Newspaper of True American, March 14, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 14, 1837 Page 1
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RE CENT. __ W ORLEANS, TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 14 837. VUL. --.1. pltc14 IC.NTs, NEW ORLEANS, TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 14 J837. V.,L..II.--N. 92.. • .O•R. .N. m_.W Y. OLRK ,nll TERMS OF THE TRUE AMERICAN SUBSCIIIPTION. Ten dollars flulthe Doily, an.l'en Dollars. for the tri-weekly paper, payable inl advance. a No subslerption from the countlywill lie receved, anless an ageot in tlhis city be dtesi.itc, toi whlom ' plieation may t) itigul:erlyt l made tor trill t lantti s itt Iltters nulist in alLenlies lie rost ald. t t No shtae i litiol salml he stoppedl ulesstlle iil.enIr _--. be piid; ant the person wshlnlgi o lseptintlne liis -tbserlption, shall ttive notice ther'eof, in rer'itiu. a:lt least one week before the expiratiol of tlh'haltf . ear; and all sitbsriptions shall continue, unlesnltopped as above. §§§ No sttiertpttoiOliro token lorliss thib~l lmontlln 11l Adveellsenolts continliel witlhont iirtiL-'plltibe. slalt be ehaorige t the lite ot Onte Dollar per Si :ore lilo the lirst ioserttio, t Filly ,v Celnts for each silrlllwlent one. Senti-weekly alid tri-weekly inlsitioni, the onvoe as a flist insertion. 12 lines alke'i square. I':t at'elr ti.tesit mnkes less thalln l sntare, it sh.ll,;t a s i In tch as fil one: nd it it exceed a sare by oe line, it shll l be eharged as two; if it exceed twh. Its thrce; ml and so 11i' eteet whdre not i tll an l mhin eritpt, as to the aimmtt of insertiolls, will lie cllill eed for one monthl, and so charel.d; ulteslt ptel'viotlsly ireeted to le taken oitt of the paper bhy a wlittell rder. Atdnetisements notlioenliniuotet their fcels thte intites ef peromn by whoml thley are sett, ntlltst e tlomtrlsed by tllnn t pon the Isack. ihe rivtlege of AnnnL Advertisers Is lillited to their owl, intlia.i nte nlssti and :al .hol ttlsemelts lor tihe heneit oh Other jetorltc, as well at all Ilht :Ilcrtise meltsl, aIi lveislnlellets oe Ill aitn sales, sclt ill Ily theml , most be paid at thie us a rates. Ariilllliltlments will lie tonie with Auctioineers, selolitg il their g nteral business, at prious gr'eatly eill eled below the clsteItIry No advertisements can he llsertedl gotnitolisly for deiSltable, ior other societis, public Instlitlllins, or eomtmnies. JCOMME.RCIIAl I)IRE CTOit I . Cemmlialesn lJerchnn . A I. VALILACE, No. 68 Canp stract. 1 A. FISK, WATT & Co., No. 70 CIII li strct. Snov .1 A DAMiS & BUQKNER, No. )t Graivitr v tretet. ABIJAII FISK, No. 61 Colnuton strneet a ov u _R NJAMSIN BOOTII & Co., N. 71 iGrlvir lset. B OGERT & IAVWTHIORN, No. 61 Graiier stret. 1 nov 21 E DWARD YOAKE, No. 05 Calllmp street.v 1.ORESTrALL, IIlGI & Co., No 10 tIn alltreCt. I ARROD & QlU.\ 1.ERIi, No. .1 I i)ll-ioli-hillloa street. it., 2I 11ERMi)OGENE IltOW\VN, Colti street.I I iORGE BE:DFORD, No.1.2 Iuineuville ster,,t. l nIov ?"2 - 1AUJNSEI. WVtITI & (.i. No. t0o Gravi r "at t. N. & J. 1I(CK & Cio., Ni. 27 Canal itreen.v 21 HAtGAN, NIVEN & c; ., No. ot Callul stret. W 11I1 \1M G. hII\V'E S & Co., No. 43 Camp S stree. inv 21I JOIN II A.I,EN, No a2, tlavilr ,ltrlee. "1 J D BEIN & A \RtON C(IIIN, No 77, (t' nl .T. Strmr. nIv 'I 31 ItROADWEI.I & (,*).-Coilni4-ion & I'.ir SwrdrJing Mrl:luchntll, \laiglrili* stnet. di3 Ory GootS lDieastems. J. B.ItlYYE, No. _ ('IIhrtris street. tosels nau Exchnane Brokers. C'ltoln nBroker.. B ANKS & CAMMACK, No. 92 Gratier sirel. ('IIARLES F. IIltZ/'Y, No. 16 :it Charl r et. .\.MUEI MORItEI, No. 26 Camp Oii tie- 0 t. Noliay Pnbliek. yV1ILIAM CJIIIS'I'V, An tl, Megerio .rrrt. Allctio lIers ,lllcd ulsios 1Tanlt. 1) CENAOS, Arca,le, 3Magieoi i re. itre e. H EWILiETT & IllIII'T,.\rvads, Ma\gniio r l. Ofi, No. Ill St. Lobii strect, t.v 21 T. C. CASII & Ci., No. 41 Cal ree.ii o t 1 IHn 'lcenrc lrrerLnlnl . LAYTON &co, 3:3 Lve:. street. ('Omillt ilnd V'lttty llattret. Atlic, cliti.serlelir-, n'r. A MIONTiE.I, Hom1e Sign anil irtllil,1iital Painter, A No. 5it Cullll street, nearly opnlpoit tile .tlileir ll hontre. V ' h'IEt) E & 31AY, OrnauPuntIl anld Sigi ,l'hI tre, .j No. 3 Caronil, let ,trelt. nov 21l M I1. DIEVFIREAUX, Brazier, CoppIlersmith, &e. M . No. I1 TIllioliitoilulnotreet. nov 21 D 1. T' WOGUUOI) , uilr N. i3 atII stCo et. Alsotlleearl' nand WAIN & BROTHER, No. 11 Canal str.t. fnoolacellrr uiutl .itilioler. B ENJA.MIN LEVY, No. 16 ChartrCes treeS. H OTCIIKISS & Co., No. 21 Choitres street. ILLIAM McKEAN, No. 37 Camp, lcrner of Comnl no streets. inov 21 Aeademi... G. W. HIARBY'S, Tivoli Circle. nov 2 lolela. ITY, (formerly Bishops',) Common strclle t. 1 iunrnllure Varehoullel. fUIlOISE & GA.IRRETSON, No 23 *tieiilti St. ý,T & J. GRANT, No. 21 Custo:n.I-hlilo s ee Alosallirc nnd Counselloar aIt I.inr. Olarlligience ansd il ieernl Agency Onisao. 't1 A CiOIIEN & ,C:. Not 1L0, Meitazii ieo. -. j;n i. Sli. SANALS ai it l1I OA4--I-p.t oif th'e U: t _i Sltates, shiowIIng the rincipae l Itriavllinh tlurnpiike in milets 'rarng .an sAie. tr gitlgegt'; alho, lY. atntcna" nl Ihe .ainals andI ail roads thrgll ilhout tile ,to.''ey, 'are fully oomttpiled frlem the tbet nthilrities, by S Ai..liptul Milthell, 1LJiJ. ust received antd fr s:ll Iby SiitA.1nt, vlisit to . lmei bI n. til a thuJourei l of t . traveller tihronI thesg e ltarts mi t inter easting to American travealels, with dsrintai slls ofrt scenert, et(. te. Poligiegl Ctll'aldtirrlm off the free state of Conauilea awol Te''i. g Malt at Texan, wit!, parts of the wi t'tini states by S i Auiti., cl. .'..S. A M:apof, by' Igai II i ir, rd. 1.. A Iap of 'twa-s, witi the ontiguous Anw1i a iAlexiegn Ina:s, ky .1 ILtrinlg, pgttbligah; ,by 1,.. : agl itls 'litu hell, I.15i. Just rezeiveJ ai 1ot'r sale hr- W1M. Metlt' \\ net '20 enr caromtl, pi11dt.1,iI, it LE 1 V VA L. HOUSEI, SIGm ANA) OlII.NMI1N. PXl 'IN it, 511 Camp st, ignearly oppolsite r is, Anleri:oli l'atie. : UI 0 .iJ I) !" I, I ESPEC'T '':1,I tg igfrims his frtigis :Iad t he pLtlir publie in ,gieeol, tlhait hie exeitis iall ,ordhegs in the tnge lgin !s', i ln til best sagi, gidl oiln moderate tl'msn. Ile will l-gio tegagigte in like manneri', all kigil. of decoantions il Oil l \ag atl·-r Colors, fLitr lls, ll tries, parlors nilll llil -ro(ml, kei . k· .; hell will allso inlli tate n .n'lt vai.iety of 3larblts andl Waoos, Militt:ia Itaglnd-Uhds, &a. le hopesl slite ) s. of pr'atiice anll eerti'i ns so so easiely snsllllltilel I, will merit a:I lllllllilliti e i lt tlhe ntronmge oehonhs IerlFor.ei'received rtio Lhis 'liend1s xnd h'r whole colnmlnlily. Paitill, Oi, Glyas', V\r.tnig!h, (:old Lea,l; &k. "e. eni anald for sale. Alin, e:ally uite, t colors lfor' ue. WVllitegling, chale na I trv coloras. gi S FN - W ti-OOKt(S-Ni,,rman Lealie, i tale ot the tgn' log tillgegg g iiigg vteg , ltg 'I' at l,'an . Pnulhling nlt Slaveray il thn lilni't.l Mtten. Siatieis ogl" tle atn. h, gig :gulghlr of l'etoi Simllllal. Mlemoir f Gt eoe It 1 T I lawLtc, with traite of the tea party, &c Gilbert 'arnley, bIy tige ltlllhr of Saiyings nnd Doa gyn, Ame. gaived Iy It I NCI'FT'', in15 II mnI t St. tLIELL. 'S N W W OKl, <.-Th- .,,,rien in SEonlahnd, by the author o'f Al' e\:r ill plaila," in i1 Noble Dedleof ,Womenl, in 2 vols. The Youlng \WifL,' IBook, a nautlal of gin ral, reli ginis anti dumeiti iuolile. Just received and fr .ale Iv al V\1. 1I'KE \N, juia27 - clllner of C( p illanI (I'Imon iAILS, DgIMF.;TICS, e.--'.'h s.uibsiber havgi for s.lle, lntini froln shills Oilhi aonn Anm, I0 tris to appleton 4-4 hbrown sheeting-hg cg sia hales hn hi lach tru ., p't p for thie nlmarkeai; 7i5 kepts I\lson Irlnt omnplany Noils, weall assnlrlted l I cases s\eei spia)ich 1hocolate,Lnamal Ir!is arh, 11 tI 'ne atler clodh. oir, .il al| l l ill l rtor rtIiP t II rnl' if hrl-o, pi nt dlolll. "aeknts, lls BIII(;1'. V'()S1 1. ('t), ji3 C. D:)I.;:: , I I NeIwr IL+.vec. FOtl NEW YOlK. (lou.inna rndt N ow York Line otof 'Pcketsl.) Ottefncinrg on the .th April An to insureont the trotes pfftoiilitytin th ir to of sailing, the line will htaler otr ioiot o'oix shlips, vio: Ship YAZOO, Capolin Eldridge, to twave ere 2tll April. Shi ll ISISSIIPPI, Captuln Robinson, to leave on 7th May'. ShI SFIAICKSPEk.RE, Captain Collins, to leave on Ship 'VICKI(SBUGf Captaia Wooholnusr, to leave on Ship LOUISVHJ.I, Captain Palmer, to leave on 20th Jumo. Sh aip IIINTJ1VII.,I CpllRtin Palmer to leave on 3d J ulI. ~" The labtoe shit. are all new. of the first lass, e'tppered aett copper fost.'led, fld uptwttrdo of .50 tortt I 000thsn, are of light draught of wtttr, being buit in Now York expressly ftor the trade. Th'le prier of pts sage fixed tll one hutidred dollars ;their coabins are fitted 1tponil the nost itnprov;dl nd cone tient pilan,& ini hod io at nreat ant elefant sttleh. Ample stores of the first tptaolit, will be Ilroviteo and every oegard had to titr eoalffit flldl mnb'e eaotsfatiool of passengers, who will please take noot:e that no berth can Ie secured until 1l0yil for at hou relie oof the cousi ncees. l'hse..n.l kotes arear otll oma bdedhv captains well ex periofoteIinf the tlad1, who will give' very vottentlit nd oxert Illhemr lves to nIconllttheant. 'lrey will t aoll titmes be towedtl up al dOtlwn the tisslissioi' hv steatn -hotntt, on the strictesOt tUntttlltlity olbservetl ill the time. Y ofosili1rg. ''ith owners of tlhese shipts will not oe eSltonstible for ao; letter pareol or tltckage, seoot Ib or ptct otl toard of thett, ulle..+ n t rigtlar hill of ladintP be S.ied tlherefor, ft tlh continltg house of' tile agents or ownears. For Sfurtther partittlaors, o, lv to tJ.'D. BEIN & A. COIIEN, April I1 No. 77 Gacon street. I.-Itt NI\\ YIfIlK.-( Now Line ol-Paekeeoto & 1 ,, ARKA " C. S. en i., • . .. t s.. o.t.fb dl} laGro-Jdh. Ship NARIIVIVItL., J. ltathhona, comtmander, 513 Ship KfiN'T'UCKIY, Jolill Btnrker, ounantlr, oN2. tott, to v il Monrtelt uiltin u rk tus h ltip' fANipit .. Straot o v tOltitOder, 5Tr toos to tnil Aprill 4th. - Ship 'l.ALt1MA, C. C. Mary,r oomumldrt, 474 totls, to sail Junmo v ;(i. - Ship lSARA'l'tlo, tk, lithawany, eolnmramltr, 54i2 t. tos, tot tsail Moo2 . ' 'ITheo shlip ,tlin hito ' twill anil punttuollv frosm New Orlens aotl Netw York, orory sCootti MOndiy thbrough 'l'lev ore fll of tlhe ftrtt tats, eopllerr faoostenld otd C 'Thav s r. g rotlaunlt.ed bh :exp:rietortd 1 an, draw -" lig. draft if rote!r, told vill ot Ii tioeq he tolwd otp and down the Mi tsioippi ty stotnbott . h T heir iet - eommodatiotltror pite(tll"o .r (i very Surriorl. 'T'lhr oontroo of illthr stlttst will loot he resoottotihre ftnt 000 ll t'r, t 'li-fl or pw, kar,, sal by v t It o hotIiondi forhm tat , ;s l t reulat r Iitl toi--t he.k t nul trer,-r fr, atF illtp~ L .lillt o Itllo I t ttoh lljof lltt to il . I 1,,t' . T h ttt ale o f itotrt it t itv 'l it 7'te ; t toto ,i' f' tio t rlt fI rni'.he, +.m tl O hard. l.r tI' ar ns',n,u.':+ aplty to IBOtIt 101I' & fl 4.W )HItIRN, f'If No, fil frovitrt h't. -N-E ti.LL- I I N; - tlb ffiT,i . fi h it..lINE. ýir' t o".' ' I In I v f,: C s 11 tt todvany7ilh l obi f I ol 1 *1 itt. fl t '. ' t[ b It, t fl. Iltt. tl t I T La. Ito) . S1 qII'' d +ods, L it I3 cnt,+ per fotI tr lrnot, ptfr l o tt .-... olleb 111 Ietar ] II e 3 e . - l i n.ut p . l r t ,titeo I ' l I il o Ito t .'s''t' -tt fe hi r. per o f tr oe o It ' ltet, tO S I' eplrttilll+ C Ir i ,)r o r, " 7:r ll ,"It , llt ·II i I " II-. II(+ir t Sh.t tt tl h tz t h l , o. t,,l t t th -iot o tto, to. tr t '11' fL"N U otI l f'CtI WIll I, NIlT 0, fIl'l t/,'t 1.1ff I tIll). 1r.1 t1 I'rO1 p N EW m ( It.E \" . 'loIil. L !r, eSr-h,,t l' ro.oow, n.'xr' II f t ft.cla :,,t i : It iianwr(3) l i I i \; e Shnter SI~l:) I i ).i lilt Ll:0,111). 1 Con1ion " S Tl'l AL.\II 1,1 , Aldrih - Ti, "bo( i Ili lla liIed uti exprestlA i i or the tr lI, anil, iinuntanal lle hv ubh. Ii ex wrhIenc, b .I- nmen. IlI €coni) euee i oCI lP nf tthe very ligtll drnlIglh r oth" ll bor e boli.. ! ihy. a"re enhleld to Iti1ko tlhlnnl.r paaltee., consewt~ant 'r lll4 ll|llrti l I'.l'il ,"i l hic l ie tll lek rllcr of..oi Iih'ue. at tlllllO ll in ill-ic' iii l. tir nde ocr l follith a.iht In, pio vvivii iiia t;aliiiiingfoiiiccoilv driioilicito per tnnitdictl ciii ilic lriv iio the dciili tic' S ltw~cil o'lnck tro, ll Ihllllpb'il I II A ot'. lor Trei'hllt l r' i h pl ;. Kll lti I it no 19 ro J'C' l h Inl liFT, no h il. N.ii1. il intl t eidl e r th; . Irn t.rril Ii livt 1A clih iiIe ablove i so I' l llil rlliv i7i!lllli Icc linil" th illl te iiilci i-illi eti 1 u tl rl .;ili ci o 3ty f c oil nll tI inG 'lfitci h eillhl. llllli iltvi l o w iitit Sthi'L e th li l f ll-il inch Ta ~laillPd()eorgellqshngon;inai pU~roSe. M h'll t Ie alll v I oaRe Ill s l llln eny of hich e i e . - r Inlninlhs . Tlnlstat d \ hr the hv i If- P ie I. w A.E Po'irhlkiali ci, e f N . I.n l3 1 mo e IiS AS - ;, 51cr folvliiil TOl~'k~l~~P.'l npplv Ic lniv 19 or J lu l s Sla lCSie iN illiii. NS I I e Siillll.I v ti g aill :iv ll n \e iIC C LIne wl e goi~li tie tiiir, ii liilnioaiinhivthrpc'li.k P.AS. FTcl Itlcliic bli wii l i ar -le ilipii i ivg'c rt i ll the I i I i _Wii'lnll C. i.\iccamll~etlSil, I" New il nPiahiA dclin lI' ii S vii l c" cig c' ti c 11ii ii i lbi . i i lrei . "AS1'd S.i'ce i i. i OItis A. n. of llh e. iih-LioII biy J NLL - tI'cit t ee ai liiiiiiloil. iiv -s . eni. eti cti ekll lii- Sick llcui~iiicl . IS. M N. S'ili'li. i-cithdivi hl tlie flty 11c 5 S~ii ',n I. A. Silltllul IIL l ·' o II ili I i l (ls'l · I1il(U . ,i l I''.,_ic'd!NS ii\V tt~-iitiSeb} Nle \iiti -'I.. iS cc iii, i 1!On ' IIdS fo ele b 1(-icii" iillil L i l i )i, lillIllll~lli~ iI t in ' I", I , I lt. N llilh ' u'hI Jlh:11·[ l i iu i ' P litII LLi. \ i.> " &uI Nm. tIclllrl fji:.lllm' l ,i p. QullL ! ll~k, ii e odoltCT 11I l 1 '*? 1 - jr' t \ Ill -oo aA S ' illl hy ill i II II rlll bl llrh l l·l' of |' If'i'll; llll, ll: Il(lil'jll . II \\1' (l)11.ll(D, ) iihllliiiiilili::e<, , I iiti nt ci vii i (lll .1' cit hi " liti in tc S . i i Iii|Ii i t 5f 5 l• llln ii Si(J ll n iv !.S.i oi I \nr tol \ , l '{.IIICtrl) l ·lt A' it+:. 'I'..\l~l:, l..' ov lr · 1 t 'a-c. . I, 'l;liss rm and ni tll. I r i\Lf I. in'lll t P r e.( 'tl pi.:O lllallnlloI i ll the lll ltt'is of the aolhnru ll l.'-- in 'l llirl li Si iii ;\cllcu c trempi."- lioriiinows Nuli· vlr c h Si. I Sll rll. io PIcIcti l li chl lhh :ul co' v ieietc rco lecion, setces d SOSncti .S8 in, s li' Sll. s tillS t: 1 ,' i ll., 1211 i I - 1S' tl)S 11.1kv.-! Vamilyric in.l i." liv tic 'il 's. lco wc i tcie innSte cinel un thod "l i t "c-t v ew ope lit) tlct hly ,' cli. eits. i ci st- ilunc Ileii l idatvl rI :?e-sioit Stleict i milld Ilrci'i Pnhl l 'i li ll Ni IOS? JIi :. IIOTr II CHO I est eo 51 - I l i'5 IiIitSN. illliS IIN iI .l'5E 3 tiF F ISSiST ITRA1'F. illhy I tat, i a s iel'i, of vhrt aluc familiar initli's, Sti t iinal l ' ii ii . h h t ie 'ii t lilile " of tihe C oi t iirh - C!tillllTT'S~' ILEGACY TO PA.SO)NS; or have thl, cherll' ofl the e-.tabilil-h i rhurchl itn equlitblellc right ci the 1i¾ Ne l or iT icv ohrt hccin lledl rch hro; rt i iater P ci th-- iiSii.entr havtote c o th y Samed anll IIl l ct 11T'S. o .~llyht ih..r ntl , t o l It .t clantilii in truc , "chii nilu vid e hllonnfm f the nolic l tol, ioipnrtic hi t'. ,Ic:'I" lcilh Ill S Wcitto i rit-c it, 1 cc C livi3N3I S-.\ lt TIlt' c11c.IY .tI.T' , Nlight fo"neyrnto; ir-. ii. iiiiln-c -, zI.iid tl.lii..lli~lll1Oi el P nse domennc[ .llIC tHISac dl ; 1 aee.. CO uo. in we rlet int lilt cC i~d .~te l ASnIl il CO , 4 !n s REMOVAL. JP F.[.IXY I..a removed from 76 Charoms treet to .ti r7 oal, aIerer Rloyal ,nld has received by late .drrival, additiosm to the original stock, wiich are now oflbred' in quanatitie. to shit pnrchasers. irit Satins, plain and figared. do do bik Iodcolored. ido Gro d Pali.l, plain d d figd. do do jet nofiblita blk. do Rcp Silk. plot and egd. do -(Gaazes, P'plinl, H,raonies, &c. P lain and knotted, Clina Cobourgh & Engl!sll Silk hlose. Soerior cembroidered, Lace and open work do do dto Thread Mohoirr WVorstod and Cotton llose. Stewoirt'a Poris nade Ii S Gloves, blk, white & ass'd Stilk nodl Net Glotte, Ilk, white and nosorted. do do and IfI i loves, long armed. Also-2.0aaes Bolmet. casisting of French Silk and Satilt trinmmned atltl untrtuntedOrien tol Greeinn, Florence, Oval crown, und'l'uscan Straws 'Torkols, lHend IDresser, Wreaths, Feathlers Flowers &c. &e. d1 E. FILILEY, 76 Canal street. PHILIADELPHIA M IItROt. T HE splendid patronage awardned to the Philadel phti Sa.urday Courier, induces the editors to eotm nmece thie puthieation, under the ubore title, of a quar to edition ofltheir opulanr journ II, so long known as the largest Family Newspaper in tile United States,wvith a lint of ntear TWENT Y-SIX THOUSAND SUB SORI BERS. TIe new feature rerently introdored of hlrnishing their radlers with new books of the best lite ratnre oft tile t, haIving proved so esiinentlv success rid, tho plan will Ire cottinred. Six volunaesiofthe ce hbrnated writings of Captain Murryatt, and sixty-five of MI1. Brook's valute le LetterI fero'm Erople,thave aheady been rultlished without interfreritng with ito news and miscellaneous rending." The Conreris tie largest and tlleuesat firrmity no.;spajpr ever isnned in tiasesuntry, eontarning articles in Literatue., Scionee and Aris; In ternal I mlprovement; Agrierhttre, in short every variety of topics usually irtmdrnded into a public jourmal. Giving fiull accounts of sales, marketn and newr of the latest dates. It is publishod at the low price of $2. For this small s etn sulserihers get valuo.le and entertnining matrter, eoea week enoughl to fll a comtmon book of 'L200.pages. tard qunrl to 52 volumes a year, and whieh is estimated to be read,-weekl, by at least two hundred thousand peopfleole, s treod t tial parts of the country from Maine to Ilorida, tol from ir tie seaboard tothe olkes. it motnttmoot lit, nioiesit enable its enterprsing pro. plnttors, Meiors WooDwARDo & CI.RKEn , of Philadel -plhin, to re-publish in its columns, in the ourse of a yicr:ra!voral of the most ilteredtitnrg new works that io o'iO-fxorrr the British pressa: whricl cannot fail to give to it al'f'rmnrent iaterrstr, nil reoler it worthy ofiprteser vation. 'I'o hert tie wishtes therefore, oo sIch of their o.etbe ribers as desire to have their nuhmbers baurd,thoy have ldeteroiiood on itrsoing an edition of tie Courierin tile .llarto formn, which will render it muroch mort.con venimlt.fkr rending a hIen it is bound irn a volume, and thusn greaty enlane its valor. th r THE, (oUARTO EDITION. Under the title of the PHrI.ADELPHIA MInnon, will corlea en with the I.rullication of the Prize Tale, to wlarlt wats awarded the prize of $100, written by Miss Leslie, editor of tile lopnrdid Anhunl, the Token,andl altlher oftPr ncil Sketches and tlher valuable contribu tilols tor Ametrican Literature. A largenmrelmrofsongs, poems, toles, &c. offered in competition for the $.'500 promium, a will addtt vale mad intoerettro the succeeding I tlllerv whlih will also be enriched bt v a story from Mli.s S, .dgwik, atino}e of Hope leelie, 'lh- Liu.voods, C-. woleio talnts havl been so justly.mnt eotensively tp procinttedt, Ibtirl at htOeic aado.nlhroltld. i'l'iiit =rot ve I t HMI .Y NE5WSPAPER is stric'ly neutral ie trrliiol .amII political matters, and the uon eoiriritomisinlg opi'eont tr otairikceyr of every kind. In alitionl to all o.f w'ich tht publishers intend for uisthing their, aitrornwrith-a series of engraved Maps, emrtncing the twenty-live States orf te Union, &e.ex hiffilinlr tire situatlii, &rl, nf rivers, towla, taountaino , lakey", i.J esaoraltl, internal itlprovementos, as dispilay ed itl carnls. railrtrtntd, &c, with other interesting and inefal firatlrrs, roads, distanees, &e, fortuing.a com ttlre.tlan, tir goienersl vsaa and infmnarttion, handsome lv c\ tut"t,rl,ad each ditlidt, on'a large quarto sliest, at anl er.pnse whir.h nothing" lint the splemlid patroua e whi t for sitx Tears pst hbas beeti so gener o~urlya c ntx dedl to tlhnea, iotllR warrant. TERMS: 'The 'thitthoelphi Saturday Courier is still continued in irts crtiatirm, at t.tlite soie price as hemtrofore. The iI'ltilantlphoia Mirror, bling a ltrnoar edlirion of thIe Sa mlay Ctourier, with its intreasod attractions, and print el on Ithe Irbet white frlo paper, of the same sie as tire. Naw Y otk Ahlirn,'will lie put at.precitly one half the lri.v f ol hidt wlunitje looioal.I viz: Thr~e Dollarsper annum, pIylilae i nladvane, (irclelding the RMaJI.) ODOO)WARD & C'I.ILKE,, j 1 l . .... .. . .. 1 'hl"adclIh h i a - '1.llticl) & .I ARLlIE_ No "1 Clatonlhouse st., Io pip'e uarl l n half piIes Berdicaux brandv, entitled todebl, nnrre; 10 lr ecsks old brandy; 20 eighh casks eltanottuig'ne hbrandy-; 0 ti.sji gin; 170 qr easkas eoroille Mlottro to ito.; :0 rt n cank Sicily Madeira; ta half wipes Port Winie 2l1 baskets chnmpaigne do; 100 bhas irown lvlna su*ar; 112 trga I llaanacoffee; 80 bags ct il)mitt oting (lI; t0 ic'roons Cuboa Jibakeo 10 ceroonas float inlito; 5(i silks aoft rshelled al mnds '2001 oe ion Atolil ctoigttal g tut'der te, 1:3 Ibs eacht; 'tt'ltaltrtitl lbs lt,:oh, 20 clhtest prrotl ni:h ltlt 0loll t I) . No I choolate, o100 kes bbck milit; 25 IbluI cloves; it2 bitd doz each old brow t a trI tle sherry wits; 30.Ibls iale ale; 'lt crtil., talre rope; 9i boxe.s suaperior t-ravendi.duh tobac-ta co; ill0 bbl No: l i:iackierei; d90i barrels No I Pomtracr i Sherring..s (n,;) 90 bIrIs awivs, &c. &c. J&. J30 -1.ICOM11I,0T. T'l iIC)S FOILTill; MI.IAlT lONCLitE SYSTTIM 'l )L' INS''ITRUCTIONS A.NI - tI(;|'I.ATI'IONS for thIe ,liitioa.anad thmnlteer-s of the Uult'd tarte,-, tounw'chernding therexerciseso anti mrovcrlllntl of lt' Inf itlry, .ight Inluiiry, and Rflte t ol l l, (. ralivy, :aul.Artil'le); togeather ,itlh the tanri serti tfdhittgi uall in (Garrison +lad inll t 'atp, anu tlnhe foratlnf rp:jiraltdl, retiow, iand linspc~tiitra, as e tablishedl by u thoriti, fior tfle gv'rniutul itfthe Rtopltr.nrArory. l'rer Itrel oanPrO trlentrgl Ilr b Brevta(:lt)tlm S Cpoer.nitd do C a'nm ) ad .1,si-tant Adjtntnl (iGenral; utoletli¢ saUcer visiolr'of flnjror '(eneral Ale:;. ltacoItb; contur anding the Army of lIh It-i tred Stters. " t)Idtr l'lltHl.t;t l tLfof GIIAPIIY-Or, an ac e rt of theirhaioahait f'tl Birds f the L'tied B~atesof +t\n erir., o.,ropttierd desrlt"t .al tiollrs of.rhe objects rrtorsetoed ir thle r'ork etaidetr ''rF B~idt of Aamri c," ald inlrreiperedi .witlr delahneations u- Amerieai secrervy .alcd Ilanters; by Jolr.i Jranos Audubon, F Jt t L & Ei.-Vol 3. f Just re:civd and r r sole Te KAN, J.r3 Coirlor of Cainop and Ciatonon sta. iti fW tHOOKSh- hae Laras o/i i Etqut in' one ro Ra/,etch.sJ ol w%,it'erlandl, I;. ti.e audtr of the Spy, &ir' ki', ht tvo volumies. " Line auul Desigq of John A AMral, anI un account to his det':tio-n, bx -Virgil A SteWart. tecouired a.r i;ir salu. by It 1101:'i'l(KIS\ S & Co,24 Chnrtres st. ( TLLI W e'are. From thle utotiograplhyOra I.i- i 1 1(ish olllcerr. Iiy the 0tlhor of vemlidsllh, etc. etc. 'Ali' tll'ro di pi c l ato i oillao dutime!' In Licne vohImItL. .Also, 'it Ilt)i.tlI.i' S1i-)la oi- ctll-Nool EIcdllinto. n y it Olvinln-Ii-oole,t leotssor'of cl oclci- Ell lacal:ion ill the New o rkXii iicitsify. ltrciecild b - IIO'1'C1( ISS 0 0o, nct I:i 1"4 ~lict hresr t. Sli la. r u.t A. tl-Aliic i wmeitir i . jhreltmrs acn d b New Ylenlcs l'lsenl. Tl'n. (T're; i Chr:itlnls anId New Yar's Plresent. Edited hl" .%1 I.e.I llse. ' Itccd inl irol lc e len IICIIT KISc- and Co, ti 7 .4 Chartrr s street IAI. 't' lt:--l'iutlirs, lluilders, shi iand steami ") lotmasters, now suilly ltheas cceshith this 1,'til r icti ait 1'. 1-. clts per gallon, by aIplicatim.l atit theti Gas Olli , Iik .\llev. Ilt h " .iti: tll t tIictLCal'l i tiXi c"ihlllctl S el li eol turb6ilt rill'el ulr it t i tt!maae tci hipc cd wilrhis valuable pro petics , i ioliehdl , tcls earticl c l 1a I' pnc er .ation of fence luhiei , lia l ioofs, ac; nitcid with shi:i llp slil acll th¢, it Iln l a ini tmo excellent cmantll Oll tile roois, see ic.n Ihi Ili io, lcllkaolto- The rcmcll'l ely low pricre at 1 hidr ft I' On% l na estal , should linulcel evel Ipateri s h i ts" rr' P l. l i "' .;i l hIrP t o - l nl '1 n eo n sl t n t a Il l Ip l . OIs p '4 hih1Lh cihlir.-atid ai i,,an wtt. liteciiusttlc, warrit-u-t i-d i quali at leiattigi d acp cl"capcgul ,tuocii be thie Ii'itd SI:lltllY st irew i ledi S , 3 citly ' c I S 1-, Hl ' Tl'll NE.tROMIANC 'lr, or, si -.' J coollat olf tih ci oi rihinc t pe4ons in succ a essiver Ig.:so w tl o liavliiidl hfir tlienatelica or to i.i i bama Is hBerl[nlliterd ito olthela fie eertcne of taIIulctl Ipower: Iby Iilthmu (tlo;lw inh iiIhor of Calehb \illi.lsa, d.i.e:. IbF:i'rIER.j PROM 'rijE- ,2Olti11, by a Norther clacac iw crciil i ci c.ticliaona. Jat noccivetd mcil foe coleliev WI lb'II',1AN, ter"' 7 .Ornenrr of Cam.Ip aodaCominon sif BR1 RINY, (IN & 1it tSiNS-4 lotfcf flew hun Ired biloxe bunch riaiua, filew halfli csof French llr:cllv, o'rreinl plip's clold SIoIreo Holland Gin, aind lill' Ihice0U'1 ito coillc, all of fair quaility, to ho sald lawo' io el e i a 'oe ern. 13M I11 1. l 1 3Y i l oid leree. N. i, Ilne iad Collppier--eih will bh pailt fur fetw hilll"r o tolls olfod fr oi and Copper, lapply na above T Ill IIN t rllC l CE 1OF FOIVWElIS, .lo.-The Iillalllgaie ofl. luwer ilhlstrated Iby olore4en gr.:" s, 4d vdIItioit "'lhlte did or "i<'l uc >rs, illostlate ii b color cdl engra ai i si 0d eollhi".'n. Ili iuti1 Tlitilallin: Gem ciof and PoeItry, lihic; Min :lilwhbetlici ll oiaic,-riiiiit of Iloc.tra, clth Ir 1,.0ll llrhh ilillnstltiullS, cnbellichtcd wt ll o w tOUd plates, i ii Ii ldy. l:io"'c iilrei'pi'.lei or, Ila u m.lpnricii Jl(lok of Flow. cI's: lid Scii leloitsi, liy irs S S Hl ll iliir l clitioi, im 'lic artist, or, Y.onog lauies' Instructor in Orns aienltl l'ahintiniig, lliciw ac. Jllut icicl, taIl faor s:ltlchv \WM 3M'IKEAN, act 1o conerof (:Camp ill Comitmointi. llO)G.\NS,C .IlO'IINll . &r.--lanling from tile St hip Mari:li 31 ii+ci rItlt i l rol ns, comfnmon, ,ixtra ar hors' sizc.: 4 cnse mein's kip pegged Bro Ic'i-; C eocase ino'i ilucin I'tlllillt 17 caces lalies' kid, iccrolti nu ltniii Slil ic,; 15 -i.sea Cllothig, allahnlri ; ,'_ fl ll. U-,olrlnPIIt--I'OP sale, b. . si - ,ill l IGE, VOSl" & tO. lRANKLIN INFiltMAIlY.-- The public are re Sspeetfnlly ilnformed that thlis istrilution, erected on Ole most approted I1an ansi ino n airy snd most adlmi .thlu situatiON, tin the &Inbooi'g ['raakiint opn the redl road, one mile from thl Mississiplpi. The building is large and moot commodiously divided into alrtmeatts, for keepilg aeus-ate diltltent classes and dtilferent diseases. T'Ie instilatution is saplied with tile most skill'ti and attentive male anid fenmale nurses, speaking the vanrions moalerna ngtages. Ptlmate roomn may be lind Iby gentlemen at from two o five dollars per day, inclulding attendlance, etc. Terms in the onlinary wards, ooe dollhr per day. Slaves als one doellar. Smdlt Pox in ti ordinary st ards three dollars. All orlstal surgical operntinnsoexhe. lThe resileltt pt.hsiiatt i s l)r. H. Lewis, to whom sppliea:ion for amnissiom must be made, or to Da. O. A. Lazemberg, No. 17, Rampart at, jy 04 S''TE PUItLIU ATI(Nt~S-The irtothlrs, a talcof the Ftrmlte, i S vols. le Wife and Woamn's Reward, by Mrs Norton, in Ovals. r Mirianm Coffin, or the Whale Fisherman. The tBashful IrishmantH, or the Exil of IEini, is 2 vols. I A Narratice of a Visit to tile American CIctreias, I ba lpsotatlo from the Congregational Utiot of Eng-. ton ansd Wales, bh Aunrew Iteed, D. t). atltl James M.ltheson, 1)D D1), in O vols. Novels anld Tales by Maria Edgeworth, 20 vels ver I eatly bonol inot1. T'le VWorks of Mrs ShIerwood, being the only uni form edlitim evsrlublislted ia tcie Uited States. Just receive nd anfoIr adle by WVM M'KEAN, ct a 'corner Camp ando Cotmonolt sts. CIRCILAIt T IE Faeltly of tsie tlclttALCoLt.oni aatotr"trtl A.iA wueteetftllyash th n e tteit of te Me alr Proflcasion, and of the fiendls of clence in genselt, to thcondi.ilon antl pospcOtus of the nsttioutis tnltd their harge. 'ite college was organized Io the ntumon of 1S3l; a full coarse of lectures was given during the past winter, m1al at the last sesssion ft he Legislature, a ehartar was eonferredl on it with the usual powers anl privileges ol ssmilrinnstittions. Since the termilatiosi of the course of Lectures, the Facult Imave given astrmitted attentioea to the Slterests of the College, and have consilerably augmentedl its mentns of usefulness. BuIt awairethIat, lhntover may he their owe zeal na.d hidustry, the success of tlheri erter prizeia mainly slepetttlettt ot ttte ettttttlrottee it tttV reiovecfrom the eolighiteeeel attl latriotic lttrioet ofta their fellow citizens, paltielarly frool those of l'time Mo dlcalofessiono-thlale tteltt le desiroos to obtail the nttentiaa of the communhity to the :hlloetanges ellred by t thleir instlttioan to the Melilsa Stuentsl ill this section ofoer conlltr.. T'hecollege will he it possession, at the commence ment of the inext sessino, of nuaitiate appar-atuls cr tile illtstratiom of ehemish'y and thle collatell scieeees. Antle mcnns forthe study of Aoatomt, will be fitetisih el wlthlollt tronble to thie stutlent, anstl tilout vnilhatiot of thle smacred feelilgs, or even Iparjdies of srociletv. WIen it is recollected that ole third lof the tltoplta tion of New Orleons, during the winter sson, is cam-e poned offstranmers, enty of whom, ai om f choie or nLe eesaity, rasort in sckess to tlhe severl wesll eoettlctudt hospitlds ie this city, it ttailt ttl tatemoi.nt that thle Fs cllt" are it psosresnion eof itllllsptasses mleantls ftrriellltler it slai'rcrasre of itntructiontel tillstghlyl detmnstrtive,. To avail themsel'eo ef these prieiloges, it aets been as. ranged tat t :lSrge t'oportion of tile Icetlnras froem the pnmtioinelhalrs, shall e cliteio tal, d dliseose and treat alet .taghtt at tile Iedstle of the 'Ih tLttumber of trugical eaers in this ityv is ulleom motdty grelat, atttl ItrlV teerty oeCttltlion ill the saiatica willt bepetfortOr uetot P ttem wt.te sa onttlse litisgt tlg ct. The corsea of I)tlog and Phlisilotogv will, ill like manter, it aceoopat iedlbty ldetlonstratiot t lt d xtel reli etetta. TLhe Faculty wohls particolatly urge thie ointioa (tin ahiibil it is lierved tley will be ststaited fly thle expe rietnlce of I'hsicilnts,) that the distases tsl.tle South wester, seetitl of tie Ueitedl States are, ilt tanely ilt. tscares, mmlifiell bhy climtt, lIht ttey can ,ltitr r be well tansglt by tlhose who lhave not seen theml, lor well stsliedl by those ohto have sot an optlottutilty of wit, nessing thesir Ieeuliarities. Tlhoualh it is, perhaps, umneressary it Ithis ptart o the Ullioll to ofer lpects"mir motiset, yet, to do-away an er roneona iamprssion, it-maoy not -toe eeiPerIllttons to statle, tlast pon a fair ecalellimlo o'all the expent.s of attIel.I ig rceote institttitons, a contlitlerthea le nllese will Ie fonedt in favor "of the Collegein this City. To 'ettitaI' the School accessible to those in itdigelen ieremutatecee, it is povil Id bythe hy-ltaws, st. t tlw otly sllS shatll be adminFtted gasupon es idetI e o e reltesis c hteno t o( lttee5, slutdlotlte lotertese lind nut.sel teats tifeet;iorss. "l shelsetlh have oneotly fis-:,y Ita e:'te,lthai tlseir'bets exertions will begiveo, to relerel the cotuse of instastc tion i, the Medical Cllhrgu of L.ouistiuala, eoth amele and thorought and Ieliesitg, at i,.. do, that the siLecess of this itsitution will le lemie l!? - uteful nd honora le til thldisection of otreotlltotry, tlhey elpiet with co-. rilense to the lpatriotism ot tlteir t'llow-citizens for onntnacend IAlS. A. I.UZE.NI.IR(;,1k~au. New Orleans, Aoltgst, Isa3. The Coarse of Leclture wrill conmmence oe tIhe first ltIolnday of Decemlber setl, aosd lermtinale the lstIl trweek tn .arch. CIIAI.t1r.S A. I.IUZJZNIIEIltG, M. I)D. Professor " thle I'tincillel s aste I'tvtice oel tstge y. EI)1VAItl) II. tiAlt'TON, 31. I). P'rofessoarof the iThleory atl Practice of :.le.licije and Clittieal Praetice:. .V. IlfYlt POWELL, .M11. I). S Profesof l of esClis itl'y asd Ilthutitsacy. ,.I. IIAlaIhSON, M1. I). Profsrtorof Phisihlog1 stll; Patlelegy. tJ. 1tNltO.M .IACKIE, M. D. Professor o tlatcrla Mcdica, Ti'L'lttptticnsslll Medicalei Jraaltsrltote. "IIOiMAS I. INGALI,S, M D. Pro.assor of Obsltr'ics :ntl Di.aese ofnr . tmen attd ChilLh'et " U, A. I.UZEISNERIf, M". D. tritfessor el Altol ld(tadl interim.) ih - ReqUs Stefand fees el Utadlu:tio tthe nne sse i tlo"Tuetiveatity ol teatelallsa.i,,." - cent tlt O UGE0 ON ItNKI..Nti-A shert Itiolry of 'a Sper Mnrety mad Ilanking in thie United ,oatloe i:l etnlasgb. aeeount of Provemiaio and-Contiaettellts'apr Mon.y to which i- 1areffxed 0at ittttir. ituto the lersetcal pIes oafthss.systeot, willh tonsishesationr on it efforts Isto.e nmrala and happirosa.-Thc wltole.sattpded tee a plhsn exolmsition of tl way in whic~t Paprer Mancy nei iu nay Corlmratlon s eFfoet the itte.ele of titlretllt rtlOtso dtl hescopn mtaitl. ly \i. i. ftaies-e.. S ttee,1ro elitioou. Jebrseeidoved can for saleoby II(TCHKISS & Co. .. jia .5 4 llteharlr sst. £'OKT.KINGi SlTOVttitd.--ietealey &% bo' l.tstent tie otrev Cooking itvtea, for wtes ors ntellhette tool. We havi nsa reteivetd a full ttptply aof tliit celebratettd stoves ofalt sizes, utithte for I .blo, V ltattrdtg Iloeteos sanad aet astmota ll enaseic. uoe r olatvelajotte 1seli (soe lslehjn ,ook itg, aa well u the reao eisvisoffteel, ftllv" oge-lhalf, tllsy will'hr foand to 'l5 ivaltuahlt,. Certlft caessmm t. er olptlsl -Hotel Krapert ltile lNort,, st oell as hltreds'of otheqrc fet, pvatei m doinelltlutaade captlinaof vessein ned etetotttbtntn, as to the utility ei •tlsrae stoees, est he sotn astcr w:u'ehon.or. - DUNBAR &fe Co, jan 7 Net. o..!59,lahtEtentitnklst.t at. Capper;tin and shert iron mtolae sto artis Extraet of letter fatl, 5napt.ia Wem. A. Hotevare, roe - smupling U. I. troentao Cuttor Blctnae,ao tIte Ilen. SlogWoadbuhvt See. of. Neay: tsn sntwer ta.yittU' eneqUihi' its relaiton to Sttetslase ,iRot'ay Cookhittgtoa/e, 2 teseglt'te setOs.t rcspaillt ltoi to reetamend to tilso Depttrtttsttt, etli. atlojtliosn of those Stoves for file CUlll generraIIl) the~y(rL· I1IIh 1.Re,.: heont' more eonVolctiet atllltct r lttt.ttl teetn tiotee go neranly in abe. Fale isse at lieh'tltlt takee ip tlse testsst aom, i. saoneat expended; alstlit dtOtteoieetrststa1t tite tenas of the vesstel in tlrststeel, rltintl tllilet aslse Itetli, Id asson Itare. I ,lesmet yeett Iwlete set eattehatl tel tihe eoaspaeadTiv esot of tiel hesteteen thee -tares. Amtruat offthel cstsOntttt bY the ohtl (;lalley, fRetn Febh2|th to Moalsh lttle, I testeetle, " 0.45. eAntaunt af foCil totllttelr d lee Stesele's Fterst Malrot 2-1ill to May 4tht, lesiseg 1 nlotethel ottl i0 days, . _0 Valance iefavor of ooIole,',n .ý ('opt. V. S. Rua, ('uterr 110.1001. r Nero-fledlhonl, MovA,;thl', 1'035. lt~xpesaesof alley l itmtod 10 dOf'= t enure ratio at h. S nlhy'o noon ti, ti , Diilbteoee in favor of Stoliro $t 10 I t Packet Boat, Sna Nre,.,'sound hino::t 1i Iuffo lo t, Ito iheater, July bloal, I-). ilutitip heeo rrqotlctld h a prna%55cr ii etprino lly Ospidio of the utilitl' aroo f iiroieor l n " 'lotly r 5ltve nCanalPack et:,1 :sa il'o'rd n~(Iee blot t h avelT tuade toll rial of nay of thr no. 3 Iitoore titove0 on thin pekeltoad filnd it to invwcr oceooiiot vatola e no -pate. WVeto aile to lioby, rnest idll boil, andl, ht e o't toteokutoie usual voorictin of ocat00, orgetoblcn, podl 1 ( diutillltfl. fa fa )iprsons. S.' M'i. MA3iIONC Cattniu.r Li Woi. Cobloitt delljroterl to hie s000, frojit the sr. coad Londoo edition ill lIvol. ,Memoirs of tli life of the righlt honniniolo SiJon Jae IleEinOtbH, edtetd boy his eoti, Robert Joaoes Mlookilo ltorh, Baq. in o. v Thteleton l'Tleo,li the Toutlrn of Talcel of a Voinverr to the Arotic Ocean; in 2 vole. Jst treeiVEI d oil o snlc hb' WM. M'KLAN, dt: Ill irneoenf Cnoip and Comoiltoo siii NEW I'''.%TM)SSS g 1AVE E1. th tTE jj*rOCT~lt, or the sout! vi-mdi pirtted frle the tisco and fat! tionoooof thce northeo eblltlloolnits. I vol. 1fte1n10. The lo6k of Plenner'ca I, '1l, r; C l'.obrlhl Snano,'l U aorg and Motrk Akrtsiid. 1 ,o1. 12 Oon. -TIm Gerotlemian and]islil r iit,' nlfl'ei:t1! j',tiill pro priett ofd'poertient, ho lust'Ir o i on. f1ip'Madaole Clootit, tr::t:.Otcll auti tlor sithi Pot ris edjiittn· lofaooey Taetics, or torleo foe the eFrr ite nol tot nocercn ofthe Uoittd Stote's iofnnter. IPv MIII (;y. itetol 8Septt, US At-ne. lit 2oand+. Ili too n, r ioii-OoO, and for moouhy Wm iV eKEAN,ior tamI&toltit RirtoeiW BQ KS-Riei. the Ins(lol'tohe CoiloIoeo, ." the authors of I'elan &er. O.. In Oe T yatooaoaii thy ,le of il,"nre Ooitr, Iby the atultor efNielielivo & in .i 2ol-. Mototaon, in 2 volmenoe, CAStoT or KantVe.on t fceuI :-Po^r, loEj ,lhP,, I·itt rveI bet ilANCpOFT & TBIlTEthIl caop on. f CIIR CU S. el 'IHI' Manerst tBio teeetne eltet lihetty ofin lformig tile oifizens of New Orleane, that thoy have mande all armgement with the New York Conl pany, (la'e of Mobile) to perform for a short neason, in conojtnetiua with their 'resent company, now perfornm ing in the city. Kttoo'ittg front tho reputation of thle .nrthbern eonecn, id the oe sow perforlning here, there is none tlhot edtt coonpete witth it in tile onited dtates, ond in fitlt the world t! The fullowingyoung men are attachedl to ther rlcPIcer: Messors. 'N fIlCKNE Y, S IVEE T, NORTIt, MVIN. M'CIc, JIOGEA0R, ANDREAS, LEVI, VAIL, SHAY, LIPiMAAn, JOlNSON, MATEER, BYRsNES, LE IbIS, LO IRIE, JEFFERSON LONG; Masters LII'.LIN, DALE, LEE, and J. & G. BUCKLEY; Clown, MR. GOSSIN. All eflicient hndl of Musiie is attached to tite establilht. ment. D70Doorooprlata qoarter after 6, and per formance to eotnulenc nt7 pr eisely. Admittanee-lloxe.l $1 00; Gllery 50 cents. rnm4 A NNUAILS FOR 1836.--eattnh'o Pietntreqtu Ao A 00ul for 1t,'ti, with '2 sploendid engravings, by tie bett artists, after drawings, by A. o. Vickers, wit. nisht'r'n D)ratitg ltwnR l Strop Book for 1836t, with pactical Illustratiojo I, I,. E. L. 'rhe 'tthktn anil Atlotntie Souveolir, a Clhrintmtn' and New ear'so' reent Iroe t 13133, edlitedl by S. (.Gowlriclt. T'heGiift,a Chrinstnloas' and New Years' Present,edi ted b .3liss Leslie. Forget-Me-Not, a Christmns, New Year' andti Birth dayn Presct lor 1836li, edited by Frederic Shoerl. 'hwe Frietdtllilths Olleeittg,'ond Womentt't \Vratlt, a Chriotmos nnaittNew Year's l'wrett for 1836. T'le Religiot Sonvenir, a CIhristtns, New Year's anl Birthdly Present fttr 18136, edited by Chantney Col totnD. I). 'Tle Juvetile F lorget-le-Not, a Christmas and New heatr's (lift for ]8:16, etditotd by Mrs. S• C. Hall, The Pearl.ot Atletiot's Gift, a Clristmas and New "Ye'ars 'resett fttr 1636. Tite P',elieal Anttaltttl f 183t bin6 se leetiots from the Enolielt Poets front Cltatenarto neattie, T'le tInlfnt'. Attual, or Mottbr's Olerintg. l'Thle Youth' look of thle Seasons. 'tlle rtist or YottgtLadieo' lusrtt or in ornamon toa loittlio, tleantrittg, &t. by |. F. (iundde. Elleients of tDrawing l:llwer Pl'tiinting inl epaqueand trainlrsnt'tlt water'colos.bby E. E. 'Perkins. LEtlore tttd Ttlllitiit, or (;ettttttt t Poetry, being an .-1 llnhletiel aterrngettctt f lowr tppriote ilias-. rtlions and-coltr'd lattes, by a lady. T i m I 9 a u " e nf I :l o wcr; Qd e di t i o n. iPeter Parleyt' e Ahltttttt foe 18:16. 'The AteriCn Ahtttttoe tand repository of useful bttowlelge, fe tite year 18316. 'IThe leNauticnl Ahltmnc antd tromomnieal Etphomario ftit tite yertl 1836. The (;ertotma Almaate fer 1836. Juttreecived anld for sale bry WVM. M'KEAN, .orner of Cnamp andl Common, stes. N E' IIOOiKS.--Es.ay on tie Rate of Whages, with antteonotnatlon of ihe ettute of the difer.teeO itn the coiti n of til Inaboritg populon throtghltot tie world, hIy It. C. Cartc. Clintotn lrladshawi or tie Adventures of a Lawyer, it! twvo vols. 1 Te Atenicean Altllltte tatnl Expositor of Useful Ktnowledgo, for tite yPttr 1636. For sale hb ' nov 81 IIO'TCftll ISS & Co.. 24 Chartres st. 01.K ANtI JOB PIiINTING(, - And I~tank lDook Manufiaetory. , rTII E utlbsertber resptort'ullc itlormit ti friends anl 1 thle public thIat no ha-, it c tonneetion weitlh hlis ook and stationar- storeno -a r.tenisie Plrinting Ofice and arny tit ready to tniert ltale tihe printing of Ptttttplrt (' rd, " llltt!k Clttetth, Catttogtuesl I.e:l Nati'de, Itills of Ladintg, Labelo, 1th It, eIty)r, y IReceipts, Attction attl ltithw "lille. Also, the Binding of:. loooks. and mnunnacturing.of Jtlatnk books ut an, size or description. IWM. McKEAN, Cotrlr 'tCilp ttail Colnlnon stn, opposite Rilwrldsonota _. (itfl'tthtt .B o 'It j3 ANNU.\lS FOR 1836. r[ lE JUVEN I I. FOIR(Ul 'ET-M11E-NOT, a Christnms I-IInd New Yearls (jit, or Blirth Day Present, for 1831i. Edited hv Mrs. S ( ll. " IE.r.Tr 'S PItc:rltRttQtuE AtNtlrt., for 1836, emttUllilh ed with 25 splendid ongraietg, by thle fireteartist P'r frIc.u. A5.NsL' ,, being selections frIomu tile Eng lifsh tet t' from Sttes to lteatti; emhellithed with [rttit and-tt illuttrutitol from dratl ings by Il Cor TOlE InEtGlo(F' SOtVENIR' , a CtitPl.lttn, New Yeart, ai ilirtth L)ny I'rrctut fttr 13.. fEdlited by Clhatn cev Ctlto, D I). Just recoiendttti for sale bt N Wt' MiKEAN, lde 18 oeortnr Clot1 nttlld CtttttIntO|I et. East District of Louisiana. In Atldmiralty sitini:it. TN oledictie if al ordlertatlthis Coart matddn hotion I of Ileary Sockett Eso. on th 1ith Jnantarv 18t36,re tluiitt:tLtetltetIt't of tile nttonios roainitg'tLopepitetl ttd ttelhtet'tl ill ttl' regitry of ithe otte, lobe ptt),. Iowing cart, * " \Velllrd ,CSte~evsda s shipl WValingtnn " 543 75 D~jpti'ted on thre I~egistrv Aug, 10,]1817. Bellt theproceedsof sale of tlha veneia of eti'ott ttetofnlurs1 l-,t{nir tuite towen i nR.b blnR, Jall~nlas ,Mao, Olirdt Wilenx, W.,rrn I eishorl,--residenee n iot o i Reoord, n 43 Sclhoner lteh etno s ereninaGt'b is, 1 53, ~ 18 ' tdate ofdepoirnttl 19th o1,1 t L7 R J Smith as 27 lgoh's of winer 79 80 thuo ofldeposit July '24th I119,.no elaimant on Retotd. S itichell enl l1 rs Stootno . .l.i,, 4" 7 ltt's ofdtbpo'.tIt, l1 183O , lileia Bortmni. PFlheonfhlN'C tittLttallt 0tvofcel - -j Winter re ill. en Soetitm Ilit NoJitdoon '0 I.J dtn of deltO1s0 t le. -. It3i ', nolleb of .tite' proreeds tFth dt a ile f thE Nhattleton afeer paY ttg clanantst. Inoat olAitnel fbyAnderson Mhid ler, of Louisville, Victor lavid ails steun bha Florida, ' 3 ,3. date efit psEit ttiTpt 14tlt, L3i. J T. Ilaudnct .vn,1 e cl toto . ' ffalet Peir, et ales l rs ,rlh Sally Esthere, 0 dtltt t;fdelet, itt,t liay t; It I.2 nwuero. of Sally 'ntthoer 180(; ('ite ltt, 1JtlOlt litt'. til.~ 13,, bo, I ttll 1 1 It i tlh rdsolf 'anls h .tetts. - " Antit inltoI· to tefto tlw i'r.urd~h roef the said Court tihe owlnr Ior onrr.', and i1Il al.bovero t.lther 4erson o per~9~"1 ba.;Fing; in I'aiqtettdhrg t . Ltvilo'." right, titlit-,, tert rI t e . md nil at ti tiltoo e s'Mtilntt 0 heretoe byet it tad1 aw!r admn~ll.mi.(J'toA~ :nlld i,.6..r aIt a Dirttiectmrl!~ur oflthe I. 8. t. ttl' dioltri.t albre-aid to e holden on the thihd'Monaly ef4Wav CI h;i `tn&FOflfdk¢. n. an. at Ilho ('itv oft',ew Orieans t to 1ke theirtnllaim tleto'arthnow eio.e why solt'th d.laollionlltohereefhonhlt not bhe made an to nli e it(,,,ntl ttOlta t. t tOmt atlproler. . tBy orher 'CIoIrt E , atone. IUNOcN sy IIt...NEN, Registrar. i- r h 010 w i".l" jalll vl l 211o 'N 1). Pill L~ll ir lln*); 1 lur r fu: NC TI RAll~oT S4)\V 110 -Cmoprlsiuig 1 d;ri~ ii~cli Ut t'idlo riioodloiAof(2oilrop ra~l, rl llrs·--:ul ,li~llly nn-n ; 0 ;' r or o ' svFioe icI. of C iiiior* fby the ;iif of tih "V5ul i&Io'o Ooo IlioIk I In·f N X ;If 1ff I IffIIftf OF INSECT -I1 tw ouls:l1uijiuo. 7.liofifiie "Foooftlr Li. f~·~lfn l Irficlr Iff · O1~mf ffl;triiC~oiftiOUCit :1k~ ddi'os-oo wlat.0" Or hivtoElgof tio oolio ufoc mid oii-byIlriiiii op'S it2-fi .tr nfobs Mi;in,[rifrool. n .1i fncirt oe rSo to d to tlotrio l~gifw .ciiotioi lawflid ().a I KXnoo'ls OF l)jtc: T*F.* UE hr Clr1rl·-hlladol +iD onfthe riouopurison In thfir phiisical ail t gitral oigeo, by, 51 W 1V erhuinl, f1 D. 'P)INCzri.t;$ OF I'Piiiii.Oi.i, ANIf PRCFOICt OF Poiooirtclfr Joho SI hiuiofk, \1 1)., t(fofle loeot Itno dn e ditionw itfffnotoIoond uIfddoos, by Samuel Idiot. Mot fI'l, M U1, inf2tols TIn;( Anton(('\ (fUAoRro.Y Rroviv..Rw-No 36 for I)ccenrolfr 1fff. 3s11 rroeived a il od fr oft fib fl1u Wiol MtfrKIi'I rrurr of(owiio ioil'Coo. ,i. jif'iiýTURE-'Tf r.ocribfbr hIae retrjittl ror I+ sh~lip Slmtk;. ·;l, the following~l a muti I w ntilt foroffului'ull, wff'll ifoh tiP ft ur bioi 00 liborol 3ff BMfllogany RckifigrlihirO, plainLand tt o d witl haircloif, if iii', rorfot ofol Aiorpfte pluli shirltt vrelve awfioroftifddamiask uiitliifig Mahogaflrftiionlt pnrlour rficijs withf dauvif k ha;if soiIt, 2. do de iloiLo plain 12l do fIdo d do rrioooio wofof if diunoof, I3 do ireciain dlolo foir ilotl,, 1 ii;. ii miii l orrer oboioo Sforooon Morioio l do nont. cfo;;oiu, 1 pair coulfoes, I overit ioi od-AII of Nrw oork iman; o 1o'l piefiotliO niw. ff5 fii)ffAN1.1I & ('ii. 5iT9 dionfitooloo ti AS WI'Ol~tlf. - SAViV; on Il 00 l f largo iuaonifyr orf Coo nail Coal "L'for1, rof "crtoof ii ifUOTIOO, oidetf oillh bro~rciv ofl ii fit (oo G fs V, fir the dflioiforyiifithe toni;, eidter in f;;iyr or oo;ofi gitoffifoo. JAS H CAIiWELI.. it 1Choiirma iioo wttn LT ISTORIII 11. Mrnmofro of 11v ilnou Tfioi, from l 1)%_, to 1-:;f. fr) Sir \. Wilfiii Wrnfl , Bor. The l'IIii;;aimsi. IoIIfrI' It'he.i ickriCk Cfllf, rcon oiniit foi f5ifiliif teofd oifthefuo rionohotioonfIcr ils'athrntur ill f .poioffii C frnosaoifimio ofihe lir ro'pltxdiofi, *IIPrIltirr. ofitiel fir Ilog. .1 ,,oofIoifthe i,fi") 0,of te v, fy ir el~fi, jr. M fi). 311- oroiciie~, ori1 f-i anto fir f h I BENJ. 1.EVY, ii flh~if.AINFu Fu!'riob(lfot rnftafoli~utii ofufnid I er~ oa iriori. For ofoh loot for irnsh. Fir forthe', forlrfiffori tojity ot Mto. S3III1'11'f, ff0 Rl~ol alst. D IlSI -I liOffmi- Coo. lnoriiig braod. forrof1 LL ialpo;titlr f plr frin Iii for, fi no Itlnfgou, for fir Ii f fls J I II\AYEf & Co. 1 roiidrus of Putlic t ceAnuntrats and (eneraol Jlgenry Office. TAMILTON HALL, having opened an .ltice at No. 11 14 Exchnge Place, for the transaction'of busi ness relative to Accounts, Collectinr f)ebt, Translo ionasi etc will engne to wrte up i anJ kee tradesmenoa bookn, either bv the month, year or jab, antis confidetl from th. exparre he hehashad for so many years past in somet of the nmost respecrtable, th.t hlie can give general ratifaactiml to those who may plhase to orr.loi hin. Iepledges himinelf that all ldebts entrusted to hka care, will receirve hie best attsntaan; al fromehis know° ledge of and lnig rceidenre in this city, he ofra tiris ser vices with the fnulest entlidence, at the sonme time hie will give secirity for tile faitihful aceolnatilg of all rc eeipls. 'rranslntion a to nd fron the Freanh and Spa nish langange lie will likewise undertake to execute with despatch andcorreetners. iryar New Orleanl. October 1,11a6. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS, .G V:AENRAL X i.CVI' AND BROKERS OFFICK, [l4 Exchange Place.] IAMILTON HALL, affecr the following Lands It and Lots for sale, viz: IN TEXAS, Ii leagues, on thre river Navasoto, II do at theSablne, near Cadde village 6 do onath Tl'rinidd, 5 dt on the Navassoto, 5 do on Red rivar, I do on Big Alabama cresk, Sd d 177 acres, ouaCharles sresk, near the Nerhes, I do beitwan Villangs crook and Pins Island Bayou, I do othie head waters el Con Bay, I do on the Angelina, 11 do in Mlilarm'sColouy, I do and 177 acreson Red river, a little absov iois d'ano, I do nl Redriver, I de on the Sabino, 40 miles below Gainmsa ferry, I do near Sulpkur Fork, six miles from Red river, 1 do on Mill's Creek, l-2do 3 toils from Lin.m's lsadiog, Matagorda Boy 1-22 do on' tlie By nfCeorpna Cristr, Sseveral scrip, of 640 acres, ulonaiatd,. IDo of one longue do, - 1280 Acres, soldiers' Bounty Land. All the above lamis are well aituatod, silher for spec ulators or settlers. The titles are indisputable, anid fully guaranteed. ALSO.--500 Acres, situated near new river, an. a bout ten miles from thie lisoissippi, to which thlrp is a good roead. There ree hbout 40 acrs-nat pre sent, tnder cotton cultivtionu. i70 Acres near Iherville, l.., goodecotton land, hear ilv timbered, with a cane indergrowth.. 172 'Arref maile fromn Altona Prairie, and aatbou 5 frout the Misoiseiplti rivet. 4 Lentt, in Fauhnurg Wn.tjingion, fronting Rue du port, 3d fent 9 in, by 131 ft.-L in. in deut." 3 Lots, in ganxbooirsMorgniv, SOfnet frrnt onch, on Union street. by 10 feet derp, betweorn lIa tlue Liberals ,rod Force. 1 . Lot it-Plaillippast.84 ft.-front, '.y9fldep. Together, with saveral other city Lois, which are of fored on aconmmodatling terms. jani21 SNEW MUSIC IHiOK,.N IPAi.EN ' ' t.ES. - ASON'S S euon lI.ane, a new collection of sacred l . osit, (stereotltyped i tn -atent antes,) arr.aocl hv Lowell Manin, aultola of Iloohtn Ilora1ll anlea Irlrtall Society Collection Church Mlraiu--t~s htoir-. t Unioao Colleeiara--,l yi SacrI--Spiritlual SOuga, ULc.-matl by 'imothy Ii. Mason, Professor irl thle Etlerlic Ac:dlvuany of .Musc, Cincinnati. lubliala d by Trunian i Smith~ looksellers, Cinclunati. LhMlnson Sneued Hnrp' is nalottedlto tile wants oF all denoninaltiolns. 'Te velitvy of rncr s is mnluh 1reeater thanl in'nnv qthlar eollrectima of nmusic. vey few i hymnts are-contaiaed in the hymn bloks of theoiliflerent denominations of Cheistitons lor which a tone tlany not he founld in the Sacred IHarp. It comltairns great at riety of very beautifll psauln andl hymn tunes, at collection of intereititg anthems, eact pieces, eareld anngs, rutrlces arid sehats, lwhich are sdhort, easy of nperfmcanna wnith nout iostr inental aid, allropriate tq tlhe.'aritnl s oca sionsofChriistina worhip, the anits ofsingiaig schools, lmusical societies, and 1ieasin. l niLaoa ll to sUtgers f01 their own priente Ieraciceeand improonremelt. The Hia'rp eolntaint much nrliW ac t nr ale music, which Inas beenl iwn from tlhe highest sources of onu sieal taste and science in Eartlope, especially it (;ernm ry. It has been the constaat oint On1 the authorsto give a eelltclion of tLunes, that should Ire moUlly learnaI t rald easily attng. 'Te'nchear of singing, clergymen and others who are collrtio,, whichl has becnl ptrpalet uxptrcssly for tde otallrrtarra, riLla r. Sout, anal West. Iltciser a and for sade by I'OTl'CIKISS v on. eplt 19 2l Clanurncs scet iCftl)Ol, lit tIKS. A INSWOR'l'8' Latin sull English D'tttionary, Virgil I)ellphliai,alpay' Ihaoer, S,:larcvolli Lexi cor,, Bnltnlrnllln's (;reek Grammar, M3oort'e.n do, Juverral Ilelphiti, Ovidi I)elphltini, Sallustii Itelphini, ntholt's /alllust, atart's ('inero, Greek 'l'entalnarc.c, Jnarb's Greek Ratdar, i'ireiliuo, Ovidii. Liber Prinitrs, adhorus' Latin (;rtlnnar, Wtilson's Sallnut, Wanlshiinan's Voila, Iltolntr'asr lortnc lah Graommar, C ni't il nlil (;trulllna, Nsulnan and Bllrreli's Spaninlsh no Etglisha Digtiutnrv, Griashaar'n Ilistnio'r of rI.a.lald Sooth Amenrica, Blake's iatral Pllilosonhra, O Nmtural Ilistrva, Goldnmith'a do, Watodbridge, Geographl, altot frun'ls Sylicna of do, "Blone'a do Bnlbi'a do I- rirry'aE.tglih onramar Abridgement of a do - SmithSrrod n'c.tlev 4l1 Comanaly'a do - .lugrreonls do - (eonet' Aaiitltmtotio, lar.roix' d do • olkune's do f ]'ilat'k " di 'Cobl's - do STorrev'e Bton','sto - il BItke's do: Sonet, LgsnIis, Torrke' Pastheona, Parlney's Gengra. pli.,Jtigber:htoo1aeluer, American ptbpeleR, Coltti 1' 1 ta tn t' Wpla-no 5Cra'Collpied ef I-storo, Waor Sie " tt 1iior5rV, Wlueteca 0 m eli ;pJsltaaw'a al ictioo "aVIe, dt'tll'6ofe/.`e .pelling Bfok- 'tIn tytre On h .lobes, P.rps'n let. t Idnd and Rantk nir' Ilistota-fnr, t5X - HOTCHKISSt & Co,_24 Phnrtres t.. YUNfLANfiSON'b flhmsnPhlvoioldgv,"e 1l·. do' ocntri 'I'hlcerativir's do Elettents (of llygient ewrccs an Chdldren dos Ft'.mnirs - -! do n~stctof liwfc It a'Iter'l K flamer'n Pathel6 fienl Aastoon lnnnasim o 1'lt)e issuoe . lUojtock's Pbesidktk y ( Ctlrrh onl Fannies e Pranawr'a 4'h!)SFmsrri C Scudooterc an (i«Ht Ohd R!toatantir m tl .1lll oail tll V)rosly i Reekn I Ma -rrd7t "ruri.s rhkrodtnaeodocf Tavrtrieit'r lsotgory Clarlk's Tratue 0 I'nP tlmonary eonsumtrtiton' CI -Coller on Iliolncatitnr Ilorosr's54 1rial Atulousy l·Dllllr'N I.O(~tUIe· ddlnrrnntlta llluml -r ýlIuksnlwo't' lrratlsn - Cnlbohtan's T'rout Coaxeis A toriett i'tpctt.'lory Riehdrd's PhCstioogry Fiteh'a Dthttil~arurger t Richard'sr P, ilrilplrm of Mlotliciilo Foarmcl by }IO'l'ClIIKIJ 1 5 CO. fell 10 ii Chatotrto e s. UItlisl :\\ ) 0'1'(CIUWiilSKEY fr sotle lI A If. LSSlil:.I',: (: ll'I street, alto hais rallitdnltl, on head, (lidl C'oplm4 Arminoll owl C:IIDIIDIpIFiI Ie limn dlie'; llntlnud tin, \\'eesp, F'isll~IauI other broodsl; Ji-I mlnaiI'S, St. Croix ullllrs(irulr 1rai t wLrerL L. 1. IM d*eire; ltrowl and Iiulte.UVrrrI; O;rillpo"irer tnd othelr l'ort; Lisbon, Tenerim; Pills, illudlinl, SiLily d»; Chlwllll parIggucllrgtatdy, Cnrts, &E., -Ilnes of .the best de ecril~dt. - fh 12 -1ALýun. ill~ll. "lO ý. 7 1KChinereu generol h'etijt, tio of till ire of Chinaan and its i.tlbhitnlns. It- Joint Isra" is lia vil' , Iq. F LfS, e. Ini rel;, benhl NOo CO sIll I 81,fl lorllers' Fondly Libtarsr. Letters Lht Ysootg Lndict, by Mr at 11 1igis'v. Nir' nlitirn, 1^-57. Tile 3'igrin's A Pstogeresn il( ll life of John Rluyn lobert Soatltev,lOcq. 1.1.1l .otet lnsrentsr,'&e. d' Illustrated wiil'. 510 cII, by . dinito, after lrign' Iby Clhapmo. 1Inrsev nd itIattr5. Ns- editino,, 1(:57: Ju~treceinrdAndllt solr he 8 r W iiR.PN, * t'arner ot Camp & CoaltltiotlO'. p k1.\, 's"1V5 &e--lkr.''ltlk snerifers l Inoi 6rslr, I mliltldttron rhilp (Ciihrltnr---301 l nf5 prpper. 821)11 Lotsee Natittiket "1)00t (1 oodIes; 7010 Resot linoer Raisains, I.orinf. bruml1~; 230 Chest., antIII n~llxe Ito tr rnl,lll, Ilr tntM I Sollhong Ton; W rases Yonllfg IlV eon Ttltd -Ilbt. ronlateb. ISAAC SURIID(Zi & CO. f9 ~ ~No. 1II Mingeniuoe ,ten IN Vll \'Ik%(ll Itrsllljc lwtlnc lreiort nylle; oru S ositrt'r lltlsC (honealto t.c;01 t11h1ose %hl rarsmt sarted). By IthIamIost clusIic lutltorI, Otiotlt tnd tln deru. ") nstretie htppilte8s,tltnll tn tnlylias O.foruldine t1it Iat "lrltivdl altk fall." 2 LW Iln0l(KS-Naval S(ketch (look, o2, the tServ1 .(flout anti ashore. Stith Characteristic roiilrr l ore, frtgmentt antl np5/iininnt. lv the titltor of Its IPnlensof aT'ar, &e-, setsint serl, in I olosr. hla-olosun ReenlleCtjiotl of th o lsttce a- Conrsr-. frot tte rear 1530 to the clttaof 1835. inrlcllilnI plr-'lo soul nkelretlft olhe ladting membrs-kyv onIo no 'tsr ty, just receivrd tlnt for role III' W bl e., .N eorftnlOp Ou~l Caelltl~l~l It'. Also-A. ow eopieo of llnlrou'o Allottnmy of Mrelan cholyv. mn· t i1L°ITI"'ý27-ýr-- Coua luj;c; 7;air, u lurHý urtill r U f-r-sle by GRII'OT l& 'AIRiE, )::3 ii..' P, tin l'- l t.e. FIRE ENGINE. R OGERS' P.\TENT PA l.A NCE FIRE N'wOaLw 1 ' -rThe subsccriere are manufacturing atýrWatsr ftrd, Saratoga co. N Y., on an extensive scaul. ogers Patent Balance Fire Engine, and the eompanny de no hesitateo to rccmumend it to thile uplie as decidadly se paloier to lay lire rongil.c oow ktown. It has tyn test itd b skilfil :togir.orto tot tile U. S. Areenaltst Gib tonsvillc ad Wnl ashiuton, and by them pronounced to be superior to any other. 'lThe Govoennent Arsonal at Wushllugtoto is now ooppliedl witil onle of said Engineer and the proprietors ohao. just ocomtnleted a tontst with the government for the supply of all their prinoipal ar senals. Tfhis Engine eolmbines tlhe advantag of more nowr at less cost tthan any other in use, and needs to M o. amoined and tried to enoure a preference to all oaers. The maonotctorerv, it ll neaes, warrant their s gines, it t trial wit othoiero uoder eqoul circumetanoat to perform more than anyv other Enggme, or noesale. Pricea at the Foaciorc, willti plaiot paaint e, Thlon, designed for .t1 olten, dichaorgmtg 210 gallons of water per minute, - 7tem ii: mc n, Q16 ' gallo ts p ,,r minut e, gS 1tl3 ,aret0 gotllons oer itliuott, •M ThIe bovo pricee include sneion hlose,o renches &s. Titey also keep cotostotdy otl hand, bodu leadiog sod auctio hose, which tltot will furoish to order as low as it e'll be bought in this conntro. The arralgmnonts fitr olouutiactiriog said engins are auce, that allt ord rs ill hoe tuctulllv attended to, sad execoted with the greatest posPitle deopate, ifaddrese ed to the saabsriher s.t Waterloord, Srmtog aeo. N. . SWM. I'LATT o so. , ERTIFICATFS., NoewYork, Oct. 2d,183. I crtifv tlhat I have this day superintended aliael afa Fire Eooione of Rogers' 'atelt, made by oon. Plato b Io. at eaterforld, ~lrtoga cto. New York, with one of ntelest engiues felongire to the eorYorktion.onhe seia ofNert York. 'l setlia ws monte ll the corporation yard, aildjrolll thte rexlerimct, lte almperededl tlhothe rengine aot Roger' PI'ote t will threw toore water, ando a o.reatser dista.ooe, wiat thte applicttationoft lear power, lta ornr om n o Poa1ti ltgino . I f'nthrer. eil r lthat to fire engine has everfnedn sx hibited in dte u citiv hich eooltt compete withdte Now York engione, or'which siottld ouswer our piureca exO Sept'Rogcrn' Patent labve tIlciontd. TIto cooetrue tion of Reoget' Patar is exoeeedieily i'nple stad I ns Io reason bnv itsuhould rot go itow getoeraltI. Be sides, it too ltother anwttato ; it can OG furelahol at much leor cost. JA MESGULICK, Chief Ehginear ofN Y Fire I)epotlneat. Utica, Joly 9, 1.14. I most celerfnlln coomply withtt a reqoutrt tfronm l WD. FPtitt & co. to give int olinioo it relation to hoe Fire Engille of olYgere' tl'tct, mltuoe ctt uredt by thloe at t Waterfordt, Saroan to N. . T'e curpoantiolt of Utfieo h tve purchaenrd m of ti hotve net otloniod Cengioe, iltld f~l'ot. reCollted tthas, I dt ot o eoitttt' to prolltolttllce it deciredlv sttu rlo to an7 other tire etgite now in sre, of whic I havt e nany kow. ledre; ad lto Int o l ulvy tetocur in the certifieete of J lo mlik, the chtoilc .iltecr of the New ok Fire Despart ie l,ie rnolltio to i hs merits. The ' alp otfthisecgito 'icoat, tiil wd ill I ila ccfinder, liler, andt i so excoding toIv aiplc, and oe little liable t.o getu otofulrpoir, haot Slo tr t eittc osi"le that ill o ly jtdgmeo t, itwills ooen i stor'erle tilot laoo ol thtct teto iton ptim eoginer. aJ t OSTROM, Clhie.f Engiin'eer of the Utica Fire Department. N. II. Ont oftl" Te o Petondt Engis of the largest size wa ot'r ltre t ir E,,ce Fire C No.N. 7 ot'few Or. fCao, i ltlo lollt have rc:etool,t, triead utt aeceited. The EnginO caa be hoao tt all" tcie, by a{{oo tbvl ina to S l' I. t ERI ', ,Aget tlor toee nMaufactfrers, Coot'or of" Pol).d.n & lch.1ptottohlOset. N.O. P.d t. e will tenraute' to have ot eu orihe deliverd in New Otrleasow iotitllo " boot oto froomo tite tite order is o ~lllI'. PhSC:Oi:OtUI.t1 IltI ',F it now pooe for the I.- eeetil of compo.n. T'!ois d li;ttfol itretrt is sI tuaotoe ol tile wtmet batk "of tlhe lntcolout Boo, eat iO confluenoce ithl toe G;lflrf Mclico. The ei Btatioul i ilchot'ed, ntd too1ot 1'o',1oodt ll tnrxtltitte view of llay s.lid tof l.lett., hlillt lay fIulllillo the whIolo coen from t to 10 uiles tnl: 'Tohe Pcttttrtetote feel tlothailol to the cttnmmuoitv for tile Iotolottu of ate pas o sct'oo a:ld otoold be h gratefol for to Ptolrlloof tile te tile tIlclr t, l Ely cxeyrtinn oilo tlheir Iolt will he itloll toe rto o ledr v o itolio eo. ftirntlole. Fill mill eitltoes will be holtl it utllldatoe,snt a.eorV article otl od and lotlxro , wohie.ll the cttto trt cac n flrto , will supl h" the t abl . CI'. eclcted with thi estulbdlsh oteot a're tl toe otoessortao ollaot.tou l f lu thine'; also. taw Billi:uod 'i';tlco, oad itto Nie oltin Alleyes. To thte e bhot Ito tllld otf llol'tiell, solltl gaone will he rollo too th ,]re nlhle IC c r ,'"i:I. n slloi' o tittaue. itill Ihre iatcr i+, rier cdc;II olh ;r lul"o' allllla ctcUhllt i efncul ill rtltlothlllnda an , fC olon fn :,:t toil' t.e to tec, a Pack otf t e bett of Iltototot :tee ml teo . ot coml n.lllaOd. 1fio rlekiong oot,'er is from t It purecst Springand lee alwayvs at han:d. A ti; tof the Itotot Il vinot Ibtn cl ohis City naot Moebile will latnd po.clltoloCoi tht, PIce. 'Thle dlitirtlt'v f gettiong froll the Pier to tle lilto e ill sol: lllc blo ts, ta ttirlat ficr ladies and o(hilhlhtm. lh:, ovt owo ll ato ot ljotctdion oto tolose votitintg the ot:ttlli'hnlent,' is to toot' tvtedel, me ths otenocr Alert plits to, ice o n k o tth\oo eell this otd Pus c oo q it, tlld oill itttl htloo ito:too:oCo,;e iont dlatee telv at the hoe.t.t. I. & 311. ,MeRAP. N, bl. The Li"t are2 ofi the chttieest kiithlii, having bh een ro_ t imps, t lo, o tetol ootttAil-ltettt... J2i0 t)UtKS- o'Islollet'soo Ii0 tlok,ttarie cot!d the pta B riZin 2l; Qtoo hy Frm0i0 TIrUOllpen.oatthur of D oo omestie Manners 'the, the nerU e oin Anlmlr ca; fen Iln'ce, the last of Nhlooo's A4nteitn;noo ,hy Copt Chotonr, R N in 2 eto tihe .aln of Hlooteannd the Rclnailtedl, illo vol. 'l'ITe SclfCoudetttocA oy tho as thor of tile IAo.lardt, Caltolrlrp, c&. just received nal fior ale b '' t5t' M I XMc 'EAN & Co, corner Coam.AOotm. "- II '"tol't:t\oL ,it..,otlk C--'Al lI g C' , dN I'B11S SPANIStl 1ItAMME I, new edotiso adsp. Sted tor'everyv clns of If'eafs, mith'correct1nom,anl itlpraveoclrts . "Linieto't? FRteCIt Gnotmt-:R, with corretigons sa imnpmoenet', Iy en Blolaor. Fron'toeet'osmr 'tots ltoor. s Pt)tot's0 I.000to.tI. lot. .l.o...l. owiolt a J)iq NRiMAm's ~& I0ARtoroeT'S telotiist and Eoglisl Ditfio r, ary, &e. &c. Jest reccivd anld fo" .tole oto 24 ChortrecPoan by jnoo'2t 1 l'I'CIKISS &'. liAtlN C li(CK [tUUKt, [IECIK bnoole on the fttilnwintg banskivi: lAfr 1 chants, I.:xdcliog and ankin o.. Orleanl, .ecbaanic aud 'Iran'ders, .oluiatatt, LauiiUl Statt 'AltebTalavn, Canal and "llaikin8 C',,C r Cdiii'reial i('nr"ltolta ilaltaroea ame' I Co., Gia, Citiaene,,tt b n and City lunks; far sata by l iOTC'I.JKIj. co. jaw 10 2" . Chirtrcs lJTiorlChKit& eU't. (CIl \PTV notj DiRulC'ITflt'Y, FOll 1i837,, TUSTpublihed, et oantluinlg a liA*t oaf ll. ilp 1.|~lk Dif *. retotrse, al DiiAo'tut ala, t, Iueurtnte atnd other tomlaatni e, T'ai'rifhlfthe roate of t hiat' ee b.llleled by the Chan ber Thf(.olllnl'll, n A ttlla 1ci a'&rivyi|t-jd dan pitsture o d tlie n e, In, )TutIIe (rimt , S C l. .C tPub lished andi for Sode by . eOTi-lto 1+Sg ot. .:14 `'-4 t Chrtres at. 4 guhlatig P'cat. 't'is te ttirl ittetaint, nnsamt , aa t .hse r ld:tiagoi'ai i g, t tall ta c n. tna ltS c aenncatl. t, of thei'st lie qil, it ay O als li e TEC u i .ti tlatl. orstaliitr,' I,W" arit el l: int o tatl,' ,f the wof itent,, Ih ial.y t 'Tag 'th slatittt higher or a e wIn t on, watoIS t \ ug the adt.iole ol lfilth i l lt . i l'at.en Pene'i'a iEantaic lenilt'a n Pta . 't 'lhte pm-r cua r nlle t - l n hs o ti this elnat i t}t . ew i. tttllar.n i t, sa r te-a.r is fstmed hiut s ill lonti atc.cien il,. s wrai trhirty lies itoh rte lita at 'he aistnic ty o f .l t. - tars 'lh nl.el, t': t .Mls :ir ,entih sn eattne t t.ti tllant toi tihe peaai, l e rc t, , a ait uil tlt of ip n , tlb.,it. aT.l :1il nm l of hsol chll t" perlit l'ls wialnIn ep.-tiiiously, thi len t ill a Ient l, a ih:tatn t ant i H tetisi l mnsti " eI nillt ernt - llt Ia lllteF tait n lalto t ttt"tliIt til'Jiar tart tfilila fi lies l ll o. dip of ien k. Tle 'he ilfffk ttain : Sgramnt r sp' iy af it k tltas ai yet iv td .,d aslttia.l t' . 'sitit, ,x:l-lyv pLrnpra'it ue to tihestr enagth ( lie loth - It o's l, H led, tint. In'r rig a Stenl tens. l Ji tcy the. anlt fr.l:al. of th a l . eiElAg. n al, lnaitinn fIaetal lnt.c riet l an llc "llOidnK ,II Asta.hy in t Yhe llell IPlen atll it l<i a nll a - ' oer tll paqlell ll it be to rllg'n2! ol acla:pledu t. anti ,, Itineitatn tlttte'ndmaa'tlltttietame natl PaE tfcb eeianL. 'lrianl I -heirt - e lo- eT'.a ec In. Ic 'll'atch nt bi'lut Pelt'tn. T ottell r tc arca ortalain ei Ir 41atei snl4l1 I t I a hlltha, niaa y II aios aia -aw e r v l '"I le taa ni-atihadi nte nclatrtld clra* e er ahilhit atulll slilnd liht tln e, si e tllate; i a*e et-olttet Inl tln'n v ,I ln ,,nr Pe Ir llnl Steel Penc.i i U 4 leel" . ! doule' red; West 2 or nerd hC and er~nt hi.z, antila- : eaata a ba..caaabaar ote ialn'e e'r l ttai qa toitie ';lr; 7-iiite bl rik ebluee n R4 ama fsrl l th ti nr i'. ia. id t o Ireilli iinu rch rIl letl tndth tl t''lt-'ari; h as -itne 40 itt-hat e" bAS~ tag' t'ill 42t inlte tale ' ie ailipe ntt aln rie Pniwl ' nd. rj? iii CtlioA -ilk pMls, &Ct., doi. .t, oWce inch it, Itf ;.canie 7i:- u rL. -a; -' n aar Mi> 4a, 4 dll{ ; 41 I 2 h,'as witham; 9,n PwiI iinwer d loatrl .ltni'; lihlla c t lteertt'k Uinl n ml a aral etin, in tore tan d trt thle or, a t Tlaer; Mcak, h, pae ud oer a *, ,orte a WIh,- enai P t Gt.i, , assrt -" dnpo- . calicoes .a ArabiaH ::i17 otl ,id 8 '.no) i ' l ell •,y *o; Ijlltt' e lrreinea bui, Vi YfIYI -. sore ; fine tiailll iiaotio'r h { r . ad, hior tillS; ,'sian. 40 hnhe w'iilT; e4 n _.a b gL t"pay :It 14 ,u, p lilro0{>.

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