Newspaper of True American, April 7, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 7, 1837 Page 1
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'IVA S" .i- 12- CENTS. N.... . . . .. . . ORLEANS, I. ..Y I.NING, APRIL 7, -7,- Vow, It-N 20-. PltICE 1.t. CI.N'I's ,.|,:\ ORLEA:i NS, FRI),hY SI')R~IN(;, APRTIL 7, 11..;7. Vo,. Il.-- N 210. erml of the lvetrspojre r reeof netsly agreed to at ttu adtlolttur d ttcrlagt of the proprietors, hrld oti the 13th of il.trch, 13 7. subscription.-Twclv dolltrs for 11ile ItDaily o4 o.r Sannum, payahln semti-unuall itl a valc . l' I liars for the tri-weeklly country paper, pna ale oneI ainadvace, where ti cty referelrec is giveli. No, abcrlpi will be dibcdatitt ed ntoil artrarcce ure ttdIn cast a' diseolliulllle, oue week's nlotiec, writing, mast be invuriauly given, previous to the apirationi of snobsariptiot. nAdrerti t.--oc dollar ler snu'l fior thle nirt tin rion, and ]hlf titot t ree ibt rlt:ht t bsetlnrt tone;t t any mateirial nlteruatioo froo tile origi:l ,dverrtomaeuttt i be charged as a new ie.n Yearly AdrdrrierLsetsl.rlhaotso and Traderi s fortyu Slar o fur English alo te, mtd sixty for bIot ll anguages atks, I suranee Otlioes, at d other riaoilr public io-i itutions, fiiRfty dollars in Eluglish only, lnd eighty lil' hloth langnges. Ship nd ri steAlmoat ttaeltlrs or cotll mission erclhants, sixty dollars ii Ehglish alone, all eighty for Ioth languages. .Marriages O)ittta Notirces, nold articles elllli he attentiaon of the pubcior saroles of tpropert rt, cords o asenerr, tlnelits &c. &c. will bt elsta ed tu tlul 'Co mmuncnatits a or Alvertioltteuts of ainy otrsl otttl Islature, when ndliosnble, shall be clharged lIdouble, nI in advance. A deduction of twenty-five per ernt. will be made to Auctionecrs, Slieritls, itor of Willi, tittd Slarhlttls nc alaeb at real rlat, t lhblislt he ittlh lielttgnioo; atnd Sperrcont. in English alone, 1l per centl. on sales-r of lther property.. Adthcrtitsemer t nt o tfthle direct lite of blltiie.s lof the yearly adrertiser, stle 1l Icnalruecliotlttit tl pil:aLt tion sales, runawany oslveo , strty attittle, are. &r. will be charged fur separttiely taun at tie ordimrv rates. o Adrertisemeatts not specilfd as ttio vill be t t ub lished one moath. nodl r med . nroor ll,. No advertistement f t nrlpteits will tte !Htlishet in any case, unless paid for peinuttett-ot iuerttot, ri pay Ins It guaranteedt by t retpunablclF pll":l all in towl,, Theatltres di other plttces of nllllllcitl11ts e IlaVIi Ioi daily for the menrtt, to, be clhargedtl lt dollore i r lEtLl gish alone, and 150 dolulars irn bttlt ltigot'tg . All annottneemttts of cantlidttes for politierl ctlhi, shall be chalged ldouble tihe price, of tlher adtertio. ntats. Owing tO tihe itmmese loss vusah.'nd by new tv.plle'I plroprieltor they lave ct vtie t ti llto lttitnc), tlantt It namnes of persolas w those Itlrot hrte Ilert branlllpid within one tnolth after trc<ellrttttt Hll Ib t ,t knwn, (sao far tam practlcabl) 1t each otherl ttltr t bi gating themtselves lrt tin mlvertilse or tlllttl ftH sIch delinquenta, unless ill ten of otladronee pitrtntltet. (Signed) J C 1)1: hr lu P.i/i,";, J Il YON, I P ItIe:.t, JOH)iN (IItS'.N, LU IUMIEN, WVeekl Press.--We, le oundersigrned. togre+ aide nsy the abahve conditions, tias fr ts Ithy tire aplplsirale to weeklh, paper. (Signed) A 11 LAWRENCE, J W ENNIS, jt No stnhstriptiost :i'e s tirtni t lttelrtl'tts, tan six mtothst. +at Ie.ttrs tost it :tt l itta -lIposnt aill. READ & BAItSTOW, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. (.7, G-rarier street. n3 ( ANAI.S oi RAI. Ii'OALI)S-\-:lp of the U ited ) States, sahowitng the prinitl traveltlinl tooropike alln eomntoln roads; oil hich ore given t-he olitilncs in milen i 'es Flrom ollt c.: t., an thler; also, the c, , 'c' if lie canalls and rail roll:llis thIll ,houi t the cl )lltl , car:t rlly eonl ,ilell from the belst ll[holtie:, hr S Alglcstus Mitcbell, 18.I3. Jist receivted c t,,r de by 7. EXA.S-A visit t 'I'iu'i, lemrit the .luirnl -f L a traveller throu.ih tIlhese I;rt iois inllt eting to Amriaitn trotellers, with dt.wlitions o , enenrv eMc, eOn . Pnlilol tc ooii.titloti t of ili- l ire s lat' of ( .onlila dol Trexa. \lan ol" ''oas, sit% jr~ts of the .lhoiilg states, by S F Asll.till, . ISii . A . aptlof exai s, by Li.tili I It lr ', ".I. s13 . " A %Isp ol 'I'xas, with Ithe ro, tigu u:,, .\-1, .i'i l :mn i Mliean einter, by J I1 I. ling, publi .he. by , .. I gulnolt Mitchell, 15i3. Jut roeiv-etll Iilfot sille \3\I. Melt' \ X Sn QOl i·;lItOO:Itlll oIo-oe i.ullllllt.l iI I5 E31 O %) A L. HOI)USiE, SIoN AND OXII, NAl(\IrN1A X'lT'I I'l1, 5S (Cal p .t, nieally ollji teI the i .\iisn.ll"ll l ill 'h t '. ESIECTI!(L i ,w hi, li public i gll t olfl:el tri hi o.. . :. I ll l l order i ll.l' ebrontlihes, in tile beish, andl it iIo'i serm . lie winll alvs te h i li o; :i , ill i of decolltio in c til : n l \: i,-l ( -,1 - i; I,.li Ill M ies, ialc r ilt h :-F ill l' . . I, ll col, d idol talt a ;;lt t vs l iii ll i . u \l.l r i to t lll i \rlii , si I , i i lll, ll, itatlants, uio. lie hots lasixte )p ". of prll: -lllltl'l- o . i auecenh'ely lshltaT e I, will u .i'ii Ii ei'iiiil ll 'I" o lo al wltirle ilaiheretefllorereene. edfro:,,ois ,i,. Paibit, l l, (;lr \'lllll ,, 1.o, t e.ole . n atild for sale. Alvo, r.eay iel coil- 11olt rs t I, . lVhitening, eholk al ,irv calm-,, ,iy '-'3 N FW BOOKS-Norton t,-i , I lft tIh i P tuit ne', i n 'li l d vo ll llb " 'I'lmrd c 1' F :, . tres a lce the . . It" " bo- tillhe i lil Ilaimie o ill lle.i Memoir ,f George It T, with llail.i oI lthe ha party, &e" Gilbert Garey, vb the ui ui lllor , in s ald DI aItg. icc. " " " Alsot rnie ipptitl ofl)uIe till It 'lhli.-.iul, ior the .tlaI sl Its-ri f uitrt', tby sthe sotIl orl'.l Ihlit t1 e I, &,,il lerived by C" 11 ll.\l\ 1111. 1"', m l I I nillll l st. ,S l )E IL ,')F S N I lY: V \ \ ' R Kl l, & c - T'1 e \l illl ':ie a ;n in I Et gland, by the athorot"A Ye,,r ill Slpaii," in Tioltnee. Noble D f Wome, ini, lo voll. The Young W\ife'o link, at nmitaol of imral, reli giuls and oteslllltil dtiies. Just reeived al d focr ile by \31. ItI'Ii,\N, jan 27 corner ofo(ilia tnll to i mtu io S- AII, I(t).llb'l'l2M, &iL--fl' to utlib- i, hite N for snile, lanthcit - froio thit:illlnii util iiii, 10 !11i set appleton 4.4 biown llti'oeti c le in ehtl etee' , put ip for the Moxican mirkcIt; :.75 keg.. ltii-Žou liil lopanly Nails, weooll assiteldi i ie-s clisweet eSpanish chocolatOe, 0Iln ll liox einch, IIll e.ei s.lllllolll ) ackebstsdc h l tlltii¾,'oii & i t I , N EW VU.illtl I l'i 'llltn Wltl0 : llel- I . N- o IIi CtitirnIt'is Sr. TlH E nolrlla- llatt t Itit It ( lllll nlt 'scI' rmelt ofelegn d l forioigutot. whi h otlh, have just received by t c arrival ofl ships Saratio, .\r kanas and ,'isolissippi Iti, rm N aewll iort, -litt'i.Iig iI iasltofeide bioardo is'v-roct" , ,iliiirrc, wih ull, p t ioillll and Italian sinmrbl,. toplt, 'cote i ehlls of cvely l-hrilp tion and qunlity, wnrdrbe a tnctk e lona cit s s-ieitilt ttb i oi. ii-i aryanrd boolk cInco lotlics' Pfrco-tiudouldl lidtl l lettburraiu 'rreria't dining iibllrlroles, ollrd a lind - dIea' work tabltespiraite do. also, it file pl it sihuihll with Egyptian imairble top,. i llcw o aid llutl l lul aii cle. A complete .ortment olf sofits. A large and coimplt l accortlnllit of milnhio.uIoy, i ple, rosewood, fancy tanld common chairsl, llllll rockitg do covered with pliuih, pIran'l mr, hair cmnth, together oith a eiiiillletscis. rtl llt c 1i1h lll'i cleaus arU.ltallll foonid ib ooth it s notali tb - li, thlltI whrl of whias 5,ill bt oold onl cciot. tle tlerlmti for ap provedl Ijpror r eah. TheIrbllist arc r.ielllet y invitee d Io call and exam inn the, Nil Goods po kd at shorlct ntie ini loi ordcer for shippiag. f 2i C It (ILRAN'T & co .lV. Gio-u -10 cases fmtiu, 'loredll hidst'i prints- II hnles Trenton il roved tirkinc.r; I balesOxford 4-1 tikliong; i. blE hI -i ittlll.hlr- cordi ; Ice beavy bltck erlrpeting, laulliug fronl hut rcuc Jo snephissneand for sale by " 'I' UCCheit I & Ci, al0 NoI I C:am.', T U. L.bscrile l, it lOlhlo i wi I :dc deilr llldl i Fureign wnd D)ome.lie lhardw'are, lea onl I a ~l all axtensiveostockol o Shellihld, liurniingham, andiil A meri can grol. emitsei ig great varietylil, consiisting ill p:t as Ioliowns Anvsils, ommoi imitotion nullld geui mogseihol e; smith vices, black notl bight fie; trice llCails, onil uonn, lued indil hight; hos, Ca(irolinai, lI oaiiiiut, ,oal' and cotton;si h glih i ln An A iIamllr saidle io. is; Iiig :alid sntrt aundlel f l si- . Ltn; raisedillateI, hook hIilttoiil ll other kitlnds of lig-s; ltit, tiill, halo , pleil, tenon andiil ores cnt sonsi; rtin, nitsLt, pola, ciilchisti olil tdiodik oekls Aseointsu oilr plated iri-il, insidt ini sltitig soor do; round iand o lt sptling, stllight, nilt necked aslutter anid door abolt; lit, pit, mill, aid cross c.t soo files; ship carpentlr'n atid other augist; blaciik, bright --as paltent cast steel socket and fire rliscis; rluges, all sizies; knives and lforks in setts iand doltzens; great i rieties shoe, cook, butcher, cierving, nd dlrawing knlives; p-cket aslid dirk cutleri., il dozens iul oil cOails, large and smll scissors, tailors Ill .ln i shears; coninni a site Inc rn ; eoonmioh. otioitnl lbright sodl Olio poulishee steel slnufecs h;gh I ng til llit m hlottio Loots iao slltatli st tlated, itritnia, it os, t.c ienil table spoor i Sisal wl percussion gura locks; ti'nioscrew suid nippleu wrslUhes, powdecr hotins, liLks, shot belts, g.oim hogs, etc. carpenter'si axes, adlnes, iltchtlis, hluitersii, etc. eurstain houds ad pins, coiniuode noiubsl Scil . nlight Not folk, braso anld oiare latchlthis, rnop..'s l'Is, ax' hswatl, atuns, etl. aitiit lloi vs, hbiirors, tiotgstltal Laskirona, English ndit American spades ail slvel, iong asl siaort toolrlns conmuto cn.t, sheet io.o outl a tust!seintal leo kettles, patent sett amt common coton ell wool carlds all tilumbers, wati-r idS l a'ie iirons. -ddla and Ibake pas, jtack .,e.rnvs, c o1dl srte'es, btroth suwe, plated stirrups atndt hits, oail shir lllltill *le hooks nnit riagnt chaio s gs, d n tt ,l als i-s (A tltu' a.t's Cara'er's etc. lloach tt aches, stocks and lies, ,t wtlna a neatast t -, 1iitlioe, tlsiri, iiS u l, s, aldlirois, Sd German steetl, i., quili, slates, ia:ollalitl, till and woodenu wal'e, sieves corn mills, 1_. s1, .s, tared hemtp, grass rope, behd cords, plunugh lire,, Ic:e-kihg . lrll c(oton piilllr ll i ia tls, lead, s t,-r I,,1-rs',, lh.itu 't "i \V IV 31 . ((tillii, (LIou.ilat u nl 1 -il/w X(rk tltle (f llU t.)t l oittI t IAILto h i l'l, .tj'lln.thit IratwlloItt tr-I il ".ltoo 1nmeneing on the 251h April anl to 11r, tie ,trhc,1 t punctui l ity A itl t hel r iCmIlj, ailinio , tho line ill her:l:fmier c nsilsl l) f ix ship J% iz :- 1hip VIAZO0 apltlin I t't lo , to wtvl ner, oaonoi til l.t J ttt I-lt i ld II I'8 ' I,F iatt n t itit nlltoct to leave to n i 1hIott1 o'pioISP I'AEColltain Col.lins, Ito lelvtt o h ip V IC K .S IU f (I, C a p ta in \td h, ise,itotlevieto n [lhii litle't'ittiii Ip I OI , VILLEIIapmtalnPulmer, tohmlve on0t 2h ! Ji I II &: A ((tillN, ld hil T VIIN'½v1.I,11, Cuptain ltmnr It lcave on ,ittt X(·SI'II(l( 1 111 I1 Ilotitit rItItI- II1JC~C1 * V'll, T ;,IXe ships are all ut-w, of the first class11 top.'rd iltot.liottr th* 11 t mI r pwa's of ht I IniiP 'toqlil hot'· '1 Illh h n, ll're of light -lill' il'ht t l" I ,tr' ing. h ill il t:" ~ ilt,, -ito i isi 'dm l'r·)lew lork cxp r.'s lv [b ·r th: nade. Tht.,'P price ++fpI ts II ii lrt li-l. ' ittt'tiitd I [Iiit i-ittd ·I'S i to-it to e i LI It * oil th l impr''ed al cunt intt phi, & lini4hed in ll a e t ImuI' (· lllllent style, Amulei storeC,'+ o|"11 th first 1 q u a liy , w ill bl p r o rid , l a nd e v + ;r v r e a r d h a d to th e 1 co sir l ll ml l onltd ' lllt lli· o:llll:[i ll f plss t.ers who ,ill I r1S< 11];.: Ilfltlt' tll L ru lirl h (+'[11 he'secuted untl' il" ' pidr,., ;I 1I.lll~ll.llli' If th ;IIi' II & t XXI f it,, Tllh-le ra,1 ke01 a1 nr, . ndd hy optains wel eiI I1 perienc l in d. tradh, who . ill (i',e evt, r tv h nlm and xrtl~~~ thloull.;hexs tol neConudalll~ltte. Theyv w'ill ait rill limues lerw hVed up a d down th,, Mi..llissil; ih ;utn b int, an h tri t l l't e-t punt ull( t yll l o bscrved il lh' li The <w er ,, h p-,+ sh 1; 11i not be ree ponsible fir, lit th- coutlliln. 60140l~ ofl (1l,: l<+ag llts or oIwIInIer LI ['ltl'l r particuhtrs, uip ly IBI A OHN April 11 No.77" Carel street I"OIR NEW, YOIRK..-(Ne'w l~ine of l'ackets,.) ill[' ,\I.lg+NH"AH,C1. H. Delnis, conunllandel', bu? st ,A IVIIEj t.h~fbone, conuanuher, 513 . lttn, Ito sait I*frth 7th. S'hilp KE"NTI't.'KY, John BUniker, coutnander, 0;'. t:;hl ()It .I.AN11 . S. ,.ears, c n nt ukrlll~llt,'+ 710 touI to soi .\lril .hh. Whip A,.\LA\ ..\, C, 1.C. Ierrly, co+nunulnder, ,4T ,thi fl8 SA t '')rA .W. ilutlaway, runnu.ntler, 512 The ro h +++f'h. liar will uni! punt'lull frnm New Oil) anls miul+ N.ewv Y1ol, ev+.oly s,.tomlt ,\ nitlay "th'Iroutlh Th ,e eare nlf the firelst rine, co o. )lr fikstened and ,+ opl rl:,d, and were built inl New York expressly for nt l d hwn the '.i-.i'.iplfi hy st";llllblnll . Their a, mt'i, u n g hr of lh' t' hi ex l n ot er,+++istl ll Th"reh to" p ;a .,' it f e at $70; nr .0 ,. ilo fl'm -hoed oni hoard. I o )(r+i I t I or1 11s[,' I .ph to ll(ftG'; No+ & 1 II\\rus .IN 1NIN\1V I l' .lN i i,\i'liii I' 1111 INL 1. - -iir iii irfiri /ro ii .i'" Iel ifrreli gh " i I"e,, . k I o 111? 1•. 8IMust I 1lf. Ill Ii ills gre $ 1 Pipo!% ,e il" ri I'.+' iir r 1 li-: l fI NI lnt.filt i\I lilt li,'a+ -f hl~lo, p , k ,% %'.'.' i, N ,, , h , I i; l Ii " I I L 1 l I b.. Ni,,I al ,., r8/ etnoIari s ( ii llrri.iri N il I I'iM - s, ·l r ·iI ii 1 11l-9 I It.k I ll' N, rllirir if ii fr in inn thh 0 rriff uhn If I h,,~l I Ill',>l--ill.? I(Il -jli(pp," 1,1 .<,,. , :iT .ii ' 1l'hl'1l[ [ "l'Ilill" I~ll~il" Ill';l;i'i' r," ( t IO 1,1, j. 1111 i'1 1 " ;1 ·i. '<' I 1 "gt" , niJ: Itl- II,',' .:1 tlht·l Lilll'll- ("Ill1 Ilellll~ l? I ll b ' Ih'lii;,q-,,,· I, m I' -I'i I -ru. ,1 nilrn i-n lii i ni i Fi -n ,Ilre IIII i , N I o '[Irniiinr 'ri nrrinir Ind nN.( I r.\ i i' iii, N, rni N, I I nIg l i in in#Tn I I /i IT/' nn I~ll ir YIn- ~l\' Ill] ~ ~ N.'/1·'l 1r¢ , 1 iTh ti l thehi-%\i/ ft.: iu t 1 11 \I u i I' N " lllhiii Fo ri t Inur'oir ii u isdKITiA 1 I i u:l l ( rl I illovr ' IIi ,·,,,..,.,U ·,,·, · 11 inunri1 I:.1111 1' l ·Indnr .I' li\ II .1I1 I i 1 ' l . 1. !Ii(I\I If Kh i lch II '[ I; l e:I ,11 1,. ]i .ll l: u ,,I] 1 1 t,,, l 1 i,, ,\ .,., .. I'o l. lll ii) l l. j .tI,| il I 1 l~ llllrr ! hi M 1'·,I :i, ' , b<l. l ',,n. n bo',' d. l l " .h' t , e a cll lit ,d Ih ulP. l e I i Vhtyre i wll t N - i' h 1.'l pi.- -t equ l i lyj I'llU,,,,,:l l ,. ·I ,,ji r) S l hplllk( 1:1IlliH I1' f .i( 111' [1.ii'., 11l hql'il ii l \in! ith, Irv·- ilnhlll. 10ty 1Y r.i : t .it'ntion ] ,I" hi lhin I'renll lllt iitlllirt. nothe of lr-er ly/nok Il. ili .f G orlt: l ll l r i'n Nll. e i i ii- l L tlii rl l m I ii Iiiinaisr (diii, N.Al NI Oiiio.i tdiiitii y IN biy I 1.h} hu wh iv n fie. llit r r-i-io h irn hr, r el.ri ivn iio - l ill P \rick l1!er " I. lii l 11. II I L L' - I--i'riieh Ilr i-f Nrwi h I Ii n '.r I0 l'iio binrn NIX. - Iii-n ll iei'l Irt\ nI:iri 1 V I Iiieln - '1- 1 . el ihn l .l m h .fi - ,l I r ,I i i 'l l'e i.: t ' h i , Nlit ' NINl bil.l IIi hIh tv ll nun cl, ae NliioireI1F ijno 1S i lur i h Con -I .i r s; I y IP 11 , , , th or i r toil iii iTi ill1 & I',+( \ jITII, \, l fir -Iilii . hoI iii i i N I iiih i N - P. l l i 'Ill s srg I. 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C'hrles \VWtt;, jt:dge of :aid co uttt, th:il1st drte fiO1 lrch, A. 1). 1837. a. :,w J+)IIN .. .EiS. d 1eTll.s 1).1', I, lai1r \ lub I -Courde d e1 i -,ot' itr iA t'r-uni t 1i-tri'p Judin iare.- ), ttn l'ettlirnt ar'oar, h lle ti l le sn bll r t.scr su ,irs de itttti t a-'t bl , It u les au ire; st tisse , nini t i1t lia anlli ttriau i oai ,oon at ,Inc' I rtIt , I t l llt , on l n o li rit:-t tro rI 1 +t'ii tI1 +in i ll * s' n t iru'll tt utn' oe , t" i rl - vt tie te tcil ,<>u',oir,, et lei domner it t,+le, in-trut - tioe q, e 1'itt. r 1t de t 'roun: cer' d+Idit fidllite petly~t i r. t i t I I i-u de t-, qu ll I. D.ini it :n ,, t t'o,'al r i d,, ut i,,mi n I toi lus 'ltda 'llers.. a<rtm. l , et nottide d' )e t (re ,'Alt a r, tte lar ir 1'',r ,. 1'!hon . ('har'le: V''utlt. ju,;e dad:t cour, J dOH 1.. WI.;\VI, GriM'l r. l t ti-t, n nr d i ni b n A. G n. iekers, En. F~ish r',h,'r l, f . II C. ":"4!Srap Book lbrlt'ot , with 'e'll (;t'. It C 'i ntr a.' and New Y ers' Presem t,edi L"'or; o.t 3 e'ol, n ( hristom s, New Yer's, illd ltirth da, [ t, t A l. , edited by' ,'rderir . h ,'.. 1 T. it inos- -c ftr, l- >t Lhritl . nel YNr Til 11. -0,1 10 t o a, editea'hr toa \ nd by Neitauure. Col The Jit,\ie,, ] A u'arl- o r - Noth-N ,l n cl ri-un u,' .NOw - 'tran 11r 1t rlea tol or, vdhtod bt \Ic. S. C' . lr dl. Th e 'r,: ,r ., .\fl:'(tied'- Il i rit C hlr t apr; tllul The l.tincrial .l hu naelfr 1, d r siu y . weltiout l'o Th ede I uti r', t.h ysr .\[6thithr'; U 'ri;., The .%rti<t, " rImut -, l aie.d u ,tro ttr iu onttearu.v Tmes rman u Thlia, or 1(:rod 1"o trv, being an al I u t -a til , c ol o red . - t r sals, b e it l l 'de. 'l'hn Am, 'Ahl tcr a d rtep.ito y a f u"cft£1 1- TE 1 it !CUOOKS.-i-Essal on tihe h :iIu if age' . ii. " ne atIinialalon of Is'l fauces of the dilerenues, in he the co0 iion of lihe hlad ring populatiunrthroughout the t of woI rhl, by II. C. 'tu-re. w 'i tor l ra I cw o' the Adv tilotl of a Ltawyer, ill h'o vols. " The' Aiue.itito :\maune -und Expositor of Uteful K o lihd.,,e, fin. thfila,.n r I;16. Flo,' cul 1, , cox O 21 iTii'i' I KiSS & C,'..01 -i' 10rrre0 . 01;x AND JOB PI'i'NTING, , t l'ittul l i t- lltrt iI'r t,' Ictt t'u iulu rt,'u Ii .I,' .it o dlit - I Mld IH s , llllt}'' cwt", lilt c'xtclll ' 11 |I il l cI r I 'll i c I l IT I ;+ , i Id at,t l i, read! to u ,'take Itl' 1 i ,l' t of 'aulh Ic , l- i lans ('h,:ck.,+ .u LI-, (till i i' I ', tra, It c vitlt k l 'iN n uid S ' I il . ilso, th.w l ii d of lh,,+d.,~i a l i l ittittit Iii 5I ' 1Il lll! . li1l t ill- 1. 11iLtr -ripti, . (?orncrr' l (' amp.· 1 ) o tt ll IIIIIOII :zt,, Oppo site ]{irl. rk-;,uloi T lnH, i l . .inl llo s I tot l i. mPj N ' AN 'AIS 1 . IN, III: JI: \ il I.. I ,)IT l \T - ~. ' Till:',' T ('l i a- (Ncl in, e , ( r.d rii, t)r Birth I) r,. - tir 5 o li: i t ict'Ott . "' h H tia . tit"'u; t e fi', lw',' ti l h .;t . ," . ' it alt.ii 1l l, &'o t I, o u+ pe x,',', to " 'l.. ti; r'nL , li : 1 xslth il : ; : i -i i t - rlot:) I+ iv l o| l th i.c' isi vl ) .1 'h1i: 'tn :t-, N1 . 'ea r d Hll 'l ' Il , P -,'v lt II, 10i:,0l . ,litol fly (.'h uuu c'\' i . Cc1 the, oi 1). Jtlsl r ',1n :i"cu d tblllI for . le Ic& " i \ 1 ?t.e1 I , 1.I\ N , 8 It!' N Iii t' l I ll I Il C:,i. ii r lilt \ olhedliel, r' ofl' l n l rdcr t ll lls oo 'II l ml:io 1 11 m Il iio lit n.ln ilht.i blllO lll l t ll ile r II N1,1~ ".s" Ih i,.d lih.h d r.,i ia; . t,. +.:tui " r t ---il- -itl i ;sit l ll t nl h i,' . i00:,r.- 'd of NI i Ior i, the . inthr- I ' ' i' t r,titr it pots t h'i l! i i lt n, 1 i, J tiiNlll'l oi tt IIti.d- ii I Ie !i) '\ ''li'r i nt r p i .i .l |'.i- 5: 1to usui tl ntm le Ih :il vi a dt o. r 1, 15 ) 1 r, ,17. t oe Elld ' lu 'O'u l o f i ' de 1of Ilat I e'slo. . ttl f t wholu tihev 000 nr: n ',n to h, r lio u. r lI o lih i J: t li:, ', () t li 't l , \\ s.n ' I d 1: t ,II 1'd , 1 1.: 1 12 I h IT ,- l ' ,J S oit l. s r f 7 ll i p+h' i cl" l a, 79 31 bd.' l \\ +t .eilu lv 12 :10 ll 1il tIcioocul We I :,i'hv r l el 11 h r. : ack!lo r : , II.70 , f J na r< 17 \ v1 r ti , t. . t ,,o l } at, oleox 1i' 12 u i u t l;oc 1ant': . 1 31n0,t 1. ,i tr i ty I . rl .ll+c:·r N \l lIer of Ib r ,,,t i lilh. \'ic [or D : c r id t'.+ . bh t l rida, . . ( Jhil: llrt-tTmh :i ,ta t ithi 15:1.. T 'I'l;nue'iled Slacdcnl n v et 0, rod ri y ,% ll ,.r, • 0 Tith0e ,, 'r , ) ' · l ' m o dI Iiii l l u every . o l'S ,t ' or :l'.,)n h:r iu. oi preh,' t li i n t, ;- r' ;1cr, tith, . trn'-t or d,,nhl l m~o oli o f h or c l' r l iet 6 o i NE" , at nt l' ,i ts. rk wo to ., cu nt , C2 1o,. ctin I)ebtaT 'ranala 1i111- i ]| e ll . rr,. pmlltc: 11 )lilt eep tr l, e ; n the ,,. i', h s b | Ir .l m I %'ea'. ptt lr o J seT}Dt re.:portablD |h ues, that he can give .r, wi hi b l ttelltion; nld lillmli knollov l ' he of tn l I l [i.:in e hee ill t yis cilv, he otr llis r:;.ol ,idt,+ lhthi fo!l.' 'll e nt ·1 l.dut'l, , aIt th, Iwasn' timehe I Iu lan1gtt'e h·, .ill likewise undertake to exrcutr e ii I S sar .ulorslew Orlhatns. O l,,ber l.ltl'. 'P '-rl01001rI~rrrrtlrrrrt Ittrtitrr-i [1 ' Elr. l·\ x r ,, ' r:.. - tro I rII. TO "[I fII l rrl rr I r'rl t rlltrit; r f udr r ['rl ro 1rtrotrr i Etorrth rt P ce E ]% l. ro rrE il erI_ uodri rtho r trtlm eg orrrl jl3 I'Er'trIN 1:. ~nC-,·l C,-N! UALI. l_ EE II I EL(r sat, , vi I 10!1 IeONl.. O l t lve rct'g-Otjl hE . lil io tri Ei. to tio iir, r .l , ilI,. 'lih IE 1 ' d r10 lo ed rear, I do o.. .orl .. cr.. ...k, I d nld 177 ncI,:, ua Charla.s creek, nrl r thp. , 1 d Er I,.toVeen Villug. ceek un Pine I-laou, ! I d. oll'!l- b vi- water; ot Canl Bay" Eru It rrr N~dt I dot oin thea .abina, 4{} miles i ll,. Gain '. i I do t tr iil phr rk, o ix Elrd.os f(ron Re I'l r lrr, ol, r txr- rmt Unr I Eo r n 3rt l'ii Urock, S2du 31 mliksfrt E Linn's lrrdirlg, Motangorn 1-9t :~ oi"hii Pay" of C-orput. Cri'ity, Sdora1lil .,'rip, If rj|0" nlerws, ulllli e dllt j, ,1) r ,f o ft l te tro - 10Rt) .\'1rEl-. E lrir-lI' t ot .llrtI. rrn-l. All lile LItOre lhou, E are r.ll situr ted, illsr for n tr - ul:lorsor seltl rs. TI-' titles l u- iloisr l table, -I ttI ull Er rr rro! trtErro, oo or L t i it rr'tlrrll. .dl.:IO.-- r 00 .\relo . itowrt- d nE ar lt- rIt er, lllh a thlet{: iesf',liII .1imisi. pi ;, to which thiere io a goIo llro . Tl re I t trl hout tt tro lr prl - sill, lll ilc, + ri+ ' lll II r~ll. lt iltl+l~· 1IFL 1 7 a . a'i. lle'l Ihm hl~l, L' d ention lanl, henv rd172 A t from b loo Pali, ald ubout •1 latl-, ill I dluub.r \\i'ahington, frtoting RuL durl 11ll i.,'ll et, by l'D ','IV t; d'c l p, bl etwel-en I tl lRue I ihcila . tno Fore{' S L t in Phtlipr h r tr r ft. ftront, *t. 9) E o(r . 'l hei 'r, with :. {ral othr r ritr lr ir, which are of NE-I l l'l; Ii - tr .jolil I i Il i N ullT(1 . i. !S Illllil:iIX '. 7.!.LI;l·:i( I? I..·IPIttIt .¢·iil '2illl lit lrl ~·l't~ 1 Il l fil ,(ste'l'lll ed il pi ot·E nt tIr t )lllrll )a L'l'lOill I ll i ,ol ll orioni llmith r o1 t I 0tl-, r II ld l rtall Ill i U ir ttrhi l oIlh'llrrro.u ( t. h ti' usc--lore i Chaih or l Lioi 1 r Co tlt 1 ,1--L oitra SacEi'ra--SphilriL l bory r : h.--lI d yr " i rrtlo . L..i, on, IPoll's or in lod ErcI e tier :rt ylrlr btrli of Muhsic, Cinwlin:n'i. Publibhwdl,? Ti'uilaUn. Smith,|I ioroks- lhi ' ,hi , 'Alason't r ',I I; 'lis a ip It, I to \it rwntos f rlU l The irtt tr o rs is lch \rrater l ll othe' tcolh'tlio o" mlsi, outter' tew il: ritlorrlll rilr li ottliirir IOtrt roiooottrrrtottrtr to-oota lrtittorottt Ertrttol hritrr Etso tror t rhc orr -' y o ti' r li lyh rr- t l Er- I r l:u"tr . It ctxr ,t tttrtt xrr lleot ritly 0. o ef - Iay bounifull psah n d hym, tu-iil nlls~, a ..olet, ion iof rirmil thatos, tlrhi rt r' sho , Erto t i lrt t l'orto :m e ill ior-t i rstru rtl tio ,la, opr"ot r iott to tExtr o c a uion. ¢ffChii at;: n 4l.. l, the w nts o'ftigirh r fho r i tiO.n t so,:ie,, ill hlnro -r a -d osoo l tr or igrrh t l'tx i Ith il iw i o -oatot o E.t ttt;.i i t'r'ovl'e rli t t rx TIw ilu'pco.,:.1; " relch ,lw it1n Idsub:,bhe muisia-, lll,,h ha. hel'n dlr:wii f'o .i Ila' higlhst smwilct's o1" su ft sical Iw t, :wl, .\itmti, t il. Ii'l trp , especiatly inl GeLrmli *ny, h h . h lt-n - h, lo- to rot ott Ih:r ' arte horltx Is Itt git a'clci, ll|e:thai .houbth e I e nily learn'ied tald " i' , iig, eh'rg n uid othes tx o aire C I , w.hich hai been~ prep~uer rrr r tr t. e t i Soutihand \.',' lihctihtt ndl tl ' o r ale I IEr(illlE E IE SS et. En..p 19,t (fharoret lltrtotrlr :v,; 'ir,, l I),,',lin , ' ,i, ,;ll i ;. . .1, i, ,;r ; ,:.-Ic ,ll;i i .,,i- , t" Iphbini, (hid Id llphini, ,-allh t',i Delthili, .l'th I's III I itn In in' D io-, ii I G e s Jnrzb i (; n, Ii.udr. \ir.dpil :, I Ovidii.Liber r'ipa.i Au . ' in h rII a I' lllllllll, Y\ ls.i.I - `a llu lt, .\'ashil.gto 's Vita, ol if u':llma ':, I .:, "it ( ; u. .:r, ('loli'. ip.,16i ,1 I;r:unlnr, i (i dihn !uN' I li-l ' uf tl l" ~P: ' I , , i ,'n lll i i PP Ii b oike'. \N.turul Pi'il,.s"lh , 1 0 (;,, od-b ih's do \\ odbrldev,. ( h rn pj. Milt,! l;r.iii . ý ,i I P do, t .ITlak 's | - Illcl 's ri d P o iont's Lsntme IT ii ntiiik - ' lion ' I i nt111 ('oilh ,'., di 14'.,in P it'., h ''l P ' p i to rnnl. i-r, I I'Tll "yr d ') IIE.e h. Ii i 'dpi 'erII nril Ii .ii 'ie",ii o., - ¶ i 's) i. \ ' i Ii I 'l l ll i Di I in-i II oii coi d P in, P iiiii I.i ii ,' l t. i itlll Illi ll lII t r--i I -P-P Iiii t '.\ L 4 IiIL] r.S. , UwLu ;l IIflt I'n I'r'hel ol up, c's (ln Ll Elments of Illgionet ' o Shl lrma ii,,,c - c in i ' on iubon PIt -I'i'i SI. n iu-.-a r s l 'hi , in ,"n li do Il -al I1i 1 11 X > " h . .o . I Dp i-n In i ii "' : I 'I I onul. ? .11 l'npi yl r ii m I r T vu -ir's 1 'b, ry l It ; II . h I i XI+' i'b IrIn ;It ' i ()nC (' "ll q lory ! lo'h d' i.l hinii, lofv " ts li l' " iti"' I ,'i,trln i II* rd' I ' Kan,'ild Pv PIt l'I. , l. n I v.\t loatandl tul. ho'g'cit h :r' tic .en Itl I r,',, . r tllit a l" 1iill!_I'. 1 CIIIt " a o If ( i. Sneby 21 ( 'llllltl' l. Tlh I Iti lI I Io l. &C I' l AI.\ ll e - 'O)'';'II \Vf th II I K " for 'alem m i. ii i 1 ,: , .\ i' i , i d ('ii:" n i Ii n , ta~,, Wit.1 1 .. I'ri hloda rtun; $ilel-·Iorl. 1', I'.h ,hh"t Brown wi ll hI 'r' P (ll rap Jlye hI ohi r' r : ' 1l lt , I 'I riil, ; I'..'O, j"l: ( il r, Sin iln ,Ir Iaw ho - TI P" IIP 1P n ir I DL'ii,. '., i l.,l h, h Ito. d -b I, i'i Ioiilin l- t.I 'A' i'I iNi. _" it p i onon, u o. rPivllN I - a-, "i .:1ll , I! , 1,'l' I'nu il iai· al v. lP~.cH " II ,A" Ib " rs I'. 11 lilp unrn,', Nel i ' : . ,,ý t I, :;7 . ý 7'h I'll1, ' i i|ri , il a I.t - o1 Join Pa, n 1 ot ,o'(," 2 't 2Žd 4 fn. -d - 3V %teKT.N. ,-I t P.l -i c fl It, Ntt t r'iii ou in ItOG ERii' PATEiNT iA.LA NCE 'f1 I1 EINGINN. --'l'he subicri,.ers ar; rnaurhetrriorg nt',Worter' ford, iarntatga o. N Y., on I ll ertena.ive r:'e;, Hogetc' P'teolt finlance Fi're Erince, end the r.r;RtlVy do intI hositate to r.reOntme;d i' to the rpplir as derb.ledlv srt jer'er to an' i'rr eo'isee now kn'rrowna. It iLLr bo.uatr:t sd by skilfiui I:tJ'Jllm sls sit lie IU. S. Ar'PetI:s rt Gib sIovil e and \I shingtm, and by I':Ih plonn cl ed to obe s iprrior to rlr othrr. The 'overnm':nt Arencal It W\Yahitsgton i; so,, supplied t ilh oe of sait Eug~nes, irud the proprietor.' hl'v jrrt r or plr.ited a reoutract with fie governier t fi r the upply of all tehcirlu.t ciplt at eenr i r .. .it ierio l reIttho nv ithier in uie, nr.l r a.rr Lto ex nmile and trirt to oer.rr.r pIr,i"'rc tora' ot ere. fl'hJ mn:tettc:urer s :i en -, warrat tI: n n 'in:t, in al t'i l witlls o5t5'l50 aus u: r I:e < :l , ire'l:lr;:t Lce., to p ilr im. r sn a re th l 'rl' ' l i t ' : e;lla', l 1 s" !.I.l l - P'si,'s ,it th, F, .e CII- l '.', withs !,!elln puino ItLg, rtie olgr n i I" u. 1 r ,l r drir i. o . to n i e f water p er .i ' 1J mot,1i i gal!onapr t itt, t;JJ '1i ter'nI i gallo ; .per l. . u. 'llhe a5rortc li:, e IIillnid tiull hose, wr.:rr lrs &tC. iThey alasi heop coni.tstl ti n hami, both ilade tl an 'octirn, which ely ,ill t frnish to usdr a, ow us it c-m be bi rht in thi. r tssutrt. 'file mr.rmreg ll''c fO r i It ma r i ' ll r 'ti l i raid le ines er - surcr , tlhat 0 l rder N ill bre puictll ' " roltll o . , oexccut d IU!the rIiicoitart posLileh d.e-ptihr ,ifuddress ed t~o ile subscrit'ri at .' aterforthd m I. lrt.. I . r . I cestit0 that Ihafe thid v s ,i b l ,I til11 ,f Fire Elgm otf Hioise ' Ii'atnt, '' sde r-ris. ' l.:tt co. at \'rar'tlrr'rid, t rn.i a Co. N ,+ n I, rrr l oar 14, tirl rot Olr'iri CS bilriogilt' to ilre cor ,rl rtrr of the city hfNew Yrlrrk. '[lhe rot re'::; i'ud " inr te'. et'orati u card, lr rln ri th exp crirr tot, i s trllr rilcuadt'd thatethe engioinet o Rlgetr"'' 'at.llt wil trov core .ater, and at irt ilbrtior tbirn'ie, with the ,rplietiotn tof less power, 'rth1u o er oetoi. h,r 40t roih. rot' ear o r. pp o' hibited o: this cilt whi'h could ciollet e with the Nrw Y.'rk enginrL s, uor wt'ti ch shoultl' ltrNer our purpose eix re t J.ol.oers 'ntent alove mentioned. The S oustruc tison of Rlogert |'l st i= excn'din Iv si' phe, and I scee tuo re'as.Onllhy it rhrmrteref go int general t're. r.B u chiefEingineer of N Y Fire Depamneut. I mrsrL t theerfurlly comply w ithi a rc'rrest from W'lr. i utt& er. r oprenion in irelatiorn to th Fir. f' Lngitteo" ligers' P'atf'te untbo frctured by thtn rtat i rtc'brird, S ertcrgr co N.1. Sih 'e orpration of Utica ]ave purcharsed one of the Iabose rerntioned enginesrr and frollr repeated trials, I do rt rctrtr tf prorrmtrlee it decidedly' superior to aty Sothr freite ito ro ine u . ',of whichj I hlve any know slo rted. e l lth fi re ost huilly r o ur iit the enrtifcn te o.f J GOik, the ehieftregineer" of the Ntiew ir k Fier Depart reei t in relarirn rr to tsrerits. 'fire prtp afthiteogino is e ta utd in a sinele evlider,' aod is so exeeding lv seirp, siacd so little lirable to get out of repair, that I 'o. not icecbritte sro that itno tlo u dgment, it will soo J If OSTROM, Chief Etgrneer of Ihe Utica Fire Depnrtrruert. N. It. Ott of tie above latent F.rrgi,,es of the largest size, was ordfred tfd E,rgle Fire Co. No. 7 lf New Or iean, which tibey have reoceived, tkd ano aeoepted. The Engint caur be .oerr at any time, ro n4,phu inl to Agent fir thie Manufacturers, Corner of Pordras &. Tchoupritouule sts. N. O. P.S. I will guearantc to havo an engine delivered in New.Orleaus within tour monlths from time the order is e gil. S E K. j.-S in DELIGIIITFUL SUMlMER RETRl'EA'T. 111E PASCAGOULA IIOUSE is now open for tire Sreception of company. This delightful retreat ir .ituated on the west bank of the Pascagoulua aY, r t its confluence with the Gaulfof Mexico. The situation is S'loluted, and commolnd a extoesite vie ofi lti)- and Lake, ealnd is tniv teparated from tle (;ulf by a tol.,ih of Isleltal., whicfl lay froonting the ~ hole count frotm t to 1 miles offn The Proprietors feel tllunkltil to the community for the patronage of the pent seasrr, and would be gra'teful for returl of the snote the presellrnt. Ever'eeryrtion on. their part will Ite made to oreder vsieittrs t nieon le. FisI ard owiters w.ill be had in aLttundao, and over article of fiio;lnd luxury, wuhicl thle countr3 can afford, will sptply the tail. Counceled ithl thie esrnblish ment are dl the n etse nr. aujtrj rnsrt' for l tli ling; also. tno Bilrtlorr ''1rlils, nnd wei Nine t'in Allevas. To tlhose who r'e ftrud of sporting, smrll game will he fpound llolng the shore, snd by going a short distance in tle inltelior, dCntl aid otir agre tsltntlitrsn be found i t:tluodnt''" nmll, frr tllre tfnd ofr tlhe lchase, it PI'ck f Ib eest of hlul ar' always altC.nllnullad. The drinking watner is fromr tlia purest Spring, and ice always at ltIuot. Aln 'I. of tle lllots7lryin e.,twen tis City end Mobile still lud passerngersaithe Pier. Tlredificlrth ofgettling from the Pier to the house in small boats, partclularly fr nladies and childtren, hla as lw aye beern Ii objiection to tlloe visiting the estalhlishment,h i ow obviated, as thn tsi.earlr Alert plies twice a week ltrtween this and Pas *ta'oula, anid will leud her tpaeogersc imnsedintely at Irtlhe house. C. & 11. J. IleRAI . Nlt. The Liquors ere of the choicest kinds, having ,hern '.lrnt imnrto 0 htl" for tll ro.' ,lt..nrtent. JoR C IIECK bK ,, er the follewing bnllkra, viz: 1Mer chailt, ExcIh-.eee a,d BaInking Co.. Orleans, lter llhlil cr all Tradlerdo, Loutlrr, e Lr Stata Atetnfarllan, Can and allking Co,( Commercial ('arrlltolll. I ollllIWOll'ns Co., Gs, (-'l Ci'i/oens, Union and Crit; fir sale by IIOTlCHIKISS &ce. jai 10 4. Chartres IlilkltltelnSe tOi. COlUNTING II-OUiL I)IRECTORI", Folt 1137, T UST publtished, contrletng list of all the Ilnnks, Di3 O rcton, a.nd )i 'count days, Insurance and other C(.ompairs, Tlrifuflthe rates of charges adopted by the Chamlrr of( onlmeree, Anltrionrers,nrrival and de I trtnlre of the raiis, FUeigu C'onsnle Ie. ,e., pub its-l a d for- le by IIO''CtIIISS .tCO. ij34 .- Chiortrae st. L . A'RI' It'J'EEI.. l'NS.--'iatentr lot'rlyiuan ol l- Latnllg Pe. Thllis novel i.nvntions, by means oft the rgull"tig.,spritgtcottll n ll llre 'eea m ai lidredom Iof the heo t uill, it nmvy also be madule harder r sOlier, to tuit tlire rin mr' taste ,f ttil rl ,ly, cr rlin r l t.eming the spr''g hlgllher or low er, rrcordig to the degree at filex il it. ltatetlit IPry'i:tn Elastic Fotrain Pten. Ily the pel i tcIlial .(llNlrlltn oil f rllis e1rltitly ie'tnllsattlla lt, t aro Se srit' is frntll it i rtwill ctti, ll.liclnl ink tIo w rlite itlirls lites with one dip. T''heelasicity of the Fotn. tain isnpal lrts Ia m'.t greo:tile sollllssand tl'leedom to the I nt, ternhri., it inllcaable of I'lltleuing the hamd. To :di n of usess r pcrsoil writng expediosly, titll pel t ~I ill be ou'nlll t ll lOiualu lh i u ett t sontll o. I'atrnt Pe'ntriiarn Foutlin Pennirtar tt wrilttnor ,n liao fit1 lines with one dip of ink. The ink I en Illhia nIw inlt~imI t f nlea a in sal t ::I and ill l a n lliul.. 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I l 11 1111' 'trih Ot'ritr'lr, 'r. h ' h Il ra ,l, ,, , t n 'Iit:l I.tir-' ., trt ,ilip orin e anr iand i.t, han' - Tc H. ilbi r rli ilk , re. e n ,I I I c. o .l tr. al Smet'sark tlad le ht grutI d, 7-:; n Itd 9-!7; hint o chintl . . loom shiating;, =;- 1 bl cr- l tlack chintz rhI t ae.ort rd; tlack, Italui,. i "rpl t rt rtd ot!wnr rolors, i Sat Iotrd st'l N'ts; l blac t ile,'i purl 't ud other let'r:, urlt ted va lete.n-I; i"lc Irmed colror.t e.h :onir, l . white grounmhd lialht hle, ass.rtetd; .!-t me.nipo 'i n.'ort'd e ,n' lisieo' II tr i, cruc. 4-I t ipe ll tl tion y color : l:-ti a. l aol ck blno, nd litn e.'oit a nort od; line tw ill i, ilatin French Ali .' ets, oarl .,'d l Il 'tripe.; hrsous l40 iche.s wide; cottanl bat gi1 nI'2 inclhero id,'; svi o nin i twinie. iejtl 1pa rte(sMlACK &lof C.in5srt, ierret. pipa-e Sherry l 'ine; I 1 do in'e St I.rl:ar, 4 1-2 I Lr" wu d.'; 10 llokets champag.t e.wlee, " nucr a t lhelr l ; 50 box s es 'ait . 0ie. dol d mad.I JI " 7t6 n1ui zin nt . SER- tfn=)i.--Illanc x S,.'.ia-hlAnal my,,",- 2 toin. The Mllan of bon r, and tr, Ree.'aimrd . ' -The Empress, a mli by G 1 t"lln , author o Albanians, &ce,just rcerised"by C lI RA NCItrOFTp I n If r :(t I I crr n It N.eo n A'IIeS.- l el0( u sa.w'd I.aths, la'dot frtom lth Ieua.rd Flet ,seJelli-+it." t. l ie t F A x e !EIs fet Cl o I5 (Isltane strcet.t i-oote r s ,i,,' .el -le rt theti Lulands Cerrl'o e,&; , Jew ok'n nd h n rishits in 1McKEAN, by Pralol, t-olhp, m utlr of ro Iun , e :o'd ot 12 1-2 pc t pur.d... I, he rel,e t u:n" l'., ,i-_ _." alit.-t,,:,', t+

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