Newspaper of True American, September 20, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated September 20, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DEecRIPTIONt, PEEgDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFPPICE OF THE Trise dlmerican, Wtl. CHAItLI.S STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. ms23 I)LOUISIANA rft08ITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, dweavlle street. W ILLIAM It. CARNES, (formerly of tie firm ol Flint & Carnes,) would respectIully inf.rm her riends and the public that he is collstalltly receiving from Now York and Boston a good aesortment of Fur niture, such as aulogany ichars, eofas,' ed-teeds, inan pie al Ipnnted chairs, naple and cherry bedstead., mahogany and cherry tabies of all description., bu resau, toilets, seceta:ye, writing desks, wardro es of amahogany tad cherry, wash stands, looking glasses, feathers, beddiag, .ec. &c. NB. Furniture packed for transportation with great .are. jel MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Customlouse St. TO NEXT DOOR To ST. CA RLES THEATRE, CORNER OF POYDRAS &, ST. CHARLES STREET. aug--1838. MAY.IotALTY OF NEW ORLEANS, Council of Munieipality Nu. I, Sitting of August 30, 1038. A N ORDINANCE concerning Nelale in the btry ing getonds of Municipality No. 1, of the city of New Orleans. The Council of Municipality No One, ordain as fol loawt Art. I. From and after the 10th of September next :It hall he the duty of the geuardian or guardians o' emoeteries within this munieipalitv, to demand, a cer tifcate signed nv a licensed Ihysieien, or the eroner, or two respectable citinens, jotntly with he commtia aslof the ward in which the dea'h may ectur, stating thba . oat the disease, name. age, place oef birth, sea. 'volor and cause of death of the body brought to the emetere fo epte. ltue . A. 'I e certificate i l I care, to be furnished by the trsao or persons bringing to tile eemetely a dead bmly or deed bodies,and in e, case haill the keep or of the ceetery receive for intermente bodier, without having obtaited the certificute above nen tinoed. Art. 3. It rshaIll be the duty of the keeper of ithe cemeterv to record in a hook kept for that purpose all the narticulars obhtained by celtificates relating to the bodies having're:eirvel sepulture, aud also to fur ki~h monthly a report to the cey cr of tile city, con tasiing a copy of the noaees, ages place ofhir h, eeu. aelolf death, ltrnes tet dleae, sex, -ixelr of esoh bodlies, naneae of tie phyiciano or uther citizens attesting t ie Art. 4. A fim of ten dollars shall be im.esed upon the person or pereses brietitlg a body oir itcires fr a pul t ureto the cemtecteries of thie metmcipality; itall ases wllerethe certificae heretofore methtieed, shall not Slave been furnisrhed. Art. 6. the guardian of tie cemetery shall in such " cases e, and he t. hereby euthr rioei,, to take posses. aeono tle lt eroe or hores and rehicle hringing said Sbodies. and a alle kee, posses.,p of a.ihtteorses and oe hisel es until the fine shall have heet pail Art. 6. The mayor is hereby autloriled to publish the present ordirsacs in all the newspapers a t is cilyr both in the French and English languages during ten (eigaed pAUL BERThS, Reeorder. Approved September 3,1838. [Signed] C ENOI, Mayor. A true copy. TlHEAtO, Junt. '. c'y. SITTING OF SEei'E ti BER 5, 181. Resolved, l'Iht tse erditnace eoeCsrienlg the hu rying greo'.dr,. parsel eoe thle tti Icut., ibe e acmendede •a to subsitate the woerds "ilt ,.f Ocleber next," fc-r the w,,rds"l tiel ei Scte .,er ext," in the first urielc atel te old ordinarcc . [ eotiei] 'AU IBERTUS,Recrder. Apipeu 'd, SelitetLher 5, IH:t8. [Aignei] C. (GENoIS, t!avor. A true aopy .HEAnoU , Cun. Sec'y. MAIR1 DE LA NELLE. ORIEANS. Conseilde l Premirre nticaillite -Sbatce extrai ordinaar doll n oat 1 38. Ordlollnaee coocernnl res epulthres d(an Ile .imel tieres de [It launicilp lirt No. I, dhe In, ille d' illdnes. Le. onseil In Ilna aut ilmli8 No uan, lola ille de sl Nelle. Otrleans, arrete ce qnl sRut: Art I. ate ale dll dix set celrtc prehalin il sern dn daeoir du garldian on des ardttens dols cilletieres dans sette anleipai il lea goer ao cerlifi,'at giltt, liar ou, mleei htni tr or I on paot or detX cioy en s nrnre tlal. eo in le,,,ent on, se pe rOlllosd lsire du q arto ir rde I In , li x l i d re s i nr o lieu i t alot Ia dole du l'ner Ie n ll , 'Age, IG . lieu de Ia', . sallce, i lisex,,, H:Olllellr ieillsi u u ll 1t tlem r diJ e, ailli por u al ilrladi ,nr e re11lr v titre entlrrI'. Art'` ,Loit cnrtrlilntsl erolItno d litl ien, rn mlltl, i par In er..on... In. i nt .., l.I.. .ttnu iaili+r.n r adoplees u ea, ,es u ir tu d 't+, e hiaendr on ee, m ouire uV rr t lltel'r S Il lrlil d'al var ' r ,d btl:elre nt ohp tllr u cerifieant i lll'sllu , r ti)llli Art 3. II An re d I le amd, t nI en. t e tont Ininti'a rtier d'iuerir chlnq e rll rll tlalll ou 1it i-tn'tolIII Ilrl'lt tI - tolls lira delr dn lt i l Iett allIOuyei o dhs ,"etttilfilt+ Ibta. inus an yll onl le t err.ii lta l',.+lltli u l l'i ('flr c p ql.i aill dio i nn to ane Ui Itre a TUl , t ct t rlia den Irs, IIo li tm, Ilnldit an e ttt, I , At e m ir lllls t t its dcee s , slxlls el ilrn l llu llra If, .-rlr -, aIII i lne Pý('s oiled Iourole cIi T H. E .rerlir'lerlepl l$ft lllt. I ,rr e ll l'lll llpo ' IIIfI o 4 )I llllutn o orl lll n t o rsIe I llt r yenl tl " dlaee lltr ;d s t il'- eP 121:1iiii It e l' at 4. Unide s , enln Ir ,lint point tt llt i, Art 5 Inl o .t rlien d ' MIinth ent ti , d a leo 1t cidesslls Inrl lillllA Mp rTT io revll des chev llx ulln ili1 du eirln ill rdln IfIe ltu m t lilltu rP orenal le cllrpe of deuri t esger Le anld.thsion Ju1qnu'a nielllent de I'tll ie dlea ttne Ilresoritl d Art6c Lae mire esrt tet elt entrllr tutlliSn I falrs publier d:lna htolte gz.let de eiane ,ilh, Ite anghlin et n frmncis la prsntllte old in lce pelldnLt I'opat dee dix jotro, s igtte, rPAUL Bl 'I Elij, Recnrnler Appreuv Iet 3 steateibre 1838. i ignn C GEN')lI, Maile, Pot rcopie canrtTi, TIIEARI), Jr--.ccretuire di ease da : septemhrre 18r8. Resolu quo I'ordonoaoce relative oua cimetier doptlen Is 211 allllt dtornier litr amendet le nlllnie ubstitucr Ins I'part ler "le leroOtobre prohlain" 10 deprletbre prochaio, esolu que leon mme anmendeIamnt salt fait 'artiy 6 de a esudite ordonnance, Signe. PAUL IIERTUS,Recorder. Aplpruave le 5 septembre 183 . Siene, UC E NOI(S,maire. Pour copie coaformr, THEARD, Jr, secretoire au8:10 1 INE & PORTER IBO'I'LES--50 gross wine and 100 gross porter bottles, Ibr sale by HOLMIES & MILL.S, jygl Rank Alley. PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, No 13, onlooause +,- Ily Mrs Ilofnma.n. Ta IS house iTs pacious and convenieatly aitnoted Sfor men of business, near the Leve and the New E axclange The taile will be well supplied and attended to, and thE charge m Plerate. Boarders wisalhing to have lodging, can be ncc mo dated, at differel plrclees, with commodlious furnished rooms. Boolders will have the sntisf, tion to meet there, person, speaking tlhe Freoch, English and Span. iSbh bImnaaguge, on.n ou n23m PENSION BOURGEOISE, Rue Tulotuns. n 13, tenrto pue 'atle Ve. Ir manan. C ET ltabliaseme tt esl spacieux, et re troure situe prea d la Levse al de lt Nouvelle Bourse, c'nst dire an centre des uflires. La table s ra bien fournie, proprement tenus et A uanprix tmodbr. S'neua qui prenant pension diaireraient y loger In aonl den appartetcnns de diflerens prix, bieu garnis en colalaodtles. Lea pennionnaires auront I'agnbmenl d'y trouver des personnes parlant lea languea francalsn, anclaise rele apnole. 23au 1 LAIA Winesweet and dry, in quarter casks, 11 Indiag n EA hi o n r al LEAD T BARSERW, aug25 7 BaRnk Place. IURNITUiE--I ut recei, ing n n Spitent fr No w York and Restn Pets in want oa FURNITURE. wontul do well t, call at 53 Birevilla street before purchasing elsewhere. ITerm Cash, or good city acceptances. W R CARNES. M EDICINES, PAINTS ,t ILS-A large and general assortment on I ad, fuor sale lsw, by JARVISI & ANIIRE;SS, jy2-l.m.ia.e or Common &n Tchoop ittale. NOI'l E. HE aopartnersehrp hIeretolor exilng in lthi clit, between the subser liers, under the firm at Latoa Van ,Vycno 4, tu., in New Yoirk, Lmdlao 4. Ct., and in Natel:, Mbliss., Van Wnck, Laidlaw 4 Co.. is disel ned by ntnalcoaasent." John Laidllaw, Peter S. Van Wyck, and 'homas W. Van W. velk are outharited to sme tha niane oftte filnm in liquidation only. JOHN LAIDLAW, ANIREW LANi, PET. R S. VAN "WYCK, THObMAS W. VAN WYCK, New Orleans, aug. 18th, 1838. 0O-PA I I'N :ERSlIP. Tle sabscrihers have formet a copartnership in this city nlder the firt off Van WVyck 4. Cun, and in Naw York unds. tlhe finnrm of John Laidlaw 4 Cso. JOtHtN LAIDI.AW, PETER S. VAN WYCK, ag-lrR THOMIAS \V. VAN WYCK, CTBPTWid.Vdiitl Cnon, osoittrioiis hoovv acurln Runnels; Liverpool striped, tw.Iled, and wlite cot lah S.butt; heavy blue striped cotulonte patllaloolle, jauding troma ship CuantlIia, for sale by ISA tU Bltlttlf)El & CO sepS 131 alnazio, r. o at. 1JAVANA COP FEE-150 bags tn taolt, tod for U.N. oale by SLATER & TRIER. rep8 41 Panlrna street. PRlVTlTJVG OI'8TCE. OR SALE,--A printing officer, composed of ell thle Inmaterials necessary for a new-paper. An jsnsrtneat of FI nrhllb accente; sevcra, fnie ol Jaf TlP E;a lareex trat imalrial press, &r, Ac, will ie Ftld lteat, anI nt aloly telma. Thia is an extellenl clan'e S Itr onI intendliag to eslablish a coulntry pntr antd vii lage Job Office. 'lte Itynle 'e. till Ia td 1 .h col araely fren tilhe ptona.Aitndl nI such an arrangsten. aerrntennj date.lhe..,lrcnprP . .l'PAy aA this olfie,. For the Interior. 3 For Springfield, (Liviogston Cy) Pass Manehac,mnuthn of the Amnle, 'l'anchioah and iutermediate lindl ngo. TH E well known and light draught Steamer OU CH TA, I'. Iicord, master, will leave the Lake end of tift Ra. l Roa.d ' Wednesday morning the 19th inst., after the arrival of the 8 o'clock Cren. For freichl or passage, aptly to tiEO. WHITMlAN, Ni Os. ead U S. Mail Otlfice, ender the Exclange Hotel, St. Charles street, '.ew Orleans. sep 15 FOR LOUISVII.LE. CINCINNATI, AND ALL INT'ERMEIDIATE PORTS. The substantial steam Ibonat GOV. SHELBY J JKercheval, 471s master, is hourly expected to arrive, and will have dlapateh for the above n orte. F or tfreight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply to r I.AWRENCE & LEGENDRE, sep8 28 & 29 New Levee. PLEASURE EXCURSION TO BAY ST. lOUIS AND PASS CHRISTIAN. Fare $2.501!! The faBt renning steamboat MA ZEPPA ,Cptain Grilin, leaves the lake end of thle rail road, at the arri' val of ti7'c k cars, on Saturday eve: the IBth inst. and every ensuing Saturday. Returning, will rcoaI tile rail road by 6 ulcluck on lMonday tnoiral g. Apply to GEO. WHITMAN. New Orleans jr Mobile Mail Office. aegl8 tinder the Exchange Hotel. St Charles st. OUIS, P.3s5 C . i ISIAN, BI PASCAGOUI.A, Twice a week. T'he fine low presnure steamer (GIRAFFE, Cait. 8wiler, will leave . for tloe above places on the moreings of WEDNESDAYS & SATURDIAYS, inmediately after tint arrival of the 7 o'clock cars, and return on'l hulrsdyn and Mondays to the Rail Road' The public may depend apilt geat ",unettailit. Aug 14 Porpassage apply to ('st l'in Swier. For Mcbnle. ond.ll Inrermediate luZdiigs The low presure steam boat C TROI. NE, sillleave New Orleans fir Mobil every TLhursday and Sunday, at .2 i cllek, M. touching at all tie wa ering plces at which pasenle may wish to land. For further particulars, apply to GEOl). WHITMAN, jy. 4 Exchange lIntel, St. lbharles st. For Mobile and all Inldrooedinle Landitns. tew Thele r ine and plealdid steam at P. WALLACL, entitely in state ra , will eave New Orlans iile, all inermwediste woterinr plnces, every Tuesday and Salurdny, after the arrival of th I. o'cloc cars. GEO. WHITMAN, jv24 Exrhangn linotel, St. Carles st SA'rUIlI)Af EVtENI.N( IND SUNDAY UCIURSION Ti) MANDEVhY.,-E . It CII cONVII.LE. ',.V The teaoloerSI)UTH A.AIIAIAM., ,lee ii . C l.T. Knlghl,will leave the lak' "ll eaoftheralld-road for the above pain ces, very .usar ) evenin a, on tile arrival of the 2 o' el aok ears. and return the samne uigt,-aond leave Sult ay morning on the arrival oflhe So'clock ears;return iaa leave ladlsonville at 4 o'clock, P. M. a2 ,taw 2m foIRK lADISINV.LI"I. , LOUI.IiUIKG, MANDE VIM.LL & COVINGT -N. . l The faut runu t.and splendid ;team boat SOUI'TI ALAAIA, I.. T'. Knight master, will run as a regu lar mail boat or the above ports on Mondays, Wednes dao s and Fridays, after the arrival of the 8 o'clock cars, A M. Ialturnitg, leaves Covington I'uesdaes, Thurs* doays and aturdnyn. at u o'clck, A M1. , . tAl batlua e lUd piarcels lit the risk of the own ers,.ania, a fll of flding is ciglle.l A tC)O WIll 'SIAN, New O)rlean and Mobile Mail II ice, a0 Exchaln e itulldineL, t I 'barle, at. FARE ilvlt r,.)! 'The steamnoat M oZEPPI'A will leave Ins end of he ail, Road on MondviVc, W dnesdays and -li davey, on lie arrlIvll of ,lh I o'clock cars, mtou('hin at hIly St oouis, Pass Christian, Bilxi. &c; returlin , will .eae Pascaeoula at day light, and arrive at inr leonc at 3 oclock,.. . I..., tuchig at nIl the warlingr oIlace in duay 'lglll. F tare o leumeov Irleuas to Ilne St. Louis $2 0 't eas' 'Ilristian 5ii " ii~xi 4 011 GE it. wHITMA1,\, a2 Exchnng.e IlItel, St. Charlhs street. NOU''ICE. .RKAVEI.I...LS going to Mobile by the allil line i l Mocdys, Wedesdlays anid b'riduays, will calt er wlr nuneu nll this attic, ,as no Swit acn be rrctured I fur magi atr Pascaoublt on thlie ahove ulliad days, rle-s aI•lr anuis piaced oil tihe way bill. Tuse willa ve heavy btlgage cal hr a c it taken Jirelto +t ile by onyh~ bul iots during thie wck, xep til Jio lveuime da S. GEI O i W I'i. T.\., . boxes thuese' e:2 er b sing HUnIm, flr sale h(111LhI-uliu fit b uoXes I .l xl l I t holl I ri I n O , .iit, 111 hail I1.rrls 1 1uh . 1 iii tlc et Jl lCl u Cane.l ' . ches t1 l tI ll'e H ole uld ar oig l irhl's ltll kitevr, pt ill, 1 u t.a cic for sale b to jt i'lt'Sii N, tc .l' lle,,nn h ut Coot 1pig ollutlulo, Plceot ilump S a111, , anld llof.ol o'um is. all &t t Ce muCt clll d dcc riOAdn tia by the lonbcilolerlI . .itoIt Cologne t ittero , otiifil ou Colum0ia, \ilrd'io JA.IVl n.t A'1EtWlS, . -j y 2 c i c . . , c .h c cu u l , i t u t ol a c t . ,ii o n o - ' rb e e t s . LaEAF I.AILID--2IIU kega snperior article, i.ine altshipping ardr, and ier ale by ut tU[L0 Y, jyt't 44 \ai Levee. LET'fRLI' .AER--Jut r.ceived froin the Itranidy wine Sluts, ii cases supliine blue letter pllee sllle very low priced; 11) cases sulellle wlmta lelte puaplr, d; caaes Itol pink etier paper; I cases suplel ine packeCt post largt .lea; 2 cases uiperli e etatl ia*aeried coltis; aan a suprine oeictav asalctcde cluars; Ibr aale, whileltle and.etsil, by U FELT . Co, Aew i ork SItatoner' Hail, jygl 24 _hartrns atrert. rlu KEtbL\'1t'-oesesaian given iuniredlutly, the loerre on the Blath Rail Roal near the Lakr Shore. the two Pavilions in Bathll, near the Aec Orleans and .\athville Knal Road. :,everal l(uolaa in Ihe c:ar House ol' the Balth tail ltnad Culipany. For tile paltiaulars apply to Hi BOAtlAAE.., jytl corner Natchez it 'elloupliiullua sits. CCUTCH ALE--72 casks Scotch ale, (qaarts saiad puts) for sale by ItOLMtkESS & MILL., Jy2l1 Ban Alley. CARPENTEK'S Fluid Extract of Sarsapairilla aned all other Carpenter's Preparationt, received lately by I tiONNABItL, jy'2 cur Tchuapitlulas & Natchez ate EltoN SYRUP in bxes Aof1 dao. each for S-ale by READ & B.\Ital'ruh, aug4 7, Hank Ptnce. SUtiAIt House .llolnaee_--il barrels Ifor sale by J '!IHAVER & Ct, aug23 74 t'uydias s.eet lICE-25 casks Rice, just reaeived an rae tly It J Itti.l &C,i, eug23 74 Poydrna str. et. ' A, A.dLED Hain-lit thhda, tieraes and hbln. in V, store, and for a Ie b. LAYET & AMELUNG, ang23 17 COlierce street. INEtS E. Liquors--Bi0 ,aaketta Ca'pangne I Wine, (Cngr.sta brand,) 100 dL Wine, (La-vaettle nra.dl) It pipes tadeira1 2.t) qr. calks itnitatiin ad otea witet, In atore and atr sle by HEKAloG il E BttaOW. j , aung'3 9 Conti at. I.IOLASSE-70t blt. it satre, for sale bh S LA,.b iE t'. L L, aiug2J 8 and _J New Levee. -'I r tKAURN' Notes--10011 dolt, far aule b S a rI'rll . E , Co), aug23 74 Ioeras streeit. OFiOCE OF? TtIE ,il.i ttII[LEhAN \ ASH VIL,.r It 1'. it Alt. c RvAFTS nn New b uta at eight, tot sile at 4per U. tatu premiu.n J.M.ES H tAL\hW' LL, sep8 Pree's. L tr' PUB ,iCATIO'NS. '.HE Ntvels ofl'ane Ausati, containing 'Pride and .I lrejndaie,'n t.aea d itach' ', area alnl 'reai. bility 'Ean innad 'Noirthaiiger Abley' to e' which ie ;.reixed a. biagrapbienl aetice of the authttr-caitipitete Nto. 3& 4 of 'The Life and Adventures of Nickolas Nickleby,cntaninig a faillfiti aceuntt of ile fortunes, miAsfrtunes, d Bowallings, end conipete career of the Nisklebh Family. Edited by'lloa'-with illuitraihni ALS , An additional supply otNo I,'Niekklnas Nieklebhy.' 'Oliver '1 wlsIt,' part first, and 'Pickwicek Paltpers,'ju.t received, and for sale by WM. M'KEAN, sept8 corner of Camf p :re ;i, .1 t 4110 DOLL.RS RE WARD. LOST or stolen tim nt ..arnd bship KENSINGI. TON, while lyiig aII the Levee, 95 Cittllabian nd .5 Mexlrican D bloilni--ihe above rrwardl - ill be paid for any itfurnatiaon that may lead to tilr discovery of the saue. sell8 - 1838 CANDLhr-L751 hl e .picrm eandlsca, at blrands. landing from slili t'laIt, filr sate by ISAAC BKICGl: h CO0, a,'p8 134 Sluqizinr at. E'XCtANGiE o Bosatoi--lI satim lt s ll an r - chasers, fur sile by STETSON & AVEIY, augti8 8 ir8vier st. tHAMPAIGNE Brandy--ai piprs and lalf pipes, C very superior old article tI stoare anld fI sale by ' R HYDE & BO 0, 1tg28 39 C,.nln, cIrIer I.liagE a uzi,. OLA Ec-3-l i I,i t irine rdeir Lr iale by A LA WREN\CE a l.l(itGLNDE, sep 13 anld .J New l.evre. bHIPPINIG. For Europe. FOR MARSEILLES. S Tie Ihat sailing bri CA ROI.INE, Capt. Thaomson, will have imtnediate dtespatch fhr the above port. For freight oa 151 bules cot too, or passage, apply to LEVI H 0GLE, oag23 9O (:unomm l tt. FOR TRIES'rE. The fast sailing ship IIEI.EN MAR, Capt. - , havng fll cargo engaged, will haye despatch; for ptisage apple to 9 & J P W I'ITNEY, alL~Il 8 Conti st Ooastwzse. FORI N W YOR.. Lduisiano and New Yolk I.ine. Regular Packet of the 29:1 instant. 'The regular and nast eaililg Packet ship VICKSlBU:tG, oard, tan tet having half of p her cargo engaged tad goig on board will ptsitivcelv sail on Saturldav the i2d ilst. For fecig£t of 350 hbals cotton or the 'blk thereofor passage harv ing splendid eoaommodiations, apply ont bohrd opposite tile Vegetable Market, or to, 'J RBEIN 4s A COHEN, sepl5 ... _ t Cttommtai srtre IDU ' recerilo at the Looaniana Furnlturo Ware sjittti t, 53 ltienvillt slreet,200 Maplre atd Cherry Bledsteads; a first rate aricle. Also, a good asaorrt ment of :aple, Wnlnuot, and Painted, whlich will be sold for the lowest cash prices. W R CAIRNES. jv7 . St Binville street. IIIL iSALE ANt) REtAIL ':1b1I1 AN' XV VARIETY STORE, No. 8I amt stree .nrI dIer Bishop's Hotel-The subscribers nra now q eo"s g at their new standl, at extensive assortment to arnltess their line, oa:mprising every variety of oobs, lera tes, Perfsmery, I.ooking Glasses, I'Pla)ing Corids q.I a large numlber of Fancy articles. ThI followilr so Iers dcesoription:I COMBS-'lortoiseat t Brazilian high toptuck, rtal arond carved; do. do. twist, long, neck, putlf sitle, pataoe and dressing, ivory anil hotrn fine io'th, dressing anu rciket combs; horn, reddillg anti narna stambs; wooden, esrasing, finc tooth andil pocket con.. PERFUIUMERY-A general ass,.nent at oFrench and American Perflomery, consisting .s 1r igne water in bottles, of all sdapes and sizes; las,.ler. Florilh, roease, orange, lemn, jessamine, bergmous, .nmlerrlenrl, ate. ; iancy soaps of every tiasclipion; liltesassr, astiqos. and veetable hair oil anil curliig fluid: chlorine mrath wash, carbonic andi chlorine dotrifice; scented and plain toilet powder; pomatum; preston salts, etc. BlRUSlES--Comprising a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, tooth, nail, conb, shaving, plate, hearth, fine and plain dlusting, sweeping, crumb furniture, scrubbing anid white wash, horse, shoe and tanner's colring, paint and varnish brushes. ani sash ani grain ng tools of all sizes. LOOKING (GLASSES-Cos.prising gglt frames ol varioas sizes, 5, o, I slld 1 draw toilett; Germall statla, toilet g o ake Il as magoifying mttr, ors, eto. PILAYING CAItIDS-Esglo, Hiry thll, lrootm, Iighlanlder, Spiel Larten, Frencll andl hlite back Pla) nlg CadLs. FANCY AND VARIETY AIITICLPES-A supe tlir assrtmenllt of pllrtald desks, landies' and getile mei'sr dlesing ass a antd ladice' work Il0xesi tia) boa. es of variouls dleriptions, suitable ft, the new )eal ald Christmias' gtfits; ocket btoks ot all orlas; sauape.el. ders, musi-boxes, lead pencils, Creynia, violins, iead Iagslt alld urses, all assorttnltlito fany bleads, sUaiCrirU quality billiard balls, haste blaekiul bene, shirt, vest, aIdl all suspender buttons; pearl I sitlot and l lilrt slttlo, razor strops; gas machines foricratinl light. Slllanish al nld melee segarsi nlacouba, Paris, ;:tlpee aatl Scotch suuffs;i assortment of plain anl sat ord eanes; back. ngarnnl boardls; dice, cancy vcreens, optics, Jews hal:lps, h anlllasi luciter latcllea, lill, i, nestlas, ipernuilllsn aips, drinking cups, hunting ltasks aldl game lags; steel, aliver asnd pilted splectacles lhilbles, wille, etc, a slatldsltoe astPtmtl' of egravings, iiand alalmrt' Vuie ty of other artliles, all of whichl will ble itdl fitr low psri.e, fLlr cash or city ES ac pl ,1UANCe Zl ' It 'RELoS 1.1 l t. . a diong fe,, hbrig incle jSP,.Ft1 Sam, for sale ty jvl9 S & J P WHITNIEY Ul INE, EP1'1Ol S\il.T, A NI) CALtsI) i.. \ 1511 tlllnees linach (loillillc , I blls Elosom "olte Silclko Pearl Ash+s, I cases Calhlttel. Itac c.. Jalo Rhauhrl.d c. &t.. laading 'rot, brig William, fiota tBolatl, sndlfor sale by JA Rtt &. AN tIIEWS, Wholeoao, Drt,.gists, jv7 co Co.olina o 'I'ctllpitolas street. S\t IM ' liINt Stilt toll. AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, Opposite .Ilolhaerille atrcrl, Tod .tltuntripaelily, Iwo squar'es helto, ate Itlad riod. EXEIICISI':, CI.EANI.I.NE:SS, PI.EASURE AN!) II E ' l. T H I": . rra.e.,. r i.nO 'll air this estnll ishmellt are now itt . o ,letted I fetst' 1)i'roprlit)lto i s t o lV i led l ry hilln, which a 11 ,v trenl to l hnenlhforlt of 1i tlhers. " lie. drlsngql Io nm+ are nI w I rotW oi l ita [lolr n lhlel Jocl lid key; lad h 'I s ll rttlop - :e pre pl' llrtl frll <tendin trl Ill til 1nn b il; , n,i laO all y ; Ii , t , I- tilo dry Lowe. 1 is kept for the bather. 'l'he ,tll titl f fr'h thrl ms rot a 'reenblh -lade , r Ih ) h, , rie the ho tll thil dlay. is In,s wa<r, cel .utded i ,l ) 11l 1o j ft reti Ctro'Iie la tio l a 'lr. [U rf phe ntlllll ll ýIin_ hot n11 ":apnrstr aind Iht- lower cation prl-s, ipass tseart hdolbour within fi'ly steps of b1 .ahlls; Pri e ,,f ah b b, th"v re rs 2. ti o gi'i, Boloh aro e open irot 4 o'cle k .. 11. until 'T'I, o hailhs aiiford r:1 i ,ea td lepth +of walter of] In 7 fist. ormind I? un enlosed bnthi ~I f, 6et hoe by :all o1e river, nd vi ll thientlh ,wta to allow a free pus attgl-- nl lt " IRVING' NEW \ hK0i ' b .... r'1lFllgROCKY MtOUNT. lh. l --Ortncen ,Iinch. ts 1xI tnlv"elltllrt es 1 1'tho olr 'est', divee ted rrollln Ite jourlator F I )li 1i I',, II nnovvlie, of the Army of the ttillei Stater, and illr strated fon various tshler '1' ,l VIlCTI+, <)F SOClInTI'Y--Iy the Countess of Ilhssircrton, mrt vols. Just ret *ived anI tlr sale Ib t IIET until Int Ntovllor next tiel elegant Di), No 117 t Joseh stret. fApph, att No. 74 Potvdras storet. jyl9 I IO.S'l'l(Th (itt (lS--I.trence & Co 1.1 heavy Sbrown soeeliotso Jaek.on & (o.ill inch brow i sllirtings. Looell nos. &.i t ro'w cotton. Fr sale SI'E'I'SON & AVE& y, nug4 88 Graner stree IP BRO)GANSI-40 cases, o f CLrit nu , i K or tmrn ndA boys, for sale by ISAAC IIIIIDGE & CO. ang30 134 9laoarine st. ALMANACS tir 1839, just reoceived per shin Ar. kansas, from New York. "t1 grove American (Cotlie Almtanas ftir 1139 25 aln. Crnlkelt' Almnaeno for 18.19. i5 o. PIeople's Alnauats fhor 1:19. Calaula ted forevery state in tile Union, and contaiing a great variett of asgranings. ir stile by tile groce, doze, and aingle by IDAVII) bEI.T & CO, N Y Stationer's Hall,24 Chartresat. OPP-ERAS-20 bbli copperas, in store forsale by CG. I)l)ttSE¥, augl6 44 \New Levee. f% IiSKEY, Por, Booa Siden,, Finur nad Lrd in store fnr sale by G DI)ORSEY, angl6 44 New Lever. C OtN.-440 bags w tite corn un gtod slhipiing order il store, o' sale J IHAYER & CO, aug 16 74 Povdrna street. Il1. )1 1-3 0 1,bb1 resh grouund flour. landing fromn I' flat boats, f.r oa!by LAY'ET & AIEl.IING, augl6 17 Commerce street, .')Hea .. UTl'e i-1.-, k egsa prime Gtshen lut. SWRENCr: 4' LEGENI)IRE, aug73 -__ V4 "9 'Nev I eve. FOR SAI.E-From li to 2`Jew. I . A, CJ. %g Y 8n CI At. Plu ujn.ert, aug23 I2P Sjustl inslpected, lir sal, Iy G. DO)t) LtoRV, jy46 44 New Levee. SootW^R t..L ACKS 'At.T, ilndin limn hbllg Sanmue 500 and, for . ,le v jet10 8 I N' "I ' Ii Alm and Shoulders-1 tids. Pickle,, hatm. atd I shoulders, laudsne fromt flIoatts, ir sale by LAYEr & AMEI U\G, angl6 17 Cuommerce street. E XCl.oNtI.E ou Luuitoille at sight , tfl sale by A I'EiK &L RI'ER, ang 0 40 Poydtnas st. IKOGA .S--30 Cases .lene and (. oys fine aan 1 A pegged Blrogaus, fitr sale Irv ISAAC IIlRIDIG" & C'. aug3. 1:14 Iagoeine .Ire I. j R,':LI.AS-6 ooase ..o t:htllean for ante by WH['I'TllRIDGE & CO, aug28 13(1 Mlagazina t. 3 HITE Havanat Stgnr-30 boxes White Havana S Sugnr, of veoryv suerior quality, now landing fe,, brig A. E., for salen by C K JhSEil COCKl YNE, aug28t '5 tGravier 9t. ILL be paid by the subserilbrs for theappreheltnsin o the Iev ANI)RI.W, wh .bscondied on thle 5tb inst. Said b,,y is abnot 15 vesrs +of age, 5 flet high, black face, and very glar looking; when first sptoken tt le le.hs tquhi.k, anl ttotlltlllers a Ihtil-ad ton wcn he 'fi, blue to.uttnadte pants bue hit ei1i shirt and slraw hat. JOlIl 3ttNTURN, aug28 13 Exchatge et. ULID Record Paper-Just reeied a few reanm Iludson'- nv O fine blue ree rd Cop, both plaia ntl ruled, for sale Iby DIVII) FII.T & CO, K tiVAL1.. ANDREWS S. Brollwrs have remored their Count. ir Houtse to No.50 Camp street. C.OFF'Et~ -111a s Ri, 14 d,,. lLavn,,. For n ale by L't:1'SON 6&: AVER I nug4 88 Gnriier tree URK1IN 1S--5i7 kegs It rrnts, superior article, stor1 tnfNt oi t N tRe,. sep 1: ..' d 3= et Letorn. BUSINESS CARDS. PAB IONABLU CLOTHHWS TAYLOR & HADDEN, Ne. 14 IOha treea street IIAVE aeoustantsupply f erery article pertalnie. o gentlemen's deres, of the latest style, at New York pIraiea dee 20 TEr.TH. ISILICErOUS METALLIC TEETH. SPECIMENS of these beoautlful teeth,and the man. ner of setting them, may be s en at the uflice of J.B.Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canal srcee. Ihese teeth never clhange colour, nod re by many, and in many cases, preferable to the natural teeth. I? Dr. R. will wait upon, ladies at their resldenre, requested. ap9if I S A. PEI{R(OSIiIR, MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Common street, B.EGS to inform the public that having purchased from Messers HOUGH, SKEGGS & CO. part of their stock, he will continue thv business at their old stand, opposite Bishtlp's Hotel, where he hopes to meri a share oftelr patmlroage. tie has made arrangements at the North to be supplied mnulthly with the ltest and moat fashionable goods or 14 CLAY & CLARK, WOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, MANUFArCTUFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closots, and PUmps Of'all deseriltionl . WARM, COLD, AND SHOIVER BATHS Fixed on the tmost aproved principles. MILL'D LE \D, PIPES, &e f~rordere executed in any part of b Southern States. mr9 Dr. Robert PI. Lindee. oFFICE EnCHtANOE HOTEL. Fm CLAY & CLhIK, Plu berI n and Lead Pipe Mana te-rers, No. l02 P.,ydrao street, K EEP on hand at n ontr pnply of Lead Pipe, from 2 in. diamoetr down to 3o in. diameter, fo oILEA NS LITHOGRAPHIO PRINITIG E"TAIILISiMEN I', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLl.A. GREENE, PROPRIETOR nrl SIt. PARZER o(omntisanle and Forwarding Merchant, No 6, FRONT LEVEE, Ur STAIRS Neow ) Irans Feb. i. JARVIS & ANDI)REWS, WIIOI.E.IIbE 41V) I " 1 '.1 . I)EALEIIS IN MEIOCINES, PAINTS OILS DYE S'UFl' ' V ANj D rI ,YDOWV L.6SS. C..rner lof Common and Tehoupitoulae stteets. NATHAN JARVIS. J()HN W. ANItREWS. A large upply of Garden See,',. warranted the growtlh of 1837. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCOTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and oi WATEK' S I'REET. , IIHIE ndereigned, hi. log er.blihel hedlhemseo in S oblile for the p lrpose a tra..enctmng the hAction and Colllmssilalo basilsrr it t various bhrnnhes, leg leave to iltorm their frielat andt ,e poliic, that they ore no prepared to ree.eive eoeslslnhe.ats, and loake liberal advances on the same, either for private or public sale. S:)LO.lAN I. J)NES, ISRAEL I. JON "S. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. Manile, Feb 9, 1838. feb 13 A CARD. SAMU1 L SLATER. ABRnann TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding & comlla oniont Merchante, No. 411 Poydra Street, NEW RLEA NS. They will devote their particuhlr attention to tlihe sale of Westort Produce. Referrrnes. Abijah Fisk, E.q. ) S.i Itlnu'hard, Harot 31 Shit; New Orleans. A ] iNathai, lessro. Kohn. Daron & C,. JIl & M Williams, ) l rigfs, Wild & Co. IBston. "V'om Vooe Esq. ) lcve'rt &'l'hnem . New York. Vot Pnl &, Ie t;ill. Stnfrd l aviTois. St Louis. (ilategew, Sharwv elet.ntL . 8 Rider & C~o. ) llawlev, Page & )Duolul. Alt .n. A Il Skidmiov re. - I, Ott1 luareh.l &m,Il -L niil ELr. STONE. B. T. STONE. E & P. T. STONE. ..Frwrdtl and l Conmialsiun . lserchans. , FURNISHERS OF SHIP AND HOAT STORES, No. 114 TCHoUP.~rOVLAS STEETr. N, w.Orleans. ReneeBoston Messrs. BALI., CAKER & Co. Boston A. I u AC .& Co. New York. J. & P. HOLLAND, Cincinnti, O. WRIGHT SMITH DAVID STONE, Dayton 0 B. COStTOEK & Co. Columous o). N. ArL olcH, S& Co.. Loumdllle, IAy WIL.LIs, TEVENS & lA'hTIS., St Louis 1. A. II. Roar, Alton, Il. Wx E. WrrHDow, RushVille, Ill. J. & P. P. I ATrw LL, Bayou Sara, La. SOLOMOn HsIG. New Orlears. jan 22 DOYLO & MAT, DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONIDELET STREET. Of RI' l ,EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY This Company are now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST PIRs. No, 24 Mlusson's Bllhding, Canal sarrer. E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 1b. 1838. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission anmd Pot warding Merchant, CINS INNATlI, OHIO. Rlefer to Layet & AInellnn, Ne Ori . Jor etLan I New Orleans. Jot. Landis & Co. m24 Ih ROIIERT CI,'NNON, IOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I. Camp street, Wholesale tesaler in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, itn30 Wil.dw and Pic ure Gloss, ,a. Ac, .T. W. COLLINS A.TTORNJEY & COUJdSER.ILOR AT LAW. 'J OW praetisina in the State and City Courts. Cli nt ena s ill find hintI at itie .lerk's office, U S Ciruit Court, in the Custom tlouse building. je8 A CARD. rlHE undersigned have .jloeed a house in this city, - for ,he purpioe of transacting a GIENErtL .O .I . ISS ON ,;USINENS. OFFICI, No. 10 GRAv)ER STREET, Ur STAIRs. H P LEVY. The houseat Grand Golf, Miss., will be cortinued in the above name. Rlsfereoes. Godfey, La rie & Stmll, Na Orleans. La. Petecs & Millard, , H B Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. .ohn M Giuare, licksburg, Mis. Harper Carpenter & Co ra.dO.ulfMis. Nlulr, .Aioore &r Co r Sil.s Lillard. Natchez, Miss. New Orleans, July I , IB88, jyl2 A CARD. ATHANIEL TOWNSEND having located him self in New Orleans lor tie purpose of transaetilg SGeneral A:gency sd ."'lUssioos bualinese, would re. R'ct~lully soluicit from the putrlie a share of their pa tronage. Haying a house is Texas, he will attendto tile trans acting uo any business that may be desired in that eountry, and will guaroltee Iroesnt and unrenmitted at ttniin to ill bnsiness entrusted ito his charge, nid a faithful application (in accordance with instructiona) of all funds that may come nto his hands. Office in New Exchange, on Gravier strt , nposile to ev MIr Clapp's sharlh, and asjoining Oibnan's reading lomln.ait of the Texinn Consulate. New Orleans, November «5,1837. :References. Masers Hillyer, Bush& Co. New York. Bfurr W.. rnleIn. Alvarez F sk, Natchez, Miss. R M Stroth r S, l.o ,o M,. Jonls T r y. Louisville, Ky. ltr J.,,h A t ie e, l pkmsville, Ky. wa'8 6m PIERMN'S INSURANOR aoMRPANY OF NEW ORLE \NS, O5* Ne, 24 Muasen's Buiiag Jet CANAL S TREE T. GIDBON'S GUIDR AND DIRuOTORY FOR the State of Loutsianm, and Cities el New Or Sleans and Lafayette; fuor sate by McN Wl e MIKF4N, m23 eor Camp and Coemssr uts. ( ASH. Ir BanktBoxer,-just reeived by B BROWJt'E ((5 TRBI AIMEBICAN OBBNEE. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, Io TUE PRINTING oF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogoes Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Porms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills CircaUars, And every description of Job IVork that may be required. (.-The proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, anlI assures them that all work intrusted to his care sholl be done at the short est notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE CITY OF M'ete Orleans and Lafayette W A published nn ln !av,2st May and is no fdr sale at the cuutin g roam of'theitobli.he-, E.xchange Itorel, St Charles street,--nd at the lotok istre nf olesers. E. Johns & Co.corner St Charles and Commonn streets. llt2 p PEtI, quill, tlecl pen,, ink, fluid, wafers seling ax, india rnbber, black sald, poune.t alld every other article of stntionerv, of the very best qualit,.con. stantty on hand and forsale by UIAVID FFLT&CO. ml9 N Y Stationers' Hall, 28 Chartres at. H TE IH.VANA SUGAR-25 boxes landing m se by IER, 40 Psydras st JOHN HOEY, Saddle, Harness and 'Trnls Manafaeturer, and fur ishler of Mil: Ery Equipments ofeery description. No 189 'CnHOUPITOULAS sTREET. HAVINGl in employ several Military Workman, I he in ready to execute work in the absle line f the sltortst notice, and on the most reasonable termn Merchants' and Pedlaes' PaclingTrunke of erery .Jr scriptian, constantly on hand. CI d li ILLS-II corn maillc, i·t biutcr'o pltrat, Scombinted. One man cll grind 2 or 30 ibuhels of meni per diemn with these millsoi and they can be at tacled t,n contton gin, and are particularl calcalated tor planter', use. Api ly & P 'HA & COI)PEb, ml5 82 .Julia streer. PO 'INR'"IANTS. M. RCIIANTIS can ha e beautiful circular struck Sof at two hours nlot e a y calling at the Orleans Litlhogr.phie I ilicre,53 dlag.. lne street, opposite Banks Arcade. ,nl4 i ACKEREL-35 halfibbls .o 2 .lackerel, for sale Sby READ&RAR -TOW, m"2 67 Gravier street. AF LARD-ll00 kegs in store, fr ae by jylo 44 New Levee. K EN'I'UCKY BAGGING-10l-I It lbr sale by HOLMES & MILLS, jyt° Bank Alley C'43 1 llt B (Ti1N , -. p, hLeavy Scotch (lagging 43 inihas wide f.,r sale by HOL;IES & MILLS, jyl2 Balnk Alley i XCHANGE ON NEW YORK far .le by LAWKENCE & LIEGENI)RE, jv 12 ~28 &'29 New Levee. IgEAS, NUT'MEGIS, &c -20 six and th pound caddies of unapowder and imperia 25 cases of c.ant.r imperial and gunpowder, 9 chests of pouchong tea; one cask of fresh no and a general assortn nt of gra:eries, for sale low by LAWItENCE& LEGENDIIE, jyll 28 & 29 New evee NEi Htlt)KlS. 1.t11 Amerieas Delnoerat. or hints on the social and civil relations of the United States. hly J. Feni more Cooper. The Two Flirtt; or, Adventnure in a Country House; and tther tai le, Ib l.ady Blesailngtn, E L Bulwer, MAs Norton. B*ary t:ornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and oithers, ill' 2 vol. 'The River and the Desert, by Msss Pardoe, author of the City of the Sultan. 'the ?nask, t of tiens, the Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with fine wood enrravilgi by Andersaon. Jsit reecivcd nitd lir sile byv Wt McOKEAN, cor :amp and Commison sts. I(tSIN Iltl:tS-7- . bhis roin dross, landing and oalir sale by J 'I'lA\ ElI & Co, jy 14 74 Poydras street. (.AVE & SCHAFFER'S Compoun Ln Fnd Ex tract of Saralari la, for the cure of ostainatu eroptinsa of the akin; pimples or pustuleo of tihe f'ae; biles whi, h arnsu troin an impure state of the blolld scaly eru tions; p ins in the bones; chronic rheumatism; telt. r; scrofuia, or king's evil; whit, s-ttlling; syphilitic diseases, and all disorders arising Irom anl impure state of the blood, by a long resideec in a ho, alinate, or tile injudicious use of mercury. Alo.-Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syrup, or itt. fant Presorvativeu: the best preplaration now extant. Among which ire the followtig:-I-dian Dye, for col ring the hair; Boar's 011; Russian Bear's Grease; Pomatumo ; ichaw's Fre.leo Wash: su. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Roses; Vegetable Ronge; Otte of Ros,; Lip Salve; Kre. ocite Tooth Wash; Ciarbonic Dentrfice; Orange Flower Wa'cr; Powder Puffs an,, Boxes; Ameri. can Cliacoial, neatly put up in 'our ounce vialsi P enton Saits ; Colognte; Krensnte Tooth.ache Drops; Hair Brushes; Englishl Dressing Co .bs In sit luair Oul;-with a variety of other Perfu miteries, &c. For salt by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TRINCHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &e. JOURNA of an Exploring Tour beyond the Ruoky Mountains, under the direetion of the A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a dpecription of the geography, ge. ology, climate and productions and the nsam at, manners and ustoms of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samu el Parker, A M. lie River and 'te Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and thb ,hiartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author of the I ity of a S tan, &c. in 2 vole. , The Robber, a Tale, the author of Richelieu, TI. Gypsy, Attila; inv ' I he Two Flirts; or Ad. '.ure in a Country House, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington. E L Bolwor, Mrs Norton. Barry l ornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Modwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Lim and Adventures ol'Nichol's Nic. 'ebhy, edited by Boe, with Illustrations by Pidin, No. 1. Just re, eived and for sale by BENJAMIN LEVY. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFIICE EiSTABI.iISiE for the execution of maps, plons Sandt drawings, merchliuns' seculars, business and audleea cards of every descriiption, funeral circular on deep mourning paper, aplothecary and druggiats'llelas; bank cheklis, drav receipts, &c.priutid ald executs d in acheap and expeditions sty, by the lpropietor. W iI.1.IAM tiKHEENE. NB Bank Notes nse.Iv executed. m24 NE%\ 114T' NIRE. UST received psr late arrivals from New Yolk, lire-h anl I itshionable sasrtmaua .f HATS. Th'le eibs:riber would particularly call the attention of the pIo lie to a -tyle of beaver Htatu of a superil finibh, fine texture, ric and bi'autiful ls re; also to a uns pl .in itusina hat olfa sperior quality; and also a t leiadtI article ofitlk hi, tgetil or sill a gannenl as sortment i lanufacu ed by hinell, expiessly for this ioarket, wholeoali: atl retail J W a)OBOItN, 34 Camp street. N. B City and sountry dealers are invited to all. feb8 PORTRAIT PAINTING. M I R. P. itK lE riepeliilly orstia public that he will remni a short tiime in New Orleans for he purpose ot paintitg pnrtraits. RKoms eortr f' Cuanl anti St Charles, in tihe house cru)lted b I'armly B& Lyon, Dentists,whae apecmean ,f his paintir.g can be seen. Entrance in St Charles street. n.98 Im HISKEY, Flour and Pork, in stnre for sale by - m2 G IORSEY, 44 New Leavee,. . ALE ROPE & I'WIle.--to sale l, B,-L LsTER % 'I RIER, augs1 40 P,, dran street. WHIOLESAI.E TIN WARE M ANUFACTORY s I.OCKE & CO., No. 22 Old Levee, have in ," store, . ftheir own manulacture, a large and ex tensive assortmentof tin ware, which they invite deal. ers in the trade to examine; also 2110 Copper, Sugar house ski ,aers; 251l do. Sugar Ladles; Zi don. Copper sugar lamps; 7i Bath tubs. assorted sizes; 30 gross assorted sized I'offee Graighs. N. H-Roofs of hu;lding eovnered with zinc, copper tin. Copper and tin gutters put up oan te ho rtes o tie. -nu 7 NI)ER ItRxl, Pickles, Ketchubps sad M1ustard, in store and for sale by J TIIAYER & CO. aug 16 74 Pay as reel. ENGLIlSiiiL,-FNlll AN) SPALSIH AGAIj E1IY. )ROFESSIIt 'LOlil'HY,assisicti hy pentlemen of proper qcoliAfiiatnis and ip),'rieenc. Iis e p ,ed an Acdemy, iII Ih blriik building belongiug tii Wai. itrtnd Esq.. aljoiinin the , eranda on St. Charles street., where o 'une geotlemen, well disposed, will re nive a ood Iiieducation. 1Mr. A. solicits tio" co-operation of his friends and those of education, to enable him to render this lun.i tution useful and permanent. I tin, 1011 ,lies tii plite, and 5 casks ziic, ill tore.fcr sale by S LUCKE .. Co li HISKEY-50 bblein stcrn, icr Ale by V V sa2t 1 DORSEY, it Nei Leer. B ROGANS-40 cases Men's and Boys' Kip and onett Brogans, or sale hv ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, jy9 134 Magazine street. [ I RnSAMUEL SHAK PEARE is my authorized I. Agent durig nmy abseltae fren the cilty. DANIEL 1DANA. jndiaw4w. , ýI! Il'i i ass sinti nRAIDNES.f. A RIIATTIFIJL head ofhnir is ther grandret ornn ment belonring to the htittn fram, l How strange Iv the lon oa it hanne., the enCiniennee, and proina torPlh I.tne, on tihe nppoarntlt of old age, whilh c u set ninn to recoil ait bath iI hnvereI. ane inlsmtimes teen to tilli ,lietv to avoil fihe. it nitd ineen of tlheir ,qtunia.tanrt: the remainder or their lives are can egnerntly peo.t in retitement. In short. not Prvn the Ion ilrtlropert fills the mentrnin th:nkig i.ooth with lobt nenvv sninng" lnim ao don. the nlos of hin 're aetrt al these ilniute dnt cielnmtnnrre, O(Itlrd'e' nlm of ('Colmbiha sompa the hair from flling .,tFf toit le fir't splitnt inn,nd af niw hottlne raiinrti it HCOu,. II likewisa pro~mlle eveloow, and whinkrm ; tireventa the hi trom itrnin nra., muka it curl Inautifoilll., and feese it frnom llrf. NlnPeroll, certilietePa n of ti firl reeuetnahilitv in siplport of thIe virtue of Oldridge Bahlm era "iown hv the propritnors Com Rend the followinga has eertiflee at mayv Ib" PnII below, to the high lchar tern of he Ctllowaine entleiaen. 'The undersigned do henrey certify tllrt r,thnto used the Blhn lf t'ohtilnbia dineotered bIy J. Olllridee anl have found it highlv orryieeahle not solv na tpreventive aPinst the rflling off of hair, but alio aeertain rester live,. WII.LIA 4I THATCIIER, Senier, Methodist Minister in St Geuorge cr-mre. Noi 86 Nornl Fifth st. JOHN P INGLIS,32I Aeb nlorePt. JOHN D 't'HIMAS. M D, 163 Itnaeet JOHN S PIr'oEo FoIII Spruce str'et. HUGII 3ltCUR1)Y'.v eSouthnod st. JOH:lt AItD),Jr,ly3 Arch tinret. If in known that thne of tile nvt in onenrire mor thlan "ltyears of nae, and the others not less than 30. IFrtinl the MAnor.] Cottmmonwealthl.f mPnnoielin, ti, City of Phildelphlliam. I, Robert Wharton, Myovr eif ,i ti a of hlode. ihio,do hereby serttlf that loot well acltoired wnith letser J P inglis, Jiaon t Fite,, atnd tlut L I CuVli. r hose names are signed to the ahove certifieste,lno t Ithe ren.elltlelnsrt o i.lllr.ter nantd riv luencm tlhi o,ril andE nieh full rerdit mhuldll e iven Into tle id .erltiefite. In witnetae who rof I ohave hereunto nci tV he do i nd C i ued the seal of the city to be flixed, thin 6th do:l of DIecembere. A e. 0l" S..,. BERT WH 4'1TON, ,'v . O(3IE 'E shoat elach bottle afthe G 1IuinFe I t lut hat , Isplendlid engraved wrapper, on whit. is rentatottraer the Iulls o of iagoran, &c Sold oollanlel and retail by the solne o entn fir Anm riea, No Fletdhet street, near alaiden l.ct, lrllte ooi below Pearl street, and by most druggioats ad therfm tmrs through Ihn caountry. JARVI7 & ANItRlFWit, mt9 Wholesale Agentt, tew (rletans. PROSPECTUS. THE suhseriber proposes to publish. in th Ithe. ginning of tihe onsing winmter. a Condensatiomn rf theltweanty volumles of the Old and New Svirit- of Martai'. Louisiana Reports, to nbe comprised in fotr nolnites, Sao., according to the model of Petersn Conldensed Reports. Thist work is now in preparation by J, lBurto Hinrrinon. Enq., of this amy. assisted by Willioti F Brand. Esq. The Editor is also permtled by s distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of tih sitting Judges, to expel frontI their personal supervision all the odvantage which may naturally be rreaped frout their experienie. Sunh a work is becoming every dyv nnro no. cesnary, as tihe origtal is voluminous. exprninsie, and shanrn. An increasing curiosity too is Itoniti. .-rt, in tha other States of the Union, in relfr.nce to the pentlsarjurisprudence of Lounsialo; land the cireumstance of the nulnerous prineiplo l here dh, sided in the adljustment of cnnflicta oft'llo, makes the knowledlge of our adjudged ases otf primeio uti lity to thejtrists of tile wlhol Union. ,loroocvi, thle rising republic of Texds lhas adoptlo d tor ',es and thus there is a great demland for tile Louioiona decisions from a fresh quanrter, Convenient notes, idlteating tlh psrnllil cases decided in Louisinnn, and ocncasionally those in tlhe moire authoritative forumns o' the olther Stales, will lie dded to) elach cane. Thel worlk will tourt four volumes, rooal ocleav. and will he deoOIred, lhound, tlo suheorittnrs at $6 per vol.; ill t:se oit shoulI b, fmlinld practicable to nlotmpress it intot three volomoe, tie price to sob. will be $7 pr vol. Subsehriptiott reooived by WM MoKEAN. je5 cer C lmp and Comlnot ts. `Li I -17tI id, very r, eot, I'lcatuion eih. miles from the m itay, fi;r le t v T . IHY I)I & ItTil'H ER, ii29 3.9 Cololo im at carlner oI'tagazine:~ t. u if 0'. a luolla lnol .if 111i t llfl'i (i.oiElllmm (') brellX ai fa Italaabls, anding frlom Bliatque L" hla Hlalnd firttle by I' IS 1AC IlilGIDGE & Ct), 1:1I iingazine st l udkms' ()inlmIeult, Gierman l;tnllale ) , IIs, .I'e I':.f rve-e lit lglle, til, l.allm f C i:olllllhtu , . latditg nod for sale Ib It It NNA-EIbL, m25 car Nntchrz and Tl:laliroultttls S 1t1LOUIL.-20.I0 bbls uplrthie Houar, fresh mIld il ' keep i.,wm souring br stone tinme,, fitr sait by G. i1t IILNlY, L JeAVNA CttiFIFE-251 it . rudl (t lev. nchr Hero, from HLvana; for sI"o by StLATER 'T I ER, jeo4 4tl I') tdi. strart. V store ahdl tlr na by tle stbsrl.ibersl O d Peach Braertdv io Iblb; American Brandyai d Uim in do; ho 2 aticker.-l in healldo; 'rTble 5,ir i casesof t boxes; IMlalaga \t ioll,, weet tld Ilrv, Ill qr taks td I din bbls, (enltitled todcbentsr:) Spanishi Matting; Lotduon Potter sl I Ale; Lemon Syup, Pliladelphia While Lend. No I; Codfish It boxes; Cotton Gils. READ & IIARfI'OW, ml2 67 tirtvitr street iOSgIIEN BU'I'TEIR--60 tubs allor.or (Goshlen Sbutter put alp expresVly fir itlily use, ir sale low, to clouse a tconsigltlllt'a, by LAWREN'E & IFGENl)RE, jyl7 28 a it 2.9 New Levee. cinnati ctcoIlI. is primet older, ill lr., ,for t .h. by LAI ET & AMI :LLG, jyl7 17 (3atiterct. atret -A h 6 - 7 7 0 hbd 4 ti IIse, nml b bblX C lvaslrd has,, 3) hhds and 651 hbil, ng.ed do, put u I for f.sily use. a superi Lr. artleh, in stlm, tor ta'le by LA IT A, .41i.LL.,G, jyl7 17 Co ,u : ,eree tre t FltESH WI;TERN BI Ti'F -d19 kes rece red liun steamboat lt'1 trq luin, or at.le b IS i SLAl' E & TRIER, jylf 40 Po:,dras street. 1 tLANK HOOKS-Juist recei.d hy recent arrival, t snto Nt w Yolk, all addiolonal neuplv of Jllt.t Hooks, ut'everv of Ruling a |d Bnlline. I ;.t. in .vanstod Blank hoaks and Paper. are reql tls , I to call and examine our xtenivo sktck, thoisale or tetail by LDAVII) FEII' & CO. New York Stationer's iall, jy17 _4 C(hartlre street j',LOUR-140 bbls flou, iaodint, antd filt ale . J TI-HAYER & Lt(), jy6 74 Poydras street. ANVAaSSI A AI,..--9 tka Cmcinnati packed anvased lam, fur sale byh J TIIAYER & C). jy6 74 Potdrat strnet. FLU iitt bbls at the landing, per-flat, fitr oeo be G ut).st Y, j,'3 44 New Levee. COLOGNE WATEIL-Directly iml.l rted trout Co logne,hy H It,\APiEI., eor Natchez and T'"apitotlt ttis. Si" The genuineness of the article is ttroved by the autograph of the manufacturer, Jolhaun Maria Fa iina. ap24 CR.LtY'"S CItE IT SYSTElt. rIlSE Credit SYstem of FPrance, Great Britnn a Ite United Stnter--tv H C(1tarey, at Ill r 'Prineiplen ofPolitict'l Econnomy &c. WM. MIKE \", nujo4 Corter sf stailm & T CillOon t. OR Al.E-ltahtp of Ctoliumtia, IdttctIe.fnl Temple's 91Mixture, Hav's Linitnt, Ret(ot Oont ment, Headaohe ltetedtl, Bltht's Cttet l'hstert , &e. Ior salebv JiRVIS & ANIDIR:EW S, jy2t 0 ' totmttmon & 'i'chtttpttttulttn st RINT'liti; reeedtei - 151iticme SdilUo printitnopper, com very ltw pr.edt, :td sotle tl itlle .t..lity, for sale by I FE T & (itt, lttalt N Y ,totitm'r's Hta11.24 ('hretor et, a ngro Cttolls, ill storm slid for -ale by 'l'ET'ISON & AVEiRY. ayn72 iC Grtttietr st. ltE--bt lnsA l oKf I Dtmoaston Lue ntloat, a d trl HAFYE & IXEY, jyld 7 6 C Pototoase strret OL.tSSErs- 32 h iLo toilanss hmt o g rlit m sell lTan a - t, I ditto in store, and f lr sale bIt L YEIT &J AIELUN;,. auy7 17 ,,m1 d,1.1, stLetle, y V., t Cl-A BooK BI1NDER--N ; nerd ed Ily but a workman. W '(VMeEAN, i yl o- car C a t u t' o:l alO n streel t a from strip Concord, aIm tor sale v I "THAYEt & C,,. jy 6 , 74 P ovdras street. y..6 74 l'uvdta: sletl l IATE PUBLICA'T1rtrS C HESS MADE EASY; beiag anewmt to the rudiments ol tiMt ttotifie rd P'. game. By George Walker, Teacher ofChes. Une! Horace, a novel, by .rs S C Hall sai Ong ktetchms of trih Cherster,Tho BuIatoo m M. tl. s vols. ''he jSpirit of theWnodsillsta*ted by colmte, .li grvinjg. Iby the author ofThe Moral of Flows Finden's Views of Ports and Harboout of Gmit li Flora's Gems, or the Treasures of the Partaie 1I 1ontquets,drawn Ana ecolonred front nature, by Jaoes Athdrews: with poetical illnetratmrnr,hv LoSit lia J nl'?evn , authlor of TIe'l' I{umtoc of intorlr A tllo9earv of Terms loed io tirMeiea Ro~ te a-. lion, and (Gohii Architecture; the socoUa edation, ali ltrgod; exenqrliF6e. llv o wood nolt. Addlck' Ie ongineers' Pocket Book. for they er t)OW with an Altuloauc by Henry Addock, Civil Engit esr. Works of Lorh fiaco, with an inotrode'aty s lyesy, alll a portrait; new edition, complete in "2 os. li-hbo, Ilurnet's Hietorv of hi own 'Prom: foran I restoration of Charles II. to the treaty of pesaM at Utretht, inlle . p. of Queen Anne. A new edtldti, with hihtnriool t r. liograplhisal ortes; coplote 1h oeI volume. Just received oald for sale hv WM1 MeKEAN, h_.3 cor Ce, sor Cjto,, e.._ HI'. putlitoare reo lr tfully tootool that tIht hotto tion i9 ererted on the most improved pla,tand i an airy and most almirel,ie ,tatoatir ,in the fasbtOIur Ftranklin, upon the railroad, one ittle lioln the Malsi. lhe hailding isl tre and moot cotmmothdioly dieidMd intr tllrtmenlts. for keoping separate ditfereht elats e lu fl ferronti doeeo.r-s. The inetititto iso lpplied witll toe t.i+t ekitlhl ait attentive male and feomal nouse-, sand speaking thevy rious Illonern [Bnguaeee. Private rooms tmay be had by ventlemen at gve dal lars per day. ettlllind attend.llce, &o 'Terms in the or inary wmrds, too dollal per tly. Sluvor nlMo two, dollars. tmall Pox in the ordliiry wardo, five doll ,re. All carlttl tolrdit:! o,leratnotns extra. The retidenl Ih h,.ia, io nfr Weddleman,to whose applllloationn foir anlllitall ln tlt loe outlde. o to oir CA I.tetotbelog, Noti .. tOlolo rt otrPtl. ap9t It, -EA, LAIlt { --. lO - kegs in ttoro, for oto ay 44 N.ow f ete,. NEW WORKS. T HE NATURALIST'S OWN DBOOK--omprjil deocri tlions an authentic anecdotes of Qtuadrup eds; scientifically arneed accordtiot to tile System Cltvtel by tthe ttthor of tlhe "Voett. Men's (wn -Broa, THE NATURAL HISTORY OF INSECT9`+Ie two aolumes-vol 2,formning 0o. 74 of the "Family U broarv". A oligesltof tle LA. OF EVIDENCE IN CRIMINAL CA.Ui -by HI orv RoIseoe, Esq. with notes tando reftrence eto Anten'rtn oteriion, and to, the Entlioh conmonlo w and celressticiral reports vb George Sharswood. ON DIAGNOIS otF toDIEASES of tloc ('or-.I--baned up to the comt orion f their ptn siel and gowarel "igne, by VW WGlerhurd, M I) PRsclPI.IES OF PATHOLOGY, ANDt PRGTICE oF PHttVic-By John Mlluckintook, M I)., foot the last Lon. d oo edition with notes and additions, by Samuel Ge,. Morton, M i), in 2 vul's. THE AMERIICAN IQUIARTRLt.Y REVIEW-NO 36 for D)ecember 1835. Jut received n and for o le by 1l12 \tin MeKEAN.corner ofCanto and Cm. * LEAF IARI)D-4201 kh, , steamboat tlGener l W tavel, for sle, hoby LAYET1' & AM: LUNi4 jy2 7 Couienr c.. g AC ,0 SIDES--.i hhlt bs onoinelo ,l d tg ios as boat Ut.leral W.tayle, for otL h LAYEL'T & tMl U , jt2 t7Cotne ostreet. I 2LUR, WHISKEY, PI'IIK & BE1F--148 bble l'' superfinne and 15': do fias flour; 10 l.,sl eonimoa .n 46 |oblt recrified whiskeIy; 7 bbls mess and 15 bbti priute pork: 2bhlr prime behe; the cargo of a flat bout Ior alte low, to clooe, hv OOAYET & AIIEI.LNO, 2Jyv 17 Coltlttrte treet. o oal serior qualit, olladilng frot teeambot ,lunnrtt, for sale by LAYEI E A74ELUNt,, je026 17 OmmClllert e str OSN--75 barrels Rosin, lantine and lir sale I O & J P WHITNEY, Coati stroet JH Abl NA SF9GA S-5O,Olli of Tiffersnt broads, Sil stone, or sale by bLATER & 'TRIER, atg4 40 Poydras srrel . EXCHANGE as 2lo lol waotod Itol uf AILJAIt FISK, uola4 - LA A .tItY-5, hlo 4lh proof .A mricarl brandy for saole boy It'AAC IlRIlIHtE & Co, augl4 134 Magazine street. SAVANA SEGAlt S-2:8IG itsofgreen coffee lOnd 1l illt from schr Lilbert, a lt 4)11 hoe in sotor Ior solde by -LA'ERt 4. 'I'RIER, lotlgl4 40 Poydras stroet. ' t VA 'NA SUtGAll-50 hoxes prim S li ending tfro: . bi Ponthoer. fIr aletb SLATER & TRIER. noel 1 40 Poydlras treet ALE !III slok, l'htlihdJpJia Ale, Abbots rand .k lust received, an1d for "a l by J i BEEN & A COHEN, *jy24 911 Cuoomoooioegl. Nose Orlennoso ded Cnrroltlto BRil !end 1 rraro,,ooeoo lily runninooog tihe cIa, iioomtis date,. F (3 Rl)OI.LTON P1000 SFtNw (EOOLIFnl. Teli(c hOaoea, 4 ''clk A 31 soOal~ cara 7 A M stam cur ido I, do do 9 o, do, 8 do do do do 11 do do 1(l do do do oruo: or 1211 do do, 0,,t, 'r 01 3 do .tell er 2 Jo Pd,, du du 5 d" .10 do 4 do do do do 7 do do o 11 d do do do 9 do do do 8 do. do '1'o1r Jaoonboo, streetcars enol Joafoverre. holl 9000 o'sJlok, A AMl. (,onal street Fit olo'cJ01k A A1, and run ninghourlJoy 001t7 ,clock. 'I)!hOr cars will ooaowlec rl l even'J ha,) near. nood co0Otoooo throughout lb. da0 onooo!o 7ocelock, P It. The nrr0an00 u~eot for I h La Coure street care to ga111F Its lilt I sc HIII treet. 17 per brig Stno, iolutore, ,ill sale b 9LA'IFIIt & TRIER, Fit23 41, Puoodray osreot. r IF0is9~J) Il11l-SO)) gooJlon, bto-t English tin o4,oo onj ooidig fromoo labob 'jlljofIrai Vistnt. 1_(40 ) llersJ Inreigoooeod ,ooor no,-,,ooonlfct ored rinsoe oil, in cas aknd ,, llorloJ in ·. anod tot salelowby JAl Izoa i tN oIJEWS, 1% haIlovoJ Iluogi-t-, Iy7 c r rCo01,.10n o 'l'0Innopoo~uloco streets *UOAP-;Jld hoxe o 1ooloop,1Jroonoo., :a lies molt laodinogfroom brie Uoillao te.r sdle hy ISA1AC 1..IDGE S Co, 7 yJ 134 1 agooioe rreet l I Al.E JOJ)l'E-J3d alls bale rope. ol superio ISAAC B!l'lIr & Co, jy? 1i4 Alagozine Olten I(JRK-215 hhlhsc NbNc , d Ptioe M 0 anod P 0 P~ork, fo~r sal, ,w t LAWliti '21' & I FC:ENDRE, y'Ircj 28 and 29 Nea Leves. SALT-3(' c05re, (6J) b00 eaohl,) tJbJo so!, far gala Joy READ & BA)ISTJ9JV, Jyu y7 Book Plaes. tLilit-b l i l, I llding fLono sromamoat JohM ils, f~or Salo Jy U IIOHRSEP jyJ7 44 Neitwtaeee. Lecklort'o Lie of Walter Sc0tt, &c. I,)A R'1' 7011t noe1 Jo, of Lo aclh'a Life of air Walte Love. by tlo allthor of Flirtation, The Divorced, &.. in 2 rots.r I heV orks of Warhington Irviog, now odisioavole. Il. II and 12, TIhr Alserican Jornal of the Medical Sciences, So 43. Jor Slay, 1838. Jusi t eeivOd and fIorol -by WIM ScREAM, e.r ()'loop anod Commoso soeeos. Aleor, a crtlorr so,,P , ! d Alic, or the0 9laleeribse a sequel to, Ernest Ala trayercr. jrllh *JUIJJ-JII)l bull 3,oreoa,o Al U t omk,I:5bJJapeMv I loajoled I'urk.l or sale by L.AJWREbACE &.LEUENII)E, ,,,28 21 ew '1 . L"LCoe. [WHISKEY-)d9Jbleseoctilied laeding fromn looest Y r 11iplalldid, for auln by U (iRU)~SEY ol4 4 Newl eren.. RI)CE-50 oooko sad 24 coakr laldilg sod foe . R by ~ J THA 1"LR& Cut iy1474 Poydra. anoint SlIME-80 casks of Thomsoonalimeo floe fslo CHASE & DIXEt, jy 14 6 Customhouse aetre TiLARK: BU F.iiStL5r auparo nt -t" file 9J erlsoby TI HYI)E& B ROT5HER, je28 cur Commow n & MIagH ine a0. ) AUJIN SIDES-75 hhlb bacon sides. 50 bhh I-I Canvaso Haml. IU01 lIhns in bags suporikd quality,in s1tore,oJld oer cole I17 LAYL0T & dMElUNGsar*. aug4 :7 Comlmerce tredb W j~LUo. GREEN l)l-Jael rocoired siOanjlve ) ofPermaooet Blueaond olrrooILnk far tine th,0 doeans or single bottle by L)A N Y Statiu t.. amr26 "V aloby IA I.1 Jv24 40 Po dnetttert HI G au a.~. Ar!' axyeaos antug V V OOLil'loy,fr role by ooglRf - FIa SlJmi er t eoIt I'U EE-0 solo .olinol'Lo: J1,oLreceiv loedper drhip okn iJodo _r sale by' l.A TIN h &U' oop 4 53 Ole -. -14 0.LLIUIS d OIIU b I NUS, dol" Cule bit-U' NA'1lbI'. '1'AN N, END,' «:l "ahage Hose lGS . OCUr l au buns"0011 i s100r sad foe J TIHALEK CdA) oug 10 kog - 4 _________ HIlcL,-4 keg vcoec copoeriur bead-.ij by s ,, Pp jQV I rug 1 Jl AA.l L"Jl F-....,o bala iasni (4 p findingserot, brig Skoocoo, tie o ale bY U PI A Q , e DI.Ow sa-4' jam )Y fLor.l. pUIUO.l&b

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