Newspaper of True American, September 25, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated September 25, 1838 Page 1
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PRICE; 114 C:EN fS Y RL ,:~:ANS TlEdDAY M-iNl; , SEPTEMBER 25, 18 V VI No 180 *no vear i nadvalce, canlere ,'it, rI.n . -, s ;l ull. uhnbscription will be dilctotinu Il rrrl. seltleI. Il cal of di colllin anoi , te- v :ek's Ia It nrtla l l Us It ir ivaltn g giv,.i prvious tia pxirttiou of sabhoeription. Autr, )oie dollar per soultr for th, toserritna lit half ttat prico for caai .a;ifqolarnUc li,s n.tteritl altoarion frloll the origiual aldvertie will Ite charged ad a nw one. AIctLr lovRteonTSeas.-.lereihnta and 'ra •try dollars fLr .nglish alone, and sixtyv or both (nags; :loaks, In.cor.rc t).f irn, aotd other si c rahle iootitotiuon, ifty d.nllaro in Eno lish only, 'ighty for both launglr. es; hip and Steamboat f ret or Oa:naisaioc nlorohoato .ixty dollarsn Engil no, and glahty for both langualges. laRlalsna, Osf tay Norecils, and artinldsel tils attelntilon ol tile public to olles o, propert ards of passngers, benelfits, .e. lc. will be etmr:, Aie dollar per square for the frst insertion in each l gu tis. COMuvclrtTIOns, or Advertisemcnts, of any persol al natorn, when adomisible, ohall be charged deubhll and in adraee d h , A deduct n, f twentynfive percent. will be made t auctioneers'l B8ROsn Regisler, of \Villn, and Marohal n ldes of rs tr staote. poulisted in Ioth language-. an do pe fnth agerlsha lornt.e: lopal cent. monsal of other propert ey AIIoinoTISemtElnS s ot of Ith direct line of business of the ladertiser, nsuh as legal, otetion, and pl nts iea sales, runawaylaeoJ tcry. animalRG,&c. &c. will be charged for seplutely, and at the ornliry rates. Anvia enele NnTS not lecified lus to time, will be ublished one month, and charged accorlingly. No adverti eip ents of bankruptcies will be published n a y case, rnless paid for previous to insertion, or rayment guaranteed by a responsible person in town. i.laatres and other places of namnsemunl, dverlisl.g daily or tIe season, to be clarged $100 for Inglish a ret and ri60 in both larguaones. 1ll announcements of crlidctes foir political offices be charged double the price of other advertise :n, Int t tile immense lons snustained by newspaper uprietola, they Ihave come to tlte ctttleIsioml that the names of persons whose account lato ilot been naid within one month after prensntutit,, shall be made onuow (so fr its practicablh) to itch otiter-they obli gating themsulves Iot to awlvelltile or prinr er such delinqueots, unless in case of andare pnayments. (iged) J.C. I . OM J. BAYI)N, J. C. PIIENI).RGAST, JOHN (IR BSON, NVeklyd Press.-VWe, the uolnnroinoed, ogres to lbide py the nabove coditionu, as fur as th.y ore applicoble to nackly pIapers. (loigned) A. R. LAVRENCE, (S No subscriptions are takr flr less tho u l ontlls. Letters mrnust,ill rIll nen, Ie hllost pairl. s.lwii-Li I PAIN lotxVIS 'l1ini, &rc. SsPAIN RIV..VSI'I'[.!) y lthe nutllrof "A yorein 0 Spain,c in o2 las- harrt t erl, t oovel, b rsealu or of "Cecil Iv,," i n vos. ". i,.re of iPoedan,a n a thoer tole, bcy nhe a olntr of ".l, In'fs ken; n ll vosl. INilnrod.l' lld i tl.t ·Illle'lil· ihltlerTp rsel wihl lcitcl ricrl tr nl c l ll..e itvs, en l, ... ;ill II a lfdaS Iltf Nlnnnrtilg Meln, iaouIllIo lti(, ie sa Itic' rIlinc:ilill traotk J ro .lEf Ellndlnd witht iblllll ,in ll tllts1 d I Illlli b enlnlerl lex ol i e.le lttl whilth re Ihelll, N illrld l tters oni oing ,ILounuds, in untl veil Io Ihe 1sh t ofe m..rIaeCoas Agmcoonts, y Cat t. .allic, It. N.,cnltthor ni the "life of a Sailor," &e. ir Cnlt1t. e.lnuntnrie, ,tit Equitydaooiprtdlece, oIJr rnlliitliered t ilr -holt]l <lndI Anericahyiy Joseph Slorv n . n . I ). Ovid, n lt.n ttedl by Dryden, Popen Cfo.r.vnc, n ddlin ntd othern. lniinrary." Inliontry Ilcticb, on rahli for tcl exarnise I1,1 Il+'Iltoleuvre.+s el tile Ulniiil SItt."-' ftiwlry, IV \biMtajr S.: lrll Scolt, U. tS. Aro!i, in , stdi . Jest rec*eived /rid nioI .letg I . \V nIl.ltK.naINI nr cnr tlle l (want (: l lantlOl cetc,. tnit'l tt Ol I llo Ir; l , . 101t 1 +h lair (11 K I hit 1s I ,il ; Vol l :~ :I IN Ill;l~r It lv .+il/.·r inale" [ h tet itn d .-l ii ,,1 " ,ll-0 i 'llt ; In n t I ' rl ; i ltt)` ('.t n i ,I J I nIaI11.1; h 1 ,ll llllill • ·· , i d i.'u v I . . it i r, 14 ~ ,l l i , 1,1,,.. .I111 11 , • - I 'r m , I , 111 1,11 In " II a i , I II 1 I r ig 111 h 10, -1 . Iii I I II. .t, 1 ,"n . ;,' .i;, \ o . f ii, , ,,i n * I f iir: !,, I ,. t ' :i t ll'l; " *l - [', flli ,lit,. I,. r II, 4L i fl'l '! l. 'tl ii l i . I lirN L.l, i'.A.l( IlU,.1111 1100 ,1 1 00001.0,,"i l ""ý1 '..... r l'n ' h1 ll , 1 r fl,, f. l i r l i! aloatc'latni.oln t ti null l n • la d lin nilIlull t Ai Celhticocl nf nt lit tolftIioliIiP inttHt0 Iti livntrv tr..tIt .rrcen lronnnitciatco-n ilf lhetlrnw-h.nnnntbtn ollidreo F e*w olitioc, reviosed inlt l eairr-h,dti. pen, le] with n.bey, cotanlllllg t te1xt, it lit·ra. ll wd free trirlltilil I':'r nged in itir llhit if illler its to poinitI oi Ut beldilferenco between tlhe Irontin tlli Iti-lish idiom, F g..oa figured proanociatidu of thi- n rineoh, accorbing to IIrIIedenl by a short Itnoat;c iia thl s.lunldls Ic'the IlFrench tlaguagIe, torn ?reld w.ith thilse f rl I tf:u4slint . A Pt'rooouncigFrll:-l lriliclr, o tl.nh, ilnhtra (uidel to tile accurate proallunciatlon lcl ,tinar't lgrnhy lf tile Ircloh loangf, age, ooltltiiog it.s Irllnlnotn al.nmoraieg lto ,hr bea rtusage y llerntrd Trltchini nlt ren.cived anti or .aoe -1 \VWI ItcKEAN, ag Cor Caillp & Clol .Io F l[IT,11 SULPI!IIR SPRItNG,. GtREl NBRIIER COUNTY, VIIRGINTA. ' SHldfS nvrite n atring place it n the molntins Virginia, 1' miles wet of Iewinnirg, and :1 from the White Slllphur, will e open in due saasoun for t he recleption of cmnpanll . ,lllnv ilmprtant imroveuta nts thlae beea mnt since the loat tni sonl. A lpaeiott ball room, and i number of single-bt dded rooms have Ieen adde Hed and an n llishing; catlrding ateanlnodatione. by the Istuf July, for 251 visnitfor. An excellent turn pikn rnad has been eontracted ta ssping by the sritr.s, and intersecntilg he I.anawla tlrnpike neanr Lewnis nurg. Over this rocad, by direction of the pont olfien ldepartmeant Menss. Beldin, Wliker & co'n. line of auil eoaels will run. A piost ontlice ,eingnestablished nt tie springs, visitorn man. r'oeive In 'wnaad corys ponI daily, ast tnad rw-t.. (If the mediuinal qualities of waters, the pr rietlurs ilnleed nt sIprk. l' hey Ilave Ilben ananlysed hy ablle and p .ir'usedl chelnist, and aand to hinol in suti mn all tin el vauii la ingre ients of the ast cuelebrated spring, in Virgnilnia. 'The eombillntioll ' colltailln III.ucI ullhllnrettel Hy drogen, null lontn of Ma.i.saia, utillphate of l.ilna, Cntr loante of Lne, Snlphate of don.l, Itlurihtl, of odla. iuld Mat'iute, of.angn.eia,' till sualut ry etllets ltfrll icl ar" exhibited in dlislases inttalnt to tni;innles;: nd hrt - ie allbctint of the atnollllti, liver, tnd (owels; inlnta helsn n'ffentina or diseaass (ulbtiin Ski no retenldymonre potent ortmecaciu ns u ele ftunlled. Exltesive batllilnlg setullisltelt,,,, fon hbothsexes have leen rentedl t cntiguous t r tut i )rillng s. Visitors Can nt Iall tim'es enjuo the ecuntiar ndvantungen of their be" nigh and wgldleslome effects. Ma - WVilliatn Vasr will contiue tihe sulperintnd nnce of the nsring. Ever) exerntin n oi his part, and on tile tayrt of the troprieteors, shnll be redered to insnre for the BIlue Sulphlur a libenrl ahtore of tihe public pt. ronnge. 'ril pruprietors of the Bluu Sulphur Strin.s wiit Ie iberalt in the receipt of nlotes ,tof all S, .tthrn and Wns SBanksalwhichhareeonsidere, solve t,atpar. MALIA MIONK. &c. A WFUI. divelosnres if Malriu Mon, of tnhe otel Dieu Nunntery of u ll'tll'ul t tit , wit1 at up part i, e ntlSquel of Iher nurrutivt; I)aray , Review oftlhe case. Also, n slpplement, giving inore pnrtil.ul a of the Nu:nnerv and grotnlus, illustrated by a plant ,f the Nunanery, t ,.e. Mtrin .flonk nnd the Ntunnery nf ith, liltel I)eut--be il[ an aceount of u visit to the C:onvenlts of ..latreal andi refutatuion of th "Anwful I)isclusutesi" fy WVul. L. Stotne. lFourth experinent of Living. Livintg without neans. 'iThe Student's Inntruettr in Dtrawaing urd1 working "'lThe Five ordlners of Areitectnre," futlly explatining the nethnds ftr striking regular anytd quilked n tulnIesn; firndimihnianhuin and g flurn ing sf,' tu atl n pitt sbr fItnliun, til true ditmetter ofan t old-or tno tiy g'eI vn ig'ht; for strikitng the Ionic Volute, cirnn or -en tit ith finishedl examples, on a lnrge scale, of tte, or:ltnri , thieir I'laulltners, snc.; nod nome dhsi.ins Ibr Io orases, le guntly ellngnravdl on fIrt-ullm' lzlnas, withl exIres Peter Niehtilttnt, nrchitect, uluhuyriof the"t uivs je.O1n' ,'- "arnentnr's New Gviee'," "Carpentr's t.tnt t hi llegn'n Astistalli," to. "A Itractical' ''re tin o Oll tit (Cultire of.ilk," il i fut thte nil andn .ltau lintln of tnit unllitdll .tt ts'-h\ .1. i;. (ttlllnstok secretary f the ' Inrtlir i ntt sil So( ciery, nilll l al itor lof thIe:ilt k (tllllris. i "'' ile ill:llt ai r' tt a nl ual, on r the ll rn' n ,t t i 'i 'r n elomplrising lelttrs otin t s , no, sot' St'f hls, invoices anHC nt-soles, andI shopkee)ersgl utto ,of p mtts, eommercial terms, lac.-Irv B. lF. Ioster. 'listorv o," tile ,Vur in tile Ptltlll ltohl aind tile .lSutll of F, frll thne year 18117 to tlIy vear I;;1" It \V. F. I'. Apl'ier, C. I3, vol V.; to whitc ar . i erlixol an nswers to n)nte atte tlks in R[)blmo'S I ite ' )f l 'it'.ll, mtnd in the tlntrterly Review; w.nitn Culttn er renmarks to li[. I)l II'V l lnttt Perival', remarks utotn omen passa gesin "Coltanl ui"ier's folrth vnr lomt eo,.. l 'ei Pninsuln War. Jusnt reivetd nIttyfr aleby m u C(tPPI'ERAS-20 bble, in storet , mr wle a y G )OKSEY, Jel6 44 Nenw Levee. n Ul4AR-50 hlhd, ri, ne articele, ftr nsale b je6 d1 New levee I K-- l bls Mess, Prieto maOther I Fonr ail'v jI'F'I';', r J nVll{'" 1 ýý £,-. .t1 o ,, " . 17 p tr ret, i , , I I the North, large .thl-m ,1 ',>i (thet belle o.)t or. ii;n v;*:, ~rti..ii 'al)t; , S lnpll.te It inti, he na l lk l : sllllilln. C ,I i ' II knlwt.; condfisting of SILVER WARE. Sfee ald tea sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, ,anrllr . aps, tumblers and goblets; table and desert nIbk.a Slesert and tea spoons; marrow and gravy, or ra alpons; sugar tongs; sugar, atnoe and soup ladies; o:r, fruit, pudding and fish knives; pickle antd desert ves and forks, napkins, rings, &i. prin.ioall, fron, tanuhartory of Mr B. Gardlner, of New York, rose long established reputation for the manufacture silver ware is suflicient guarrantee of its superior ality. 'IATELD I'ARE OP IiSHFFIELD AND BIR MINGHASE. I'e and aoffie urn, tea setts; castors, liqnor and nor ial stands; superb eandlebras, and Eperguea with n,;,. r plateaux, for centa of the di uer or sortr '::. veaters round and oblong, from 8 t1" IE ncles; beef.;te leak and vegetahie tias!:'as; rieb M;stsorer; cake and. ,read baskets; deen,'r stantls; ran;.e and em:ambero 'andlesticks; wine st, atmc.s; cooltrc and syphons; deaa; t. er labels, claret coril., te~;s, table bells, tea, tin. tIe. egg and muataid spoors; egg boilers and stonds, II toast rlaces, ke. SILVER CN STEEL WAR. Table and desert kfates, forks and sboons; soup and d nsauce ladles; bu:te antl fish knives. cheese scoops, as. I paragus tongs, vegetable forks, itc. JAPANl%.,R'. Fine Gothic Sandnlwieh and ovund comerne waiters, in S setts and single,from to 31 inbhes; do ofpapier mo e;i if Ibead, cheese, and knife trays; tlarg upright plate warmers; spice, sugar and cant boxes; preasing aases; f. India tea tables in nts, ca ilesa Jappannad and of rich in tortoise shell, eto. I n LAMPS. An extensive assortment, among wnie re Astbal B lamps,ll nz allbr nd gilt, and of io cut glass; mantle dt tlamps nroo,lo, eah ulatin olued it , .ss prisms no vear t splen=did nt figlass do; bronzed aod .atat,.nedsi aI ir o bnkpaer lamvs. Iei CHANIDELIEItS AND) iHANGING LAMPS. p Englisb and French ca.t glans otteo.liers or iast.ea ofa 8, , 15, 18, 1 l8and i lights; Freteh bronzed anc gilt gdn Grecilan tlto ps, 3,4and 8 lighta; hat ioamts atd Itn terns, r oaze bat or entre laimps or i dawi Soll rooms, from L to 6 lights, lanp shades, glassesa;nd tit wicks. MANTLE CLCCY.S, CANDLEIBRAS AND Ito V ASES. with finttres, etce; coua.ting hise and kitchen eloeks; it bronzed inkstands, cegar ilo; paper weighits, tIermome- w era, canr racks, candlesticks etc. a CHINA WARE 0:1 PfR(CELAIN. Ot Engltsh and Freencll ining desert teatand coffee se it-o r vices of alain white, gold edge, ant very richfancy h t styles; lplendlil toiltet ets; water anl milk tpitchers, of mantle ivasv;tyalcy cardl rcks saelt baskets. erl EAIRTI'HIENWA RE. A I)ioig, lesrt, tia, coqe, Ilreakfast anr sitpper setts; toitt ware; iitiecrs. Also, Canton china dIiner setts ;fUT GLASS. Decanlters, ithers claret nd cooe d c kitna tat lt entts;t howls, dlilslhs I:tdIur vast's salt stan s, gi a h . wls, it, bI il t r t oll s , l ln g t ,e r b i o n , t ntll l a i r s , w i n e , c a: I :,i g i l e c ha r e t , rl+,c o r d al 8 l n9 a l a ndI j e l l ; ' g tl s s r s him a e o z , + +d m e lleok glastes. Also, coaltre s has. In "l';\IIIIE C'|'TIFIY. . Il F in. e iv o r y blli ilan c e ll \ilh, · se ·If lip + iI i l k h a i, , " bolhes ail fon.s of il sit ; oh ,i pto ots rtaii y nit ; , 1 , I.111+ aiutoos;ll e-aii . .h+t'.' i' to nol hidit , Ii -k, ",) ~lpiuilt oh crki s o d elt "rak 1,.In : ..., h i, . •, a . .,, lIIa ti Ic olll ~"._.. i ': . . , ilt e" s, I:I " I .. . ' . . h ,ý, , , , , " • , , 1~ ,' , w ,. , h. lr 1 I" 1'1 t . .. . . - " . \ ,,' " r,, 1 'IIr I , I , :. I , I i. - , . . .I ,Irl fih ' r , ,1'+ ". i " . '..: :i i . . 1· " "'l',-; i ,., ,Ie, ,ll II, l 'l ,h t l: ,' ,'t , I'+ . .. ' t k s+| lt r o, .1015'i'S' #. I1"; :. 'i' . .' 7'1U 1.Vt;I lO tsie ,Lo\N I F,1 i ':;'ii LI *,LtLK Blit rIlLht' ILa L .) N), r SC. I, (Fh' IPlIhlCtE,.--Ioubt, (;ns. I, F r r a doub d tl l e . f .e t f l sa t-,s a y or m or n e u 1 t l lihnde, : in lIP' IIGI) s 's thSe staed. with le , ,bas \. at 'I b'wr or s 9, tI o l t or a l 1ou l ill di 1 vs ,it a ce llo l.t, l, r I2)u swn 'in the stand, leedevrs, &c. a 7 721 (0) oe Frdo. of 4l sawson do. or I saws iu a t stand, at $6 25 per sav, or 50l 09 I n, Fr Ido. of 211 sawIs ol do. or 40 saws in a stand, at $6i.51) per saw, or 260 11o t SIN(i iF: ( INS. lFor ao singleo in It f ,;n was or more, with e ne set' ofle(eders, hl dts, &c. atb $ per stw, $480 00 d Forildo. f Q0 saws, willlteeders, &A at $6 1 l'oel saw, 39000 For d.X. of 40 saws, with feeders, &e. $6 ie5 er saw, 300 010 Fordo. rf lo0 tws, with leeders, &c. at $7 50 per saw 150 1N) Extra teeth where desired, for feeders, suppllie i I lo cents eanh; thle nullber ofteeth being about equal e o the numter of saws. One set of feeders, it is con sildered however, will wear out two or three sets of I ows. o l:ExtLn saws supoled at 80 cents each. n The Gins ordered, will be delivered to the agents of planters il any of the sea port towns ol the aotton plau ti, Utratest attie altloe prices, theageots payilg the i, tei,:t oi tohe same from New York, and becomiung re a- posihle foir the atollut of the Gin. A lGio wright will he sent with tie Gins to put theem up where de Ssirel; the charges flor whose services will be extra, bat d moterate. Iron running gearen also ie ordered where desired, SoT reasooablh terms, but will be charged extra. Horse poter, ofaly deslciplhio, call be ilrnisthet on like telms. Small steam engines cau also be ordered if de sired. It is desirable, when planters give orders fi o Gins ttlea should accompllally tihemt with their views in regart to the arralOtLentlot saws, bIreasts, brushes, &c. It ls foll Iho leydilfle olpinionL. Some esre ol ws of lagler dianetertI: others. The ot eo n size is 9 or I) inchesi some wish utell 12 iichees. Somie wish 5 or 6 rows brushes on all axle, while others do tot wrnt more tlae a 4it Lost. Soooe wishl saws with 8 or teeth to tile itth, while olthers want lo II. W, ueh dlliscrpc alle , we prefer they should,at the time of giviaw orders, furnish a statetent of their wishes, and thie .oanulctalerers caL lifil tlhem in eve'ye la'tlellar. WVlelre it is alft to ouldiscretiol, we shall make them on the most modern and appLroved plall. An order can be excruted, froo tile time it is receive, IL tile slpoe ot'eigLht oronineweekso, on tie eGio it tlat n tiln placedin the hanuds of tllel lactor. Tlo be in time 6 for tle niext rol, all orders oLght to ll ill the hads of a tlt malLLflsotu l ralob tile first or miLddle of May; exaept tbr lantatlons whlere they arelate in commencing to pick or gill cotton. p N. It. T'he Pate t ight, for any one of the eetton growing States, will be sold oil reasouable erons. m23 lnios STATE OF LOUISIANA. -First Judicial I)istriet" CoUlt. 'IHE STATE OF LOUISIANA, Too all whoLn t Sthese Presents shall e, G(reeing:--Whereas William sl L ge, ha g turolused lit a sale n5mle by tle hllerif'II I e .ls ll of Or el os, tle i rope'rtl the 5slo idls of Mai, A. It. ld:11, for i Luoitm o' adt - Vel'tlslleUut oill cllforLoL t tIIoll at of ile legisl tlre ot 1 assuranlle Ioffttle Il to ilclehas lit tjudicial uales;" ap proved the {1th day o I Lar h, 8:11. - N() il', t olerelille, klnew C .I 1mi '11l1 pIIsIoI tirestel t Aertein, ire Ilo,,I lh , c LI t1111 i o i hlled ll the t uIn oi tle at ll , Ie I pl, a n F"nI" J dri, n tri , l'll ,leilt l l ,. u 11111 ll l iTh tlh n ,'lei i a llt t 1I, ll le+ ilellrthl.l eIPll ' Il ti i lll , i . . I,* f1 ,tl , in fin ht' i1 te odee , 4 o,'h.e s or I 'ld oIoi l ILL Illhv Ltn t all t 1, 1 1111 1111 1110 t I 11'1111 o , ', L tlllt wilr lIi - ,o li' "tal l ,I h)t n . ,c eltllT 11111 a .V III,, III. ovirtle Il 0 II" rlI I, tllll' L llI l, r hlllII Lie ok del \ Ct.leeIs I iti,nIL - 1Mi.2 , 3.I , en'le W i kt " v. ni(l 011 11ll 0,1 I li0i5l f th ~la r tl tlo l r I kie eo u , i .h a L 1etiIe pi. ' ill' $.. ,.04 11)11 , sloe lo, Ieseoilitito ofll'nqlltIy givle ill Usle Juditial l 'or l vIeVll e, vlz: t A c.ltain lot of grlnoan, together wIti all the build- it, inss auld itIproetPiatllns ' tleaILL, situated ill til' Plparil sf Orleots, illh slh a1re ounded ',l h New freve, Louusa, Pato a td Ielord .treets, ldegLaledl Iy thle No 9i, 1 a plan drawnh ttI. F. Zimpel, Deputy Surveeor (;eerul, on the 161th DIreetber, 1t'1 and de0lositeledas plo Noa 10 ie hle buhoo ofplanssIf Felix 'irlio, notayv poblie. Soid lot ses'oour's n1 fert tI oncheofreetre New Levee sereet, 75 fi'et ioi deptllh on tle side djoiilg lot Na 8, atnd 8il feet 7 incllhes and i lies in leIth on the side adjoinint.ltheproperty now, or lately bellonging to N coodale, and 19 eet II inohes widlth in tile rear, SIeret It frlontson a alley ,f tlhre feet site iLteke iso tlllln t lotes No o 4, t,6, 7. 8 and 9. t'lerk's, I t 'l May, 18I38 mig ; W I EMIS lap c:lerk. JILtWI .rr1. e;aaLtII i late l'f, I hare tree id trnid I rn tracat frrrrr Locia I,UnISVtI,,,, JIULY 21, Iille slid (i onlm titer places) hall wlla, |q racks lor the \i.. i,;ter.-tie re .ra.. d ol nd Tefdaey lort tip; to Cincinn;at, for one day otIc; I returned again lain it1,b ht. I bteill to feelhat I ull a very mnportat indi i;nl, as this instant the Journal f t cis city wast pt ite o y hand, stating, amongst a great taany aoto tings tlt le hadl actually ruln a ray from Lornsvi' -to ecape the effectts of tihe wtlnderful magnetic nee It 'a-o doctor nip* , the knight ef the thnmhle alias, A S S. re r tatrn however, provea that the fable of rte ho die; and wolf, ia appliechle to tite Journal. The fable is. earn "A boy wan employed ta watch and e''s the alemn, fnn, when ire wlf appeared; he being either a '<ooa'n'c 'ark, tailor'anp,or aliar, fq.uen:'y c: ' e th .woi.:o, true coaming,tr the greatd:.m'ryoyf tle T e :riar lastfound out his ree,l eoh:rcter: t:i lr.'.t',as a lba anid at to he hevlaer' cvr'l aheat'r F pike tie truth. IIH- 'he fact i' that caise: maci ptod,. tait`i.' efents. Sa it will prove of the rAl-risewrilcrs, Dr. Siip laCo., ia Sthe Joutenal, I clw'ad advia'; thet to provide then rhlrt e'·s ;'l' a stram engine prere ir. order to meet tihe i " ndlerfg;demo and incareease of that ;aper. as it i eel= well k'.'n, tharhare man s ,a'h, e.,. el r nothing but and alselaod,oat oe snheer love tothe venders of trlatlrti e e le. Fnutunfo;tnntely foe Goliah erip, of needle and t thirmble eelhbrlty, the teat mass of t'ie millions of A 'it- meiat'tirei, t.ra faet ,rnd a fa. famed as lIvers ei . truth. 'he:'efere they will, (as eifete Iproelced by the e;tsrs) rnet.rnlly ay, I want to read a pner, tlat I en.yc;raiyce ;'rfitre; will seehkonut aalc.Iand become a a aUbtie o the otherjournasl, aaose atatemmlts wd ill nrOtper.v, fal . Their lis. tatamentea are too pal as pable o re eae erte'tatliou; yet I will state: Ict. I nn agantet tatsr not.el. ni. T :.atnhallterma:, cr1 :a 31st Jul , 'thol)r In Snip & Co., hare cent me a letter threatening my ifet he; if remained after the20th.t late 3d. r ha: ftrnm thisaI shall proceed to Cineinnati,for e; fourteer .da, anly, ofrbhiah I wish Dr Snip & Co., t ink ainforn the 'atcied,in their ownaReiable never file l briig te patipets. 41II. That fron Cinalnrz..i I shallproaeer l teo te eal FPll. e thre Ni.gara,ta heet el letalo, (if ir Snip & Co. Iae to cat take awny my life,) en thee Ist of Septembere ann a,'ry +V , ta.rkon the .ct,' tao-end the whole or cf:l.r'r:;, ctamne ', in ardr ,o la.nlh at all the ;blll I'hiliatieo'; tie medicai Golahis of Boston, Pltiltael' pin, Aai.;phis, NaIthville arri Louisville, who wie •f bcirclr, (before lthrt time artives ill eGoraGliait 1st, Rope and thre Goliath di. Currier &c. Colta maket l-fr sses, tdes &c. (iliah 4th. Corn cutter. lial 'a rthn 5th, P'asir 'ctd dtn,, an, i pickle etore Goliah 6th tle most t;ceatilicent of all, ier. atip, alina Bell, &c. Iatchet' to the proplietorsed et. dritrs of the JoIrnal. astlr.. I would Imv. thlCe t )Ile Dr. Soi & CO r nowa, thtc long lftJreelhow waite abla to tirc a serr t, lle,or cpretad t ;literl lttI, teen fier yeairs in t ale hat a; itcofresoaoringsiehtto tle naist' , acd'htit toottwhen o e- n s ;rtcollector io'lill ajesty's customs t (treat Brit- I ain. was even re t ona et iloyedl. Did the threaa a spinner; tile crrier; tile haresa aker for na-s; the :r- ane - ater; the paint and dirug store keeper, al the i cy mnanieent dotor Snip,ever, c ven more te a dream or, of ieing able to do the like? I wish tihe Journall It state, I shall reccive ladies ancn tra ersr fern; 10 to I A M. cnd a'ntlemen frot i 3 to 5 o'cloct p t. P even, rtny,tto obtain mvoy pinin witlholt ree, as usual r In grea hastet, JI)IIN IVII..IAl Ieu aculiet Jeffersean aouae, Louisveillh, July :I, 1, 37. ,. I'. S.-Sil' cw titriegm lart, I hitae gPen i crlnim of tlIcrr'ontof tlle autse., .it'l tie )orr r C V lu en o e' i Journal, and his nt + nshctr nre sr well lree tr w tie t f i ll ,i , ilr tlsmt'ieno , tl l Inth n Ito g e .h e r i r, ' I tll e re, S l'rk, e.k a IIIey t€1 Ila ri tr,,l r t' rr S ' o t : ilrrre l f lfil th e a ra r 'o" 'lr Is I fl" t ' h r 't to I c k ,It " i2or ,t i , t , ett, 1t r. rrntrr I+ lir a. , ihI tttttlf tttttttt | tr 1 ,. r if t r ,, i`. '''_ t' nt ' rrtaI, l - ." ' of " s;,l~~t', her~sre, !;!r o . u~" lu ra. doe t " ' io. ll rit trl , h, iL'ht haltel err - . -i locusrt l d s With tar, cud t 1 tlt ". ll i,,i, c o Ift, ' l tlu r ..'l hihIs OC arlit t. wa e l , ' r' r i II ·rt tin I: nn t er I;; inn d "r i t u ,h : p t ': ' ýo :. . tIII II.IH I ' .V'I' hllrlt Itru e, ofl h,"- t. t1, . ! [ l - lo w,",r a tel i '-.; ''. ", r . ,it , hI,." r horiit o It,- lhP , !i lr fh I " , , l ,,, .! ,: ,t,,, hr:," il.; 'r i I ta 11 i c';tr' cL ' r'ieaI. l. 'r rI;rr l ' ."; r i Ir t I hl at'IrIr t- IlrlI ;;en rt l ts a' t.. . , ll ll t !it tg i r e Itrl 'e 1 rr;;ri% N I ta llll l m l rit { it e t lt'l , ill i a l i o. i,.'- .hf , br ,aIn- ~ t), il jin h : ";. . i _ , ~1 i. '* 1 , i t . al',lll el li I. l I ru i ", r Not I " [c· ....'r ft tli tlcf t tan ur.. t. l t It; e the ti.. t_ r lnt .; ieltltrnct'tt c~reaicti" rear ter; gaelirlrreh float err s e, , hfi t t I' , h , the l o ' e +t eI ,I til l i I i t r t ,ir e . T a !b i :." hit t lr;' eott han l tt;~ tt mel , ,t;et~et';I _ .itt i t I'-to rtehn lt lnas , l i, ' h !1i H o i, b ' ,in c lle pit r' l b. . .. t r . f .re . 'i r i •,, t rltir , . r't ' t o ayit f d e t "tu i t i c l bd I tf a i d t ehun, h r t a hh, i J. ' ; D III+,I oil lll ,11 wi l* <, + 's t [ . , i l j+ i ;i u ofi Illl ;h, s1 1 vh u t 'h" + , f -(FI~I o[IIt( Elp<.( 11(4. ·IrP 1"n. l) ' 'r llt.l~~ , p . i. e , e arhntt Ira . r.. th drat ie tsr $2r , ' th anio I, 1Ii rpns of llr IlII la" fills,-,n`, (l: ants I rrhLIIDIrto N.~ trae hot nt;;bt teat spa o'fr eapmaedaafi n, los it was to olpeaacfttimteeatd Ioblly ,iP fIb ' i the n ( lhutrof te rnr' vie Ittl eterlv Intll net " eigmr get t )I)P eeI a r, a reimee rltea t arrai tire ttotrtrtei ,pl hap.ri ,' t i' l t heteerien t ui rieicht';r ac Menhh",hnk he pae ttirte; th e ll'trte trc ly tir tei'; hoo din al t e t mit tIlorrl r, (; ntre llrt ci tInda trr , el ;lt eo at tn tie their sac die ir.ellrei at t, aIl hao r r " th'Cbaila.lie bie N. art-Ibeer jcIts sigh e "let c tte ett frtt New 'i - at j'ls.e, where ni honed to h ce al tile I lla dthe t deIr t mhe wles. Ile full hew,. ,,.nnd y . ... Ill 'lohck fi .rs. ee, ''eun my esrrteeVihnryeaceeetern eg 'S eeo ... ' inre, ,. . c i tne rl l. . ti er in. c a rm y ima lcl r IJC to. hIi were e n, vii a le to hilldh t itrne To a il d ty t l s eetlrnul is sonlueh mpr lvd in mght, a , th tIccscnit a pllwh ho t ar himHchhlln Ibn s h '. efa Ie as lle yhetl dsf thoe t hg hepgill tih mny eaiemn di dld; aull , tbl thdhe pand me a tleuaon bohere, matt pel heoual not erI ss grateful, iror to tlte an to_ in.. hnena arked if he approved the,, reomedies with which I pre diressel Ills eves, said Ita wo)td rather pay $211, than er hIo.oe u single drop. He eame upwards Is o('000 Miles u to me, s '1'h ,eel] pen of. th w..orth,,y kn....t. of the rail aolte, t theqimblle, will snarlely mar'k legihl y, after reading pat t eae ri b v e h a s t y l e t t e r . I In w e ,v r a l irtl e a ei d l e .yl e p i t ,Be . ... . of a drink ...or ... . or ee wi.l ... all right get and th.ey will Ilodtoat re lare somethinffto s 1t th rthirlesll, at peitef of InHn a Fo aely read her at thle is a whto ie n Sreamers' ' prettelnrling that I alluded to thetam in mymu last [,:! They" + real asturit, I did . .ot know or w even suspect arty Goliuhh, among te dlruggiist in Lou effe f.ville; yet, if the cap fit woley gentleman oe mutt i pro course wear it, though not intended by tile, [list o--* "rs tornsuru 0y mre. Jefferson House, Saturday, 22d July,1837 JEFFERSON [HOUSE, IOUISVILLE, July 13, 1837. To the Editor of the City Gazette: IK--Having listened to tle eotreatles of ny pot patients, I nm res ved, if lmy health Iermitn, to re. main in thin city till the end hof ulyt 1. 'o try to wlo them moere good. 2. lo eouvinea the inhalbitata that the vile aep thert thie Medical lioliahs 2. S&, lave applied to tae, belong tor tthen, so their lowful righti 3. Th t t |11 roedy to deposite two hundred dlollsara, in notes oft the U. . l ank, io the hlodo of h is hone l the Alaor ofthis ciy, agaist a iar sol to be do posited" byall the gr'at andI tl ghty Uloes S. & Co. that I restore to sight more aged, maa Idle-aged, yourg irsorn and cllildeno, who were totally or p'rtally blind, ti ln sty do; and that Ist a enIal;led to rcsa a greater nuslbe of short, week r dio-.lightrdle eson durisag my hort visit, thau they do. Yet 1 ts Iallho av wyi. i3 llia Illn to ca 1 itll to their ad all tie vert deservedly e cleh rlted l rolmessorl and )Doctorso il te ome thi l colleges, ' s well as oil thie doctors and qoack doetors io be .ond ill private Ipractice, (who are not, few) ia tie States of Kant ocky, Ohio, Ildialn aond o van illleallesoee, swieree tlhere re indeed saale two ithre. irb'ouas doctors, whose oames og t to behladed doew as low as possible to latest posterity. 4. It trst be clearly understood that all the cures if any on both sids, imust be provedr lall lave been periLorled htut the aid olany surgical u, eration 5. Those who really merit tle eplitsets they Itave s liberally applied to f, .hrell tobrfiir the $21i0 for ta belrrit oll lhe slhss tIrOases itn this city, an Ile othere ar ty shall ahke hack his oswn *tlt, slsellthver ie or tses Ilay he. If even tihe 11iglhty isaeicr, s hutIhuggers o , sl errsl rove oane of tile secesseaful eattlilates, I wil t fn lfi tile olsI proverb, ard give the 'old geatleans" hi' 6. At ll events 1 would adrvise the last sallied (soc li'ah ', asnso t fl'erthnt letter to -lu l)le, as t olle tar s silllaCttoll" as well as "Iis ss .i" blta vsiel a 0Ia'. tolsais t hb t Il alviar e him ll tl' i ll t lit its a 'Ls igsa ls l at Cle)llilllll. o, A 5 dneec p lac bre it, ill a ettoi r trie " ways know tile writere ' Ir ite iels dv s l'l is asi' . -'I was weak o ulrllgh tlt llr t lA tht l.f 'al Is.,sii si.laed ., wrlsh I 'odeere a111rea aaa t aa .it .a te alt. find no l. l lasihl ¢, Of ill 1'i, _H,.d A I . t, . , ,I i ln ll l t sass tra rled ll' a I s's iat , whtl lt dla renl l): Iilt let Ilta llals a II. a .i . ,i ri'., lilteoit his ooniaer of IsII .ala I ''.as 'aa f, It,5 ' I''a sto tIltl she Ills' ananP r knisgha 'al t tf' rt - ,i ill -tit., Int) th,- Inedh. nli Ieloll0I. ll, I,1 o. *li Ia i ' twoll trots. ars ,ital' i. t tlos s a . s B e11 a ' h ries hat lat , be t il his alisra . 'l' st l, . , a cll i1 Illllji t Iy j lle fron t [ l is t was I -l B lap, r the All "rtiser , ia r. S p's l tl r ser i' .', ,o 'ie a slyapsr c stal htIrlase latl eair s sllsltal'e , n''rse. ess liaer'ata' a lias al aor polias lstas , a is s riseh reuirs a listerwe, .as l i 'Iil oe ro , tihe replLtion oh tlloe' , wiole oh t he I gfa'a snsfortsae') then it s he rins s I, wie alrelsall ir nothaing mlaos oarnu if" it 5seaas''rrs ling braes or a tinklin, cy mbal;" yet, to view it rths--lie. li looks wel; ut with an arAl. It. At.. s e. r it, ,pr tnaguifirentr! JOIIN \VILLI1.1, oeculit. July 14. bI IIt l a e s I,'. I'-- I srFo T sandI e Ior.le -118 TI)HN I{ i & Bi(s), "ei aOl" Comron and 1ogollga in, Ca,. 'I'l tENO',1--- "-- ' T E4, handsme STOIRE and back Kitchens ' Oul the oosemnt story of the Trueo Amrei 'u can Otllise, two rors -rr om St. Charles The. are.. 1ist rate eotsod forea C',oaee Honse Apply to tot8 JOHN GI 1BSON, Editor 'rPe American. -AILS.-A prime . ssoroment of f't' Nails frso iN 'lad, for sale by CHASE & DIXEY, ash Ilowso otet. MILES' COMPOIUNI) EXTRAC'T uO is- TO N, TO. for A SUBSTITUTE. Fot CALOMEL. p1 .I HIE dotrite promulgateid wth so ch aissurance as by many empirics of the present dav, that one me i licine will cure all diseases, is not, alld ever can be at true; and he who asserts it, is either a fool or an im. F pastor. But it is na fant demonstrable hb exneriece, II that combinations of medicine ay be fat Ir ited rom 'he SVEGETABLE KINtGDOM, that will at e t t',F'erFSalley on the system, when taken seasonably, and pro S Iortions as to c'tre, in nine eases lor of tnr, all di~etses within t'oe reseh and power ,of" me "Lire. rn, ortie we(:aottovn i d estlbli t,: :' eltation ft SCakl" l, it :as long bea etnmpllyyl oy t:e empir:e, 'L and soeentiGt p.)ysitian, ad one of tl - '::tst p-w.+.. agents for the renoval of disease. Iv r the fIr,xr:, nl 2 moat every land has been deligedl ih noeTrtms, that ( thei authoers claimed as specifict ; e7iry disea seiei in dent to the human family. The filly of these preten a- sions nteds no comment, or accurate Ltemical ;:aveti re gation has shown, that the bare of most of the Panaacrs, is Cetholicons, te. which have been trumn etted befrra ;t the community, with so muc; assueat.:e, it Calotel, o - nerry in some formo. Now, if th;s poIert artitke even in the hands of the mest skilflal physician, Ie"e,.l.. Sly eerts an nif.aence o the humae saysteo, sulnfosee, Sad entirely beyond the control of'art underining t;t, Seonstitutiont,, e bri ingt on ec:nlattre o1ld eye, i;,ease Soel death, resurt should Ie exp m eted when ptre st cibe bh y the ignorant Co hld their maoy theras,,i s victims ptea;, . oiLe frclr t:e tremb woueld sras disier heo'anpefc' deltsion that now sways the mlndls of the living. T. mane Physicisns deplore the sad evils resulting fro.a the mercurial prestlee, and will gladly hail the in ' Itroiucetion of an a.ticle that can swlely be substituted for anhlomel. They o ifll, asr l t~is ateer!y. the ntnseertity ofits pri: lars operatlon; they catnolt say Nhether it i ill he tlivorable or tu.flvorabt e Thiey a.o knoue, and reel that i its se ion th:oe.el , failnr oonsilderale trate, ia e jn'ious secondaryeosit c seuuca must thllow. lint they must choose the least of two evils; they I::aew n then tizle thatr will arinst a w..,id :r.'e,, rol:rioe obstnrce tion, astil set in fliee action the wnlc!, glandular ayetam. and it being neceseary to $0 l is, they eontinete its use, iotwitlhstandieg the evil conse ,onIes wlhich fillow. 'hey have long ldesired and sought an article that wou ldtro e the good effects of this drug, without a tjeotitg the patient to its deleterite rei ilts. Sthe a ndesideatll, it is lelievede ha at lexnch been obtanie,t' it thle article now prItntiledrl to the tihric. The proplietors If this articl ireep ng in vielw the tilct, that a iste al benevolent le nit r has Ilecea with ins the reach of all, remedies laltioplto the miseases in cident to the t li ite they ilnhbit; and knowing, like wise, thalt most o tlhe dliseases of the Soutlh ald West ,rle hiasd Ipon lrgani or fuinetioal leraagement of the liver; directel thcir attention to those articles whlic not tmore es. ciallv on tbe hiliara organs. Alfter long, laborions, atill expensirve researeh, they have nsuceeded in extracting a stbstance fitom the TO lATO, wohich front its ipculiar eftifet lpon the hepa It is a nt-liue that nwillproduce all the benleficial results of Calomel, i bothll acute aild chrolli distases, witlhot tle ipossibility of pdulocing the leeriousdr ote scttllrteaes co0IIoIo to that article. Its alctiln 1I1" tiloe lntiollttion is lluniesal, i lit - of tile .tr.ll rseqagling its illenro. It is hnevan. tiodg t id organs oif serrliOl andi excretion, that its R''lpth- Ie adapted lIa t.," Irltlllrll of bilious f',oevs isa other , lidita rs i w, chl i ,i t orlpidity or p gj .l , ,tion e i t he li-iir arl portl cirfle oreoail. It i. atl,,lisaih t: In all caws, where it is necessa rY Ito , Ita;lse tie S thill arI wtls. It Ilclt es l)liyoc cIIr tion,,,lr , t\Eh*ii. : a l tk , : ni Ia':dltht actinrl of thie liver a-i ltl- lPl' ls tntll -l I, l'+ l I h oo t-in Ib li· t.. a illg r ti - f I,-l ho i + itll' l':ir +ll Io I)n, rt lll.( ,s ;t tl0e, cia clll atiol, l ol I1' ,+.s, l 1, I tilt. olll'lal .to l l the n1n,¢,, , accn~lU llll ial..l " t :I l e III p ,,:',r,ti ... h d e .......... Ilaxlrlau l like .leas ... I, Ia i',; . til, its di-i is ,llr( tll lu t ooI I 11n . ,tl.'+l it' l't", l t cpc: l.h'd oat ~ .11y wltb ' Ul·,t\ hIlt w\itll :.r " ,- II frit Thl coI Il 0, m lllc l dllt, l ).lly:lh\ at.C"t rria' i ll ca.i . Iri, h a lll li 1i ; ftr ., t iile l t'e t. lm a:or. inl )re I ,i; hllt litcI - tO ih llre tile stimi lla (il'tiile II.nstl t iii . II Is ,l(tmlll-ing .tInt ()lllri "lllg tlllt t le stll , 't" nes i 1,-l; I -a, d l lilmo. tIlthinh od Iadnil lis tIal tile, il s Iwllllll itt,:ll? (llt' el c llt IlIOS t valualble articles tc , olfuir ,,tI lir ir'ilot i a tril iind iipteliol. l ,oriiiitt i ., aidil lin ola isi unll ii grai p/ils. T'le r bit pills art clathurtie, alterativeu -ia pho;rtia aolrdittic, lrhteh/ llowi- piil-sarCtonic, itur ,ahtnt altll dliuphorrtie. Tel. letwing ext'act tn the. scbjel is froenm the Cinein MIlES' T- ).T'O lit M [CI'r,. Tl I'l virltles of the Tl onllo, t lt li\ :s a delicious ldvegetable s·r thie table, but also as 1 melicill, have telr " cons. eal e time tepast, attracteed tIe little attention. It ha ! lots beel believed to )ossess uiti-bilious glh hiis w h rich. t, it they eou hl be e nfctuolle exnte te , , Is , a!*at e fr , ht le sutperHuoas mlatter, wouldhl be inval;aile. This has , been haractelrizdl as Ia Iilious colntlrv. A large Iportionl ai io the diseases:rise from disordered livers, or froml de ),. Itngeenetls ill te glandular s.Stem. Thi i is esecially he tie cse in the west, and still llllle- oa tle south. If a et remedy, easy, , s ieffectual in its operation, andl leav ilng the cistitution unilmpaired, colld be lsconerel d for to bilious eomnllains, this wotld uiquestionably be amlong ,the most healthy climates in the world de Culomel has een thde almost universel remedy for n- diseases of this eharareter. P-ut it Is a remedy which h notlhlg but necessity should ionduee the use of. It may - be conidered as trespassing on the provinee of another lirofession to sp,:ak io this, yet we may be permitted to at express our strtng eonviction that Calomel cannot be es used without injuorlus and lastting effects upon the sys tem, greater or less, according to the quantities taken, td antl the fetieutlncy of its te, antd tile constitution of the tg patient. A substitute for this, therefore, tiom the ve i gethble kitngdom is a desidleratln in thlis eountry. SWe believe this ersidelratom sa been discllvered in 00 he T'omato. Dr. Miles, of this ity, and hisassociates n with much labor and expellse, as ro understand, have it succeeded in obtainingi such an extraet Iom tllhis vegeta bie as, it is hlopled, will be founlldl an efictual Slubstitute. We Ihave taken some pains to enquire among medical to men tnd otlers who have used this oedlicine, as to it effects, anl we eel well satisfiedl that it will prTe a ymost valuakle remedy is bilious complaints. So Ihr as 1r we have been able to learn, it has produced the desired effect, onerating to producea healthy actiotn of the liver, procureng bilious discharges when needed, and in Olllme instances bretaking p frevers. with even more certaitty anil it a sholter time than calomel. For sick or bilious heedoehes, it has been found a good remedy. Those who have used it say that it does not prodtluce the debili tatingelfects of most other kindis of putrative medieines that there is no increased danger lnln eoltb after its use, alod where larget oses of calomel woohl be needed this operates without ally dal ger of the deistressig al ilnjrious effects of ealotel when oiroduein ilhtatio As we have reason to helle from our inestigalion, his extreat of tie Tomato will Ierove a e ubslhtitelte tf alowenill a great variety ofeoases, we eoaonO a'Id it as a blessing to thee Iohumal lfnie. Il, l erellrfe oly safeo, anl Iree Jrom tll niner ai Se ltt we pe.ak of it, aled we trsttehat tha t irno h.d elrtoed by fotoitel. W aorse ee. ry eaol s. The above nedleilne an be obtained only of thf Ge nerl Agents, a d ,t osh retali g lge t oving a (to Louiianua." nd bearilg the tompany seal,. Ltnl of a eraitser. E & B T Stone, General Agents for Louisiana, 114 ier Cothe . 13 ld Levee street, opposite Veg t Paul artin, eor Olt Levee and HosIital street. Wit SherrS , corCatlnp an Juli streets. ur Muelle epr, nor hpiouolas strea t and St Maoy's mnarket. J P lohrbot & Co, colrer TehoupttoulnJ and ;in.d jlr W\e SteshuroTc, Ntt:liitte-heo, Lea. Iolnas . stanUsl ry, HArltotntt, rltexal. t-,ereint Seree, i orler Iree t'eay d Crus p dt i t . ioeu Joaes, Teivoli Circle. Win. Evnns. eR. 4 Bullding Co. Row. Altllit1aioell toreinnl t o i medieinres by holelsa, INust te Ellde to tile t;hteleral l Agen Netw tilees. All letters, post til, ri ll e tl - letienteil tlended to. S' t'': F tit tUISINtA. - i ;) t It IIný l it eeT Itir the I' etris led I'itn of New I rleaus. resoent Ille lht (Cl.lesr \1 itrion, it'.I I er Jl t 11th 1,e38 --No. tIIIt14.--Jtques Pot ir Ivs i, cldetelr.e - -u ije n 'etlnll l llee Ieet liil te 1 the itinr jd lheele it m this n'-e,(' It t ls rdieree le ot )urt t i h erei ti o it, ire ' lr t, 0unkr IA ti.h 7th du h i ud 1)1 , i .llewh he te-o( o i r. r I)e.I oie ,-gie'e ehi t b.Itw; sl d mI thoei Itc h ati,:,e- all Iroceedng- againslr his t. lr s illld prl i ,, I -aw' :\ :1 1. % 1) i I ('()+1'. I''erk ' i ,I' !. c ~i+s t It ill. 0 i.,1,5 1. ~ -G uil le urI nli-,, n l~,-)ii hlAt elo ItP h ile tontlot e.e t,, lee kr +-it 'le i I' lli etU . h rles +ltoria:i juge-, I j i n, 1 . it -el.-J: t'ees Pttier coetre ses erho.i iv r.- alt lecture c t lree g ietree l te- e t i eliti, ) elt la ,.,-iedule, tls eteeoltsalliere, t deeeretl par in e our ene , tetr or t iiers dle I'insovable Ctine savoir rear ree. eetr. CsOlt-rtllevert, Sa edi 7 eIl tle, 113811 tou rqnoi it ie lseratl ,oint dech lel' eto)l! rtielrie lettr d l et eo attendant t()es )ouruIltes centre t, tertl one ou ses telt tf Cooteoreec otreet. Ilmenrn dr lreftiter, :\iuvele ercleans, It jutrege18 IN.EEIfi ) Ntil--1 bbls, landm qu sceiotwt, . slhov, for tile by LG IE & OtI', je t " 4: Net I.evste. jell 17 ConImerce street. t TCH I,-1. illcasks (pintshal e-qusnr) in sp.... and filrs 8shby HOLMES & MILILS, jel9 Bank Ale, 1iN'I',"IOILS, (LASS, BItUSIIES, &c.--Junt Ibid a arm h ip Co nat itil, nai Innr ae lC.1)0 t If'iisnt la..obest quanlit, .'n 8XI0 t 1'3X2l8; 3111 kegs white letd, pre;i 3:in0 d green tainlt, in 25 a lir. I ken..; d In4nd aanedistin linrsignsnilfllb. lith.rag. e- i don SPnilen I ,l 0I000 gronllenidlbe-, aln, ii0of00 and be 111111; d IIdo .escroegren in piwder; superiorartinle m- do dl r 'l I:ell ac q ra.ssortluaent of sash of every an, size ::tyI qnt;r ; table plcnnil fir artistsn; ant nnInkina he bbresl:ea for nrcha.t.; nr.:st's colors in ilm remh pre n pne:l,icr hones, itted wih alil nceanesry lbrshes; te art';:'s t;,ol,,&c. a Flink etA inatem::.,- watc'i; GO iaeks gnlt leaf; w:;ite andytlit,.w t:ax;ng , a.h:c a;:d a large aInd enieas. , e:Ptannt, t,... n ie,ma oil, tnrpentine, varnilsh, &a. for sale, wholesale and retail, at the lote, piicen , by MOINDELLI, r- a28 58 Camp st. a YttROSPb.Gjl Ua. SNEW EDITION OF T1HE CIVIL CODE OF , LOUISIMANA. T has been fir some tbn mned, known to the publn Sthat the nubserin-rs are engaged in reerarmg for ee the p'esa n new edition of the Loaisiana Civil Code.- I e" mane.mln thile lirst, avanra o the grent diffiellty ad resta,dwnta:iv attetling the Iublication a IIItm work, i sbad it wee loat withut great k'esitatiln that they eon. enseed to "te o uadrti.king. But tlhe present elition, amnor rin to hbout three thousanl copies, and which S-adncust the State mlct then thirty tlllusand dollarsa, e ara3 entirely ot ofiprflt. For nl re than two years pat,, thle usual price of the work bas been front thirty an ao ,y dollars. It is n systea nf written rules wenich aO imediatelv tg npeatea upon every individual of the state, interestedl a- ether in agrieultan or comnmerce and which governs ea tit disposaition of so mnuch property ntominir tn it tnrolai nty O: stats, that-r:nlike alanaM.amy other trett.a np pn a.:.--it is as atuch the tint-boob nlid tnal of the t:lterhant and tl.el)anterna it is of tile i)ivate gentle man and the prfeoaio:ul a advoc.:te, y 'te lawyers o l'theaileoijniig states, and il finet pal tihse tlaten allap the Ohio and liasisaippi rivern wahi fi~d a tart anr their produce in Louisnian, hanve a fie qnUt neaessity of referenlle to the code, ani make it an tIdiapnnash.ble raqusaite toIn tleir lilrariaes; and in the city of Ne r Orlena Ite Iook is as sere to bn (nend in ile mnerchant's eoanting roen, ils upn Ihe ldesk tf ie' jud'e, or the table ofthe a tarnev. It isnots sluirpig t hePref~l'e tit the first elitian ofl i work wte Uso IuliCk ity diIsposed of; aldn lholltgh a nmeret reprint If. it w hid in noire menasure sunppv the publia necessity, yet it would Ibe ipnlp nlel IIt at tI1stiRsfnctrv itile',s antaiIaIted with referennc In the to t, portil. ..l a Stite-, in ..!rt r to I alit rnace the nlneron s ainmellnl which aw h-ell malliile by the It-islatare, ind tle importanl dcia s andi enollntrllctmllta which hliae hean given ui o any ao its articles by tile Siprelle ICourt. 'iThe publiChers have i en inred, (fir the eneranl super11 initendspc and elitoilrial depaitiini of ti e t ork, the iin professional services f \VIWhieelck S Uton, Ensq. a mel'bernr l thie New (Orleans Bhi. T'he lpan J.lli't Bullalrd, Julne Itnermdsln, anl (ton Gelrge Ig. is, hlnve enh kiehtiv assistedl Mr UpLtoa ith tIe vat li:le nc.tes whic i they hl~lave colletel ill e hl'iorie o, their studies and prmetici; aini to lIr N R Jetninins,tce rit ter of h'SrUpton, who is also enii aede i the wrk, t;eo Strawbridlge, Esq. has presented tile m sr s of rnfse renPrs-.ootaillini his ofce copy thile idaci, nap l ,, iich nave benen madn b lhiint duig wla ilt w nlp d eriod rt at his dii:itguishled rnlneisioill laiors. 1I'III ulihi In I ern itiavithlrreil,e ell trustl that tbal Iilnilintitl of fll I I mi+rk wil be a t lltnlll ll that indn od btlabour, .sat-ted bh leanr l Ilnln d t xpieri nlcll , aill perfi rl t In putting forth this l r Sil p t eta. lndtliitio n t ,i]llublscrilers to tIle wlorkl;, rue Iblishr+ 7 ke p~ir in le ti fat t h t th ie I,c Ch .i.te re lt ,tlittin liltsi t mo rized Ihe o+ve l-nor To ardvr one thonsand copies of it 'il the 'at ~re ose o t le State. I'he readiness wilt whic.h this slt1 o i tthe ,lite o ithe w irk;atlm they theriint t ,lte ed that iennfith'nee iln the utilitly ofI tihe pulblishtrim d ttletorr wi li i tl , lt b d is limit vholm ,ie s ervem . l~nac), in,)) In' hinititlil iii 1II'(IIFI·lalm b It,' t ll itr ill hl printed i n l ren h all siiin , I I' fl ea)'t ,ll aper and with (lear (Ir"e no r will an, lx VS nl' iseorrare hi.n plit nt, tale eile W ole iatlomdtlg, ax ,'\lollii timof it (IorresllhI with its ires( i rlhtec Ie a It 1Ill piol',)lIii ].+" lie relidv for d,,nivery in tle il doth i o ll "rpt, ah-r next; and (hue I1." r' will he, tI nlhseri trv, !illeeu dollars--livc dollars to be pail at the tlau off sub- i se rili l·. akl I'hhll -rilhrtinll itonlce clolsed, the store ptrip ce - I, ill he twenty, dollhrs .olt.s. a. Jl JOHiNS & CO. l'uhlislhers. [Luluisian . an.d Nw v 'k Iino of rackets.] 4At 1:'1 11'Mn(onda - thx !021111 lIPPul terlra d tlo insure tilae -a t ri p n t uall nctnlity in tlte r tim e ot saoi l ng, tile li e OS ttill hletefter Conllsrst if five hlip viz r .hip i.azoo, talltain Trask t leave otn the 20th nav. It hiti Ltoisei/le, Captain Palnmer, to leave on tIhe 4th S hitp lhr(tldi/te. Captain Eldridger to leave ont the I18h Jl')eeotth I. n Shi l'irkshurg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the Ist Ji:m frar. SShtip .Iis rsstppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th a Janulrv. IDj Tile above ships are all new. of the first clae, tlpptarend cnptn tler Ilteote conda n uewards tent rnloS g burlhell, are of ligt drloinlt ofte wler, heint luilt in New York expreslv for ithe trade. The pri e f ills sage is fixed at one tuadred dollar. [ltoeir cabins t re fitte1d ulo tile mlost ilnprored nd ronvenient tn, anlld filisRed in ana et and eleennsty l. Altple stIw res the first quality will be provided, and every regardl had to the comfort and entire sutieltotiolror pnasengers, whro will please take notice that no berth can be seoled ti dl poaid lor at thle toflei of the cnsignees . kee pa ts are I kto oo anded be Caproins well ex perienced in tIe trade, who will jivr every attention, nnd exert themselves tot accommnodate. ' hey will I all times te towed ilt nlid down the Mississippi i Ib ,Iteamoants, and the strictest punctulity observed ii thIe tlitme of sailing. Tie owners of thene hips will not be retpoonsile i tn nEy let er, parcel or packge sent by or put on htllenl rhem, unlesa regulr hill a fr ltdline be srgne tl rfilore it the ensnting housa of tile agents or owners. Ft urtther particulars, apply to D BEIN & A COHF.N nnov 13 911 Currrllrr r t. y AS ftoud fifty riilesfro il te Ilalize,in tl e Iroti'l of Julv,a large launch, (English boilet) olrpe fastenedl, and has been coppered, she is 22 feet log anld ight feet neam; and has Lrie sloop rigged, at there are iron straps furward for rigging. Whoever re intgnioes slid louncb, will pl.uao call at No 70 Ollt Levee. I) t sUIIAR,--ob hllds, a prine article, fir stale by - J1e2 44 New !.eeer HIUMPHREY'S FOIllilo;N TOUIR, &. -I EAT BIRITAIN, FIRANCE andl IBIEIGIUM a short 'I'nnr in 18PS1--Bv leman HuI phrey, t. )., ~Preb denttt tof oerst k ollsge, inA vols. Thet Works of tMrs. Rherneoot.--tleing the o lv comnllete and unifrrr edition 'ever uilllied in te United States, vol. 15. Just received and for ante by WMhIM'E 1N, ' Corner Cantp &mesCon streets. PENSACOLA MANSION IIHOUSE NEW CITY, PENSAICOLA. FIilE subscriber having purchased tilhe lse and fur .tritureof this well knoi oti rablisnonent, froml Mr it Taylor, the late ipropretor, wi bo re eady to reteive vi, Nuterous and costly improveenrots will be found in the Orruogenlellt of thIe Mansiol Holle. NePW alld more'ootioUllnious btllhillr housoer wil e Ililtlie] warm r thh will Ie pruvo edo at all hoors A nstaldr ill lie attahed to tile irouse with gItov l a rctodu- o tetil o r orses nlid ctarrtiages. il rtllote hirto- ald, carriages will altso be kept l It r Irole t oruot -ices; T rnd sail mnd row boats witlh persons to LtoUi ge ren, 1 fur tihe ue aof vllelt. t lilliards ie l orie a luslllllY t usually flullll at cwatering places, will alaol e tlrliithrllll aod ueo lonucteu :s not to iotertire witi the curltllt t and oJuietoafthe boarders-. Tlie wirto nniot liqr willt ie ol thre test (qlolity, and to entture a all spnIo otV ol ic., it earpo hust alr ood t bea orderedo, wotlo e will uerioe about tole r ot i May. Mr Frederick Illrnarde whfor oeyrl ket no Iot lollar a litel at Wasoliinton city, will roulldrat. o i hi sool litr the prureltor, wno, withl suchi niot, onllidto or nt-e tile vsitors i fll'last yelar, wlad his fri dlI. .+.kl 'llyv, thIat they wiellroolve ever Iollssibie lrtteonluno nlid thereby expeots to tgie gen. rul satislactioo Ither local ltdvlltaigre- of th s tIIIre ot Ire too ell knuow tor lteer at lengl. enued doeorltplit.t ,oe 'eloe alcts tl-tt IPensacola, is tile largesit natal otallltorlll"o thLe ;lltvrlnntellt the etone'al rendezvoous otothe rIott.,Io1ood lin til' e I, l lllll fer months i tlllhecolest I reeze.'ftruul rhe thlll; hle beautl of rte tIor nlot tie itetgltoooIorIt hlrndr- aitd rivetr; ihel atullast.e aid o lt ctcvl tif he ' fi~li with weh te waters ,bdnn ;l •iid its rt' eni oily to Ih, tesrt Sotioher-n moiarkets, give I'eu.l'olro li* . r ferenee orver all Iltller plraces ir the-e aIn ttdles, as or b orrhv otil delightful sutmmer retreart. I,'irei rate boats wlloru tt hleer twee itPensoan ' d odo-d bile, auni will at all times he able to take the a from tihe New Orlensbuits.oot. N B ARNOLD. i Pensacola, Feb. 1hth, 18:18. SrGentrsemen wishing to engage rooms for theiri fIumilies, call address thIe jr., at IPllsacola, or Mr Sewotl T Taylor, the fornosr pruperntor, at Now Or. leans. R-foerenees. T Snofird, Foi, MrC( Collonl, I1 MleAlpin, Esq., It. t Ritllb, in iMot.le;rS ' Taylor, P i' lia, Esq, in Net h P S-A letter bag, to receive eroltmuniatiolos for pereooe at the -,lboea, is placed at Gieo Whitman's urie, 51 St Chtarles E-- to:ge. A FI.ORID)A f;U't " FO'P. NEW TORM. D T 'travellers deirou. r nof takh:g fit Floridt route,o via Penoaeoolu, to the Nonrtb. ar it.lfrnred thtr irs rate it boats weod conotamtlv run lfln. Mnhoble to Peno.rola, h leaving Mobile and `ensanola eer tither day after the Itt of Men. GtHldoooleors ill roseoy he prninyide 07 thie Rtssereiler to be ior reraliteso o t rke paossengers frol ,labile, io case ofths failure of the boots. 01 N t aRNOLD. . The steamboat Champion loaves Mobile fPr Penn-. cola twicei a week feb 8 lt oust 'Jl'lil` ['')l ,u A lld~l.. Cr7 11 117.. AND (ts; rP 1 It OA T LI!%1 rs 1S'UR'tH i5 515 v£ AND A HALT DAYS, erv From Mobile (Alabaomaj to Augusta AGen A:- LEAYDs N! Moie eve s ositer ald, Immnluiatly artiel , . th arrival nof tlle mail from New Orleanas per th iteamot EsllS, t, llIate). Joaeh to a PenaoeolA ite tlambots (per Pensaoatcn ny, St lroga sonsd oan, Choe al- tahaehie Re.rer anH flayi) to Cedar (ld: clohel theae a -iarMaisna, CtHattalcehse, (Formerily Moun Vter 00,n0,) Binih tge, Piiidirtun, Hoawkinsville Had ..outs 'lle, to Al.-sta A lcssalgeen.stakin hlis tout t 3at0 Sbile is in n'o dngr' oif eisg tsrown out otr uior I. Prefereae e by other conflieting interestll as 'he Fs.. ..l . .INs i, but ont contern, an tg n der one h omnF tt hronughouth ani mayu rely wi.TH CRTAINTY UpOn .1 ,F rHivalat Augista in tine specified, throgh all weauth r stianll at naan . 'sason, unless soue most an tarelee t clas )Ihl trope should occar. The Grlet New Orleans n:ai r is carried I tlhis route. 'IThe Agents fbso aeonmodn. -ion, 'eamos, Coaches sld Drives are nit aur[pased lty [l soatllerl l s o,.ntry. rk, The smooth, h5r1, nani:ral roadis, the ioe and inlet stig vter Ilavigation, the lime and s eommmitltor I afrd the traveler slt (,, ceetiaintl, comfort, SAd a plea, "ch inf; valety; enunncted as it were with t!he Rail [ladt. r 's, sIl , .C. alnd tile stteail iukets ,to New Yartl r stravelers cnau nroh N,,w York ifrom New Uhinns Isy LEsS THAI n.tD'--l ashinlton city io 1o From Chattahoohee, lloridatu we tt ve a lra1 . ''Lini via Qiiey and Talbahasiee, to St Mhirk, 4 hot. poe t oeoaches, alos o tw sBranhtos from Hawkinevillt iasone tl Milledlgeville, aitl onle to 1inIOlA, ligit two ht r, "In Atdlie 'ocK11th Jaoxs. t (1 th (iSlecal M s-,i ntlll Hoie Mofnilei l i)isalnc, New ()rt anss to Ms.ite, 15) ,milt at.Mohile to Augusta, 5 ,l ~ eh AIguIta to Charlesltn, 15 (e- Charleston to New V'atk, 980- 180 "r'l'ime, N..w Orlean to Mlnbile, '28 hourr Ie Mobile to Augusta, Ms ii n A ii'ish, to Challestso , 132 le (har:leston to New York, aR- 15h Slakiss miles per day,. or 7 miles 28r holusoi k ive of all stop alies. ni g 1 l Ad' N. B. I -i o inlurm the alhlid ihat'th it brlges over Ihe Chtahiovheswanl ad Hard Latihon tlcreek hawejust beren en otselses v n the gen Aeral goveln n teIAut, (th. oi obslsacls oleranti b against tl sfe rt All spreedv'rnlt" at'- thus ha ppily removel; Hul I have th , pleaslrec of lea , tag from travellers that the coaches , h s. s, d1rhers:o nd'ads-are o tihe filst otrIOlier; and as l'u th uiwater roite Ptim eilohma to (Clar Isi u t s admil i sxle usll ,hOhv , , Aas el Iolg l tle illaaoossh, Sitsll nvelties beauty hodl sa'clly The brilores ohoul .. GergiOa hre also beenulspired, J M C uAKlEIt Ie IARi'IfVIAnfE. FI t 2 AGAZINE STRELT, NE\W-OILL ,tS. TiOSEPIt KNEI('TLE, & Co.--Isporturs ofFnreip it oP )stti,in,stelsstlrdw5 in rusi feso, l'"s u nissl I'ent ic arw are, 5 t ricAivuinI frnm 5E o ip i i u tn - the , Atlant u ('iti:,,l Ireict i"ln the i i.lIn t I sc topers, all ePxtensive as sorrlltlllellt of FuePV a nd He;Iav i'iliw Ar lnpr i"llip eve·ry article in tihe 1ine whichl the- oiler law. I('mi ti,-llVirii I5!ltsiandi l ri llsrit . Invited ito all al P iexalmne tssb i. stluk w tin sinuists, n )arts sf tabl I h ir's, sii k tiss sPr's nn trawknivt, platedat] C 1v,'t. H s'l >O isiiels, lr " tdet . .Sir oun', s;rit- is S ilnits a in Iplsub ses Il:utI, bAunks nd 0pH uti IDier, pr iii! sss<.ts nns s l, illi, i tipull t Iillltr, (I,,iI sIIher s, d1 ev stee , t plo.tug h n iali,[- tra. ia i nd t b ljli ll, ' .s J u nI ndius iseruhr It, tes us ttsu ',, bu rll l xests! r rug sI rasts -ts tie, ()Ilsi to iill- n is Sik ninc b p i lll l Saxes, .r~h l S,, hor Ae and .lit ! s l s c to,, ,i,,d .i ' r'dI, t llt1e n tlUI Sor I a Nill ,lulsses and a" n goK sin!, goner.s,. 'ok, snd ions, book andI 1 Is 1 I t; i 's t ug5 a Dib , Iyou i sun liquorll atkI -As oit ,, 1 III putt nee, tea1~;, beltl, branFs and bell .lletul i, l.ot. l I ist, ytru k I .isnd - p tseis t,idlu i 1, sts ii-- il js5 1 Dss n1 EOUISAIAN --Cour d uusallree It sis I' 4 rl'ct Jllelieiai r.,. H p;i i ~'F:'I'A'I" ,1": LA LOUISI+INEI-A ........ crx('ltn! i ts l I t ites tonLers ui Sa lut.--Att eiu s li e - is l ,I,, L iinul t1 9 , a h Is I t aIts i nu, e b t', si Lt ., p ae l .; d 1l e'l la nnevlap ibte etaitela and d leer, t a Ir' .t :"llr 'it" "Sr Ulle e settsr Cou r ait Is i Li 'colte tot l' tislrti It , 'i,i 2 i IIo r l a r ,Iiii,.e ie u nl , eD ri Sh pu I at Iss ssI, u iclL o la Lt Is- ia its tt. ,,,It 15115tit tl e 5515 liilt , i co l , i cir t`t lea titres'to Le e uuia;:u, ltl tttule .r ic:,i t aitsls'itIe le I, II n eits Is24 i uis suit toell. u tult :pi I , °' lSlss n"f;lo'"' sot pat . . ". I oso,-i.te. llllltl toll .limi ie" i sss't s ia Lo is, ,t .e la ouis r d, P remier S Ollel t t Ju,.,laire, an, pura r ,I,,.o .]e mI t rr to lip Io i -ll aNsutu 5i'illas teI ' a te s ilee, n lie nits its l. i l ist I'ite ou il t.l s lie ds ,s I3,,ls o i g .its, O le te., . S rn, ls Imod , s ie Ie vnlll,, oil poe uc' i t,,, a se qllll eitn iett talairsus i;irdems Pssni d't: !d ae..llj.. ii ( AI. .. Io a bliao in It l le eytrea~is, l tln t 0'tti in llte llsi iie s uu l siseeait as II coal)ilmt hele •homdogtml e" ] nd iits s, . ,tosrp .d stendi I,,;si ,le Serif, s uS i lit , , it 30 orice jour Aie Slaps de ['anlu I8 L ' l en vertu (Plll l nmet dle ts (,our iendtl u e' 20, trillI e Js viestle ' ee 18i8, i]e tri ilare t'.dt iAree Jm ......]'nes)Diggs vs.lle tuGreene' MiTl No. 15,191, du )oke t Ale eetle Cour, a layIelle yeah 1'i t t'est re i-du a oqu ,'eur pIutI' lelrix de tsah ci, q m ile, i ,tastre,. • i i i e 'pI Desrl'ipion de h ProPiridte d ' iX ,le tse Ju r( igs ..sit ~ e aI o ills Lnbs rlust,,;, bsupi- I to eIsi •g sairs , Savoi r. t ileI o n certain moteeaau d tersr avee tallies lea eaatsses prof et annelorati o lm qs oi ss'1 o 'uvn i ins( Is i lea •ts s itg liviilegi s elo. is i " tiupl ite l iiint i u,,luil' uelc- i Om i llUe [in 1'allnxbu inllon l hln'iati . Ieall rant rasure in tl t1 iii Ilhisetis clts n l Iisiild i tt e i ul heltimet lee[ t'umlo iuer fare. an Chemin irhbliqnee sur 'Ja rie de m s , louvell. Le.sst ', l ois nt- Joiat- e d H p dl six tiones ui g.-i',,lA in txiefu r is, gint-sio so,- cf u'Ielace a I rue eIs vli eis Lte e stI asJ l [.IsI ler noo a, gtit t i.ti.o ph Ii , ]ai roi risi:s L"re ll t Mll t lis Ir s rln- d i'enico l Agu redes'rs s 1 eilpls , t it(,,,,,es ,teIn t it IAlr l l l 5 angale doit etl t ud t d trs t itlyIrli is et arm, pstees eH Irotimdtds r c long de a 1 pro Igoe liiihloplr -- l. priesli i llu ,nit MillaIsII , pIts poll tisits IsII llste C si t ,d e i iTorih snti n, ts , .'i ]s eit es, be L tslSlas t lise So i sto t tr t5iis Uzt5 ou s t orttu flil til a s'su I - i lie i~is io ' i e i a 't', ri t dde Fsre de Louis I. de, It parallel;s Ilrue v lle L, vi,'e2 rle ' i, larIt l;6lnanlt III autores ange d.]vol at s'teeadl ll de Ifuaram tr lla11 dicllx irds seit pl te e it c 1 hni t 5te l ls" r ig n s miOS limitroihc de la [i.opr'iee dIu Ait rD^ .e as a ,A 1 H ii .tel r'le Celeste • dlelhl 'bn on( t orlutletingl e ._ rull l e j'ete n CUB" rl,tles sll, Ia ligne " it. llh i le it rtl te e li in t ,our paralltel :in NtllIn n Ilids r dx Inlles ret u ta NtA LubA Nll, L. ee st p.ix:nte sei' e irs qlal t I)OUnes et qaealtlnlitiemes taetela rtle pleaNon es.. coufooi~mn 4 nn pa ] ins pa ,. i ile Vuyer alto la v Ile, Ia `3, For Jodiec 18o.t al axe a anl ante lats'c pr I .]tn Lo! St'l' 'l('one, nolhe llle pul', e 126,, Ipint LTOUeLm 1' ' 1% e 6 ,lnv ,1 95. 18,' oi') "]" " I'tOl. A. M. J( I I3uchII Jage de In (• 7rvnsdll ' tat If. v'arir av'il 5. 1 P. LE BLANC, prov all `1 De.p. GGlfler. prolp a_-_Dep. Gihr. .'1'At D LA LOL ISIAArE-Couor du 'rrenirer Dis Ire' Judiri re. 'Ei'.\' D La I.OUIOIAE A tns er te ' '*"8 r e sllll ell ldellrllP 8. [ --Alae L e \i'iiilro ,Iro'keur ivi ehrir r ol Siioi ulAe veeltarille qur j rore u a 'o r uin tI'( leiror I pi nriu'te pro oin urd o a o ijiret o e s le'pjrletio oetrian orr o u Inlsdte neute let rn istre Ic . ell e j nu r ie, ( a i, ,e u o 'a'nni.e iirI' pIII ni e lLllli' 'e : ntiir i I ii ate dr i c -e i Legio i an i rlde I'er Ir iunernr rl eir le ri ror m. r ....... 'r. , , ald rure, r, onr e .l . s. ,ri or uo)reel' rr r r ri- irqr s l l irrii. (' u' ir it cunuo r lte,, h Ili , e'cic telllhlllrrin rrn ]i Irrrrr at i ve, irruo a't s teIll r ini ner iillr he l rrin aut rr I el. d I r o rll ri' · ii ru 'a flit r IrU i ' llet eiig , ii 1 r 'r ' il i'rririo IIote Itwe ir I ns iirie oy i Iru .!' l',,in Imiii '. nr idrilr I.or ir r r I rIe11 r33 nvel-t " i. " " i'se r r'it ihe raoe . ...n ... to r i a ris, e'i ; n1or5t, ill lil' tI' d1"i r li N trlor lrey vInSn . D irrll,' 'r i. hr $ ., e lr ie.' r ' in I enr r ai i ", Ipalr d e $ , r' y u( c n ri rr i ire\ t plun e-rimun, t t , o l'i ,n I ro lrsm, rl'rrr prod o I ''nl an' iiinor'r, "i'i i' par i'Ni o r d'nir uar " lrir tdrn.ssc .ur(' F hI; 7 %i. ) i I I ('loil ol r4 Illoll ' o ruror, ep p re " thu p t'iotr Sto erv N11111114,al' ' li Iu I o I : le lirt itt i uno "r rr, nrondoir .1'; n ae bue t pi. i, l'y p earor, f i e4iio irubi or Aurooci r"', i'.uh"in. Aio, idoroz"e" ro,,de ,r,,inoe riA Ir- t jr lin llrnA u loo dplirlh rle r tolt rs, furirt., llortlrror .&" u rl' e ti o ternor ere u a P artr - Na; 1..'- c'+ie .', aver ... . iJe B e or i r d u hI & ; r i|ARBlrE CItMNEY-PIECE -W ErlSE. t'uxlomhlluso street, opposite the post-o tice. i Thr merihroorrn r no rod e ceinint, f onr tlheir suc.r torine inl New _c'ork, alnd will keep cons:antly- oi1 hand a genera! nasscrnucnt. . ,Ianrble Mnantle ;.crws 1 ; ofsuperinr wor rknranship, tnd ofr the latest purtern,. i tude f thne beit h::eyprn, retritin ..rieh ara t Amlericlan Also, M.,onuruticnts, Tom'ns aod' Grave Sto ms, mn,:idedi and plain sills and linie i, marh frinos, hethllls eand ,,.iary stone. r ja stm e t of Paria, Il.,n.n & .iydrau!ie Cement and Piaster. c ins ai:n,-, together with a etlondio assnrtment at brve o~,tinutad and plain Grat. and Ru.. in iron Gra~tesm the newest and mlost alppruves patten;s, Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the shortest notlec. They have first rate workmen to I + set the arote work. jes5 JAMES KAIN & STROI.D fin; kih. .., : rhA. Aton ndLLBh. r'mHl highly varnbleI medicine may beLad hole i i sl anld ;etail at New York prices, of REES k S'II'IA an;I.r, Canop street. lIt i cou fllrentlv rieiomenodd Ior the follnwlnr tsl Nm.0r0: DItoprtia io all it. fium s; bilionu and w ii % ff !ictloiS r ilo every itage and dek-re; female ntlletn, Ilore p Oaticelarly lie nLnOea iNAoFeon to mot.srs; t e llhus, fver and :,uoe, inciAOist conaumptiao al det l eliuet, whether of the liver or lungs hla l, e ro t Iers, osr of ilaperiie, nervous treelmors iei lrr i oli umotremen sreposrodi afetwaron ofsallklndiethe I :natism, whetler chronic or inflammatory; .avetn or Sbilious onevers ot evero variety; esroful, salt I . Sand oll Ilotches bad Arhumo a, Ind Imlure cam Sihei taki,; o tlesouese aet night, and daily . t..1t o and moelansho'; the summer awmpleint, aml .i ob or ioarrhoea in grown ppiero. no; wvrmn - i ,emy,,i'h ald lr-toit; chloriris and lpitalttion of she i hre t '.. herJ; lchanges of female ontstlittion; and .t oitnpii tl ait diorg'anized coostitutions in either Mar elrh ti olave lt Ieen permanently reliselrby an other nellicinee A sinele trial of ir W Ela s' medithdaS hi i :my of these cses, will produce such ffeeta as will In Jlicane their inso np.rahl sa o urinrity and induce asne a use ot'thein as will insure a speedy and ugtmm otpoY bli cure. DiRretions for 5use 1eomlhnytin ttih tht Numerous eertifoate of cures wail be shown, "ea mb the oenth of the at.lorue it is impoie tib o gaeethem eihliet v through the mediom of aioe wpoper, yv da li :vaost' catalogue tlere aor upwards of gýpousalt et and in this. city we can referto many .rnatso amoohe a - 'eetn elieved, and in snme inst:meesr e trelyseInd of lon srt,ding dis.aes ,by Dr vapa' Cameo ia Prils. au~0o , tm STATE OF LOUlISIANA-First Judi.,L Coort. T'E STATE OF LOUISIANA, To, allwms Ithese Presents shall come, (treetAiogt -AVWsiea, James Burroe Diggs l.ring pnl.ihsed at a sale enolt by Itr hllerifflof the poriah of Otrleats thie inopel.rts errr unalser deseriloel, has splliedl to thoclerok of this auort, in whose orire the reed of sat wamoo r ordth l on thie 2O i -lay ofA iril, A. i). i18i8, for, momitiir or adreertn lerilt in tolofornitti to y l act of toie einhlsl.he'of tile Staie of' LouiPsia, eltitled i lAn Set fot e theIttlArka.d rase of titles to puiohlohar at judicial sales;" appProvedl the IOlh day of Molrel, 183t. NOW, thelrefore, know ye, std all lgeons intaskmpt It reon, are lhereby cited anid olmooislt:d in the isalsot Ite Stateolt Louisina, atd ofihe First Jiidioil Dlsatr ec Cotlr, who, can set u o noy right, title or, claim i wad to tili olroprto lereilalrterdes l .riihtl:d,iln eOloqueseeoofany iof ,rttolit. in le olhrder,dtlrte or ojutlgmetit oftihe unt ctloer whlich the sale was mode, or 0n) i.agularihyor illogality ln r oi y plrisemeits aml odvertisaements,in lisle, or Imllllt·r o sale, 0 r0 o aly other dljeet whao-.. -re: to 'lhow cause, witilt tfirty daos from tite dalyhia motion is fit't itutecld in the Iptbltc le0ers, wly the sal0 to malte should lnt he elifir:lldl all hmoldogated. T'le said property was asold bIy) il Slheriltif thle IbpuSh aforesaid 0on the 30th day of iMhrei, A. D 1853.9, by viir tuc of a decre of this mourt, reolderodm i hlo t th ayI in Janutry, A. 1). 1838, in a suit et.titled James Bamte D)iggs t. Itulfis Greene, No 15,191 of the ditcktet of ti Court, at whlichl sale said Jotes Balnesr Digga hebm ithe pourchiser for dte Irice of twenty.five thounltd do Description of property os given in the Judicial vea once , vz: Acertaha piee of property or prtreel ofgrootttogtberh wlit all t ie )lliidig ald Improvements ItereOtl , tight:e privileges, &o. lheretontobelriccging, or in uany wiaesp, siouoite 0n foolouiog Annunaeitiol, .rve thin city lI mL'easuri.nit ill iogliso r measu lo Itdre tee und anil fil.y-six feet oll' toteoo ef oe its of tohn i fioot oo the ipulic road no New Ltevre st, thlree lhnlti cad ind i-ty *s. feet six ichesaildf'ur.eighths olf an inch front on lceste i, to hlundrol d nltd fity-five feet ninet incheslnd twu-eigths lufalt inclh on a line frootieg on Old Ltevr rtot-Pt, oitil it itrikes tihe IhotmdrIV lille of Lau.oalt Ml loudou's property, at tile corner ofO i111 Levee onld Nuno "tretlt; thlere forminig a light aogle, ili extendieg tighty-five Plrt aid the itcles dcp alocgthre booundary lite of said Miiltlldot's r1 )jopeIt pori lel to aelele streiet; hicr.ot olrmmg a rigiht aglr, isi.ty three fizet elven in~'ccts tild three eightcil of ol eI h on the h1l~1.ary lin.e nof lo, nis D)1le's pL' l "ert' tplrale Ito O11I Levere silret;ttherb lrttitt p notl er riglltaalrde l extentling 1in-{ twfel f eo " i ,i ,ii ehes ami t ot e eighth. of ao inlet a, thec nndarv litin, of adl Dlde's properpy, mr:l+lrl to Clekste sluetet; ther,, linlnol another right anlglte, n11d1 ax~t'diign:llee hullnlldlred slll twently s ven te tell i tlitsllld t'i l l . iiltt h tl i it" all i l'. t I oe lll]ary lite li sao il lte's IrN t1uII It pallel to the ptlic rosad 11 1 N oW v I strt' tle eIi, Ilootocft iti eert four itiehes ollood lltightlts of anilltcl trollt ooo Nui's sltret, aecord. ipa tea ih. Iii J. Piill, (lity S.hiyr, nde otl d Jan vcr,, 113. al,0ocrld to nit act pascdl ieflire Louis T C(tl, Nolary Public, on tile 'hotlt Jantiory, tld. \Viti csi til licc A. . Lucloiano, Jndge of the Cnulo nforesao l thl s lith April, tf.8. apoPn 13 1. L IILANC' IDlp. Clerk. oa IANUTI'ObNEa 13 I'H FACUL nuY OF MED r- €CINE. Ti H r O1lRN'S Compound Extract efConoiba and Sar's I a ever ltisetorrved b. tle cure of "od rhr , Gltta et Striomres, Whites, Patns in t iat baucktadlloing, ssmm Sress, affections of the kidllie, gravel, scorbinal trn, L . SIt ti. it nt.olodution ot a medliin ptostssing tle use.ul and active vtue otl the one now oflrelitto the public, t ',e proprietoa hias but to referi to the numero us aneo melulat t'ons receivted nio the moast eminent of thesi. dicl t'aclty in Europe, believing that it will hedly anpeprciated when its mrit le ane moare fulljr known. lThe It Bnlsonool (Copiba, soexteaeivoly used, has lost mus of its credit lifro tle dlislike .thlirh patients ioraaely rtexpress I t'regtarl g its diagraenblr taste, dtatnrbana produed in thle bowelsa ol atomach, nd its ..retonane at'ficteinc when osed inllhe inlflanla.ton. stage. TIhn prolprietor has made an annlysis of the Balam, comncei tmg Itht thle more aetiveqtualities wo thereby be nas mole anlcen'tr l ante d ant more useflly administered thea in rthe aesent state. VThe alove mealioae combincsio a gredients whieh al in tile hiaghest rI sute smot the most rdientilte and learned in lte l.ofes.ion. Each audrug in thie tomolsitin of this prelaration oreales the e emacv ol the oglier, pioolueiga nlan opration truly aato i islng, ad suraossinrg the mnst rsaubin.ex e tou ansi T possuning.f tile same time the alootaog oP it heing administered with perfect su mess i tle different stages I tile m oai rMVase. lher most emineot physioiansanld Sairgelnr i l til present day rxn'ess their deciar edp prll ation i tvorof Saynparl;la, whilst its ue in the prinLtill Ithopitals and public medical iastitutian has be ot, and stil coein tines, retensive. It was a fsa orat remerly with the eelelraterl kr Ahernethy in all veleroal affLetions, atl an alaoinn nate nutas e er ltainl arising fm a dlisordleredl state oft'thedrig.iveiafnotioms. Olaving been suhmitted to the test slid experience of tile most celebratedt among the fanaty, they nae expressd aeir satislantien of its extraordinbay rtcaei v inl every as8e under their bharge, by adopling it boih in their public nld prinvtte practnce. Thair' ob enatioas aill a,. ;nseraealhereafter. Pelarered y J B Tl'alo, Clheait, Londolo . Prie $l 50I per aot. T'ESTIMO NIALS. From A H Slmon, Es, F R S, Surgeon to than St'rltatlnol Htnulittl, alld'ull er on Anatonly. lhe trial wllich 1 Iave madle of' our .1rpration in ai variety of oans, ot, lolh mae naltolfetale, in its aeiults have ioved so Iiglly favotalble, tlat I lo not hlarsate in pronotneielllg it one of the most valuable ant efficnioims Iremedlies eer ofl'red to the public, anl one in whinh' from exlpetietnce, I can pll e every relianre, whilst it lones not roelduct the same unpleasanltt etfentsusally ex. perietlnced frnm colmiwha. "Fromn G i Haywarnd, I.i R t S, Physiuian t the St MotarlCniote flilensary. I take gre.t Itlennao in adding ny teastimany to the va;able properties nof vour prelnmratiou, wilnag you nts sulecess yon so urllt deserve, in an ample reward lbr te L .lotaotl etxpense naeutled in briaging it to suchsam. : 'arat W O Coaopr, F I C, Surgeon to Gs's fl e pind t'ie uniform soruccess which has a'tenlell the adminis ter:otig yu' metlinine among my mtients aflicartel with te nltove disases, las filly satisfied me that it hoc only to be t:.w.n to be troly ayprelntd. May the suceme you so well deseove, tpSly tand speedily reay)-yoa fLo yaor vtluabln plUepaeation. From Sir A , 'ootater, F RtS P R C S, &e. ke. Hivnlat leeno iallhtcen to try vnar Exro.e in several teass o vtlolet ,Ollaiir hain, wniila hbal hilltherto balled eely pn.escriIt iol admintistnnered ) ale,I haning faound s12n.rolld speody cures efoltted by it, i a s fle daysc-) itle nmtselfin dultv Ilound toIstat tlat I now in ny pone iceitbolt public atnd prieate andd use Non :'rm G Wi Blair, M D, Physklan to (say's IIo l.te stric tect whieh I have given yoer mediaina I mo:. Ott petitnts, atd, its in.ri:,ble suotnse, thus mr. "iii iloillce In' t1 in iits ue, oIl I drem it I.'t : tanct onf jns- le olld of dtal to Yadd at"y faeble tot Faonial ill e tmondatipl of itsviltiucs. Fro n L (C Thoonolon M A) F It S !. Sret: n you mynt sincere t!o:aks for t e v.lnable p e:it on tot' EIxtract fIrthe cure of t'ioorhnra, he. I nei, ilti that you have at last ,nultna ,nednlin an o use ahi i will o.enc a desidery-nm lbr trso4ght -" I t:: medinaei wolr-a sore, speedy sur f a et:Lnp, in cas s fl' dltc aboe elasl, id aCtor.'t nrte n &-i alen in .-";hysahig to t....orld ,tn: v-ti,:, eu;:nr:c.:,e. \V err it neetesa.nty, te ptprietor :ot heoc fs"niro i. 1plla or z tes.intoni.t ltis ett lit o caan.attte.nnn. fi to l -ite' l' t t. 1ln,1 it ias be.n trlepae.d, will pryeodai g.:,clt. L. i- CLtllme,-iapia ) Pin-ng ;, di.-rr',ing "mblP. vtnr" rer.'li l roeu.aio Oiis prepa, 'G"rcn :ljtsy 1"ov m '.'e il whicli it n s b her :kettltiawlg both eoywc ri va ut--i' ostet aot.:. ae, wish :.o it t'ielA. <in ._aeo ur to i,tcn;t, .t iroaa bhusiaes. T' epeaiat . otit .itt thail 'tnmed'ie,.e hliglly nefbl, Id.te .. , to be uo'tqte adide wlth a t.-eyaontioa inIsiheslsl .. Sa,:tes , l^,i: I t it: rsent one eom,,tws. AtLn.L '"ti n';,:.o ilte to diuinr is ap . a lt .m'. + tary,'t'. d;:fere ; L., al ,," , "l -exsota.Ye, coi-i-. oull ~. . L .G1Ot . . Fa"salte Ottian 4= cO. . , a.C IN- 5 ilat;s a ei".n. ! la .:i.;, md S , h Shoullderse tcinati cured. c nre . ee Do'lo. fnsTae'' N & AVERTyT, .it .i Aseovler stvreel.

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