Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8828. MORNING YORK HERALD. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE CRISIS IN TUB SOUTH. Exciting News from Sooth Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Virginia. PREPARATIONS FOR SECE8S10I Important Proceedings of the dentil Carolina Legislature. PROPOSED REPUDIATION OF NORTHERN CLAIMS. MES8A6E OF THE 60VERMQR OF GEORGIA. Mtereating Despatches from Blob ?end, Petersburg, Charleston, Columbia, Montgomery, Kil led Seville, Nashville and Hew Orleans. TO PlOWAIflB OP THE SECESSIONISTS. MB RUMORS IH WASHIWTOlf, *?" *8-t As. THE R8P0BTS FBOM WASHINGTON. WFIOT 0T LINCOLN 'H UJCTION ON Til* omoi ? 1.DKM AND OrriCl BUKBM8 ? IPUAD or Ttti ?WWUON 8KNTIHKNT IN THJt HOCTH, ?TC., WTO. WifiHwoTow, Not. S, I860. Tbe effect of Llnooln's election upon the people of thla Mvtalul (u bo more eaally imagined than deacrlbed. * ?o place Is the United States where the peoplo Ihs efflce bolder*, for newly everybody hss an offloe? ??sl N more d matron sly. The defeat of Ltaoota waa a mMter ?' ?*? ? [death with them , and when It wm aa aeoaoed that ha waa fleeted curses load and deep went * from thsss Infuriated Individuals. Tbey were fcr taratlng a Bonthsra ooafederacy at once, and acme of the asm reaolote sal determined do- tied the cockade, and Indicated their willingness to shoulder their muakat and raalat the tasacnrstlon of Llooola. * day , however, a better feeling teems to i|| '***' these helhesded and terns individuals. Kash aeaa aad reekicaaneaa are giving w?y to wlsdrm aad mo deration. The boalneaa aien and the property holders are far acquiescing 1" ths will of the majority. A despatch reoelved here to-day tr oca a and waalthy gentleman In Charleatoa (tales that the oewa of Ltosnlns election waa reoelTod there with eheeraand ?aay maalfestations of approbation, South Carolina wUl I Bsrtatnlr go nt of the Union. There la great unanimity ?moeg the people, and It lr doubtful whether arv op ihloo eould be muatered i^nlnst it It la alao averted Uu4 all the prominent federal oU-ocra declarud their inten Iks to reaigs, and mat aome of then, among then the i?l lector at Char letton, h* re forwarded their reel* ja ttona. The governmeut here wlU appoint others to Oil their j '(a?", Folded Utey can And persons la the State to aooept tnem. N hh?g haa been rsoeived from Georgia, Alabama or MMrwaippl, Vir*ii la *e?ma u< be a good deal exorcised at the olco Usn of Lincoln. The hea ry rote which Bell haa reeelred, together with the probabilities of hi* carrying the State' haa very much dampened the ardjr of thoae who were r < LU.coln a Inauguration. a despatch received here to day from a prominent citiaeo .of Richmond sta><* that while the .lection of Uaool* haa produced the m.. t jukt r? excitemect, the pcrpie are decidedly arena to u>,r" ??y ?ctk* which will tend Ua the (lightest degree to sceemioo or 'liana km. Tl>o republican hoa^iuarter* In thia elty It now the I centre of attraction. There are already earoJed apcu the t*?k* upward* of aUtoea hundred name*, ac( there are a larfe nombe- of aaaea unacted oa, tor, he |? aadwatood, no peraoa la permitted to Join until he haa paste d a rigid aad thorough examination by the 'tart lag ahtefe of the organisation. I am informed ? u. ?_ ? - ' ^ ; ranks In thla dlatriet during ths last tow day* ar* large. fesA and every one experts aa oOoa. Borne ha re area goae ao far aa to deatgnato the place* they are to have, A rumor ha* beaa circulated to day that Moratory f*hb bad resigned a* evening paper also gives enr rsaey to the rimor I have r?d authority for saying that there la not a ihadow r>r foundation for ruoh report 3s will cndonbiedly oostinus to dtocharge lbs dntiss of hiieftlor I'stU the close of Mr. Bochanaa* admlnlstra tlna. Waefn.vtiTos, Not 8, la ths reai'y laflarattal politic*! eirilsa of Washing toe a)l is calKoeas aad nompesnrs. The Uec a of i.t?~u? hss heen regarded as certain fur some t ms past The (-Ulere-tt is oeOnsd to thapoi't -al clnbs aad ooamlt less, and to thi boiui*, aad has Soa-r. ly p"astratod lb' >"ofr t ?f g?"d aseiety at tie West End Two nr thrte ardent ym-ng relV>?!. <t?d with son* ?r Uenspa;--^ ?s, appeared r e'ghborhood of ths Qeac-*l PMOfti ? th ? ;o n < okcles oathslrhate. >at were lau?bed at fr.r UiO/ pa, as, and quickly daap ' y*ar*<L fbe Or KfaWen ' v ? rvrn-jigsmphatically dlselaias WMtrararlsr, wSwh . .? i'rca|,; at a psrsoaal opponents attempt l? attribute to II, t?f b-trvg his orgaa, aad stigma ttoes a r <'di?r?patat>ia" ths e?0rt to hold tht adsilclstra ttoa r-rpr aribis fcr Its articles All attempts, from whatorsr qiarter, to Identify the **sstdeal with lbs advocate* or seoes* oa will be demon strated to be most erjns. ? ben '.be proper time on met T?* Meeds of theCsioaa.d the ooastltulioa need have aa epvr*h"?rtca as to h la ac.?ta* U t? moat aaoaaild Is the republican*, who ar* look lot to his* for protsetlon aad security agaleM ths oianrdsrs which they theaaei rss hsrs brought oa ths aMloa, to nuisreproae..! bis wail kacwa positioa at this or is Is. Nothing ~o eaeeed toe ^ est s to be?r froai the Rontb. de?r. I. to ssve Llwoln from the aorseqosneea of the oonf lot which the; havs proroksl, aad to pile ths rsapeaaibuity oa ?r. Buchanan T? pnstpoas seesasloa tin the ? h of ?arch would eaasadlngty aaaoy aad dlstrsa uks ma aagars of the Prr*ldeat steel Th? A's tumsi Htdhfmerr to day Sodtoatsa (re sf Ita ?^ptoua r >umas to s vtadteatloa of "The meeraUaa aad loyally ef ths Freaent Administration," sad to a stato ?sat of the grounds of ths one fl denes which may ?*ly ha rspnaed la the Prcatdeat aad Saarata "" ??bb had Thompson at thia gUjfc Aa very wil, ?u q?ue tuieNHry. Ta> luUlk^mctr a; .kb teo miiob lmportanoe to tbe ill ooasl iered, and If powlble woneeiprwed.ebsUttleeeU*; tad ikakwi; to the public ihroo.h tbe OomstUut on BmMm, the n perieno'doon ue oro be JnUUigtneer m a ant to be told ihat pobllo m- d are not to bo lightly held aoooanU bie or Um Interpretation pot ipoo their tangnage ottered In th< confidence o roclal boon; ud 10 very elaborate a de.'cnce u the l.iUUiftt.ctr trade U-lij might be ooo ?if oed Imo ibe do kw tbat the Secretaries of the Trea sury and of the Interior needed vindication. If thw M tbe deilfo, tbe donor may take Ms gtfl balk again. Numerou? titers from re-peotab a sources continue to be received by tbe administration, common lost tug state ments respecting tbe oondlttoo of affairs In the Son lb, and asserting that, ao ordlns to prerent m-.lon'tons, Month Carolina will certainty secede from tbe Unkoe. Am yet there has been no formal consideration of the subject In tbe Cabinet, and, therefore, no conns of notion, In view of sucb a contingency, hat been a^ppted. Notwithstand ing tbe r< serve of tbe Cabinet officers, H la known thai on the distinctive legal question of seoes'lon they do not all agree, lbs difference ameng them has revived the rumor that Secretaries Ctobb and Thompson are on the eve of reclgnlsg their positions, but there Is authority for laying tbat it ia without foundation. IMPORTANT FROM VJBGI5IA. tbb fhoohaiuui or rm ?kbsi 'Khph or booth CAROLINA ? THE RESULT OF THX BLSCTION IN TIB OXVIA, RC. RicnKurD, Nov. 8, 1800. It is ascertained here that Booth 7aro ln? jreclpiuus the ooofltet with tbe general government, believing It to be lbs beat ncui of tffecUng disunion 3be feara delay leet negotiation may be rcaortcd to and her purpcae defeated. She will be ensouraged to this policy of precipitancy by every difun.oniet in tbe Mouth, for they tear If an expression of the popular sentiment ta had the retail will be unfavorable to them, or at leaat that the deolred consummation will be deferred. Their objeol ta to forte a con 11 lev while the popular mind of the Booth is at Ha preasnt susceptible standard ; and I ahoold not bo tor prised U tbe rtal Issues would lorn upon the ailing rf tbe federal cfflcts raoated In Charleston. No persons within tbe Sta'.e will accept them, and if appointments are made from without, the offlosaa out only discharge th <ir duties under tbe fro tact Ion of tderal bayonet* In this owe ? oonflio. la Inevitable, and general rovo'.olloa w'U follow. Tbe disunion Ists here congratolate themaelvea upon tbe defeat of ite whip* In Virginia, cot because o* any State triumph received , but because they believe that la the cbagTln and desperation of tha'. party they throw ihemttlvea into tbe disuuloo movemen'., In tbe hopes that belter luck awaits them In the new rr'er of things to fol ow. A whig victory in Virginia would be deemed *lory enocph this time, and ooatentment, at least for the present, would be the result. It is now certain that Breckinridge will carry Tlrjrlnla by from tbree to five thotuutpd majority over Bull. Sena tor Dong Is nowher o. Tfcete I* a Jemocmtic gain of three thousand eight hun dred In M<-Mutlen's former dls rl3'. upon the lait Gubcrna tor'al V)W. In Taiewell county Breckinridge's majority Is tlx hundred; a gain of Ore hundred and t wenty in Mecklenl/i'rg coun'y, a domocratlc fain of two hundred and thirty three; Isle of Wight, two bun dnd and thirty flvo; Nansemond, one hundred and thirty live, and Klu* and Queen, ninety seven. The Douf'as ticket did *>t get a slrgle vote In Tase well, and but two la the Isle of Wight. Two of the oour.tles oom posing the Tenth l?glon are yet to be hoard from. It Is conceded that Breckinridge wlU get over two t Mr 's o* tho argreg a'e vote In tbese oountiea. Fo r eeu companies of aavalry, uurnberng tn all about three hundred and six y men, ar > now eaiamped In the Fatr ground outside this el'y. Ttey are ? fine body of aca. Nr. Wi lls? Alloc, ot Oaremoat en Ja. .* river, tbe I largest Ian '? proprietor aad probably tbe wealthiest man in Virginia was kicked by a fc >*se on board the steamar j (Ilea Cove on bis way op James r vrr to dty. Hi wu wcomparytni the Surrey Troop, of wh*.o be Is Llouleo ant. Isjurvta are not very serious. It Is sacertained, from oareTully prepared aotlmatea, nased upon the rctcrns received up to this tUae fievsa i'rJ<?k P. N ?that ? irginia will go lor freofcliirtd?e by from 3.600 to 4,000. or* RICimOKD COBMWWmWCE. Riouomd V?., Nov. C, I860. A utk**ic ir-v* from OsroOna? Urn Determination to ts art Ike ret n and .Vn 4 M nutsri to Watktnftam, tntU and and franrt?Mr Frtxtred 'A tU ?y- u? !V IndrpmimcM cf South Carol no? A Mm n+f Atrmcy lo ? F*<m >1 lmm*d'tely Afler?Ind Imc* Bnng 1km 8**re&, lAnenln Oann < Make S H i file Mnvmtnt V' leM 1m TioUticm of t\e Law cf N+ i?M-lte^riN>lf *frd tf 'Ac Time of Uu HUuk BejmU Pwptn?J\* PaMt m tts M oreeut, de , 4r. Having to day beard of tbe preaenee ta tbla city cf a ?trtiMCttbed member of the South narollas bar, who left larleetoo wttbia the last two day-, 1 loo* oooastaa to an Interview with blm tn order to ascertain tbe real t>, >poa? of B?oJ> Carol taa In the event of Lincoln's elec nw My desire to obtain this tn'ervtew was not dictated craoebby it wl- ige of the f%et biat thta gentl?ma.i ??s Lale'y from tbe Palm ?llo Fuie as by sa ?sraraacs .?'ven to me by fr^nde of his in tha city that ttere dH nt live within tha' Htate a man irore oonserwtive aud ??e favorable U?diauM->s His sttteaira1, th ?*fore, ts me, at least, perfect:; oaodcfuve as to the real pur,?^s i ,f South Oar , Una. He irrurod aie that the n*f-m<-it which reoently appear" d tn tbe Hssaiii repeeaeelir* laa< State as being date* 'Tiined tostcede oi ?m tbe elctlin ofl.tnooln ?M rtrlotly 1 trre and that fcer purpose to seal a min ster to WaabtngVxi r.> no ins a so. tie further ?ut?a thsv Mr ll'jchaoan, it I purtuanos e' bis ooav?-t>r? of tbe roast: tot local rtgttof ?r,y ftate to secede. Is'lmatcd h'? readinoss to r<cofutac the ltdependenoe of Hoc a Ca^'na. or of any Oth?r StaU ' a similar policy It la further contemplated to ? nd mlr lsters to KeglanJ aad Fraoce, wh-re their re ?rrtt!"o la folly prefared f t, oader a cmpact recently negotiate*. These prellmmar'ea beisit ooc-iodrd. all the thtr Stvibrn *atee will v, lavivl taV> a' as my li,rirmsnl believed, more probably Into a Vri * ? ih B"'iih Ob.-' .na ic a d' trail 's of in.lnpeodea'-a i -r Wales lisve already glvea a pledge of their a'hesioo ? the teller r->iiey, *:tb the rearrvatio,- Ikiw^m, to *h?rdoe It ar 1 ad op* th* former If thi otbor *.,itb?m ?4te?pref^-red ':.*t po!i.-y Tbe four Wales pl-dgtd to ?^?Uta *?it . ?fi '.aa are M^e??sl^pi, f. nda, Georgia aid a la baa* a There was a liuie punctilio of bemr, which rft i t'me stood in the way n* the adheetor c* Atabarna, namely, her prwtoas reeolvs to call a ooavsatk* ss sooo -a tbe elect loo of l.lrooln wtmll be asosrUlaad Having had pr sefitHl to her. however, a rholoe <X two ooaditloaa u tbs basts of be' adberloo, namely , a rail for a frtutbera ooofereooe or aa Immediate declaration of iadep odecne, she waived her punctilio and gave tbe pledg > It Is ua terstood that before any d' Unite actloa la Uksa by theae Males. oUnr thaa Hooth Carolina, every eftert will be siade to secure the oo oj- -alios of tb' other Southern ?natea la any event they are determlaed to go out. Mark the policy of putting Boeth car*?l,oa forward as lbs pioneer In this niovesseat If her Independence la re oogalaed by tfea groat Powers of f aroye and by Mr. Bu- i abaaan, of which 'here la already a pretty ?*>u riw, then the way win hare bees p>vd lor an In la pendent confederacy, which wiB be at woe orraed. and baring a Qrm foot bold among the brotberhoo of nUkiae, aad belag within ib? aoepe or aierna lonaJ law, *? It nuat be when one recognized through tin aoc >i mtnMers by tbe varlooa natlonn of tbe world, It will Mt the power of L neola at daAanoe. If be darea to make an uowarraated attack or 10 wage ?a unjnatioable war upon ihe Boutb be will bare o enoonti er use drcau couao qaeocei of a violation of tbe law of nattoua Bot what la peeoliarly actoulsblag In the yrrtgr furnitbed by th? gentleman to whom I bare alluded ia, that Booth Carolina baa received a guarau;?e from Jfaw York that a force of ooe bnt>dr> U thooeac 1 irt >n would Ih> placed at her nerrloe to defend her from in\ uiion, e. iter by the general government or any other Power, pnudlng the oor.sum'nation of ber avowed parpnee South Caroli na la unwilling to ano< pt the oifrr, preferring to must to tbe patriotic Instlccta nf her (later Southern -Htu-n There la no estimating the extent of tbe evil Uoco t>y the exasperating taun a and deflaa' tone of 'be X ' hern black republican newtpapers la rt forence to the *rith If tbero ever waa a hope or averting i< e evli of J'-Sirnioi, tteae paper* have destroyed It. it I* ntteri - a1 "f tbe quertton to Imagine that disunion will not '.aire ? < alter incb an avalanobe of lntpenoutt, arro#aat, mlacakrv- < oua Uul b and reviling! aa have been roared ap u. tn* doattt by these joarnala for the past thrco mo I ha In particular. Why, neerssinn would be resorted to, tf only to avenge inch Insu'ta: manv a prayer goes up j In tbankaglvlng that a better pretext for disunion will now be offered In the election of L'ecoln. I beard a gen tleman of y oar el'y, who waa pretty familiar wltb tbe true purposes o' Seward and bia followers, rerov* ? ?ne yeara ago, that tbelr Dltlmate design waa to break op tbe Tnlon and organize a Northern confederacy, embra/r g Canada. t very move sent of tbe blark republicans sane then convlnccs mo of tbe truth of that remark. Tbtlr efforts to convlnoc the people of thn North that tbe Tnion will be aafe under a black republican administration, 1* the teeth of a convlrtlon to tb > contrary? 'or tbey oannot be blind specator* of paaalng event; ? are proof (troag *a boly writ that their nurpoae la that which haa boen aacrlbed to Uiem by tbe New York gentleman A feeling o' painful uncertainty pervades all oteamw here, ant, aa a oonitequonoo, trade la suffering materially The contemplated movement by the Btatea Sjatb, whoo carried Into etteet, will, of coarse, aggravate matters very aerlouaiy, ro that nothtair bnt tbe direst pro?pectr arc now ahead. Many thousands jvbe have di-poeite*! their ballota to 3*y for Llnooln will, belbre two moo lbs are over, curse the boor they did so aad tbe tnflueeoee which led them to do ao. Posterity wilt curse them with a fervor surpaastng la lntec-lly the prayers far tbe great foanders of the republic, which periodically go op from the grateful hearts of millions of freemen. OUS FiTKBMtM OOUMMerOSlSNC*. Ilriunina, Va., Not. T, 1W0- ( IV State <f Fulinf Bert and ere m Ou Bnxi]* cf tJU Mw of XineoH?'i ?-<*>?-?? ^ jWeaf of f moera^-Qpi^ ? I *< Cn?< **?* Virgmia WU /'urn* in t e C ming Oritii-'f^rt eftV jUcpen^nn of iJU Slat* Trade t* tto New *nA\em Cm ftitfT GLcy rfc. The feeling here on the reoelpt of the n-we of election, prod icaU"d upon Uie rtrult In Ke^Vfr*,tiM be?w far UM eiclted than tu attlcipatod boforo the deottoo. Thla. perhape, la more attributable 'o the p*r?Iys n? In OaenM of the new. than any dlapoaltlo., to aabmlt w ** reault. There le an < rid"n panic, and mea **>? at other in wilienl but .ipt'-Acea. woader. Few inttolrlea arc made a* to what H '? *> <">"* ta future. Every mm roe la that .ometfclAg ten .bio M Im pending, bu-. tne laaue no one crdei takea to define, no <?? feel, competent to deflae. Tbia lfl U>? more .tret*. m view of the fact thai Lincoln* eleetloa f? * f.r.*ons concl talon for eonac woeka; yet no novel, ?o ? artlir-g ia tbe retutt, that ever tbe premunttl jna of the part nook! not brrak the erroe o 'be.r-et n " action comee? whoa 'hla wrrlbie o current -viewed coolly w.4 dfcpeaatoaalaly-iba* any c^t ?U u?t* ?r he formed or ite ?fcc? In Virginia. Everything now .?*? wrapped up in uncertainty, ?> *???. ao that even men lh'm>elta? cannot judge bow they wlU .tand. Credit, awoo, even the moet l?tii?.%te frk-Dua, ha. comparatively ceaaed. N ) E&an aeel an Inch he-ore h ?. ?td if oourae he move* *tth a .aulluue atop, an.. to a, every part of the Mate eo far a? be*r<l fivm. MwAtbUe, many wbifi* mailfeet no little Joy at the reeull Bui In charity to tbem 1 would ray, it la a J* ratter at the defeat of tbe democracy thai, at the trlampb of Lincoln Tlioueard. of them will be f-nnd, at loaat In Virginia, ready and wiling to take ofT.oe fr"tn Old Ab-. Nor will they wait for Ita ?rott. r; they wiU be found *? KUlng the White Uouae bt-fcre Linnoln .ball have well warmed In It Bctta, the prinoe of traltore, la ??> 1 to havo em icaarW ? now at the home V Llroola eoUitlm f* him a place In LltcoU,1. tXbm.t. few l?*ey? tn Virginia haTe been imack'rg their lipe rsr ??*? at the delightful protpeel cf having a torn at the Mfe pou I believe la my aoul, and the eequel wU! nadtsat* the truth of the ooejocure, Utat there arc It* ihouaa^J ablga In the Plate who would nhe.rfully pay ci'irt to b ack rerr.bltcat*m, or rather ita heaJ. t.r tht ??** '>r ? petty odee. Llnco'u', olectl?, lUke It, from p.- at iudioatlooa, will develope an amount of oorrjp-.;->? la Virginia which no man would have dared to predict a mouth ago. There la a aurt of moral imiuonlty, or I might aayawumed immunity, from p-uiiahmeui ore, a faje for fattbleaaoeaa which the election of Unooln m to five and thla wliJ have, aal haa aire*.'./ , a ootuxlar* ble Inlueace tn aaboidetlng theeo Ualto.. to aa o*w. avowal of their grauflo^ioo ai Uno.,.?'a > rp?ak now chiefly with reference to ttw men of **?? ?tamp. Tbe rcelinp >A U- othcra 1 hare, 1 be??va, faithfully portrayed above Virginia will Jala aoy aeoe?alon or diaunlou ar.awne with grrat relucunoe; that I ere dialla-tly. n-.w that tho terTlble leeue la brought nearly dawn to tte P?U.t of ^ tion Such la the opinion of every intelligent man whom 1 have cocvereed dur.g tod^. +??? . peculiar oee. She la at lb** nx?eut W??v "o_Ut rible Area and bow to e**pe ahe ko?wa not tf ?he join, la a eecwaloo -ovement .he - j wcOafcemf be? Uat the f? at art of U?o M . i>uth?n rnnftderacy woald be lfe? reorning of the alava trade. I Here la partial nln to her InteveU at occe If ahe ^ from thla mo.en^t, her Souv^era , ?(>tera in the a?w eonfe<toia?y wlU abandon ;? u. ?. mm ? V ?<"*? ? W1U be emapetlal kaevltoblf ?o emweipaw , her alavea. By the electee o L'Jino'n U-*?et aad with no revoiatk* in pr<?pect. .he laa aufler^ at Utia U, the a.tont of ?llll?na the rrnt mod tbe electten <* l laeolc wiU give to U?o?rt" of MJreaatcn which ?>IU*r ?, * **? the wany a cruractlag tafoenof# wblob It had to ?apidly producing IW <lopr? atlng eflN-ta upoo the va M of .lava property. And tfcerc la -hat tolerg'oanJ rmJ road urr. are Ota John Browa, and '.her*, tor.'* the real.tanoa of the rofttiv ?ave law-all th?~ riae Ilka .pectrrw be'ore the affrighted vtal*a of the ?**? tunate .lav^ldef la Tlrgiala, aal he fe^a he la no longer at<-ure la the pcaaeaaiou i/ hH ore pcrty. Lincoln 'a eJertioo will <lo mire than tnta. n will beget a apirlt of lna?l?or'<inali>a a?"?* U? tefrrwa which will matoria'ty dlmtnieb U?tr value, reader their poe?wilo? lawcore, ana add to U<e aipenar of tbelr care and eapervHUn. ccevetnplalloa U.' i for tbe Old ftn-nlnloft Aod .he wc dea>TT.a to fuller. The preae#- reauli la owing in no tma'.l degree to her timid, time ferrl-ig. offlce buattag .-.Urj tn tbe peat Unfortunately foC ,b* Hk>aU'' wielded a great moral luflueooe, and "01f , i nato for them th?t they waitod en ioag <br '?? ? Tad the other Southern 9totoe lor, a<aoe to nlea thla dead moral power cf Virginia-dead, I ? mj, a iwrtioa. aa wwli m the aeureea whence It e?aa.t*.t-U>e7 wot, II have followed their own patriotic lapulaea aod crippled the fbe before he pained tbo citadel Virginia at tola momroi oormptw the moat hem JIM g attitude, the w?t unenviable poatttoa, of any viuntry ~ the la*, of the ?rth. She ia runala. h^ rifled, looking alternately North and 9?etb to aae ah alia ahe will ran to foe greater tafety Bet m?e ahe ! at the algger la eorrowfnl agony at the pr^eci of k? n? htm, antll rte I. aew an objert tf room and ooat?nr* both aeettoaa. fcooer than loae alt- or th.t ah- w?iM have to <to tf the joined the North-ebe wtu fail :nt?- the *?iithera eeafederaey aad .obmlt, of eonrie T' to the reonealag of the African alava t?d? have rlofc dolaca by aad by la Virflalk The Otd i miatou wu) b*euo?e pet r into when the tmm io rHk any I tui gtr of bailig lia nigger further depreciated. I THE FRELISG IN ALABAMA. OUB MOWTUOMltHY OOtUtaa<OMI)BM.B. MowruotKKT, Alt., Sov. 4, HMO AUtan uj Wiii JVtrt .febstg to Lineoln?lone if U Tempsr 4 Utr ftyU. Your paper of the lit latent foreaha-^x v.i'y iv events that must follow tbe eleaiao of Linooln; bat u?? North know* c0mpar.aiv. l7 liuM of the real view* and ' plan of action U <1 (tn by (M o>t: <n Btaies of the *?utb, and of tbelr determination never to submit to Um foul do j sslnalion of the abolitionists of too Nor h. 1 A Isrge cumber of Minafei Mcu bare recently Mm or 1 ganlzed la this city afid comity, md lu Birwur, M*>m, . Ruskell, Mobile, Dallas, j'erry and other counties. Minnie ' Mi u pledged to Sgbt, if it< m M?r; , w secure oar ladepen' | decce, Id tbe event uf l.:n oin s election, bar* b??n orga nized. rbn movement had ih tanotloa uf our Uororbor aed three-fourths of our piot-ie. Taese Minn e it .> * .. tho blue cocks le of South ilarolioa, and a ribbon, upon which It this lEtcrlpt'.on ? iles rtanoe 10 linooln m olH> dioooo to Sod." Uu; dlsttnguisced utea of all pariiee are tnlisWj lo this moremout There cao be 00 ml*;ak? as to tho true senlimont of tee people of this tale. They will not aed ought not to sub mlt to tbe rule ?' tbe black republican*, a con raut.ou of the people of this State vUl be oailed by tbe (Jovernor i-a mediately aftor It shall bo known that Unjoin is etoclfd. TbJ convention will anaemile by authority of an act pissed antalanufly by tbe out -*;ato Legislature. That con rent ion will determine what oourse J?e safety and bonor of tbe State req Irs ibnald be pursued in view of the dangers that environ us, and It cannot for a moment be doubled but that the good scaso and patriotism of tbe liberty loving people of the greatest ootton ttate of tbe Boutb will at once adopt aeoession aa the only adequate remedy for present erlla ? peaceably If we oan, but f tr cl'iiy if we mtiat. We strike (or our rights drtsl? and our whole rights? at all haia r-'.a and to the last extremity. 1st what will or roe. t^p Suae of Alsoaata wUl never aub mlt. If neosaaary we are ready and prepared to light for tbe homes that we lore better than any other homes? for the land that we lore better than any other land ? the State first 0 all that wa love bolter than any other tftate? our own. Though tbe withdrawal of Alabama from the CnWm might k>?<l to a collision between our people and the myr midons of Northers fanaticism, we have ,ood /rounds to bellere that no rah result would eoaue. This >s not a gove.-trr.ent of foroe, neither oould It be beld together by tor co. Tho fl/st blow stru.-fc by the federal government at a sovereign State would bo virtual destruction to the constitution and the Cuion No .State rmUl be beld aa a 1 j conquered prortDse uD-ier tbe '??onstltutl^n , and It is oer talo that, If the Ptate should recede and tho issue of arms be made, that Stat*i could alouo be kept in the Union by tbe strong arm .>f uoacr. In suco an event, while the confutation world be a practical anility, the oonquered and coeroed rtaio w?uld be a oontlnued source of irouole, afico) ante and i*\p?!UB0 to the general gorernmrtt. The reasou why New Tors, Massachusetts sod 0 uer Morlbern i Ptstes want A '.ban.a U> remain In the Cnloa is, that tt.ei l-mishu their manifartorles with ootton, their brokers with capital a|?n which to oprato, their merchants w'tb purchaser* aed their sblps witn fveigh> As a cooqaerod province, so far from dole" this, sbo -vo? Ki cause tnera to rpentf mllitons soBuaily Id keepfrg t'p a rt"n^tnr army to overawe and keep her people In subject loo. Would her Hou'nmi r'ne** aisad this f Ko~ ocverl Tbe flrst b'ood spilt In uertnee nt SouU.erti property against thJ ir'am-'u* rrrrade r f black -rpub'l">ani*'n would b' lie signal for a pe'eral upr'sir; of tbe people '? boha" of *h?ir Mgaik'd rtgt.'js and u.Jur -d sertroo. The of Hevc^ty s t would be rekindled, ard tbe ?hr\ t, "Millions for d. feuce, but ?Mrtoneotnt for tribute," wo 4 a^aln rln>r oat uiwi the brfXi'. Tbe li'ea '/ corn .^ri 1 ^ night m '.lior*, baoH?:l ?ogeth"r Id defer.fe of Uieir h'Jiurs and Ui"ir Sresklei, Is uri i*mt+tnnm lNir unMlnpl hnm^wiMKl biu ihftv< j Hots, and met and iao vi jf-d a:) iiw for > m llrh f. .g 'and, backul by Uer ntr?d (i ne i.d Urti.g I her k'ea, they trl"tnpbe<l w"h the stetilti.y U.ii*n at tl.-'r f.ack ai'l tne in/l'?W.-us tory ploti.rg the r dnstruo tlon. [ *oT?en are *?rni') In.- t > e ftty-ln of ! the ttcrner at-x, aa:l thoy are or>p>^cd lo suhmissi hi to i l.ii)OOln U> tb'"s county, y?Vr'lay, Mr J T Storgaa | (Bjicklnrldge ' .<-tor) wjs prc^nied by tbe isdioe (at a mee'.tcg of ever fcur thousand po'Soas) wiut a mamt bearing U is f>airi<.ilo Ipscnpi *>n ? " We Ba<l rather be the widow* of Southern rithts men Uian t!w <?'ve? of ?uhBiliisibeitts." Soch sro the lentloaeiits of nw true hearted <*mtheva w^?m. Vt e t-ll the North what wo intend to da, sot in tbe lan gi;agecf m w.' or bragti'l^io Imt with tbe arm pr.r f4-se, " live or die, sarvlvo or perish,'' t > stand hy auu lata '& our rights TUB ATTITUDE OP TESNEftaLE. Namivuxb, Nov 4. 1300 TTis aews of . ..coin'* tleotion ca iscd ?one bitter fart trg at fltst, t' ; ? the public mind (s c-rw oo-ci>?j?tlv8!7 ' jn'?t T* nrsa^i will sustain the Tc in, the onnsti'.altos and tte it.'' rcomett of Um law*. PREPARATIONS IN LOUISIANA. Niw Oaiaum, Nov f , 1460 Plaearus ua poetcd about Uu> city eaiiuif a oootooIIoc of thoae finmi.1 c lo tbo organ iianoe of a oorpr <* MtnuU He*. BVKJI OF THE BECTS8IOM MOVEMENT IN , PHILADELPHIA. I Pua^umsmA, Nor. s, l?ix> tibortly aftrr cut r N. to day a l>;i?fr?pblr dMpetr* ww rroefred by ? broker from O.?-i-*v>0, dn Ja-rn* tbai Ui? atate of South Carol .na had rtcded from tho Uatea. The SecocJ Board of Broker* ?u la leazioa, and, oo m ear talnJaf the ne?i, Ut? grm'tif anxiety prsraU*!, tu i ? **n?ral decline In (took* follow** Thae th? Hoard ad J v./aed. Tb? n.u<>r t irneJ '?rf to bo a n ee, aid a later* r> :rcoaar I larp- ly w use rtreet. IMPORTANT FROM GEORGIA. PTKCIAL Vv-iXI or *i ? ?K>rBW? T? THX l.*irHL* ti Kt - ant 8k m*im mmtinu* at cava* K AB AXD AUBLHTA. M. ub?,th- ui Oa,.'.o? * (M Oot. br owe, u- a rjciai a. **ec? lo tnf t^?#iv..?a, Vv r ?? that bat frw -UU ? WV.l I;c?l T thM H r I Oofc T?a loo, aid 4'?n not rHUBuxod t*>e *iipniota???el<tf da iof*<ra from (>< .rgW - llctblat* the oowruv>.M ual rl?)tv? of tbc people or 0>>or|ta bava baaa t.mawI >y ?*???: i on *i? . ti.>ld'e* State* Vo th? ri -at td j'uMfpng, la 1 1? ji tftsial of c iv iliar I l* 'oaa, tN< edopUoa of my .r.?? riree uewweary for Uie r<*u>nkt!'.o tf UMfwrnr* ,*????. ? of .i? r rtgf.ta Tie r-'cr? td l h -wi totte ?p'r t la >Ar or i'.n <?>i at. aolparv*;tti>r *?r <* ati tosatttstiocal and un'rirBdly aet? 9aM-' , ?otiy no ? (v ir.vrd)y at rcra V uwaetioMUa lawa, ?od*??atf taa lawr uf Mvfiwt.oartt* um ph odxr fr ?m.ofn en r o?, that : ut??i?n ba to vt> ?w III* adi .Ma rr|ir:aaa wd let ua m?ot ac.)<wt t?r?a rtoa *?d uaemrtHv'tntAi stato wtib j j*i ?i%;utk.n He r??mn"Bl* it' mattmwit d l??a a?'Bcrtx1a| the *? r a< of wn %n?>n>< ?* ?? or property of ar.f clfara of mieb ika>l>og tad Cailaj?a? :'vata tor t?da?>n,'y'.nt Uw low* ? tb*- ott.?-??a <* r,?or(l^ Ba raonmmmdl '? ,, J>tat -? to drlvo toa rr.ana tw*turad %rtlol?a of ?o?b ^Ttnd'aj ?ta*?a fruw itlWgta il? Np Oaorfla hw tha rijbt. m Pom aa lor.bwa ?<wda ira bron^bt lata ?>? rgia, to tax w?nn ?a aha Aa? :?a roper. Ha ad? joe the paaaaye of i la* ia* a K node asd pjr'cbat Jlaa vaeat" Ilea pet watot' loir daced aftor the Ut ?* maan'eotnrV broefbt from Mtaaachearvta, V?t mt'i, M^ir%o Maiaa Kboda U.aod, Hew York, W?jno*ia, or oiaar aefrieaci' rnaue aad tka U> f be r?m u?-d w?ai> Uta at,ffi?a<i . I?K la atloa )? repeal <1. Rboaid ? Mb lofViiatma pmra la rflectnel, be TtcMBmead* iha repeai of al' parte of I be peaal and olvli codr prntMtlaf the Ilea* Ub'-nler and prop*HM nf Uk? attiiaaa of um StatM wbere (nati ucf.-eadif la?re eiM. Ba aa f la my opts ton the I'.mo for bold tad 4eeid"d a" id k> arrived, aad be M or worthy um enafldetian of the pa* pie of 9*or|la who ref^aat to ethdloata bar bmar at aa> eoat aad me la tain bar ooaMitattoaai right* hi erery batard. Be btllrrs the legislation recommended will Hid to strengthen ruber than U> weak aa Um ties of tbe Union ui the Bute U wui 4sa ry sectional ooBtrcrersy -*i a mrow '0*1 ib? was to n rone* b?tw??u ndlviduti S ?t-*s He ley* if the Legislature falls to enact l?ws, be recommends U)*t tbe people shook! -toe In ttetr might lid kt lh? bul ttox demani their uiactmen . r'i. a.)/oruur ? oier talus m < oabt of tbe rtgb. ?; et^ Item to 4<vi-te to act (or herself, ao long aa all the States abide In food faith > y tbe oooatltutljoal obligations NoUt.te oao withdraw roa 1 be Onion wiuiiui >emg gutl". of bad faith to the other, vav vloUtinti of "0 oompact re I ley re all partiea. Tbe right of secession for enure m only denied by thoae who deuy the soverelguty of the States Tbe nussago 011a twenty-two cloefcly printed o.ita\o pages. A (toll re- ew of off nslvn N ?r'Jt- ro log m'.< d concludes thus ? For the parpoec of pa ung the Stav a a defensive condition aa hat a a possible, and pro pur g for the ' mergeuey wbleb man. oe mci Bourn-- or later, 1 e r-eoamnvnde that tb? sua of a m > a of dollars be Immediately appropriated ae a military fund for the ensuing year, and prompt prorlsxm m?1o f ir i *.?? ing cucb portion of the money as a >y uot tie in t.' e trevurt, m list aa the public xpen tlturrs roj . . Millions for defence, ao one oent for tribute, p'.juiJ a Uie fu1 are motto of the Southern Statea. TD ovt'ry rie n? d for ft>rtb> r concession or . oaiprom>o of rights ?e should reply: The argument la rxhaased, and mc . w stand on our arms. TUX MUTING IN SAVANNAH. s - avawrah Nov. 9, )100 Tbe mass meeting of tbe eltisent to nl<tu wa.i tM lar* net ever bell hero Gapt. John W. Aniorsoelwasjuioseii President, an t Charles H. Way , Secretary. Tlxt following resolutions were moved by Uapt T a Barton , seconded by Gal. Henry R. Jaokson, and support**] o .o eloquent and patriotic speech by B JO.fW J*w Kk Lector of she Plate a. Large, an t were udi>pted unaat msoaly, with grea. stub astern ? We, Uto citizens of the eoaa y of Obitbaa, ignoring all party name* and Issues, oordlaiiy unit) Id the ^following resotutlooa:? Resolved, That the t lection or Lincoln and Hamlin U> the Presidency uid Vice Presidency of vho Uuitud Htalcs, oscht not aud will nut be submittal to. > , 1 ? ft- solved, That we rrqoe?t ine I?(t'Slatttr? to aon-iinn* tbis opinion by resolution at th- earliest pr?.xioa>hie ra > meut, to nommunlgate to our Suasion aud rapreasatttivM in Cot.frws, and .10 opera' e witn the in calliUf s convention of the [<*opie to Jeter t.iua aa the mods *aJ measure of ledrcss. Resolved, That ?e respectfully recommend Urn I*fisla | mra to take Into immediate cuoatdrratl'tn the passHxe or Bucb laws as sill be ilk fly to alleviate uny unu? . \i em tiarrassment of tbe wmmrrctal tateresta of tne rit at? c jo li<|iieut apon tbe present polit?al emergvnoy. Krsolvd, Tb*. ?e ruspuctfully em;((?sl la 'he I.^lslv tore to tako Immediate steps to organize aad arm tee force* 01 the rotate Poeolv"d4T^tat copies nf tbe ffcregoteg resolutions be sent without delay to our Senators and representatives tn the cmeral Assem^'y of the Stats, wuo vo her b/ r qu ?>el to '.ay tbcm bef ire tne houses of which they are rfsvoo ttvely members. The colonial flag of Georgia wsa riired Ur ic ateroooo on Creed's Moor men I, Johnson' sqjsre, In the presccvi cf an Immense multitude. Addresses were made and great esoltcmen: prevailed, (aputln ikr a, Col. Jaok son, Mayor Jcnes and other* are bow addressing an im mense crowd of c Hzcns In John os's sqnare. TLLB MUmWO ID AUeCHTA, AtMtrstA, Oa , Nov. 8, 1M0. A larg and enthusiastic mee ing w* < bald to-slght for Ithe formation of a club Sf minute m*tn. Spirited ad ilreuxs aero made, atid a large u umber enrolled. THK KXOITtMKNT IN SOOTH CAROLINA., utrovrairr rmi< mi.: mis 0/ tub lbuislatukv? fMr 1 kixu KOk aacBdSiON. Cotl'MBU, 3. C. Not. 7, 1M0. The mws of 1 loouln't eltcttaa ni rwlred quietly, m it ?m e-pooted. Sailor Hon* on. red rt-aulntiona thai t&? Oommlltee oa F' 1eral Relation* be Initrtictod to report m *oop ii poa*tblea bill calling a Goaraatloo of the people of <!w State. It wm rarrlud enaiilmouily. Oittt rveolutioM for ibe immediate arming of U>e 31110 were maue U10 tpeclal order for t* morrow. la the touM a bill au tuinxtaeed providing nmmary luciebiurn. for all abol!Moal?t? detected lamrwrtag with n-f rt*m. Ncltee ?h (f.rrt of tbe Introduot'oo, to morrow, of a ( 111 railing a oouvratlca of tbe people of tbe Mate. A bill wm inirodooed uaauding U>* free negro regu lation*. New* from it.vkitoa baa boea .met raoeirad here, with r*< eaihu*la#ro , 'ha Ute United State* McUratb, Cilleetor Ooleoek aad Dlatrtct Attorney Uoacor, had re ? pnM ILt* BOTi.inf In eon* q eece of Usoola'a now It la rumored that otter federal officer' will aooo follow. < Kivnu, 8. 0., Nov. ft, .900. The r, eaker of V-e Booae laat night rec?ired a doe patch from Virginia, tendering .be terrloea o a Tolantcer oorpa la the event of (tooth Carolina ?* eeoaaek*. Cdmuad Rnttin apoka laat night. He eaid Arathera in di pcBiieaee bad heaa hie UMoag aladjr, aad ha Ihcoght it eooid only be aeaarad by the eeoeeetaa at Booth (Wo na. Hi* epeeeh wee rapiaroeely appfaaded. Other atirrlng addreaaea were made Effort* were made yeaierday la the taglalatnre to wait for douthern 00 operation, but foiled. A State convention la to be sailed , aod a*a*a*ioo la eer ttla. fte 1 1 ft km of delegate* will probably be ordered ? tb*4th ?f rviaeaber acd the ooavcettoa meet an the 17th Mreer* ft.yca, B>-nb*-n aad KalM urge the eall for a 000 rent km aad immediate act too THE LiTTPT r RDM OOLI7NIM. Comma, d C , Not ?? 1 P. M Tbo Oomtior to-day teat to the liegiaiatere a me*rag* ?onseniy rr ir mead log It to 11 lemaify the tee* of the rr? got if ft i eral or "<al# R#eo>utloaa to that efIe>A were latradacxd in 1 both bouaee aad made the *per.:al o-der 1 r to morrow sasate orrtmrrpd It the d ?' ranlathM to tolho r it* tbo tto-jfraor to ore ooe hundred thoaaaad Jul tare % ret 'y appropvlaml to purchaao arm a. *rr\nrrr.fnu> al>oat the Ooer ration were made the epeckal erdrr'or t> morrow a <fce Ho .'e Mr Uu*t lt.u ^ee*d a bill, ealilcg the . r Tee tlee at U .or lie It wae r< f erred to the Coma . vtae ??e frlrral Kelaikwa Kr a kit xh ta'rodtrf* i a bill, ooa.palltag free negroaa to !? ?TO IVUM r* er.flCt OJMTtcre. It wae n>ferr*i A -ran: ill n area latrcdnoed for ralalsg a million at dViiar* tmmrd au ly V the peMio defoaoe la adrwat lag tkia ruolutire Mr Wba'ry real ritraeta from th-< Rtaaui rei *ti a*ward ? l*aiaoe Uardea epmrnh The mailer ?ea rei?rre.' to Me Way* aad M>aaa Uiauoittee. Mr < aar '-bam irtmdaoad a bill to arm the %ate It arlh. r />i t^e Qrreruor to laaoe bon i* to M?* ante oat of fonr baadred taooeaad dollar*, at alt per cat, j>?jrebl* anaoeity oa pIMge the Wela. It w*a read and r??< rred to the Military Ooamltt"" 7%e hjuae nfuaed, by aa orerwbeUiiag To*e, b> li no fe'.arday for a nm M* afij-rerna^at. A "etleg ?-aa held r??re to -tar deter r.'^ed to retura forth ? u> all Korthera elaiiaa r?at for e?l>e? ilea. n,e raimelto tag ? safarled bere aad la 0hario?i m j Military aovpaaM at* holding meat la ga aad reaolriag to ?trite from oolvru all Iho star* bat aos ? other* to be added u Southern Mate* *oooe?*lv*ly declare their Independence Bon Edmund Rnfflr arrived iMt night. He ni sere naded by an Immense throng. He said be onljr watted to Virginia to oaat bJa rote, and now came to abase the good or bad fortune of South Oarollna. Resistance meeting* are progreeelng all orer the Wall. A great meeting la called in Charleston to morrow night at Institute Hail. Tho federal officials ?ho reelgned will addrtn the crowd. The newt of these resignations iu received In tbe Ul terior toms of tbla State, Georgia and Ala>?ema wltb salute* of a hundred gun*. The tout hern Dig waa un furled in Savannah, while here flreworki, maaw and can non celebrated the opening of tbe revolution. The people talk aa U already separated. THE EXCITEMENT IN CHARIJESTON. TBI 8TATK EIGHTH PL46 IlOlffTKD ? TUB CHOT FEDKKAL OFHC'KHfl intOHD, ICTC., WTO. CHxaLSPrua, N of 8, 1800. Tbe State Right* flag waa raised at the Jtfcroury offioo at noon yeaterde y, with treasendooa oheor* from tboa *anda who had congregated In tbe vicinity of toat offloe. Tbe Ft deral Jolge, A. O. Magratb; Dtstrlet Attorney J am re Conner, Collector William F. Colooc* and other federal officer* have resigned. Judge Magratb waa serenaded by Are thouaand people last night. Booth Carolina will re* 1st. TBI LATMT '"OH CH1ELIHT01I. Osiiumw, Not. ft? 10 P. M. Tb? eacltement ooatlnuen. Bamml "ton? atar" ?H? ware raland in T*rloua planaa to-day. Mr. Spratt Is now addreaalng a orowd of aereral tboa Wd at tbn Char tows HotaL One hucirad |aii were flred ?? Ooiomboa, Georgia, oc the rooelp< of Um newt o! tba raaHMt** * ?*????>*? (on Merit) offloert. Mr. Prtaaly, tb? 3nb Trtunnr here, bag rmtgaad. A large body of ctUieal called on Ibe realgoad fader* officer* laat night. They were greeted with eathunlaam. Tbe offlclala relumed thnnH In aplrtled aUreatea. A deepatch In tbe OvurUr, from Washington, mjt "Mr. Buchanan wU' realat nuHlflentlon, bnl not teaeeeloo." Tbe berk Jnmea Orny, owned by Cunblng*' Boeteo lying at our w bar ret, under Inatruotloua from tbe own. ere, baa bolatad tbe Palmetto Sag and ttred a aalute of fifteen m. OCB CUAIU.KSTON COElUWrONDKNC*. nunuMo.i, Not. t, !?*?? Krcncoui <*u at tJU North. Abvul South flaroin?a Vo lilict?Xo I'num I arty Ki sulw* ?? he Sl*U?*<tJor perry and Hu 'Mton Letter ? <?r<n?* of the Ouumvm fulMj?ttt Difference HOuxen jVyrtAon and Sovlhtrn J nln-iin " Onerciim" tut if S/eet-Tiu UinuU H~n and the Nature vf their ltrowu<Uwn? Boto the -inti tMt Ktwum&anc* ?f the Bepu..lka-u mre Reeti~L->lir dte'l Vrul Ml Ute /'mimetic Sioampt? Activity d CKa/rUfjm J MOary- Money atnngeryy u? iflvtrUtUm, and iu Oautet?rroboMt InJ'.udnte of Sf^uitn tm Ch&Umon Vummerce, dc lllia m intake Tery common at tbe ?wtfc, anl <>oe wbtcb the black r?publl?au paper* bare njatemat caJf I * icou raged, tonpixwe ihiu the p- -f.o of rtoaih o?r ..iua aro AvMt* into two jiartlea? a diBunioo pv.y and a UlIoi. parly Very few uf your pollticiaca <+* raaitao tb* fnet that there art' no L'bion men In tioutta Car 'inu. \tl each la actually the ca ac The MmW .a a <w.t ?'? tt>-> denire to break off ita counodlton with U* fo leral gj/?rn KCft ltia true that In tbtl city of Cuerl. ?!??, anl In ?on ie -.f tbe cpp< r district' of tba fwe ii -re <n*i bo foumt b< re an<1 tt-r.- an 1* >l?U>d CnlonUfi; e ?- t: ;ir nun her 1a quite too ea.all to be r?>*oa^<i aa * p?rty, or Ton a* a fact! n B P. Ten/, wboM latter a f-?r inoutba ajo ?Horted ao much oomfori an l odlfc?ti"i? to l?e i> UfUm and black repub loan pr?rt la one of Ui tu eioepuoaaJ r*M?. Ho ? jnoeraily rt?pt?l?i a* a ' of ?rm ocaa and ooe ?bo belie. ?? that be la r^bt, y? t , when he pnbliabed bla ma-tr*n, a 8ry of Indifrua'.lon rann through tbo i ft.tte, from tbe hilM of bla own tire?n?tllo to ths awanpa"' tho Id. Ho And not eTrn tbe (Wit, ?f Ula piece, Whieh la ?l?a>t with the CnloilaU *hen a han !fol e?i Iw fiind, M. ? w&le.b flr?t publitbt d the letVT, d?red U> endorse IU ? otlmenta. 8? th.t you may aet It down a. c -rtain U?* lfSoutbCuoUn* ibmUd, frota any cue other Uuui tno ?rat ti*> "f new U-ei by Um feirral 'ni?enl, re main in Ibe Vntoo, It wtH be a^lately a?i ml tb? will Ot tbo *a?t body of her p?op?a Tue unanKnity for dt? u? CO tew. gr^u^* *?ul mw??in? for t>* I at* (fro or three yeari, aiid tl?a IMUng l? mw tailierltij I .trrngtb eTery day, both la lnw? au<t unWtraalitjr To accouH for tbui It m<*t oe nnder^^l that U> r^ in i ? r?-: ea) d 0. ren * In th j.?i: irt'.nai of a V.rtueni' r and L ^ , ri, rr.r Tbe Norll-rMV ? *? ? ?' ' ? *** ?elf aa a e't.r^n of the I nioa; ne rpf?M? tne Moral army and na*j a? hi* oon' try'a army ami na?y, an l IrAe u|>-?a U?e r Waabrnm* aa a r~' oamaMv* or nnisation, of wbteb be forma a a lutefral r^t, aa-1 to which wbaurer loTe o! country he may pot"?* ? ?fre?t ,d Dcj '>od paying the ?ule Ute., for -uaW? offioem, ?.i ^l?? redrew Prm arlly In th. 'Ute - be b^ tvry HUIe Kiea of any aptclaJ fea.iy ?? ui? 1 ? to hla own ;?rtlcular Mete The Hootberner, oo tbe other ban 4. rwrilly (aou the Carolinian alw?r?) repadiaU* thU th.->rj ofe- atll datioa. Me fbeta that he wW bM aliegi.? a tobUaw mate and to b?r aleuejbe l? )?J< n?of her r*HU and booor, and ?UJ nerar admit tt?t any ?t?p taken la ob^ <lt?aoe' to ber man<la>aa can InTOlTa the 14-a of tr eaon. The foderai foTernmrnt *, In bla eyea. bTt the emoo dlmert o' oerta.a pow-ra delegated by tbe ptatM ? ? *? of ?'**? ,jrt, be removed or oonetethaluioM, and be hold* th?t U,e f at? baa no fc-n?er any reaaon ftr mat?Ui<ta( a oo?. seetioa which It w.a her rl?nl, at nfcf tl*m. tt Uava dm ic'red Tli?ee being tbo Tl??? rf thf people of "V>'j th Car? ima, the tbr.aia of t*.-g'*a "?d tne blart rev .oilcu>? have only aerrad to wwtrji the waeerlng and an t to t. ,?er .be aittaeM of tbe ear ?** aeetioua ?# the ?H?ta. C? a mark of the popular lsdloatlo.1 toe r la MlMMOi, ?t la a fa- 1 M a?.n.e ?igi,?#i>ai ? t:?at the UUU of the m-?d oneiclein bad . archly Marhed onr boedor- Mfort Uk? whr.t" "'?? UB? wUh Uone of MlnuU M?o? irregaiar fortma, It M Uue, bet MTfttM'W fonaldablo, b? *nee armed to the t--*'1 with weapota t) wb?.b tb?y baTa been anooaUaawl from ^ joatb, and au.irated with the idaa IrfMlIri al' that la near anl dear to them. 1*a?la reie U>kl> <* P?'1 tf * ^ of any V? m-le* the PUta.a-aa If aba ?*o*? U a^t -taterer here eep-a ^ W that If 'oeerloo ehou.l be alUmpted tbe "'""'?'J*" be wan'<-d and If tbe ?ate ?* "* 3 . rrnl adrantner to bare bt* indrp?d?anoe, It will ?e a gr?. -- U ?bt tVe r: iTiwa ?? <-Wlbe tbe 'tuntof ^ Tbrra la not a hamlet in tM -I,rrna.n? r ' a, -d, an her of -o-w?a me. or , i but Ttey are drilling ?Ter> nlgbt, and lam gere ILted Ba-dro-a toctica, which, becau*? leaa mono ZlL, are preferred by onr lmpotuooa yaong man . U-e old beary Infantry delU. Not n night , - ?? ao not bear la Ui' "treeU of U>arleatno fTTTramp of targe bad lea of armed men, aaoTlng with tb. Acublt qnkk 7-pnare ?tep, aad w th adm.rable d*el - ?? 1 ' '*"L tit* na foe. tbe almple W<? ooabada. rmmj? ?ui* that tbe memorlea of Marlon and !?nmiar. an gallant fnlmetu, at berabu^n. ara "***?* (jarollnlaM la the ooaelnM rf tbeir rlebt or wrong. U?ey are e^rtairiy o~ t . . i 1 1 ? II >j> t rff |ii() lijlif Wltf ability to defra 1 themrelrea ana ??i -w T.ZT* Jnat e?*rglng from e,.W .nge^T ?? ?^r ?".? h- b^n JP? r, drien cvnetlna of drealatKm among all ?aU Lnk. ft. negaa I. Hay IM? m^e thM U- ^ iaa mllMoaa of doliara whl* wtn ??

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