Newspaper of True American, July 7, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 7, 1838 Page 4
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S; WimdiT. -hia Lo.alataas Hotel, . ' WYmrrop; La. 5 Mo ARY fenstra..a ., rospeetiiltly an.. 0 loee to itoirt Ieds and time pubhlic .o.- It , .8.ythtiieo l e ig pred to aoeotlnodate thtem at S Wahbo rt esailtr..mont, n,,d hope' fr tn Icr llEtia to ronumter .wisitors eowmtfrta,'e, to'rreceive a!~ intl u etae of fornvr frvort. She fil"Is otn,.. d that. person Votiling Coviictln during th. ,Ier moths, ceanot I;od biulrr - co n., .d:tiosi Sthan he oan afford t..ian on motorihb rat terso.. er house o ploasantly sit.,ntod, no I oCl ,~ pyddst with every i-onvonitnmot,; the ter inti,"- ,iurii'h ith Whe moslt ohnise.liqitoro, &tc. in hbort. hil proisetoa 'at .htni~tng halht atio*tng on Oter p'Irt to g.vU attiM satisuloio ito all who may patosuir the Iesitlppi and lXonininoa ilotel. j'3 n O Ti1t PUBtlc.-ThBLIeCii l n C *L l"L'st d odnar Dr. Sottotidt of Charl.tstoo. M'Sgti ru lo r nson yoa# his assistant in tite p.M~ s~t .lcdineho atnd surgfr, has the huonor F-; o 16r . protensional serviceo tn this city. Ssaurens the lud" te sad geodlseann that the oott peeept attention will be paid to It eo.lls whict:h -ma betRcade; and also offtra his stOv,ces to tlno kbliitsf laves, being wtll acqgninted wi'l tthe /. mtennnmmt tothem. having attoended tlsm mo house in Chi rlslttto. ifans anti.bilious pills i ter the composition ot'nanor douoltetto, a itb diroctions, c.t be unndrasigned. The effctt which tlhey havw S in this and other cities, has tren attended the greatest seooess. to which the best of oes ca be givea. Applyat No. 166 Maga. s.lret. JNO. M'LORING, t 00 atlit>ot , bAD) IRONS, &o. UpiR HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S.d38 Waterq near Booktnan streeot, Now York, have reoei4ed the paot .eanon, and are cottstantly redeniing lari. nd extensive additions t tthe sitok of the above goods, which now consists of the Tfollowing iaertment, suitahlo for the southern and Westers maktets. S "qplow ware of anporin: quality, consisting of aott lB00 tens, viz, tats of 22 different sizos, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Rattles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, ,. sies, 15 rizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, ' keupaas orOveos, 7 dtfftroentsizes, SKettles. 6 do killots, - S do Tiat Spidera 6 do . Covered Spider., 2 do Ornddle., . 4 do P Vre Dogs, 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. WVood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and bras,, onom 3:8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inelh, No, 24 of a o uperfr quality and ll and and less than Jamo's itmportid iad Irons. assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs fi retailing. Tailor's and hattor'a Irono, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 1Sell for Plantations, steamboatsahchurches, &c. s nmade to order. Also stenambeats ad other machlinery made to order. The above assortment of gioods is particularly reoomtmended to thto attontton of Sontht.r and Wester morerhants, and are offeroi lbr sale at low priaes, and upon the most liberal tenrms; it is he. lieved to be the largest and boet i soertll:nt ever offered for salo by any o:ao establislmontt in thlt United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with doeoript:on of goods, pricesand terms, fromn which no devlation is over made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive itmoediato attention. New York. 136. ji3 II bun Scoop ioS l'toIiti-'i.rlr ' lnn'lc miSer of Leit, lalell'i PFitkler; for ,i(,i "' Ic-n .1 .eonoipnlnont, y ,t VbkI~t11.t _ e1 car l'n'enoe nnd '!'eltoliilt 111 ýt t \U.1 -ilil7 hall b··xrs `\o T-3 I up bronnli if J~uce º_ (ould,forsirleby I~ji~lc' n :!L Mi., t l). I M16 18S4 `1;r.iace stet., t NVinuio' dior!liini hninre on 'ricitt Pe:rcl ho-i1 t entt TIr,,i t'ir,"le u..d t urundhit' l tle~t. mt9. AIpplyti. -t t W 1 c'I R~p1 i1N.FLlfihsiKUriaV, h\tc-ýf \i lirreisl~nrro, I '; i " dirt dn" in 'tai e. iil· Suite t~r CIAJA.l'LiNte C1i''.t''lit. mil5 __________ T yýL!º1ý'ý \ uw r coed tcl it u,! Le~lel V. , Lr·,l) · :11 ,Inn1 On rr eiiiei eiitilt oI IidO'l and white we' e, antri ploi'it i 1 rn'"e~l rrit~h edlio rueurdli Cap', eenetxntl}' n haolld ut I, .,. , r Iv t 1i31 N V Sirlsinteccl ' inl,!t+ i h~ntr_0' tBG lt Sit I to ' ! if l )eo. 'Ic ii 1 :1 1, LAVK 13U)ifS% of , ryir vn ..·tv ifF rliihE~l and and eindling ,e:i't-i.oe' IteCU tle l :1",, t.,.,lic I'O 1,011 tPttl tt' 1. Cu t A N31 t Y`iintitnerp' Ilull.I 11.l.1oest. SIld'fionlIio""elliici 1,1i m^.1 1;+1 Dlu:;nxine rUre~t. N NOI% liv story hr', k Il~lla·. Firtl:tId 5 dnnrplL I attest. iKrtc vtr lIo, piinL'ooSaiwn siin n I liijl.] EnquireAt rier p_,cnivr I LPUL R-Sjl bbfl iionr. lu· t'Il oI l0 U . \ -tIle. !, r lt u t v [1229 U I O t(')'` V. 4'SI'(F I·)·crr. .:1 ) IfUill--. Id .. ii ,;,r" 150 coils inope, lanw'ing^ frini Aiil.iictdr Inc chic by I.AYEf & AtIRI.L.\u, m19 17 1Ci'iisece nt A~s\-u3 iran uiickyLiu itngili iii it, r hor steamer Gen )'nii'ii. ,iit fiar a, InI' YORRE, IltOrllI1ESio, telt 65 Camp pluert. NO Mzn.3UWEr NOR COP1AiTA t i lie ii e, 8tn IS i7. n secret discus,,, fr ,th~t h I hav e appilied to sII) e. eel distort ori orenuilltinil did ci inlticino M on thle above date I pol~t Ilrell under cineae otr IDrlio Hoot, andleexperrtliin ii c'ire mno. Sincelhllt [tius the deniso g0 wOirNe sIIo LsI Ir rIek out ini large ulcer to the somber of Fix or 'ighlt in en le-, told all over otylnee*,iioil oire tho, riiiiruct pi.' cto wi ork of hr piieent t oltnlliuolilien ft I lar II-lce the righlt side o the [lliii.iO. I nt no er ptin rr as enfideluntly nioer thi cule oin or. Inurt, I Perin, to be nifoletly acred JtHN IIEAN. let 14 ly T DO CEnTI I"' that tie nlii -i mentioncl dieason Aquotiitellreond iIt ) t ecut niaiif.,eilin, for whtiitl I book Ii-. Oinet; tied morIeo.Cvr I tisure ti-iccItU nd cicI liner takntico otna me fa, n' i nod t iS cii iijor notllibnt illtt iherekifre Inadvise etoIntie e[tte ars t tote ni then and itply tor A it. II t, 15 IS liii at JOHNie nit) tet nve letrteeiitl street, aneo tiliy i ili lii 1 inii.i, n'u bh publitiled t itoe nji:i'ii of D:'. iiir . Jolt Ol\E-N. New Orleans. I'et 0. 017)8. l' I I i liHE iieoniluc liautini bua.oulll .i"i~t ".,,u - ...... J, , haunt, is pelt ti in "'"Ile1 of the. lawr price. o f ;,.I cento encb, containtigl ie l rm'I1tIt of dosle iiuncii'i Licnin'nrrhbei eistheol m,iriii'lto~ iii')- iir lolt. ait barli knoron onun- lite nLdii.o., a: O ii-t'nu ijn tGi'u ; pulmonary compolaiont. he.II it 4'iiilled succe ts wiei Ich hi tlcndrti lie n'e l I thin itmitlouhnte Cin/notioherreeri II h- icIten intro dried. hlas ohinirrilcd the enotiittnte 120,I I'I ree u tiorn el 'of npcltile nsclii ts fiec lii 'tie ce(If',u;s hirer eeiileint, ol i 0. To nhoun it rii c'nceroI.'ir ite to to crtllv [Litt w have lu oulr pnlleieo fmq'lrntlyl prea-riherf lire illlni· tier'n Indian eplls fr ofiitiiite a rI floritiililrlunlii i a dohi.lerdrotll m ui e tei rian ti-re ' ii int thet toue" rItma of tiue ilni'hnult it is mado- froli',, d , .:e, vnnon onel''rlc. n ncoluumeno it as a dll,eriol· Irnparunonl ,aior all tltose afl'ee~ons of te lull I'r whichl it is re ocetnded. hi. FIt)1' hI 1i. 6115IIItj, '50.1) ICALVIN1 ILIle I. oil. Ihnterr oirnf in l:osturin :,3 o llut AaIi oealion. ['12.[112, O.-I'Ajt~tr '&,. 1: ienilot J 11kV!n' 1, Ntlttt1iV' ! rs"' . OUTLVR Edi~rn'voe t ill-niitr'ieon Ap;ii n-F, flt diontienimt o icc,e .o'u-'i ,n arty. tint-e .1 ,i t,- d t. n+-, *ta~ iltdncl~i ",aiihtr of tits Ist"+nalL0. l1~r IIIUCL rihted assthitril, Ce0;ite 'if in etirl ass of tunnll e,",iioln nu'taher a o; t e p: ')li+"uua a .d elieited. Wiiii all tte ileasemol ratill'n . t ,. eine' a oa ecila water, it p~smi-nele t ,e ac t' c leei'n'tcit Irutye tiOln ef the most etipr i-ed natiin.iite pirtolnom-; It lai pn nt to Ibte naend g aenid drm iil ii ci Tit r riniI'e - ion and ci eat demand fon r l sttln'iti iii e.vineent lilgn ni-a olic-iii y wtn'ti' o rail t Int l lintto) l' i-mci-c. on ' eir ca lrd, nnd inl ;nag~r llr - n', Illll! . 0,1,0 ,'.· lTho tuimlo nit rc~pc.1i'i'tiI nmier ,t1h li de _usi. ani.le peli~lnocll~ or or oSII -~~ ILl II ~~~l Tovrti It~llllur 1 rereneoi nkies I I . efore thin lair- )ii o'eumt~l':rm'i Oito'ie f"o!iit" Kr uet tried in thjodiirriu lincml'.'t' iiiil, ta, iie ,i.,uc-, ''to siclant oiE'r ti loti ei,) uteri 0 muh~teit a ii. ol r rlllr a Mwend reauiiful contlh-i of lii, iau ho.-it iti,'-'lt bfld. In ciaec wLeiie ii lteu hoC" it- ymu'1sex ea-cc',, nlicqtl tw lererv -om) Iir-tei ii Iiit h lhui neil iii spipylidiaad t i.ihful rann h n)'Ji'cue. w'i-it-ni! Iin. ~oeoto tiid. Lip Dl vi v.- n"ioogiii..t.· fii' ii-Otb ~ Itl~ o liiin 'Otici- Ii ti- I'dil fir per i-niog, al g4ei-lnao lie Ifc.-ir. hlie h it ' ii l dry aflttflfi it, Ft-c. oL i slm, 18llIaip sit ci. LLEtA J L A IQ AM, BART'!` he COl , n now mr."tm_' Iro I ~n boaid Slhp Orleanns EaFole, ll hlandt r, I'okt' . ' ' y A lr , F'rcfl ,l ttloi lo l o 1 400 r1s , io.ntoo R I ;Pomau Iloknrd; Cllhsmr l, lo2 1-0 nI 2 C3.o io'h i'll, Tl allm: 8,,L. ! an8lI ia. ic hl auh Ie B aw IC, K .n:i ,.raler and c,+e:r trltt!lit T)rie'-io Can~s; r'It. Coienhre;h 'add. ntn Iut io;nP'Irter P il c: doutIle nI " lid Vod Tool".&. tA . ltohioh root Xl otl I n rd ,rh ano ..nt , no:o {Tot nt tol oil fllotolto t r; ;Ill. i 1' tr.oi ltin .r.r Te rm ,., 'to ' , : h oil'oo o " .tl ..t :ont,. ",, Ivt rv "7' t" o . It f tol6 J. Ea ~!. r r.rneu e f: , I ",< ' ." n ;. ",:1', '. ,r Frt h m ; x.-~i otI l h,,,, l "Ii. c , .nel. o t: ,nrdmn";dr A*, ; I(! 1'u.:;!.::: {\r ,,"I "r'" lie.,.! \,", t , nrl i C'hain ; .iil n" .I Siivrrr,- l lIes i+:; Indian !te^l.i sLr. l and R um oe: Shell T..i: mi radet. and etplli l i ( oln' ' o; whellin i aldl ill el'oir t ltrmir itnck ti.i lol,. orike., thir n nt Ill vero tell hirlt. ; r n will hr t,ood wer lano lbral trmo ter t i mlatn of Ti e iohlu (m hob. i2.'+-tf 70 k 'h rlrtd,' i rem: . l ili tlosillr i l,to , g"l. ,r tN, ehtens ive host opf I \l . o,5 lo.n1l3 er. I$lheti.ial, E 'I!nlln har iu',L r -t rier,; w.w tr r win e n ilr t . Xt"n o , oron i , old tinoa Iof CIalder, snrtlle0rt h alsve. st de er a tiot . Inie, . pil' t. n1t, r n , It; pear tr llt t c '.,oi0 tIa, ilt ot, oi. 1 Tore. Tol e inrtit.o h t. Ic.O o irL th!rmhv ern o pernrt erhihite ,l ,r eftr - o -lhre tt. 're l riI. afl tttltlet ool' i i mae v mrohitt otito ,itn. Ol, wnolote Jr, no t ;l an thte ti.olt Jo '; tll Otht mtt l tlt,tt l r "l c , r". k. , - i 1v e In o\7\lN .C. It \R'I"r 6t: (:(e.-- r rnw 1oethiei', r on! inib llu nr nillo, l"'oo;, ,rrv Alt ,ho wit ll irh-l lo or, ltooo laoo 0r1r m 1o01t It t!h;: oHtt rrot ElR N elw ! rI. - h nll m.i -e. Ii ht terlti , ir ill-o t i. lolt n trl itrfl r llotito .ltrio li ol to . hoe irt Snt I ll ttI rts;o (Glt rmlae a:1 l roetlt o cltte itoltib. Rowlta ols lnot-es" n :miai. I i, .m to h orwrntil tnd ulale ek rl ttlad drellr e1,eto '': ptt ain,' nnd views ; ll ll i pe naht. bl I. l dlll pll en: 1 I enio rleann; wht-wine; 7toilet: ntld s inglllc. p l r i i!t Aoder, "snletic wash n ail; seemdd silip ealri, w Av: Pont etnn io& (crnw tt'tio5 tl; Tnoe o ..l enoid e m~d necktioet; hilliqrI hbllt; potont ttkll' ao-l w:dilt; iclto floni .; r.e n-u n fine an5d l, lm s gn - ihalsth mspt ntefr, toters tn; he lls ifu5 mntcs; rem -, et i c Tfhooe ,horein .ditio to our former rotak oF fa'tn i tie, ron IIeS o llls tale111' : vernel t tl rut. Il .le t1 no f ni to t ; ill mtl lmt O 1 O tot tti tlOri., lf t ittt'hr I idu ulirrti,.Kn.llv tCo., (f 5 honblev, w rns dis ,lvrd on i s~l~t of Say last, by the t f Sa uel .1 Moslon e W( & f o.tnlrioo dne, ; ind lil.rn Kelleyt will 0n7f Int h netlit of A hnt btto intl of ho llev. bt i nuo .I (t ... ,, Nett Orleane I. hn s oft.ho a aient veroa fi will o tsed in li lIni, nitio h n I o t IThose ndbtfn si firm ar earnestly re 1ttd nco fTo rward 1 n d st.;t earlyt ettlement-; and tho a h a tting cim will pt a ear r t il them wihout delay. LEVi C lARotS I , rIe e Ivied and +vk' ,e the hoen or tiotl 00 bolt. " . 7 ... . . . . . . . Ih,, _, ,+ , t. N lIII L ANI Ii::'nl! nl.c'lit r.lli, V 'v 'V , 1. 'I') ( l T )1;.tV .I) . ,h(i 'of 0 I:" r +eI·,o1 d, I ,lldlii ll I Il.nito their l.virl" o oi n fli l iI nl+..r l 1om ' 4It, 1·11Olrtdl ll , 1)-" 1 ll. w l' I(1 , ;hIll' . ..oi sin, ion eri wI.i.r i I .n.iiin..' . '.,n . Innl. g :; , S1 CI.': I, i o,.- ii ' lllUi n I . 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I en :I t . ss lrtmnh t of J,:E\VI+A+I.JRY--some ofthe lat,,t 111d 1 nost fi. n vIL ,,, blio sett: , c of whI , i- l d ried Ili nnll topl Let .ilrdrp n s,.et inl. ul rec, hnalst In.i ll e-re.' .rl-" Iv of pa 'lt.. ,., wutch t 'itoiti\, _ llil:r I..: h11 , n~,I sil. l llskies, il. (IiiUin s, ilnncr! aill ll.1,1 It 1.iIs I lniinI iu nil ohins LUO':iliNG iLi.tSSEi--Gernman s'tatia and toilet plhss, Annllgif ing and' Frnhlll. dre sius ghsil sn , heii ldoi Iww ' l| n v o111rl'tht lr Iilnd s t I it' nil t i nli : ,'iiAN Y AID Alili '.InIrI 1." A T IiL n ,, - r andl An llrincn ponrtln abhl d~ki i lnd dressing en. ei sonm very rich and fooe'l Gluished lasie work boxe andd(re. n ui case;, with aid wilhtout , musiaitql boxes, Ac cor'dilus nfl varitu:l kindl , t itIill: tilt gluiturs, sither aIdl tI I/ Oll.)lnnItledl one·K€ ns umipisllll slll( IIII Withatlt . hhll t aes, en, ln nesion Tu . p'renti.-nui cup clntrners, iuii l °1vw, ,]river r .,hilt beh , llnlle Iav,, {ImIt+ Liu,:' ,ill-, tlo In :dndl co, n i.oni , rln ors nd .i i on stlLn . il|,- 1 pin, lins, her plItLI. n teel nd Cl n noi h -pelta cl ls, p cket bhouk, ndtll t LIs l ill -ill ll i l.l lll iclr a, all nrid csni s, hpl' in io :I of lrl I' i .lll in ! in A ill nwl I, l ,', inil inoIi fr itan .boxei n pr'i s oi al. rin - ,ý sn als' 'onw -i o 's, ,i ,hp.0 toyw utels !.hear f ianpowdernnass, mc,,and ,pl i I'ii d hnds, gi ann il ,i r io, iln e dlen i ,i spnl ) 'l . .' It .t i iAcs aiy n i) tl lli.n it I l -. iPll.. p , hi; ie i Aa l S l. i: --'I \vNew York, tilla , ·, ,'5 up :.,i ll )hI1I~lli * iP t¢ll ,i llllCLn n nllniirzi" till IIlel n iiln- i. , It'll" Itis l P uri c llt.t· i I. t1 (, I t l nr'l) i'kt· , alld In'li ili ' i , ,t ilt,.Ii1 o, hllnlinInll ~I sell~lr. an , 'r invi te n tcxvlu bu wntons tIia s lotet for ti.. i. ., . ;l ; lini- - ·-n - - - Le - t r, 1ai~ tld a I'it sI,!1 lll lles sll.. it the h snveou li t ofa , and 11"+ clu+s ]Ii'¢ ed l aSoy part 5. O11.. , : .rr+ h ' 1111cti . '... L ,:t,, w pr n;he, s :receive eso. at ,eirownril s , ,n n ii- .l,ll-. ll tlnewl, ti ld l d Ct ai l it r i-i , nrd ' I ii th nns t * -'- llt II Clrli I -i) iC "i II n -n, ShLi m l..r.'-r -i riaib .'e ha. r nr I her ni ir-o A n-i lieE., h( In ,s .t+ ); ~ n to n ` io i on u;'.. t oo u re -stret oin i" ..d m No i U, i in : ,:: - ' ac'- ., h ; il , -j i nn, n', nn i,)t' ,l . l h ttah ..,ll I h i IN ib l. GI' L: t 1t . l ',o e Ln 1 ' . 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Imieil.tIii.ies whiih t:.r ox:'diilil s, rI ..rlnlclla nolhl rreliiiell i wiH~ . ll 1, 0, ollthe sole l ilat x, utllc lln i t xte i t i . u tly 4 ihl s'i ex.ellt iof i . i e 'l ,iit etl s, itch;''ll iclnelhlling o ll-lm - ,Ohe-Id s a cfnhtatIice s, essretial, thas t i llm ies tintn- i ltion of ome .i1ý ,e mhe cl mpellnt i hcic pni llt il i-e Iles men ld i. piii ic iiii ers Ino b clyad Ile llcitt III lcl of the work, t its beey n diSltingishegd Ih tie holmli he hlluiiitt, 'erfofa cntster p eie". Ami conscidering it lheinfttlihilitly lo the methold riginally Adiopted i. llllasllon inlg the orllll , nds 1 thle lex to l-d IIII1 unm etr tadll varicly ol'lthe.examietis, andcitests.fcve ryedition it has passed in the ii sc , coriu ilhst.lningc thie hole is in ste pe, iderig, in sh6 t. e positive ace.acy Isecl ic by the nprlecedented mieants empl a, the vo lume has IheIte held uP1 alnd emlcp. tieally styled " the I lmot iwoeilrtilc d coIk in tsie wii .lk;" i molst .r llainely n mlnlleln unmt, figure work ofthile se extentl wheic sine the lein ill of crltell intn, has had thle amlle nl. lher anI vl ariety oll" tu'l t in Ihe ll valle meellrlll of elditorsl m, Ir', one hall the nlunlber, as ils clerly shown in the DBsIhds, as tert Iand stdardllll , it has beelle tried sn I c t proud in tl I-.y 1.hI lhe k s ed iiil b il t rs il tlhe r Unitt'l en , a' I 1 t y the pthlic gene'ally, during the Iani'n lriod of thirty-five ra.irs, vet nto error of the .al colations has tter been iound in lprin, althongh eontinu tllh clllc:e:g.ed by ther ofl r el"ery hltgeprnImiutms. S iThe boltk.s i iit efi r ire-ly adopted by ll tlle- lrts eoflw cl s-oural ofthe States as the Arate of c.lculaholtl fhratatlt iltlrest,"1 isls by law fio hank interesti Iti+(.coilngos the Inkl is lnsed, alm as way he is elI in lpart, by .,,e naes if thle su11lsl'ieirs, ati d a few of i he i sub11 lsellent purcha11se, it the list 11 atthrec f llu of hookI a isn itl'sill n o. e'every class of ciizetllls inl every qu-lli te of Iha Unit ed Sitae~s. : It is moreover ell known that, hellts rearly check, t it has ,,l'ttentdetected large errors, Iong after lieey were e .dhe'. ve. by thle Imos.ten efIll IIII nmot clmpletelntl lilhntlerlim.celi, t"at ilts sefilness, tnid the absolute he cessity lor its Hsi,, have been extensively insisted tip n, in o evident, ineecal, have brew its edvlntages, anl its savings, thatl, .srerrl y' ·tu.ago, whilst the firs) edition I stnas sent , :d o1ldt of hprint, great of seId ("l hA,,d eol:ics were smught ine,-1ntse in a IgI' I disth e. r a l 1 p re I.ol,,laOnld I t, loo p iel"-, as they a',i11,1 o.lwtols ,. ait" h- I 'krd tip fromn $I0i U. $'5 opy" e o. ,! so11 perron, has, I'' tI. y declr,,l, and inltl,lal r l,[ hr. ( ilrlt they wouhl pray $5'l, 4 thlt, an , ti[lt ftip 11 r"'p , it 1i t to he had li't' hles, ao, nII in I idied il illn the l.t in' tan.e pn:rti", merlt, Itrving aI tit file s nr' i itm- rx'}hilbitd Is lihiatelory prod, to pt |ln'lo s pr sent tht:d to hi it w :ts rreOy w 1'rt thail 'I~tiTl'y Will her, : t wr1 ric h n:m1.d i, ,, ilico01ce I t islik wi[. cI e stn, o[ not i eiand i ed pl "apr'r to PP - , r li it l t h, is ti1' h:,ll e o1. f (me o . e ouk prmiIK lly od _i- - , ,:1,[ \ 11"of tie *%tent and iuqor anle of tll, ,, t I. '1,. h t :,t this Inok iti ir re l ohn i ;,r . ý',P , . 1, ;I., , ,I ,,1 .+ l,,I lc i Ii1:,. t., th.t I., t b t h er" t ' .1 .. , : I '. i ,. '1 [ ;, t', oe, . . i i s e i \1 0' , , w l moral tell - . + • l. ' rA -' . • " .11} +`,I r,,im I 's tl ut h ls t 'liitn , u Ilt II,."tl I n:, ,a v .'tatnn uistintittti d l t, litt'.ita-t" t -ttttt,*1 tt tte,.,tli tlnr ittta ,ll tabs r;llC awIa I , it l it n I ,- 'r I, :i~- nig,,- t, 1- , 1in 3llt + .Ca.-tan, In ~ .'ttttgttt , Flr~ l yll tl ( ,llli nt I l t attl,, go r ld, ,,tn.. Ittl a i +lttilll tlti itt"onell tt i .i ll : -I rhlit . r i d... . r ns, tI'larcl l;1 lal( , l unhiv ' th"sen nIII m r In- tr n11 .,1 IlTc tlni , whi ,k gellell y Ofllltw neg e ' n i, . n. tt.ttn illt c st i 11l Vll erial. S rlJtti tIlll out r ,, uIllSruthal eg+,, t'and woailliI ,rr mll tedit y i t ,i t Imp l. tll rl. inent w It dicine, neIir eur to be Ised, f1rwar Sel, at-c olira protvidled here patientls cn never, Atellud ,r o i lllolllllllrning until night, at 13 Cutolllt , mf sutr till ous w ti tly r ontlr entia i n all cuse. i l) l '11.l 1, Molse, Sign, ant l Orlw mar ' lPaintllrsE , NO h Ci .l dCle street, two doors t li-or (}mtal strert. Imil: -ions of 'ie hi lowin' woods t IAld mrblesexl ecuted in all ruasterl menelh. wm he l tAnn iL.R , PoillA ,In, Oriental or verd ultlique, Carled do, Jasper, Curl- 'lMaplet Ilotod Stone, Hirs ve o, arby Granite, Satin t tood, t'tton 'La ;OrI)OImI+ndleor M , l hak Silamn .l HII reclltells, 'Ali Wnerid, Ameri tw re n, l Ash aihte Oak, kne. k s .in cu i vl llltl it seen at it t shop. faintst. tin i:. , opad t'll Sl'.k . m, kmd In otal s. e. l it t1.h,i -ti. n Ilil VY ,tlil -la t, sa o r, O'. lb, ndi it, ntl u a1 l hl a i Itd. lill, scroll and ro t ins, nlail od, hkr d pl malIl I1lll'h' do i , ' Ill w res , eat a" d ruo tilsl tnes, p Ztne, bhrcl. it,, moil ~ ,i);b nlW(t , lut l keldes. U.r e\.\bl., l ,ciors. Ill~lo IN , [hl a, d me t hba,, 0C11 mi lls : llr illsh .icts, l + :llul, m raia /I I:llows Lh l H L e. \\he .Jtl, Al lulm urled; thot .tish l t , A kg Moates 'oi n k mlit It hit t Ingrs, 4 ll" m llol v in. i blll ll -ll os C.l: 1itiI 110 l i, h 't. Ii llu Ilo ll 1I. ;,v .1i ; i':1,d 11 b, l ni t ii I. rl , ,l :s. e o. ltwine Pa ,.·I, Ii~ '" 'll en I;. ll -r ,liItr ll rl hel't il A ll alhlrw r , I hn -lll rnllll h and ship lll chanlik l i 1.,, n,.: I , and t a.,i are , ,r J i, -r ..:,' t r ,.tln.h - l+,ll'l 1. 1Ri 1i Iiii \. o h3 I f< I Ml ver ,i r",I m~llrt r S I I.,.1·-0 iu h i, s ip a d Il l ellp tl iel i ha,+k o+i. ,%ht Ilin.s~ ', rrn ,lread-nd the littit d or " :, tJ+,h . r veI i . . :il·l,' tw, I also I t ll m' ' L the h - Il:r il1 l , : `: illa ·.11 hn l l it, re have i l urii r boa .l ' , :. " il , "l 'lrl t v s , vliil l i {rit pariicu ti '- , ' a, l i % ht I n, i ~,t ahl tt ,' l nurn the, t111 at have \as 'r ill i proar g 1 and exh end,,' ,"l n.mudati .to ru .at a aIl-+ "nt perimnce the p 'snt .ra" t. , \, CR.1 N ' i hI I.1 A - -, : T ,ivS ll'.l !: 'ill.'._ tI II l)~5 r ii :n vie s ule iut receited at , lt I l oN's i iW E.charii e IH o l,," h . ' ":,,h ,r . .,1 i ah 'nh MAIL AiIRANGIIMECNT rr Ma ue Eve Dav at l2 1. Norlhra Mail, ~ louaias Icryy ly at 101 A. M Western . Mail f te ever undavy, Wednesday an by tra ('osevervy Monday, Wednesda Conart, aad Salrdnnyv, by 9, P. M. Thel a kea I) m evervy Tuedy~ a Thursday, an 1 i, ,,t,,,d,,y. ; 5 I '. 11. V"L < Closes every Monday, Wednesday TI'1MES OFI R IV.AI,, 'EPAR'rIIl.E DISTANCE ec. of lhe xpore.a \llail, he"r . Monile and New wY9 k-lear' to '"Elile .il it hl P. M. Northwar Sew o'urk dlla t .5 P. i1 '.outhward. .\. ires Arrive Norllward. Distance. Time. RItern' Olont'oierv, Ala. 2i pi. 1981 i's 2.3 I l m. (l mll,ii, sIn;a. 111 81 94 34a.m flillediesille. Ga. 2 133 14 2 p.m ('nllhiiu S.C. 71 am. 163 174 10 taleiih, N C. 51 i15 22 12 \Varrenron, Va. 12 m. 55 l1 a PeIrlersburrg, Va. 10 p. 10 9. m. Rihnd, . I am. 21 3 6L Frederirksrlur, it 67 7 ll p tm. Wasnhineti n eity, l pnm. 61 j 6 I.tlimre, 04 38 4 0 ihilhodeljllia, 4 ota. 1)l II 2 New York 2 p n. 90 E 13rI5 143 h. or Sd lh Northward. ('amine Sgtlhward, il, e time iis ni hour h.I.-; hirWian dna vnd 17 Iiors. i't". O i .lAlt REWARD. i )ANAW.l V i r an, t169 Croderle, erner of Herie i 'rdtrr, n he aici of 30 ith af Aunlat, and was seen ,le next oIiog l it ln Ioydras street, a negro boy loaed ('IIAlTtI.FS, about 17 veers of rage anl fei o tlhereonlltioi heinlt, rto I;lack, and hae ao impede ll in his scleeent ole of his leon in sore, unasiiaed by a recelt hrt; lot 'ndl ra tln he went away a while ' nu or linen shirt and wlite cotton e:antaloans. MAoetl re of veonlte nod ale:rm hboat are cautionel a gdiinat receiving or lharborig said negro, as wellas nll Alltr persons, ar the alota rigoar of the law will o h enforced against them. T'he above reward will be psi. hfrdeliv:inag him inin any of til jails of either ofthe muiriciplitiea, or at 169 Carundelet, corner otf leek oteoet. . sept S.tJUTICE--i'lhe eipt,ttnershiit Ineretofore xislting 1 under thte firm of Ilnboii & Garretela has behl diasovetl. 'l' sabscriber will liquidate the aslinoe tlle concern in this cit, and reqitires all pernonsianeb. IdI to laoke payment io ilna oly,v and al tholehariag lnoims, to pre.eant 'heam forastleenlt. all -11-t II (;ARRETSON No. A llICmnl V.rret Ae, Orlrana TT always nhaand can m oally o receiving rt. 51 orea, ruh, mirlala, and Patntc,ataaig then. n Iullowtnig DillUG5. DYES) AnioIony, cruter, Argols, red, tdo reglllus, Ancuitot, Sp.o Cr.I I Arseio, crude, Alum, do ipowdered, Branzillette woo, eonlnem coa ria, Cachineal, Itarai, irulde, Coll1eras, Amerieln do reinoued, CuA,beer, tili'stioe, crud, Frttlie, Tampleo, oin roll, do Cuba, lo fiower. In Mainte, lihrmnllt, French Lenies, C ateoroil, " ltudigo, Bengal, Cream loaton, do Mn nilla,. lthai aidiles, dto (trreuecasi, (;1itl aloes, do atleanln, do \.l Lui, Logwood, Campeaehy di nsoslitila, Ino St DomIngo J o ;llorrUtAc, do Jamaiea, dlo rellzzilt, Cnmwood, Ih oricopl, i'ough, loladder, omnbin, d -erniliei, lNiernagua, Molalte, lOn do S AI -ri''I ,t dio Corn, Ito Ent..oliihr, eria, tindo Maenell ai rdo rtihit do ahe. ito, gincim, CIW MStICALS. do kinl, Ac lI, nitrou,, )d .,.tnie, mto muriutic, It opiium, do stilhmdieo, I srelr , Blue vitrlol , ,tIn tandIte. , :lroives ahliTal s, t . da l':n.! atl.;I . 'hh ideo r , lime i (It ll r e , ll el atirel , pas , "o I do ..o hi :.i t p \hibi:I, n gh h, e 1 hire nir , ,r)itumea, o Ainel ic: liIed eh'omt it ltash '11,nl.,.A thtkr Su n car d, .., o , ,,itIu Sttll, tt,tl 'I h,',.iri ball, : lo :,r Gate i. ,I .ti, i:.,u tip tiilie. irno',r einiitie, t- I ,, h:iIA, IN'l'S--fllute. ,I,, o, o; B lluh , i. I i, ytltl ,tl, ( ih i'' liO vellqow, lv, I ' ii.lw ,, hlio lo ill aoil 11, I. :,p, , 0v'een,hdry Sd, liliti , tI do in, ol, a t'.:1, II l.acutlook Engltish, Aii'iche SI I:,( ollcr i, , i,,,, ·, d' . .l~sA trl l ira, I, o S eiti rid lv lit'rslr, ti, i I i i . . , glinl ol.nIp ri, i N, ,.er,,, "( rIili oi,, ('Music. di o d t a Id. d, "a iri,,-r.i . ti iSo ',ihdl.o I'alali, i\ e h ro te I, dry Ame ie dII d Ah, ' ,n to, '" I F.ngl ii, ;I d ,io (::,sle., On Fgiotttt in itl.itr k1ia ir o11 warroIm l pfare. l.'0 -foil t il,'r IN '.¶'V VI Iu'S N/iV NOVELS. /tl//l li rii.'t , ti i :t utIniir of P"iar V Simple, &o runnwings, or it. 1intir til St hle Ihl.rfield in Lowe t ia, It. / a i, la' lll, tovya Navy, F. Lord li. bn, a rnllll , lieAllan Cunninglham,| r. 'he/pard Lpe, writt n bhiy lieielf, iu 2 vola. 4 Ctlapieni so Ileitoriy n/ ./iy, transltedt from the Iriinal Iltilianv bNllflbiiel Greene, iln Ivoil. f ting No 7 1 nf Ih'arper's anmily Library. Vols.a i tal'ithe ie camilelr e eand unifo'r edition I Ii ashi..aou /reiinstt #'o trks. o. n tr's irich and Ia/inlih I vol, ev, \'iuint's FIrdech and IEnlish Dictitarii. Alst--A fiw icre e.oli/cof Comba'e'Phrenology "MIicizi." lor rinliVior'a ('elllaaner ofsrperiii qo• li/l, wit , i r,. ilir'24 and 21-2 it'ch"es (illnriii tpoved ii etulicPens,japanedpopoprwei gah Jl t reeived, and for sale by nat1 1BE. J. LEVY. SPAIlN tt.VISITElt,&c. &c PAIN REVISITEDI). &c, by the author of 'Ayear . illu Spin,' in 2 vols. 7' % i'ia rt'lndtthn character, a eenerale applirable to .ie Abori/inier ofi North Aiierica,'by d Turner. EI 'he Polieirnl Grammar, of tile United States, or a complete view of the therlry and Iprtlice of the geanra nd ailti goiernmentsr , with the relationa between them -dedilaitell iid iilapteliii the )ouag tmen of the United Stntes, hv E D M'ansafeldl, Esq. Niimrod's luntianr 'ourco interepersed with character istir aecdllotsc, aviens aIIn iings od , n ,aoretiog then, in eliding notie ofl'li prilecipal erack raerroofEngland with enolytical contents, and general index of aames,2 vohlll n!ift FOR THE ClnURE O Scrlf.ula or King's Evil, Chronic Rhnumatism, Chronie Cutaneous Dio- Pains in the Bones, by free ease., .lst of Mercury the tlo*d brine in vitiated state. This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the greatest plarmntceiticul care anid aecuracy,and oontain the active principle of Sareanlrilla in thdn tont caat. tonted dlogree, comhiapd with other vegetable saubstanreo of knewa- cfliaeca. 'l'ha ereatm desideratium with Ihysicians ei hng ahl to exhiita ilarge gomtitn e f Sqa arspo)rilla in a o ; dose, lhas bleen Itaied iii this polmration--they, being hilly convinced of its norits, coefidently administer the course of their practice. P'rice $1 50 par bottle. Sohl only at SWAIN i°It'I'III t'S frug store, Noi. I )Cannal trett, who inv be lial, fresell nd gecaie, mlire t fromn the pre'rp tlore, j':wnias Ps Fosec1a anldt Vereiuiage, lttorin's Cc.t.lth con, Coarpanter's tp'naratnions, and a large and genera assortlnellt of firesh druags, i. I'LNNtO( K'S ROM1 , &e. PINNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR (;oldmnith'e Abr.dlnt of the History of Rome ti whiuih is pretixld on hitrumhctiona to tle itldy o IoIIOun Histiory, and a great variet of valuabhle infor Illlio ll ade tlmeainli thie work, lln tie Mlannern Jlltttiiauin ald Ad ui/uuti/gi/ of icthe lonans; with nL aeauta biogreullicnld aii histor nl Notes; and qates lio.n Wlill' exa nation ati the end of each section. I1 oestlcntepithtI hirengruvians an wood, by Athernton l'tiaoci'e Ihmlprnoed" It·diti/un of Icr Goullsmitl'. History of E xvhuinld, hi/ln the of Jutiuos Coear to the dtleh of neiioe 'd, withl a co'ttioatiouil to the yea IG / o. tiluth ore..- io/ . rot eixu yinautli at the end a ctuc etia., liluale 'aU.ri.c f va illllaalalt ifoarmt tion ,lied ilthreahu ifile wol'k. Comansting of table of t'ou.ull. eull S'll. uuId eminmat isronso t'opill oxl~toryne Ilre. I.mellacrks on the poti ticu, mel'ii andil lim of tie age. An ontlineo ti/ tl.iCm ioiiaaa, &Sc. o t.. illastlated by many engn IIacs. Gits' tilnIvl:tyrs OF A R'rONOnai d ana n Aoridgmes of Kcith'a New Treatise oia iae Use of (Globes. New Aueriean cmditin, awith additlls iuand impraeomens TH 3all P Sxple of tile; tatemoOcalt poart of thie As lioll Ailhnunac. Jut ceceived anll fior sale by WMI M'KEAN tine 24 rcorear of Camp ieid Conuon o tl IIA:.iIIL'OS CLASSICL tIItRAIty. I I OlAC.E,irunsl'ated by Piillip Franeci, i) D, with I an Olp/)allmdXa, ctllatollima trlaailali)uia 01 rarious toabs, .m-. by Blon Jluoa, C la, /ll, o o'len l, t Drcda leps :.dun oiln .iSo fi / atie.c'i, iU .V -tioioeld, isr) Uill, &.c and semin of tle /lllan.eieoat Ipe.ts of th i'tIIEafttUl, with the appeadix l :'huitI trattsla tel ly C!hrlstmca er ci. tmar, i.l e vll firilnia; vulumuei 18 atll ]nut "i frarier's Ciascalt l.ibrare I'll' ixpedmiao of IItlil'uaiu/ CLINKER, by S:noelit, iti L), with a ,ue'muir uf tlhe .ttrthory by Thlls ito ttisncoe, Esq., neow emhtiua witll illtstriosa, bygh T'tE .iPSY; a Tale,by theauthar of "Ric-heis itary oll' mrguody,"' 4i., .e.w ulitima, . eols a.umpl PAt/L 'LIFkORD;by the a.fior or "Pslhata Tao Diet t d," rc, bmlno volume IIo ot toe new ec. noata i noroeCompleie Whok,. Jllsretheived as ate.) Wit McKI;AN a ( ?.:t)N StD1S--6 eabs Cincinnati ann/ ..:- .:dui rU thfr sbteamnbont Reto, ant] for al tle tohuIOIr & ItIAWr IL_ - .- -I

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