nondescript craft of nearly Ore thousand tons burthen, which has been building at H ibukcn (or the laai eighteen years, and la called Stevens' war steamer, making a total of thirty ?ffbt veaseW pn pelled by steam, and carrying live hun. tead and right guna. That give* us e gtty Ave vessels, carrying two thousand hoDdred and iweuly-Bine guns. Thus lar for official te. and If three alone were looked at they might j ue to very errcnenua conclusions. Let us therefore Bine the matter m >re in detail. There are tea llao of i ships borne upon tte register of the aavy, and these ten vassal* mount eight bandied and seventy-two guna. They are named aa follows:? .Vaawj Cuai. Apr 1? I'euna> Ivan la 120 23 2?tfciumbe s 90 41 3?Ohi o M 40 4?North Carolina *4 40 B?Delaware 84 40 *?Vermont M 42 1?New Orleans K4 46 8 lie he ma. B?Virginia. V.V...V......... M 42 ^ 1^ go IB?New Yor*.... ......84 4s Of theee the last (our are rotting on the etocsa, having awwr been launched. The Columbus, Ohio, North Car > ttea and Delaware have each made a ouuple sf rrt'Hi, some Of'een years since, befort ? the ?ra ef ocean steamship*, and proved themselves very good lor their day and feneration.- The Pennsylvania, i which twenty years ainoe people looked with more than n w they look at the Great Rasteru, per tha dangerous voyage betweeo Philadelphia and Nartaik. and ever since has been settling la the mud at th* Norfolk Navy Yard. The Vermont was Intended In Ub2 as Perry's Csg ship ou the Japan exped:t..?, and vraa nearly ready for see when thus* In authority changed their minds, and she was again stripped and laid up la orSwary The Onto is at present used as a receiving ship tea recruits at Boston, the North Carolina at Naw York, and the Pennsylvania at Nortulk lor the same purpose Three t veer Is all are utterly out of repair, and, being old kabtuned and deetitute tA * earn power, are for every por peer of ail ark or ue.Vnc.- entirely useless, thus cutting iff at etM rvuop eigbl hundred and seventy two guna out of tha twenty live hundred. The r*.u-e, ten in numser, and pierced each for fifty |ua, are named aa lollowa ? Oigtesl/y Mema La uncivil is g?Uwei:lGli<?. S?l ulled ."IsUw 1797 N? Potomac lull S? Branny * ne 1N26 b?Oohimtia 1HM I thsgrea*.... 1?Naritun 4?n Lawrence W. B?bantre i?>4 lA?Habtne 1666 Of there veaeela the San tee has never yet been in cum ?mud .he Matin- Is uos aua bnl to the home squa dron, this being her fecund cruise. All the rest have dawe good arrvioe. tan ol them, aamely, the Constlt-rti w (Cad iron skirt) and the Vntod States (the Old Wagon), bate besssM < ndeared u> the prople of this country, who wwwM be loth to *-? tbeir taints erased irutn the navy tvglatrr AU tl iheni except lbs Pelted Stales and tbo brandy woe. m.ght by thr addition of a loam power, be ?eevvrted tntu effi lieni a use la uf war There are twenty one aloupluf war, named as follow* ? Aatsasa hunt. *U but If. 1?< nmberdtr.d 31 1841 8?TWvaenah 34 1*43 h?Onaste.iation 22 1864 4? Macedonian 22 183# h? -ovumtu th 22 184.7 B-Plymouth ? IBaa 7?ft llarys 22 1*44 ??Jan.v?U wd .. ,22 1844 b?rtermanto* n 22 1*44 IB?Saratoga . 20 1*42 U?-uir ddams...... 20 1*31 ii? .20 1*34 U? laimc-iib 20 1*27 Id? IslMlAiA .... 20 1-.* M?St. Luuw 20 1*28 10?lyase M Wl 17?Levant. .1*41 1*43 .1*47 I 20 1837 ?tcrT 14 183'? IB?bar r-n 1* IMS m H? M !*?"? 21?Prsble IB 1839 a vi-. r they were first built have brae w active service the first k>oi are rases*, tost is, (bay were of .finally frlsate-. but have now guns oo uoe deck ealy The la!mouth bas been taken from the eegvAr lat. an* converted Into ? permanent store mrp rial ooeJ at Saptnwall where she will probably Wave ber boaea The llymrmS for U>e past two years baa bees read aa s practice aa 1 arhonl ship for the mid ?fcwsnra ef lbe aavy, but bar plane will Se taken by Ul ?reeeidre. whleb be. been specially Idled for that for per The rssesa might be turaed late good eteew oor eater a, but th* t-lbert are almnel too email, though they are full r Vfd eh:p* and sot to be rouf -uuded with North vtvev t r Tar river atvi*. ? wwuite wbu b was ma le by a werby Secretary t?r Hie Navy from the Stela of Thr, rwch aatl Turpewtine Tais woriliy was very much aa teawhed at the eel-mat* (or repair-ag a a loop of war, and mpUi caily declared be sowid build sta a loops oa Tar river 'or k-ee woary it ooel te repe.r owe la the bevy Twi TVr .tr?~? bran. bit. the 1? . i . .... * ftu.n ??ferry ? ?? S~Pw|be ? " kitt M Mf) ?rrr imbto rn?erle Tba Mure nwilk, * :S. Ux ?nxl 3 run* 52* :::.i - wvtibr aotbiey ricept traaeporti. tad bard IT for tbat, as tbr ?t?C ae<l tVipply are rrrj dull a*, ors and tba Re Mae a wry natal . beiay oaly t3T mm Tt ,t wv Itave of the aa Una trwreia oaly ? vary small m*>' ah -S ai|bl ba stair nraliaVta Is IMS of actual ?? a ll tnt prerred U> ceaatdrr tbr teas 'a prnpellatt la part by strew sad Brst we mwe to Um t-raa a rea frtpalre. Tts ? Xtad. I?Mayors -Hrrr i It t* oaayt. ? ?.no M a in m 3 40* 40 ajoo 3JM M * J00 I.M I fcwMii b-Bortftr.1 +.R<rbaae*<' .... m thnaa Ibr **a Jacinto ? tea I?t aM all Mir etbere *?> tMicro ad la 1M7. Nr or Una in new la rota, ?aaarw. aad all art i racoaaoad to br superior in srtybl v am ^ aed railiaf qaallMa to lay *????.? ... tba mm* -lare aCaal Wa ha?? %-?? b?ir aide aim I a Mailt saslmrr War 111, ?- MoT Mar b~Marvara4?etr ? Jbaqvia. . .. ft. *> 1. and arr nam i M 0S? / *WMr .. ' Ml . . s ?)| ... ? 1 OH 4 1 m ? f fit ?-Wabash .. I?rraobha 1b*s* nrr?e t-oar is, all bsllt a Una Ibr lust Ova )NTI (tba rraaal a wan y> t <vrapi?ted), are, with tbaraarp ttaw id tbr Niayara. (tanaxstblr rewrta of war, ael a<wa of tbawi mm ba rarrdiad aa sfwriwros of naval arcbtbac tarv Tbr S'^yara a a b-aeltfol rilpprr rtaaaw aad nolle vary wall, bat m. la Uir apian* ef wni||i??l ;adyaa. no ?annr. (br bar ?nrtar ah: pa la a ana tlyht Tbr Niayara ta tbaaeH aaraf tbr arm# now ta ttrmrei stoa all lbs othsrt ?oa;d br got nady f.n ana la a abort i rnr. nn.l aar* rf .hew ?? trrnr* lhaa a walrh Ibr any obi (Mb .??) ab<p of tba l aw Krv wv bare air r?w stoops of tba tiwt rdaa. earned aa Ibitnwe ? Mm* l->ai wriate Ml 0 "V fbnoapt. ..13 1 44 J ) If S IM a? SfTO if 1 r? .14 6,<u i M?r v-Morm.r' ii I ,m>i #-%-aa.?hai .? .... ...|? I,*-0 *m n mi* 0m-. rat ar .. 0 I 4 in *** * *'** PP ? *b? "Waft, bar nf bote bu:'t oaarly Iwaatr y?wri arr>. ?ha -tbara are trw ar twelve r??*? JjMf iWM i fjr arr. .oaab.o, bat tbarears fwa ymat bft the wm of a dowbom atrewwe m war ? wsr. in lb* f**t piar ..tbstr mntim ptwnr is v>t *w b ts't-t .n'.thv rw-ny'a bails, aad tbry wv arvwt an twaly Mill f III w ?rew fhr th* r empale ?, tb ta ,*?? mg a fMtl raprtJitwa nf-oal, wht ft N wiybt b* ard t.t septa** ta tifM ?t war. btora ail war twta ? ua of la 1 _vear? bar-. i?hr..|y 1 prnwoU- r?. Tbr rtibaaMbMic t n i'niM by ?? a .'?? 6?Dnoctab J JJI I?. ... ?bonus ? CO* 0?Hemuk.i ? 3 Ml Uieru m <oiy use hla a *h?ep annng ihia tot, and i?>,i ? .no 1, toe Pocahontas, alias the imlc. Ibis voanel ajf i uMhaScd by our r v?rann?t to lorn u? of tbe nv'ci tlif . ipeditwa for t>r. Kum She l* very strongly badt. but her martunsry m, or ut least vu, very bail; her mu'rl la a croaei between the apposition boat to Si-all's ark and the wmhbuwl in which the ncvcu wiao men ofGotham wuut to *<? TL.s vessel gatm^d groat celebrity by ber ramoua cruise after tho Br Utah steamor Styx, iu 1808 when ttbo weak, under Meant aiooe, four t?u tni'ii) in flftoen bourn. Tot' other wvt-u gunboats tuppty a want long felt? namely, light crult vessels to go up rivers, they draw from nine to twelve feet of water, and are able to ttram at irom ten to fifteen knots per hour. To this class also belongs the Fulton (side-wheel), fit for uottong but a towboat. Th) third class screw steamers are:? Vomer. Gnat. 1?Wyando t 6 B? Mohawk 6 St?Crusader 8 4?-'emptor 6 6?Mycin- 5 These are the five WMcl* formerly belonging to the Cromwell line tf propsSB, charter ad in 1868 for the Pa. 'aguay expedition, and subsequently purchased They 1 sve been employed on the coasts of Atrioa and Cuba to uppr.aa the ilave trade, and bavn captured several lavers. They have paper sides, which would be torn nto r pi inters by a few shot, and cannot be re.led oa in bar. Four side-wheel steams-re, viz.? ?Water Witch 3 guns. ?Michigan 1 " ?Pulaski 1 '? ?Saginaw 3 " luinpiete this class. The Water Witch lea last Utile sis-em, r, Milted for a despatch boat and river expeditions. Tor Michigan?an iron boat?baa done good serrioe on the lakes m succoring distressed mercuaotuen. Ths- fblaski, aln h the "Mwtscnaisl," us adingrac.) to the navy. She is u ccn>oioo llMje river boat, and those ofil sera who carried her out to Montevideo deserve great praise lor their courage in trusting tbemselvra upon the Atlantic in such an eggshell. F.igbleen months slnse she was surveyed at MonievlJeo, and prououueed uneeawor tby. She remains, therefore, in the Rio de la Plata, cruising between Buen a Ayree and Montevideo. Two small lender e and the Stevens war steamer com plete the list. It will thus be seen that Instead of eighty five we only possess about thirty really available veeaels In time of war, and instead as twenty five hundred guns wo have only about eight hualred. DMlins. It baa beeD the policy of our government in regulating the sue of the uiflerent squadrons to keep In view the probable necessity for their employment la protecting commerce and redressing outrsges aud wrongs. Hence for the last few years our squadron iu the Mediterranean has consisted of but few vessels, while Uie Home and Bast Indian squadrons have been proportionally strengthened, nous sqrannos This squadron, theoretically, lias for IU cruising ground the Atlantic coast from Labrador to Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the shores of South America to the mouth of tie Amazon, while practically !U operations during the U?t and the present years have been confined to Cuba, Mexico and New Granada. This squadron Is under the command of Flag Officer Joseph R. Jarvis, who will be soou relieved by Flag Officer G. J, 1'endti grust, and consists ol the following vessels:? Gum. 1?Rkwp Savannah (flagship) S3 2?Steam sloop Brooklyn 36 8?Frigate Sabine 60 g?Sloop St. Louis .20 6?So p I'rebls 10 0? Steam sloop Susquehanna 16 7?Steam sloop I'owhalan 11 0?Steam sloop Pawnee 4 0?Steamer Mohawk 6 10?Steamer W?ur Witch 0 11?Steamer Wjaodot 0 13?steamer Crusader | 10?Sloop Cumberland 21 14?Steamer Pocahontas 6 Store ships Supply, Release and Falmouth. The Savannah, now at Vera Uruz, Is ordered boose. The Brooklyn la si Chlrlqul lagoon, with s surveying party; the Sabine at Asptnwall; the St Louts on her way north; the Preble bound to Boston; the Susquehanna and Pow hatan bound to Vera Cruz; the Pawnee to sail la a few days fur the tame destination; the Mohawk, Water Witch, Wyandot and Crusader on the orast of Ouoa to lotsrcept Slavers, and tbe Cumberland ailing out as flag ship; the Falmouth, permaneut store ship, at Asptnwall, and ths Supply and Release employed transporting stores. ??vnratduxBAn. There la at preset.I only tbe steam sloop Iroquois, 0 Tbe steam sioop Richmond, 14, IS fitting out M Dag ship for Ftsg Officer Chat H. Bull. new Flag Officer?John B. Montgomery. ftsu. 1?.'learn sloop Lar caster (flag ship) 21 3?learner Saranac 9 0? -liH'p Cyane 3d 4? 'uk p levant ..30 6?Sloop m. Marys 21 6? 'warn sloop Wyoming d 7?suamsloup NarraganaeU 6 Store tbips Warren and Fmtoola. Hsadquariers of squadron, Panama. aaaziL eqcanaoa. Flag Gffiotr?U shoa It Sanus. Owu. 1- -Frigate Ooegreea (Bag (hip) 60 1?dlt enirr S minute 3 3? Hr r IMpbiu 4 4?Br if Heinbrnlge ? MMM Pulnaai 1 T.i? i?" brigr bare born ordered bone. Tbe cnuii| ground lice Mwrft Rio Janeiro, Montevideo and Boo boa ayrra. iniiAi euttpao*. Flag CKbcar?Wm Lumen. O MVM. l_-i<?.p ('. r?l?:ialHif (Oaf ablp) 23 2? i?.?mrr San Jerlnto IS 3? > IVrUmnutti ft 4?St-am axmp M.-tnrao ? 6?dt.emrr Soapier S ?- Steamer Mill* S 7_?iPfr?btp Relief S 6?So>'|' Marion (.mi bor eay borne) If BeadquarUra oi tbe ?!roa, M Paul da Lnando. h.*T im>i* aqi epaoa. 1 lag (HBoer?t K. W.ibiiug 1 Swam eloop Hartford (faf ?hlp) 16 2_ Sloop Jobs Adama 20 3? MM Bagtaaw 3 4?tseanter Imcuiah ? ?r?m en** k* St ram or Argentine. tOmmimlar r J Ihge?Exploration of tb* Paraoa. bo Meant frigate Niagara. Captain Wm. W. McKtaa?Car rylng bume Uta Jap anew Imoeiwy. iMtanT Tbe armament of the ebipe o? tbe hoe aad frigate* ooo atata foe-eily of light thirty l?oa on tbe upper deck and heavy thirty two oa Us loaar, together with aoine eifbl or tea eif bt loch abell fuaa abreaat of the Mam IT at! there onaatilnte the broadaida battery In addi Una, aeveral of tbe frigalee carry two heavy pivot run-. The rave aioopa are armed with eight tech gun* aa briwdai tee, aad alee inch aball ae pivot goaa. Tbe other eloopa are moatly armed aa tb- yuo dealt of a frigate Tbe ateamin are geaevally armed with the Dablgreo abell gun* of eight, olae aad tea inch Tbe Niagara*! are el-vee larh guae ll rvmami vet U) be proven woetber :t t beat to uae abell onlv ir a naval "ntu?mni Earh vemel earriea from oee to Ihroe braaa hrwlteera, n tended for boat or Held aervuv bee idee a full aupply of Minnie aad Sharp ? rlbee,. arbine*. pietofr. he . aad the men are aot trained aa artillery, bat eleo ea light talaatry aad rtf I HHI ' <mv ov vn ttu The MaiM ApyopfM?? hill lifl 0th J'ihe, 1061, at.preprint** for To man thee- vreaala wa have ? Baa lor Flag Uflwer 1 t TB U en mender! 116 l.vuteaeata MS Maetere S4 k ?t I ..!?? ..... 66 Theae eompr ac the oitlaara eg the Itaa aa the active 1Mb 6P Pnymeetere ft fheard eeeietaat rurgeaaa 37 Aaewtaai aurgruce 43 Chap la) aa t? 33 Three gvatlemee amy peeper I y be dewnmtaalad etair (there, hevttig dwtincttve dutiea la perform MMMBM with tbe phyeiaai, peruaiary ead railf maa welfare uf the ahip'e cm pee y We have ala? ? Chief 31 firtl eaewtanm 36 Becor.a aavtelante 2S Third aeeteteate. BJ Warrant officer* ? Ifcmtewatae 41 46 fhrpeatara. 46 feUmakrre tg Mr I ahllped. ? The mortar ? rpe c aatsta of ? C<4<v, el 1 1 lenteaaatCatoael 1 dun ffiere ? 4 Mae re 4 Capiata. u firvt I iretrneete 30 doe4 Utiraath M leaked mea ? It haa here of late the fbahma to epaak ^aiaal th* off. rrre of the aavy. Thb pret Ip'tate aad Ui advtoed action of the Naval Retiring Hard baa had a large ahare la br mg??( ahoat thla mm eg thUga However, theae mat tere are fwgotlea tea, aad wa feel hound to Mate that amaeg Urn offlrere are fboad mea who, by tbetr Mtermrv nbllttkw and er lea life frogulnmnnu. abed i rtre up* the.r pc rename. 0there there are, aad have beea. who, by their aeif ?aarttoe aad oaim fortltoda la tlatgev, hove Miwed the gratitude of tboawaate, who, by thru pvomptaeve ib ma etalag tmrrtoaa rtytiM aad re evtu i oppreaeuw, have eaoaed the American t.ame 19 be rtpfcteu nbrrmd. In fhrt. take the offioer* m mw, and there la oe br4y of cr.larwe of whom Onl am em ma be awwe twod, aad *br? tbe hocr of trial onmee ?he wi'l tnd lint enrage aad 4arlag will, aa hereto Owe eeaare t 'clow to our erma ai.ue bill fur thr lacaJ year eating Peyof tary 64 til.Ttt >4 Proveema ... V41 Tirm s*' a?w?arte? MMM Refatif aad C., ,|?tsau J t. i ?n ,? *w?iion W> Hemp. 306 ?V> 41 31* On >w Oiil nret . 6pc HM >1 Salty ire ...? 1" PBO 9C ? . 4 P?.e, ho *31 |>? Moey Verde. A ?tt *1 <j) Ha^mreoui e II'atf c| 7 -th w%. . ?? . laniltdau* <u Um RbtkI Ar*4"?/< , The following Se a lMt of the oandtdatx fur admit ' Kiou into tb Nsvnl be exuumed u Sef Umber, 18CC ? IHttrv'. XleUet laniard I Atlanta ireiuat ) 31.. New tl.intnliire. MtUcr Barker A .emu 21*1. O'ua. Wm. I. Ames. Jr ? .. M'aneruta Allen D 3r< *n 30tb..N'W York JumO, Baldwin 3<l.. UiMatoMif'ii. Cbarlee Jaines H .relay 3d.. He inaylva iiA. Ni'iiulu H Balding lltn.Nrw Y?rk. Theodore Moore Berrien 6th G-*orgm .lame* B Bidl&ck 12ih.. l enngyivanla We 0. Boyle 4ih ..Kentucky; Frujuklin DcWiU Brown 6th. Ohio. Orris A. Browne... 1st .Virginia. Geo. Dwigtat Bryan 3J..3>uto Caroluii. Ftculapiug BuckmaaU-r ? .. Kunea Chsrlet Greene Bueh 8tb . Miuiai-he.aefe. J. M. Chllff 14th.. Pennsylvania. Wm Carroll id.. Arkanaas. Barrow Carter 8th. Georgia. Douglas R. Uaaaell 16ih..iHno Charles F. Cieute Tib..Indiana. Charles hdgar Clark 3d.. Vermont. David J. Clark 23d..New York. John D. Clark 26lh..New York. CourUaud C. CU-mcnta 5th. Indiana. Geo. Wm. Coffln 1st.. Massachusetts. /<?. B. Cough,an 8lh.. Illinois. Francis Aug. Cx>k 10th..Massachusetts. Cbarlea H. Craven id .Matno. Course T. Da via 11th.. Massachusetts. Kraft J. Inch man 3d.. Wwoonsln .lames A. Diek 1st Indiana. Wm. Ales lhier 6th..New York. W illlamson Dunn Oth.. Indiana. John MdKee Duncan 6th..Kentucky (inatavi.a Ihgliah lat..New Jerkey. Robley F. Ivans ?..Utah. U mi F Pagan 31. Henna y I ran la. VVm I. Find lev 231.. do. R'i hard- P Floyd 4(h.. Tenneaaee Henry D Fuller 3d..Maine Horace. Fuller 20th..Ohio. Jnrepli Miller tiardner.. 12th . Virginia. Henry Class Otb..IJinoia. George D B. Gllddeo 3m.. Maine. Hetei IN teraon Goodwyn 4ih.. Virginia Leon id aa <1. Gregory 3th.. Alabama. (.lias V Grlduy id.. Michigan. Kdward Harko Guthrie lat. .ohm Ira Harris, Jr 13th.. Nee York Benjamin Heath, Jr 6th.. Maasachuaetta. W. W Heudi ckvou 14th..Ohio. Hugh legem Hill 7th..Georgia. .Samuel A llitrbcock 3d..Maine. John Adams Hopktna 4th.. Michigan. Wm. R. Hunter 0th..Te^neratv. Roland C. lrvin 16lb.. lVnn?yivaBin. Edwin X. Jones .... 5th..s->utn Carolina. Aug. G. Kellogg ?th.. Illinois. Wm. U lamb, Jr l*t.. Noeth Carolina. l.toige Henry lAugbton id.. Wlsooiuiti. Richard P. Lrary 3d.. Maryland. Albert H. Linoi % i.. New Jer??y. John Stewart Livingston ?.. Minnesota Augustus W. M ciay gth.. Mew York. Wyndhcm R Mayo 3d.. Virginia. Horatio Gates McCllntOC lat.. Alabama Fxdrriek McCoimkok il.. Mkryiaud. Ibarlet MrGregir 7th..lllmo<a. J. C. Mellvaine 13tb. .Ohio. Usssiua Meyer 4th.. Mississippi. James Murrta 1.organ 1st.. Louisiana Francia Morris 13th.. New v?rk. Isaac T Morris gist. New York. Luclen Morris 4th..Illinois. Raohael J. Mi a.a... .' 3d..Georgia. Dennis W. Mull in 6lh. Kentucky. Mais ton Nilea 3th.. Mew Jersey. Wm u OsterMih 18th.. Pennsylvania. Robert E. Haik 11th.. Virginia. James M IVarton 3th. ? fowataaew. John Hrgraa id.. Kentucky. C. H. 1'rnd le too 3d.. Kentucky. James A. Peters 10th.. Tbnnesww. Jefferson Pbeltn 10th.. Kentucky. J as K pftlk Ragadale 1st.. Texas. John M Reber 10th.. P^oosylrsnl*. George Han K'??. ?..D 'aware Charles F. Scbullx. 3d.. New York. Henry H Seott M..(hlHWSM Cliarlea F. Peri. r lat.. Teuuesaee. J<nte?M Smith 8ih..North Caroline. Richard G. soerd 4 b., do. G. W Sparks 4 h..t?uWiaoa Yates Sterling 4th.. Maryland Orange Hay wood Stevens 331..New York. Henry Clay Thy lor 7th..?>jK? Reuben M. Tench 4tb..G orgia. Seth A Terry 10th.. N-w York. Martin Joseph l*hler 3C>.. Illinois. Henry L. Vaughn 3d. .Louisiana. George Henry Wadlrigb 1st.. New Ham pell Ire. Ie Hut H. Washington 34. .Georgia. Wm. Henry Webb 3d..Indiana. Funis Wheeler, Jr 33d.. New York. (fccarW. White 5th..Ohio. Wm. H Wbiting. Jr 1st.. Wisconsin. Frank Wildes 4ih. .Mrr-acm.setts. Henry U. Willard ?. Washington Tor. Thomas Will tanas l<l.. Minima. John Melvin 1 km _.. Nebraska Tsrr'y. Wm. Francis Wllnun 4ib.. Alabama Wm. C Wise Mh..Kratuc*y. J<eeph Otarksoa Wis vale 3d.. Illinois. dames P Woooson. 3tb.. Missouri. A. Henry Wright 13th. .Obta P J. York# (reinstated! lat..New Jersey The BrMkljra W?w jr Yard. At a grrnl m*ny different iUUbmU hare bees going the rouodi of the paper* in retard to the ooeetruetlae of the immrate etoee launching ways at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, we hare bora to the trouble to derlre a true eat I ?ate from the original tracing of I la aiaa, dlmeu*.ous, kr , it belaf considered one of the aeeet important dtroc urea of the kind >n the world. The work waa cim_ mra-ed about too year* ag>, under great dtlbculttaa, and I* now approaching near completion. The foundation waa found, after a number of eirarationa, to be anaepoaoJ of quwkiand, and to remedy thla aril It waa aaei eery to tick roller dami belore the work could b* auocoaafhlly r air led oa The old v widen launching ways, the old key wail and mill dam. which eiiated before tba Nary Yard waa trauguratrd, have been etoarated aod rrnurrml Below tbw waa foniid a bed of qtmkaaad twenty all feet to depth, ahlrh required near 3.004 pi tea before n per wa nt nt foundation could be rrarbed. Theae piles are all drirm oeiew I be level of the water to prcrou i douay. and upon thie tbe whole body af ibe i.-ioutioo reeu The *?)i. whoa < ompletrd, will mnetat of two immense granite ? ? running in a parallel lure to tho water, u-u net holou tigb oa er mark, and aril wvure la extreme lei gib three huedrr.l and flfly one free do the ?ur( iii, <? a %.? i.i be p ji'* I t mb-ra to enable the Treacle launched In elide tato the water without fear of chafing be tag produced ?y thetr coining in contact with tbe atnae Tber* are ?orilure" prov-led In *he wall rallen man hruei. earn aeTen feet apart, into which workmen may ewapr pro* id lug the ahtp gets Impairad la taiuwhing and alaria endamly to lha waiee. fkaauoc lura w covered by a raal nhip boner, the acre under whnblbe United itlatee frigate Anbtiw waa built and launched from la 1*66 A portion of the p mad ueco pie* the alia eberr the old Jersey prison ship of the R* eolnt tea ww moored *al relic* bare been econraied Irom the bottom which bring* to memory the thousand* of her uabsppy prtaoorre who peri" bed on the decks of I he old hulk At tbe lower aod a nalssoa, or gate botms. m to be erected, like at lb- dry dork, and la rasa ot emergawey, by the appiicaltoa of steam puwer to drag rrwela requiring repair* out of the water on the war* Tbe work i* immediately under tbe *? . -rr ?? ?. Mr Chaa Graham, the Clrll Kogiaeer of tbe yard. asd haa latterly empl-ytd 110 mea or more, about forty of whom are constantly at work under the superintendence of Mamr Tall in dredgtng tbe choanal at the mouth of the way* to prevent nay sediment being precipitated to tho bottom The wort when oompfetad will owt orur tilt 000 Onr Ytval C*rraap*nd*ne*. Nat* Y*nt?, foarrmmrrw, N. H., Rapt M, 1000. fy/tnf Out if kf (VmfeHmad?TV Jf-u ednraaan?iijRciaJ CKtngn?Maj-r Hysoldi- /hum/I faa|iiB, 4b. Order* having hoe* rem red lor the Immaitfta fitting not of the United Slate* ahlp Cumberland, W tag Ship af Commodore readergrwt, aha wlU thw day fa la to the dry dock, to aad< rgo as ?If fer lh* parpwi of dtororeriag a leak cf ansae standing, whtah na kr haa baffled the rarpeater* Immediately aflerwardi ? will he eqnipped tar attire names la the GsJf and lit*tana mast, sad will lear* hare about the ltth af Oafebw asst. The cumber mad is Me cf the meat numtarmM* dhtpa la oar aary, and wall caiculatod tor the Be? maltac, ? desks hotag lofty and roomy afbrdlag ampto apaos tar the aacnmmodatioa of the ahtp * company. While lylag la ordinary at Una yard maay deairsd laymtammu and iuons hare Sara complete i on Board af bar, the most important aod adraatareo-i# be? that af par tact rrwttlaiioa, a aeeideratum ta ike iropm*, especially ta naawrf yatlnw frror the phantom of ? talma Be muoli dreaded, end mom pmatly to he uarafnlly guarded ?gain*I The Warwdmtna wHI. la en probability. h* la com mlwwa before the wmtor seta ta-~ahipa of war hotag much required as mrwt of the Mattnaa chaw now ly mc ia ordinary, with brr u>?er masu amnd aa, ready tar Im Bredmte service i The oAeial change* referred to ia my IMt hare beea , on'trmeii la part, aod the remiss uf lb. ogfewra are now i awaiting Ihrtr rtn-uessor* l.ieut ft fi p.irtor, who left here in ? rwiaaahd cf tbe t?netttul to, has heaa rel.ered by Lieut treorge Odrccorrwaais l.teut 'fenrga 0 Uwper hat tag reported lor duty at this yard, nan been assign*! the ocdnauve department. Paymaefer ?,?crg* Cutter on*. I rg been entered to join the steam rorvetta IUcksi.ei'1. now at Norfolk, kaa hers *??wdrd by : aramater Jobs 1 Y flrecker, late of tbe Macedonian rmttoM rw lib' Pope ret11r* on tbe 111 proximo wbrn iwpta.a fw-rgw t'. i line will ass me tba rnmman t <M ibw yard and station Fret I eut. F. M. Reynold", sou of Ute referee Maior late of ihe M riae ft rrw-ta atChariesUiwn, bar fewa instrtKlnd In report for c ty nc oonnl the Paws*-, and I wtll immediately t?ke .wmn.' of the t? trlae guar 1 I | chip ajr-qapatl if Id a. Mer do! ta- fe Mallei lh d .mporUM duty has b- a aruurded to that fftaer mm hid knows tPvwe y a?4 one wrll . tltiSM for msm ooa re- > '? r ? ?' i i- '.rlir i inri? I. -rg-r 1 raer. V. H W Koaure ?-l Ifll'lt' R ids dml! if t . M*r n- Uarjw. hat* r. ;?-irted fee d'.ty at tbt* DWimat 1 I - Kin -r P.yno dr. I i.*!lt? o iiv-*aOkA at I ., at e tteh ? i the of- | -it. t was tbt mndl I uf II- s*?*. at. fue 1 . awemh'ed f tb't I IV ?teCnf ' H, i ?fr hy Vi of Uk? O ri * ? i*Xtk V 1 hmyvt w !*??? nf.Us 4'ui 1^?!, Wlt| Ife* f 1 K ',*? 1 ?niNBt *? ^ fi 4m t <*b*1 g ihp? . ??? - * 1* .I it % ti ? mi i w.lfe 1 ma uhwta uuj bwktwof the oily. The beauty and rraoa 1 that tbringed the festive b?iu, tbu gay and g itteriM adornujgs 01' our wealth autl too, ami the uniforms of a? vai and ?rmy altloers, rendered the aoaee resplendent atd wilt tank il as the raott beauiifiU end aristocratic of the season in Portsmouth. Hbeelleeeou. Tbe United ftatesfrigateCongress,L. M tioldsborough, sailed from Haldonado July 10 fur St. Catharines end Rio Janeiro. The United Staue brig Dolphin, Ohai. Steed man commander, waa Mill at Bneoos Ayree July 25, The l ulled steamer Puiaskt, Captain W. H. Macomb, tailed fri m Montevideo 26lh July for Paraguay. Tho United Slates frigate Sabine and atoreablp Falmouth remained at Aspinwall on the 4th instant. The Hermitage bjr Noonilght, DPR HAHHVrLLK OOK-RBSPONDKNCK. NaeHvnxa, Toon., Aug net 3, 1M0. Tfie Shade of JackwH iy 'he Shad .< nf Might?An Bxmy Apt rtf of Seemly Six Our Cicerone?A Splendid View of the Or, ad Meteor LaU Might?A Detcription of the Same? IPAof the I'eopie Thought of H, rfc., tic. In company with Mr. A. S. Camp, one of the propria tore el the Nashville Patriot, at (even o'clock laat evening we took an open wagon and a good horae, and atarted for the Hermitage, twelve milea from Nashville. The evening awe extremely hot and sultry, the thermometer having ranged in the vicinity of 100 degreea Fahrenheit daring the day; but that la considered a moderate degree of temperature by the inhabitant* of Naahville, where MO a 110 degreea are not unfrequent quotations In the weather market The road la a turnpike, and in pretty good order, although, like the Oelda all along tha route, Buttering for the wanted rain. About six milea out there la a spring at which the thirsty mortals and quad rupeda are enabled to moisten the thorax, and at the ?ame time to enjoy a little repoee at a aardine grocery, kept by an original and rather funny character, named Tom, or something abort and sweet like that. Tom haa do particular politics?'" net a politic," be says?but is in lhvor of n dissolution of the Union among office holders, thinking that his chances ror Poetmasterahipat Crapnlle are very good, particularly aa moat of the great men of the country bad cultivated hla acquaintance while on their pilgrimage to the Hermitage during tbe living days of the great Jackson. He thought that among all the pilgrims that had halted at hia place, a little fellow named Doug Wa could "go his Roberta oa" with the greatset ease. Robertson is the name of a county la Tennessee, where they manufacture white whiskey, and the term "Robert sob" is used In contradistinction to "Bourboo"?a oounty In Kentucky where whiskey for Eastern consumptives ia manufactured In considerable quantities. When these two rival Southern bouaea meet in n Northern stomach the effect Is like a clap of thunder, knocking everything into coufusiua, and tearing around human trunks like a tornado among the trunks of trees in a Kentucky foruat. Jersey lightning is n milky way compared to tbe sensa tion. Leaving this place, after a brief tarry, we proceeded slowly about six milea farther, and turning abruptly to tha left we were In a short time within the sacred pre cincts of the Hermitage. The mansion Is situated about a quarter of a mile from the main road, and la some throe hundred yards from the croaa road, surrounded by a park of stately trees, and approached by a wide gravelled a venae. It was about half past eight o'clock when we reached the principal gateway, and, hitching our horae, we walked leisurely up the avenue, guided on each aide by rows of bne cedars and Bra, through whose dense branches the abeon of tbe moon, just past its fail, waa stragg'mg to appear. Reaching the bouaa, we found that it vraa en tirely deserted, and regretting that we could not procure tbe permission of the present owner of the premies, Hon. Andrew Jackson Don el eon, to vtait the tomb of Jackson and to ramble for a abort time aronnd tbe grounds, we thangbt we would lake tbe liberty of doing ?o, although, unfortunately, uninvited. My companion was familiar with the localities, and, with htm as my plane -r, we made our way through a path ia aa easterly direction, and in n little while came to an enclosure, surrounded by a krw wooden fence, having a looked gate. About mid way In tbe enclosure we could see by tbe bright moon light the pillars and dome of the Temple of Liberty that covers the remains of Jackson, and those of Rtchel, bis beloved wife. Hesitating about peaoeoding further id that direction, for we deemed It sacrilege to eta? upon that balloned ground, with locks and bats against us, my rlendattbls juniture thought ba detected the sound of e oicea. Wa listened attentively, and presently hoard the voices of negroes apparently n the rear of the nuns ion. Pursuing our course in thai dir.-lioo ami passing beyond a fence, we saw a group of aisle and li-malc negroes, clut tering merrily in ftiislr own way, m of two or three cabins A two how market wagon *u at band, In* lei mub truck lb-- prudm in of the Hermitage farm, all ready for a atari for tbe Naabvlile market Two largo blood. bo?<? MM lay lot; lamly >? tbe hot tod, banking in the aaooelgbi, and not tba politeness to arret tia with rven a u?o ol welcome 1. 00for* If thorn dag* bad given ua a growl or a bark of warning I should have fell that I waa really trvaperaiig In tbe nlfbl lime upon another man a iinatm, and the sooner I departed tbe betu-r r?r my bodily aalely Addresstag n tall, gray beaded negro, my friend Inquired If tbe key of tbe gate to the b.tnb uUl be procured. Tho negro replied that be ba<l it, and if we wanted to aae tbe tomb be wwnld al>ow oa tbr way. Be then piloted ua to tbe gale, un It* ked It. and we found ourmlvvs In an tool?are about a quarter of an a-re in extent, aod divided Uetnfully Into Itoeer betta < ( diflereot forma, with bodge* of fioweea, bu?bed and abrubbery among ibom the foil blooming rosea and Un- aescl briar, both lafasiag a delicate and delirious Irngran e into tbe healed atmosphere It waa a truly imprreatve sad beautiful neue. Tbe blue sky era* entirely r toed lean, the moon shining In more than h. r accustomed (lory and so bright was tbe light bat only the rrimnou hauded planet Mam?tbe "our or tbe evening' ? could be detected among tbe ?tgiry b<el* of tbe lenitann vault. Tbe clan* 10 letnpte under which the remain* of Jncfcaoo nod hut wl(b repa wn* tinted with a diver light, and tbe afaedo va una by tbe intervening marble pillars, that mated upon tbe cUh# on winch eere recorded ibe nemo* of tbe deed,gave a teltef to tbe scene, and seemed to my thai Ilium whoa* n.oriel I ? mam* win .aid beioalli needed not trie iigbl ot Ibi* world, for tbey enjoyd a boiler ? d a bright* r one above?the light ol immortality. oca nuotm nun Having taken no murb palna u> abow oa the tomb at that .neenaoMbie boor, we entered into n e? vernation with him Be uud ua hia nam* wne "Aaron, ? that he waa ?evetty atx yearn old?? veritable ebony "ieirit of'7? '? that be had i-cea bora ? tbe Hermit?a farm?that he belonged to "Ma?u Ja?a?," not Uuacta?, and that be bad *rrtly much the enure inn?a ami at of the Calm, ?erne MO or MO orrea, during bla master'* ab?uea Be also had i-hatfc ef tbe tomb of tho 'tleweral." ** be termed Andrew .larkrun. una attended to the ?rubaery ami Bower* that ornamented the enrloaum. Ba plncked for us n rlt?ter of three pretty whit* roses and also a ertmroa n?, which we caret ully placed la ?r pnrtt. 110, together with a aniall baenb of a willow that waved pen# 1 rely near tbe tomb, ? oak leaf and other little me mentor* of tl r interesting spot ' t the .lab covering the remain* of Jen*Bra there Is inscribed amply hi* nam* "Andrew Jacks? ? tills, "Itant career is the held. ? ? or ? Chief Magistrate of tbe I of the moot try isg and perilous eprwha in the history of tba on?try Hla name nod the dates of his birth and death were nil that appeared oa thM m?rdaf tho Met renting plow of J?kmm. Un that of his wMb Rachel, rrp??? be. in t.m. thee la a'ocg and ftwtuig epttaab. wr.lien b> Jacks? b.msalf? fee she w? the IrW ef Wis aaeaiio?. and Is bar death her spirit m.agied with sad ?actiBed ha ows rasrr rmua. at m onars ? ;kwm. O? would think thM at a f lare an worthy of the an Irms ir reran? at every abbot* we eft icon, partv feeling ?d bitter memarfm would he laid said# or fhr BM, fcr a lime at least. hut auoh Is sat tha cama ?? by the .lab that oa? Jocks?a rersal?, I ts Aaron, oar guida ? ??Are there m?y rla.lorr to toe Renal?? now a day* "Tw, ttr. ? gr?t m? y fVnm all parta of Uie muatry." "What do tbey my about the Old Baro>'' "Home ?y he we* a gjod. a great man?a very great m? Others say be d ought to go?to bell I?g ago'' Niorhrd that any tmertrwa no mailer how bluer his party feei ngs, rot Id ba gmlty of ?tag such foal Ungoaga ? such ? tpot, we shortly after hed<? our pilot adieu, and about q'lartcr rant star o'clock left tbe Hermitage on tha /ursey toward s?brill# Tbe Herm tagr la about being Irans'erred to the Mate ?f T?aeaae* by Mr Imnci^w, nrnvwion having bom already made h>r tb? p.r laee Wb?n the tr?aftr sc run, tbe rre.nda will doubilea* be much Ua proved, sad tbe? parts of the pi* -r a hteb now look ? If more rare e?re reeded I" preserve item from diiapidatioo will ba duty attended to Rrrtve-an 8t<0 a Ri-too ? We regret, ?y* tbe Ham 1 Una VC. W ) Sf mm *r of tbe 31th mat?t. that lb 1* moraiag we have to ?aouaee ih* melancholy death of a woi knows rttiaru, n? who. *tn? hia at ran t is thia eanatry baa been tbe greater part of ha time rem ertrd with tiie pre? Vr'terday morning a b >y give 1, the t??<*>? at the Jam? tree aUttou the Informal <tn that tbe body of a man was toel.Bg in tha buy, arar Uia 'irrat W'ttern IU road wbarv,e Bdirr g-tl nr the brdy ?? >t waa m.mediately frcoga .-od aa tbe mortal re MM* tfr t' T Joo' ng who enma to this cite lu ?a 1 an year \ -r a abort t me he n- mued hut pro fern a of a -t tary >? m a > rlkrw of tba Roya' ?"Vit alleal ?t- >?> t Ba 1 ng rnifho ?at ?o?pa Tor h*s lal.rdt, he fr. 4 tr wt of frr the yr*e?. ? nrrvputon whlcb h" hud p. r*. ? 1 w th aowe ?ra * T,union, KaglanJ, tad be. a 'A T of th' r **? in til city. Ho d I ul r*mvu tan 1* II! t it po? tion, but ahoitly after 0enc.'lined th* po>i ..-km of the a?mgridnl Adsirfhw, which be eon t l will, or et 'nv and abtl ty tl, hnw*r*r, ?h't-f The d*c?a'd t? a w.Jowed ?Hlu r Ibigaad. 1 to f l?? f a Tcuvrrtt Morvr. ? Oa Friday ?v??iu g?.'t, Upeaiytr rearaca. fiaq .of ti.ttown, Maine, ? a* yr"*at at a de?oqra>'e can.n that en. tod waa h * n *e 'b? rremd'ag o?*er. In a abrrt time aftar waPtfr eh t- tha eba r. he Vndimyaaek ha? m <ui I, . , to 1 we* la Ttegiatmr conveyed to hip ?.. *'?-?. b ? te remvlrel ?-e?c om,? ddied *1 thr? t ?mMi ? aa. ti?t mn .if 1U 4mm m agu^uy THE CENSUS OF I860. Home of the lUtarat 8bowU( the PnCnn of the United Mtstee. NKV YOU. T*ot ?The followiLg are the official tlguraauf the ceo ??e of Troy, now complete:? Inertate __ Population. rim.: 1866. 4.280 ? Second ward 4 9<J6 70f rhlr^ww'd 8,703 ? ^"""yd 4;Teo ?ag a 880 686 ^n*?*. Mil *? 4,818 618 6.676 1,200 B.oio on 3.774 1,390 Ninth ward Tenth ward. ltoul 6.364 Aram* ?The cenaus of Auburn baa been and ahowa the fallowing reeoita:? . ' Total number of inhabitants ia 1860 in boa " " " 1866 1 0,660 locreaee In ffve year* .~1A39 Total oeathe from Jane 1,1860, to da, 1860 169 Orwwjo Cocjrrr?The following are the returna of the oenaua in Uawego county 1866. Sandy Creek 2,273 Albion 2,212 WlUlamalowu 063 Par lib 1,670 Scriba. 2,022 Redfleld 708 Total 10.633 Increaae in alx town* 1,282 Omoitoaua Coi-nty ?The oenaua of the towna of Manilas and DeWitt la completed. The following la the result of the enumeration:? DtWUL Manliut I860 3,302 6,208 I860 3,080 6.080 IV-creaee 223 216 YortM AMD Old Auk.?Among the curtoeltlee dlacovered by if e ceraua laker la a pretty little girl of flrteeu in the koutbern part of Munson, N. Y., who haa a husband ttfiy leren years of ago. rKN>)8TLVANIA. ( The follow leg ia a summary of the oeoaus returns of several of the inferior towna of Pen nay Iran la, aa com pared with I860.? 1860. 1860 Beading 16,743 23,166 Lancaster.. 12,360 17,642 Harrtabnrg 7,884 14,782 Pottertlle 7,616 0,464 St. Clair 2,016 4,000 Mtncrevllle 2,061 4 015 Allen town.. 3.779 8,027 Erie 6,860 11.113 Total 68.067 03,008 BnuaCorcrrr.?The relurna of Berka oounty thua Tar received are aa follows:? Beading 23.166 16,703 Alsace 13007 ? ^ Muhlenberg 1,874 J Amity 1,606 1.606 Bern 2,076 1,734 Douglas 1,126 1,018 Ehrl 1.143 1,047 Exeter 2,308 2,014 Hamburg 1346 1,082 Beldelberg 1,016 806 Heidelberg Lower 2.390 2.144 Maideacreek 1,633 1384 Marlon 1.0*8 1.630 Oley 2,063 1,700 Dole taunee 1,400 1,046 Perry 1 620 1,320 Spring 2,004 ? Windsor 1,460 1416 Womcfodorf 1,080 047 Total .61.828 38,002 Paiuniuvu ?The following are partial returna of the population of Philadelphia:? First ward?Reported 80,000 Third ward?Official 10.076 Fourth ward?Reported 28.000 Fifth ward " 26.000 Sixth ward 16,000 Seventh ward " 81.000 Eighth ward " 26,000 lenlbward " 28,000 Th'.rieenlh ward " 21,000 Fifteenth ward " 32 000 Sixteenth ward?official 20.002 N.neteeath ward?Reported 40,000 Twenty fourth ward?Official 23 781 Total fur thirteen war la, sr about one half. 380,740 ljoti< ? Ooi.vrr?The following are the returna made thua for of Lehigh Po/mlatiim. Jncrmtr. Allenu wn borough 0,027 4448 i?-mauqua ?' 1,982 1.071 Mllleratown " 281 new. Fjnaue " 384 new. I'pper Saooon 2.944 672 South Whitehall 4.088 1,170 I ppr Miiford 2.088 ) ... lower Mllford 1,688 ; 4,1 Lower Mac angle S.673 330 Salisbury 1,k32 his WaahUglen 2,416 922 Hanover 2.060 170 Welaenburg 1 823 02 Lynn 2,619 322 ?cam kii i. Cocvrr?We tad la the Minrri' Journal the aobjotned ceaeu# relume of l be population ? 1M0 1M0 Pi.'.lseille 7.616 9 .464 X Clair 2 018 4.900 MUxrrriDe 2 961 4 916 Port Chrhnn 1142 2,000 Newcastle 1.130 241* Braach 1063 1,698 Norwegian 2,842 3.073 Blytbe 3,778 3 610 Kail Norwegian 1.031 1,140 20,068 33 607 6149 4dad Oorwrt ?The population of tlottyebarg 19 about of HO alao 2.360, aa increase of HO alaoe 1830. Tbia may not quite nan# up to the axpeetatmas of low. Tea yearn afo the etodeate. both at the collage and eeaiaary, arerag 'ng about 160, vera both Included la the oxnaia, while by the matron tona of I860 they were thta year Ml oat. Heaths 4vu| the year 8fly. The populatmu of Cumber at at Baadtm MM land county la about I486, and that of laadtai 1,376 Hub ?The population of ble la 11,113 la 1(60 it was 6360 Tba aaua? an lacraaaa af nearly one hundred per net Rente Onrwrr ?The total popalattoa of BarU ooanty Is 93,974. egali>si 77 131 la 1960 Tba fbDowlas la the re toruanf the city of Headlaf, which are laclndad la tba lama of the elty of Reading, which are In 1800. hi 1840 Northeast Ward . 3294 2488 fforthwirt ?? .... 4.2R9 8.0*8 1.081 Oaulheaat <? .... 4 884 3.184 1,738 Brothereet " 9,774 413 8pruca " .... .. ...4 098 9263 1487 Tetal 18.748 54* No*3D ?The following table ahowa the present pope lalK>e la each ward la Newark ?? ITerd*. r-yilaium. Ward*. hmmtmtim 1st 7,096 8th 340* 84 7 888 9th * 4,929 8d 9JW 10th 4.982 4th 7,890 lllb 1,788 6lh. 9 887 19th 2.449 9tb 11.008 M. 1330 Total 71.06* Nawrrre ?The following are tba eaaaua returns of New" u?o, Paanex county ? Number of ta habitants 1,494 - fami ks COWNhCTl CTT. Tba craaaa retores of bare been published, aad the result Is as Ibflewa ? 1840 1888 Bridgeport .....7400 11290 Dbhhary 1 .... 7.248 Br thai J 1,710 Raddtai 1.784 14*2 lUOgehetd. 2 237 3213 a- on 6ns 1.130 Uriel"! 2.M4 J 488 Now Mttnta .1029 9 008 Hoathtatum 2434 3219 Bark herniated 1.624 1288 frrthlebtn *19 814 Hftrw.nrne 1478 1.044 Lit hOteld \ , ? . 3JH llorria / NO New HartftpO 2248 2.777 New MHfor4 > 3283 Br dfewater > 1287 Hy mouth 2 Me 3244 Wstrrtowe .....161* 1,413 W nrbeatsr ..2 17* 3.660 Durham 1 02?i 1231 Bribery 914 90S fiultf<w4 2 041 2,023 I land** 3.184 2.800 Merteen 3,MO 7.800 *!t*or<i .....2,40" 2218 North Haweh 1226 1428 Italltntfnrd .2 696 82?8 UHertun 1.380 1419 iWimer*. 1408 1413 To! land I ?68 1*1 V>lM 3 188 .i WHUrgton 1 388 7.188 3?bfbr4...... .. 1296 1.231 UrtKkly 1>1? 3.1W taelfbrd .1,127 1 808 lUmpt.n . ?** (Ml Kitns.iy |J2 teadpC I mi 1068 TV mi-m \ 4 dh* '?*iteetn (' 8 708 | TBeer lowa-- ?hnw a net gain of 96.479 Pi u* are also repori'd g* re "t 8 (<? a New Iranian, 3.000 In JO- rwe k I a 800 1* OtamlMrO, 6 000 lo Wni-rtviry, aad 934 to r*ir llaere. n.?k <~i s gel a "f 41 ?P0 la a pc w lati a ?f 136,000 n 1*60, r wore than 30 per cant. la ualy tea af ' [ t"w?? b?? ibrfe been eey baa, end they are all I email firming nit da the other hanl, t anmNf of qutrl err 'iltv-%1 meaPtlsa hawe kewe. prtm-'paliy, ' jaewtrer. t? twctbl ti IN t pre&dh ty K caocinttuy 4? ' villus#-*, or because they are oa th? luie of railway*. tn??' town* named ooniam acme 13,000 more ihsn ooe-thlrdof' ol tbe population -.1 the emir, stale. If to 11 -in be ad**! tbu U>* ub of Now Haven, Hartford ami Norwich, we rhali lu>vr Just about hull the i?-?mat;, -u of the aud too li crease u it will bo not far V :n 80,100 Tik- other ball of the Statu will abow a notiMlerahle in roaee, but n, I more than one third no great at the above designated half,and we u,ay with go.ul luoeon e?l.iuol* our ett.ra population at 476 000. (bJ> Folks ?In Now I-on-ino there Is a woman 10bv-wrv old wbo Is still amart and lively In FairOeld AljlrhS. rt, and Tol and oouuliei, witb a population of uOoul 166.000 son r, tbeie are only two hundred parscaa over 30 ytv.-w of ago. In Chaplin there m a town piuper, La-cuii, 103 years okl In liansueld, with about XjOOU iu habitants, tner* are nearly two bnaJred person*ov.-r 7P but old Litchfield will probably dn-pute the palin for an t quity, as it bee alwa# e been famous ror its oW peopie. N? w Milford, with 3,300 inhabitants, has 133 ever 79 years,aud It also boaaU of three old malda, who are ?*. n two years younger than they were in 1860. la Wimticd there is an active old ladv ol 101 years, aad o an. u Held ano her or nearly 100. YlHOINIA. iitnraiu?The population of Alexandria, wssbuwn by the first unrevised summary of the census returns, v eleven thousand one bun '.red aud sixteen?a large urease upon the census of I860. The population thus summed up Is ss follows:?WD.te ^-,..'3,333, free negroes, 1,346; slaves, 08*. Tote! i This Is rorrsct an to the whites and free nag suss, a rw vlsal of the list will, perhaps, change slightly the num ber of elevea The following is a statement of the- p>pi? lation at each csqhus since the establishment ut Mm pew rent government:? i1? Ptywlmion tm . a.jie IhbO 4,971 3^36 181?- ? 7.337 2.266 1830 8.3111 pvt. 1830 8.2(18 tA 1840 6.460 tSa 1860 8,706 aae 1880 11,116 mi VnuiiKU.?The following Is the population mxtoviing to the present osnsus of some of the counties to Vurgtate ? Boose 6 839 Tucker 1,428 Brooke...., 6,604 Upehur >,298 Guy 1,788 Wayne 8,762 Craig 3,667 Win 3,761 Duldr idge 6,038 Wise 4 63* fiHiter 3.796 Wythe 12 308 Banco k 4.446 Alexandria 12 863 QiKbUnd 4 336 Amelia 10,713 Jackaoa 8,873 Buckingham 16.216 Lewis 8 038 Cumberland 9.606 Iy>gin 4 949 James Gty 3.891 Pleasants S 964 King George 8.808 Pulaski 6,433 King William 8.640 Putnam 8 148 New Kent 6 870 Raleigh 3 380 Northampton 7.832 Randolph. 4 961 Surry 6,137 Roane 6,363 Warwick 1,748 Roanrke 6,168 Turk 4.949 Rockbridge 17,660 Rappahannock 8,868 PcTxaasrito, Va ?Theceuans of Petersburg, Fa., shows a population of about 18,600. The /nTellipoterr of that oily seems disappointed that It did not reach 26,008, which it was expected it would do. The total valuation of real aud personal property In the town of Lynchburg, Ya., foots up at 810 926,268. GBOM1A. r oruaswrr Corwrv, Gboboia ?Hie folio wiag fig area era o pled from the books of the census takers ? \ White males In Albany 68$ " lemake " 486 Total 1W Slaves la Albany 688 i Free colored 1 Total population of Albany 1,812 White mates In JJoucherty county 828i ?' females " " 628 Total 1J62 Free colored in Dougherty county 3 Slaves " " .8 618 Total co'ored population of Dougherty 6,873 Total whit* and ookired In county 6.2#6 Number of bales of oottoc of 400 lb* . crop of 1869 16264 Number of baahels of oorn crop of 1888 389 498 Value of land estate 88240.437 Personal estate 6.39J leti Tbe number of free nolored in 1868 was 2 The number of slaves at that tlms was 8.428, valued at $2298,812. Coahoma Coimtt?Aocordlog to the report, there arc 988 white males, 724 whit* females, and lyUebvc making the total population of Cat una county 7,188 AHSXtins.?The returns of the sens as takers lor Ute City of Aberdeen, Just completed, ebow a whits popuiailam of 1 948, and a black population of 1.081. Total, 8 089 CLainouin Corwn.?The census of Claiborne county shows the population of the oounty to be ee rutlowa:? Free wbltea 3.389 Free negroes 80 ?av? 12,19# Total 16,786 The population of Port liibeoo Is 1,463, that of Grand Gulf 287 Corn crop for the year endiug Jane 1, 1880, 607 396 bushels cotton crop, 22 007 bales. DISTBK'T OF OOLCM81A. WAtanncTos Cm ?We give below a corrte* list ef iba rensus returns aa furnished by the depnty taarebale ap pointed to perform the work .? Watdt /nhah. '.Tieem. TKal mm(186* lire! 8 Ml 260 6248 2 806 emsd 9.300 310' 9 610 2 678 bird 8 440 384 9208 8 886 Fourth 11 808 .*0 11.888 8288 Fifth 0280 132 6 412 U<f Sixth 6.481 118 6,691 Seventh 9280 208 6 842 Pecreaa* atac* 1M0 . W PttHlhmni Flnit ward 1,477 1.476 Second tiid lJM 1,404 Thud ward 1,670 1.043 Fourth ward 17 23 1036 Fifth ward 1.1M 1JS Sixth ward 1003 1WVT terrain ward 1.740 1976 Tola) 10643 10 74? la 1440 ?brre were 4 344 4.730 laereaa* alaea 1M0 3 007 4.046 Number of marriage* do/lag the yaar end lag Jwa* 1, 1440, M0. Number of doatha? Fim ward, 104. Soeoad ward, 100; Ihird ward, 144; fourth ward. 304. Fifth ward, 40; Stith ward, 104. itaraoih ward, 143 Tbtal death* la 1400 1.006 Total death* la 1440 406 lor re*** of death* la 1404 orar that of 1440, with an laeream of pnpaiatioa of 21,300 aalr 476 The iwtkre new nam reiarao of the Dtatrtci of Colum bia, (wmpared with that of 1460, afford* the loliowiag a tereattng particular* ? la 1440 the aumbar of free lahahilaata la the DWtrx* WM 44 000 la 1000. TS 100. la or?I 04404. la 1000, a am her of thrw 3 0*7 la 1100, ?? m H gjjt Damraaa* la taa yean 406 Total populattaa of 1000 74906 44 44 1000 (167 Aggregate lacraaao la 6a yean 30676 7a 1440. r amber cf awrU.aga IX 443 la 1440, 44 ?? 44 761* laereaa* la lumber *f dwell 4 336 > ami) tea, Dumber la 1444..... IS 406 44 44 1440 0646 locreaaed aumbar of tern:'.lea 4646 Number af death* la 1404 1J6 - 44 44 " 1440 006 laereaa* *17 Total lecraw af populatkw la tha Dtatrtci af CManbm orwr tha oaama af 1000, 6474 Tha Carnal Kwwammaw?Imaraaaa af Fearlv 6766,666. , iFram tha Ai??6F Jouraal, kpk 67 i Toil* iwarieod aa all tha aaaah of thta Plata la tha fourth woak ta Auguat, 1000 4(33944 ?6 J Da. la 1040. 67 904 16 ? taeniae la 1000 0*4944 76 Whole aaaoual dflalJd r?oa: red la ihd mouth of wwt.i 1640 0400 4M M : Da. la 1440 JUd.914 16 laeream la lego f joo m ?6 Whot* amouat of taJa rwnoteod from the op.-,, nr * a* ettatloa t* aad lacVl ag tha fourth em * tug m, 1400 II "61,400 43 [to ta 14441 a*. i?, 1? lh 1400 OOfh.731 S3 TbW prewata aa a* regal* of 61" 337 13 p?e uf * 4157 34* ?1 par moatb. iiace aariguuoa opawad a 11 gam to thaofao* of aaeiguiu.* *o?id curry ihe n> >Mle more thaa 41.144.004. hat thw mount be atpoctod mien ihe toila n* rowed ow wtea4, aoru aad Cmr b ii.a rotaa w 1407, at (hey probably might bar* haaa, ? thvut aa) mlifF ?" ,r?de oa the -aauM Tbw atat?m-ot abowa the toll* oa a?l iha ea aala of tb* Mate from the opeaiag of uartgoiow w? th* let of 6>pf?b('f durlag tha toa yean atatad be'nw gielag tha loereaa* au l do rem* of "mcto rear twrnramf w ?b l ?o* ? i Toll* of 1'o0-41 404*1*1 43 lew 004 16140 tocremo ia lM0o*ar000*,7W 1464 1.144 434 00 ?? 37* 61 14 <7- 1 110 400 00. 44 - 347 861 1*44 1 340.123 (0. 44 4 177.770 1*411- 1 400,477 00. 44 44 (40 Ola 14.-4 1 M4J0O 40 " 44 44 136 1*4- l.TW4*l 00 Dm "00 oomp d w C. *1 400 1453- 1.TIT 044 t0 4 4 44 1 77,146 ' 1*11- 1.W4 J47 00 44 44 ??JM 1410- 1,444 WO 00 44 " *< 444 lh* l*rg* wnal umoag* u l*IJ. w th a rat' #ti?i ion p> e*t.t <*d anifiitfM orer preaaet rate*, and 3 par rcot 'W wheat aad float, woulJ of www *? J tt? rw ?etj t* torgety Ken ary *4* rioo# the red -t- ji <6 l*Vi fuud I *44 TVhcPwel ah'mneuuof th- a?ut / >mr >?er r?"mr per inn ??*?- 1*04. hare ao t n?| oon trlhat-d lar?elF tnour aenaael rare'pt*. hot i* W ha ltered that f w* eatre ef 1*47 had been r wf-nr" >o whew aad flour aad half 4 mT Mf6H Ud bam figtd <m mm

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