Newspaper of True American, August 14, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 14, 1838 Page 1
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·6, t., ary lip/ PRICE 12z CEN's. - ---- NE'll OREN'UD A TIerm. RLEANS TUE~rp,,, I.1Ym rmn 1I AY MCP_~AORNING;, AUGUST d , 183:3. T~.of the Noceoraper- Preoor of tVn'0 icn, i ro.l &e ro-lsIberoo-__..__ -y-',. 3IL -'C(-t'UN) X A - ~-- -- _.-v~ Lv~ ~ ~ sUmOaarndmly ; reed to nl nu Ilju'rrcd need a Ol( p Oý L 'U-ura-hhereiure resolved n'1'arslu lux -tri dUP9ORIY rIOvt.-l',. l.. ý ý. ._ , iV N 7 ' o - ,., tr .1 ,. _ Term, of the Newspaper Press of Nen Orlean. ootooirnorrlsy n lreed tzo r ne tat r rrt meetin of the Proporietr h ll s au, ly inn ho rdvancl.e 1en SueeotrrtnonPr.-- oIrelvo I)nallnr or the da'ily p pntrpenrnllnollen otyhblo oooooojooliY to Ionci toot dollrs r the tri-weely notlllt, paoe Ion alloae one year inoleovnce, whore nu city eol'oretwe is given. No ouhacriptino will bei l o .cotiu Ot tl o rnTcgl are., Bnttled. ITn oIe oNdiT cotinuaonoci e one weok'e notice n writing Inut b: invarieoI y given, preovils to tlhe epiratlont of sonlbscription. Asharrestr, o.-Jon dolly, per . orlnr for the tlrst srtion, andi halt' tlltt price fIbr caup e l ll beqe ,bti .n a na tecrinl, uelesroion ro tie oio inal o crtisolll w ill behn rgod os a new onb. YRAtILr AoVRTnISERS .-rlcrunnent anld 'tradters, arty dollars ftl English alob e, c and asixt for both alo ga ;. isnks, Itnsurane Olllces. neb other snd iiar public ntitntilons fifty dolloars in Konli'h only, anitd nighty for botlt lnogntoe; Ship and Steanlobot Fc rs, or Comnmisnion morehruclt sixty dnollar in English nor, anldeighty hnr bomh lao gnlline l. lARoi.lta, OBITInKor NttYr.cEs, nd.1 rllen Co enll thits attention of lilte publce too olen or prperty, Prds of ntpasselor Ilenflit, &.~c t. &i, ill bel ha, kne dollar per sqare f thle first insertion in each oInn gonge. CuonoIcATIon,. or Advrertioemrote, of lnly perslon at nature, tlve adntisstible, diball bo chrged dsoblu, and in ad0ranlO A dedeut twent.five.Cfell.te will be modR S to ctisee n of Ifs, I(ofiseher of Wills, an to Mahl-e anothei r cet, in Eoglosn alone: lt pot cent. on salen Abr£.ltSnneo. otot of the direct line of busines of the adovertiser, scelh as ir notllleto and pllllanr lesl erl uallq ro asnles, te ooitnlon e . ownill be charedl fr olo.outely, ortodoat tlo oroliooory cootrot. Ate Oi .lanoS 000 ncpooiliel an to neile, weill be ublisN d eohe Isooth, and eloarged ntnlroi" lgliy No oldverti. entcn oh f ,onhkruplci vill to htohlishel. sl a y onle, ltolosn poaid li, th e vihor toillaoertioll, or suytoent goraooeoeol blo a reloonsibeil ers lo0 in too n. Itenotren and otltor oploles uof otaooonenon, ooooertinio, sully or lte seasono too Ibe cloorgeol $1010 lao' boogliolt o tote, eolan $151 in bjo ut In 111 ,::s All onnototo'emeott olf oooooliolatos For poolittcnl ofiert be charged double ilha inice of other odvertise Sat.'." to the inemenoe Iossooeoooiooel byneorwspaper o ,rihto, thev hlao loinive cme t lnelneion ihao tilh mlilsn of perionam wlio+e olsollOloto hanvo not beroooio l linA one monthl after presonototl., shalnl be it le iklnow, (so for os prtehtotoblora to rooh othltr--hlev obli Lglini lhelntalves int uIr, lovrrtine or print for sich delinquantS, nnless ill case t odasenonre pymtentsn. laigned) J.C. tIe: S.. RlUJMl. J. tOAYON, '. I'. IRE . , J. I0. P 0I'tIEROAST, JOll GNSlnON 0I. - n1 I NI]. Ne'eokhl Prcss.-'.Vr, llo, lllole.riolold :iigrerp to abide by ion hovse 0onlrilim , I or i they are applicable toi .eo klev apers. (:inod)l A I,. LAWIE\CEf No§ N ol sa hcrilttiooolln 0re t ,coo for l" hot o utl,8 nii., Letters ll si, io ill eo,o lote l 0 pow_ paid. 0 1 _ .... Si'TTh ;i2-W+- o' \IIN lIrfIl-l"t 'O.t c .I `Q PAIN It~lr VIll <" Ilbilhnrof , eii b ei ne aion lll lrrl] "'.#erobo/, i n:el, b nu olor teof "Coil Ilyeb, i ol.. 'he .lotess o/ Pndott, nod other otles, b tile noOhor 'i' "Th, I 0orvu keno," iln r o. Nionroelo llott. tllrs lr l.r d witi iaumo-wr i-t, hIt t llllet llt.,q+ ll'l'l, i n' nl doilies rf eorlion Mitn, ; o iooleol~noe fIolooicuhl crlioll ilerS ill" I:0ailand W ltl ,mat: u Io r.,itntc and .trI1 'ral r-d Aneaicnby Joeph Story.. Ioot.. Ovid to .n holed by ry ie , lPopeo , ;oreo t v, o dd 0 0 and oth re ti i rl . o l rsr tryolot, No ll o 11' I'oo ( If o lo rl r'0 (;It ,l ooo :Library." 0 tlt'oootrv 'I'Ooloo o r 'toolos Ilr to h" 00 rrrilr vtlo, tl lvrr of 0h 0. united olftt 00000 r, b 0 \lioo co .rner { ':, illl( l ' op Y ic IComImo a. I r is Illh Il ur; h +,,, bol l , Ilohil "l h is ' only; lolaot . t,,,l; l'ell o ,,ro o " hforoo'ooo b ono \ , ,i e~ ii'l, h, t ' o 'o"o; ! I r , , , I ' e, lh" to rl'o oo t pN orn 1 . 11 I l I O i t l oc'; 1 0 ,t Ioflo ' ," , Ill0 i nu lrtll w ' , . 1r i ' .' t 0 , , ,0v00 " o b ,oo l- ore OiollO. I i V l' otll .i u nl " V, I rt I, I lim Soni'co , :o , ,l co o . i0 to o i.; c oo , Io'i (o t'0.,0 , ,00. F - 'foo,+ or, I'' i tl1 " < ..i s I ' ',,rit'llll : ,! : ",l fIt '., l't ,,t,,I I ',l',; t' l I', ! .,n \, t ioo.'"b. oh' , , ' I fo . ' , 0. , c l , ,l I oc ', ,io Iii,~ 'i lý tffs bsl ' ~ I'i l, , th , , . ll ' , Pooo, o i'orlu tolll ,ohio Store. 30orrr t a ',ta tt'h'oar I_ Collectin of Colhl p utai PhItrlls , in every tn pic. nil IL ret. 11 i) Illlillrnlllllevol' li: n, rrll ul. lllTln ld II1,n!.1+ i Itlrelln ht lllt, vitll lllll rous ' 'remarks o the I li ll 'tl'llnlltitio Iand Iuse of variollu Worda. ThPe whole l disposed os lconsi erably't to tilihlai te. cI i iitiol o.'a correct tr iu nlition of the IIrnch. rayti Iilt ar, n tlew lditi o ' rliPn i ie t , t'l nicotrt.ct'd. 'l A s eletioln df celi htllllnred f 'errill'. Tl'le+ul s :hls,,en t p nied with i t key, lltaintlllt ti' tehi , t tllrll and freeLa trnsl atioll, arrlgt edo l in t llltll llri II n I hoou aer ditll rne betweenll the l.rncI':t l Iand iaI'll iorlia u thIe be.t ["l'elleh w.ourks. ci· totl t onI the illaub Mil :t. dT w ole I to the accurate pronunciniton n rI rthography of the er pule ty "\Vhd ,ItKlAN, m (*ar .tCamp & Callm sal. !e ,I SI II '. IIU IN{ I . .....t i, (REl.ENItlt;ll tT'T)I,'i''V, VIRGINIA. r tIll.falvorite lat riLcng placet in th,. t urillntain k \'ifgtinia, I mi. r wets of i uibur" and to I .irio, the Whit' hl pltur, rwill ie open in due season for the, reception of company. Mlany i portant iuitro'venent. ldave bet n c ta alt s sine l .ie hs l tet inl. ni sni l Il ti ootllt aait i nloyhe of iti li.ei-bo. lad ron hir boo added anittunltuto linicittuctti ru^ ithg nctl.,e h ilttl't. itackr Ita Iei itotiyua ilici t intl i the spring,, and inttr..teotini the Kanahtta turnpike" neir ljti'.tis- i urge. Over thits ratd, by dl ' ra hi' a of thle .It a fito deart'lieutlt Mesdrs. Iitlinr Wtlr & e.'. line of rlll cteohes will roun. +\ pst lfice bleilln estrblisihed it tihe srings, vifolt Itioiy r ive ne'wsR and t ' eras apond a tily, e:t.atild w sr. o )f ithl e ' di'iilntl litiet f th ara wdltrd, ostit f tir aie- alel, liet i ea olk. the oanate of Little, Sanl ate o ir t he , llarile f Sodit and iMuiatiea, of n . lrlfe satluttir eollects tfw tit arln ehibited i s, diomaes i gns~ilet ior dtoolrcsea , tch r i ic aflhctiln+ of the is , livr. l, t il bsowel, ; illcta ta eots aftctionluaor lise.e ofth skill t o i e 'nady t oare potent or oJBeAciOus eIon he |+lllllnd. Extensive bathing emstahli. lt+Ilt for both -ex's have been erectetd contigtuous nll th, spri'l:R. Visitrs Call at all tieliejaov tihe -cul tr a rantages of their bte nign and whNleaa a efli'tat.. MPjor WillSin Val + will coratinir, ta e Rapri.t' in ata.e ofith t riil ,i tepra. 'ioia rti tlat o it Ii t t, itlan on tile part of tile prpilrl q.'t .lltal Ile I r lltlared to ',s r e for taae lllue 4lp t ur a a ib al sllalre of thie public pat Sronlago. 'I'h proprietors of the IMu.?hllr Splrings wit, he iheraill tilhe rTrail d f .l t.t i itufnc fll I..a thrna \hna-he. ,a ,t F U. tdi. tel omit , .i f F hilr i a a ull o f th e lit tel aIDieu Nlatferv of \ta ntrif ,,lt , ,, . a wbi ai ap. iendiSEoatalinina,part i, Ietepctiola, t firstelition Ipart :d, $equol f her na*rrative, iar, ,Id, Re.view o'the ease. Aai, suplol ment, uiviu oilr'e allyrtetlalar o the Nltlanerv atd golastI illuistutad by a patttln f the Nanner?, &c. Maria Hlork nnd the Nl'unert i.f 'h I rant a I)ieu--a iotr al:ccount at a visit tar tln itonatlts of .alotllet and rtefatatio of the ".roatita )iNo !aollrci" by WilIt L t Stntue. Fourlh +xpirimalet of I.viltn. Iivina without means. T"A Studeat'satst utttliC ii i tt Icratvilk' and iworkin The Fiv t orderi of Arhitectl Ure," iu' lly expla inin the metio,i fllor strkilk reCallar c Iquirked moullers; fo di ilishltni said gluein , aft'tctlut allttf coaitals; r t i (ftinag he true dioa,aeter of at ir itgo at iV Ilechighty for strikin the la ic Volute, circular r i cliao cal: witha lished exnleat , on a lare sca o a. of the o raers, thelir plamehers, &,<.; aUd somle d.'l-ics for door casea, ele atnlly oogravod so fIrtv-one plata.+, wilh explores--hy auaar Nichlaon, urc:hiteeot, aIlhr of iaha ofchani's i Colnpmnio ",'- "C-ruen er's Neow Guide," "Carpenter's U an i Joiatar' - isi.t s btaat," & a. "A I'raetitul I'reatisa o. it " Cultitre of Silk," adapt- t ed to the tail and cliot of t thi Uiited Mtutesby J. t f. FoeatuOCkl seeretary of the I ar8? ri I couatly Silrt I o . i \tiui ocl editor oltthlo isilk Calturitt. e 'The Silt aitlslr'a Miltl;auta, or tlhe tart of raia t andl . ftali gaailkl wolrm, and of cultic tinag the a1 ilberry tre,--t.y 1. ularin. co pri ing lettes of bI qR. as, nrntn oif bills, ivnioca, a "tistorvof t. e " Wr it the la nd the mnth of Fr ulre, Iruia tlt y'ear 1897 to mn yver 1814" llv \V. F. P. Napiar, C. B., vaI V.; to which are perfixeil an-: a:WIJ. to solme pltt}+k, in Rotinnool 'h Lcte f Pietoo h il illnlhe (lultrterle Re,.view; witl cllul.r remlarks o It i. I l1 1h0v \[out+|. tl t'arcivt]'e re ntrks a ,ttu+ ne asse --aill CnInnl Napyier's faurth colurn of tt Peninaulhtt\ War. Jlt merl ved td for alt by t I't'P .i ,- .,: lb Ill store, 'ot vllle hv o .' G'-i J ,:; I " ;OR.. N i ". .!N, w Levee I I- . ,:' . N ,· \ i. Hi. Orower C& t. AN { just i'l eivrlat their Furnishing iV..rehouse Nn. 17 (a,,.p trect, by retent artlr'as firon oB. rop, antdi the North, Slarge addtions to their stock of ad'n Htill or:soneotol hoomwkeepin articiles, which col lectivcly (they believe) form an aotirtlnent more geter. tal ad cosmplete than isto he foute! in any si.nitar e.. b lhoment known; consistin of SILVEi. WAlE. Coffee clad tea sets; pitclers, waiters, castors, cnolleo sttelts eops, tumltcrs oand goblets; tahle and dlesert freks; table, dlesert mod tea spoolsi marrow altl l~rly, or i' gnot spooas; su-ar tongs; sugar, sauce atir)soa p Iadles; muttt., buit, pllddllng ad fish kllives; pickle alm desert knives and forks, na:pkins, riesgs, E. prlncipall- fron, the snocotoetor of Mr B. Coa'sltner, of New York, whose long establishesd reputation for the manufacture of sver warn is sufficient gua r.aotee of its superior tilalito. PLATEDl " 'AIIE OF SHEFFIELD AND BIll MINGHAM. T'ea anml eofite ren, tea setts; castors, liquor antl cot, dial stands; superb catdlesrts, ansi Epergues with mir. ror plateaux, for centlre of the diltter or s+qprer tale;i waters round and oblong, from 8 to 12 incites; beet steak and vegetablCe disles; rich disk covers; sake andd bread hbaskets; tdecanter statds; mantle ascd chamber candlesticks; woine stoi-ers; coolers act svsplsots; lecan-. ter laIels, claret corks, tea strainers, table hells, tea, ts. bhe. egg and mustard spoons; egg boilers sad ast.ndss toast races, Rs. SILVER ON STEEL WARE. Table and desert kteves, forks and spools; soep and scre ladles; hotter anti fisb knives, cteese scoops, as. pIrags toLgs, O vegetacle I, t si f Etc. .!APASNERY. Fre Gothiec Sandwle anc eroutnd eornet waiters, in oetto acJ single, from 8 " 31 inches; tlo oftpapier nurr/e; Irteld, cbeese, ant knife trays ; large t right pate d :lersero; spice, strr illtll cash .Obxeo i oigonses; India tea tables int eiss, calddies lapp: n Il of riEh d tortoisei shell, et c. LAMPS. Aor extensive asor-tm-'st, among wne re Astral I ;lamns all bronzed aselI gilt, ats oel ech ct glass; mantle p la s d doo, each plauin ill with last Iri ss; ver pa plendid cut glass do; broinzel ans Jaepah ed sii e ol Iracket lamps. S ('IIANI)ELIERS AND IIANt(;I.. LAMPS. t E.nglish antd cit glass ehaldeliers or lslr.esel o 8, 0t? 15, 18, O'anld 2 lightS; French breozed as gilt ti ;triceiaon lams, 3, 4 aod 8 lights hall Ito lei atno I bl- I trllts, ictl hbollze toat or' cetrl.e ictssss for tltietts r ecms from I to 6 ligts, .nl, shsdes, gltsoes ndi wiuks. , MANILE CLOCKS, CANS)LEBII.\ S AN!) i VASIS. lBronzed ad eral'le t brol zel ani gilt.o I cel al | wt fitners, ete; cottoing hotse cd. i kitce. clock; lsOtizell illkstaHtsi, eegar doi; paper weights, tt L II ' els, card raecks, caeIlletlioks etc. C(IIINA WARE (SlI PtIItCEI.AIN lgIglish std Frerc ditiog desert ea o odc t, : ' ies ot plait white, gIld edge, a I ett rt".lh • tlitlir; tsttelid toilh. s- tts o l a d I l- i.".. sttlros I s;ftescv cardt srlk, ianll ltsoket,. i'"ii. si reea, t~ lrt t no .. , kiie t Al t c .ct -, ".I SI1 :we; . ttclrs 1 sol . o- ( n tsttts cl in, . 1 t c ,, . iC i . I, -s,,,,- s. I -" ',i s .. . S e o 51 al ot- ,lit o , . . 0i ill .tnll, c rlI'h c s; Jilt). .ali\ct s'l* 1'f)lli11 lit." ,+* .: 1 11. . .... r Ii T AXAIII . )- 1 i T lt !-;.. I |'t ·:l" Iron : tl ,ll :1- 1 ,tlll1. tll il k : , a f Itl C p 4l i; In me a l t lt Cllr , t'. o . r .1 co 3, + .p I 'lS ll' o l ittil. tdi h I+ tt ( "II e ooS! t1 sItes-c i st '' '-ir I r I s is·ll e k, it o tilt lll ' t -l is.. it i i 1rk ; ...s :' t' Jll.t' I 1+ , bun I i , , l . , ' ", I :e s{'I' ts . si t lli stisil "no"-s till, ti 1 sieoile- I', (:., il . :I'i lll M. i ; I t ' 12'r . ';,1 iii, I ' * T ,l ,d ,ll ,s ,lid[ tb ii it tesois st1., F N ;lsit I . 1:, , " - it S i fl l, i N!". irte; .Itl ,.i 5l.l, . l t1 sits11 ; '' ' l tiitt ti ,, l tls- ' -.nt' Ii.J '''[ , Itsi; ak ,, -'i I s''s-si n,. 0[" /, -, . c+ln If; iit '' N b att i '.Nf ". ii lht* ct:l , : It s- rd o "I' tlts o -s- r:. nr i - s saws in it I itJ, - -, i - - J - .0 I'' I 1.. I ilof(nct s,,, I, Wr 1, n ," 'l o a x a in l w 'ta 1, , le d r rs 3 . . Itcit -RI N G l, Bt I NS, Fom' s0iIle ;lla oif 1 sll ol iorle, wilkth iFolr 1. of ll11 saws, w'ith feederls, & .l $6 :-0 pe' saw, 300 1 Filor Ilo. olf l aws, with feeders, &c. y6 F5 pe1 s m. il, 3. 1 Fir dol, onl' l suw , willh I+ederts, &e. tit $7 50 per suaw 10 ( 1 Extra teeoh " ddesirled, l(t 1 . ,le 's, s~pplird i co.ts e tl ml; the llmbolr of rth tinglI abo111t qua n the number of saws, One set of feeders, it is con shlered however, will weoon' out two or three sets o owsi. lIo'xl saws Sl 1pliud as 80 Ieti'es i1 a t h. 1'l Golns I, derl llell , a ill le delivered lnlllshe ants lI phlltoloS i any te th neeort towns ill tihe cott ,pIi lnll illis S:ltes, . tle ahle pilller s, thlle s renls If!" ,r tG i Sl'ii.hllt Ol tile reomln t em Nwtvnrk sth i ewomsin re. slollgsille frl tilel sllalt of the Iushl,1 A & cill W.i0lg willbe seort wi il the tsilos o llp tem ,hllr Ijothe dc, sred; the chllrlll'es ,or whlli.e hel\ il. be exwn tlat bIu. I dllI l1 01te, IIl o Illll e ll. I nef l lll he l'mo e lre1 d where l edl le1 l n reeasonable terms, [il will he eh11 re 1 ext1ira. Hors, wel ot' 1 oaon description, can he illished o1 likt Ltel'ms t Smlll all ea engies calll ilso t be orileed if" dl . siied. It is c desrmlle, when irat ers give orders fb Gia llll'hl ha eoinlno 011) Ilel, with Ihehr1views ill m egli ttoIh rl'n:mltnenlelltn saW,, r'easls, brushes, sc. I, 10s foiud 60lv1i dilt olliol. 1Some dirie sas lw targe r OF Lmerth:l otl .ls. "ile oC ot l o111n sz is 0 or I0l ilches o . l some wish Giloa I' inches. Se00le wish 5 or 6 ow t llslhes ti ll a:xle, weil i others 111i Dlot wallt more lh,4.t till tit most. Some wish saWS WI R nrellet to tile illsh, wlile ohllel*S Wellt IO1r II IVl ll l r ie h , i .sre a 11,we I.e r ll e ti sll o 11. , t the "tste of oivhing 'n, aei 'h, Fis t Judenicot rf thet iheer , oi c ul p rillllet IU Xr.I t tllitllil o hell l ill evedr n Where it is left I f io e lediscri tn, we oflll tlke the om e 111ool d llntot 'A c ta n o op te'll it.e A i ,delj call he eellrlle, olO the tlie ol i, leanr-,. ti'rl tile next clro , : dll ordlel l tm.,ht In he in th'e a ., thaer ford' etuhe.slln the lint op r l If+ It" rh,0. . liepti llllls lllS wherel:tily atilate in eol rlllluecil Co: N. I. hlle I'.lteilot pilhtoor holtja oeilo of r op. l'ralo ll S \will I 1 ll . rllh, reasolilale ter... , l'I'AT OF LoULl oo V.1.-l'ird t o .l,.,cOi :. ot.ll Co itlrt ' l I E S T'0E.o O 't O F i te.d o l 1o,1 o N A , "i , itt 0 l o. 1 thlle Pre1ent, sh1ll calmpa Glreetitt -0 1 i; Irels IVillalu 'acke, huinur puue ued at u ale "a e bv the 411trill' oll tile ( inish ofe . rpplied to ther Gle e t i tlehillt0t Ier titlearhd, lbod , iId 0olleOqlar. ofo t l' iou lIrt i od who0e o 01ice thle I ed gof s ole w cl recorded on the 5h dy of 1Asi, A. 1). 13.1.;, fir a Iu 'nitio, or ad derll.llnollt1 ill eonliy to 01011a nOt of Ilia I.egisltture of tie 'tate 0 t lll-i Il, e led "An oet for tie ifurther ssurallee of titles to poleaseora at judieal sdle;" ap. Ived tile IOtll daly l March, 1831. NO V, therefore, knlw ye, and tll person,, interested lcreil pre oereby citew sld ho dltniahed llf the pallle o le Stmle uf Lofi-.iusa uld of Ihe o Firot Juldicial l )istrlct olortoh, Iwho arl apt up any rig 1t title or eui It io and tIo theproprty hereI l deinati rdcribed, it co .eq ence f allyV inrrtlitt in tIllhe oNdor, de1ree or judgoetllf the court inder wich li e eald was mIde, or any irreula rith or ill guflit in the tlaprdoo .iaei els l fdv d3rtlliel.h in ile, or 1itn0er of ale, orr ndtr to lither del ect whatso. ever; to show aLLue, withitl t r e y days fsmn tlie day lhis onitionll is lrtt inel thed ill tt ei ptlt i papere, why le sale s o made s 1hotld not de coofireed and hemolo. gated. 'lfoe eid 0ropor!Y was sold bs tile Sileriff of the par ps a Nretai,/onhb the oli3d day of \lril, A. 1. I.3B, ny vi'tue oTa ldertrr of tllhs cni t, retndreh I n th e 3d day of blarch, A. D). 18:33,i~ a s it entitlerl William blackev ', " tatuel fell, I.. 13,515 of thie dockletf this couri, at which sile said \Villiam Macky became the pur chaser for the price of 3,:i00, caisi D)ecriptiorn of Property a. givn in Lie Judicial Con lrven ,,, vlz: A certai lot of w gro,. d, tl ettle, r wilh all the build lge and i'ilprosem onta thereoll, situated in the pariah ,f t)rlo"lnl% in ll liltt! sqa houanded bv New Levee, tLui.,R, I' lai and Uelurd srerseet desl+igltedl by the No J, oli ll lan dh'awn bv o. F. ' iinpel, IDeputv Surveyor Ienerl, oe the (itli I)cc'mner, 1I31 and dei1.ithe 1:8 llan io 10, in the ho:k olland fFellx Il lia, nolary ppilibi .ni lot ,,,easurel '0 feLt ItI inches front en ,NeIvl Lever street, 75 Fret it depth o.n the side adjoining lr So Ii, and 80 fioot 7 inehes and 4 lines ill depth on Ihe i, hen' it frollnts on ;r", alley.v nwf thler t.-el lihle inhehs in otlllltmill to Ihot a :ls 1, 5.'6, 7, :t and :'. i lt.l;1 " I '., ''let). t' \,laE.ara_-tlletlre rersolved oo ''amoday last, trip toCincinati, fore . e doayn ly. I re urned ngai In lot -night. I beWin to fi:elthat I I a ver nnportant indi. fvianal, ns this instnt tihe Juurnil of trln cite wtis nit into 'y hnnd, titing, anlongst a great an'vt oll e, tkilgs, tllit I had aictally run a n y firom Lnalsvill, to escape lihe electe of the wonderftl mnanclic nne to oif doctor niip, tie knight of tle tlhib , nlia, A S S, My retnrn, hnoweer, proves that the fPbli of n111, ho andt olt, is npplinhle Ito the .1Irnal ThI d fahble is "A boy wi te. lloetd to watch nnd ri the alanr, wahehen ie ilt fnppteared; he being eirter u 'oot.nt.n.,' tnilor'n an p or a tn , fi eroed out 'the wolt'in tnnlin ,'to tihe groitdismay of tilhe eitizen TI v a tant found out hit real eheraeier that ei was ta lianr, ill not to be tel.ned evel wlhel ih, spokehe tile trth.' The fact i., tilt cuses e lltat produce ltheir ref'ets. So it wilt prove of tile nall-wise wrtiers, Dr. Snip &Co.. in he ,Jotrnll. I would advise them to provide tlhe elvewih lltnntetmi engine pIres, in order to 11r ef wonnderful etde and d in.rease of that paperp. ae isi well known, thloe are many who seek for Inothine bill fntlehoodeo it of seer ilove to tie vedc'red of tnt iarti nltn eu anitennatett finrh(allaih , 'fo , ttnedle aed thimhle celehtttvt tm great nis of thile nlion A tnerienl peoplne,it rettrc feln ad far inlcer nlovers el truth. Therefoe they wilt, (an ettet Itroduend r tle lnlut e) natuilrttlly ten went tol reeda i per tlat I meay rtl oIr thetrefoerO I will seek out such, end hintce a n.itoriber to the other jo rnali, ehnen sttemnsts will sot prenl, falee. Their I a statements are to pal Iutle to require nirfutati,; yet 1 wilt state: let. I lt again In ttls hotel. 2d. hlt I thalltrentrltt hlo l 3t Jl J , he t)r Snip & Co., liave tent me n letter threatenin my life, if I reinnaied ftner the t0th. '3d. That frtem thr,I shall proceed to Cininnnl i,for foerteendatnonly of eohie I wish Di Snip & (Co.. inforti the afflicted in their own'iile, never fails to bring me patients. 4t).h That frimn tincitati I ehallprnee ri 'te Falls of the Niagarai to ie at tttfalot (if ltr ci do not take away miy life,' on the' I-t ntSelf.+l,,e r au, natNei York o ithe t or Nrvenber, oi le'd the wholi fithe next umilnerr in nrier o lngth a nil tie l 11"11 Phili ttinies; tie mediC al Gt liahtIIe it It"x"n, I'ilarltel phie, Atemphis, Nashville nel lnuisville, wh wiei pntionlv. (ibefore ilrt tie e arrivei lner ,;mnhaheil I. sIGe al tare t'nilih2!, Ck rier n &e Goha for eens, mle, &.' (lhilnh 4thl. C.I. ctternt . Gnl i 5ti Pltllionnt dr.,ent pi kl,-tore !il 1h tihe mlnoteI'lligfliiient O I tl ll, ii llS , alias I l :-t tc. imlhe to t'il . ad 'diti rse of heIt, "'ie l. I.0.l ' tm, I Itd hoive hiloble Dr Si hnii, cniet l 'r. wer, aile t olh i rea- eh r'r r die,,,. .+ I, l' Iste', I I hrre forvtears, ini , it of · -., , : iehr In (Ilhe Ilind, and lnhat twh 'len" i whroo t,-+ , •rnr a' hii q Mllajesy's eustonlia ]m (; et i3; a l ,n I t , ... ": thee to empiu loyet Did te W"-i '' hi -lplne.'",. a;",, i clrirlni tihe ht'n^RSs "flaker for is , defs t~it ,: iI r' ,tn . ti dll} ,l ro tl. e kuepe , ,I d t oi tr +fipeI t. ert even io rs t.h ', " " h lik e l w i th e it : . .. _'i, .. , ..' ,rv i ' aI. h tl I I i " ir , tI te,_ ,: ; i. ..l e . e p f ni I ito 5 ",. ' 'n, ' it . liftV 1ei li i i it elh tile, i i, Ii , 4 tew ritd' Peo . t i ll l, I !1, e : ,,i, , P.llH e enne irt, d lievn-ti-i t:, .. . ,,.e of the e,'.j , who he ,por lac+ ,ev o' Ill *Ill·JIIl.I and hi s t rrh h" Is r0 a,,l · -.11 trios lIrI lP it ittr,oc'i ri n-l hettir.' tlto It e n lother l l,,ti re +l' t e t 'cl e ' ,e v l 'il eii a 'ire t he iil-tii tle fttie , ,t a lisi, n Iii i ll, i"i I" IIkther.'" m",'t PI"rnot raised th++ Iftr L Ir +re.'ltI , h If tihe rail," . I+the " aylalV e l' i• orl ,dase T~t ll~r Inly nliy I n111 i h e ;,,,,Il tilth,,,' I, te n . dd, to suic ;h . i, ifid r l n lt,' ae. It ei true, hr ,tl hew bell )hvben.ol evlerrd, me, , l :lnl h llownbng-ill,"w I nora ert o i is 'vIIn l art 14 w i ini d by lii Iilli ;to i hilulsR sOtllrewmre bilt llive, others Il; hx halhr w .hit. "s e wore rti, e t, heI ' pilll or r e ah he kniglht oe the rail. llienln l mwnruSe, 'he IUgnc li vei, rather heno the knig ts I" t' i r." It bo it .orthy f ih,' l is yePtll rely olI a Ive ll, rmd n c, [seta.l l s i s proh lific lrin. to joi hi. ro ther :e xnieht "1 the+ 'hmin h h 1in ll 'u 'ihclth Ille w p IO.ld f.h is a sust ill I er lelc hn, I:h,ant, s d a . Ihi ;m: . , I. , fll blown , e I ,' - I cspr.t cinll" . Otl lh,:r ll'(il:.(· r ~r, tl e () fIP l' t n Isi nat e+ whlich, the , Ir'ien It,', r ell , Il Il,, .S. kl 'll '- r the thhnhle, C/.v. w ++xpni, in nr i, In. r v, .q soe! e c vtlife t e tol~l; tth lr _`ýt t ' p ,' t vl:,!.h :in, - I,, it s f !ri ni m ,Ive++ ihe maurl lt' £ 1 .111 11 ' • 1 1. • l. ] ,- .:i li,, :l n , an a o , fou at aR , I' .,. c j.,,eli , I ,"k+ ,"" ri n . so mu,.h aplpr "I'd tf bv some. iasu,:." :-lid h-, ll +% mo ,t i~l~ ,,j Ih+, I Owihil :n e I I, ' ": :e 'l(rn s a ~l" , li,,Uldli- " l'l, " , ,z . ..+ " I i.r, [S ,. I r` host: but nn heu ho +).kt..f !1 ",ii nIo iiI .4 i! .. '1. it 'Y 11 In prove thnt h,",o b- 11,0111' h • r r ., t (,,, Ii ah, ftf e :,Ihy, l l act.n iln" i ltloi.,dai ei i ,tl [a11{11,I, ,,,a,.u.. n than h ,l, s .'e iv , ~ rip 1 ' ) i • I ", ril - In iný. It, lr "t i'_'l rl,: t!~' ba s-, e ', l'illi l . ·iet Pn,+ :tltle lit. I1 d n l , i . t (1 n ' -ou .rf," n :il rk~ cx-U , ,, In*Pe I hl'h). -l' L ,+ 'il llh toI 1I ilI h.'l.+i'e, IIV "II 111"+) 1 vi,', *ilu ,,;tha , i is ", ae the [,Soli a '. Ile lam houh na., n it her he . 1,1~,1 t ,'i h , . . I m , 1 I in ' t di , " t trte see04,,:nak t ' . ch. .lir,'e he renah ,et him w ' lr '1'.l, ri rnut Ill) + h~tnye. sahlu hr ai till rither IoY mb ,t . ome , single dro.i} lie cameo uptwards uf' 2rttOU miles ,I. i00 "'' t'llt pen of ti e hirthyk of t fie,< ri l th in bl., -ill Sr'l elv k h gib v l ar tili on Hous ri 1au 1y od Julr. 183 7 ' to i i rotl f i ieti le i doInt mI "oI' o it l ti.ii .i'lli tJ1i Tol' mthl npEit.o. of her ,eto ri t atbre ':e, ln I 1.'·', or"ny. t orl t h +em m ore td. ,,, tit.,.,, a whol. D e' ibt th i, (to-uoi iro cl n 0i cih l do t, it rdi'y Wo.i. J \II,IA ( N . II.-- I ltuve just reoe ted I h" te r ds - -" "gre te nu ot slr waki l .r don o Ilte druggist 10) of d r su iy. T her wit . y t lcelI "t nt cremn scPle retetd:r that 1 alul thedrtolm eemy Sl t letter. "They nv r,~i a ttlr I l did lrnot k ow r oreveln umpetoei anll (r i h rll 4' i II e ln ro- ist in Lou iiiloe; yet, it' tle ctap r its r tr y r eilemt"l ho nlu o w1a course ,er it, thlugh not intendtd by fioe. of JeffClolo Ilouse, .atnrdaly, l`d Juli,r137.. it" Jet+rm/sO IOuSe, LnU\s'ILLIA, Oc he J Jer v lloo3, 1o7. ILL I r i, the Editor f ie Cfty Gacieltt chSl I c- lavilg lisleneito tlhe elrdtic of icl. p o" pltient s, I itl[ re qu,,ved, if my onellh pe mits tl it, at lailliin tliscitytillt lle 'id ol' July l . o'I' to to tihell lll in re good. r o, t. 'i ior onrne a e it tiitii n t t the vr wlie n ' thetR the Mledical nltlohs S. o e, hte Iii irtod to ..ei e belong to theiaor th ir iwfuil rigiht itn *otls .of th U i So tant i l w n, Il, aru ma, the thvnr of t ,i iiic , tv u ,,tas tr !il Ito be Io I p o s ile ld biy ail tile r' a t ot n ,i Iti , i , c ', S , i. (; t thl n.t I eciiIi . too Ohrl uieio l ight I Il-:aiol. gl oo. e blind l, [; n hll alley I t 1 d I;n at 11 1 n it, i ; I t, onto x h grea.rceil niiii of huIIi, . o i ..k ..i dtIo >ght I Iierioii S d ri sot iit, thi the1 do. eI w 1 w II u . Slly i Se l tllniutlor to calTl i to l ee d t eill Ih ert I. dexrvr v r etr tell &Imesorsunl B trso iU i S ainllr I+lt cII oliI, * roie l n ali nle dotooi and M 1 ol ih rhiralind il rve TOratice, (whi. kihe o, t" .. ' -+t . fK ' ... c o t sky Ohoo, O ld t iii h t i h. lhere there :; r y ilndeed s a ue t m, l J, ., lhose N e es to. t rt be 1 ni, n. , .: , .- ilcode to ote-t pl;os tl l b,. ,i r [bl owly ,llltier+.tol, d that all| . ',l , oi|t the aid at ,at' .t·r.s . relly i1.' 1 he e.iVihe & ·, I, glll . I.,+,' L' ,,,;;ll .. of ',Ih:. el c.c;'' I t ý, ~ , ,:ll:+I,:, ! " +:, tJt tfit i 1 , r d ti .....d l ,, E l t. ;o . 1[t,;" btut I rldvi Io ln ani it t its fegtli u I then the independent iuhait .lls ol f tn cily would ui ttey knoi the writer hl lltth melody ihtii'iuiioit. t - .OII ii, Ocuhilit SI* was weak enough to renid t ,ioo ilm el I-eholiur signed t., which deserve Irottng but mi y cg leno t r ol te'lilp. ilad I known lastevnllng of tlle greet i ,eol olt cec I :A S , I hoould haiie treated the tint of tfil eIlrese sote owhat differe tlrt: blo t t t t t pU ilt tr . I wll it ,evtc r eolnplioeot hisoIotor cillth Joul, fihro.ll -ooi, ity to employ tihe fur, igtr knigh I t ttot lote gartel or rif e tthistle, but) ofthi needl oIIh ii t'illl titr, in orilcr t t ti he tmao kill two hirde with one sitone, . e., tI Irach liti Toles that ment' b) in is iltural or pelhtitI gal'nlent t and, if 1 oiy jodge frontl Iuilt excoetlll plre,rh Ad vertiser, Dr. Srli ioieoster ii, rilitittlly, iit olhiIstat Ilced ofhi serv tcos. Whennu, eironl,,itiucloccurm, wheltherdonmesticnll or politieally, which reqrires a hlister, whelther oni hi ulwn al o or o tile reh lllnt illli oftllos e wileo do Iot hap ecn to pleae, hlnthe bfig oulike hiio, (wlhichotitl he great misfortune!) tIion it is lie rings hi BIELL, wlhico aliter ll is n lthin ilo:e ttirno if it was'.oo t nrriliig hbrs., tr a tiiklinrg lyiitblo;" yet, to ierw it tulls--l)r. Iell lookt well;b ht with an AJ. D. A. S. . riafier it, apIeoars nagnificent!!! JOIIHN WILLIAMS, Uculiet. AVAINNA SVEET.JIEATS--In store slid tirsale r. ro, Cnnlnlon and Alngtzin, R,+. I STIIE hilmllnone S'I'rOl cad lihack klitelirci l.e tn theo iPtfillt otory of the Toue Amer, tJnUjlflietwn dllllrro IrIic Si. (iiotilrsioei . (Jtuelr7 ritete. tre.I . firt tlrdPtI eleit lt Hoo.i se A1i11ro oils Jt)ItN tilttIt,1t, Elitor 'rue A.nerit.h. BA ItIi t' A IIVI" &- ,I) Ijel ot(;cleroe otly'.lprilu:: l ;T:1.. .1 ,,,1, t,---r,< -t o X.-Ii - r-..l trt'fll. hd t , i+ ; "h 1'11 71z1: ri a,\Et 1 -. MILES' CO.\IIPOUND IX'I'RAC ' OF TOMA TO. A SCIIrTITUTE FOR CArU ELr. Tilt doloctlie tiomul aten d witt h ho n: U'h asrurmic Sby manl empilris of llte ipresell Id , t unl og tt dich te will cure' all diseases, i otor, :no d nte''er tt ol b trife; and lie who asserts it, is eitthr t fol o` a ill pon glr. But it is It thcr (Tl.1Olemu[ trl e Ibv ex'jllie c" tllhat co72lbinatiorr 9 of nlledieille M ay he foL'llell "1 let Ill V0.OTAB(LE KIvOIDOX, that will act tenise~rl'sallaY el the sy stem, when tlklen sea l , .hlte lnal, lll injlliciou" 11,lo portlio s .st to c e, ll in llae lt of tenl , ll diselse withil tile lead ll l IIlll IpOweIr Of l'lll'vi .iol'0 Iroan elll well known and stallished reputatlion Calomel, it has long been emploted by ie etpiie iod scietiic t llt sitola , 009 Ot e ofl the l ost l o w r' age.ns for the relovyal of disease. Bt v the firmur, al mllost eveCIr) 1lnd I s been delged 1ith llto rlunlls, ti lent Io tie humaIn family. Th e ftoilh of tttoe, l elel sio t ill9teds t i o cOt mmen, , for t ecurale illPvti gttion Ilsa lll l, lthat lh1( base of m 5ti ot' ther Pttllla elae , Ctatholipeos, ke. which ho:o been ttrulpttled beI otl thle eo ullity. , wilth so llucl h t ula e t is Co llol nl,t to inerem ry in rsome rn!.lt. No.r. if this 1polio t a .tiot, even in the handIs ofllle mnsl skilful llyhsicill 1treque12 t ly exerts on int el: p ce o0 the l luman . V. I, UlIlrese. I anld enltilrely beyllll Ion e clnltrol of rllei underlinlillilg ih colltitution, andll intgltli tto on tlilIYtue Oldlge, diseasI tlll lleath, what restiltl slhllold he exP elledle when re. s Olbt l .l hY thle Igo olltlltll ttll ould thei i lo y h ho i i( victlo stroet k, l t oice fl.oim tlto toll, WOtt I not n Iilitlte he 'speific' delusion that now sv9'o s the tminds o" te living. lHumane Physicians dleplore the sad evils resultll lroo I file merII ural Ii pac0tictl , and wll gladlh h il the iu" tlra(|liton of an ar'ticle thal call shin!ly be substitute1d |fl c.lomel. Tlhey eel, anll tlhat kee y, thel. a' 'rtoioi' hle Hfaeora leoi lllu\too aille. Tht:-} aI.t l otloo't u, ll t.oo j tht.t i ts use is colltinneil fnno I ' Ol u1erabh+ thl | , ill Jull'nlllS seeOltlll l' wlllsl- lll ostlll ll bIII I l.llow. ]tJl he. article that will Irlouse . . torpid liver,, 1 111o I I't )i -l. l tio, C llll se int til e l tlilllo th;l d de glt Ida:ll s to 1teo, 1d it bet, g Indispeoslhcv les,o'l, lo , n I nt , Ihv o<to. it s use, notwothiotut in h'e oil conseq 0ccs I het h tve long desi red andl smoghl t an aotitl. that would ee ¢ tI'he :Olh ei elic~ts o1t tills hu'o1tg, \ tlholt I oj etlllg ithe latielt toh ito deleterlo ot/s trotll ot. 0luhtl a d lllrlllla.lh n, it is blelevel la, at lllgth beeCll Obtallln..' lI the tllil.e IpI0./ow pr es lllsol ll Ito h l l llp blie . I'.v: Iplllmiv l's of thlt'ittl Iott'te, it vi.w the elu, t111, ,0 0ise x0l1 betvollrllaltlrl. haIlil leadll With ., .h, reach of II,ine0 I.s . il, t;.l to the ,. use, i0 : t. tile hllllt ti\, ih ,n- : ho o k lo g, Idia .hl ..0st oI f lthe lse'.les of the S'otth mllll 11est :tl i l 'I u lngs i u r fl lcII lo tl l Tiltll'tllll It. : Il ; Ilhrt cle l Itheir :tate ion ll tlo ,e .'loicl i s which l"I .ilu.e "if- cialhl lll tile bii ,r n r ur. llo . II t It I!oItt tt t wt ill I' e'ttw ipo all ttltcii 0t Sill tue o o possibilit of* prodeCiwg the Jewi nthd1"e too Its action 0,' th coosltitul ion is ulcniversal, I0 0 pl1r0 l tole ll tvn 1 eII ig'oit itolloeoh e. n Ito, Iow e , upon thie orga'ns of er eteeion and c retion, a it olwt Iw ier I plartliclarly m nlhifestl'll hellcv i is pe. 'UlilI .llllledl III t .e ltt et t'o l of bi!ious t e ers I ntt d o f .h· c i.,..cse ih h :, hi p idthy lor col g.stlon of tle hI i ol ,i ile I 00 to1., Iwhere i t is lecescIls ly oi tlvh.c l the sls altootttll t o tolicth on.ft' ti6ul, HIol repile I quick ;Il hA ll, wino the Il,,', i ltl lol I l' i g l l r tll i rI yo t he a' ol h .I . I'' tR e Ill:lll ill ilt WI;Ilirong it IIro wMrIIr li'e"0' riC oi ilo tellu Vo - ls( 1i 0 the "l t(f Lth ',. . :lc t111:tpuhlhII Yt n:g'lt 1 h 11' kltl',0L-Ol It lufl t ;' lo t e it ll..s 0, lllllltb; .liIt 11s i C'ito' i ''1to' o o lllio(ot o l o o11 1t00' T.'to l I,. rvel't in, .o t e rely wit h cab e tit 'o'th oot t Io I li to '1"1,1 btott o.,teo , ittotO11'.0i. v I , :'' ito ot col hfI .o vI;t ' Io t Ih to' I to I o ,,'P ll. '"t llll'l : l i' pl 'eS 1II0 'nI tp o l 1i hI.trII. oll.tlitill, v, , ul~lhhn , I1 ". vthr, lo 4 01 0 I tol te ll otl , t otmhe I:1 i llh ' l oo t l 0~1tll il, t. 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'1 his 5I p'.I ch:,lle loI-" cne112 III he we l :0. 1 ll i!] ooze ,eat thte t . 11111 o 11 te iiio0t Ilaltil, elhluales i'l hHoe h! 0t.ot I "Iillllilel Ilda' been l l'ol~lllllbt )Ili\(ll·\ r ll.·( I V fur lii.srasr of tills cllI~l·nelev,1 Itllt it I, l I·I· II ,. hi \ ll I not IIUlllog but IVLcr*E,?· gllrrldll illilUP( Ilse o· I· 1. It 111:1 be c rnaldelled as t respasIBioll oil thle I".o'i"'r of :llnlllcl '1 Iufol'~i illl t o ti lt- 1k . this, het\ ,1, I ll . Ill he p liitnl·L1 Is f? express one 011'I LIIII R COll iC1 111 Illit (.11:,11111 1·I1II(I1 be t used \ilJ111u ii~jllln(·uS Acid l:, silim I011"clo Ilj'I) I II( Ys lr:1~n, Irollt l· o1"l es", acenrding to II Ih, -Ili: litii c, 111.. n, :till the yrequvnr I l ,tl ", :fit1.Ill,- (.lili-il :,li . II * . the if g S t:'bi1 kingdom is a I delIdelll~litllll in Ilol- I·(iIIII() \1 c holieC e kills , Ir~.ill Ic llla Iil\ i lll bus 6, , ,e rl:II in he 1o, ~ o I )."lIIU I 1L1I . alll e's, of 11,1, city, n ,I h,. ,.,lr 1I 11:1.1 nlcsu~C~il I oillily hII In, CSII·.( Iruriil fill, ,r Lru! y sI, 1,, it s hopedcl, Ir ll In. I;ll i ii Ili, ;.l ..l W : .. l111lIc· r We ban1:~e Ink,,, mite l(. Illil. In rlllllilr Rlll' nil ui IlCII eflet s, au:I ac ,er l w1 l "I anll li . d Is, it l· ; Ill 11ll ,1 itll~e · 4(1 n°' t t alu.,l~l~ln 1010 ,1I i n h lblus IUI 1I1I: 1. ý ' ' 1 a, we huv , hcv0 abuilil~le (ulllr, it hn, irr Ut 111 the desir d el , ,,,, 011(10(514 P ftfi 44 u 1 16 11 ,am n ,It elt r 1a. ',1 ~ln~ k n 1 f e" i l el- 44 eIt'ui an i n :t shoi uTIII\ S tint: 1~l11 it c IIIIIU L F r Ili , or 'dion .4.,, h r l td :I ~o, d 111,. ' bu.s uoingeli ci, f nt alot er illlllJ Is of u~o~futile no *.l... / 4, '. 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BJIGUSII':-, &e-,u; I ols l i .s El HI llh le Oll.n. ii C uti)lu , a n tit .- s ll el - - vz 31. hiug, (-t hi+an , bestl.t di ait: ,ii., ta- It t "?-I it0 key, whit len l, prme: -5i 1 do geten t oint, ilu ehnhim tis;hdcz Jinedt the fsik hs;' b rom thirg Ilit doz s-lu id ()6000 0 gro nnd i)ru --, alse o -f0i i0 l i ,lo; .l rtu e gre en i r antlewr supe ri " tar , alue ro th cll1.l I atn d 'thetu iof t o al s ch ools 1 "ever ill andtml heltli (he hpenc flr . arts-o flat on m kia a I" l tshesf rl'ciu llun i an tiit'licoiin in fll reads i re'.t i. .. tend ( uith a ii t -elust ry b'ush c a+ Ih r ..,fnd *' i" whtir; GO ae vold leer whit & I., for saht,whodes'le an(d ,.tail, at the hwest puicer by MONI)EI.I, a 8 5, (r lia s-t. UI.i t .,V:rY E aDITlo.v OF TIHF CILa CODE O, i hns Itien fotr otn tilke imade kniowni e to hiput that le: s bllll-crlybefs rle eu a..lId ill pre u, + llln" tI t, rt".e;s n n."w edit ill kf Ill,' Loui-iaua tivl Code - I' e -i we , ll r I e r aware n o,1 Ih- a ;,rL t difi cult ened !'re tesp riltt+ attetdile; -he put iti alit the wort Id IIt was it rrithlout Brnlt hesitilon tihat hle cOlt Ssictalle Illo tile undtrhlakil>, Oilut the prlese·lnt .-etilll mlnolot in, to iut11 lIre+"e tlOU'anld c pie, ill. w lich hsd cat tne, Sltat1l lle . . tn t tho .. .tl iti .. S t'; d dltlt , ars entirely IU t of priot. For lnt e tlhi two i ear paust, the ,:- t I.iCe of the work i l'ai beei frou l ihirl, It is a 'matlctn of writell rules whli-h n i- nl' ledintrl np,,rtt 1i'i illd dul of" Ilhe tllat, ill -ter Illle l icll . i uill-. i r ' llli-rt'd .ilrld whici h ir- elell, t"llrs,,iah o1 so ouch propllerry ,lliC. Ito u+ lIe; othel r stics, that--tlh hke ahn,-,l a v i' thIe iltt a tl- Jl Iv-i i is . uc. llhli-it Ii t ttu ox- ldsok ' lnd -l:it'l IIt mIn',"h311t all +l the llldlter, ""4 i it " uis o h f |le gl relshtle -I'he luis . i I stai 'Ii ltt, d Hi fiti ll iI.ed týtoal "po, the ioii/ end-h s ,ti i ln n r.i Ibc tud i t ir tiir r prh t ll i n lu Id l '(i+`, ae i l.ll i vi II llt it site il' e to tii e i lt ll d i l--i k it I l idt-.-' '..or lli ,i ,l l't!~ nit hey tis lit s ]r" g Ili llo ll the first eliti ii n i t l i e it nl , r t i+, s sit, qi ck ly dr·,.pl d tit; :aid tll hogh a n.tere rz, )rInl Jf it w,+u , Shisl-l ns Il','iul.i ulli-lt ti li llyitb iC i te- t- Pe would b Teper c lSt n & CIIt. urholh ated ,.- itu tCim .use tl ,Iletl oti jot. sild Sltatut o ill o ,rd r I t e l le I.-lne &, tlut^. u l iltlm l·. s wh'chr, in have h ell ,tl ck by ] 1 ,ie,+ ner, nd th e i i orlnnt deci-tl s Qn~i rlco-t oritu. t .v i o ll ,t anur hems -is, 11 o~ ,any. The (Initishe:I r., hl -e.rn~lqec ,r the fener0 er ;r-o inLtod Ihm . n, ,hl o, ilil d.patrplent of t| e ;uo'k, the ar. eI r l to .Iva- Or allens ILtr. T eile |hil ul J lld, Troll;|U]+ .lad", .I Brn,, es unit Ha l ll eons, "+e au s, ota,'( ens lIt I I Jnll a- illllt 11r Upton ,,it I the vtlnnhh ,u tcs waill practice; monll o Mr N It Je{t' .l e e part ,tl,.l , sr pil' e1 , wI n is nleo eo'eg i ill..I (I thle WO "k, (ier, ýtr11· h pi.'r, E' ,l IIt- pr¢. Clllted the ert'at tase f el e: [¢ttlloo .n ( alil+ nd ii r ,i ' roi. iln , bro rnl . ill i Ii; pu tt ;]1 Imit Ipr spt ctll tll. nml l itll n I. i. ..¢nr. she f+" lIthat lu+ i, I f R dlll o Il' ilT lt~lr·; Istuou b us lt1a1triztd ell tha, t rc ,:,i,]¢",'cr in the abihtv of the pn [inhe,'s a.,] at, b l j, tl!N.. 'a Co. I'uhlir'hers. ... .. in.7 -, :,,7+: ik~I . .....', .Lotuisiatua a .Il New Yoik of lPtck<,t.] , i l.-.. - ,- i ,.- = I -..t. t++t 1 I~l+']+* l-:l" ill _\hI "+ItIl ltl 1,+l lll|+lt JI)1II ' l) llle l it. 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Jhtl Ir ] Ti lt ('n it lt ill it s rel,.21, 4 .tlJ L eIIl rglIP ++tl·I'It*( : I1(1.+ |.II'IIII ~ I Illl r·.tt t in+ n ::I~t ,.I~ fl+ilti.le' I Int,++ ~il.lih 9v+ 1.1111 i)? ,HI+ t!l.lI t1 111.1i.1 i+ii llr11 1 I.i~e l i it l,'Ttt nnd~l? eh1tt(1 ' ~ ]e s~,+ ino t l- . e rre In r. ! +,iii lo. fills+,I tlt?.i~ 1h1rBtl1 11 +11 ((rh ':l lc)1) 1 (. 11te11 till li l rq.i... \', ,r\' r rn, ItI~ ut::.a:·r hi wonkn.\So:) ha thSent, Win II1 1I \1 Ini' . i t Ii ill I I i-si: - ,-11- ,a i .'ltlll}Hllllii 111llel{ th t~til/·tI)~t ,+lllf i(ltlt ilhs evlldli inu -."' ."1"'i··1; i~llilr i i'..' n iitiir. hlil~lll :provel ed Ioe-a iL lllr C ,ltI:P , b ll+ b r1 11i tl ine, Isoli, ili- Ii itUn - I ea, ! ItIID tlll L.'-+ IO IU.I (ili- · )ll (l hl~ll£ e+i~l.., tlll~il~lFI rlPI .etl h ; ' ie to ma(i 1 age dli"O Il'C. |.+I+. ' I t.l-ibri 'i . h. cII ior i :L"I I~liC· Il I. ·i ·lull - -i-i!1. i'iii i'tit ii lli., U. ii, li.., b t'I 'I'p tIed, ih..tIt nn, ,hito i s 11IE I P w i s : i &. n 1 o f. :+I. Il I.hl·cl\ ,' I~ltr l~llRl; I iil~l jP. I !\ Eu I! i ih Imi ) t/l~ll+r ill 0; | ets. lutt m jn o It i s h c4- n ateo were'] bJoi " a, n-llt' li~ll Iel~l,.i f,,q · L,+ llt; . LII ll|;t.ZI IAI 4 1 · (Il/mlo~ , ol ll u. talli' the n norI1'; r mouth8 b vl thel coolest~ I remes·l' ill t wirir... v I c.1 clut towner, o] l or al~l ot her· pvlures ulltol~ th I:1 )1 intitudes,1 1 a i l~l l II s Il.ltli l nine ~llrr et tn su ab a 10 e.~11 il ir(.;llu ms h~lw l otaedaps gr I'rsll+' lt, eb'.`lh 1 h ,13: + iin fh . I 7 Genlli : tllllemen willS .ilg to nI m s frllt: lt IT i it- i. _ Ji',ir M S' Tr. l o, ii it .- ,l 'n -% S--A letter : ha-: to receiv, comn, ci. i o., U. .t I .\\ (IT Y.Pt-n .. i~J ' *;I . l t th ,l b e hot·.l ii, iiIs p '.l a e , ati t.llGeo vi. allrn ' iilh'> t+ lhtIIMN It\ rtl nxt " F-b S~~hrr s~it. c* Pellrl travller s nsir ;us .ofll takingll hlle Fiu i ld rlloute, 1vi ff i -i tltltel l th uIt-u.' inle n'-hn ile im ..~l i ft tin in'i tItH.P. |.ll" illrt' nll~ll e, L('1.HC., I'l P+rr l-ittt1 . Iir~l' s tr vill tutnn, i, n' .tI . hTlinle u Penw culn, letnnt M', bl e and Po' arb col , m ,ev ,,L othe da nier the lFt I -' ,lia . Go. odi it ts ill ii au.uP hl t Illpt lrit I., K tll i I tb l ,d l' ,- S ' T·l ll',P , II' 1.II . I &.qAnn A '. 'l +d '-+, l ~ i',+1 . -l ti ol~eo l tiu I hl'i.rero l lt i( I + t.he - lll.l-otn ( u ... lmptLn T1, '.. Iob e flr IPnsa I.' .i 'nnninti hi-nttn'i uttttnd+ i ne+ 'ini (iim 't + it+in lU'+II dtnt '. ii i t ,ntt th i u.'n Olhi t. i 'lVuC'e , wi l .I. , I U \R".-Ji hI .d , a puse· "o;il as for 1 1"' I+ I," r rux, +4 n 1l O : I T l si i .l ti. t1, i . n .'. 1. I. 'l lit.[l ot''' ' l'ur ' tC ii'. l- i i." t.lll|'e l..l'I l t-. i ' 1'-++ih t~l ttl'll I[l l lIlt '. IVANS' t:Alltlli".i: lIiA..S. t ila1 hiihlyi vai ,lae n tediaue Imyt hie lud whole S .; e and letail at Naw Yotk prices, of li:ELS & I'lA .\GE.1d (Tamp street. It in cunfidentlyt raecommended Ior the. I.llaowing lIs eases1: I)I p ,-i in all its eI tma; bilious and liver ia llhoilein vIt.rt stage and degree; ftIt iad .l , -il m;:re plrtincllyrla the nausea ia~dent to mtaters; fla , ill)sI ever aId ".g ae, itai,,iet c , ',ma. .ttin, : , I., chuaes, .l ?tier af the livadr or alti..t, nr gdia url..., Inls. of Ilpjleltie, leio.oug trlemo, i"uellhffti,,n Iof dI,"I rllllll 11 tlnrll ll .iný,s odie fflecvai lof all kilts. Ihllea rnIisln, whether ehlwri, or inflammitorv nervous cr hilollus lulers, lt every variety; scroltlu, ,la rhemllll and oil Idlltch ad lad mitaos, :,tai i1aa.ure templtexi- a oftlllt skin; re Ilessu .lltl lniltlIl nd dhilly ritilobilitv andl illlllho.'v tIe complalm, alld chole.a 1,u, s ~ dlitia~rrhloha ill grownipert t )a wotartt and th.atll lol"er, a.ilh! ahi.talhut a M ehlorsis and palpltationa tla Itha 'tlart notld headl; chaugts of telllle llntllllttiun n.i for i'lllnire and rli ra naiaed cOllsatiutioll inll iib r net; .il'h have naot heea ,e rlthevthd by allV tlher ,lea·icin. A Aing.l t'rial of' )r I' l vnrt ' -'aediineaa ia ;,11ha oiffae Celses, will produce tialh effctats as will inl ' it ts ,r 'l pllllalratle sulperi.oity, lad indt:e such a ,., : ,,:t wil iasurae at si-eed atdl itlluestlin ', i ,,,ro,, taa,,,r aaollatmvin thellmal. 1N.' .. ,, li irlt.te oft'-o :rewl I h'shownll as fro:n hie, :.. , ,t" ciltt.dorlle it is impo vible to give them i , h to il nldium of at lewua's i r. Dr vn:. . . :ear+ upllward. of 5,000! crase.., elndl int .14 Pity te clln refr to nmlny per'sl- "" h ave beeu PIPVt. and inl saae ia.taue.-a entirtly Altred o1 lItig aalntnllle diat.aetR, Ib DI' CaaIo,,ile Pdla. all-Il 1II1 STIATSE OF I-tUUSI.lANA-First Judiial. Courlllt. 'pIfE S'rATFI (IF LOUISI\X\A, To all aham IL these P entl hall comle, Greetilg:-W-laretl, James Ha,,cs Diggs hIlaving purhasedl lt a slale nd! e by thle Sh.riliof the ,:llish of t)l tles the property here ilnafr dItreribed, has alpplied to the clerk of this coulrt, inl ,llse oftic thile lde.d Ilof sale lwas reeordlled oil he i Id : tny of Aps il, A. I). 18.t8, for a monition atr aldvertltie ment ill conlfrmity to atl net of the Legislattre of tile State of Laui.isinu, eltitltell 'Al neat Iot thle Rll.tllter 1ta - rane of titles , iLurcllh.1,rs adtjudiei:al Jtsit " ptproved the Ith day of March, 1851. NOV, thlereforell know y , and all prrsmois ihtelresed a reiu, an'e 0 reb cited nid anhnolishl d ia , the name of the Stal.ent L:uitian., ial oflthe First Judicit i Ditstrict Courlalt n c:ll A .set iIs ai llt ria ht, title or clll ill tll 1 tihe prol. 1. here ILaer . sl t, tle .bt aitn Ollastqutllee fan i"f r'unlilt'ill Ill'th orlder, decree or juilgment of the col r' ulde,. which thie s.le was nlmade, j or y irregularity or illeg:alitt at the appllraisemets aItid ad: l'rtiseents, in limel, oataer of l alta or g.l -v otlh.r de ect ihat o. 4: to Ilow cnise, litlltn thhl-tdala) s front the d:1 this otion is first inllrIed in the hblie paptlers, ',hs thei sale so male should oit ble aa firmed. alnd hotlog lrl.t.d The said property was sold t all he Shleriflf of thel prish :dbfnes id no the ;ith day of 'larch, A. 1) 1;i3, by vi. (tle fl /a deitlNt of this ' ulrII iellt,-n o tile 20th iln Of (lescri ptiou or property as giv-: in the Judicial Coin ve i .tc, ttta ! A ert1i. phcre of prlper,.iy or pl.retl of. grmlhItogctelller 1ith all the buildh!io sa lI .inI-Lpro· l ts- ht.(iIi rights prii, g "c, ý . i l t rtI, lllruntblll m/iletl;il 1 ,lll im sc p perlhiniig. situate in tubo g lll lll . \ \l'ili ii lio , ,irib e tlise .city winl it-olilg in 'tglhsh neasucte. hiree ht-adred and 0f111-six I",tt etlad to1 o a iht. o (ItfnIn iinth tront on hll e tpublic doi n No ..e' , lerie il ,th, , iti un- l dr- d and sixtl fe., lf it IOx ;,I Itch( 'ssl fui l'u-iglIhli of L'In icll (,nt oil ('rles e N. two hauithed aind firh'-lie feet a line inrhstIt two-eirlhthv 1lan i iinch I n a line frot ing on Old I Levee i rel, moil il stril,esi, he |ilo' I ll lll ed ti f Laullrllt M1il I:.ul.m. pro.a ti, at the.col er of l Ot Lt' e -a i Nuts i tlll; tele '1 iig right AN11G11 t' Cle, and lxt-.( ti.lhly-fiveairr l I ,d 0l, e: inI t et de' e I iOl llo n h ullbo da.`r '.1 of s:,id \liil dldoL's propeLtl. pll 'n lel to i.Celbsle t t; he r 1 nil, g !s rilglh n le, coil exteli- i sil\ - illet. f"t dile~- i'1hlw' laid tiir'ee eighth I a1, ine" allh 3i the hounldrv ih.e of Lo-lis [)ede's 111", ',eorl., piarlle Iio O)lJ l.eiee0 ý1 r.:ilthew,- irmi ing anonl.,' riblSl, a:d .xte1 , n111 t 111 t,. I,o .ter even im ,bes m l li~ t se1 ighths f11 a1, ilch ,it. the I oll..Iry li." of 1,id Delle' Wnla erlty, pal llelo In (' elat. t" ihere f,:'mhnl anothtT right ni hle, nodi ý-,,,,lini; oie hunlel and twenty ev en fe trit e10l io !t,1 nold f ,l i,1,1ths or no inch on te iile l ll l 1 or of11,1 Il),!h', i er tely plr: lh1 to the puhlir . .1a :1,,1 N.w ,ev',.c stl'.,,.and sten' via teet four inchs 1 1 rthy oIi:1h1 J. I'li,,, C Ity Suve"ot, leads 51S Je' la',1 k onoi"..l It en acl pi.,o d hell|f'e Louis T C \me, Nt\r Public, on tht b Jaoh .hnuary, 1891'. \\-i 1, s, the IIon A. : Itllnln.l, ,hldge of the t:1t1.1 uttlbrcsaid,this f111 April, Is3,. Ip0.3,m.l13 P. LE hIB,.ANC, Dep. Clerk. i.NCi.N 'ii'ONi'Ii . 11Illl'l 1ii "A. UCL Il O" i' l lF) iiniitN'S ccimpciui circcccxci 'ccCipnhbic ncli iiaci pur'il - c cnll in , , ccd m .;t c l b'etuI l ci mei d2 l *t',,+r hi~ e,,meved fri ' thle t'ut.eure of onro rlrthoi, (l.its, i -trictu .en W hl:II's, U In l ius the th le k m ull in, smallnnl iwe.ik..c iie, al n icus i the kidclei , gratel, ic 'tlo ue Ii t iitiiiiiiiiei'iiiof a eicini i c os,'.s sin e us I - in. rill' t ll+ll·n l to r'i fe tcc the ccc ic ctlllclhl I l ,I - II ndt.I on r li elv e i ll'll tlhe Imosll t eminent nhi ,hi. 1hl ccd ilieh} i ll iol ii, l'eliiev ng cict t will beicc iilplnec+iate~d" n+ he is m nt air e~l .morn t, idt-lhl known. "l'h | dal cedll inll l lble l bo twe lls r a In lsltsctcr, hll it s ilrllh ic 1" cci'liit usl d l icti the iitikiir' h ati eliji Tli c' ii',rl ll ilh l.I+ lll h ll IIIiiIlcit+ II1 'tlO ;.+ iiic ratet i · ' d h+?nlS t r ulld il c t "llll li e lll i nmicictc Thc ii"g ciIiei- lli Lt Ilc'l''c-iic - cII ;l-c i S illti.l. t lccc ii llc cc ii I stle. he aove eedcicc comi n i * Ic i ill t l i cllt i. :llvl i in hr iit i i'cR ih ItIe I hi. ll l o ( i I~ll~lia' i'tl~l'll 'lL l] ~i\l~tl: ~l~l~ l'12. ls'tLl(l. 1 ;l+~tlillst''nI th +ll I ill Ih+' C1lr..1'(IP1",1 +l ·l~ltt 'hll hO.I (I. I1+;1 <..1'11+ I CIlICII..I~ Ll" lie hi,. iicihcpic-i niii- ii i c i ic c Irll,~lo lic chic. ' r lcll l llt c l i '+ :I , 7 '! ll+: I'l~l]s tioll ()thlids pt't+ rllaI tionII i relt'les tl, ,'++~i i, Iltcll+; lollt' IltIl~lle :itl+. fill 111 t' '1t ioS·.ll U "Ii_.l 11)1 ccccrccpcihcciin opetiff rurc n I".... ro :1i-ll"- Ijlsi'l the oIslllt %lg int '?I elrnl tluil 1·11" l e· he k llml ile .hte Ishnr;lll e I,o its htil'_ w lh el'cl suc s iiii ii t c ii -ien iicic" 1 +I 'a-i. rc, T ' Iml t ehlllilt i ii y icin tL 1 - rIi of (id p il hiiiiiic t t. 1 I ll I ,, -i c-i-i i d c bli c mi ical in itli ilclr.ll '-ccii c . t i cilllll ll' citulll e. h I Iw s c I tiii' cudccii ciiuicug iii i Acihlcic.'iu n u. v suuccl venereal \ft (!C·:cl `I S ug, and Cas!' obti'tetaenwe li t i ' 'h'. llclt ui'€l ciug h i" II \'(' :llt~tll]e (++lrlt·ltl·4 1:· ttlltl I ·l·l ( C)IITtI III· J~l llllll{lll ~ olltl it M'il gfr llo l taI dic rlltc Ir'el oLt of tciitt e thl iIttiO. | clctI lctc ih rrr u l ittt ilcl cth j lesta 11pii i e'l.l.n ofI lthii O%1 elOi l~ l l 11 l)r 1 jl.l~l (I + 1\ I01. 1 (·' t] .. l~ l LI. ,.(.N. til'Jr-.:. ,i++lt'tll1 t +, " it" 12..t ulclt lh llll'. I l |'.t11,.l" Eill tl'lr t, cccir si.. iacct·i iyu Ioufic ll? il ney it case" sntter their" charget, h? :doplte.,g it hoth in II . SIp A Hli llIt'lh llu ticc . c Tc ir oh pIvations3 w ill ht ilner ed t', Phvrpad hy J II 'l'l. , 1 C i.hemi ,' I '. u rice i uucei ii t.u . TIESTil\ION !.AL. Frmt A H Sdroon. E'syt, " ]t 8, Ps 'rg-Zeon to the, b t Th+: r tlHl sph :tu, l .1· It L 'e orls iltn Anumanllll l' 'el'lt Ifri~ll . h: l lt'h II, I htrt . cllllt r.ill" + ll' t ~ll~ll l nrl il iii'i I ++t' i tlc uc lh IIc le i ii l ic ' ,il:lt ', incl Illl c tl ' lrloltel o Ihichly v~ Ithllur a l el],i tilat I i I v It ie.iate ll \w in g it I ,ot" ofl" the" miilt t valuahle an . .em ui l ccieit "ir lli c, ui ccli ne ill ic hihit Imi -lcciicii Iiui, i iic t every i liai-re, i ' hilr t tt - oth'elot h TCI'lll lltkllllU I ': t o1 thetutal + I lly i x icil l Tei i fromcl c c ibi i iic-'' ic Ica.c ' IromU G II l lnywnt. M1. (_C S Phinsi ia,. to the n t I· Mccib ccc ensry lillll'+l.)·C~ll~ II. ItIp 1il-ltt'. I ltak, grat pe as ) u ret. in alshlhv. my ittrimo.,y to the +hlcole. 1 it vour plirelarati, c , wishs i ,+".o th-- F ,,it'n,~ s o l y , • serve, n. an,: l rewar d ; for tlh e i anici' cc-u' s rici-cuic e ii bringn tt thc WO%. Cooper', FRI+ S, .Sur~g.eon to Gu. 's !?nt. ru c iiicc-ic'c' iii·~ ltl o l iir . cicit r .otig ii h i. ,. i u4 tid d i ilh i-i-iC Cicic, ha'iulyisciScrgccthacit c ajinc ii b• klowl to I+ trltv :op *cic iiuc . cci' u tl ccici - ' ciii iii ciici i c i,, c ol Iiiiiic d ciii c dil I ut cii i fi o r.ou'c Sic . . iccici iFRS i'iii . ie.c !. ensiciucnd rccu oicci, -ihuicci iiiiil iihrt inc cc-i '.(ery |il'el'iptio t na~hurnlistt'redl by u +se, hutling Iltllld cc ,r a lc'idc ) 'd i'111 ilibered h.i it, ill i ' it e--- I wel* mn e~lt i,, dutll h altln. tol .ltdt that. I+ I|o itlniru iprac. lici OW cublicc liii riconi.cin.iuc ccd ('c.e 11cci l'tomt G W Illuir,."1 1), Ph)'sialnm to Gu)'+. tlos The 'ricut lect which I have giren 'c our' mintic.iiei incichcu i. utiu ts,' c . it c.ii,'l' ble 're , ciiinu th cail c.di ie iie to iierseve icc it , nIe. ccliI dowl it i butt aln se¢t nl lktrico :anll d t1" I t ot at b,;l rayle.t'thle tt'sti loniii] ilcoi ctlc icctciO oi Frolm 1, t? Thomp.0,., ..T D !+ I: 5 L. I i.eturn ' o lil sit .ll re''t thanlks + te to ..lth.ble ye.IP r F iic 1f o " h tli'i c l 'c., ci tl . ,f n11' olh , H.c fe|l gratefl'| thall .101 hal.\ at. haslt biougtl u1iis ti~l c -ic e hicc wilc l hr'\ua dtcidernt . lot t ht ir ith mevlill tg t. th bl-a hire t eet. n+au db e ,;it. o '.lr li c'e it t cl, -ri. , t cl" c'icit'r ccuii here fuici-is ii tno( ii.dir I c ulii..tli'ls i luici a i co it in11 tior a' Ihe t ahtm+P e; but t' lunts that its pl eut hilllthe --tht- out. Sexiiire rt cchicuh iti h bee. ci e pced., ill provtc ccci greatest ftn' nctl atll~l~liot atm~ong a di-Melrllillg.|tblia. crcncrricccu ccacclccll cucl , Iitcc cc acicccrct c in lbict l ther unpa idd nr.wit, apl-i d i o' cicmc-| cin cc a i~~ c~ l-ilc.,c ticccctcl\ Iicitci , clhiicc t-cP.cicuciccr~l l"IIt, ht'..c which ccr p iit. c cn ohmc In c c. c ccciurihiiic il.cciiiic uci ictccc c cicci ,icict ccc Aiccc.m. anyi. n, tc ic i m- t ! ..a,. cccrccccu,'ciif'cucc.c+~( cc-ur i ,% i chli icc, 'ciliic 2 ' LE -,- Il c ill 1. .S u.lada. ii iriiucucur aiirc c.ic. .,., r e~de1 ITT~1 & 'icg " V I.--~-; .- a l--- . ··.= a r - . + .T' I8 ATii I( 'ItiOi .H iNa I E I V AN A IN L DAYS. From Mobile (A labama) to AlgutPta ,:Geo) V IA Al':F M blohe setlv other cs0 mlin-.,rutclv a.t.rf 4 the arr'id of the n.ol fromt New Orleat s, per th, ste:.mllfoat tI-1.tuo.n , to ltkely . rtchesto It'ensac l ' t:1( per ei Pensncols lta'.,St l ati soundt and Ctho' th.iLe litier and ItIly) to Cedlr in., coaRlches theses via .lari:4llla, Cattanocthee, (tormerlt .Mount Ver non,) llainbt Idgo, otlderton; I lawkiosvillc t aidl lui 0il 0,.to0.\nusta . A paassengeertaki' is sent lat Mo bile is in lno atger iof being thrown out or losing hh I"' ' e ItJye ly other ctnflitietln interests, arhe FLO( RI I)A I.l\E i butt ont concern, 1and otder one co: tro thmulio t ll, N i . t oay rlV W t-. CERTt AiNTY tt upon his arri nlat Au l lus It in tim e specified, ihro rgh all weath o e " an llll i l t ll an e as o n , nll hl l l sro lme lllm o st IlibIr I II 1 c n ta "; fl hlte '.Itt h occt . "'t'ite (lioro Ner Orlteant tt i iS carrill it this lollt. Ilt e Agents for accomlotatl ti0,n. Teams C, ache sand Drivers taro it slIt' pascEd lII ll otlltnlll11 EIIltI Pa. The so )IlIth, natuPrdl roanl, tile rsaet and inter Ltsillq miantl t,,aij ion the ti l, and iteommedution, ',ilr. thle ttl t lh. r I; tt dlio t tuinr, ' "n j.+ t d a pleats tis \:ll'irllt; connected n i il n toot thltr Itoil bload ('It lstot'i, S U o.In ti. e 1 tetntpatketc to N#ew 'rk 'lr I·* illl rla hNew York l'rbn "vow Orill 'r11+ vTaIc II t r aS'--1+'as'rlt . eit, il I12 n. AuC'I'uT, t ' g sh a , l. 1ib,5. Citl I" \Itttli no t I I' "Mo'' IItOloieb o om)istl;.ha t ew Ot clilsm tee , F lo ..lU, -lt t, n .l oI.lltlr It Nrt tilrr t '.hlo, , l ic nortop an i ed M t btile C t o, dir t( an o ,li tarolhu 'Ic tlotlcs. h'lt c i,, -1'0 E. , A~tlti''NS tiloho t '1:hi l Io l lsmpe, l " raN 0't"l t f i le , t. hntille ilc '. It. Io.I 0 lo a o tlte I ht 'tt iI'l t I t rl te It< l to Uilltiu r til' n l- lao' lLa r h nill {7.r7r k:iu'rl t lle x'w NiFt, S.It) g.N o. t oi . i ot io lt'o1I \h t I l i t tlvN' itor Mob il t 'tt t l at i rite Itt ly,1 n toteh IU( nSN IN- . tr I N - J .l Nib lsS e tl kn gi If milty pr dl~sa t. a T I dl+l pe h all" inLgs s e re ah.,.l.sIGNptg I"Itoc R COIr I' tI I lNIt'T I.ot Nn o INo.-- le. UNl, t ft or ei gcttb ineey tNl' ett us a mitte t t C'it phe r, pP Idrvr nMn otlsntir Cei rdth elirC.l t"lel~il n! Ist htand wualt, ti e f1 t Iotll i I.( o to'IltOi. ! I Mu "I 'I i tt d oNr emtV in' byalelih who halve pr ardtle a I it to hr Islin ·xhJeti goteoollt L! l yl-it. RNidN' lr Th"e t'I'ittg aI n -ll a r i llliOtlR nCP e ll %e , hlr ill. r, t 4 ink, from 'hu .11' 11P d Ii- ,Atl antic. Cllrtin, h ir...e rere w ivti the a lanu luN·d s liIt* .Ililtliul ex IIt IrnU hl ,rf FI I II nod Ink hon. anvd y I~ar~lrll.l +.t l ,l Fili. s t aii i cie i< tI n+ l i ne( wfD ia o n trP l l, h n, fi a I -lt h.ntl re -i 4 tot "teo "oc tt, o . ,-dr stor k td , i I t, oI title. • llnb +:l csl, trl+t, dl e t u n d l d I l-i+ , 'r'Al ted and 'Tr ot't lo Ir + l, Io to Ilt I.t. to-k tn illv, Ph.e sl 'd i'id Iutt -i 'tll l. r t tlltllmt l t .I--A i ttote n ai n EI ngll ,. lfli Ier Ias j r n,,l uN tlv t Ill t i u tt 'lt , t It 1,1 1 . rl .c t c - st u s s, t r , l Ii n I Iiig . ri] l li" I: I I.t o it. .N JJ'Igo, otl t ti ,t bodrnd l t c. E ttllt l qt ,o.ttcr.o ,, i gn I ,'l'l,,, t"l 6. 1 ,0,'" '"'. ' ,tU3S i )l llli. llllt.hc lr, irl a ii 1 i(-i k:, j - . i Sncrl h 'E/ I I. l ,11 l Ii i r I 'l. r ·t t I, ttn. t.. . . ..i l. . dc t lý, t o -I llf - w at GI' vl'c I t , I t jl. ,l . , c l e ,t i !t rilt jillýt, a 111·:r "nt, io r ' A ii . , [ L ) 'a ud 2 lilll drl+ I:ltt ' tiell t i ,lll ml , U ll tlll tlet a.t. A e fi tt L. it ,tll 0 , 'i ns I tit \lut Irll] O (Pluf.i J aR I,, . o , ;,?, . J:,,o ,,, ul, !j, ... :: r n.. . In litlulio i.;, I i ,orltuur d..i: ..... I':,ul' e1 h... de ~ hit i Cii'ml uimo. p. · llnrc, S ., l:ll~, b< ttrit. I 'n (' ' I' ' !vblH ,r: l I'O 1 lli} , lli~ls l jll ]t.S O rS [le CTA1lH L) L i 11l -to rduq: r IlliLnier· iio S,,,ia Pr t a ra p iJutc I " ,i t al e (lkPa II. Iut,. : rielletlil.t,,, I'helqrn i it lt it Iptth o . ..... -u er .... .......... . ........ of .. .......... ,, rn' •nut of e "est Eg pt n IaI ILltt It lll Ih' n, : tit Ame" Illltllrican rl l machie .1Lo, M nument, 'oms ueltci til,, - "ii I ,IJll. (':I i:.' I11 Illit,, 'll, hUli - UtI .blle citls h r hs al h n ar ito, i last r ,glz. h Illl .h, ltt , l'lttti e t I t ,I at,, t ri l illt itt e , i ri l' Ro +.n &iSydranlie Ll ornet, uI niL h PX l a ,[ h 'UllllU l l i Il I'l dtltltt I i llilt t lt i ti . i i I ! lI I I I ·:ll( S + l .1~ !(ll·' b eImi ; :·li : i i,+l l .rl't ,it." , '. .iC JL l"]} 'il i l I~~tt jatliciL: dii nIgh I ri hr' wit aidllr altil t I:it rllthli ti ola. it t a li·, r(ateii a t' R,,II TI+l r S r ti la : ti i T lr h t. i I U . 6 i ' Grt' ea-to dthe nirdeceandcam japr Ittrd atlae d .dhi-itat it 11,18 Ut, - *- lUD. ii, i ' it li .. .... .i t a tea dit + ti rI . ... .ti.. .... . ttsai ,t t u e as ea tittl itt,[ a b thal nt lU,l I+I dii I la l iar t t t i a a i t tt i tia l , I , lll t ai , t .la . tietait l I see r.r in . Naiit apran ata, p'lai .liU ..1.d Illl··~ lr rll:~.l~lt l| :-i.ii - ~.I ll:A ttlltllll Lolll tA 'Ll , Ilti.%E __ 'Ut ir tuPr ie Dila p ai l 'I: AT D i , iO 1,- LI. I:' . ll," U lx t1 '~ll U ,".ill~ ,h',ete ,cnp~ll~r uc i e !'n .,'t-. . euq \V in Ne lt 1 alt tritll a~it t ret tf ltiiii et .. i tela irtide. at,(:t d Idlard '.iii l lr' i srt i e h, tptti I ,r e a .iit rua, aptnl{ I ' U'!l ' I ti tal t (llU I I rIIt I f atl i t 't ittIL T tUl~ Ull ite(1r1 [ jat , h.allt ni in at i tei th"iple l, fie I ti t'|, it New Ytt t a andI lu wil lr. it , eii ,ittcllslyu oat Ue'ittit .i t Man.:'] Ir .'tle dle ct t hr i· - £Uypti.r, i, tna, Jen la and Alllll iatr fit, rite. Ala' , N'a' n a I n l Tl r tall ia u ta a 9c c il el -I . . tt I sie FI T J11 lli (l z#4e h [(l~leTd. l,.Uiit St1 tiec tttI".~ Ji ai liii c'"liii plat . .ali(lia FInt -l l ietg ci ,ag R tai tlyt ,.elratal e O rtaai ta iaee to - aig l-l t aritel"Oh luat liiia + ,r ai th U attlaaia tai n , t fa es t o f J lel+ + ]+Ittl. l iit+la,'.it -u r~ Il~ l • e 111t U(Iu(LP.M It""i at ii t,, d t I a al r d.ll t d a ll dln aa eatie itU I~ntardpharae II n rrl<in lot d ie 1Pl i 11, c tin la a at lte n a tita la Jun ittue ?a14ia asia aiktaaer. lie fIl~',llnl I~rll'lillll· ..t. siu I ' l I C ilJ g dall r lo p. dlT C ll T(1 )·`Zl:llrll'l+" " II VI'PI 9 bPC" I I I+ " i: ,L ,,ltmlr 1: .,,., r~ "', '+' ,, L',tJ',;'i,. " I':71 ':I,;.,,.olm •·~Rr ,, i c, rIot'{rllll cidi I, " p ' , Is d in. lur dtd Il+,+tmn o t' t EI ITCA? P Ar i e npq Jli* '(o lll:he 1 · I~·~ 'a lalrt+ dl+illiEn Jlllpir x.l .lllel'f ptll'lltr it" (hi IIR lld .l tl"k,C L sit, I'r 1,'lu dl. Illtll tilul4 I"`r Il +ri de llrtl 1, oIlill'Brn , I~ ~~i~, lnt a~ ~rr nan "l N Guu'pi ll . de lu ilO[irl(lt.lix Ilrll ]i, l lntlfe Flidic f Ii d* Illl· In PI-1 rBd+~o Il :-ol.<e. ( I ul,! · dCr ]'rri· Itbiru.lar; neorI"Fa ca c l ml "', • .- I,~l3 tieR 1.5 I1l,;lt.Rl12 lail -t I In lald Iluehr d tol if. . i r l N ll 9 ' ' 'ho Tl u , ,ibr nre tlv ucr lll . iun a + e ir 1on cl'ees·· p~r (" I' gillir]]). and ( H Vl c l, rl i[I I.+b lin - l l|I o(tht n ae L .lltilt( tld ID C ll~lllnl +e i rve ·DJ i~ ~IIIY tj (+ IRH 1 rll Uldle I Itret opplit t~iim i1dlilt-if.# Th t sull~lU !ibers~ Jl.rtl. now rhl,.,ing Iroliler r |iic. )lr. nll'ri*.l I~iNe ll rkn a pnli willl*l YIII P e 0etaii/!m hIllllld tffir. tnl :s-rfj ,le U f~k lnrhh+ ,anrHtlett P fe Ilmral,)erzltPr w.rxll lnshlp, and l'· Ihe. Rtanlet palmrns Lm·: Id or the Impr~t *rr'pill llh: Ic np,-j irishlul. Allll~i;illliiith~. .K~ll Mo l~lllenarl Tirlmhl flId' .l ,,gn · II+,i~rt. to !1·th,vr LQt a t 'latix nort~manl .Lo i j tJrFa~ , n~*, r o,nl l-wl di· i!+''trl. S ,,; 'r.· d-.n J\ ll if, ilPAsl~ il l rlil!Pau 'iti,;;

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