Newspaper of True American, April 20, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 20, 1837 Page 2
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OJtw. ot I ll-N ,. hd!soao hand ...................... 0,04 1 Api i19 tlte--No. ,alts roc',l this day Il. 3 T..4.1 l dJ I. l'o oio.t.t).. iU,-:5...... ... 51 6 8 April 19. yreport. thiP day to II vroe,..... 6 ,340 Posrtutoath.. 5273 '' , l. . II t:+a...... 162 Toutal do, 4i6,10 415.650 7 .Nn.rof balaooln handndlot cleared. 142,610 OTATM'I'll :NT'1 OF TOIIIAC'0:t. N--U , -. hhd~ on Iml 1..... ....... .77, Total do preaiouuly..0l,7Z 11,75u 19,t I9, Total Expors to date ....... 7,01 No. obhkhl on hand not cleareI .... ....4. ..... 1,420 THEATRIIE-4T. ChARLES. TIIIS -EVENING April, 18th, Will be presented the Legendary Operatic Ballet of L.E DLEU 1.! l.. BAYAI)RE. Zoies, the mol sf Cashmere, M'lle Celeste; Fatimln, Mrs. Huntl; Llctia.ladolme Thielehrn; Halidlce, SIgiinra Mariett Zolitna, rigoora Eliza; 1th U,.known, Mr. ,Mt;Ollfoee, Mr. Page. Previous to which the Force of A GIKNI'LRMAN IN DIFFICULTIES.,,Me1 Iatlhaum; Mrs. Sedley. Mrs. Hunt; ,itsinay, MU Melton. A CARL). TWREATRE--ST. CIAHLES. 11M . LATIHIAM'S BENEFIT. S.age J.anager and Dirertor of ~.Mic. Mr. Latham respectfully informs his friends and the d'.blrlc in gqteral that his BENEFIT will take place to ye, t, AApril ltad, on which occasion he trusts Akte .! ll hmestr for -VAILETY, NOVELTY, AND ATTRACTION, " Witl trove vortlhv tlherir tprobatioat, THE INIMIT.ABLE CELESTE, Fr the lat Ti,re. I.".Mr. Lathma ssuores Ihis friends and the puhllic, lti thits will be tits last appearance of this dlitia"nish etd Lady in New Orleans: as she proceds to the N.l tt inahe steatnoer Alisni-sippi.Jl taces atay now be secnrd at the Box Office. OTICE-Tlho ftr.o of 'I'1lo ..0AS tIAtE "T'& Co. is dissolved; and Thomas Barrett, the seinor partner ofthe house is charged with its liquidation, and (iill use its name for that p r pose. TIIOMAS RARRE r'r, JAMES B. HULLI.N, I.UCIAN HERIMANN, New Orleans, April 20, b37. o 20 6t TO PAVERS. Comptroller's Of1iee, Second .Mlfunicipalify, New Orleans. April 2,1,137. SEALED Proposals will be received at this office uhti' Monday the Ist May next, for the placing ot curb atid gutter stones, with three feet of paved support sor eanter banqulette, that may be required by the dor ceyor during te present syear. All the materials will be fnmiehed by tile Municipality. Satisfactory security will he required;and in order to avoid unnecessary dtla:', applieants will unme their seenrity. SE-TH WV N1YE, a20 Comtptroller. ItNNGAHtIA WIISKEY- bls a very superior article, for sale at 17 Commerce st. by sl0. I.AYET & At lll,:INfl. LOUIL--r27 lils Fln lr lolo n ste0ml r A~ l, ' and for sale at 26 Plydrua 1t. bI a20 i J VAIRIN. pEL RIES--JO36 packs pelries, in rstore nd for rale Sat 26 Poydres s t. by a20 J VAIIIIN. B ALE RUPFE--I 00 coils bale rope, il store and for sale at 26 Poydras slreet by aO J VAIRIN. ORK--10 Ibils mess pork; 1O0 don prime do. for sale a 74 P, dras st. by a20 J TIIAYER & Co. D toESTI1 ICIRANLt'--5I blis landing Irom steamer North Amterica,and for sale by s2.0 JTIIAYEIk & Co.74 Podraasstreet. B AON- - anding ellolc steteorrNrtll AAmerica,and r fr sale by the sbslnctibers a 6.5 Catup st. 48 hogsheads Cininuttli Iltlla s; 80 do do hloulders. oO20 YORKI: BRIOTHIlERS. IY TI'. C. (,\t it{& CO. WITILL be sold thii day 20th April at 11 o'clock at their store No 44 Cainep street 41 COILS DAIA.Go E)BALE ROPE. a20 'LOUUt-I-137 bbles (inhim:ati, u .erline Flour ln ker's brand,ie l i or llnd Irsale by a20 IlOGERT & lHAWVTIlt)llN, fi3 Grovicr t. S O TILE I'UBLIC:-A L. PlOL'UGHi&E. OS BORN, Surgeon De ntist, No. 78 Canal street. re spectfeidl gives nttice, that tile have united tbeir re spect ive interest in the lractice olf Dlital Surgery, the better to enable themn to en.lnilish sucncessi'lly the various and comllleied oerations inll their profession. After many yearsexlerlence andecxtVnsive practice, they are reppaied to state thlat all their oeperations shall be. prornel on the inost mnolern, implroved prisciptes ind profess-ioial skill. Their operati ns consist in treati; all theo diseases of the month in children snld adnult, Iand tI iring it inl every possib!e 'itnation. It is their earnest desire and intention to raise their establishmtsent to that iegIte of emintence which will warrant tile littronsge of the pub lie, and with colllidencc utnhesitnti.gly warrant their operations, wlicll inll stee and usefilness cannlot be excelled in Unitedl States. 1fl In consideration of the above union they are able, and willing to smtke their charges tmodcrate. pl19 In ANIMAUX EPAVES.-A ete ris pIar le gardle ide unit du Seyt., eourntt, on el"val grin, et an pon .y gri, tyant tn nmsean dolls " t nrotnc--nit an oitrs ponny a eta ttntte duds In iruo Perdililo. Le Iropiie daire des d Is unitnux est jtiens ide venlir les reclinier en payant leIfraie, d'ice ut vingt deux d'Avril, outil seront wendus le ditjour plr B A fluilliotte, Euicnteu:, JOHN PRICE, al Comilis're lre Cist. 2d IMu icipalite. A NIMAUX EI'AVES.--A eto pri pinr In garde de Liuit, ds dit couIrant, iun cheval bay nvent un marquell blanche sutir le front, une autire marque lanche sur leas arrines, n ete pris In nene llluit n llonny con letr creme, nyant oue etoile hlatnele suir la front, et la queuecourte, et le-idenx pattes de deriere blniec anusi untt ebeval Ilanne. Le proprietai'e dlt dlits animlax ast pris de venir len reclamitr en payat . le piris dice tin vingt dUea d'Avril ou ils scront vend pe l lit jetr p'r P A Guillhotte, Eenilteur. JOIIN PIIICE, a19 Conlnis're ler Dist. 2d Munieipalite. TIUBBiENAINOSAY,&t.-A'ierkoflhe lloods,orthe SJibenainosnsy, a Title iofKentlncky, it vorle. by list author of"Clavar, " "The Infiderl," &e. Twice told Tales, by Nathanial Hasn thorn, in I vol., just received and for stiale by a19 JENJ. LEVY. TO RENT. A four story Store. Granite front, in one of the best buseiess squares in Chartres st.,ev'ry ef way ealcnslated for a thncy dry goods store. A dr box 271. tl9 BY W.l FLI.OWEI. T LLbe sold on Thursday, the 20th instant, at V In o'clock, at the Excnlsige, corner of lCartlres atld St Louis sett'its. A F.AIILY OF NEGROE-, Consittin, of the wonuan Iloliv and her three ehililren, via: tlolly is about 24 vea ns od, nn exceIleit fiehil ind, etrong old healthls , fld .ta\ site in solmetliia of n cla ok and washter. Aaelite, Ilho daughter, it Inigih sttu let tres, is albut 8 years old. n hnlid-s'te, nirt e,aosl very ittlelligent girl. Francis, it liurk. 3 years oilt .un sil '. ora,6 old. l'lhey oire sold sith fill gteiurinee .eainstt the vices and nnladlies presclibed by liw.- l'orneie:sh. "n19 (3OMMIO. \VI WHISKeY.-- 20 hlt, ilor nby Iy C a9 l ItlOliEV, lI New l-vee. ACON, Lurd, and ulitter, t.r sale i B a19 t C Il)ilketEY,d lNiw Lcve. ALSO, in store, redl ild iwhit Iliianei. W HS1111K41'"-'i1 him of Rectified, lmaeting liti V stemnner As:a, for sale by G DOR2EY, al9 4 New Lentce. TLOUII.--14i,1I bdts Susrtithe, Io ockwood's andill, le it thle lnding, iy G DtiRSEY, a19 44 New levee. SALT-- wldinm g sd i fr sals'se. A tio -I - 7 nt9 If Ct.\l;llIACK&CO',C5Graiiert. ESTEItN IIUT'T'I, I. RD & BEANS, hlad PI in; fatontl :tcltmr Jsudin, andl iLr Iale at '42 P.idrntus et. bta il3 13SLATl,' . l UltN-127 saacks colll ifor olla by S 18 I E'T~ON, AVERY & Co. ORN-1000 sacks corn ill t .iilali fit sl'e byl l0n18 J V1 I R L N, 26 I'o3 dras st. TLOUK & IACON. lar salei at :;3 (;tratier Ft. by Sal8 S BI,.ANCHAlIl). ,ICE-50easks of Iritequanhiv,fin s.ale by 14 ln8 SI( II.AN11ARD), 3:3 Grovir st. W AAN'tt-Gais Fitters ' r tle Mlobile (is-wa.k. Ap)ly at tihe box oifce, ft Clharles I heatre. Oi8 3t j ACO4 n-btl0 casks tIacon, in titre ao:d for sale by a183 J VAIRIN, 2) Poydray st. e1]NM. blus seearn ilcuil, itn store nail for tlsale at 9i Poydraa at. by aIB J VAIRIN. E ANS--II)0 bbll nLit lteas, a gerodt article, in .L stor and four saln at hii I'o dtay ask b - all J VAIRIN. L Afit --l'ti1 kegs Lottrd, past nulieiior qf uality, in store and irn salie it 2' i) drns t. Ylit a18 ll VAIFIN. Innding lilatl dIuesltr i' Vje'ti,,'lr sale by t17 JUI .1'S VAIRIN, 26 Poyrsiie . IlUli, Iork, bacol e l t ini. d, str aLe. by 1 n7 G D i)RiIi'.V,44' Nt- Levee. - 1.:IAeA WVINub.-'tut qr rsks tite niti ti wet t J1 Malaga Wine, "Daundr,a Brand," a very Supeeriur aund ptte artiele, for tie by - - " all BOGt;EIT & IIAWTIIt'RN, 13 Grauier t. " OIDEAUX BrltANID)'--o5 ltlfpijioe U-ttdeaux 5la ndr Duprey & Feilmn-te Ii, nlSi, of direrl .T ~ lationad od ti a0 stiele, liir alae |ie - 1&8t I nOER'1' l l A el'l-t tRN, 63I Grnvicr at. .NAt i,.--71 I ieces hKuetuckl bugging,a very -"-suImF,-'riorrlt- for rnlee v s97 IBO;EILT H. IW'I'ITOR N, G? Gralier rt. ii ON1iNGAHI'IA '4 IIISKE'Y.--3-5 bils old Mo SJnLg la whbl lbiski v of leliliots flavonr in store ibtstwaler by EOCEIi' & HtAM T]O'lil N, ais 13 Grnvicr st, W. Elliott, lkte Ot;fhe Atltrrldo ietlllin, t, arP re. nesated to pay the same t. J AM ES I nA I.D. E:L ,, m't il I'rvisirnt'I S nslie. 4t) .10CCO.-Sugar leaf twoat', fri sale iy 7- itill JN I it 11, AM. ) iRK--ts bulk and I'arlels, fCr ed-le by r ol JNO II CIIAIIAM. ' l lI I , 'X " ll i ; I, ; O.- - t i orie e ' . ti e r -r.r ' h ail J.%'O I (;RAil.'l r.'bliebhc Daily anrt 'Jri.slekly, nt I anolt.' Ascads", corner of antitese and ..T1 .azhine tt. EDITED BY JOHN GBSGON. FAITIIFUI. AND BOLD. NEW-O).RLN:.NS: TlHURSDAY MORNING .......... ..........prilO, 117:7 Worse and worse, says Bennett. Worse n rd worse, say wc; nlotwrithstandiig the senseless cry i ofintercreed parli s. Their iprain; clout contrfi. dence will noti restore it. When the disruption it the commercial comunanity shall Le complete, when metn determinens doing business upon cnpi tal and not upon tile credit system, then sh ill we begin to go a-head again. New Orleans is not a whit better off th in New York. Stocks are going down rapidly in that city. Transactions are becoming less and Iass. Bl:ank Bonds are selling at I to 2 I-2 per cent. a month. Another large house has toppled down in Wall street, h.ving a large namount of futds ovner and above its liabilities. Nnmerone small failures are daily taking placer that do not attract attention. The boasted relief measures of the United States Pank, the Manhattan, Morri s Canal, &e. have proved a very hultmbtg. The most ruinous rates of interest must be paid to raise money upon these securities. The general suspenrsion of specie payments is still talked of.t Bennett shows conclusively that it is an idle and wicked selemer-that it isonly put. ting tile evil a day farther off. The resunnptiinm ,fslrecie payments will be accompanied by just such times as we have now. It is evidently the wise, course to hold out, even if every nlerhanl t be ruined in the country. That this will be the consequence of persisting in redeeming paper at t ie specie value, we have experience to teach us. But tf we once get through on that principle, capital will hencefoerth be the basis of commerce. This to a consummation of great consequence. Yet when the currency of the country stands upon the bank ing system, is it supposable that banks will con tinue to redeem their notes when their very con tinuance so to do will throw hack up.Ln their hands every dollar of their paper,-the very panlbulu of their existence? lie who oxpects suhlt a result, has no regard to the law of cause and effect. Bounts are like Individul.e, they will stop specie pay ments before they will be ruinetd. That they tmay bear up against the storm, anti if necessary, pay out every dollar threy can procure, is our earntst wish. It will be an achievement that will forever hlrerfter secure t.,e colutmmercial world from 're vulsion. The globe chlnas great cledit to the last ndmin istration for forcrring an importation of specie into this country durilg the list three years. It asserts that the bantks in the Union are in consequence r stronger, and fully able to stand out the present conflict. W\ho then have the priescut disastrous ti nes fallen upon? Did not the maosures of the government and the lmonopolists of soutlhern'and western banks cause the unnatural ifllux of spe. cie into this country, by driving up the price of our great staple fir beyond its .eal value, and creating a halrnce against England? Did they not, by so doing, derange the whole system of commercial credit to a degree that has produced the present revolution? What is specie, what is bank paper to a nation? No more than any other it article of trade. The rnovement of either ol these articles in tile general channels of commerce, if let alone, can never produce distress. We should regard therm as articles of enmstierce sub!ject to tile great law of demand nnd non demand. Seventeen of the stubborn and patriotic Semi noles arrivd ) esterday in tthclrig Somerset on thei way to the lar west. They are line looking ani mals, possessing all the lincamncats of phys'ial men to perficltrin. It is no time for the indul. g.nee of a false sympathy for thesesavages, but as we gae,,d upon their finely rounded limbs, their dejected rountenances, and their dogged walk, we could not help regretting that a necessity ever existed ofdriving them from the home of their futhlers,-thel woods wherein they had hunted fromt their childhood. Love of country is the higllest as well as the noblest of n!l the virtues of thc human mind, and that they should struggle bC fore they were driven from it, is a sure indication of a native mantliness tliat should recomlnmend them in the estimation of every American. The being that would vuluntarily abjure his native soil for any other country, however desirable it may be, mlay Ie set down as-ao mlan. We must accord to thie Indian thir sincerity and man li nces of feeling in battling for the broad leafed forests that sheltered him in airth, in infancy, in boyhood, and in manhood.l. The s tatue of Washington, designed far the American Exchange in St Charles street, arrived yersterday in the Moscsow, from Marseilles. Lot Us, upoan all possihle occasions, encourage the love for sculpture, by imIporting froam Italy thse best works of her gifted sons. Statuary in our public buildings will beget a desire to have it in our privuate dwellings and in our gardens. Nothing so softens down the asperities of nature as to be foamilier with fine specimens of scnlpture. It is an art that every people ougllt to encourage. The coolness of tile season is ole of those nnomalies that frequently visits our variable cli maue. Since the It of January last, the the, - Itometer Ins not stood above summeln r heat. At the nost, we have bad somen two or three warsm davs that s.lvored of summln r. Dring tile month of March. and op to the present time, the th'r mometer hao ranged froml 60) to 67 degrees. At night blankets are comfir able. As yet we have heard but the pas-intg hTT of a stray mluquiho, whro Iad left his abiding place :o see iftlhe Reats had come. ThrTugh the polite:ness of Captain Bredall, of the Cauansllel, we are put il pfossess~' n I the Metasmoras Mlercury uno to the 74 I Malrch. They are as usual filled with extrlcts from other Spa nishl papers. Sore complaints are indulged in by the editors of thie non-supply of money to thl., rin y. Signor Q(intani was t' Irov id one bun dred and lifty thousand dollalrs. A nortllern paper lllh s appropriately alpsthro phises the oiar;a' euae.rCE c TINKER: o lalile At ir',w Jalcli;ke Anehel r of the veto mnessag! a t. novPerol the deposites! Assumlr of thle resrpmsi idli, ! Inventor of the experimernt! P' eacful be your declining years at the Hermitage,-whilst so manys of your eoylrlrym)- elnl at're hseinI your natell for that kind inerp,,sition of yours in their afn airs, ,hich has resulted in these glttious, these happl, thlese cheering ti;es! 'Tibey who trade lon I r rowedl capital deserve. t break." So ihey d.o! Goud old man! Patrio.t Sage! And they nie getting their deserts ! "Pe nee, !,'ood ghost !" The Taonm nics have had a seltintedl meeting in New York. Andrew Jackson, Martty Van Ilues', .Mr. Morgan and the specic circular, were the rent h thees of praise, awhite poor Nick Diddle, the Whigsi, the Bankl and Aaron Claks were lith chieftopics of ahuse. Y-oung MAr. d!ciiean, a Van Buren mane, made a thrilling speech in favr of Democraye , and all that. Lsi. Mir. lradt fihllowed and clmpllil.enited MIcKesi ae his l" Ie cratle" friend. VWhat a way thiiese woultd be de mocrats Ihve! Nota word was breathed of the Ihonrable Vice Presidlnt. It w.,eud have shocked their nerves. The election is galig o bravely in Netiw York. On tihe first day .1.,00i0 votes were polle'. The olte'e lholders ware unusually active. So wdrre a :r Whits. In tle fourth ward the Ta trmainics jtit' id the Loco Focos. The trial will be very severe'. It is almost certain that ts!e Van Bareuitcs will he dcfetrtd. If the friendo of the Cuns:ituation turon oliu, tIhey are gone.'. Another higrhly esteemed arerchant has gone by thile oard in Philadelphi, thllough it is hoped he will resume payment. The money market was in a wretched state. MIr. Dallaas,tl,s new miistier to irn.sie will leave Boston in the lrdep'endtence. Thi,, fserner des afaiires wai desired to return home in or!er to ime r,.nr" f r 3Mr. drew. Vt'c Presdent R. MI. Jo!nrstn has arrivd i, t'.e city, and will spend a few days with his re!ative Williamr Chrisly, Esquire, Carrndrljet street. Srromon says, "there is a time fir all things. DIt lie edresam of the destruclian of sermmcreial 1't crecit in 11137h If hle had imagiTed in his wisdrom s of such al event, he would havensaid, "t'here is a time to fail,-there is a time to gut the banks,- B there is a time to suspend and go on mgain,-and ti there is a time to over-trade." The works o:n the Lrng Island R.lil Road have been suspendled. About 600 laborers have bhen a thrown out of employ. The Glohe says, "they a deserve to starve, because tile have earned no thing." What thinik yu of this, gentlemen la borers? You can voit. s Sam. Comoly, of Philaudlphia, proposes to comn pound with his creditors for 50 cents in the dollar. It were woell for the country if all those who have uvertraded can do the snmre. Rotatiiot is to Ibe the rder ot tihe day. It is like the turning of Fortune's wheel. Five officers of a custorms in Philad.lphia, goad Van Buren men, have beenl turned out, because they have been eightt years in oeiee. We are gratified to observe that Dr's. Ploughr and Osborne, so well known among us as Dental Surgeonst, worthy in every way of the name, have s united themselves ill the business of Dentistry, and contemplate lending their whole ime and skill to raise Dental Surgery to a level with the other branches of medicee. Our citizens have a guarantee in the long residence of Dr. Plough a smong us, and his well known ability in his pro fessitnt, and in the high reputaltion enjoyed by Dr. Os ,orn in Savanah, that the establishment will he one where they may fearlessly resort for reliel frorm diseases of the teeth,-those ivory guards that should be watched over by their possessor as a treasure of inestimable value. MONEY MIARKET-CITY THRnsDAY, t A. M. Tile tloomy news from New York prevsents confidence fromn returning ia the least. Our money market is still irounbouad. lost of the batkss are e, however, atig upon the reuewinL priceiple to their debtors until elet December. This will en ble the broken men and those largely in fo ffunds to rrange their bueillness with greater esee sd certainty. Fi'ar is a shade lower. We note 1000 bttarrels at $0 25. News flnr Charlesatoe tells as sof the scarcity of Rice. Is consequence, it is improvig, being to-tay at 4 cents. Lard il rromewhatbetter, eeents. Ground alum Sall i any quaeuti i Cotton ,till a drug.--re note a sale of 1it bales of Missis srippi at Ut cents. F PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE. VWahingtron, Ajpril 13, 1837. (Fron our own Correstpondeotie.) The pressure in the money market is the entire sibjct or f soetversation in our city, and we look withr great anxiety to the news frolt the great carn m, rcial city. The administration here would not, if they could, do anyibinr to relieve the pressure. The Globre, the organ of the kitchen cabinet, (which rules still the destinies of' our country,) says, "THERE IS NO PRESSuRE IN TIE MONEY MAR IET TAII.T ANY IIUNEST MAN SHOUL.n .EGREs'." 't1'lt office houlders feel no pressure; they receive regu larly their salaries, and are the only men here who have money, and are fleecing our tradesmen with their ready cash. T'le news in the papers of the I Ith itnstant, state that the moaey market is easier, and that stocks have risen. Privnteadvices of the alternaoot say, that "things are no better,-stocks have again fallen to-day." There has been about i net hundred and twenty failures in New York. Some of the largest manufacturing establishments !lave stopped business, and nearly three thousand laborers have been thrown out of employment. Th'le presaure has found its way into the large r prilinng eat blishlmefts. The Ilarpers have dis io charged the most of their hands, and will do little ,or unlhoIg. Many of the merchants are breaking up housekeeping, and all are reducing their expen e ses as mluch as possible. Philadelphia is now be i gluning to feel the pressure; they have had about d thirty failures: some to a very large amount. ial e timore and Richmtond are also beginning to feel the hard times. The Massachusetts Senate have rescinded their mad abohtion resolutions--neither of the Crest i- rlll8s intended to he outldone by ; + other; and thus Ithe resolutions were introdueed and passed. Van LUlren was suilported in Massachusetts at tIh S presiderttial election, as an abolitionist; and ill Loulriana as an anti-.hbolititnist. Just so awith the 'tariff: he was sup ported in Massachusetts and as L.uisiana s a aunlt' man, and in Virgia as nati tantl'. His pledges to veto any bill that might be prsrecd by conrress, abolishing slavery in the Dis t rrict, is one of his prtomises, made to be ttroken ait cr any time he sees proper; fromt the numnber of of i te hoelders, office seekers and political sycophants it i this place, who alownrr no slrave property, he could have n manrity of the people here to decide in fa 5 vor of atboltion; and I think it highly probable e that a movement is now going to effect that object. n. There are now five hundred and tilty laborers era played here at work on the Patent Office,T'reasury Sbuilding, and public grounds, (or were yestelrday) d and solle two thousand clerks and messengers, all l te dependent on the ileasure of one mtan for their e bread. The labtorers on the public works all Sturned out this mornig f higherighr wages, and to drremand that no negro slave should be employed 5e by the government: their commllittee waited on thie n- president this morning, and I suppose l he has ed granted their demnands, fr 1 understand they oae at work, or e part of them, this evening. n In New York the pressure has broken up the Trades Union in tot. lHundreds and thousands of laborers and mechanics are parading the stteets he constantly, berging eml ploymetnt at any price, or ed on any terms; hence uncle Sana is their principal employer, and the little Kiing" his agent: IItey t anage iln as they phl ase. Laborers wan: $2 he per di.y. hr Kendall and Matty manae mte ters so eeretly u in tile kitchen, that it is hard to flind out vhat they are about. The Specie circular will not be re tc scinded. It is thought the Land Offiees will be Is. closed in May;-an effort is or han been tsade ao ore have them closed, but the decision of Marty is not re. certainly known. S9etches ofNeso Orl.snna. Amont the niulereus pu lie rn.t1 privnte arifieet that adornl the cityrofNew )rlenns, and clicit rorm the Fpectatr [an rexlaminaion of amniration, tIt Sr. Charles Theatre may be ay ranked pre-i minent. Its vast dirnrentions, its goroeoat furinritre and alrehiltectral elegance, co llr neld, present a chef 'dlaucre of tarignificence, urasrrprased perlaps ill tral,, i w or old world. The St. Charles Th'eatre is If watder t tthe age in which it was reared: an nrtiniie I anid an hornor to the cily in which it stnuds: a proud ntnumOento to the crigantic enter prize of the iu tamed t n. l far reaching s,irit of its worthy fitunder. James II. Caidwrl is decidedly the Na:oleon of soutern enterprise. Time,npaepace, earrh,tair and water appear to hrve been created as mere axllilinries to sat scare Itie stpeIndous pr.jects dhily "bodied fortlh" by his untiring ge nius. At lone tie we see him spanning " old ocean;" at alaother,, adlressillg fron the rostruml tihe asseuilb ed sarrran of, tie It iornaiet city. Anon preidlignap d governing eith the judatirnt of Necker, the financial operation of a mronerary .-ora nl; and again we see hint raril.n a E.,rhest s ito tI e austes. Tilre last anhietivment 1 con tider ihe tondelar I aither of his chaplet. If a visitor to theb f tre rival of London desires a fe.tst worth I ofI el jo mei l( t, go toll te St. Claerlrs T reaire! Trke a seat in one of those gi.i di bix, r eat the staiLy, where ill cortroalnlld ia fill view o' f the pit, parquer, dress circle, and ct lets i l r ,gion. Listen to the unrivalled orchcsirs, mllit vared anll iproved iby tle ihorded refineimeents .,f [olian minstrtlsvy, as thl e v olll e of music reaches a melody that t inhuxicales thle senses! Vi'ew that splendhi ball of light suspended from thie eciling, n flared with a id, t ih s light re Ilcetinrg urtor the thti :sar d pai t ichles of gdi ss a llot eli-ter ar. sparkle with n tarilia.ev sutrpail the e" crescent o'er a Tnrk's pavdlllion!" Lok around at ithe host of bright eyes and shining faces, litertlly burdenedr with ihe jecw"hy and garl .-Ja w of fashion. all tlhrorng toL pay It.bute ito this Termde of Thcs;ris. It-nuty is here pre sented in ,i1 its ph.ases. The raven hb-ir, e prereirg eye. and vo ltiuoua fo, u of itheCrcole, and the more dlietrio, biut el t less fascinatng !amst l oithe north. lilere,toto, may he seen tile I ti rer seenatllion L of a region, not srO far i" down .eir.' at tlang.r, but far enouzl tio prove by "oc ilar dem ,nstratio ,"h.. that ti e.ey l e " dont e nsol te service," in tie way of mlanual ccupation, frm I n m:scaline d.,velopment of their tingers. - hle sairitated with this "gy and festlive scenec, ytou may saunarer inlal a spatoms saloon eaten rn.g the whole rlenalh oft . huddlin, d.eorated with solas and nirio a, " hero inu n may, !t!I with all the ind - lance a a tGernan',r il ya thinklc you are good l"okin,.e (wlrlt is very plrubabhe) a view of (ourse li. I ct e dellacies, l t a substantial cha - Itc, r, are serveld up in a vtriety that cannot foil to please lite 1ost fastidious palate; buhat of all tle caltrres who dance artendaeceia thisdepartn.ent, rve re a fietic wll oal- I do e erieare eco net, i ho i intently ceaon ed in ,l':'ing up a delicious "- n o, Ire s a,' cr l,.'rated for its obtuseness. I niquatlly renowaeud for .its l.vor.-[G(rand Gulf [f°'rle Cignn.roares per brig CYCLOPS, frnn Liv erp)ol are I artaretonh ee rernested e take out their per ta ,re rtdattend troat the receIc ift teir goods. alO x"I'ue Pae'I t sieg VICKSII5URG, afrom New Yuk i unow hatuthar ring sita llospital street. Can sign "coo are ree...ast.d r.te.i tlar re.eipt of their gneds. ,[ iII, . my wttb s:tiie.uSlt ,ll apasltii h lha t to y V laid ard band, ;ld ginrei awiy w ih at ean by tire naier of JO )ll: CASEY, this is to forbid aylv ri terlln tltutilg her na lily account as I will pay il debts of b-r crolltr:l gling. RO J.1A-5FE CAROII.. W 'iG.---5 t s c.t.sueitable faor n. il Sin0 silo'Tahoupitonlaer street. Port or N'ew Orlcans. C(1,EA!3ED IESTE:I)AY--I I9t h. S;,i), Col-te!lation, S.B.,lsr ll. Havre, 1 I1 Gacl--cargo, ,)23 b de., cuttoll. I'rlrue Cuba,, 'rorl-louth-- S & P lhit'lley--carg,, 572 Ihles.o ltll. Brig Geo!ogill, Jollanoe, n:lrr, Coowes lll da ,rlket, V (G olows - co.--cal-g, 15 8 balg collee, 4510 IIo logwood, 3,,50 Ibs Brtz Il ,ti wI, "I. Brig n, llluodo. , ,isal, J Pilnts ...ol---c.4 , !ht Srig Alaynloll, LV,Ionslle',Bj. s loton. G Bldfrd--p cargo, 162 Ibole.- eotnl,,o l0,i,. hl., prk, 1 4 h1. ,3I , 1.3 kel . mlld il b f ,'do lar , ,I h l Brig Lady 1lounore, W lo6or, Glagow, , Voglblu l" co--'argo, otill hales cotton. Brig Sarah, Durkee, Boltlnore, J W Zacharie ".F co--argnm O219 hDoods Suar. Brig Apoalachicola, Spirl. Mobil.e, Grivot + Pa,.--v.,, pork, bt on, i Ii.APiyt, and 'o Id. ShrtoClrlhl, Dovit., Plrzoht,. l alcomn & SalllllSll--. II:., gr8erier,:, provisions, &e. Sollt, Byroll,Pe~arsoll, llou~laol, (Texas,) Dl Golbl.ail l--+,l-0, groceries, &c, S0ool) S.nldL SoAlltu; , IBolnton, Mobile, lllllllyLE & AIIe $11050 A M,, &0) .r cor$5,14 Qco,0, bA IIn, 5il'Ilol m 01s, 290 do pork, all 5". pes blaggillg. ARRIVED YEST'ERDAY--19Ih. Towboat Pilot, f,om Grnl0 d Praiti, lhavingl in low hllp Mo.cow, I io Solmcr,, elld hrilg Cyclops from Liverpol, , ro ported on the 17th, ani briA ('omt, from llavanu, do do. .!1o ot Feliin$,I, \11oo.. froll tile Pases. ToIwld to se, hll)s N1w OrleallsL, Dltnok. brig Jll5ne, & 1d schr J 1, Cl1d w..ell; brouht up bLrigs OtrantoII , lld larvet, s1c(1o Clnall,,h, Sarah Anl, ndill [z.. lft the PaIsis Olo the 17th. I . a ill. rev pors ihl th.llhlg hpll ils BRachel,)ots, anIt ,ll Calmlct. No lh. in. iio, i~l .ie ilver. Slip M0oscow,WVenburo, Marseilles, via Gibraltar Felt 10. to tntler- calrgo pzlll , wh.S, l ,ld tll stallle of Wa1.hlltoll, t( J Pritchard, J IH Field, P O Sorbs, Qucrticr {" Albert, J May, andl Dlassers & )1ontri'eul. ;Bring Saonersot, 1,ewis, St Marks, (Fn) to master--in hlulhat. PtSi,.tlir.. G G lhlt, A o Harris, 17 Semilnol Indians, pli ,ouers of war, bound west. $rig larvest. Gorgins, Madleira Feb 10, to m'ster--ealgo ineito ,V 1, *lodge luo, & Bylne, A Grant 4r cI. Bu .e, )0att & co. I.albet, Thompson , N.d orde. .. Brig Orallto, Landon, NIotvaola 5 doys, to KR Grollillg S eo.- tago. ba1 s4.1.o, 3.'0 liS S.o'II, 1egar0, sOeIIpit , fruit, fc, to R Groillg p co. A Fibsk, A Castillo, Ial olm, Sllldelln & co. and 0 Groeao Passengers, S R Cooke, S Sayre, nnd K Ilumphrey. Scr Paz, Vanstooaren, TlampIco 13 days, to ,itlcr--cargo 101I0 hides, to ordcr. chr Srt.lah Anti; -, T-lllhpi.o 5 days, to Iii.ter- lrgoio $1314pecieo F' ro, $8011 ( S Flelnnlldllez $47 J P11 , $9676 J A Merle & co, $764 Qnl..e tier ,r- Albert, $12 Illl} J M Cahalero, $$21110 J Strawhridge, $135 1, lahloUX, $7.d) I" ]'ey, $730 Hlcrlnlll, a& "o. 6*26)110 I:ilrri~ono, B 0,0ll - rO 5J 1,950 31 ,lo I~iYI. di A co, $10191 I' A Ganll", $728 CopIIdJI'iLI, 5350)11 R " 3Curell, $101111 i A M Miranda, sil F P nl)u·ollrP total $-- . Passengers C Sebring, S Arelo, I, Bargealo, L Bravo, L Ramos, N" and J Aeozta, Al Doumingo, F Din,, alnt Miss Calloe. Sclhr Camanchc, Bredall. Matamorns 10 days, to Godfrey, B o:Snan 3" Ec--eargo pepcie, a e, $:.: 00 to A Capdrvilloe , co, 609 J C Sp ingcr, 82t111 A Clltllgnier, 30011 T t/hnarolatO, $6950 and ?2 oz F FPry, $10,624 and .56 oz (Godfe y, BI(o,: Inituo co, $41166 31 Al if. nallllm V Aialtrd 45a+)I, M Cnlmhlro 288.'.9, olnllce (abllllleo1, 44,'1:35, J.) Merle co $90t1 alllld 1093 hlidle, S Thompson .v co 419 oz, KI~ollhn & D,,l .5:l3,l8ll, or d I 001Uld and 11;:,ids I,, ras illltgllE Illlllner. PlsOllnlrs, \V Cowel, E I.amlmlollr AT Fellslln, II Filer, II Gaine.s, 3 ali]ta, C D)o Roll, J Grant, P .eniInes R !' Murphy, J Bronlll,W.,." (lad E Greene, J Boyle, B BRidgway, 0 Mendez, and ]3 ill thllt steer'age. Steamboat Blaek llqnk, Gordon, OpIlCOI lsas to mlnbl.l# calg'g.l 3 illales ott n Ilrkey Wailtt 4 ca; 84 do lnlld 2 hots of hrllorl, 3.0 .ndde t nos C Touleldano. l'unsslal'S, Mr l)elli moro, Miss P Dellpot and rinter, Mrll Jewll, Mr aldl I s eItllt w fight, (i S'oann. q' Soane, N Af'llt, )V Cotton'I' NTdll,, 1I Ilook,TCuI ue, SY Y ng, E-c Slacly, A yT, llt hatboro, J5gn, Garrard, J Shnll, P Michel. A Moo. e, J B Taylor, P Dupuy, C May,,h, 13 S1awGutrdiu. SteallOat Balton hlaollg, Irwln, Iflyotl SPuir,, to T uiller ..'oodall--:argo, 5:3 hales cotton, M i).il, t ro; a2 do, Lee \" Slnr dy; 084 to order. PaI.engers, J tun llll S.ll, I. 1,I. u'. Mi[s Simmons. Mls Haygood, Mrs Sulton, A Mfin,, \V Fure, 1. BIradford, And,'ows, Bulhr. Rico, Raldlelillff Mlickr', Cullollgo, 1 tlnldrv, Pool, Scott, Clmnsno,, Blaclhu., Geolll+ .y, Delollc, [lonnt and seVllnt, RRvnomlld, Lord, Rical, Itossre, COhIll4, (1o\.ie, Dt'lf, ]|tl''el, D Martin, Periiiio, Wttts, alnd Or,· Sleallmbont North America, Russell, Cilllcllnnati to )aster- - ca,,go, e2 Ilbds Iihiroll, I6 Ihhls pork, ,3 Lnllliis i. ro; 111 blls wlhiskey. 30 do Iollr, 40 ktgs whlite load. lll anldl unries, R I Jimisoi; 98 incks r c hlrn, 501 bls bollld, . 'l'h'buyer & :o; 8 smiths' belloor, Layton " co; 1 box, Ltfli', & co; 8- hhl,) I hbox baconl 54 bles cotton auni emldries,J Gdlmre, and B1)l itt, h Ship~p , co; l8 blohts briton, York & I~rt 15 hhls castor oil, |Ileffrd & Sogenfrey; 5 bils floor, N (' J Dick; i2(i hub,% 32 ca~t iron bps, J lRodh'illl; 12 hhds lltobaco, Burhaal111, Ilhlgla &co; 7 do, Btein A" Stevent; 10 do, A II W\'idlali :) keg,g lord,, A S & J L Addison. PI'anlfer%, Col R 31 JolhllOau,\ V P It US, t Dr Lu.ln. Genr ('hunhers, 31r Shle woo i, 3allS Rlloyonllll & son, Lockhart, Bruce, lMel, lcverlh andl lady, B'ake, Kelly, IIl')an, Biron, Bl'oklr. an11 Mr 5)lllnlth anI lady. - te illllr r DallI. \WI!Ih)tor, a:a1lla tll , Clanrrkvills, to .llstlar- - clrgoo5113 Iholes cotton, 415 bbdIiI toba[:co N I J Dtitk & co; 6 hollll. tobofae, A II \VWllalc 1 d" elco; I ales c'oltton ]ubinsun & _ )Vood; 975 bhl.h {,ok toord~r.r PII.+. M1rs \)Votlker, Airs ('Iniy, 1io,, Jauver,3 J lhrding, )'W G I1ar, ing, J Ilhrvoy, (1r 1eN'ed,, SIIDorsey, Jos Green; T ThionlpcOll, J. A Gllbb, )\Vlker, Jauve,,r, Davis, Mclnugll. E evenll fat bonls frio, l'enrose I nd Kentucky, with 0)72 hllds TOulcc, to A 11 Wall;-s r ,.o. N & 3 D,ek ro. Lllll both 4 '" Throtnpoll, Robesou, \Wood ,(" co. J 1 Grahllam alnd 0rder. Four fiat baots froml Alalhama, with 1:3195 bahe, cotton, to t alurtill, Pllaants & co. Leigh, al~ ddux & co. \VilCoxo, Aoide. sun & cu. Picketts ,' O.;llllt order. MEM[ORANDA. 'rih brig Otranto, froml ]Havana, lelft Morris, Cooper, ready to saiil. r The sllip Mo,cow loft aL Gibllltlr I All ,hip. Saihed il ri twith ship Au~guste, of1 Roton~l, hrig Violet, 01f do, ('arolhwr, o1" ,I do, brig Margaret, oi D xllmar\, for 3logdarlrt,, b,ig ({;lla;t, tolr SPhll adeilpna. Ship Dubhu Paket, for New Or(tllans, touched a~t (Gibrnaltar. STIhe echl CamntlllCle reports, thlat ,It. wa. ill nig'ht of tlh Slight ilouse at hile IBalize i lay,, alnd could niot olbtalll a pilut to lake. her in to thie pa... [IBy tile Cilnlllltllh, W,' hbarn that tihe troop~s at 3lutnlnorns are in llost wltl)heltch l r aOtlltlllln, io plrnv iiolts, hhlotlillg. %e v, I-Gen.ll Brilo had resigllelld lnnidl fel e trn+,army. '|'hr r pt iili iii ainattllt 'ea was pIsitovlyl Iaband iiid n the ttoop, w+ere, Naultical Inltelligbeace. tIItEhl PORTS. At R~aitiatore arol'itot |Ltth pipl. i l|ariott. itt oday. to-ott sltoke otf' Tor ta-4oa A deliu e, (tootll tiicttmono d hithlt; 1l t cr, , 16 dys htolloc. At itottot, t~th Aprit, arrivt 1,, Maria there.a, ttonc; Kina'do honeo; chtareo o alotlt hithetr. ,tt treyi~tooo' 10thA.I, hr.dl rcl ,hil - I At NtSw York AIoril itt!,, o a,,\rl' tKtnlotokyo to 15 days:y tosiaokho, 18 doyso houce; RBrtto,, haeo':; Jhl, tllen, tI t._ nu.--. TRUE ASIRSIICAN OFIC.'I E It co'nnlt'ti on with to is Oltice i a [ SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOIt THE P1 LI000S0IN O0 Pamphlets, . Blank Chcks, Catalogues, Bills of Lading, Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills, Steam Boat Bills, Circulars, And every descritiion of Job l'ork that Billy be I'l,'llirCl|. [LTThe I,rol..irtllr realpecthlyll calls thle ntth~nlion ofT t rte tli o ro ro aboe url, tttlld ssrollts Io ittI a th itfll work intrusted to Ils cOare shall b thotIne at tthP orl:stt i nltice, itn Ia stl u -surtirassedl in t is t it)O O t nd at ttiat IIOTCIIKIIt-S & C?- . BOOK SELLERS, S'TATIONEIRS, PRINT'tRStl AND BLANK 11O(0. IANtFA'TUIl tEriS, Nio. . C-r'hllorltet's rllntl. Clmanlk Books mllu<|o to.o Ird r,fil rtded to all)' p)t ter Ilottl- ANDI JOl PRINTING, Exeocultel toitoh ntto tlet uld dtolt oiltch an1 (l LEAR SI DES.-- .......artsid......ita o ot .J tbo It vnoo t , t o, . Vte-t lttdia iittoto i, ,tor, ad lbr tleatlGr&er t H l TilN. S(LIEAll l'O!ll--100 hblo cleoor Ipo'k tllditg andl 1) fir aolt alt trahvir ot. iby uO It.i;tE'RTl & llAWTIIORN.IIN A '. T-1:00 slaks co'rseo and tiot aalt, fir salt a' )... 6 (;ravrilcr street ,vy n v I t 1 C CAtINIACKI& Co. .. . ... - GE-(; l m E.( I, . B It'GilT.+ . . Ofthee No. 43 Pt. ILoui. street. r lEI S"lt of to' cihtitti Sla S o f bo h sexyo, tixed w i trt l;th ii.+l jst-+ianoidahvi .)i .m --tml hand bills, prior ti , ol the t e ofsa -.=U.MBlER--- -tTrg- ,f \ilmi gton+ Jelhow Pin~e RA l.ard:l..cantlius and shing'es, lnding fron..'hm lor Molrooin o tar, o 'llotiti Gr toir oot, I 1rsal itn it 'o' ,tit pur tha.ter i, by \io ltlT l 'll, ,.ls 1 1i6llll ,'.].:.l+ pouh' hartraill llt 11l0 , ot le t i i ho'r+,lt o ill tit' ll:to II fill|ll tI IIi'lL'+AIII,1: |El' i. '¢lll 111 1 ·~ll i ol"! l lt a 0 t III'I tit1II t o I st Li r hI r ll t i/ U.ll dill] l ':tr lk w I tti~.l. Iowll li..!t, C] T;I-.,. A d HH+i I II s' ln rceiv ter.nlla derdlrt rclhrlu his tiuhie i+ aIl Rtl.(in A t~':P .'V ;CIRS')' -TN Cheval, |fet ped. Lfni .+FF il, 10 10i do. ,.,an..i a) de cote du hint pHbs le chemin fti couli~so. 11 avaht' ti Ot t I h itt .. t :- , e Io o' r-itoat r tlI ni IthttAl e pe toto--to 'tttlta -t tooz itto too-r -totinb oelllI-ti ill lip :r r ~l h pNtilt II+'Zhlll -ll h'+ i;': lllbP+.r I lotl', t t" tot- , otol ,ttri - nlo Io l It.'n n t -il bl i o 'o-t oo i.irooo cvel tt i -oitost Sd fix pinste a. Lc thlead iaa l':noble.. 13 I oot' C Bo ISOE, - 1 -- ,. .. -.1I), ,t r 0 1u 1 aljui1 nt0(0 11I deux creraine L~ot.. ,h" "lrre, et usunbrrdls; 19 0, v llnhs A. ln 'el a , a t rr l onl t.. Oh(o i, ortt tlito' Canrrofllton, dans I ih t vi+; f vis l'tftm-I ,t bornes pr a ranal| Avennl les rue 1ull'the, A ll l( oll el Ion`d to-l.O ll lit i t n oillltoIoo, :·rir-t -o ,tI ol qulli no W t t;,m ei|oibil lx colitiol ,h la Plle e ert ltirnt qe hs di. Itt de It rre wron l ronVi ortoredi,lt6 du , .ourant, a tu li, a la lourl de l'Ar iaOllironoetl Iti 1 Iltllt Itt etlt ol- rot-. e i ti, 19,t l ,ltit 0i a, ter dli I'r, 'Ictobre lrl t, oo billt-i -t et u. orst parlioit ' io meo.o o o ' Iact de vt nto ,tra i pasI dant, iet 5 t rttiS t u suivro t li'ad t cola ,'s torrains sero t rovelnus aux fis oIi santo d alcqutllere lr. ,,I v y+l ( 'II,, tHllING & 10JtI, ,N-I ,,-oivo- Ir -trit SGe.oslrgoe told hip Naltasko t I ta f- aoua,-nero< Iotlt li ctat- kip p .et z tlr .e o for :a al tet sl a14 IS.6AC IhIi~II,. & to. II1 1 ., ItrTOTICI:S.-Owneri oidays Nos.150,-,70mil 113. 67, rtoo retuiroo Ito brtint it, lhtir roetei .tootu 0c osl b 11(ed b thm Of'ishIN Ott .loinoohtoan ortbe nll FroSl ,IN &t OI F, 60 Cointt on it - Fi] h,50 hi t s t o 0 n 0 100 dio No 3 a .eker-l, landin from brig (Georoto'alr lOae by al3 S & JP ,VWHITNEY, 8 Conti st. NOTICE-I-elthtor the Colortoin t-r consieo'o tohe IJN' lritith thip .Mootroto l, ill be roslonsible fir ato I al'3 11 f C M' 6 ,X'KII C & (,,. ! fdor sale at 31New Lev t by aidl" DbORSEY. a..¢t'tmnt o'Seiw+.,foota aix tIafOtto fittlotns lot aon19 m L3.YON &Co. - f~59~~~ 6'BB~d)I LI,,BII% I ;"1 2- ,,1 ,1,,11,))11, 70 1)ia,, 1112,1 7 C'x4E, I S- of O 100 ir, 10000 I of 3,000 is 3,000 Sof 1,000 is 2,000 " of 1,500 is 1,500 Sof 1,200 is 1,200 :1 of 1,000 is 5,000 10 of 300 is 3,000 10 of 400 is 4,000 I0 of 100 is 6,000 170 oIf 1,)0 is 17,000 12i off 00 is 7,00) 126 of 30 is 3,780 126 of 20 is 2,120 3,780 of S is 30,240 23,436 of 4 is 93,744 27,814 anountihng to 192,544 'I'i,Žk,,ts-whisdle ticket,, $4010; Ihalves, $2 0l;)Iquarter, ! 1 00.. Packagnes of 15'l -c·lett s 100, warranter d to draw of (casrt $111, and n ary d rawil the ti)LIT Capitals. ii· aIIllugeC ef' shrsinpoorin (or1 Tickeit aIpl)y t Ilse 1)1, nn_1MIiC'.s ,0,rr, 37 C) ,vir stl~rcl, nlljrillll tllV 0.5IC10 into llshe 1,,Cad1,, n1 1(1111, :lm trea,bet)ssrclu CnSti allnd St.I.,oui sts. 913 J K MKAD0, MIan:,,s.,s, OTC. 2.E.Md ,, FiIIrllOSad 111 an II N lie sae nutleby suu 1. 51coyolthe101 (1h No ('cC,l,1831),2,,,i, clt 1,111 of' gCIIIIIII) Sos 1)1~ I e sitlIIte,) in C0rsolltost, in Ithe square II (1p t)he85 Ilolel, and odIIII b1II Cana.IlllII 1,11).PIII IC, 13n't )illla till sevoacll ,trect n t1 having (om7lied aitb tau' terns of thle 01)1'I, tlII a (Ilsil be re-.old i ninle ,.tr,'r, f s his a Inecull ,t and risik. 'Pens~l: one-third~l cash, and ' l, bllr lnl in l tI , , 11; iC f moIu thisI 1111l by 1;art Mgt'g untlil final pII1.IIClt. The act :II P: lIP to Ile otilrrwi·r, tlla I:'-oprty will be ro-suld I r the rxllensr ,F 3(111' I -Ol Ill Ied by mutual colsetut, Th'le moollr olf thre lira w \rill hee 1117 used ill liIuid!tion f its I'nr by J140 F 5L lllllS7(C a icc ouIn1tI, (11' 'IO 1 :111'1'1 ( oll I),,. 1, 111 1,17- ,1,1 WIIAM C.1 11.'111 r 1 t ICE.s IIqIh Illtletio Os oil tie "New (irlel IS) Sille IlYs attltion to hi IIol I1U11u'itorney at L w. Olie,' No. toi, EzIC. Ii street. '17-It W 1 1w A. II5 lSS . 6 117 A '- 1 \ L~1I~~ O1AI·II i t RLE.( Nil -'f'luei i price accorl~lill to the u ri rll; the bakers sha~llll give :3! ) lllerrL of1 brand file i bit, dJlllilm nexCt Ilya .d lm l .lll~lily thee fora b )it, is requireTd to weigh 3,/ per ,n t mere. say 413} years of eg'Lr. lie most be, it gaud nonce u 1I111 generall house se firvant. 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G. uilliotte, Auctioneer.u 1'\tM.%h'l 3 1) I . 1ID, C hmissar 2d Ward. u3 2d in luniciaallyia.a +i.+'. +'r. .\1 l.--'Pkes til, ,ln so,¥rel +li-o+- with .aL 1. l-J vA l, 1 alit ' r dams,, to hris not-ils. T'he oWllre rl e re-~d to rcnlome B rnr, Provo property pay. pL' rhs tIill r t th i u i i' it t l li soli at p alnniCue(t by I'. i. lipiih'tt, .llmotiIr. W. Min&O 'NADi n 3 Co.+ mmis-wr'y 2d Ward, 2d Munieipaity. SJ ee ;, ,rh tqul t 'd Io ('le IO t d. , pro- P LL "rin, -:ut u'u2 I,d t ud k u s uid nhfnnd Oway b.i'. p b'' 't. b I' , I .An ,ction rier. a' EU ,. n13 '1n IumpIu ..i'I lltIy. ~ti~ i tit., n l: " • + " i"r ( t i(i lll V i amsill i rtll nI be,'t 'I'-r , ve lir '1" '. l l'rr., a . -lh-hu.lfl, , tlni , first rab- le aile, nleulti(r, u',1 ido weN to'' ll ('yl y x, mrini'n lr l (,tiitle! 1 i lir " I ti n . E FIL- LEY • I i,+l o l,; ti I,,d theill. Ii t n illt lair, in Oc m"" <, nail ;' hhles was sold by tho unllersigued a kl+ Sv. ott. 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