Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 10, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 10, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 8829. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1800. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE CRISIS IN THE SOUTH. PrQpi88 of the Secession Move ment In Virginia, South Caro lina, Georgia and Florida. hnportait ProeaedlDgs of the South Carolina Legislature. Passage of a Bill Authorizing a State Convention. Several Hundred Thousand Minute Meu Enrolled* ZmoMaae Maes Meetings at Oharleston and Columbia. in Immediate Secession from the Union Demanded. Anarchy, Bloodshed and Ra pine Predicted. BAUGUBATIOI OF A 8EC0ID MtXICO. ?IllTART PREPARATIONS Ul FIRBIN1A. REPORTS FROM THE FEDERAL CAPITAL. Cabinet Council on the Affairs of the Nation. What the Administration Can So in the Crisis. TIEW8 OP TIE BUCK REPUBLIC IN PRESS. Meeting of the Sew York Southern Medical Students, THE REPORTS FROM WASHINGTON, Wathiwoto*, Not. 0. IBM. The sapeet of aflktra la the South i* regarded her* win Bar too* apprehensions. The mersagr of O tremor Brown, *f Seorgta, to the Legislator* of that Stale, baa startled not only the administration, bat the people generally. A d?ep*teb received here to-day from Georgia, by a gentleman loan cfflolal position, state* that the ytawa and aeotlawala ol the member* of the I<egtaiainre now In ? Inn are stronger than thote contained in the Gover ?or'a message. Nearly every ma* who participated la the meeting at Saras*ah waa leading and prominent in the Colon . movement In 1861. It I* also significant that the most aoilve men la the disunion and eoceaalon movement la Seorg a, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida warn leading Union men la 1861. A high fhcettoaary of the government Informed me thin morning that he bad ao doubt that five Southern state* would go bat of the Union. They would not wait, either, Mr a Convention of the Southern States. They were for separate State action Many Idle and extravagant reports are In circulation rsiailT* to the nrowed Intentions of the administration upon this exciting and delicate subject, but I an eatleflsd that there la not a particle cf found alloc for any of them The President can take no aotlce of lh*m nolens they at tempt lo obstruct the federal laws, or attempt to interfere with government property Should they attempt Urn latter the a. my and the nary would doubtlem noon be ordered In that direction. The administration, however, do not entlc'pate aeytbicg of the kind. Tho Sooth know* her doty too well to Interfere with or obstruct the fed* ml laws. The President la frequently Interrogated by people, trim the North aa well as the South, ea to what he tn trade to do. Be invariably art were them that he ha* aa authority to prevent a Stat s from aeoedlag, and therefor* Me can do nothing la caee o" nsUileaUoa, be my*, the matter would he dUIt-eat. Ho will meet to emergency whenever It shall rite promptly, end do hie whale doty. The cabinet had a protracted aaaeim to day, and It ? understood that they had under acneideration the preeeat ear ma* and alarming attitude of aflelrn In the Smth. The ndtrinlatration do not beUave the Sonth Intend to takc hanty or precipitate sc.ton, hot that they wul act ouolly and deliberately. It appear*, by intelligence rererelred this evening, that ?reektnrtdgu haa carried every Southern State, excepting Kentucky and Mtreeari. It la ooaoolad that he be* car rttd Maryland and Virginia. Wdrmxoroi, Nov. 0,1800. the rumor that the Secretary of the Treasury will re sign la entirely unfounded. It la atid. uIsj, that he edh-re* to the views sn<l eenilmeole expressed tn hie Macon letter of 1081, lattly republished her*. The Chbtnet had a protracted ere*! <o to day, deliberat ing on the ot noitioa of toe country, and thingh the par tleulars of their eonaoitaltnn have n<"t tmerplret, the people may be seemed that the administration will amke |? every ?fort to preeerve the public peace as we . as the tatagr'ty of the talon. Numerous ear*eat appeal* are golag from this city to the South urging moderation and eaotloa. It H oonlend ad that by prod ere* rod pttrl tarn, ailed by thne* firm minor itlea of the North who have etiod renlu * |y egainet the rrpuhlicane, btiler etrvlM will be renfervl lo the South, within the Union, than by aeceavioa, even if the tatter ootid he nro asfal. W lh the Senate, the Bone* and the Supreme Oeurt egeleet the aatl siafery party, * hotter tght can he mad* withia than cat of Urn Ca on Mr. l.laeota, *t 1* mid 'n - poMleau circle a, h*Ttrrm?iy mi' l* to muter qn *' y through b*a Vrw 1 irj . at ad with tl>* BatalMof d?rnrt?i itnl adc fi?i it'jo, he *B| mI'i'l j rely upon .Mlt sit i '? 1 n<-udi of b - a it *ad **>. fc?. Th?r heeloe-if hegry aopl'eact* for thr . ... *f these reapwU'lh r ibvUi ?!<"? Will b* iMtPpiluted, haaiwiiercr wen euro wken Mr B.-haaan anaMI int? pu ??*? Sa'veiiiog pet"ioi re'vr the pr*r w *t Mr fa eotj ' dMp-wal are alrealy r or aground ic ?? foe tut-, hmptto't to their ptpera. "UW Abe" will probably tero tbem ever to the immortal and naremombie M~ Maaoa t# light ha Bra withal. ? There la a good deal of "rutting" among tacambonu and eipeetanla Indeed, if the famm* dag < B It} " war* her# he might hnat up, if set kill, n hnadred sod gfty me* la the pv*aartb?4 lime-two mlautea and a ha;f. No apprehenai ? estate In offlelel quarter* thet aay gtortawM he made to mim the (bra or other pubi.o property la the South, aa no such movements would be tolerated by lb# authority of Um Rtetee m wb ch they are located. The questions which now dMtract fi? p?o pie of that secthm being of great delicacy, nothing will he don* by executive authority which wmlt tend ttfVl mperet* the public mind against the general government at tbi* juncture, while, however, the Preatdeot will per form hie doty ef Only enforcing the law. The resignations of the IMeml orriosrs nl OharlmMee mta-g eraUngent on the nooepteaee by ih* PreeIdeal, time will he allowed them to reeoaalder their anion. Aa erroneona report hn* prevailed th.t tb President intends issuing a proclamation; but it will be roaolleried that Menemi Jackson did not puma aneh * conme until ?Mar Booth Onrattaa had pamad the auUtfyt?{ erdfpa. CONDITION OF AW AIRS IN VIRGINIA. ri3<i?o-D, ndt. 0 law. Hm0|(lltttMUillMI04ir. The P" P1' see W eetnieof i.tug h ? acllta of Booth CM- 4m. end it ? oil Of ul?r-> Boa i.eru 8 aw*. Considerable apprehension of ntoiter flnenc'tl revnl ?too m leii, 'nd bib; the ihienknod omtlict settled on- way tr the o be*. Colonel Birdee 1* tore, lai'rgV i; the otra'ry camped tore <? tr I'. There ?j t epietdtl di play of military el the c?m.> gro-at to-day. The First ngtmenl or Virginia Voluaieeri oru'd ou', and t.ey.w.ih tho oav.lry, loim the too. mi l ary display ever Wi'neaned in Virginia. They were rerkwe i al the oa np gioond by the Governor and Colonel Hardee. Ol'K MlHMOND OOUBBTONDBNliA Rkmuojt), Va , Nov 8, 1890. Tkt Coming Revlitton?Opinion* if Stud Com rodtrn Mm?The CniHdtmU* a ft lai Mtxixy? Socket fruf Anmrthy. Bloodshed and M fine in JVotpeC?IV ?vU Beyond n Bemrdy?Virgmict Preparing?SpSmdid En ewmpmnt of MxlUn<y? General Anxuiy for ui* Kirly Mieting of Ihe rii-pinto Lt,iS'nLure, dc. I have eent yon by telegraph ih) latest emotion returns reoelved here from the Interior of the State, ae 1 ataud In my dtepateb, they ex1 lblteuih large galas upn tie democratic vole of the laet gubernatorial elootiou as to render the suoceoo or Bre. klnridge In the State a mat. ter of certainty. Thle indeed la a great victory, oonslder Ing that two terminable opponents had to bo encountered In the persons of Douglas and dell. The vote of Ibe former in the State, fiom preaent data, will not stop Tar abort of fifteen thousand, whtc i of course U a diminution of Breckinridge's strength by that number. Yet It Is est ? mated that Breckinridge wlU carry the State by at lea?t four thousand. Notwithstanding tte d'Cla'.ve character of this victory, it la productrg no cuire eB'hualsam in thin city than would the election of a member of ourjeolighusned Com mon Council. I have w taemed mora entbusissm, in bet, at any munlciptl elec Ion that tout taken place bert within the last eight ytars O an at the present Presiden tial election. this, of comae, proceeds from a ooavlc'.loo'that any mere State trlt mph bow cainn affect, the general rtsuit nor avert the impending doom. It la ominous,*too, of s eomlog storm, the Ilka of ahlebhaa never Lbefore beer experienced. Pcvo'ntion la npen na; It la usetem lodery it. Sooth Carolina, as y m will have a mart lined before this reaches yon, ha taken tba Initiative, end "she win be sustained by most, tad nil mately all, or bar 'sister Soothern States 8be li now on the verge of a collision wltb the general gov foment, aid she wi'.l push matters to that fcous immedla'ely. M.rfctbe prediction. Three of the principal fe'er.l i (Doers to the State.have already resigned. Their plaoea meat be filled. From when? Not from tkimth Caio at, f ir no m in tbero would doro to no cept any of theao offlcee If ao disponed. Will they be filled from without the limtta of the fSutef They probably may; but their fi anions must bo discharged under the pm'ec 1 m of fe< eral bajooeta. Tals will man a collision of tbn 8 a'e and fnlara'tntboritles Imnin .nt? nay, Inevitable. Fy the -hcdiln; of .the Bret drip of blood tho granl purpoae of tbn dlsunloalsto will nave bern aoc mp lah-d. 1 atata to you a fait witblu my own knowledge wlao I my the' the disunion party It the -touib lave lever entertained e hope of e p-accfoi aepn retlon; nor ?'o tteyno?. They have always admitted, and do n-<w a m i, ha . If the giestlon of Uoton or dis union were put to a vote of me people In any South vn S ate sav> south Cirolia<, the latter snocm" would te deflated by fin* n o wen' y with this oooviotlon taej could not be am pea d foolish enough to resort to such e procedure. Th ir policy war fl st to swell e proper pre irxt.or ro re osrre-ily n a* rone lucentive todUmitnn, and ib. D ha-, ng ob alned It, to pnab mature forthwith to ao extremity. Tblt In enllv Is rurni#he-t In the elect in of Ltncom. Tbepoblls mini of the S >uth Is now aruuae-1 to the vtry verge of r volut oi, anl It needs but the a,.nrk?tb< eheddln-of one dro i of bloxl?to preel,iiut? the country Into civil war. Aid lb a dr ?i> id bio .it * be aned. The dlsunlontsti win not let tnls splat lit of. portinlty past wiibont prill tnr by It. Mnursve, t now at the very focus to which they bsve long boa tr . log to bring them, en 1 Uey W.ll nuke a tie,, bn'orr time can be given far nrgotl.tioi. "Preclp'tnla tno rev-, lutloa?delay* are danger on." Tlla <s their w it>, m d, mark my words, tho;. will adhere to It. 1 had e con vernation today wr.b a f ntlemia, a onine of Virginia, and undoubtedly the be?t po?te1 man la re gard to Ibe political history af tho aountry, of, pro?si y, any In It. He le em crn'ly coca rvt.l'e, end has b a tor nearly thirty year* a prominent m -mb. r of the t re. a Some four yrars of the' perto i were vpect i Al t an a as chief editor o' 08* of H e leading papers of lb-it S' it. , ?. d daring Uei t me he ook an actlre part in tue p<diiic? of ibe blate. I uria my acq'iam anoa wiib him, wh-rh ro vers a period of ?hou. eigb. >?are, I a?ver ka^w I'm to louuirr nce lor .a as an tnv m vemrnt that did not bear the broal t' m o' ion e va'iam and l oioo. F>en ow he Is, In bla i nbl C capacity, pursuing a similar pa!' cy, end I know hr la but f?oeiig tb.-'hon'st eon vic l-u* of bit soul in to dotrg. That gonthaan spoke lo ''ay In my prsecure so dcepmdlrg and disbc rv ,-a ng sa to have cmvinrod me that lbs re gn of anarchy was nt l-a. J H ? ra d, In a roic* and wrn an oxpnmion wh'eb b tokened lie Strang'h of the conviction,"1 am eeuat si thai r, r U ? b ,lan e of my life I am deelux d to wiioria nothing here but such eocnca of anarchy, blood ?bed anl mplnn as bav* afllicted Mexloo for years pa?L" We might add, the aoema wiit la m >re aggravated here a proportion lo our greater population, our greater fact 1 ilea tor civil war and the ewooger motives for rapine which arc found In our immense wen'th Tte simile fur ulrbcd by my friend, however, la a forcible, though nn .lirmlsg on*. Relative local eirenmetaeeee, which m?y tggravate or dlmlcWh the fury of the ooailtot, cannot ilcct the truth end fn'thfnlnctt of the s'mlle R??y.I oare no doubt, on reading thle will b* struck by Its foroe, if tbey do not inudder nt the very thougnt of so terrible e consummation. Bntwhvtte m et awful In tb? orn'cmplntlm of thle i 1r a'1ftI pc<?t<ect la, that ibe lmpcndtng evil Is now be cart remedy " The die tv cast." Lm-nhi la elected No time is left tor uegtt elloms. South Carollaa, as I hare ' said, will precipitate the frro'utloa. While the aptrlt of ! reeleiecee awakened by Llo-ola's elcot on la np, site will | ttrlke the How, aba w'.l force a c' lsloo with the gene -al gorvremsnt, and the* (xnrulae the Hooth. Oh' It lee sled and weloome opportunity for the Palmetto State: Will the *ou b p rm i ner now to be trampled epoa? oow when She la bolily Using be lailletm la e cense in which that wlote section I e<\nal'y 'n!?-wte1 with bar ?elf f Bccb a prcsompt on w u! 1 be silly. J act as acre as te drop of btoot la ah*, la an effort to ooerce ftutb Oaro ina.aoecrewUI the whole doc lb be In arras to ruetala ber. .nd it will be shod, for si -er the general government n-ost peaceably surread.r its jurWdlsthm orer Its de artoi n's w.ibia that State, which :a bar ity pomthle, or oratcad for the aoverelgaty virg aia is tbwwtog aigra of apfr?bea?'cB by the am e preperat cue whti h vb? is making. Jort u I write, nv tree tb n 'ri w di io err.-- hundred cava ry are en arr.ped In the Hg-'ru! oral Fa'r Oowed la the auburbe fthefi'y. a m- re ypUnfid arrayed me aad horsee ??iid tot to found ta the oo-iatry. A'! this parade aad -yef*t'< a la eot id wr", ijr aotbleg. The miaai^o ..f Col. I'm Bock, of i hie ct'y . Commandant of the Ateta into., tu '.be Wj?<b, to for we'd 8 < 00 erne wfcloh the -Hate purri-ac d reueoily, an l of Colonel Smivh, Pretl deal of the Virgia.e Military laslitnte, w New Yerk to purchase artillery, surely m*ao somcth'ag. Tb. h ack rrpeblloera will any these moreme its ere latcaded to deter the North from *-ppor'ng I ncoln Th?y ttocghl tb# cry of "wolf" would always be kept up; hut. like the boy ta the wolf story, they will tone find lhat the wetf has r?B"y come lb shori, every dieeernieg mta ?a ihw 6oo musiiy oonwdee last disoaioe aoe la la evttabie. Nu- b arviety exists here A an early meeting of the Virginia I/g Mater* TbcrvWh atrrag hope that sotno ihiar may he d?ne elOier towards fs aoe of war, L'aioa *It^a thought the lose of th? 1a?? to B?ll wl'l produce a vaiutary d< ?t crats -n among the whige, and that through chitgr n and irdlgr aib-c al Itotr defeni Ibey wlU throw itiamaelves body aad bocea into the diaenu* movement. RESIGNATION OK THE FEDERAL JUDGE 1 FLORIDA. Mowiiviwtav, Ala., Not. 0,1880 Tba Jfefl peMMfera a despatch from Apaiachioia atet Bat McQeeea M -Intoen, fbderwl Judge tor rorlda, WlU I bold office at 'er I 'rooln ACTIOS OF GEORGIA. Maoow, M-i Not. B, 1880. 1M Governor, to hia apeetol metoege to tfeo lagla alure at the Bute, .he leading pototo o whioh I yererday eto grapbed lo yea, reoommmd. retolltoory pmoii u< property or oil ctttneaa aad ?*?? "T** ?xecote the ft.fltire Soto low. Ho oloo "Wf' calling together ol o ooaveMttoa ot the people otakenome r decisive rtepeloUe pmaen. ihreatoatog Mote o^htra, 004 to opproprlote ooe mill a o' dolloro for Ue ^r ^ vat and *mmu?tttoo IheOoreroor toy Uot it t. o qwetloo o he totued hy the people to Utor eortoolfi. oopool.y, whether elfh mUlioaa ot tree men to heftouU are to aubmlt to block repobllooo domination, ood to bow their oeeke to wllHo? .abjection to <be yoke. H-> clnlma ?eecealon ea o right, ood oon'tnd* Uot such on oot o?n be exercised wlU tofety to weU as advantage to the aooUero Btittl. A great meet tog woo held ot Mocoo loot night, ot which It woo uoonimoueiy reeolTOd to oall o oon rent loo o' the people without delay, eo to to oooompllob oioeoolon before Ue inauguration of the Preoldent elect. EXCITEMENT IN AUGUSTA. Aroma, 6o., Not. 8,1888. The telegraph Itoeo ore down eouth of Augueto, and we hare nothing to ooneequenoe from IIUiedgeTllle. Heetingo ore being held oil orer Oeerglo tor Ibrmlng Mlnut i Men oorpi. A meeting haa been oolled tor Augua to to-morrow night It wlU be managed by the moat ? talented and oonaerrotlTe oltlaena, and deolded meeaurea, looking to toe ?? cernlon of Georgia, will bo adopted. A highly exciting ecene oocurred In Ula olty Ula after noon. A Northern man, named Thayer, a homeopathic doctor and former realdent, recently returned, wee charged wlU ottering abolition senttmen'a. Thureday night he wet ordered to leave Uo olty. Refueing, he waa waited on by a crowd Ula afternoon. The crowd, which increased to toTtral hundred, waa ad Crenel by aeTeral cluneal, eomo urging nummary treatmon- aad other* a milder oourse. While Ue crowd wai engaged Uitentng, Thayer waa conteyed off to Ue rear of the ho e> and eaoaped. The ctttzena aided hie vafcty In < oneequence of Ue entreatlee of Thayer'e wife aad children. It to preeutned he ta off nfe. The feeling In gradually widening and deepening Into hoetlllty to Ue Yankee* among all part lee. | A Hillary OonTintlen of Ue State will be held next I Tueedey, at MlUedgtvUle. Gov. Brown* apeclal meeaage haa been appro red. Dnrtof Ita reading, In Ue Leglalatore, there wea warm applause 1 Delegation* of South Carolinian* are Tlilting Georgia Sedate and coneervatlve Georgian* hare mounted oock ?dee. The SouU la to earneat, depend on It. N. H. T. Walker, broret Lieutenant In Ue army, wh<> to reported to here realgned hie commlaeton, will be a candidate for Colonel of Ue Augueto Volunteer Battalion The election will bo held on Saturday nigh'. It la re tably reported that ?ereral hundred thooaand Minute Men are already enrolled In Ue South, and tbc enrollment oontlnuee. Report* are circulating In the South about the burning of the A*tor Houae, tribune office and battle* to New York wlU the republloara ant demoorata. Ltoooln wa* burnt In effigy In Florida, near the Nary Yard, yeaterday. The wllleet extravagance* are reported and meaaurably accredited. IMPORTANT FROM THE CAPITAL OF SOUTH CAROLINA. rASSAM OF TH* BILL IH TBI HOrSl CALLINO A statb coNvratnoi* bight iicynafD miniT* mbn CBbBB ARMS- IMMID1AT1 RES1RTANCB ADTOCATO TUI GBOBOIA KBDKBAL OFFICERS AlOl'T TO ht B10N, BTC.. BTC. ^ a> NoT. ?, 1M0. In .be Senate to d*y Mr. Garllngtoo, from Ue Oommlt tee on fideral Relation*, reported a bill nailing a Conven tion of the people of the State to take Into consideration the danger* Incident to Ue present poeltlon of our State la Ue Union, and to take meaeuree which may be neoto eary aad pre per for providing agatnet Ue *amo. Tbo bill I pro* Idee Uat Ue Oon Ten: ion *hall amemble on the *eoond Monday In January, and U# election for delegate* oocur on Ue Toeeday p'ovtona, tto number of delegate* from each dletrtc*. to correepond wlU U# number of It* Senatore and representative* in Ue legislature. The tort provision of the bill rtquee1* Ue Ooremor to oommunioeU e oopy to the Executive* of the .larebolding Stolen, and orgs their cooperation in providing tor the future safely, wcllhre aad independence of the South. After a brief dtecumtcn ooncern'ng Ue time fixed, Ue bill perned by yea* forty four, naye one. The dlaeeoting Sknator differed about Ue time only. In the Hoc*e, Mr. Trenbolm'n resolution*, to mud a ootnmweloner io Georgia, wae token up, and a Uarp de bate ruined between Ue oo operation late and eeparate State aclloB men. Mr. Gray opposed the resolution. Srparate mid, wae the doetrtne advocated by Oalhom and gcDuffle, and recognized by De Tuoquevllle. He hoped SouU Ca r.lta. would throw off the odtooe ftderal yoke, and *eek Mfrty under the ruimotto Itog-the ?gla of our rtgbto and liberties. Mf. Motiowio n!d !Vwth Gtrolloi wtebdi v> 'wis long but for ten yHin her policy bid beta lo ftwmlt eo operation. Now oo Ue eve of anooeee. It would be Ue height o' madnem to wait to unite with bar Southern ?trtera. The birtory of l*lepoc**ta, Poland, modern Italy and Central Jpertoa proved the truU of Ue maxim, "United we *tand, divided we fall." Be waa ready, however, to abide by Ue decial n of Ue Oxiveul-ow Mr. Mulllne tboeght Ue ettempt to aecure oo operation would be disertroue, and oiled the ease of Ue Onmrn ? ?km ?aot to Virginia, ir we walled for other ?totes to lead ? la very woeld be abaedoeod, and Ue South rpprem *d like India by Ue Kart India Oompany. He Tell Ue Importance or act toe, and thought it would be time enough to send commiartoe w* when tkey bad formally declared the Union broken. Suppnne Georgia declined acting, what policy would hie frioad pursue' Mr. McGowaa did not Indtcnte nuy pelloy. Hia U?a waa to prooeed, pari pane, wlU Georgia. Mr Mul'.lna repllnd that wn oouU not w.U dignity n*k n opemtlcn natll we bare ourselves noted. The eor*lderation of Ue reeolutlona wea Uen poelpoood tin to morrow In Ue Srii'e Ue bill ceUteg a oooeeetlon waa referred to the Committee on Federal Relatione. j Mr Simootca gave notion that he wonldlutfodoo* a Ml < providing poiinr regulations oonoerning rri-m from SUtee hostile to itovery. fight hundred Minute Men are drilling here to night. Cbeerlrg despatches trom all parto of Ue Smith are re eetved, and the services of volunteer! pro (it re I from Georgia, A'abenrn. Mlwuwippl. Kentucky and T- nneteee. Charlmton denpnubn rtate that or mcosmfu! attempts were made to day by troops to removo the goTtrnm>ut arms 'mm the arsenal le the etty to Fort Mmltr e. There wee great Sfctiemeot In consequence, Ue dipping boM8 tug the JVmrtto Sag, and rteamerf twlrele saluted It. The Governor of Seorgia hae MMt our Governor an ad vance oopy of h a tn<esege, urging Ue l*gi?!atnre of Uat State to appropriate Immediately a million of dollar* a* a military fmd, and pr-pare for toesestoa. Tbe Beorg'.a fideral rfflclale are about resigning The Slate radeto are la readinee*, om'ttlog the Novem ber holiday. lmmenae resistance meeting* were held here en let Char testes to nlgbt. g great turnout of Minute from all lit# adjMnirg dtetrfcto wUI take place here next week darteg the Slate fair. OCR OOLUMBtk CORBK<=rOHPKNC?. (oil am*, A C-, Nov. T, I'ffO. Mr-wtWtoweey TYewi MW iraed fa So'* Uii A?n\ ? tO T" ffw of fA? H "/ f tomJe l frt iopt-ne /Jiu* ?"* ?d??feiotl at tAe .VortA r* POunim at 'A* Jo-kA-'H rnftwiow* Heady la ffwffrr far feir Kiykti?Omrrtf>m in Ue Krr-ied Sum <?r .VorfAerw Jfaa?faiurart? IVhU JbaliUmi Threat* end ftminf* Otra Pom?The ChMet "f Oar Kledbera?Pomp tn the Mat* ftrie'a'ore?The Gtd Klate Ifmtee and the .Vrw? PrednxH;ity ?' ColwotHa He top the Cap 'at *f the HanOwm Omfedera>y, *<s, Me This beautiful and naually qelet town Is *ow everfl .w lug wlU repeeeeolatlvee aa I ttrangere from * ery eert'on of Ue Stole. The laoamlm movement h?e begun In Mrneet?of the! yes may he nertals. The newt of the remit la Naw York aad reanay I van In w?a received Ula tnora'ng ahortly eftov midetghL I; cenml ao tonaatlon, eicept, perhaps, one of relief rrom a perpl?it?g *uapeeee. The eter* and fallen feeling of deltoneo to n wotloeal ?? jority, en unlninal on Ue eeebeerd, le quite *e pvevaleol hero, ?od Mill more eadleguleed. fhi every hat yen meet t the bright blue oockade? tbo oH vi??f with U ynusg, ud the despairing with the hopsful, la giving prom In en oe to the bodge. rrom . hla day > ou miy count South Carolina m oat of >bo American confederacy. The formal step to not ot taken, hoi Um popular will luo unmlstakeably doereod it An army of ready made ool dtors aiw prepared to biek the ao.loa or ho State with UMlr fort an eo and their ilvoi. With record to the other oottoa Btates, people hero regard their oo?mloo ao a foregone roaolaaloo. Tho loot opork 01 devotion to the old Moral Union boo died oat from" among it at, and It lo a little strange to oontrntt tho root maoeeo who lately moved ap your Broadway, keeping ? ep to the math or the Unon, with the *mall, renoluwt and well armed bands who nightly patrol every village In the South, with bat one aim and one hop ?to wrtit, at all haiardo, their reopeetlve States from a Union in whlob hey deem their honor trample t upon and their righto denied. It It a mistake to tuppoee that Carolinians, in precipi tating the dissolution, are led on by any delusive hopes ?f great and beneficial results to be achieved Immediate ly. The belief here is very gen rally en er ained by thinking men that the dread oalastrophe wi ch will fbl low Lincoln's success will at first bring in Its train s serins of disasters fbr as wbloh could only be equalled by the degradation and rain of snbmlmtoa. But wo are alio convinced that the bitter dregs will not be all for at. In the melee of tbe oomlng revolution li In possible that our Utile State may be shaken to its very foundat'oa*, nodal ly and pollttanUy; and no one here dealee or a'-iempts to oonoenl thin tact. Bet It Is a thought whiov glvee confi dence te our people end nerve to our If gis Utor* that the shook felt by us will reverberate fearfully through the length and breadth of thv great commercial and manufacturing section, inhabited by thone whoee blind tknallolsm is alone to be held respon sible fbr the general oraah. This Is the spirit that ani mates at this time the people of Soutfc Carolina. An fbr tho threats of ooercion, whether mode by Do agios or by Llnooln presses, they have beooae a ) ?t and n byword throughout the State. They have loosed from Iholr loyalty to the Union thousands of those who Us iths ago would have freely abed thetr blood lo pre "t It. Too late the ahollttontzed North will find how dangerous a game it 1s to attempt to bully Into submlmloa a brave and ehi vmirous people. In the choice of electors jroterday there was not the slightest Jarring of opinions visible The eaaous nominations wero confirmed in General Assembly wlthoat a single dissenting voloe. Tnere In a great deal of tbe good old fsshlmed pomp and Ofremony, wbloh has come down to ut from the days ef the colonies, visible In tbe routine of pro ceedlngs of our legislature. Tbe sessions of the two Houses are be id in a very large and ornate, though now somewhat dilapidated, frame building, oalled tbe Slate House. The halls are adorned with a rich profusion of gold and drapery, resembling that of the old Hall or Re prcsentotlves ** Washington. There are no lob ?>Ice here. The President of the Senate, tie Speaker of the goute and the various clerks of both braapbes, ttUl retain the graceful flowing gilt and purple robes of tbe olden time, and tbe eeatentlous tones in which thetr entry Is heral led oloudjby the pompous mace bearer sevm like the ech >ei of other days. Speaking of tbe IHate House I should mention the new structure now nearly finished, and situated dose to the cite of the present edifice. It Is built of solid graulle, in tbo most substantial and costly style, end will, when eon pitted, be the finest Stale work In tbe South. Wn i knows but that It may ere long be tho Cbpio: of toe Southern confederacy. Columbia re.-U'uly is blest with many of the requisites for a Southern federal capital Central, situated tu a fine, hilly enuntry, h-oltby la tho highest degree, at a proper distance from the oiast. laid out with wide eod regular etreets; sbundaullv supplied with railroad facilities and groelng very rapidly in trade, extent and population, It certainly preeeula a1 j vantages far gTtater thin those of any other place of too same else in theRoutb. Tbeso, however, aro considerations of wh!r.h nobody J thinks at this lime People intend to got the ?ta'.e out of | the Union la the quickest and most direct way, an i , leave the arrangement of the details of our goverumeat ' to be settled afterwards. IMMENSE MARS MELTING IN CHARLESTON. CiUHLitNTtiv, Nov 9, Ifido. An Immense moos meeting of the oltlaene of Charleston wan held this esanlsg. Heretofore they have stood at two to one for Union, but now they are unanlmoaaly 'or disunion. The resolutions odopied demand Immed.ate action. A large delegation of Georgians tu* arrlred to day. Tbe revolutlos has surely ssmmenoed. South Carolina, Georgia and Plorlda, oil the cotton States, will seoede bo fore Concrete meets. The women of South Carolina are also unanimous for resistance. Palmetto fiage are Ooatlrg from many et-eeta la Char lesion. The steamehlp Keystone State bed ts haul down the United States Sag and hoist the Palmetto flag before ber arrival at tbe port of Cbarlestoa. L Is so reported bore by tbe rassetger*. It Is reported here that oott-a m a Boston steamer wa unloaded, in eonseq sense of a Iete*m nation of tbe peopi# of Charl< ?ton rot to allow eotton o go to Baetoa Other kinds of dxtravaganclcs and reptir;s are slloat. PROCEEDINGS OF THE FOUTH CAROLINA LEGISLATURE. TUK "US AT*. .. ? a, Nov fi, 1M0 Tns Senate arrrabled at tleven o'clock a. M pursuant to adjoursmeut. Tbe rtao'iiiioo for the appointment or electors Tor tbo state ?ti taken up and onartirred In, an l at twelve o'clock in a Senate J lined the House In a ballot. HOl'ss or ksr RAM but a t i v km. MEET" ""p,,,#r bj .^Almlahtr and ever h leased Bod, the Pa'her, Roo and the Ht ,y Gbm, we adote thee as the nrenSor of the ends 'I the earth, who fetnleih sot, neither is weak. We sd >re aa Die former of our bodies and the father ?f oar spirit*, In whom we live and move aid have our hair* Thou er.iv art lbs Lord. u>y kingdom ru'eth over all, aud thy Comma* rodureth to all geterallona Thou doest acrordlng lo thy pleasure amorg the armlra of hraveu and tne Inhabitants of the earth, an I there is erne that ran rtav thy band or aay i nto thee what oc-eet thou W'e hem thro eeptciolly, oh God, for thy lues*, mable lore In the n lemptton of sinners in the U-rd Jeans Christ, and 1B his name ws pre test orrirlvte ben-re and bei eeh tbes to be merjl fbl n?to us end b'os us We eicfehs we have forfeited all clams uprn thy ta mpaaa onato regard, that wo hare Sourd trd a nor J grlerouely arneit thee. Kafer sot Into |Bdg>reat egainit ss Deal with us arnorllng to the rtrtesof thy lift tp tbe |igl t of thy rountenor; e ! "pe ee. lur liiiirr, we adore thee aa the king of at t. ??.# atd o< knowledge tbe SftTi'Biesy < f thy law. We tMsrech thee to he o-ir <.-d and the (lod of our ehil 'rea ihrot gf out all y eeratieas Ripe ally ,)0 w, ^ t[j biretig upon in* people of the Pulled States this day Ohtkdl tbe dgitisy of this oountry may turn npna tbe * vesta of a few short hours. We beserth thee to give to all our people the t|drIt of a mu<l wind; give them a pervooirg evlfmee of thy law, a golems sense of thMr rr-v?met* and ni-ligatiou*. give item fidelity is thetr re Mtaag toatrther, and if ooaalstent with thy holy wilt that trtlh and Jastlss may r very where prevail, and that our Institution* may remain In iheir Integrity Oalm tbe It malts ol the people Give wl*?< m torn our assemble* g>re the epirit of h sound mind w* the members of t' | norfrde'sry, and grart that Thy name maybe glorl vt If it be Thy will that s different destiny awaits r , we sik Thy blissltg upon our Uommouweaitli. (lire |> ''ho B'-mheri of this I/g-lalre the g iidanoe of Thy I -ly Vplrlt; impart te th<m s sound mind, purity of mot.m si.d s S'tcere drstr* te [rorr .ie tha interest of tu.- r mahtry, std to be felth ul to thetr God. We l>fsw h list Thy fevfr may xtt upon all then# eislrs whk . hare s nrtrwop letengl w lb us. We t?se?eh Tbre that lb- ? ?e?* be hound lege .her in tbe h 'y tiro of truth, Jiwinw I scd lore Give us. we brreech Tbro, an booTahte name amr.rg tbe rnik-ts of the earth He our G->.| and be nor I gvlee, we rrtrtrr rnd enrvetvrs sad our It tcrroia Into Thy fcttui Git* r? real huml Itv, r-*i self eutr- ?( *-d rf a I ret fidinro In Tt ? S, O Oo-I. Grant that t very member oi t' - Irgiiistlre a?*?n>t>iy may feel th-a?f-i| rropirel I Illy upr.n him .and make up hi# aitnd lo dlsi-bnrge hla duly r Thy fear, sad w tb nu ep# single to fhy glor* srd all ?r sak is m the oamu and fer the rake of drlet Our Ri (rem? r Amen , ' "I"'**, of Charleston, railed for the speo<ol order wtl? h had bee* msue for ose o'clock, *!s ??ttoh ef tb# Aoveinf r'* n -r?og" as to the call for a Om vertfer, the rrorgaa'ratloa ef (he mibtla ant deferoe of Ue "lata tlan the res-lof.rna In rrlatien ?? tbe approort Stem sasUe st the last itsiloo of (ISO 0C0 for mil t.s cuntii t?nr:< s Mr Brist s-i tressed Ibe H "?#. and sp ka Is substanro as fellows ?lis said that the subjecta embvioed in the WfM.pi of hW Kreellrney the GoVernor, iJTodl iK iT'mrmtlr'. ^r'.?* P"h ?P? W **!l known to \hc mrvbtrt of tho Froto ?ho far# ctAmtBod lh? toot ' roil It ^Trv eVuU*^ rsoomrreriditlons as to the ca l w a eon vie i lot rf the prople of the state ant tha proeticvl measures te be takes with regard lo tbe defend* rf the Mate and ahse the rrsnlatlon of hi* friend and ml Irague fentn ( har'estrn (Mr. Cunslr(ham) He rr-r-ar ii to direct bis atteatlre aime to tbe .ub)eei' of Ihe^G^ nor s m< :??!#. Tb. matt.,, therem rsfervM to 2. fll" ST /.*'.r*r* T?lr*A grass eonstdera *? 4lrcctlsg attention, however, to that docu 2*V.i 15. T.onld u Ken tb? moommendetloos or nw Exoellenoy wr ra predicated upon a oouiuige?oy,. namely, lbs result of the election for Prestdeut atd Vice President of the United Htetea, ud um tmlowird conaum motion of that front nattoonl content, which I* upon tbta any agitating our great country throughout It* length and breadth. Inasmuch an aucb wna the rase, hia own opinion wis, that It would he tmpolltlo for the Houae to ??ke action upon the auhjeot of the recommendations until the result became known; but If it be o, as wa bad ?very reason to expect and anticipate, that the oonaum matloo will be untoward, and that Mr Lincoln will re ceive a majority of the rotes of the Klectoral Gilleje, then be might be permitted to remark that It wt? hie Indi vidual opinion that the time for action ha I rent, and i ahould be Immediate, unqunlij d, illectlve and decisive. The reaaona which lolluenoed h m In pro ?.?f Vi" ft?11??1*11 would ba laappropr aie at ihel time to set forth. He mlgbt, however, olaim the attea ?* "J? on *ome future occasion The view which ha had Indicated were the result of a calm dellbera tloo upon this queatloo, and with a view of direo mg the attention of the Houae to it, and of iffording an o portu nlly of dlcpneirg of the recommendations, he would pr> pose the following order ? Ordered, That so much of the special order a? relates to the call of a Oooveutlou of the people of the State, the re organisation of the mllltla and the defen ? of the Htale, a referred to in message number one of bis Excellency the Uovernor, be dlaobarged, and that the said matters be made the special order for Thursday, the 8th Inst., at om o'clock ' Mr. CunDldgtiim's rrmRition, authorising the flovernor to use the HOC 0(0 appropriated at the last nenalon for purpaees of oommoo defence waa pasted, and sent to the wiiile for oooourreooo. Then the House joined the Senate in n balk*', for Pretl dentiel Sectors. The result waa as fellows ? wm. K. Martin 1*1 A. P. Calhoun lag John Williams ????? T. Y. Simons 14, ... j v otst R. S. Mclaa 1?7 On motion of Mr PtntT. of Lharleatnu. R"*?lved, ?at It la the leuse ot this (ieneral Assembly that the electors this day appointed east their voles for Joha G. Breckinridge, of Kentucky, for Prut idem, and States ' of Oregcn,for Vlco President of the United Unanimously agreed to. Mr. O (tin's resolutions were made the special order for Thursday at two o'clock SPEECH OF HON. W. W. BOYCE. ? ? _ _ Oolchbia, Nov. 8?P. M. Hon. W. W. Boycc was serenaded this evening by a large ooncourse of elllrens. and replied In substance as follows ?I thank you for this manifestation of kindness, and attribute ft to the deep in tercet wblth you take In the present condition ol affairs; and, Indeed, the oondltlon 0! our country Is such as to demand the earnest oousi de'Slk n of every lover of his country In all homan pro babuity the nominee of the black republican party Is at ibis mrment elected President of ibe United Stales, from this fact arises the greatest question which we. toe people of Honlh Carolina, can possibly be called upon to decide?one which I hope we will oonslder and de Urmtne among ourselves In a spirit of fraternal kindness, with all due allowance for tho opttlons of all classes ol our people, whatever their optnioos may be In my opinion the South cannot submit to the election of Lin coln, bees use ho Is the com'nee of a sect tonal party?a party confined altogether to the Northern section of this conf.ctraiy. It was not Into su< li a Union that our an orstors rote red?it was not a Union of ore section doml ism over another, that Waahiagtou, Madison, Rutledge sod other great m. n entered; and If thero Is no other ob Jeetion this alone would be sufficient. Why stay to a I Lion * fctre ?rc ?r? to be subjected to auother section? This IS pot lie only oiject'oo pi this party. B. sides belrg sectional, It la a parly Bl'td with an.ra slty p. the South ai d her institutions? It In a party wblrh hates M and would delight In our rulu? a party would r.j.ileo to see the torch appl'cd to our dwellings. To such a party w l.y shoult we submit? If we submit to Ibis we will submit to even greater evils. It la a party tourded upon a system destructive to our whole social fabric, atd which would reouoo the beautiful South to a howling wiktenusa. iVo wo submit Pi such a party? In my eplnlen, we should not ark if that party hates us. I le I J00, in proof ot wbai I say, you can refer to their sort, ties Lork to thur pre**, their public speakers Iw k to their sympathy expressed, not only by mobs and Violence, but by rejw.renutlve bodies, 10 their oouris of Justine, as evidenee of this There you flud the John Urcwn reeling The hells toll with all the prmp and clr Coir car ere of lag.anlry, as ir a treat martyr bat Suf lerrd. HLw we rent-r tutor whal Hrowu tot^Bded wo urders'and tbcir sjmpUby towards us. The question then is, what are we to d< ? lo my opinion, tbe Aoilb Ought Lot p. rubinlt. If ) on lnt.*nd to r**iel, the way to resist In earnest la to ml, U>a way p> euact re7olu turn la to stare It la lire face I think tho ouly policy for r.t is to arm a? toon as we receive eulhontle rolrlltgencn of the elect I u of Lincoln. It is for *?'h (Arolir.a, In the quickest manner and by tho most direct tutnns, to withdraw from Ihiv Inlen. then we wiln t Submit, wbetner the other Mouibsrn Mate* will set with us or uqy They ran .11 take abb s aith our enrmiea, they must takosibs ? 'h i s Wb, n an soci. nl phlium |<brr wmbrd to Inengu rate a great revolution, Ills motto was to dare ' to dar< I My lira is, then that our nollcv Is lo iiare, to dare. Mr a.joe su followed by lien Wm K Martin, Col ( dlrupeon. Richardum and others who.00 tendril that to eobmlt 10 the el* lion of 1 loco hi Is 10 coo sent to a lingering dea'b. PEACEABLE RECENSION CIVIL. WAR IV PRO MA 111 E. fVrom the South (hrollolan, Nov. g 1 j A native 1 aroiinlan, who has b-eo t m iing some lime lu f bi adelphla, in a |urate leiler expreases the following opinion. The wrlUr ir a genthman of laLeliigeooe wb" P.kaveiy active part iu tho secession controversy Hetssbitu a elite 01,server of poiuiclan rnatP-rs, and glvra the follow tig as hit o|dnlon ? The prevent taov. most will glye us elthes a Routbsrn c tftderaey, rr the equalisation of tbearctona la the present o.Lfedr rsey As to a civil war, 1 do Lot a pore b.ndI snyth rg of lha kind Tte Northern m'norliy laugh at the Pen of coercion, and say lh?y will stand by the Sioth They regard the struggle one between the of ct<!>^!x*fs ait(1 thd rtjebi* of prop* fIt, tod t uf'he'ln'p'r"1'^ b" 'r'SI to turn the scales to favor The above extrast pree.cU n rcryatr k ng feature lo this eoLlrr vwrey. If we now, not only we. but Our Norlbrrn Irlmds. w.ll be ovrrwbelmed forever. u' llJe fanatiu rm lo ctxck, savb the dnurt as lo the suhminvros of the x.uth. The battle la sow belrg waged against us. Ilnv bv day the tappers and miners art at (work stoo/^?r borders atd In our towra and cities nay by das through ot.r revenue system, wtailh a d goerr a o sceumulating at the North Tbe?? sre nets of h stm- p, wbtch Iks Suulh Is t-teomirg aoesrsp.m it tnjr friends at the North e?B Bo lot g? r raise a warr ?g voir, we ?n no hirgsr a dndai t admc nit u, if bla. k republtcwa d< m'.nat on ?e P lsratsd B .-h will he la igbe-l at ani riClrclcd. This U Ibe erlste in the c utest, and 11 we tab " cor sunn for lodep.rdenee we will attain peace and safo .kTeI! V'i ?' ' ?= rrent events ?\ IS Noftbtw C 'fiim* fpfal An.i luAQaUrturtD* InUfpni#, wild the fkmlb?rn prop kootim! iron urrj?r ?r??etij|pf liown, in mar plmcfm errmblti m ,n ibo' fall. In ciErr# ?l?riirf lo Itferior p^A'tiort, with Ikon erwdll?the Mats sf ffl war uperalli wt? wrecked In the ror.vnIgloo, wbeie wi!. the powsr to coarce the -tnuth bo core? It must, from the t)?-essltiee of the r?s? be a Ifwaotfbl rwvo'nlion. The M.uib baa the lever of Arehi I irrsd.s in her grsrp, acd now is the moment f<* its B-omnt ' tpp. * ? PKOBABIF, ACTION OF FLORIDA. [trTTtft HUM HkNATPk VI'l.kK on tub MUCTIOH or MNCVLN. Nsw Y v?, Oct II, imo, W H. P.Wf rw rrq , Kilter it the Fast Florldlsn ? Ir.sbia? Ytu were rawre-.tly Inftrmed Mr opinion brssot at s<l ttsLgrd. that the IrmocratM party In ? ran donomherwiwe, wor o'lfhl louoar.y oiherwiae tbar lev ,|c oollsdly 1 - 1 aie,i at Outncr' ant Ihrongh tfc.m frr Hre. k isrldfe and tare fn view A ibe i?.rlat.l Issnva ' . ? ,' . - r 1 ? ? ? ? 1. I avr now bvrrwie Involved In the eanvaes I wish west sines.sty that all part'ag In the &atw could' be re of re...d to y in In this onwtwft It is qniie true, as Intima'sd in the article to wfcirh yon rrler, that I wa* snrprirU and grlersd with the arswer which Mr |se g a* made tn the oumt'on IVf.jounded to bint tn Norfolk, an t with the lone ..? et "?? hnt I wlahe.1 Mr ftrev.lLridga count ttsye iboRdtit it r to at o. r.oro n eoolmry iJs sitlen promptly. But ro ear In ate dcetarrw Ins ncegtitioo of the right cf tsrr.,. f m tbers . to ci 11-rt to yotn for Mr llreel 1 ,gs tsh..*.. avowed %??' tortts >.n .t' r marer-if !#? ,? meal a. u , ?9" i n ir.y ? E & rfp?4r?A p % g,T* %t tTTIin f ? j mm , # IV >?"" ?*!.' tat tie e< nstili.l . n .1 the 1 ottst eiet.-a s ar mieiot he 1 * ?n soyiti,, n *'*t- * no win tbowo who d . t r, ...,i teh.,1,II V r mo' ? wr "oay r.gret .of t, msi. ? ' 1 iy 'I i.'H. the runes of the Bowth ' " feed I eo,,? . , tf ? me ill 'pi? .ill, >n I ? cession of an artl slavery psrSj to the gi ? ? 1 m Lint the I'stted Atales will boa very serum, evrnt. Wbso we nbWmpl.te ibe oondiUeJ .llus0!* ?,"r "Utss * the North, wbtch fas lb e to r^arli, w;ib surh rapidity, Hoover al.lwiirg or. pr.riien* It has vtun.d, and e^naider tho I . ptsli. rm of hi stlltts to the <N)uthe-n f >rm 0 sor .tv t,.wwblibtt IS organised, the nt^rgnksH i*'" ",l** purpose by iu promttent lenders sod the rffeis ve and tvindimuelac spirit with which tome of the? flsd It safe for their pvrty snvvea p. et 1 rna Ihemielves, wscsnrot help feeling n vory te-p n.? "^of the governm,ni by suoh a party *'?" *** * ** J" lbr.aunli g'ff evil to Ui- communltii oeetpjlng the fttaUs In which African slavery le allowed, lhai brme defer si VS policy w II be Indlepsnaable; the ?pore Indispensable bemuse, btlng now to a set Had mi betlty, they are without me-nns of sff etlrw self defence ssalnst tin m'scbleynas tnd aygrewslre nsw of I the federal power, which the nvre nvmemns and p werfnl dtates rf the Northern secti't will have pet milted scd authi rind, if they p'a<- ' Serb s party la rbarie nf the gtbbersmenL The pro-eedmg proper te ike must, of roar re, drpead upon the e.runielanosa t xistirg at the tbne, frank y and dslibsrati Ir reviewed 1 It IS tvlgetilly del treble lo avoid any ssrlovs evil orww motion, and lo many grave asprcls ?<st desirable to pre serve the ni Ion of the Plates, e ss with work *eer.See 1 Itwt we mnsl have p.see We may dev're to rvms'n nn'ted wish our frlesds In thw North, many impos ed Interests and our arn ? L med fe? I'wge, ma alUoh rta to : the pfsssal Unlea; we may duly i the ssricus rffocte attrndlrg ?J1 extensive ud sadden chang-e In the ooLillnik'D of civil govern neat; but U>e policy of oar oi nimoo government malt bo consistent with oar equality as cone derates, ud our ii/elf sad preservation as com munities. We muvt defend end m lie loin the security end fsppinree of our families and flrt-side Fuuiiy end flresfot-l In our duty U> tbeee we mat I do nil, end brave ml ictioo Ible duty may Impoee tie extent of ectlnn, the form of notion, tbe time of not loo?will, of oourie, rimm our mature nod careful oonalderallon; and, to be effective, our dttermination! should have tbe rap port or a aeil (kilned and deeply Imprened public senti ment. My own judgment le very folly decided. W# cannot endure s govertment which puts I tee If In eonS'et with onr locial sa'cly and civil deve'cprmcnt. Wo must b? mured sgslnat tbe unnatural oonditlin of a society warred b)m u bv He own guvemmtnt 1 am now ounvtnoed, aft. r > arttul observation s'nee 16(0, wben tbe Soulb con? ?CLted to puis into a minority, that we require new guarantee In the Pn'on. Nothing short of tbe adapta tion or the federal compact, by aiproprtate alteration* to the rlisr gcd clrcnmetuctg of the country, eat meet the nee. ssitu ? of the caee. Tbe change wbtcb seventy ftsrr has niado In tbe number of Plates and t itent of our Urriti ry, ard especially tbe great changes Ibal bavo o-curred In the rnnibcB and distribute n uf peculation, In the elrmrrts pomposity It and In the Idea* which move tlutn, all make very proper a review of tho terms of union and an adjustment of tbe dotal ? of g- verntnent to lb. se altered condition The existing stale of disquiet and violence provee the necessity. Th< rc Is no peace In tbe lard nor nay general harmony between tho tHates. We should arrarge together, now and at OLoe, for living In peace or parting in ptaeo. Your obedient aervaQt, I) L YC1.EE. THE DEMANDS OF THE CRISIS. [From tbe Washington Constitution, Nov 8 ] Wben we received toe indisputable evidence early yenWday morning tbat Abraham Lincoln bad been elected President of tbe Cnlted 8lat>e from tbe ?tb of next stated br?lly tbo Isaue tbat bad buen dec''led by tbat action of a majvtty of tbe people uf tbe Northern Wales, and tbe manner iu wbiih that action was likely lo be viewed by lb. poop e of the South We bave watched the progress of tbe oooteet with smlon* care and deep solicitude. We were e-iabled to judge, separated aa we bave been from the ex cited oocUsianta of both sections, with cslmueea and unblasa. d observatlan. Wo bave endeavored earnestly and faithfully to counsel tbat action on the P*rt of Ute wbole people, which we felt would allay the strife and give continued peace and happiness to our country, and we deplsre with hitter sorrow that our ad vice baa been rejened, and that the present crisis has been permitted lo occur. We kDew what vast Interests were Involved In the struggle We regarded It not as one bet*can political parties, but as one on tae issue of wblob depended oonaldeiatloos which, In the animation of every sincere oalrlot, transcended Immeasurably par tisan success or peieonal Interest TV critu hat eone. A teetional majority of the Worth havt pronounced judgment, and we haoe al ready Hated how the mm of the South Unit be likely to regard that decitien. 7b ignore the danger is to reiitt the evidence of our tentet lb muttate or rather to underitate the unir, it to criminally mistood pub tic opinion H is leU that the men of the Worth and of the South lAetiid look the ifacts, itarthng at they may t'juarrly in the face, and guide their future conduct with a perfect knowledge of the com (ley haoe to meet We bave not attempted to snggtat ? hat .bat conduct ought lo be, tor bave we Indicate! wbat course or polley tbe tfoutb ougst to pursue wlib a view to redressing ber wrongs or enrurltg ber safety. Vte can only hope that that oourie and pol cy will be well corsi'.r. l, ocul and wise, that tbe mi n who all! bavo to act w.II discard pasalon, soger and . xci'.i m. nt, and lake connacl only from their acute of juatcr. tboir botor, rat iha. pairlolkm which every true b.arled American must itl. W> arc rot wtthect he,;.* that, although tho political honson la row appartnliy bounded cu all aides by .htik atd lowering cioodt. portentous of tem pest a bilgbt vpnt will yet appear an 1 tbe danger avert.d But if that hope, so d. ur, so precious to every fyiend of blscnuctrv and Its It at.: uttnni, u to bore allied, It it cot by tho roi.tln< ance . I' tbo taunts, threats aid bnasird poss salon < f superior numerical strength of tbe one aide, nor by basty, pvsal.mat i and taSOHMsMtd action or Ibe other. It la n< t In the b^nr of h aoul exul tation of a victory won, or o' ai.g- r at dti'oat taaiained, Ibat wo can lock for If at * nt in and c kj.'dcm wb-cb slot e can devla? a ?ccoce*'ul adjustment of tbu present n.i it en lens dlllicully. It sij-aluicnt to p>#slblc '.will not he found In force, tor In prr-cipt'-ile acta ef hostility. It will be found In the patru turn, at .te.niai' ?hip and sagacity of tbe American p-ople, who, |f honor and sakly will permit, will re- i v.m evertlon and e -a sen to ariy arrriflce rather titan drrloy a T'nion -in.I o at.ti.tiTs wbl-h have b*eu the a urre o' to v u-h glory, s? m.rh happlm .a, So much pioaptrtty, and whch.lf prra?ra< d, p owdae to our country a car. r of .io?t-r and walib b* youd tbe power of human imagination to coo eaive. Tie attenr.t to d'slort our remarks Into a recomniroda tl<n of d'SunUm is as unj al aa the ilfrtto fold others rerfw-ialhle fur onr 'aer- age la dlareputable la the spent b ..rut Ike mgbt save espr. kun to tbe houcal on lulres.f a heart full of sympathy with a aoct o of our ctnnlry threatened with wrong and danger. <;OIN<} TO 00. [From the New York Tribune, Nov 8 | Tbe prnple of the Cnlted .-Lb Its have indtcaiej, accord lrg to the fo'ma pr.rcribed by the o> aelUultoD, their de lire tbai Abraham I Inc >lu, of Illinois, shall ho their r>est nt, and Hvnmhal Hamlin, it tlatue, their Vice Prtxidvnt A vr-y large plurality ol tbe i-rpular vote t,?. n rart for tbrm, and a decided maj >rity of electors ef'een who will unconhteilly vo'n for end rlea*. Ihetn on the Cri>t Wedmsday In Iwren.her rest. Tne electoral vi va will be forma'ly sealed up and forwarded to Wash ing.! o, there to lie oper td ard canted, on a g ven day In f- hrivry next, In tbe pres. nee of b >lb bourns of Oon gfsll; and it will then be Ibe duly of Mr John C Break as ? ? f the'.-rale, t>. Irularo l.iueofn and ff-n duly elected frrildent and Viae i'reeid nt of tb. to I'nlt.e fi-.t- a to ?e {woplo do not like this, aa Is very estnral Dog berry ciacovered, a good while ago, that "when two rile llvrrr, nrgiol nJelxb'nd" That la not gvoeralty ti.m.e tbe pri'erahle teat; but the rale remains nn ? 0.(t-.d by that rircumv'aooe Wu know bow to eympa lb1 r- w'*b the del.aUd, for we remember how we felt wben A<'vms was defeated, and < lay, and Beutt, and Kre xv< r I ll * dtct led ly pit uf sate r bi be on the winning aide, eenectoUy when?as sow?It happens also to be the MM tide We sympathise with the aBllcied, but we '-snoot re e< if m. < d item to do anything desperate. What le tbe est! Tbt-y are bealeu now; they may triumph next time; le fait, they hasa xenert.Hy bad th< r own way; had they ft, n ai.bjrrltd to the discipline uf adversity aa oflea as ? a lav*. I bey would probably bear It w tb mere phiioeo pty at d deport ibemaelvea more h- fllt-rgiy We live to leant, and r ne of tbe noet <1 ITIc.ult acqu.rcmente <a that efmitbg rrve.-sea with grawfol lostilorle. lie tr .graph n'. rms us that meet of the cotton flatcs ce n ?ai at n t a wilsd>awal ft m tbo f'rb n beoaoen of I -nc r'e etsc ion Very wall tb'-y have a right to medi tate and rr.r.niaiN n la a profliabie employment o' leisure Wt have a rf roaic. mvitdble dlabviti in niauni n aa a r.n edy f. r tnber Nuribern or Houthsrn grievances; we ranrt pefCStV* try cecrsaary NktH between Ibe al Ngtd <i aeasr and this ultra beiuln remedy a till, we aay, II at ) body ttva (It to ireotta'e diauiih-o let the in do so tr molested. That was a base and p. pnorltrc row tbat Ibe House otce raised, al .Wrutb. ro dbdwtkra, about tbe ears of fila l/utaey Adams, bronoee be present.-1 e pet' loo for tbe direnlutl-a of the Uaide Tbe pe titioner ba-l a rlgLl to make tbe request; It was the mtmhei's doty lo present It. And bow, If tbe toll n Plate* consider tbe value of tbe I'sim dehatah f, we maintain their perfect right to dlee-ias It Nay, we bold, wlib Jer.-ra.-o, in ihe taalMBable right of row meibtllee to bllor or at?-ii?h forms of govern event that bave Mere oppressive or Irjurtous; end if tbe cot It a 'Intra shall be. ou t sal alk.1 Inat they cao do belter < at ol tbe f 'u i n than In It, we Insist on letting them get tr |<--ee Tbe right to s<cede may be a revolutimtry ess, hot II exists nevertheless; ant! we du not see bow I - I arty ear bave s rlgbt M to what enotbr party has a t'fht lo prerrat. We ir.ust ever reelet the asserted rlgbt of ai y xtate to remain in tbe I'd ion sod nullify or defy the last thereof, to wi-h'raw from tbe L'eton le q-. ts sr'.her msltor And whenever e coeelderable ??c I' n of cur I x.on sl.ell deiiheralely resolve to go eel, w e shall f?s at all coercive neaeirei drstgn at to seep It In We fit jr, ntvi r to Hvt o s rrjwhiiv whereof ens eao I t it is | 11 r i te ice residue hv bayt tile. B> i wh le we thra opbeid the praetkal liberty. If not tbe abetter r rht of toee?si..r> we rwost Iran.I that the ? le be tat> i>, II aver It al a l lie, with the dnilberatkm ait) gravity h< filing an a' ireti lew* aa laaoe. Islam l-ie i ne tr? v?n for reflscvten; Itl the subject be'ally ar v atso.i l.'ire the peoj-ie, and le. a popster vole !?. tat - n in t vary rase bi fore ?trtsalsr'S deereed. let trie 1 ' ' I why lh-y ore urged to break ir - t ft j at ?' . ; 1.1 ibt n v e th a-.'-e -W tf^ qip ? . e to' y | f a ??, -te. ?el (f.i r- ri.l.t, b q^oeaae, b-d aae let t> f act of stress < u ba tbe Kbasl ? ? uaaatetaJia f |' ? st 'at. A I"- iiroat Ifia r.edeaed, e de-read ft r arpa'*t ' e en be. ktd, W- ulI eithee fae arq I'-wced la w tft I the afltol'r e ol hl>' d, or Ihoes nt" rnah?d vpen i?*t sge lo i. j end defeat it won e plane lb-meeivra r'aar'y IP tae art I g. The mrae rrs bow berg t"? g ratel In the notion eiat,a with a view (apparent'! I to senaasiea, seem to us test s'avity sod legii'tt ate tores Twey beer lbs ef Ihisiakahle rnoreee ef hast*?of pa" of cf dtwvrust of tbe p. |mlar J-idrtreet. They se*m eleatiy intended to prrrlpttais tbe poutb Into rtbvliwm befhse lbs haseieee r.rae of lb* rlan.ora wbi b have rnwied and excited bee, can be ascertained by the h. dy of ber poopla. We trnst that Ifey w I he cor.t' ntid with cal-nneee, with ,v ?? ? it. Mvi.'t >r tf at ,n tive luberaut Stfer gib i f Ibe I'xlos and tba loyally of tbe Amerloan P"Tle TIIE FOl'Tn IN MOTION-TTTE PROKPBOTH OF DISI NION. from tbe New V..rb Tieeef, Nov. 8 } We ere pot enrprised- nor In tbe least alarmed?al the sj mi If me nf rtwtptftinl and the movewaenta toward! terete n wh'eh grest tba in of l.tnmia'g etemtoa tb if. H stfofp Clair s We have never loppnwed the tooth wt* M sit down quietly sad enbmit at ones In repabitnan ssea scarry in the federal govern man t. The etabe for wM.h Ihty fate htea plaj leg le loo b'gh They ar* too drey y cr t. milled lo |*rm>l acy eueb retreat. They weald Itcnr the art ra ard nontrmpt of their own people If Uey were tbns to quail hefcr# tbe spectr# Ibey bave levtlcd TT.ry are compelled lo go abend if self to pros* tbat Ukv ware tot hypocrites and kaavee la their threat* We Its k, Ifersforr, for ! f mat deal of vloleat talk Is the fkvifstn vuitS Their tkireranre aad laglalUarra and jogrrele will feroopce ibe Cnkie and twosdolm tbe if dtie. n-iralu e to withdraw from Its obi leal toed sod ta np'diate tts protect tow They will cell onwveellowe, wg otf,p're tbrir wVllt** and waka all tbe MWfWabWB % tbelr power for seoseeioe and for war?for ? rplfo ef a^

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