Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 20, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 20, 1860 Page 5
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kt)_?t.4 bt iron ikI to M, ''Mr. Deo|l?,l '? ?hertn io nmniMr that bo damo-irat j*t diflbrod mm an wtmicntr^n -n of b? own cboite wltboot Mtag crabni " ( 1 Aii f' u<l laugticr ) u> added, ?? Brwjjrr of ibe due oT TailnwJg" and ?vea.'' I a roe- and Mid. "Mr ttMtdanl, I wiab |M 10 roacub'-r thai tit.vrii JtcuKiL m lead.nir < (*? mcMouoa obeying.) From mat day to tiua be a<>J j h_va Moo try mg the i -.-tuou whether Genera. Jackaob * doa *_ M?eat laughter Mid appUier ) ,to<i -w>? thin/ * certain, iLe peopie uf Mino.s ueciJed, in lhM, that jamea Bu ahsnir *m not leneral Jaekson. fiuuo alter 1 made my ?peerb against the Leoomplon oonatilattoa, in Docemtu r af UjU year. Oneral GAiqu .u ant a la rge Dumber of the ?etibtri of the l<eoomptoc CoavMtlos? all of hia parttcu tor auil ooandeauat frieada? vis ted Wtahlngi/oc. Mow, if UU tru*, u \ey clary m uu , '.Kal J hod *Jai ?i C-ii Imh io pt.rwt "us *tmr%r, fci: iflef U happen thai tiu<* jm Bmtn, ttMU 1m Waikinjton, d*: wot jimry m* to^k 'Jux fm?4? (A vciae, '-That's the pe nt ") Tbey were prcMol to tbe galleries of the ttanate day aflor lay. week after weak, ana month alter month, bearing me denounce tbe iMampton aonstttollon, and tbo aotoeme of aubmlaalan, aa a Ira ad, and not a man of them whispered tbat 1 bad even keen winded with it. ( ol "Never, they oould not do to") My wait ant.l the controversy has paaaed am. wail John Calhoun la dead, and until we arrive upon the era of a Preaidcnlial aleolloo, and then tbey tramp np Iks miserable, base ciiarire, which tbey never before ?red to insinuate, that 1 hai sanctioned a acbeme from Which now (too tbey shrink w.>h horror (A tomb, "Just lika them. ") If yon will read over thee- pro tended ktu-ra? lor 1 do not knew whether they are aaaauie or f 'Red ? you vk .11 find In tbem theevflenoo that m h ciirtjo <8 basely falae. And now let me oad yanr attention to tbem My ecemlaa found the charge apoe tbe hyp tuesis thai Mr. Oalboun wu under my ln CaeEOc and did juat what 1 J reciod; and because U r 0?i fco-on tlcaily submitted to this form of fubm's* on of Uio aaoatit jvioii, tbey Uifer that 2 muot have agroed to it. If yau will read all nf tbeae letters, yoo will tin I that every ?an vb<> ????.-< on lb" MUM !<?? >n ?* tnat Calbntia waa.fram the beg.EBlDK to the end, In fevor of Sub atlUiDg the w'.ole oinatitrtloa to the people. I re )pioe that this fid baa been brought befora the cocutry, for It will relieve Mr. Qalctin'a name >1 much een?.re '.hat haa be?c ca?t span b'.m, onder tha mppcaBion that he waa oppoand to tha (ubmia | (Mb of the whold ooMtitutioo. They all biar * :Uiew Htai ha ttood bv '.he prouoa tion to eubmtt the while om aUtuUoa, until he vaa defeated, and when bo la. led to Barry )t, tbey Bay he calW-d a caucua at eta oOke, at waieh be oouns^iiod with the frlenda of Ba^m'-aBUo, aa to what tbey Bhocld ttfD do. That caacua, ao>?.ra.nt; to tbitr italfaect, aat throe nybta, and Jurlii^ the Irtt aigbt John Qalhouc ab?iiQtaly refused to yield, orboaa UBlted with anything leaf than tbe submlBa'tin of tbo wbote oonatltotlon, Tbe aeoocd night, tbey aay, be de- | ?acded the same u?uj<; but toe th.rd n<( at, finding ne ootid not occurs the auomtraion of tho const .Uiion, be agreed ta a partial soiciaaioa. Now if It bo true, m any eoamlea aver, tlut Calhovc waa Acting under af ad- < vice, tha*. fact proves ttat I w*a Tor anbm ttlcg the whole oaoat.taUon, for Caiboun InaiatAl apon tbat np to tbe mat hour. (Ob.'<;r? ) So tbeae uica have not been auil jlently Cxed n (ratting up this teatira^ny, for while th' y Bbow d?rB>'D to aaaail me, th"y Tirnitb faota wbl ;b acquit mc eLUolj. (CboorB ) Rea l the teaumooy of Mr. Duo %iban, in wb oh be Btya be waa preaont at each aur of Uieae nlgbt caucuaara ; tbat be never beard ?| name mentioned, or any pre'^noe of a lot <er having baen receded from me, or of any advice whatever, and that be !r oerta.c 'f xy nam' hai ><*-o coanocted mth !t , tbat fact would haro been itai?-l. No mi -b tb'jig ooour r?d ?aeu he wtui preaenL He la tbeir ova witnvM, and Uaoy ba'e prbl!eb?d bJiKUteaaen! vo tbe iror'd. But 1 mb not going into a defence agalnat tbeae chargea, got 'ip laeaely the recollection cu mm three ycart after the , event* h*\ e transpired, and wb-^c thny are ao mi.cb n tereatcd :c throwing the reaper M ".y of IMM own l a reputable ooaduct upon others. 1 appeal to my re>x>rd? tbe rec-irt! I have made before the world in a thre-i year's ?gbl ? Md 1 defy any honeat man on earth to My I have wavereu a hair's breadth. (Cheera.) 1 do not belle re Ibert la an honeat man on earth double my fidelity to nracii'le. I will bare state another fact. During tbe Leaompton struggle, wbon tbe war to Googre* was raging fur-ous'y, 1 bad one interview wltb MMf Cal houn, and but one. It took plaoe In the preeen ^ of a Ctlecian wb.?w name I Will f ve w tboiit ooraoltlog fc'm Calhocn being dead, I can only refer to this one wluvei and altboogb be la not preaent, and I hare act Inquired of b'm ae to his reoollootlon of tbo inter view, 1 will mderlake to state to you ? ibltantUlly what B?curred on thla point. Mr Weir, to en United -Hatca L'lstrict Attorney to Kanaaa, holding an otiioo under Mr. Bachauan, came to my houao one night with (reneral Cal boce . the Prreident of tha I.eoompton OinventioB. I re aalrelMr. Calhoun oourteoosly and kindly, m we had been old friends, be expressed hia regret a: the 4. lerencos which bad grown up betwoen ua oo thla qneat oo , if attwrtd yfi4 ipon hii honor 'hmt he had r*ryrkina in Ml pottir to pro we t> i- ? ufmiuvon cf Uu whole ccnjti tutwn. bueiue ht knew thai U kxu mj detir<, and aito the wit h t / a.': \:r /rim '.a. and btca uje he 'h rught if toaj fair and fuM. DjKnng failed m aaxntfxL.hing it, the ?rose ci Io uikai uxu A 4 next beet and 'JuU ht 'tad m$rt,d u &<? It tn the form in M(ct it -im adop^A, bet ifinp u 'j/bf 10, / toU Aim J 'hvuakt it tuu the woru totny (A tj e. ,'rhat's Bo") He Mid be regret ted H; UwVie bad bopra tb?t I wo old deem that better tbaulothuig. (Laughter.) 1 told b m trver? tba; a frVbduieBt ?t;bm'?:yn was a toockery. anl that 1 aouid not aanctloa It without repudiat ag an the acta <rf my life, and Jong a political act that I did not believe wu moral and just. (Cheera ) I app at! to Mr. Weir of Kanaaa, or rather, I refer you to htm as to hie recollection of tut Interview, !f yon ohtxiee to ccus it h;m In that oonveraattoo Willi Mr. Calhoun to sever intimated that h? had any authority from me, that 1 approved tbat schemc. be never Intimated that be ba<l received a letter from me on that subject, or any aothorly directly or lndir?otly, bat admitted tbat he knew tbat I wanted the whole constitution submitted, that be tried to have It submitted, ami n ben ba failed on hli own rssponrlbtlily went for thu other prep altlon aa the t>ett be cald get, and hoped I would not be dlssatls M with It. thereupon Hen Calhoun and myself parted I never saw bim after warls Ha la dead ? and far be It from me to utter one word aga:ost bis memory. I mink be made a ureal I fearf i1 m stake in tils Kansas mjre assets. and I said *0 In bla preaeooe aad to hi* race, and to I be Senate of the railed States in hit Ills tlae ? since he ta deal, p<<aoe to bis aabia; It ia out to my taste to Indulge In criminations The abortion paper In which ! fOnnd Ui'.s pretended ourrespalerto", contained an edlto rial artlole. In which It charged that 1 had oflereu Mrs Oaiboun two thousand dollars to suppress my oorres jwndrcce with her husband, while b? was Purveyor Gene ral of Kanaaa. (laughter ) In Ibis pretended eorrewpon deuce the charge is ma le that Mrs. Calhotta had hawked these letters abcil 'n the market for su e, an ' t'>hl twj thousand dollars h< been oTerod for them; ao i oa that statement lh<> aboi una paper base* its oharre, that I jr ? r friends ual male ber that otisr 1 ataii thU oeij to riudlcale the character >f lUat widowed tady. I j ?ever loS'iite: Mr*. Calhoun jt 3?<-v?e4 b? offer lag ber or any*-*'/ else any mstt ar atliar oodi <wosa tiou lor lap^reasiag my private om ro|H>odeune With Mr Cbitoun, or anjb dy Jac on "?ru I will tell you all I know about the last ok.t'ge Just >e'?re I left Washing toa , a :ew r.ootb* agj. 1 received a letter >a a n'-ar re tali re ol the law ?>fta Oaibous . la whicb he iurai*b I n >t only the rtalemect, but the at 'n ?, that one tf Mr Ru chataa f Jer-vl c I'ne hollers in Nebraska, a man l ding a laal o\.oe and l early txjnacied w.tb toe worst ?May 1 hare aa earth, Lad gone to Mrs OH koiti and *. i?cd permiMlOu W ?ook over U?r ae oaaacd busuaud's private correal in leu >? with Jadge Do.g ai etc refused to nerunl him, aayiag that t>er buibanJa cdrr-tpiMidcaGe was aacreu ('?Sound," "right," 1 ; ) T?treir*>n this federal ?Hce bolder ollered Mrs Cn>n ?ia two thousand If ?h- would ?J low him to look over < lea era' C* hoan's private papers aad take oat all the private pat?ers that Jadge Douglas had ever written to ber husband She, liae a true hearted woman . who revered the nnsorr aad honor of her husband, indlgnaatly refSJted the bribe. Aad mow mj enemies dare charge on me their attempt to bribe a widowed womaa ( .-hame, ahama on them," and ap plause 1 Mr* Ckliwas author. zed her relative to inform as* of these farts, which ke did, together with the leader eo her part to surreadw to ra a all the letters I ever wrote la her aecsasil husband 1 answered that 1 had never written any letter to the late flsheral Chlhoim l hat I ww ashamed to have the whole world to see It. Toat It sraa poaaible that, la Ike hurry aad freedom of private eorreapondeuct thai I might sometimes have ex pressed my sail carelewy or in elegantly but there was aothmg in ray letters which I was afraid to have the public know 1 added that I appreciate-! ihj table ooaduct of Mrs Caibmia, aad that she was aether /ed to forward the lettera to me. If it we* her will. I received a letter froa bar la reply, in which ebe slated that ahe bad carefully aiaaaia?<l ail her haabaad's private papers, aad there waa aa taller to be found writ laa by me to him aioce llkt or IMS Now, ay fr.eada, I so bin It these facta to you aad to tba world What caa Rthak ofabody of nan wko wtl' go around trying to ?e widow womaa in betray the private oorr*-apoa lis t of their dead boebands. to be aaed for political pur eaei'S ? (A vofce, "Ibeyre worse I ban repuhlioaaa.") what do yoa thiak of the reekhwness ol part su paesrs that dare charge thoee atcmpt? at bribery upon aae; who was oiend*l to be their victim. (A roioe, "It ? Hie tbea "1 I dielike to refer to my oaa pr va e katory ortodt'ead myself againet any petty lors I karc not hero ia tte habit of doing eo, and I do a t In lead t. to t aa a gaarral rale but this seisms, jast l-e Isrs eleotxa, to palm Ml aa enonauoa fraud, ?ect> aa la laae<' <e forgery, I thought it repaired that I ahouid hranl M the fist i. me l met It. (Uoad cheora ) la ttklag have of I be Buhjoct, 1 hare only to add thai if thoee news Bra whk-h have published aad given eorreary I" th.a nay are diapraed to trest a? rairly aad do ar ui atr> they wtl) r*pahliah tbla speech, aai allow the anil, deu Ui lb Jew tbe pwisue aad ay v>adwattoe to go to tee war id. Taieiaai furs or rwa Raj ? Ewurs o? Pirr ?nai ?su ?Ike I mowing slaw meat' atuibia tke aaa-e>inec . few ifedO, aa CJ?par*l w.u. tba UMaklaJ aaasaaaeLt inaia ? !?*" ? Wmndi I'Mw far IMd |IM. nrsw ft 34i.7 it S 2 >j0 Usaoad J dli.kll J fl>' IJ6 Iblrl 2 m,4K 2 6tl,m ferrtl 1047 000 3 rwth 13.W>3,119 13,#. 1,070 "lath tl.WMiao nai;,4TI tswau. 7.&MU2 jxwsa; ??blb ISKadWij W1*** 12,0*4 M 11.246 0?? *?h 1 177 .000 I.1HSN 4.MV.M 4 811 W0 4,061 ?M 3.07; ?;? ? ?oi .i*o no Frartaeath ?77.1?? * 077 171 7,*?J?0 ?,<ll? <M Milaaath ?,l*7,oa a?Ti,J7? Wtventesatk a oeojoo ?tkteeath 2 H7d 50* I ? 12 "'D ??? hjtu 44* 7*.l*,Jla 1,*44,?* Twakty-Bft 3 0T1 TO t tK, t.'.l d.Tll.lTl 4,411 4*0 Twemtf third 4 4,aoo sn Twenty foarth ? SS& Ml ?,!? im Tila) MM, 779, 74* I'M ^00 SK ta Ai *wr\r ?Tba V^-kaburg (Mtaa; K*Mg eta tea that a portma af tba great Atlantic telegraph caale, wti let was fcrc^gbt tbar* to ba laid across tba Mtaalsiippt, waa b*?d to ba ciiar'y worth <eas aad thsrsfre <naid bat f* t*ad I rrw <sim wig rrjered tnm Nt* tort. SUIT AGAH8T THE BKBIC1A BOY. b Ma I. Emktm Imiu Mi WHe I SuIm Comrt. Before Boo. Jodge MeOw-lby. lKj? J?.? Ckar^s5 MtUk^uvt J* ? C. Ottncn.? Aa cf I fort ni ?cam m*de to brtog on this ?mm tar trial. Neither the Bsn.cia Boy aor his whllem wito m la court. It will be reoallected that Um oampialnt alleges mat U>? defendant .s justly Indebted to pla-Miff, m the trustee of the Westchester Bouse, m (be lorn of 9100 08, btm* Uie balanoe due tor board and lodging fturoiabed to Mrs. Ada 1. M. Heeaar , M the wire of tbe defendant, at bit and ber Inttanoe tad req aaet , between Ute mouths of De ember. ltU>0. and July, I860. John C. Heenan, .a bin answer, saya that be bM no knowledge of Ibe plaiLtifl trustee o- Uie IVestohiw ter Bouse. and denies all and every other allegation In the oom plauit. Be therefore, denies that Ad* 1. Meu ken, altos Been an, le hla wife. Mr. Fine, of tbe Arm of McOum, Swart wool A Fine, at tbe. Bitting of tbe court, applied to tbe Judge tor an ad journnimi of ibe oase until tbe lfttb January. Aa ocunsel for plaintiff wae not tn eoort be would not proct.'ed with tbe motion, bat would lterely read the affidavit oa which be grounded It, and which wm aa follows: ? John C. E'?nan, the defendant, being duly ewore, says that be bM fully and fairly stated the case 'o thi? anion to C Fme, hie counsel, and tbat he baa a good and sub stantial defeuce to the mer'.Ui Of tbe case and to tbe com plaint, asfbe la edriaed by bis ooonsel. That be baa also d.ivioeed to his counsel what he will be able to prove by John Mackey, a <* ltress for tbe defendant, on tbe trial of this action, and that he (B?enan) cannot safely proceed with tbe trial without tbe benefit of the testimony of John Mack* ) , as be is advised by hla counsel; that Kaokey left this city a abort time before the commencement of this action and is travelling through different parts of ibe Southern Slates, and will not be back to S'cw York before the 14th ef January, 1841, when tbe defendant will be able to procure ibe testimony of Mackey, then be able to pr?c*>>d w'tb hi tr ?!. Bo IMM as M lor a postjWemect until tbat time. Tbe Judge ? Take >oor order, sir. After tbe lapse of ?!>>ut ten mlnutee Mr. D. B laylir, oounsel for plaintiff, catered the ciurt and staled that in hid a'oeenoe an adjournment bad beoo mode In th.ii mat'.er. Tbe Judge aekod if d> lendant's oounsel would waive that order. Coonaei replied in the affirmative, and tbe motion waa renewed. Mr. Taylor, after reading defendant's affidavit, m) J tfrU the action waa brought for HlW'iilirura'isiiid by the order of tbe defendant. 5c did not see that this w:tneea omild ooetrorert tn any way the statements tn their oom plaint. The affidavit did not state what they intended to prove by this witness, wbawu now, perhaps, ?boot the South. He apprehended that If this motion waa granted it would be th* first time -n the history or tl is Court that ai: adjournment waa granted on sash aa affidavit. They haul cot about forly w'tnoesee, and, if need be, one hundred and forty, to prove tbe affirmative tn this Issue, and notwithstanding tbat tho defendant wis somewhat or a ceteoratei character, he boned tbat Justioe would be meted out to thus poor plaintiff. He waa not going to prove on the trial tbe marriage between Mr. John C. lleenan and tbla lady; lie meant only te prove ibe debt. If the present motion was granted it might be renewed again on the loth of January by the defendant saying tbat his witness hal not tamed op. Probably this witness was a spotting man, and be (00' n?di) understood that tbe defendant (Heeuan) bad sent a man, named Mackey. to tho West Indies on a managerial route tor tbe exhibition of tbe art of "self defenoe," in which, probably, tbe delendant would play tbe prjiclpal part. Mr. ilae oh octet to oounsel tboa stating beareay rumors. Mr. Tnylor argued tbat tbe affidavit was inaufTiclent, and be hoped that ;t would (a n publicity, in )r. tor that tbe public might see upon what ground thtf caae waa adjourned. Ju :gc MoQarthy? Yia shall not say anything of that kind here, sir; I will not allow any mw to say that to BM. Mr. Flae? Ttoia case gained a popularity before the re turn wm even made, and 1 oannot define by what means It got into tbe papers. The Judge ? You bad better speak, air, on tbe mo' Ion. Mr. Taylor (to oounaal)? 1 deny every imputation of tbat kind. Mr. Fine, tn reply, salt tbat Ibe motion was made un der the atatute; It km tbe ordinary motion tn such a case, and tbe usual affidavit, which tlie statute required, had been presented to the Court. Be contended that tbe alhdsvit wm drawn according to tbe letter and spirit of the statute. Tbe defendant, Mr. Heenan, states that, under the advioe of hia counsel, be cannot preceed to trial without the benefit of the testimony wnmh tbis absent witness would r've. Tne witness had left before tbe oommeooemeut of this act. on , and. therefore, tbe other side oould not say that tbe de fendant bed sent tbe witness away to delay the trial. Tbe counsel (Mr. Taylor) bad Bald that It would be an anomaly tf the moron were -ranted, bet be (Mr. Flee) contended tbat It would be a tor creater one If it were refused, under tbe provisions of the statute, which gave a defendant that rt ht. It wm a matter whtob rocom mended itself to the discretion of the Court, and tn snob cas?s Mie statute stave a'>eo'ate right to the Judn'? to ed Jonre. Be won ll state what be expected to prove, annou>n ne aia not upon wnat aumnrity a defendant ww boned to dlacloee hi* defence, or why I tie Court UioaJ.1 require htm to show his hands. There were other matters In the case which wer<> of the highest Importance to the defendant. Be would obeervc that Mr Hot-nan lid not require the publicity to which the course! bad alluded. He bad had sufficient populsri I ty, w itch oouiise! well know. He would oompare this oasc to a spreading oat, to which a small vine was creep 'ng arnund and vainly end?ar?rlng to reach the summit He (Mr. Fine) bad never employed reporter* to herald around the proceedings In this case or? The .lodge ? There la no oe salon, sir, for you to refer to tliat here Speak to the motloa. Mr. Taylor? I never employed a reporter I Wnow of no reporter; one thing I know the defendant w ill not claim w utk<> id oath m. thai bet not the lawtal husband of this woman, although lie gets his friends to say Be. Judge MrChrtbf ? I thought you were not going on that ground Mr Kine ?11 yoar Honor will tndulge me, I will prove that John C. Heeoaii ts known to the plaintiff by his <iwo (pialntin s) aim! woo not to be the husband of tb * very Trail womau. 1 will prove that ether men, with this *?me lady, eat crodfber own nam* atllhltsatn? boose (weal cheater R use) as Jofcn Hi and lady, and that they oocu filed a r. m, probably the wsi u Hr. Heomui is ai egod to have <>ccti[ ed. I will prove Ibc r'laraoter I of true frail, fetr woman, ant that she Eermtls Lcr?<jlf, and la known to hare 1 1 bcr name entered aria the >ook? of th<a sod other I bouu* sa the lady of John I > >a or Rn lard Hie o r any . | who might have tmeey eaough to pay for that part ilar j I ' TaeJudge ? Ida not see bo that will a<! xt the :*w I la tb's aaee Mr Fine? Then let the plalnttil strike oat everything from is complaint shout marriage. I Mr. Taylor Said oe woald stipulate to waive on the ' trlai all aliegmts?s o.' tl?e marrlag Jf th part -a, an 1 a. I I liability of that k'nd grow'ng nit of any marital relaltom ctaicB the partes tie bal awttaaee ta sourt who wo ,1.1 prove that Mr Hsonas came to tue W-at hester Houee and eeieeted the rooms himaelf. Mr. Fins sa: J that he would elao prove that the p'.aiat.'T never eipected to receive this amount from Heenao, and that be would loot to a Mr. Bryant for It Mr Taylor said Mr Bryant was In caurt. aad ready to ] be eaamlaed oe that point. Mr Viae act u repeated wba'. he ootild prove with rele- i reoce to the lady The Oeurt held that the teat.saoay weald he n material I aod Irrelevant, aad If tlae wilneoa was praeent luoh lee Itamy emild not be reoelved The J udge than made aa order to the follow lag off* t ? j A motion having *>esn made by the Oouaeel for the dsfendaat In this act, on le aJjoarn the eaae to the 14th of .laaury | IM1, -O the aT. iar t of the absence ef a aula , rial witness f>r tlie defsadant. Now, arte: hearing coua , srl for the rw|> -t re part us for and in opp m lion to aald j ' motion, aad oa deffeaiaat'i couoael stating, under ti.edi- i reeltot >f the Coart, what Ibedefbadaat will be able to ; prove by the abernt wttasae. asd oa lha plaiBi.n a ooun I sol agreeing aod >-ttpulet!ag to strike out from the oom ) platat aad waive ua the trial hereof all allegations of the , mar rug" of aald defendant (Heenen) with a * xnao | named aad described In the oomplatat berwia aa Ada I. I I M. Heenan. and all liability of that nature, klad an I de 1 scrlptloa of the defendant gnwiag M 9 >' y marital re- i . latlona of the defendant with the said woman I ordered that said motloa be, and the aasae le hereby. I en the abore conditions and etiolation aad acreraent. , denied, but without prejudice to a renewal >o f irther | aflidavit* The case will aot probably be reached befire the No ' Timber term. Peroonat latelllgem t ttesenu WaUiue, ot I glaad, Rer Dr. Aber.*onibf aad w lfe, of Baltimore . (J Aathoay, of Philadelphia, aad J. A. Jaehsoe, of hoeuw are stopping at the I a loa riaoo Hot?l Chrta a flarvm, of th* swoeli p ?taie of fimrala: Rev m i r ' KM-hmoad. Ta ; B N Bara well , of Mwith ta?i' lea, I, A B< .dgs aad wifh, of New or, nans, aid H'nry Bradlee and wife ofBoatoo, are etoprlng at the ? ifth Avenue Hotel. I*r r>dm?at, y Newport. Jamee Birtoo of Albany W < R Lee, of iioetor . James I Htebrrwh, of K ngat Ki. M. V , aad r. T Bowea, of (%icaco, are etofptag at the Everett Honse. Dr Was to tt of P?nerlvaoA C 0. Oole, ef Boetoo .1. M Htooh Lg aad aoa.of I lira, M Y . aad 1). J. Telly, of North Carolina, are stopping at the Laiarge Bousa. flea. B. r Jewett of Harksoa, S. T , aad Dr. J. t. Tt -wipwon, (.?orge Park'r an t B T f rank Mn, a'l cr Waah iBtna, f). C , i*rof<saor ft rref<wd, aad M. aad J Jeravlofl, I all ftoai H-.eala. aad Rev Cdwta Hatob, of Toronto, C. W , are etn|iplSK at the n Nicholas Ho M C. L Cobb, of Michigan, florae C. Goodwin, of Boa tce.E 8. rial, of Ctevelan.i, W. H. Cemeot of Cta ila natl. aad M'Wre BUry, ftnltb, Martin and ^/m?, all of , the I'aited Btalee Army, are stopping at the Metrufioliiaa Hotel H'e J V ,1. Prnya, of Albaay , C C Chaffer, of Masea ehaeetia Captnia f B Heat, of toe UaMad Mate* Army Dr Pech, of at A<igeatlae, Florida W. T. f limea aad fam ly, ef Yoakete Rev t)r Andrewe, of Ihwloo , R R. Cuyier and Bdwa-d Padelferd aad wMb, all o,' Bavaaaab, J are Mopping at the Brevoort Houaa I 'Joeer-d Brldgham Faq , having temporarily retired froes the off?e of Itrpoiy clerk of the (attest Ma tee I he ir let Coart tor the * uu- ra dleirtot of Net Tort, Iter the i p irpoee of reeroltlag bis health, John L. Carroll, tj*\ , baa bare appointed s bte piaoe aad Mead tor the lime being Ban Chea Oafarve and ndy . of New orteaae Omb. AraMtrong, C, 8. N.. and lad*; Boa RUT Manter, of Va. Horn W.i) lone* of AM. , ?*a. W W. W Wood, of ?Ma . are la WMhiagtna Pi w-wtau roe Ca -rrr m a ?tji*b.? A nsae named Mitchell, oimaei i*r r Ceorfe, rear Wl tev"le, V. C , "??Mad of rearing the death of a negro by wbippiag, Bsatsewrd to be t??aJed srd to eervf a s ' a.?rthe * *?*>?> Co art mt Ojrit ud Ttraiur. [Before Bob. Judge Gould. J MTirn nun*? row* oonvjction or imiD?R tn tub i SBOOMD DIUKKI UNDER rUB NlfW ACT. | Oct. 19 ? J* i Ae Out ?f Itte ihstriet Attorney rammed ip for the proaecvtmo. The Judge, la obarglog tbe jury, mid ? The statute of lb* law can or ougb'. to prevent nether you or me from shrink .ng from oar rseponsi bill ty. There is so eel of our liven but wbat we oa.k.t upon to do our doty; eepeeikily are we railed on woen that doty C" kcee us before the public, for then oar res^uoeibility is mensely Increased. The resr- nsiblilty 'n this partlcu tar otse *, tnat ibe peaceable knd orderly oltixen shall be protected ud ibat bo crime (ball go unpunished, and that bo couslderat on tiull induje you to deckle contrary to ibe rights of either tb? pr'.aooer or tbe puoiic. After the lew ae laid d< wn by ibe Ourt the facta real ent.rely with you to decide apoo, an1, under the retpocaih ility of your oatbe, to paae uj->u the facts as they have appeared in evidence; and tbe law relieves you :'rom all reepoasi blltty of the freseqaenoee of yoar verdict The la* take* ?901 MMif an MN ?nd ??- MMMlMIIItM jf ibe .oiaeo quenoee of tbe act, whatever they may be. rha law and Its rojea deny toe trial for tbe benefit of Uie accused, bit when tbe testimony n dosed the merry of '.'.le law Is exhanstel and you have no more r.gti tc extend mercy to tbe rraooer tban to the people. It is a gross error to sopp<jee that to tbe man at tbe bar mercy alone belongs, run mu who has been nanc un <1 sent oat of tbe world is also ensiled to yocr symputhy. u l so If every good c'tli sc who has not exposed himself to the temptations of crane. Tb? lew will no*, lay upon IN I kottia vklck .? greater than you oan bear. It is In tbls view 01' tbe case that 1 charge you to keep witLln your own province. I am noi at liberty to give up tbe rights of n.y position If I oo ?W, for if I make any m stake Ti may and can be Mmedled, j and the prisoner have tbe benefii of it. I Hhall never al low any jury before me to pass ojnn or doal with any provisions of tbe law. That Is the province and duty o NMflMi I know that oouusel are apt thread :asos which have been before oouru on questions of law. TtiiS Is bat to-> often done to i. ? tbe jury : bat when tbe counsel ask you to pass upon the law, it -y ask you to do that which ibe ?ew does no*. actbon?o you to take U>c respoesi bitty of. Tbe crime In tb's case is charged tj be murder m tbe seoocJ degree, and i do not understand that there is any d.flfereuas bctwetn tbe cocns.:! as to tbe dettn't on of mat o'lenoe "t has b?y>n : it tended that it was only justifiable iioml :ide, or at tbo most auuislaugti 'jer in the tomb degree Just: lable boalolde it oamiot be, as tint otily etlels whec a '.am Is killed under a war met by an officer of the law. ! ic.sutjle l.oralc.'le Is where a man takes a !.fe In h's otrn def nee. and as es the mean* wb.oh is at his haul on tbe instant, h does act m?u mum ft may get himself Into a passiou and oome up and kill y u. for that may be niurter in tiie first decree. A bully IS not at .iberty to insult you first and then k.ll you. Tbe death of a man may be excusable not Seoeuse tbe law pats a lev value op b man life but b0< oause it conoedee som-thlng to human brnvery. His ?ONV -.ben went through tbe various definitions of man slaughter from tbe books, and in allusion to the request of the prisoners oo insel to charge on an aoqn:ttal if the prisoner was at tbe time 'ntoxloated, said the reoent changes in the dect?.ocs of tbe oourte bave done no good as'l much harm. Tbe or'.g'ual law was. tliat no matter what was iho decree of Intoxication, tbe prisoner was responsible for all bis acta if he abouid debase him ?elf. before a rat.onal, It did no' alt<T tbo na turc of tbe oflence, acd tins was best bocause it did not oompel the jury to joJge of ihe degree of intoxication. And no degree of intoxication oan be allowed to excuse a prisoner in a case when tbe act <>f is plainly mail olous and nothing else, liood cbiractar is always to bn taken into consideration, and ?;<xl forb.d that the time shall ever arrive when tbe man of good character shall oome .n'?o oonrt on the same footing w!U? tbe man of bad character. But there are many oases where good charac ter can have nothing whatever to do wltb tbe question, bceanFe if there le positive proof of an aot which earrlss with t a bad intent, you are not bound, even in a cap) tal case, nor are y< ali'iw<*d to refra'n I'ro-n (lading a verdict of guilty because you have not arrived at abso lute certainty. Nor will you waste your time, nor strain your osths a tbe wcrse tfcrn usoloss emergency whether a oonclusino which y?u folly bsiieve ti be true, may not possibly be erroneous. Absolute certainty of facts, not apparent to tbe sensss, belongs not to human minds. It can soaroely be predicated on what you see and bear, so liable are even our senses to be deceived. An optical Illusion, a feat ot legerdemain deneivss tbem, bit you are not, therefore, the less b">;r4 to mto a verdw t, and that verdict I ? to be no which, on the . hole case, after weighing all the evidence, joa. In your own minds and hearu, are s?us fled Is true. If in your own m ods you make up a fall be : lef, no oonsideration of tm.e or ot etern!ly|shoul'i pre veni few 'aylug M by a verdict. You should permit In yourselves uo hesitancy to a-,t on your boneet convic tions So too finely spuu wei> of anprebens on should prevent you doing your wb' le duty and meting out o the public, as wed as to the prisoner, lustioc Both appear before you, and be . ween thi two yea stan.l reprenent^.g the majesty of tbe law sworn to declare tbe truth as in y IV caim judgments in your hearts you find 11. WMfc no other rilde, with no responsibility for tbe correctness of tbe rules given by tbe Court, no responsibility of what tbe law may make the oonsequei.oes of your llnding, you will prooeedto the discharge or your duty impar tially, honestly, feari-ss y. t ace :t like every other Inly, s meet It lhat hereafter your own coeeciencee shall not r< proarh yu wllh having beeu nneo?*surlly severe ur rimlnally weak. Tbe jury after an absence of about an hour, found the prlsoier guilty of murder In tbe eeoood d'gree? tbe first ooiiTlction for that gra<le ot bomicile under lh? le cent extraordinary act of tbe l-eflxlalure. This subjects tbe pr.soner to IsplMMlt Tor life. anothkh cnaiu.K ot vnin. Thomas Woods was Indicted for lbs murder of Palrtck Corkerey, by bitting him wltb a brickbat It appears that the parties llve>l In adiaoent domlcill, vulgarly ?? shsntlee," In Ninety-fourth nreet, beiwoen Poortb and Fifth avenuee. They quarrelled on their way boae from the Central I'ark ItnxJted each oth_r dirfn.aa'l. boui being Irlabmeu reuewed the pleasures and luxarlss of rionnybrix k Valr. The deoea?<vl, after the nugb and tumble ma<le his way to bis mansion the prisoner inger ed ouul le and oc the d>voM?tl prwrning bmseir sgalu bsynnd tbe precinct! of his oastle, (tor every man's bww is bis castle), the prisoner struck bios wilb a brickbat, be 1 ugered but a sb'>rt tiro' aud dleil Tbe defence le provDoetloa and eicosabls homicide. After a brief absence the jury brcugbt in a verdict of manslaughter In tbe fourth degree, which Imposes two years imprisonment In Ktale prlsoe, or one year In tbe penitentiary, with a One. .-'entencc deferred. Brooklyn Ollf Kewi. * BOAH! or .v r'UTIMU -A *|.4Ci4l IHMl.Qg of tbO Board of Suprrviaora for n'nga <nunty waa held muw Jail j*?U rdaj arurnoon, Tor the purpoet of reconsider tn( tbc -r actluc at thf :?at |UV?I mooting! in ref -elnf to i**jr an additional ma of %!?', 000 for ?? *er pur,-oaea, aad M4.CC0 to pay interest on w*'<ar bonda, ia It.' Ui? oftbepreaeot year n*eewar mad 1a exhaa*ted, and tbe City will fall ihorl of *10,000 for paym 'Ot Of mtereat oa w?ut boade. falling due oa th Lit of Jaauar/ aeit, unleaa tbe wney .a raiaed. Toa ipac ai me. tn * ru oai'el in eoneeiuenne of the C?mm .Mioner* tir ?g tbivati ut t to far a maolainii* to r impel the ra a ln| of tbe raoii' y (<j->enatoc lent *a to Wok tht a?r, Id Mr aba> no* of the '"reel-lent Mr Tautor aaored a r?o?u* laratlaa of .at vote ?> Hit meet Eg, refai uc w ratee the money. Mr. al*ia?:>bk McCca, C - jnae. t . the Corporal on, who waa preaeat, made a atatomant, at tlie request I tba Boar<i, abnwmg the aeneeaity for tbe appropriation, and the del? of the Srpemaora to proride for it. Tbe motion to racoael ler was put and carried, irbtn tbe wbolt tobjeet ni laid oa tbe table. Mr. Caoot, m reference to an article whtoh appeared in tbe Snmiu HUtr relative to a ?!te for a ooumy Govt Houaa, mored tbe foUewtog reaotutlcn ? Keaolred, That :t be referred to tbe lav Committee of thin Board lo IkQMt and aanerta.o *hrth?r ? ther? e ? deep laid acbeM to bleed Mr .-ViheBOb, the owaer of tbe (iropartjr at tbe rear of tbe City Hall," and especially t j ?eoertalo tbe reaaoe for tbe charge n thai efl.vt an I la that language ooeUiaad :a tbe Brooklyn St*r of tbe 18th nat Alter ar>me dloraealoe tbe reeolntloa wan earned by a Tote of 11 lo 6. Adjoarasd to tbreo o clonk oa Moada y. The KartbHaaAia la Virneal. From the Borl n*t >o Tree Pre?, iJet. IT.' An ?artbquake, a real Ilea earth-, u?ke, netted ui tb.a morn lag eb rat tlx o'clock Tbe nbra'.loni w*r<- d etln rt aad forrtMr eoourh u? ahakeerarythiag, wake everybody up. aad ecara tbe nhl'dree Tbe time ooropied by tbe ahoek la ranooely aatmat- I by different persona al from tea aeomida lo a full mlnnte; tbe time of tie o-i arrenoe ta aleo rartooaly elated, owing. diviM ? to tbe vwMtn ' dosha a teaUemaa uaad to exact obe*r*al no, ailed tbe time aa Ira mlautea be f. all Ha aaya ? There ware four rbratloaa, with aa Interval of tima barely appreciable then oaa r bralioa, and a ae<vfod ,n terT?l of time and men 'oar mora v'hratima. Tb'y were ?B Tioivat a a lo diat.octly ?hake -terjihing o the r?.n>* aad to awake every men. bar of my family sleeping ta tbe op^er room* of ay bo jaa The e< traltoaa were auea-led ailcbt rumbling, and ?? re eery distinctly la ao ?a?terly and westerly direction Tbere was ao w'ad al Uie time llarosMter stand. og at 30>< laabaa. Another obaen -r reports aa Mlowe ? ? an* .-toa, ?)e? 17. lteo Tbia moral o?. at abtnt three or four mtnutas peat all, we experienced a aomewhal eer-re ahoek of aa mtb quake, which nommeac <d wllfe a low rumbllag aotae, oom parable lo rery dwtaat th-.ader Thta was aooa fb, lowed by a r'nk?t mntMD of tbe earth. alMklag the bo na aad glrtng lo my bed a mettoa aa thoagh aom? pereoa heoe?lh were toaelpg It. Daring "? e time, ?tirn (>)? ?Ikwk wee mora dwttestly fait, aareral derided and pretty heary tbampe ware heqprd Ibirai <m of tbe earthquake, fifteen eevmd* time, tear m'aates part git o'okx* aky Home say there war i>o oo'ae a' ten liag the ahoo? , rther* l.rard a al'gt t rombl nr .nan* l/?k ao particular aotioe, think tag w-om oae was awvog a heary p'eoaof fnrn!tore We haee ernitaraarl with eereral who wera aaleap at the .ism, and the r lmpr?w?Vor. as they awoke, was that waa ahak nf lb* had, whmb, a* tag pact , waa antral:* thaeata Mr I aalaa, a' the K ease r . la mmrdtr *, lafbrm as vha khook was Ml a Keeaeri;)* at tbe taoia time aad lo the ana way as here Ocr drapalihae eay tbe tbork waa f"lt at Moat|?Herf Ja-o, \|? , and Montreal We thall doubt leaa bear of it :r m other qoartort Army latalllftkcti Capta a b D. Wailaa, Koarth afhalry, aail? for Naa rraaaHn . 0a. item la, oa the M1 last , la commasd of a detach meat af two hcadrad aad twtaty eight recruits for lbs dapartaaeat of Oalitoraik. The follow tag offloera aocompary the coraaar.d, rU? Capt. H D. Wallea, Fharth lafaatry, o mavand.rr Capt T Randrfkaoa, Sittb inlhatry , r'rtt iJaat. F. J Bartie, Nlath lafaatry, Stcoad 1 lent W mac lair, Third artillery; fteeond ! lent. W. W fkadara, Ruth a'aatry Aaaoad I.tani. 0. A. Foe W f.'tb Ir fhatry Pre*<- ftaencd Llaat. J N Andrew*, fourth 'Bf*)ti7 ; Breret V" od I.laat J. 1' Mart '.a, ??ttb ahatry Braiat foot, f ? kartb.mtth afaat <7 Bravt -V?erd Ua^t. G W. VMdarbl.t, Mt* tb a "a* try It 'ah r rlmlBtl HUtktlM. ffy m i t?e l/mdua ?*?r< ntole, Oct. & | liull be iLtcicfiinf to aonptre the four prortaeee w 'ft n'fr? t v their er.minai ilaitalias. Id I860 i -re w t t 1,788 O'tragee reported m Ulster, la 1891 Ibere w ( o>? 8J7? ibort uno ualf. la Um note yeax there were 8,878 Vn L*irr.-ter. lairt year tho numtar Ml ts 1.080 ? lesa t'.m In Ouonaught 1 475 were r?' Cued la 1S60 la 1H6S tb'iw wrre cot u. re ttum 761. Monster the y.wr 1860 prodaoed 4.M3 otfcnoca. Uut year there wore only MO. An auatjata "f the decree of rr line la e?oh of the pro Vtncas. Id proportion to the po tiiat'on, abcws tbe lolluw tog aa tbo reeulta for the year I860 ? niter 1 to every 2 *00 of tbe population. Lelnater. 1 ?? 1630 ?? Oonbaugbt 1 ?? 1,360 '? Mutator 1 ?? 1,860 ?? It wU be obaerved that ioosaugbt la tbe moat crhntnil of tbe pro . .r.oea, the ofleoces being nearly twice m numerous, .a proportion to tbe popUatKat, aa Utey aie in C'lator. Bab * 'tiwiiin mo* Minivr.? "^ie Ononctl, sayt tbe Cleveland (Obio) litre,' d, la aaked bo ;>aaa aa ord i nanoe to ban lab baby wagona from tbe market ground. Thank fortune, that petition did not oome from men. One hundred women, molt y old ma* la, were ibe peti tioners, and tbose petitioners, in their crinolme. an area of r>i bondred feet :o length and six fee', broad. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Kiubay, Oct. 19? ? P. M. We ar? requested to remind the piblic that the deposits on Account of bids for Uic ten million government loan, to be awarded at Washington on Monday next , must be made with the Sab-Treaau- I rer before four P. M. to-morrow. From the price j at which tho fives of 1 b7 4 are now selling in the j market, tie presumption appears to be that tbe new awtrj pi jbab!y average one per lent premium. The money market worts more easily. The standard rate to day for abort lirst class paper is 1 6 per cent; longer paper, same grade, 6 a 7; names ' , le?s generally known, 8 a 10 a 12. The brokers ! are abundantly supplied at SJ a 6 per cent. The ; tendencies in tavor of increased case in the money i market be ome more from day to day. TLe foreign exch tngo market continues to droop. We quote to day, sterling bills, baukers', at 106* a |, and Crai:c?, 6.15J a lt)4 a 17}. As usual on a falling market, thcro is considerable diversity in rates, and parties who insist on having certain fa vorite bills may be obliged to pay considerably more than the market price. The steamers of to morrow will probably take out $600,000 to $1,000, 000 in spc.-ie. Tbe stock market was more astive this morning, but prices were lower, and at one time there was every appearance of a panic. Between the boards, however, tbe decline brought in purchasers; somo of the shorts wisely began to cover, and the market rallied in consequence. The condition of stocks u very simple. The public are Ftanding off in order to see whether political affairs are going to have | any effect on the market. Thus deprived of their natural ai;ies, the bulls have lost courage, and do cot resist the attacks of the bears with their usual vigor.' New York Central and Erie were hammered down this morning, the one to &7, the other to 38; they rallied in the afternoon to ?7} and 3*4, and closed respectively 674 &nd 374 bid. All tho Western shares were depressed. Galena sold down to 75i> and closed 75J bid; Rock Island to 71, closing that bid; Illinois Central to 82, clos ing 81| bid; Toledo to 41}, closing 43j bid. It seems to be generally expected that the market *111 remain dull and uninteresting till after the election; though, in the stock market, whenever a ceitain time is tlxed by general consent for a 1 marked change, one way or the other, the | change generally comes sooner than Is antici pated. Pacific Mail fell b?ck to <>0, with cash sales of a few hundred shares. If the share holders make a bad selection of directors at the coming election, nothing can render the property aafe to hold. There are enough good and honest men in the company to constitute an anexceptiona bio board, if tbe shareholders only have the nerve and acnM to look after their own business. There was very little done in State stock- and bonds to-day, and the market was dnll. This afternoon storks were j tolerably active, but closed dnll #t tbe following quotations:? Virginia fl's, 90} a 91: Missouri ti's, 7*4 a j; Canton Company. 14 a 19j; Cumberland Coal preferred. li$a 1 ;J: Pacific Mail, 9!) a 4; New York Central. 874'a ]; Erie, 371jaf; Hudson River, 62 a4 ; Harlem, 20 a 4; do. preferred. 4<jj a 47; Reading, 46 a 4; Michigan Central, 60 a Michigan South ern and Northern Indiana, 19, a 4; do. guaran teed, 4 SI a J: Panama, 124j a 12J; Illinois Central, 91 j a 8*2: Galena and Chicago, f'.J a i; Cleveland I and Toledo, 43 j .1 44; Chicago and llosk Uland, ! 71 a h The huainCM of ike rtuUTressnry to U ty was aa follows:? Receipt* tlflKS U | ? lor usunsa lie joy 00 1 l's v n.onis ? S?1 77 bucc 4, MS ItS J3 I Ti e fal.?wing table shows the total receipt* and | shipment* of ttuar sad grain at Chicago sia 0 the 1st of Jsuuary las', compared with H. . W n/>'j ? ? , - "?ipumJ ? iseo is;, 9 ' rtov.kkie.. i3?jf tMin W! '?t, bacti 1C & 994 927 ! torn UoJMfci 4,U7 0*i M ,74V 4 IS S flTO JO# | (MS lMiS?7 I #31, 110 SHI 119 Rye ai'J30 1S3 344 101 t? S1.9I9 lUr,.>y 411 l?i Uw.Oss lN.tM 172.419 Reducing the flour to bushels. the t >Ul receipt* of grain in that city since tho let of January last foot up 29^>>7,hltf bushels, against UJU.IM bush els received duiing the corresponding period of The receipts aad -hipmen* of flour and grain fur the week were: - Jtf mpo Viipmuntj, flour, bble M.aos 14 141 Wbeat, bush** *17 940 1127 im Com. 369 SSI JilM The /'<??* say* that Uie shipment* oi wheat dur ing the week were the Urgent of whn.h there U any record in the history of the it/. The Chicago Prt ?? of WeUnemUy wj- - touring Uw> p*ti w*? k is.* rr*?fbte to ftuSsJo and '*?? rotatxxIfuxKvl bids io *trr*a oaals p* lutl*1 on ara',n. Ysatrrday v*ae*l? trer* to lake waeal from pHNMbtS ? Mi si ih? rate of twenty oeats pSP bosbel, and to Osw*jo st tw*nly St* sad a bslf oeat* inr babel. THmm are Ux bigb<vt rauis of flrdgbt pa. l m jo* ISM Oa ih* lSlh of flMisr of thai sear l?aalf lr? oscts per bustiH wm pal J for ? boat lo Buffalo. The Detroit Tiib <> of the 17th says:? Tbe sb.pnrsl* of our an I *liNt for tbe last twenty Ibur boars anrsgat* n*arljr ? *t**a ibosaanl barrels of lbs for ?or, an 1 about th.rtj iLrw tbousso<l busbe' of tbol 'ttrr Tb* ealee of f ra n oa 'Cbaif* Ibis morning root ap 4> 00v boabel* Irnrjr railroad oar and rrnrj h-*U ng crall, wb*lber steam r>r ss'l, U c >w constantly employed. ?*t th?y sr? 'aenffl taut for th < wants of lbs oooatry, Tb* staamora dsa Bird eel Illinois, oo iiatr last trip* lo I she !? par. or. ?*r* *a b <v?np*l!M to lr*?e 1 almost rratybt mooga be* tad to i"sd aootbsr boat What 1* true of ttea* ttewrs may also be said ssbslMtully of others In ibis 'mp<rtaat trada. P >*um*? of every lo script loa b.ds fair v> o> oiit.u? eriaaliy brisk aatil in* Clus* of SST'fSllOO. At CiBclniiati on the ICth ins*. t!.o demand for dlscoutt was only moderate, aad the demand free !y met at 10 a 12 per cent on acceptable paper. : F.x'haage was in fttlr demanJ, though the falling off of the receipta of carreacy from th* country had , les*eaed the paschAses on wty account. The rates ware ? Buying New York ?>(*? ? a "a pr*? *? ? X pr?m. Br. at i* 36s87<* prea . a pro o Pb ladelpet* _ a prea , a K pre*. Balltaorn H a M preaa X s H prea New Orlsaae U a >, II* par a k pr. m. Aaer lean (old ts a M prs?n 3T a 44 prom The riacinnati Pric* (TunvrU publishes the as s^ssors' rotorns of hogs In thirty -aio^ coutic of 1 Ohio aad forty-ooe "oun'iea of Indiana, which ! show a decrease, aa cxai>ar*d wi'h last year, a* follows:? Ohio 190.79* I*4's?s 211 t'pon which it remarks: - Tie total a' ?b??, l.nw**ar, reported '* tbe etatity eooBtls* of lb* two Wale* it more ikao haifu>*wV^le aair.b*r lsso.It rsportr I sa pack*4 in tb* eat'.re w*at Tbe r? J r*\'inmtnr Indiana an I TbVi wiU show oomMst a?ly rrsr tbr*. alllka tnfs that srei i mi.ih# oi l tm tke 1st (if J IS# ; Ar?? npflias *f eorn an t blf h*r prvnae fcvpcrkwUJ deteiop* et> fb f ases b*t*?*s aow sad the la t at FeSr JU"T V irme :)m> r-ep long ??c ugh. * jxuilc la nvl to M apprehended I. IL? l at. At Chicago on iie wne day the supply of ex change was large, and the ?tr?et rates riled "asy at a i per :eu: premitun. Tbe baak nomliul selling rate was 1 per c.'Et, but round loll were sold by some at j per cent. Mr. Henry tf. Bandford, who tisited Bogota room months ago with the view of obtaining some modi fication of tbe contract between the Panama Rail road Company tnd the gOT9rnnent of New Grana da, will retain here Ly the next steumer, without having ooncludid aay arrangement with the go Teromeit Annexed :s the Ot^ment of the New Orloatw banks for the week ending October 13:? Lmm 9pt*i*. Vinulatinn. Or font* C ttM-i' |6, COO W7 2 869 0J5 3, Ml 660 3.70'. J09 Caral 2.88* .819 1.226,90) 840 104 920.210 Uraiatana .... 3,304 *10 1 ,412 J96 064,309 2,110.419 409.946 6 31,326 2<t! 480 445 290 1AJ 072 109 OU J73.492 Ix u.Bl&riA yt o 6 120,663 Mech ft T'ad 1 182.286 Bk of N. Or I 1 703 Southern oh* 21') Cdkw 1,48'J 729 Merchant*' . . . 639 !?il < rear* nt City 9f6 074 America .... 1,002,787 2 422 .ueo lo.oooo b,ojs4?o 280 7-jo 481 bJO 218,610 867 965 400 006 ?iU >96 212 1 JO 724,807 78i,b62 290 234 1 0-S0 >97 23.) 4' >5 JM) *07 806 6X2 Tot*! 124 653 721 9,933 440 8 424 109 16,144,727 Tbe following tab'.e exhibit! the respective amount* of exchange held by the various banks and also the due to distant banks, the latter being comprised >o the Utile of deposit*, fca shown above:? Fiu Van,*. C!tw<na' 9867 4!0 Canal 4 Ol'ti Louisiana 103 tti Louiaian* r-ute 272,148 Mecl.tuii.:a and Tracers' ... . 174 O.I Bank of New 3rkaua. ... . ... 307 Ml Southern 307 8)4 Cnton 211037 Me rub acta' 1.264 Oieaoent Lty 9b AM America ? Put 'tnkt. 201 959 79 031 90 ?VI HO.O.S i 37.627 90 410 169.027 49,640 8,107 7 962 Total 12 292 9'. 8 810,4^9 Tbe earnings of th" Ohio at J MaokBippi Riilroad for August and September were:? -,8M) w August ?97,731 *>,"07 September ... ....107,619 9<I,3J?1 Total 9206,247 190.043 Df-jreaae 116, Mi The earnings by ibe Chi- ago, Burlington and Q<iincy Railroad in tbe ?e uond week of October were:? l%69 :8?o ln-rtw. Freight ?20 ilt? 00 4i 667 ? 13 "10 "4 PaaMBgeri 10,716 90 11,296 0 7 679 17 Total >40371 90 66,602 02 10.490 11 The earnings of the La Cro??e and Milwaukee Railroad for September were: ? 1869 9? 2 607 61 1869 99 301 81 93000 Tena O'a, '90. . 10000 Virginia O'a. .. 12000 Miaaourl O'a. . . 6000 do 1000 N Y Cent O'a . . 1000 ErleKRlstmiba 104 1000 ErleRR3dmb 83 93, V 1C00 ?r *? R1 ~ ou t>? i i 1100 Mich H 2J ml ba MOO do l.oio Mtoh Saf bda. ?>000 111 Cen RR bda. 2000 i;al&Clil2dmia 1CC0 LaEftWSdmbda 20 sbs Park Baak... Stork Etcbaag*. < ui'At , '.let 19, IbOO. 300 rha Heading RH. . 4? 200 do 76 'j Michigan Gv; KK. iO do blO 30 do 5o do ?en so <to Si) 660 Mich ~-o K S 1 KR 0i? M.cb do &S J g,*t 2d do 160 do sOO 200 do 90 90 <4 79 87 ; 72 64 03 V 81 96 ? 96 49 118 Oecreaae 90,tf44 JO ?N 00? 6C ?. ?ti , e? 'J 20 46 48 4 46 H 4f. , 109 Pran Coal Uo ... 83 326 Pacific M Ht: < o . . 90 60 W70 Val Coal Oo. 00 60 Ni ja Tran to. . . . 3 030 NY Cen RH 87 'i 11C0 do 87 >< 60 do p30 87 'i 100 do h<X> 87?< 760 do 87 ^ 700 do . ... ??0 87 2C0 do alO 87 U 60 do 130 87 >4 600 Brook'n City RR. 118 4*> Nor *i Wor RR... 40^ lMlj-ieRB 3 :>i 60 do 00 48 60 1*1, L * * RR 91 '? t>0 I'autm'i l'.R . slO 124 60 do al6 121 260 do 126 (0 do . .. ,g?0 to do a JO 121 , >00 IUCent Hi: ap.bOO 8:1 aoo An 400 do 60 do mm 60 do alO 200 do 19o III Central Rights 60 t'leve X Pitta K.<. 60 Ualana a Chi RR 100 9 60 1200 ICO 60 do (30 37 V do 87 \ do ... t>10 38 do 38 do ?30 38 do 8? { 77 Fjia RKaaotd Klk 37 \ 60 Hu J*.d River RR A2 ?? 60 do 02 s ICO do 02 ICO <lo bdO ttt 100 do Sl6 92 ICOllarleui RR... 20 2C0 do.... b30 20 '( 160 di blO 20 % 3C0 do 20, 100 HartouKK pre a3o 49 100 300 60 460 60 260 100 blO blO 10 10 60 KO 24? ICO do, do do blO <!? do do 47 V 47 V b30 41 ... 47V ... 47V do do do to. do *6 do MOO do alO 1400 Clere * Tol RR. 60 Oo. sOO 800 So lOO do 1460 do 1800 Ch! (k Pk lal RK 2U0 do 10 100 do -80 160 do 66 do nochie, u & y rk loo do... aoo 2T0 do 200 do 60 do fit) lOO do 60 Mil ft Mia* HK . . ICO do b30 82 V 82'^ 82 82 ? 92'. 9 14V 70 70 T,\ 76 ; 76 V 76',' 76 V 76 , 43V 43 V ... 43 , aeo 43 V 44 71 71 71 71V UV 88 Si 8h V 88',' 84 1, 8S 4 18 uv MEt of D BO tRft. lV)shaP*. Va >*? c>?. aOOatMM&VWn r> *0) ft, li? a? 'SO n KolilOn KReorij... 82-. 100 do fJO ttl? loo do . i'* **> Jo ?i? !>2 < io? do tio ?i 10? <>o *15 I'.. JOO do.... >.J0 ^2 X 400 V Y tentr* RR.. 17 '. *> do !!.. . <? 1J? ?J?- ?? *'X l'>0 I'luum* KK.. *30 1*1 >V 400 do ... . klO (17 1U0 do ... ... I;* 300 .10 .. ..?r,0 8T'i .,0 do.... ?30 lii V JMWtR-! 3? \ 120 IWIem Kit P(?r ?J * ,f2? . d0 bl? ^ ?' " M ob Can RR .. ?? ISO UuUaoc River PR ft: , tso do sa w : ?? *" ?x m 4. ...m 6? 100 "lo t.JQ ?2X .00 do M . 10 Harltni RK i0>, 10J do b?J 00. 1 Jo .... >M 20 SolUaH 1*1 RK.... TV; 3f0 <o bod SOX AO da .. U soo ?? 20 Tun do :&J 60 R!' (A jo d? ^10 400 do .. . 180 41 soo do ... hio fix HO do *10 46 60 do ... 1.80 ?00 M 4*X lb Cloro % Tol RR. . 44 ; *2i Nlndllil. 3o 500 do 4i> M do 191,' '200 do . ,!'bft, 41 * .*0 MiohnAMug* bio 46 '4 AOO.Chi ft Rook Id Kli 71 J?0 d? 11 46*4 100 do t?S0 T1-: l'JO do.... b.10 46>i '* 4 IT V CONNBKCUL RKPOKT. (mi'ir, aj4. l?-fi P M A mm ?MM of Si bbl* pot* Md do pearl* were made at 6 t?'c for both aorta. Cnrrm ? About 360 baa A. Oomtafo war* Md at 13e. , oaw crop. Rio wan inlet, awaitlag tbo advent or (bo auction aaie Otto*? Tb* market waa active, with a (peculatlro Domaal Th? aalea footed op about 10 0(0 bain*, in elod .ng about 4,000 a 3 000 10 traait. The mar. at cluaod Irm 00 the following qnotatl"nn? ? JlgW TO** I t.tMMtKATIO* L'fileftl rUmia M<MtS.O*T. Ordinary ?X ?* i?, l>( Middling 11, tlx U\ l? Middling fkir 11 X 1?X 13 UK rair 12*4 U \ 13 X It Faawrm ? Tbe 9mrn? of atitno wnera ier><i?l to clie:? transaction* To Liverpool about 30,000 a 40 900 bu h* t of whoat, la bag* were encage 1 at 13 ,1. a 13X<I., 5,000 a 1.000 bbla floor at 3* 31 a 3a 41 1 000 t> >i?a *t 4"ia , 10 tallow at Til. 01 . 100 tloroea l>na' tt Oi. Od.aod 1 J00 a 1,600 b%,? <v tioa {at XI. To l/^a doe 2 000 bbla. flour at :t< 7 >,1 a Pi and 10 000 bnabala wbMtat IM , la balk ro llamt'.rg, 07 otnaiiifr, HIO bal<a bona it '4 ,c , 'SOo balte aottou at , ' . 100 b n ?? mttract at 40a , S00 bar* eoooa it X" > 100 in* ? pi a ato at X0-. 600 balca tobitcni at >1 *b. imvuwijII gojda at 40a a 43a . and anm? email lota at 7ft* HiT waa flmi an I la good d< tnao 1 wltb t*l?e of about 1 COO b*l'? It ^0a. , for ablpm^nt Hiiw- Tba marW la*t wmk r. wad dull, ?ltb *r*ry prooprctof a daei 10a la prVm la via* of UN aai>ort er? durirg Uie narly part of laat we*h exblbit?d a 4tar<-> ?ntoa to reallir nn tbcir nooka anil H innoa A jrrm aad otbor tea ing mn i wnre treaty on>-md at a alight 9?oom eloo from laat aalea. and *o?e 30 coo Boaoo* Ayraa vara *p<m<i of at 34 ,<? a34',<- Tbeaa largo aaiM bad ? ? TiTify'.ng elVwl upon tbe market, and prnv? agtln ai ranond. Tbo torje aalea aad llfht rwv 1 ?ta of tb* paal two montba hare maWiaUy railunod the ttotk of hKaa from tbo gigantic f>roportinoa tt bad aiw<i<nod rorflrtwa moatka laat paot. bat M (till la fa -oough to III the want* of the trade lor ?me use in mma la additiok In the aboro wo note *a lea of 10.000 ortaooi at a>X" . 3 0o0 CaUontoM 33X?'. 3 000 TMipMn at 31 X?-, 4,600( INrrto < abeikr aad friiilUo at 21 X? 1,400 I'ortau i'latta at 15c , 4,000 dome* tie alaugbtee at l>^n a Oo la>man ? tlonlook aolo la qatot, but prlc*o firmer Ftatern bnj-ert maniNM bo doatro In aotlr'pat" their waata, owing to tbo dull pro-peota of the boot an aa ?* trado ara light, ao I th? ttock oo.r fair Wo ooot* Boe?io Arroo, ? MX? ; California, 30 xc 0 230 ; ' Wlnoon. 2ft" a 3I XO N?rai f?roa*s ? The embraOOd about 1 ^00 bbli. No. S roots at II ko a ft] B 000 do. to nod do. at 31 ??! a 32 aad 60* do. No 1 at ftVM for 3h0 lb* Ri<* -Saloaof 130 OMka wero ma-le tt 4 i? ? 4',? R< OAiia ? Tho market waa unai, w tt aaiee of about 300 b '<00 hhda Coba aawoovado, nfaledy witbia tho range .4 ? a 7 ,r for fair to good grade* of b >tk onrta r?A?? tbo po bllj aaleo bald today drew a g'*"1 and aplrltrt roaipaay, and prerloua p-ioe* were fully aua- . Ulned. We quota by aoo at ?*: a 4*e roaaf hff*. I 37,'aft |U.,< . imperta'. W <e. a 30c twaokay, 3.0. b 30c , a?d ootnog, 3*?. a 43c ^ , , fnim*?>d wttk i<wo aolia* '** ? rootod up flOO bbla at 24c a 34 X- 1,4 *>? MT*" M Woe* ?Tie Market baa boea 1* W ; d it ' M tho week, aad we hare no rr. [ .rtaat aale* to ropnrt Small parreia of 'eooo aad pclfcl f?d b,;y*'? 04 o iotatlana. >** aad Oalllbm* ar* ?ot .a *rg? a?| ply. but N or-n.o d.Bco't to (t*d h?y*m *? Orrroat aat rw- tb. | 1 oroifn leacr ytloa* aro 4 1 ' f too. tub OH V UIHIDS TRADE. Tbe toUuwmj a \ ?impw?t!?? ? jmiimdI u t Uw imp( rtB of forego dry tood* at NCh York for tbe wed tad (too* Ju. 1 ? JSHS'TA 18M 1969 1M0 Entstsd at the port.. M43 t?3 1 7#0 249 1,067.0*1 ? n ?ii market... 1 ,01ft tik j ?31 ftlft 846 WOU lfiru.i Jan. L Entered at the port.. &0.426l>80 trt "68 044 80 040 bM Thrown on market... WMlH ilO #7 SM.lul 8'j 38l',679 Hj the above table tl will be Men that the tnvr><* ot dry goods the J**t week wore less than they were fur Me same i*rtod last year, though in exceas of those lor ibe same time In 1864. The an to ant thrown upon tne a.k.- . test week was Wis than that for tho noe tine in the ;*? preceding years. The aggregates in both instance" iiloo tbe 1st of January last are only about eight mill >oaa belcw those for the aunt time In 1869, but exoeed thorn tor 180$. or tbe goods entered for consumption last wens, woollen fabrics amounted to $2?8 848, ooiton to 1118,138, silk to 1388.103, flax to $116 603, and mleceUaaeout art) d?sto?7j,M?. Total, ?888,218.? KtUertd for OmtuntpUcn. Wool? /'Apr I'aZtM Silk? F\fH- Psftis Woollens.. . 73 $64,973 Carpeting . . 123 ' Clotbs. ... 60 Worsted . . H7 ! Maine* ... i8 Cot.ft worst. 1U Shawls 31 Lasting*... 3 Bi aids lb.. 4 Bankets.... 216 H'jK> 19 Wor'd yarn. 18 Total 713 >288,813 1 Cotton? Cottons .... $3 |20 0f>8 Colored .... 107 24 mo Em. muslins 10 9 47a lAoes 11 6 R4_ Hand. is. . X1 8 ,)<M Spool 32* Mir:i Total 578 f 118, 738 Silk? gllks 79 f HO 60 '2 Ribbons.... o9 70 807 Cravats.... 40 38,410 flushes 27 32 801 Shawls 24) 21,811 Pougess. . . I AOOS Vol rets .... S V; worsted S Ik ft ttnen 9, fc cotton. Raw Total .... Flax? I.lueas .... Han da 'ft... 1 bread .... Lanes k oot. ?2 ,'J0t 6 31 U b.h U 33 401 7,710 ?,04I a, ms 314 tmm 1*1 427 0,464 10.452 11,10* Total .. Miscetlauoo Straw goods 104 Millinery .. 4 Kt-a ft (low. 4 Clothing ... is left s loves. 24 Embroider s 17 Col , cuffs He 23 Aid gloves.. 3 Puspenders. 1 UttClolh 10 830 $115, 0<* ?21 002 1U6 #ei 3.046 21.711 14 39J t> 70U J, 28b 1 20U + iVJ T'tal 204 *?', WM Wool Woollens... 9 Carpeting.. 18 Cloths 2 Worsteds... 33 Delaines. ... 4 Oot.Atsrors'd 8 SI. aw 1* 19 Hraids \ b. 1 H'Uiketa.... 24 WUMratun from Wurtlw-tt. Silk ?3 966 4,214 t?.S? 11,66.1 807 2 049 6 800 ISO 3,301 Total 110 $33,66$ Cotton? Cottoss 3 1571 Colored. 9 1,132 Fm mnsllns 2 >t-0 S >ool 8 2.103 Hose U 2.087 Total S3 16 883 Ribbons. . ., lioso Pongees.... Braids ft b. iMaL.... Flai? I irons .... Tnrrad Ian. K oot.. ?2,7(7 t#o 911 900 ii ftsjue M,1 M 1,2*1 1.029 41 17,920 Total Miscellaneous? Straw goods 18 Embrolder's 6 Orsets 2 Matting.... 156 Total 180 tti, OH! Wool Woollens. ,, Carpeting W ors teds. . . lX'lalnts . . . Out k worst. Shawls. .... Braids A b . Blankets llosc t al'Tid for WartJinuiing. Oottoo? $853 3 :kx) 130 t>6 484 10 9,201 Uandk'fs. . . 7 >4 <?71 Bpoo! 49 11 304 Total.... 104 ?3V,128 4>4<J Ml Silk k. worst 1 tl,3Ul 1,924 422 Flax? 6 021 1 003 r.lnens 07 113,723 l.lncQ & cot. 2 82 ? Total 202 $111,710 Cotton? C. I ons.... 48 $9 073 a lured ... 31 7 ,J2H Em. muslins 12 4 064 Prints 17 2,338 Total ... Ht.-a^a!uiatK i Entered ror cons I mptlon? Pkot. Manufactures o( wool. 719 ?' cotton 67d " stilt 314 ?' (tax.. 830 Miscellaneous 20* Total 2,047 Withdrawn from warehouse ? Manufactures of wool 114 " OnttOL 33 silk 11 " flax 41 Miscellaaeous Iso Total 381 Entered for wart bonslng? Manufact'trei of wool 282 " ootton. .... ...... lb-t ?? silk 1 '? nax 89 Miscellaneous 30 Total.... 09 $14,641 Misrtllanoous? Hiran goods 9 $1,6X1 F.mbrcidr's. 17 2^'JO $(>?,0tM 11)1 710 3t>.U0 1 J01 It 647 s.iei Total. MB ?1K ftbft The exporta of oottou domeati- good* the pa#t w<s < bare b*< l rather larger than iboae of Ute prrceltni; WW k Tin1 h?arle?t abipacr U have bora made to Hrt/ i The export! of cotton domeatir. fxnii from New York lor the week eui1ic| the 19th October, IMO, weroaa lel lowi ? rip. Vn*M. Argentine HtpuMH a UM B ail! 611 41 M5 Venezuela 134 6 #84 Sew (>rauada . 30 1 7'*6 Uayti 80 4 614 Africa 40 2 416 Porto Ktoo 8 14* Mai M. lie* SO l.tfri Ilrltlth Au?tralla 63 2 OtKJ Br.litb Hondtra* 139 H Oil I ; i crp?i I 14 1,944 Duteb wMt BMM 4 3M Tout 1,2:0 tn.Af'i Previ >u*'y reported TT^C i 3.aee January 1 91HJkVt Tl e 'all " ' ? ii?" i. : | ?>.! ta the W.nt ind otb? r 1 1 are* ftrre ? no of lla approaching cloea. The advanced nagc of tin v-a?'? ii gradually U>u 1 <at i f?n u> what ? railed th ? ar*r foy trt wblcb, I) a greater ?r lea* evtei.t, laau tt.nugh tbe wleUr, Tbe eubjeet whtcb mat anttoual) a.. 1 aoriotwlr tbe at tea 1 1 n of tb? trade re!' ra V- Tie p-ubi o character of Um oomlng tpr'ng trade wlb ine * it Tr. ? fact ?aa aelth. r ba auppreaaed aor< >etd, I'.tl all who d< i*-ad upon thai trade (and lUey forto a rery large portion ?>( oor mer chant* and eWlk| manuft' trem), feel aoutuat ant t y regarding la future eo'irae. Home 4 the latter, largi / aagafad In n.o J ithiat trade, aad who i*??,.y ciopioy a large numb.-r of bandi aod are gwaliw very huay at , ,i* mion of the year, are now ktra eg back Atl abould ?ectionah*m triumph? aud th.asa ahead look *ariou?? tli'iroptralloaa will, of oonrae, be materially curtailed. Tbe manufacture of clothing for the South ii. tbia city .* conducted oo an launeaae aetie, aad gltna to the employment or many Ibcoeaad* of poor people? moo ? >meo aa I children- metaling a la-ge ? number of Garmao* Now. the Orel efTeot af oortojo M teruptloo to tbit bea'.neM would be to throw a large c> tu ber of people eut of employment and leave Ihf deet>iaf ' during tbe appr * ti;i g winter In Ibat event, who can they bold re*ponf:l>l* Surely not I lie I* m tb , lor itracnot be denied that It* people bare a right to boy or aot to buy good* la thai event, tboae who (ball bate, by Ibelr political crotade aga'.nM that part of tba lama. prodooed lb* difficulty, will be regar let aa reapooaipl* tor lla ooe?e<r>eo -ce TTle early froal at ue -*>utb. ?l la mppnaed, will taci9 rery MalerlaUy lo curtail ibe crop of ootioa. ft me ectl . mate* go aa low a* 3 40 000 beta*, while bom, IM ww ar* aware of, go abore 4 OOO.OCO balea In *llb? ereot. ibouW* ibe world keep at peaoe the article moat, pr?b? lily, briaa a b rbei raege of p ic. ? titan tbia* that w ar? inirreal tbe peat cotton year Tk it fart, wittoiat orrr pro duct. on may ooalrlbule to inalain lb* prMea of *tapl? df m ? t " cotton fod* We here do chaagea to acta la tbe pricea of moel kind* ?f good* ta Uiia lla*. Brows ?beetiaga and *, drill*, giaabama, ho., war* abool aa laat quotad Delaiae* continued .a good demae 1 , ao<9 petee* war* *a*talaed Ontlnaete were (tealy. PuaeA were ta good demand Woollea and ml tad gpeda werw iciet, and pricea without material change The or?* meat in foreign gcode wu mnlTale wbtla aalea of 4a ? .rabie aad etaple art. -If* were belac mada lo a fa ' er ttal at *tea>:y prtcee Tbe a ? t oo *alea daring tbe weeac were of rri'Mfrrate *?taat Tbe aeeano for public *???* t importance la pretty much orar KAMILT MAKKKTHO. Family markMlag aeemi lo hare arrived at that de i ta ble polat wbert pricea baootne (ted. and bouaew're* aro not dally aaluted with cbangea of cbaage, avpecially wnetf tract change* redound to tbe profit of u>* bote Were Thn day* for frill* are almnat orer, aad tbe few *tra?g 'iac ?tirrlrora of eqrraata apr inot* meloaa, kr , are rar>'4^ ly dwladllag away. Poultry, being plenlifoi. I* a Itltla cJteaper, wb.le pea* ar* telling at tb? (marl flgi-re of 4?\ and orer Oyilera are a* plentiful, lo uae an old f b'aw, aa blackberrlea. Halea ef Real Katate K OfiO ? m By Junto M M tier 1 lot ( ? JKh ? , M9 feel eMI of 71b ar S bouaa* aad lota a * >7lb *t . 90 n w of 9U i By Adrlaa H Huller. 1 Iota. w. cor 9d are and 7#tn *1 . 37 tilOO 91 004 2 adjoialag o* M are , fBtlOO, *a? h i 4 a. w cor 3d ar* and T6tb *t , aad I wo lota In rear on dreel, each J9 by about 100, with balldlaf . . . 1,009 | lo** a>< loiamg na 7,?t b *t . etch SftiKTi. *aab 1 ?H 1 ? <* %M i *> *>? ijjf ? z iia $ do. da. Ha a ^ da 14ft J J i m* 1 do J in, 1 a 0. 79 lb it . 100 feel e of 4?b are 291101 ? . . . I MS 3 a joining on 7.">lb *t , eat' 2ttl08 '1 earb 1.198 1 ooetbeaet oor 4th are aad T9tb *1 . 37 t|00 t .100 1 adfotaiag, aa 4tb areata, 1' tllO 1 AM 1 do do IMO 1 do do I4N 1 adj. with I lota la roar na 76tb at ,*ae! l.|? 1 adjoialag, oa 4th areaite, 3n<i90 1 400 1 aoatbeaet nor 4' b are and lata H , WtlOO I 499 7 9. 9. 70th M ,139 ft e 4th ate .eerii 39' 103 4. e% I.OW 3 adjoining each 2tx|03 3, each Ml 4 do da ) 9M 3 do do 1 IM ? do do IM t da da 1 ?4D

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