Newspaper of True American, October 9, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 9, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DEeCRIPTION. ,/ P IpEEDILY, 1ANDo3LY AND CIIECCPLY EXE(UTEt 4 AT THE OFFICE OF THE true Aldnericaul, IT. CIIAfRL...S TSTREErT, NEARL POYDRAS. m23 LIlalIANA IURNITURE WAREROOMS N.. 53, ,l'y,.v ih. sar*tl. W IL.IAil RI. CAItN Et, (ft+rm'rly of the firmol Sliat & i.rnea,) woulti rre.ltlly itf rm Ills trindlr and thi Iliblic that Be is t llllltiv receiving from Now Yar or. i nd sta goodIt t nastrtt nt t 'oln m.l metiogainv aid etrr talles iif I detCiioillll I ItI U aau+, t)I ilet, neCi otory., wrltit- ckilts, WiarlIr., i Ii mahllugnt y ald cherry, woish ttllsti, Ioohllta glastes, featherm. Iedd ..%.. .. Cc. NLa. Furntlture packed or trtitportatiitn with great sare. j,; MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BHARDING HOU3SE Removed font 17 Customtouse St TO NEXT DOOR To S. CHARLES 'TiEAt'IE, COnRER OF POYDRAn & ST. CIIAlI.ES sTaEE.f a tg--1838. {NE & C- i)ttI.t'E lt ltO ('1'.15- So gro.s- wa . and 100 grosa porter bottles, for eula by ICIL.tI t4+S E, & NttLt.,i, jy t IHnnlk 'Ilev. PRIVA TE BOARDIJNG IIOUNir.. No 13, C'otolloao sr,- ly Irs IIo:Talu,.n. rT l 11. , ut1e i + p uioui ad conraetieuitlv i ittated Sfor tnan ofttibutl.a, near tihe Ier ee tld tile Aiw Sze ania 're c toe will be 'tell supplied and attended to, and the cltarge mtoderat'. OSart rs wititig to ihave lodin , can be ariei.amo dateda atC ddferent pi cea. wilth eoiin i iouq fulnisht d romani. Boat.dros will hiave ith atlt-itfa Ini to met 't here, Ier, .I+ apeaking tie FieiclJc, English and Sp ttti Laih , a. a,,ott3it PENSION BOURtiE)IS E, Au- T~r:oo.oe n 13. t ,u parIIll V. rlI .wjn. E i T'' ettbliseemer tat'iux Itt ,e tmuoni oitimP Ares d Las . Ln6te tt t I .tvoitltt it trae, c'reC t dlte an lltte d i s ,d' ires. Latable ,' r bien fon nier proprrient tente et i r.ea qua preannt pension iui-ireraienit y loer :,i lent dos apiarte eaa d, d.tti el. prair, hiis grilis ct nllltntodes. Leo peao ionsaireo nurant I'aPu 6innt d'y arolovr des porsonnes parltnt les languers francaise, nnolain et 'sptgnot.a. Sta Im--IAL 4 TA 1inw on.I dry, il quin, ter cank l d banu bbls. furnlet b aug'S5 7 Ilan P ac.. l t .:JI :l.v...-, r 1'- ,ILL+-A l ge a,,I S geIeral . aortt ll. o. ht nl, ii . sa iL. , by J. u.tVl." , . t-,I: jyl-ht in io.c or tiuia. -& 'i'chnt.puol r ltEC O"rtnerahr .I lrt ,ret .,rr.i ng n thi'city S Letweel. tie ubSe Iers, l,ld 'r t". lirllln I.ll Van V c.Sp 'o.. in New 'or, 1.t,,il:* i. & C ..., andi Natche , ,Inh., Vain Vyckl. I.iltllwr o., is Iliso, reil by al t.lsl cnuo e tll .I1iii L lltl v. etC r I . Vall Wyck, aII I'hotmoi W. V'a l . ve are authtur.zed to unttltiBel.aneof the fa~h Il li luiilifon onlly. ANsI)tit-V I.IN.., Pr:'l'.R It. VIY WICK, TIIllo).Mt \\'. VAN VI YCK, New Orleans, aul. I8tht, I:13. CO-P It I't lRSICi:P. * The tui'trilter. have f,,rte,I it aopiatinerolait in etlistty nilder itn fir.i. of Vtn \Vvck & Ct, tend oI (te* aYork Ullde, tile firm olf John h.llidltul & Co. ! 'I'IT.tAi t. VAN IV.CK,. ..ugl8- 3R. 'l VA Tl l"[Fltl I'lL I)ll l tlil' i Of tll'f P ttf'IffII'1 N Iho 3ird warI, C oa I)y cue, tll 'n4' p i t Int, . in 1 rIll I r flllm ta ft l heltlef CII v hrt) eCVel i. lffirt pera-rtly lioldt ra+ in the old 7th ward, now Ih. :lrd war I iie allI th, hl I th Lo uiun t Ihrtin o-fite 3flh wal.. n t ito p ratiedl itai n rt id a tI I ., to i ln e t ihir ll q tit t of io. t .tte-,- a at I f tIlv rl+ hrp. ,m of the unllln orlnoratld wl hlrbs otit the 3i d t r"td. from 110 l el s wel t 1of tp , l, ire I r n l is ,, styr w.,l so an t n itu le h lh alet of i - d ifrv.. d : - h, t h U spa. i hts t,, , tih -Jill s d.tlr ll, n I ih l hv u m o ,ti ,,l t .t i o. I I It j lll , t Pilltll r.t " ll, L .t I . rll h1 t' lll,: I re i t rlls the ill dieor- .t ' h qeti u dI-tbear g a rl, m,. , ,I " lt{ I. + lrlh -,l fb Ilt I e., twi tll t, etlt, ' ,t. Ie it II f l. . ttt ih t p.l -" II nil hr +l lq e l .tm hlioP r nt alti l Ill I ·h lip i thirt , Ill url h e 1 hI , .· lay - n tl ilr l l,1 "i . te'I , - ,, 1 er 1 l. i r t 11` d .i .rs. a, r da,; -:ta i. I .t e It t , t i r I a tl S I ut, llet nt tr clln t f lhr ett u te, fI ,.I frl,, rI l .. " 4 il a t - Ilrt taf l r \\'ne",l .,tt lat t t t ilt t IfI t l. Aut pr-reaf re-t d t;rtain . ,ttae et 3- dIetr'tt, el'rcol ,de l.ifu rrtl .: s,' -acel. trl t i .t a t Itt ,I hl il t , g t¢1 . tl.i t , n t it eat w 'ilt llp IItI Iltrl iite .ll t h a 7, I-IIi, mIuut( l n . le .f . ti u ;11 3i,,, n r,.,ri t,, du . Ntdi:ricl, non ,u h,.,il ,t plltr- f i ;t t r tt I tr t r r ,-t ".1,' IIJ tirel dr. e [ ,r I, a,',/ , ,' lJ lrll lu.' I+ h u1 ..Je taifan,P te lil tl, t tta..' I",I n .+, i dt.t, ilrt ,,f I ur+ proprutim ' r t nb r, .lll-. drie. I i," ll i r ut, J ANr falhtlo t r ini.cOrlor sir dbi er t , hd+ r' ,, hr ,' ; ,,eds unest d(I iII rlu, li n,a I, ,u,. I), utre-. SJe l . ti, err inPlurt " I elxf (co (.s i tt i rle 1' - dre, u. 'ouitx Kimitei ... . Iir . . it- 3 di -tri t, elt . . .. dT te old i.uttnte du ut.ins, tl ie ti ll y ,, r,.ma I't It Septe uti l11333, cxi_,anl d ptsin * u ll"'y l l oo do' .ittt.ti a. 1i ' h, it d I" a -ti nt , ta I3 l r.d . n I rqlitt ii te an tla de 'mare a i a bliIe cale its l nitelt mitt. oAft , t.'y atat iea 'a-."'l. Net eigst-ft tt itt.i t 9tttt t ne - au, lde an chltrq-ut int , i "t i td, p.,r t hqul, jo turd 1 piaetrfleO-; I it atnele re'otrll lah'e iet tllot Iat tll t aa'at lt l. a etSlt, Iavn r .etI itrp llr I24.e H iii idl Aga. Nt-:lt, t'aitan; t'etftifit liltt I1tC ll +'at Tat. - 1f'r iv'lt if 4 -'l8 t', '.1r9. rev. Il+'a rnurl ola-r , bt te t uthe r ,,f 'n ie i a rI.',a 1 r..i in i tg pt, .tabia- eS rlt a a I tue iloly' -with a Jmap a e arin tlattll i it <ait v for Dil on Th.e I eua y Cyrclup i a , f the -i -iety for the ,a'i . sion .(flleful laur leglle, vul.os IX and X. Price peut i n dby tanttis Itten 6ttlt, ut fa. ao.ll:e 's l" idle Ago. Nw edition; coIfletl io 'beL New Tariff, for 1338 &' '819. lie,; ,r. the ta eriea, 2vo vr; hfy I'ulwer, l1arper'. E'llily 1lh tlrt; IIl uts, c mpln ete. Ju lti e %,eived ffll| J ir sate hy ditM. tcKI. t N.I Oah iA a. Lt a 'a . t'a. • i t a ran tt i;rtlllltnt, .IJ ANANA.I ."(" , l t.-- t hiu and ire ii . ir fdIuil.. i, ll g rs, of a primue quadlity I 5,ha and l:.r ile by t G 3L" A. l srsR ir " and a ing, and fl itle o t 2 3:A I I+r -tery at /r1. I o.. o ltl hil tta N tveinber next; i he elealnt S ll 11c' l o a I l , o i t ll t. Joselis altree. Appil t i'V ', l t an 't' l jy.9 SlJ-iflI' : V , ).- A .'enle .Y. -t o .t hetuvy i aetitftl'-ntttret a c alar ittr h slrttct d bgea ut.t mitt sthirrga. L ,, a o . I .,b ar. , cttta, ii, r oie aIt ii. . .t a i t House to H\.50 Citli at'et. l'AE ROCK"Y tOUN'rTAINS-Ortceaat incidehnts and kadeentures its "the Far \ es," digested fromi hejouraalDf Ctaptain 111. E IonnevlCle, of the ArIm otf the Unrite Statee, tanlt illttratea d f om various t ither of Blenri..lon, an 2 vols. Juest re rived and tfor sale v ksn~aa, bunt New York. 2l Ir,,c American Comic A hlinscs for 1339 25 d I. Cruckett's A Ilunnc - for 1819. 25 i. People's 41mannes for 10 49. Cal.tulx tedfor evry state in the Union, a ,d contiiniug a Great "arietv of ungravings. for sale by the grace, doen and ingleby , I).aVlI) FEIi & I.T O, N V Statiner'a Hnall,24 Charties aet. aua3l SULD iecord Paper- JutI received a few reu rtIludro'- vey fine afle rttttrd Cf.p, Loth iltait and ruled, for sale hv DIVItL F3.LT' & CO, antg3 N Y i St-ti. .er's Hall, I1 Chart-r- . S Ift I N PS-57 ke CLe a arrate, mprra a article, or tl by LA WIEN & LI'Ga:,\I)LI:, 13 244and 29 New Levee. I0 BBLd.. first qualaty Linseed t t, titr sale Iv ' sel. lb 44 New Iewea. JAILS.--iift0 kegs asatrleel, for sale hy esea 15 tif 7 Gravier eIrest. - Tt(ill' GRRIT' PiRAIRIE-A Train of Cara twill eav the DI'pt at the font of Canal at. Ior the PR I I iE l:t iT'"'.I ( F, eve ry tia. Departure-8 a n-1 p in.-tietnran, 12 an.-6 Ip at. lataala' - a m-ill a itm- p m-8 a I--1 p m ' i. trangemeta r till ftrther .t EL.te. Seltl It J tII Eel H t IAI.DWEII, Pread't Oe. . FE--tili tags His. 4-1 do. tnetn. For t - faleiy ST"ETSTON & AVEIt" , a.lia f8 Gaavier tr oA'ttif- sacka Oats inat rat b - UIIAIIPLIeIb3bS 17tlpPEql, *etUtl 862 Julia st. SVOEI.l. Net-ra C bts.- cacsra hea a..otots, W. IIITRIDGE & CO, .n g.6 76 tlatealr. st 71fl. AN iir - h fect Spera('nndlealleeNa ii . ford, Iriatal afnt Nattthekrt brands, for sale by .l IWIIITRfIDpG & CO. a - I a , 6 Mageihre at For the interior. FR Li.UIVII.Lt-.CINCINNATi'i. AND ALL IN I'ERL bDIA'ATE P'I'ORTS. 'The hubstantial telnm bun r GO V. `51'I.I1Y .1 J ,I 1% ell InI and will have 1 de,,,h lt- th, atbo,- p,, t'. I o, reiht ol r a srlln ae, huvilg auperior eclcollln atioln, appi .ly Io LAVI'{ENCE & I.E(GEN IlCE, crllp 1"I A. 111 n, I ever, -Fjr 5 dlcl/, and l iic m adii . Lia, g e. The Inw presarme Pvinal bout ' h'.. r Ibiii ii, /.,niii 0ue " lr, an C i ,OlNEw illi· cIi'hind'y acud ' o;1 Mbile erv Thursday and k u day ,iat i . .clu ck, 11. ,oachi ,_ at all t , ,t e '-t. Iincei s at which passengl rs may wich to lald. iLt rher ic . WilITiAN, jv 4 Exchllange l Ilotrl, St.. h'. lr!r s o. For Alobile an l all Iler , edit,ile LIa diains . PC , A. T'l'lhe fatvt rulunin'. anll, li shenllt w i, t W A. L I. c i. l i '/,, i t C ni- slats rooillic will cavee .elw hil'al Flr Xiu' ila, ancd ill intlr edllite w teiln L pi arel very Tuesday and Saturday, after ithi arriv'aoil th L. I'cluc, cars. Tll:). \V Ii]'IiVAN, jyO4 Ei',inang. [IMol. St. (hiiilee ct n.l 'UlIiIAl' EVININNit ONI) i UtSUN.iY EXtcURSION T'.i iMAN EVli.i.i I/ am l .NVII.l.E. . ..t c T e 1iUTI[ AIi.iAitA I, C I. .. T. Knight,will Iaoe the Iclk en .-. e heruli-fibud Ihrthe llbve pin e ,ii evcdr ai evi niin, on the / rivail of the 2 o' iii: leav* "ldi, ,nviiie at 4 o'clock, I'. .1. a'. .-,tw 1iln ' i ii\i ,i.i l ' . i.Ih. hU t cti. itU, IiIAmuiI VI.I.i & CliVINII'T N. T. lii t .SOli 'i[ AilAIcA IA, I,. T. I ~ rj'~t m Ko iiht iaIter, wncl n a rciii Itr boil b,at or ,Il! ! btlve pott o 11,m vIhInd , \\ *,dIIIP .I d alnd Fridiv, alier the arrival of the ,'clohtck nar-. I 1h ir'urnini , Irnves cai vihr ton I'oesda s, T, h..r-. Jln tu d 4aA t ril.,! a t B a 'chlik, A \1. 4 Ii, All ba o,!a ,e luld parel i t Iith ri-k of'tiloiu Ii ri, Liuridlcaa l1il la I l ig id 81 1 i. New cOrrnan rn I lolbile Mail ~ld)ice, ai I'1-ii my 0 :hi . i.i 'i . "c . uirk - ii 11{ iVE I,i. ii Ig ug t lobile by the lioil Line }o110 m[ i ov. i ed s y, ally d G ialt l",l s, will Ine +" 'ria," t ,t n.I .t th,+ ,,n ,i n nad a la.m cal be iii ecurd Si .l 'n.'g, o r V xneonu on the ,obuve aunied day s, , l" 8s :allr Iam s be placed oln tl.e wa) bill. I'ilur will oiave i elvvy blgago cull h ave it taken Ireet tu *labile by nay bolts during tle weck,excep mi I lldlbuve .llvulte dyd Ihll WIlt ' 1 d f) ' bo ne " I ,, o n ,not h01, l . i n i ,Ile a iex, 111 bI r s .i, r, au ,llll i, li huil inC , IU s l , I nUIi II t I i. ' tri an ho'' ci5 d im, i, l' t he I i pt, gues, I I U, 1t, ve ' c 11,n ,i Sii bo \ C it, ,I .Chl (,e l. l'ce Ivd (1--p010l1 h Ill.v ullr lior a rle i tI TYL1 - L INIu r *,| i I[ l te \ir ei S i bU . . Ii i / I.c iii i 'i['d s e l. plu. l fi lr pa e nI l'i'. ' riL ld 1 l' It 71'. ), l.) Cut, ,lll. i lsltuoilel ,., I'ucn t i I'ulltl, .-)rl' . rll t-, aInd n,.1 h 111, Iu.,U1:.( plLs. u ii lle, . l ll lIl,[llUyud dt~ A l-, whoi glsle I Ule l., b ill1 Vl I. ' uml o,i \l rd' huli Oill, tI"m i', luid,, ,ullnd youth l'ooq ru bh,', t.., ,c. J[l ' l. el .1 3 ,I t: aiin [ I oo 4. Can ,t eeh, \I'A F I.A -ll-- lilllll keg I U rll l, a l in lue . lhipi ngll urd , rnl ur ..,,l0 by . lIlllltci;I , i/4u .\.'w Leve. ., e vety low pawed; 1 1 Curd a .e ...,a wini h i o" l t p it ir , -i ; i c -L ri, e l .. n ,Ih 'o .; I c ? , ll·e i -. r iur-; LJR t oIu 7illtttrr, thud, j lI C8 h Art . tl', I ll o n&.e o.: tttc 11,/!1 ,l/ /.on; i /10 near lec Ll,, Shire. o i l ., )i l Va l .. ,,td. In , .It , o. III,.] .r , S ,ii l l . ll, l lby I +1. i . *L . 1111. 11.., . . i, . i ;I . , i -t ,.t.t aL.w ,- l ,'Ia,:Iv , g 1 t A 1.,nlu. iul l . ote1-1 1 0w ls d lt Nr.1 uou "le b ) S Ii J stat aI J..Ut1, , nat.3 , r I ( : oy tru . 4 tr ee IFT-I- an N .- tr at cagar, Ior le attc: t pr - I. . . . . ...... ... 1,51' rill.ItaINS. 'lltl lN.a ,. ctinll it- ;, tll" 'ri' .l t 'tl tti e l i tad 'ncttltacgtc aba--. c ,li I I tJ all l. , . 'a... ..l.t li IP" 1' 1 .ll. & oL4 f 'It' Lif. adll A'd. rtttro- oI Ni.ol.-; a Nitklt3. t 4t Ii I'oya illltn. ifa lt ,it' n, l.'1:. i, -V l ait li NS.t . 1An NAr IIu VII.II,, I( if,. It -A ,,. rl ,l,"t tt, on N t" Vo, a it igla il l S e at t tier s kbt 1 .t Iatac talllt, bat br t'tlls .ll JAMES II ('ALIWEIJ. _ n g ly i r I ' a r t. -I- n .-s ri,-I ,U i I i ..TI C N.,' ag S -- `111':e No~e+. ,IJ.1ile .t.U1 l, rUo1tt tih.& tidn , f hlhte' tl.l'odtI r at, lItattgo r itht wto iaaa a r ett p b rag ttr, hi 1 ati licu l' it i ht, e atlrd it Otlet, ]i it :i io ll . .\i l b ,: .,tii, 39 a la l.t tu I JJ. J Mrune '' NE V ,yl t-lb,,aI &. I' ickl . ie: , F tc. Le dl ' I t, ,iL'-wl I ,' a lr, , IT r woarv I ( a .,, R. "I Cu c-al(a, I liav a a, aly l~azt Uatatr;,tt A.c&c, Atn .lhnaElc l IIs t I l net a ' nS, tly T , ola a Ioo. .Ic .tt NEtt, IN AEa.n l ICAt l 'y tlltailat A Prnle ical tunss y of te Ltco tnaot Usaco of aor tllt a nartea of Lales, aI wittg atitata ball, t ti c It and loans, drawl or cacetptcl aL :a.y dlta wail tilli duo; to whici are addtd, rt4-- of oo - ios taon oat. stlorage, leq .tlio of paylllent- , ani geoera hdll lfr. antatitan coaaatae drta l - bli aat:ans of tlat ca uttitag aouter; by Ua'F sl,er A. Aculd nli t a, iu lto r l ,d fl C'rtet 'T'reatise oa Bookb Kaeepitg,' 'T:e Clark'. T'las LorraLE Sa sTCH 8 toKn ; Cafam of Very rasy ltotlr i ' Lttdac1' r, Fagures. Sac. by Grarge Citildi; lea tad 1 r iere., Jilt,,rc-ivd antd for salr by Wb1 l cKEAIN, rjy l cr. T,' Cyaotp ual, Coaoaf ah"i. ALSO,'-An ddiill ' tppll of I 'T llre x Vope Lovtg up to Alce or1lc,-Lvirag btyoad tle Neit-ar;' "*Saqtai t Ate ExP arira'ata af Lavatag;" l'la i H.rcourltVs;" Tie Saatglll B ,l ' k " ,c. SIo7 haIr Ctlt+ l u n ti- at aErrr roltli.lar. r*N, ,i 'l'e itt',ll ia tilig frctO, hy Tl otna f Noui r Ity cA.LC 1 0-ult I- ,V La), ai lr 124 ; 4'i edl lillta $0 1tv t .tI'ti+rc ra lttIt AtIote lcAa by . ariet .. itg. , I, u auhur tt t ll u.ti t,. o Phtlal E econoimly;m iii 2 v rls.; ,t hi ed liiii. 4A Prlt: tt 1 tlllllo l t t' t lat r t U..t a- g. l of BIl of Excnill ge.. od n l,l rlil l iaaoary Nc,thsl at lh. due; to w llhet ore addled, r-l·tlCilo" clilllutllialtlnllll and tor plaqll a tiorn, and atf1 co ll i i r. ESA tll V111D; &F a-il rlvlEon cowongllta w w rkitslat of tl e a-an tiig ht by tBle Lilbrar Society, at tlllrl rotll lr i l tA .,rhints' E-ca'atiln , frBo Kttig oil Roy"a street, Lady of LTyonby lSETC n; 1 . 2 copi ery easy ktumphrttry' TToart .rougl Gra cBrtatta, FPrcnc s ,d B lgiln. in 183l ; , Figurols, e. by G rgs. Love, by; Ldy C. Brr; vri ls. copt.s. 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'Iat11 iI hir -lcaci, he w+i l. llllinulll ll. hl+illn . at their oWd 11 it,, \orlh t., t,' ':,;l,: lM4 IIn y WIIna lly 0110the I0," a d nett '. I- r Iat i htlr. i;, "hh rbr' atI I0 Inr 14 CLAY & CI,.\RK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, ,ao. lU' I'o.ttas ,titet t ,\ew )rleantO , MNIANUFA TIaR, I"9 .F Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumpi ot all de-rit , I, IVA .M, COLD, AND SIIOWER DATH1S Fixed ni the mo)s x. proved ilrin.ipleI. M111.'I) LE D,, 1'IPt', Ae I l . IIt ll:l 'l fl Ililllla, t Orders executed in atIny part of tle Southrin Statea. ,Dr. Ihert F. Livdee. , I- ' , Pinmbiers and Lati le Pir Mmoufacturers, a .tta ,.,It : P v ,tr.t- t a T I E. P on hlnttd n e nit itt at tlVly of L.en Pi,', ! B lroln 2 in. dilameter down to ; 3- in. diamlelter, fill ORLEANS LITIHOGRAPHIC PRINTING I:-TA I'AtI,1 t IEN I', No. 53, Magazine Street, O(pl,:titae Iattk'' Aren'do. If' LL!'.'11 GR.; :,1'E, PROPRIETOR J II. PiARSER Contiis..ion at'.)I Ftorvarlldint Merthannt, No 6. FlIt NT LEVEE, NP '.'a'' ,s Spu " ·Ip l '¢hy -·1I ? . u .JARVIS & ANI)IRE\VS, t1'all) Il.: 1,.t ) ,h I ' , I .1I):1L. tIS IN M4DICINES, PAINTS OILS Di' NJ'fL''p'a .t'1 ) 1 "1 V I' ) t t;ls,.'s, C. rner of Collll:lln n.lld 'rTehllupitout'a Atrceta , .I' IIN I. .1N'IIR WS. IA tlrge upply O Of Garden Se, s. ttnrranted the gruta'th of i ;137. AT MOIILE, Ala. S. I. & 1. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. No,. Cf ti t 11 . 1 rAt 1 ' r ,' I5 i'.I T m P I l l: n dl rra_" ;n ". , h , , in - e 't ,h ai - he d Ih e m !a . i \ . ,"r f r a Ily t, 1 .. . N II ta a 111 t 'l l,,". ~ . n.l l, I. J I tH'. S I1 t, .a ' a tn . Aa,.atut Te rIn LAT..lri. & TRIDa Forwatrd , at" noa ta',,aaan .,herchaw'ts, No.\ , ,I r'v.. r + Sti ,t, ile-v .rill 1t!~ t1: I t I~i lt'' t" ' r r"1'1ion to file 'al,, Ul 1 e t',,,,l ['r1,duce. .", . ire "' trJ, I '1 Ndew Oer,:en!. 't . , , a & Co. a -, . a I,, " ,t, Laa St i. .-.eta ii, + ,t: Cu. ston, IC". r'" \ "'ý,I .I- New York, lttll , 0 -z, . St Loui. ( li-r - h &- - ----l T t PittI ' t, A'zc & I)nItlo .i AN n. a It an'- tilM or/ 1. I I, . _ 4 it '2 111"" I ' .Y, ,'o._ :,_'.o i,,.... . . Ftl STONOE. B.T. SoOUE. Forwnarard st ald Cosulmnisiont ,|er'trlnnl., 'IJRtNISIIEIlS OF i51' .SND) I)O.iT STuIIES, No. 114 'IcniouulI rot LAs oToEuT. N. w+ Itrlhano. %Nuu.lo,...L, o AlA:TR t ('o. Boston A. IB \~.c ~& Lo. New York. SI.I. So IOo ' Cin, nnti, O. u)A\ i, "TO0E, I): tl, () H. 'ConrocK .& Cuo. Columoo". t. N..1M o tell, Co.. I.utovlile, .I.y VWIL.IIs,ITo.VE s 'CS . rs, r t Louis Mo ,. It. Itory, .Iton, Ill. W\V IK. \.h rHnouW, Iushville, Ill. J. & P. P. 1 Atrr.ELl., H oiJu Sara, La. SOLOMON IilGo. New (Itleaor.e. Itt:AI.Fl. It IN .1E hR I \ : .t: 1;.l l ClR'VWN GL IS., '0. 1 u-outtlc¢t,'l 'irurutr of INSUR f +4i C OOM PANY ur NC tRLt.I.o. Thisn Complny otr o .v io e'nred to tak' RISKS AGAI:.3 r FIa. No. 21 2 lu1 ustonl's Ilt lln' ('net 'trr. SI. T'Ilt ICY,. New O.lltn'uo, 1\tly 1. IO... =ere, tIIv WILLIAMlt IRWIN Commission inds) For mardingi Merchant tIN, INN xI I, OullI. -tef.r nto 1 NE & +l in,. New Orseans. J.. I l'l, C NNIIN, HOUTZ AND SIGN PAINTr.P No. I. C!:llp .nr, \V'h,'holeal ele),ra i, I'n a oi. ' 1).I, Varni.he , Ilrushe+. o:l h\i do, ttt,! It' te (t "-s, c..t c. .T. W. COLLINS 1TTOILR'EY 1'. , uO'.,...I.LOB . 7' LA,. If.i i llnt . i,l lio,ldh h ,mit Ih," :IrrK'. ,liCe, U ,S3 t'irui Cotit, in tle C..+tl m .June bull ling. joss o i CARD. r1 iiE undhersigned ha'," r Iprlped n hoause in this citl, .IL t r .~J U.t o-o f lr:lal-netti lg It 'NE. ' tL t') I , .ost',I ..U INF:S.. OFFIeE, No. 10 GRi.Vlt STnr"E? 17'P TAe)IR. II I .1. VI. TIhe h,.ln.:It (;rand Gll(f, Miss. "ill be continuel 'Iu lh. ab ,roe nulne. I:; frel'.-s. tielr, o5t5prCnhe.r I C. (. iOad Gulf, Miss. ;uiit. I lbart1 \o ,t, hh r7. 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SFTRi ET TRUEa A.TiERICANI OUPICE. Il0 0l1 & : iiWio 1 SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE :,::ORTD;ENT OF TYPE. Pamphlets ' ilian't Cheu.S! Catalogues Bills of U,. di.o Lanbcs. Dray "e :."prs, Legal Notices, Auc'nJ. iu! !, Dill forms. Siow ":s Steam Boat Bills, And every- d.,ril. ion of.ob lU'ork ton1 Inlo be reigired. -I The p. Orietti r rtet.UIr tily cti.le t i e attint .oo of the pu tlic to - a.ove Ch't ' t tard lI o ll ' th nil work intruntt n hi. l," r, i h,,I ri. d-n.' : th, ýh~ o:o ml lticer, in It st) unI u+III.r±:d in thl. (lty, an:: at Ihe I i otait r.lts. I) \P FRl q ,It re. I pV . t .'e -, at, , in ia ro ,er . .l hier IR ti~ lt II,(1 til lln t.:t. ti tt" le I + , .-t1 t Ii tI n. stoa~lly uu hlond n'd In. -,·h i rAl' . I A n'l t.tli, l . ,,' ti,'l toi lii, l . - l nifat two l honur, nati-v. "'t ti h V &l "ti ,ll L Lit it. rapl hic .the.I1.:,3 l a, ni. ere .' t ,app.' ' anks . \(I'CK E R ti L - J5 h o lltul b - n, , s.. . . HJ 1. 1li . \sIle., j- l. ,., -,,. 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