Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 27, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 27, 1860 Page 7
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ately to be oi*de <h> uuuilay, iLe 4th day of November, immediately prcoedlrg the eventful cootcst MOTIIH) Of TH* I AHIXFV At the Cabinet Council to day, Moesr Cm*. Touct, lWy d ia4 Bolt ouly were present. l>WfAT<'HW rHOM UBISA Deepatihis bate been rtoe'ved from flag <>i)iocr Hti toling, commanimg the Hartford, whloh are dated at ?bsugh%o, stating that Minister Ward would embark on board bit ship aad proceed at once to th* J'eibo. The country around Shangbae he stains, ta in the bands of rebe!*, am there ta reason to *tippoee that they will attack tbe place, aa they caa do ao wlthuut fear of encountering the English ai.d forcca atatloned there for the protection of foreigner*. When we leave here, *ays tbe Commodore, our countrymen will be entire ly dependent upon the ail if a fur protection ta the event of any difficulty with the imperialists or rebel*. Thia la to be regretted, considering the Importance of our inter* eta (tore, but cannot be avoided at present, aa I conatder tbe crdm of our government to Mr. Ward and my instruc tion* to constrain me to accompany him In thla ahip to tbe Gulf of I'echlls. It appeara that the Russian Amba* eedorpweompanled our Minister to tbe I'eibo It la their to lection to remain there for some time. Tbe report tha aa engagement bad taken place, and that Allies had bees repulsed by the Chlnf t>o, la .considered bore aa pre mater* AFFAIKH IS ROVOXA. Advices juat received here, represent matter* In Sonori euid tbe neighboring Mexican Stairs to be In a deplorabl condition A bloody revolution la progreaaing, and Amer loan clttzei a and property are at the mercy of tbe relent fa* and unprincipled leaders of the varloua faction!, all of whom are Is lm leal to Americana. mrORTMT SEWS FROM RICHMOND. ^'resident Bnehanan a*d the Secession movement? Tbe Kcntluitit of Georgia? Military Orgaaitatioaa la 'Vlrgtalt? The Pwaltlou of Oar. WUe, Ac. Rii ?moxi>, Va. , Oat. 20, 1390. "'tis following baa juat been recelvod In this city: ? There ia do doubt tbe President hai become thoroughly alarmed. Hitherto he haa trusted that, h > irever threatening the porunce might be, the crlaia would Dot occur until after the expiration of bis term; but Secretary Cobb, who returned aome day* "Ago from Georgia, baa dlatnrbed even tbia console lion, by Isformlog htm that, rrom the gen6ral seotl mm! which be found to pervade that State, there 1? no doubt remaining that ahe 1a prepared O go with South Carolina, and withdraw herself from the Union upon the election of Lincoln; that Secretary Cobb would bo compelled, by the aeceaeloa of Georgia, to resign from the Cabinet and return to bia State. Great excitement prevails here, at id tbe formttloo of Cora pan las of Minute Men ia beginning. Guv Wi*e haa piaoed himaelf In the -Trout of the movement, and his great popularity and immense powers aa a papular ora tor will certainly ca.ry tbe Suto of Virgioia the Southern States The CsiDipalgn ta New York. APATHV or THK DKMilk'K VTV Ol OlIRMtTNO oorvTV ? VIOOROUS KKFOKTS Oi' Til K REPUBLICAN*. KimiBa, October 28, 1300 The general diamem^rrae >t of the democracy and ?heir eon*equent indlflorei or and want of vigorous action, together with tbe great effort* of the republlcana, will give Llacoln a majority of four or live hundred in Ch.> tt-ng county. Mr. IMven, republican, will bo electcd to Congre**, and Mr Robinson also republican, returned to tbe Aaaembly. UNION DEMONSTRATION IK ORANGE COrVTT. Go*iich, Get. 20, 1*00 Tbe democratic Union men of Old Oraage were out in their might and po ?er to-day , at a grand mas* meeting at (roaheo. There were futiy six thousand people assem bled. Tbe delegate* from the several loams were headed by m?unted cavaliers, numbering in all ote thousand. The meeting waa addressed by Got. Brown, of Tenoeaace, fend J. L Hiker, of New York The apeeche* were of a high order. Set Old Orange down for 1,000 majority for toe Unloa ticket. HovaaatnU of Seaater Doaglaa aad Sir. Yamooy. Nasb'-tllb, on 20, 1300. Senator Doaglaa addreeaed aa imaaense audience here to lay. Mr. Taoeey speaks to nlgbt He refused to divide the t-ms with Governor Foots, and the latter then announced that he *hoald speak after Mr. Yancey concluded. TIM Railroad Tints Table Conveatlon. Ouanin, Oct. 2S, ISM. The delegates to the Tine Table Coarentloo aaeembled M the Burnet Houm laat tilglil. The iKcbJum m large, twenty sereo roads beiog represented H J Jewetlfpreaited. Ob mott? c, the Prtaldent appointed a committee or atx leea to prepare and submit a time Uhle to the Jonrea too The Convention thf n adjsarnei till tea j'clock to mor row. Orer MM, 000 800 ere represented In taeCuaven- i t oo. The Convention to-day decided that the Fjuiern trains W'.ll leare Cincinnati at 0 30 A. II and 1C CO P. M , the Stew regulation to take eflect oa the l?lb of N jtemVr. The adjaalmsot of the dlfrreacea bttweeea (he rail and water rmtee waa poalponed tltl the Oolaabua Convention' which la to be held oo the Itih of November The Ooavntton wae enUrtainad to day by Alfred Garther, Superintended of A-Wina' Expreaa Company, by | a tpieodld dinner at Pt. Cuarlta' A a: mlar courtesy waa extended to na member! to night by the i p-oprietors ef the Bartel House Total Lea) of ike Irheeair roamlai Bil low fta?l her Crew. dohtijk . Oot. ae, ism Tb**atiooner Foaming Billow, of Belfast, tie , Coadon, n eater, waa totally wrecked oa the 0th inst , netr I'rltre EdOtard'a biaads, and ail band*? thirteen .a number? ? ! loat _____ Ihlpwrerh and Three Lira* Lost. R ??*?.?, OjI 28, IS*> The British ailioooer Humming Bird. Captain Caliahao, fro* Labrador far Halifax, waa wrecked oa the 7U> tail. Off Antlceeta The captain, steward aid one aeaman wore droened the libera, four In Dumber, were saved? two oa a raft, and two were picked from the wreck, havtag been atx dare without food or drink Do ctlae of lellow Fever at OToMle. Momia, Oot V UM Appiahi uetona of danger from yellow f?ver are adw oo longer felt in thla city aad vicinity. Tkaakaglving Bay la Peaaayrlranla. PltTUPBI HI*, O't 'W, IMS The Borereor baa oppolntod November '& tor Tbanka Shorktag Railroad Arcldmt Borroe.Oct M. UM The at- araboat train from Sew Vork. from Pal! Rlrer Cor Boston, raa off too track near Myrtck'a station this morning owing to a broken rail. Mrs I>nak water, of TorUaad. Me., had an arm tors of, Mrs Pond, o' rtoehspoH, Ms, had an arm br kea an lafaat had a thigh br-kT, and aereral other paaseegen wereoa aldarably, oot noae fatally trjured The in ure.1 were la the last car. which waa upeet and draggtd aereralroda oa it- tide. Mrs Prtakealer was taken back t? Fall River, ?heK h*r arm aaa amputated. The other Ir.nred were brougbt to Ura clt*. atl are all doing well. Death of J. I. Adanae. Msr>*wt, <l?*e , Oct. 26, 1<M J C Alaat, of grlraly bear u >torl> 17. il?l at N.'pcoaet ibis morn t.g flaraets. rniLAMi.rm A -roct noMttv ? Binpni rma. Oot M. IM0 morira heavy Penney leat-ia 6 s. M R?viing IUR road, ?l S Morrla Canal no, I^.wg bland Railroad, U'4 Peuaaylvaela Railroad, ?;*. Hight exchange am Htm York at rar a 1 ? prem). m nauuM, Oat M. l?M Cottnasaiae to day 1 000 t?ieo. Pnoae ere trrvwn'ar Middling qaota.t 11 '4c a UHO- Raiea of the week M.M0 halm, reoetpte of u?t. we.k ft 0*0 baiea. agataat 01>M baka aama tlsae last year Exports f7 the week M00" balea tuUl nports this ?a?on 177,000 feaiaa. Receipts kaaa than lent year M 00* tataa im rr?aaa In receipts 1M.KI0 balsa, moot la p.?ri 34k COO halea. Moleee-s 4Je a ?tr rtoee an tat. si M % a U hi*. Pf.nswas rery anil Khwaey? Haw ioaimI at Ulla tk^ce steady W.P a Ifrr Saw a of the weeK 9 MB bags tMinh la port 10 M> *e?a. against nJOObsg* laat year Tobaren Bra aed nurhangwl la priee El oliMBi a Load 00. TN a t premlnet. oa Mew Terk, H a H dtaaeaat. ftetghta Jattoe to LI tar pat I $ 1*4 RavAMtAa, Oot M, IMS Oattaa? Raleoertheweek, 10 000 ba>aa. receipts the aeaas 1S.0M balee; aarket adraaeod t<?. a Sa. Sight Mr^aiige (hi New V per ixal premium, ster ling < *cb?i ge 107?-; a W\ "iiARUL-tOR , O il JS IHOO PifLt r?ch* ou New Vur* M W per utem.uni il'OMi, iw 2*. 1 *00 8igbt exchange on N f* Vork at Si j*r o?o . pr> inhiin lUiTinoaa, Oit 20. 1880 Florr dul' Howard street and Ohio, ? 02X< City Mills al ?6 58 Wheat do?l: red lower, St 26 a 81 30, while, (1 40 a ?1 06 Corn dull and unchanged. fwrt (tjoui tuadjr ud dull. CoBee flria At 14^C *165(0. Whiskey doll a( 22a. rmi iPBtPHiA, Oct 26 1880 Floor quirt cupeittof. *6 76 a *6 67 V Wbeat flm rak-? 0 (JCO bust* l?, at *1 S3 a $1 88 for re I. and 91 40 a ?1 60 lor white Corn steady. Oolf-e Arm: Rio. 14 Ho. a 16o , l.?|uayra, li>4c. Lard, 13c. a 13*-,c Wblakey un i Landed. Albi?T, Dot. 28, 1800 Floor dull. Wbeat, la email lota, at 11 64 for wnito llli-bigan; *1 26 a SI SO for rod State. Corn djtll at 06 Ho a 67c for Western mixed, In iota. Oata steady at30^c. for State galea 20 000 bushels. Btrley dull: talea 12,000 bushels Canada Weal and 400 do. Canada Eaat on private terma. Whiskey 21\c : aatea 800 bbla. 'Auiaxy, Oct. 20 ? 0 P. M Flcur uteady ani la fair demand for tbe Eaat. Wbaat doll, but saleable, In Iota, at II 64 for White Michigan and i $1 20 a SI 80 for atate. Rye ? -talea 6,000 buabela canal oo private terma. Oata In demand: silos 36,000 bos bell State, at 80)<c. Barley dull for State Tbe large shlp menta down tbe river do not help tbe market : aalea 11,800 buabela State at 70c. a 72o , 10,400 buabe a Can id a West, part at 80c , to arrive, and tbe balanoe on p-lvate terma, bot understood to be a low figure, and 4,000 bu?b ela Canada Eaat on private terma. Wblakey? dales 470 ! bbla. at 21 \c. BmTALO, Oct. 28, 1800. Flout In fklr demand and market ateady Wheat opened a ahade fl -mer, but closed dull and drooptn(: aalea li,000 buabela No. 2 Chicago spring at SI 02, 12,600 buabela ordinary white Michigan at SI 20, 4 000 buahel wblte Canada at SI 36, 0 000 bu'hcla white Michigan, a. p. t. Corn dull aalea 0,000 buabela at 52o Oata qole at 27o. a 28c. Barley do. , at 04 J. a 00:. Canal freight lower? 19o on wheat and 10HR on corn to New Turk I m porta? 24,000 bila. flour, 2(0,000 buabela wbeat, 0 000 buihela corn, 8,000 bushels oata, 7 000 buabela barley Ki porta ? 1,000 bbii. Dour, 210 000 buahela wheat, 18,000 buabela corn and 9, COO buabela oata (Viwaoo, Oct 20-8 P M Floor unc hanged. Wheat dull and heavy ; the Arm teas of bolikra and advanoe In freights chock trammel loan: rali a 0, COO buabela No. 1 Milwaukee club at SI 10, laat ovrnug 0 000 do white Oanadian at SI 36, afloat. Oom doll and no inqtiry for ahlpmtnt: sales laat night 16 000 buabela llllnoia for city uae at 60c , afloat. Other gra'ua quiet, ("anal frrlghta excited and 2o hlgtier on grain: wbtat, 18.) ; on corn 17c a 17 ','o to New York Bnta very n-aree. Import* ? 340 bbla flour, 220.800 bualels wbe it, 32,100 do oorn, 11 7C0 dn oata, 6,000 do. barley. Canal exportf? 598 bbla. flour, 49,800 buahela wbeat, 84, 600 do barley. Bt rvaio, Oct 26?6 P. M. FVnr ateaily atid te good demand sales 2 0C0 barrels at |3 60 for tine, S4 62 S for sup< rtlue S4 96 a $6 12 'or extra Illinois, Witcona n aud Oacadlan: S6 26 a Si> .'>0 for extra Michigan, Indiana and Ohio; $6 76 a SO 26 f-r double extras Wneat op*i.ed li. mer, but closed dull aud* sal-s 6 000 buthels N'o. 2 Obloago sprtr.f a*. SI 02 6 000 burhels Green Bay club at SI 11, 6 CC0 buibels white Micbigtn aud Canada at SI 23 a SI 25 Orn dull and beavv : f-al? s 60 0C0 bushel* at 52,^c. Wh-ltkey rouilnal at 2lO. Canal frvigli's l>wer 19c on wheat, lG'^c. oi com to New Yoi* Imyirtj ? 10,000 barre.s Uour, 136,000 bushels wheal, 'J7.0C0 buah -la com, 3 (00 bi:abels barley Kiporle ? 120 oar:el? lloar, 208.000 btsbclt ?h<&t, 20 C00 buibe'. r*>rn Cbcauo, Oct 20?0 P. M Fk'ur doll Wh?at quiet, aud 1 :. a IS, ' l?*"r sales 9,400 bu?Vs at Mj. for N>rihw??tern ?iob, 81d a 84'* for No 1, 78.-.. a 79: for No 8, in (tore Corn actlv.; taWs V7 OfO but- hi la at 34 a S&3 Oats quiet celpti? 4 700 ?'b's flcur, 64 0(0 bushels wheat. 31000 burheU Koti. 6 CfO buahda oan ^hipn<-n<s? 000 obi* fluur 82 000 bimbalg wheat, 000 bnsb-ls corn. Fraijbta, 17c i n a heat to Bullalo. i>igbt exchange ou New York 1 per cent prenil'im CianswaTi, 3.-.1 28,1800 Flour dull with little Inquiry aoo ptiops weak Vfb at dull end uicbai'c-d Wiokei? A ^ettrr !e?llng in the market at 1SX?. Proviaious uicbangnd and a ilea oti important Might tichaufe on New York Arm at K -per ci ut | n mlum ArjintMT or Mrme. ? The Fi>rm<-e Kabbrt eompiny sang 11 Mirtbi " (<n German) las; night tj a very large and enthusiastic audlenoe Tho quartette wu com .rosed of Wire* fabori and IVOrmy, M'Nwra forme* au-1 Sligeili Tfce orchestra, aider Anscbuls, ?ru csnoilaot, and th* chorus * u much better thau usual. The j-?rformauce in ulUyvit.rr excellent, and a very n reat Improve ni* fil u]> >u that of Wednesday Madame Fabbri gave us ' a fresh proof of b?r versatility Id a delight ful perform ttce of Martha. For the baJiad ? ' The last R< ae of Summer '* ? she galnel a decided encore, and In response introducod a (-ennui national rung to the fame air The eothuaiaam of the audience waa unbounded, and Hone. Fabbrl waa compelled to re peat the air for the third time. Formes lias sung Plunk ett here so man- times that It Is hardly neoes nary to say that It Is one of bis best, II not his be?t, r<tU. last night he sang more carefully than usual, and acted with so mad, apru I. to carry the hour a with him from the beginning to the end of the perform as ae. Stlgi Ili sang tbs tenor part esceedingly well One of l lie morcrauje of the opera was the duet for tenor and bus In the Oral act. This was very finely sung by Hit gelti atd Founts. Oa Monday the "Huguenota' will be given. ' Bowsav Tna?ras. ? The last of the dramatic seas >? and beneOt of Mr. H. Jordan will take pi toe at this eetabilah me nt to night, on which occasion Mr Oeorge Jordan wll make his second appearance el this baaee la a fhv trite chara-ter. Mr Mai k Ma lth, Mr. F 8 Cbaafrau, Mrs W H. Leighton and the entire company will also appear 84 lb or Brsroa's Lime**!. ? This important sale has been brought to a close, lbs amount realised by tbe bioks being about >10,00* The collection probably cost its late proprietor twtoe that (am, as II is known that bs frequently paid double the value for works that b.i bis fancy. Like all collections made without a detlned object and without system, It contained a good deal of trath Kren Ibis, however , In tbe baads of an able auc tiooeer like Mr flablae, can be worked off aJvaola?:??.j?ijr. and the sale, on the whole, reaitaed a larger sum thai. * u expected by tbe family The pictures aad articles of ivrfu were not dispoeed or, ai originally intended, be. eg to nerved lor another auction. City lattlilgiaie. rviTiitt. Hn Foot i? h ? Abiut nocn y.>sierdsy, a* a i gentleman was pr ?e< ling down Brov! way . be eneor . tared a ve*y fashionably dressed lady on tbe wooden foot- 1 path which spats an excavation in frmt of a building cow being erected in tbe neighborhood of Canal street It so bapieaad that the road was narrow an J tbe lad?'* criaoliae eery ample In ronaequence, tbe gentleman waa oosnpellcd to "go to tbe wall" to permit ber to pas*, but 'n?l*>'tunately , by r"tiw? mean* or otbe', at he started to continue his journey b>s foot naught 'n the taeahwnrk of her stir I, and a |er*. a ?Up, snd a tumloe followed Tne thoroughfare was cm ? (led with people at the time, who '?lied eery broadly at tbe little ontrt mf t , bat the lady, a bo wis the cause of t?e m:?<>riune waf *v overcome witb laughter at It that she forgot to ma*> an apology, and pasetd 00 her way Tbe gentleman plrkei h rr" If up, a Mtl< the Versa fj? lime, ?ar irt an dirt and after darlipg an arg-y glance towards tbe disappearing crinoline, also harried off F atat jIcctobst in Mora Wiiuaji Bntsrr ? Valentine Srhntedrr, a por'*r n th? store Me. 6 South W l:;em street, was killed on Thursday afterouou by a baia 1 ?>rls fail leg upon bie bead. Oorooer Heln-m?r held aa li |Oeet e;oa the bod;, of deceased, when tbe Jary nn drred a veratel of ?' Accidental death ?* fw-e* ?>?<1 waa a ulitt id Uermanj , aad w?a tifty sis years <>f age ItiiKMCii lumusi A^nocur <w ? The Beasro.ant F-ench A'H 1 alioa held Its regular asnual nu-atUig at Delirot.leo's la?t eren'ng Reports were pret* ated an1 accrptrd showing tfcat the n reipU of the society for the ( a?t jrar bad tiers M K4 tw the (llahurarnieula t'i.74A it 3KT p?rrofi bad beer r ? tercd, and rljrty oo? arr.t l ack to Franca Th? ene'-ty Is coaipoeea entirely of lr?DCbtr"L MIKVri ou.J > ti n Lm. o . d? ;? nds csttreiy d|aii Frenhhspen for its support, and had last >ear ruben lUers Tbe >a tag genlirmea were elected oflt tan foe tbs sasulst yew ? PrealUent, K Oayma first Vice I'ra'i'ent, J Neppert; seroad Vico Presldsat, J. Kaita; Tr'trurer, F I>e Bliiler; flccntarr, l" (tsOnmsat Var-v^err? F Ba'lller, A Flswrand, I,. LmhrauSMrt, A. Ferran . C. Kareeus, J. Uucy, Oradot Oaatoa. C deOo n.?au, i'lr.cb'T , (< dso1, 'l ' ,0 No aibsr bos.kass aas traitartari aad the mretiag ar'ioarsed City Pal I lira Miimo or TB? INMrKMONT DtMOCAAtU blhUtAi. omifmi. The frdepen lent I-emneratic Oeaaral Ooramfttee net last evealag at l awa Hail, 191 Bowery , for the purpoa* af Domiaailng a prrsoa to g.i the plaoe of Judge Pierre pr-t HlMptf the *?<f>*rl~ Ooert. and la Mkew'ae romirate BMmbert for las ?veeatasath Aasimb'y die trtct. The fhll ?4el?g?tK>B was not pres?sl, owing to timely notice not tw log given toaU tbe membtrs, but the follow Irg 1 cmirattons altl 00 donbt bs foty endorsed by all as tbe r wars araaiasosa by those dsngslas praasat last evrrtng ? For Jui'ge of the Super'or Oourt? Frader-ck 4. Tall madgs For MeoiVrt of Assembly ? Diet 1-Jaonh L flmitfe. DM 10? I.ak* F Oocaas S? Ks Waleh. II? fm. MaOsakey 8_-; p W<odmff It? Andrew Smith ?? ?m J Klnsey II? Thoa Htggasa I ? <?eo H Hail. II? B a Hatchings. ??Hem T Webster II ?eo W Varlaa 7? James Naah 10? ilaory Amlartoa 0? (MrarB B f?rt IT? J. JarvH Joasa, ft? Obas H Ineeas TOMHLIOirr PABAMt. A strsag party af Bail aad Kvsfatt Miauts Bee paaasd our offloa at one o'clock this Mora lag oa their way to Rrooklya. As th?? marched tbmagh the street a that alert a wary Ine aad impaalag appearance, wtlh their torches sonoed Wtthi B white , h???l A* Ute> paaaad IB; Bsuw offiM Utsy grssAad I with heart; rkeer* Pi*lh? laulllguic*. Th? CaaB or Yo qmi Hieky ? Tub 3*io?l ? WUUam Uurry, Jr., Uw Wail blreot operator waoac arrest wtl noticed in yesterday's Hsraij., on charge of defrauding Hrttn Quick & Boottnedieu, of No 4S flue (treat, out of $6 000, 1 uts made charge* against tlie proprietor* of the difeunt jjainuirg saloacs in which he squandered thi mriK y In qiKation Tlie complaint* were entered on Thuibday, and aarrtcta were waned (or the apprehension of the aocused the eatue tvcUu*, but up to tut olosiug of the tourt ytsterday cot one of tna defendants had bem urn su*.l JuMice Kelly, the magistrate who laaued Ibe warrants, f>r? very nuch annoyed at the delay, a d tbieaw-ns, if iiit> a or use 1 are not brought bMore him t<> Ok) , to lft-ue fr<tb warrant*. Peieet've H >gan, in who*? cut- tody the warrants were placed, haa thought fit not to i how himself in eourt or make aay exouae lor the uonexecuiiou cf the writa. The nam-s of the pertons accused are as folio**: ? James Hu wart, eorrcr of Broadway and Fulton street, (U wh m place Hurry loet $8,000); Charles Rao soin, corner of Mercer and Prince streets; Coarlee Hill nan, Broadway, near Rtghth stroet; Jobu Colton, 828 Broadway, and Frederick W Btaokmau, No 1 Ana street. Hur'y is lu the iir-nitnal custody of policeman Hogaa, and, extraordmarv as it may appear, faree kumptususly every day. What a lucky thing it la to have a rich rela tive When ?M falls Into the clutches of the police A pror man would bare to oontent himself with what the Tombs afltrded, but a rich man like Harry run have far different quarters at the detectives' olHc >. Verily tb*re is one law for the rich and another for the poor. But (here Is another singular feature la this otse which need* t x {)>u?ul .ul. We understand from g >o>l authority that the ooutsel for Hurry acta as counsel for Messrs Quick k Hommedteu as well, and when the gambler* are arrested it Is said be will appear for them also Funny oase that of Uuiry's. Ciiutn is lias Own Trat ?Mary O'Dounell appeared before Justice Connolly, at the Jefferson Market Police ; Court, In a semi intoxicated condition, for the purpsso, as | ibe declared, of miking her husband ''smart for keeping ' late hours ai d taking to gambling " The magistrate obmrvlng that the complainant wai I balf scaa over, blandly in t muted that It would be better for lur lu wait until she became *nl>er >?!'ore making her , aflldavit, whereat Mary grew b ghty lad iguant, aad **? ire that It was nothing but pure grief for th? way her hut band was carrt Ing on that gave her the appearance of a wt man io liquor ? If Justice Connolly was here," she i continued, "he would see mn righted, and not allow me | to be insulted In this way " MjM.itTKAT* ? Do you know Justice Connolly? Co*n aij^ht? A friend of mine does aud, that'* the same, taa'i it? Md iTniit- No. not exactly. What li the asm? of ' your friend, thouglr Ct'iawt ? fell, sir, hia naue is Mr Murphy Maoi.?t?ati ? Wh re uo?! tins Mr Murphy reside* Com laina.nt? He lives is i.exiugtou aveuue, but Idoa't { know tb' Lumber Hagltiuts? Justice Connolly doesn't kno-v soy *!Ch person I am .lattice Cornol'y ; and row , Mary, for tolling mi ?uch a fabthood t ? ill commit you to prison uatll you become sober. The exprefi ion of Mary'sfa^e upot flr.dlng that shs wm In the treasure o' no l?w a perso: ag-> tbao fultice C -n noily car. be beitir imacuei than described The an r urtpert to t**e her very br> *th awiy.unl for a few ??rnrM? the stool thj very picture of am*z ment She bad rndetvorel to gain relr?-asfor a-1 Im* yttarv evil by telllcg a very piauatble story of ber frier it k arieiainlarcu w'tn the court, out waa caught la her o?u trail, and ptttiAed as sh? richly <rserv.?l A Psomai9M*i (Mhrtkiua |ir Lmno ? Michaei Foot, alias No' tin , a middle aged iud'vidual, of goiiteel an (leara-ce, was ta<ea into custody by po..cemtii Irvinf , of tbo F gl.Udnh pr< cioct, on cfca ge of bur^larioos!/ rnler ing the prrnuies ot Hcrry f Beit, of No 27 Kwt hight*->:iih etr- et, 'u the 16:h tit ,asJ at -s! cf tberrfrora a p'ece of Ingrain carp- 1, valued at tTp>a li q-iley the < ffloer asoertalMd that Foot ha4 I *ng b~>n a pro'e? Hocia! thief, who managed to purtue hl? o-erpati m Will out svap'clon and e?ca(>e the Argua i ^yei? iM tiiit isva'q able ard Indefat'gable tvviy known as the dMectires A? ?ar bark as fH.Ttnibifr, 1859, F.iot made ? jesc. tit up>n the premis<? of Hri<'grt Keirncy, No Cii Nlntfc aeeo ie, and etole tbercfcra a valuable -vatrh, whle"! h<' Hwiilil harming up on toe wall in Brieget'a a^itrimnnt Aialn, it is alleged, be entered toe shop of Ji tnOornor, on tbe lrtof A-rust laat, and Atoie i lot cf ploaner's tools, vaiued at $27 Th? prnperty In qacs tl< n belonged to a wnrkn an n-ini- d lAarencc (Either, whi was very much put out m oonaeqitenuo i f t to li s? How mai.y other e?ca|iade? the pr's n??r bvi bee i ?aia^ ' ed to 'l I* hird to aay iff p e?de4 g'ltlty to stealing ' Mrs. Kearney's watch, and was fully oooimttted for iria* Brooklyn City Stwi. Ta* Cmaw' Uaj 1j. .tt Wi uu ? Tbe rami of ibe ra twt house of the Citizen*' Gu Company a -9 In a chaotic ?Ule. Tbe iron rafter* , tru?ae*, girder*, &c , are t aritwu aa<!- bent in all aorta of queer tbapee, ehowmg tbe ins info"- rtraln to wbleb tbe troc wat rejected , but ti it remarkable that there are very fe w >i??eolut?? break ajjee ? ? teeitmony bgh.T iu f avor of American iron. It d<<?* Mem, bj*ev?*r, that tbe iu-tal uted <raa really mo ?mail m aire for *uc.b ? roof an that which epacned tbo bc:ldir>g, and, all thing* coixido-ml His no won ler thai Ibe structure gave way Not only hai tbo roof fallen, but a conaldtir able purtt.iti or tbe wall* are laid pre* fate In fact, the robnlldlnf of tbo wall* ? ill met a)m<?l aa much aa the r< onttruclloo of the roof. The ? >peWN> 01 in# lormer l? roughly eetlmated at from $1 SCO to n 000. while tbe coat of the latter t? calculated at ?omethlDg like t3 0? Iu order, boeever, to keep w'tbln tbi* latter fuid, Mr (ii.bert.a i>artner if Fairchlld ft Gilbert, the contractor*, eaje It will be aeseeii.irj- n u?e a oonnrt? reble port .in of tbe iron belocgtag to tne fal;< u root; bet Ibei !t atr?l, of co'irte, be propariy atral/blear I ai <1 welded wherfver required An* n. it. the event uf any portion of this irm he'ig uaed. or any o|b?r of tbe no-1 d:n)?n (k it tbe idea of a hip roof innat be abandoned, m l tbe rrii.rt bouee o.u?: bavu a |>lau> g? M end for a roif. Mr r.iibert, ote of the contractor*. inalau tbat hi* Bra ?ct?d up to their *p*cli>catIon. and lo accordance with a da:ly liapertioa on ibe part of Mr. Sabbaton the rnfineer, and ibat, !?> MfhN Ml firm M oni unfile for the caaualty. Tft vrrtay a number of peraont were at work clearing awa) the <i't*U of the fallen roof and walla, ant it l* ?upi?>e-d tbat f re l.'ng thing* will he In trlui for tbe w?r?? to be in tbe puattioa In which the; ware placed before Ike aecldeat to TH> iDmrn or rai iibkild. aaooai m, Oct M, ltM to tte r ' IKo of jour paper tiubliebed to day, jour re porter, la notic .of. tbo a? dial of tbe fa.1 og ol as lr?a root of tb* retort !*?u*e, lately erected for tbe Cittern*' (.a* I.ljht Crmpaay . of Brooklyn, ba* beea i*4 Into an etror In aaa'g&isjaaa oatie of lb* accident 'the ate of Iron of too l:gbf ??n'|ht ' Aa .impaction of th* plaa* and tpe bcalloe* wbnh were made fur thil woiK will con T.nce any ooorooo -ied pernoa riaVereaat WMtt auch muter* ibal too c?!?tMR*l'.on and ?:ae of run rpeclfl 1 to be ?er.! !* o< ?n>p!e tltng;b fir tbe parpote Hone* print it' ? waa involved la tbe eooatructioo of tbo raof, ai l bad ibe a *t na seed b<?u .-f < >->1 j- a; ty a. ' or . p?rly p'lt tofiib#- lh.? aroldeiit weuld not barr ocr-;rred 1 poo aa rteniiuaUon of t'<<< n>ol afier tue aociJcoi, son ralUrt were fr.-ind twhare beea pa-?rd who") Off ltd t>"*n ? i ded together, aod by careleet 'orftig bad leprlT* d td cton half their ?ir??gtb Aft?r tl ? roof had *?' n tff.Md never*; kt weet- rttrv. pled In endeaeii' Ug to bring It late tbape, at. :n ram atu-in^ta to ?rmedy arr< r* i ' wnrkmai.ibtp I ba?? only ti *<H tUat tl la n y int*a?"n to root true! another ro>f after tb* rrme Mt of prap>-r aaateriaia anil wurkinanah p. 1> omm> >f the fWIlk g of (be roof In qu*wt:oa ?U. then be c. early tad.caied ^our*. ie?;?<-t' illy, xnxxk S tMBiTOV, neer Oil ana' Oaf U(bt " tm: atir mo ;*aoiuSu M"*o*n ? Micbael Maladdy lucribit b a? l a* a pork bvufcer, oa tbt ti-engtb oi krepia* a few wretched IvMiag twiae Be Urea Ui 3llt*ectb Itrttl, ?here be b<-a?t the character of a reck Wl, ntn. capal'.e of My mtar> lef A re aptruh'e eete*i> reeideat In tbe iimenrwl aanad Tbo n a? K^ar-i , h?d hi "a ao t? --n act ?*' I 6V Hi" ruliao ?if of M%'*<:iy ib^t he actually aold ooi, and ?*? aVxit to rrPx>it to a qutetee aeifcbht>rbood, wben iiaforluaale ly. be ???* la eoli 'tea with tl.e 'elrnw II 'bat. a V^gpe'ar ar '.Id horae beloagiag to Malatdy >11 down a ban'.- ao<i ?? ha b e back Maiadd/ aocoaed Mr Koaeell of hae.?g oaneod tbe Jealb of Ibe <nte*rabl brut" ? alf arouaat >a Ut^t waa ibdigt>aatiy deated s .me autrp a r<* pan. " bet ?e*a the part'ee. wb?a jlaUidy, *eniag aiMitriT beat the old n?a< w:thla ?n tt.ehofbl* 1 ? ar.l hat e*? t'B? h* tMC reported to oe at the po.Bt of dent!' ttKi'-day Maladd? ??? ha<l been ar-r?te.f, aa* h root hi tKfort- Ji.*lloa Bivb.y. who r**iaad?l him t'fi the revolt of tbe bvatiog I aa u? aaeertaiAfl Or. Bai. la la alleadat?<*aoa Mr ?.<i*ae'.l. . Coar ?(1 A .>*t*T'T A#r ? Tb'jeeday mor?:ng Coi Va>e, f the Vai >iun B?' ?e, Btckt etraet, ml hl? errand bo/ to IU Poet i lia* fat Mttara. asl at tbe tame t'tae eatr :tle ' ?? Bi w'th a fbxk f?r W> -m r'e of the bank*. ? are wfen tte boy bat t .t r*turt": :t baa . been aeeri tali td. however, that the boy received the leiie a a&d <Jr< ? 'he ?oon-y, titer which. It i* eur,>ette>l. ' he ma le tr*rk? for pa-tt *n Oil Vale placed g rr at Pi.hO i* i r< la tbe iioy, tad ha* tr? tueaUy aatru^ved bin with large eruia, Tieoer Fer raemn ?*"ne Pr ?'< ?a.c ' vl r.' ?b*r I Ing Bfly Bloc r ufktta, under (be enmmtal of (apt H | Price, went n a tarrrt etc ire ton t. Water. ?,aed. TV.-* ^*y, ?1j era tbey r- npeted tor t'*entr n no prla-a aad had a tre lime giaaraj'y. They took he** a wtil p?r ( foraUd ta/gat Oar X?v(l rarreapnadeare. rfmr ^TAT*a ?n'F ?, \ MahakIkm, Brail!, iVpt 13. / ' A ? i ?' v f*iil?d It nt &'*m Jlry tl ?*? r,*0ly (\m4tHtm of (V r?*rel. 6c . 4 I We arrti ed at thia place m tb- ?!'. fcpt?Bher la*' | hare have been remaining ever ataca. II waa oar latea | tton wli'a leaTiag tbe H la tea to pat Into Barbadoea for ccal, but owie| ty the dccr<| .1 ooaditioa of thla tniaara b'.a craft wa did n< t tacrh at that p'-aae. b jt pal lato Cay eaae II belrg, la the lalll ide ta wMrb wa were at the lima of tharglag ear rmme. tb* ???t rea?^aieal Tb!? vea?al baa been acknowledged by all bar la aa board ta be a faHcre Tbe condtaaeea. which were tried Mitel perl meat la the dlatl atioe of tail water lata fr*ah, were alwaya getting oat of order, aad war* fbuad aol to meet the reqntraaeata of the *tilp, aad la coo? queue* w? were eaaaa daye oowipe'M ta robelat oa a inaall tikiw arire of water, ba*rl) auScienl t? keep body aad aou to getbee Tbe asaclilaary aad eaiilag a'iailti* af the eblo are eqaatir bad, aad la ao way oome ap ta tbe ataadard, a* e*p?et,-d of her by the bander* Sit makee a wlaare bie perftwwaaae whh ibe wind oa bar baa*, drbttag <?* half to leeward, aai with a head wiad, with a far heat of *. leant in \ ?oofV'tnt V*** totre one Laif a.. J CT'? jut but ?i.e[j fi-i the wind the keep* pretti steady H?r hottim 0*1 ^ Jf M tat aaa MOW alatoal, make* ii itup*4tlble to twp bnr ou bcr <x u/m. To* ?coat J j ucu of ao icucb luUiog b j bilge pump* rtoak o, up J iboitilavis arising from this ata/rait water la horr.b e The paiut work after being acrubbed to ooe minute u a? black as c '?r HK?m, o<vv stubaxl by I be eillurla anting from ml* bil#e wtl?r The epauMt, bUtoue, Ac . of lbs officers L^abeej entire y ruined i*be leak* to badly and rolls a? heavllv thai a I the bread ou board bat beta spoiled, condemned aai thrown overboard After tearing Oajerne we lost our reckoning and w?'? cupelled V) come to anchor on an unlnhaHiiod ooait. 100 miles dlatart from this place; but. tbat.k Providence, a bating boat happened to fell in with ua and we to >i off two men (negro??>, who pllrted ui irer rojks and shoal* to the entrance of the harbor here, wh?n we dropped anchor Tbette negroes not beitg autboriiud pilots, wo were competed to wait until ncit miming On heaving up anchor the next morning by tome mls matag* tnt r.t It waa lost We Intend rema'nlng here fir a couple of weekn for the purpose of repairing such damages at are required, when we But sal! for Mouto ?tdeo. TBE RBW TORE WEE1LI HHULD. The Oitftt Valoa OtmoMtratloa la Saw York? Tit* Republican Mccca-AITalra la Kurepe? Depart are of the Prim* of W?l(*>Tht Tar?-Tl>? l.attit Newt Hat kct Reports, 6te , Ac. The Wm.T Hnuu>, for tbe present week, will be ready this morning, at ten o'clock. Among lit content* will be round:? in Interesting report of tbe Great Union Demonstration tn New York oa Tjcsday night !a*t, with a doaortptloa of the Scene* and Incidents along tbe route of the Prooeation; letter* from Correspondent* at Spring field, III , firing the retults of a person*! interview with Abraham Lincoln, tbe Republican Candidate for the Presidency, hla Oplbloc* on the Slavery Question, Stand ing as a Jurist in Illinois bi* IVraunal App$aranoo, Anec dotes o' bit Earl) Lift, t;r ; A rej>ort of tbe Rare on the Fashion Oorrte b't teen Dor?ei! of Private CHrtlemeo: Ihe Iv>|iariure of the Prince of Wales from the United Stale*. Obttenry Notice of Mr*. El ward 8. Livingston; The latest TfewS from E'trope, (Vlforula, New Granada, Pert, Mexioo, Cuba, Buenos Ayres. fco. , fcc. ; Kdltoruala on I?<tdicg Events; H? pirt* of ths Catt'e, Provision and *Moue> Va:krU and all l;it: rettlt g new* of the preced ing week, received by lelcvraob or otherwise. Single Copies, in wrHoper*. -j?n be bail at the counter of the ofTo- , corner of Fultoo and Nasaau streets. Price sis OStl ta. II. R. ll.>Th* Prlatt of WalM and Hilte at BKADVR Wa.l >oai Portrait Gallery, corner Broad way u.d lenili ttreet IRK OM.T OaI.LF.RT t!? Till !'NTTK.r> HTATTO HU?OF.?D WTTH .? aKWlAL VlfltT HV flit ''..jYAi. PA It r T Photograph* at R. K II the fnnee of Wains and Suite, iviw m vi. w ?u UltAlii S ualierjr Cojlee In erery M vie of tie a." 'or tale Qallenr open fretn S A. M. till V t . M. V. H. BbiVIIH f'OWtTUTS. ? Ktw TOht (???<> ft It 1W) $ V I?S.< J Otrtirsr A don:? Ctl>TUaili-B K b. lite of Waiei kortnt been unni le to vi* it voiir nailery ou ratucta) l>?t flitecied me to lojirn that tf ion ?ii! to on to Uottoi- b? ?UIsl!t>yon ' ir Mn i'hi 'egr?p!i Vnurt. trrcly, K M AKtmiHAM) H H U the 1-rlace of Wale* at BUKtfEt ? ti UJJIXT, 7U7 Br - v.! ?Kv li> rovo; riratre Iwn UIKMV A M >K loft for Uomon w: W ?3riM.'ii7 < <r tae i?i.d(im of makitK f'hotor'npht of tfra ?rr.i r c* W n i*i sod e r 1 1? . A ter having taken ?e?efal nera uvea of "he ?! wod royal t'?rty, during thHr rt >r at the Rfrr- Ili?iae, tte?-T have J??t retan.e>l with tbe ptottirea, pro noticrcV a- r unrm-t. try "if the Prior* > bat kit Itmai lll?hjieat ?ave O'dert for npwkrda of a thunaKBd oot'les to be sent olreot ti ht.r(ii.i,b<t9 < aim He ul< I'liv* will be on irt'Mltot tn a few days. In the ou ar ttaae 'he i '.bite ran rnunlue ih? autographs of the r>yal t'arty .>:i the reti?t?r. at the Oallery. Knot's Fall Hat ? All < lasata aad Pro 'et 1 Da >? :<1 an.1 yorrif f**til?a*bl ? %nd th'?" H"t fa?Mo'iab!e, eKixenaaad ?mrir?rt. 'k? *1?e and "fh-rx-te* tbe ettrararant am" ihe prr:<1ent. all bnj H -laa' K * nX'H Th?* *-e MMM t>y the ? nna.rtitkeoble leau! r ?nd ei *>Penn? of hit fali a yle? IMMMld br all a cea tae liandtoine?t Hat of tke > eaa to? lo hit u-r,' >o I'll Br< aii?ajr. corner of Fulton aireet. | Whllt'a Silk and Ho PI Hala ar* all tli? Rate. Tie K<ft lint nenelhlna neat for nmog . getta. tan be had only at 11< Br~ad*aj' un<ter liernum a Mi. i teom. Try On* of tha New flat Company'! ?J ! Bait Pal] ajlaa bow reaiy al ltd k?a*au *tra?t. DarM'i Fall ltrl?iorU?HthntB'i (lata. I iMti ooa Broadway, iw Duaaa ajwat At Kraiu', no and AH Fulton Iltao* as J faney cloth Orer; ?U? MOUtn VI* 00 l:ii.rk Kt >1 '*nr> ItaaTar Oinrmnta tl II) to VI 00 I'l* I and fanny Kllot U ?*mnat? t 00 tn IS 110 ? nvn frf, r?i baiinet and othar Oraronaa S hi In ? Mark clna Pr<irk <V*i* 5 00 v> HOT ? lor bia.* ??\o?b W-wk <Wta Ml Id! in U 00 jlapa? Muck -wai Pm?* t>aW 'I ill u ?M I'Miarn Pilot and llaarar Hniin?? ?v*?? . .. ? m w it 00 IiWk Cloth tViaaklc and i'?#im?r? Parla .... t Mi to I 00 Paorr < uraitaara. Flint and Hearer Paula I on a 8 00 Bleb ."Mrrt Veata ? (?l tn B 00 t ?.?iaier.? Ve*u lUUto 100 ( a~? m?rr Sulla tn match. H. >10, til, lit, $18 and dU Oraat Hath lor B?ra' aad Clalldroa'a <"V.tkiu*. Hp aadll atook at Oak HaU, St. 96 bad 41 Koltua Nhlitf. Ill aad 94* -Miatlamaa't Far> olahu.* Ocod* PVA K H K. rrota L*mdna Hi 3 Broadway. all Plat Shirt* for |N, Warraattd to Fit. MUODVti hhlrt Maoafwtnry Ml Broadway Hhlrta, MlrU-aii tor Mad* tf-m ike brat Aea'skaax aid Waaanta ttaikoa Dapat lid > Balkan *traat enrnar at FaarL What DM Utey Coat T OttlpB12fortka8<dl! attlBO A HI'VTFR k <X) S Vain m n * i"Uiio* Wafafiaaaa, !?<?? wi ?nd w How wj n?>j a' aad Chlldraa'a > Cap* Orrr. i roata " "BaaaUful tlnrk," at Oak Hall ft W aad ? Pal I ion Mrwi Fall aai WUktar Iloota of Maparlor on*;".T. f"* turn an 1 V&ya. WATKiBB, lit P*..oa *tra?t and SS7 Broadway Itaaala Calfakln Watar Proof Boota ? I.dRUt BKOOXa A pnn Katabllakad i -.1. a IV Pultun atrial. opptatlr i h ;lf i b arret. I! rook I pa l'hato|raphi-Mlnlatarr to U:? SUa, <ioa-aM<ad. i'Uah a WILLI kaituN. latabllalad 1MT. ntrrlan't Patent Champion Flra aad H?rg!ar Pi'pV Pafra Ml Broadway. e>T?ar of Murray ?'?at, Srv Tata. DtHantt Ralaaaader Dalta-'Allh Pa llet powder proo' ! >ck* ard croa* bam Ala> #?<? t / b>i-gl?r pp?4 *1>"'b'a?d *r1 parlor Malta Hnyot C. Murray alrrat errarr nt Collacr plana ROIIBKT M Paltkli'lk. Qrowar * Baktr'a Oalabraled Nolaalaaa ?awlrg Ba'fclti**. Ihr b?' la n*a for family Marina tft Broadway. I?? Torfc. ac4 1 it Pulton tirai. Bimklra. Tha (4tdd dk Wtbttor t?wla? larhlnM an ao? vi kad for Pity IHIar* at M0 Ban*.rway Flhkla 4t I'poa Maw lag Pla< Kla* Coaa. p. ? aa kiii^w warraatrrl w jirr ~t nr auaay rafnatad. A*?nu waatad U* Rrnaaway, H. T. Poatathlaii Haw ? Battal lllitaluaa, Wl( tr T^strr ai**'tf*rtrtry. ?r arUra n*w puu:. !a>iir* Mt all klfcda nf ?Tn?a?riai Hair W. rk Maua'astni r U?H Broadway, batrMi and Wnrtk rma -Ladlaa' Baaattflar"? Phaiaa 4k lon'a ?%an? aaia Ortaatal Oraam " r?ad b/aJ Iniitau "liaantirni Cotnpiatioa ?" Phaloa'a "law tta? i irlaa Orwa.'1 Prtw ??* par koala ??A Claar Cwmplttlna" I* a>aat<*d toy all I Mtaa ''** FHAM-a'a "Wrnw tPkHr "n*Ha l>aaa " Crlatadora'a Hair Up*, Win* aad Toa pa>* lh? omm lb Ika w-r.d . a k?!>**.a aa 1 ratals *a?! Ikr dya ! prlratr!) apf^ad. Bo. I Anor tlu-iaa lllira Hair Ope? "?? Caata, Biarh or I Hrnwfl. Mhwk I'apot No | Barrlay arwr' and *>4d bp ! dr?4 ti>u I frlaatpa of An ? ( ataarua'a laalalbla ! wi|? ??' Im.iiat* ?aw and nnral taraau.ja; r*rMntv? un|.-aa | alba IW Ponnn atrrrL Hr??k'ya Ika lra?e tntipUad >a I nwnttiif Uraa CI* a ( t an Old Jlirtf fbr IHarataa Inri (??I t tc Iba nf terth?r(r la rkt'drwr Hera yo* karatkat OU) M 'Btfc POK ? I B*Ta la UK- form q 4 mm wntti^w-* Rwmnim tncp BraatlPal Coaaplaxiom -lAlid't i.lqaM Paar) kaa arklaaad a erlpcrH. ? ? r a ly?r? and praaamei iba "?? ?-rtwa a> ????> *>ld at ail dm*?tata Pilantral -l?r**a H -ud M He?.-?ap. naltkalar-a llalr I /pa la tha lta?t tn ta? awd - Mai-. ?*? aad aariiad m tvtnrr a a ?>Mar niat, at tk* <r1? Ivcwry, It flnai avavi r.srry a Tiltopltarnaa la tha Matt aa-t * ' ' ai'fll ? t,r,.?# ? U '. a try u B'JalN. ?? BwBVrarat? ni?a, ft Badrld at "i pW I?r . ' ?i aaattai i ' I a?*r ? <wa rnw ha ttt. ;i s ? ?r, j... .1 a " " ?! row t* " ' .r >a "nltu. Craap ' t. fS an la'a ?? mi r?t n-< *? .b'- ) r*i >a :it r,.? , Ml I . . r ,,, I ? Mk r*o, tM^ik <!M??I, I. t Ind bi al umaai Itkdupl l?ta of Bf'klk, a llnita't ? I?! a a ?Aim. a* a alt irnaK koaa- nt Varaa A t >., s.. f ?. .a-r.i <ata?u< ? T*>-?wAaa? ?? ra ,waa-*l aarittw I aanrmt' adat ia*?a Of v Badkal <1ww HtiafaUwd fta BaiUM of Karatdr't Mrd.c ' I la tmrrr. i Jv^.jlpai a| -ilaaUnn o. V n-rf -'a Olatara. ?-d Mtaraa a^'-^lp ?mk. ?a< tba dira?t*nt i a rar ^aat aread aaal- t? Ja, ail aura ika Mt'itri Try Vhaa.?*Oat Bataii Mac of ii.tiit.aa ralr'araatabla pllla will aa>?, wwk id tai'ira, Ika anat itiak Brnji Ctmpball? Ckaaltt arthwaaf atwaar a t ?ChnUtt MM ABMBarBPft at BWktk anatM mi liBVpiBIII IHtSWrPwe. 1' i t< li. ' t of K. Fift Bcc Uclww^r ? roslll t'OOOTT. '"ua'N OOtOMH ?>. IW'. 6" <0, 71. M, 4?, 71, Sf; ?, 17. 2*, S9. S?. ?9. r<?*i>iiD?Trr IjOTTickr. fi if* IN, Ocroam 36. ?. <4. ?:??. 71, 33. 3H. 7" 41, 26, 71, 11, II llri alnra icnt (rff o' charge* b uidna^Qf H. pEANn. Wllflntactoe, l>tiuip|i of iii?t DrUwsn Htmt* Lot. Irf.rm.- WIMlll Kllltl * CO , M?.HK?r? of the. ? KfMCC&t AM> H iffiOClt! BTiTI UJTTXKir" e, by retain jr*M her to ""'W? ?un* A <<) \A iimiKKt(in IMaware ?r U' w"<lU- * PP., St. 1-oiita, ?U*jui1 Tin Ktptnirlictd Hat for tula Kail w nit tl e er?nlnt: wta'HT t? the rtch*?t and ma?< highly fl?Uh?d H\t >rt lo New to ? Thia ia be opinion of all win vtft th? Mlmioom of bis e?'h.hl|?limenl Mure lb>- i.ew ?t?le wh* hi r uix-'d Why pay 94 fork hat Id Broi<1w?>- when on* aupe rlor In ev?ry respect can be purchased Hi. lis Niaw ?Ireel for (X ?>* Mariltd, Atkiss? Ki" < wm l ? On Thundav, October 26 at th > r.?idnji? u tlie bride's father, by the Rev Dr In g, Of St Ueorte'a church, New York, T Amtuct Airims to Jt lu Kirrron Kockwei i , daughter of Benjamin Hook well, a.. of Brooklyn. RxiiHT ? I.tali. ?On Monday, 0<-t 23, at the resHenoe | of the bride's mother, by tbo Kev J. Dunbar, Mr Two I thy B. Boi.kui, Jr , to M'.rg Kuaauktii <i , ellvwl daughter of Charles Lyall, deceased, all of this < ity RKAbroKD ? Will* ? On Thursday, Oct. 26, by the Rev. ! Alfred B. Bearb. D D , Aui *nihk BtAnroau to Claba, I da uk titer of 0 P Wella, U 1). >iakk? Tbowbkjihji ? On Thursday, Oct. SS, by the Rev [>r. Morgan .fuoni B ('! ark to Rate A , daughter of E I,. Trowbridge, all of tblicity. I>i Bkvoim* ? Sohcnck ? At BushwIck.L. 1, on Wed nerday, 0 rtober 24, by the In I II Miwki'r, Haa< C | r>K Bivdina lo Cak?'um A',) oungest daughter of the late Cnrtittlliia Skshrnck , B>q , of thta City. I Kimlmvii ? V>? Dimca ? At I.lmdale, oa Toealay, ? October 23. by Rov Dr. Deraarest, Counties F-ugixTY.*, lj*l of Hudson, N. Y , to Mart T. ljrmG?ro?, daughter of Peter Van IHiaeti, Hsq , of ttrrenp.irt, N. Y. Oakiitt? PwunAV ? it tlalvary church, on Thurtday fviutrg, (>r(ober J5, by the Rev I hr llawki, Mr Joh\ A. Oaklbt to Klrarok Uakmton , eld(?t daughter of Alfrei U. reckham, Kfq . all of tbtl cny. talKCK? Ilk Bkvouik. ? At Buchwlck, L. I , on Woil Dtrnay October 24, hy the Rev 8. U Mocker, Fbamkli.k 8. tawici, of thin city, to Aoxif. daughter of Charles J. D,' Buvolxei, Khj , of ibe former place. Siuick? Wooii ? Oti Tnur?i'?y . October 2S, by Rev J. W LlndBay, Tnaonou ftiiira t tLoi isa a Woi,i> Sri atrb ? 3a"k*h? Oo Tma^ay, October V. at ft Fran cc? Xavier'r church by Kev K liri*cr.|l, Jam* Si at?* lo Mlra Niii.ii Bawkw, only daughter uf John lU?Lei E;q., (f this oily. Publlimi ? PwrS ? On Thur?day, October 25 by the Kev A. It Htllelte. P t> . J GhmnWOoD K?ai I i.?u to Srni T. , danghtrr of Col. Thumn* F. l'eera, all o( ihlt clt?. W it (ion? IfifRiY ? In Rallt?ore, on Thurtday, Outober 26, by tb? Kev I>r CummlDgf, UwiT P Wiijio* (of Uu) iiru oi WiIkhi*. Mid?i?r A; .f^nnlogR, of New York) to Uwikulama Brta-ir, of the former pilot. 1)1*4. A?*yr ?On Thursday, Ooio^or 26. A?r**w Ama-nd, id tne year ol Lis age. Uis ikmiiy invite* bit (htnil to aneuJ tba funeral, from bin reetdeijce, No ?:? l.l.zabttb *lre<Jt, tba (L-Uiuriay) afternoon, ai I ?o o'cl >fk Biki> ? '? Krlcay, Ojtibcr 38, Si r>i ELLBK Bird, only daughter ol Edwin na<1 Jan ? Btf l, ag. a 'JO mourns and i. dnye. Tbe frlenda an'! rr lalive* of the family are respectfully icviwd to attend lbs funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, fM.m tbe of ber | arcnls, 9ii Third aveaae Chaky ? On Thimdny. October %>. bur, bsloved wifn ??f Humphrey H Or'ary. K?<| , agncl 26 yea-*. Tli? relatives and Irienrt* ol the family am respectfully ts?ilrii (o aiH-cl her funeral. en Sunday aflsrnnoo, at ball ( act one o cluck, from M Watts sti eet , oornor ol \T??hiLgton Newnurg |*| i r* please copy l\AV*or*!i ? On ThuriiUv, October 26, of consump lion, Mr* Jasb I LAvaorB*, *ged 84 yea**. Tbe Mat've-e a i- it frteiiea of the family, ard tboee Of ber aoea. John and Waller Lamb, are reetwrifclly Invited to at wad her funeral, lht? ( Saturday) atemeoo, at one o'clock, fri'Si her lain riridonno, No. 60 York street, Jerrej City, wltboui further Inflation CAavrif ? In this city, on Friday, October 26, Mr. UeohoB Ca?vitt Not toe ot luteral In tbi* owuirg'* paier* < osuae? On Mfvb day night, ( fhi r*day < , Jchsi-h W Count*, in bis Ttith jesr 11m- relative* ar.d friend* of tbe family arc Invited to attr-ld, without 'tirther nerticn, tbc itinera], froui hi* late reeidt nc*. No 9 Fact Twenty lliird street, oa tir*t day (nmday) aterooon at two o'clock Cof>iii*(i(uH. ? la I be city of Kahway, N i , on Tburs f'h) , in t. t>?-r 26, Mart I. I?m, daughter ol tbe tale Henry Inmnn, and wile of Mr Smith Coddlng^Mi. TW frleoen m the family are Invited to attend tbe fun i al, from her late residence, without farther nolloe, on Mot.d*y *lu rt ooo, at two o loo* Car* leave New Y<>rk at eleven A M and twelve M Fiaaawa ? lu Brt?lil> n, on Friday, October MS, Maiu.*h*t Kinnbmt, alter a abort but painful iuuik*, tn vb* it in year ol her aft* Hi.. lri?wa? r. ia?t?ee of Uie family are Invited to attend ber luueral, on Sunday afternoon, fr> m tbe real deuce of ber brrtber In law, .lehn S ller.uu.on. atiauttu avenue oppoaiie Oiford street, Brooklyn. Kmritair* ? On Krioay morning, October 30, 'between aii and aevru o'cioi k, Th<>ii*m KmrATaiflK, in ibe -lit year of bl* age, after a abort aau,eevere tllneaa III* friend* an 1 tbe relailvta of the family, also the Young Amrr iru* (lutrd and Pitt Muaketoera, are request edtU> attend hie funeral, irotn hi* lalefral lenoe, ITOanuon ?iriil. New York, on S*a<*ay a;ieni?<oe, at two o'clock. The rrraain* will l>e Interred tn Calvary Om fiery Oat ?la Hi i* oily, en Thursday, October 36, Aawutw Gat, of UrockvlUe.C. W.,l|?d IWv car*, one month and 14 data Brorkville paper* pieaee copy. Hauwt ?In Brooklyn, on rouraday, October 'li. Cabo U?a, U'lai l of Jobu K an I Krancea A HUaey Hi r rm.ali.* ??-re Interred In (.rfenwixxl Hre.iiRN ? On TburaJojr. Ocloier 36, of con aum pt ion, Itsas Ui una-i beloved aister of WUIiam and frederisk Hufbe a. aced 3T years. Tb? frtei.da of ibe fatally are respectfully lavitod to at i tri.i1 ibe funeral, Iroai tbe realdenne of her broti.-rr, CI ' Fmirtb atreel, tbl* (laturiay) morning, at tea o'clock Lavsr ? At sa em Sunday, October 14, of typboid ftver Mkmaki ?' I.a>BT Meacbeetor (l>.o?land: papers please copy Uvw.kms ? Oa Keduraday, October 34, at her Into rettdenae, Montgomery place, Uucbeaa oounty, Sew York, LuTL-a imsi.-to*, aged TP years, widow of the ate Vd ?ar<i Mvu gst"n, formerly Secretary of State of Ibe Itil'ed Mau* aoil L6*i. ?ler U. I rajue The lr ei.d* tj Um- 'ainily are Invited to altenl ihs funeral arrvicea, without furiber notioe, at tbe Metbi'diat p kpiee.'pal cnurob, in Kbinebeck, IHir.beM counly, oa Bun- ' ?ja\ at *'t? -oa, al ka'f i>a*t two o clock. New Orleans paper* pi. ase ivpy le<(i.wi4Ki ? Ol Tbu/iday , firiober 11, Jomua B. Ukk- , wnnti, aged 41 )e*r* hi* rrinaib* were luUrred .a'nwoo.l Cemetery. Sew DrliBL*. M l/ui? and Mobile paper* pieare copy. In 1 1 nb ? On Frida) , October 36. Manx, wile of bei t Met tune 11m- ii lattvt* ard friend* of tbe family are ee*peetfj'ty -I ? tr4 to atbnd the fuarrai, oa Sunday afuwnoob. at one o r.o k, from brr Uu- rsaidrnce, Nn 130 I ighlb avnnua. Makti.'* ? On Yburr'ay, f)ctober 24, Am.buv*. daeyhler of laiollae W. and Kunyoo W Martin, Jr., a^ed 16 mraifc* the friend* and relative* are tcvlted le attsad lbs fnoe rm. th.s (Saturday) afiernooo. at ooe o'clock, from lie 'eeldenoe of ber paroata, 109 fast Fourteenth street, near avei III M.ajr* ? im Wadseeday, O "to bee >4, UowtmK, wife b H M jef rava, la ?b? .nth y??r of her *ge Tb' Irw-i d* of itx faauly arelnv!te<] to attend ber fg. a-ral. from ber lata rre..'enee, W,-*t RI.?mflrKI, N.J, ih'? (lai'irdaj) raora'ng, at eierea o'nloeik. r ? ? lV*t lor Morn* A f>se* R?llr-?d leaves Ibrt of Oourtiandt atreet, Jersey clly ferry, at ba if past eight, A M MrTut ? On ^eineaday , Ortoher 34 of consumption. I Je 11 A l'A*onj?a Wr^'i^T, eideet daughter of Jnbn and l?*?le Mei'lay, aged It years, 3 worths and 6 i*Ajr* Ti ? frienca end ar?i"*irt?rnea of the family are re wyw>r tfislljr invited n attend the funeral, from ber paraota' r>*Mence, No 311 Weet yuuenib atreel, oa Sssday I af ?ertroon , af ka i past o?e o'elonk Ml IViBALD? 1? Irlday , Ooiober 3d. MAr/ Moieuin. la : tlie ri>r year >f her age, a natlva of Ibe aouaty W*sl meath, Ireland. Her fr-eim and arKina'nlanrea are r.wpecUuily iav te.! ti. aiierd her fnee'al, thle (Setorday) aM#rno?>ii. at two t 'clock f' t>n bee late re*idence, No. 164 KliU atreet Milrni-ie Vr\iHy, nrto?>eT 3?. A?r<i Me'ir'B*. a i native ot l>sH> l.yi na, orniaty Ouvk, Ireland, la tba 36tb year nf ber age t'<-r fsteral will lake plane l^otii her Ute eeaitenre, III i M- tt *tr?< t, N Y . thi* (Halnr<ay) aflenMMn, al two i o'? kc*. Tb? friee ?? 'f the fasiUy are Invited to attend 1 '?at' r-aeciw ? and Oatb pai? ra will p'?a?- i opv Naau? On Tbr.r*da> , Ociolter U, laaiMb, daughter of 6m> T '. sd Man .tare Veal?. aged 19 iroei lis. The frieie* and relativee are lavited to attend tbe tone ral.lbW (Itet'i day) aftertioeia. at one o'oleak, from the re at lee re of fx r par'HU Par le street, near New Tork avaase. Bedford. I. I. At L't'I R ?k, Ariran*\s. rr We<!ii<-s.iay , lb if h* e it, of rongealina of the |en*a. Miss I/irfA , , ?> ? >? rormerij of lbs l ib year of bar age. _ -B1 m ? rkiddee If, n? Ttiaraday . October M,al Astasia, iT< i r N Y . 1Ia?bas, relict sf tbe late M nhaat ?%? ?r ? t * TI years av.tssMI ? Oa Thursday, OrAabar 46, of ? lingering llriee M?* Vast *i?rm, daughter o' the late I "doeio* > ^e*?, *><4 <4 riliiftekl. Maaa , s?ed Ti years and M |Bl>. tftl. Ilrr fe\* ?fi<l IhoM of h*r t*m\)y %r+ r*qn*rt?4 io ait i.e f"r f m la'.ffi.a* the reaideaaaof bar nephew, Waa. e > - les /m'ty street, Br<?'*ije. without further 'ti ml ?, in a /Saturday) ?Bom>Bf at etrrsa i rloe* Ntntseeii Mr-?* yn, oa Friday , October M. Joan M. *tr rv -*?(? Ml vear? The ^tera' wilt take plaee tbM (^lOtrdav) afteraoos, at ibrer e'eie?b, fw<ai Ms lata rssidenas, No SI Bueram atreet ZsnreiA ?A* tbrof'* s,*i Wsatohaater oeaslr, sa Mm.dae trw he" ??. trrijA AcaratA, only daughter nf > and Anauttaa H 'Aersaa, aged 14 meatba aad II 'lailb and A?| f)|^ II v ' crates w*rs taksa ta Pari? nnUi, N. N , fbe '? _ - * t?t?W _ a t S| ?v*iptn.Lt ' ?f* yj> A kaiveioMa ?f tba Mast atgtaa. le* fa?a. wrsst. a. i lisabifheelTmi \ wruLMB s wusom aumfm SJnU b. I IWI I Ml U,*?1S 1 " ' " ?? Of vto - ot H .14*. _ ... , ti:? Btpptu rar, < ^u.aut'-jc of CHINA *NP OLABi , uiripn?ti OB 1IIK PBIWch'fi Ti rtLB A t the baii *; ll e Ach icv of Uaati uu Uu> uUht nr tke , etch ;.U'?a bearing the rov*' 'natgi s. j ______ J!L_L Ua1U,T ? ,,(> ? ?** IIpM?v. Am Rinn.i.VBV oppomTtrRirT to puvraui fl?i clua Huint" d ("'tirnlcii*- ?< ?u<ul"? - ?I,UN j Kk?Ll R A CO Htiottonerr*. on tin* n y K*turda> w (Q Wri-l 1 w?uly ?nth Hieet iiwr f>uih uvruue. ti/ 7 ?ci?v? PUoo'urte, Parlor bull* Mirror*. I'ah.UDg*. roaewood loi or?h'T*riy ' ham her rimlt re, oak dining room Kurnltar*. tr Alaobaarment ar.d kitchen Furniture. Bale com menotaft at 10', o'clock prrrun-.y T UIMUKBI B'H ? WBDDIMU OAIO AMU BN VKLXJPBB In approved at y lea. and tbe b?#t of note ptpo. T HIMKBMPB'B, M HKOAP WAT? JUST I NT BO i 4mt4 lt? Ormy Hand ? da Oard T JUNKfl . 10 AMD If ANN BTBBKT, ?l FRMWOB eaif drt*a Bom* 94 to double water proof tewed Boole. A A I* j- BVBRPRLLR. SOB BROADWAT? WBDDIRW Oarda, Ac 1'heee ci-.elrnted engraved Cards aold <mtr at thl* More. AB KTIPM'IAL TKKTH.? T1IK OKK'TBHT IWPROVR meet Id aunoatikerie plate*. M. I .?? v ett * patent. Prof Beeee anrt the fact.Ily blghlv reeomitend H for giving comfort ajid aaUa:actk>u hitherto nn> iialuablo. U Waverley place, ouar Broadway. Batabllahed 1835. ANKW BfORY. THK MYHTBRY 0? WU.DWOOD. T . *v imian cone, .>*. In the number of tlie I^ger to i>? Um iwl on Monday, at U otlook. ? ill be i ommenced tbe puVdnation of a tale, under (Me above title by Mr flobb Tl,e H-ene of tbta *tory In laid In the \ .clntly cf New York and the pfr*nnagr- who flgnre In II rnoe actually walked tbe *trce*? of thla cr.y It la a tale at lender anil devraed love of un*pe*k?>le *ufferlng heroleaB* liorr e . mid through it all rim* a ?>uit?e vriti of la*er>.tabl? rayklielam. aneb aa not unfrequ'itli envel-ip* like a pall the Mfe of a fcelnif who live# only far tbe ?rratldoatloo of bl* twi eeltWuw**. At jamkk bvkkpki.L'B, src rroapwat wku .ling I'm J*. Ac - tier the Orange liloaaom Weddiuf Bar* 'ope. (old oaly at Ula (lore A CARD TO Till PUBLIC ? THf UBANPS HAVI l)IBS?. *nd tkrmianda more a-e dying front eoeannnptlon ?hile olbera are *off er n( all the borr' ? a of dyapepiia wb-n by DR J ItoVKK n<)l?S' IMTKHIAL WINK BlTTKItB U>ey wouli" anrcly be bene Mted If n<i< .-ared. Tke reneral preJWlee ualutt patxnt medldnea abould w* pitrrd to tbrac ranMIe HUera aa the Ingredient* are pab ll' no Inl iffjfent pbytlclan ran or w'll disapprareaf ?h<-ns. They tre made by a aunceaafnl pyalclan aud aktl ul i brnilat, and are nwd by Ihc llrat phyaiolan* in all part a a( the llulor I or ?ir*U'nplion. djapanala Indlfeillon urhllay, i.ervon?iif??, and a* a med^lae for ft-malf* they hire i n?ea lo be an undoubted *uor??* Mr* Wearer, of Albany, N T^ ?Bd Mr* Ulnar, of He"r*la, ha?e beee cured of eotiauTnitlOB. Kr Meacbam of Klorl a. cured of chronic <1 vapepMa. Mr Mo (Iraw. o' Hrot^k ya curnl <il pai?l\*la Mlwtttala of Nxwiut, <' I'ltreise nerr^ua debility . while httndrefi of fe|?a!e* In iMi city will bear leaitmony ?? to lli?lr virtue* Try na? liottla. CUABI.BK WlUPlKlELP i CO Proprletora. 7^ Wllllaie ?"*et Hold by drugirttt (jenerally thmvifbont th? United ^tatea ADA MB' FXPRK^H COMPANY OTVK PROMPT ATT KM tlo? to the eoilecUon of Prafta, NoUie, BiUa, Accepta?ie?^ rcTO. D. b lla. kr BRTPGKWATKR PAINT. 1r*ted ten yea r* on public and private balHinr* for roof* orulde work, >der ka />f .ateamei* Iron work bvraa. fenoea railroad brldgea. Ac Depot 72 Maiden lane CKPAR nun B1MINART, BINO BIRO, R. T.-TOdM adlea Ix arded and educated, under ten, till, abore MM "teflWl Apply to * r* Freeman, principal, or at 4i Pled *t >ee?, Brooklyn, and 307 bpiinc atreet New Tort, uraurpaaaetl. CO'IJfOTIORS M ADR? IR 1LI. ( ITIK8 AND TO' Id the Ka*t and Weet. fcnth ai d South went, i ale* by APaMS' KXPBRBR COMPANY. CORNS, BTRIORS, INVKPTBP RAILN. KRLAB0I Joint*, and all dlaeaeea of the feet cored, without rata I, convenience tn the jjatlent. by pr ZufHARIB, Chlro<.odtal. 780 BroMHKy. Refer* to phy*daiM (e .ti* ot the c*y. D ?ArMBB.r DRAFNKBB. DBAPNRW AT ORci" BBBOVRD BR kP TK^TIMOB T. ? Baeoauo. | ?urn*! U, 1MB.) neaa rery aooaW Ra*k or thi Baeaauo. Mrw Tori. Anrnat 1 Pr. Von Biecii.-taker u ?alrd me fordrafne full] ann ?KPVt norllT. Mv hi ?rln* waa rrMored, and m tiou?a aa lied ae ever; and I add mj teaUmory In Ma favor. O. B LAMAR, Pfwldent of tbe Bask of the -ipiiiia Niw You, OeL 1*. 1ML T w%* Induced Sj tbe bisk teit'nsaolala to nan a great Unee to eonault . >r Ton Moecb/iaker. whi restored by ~ perlectly , ai d 1 *ln?er*lj reoiaunend hlaa aa a an atirtoL J. THOMPBOR. Poo<hkeepale. Putnheaa Ooonty. R. R. R?w Tou, Oct 11 IM Da Vox Mivcaxiaia* ? Pi?a Fra? I as* a living nil*? M your ak'l' In tbe operation nl Ik* I*r. I came to you daaa. and b r hearir n la now aa good aa ever Toura with mat aped, RORRRT RAOR. 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