Newspaper of True American, March 31, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 31, 1837 Page 3
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A AR.ALtO wILTLIAM A. DUGA, ll. hit "erv'irs to suarin = ion atelte ,al his neC w ",oder of r, tifyintg suo ar, ,lieviuittOsurtueos any inmiroveoent evert knowni he irre in ti state, or in er r l rier place, nMaking it whiter h anuy rrcti8d i.raf?'ugar:--lle ftins olwre cot6 S1-n is Chmnical oerations, sir-e ohe Ias succeed in giving the uttnro r sati iaction to those go ntlelIen hih have employed him. N. & J. Diclc, & Co. Ern II oEloEIIns, EsoQ. SAtrtLt'. NI'C'rcirro., Esq. J.1s.:s M1'Cc . ll rrcox, E:s. Jon's I). W\Vt, & i o. p,. c, r 'turther partieulatn, npply to E A Cohen & Co. No. Ili. 1i:gazar l street, mlt ijPF.1C'OR'. i-Thoe subscriber keerls onsta:ery hahue a tiIgenral assnll:enit of tin ware, which will . sold lowr cash or city acceptances. Also, covers roofs with copper, til or 'lne, on reasor. ble teru. Gluttersltll Colit ooetortor mid rput up. blei'!. 12 lIIi', c,,nrar of fl._-. lo !'evrlrae onid "]'iih o itri onlllil eta. .--F'.Ti[CI. O TII('.li NEW ilI:i.iI..\S' ANIk SNAIIVIII.E I.IAII I.OA!) CO.IPlNY, Feb. I3.1'37. R Tslv ed, That the Preni, nat bh althurized to mnake cll oat i tie Steol:ull rh rco f'ir or, intoltiheot of five dll. nart pers r ihe a ltllh dayof April next, a pursnane a, the (ith section of ill: charter. Extonct froml ha i :ilutes of Ihe floord. A R It'NAIIt, Sc'v. In ;1rsuanne of thile freging resontlline tie st'ck alersa r, hereoy reqnestcd to innike tormlet t ile olieef the ncuipony in tlhe city of Nerw Orlearn, of of -o acll sllare of stoik respectr lively' hi:l ty tier on tllhe Mtil lty of Aprilleext, ail tha ot in defat thereoof, tiro stock in whictl tih e loll is d ue Will Ie forfeitled. thl 16 At \V IIOFFIIAN, PIrilent. - 3l.1'(Ot.11\f.T ' o)"' 'lWV OltL.EA.S. Conmr riltf Ute ,S;',ordl .ilrr icipalily. Sirirg otrfTesdavy st lMalrr't, 1837. l sEoiLVt'ED), 'lThat in the o liuio:t of this r'ouncil, i inex)edlrtr nri:ld ro eetlr'trc br fltc iublie tolle 'tenienre rrurd r eaelh, ito r'o.lltiirll'Natchez stree't f;ror l'rehouplllouas st0ree01, in anlr.igIht line with, and of the saoae widrh as said Nnatcerz strecr,tro New Levee :.reer; Atrd the fllaor is ler. bh 1uer rire.D to give iMrlir Ino ttce ia tie ''rue Aro i n e n' c iCommerial e I lletli, i - nt Enrli h ir rtrir gteu dery, tllt i is trhe in teriobi t'lltlis Colrnbi to o lr i rl.i ieolltilllle .anil strent, il cotforinity withithe act olf i lt Lgislre, enio litled, arrl Act tI rogulott tlre nrtllire, itorrg , anl d ia proving tlrera anmlproir tIraCes n tilel cily if iNew oigoerT, .1 ItAI.It\VIN, Rt corder. Approvired, MloarUh 2, 13.;7. .igulrdr, D tRIttiiiiUl, Mayor. A true copry, Agreearbly to thle lfrroilt "e re,.hrii,,, moll ill Er . fer. calv with the iroisinr o llf oa larr t IIu've tlre :h ialte nlily et New ONi ealu &r'." Nriice is . eby given ha i lth inrlltli, of Ilhe Courcil of Muclt Elor ii o Two It hrti .Nlltellez .a r .tercl otelllre d Iiad lltillllelefrlll t hc ount itour I .tla s etl IItIt Ne iw Levee lt. in a straight tir tl e eith, rtd of tire s r width its sa e id Natchez street. ) I'RIEUItt Ith) or. Alurnh 22d, 1tl7. 2 e 'OItr i !e..i rreiirrrra eIe i'rrr'retr l c' i s, tel el vertu deodle dispositions de ('0 1)0 aprave rc 3 Avril S o1 rtentitule "Act ir' iour c c l' i elr u lir t, l distli etns l Villt ce rI ls Nlte t)rre, 'r &c." Avis eat ir1ne Jue i'irlention du rourtsil d t la Sie rrre d.Mnicipalit e at te faire oourir et rninirller il rle ides Nutahr ie ti Lart Il rte,'olt'cht7.ipitoia urlerra la rie tela Nite " ee, i iroe drrrtle et de it rnernle largeur rqu'a ne ill lenntlt dtilr rue des Nelltllsz. iI. 32MoatC, ) I'tIEUft, Sir e. I.d.22Mars 1:17. Courntcil of lit, '.tot l rolltrtrr'ilr/. Si fi, ,f'il'h rsdv, I h li March, 1837. tIrýOIVEI ) ', Tht ll t 'it i " hadn't f this tonlllmil , it is oet ediet t, 1illI Iltrl,'tlrv for thle Iir lic t .ir orrltiet toe, to cnulill,, olrt , I t rie' strcer frror .,r azine treertl tL..lp lrele'I , ill:lr c rilt lille Wtlrl, nl r of g l thrised to five pr c Ion I;'r ' it lhe'Tr ' .\A ," : ' w ll 'ro ltutercial lllelint ill 1'e i lh and l'r1 li o y,;r ll t rdas, lhal it is lhri it, r mr ,on r llis i '. t i 111i re r ,i M il street, in ll llllrtllliv , t il iSi tl, olhei Lli- I Itr s.nitled "tuII \et toe r ien'llll tle ,ill, .i I'Md lpinmhi `stru eet s wlh Il wli(e pl el it ll11: i;! Sf ewt Or foerl'ls, &e." Aplrt rhi 3 i 1l I 3. S irad J I \V, cor Ap5provert:lst March, 1w:17. e "I ar] )rreatar'. tA reeably to hit't ,re. .hil reL,, ll 'oli rll, d ill l.t - Er, tly wilth til'. : esvi wil, -'arl getl , p proved I'. :ht n clll. e nlld ialhtllrie nu b o fI lleetl, lh io ,hllalirt lae s' the city of New i l lr' . Se'." .\,file i is ch .t ie lhali it i le irtrr i., i fl lhr ltt t 'o i of e th '' t i';io strerer , lr or tt11 I shrel , illt It ' tr tt I :'r with, ontire cy wisoh aes tahi ,t o.,, .d a er. r Ir e 3h r sll 2. ' tr 1 jiT. I l'il:l'b d ll a. vor. i ) ¥,rte I tollll lltl ',t'i 'it It:l rot' ];i . "., • ",f;telta imur nrehr Ill't, ,'alit.'h, di-t,.bH, et t 'all - . -!+ toor il de ht etodt 1 fi,'i', d lie i o, itv -io ruttNotre rllolad ,lpio h lit ede \cnr h Sic t lg I ao rue due ipall o h tee ditr. h, ht ie lea u hllurn e t ' Illi tlllllll hiarr t rr tih . rllr ' N. It IIIIro . Le O Itars, 11r07. 1 'i I , 1 i. ei.r - -- ,' IR . il'/.;. ':I (tif'f: fI,fh Brli .lh rI. te tN'll, Ni. :;MNt u " ." . .,, . ! "w . )1 . . i]'CI11r ''l' ir'i'i 'r . t), t', t r;. .. lc. it r, w. k ,.ki + ll i'1-, - I , III'' od : ,l , if r llo. p ' r wtrrr i r;i ..l1 rr i ll r, l.: l nrnticr t'r' H I ). 1 1 slaltl at ";.., per Sao, otrrtti1I.' il' tithe l "l of 1i1e1' III00101, ve. :,t Iht Fo er do,. ofrEll 0:1'a , w i'h lI'ec.dc.s, Al'. al J(; ret, olS iTt re F~or 10. 01, o411 slws, wilhvd elurs &c. nt .. i 75 pIr saw, 300 0?l oiol'd . of _' a wi thflle ( ('01u(00, &c. t it $3 tl te50 Itl N Iax W, Ai N I"a Eltl-,ill tet herle tealllhe, tl, e.,ers, aolle tfeliel lot' lntrsnally he ell to n, te so 'to "atoli rrttitsrrh S ef, rlt the ii(,11. , i l't't-tirt'e, Ilro. par ii i the # Itoi fo r a rl l etao untirif .t of th etio t A ib inl. wiltb s. e nt t wiO 0il0 (dins t . thror p t her de 00. h , o oll o e t u ron E no inT' tisr'rth at , w lieorccred wthere ierts'io, of'oreasnlers i trt le r trrr . Horfe l Satrer'tr' ro's- it hea r rtrr trollor tti t'f i riel ato ofte -It i tlesirloe,l wlhen plnters giote' otOOdr; lir (tins, :~they shouldaomlomany thLnm will thIeir views in tegr:l, 'tothearanamllenttlfws hts, lonsts, ltusbhIs &c. It i.sloudl theyslftill olpioiota. Somne desi.altte of ar'ger dlametert o han otlherls.o. 'hloe o cot.o size .6a 9 or t0 iloi t blltl 11 llto o Iish' 12 itlrltrs. Seolie wish 5 or 6 'row lof Ilo slohes o il allsle, wlile otheus do rIot want more tllhanll 4 at m . t.ollle wisl s:aws with 9 or'9teeth to llhe ilch, while othelrs walt 1O0 ol t I. Vith so muchdiserepl,:.rv, wo plreler they should, at thle time of gving ordersl, (illish statement of their w sh lles, otol tlhe ttIltI Ittttl. slII o u:lllfl'lil tlhe,, ill ,e..rly potttltolhr. 'here t is Otltot to o. .c"etioo, . e shall el'loke tlllll oa tlie nlos.t modlo • al oI o'vetOt . I l . ,Atn olorder can bexeellted, ilrom te time it is reo ved, ion the sptao.oeitIght toi wetoks,o t tOIle (;io it sh:lt i c .lihoe plumdt inlt Itheolod of tihe l:tort. To lo iu Itre or the next icrop, all orders oughlt to le in tl. haIt s ol t llt. malu tturerot shy the l Itrst or mitddlle of t 5a3 ; expt for ltlatations where they mac latte in comteuttCcing to .ick or gin cotton. N. II. TIte P.trot IRight, .ir ally one of tle celltot gi..L'Owing Stestc, will be sold all rtuta'otutble terms. I OTI 4 OI ICE is hereby . iven to all those hral . and tl chivalrous yonlltgllmen who wist h to go t 'lexa, or tihe purpose ofast.tino in her lotriomtscttsr of lilt n.;orty ld indepelndencre, ao l also tot avail themstelves to .tlt rich houn.tiet and reward sohe pro mia to those tha erve her, that arra.gtelltrlls have been :dl with the o hloonr lCihampeioo, t, trott a.rt all thal o retrtatll to Shy Saturday evenit g lh.hi 5.olh ilrt. tit cwhic lio e te vessel will positivelly aill;,r lataoorda. lUmedli tIo alplication mast be hinde oi lboutfor tit Mr. Ileat tie CUfc llouse, ndjoi 'iogthe St. ('l rles Theatre, tI, .(t orrott, orltrire , oto lr ue .t, hcl l •er. _ it is Iobably the last opro . nity any one will ate to obtain Irarsporlation re,, eVtu.teT. .o4 " II _" V.hni OIIT. OTICE-'T'he purnhnaers of squares in the town n Shrewsbury, roldby Ilewl I & -Cen xs"; it all eii onX n the 4th day Pel, last, are retue-ted t,, 'call at tie ee oof \',it Clrisolv tottola tlulic, nod ceplv with he tow of o.oot w to It u da from Ihilo datt; ' else Iolemprty will be soold lt th.hir cuot ,ud ris:i.: t:orl t ttlaw. oo0 NOT'ICI:. 1r-!'1'11MUlI) I.\11N, who urtlchaedtl 1 at an xtiet on sale Im.le I,v Isnne 1, 1MacCoy, o o Ithe 17th Iloetetlcr laot, tlo r fooltolo iog dt'.ribrd loto in Itttlh tinttdalo , is notifiiedo tvo o !olv with IOt rterms and cnlitions of tlhe sle, \t ithin t no dats front the date hereof, othl+t ris thr e omnle will Ile sold for hio acrontt and risk, viz: teo lots mombered from 81 to '10 ~ rtlsitl. on Ith side odo joinio, l) Itn fort r, loq't.l ro pllert l, andten other ttlots o l doo rI l t, i g l't. o'Ieltt io. S.?-. D I'Burthv, esq. u ,r,,,f'd fe Il toq I`' inCch:..'i . Ot Tecon-t-.4 Itoyblh it ii, oa ao the alotrea in S. =antiol yoears fiont the Ilt olmber osit. to"-l-ld . U - O ,LIA I I< 01;t\:\ l), - % .1tL etL t givelo oti l preltoi:,tol, od Iodlgig it a jail the ngro +hn abmoltdld, it slto...'l otloo llbotl thoe SOtoteator S..< 'l- tth s folt f ilro t a.lllll t I, " ho t o i i vs=.,lll:e , .J.erry is .aout 4v.rntsofl', live 1et ten or eleven Sinche in heiziht, roI,l 4w slld -.ul.b rs, voery talkative ad fotrilor f, f ol to ltrtertll g atl' i00 tl g it lh r:,'t . t tixxgboel aback-drivrrfor 'tooI time ta0 t in thi wit, tn i wh "l-0 i itooreo: r o ilnl l ,tatl rl ld 1 i)" talkativ,, .ll., . It ts t olo lh)ho d tolhe s ei t o ILlo1o.o11, to 1 , lthisovifet .,oill I toI ,to + -b0ht lar. will h t-paild ft,, hi llr t hi i tiy 0 il 0 tub., n not of the. Mte, with tdl f r'' ; ulnul 0 cxl,'u-q'. Yew (vr~c.:a., '1J h '.; , 1".0 . 1 lx- Por the Interior. FORL 8'. I.() I'. AND ALTON. ''T.e atoaltrN PENNSYLVANIAN '9TeTupl' too mt:ster, having part Io he cargo 'engaged will t tlvet for lte hove ports wall de lpatCIh. Fo' r bl oilce of freiglt o tpa nge apply ou buard or at "C 'l)ydloas t. to 31 J VAItIN. FFto)L()UI V(VllI. & CINCINNATI. l r I he stetamer SP!EhNIAD, SHi' lott, lhuvill collriderabll e c.t r -a .eý lln. ,d, will leave, I,,fr thle blo.. portoo li lotidn,+ ytla t I r'i, ll to t pr or to'reigl It :pata'·ge, having eleg uut neconu o.llll ftatio lt, a'ply ! " board boetwreen t;raiecr and Plo , dtos st. to 1131 STET'iON, AVEIY & CSo. tK '1' LOLIUS, ALU.N, and ell intelt meliate Il li.,s. ThA A' 'at rl nning u 1 e" rnbil tenomer tti(t'N I.ICIK, Jontes tl ste wil eal wet qh uick l e 1 d ,h, lor ervight lor pa..stg tpply Iltl toned 'tpoL.ite t ie Cutstonllttl nsl or , t g.Ie I'v. r. .... . , to "' 'lhe L. . mai stam r So::T'I - - -- \ I .. , Ahiri,'h , e. ir, wif ejntdr v, 3tro iue t., aftor the itrival of thet 111 _o'oclucl cnr f ril , 'hli, ' 'l l il1 'ilt It LIUI'VILLI.E, ISNCINNl 'I'I, n. f! all internto di:lto luldings.o. - 'Ilto The spletdid oteooner NOtt'I r y .\I.:11i,1-.-. .I A I, 11A ' 1'RATabr tiwlcler, 'ill Ido t xt- at ll ''1 l k, A 6'11. Fir freight o r j ..s:,,, La, PIovdrt s ol.or atl t Poylrttot.-. io m30O (III VOT & PA IGI'.. FOIl i' ' iUU1l3.1 I ) t l.T611 ., iHIl aal l lln iter diate hlhndin,_. "£ý. _ r ar i ' falo o..I.o.rrAL,'tit)N, lit ot, I,.oro- '. o- ft ini tster, t ti'g tlhree fouurtbt of he r: r;o cugage. wiill lhave immendiate dedpIaU ch. eo Ifrtigh t or pnsstlane, havini g handlnoi e fitrn e I'hed net tnmaJtimo with s toarnli statlo reo ts apply ot boar opposite lh'invill sltret, or t t 63Grvier st. to FOR .ST. LOUIS ALTON---· it II t i((Tt 11i ll'o1' & I l1'.VTH i IRN. .F11 I nOII ll3.VII.I.I ir, t oull t ehf i cdia t l iotl.l t- loot ' h r t t't ot 'i1 7 .temlh 3rilll T IE _JJ -- I NA. M 3 1 liu oolirng ....totr, til "s l.itoake, f'oiht olt . l o h" lrmoto , Cot rI "tio, Now' oto , a ol tr I' lyl oir ogl flll. itov a Hioo river, owitlt ttvih'g' of tt't'',-. tlithte, it+ tecrivit f h'i-h 1,t Varna NS reot wh&lrl +trill d -.rt ,:AIL ST Av"! (a ; o .tril o lc .: . r nlleolftI t. lo t' l' g ot, atlt into te to ttto tt l ioot oulr taij Mt' to ,,t' Jn Nt) 'ill I rl 1 1i t .tl I . S .llllt I1 tll i ll n Itts , nortlotrhallest alt l U ght or nsi 1I ply ti rGravirtt to I O.T o tt ter IIWTOIIN.l'l t,!!.i IAt \11OL, IlllI 1 'u11 Nilrh ilorhr n. ane116d . ll oto It rtot to tlt ooll drto,.tt - io e ' tol oThe first lt'unti.t Stlom rTo ,u:nt. C l. f- tllit lim o., i reF dy to re oot .t iv o l ago , it i iisi ave de . tcho ( ll olr l ot , to 3 4r JNO l it..111, 1 NI tillllA + . - ?;.-; 11- C ;:1111. i, 3. -,Si6 -11 , 1l I',\CKsI.1' IIN ( l-- ilt e v. oIGL " 'T'l Ftt bove slue I lll iS'i. I..e Ifthtlr _,_ -d ,. i,lh i',v S a , i 'r s Ivhi sIto, t utl n S o od r sf.y or o :i, vi: . 6hltbil CaUnpt. ,'q.'hterhhl . to tool - i ll ot lt li, i.e I to ll S()l ta lltih ti "' . i ( I ll, .iil Aloft, "t t. \t'l'tt itr T1'h, uhoyl bll, errl fit tedl Hf 0001-1 fi'Vttr i trade itoIIt Ittr l t l t lo lilt lfll.tit 1 Iir ( rtl 1to 11t 1 e .'ll t - I 'I lh t0L r will ai t tll Iilim~ l hot , S, 11.1 ' I l l' t 0ii Itt l withl st I l i, , ' Ti'ho prll L ti'rrs tll It' o tt otlh oir l'f "tio o Ito oftil000 tot, o ' i t :d," ll'a Ilt 'to I l i't l I '''o''. . 'CA 0l ol \ l: , ." tK I I, or, e' .II '1,'t .1t e to I',t It1('1', t it,, ottfosIt. hll'4. IhPIII nearedi l 'ooIhr" ti ot' N o'. 'lit ' "r loo - it s) a FR ft" 1,1i:. F -T'+. O htt hI 00 ltot , :toni.. t:t r AN .'ttoit _ 00.00000 . t I I t, t \ oItIl.PI . ooiotioft , ~ill fo" 'li,,: std ,f t,, ties toi...l SLUG \ " 'Ito f 'A 1'.''I f 111.... .. _!. .' - ,t , 1 . I . ....s I i h ill' rt . I ,-1 ; I t a- l , Ir' ,. "h a In. t I tIa h'r, -h aa atir,- ih:,'l, r iil L'l 'la- tak-itt SI , Iatl rl ; l tF : -: I' n - , , ,F' I , , '; ol I . - ti.h ;- a i it , a l . 'ia I ta 9 i a.: ,: i tn i a ' ia, n ." : I- I a1 t it , rila- Fi . t' tat,, Fai - i i 'll I vi- lllll, a ll ' .11,-. br h u" nlrt rl, 'll.l 4Wl. ..oll lla 1111. of" 1:1 11, h f I I . ' Ih l 'n - n~'ive l Ibl' iLn noi 'l II, : la "; Il l, l :nI e Iti ,,I lt, t h '," tit n t1.. iF' t ra,\i•i l i aei u in felt tp h -r: " - td a g natI . it a-n"it ii ttam .I 1i m I mh . A r I h el, " ! o e t, n , E i t ' j " R o b rll t1 i ila-ll I t.f i it' NI n of Wi, lll; E Jh1 r, I.:, t I. la 'k }ftlllP t i:ll Io d it re,. ; 1 I.I I1' 1 , I I:.t' e ;i; ý" Ierlllo will he? ll lhl ralt lll Ulld gn i llhlll C I 'd 1c 11.:ill .[ I toi: - • r uri , irk o n .li e addleuet onf I roll s , J- r. 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