Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1860 Page 2
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THE BURCH DIVORCE CA8E- | KtldfBtt Of hiMKi ComUg, til* I o( itln. Ilariti- Aavtbu Letter fr*u> Mr*. ??Kfe, Ac. Twitrra i?at. Na-mviuj III Dee 1, IBM Tbo proaeratlun waived tha croei examlaatloa of David < HtHTl Tbe let lor 'rorc Mr* BurcA to Judge Skinner tod the need oi i(M< a Burn *u<i Mtrj, tit wife, to Henry Kar bia, were put in by tbe deft ee The dood If Hi tho bandw-titaj: of Mr *iu rati , ud oonvyt a large amount or Ml NUW l>" Uw (KUiiliMlttH ^ $1,000. The deed had never been filed ai oouined from Uie ooaaplatnaat Uirotvb an crti r of tbo Ooart. Th tttltr from Mrr Burch to Judge Skinner liutot lows ? ?i?_I bart ?t r TAruted an antwor to Mr Bursb't ap loatton for a lnit oivoroc from oiir mar tage relallout. j you, aa in; I lend aud tol ul apoear to oour. r fir, j h n. oil .>?? ia? > 1 r to do ?o, ir i oo lor m?' waat U.a 1 *>e perfectly r .tit and jult at beiwoen Mr rtirjb asl niacin Yuan, MaRY W. Bl KJH >a*tiit (, twoni? T drat heard of the dUB:nlty in thp Burch 'am > oa Wednesday fen'of , after my re turn from Mew Vor? Mr* Btrcb arrive! at Albanj on Krfay credit on Saiurday I leiegrapbod to Mr. Baryta to meet b* >l B|*iitton Bridge ou Tueaday ovoclig; 1 met him there i bad read the loiter from ? M* Barcb to Mr. 1'rnyn at the interview Mr Bu*cb g*\Muuca uie tame arcouot aa contained In the letUr be told n.t tbal ore of tho argument* bu aaed to attain the r?> f?*?toa oa* potting bit il?t In the face of Mrt Burch au ?? ra>Hi(, "you abaUcjufeaa." In d"*cri9ing bit a lion be d.uoltd up hi* band ai.l put hit (lit la my lace, to ?huv m* how be did It, Mr* Turner, the a iher rf Vbo de ine ant, waa at Near York, toiler Uc- ik^ftor't care, I lelrgrapMt to her, and Bli? cane to Albany oc inuraaay, and reatalaod till the next morning then ber ut-aiib 00 al polled her to return tor meotcal advioe M'r Bur:n, tbe defendant, went to the fall* * iu c.t r brother Horaca , at the rami? tiar 1 ??i t auo taw hor Ui ere after tba intorvu* ? lib Mr Burcii I told lier mat Mr i: jrcfc bad Informed ajc that a hi- bwi r"nnn' d witn I ?avld Stuart In an at uu 1 1 to r .in tm'iui Buret. I toM her notb'oR rnoru, f?>r I i n.i u. Mr, on iu i'< no, 1 returtii^ to Aloany ou iua MtoMlag Tuurtoa> . ?i ? not aee Mrt Uarrb?iraio, on I P"Jay i mtti W' >e? York, aud on ^'atarday < .Qr .itel ? .it. de! ?daut> u.. tuir, I h*<l no oonvir??tiju pre ?:oi t!y wilt leli Ldai.t; I tav iM letter from Mr Bur -h U) Mri Icrner < ib- r al Albany or Sow York; not any of ( the letters r-'eirod Irim Mr Uarcli, Beither tout to *r lr:jn, thoae to me i.or tbat to Tori 'ir, were rh'.au to the defi-ndaut boforo my rclilft ['cm >cw Yoi* a Ibe f: i'owiac Monday 1 reoivod a tier ointheKe r Mr I'uiteraoc enoloeiug one from hMD > > Mr* burch ! l.?ud? a it to her and gave her dlreo ti.utani aivio u t to an* a it It or write any more let writ i no tl rat con ? i ration I baa with Ur*. Baron on tne matter, i.t.ce tne mu mew at ibe fain, wa? on the Thurt ?fa> loll .wti % icy laat ririt to N? vr Vork , from >uo litif >f U>e ???ulen.iaoi'a arr^al at a'l.auy Uutil Mr 8edg?l0k't rltit oi tbo rca ud Tburrday after, tbo wu In a rlgaly not o<l a*.?w ai d a? like a oi*lra?-t> 1 aromai ar you rau'd >(n?g!tie. Mr B.'ruO tOMl nio be n*d Mr*. Bureb by <he Kort Wa- tf au<l i . veiatJ rom to prownt hor t:o!ng alrect to wl ere l.'-r t,r 'her war tlr* Horcb liaa na ' after I icg bt r unly b r> u>rr it Horaoe i Tbu man?'t Kr tb. d mplau ant ui' nued totraseta mine ti e will tr llrr liurcL ?? deeply allacMd during Mr U>mui|f'? i v ur... ?!ioo. I raoe Tart'i r, e worn ?I wa? a'. Mr Burch ? honec at tbo c i alb oi n.j brother Joeepb; h wrat rary ?lck wli-n I arrived 1 raw Mr Stuart tlirre, Mr. Baroh ??'l on ! >eada> Lighi, alu r c. iula? frai'. Ik-serea't wedding be would hare Mr -iua.1 there. 1 aever wat out any night n-ay eg ?rdt'tl^.l^ .cy hr >to?i > 1'ieosa never t >: 1 1 ay Bur;h ??.. Iwll i?ed with Mr Itarca ahout Mr Stua-t lor * me tmie la .laen*ry, 1 bad beard of Mr ejtuart m Detroit; I Bated Mr Burch "wnat he knee of >fr. Moart ' be r.i d ,'.'-'ljart It a very ft >?d fell?#," I tal ! I DM\rd that Mr. "-Juan's rop lUtlon a< to fooi.i'.et a*t ?<ad Mr Buieli itfM Uia; h" MMW a:i that, but did nal heilcvt It, aL 1 tbal he thoufht Mr ?tuirt was a gonl!? ruan, or tiorns to toat cilect or that import; irotn tue ti?e I saw lira Burch art r thlt occurreneo, uo.U 1 re turned frem toe ri' i with 1.' r, tbe aeumod alinott rrtry i don't ttow whrtber * a proper duacriptl in, forrne ?-*? no much redoced, and to weak ana hntea !n L :i'tli, toat her d-aib, before we reachcd Albany, h?qM n. t have surpr .t?o me. troe* e?amuuod? Wa? a'ltoiil from th# boon on Weln< ;ay c^ht durin,- my brotoor'f i-icknesf . f went to tr.e de pot m to mf t my mother, who waa ev^.tod in the midnt|hl train. U.ory II. H.-tolln, ClerL- the Turnout H-nae,rw m - He prnvt I tbo ,.r<iM 'ine of fU'ld Sleart at thi- ?or . ? it* l<arty oo tbe Cbr mux cvo of 1S..7, and ptrlcr ho.' at the Vi eoijiit on tbo lith of lobruaryand Jib of Mireb, liMt Una/> a\ amino.!- 1 n the nl|(ht of the ivo J no or | wan mak uk in) at U generally Meful, da n ;ng with the ttr'". .*"t (lAugb?r ) l'av..t sftaa't engaged biastif feterai;> ui daucing w .ti. all the goad lookiug glila Ai ? at i?m?' Moot (lioud langbter.) Tne vpotllioi. of ft ai darth w a* then read It pro-* Um noeting <>l ib? Biatorlnat n?i?iv al th.< rooaa of \Sm B B-owc, November The ntaettngcem ?neou- 1 al reveti o'clock and latted untl! aflor t"n. when It a<liea rood. tbe deMitwn at Mrt Emma R Bmkt wi? r. ai Sna depoetd to attecd'i g Uie rjir.-.Tl ?i th Me!rr>?? flail. Ill 0 r*4 , tn Mat. IWT wi?t aith Mr Rar> 'i and blr WlW; 1 beard Mr luirofl leti bit w .le to hilfun aa flirt ticket to Mr t-lu?rt Mr. 8(>.art (in. t j the oouc rl due. trg the evening. Mr* Harriet Coralng't defiotltloa w?i bow oT?reJ, ? IM*. a ulaei.** ou aro? at to lla aim ?.on. Mr. IttckwiUi argoed In (Atot of Its a'ai v, a a being t atimrny a-. to the Crat ib'.age aald by the deleadaot alV-r leartag her hi.abaiid a hcui" n terror, aud at bclrg the Srtt l me tlx rou Id tptak free from rcatraint. The CoitI r cd the .lepomtioi out, m fa* *? the ?Wowing aealeoee ? ar* Baroh, on bar arrival at Albany, waa Ttry excited; *ae teemed almost dtt irart? d " Mr Brckwltb took ctcrpttoo to tbe ralisg of the Oewrt rrtvd wat tbuti glreii of the dtle of tht flr^t !?y of tb? Ciouaty lair, on Kcli^r 14. 1S5T, bp 1 of tee eeari ?h oI of toe plat * of ? ? !"t- ahoc laa an I the "Ucntic man fVom |r< and," at tbe theatre aa taat evet ng Cbr (tOf*t.ei K .tK-rld, rlrrk of the Iturc Baak.rworr ? 1 eat- H tril when Mr Burch went R*M In IHkT I be;;evt ii waa oo the .'tb of ^eptrmber; 1 cannot UU any Jilng farm* of bla m iveni'-nta Mr Berk a itb bere moved for aa erder from IhoCiurt diraillng tbr pndMlagtl lotirrt to prove that Mr. Bumb waa at home fnm tbe 4th to the 16lh .>f Oetober, wbrn ibeOocn a<IJ< . i ae i tUI Maaday, a*, two o'cloc* I' M. Pol Ira Intalllganra. A V ATHik ? Honor* White, a resldect Of Wo 140 lull thirty Mb (treat, l before > *l '.i n ti|M> (kt, M the T aeoty firti ( rcctocl poll* tut 1 Buuto, ?? hlor dlf ?TNl?|, Ud IUM that lk??M left oottr y deatl tiU by bar bwiHan l, who pawned all her cl?tutar tor drtok, aal oil* ra te r < treated ber and bar children. A > poiiovaien a ae Kal to Irqtire lata Utc trctu of tho itate mwt, wbro a ?orte of tue mtcil ab'oct iorertr ml wreteheH.iee r nwoled llanil Tbe womaa'e chlldrea war* fewad la raft, wtU aoarnaJy tufcataul cov?ui? upoe thetr l>a?fca to pr.iert thoei a?a'a?l tbe laclam*cy o id* wMthor, wb:ic Ujs le icni'-nt waa onld, r* *rkei an 1 da ?of* of m the c -o?o?i artlcM ef fcraiuire? eoob a* b*da and cfealra. U -v White was arm to Hajari' fl *pi taJ f.i* mrdtral Irtat/ncnl. and her nt.ldree (?bi:r if ib?ra) ?? ero ooBT'jid to the laranile .tej Hib, by order ol JuhUe* vahCkrMiWh. ru* model Tatter C>>u.J sot be ixaj, aJU*>cfb ll? |v lira autrobed blfb and Kin for bra ?iih u * a Bv? !>? ? it an early beur y -uteri ay merataf . a* po Aneoo, of tb? FUbvocrtb preethM, wee patrol' af bu> boat, b* diacerered that UM front doar of Um rueteeraa'. No. '?%# areaue A waa open. ?'^a?rtT?e Uml tbare were thieve* wtthla, b ?->pr--4 to #t?e for a few n i.iUi befo-e eaterlog, w .aa ew.a oe? <>a U.e opp*itr a le ? f the etreet b*r?a ?" throw at gee at Mas Tneatotre were evidently throws by aa imm ptioeof the bctfiam wb. wi*t>#d t > dirt -kit tfc: attdhtl a of the oil'or. In order that th-we wb ? w*r of lie might ?nakc their ear*i e Area-ti waa no* eo oaaily to bo Hiiad tf. boa \ ?r. far ) ? Hue* to hi* p *i aaitl the bar flara (three <4 li? ) beotine at I ran ort of Uh- utorr Tl>e poi1" ??maa ?u rloae twh o I them ?S?ii ibay ?ade tbnr ci,%, aed af: r a tliarp cbtr- ac-ait I laerarMullof a:.'l a;-??i.a| otje of tt 'r ivatir njw,l F<i??ae 9aitti. Tl^e i cmaiodar o( ?Ha c?oj ?ac*p*l ta? n wit* tb<m what emai: rharre wa? ir. I a-- mjn?y draa. r T1m> P'? rer ?M !?"> right N>for*> Jjell eVi kokaaliaab a^.d c.m atittaJ lor ciMDloat! a lornntn' laqaNUi T?lC?aM frt?? 1 , i-5 mil Ci t ? '' ??>r|? W < ?l, wbo laafad ta Ui tbtn Wnrj of t??e taoemeat b >.'?r , Wo. lJt Oai ai rtre"' . duriaf the Br tno? plvt Ike '? on Nate May, tliad r<*i<r<layat ifea S*m Nark d x piMi (mm tbe o(!? ,? f hw tajariM Oiroee- raokaM waa aotltod t* bo. . an - pea via bndy ef tb? rte eeaML B<k)?tw*t Ca-i l>?r*cer l?rj?aa wa ?<m t, !' fled to hold an ia<i Met opt>o the b^dy fuha u rath, a native of IraJard, aff<d 4^ jrwa, w i d -.1 'rsi?i tie ??iTwla la an'? awMd?jiiaiiy reoa.*- I >>jf j-?nf > r ?u?J hy the botetlof apparatiia at .No 31 IraUtfort aueet ao ?riday Ivcehaoa waa a r?: M of Mj > ??* ?tr*r*. ant ?raa a laborer to the flora whor* the tc'i lal oarirr* I. ?tdw. mr i r *? ? Jota MnKahta. a ch!:l raa i* *. |M W?at Tlitrt)' eerentfi etr?*?, while p??y a; ? h aowe pteraa of lichtr I p?|>- r cm Panrday fet Ire t h ? < lolbtoc, aad before tbe aaraa OMi'l ce *? ' waa I'uraed u> ileatli An ,n ,'ieat wo kHl ap-*j Ur th. )y h , Oamaai %* rm<-r ??**i Fan Dd- a I*. <??*? be. ! a: s <ae? yaelerday, it We ?* Es?t Ter n'i atrort. e?m t a fcody Bai-jar. i ? n[, ? , who war an ' ti'htal'y t, >t M / . faiiiag 4*wd a i ubt ofaiain. i>? ^M,,t wvaC tyib ? yr?f? ef af aid waa ? native of trelaaJ Peraoawl * lltjll I ?o? Barrry *t'l?i, ec Crra- ?. ?r an?? . o' ?"?treat, and OM. KirrW, . ? tt. ' r. ?. d sutee A* rir, are rteppthg a* the ?*. Xtrholaa HjW. W 0. Iree. of Hart lord, Cjnr A ,k laahlM o' V r ? ? thia, Mf?. F. S. Weraoa an 1 party >f- ?avry, ?o ' fc Taa FWt, of ?>?tOh, are diffr; at f < ?etr> >et :.j Ohp( A idea, af tbe raited -tat^a v?., c * , *r f M ???uppi, r Waiter, of New f?*rk it To oo ?*,,?>? ai'ty, or New Or l rare. N. P Han*?, # IItm, %at " ?ai* a Hard, of aa-t R. hoe J. '?? < \t ? i>; are ttoppiaf ai the Fifth arret ?*?(*? i f *?; pa tar . of Bartr>ird llw Jaw* N t< ?f I Hi taatira ) r'liana.r' Ni-ai? >e R B Fi ,<i M l Brt. |lt?o |k, of < It ?* I ^?H.?|e. < hfiafe. aad of Sr? Ytfl.tK *ti>P|> of at |h?- AthvO?ar'? H> ?ct POLITICAL.. ACANU ?I HAV? OUROLUDSU, WITH Till AHVIOB .? frlendk to ark bark* By BtMl M k uiMtir for A."-'o C of ibe Ft/i*Ll?tHM WM U PKu 1IL .1 ? mirku ur tui ummi uuuoutoi op A ?? Hub ward brd kt 1Uh*h kM W into RrrM br folkiviac Uokot ??? uaauluicuaty fcloyM '>? tkt MuHHOllUiN - For ttchool ( tomtftiMi n? Hallux HoWaBll For H-boul luapi-aMr. 1 It KB 111 AH HihutM tat Trmteeg HBNBT H ?l'UAR, .IHttW McUUiih. THOH VcHANUM, Ibki. . l?d Uncfonwo* tAnniiurt*. ('tout,* Mhuik, boor* kjry AT A MMTMWO uP Till BfUHrii WARD INUt |irM?Dt <>kmot/Allr (Itlt Le.J at I'.Mlmti k, Ni Xi'i h danu ? re?i on HAin dkj ?vmilrr I'ewiliar 1 IH*i the l> lnwt> ? prcamulM aud rraomUou* ? m? a*i?aiini>utl / bdi'jlw' - Mhritik. kflur W ?m beta* m*1e |.y o*rll?i. or -ertalo rli|iiw, ra'llni [linu?'iM detn-erkU to drfeat lbi? rrKUlk* VuH.cra.liJ caiuiWJkie lw Alder 'n*n of thi H.lrd AUs-m ?ute i.wuii . Auc wbernkk. Olub n fkli> kWkrk t ikt kkld p?r l < i ui Utur (tpu- sitH>n lo Jc un I )!e rr *r? oot a<l>;??d bj P'lremnura bill atmpli lo f r? if, pw? ii %: ttlie. l?ei?for? Ke?ri.\cd Tb*i i ?ilu'i, -ally ?pprmwiac IM ooa<l int of Mr, 1 Hi iri . uifta* Ita i> rm .? t? Hoard of AideraiHU lo t*i tnuMi?l- rnaorao U ? n..u.l a? oa. aul i rill uw nrorv b luorab.r lo ??en( t bia eltwUm Riwoited, 111. I lbi? l'lut> do Imii? and > aka<aoTi<lr enlor m Dm mitiiratrm of *r l.a?r?no* II V?u ?al for of th? link AldM'i.itaic itarlcl And al to do end-wn- ibe nouilaa U-? . f bi t?ce H ? **r. lo r?pr*Mi^i the Ki(Uk ward M Cornell in* . in tbe Fourth beuklorial lUukH J ? XKi> HAUtlUU FrefMtut t. U. Qfl>, Kecorfl n* AT A UABU* l*D IN ri.CBN T ' AL MBVTIMO or oilu ?na of ibe t mi^ o'.b nnl wIUk-.i rr(!?rdmpAr tj, lb-- fu kmlBK uo?pi for ivkjui {'thrum wm ?dm"?d ? For NebOo. i^u>Diis?iooer MMlll, P I'ATTlkllHON For School "uiiKJtor iou.H 0. Of 1 A M SXRIi A II* For Truliw X ' WAI1NU ABl'til lt*Ll> V A('ii?y d HI- illHT M'IUUIaMH WaI.TKK Ki IS lh? rliijrobof tb? fn >? > utr* ib irbrU will ?adf (Mr 0<ro lilrrrtl b| ? , i ??. -ir b.iu^ ? jAbiBi B. BIKIAU., ObAiraas. AT A MIKTIIfO OF THE FIKsT WAl'.D <TILil AWAKI Cub, held at tbelr b>'kd :u?rt^r? r>c br bTwaloc of the li of l ecrmber, *11 tb? tunai r ? pr?Mat, Uie foUoirtoi to?>lu ton* wrrr mn.lmongi. udo.vwj ? hi^il??d 1L\? w??<iidi.ri? H-.iry Bmlth. tbr wortln* m\n't fr rid fur 4 idrnnka ( I ibr M-m Aldernikulc JUlriot, ttul tr Ali hi xi rahle meu ? /< tor ir? hU f irt .n ll? it further r*<olvnl IbAl we n??rtl y Mto*M tb? o iml DAUontrf Jerroiikh FK.vbtrkk, for K-bool <'oatn>Uiloa?rof Dm Pint wirt,uil fbiaiaitiiire *?<! Joho H?rrt? or i rui in* Knd ifiwin holt* for InipMtor Ml Jowi'U Scitllr aad Vuhkfl BruasHlikD 1 >r<; ast*b on We (kll npao Al! MOOd ciuari* lr-<>*p?rti^p of pkriy, to ib< ?' .>?'?>% ni the kbo>? sceo >1 i :tUrr?, au,1 ?*?? c r ? 5>xiU <rt*n t?i d?r" o? if ilejrk. *ttori * bii-b ?.b' -e ?boai to b? brotithl to by dmtti ?* polUh m.-ik l'S^JAU!N(' <it<, freAiiieat. JOHK Mi l 41'TT. liiwo rn DIMOOtiATin .U.;0!.Ait AND F?0 IIOMINA tttm. Fo.t coMM'-aiofrmK. BSVKNTUHTH I?aHD, (ilKfU.1 N 11ZBBM AN. , Ne .-etun t*. DBMOt'BATR or 1 II K bFH JCD1' ill IMRTitl f. (>o FrUtf trMlni !a*l a pro. ?ill ? .wm? fr ?m a ti lit rrl. a ? I r1rrid?. aturtralii k the! He Hi rrH;k and William k ui>( itaou chou c ??*? h i;?m? two titer J? at n" altonld m ?-t it MMIiMt at.d flrtaw mn.e wlio?bO"ld ne the >liil I ji,ax? 01 the demoriai lAriyfor.'ti t. t in the n, ir .indicia. :it ti l. I lCB|K><rd ol lor M?t?*tilb and r*fB lr.h W?rd8 at '.In i fltrU"' * 'thuuiib Mr Bouin'uui JrienAr hvt ivl rami y tfi.-n nwrp fnau'a thaa ther raxi-ired, jet for ibeaake <>f t&riiii til !?.;? (be pnitj ibej rerirt .el t. uike (hem ?'. taeir Hon) H ,! at the hOTLT an! (live ?ur?e<l . -a .latnea T lira.!*, I'?.?r lu-anand rati Irk ' ???' . Vr. tiouloaoo ? ; tttJa werv Cd 1 Mr Herrlel. to keep L.i apj.'il ifceit, but n' a lale b"-' lirnl to v. ird Unit h? woitd not euiait ' ia r'?inii to ai.y ??Ini ("lannltt** Ills u?ra fr.a- U deUa?ad tha; II ?mhtr party ratiiara in rime lain ?uoh an a. rarjeaieiit be *o?.d tharekn forfeit hit elA>m? lo democrat c *up" .rt Tli a (acta freak I < ? r th?m*elf?<a Mr Hoi' neoo la an o.d re?lde 1 at.d t%. *>er tie * f*ur. ' i?l> < nit. He la a pracli dug Jtwjer il ? tarvepra. up* a id lie la kn iwti aad ee rra\*a h) !he volar* of tke dtatHi t i nier no cirr .m?'ani ?? arlil l ie Irlatida uo? i rrmit b m to w '.bdram lie ia a v aalUale and ?l'l ri'Bl'u ao rl&lT AI :?*B?(ANIi' DUTBICt IT H4TIHU ?*?>' rrp< rial ' b?* I k? ? ? ihdrawa ?a a omul A ate f or the r rat I. let net. ljei.mi.u a tl fa!*- ailirtllaia Id the Sr.d till ai.eeei cm Inae'iy ?-?-eato.;. ?? BMKIOHT, IIOB (X)UN(J7Ut AK. 1 1M. M. M. Ub Va Sul fth, M aol ltu WW da. JAIXJB 1?B?'A!IB, IanirmiaT tar Pmrii'e dociinoe r?K AI.niKMAK Kill ST Al.D?R\fa*iO DlT?I(fT. c<.miirtaii??Ui<- rim. Boao-.d. and yart jt TWd. fourth aad BitUi warca, JOIiil U ttl.SiK.UT wytmmh, Pte'e^haed lMt>#, IMpth ar*H - Aj? atwter H R?a MMmr-IMHi Im ? ?rc hi . an *o?:it*T:om for r* the Hu h ai imrn. f'a* Mir i^?-.V Har??y T i'i?a>jia4. tllhmealb irat I f~1n " Thnvae <r??w ntrmLI AW ROKOOL Tl KIT-TWBi.riH WAIIH foe Onaaea r fdr?r Ket'knai o? l?".rty W, nail * ? 'a'-ai ir r ? Tr ?.<'??? - f ni! T'rti ? 1 imaa <1 Jt ? 'ana :)???? r r Trt?if?a I r '1 . a*?.? ?? Jati-? * ? ai?. 'r t > TP1 ? TKiM I r fit rtwt At.i??"|VAS' ta n A ?f?i a ? if "i?i???-n?e -ttlreaie ' e "ra a aa?(i?!> ?*- t ' i al 'i ?t nv?-i i' >? 'a i<i |[UH OOl'll n.KAN. ?? Truth Heoat. ra Dtei.-u* ItUi. l?ih 10th. I'd. an! Had War-to ,<<<NA.THtH t TP0TT1" IMDETSHDKR^ KBKUBt JOa N Tt<"-? il STH hBKaTOHl AI. I' I rt.1 OT, UAh, lllh iSui and ITih anta. Tor OOUKOll ' BK. J a?M W ->l?oe, Ri moo Oa'IrtOB. lieorifr r HtelnhrtoMMr, Hen 17 A Sntth. Arnuld A. Kooena. Bderta K Kpruoi. 1KBB THAT 18A.AH Mad AT, T>'B W BI.L KNOW* t.rmefchr baher. Bo 119 ro????.h etre?t, I* la .-.imiDai. -n for i> .taeUman at u< l-Jth Uth. LVb <u.d ITU Ward* \ A* I ? ta'm. 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Tweotf ?eo>wil aumrd ".r??a.d That It ;? ike d it, or aiftj aaiiaoaJ datn arrat k ?arpoal tb? a boa* r. i*.ed c ntl?me?> at the renreee lAattnw of a It en 1 all. rr?nptaa to tM 1 h o ? n, i1.eul.-t aed hat all other 1 aresoa rlaln>ie( 1e i.? raiir n.r. ' ra>wa ehoaiM "ot '? iiipunried. ther l*UMt eel toh and ive 1 ? ??d to a i?a ton epoa aai ieria B A kiHiHt l?>-ri, itrvi Ward ? .alraaa ni.J?Ae V?rr. tl. Twel'.h Ward I aMRM KB1 Ni l IM. Taaatietb Ward j i ? B- I M'lRM Tweat/ te< .n I Ward Re<Te'?r NATfOBAl. U!?|i>B BOMIBATIOB.? FJB OOt Btl U man i? the Mttot ?eath Ward Herenth henat-w-.a! d'e rirt *. P. rtio.kam en^.rael t?T ai.'h aea aa Wrr K. 1>,1* , Joan rh?n? M -he laraaty rret *arl. an I ot.'ien. N'BW TOBR OB' \ 1-- TO TUB OBBOrBATin el?>i-*e if lb Se ea.a HeataVirta' ?1'etnrt Hartaf -ecelf>-.Mke a aailaa air oaai.l-naii of ibe f arntj e?; a I a ard for ?h -h 1 ia*et feel hijhh htei-ired )et at the ea>-n?et a lu-nali ee -! nat.j of 1 ijr fr>*ri1a I ha"? mw. i>ij?d n wtta >!?? ir Tl toe ii-.Tiaa a fa. >r '?f the er;ular 1 aa^'tot* Tik?, Ilia tK. B?i and ka-i" thai all mi frvn-t* thr nehoin t ie ea J fa dhlrttt mil Ma thai. rr.vat etad- aeni ki a'eai hiat, f-r Ui ? IWMi^tkeilB . jralrt rartT 1 r?a?'a rer. reei ?o?f-i|it, rrfBB rukRHkLi. PBon.IM Bi' llH'i, BOMll* kTTllJf TC'R hKVBTTH Ward.- "Bo PiBttw lo the naii ? T%? fo?Viw n? ticket eae b?er. t t lawaairattoa hr ? lar* ? aa t naan'ia 11 meetinfnfall parllka ? far Pchooi ?Vi?ti a<?o?ar - Wahi ia T flcwttt. ' -vi laei ee <?? W.illaai l>. Muryhy. far Trtoma WUeno ? ?a!l and Th-??aa? Woodward. RFOOLAR VB10!? BOBIHATIOBK or THB twentieth wud. r-w A Idea ma .1 al?aan*-r rrev t*?tl .1 .atw? Bathaa'a. II. lowter. .. Jar* B !/??? ?<*?i el P rtiafhai* oaa th f t a'aia-vier H. anl.i.i O -ar an- taoldre -<?pB?n It" ?n? OMatotilee Bor-a Ikaa ett llaara a Tie* Rehavu (Vmamtia. rer I *0 -'ear' ?-a 'a #aivr ?,.0mrrf rt 'art*' IhBaalTt wtoae ??e rt* I'rrer. It> 1 I L l.ttud.-r. Br' ?? T - >W?e. is IU a aaraidy lUaam B 1>?? JOHB IL ?OQR!fm, I'raaHem ?( Tweauat.'- Wart BaiMohl Ua^ai Ua>. kerriarf. rUTICAU. B1.Ai*Tl.' Bm-l*fOR ?AfTBBIB<1 BAL kaeraehe ?iaul * ? PI Sa|* (?>!? he^aaee ewie# the tlnod/eai _pa lai 11 3 aa ?ireet near H^iatiwa; aa 1 K r. W. BaoWBa amaer * Bioeieanik ttrei aad ^.i-,a T POUTlO&li. QUb< 01. or r 1 >?** ? uikt mrth ? a a.ia? oiti* ? ?. k ' look to vur eoauola. ? n a* bare eumpau-ot aaa burn ble mtt. aa oifluora Vote for John H frapp tor ttttnul >) wi ?Ixtor -r be (? ? law mr of r*>? atabdiaf a man of rial/, ?od t- all' b>*' ' an e?ele i and ?ooJ doer clUneaa we rrouft ojni.l bm u> yf?i m as pr.aht ffeot'emaa. l'?e y mr otmo ( to tlec. him aud iaj a*4e all (ov par } precunei la ?1 <1r?C? fclchlra * K fluff Jeweller* 1M Grand at ran, Frut Miller ??fu V *.:d Ml Alt. *nev tritxL B Mom memhaot, ??5 uraiiS ?Uf^' H ri 'tiMrtjk, % tkitimioia eet S. Int Boat, f ?>?*> ?.o <or, 591 ur.ixi Dartd atiir ui>) Kirn ii Bine n??rrlitul o(H (Jranl H'o-t ? (1 dbrla uaii merchant 191 IMmmj et'eei 'I' i. ttrt nnan, M. D.. 4M Or and (treat .1 Uurke M D.,tH iItM ariiUun rt Mofioux, >rl?t?r, tl ftufol* etreet 1'nicr lluev W hheritf atreet, I. tHu*t*ht*mnr taeroheut, Mo (1 Wll i U etrerti - AH J Ave Bunlrcl other reapeettble oiU'-oi rpo TH1 OTTIZBN8 or Till I1UHTH J'TOMtAL HIM 1 ti let ? Pltleroth ?ud Twent nth wa/di ?I hardly u?l to J you -lor N li notort.) i*l> true- ttM a eandul ?? for ih? olfl ? of ? Ivtl Jueltce of thla dmtrtol haa beeu f"toed upja y ju *ca'i?t JO or will and ag*l> m the at">a* remo *r .tjh* of wariy all who hav? i?en ouoau.led ou tbe eubj ot. It i? fi?i ly oMortona that .Us hu been b about through '.be in ?tni mentality of a arrrM Mac* I. a pw*rd c mm't ??? a lib* ial tiae i if army . tad the er-ftiueertnir nf ooa of the mo* a *o rloua Tomb* lawy?i? In tie city of l?r ? York Tbla pr??tloe if i irtfae candidate* lor ceflne np<?i >b? people, f.-W whom they are oottpr >ed 1 1 vole or nut v.*? at all b?i in- -?.? >j odi )'ii ^odeiret.ble ibu all (i-td a:u ?oa b?re >..-an,,ly nnlinl to ere tbe mbole lydem of aeierUec aaadUlate* abolleked. ? ud It will b' aUulaht'l aa *< u <u 'be n<-in>lr fta.n o It antk thrlr reprobaitoa ana to (tre tbe a an Ouo<^taDitf to do eo at the iteming charter ekcl-oa .al Ih i aoilaUUfa of haadredl ofni?frllo? oiti'n. ?, 1 offer Diyeelf ?? a ran, ltd- le for the (?>?? of J 'Mt're of t"e dlttrtet 1 do lliv flrM herauie I know UlAt a i ei > M'i!' imnoer of lha ol'J. 6Ba of tbe (*lRttct, It n^t ft o ftjwitj Of them, drelreo me to be the caodWIate for that offir* and bare (ttrer me an.. raenet of their rapport: eeeood Ic, ' rcati ae I to faaftl Jar ?lth the ilu'lee of the office, baring ifwdiArted then for aereral yeare? liar falthfrUiy, I leave yoti to judae. and, th nlli, iieaauae I' aneieea attend ? tble Mio>t it will rf a death b! .?tu tbe of lordof obaot loui caarniatea npoa the peo jle br meani of orTUe ?ftii)ii? lAK and turobaaed D.?iiUiaU(?v for the ab?re 1 a >? peal to you n<r y >nr nation timaWu II eleotod, U ail rhame the d tlee of the i dbe to the beat of my ahltar ANSOU WILLIS rAhM oom.hatiow -at a mitiNa or tuk U<.nvrnt'' ii to naotlData (Vinetabiea for tba tlOAotfe ward htld at the honn of M. Hal la. Joha Ready and Hi t-bae Ma<'ann were t nanlmona'T 1 omU>ai*d. ? B Hi. at. Bee. PKTBR flWLAY Ohalnaaa. Tamvant hax,l-th:ri iikth ward -at thk aajoui uari mreOnc of the re;'ilar OrlecaUoa to nominate t-?hi?>i i iffiorra Ibe followln oonlnatloDe were made ? for Ooe.mlaaloaer iu Ih H, THAPC, < -oh r t at Iaw '? laapentor? JOHN u Di khaT. BoatbuUdar. ?' Tri?U?-<:ll*RL.KH Kuttrilt. Me-ubaot. ?? " '? -TIIOM.H H ALLISON. Orocer. r H Chairman, oeaa. eoa. .lone AjrrrniKir, Jr . ? kaf-reuu-xea T e??r, o r. *k .10111 RoilAllfH, Oktiruu JmBB ? ? vtui Jr . aeerKarj. I'M tS tl *A?JT BIOIDWAT, WITH tffMMMflekta 'iUeer of tbe ItoeeB I >?il lafarir of the d?m ?<ra u- t-anj. b"iiln? hl> triri.4* ari'l j ,ia lira to de ? ca; the People'* or republican p vn y, u. tt. ?en of taa ?l .aoopft. nlbte In tbe Common irV. <o " ru?nuf''M''.?<oM*rTrii >r tub toun<? mki?-s ? a> , oal Kepul. 'lean Club will be In ae?aloe U Mi. 'i M 1 It! Ion ?tre?t on M n'"\> t ? ?aj *, DtoMabtrS If*'.! b*we?o rrroBi or tub fourth hahii-thi _ sat m p'-taauted to yuu lor School CM ?ra lor tbe ward ? For -'???* ?punimi'oner ? Heur O I eat* comer of Prari and t'ba b -it. abwr'a rorh^huMlaapejl r? AHinnder Lan Sr., Ro Ptarl Hr ret /or Srbnoi Trueterw- i: m :aru'n Ko 10 I'aary ?Irrei Wiili-m Ffrelat lo .til fain >trret, John Marett, to (li rn-aofj >o IVarl atraet !( jrtaenot pcrwEjft! ) af'i' ?l< 'fd with tbf can tldaVee U?-ir i i-atdr.i. f* are rlres. mate n'|.ilrlf? about th 'in or(> and arc tli-m' l< eatla ird rotu the above Ucart and *e? that yonr [ e pk'-or doe? ilhew1?a TOlb'R M .PAlBhS OF ThB SIVBNTH A I. DBS tianv Mat.-i? l Tt? .10 ' '"M<r h-1 T m ;i i > rrn uf lit d'atrlct *araaMJy ra outtmb?.d to bil i lb*r uiy?yrr? ?u< bjwMin, Mrt I'lir rtl.P-i J ( II IT. M ft ctl *h!? lu .epreatnt tbtui- laieraata le tk? Hoard ol All. arm. n Mr '?!?v? Kr oHIPPto bo a man ol tut jrliy and nut ally. Hi! from U.a ion/ r**!drui i. am mg ul. fin'aentlj <10*11 fird to I'lulwl n?'|ii?(?iu la IB* IVMBBIJO IVnocU Win en: Mi?( t-rr, aod ei paataiijr tb* Tatpayrr*. in ira?.yoau ?a?? of Lbe '?r*l rauUtdatra f >r Aldnrmro. ?o u ti. tr roaHrd to Tula for Ibr biwt ?>m, lacrpendeal of party i n?V*? rnihir>( Irirr it ffnt rr. Mo>r i Mr r pre. Urxft 'af'rra, M J chariot r held, Ollrar H jweU, W>.rrao Harrb*. Loula Moist* Jr. T Van P?U, J.imn WalUra. >? l? n Im.*? rth Aba. Iirmarrat, ,'?w* K. ?1 . d, * L b'fUaa, !?a%?C. HlauTalt, M y iK ktuborl., i? M h'' ?a. Urorjn Drtaanll, J'.att^W 1K?M Albert Mnn man, lutl Willi aw a. B k Vmin*, J .b-. Br *k'Snl, Hnurv I'arlontb, *a ' Moira, I'Mrvk Voiirrmkb, Philip W. P .1 Sh'iHa. A lam Kooli ac*. <"harlaa P. H iotar, 1) Vat llufcn ' Lirn i> l>/?tar, .("ha ? Bun to. K W ?'r? rule*. .1 O, Wr- rub, xtilu u Worlry. P. U Pratmrtoa. w H Ora; , l M|ik Jaeoba, Harr. KUi,rnb j'n Iaaa< it Orafl, W H Boaltcaa. Het'j N i ?nu. i- 1 T. (Vroal!. H Mrlar, f?f) it Mr*<l. tTarof*-. I.u 4 (?>.>prr fimra ! Htbia, ,!obn Ml ia Bo^naon 8an?a, John Ri< harda xi, ?i-raJl.t.? I Ui 'ia t naur, P. < an Rw, ??a i HMfnrk. A W K<h nana A !> Wllaoa, L. II Ptratn' re l.,.a'a halfrM, Adas I 'U. riff iK-ra-ta J?a Bada'n .' I!. Ik.rtaaa, Wru Mait-n. Jaa K Ti arrarn/t. P :wj, A U M Ha, I.I rk. Tbomaa Wtl.y, w 11 tMlm, < barter Tnmar. Wm Waal, II I II M^ay. Wm M Dotibj . nki. Naib Wm Vall?au. ?a V. Wallaca. Juhu * Mor?aa. Pnw'k ModafaM. | ( to. J N uiorlaal. ilatpal liaiaa. K K fuidlrk, laaa: (I >>i4aa. Wm <v,ark?ii> i*h. Tbonao Murrar lnal^H feiltiUI Jl iVrwa II Pkaloa th niai M ?iu, H. APTia^n. >'akua ? Rroan, OnaL Nabtmp, K linrkhn'mr, J H Randall, Tboa. Aniut. UilSart B t 'irrta .l.l.i lliila' an.U. .Mia PargaraU. itaa, * Mlat rbarl K. ti H i^uil iiU>>?rl P. Haaakav, Ion a I ah*, uoa^rr llaor> t' Kaliajr. W D Kaaaad). lhoaaa kuic. Predorkk Link. TBI CTTI7tWM A N l> T 4 X PA T BUS OP TF.B ilflf Ward a < re., ar, ht ailM a a abora. and m let: of lia r a i p rtol tba Toaoty flrat War-I Iti^a rra for William Haw. Li-? rap' blta lor Aldaraaa. baa t?ei iiaaad wttl oar I'Wn. and lb<?aof gtii?r rapnb*i< ?aa aUaobad. vrfe a* alimal r** a" far aa r?la;ra It .1* >m aod aiau at mm ? ud*r>tan<t tn many ihtra. af wltkm I Ualr ruaaaat. ai d a-a -bi? ? '.jva U?> -ad 11>Ma8t> hllBitWOO!) i 4NH BB Ab OOP. u*m PBT ft'lIOH. >' aTBB OOUTAIt. M?AHP KlI.I Atai' K rpc TH I VOIUW OP 1HB T ff KSTIIIH WARD SBB 1 ib?t .'?.uaa !. Flamr * aaiiir appeal ja ro r ball.** for fcabool Tra.ta? rHIO* PARTT NOMINATION* POB TBI t'.?ir? manlf It'atnH? T ?r;fUi ,r Twrotf f nil aatf Tirasir iwail Wkrdi H!?vb?? R >'w>rta. Jaaob M I/MB, B ft mncfeMB. O a. Boidan. it ba Hrtaa. A>?i?4at XT "ION ANn VIOTOBT - P1PTKKNTH ALDBKMANIO L ntatnrt ? Ratrular Taauaaaf NaUoaal ilamjuratle Cak* Ta? pflf era' ??d Pa.iala'1 OHkdtdau. Por Aidrrmia, T?"i*r frat Ward. ANORB PKOBB.aT. 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Mr. Ptepb*E I* HiimU, oa behBOf of the llre^kln > -.'ct- < asdlditM %ril Mr O Xrtan. oatxkalfot tha raadidala U U ut bail, e?!h c.pieaaad a *:llim>e?a for th> ??ka of barmnny, and a ..tiny, to a ilda aad f'?tai" whatavrr raaUt ihc tx>a>.reBc4 Bilabt pnid n#. Aud wbereaa Mr Prumect. <te ooaalnee of the Taatiuuiy Hall Alda aiaclo OoavaBU>?. declined to a*He t cb raanl: altto<'?h tha to ettot of r 'iforen-sa w*a I r?l jrn'iaed by tlia Cn<iT?nilt)0 raukuaua* frtaa Taaimaor Uall. ihe.afore. Hearil?ed That In the errnt of the defaat of a daa ieraUe caodldate fi<r ak'rruiaa Ii ilia 1 11 inaaijk *l'1rraaala d-aU <*, the cai-ai and reapontib-llty at ?'.sh defeat .-eat* wuh the 1aani?A) llall orcuiiraUua Haaolrryi ihat He eordlally approre CactBln T! titia'a 4e lera'uttoa on v> fun for ?*!< ttua^. ac<i thai iar <iw of tU vVIkb ei.atiB? to the deaaocn".i partr we deeaa ? naatae to Bake m uiiua tuna. it. > ttiKiiaaLU 1 hairaau. R I*. 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ItJW Propnaakl bra Invited for tax graduation maaonry, ?al at Mr Itrm* at eotittrncliiia of 1U. ?lleaof Vhla work. eiUuKllag from ibe *e?ieni er.d ot tit ("v T acne! of tbe se r? du ?r down ?he vtlktyi of ibe (Mk ran. i It* aud llraby rue-* to tbebtdk* of tb? liner Phr?lt:fta The w. rk I* Kuerallt ha*vy, nmapit -I'll l.Xtt ODD cible ? arda e?tli W JOO eu>>ic wairn eat 7.4UI ruble ) Hrt'agf t ? n?l rj oration, UK) cubic tarda ? i DO cnbtc }ar>*?ru'tert lUilMlniilt v*-.1a ra.A*il?? w?R T aaoorr t. ,'<K ?r with iroo briber eLipamtr ot re perintnM way and atationa At M ? 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Atv.ut 'JWi adJilloaal mllaa are JfCated md mnaln to >>e p<a<v?l r.niler ivauacC (J B OTTo?I 1'reeileot AHUEXW RLUflOH. Jr., Kngliieer In ''klat. Fpi ?/? P01JITN' MI'RIOff. 61 PARK hTRIfl ? THH Lk dirt h? 'ns rnarite oftb a illamin return their than aa f* tLe ?ery li'>erA) mipply fnroieken hem fu* be Tb?uk>i^rlaB a loner 10 the rtlid-en of iL? lnatHittiun. ao'l u> the <i?>iu ite or lb> r?l(fhboi l.i) id (tne'il y. T" the priiirlelurk of ihr varlooa ti irlo lotbem^uv eronera who dona ved?uoHa. t>ih? but'bera ?l 1 .'rarraof ike aeteiai mtritla. mpe.UHy U) '.o->?e "t be Wvt iiifo, Waal W&nhlitjim < vtitre and ralton mark.'ta, aa i to w.t ojater rt?alera M Hie foot r?i i~prt >* atre -t 'tey trl ati'e- . "ry K?em oblyatuca. A tue |io ker from 0 warm A :-bl?V? mk? l Ii) kr Ilti aey. >i"vde a wnaatl ? Timata t lb loa .?*, dO'aed hy ar I). K. 'iruk tud by Mr l?a?4 Huylrr, were h? ov>eer"e I of a'l nwiTi" f) ???eral t i-kere the !<d>e> are aija n nrieh iihltg-r i >r a fti'l aunplr of "'?be s'.ail Jf lire." Mr Or ok, of ? bul'tn ureet h ia the rirati'iite of atl tnr Jie yeoe--oe?iy ai d cue with wh'rli oe i '.aaU"! hated iu : h-ol!ed, wiUtn it (4lier limit Una U?e tup pi] Mr "ll^e at I Wr M?1 arj of Hrovleay, he'ped mnvh to sweeten aud "rnamet't the ? ^?aei'>n 1 he Ke-iUe aeu .if tka aereral uw eat*b tabirenta a^ded r*eat'? In tbe pleaaurw <n ika rb io. -n '> i a lilw-ra! aiipp ? "f !-'T? tb?j bare ' b - :>eclal re Ea la of the ll-ternea The vt t m riaul -faedu p'eaae areegrth- acktow'-dcoiriita of tlie laole? f r jetr ?.?/ rM '?l?ot r? r. "e? ' A?t 'l.onrh by no m^-ana lex? onled-iua liiih'-f fb ea. rlntatiii: ?i? raah with which i . ?? ..e <> ?** iked ibe \dlrA. 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KNUB, Peak. NOTIif-OONt'KRNINa ONI TUOM&K MAK8TOR'? Invent "o. known ae a Band KKton I'lckmjt MaokkM. We. ike i.adatwsoaf, are Ibe Iw i third part own?r? of ttoaiM li.iei.tlor *? d eive t mely aotire to buy do n.oee thaa aa* 'hi'dpartof ibe nbme inteutl'ti of ?!her parii. a thaa oar ? elree. : 64 Heoond areaue, cort>er of 1 w ent> iklrd atraat. 1H<)1IA^ II URODIRIOK. OMB OONOUOB TBI I'AVIO PRK8KNTIO BT BIS BOLIMW rO> tka lesem a i I be Iratlt :tlno of Mercy and wklc'i b a beaa fov ?-?b? ai- nte? paat no etklblUon at Mr. Hhaaa' fit tail waa. ? be drawn at ;be Oonre- t ?f Mercy, Uo.Muo atraat Una (**?. k. ndar lha 3d inat . at ll ft' iloek f IQtOB I J a. or ? T> THB PUBLIC*. 0?otob A (jumper PfPinrnut, ? Roe a. I MO. f Tbe pobtte la or<tlll?d that the anr l\I eia?inRttaa aad 1 1 1 ? I of 'he aqnednct will UK* pl?? dnrtnr the t tor lh<a I'uipow lus water ?.iea at ? r-too data will b? daaai IE Torelay, the tlh of Iwce ahrr. and remained okMniN the repair* an OLtnpMad. Lhirtaf hie ported the nttl (Hit, af nwwllt depead aloae tm Ike rea&i ?<*r? within Ha llalit far Ha dally H'-pjilr. Thla aonia* It nana! ever* yaar. hut owla* X> the tanraaaaB eonaoiaptloa u4 win of the preeeat mr km) Ike wblcn lb* I* vd have met la thetr arraoreaaeota for a pmjior tk?*te additional rapply. the q us til; a t water now In Ik) re rerrnlr* la leaa the* || ha* ever baas at the eoaameacanatnl ? the inwl repair* The pi bite, beer or* hi ouaatly reqaeled ti aeotd aU na nai, I'taarr waala. aad for the preernt to be aa eoonrwat i*l la the aaa or walar far ikaaaaJ* and nttaer porpoaaa aa poaalMa. THcm. 8TB ? Bun THOBAB B tAPPBN, A. W (1BAVBB. Onitna An tied not Board wmmgm hu A n?B. bbai.thv n akdsobk botT nixtbbw XX montha <M. of rr.iord aid I ilctlieetiiai *:<.?ri<ni pa enta/re. wt'i I e p't>o Id adoi'ti >g to t fnni'v of wealth aad eepertabUny. addrtatC. >.L Modi* ta'titia ?iuar* I'uat 1 IL e. Aim 'Ml MAR BY THE NAMB or M1KB MDBBAT. <K t kun k aueet left I'l-.blto iMi .Var. c<ihenoe K*Br ? ou'.d like to be?r of him Call or addrem father* ?e Kelly. ? are of Juaaa Bartlatt. Bo I Broadway. Waahlmaoo ItataL IF J M. ltOTT.B OR LOCHIA BBHBBBaH WILL Al? 1 diru a n >t* : i Joka Lau,.m. late ol Holland. Tl at the Aator Boeae, New tork *t*UaB Wtnrp ?.?????? >n*? >e <?? thai win hear of amnethiec that naa? we to their ad 'aetata. IKroKMATlOB ?ABTBD-OK CaTQBRIHB BBU.T 1 aha >n li*i>Un oa Ik* Uhflf Inly; abe raina bar* wtvh a wtmaii named lira B?>re. a rtrl by the naaae of ''aUixrtaa Kellyla loAlacfor ler aa; laf <rn.itl->a will ?? a thaaafaBy rer aired at the Waal-ioftna lintel, Bu. . Iboadw ay. Catharta* Ratty, rar'af J ~>naa Harnett. I hkobmatiom .? v. AKTtn or >bnnt. who xbrui I 1 rd at No. 1 l>neiijr ate r ake wllleaU atUI Paart atreet hetweaa tke honta - f It aad I. aarf aak for OharUa. ?heaiUhfarof a?a t-uiug uj krr adraci^e. Tub riBDBtt <j? poboh ikbr or a poiktb* doo ailrer m orad ;.M> br?-?t and lo?a arar oa faft afetf *a ran* art i iaai.7 pel, loal Nor It) la aaraa*4y requaaMi to cnmanalaat* wlta it. r ciarte W Broatway W~!i.r Mint BbwtKOf.'vna nm.'irao ?AB jo taa ie (>nii<<veti. <nnce..u*ut, ekli at *k S^a^ad p aca. Brooklyn v "ada y, be: or*:.o *to?k RPWAKOI. A. $10, HAW Ait i? U? ?.-? A ' IJ UK -ain BT THB HB0BB ?-??? ilia . o ir,. naa of anode, -ation aad prapar lo an- pe.-a?a that wio or aaaiet hi 'i ta lafciac riie a* craaa// ftap* ta rain adauwioa l^Aiie t'oite* ntatea itmrj. AdJraaa D:ia-^ i?anhi r \ itratujr. K"?WAaa"of TWBWtT>I7K~DOLLA?K WILL n ?irau and an |i eaU <aaa?hed. ?o Uia reti.-a of Ika baa kat ot atl~rr atol?c oa ean)?da< nleht trmm b<Mae la tiaita? too aira or %:n\r Thlrtr aetetxk atreel ? m?f paid aad p^pert; racked at lOty)'e^> plara, aeawd rtoor battndlea ? C .UffilO~U<<T. OH HtTDIlOAV. OI'IBlUt ??> t hetwaao Nlataewih hmw u? Metraaaltiaa Kotal. a M frrPinmaialf V a. it eafra ed on ea-k alda, nual da I Ui( 911 JO a Bra^u-tn aad a pair of r<>kl Mtaera Bomohl :nar%ed I T. The flr.der wU reeal-e taa atioea reward k? aanaa r. at ft, Baat Biaeieaaih alraa l Jjr ?nil-UM.A OOBAL NBOKI.Al!B whiub ?U t'-Dt t-xrn Bo II lt.-ai.nri pltre (Tenth atreaP. ? rb B - adeay. >?:n atretd aad Fourth arraae to l*a *aw Marea <!i po?. o> !n the cart reto-al- t to l aoik atreat. I thioi>eh Teith afreet u> J I'eraoa aaarkm and bark to Bea . -<rl pUee T? e Oad-r a- I raarite iha ai?jre rawaid bf a*. [ tftraioc 'i to l r aborr alUri-aa. FS.?r ? Ittl. - I,. ,#T. A RKOnrr BOOK. ata?alof reeeirta fp.m C u. Hji ki m :i. ('aaiba 1 he I. rwter win reoalre the ajort rwararl by teannf u ai 1>0H heari wee t t. H QOBBW. tin >bwa?d -rroi.tia frub \a m?i.rb<(bv 91 ? raet. n* ihe rl?h- ef tie 23.1 of B'-raaibar. ?? ePrw Ua'fli't nae i ' '.h- afa.rr w*i b?a i? an ei'*a la-?? ai -?1 ai .?r r?. orre ia/-?d i tleai leeer H > 1 ?%* wCk ten i t r?? ar I a very l*?i i laat aud dial a ah Mti a larra a>iiaa laoaieel bauda ? he abort ? .to* m ant ant en tad up oa Iha t> vh. 1 he al-ora reward wtil be paid for the rrro'err <*t IB* ?Si?* aratehaa - aiy tar rnati-iu ikai may la?l t.i the aana. by apply U( aa ab-w. i.otr, bitibr *k?b ii rorBTBBBra atrew or M ~?enad aremte, a *oM akala Hraoel**. rifc an oral iet a^d. art wl h ?mall d an^iada hi tae ahapa ?rfaernet The a rr? aatoitrl ?1!l be paid 0|n?i the ratara M the art ic.e l<i I td.^r y A La. 6MI I'ra^ wa>. ? O/t RBWdBD.? LUBT, TV W1PBBHOAT. TMIBT1 t , ta rn..rieeet* at? et. aear Irilac plaea, ?<*??ji'd ar. T :e ear B>*h eeath aireet, a aeta tlala traaa let a?h itlaiar-iJ Croaa oa bt*. a rwaaiel The ia<l?r -ill ra aetra the a*o?r rtaaid by e^Aiac l? ta Br Browaa, aa Ball. IT? t A <V> 'a #t )l\ BBWAnn - I.OHT. OKNATl BDAt A FTIRITOOB. a roll m MM, In R->->te*0Ti aire at tliiiagh iVurt aad < *ee>iere areola i* Rroadway IkaaMeae*. warn will be paid 'if rrtoNBac Ifta aaejjj : w Waabiwaaa ? tr?et. oeaer M nobiaaoti t all for Br tTM)pefa?. OIUJA*0 -WIBA/?ra rATBBT ''H ABFIOB tablm aaa._OSee awl faaiaj. Tl ?o?i nit. Raw Toa*. nit [J ABO TaBIBB WB J. H'TtRF OfTIH FOl D aale * *?? <4 k a anleedul Tablea. wHk Ml aawly Im aatad rTaHoaa pai- ued Borembar U IW a iprrtar loaay am naa. OAO at ihe Baaafattory, 110 Pailoa atreat _ MATBUMIRUL. A TOUWB** or <MW>0 rAWK.T AB? J -tV aandaraie la daairooe af opeam? a BMi ffB with a yon** lad } wkh a na*n- *??.*? Wim? a ha Imdti "w la a pad odaeatxa^ aaalabla di^?oa ??.a. "la tar lerate de/( ae ( end k*du Addia** P. I ' aWt. l-.i LM rnaoe oa, ?ear 'eeae? A VOI BO HIV Of I'.1BIV ???'!? ? I A tw?al Ir * '? a rf I a ? ^ "^WdBBWPI with a ?<r-r? Sarty wth aa oMaMta ??*w IB ?unt* ?| - oraa BH'.aa H 1 eeflf. Baw Brnaaarteh B. J $1^0. IBOARI A%0 TOBACCO. IB- AT A..'. 1*RT k- V earn1 tjp-? anl? ba?"? ?? ib v *1 *?* t ? ia ' aaa a^ lv? ,r i: a tr?f. r,ir "4

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