Newspaper of True American, July 7, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 7, 1838 Page 2
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fl. _fl9Rte Un he ..lure. .... 7e ale+ s ,qm ...........99 I Luacipn..t J........... : 1 ....: a 299 Loai4 le, Jaly.......... i J ..... .... .0 4 s.llen Junel . ..... o :'" ' :. . . . ...Jo I. verpoot, Jali ........ + . - s l l m) do ... St ] Phri May .. ....... 3t HMo.arg~ ue: .8 hd tb. c Nr.. l wlital ...:........ Hatf* Jy....e........ 3t SImPolrs - of 81lPer ship Idaho sserg ed . lobsto e t16 4I...Par s+ll+P hlt A..cargo: 4 O4hd, ,stem tobai D. rP.rlu A reo . .carg.: 6, d.als Ih". " l dme, boxes ulmp*l Lax leothetb NEW Y..f erf; enw' k¥.ocarlp: iSIIhhtoabd e. | • , n. I u l, LAes naon 9l bbl - .33 tanesCl r p hbk' is ' beagetw, I tel ie rice. IM, l ad. l Pwaeke .Edwand-- rl x,309oaL mk. 9u9 bto 10 cidep r e o. . lf . theu toop, o 0: gutgnt. 's 5( June, J6. P ar ship iSall·-neutou Hc a thwsaydro -.ý emngnow. Per ach A, ta..arlgo: ihae, stronr, amt .C. itek. AND..lerbrie Andrew 9emuigt..cargo: hay, o: .d curkshte em AIdds C }OUE..PA e ,ehr a pe olhl.. . i l0l bIe. cefve. .d, ofthe tl1kbonom ands tend ril b. Grnitg &eo; J Marra. +" ' " RECEIPT& PRODUCT Tecon+tr--tr eimer tte Albaow.. -'.Coh rn hll whis S iea l s- o 96 do M Mellott tree, U, Srater i 17 do W n bometi amdo ntitoe .b mry; 16 d e Irdo3 HCh Wise, o hlds I tietce boons j'4.+ rtIt keLh 30 kegibneer, Garl an pBirdendmffe SP 5 do butter, JIl gel; 1rT keg! lI half bbl buttesr, * t nr. 5 h bef arMncaill. , Stkl teaer C'albgrne..Cargo; 3 hbls por, .oN jyý l. W o . doJH Leverieh a Co : 148IEdo dot 0l bWIldle I,..tier. Beueltt.trarridy & Co; I box ludze, ,I2 bles cotton Lyona, krlat & Co. 99 do W M Banl; 97 do telk k~VoorkoL ; Sdo Prlaklin , Henderson; 33 do Yeat iai ili!iCOt 39Aeley aool RdmlnOn¢ 71 d. Alen., Alhe, ." Co 4M.+a blout Co maa k & Hlhder 3 boxes adze C3 Mash; 1 • r I dodo4l baltottoa Nugent& T nrpie. D. -+ MEMORANDA, S hip Saluda expletaed Is severe gels on the 16th June; oprang her uisatott fEor tdp motve; loot sails anl ragging, nith othr lx dtrott versel. toLe+ Austin picekd up W N W off the Double loaded ul yis the, eplpain Iad crtew of the ship Juii a, ofPhiladal, pleRam MBdtdlep.und to Liverpol., she h,,vin been struck b Hgbhting otl Ili th and entirely counumed. Lund ei:em ht te4 Want. r rhia!inWpMr having passod the ship Chester hence il dalpnll.- ot cahore on the Floridal and unshipped k.edder sinbad been put into repairs. Left thc sloop of w x Itoall in a few days for P'ensacola. NW onk t June, or. slhip Saratoga, Hathaway, from N Orleaus hlrkttBnrtnlgtOn. from N Orleans to Liverpool, loot head and bot*ltt from coniug in contct wth t stealmboat on' Uolyhe..+ NWe Orleans Money Mterketrh Cotoecleedeily by Robieenu o Co. I+xchango Brokers, No. 45, Campl-street. YIyshIsge on Eneland .............. ] 1 to 13 per rt. prem a' :Jo Paris.............. 5 to 5 05 flranl. -do Now York, at sight.... 6 to 7 per rt. do do 611 tny,.... 5 ton 51 "" do Philadelphia, .ght.... 5 to 6 ,l.mie .......................... ..l to 6; , +I.. Bonk note. ............... i} to 71 jt.'l'reasury nttes.............. i] to 7 .. .. .. isvtile and Cincilu tl.... .... :i to 4 S Miaiiippi lnono--rlnl-tr Blnks ....I8 to :;1 lis. BraIdon and tlhe New Ilnks ......3U to 401 I )++,. Tefnneeee hnk. .................. 11 to 7 do Ar++ B.,., .. oks .................... 10 1, du -. tus , ]erTreuaury notes ............. 4 m 5.1 "" do ". Arka nlas.......................... 15 m 20 " do NOTICE. N EW ORLEANS I- N.ASIIVII. ,E frAN. IlROAD CO].PPAN'.--.'.Ied ptopOsals will be received at the office until lllth July, for lying Supler~utrunctur on the said road. The manterial; fuir the Road will be la:d nlong lthe t-de of the track, and e lalmtetes will Iae built by thiet Cdpnlaav Tho el.tractor will stale haw, mutch per mile hlr will .ljll the eupe rsttrturlul Ibfi,-- illymcll! to be made as the work Iprclpl'esses, eledtltllq 'U _ iicr llt on anch pnytuetll until it... inntrnct is ult B+lepd, to the Balie. iutino td' the ChM" Efrgijncr. 1) tOARI), jy4-lit Chjirfl Gegimc L l ttu. upmt utrniale(tt '4011'A It 'I'NIl;ItS H I =I'--Te u-ndel-rsigned bni,:vg I token his nephlehw, Slr. Jtubhll l.e.eda ilnlo iilltllopr ship, the burinre= heretolilrP carried On by him, " ill be emrtinuae fro.m thlis date u:ndcr thee llt O:' I.EIEi)S j J:.T).DIA I.!+:I)S. S i e G DORSEY, j+4 44 New I.'ie. . ('0(05EV, 44 Now levee. i C)h; I( 'tiES i.nlE r t (OKl.Gi tGIA'T'ES, h oil ers allln ( ) na llllp!se a l('l llltd most convenient rlticle, for aose bl 1111.11::"; & I I 8 iS, jvl . onk Alley. r 'A'T";R in TI'it I., jy , I' ld,,,r. street. ' LAtI ON·ri SlIdl 'Y-ied.' Stoltr blo Ii:tc; for sale low, it cle a uc inr nl l t, lI L " HOI.l tt. S ,.% i II L;y, j_. lHank Ally. I"n ISSOLUTI()l,\ OF 1('l' A iNIIISi1 P.--Tlhe firo: of Htill & IlI Hain, or 11u BHi- & Co., Li.ery Stable, No. 68 St. Charles -treet, knowI by tlhe au e 'f Tuttersall'p, have hwon this clay dissaoled,by mlllll consent. The Stuale will in future In. conuictd iby O. D)u duis, hlla hai tihe e.lling ottllte hoinr nc. 1.IU It e, jV 3 W'M. I1ll.l, J beiween thle su,tseibrder, iiielPr the ihll fsof W.& G. t.RANTl, isto bel dit-olved by e l:utual ollent. Wln. Grunt is charged with tir li qllildtioln of ilie ,i ftirs el[ the late frlin ald will contiue the Ibuin o sO oe hisl own account. WiM. GRANT, jy3-3t JOHN GRANT, Jr. VIAIVl; iJULLAR S WtEVAilD-Lantoai trdneaday I f last, a very o!l H E'1TAL \VA l' Il, o ih a small týlr.'ird ain. N,~Nne a thbe la.r, "l )rury-l..nt dun." The wath is of no intrinsic value, although prized hi the lwner. The alove reward will be paid on delivery of thile lost arti le at liat olffice. 'iLOURK- 5ulblls in stolre, tilr Iloe hv G II)IRSEY, jy3 44 New I.evee. i eN* ltNd DL.-4a rosacks auperior Cincinnati curet d, in store, for sale hy I 0 I)ORSEY, jyv 44 New Lvese. tThilc.eH WES'I'E~hN R~l -'kt- keLhgs, rrciced LI,ATER & T'rlIER, Jy3 40 Pov,rah street. AT t0ýcL SlIIEEv-A Iew conk,, tit fspur quot lity, U isore, a.nd foir saln Ilv I.AWVr EN, J& l.8 iENDRE, jy3 .23'" 'J New Levee. SUit'ANAX'l'e,-50 kegs, a ouporior article, in store, tfor sola lo 1.AWRIEN('E & l.EGENTDRlE, jyild 8, & 2) New Laevee. A EWSPAPER ESTAIIIISIIHMENT FOR SALE. I The undersigned ofir li or sale, (if lai thilglike Sfatr price can he tbailtld,) tloe eetalhlishmelntl 4 the MOBILE MEIIIAN'I IE AI)VEI'r'ISER. It cn jte a od subhtlriptii nollld adversing patrstOnge iln cite iety and cotutntry, aoil i "altogetlher a desihable plurllhs for any pieleon who calt dlnvole his personal attention to it, w I eounnt. The terms will be odae Lnown on nppliatiotn to tiy ag* nts at Alubilo, or the suIbscrier at at. Icois. SOl. SMtTlr. rirendly publishers will plIoee give the above it lew insertion,. and tie flvor will be reriprotrild. j) MItA.EF.-A ank Che h o t orlrn lienk V 51f"Kcentokv, k I.touiellle, at ht da)y date, frmi Jaune 1, for $84t,. Apply to I4. 1'. LEVY & Co., je3 1l Granier treet. -- --7 e . . . . . .. . T A R .ALlDl-420 kegs lef lord, lalding from Ssteatnboat Gene al tWatyne, lir sale, he LAYET' & Alli lUNG, iy '7 C.ntmmerec street. aAWNO Ell 8-13 ll hneon har d ird, latdg froint i) seaboal t'l.Jenerol \'avnle, for inle bhI' LAYEI' & .01E1.CIN(G, jyr 17 Col,lllere tree l. U alnout 14t Itles, Iing at C.i'rallhit. for sale by T It II1D & ItltO'TlEltt, j32 ero Coll In, & Maazineo arneatea. I LU .i-ISKETY,i K Ii'K .i( t-ii F 1E,-48 bl tperlfitne and ill do fini ll,lill-; It hhla etllolnn 48 ibls rertiied 'liakeyv; 7 bblf ttie( alelr cd 1,!,l0 primte peek; 2 hila priter b:.i; thile eargto o a flat boat ltar ale low, to aloae, lv L'AYET & AMIELUNG, y2 17 C,,immerce street. i tlH IE ualdersigned hove lirulted a uonne.ion, for the . purpose otf ttanaeling COliinititsm BasIilt sl, itt tlhiscity, unler ilte fir otf Adam & \hitinll. C AICAMIS,Jr. jvI2 JO.. E Will AI.A,. t.IlK--i t.l.e ' 7); dil .ht , t1 do brine, J ' i luSlders. ' Net Io til pi,-re , 8 1 iac alll sioulders,n do Jtuleotil the Ipaeetion; fto anle hb Ii 1,1.H0EY, jell 44 New Levee. W 'VHOLEfrALi TIN MIANCFACTI'OIY. SAMUEL LIOCKE . CO.22ltdll Lev steet,rehave in sutr a largle and well sorll d satr k of Th'in were, comprising every st'icle usnnlly made, alld of their own manufieluane which tthe lr on lnctoirlmo. slating leernt. Iealetr' in ithe rticle noulid to welIl to a.m i their ttuck. ap 17 InAVANA COFFkEE.--151t Ifag ilo .are. (ir al.i y SLA.ERO & TIhitl, jen 411 Pyldrna .irea arm GANK-hstr~svg-h . -.7. ,-i,, itis .o;ming, A' and tlr auley l'i 11t 1' li eIIt, jle4 em Co.nlltall sald Magazine st. EAF I ARD--t0O kegs best qlaliit, i ore, fur lee by t, litltsnF. jes4 44 New l.eer. l4X CPin tin to lb'oereIp, tta uCoI rd ,i hbh and hlls., ealprtelr for iamri'r ue jst llnide I aud fr elirle by LAYET i& ASiEIUNG, 'jall 171 'omumerce tref. ý I iINNA'I'I llAG11N-tii hoela ,Sli, ih- S-lem' ansd ies,af sucperior qualilry llledig froe eaetncsr lChancellor, ifor .le byli 'ISAAC fBRIDItE . CO. jttE 134 \agalite s.reet. S.t IA.tRl "-31f10 kegs in slurteter sale ir Ij.el b I iOtLE Y, 44Ns Irwevr. ý"4,1 Iit RUE AMIERItAN. E() ED i l .gsa Jf8l OIDBDON. FAITHFUL AND SOLD. N.EvirT OR LEA1VR: SATURIDA .......... JULY 7. 18:3. ELECIO'IrNS. THE Crr.--The Illho, ing is the result of the - electios iOthe city of N Orleans. It will be seen that notwithsntndine we overrated the whig ma. jority in the Second municipnlity, yet the Itmajor irt of Mr Piur is but EIGHT votes in the whole city, instead of shout FIVE HUNDRED, which the Itco foces confidently cialculated upon. The majority for the whi, candidate for Con grest, Edward D. W hite, is six anfcirno AND EItOT .EN : thias ia nmost terrible defeat for the 1e0e focos. 1hr Hon's majority is 270; this is easily nc counted for. He claims to be a whig, and h: a creat personal p;opularity among the yotng Creoles. Had he not aniled partially under "our flag, he too would have been signally defeated. The whole whig ticket to the Legialature is elect ed by an aggregate majority of 1618 1-2 votes the lowest whis candidate has a majority of 40 votee over the highest loco foco. THE RESULT. Loco foco Whig For Governor 1550 Roian 1542 ' Congress Slidell 1234 White 1852 " Senator Hon 166! Bu;hae 1392 Legislattre Canon ' 1514 Clnibortne 1681 "t Kennedy 1488 Conrad 1681 ' lMhntegut 1476 Debuse 1624 ,6 Marigny 1442 Gaiennie 1622 A Augustin 1387 Rogers' 1584 " Armitage 1327 Pichot 1577 r Tulano 1231 Lockett 1554 Pieur. Rorman. White. Slidell. St Benard, 56 " " 10 Orlenne, 8 t" 613 " J fferstnn, " 155 275 " St Charles, 25 " " 28 St John Baptiatr, " 39 " 13 St James Ii 100 ' Ascension, 122 1 " 90 Assumptione , tt tt t Lafourche, t It .t t 'lerre Bon ne, tt " t Phquemnine, tt tt it t' Chinn. Lusecn. Ibervillc 37 t 26 " W olntnl Roige 'I 78 178 tt Point (:lonpce 121 t" I Wesr F,,ltiaina I " 12 at Fei'cian i a 98 315 3113 -. TMar1ne Rough " 60 " " St Tamrmany " 6 113 " Wushine'tin t 79 C t St Helena 45 J,,l ph ll Jlthnsnn antd S 1liritr are elected to the S.nate, the Ifrner ftlom Felician, thei latter from liervill. R epresenta iresr from St. Charls, 11. Trepannier; East Feliciana, Crter and J. 1I. MBus; West Feli cinna, W. R. Barrow arndt Rtliff, So far as heard from, 13 Whige and 5 Locos are elealoed to the L.gislnture. Tile Whi Govl rnior and three members to Con green are elected without any doulttl, and w have as little doubt of a whig mnjority in thil Legisla lu re. Copy 1' r l!tter hiolr a brrl.d .trilr dlr.riaodria, 4dit July~, In31. I lake . reaP phleaurc in infoorrlnt you tlnt ror rleeltln is-d CIo-,d, althou h IMh - voeter have 1 t belen counted. As well as can bee . cllIatrled Iroly he dlfferent trelincts we are Ilith,,p 8;) arn o. I and i we urie lit wining. Perhaps Qd ,,,l s mars wee talen in Rapides th'.n were herevtofLre. )llbar laid lU lio are ,w rOtl repr.'stl tatlves f '" The r Ilca Inc,,s are so chop falle-n, anrJ ,.:r such long faces to-d v, that thie barbers al ,rel!re they ought to pay them duuhble pribe fol The derioi ntir le g.ttin:g heat so badly, h. , it will rbe rnceseary to blred some of them, s . cial,' those .who het on five hunnlrod city rn,,jrity. Firtuetiely a large sipply of leeches has been recerived, whch are now ndverrized for sale, those from Malign at twelve and half cents each, and those from Ilnnery at twenty-five. The difference in the price vr.. presumeln, rises froi tile fact that hungry leeches arc L(tice as good for biting. Ir is repanred that Jlhnr Slidell has parked up hie rotconades and planter's hot with the intent to lnve themnt as a legaey to his friend of the ire. eaing no further ulet for therr himself. We pre ellllle they will ultimately be placed int Dr. Plough's Museum among other curiositiees of the tny. _ Thre Derby and Oaks-TheIs two rarer, the greatest in Enlind, that ranm offin the sprine, havae been dlecidrld ereatly t ttile strprire of the . knowing ones;"--in the caas of the D, rbv, the odds .nninat the winner before starting being 30 to I. The Derby atake is for 3 years old colts, one mile nnd a half. to carry 119 Ihs. The entrance ie 5.t sove. Ih. 1: 134 subscrlbers: 23started: purse 3925 sovereigns, or hlout $12,f100. Sir G Ilaithcot e's Amato, by Veloripede, Chapple, Co'. PePl's lon, by Cain--Pavia, 2 Lord G Blentinek's Grey Come, frby Comrs, JDay, 3 Grey Crnmnr was the favorite. Twenty not placed. Not, timed. Fo'r ' the Oaks' whiclh is la similar race, bt for lillies only carrvi .i 116 I h ., 'irteeI n arrtted. Lord CheIst,,rfil'os lridustry--hrrt, I Lord Sufllield' Callisao, by Camel-Pavis, 2 \Won cleveroi. The winner was not e.en mietiolled altnolUg the berring men. Americnn vessels are sabjecred to five or ten days quarantine in any of tile ports if Auspari uir less they enrr: rflean bills of health. Tbhareo cllivation is prohibited in China hy royal edict nos unnecessary to huiman lif. POllT' (Fi NEW ORLI, .N'S. CLIAEAItANCES. Ship i ritlto, t rloli err, atraeeiles. Stealoni & Avr ey Ship Etbr, Voltts tire lnta, r L II dCtal ldip Jaieob Pti Ilt. .iverpol. A ltlllsfar SII Kriltulrky, ItrUlrr, Niew Yorkt. tCAs (trie Jnj in, La n, ti reltoinn, ll tFiore "i. ichr ilward. Ilalc, a, Ner York, J A Alllrlidg. AISRIYAI.S. Towbroat Greiampua, Aatl,. from the Prseoe; towed to tra trrquae tano, tilp Cll rthiai. barque Elizhbeth Oralt, brig Tribue. Orll in d r ti e d tor e t ot rpllad, brlt I Andreaw recl'aoen i io . Viila, sthir nibrvi.i Spp iaSI, l.lrol r., 3 iia n Irim Ntew ork, ito rCit . i:ol Itri Andree S, orretillt. IDe her, Jlay 7frot I'ollt"and, tt rg iltli.iro. elrNear. fruonl Rosrton. tlh Juse. tIneimnr. `rho tublne, ;it lult. Lo dlys froln tataruza, to ii ron. orhr Au,tin, S.iltoeir. ii ds frimlon New ynrlk. Athellf, Iardell, 0l days f(iot Pititeaiilue, to J W terore',.,.ry. RFricke,,ra Ci roinon.ti. Oteaora le.lisr oas. Bartle i, re s 'rllctlrtloa. M.\YO IIAL'I'Y ill" NI EW ()O-I.E.NS. I lIlEt pricer orf Ireh flour to-do v it J6 50 per bih eor l. ortdilg to lthe nrltl-r the. bkc r shaill give durirg rIta elorlilrt wetek, (rlirvn .tmnduyiitl h Jui y,i .iL OIi ee ult riadt lbr a bite. Belrd of tlie eonoil qtntrlity is re qired to weigh 2l per cirt,. tiore, Vz: .r1i IUnoest. C. tiENOtiS, Mayor. Jtly 7. 12+.-. . iTUATIO'.TN WAN I)-AD yrunn sta', a r ,ol 1. of ila place, wishe tio get emaployment in a Sore or (o:uunting oite. He writes an elegant hIand, iedl lRaeelas Frech and English. fie has lenin for several ears I.ieeq ('erk to a toln elerial i'im ill ibis :itv. \ddrc 3al5t /'c,, Otli'e. jy7 INSED OIL--500 gadllons best 1?nglish liatied fl LJ oil,nowo landing froml bilg illiaml, lrol IBatr. Olt0 galloon foreign and norlhern imnefsctured linseed il, in calks and barrel. in store, and Ibr pole low by JARVIS & ANIII.EyS, \ bol osalp ouggi-t', j7 re.r Common & Theoupiintlas str-et. r0 TUSTI' reori oed at the Loniision flrniture ar SRoolllm, I Bieonville lreet,200 Maple atd Cherry ledsteaods alfirst rate article. Also, a good ansort nent of alenp. Walnut, and Painted Charrs, which will be sold for the lowest casi jricos. WV R CARKNE, j¢7 51 Bloville streT. QI 15 nolices French Quinine, 10 bhlde ERsom Shse 1 cIks Penrl Ashes, 4 cases Cahlmel, Ipec c.. Jaloe, Rhubarb, &e. &c.. landing froot brig William, froml Boston, uand for solo jARVIS & ANIbREW Whrlenal- Drolgiets, j~y7 oeo Collioon 'rolThoupitoulrarntreet. ®® OAl'--351 Iboxe No I oop, braod oo Jettes inuldl, I3 landing from brig Willian, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, jy7 134 Morazinestrret. .IALE KOI'E-15l coils baleo rope, of suporir lqt.lity, for s.ole , Ip IAAC BRIDG. E&Co, jy7 134 Mald ioe streretr. 3AIt:lNl 0 Pfr-l~l-O pr booe loyentuclo r bslggr ., cils ra~p. fnill iA ".ill toore, auli for .ale by LAY'F'[" AI I:L.UNr', jy7 17 C(omnierce streets B ACON--l1it hhds tdes,7- Jbld ouldhrS, inrore, for sale by LAYET& AnIELUNG, n jy7 17 Comierce street Jy '7 17 C o mmo rrw e at rret "OSHlEN BUTTEl-16 kegs superior article, landing from steamer Albrny,for sale by SrTETSON & AVEIY, jv7 81 Gravier street NOTICE TO FIREMIEN. lIiiIssISS1PPI FIRE Co, No 2, beg leave to re t turn their sincere thanks to Mr J HIlOIZE. propriutor of the Coffee Hoduser, cornEr nl Chartres tlul St Louis street, thr his extraordinairy moderationl in charging us flty e. nts ior only six nIllrt crluckets, aii only It I-' een sper g ass lor ice waler. o len he had e, good an oplportunity of trofiting by the inm fortunes ofhis neighbors. IlV orldir. yi r A ".4 CUAII'I.[ . Sc'y. SOUINIAN. InOSE CO-New Orlcanr, 5ith.luly 4 4 1838--T'is colmpany teldee tiloir Ihanks Ir o Mltr.rr Crrrierer Dsarl . Co, aerd ioth &l Brodher for re'eshments furnisbed the company at tile fire cer nor of St Louis ani Levee streets, this morning. By order. _ _v _ II (1 HEATH, Sec'y. L (UISIANA HO)S1 CO-'lbin otrirr-ov hop leave to retlUln the irhnl s to Mer J BK)iltZ', proprietor of the Collie -lou.r, iS I cornler of Chbrtres odSt lioins streQ, for eharginlg the eompaty oue dollar for three oInroves if stolle brood frtllliherd the comanry. IBy order, Iv( i I1 IIG ATHt'. Set'v. ThIISISSIPI'l IORI) CO-No 1, teidilcolrrtr thanks to alesarsr Catrir, I)arln & Co, for thei liberal mntnrr in woich they lrnilshed them with re freshmelnts during tile lir to rthe morninl of illt 5th into. Byordler, joG r A CIIAMPIIN, Sec'v. E EW OtII.EANS & NASlVII.I.E RAIl 1, I)AD el'lCOI'1PANY.-lirafls on New York, at 6I) lays sirht, for sole at tile oic, cllro ner ol' er nl ( lr or on tree. JAMIES H CALIOVFII., N-'orlr F--lrairel B. Clitrn is frilly nutrnlrir,rrl i attenll to all of lly lririness durinrg nvmy absence from this city, as well its to Ili-chnrge ay dllties that may devolhe on im as Tlexiae roroi sl. jy6 NNAfll'l. 'T'OWNSENI) . TIVENI \1'-1.IVE CARI'10Nl l~er rW'SNTfE r O work at the l.nk endr of thile INew Canal, a II to te lHarlor 3lnster,rat the New BElin. jy6-lw P.IO.ITl--'.llhe oi-t'rrrrhterlril Iletr-crfr; oxiirg, I• ueder r l lr mil or H. It. P.&J. It. LEIVY, at (irillll Gllf, Iliss.; and II. I'. LEVY & CO., New Orlenisr is this dlY dissolved by tutmul coneant. II. P. Lev)y is alollt! to rettle the nllirs of hIoth Ilorlse. tile na io of thle tirm t0ill be used onlr y iln lirrldatiou . I1 I' I ,1) , ,jyi J 1 .IEV,, The Grand Giulf Advertiser will usert the lovoi until fartiher notice [N (IICE:-Te aidh- ~igial bviar il at L liii iiterest of .I. l.II VA, uvi'l'w it tt buinaes RaI Grandll lf,ShIlin. inld Ne (hibll , a oaiui. owne account, an s olb lli:itr a ;I ire of IpITtllil4D Clfiire No. 10 Giruiier street. i6 it P 1,1.V1' The Gradl Gulf Ad -irtijer jill Ail-Il° ! the ab until frtrler rlice. pN IIN R I) lIL fP rom~ it privrltt sac to I1 ((allllil s ir, et, n ili( II` Sureru Mlfauated Dell 1I illIli, ovid t [title lurl o t II r iw ard af 1 p li'1d io dollar- will hr pail oi t cut I1' ( 1 iLO if-ii iI ,ilol: AN to n, ,{ '":-"" '' eld ilL , ttll3 0 ; ,. i li i i SI i II ti-li jIL 7ll 1a P iI III -'lull' li-u"a-ua-l, Ni, ,jliXr e alb G -l Ii A l II-, jetll! .ili N -" l v jar,,, ,,\,N, · 1.,':."l ,., I J by 1, t:. I 1) 1;_1 !tti P (il)', LiL {f st) .c I _:IL'l' ()`.1'. tl·F ONEL IIUNI)RSII DOILLAIIS REW\AIII) AN'll it e o iaae far h -c al"i, f lr s al I v Alus le ' braii-li. 7 1,fl i , j lula re. Oinnh ak T iiliial) thu i ~ilv iuic. I,, \o. 7 a riffe, ali iT 21 l. Itra fa rfu i l N o ti 4 by lijl. N\inlfaae, 1ih liii.ii, i' . I\) dlrillar-,rilllIre Iiuiid lPlkrniiai jliiirair . ll llllr· ifai ,f ila iir. (a Eicia i nrC al, ir tree are cauDiia WII iiAi leli o I llaII al uic . AiJi prhased by NATH9. Oil InflhVN'Sji\Ollla·io jyf-ie Exhag Hoel GrP r iii ile hey JgIlVIci for iNIIChnia rell' riir iaiiuiiCdllln II~l(lll~i'hipiii X Ao andefarrlby LAYI I'mr:e Sa A iibN I,, jel2 17 (iiaCiirl:~ st-i-, UBI ust trip froC t I Tiexas I aI d i a s II i I 11l lurkIingsrh:ooti thra ai kt, Iiir dleee Giseu al Tcria, in ioe iaayiirs if ualari, I t Gio. 5 Ill h: hiradtr afrAoIii, llthick -avIr. i a li A nenItm e I lap · ift, iiddirerfrl aClleii'rII FTIii. frSilaigdre,laian lIvrna ndollaii lliei lpaid ri ll iliake in iC ilrr.ivrdmyonelld I~lvol rr'f heill, ,Iae.l C te ti r, Ifar. assell, or i brm ilei larilllll t lie; lr. Tlire ao d iir s elluerll ihiiid p rui F J ,,,I h? A liid rllC Wlill f T, nrdJiiyieirlltw ia,,di , l n CluinI ir l ir liaC andI e Wi e trd n i inseaiil; i nftii rcr rl alndiohian, ufo *nela~ RIii L IIaiiriqariiC ,iadeai('rlliaa-la11 ile laC iwrl Nar,Clirrrf,,ri., p ite ICliaaliyS IliraiCIIVl klnaice iait tili rk alre by ii EVS ICI I~a riirrll ib i il m2 colrCmdoarnel rr pajrdIiyli ia II LOUear -4lrrlnrearrynis f la'lle,,j, lawlal iev nstr rl,iueediisinX ll Ilri urenae: Ioiiiieluiaiaiirolia,-i,,-l lran iior sale dliy LAYE I' & 1.131:1 :\ :, PUBreo t LIC NOICE Ie.US PJ EimYEII)' GIVENP(.(II IHA'1Ul lT ,lo l eco rGan' , late of l'a hahnitt n od Te xas, died ol in t1( Ithe nnny Nat e-aIinte rilnCth of 'ICCCh I3iieWhlireali, Na ldICse ifli iPth letrt i r omNcodchs ~in exs vayor'n ilihiri, dlI 11am, ipanlpty ,,fl Rc llrlruas. FLOUII.-5111r W lila at Bciar, D. rr, 1i5 nab ley jc~~o ·I-I ErwL',rr Curdht ie fur. auiea n lii Ii 14ere toed xen ~i29 d4Nrabaelluded t Ithnr he had the Wi ll dna i-r h lle C n I'iar had uitp i ilie i r ,,and Iriai, haa iii most anxiousjanquraviesan1lidleartioalu~l r h ut yeain tld Lvea Con. 'NwIN PeLATES, CoIeIt' l', NVAILk.n sajidu T lerIt is F, auhriii t I ~nC teuydiaoin i' 1111) CI"i'i C Iii, C i Cli owa r id to l liecoerya o w lla n a t t ll r li w a nlaedfori . Nora'-hedtr of luTlraxaai nawpgesadN lork, bioC r la i ei . AAa II l i wtt thi 11il ;iv III ul i, h o o t r allh.reAerican,l t I li, a h a NEW M7-lm ler-C I ,iae, arls iup uuuin--i--'Iii, orefo uifi liii\ ilay . lur~h, iii i,,,, arr .i TheaeaPli Ngiil ·i C, Iii l IiiIi luii u44i New Crari io a-: ice, ainakieO ul auai Cais, '-lou1iennr illllH. Cuud-oilaiv rI- ii inrlliai1 e ifuto Iou l adi a '1L t 5 44 N ew Lave s. 1l! l \fill- ll~e' ~ LACAIIPA & ii. tIR Ia.Iiri ooniac-Ceu,-l ur~J l iesc-'h P`lu~llr Tiurod ~ ~ -I -'Ih 7r6rin riir ,ii i jI Old uili t .iii 300,00ensks Boolnn Cut \ails; 5 do Com1,osr·;'etmr llF n Nail -; ll~llil -AI.Iirr a es! C tant'Cp l 50 Coils ale Rape 50 !task,, Ii 11.. i ASIA I1Jc kso I 'iC o~f,ir eeaud o;,i-j i no--, Iu iba )ECTIFIED wrlhKEf ble rrectied bahiey j R t landing from steambmat Hemna, for sale by IAVYET Y. AMEIUNG, _9 _17 Col__mere_ strCrt, 4)ONK--:,ll bills D·, _21' d, Priec, 4.1, hall' iblls SSoftt Mess, 75 bila'sholdec,2 bbla ho.l op-, 20 bbls Atl O Pork, in stoun, flr sale It, LAYET & A.IELUNG, jr 17 Comiercr Retr +'I AVANl (OFFliE-- 301) bugs Havana Cutlet, d -] jest landed, and fur sale Cvate JOSEPI' C )('KAYNE, | je' _ _ 21 tiravier ernst. )Uati-Alu Al i , P rime. ea t Prima tilr sale by je-_29 __ 44 Nrw Leve.. ' TRUE AMERI(:cA, it Color, d lifu, oho c(a read and write a little. One accli.nated,'who canl le main Ipermaently, would le trelbee ,t. ITILAY M1jULES--Came into the ltables of the suh scriber on Friday evenintg ust, ora htrg-. liar ,tlel about 13 handsa high, and a all Iciht i"av lule, about 11 hands hirll ioth letuales. If tlev are not claimed within ten days from the date hereof, he said mules will be sold by- P. A. Guillote, auctioneer, according to law, on alarday, the 7th July next; at ile uuna tim eand place. JNt. E. HOLLANI),. e6.-3tpw-until7 cor ircus & Common sts. -i+ A,.cutit vuaus u l'6curic do seoussignt, . Veodedli soir all grand 1thlat b-ay, de 13 mtains de iaut, et nul petit li let bhie cleir, hlut de d1 mains. i ila no cont ptas raetla rbe d'i: dix jours, iles seront, par P A indilot e.enouteur, ,eonfora6menet la aoi, Sameoi 7 Juillet prochain, au temps et lieu ardi nalre. JOHN E. HOLLAND, 96 juin enecniga ere des rues Cirque et Commune. ,TAL'E OFi LOUIJIANA-First Judicial Distrlet Court. A . IBULT,. s Ia Creditor.-The cession of the ensoalrui'a IpIatrlt haivin bleCn orca:cted by the Court, fr lthe betil of i ('reditor; it is ordrol that a meeting of hls said Creditors Ido take place at the dice i ,of . i]. mreca esq., (utary public, ttn Monday the cdia Ju:ay nrxt.. at III o'hclck. A l, (r tthe pur. aose of tlkcin into qunsideration, the tflair of said insolvent, andl in the mautime all judicial proceediu.s nea ast hi- per on and property as to the Creditors Ilentioled in the saehli .le, are nstaved. \, ithe hIortale t\, M. tBuchanan, Judge of lthe Cf l t altbresaid, thi'2JI3 J tiAle, 18318. jo?2i-it P. LE I;LANC, Dep. Clerk. EPAT DE I.A .LOUtISIANE-Cou, de District du premier disrlic jeudiidaire. A F. BURlt' co,,ntre eoercianciers. La cession des - e rctri6t6s de I'ine.lvable eiavnt PtP aelepte par laollr .olr i'avantage de isee cron.Cia4c it eat decreb t6 qu'un.e assemlhe de ses creanciers aura lien u gretfe de J. II Muaks, notaire publie, Iundi le 9Juillet Iroclhin, d 10 heures du matin, afiln ue dlibbrer sur lea a.tlirce do Pinsolvable, erteo attendant, toutes pour-. suites contro so petsane on nes proptibti6 mentionun de is son Ilttudle scnt artl trs. T1'imoin, I'Hon A 11 Bluchlanam, Juge de la ditte eour lo 3:1 J in 18138. 26juint I' F. BLANC. Dit. Greffier. . (ACO--I2 tiasks, lalding from steamer tierge e Waolshingto, ton sale be " G D)OIRSEY, S"je30 4 New Leve.e. . IIO IORROIIOIDS. 11AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiation.-This ex. i traordinary chemical composition, the result of science, and the invention ofa celebrated medi. cal nma, the introduation of which te tlhe public was invested with the solemnity of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, frlly sustaining tile correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confinsion, that "' hI dared not die without givingr to posterity the beuofit of his knowledge on this rubject," and lie therefore bequeathed to his flriend ad attendant, Solomon laveys, the cncret of his isdiscovery. It is now ucod in the principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and most certainly for the enul of the Piles, and so exten sively and effectually cs to baffle credulity, unless where its effects are witnessed Externally in the fbllowing complaints: For rDropsy-Croating extraordinary absorptiop at oncer. All Swellings-Roducing them in a few hours. irnooumatrlon--Acute or Chronic, giving quick Sore Tiroat-- iy Cancrrs, Ulcers or (olds,. Croup arld Wholopng Congir-Externally, anti over tire (hestl. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whethelr freso' or olng standrnr, and lrver sores. Its oper;itrons upon adults and chi'dren in reduc inr rhoul aloLa sweci t>ll , and loosening courghs and tig'lllrtnes of ii ci het rev Ilaxalion of the parts, has bhln surprising beyond conception. Ti e, conlnolrn renark rof tll oe who have uri d it inl tile PIle*, i " It . I, l oe ika achlar." THE I'll ES-'Th,, prio., I is r,'ihocid ;n any p.rmhot rhio \ rli or !,llrr i no f Ilay's I.:llt il ,l I f ir tihe Phls, anl return t chiehlpty bI ttl o t\ tH t I b,1ing clr-d T'"own are Ih, posilive or dors of the i rpl ,,r to tfle .\lg rl"; and ant ,of mllIn thilou- I \t'- .n[ la lt ml:'r't cr"r1'1tlc ts ;ti 1", N It ?'1, b f Ir nt r , ' tor k t I 1 oroi i, t t o n ld P - 1 I·I1 e o;,r O r . ! ti le p rlo' i er o, c r SXl t t ler--N. :,. e nn . pl,",.Il ,,r'. ,l l vralse r. L o ntt \.h l ,:t' ti o iy W altll aind a2'1o t.! ;l u t'ICo o I.; -ills. , v . 0 C ItrON FI AYS 0,Ju0t 0r :,ile od e retal by W ('t M.IcI'EO', & Co.., 2ie Yirk, lnd by cile ooloru ,n oi ery I:,r ( e ,p cod fm n tsooll l. 1u,, sfe byh the splyf Alie, Age nls, eorner of Suel Ic r Ivnt 1 a e liraltr. ojle e t nTh l iubscriberRs a no ' r lceiving frd d hir t&: e. toriro in Netr York, and r will keep conostrnolo on "d - grT'rl f ssormnt, of Lclhan's Life of :-r leWter , co orrot. of sp-'rir whs ahork ofln°lhp, and of the rlateort pa.ern, me ofthe het Erypticn, trlin. Iriee anSo A' eric.'. l .mbtl. Also, hlton imts, Tolbw e and, v,. 1rav Stoe s, rr d ierd plain sid lls o.d litls, auls received, and ior sal b aone, plM K erN, nPr ('anRm p r aln Colmant st aters. Ai soi, a fcrtothor su itpt ' e"Alice lor te Mseritcet o a srll It lm.rnrstd t.lallri tnd Rsi Iron j ,N C: (ustomhouso street, opposite tire lo r-, ttire. Thie sbscierohers are nore receivhig from their far. aoraes itc New York, and will keep cprovesta rns hand ra generol assortment f Marbleh Mantle Preces ofente rir wone in thip neatestd mae latest pat terns, made ortet notihe he.t Eyptia, Iraliane, rish end American merble. Also, Monuments, Tombs ned rae Stones, mer u ldd and plain sills anold lioutels, arble dicoioner, iarls land ondary stone,lis plaster ef Pard arties, R e & Iidrab li bs Cento and Psstrer. iormr lair, together o rnit it a pl fuendi ssortment of bransive s telo al plin Grates a kind ofRussi kitcen or vtes oftble newest ans, of t appe grove pandte ims. Let of t heing doen leo neaest manner and at t1he shortest early pThey have fir S rate workmen has te act above work. York. je5 JAMES KAIN & STROUD. ip rumors an anoth ere olke, eiged aving eald out, or disc ofti a oly of ol d lreong and Aspised GARDEN SEED STORE, Tla 83 icustoo htrtcoe Sltreet, Roolavig en most iondustriod nlyvics l tied by self. interested prties, the subsrther to assure ht e public fiat lrl geerally, end the pblic at larg, hatbled to still cent exco eithin two daoors ef his late, rden ormer stand , tr holes'enic rslltit, a full and ewa tonsive spply oerf allnd t sltaar d kinds of kitchen or vegetablhe 'arelo ob' eri, of tire growth and ins. polrt ef the prest seso, 1837. rates. Since th early partd gallon or buSepte lr. e as re. rcaved ample supplies, icy the packet ririps Vicks. burg, I oetucky, ant Arkansas, oll arrived in short passages, direct frort Noew York. Ily the Missis. sii and another on pert, le is ition daily peaste. tion of supply f Frit ree and Seed, eiparagthers dris, hvinrbig already received i andvoice thereof by roil. Thlie sbscriber begs further to assue r reh public at le Ie, ,that ihe is at pr oent as welk k nbled to cloo.t col execlrte orders lfbr all the inds of Gariden Seeds, ,cither whelesale or rotait, as lie cror was sietr his first e~ tablirrt t in eJanuary, t1822. Country Dealrs and Markeo t Gardeoers' orders fllIud at tie lowest and rost reasonable ratesh by ire pound weight, anrd gallon or busll measusre. C atalogues, either in F'erh or acEnglish, may always be obtained oi personal appliaation as usual, to y J WME SMaI,' arden Sad Store, 85 Custravirus street. NOTE.) A constant supply or Bird Seed, eitter mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' d jirid erbs,--with a ctlppy of peas andrt jll 13 aI'I'ItIC:A' N trPeS. r CIlb Sioe I'ri-er'cia ianle of tire French tegeny I' ir a're Louisa Ieoyle, ir 2 eoles. I ioqI,'rr' ior Ladieds, wcth hiooe.: ot fil preservation i eroVlreeo tend di splay of female heso. . irivor Tra'st, or tire "Parish Boy's I'ror's. 1It odhaees Ili,t'ler tloz,) ~lIooir of he "lPickwhik hI',. r.o" v ' o, f rt ire lirsi , with t, elve ill strarir ns, 'roe, l-ld i' tu" LC o ;eornffe o'r'rketonc,. The lochek:nker, ir th." Sayei'oe and Doring of Sat n 'orr i :Sh l., 0 t'. ro ioo vill-; d'i editio.0 Je , ,eiv,.d au fo,'d ;ale by fit I!eKEAN, 1 o.amironp adiollcrooinaeot'. hEiVI'NCE ho I.EflENDRlE, Bale by Ib.l\0Vi FI'; &. IAGtEND.l,l i'.'r i N' t t sevto K ooedlisd, rcorrrrrrlore',rco, lerlrn I-rlr briot olt Irocrc, loa ale 0y JtoLl I tr1i(AY.0tI'., J Tl 1 t 5 1o raeier o'rocec. tell 40 Poydras street oi. w 00000 ensile I l:r\cr ctreorl)o tiGheert. 131 oalazine street, e tlc:aborot M,'Irmar'k, ior scine 1, Ja; h;AYK'T i "t II1EI.I.'No . IJ t. 12 I"sIA lE h a\ltII'( Mail Ieguiatlons. 7Te Greet Eastern Mail is closed every day at 10 o'clock, A M-Is due every day at 12, M. 'Ie e'.r prss .ail is closed every dry at half.past 10 A M-Is duo with the great Eastern Mail. An cvery day. The Leh:e .Ieil (via Covingtnn. La) is clored every Molnday. Wednesday and Friday, at Go'clock, A A 1M-Is due every Tuesday, Thursday and Satr-. day, at 5, P M. 7 e l .o,.rtille or cRicer Mnlt is closedl every Mondtay, Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 P M-Is rset and returned by stenmbolts.-Arrives irregu. hlary three time, a week. The et on, Sara or oalst Mail is closed every Tuesday and Friday, at 8, P Mi-Is sent and re. turned by the steamboat Brilliant. The . clre.randria or Red River Mail is sent irregu l(rly by eteamboats, twice a week. I.ouisville or River Mail. Monday, Wednesday, and Closes at 8 o'clock, P M. Saturday, Coast Mtail. Tuesday and Close at 8 o'clock, P it. iSotunhly, _i New-Orleaus Chanmber of Commerce. I orrrcEes nFR THe YEcAR 1838. S. J. Peters, President, A. Quartier, tlt Vice President, W. L. Hodge, 2d do. COMMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. James Dick, Thomas Barrett, John A Merle, II C Cammack, Jas II Leverich, Abijah Fask, GEO. W. WIIITE, See'y. fALOt)NESS. SRE.IITIFITL head ofhnir is thle grindellt orn T rne lllon!eho ing t.a the hutlman fran. IlHow strangtsl ly the loss ot it chnnmes the culntennncee, and promdai tolrv Irines on the appearance of oll age, whiach o .ul see mnanv to recoil at rain nenaearee , and snlnlmetim een to .h.t.a stociety to avoid th i e ets ani sneers ofo their nr:qnair.tune: tlhe remainder of their lives are con set ittly spont il retielnment. In short, not evert the liths of pralertl t htte tie geueraas thinking vntth with that nenvv sinkin loglm asn doe the nloss of his hair. 'ITo at err all these iltleala-net eirctllnsteanee, Olarilaer' aolm of (aaonlmhia stalsa the hair finao, fallingt"t ott thel first application, and a few battles mrstores it IaeSin. It likewise pnroduces Velyerow: anmd whiskers; prevnlts the nhair tInro trntin gray ,nakes it earl baeatifially, nnel frees it frlno scurf. N eateroau certificates fo tht firstt respectahility in eapport of the virtnes of Oldridgag Balm, are shown by the proprietor:. 1? Rend the folllowing: Roboer Wharton, Esq. Iate Mlayor of Philadolphl has aerrifitr as oaoly be seen belotw, to the high charac ter of tie fallaerinnaoeentleaaea. Sthle unllderigned alto hteolbhy certify Itiat near used the tlahn of Columbia di+scvred by .I. Oldridae. and have found it highly serviacable not onel as a preventive acinst the falling ofof thair, tut also a certain restora live. WItoId1 TIIt'T'tt'rcttt , enior, Iethodiat Mlinieter in St (teorge chlnre. No 86 North Fill st. ,JOItN I'P 1NGll',321 Act e stra . JOtIN 1t T'Ilr lAl ,S, 1M I, Ioit Rlacea .IOItN S FI'IlY, llt stre' t ett. HUGH 31ectlll II:.1t3 South.l 1 " t. JOHtNr (tAlti),Jr, 1'tl Arch slret. It ip known that three of the ahova siurrI s are mnor Illlt a 51 cars ofi afe, and the a .'her' e Inot e tlan I0. [Frano the IMaor,] tta 'looa aa ai' o 1 hothlm hi. 1I ,hert W arten, )aiver of v ,f I ht,ihole. llliitlt d llnallv o ea rtiv' Ilhat t1 lmot , ll . a wdnicld wihlh I ,l,,.srs J I' lnglis, Jntl S Froret, aod Ihloh 11 'Coirdv, a, lio.t anes nc signEe l to tile tlteshoa e lactientiO hat Ih· In witcts whrlt'cof lit hat lo renlto e nv Irutl lo ad t';lto d th; s, l ofth crity to I llied, thi lictl dry of tDecmbtwr, : '. a [I..] ' iaitT WI.ITI ' N,'t'vora CIlys ll ti 1:. t, o.'l e lh0 bottl "o' thl . ( i llilor !t :tloo t has a lsphl , ai lli ht e 'tt' I aruloo l r, ot which is lo r:t-, uted i r tl ' ,,la-f \i0,00000,,0 c col~t I ., hý`S',-.d- ~il,{ lta~ l h he sole agent (fr kin, i",, -:i , 2 FIIe h . -nir. t , Ii :. aidhn l , il, ,on , lon ' I,.to t'l . ' lt a ln et. i ,' , , -, S 1llltS A..lit 1. il trl,. I & 'aent't it0 Ot 'lt 'aeaa0 tt i a..l'i' 1t . . , •Tl, hu-,'acil~ '-,r ,,,u pr... ,IIn i p'i 1, in h, e 11ol ;.inn,.!,. nfl't , ;"t .iqf .<.'i ","r. . ('o 1]..esdio f, Sces -'tlyealla , IT'll liul }t ii1 1] 11 \1 P FIf'. ('. * ir lhe - la tll.c c .i 1,1[ S ,t,, . tie ,1 c(m pril, , ; in , ' , c c i'i aI r lln'- I'. , , IIII tI ;n to t'o h n ach l of Peters' e tiriie I'ad 0. p llt' ' a ' ,Irt ls wl io nov a in prihir'tdin by J. . Iurts. ([i otuer ...... oft i, .i,..i 'iIgted bi y \aralel a 1 dBcidd in Ll:. 'iThe adiur is sce onaly therilod hy istinutshod retired Judor, of the oheapr a,1ac irtl ;. y o of the itting Judd.s, to exlct lmay natino. , h n,+ r po" from ti e.r exp.l";n1 e. I nh a work will bcoin ei.r very royal ortooe. cessary, as the orig.mul ;i v".dn; uiotus, expensiv". and illtrce. An inre ding toarioity too is natn i 1,sre in it oth,r Staloso thel Union, in ref trenoe, I) th " r ja l sroul celcd "o of Louica1ta; and the eirc.mlstanie '7of tlh Ouerl prailiples here drl. aide, t ,le. : erjusu ent of e onr liwe' of d laws, ltet , the -knwledge of U or alj lll, er lld e i Icis t e utie i Itly to he j tl--. of the w\ho's U Mulm c]lt reove, lr c it o ri t'ng sp ,, oll tll oe hs adtod ou llr egode, r nodel thus there is a glreet dmad for the Louis' iana deeisions from e t frteh quarter. more authoritative forums of the other States, will he added to each case. and will be delivered, bound, to subscribers at $G per vol.; in case it sho I Ihefound pra:le to compres, it into three volumes, the price to s-,b.i seribers will be S7 per vol. Subscriptions received by Will McKEAN, je5 crnor Clmp and Collion eusa f ® Ui lit R-170 hhdit very prm e, on Plantation eigh, . st tiles rfoen the c i ci h;tr sle iy o T Igl HYE & BROTHER, a29ive,; ef, o et 9 of pio o i t eaylnrao guzi t. J lag an as.olmntall «f Rlontun n. tiilegl tam Umn brellna and Pareaols,lhtdong frorm Burque Elen lHand mdc9 ISAAt C llII)Gc I &c CO, 134 ,ieagaziee at -i.I.'1r i ;ia I f el l,. d ilt illil' , 1.., I LuI lm ut,, w l udkncte lilnttle , l ier arn fo t Lale pills, Hotlher' i'lir ,e'eent til geIrc ae, Bahn tCif ohird ou il ,.et&c. dig ald f,, r a tale Ici iley it Iew.tNNAI ail., 1ai25 iige, at Natcheznd Thn pitlf ts C p .y 1-4.4, wil i osal, wrill ber rceived. t the ori ice of tlt e ew Orleeaus eled Nase ile til-roud,wih ltheltI latte onl two sides; thelw a 8t ie rnhe must ee at lt 1ri0 tiue tlo be cut in lengths of not less than 21a feet. The limber is wanted along the shore of Lake Ponthithr rin, and will e reee di ved the g third haven above the new canal, or or, the bank of tie new cudalst the Rail load Bridge, at the option of the Company. Also, Proposals will be received for i )everig thle eltbank ent eaw t a- lok g te l , shore of the lake, with shells alnd .lland, to adepth .u lbout 18 inches. 'I'hi matetrinls ier the urpose are easily obtainedt within a short dis eieh ;r And pplatoerial for Irving temporary tlack, where the distunce is too greaIt tr using ,wheelbar Al-o, Proptsalt willtheece r bhildinr, see, ral.In ti' kleun the line of tlg roa;e the d frveiption oill be given Ae pplttion IF the 'lgi -errt . Ncv r-leean andii Nihvill Rail-road Office, June S;h,183. I) HOARD, Chief Engineer and General -uperintendant. StjY LEXT-A- Ilto. n CIanail atreet, between Mriese i.llh Ttrel, Streets, slitable for a large nDOYI.E & MAY, je?2 3 Caroendelet street. 11I,01111 U 2000 hs a uparfne Flour, o reh and will Skeep from souring for omne timer, fir sale by a la ; a reen CoIaee, per - e t IIogRhai," a lensl.r ltero, floin ecuvajlia; for slltle byt SLATE'L . T'RlI;I, jr14 40 Poydat- -itr et Yi AUNT I'NTYPOOI.,a, a novel, in 2 T'a lertcdl, by the authoress of "' Ditinherite d,i "Fiirtationi," \¢c. iln vols. Tl,. Adreturws ofa Gria :a, Ena in asu chfa ola,te Cnnnl 3.lJrnurl. .idew tenhs tklr Neighborhntd: heing pil Ii, lby t ' .ulthor Lo "Our Neighturhood," ht ill I vol. Aasin nel the R.ue'inus: r a journevtoSt I'elas blre aldj \lscow, through (Couland and Livonllia, \t1l hil e kllcellt zke dlt:h,, , f tho people, b Lllgl l rr,dt/r r ," eI .nleric Lntld Expedition to tile loulth of" ith,, Blent |Pe.:!, river, sttnttll lung the bhlrcs of tIhe (aptain ala lir.. t. N. commaLndr ilof the exedllil lrtL h will ai cll l Ee stt tler saAt A; I e. ito Sycriberel, S)ll, elt h aBr lel ir bile, ; Ico * ,lElkherl 'n half do .ahls; \\ lln bo, 'wotR try, i Ir eks od in. i i&h travirElatiii. nlhd ilichru WV; ice, 7L ead. aeo er !n1]':. ' ,F/ ravi,'r see, ci SLAVERY. PIUrLISi EI 'lIS PAY. -. And fir sale at tl- tlntllig Roomni of the True A Puri . can, Exehange Hootel, St. thalie. shlten, SLAVEIRY: A S arm n ielsiat l ad i a the First ( on ore ation nl f'Cfn in oaNew irle o', pril 15,1l'ti L lii'oe..'llitad lp Cliiii. Price 50n cent. -,, GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECT IRY Ft.R the lrame of Louisiana, and Cities ui New Or oo I s and Ifalyetno; Ir sale lby .\M MKEPA N. m2.3 . ar Catp ald t'ommn st,. N--W DIRlll TsYIOY. flUBLISIHU) this day, Gib+on'a tilide and lDiree / tory of New Orlenna anld l.tilt ll'; lr ale Iby DAVII) FEEIi' & CO.: m22 N Y Stlatloera 'llall,21 Chritres st. LOIlSlIANA FURNITURII WAREROOMS, No. 33, Ilienville street. W IILIAM R. C ARNES, (farmerly of the rtin of Flint & Carnes,) would respeitf nlly infrmn hi frieds and li the p ablic tit he is i:onltatly 'receiving from New York and liston a goaod assortment of Fur nitu 'e, su h i as llhogalV chlirs, atfitsl,' ed teads, in. pie a.d p ntem d cl airs, maple and cherr y bedsteads, maboganv and cherry tables of all description., Io rea n toilets, seeetarniys, writing desksi, wardro Pe of nalhogny and cherry, wash stands, luoking glamses, feathers, bIedding, &e. &c. Nil. Furniture packed fior transportation with great care. jel ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OPPICE, No. 53 'Mannzine strtet, opposile Banks' Aicade, E STABLISilED) for the aeecution of maps, plans and drawinga, e'rchants' circulars, business and aldiess cards of every description, t'unernl ircular, on, deep mourning paper, apothecary and droggists'labels; hank cheeks, ldrav receipts, &c.prniotd nald executd in acheap and expeditiona atyle, by tle proprietor. WII.IAM OlGl:tENE. NB. ,ank Notes neatly executed. m24 PORTRAIT PAINTING. t R. PA It.KilL respectfully illorms the pubhlic that i r he will relinal a short litle in New Orleanlls r he purpose of painting porlraits. Rloot corner nf Canal andl St Cnrlaes, in file iouso occupied by Parmly & Lyon, )entists, wherespeciwmens of his painting can be sieen. Entrance in St iharles t'1r REN'T, Possiessioa given on thl e Ilt of next month, 's'' the two stolry dwelling hllsei adijing the ,.lL. new Methodist Chlrel Coil I'noydras street; oc capied at present by Di Ranners. Also, a3SI tenellanllt ens n Girod n treet,a few daoors f'ron Baitone nt. Apply to DIOYLE & MA'Y, jnl4 3 Caroniallet at. CAIPT'AIN UIIAMtIER'S NEWP NOVEl.. ALSING(; AM,The ilnmester. ByCai't Pre W deric Cheaier, IL. N. author of Life of a Sailor, len Brtce, &c. in 2 vole. I)ilry of the T'IIe of George the Fourth, interspersed with original letterstron the late Qouein Carolina, and fl l vIialioIIs ither ditiolva lleuh- ilera:ii in 2 vols. dEthiel Clo haill, ir ithe To imridis., By Misa Lan donll,, author of tIhe In )mrovisllll-ice., rl,'lncesea Carfare, ITai atstl IndTrials of Early I.i', A'. Saoind edlitiono, in 2vols. A Isol.namartine's Pilgrinimage to the loly Land, new edition, in 1 vnol. illis' Mledill IFrmnulary, 5th edition,with additions, Gibioni's Sulrgery, nelli editilon, enlllarged and ilai Iiproved. Just rec:eivetd and fir soie lby WVI MliKEAN, ap't0 tar Caniip andi Conltm n sia. 1 :.511 st.Aks, h'othrill, i,illy tiullt' lotton Seed. 154 pi,,ees Not'thern 1'rtt atii, 2.t7 pdaces Scotchll Bahoailz, 51t roils l ope, till b les '.ti i Twl iml, 2 bales Enlilsh Seine T1wine, 2 pueo , s of ushil Mills \\'W,.ev, I ti oo hc V"' 's ' \'hit.kev, bv ml 2 Ino No. NO Ctanatl .ýtr't't. I ICKAGi'. IIAlti)\VARE At, FOREIGN & 1)O S 1.1S.1"1 ' 1 I 'll .l ,. t ouni i' iun ercl'uuts % E.\!. ! on hl nl hl II]'.+, m odlI.:e Iv 'l·'la y i ll I'llollns In E tlnmnI not (.rrliany, a Il I uppl) y o IIblrd w'aIve g olo 4 h IliCt h Sihll dl, IIt-,l h pIl klLne e at tlt I : aSn rers +ri,-s. 'l'h r. rs.mi st,'k consists of hll1 calsk. (1 l'lH ill. In r l s, ai 'd , i11 di h,' t il In" It:, d '! s dt 1o2i -," ti ,ln - Ill;- t:,, I. I 1 . I tottt, it, n. t l I!, I , lI- li , Il: v Iti, mli.n i r ogil tIt titin fi c o , l r n ti w , hbio ilcn d bl ivixi . ]lllii!.Uu l Sp o' r; pm nat um: pr to I l i ioti,u i. ii i I i i. I,IIn. s o r i n hgl , p, oi9 t i - r'. i h . , Ib , ruls e . t" . n , s s n o d Ir i n itth nn rmtf i,, , t iltsl if .,h th, h',t. ot Iflo Lit ll I .. I ,i . ti A, - it idtl Ii o i p , I s . it m e t ', i, ",'li o : , . o11,r+:ný ,t, rt , - v I.1 " "f 'iollll ,li ra Ira, . 1 ,1 ,,11 0,11 . . :'rltI-,, i Af1~ e..% in, , o - ttin' sk i ie,- , iti " it t i .rlia ot itt'; lopi, n f t , in, tIi t ulh lc ,: rin. k rt . i,< t i t ni i rlil ~,+ -id ,llt. IonIte 1C'3r ,, . . I" soingr d at i '.. i b., til. i,y it . Irotdt of a rotio t d ittotI rv it ridL e uonitr ( It nt i oi, . iw 2.d lIh,i,.s r tm itc g tiot l ririo, d .n - l . pelle.l:ll, emyons, 1ol lll l, ie a i'.]. Iii IN',+h : hl. AC ,II.II, ,,& .' T vI ,. - 4I I a s rti r notuoti, i bil , .tp;·rilt- l hr PERi T!" lII - Ik\--. ",1*aL .. 1 eal S i.,,".: , vi.r,,, a t y J iii ' I 'ltl, p Y ''c'&11kn;t.l .... I i it , T " nin bottles, ,f a l hl oa n peainsizk: I:,," , ', lt I'l r os. ,i r str.e ; I 1, 1, i :unsioe ",i ll' niti.n, ll ltln t Iais, et ~ llll/ll m ,,e o o o)fI ochryI ' l", I o. ,t ' i lllli, r'l eli, 'til rI. iand m ie s airt adcoer if hl A tlll i io achlortnd L t hI toilel ll owdersi tlll ltloll itrest Isluetso, o tol ilu , hadr, hlallfeslh, t th,ncathsil, c nshu ng,,cl.ates , hearth, p'tl tllll lll LS ll . (llllf t 'ltle ittlllu e ftllll.ll , :L:' 0",b billgll : :nb' I t lah h )Itloln's, , sil i tl : ihl"r+ S t o rtII 'l I. II laInIE I'-ttlt tlrat h t lnll Ilttit co s trls o e . s:lieuandva n rin s, sad and e rg vit ityI o otsit itr LOOKIUNI, ;lASSi S-t Co' At ristg glt f.ames li v ]Dt iNis sizes, 5, ,l 2 an 1 dTaw, toiliets; It I ' o l sai [to I rIII I ltooket l l. i illu.e e L ti n Jrll , r llo.n, tI,AsYINt lCAIo t NoD-, t Imlita ilh, I lrno , Shlsle rS S iw e! Carten , i ri ch ai.! 'hit. lak iaC - int C iar ldis.t FANCY AND VARIIETY AETICES-A s.LN-'. ai i assortmennt of p,-table IH sks, la diq s' f ar m t etll e-t, C Slmtt'll dressing aasr s all| Idies' worlkl. Lnxd l'. llle) Lx es of va titl en c, ri atiolln s, uiabl fil the iew ynr lo b js l tnries tl tsl tii liT lt Cy b ,lUt dill d usel t billiols; pea'l It ld shirt studs Nerzor s lOp Agl orm m h ela 1or1 r;ltlillg RIM.| hlllh; p ih arid tihe sgat'o l"itrmleolb Pris, iaple aClod.peal as, drhiking .ilEups hulin- l lasks and game balis; a hal Iedso sile lh and dlillnrof enlrlf vilgs a in l ci anle diy oft er arlickles, ill u waiich will bLe Slld ior low rIlCes, lor cash tlBity allutitanleles se riorIplatoe d, ao .lseta ans;d llding dtorfuocsia ur lt : just received pon ship b 1inllHodge1. , K aN d ,r sale by LAYTON an CO., Q 1OAP AND) CllOOC ,A'l'.--I,uding frOli brig IL Melssinger and Aq hilla, a ud fir s sale by the sob scribers-500 boxes No. 1 and Imitatio No. I S ate brands of JacksoI anttd Trowbridge .rod James Gould; a4 Ises el et inpalisi hocolate. t . j \ ll. F17 orench, f sae b iiA.+. Aff N-Se luhhds :.dl , l udi.lg frout Stlenrillllut D i Vll. French, for sale hb je92 S 1AA \ I' f & Ad),LINil. ope, in dl a nodin .a1tr byr "jel T LA' 11)0 & AMLUG. O L i. - 'i NA-BL LE R ITIo I AJD, -ANE. LOMAX a aI n, i11)'3 (RI ar E--i C.t ill 2 v l.losa n o d Gle. uin l t i Europe, atl, --li ane Aimni can,t ine ji rn C rner l (hnl·u & COlmii siirl.. D.: ,,II~11 SECOND MUNICIPALITY, V EREl brought to the Police Prison of tllaSeond ulluoiciloo tll.! fI.llowing, Ilglmd Slaves, viz: P'RIOUS ItAId', n3od aLno t 2: or 314 years, says hle belonI, to Mir. William Rose. L.UULE'I'A, of bhout .35 tear, of age, says she belon.s Io Mr. Jdln CorrilL. CE('C .IA, aged abo3t :25 yveanr, says she belongs to 31r. 1)elahooousoa. 'P'ie owoers of said slaves are requested to prove propelty, Ipay chlrges, aid take tIlh away. II ,IAI1PER__ jy1 Captain of the Night Watch. OF EVERY DIESCRIPTON, SI'EEDII [,, II NUDSOMELY AND CHIIEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE True .Rrnerican, ST. CHAliLES STREE'1 T, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE CITY OF .Vew Orleans and Lafayette AS published on Mntluay, 21st May and for sIe at thPe counlting room of thepublishe Exchange tHotel, St. Charles street,--and at the Blook Store of Messrs. E. Johnos & Co.corner St Charles nad Common streets. o23 1(OK1.DIAIS-.odials of different kinds, for saleby JAKVIS & ANDREWS, e12 L or Common and Tehoupitoulas est 1'MBREII.AS & PARASOLS--20 cases, compris t -, log an'assortmet ofl'Mlntn, fancy silk, andging Itham Uobrellas and Parasols, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. jetl' 134 Magazneos street. B ACON-13I3I csk priIme bacon, sUles, reeived par steamler ltenitg Webster, for sale by LAWIRENCE & LEGENDRE, .jll '2 & 29 New 10" i I.AN IS & O 1110 FUNDS, for sale by * NA'i'H'L TOWNSEND, joll _ __. Exchange Hotel Graier et. SOA1'P.--250 boxes soap, variois brands anddiferent size boxes, for saleV hL \VINSTON ' SIIALL, jre22 7 Front Levee. d 1KEIR ..-AND 0 E. vty-fiv 0qr bbloxes. varktg, brands, by VINSTON & StIALL jo22 7 Front Levee. I 1e 7 FrontLevee. i t O1 l l--21U bbl Mless, ;1:t do P'rine, 140 half beli SHflt Mess, 51 Wl,il 1' O(, 10 hbls Rumpsa, 40 bbha Shoulders; in store ad for sale o b jell I.,\YET &. AMELUNG, U S. - l.-Il. 1' AND FRLOM OMOBIIE DAILY 0Comprisig the following boats, vizo: Fu N. U. F, Mobille,. Suahv, Car3olin, R A Jefries, Swan. \ . te,, ipa, aitl Griffin, Alabama. I'uda lv, Isabella, I\l Murray, 1as1oline. 003\ 3.',,va3 ler , oot, I. s lus,, V palrlot I t' r s , " t'a ro ll, al A .let 'a.l, Mpr tin ca , II .ht3 ia,J I tJ arsn1h, (Carolne. ý;,I I'It' \1' \ r','III b J 31 Kuighit, Lsabella. l a 3i,,n louts " Ia', the Iks oe Mof thb Rail .ni "InYII 3 wr3ll al3wi3'3 boat 3,' I t p o oioa ti W 1 I I'3 \N, 0 [ 3 t, ('31 llt0res i I..3ha3 , Iui3l,lI333, N. 1). "I- 3 , 1'3.,t 3333\ll3," L ', . Mobile. 1 troll: tcA~ CIII No itillt Itail RCoa ý"ý (';:. toll I, :!t'"" lia" 1~m ul (. ial olrrrI, fu : li 1il ot eorc ,o.. r" ~n Iom 4;!1 at it o'clock SiEI'T SUNDAYS' ::e t tri it. tIIo'itk I I t'. C~If '.IlW1\'Iit,1., 'relhtieol t. 11 U- I tI''l N &-,.xOPI'tNALi li ill it .1)INI)11Nt liMti'Ttt1.-A speedy r :.. m ill,"m ui'I ,it. . 6 -or t;!v" rs; prepareldl~ d nld from v, ·!,cl i =s wiI it It, p rr-su ot tie highost h""",r , xt, ,,.i r't' a-;":' t , I~` dHioooooe with illlrllll' 1 - I , rr I,; thepoprietor of I",l: Il \\.ilII ItI!) II·1 o ii . --d I ., otlll ib o) the pub. Ion Pro tone t the IIt, ht it cly be ec:11 1. of 1lirvlill. man tIy o oe who trUo H oHI, 'cole ' ci Co CIIIfm etotHIry tis i arr llr~ ilu t111.4 IC) 1101 at u ilted of c II tl to it noel, ll vt it in Itoe trust oh: atinate stagsr I t' ehr ,hld ,ic, It 't:' .it ;,ot:lli dlcreoable, an4 I t; ur s I lie, to ides; stom ch e n hildren mony take It ;dish s :l".Iit cr Nwgli thlt, digestiv JliB L'll..·!1 Pll retapl cuid soIC~l mrqu iro it r llc l· in t hei mns ot 1 0 , rn t1 . th in g i t o ttio s to rho CIII~ Cleltil 00. The propriotors are % well cI viel4 Cditits ulfl'racy thtttheyogroo to re food the price of every bottle which harn boon I takni ac o~rdance with thus tirectionu and hoe no fit~rid t o per cot core of the foyer & ague. A. (tIVER, sol0e agent for Now Orteans, at CIi I ;viol solo t retail drug, ond Idoodteo store, corner o titroodie aod Chartres otroots. Fo Ihotitrot Agenlle appli~t~y to jr·5 T1'. V. SMI'I'fI, 48 Cooti it. 1 )!t I(l--l1(1110 ols tiece+ and i1t 0 tar k,l. 2h5btosprim 1, it \ 'Itl":t\(;b; LEG1ENYI)RI, i~ coilvo tw, ootovl t; es awoCIoeyo.o 'e,¶,, 4ittoi. -)' ilththooootitied tuodincfromeoteeo or Sphic4id, for ocieltoy ii DtttsE' 41 P~tw I.eW.. 1' EILRCAI.NTS. M1ll fttIAN"iro Coohae iIIooicotitiottl citretlrtruck YIL ci' a0 twO hlours Colilu, tly tulling aI the Orleans L.iithogpic ill 1,1iicl3,If agazine stlret,olpilosirte lonk ttoi:tfL-5 aftbhioNo '4 Itorerri, for eel. bto RIEAi) & IIttS'TUNW, nt"21' _ _ i6 (aier otoc ttet. ZjlIlIl'ti\' 1'111, .!311(ER-- '!,000 lent of the 1 yellow pine planluk, folr sine· by /i i h i h eelL ofteni16ml REA it & IAItITOW, ii o7 (:evicr street. H~ ISiEI - 1110 hillintortoce, fbr talo bty +m - (i ti DOlfRSE, 44 New Levre i I'iiN -Sdii-lii good cIortcit ily Dnper, Y ~~SLA'1'UlER t Pt MR otl;140 Povdrosl t. iiý lillNt 1.'LltbIEii-Itihttito tutu( fees. ite olJ tIro~r hccrdc, 11-4 110111 Ititlti)r foi nch oion· , for cole i. itE:tii & Ii.ARNlOWY, 617 iruvieroireer. P011K Flu1r, Vthisker andli Lrd-=Hlt) bills mess A10 r imeC lea It Clod ciotuulder Pork; 2(00 ib10. E'lnlr; 2011( dollisktoy,rectilid ond coloolon; 1000 kegs. i i:AYET & AMdEIING A'Pl' NG-2-? l boles ilpuoiit Maltiig. foresale by 1ji i i ) & ItAftsl'OW, mio'6G tvier street. If:.111 SIthy -id( (taxas eope ior Lemon Sy INO u iJ fr cot. by R:EAD & HARsSTW% , 167 Giracrtr streeo. iFt' I ClLnudilo Ccrntt 01Ilrer 'ennessean;,1 14 Ie sae byDORSEY, sli.!"i 44 New Levee. +0(011 2 ii 1111o0-1 lCill , i sriotr's patent, lJ rmhied. u,' ocucallgrid 25or10 buoebet Cr I IIr dielmil ll b th. 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