Newspaper of True American, 7 Nisan 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated 7 Nisan 1837 Page 3
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P01'E, I).A\I., & ('., Cottmniont an Fr,-wardihcg .vc.croantls, LOUISVII.LI:, KENTUCKY. Mt'atO. lo.tohloh & 'rli :i1 ~t N0to ldafer to Messrs. AA.· Ii. VIa N OrlanoC.. -"ITh' lIANK, NEIW ORI,EANS.;. A thenOutso ,lectlr t for l)ireetoro of this institu. k lion, held n u the Gtld insttl t, the followin. ilnalod g en tlm en W r"e le ated fo r t ie (llsiui l y ea r, v i z.: h e neol c te coo ye re, lltl .. Peters, ,v, I. Laldwell, Vi'iftr Do idl, Chorion A. J"ot-oh, WV, f. I~coceivlt, p. 0. Sorbe, .1. 5. L:aillcboueo, J. 0. Walton. 1. Andro, Samuel T. Colt, A. (hoertior. Anl at a aeting of the Ilhorl of Iiretors this dacly, Wanuel Peters, Laq. won lOllilouco1110 eiCted or.idoent. nml.'t ftfLA I'. J. I.tlFIPFI,, Cshirr. J.L l Ai. & UCAY. It e ueri to suAgar F I leenale Geran ne -era " r, £no io. .ls'.joeant (,'.INClX.\lV. 'l$'1, fHIOf. cadvnes o yeo i t ovO hne y SM IIIOADWI.I. & CO. j3 ll aoer, _________________ T--'--"-.A. ")I.L 0 Ir N& : t). INqTELI.IGI'N.-C. ANI) IIINIERAI. A(IENCY OFFICE. Ieh10 ____ A. llif .7lfaacn- cealrecI A CAIII). PW.ILIIAM A. DUiCA r, c pr l to slloer W PleOnter, oTn htl now ootle of rcptifoi siutgonr, hklieeian it tst tirpeP o ly inllroyivlor , t Pe C ton o lI - Ioaetin this iaote, ir i ay oto e or Idce, cokiog it wliteer tieS arrnetifed I Snttca'tnr:-lle. Ils mre coIfi- o lUO I|l hlte unieu ol rl)'liiionp, Sillier Ile he,nn sncceetl( d in ciing tle tlnt lwnl sntifatlouat to tlena gc tllentlelt WhLhatvr etmployed titt. N. & J Drrc, & Ca. STr.o es l:.reotl:sos, Rcsq. SoMttr. M'Ct:'rc.tcvo.O, Eoq. ItJtc hII''CCLyttF cI, EScq. . tntn o r I. f tr t , K IN:N &l C cc. P.7, .,r frtther iPtretiCot-r, opI ly to h f A Cn l tma it Ci. No. 1o Mte haoe ictcez tr lnlt auedfrom TAI'1'Tc o r New OIhl.EA Ne. torncilnf lhe .a ipl U,'i/il!I. Sittiln t fl'Tc'aldo let Miroteis, 13.A7. o llsiVeI) T'ller i i tell ode crtoe f illc s of liieila *U. it inoltleidatl, nId Iticate)ry for tIrte Ilili(: eOll daav e nd tetlte lt rotie Noltclce" etlrert i'oln Tehrtlaitool no ehtret iio ae jtreihl lior rwh nilk, t Noile lae swlel iue dai Isntel lo sbtrel tt Nrew INr . mll'ea; nad the M ay er i0 her '. ho oit hllri. cd to gir e lInllllhr t io - csS i True l3ritl nll 7 llr lhl Ililll'nlal, i, 'Rlarehaad Ehglolt hillrigl h te h 1cct, itot it in lhe i11: adil.,ol oflts Counaiil to p 1o o ll t't,,otiillho ocill sllotl, .o afocr lity witllthle not ol tic. I.rgielcctilrt, rltillt'l, "ln ee to rogolote Ihe opecictl ayi ittg hhIoi, IIill jin. Stelringt-reets antipltlie, plne. ha ttie ioty of Nt'ow Ildlda duo:." Atlrir'ed 3d Atril Il3-. S iigttad, J IAIIIVINV , I corodr. 4llplrrod, Mueolt 2, 1:;17. A ilg lted, 1) PIIIRUR, Mayvor. lrtaeeopy, C III..RI), Seerr-etry. Ag¢reably to tit rorgoilog'reonlulioa ond in aell trIt with ll tlte prociainlol ofnOntel Otppt-veaOc titr 'ld Apri ll13, ertitled, "on Ar t to rctgahblte lia orilog Iaiyil out and impra1vhc of'troetr oood poihie pIlloet L ibhsity ot New Orltia, Ite." Ne~iive i hlerreby niIj that inl tI. ioteotlialoof tth Collllcit ollottten aal~ite N(itTwo, to olnve Notclh.ilreet oec'tled ccI'c ,Aatiaued from T- lloumito lntcl rlrter v :t Ncw I.ever pt., i.t strailht litt ii itilt .an :llll o c h illh at cold Nalebo ateont. 1) l'IIEUR, Mayor. March 22d., 1037. a INilOItL. Ift iI 5.0~1' In o rc otijoct vi l.:,.co, et ett 'nrtu den diid ptititno de I'tete opprouve e :l Avrlil identitule "Act. pour rtoghlrl'oocv'ctro, to bhttei t I'anmelitati-itote rurns el IInec, mtlli, lip: diea ln ille tli Ia Nile fh'lcrlirt, &L." Acia eOc loller ) I'ilaentioa do (Coc;'raill d In Scond, Molltrt'lpoililt lit de fhrs ouvrir et eoolhilrlgr hII rile. dll~a .I~;ll~li. ~le sat da file. novoir c octitot lo-ile doNctlto to.l r tlI rue, Tchnapitoulaol oiu'o'a tr tile tI, lo, .Nile m, ea liqt re d dttie 1 ot rrrle'l Oasautaldite rue ile. Nc' tI, D PRIIEUR, Mire. Lo tMars 1837. MIAYORA:.'TYO FNI'EW ORtLIA.EA'S. Cotuncil of the .Second ..Ia't-i;,pnlity. piut Sitiinog of Thurstiry, Ith Maroh, It87. Inh ORSIOLVED, T'Ihain Ith nllinion of this Council, ostal LI it is expedient, and neeerr ar. for the public mol.- or Ut laiteoee, Itn :ontilnue Notre tDaet streer from .fdmgzineo :trmt to Cann street, ion astrait line with,nnd of equal width withannd strlet; nn !rd Manr is hrcebv nu therised to ive Iombtl c notice in the 'Trte Alnneri non and .mmereinl Itulletin, in French onI 1.n.glish, ti ritt. toy days, that it in lthe intention nf lh1i ('ntot il t" ,leoca aid street, in conflrmilrt it'th tl: n net of the I.ritnlintlllre, entialed "an Act to r,"ulate toh lnior, Ilot in ou(iot, fr!ei mad implrvina trei elt nd Il ie It,'e in t lthe city slr a".inew Orleans, &e." Apprnw,l' i II eni 10:2. . Sin-n'd J IiALI.1iVIN, Itecorler. Approved, :in .tlarch, 18:i37. n ' tir.ned, it I'II.IiUR, Mayor. A true copy. ' 111.:.\11:), Scvlartny. Agreeably to Ih' f Iftr--itoo resolution, .lt n i-ont- :s formity with nit plroviions of .n not approv+,o l dlhe 3d April .1831, entilh..I,",n ,lt to re.,dulM the opeainr, living noo, adu' io-r',roi ot tal' tn l'tno 0i1 putotlic plcesr in the cit of New ttltin'ni. 1e." N"tie in I reby given thln it is the i|tnniion of Ilhe nCoril of oMunii plitv'Notwo, to hale Nore I)Io(e st'/oned froll Ma I ainme street, (:ton C stroet, il nt itfrnt lile wilth, fllld ofthe same wilth aon ,nil Notrl It)t ll) t , Ir llr. rl March 22. l'17. I) III'llit' I l Lto n l;I' ON-Floi' la r.1' n la ,:rolution ,i .desus, oet n.o C tutu don o.te tpj qnoo' l- April, otli' .e nttotle wmir "Aet raenrrnler l'nteoollrn ltrlttolri!,li noo e lnllti i iot ration dls rtteno-o nllwc 1lnhblitornl ni-,In ilo lt le ta In Nile tleioa,&o,,.' Ai.' rnt dmnno It', o'int'ntioodt d C.oasitl de la 'econl'M 1Mnieipli' ei t dte I ire nlvite tas rue Notrte I)lnt, drpins I1 rioe dn e Maintlrtins,juoyn it la roedue C(am, ,en li:n drloitnecr de In n nen In:rg fnr - Sa' a maintniol In ditn ' rue Netre DoniNne. La 2- Marn, 11117. II I'Rl -t t, Moire. 4)llJi,.l.S 11:%1:1'\:I ) .I- 1 dt:a, .fO.YES' P.- 7','I'T C() T71'OV L, d e Patentre, No. 5 1:lrazillnstI -t, Nw' ()rlemi. TOUE MSAN,0FA.CTulIIE' D IN NI"\V YOR)IL 11 IROil':IT'l' it01: & Ci). SC.IL F , PI) It'RICI ).s-D'), (oinsi . lt For a nlloble Gill of RaI s.l or nl Itlle oni elth sylilder', making; IfC)ol sino thie sland, the th felrederss,hands, er. at $6 per saw, or !' i;t0 0 FPr a Itounltv Git of fill sao noo ao e: tidr, or li0 oaws ill the stoan, feeders, &c. a F do of r (l sawson ldo..or 8 saws in n wand, at $4 2i per snw, or . 5n)r Io Per do. of r.t saws one do. or 410 sns in a atnald, at $o4.5t0 ler sta-, or GO0 tl2 SI N : i.. ( (INS." ap mpile gin of t, most nt Ioore, witll s et of fe 'rloass,hilodls, &c. at $,fi pes 0w.$ 44w (50 For do. of ll saws, witlh fcder, &c. at $t(i w odna. sf'rnw', with feeders, &c. at t $ lIf per iow, 150 Oil -.tratebth awhere dresitte, CIo fIeders, su'l died i 40 . ats csh; tihe nOtlher of teeth hIein l,out llell t6 the nuntber of nws. One not of teieders, it is ctn. aidotedhoweve', will wear oult too or three tc.s ofa new EItra tns alnupplied It 80 eii lnts i each.o'o The Gills ordered, will bu delivirt'd to it( lagells dofo6 llpaters in nny of tile 'o.a Ilnrtlownll o tie cott11 Iplan- l o tl Stntes, ot tite alome prnero, l(h ineogot lpootiih tdeo frTight aon tre snaome from New York, nal hetronillng tre sr.lhsile for t lh tmount of the Gin. A (Gi. right wil be sent with thle Ginn to pIot eoInn up I t ire de- p iredtlihe charges for wholse servie" will Ih extr., but i n .uaning geoeall lcn alslhe or'lrred Lherl, desirnled, raMsonl'able telrms, ilt will hle t hant'ge l extra. Ilitte ppO'itnofaaty desa rilptito, rooI hIe l'tninlnt tIo. like' t opan. Smlall srtn en-oies calltso t B ordca Itoen tif dle mired. It ladesirable, wheal Iblluters gine onders fur Gins,.I i .da shaould uolnmtany tllil withl their views in Iregtod I tth. earragementofewt, hlr'sn, s, blushes; &e. It t1 lo feltdl they difthe ill opinionu . Sorle deiot- onas of pn lorgr diameter thanl others. ''he most eollm ont size 1 i .o*r O inohes; bolt s nle wish thm I S ilnctilt. Sonme I wisth or rows of hotlushes on no oxle, o hile others tin in lmet wt l oet thanllldt alst. S-to· wish saotso wiltl 8 la .rlteetll to tile ilchl, while otheers wa nol0 otte II. r With romuch nliiruletayn , xne prefei they should, :.t the time of givng olrldels, fonishl a nslnloteoot of thiht 4i wialre, and le mnlellioalturers can lilllt l them ill evert-I It peticular. Where1 it is left to our disteleion, we shall take thenl on the moit modern and pluovvdl phn. it AL orodr all he executed, fronm the time it is re.eivelld, la the an.ate ofigltt ore ine wrok, tl Ithe ailt ill dtl It olape Iada itaaltthe tlt ,d lot f the IetoTlo'. lT e ito tittle o rthemnet ropta, all nrlnes o. ught tol he in llt haltns of Iha nmanl'aturerea by thie lisrt or otllille olf M oy; exn'ptl, fr pltantetitnls wcletllhey are late itn moltuntencing to lpick r gitl notlol. N. Ir ThIe Potaott tighl, for ay onle Iof he ttoll r5wing States, will be soll otn reasonable trenms. 0 UitILAIJAM LONTG, hat lmg re haoied I r. Jamet:sI 'I C Callnway's interest of the stock il tradc--wll coatmin e the ConIpler, Ti alllld Shee Iron unnllllonfcturl Jag buaineas in his own noon ltd fi'r his own aeollu, iheel4d tittl, No. 411 'I'chlltoliu'nns st., where he will s glaul to osee old estnecrs, hoting from Isl o I htlrtm to ncmoa m nntlat friends and -n e Ioliei gerller ly, that lhe will continule to ilmerit their patronag". mu8 Smos. 1 OTICE-Mr EIDMUND) DAIIN, who purlhased at ao auction ale nladhe by Isaer. L 1c/Mov, oil the 17th Ileceomer olat, the folloowing describd lolts inll Uialagtl"s, is horehry Iitifed to reompliy wilnh Ole inuaranl conoitiolls of Ihe sa1e, wiithin ten dayois otma oa de hereolf otherwise the taltne will Ite snohll fi Iti easet and rink, viz: ten lot numl0tred froll 8I1 to .01 aIunsite. on the sule adjoining ID F Iltrthe, lnq's. pro aroy, oodten other Iotl, also aoljoilng tl e poh r Ooperty of .If usur., es. nnolohcro'olfrnot Ill tn id.l hinellloile. Srfm 1t icl4 Iiyuble in G 1,ontllh, iod tile hIalulne in I.11dnS S ears, aorn thile 171hb )e'embher last. in24-11h 500 DOLLARS Rll\VAh I), ILL be given for apprehending and lodging in T jail the negro JER Y, who absooaled, it is suplonsed, oll board the Steamer Clombanlll , for Cineillllatt , bonlt tell las Alee. lr. enry is blat 45-pioarsofnge, ive foi,:l len or eleven Iih eiSeeight, nund stooped shoullo ers, vervn talkative I fatnilar, fond of bartering unn tledling im horsen, beet, a back-driver for mn'e time ast ill this i, Jrhnnry has no dlonllt obtained forged nl Itlrs. Ili o who tis free, uconIpulied hi' . Sihe Io Si n egress plantnll lalure,altd nerr tlotealkative ,aio. It is 0tslptos I be hot sumaed time Illone of WItLIAiM, nod illtt wifecalls hion by thlat nilnue. Si dollar will bi paid flr secnrin' him ihn any jail in llta. ;aw ul500dollhrs fur lodging him ill any jail, f outut of the Sit te, with ill nreonahl: nexpenses, qmHabrningiog here. J 1i1.18)5. SOrlcon, !lasreh l t , 18377. m_ RY tOSKIrI tatiog tinihdrawno front ,,e firm C. Cash & Ce., t!le n:Cllllllnts will bLe set CU &Cinelon anlld Ctonission, h.:oslneo s rlenin uoliM I1 Culp slot I't tl'hnos. ( (:ts'l, o thr' th1 oierr. "''IIOM.hS C (I tSl, II-INItY lWIOKIN. New Orltons, oMai, o lth 1I3. ~d~a~L~,..-: *li" For the Interior. FOR SIT. LOUIS AND AITON, And all intermndiale L.ndling-s, Th fl.t rtiIennuiigA : ..e...e 1n ;NI TEL) 'YSTA'T'ES, J I Hill, Ii -ter ' cwill he in rendinesa to reeci, saonrou on londny Morning, andl having a rl e propnortio of her freight engage1, dwill receive iulCedi:ate d Ie, paich. For h-_ig hr o' lhe remainder, or paniage, ]h ih, a sileni did upcr Ical,in, waith icni rate stale rn' n-,i apply oi hoarn'd appoite lIIl ille stoles or to a7 IOG I'EiRT & HA \VTH iRN, ; Gravler st. iIi)L L'lUISVII.LIL AND CIN:INNArl. l, Thi e new splenlhid ual last runini,ng L telener MlAilOIAl .. Cleliraore, ' . masnater. v ill depart finr the abnie icnd lltranieduiat. pollrs, on Monday 10 111 ill-. I1I I l'rhi P. l . F,,r fr'eighi or ac s.ane, [aviuni i ery supcrior ue nlcemlmdticona apply on boird a atulrtilAF v I0l'dras strct,or J lH (iR.1IA 'f. For .Iounor, lanrrisonhmSti, Scily I .dr,,, inyon Malaon, tiln ifarltho!anc,, Anlm nil intermediate I.andinc_. etenalhoat CHIICK'iASAW\, Mind^= ýp,.+.l-.'. +.....ter, id reivhing .a.r.e.n I',p,,.ite (lilrod stre , ntl will leave as ablve ni Filllllrny ., thle 'ihi inillnt, at 10 o'clock A 1N. lFor freibt ior pa-' lne', mllmliui' c()IIl anP'0alani(ii'i aiimm', loinply a) board, . ton (i J. \V. GltlAII\l% , I11: 'l't) oapitolna' st. . FOli S5I'. iUL: iS AND AlII'T)N,- . And all intermedille landingms. . f,,.i~ela +, Thle |lilfnt rlllllio, nIoId tloplrhrio IIt) II.Z ý4- ---- ericlhiin esteCLn"C AI.T()N, I ythiii tuii), it.. . .ter, iiaving all ier fenigut rue kic lluliid l noarnd, will IiiutiCvely aie tihe I.rrlee lia morning ilPt 10 o'clock. For passane aily, having n splendid cabinl, itlh lseparate state room, aplly on honrd, opp ite ienv ille strrclll ito n7 7 ,EiI'fl & IIAW'i'IHOIiN, 73 Grier st. FO MOIRIIE. h -- ,"J.^ ' UI'h+ S mail siai u r .I.'IT, - Walker taster, will lerv ie lt ilE .J , i r o the ' nill oad thii. da , after the arrival if tll 1-_ o'cloc:k inr fill'l Mbile. nH7 FOR M<l)II1.E. '1,The 1;. S mail .. 3I.EP PA, !utlti n mlnaster, ill ieav itl e - ake 'd of the rail roa'l every Su:n. dnv, cat i hn r I..k A. nl ; Poll elurning will leav'e Al: bile everi y i e daey. tit II on'clak, Pill. i. The MAl areln isn nea bilt wiiilh in new ii"nliil if sie is t of fiInd ellnal ill sii ed anl nl , nmlt lllionlc to 1: o; ther bonat leavinig o 11htr tdl, passengers cill be arn'ild frle of clhlarge'. I'. l. Irassemgers will please be at. the hcla of the rail road for the 1, o'rl'bk car. I'OIURtNE & IBECKWIT'll, or JElSSI IAIMIT, A-ints; 1"F No:;( . 1' ,:t street. Ind all intlrmediate landings. I'h fant run nine rtmuer MlJES Jhs ICJohnson n..e.. i h(ou!}, ex piet d ro arrive, and ha ina n Inrge lertion l r l s i.i ein .i will have iinrdiiate les, patch. For hllainre of Ireighct or pl)asnge apply at 63 O rnvieesitreet, to ani )OGE'RT' & IIAWTlIOhRN. rOIT I.T i'I K ITFliiI. & FolIRT l' iISON, .Ark. The new an,) sn,.tanti,l stamer DEK:(1 .1D .I.), [I.rrn n r, r, ell dr. Int i. r uhr Ih l abnvd aill i tr i erlldi nte lamlin,,g; m o . tS lrda l next. Aplil ;l. u t I ll 'ri d ek \ M. lFor frei hit or ipa=snge ia cl on hoard oppnsite Conlmmlo street, or c at iti lclorana oaf ('o n and lngr nlle strIeits to np5 T IITII)'' & Co. Fil()1 i ITI ' i IttCK- &. Fht 'Tl'l lll.i'N, Ark. 'I,*,11cm 1· cicl I 'R()llcSIii ccII ca ' hc i bastmntial n' rl well known rh.. in 1i itierwi I Irave for tr above sInd all inlltrllltlial Inll esill ol ` t yllll next, 9th ilnst. olir l'ighl i or p age pITply itI lairilc oppolitme Pov dra, st. or at the earner af tl'iaaon anii .iliie. st to _ _ T I R IVDI": ,A Co. *" 'i iiriiichcancn icilimicl rccc ing Itnm r n'pier 'iine sliea Ier AITON. I ,ileton . . m slter, will have immeliat deI,. pat-ih. For flicblii onf i'ew 'Osll or pnlerP, 1having statle ruooll+ n Ibard,loppo ite llirnlvill, street, orlat 6:1 Gran ier st. I I haIOIlARlT & IIAW\'i'II(CRN. FORl II'I0iIL,,E, CIN iNATI, - ien all intcermdiaie landig.+. (II l The snh-tltale. . mer fI lI,Ti-" iamnulnum,'cc nii i' m-Da mi+ nnter, ic noi rc adi to f eia iv: ttl I rr0g1 t for - 1 nbivII , r'nd inte 1 a din tl landin s ugl, n till ,I deh'pa.rl edl in :1 few danv. For freight o)r phsa-e; ppllv on Ihod , ,1ppo9h ie Ukuv'illh 'st p,[t or it ci c , 0('O lll l iA i ' i' . 061 i iicI' i I' ,Jr.c Ni\\ OH.I..Ni . & M(ll.l I . ciii. STE t'. P 1'.(K T il KI1 ' --Dilh . c Ii 1c. TI-'i- icc' , lhar ic ,ic npm d o- fi r i i . m Inie', t' t. Shi ril ,. l !ii Ii ii e, I e c \1'1. c c a tl'ccc li .%m f Alabama, ii , Ac 'richI ()ii lichile l " . t'i ri{la ll. Alert, ." (a . Vea la The anbuvr'e I 'lO '- :1o ltral, ii ) sly Ior Io h I rade, ald r mla lnih hy abl" and ,, xpe, l ; b .st( e . Pas'n .el su.Pl': tilli r plov ii r l", _ .,icc ion icc Iiccc p lotl of I " thr. market alllrd+, mot the I r stokred a ilh rhier, ,in, andt lieq r. 'or 0 i \i"..c c1.cj('\lr WIT, or, an'I J ,.oI II lT, I. I; it x I l'm t s t. r N. 11. The o.wIrs,, of 'I ren are hereby aotilitd :o have !telm rlea ,red :it Ih I 1'0r, l anl I Ium prrvhio to de. purtrto s, otbr,.is c ilw. h 31 I ibiod liahle ie' ~hateo r II.- ý"' tIIEF J .''."l'l+" -1. si;:. .1 4 tor, illt . .Ir"nt IiL':ln if nappli'd frll m'soo - is _1111 ltoigs lll¢llb n, and carries 1100 aleh Ir llo:i, Thr I o:lt is in good rllnllillne rder, I all Ea, orne of 1ve be-t en)Ainets oll the ri-r. Fol, t &rms. v.llC " 1..4 I T- "'he" h ll.ofeIIlh etatlil, r i.NNE1R, ', ý lltntlll';lP :lir rder, : . s . in.e , ` hu tow "l nowt _ .itl. h Ib . l t .io I," Sl. c , l Ic (lSIe Sounn '- apply a "Ne I . ,The s6hI,:d ivtam S a 't Cou l 1ý.. . tilt4il ... ill hle ,lits..lised of tee .. t fort 51,11 -, I) It IN I1, 153T, e - tnhb rlemi:L tt (^, +l"'4 is' ii I"II 5. . ,.II , it i II I.. 'l. 11 v I '1'Thr "eaner I II u 1'KVllWK C, W iltall .i- , ..a. . c her fnrnitt., &t'i . 'l'he I i- in 1,od running ordlllll(l, hlavin lll y 1und zo(nlle repairsl, mlt will Ihe sold greatbl i lrain it" i r nirpe utp]liaiol ismleZd t ". S ,S LA.TE'IR;It, .l I'lop'rn..H. _..t I . . i l " i tcain it I.:(leNl).1 , tAn ý,j',"fata)'4 llitd rt the tor i]i, husintis-, is now e . h ill r ill that .'a , will ply h wveen this and the :I.-",i)h Tllrll; also Ito vsI.lII Ip alllt dor,,n litI t'll4 to l tllla t ati.on, n a' , " tiing in tile howi I in', llh t lnll oill' r. IFor f lrthr ilfori tin il l p atI iNo l i iotdrase streett. 'TI)UlItNI: & '4( ,K\\4 tTII. N. It. iPrsons w.rting lti above m bor to tow, mill0 please ,leave tlheir underI .. atbove or it i nl and H1a: t's, Old Levee. rill L pro t.i'Mm's ,f thifs rnta ii-hent I1 hbnv+ lve to J intiin the pulie, Ih,'v hate just receive Ifron t Itf.. it4Iln I, l' ill ' ii ~ll I 4P'L' 4Ill4ir 44.illP It,' for North l- ex|tsiveo aslition to their stork of t 'nt - 4i1 h ,emblll in. i h ,rl 't4 4it4ltle a t Iew i14ttop [, l tr Pr4.' s 1to of the larges't eI linest Lithographi Stonre; the finest i.ithournpll i Paper, wits evl ry a.tiici1 i|. t 1u . iln their line. They h4ave als4 o t.lnga, l , 4first rate journ44 - me. Ilit44l4"r44rs. who htirvt e jlnt a'rid ftl.m N.t 'o'lrk. "Jhe av lllw'l ii cp.- n' d to oelIll ar kllknd of 'liorlk I4I their line o bl sin sl I)nl I .ls l ir iunill r, i a l hat te horlest notlic: .-th a Maps of 1Town; lps of Vil tltr h1t. of c:i t lols; \ 11n s of Veal l:lltt g;enc rally; M.l4ea'. i ' ('.i, ,..h. 4rs, Bi4ll lhl. ; hllll ofI. l't uhn4e4 ; 4 n4 k Cthe4k', &e. &c. They 'I t, by uniti1n, 4 Litho 4raphi4 Stones, t akelll . I llll p lt f 3 i i l.Oeet nl by' 4 feet I inches. wide. As Ihi' ,fltkice4 i hlasl ' gel 4tl tU i II sty: II ll 1 tt ill th. t i l' "ontrv the platL l :1fahl:" o r ilnIs IlWlt a .osk of thelind tk , i+ r.n.rr tIfllt v o licite I. Their t44rms will 4 4 obrat , and gr4444t4d nerordit t, the INitAit:l,'S NIEW W\ illi,;, &,'. 1I ENRElll'IA TEMPIIE, a love atmy, bI' 4l4h.; 4u LL Ithor of"Vivian rll a " :tll t,4 . " Select o lthe tis t hion. \\illirm itiSlh i, and thle tig.t ls4. Wii'lin4ut I.lnki.eso, with Pre li4mi4m'y ll:grap.,hi4'l Sketchrn, l:dited y li.Robhert Walke"r's Mn Ily EXt''eei., wth nInlnrous In1,lavins, Iahdwin's of eawe' detetrmined in tih Circauil Colt of thI e U44i4eil a4 1th, itn and fIo the Tlhird C(ir.cuit; comr 'ising 1i .:eterm Ii-trit' of Pen 444li 44lll ir 44.4llt.- of .. i.W J4,r4el-,,, lll:l7. New 4 illdton of44 4ut4 4le4, nit I'h li. 44 E4.,.., I.viden4'.) : d .1mrienn,w4ith 4'on4id'rahl; n4h4itiot4a, in ! volse 1837, J£t reeived .and for sal, t i. " 44ll I44'.NJ.I itN tIEVy'. NEW l" 1t)01,. I IIONS, tlARtT & CO.-Are new r.cei'itg 4pe1r1ship lin1tsvil',, 1glt i 4.rr , Andrew, HIiih :lader, ]French l aul ermll dolilll le heaa r plaigr + din 'trt: hholiter,belt amt porket pistols; plain, tihettd nil split tiO iLlorussi t caps; 4l h.Sit4l .rs; Scissors4,, lpenl. knives; (;illott's cotu.nrcial an other steel p'ns; Vio lin4; Vtil s.trings. ; tshll, wiorl and born 4 4 bs; 4Wfi.4s; 4silk, head astI l4 htr pt rses; hair bt rid4s, l'ro.t and back ringles( n.;Igm pullls; Gientu:m anll renlch rolio.g w nter i Rowi I tln 4 4 s4"44 t r oil, i mitation do. ; antiqittue d s il lItars oil; portable desks mlt dressl' n cases: past - Iblkhing; s4tatimll toilet gla4ss; con Iic rbrrs; op tical glasses and views; radian Ib mld, hells Mrd plumes; c lordeo 4; whiti'. - twine;' toilt t 4d 444ring .h. 4t4 4ps; toile p o w d e r, i "s lc tie w ash h a lls; s ,e n te d 'a lit, e llbl l o 1s 444.4.r 44c4t ils; Creyo.4, & . &4. rThe score i a4..hlilioi 4o our fo'trmer Stack of fit'v whlolesle or tl+ttil; as lthN sian o tihe boltn Comh, 711. t 1:T A t3 brougbt ht tlt " l-,li4,4 ' , 4ri4 ou o44 the ' 14 .) utii I Z , gam I... 1e1O i, abot 3 y'.e.a of age, " fhoel I 4a4h4Ii 4c hil n ti 1. lnervill. Th . erie ill to4ht lw d4 ilh the44 lcalls himt elf 4 14 )4 UN4 4 ,t44 l 4 -. 44h' 1 t 4l4, 4 4 4I. itt! 1.., a-. 1 1' - . 1 .4 1. Goastwise. FOR BOSTON. .- hn enplpered and copIper fastened blig CIIEI Bti, tionea, oaster, a ready to reccie cargo. Flrtrn tio 7pphl to at:) READ & lARiAlS'OW", .7CGravica tI. FO- NEW- YOK.llt(. Tile fle I I blig ItIIu.IANT, Captain (till, requir. a ;I a les of c otto to till up. Fur tenses to I. II CALE, i 9113 Cimaon street. FOR NEW ORK fThe A I bri MALgIGAI ET, Capt. Swinlo, Srequires 1.0 bales cotton to fill up. For terms t if immediate appililatitu I I nlade, apply to e.7 .II (1ALE:, 9:1 Comtillin t, T PORTS3iOTiitl. l'IThe A I brig tMcLEL.LAN, capt. loarkrr reettt holes catton on dock and will n-l.'t with inltnediai lt, dr l rtc. A pply at uo. Sreet. tGALE. FOR ILAl.TIloIE The tltlir'iiotr itiatt Failing bri a Wl in Price, Captain Knight, Ihn ing a pitt of her circo g_ uL' ard, will bhav i le) di.te dsplaitch. For b.laiee olt frcigllht or pas.oge nIplol, t 'l n Ft. tol a(i i. II I ,I)I .l' F I J)1( t AicON..u Acto Thie Ialtt rioraind very i. a iltno Al a ir Pl Ic hav ig the cre lltr art of her eloila ei o1r. Sned, will ret eive inltdiaite despiatch. For b lon iSe tif icigIht, or il "isll n pe, Iv tol C, i FOR NIlW YNE K-Pal'tet Schooner. Th Ilt sii lug A I Pclet sclhooler I'TEA 7 EII, ltll tlol Jlll , M nte, i M a ttrll . il to _ tiorrow eveitiit , ht a i plendt IhrnishtI j - to .l tI. t t 1 11 an1111 st e t. 1.hl bnlk o 10 Itho it w,1lt in tti t o P it' p. lte llit cargo o lf lltig Franklin. lor firihtt --A ----il)ldA Pitt unsW- - p 7 . lo...t t. Tl The brit IIIIl.I.IANT', Gill, mator, will Ssaoil lo i nfw dle fr thi e o, lll and wo ill take whatt ieigbt 12ny ofilr. Appia to Atl I,. 11. (I.I1., I l1A T, Coton t. I FOR . U t1.1E... lTlE mtw nd1t fnt ailt lrsteliooner PERI', .Captain Pines, will nert w.ith de spich. For fretght, nplly on .o., lower ..d of Peal lion tier, or tot G liVO & P FOIl MO91(11. The schomtnrVTl'lANTIC, Stve,, tncater, will sail witl de~tlmth For freight or Irps sage apply ona board, picnaltin liae or i.rat 12 Pyd, It, At, to nat (: R I'GAr) O & PAIGE. FOR MOBIULE. r The shooner YANKEE, will itaken dcek m tI fitr the abiove prt, npply on board, 1ri calliou tier, or i t Iril Poiat re tit t IG . nl ;it vor& I lPAIGE. I I- lne R i' fune A I l ri I MARGiARET, CAnptin Swan, will have despatlh. For fr'eiht or ...,, pnnas, I ipplyv t 93 Common Ftrer,it). li l 1 ,t lt G1).AIAt, E. K Ir O'ruT M llýi TII. The AI brig l'l 1.LA.N, Cipt FPrkrr, at 93 Colntlon street, to a t. mIl1 ) l I W (.Itt iE. l FITIl C h I . To A'I'I.\ii Iltt-Maine.loili Th; IchooIer iI,]XICO. Silier mt'ter, will have inni-diate despatch. For freight S or p l.age a Iply l it T .t olrns Fl r , I o to FOR l 1hfTO)N. tnke 1511 tn lllll IhrrIoi por ilk flr ilk lor s e fed. For terms apply tit 93 .mOlnwll at. It 1 I't"I I° II GAElt I - I i E ]"i. Y] i) K- t sail l iih April.t isiana and New tor tLine. - Ti Iiinu fast ruilinq vnpprltd nmI 1 Ip er l dridge muster, wiill) t lI nahole. For freight lhe Cnptnin n o lllhloard o 1ci I ll lstal alet, llI 1o1r 90 o'mmoii Stre , to i2II J I) lhII.N & A C*IIIN. h The very fart s11lin; A 1 pcket hoMuer STEAZER:I, I110 h,n', Jo eO imtster, will snil aci rn. , for remnniidr of frei-h or paslsa, , hs i e" ple d dd ft rnia sled t.'onunn datinin for I . ¢ r i ir s, hr, of provisicni, m e r kperienrd c alln lir, w Sin will Tih" ,t Foiling redi, 1nwr 'V-SON, ('nlt. . " TO( NN.\, will nh il hin fi,'s d vvt , ra I ta e 5h. balem Mort or 1ilt1 Imrri..- Pen.k ai he k, by nth I b ilg Oli suanarrl ltl S. t-Plh .trt, mor It" nlil 1 \ .11. I'I){ 'I]1, (7 0l(',lii m asn.. The ft=( sIiln g 4.onpe red .\ hLL omiir 1.1i. nl7 1 _ i \I W ili) Tli _lR N 9 o, _ t. S_.u 7:,Pe,nil. 1 .P ilITNEY,8 ',unti At. For Sale, Freight or Charter. FORl SALE, fitlGlT, Oil I'AllTER. l l) ri ttlic lra i tphpl l Im tl 1'1d toIp ,ll' Ielor rt e r . 100 hbIlr,or ablout °,,0 hblds-is oppier ILas Itl d iia ill( i ln fine on ler , rnv for t (ll.r1l) h} It n lly IaC, hut Ricmond woudet,,, Ih' rrrd , pp, y to apt a p 5t 37, ar to GELORGEI JOiNSOiN, 1 l7 92. m lon sFrer. o.( The 6hst adii ', schooner itdRlS, Col ,lApply to J1).D. B"N 1... t OIIll.N, Il 1No. 90) Comt)on street. FOR SALE. TlIIE sFhip PI,Al'TO, o taht rate ctlt,"red, & and coppetr tstteall tvcsel, antd hns ju'tar iv S d .-. ith a cargo of coollt, rlltl Iill, *,ttplv to • f'- + J 'l'll.Y lR & (O." , Hi /e IIIE fiLtaitingi sclmorRAl'l ),90taO s T lrllrheI, appl, to aJOIIN AI FOSTER, 113 1. (;ravhI r st. FOR SALE,FREIGIIHG'T Olt CHIARITEIR. The schooner L.A IRUCo, 96 tons, o 1 ears ,ol,coppler firtenedl m copl eredI, Ibilt in - Italtimorc, .nils Iast, draws 7 1.2 Set water Ihe lladed, has a htllltslllo e t hlln, we l~l fotud and ill readiness filr aly votVlue. Apply In , oall IInIIite post 53, or to l('181 S & J P WIITINEV. - i FR 1 RIG OR Ci.. IIlT.IL. The fitBtsailing Ilriti-h built barquet (IIIEEN OW, II\V 91 tos retister, is now dischargi :g, and will s one oe realdvt take in catrgt, apply to Colat. lorisom, on board, o npltitt thle vctoble tou.r ktt, nrto fCOl IlI IRIAN Bll3iGS & CO. 74, 46,55, 52, 66, 73, 19, 18, 61, 1, .1rc the draatn numbers of Ihe IGI , (Class of the IFREE SCHOOL LOTTERY. & ','II ORISEII by Act iof the ,O i hllot lore of ,ttII 1./ ct't of Li.ti.ioaoa, ;or t te benefit oftitlh " .thita School Society," passed and approved the 8lst Mlrch, r CLASS No. 17, FOR 183:7. 1, bhe draIr ,n t .~ r'Orlrans, on slutrdanl Glt .lprtl. 75 Ntunber Lottelry-12 lt)raltwn t altolt. .1I It1tll1 I". IPrizes (lollars 1),olrs 1 of 12,000 is 12,00(1 1 of 4,000 is 4,000 1 of 3,000 is 3,000 1 of 2,000 is 2,000 1 of 1,170 is 1,170 10 of 1,000 is 10,000 10 of 600 is 6,000 10 of 500 is 5,000 15 of 300 is 4,500 170 of 140 is 22,800 126 of 80 is 10,080 S 126 of .10 is 5,0.10 126 ofC 20 is 2,520 :3,750 of 10 is 37,800 23,436 of 5 is 117,180 27,81.4 amouUting to 243,000 ,''ichkets-whole tickets, $0 ll; hal7Ics: $2 50; quarter, I' ..-ok... of 2" 'l'ickcl u $1l'5, w,.,,ttto" . . drl . t hot $:t;, ilatl ttny draw tlh four Capitals. 'Package cf sh lrsl ill lroportio i" " Tiket(•s aple a),vt the Mtuer's tlt,'e, 37 Gravicr steet, udjcl g thi entrhttte into t1 e rt:al, and lO 10 I t( , tl I tre,Ltwu en Conti uilll St. li s Ft . mIll J I t ,lE.\M1, talntn yr . NV DI° c ALT II I ll10-(. 1 ( TI(:'I'RES onl the Morbid Anatomy, Nature nmul . L l1t.ro1tlll ltlll of Acute anItClld t rllltCr lise s... It, It le lalte Joht Armstrongt r . ' ). EditeLt Iby JoseI1t tixi, MleI:nber of the Ro)al of Surg'eouo ill 0. IolduOl. I-',ro Almericaln editilolll, with tuttIll. t I' oll the l.ill' and \VritinN ofl Dr. .\rlitslroln., by John Bell, IM. . s &.c i t " c .. li- Treatise oil, thl Futlctilltl anil Ornalloc diluco of theo U roos. IFrott tIle tltrench of I'. ULt rI,'o'1,t,, ItoC lie Il1 ituttlx ct IlospiCe civil.; d. Pari.:, &c". &c. 1). Just reecivtdttcl an tnloby WV. ltcI(Et.\N, it- Corter Caolt anllt ('ottlllllmo tt. (Ci .-iioN- UI 1 D d-- i. . siL es'ilaiug-i s 'I 'Itttcr llt:ch and fotr al bly J VAIILIN, i rlIlSKI-JUu l"hI whist;ct, landing and l:r It..,.l \') . Toy lu~rope. STil e ll or l~ 1)iiin.& I ohiiScio'y rn1ic -i-c~ii i~ihoie.'i eiiii to coin e'r: lr cirgi. I-cur t01oiie iec nsege,oaijiiy all liSiiooimooe -t ~4 Tic' ojlc~l n Ide .Iiiciliie" Il~lrpI.irpiol, enlo6l llld !lii'ooori at i-o 9 00 3 iiizd ollt,n 0 Cii IY~i: cod.1I Iiijc,,'lrn 'I iII.hcc1. (h!I~ll 1:1. 1., (icc 31Ih-iiiih clelllrldrr JIleill~nil-. icnq .34. cr 1 ITRIN A Thle brtFilicpic e I hl- (113, (ci.T WAIic. dc~:lSO c1,:ll tI-rli.ll ('ct-roe rr ' co iI\ncppl, IIII 1 ('co,, cdit 111:11I. ii (lItE. oI~II ____ _ Ill (AI.IC, TheSl fIie i-.IAIli\\l-:, Ciilit Coepeooeor, Cool Ociiioo ielll~lll o feca pc~al.'nCeC, ('or oppktl at~l Ot I)Cicrlnclrec Iit. iii cI.i II ;I.EN. plcre Ier rnrr. l0-ejiriit ilf chic-ul or I"L""L" II1ill II~Illljd Ilr~llll~ldtill ciiiiie~l ci'8 (Ccii 01,0 ii Ii01 S & I 10'IT.NE·~r. cot Ii Cliiioi, c. IPII.Cb c7 III lAI ii ill 'Cilil l iii..l m? FiGI I.IVE:i(F~Ici.. code Eh-gcll 1:~·s(,i Al chip, SCOT I.ASI), C~lp oliihcil~nil ciiioch 21111 or 33111 .... ciie ciliocl iii icoip pilre hecr lor;c,. For he, Iii cepoocig"e ojpnl! 01313 ('cicicecrl ci. ii 7 'ihe ice, coiliog A I hlip, JOHNI BAR 1391 (c~,lli Iirl ich'ol, · O fqiici. 0 mIce i-elucgt oplili io I1 I.. II. f3.0i.'C, 1.18 Coicino i.r OCO, rcqcirec '2101 Ilicico Iii eciii3,iei: ilcr lood Ic'R icr icrol. ccr pococto oppic'L ii (ie lit silA ~lt ilE.lSEJ(Ir~rZ 1 Slop1'113113 i-eli copl 100~r~l· ~vlllaLIct etoo. u (PP'1 10 5u &llll l 3I:I 1·'II WIlIrNI, Irnf Sill' lii, ( iic~lic· 'IllrPEIiiecioii 113 hoiel to pnll~e~' Illill .1I Vliutit 01,· 1IT i~ic-IctR,1 A b _ Ir.I'l ni.l~ C.11· CAOIMI1ic & CO. iii11 iti)li il iiic·li\~ il~ l1· l ci I: I· o11alr night~ op. j( Tue Al iiiiji (111331 ic, 131! Illli~'" iiI'? I'h i 'ico ~i i 1111il-13.51 Fil' 1,1(111 ii hp C1.1'~1) 1 0l.Coi T I I~itlc il, lroii 411' nT, ii yl Iii o~iio. 11(l`Tl1ice ' :(4 Cii CoI dIPi ntll tiOI ll i-lip1.. ii. iicc 1iii,!1 ICI III)I ror Texas & the West Indies. FOR B nRASOS RIVR. t 'The martd kroket brie 5;A11 IIOUSTON Iliekhlec , lnnster, will sail sto ar'row, 8th in0st tt, undler clnvoy of the Texian se-hoo. `ners ,lf war indeplelltenIIC anld 'Tonnl Tbv. For pas. - ae IoIly Irltillng e!cgant raccooteudatiool , Ipllily oil Imrli or to 17or to 4\'. IRYAN, N311 old I ever. lFOR 110 AVANA-Flirt \'esel. '1'111 tifa sailing i oppared hrit .OMIAR, FOR UA I.t;Ei.S.T , liO i l (ltBUR.1G N IIOUS-- l TON. t The fast ailing parcket richr BYRON, - Bearsell, olaster, will illne iltit e0r0, des patch for the above plrtr . For frelllt or otrsag r having mlrerr ior In reoo-ir 1+to r i, ipply on iardrortin a4 W3M liit'AN,3irrrh I c".e, - R- l Ti)A'IIutll- A ANtI. (CONIX'S I IN'I. A A tirst ratle fit srtilo; sbol4liPr, .oo;perred andl copler fiasteinedr, hai nrr l yr it trtll firi'iIlt elAo ag'rd, ad dill rtet wilr r irio edidte rdes patchi For btllancerfofiritht nr irssaie, oply to o I \ t31:1 tY.\Ný3 -ltt ill,ee st. ...-- ..-- ri,-or AlVI.\':tSON.. blie schoolner W\\' & FRII.NCIS, Wild n+ nmstel , will sail this day, I r the above port. For rrassage Oilr.', rrirjl1 n t rd rr r l o. or W i B.IAN, It3id Ol eve streert. Frill I1.A51r IrIVE-'lerras. . l he splerdid new tir-ed brig SA3ICEL1 IIOU'STON, Ilincklv n'urs crh, ed up will cleannt an1' lunnloticols for pnaegers will run ll sg re.aar pael ket to tle above RlNl l , n dlllllwl l l.eS" itivel o Tail Alr otr 'I sdav ,1th lust. For frrtght or ,trorag apply on trooard or to al Win oIWRolAN, 3;0 d Levee. na ,r.=t n ,7 C o o n lt . ,z IT lre A I brig ItlVSll,S, II (d11 masterr hooi g her erioor enirrl , woill porin ero sail .n Snturday snt April. The alk eo vessel ofr fbi e li opr )olr lit" fit po.f 0~ h o er Ir t , i tor splenrir foorire rrl rtbinr r irtll r ll trtOit.P llllSlrt Ilorr r c ni e, r deck.r r . I, roer l. INI II'I', lt rt nn s , t wr lill sil ft r the ov ,rlarch Mr Sal atur o nex" ic itl, C rsie o ttke thle hulk of few Strn'w Sberries, or srri l ofw crrr lpt at ,15 rio se to r ' ' I' 'It'tO ' & linttI'I'llElI 1OR IIAVAN.A--'uekt Irreg. ' , fist saile f A 1 olclo i. Sl) CK.1, S nil iat. I'itlAr, t ill et witih lick desp:io t. =. fe i o r freigh-t or palssage, ll dy on boar-d, ,p Site th e lBeefMarket or to 31. riI lld'I'lr.r paid to an--. eo fr' i e. ,, 1,, 1 1 . . .. .. .IIlo r Trihior ototgr. n.1I. .\ II Cpr Iar bl C till e i ll s itreet 1l 1 ,N ItO I.-1 -Tew srulsribr haiar e, to I .nrll; 600', now , iu at the r,'hr I t . rlitg, a eneral Nsrtrte tol IIariLnt. Shrl.rer, ;llrlillonro o l:blbtorlll rfrr rttr bror liris, Ilehacotrs, PlaI ts ALT-6 anc&., jt d d Also-Fruit 'frees, snb nFo Appls, Petar., lolos, I 'I l hi s, A ipr coti , l Ct ' 0ies, lt inro t, 'arie,, lSt urr - lerrrrtr c troplorrrie- CIIrrtrrt, I.. lherries, to gether tn . 1 1 JtllIN Ie SlrCK. - . - t L .\1 -0 .-. 1 f i, t h.. 13th inst. I 1| In l, s out ,'1 " bll ihi.ll',t5 r ear, d t rrm erl) Itrl I io 3 It . .i"iol l l ',;Sro . t lso--a rt, llow btoyttol 15 or li yeiars hlrttroat ,t ritivt it, or 5 feet igh-gtori d o ,ikinr . t d r mar t--ihr on wlet h t lr , a dhrk t r . ' sat ritl t rtrl jutt-ket andt pali Ij i . looks tarir ir e qr itr so lr. e l..i riro.r tir firri mid to anirtir Iprso- for tihe trler.i inrt rtr soil\y prsonharboring thnse. hys mill by o r..rr N iltel Orri orrii r Iaroro lo rr - irir II' - . od Ironr sacks i fto Corn. Ftr silo by | . I1. WVAII ACEl:1 & C.eI lok tile'. CtO RN-370 oockr roo to i,,o. d ,order, I, ,oil. tr", SIVI'tI'OOL SAL4 T--o raoil, tr i t tbroaoe ito Irnk Alliy hr o:'') 11(OIOl: ( (' MiIll.', B nk Alley. Jj'LOU It.-1",011 lt F r l iortiirnrnii rn s r Fihrti IBlott tlfirrsale ay 61(tV)uTI & 1'[ltl':, i1 |_ Pot iihn . stcro t. -,( I; lNO.--5 b. es . s r p,, c,. l ok,.+ oo ii or Atu I in . tlt11 'l'ebro pitrti ',i stre t. j 1 l(EIti'dllZ • t1,..:ltsli tIo ': rid - '. o "' tN " I it ,uL~I N', 1[.\1 ilflit ., \ AS birlcgI to tlae lpolice prilso, i the L d .ui.c iti on tch 15th c}i cf .Marclh, ncegro II lanlPd II E N, abool'l )clarel of gr,r 5 i or 2ir iliirs " high. wa h i bvlons to ;a,,ili Zii rin. Tkihe owner iill prosr propelty, Ipa elfl;,"e, mod takehi:lo a"s. I1 S HARIER, fm- " Celip ol the Wash VWkS+ br-Oi'thc .c ci'e 1iclce 1iic.urel Ihe '2i11 .illc ieipl:lit, r. the 1.hl illntant, a mulatto n.m Iamn n d IIf N IY "l'r:Al. h 'i is '1G6 vylr.old; 5 11 I or 2 ilch.s liih, nol says Ipe it firee. Shou'd hI bb ti sli v, thle ownr is rc qurciced o ecmlty wih the I a attl lake hli!t nty. rc2l ItuI . R i .'I I, epit of Ihi \cIch. S --- AS hbroht to ti ipolice ri.scn cf cc• 1 t u1 lli.ii:,litii , ii thie l.111 illt. a gril Il eayli t nlevllue of 'OI'E, icli ii nhan.t Ilon" 17 y m1"i, hl,:, l;,rt ' or 3 ielll s Iigh, and lay,' he bl,. l i 'sto Mir. the o`leair will prove prlpetil, p'ynrl erc and "tCapt. of the W atch.' 1.1St loneIt to ith Iolice Irison of thie ccnd Muni.cipilali', oil the I;h asst. 1. bricht mmnnito Wli by tihe nrnec If,'SYI.\'VIS.GTIAl't, noI sal.hiChel'lop.g it- Mr. Ien,'egad. lie is II or 1' leit of age The ltwerr eiill lrute property, pnv ctlnrce, nlll iake hi.cct cy. - i S IIAtI'I.:Ii, 111:4 Catrain of tihe \Walh. T() R.NT. i A I.. t in Juliostricct situiiatd nere the Pr ti i siit of the new Canal, witl good isab' ling :od ccrriage Itoll-.ns well adattiid for U wolid or llllmb r ardl,nl No 3 onllk Alley. IiIn9 TI-.') II'i N'I'.-- - A W.rehoutos in Julia st. 30 feet front run lilng Ibn k to Notre Dan a Street. For furlher uteular. aI lll) c ti t lIl) Coriiiiciii lI. lir Ito lJ'D BI ':IN & A C()IIEN. TO It EIT. Potesion given on l.t or April. i 'rTiht itw 'iatielegly i'iiri-hed three story jJ.. brick Ilhk ce itln rl cRiac clt.'ic eewn 11cc iniI ued ilcrreckscltreet*. It hIla just been compuleted ill the most modern stcIr,cby D. II. Tcg.c'lo d, LLeq. 'Tile first n.d sconl'd tclriit . contai Itwo suil of prlrs andll ditiC rtIIoom with lidicl Idoor, black :rod gold nmnlil piters, lplenllt r.l'es rle. The ark hlldlinsl arte ex llni'l and etmlmodialns, havin.i all the necelsary Pr emnun,ldti. fiu "r nu large family. T'o i gaolll tunnllllt it will eIlet on reaon.lie terne. Apply it no. 3 Ca. roedelet .1re't, Io r.9 IOtYI.E S& 31A'. Bureau di Coltrolltur id: I S. eco, \htiniciplie,c Nuc.eile"-Oleans, le li VMarI., 137. Deofl're.' eaccihel'es FnclOlltrel'iII prl easeil decctte lllnicipi lile, junvu al prelier m:lrdi jc'nvril Iirohilain (le 4) Ipoir It icmrilture ie tous le nicime:iux c icasi qc.e Ie l colltlrctilond'un Hoel lltniript l, t I'iel n ori lr. det4lRuc. St ('lricrle mad ilet in, Ie r!lus lills ntr troet dre incit'scicnfiitnecti ni pltn list per ltekiin Be I and l)akii, quii m'lt eire ver a l'fliee (it t oer. Inte ll t'i-'t'i . NIE, ilcecrollettr. "JTA. Irouglut co ite oicie prison otle 2i d mnuici V pclity, n tice ii1. iclnteti, n mgl' ma mooed Alcx'r. Me11 O, lie is ,it 2r or iytar r ci feeS i or 7 inches hilgh, of a c riff eolor, and ace he in free, that he wnt born it C-olmchuc , and rniied in Chiilicolher lllollld the le n slllte lie ownier is requeted to prove property, pcty charcee, ant take him llw it.c it. ,. I'I,\ PE|i, Am2 i c l ptain oi the Wiatcih. 'AS to the pole prison of flit, Id Mulni Veip.lity oi the hluh instant, e black tirl by the name iof .L:IA, about .25 relts fc geg, 5 ft high, anys she belongs to George \'alm. ellr ewnbicr will proveproperty pey cllsges ndl take lher ay. II S IIAI'I.:Ii, et'?4 • Captain of the Waltch. As; .rol.tit to thi police prison of lie eitl inT I ticipciilitv, il tile Lt illt l a grif'iMiilho t call herself MViARp iE t tis i ele i, higs Io Madi e lMoore. Shle is ao "eare of age, verv brisk. ilecr ilner i req r o colmpll with the law and take lIcr awea I1 IciARPEii, eIn24 Ceapt of tile NOTICE--The slbirliberiare now ready to reecive ordrer for any kind of Cpreae lumiber, their taw till beiln in fll] oplerntion amt in le .f "e order. Thev will re imlteir Ibest exertiouli to s.lepl' dtlletlll witll iprom)etneC ncid c ustltceh. Odcrrnc t left c it tile mill, oppeoite hlle' riesidecee ofJl JhnGrrne I:ciq IFccbeourg Ii'lydais, or at the counting room of Johlln M. laeh, Ro. . *,ngetitr't c teeli Thucer i~ cl-cc Ipcatet Ittir michine aticrdlcll to lie el, which isoflh first quallllity, oil tIe moit nllcerate ermns. m0 " ). il. TW\O "OOD* +-JIG51-I'.AI) (it Yellow (elre was [od.l i- the centre of Cnalndelet street, Iewarly a manl: ago, Ithe ounllte of shid hogsheld is requested to ca:lll at Ithe Conl. missarys oftie, Mullnl tlpa.Hall, prove |)lrO1ePrlll t p.I y Axprells0 orl it t ill lbe soi lc public 'ilwtic by cc 14e enlai, tiu lie tllctionetr l', on the 18:II i :El .h. Nic VSl, n rl'. --\\'.s sl, u s Ull ll lhl nIght of Ih e 211' i Mle. .Also, was tken up on the night of the 2 71h lFe"b, Ib tle nIlht \ ch and l nll nilllllllteld is li ve, 11 bh tail bay IIorse, having a white star in hi forhcitend. The owners of said cnitls acr re ulestrl Io comt fi rwIU ,l po(ve i prul crt, I IIY Ipay Ihlllli, ;l : k lll lln aiiwa ic irlt'ftlr sV l'ltu la 'he lc l cc l c' c 11 wcii-l,uch day they will Ibe socl cil publelic action, at 12 o'clock 11 B c 'I'I CNGEI, Comlmi'eary 31 Wnrd, l 7 2ntld Mcunl"icipllity. AS taken up hv lhe night \\nttch iin the :,d inst. W a smorel horse, with it while hire. The owner inst., otherl it h e illbe cold iti pl bli 'c al io. llc tIche 181hk marchl.: I' \ (;Inill tte t uutli ..ver. JOIIN cI'IICL, Comclicci .c lt Ward, m7 ' c t l .\'titi'ilcptlity. llllill ; I I\) . --R1[eeived iper sc-hri T, elesc-ope, Snudbhrie )h 'lohny, '00 boxes Naniccceikrt e'lrm udl'. ht lii9t. on do. Downer, Au.ti& o's. lbran , for hle at 134 Tel''ncpitncclbc sIIIt' lKtVA.N'I FORISL .. AhiI' _ONE likely man, S rears of iage, is a ntond mantnatger of fhrse., and a gn'id dining roon[ ser'ant. Alo,,his i\Vii, a good rook, washer ani ironer,--and two childlren, orne tu o and tie othier I4 yoars of age. Ale,, u likely Girl 1,I y.ears old, 'File above na es t catl be Iad IInt I l t n Ihla teA all. ForI salet i 1(11 l, IIi marl 14 ravier steet. Bttler's I..firracesfnt I atgnestian Alperwcnt, FOR I)t'.pe trit or inltgethian, aerwsn ,l'tiitity, gid 1 linera,: nidity of the atotael, ha iti al eostiv,-ness, elitnuetllusi diases, gut, rate, &c;hithly vliued nas II eeunaine cooling purgative, very saitable in thiis tle of rt thIe tear. Anp stllp of the almvte ulnmd valuable medltine, just j receive tfroa England, ald for stlt by I II BONN.\IlEI, l )rtugei-t. hi20 ''ehapitoula sat. f Fl0 i8E subscriber havitn been detaiund hlnger in this al eity t11 he expected. w Il lie ready to sail for T'exas on n the firs -t. €(f next w ee :, IaII cd nlt iollul I 'lh ' tl flranrll d tile fill lalllllller t len that Ill nteded toa do, yet, Iei ilg lfrmted that tetre are manly lw here teiat e Ide taSlatotigratill tt n that bIeattillt Id 1t - Slight nl i tery, fit r the iurait of nileg tlr canr e ill civil and religiona liberty; nut ce is hereby cire tta tall those, tint pi aisic na ,re tral ~rtatlioln will lre ur ln enl tlhelll fNr'e e epene, mS mlbr.idCd tlev,' nlakes at e he tlitiot ll'd eIhr thteir anlti dlaring ttas wIeek. e AppIti o t) Adjutant IVahie, atll Mr. Illattli.' ('.HeI iltse ad- f joining tet . it. Lhitrlee Ti Antre. 1). I. .\ IdI 11oT'II,' ORNl.[ 8 Colri . Trvxt .\rdlnly 1) J st elttliaslhed, cl l Ie li, t h t aillank-, I)itre tar, dsniat day &., ilsnrant e at nd other t:luttrpnnie fareeig tenuls, Illntlltlbt t ttcotllttttrt ,rate nlttclargn arrival ntd de nrtllte. .of tle i ilil :Illdr, llletioa ct a ll I tlhr t e i r t I n, h tl. A at tIIt , aa gr la te r tilteIlnld th- trit Jntt ttt k hI ttlttt, il acknowledging it th ('al t ntt d ew, the kin tatmnt th reek-d a their handI., whiae nn thir any fino l (alvott, tot Nh w O)rleans: toe tosee Aking g ake for Garstll, we aolll re ollr I IenId tihe ].rig J la t IIs tih" in .l emllTl able '.*-el,b,'st tetttltatndtittn.t d mo's olr in III f t.lhde. T a' Cpit iltl a lliade trrallnnati witlh the tortln[ n t 1 iIa lltt ll Ip:II;tm l.e re anl frhight ii I IIth Re l ttK a ir Si i 1s lo it ,t rllt r s , r t I, 1 -t1ter, n I tlurr.le tt, aud t r Illtat! Jn thle Iinvie. W V e w o tl hl rI e o tn n c al ld th i. a ls o a s t he nm o a t t x.l len l i o u . ilekt11v I A lill, Ju ttk e tn Smli lth, J h ll .'ttillhun t, t . I.0. t.n I t' as A Pent tett K. lurlt e" w _ o lll ll .l ll'e. I s 11h?. i' ut (i. flS f lt t.d9 tinnnllt it. rihr Lo ks for dollorlsl, desk,, dr.tvei's, chest" and SIralnk"; lu g4o 0 kelgsratmenat on llunklrtilre, fltr sale t)tlld -7fa * l~ cr n in first t Ilir.r, I-alill almaS ItY O:, 1:1 5;;lOutle ienb't.t lLOU(rt .lGO./ i Wits,.lent; 17; do a.irur nirOtI I2n 16d llts pork, lalintlild f t flat atlli, lld fr stale by 1.(O & IllY INE, 2 II rn "l'ch onilitiulus street. I ho tUit fgrcniiietll' , to whrlh ch would tatll t attentiO t af the " laade. (Viii Y.iV, would ,all fihe ttention of tlideI.rah-. lstdore andi fr sah. by J tAIRtN, ,,, -e'7" ie t.50-he of .p- 71,ic...., i'a,.e'by R .--- · -fl; cunt ,-nh:"a nml for saie in lots to rulhi rt'o.hter l Ay 2n2l2mo 52 OlS I.evce. Si)' [natt culred tar .saleby G4 l lSFY, r. -n T(L)-D :. r,Al,'.]OC l.'," : , :l 1 I nnd Tldl iron, atill a.n ted. Illop. strull asd r, d iron, ;nil rod sand Idnnhl C::o, C-ermin, shear, blinured, sprlg, sh et aid Crawlv steerl Iollow "are, uot and wrnught nails mad spiker Ziine, block tin, mill alndrind stomes, al kettles Chain cbles, at chorl , hon a Ox, log no d trace Lain., corn mills Atvils, ieris, Hmnnmr.s,,d ,llnlcst Wire. sheet, pig and bar lend; slhot C l. , anld colking store Am.s, Iowlmltl's and other spedrs and ihovels I Iook and plte Iingts, door and window aeeks oll.ins, IIcto, Shrpa, and other aces 'lTr'd antd Manilla cordage, lines sad twlie lllt lad aIhiltliag cnppirc; Naval stores P'inta, litnst-ldc tnd s m o.,oil A full .taitoment afl hardware and ship chandlery, l.w,:lc so ,n h:ad, landl whicel are nlrtr-d fr oreat whole at-e tr rotail, on Ithe most foao.ble teallr, t y m- I..TI'lt' & Co. 5.; I )hl. -vre. -I ct'l't E-Sr. hriecrs to the lbiildinc of the trw birtlholit ,hatr. h, nit the corner of lVydrin atnd I':rond .let treet-f, who he e noti pihl their ut.r iptitmn are repsectfulf} ilnfir.iI, that tfunds are at this tilme hlllla :ntltd. A contsiderable mnoionit in addition to that already bscrited will lIe requircd to imeet ail the engage menta catered into ifr ttr crtion 'if thin eduifie, a gt- ern0 proprti-n of ih it cla cafll ,tntlt lheliewld wail1 b: tromptly tnutribhted by the Iricnda ofreligonio thi' Thit churchl when com-pleted, w ill .anod frth. wiln other ediGeerrsrently erected a noble mInnumenlt of the taste and liberality f the rity of N. Orlhans. Pierann.diopcl;e; c-ttrllbrlllte towardS thin objLctI willjilocoe to Ic c through the agent, the Its. Winll. 31. ( ~raia. .lt_ 'I";E ,%l)'l''S li IEl.l- Ills ptretpartltot rxt,.nsively used throutlglot all I the Notlherl Sint-c , colmmElces to Ito ill great re puttie h r-', a:l deaervyc th :ttelltion of a:1 mother's ill ta 'tytate of *,p,rg . Bly cmmenctrinig the llse of it two or tltre mwreks ,r . fe conicio tllnl ll; IIi aIIlriligsl ill be .essllnd, nldi til lilme fll their dall.,ion hloltrlnd. Applelv totlte sbscrltr, agellnlt for thle proprietors, for al copy olf the nuoa,.er ,s eriilic:ates givc n ti ilnventcor hy eminitent phisicinns, with dirretnmoa for the use of thisillmrtalt pltrifei II l).ONA1 I.,lt fll " a-r Z;tllchrz. & Tcholill lunilllw l %i. Cict BaaK, . New Orleans, March Itt, 11:37. IT E Iihard of Dircrtors hiale thisd day delared a l S1. ridl4l f4 ir rent, on the pllltil sto~k, for the lst six mutllh,. layable to the ct-rkhnld.,rso, n,or after the 13th Mlarch, inrt. IO1ll' ' J PAILREY, mll. CCaohier. OrrarIC. Et TI.t: I rcII.vac:. ('stetmyr, Nc.a Orlcnno, Mlorc, 6, I1117. At the annanll Elertion for Directore of this Ilntitll tion, fitr the el.linr year- the fullowing talled gentle iteon are elrected, ti James Grli alanw, Joseph A. Barelli, I'lhnoaK Inrrctt, IHenrv Ii. hllanrdun, llcorv Kelhle, Jla.n Whitehead. John E. I, lde, Ald ct a Itncrritn ef ite board this day, Jaln Whit. ieaid wnc eletstd President Jnaets Stockton, Insperlor. Edoard Icricg. AtlorneV Anll ml. 3tt CIrIAIILE. I rItTCI(IE., Se. rtarsy. S''I'ATIONERIfY, hoe I CDn:DON'S fioe White & nlue Waove l.ttcr paper L Diltu da do. Ditto lltle & Whir e Ruled ditto. Ditto (nit Poller dito. Ditto Cop Poper Rlclcd diittt. Ditto 1.hlc t% iva ditic, Glazed opreeclav fcor cel eC; DIavii Wctritin" Fluii; Eoglieh Jialln hlk; Kldd,.r'o Black & ,ed Ilnk; French Rll.tle; Valbkden'.cc inriih llaek antd ed Ink IPowder; extran superfile Red Sealing , ax; ellhtllsed anld fancy colors ditto, Ierfimld dillt: Prench .& Eng lie lVafers, lIarcr annd , ll lrie; iluillt of a.ritus qitliltir; Wi'idll,'o Perfecil-nl; ('lervelatd'd, (iiltlot', and i.alies' Steil Plens. Fr Baole bv IIOTCHICIIKS & CO., mi9 4I, Charlres ireet. A ARTIN.11I' NI fVf'X llers tar.tnie at his store, 261 2 lchinllpitiillla+ treet, strves of n uperioranld difltrent pattcrnl to any that has yet leel Iold in this city; rokhing of all a zee, round, ,qare and aoval nparlor and boll do of a re, ipt tort,, stciidinCg i, tix, not etnltc-d ha caty yet mcale. Alsc, Iatdindg Intb, lhower tbaths tit and cooper ware of carry descriptiona. nanrch 9 N St re--lnperial,gi.npotder, a hyrnt ta.; rao ains, oault ielled alnudi, nlid sweet antd ilrv a ine direct frotm Mal-lga; C.hamn eigre and sparkling Bur illtlol" tinec upt-riltr lbenstidw ihllf t:plliper; olld pearh brawlocy in hbls.:o Mil hles gUtiny Ith'a; Ilttrotixt. Claret ill iltdc. for silte by ILEAl) A BR.l TOW, 1ta9 (67 (irlavier street. f I llE aubscriberr have now in store and ol-oIor sale Inta nrecconlmndntilg irolt.: 10 enrck, Sct.hl Arl; (pitibio nnd iqunrt. :l 10 nlik brat " ornn Blrownl Stul"nt. 2 .nes hires wi d Whlltl e Liien Dills. flii Gros. Pltenit Winelie Iloltles. in l7 11)I.1IE' & MlII.lS, sBank Alley. -A Aill.E INýIit.-ANCF COMIIPANY itncorporatcd ted April 2dI, lfl. Ciilalll $500o,000. I)11CCTTO()RS. Caftl alll. Bslcon, I residetl. 'Tihom. iarrtt, lhiiiil J. rictailll Jn!il, .H Ilde, tlcirv I). Rllrd un, Jos. A. itrrelli, Jnnlw (;rillllaw, John l\ h ithe d,l Srcretary. iT'rhio ct mpant y will insure lire, alinioo and rive risks and garantlee bills of excallnllige anld proImmiaary lnotes ai t their oilice, in the Extchange on RloI aletree adljoinitg th Unio ank IIIT . tar o J. VIIITEIIEADi. ,ee v. r L 1 .rrub.rsriler rAget llt i.r eter,, c\le tooue of receivd a very exteasire set of IpleerxR, rcrirtiuog of Alt 'Ieeelel n It Itrrnrtl Kires ot evy.' rtri;.lim or, Po, erl Pocket, D)irk, and Spear point Klive-s; Ezors, Scir oro, Edger Tlols,&e. &ee.&r. ichthey h rev prepared to exhibit to the Ir:le Ior ord,is. T.rr orls aad ctdatitons rill blc-odh known ct the limre. ll1 J. 1) IIEIN A (')IIEN, 90Comnmon t. - -- . LATH PIC.LICATI)NS. ab SOUtll through the lantoflufering Diirie.t of Eog- c-l Slal, in thle rllnlllrlofo 1 t .B. Sir ir (;oelr e Hcald, nutlOr of 1 Forest t Scenles,' eld "hcl:idenltc in l Alnerien." All Eltlentarv Tratie no .ltontrlny. By A. I.. J. lAn le, lt.' ). Tr.arl:tted frotn the 4th edflion of the Frenchl. Ily A. Sidney D)onne, A. 31., M. D. he LUv; traoslated Iv Georger Baker, A. I. ill 5 volimen, At beitg No. 24, t, 28 of larprer's Cloasairal Fanily no Iibmrvr. Also, , An additiooal upplIv of Davis's Memooiro of Aaron ltrr. Just reeCved and fLr rilebtv er el14 WMI. McKEAN, correr of Common st. fo ItIA.lUMI)AIT'S EXPERIMEN'r1,- M E PEILIlENTS~and Obsersa lti. onon tle Gats rC JUIC, aslld tile Phlysiollogy of Diestiotl. ly WV ItToallmot, M. I)., SOrg,:oll i f te U. S. Army. Jou received and for oale by V\'M. MNCKEAN, cl4 CororrofCmp & (:Conllon streete. IrT.l\ E urndersigned iroll this lti, will bIe iolrntonired Swith htic itrter, ''harrtma C. Swaoil, it tIle I)rINg nntl AorttlebarI' Ittiol, No Ct, Cuul street, lnder tile first of twin &'lrothler, tle liqllidotian of the atfair torrf IhIm . C. Swain si l ber rettled by tIle new fire ; and tile ndersigelie l will Rgive hml parliorthlnr tteton to I1 I rmtse, nndloteinoh a share of Itrralllrg .e. TI I.A(KING, ;. A.. crrreo Crhoro cod Iint dco'· cI Seerlbrated patelr llckior IC0 etse(;Germtao Toi et a.nntSntoi (ilase. fCr e l ty nt1 SIMTMONS. IIIt.',t &'Co.70 Chlnrre oC. o. tONI h.htil-A 0d Co. - GItN, m ill bt Cme i - aIlien Iis week fill \Vednerden flberigolr , Ut No. 10 JTlliR rcerl, rom l lr Ito Ie o'relhk A, M. and frot I to 5 P. m., na the weathe r Int week prrvented trllny frm. sreetingi. itt. I 1TA, ITARoCIx. &e.--t noding frowm hllp lierzi Santd brig Margaret Ann, 00i lrxer Lond on Sirr.oh; 200 Ixei Nors. 1 .nll 2 CoO., 970110R Seg rs ill lUartrlr aelre irllth Iroxe, m2l ISAAC IIILIClGE &.Cao, 114 MylgazlOre t. .itiNII.IA an tClIt)A.I --Ai. aorsort rnoe of sizes, l from r to 4 inch, fIr sale at ,3 irCier st. try onlrt l ScI":'1'SON, AVIY(r,& (1'o. I thrlrlhr; 10 dt ro eero.:re, for rolie t 'in Carrpe titr,o 7 __. __i7 YlIIItKt 10 II 'ERBt. p ittt .AE'.--- .CE l.• Ir.ron tle Iroil hro rTe oiorece Cielllnlld ortl ite Ihe f.linIt fr Onl t .1 Ci(rrWIoti N street, by ..iTI 1. II GtAL. . a TJRILG(E-- 0 lihis Iohlrco rm ill bt. nkc. o rto rl e i hntk W.tlllllollrr ln r irg :l ,glelltz nlud Ls 100 d..l Cil, rt do. 9 1 I.:l lla le ur, ll g hlvson, no. ollrre.II o rratrorlcii nlr rolrtrilcrr qolrlitr jllrt rr hced prr er rlrilr Ilurtaville, froolt Nrw I'ochk ad for Pale tit 2-N; raie r lerret by i.7 J COCK.ITYNE. i. C-ilC.-1-eAl i."ldtrel ti tire s:lh e orf l. .1 W. EIIoto., lthre St. (Iatles A rc ad· e RtCtnnr', r lrrtrd Ct intkh ilrllediate polrent to Jnames I. ('oldwerll, C'royrirlal Syolie, at tile Box Office, SI. Charles 'Thlrete. tom'7 I )~INF. APPtLE CIIEE flexoerr jurt rocoived i and fur sal. at 90 Col.t,on at., by 127 J I) BEIN 3 A COHEN. s r+tore and for rant'et G3 Greytiv at., b. 27 BOGEItr & Ii.\' H IIORN. ý_)~ I .l ll:FF:-- ll hrags Ci.. orutfc, ill sure arod r l " for tlc at G3 Ciro. tr wlrcrl, ll m'+? |iUirGI..I' & it \e\ THORN. T.u .---rbltrort Arlrl.,lll IItolre Uo tr llrCale t 3 ) Old 1. 1.rc h Il m28 I.AYTI'ON .Co. Zt AigiiA1r rTgIrrg. oIre, rf ý, Fruro e 1 1 4 sn t a f ar rl ul e i t O. 3 m-' ll - l e a t . h y^ lilt II-tI;t'I' & IlAW FIIO)N. 1.\.1111' i']1"ll.H-iT-- bidteytoilrla & Co'".honce, - J l iga i'rom intrtnIer Fancy, for cale by 1to'013 sI.O0- BYLINE, 1"3 'rrchotpitrlllaltt. SIi;it -'lZl ii 7 nrirnred tt Ilanding from clear r] mcr Echo, avrd for sale by J VAIIRIN, rm4 2 g6 Po, ime oCt. i oo, will e iold low cy rIr24 A I 'l A W LI.ACr ito. tank Alley 1,1i'REr ilL.---'.15 ekta ?\ew l.dltrd \tihlulr rV o:lofvery ptrrlor lllqlity. ilt receive.'d at'ip lhrrtrvile reon New YorL, cnd for .alo at no. ilravier t. hiy rl27 J COCIKAYNE, IC ACON--Name an cadait der Werteo aeat sked. o S ts cks fbr alo at 44 New LCevee, by 1"28 G DOlIOE.Y. 1r i U r L.Aa tt rl-Tb-ao ie.ieot ,: ouirr, a - Il r l e lard rceeivd per ct boat and for ole aGt 44 Ne L, by t2O . G D O Ri E'Y . 1tt- nnotT gugE, en lnible for Gi.l Fl0.0, ed f, r role 1t 5.I (ld Icvere c. hby KATON & Cs.. i . ri Ic1,- .rmIrI "I 8 Coti ot AUCTIONI SLSLN. I ' .y & unruaerrt d . sh. I, ft Ie ,th I, a ,' 1 1 I 1r . in B1" I.iAC S. A!,.tCI . 0 K Fridam tlm 7a h lm ,n t t, i1' ,,;ll t:" I.:t" l ,f I aOxdol i u'i'a'k, at Ii. .l-d ins m olluw n'_ te o m''e nallt Nir i a1'. t i o:id oIt. TnAT 1.1 . .11,. loI . ANs.) LOT, No. t2, At pre-seat occupi ,l ;v t !a , (:e,,,ge A. Itiid & Co. C ( . alotlhecaroy e , t Eu llli I t'ii tim cltnrt IOf " hl lnt Ltntn n+ aund til b d .-reert. 'I , Ie iet na llo t le't front n I 'I'h lpltoln'al' . ltr( t, by ilbout nt firt 2 inchesI m ll ind" lines ideph; :1111 'i ut nlitnd ntr'etl, and ' i flet 6 inl:ll inl te ler. 'The i!t.prvu m..;at tlh.ermt ransio t (f:, 1,1''P. (I, " ....."", tblr'ee .tory bri kSstidio,. S ui , envt' rod w t i- , i , ,l rl , dinsar lirculne ltlnutre rdiulS Iy-i. ll1'",nI ' II r,'ll II 1.ItlU yer annum. T'his pr', l-ty ' I.'e'' ,d , , f e t ls t a t e o f r e p lai r , o i l , ! i ' , . . , i t l 'i n l ' 4 t 0''l1 " t L l l- il· . moot detirnblxh nd rni . t ,o'a.'n o I, r Lutt/au.-d thrommlolmt n I art of mhr ritl 'I hIe p :";iý", 'il"1 - th, r d atrgftenaig 4 c'lontiloul 1' l. - igfll el new n llrtra in r.lltlnt! Ne-" I'. r: .. trr't Ih n filling i t,, r di ,t-;, v..Ili:n c 'iI 'Ilel li,_ o , the I:lin Itlre ., Ao to Ir .der it n It, of tl' ima :" tiIr t ira. ltlcl r tl' r s b ut i on e ,n - t r - o p ( i l i n . r i l in .\ tI t ' ' etreet from 'Tel t i ton l+ t. httv I. ,'.tr - lh" t epit . i lumn o'tl ndl llattlll 'l l .il I n'ew Leveeo s treet, t rictr il I ilr':. ..II.: png,ll tl eaml ol. unl S r ll imIte t ltr ' ,l lrlent im: nmllthe Antem.mi and v.heSuble ii ,n u.w IC.L in Sn . atis riamlt e nee i . ll ' ,nhi.iti l ,i titI 4 : , aif ut tle invery be.ltt e ao'iottu .: teea lih.Ii in' ,l l In :i 1 lu lllejrprmle t ttint .'dui illhn a :, a I . It lli' l hi' ''h slu bj ct - to u 1 p lrc I tll l Ir nll e o lll l ptoll allt( . i n. , i.t. h : h :lsublt eon lie lIst of .N veI In e.3: I ' r :' :. 2d-. N1)rTISEK V.l. OL I .4 Stalt ':' A SIi TO.a rNo. 1:1. Anr t 'Peaea tlli ee : i" 1'a tti.i!, I:'' I ,ituatemli 'lIeumonpitouua mi.reel., d a.1j1.iIj n'" t., I , d c' erilbedl prot rty. The ate 'a n , ., I ch fn t Id +s frnn t LitnT , i ch n :-t oee, I, i d h, ie iresnt l il e i s n te ,e n ; ,t . n wiutll ,e so ite d or e ileetrt il an . 01 i I .I.1 .' r mooumth, otillate Sn eaof e lotni, ! W b i 3id. AO)TiHIER V IU!.t I11,E IijSt:;C 1,15. LOST, No.t Ili,at pra M e t t rnSlla d l ('hlle'' l,: r . And iimateie III l'r l'.h aI tnh.Llt il. llll 1, 1 C l h I ' ', !,l-t descriledi lroprrt'. 'ito lot ielase.i i I :', it:Ch froxn t , in ch|.:t' +nl I ill d h a.ll o 1i ". . 1 fete7 iimeerm endi 1 IS Inttn l hei h tl,' r, --'! l rTer. Tie" iotmltreun l m t Ilei lot r.trr' .10 .. th Te o I l lo llt lIl ed, niollm.l i.l l ,1 Iend: .l. .' in ll ' i3eoeoit leaue, iia'h e larey i t ola1 h :l f a I' 1:1l'1c The tte hr e uttall.'Shl itaildhinis will j.1i i 1 1h" nit iut e lantv I'at or re t. T'le tiili l . ,wlam ', I.'r % a' ','fere teoy irih noti.. T. 'h .nrpa tot:lf h llo relot0,tll:t" i<,rl+l0 .1 . low her el!a t til n i lla "aila e iit.e I ta"l mi',nh ebleintacd aS aaant iihegto ero ilu'oeiuf t 1taid Sa 'h le .1 l1 oflhte hi r lld$ IO ihet 1t i i ' fl., .1:. , a in o t ihe rent. ment o .-1n hIropethid t in o f ell- IIi, o0 hie let aS' at,. t il1C. iaiia-iiioi r Itr remit. tter naitaan iiter t. T'S po i ," lii i lfe o the sell e re d eer ivided illl o.1 1., i hi: vlo esn I + P it ' i% It. ,nort__ lge ni 10n nnJ 11".;.:I .n"I , or erut 5rchlaeI r to n-sole il Ia n r ar ti : poellt illoafdlli u propelt; . I t 1 1ta 'C Ithai fiill . . m(10i ot'iole iiii1.1,ltiet iicl ul . ,llt-i e ilhen fill l' , I;," m1Int of nole. mefar' t l\\i. i'hi'a . ':nCi. N ;I.l n' 2wi 0. 11 b.ler traer..,s t( pridi ,.. o lrir lt 1, 1oprr t do roeunt aol'tie p rcila el, n nc', lC i,: imbil ir tioien. a I r PACKAGE I -AIWWAil a'. SttIIlii.N -U 1:1 I ltt,11 oT . r5r. r, ' \ -:' f -I) t .:.t 8are gdo r which me otl'ert~i by fihe park-iU l.t ltiha " adorIer 1 prdeet. 'rl.i sc rew nl eo , nas af Ittcasks i a rt. ii nlii ia le ii ' ''d l t ridoll hriht traces oite ti lIiii 5520 do hogehlihi dolm 12enrenA Fnglii , Lli SilOSg gu |l 70 d o m ill file o d ,t dam I? Io p 'n, Itc5kel, aud dirk kuincso IS do mnba' aatliery 17 do braso 118 do braton chinairr oat uali'-tiokl_ 10 In houoks tad ainges 50 tons lnngliinhi beila 5lte' 4500 box 1 t.i platx, mil-orlted ileun. wilh also a good n1ptly of AfA .rncvll .trdane re.n O(rdert will reeeive pr5omlpt uitenthni, Cli lx'0In'te t uS lewest priers. j.aii 'n-iltii2niew -L yle & 171ny, DE:ALEtRS IN AM ERICAN & EN ;l;iS i:IiOWN i;,. "FF. iv . - r.. ", 1.A,Nlr ,lr 7.'.".'F+.1" ti NFIRM..ARY and 'rivate Chambers, cornierIfPl' y i dere ad (Circus sitr:;et, i B A. la. P'loIllfo1'h--hc 1ie ti J No.78 Conal eiret, hctn o teell aRoti nid l iini b Fetai.| lillnro ofltteudalli'o frtl, iA. \. illi P. I . . I Ilanclhctl, - AUCTION & COM3MISSION MIEIICHIIANT, liar asitahlirlihd hinmsleltf in- th e lwlilwsi'ess in Natc.a an, whihll will bie cnrietd oi in its various brnchi.s. Cnli,lllllntle fir alcltion or I rnivalle snl Foliite:ln Itofer to lIttolrtr, i'ttennla L Wlrielii, N.w ()rlt ns, Alfred Cochran, ('vruo Marsh, Eli hloigilcrv, Nali.- - Mr. lirlon, PROFEOtSOR IIF EI.OCUTI'IN, DEIPEC'I'FUI.I.Y nnolucllcs to the poblir of New abare necessary branch of polite and profies~iontl cdtn at'ion. S u leLta visited at tllhei" roeilldliuc, or ieceilvil at Mr. Itartoti' rOolm, Noi 11 Citrcus triet, erohr partalon lari Ii ayscortailied. n7 A NUMBER e veosels of light draughl t ofwater and vnttted as Gocrnmen t 'rnltllrporl.., '1 hiy ore ti be at Fort Brooke, Hiilsboroa;li bny, hy tIlhe I th of April next, well/rovided wiill tlfoor.s or fluamer for the same,with load a mdl water, aod nl .)'ier nIe Ctssr t preperatlrr, for trans mrlalinn of'I'rrpaop. IndiLtm.. Written propoiuln shlttiilealtn tlllliltq, l .II' . j l i* c,-r eral, hellaracter dfet ih vessel, lnd IheI pi per per Ilfeld ftm Fitt hBrloke to this pllace, t.hkioE oi l d Ili Mitnisaippiwill In' receiied by Il jor J. ('lurk, ,,,Stet -it Quater Master U. S. Arnly, until tle eveonig of tlh 24th inst. Also, for a nllllier ol' raesport nas nabvl , ifo trun porting tleaps lruto Fort lrooke it A p .llhicouI, tIo ibe at Fort trooke a on the t 0oh of Aprll next. QiUAIt.'rEII MASTEI't' OFFICE, New Orloene, Moreth ,:1,1037. LA'I'T-. 'uIIILICATti, "S. . HE olok of Saint Ni,:liln"s, i 1 elt Ilci ,aol 14, Sof the new conlplete and uaif'oron editian of Paul dint's works. ,The l)tthman'e Fiorahlo.--A Talc in trolA. being eilt. 12 and 13,oftlhe iiew complete and unili itn edition of Peulditng's a rks. IRioeir.-T'ronlslted byi Aloenoder Prp1e, ~rq. in l. volt. hein" Nun. :3lh,3ctd 34, of Holarets ('ia eioal Faintly Library. Jult receivedl and t r tale by \ iaKIAN et23 corne r Cap e li and (Cmiiio _t_ -- -- T N - SPA-', Ac. &e. .dc GENES in Spnin, by tle anllior of 'A year in 5ZS Spain," &,e. At 'Ie lioney Mooto, Iv the Caountess otf llk' ingto, &e. ina 2vol The TiCapi' at Iriitnnei', l. foa, Itcr \ili otil erTnlet ioydirtingauislrd riters. Alroa farther sillltity i L'tturr's Maniohai, al. lIi rultd d.ivilngtot's (Crilutliil ('tde. Joot roer tidl atiil fi lrsae iy n'3 IENJ. 11: V. uTInc EI NUIN'$ PtNAIECA L Il UT reiceive n. lage IUly of tl is a ii r.t uad Aecprdlingolnl ,r lately r reinedl, a ..i-i , t.'i dineoantlslielllu allowedtonirut ; Ileiot'sn il, -,i deolerr, in applying to thle i oh-betier, aie\u'Z 1 I l'a ietl rnN atmico aier Ntche l'n liih *l - (Co ' RI kCHt AND RARE WINES-i-l0 d rilni ; M tlurdock, dt, Sco1I, do. . :' Al , pale ld Aialoilluln he Fl do I,! ', (orion and Co. All thll-ie atc Flellld ' i .eatron ,ftlrtpeior to ii>r n I ,,I,, Ial ttotreafor tale be '1 I \ I I I . .. 'L C-EN" I.IIWA II. ITtIIEREAS my wile JANE b1'EAR. - Ia : ,l `' witha ottead thief, aild I ,n ,l",ai up , Irt.,t in a railt lo ntha Ot te" lnank',-'Thio io i" il ant. I'rrcin from Inrliorin-l, ilit , or iit t1,1 her iof tee account, an I will potio dl eluo i , l'olialt of Plecqiatino, Miath u ,u Iii :t7. llto L Casnr Oil, indo; p i: in l,; (.n i 'nitloru i ilndl drel Swaiiui'as li..ici'; i, .iu.i s ,t'"-iiul" (irden reeni in Ilumen Oilumlav tliin'; Siiil: ti liU der, Cap nl I.letter Paper, fiLor alle by 1 u2: SW\AIN & lrulti i1 ('llnl Ot, i-\-O ý- ý=\\ vti'c-tel' ,rul" uls lll F,: lii I until the Ilt April at thlr olCIe of the (;Ca Ii1 i ed Balnking Ci. or the ;r irin- ofu all Ihe.tret, ail ride walketaken tilt hb soii eaOlpllliti, lt Ii eni l year. All nlateriali to hl rnisheld by lthe iontrai I r,il o rk to he dote in the l rt inolner, ndlo ll.aielt ti lade, on tthe ertfileti oflthe .nriievr, thlt lihe wa lis beon . n..plted to , his ortifaetion. 'I'lu:,iuitor i it ust giaat hb nd fur3000l , nwltltnppooed etr it 3 for the faithful lterftitalie. of his dilt. inal ltghl u Bank Alley, tanen.al4 "tO4 GIRAND MAL.OONN-- NEW EXCIIANIbI: IIT._ ISSR" tItlldoP aold TrIUS1T tee replbillyl ýt notlnnce that tieir SOIRIEE AltiU 'AI.lF, i' tolesace on Ctede.nclln y eveitti Murch 'C117 . l hlen theyv till Ie n#itet ti lthe fullmi thisr i gi.k.dartiln.b who, hli leC Iolitely a tirnfldl tlt ri i atea,"id. iTMndme G.Ilt t'D, the rcil, ,iitl 'i"n ig.nnr GAMB.TTI. thy pcnnis,;ion of R .,l1 t ý Siglor RAVACGI.IA Mono L,.OIIMANN, ,i :I 1i LL nd n nlaeurtr of titl tilt. q iTickelr. $ I 00 Ie be hdl it- Ilr Cnsev' lit,, store, and t the Newc Exchntire I altl. ili u C('pER't iN\\E WOiIttS, &r. &u. I.r IANNI S its Fn)pe. by an AXtnerir,:eu (Coop -. " in 2 role. IBeteltr by oy', iliittoiiiit etf rrt'ei'lae\ life. in cr' dae People, hI itif it euuoiliuuatiati f tlti Totil, tsd other sketehe., M t r ratn, rstinunt prtple, illiooettrrl iIn tale, l.wlnll.ln Bontwri'g. Jual rrti"'e'rl nlilll I4 e Is enlntt.I KENJ. t.l'. fi or e by S" & J."1. i" II I'IllLY. al "i.., .tt... ,[ tb y 1IY1'& A IF

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