Newspaper of True American, August 9, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 9, 1838 Page 2
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'uD eanv, 7th Aaeust, 18B, . "ma, Alllee Maul Petersnl ad Iorke; thear bu bnl quorum the Caonnel stond elsomaed to TueT dyeutk.the tth Augult, l edl n. COMMaCAL, Mail Re;ilstl ons. he Greaol Eaoeire Aomt is cloled every day at 10 t Fdayh Cat Pat ad iey "onday, an rid.y. st 6o'clock, a Ilb o te. ey Tuesday. Thu"day and attor. oille or Rir e .7 ail every !W leday and Saturday, at 8 P M-I b by stmnboat.-Arrim ieu. orly there ao a wask. TQe' Sa3ra or Ceroa Mail ia clmed every Y 'I1shy aandlFlriday. at 8, P M--lmnt and re. t, by theasteamtm at Drilflat. "j.cara rian oer Red RirMaofl sent irregu. i se4y steamboat, twiu a week. . Wedneay, atAd lo, at 8 otheek, P M. Saturday, 1oes at . Coast .atil. 8Ttnredy, ad .. at 8 o'olook, P M. Yavtý.eaoa Chamber of commerce. ejacu vra vuaaeen 1888. J Pet r., Prenident. A. Quertier, lot Voe Prmident. W. L. eodr, 2d do. CC.dMITTRE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. Mmes Dick, Thomas Barrett, )oh, A Merle, 11 C Cammack, J. H Loverich, Altjh Fisk. GEO. W. WIIITE, s.e'y. LatM Volmles. :::,. -to Ag .........24 72.eienten. Avg ...... I orb. Augn........* I Cicolotati. Aog....... 1 ýt. do.......... .e 1 e.r..e.A..... Ja... l Peeber~v.ate it. .u-l re Aug ... . .X(1. lout.. Jult. ..... 28 .+:. A:. .. 2 Irsrerpno' JulI'··...·..... ' ..m rlrI. so Joy °I Purls Jnne ..b........... J et L' ...........ý3 mdnJl ...Iler Aug 1 1.r.Jue.....,. lu In ........ 7I L::POR'I0X It 'ET--Pft eue Viioii...eeep: 70qbbl. lot. . -_`LbDELPHIt-Peer heePIvvoI e..eaeuo: 69) belt. soo 6on.6 tlr oor. .,,'. COLA-Per eoop 8aoey Joe ..oeeroen11hltfle. . 2 tek m.oe, 7 hi.! moilser., 1 do rut.o Obie por. 4keg cofee, 50 do corn, 10 kegp huter, MRrIGORDA--tor brg Good Iloye..ore.o: wintebendy, enooota. suatr, molaseae, rie., uomp, twodlee. hordee.. toetitte,, turpeniti.. paontsoil, warmish. glass. 4e. :.:VERPOOL-Pe ehip Cmortitotiue-cargo: 5100 bole. ............Per whip Rttetn..rvote: 1125 blel otonet YEW YURK-Per bhoq teote EliH...eeget 2 bket tsobeoto 111 bhds do. 0014les ot.. HIILADELPIIIA-Pr brig Uncle Pa.. uteo: 160 betot moote. 27 bhd. tAbetto. 10 b elt. ma., 2W0 empty akeb& 62 pigslettd. a lot of old Irun. SVANA-Per twig Nvoi..eCagua 0000 tow,, 377 bale. :IMlPORTS. OR,ESTON-Potbhie Komer..earge goteeotot star" etoMejo Cltek. Antnst Bob. '?.t VAA-Poe lrqte Peoachr..- oge: 4000 boxt et ooc. 47 bett. mint, legate. er e.. t R Gtroing 4 eti i J Vigoier.H Ruloletuo te;C:Cerllo. ,lApeyoy. " to. JTIleenrdet A Ceteilnt. tloter t Trie. A Ielpteb, N do Lietedi; E Lretd, GOtoip & to; ted Ecter Rogtery. 2F.R2POOL-Per bhip ttohbet..voc.ot til rod iron tnd atecinge. to N do Lleaedi * co. OzAVRE-flergoe ' M Miller..ctego: witt, betndy. dry aiu!. &o., o..H Ch4Etaoete, V A ltod. L. teeerd, cuein¶ *e,. IIt.Lttoote, Aflott. Rttooebt oro.; B ludutoy;i CI·lobte. Valtotite J Deld4e. Dolho;dr, A Fryte. Illeolet & Rm.; B Brown ct Gory 4itoiaem, FP Docotgt; Klobe, Dot; 0 ro; Tolamont B0.berin, A Micbeb lsLoetet & ReaeInd, Ceploto & order. 55 tleterag puuottogte. RECEIPTS PRODUCE. i'rbor-,ePor ocen,.t Mlemphol-crlo : 53 h's- b.otton. N .t- E Ford 4 coo 42 dto hkr. .tetton .e e; 86 do W M 1.ob..Iwh S r batoyto 54 do Rattnelt, Ferrildly a r.; 14, do N J Iicth4 cu; 13do rTubllttt2: 22dtPN Wnl; 1i to L.ynn. Htrris t co; S It Pretcott. June. & on 27 loWS Ibal;t I Itn. Gooqaet, Parsh 4 co; It. eiTe, .JLandi.&a oo;2 to;.e. 8 J FoRloetk ,1o 26i hbll pten. John Mori le. Vitek'..,1- Per etreaine T;.kioa-cargo: 41 bole. rotito, Fraeklie A Ileodttoo; III do C;ldu*I & Itickey; 4 bble aosnet.4 1ooeeesoap, John Taurh ;lI bbl, I jor, I coup t biret;. J Gt Geres. I furobhe-tc..e;ean oI Weelhidttot.. etet: 2 Ibole to.. Imamt.G,uerdiuu Runel; 30 do. AleAllah Tltetoult: It dotl bbd auga. P hdetPular, wt order, I du, 30 ble poaltoea, one tooteoo olaol ed. PASPENGERH. CUtelantot-Pec brig Itettt..JI Catharine A teceb tnd family; Mt. Dickbeton & faoily. Vithebeeg-Per atoemt, Ntotphlil..Mtttcc W J Colliter .V Leoo. dlent.J ('tillmetCeminus.J ti.e ie.T Ilutebet., Ilotri. Deem, Ryetn, Lougietit. Routb, Ieeiuu, Newunt. Kiriteduui. lIle; an doo. Vioksburg-PterteaBoocr Tu;.ki;.. ete,. Chtritopbhe. File. pttltau Mulli.. Lot..', CiUry, Moat;..Iu, Hrdy, Cu;.doY. E Tarbox,R;Rllina. Illaa.. Matoettlas-Por emhotorr Itelot-HoMet E Geaton, Lou. out;.d.. Wittitb; L E.utOuu; J J boerau, John b buelech 7; ib. otheteerge. MEMORANDA. bM faeunlite, epnoh 17th July, It lot 2548, brig Ctlodonio, iter a teoy.l. Hilatt.. Noe YToeh.3IutJay-CI'd Lhip Keoingtn. Cur;ti' Tor Now 3eoott.490h Ja'y-Cl'd ehip Coeeonlie, Slalut. for Now Gelret 32th. erc. ebhr Peptembec. Ruttee., do4; 3th July ate. thip C.terok;.b Lort.. ftom Noe Oltaeus. IGONtIONEEl. IRotst-Perehlp O'it-Peilbet. Helee 0 Wtermote; h I J Wiltney; A Whitmorah. J WV Stllmtne . 00, fod, F Turner 4 et; RIsoo Hwlhor, Bartel olA;. dcm R Loring, FeehklmA 4 Amt. HIetehoch Regert; J Rtad. St neoa, Ilteeher ' cto E treagot, Dddiu n a ee;Lmbeth LA Thomp. ton; "teoal. Feriday & ott W Ft.eI. J "ridet t co, II lutuebel. J Coobeyeo, Adae. t Halell.3l A Hetel;. Otdet & 8onthottr; A F Doeer.G Dunbar, N Ilols ;GOV,.Wslouo. lA Duroy, C Bycet, A Grntc. Layelr 4vbluuw. ft R GWdobe., t ct Wft Caro.. t LOUR-100 hhbl, landing fro steam er Buekeye, d for baItle by IttIRSEY, Jy31 44 New I eves. At(IIN( --1101 pieces of heavy Ktentmky Bag. glag for sale by OLMES & MI jvLt Bank Aley, E- iF.hove re ard will be paid for apprehension of the It, HARRY, aged about twtnly years, five : ive orsix inchesa high;godl looking and black fors; ' i.n.eodd himselfyesterdoa) frm tile ltbscruo.e, - 5, Munette strest. : Calpt insofnseels and otherr are forwarned not - eeirrve or harbur hit, under the rtriteet penalty of . w. . L. R. UAIEIYNIE, al--it $15 DE IE, OuPENSE PART! warren d, ehez le sotusignl, le n6gre Harry, 5 pieds 5 on 6 pouces de hanteIta, iAg d'enr.imn 0 ans. Harr . palrtenait promsneit premierem ent A M. Behat re enouite A Al. La Brioner; Indite r.compense .erua iy6e pour son entatiun ou Is luger dons nueunue de genies. Lee :tainesade s hartou i vprtr et sntree, aunt prios io - ot int le,, sts pitne i pusmee prlv lsi n't- !tasn, a4.6 L R GAI: NNIE, ruei N uzette tr. OFt LU UISI ANA, First Judicial Disthirt, Court-Warmer W. Stewart, in actuat cutstodr, his Creditors -Tite creditors of the petitioner, War. er W. Stewart, are hereby notified to I e and appear ill 'n conurt, oD Monday the Ileth August next, at 10 "iln-k, A. A. to aew eaneue, if any they lhave, why , id Warner it. Stewart should not have the benefit f the laws made for the relief of Insolventt Debtors in actual rautody. By oder outhis rcurt, this30th July, 1838. P. LEBLANC, I'y Cl'k. .4t'r' 1 Drs LA LiuUlt NE-Cour de district du iPsotuterDistrict Judiciaire-Warner W Stewart, .itenu, contre me crsnoier-Les cruanciers du pbs. :onnaire, Warner W. Stewart. ont par ls prsl ent nontit :e cnlpraitne on pleine cour, lund les 20 anut proohain al I rouea du matin, pour faire valoir leu.n raion. r'ile na ot, tunrqnoi ledit Warner n'aura pas le thi. 5: dens loin pour venir an ecconrs d's dbiteura insol. .bob' d6tanu. Par ordem de In cour ea 30 juillet 1848. it jail P. LERBLANC, Dep. Gref er. OFFICE NEW ORLEANS & NASHYILI Et RAt. Rost Co., Aug. let, 1838. .1E'W 'FED-Barges to deliver about 400 tons bar YnokIeAc. on the Lake lhone, between new ca 00d Nklooa.n Brancine. JAME3 H. CALDW'.LL, .2-3tk President. O FFICIE.'EWORLEANS& i\ASHVILLE RAIL I tR AD COMPAIY--I)ras on New York at sight, or aaily days disae,fu sale. in satm to suit puar chugss. JAMES H CALDWELL, Ibunf Paresident. SOr ^lS-C . o k different kinds, for ale by v . 4' JARVIS & ANIDREWS, ieto nar Comnton and Tchoul itoulan a s L 4gf UN K 4 I UUKV-erti ates tf J oastiate o o san a Kentucky at Louiavilla; al~ff l LA LAW RFNE & LEG ENDRE, a L r 28 and 29 N Levee. whh 'JO has sh ing Fran etesededa[ the o rmi e saih b by r e l ORi EY, 41 New Levee. 1 Hllar E I--IIIa . ' ereiRed Whiskey, for Arse Je th . Bank alley. -?O4.'iNFRB AND USERS OF HORseS. URji#ONR WALDGRAVES CONDITION lt pO. uB.$, &dn. N. 1tThia article hu . njntle d 0. into te onuantry but about three JiaA bod tio aoenashilng demand it h.,I met lta.h ham ooiroI exededd the ,nout sangaile lgssosfthPe'7tsler.e Nourly all livery eable,. t d a$rtil( umberI of gentlemeat owning , hre, lsa. noted lt ht'4elii*hted with it. it net only Imltpr, 1U l t iq...wi e of the homt. but - f prabitsnt and natal decided aulit. AIpp-y , the dreqIt'hIFally. jy 10 TilE TRUE AMERICAN. PAIKtwiu AND 3Oe0.. NnW LW ORLEA1N THURSDA V......AUGUST 9. iS18 ASSAULT UN MR. BALDWIN. Judge Morgan presided yesterday at the Recoc doets olice during tbe examitation of Myers, tharged with ri.bbing and attempting to murder Recorder Baldwin. The prisoner was perfectly ) collected, and er,ns-examined all the witnesses with much oeolneos. Mr. Baldwin swore to the idtentity of Myers, who after a patient hearing was fully committed to take his trial at the criminal I court. On Ftidlay (timorrow,) the examination of San.,ther of the accused, Stokes, will take place befosa the same Judge. Another man charted with participating in the same crime was yester Sday arrested in Lafayette, and is now in the prison of the2d Municipality. "The steam ship "Netchea," exhibited a most magnifient contempt for the little cresceent il. lages of New Orleans. She past by our three mu nicipalities as though they did not exist, liberally determined not to profit uo by neen the value of a men of fresh vegetables..This truly distressing. On reaching Iafayette, she came to anchor, being unavoidably compelled to hby a few bushels of coal, yet determining to show her spite for poor discarded Louisiana she came to far enough out in the stream to prevent any one taking a peep at her beauty. From the shore she appeared to us to be hoilt of wood and iron, in the usunal proportion., in ordinary form. Any more minute aeeount we are unable to give, for like a regular prude she kept all adlrers at a distance. O(-Les all who may wish to enjoy themselves fore day, and wash oae week's duetr, take a trip along the lake. If they can spare two days they ean start in the Giraffe at 6 o'clock on Saturday, Sreach PmosChritisn by oone, anid return in the M Maosppa by day light on Monday. Or if they have hut one day of rest, the "wild horse of the lnke" will carry them to all the watering places on Sun day and return them safe and sound on Monday. N.etrfianmdland. 4th of July. The Legislature at this date cnntinued in session, and the quarrel between the two branches was renewed. The sup. ply bill for the year ending 30th ofJune had been refused. Theecrounts of the fishryare highly flattering, the catch on the lat of July exceeding attything heretofore known. Loest from South esJerier. The French block Sde of Buenos Ayres continued on the 3rd ofJune, t and the citizens were getting restless. War was talked of. A publie roalerenee of the house took place on the 30th and 31st May, after which it adjourned until the committee should report. The government is disposed to stand out, and the people support it. The anniversary of Buenos Ayres'independence, of the 5th of May,was cele brated in great style. Gen. Santa Crux keeps the public frees in full employ: the militia are about to march aneinst him. The Buenos Avrean min inter to WnahinTonn arrived at New York in the "Nile" on the 31st of July. The imperialists in Rio Grande have sustained a reverse. The Re. publiean fore, 4001) men, was daily expected in the neighborhood of the town on the 25th of May, having already surprised the garrison of Pedro. 1000 nten, anl pitt them to the sword. 07POn the 31st July stlcks in New York were cenerally rising, speculative and steady alike Money was becoming ahtndant, ad enpitalists seekino n' ject of invrestment. The mest in de mand were RidIdle's bonds, then government se clurittec, and next Irans ,n stock. The Brncrh of the U. S. Bank in New York was eeprected to co,,mmence business on the let A ugert. In compliniine of the lack of attendnnts at the lake end of the Canal roand, we had no intentiun whatever, to censure unjustely, or wound the feel. ings of any person. We had often witnessed, and more frequently heard of the evil, and being unable instincti.,ly to know in whoe province the remedy lay, we sought redress at the fountain head. Though the directors have not opened their ' hotel,t' they know a honee is open for vieitnrn; and if they have not built any "etablee," it is the more necessary they should provide some sahsti rute, since thet derive advantare from the large number of ritizens who daily ride and drive to the Lake. As we were far from wishing to censure lthe directre, who d, not interfere in these mtinute details; we are obliged to the gentleman who has exonerated them, and we shall he still more in. debted to him,--n will all whit traverse the Shell rond,-if he will see the deficiency supplied of which they, and we complain. Two hoye would be sufficient to care for the hores of visitors, and supply theum with water: they would be sure of ample recottmpenae, and only be required for a few hours at the decline of each day. .lurders, .e, in Mte .Aorth.-From Yesterday's alips we extract the following. At lHaverhill, Mass, a young irl named Adelinn Wallace, lately in the emnpl,,y of Phineas Carlies, a segar maker hoe disappeared, and is supposed to be murdered. Carlies has fled. At New York, on the 30th, a white man, about 30, nante unknown, was found in the river with his throat ect. Oit the eeus day a colored fellow trued ton ut the throat of a negress, in Anthony street; hot missing his aim cut both cheeks en tirely through to the jaw bone. The ruffian ha, not been found. The wretch, Coleman, who per. petrated eo gross a murder in Broadway, in day time, continues to act " insanity. 1 l However, he appears to impose on no one butr himself. On the 30th July, Mr.Jlame Strotg,of the firm of Remsen & Co, was hilled by a horse. ridden at speed, by one Thomas Lloyd. At day light on the 31st, four men were seen lif ing up and carrying away a human body from the side walk in Front strees near Roosevelt, leavintg a large pool of blo,.Id behind. After followin--" wappy the ations of the moral sorth " Where at khis virtue."--Byron. Yellow Jack.-For a few days prior to the recent election,the Courier told marvellous tales of the ravades jut then begun by the yellow fever, and theough it was the only paper sharp enough to find out this " sare's nest." the journals of the North eagerly eaught up the cry, and shonted as loudly as though echoing an oracle. When charged with raising this cry for political purposes our virtunus contemporary was highly indignant, and appealed for proof to certain old grannies of phyril, ' the fudgico mendieos," so notorious for finding out what no one else could see, and who deem it "immnral" to be praised, and "unprofessional' to heal without a fee. But now that the election is all over: now, when not another timid vote cean be scared away by this phantom of "yellow jack," none are more noisy in proclaiming the uninter. rutpted health, and comfort, of our good city of New Orleans. Consistency is a virtue. IT The lne steem ship "Natches," arrived here about day break yesterday; she starts to day for "thecity of the hills.' 8he left New York on the 19th July, but had to wait at Key West for a supplly of bituminous coal. She is represented as an eeexrdittnly fine vessel. l It is not only on ,tnaday that Mr Moore sets out a handsome " spread," at Carrollton. Every day, on the arrival of the three o'clock care, an elegant dinner is on the table whether there be guests or not. The rush through the air, with which the locomotive carries its care to Carrollton' will give on appetite to the moot slngiod even e the hottest day, but on Sunday with more leisure, more compeay, more feast, more music, and more mirth, even the tres lick" would wish to feed. If ther he be any want of any thing, you have only got to send for " More." Few things can be more abshurd,than the sffec tation of some of our journalists in the North, and South, shown in hlaming their contemporatina for describing at length the recent Corneation, aend nothing can he more illogical then the arguments they use, or the conclusions they drew. In the present dearth of novel, or exciting incidents, s national paeeant in the old country,-suech as the one just pset,-is a perfect god send. Like all other "sights" and "lions," it'is sure to interest for the time, and what more do the public, or the journalists requiret Do thes earping criticd think to ingratiate theeselves by telling their country. men that their love for their country in so child iah, and trivial, that merely reading the details of a coronation will make them ardently desire to become monarchists? Yet such is the plain in ference to be drawn from their neertions that these accounts are anti-republieen and subversive of pa triotism. Can the most glowing description of a "state coach* and elght,-or the glitter of a jew elled bauble, plassed by an old woman in small clothes, on the brow of a young one in blue and gold, erase all the Ibng catalogue of regal evils in scribed on the declaration"? Fudpe! As readily would our lovely widows immolate themselves in the "ovens" of their departed lords from vivid descriptions of an eastern "Suttee",-or o'urnwcts turn esnnibsie, by only reading Morrel'. travels, as our republican countrymen lose one jot of re verenes for the principles of 'T6, though the jour nals were crammed from January to December with a coronation daily. They must have a sin. gular aptitude to change, who think a country can he revolutionized by a newspaper paragraph. Tobacce.-Some ltttle demand existed in New York on the let, of Kentucky, for shipment. The "Great Western" was to sail front England on the S21t Joiy. A fire broke out about 4 in the morning of the lot August in New York which destroyed 45 houses, and killed one aged man named Samuel Gilpatrick. The block was hounded by Perry, Hamntond, W.shington and West slreets. The bill against Capt. Wilson, for bringing to this city, and selling 3 negrnes is likely to be ignored by the Grand Jury of New York. The legislature of Maseachusetts, following the example of Maine, paessed a bounty law giving5 cents on every bushel of wheat raised and gar. ered The effect of this encouragement has been erch that the state treasury will have to pay from seventy five to one hundred thouaond dollars. The new bell weighitng 6910 Ila. wae hoisted to the platform of the City Hall, N. Y. on the 31st without accident. Between the first and the last days of July no rain loll in Boston. Southern bank notes are greatly improving in value at, the North. Bicknell'sa Reporter gives an animated view of the monrey market, for the psat week. We extrnct the following rates of domestic exchanges in Phi, ladelphin on the 30th instana: Baltimore 318 per cent. discount! Washington 314; Charleston 2 Il5; Auetrlta 4 12; Savannah 4 lS2; Mobile 8 1I2I New Otleans4 11; Natchez 13 1,t; Louisville3 l1t: Cincinnati 3 11; Pitts burgh 314; New Yoku 318 prem.; Boston 114. at The following letter, dated lStockholm, 211B .ih , and published by the Paris Journal Des De bate, s.frds some curious facts respecting the die. cnvrry of America: l "The imnportann que.tion of knowing whether or not any intercourso had xisted between Ante rite and the Old Wtld, previous to the voyae of I. Columbus, has been solved in the a.irm;rtive, thanks to the active anti conscienciots Inquirira, i a yonto Swedish historian. M. Folsom. This gen , Itlman, with the sole view of elucidating the , point, repaired two years since to Iceland, where he found several nmanuscripts of the tenth ee,,tury. n which stated that two navigators from that island, r HBoernt lHersufson, and Leif Erikson, had discov. ered Anterica in the beginning of that orntury. Those manuscripts contain a description of the s country round Cape Cod, of Martha's Vineyard, of New England, and of Nova Scotia, but particn larly of the Naragansett Bay, where those navi. 'e gaters and their companions resided during three v years. "11. Folesm, distrusting this written evidence, e proceeded to Amercta and visited himself the a places therein mentioned, to verily theaccnracy if the Icelandic description, which he found per. h I ctly entrrect. He was not however, satisfied with . this. Hie wished to obtain further proofs, so as to place the fact beyond doubt. He wished to die. cover in Atmerica some material evideric of the if existence of former relations between the New d World and Europe. lie accordingly continued his journey, and had the satisfaction to find on rocks, situated in the disstitt of Assonett, near the Sriver l'aunton. in the State of Massachusetts, in. ecriptions entirely written in Scandtvian,or Rhunic characters, and setting forth the names of Ict lundic and Norwegian werriors, who had esta blished a camp ,in the country. Unfortunately, they contained io date, but the structure of the ' characters clen.rly denutnslratea in Folsom's opi I ion, that they ilust have been engraven as early as the 9th cenltury. He observ.s, that Chriato, y pher Columnbus having visited Iceland, in 1477, a r period as which itue voyages of the Icelanders, ii Amlnrta ualst have been well known, both by oral iralditioi and written b.oks, it was not impro. bable that this great navigator derivud in that island the firet nmtion of the existence of thie trans. atlantic consttoent which he subsequently dis. tovered. y .4laoamaelectcrm, (.Mobile).-We give below the result, as far as heard routt, of the election held " it this County yesterday, for a Senator and two Representatives to the next Legislature. Returns Irom five precincts are yet to comts in, which say change the result as given below. y , e8 uu? I - n Court House, 455 372 481 444 376 335 Mississippi Hotel, 193 241 211 200 237 225 r Spring Hsll, 125 114 136 125 12 94 Alvares, 4u 69 46 45 61 60 Fhtoit, 91 101 91 92 101 99 Wheelet's, 48 20 50 64 14 19 952 907 1013 960 891 832 -Ad.ertiser. Biulner. the Nonerist.--All the psalers say that this grtlnlematn has been made a baronet-and all t the papers in sio doing,copy the editor's mistake. We read the list of persons thus titled by letters patent, in search of another name, but did not in I all the lIt, which was no small one, see the name I of Edward Lvtton Bulwrr. There ie a Bulwer amolng them-but unless the novelist has changed his initials silce his last publishedl novel, te is still E L Bulwer, Esq., M. P., and nothing more. -U S GazetUe. I Iron in Ketuscky.-"Ion one is ftund every where ibroughout the Coal region, and a tends over a much larger space of territory. The esa. I tern section is bounded as the cnal is, on the seoth Sand east by the State lines of Tennessee and Vir. einia; on the north by the Ohio. Irnm the Big t Sandy to the mouth of Tygert's creek, and by a line from that point tiOwingaville, in Bath coun ty; thence to Irvine, it Eatill, atid thence to the Cumberland river ast the point where it enters the SState of Tennessee." 'The ore varies in richness from 30 to 60 per cent. on the raw material, and the valse efiron ware exported annually is estimated at from $500,. h OOts $7650,00.--ln Greenup county alone, ten blast furnaces have been erected since Januarr 1824, and six lforges within the same time, besides which there is one blast furnace which was in ea ieltece previous to the year inamed.-sinte if them, however, have not been kept in use.-The best Itiuntdry metal tnown to commerce is said to be it Greenup county, where, as in other parts as the btate, the only fuel used is eial. In ateuse and Glallia counties, wtlere there ste twelve blast furnaces, the metal tlocaSeeted as nearly equal in quality to that of Gre nni ,nnti. f:renopn. burg, at the moutlh of Little Sandy Rivet, is the place proposed for the National Foundry, and is re. commended by its central position in regard to the facility of accese by the Ohio river, and the fitness of the tron found in its vicinity for gun metal. --Thoma.s Malony, 2d mate of the ship Archer, was drowned yesterday forenoun, between II and 12 o'clock. lIe had been examining the stern ol the vessel on a steae prepared for that purpose, asnd on ascending the whatr, his foot slipped whet near the top, and striking the stage, he eoll over board. He rose to tell surfasa twice, but there being no one near, he sunk. H wasee a goo swimmer, but it is supposed was so injured in his fall as to lose the use of his litmba. Hia body war recovered in abhout twenty-five minutes; and al though there were several physicians present, all measures to restore him were unavadlnt. Another.-A little child about five years of age, belonging to Mr. lamnels, tailor, corner of Water and Spruce streets, was missed on Sunday after noon, about Ave o'clock.. Yesterday morning its body was found in Spruce street dock.--b. Srineguare.Iistake.-The Montreol Herald, which never can let this country alone, but at the eqmt ti ,e displays an awkward ignorance in relation to it. is very lend of quoting party articles fro, American newspapers, againet the country. In doing this, it made a most ridiculous error the other day. Some one of the opposition papers- the Whig, it we recollect, has been inserting letters, addre-sed to Martin Van Buren, eigned "John Hancock." In proof of the deueneraey of our people, the nal-administration of our govern ment, the corruption of our inltitutions end of our rulers, the ,arald quotes one of thois letters, pre facingit with the etatement that it was addressed to Martin Van Buren by the "illustrious Jhi, Hancock"-finaying that the old age of the Revo. lution and Governor of Massachusetts is still alive to write letters to this generationl.-S.un, Tea RoYALr WILLIAM.-This steam ship, is 276 horse power, on thie condensing principle. She has three separate circular boilers, worked ai a riauure under 8ibs. the inch, and the steatn is e. conolmised by expansive valves. During the en. tire voyage across the Atlantic., the average ex pansion was 19 inches of a 66 inch stroke, and her total consumption ol fuel was 351 tone, 2 cwt., 2 qrs. from anchorage loanchoraue, learinga suffi. cieney on beard for 600 miles additlonal steaming; having strll in her holds 59 tons, 7 cwt. Sits ha, worked the whole distan,.e an average of 2cwt. 0 qrs, II lbs per mi --or to ng minre into scien. tific d. tail, 6 Ibs. 4 oz. ier horse power per hour a result said to be unprecedented. POIt'I' OF NEW OUIi,EANS. CLEARANCES. rigr Good Hope, Hstingsa, Mataorda. Godfrey 4 co Ochr Psontalooa, Sndere, Phitadelpqia Bnhr Virginia, Oden, Ry Waest, Master lloop Sauey Jack, Pregol. Psentcor, Iastoer Augst oth. Ship Coostitution Gadden, Liveepool, 8 J lP Whitny hip Renluown. Reed. Liverpol, L H Gale Barque san Ellus, Spriugc, New York, lMater Brig Uncle Sam, Sleaper, Philadelphia, Brig Neaof, Reyaans, Havana, JProit knno ARBIVALS. Stenmer Memphis, Bradiah, from Vicksburg. S8tonmr Tuskino, Parker, from Viekhuror. Brig Humsor, Nabb, t1 days from Charlaeton, to Baste r. August Sth. Steas towboatPoot Boy, HBerryman, from the Paeas; owed to sa shlir Ruber Morrie, ship t(gtethorp. Broueht up ship Hohert. trqae Poaoher aid E M, brig Homer and echioner Helen t the t P o the 6Nh EnPantetlst, at noon, rsporuts one .hip and two other square rigged vessels in the offlnog names ukonerwn. A Cbarlteton veel in, attd one lfromn Thomnteon in the lirer. Steam packet ship Natchez, Storer, from New York, 19th July. via Kev Wes. hound to Natchez. Steamer Mariner. Nwvas, Fm Lntfosreche. in ballast. Barque Poacher, Hows. from Itavana, to M de Liaardi k io. bShip Hobanr, I Selden. from Llverpool, to Master. Barque E M Miller, from Huvre. to. MOfter. Sebr Helen, Hughe., 0 days fiom Itlorda, in ballast to Steamer Wasbinetmt, Streck, from t.alourchbe, Ship Goorcint, Eldridge, f om Phil.delphii. to Deneyre. Brig Olive Branoh, Emerson. from Thomastoao, to Emerson Brig Caroline; Tbhompron,34 days from Boston--rrgo: hay and lme-to master. Brint SamueIl and Johna, Grifitn, from Tarmpa Boy-cargo: torn for Corvermet. Packet shipOhio, Cotter, 34 days from Bsten, to Stetsr n r Avery. ..- -.- - --. r~-- -'-.-e - NOTICE. J. P. Hazard consignee per ship ROWENA. from Boston, is requested to call at the office of the subscri. ber, and attend to his goods. LEVI II GALE, aJgi 93 Common street (lBrig ORIENTAL, Capt. Hutch. from Havsna, is now discharging opplerite the Lower Cotton Press. Consignees are particularly requestod to get out their pernitn, and attend to the rcelpt of goIlds. S & J P WHITING, aents,. ang9 0 onti =tret. ARIt-1IO 0 rfgs supetior Ieaf Lard, tn lite ship. pitng order, i atore, for sale by f DORSEY, nug9 _ 44 New Levee 1KI.iE BEEF-25bbll. print,-. 311 do. lounds It instore and for ale hv LAWRENCE & LEGENDIE, aug9 28 Ond 29 New Ievee. nl OLASSES-60 bhl-. Ilndint, for sale by r I LAWRENCE. A . I. GENDRE, aue9 28 and _8 New Levee. PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE! nREMOVED FROM NO. 17 CUSTOM STREET To ST. CHARLES STREET NEXT TO THEATRE. [RS. ANDERSON tenders her complio.ents to 1 he public and her friends, and informs them that she has removed from her fitrmer stand to a more convenient, healthy and beautiful one, on St. Charles street, next door to the Theatre of that Iante, and near I tie corner of Poydras street where she will be hIappy tI accommodate all who may favor her with their pa tronage, which shte will endeavor to merit by every at tention which may tend to their comfort and happineaas. au;9-t-1838, BTHISKEY--150 bble old rectified, in store, for V sale by G DORSEY, aug7 44 New Levee. EORK--200 bbls, prime M O soft prime & sEiulders, I forsaleby G DORSEY, aug7 44 New Levee. B ACON SIDES-f.f0casksupe'r Cincinnati cured, instre snd for sale by G DORSEY, aug7 44 New Levee. H AVANA COFFEE-250 bags prime, in stoem SLATER & TRIER, anug7 40 Poydras street. CTOAP--250 boxes No. 1 soap, brand ofJames aould, lolatling from brig Bnrodino for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, aug7 134 Magazine street. B ROGANS-20 Cases Mens and inoys fine kip B pegged Brogans, landing Iren hrig Borodino, and for sale by ISAAC BRIDGOE &5C t. ans. 134 Magazine street. SOULASSES-32 bhle. lolasses landirg from sche 11 Rosalitte; also N0 ditto, in store, and for sale by LAYET & A'lELUNG, ane7 17 Common etrr.t. UGAR-3 Hhds. Sugar (ordinara) landing from schr Rosalitte; also 7 do Tmstre and sale by LAYET a. AMILUNG, anse 17 Common s:reet. R ED FLUID-Just received a new article of Red Fluid Ink, considered equal to the French Car. mine, and at one fourth the price. Also, a few doz (loyal Carmine Ink. For sale by DAVID FELT & CO. aug7 NY Stationers' Hall. lOTARIAL WAFERS-Just received, t large lot Sof Nlarial wafers, assorted sizes, Imm one to three inches-for saoleby DAVID FELT & CO. aug7 N Y Statioers' Hall. -1LA-J-u-"fl.I-et receivhui, 2500 paters very I superior black counting house sand, warranted free froe dicipness. For sale by tie ItO, dozee or single paper, at th N YStat onrrs' Hell. aug7 DAVID IF'ELT & CO. SLAVERY. PURLISIIED THIS DAY. And for sale at the Couoring Room of the True A neri can, Exchange Hotel, St. (harles street, SSLATVERT A Serm n delivered in the First Congregational Church in New Orlcane, April 15,1838. By Rev. Theodore Clapp. Price 50 cents. je9 500 ACKS tALT, lnding from brig Samne 500 and John, for eele by jel S J P WHITN EY. (8EIDLETZ POWDERS-Just received a taw gros Sof very superior Seidletsz powders; neatly iput up n tin bhoes, for aile by the gran, dosen or siigle box, iy DAVII) FEL.T & CO,. New York Stationer's Hall, jy26 24 Chart a street areau A'Asmrances des Pompiers de Ia Nouvelle Orl6ane. LES Actionaires de eel compagnie sent notifi6 que le troiae me palement pour leuts actions seront payables In 1laout prochain au bureau de lacotnpa gone,No 24, Maisous MmEnsos, rue Canal. 12lOuillet EL TRA(Y, Secrbteire. Ofie of the Pireman's Insutmace Company, New Orlneas. T HE Stnckholders of lhis Company are hereby anti. fled, that the Tdrd on their stock will be due and payable on the l1th of August net, at the office of the Company, No. 24 Musson's Buildings, Canal street. .y2 E L TRACY. Secrets -i R ,N C p i - - U b o -es F ren6 cb 6 landing, and ior Raae by S &J P WHITNE.1, au 8 Conti street. LINSEED OIL. LINSEED OIL-3,000 gallons English linseed oil; ul0 kegs Robert's No. I white lead; Chrome 7 Green paint; blak do., Spirits of Turpentine; Variisan er. Brushes, c.,for sale by S LOCKE k Ct., aug7 ?. Old levee. SURVEYOR'S OFFICE OF T'E SECOND IMU NIUIPALIITY. IOTICE is hereby given, that in conformity to a Sresolution nttie of this tnunicilality, pussed at their ittlino of'l'ueday, June 5th, 188, I will at noon of Tuesday, the 14th day of August, adju dicate to the lowest lidder, the extension of thie em banklenta and fillin` ofthe wharves of thin viunicipal ity, Agreeably to the gplan and the epeeifications of the namsl dated May 19th. 1838. and exhibited at this of ieb.-4hat is to save-the filling or the etmbanknent to the nei wharfbetween wharves Noe. 2 & 3,-filling tp part of ttharves Nos. 3, 4, 6,7.& 9, andl embhankio thi portion marked I. betwen the Servauger's whoef and wharfNo. 1.--Als, the portiona to be emhnaked, or filled,of the New Whbrves, between Nos. 25 and 26, and between Non. 26 and 27. Satisfactory oareties will be required. aug4 Surveyor. BUREAU DU V'YER UDE LA 2de. bMUNICI PALITE. (I-ONFORIMEENT A one rbsolution du Conseil n 'de cette Municipality, passte dons la stbane de nardi,I juin 1838, avis enatdonn que mardi, I4 do main d'a ut,. midi, A mon hnrean,j'adjugeri au rabain, P'en treprise do remlovai des wharfs de celto munieipalith, d'nprea Is plan et lea inslructions detes do 29 mai der nier at exhibsh audit hurana, savoir: le remblai du nou veau whalf entre lea wharfs Non. 2 at 3; le remblai de panrtie des wharfs Nos. 3, 4, 6, 7 et 9; et partie do quai marqu6 E aur ledit plan, entre le wharfaux immondi ce steolui No. S0; atnsi lv remblai de pertle dea nnu veaux wharfs entre leo wharfs Non. 25, et 26,26 et 27. ine cauntion satisfaisante sora exighe. 4 aoutl J1 t. PI,1, Vover. ENGLISH BOOKS. PARTINGTON'S Cyeiopedia ofBiornphy 2vols. do. do Arts and liencos, 2 vola.-Shakespeares in 3 vol, a pocknt edition illus trated. Phillips' Geoloey. Jame-on's Mineralogy. Brewster a Treatise on Magnetism. Gray's Elegy. illustrated. Rogers' Italy, and .Poemst, illutrret-ld, 2 vols. Hlrding's Dlrawiau Book fir 1038. Phillips on water colors. Ea-v Drawing Book, by Childs. Strult's Sports and Past Times. Just received and for sale KE ang4 corner of Camp and Common st. NOTI'ICE. M ORRISON'S Hygeian Vegetable Universal Med. e iceine, formerly sold by K B Sykes, at 27 Char tres street, has removed to the Boolkstore of DAVID FELT S Co. No 24 I'.,atres street (directly olppeite.) who is duly applointed Sut Agent f*t the sole of these invaluable Medicines. Sold in pnckets of $1, $2, $3 with ample directions in Spanish, French and English. A few copies ofthe Morieonia, or Family Alvriser of the British Colleoe of Healh price $'i 73. Also, the Pra.ticOal Paoafs 61h edtition, 37 eta Take notice, the oenic are never rold in a trug Stare, and can only ha had in this city at 24 Chartres street A fresh supplyjust receivel at aug4--tf New 'nrk Stationers' tall. LIME--500 Casks Thomaston l.imle landing from brig Chieftain, and for sale by S & J P WIITNEY nua4 8 nol street. L E IION SYRUP-l10 boxes lenon syrup landing for sale by S & J P WHIIITNEY, a ug4 8 Conti street. NOTICE. NOTICE is h-rehy given that no debts contracted L from this d lte by tle ofticers or crew of the steam boat Merchant, will be paid by the ubseeribers, unless authorised by themselvee, and the act.ouans counter signed by Mr. Gregory Rvrae. signed ANy L WHITE & CO. aug4-0 fACON SIDES-75 thhds bucon nides. 50 hhds Canvass Hams. 1010 (1 hns in bags superior quality, in sture,und for sale I:y LAYET & AMII.UNG, aug4 17 Cmleree street. dALE OFPE-S.Oo Gilt Missouri and Kentucky bale rope will he sold lowby I.AYET & AIIMELtN, augti i7 iwomuwtrce street. COFleEE--140 bugs lii,. 1411 dIu. hlcvtat.. Fr sale by S'!ETSON & AVER f aug4 88 Gravier street. H AVANA SEGARS-100,000 medin quallity ru sale low, to close a conignment, by STETSON & AVERY', a- 88 GlnvierstReet. INSEh S-50 boles Iowell Linssys lilr sale uly .J STETSON & AVERY, aug2 88 lirauvier street. ORDAG E-Manilla and Tarred cordcgc, and spunt yarn, assorted saiue, thr tale by 'I'E'I'SON & AVERY. 2 88 iGravier street. P RK--I(r , hrrel clre"r meioa, soft uoeso, and otiter J[ descriptions, flr salt. ,y STETSON & AVERY', '? ,I, Grsvier street. UTTER-:G KEer frl 11 csieter lltltct, intan bottle llder, fur ml'bv S'I'''I'SON & AVERY, e2 L8 Gray it-r street. iIULW ER'S NEW WORK, AC. 'ALI)E.t)N,'The t.'uotie;ni Tale Iby the tlthlr ,of " 'clho S 'Alice t.leilla' , &c. ill ION, ir thic ic'grs; a iKmancc, tit tLccnu t.hIu thS''l)X or Ie N i \N tl' IVll0 lie1ti, 1 11.c1 eI-cc cthou 'lc'cc N IP " ltll I c ': u ,illn cct i II' vI . " '1'7i": .itS .JllLU.U by the author u1 'Tie Iliresst' Agnae Se,,rle,' .. it: ":u. . The A'I'TIENIAN: .i P vI%',atraerl. in act., bV T" ooFSil , tonllll * ,' 1a ' ohl: I III· 1 ,['it ( Itlll ,ir%. . TIhe SIltlli ci Sir \itli-ic K igilbl',h Ihh rt. I tt, I.I i,,,, c l ith e diiy c u r-e d lticc tng tit rteln I f ic Iloictta kinc Iclrcigs ce' vc.ccc I uliP l"l u' i In( llc ilt i r .. peudcei tilh ntiuiiV lit nttgnciclcd pler tictes. It.. Ludi Kuiciciu. The SA Ith.Ihl SII't iS ' hll.t'I' ci chtA 8IIyCr mpti Id tio phil o-up hi h i : c idered, i i s, rt s tl t loCls to a iSon. l''v larnlc Illi tner, F. S. A. & I. A. Fltiilh I.ij rryt.' Cl E.A 'S i otittyenrict e on the G(ill'r \Vltr; andl thie first Sok of hle Grco.k P'aaplhrase., with I,.,clish iotel , critical :idl explan -tory; pl. as of I arile, i ei ges, c llc ld thie blli cticl, e ingr cli tlli and utlehoc lo I c l itdexe., by Charles Onivllcc, L. L. ). A RiilAMIAI f the Irel i.irtl Itog , for the use f vchotIes cui colleges, bc C'htrles Acticn, 1 I. D. SKETCIIES by iiOZ, No,. I. 2 uttd 3, aitt illus. Juat received and fr rle y. 2 Corner of Camp atd C(ommiwoiu sc a ML I JLASSES-ll bill mlassea in store, liar cale by tI L.'Yr.'T & AMELJ.\G, s. aug2 17 Co,,n erce street. - NEW ORLEANS I OMMERCIAL LIBRARY. r lE fo lowing new w rke have been received eby the Librar. Society, at their room inl the Mar, hants' Exchaug , fronting on Roya. street, viz: Lady of Lyaon, by Bulwae ; 1 vol. 2 copi s. Humnphrey's Tourt rough Great Britain, Fr nee and B Igiu n,. in 183 ; in 2 volae copies. Love, by Lady C. Berry; 2 vols. 5 copies. - The we Flirtr, and other Tales; by Lady Bles. -ington, Bulwer, and others; 2 voels. :t copies. Rivers and tihe Desert. by Miss Pardoe; 2 copies. Tit Robber, by G P R James; 5 copies. Tihe Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Boz, 5 copies. CHAS. RITCHIE, Librarian. MAYOILALTY OF cccEWORIA3. I'1 H. prier of fresI floer to-day is $6 50 per bbl: ac I cordig to the Iardl;e it lbiakers sheaEll give duriag P the e.lsllig week, (traoan lcda, 6th int.,) 41 ounlces o flbradl for a bit. Broad of the second quality is re quired to weigh -'5 per cent. more, viz: 51 onvces. C. tiENOIS, Mayor. r i n . 4. 18:18. _'T EIl)N SYRUP in bexes on 1 dot, each for sale by READ & BAIRSTO\V, aug4 b 7, Bank Place. M ALAGA WINE-Sweet and Dryy Malega Wie, in or askrs ned Indian bhbl,entitled to drbeture, far sale by ItEAD & BARSTO\W, aeg4 67 Gravier street. PEACH BRANDY. A fee bhls old peach beandy Sfr sale by READ & DARSTS'OW, au 7, Bank Place SMBREL.AS & PA tAS .l S-20 cases, comnprie Sing an asermeea t of Mlant, faoce silk ,and gir lolan Umbrellas and l'arasls, lir alre l v ISA.s. IiRIDfiE & CO. jel2 134 Magerae. street. iLI.INOIS & OHIO FUNDS, for sale by 1 NATH'L "' TOWNEND, je21 Exchange Hotel Gray et st. CLARET BOT'IES-- 0 buimpers in astore, and iar sale by T R HYDE & BROTHER, je98 etr Commceon & Meagazine sae. CIOSaN-75 btrels IRosin, laning nod fir rale ay R S & J P WHITNEY,, 8 Conti street a OA I.-250 boxes enap, various brands nad diterclet a size boxes, for sale Iy WINSTON & SHALL, jer2 7 Froul Levee D OMESTIC GOODS-l.awrence & C, 1-4 hea:v .I brown sheetings. Jackson & Co 30 inch btcw: shlirligs. Locell No. 1 &2 brown cotton, Fersale by STETS'ON & AVERY, sag4 80 Gra.ier str L IME-800 casks of Tltnmston Lime niloat, and LIfor sale by CIIASM & DIXEY, jy'L4 6 Custonlmhose street. SWIMMING SCHOIOL AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, Ojpporle .Mande.ille elreer, Third .Juncipality, two squares I.elow the Rail Road. EXEIlCISE, CLEANLINESS, PLEASURE AND HEALTIH. T IlE erranrements for lthis establishment are now tenmpleed. The Propriretor have provided every tling which mlcay tend to tlCeeomfcrt ofbathere. Tr Ie dreaiag rooees are now provided with doors under leec and key; ladders oall ropes ore repared for nesendine reom the bath; a cnestant supply ,icleen dry towels is kept for the bathers. The .,wning ahich throwaann a agreeable bhade over the baitc, eldring the hleat of the day, is now emore elevated and allows a free circulation et air. [I2'Fhe Omnibns-esplying between Canal street and the lower cotton press, pass every half hour within fifty specs of the batsle. By eosacriptionse. tickets for $5 00 l'rice of a bantl with a tnow., 25 C1'The lIatns are opnen from 4 o'clock A. M. until lo0P. M. Thtse .taths atfcrd a ernltdnlad Jepthl of water of3 to 7 1eet, lormed be ace enclosed basin 80 feet long by 3 1 broad, protected by ac railing from the strcng7 current of bhe river, and yet ullicieltlv open to allow a free pas uage to the water. -ca4.l--lna SECOND MUNICIPALITY. " 'EIRE brought to the Police I'rison of the 2nd SMuniciplity, the following named slaves, viz: HENRYo , about.·lI years of ago; sns he belongs to lir. Collins. ANDERSON. about 40 years of age; says he be. longs tIi "etr. Edwatd Chilfie. CH ARI.ES, about su years of age; sayshebelongs to Mr.Maoudelli. JACK, about l3 years of age; Bays he belongs to Mr. Creggn. MARIA, abhoutld 17 years of age; says she be long to Mrs.Gortmlv. 'T[he owners of anid slaves aie requested to prove property, pay charges and take them nwa. If. S. HARPEII, jy31 Captsai of the Watch. O NT 6th esootens ilapri-lon dnTs Seosade au aicpal;te los esclsves suivsnte, sovoir: IIENIRY.g6 d'environ 34 ino; se dit appaneair A 1M. Collihs; AND) RO)N, 'ot d'environ 40 ans; se dit appartes air A hi. E:dward Chitifie. CHAIII g.' ag6 d'enovrun 20 ans; se dit appartenir d 51 Mondelli. JACK, ag6 d'environ 13 ne; se dit opparrenir h il. Creggs. MARIA, ege d'einviruo 10 A 17 alle; se dit apparte nir A l. Goriley. propr itaires lesldits eselaves eant prises do rb elsmer leurs eselases en payant lea friis, nout iH S. HARPER, ( apt de Watch. 33-ICE-tl cases now landing irum Chsrletson, tor Ssale by S G IBLA CHARIID, Jyl3 3'1 Gravier street. SO RENT--A Itrge asnd airy office. well situated, and in the eost 5uelnessparl of the city 'Terms. moderate. Apply to W. GIEIENE, at the Orlenns Iithograplhi: oalice, 53 Magani.e street. jy24 P Oe LEg'--The iouse sirtuated sit the corner of SOrange said Religious streets; apely to J ) BEIN &'A C ItEN, jy24 90 Coimton street. A CarsI. ORLEA IS LIT'IOGRAPHIC ESTABLISII. ME.\ T, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OPOSITE BANK'S ARCADE. SGREENE retares his sitcere thanks to his W friends and the poblie of New Orleans, for the atrsanee hbestowed on hi, for the losa tio vesrs, and begs leale t assulre tlist that all orders cosm,,Siter to his charge shall lie punctluall notended to; lie will as usoal, keep the oficeo apen dorig the sunatier, ail shall he alwtas readv to strike ioff nserchant's circl lars, bu-ines aind address cards, funeral iotices, maps, plans, and drawines, of every descriotion, at the herest notice, ansod in tile nmlo rasonale tlirs. Being sosisled by artiste tltperir to asy other establish sent in the cite asd laros lote experience is the litholrmphic line, ho feels conflident of giving entire N ft Apotheearies and drlgeiets' labels exeuted in as good style as cop[erplate engraving, and. at one tlrll of the'expense. j .'tl LE 1t1 tasks fiadehi ia Ale, Abbot's brand, just received, snd for itle by JU BEI & A 'OIIEN, jy24 104 CTmeninstreet. OXCHIONG W¶4tN 13 t7(1 lt h aoinc sanso jy 4 STi'ETSON & AVERY. QSPER'f OIL-f cashks winter strainel spart oil, warranted, for sale Iy ISAAC BI'TIItGE & Co, jy2 1 1:34 lUagise street. IJ RANIY-4 h ula -ilt proof Aietries hrandy, ior S osle by ISAAC nBR!ItFE . & Co, jy24 134 'ln.esine street. -LOT14 IG-G l rave- ,.noser cllthing comprising all as sorntent, for sllre Ie ISAA C BRIDGE, & Co, jvf 13' ' altazine street R OMAN CEiENT'--Iireet imliortalini fromt Lon b don, for salcbe REAl) & LAItTiTp.W, jy24 " c n 7 tank Place. BGALE: ROIP & l'iwi NE--.f~sle - SLATER ' TRIER JY- 4 j40 Pos-ras sreeet. fLTES'fER[I UTTI'EIi-A superi-ri rtitle, fer T sale by SLATtIl &'Pi TtleiR, 10-", 411 P'odrns at el. L T VANA 0G1 hlls-tbtr anlt Its [J SIATETR1 & TIlER, jyl24 40 i ds street. SIIEWIN 1G TOB ACC(1'O--If', stlt . SIATER &'tRIER, I y Itr Cs ISitro tltttal op h errisysltdihg K (rain Still) luutavllie. tar tsulcb h I,'AAA l%,ltlltiilP &Co, -l A -A. btilc fit' I thi rtci.tea d aler Lih lI tIull.lle .I tlllilr stillt by . lll\I 5 A COtl'Ns, jch atte.i eit ieg a l h CI fu 1 p hw ta X ErI, rn( I bt c t *llll dietleJ a . th, a-ltl . It- t U. l s Ilitt t lilnt ' Boiti lat d titil eLiIU urculti t i llu l ,\ ,IVll tu "ti'tl. WIlL Itu'ttsN, % 5ljy' l4 lttitt II lErit- g wi, S4, tli rlcs el. __New lI,.,,i. " 1. 11) I :1 'lr l:i":-: "1111 f Iaslii" i i ý,s l l f ile' li nastquuli Sjy %l I li t-i, -Is ..tit.- sli- t .l Iq ,, A:,i 'EDil -.\It , ItlNll.;lR--,,,ne n.,ed upl i py Lut \,t t ;t .n. ORLmANt .I'Zi OZGIIfAEIlU OFPFICY b iiuilalu.\llttilsisuu"uIut &s itt-- Ili nt-, ptti' s - l g r ..l' tilatitl t, l ttt ..,.I , it, es i' f i, i lllliltll, III1111I till:UtitI r- FN I (I it , lllllllplllll a p'im.' , ll"lh yllel.· ld.t 1a dtll~t ll . l I ,.,I+; a hea, u it expelditions ni , I , lth If, *. r)1.lWt . NBl. IllBlk Not,'I ill.a v g Pxo,lFutd. 1·.4 I .. ..-_ - - . ~... .. ... ... . .. .. ...... POITEIAIT PAINTING. R. PA tlly ii. na the publa that e iThe wll' rlen a sha m nt e New Urleont tr H. uotl r £ ' Iel andd S Charl,'s, iln 'bhr ,use occup edtv laril. & L.,ou, Jnent;sl, whew spociiuria ," his lpalating Ican ie 0eu. lntrance iu an t re atredet. in3 fora F N LINE til\NS--: fbw line dmoble barrel guns in tuorn, for sale by I LOCK,. a u. . jyl4 "2 Old eIvee. HISKEY, Flour and Perik, ill Slte for -ale by ad o Il I)ilttIIY.41 ewlree. LEli]N -R-;Iiio+ b ,r leo.H sH rlunp, liading S from ship Cnncord, and ."r sale tby J TIIAYE'IL Co. jy20 74 Poydras street. A LLslI'ICE-aU bhgs Allasics ill, aor, anu.or sa be J .'1 tA\'FrK i Co, jy2i 74 Po'dras asreet. - ATLHIS-4lUU Laths In stor,, and Ior sale by L J 'T'H1441Yi & Co, jy.26 74 P'oydras street. |31tIiK. ", 0 Id ols bI esi s .1I O,-ri>7 ;,{" , , ,lt. " uinrh jl. s inlspected, far sale by I. lDOI.SEY, ' jy26 44 New I.avee. -HAVANNA CIIFF'C14. )RIMIE-102 lng sl o l'ime grece. Ilavunna (Ilfnie Inw hildigl Irul bhrg'1uwenl l'uerllu, per latall 6 s nafur sale by S JOSEPII COCtKAYNE, jy2 2i Uranier street. PERti C1NI1E-50 bloxes, lailing from asip -ISAAC BRIDGE & C., or j,24 . 4 .Magazine sir, el. tI yLU \VRI RI IN I \ nrecived a small lot p i of Permanent hll writing Ink, warranted a su e, perior article; for sale by SDAVImI FELT & CO, New Y.rk Stntioers Hall, Jy26 24 Chartres street Ay IItl)--8Il Keis Primie Leaf La d iL store, fir sale by LAYET & uIELU'n;, aug2 17 Coml.are STATE OiF L,.)UISIANA- FIRT JUDICI&L I)ISTRICT COUnR. D ATRICK D LHER('I'Y uand JMI11:; P N LEN, I o. Their Citdamr IutIrd he Creditocr. of P. I),h clty & Co.. No. 1644'-4-rie I te..ilu o the Peitioner's property hlaving beeln acepted by Ihe (ourt, tr the hbeefit of their e rd.lhrs, i is on!cr d Ilthat a meeting of tlheit said t redilors d lbkte place ,,t the Ilfire of aid ward Barnerl,, .\olary Public, on Thursday, tile t. h of Seblea.eher nrxt, a Itt o'clck, A. M., Ibr tlce pjr Ies of ltlrtiberauting on Ibe nelairs If SOld pretitioers, r and in the itlelllilne all judicial proeledlngs against their persons. and prupcrty, uto e ir craedlars atl-. . tined in tie schedule, are utayrd; uand It is it'ther rr dered that rlieon Esq. be ppoinicd to represent ile absent creditorm, in this case. 11 itnena the Hen. A. 11. Buchanan, Judge of the said :t enurt, this 4th day ofAuguat, A. t). 18:86. Tt "HEO LEWIS, aug7-3tbm lp'y. Cl.k. DUPJONT'l` POA D.R. A CONSTANT supply Iof upont's FF and Eagle Powder kept on bud, or tarle I O s LOCKE & CO. aug7 22 Old Levee. ilHOPE & IAK 111i. IORTY RBles ofOakumt and 150coils lManilla rope d assorted sizes, just received amd or sale by S LOiCKE +& e0. aug7 22 Old Lever. wloItLI.aSALE TIN VA'IE .i ANUFACI'TOY. LOCKE & CO., No. `2 Old Levee, have in storore, cftheir rw mllrianulaerture, a larg anU Px. Steilsire nssertlent ,f tin ware, which thby iavita deal era i tile trade to exacmine; alsa 2ll0 (toelcr , psugar ) llsa ski .liners; 'j do. Sgar Ladls; 20 dot.. Clplmr eligur limpa; 7d lath tubs. assorted sizes; 30 grass as ourled sized ('ofiie Graigha. N. B-Itoofsofulludings coverrd with zin, copper ot tia. Coliper anrl till gutters put up on Ila shortes no ice. av:7. 1ITEGRO CLOTIIS, LINEYVS &t KEldleEYS 'i 7 he subcrihbers offer for sale, landing liro ship Cncord, 2 hales plaiin mixed negro clothsi; hale Cwilled mixed negro cloth; 18 bales liusays, asslrted ltlorns; I hale a bite swan skills; I case prlatedl kerseys 2 bale. heavy mixed Cordo% a iraeyvs; Im lar ufcitihed cISAAC BRIDkE & ysn, jy12 1:l1 .\i.llutaa street TRESIl.FLOLUlt -b.0 bhla lanlina and fir -ale by 1 y ( I)tRSllEY. 41 New L'vec N|UELLBLE INK-Jus-t -eceived, I"111n adititlnal a supply of sery iupari ielelile ink tr lntarkinign lihin. ct,., urrlnted a itirstl ralte arlic., lir sale by tlhe dozen or single box, by DAVID F I.Li & Co,,, New York statnlleriL' H11l, OF EVERY DUeRIrPTION, OI'EEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OPFrOI OP TUE True Lmerifcaa, ST. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 ' % INE & PORTER HOTTLES-lU gros wie and 100 gross porter battles, for sale by IIULMES & MILLS, jyv2l Bek Alley, SCOTCH ALE-72 casks Scotch ale, lqarts a pintelfor sale by HOLMES & MILLS, jy2l Bank Alley. AR1PENTER'S FlatidExtreet of Breapsrilf. J atld all other Carpenter's PreparatiouN, eaeived lately by H sONNABIEL, jy21 ear Tehoophoolaa & Natchez sta, L - T '"1 1 PER.T.ustaw eielvetfron thBroadj wine MlIls, 6caeso supefine blue letter paper some very low priced; 10 cases superfine white lette. paper, thi; cases thin pink letter paper;, 4 cases saur lie pack. t past large itze; 2 easet superielea ter aasrted iolars; 2 cas euperfineoetarvso aessorttedc.o; for sale, whnacsate and etail, by D FELT & COi. New York Stattonersd Hall, jySl 24 Chartres mties. rlet IIENT.'-P .saesslon given immediately, the o Huse an the Bulh Rail Read neae the J.f Share. The two Pavilion in Batll, near the Nos OrlTeans an.I ahvilhe Rail Road. Several Rooms Ia the Car House of the Bath Rail Ieoad Company. For the pseticulars apply to H BONNAUIEL, jy21 eorner Nlthez Teloup;ilallls Ms. SO10 RENT-The Hense and Garden adjoing Hoby'sa Academy, on Tivoli Circle contaimng aix roomy with kitchen, piantry, and lut-benuee, &c. lpply te JARVIS & ANDREWS, jv 21 earner Tehoupihoulas & Common streets. FO'RTY DOILI.ARH IIEWARIW. ANAWAY from the subscriber, fiieen days ago, a the Negro Girl LUCY or LUCINDA. sia is strong and wellobuilt, speaks Eaglise and some bstken Frencht her skin is nnt very dark. She was ownedtby Mr. T 'ogood, then by Mrs. Clark, in Podr. street,. who saold her to ,er present master. Snae has been seen live d.ya ago, ilt the lower part of the city,andi Sunday bfore last she expended the whole dei ie brick eard, near to the race around. H BONNABEL, jyjl corner Natcheo ard Tehonpitoulaests. EAF LARDI)-2IO 0 kege superior article, in Abe A shipping order, and for saln by G ItOR.EE jy2lt 44 New Lev.e I' -ITSKE--75-bhli "ified whiskey, I1 e front steamboat Hanoilbal, l do, in st0r5, Sr" sale by LAY El' & AMEI.UNG, jy2l 17 Commerce stre,+ ' UPLPIN INS'I'RUMENTS, le.-A supply ' Capping Instruments, Pa ent Pump Syrnga - and Stoeoleh Pue.ple all of the most improved deem Alto, C.Iloge W'ater, Balm of t'ltumbia, Ward'r hair ttil, Fine Ilaint, Nailand Tooth Brushes,&c. &e. jyl9 SICKI.ES A Ct, 41t Canal street. f 10 HRl -A .l latto al O an, a fir I rate weaitr, Si loner, and excellent cook, for a small family. Apply to REESE & D)'LANGE, jyl9 18 Camp street .k TER CI)l.Olt-Rreevea '. on's superl V w.ter olors in boxe, o ne, two, three and four rows; warranted genuine; also, a fine assortment of thermn and Toy paints; also, Muddlelon & Sewall'. tDrawing l'etcils; a lew very superior sable and canel's thair ,ru-hes for sale by DAVID FI·LT & CO.. New Yo.rk and Statianer's Hill. S:31 _24 thartre otret. SIrA ICFOL.D I.E''r:l..` WIITF.R--Jsr t reeived, LiY an elegant assortllt', tf I laetitld Letter Wri. ters, some half bound, Ior the Counting House, and some neatly done upO it .I~orocu co eaes with backs for arvelling, a very usefal a.d coavetit at article, for sale Iby I) FEI.' & CO., New York and Stationers Hall, Jy31 24 Chartres street. -EA F LA RIu--I l Ktegs, it Ine ahippig order, Snoupaior qual.ty,at the andmg, fortsale by GP l)01IS,.Y, jy31 44 New levea. LOilISIANA FURNITURE WAREROOII N... 53, Uktetdloe street. mnh ILInIAM R. CAILNES, (firmerly of te firm of V Ltlnt &t Cearnes,) woulti respetlully inftrm hia frie .urdnt Ith p k.blic t tha he is constattly receiriag from Now York nad aiIlon a .good assortment of Far Iillllre, :h Is nahgta ynllIty ltuors, efa,,t8 tedatends, me. plc mI Iaotted chairs, ansple and cherry bedsteads, imahogany and hr) aee tlahlles uf all desaription., au. l. tu- tt,, olsC'lturysrv , writayu dnsks, warolroles of .I..tetal,,Fl and cbhelrrv, woalst atads, tookiUg glhaes, aluhtt r. tt.ddill, ~a". &.. Nitt. ltrttuare patoked for tninsporltatlo witll geat 2 b.. , NA Iitl't 'bOWNNO END, I i' l xCueen Hlao, (tr.ler street t.Nt I !.Utlill) DlULL AIt REWARD F_.O the ttttlIltt h-vitn a 'thitt personr persoan who It- Itt v attvl I1tllt , a, Ilie way frto n tile city of Sl. 'nh, r - t( t ilt1tt. erI, I II IT 'TW\VtI0tIt, itt the city I i!.." . u, iy ui m d lie per:r to terettt. jy0l" I I1 tlt.-,, :.=.:~t g,,,,a.d o.rdl, ok board brig GJ .'t layilng it tsr-ug street whltrli lor sale " tt' llASE . ltlXlY, .i ud s,,nthouso street. vn..,. rll.l att. i au.t o. htatd, tt.r soloe law, by Jati VIP & .lIllEtt2, j, x:-.. in. I,' r t'oma n & TlCt..rl)t aloa el. ---.",.l at -, .. n, .of C- o ll.til tts El. LttetC, and ' l e','lllph". )l xi fly. IlaR's lIiun enlldlItt [.., Oint S.J\- : fit" tt:ttl l.ttt a. l'ct.hupn. tnia iet. y 'if1 I '.r.+-, I'hxt', h U'I-IIN ISU i lit hex Imp erial tea, I1 ob.r,'is sherry bounte, 10 haItt ,rrels Follo n market , Irrelottmkr.ld oatgues, t te ee, I' . che.t,, 'Si box s iillhetl' starch, lRer.ved per slip Lluntsville, lor sale hv jyI. P i'l' Plta &' IL.ARD. " R,-i Lb.Ill t, bl, 1t bil. chinra. just reeivedl fi r snle by ( SDi RitLY, "vot 44 Ner Leveo. 1) ULI8D CAP & LETTER PAPKRI-jlaor·.da 1 large assorarleun of low priced atd very supemr lItieo sa itWltie, Wove nod alut Led to ra, ad or I'ojiet, lIeroale by CIA'iD C k.I&(, New York Stationers' Hall .,LW UItI.EANS & NASIIVILLE RAIL ROAD I._RS F DaI'r rARTUai eN SUDAYS Ti rATa,. Friom Depot. From Both. 6AM. MAI 7 A. M. 9 do. I0 do. l2 A1. 2 P. Al. 41 P. 91. 6 p. M. The rest of the week. Frole Depot. From Bath. 8 A. .l. iII P. M. 12 9!. 2 P. M. a:P oh to 0 P. M. N. t.--lPerson wishing to go oi t re Prarie, can do so as lras tile rodd cateids wihout n Cy extra carge. JA.MES H. CALDWELL. j2AG--Gt Plesidck.e NP W DI ECmTOiIY. - IA)UlILI.IIED this day, tibson' Ouldsanti Dire f tory of New Urleane and Lafayereb for sale by DAVID FELT & CO. aIn2 N Y Hall,24 Cho rtre ea t. l) AGGING( & BAI.E ROPE-500 ps Kmenteky I barggig'; 12 coils do bale rope, in storem nd for dale by YORwKv Pt BROT IIESB, jyl2 6in t amp Street. iI.EMORRIIOIDS. B AY'S LINIMENT.-- No Fetion.--Thim er. Ltraordmary chloioinl composilion, the reslt of science, and the invention oft celebrated rnndi. cal ota,, the introduotion of which to the publiv was nlveosed with the solentitty of a deathbah bhequest, lers since gained a roputation unmparllalm.d fully sustailing the correctnoae of the lamdmsetLd Dr Gridley'n ia.t confooeion, that - h, oild; oak dio without gting to p boterity hie b.elit. of hip, knowledge on tits .ulbject." andl Its, _tm lwe biequeathed to him friend and etteoadl t olonmop Hoys, the secret of hla dis eovwy It is lnw used in the pritihoia hnspina ease tie private practice in oar roL . In ilnk certuaily fur the cure of the Piles, and o eate.. sively and effectually as to bags. oredelity, aole where its sfebta are wo adtrssedi ternally in the following cotplaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary abmahptr at onIe. All Swellinoge-Reduing them ian a frw Lbor. lthoeumatim--Acute or Chronic, giving qaek ease. Sore Thlroat-By Cncers, Ulcers or Colh. Croup and Whooping Cough--Etermljy, aid over tho C nheot. All Bruilea, Spramm, and Burns-Curing in a few Ihours. Sores and Ulcers-Whether fresh or lte g standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in reduo. ing rheumalic swellings, and looening cuglhs iad tighttets of the chesot ty lolaation of the palt has been surprisnlg beyond cocoption. T". eoetmmoo remark of those wriho have used it is the Piles, is ,, It acts like a charm." TICE PILES-The price, y1 is ref'undd to ma perso who will use bottle of Hay's Li... ee. lor tile Pile., and retourn the .mIptLy bo.tle with beinig cired. 'These are the poitlive orders of the propttlteor to the Agents; and out of many eir. iotds cold, inot one hae been unoemcpful. W" iright ilteert certlltflct, to any length, .ot prefer Itt ltthose who osell the artilel should un hilit thie rigirnal to purchasers. CAU'ION-None can be genuioeni withot a opirUtthd,Iv.l wrapper, on whichL is my neame. end alsU thLit ofthe Agents. SOLOMON HAYBS Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSYTOCK & Co., Ntrv Ytrk, almd by one Druggist in evemy towo itt the Ulnion. For sale by the Wlholea!e Agents, corner of (otllltloll & Tehoupitouloa ntret, and by til Apotheeurtos generally. j30

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