Newspaper of The Sun, February 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 5, 1861 Page 2
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r- v LaVk- i.wi. ,!., , n r- i aWse.-. MK ' eJ t w NlM THE NEW YOKK SUN. TUESDAY M0RX1N0, FEU. R, Ml. tntw uro orriCHt TT have recently ppr-netl a new TuMicntton Office foe U Bra (designed a lu ultimate and per. mm) centre) M Mo. 4W itroadwty, tinder fie American Museum , a point which has lieen Justly termed "the ere of New YoiV" 'ing at the June ileal of Ita two grant thot ougl fires nnl of every Railroad end Oeinlbus Lin In ire rlty. w Hi but few minor t scvpliutif. To rv Ml new 8t a (labs therefore, from any pert of the Ity r Its r ivtront, H U only necessary to hell the nettel ft tge or "", tad bo oet down a tb door, ltd evideut fiat Iter U only obj inch piece of business In New Y rk The old stand is the 8c corner of Full, n en I Nassau, will of course n't I liven up, et least f r eometltae to com. Snnra will lberefre coaliu ae to be daw el both ffli'M. An advantageous protswel, bowsve r( f ft r any oth. ex purpose lhane dally iwrssr) fa To) lease of naot of the veins! 1 premises on I! old comer, would Dot 1 dlnlff erdetl even tmw, A YALl AI1LE HMC ROOH-prot el.'y the moat valuable In lb City, for many purposeacan 1 af forded to a BalUtsctiity occupaiA, in our Ilroadway Office. The t)eeilin f Compromlsa". Tiir Ilrpublican Journals, wliiilt nppns I'" CRrmuinrrt an 1 other kindred pi ins of com promise, very plausil le nVt,ii nt In defence of their position. They say in the flr-t pltcr, that tix stales hare seceded fn in the I'niun, without submitting their alled grietamet to the decision of Constitutional Contention, or rrn la the Judgment of Congress, In which their frien It wet in the mijorltj . The til w. 4 no tine for a projr n 1 ilm coiui Ifrjtloii of their rnmpUintu, but iMcrun thi-lr rlht to HMKlett thrlr own pluur. hitl!r m-l an kttltude of oi.n liotllij t the Nitienit OoTemrornt, ttA il propirly, trimll n,vn U lw, and drUrsl their jurpo- to 1-c alieolate In lrpn Icnr. To i ff r concr "iaii to them, therefor?, woult. It i ron'en'c-l, I nt cnly u-le-ws 1 1 1 ilffct 1 1 nt to the N Tth. In th endU, it i ruel lv thv Jourc that n the fUre ttat whith hr not yet lw.e.rl, Mpally with th tint he. awert the aWolute riht nf tnn. no un cewion that nii,;ht le male t them while ther maintain thm doctrine, wouU cue grcibr tta tility to the Union. We are a-lei, mj the antix in"iv.inntts to conipromii to Veep th lr !r ela tte in the Union, tut we are not oil'. re any uro fiaranUva that our row ft"iii will limurn or Increane the loyalty of lhoe MUe. hile the -elinK tte deilire irre oriiloiljlo eninily towarda u, the other etaten impirn u-lv -tictatn tlieonly conditionii uoii whiih tin; -hillim-Mnt to remain ia politirnl W"-li! villi u. Such arKiimenti are, unfortunately, "" J- ftvtire with IhoHe whom thax pirlltn jmr- oaU addreea, ami liae greatly himlercil the conciliatory feelini; whli h ae k to alliy the paaeloni of the hour, to rUm Iho ti le of pirtl- can impulam and Mctioiial amin iily. Ml a 1 init the hasty and unjuntiUitUe ron Imt of the eecedinK ttatta, an) there are few in tho fne atatea who will not tupport the (lovenimont in maintaining ll authority ami (limli.irKlnu it conntitutional dutiea, hut we oujrht to coimi.ler the poelllon in whih the border ! e utaten are now placed, and thould nhow to their noVe cltiien who aro struggling courairootiaty to promrve them from following in the dark path of disunion, that they hae our deepest sjnipi thy and are tntillol to our heartiest co-opt ra tion. In tlmee of peril, any sn rifice for one's coun try which may ten 1 to its salvation elmul 1 b readily made. It Is the duty, it is the iutlnct of patriotism. It is not a humiliation, I ut n Klory, to rise aove the netted pvIn mil narrow views of arty, and olTir to those who are our brethren though we ile in th m wron and unreasonablo the hand of frien Inhlp, the oil re branch of peate. However much the South may go wron, It i for us to do right. Surely it is better to try to rem. iliste th in to provoke them more. 1 1 is our duty so to art la this crlila that, wintrier may be tho result, our own oeniciencri shsll s pro e our ion liu t, and we can ttxal rni Hlrnlly to I b judgment of the cl iluoil wvrM for tho m licatiuii of our .act". The Mrantorlnl ContrM. Thefrlendsof Mr. (Jnn I ry lUlm tint the nomination of .lulge IlimiH U a virtual oier throw of tho political "uutuvriuy" of linn uiw Vrn, an I trufesto b will satlsllod with tho result. 'I hey usiert th it there was a Kood understanding Utween the suortrs of Mr. CiKinrr an I Julgn IltKiiis, and tlut their common ohjeit was tho defeat of Mr. EtAiiTs, the Wtrn nnl St m cinlilato In fact, tho Titbunn tXiUt in a hlb-r from Al bany, that "thi-ro was nil un lerttanlin be tween a iiiosMerjl lo nunilier of Ju Igo II m iiih's fU.orli ran Ithefrienliof Mr.dnfi 111, ly whiih, whuneier the iiumUr of thsUtler Ladreaihed a tlure white tho Mites of III) former woull iirtauily thst tin ir i in H lite, those vote were at oiue to In) gin n." On the other side, tho Wn-n pirtj tlaim a trlunih mil (j(PRir and the exlrciniit who fought mi rturdlly for bis nomination. It was their tes whUhnoiuhiated Julge 1 1 A It bin, andtlu) Hilnt to the risult as loiuluMie vidme that they, and nit the (iUHH KV mnii, held thededling pomr In the cam in. Moru over, they allege In private, that Mr. Wki has been, in heart, fur Jmlp II tint. , foreek pat, but that he was U.unlbv a personal promise to Mr. l'.vaiiTS, giTinsome time ao, and to which Mr. I'.vaHlV friends kipt bun, though he nskel to be rilieed from it. One thing, however, is rertam. Mr, (Jbkk 1 kit l difiatel, unl h Mr. Wkkii's t miles The f lenls of .In Ige llaithis niiimged their sjuiini He v. i II, but it is junt as Hisible thst ajieyhad "a good un ltrtandlng" with tho Al liany "Autmrat" as that thii fh.Vo suiisilh words to Mr. Gkkfiv's friends. Mr. IliAiirs might, (sllnps, countename this surmise There la one fa t state I to the t red it of Mr. Oaiklkv. lie wrote to his hading frluul ah aiolutely forl.blliiig the use of muner ur any irrupt meant lo promote his nomination. The lataiUasm eViialors. Veasrs. 8uiKLL. and Ilanjauiv made their "seuwklou" i-prethei in the United Htates .Senate yesterday. In bidding farewell, they informed their southern assoclatee that the so lvation would be only Umx)rtr, at they en tertained a cordial atsurani.e that they would noon moot them in twnt an I pluisaut Inter, course In the new Houthern Confederacy. Of course, the Inference U that they will meet again aa Senators, but if the tute in the loulslana Convention, before whiih rlniiitti. and UnKjiMiN were candidates for tleitlun to the Southern Congress, he taken as an indica tion of their future prospects, their prophetic "aafurancee" will hardly be reallied. Ilith -were defeated in Convention by a vote of 71 to 82. Betirlng from Washington where he has exercised rather unenviable, even if prollt Ue Influence, with two Administrations iMat cause Mr. SunuLL sincere regret. Ilia Senatorial career and daj t of power are ended, ktfld the " lluumaa (rraat " U not confirmed. HvflbC fer m FUku A portion of the South Carolina chivalry ex- yceifaelr onmltigaled aontemf t for what they caUttist kng drew out, pacific policy of Gov- aMf Picaa-Mt." TheapecUc.e of the Uulte PLttes fla rll'.l f n"n- nvor I' rt Si-m'i r (lilt them with rage. Got. I'd kk an I hit "Ji pUmatlo" M1, they den'mnee, nnl dvntnd that they 1st obtructed no 1 n(rr In their do site to lid for the lndeiendeni e of H mth Carolina. "How long "etdalm' one of these l.locsltblrsty pitriot', In a leMir illri el to theColumbla(S.C.)fro'iim, "isM M'hCiro. lina to I kept Ugglrg for her right an I l.ororat the foot t sn lr.lent nnl niwni errmett, wl Ich the hn rrinnlUlfl forever'" Ikls rule rorre.on ln.t dnlarca tint the whoto Nu'h kit dies "with mortil wrtth at the 'firrrit an 1 frm lulent humiliition whtli tLa rnt!nne.l pmaiession of I'ort 8nmter by feihral troops Imposes upon the slit He (Umiiult thst Col. HatiK 1 rerillet atoiie from Washington, ant rort .Humier be "as saulted anl reatured." It it the solemn du'y ifSiiilli Carolina In "kWJjutt" In t lie .re it rr.oae in which the leads. Ant the flvirliu eisloitea the tlewt of itl sanguinary enrres pondttit Tho peiile. It says, wish to know what It going on whither there is ae or war. Tolce frwm Tlralela. A letler recelted yesterday from a certain town In a certain county in Virginia, enclosing a ill rlptlon for the M eklj Srw, ttyst "If Jour r wss printed with a lilt's laTfr tyre, I lilve 1 evuld raise jow otie hursl-elsiiV K-rll-rs lu tMe roiiutr, as we are r r-el lui-fv si n, se-l In fr f our pre-mit t .ustilvaian I'lail upheld, homMv fa a man w Tbe CrUln Vaels and Itaaaolw. The Timn has a Wa-hinton report thtt tort nniieT has st u'lr Wen rm' rvext, ( .un Ite o'dlersUkenoul ty the It iwa'Tn the men lir. etl In dnrln tie nl(M. la sma 1 lu, w'lh mi "d s wht t tV.e PMi jw jy off'st larlw The rj-rt Is taxottrtent with the restJeefs letter t Mr Ttira. Inwhl.h he ststed thai " l"i II -'. yn's m Teiiie.u are ta r wsy c Ltiertel trtn a ulh Ortins Gen a. Is said, bs rweivid mtwtta thai s'en-ti hare la t taJe t. p a-m th horses ef the ait rry cvs aie riw ruiinne 1 ' I D In I . tre otjett tini t-i 1 est e itktl srir lie terrlce alls tvera . ' c-ftrt. (tsv Hsu of slsrjlsca Ttoasins firm ta his hss j V irseswb n, sal de 'area lbi the psus for re voHtliontrhv tbe stste esn tss defiled nirUiy Iit is piejrlivjs stste neiil ef the fsl In le'stloo to the lle't of t ie gsrnmeat funds st New Dr'esia. This d icunienl will I 'aid litfott iigrees, A K-til rmsa from the interior of New Ynk, wholsalsrgs owner of pis srty In WsMhlngt-jn, I as ttmlrtel the same to (letters! fl.srr for mill taiy pnisses, in esse tlie emergenry repilres 11. At it nritnigon flaluidsy evening, of cillrtnsof H .nth Csiolltuk resident In Ysshingt.n, much di versity of opinion ievslel, an.1 1st aieitng iloed In illsorilel. A Isre n tty holder at the meet'ng Uireslra td W ittuin to his stle, sell his real proimrty, re move hit sUves, an 1 shabd in f ireverthe Palmetto iu.tlisa. Iiissensione are sprevllng am nig the Re,uVI cans, in regsrd li exeriillve aiMiiutinsiitt t.i cabi net anl' ttier Iniportsnt offices. It Is iejsiile-1 thst leading I'ejmlil loins in Wash lagUmare Issioinliig more dlsirsej to rsstii isislon ail n rnpromlse, anl the anti coin essienlsit are Biuh esenlerd by thlsrbang-e. lu tlie legieltitlve apsroprfsliou bill which ied the Hensteim Krldiy, aa appropriation wss mste forthellililonrgtnitnt, tleorgta, whh h has loon aelseil by the atitborilles of that state , else at ap propriation ih three Ihoussnd d illsrs for tne flur veyir (jnersl of Louisiana thus showing tlial Congnsss diss n. t consider these stites out of the t'nli n. Msjor Asorssixhss Inrornied the War Ii-put metit, tlist his funnel conlnw tor isr rovisl, ut w is again eupjl)iita' the gsrrtsi n, sn 1 his frcn wt in gissl isin.1 Itou, sud abun Liiilly funiishud Hteh r this errsiifeiniiit An ofln er of the ntvy from r.iisa il i, bj tea t'nt gust lusiiuoisliniitK n ealhts among Hie v dnnlenr tiiHie, si d soinu i f tlinn were dispersing anl le tuitiiog t.omi ,1 -justed. ttpliilooa of the l'i 1 ho H'r ' ttt thinks tluit the guvei n m t.t sh mid true! no li tigi r to tlie honor ofae.tMiiu oill era. Mr. i t isiently sent adi-pit h toNiw o leans, ordiilngtl esriest of CiiiUm Usiaiiwo i, o the revi nue cutter M Ci si i tso, an 1 d reclina' tint if hete-lhtisl, to tiial him as a miiim-er, anl if any man ollie.l to haul d mnl'ie Ameliuin flig tishoit him on tl e sj.1 1. The dispstch wss inlun 1 1 at M ntg1 ttier, 1 oi b r ol the (1 ivt-ruor of A i ais, sbdtii tto tl ej ,Mirif I.Milsltm thiul)7isi -wismia.asd utie-t, nod theciitter wis sea 1 ly thel,oulMu-ii hi i t-io.ilhts i it ctrligriphi-il.ilie thus tania ml aiih, tl o I. iininriit limit nu 1 Its oi itl- I ej id I it iHii,,crs, li ir i an the ititt su om. thnt I wi I allow the llnee to sUisl f ir t'ie lleeoftll Mi s-M liUls, wlmta siullar lm.1i ot h nor atm ts tl e huiet ads of tteahai), plie lUrM a so litinates rttiy ttnaily that Me, 1' li rt, II i SMilarj oft .e Nivy, la ut any nun tola tuuileil u w il an wliu,nt tue Lsmneius mil iftlelioiillts, heiLijtd lut i the lunls f tteststssli not llio MiaM his no hoj e t1 st the Washington C m vriithn, vl ittiMr ti i) I e tl e cliuri.ter of its pn neiliiiys, Milt iiuva un) in.nud a'o lntl isike u,-jti thi tsoulhiili HiaeseitinC sitint on, whiih met es trulay si M s.t. miry. II it tl e Wssli'ii.t n 0 n ttiiti. n u iv niMied lu 11 elina a line . f asiiai which will ktip the Under slavs ula'aa In luti 1 ll'oll 'the yiiiosslaois'Uimcnls iiM,uil,emeiiiu( oft is two I.. iitiitoos theooe t break up the I n o i, tl i ollir t lry to itisi.tte it It it, in Ilm iiniV o inloii, if gissl results are to l,e atuln-td 1 y tae aeliin. Ion 0eution, the N itl em Kepre-u'iila-tivestheie lnihl, At the out-i ktnw where they slelil and with whom thiy aia t-i d al, Taty ahnuduiilpii unl li tLa ise'i.t .litis o' tie Istidei slave stsl-i in tie Cobi.hUon, tl rss j is tl. lu. "l'i )nl repiienl, aid canjoi contr il Un publie i pinion ol )iur sistrs,aiel if we will mike eouiisailiais will you istiitil.ue loyal to the II i venniirbl Slid bterty mtmlarsuriheCiaifi.slerH rH Lit limit kivs adi matlve aneweis anl show ty thtlr cot diet that they are uul 1 1 4tlng to destroy the I ulon, while urg'ullaliiia' spiaueutly for lit ait' vstloti, and the North will in tkeany LOUctstslnu ihi . sietiiil wilh its houor. The Msdisou (Imllsns Cmurirr referring t.i the atatea i nl thslthsieaie tbrieimnp.uitieof n-aursl lrd LltUens in the H mth Caiollua ' army, tie rlauw llslthriie iuvu Itave violated their ostks f aaturaliiaili n- ben they took the ilh oi ell e enslilp, they swia-e alleglsis e to Ibe Vuikd rHataa Nv mailer hst stste tkty were In, their olh wit the same, and thai pledged fidelity to the Coastitu tlou aud Uc vemment of this L'ulon. The 8 ea slunlsU, kuwtvvr, are nil likely ! gain letuy riciulu, sa Ibsy piojose, ui theearwMiutb era OsifsJeracy, to have a const InllouJ euartniant retiuirtag a resldeis e is" twenty eiw ) ears to boo nue a clllseu. The 8t Louis Aevt says, tliat the plclare v( Le p I Siamese which Congteas eihlblts In Ibe re-enl crisis Is deplorable, and asks that CmfiTta, Il it ete rnal do an) thing Itaelf, shall permit Ibe people I . vx-le dliedly itpisa the seveial plans of a ljustiueM, Fhom PwiaAcoLA. The U. 8. storeehlp fuily arrivtd from Pensauola, yesterday, after a Isftneafc-e of 19 days. Huelitos Ihs (blla wing lauseagere, who were rnelvtd on board al Ibe Warrington Navy Yard, alter its surrender to the Iroojei of Fluiidt and Alabama . Mrs. Lis ut. Hllmmar. 1 a In.. Mturil sn.t child i Mrs. J II. Oilman, V. 8. Army, servant rl child 1 Jobs Iiwtn, Lieut , r 8 Array, fady I tl children , K.1U. Diion. v. 8. Ntvy. 1 tWO Cblldteu I Jisua flooau,. I H M. and anil , . . ., , w7 I l ."--I "UJ"" vMiiuren 1 atias ijooier, rt 11a llutuer, 1.8 Navy, Mwla llalnaas, U. 8 Ntvy 1 Jabu Milan, lady and child Wm. C. Krtowise, John Tyler, Bpaucer Clarke 1 also John Klarsty, Ilmlel K. Jauiew n, John Uallagber, Wm. J leU, J. W. Ilaiker, T. Msasey, employee u the Wamngvai Nsvj Yard t also y Invalids from Naval Hup ul, Werriaakw rt ordlaary man from Naval Has laVWarrtogtua sad U niaruee trow Ibe Marine When the premleea were Uken possession 0 by the eUU troops, Ihe above were released 0a parole. I end taken cajuutler flag of truce. HIE LATE13T NEWS. o BV TUH1RMU TO TUK A. 1'. BUS. o Foreign Intelligence. - o rr.tnl ef I be Keytar. TLico Days Later from Europe The rlenm hip srrlie.t last etrning from I.i vpt- ', with three dijs lster news but lie c' si's ate un'lnnHnt ILttrnil. fe.l had Uft Os-tt, sul Atmlrsl I'rissohsd drxiaiedlbe port mulsr 14 skaJe. Al an Uiteitlrw with a I the (Mierals la It srllit, tit ktesr f I'.tusia dslireml a wsi'.ks seeh Inilaruiorls rtiriTtil ibst Cnaltnl, Kmncs tut Iti tsisrealsit tolaterveue Iwasulullun U the tlautsh ipit tlm Political Intelligenco. XXXTIlk ('0llUrlltev4 airnatr iro-fsiann, fA.. Mr (Kr I resent, it .everal meroutiais front that itis us ta tonsil s, in f.v ? 1 1 the CaiTTssiais rtss. titims, Mr Miiins((l.) (fete.1 a irsoJiiii.Ha of irepu ry s-ktoir tie lr.sdet,l t.t enmmunveste .t n , art sie. wl etteraiiy srsenals, fsHa, arms or mar thtoofoar Wl, suite to the I niu-J aisiei, hat tatuselS'd ly any ler-sais lu the stats ot I, al stsuv sn.l es sly whether Hie mint of tne t ilKil 8tstis, al ,e Dtlraas.litt vm taken -- eem ,t ui atiil V I anv peiisaia, ai.l If any laaairy of the I nite-t Hte aiel b tii wi hss l-een on m I ,y s.ittUu 1 17 any s-rsi.ia, ami ly hm 1 ud 1 th Mr lutst ita (Mah) preeenle-l a art licit the clutss .1 M.i g-n. reaaiuetrling sgs ts4 any cl aag-ete. I) r t avt tillktn. M I'm n IPs ) preeeute.1 prl t 'OS In fat r of Itet'aintarva resaOuti. na. M' .ra M'-aio j preerte-l rtemris Vint lleiill. I,s ,a IV him la-ot, asking Ut Ibe tsasae c 11 e It- idet atsie resmutss s Mr is (al- ) lae-a-uud a pet lion in fsr 1 f reet.411 g tssce t. Ibe.snitAty. a m! the tstet 1 f 1 r Uite-s M" Hirsni !a ) resit ! real I vibe clerk. Iks nilai,r s" Mse-.stnti I asee-i by I. iilmt Mr A141M1 atj a d imenl bat isiranrsti lift tlacts. a fhcia recsnt thst L attsiana has otsjiiilei snis-ssril ps-t 'it e t iiittsl it sls, tiilsrr 1 stes lie rsmftes wn rim- f an I eol leas- a Tie srvsetean rat e1 fcsrtiate wa-ds lu part ire fne 11 tv Sean see teat-e s ree .s whom we lot W n-et aaa a latse wotse Uak f cmatna-ttug ttHst s' e-rt llesaiil al 0 a new t ai'rd eta-T-. it b a sitena te ta pr. t u, t. o' tie I b list is - 1 is art - Ibe hgs- I ta . f a f a M T 1 f Sties - we eee 1 rig t e A " sn ass fa.Se printed sstw Ileal hi g to nna a .1 vsssrr st ot the pub dt t, as 1 s-r UI I or a ir. a-ttr 4 the iult fttsus whtcll II lMltseltP uts r4 I i ssl-tn self drfsore in I woi d rscss; 'ret er-Lt 11 e lutsl tauu.s the vailesr ol tee M esist 1 1 1 irs tree navigation a tb out tss is-toll of sry k bd lleN al'i n Igbi stinittc n lure the 8 ill to s lijettioo. Isit Hie H-nllli w i'd laesl them urvlar the i d Has', for they did i,it intei.'t to give ui lie flan II belonged 1 1 the H uU st In I. k at It did lolhe Nortb. aid the 8 mth tseiht gel vessels from ihe s-ms tilsces whit n iaiw carry on the slave lla.fe, l stuely. Sew t is k aisl New h tla el. Mr llrsjtvla (Ls) saol It si om an wr Jiliary oo. eai ion il m jit I 1st en nib to say tnsl he e.incurrs.1 fully wilh his rolsaue, but lie f llrsJAVlsi ooill.l lHitlss loeeiisib'e to Ibe etlemn ty of thenoraatoo lis then pnseeitisl m argue agttnat Ihs assertion list liuislana could rw4 gu ul of t'je Uniiai, tav ratise she was tenight as inia.rly for the 1 n lai Busier. Us contended thst Imlslana wss n it Ismiit I In ary such way The at.vt relgnly of a stale could isit la leiughl Lmlslsiat was aspnred tinner a iiraly, which j-usrante-d to Ibe citlrena of the tsirtloty prottllma la their rojierly -an 1 II ry hal slave, prolatrty then. lis cbtlmsd that tvansiana had saalal reasons for gtilogeut, be cau.e the tieaiy stipttlstiiais undsr whlcn she was aciulrsit were broktn entirely by the U iveruiusnt. The Pri sldet t'a tneessgs was Uken up Mr. C'l fiiaaa fN C ) i o ninen led the tone of Ihe message 1 1 the I'resldt nt Us wss ready to do al tstal aMthfngl'iiMselbot'outitiy. lie would vote fir tie t'ttiTrrsixm invest Is u aivl others to aoniinpllsh h.i e sn I rafHy. llui tbe movement f ir tasvaj isust isiote fmtn the lle ublltsn l le of the Iliuse lie had swaiiid wilh arxitty for the reei h oi tbeBn s'orfr. m Nw Ynk, sud though con. History, ha thotifil I II would fail lossilsfy the country, lie pns fssbsl I erHia a sinsl any attempt at noemloit, and il pietwtisl II e eflet tsolcivtt wsr Us llimighl war mti-l ft me if the preset4 (es-lina isrnttnues, and nnnt tetotnw evterde.1 , u wouM ui I lai a mere Innler nsht ll.i dot laimr.1 anv ktiutrde of an alti u S to ruake war on the 0 ipital, but war was as bkt I) to i, me 1 ere aa ai j where else. The KipiiHliatiHattat hs carry w lib thempetctor wsr Utlty rsl I wsr, tl r 8 uth would meet them, srd lather than submit w niM gl dtwn like lbs rlroim ti.sni.flle llil.lo. Inking ihe edift e aid Ibe iraoer. 1 1 tne i-niiisliui s nh Ibein Mi IliilCS II ) ptioesttr.1 against the assertion tlu t 11 e Noiili wtre miklhr- war. t) i the couintry, tleslltnol the Noll wa.s'.h aa to them t Its htrue of i iw-rr1 ioste, ,,f msktnt war llsatliltle bonol I . 8 .ilor hvl s leeitei bra foi.e In Iti. N nlli w h wo t d 1st I tv irshle Vt liistrcilni l.-lnllii 8. ut the II. tiering til lib n la Lin ih tl . I mr si ,ea. vthnh (itl aveil, I'eHr-l Ibllgloili v. 1 1 Is- I -lake a e of w ill em ttit'to s Mr 1 tsr(Oiegnii) wtiiU 1 to ku.i, light bore, wl . in i e si til traitors Mr lltir Kali! be meant ei i 'y Ihtsar rnru a h figl livs net tit trow net tie Mi l.tsawas p 'I lliis f r the Cmstil itliai, an I for II v ngl t-of Iheslalee, and 1 will aliow un lasn b i a I tl itu I a tore Mr lUissaid be wanted to define n-.mii a p-t- tilin Int eslel that If f.n..l lull -r lis wot,) I fust b.kaiaieol tieam n at hi me The II n. 8i IHilor rt fer led to the 1.0 ng out if I ,a tvn tri mis H i tin V ill'l tin tin, but let! the ark of ta t imiiI of tl" liv iiMI si tb tletnlai of.ludih Tlnlrlbiia did g t ut, aud llui nor leilssly e'se knowt where II ry are 1 1 lie lie hoa d Unit silt It wo li I not 1st ll ti late i f il r liiiaa now eial.wv irlnr t go out On n t.i u if M' .Ioiisson (leu'i ) the mosstge wis -t tstnd until Itaiturow. liu bill It mv do for a government fir I liha wss tslm up Mi t. nm (Mo) sinrnl nnl, thuiglng the Is in dii) hi e, wss a I .pled. Un In ilotl if Mr. 'Vila in (Miss), the utme of tin It n li i vi is i liatii eil from 1 laho t Colrad i 'I I e I ill wan lesd and utsss,l Mi llama (Ml) iiisnttd fio'n tie Fnmn.'s on in 'lee lie I iau bill, which wis intde the ei ta ml older f r totiioirow Mr. I ii.ila IPn J i lfte.1 it lee i!hioii tint C mi li ls-1 a eis s siitiiiil fritm the tevirsl -atleal-e al ii llteii i.. ins uoor ol the Brjale. Itnl over. Ailjcuiliid llouer of Itrprrernlallt ra. Mr. Mit'i utt iMi(lll.)-ki'.l Un (oolTr a i sin ig luiiti ihe itnu n isnveto tin ee em not the M ut anl li out y ut Ntw (1 letus niMl tleufi mil to H.ydrslia drawn ty tie I i led Utiles intlelr own tie oev. and cot Inning wild a resolu tion t alluiK on II e I'n sldi ul to rtiiuinuiiu-ale to tae lluiie al au ear'y day, II In bis Julgmeol n a lit is n wilh lie publle InteretU, all Ihe fin ta on tie stlMetl,aid wlal sWat, If aoy, hits lietn taken lo n . 1 so tl e (Soreruueiit piaaiiaalou of s ill pit sily hmI lua tue. Mr Pm aanT (Kv I wou'd vote for the resolution won 1 1 eerru itm, i titoiijecle 1 10 iris itetimlile, Mr MlCltasaan said last be hail therein only rrtitett wbsl waa re, sated. Hs affirmed 1 o mf. Mr IbaiuS (N C)nbetlel to the le sjalon of tl e reeoliii vx,ire-ised hie surptlasiitt any aia sbt uld utaks suali alleaatltMia ou uswrfistiiur ru por(s. Mr Mi t'l j-asasti expressed his surprlee that any onesloii'ilol'jait toe mare resolutiou of loiilry. It msdr 10 allegations. Mr HatNiii (N C) atked letve II intmdiiie a reroliuiioi allowing the Commiaaionvre from the slates sdnjlesliai to the II air ef the II jtise. Mr kintkri. (Md) pnHiMst to annul, thai the nee if lie House or other suitable apartment bs tendeied ihem for their meeting. Mr, iMtMoi (111 ) end ot lets objected Mr John C'S'itatait (NY) gave notice that he would Man early day twll tip the bill re-antsd by blm fnaii the Cotuniliiee of Five, tbe further to provide mr the co" lestlou of duties on lnin la. Mr. biiasata. (Ohio) lo order to aeooumv aisle geullen.en wbo desbe to make seecbea oa Ibe cri. sK moved Ibst the house take a reoesa from four till seven during the present week. Me. Loo, (III ) hoped not, uuieas II wsa c tu nned to thtsie who read their speet bee, for nobody waa here lo listen lo Ibera. Mr, Btuouaan said he never attended night ses sions. Mr. Loots knew he did not. He had no written epseib, and never read one. Those wbo speak without written speeches ought not to be expected to do so to enity Yeai bee. Mr, BiKsaisa. J merely made my motion to ac ooraraudaie gentlemen on both aides. Mr, Lnata II te no ssawtamodailoa to me. No. body eouiee here to listen to written speeches. Mr JouaCoraiiiss (N YJ propusett s com promise that naue but exrartairs epeecheebedeL'vered by dsy, and none but written ones by night. (Laugh. ter) Mr, Ixua Insisted on his objection. Mr, WnaoM (Ind ) presented a petition from In diana, asking Ibe adoption of tbe Crittenden coin promise. He waa free to say be oould not vote lor Mr. Dawee (NY) presented the memorial of 71 eillsetst of Orange County, New York, in favor of tbe border stale eomprumfse. Mr. liaitrue said II was a good sign to see memo rials presented here from cllitena residing In tbe eavetai districts In ttnr of oompromlte, by which a dissolution ot tne country may tie averted. The House went Into Committee on Ibe Senate's amendments to the Utfltiency Appropriation bUU Mr. Moaaa (Me ) advocated the amendment, ep-proia-taclng fSOO.OOO for coal, harbor and road ad vintages on Ihe Calrtqul Isthmus, aa proposed In the contract between A- W. Tuoarreo aai Ibe Navy Iierautsaevja. Mr, Brivnai (Pa.) oppeeel It, on Ibe grouart that there was Dot a psu-Uole of title. If there were not Ibe prtvtleaee were Dot worth a earthing: end if TunirraoM bed a title be oould not transfer it to Ihe United states. H apgko ef the eubjtcl at a floulb Bra liuhWtv." AIW further debate, Ihe O minltue non-con-C trrred In tee fiarste's Ch tl il araendrr.ent. Tee Kenatew airamdrtMtii, torovruln( 1133.000 fra-lleUtrbaeeof tTrsnsiue eetabllthmeut fir a ttitibti fsbilltie ofiice, gave rise to discussion, dur 1 1 wblub Mr. BTta-roa, (Olo.) said he wss reluclsltto Vilef a any essstraot lo which VTsa units a petty, lis would a. I tinker with a mn who, for lie last ti u yeara, has been engsged Innt tiptlonftir an old broken dowu eslaUlsh- M Crai rt. ffinlo.) th tight Uie oS e wartb Ihtt HjihL licsit l-.ttsi. Mi I'rasrrr (gv ) arf tied thst 'irh an eatabllsh it,. wttiat leaiie an asylum for broken d wn pi s snd eotiMry erl lors llesldea. It is thing ed ail r wilh montages, the type la aniiih wore. Mi It e it I e0ssata tue ess, Mi Lisa tn (IU ) thsrridthal Ihe l t on a tiielniidnis were er t-tsd bts anlieu'n- I j Withotiirtntovsl a clear title Is tin tlatln i Tbe whole prnpttty la assessed for oaly t on liotrmsfPa) did t rise to defend Mr. osi I but the d.-rnaienu shtw that the e o- I . made wiln Mr Cao ill, by authority is Juinl Oaaimtltee oe punting, and wita the nl u Ihe 8--rt!ary of the Interior, iterVrtt.'a tlul r g oftic smetidinent nil con- , ltd in with aa aineudrusnt. After fin Iher iire--eeitings the eeannatttee roae. tin iihSI.hj of Mr rmrsasa (onto, II was re wind, thai after today arid for the remain ler of Ibis week, there shall 1st a recess from 4 till I ovotk. for Ihe lurieweof delstte. Mr lttssros (uhloi, asked, tart failed to olaaln le,tsli Iau sliMsa jiint tttsulutlon etteftd og Ihe lime lbs C nnmissiotters of Patsiita. to take le.llniony fttrainsl tne eitanai-n of MoCoeelOKe isniig insi hine (wtent. Tbe II ruse a Jjiatroe-l. MW 10IIK l.mi-i.Tl'UF rlenale- Aifimt, lik. I .1 M MrnriiT Inlroduceet a till lisslirmg tertun acts of lbs Mayor, At Isr men an.1 lminssitlly of Nsw Yorki re.alive 10 Ailing In sciiken risks Tte reaolut otst, spr-'lnting Co-nmlsslnners to vVsshlngVsils-Ing urtilrr ivins derstiou, a bill wta ofTetetl sa a sutwtiitite. It tstnutns a series of re. aoluiiis setting forth that the only way Is ernsml tlelaieiiiull.aitsstl forth In article Mb of thai loeininahi. and io-olving Ibst the 8taie l.sgtstatire it Ni w York bei-rtiy aaals to tai4reas toeall a t hvntlon of lbs at ventl ststes to meat in Wash-Ingn-n tnlle tih of Maei a, or as soon at tae re- ti sits nunila rig stttes shall Join ut the appllca lien. A ililtala ensuwl In wblch Maemi Hsu, .f Mcr Mcsitiv II i isi.. Onus, Ktasrv, llitsr and ai-lsol a 1-ssV part, when, witsr iktaklng a V 4e the Seiiale ftdjotittitd lo II o'clock to-ia arrow, Asvsemblys Mr. ('Rrr prer-enled a petition from Wm. trtnea Itstsar anl 'there, asking the repeal of Ihe law 1 isiiiig the otlue nl Cur Jnle In Nsw Ttoik,snl (saiiplsluii.g tg lie mal-aduiinuilrstiou of t r inu al junsdii to it in the elty, Tte ret. 11 f trie lu-Utuliun o( the n'lnl and the 1 rlmlual sialietii s of the state were sent in. Mr Asuri Ihirrsl had a bill to preaervs an I pr tsti tne iieeoomot en-ecii anl pinne il scission. Il pmtldes fir putitehniet.t I y due of inn to one Luidre.1 doliara aov isiraoi dlsturMnf iaetlnira or asm nib agea a-iiveiiisl lor sny lawful purjsNte by tsilee, violtme or snuiysiso of any kuil, ant wbeie pretssicert and c loblhstlon is peoveJ, by a fine of n"l more than $.'W and Impriaontaeot of Ihltly diys to s'v neitiths II gives tntglsireles atl rfli erssumintry p iwers if arrest sn I trial. Mr NrauiTV hit lu e, bill fir licensing un Jtiiake.e In Koiss Coutity, anil for reptrts of deaths by hysu lans 1.1 iiisisrtaksrs, and of burials by iiisl-rukerai. ti.s II ard of ll-alth. Mr Wki'inr lroiihl lu a hi I to sm-rvl the st. einttrn Itw. typeordng thai nt clergymen or n linel. is shsll iaesempt froin ttxsti'in, utileaa In at tual 1 harge of a rliurch or oongregatlon. Ad journed. The Holder ewnte Conference n'liaainfim, i. 4. Tho Convention room haa Is en cloae.1 to the members of Ihe Press, an 1 they are not to Iwa lmlite.1 until Ihs vote of Ihe Con vcLlein Is takto n the leslion of ad nlsalun ater tl eorganixttloo, The Vnginla ib legatee are deslrtsis that the wtole ptocts-silngt shell l.s oavlucted with tloaed d.Mits te the Pitss aial ptibllc. A onturniuea are here, of sereastonlsla, from Miialanil,to protest sgal est Ihe admission of Ibe di'lefiates from thst stile, IsTra. Ibe Caivet thai adjourned al half past one, to toetl el n.s 11 bmioiriw A'l tie sutss arrpewM Hal have eln let C unmlsslonsrs, ex. tept Sew York, Tennessee. M snurl arid lliinua. I.'even are mlly tesenetl Mr. Yt aioirr, ol O 1I0, was leioararythtlrmt 1, aud II . Ako, ot M tryl triil, teuisiraryeei rsu ry. A motii n w ta ma le to admit the repraatntv tires of ibe loses. 1 on the uhle, to pruoe-id to a permanent organisation. A oomuuttss of one from each sttle waa app ilnteil tm jmrmauenl or gan rsll.-n. Msj-or ItntrtxT says tVe do ers will W kpt close 1 until the touveiitlnn shsll orler olhsrwlss. It is uu lend sl that the entire pro.teiimgs will be In act rtil M Seioll. triul IVaaitrolrt Hillim Tf, f'16. 1 'Ihe litest tlitet rocnhol lieielrj 11 all fnm, (2TI1 ult)sajtk of the witldiaw-d of the troupe N intulion Is mtde of t' 11 "k'.in. T' t M r.ta. niery anl Mil's ljeville pt;ers spetk of tbtt w tbdtaaa of the Irteu.- fium p list .la, at a thing lite I tipet A Peiisacilt 1 ir espotsl mt sayt. It lsdeeti.e.1 impossible lei take Fort IVkeui tins!! jw llej ly a w tr vesstl llumortil mini Is 011 Inrl I'ltkrna. .Vtte O1I1111', ''A, 1. there are fltin re pot ta thst flgl tin. hsa toinimtntsl, nt Pensai'ala, lu tolae,iieiate t.f the a' ep-of wtr llionk'yn trying to land Insiisi al 1 111 P.ckriw, but nt ielii.l) e auth rl tycaulsi f'luil for Ihoio though autbolitatlvrly aUUd ly Alalauiiuns. Tfcr Citller I its la t'naei Hutrrudrrrd 10 A lube tnu JieV,t f,l,. olh'i U. S retetiue cutter Lewie C tas, htia been sturenlered to the state of Alulsiins lrntorruilr Lealslntlve ('nucua. ,4iVrst, ",, I -'1 lid D'mncritlc iii-nibers oftl e I tRlslnlure mil In the Si'ints ('tiamlier 1 1 nt iiiluste rsii'll'tiiles for I nlted 8t iti-s Bsusttr, au I Itehiitat I the uulvsrs ly Bsattor Col aia presi lad, aidMr, llttnt attrdss Hiantary 8'nttir wit I lie. Mi llklill irr actnl as tellers on the fl'St firmal bal'ol, win, b rau t si as fillows T II Hiiaoia, II I xii iv l.rMis rrs i t .buia It I'iihtis I , Llama Mrriw,, J aia ( is iiutaK, 1 Lisas luiatist's nauie waa wiihorswi. lbs scsomll il'u leauH d at follows Ssvu ra, 81 friii"! , 1 1 1 ,10.1e Nsiaoa, I, tin tuition of Mr 8na"it, Mr. 8siMrR waa drt lared uimuiiooiisly ucaulnst-d. 8'itnlor .1. M I .koo Mrar-nv nom nstM r-v Jtkiuitll i. IraatNi.a. of Nsw ioik, sn I Mr. I tNaitu noiiilnat.t 11 si .bats I) MiiiAkn. of ltenaaeWr f. r Itegents of tbe I nit entity 1 iey were uomlnated unanimously witbitlt ballot. Tae Cauvus then edpnimsd. Virginia laecllon. ItlihmonJ, Ftb. 1. This couulv eletts one secessionist sod two unionists HuiliM, Chaster lie d, D uwld I e. Pi line (leotge, Ureenvllle, Sifvy, Alsxsnder, Petersburg, Nstiolk and I'.ituneiulb rlei I unionists. lOieelwig, ret 4 Tbe elet Una balay for dele, gates to the State Cenvtntion rtaulied in the tbu. tlon of 811SSASIS Ct-rutaa and C. I), llcnaasn. suti-set eBsiomsta, 1 y auoul 000 inajarlty. The excitement waa very great. I ulon i-aull-dstes are elected In Msrhai, Tsylor, Wood, II tanks snd Usia-otk eounliea, llui very few votea were polled agaliwt rtrfemag the action of the C inven tion lau k lo the people. iilrkinoml, red 4 llearlco elists three union ists, Augus'a, three unloniets; Camplatll, two unliinialsi Charlotte eouuty Is fir seeeestnn- Amelia end N kiowsv pp'pably at, P.ltsvlvanla and II ill-. fax, tttlou, L iiLhburg, iiuton. The vote le general ly la favor of a reference to Ibe people. The Montgomery (onvcntlee. Moiipniwry, .4 ti., t VA. 4. Tho Convention niel at mem, U. W llakMttk.Lt,Tempora7 Chair man. (to xuotlon of It Tt Kntrrr llowai 1. Cmin waa Belts-te I foe permanaol Prtsaidsul by atailamatlon, and .Ioiiki-on V. Ibsirra was svlssled as pertxtausnt BetTetary, AH the dsiegalee were preeent exceiil Mr. M aroN ofMoinls. In the cniirso of Mr Coen's address, after taking Inn cluiri be said, the occasion which assemble I us b-xtthfr was one if no ordinary character. We meet ss Ihs reia-naeetativea of sovereign and Inde peudi nl slates, wbo ley a eolemu Judmeitt hsve diewilvrd all the nt llllcal assooisttons wblub oonnucistl them wilh IheOovsrumsnlofthe I a isd Btates. II Is now a flx-d. Irrevocable (tot. Toe staistion te perftsl, cunplele eul psrpiAiial, Ibe giest duly now Iropiksfd Is to provide a roverament for our future security and protection. We can, and shmild extend to our sister stales aud eur Isle slstsr stales wbo are Identified In Intumst and feeling and institutions, a cord al luvitattou bi unite In a voiuinon dwttiut . and altou d be desirous at tbe same lluis ef nittttitluiug with our f trmir coul'derstri friendly lelatious, polltl-al aud com menials North Carolina. Mtigh, .V, C, Jeo. 4. The House passed nnanlnaously a reeolutton declarlsg that la ctae ra. one Illation falls, Ntrlb Carolina goes wllH tbe other slave slates. The Legislature will adjourn perhaps, and awslt rrtulte. KrwablVaa LrctaWllvw Cmacssa. AHony, o. 4. The Republican Caucus n-et at T o'clock. Hon. ruaa W. Lxavbswostu, of Onondaga, and J. Ctoooa Uaevooar, of King's, wove aomlnsled for Itegeoaa oi the Vl varsity , From tVnshlngteas ll'trsiifftat, t'tl. 4. It appear from the) rilntns received at tbe War D fftojent that the sntlrtia force of 8 mth Csrtgtna, (Isrs-gls Althamt, Fharlrta, Miselssippl and Louisiana etnnlaos.1 Is Ml100 These returns were ma le from the tears 133 to s9. The returns fir ia.11 were only from lbs Hlowlrg Measat kusetls. 101 SnO Rhode Island. H.MI CrtinetUti, M 870 1 Vie. ptnla, lllMli .Minuwitt, II 4t 1 New Ynk, 419,'i" Theaggregtle if the whole cmuntry, trom dees lirrs?r'el runis, (1 1,10s nnn, of which ahoul S fssi.ioo are Inisntry, Kf.issi sttll'ery cavalry. U,. ouo artilliry, aiel UHwe. n IV) aud 3n,0ju rllle hien, Irfiakslant and Tearcs. XncOrhiint, yth. 2. The Contention lint mailethe resolut on toe-lablisb a sleuding aruiy the special order f r Tues 1 ty Ths resolution nsiMrlnte'tlienshlp on peramt residing In Ihe stale on the day of the pssiage of the ordtnams) of secession, wss referrel. A resolution was referred to the C nnrnHtes on O tnrneree that thay reiiott on the etipadlen-y of ev enitting frutu laia'eai lor five years a.i pnperty and raplial eruph ywl in manufactures. Adjourned till Mmdsy, AOvtceefrom Austin, Text stale that the Unite las psaaed, by a v. as of GO to 13, aa act laga-ltitig a outiventlon under the bill of rights. Matlny oa rtklpkoard. fr'rw Orlrant, Va. S. A mutiny hat taken placeon b sud tbe shin Dv inshtre froin Liverpool, and tbe raptalo and first auj seooa.1 mates tie severely wounded. The 'nestoajTaUa Meeting. Won, Frh. 4. The Union meeting called at the I n-hangettday nion, adjonrnwl till evening, after lusiruiling ItiotQsrs ti urge the f.sgislature to a Minl Onnaaavtlonsrs It Washington Moalbrra rreapes-te. Tlie Wasliington rorrespon lent of the Phila delphia Aorta .Invrievtrt says: N 1 serious misgivin Is mw euterttlned here ae to the safety of Port Pickens, K-y West or Torlu gaa, The three are elmndtntly strong w'lh tne re teul retufiircsni.itts, and Ibe last u to be still fur tber foil fled. These tuslllons commttd Ibe (tulf of Melitst, and Ibeeiimmerce wbh b pa teat II As haig as they are held by the ftovemaisnt sertwsioji is a farce, liecaaee no south em eotislera cy can survive tue ("nsteaaton of slrongholdt wbt h I ns lalui lis dept-nnere-e and in'erlority ta all Ibe wn-ld An-l If even Irellne-l to capture them, 11 w.mld require years to build Ibe navy aul organize tl e smiy, which wuuld 1st nece-stary a serious alien,! l, su isanngevsn thai the einews of war wereiea.lilyt.-oiioian.led The first duly and nt (eesHyoftbe (eovsrnmeol, which Ibe precip tatire ris'iewe to erei this luottib, will be le raise money ir offensive snd defeuiive operations, leaving out of view ihedvil list, and other ordiniry evpenb lures Vt hen the Unuls are put In market, Ihe world will ect how much faith this movement commands Ttey will not sell lir five reals a dol lar, al bonis or e'ri-iai I. If Ihe exiieeimeni be ni 1 Is. It must be under the atiptcss of fort ad lotus t I start with, which are only resorte I to byntlloni after other means have tteen exhaustsd, an 1 al the ond or long aial diaaalnius cinflictt. To baglu where others nil Is certtln'y a o, itstlonthle mnde of allrac-ting favsr. The putss strtngtof ctplttt, at home and atirissd, will be drawn tightly waouever tbese tssriea sp,aar, and Ihe Isa lers will flad flen eeh at una' la to carry the load of their own resu mes fad folly. An Important Hill. A I 'ill of very grett importance to laborers throuh ut the state hits passe 1 the l'onn jlrinls House, and Imen "out to tho Senate for concurrence It Is entitled " An Act for tint butter security of the waM of laborer!," anl provhlta as follow! I That all wage! thtt mty be due from the owner of an) manufacturing establishment, to ary I ilsirers in such establishment for any renod notexiwtdinir eixmuithe Immoliately prcoetliiig the death or Insolvency of such owner, shall I a lien upon such establishment, and shall be drat paid from the process la of the rale of am h establishment t ProridM, That the same let presented lo the ofHcer executing the writ before the distribution of the proceed i of Ibe isle. The aecon I section deslaret tint, in rase of any latrtnership, firm or Incorporated rompany, all debts due or owing to operatives or lalKirtrs for services performed, for any period not exceeding one year, stull first be paid, in preferr nro of anv other claim 1 riO' rif.f. That this act shall not impair or affect the right of the widower thildrea of any de 1 ntent to retain three him I real d iltara, aa pro vided by existing laws of I'unn t vh aula. ProrMtead IHvlnlon af the estate ef TVxaa. Ihe western and northwestern pnrtionsof the Slate of Texas, are overwhelmingly In favor of Ihe Union, while Ihe eastern suction, from it! proximity to Louisiana, Is somewhat under the inllucnieof the latter state. As an evidence of tlm conservative character of western Texas, it is only ncctatnryto state that at an tie. tlon li 1 1 in Trails county, in tlie middle of Janu ary, the Union taiilkliitefor tm-mlier of the Asttinbly was tiei ted bv i 12 mijorltv. Travis county is on the Color nlo Kitrr, aa I itl county town is Austin, the Ctpittl of the State. It is suggi sled In re that nuw is tho trontr tim. on I the prest-nt anomilout cmlition of public sunt inicnt in Texas aitoraa Ihe prors-r tHCition for u tilt ision of the stile, un ler tho stipula tions of the act of annexation. Western lexis wnul 1 make a linn stare, un I ,1 faithful Union lot ing mrinla-r of the Confederal)', situated di rcttli upon tho Mexican Imrder, an 1 able with the fcilcral forte alrta ly tlura to protect the froii'.n r, to ilefrinl and mi.tain herself against 1110 entire suuin. CITYNKWS. CorRT Ma htia (, ok Cot, ConroRtt. At the sd otinied seiatinn yesterday, C il. Y'siiici'lil waa ret slh d and test fnsl thst Osn. 8aairoxo In. foimedlhe llivlslon Iltud, l(ore Ihe Jtpansse I arsde, th it II e bills f r inuslo w mid I paid by IheC' nimoiiC'tinilli ami that on two or three oo ao! uu wl en there hal lam exlra ptrtdes, the kt-ji r (ivia 1 it bad caisullad toe ll.viauu 11 ard, be lore ne ling v ders. lb g bin Yalta testified th it he rememlatrel tue MsJ ir dei era) tousalllug the II atd on two oc rsaimis and 1,1 it In rvfett rew to Ihe tnle 011 ihe SMh of N .vi mis r 1 ut y rar, Ihe M 'Jur (le ieral mt'd tl alas tbe tegluirnt lal done nunal lerable duty tl ttii g tl e year, he would ted Issue an order uu'est thestteralis uimandsntsdeslrid It 1 witaosa, how eter, did not n aaaldor Ihe light of the Mtjor Gen eral, as having larn called In question. Theprosetut iu heie resttdaud C'l. W. Ilturr wss called for ttie dafem-e He had always con sidered the extra persdis as voluntary and not roil') tilsory, m 1 thotigl I the right of tbe Mil or General bed never been denied bee 1 use it had nev er la-eu claimed. Tlie Court then adjourned to M mday next at seven o'cloik, p. M Tax Rm ptrn Up to the 1st. Instant, the ret el4s of taxes for lsud.smouuMl to $S,03s,151 70 , leaving uiKullvclad In Ihe levy of that year $I,CKJ,. 170 79. Tlie sums are exclusive of lutsrest. The arrearages of taxes for the past year, are eomewhal larger up to dale, than they were last year. TiikMatiir Ami tii CectTT Bcnop-r. . II Is said that Mayor Wo. ui will refuse bis sig nature to the County Treasury, on the groun I that the sum of $1S0,0o0 which waa Inserted by Ihe Oomtro11er for the purpose of building the new Ilsriem K ver Bridge, wss stricken ont by Ike 8u lattvlaora Hut it la alaobelievel that this Uacrd will cany it over tbe veto of the Msyor. Cl rr Mohtautt. Deaths for the week end ing Fab. tth 307 1 d'crsase from 'aat week, 30 , from same weak last year, 103. Acute dies use. Sot, cbruulc, 137 1 eiteraal causae, gd. Adults, 103, children, S04. Males, 301 1 females, ICO. St. I'Act.'a IIonx ion tiir Poor, 100 llamlllon at. Ilurlng the moulh of January, 3.401 meals and beds have been supplle I to tbe tinsm ployed poor. Tae cksrilsble are rospertfiilly la formed thai tickets. In packages containing 35 for rue drllar, may be ha I of Mr. Aia-sso WsivrisLrj, 81 Paul's MlaatuaOffios, 9 Veeey St. Daaattoat for the piMir Ibankfuily received. BoAitn or Auikrmk. The l'retldent, Aid. Oaairrlntheckslr. ftranbrftonj Py A'd. 8im, that a Joint ene mlltee 1st aiolnled to re. else Ihe Pretldant-elsis) en his visit to Ibis city rn nut for Wasblngtiai. Onmigtouof Aid. Deux, It mu laid over to be uisds the special order next meet log. R eoluUon by A'd Faouiav, Ibst tbe counsel to the c-eriorstloa give his opinion wbetber tbe Com mon Council le obliged 1 1 give the street cleaning tktitract to the lowest bidder. Adopted. By Aid. rasuaaT, calling on tbe uounssl far In formation as to whether the erhltralora la tbe claim of luiiiwmA Jioox, of ttW.noo, for work te tbe new K-eervolr, were legally enpululed. Ad tpted. i.e-Hrrta The Finance Coisimttiee rsrpertsd tbe tax li vy, and II waa laid over aa a special order for nesl niet-llng. Tbe Flnanot Committee preasnted a renwrt la favor of amabsr loea of tu0(a for the Csnlral l-alk. Mr, Pstnv opposed it. and movstd II be refenwd lau k. lis denounces! Ike Orals-el Park Oooanaeasioa aa a swindle npon the ctly, Tbe OomrrcVasla-nare hi ugbt what they Mk.d, paid any prtee ear aavle rial. Imported res I oriels (roes F.urope aact haborera froaa Jareer. Ttter were not reteoueaible ta the ily, at4 un guy wag belaf ruisVed. Ikj guj modaaf rtfwd no -srd who were re'plng U besaflt ef Ual ecornaitie outlsy f - Aid. Cretan 1 defended the measure, and It wag also suprtmled by Aid. DtVTtW. Aid. Tcottrv sail thst he wss friendly to Ike great work of Ibe Central Tark, but wse opposed la He mede of doing bualnnse by the Commissioners. The sjv Isesaers were badly treated, gelling only (0 cents a day The men were tak en from all parts of tbe stste and from Jersey, end greet Injustice was done to city laborers. Tbe Commission was a close rorporsllnn, and he hoped thai their afTiirs would be mvutigated and repartad so tbe legisla ture, that the smlem might be altered. Aid. CoKaau eald tbe Common Council oould Hotgnlahlndthea.t of the Leglslal'ire The act rave the Cetreroo Ootmrll 00 enperrte on tvr the Cotnmlaaloaers. Tbe Uanmlaslon could asawer U inqulrlit cr not, but tbe Common Council were re quired to suit otiie the Issue of stock v the amount of e.unioon s yer, to carry on the work A'd. Darron read tbe act, and said the II ard would see that the Committee bad reisn-ted In ac cordsnre. A thorough elimination ef the affaire of the park had been made bytb Servile, wbe reesed ttself ssiUtflesl In every respect. A'd. IVsa a moved to lay 11 over under the rule, to be sued no next meeting. A'd.Itrtar charged the Ccmenlssinn w'lh car ru4ion slid loliberv, grinding down the working Iren, and aa'd the Seoate Committee dare not 1n vsst guts their a Stirs. II was the duly thea of Ihe Comas n C'oiincll Vt apnmtit a c mmlttee and In veetlgste Tbey were ra t (-bilged to authorize Ihe Issue of stoi k lo supiiort mbt-ery. After further debate, tae trport was laid over. The Ts I mlget aa reported contains an Increase of f l-iO.fiOO for H Iglan pavement, K onO tor donaUoaa, 4.',(ajn (a- roads and avenues, fi fsm for sewera, r pairs soil cleaning, $10 nnl) (lir lot Ihr Hook A Ladder Co. No 8, $10 000 for Hamilton ainare. t J3.IW0 for Madison epiare railing. h noo for N irtbwestera DIstaOMity new bull ling 1 total $M VH, There tl a'sn a red 11 -tlon of lu nno, being the estlmite fir Msynr's advertising M rapera peniing bckire lLs Honor Laid over. Aid. t aommv ofTered a resolution, Ibst Ihe Csnn eel rvpott wbetber or u4 she Common Oeuia'll have the swer to laveatigate tbe CentraJ Paik affairs. Ad'tted Aid TnoMtv called un the resolution eoDroprl atlng $3o0 for a casemate gun for Compaoy 1) ut Mb Bsgiment, for practice of artd'ery service 1 which wss aoae-eii. Adjouioe.1 to Thursday next. Hotitn or Csirxcnwiut. At the regular meeting of tbe Itatid yesterday, Mr. Joans offered a resolution, dlretlligtbeCmtssI lo the Corpora tion to take the nweayofy steps tihavs Worth street opened on a streleht une with ILe propiated wl dsning of street from Baxter street to Cbsiham B.,uare Referred to tbe Committee oo 8'reeta, (JfAiT aia'urfi'na-.Iiirecltng the Street Commis sioner le advertise for propnaa'sfhr build nga steam fire engine for the use of Loglne C- No 33, and lo direct Ihe same t meer to purchase a sl-atn fire engine for the use of II ate Co. No. til, the latter to be lora'rd la tbe Hstlem Fire 1) 'strict. Ktfeired to Committee on r ire Dopartmetit. Tendering the bospil times of the city to Aaaa litu Lisioih, tbe Presided elect. Ad ipted, and sent to the Hoard o Aldermen for concurrent e Iilrectlng Ihe C'mptrolltr t purchase a lot of ground for Ihe use of Ihe Log oe Co. N . 80, al an expense not lo ex. ved 33 fssl, Ibe seme to bs within the botiudsTy of gsth and 34lh streets, ami Bib and I'tk sves, Heferred to commlltee on Fire Depart ment. liirertlng the Street Commissioner to report to the Hoard what acti at has la-en taken bi tegulate ansl peveNw Cbamtiers street from Chatham t) Pearl sties la. Direttlpg the Superintendent of P dice tt report to the Corpiastbai Attorney all violalleus of tbe city ordinals ea by the various railroad companies. AdoeL Inrec-tlug tbe Hndsn River Rtllnatd Cwnpany bi lemove the liiru-out swlluhes b Iween 11 at le aud I luane streets, anil not to allow Ibttrctrs to be halt ed aud uul'Wded er stand In Ihs streets. Referred to cmmlltee ou railroads The Heard then ad journed. Urea, Accidents, Inqaeeta, dr. Firk rx Cnrnnr Strkkt. At 8i oVlork on Ssturdsy morning, a fire occurred In tbe back room on the second story of No. 71 Cherry street, occin led by Wv QoiertauAR and fsrallv. but It waa sreedlly extinguished by officer Peiai'XMtsr of tbe 4lb Ward. Tbe fire wse caused by a child 37 months old plsymg with a burning slack Tue mother went out to gsta pall of water, and upi n returning found her child burned to death Fiiik it Kiiiiitii AvrxcK. At 2 o'clock on Biinday morning a fire, of mysterious orlgla, occur, red In tbe dwelling of Mr. Mc-Larsiiua, N). 73-1 Eighth avenue. Mrs McL. went out, leaving the pri nilses In charge of assrvant girl, and iisin re luming, foimd their wardrolat, valued at $100, de stroyed. The set vsnt gill professed to know noth ing about tbe mailer. Brio ox Firk. -About 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon.'lho Brl'lsh brig 11.11 To e-naend, lying al pier 13, E. R , waa diacovere 1 to be on fire. It originated In the aall room, adiolnlng the galley, on deck. Tbe firemen were quickly on the spit, end sublued the flames after destroying several sails at d tbe sail room Damage about $ 1 OM). Tup i atf AatAvtTtpot a Sailor. Fatal TutMiiiTiiii. Stkpiiij Goontvix, tlie jailor who was suiMa-d last Thursdsy night In Stnllh street, near Catharine, died on Mond ty, st the New kork II wplUl. Wm Rniimeoa, whim bel baitifbM as tbe rrih who eVabtied blm, and John Jacks n, an allegsd scceasory, ere In custody. Coroner 8. uiaxia wtll bold an Impieat iiam the body to day. The deceased was burn at Nswjurji-irt, ma-et i aisa IB ea years oi Bast, Fat il. Fall. CitAt. McKfox, atmtiveof Ireliuvd, 84 yeara of age, waa killed ou Bun lay night, by falling down a flight of eUirs at his resi dence. No. lul Avenue A, wblch he was attempting to cleeciad without a light. Tbe (all broke bis neck, aiel death wis iuHtauiaaeous. Cormier Jaiksua held an Impiest us-n the body rUre Intelllgearei, jtxo. AllKiril SttlNMK UT BRUKH.t. OM). W. Mtakiua, a broker diiug biuineas at No, S 1'me stieet, and DiaaANni Davis, a broker at N. 19 Nasesii street, were arresle. yesterday by Ser gesnl Csoraxa of the Lower Pslite Court, cuarged with swindling Doulaiiai Cllistrill, an Italian hat, cap Slid fur dealer al N I. 140 lkiasry, out of 1,0IH). It st)M ,rs tratCiusaiiii advertlsisl t) eell out hie slink lor the sU've euni. Makkiiam callei umiii him, and t trered bun the initee of one John: M 1 1 nana, whom he repreaeuted to be wealthy, and wbo lived al Ni. tm ruth avenue, for Ihe gieals. 1 his oiler Visa dttllued, sod MtBkllAH then sitid hs would throw in aa security, two bonds fa- $1,(100 est h of the 31 .unl emeu lb K Co, III. He repre sented Ibis It 11 Co. to I e one of the irreatest lustitiitiiais ol the West, lee sute, he said, had cleided Ihem luti,0uu aerea, aouia of which waa worm J-'-'i s r a. ie. To Istck up his statements, he referred Ciiistoin to Davis who endorsed all he eald and more be sides The atom sndgoials were trariferreil, and the note of llonera and the bonds delivered. A few dsya afterwaroa, MAkauaa sold out the stock at auction, snd Chuaiiiii, seeing this, liegau to make some trepilry alwul the Uenda, lie found that the llraud K RtUmad waa ram eaf, and that Mr llotairs was slso non eaf, the people BlNcS' Fifth Avenue, refusing to say whether or not he lived there. I nder theee clrctimstaneee, the lul lan eiade up ble mlnl that he bad tswn swln.ileil, and caustd Ibe arrest of tbe two brokers Itith were bnittgbl before Justice Osobnr, wbo locked up Mabsbah in tbe Tooitst, but let Davis go on hie tainaV, to appear Ibis morning for extnolnatien. Mr. Ilotims Is wanted al Court to identify his slg tABture to tbe botes. A pAKeritous Iitm, idcau Wm. Kuxkr, a Qermaa, waa arrested yesterday, for levelling a loadid revolver at Ibe breast of Rooousi Reus, of No. M M at street, aad threatening to pull tbe trig ger. Justice Ossoass locked blm up. I'n artKKKr. Aooirr Gulocii, a vlioe maker, waa arrested yesterday, charged wilh pick ing Ihe pocket of Mr, llxssi SraaousauM, of Ni. 80 Munroe street, of a wallet containing $. Tbe naaaey wee found rat tbe perwaa of Ihs eovuewl, and he wsa locked up by Justice Cosaotxv for trial, AasatLT crow a Yotrcto Laht. Oronog MAaraHatas, a laborer, waa arrested yesterday, okargrd with saMtaltlng bliss Gaovotaaa Dbmbbtt, eT Ilarkensack, N. J and striking her a heavy blew uja n tbe head with a decanter. Tbe lady seas with a sleighing party, some of whom qusr relled wttb Misrsiawm, ami in leuUalioe be struck her, and she now lies dangerously Injured. The prisoner was Uken lo New Jersey for trial. LEtsAI. KKrOBTfJ-JIO.NDAY. rawwreseMi Cwart. Dtcirion in Ihe UwH-Tamuy QueDento CfuU re. John S. Itarty. This action wse stated in Ihe Ben on February 1st in full. It came up al theChamhere of Ibis Court before Juxtloa Barnard, oo a motion to examine Mr. Rarey, it cVrw esse, on tbe ground thai be wee about to leave tbe Bute of Mew York, and his testimony would be necessary for Ibe plalntlffon the trial of tbe cause. The Court now hold that there la no lesue as yet mads between tbe parties, there being no answer or demurrer put ia by Ihe the defendant, end there fore, the Comt denlee tbe motion, t'srert ef (ieneral Heaadeaw. rxiiBsiXt rna. The Felirmry term oommeaced en Monday, be fore Recorder Hoffmen, when the following Urandj Jury were tmravanollod: Itobert B. U aw, James CaajpHsll, E Iwaed Fox, lalward U. FtUowe, Charles 8. Fraucla, Fraitcle tacdin, Russell K. Olover, Edward 8. Oould, Dan iel II. Toaepklaa, John C. Weudsll, Jsmes sVmiey, Charles X Kingsland, rianry'eiiroy Unsri pel. Beajemln VTandsl, JacJ) IL Uroeebeck.Usorge ilUbett, Joka U, James, Oeurge UUbert, John IL Tompkins. Tbe Recorder delivered a brief ohargs. In which he suggested the propriety that tae dread Jury sboaM eonaxte their labors ta bringing lodf vtdual ciraaadsiaan Jaatlos, tnataad ol making pre-, rUuenls upon dlltUoal affairs, rid eikih nullrrs. with wblch Ibe Oread J wry had nothing le do. here t xtated La this oaejalry no. Udenaxvlral nreaa, ! which wru'ilaglut all rrlk t-sMert akil a r sal a ret see csrr S lead If? dyttl been maae. Tey avnia expose then, as well aa defects In the tow imieial as pveee did not enerred te erruse the nnblie mint J regard to erjcb maturt, II was needless for a Cr Jury to present them. fi The lime of the Court aa well as of Ihe (if' Jury, wntild b" shortened considerably. If Ihey 3l fined Ibelr etlenllon to crimes committed tnr eoromni.lly. to remedy Ihe evil by securing tbe dri lshmentof Ind v dual t ff-ailere. ILsIIaxa-li upon pnveadrd hi lastiutt the Oraod Jary In r , l me to Ibe statute laws, for their guldew-e, snrceetrd rules for luelf governnienl in tbetr ' attionof lualotsa. ' The follow log prianrers were sergevaeed on p of gtii'ty Selrselisn Krolb an eras sent H Ihe r Prhnn It two yeera and six months, f t sliewF grand larceny. Chat lee 8iuart ami J 4a n BUJ s X mol the Imprie'mmelit In the Penitentiary ej for a similar off. lice J wexib King, a pkkpo. f wss elan sent bi the Femleiiilary foe sis moe, the DUtrbt Attorney himself exercising a leoliL In lis la-half by tsklcg a plea of petty btr-r merely. J en Allen, rtarged srllh rrand leroj' pleaded guilty of en attempt to comma g read f rroy, and waa sett to tbe Penitentiary for oae f The Court then adjourned. T JERSEY CI1Y.- m Tnr Wirr rouonrto CAjtej. The dms the time ef the Court yesterday waa occupied sg the testimony ef Jrua Kasmant, bat nothing elicited of Interest, exoept her denial of any proper Intimacy with Mr. AtamK. Jona Sv sub testified to a quarrel bet a see Baaamand Awtoa, a year ego last summer, -. the deferce rested Ibelr case. " Tbe District Attorney prnresed, aa evir had been taken ae to coareraatlma of Mra, ArT to pmve that she bad staled that Mr. Aaaoaf' pliist chloroform lo her In tbe nigbt thst sbel no idea of committing suicids t that there ' settled purpose on Ihe wit of Mr. AseosTal"," his wife's life, and ba 1 rna-ls thrwaU. J This was objected lo by tbe defence, ae In?" tert. Tbe Court sustained Ihe objection, arT testimony would nt I la competent. J D strict Attorney Bevin'sa will rorameoce mlng up lids morning, and wtll be follnwad by . SXT .nn a..., A Cl 9. mm.. .a in .1 .Cm. i an closing by Attorney Ueneial Darron. V For City tVrxTN, sire Third 12 n -St Ta Ihe fwempleyrd and Ih Beeevwle'k la view of the present want of employni and eoraseruenl dlstreea, among many worthy Ixk lug people of this city, we have determined, deg Ita continuance, to ot,m our columns to appear 1 employment, and to offers of employment, cat at terms than are understood to be cousUtead the advertising Interests of a newspaper. We propiare. for Ibe present, to admit advel ments relating b employment, at ONE SIIII1 for ONE LINK eudta rnrlng so lo arrange siaka sify them as to exprtaa ell that le really In most csaea, within a single line. to AU who can contrive to offer any kind ef err i men! will thus be encouraged to make tbe eta known to thasa and tbey are many who t . be g'ad of tbe smallest measures of relief. en Lvrn for a very uidmporlant Job, a shlUm, It well be afforded, when it wtj bring to the dao very ai-pllcante who most need II ae 1 will beat willmj-to do It aatisfa. torlly. t It ustial'y hapfiis that when persons aprsc empliyuunt, cue Is puttied to think of anyc for Iherauaf note , aiel on the other hand, a' aa we hsve some tittle Job we roul 1 give ode remember the aad entreaty of some fellow en with regret and the wish that we knew wl, it find him. aa. to When employment Is scanty, It Lslherehr purtant to bring out all tktre ts of It, and le 11 II aa much ae rawslble among the moat aeedyf n Many, in a time like this, will feel II both at and a pleasure to make euipkiymsnl for the ut. lute, by giving out work whleh they are social ed to do themselves, or by having eomethlng t which they can affud but do not strictly neaate Is evident that ley offering II In tbe Boa, Ihs, give tt at once to the must needy and UesVl willing to work, A , We would earnestly recommend houAsskeeraj employ all the extra help they can afford sir time. If they hsve the menus, let them a little for the tnieet charity liberal employe t: the needy and so ease their own labors, do be, or make it a little easier on washing for lnstatce, to their regular domestics, fee ling Una in the Boa will save all trouble 1st . Ing for servants, and bring the very ones wlb themselves looking anxiously for employment. Benevolent persons will often find that th th assistance they can render will be, te pty forxtl shilling insertions of Ihe esse In the Ben. wv On the other hand, the Unemployed will tr ebled by the accommodation we offer, to by known their wsnle and wtlllngneaa, and attrsk notice both of benevolettue and self-interestpe' ployere will asm lie Increasing their force, aa) use of this cheap facility, ills koped.wllldon bring both classes together and lo equalise t!" fusion of relief. t niERt'a TKirornrnopg l Is the lieet snd cheapest article f r dnwdna and ft Ins, eleenliie. curlne, preserving suit rtMtsr(.J uau, cases tir it, duiia 117 ait urusxisia. "Kptt'a Wona." L "Ayotmsinsn who two yean aro. Inherited , v now ptwiuih inns ai cnicaso. tlixaiy talenloil first eta acoountaat, nun has ruined him, l aeroMefriH. LOVE OF BTROW DRINK CURA DR. ZELL'S W0MJI RFUL POWDKBaji May be riven fnnknotm to tbe drinker In Ci rljpinr, Perfectlr harraliws 1 never sickens.' 1 orlJiuor, Perfectly harraliws i never sickens.' I atUJlrlvadonst Sllkashth av. N Yi si Mrs. Ill 17b Fullest, s I Itmoklm t alMt at WIS T. al Kits aaa tiroao el. Newark. N J, 1'KlCE ONf. DOLLAR. A Cli-rk obThauk Fowlrr &. Si No. Son Uroedway, can, by au examination of i I uiasikiu, ieu i mi snat to linnet (axe. cnar i itut writHn ucscriptiona Kiven taauy, Xow witiiix HKtrn or AM,. iuuwkk a ntuFita CELFJIRATTI) NOIglLIUI 8hWI.NO If An 1 u ana uywerae eao troeewar,M. T. PlKBtTr't rATENT BTLPIII R AND MEDICAT intm.Ttint hr Nris' vnir aad No. 0 WILLUUOIUIY ST, llatuuitXl I Thasa Baths have been In suoossalul eeeratlow f . -a t.- pi 1 1 lntfafartl I 1. EuuaUss tbe slreulsUan ot the blood. I Re-eetabltsk taseaelble pereperalieav, 3. iHaalnieh nervous brltahlalty, 4. Cure all diseases of the skin. 8 Remove ell enacts at free use efeaertaais;, 6. 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Hut aa iiiassn base be iswetaosd eg Utsvang aaaa sthsar wlH IT oerters at Ttasl as soon,- (sac voter Marat, SVsrf dAetfaT knows this Initiae U ksM lb. wtoss-l tweure von aurehsssa the n.le aanMliJ ssTr tntter. ef R. fr IUHH t Rl 18. loll rViseal a aim. ana j. w. tux ut. in feltosi st, BtreeN Tuees eat Meaet Trrtteaa tTeJteeV4d J rort. relksmvtlbi, WashusjrtoaviHe, UtlaelllaB wood, Ws.Nurth-West aad Kaat Mount VerB tnner Tiuaee wss. are new atl-s ene usy Miaseasa ute sQnanrtosw, si tne vysstoaaisi ral las orVCna. s-a-iiae fleaaj asj tfalaal Maatttar. Tneadae ang Wadaesdav. Vera. eth. oeen en Wednesday until W e,elsok P, at 'i YOlaatlieneraiOolleraur. IssTi Kptdrwile pterw Threat A leettrrw dlesse,by Dr BlirttHlLU wHI he given this I sesse-ny vt BitrvKibU wl the llonweonalhlnlrfiliaea. ' at tbe llorairopalhle. Ojlasss, Tbint evxv, eorsj st, at IH o'clock, beats free. II. rst. let. Keet. P. Il N. Y . trash, i Co Orders Ne 1. 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