Newspaper of True American, September 18, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated September 18, 1838 Page 1
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: i.. ý .. . .. ...t e(. PRICE 129 CENTS. - . -- NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 18, 18E8 VOL *-V o I41787erPeRo NbOc6 riaoialo R nr.eet i an ."WionM.ooed metia p Vo -VI o Terms of the Nereepaper Press of New Orlean uetaitit'ly ,treeld o rn~t t a leojouruod meetin of the I'r,.risetrs, hc;l oiu the I'll f .flrech, 183 )allar fir the daily p prur (nir ,ri n, ;t t. th i. ni-:tonetllet, iv elDanee: teei doallars falr til tri-Vwoa.tly ioU.llrv icllar, Ipavable on vror in alvaoteee, w'heere no, city ref'.renee is given. No n Iheriptio.t will bIe di tlecolinued until arrearngens are settlel. In caee of dii co:tiiotunee, one week's notice i. writing In tl bt iaevaria' y given, previous to the 'xpiratlon of subseriptin. Anersarlst.v. -): dollar per sqntre for the first noertion, an .lhtlf that price for each rlthequent one: tno mnateritl alteraatilon ro n the origiaal advertisement dill he ehargad ns a new oe. Y'Ikav.r AuvntraTas.--MerchanRts and Tra'ern, anty dollars fit English alone, and sixty for both lan atao gio Banks, Insnttro e Oiees,t and other similar pubiln tnattuttiltn, fifty d )hliarin En tlish only, and "ighty, for both languoles; Sltlp and Stenmhoot Fae en, or Conmltiasion merehatnt sixty dollart in English ne, and eighty for both languanes., OntTnkra NOTICES, and articles eall itle attention of the pttlic to sales o property, ards of passengers, henefits, &. &c. will he lhr.r.e noo dollar per square for the first insertion in each lan CoA.l~ttrAstoto t, or Advertisements, of any person a asttre, wher admnissible, chall be charged doubln, and in adra 'r A dad, eer f twenty-five percent. will be made to altctionteern' e offs, Rlgieteertof Wills,and Mareihans ei .leta tofe°aon te, punliched in honth languages, land 50 perean Et lsh alone: 10 poercent. on saies of other proptrtY. AotherhaergeON nout of the direct line of business eltleo dvertetiset such as legal, auction, anI planta oi eanln, runaway taves, etra atnimals, &e. &c. will be charged for Sepoately, and et the ordinary rates. Aov6RleraMcena nat specified an to time, will be ahljahed oae tnnthtli, attdah bged accorcingly. Neadehrtlteeeidl of bankruptcles will be published aa .:bada, auless paid fiab peeriotto inserti6n, or oan nent guaranteed by a eapotoible person in town. "theatres and other places of oansaemnt, advertising .saily orthe season. to be eherged $1011 for Inglilsh a -re, and $150 in both languages. qll announeements of enandidoat for political olfires be charged doblel the price ef other advertise a. :t..' to the immeare loss sustained by newspaper nlerietoel they have colme to tile conclusion that the names of persecs wllosle neccotuts tove not been paid willhin one month after resrnntation, sihall t e made ane.. (no faivr a practicable) to eachr other--they obli gating themselves not to ,lvertiore o'print for such delinquents, unless in case of adeanee paydcents. toigned) J. C.t.eIE r. lItO1 .S J. BAYON, 'P. P. REiA. J. C. PItFtI)FRGA8'I', JOhN hGIthSON, tUMISDIEN. trefly Press.--We, tlt: undersigned, agree to abide by the ab6ve conditionh , as far as they are applicahle to .r mlenkv papers. (qigned) A. R. LAWRENCE, SN suhbscriptionn are taken foir le o than 6 months. Letters must,in t ol cnpes, be pllst mpaid. -lD- t. SEi PA'.tiN REVl-TgED, &e. SPAIN RIVISLI'TIE bt tie slthorof "A year in . atioi," in ninla- tnarry L'vearly, a novel, by Io atdtr of "Cecil Hyde," in 2 vols. The Actress of lcadrn, iltal 'other tales, by the nuthr oef l"Tie Floeri kaor, in '2 vol. Ninirod' Hantllle ''ollrs; interopereed with latrrters tie aciredl)tae, sayines eani Ie nfanm or' Arlingric 3Meo, inelndingit iltices of the trineitcl terck iJe- of tngoelerd with oanlyticaI ortfls and general dse elllleir, to whihth are idded, Ninlrod't Itettrers oic naii Hounds, in 2 vilt. lle Itreace, thle last o itloeaill'e Agantcmnonsc, he trp t.Ci (hlieir, R.N.,cn ther l tihe of a Saihler,"&e. t vol"t. C'ioenaltarier o Equity Julrispruden:ce, an aditlniiotered in ClioCi- lirari." Infuntry 'l'octieo, or rule, fur tier xrecise adtllhuenieiirrr.L tle UnilcIteid olrte a.l'till trV, v aleijr fi-eral Scott, U. S. Army, il 3 vtols. Jlet reisrele.e an, fir satle qy WM. MlcKLAN, 7 eorner eCamtp Clll emarn aer. n -......... .~6W lIU21; -:. .. . . Ti Is hen oeor; I. .h. not piecici fairn t)lt this is .i. lae; .'ofhlll;: ltl)V It ra r Lot, Itd Switzar Htu ns; Ihair; Ittetteoas Inel'' r;,lI nit im.. of brokle, Viwse I lore tic -.t i t n l otie l i 1nc .te ll; t ,: sh ad t ill lee l o tili la ro; i:,i n-, () CCmie;(Cn-tinetl are coil . Seuuldincl; .Rgce flu hlee c tub',r; trtv io. e.,.ia.f err the Ilitwe 1te en L ot S'fri t; I1'" ti-hut Irint ic"titer ilt d I not enr Fl',rc.vel;Jeac-' Jnot,; ', r li'hnn cech," w Son,,, of the I'iiitrt ,Viai; tler,,r, lay Itco a luvtrc Eve; tltclltwr " r Il"lrt , rtili; lb i ti ,v'elia- etll, are stfsineiii ; ,iii;lior: fitr tic, R ttle; 1t . cic boei ht Ri- t hel r ; lnli cii, cntec Iv, (air ridet by II ,Init Nlifl so i; t tlv io'.r ilte . t ierte iei erl. t-reJ Ivi C Crerlne; Il:t" rto air freerit epltrt I.a .lirar, dari( Iv IIletNc.,; Bet. traa cI' toa c rle ,irtel.peer l a Nirctltc bIy V Ilellieai It'llae Ift, ri iir- n the Cc er ru I I lrift ni, nrrarnt erd etr tle 1F ie 0ac I c i-tan Vi Ti frc .tl tolch ur ara lg, I fVcnkt Fle t- all I t 'urtlrttl c I iollita n it to vats by 1; ' Vila :Oheri'; FPr.:well It;/alah by i. .eiinan, . flnke if ti.c'ti'ta Iti iVelte, by Strauc , Rubint lb ott,.; Celeatee l".tverriitac irae;; A new ict iftctirlliois froic Ilt o)r a O a)pret . ti r L F ot at It C t..GVl'" Piano Forie acld bll-r i store. joein 'M c9 l'p htre, CI.Iwee'er5a s rriee. Collectio, of Phrun-se n everv topie or ceteary t.o inniniUs conversation, arranged under idereut hbeds, with numerous remanrks onl the e('nlir pru.aaciatison and use of various word.. The whole ,ri lisposed us considerablv In fltc'lihlso io nucini, i ofa o correct pronanciation "f the Freich. By . BUlnl r,, new editlon, revised and correct,,d. " A uleo:tion of one hundrd of I'rrrit's Tables. r nl.e pnoled with a key, containing the text, a literal and free Imraolaltiollt. arranged Ito suls a smannner as to point ut L. dillfereace beteen tile French and IEllish idion, ..sfohiisnred pronunciation ofl"s te'rtneh, asecording lo the hest rnech works etantotn tiles asbject. '[ he whtlle recee.les by a short treatine on thie ouinds o'tio French language, compared with those of the Elalish. A Pronounarig Frenech Priner, or the Scholar's Gu ide to tie accurate pronunciation and Gthmugraphy of the Freneh I.sng lae, ontaining its eleninst according to the hlest unsge, )y Bernard Tonheiin, just received 'and or sale Ly, WM McKEAN, a, GUor Camp & Cnm sta. B)E f'r PH SR SPRINtl. GIREENHIlERIt COUNTY, VIRGINIA. rTHIS favorite watering place in the moantaine I Virginia, d' miles weo of l.ewiiburhgand f ireom the White Solphnr, will be open in due season for the ireeeltiojn of company. Many importantt ilol)ove teita ?have been nrdestiee the llstseason. A rpacious ball ,room, nd t number of single-bedded have been added ned now Gnishing; niordieg accomnnmodations, iy the Istof Jlir. for 25 vileitar. An excellent tare pike mad has been oasmtrueted passing by the s prings, and interseetifg the Kanawha turnptke near lewis burg. Over this read, by directn of the post office department, Messrs. BeldiA, Walker & eo'. line of mail coaches will run. A poil office tieing estoblished at tie sprige, Visitors may rrceivr newe,and corntn pond daily, east and west. Of the medicinal qualities ,tf these waters, toe prolritetrs need not speak. They phave been antlyoed by able and professed chemists, and eaind to hold in solattan all the valuable iugredients of the noeat celebrated sprinoea i Virginia. 'rhe combnhination ' contnins much Sulphurtetted Hl ldreget n,Soils late rf Magnesia, Sulphate of Limt, Car PtnateO of LAme, Stlihata of Soda, Muriate of Soda, asdl tu'iateof Magnesia," tile snlutary eflects of v iel are enxhibited in disieanes incident to femnules;anod clernt ic affullieon of the stomacnh, liver, and bowels; in cata neotts aflfectionsor diseases of the shin, no remedy more potent or esficacious Uan he found. Axtersive bauting establialmets for sothasexs ave been erected conttigeous to the springs. Visilors can at all timesenjoy the peculiar advantages of their be nign and effects. Major William Vass will continute tih superiitend tnce of the spring. lver) exertion on his part, nd ont the p{art of tle pproprietors, shl be remndered to insire for tne Blue: ulphlur nliberalshare of the publi pnat rounge. The proprietors of the Blue Sulphur Springsr wi' he i!coral iln tile receipt of notes oanil S ;thorn andh 'es n Banks which are considerel soltr t,at par. MARIA MONK. &e. A WFUl disclosures of Maria Mun of the llotel Dll)ie Nunnery of Mon'le al, i., lt, with n al.p pendis, coittainitg, part 1, Itle eItinsn t firte litioti tart ed, Scquel of her narrative; iarid, Review of the casre. Also, a tsupplement, giving more part culma o tihe Nua:lery and grounds, illusatatad by a plan of the Mari Ninolk atd tile Nunnery of the liHotel Dieu--he ingan ,acnunt o a visit to the Convents of Montreal and refutation of the 'Awful Disclosures;" by Win. L: Stuole. Fnurt. euxperiment of Living. Living withoutt means. 'I'lIe Student's Instructor in Drawing and working "Tl'h Five orders of Architecturn," fuIllv explaining I tile methuslo for striking regular and quirled tou ders; f-rdniunishinr " and glnciun creellnmn$s and capita s;tbr tildiug til trai diameter oFa. ordar to any given height; t for striking the Ionic Volute; rireular or eliptical: with finished exsamples, on a large acute, of the rders, their t iplAtehers, &c.; and some designs for door caseR, Isi gntlll enlraved un fsrty-one plates, with, expates--by Pete Nietolsuu, uarchitect, author of the "sLachanicc ls, annhio.,'. "Carpenter's New Guide," "Carpenter'e t and Joiner's Assistant," &c. "A Praetieal Treatise on th Culture ofSilb," adoapt- t ed to tile soil and climate of the Utited States-by I.t Gi. Coaptook, secretary of the Hanrtfrl county Silk So- g ciete, and editor of tle "Silk Cltuiriet." '"Tis Silk lRainer's Manual, or the art of raisiltg and i fseding eilk worms, nod of cultlvating the M lberry v tree--lb y . M. orin. The Clerk's Guide, or (cnmmercial Correspon:lence; ,conprnsing letters of hueossne, ermtas of bills, invoices, a aceount-sales and shopkeepers, equation of payments, c eoutnmtemial termrs, &e.-by B. F. Foster. "LHistnry of the War in the Peninstla and the Southt of Framce, fromta ts year 1807 to theyar 1814" by 1. F.P. Napier, O. B., vl V.;to whieh are perfixe an. ii sworers to some attakse in Robinson'e Life Iof ieton. and in tihe Quarterly Reviewr with counter remarks to Mr. I Dudlery Montagn Pereival's remarks upoan sume passa- " eo in Colonel N.pier'n fourth volusme of the Psuinular I nga. Jsre eiariead niofur aleh by /t OPPKtAS-.ui bhls, in store, tar le by SG tORIEY, .le 44 New Levee. 9 UGAR-50 blhds, primae article, for sale h-" t G DORSIY jeM 4d New Levee rc SJ Fsr msales, ST'rETSN & aVletty jld as. UrOsMer & e. AYE ilst Iveivedlsat their Furnishing WareohoIse IL No. 17 Coaop street, by recent novals fromln ,. IopI, anid the North, large additions to their stock of ussliul aidortamentul Aoeleee/dng article, which col t lectively (they believe) form an assortment more gener al aidl complete than i to he fosund in any similtar eab. Slashment known enslstingof SILVER WARE. Coffen and otea etl; pitchers, waiters, astorn, oandle s ticks. cae, tumblhlanter gobltts; table and desert obrks; takle, de-te and tea spoons; barrow and gravy, or rn t goat spoleoI; sgr tog.i sungar, msa ce sandoM p tladle; n otter, fl, Ititidding and fish knives; pickle aoo desert , knives nlo forks, nipkin, rsoga, die. toinoipolly from - the manufottory of Mr B. adioer of New York, Swlose long estnblilhed reputation for the nlanufaeotre Sof silver war. is sufficient goarrantee of its superior q oaalit , 1 hh NA'iTI rt 'IE OP SHEFF.IELD AND Bfle. MINGH hM. Teo and coffte urn, tea elts: castors, liquor and eor Sdial stlands; suolerb landlebrts, and Epe gues with c ir ror plateaox, for centre of thnte din;er or apper table; waters round and oblong, fromn to 1 Ilonies; beef. steak and vegetaUle dlisbesl; rich ia cevers; oakeand bred hbaskets; decanter standsi; mantle satd chamber candlesticks; wine stloaers; eooleriald syphons; dleaon. ter laels, elarot corks, tea stlainers, table bells, tea, ts. ble. egg and mustard apoons; egg hoilers and stlland t, toast races, gtw. SIIVEIR tON STEREL WARE. Table an desert kmnve, forks and spoons; soup and stale ladles; blutter asid fish knives, cheeae scoops, a I:tnou s tongsa vegetable forks, eto. JAI'ANNEIIY. Fine Gothic Santdwich asr round cornet waiters, in setso asd single, from g to 31 inches; do ot'papier nuhe breadl, heese, and knife trye; tlarge oplright plate warmers; spice, sugar and saths oxesi pWw ing 01.; r Indis tea tables in ness, cadlles Japl on l sand of rice tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive asmnorment, among wolo re Astra lamps all bronzed anoi gilt, and of rich cut glass; moatle Slamps dii, do, eah plaiu ard with glass prisms ; veri splendid ont glass do: broezed and Japannedl side or JICHANIDELIERS AND HANGIWG L.AMPS. English and iFrench ot glass chandeloliers or lustres ol 8, Ii, i 15 , l20 Hd o L2 lights; F"rnet brozedll nid gilt Grecian lamps, 3, 4land 8 lights; hall la mps and lan tcrns, lch bronze boat or erctre lamps for lawingI rooms, fronm I to 6 lights, laip shades, glsarae anr wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANI)LEBRAS AND VASPS. triozeod and marble; bronzed nnd gilt. and all gits I with lixtures, etc; counting hnuse and k itchen clocks; ini;nzedl inkstands, eegar io; papler weights, thieronir. elrs, coardl i-aks, eoanlllestic s etc. COIINA WARE Oil Pl'ItEL.AIN, Englisb aco Pretolcl dining desert, lea and eoltre soe iiced ; of ain white, goldl rele, andl very rirt tncy stylus; stlendit toilet certs; water anoi miilk ;itcbers, iantlll vaser; laey card erlacks and asokets. EART'T'tHEN\At ARiE Diing, desert, tea, eornei, birrekfas lcud si;neir setis i; toi!r ware; pitchers. Also, C(iantio ctlhina I nio, els Iotc CUT GLANS. I),eiolrers, titchi ; .rsl:troet iiiltd ,ilir it lork rleoaors howls, dislhes, celery vasts, salt st:ads, ts en, r oe/Ie , t bIIttcrItubs,. fingerl baoooe tiollrti..e irecanoigne, j larret, cordiials, lemoiiirade and jellt) gissrs; fitoe colrrid n hook glisses. Also, entle shades. r 't'AIILK CU'T'IEIy. LI line ivory balance handltes, self i anc I birk hiiaitleo ktnives ano sltks nf 51 sid iS3 piecesr, or Itv the oozee; t I' ivory I:mdlet knib,'es ily for silvelr l'trk; gnrrl ao o giie ocnrvers; llle, slices r f, rond belerf, oyderknives , a Int cracks andl iicksli sugr cuIICittrs, 'o k o rws, r te. I I, Ill IA'5,ANIA AN) IIIOI ''I \'O iT Alt): n 'tca iail collre settscalltol i Wthl I nt2 l ree. i t, suititable for hiotelrs and ntaiciiboiiis spoonsco lolls,; Ii Eoner's, ;atelelatlei ls , a .llite a.i'cg ;lell kettles m; stads] br with llltes, c o, oilr, ss,etc. o it Ilrs. sdl wire t'ell.lel.s, brass.andirons; irnits anid steel ti lreels and ir tonogs, e,c trcop ioal hods a co el ket tles; ylo':utn sI ltton,, hil" e l ln )Il pl l iiiui• 'ss and Ir rno'ol l ; si; eliiiilip i :illg i luti I ac lll si is; wells .tom,,l, erate I' uo lle, n 11r w Irnutl plat.s , + th KII (ltt';l f'i I li t'l IC ItU " I sr sti ofi 'iini , ti n ,iii ,,ioiOr il i ot eioiy irlilewntlr.e g a e"li'' koe oper * iiiitel ni, ua i ollo i iI In a '" tinned· in " d . +ci" Ill oIk i. , _, an ORDEIRS RCE.'lVEI) FOR JO.,YES' ls '1' ' CO 'Io.Yh' (l.; ', Ih- the Iatentee, No. 4.3 \hl 4.toa';se ert, New tlrle)4s 1t'()13E .IANI,'xACI'URIu.g IN NW\V YOR)K IY 10dtlERlT )' 1H & C). SCQ.79 F OF' l'IalOIFS-Doble (Gins. IFor adbli. O'S., c" st Siwsormore onl oach o li 4.der, 'kinkg4{41 saw4 4i the 4rand, wath Oeel+r~ ,,b4,.I, &,' . at $f) 44e'eaw, or $91'4) 44) r. 1, N saws in the .tulads,\le4dr1 ,e. a i pr saw, or 7d 0o0 ordo of 41 saw An: dol. I I saws in lla Sslull,, at $G '. !"I. '.aw, or 501 00 $<< 1 d .4 ''o o, d 40 saws in a 50 sloa , a. .0 s1ol wr a, Ior 6 00 SIN1 t I, GIN,. Forea sin.e ":,Il 4 of 5t1 a ,ws <r more, with ,me :,at of leleers, braids, t.e. at $6 per vtaw, $4811 $ al Fo.rd . of aSt ra l, with feeders, &r at $6 a4 Ip4r.4aw, 30000 '5 per saw, 300 4 l Fo,il do. o 0.tsaos, with lb'cdrs, &e. at $7 150 per saw 150 (H4 xrlra teeth where desired, for fee Iles, alppll\0 a 41 cents eah; tihe nllmher ofl'teeth eilln aout equI o the number of sws. t()e set of teedors, it is cl. siderel htowever, will wear oit twh or thlee ets tf so44s. Extra.saws0a1pp)lied at 44 efleets each. ['The iins ordered, will be sdelirc de to ti4e angents of Splanters ill elly of tie sea h4r4 tIs4 4l ti)e 1 ottll d41.4n plin States, at theca)4one ,erices the) age4a n tyig the lebght o the ileane hrom New York, s til Ibe4nomig 4 e sp4mnible ho 1l)4e amount of thoe I;ii. A lan wlight willbe Sent with the fiins to Fat them u4 wohere de sirle; the oharges for whose services will be e tre. Ibt m dlerate. roon r0nling0 e:lrea also he ordered where desired, ora reasonable terls, but will be chaejertne. toHlore power, of, an4 lee0ipeie, 0oa be tie itroisbre on like terms. Small steam engines can also be Olrdered if de sirel. It isdesirahle, when plantes give orders for Gin s, th1y should accompany them wilth tlleirviewsi4 in. relbo to illearrnllgelnel0t saws, breasts, 1ruhes, te. It is fi ald they 4ifl' op01iio0. Smt sawso of larger diame4ter th, The most eom l,on s ize is9o 1) inches;, some wish 1them 112 ilnhes. Sou8e wish 5 or 6 rows brushes o an axle, whoile otheros I4 not want molre ha. 444 at s.1 t. Slle wish aews with b ore9teeth to the ioh, while otlnrs wantll )4.m II. W ne1h discrepancy, wce prefel they should,4 at the time ofoi gini ng o d Ics,4 tliSh4 a sta dell0el of their wishes, 14l4'the matenlatures can 4 ulfil then4 in every I.'t'rieula. Where it is left 1t o l. 1iseleiln, we shall ll4ake thelll 0on the moost moern a4Id4 approvI0 plan. An ordtho can he exebotlel, 1fro the time it is received, in the sme ofelight or nile weeksa, and thre (44 in4 that ti4e )Iace4lin thie adclns of the1acto 4. To be ill tim4e fl4r tile next crep, all orders Ougiht to be in tile hno4ds of 1t4 mol4fae1rOl erp h tie first or lidle of a';Y exUIt) oIr paations 0wher)ethy als el e in i com meJicianl to picrk or ginl eo44n.1.I N. B. Tl'Pe l . 1teo4t it, [ltl40rl : oe 0tf 4ithe eetton0 growing States, will be so0l on reaouamle term4a4. STAT'E OF LOUISIANA.--First Ju4ic4al t.iett"4 Coort TIlIE STATE OF LOUISIANA, 'To a whlo these Preseots shalli com4e, Geoting:-Whereoo William a14loket ha'rig purel4ase4 ait a sale male by the Slheriff of the pa rish of Orlea0s, t)ie dropenty Ihreinafter descried, 44a ap)plied to t4!4 clerk ot is.a I'ourt, in whose offie tle deed of sale was recorded on tie 5th day of Mlai, A. ID. 1;3., for a laonition4 or ad vertisement in tonor ity Ito an 4it f thle l.egplature of thre Stole ol Lanhi ta0, etitled "An act fi4r tie iurther asalraence of titles to purchasers otjudieial aales;" 4p. preyed tie 101th day ol March, 1834. NOW, therefore, know ye. 0ad all persons interested hereio. are hereba cited a4d admonished in the e0nud4e the Stole of Louisiaa a44d of the First Jodicial District Court, who can set pl, any ribght, tille or crlbi, in and to tlla propert vhlereinaflerdederiýed, it. eonseq ,ce of ano inlbrmnlit" in tile order,decree or judgmeot of thecount under whieh the sale was moade, or .ayirl4rolaritv or ill-gulity in the aopra0seu4ents and odoartioc,4ment, in time, or manner of sale, or Ioe an. other defeet whatso eve', to show ca04P0, withbin thirty days foao tile day this lonition is lrst inserted ia 4he public pa)pes, wh the saleso made should not Lbe eafirmed and hmol. gated. ''he oaid eproperty was s0ld by the Sheriffof the pnr ioh a.oreeaid on th 123d day of April, A. D). 10138,hy virtue ofadecree of this eolotn, renderedl on tihe 3d day of March, A. 11 1838,1in a s04it entitled William Mackey vs. Samuel Bell, No. 15,5315 of the dcketof this counrt, at which sale said Williamn Mackey became the pur chaser for the price of $3,304), cash. LDecription of Pomprty as givoo in me Judicial Con veyan :, ViZ: , A eartain lot I f gr.aad, to0et0er with all the boild oings and iolprove.onta thereon, aituated in the parnsh of Orleons, in the square ho4nded by New Levee, Lounisan, Paul and Delord streets, designated by the No 9,o0 a pla drawn by C. F. Zipel. IDeputy Surveyor Geneml, on the 16th DIecember, 1834. and deposited as plan No 10, in thile boolk ofplans of Felix lsrima, notary public. Said lot 0assures -i) Ioet 11 ilches ront 44 New Levee street,75 fet ii depth on the aide adjoining lot Na 8, and 80 feet 7 inches and 4i lies in dept.b on the side nadjiniong the property now, or lately, be4l4ngig to N toodole, and 19 feet Il inches widi4 in 4 e rear, lleere it frnsonts on an lley of tlhrae feet nine inches in comm0on to lots Nos 4,5,'6,7. 8 and 9. Clerk's Olice, lr l" Mapy 1838. m16 * ' W I EWI isp tlerk. MR. WILLIAMS. OCULIST, Ite LOUISVILLE, JOLT 21. Cu- It has been bid that I ran away from Louis of villae and (amontlher places) had eanle tac lne i Il the Niagara-,thermor resolved on Tu'rsidy last, tripj - to Cincinnati, for er day only; I reteurned again tae ib- sight. I hagin to foel that I am a very tmportans indi" id wol, as lthis instnt the Journal at t;,ia ctty was put into - r hand, tating, amongat a great many athse Ib- things,ih at I had actually run aday fea Lootaville wat to ecapethe olfete ofa tihe e.derful magetic ee nole aof dotor Sip, the aknight of the thiaite, alias, A w f, Mrturn, owev r, poves that the fable of the bo t ond wolf, is applicble to the Journal. The fale is m "A cos was employed to watch aod gtve tha alarm, when ohe wtlf appeared; he heing either a 'toatman,' a 1e tailor's anpor a liar, fequeatly oriedeut 'the wolfin csoting,; tthe great dismay of the citieses Thhy at last found out hit resl aharaerte: that he wasoa liar, Snot to be hbelieved even when ho spoke the truth." nThe fact is, that caauses must produce tiheir eLffects H it will prove, of the all-wire writers, l)r. Snip & Co., it rthe Journal. I would advise them to provide them SSItes with a stpameoagi press, in order to meet the t wonderfht teman d anti increase of that tpape. as it ie Swell known, thoef oa many who seek far nethip g but I faltehod,oust of b lter love to the sendera of that aeti atle. But unfortunatoely for C liaht Sip of necedle and isthimble celaebrity, the great mats of the tmillions of A t- nteaake aplearefantedod tfar famel as lovere ti strth Therefoe they will, (as efectt, produced y thle fstes) natsurally saiI woent to read a paper that I marely on, thereforeI will seek out sich, and Itcome d a sobab.ebe to the ttheejoursale. whose statements ill oatpeasL, false. Their tla. otament ara tto pal Iahte to reqten rut.,ation p yet I will state h lot. I ats agatna m tots hotel. a d. That I shallreotins tlt tha 31se Jul , 'thlIt Snip & Co., hate sent ma a letter threateaig oy lile if I remained after thsilthu 3d. rhat frtm thoI hhllt proceed to Cicinnatli;for k fourteesdaysonly, ofwhiclh I wist Dr Snip & Ca., to inform the asliited, in their own anwhabln never taila to brhing me paticts. lth. That efrom Cinelnc ti I eshall proceed to the Falls of the Nigra, toleoat Ieh tlalo, (itler Snip & eCo. do not take sway toy life,) on the lot oe September, ano atNew Yorkon sthelt tofNovr'nber, .e oo'end tit whole of the neat aumloer, i ordel r o olagh at all the whollu Philistines; the nltrical l oliolts of Botetor , Pitiladel. phia, tem phio, Naosoille owl Louisville, who wiei probalth(kefote thtat tithe arrives I doora,otollah lot, Rope and thre Golinht d. Currier &t. tiolt mwoke Sfor asses, toN;leo, tc. Golil 4th. Co c cultter. (lol I kh 5t, Psaiots and drug, aol picklte tore. Goliak 6th ti.le moat t sgnifiLena of oll, tOr. sip, acli dBell, &c. patche to the proprietors sll editors of tihe Journal. Loasrly. I wold hoe thie nobleo Ir. Soilt Co r know, that long before they wore able to threod a 00er Ileforgeeotd a Ilit.tane had, ben t or ey arh , is tlte lnbt it of restoring sight to the blild, sa. . tlet too when o owas a etletor of bhirs Moajeaty's crsttit, to rest elt al. I tse resen then so emloty.ed. Diid tire tltreo spinner; the c n.rier, tte haorce makefor toease.; ta e corn cutter wthe laint anod dltg ottte kanepe; and tle otoittlenot dnctolr Snip,r eer, oevn to re thora dream of eing e lle to dh rt like? I wlsh thle Journal h to statse, I tlhll receitelaieyatd aroa geiv ftros llt t a SA ih. soe gentleren raised to 5 ep'clroc P M. every Aetkeodoh edcoeotr', oorto. 'rbo oth o f a let" ~.I eet( twy,tIo h niin my opinioon withlit fee, as roal In great I19te, JOHt N t Vi"l.l.Ial,.,Oculist Jelereon Hloset, Louitvlle, oy f21 i 1:137. P. S.-Siino writiglrvj loot, I have '.oo ilorocco ttat one of the coo0ea0 th pa , o te surcol, cot his chle n)'ttroare ato whch toeaed wt, Ath tet,is, for at co+otritliu ,i,, tttoaet4 ri ic tt latec r, tomark,, . tlery tot Ihe tlrt tir eorlleech otior: thiey soll tuhe aagqe, reinds of von flacr fias k tas .or." 2. 6or act potine tic " ttir, Mr. Preniie, alias. to lt t of the rail," of the ro'uotc of h Ia'oe I t b 1 eaclltttoott, thte rospect doe to soch ttliotdliod tero,,t noe. Iteltruan lile rt'l thave d er. a n et plrten Ick le~ Jtirotvo - teclihis. ho'r'.s 'crit ,cc r fey't N, t orttItio....wtl. tal, anil tie pltof$, tosrf . l...tticrt. tteeriogotlic t~r~owliclrlt hly cttoiectieioroo~ • ai s + r+p 'onI h ais part; .a w.' find by ancient hiete (] thalint som are burnt alive, others lng by a halter I) nil ery nam~e were raie cdto he empcors,, "o evatre I Ie, of :t ,ll h i.. 'I ,,'I toL e I y . ey. aO, t I , havS titherh l tn e k nigbto f't[lie Ibolter But out oneth knighmt is a t anot only a.lliv e end if) r, frolm hi ains, to, tlt ,llh Ilrotllt .. . he : knig of the It prII v A elh an or l, O'a 0 lioll Iy f i Nb w rose hsprriildv a il r hat prjectclet, tec, tt l t ilol tha e we.t, flttie, tireo t lie r n eld, ac it, 5e khekitt ot' ftrle Inble' pac willoptihn to oe, in Itt Ittinge eoarcyt Ly tltchni ehttlln Srool,,.t ,tlart wthrl toIno, iltm o Ao a ' Sastne sall; who t hea rs ri. irs , t delictious ptair / tiae tit cpns t c mbe as,,f te w rli, lecis or ioeolln. n so muc~h npprr veil of by somoe In~llivs. hIi ' mh'llt t ott he"e oy I ' read rni'o t gsolaotopitth e ab of hty I sit teg aIIoerg at, hit the an dy e. i Goih,,dn.kigisa' the; dragr andl pair I and p(ick le ttrev sof ltccu,1tr. n 'I' r et orrr e i letIf N. loot heut s. b h oke of $20t', I woe .? tot a.roin I It ' It ovtt si h i t b nts, tth co ettaltt ap eie stir , hcoo srttre re, athret o) stit t M ren ''orsu gthantt'too , sic e tltt ' t,trttt.alit.,ha rsthn: Stomeltt'ct, Iteilettrttilr. klnttcoortt eitilio llcl, .dee. lone rentrmt taell tI y ttorr lr tc, .litttr is, tawhoe er ,bathtt widtay , tnorrw.ill piiat te al'hi dethr. Toa i t rlty I ott wi t a ltcl t i t,'l'rxa. Ie cet o ti c l eI te, ttaittt, tie e lrch t Itd to teilmetlt I htrol lftl ftr the ' west. sIiedI o i1,u Irceied lte etwr, 1' o'clock t rsta ' is ' ite to berhlme my "patient'. /'vtigo+,at hoa ,he oul clerlyit, a oe pre s w of; tire , ti viisble t o himles l Iteiat t trea tit rettgltemantoltt atiy fo th ite, tllite n isahol as t o ,h r arll twho hear- hi . ,, Wait liA eraoits, o ~' ~lha t n('oe, jooth hrepaied ol trieIr,'oted Qlnatns edrl; sod rt lie piopllcai.... . thean, d"n i c I. t aho t nt he iti Ig tel ateo'h to God and to me. Shetttti red if lie apmiirvcg the reu'rdies with which Imy i drsoed; yhitey 'op Iot any goodrtheta hy$o than a s ttoeurec ar it, tdtopt H aot tle upwarded hy ttr. ile The erectn pens of the worthyv knigchts of the rail and at titsThimlewillse-ive l nak legibly, after reading pt the all ve batty better. IlolfIwever a little aolnl lie. ie ge th ir f tdrn a w or thre~e will set all right atilt llev will uodllnaot prepaire somethingl to sulit the hI mentfal app~etite, al their retailersat breakfast nn Men day morning.~o FortunateIly for them, there isi a whole wI S:~:hhath tiny,(to). lntorrow) it, which they canl do their I11 diriv wok, J WI.LIA~nl b K. It. -1 have just received a letter, ,fated 21stJu K y insis~ting on my mkin an neolgy to thle drulggists to ofr this city. The writer style the opelves "Kenaic e Screame~rs I' p~etendling that I alludled to themn in my 1O Zest letter. Illqvy may rest asuredl, I dlid lint know or even suspect alb Gohab* A t lnlmg the druggists in Lou e6 isville; yet, if the capl fits any gentllemasn he wont 0 in co~urse wear it, thloughl nut intended by file. lit JefTerson House, Saturdany, 2d July, 183y. JEFFERSON HlOUE, LOUISVII.LE, July S13, 1837. To the Editor of e Cily GRaette: IR--Having listened to the entreaties of my pot -patients, I al resILvied if lly health pernits, to re. main this city till the end o July. I. Totry to do them moSre good 2. To convince the inhabitants that the vile apt ghets the Medical (ioliuhs S. &c, hare pplied to lSe, belono to them, as thl ir lnwful right. 3. t[II I 7am ready oto . losite t5,o hunldred dollars, in notes of the U. S.f ank i tlo Ihantl o ' Ila o the Mlyor ofthis city, against as stilslr mult t, be de i.ositedl by all tlhe gr at aud i sty Ictors t . &. Co. that letre oreto sight more og 3tgllle-ged, vyoung persons an t children, ol, were totall or ps tlly blind, than they do; and tl ot isn eri lalel t cur esa hrenter nue ofl slort. teak ,r di..l...sited psn,. duritg oy short visit, tInl they ldol. Yet I wailnll o lmy wse eCoaltoniator to call in to theia r aid all tile vers deservedly celebrlted pslo!tessrs me d 1dtlesot rO all t= colleges, as well ts oill the duoctrs 0and quack doctors o be toosud ij private practice, {ho are not, few) in the Stutes ofKsent.ekv, Ohioni, dillioso v t d in kloneses;ei where therre e. ioded otois tosic tilr fimous doctors, whose names nug t to he handed dow as low Os possible to latest posterity. 4. It mInatibe c flearly ferst lod that fo l thie cures if any on ,th sid .s, rotlat e r iSe1 shtaIl have been perlormed mitlusttlteu ild olt ay surgical o cratian whatever. 5. Those ui whe really nerit the elpithes they have sh liberally a pplivm to u; shel fh.liti the i m u rt be tu reafit mfihornel!s holwien it ithe ist, ol the lherpri ty shall take back his owtsn $2t, lwhoever he or tise ima be. If even the migltv metlic.l hIISou olie dt lhtoll prove one of tile sueteetsll canudidetetls wis fuhil tne old proverh, asld give thge"Sld gtlnUlllll" his. line! ti. At all events l would advise the last naolei (doc sind S. not to suflir that letter to stand :,li.t, as it one "tr "silnllctoll us well as "slplitet,; bht.l yestlrolda *I tow.loas but Iadlvise hint to ad to it its logitsleltso comp Hhiose, A S plsced leftec it, itn Silstssetiol orden ways know t he writer by the otelodv of his toitis. JOHN WILLIAIIS, Oculiot. 1I was weak eoouoh to red the mlto ss ootlleltoods signed S.,which deserve nothing but ty silent cos tenpt. lied I known last evenhlg of tile great importane o A S ,o should have trated the last of the thlree somt what differently: but let thot pss. I will. Ihowever ompliment hisi master of tie Journal, for his saga. ity to employ the formner knight (not oftlhe grter or of tie itle, st) ofthe needle nu thkiotble, in order thtot be may kill two birds with one stone, i. e. to patlch the holes tint may he int Ilia natural or politial grnentels and, if I may jludge from that excellent palerl tle Ad vertiser, Dr. Snip s muster is, politically,in cuonstanl need ofhis services. When any cirantstaneteccurs, wletllterdomecsticanll or politicelhy, which requires a blister, whether on hi: own nose or oi tile reputation oftlhsae whoe do not hapi men to please him, being unlike hit, (whichL must be , greet misfortune!) tlhen it is he rings Ihis BELL, whise after all is nothling more than if it was *'sounding hbnrass ore tinklin" cylnbal;" yet; to view it tlus--l)r. Bell looks well; but with an M. i). A. S . after it, appears nmagnificent!!' JOHN WILLIAMIS, J)lnli. Julyl4. lH AVANA E"ET.-IEA ..S-l .ctore andl . rals i by 'I' t HR7YDE &. BRO, s'cot Comnllleso ld hiaga :ins .etc T o R Eh' I'. -,KN THE handsonme STOEl and hack Kitchens te tilhe oeasement story lf tie 'Tarue Ameri lL anL . oflice, two domrs' Irmn tI. Charles Thbe atre. A flut rate stand fore Coffee House Aply to 1118 JOHN GIBSON, Editor T'roe American. AIIS.--A prime assortment of ut Naeils from N to ..forsaleby CHASE & I)IXEY, mI (ltom Hlouse street. MILES' COMPOUND EXTRACT OF TOMATO. or A sunsITr'rUTE roes CUtwL. '1t HE doetine promul ated with so much asttlrnce | by many emplries ogthe preset day, that one me divine will cure alt diseases, i not, and nevercat be ut true; ast he who asserts it, is either a fool oran ilh poastor. But it is fact demonstrable by experiene, I that combiueations of medicine may be formled from the SrEoETABLs KINGDOM, that will act 8o nliversallay on the system, when taken seasonably, and injudicious pro portions as to cure, is nine 'ases oot often, all diseases within the reach and pdwer of medicine. From tne well known-ond established reputation of sClonme, it has long been employed by the empiric, in and seientific physician, 'as one of the most itowrful sgents fos the renoval of disesee. By the former, al , mut evely lind has hlcen delged with nostrums, that their authors claimml as specifios in every disease inli Sdent to the human family. 'fhe folly of these .preteo S-alionm needs no eomment, for acnamle chemical tnvesti ' gation lana nlown, that the baue of most of the, SCatholliaons, ec. whichl, have been trutapetted before the community, with so much assurance, is Calomel, or mercury in some form. Now, if this potent articlee even in,, thehand of the most skilful physician, frequent ly exerts an inlluoue n tile human system, unforeseen, and entirely beyond the control of atrt undermining th, constitution, and brinting on premature old age, disease and death, rsut shool he eoected when pre saribed hy the ignorant? Cotld their many thousand victims apeak, a tuoie from the tomb would soon dispel he 'spejedc' delusion that now sways the minds of the living. Humane Physlcians deplore the sad evils resulttng from the mercurial paetite, soio will glaolv hail the in troduttcon of an article that can safely be soostitutedl for calomel. They feel anti that keenly, the uncertain t d ofifsseprimar opeolclon; tjoonaaaaiuwt say hether it-wilI hbe.ahorablesorlmofaooahle. They" also kow, an faerl, that ii its use is continned for any considerable time, in jurilous secondlary coonseqences moal follow. Rut they must choose the least of two evils; they know no otlher r'licle thit will aeonse a toyrid UVer, reoove ohbsturc tion, aod set in free action the whole glaodutlar sastem, :loo it being indispensblyv necessary to do tais, they continue its use, notwithstandlng the evil consequences which follow. 'They have long desired and sot ught an artic le t would produce the good effects of this drug, without nobjecting tile patient to its del[etereiotats results. Such a desaderatum, it in believed, los at lenglth hbee obtaioca' in the article now psosaredl to the tpublic. The proprietors of this article keeplog in view the fact, that a nise and benevolent Beini, oha placed with ill tile reach of oll, remedies adapteslto the dinsassc ia cident to the climate they inhobit anld knowilg, like wise, that most of the diseases of the Soutlh anut khet ore hosed uIpon organic or functionoal dert-gemenet af the livelr; dlrected their atteotion to those artieica wlaido act more esptcially on the hiliar, organs. Alter long, lahorios, andl expensive rseaced, 1oey hav. suelued.l . in extraci a substance fromee . theo1lO IATO, which, from its peculiar effcrt upon the hepa tic or biliary orgaus, tlhey have dlenominatedl Jlapatine. it is a meldii.oe that sill produce all tihe beeticial results of Calomel, in both acute ald chronic d!i-e:ases, without the possibility of mroducing the lceriousde tcoo seoli'noes coomollo tao titl: nicle. eits oation upon thie eonstiution i universatl, o o part of te systoemescaping itu inollonclce. It is, however, upon the or.'uals of secretio, ,al crtim that its great power is particularly manifestedl hencle it is pe ouliarly adiapted to t.e troeatent of bilious fevIers .od other lisetass in owhih.l a torpidity or eongestion of tlhe liver and portal circle oprevail. lis alooisisiote in all eases, whore it iu ncessary to leanse tle stomach doltll owelts. It remvo-es obstruoe tion, and excites a'quick and healthy action of tie liver and other giotlauar vicera of thie ah;lonel. Ileing hdif Sfusble inl its operation, it produces a free circulation t ill tile vesstls on the siurfice of tile Ib.dv, secuopanied by a gentle pespiration. It does t exhaut like dries ti 0 purges; still, its action is more unioaoioslol o tn ' lay 0 -tteuh be repeated, not m rely with socl'y bat with grcoa hen, . fit, This becomes indotpensably nDieessa ill o aso . ol long standingi ; I r in them iuoense temlpol.nry impresa ollns mada by strong medicines, sehhlom, ift ever, do golo; hout teald to ilnjure the stoman of tthe c:nstitu ion. 0t It is clelusing Ind ha ri' inr g to toe osctoco, cot il pela-fet oharonola- uitll loe kaoawon laus aoa lilt, slal is .nltuhltelll v osnof the mostva oluable articles escr offer el fir public trial odl iuspectinoo. Forlaoelleoielce, this medicine in Iormed intoo 3 gsain pills. The white pills are cathartic, o/teralire, ot'n p/aretic and tlik'tetir. The yv.lluw plilluaretonic, u.,ot. hntaut anl diaploretic. The obllowing extract on tihe sactjeet isarnm the Cinclin sati Jourantl. MILES' TOMATO M.I)lCItNl. The virtues ift" the Tonatto, ot only as i dUliEious vegetable thr t ae lable, but als: as t medicine, have for :. cons:l1 tl, e ttle past, attracted nio little attention. It has beep believeld to inosess ati.-hilious qgulitis whitch, it thly coilld he etffectntllextracted, or acelattel liaoll the overllulr. .lulnnst wIoUtd be inValuable.t 'I'bis ]Ias beuel iztyd n a bilious FOlllltl., A large p1ur inn " I he di se"ts-::q ise froll ,isordered livers, or flm a IId ut'glelelt.s In the gilandbular st ctem. 'This is espicitll the c.ase ill tile twest, tall still more soat ithe .muth. If a lreedy l, ccs, taei, effectual it Its opleration, alI leav ing the crlstialion inattpatired, celdic lie eiseoteret for bilious cmeplaints, this wotld unquea tionaly be atong the most Ihealthy climates ian he wrhl. t;alomel Ilas been the almost uitcl.ertal reuldyv 1t dlisetses of tlhis character. llut at s a remedy which nothingll but necessity should induce the use of. It my be considered as tre:.puassing on the province of another profession to stea k ti this, yet we mave be permaitted to express our strong convictiol that Cxlomel cannot he t used without injurhoue and I.mting efftets upon the sys tem, r'eater or leas, akncrding to the quanltites taken, and the frequency of its use, and tie consittiution ofltbe patient. A substitute for this, therefore, tom tahe i -e getable kingdom l is a desideratum in this coutryv. We believe this desideratum has been discovered in he Tomato. Dr. Miles, of this city, and hisassaacite, with much labor and expense, as ce nmleirsqtd, have - succeeded in obtaining such aI extract from this tegeta ie as, it is hnped, will be tilanm an effectual sottstilute. We hoae taken some pains to enu.ire among medical teen and others whio have used this medicine, as to its eithets, tad we feel well satisfied that it will prove a muIt valuable riemedy in hilious complainti . So tfr as we have been able to learnl, it has produced the desired effeet operating to produce u healthy action of the liver, plrurattlg bililus discharges when needed, and in some insatnces breaking lp fevers, with even more certainty and in a shorter time tha calomel: For sick or bilious headaches, it has been found a goed remedy. Those who have used it lay that it does not produc ille debili. tatingeihecta of moat other kiclds of pu1egatice medieines that there is oln r ieased danger fthr ecatts asler :ts use, anlld where large dosesof calomel would be eeded this eperates widtout any danger of the distressing atid injuriousefl'ecta of calomel a whein prol ing iallvalion As wea have etasoit bthte from our ivtaritigatiul,I his of the T ato will prove a setshbthtttae fo aloeatl i a gret variety of cases, we Caaen oi id it hs a hlessiag to tgie hllnaua tI'oeti. I tng perihetlcly sulh, anid tree ,rum all I tiner is e itat we speak of iit, and we auet chata itcIStrtIto fllty rested by fitcnilies. t\\e ve eviert . al suba Th'le abouve tmedicine run be obttaiund on! of h tle" . te.t.. Age...a,atd.. i lth.era..r.n ,:g tav t c-cat-. . , niseiul signed bv "'A. rtelii, t".'t iE. M. c." cad ecuutcreicued bv t , B31toe, Geatral Agetei for Louisiana," alid bearing fbe Contpany seal. E & B T Stone, tenerai tAgets lior Lotaisiana, 114 Tecllhupitooins street. lRieder & Co. 133 0 d Levee street, opposite Veg ta aie Market. Pauil Martin, eor Old lver tand ;ilespitcl street. \i.. Shety, eor cCa., uto J lit sti rets. lir lueller, cr Tebhouituloas stree ta nd St Mary's Iatrket J P elurbat &. Co, corner Tehouphoulas amo Gir(ed .J &t' P i artrll.,u Sr., I.n. Ita t,n Sctan-,,,) , X tI-tt. . tI-,, +I.. 'ihotln.s j ttauans.hl r, llour u, 'cl':-l,. I'reeleriek Serda, eornerl I'vodrecatl l Lamp sis. tir.. Jores, Tivoli (tlede. I\ m. Ivlus, No. 4 Bullding Co. Raw. Application fiuagencires ,r mceiicaes by it ol.sal. musat i- e tactlleto IlR Geaera l .tt tat , eW (Ne t, t.,t. All ctters, post paid, will be piantaly atc ded tou. S''ATE tPl LOIISI..A. I)ARISH COURT. ltr the Parisol a d City of New SOrleaas. Present the Itan. Clhanies Maurian, Judlee. Jlne Itlh, ti18 -No. 10,984.--Jaiques Potter vs. his reditors.--Upoa reading and fili g tlte pertiio and schedule in this ease, It is orderedtIy tie Coert that IhoI creditols of lteinlalveet do show erouse eo (ope curt oin Saturdna thle 7th day of July, 1838, wmty he should anot bediacharged tconr.hng tt la.w; al In to t macntiiute all proceedings against hias person and pro erlnv ae stayed. Clerk's OHtice, New Orleans, June Ii, 1838. jel taw Ai.4 tANu 1:itO'r, Clerk. iTAT i L LOUiSlAiL.-C.. ae dte rtaroe, di pour I proalssse etla ville de Ia Nouvelte Or leans.--Preselt Ihton. Charls Mlaureian.juge, ljuij , 1P38.-e.o 10,984.--J:.eques Potier eottie sts erbau riers.-S-ur lecture it etregisttemett ae It petiition et itserhdule data cette affatir, il et decet6 par la teur lue lee cranetiers de I'insolvable hfaire savoir leurs rti .sonsen couraouvett, asedi 7 de jutlet, 1838, tIurquoi '1 ne serait point dech ,rgh eonformeulent A la loi, et en ttendaut taoute poursuttea conltre sa persoaae ou sea troprieties sent trr6t6es. Bureau de greffaer, N.ltvelle Orleans. I1 jiin, 1838. jell4 taw ARM INS) PI'OT, Greftiee. -INSEED iiL--itI Wtt, tadolg Ircot ateamb at LA Albany, for sale by G I)DtloE., jel3 44 Ne. l.evee. E ARL' AI SUPEORIOtt HA-S-Now landingfrom Selratliboei Sultana, a sitaa y eif lah above, let up i bhhdo, tiereae aml hblt, for sale by I.A'ET'h ' AMEI.UN(i, jell 17 iCoilonere sareet. IINetEhIt OI-t12 itbl.rand i rariea iear Litered SJil, now laiding on haltlaip N..hill., anld fer ale by JAIRVIS & .\.I)KEWO \Vitlee.lR Drtaggisa, ire3 Ietcmnm at nda tia halpitlas at. O I't tIt ALE-hit ceask(s(inrtad quard ) incarore 1 3 aeci fer salie 1 ( I 3OL.IES & MLLS. jet9 Bank Allay pAINTSOILS, (iLASS, BIRUSIIIS, &ec.-a etl lantding trom ship Constitution, and for nale-vz : 16.000 feet ofglant, best quality, front 8X10 t y tX28g 31100 kegs white lend, pure; 350 do green paint, in e- libr. keas;4 dozjlopaned insfor s gns'go lh. lithrage; 26 dos splendid 0I0W0) ground brusher, also of01100 and )e 011 do; caser cretme green in lowdeti superior article te do In eanr; a large asortment of nach tols or every size and quality; aoble pencil for artirts; lint marking. trushes for merchants; artist's eolort in oil read pe - o pared,in boxer, fitted ' with all necess.ry brtshes;; artist's taolst, &c. in Flake and inmnit whlite; 601 aneke gold lentaf; white atd yellow wax;gumn norabic; and a large otul choiee as-. if ortment oflpantas, dry eoloa oil, trtrlwentine, narnih, Scc., for sale, wholesa'le and retail, at the lowet prices, by MIONI)IEI.LI, e28 58 Camp at. It lofu'it fot..41c. NEW EDITION OF THE CIVIL, CODE OF LOUISM3NA./. ST has been fir some time made known to the public Sthat the subscriberie are engaged in preparing lur the press a new edition of the Louisiana Civil Code. r'hrv weri. frn tim first, aware ol the 3gret difilitty and reelucatlilitrv attendieg the publication II the worlk, and it weas not without great hesitation that tlhey con. aneated ito the undertakintig. Bunt the present editiot, amountinag to about three thousand copies, andil whichl had cost the State more than thirty tltousand dollars, was entirely outof print. For morn than two "enrs paest, the uonal'ppiee of the work ns been fromt ithirty to fiftly dollars. It isa tiaten of written rules wnich o immediately I operates upon every iodividial of he satte, intereteil etLher in angulture or commerce .and wllich governs the disposition of so much property oolting tt un frott other states, that-uonlke ahnosa. aiu other treatise upine Iir'-lt ts as mcih the tarxt-book land'datinul of tile merellnt and tliolhlaoter, en it is of the pIrivte gentle man and the profeseioanllsdvoc te. S'the lawyers ofltheudjoiutig crtates, anod it et fla thosre states :Ilt tt the lOhito atd llidoItnt rivers whilh fiid a mart fir their produce in Louisiann. havet a re gonnt necessity ofrefierence to the code, and make it ra indiapenoble r.qon;itet to their liltrorin;, ad in ate city of New Orleti tile hook it as suoe to l.i lined in the merchant's eountiig r m , as upn *hie tlrsk of the julde, or tlheR tble of the attorne. It i i net soIprising therefore that tile first elition ifihe workl was so qiuik. ly disposRUd nd ltlhongh a mnere reprint i.f it .oold ii talltl meas ire sluply the pitlic neetsity, yet it would be imper:ect td itlnsatisiilctry uolet annot tatred with reertnces to the Reports atid Stoute- in ortler to etm' race tie nnlnerllos ar:teudments white hal t. et made by ite l..gislalture ad tilhe important idlcisions anid cnlctttrlllii.i which t ltile Ieto given to Il.loanV o its articles hv tile Sepreme Court. 'Thle publlishers have seilredl, the ceneral rsper. intendenee and ediltoritl dacpnrctent of the work, the proresrsional services of llt eelcbk S Uptton, Eq. a lntiere of the New orleai lier. Tle Ftii . Jluye IBullard, Judte HBerttte, co io nl t (ete) e r tio , lo have ea i kdillv atoiatedrl lIe Liot it tit valh r nhlteP notes which therit have cnlletel in lte iotrte o' tlheir studies and practice; and to . r N R Jeninticsete ptrt-t nor of Mr Upiton, whl is alo ooeiagel it the work, (eo e Stramwbrildge, .Eq. has preeonted tiem greit mic of tefi ren.esonoteined in his office .'opy ci t!he etl, ntol Wllicl nave ieell made by hiuiu Il.ig tite Wole ti rid at his disl:igtuiohedl rrloltiOl Itlttaoh .r TIie pttllils ere sIlyl theerefire ty tII e l'll t hat I talats tinctt;t tf t.e u wrt will be all thllt illdutrv t lt d t hthltllr, t Pi-t.d by I learning anid ixplerilene, ,1in11 lerf.rlmlrl. In plutting forlh this tpr. spe m ani( I sols i gi gll e . cI P tol slhbsrieerrs to the wtrk. tal itnlililtrr, take pruie it thlle f tart t t itle Le ingislaturr nl' I-.tii ti l a n o i ztl t ri tl tile (;YIovero r to ordlr oat. l~lllltlltid copies I it t f ille I ftltrn lae ol'tltte tote. l'he rendineshie o icll whlhh this ittumer woe takei , by the Assemblr, evinced their Jn.It stel.te of thluevalue ofthe w.rkbandtt tey tle.rtobe eatend. tV ed that cnfidence in lthe abhility of the tlillislos a ld edlitors which it is lh, il is nlt holly tnIeserve.d Thie work will hrb priltd inr Frenlch a II Fgi;s, at upon goodl paper and lith clertr rpe; n will n Ex Ipenasorcare ite spared to mike the wol nhiatlechatriit ii exeec tioii of it eIrretrII\ dl withitos Crylt ii.l..t'itii e I It will problaly he r., v' fill de.liverv in the ot. h 1o II I Septilnr next; nd otlle prit e will II, ito hscru r dir I fitoen dollars--fie dollars ti Iie pail at the tune ofl subti ecrihintg. Ti ..e t.bitritition li.ts oeeel ,sedl, tlhe store pric e no will be twenrtiollarr peir copy;. ep6 i' JiliS l i CO, Puolishers. I r ..... [lou NEW Y0tt0. [Louisiana and New York Line of Paekets.] ( ) is and Scwt "rork asevery other llnr tay- eomlnmening on tho 20lh ilaye'nber, mllal to insllre Ihe strictest puInetality in tli r time o sailiig, the lice ill herelafter consist of five Shlils vri: SOitip Yanzo, Captoii 'l'raok to leave on the 20th t nov. Shilp, I.ouisville, Calt;it Palaer, to lenve ol thn 4th Ilecenlber. Ship Iintaeille. Captain Eldridger to leave on the 18Nh Deeemb I. Slitp Vieksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the ist Jun oera. Stipit Ainessojppi, Captain Davis, to leave on ith 151h Jantary. I. Thie above ships are all new. of Ilat fist class, er,ppered and coper lall l wr, 'nsteneil, n uwrs o0l0ll u,: burihen, are of light draught of water beian Ibil il Neaw ork expressly for he Irode. ''hII pri.r of ptos sage is lited at one itandred dollars. 'their abllits are fitted a d.:ontle Illstlimcrveds allId cotvenent pioe aId frished in a neat and eleaat iyt A, le stores o' the first qatlitv will lie prvildedl td every reogard Ird Ito tilhe comfortlind ealirr satisltctio, ao ps'tettgerr, who will please take notice Ithat no ,berth cat be setud I. it raid atr at the office of the eor caitgaec. I kese packets are colmaaaded Itl Capta ins well ex iperieneed in the trade, who will give every atten tion, aad exert themselveas to aceromolatatc. 1 hay will t all tires be towed ap and down Ithe Missiti ipi by steambht, anid thle strictest puicual ity so: rvet il I the tli o uf giling Thi owners of tIhese hips will not be responsible tfor ay let er, parcel or package sent by or pt on boaind at .lhem, nnle~s a regular bill at lading te signcrl thIorer It the retating hoasi of tile agents or oners. For i orth,,r particulars , apply to I D REIN & A COHEN; nov 13 90 ('nnrslort tt ia S/"AS found filft miltesto a th.eBl.ize,inu athe omuh t I ,of Julo,a a large laouti, (English built) copper 1 fastened, and has been opperod, sire is 29 fbet ta., rg land eight feet beans; asd limas raes sloap rggedl as ther a irte ron straps forward for rigitnt. Whtocver re cognrise said Iounclh, will tplaoo call at No I)r Old NleAar,. fD.t ltev. F- . -----h n- - I PEINSACOLA MANSION ItOUSE, I NEW CITY, PENS .'CtOIA. r lIE subscrier having itornnaed theae tre ondi for nitureoa f ttis well knlown so, ion jltm Taylor, the late proprietor, will be rcldr to retva i.. itero by hti let of April next. Natleraue and costly improvemetsa will be found in tire rragoaelents of he Mnsiotai hlouse. iNew all more colnaoldtotia balthing hases will bho uilt, atnd wart b ll will he Iravicd ru at tll lio ra. A stable will be attached to the ouseo, with good acotanlola- it file the nta of riltters. Biliaordo s and lltis alnloetlelia l a at attering ie N, oit L ' h adlld coellclted an not to i t.ttrcR'e wit tthe toirt anl qointof te boarders. The alws o nild liqo will tb of the best qaalitv, alnd to cisroe a ull sl pll ol e icy, a Rargo has alreaiy lmeu ortered, wttcr till atrrive about the Iat at May. 1Mr Frederick Iarlared, who foroerly kept so poanla It a hotel at ashitigton city, will colndct tlis ho eL far the .lroprietor, lho, .ith uch aid to,onfitenl asu.res the lisitrai of last yeor, oot hio friends en Cerily Ihait titey will every isto.ible trintttuo; and theiriI p expcts to tgive genoral satilarilion. Tle local sdvataiges at tli tlrallo are tot altll' knaown to tneed a lrigt. ened de-eriltlien t re. ''l IIt falcia it-tl l.,te tttl is atht ailjest naval statot n of the It t tt i te;lltll c ne n irsl reaitldevr l at of tle y a lgllf null rnili o .; th 'llllrilv oa tit climlat e refreshed caosstml " II d- ' ling lielt e ull tntr ioutlahs bi. ythLe coolest I rees~l s""lUlll Sth witll e w tltlh ttoter abotalld; lnd its piox iitt e to lte best Sotilllllhrt rkets, give i'ensaoela t he pr; litente over ail other places tn the'e latitndes, as a hleallh t s dlli delightfltl sia erretrt,.t it First rate tataas illrn . bttlweeo Penaloo la ttld jla- ti bile, ald will d ttal ttlimes it able to take the passengtrsao frotl the Neot Orleans tlois. N B ARNoLD. It Penosacola, Feb. lth,l18:8. l iGentlemeno wishing to engage rooms far tllheir at families, cao address the properiator, at 'ennacila,. ort Air Scwell T Taylor, the former propllrietor, at 'etw Or. hi leans. 0 T Satfird, .Eq, MrI C Cllum, II McAlpin. Esq., It. Kibhhv, in Mob I; S 'I Tl'aylor, P lP Ra, osq, in Net It Urlearls. P S-A letter bag, to receivre eooalaaialiois fir in persoen at the labove hotel, is placed at ieo Whitmano i' loffice, 5 St Charles Excho ge. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. ' Travellers desinrous ef taking the "'orida route, via Peaosacolo,t the North, ar iairtned thrat itrsntrrer t boats will ecnstanllv raa fegr. Mobile , Penaconla tearing Mobile and Polensacla evra er Ott v ae er Ihe lot of May. Gtod stages will alwava tbe provda o-v g the ubocriber to be in readhieas to lake passengers fttlm Mobile, in anse of the failure of the boats. at, N BI A.NOL). n The teanllmoat Champion leavna .Mobile for Pensa. P cola twice a week feb 28 lv or UeIAR.--. hlds, a prtue artlcla, rte sale ,v to 1J. I)URSEY, yet 44 Ne L.evee IIUMPIlR EY'S Ft)KEIGN T'OU. of,, c. G U.RAT BRIP AIN, FRANCE and lFILSGIUti. "a shbort tur in In..--B9y Heitan Hmphllrey, D). II., Presirdent of Ainbeert Collegs in 2 vols. The Works of Mers; .hereod.-Beuog the onli ooanplete and uniform edition ever pablished in tlhe "aittd Stoter, vnl. 15. Jtst reoreived and far ell Ib y W 'fINE1 AN, :.o: CreteCamop aiecCtaa streert. lfDR W. EVANS' CAM(,MILE PILLS. FklHlI'higbly valuable medicine may be had' *hohe" j. I l and retail at rNew York prices, of IFli-- &. D'LANGE,18 Camp street. It is confidently recommended lor the following die Sruses: Dyspepsia in all its fo no; bilious and liver at flerotlOn, in rery stage and dogree; female aiocknhar, ymore parlicularl rite nassea itcident to motheO flutor albus fever and sRae, inociiet conll s umtoione tde Seliine, whether of the live or lungs, hleroltle m or giddi nerr, losu of alnlettie, Ourvour tremora, inebriatlon or Sdelirium tremens, spastandic afftelion of all khlddsr? en y mofistiwhether chronic or iuflamcnatory :n ervus or hilious Lanrs, of everry variety; scrfula, alnt rheumn. oand all blotchc, bad humors, it'd im urne c..mpexiruo. of the skin; rtllnsuess oat night, a nrd daily irritability und nelrncholy; thie summter eompluint, sill eholeet tnorhuos or diarrhoea in grown pears aor wruos sores lt lenot, with boil brorab; ebloroi and puolprnillor s of hbe heart and head; ehsnges of femalt conetrtntrtron: snd for irtpaireo asil eooeiti'uilos in either sex; p whirel hveu not been pemranntlv rerlevld by anlr other medicines A single triial of Dr ¶ Ernrs' rmoediciner in aly of tlre caoeo, will produce r:h effeerts as will in dialre their incotrptraltr superiority, and induce such Ta rse oflheon as will inume a speedy nult unlllestona - bl cure. Directions for use accomp nying themn. Y Nulnesur certifiates of ures will Ia shown, us from msthe liength of the catalogue it is imoposriblet to he i.- liirit ihrough tlhe tosdiem of a netvslreuor. On Dr Evanns' catloge e therreaerr upwards of nl ,000! caPse, San i othis ith y we can refer to moany ,.rst- who tIave Ieeo, elieved,'and in sonme intanes rent elrey ursd of luong stuadiog.ediseeo, by Dr Evaus' Comu tie Pills. Hou- ltil STATE OP LOUi SIANA-Firstr SConurl l ltP.e SrTAThe OF LOUISI A NA, T alul whom iL th-re Preents ohall somr Cle, Gree-itigr--Wherea, tio me Barrne i llr, o irilogi pal ohsed ar a dtale mlarteo the i tohlrtcilfl the witisth or Orloeaso the drlr y lti. monft'.r ,dscribed, hits aplplied the tblcrk p tlie snort. in whoe office the deed of htelu onered one wh 2..., the 2f drlv of A ril, A. I 1838, ifilr a Ionititno Inr uadverLie nmell ir lfrlifreitlo In a1uret of the Ideslotolt of the Stde ofi Iuiantis o elrtitled Ari act tleo tle luther r lsU ralloe ol'ititleo ro nrllorters atijuieinial eloes " cipriteiC I the Iotir day if Macih, 183 i. NO\V, thlerfore, kllow te, and all presons irterrsted hlreiht.iei are hrclbr cited arnr admnOihird hii fl crttRe oit (:ourt, trio oI srt oproaIy origt, tille or rlalm iti and to thie iprol rt helreillafter er crioel in eOrllsllroen, l inf rmalit in thrte irdntbon irte judgmet t 'the o /itlylndr hi~hl t ihn srole wita mlre, i rt lr)t ihrreegulari ty ore tirmeatl-. atllllrltT salO , or ft.ytrll ,y lther ihlet rwhatso r e: to how clser, irwithinrtirtt onir troti ia thi t Mlttiorn is firn itlreltet l ir tilr r ullllll c p and elw s the sa lfe s ho ihellhls d lnt be a firh:rm l alnd IonlontOell. The sal Irroperiy was slith e v thrt Sari ilt', rrihe IutPeish nlorles rid at tihe v,1te dcv l ol 1.tiel, A. D i:c:l3 by sir. tioe oif it of h iis cruUt, rrlliotl.r o.n r lh.0th t la 0l Jtrll:o, U . l 8 3it 8trer -, itn a linit tlitle d laic- e.ltir nei I)ig's .'.. ivldyus Geette, No 15,10! o'f lthLe ul.ut l'thlis Citort, at hih sole said ,leen t er roes r I)irgs rt rle-te thre ptl thtaer for tllrl rirce o twcnt -ffe itlousattllll ([escriiioioofti porotperty as h'eor in tie Judirciel Con- Io vtt anlnci 1: inr i Acellai,,' ])+ece Ftigiiwnit rrerot gre i ttrrrirai '. l i iilrthe hou leinetottlart iprmemeeit hti reot .i,,hr t IriOll... , : 11. there brnl owhl igi ag. , l eI\ o r i in e al- ' a e rllt e ltat inll Blae senrg .lo i ti[lhtlllo s thio b foitn" tine oseiotg i rten-lgish rim iue, eh roee hnidrpte ' 1 pand fitly -nix elste staIl -eighths t lhae t "in t''o t ml the ". ublite l.:d lon New LeveI t, thrre rd and edrll siett - t er i" feet six lehnslltnl four-elghl hlls of an inch lhlllt te t iu t (celewts , two hmlh'ed adl fillty.five I eet nlur ichesah . 1 twol-eightbhs of .n ich nonta IlollinNii tio Old Ivc :or· srierl, until it atrikes tie bmnltrdv liot ol Loauort Mil- I p :don' o ortr . ltteeui ller l of t itai ieer e alrltl o lll. Ira site; the e fort llng a right o,,gle o lu d rxsit-cit r glir lice Iof said lillauidon's property priel tno('olerte c Istl et; there f Hon,, a righl angle, anI exltlndllg oift- . ehl three ft.Ct errvcn inces anld throe eighth ,i" an inth o.e i l tile boullllar1r lio; ofD Ltlls Ile' tIerl e t le It O\it.enllog rorlrv tivc ftet seven inethee o t ll tic eigtillbt of an irolh cur the I oUlidtOtt line if curd 10 1 h" plriert., todllCl In Celeste streCtt tlllnee it.trl111g antrlltr- rigibt ogle, lnid cxteillingu tle hlunelldl till trreoty sivl lert to trtn inlllebs n tollr e iglhthts of allt inllth ol rhe i. mllldaly r j litre ol'tsitl s lrede's rl erte iprallrlI to ite Iublic atoIa Ja, olll Now ILevee swerrt, sld tieolty rit feet fiurr ilchels I sdI I'our~ighllhl ol'tnilch front on Nun's steetr uoreorl- die log tea pladiy J. Pili, City Surv)eor, mlle 8l Jtn- 2cI oar), 183-2 anRnexed to an a.rt ptrdi hefore Iouis lI Is' Cnllet, Xalrt Poillie, rn the .fii, Janrllr, 1 'itoesri the Hon A. i. iachiboattn, Jdgr e of the c t C:oratrr ofoerotlC ,tir liethr Apteril, t .ss. iQ.*lt.,.ll3-I P. LE II.ANC. Dep. CleCrk. l i SA.UT'IONItI) BY TIl. FAI.UL l' OF MED C1\N. e tIeOI N'S Compoxnd l.tract ofCopaiba andl Slasa . parilla -A certain, sale, and ll sti efectual rele t ,) ever discovered for the ctre of Gonorrhea, Gelers, Strictur es, Whilsc , Pains in the back and illins, senual Sweantess, affectinsl of thie kidlier, grasel, scoarbutic ertltptins, &c. I Ihr. iltrod.uation of a mledicine posesesing the useful c s a actihe vi 4 e of the one le no oflered to the poblic, a the Iro lietlor as bllt to refer to the Ilnumetois Irt.eonl a Itealatlonts rcceived from the mosti enlltln " the fh e Sltctito e+ceulty i.n I:ltone, beliiing tlat it itll ihe dily t applc'iated whenli ins mIitr are itmore illvy kiowni. The t IUilal of Ioliniba, so exlensivel.l sned, has loast much S f its credilt iromn tie dislike thirh patients tolrierli Sexiiea Iss relgalliig its distgree.-itle ctste, tSilltctlaILtce tllntiued ii rlcie Iowemls stid atomachl, aid, nilt herellhr inefllicienev when used ill the inflami atnluty sltge. The plrlprietorhls made an anialhysis of the Btalslt, Eone.iv itg that thle more aneivequalities wnuhil i.rrlehv lie ,inleh nmoe onlcentrated andi more Iuslitli adlminisiiert tihan iI the llreset state. The above mell eteine eomlbies in glrclielts uallielt are in the highest repute amitnn tihe r most scientific and learned in the pronfession. E.: I Sdrlug in the eomposition of thisprrllailtion iereases tih eliaaecv lo the other, producing all peration trully ato oishliig,nand airlpasing the niaat saailtlg , exptctatlslS Icsttaettgtl the same thie the tttvantage at its britg I administrcia d with perfect success in the diffrrent stage. olftlle above dliseaue. The most eminent physicians and I Itllureons 'f lle presenlt dayi express their decided atp iro. ation in favor of Snarspnari lsa, t itt use in the I princi pal holitals and publinc medical institltionlt hln I tie .t, nlld still cnnilnuee, ver tetnsiie. Ite aS Ia niv oli tt tcriPih with tite eelebahtll 1)i' AIberCetlhy it a veneliil naltetions, tall in olstinateetanul seaIlpltios, iarising lio·m a dlisordleed brleld Ol'thrliyeiselieilitthllons Hlaving heen sulhitted to thea test ald epllriellu e of tile most cteltaicdamuatgtlie llt, ih.t hlatcextcesa ilthe' slislaltioan cf its exrtlaluctiittty dvil th ia n eve v cas.e Iucde their lcharge, by adoptigit it both in their iblluli; and private practice. Their coal lcatioins ill ti, illsettll herettie. Pterr ietit Iy J 13 TIIhorn Chemist, I London. Price $l 0 per pllct. TESTI ONtIALS. FPrm A tl almon, Eaa , F It S. S. an to tlhe Si'rtllrans Hospital, lant Leurer ltn Aataomy. vali lih · rlf ,"lle "1100, hlotr mlae a111| ftle lle, in its I'eutII s hlae proved n highly 1tvomllRble, shat I 1o nllt hlesi~:te in I wrollnouiln it oine of thile nt , tile t vlcle a etll:ciesil I iremepi eer oftiredi to lh public, nmd ,O llt ill lhih, Itra rexpleriele, I can Iltac every reiianer, t Ihilst it idoes no produllce tile minll tunp.,lllt elfcts usually ex. perienced from colpaihn. itrom t 11 Itaywa, .1 It C S, Physiciho to the St tatttytlllch Itatte t)il.letaae. take great plensure in adincg amy teatimatt to the ll va laable properties of your prtalratitto, wishing ton the success you so full teserve, in a.n ample rteward t l tihe I I -labormalh expense inlelried inl brigih It to lCll, cia-i a ,let, perfi.tii. rinlm 1 O Cooper, FI R S, Sirgen.ll ito ll) 's II. I e t n11in f -in all ael s ht hch thas a terailel| it, att* i lcll i i tihe bhole diseses, hslt fl. thi)i 'salidoh me tlhat 01 1 I.Hml la Ll hi klnownll to lbe truly lpprecn. t . . la) the sue.s 0 iour labl. i e Ire tin ll ll. . r ll cc eittia.chtiri tt Xiitttt-rtthtImt Frollm Sicr Cirpetl, 1i S P 1 iCS, Uc. e. , P ll llbeeI In i(cI edt to try your Extlac.t it isever a casesnf violent Gonulrtmalwhich, l hatd hitheirto bitled t II tlel)l 'ecriplonl adlmilitered by I Ie, beving 111 iln osur cald sneedy cures effeated by it. in a few days.-[I feel i stuhiffn duiy bolundl to state tat I now in till tm c- Il tie. bothi ablic and private recutot.lld ani use ln ie v other. 1 ,i From G W Bllir,. M 1), Physician to Guy's (*tl V pllal. The strict es which I have givern your melieinel among saill patient, llnd its invariable snctes tI us tar, Ie buta act lofjutr lce ut iof duty to add imy feerie testi- iP1 monial, of ils virtues. (i. From L C Thompson, .11 1) .' It S 1. 1) I return yo imy sincere tIhantks for tI e valuable pre- n sent of t our E.tract for the Ure of Gmen rlfG ha, e.a I etg. rett ci nlto rson ave at last bronlt.lna medicine in o use which will tprtn le a desideratnum fong sou ght for I inl p d tlishing mto th Ileworld te valuable qualitieso'your d Extractn. c . Were it necessary, the proprietor could here futrnilsh N mnaty mtate testiaonialt equaltv s eouatennlatlao xa the I Aihtlte hli bntcts thiat iitgoeat scenesshithelt, --the ate - &r exlpense t which iet hs Ien preparedi, ill promels t grlettest rctomulailetillti onLng a dtiseIinig ImPhlia I cete recatacrmlutiatto this preeaealiclt elija)a abohe TI all othersn is its neat, pOmtalt e torm--lt up u ait--tIhe titl mlamle in which It maiy b taken, kb Ig botal easayiwir ait plealant--its tistely inatur, with no irntrieihalt sin de t or confinement frol business. Travelersc espeially 'f would find this medicine highly useful, and ought never tnu to bie unprovided with a prelarantion possesstg the ad. A vantagese which thie presenti one ohies. a Accompanmying te M.edicine in amephlel etpilna. til tory of the dteilcret stiages of ithe dlisease. Withcuta a. of ex charge contaioinhg flll atti aat l iectc iell. Jf .liteee.ttiuti atiedtlandoogfanctet- S er Itaekeye. mat fo.aNle lby I t T 't,'QN & AVERY , s1 !nla+ (lflaains steet. THE F,.'KIDA-Sr'Mr.: C:on,t Il -ANU 1c 0 i iO T At t. ,lr I, Prom Mob!l (Ahlahnlaa) to'Ashiumuitdse T I' VI+: ,' every stir ibis, wmenlstaly del r L the anivaf ofth e M"Ail boar New OMsacy. % ,eiamml Er.Tana, te RBlakely. Coh to l titiohie tuer r.a tlty) to I(ei alor, llea h via llonims,, Cb t l l,,e,.. l, . . ( brn, s M I eo t vas v eon,) Hainbutltne, Plioleton; linwkiuaoillealld iEalos ville tiAtiguso. A jcsnsigrermkesbjblrs est bite is in no iigre of being Ilitteirtonl.) i ire erenre by olter eootfheting inLttesor, as 'hJ ; 1 thregfighiit, all nmay rely lome a.aeoAni. upf b rs .Nivel ot Aigcirsln ii time stmsilirs, ibmnrgk sl we mi sad ot ti snotion, mles some moot itfogesres eaten tilciersthmll Mtiii: The (;cnt Niew,, l¶s.jalidl is ..ori I l' titl rm'ie. The Agents foe sseaad. tine, l'eams. ltiehesmt Dl)r Itier. i nih ssrul. tile miltbeor etllltri ilc Tlhe smooth, iarod, mnel roads, lia ate rmd inter cunsg water Oaligaiitionh ltmeine asd.aso~ogopi anis. .l th t. e Weletiornteed, orint ro , smnisi.ped I10 1i1 otiirly; coinlOOtre it we, woiitkillig. Kf, i It .sllst it, liC. C.r .al tile 2.l1l Dlas k4 r . t lA tFtolio e;nii enh Ilcoerw6~ liiveleti ia. ioioh Nelallotnijll l LI.: TII- A 11 n'iilltWaiietnM i i.a" From Cit ua nolot~lee, Floriso , y e 'I afe, tHBr. ,ine via Quincy ,llnd Ta!lrssice, (t St ,.li., 'd' hor post enzehes, tio t1w BhRanelht.s ft'onl I [awkia vir;Y Warle I,* i'lihknrilh-, snid one+to Mlaeia,'l1ttihttNWA)t .olirbes. ST"OCK'1+(.B 9'"'.::, ALa'.i? "rPIs +1lll .rll. 1811$ a1. I) t:llc: hlanshil lH l .4islagrile i u "u Ate-rihoi, N'w rill to ++.ii, Uh0cli ; Is i onhile. to lug ubls, 4h ,. N. 1 "ln It .bg it in lerstn,, 1511 ('ltatlltton Ii iSegg Viirk, isto- lIR. t'ime, i.nw Oilel tot mihile, it hai' t i tll h iim to isil t iii gum i. Aurnsta to Chnrii+sto.. 1"! ChII|ISI'I'lOn to Now Yk, .'V...-.58 Making 9 mfi; hles t 'er day-. or 7" ))iles t il l.i, ... iu,ii. give ol all estropelitoe. t o N. I 2 Lug 9i in infarm the pib-ti..' ilr 'i hridgs ":rl'sh ChtahmN~swanp and Har r!:a ,v Tree OSl0t beel{Ntn & ompletedc..leieorot o R ".iaiotg !'it-it, Ilhe.! O, " bstacles i ',, .;,ing . ,.iu. l this s.fe ati, s pecii Iioiife ii .Ilcoitnoyre norednesoit le-~on lu p oe:suir ofle 'ihlng from tovillct iele tethe otheshd4 sii driiver end titciol are of the htior ela ieul to aco ts>o i.t I,,eriit iI'n tio. ensg e.: I t (Cellae loloid , itic Is l it oii ib all ,u oil, Ih i .,e l I .,.,eti l, b lto . ' b ..o so.. l pm-, ice, tcnkuii4 gueacer no citt, tic-on, tohe trilerse thro pioi,.b 'wid,",to;4, en ni log+,:. ohat, wuoittig Lole to•il iin bootll vtlenire. J o s AKg.i S-+--- - jw-.`-.. ------ 2 9 MA GAZINE Frnsrr, NEi.iiii R .|ouge g s~lir. N • "-ORI.EA&NS. TOSEPH INEt'I,'I.E. & Sho.-Iciion n erbnirgig o" nce t neileti i lrclnnre, are roci tt . rnl om, wa op'e uitd ill .lihll:ti Citiis, ldiret ti'o t tihee .n ltlrrs, oil extlrs ive assorrlnelt of a'nley and Heapy tlarn!,wie elnpi l i" every atoicle ic the line ,.,o" l knti ei "; leiiiks oiandpitloehers tiit 000 Its invited tonn nilrannInih I call and) e1nmh0 their stuck which coilsstsiin paIrt, of table blt'he.r ,, p.UCkell -ald let's and straw knives plated nei lloionis ten *pennstnaedlc, p ins, hook alld eyes, sho .,,,a n'Ill .'10...,; tongs, shovels, fende.d, .irm..,+ iIr. fani a. j....,.,nned wa.. , irushes, blank boklo a!d pa llC'. o illr: pll paes, nmils, sit-n, terswll lae, haul sl,,dte snd nw1 Itnamers, sI"th. b.ll'ii,A .n anit I lq~ II lldrlA.CSll PICI (6lurll a an cmrorley .te 11 msul e,otdo tr"e ox and log chain, warli ,"g lowe calla and g'.lrbbling hoes IMattokek pick axes, corn eny grs escyhe, .f ll(/;,i,,. Kig n .i ....... h.oppu. ,xes, wroglht, horse and rut nailsI ceton inn,; woa ca ltl, co ,bf e and e nr, m il|lpl sles ,nd li e!.a, gsogs,i. lo.k, .l11k , lons, hooks and pistolseio, powller ald lilr foaks, pe, youlnre. t.n,llbobh brass aln bell M aeua kniob ++'|', trulnk snd pud I muke, britle IEJISAIA NE - Courdu ell.. i h'iet Ju diei e. d . , Li'EThT D1 LA LOUISIANEi. ttLteeiuxt. . I J,,,..:, ?Znca Ii;la+, .........dr d. l I.ellt-- ..u 1Y iii+r I n tle rll c 4i In llllu Il'Ol|l ns ls 4i eh8t6 " - ' 3ke M '. nd rbnr.Zru d7i t. -ve ote cu IIs Intshe So'. "te on.,onfoi-,..o,o+,i A U.,N.title i~llfl lttirl et iiireri det9iiq i Btit· tt '.0·IS a 1 rutt d l a yrusan u n mente dg lel ro at d o ne s a Ldge ltedantrlll Ide l ntlat e tailot i u i l dt o t e, luWtlrehl'sltoestt t rsetq.. . Snteoutmes tIAtial It t derti , en- u tl lo. llan l e Ilm og 4 tItlrloer liolllsP tort l Ic dr eeeL on !e}vur n i c- to cowi dl - oe dtt et l'attt l.tq I. o il e t lote e l n . -.-.- 4 do _ Ii.oto'...i Inteli. otitnrn '.o f Gr neti r. E*TAI 118 (Mr or u P rm ermie ,<.... ... ,'e,.,lE*i I.,.:, 7' . ."ll.( l , +.r,,,, e, doove. t mll lt tiJtn 4 alor edIn Itt¢ldioenu , T| T o| l Ie cL I i II sA lli |e ioe r it iaip , il, c lnrtm i t clato u elt niul it ont prIno de c+I on dII e a Pn Ipr 1 r ( I I nusse r ( ela Ju|Ii ci". -, t'IoiHtleta;hi p ue tollgiee . u ' vr- p b/atell N ii. 14,5, , i I en con ue aurt len4e Ia ~I nl n e homlulul g 'ol u . L vlt•r.i r sl·Or tln den sn 1r~ 88 en eindtunld -e d i I ene'tCi l t ort- e r u rtd aei elite . Nt priorlt t, i , dk o rh llly i e ts Pliece eltee coii oe EyI n Ittlia pa n Arnersn mar)blexrr l~. Anlclso, Men , Ie~r ish a(llno lrav'.a Ston, mlulens l n d ~pl"in .. Tra .de la . tit Ptri .lls , aIlli .-a ti L u renei eth e re, Sayojid. UrIs moertied inor pau n tG~re va te m e el o . il- lio'llt llPo L ttoo -n "nlt -,, .00 do I. tou ei e ' anrI * l it u l eIwlttrini ce e i.en l- , oie ii n itelo d liL' lllt·1:h 4 Il " m1· llI 1 le GI·Hl; . l'eill e•O nlqu jull.oilt i lcen. i h to aveillxi -lr t o nl a"glit.. i-lllceleIl tin Ultill -"lei% lit'.0 D cod d'u601 dml-Ihned tu n-ptIiitk tIe I.' ticea Alhetidoitc I~ellrOcte.1. dot iXiln p lt-.t lt,, tinge ,o. . i 54 nk-t'k ,gl ,o d i t It tt lItu e e i Ael eN .. ' l t di et ;IlUlll i edi r le ilC'lliOtn .e. t ne liltiine tes ll r . lle di.e ' ltlattt do r i..e e de eie i dccl. ii eli iic Loiedh~t·I, io lighed le la ito l 'il iZe I - t-C--" lenin 'I'. oletirb t1,Itt, Itti .nit A . I. l l rdo tlt'tldXI~;·lnoe( t lt1.uttt 01 01101l tttitii.,tt a ir Ia liglijru tiŽ |li ,l!h re it . .. . llt.ile, t. , l t.- , . It ice , I g e r hmitr ophed I, lt irhcl J ItI - ' a r- le;,,ie I80i, ci(r a Ott at-t t 'a ien t do i t tll •l : Ilu, ISall E.. Ala i r .... illerriote : 1fi ,!e Louis.~c I t ti mlllr(, igltodl Al iike e dn quol. .c ' dItt Io ee Ott 'lt,O '.l tt lttti [ t lerA i.' do qu. Im)t. ol hec l .1 I. tln roI.l a te'. i l'tleat In l tie lei( , ri-tipe S'It - |. ' it , ,t"l .lj do e nj ti n g . 'l ...... 11 <,'e, |"l/el" 'a o,|e IP5(0i/lratl.h l 'oloel nem ul~e. . , z ++lsI~iml. I m euie e FiaF ; Irrl, •'s wllrar al l i ate %e VCI • I( l, *d~l Jall tn ngiS~a lexe Flo~ial# r de Jlni , he ltajd'il 'nu-l'ti ,I'ta Ie i' t ,";.:,'asS, .eiul rdo~mts pl., tti'lilti l II 8 tulo-P 1854, a'iJl ote nnawlet llllie ltlltlti'lh i , ltllPtikta Ib OU t I rlerea pt etl'ent Onlh e t Al 1 , Iiti d tU~lttttie n LeoaunInr CI de Il 'or do I I'lli IIIIi pl r)'t d Jn l ~ sclare.~ ! c'll l ill tir lT- tllr i)lt Pauio-, I I, iOel an lA.IA toes lna tie au ut-ar, Ott tiPiiltliii n1(II I P IC rotot.'n.10t 01( do, ioni i till e , i. P '.yuI Itlr l II b i eleliu . I t nl" i ilt. Illoptrd e l ot tlt i t o tlattle rlnlot 11-itei. Dtlan9lt8li Cl'ottOi Ida A,. l.i-I Nit. z. -!Sbl l x drlkee A'.t( 1 , a. te d.e . icon ta ,:,,,.+,,,+ v lts,er, d I~ '", ""I s ...... .... '+ ":.,. .... tIrIl.' Ii dii till l Ilttl r 4 M l tl'il ott I td u alel I't~o Ii. pritt di Shilitut k'.Yii~el ooia Uoctii:t e el Itu dub 6.4+s • o tnni ord-ce n fIn rrt.. in. e lt, l'. Ie ,.', yocltrin loon ten timlt, oce ot tltltati ouII oiit.6ll Olt I in t unlo . t urlesito A~t. lionllb t-ni, lelod, Iro roe tehoH Dou Nat Ule - Ia l-~ a, "'l t I 'lu PA (I·1 |,l llle V ~ i'd Jllnr lej~etl ...Iet : r . llt •ca + Vn "ll no et'ed i elaii, 'ib N -d ,'pr , it ptul •lrras~ 1,* rr tl " , Ynve n al tite uu -;rerlt p gt+ coatte elo* nloleaL· de. Plxnrm a,lnice "lnllpir. tt -atIe plorn No tal. r I-t lie :tite tlfteluieoit r ril , ida e lno.te t888 e rt ore du e. Nl:rettkleltee~l · url aed • :-Irdne p4 du Airdu~, de Noell;iitetdi-, Itdi. a hh ne d onieliajneAlac 09 dotl.e edle qs ol 'otlceloi Ntxio8,o tbc e cla ~ t St s r o . l O pmhni eno ld, nett touehlaprp~t enq'~sot ntociumn,~ed qol~· i tII N 15o.i d O docent din cellpies on, I . e dtt IPrF· dh ilr In gm rekey '.0 ral du a Ide e tO on ,ie rnil pticx d e ,. lUm rn e nn ti Inu Mae 4,5, Ii,, ann ,8 eou ti atioitie ttt% onod . ql G -3 AIULk YClAIM~a Mill! ~ -- ar CUnIemiatItIn ntentgl iPltoniil the pP~o$ Ti n nrhcrit iote le rei ri. lrul. . hnio'.t 54 - li'.irn ix Now York, ·n ooei eing foion hie c.rI k.nd Am,.ha.,lncrlc. +tu el " parhlei wno : d'OH a , dikt lcutre hoop huia* r , 1 ie ondo cila 81' oot E~yptin., Itiline, Ititternag Anoen, Imacio. Aim, Mouimama Tou ot nnee - Iotultan Itietolrg, Imothe and hoot,'0 - ,- | -I. nvt Pnir, ltopiirai & .-- g,- a • p- -I iilg lutbtee , * egrtlia wit -e i l-n 1 II - , bOlnn itti nVtpied ord l m ami- i . e 1tlcloie dit0e inthe.,,-e -del. • • . "ne fleetma ontrlo n sholeq nl l mll Thece I o elna'Cn -. r• i f~~le l ant ille lltano e nolida, jolt JAMEcs MAIN ft • em~ q lii-

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