Newspaper of True American, August 11, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 11, 1838 Page 1
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PRICE 1 ENTS. NEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 1l, 1838. Vo..--i No 171 I'eress of tire e to e,r, r ;'rers of Newr Orleans una i no e t ,'e l tO It ,nr ,ljourw,l aeeting o/ Irl tr'-rie,-:Lr,t I',tl i the I1 f Ill ail-rch, 1d3 uenicaKttrlfosJ - I V ivr olldirt fir the daily p$ per per teor I o. , etv ttrtntelll' t liv ie tdhvnce: ten dIilhre fe r t trI .v ,r tt v aet trey epor, ieve-hle ollh yver lIdV:a , v Ier.u nro Ieity reference is given. No suitb rtitir , wilt ii -li.e oinued until arrotraeeO r ie lettlel. I1 e .i t i tltn l llanIce, one week's notice ut ariti.l II -er 't r iv:rab y given, previnus tr the icv) tr' r- +. - I ,l doller per eqtare flr the first rlerti,tl, e.eIrell e' te , tt price for eactl suhelequent .e . : illn+ ,n it I Ii hfter rlla Irt , o tilc e eriit inal adverliseenett + l ell clivG,· II ti , l:W one. YIaitLr etov;: erlPsEu.-1ferehaent and Tranlers, orty dollars ftor I'n11liil alone, and sixty tbr both lan ;sabos Maske ,lrrenevlr-e ()iae -)-ee, and olther sinilnr publlic atltuterer iii,J din r(i-e in English only, u1.I sigltty Tfr beoth l ILt_ t:e,-, Ship end Stee nlo.,tt Fac rt, or ittut ll I-n n relIralte ixty dollarq in English ne, anudeightv lor bIoth Ianl taore. 4 unlt aos, .)tlra loerllcEs, and artirlen ewll tiro atentLOtitt r, lh 1!t cd to oelee o pr,,percv, ards of ponerne "r,, blu-tlht+, e. Ooe. will b eChnrC Ine dollar per square I'r the hirt insertion in each lat g -ie. CoAemurtcOr oer or Aldvertisemetts, of any psrean al entire. whel udllnoible, ohall be clergedil uble, and in eadvr:. A dedr.t,r., twenty-five percent. will be rlead to Auctioneor,, n i , Wiof lls,ael larelkal, e alesa rf Iidls orlato, puolihlede in foth langllam:+, Indo er . rrpr : t"gltolehlone: 1Ol percent, on-airh: ii .ther I+nt tG T AeDveterer, rrees out of the direct line. o hlorine e of the odvie-tiern ilonh as egel, auctioen, anl "llllleto oeOln\en. r .nne r slaves, stray animaln , &e. t,- well be ehar bed for ni..eetely, andr at the ordinsrt rete+. A.r, e rteeseP Ie not specified as to tine, wlt Ir ublilehed tree tIontl, ltl charled ner r lirIdv. No Cdvertiseie tes of hankruplcies will he elublilshed n any case, ntt tlle s lid ier previoua t inertio , or lavelnet guaroteeld by a res lmtiilel pterllo in town. Tlheoatrct and other jlace. of arolnueentn, Iedverlietlg aiily at the seaonn to lte charged $10, for Ireglieh a ne, and $150 in betlh toangonees. All anneouncetents of eandlidatee for polit:eal oflfces be cbarged double the price of other advertise. t:; he ' to the immense, loeeeutetinedl by newspaper nperitno., they have comee tao tia renclueion that the e'lt nee of poreens wbleee accoullte have not hben paid ritiui oere month after presentation, shall lie mends knor.t (et fur ae practieahle to raoe other--they obli oatiie themselves not to aldvertie or print fler auch holieiquaerte, unless ill case of adneance pa en.e . •esigned) J. C. ItO al'r. ROMiES P. P. ERE\, JOIIN Gl.SONY LI;MSI)EN. ,Veeely Pritn.--We, the ernderoicaerl, ogree to abide sy the alove r.irhditione, ns ltr os they are appliebble to .eoklr paters. (diceed) A. B. LAIVW ECE, 34k N.r euebrriptntion are taken for Ic-n than 6 mtonths. lettere noust,il enII, be poetpaid. SlAIN tIrl''PIff 'vt Ilee authelref "A ver in r;ipain,"' it 2 ls. (Lorry ?dsereIO, e oevel, by re allllr roft "Cecil Ilvle," in'2 ,le. 'hie Artreetf lIdrtt, and other toles, hv thre rutthr ,tTl'hle Freoa kern" ill 2 t'vols. Nitrole'll I cltLI e I'oersi terspered w el c e rerreteis tire a ced t. ets slin rl atrI dloinge of tlle rtrny Mlrn, itellhllito -t rices;rf the eti o ipal creck Icr of Eigland writllh ual:tieal ontenteet end .eeiiral dr tit irrret, to weic aree +died, SiileriOd' L.etteresttlt nitg ,Ilttetrln, it 2veld lien Brace, the Ile.tol k ,, 's .A_,.b r le Ul r oeee, fy ('a o t.Chamier, I .. N.,aut hor i tet ".lifte+ of a JSrilor,e" &.c Im' : vole. Ceteentattiiriee eoleirte Juritprudin 'P , r te r ;oini i tered in ii : -lene oled IeIt erliei: , lty JIroet le 'fte , .r I . l . O vid, tl e -..l hled lv ItDrydlee, Pole,, t rererver, d,lliotn ralllothers. Ijibrarrt l"- Il I rer Ir f'erierr rtllrc fosr tb,,eexrrente I bue" I -ii, uvrr so th· nt. . tnt "lint", , u l aior -r. 1Scot 1, U .-. Ar t', itl ,i fih-. Jel-t ro eioved rsale tye ,\' hI. eK. e.n, corn-'·r , ~p Y. 11tea-n Vei - ,+V ,IU . . Met-; 'here , i t tI rir e on irc; ltr; 'i,", :I+ l, 3:+lll'l+ .1• Sil, .undhll; .le e - I, il l l ' ,', Ih tvi e:~ ter the tilleio ; I' ,u vl , in1 n I , lt ,,t' i Ilrst t in- Ih du i n io ay i:trv li -eil- It i ' --te ir e --i -'id-'; e4 lt'", ill i .h t.'t "r' Ihr (Is- ;1 ath'; % I. the I re lu Ki • -+, Iz Ve' t.',(urIirt~i, - I, '(till so "" n"F e teu I i - "s dt re S!h i iniioe I ie.on avert topic 'io r t., . i. . iI imoyll l c nvrution, atrran d Ilnd r' ,t, ., ,id I itllrulls remalrks on thi , pecuisar tit lit :.' ia l'vtricouat wrdi. irhe whole ao s, I a , < r -i . nhivytti Iifacilit~ao ile neulistio lll 'n .crti.l plby ano ollecI : If the IFrenc' t. ly tI olllr, n a I'ietai ; rl i ;r, l ,tl ieoern t id. e t sel,'ot d'¢ fth i hundLred off l'errin's Taldellrcm In"e t wir a uate t.i , tnlllilling tih text a litelt ral nd free htrie;lkinit e.-al, t in rltchaenlmetrtctn at eint Iount thir h tona ae I' ,lice ns 'l ir 'cltcb yln urn t ce i t a dtl ,,,l [ rP I lrllWllMioli''in oflflbe FrMtleKh, aceording to the hest renhlr wll f ne iII ,,ltlllltln ll, s ldCbjtct. 'Tbewbole rl oecee by a Alldraease of sound h th e Ctel o Freth ncce (laUlgUi v:.ell.-i'ed with lhse ofu the I.eiliNh. or o urlllllltlll llr [rtlell lh illltr, llr tile So:ll alt r's ilidl to tie lccnurle irnllgClalion enul . lhugrlly of llte Frlc h tanLr eI. -, iollainin gits le inclllte according ii the bcsL ualge hy Ber.ird Tronehin, .IAt received t.di or sal are t g W lcKEAN, m. e Cd Camp & Ci btia a. P,l'R ,I1 LP-TUR SPRIN(GS. GIyIttat i O tlE, CoUiiNTY, VIai.INI14 rN nli fitvriy waaterig place in the Hllnoltl Die b S Vil ; e lii, tileswaa ofr I.te wi.t lr,a e llt 11 rlli ti fleser, ,atl, wtad, wie eop len a thi e, ther rceptndily , ,, at:alny. Mm imports it i ,i etinlr qaaeiellts have l c' - e:.: aa llce thelast seasotn. A =latl 'e ,,y1ll roben, rtl t aayaedlt of sinagli~bdl rt idtned e1aie,! a:nd added anl el n' clnshing al Ie ll l nitleg llta.ttln,. by tt' lIst ," July, lur '250 visitors. An 1vI.alln tlr , biks rtadll Itle Ia I canttrectl pasiing by in d i rierhln, a nit intalrsectintO she Kanaiwte IturlpbkI nletr lewli burg. Over this rotd, lb direction of the pdkt office drartnel , .Mei.trtt . BeatMpin, \Valpker c; s line of Tmal eoac le will rhn. .tt pot olice r itn estbli shed attlihe splriing visitors mily r,,cafvers nwtnd carets pond daily .est atnd w oat. (if t le n caiatinal qIalities lr the itse wtr ll e lropaetlrle rsc eed ino lepak. lheya ounid to lhoetl ti dslutl n ell the valullble ingrediyenl m the iallt ceearated prinlS i Virgie nia. 'rhecohnclltlh tinu n CO:itliinos lllli.i ,ulphnretted Hy drogen, trlli) ate taf Mlnesia, tn lpthate of Lime, Che bollte of Lime, tnlphate aItf Ihn, e uriate of Sodta, andi M ailie tf Maignsia," tile e alutar. effects ,fwllch ic afaectilli of the plontch, liver, and Imwels; ienr tl nIUln atlectiolor diseases ofthle skin no iemsdy mnre potent or eaficacious can he found. Gxtensive bathing establishelntle for both saees hpae been erectI d contigelol in the t prila Visitorsn can at all tltesenjiy the ilacolidr advlntages of their be nign col nd Wleto lieX effects. MAjFor \Villitla Va will conatile the superintend ince f t pti it. Ever) exertilt on hi, partcand on tile part df the ptroprietor, stlll e iremered to iRe sure for the Blun ulpllh r a liberal shtre of the publr pat ronage. ile proprietors of the Blua Sulphur t prilngs wilS be ihetdl ti the rci ia Ikf "Motea of all athilrn and Wes n lBanks whichlare,'onsidered oolvr t.alepar. IARi\ nII)NK. e. A iFUL dilalroir.s of tluria tclo of the Hotnel Dieu Nunle.rv of ontlrlleal, ,t, ,,`, with an up pendi cotai tilllpnrt l lerel!ittite t, f atrtepiltoni p*rlteiiiiieq te ofa er narratt ; tdr. 1, Reieew ofteltl clase. Atsl, teeitt die.Iteet, givini g r.lre particulari oit the Nil.tnnlrv andi grounlds, illstratd by a plan i the Nllnnery, tzc. Marin onk nld aae Nulnnery of the Hotel Dieu--bse ntl ,iy aclrellmnt nl visit to the Conavents of Monter-l. te flittlatin of tihe "Awful Disclosures;"a by Win. L. Stole. molllrta nxperi"nent nil.ival. Liviteg wlthoutmeans. 'Ahe .tudenti'* Initrl ctltr ill ItrlwnIg and working "The Five ,aierl ol \ret e etltke,U filly edplaining illhe iahnthI flr eitrklha re"itlar nit quirked momllders fer dilailm krinae alnd gl atin. c ,-llcdumirslt rapiiaofor finllll the elttr di eret Icc. cc ar iton aTry givena height for aerikiltltei railonha Vl it-, cui "eq arr elipticcl: witll nillshedl e ltlmtllle. , oi a larg r scile, of the oiders, their plenchers, .l,. a ltd t ratnh ,d-b Ii F i orFelerc d, le in ly mntgraed ,t St arl v-an l,le;t, ,witha epiate-- iSe_ eter Nicibuler,. Iarc11: Iteyt entk)rof the" blchantc. CI ilranil .'-" II renl-r's Ve; .Iv hire" ,Carepeutar' a anl Jmnerrts asirtn;t," . c. a .ed to Ph ilmatIi cli elcta of tit- Unitad itatesr--by J. ;. Comlltlak, aecretary of the b I.trtlr I county Sis nlaJo cietv tndi editor of ttl "'ilk Culturakt." "The 'ills aister's MnIual, or the lart of raittn g anl felndng silk womelrn. and of clthivatling the b Iberry tree--by It. Nrio. 'h,· ilerk's Ihtide, or SInnmrlerel C torcahn laene; co l'triiil letter of l shlld. , 'or tt of ills, invoies, ao:cnt it-attes, ad Ahuopkeepers,, tquation -f paymensl, eli nmemial tsar. to --by B. 4. FoNter. "llisttrv of tile War illnte Ptrdinhllda and the Sottth of Fnrnlli, trin tihe year 1807 to the vear ,814" by W. F.P. Napier, Ii.,,voiV; to whchhreperfiaadan. swers toI snmne ttcks in Rhbinnon's Lie ofPiston. and in thle (Zlunrterly It,'view; .icll witcountr remnrks to ir. DIdley ilnV tnn i t l 'elreival's relnlrkR tllllill ilOle pulsa. le'if Colnnl Niicr'o fnrth .rlure e IIhe Peuineular jal.r. l tl lr al by id 1'PIPEL-.iU- ' 'ibin, hl sture, rSIulls by G N)RSEY, .j ,i6 44 New Lewee. Si U-\i----50 -tda,, prutln article, her alrl by G Dlit(EVY. jeo6 41 N, r ' evee , In.lhils ?,let,, Primne and other daeriptloutl Forlrle by STE"L'HOR & AVEIIY jsý ah. 4atc'aUh"' ta s . SA los . teier.l at Iheir Furnishing sVare-honml I N. 17 c:aup treet hv recent amrrvals frone ;, sopt, and the North, large additions to their stock ol useful and ornamentnl hor'Asekeepintlnticles, which col lectivcty (they believe) form an ssOortmonet more geter ,t ano comnplte tllm inou he fouol in any slmiltlrestsb. ·,*anlent known; Endsitting of SIIVE W hRE. Cofee ell ten sets; pitchelrs, waiters, castors, candlh sleals ssall, tumblersandsgobleit; talble andi desert lrks; able, desert and tca spoons: marrow and gravy, or n onat spom s; ngslr togt; sgar, sauce anld sop hulles; otter, fruit, tidhig sitolld fish khives; pickle lid deslert, knires and forks, nlpkinls, rigs, Le. priinoially frlhn the tanuolostory of Mr B. -lsrdiner, of New York, chose lons:estsblished reputatols for the manufafctre -of silver wasr is sufficient garrantee of its sullperior tnalit,:. I'I.A'Ei'E I ARE OF SHEFFIELD AND BUll MINGHA M. I'ea omd eofe urn, tea setts; ealstrs, liquor and oore otd stanlso; eqiterb cadelebras, and Epe:gues with mir ,'tr plateaux, foIr centre of the dinner or supper table; :taers round and oblong, from S to t2 inctest beef otentk and vegetas.e dishes; rich dish covers; cake and bread -haqkets; decanter stands; mantle and elhmber outllestichks wine straineras; coolersand syphons; decan. rr labels, claret corks, tea striners, table bells, tea, ti btle. egg and mustard spoons; egg boilers and st*ndss coost races, he. SILVER ON STEEL WARE. I'able and desert knlves, forks and spoons; soup and m-,ee ladles,; hotter and fish knives, cheese soops, as. Ioragus tongs, vegetable fo&a, dtc. JAPANNERY. Filne Gothic Sandwich and ronund corne waiters, in t.:tts amI single, nom 8 to 31 nlehes; do of papier utcAhe; ,ornl, cheese, antd konife trays; large upright plate enrnners; spice, sdger and cash ioesit pressfng cases; lodia tea tables in nests, saddles Jappaonud and f ris eortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortment, among wmch are Astral lamps all bronzed and gilt, and of rich cut glass; mantle lamps do, do, each plain and with glass prisms very sptlendid cut glass do; hroozed and Japonoed side or rirket laimps. CIIANIDELIERS AND HANGING LAMPS. Eoglish andFrneh out glass chandeliers or lustres of t, 10, t, 18, 0and 2 lights French bronzed and gilt Grecian lamps, 3, an-od 8 lights; hall lamps and lan terts, rich drotnze boat or entre lams for dnrawig rooms, froS t to 6 tights, lamp shades, glasses and wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLEBRAS AND VASES. Bironzed and hiarble; bronzed and gilt, and all gilt, wish fixtures, et; counting house and kitchen clocks; ironzedt inkstands, cegar do; paper weights, thermome. ens, card eracks, ua;tidlestick. tc. CHIINA WARE OR PORCELAIN English andl reanh didoing desiit, tea and coffee ser vices of plain white, gold edge, and very rich taney styles; splendid toilet sets; water anst milk pitchers, mantle vases; fanc cl a ks and baskets. )ining, desert, tea,, hiakfast and sIopper setts; toilet ware; pitchers. Also, (Caiton china dinner setts, O.ur LA9S. Decanters, pitchers; claret atdi tIdlt. ed hock decantres; nowls, dishtes, celery yvaes, sall shnlds, saogr howls, bttlller tubss, finsger b tsns, tOmbleri, wine, shampaiRge, c.aret, cio;ltals, ooo·(le l.lsolllI jelly filne olnor.d loskglasses. Also, caotle shadesl. * fAHLE CUTLERY. Fine ivoy balanciae anooles, self tip tlnd huck Ilalsle knives lititorks of 51 land 53 pieces or by the doz. a-; ivony ihanlle knives only for silvet liorks; gloard and game earvers; Inlg slice fcr rotnodl . fot ut' knives, u et crcks andl ickse; sugIIa" cttllers, cr L . ";. 's, etc. ItltlTTANIA AND IIL.OCiK i t.u \itRE. 'I'to Iot colfeee atstand H Iros, ,tid tI a 2: 1 t'homet.Os, suitable for hotels and otemotbot e. .ou.sai lnadles; ve.hlr dishes w ith covers, o . stelr. r o ch:rilg ,lesn; daish cverts, piateiheaters, cotti, grt - . O et icletl. . tn stand with 'ftoslers, eeg hoilters., eit S FANCY II\it IWItE. ' trsll.elot wire htclders. lls+alndirotue tssoln sll cteti shovels alld Lto)gs, etl; coller coal htals and ltolltl tl ties; t.-.s s ali, clto in, hcoist book; JaoPpht iied; ,ott.oim hronze hitl1e hearth bn' is. u'oto ely lows sand oo nleo brushes; criA'1oing al a IIlting laoec)hilnes; utullt. rtoud;, gt,ottoto lotttooto w.too ionttA tlotes. td't'o;III'. Fii t llO'th It-'-,;(+ls .,tie, tin, brnas ro op/r :lnl ootdrnrtolleru# Iteinlg a collectil ot tot iteo t llo dt t t;l1tiy 'edto t lltre.tlittlo,:to y il rposeso o l il o liet t a nOSt articcle w it. . 'e kecl|ro'lt eat bo, - f or" tocott nhe: o estaltist ýi r t. " +.- ;, .aiI w,.aid wart. ;" e . dat;+. coi relMl shed as , , , . i , . v, p '+,"r i te l a n a l r e b . d 3lltZ r d d e i 13) IT , ';1lti t -ll F .tI ) V .," +l. t ":;t 'G' tr)To. tvf;, 1|1 1tiH. illle\ IbT,'1. i i 1ein; r; YORKEYl", ls SC.11.'l ., PRIEC''-[.+,dibe ,tats. Ftr to lhoble E olo t t o it, aont tar more on oaclh cilidit, oui otlitftaus. in the aitd.., S .i, C..l', Ir ,Bala, &.. at $4i peria'w, or $960 atI Fr iit Juh oIt '0 I s. t a cy litder, h 1.2 saws in the sotlc, terdirs, ct. a ott ot.r o ts, ocr toe Ntoc r'orh tao $i; vLwson IIo. lr q saws in ,. st:uatl, at Jr ti ter saow, ir .e00 (Ot Fri 1I,. oitl to osaws oll do. ott "i saws in . st: .o, e- $6.ts) per saw , of 4do til ,+:.+.... .:^·_.. ·l . ..... .,, N '.. . .1, . . .., SIN :; Ii ;INt. t'i .a single gin of Sit saws ir Iiore, with l0e set of ieedr', hliandsea &o. at $6 per saw, j l$41 00 FV d,,. of ti stws, with leeodrs, r &e t $6 o pettioaw, 390 it Fori ,,. of tl -aws, with feliers, &t. . .5 or ma, 3W)t ii For"do. t al. maws, withfiedelrI, &c. at$7 50 lper uaw t50 Itt Eata tteeth where desifed, tar fenders, supplied a 1i cents eallt; the inlieri ofteeth beiln sLbant qUdal t the aumder of staws. Oce set of feeders, it is co sielttttd however, will 'ear out two or three sets ol Ibrt. Fla Saws mpl diedI at 80 cents eahl. 'Thi Gins orderedil, w it b' delivedll to the agents of i:lnl rs in any of the ea porttowo, ul the cotton pilan tig Sltates, at the ahne pietAes, theagelts ipaling the !'ilat On tile rle fronm NJew Yo'rk, add hrlncoltlg re !e,aithlle fir the amount of the (Gill. A till wript.' -illite seat withe Gins to pFat themt up where de xiledll; te charges for whose services trill be extra. baut mndrate. Inod tunning gearenn also e oriilded where detirilt, Ik. tatouable terms, but will be kciotr0ed extra. Horoe ither, af ny description, can he furnished on like eims. Smill irtien engines cali alm be ordered if de It ladesirable, when plnter give orders fhr Gins, thy ompanyshaolocompny thenrri lttheir views in regard to thearraogemlentat saws; hNeasts, brushes; &e. It is found they differ dpinlion. Some desire saw of larger dinarlhet the'- ithers. The most omoom osize is 9 or 0h ltiotf . some wisll them l inoies. Some with 5 or 6 rows inishels on an dale; while oilers do not want more th. adnit most. Some wish saws with 8 or i teeth to the inch, whille dotliher t 1 or it. W , dictdisrepaney, we prefer thel should, at the time of'gifing orders, furiash a statement of their wishes, and the. tnontirfattlreri can fufil them in every particular. Wheie it is left to our discretion, we shall make them ata the moai modern aid approved Oldn. An order can he eclutled, from the time it is rttetved, in the alier of eight or nileweekh, and tle fZin ith that tiome Idatedin the heads of the factor. To be iu tome thr the neit crop, all orders oualt to he in the hb'nls ol the maooofoturere hty the first or mlIdle of Mayp " e'oeli for plantations whent they arltate ihi toitameotog to piik or gin ,ottam. N. i. The Pale Right;or any one of tilt letton growing State, willbe sold on reasonable tetma. mtlS 6amos STATE OF LOUldIANA.-First Ja.,eral .ntrrct,, Codrt 1IHE STATE OF IAIUISJANA; To all whom thee Presents shall oie,o Grdetlg-t-Whereas William tlaeck, Ivia)r purchased at a aled male by the theriff oi the parish of te Orleans, te proplert hereinafter reecritmd, has applied to the clirk oft is rourt, in whose office the deod of sale des recorded on the 5th day of Mai, A. D. 1t83t, for a monition or ad vertlaement in onfuorminh to an act of the Legillalre of the State of Louai nt, entitled "An act for the further assurance of titles to purchaer at judicil sales;" ap. proved thIe 10th day of Slrcth,1834. NOWV, therefore, know ye. ano all persons interested herein.otre hereb cited and a dmonisled in the nalu om tihe Siter of Louisiana and of the First Jtdiifal Diatriot Coourt, who can net np any right, ttle lb chi ' in and to the Iroperty herein tR r e rdescrtbed,iu ensoaquenet ofany iafonrolitv In the order, decree or jndgment of theeourt under which the sale was made. of anyirregularity or ill galito in the appraisenants and adv*rtlne.tecta, in time, or manner of sale, or tar an other defect whatao. veo to chow cesae, within thirty days foam tile day this mltiontiain frot in*erted in the public papors, why the sale so' merle ahould not he coofiried and homolo gated. gahe sarid propy wan sold by the Sheriff of thepor ishaureoaid ai the 3id day of sprit, A. D. i.L-, virtue ol dtecree of tis on'ert, rendered oln the 3d day of March, A. i)t. If80 in i at it entitled Willi'm Mackey vs. amuel Bell, No, I,545'of the docketof this court, at which sale said WViliam Mackey bsi'eabe the par chaser fr the price of $3,10U,; iath. DI)eciption of Property at giveo in Jotralao Con. veran ." vti A certain lot of gritund, toaether with all the build Sings and improvem-nts thereon, situatad in the parish I if t trlenas, it the qitnar bounded by New Lesee, Louisal I.ul and )elord streets, deailoated by the No a, on a plan drawn ty C. V. Zit,pel. Deputy Surveyor I;cserat. on the 16th leceonber, 1831 and deporited as plan No 10, in rhe book of plane of Felix -irima, notary -u lia. Sald lot moesures 21 (bet It inches frort ri New Levee atreel, 75 fee it idepth ton the lids adjoinilag lot No 8, and 80 feet 7 inches and A linea in depth on the side odj 'ting the property n-w, or lately,'helongig to N ioadaio, ant 19 tot It inchos tidth il the rmar, ashemr it fronts on alley nf three fet nine ihchesa in co.n.otell,o 4, roN ,5,t6,7. and 9. Slerh' Offic, II ' ary, .1838 oat Sl i W I EWIS Dep ('loch. tte ta ara-thtetefore resolved on 'I'aoeda' Iltss, trip to Cincinnati. forone day only; I returned again las' night. I begin to f-el that I an a very important hndi, ridal, as tlis instant the Journal of .is city wals ut into y hand, stating, amongat a great tany tire' thingl, that I liad actually run a sty from I.oilrvill' to eseapethe effects af the .t nderful mogaetic oae It of doctor "nip, th- knight of the thimd e, 'iase A aS S. My turnt,'hewever, proves that the Iable tof.he ho and wolt, is applie ale to tihe Jlurnal. The fable is "A ioy was employedtn watcr andl rve the alaoin, whenthe wilf alpeared; he bei g eillcr a 'footman,i ' t tailor's n p, or a liar, freqliently cried out 'the wolf l lhmini,'to the l rt,,t dismay of the citiz-ons TIt v last found out .eth real harntelr: that he was a liar. and not to be believed even when he spike tie truth.'" The ftct i=, that causes must produce tlleir effects. So it will prove, of thie all-wie writers, Dr. Snip & Co., it the Journal. I would advise them to provide them selves with a steamn engine press, in order to meet tit wonArlerfulrdeand and increase of that paper, as it i. well known, thre are many who seek for nothing but falsehntdout of he er isave to tie venlders of that :rti cle. IBunt unfirtunate fir (ioliah Snip, ,'f needle atd thimble celebrity, tte reat mass of the tillittns of A metican ople,ren faotei, and .ar ined as lovers ot tRuth. Therefore they will, (an effects Iroduced bh the cartos) naturally .say, I want to rel a paper, that I may rely ol, therefore I will seek out sucll, and becom a haube.rlobr te the other jiournals, whse stateentmlt will not praes, ale. Their I a tatemelt, are tao pal pable to reaqttn rfuration; yet I will state: lIt. i nt again t l,, ts otel. 2d. 'rhat I shall reta ti.t Ite 31st Jul , 'tho lIr Snip & to., have sent me a letter threatening my ile, if I remained after tte20thi. 3d. that frtm lh's,tI shall proceed to Ciucidtati,for fourteen days only, of whichll I wish Dr Snip & Co., ti infora the affieted, in their own aiuithlae never faillta bring me pittients. 4th. That from Cincinnati I shall proceed to tile Fplls of the Nigara, to lae at B.Iffalo, (if r Snip & Co. do not take away my lifel on the ol aofl eptember, ano aNew Yotonthe rtotf November, totpeand te whole of the next tmlmer, in order o laugh at all the hmtlll 'Philistines; Ihe nmedical Goliaht of Boston, Ptiladel. phis, Memphis, Nahville and Louisville, who wiei ,robblv. b ef'e that time arrives doors, Gliah l t, Rope and thre Goliah ld. Currier &c. Ghan make. or names, mules, thc. Goliah 4th. Corn cutter. Holi ah 5th, Painat and drug, anl pickleatore. Goliah 6th the most magnificent of all, lr. Snip, alias Bell, &c. pather to the pmoprietors and editorsof the Journal.t Lasrtlv. I would have the tatle Dr. tip, & Co r know, that hag efor athey mare able to thread a reer dle,or spreod a IMlitaer,[ hatd teen far years, in tt'.. 'tihi it of restoring ight to the blild, and that to when o wase a collectorof his Majealy'a custoln it teat Btrl. ainr. Ian even then so employed. Did i.o . ,eaa spinner, the currier; the harness maker for assel; rite anr cutter, the potat and drug store keper, and tilhe mavgnificent ditctor Snipever, even more than dream of being able to do tie likel I wish the Journal a state, I shall receive ladies and rst ger m 'cor i0 to I A mI. and gantlmcen from 3 to 5 'cloc P . ever day,ito obtain my opiiiion witholt fee. as usual In great hlste, JOIIN"fc O0callet Jlefy:rser louse, Louisrille, July 21 11137. P. f.--ince writingmv last, l have een informeh that one of tile cuaes, a'thv the poor lacqeey of the Jhurnal, and his nolle h lester, are so well pteased me,is, for nirt asrocitilng them toetlher, in my late re arlesas they so perfe'la r selnble each oil er: the fulfil the adaga,"l.tirs of a feather floek together." 2. Forhoat paving the slite, Mr. Prentice, alias. "knight of the rail." of the courtonly of Cantel bury,Masa ethustets, the respect dte to such a dignified .rso, te ace. It istrie, he rilligt have been so elevated, ase ornament ld with tar, andi te plumage of another"corn niaie his own dung-hill," Wltuir t any moral ol erit, do deservingon his part; as we find bh ancient histera5 that somewere burnt alive, others Ilrng by a halter whilst slime were raised tlalb emperorse. oralevated he knights of the rail. 'l'houth lorne say they ought t have rather leen tile ikniglits of the hllter. linut tut worthy kighlt ie yet nt only alive, atr al e, fCiroin it prolific brains, to joint tio hibrother, :he night of ihe Ihili le, in illutoinatini the woll Id, lIIt is a so still it perfect Ieahlbh,aed as blotlllllln t. a fiull Itown rise ellaeuilly on thai projartile, we, tile v -ll ca, dllu atnte' bet of which, tile groes DIr. ell, tlli a, . .', ., ht n? tile rhimhle, bie. willexllaiin to tie, iin hits dvr'tIt liaelct tloe tecieaial ihraseology f thit taii wltorirretrttrie4u erivcs tile ilenfg and ai others ae it.r us rhr.iao part flllre a comnes from ,he use of egari:, leirka ra" uionn. erl tr'laltlltpr vedt of lby slome ilries. d, This mmntllia only Ire d thu lat' elaent slpere' of S ()fill 18111, rlnitg sna elnltng ahollat ltth mdrlicuf (,llirh, alias, knigits of Iltl. Iruig ntrd pair t. lld ick rle lores if Mempirhis. fThlse reaot tune I rl'aro, N. ord;b hbut aln he iptke of $:00, I awit altnsitrafr t'il it was t(t prove that ite and his noble Irolth rn, tir it liahs oftlhe city,, hal reatoreri. i rI.. r..rere tarratn t oarin I hd, siree imny irrital. I)l'ar mer,tlinrt. I to Iiysrlf, ierlhint itile kllhlt ofl the lilllhulle, ic.e have g:inedlthe age, as I hd.,ly ,Iilrettrrl t, sight, toe gentltemn all tlodvycttv , rote, t who'el) is ether siteular, ntI will lideo tihe (iliait.. i e h.nJ II arly Iat llisivight in Te'ria. lie I'it no Nuvw tIr l'eains, there he hoJedl to rttae.itin I lirleiti ite hre mest. le fllolted ele,a trl eserdav lIt o'cllck fill beclae ni' pilyiato. l'.Vilhin lllne hiour lie cill clearl ree oljecte whiich wore in viaile to, hnt helilre. "o drly this t entlenl n ito h si'a art l hrntnlt , d i gta iI s I astonish all whlo heur H il. I1" Sa'hs rli erilu oU ilts no h u .d, though he hail all tll vitolv I e i Iat e iln; and ttat hlod 'te paid m. it tiho'eetI i.l.hart, h hould ht he I re grutelil, both I, hilll and to me. tien aked if lie ,auruYrted the reiredire wilh wlhich I ilre.ed his et'No, said' a wrlntrl rather tar $0ii, tian looth a oilgle drop. Ite tille upwvrdsol filrrO Ililer llstetel pena of the worthy knithta of the rail anil tlte iithnlg, will sevr.ely iinalk legibly, after realing the tb ve iastv letter. Iliiwever i little In.tdyie. ir tile foir irf a drink or twit or three will set all right and hey wdil nodolot lirbare tomelhilg to suit thI mental appetitel o,f their readlers, at IIreaklhst on Men daytnormnig. Fortllnlttely fir them, lhereis a whole S bbath tiny,(tiolorrow) in wlhich they can do their their work. J WILLIAMS 9. It.-I have just received a le tar, ilated 21st Ju ', insititl on aty making alo apology to the druggistv lof this city. The writers style thcltselvea '"Kentuc Screamers,"pcteending that I alludedi to them in my last letter. Tliey may rest assure !, I did not know or even suspect any Goltahs 111110ono11g the drtggists in Lou isville; yell if the cap fits ally geltllela he moaust a cburae wear it, though not intended by tie. J. w. Jffei:enn Ilmlrti, Saturday,22d July,tt,7. Jbrferson Holsae, aturday,22d July,1837. JEFFERSON HOUSE, LOUISVfLLE, July 13, 1837. To the Editor of the Csty nGarkte: SIR-Having listeneel to the entreaties of my pro lpatienta, I am resoIved, ifmy healtlt permits, to i e. mati in this city till the endl of July. 1. Totry to do theo mere good. 2. To convince the ilb ii tants that the vile epl thets the Medical Goliahs S. &o, have applied to tse, belong t them, as their lawful right. 3. Th t I am ready to depIsite two hundred dollars, iss nolts of ite U. S. hank, in tite hands of his Honos the Mayor of this city, agailst a similar sum to be de positsid by all tre gr at and mi ghty DLoctors S; & Co. that I restore to sight more aged, middle-aged, young pterons and children, who, were totally or ipartill) blind, ithan they do, aom that I am noohled to cure a greater numbe. of short, wrek ,.r dioa-sighted person auring my short visit, than they do. Yet I or II allo msy eise calumniators Io call in to theiraid all the ers deservedly celebr.,ted pmroessors and DOctors of all th medital colleges, as well as all the doctors and quaco doctoars be oulnld it private practice, (who are anots few) in the States of .ent ckty, Ohio, Indiana and rtear in eannesnee; where there are indeed a .oe two ,there famous doctrs; whose names oug t to be heanded dow us ait as possible to latest posterity. 4. It mnut bt clearly uIderntol thit all the cures if any, on both side's, must be proIvel lshall Iave been performed without the aid of any surgical o eration -Whatever. 5. Thdse who really merit the ephihets they have as liberally applied to me, sheII lbrfeit the $_1'U for t t benefit lf ,healmshoues iln tiscity, and tre othlrrpar ty shall take back his own $200, whoever he or the, ma) be. If even the mighty medic .1 humbugger di shuldi p:oive one of the successlt candidates, I willt tfuail tIe old proverb, and give the '"old gentleman" hi. duel Ii. At all event,l would advise the lasrnamed Goe lish S. not to suffer that letter to stand .loss, as it gone for "aimpliotc" ans well as "nsapient," but, yesterdap ant but I advise him to and toit its egitimarntt companions, A S placesd before it, in Ilphaaetical ordes then the independent inhabitants of the city would at ways know Ihe Writer by the melody of his voice. JOHN WILLIAMS, Oculist. *I was Weak enoiugh to read the mass of falsehoods signed S., which deserve nothing b ut my silent con temapt.. Had Iknown tautevanln of the greet lsportance o A S ., I thoald have treated the last of tire tllree sonse what diffemoatly: but let that pass. I will. hwsever compliment his master of the Journal, for hbs -aga it) to employ tise former knight (lot oftlhe garter or of tie thistle; but) ofthe needle ano tkimble; In order tli.t he may kilt two birds with one stone, i. e. to patch the holes thalmt may be in his natural or Ipohtt.atl gErment nd, if I maytude from that xetltoast lpaper,the Ad vertisnr, Dr. Jodip a master is; lottha.ily, il c.nstant need ofhis servic.s. When ano cirumstaacdo curs, whether domeslicall or politically, which requires a blister, whether on hi 'two nose or ao the reputatisn of those who do not hair sen t6 please him, being uslike hie, (wtsch taust he great misfortune!) then i is he rings ihis t.LL, whico albrall is nothing more than if it was"sounding brans of tinkling cymbalt" yet, to view it tilus--tti. Bell lob.L wellt but with an M. D. A. o. S. after it, awipear tagaificenta!!! JOHIN W19LL[A1M:., Ocli . July 14. AVANA 8th EETMIEATS--n store and uro sale by T K HlYI.o & Bet), cs8 car Commo and hlagsstse st,. TO It, N"I'. THE handsnne STOItF: and back Kitchen. i:iU on tih easement story ,f the True Amsr, n cat)Hlies, two dosrs lrom St. CharlesThe atre. A first rate stand fisr a Cofre IIttsse Apply to st1118 JOHN GIBUSON, Editor True .A,,erisn. L1 AGING R()F:-9 potoy Keauc y s 55 l1 ginsg; 83 coils do Roer; for sale ho H P Li.VY & CO. jel Nae 0 Grs.ier stseet, upstairs. 1 AILts.-A prime assortments of Cut Nails from li toso1d, for sale by CHASE & D;XEY, ml F Curtolscl Iss nriest,. MILES' COUMPOUNI) KI'LFAI'AT UF TOMA TO. A tSUISTITttE For CALOMtEL. - IE ldoetl ie prmunlatedl with so null h nosutoriIw T by ma.y emtiries of Ihe preset dia), tit:t on, Ite diwie ill cure aI diseases, is inot, aoIt never ni he itre; andl he who lastsrts it, is either a fool or an iol Iastor But it is a lact demonstralno e y I xperieIce, that combinatlions of medicite may be finiedl from the VGOsTOALE KINODOM, that will act so ulivrelrollay oit tloe s stem, when tLlaken samholnly, oid injUldiCtinuS lro Itrmi'ons .as to cure, il nine casesn't of te, nall diseases ithln thle reach nsd power of mtedicine. Froim mne well known anld establislhed rleputation of Ca4nloml, it has long been employte by Ihe elipiri, aotd otientific phlysician, as one of thle nost pooweil tgeets for the retouval of disease. By lde former, eIi msust every la ln has bee deltged liith nostrumns, that th-ir auhlors claimeld as sprcifis in every dilseasie inoci dellt to lthe human fomily. lThe foilly of these t eien sioo's It.lst. not.. co...enif, tfor acuI. eo,,ltital io'rsvi -ation hias Ason, tihat Ihe base of most of the Poaioeors, Clatholiltts, ke. ohilch hlvet bee trutieotted t elwire the eomnsmuity, with so much assaulnce, is Calomel, or merctry in somne lorm. Now, if this potent article even in the hlandtls of the most skilfuil pIhysitino, Iirequett ly exerts HIt iltfluene oil tile lhumnal system, ntrllleseen, and elotire' berolld tile eotllttll of art; iludermilili g tIh constitutiol, asuit hringog on prl'emtuo olld ager, diseaset alld dellth, wlhatt resittb stld be l xictted when pre seriled bys the igiorantil? tcoul their many tlhouosad victims speak, a soice from the tob woohld soollo dispel the spejfile' delusinot thlt now swa) a thel minds of tihe living." Humane Physicians deplore tile sail evils resoltltg from thle minrcural oauctic,J aal will gludlt hlil the it - troduation of an arhicle that can adtly Ih suhstihuled fr n-lomenl. The) lfeel, ariol that keenly, thie i ertlailltv 01'its Irimmar, nirationl theytcallnnot atttsoy ahlhr it tlil he fanualte or Ilsolbvoorahle. Thry also onotantl Ieon, lt at Its t use is eontinnel for aty ltonsiderahle time, ii jooirous setonbary eonasqueoes mustns Illow. ao tlory ssust choose the nelst of two esilst they kloiw l other article lthat will arouse a torpid liver, remve obstrultl. lion, ad set in firee action the wlhole glb:tdular systeml, anll it beitg indispensoably iecAssaryv to dt tilis, tlhey coltinu its use, notwithallaodiig tile evil ctnlst qttlletes whihl follow. T'hey have long desired andl sosght an ortiete thoi w.nold prodluce the good efR'cts of this ldrug, witlitt sutbjctutg tle IMtient to its deleterious results. Subh a ,leosolertnlm, it is belleved n ail at leilgthl been obtalmet ' in tle article now llpresentedl to the publi. The iproprietors of thlis artiehl keeping in view the lsct, that o sise and bene.o.ent eolinfg, Itloo ilaed with in tlte reach of all, remledies adaptedIt to 0tiliseoes t cildent to the climate thev ilhabit; anld IIknowig, liike wise, that otoost of the ilisnoets of the Soith nt I Iile t ce basdl tosla o1a.agtit or funSaiiitt lrigtItRllelllout tl It.! liVnrt dlirntnOI Iliir attention tIl tolose articles which act 'inore spi eiallh to tile hiliar organs. After long, alboritos, and expetsive research, Ihe have solcnceledd in extraitiog a subsoance frol the TO'l 1ATO, wlthichl, from its peculiar elerct upol the lrhepa tie or biliary orgtnos, they hae detlnOin.tell Ikej/tioln. It is a oncdioi 4e thaot will prtmcnre all tlle IeliirBcil rtsillts of .alomelt , in both ncute and chrolic di-e e, withllt thle potsihilitly of iroduoeig tile Ilertuuade toni onqar eoont m lt o ln to that at'ltil t. Its aitin t upiton t e olttailtltion is uonivertsal, lno par of tile )ystIll estaniilligit itfluenet. It is howentr, upon thle organs if .tcrtion and excretion, lthalt its gseat tower io ,at'ticolantlyso ilristel o hlott i, io t tultarly ndlapooted t..e tIeatnottt of binios J/'r'r toola, other diseases iu whlich a torplidity or oltoigention of tile liver sd portal l ci'cle il'evaiil. It is adllissible ii sll eases, where it is neoessalr to I cleanse thlelstomach and bowels. It reolves oibstrluo tion, atlc exitea a quick anidl healtlhy action of thie livel and otherglaitdular vicera ofthie abltoment. Ileitg dif fusable iii its operatio, it Irodulees a fioee eirculantiom in the vesl.s oii thle surtfae of tile h, accomllaied hy a gentle etspir,,tion it does nol exhleaus| like dr'as tic lurges; still, its aelion is tlors universal, aild ly I oftel te repatedaol,ut mirely with salfvt but with greatir ben fit T'Ihi becomes indisoloelsaly ts clessri v ots n se.. ofllllog stalllillg; for in thlem illlielse telllolr.o inot pres lons mnldut by troloog nlmediillns , selldol, If everl, do lloll; but tenll to iljullre tihe st;allln a L it tihe to a llstit ll illl. It is mlpui ll, hi l a l t I e s lll. lh III ilel'flllllhrtll\Olly wll Ill I le klloebii ;Ilt\.s ll'i crl. ;14] .1 'r lh~,f I Hluid Jllllel 'tilll. lFo llll vllie ll, thi iiltlllr t it ormed inti o l 3 i lll i i s. T "[ w, h ite p llls are r t a rtir, a lter·tl o u vl e , dI a u - /holrei au n diour'leir. 'l h. uI low yoill.: a IctoIic, ltun. ull .to... Int ,li aho etic.l i li The following extract on Ithe eghect isto oi the Ciniin nati Jouernal. MiIdiS' Io ollIliAT it D ( .. I NI,. lThe voiltis nlf te otIIII o Iit ItIon a a dtlicios vegetht-ni -lrtho' t'letrid i aldoi mntt iiCnllett l ue, ho ttttlwdioooortotiiiar fro Iolgrllittbilh itiloll pilt, lt i tler to I i ttetI'ollll t ll ih Iif hs ioloh.inle tr iitll t-litle iroI ~ . t I it-iltol''qot hi, it thnoo ,U1lidits, tltitlotuIdot orteilll, t r m l.ll'ii t t:d 1i1*11 fu l tl I .l tote otll r blltous A l argt-rt i tloll olI toho doeaotollrois y sfsuldl Itritre liie t flllll, am l et illgelllellt ii thle g,[alld n llal s\ .teml. T hl. is e itelilt the nllulne iol the wttipa ooig otiI Ioii oo lin the foulltll. lt illroft esio t st's es1r ttuai l t e y i otiol il~lO titid letti' i ,n g th e c , o'iiL, tio n U lito a irn ed . c ou l ol h e ,h c o. i td lit ioiouli Omtlolailj, Olr s onild unqethtionablhl hllt aon. tthe tiOt lrea th* c lilnales inge iot rhl. salo lel sl Iltlf s t at l o ilf Illlstsw rlatlllt dyi fhr patdiseases of this tofoeter i st li t I's r , reoty hion gocotolol kitogdlont is a dt'silotlntotto iiitll COhio III hnotlit bt lneoessit shollld iilucoe liotn isi: li t ii io Ibe cl'.osietei. as tl"lr upassing oi toley Itillne of ilthr prooession ntoio ak ot this, yet we inay t Ie os mi t ed o o exiiress our" str'ongcontviction that Lahlnuel Chilotle a used without i,,jureos and latung hefet:, upan th. .ys to m, irenter or h nlesd, il billg f to tle b nualtiaties t lt all ihe totd oqeney o ls io ntsel d the conlstitutir, on, It i palienl.s,.A snbItiulne fosthib, tHlel'ttret till0 1rnnl t getable kgdom is a d'sieiiium i tios corlo blluty. w hibelieve this dltideratutit has biiitintto l'lleoled ir he T atiiio. ir. M ils,U' oti I ce't, and hbsill tlele with1 muc~h labo' anI expenset, ast we ulllderlct'avd, Irate nIf, itllot tllg ltbo nllte 11on anll olo oiltn of atIllitolr .le ihae take sonm pain s t ts elnqUart' al'orioibtmli.ths mine alld othlere who halve nsed this Imetioe sIit ehaluolos, ait int ber well a , fied rthat it will ploe a ll t valull int oledyt il iiirstons tnlllnti.l So Illtli as ttie hatg been ablef to learonl its ll lrolllolloied the deioled eteIt tleO . istig tii rodlusl eahlthi fliolO of toute liberI, rslntln blioultrlgds tc foroes ltnolnl eedl nbrd ill soll this lo.1rtsl witllhut anlys. ofglle b ftellOe ctit'sii ildy ulljllriU rffecls of et lonltn lllnhll.n prorucin 1' hinou-_ As nttoooo t'Hssit to loo1ie tifrno our ioniougotunoi bis extottt of the lounato will lnrove a outhtitrlititie lit halotol in ogrot vasicLY of cases, we cnnt. To :id it onts a lo'ingh to nLo hmao lon il nlot lshrictlloy saef as L Irte r 1u all miterl ifstta ha ltopeateai l of it, anol e tru h tlt s iSoriot fisly re*ted by fiuTilole. i lue eovery atsIlynl sube Ilaql *retl nejmualoie . The abrve above medii:ine can be obt.ained only of the Ge terel Agetlu_ , and thoe. relraligl agents Ilavilg It cii riteiela cigned by "'A. Miles, I're.'t iE. il. C." aln countersigeed by 'I & LII' Stone, (;cenersl Agents Ilr Louisiahtu' ard bearimg the Ciparny real. LA.tsl f .4'rgrnres. SF& B T Stone. General Agents for Louisiann, 114 Thr.ujimlacs street. liedlrr a clo. 133 Jld Levee street, opposite Vegeta nle Marlrte. Paul ,Martin, cnr (O'l Levee and Iloepitll street. Win Sherry, cr Calp and J lla str.ecrs. Dr Mueller, cur lclrurpitoulas stre t anid St Mary's market J eI' harbr & Co, cOrneer T'choul ltulus and Gind (ttets. J & P P Hartwell, Britnu Sara, ao. l)r Wm Stansbury, natlelortchees, La. Thomas . Stunsehryt Illoustur, 'Iexas. Frederick erk da, corwer l'tydras and Ctamp ate. Giru Jones,I'ivo)i Cecle. HWlu. evalnla . I Bulding Co. Row. Applicdlion eerr gencles or medicines by wholesale musnt allude to the iGeneral Agents at New I.t teans. All letters, post paid, wcll be lromptly attended to. m28 ly - ST rTE: )OF LOUISIANA. ARISH COURT. Fur the Parish ad C('itv of New u Orleans. Present the Iln. Chrle NManllian, Judge. Jue 1111, In38-No. lI,984.I--Juergrcs l'rlier ovs. his ecrditors.-Upel reading sad tiling leilt pettiso and .hedule in this, It is ordered byh tlre n'rt that the ul lth insolvent dull owc r'ase m open curt on niaurrda, the 7th day of July, 11,38, way lhe should not be dlscharged according to law; and In the meantime all proceedrmgs against his persou and pro erty are stated. Clerk's Olhee, New Orleans, June 11, 18C8. Jel4 2awr AIAIr) FrITIT. Clerk. 't TAT DEl LeA LOU ICSi ..ntL.-eatrr rsc o lcarss, r pr In pe missse r et Ie ville e Ie Nswuvtel h nIr lenae.-Precect I'hon. iaiurine.juge, II jlin, I'B1.--No. I11.84.-Jacquel IPotier cooltre se errlr. ciorl.--nr lecture at erregeistremnt de tI li tiirll er IE chehduIe dene relI cfrTa re, II ert deercet par In olr inue lea r.tu'iersc de I'lnolvarle fair'enrvo lear- rvi ISeeln cer oulvlt, A.a dlc 7 de.loilt, Ier 38,rec llceuli il ine serit point dech rghE onufmrreent ct ,et . t t ric uttendlnt turter pollrsuilee cetre ao perrunrne ou sea proprietie sent nartrrtes. Bureau de grelier, cnuvelle Orleans. Ii )uin., 1838. jel4 eaw AR Il N ) PlIT'I , (:retie fL INSEED eIL,-It1 bbhi, ectnlis hutm tearnb.t AL Ahiny, lu sd.le by V IA1el fIY, jel3 I| New It eve. ARLY'S dUPKR)It )I: l1. 1--Now larding freit EE area. heal tilltaslh. a 'tru,ly nf tile above, pill up in hlrds, iercee aeud bhld; for rale by IAYET h A)MI:LUNG, jel2 17 Commerce strect. INSEEDI) rAlL--I bls cud A carike ren. Linseed SOil ,u tre la.nding froIm ship Ne.hlr I-, sand cr ale by JAILVIS & .\-,: :E l kh,,ias.le l'ru _.1·tc. jel3 ('ommonuand c'rhlirtclaa tt. E C TUII A LE--3d carks (jint. ld querts) in ,tore IJ end fore alelhv IIIOL31,S 1 MILLS, ~,"I~ : nS lItren 16.0i00 fi: t of gln-, best lqu ality, frot 8XIO t n 1'3)1 8; :144 kegs whhe', lead, p4 r; 15i id greeth pi4, in 4. 4i4r. k)e,,; ' 421 doz'4e jp.n'4,)ied t14. ,or41igol;404. l4,4ithrag<4; J6i doz 4pk)lendid 4000l ground brush,, also ol'01400 nod 01)11 dot,; 2 c.lses cronic g'reen in Io.,wer; superior article ( lo llat l.; large stolllrtm1ent of sa. h tools of every size4d qltldq it'; e.aelep4e4il) tornrt4st4 fl4tntarkinm - 4relin box4es, fitted .ithl all necessry brushes; artist's[tHolt, 5:;. Flaker and ,mlnl it4 whir.; 60 tcks gold lent; white and yellow w:x; .i rllli: ll ad lrae ntlll choiceas "r1net of 4i4i"td o, d c r), l, turpentine, vauhish, &c., for stlewholesulc and I,,tail, at tile lowe..t prices, by oN11E.N I, a28 59 ('a44p pt. VREW EInlTIO.(" OP THlE CIVIL CODE Of' LOL12SIAN \1. IT Ithas Iren fior snn' time ,malde knownl to the pubIhc Ihat thle sllb-crers are en4nged inl pa I)n)Lg for t le press a nerw edltioll oIf the LouisLuIa Civi lode - I'hey wer,, In I te lll rst, laware ofl thI e great dilficlllty and "replos uiat atteldingi he publicat'ion tit the 'Pork, iand it was t114I witllt 1 reat hesitlioll that they con sented to h, e il Lunderrlnl, i. t the pres ent e ditihn. ta ounttiuh to boIt tihe tiloustland copite, ant which llon cost tits State mere that thirty thu.o ,d dulluas, was ent4rely illt of pril4t. lor lnore than two y4ears past, thle usual price of tile work has been l'roul thirty to fifty d.dlnr4 . It is a system of wriltln rules wnich soi:nmedlately operateu nupot every idlvidual of thle .rtte. interested either in ag"4l4 ulture or eo,mn.erce .Ilnd whlichl governs thedi sposition of so nioich property ,,omo1iizr to) U11 from other 4states, that-uhl ke al4oo, av C the, teatise uIon liw-ir is u+ iulnch thle lext-brook "lmd llwtllal of the nmechunllt ld1 t4ileIt.ll4r', t1s it i4 tit' ithle pi4vate gentle mtnlt anud the l4pr4hi4ionnJ advr1. te. eo Ilnwyrs ofl' theladjoining stars, and in filet of nl htose stlmes upon the hliu aund lii .issipp t rivers w hich linid a mllllrt forthtir p)4rodn1,. in 41 Ool.g anae:l. love 4 t)ee qtent nve'r'.:tV ' t'relteren:e to tlh tcld, mnld inttke it 1A'1 Il.dipl4 nsl.l)e ,r'l, Site 4 ) their l4 k r4LLri4,s no, d inl th, the merchaintt countin4 room, tas n n ihe desk Iof th 4ud4 e, or the ta4 le o4 t tilt4 al ti '4t4) ,'. It is) ll4 t 4. 4 . 1 l )ri4 ih 4llrref4 re that the e first 4 odit'44 ,,n of4h 4rl, 4 4was 4 4 4 4 li4 k ly disposed of; and althoi'gh a loh(re reprint of it walt in somne llmeasure upplyl thle publie leces-ilv, vet it ,vould be inper lct nLld {I t II tisl'ia t rv unlllle" llllatllledll with reter, ces t t1the IReports ald Salllute , inll 4 r4 ! r to eam race tile lutnerlu- alendmlltlhe" itwh Ita bhI en nade lr the l.eisl lntre, old thle irlopllortntlllll deci.ons anll coll4 tl'lbiltr t s 4 hihil4h 1b e lent givl ujpoI IIImIIy its articles by the Supllrellle Court. The publishers have 4secured, lor tl,e 1e4eral sulpr intendence anI' editorial departlnent of the work, the professoh4al servlees of \\ herlock .4 Upton, E-q. a n4e.iP4er4of the Nvw Orleans Blar. The1 l4 o. Jul4de Bulliard, Jud:c Iermudes. iand ion (;Georg4 e Eustis, have each kindiv assi-rt,' Mr L'pton t ith the vadabhle notes whlih tIheI have col[le'ed ill thr wourse thelilr •rudies olld pra(tie;llllnd to )Ir N I{..hqlllioistheP Iart ner of 11r Upton, who i+ also onl "urted it the work, (;eo ,ýtrt Ale idge, l ,:p. lha- pr entletd th lt ma uassof H iele ren,.na ^ontiinled in his oflice mal y of the code, alnd '.uieh tote hen nma de by, him hlu ng the whole period o' his di:m-guished proles.ionnl labors The puIshh ers mally therefIr+e wea.l trt tht t ht lnntinnnlllOlt ofI the 'work will be all that ildustlv a oil lllab r,tssi-ted by I learnhng and experience,.ll anil perl .rm,. lu putting forih this pr ,sp4'Ctu) II4.4 Il soliciting gene. tal subscribers Ito Ithe work, lti oob 11, ho h plrilde in the fGet that the eI.egslaiute 1l I,:l, lt Iha otllhollrizd the ovner or r l to ord. our thou. I of it for the futllure 1- o ti e -talte. The r,,ulil " i.h which this nulIber' wats take by the :A+stslnhl, i .,red their just sellnse ol' thle vlu ol h wllrkll:Uld th,, p l hreby extid ed that cmnfidcc,, in Ihl, abillhy of the puhli-,tas and .dilorl which l iii iho . r l j I w i u. iii11 -P:Prvedll upon good pulper and wlh clear It, ,; nor will no, ex pro.,e or c'rr hi. pnrrel u the "hole melltdicaul exelctli it lf it c eilp'¢leAllhd with it- Bfrent iull"rtar el * It will pbuhl y lhP h r:IdV for detIv'lrv ill th. montht of -pt "llbrr ne t; ,mdil the pi ire will be, It s lu-seri',ers, fif'een dollats-live dollars to be paid at the taste of suri The -ll-lrinhtion tit+ core closhed, lhe store price .,ill I + IIt'lly dohor.u l it per· coon. ail G Id JO)i].NS L CO. Publishers.. r 4tl r. hr4ips c 4m1 )4sin 4 tlli' Lin4e 4 4 ll 4 l Ir,41 n4,ew4 ou Itn,atlld Now York oil eerv othllir lolldav cowmmouelning on ltho it ioveoHer, ai, to inslre tile .tl'i os l I lmtll ' liv ill tle r Ii.ce ul sailil"lg, Il line w Ii tl'ere ltl.r run-i9[ o lire Ship-; sit.; 'hi, I o+aco, i a ptlll l 'l'l:,-k t, [cave oni the 9`?0th nor'%. Shlip .ovuisrille, Ct.llldai Io m er,, Ito l vt l l then 4th11 '1114) 4444.,I4 I,4'4t4, 4 e1 411444144411444r.4 Ship Ilh;tt lleil/. Caphtin LOi hiy r to hlave oI 'itd 1 h ia ,,th l l, i cloA. ih i rIIbsr11 , tk lpl ain I-oudh onse, to lenve ,i the , t , IJ I imrj . Ship .11 is es,,rppi, Capta:n Ilviar to leave on the 15tlt Ju i u er s Th ir enin are t )e " Th, ahoy,' .w io bs r4 , al4 new ,4f 4 ti4, -I r e, hls, 4 I4,4r4 ll, ie44 "1f I t,.ht l,.llh' l II1' 4 b4r4 4 t4 nill4 built in N 4w 4 ark t e sl4 or 4 it' t r 4,c . The i, 4e thotll ,p s 44,lfe is lined l o are 4 u44 h'ed dl/44, 44 . +l4'hir e4 . e1rri i t 4it 4e.d 4 on tih4 4 o4t1 i4)1,ov 4 ' cl4,..Oiti4,t 44ll4,4'd the Ifr. w wll he u ipr! w ill .d..dnl eve, rega'd htd r it thle crlltatlld ellullre l r it aglt ut opr ownersl,. FWril . ill plllea.. take n tice llnt I berh i n h - rlre-e ri lar,t atore e m oll , d il EIV lt A CO .EN; x erinel'l ill theu trade wllho ,,l r Ivo everf I , i len l Ul, n 111 x P ert 4 t4 4 ell4.4 r o itce4ollt4e. ' l e4 wf4u n l u illt c t all tenbl,e he t4 ed up u) ' d do4,4 he n I 4i 444, ip, i Iy 1i d 11ght 444d 4he 4 m ric 4 1h p 4 ,1l- tlity oberv4ed in thte litt! e of al~ding e llen, tlle c i1 reglar ill of hltlab 'be tl cd lh "'r .lf re At tile -. ,tlltlly hlo of toe ageutS or owncrm Fir n14, 1) 3 944 4om4,, St , f Jor 4 ,h1 a I+r44 laŽ eh, (F 4. li.h built4 ye4per f 444-44'n4r! d,4,1444s bee4 4o,)44444d, she is '.4 fe4't ,n4 , there are iron s-4trl4, .pf44 r 44w44 , for ri,4'.riu. W4hoever re-4] 4e4 4g44i4s 4.14ld l4u't,1 h, w2 ll 0 d4,4144 call at 4No 4 14 ,Id44 i 4 4,4 4-. 4 ) 15 4 I `I \SOe 5.0 ll. PR\SALC'L L +,.11N1 .I1 SHOUSE NEW CITY, I'ENS.i\C(LA. lLHE ainbIcriler hIting pllr lnsed tile Ias.e n ld tfiir S_ itureul(' this well kn win tntlitli llnl nt, blrlol Mr Trylor, the lto propri eor, will I. reidy' to ti e eive i.. iters b the lest of A.pril n+xt. NiUn as and nit.l e ily noventiets w'ill be li.tnd ill the arrangements of nlit Mansion li 'e.i New nod more coulllollodlous bathing hll,-C will Ibe nilt, and warm lbh- illt he )lprovled tt all heomr. A -table will he attached to the house, withl liood aretonltda tions thr Ihorses lalnd carriages. in l ,ict r Ite hlr.s inll sualrrae will also be kept tir hir ill tlll oderate llrice; alid sail land low bouts, with peIrIPe It ma1e thelll for the uoe Iof vllitls. Iillinards llld othne atieti 1Uul.ns eIsl lly undli it ailtl mItierhng p e tl a. il l LI l'llfunished, ird lso 'ontlucted ttl nol o ierlre wlith tile colI land quietlol the boalrdcer. '1'l twllea nte hqutlUR ill ba of the lestl qhlv, lllnd to ensullrUte a oiull supply ofI ice, a c trgo has alrend .ieu ordtred, whn. will rrien uMr Fedhrick Ilarnrd, .ho formerly kepl nOlopulalr n ihoitel at . shii ntioi ity, it ill e lact his h el for the proariemor, why, with oneh oillellaldeInt- unsuaes the v, Iees of lust tlor, and n I . on fr e,-nerally. that thle will re:eivte ver}' plltiite t.tll lltlon; u lnd thereby "f't t Ie bitt dt nll" I i ill t oit tts arei too t ell kilown to n eo dlri i tl h il nl a l den' -llllic1 i r11 l sh TII (it vl e tLlll lilter t rIr t ,l nre in v It l e tintll i's It rI Frnl te iuenr alii olor plna tin reriehtd elllle, a- a ht llt ht iiid i hitlr I tilhl bm tiln.r r ol I lee,,'folo ito thell h rt lle rkeb t., re N 1 ARNOLD.!l,, Fell. 15lh, 133:1 Ij Uentleilln wnllg to nmiagR rilertna or their finiliet', hnnddress the ploptrolor, at P1ensucolar n MIr Sewell T T'laylor, thie lo lmer Iprulirnltor, ut :ew Or Slrleuna .+ ' I' S-A letter hon, to receive erllltllirnieti.n flr p nersnl t it the bole Iotil, i.; ,nareli t a it o k liliun lt't tiler, 51 St thtrles EtUh age. FLOiI.01t 0lU'l'Ir. FIR NF:W YORK. I_;" 'r ntileru ,le.irnis t f taking tlh Florida roite, via PIiienlllol tolie I NIlrth.lre ilnf.lrlled t iat tars rat un;llta will rlonrlslnll de ralln fIr lll, l lltb tl |Cll.nacola, rleavin' Molhl and i etlli oll.t e n,"rt .lihr tit al:er th. lIt of tiay. i ood ttages will tii.latys lie lrovldea Ily tile sulberhel to blie In rv'llltness to take passengPr froln olultile, in case of the failure of the hoatls N II A.INIl.D, The nteamboat Champion Ionaves Mobile fnr Peana tite.-r hds, a eene e ,es, fr le fy . _0c2 _i ,. ,v.e ll!\11'll ElY'S &R.. IIWt . A. - ITEAT BRI AIll. FIlANCE l Iai IIEI.GIUL', 1l a Rshort l',lr ill IPh--Bv I tlema Ln lumphrev, 11. it ., II roldntlt oftAeli ttil elege, ill ' noll. :h. Iorkse ot ir:;. Sihrnenind-tieing the inlv c , e. and niifim edition ever unbillinhed in the .itelrd Statte vol. iO. Just reeivel] lan lr tsale by WI Ml'E AN, ,r__ .ernelr 'amnp ( ICl,.i it eaet. DR W. EVANS' CAAl, MIL,. I'L.. S. rIIlh iighly vallhatble medicine may be bld wrhole T sll l retail at Now York pricel, of ItEEl & D'I.ANIiE. Id Camp street. a is confidcetly reconmmended for the flilowing dis eades: Dyspreepsin in all its finms; bilious and liver al ltimelos, in every stage and dvqre; female sickesrs, ilmore 'ortieallorly the nasel iaclienat t alotheers; foum a.bus, feaver nailtge, in lent calan aIin llt or dde clier, o h.taer of thle liverr lung, hjiltebhe or giddi nrss, los of oppeatie, nervous tremors, inebrialain or delarnlo trmenno', san omdie afferion oaf ill kinds: rleu m.eatm, whather chroani or inlflamlnlefor; nervous or bilious loers, ol every variety; srofula, silt rheum. and all bllotchsr, ad humors, .nd itl .abre esmpelenxio ofthe lkin; r tleasuess at night, tnd daily irritabilily and i.llaal.o'y le t aumenmer eorlnplaint, al,l eera a thus or dirrhaea iher grown per ns; ormns and flatu Ilnev, wilth ba I reath; ehloen,is and ilbialilons of the bllertalnd hebd; ealtg.ll ot feaale enltilatio; no" Ifor iapouire end dianrau.ized coaatioutions i s.itea selx; which have let been pe mplan nto v relieved by otlter medicinEc A iu.le trial f Ir \W EvIrst' tedicines in any of these rsesa will on.dlece iunh .e:ff-l am will in dirtl-e lllir eoananpanraile uperioritr, lad induce such a ore ftharem nos ill a speedy and onaqlesliolnao bla cure. Dirreltions for usoe acaompanvinc thearl. Nou Ieraooncertiflnates oaf'are owill be hberwn, as from the lengt Iof the eat ,loeue it is intposible o give them plllicity lirugh tle l.'adia af a r apemendr. ,aa Dr ivons' .totlogUlaie tseenare o awrda of 25,000! cnaes, aand io tlli Ait we e1ni. for a I man eonrslo- who have ien aelieval,oasd ill nthe ill+tltnnol enliralvtlcured of llong stanllnr diseases, bs Dr' Calnoth li Pills. o-0 I ai" STATE OF LOI.JI.IANA-PicrstJo d .ulhi. Cbart. HlE S'ITATI OF IJUISI-NA, To all whom t. ihewPe.enets ch10l aome. Gretillig:-Wheretls, J:eras lotl rrs Digg ,rhag nrllabsed at a sale sllSloe Iv It Slohei;'l of tl ;ari'h o1 n lOeroo the preiprty heft'. inoalir del ribel, lhas applil It the cletrk hl a this conlrt, in wl, li oer d of sale *at ireorathd on the df dlly oI'A,. il A 1). IBiS.;l, fa oril lilia cC sloelt.tiie sellt illte'llllOilu to an tl of iae IJldisialnt.a of tihe oteer of I.lllsnla ti eluel At) c, ttl Ir he f.lllahe aSnt inl. i tlitenao aih ll.dr.-I alt judieil sulesI" npllpeoard ilie Iliii ala a t .10 la lh tr ul. NOW, thiref.t kanlloe r , and all larseromns eletrsl a tria, "i'baherbin cited ail mlmoa ia.hac iia tliar ,a.aae aa lta Slallrnl L.auiianao, aId ofl lie Firal Jl iciOl fb)isairlet (im'ra orI ori el op sle righa , lltie ohr clillae ain ail tl alelrte .-rla het'oiirtlr(a leicailht*,in Sneualnar any ilf vialI inthe or lei,;ha Ire. a llrjaIolgmelht o llurl aslder whil.h tile saaltWb nan tile, res nal iilngulllrit) Ill' all.gall in tihe af.pliselelaslls neat adaertiseanatsr in orer, to, hoal' calse, withll thirly dlays rllln the dla tlis notiig is first iarolred in thoe phlle Inalrs, wlit the sle no llalea shold, otabe cnlfirlcd andi honnolaitrtle. The said properln waos slid by the Sheriff of the palrine ,ihres ,idl on tile 3h I.dy ol M1dah, A. D Ii33, by vir tue of n decree of thirs court, reod.rt on hle 1a0th day of Jnluarl.. A. D. 1831, in a suit entlltlled James Harnes I)iggs is. ll.alGIGreene, No 15,1i1 of the dlolkt of this Count. at which sale Said James Barnes Diggs mbeaelsi th' pua ehl .se r fr1the price of twenty-five Illtlsnlld Idull alcs. Denscrilption of property as given in the Jiillieiul Con vealanr, vnI: Acertain, piece f property or parcel of grhund togafl'ra with all tile buialingsanll improvements hcreonl, rlhrit rinileger , &I. Iaerenallobetarging, or in say nisnup teni hlli l ig. sitllae in tlahourg Aan llulsi luon, ahov, thile rita ndni reasaoring in Eslglis llmteasultree, thrie ilundredai adi liiv-six feetalndtour-eighths of an inch frota onl the pluhlic road on New Levee a st thtree oand sld llno sixty .,, faet six inchersndf mer-eiihiths of an inllh ialit on C.elehte s. two humlred mad filly-five feet nine ichessandl two-eighths oif an ill.h oin ai line fronting on Old lAver slt-re. Ultil it striklos the boundarv line of Luarenlt 1il-i :lIaulon'n plropellly, t the corner of Old Levee iad Nuns stmreat there tflllnig g riight atlgle al extendilnglg I iglta-fi' net Ianid o ln iaa l tse deeliogna e nboualluer) lie ol snaid Millnudon's proplertan ira lel to' elelle aa.l'el: thellare forlnllg a rigianllle sitle ireltlolltgp ii', - i atr liare elervelo irhes iiald lIlInee rigll Ihs. aa Io o tall the boundaiy liar of Loais Dedie'l ifa ',ert.y, parnile 1to 01 i Letec rneerl;thare armling anntler rightsan;lr, a..d Cxlaeicl a lflrlv two l felteelaen iaclae.n nlli ivesigtltbl of al. iCh i lithe lollllundry linh of slid Dede'sl Ilfrplrll i..allel to Celeste streelt there folrlingll anotlhea rilil nanle, and uxtenling one huldreln and twenlty ,sn eifee tl-, ila-t'ns oaid foun eighthst of an inch uo he lio.ilduag liae of said I lele's proplery parallel to thle pohlie alall amd Now Icee stltetr, ani seventy li leert fou. inches t foureightlhs aof anilch aa:oa a on Nuna's street, ace rd ing to ai llptibY J. Piliu, City Siarvenor, anlde 3d Jani ran, 183. annexed to an act 1mssl before Louis T' CImi, NotarIy Pullio, onthIe 2Cath JIantnery, 1832. \Wilaaess the loa A. MI tillellun. Jladge of Iho Cout nlforesld,thlis 16th April. 1838. ap2l3,ln.i&; 3 I'. LE BLANC. Dep. Clerk. SANCTIONEI) BY TIlE FAiIUI 'I't OF MEI) I CINC. rlr ilOlN'S Cnmpontil E1titat sffCopsiba and Saria I p:irila -A cel'tain, sale, mai sd ma t ens ltull rteme ii ever iisenv lelred for tie cure of (olltrrllTtlsn, lCetls, Stlritllures, Wthittls, Pai.s in the back aunilthin, senimll seakiluss., tfctiolls ot tbe kidnlis, grasel, scorbutic ll'ln itinlls, s. In tl itirtlaluctioti of a medicine pnssessilg the usihful aill active s tilnt e of the. line now oLtfeed to the public, tal propi itlols ls but to refer to the .lulllelrous recoi aIneol atlios rceived ionlm the most emninent of the ell dhi lstiy) in l:tiope, believing that it will hehdul nllllriatcieed whie. i s mtrhts are more flly) kurli. The of it's creit frnom the dislike bhibi patietst Inloimbrl ex.'ess d regarlding its disagreeable taste, dllilur.btanC rlollhled in Ile bowels anil stomaub, ltd its bereolln iltti.lete .Hllen tlusd ill tl ihi:flansiaitors stage. The proprietor Ilns intde an anatlysis of the Balam, coineiv ing thait the more aetivequalities wolid thereby be tmuch morlle rIOIntltd d and mst tisefully administered than in tle present sllte. IiThe above med tilte combines in. gritlicttts which llre in thie hikhest repute elmoin til mlst scienlific ald learned il the prtl'basionl. Eel, eiut in the omp tsition at Ihisplparraionti itlireaIses tli ellicacv of tie other, piroducing an opetatibi tluly atll - tislhing, ;ai satitpassitig tie most sangillint e lictLtiollsr poaeassilig at tie satme i e nethe advastage i its bleitl. adlit lstitclld with serfet success in Ithe difibreltt stagi of tite absoe disaase. 'le most elminenllt physiciianasa i sle nSlA (1' tit i p'iielttl day expt ess leir le i, ell ls ir' aliait in tatit i rll aiip(ia itll l lai a w all its use in tl, he ti, and stilt t oUtinuis, i ciel extellsite. It was a fal. oralte rtedy illth tie belebtltedl ])r Abernethy io aI vrlst-sal aficbitlllllts, itd ii obiltinate titateous erslliotltt, lrisitng trai a lisrilelst sdata oa'thrdligetisetia ttliltls Ilavinc sbeet, ulbmitedl to the test said experielnce of Ithe inost celebratedl amonlg the fctilly, thes have exlpressed tlheir atististion of its exralnrdimsliry effieacy' in evert case under their chasl e, by ladopltig it both in tlhe public mi ltriat:le, ptettise. Their ob ervatiotis will In ilser ed hereafter. Prepored by J B 'tthi t, tshemist, Lonidon. PrltI $1 5. per pllt. TES'T'1tbIONIAlS From A II Sallano, Esl, F ItR i, ýl.rgeosn to ihe St 'I'thtas Hspiltal, astid iee urer on Antotity. The trial which I have malde of nyor prepuiei n tilt a vitrty l cases, both mtile amild feimale, iii itstesults lasve plvieli so highlty tisouVble, hat I std nolt hesihate ii tproou nciag it ole of tlhe most valuablte an. efniaeiouls iemedies ever ofilered to the public,a and one in lhibh, hot experiic,,e, I cantlaIdho every reiisnCe, wilist it htint. nalt pisattis .tue hesti latplesiiit ttf.atm dsually at perieced frotl eopalibti. FrPm G II Ilaywadt, Mt it C S, Ilibsieitt to lii it laerlehbote lishtpensari. I take great pleasres id aldin mii testiliniv to ahe atIdablte proIetties oftyOur Its .yeimlidnL wioiltngt oil the suecess s o u t tullv ilesele, i ls aample reewaitift :ille inlhor andI exispeleas in bringing it tb such cilll plete piernsfuntl . From W 0 Cooaier, F i S, Surged, to Gby's liha pital The Iuiteirm success which ias a teidied the adminis: ltile. yssur Illeciine amosig tlV patlienlts aflihtel wilth the 5ltie dliseases, has flltiy satisfied nae tha it has oslat I to bihekown to e tinuly apiiliemated. May til saucess ysu so wll delerve, amply atid speedily reptayy'ou fdri y.aa aaluable t'tleutaiooill. Frol Sir A Cooper, FR$ P ROS, CiE. kt. Ilaving IeeI italHa d to try ydtiF Ottmle ill eieral ases of violent (;Onol.rhea, Vhlieb hlidi hitherto bflaled every ipeserilttion sit.uisistedid by nie, aIstui msureaid slpedy cuaes el.eied by) it, iI a few dlays teel ni self in duty bhoilmd to tatle that I sow ill nl jsrab tice ioth public iad privats irecommend ailld lae nse ether. From G W Bldir, St D; Physibiam to Ody's tibt. iThe striel test which I have given your medicine r amoing il patientsl ald its iaillriabli situtes thus Lar, will inlduce ile to persever in its til, ailll I dlesn it but anll act ofjiustce and of duty to ditil my eeblh testis moniial i ll coImedatios otf itavirtilta FrI, LC Thompson, MD F It S L. I retuin you my Sllciue thanks foe t e vtaltiai pi. aslt ot' s our -.trsct for the hore of (tillllotrhalea, b. I t.el grttflld tihat y-o have at last buougllt a mbdihinir il na use which will tirovv a ldesderatild lo [g bought fo in the tmedial world-- sure, atttuts i ly d eftecctl tioe III cases if tile uhsve elose. It alftords hie gret ileasure t' plltishillg to thi woetl the valuable quolities oft s x ll.ct . Were it necessary, the proprteior eultl here furnish ltlla more tesLiniiaoils equtall at etri.ellnidtorm as the alloe; but ti usts that itsgedt success liitherto-the cae & expensel at which it has leetl lepal.tdl, will poaelts greatest reoebmmendatilit l ong a discernlig public. One eaonamenldatit.i this relparstiin cjeyvs abase all thes is is sit eat, ilortall e rm-p- t up is p.its-tit tlltde ill whieh it may be tIlkeni, ieinig both eam) aid plea Mnt-its tastel tutate, with no re.trictinn in tleis, i conlfinement from business. Travellersm elminil would find tilis melicine highl) useful, andti asougti t1 to he unprovitdedl with a plearationll ioessing the In-l vantages whkih the ipreent one cal ibilesi. Acconmpan) tisg ti. Nl elicine is a llalihlt explana. tory of the Ilillereit stages of the dlisease withoutt an) IstI charge, eoltalinug i ll and sampdL tdiesiasi . For sale Iv SRIEKLF k (.C. mr 14:ilwJnm it i'tio l slreet. r Sholdrim, Clncminasti cured. Ilian.ig lrumt s.t/ti aer Bakeye, as tbt stale cTEiT OSN1 i aVERT, n la ;it Gat u ter miru, t: ' bi' If:.n 9 I SlAtiL CIfl k14 TROUG IN FIVE AND A BAL DAYSa FProm, iFobile (Alabamas) to Augusta (G~d ) T EA' F: Motiile evet other sa, imutentiely sIte j tle arrival of Iae mail froit New Orteras, per thi stotinslllit EMrnLsnIE to l.lkely. winches to Pensebole stes 'snnim (pIr Pecamola Itsav St ion sa llid'asd ChiOt' taltocltiC IGt-er and kny) to etsar 3luf," thets via Marianna, Clhistitcactwe, (tornerly Molunt Ve.' non,) Banintiddge, Pilslerton Hlwkinsv7le and ville, to Augusta. A passengeertakin,;his sent at Mo. bile is in no danger of hbeag thrown out or ttosing hat Ppe.eren bp oby ;her enietinu inters, li o i Lontrl DA LIMP is blircr.eonee.. and mtderone eonsre througjdot, amd d.4" rely wVslv cltoiltrr upon hNi arrivtato Augtuta in time slpkiteal, through oIl wtat. er ail at ny sdsslnI uwlens. e most unfoteseen e lhiito tss)phe should seedr. 'hlie re New Oltestls Msll is cnried jy this toute. The Agents for aonmnuokd. tion, Teams, Cochesand DIivers are snt suirpassed the.soothern eovistry. The smooth, hard, htitlrti ditks, the nae and inter :linl water iwvingion,tlue time and aecommodation. ues.)Itite rm'elrr allecll oe tai6t o nNmfo r, w l aplg it iog vlality; eSonnleted .s it wept, witthtlt Itohl Road Catrltrsto, S. t. lolt t(he ist.alU aekntto INe YVer trtvelesn ca rea r New Yhrk f.s m New tOlthans LeTIt It )*t-\Woingtdlit t iti in t1. Sfom Chaiittahooebee, FIorisda, we have a Ibtmn I.ile via Q'liicfn and Tallahassee, toSt MarkIs,A aor post eonahie, lan two Brenchel from Hawkasivills o Xe t Mlilellgeville, io.M , llla twohesr c, ch ies.L 81'S T (i: r a U eda; Audiarra, Ash Jan. 1?,015. Office at Manilun Hol e Motl ile Ilistanae, New Orlballs to Ihtiilie, IS6tile t ionbile to Aluguss, e4.)' Ailgusta i' (,lrlelttm, iSt (;harlston ts New'syo , 500- leO Time, New Olrien to Mobile, '2 hools Mobile to Algusts. s3 taugats so Chnrlesten, 12. i hMsledion o New York, Oie- QSA .lzking 1tO miles per day. 6d 7 noHie peir olr , inll, live of all stOlages. ts Io Isl Nh. I. I ýe a1e to inform the tilcttle that l , bridtges ver the illtsahskb.wholtwe lad Hard L',, I creek it'yeju-t been opllolpeted b Ile gemvnll gtbei., meat, (tle Ilet) uo. es o'l m reril;g sialstolflis nite on( eredy, ut its" thus lsesl. io~ y .rtodi; rnei I ha e HIt tleasure l hieoirig from tyLieillelsti, the leote ws,h'r ss, drih..,til ruols asre do ille lieolt e!tesrisndastIIli, water route troiti taiteol .et Cotale Ilofl it is Prnamit ted by ail who bahre pans d to be ttonlsenst fltmeleti eshnol Ir oil sIraly. ebi hite hil. 0 ic Ints lve slno eenrerlpir:ed J M SI: IAKE s e tmesie Hetardware; ri e 'nl eiving from i; rope ahd tio Atlantic Cities, dire ei#tb the Mannfur surene, so cxttrellice n edor nt t os Fancy and He;isv Ilarlewre comj'tising vlry reticth in the line wshic| ilte offter low. itoty Mlrnts. ehnt, and oaies a.e aInited to call end cxnamihe tleir ieteck which foitsietn, in part, of talbt; butcher's, ptckkei snddler's ntO smmow khives, plated anil Britanin tea spoohs;neetles, pins, hoks .od eyes, sIc: veln and spades s tongs, shovels,fenders, andimna, Bnl. thsia andjalpned wirer heruvie, lathk 'looku and 1.0. tier, lookinlgg5luases, anvils vtces, cscratwllates, hllt,. lsld he and itil Ihamm ti, lnithth bellncw, Ameriean alit Elnglish,cat, ser, GeeOm n ando aerotey sec;t" plinogh mdotlds trace ox and, log chaitl; ma ll t it o tlla and grubbinn hoes Mattockh; trIck axea,corn tnd groas e) thes, Cohlius Kings and Simmons choppiltr nxes, wrought, iloe and ctt nails, citton alli woi cards, coffee and corn mills, plane and olai esi, ugesge, locksad, e irons, ilookht and h piostlts, abcll, otwder ond liquor tluks,pso pow ler. to., ish; , tsan htd haell Aietal knob chest, trulik ihd pad I lcks, bridle t0UUISA ANE--Cbur do Pr.lh:asr Ui l trico .lotirioir. * ''At' DE LA IOUISIANFI-A. tansoceux qt I rn pI, eerntos nonsleantst, SaluI.-Anttadu quot Jttlltll larnes Dc igg0, ayaltt acIete I uote veste lite tIno le Olertl ls t pla lt1s tl'U)nIehla no t I tnI't1t.t. t-I.It Co deret, saat ultlllsbo sh Oil rfle cdr ete CoU" - Ia tiltd, Vlt e lt'ult eregiol e tn eln e te r otd'Avrl, bI. t'aIhb l8n, poutr ,osal-ia cunforsltleit;t A on cite d Is Lgit= il doi tie I'Estat de Io Lt.,oIsinc, intitUle " Avte lOlu. collsiretr les titees 1ttohls.s Itt.ocatlx teIttsjtiii.liciasei atlc"t.lth In ll MIra 18'4. Uid'll suit cotto, cl tcutn Ipcrauaue i'eoleaaeottuitecstnnebb presbnt( Immes au nunI de I'l.tat bI" lt Lto dt It( Cou dU I rel,,ier I ,tsriot Jltisniole, qui ltntttalcnt ,vlIr d tvioit Is pro=2 I -letc til.upre uecrtsc, ell ol uiequeut ti'Ut,, Onslaut de Sllt0me dt cl ttihet Inl lIroelstiul l0 , 0 visg n IaU.ltL t he tIOtle seitostlnlohstte0tti o sictitttt. tnt sgs do hone cil, dto ttttlrottt etc. lte i ob. s p lities tie eitsro, is, totsiuti to toste otoni lisle liso sh·alt lots ouultil nl.e.oilrciiolttguo . La dilt, lIto tet.lue par ie Siteini eon lit le 30 eilejolrc si Ito aldo ttlle 1000B, elt tWlt d'uo delelrt de, vo~lt ,,,1,1,1,,-20 .i,.,,e J ........ dl( ....... 1,38; Nit. IS, ttdu IO~ ik·ttllo e cltin te, tstlustt tnstllt reost cs. scl In Ppi r Ini' sit pi deh I tbilts) milits Dcuaerwiptian lie I. Poepriiso, e alres tttle etsi aea Juti Un httntint motroti e tIre terre coe Ibittes ine eatltsst et ,.lllclitratlsito qui a) ttI'uuvelt, tistal quti lesdroitc , t priveelgestlc. y sppnenmLt tl'tssn mashioe qtelet.tII5 ; situe u ta0 tatbtuog AiOlcc:ialtot s mtesuront (-,esoit acglaloe) loinets oent ciqunts nix irdls ei qotire hetsi ennc. 'il opuroelosauoe n Cllenil ImUbliqoei suc' ila Ue toed 2 qottu" histsinoeatanlo It rue talratn, diut chint nii ,ttot1tet int piedo neut ImO:.o,t t loeut htilsleml s sur nt; igt:o ite i a r.nile d It voeille Lethe, $tstl I lhsptor I• tig liaitlopIhle Ia troprletr Ine Laurhte Milloil. I'ntwotgstonn ,despots Veillt Leti C, es dts \otnes it - i litrtlmsnol angln drclt et a'erlllull quhtrevii. .,q p idl et trols ItUscla ea Mltlllltdtlrt su t lg de kg'0i itrlplier fe I pIroIit, ilu lit inllllolion, Ip Ikl i lI. c Unless, I tiik iotnRsUt til llg lie roil i, itlldolotl i Soiall tIais pimeds,, ouze li0oubes et , uitseo, i nt Is hgfe liaitroIb de',i I-il'ritt i 1 ic Louis tklt, p relel It In rue virile Lcrte ic. I:.: o-nmalll. c: a nltatre ngle ilroi et 'Ie1tenlant I 'e silhlt lenx islods wet ouet one t eit q itlliemel shr I I, •. hnmiittllsIci de Ito 4rreto ' dit )ednt Iarllel it' "u e Celes e ; 1elk. 'o l m uo nt 5i, allttte A lgie nt ro , ct j't, i.tlldtetat e ttgt slpt pihils dInx Itousta et qal sr i o"ent or dis Igt e lihiitropile de lo litrnoriee slit Ithut panllel aueleamitptlhbliylt ant Is roesie o Ni .i . vetlle Lsees lait nlcise acitc 1iI01e 401 n ineb., snarehhiiiissses titbed triitn ihss Notiiies, eofhcltlc-it, . do rl ins treass liosr J. Pio lTyys sir dt la ville, Il 2 Jonvler 1832, nlihcEl a ill site Iaot toe dettta LsIt l . T (idne, iniear pkIicblc Ic 26 toivieI 13. i TemnIn,' I'Hlon. A. M: Bu:haioh, Sage de I CoulrSu dil.nt I"a nt '. it, l ep . GeC isA ,. sp 2I )rI' Otlier ETAl DE LAt LOUISlANE-Cour du Pkrmiur 1)1 .irk IJudjicuane. 'ETAT 1W LA .I.tJUliIA fl A tout m ren' ge rAe nteeuerrs enneeru ent, Niilnt:-Arttedd Williami liaikbn aynhn iibhrlC 8 ace vente foote I t In Slrrlifle Is carobl ne Ill)rlIans, In pronriire ri il-nj d,,cr:or, West addiernur ni lcrlb de Ilite Cuur uu lad renth 1111 rnargleilrc le einiejour de Mid, do fIot. ini8 p ur iu avi - lofnrmtnlt ti un Oucle di In Legi Illune de I'in do lIa lluaui.neiinnilulE "Arte Aft" euulirmer Ida titleein ii cqueleulrn soux 'nlnnljii(dj firers,"cpprou.i ii' If O uri, 1834; Qu'il .ult cunu, ; I., bees percbnre s htb, FnFer soot par ces preeenteeed., tt hi*e ure iinnn di l'Entai die I Luuuuulnir de dIs Cwt dIr rnemier Illjl-r~iellrdiriutreIil puuriuient unvir dilit It le pnrpl·lEr' ciu-J1i derde i, eli colnsequelnce dWun dI lath It, irtndriclinI'urdtu, In daurei Cu le jhigenoeu di' la ctueur Pii veru uliqihnl Ii vnelle u mee f,,de, mu de loot. Sinnreuutnib Lii il,ngatliil dne i'eiiunoiiun. l'uviiu oI 14 tlrm t Iuir delF urb vurte, u o uur ounu smt b caun ur c.unnih. de Emire ulol, dan u trealni jouur nintaer de la public~niimi de cciii auu..pnnurnqui In veheajail iclte nIi ear it pter cuairrlbe of hllmologaub. L' Li p. inrii ltl rlb endor par ie Pherib, ewndit I 231lob jour d AnclI, ,uIdu~nolB penIn Pilrlf, a-di l. . trtt de elt. ealur l 'lb ýein do hinrr, detunmnua IIUl, dais lll'afdle dib Wjillini 5lMckey vi. ciiqbula hel n 55..d ucinul dii ellS1 Cimur, A !IUq ChII ouni c Is d du WII oluinkb Mackey, aneal rmonde acquureb i tH)r to prix do $3 9110 ebu~ptgnt. tencriptioln de la PhpiiE$ d'bpr()d Ii, tributes .1tdki. moire, Siloi'r: Un certain liii de ibmrEr C, nlmrll toti Inal I*mlaumi et utnMelmnnniinan iioil n Is libljon , d'iibi r Ue lii b,4nurb par rlerues de II Nouielle LrvEe, 0100, I'dul end l)elurd.llnig. Pik In No J Ib'prba noplaa dneeaakper C F Zll rl njuhmbt VuvaaaGeneal, I. *a. DceHbre IM, et d ea dedi FCIIx Gaiana onnlairs dntimc, e. cultu plan Na l:, I elat Ib, dater, im.suntri nine puelln, na"e poitran fale * II. rnEd.l NuuvellbLer no ,oiantunr qllunx piirdra. pinino6urdi cbuqnladun Luhmolnnhit ~o l, b lhn rluga pB~ iedal. nrolt purmrra elqun1,a liBones a. pnitondia lie cIi qip ,wouch a propriitb ' eprbelt. t ta aerlliibmutt aitparra. niat z N &teh or of;oi .nn Ilhi a..ild:b uM puuc de surge dnaa Is trdld.,deir eu it fat lice I ne a11d, dr mto predi lonuf ijihiu eiue csa neablui an. one ,le. Nuu 4.5, f,7,8 nag A, stir as Id Go L 5c· r.*rln; -4W kegua an aine mi iutPtLa rue soli by . D()HRSEY : ________ 44 Nioc Limo i 5 cite C rtest nci nn, is iitWA, G. LH R-EY, 44 Noo Lever KA0.ll'k IEjip....b Ita bbll., fic sndl ed, fan 0le by 1i hln'%l'G·ON a P1Al I., 7 Frunt, noon AIITE* hlfijl.Eilfpi. fat rnhtlor n 1 110 H1.01 la A- idILLS, nau, alley TL'hlnnho ii, tninnlnhiu.enhumnni No Iq err iInni-nndi jrd -mill I'huxe lt ruin lirn e .J~IJ. neni.nul. Etriid ink enydiorn~en Fnqninnn 'a pnulia'n. UNNY p ¶ibP'lln2 n7M '0.11 nnn:I1 CIIASL:WOT'M%

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