Newspaper of True American, October 8, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated October 8, 1838 Page 1
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PaRIC 12. CENTS, _ J __ .NW ORLEANS MONDAY MIORNING, OCTOBER 8, 1838 V Sr yr; nuvpV Leo. - .. rw r -VII No u veariin cdvanen wlert it,) Icity relbcrece i+ giveo. hal~t~ripthlln will lie dilootiontcd until arrsara... settleol. In casce of di colltclllle.c, oe week's no'de All ceilng.fll' mthut ri:lv.trib y givcil, previous to t rpiratioal of eulbcriptilion. Auvatrl.cIo;.- I in dollar per ,ltlare for the firs neertion, tan I half th it price for eatch sbqlllull t on"' aIn mlterit riI lttrtilnll rcl itiI rigiltu l ao lvel tisemen lll will he charged l a now one Y atLt AvaOtiRSootn.-lerchants andnl Tr ero, o.ty dollars fot English alone, and sixtv for bo lltan gt.gsi Ilookt, losncructte Oits, and oter si:lilar public toctliftltioc, fifty do.llhcro in Elnglisht only, and ilghty for both languages ; Ship and Steambott Fac rs, or Coon nission merch'anto asinty dollars in English no, a..d eighty for both laognuages. InIaor .os, i)Onr Artnc .NotIcsmnt, on artiles ll. tIIe atltention of tilte pnltic ito t ltes ot' prlperty, ards of poceog're, bneflts, &e. &c. will hi; ehar,o.: ons dollar per aquare for thle heit insertiol in aclh htt COMMUNICATIOll, or Advertisenpnts, of any person al nature, When admisible, slhall be clorged double, Anl in adeailc, A ded".t n . twentytfive percent. rwill be made to AuctiooteerS' ifea , sl, Reiioters of Will,, and \lorehltc •l nuleo of r I. toc. puulipeed nin htttitl Ittoaooge, and 50e per centt n gulhsh alone: 10 per cent. tonsales if other protle.tlY" AiunRTlfTIh a TS oalt of the direct line of hosines.l of the advertiser, suclh oa legal, Tction, at" planst ion sales, runaway slaves, stray anials &.c. &c. will be charged for sepaately, and at the orditlary rates,. Altvtrb 'rISMNTS not tipeifed ictt to lime, will e uhlished one month, alnl charged c eeor, t lltly. No advertis4entt of hlnkhrttcic.s will h.r piblished a I y cate, lltleto poid lit prvilullto Illlloertil , or oayennt guoornteet by I rnesllonsitile irtO int ItWl. prhnlret aod othetr itlaceofn to tlllmnceln, ttIlvorliuite llay orttho seaont, to ie cllargcd tll0ll fr itglish a one, and $1510 n Ith lanuamesb to All announcelnents tf catlitiollte fr polit:ocl oltes be charged double tle pricer tf other odvertise eli.nt to the inlense los sladnillCetl y newtale r .pret.ll, thed :tv) e clloe to tht rlllhil lilo t Itd P onwons of persol.n Whose accounts havenot leenll piid within one month after presntnati~on, shlll Ilhe,lml. known= (no far as praclicoble) to each othe'r--lhey obli atinog tllemsolr es not tlo :Iverti* e or print for s ttch lelnqelnltr , unless in cose oll ndene. pnyntrarl,. i:igned) JC. Icg ST. ROMES J. RAYON, p. P. ItKI., J. C. PIrENI)ERGAST, jOLINl (iIlSON WeeMy Preose.--Ve, tbe, c ti?. esiitte,, ogret to nittod by the aIove cttndition, s l acr ao lt;:y ore applicablc to .oklv rapers. ($igned) A. R. L W II.F.\C , 4 No sctscriptions are taken for le.o thn 6t monthi . Leotters ,ust,tin nil 000cc, he pstl pilid. SIIIEI.L'S PAIN ItEVIdI'l'Et,, 1' S PAIN REVISITE! by the authortof "C year in pipain," in 2 volso- Hotrr ",' ,ierlyt itt tl',t1, by no auttor of "Cecil Hlyde," in 2 vols. '.I'e Actr.evstt Plduae, and other tales, by tie author of "The FIu-' kenl," in 2 vols. Nimrodol's Ilultltnt Tl'ollrs; inltetr tprse'v with characterisltic anllcdotes, savinlgs uIn doih s Iof 'Otorting ietn, iolldiut noTtices oil'tle iritr'iil t rack Jere of E.oglunld with tnalttieatcontentl and nPnPrl dex nlo name, to which are tihdth Nittrtd'c I.tltrs on aing .'loundstt it '2ntt, ls.r e It .t', ttcla- I. Nelell'e A.cnmlelclllltllt , o n Co . vcitr, II. N.,otl(l tlr o tlhe l.ife of a Sailor," . t 2n vll Cemna olnrrie on eqoity Juritsprolen:e. I l ntilinistered tin ;" 11l fatedl bt ltrydent, Pls, ltttrr.cvt' Addison a ol lr, Ilnovoelci. firt l ii ll and ot1 of ttf"tlr ir't OCl-' Il ilhrarv." uf ontry l'tactic-, or rule fr tto l ,xriri tid in;I.Inevr, Ol'the United illttresl.llr'n l IIY liMio or o,,,erul Sectt, U. S. :Ar y, ill 1 vols. Jtst re,iCive,tJ annd tirt salt qy y V ,l. Mci(t. . i. i 7 c rter a tt ' llC t. otllllll n . t, I NIW\V tlU.,l. • r ; ie tb+ n nll, I .,(ai t n Iot o. f ir i)' ttlo , L l ve; Vltll .:; I ,i, ,v I.i t r 1 . v .ii v iltl+ v lh ,o ; Slty;: Il etoteoc t Iiii it, + hl,'ll " ,ut I leae:t, well it, Ili " ..... iI.. ; il; \V: ," ltil m1,"+.'1 Ill, Iree d Iir , If n r l, I r i t iit re , the ,l ,ili ,; l'h." .. ted:;d lh l+' I tI hhI lt lri,· Lto,-; Ili ,lo ol htli o t "v t eto "t -hon w!, ","o to' l.It I. l ti sing;lin:k : h i , O t Iti ll .e IA i to,, l c I (, -I ~t+ Ill- n' r i. tt " sil , tir , l ( C 1n-" t I; It.ii-t nits ,tir ~r n p r t r ,i I. i' /. [,i ', t I 'tIob i lt lae .s i ,i lt rof 1fn 0 v toI.n t,.o o , I V to lhi ,; fbrlttt il t't t ",l I -1,'.); Vl I' , It i .to , it ic o,,it th-l';a .rlc . i lot I ot. V l0t/,, , +, ro' ,t w t i 'wiP. Piano Forte lh I \ is :itr. j .. u ...n, .... IluatC.r'C Ii/. atr'.. i ,,llection of I,,I t l hr s , , v , , 1· ,I, :mr. t i . m ah ll,,,, ,,,r-;. B ·, ,- rr, 111.,1:_,1 : l , " hr i .ne t Iler ani, witus e l a l rit on. ir, ' ,l, I, , tr pa.l 4, r li kn iyt it ti tli( , 4 ,lllli ' n ll l i W I·, o T. h, .;! i. o.l ' .Itl ,,pose. at, cog;t d -ably vto ri'illl;tto the "tt', = iT+,, "ll "f, rifct pIrlll nltl lion tii he Fre b. li 1 , it 1o it, pamedl with at key, containing tl text, a ht,'ral aknd free trabelation, nrran enl il snch Ii liii ne Ilnlit out ledi ll ereltrP between Ith Im rent, oi J:l l'lis idiomll, .io a fiIuredI pronnnlliion of tht e Frenll, aIt orling itn tile best Frencllhll works extallntoll the subject. The whaole precede.l by a short trealtise, llon tillhe soundl of the French ittgialle, niiptarei with thnose tf'the lnllli. A Pronannciag French Primer, oi tiell:tr's t; li to time accurate pronuniannltio l ~ad togilrphy of tile arehell aiiian, Ia Ie, IeI nimn ita I+ enrl. 'o it nelce inv ho the beelt sage. ay lernlatd 'lI'ronhcbin, lst rla ived and or ena L WAI McKFA.'t, nltr; (otre Camp d Collt sts. R:. T1: SP'LP'IUR SPRINI:R. GREIIEiNltIit COUNTY, VIlRG;INIA. S111lls iavorite watering place in thll Intlllllinv Vilrginia. I~miles wl of ta wibllrg, and i1 from she White Sulphur, will be open in due season for .the reception of mnpany. 1 tla implrtantl imlrnovet ents have been Iltalel, Iince ie la't sea ion. A sacimlm ball .room, and t number of single-bd lled rooms have been added antdi no i ilihing aedi n mling a nlnodni - !by thi I ti"I Jly ilr , +il)viitor, An extlallenitihirl like road ans been constructed passing by the sprinle, and interseeting the Kanawha turnpike near Iewis burg. Over tlls read, by directi.t of thlre porit omle departinenti Me.rsa. lieldin, Vlt'trr & cno's. line if nail catchlle will rln. A post i llie eilbing esntallidil ,,I atthe splrigs, vihlOars nlltC reive t ilewa'll '.l' pa nntlaily, eastand w est. Itfthe *edlininlll mi litir6 tof lh .e wanet,,ae ir llriotor* Ilee( Ii o1pllel- .k. 'iteo hlre been aialysed bly aid le l kirdplolesse ellellitls, IaII eand to Iold in sonlit.n tall thle vaitable igligedients o the ,nest celebrated springs in Virginia. 'he eombinatioa 'conltains m itn Sulplluretted IIv dragen, Silp ate of Iftalgnejil, Snlphlila of atLinm, Car. .baate of Llillm. , aillthae of' Sl, MnIriate of olla. and blariateIof .lagnesia," the s allary ellects f whlliirl are aliiltnted int dismlaes incidenlt t.feinales;tand chrma ie aliaetim' oI the tmarnmnl, liver, and bowels; ilcuna neous allections or diseases of tle. skin no, remedy mnlre potent or d.(lneious call le fllnd. Extensive bathing estalliishmntsa for both stxs have been erected contiguounns n the springs Visitors cnaa at all times enjoy the peimlitr .advantages of their be nign and whllesoa.e effects. Major William Vast will contiue tile superinledl anee f tie aprillg. Ever) exertlion on ti Ii lrln, llld n the part f thle raoprietori rball bIe irndlerd to iasure for tlt BIuea ulph ur a libral sliare of the pulblit Ipnt ronage. The prprietors of tile llhe Sullphir Springs wiil Il ibernl in tle rereipt of notesa of lI t thern aaln lWe n Banks which atr considered salvt talpar. MARIA .lt)NK. &e. A WFUL disclosures of Maria Alan of the lintel Dieu Nunniiery of Montrali t ill, i. 1, wt an all. pendi ,ncontaining, plarit h lteeptionl i t Ihtelliiia; part .'d, Sequel of her narratliv; par, 11, Review Irofhe ease. Also, it sapplemenat, ivirn more uarlclnari ii the Ntnnerv and lgrounds, illumtratdl by a plan f tihe Nannery, &a. Maria irni k and the Nunner tf thlin Ihtel Dien-he ing an account of a visit to the Conventts of lonutrerl and refutation of tha "Awfil l)isclosres;" by IVil. 1.o Stne. Fourth eaperiient of L.iviig. Living withnl meanse,. Tbt Satllident' intructnr in Itrawinig lud wnrkill T."the Five inrder of Arelitectiire," fully exalilinill .,the itealhd.l fnor trikllg regulnr andl quirked loliiers; unr dilinianltitn and glteilg tofelLnnstnl iiiiiiiCilll; li) tiadnmr the trie diomneter of an .rdor ti any given heilght; tfor satrikiang the hnile Volute, circullr ,r eliptical: will "iniahed examples, on a large scatle, if the alders, their laelners, a&c and qsote ilesignls fr door cases, ele lnidalio I--" llellter's New Gu;llie," LL"Carlpelltur's enad Jeiner's Aasistaiit," &c. 'A Fraetin:itli'reti onil tit Catllatre ofnSilk," nlaltl sdarlteine noll and cllimllte iof til Untitedl -Sttel--bv J. iQ. Ctnataek, seeretar of tlhe I llrthtr I colnity Sil' o eietyv and editor of tile "hiltm Cluritlit." "Thru Silh k Raisr's Mllanual, r tle art of raiiig nit' fiedigeatihk wl aris and of cultivating the .1 Iberry tee--by AI. Ihirin. S'Ph* e llerk'as tilide, or u lnitnernial Correnpnn 'ence; .nuo;tnri lua lettrrs of balesh sa, htr iii of bills, inoliear, aaalaellt-sealn. andl nullikeelters, eqnllion of paylents, lnaunereial tonr., 'a --by II. F. tFistar. LHititor, af the Wair in ite Pelitntllti ind tile inutl ,if Fri..e, frAn tie year 18i07 to the near 181a" by V. .I'. P. l'aier, C.B., vol V.; to whihllh arl,erlixe, all .swrle o some ataeltks in Rluin.uaon's Iile i Ititjl,lll llt in tbe (baartrly Iteview; witl ellnullmter reLarkbt 1II. Dudley iontnamn IPerival's relll.trks toiii i alne anssa as iaolonta l N eimr's fiurn rt volunme a tae Peninsnular uWar. Jastre.uteivd nalltr alnbv t'PPEIRAS--h t hblsa, in stare, lur anle by je'6 44 New Levee. SUGAR-50 hhdl, prime artlile, ftr sale by G 1086 y; je26 41 N.w Levee IORK-l1a bbls Mess, PIrime nd other deseriptiont Far sale by IYISETSJN & tVFItV " 4f. ilrower & 4,<.. AI jlustI - ;ivef t their Ware-l,,n SAN. IT Cta,.ip .reeat. ba rectnlt Fcirl'lls .or iret i el, ad the North, large additiot, to their stock t *troo:l' tcta hortrseo piq Iloti.leto whic ol, crtivrl) (the' hbelieve) form ao asor t reni to o.e gelter ,I lll ouolplote than iseo he found in al'y slliilar esttat'lat kwll; cnrsitstillte of SILVEI1 WARE. Cotfea anl tea sets; ptltehers, waiters, castors, catolle. itiCKos. .us, tsmthiers attl goblets; table and tlesert tbrkr table, deset and tea spoons; marrow anld gravy, or r yoet speoos; sugar totgs; slltr, sauee ai( soulp ladle- ,ttter, fruit, tltolling andi fish knives; pilckle ald dese knives ant forks, apkrins, rings, i€e. principally froel the eacatlotory of Mr B. IardtcIer, ef Nec York. those long established reputation for the manufacturt of silver ware is sutlicient guarrantee of its superio quality. PLATEID " ARE OF SHEFFIELD AND Bill, MINGHAM. Tea an cofferure, tea setts; castor, liquor ansc cor. dial tatctls; superb candletras, atll Epe:goes w itl mir ror plateaux, for centre of the clitner or srpler table1 waters [round arld oblong, from 8 to 1a inctes; beeft steak and vegetak.e dishes; richk isha coers; eake and breba hskets; ulectter stands; mantle scd chambei cancdtllsticks; wine straitersl; coolers sphonts; Idecac. ter labels, claret corks, tea straiters, tahle bells, tea te. tIe, rgg al onustard d slooOs; egg boilers and l stmtls toast taces, Sc. SILVER ON STEEL H VAItE. Table and dlesrt ktnves, tIlks anl sipoonts sLop and sstre ladles; tbutter anu fish ktives. echeese soops, as pa'rous tongs, vegetable forks, ite. .I'APANNEIRY. Fre nGothic Sandwich an I rouad cornel waiters, il retts :o ct siogle, frototoa g In b ches; do olfpopiertnrchre btull, icheese, ad kntife trays; ltrge iup right date w:arlnetrls; splice, sungar and Bash hosxes; lpeslnsn cases; Inl a tea ta)ls in nets, nslls elc Jappnnesa t and of riohe tnOltise eshllt, etc. LAMPS. All extensive siartmrctt, omong whei re Astral Iamt1t i) tl mtt bett tti gilt, atd of rict cat glass m ile I tmnls it, de, eneh cplin aol witti glass prisnus ; very ll llnill t gla ss do ; IlOzed Sle d Japaniedt site or Ilcklt Iolcllrs. CIIANI)AEIVIIS ANI) IAN(;ING LAMIPSN Elnglish awl Frencth itt glers chrlattiers or litr es ol , it, I5, 108, staccld t lglts; French brotzedt at gill Grrecia allablcs, 3, 4 ca lo t lights; hall hnIoups ail h ttres, rich hrmolze Itt c or centre lamtpll fotr dlrawtitg fIlnl, rom Ite to II ligets, IlIaI eales, I gsJ rse illwl wieks. \IAN'I'E CLO2E S, CI.ANI)LEIIlkAS AiND V ASIit S. Iltlzed and malrltlce tlrollzell illlll a gilt. antdll ltt l wil liollll',is, ec; counltitg hrnl.e iola kilellccl ocks; al'llct el hI ikstalIsi, ce r Ido; tia Ole weight, thlerni01c(it, e.s, curll reck,, caolll t stiek oetc. CIIINA WARE: tilt tItttlCELAIN is l h li d o etnch I i r ir lesirtt tea llld cler arsl ices o ItHlai wliee, gold tldge, ald veryr t ihe lo u;c s;tylts; splenidt toilet socte; water octl nilk titchtert tltle ass; tttllet rerllll rcks ttllt oaskels. ItA l'l I IE:N WA IRE. l)ining, derser tea, eltecT., Ireakflast ai s,pper stuts; to. ware; pither. Also, Cotatotl tita liner tsellrts, chwls dish,', ctelery tates, l l t Stt ls, a lt r howlsIs, hlatlr tlib, t tnt.ter ubaos hr tttttIct, ;ttc, ehIaltt:kttt,l tocsk tl;'ses. AlIs., caontlte sadle. "I'AI:tE Ctl I'I.EfItV. Iil + i 'cr e bal ll; e ir alles, sll'r ilti I ltlt .k hota cli -; I u Itctll t k tlliclctc o tlyt iss illalt ' luki; gt.m!'l otwt ~ ;,11 rIsll rs; I+IIIc'i:" l'l uh I he, I, t'l <I lr kiit,,%, it; el'.;c o :I ( . l iek'i 91;.t ui Cie,,ttti.+ , n,'k sCrt;'ll; Illn.: l ll"l r 'rn.ANI ANI) ltll ;itNl " I" VIIllC.1l, 'I, :l; :t rl snub.;. s tt an:d urlllJ'sli, w jth i +tllI lll ' ld iltll, c'taltl .ll.t' hlr huh'Is ail M allll l+. (I lll ll.+ ;il..l l - t.'tt sr,, t ./alll(t' llllt It il'l'l. ,.la .;. tt .atlllct.hlii , , aIlt ,ll , I S rle.a ttrl, te+. 't h ''il , t rs a ~at., FANGY II I . ss- , li ngs, r;I' ,". uhiIt e i :,l , ,,, I, u l r,vl , k ", I' i I,. nlll Iii: 'll, h 1++ 1 Ir·h l itlorb +it. I)I I ~lillhl .' , , ir 'l:hll.+M tTt Lt ' .r t rlaltt . a I'{'a.a' . hat ,II . I ,I IIII i hll rrl; un'li i i.ahh "ll. N 1'.l (I 14.I 1.", ..... \1: 11·1 ,l:et, I t ;:l ~ ,. I : II Ih l ti .<+ulirhiri t.r ,, .. l+:nulrl rr.+ l:urcl ;II I, ,u~ýi'I, I 1:- ll ,I.",: ,1 JO1U \/ii 1T.N I .VI'I x T\ O. t;li' .t'r I '; l," t tI' ,i ''f ,:w,, . $,,.t . t /,t,, r,, ,f akinf 19.1 ,te 0 , di /.it 19. For'a' 1 "00,.1 (;in ofI lio ," , ,11 I ~ l I v h ~lIi l' ol. I1n xols inll llthe stlllll, Ierl.,l L.. a SJe aw, o t 2f N . sttt/t, at /$6 2 // fe' f saw, or 301) ttI Ir dlo. f ct aws on do. or 40/ saws in a stl.,d, ., .t,50 per saw, or 200 ON SINGL1 (:INS. Ior o single gin of .l0 saws or more, with one set of feeders, baudhs &c. at $6 per I'r0 dn,. of 60 saws, with leadelrs, &e at $6 ltt. tta f4) sagws, with feeders, &c. $67W if Jef- 0f t 300 (t o Fi" dot, os t llsaws, with feed ters, &/. at $7 5i1 per saw. 15(f N t t Exlrateeth where desired, ftr leftlers, sA pplied a fit ent.s e:l; the olthle oflteeth heing abot f ela tl SIllhe nu er of saw's. )e set o of fieders, it is Ico sideed however, will wear oult twh olr fthee sets of oowo. Sfxlor saws lloplied at 80 cents edach The (ilns lordered, will be delivered to the agents 1 O tiOllers itn lay lof the se port lownls tile .otton, pel Lillg Staies, Illhe alhole p·ricesellhegelllnt a)yinlg the felgh tflllt tStle tlle riiom N.ew orf/k alld beoffllltog ce sponsible ftilr the amount of the Git. A inot wtright will be st bent withll the ,ins to of/t them u whle sired; the chrges for whose servicest will be extr. but ln.lmert;e. 1['l i'lllli .nggear ai l ISo he ordllered Ihere desired, terlls. Slaoll steal enllilles ca, n also be orldered if de It is desirable, Whell planters give olrderls for Gins, (h', should accomjlnly d eml withltheir views i~ reg.mrd to , tlrlt.lll,/lerleto saws, breasts, brushes, &c. It is IN unin th.yv diflfle oiioll. Soh llle deile saws Io hIl-tittte mtr others.l. The mloff t iommlllflell sizt Is 9 or I 11 0 inthes; smre wish them 19 i/thes. Sont wihll 5 or 6 rnows brusihes oil anll lxie, while olhels IdoI fnot W ft w rt inoe t1. at lmost. Soml)le w Ish saws with ,ill r teethl to tile illch, whilte others Wnst 10 or II. % I nh desr'epaclIl, we prefer they should, t fhe timte of giving orderhs, lrollish a statelmenot of teir ' , fishes, undt the nlllltlllolUet.ers eall lflil thelm ill eset pit lief . e thf ttttt ohere ft ait olat' tisretffico, wtte shaft ,,ake then oin tihe lmost modelrn and approval plan. A, ordlr can be ex.iuted, from the time it is received, s. th e lspc ofeight orn ihl weeksl o theGinin (ato ,irne I'lacedl illthe halds of "he Ihctor. To be in liitt' S'tIhe next crop, till orders t to heo in the hu'r s oi tit manuii cturers hy the i'rst or nmiddle of May; exuept Iotl' f htdanlts wherethey arelate in collmlenlciu In, hick or gin eotton, N. It. The Patent Rtight, for any oneof the cettoni 1 -Ir'vWilng S;lesi willbe sold oln reasonableterns. ott/f /litos STI'ATE OF LOUIS[I . NA.--Lirst Juoictal ,i.tictt Utlllr ItHE S'ATE OF I.UISIANA, TI all a who W tllfse Preseotn /ati cll I.e, Greeting:--Whereast \Villialn t tkeo hv/llltg Ilr/tetlrlel at 0 sfle mc e /fv the $Sheriff IIf toe /llrisll ttf (Jiles s, the totl/ertt hIer,'ioaeiur ,leseribed, Ibes aqplied to thI. clerk oft is 'tllllrt, ito wllhi.e oli'e tile i|,ell of sale wa . rtcorded in tol 5tit d-.y of f/m, A. 1). //t, f/or it ffofait/tt or a verhtsellenlt inll eonorit to an act of te I.egi tlltre of lI / to tI f Lol-/ it, entttled "Att act t1 the Itfher assotltllefI tf itleol tt p/rcoaera ttt jtd'eial saoes;" up Irnve/l Ile 11th daty of hifrch, 1i83. tf1, tllherefioe, kntot ye, and alli Ifersan inltereted hereni. ,Ire hleeb cited and aldlllollitsled Il the oellll ) the State of L.ouisiana unid of ilei. First Judihial Diatriet t;oLrt, whoill can set up any rishl, title or chi ill uand I Ilto )ro)erty herte/ ilioerdtlar te lite t/, t i /otseqllene t• Itu tiliofrlrtlltfv ill th orde,,fer lel-et/ rjudgm/lfetoq tlecotl.t minler whlich Ill* sale ,vs made, or arny irregularity or i entlit, in the a wtllhroettlalttilr l/ly avrtsen f te.)t, fn tle, tf or i t lller e of ale, er ito a i: w al ll evr;t, trto otw cau, it liln tllirtv da.t. fl It' Iito aily this monitirovn isnrst inhero.n, ituarei in t ie pperslh IIe ale Sall llltde lhould lllt co elncb r.led lnld hoilllrl talell. lott .l ad /roperly wios anld by Ihe Sei rlefflotl par viritur oi ii de.ctret of this6 elllu I, relul,'=red -it Ihe 3d dll. v,1, inil(1:.[IelI, N.. 15,515 of thlh dlclketloi" h s c, I ,l ft o w lit fro sale yncd cin llo thckey becatne the peir coiiei f ir the plie/ oI t:i, ofI(, cat,l f /rlefns, inll l .l / llltre ounded by New Levee, LoisiaiIl ) I dll Ik'ln d J '|.trecta, dIs;fElfell Dep tle N. ', n Irhitt T/ tdtld fiy /. F. Zfille . Depluty furvy or (ceteral, mon the fi I)eeuiber, L31 oud defrl/.ef, as toloie. Said hot mPe:itP es ./ of It int ches frolt Co eew lpevee street, 7,5fet it, delplh i the stidle sdjciniei lot N h , and 8I feet 7 il/thes slid 4 litles in dephiftf te sile adj minng the prnpelly nl~w, or lltelyv belongili tIt N .rlodale, wail 19 feel II inclles width in lhe retIr ito er it fronts on ane alleytt f th reeo ffeet tii illchet ipt corllllOl t to lots Nns 4, 5 6, 7, / 8 and 9. Clerk's Office, I I.'l Mae, 1838 c la 6 N(; of I EWIt i De ti'lerk. NR. WILLIAMlS, trlUl.lII'', ,,t LOUISVILLE, JU.v 21. hr ha ir eern said that I run lavr rt from I.uis. o v ille and (eleig other plrae.) had Inae Irraks ltr tile aiatraeC--l.heleroa resolved on 'rlleydn I plst trip rtoCi:cilrnati, tra ne dayonly; I rr'raeed agrirn lra night. I herin to frtelrthat I ra ' implrtunaet indi 'id'rl, as tris istantl thie Journal of ti. i city ral Ille irto . y hlnd, taarlin~ amaorngst a great iamRar otoi' tkings, t'huti had arctually rnt.aeiy fromn Ir t -V I-to escape tile effects of ithe a nderfi naerlenrtic nee lae ef doctor Snip, the knight of the trihnlt'e, ania, A S S. My return, however, proves that the fable of he he s and wolf, is applicable to tile Jamrnal. 'The failde is "t A boy was earployed to wateb and elve iha alarm, 1when the wolf appeae•d; he beitg either a 'fooitman,' ar tailor's a n p, or liar i'eque:ly caried out 'tlhe wolfin cerotine,'to tre grentdislnny of the eitioena Tir y a Sirast rnd out his real eharacterr: that hc wa a liar, a lnd not to be belevedeven when hh sp ke tile truti.' The fict ii , that causes must produce itheir effaets. S it will prove,of tile all-wisewrlterr, Dr. Saiip&eCo.. is ri Jonrnal. I wIlid ndviad e trhen to proviade them elves with a stael engine pressr in order to et eelt wondeIrfaldemand andl increase of that Apper, eA it i well known, there are many who seek for r othing bte farsehoodir oti f shtt er .lve to the venders of tlhat arrti ale. nlt anfitrttentehl for Golinh Snip, if nreelde and thimble celebrity, the great marss f thre tmillions of A taerican peolde, era faeltee, and ear famed ae lovers ,i truth. Therefore they will,( aefRelcs ireduced Iy ite ealltlsli s) atnra lly SaR I want h re:d a ller, ti[ait I may rely oi, tyhereftne [ will seek out su el. n I lb,,come a seiRshriaer to the otier journals, whose rlitenlii te will not i)rt, false. 'lteir I ,r statements are ro Ipai prable to reqnelre r..futatioe; yet l will tate: let. Iraa.egctrlar throa hortel. .li. 'ITht I itehllretenlr, til the laSt Jtl 'tho 111 Sli & ('o, halve sent Inere a letter lthreatenirng lly lii, if I relnainell trlier Ihegl)t; . idI. rhat fr r In it S,1 lhall proeeds ton Cieirnaeti,for fourteen da'asnatv of which ie g wis Di Snip t & Co.t inforrn tire aflli'ied, in their own amiil, neVer filsIt britng Ille prtir ntse . 41rI. 'l.llt fre ... incirai ti I ri, r e tore Fralla iif te le NingrrO ra tIC.t tilltio, (if Dr Stip &c Co. drl rtcn take ee a lily life,) on the ll t nf' e'i teaibera attlle ateVow \'orke n 'tr he isroft Navemieerr rlapeer rt irraolea nflthe next stlnltlle r ill order a iau h iat all tire . olll Philistine; rthe tedricai Golihtir i f Bost o, Phil adel. phan. .mphi", Nohville nd ILouisville, whoU wiei proba i ri ( tef 'rethrit liime arriveB ohmr" Golinh Ist, Re pe andtaire i;,llrnlt d. Curier &c. t ;ri lta mike filr tsers, ulena &. (iraliRI a irh. Corn c rter. i tler "hith lant and retSri I pickle slore. Glinh tith ith teetrt t'ni'fiient if aii, I U i p, ntp a Heill, .e. piteltre to itl ra erietors ral t. ldte ' the l+ " . . It "l, tr e w uti ld hi v he h e lle )r. i. e r r k inrft ret were h:e i hread aoir kll~r\ spread I lPRIta! , l had been tier I'ca1I, in f le 1111, it olhtejterey'. sght o th bld, t wtirararn e wrae n etaale c t t of his 1ljestr'at eteOe tie I i i ti rie till. a evn then s lr tatitntrha trre ra' e "t'r ullll~tr; t le tlrl tillt e 1r Iee n t lar a ker f"or a srr ,, he trorla"r t teret ithepinte rat d ,r"Soek~ e;n h teetili ernt d 'iror Snip e ever a ie t re it trCeI: o f ee - s hia b l to d o , 1 e . lik e ! 1 w i t h e l o + n n ]l t , sauter, I "hill I.I'IeiVe lath mill seen grR '"rI. Trl 11l ill to I i 11. and fetleltlr (a .I ro 5traol rae atn art iit •1 5 11·.) . ) .,I. OY+v t, tiay, to ohain iarer t ilyoiene n wither it ,ea, as u Ser a l llfreiNl~ l iltte J'1!lN +VII.I.IA.J:@ frtei s~t .latereen IMotste Irruirvilli, Jlla '21,1;3 . I'. S.-S tecwrctcngegv itr, I ticre ' ce i• t] f ' . - • rl enl erl I it, , ..... .re l .'' .ra .e.,e t ',t I , ti itet. 'ier he te r marc, ," they tre rllerl'' ic 1! etee c thlr. t , *ill'ttrtie' eel atett''trte el· rr tri ttlr fe ilrck e,' Iiir'''' b . Flalr f i ht, i l,- ittle ar. l' ttte allies e l.ttt .ie ll Oil r r oh l;' of t ile rIoh l y of th l ,lt ar. ,l asll ,l "nIPiy- .hus, liEl renpec, dine toi "or ie- liedta. rl e I r hi l I,,i l l n n ir , I f ,, • v . ' so l e , a t e . • \'r v h 'a I of.Ilh, i rnod t a i, i rf It ee te 'r o r .[ t..' m el w hrite l iv, letet , er ar te rrI ti 't e era'h,' r me lere er . tr le , te it lette, i ralte ht cit i' Io rtee1 tt' I titer l ette lee, 1 tesaHbe lPee t iet eerit hller ! is yt n in lli, , ll il ' reci er a Ir il e,' riell. itl anin hteite ' t w ll , Ilw l i.s'te ' e i tlill tarf.I u 1 11 ", f ml l ,dh, 1-, :l t',roh l s , I" r " "=e t e nat lb . , .e . 'l t e.l j t e v] 1 . e. r i . ira. b ''t il l h- ra h ek n rl , , . . erl u l ,+ ,, .+l l I d c{ tierrl: titei i ,1, It' ttesrhttetere ret. ," sI, li e . i r lllptIel r i ie 1 It h'te fle e l' " , ll' l h Ieel1·1 1, f bu eet ei ll t tl e trree leer.: I tee r ii t hit ms ' 'f at ,,l' '"''llltII lllX lld lth \+i..l·( ". xlr~n . .e t, o I +., ..i l '~ Wit-' ,tr, ie tel rf t '.. ' ,, , ie t eel o e' t' ehe r ,e,, + .,t " .r , 'f tee l i I tr n . 1 , htt r e.,..t. Ih! fi,;ll\. · 1III,.,., ,, \·I :.+'s ).lerdav ll t,'h. i s jil I !,e,''.""' lr+ I li, ii lelllt. \\.'lil[ '111 lllr ' 12 CI) II e *I1. i t wlire'- wrtette,. r r "1' Ia' li ttl e pr te eert err t' le tl ee I ' ' n'lerr Elt it, ' e e.l .,t NI I I''r at.itl' l It hI hrare te e I .'uh. t Ie i ielet ite ll ht i h, , l t lp dr 1, [ t)l 1 ,, ,I hi on11 broth i. i ., -'i tI*rel; er nl ee eih e'1t lrd err lette l terrha r h o rhl d ie I Ir e s i~te I, l. t letterir ai 11 Ir r t l e- t , Whe,~n if hre Ipro. e hI I tre eire hteis l,.eo t , th Id h e.eear! rat er r ar iy ,er l , tlhne t lt Iii It ~I e!A e rr l i nn t t, he rt eleel m i]atll l it, -ar l k letir his rfte rtee l ar I I. ,hi !si,h lnr, n w+ ..... ly ldase th . ,ti eri 'e.dfir o t olrlt vehe slv et er iltrwever a Ille nrf, teylwi ie ireree im pare ratlrirwoo rlatiae wio l bo tter rir.att an Ihev .ilt uoo bt wh ricwre i onl t llnl to si t ri e t t men.vtalit .elat. ft heira 1 , rs, so atr Ie reil it, it t i . lirv nlr In.eali Fortltel tei thh lena d l hesnrl'r Ie d lemIn. iel rid thai Ile.r laorriwd ilew ietrealern can doar their r.eIe--I ihallrie jet received ae etered tltel rilwst Ju i raraeltdi se e ,su o o '! r he iy 21 thnIet era rsi iate dtrtpr 1 c ar meere tre araertrtitirac trr lere r ite r tit ' n .ir i y tre te reg ista ioliree lye p ne. Wocteral ih lee It eelvts o Ice rlet SSerllnlr S' [ elr w lli lly at kl l ly at h Ill il ly tl h lettl er. owrhe r nrV re iaellert Itlid lllt kleow Or evo su.pfecfa dllyri oh Ulllwo or thee whitlgl sts ial hl + a, vrarc llt ctrra l al etatye a oellltc ll he uIytlr o menlreer w hea r it, reog ntiraerratdPd by Irnle. cereerereera, pe rtatte teglta f'r rheilr ,a thee itttir r aet try diretare litre. tre 1eat 1eate 1.1.1, b arans"tinscraieatetlr (dtlkireairraeeaepogyti te rirr~gaiarrles Sceramrers'yrltrelrearargrarthvarte]reerececitt thter]i iy1 cora cr itc tie ug rirarti raireareded by tre. , J. W Jeferson Iou see, Saturda', 22d Jutly, 1837 JEFFERSON HOUS e, LOUISVILLE, July 13, 18:17. To the Editor of the Csty (iarette: uli-- Having lietened to Ile entreatics of gt. pull Splatielts, I oa res dyed, ift in healti perttta, to re mau in tthis city till the uend of July. 1. To try to Io thl lmore good. 2. To Cvillo tIle iahubit ntsa ttet the ile *pl belong to tlem, as thIeir lawful right. 3. TI t I al roluy to deusrte twor iun ree dollars., in estsfie weU. thUS.ltank in te a nids l tis Hoat tile itvor ofthisity, agaist asil tlr s t e de posited y all the gr at andl ntuhy Dltor s . & C., that 1 rstelore to sir t ure aged, ill dlie-uged, younu I trst alnd ehildrenr, wn weri e tote lly tr paru"lip ht. i, than theey I ouald aisthl l'tllhled to cure a greater nutlne of short, weak u r cot II-ilt IC '-s dluring myshort visit, th i rthey d. YrIl ho. I a tll .a ise cialu ni a t call in tro tlher aid all tie verl des'rvdly c, les r tell pro es~lkr and l)tict urso l tll'll a colleges, as wel as ll tile doltoru s allt d lie docuors ru ie ual.tll in private practice, (tull are uuit few! int the Slates of Ketl cy, Ohiu, ludtoau uand v., in I eanessee; where there are indeed s -e two nleh fa.Imous doctorsl whlloe nantes tug t to be tl·(ldcd dew a ltw as puossible Ito hltest reosteritv. J4. Itlllr t Ie clearly lnllertoot] that aIr the cures if auy, onr both id a, lllt be plove n al n ae v lell Iel'trlllell d itllohuut the aid ol ally strgtlcal o, ertill hat HKever. 5. 't'houe tho really merit thre e the s tles lave sr liberally tupl;iu to taei stu ll lorf,'t the $ilt H r t a l eni ellt rtho ht oues ill -u' :itt"y, u te " r t eaur ly shall take hack hi. own $21l1, whoever lie or theT lav be. It eltl tile Ilrghty edlicll Ih ltt ttl 'ger Si sh ; id prove, rl oo te suceesslm l candhll ute ,1 wi ufahilt te old proverb, ald give the "ou d geutlelta" hi due! i. At all everl:ts 1 would aldvise te last nuutetd lUe lirh u. nolle s rtrler that letter to stand lIosu, as t gllite tur "siur-leton" at well as "lpllirllt," 'tor yesClerdlu lust.: o.Ja%;+ but [ avlvi.e hina to wad to it its I.tml..tlatu cual ltsllillmln A S placeid before it, in alphuuetcul ,rid,. thet the independlent iehabit. uts of tte city swtulld ul wtuys kllow the writer by tile melodv fhis uvoice. JOHN WILLIA1S, uculist. 'l was weak enough to read tile mass of asle.ehod, signed a., which deserve nothing but slly silut CO) te'ort. :lau I known last velllng of tile great i'uportarce , A S ., I should hass. treated tile last ofur tlhe t t ees whaut diller. lv: ut let thitl tpass. I willt I secer Colllllilllteiit lis llllt teri of tile J urnalt, fur hs it, to enltloy tlhe ctralr hlghtb (:'tt ortle garter (rotf thle thistle, but) ofthe teedletlt uts thittlte, i order tt it, Ituav kill two birds with one stuns, i.e. .t pateh I, tolesl hat Ir lte ill his naturu llr tet tlittal g.lcrtlelts uan.I, iu 1 ljy jutdge from that eeelellt aper, tle Ad vertiser, I)r. Suits a master is, politicatlly, itl ecstall teel ufhis aervih.s. \Vheacll: eiralustane.rclucurs, whethler dtrtstieall Sr Ilitieally, whichl requires a ilister, whether on h rwnIl nOSe or ls tile repultatilt uftlttse whle do slot uhai sea to please hit., be ng ullike hint, (which roust le aleratll i nothing lmte thllan if it was"aurltaditg bruas cr a tith klig cymbal;" yet, to view it thlus-- r. :elt luoks el ; but with an 31. I. A. S. S. after it, appearc tmugtfiieent!tt JOHN WILLIAMS, Oculirt. July 14. SAVAA SWEEITIIEATS-In stre saod iuttei yT It HYiDE & BILo, jet cear Comnmn and Maga Via , sr, Tt) RIEN'T. THlE handslmne STORE andt hack Kitehens oa the asearuet story of the Ti.r Amtrri cal) Ofiee, two dcrs Irtm St. Charles The. atre. A filrt rate satand fora Coffee Hneuse Apply to ttsl8 JOHN GII1SON,Editor Trur American. TAILS.-A prime aassorrment of Cut Nails from I tl.t0d, for ale hy CHASE & OIXEY, m Custom Ioueraam.e MILtJo' GU. PtOUNI) i;X FitAC-" oF TO.IA TO. AP *SUSTi''rUTPI: I`II11 I'*tOIEt:. I rillrr rstorli Itit rir atet sin, to r h assurance I by IIIIy empiries oflhe Iitesetlt dt,l thaone tIIte dli ine will cure all diseases, is nol, :and never uani Ie nt reve and he who alssrt'ls it. is eithter a fhaI or an him in ptor. tlrt it is a ter demrr.nstralle iby cexperiece, I that combintations of medicillrt tnat re fOl:lllel Iioi the I', V;GTABlLE KINOIDOM, tlhalt Will act 9o Illlerl'.alluv oli 4. the s stem, ohell taken sreasonarl\, allnd in judicitusprro protiols jas to t'ttti i Iillre caseolite ot te oll, nl diseases - withhi the twelr rusd power tt ntts diciir. n, From mte well kllownall nestablishdrl reelttrtinill of CalomCel, it has leog been emprlte e by the, I m liric, n nd scientific phsicia, as onte oft he Irost toewer-lil tagets fi, tihe rettoatI of ldie:rase. By tie-. trmer, aI r mostt ever- latnd hrs brceu drlrged .ith iostrunl.e, tlat th:ir uthorr claimed as specifies in every disease illnci d Ilenl to tie human fahmily. The fbllh (f these .Petten r i lls Italia o eorllllmllelt, fbr cclurt:ll chelm etl i neveti gation has sltown, that Ihe base of molst of the Pnllle;esl j trthllbliiolls, &c. ohilt heve betel ltrietttlle -fl br -fetbe tile rconlnlitll., wtith so ImrU:.ll, is Clllaln, or i Lercuiyv in slol'e O olr. ,No', if this potehl artihlee d te'v illn thine lllllls of the mnst skilful physiian, Fl reuer t ly exerts on inltellce onl tile hl11uan oY'tmlll, Ilstll.esetll, Iit tI r' ,tirhtl bey nld Itrhe colltol of llt; Ilndellliig ht cornstirrrtiot t le l r ringiri g o i mtt l tot e r hi te, diseas . SInllld death, what reallt sl;llti bIre oxpccted wile i .r .elrllrted Iv tile ignorart- otruld tlheir Inolly tIhorrSarll victims sleak, n vice ' 'lol tn l i e tolllb wolls l sroo disl hbe ·liecy' delusion that Inow sw.. I le minds of LIe living. Humatnne Physicians sdeilore thie sad evils Itsrltrlllg from the rnerene'mli practic,+, mald will gladh th e in trolducrtilol frall arrie iosit .:l- s.lsly" bre rhsttitllled rr r. nctonuel. Tfies feel, atnd thin keenly, the u.eertiti rof its primar, r T.tion;le theycannolt sw a etherit aill brdefrnile Cr rrtf.aor-ie. Thiey alst krrnorw orid It, tll:lt i Its sert is corlltllnlnel for anr tollsideltble time, ill jllriolts ecosdllol V esllrq(lorenes Imist tihllow. illo r ;htr er must clloose tlele:lst of two evils: til.e" klllnw IiO olthlerl article Itirt will errlllls' a toirpid liver, remne Iorrtrrir.. tioll, eI set irr fece actrir rln rte whle gilrltaer synteto Irrdi it heigindisierlsrhl Irtoerstsrv to Iri lis, tihey tun it r use, otwithiratlirig rgtie eil clllellcl.s SWhlich ftllouw. Tile h tlve lol sit iet'sd sra soight an :rtiOIe thaI w ulr produce tile eoutd l eifcts of this idrugi, sithiulI rsltsY etlllg tire Itiellt to Its drIleteeriors resllIts. SuCh it tiealr ratlnrrr , it is heherrr-d, hai atn lellr r th Ireet obtaile ill t ro ticle I ii1rr prl'mltner l rtr Ihe lllit . 'Tire tt-rir-enro rrtl othisrrrtiei kevt-iruijr +,it '.. scthie rttneih rf dlremedles alant, tJ o ir ss uses il Ittl tlrttt, -norisr rrt l --ir-trtirrootl iln--tnrr, tit--l~ cl w t idellt tile clhlillrt- teev ilhaIt; :rI. k.rlrit l,, r Ike- i wirse, tlhat mst rrtrnr tile liseates tif ithe Soutnh nirtl iliest 'e lI ItItrt lttrtsrt lic or I0tllltiiolltll tl oerl tll lll t lltt ii tht li, Vt;. dirciltei cir :ltllttit ttl tlhose trticles i hichi I ttrnt more eospt cidii) n the bili-r oreynts. After lolng, hrtorirmrt, cid expensive, tht rave slcceded ill 'rxtrlr;loctillgIt slbstallnre flrtol tle Tr'O- i 1itATii, which, r roi its r'eruliaor efll.ot u tlrhe heit- i li t oi biiarr e"'rrnlS th le d e Il eptore ljtir.t . hIt I a mheii e that wtill pol.uee i all the bUrLr teii sulldts of Call, 111n hl both ocu ad crouic (+i-t+es,+ with ,int the po+.ibilit + ofa lpr l tl al the leernoundtol s t rel reoIntiori teitteet robit th nto SE lhll eS~lr ttnrlllllrll tt ol'orll rol . t~t-r r Its etlll o oltt t e cow . l tit, o n is u tIveoSalt, to p:1' . of tLt ).str o ell cstll in itr i tlterte. It it how 1Ir l'r elllll to i O. aS ti e IcrIetoi rllll( eCretill thair it plI iIower i ts eatic lr ttttriitelllnlsi hetell i i/ n ne trL itlll V il lsied Iot.el tre t t IItotIl f biiiots ,ers ni lll Sother ,.i tansh in awhlh " to idsrhy or c oIll ioll- o- t ht il.' nd pJorltlncircle ret-ail. iIt is. .I ni.ihle n11~ I Iaelsr wite e i- itr ir ectst- rr . I tl tit A lll th ie t s ti.t ll ; blowel ti. I It ei rr1<e.ill .b t fion, rulextciltes a quick arnl htlthll action ofI + i he livler riul tihelglr tdular tIrrrr a ir f the abtllrers l lt Itlr dt lr i'mrle in lts t0eralion, it prohlces a free cicuintim eI he ve 's, I U tis o illce suf.i' otf the hl)o aecomlpu ltl Irr gri ttle ie t sl.ratRio I t ritet rl t ttexhaet likn dras- - l rttllrtllgiS. l, i ts e t:l io is lyrlle rriyirla , ml ii;II oliel be rclw 11r·', ito. rely w ith s'ali sL · but w'Cill g lr s 'I't l I. Tit llt 'tl ne.I hll.h(11: l~tl +S, 111 111 iiLcs:41'~l i(llF '. . t. t 'rn, to i.t i r tj e rterl n llenr -ti eln 'al . it q ri te ston I n',dle b. strI Sl', g mwd:i ciwt,% shel l m, If ev,.., , good u lendi to intt ure tie srra'n ta tf thi e rest to i,,,. 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E ,,.,1 f .-l.,,a . , & R 'I' Ston, (;eneral Agents for Lmtisiana. 11 I 'IPcl lHtl TiltlIUa tlreet, IteaIr L Co. l133. lid ,ltovee sttreet,oppoaite Vea ia ShI ,.| arkel. tual lartil, cot ('l Idevee tld Hopital atleetr. \\: it hilel ryeea clip a-lll i t nI J UllasIr es. Ir Mu.eller, car l chuuottul us slrel t and St Maort llmarket J P' haurbut & Co, co l'eir ITchopploulus and Gilrtd .1 & I'I ' , I ,artt.nll. l .ay,,. Pa, ... ,. . llr \%V'n Si." at lau lr, ;\otlhlt ', h:, La. Thomas Sanlllllll ry, llll. u, I to , T'1'eia.. Fire lternk Serda, cornr I'*v ydrae and Caamp sts. (hI Jaaes, TdiaUli CalC'." \\ n. lvaas .,,. I lhaldina Co Row. Apph. dlilllllln ,orPeies r minice.ll lv mullst b made tIo til General Agents a New ) alls All Iltcrs, lpost paid, wil be p I llo it'ly a ue.dcd to. L)AR ISHI COURlT far the IPaii:h uid I'ity of New S O) rleals. Pie'moll the lie. ct'la,'l h I l l, l* iN l, Juice,' Ja,,e 11ih, 1138 --\o. Ittihl,-Jac ues 1,,tiea ta. hi, readling lad tilmu thae pttita alid h leltu a inl this ca-e, It is onrdnred hv tlhe (olourt that lta ecrtlditol, - .f tll- itllleat lhow ".tllse aI p eilna claurt oa taturda, tlhe 7I tlt'aa o Jalla, lIt,8, wav hr htrlld [iol n t bedI'cl.l re I1:cordnllm Ito litw; tail inI thi: meallnlltitlme all prIlceedlng against hlis plet+Sll ntd pro arty are stayed. Clerk's ie., New Orleanls Jlune , I I, 183B. je'nll 2I IA IA \t I ti' I V I. l r la Ltp roissaa tPP la ville le lit \, v lle r11 leans.-Prsent Thon. Charles llamiaur.jure, I1 join 14i8.-:-,o. 1It.!4I.-J: equls Polier a ot aa"s Ilin.:. ,iue a rt crbaliers de I'insolvale a'taire svalt lear- rI. somen. toor oiver, S a ,Ih 7 de lei let, I;;38,p oiu ni it ie serai it Lt dec rif co allt afrllenl't ii Ia lai, t en attendalhnt toltlea t,,lriIles coltre a. paeraone o seat proprieties sollt amrrcIes. r Ilureual deI grelier, atnevlle Orleansa. I1 joit. lIS8. je14 law AR4l N1) tIT 't.( IIT.( , LINSE t)ll.--ll0 bbls, nlTm IhUr .tea ,nl. Albaay, for sale by G ItItIl.E, jel:l 41 l\ew I ever. F ' ARL'(S UPERIIt.l HAlIs --Now intdinag from A stea. beart Saltat,, a su ol, tule above, p.t up itu hilld, tiercea and bhsl; thr sale bry I AYET l': A IME IUNG, jell 17I 'nam'rcea strIeet. LINaiEEI) II--1. bis anrd t .'alks r ast Lc.teed Oil, now landling frmn s'lip Sa Nevite, and Itr ale by JAKIVIS & .\ .U tIFWV, jel3 ('ommonnnd I'ehpitul.a s1t. COTCH AL- casks (pintr al sat) in stoI, re and for scalehy , , I101 ME & :ILLS. jloeelnk All [3AI''S,01LS, GILASSo, 1HitUlntr.I , Ac.-a-,u [(I (0 io froot b shln C) hliaot ooao for sole-, oz S it Al| l o cn , heot (l'ath, frol "I tI"8X10 t :IX l 131111 ks whol let bor, puw; 830 ,o 1leen'paint, in _. de liher. kearh; In doemz gtnedit l Ior sila s iooloi t l a; al led i t doz toaien . 0,n0 (roundl hrshe. also of,, l)11 natu hle 1111v1 do; ;! , $, ro ,Gen in powder;, suprio T alrti"l n- o Ilt, t a ( .tll-; t ltoga aso tl l n o sash tools Io evaer; "c iztll an ,Ifa, "; sa hlehtonctila; o ss raatnamrkiiio( a artist's tnls, &.. hko owlke band oni w"n'. 60 Ilaeks olnld leaf; white adl yellorw wax; g'm or(alliean an, large and choice a of oIIIluent of points, dry color oil, tlurellntine, varnis, S A:., for sale, wlhbcosale and retail, allt the lwesa prices, dby MONOIE.LI, s°a 8 58 (oAlp aat. ,VEW EDITION OP TIlE CI'IL CODE OF LOUlIShI.A.N . T has been far somn, time mllde known to the pultla thllttat tilhe Ollblkter t areo enalt lloe IILrep lrn or the press1 a new odtio. of the Loisola Citil (ole l'ev oere, .r lll tile first, waronr at the great dilficulty nd esp)lonll Otliils attedin the ublication Io Ithe wor;k, nudl it wsll out withougrt cret heitation lhat they con-1 sented to tle Ulldrtlahhng |1u1 the present edition. U1101ntin1 to ht llOletre thousand copies, antd hich hll~d stlltte Staitie Ino re work t hairty tbo fra tdollais, ws entlrev outr of pllut. For Ulere thun two l, ars I lut, the ,usual pnee of tile work hau bees frJt thr tv to rtifty dllor.+. It ie a system of written rules wnih oh iommedinater Soperates upoi every, ildividual of tll e (.lte, interestedl lther iou al -ieultirf (r llalllleterl a .und which ot n ernll ,ltllhto sltes. that-- uhl e allolt , a lsther ire.t., upn S:aw--tr is s ollruch toie lust-btok nod onntth ol tlh merchant sld tile (Ilnter, as it is of thie privale getlc lastu 1h1d thi1( u prl ed.+sio ul advlo Itr. I'he. lbwvtrsaot eojndlji,',g statesl ond in filet 4 o " Ihoe-n utpll:.'3Onl tile )hlIi ntrdr 'is ir enhi riv e ," ilh, I fill Ill rt Ibor tl r iprollu e il Iouisi:ua, havre a fie nlrlOt nece:silv of refblentlae t lee code, and nake it ", di les.le roqul-site to leir I. :res d e ity of INw n)rle nt lete book i ats sore tt ckatl ud l. the. lerch t's eulltillg roloa,o as ua , Ite oIesk u' r Ile ldt', ort iet l a leof tha tl e. It iRmIlltsu,pr-i.a Ihrefre tht ile first edolti o [Ie work waoo- quic Iy lis sad nu; ,anll liho sgh a mere re pinl of it wn u|li in some H eastu re upplyn the puir t lees-ity, o el it wuld he i,lrk r ect o sPli n o usleTt r tou le-sa ,,o tI sill rle 1es he l0Uloi1 PTI ilB endl- l t)oll t hlt i 'ch ha , e l It Ballllh b v tile I. s ci hllur-, nd tie i orlll 1 ( t n e ta . Is S IntI1 ;'oII.Stl'rlllt I bilntl h~ l h |leeU vire'el uponu IIIUta o The lishls have lenlld, ! r e reneral sulpler intie re nu1t' eliltorial depuarmt of at e i n we Iork, Ihe lle.ler thnl le o 11.o w ( orloeir Ilar. r ['e 1 Jl Itullard t .ludel Itr e hlde and Ilol ( earle 'stisr I(ve 1er h kiluliyv asirted lr l'ltonl wll't the valua btlle t e lh it;V I S Iht P Ia(el o (II lto sl ill ( t he nllrge I e thlir lplies ll raea liten ;n d t t o lMr N l .lenui t therld Itl he olll ir il llipon, W l Is lllo t lllhon ille r le w llrk lle, lrl wt biles , IE -g, ti tll- lp d on n the Mlit l assl it(( ip . rel. o len ti, l e [Id ll s office co v llP tie 11,e f n wniLh caveniben muode f hilmduaiill hew whol ero d rt rpis dir.,nguished d rote+so ,,a lhdrs. T pulish er, IIaIVy t learo. ," well trust &Ihtl I an 111 OtiloNl o rtile. .+,,rk will be il shot ialustrv and. htbaur, nssi-ted by: In pluttingl' fords this prsIll ectlu an.d solicit in ge - ti aSlburibr.l to ihe W ,ill , ti lhe IthliOnlr t h. r II a i hde I f t h at he1 I 0 ll nrl ol lis A llllp llllloizd Lhe ivel'or tv or,"d. r our thousand copies of it fig she 0UIluler ll. ist a b o , lyhe Al em i viner d h hlllT, ly .t sll loillthe v(lhl olthe lro,.ll(10( lhlhe(y (l 0011laeted 1 aklakll0 alr L0 P I 1 iOil 1.1 1ii,'s w- ich i( ' hlu ed i tl' ". llov n ludesl0e1e1 . The works wf Ihe h, erd in Frt.eoh nad I':nzl;sh, up111ol g paper 0(1nd wi(( i0lllgr tt. . r ll 1p; ( a 1 a oa. 0e1i1( tie 0tllte Ip 0 r0 d 1 I( iI iIIi(o , lo lor ol 110c t h (licl4e l oxetIviu·lllllon f t .llllolr (lll 11w1ilth Its r r ea il(ll 1 1 tll [ia e It will l (obuhlv lhe r('0 e lia d1liverv in th e month , 111111e i e will 1, t. i, ' I. , l (l((rs- 1i 0 e d lltltil to e r l lr at the te'le 1' s or-t h -I' s - ri ptll etlh ions litt In.el eollll ,lll t store pri0 e [ll o tol -i u mII d N w 1 ark 1 1100 f 10 lille o 'ack .] 1 t11.+ .0 ,l ll0lo00 0,llll Ih( s I. ll* s aC l rotil r \ i ll ( ,i w \ lk nl I 1110 (1(11 n1( every u1 her i ,oulOa00 - a ll ol l hlloll1i 1 - I , , . (I'llh i e l0 .111 ,Il toi lIo etl I"l -Ile o. Iallllllr[lity io eoll l h r ti e ot sailing, t ado ill , il hel' l 0" ' t i 00000111( l ot" live Shils viz l shplll Lu is ille, th aiu l'altr , l lea etlev ou tile 41b AI110 ttii.i ,ool Ii h, F l loh ,llll(i1. iop'll' I-l ltbllr, ( Capain Woodl nllhouse, to leave otIlle ,\'. ot . n Io t .ll0 1111 (1 .I(0 ".0000 0 0(l 1i, Calltatn il is, tor l eli ave Ion lhe l .th Slulll· r I' t [FYC I 1(II ll 0 1 ( '1 '81'h+ 1bov.e 1 his t N re all n'w.f he fir clasI , t olloh ' tl, 'ire lio fiht [,ll.h It of Water, b,'lio a I f t I --aria- i, i llved t one !ulodred dollars ''Thl.r C Ios l,,, Illl ul,. o I1 he II' Ino I il 0 IIi wII Ii'lld o, iuLvenielt ' li o li hiled inn a l und toe.Sll style. A.· l all slolre (1 tine firr m il lit will be rlirviied Unl d avel\, regatrd blll d I hke Codlli, llad, eof llae Illaouaodtll os terso hloll will Ipease take 11o i1.14 that i) berth caa1 be1 seured (U tl pall I IU" lit Ih l lti]ue. h lh lle l annigt,'e.. '1'ko.- I) tlef. alre cl maelllllU dl b C CII ptI ns well 'x+ pIer eeed iln the trade, whto d w ill -'ive every: al tleltOl and!I ex,.l't tlh Illn llol ll e m ie Ou od ,l '1 hei y will a ,' '1h tides ba towed o p aot ,d 1 04 01 he Missisoippi [ ha0 !.hlens, unless It reola =ir hill lf dine be snignld Illrl, lr f :ts a11 hlla beeu copere, ~he is 22 fl ei t lo: nd elght fe't heanl d U huc Looton C loo ri-gt1 , n t: COrller CaImI| &+A31111lI str'eet-. i i 1' ASACOL1 MANSION HIOUst i NE l'ITV, 1 .I8 (ttjtLA . o sttlttlbScrther ltotg rtilrot.od thltr ap .,,Ir tt r tl h Ilrew, C tiL Hell kn,.,,, ao,L ihlulit , tra Illi 'i" Ill, te! liate pll iltlor will e lready o rer ot e vi ihi t ,v the irt of jtril ni NiOttf,. ot otn l ortt i,.i,orvme t will ie ftrond ilr tltr. tirll'l..,,et tt i .te i hlion ll ,, . .Net ull ImIote ColthiollolOi t bathitlg In uoes will li! truilt, not rolrn h It- will Ibe irovldeI rt illt er.. A staLeI , lllh el at elll Itolll, e I tse, willt oit u l o el ac.I tl i liot l:s ir hrtrrrrs aid corrtogea. Fti rt rilt Ile.e h lllo carrlage, will oti. e k ljt li" hireat ion eranlte ey sou sail Ind low boast, lalth pelsuus It[ na me l tllt. fr h Ii ue l r .l-Ilrs. Iilliar,i nolid tIIIIIIe L llllt l..dos ron ttv t tl s t tIlo r i ,tlr rl witht thle elllld, ntld qier eu tihe hardert. Thtr wi.ev allol h oule ill rIn th.e Ili: lle hfit v, antld toresure a usl isIup of io ,oi t rorl r Il t tlrdv I rordered, .hll iti alor e abma the f et 1 rtot Alea., tIe Inld.relrhk, who frnnerly kept soL pj.tulr ta hotelo toVt ritt.ta cit, will o enie tis it, el i 'o,ev rviit re.lrve oery t-usiibite llrottln; t ld triterly ex ,se.ts Ito giv,.e : rg'l -;aislac,ion. ý'he lolell uldvaiil;lf s of Ihrt a hlllttrr are too ell kloiWtot P oiedrl thleNgrt. red tlterri tritt Ih,.r rtte ilcts l.ll P otael is llltr l al r l Morl station l a ol' ron; til e l ,l' ot itr ctit toI l c tle lr Ce h*e ref t'hd lototl, du Tlo trull; ite boatoClt of the bty and thl neiglt e ,irg ihllld allld tivers; t IhP nahtnlh le nllld lelie i the', i ht iilltt wlrch llht .hoitld; Ltr d it prtroxitilt t'i Ihle h'eSullhrr ll ttrtorhket', dei l'eto lR lh to ,or i rotPoie er Illt other liotrce l i trhe-e latirldlea, as o ht rrttyl alll dlit lttl lllmoer rlrent. 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Oaa aial aar ( iat. te slisl~lll,l, ;,I~l sll.[Jqip he not Hi~llllllh) ineucviiter.· ·:. afaaaaae hospitaaa liafa fiu b haaaaaall at niht iaaa.i al~ ahaa,eaa aaithiaaaa The a L adaaaaa a)aael~tlf T, L'l++'~t•.l l[.l~toll, lli ,h USil T~eeu. e :lllle~ lrt t•, laiafllaa. f 'o aita a r prasfralfarltan fall hp e lfainerned ahereafte.a farneaanaaal anati ahnn (;laattraa saaiataofaaaaaaantit1ll farta 'aftt e 'ES't 1 \IOXJALS.. From A IT Sttnon, Et, 1." IR S, Surgeon to the 't '1'hvlnas flpio ild and Lee over on AnIatomIy. 'ike ttiol wtihil tt' toode of your tr.,|ptution it. vari'l olf:tsts, 'oit naleial'fen ale, in its re.ts hate prot.d so highly tt hr~lnaleu, that Ido not hesitate it ll'Ollolltuti it tlllt of the most valualO e uo efliant ,e i endis ever ,ullired hir tthe Iltlie a td one idmbil l., Illol r lel.e , I t SttPit r every rtinrte, whitsn ,t ioes inot pr(lnllc he sh e t unpleao t effects usually l. tnieicttcoI flrom copniba. From G 11 Ilairt In4, R D S, Physician to otil *t tMarr. htooe I)ispro.nur. I t e gtur:t ,le:sui.t io l adding my testimony to t e vahluule inOlw~rlzes of vour trrelnratioisltittg Ton t1'. lectt's you so fully, it al nsnpde reword for the ] oalloll otd trltnlltttII ,ted in briogilg it to ruch lti,. From 1' O0 Cooper, F I S, Surgeon to Guy's Il.a Itittl T'he uniform steoress thirl hlas telted thse dmini . rterieg your mdei one amongt moy partiets affited ni :k I vthe ab b, (iseases, has fully tliefidl sue that it ha oel.* ItI lit klloWl to tre uryu ttoteetlatui May tlhe suce.. you to wll dCuire, oamply and speedily repions tifor your aluatbe lr iep atio t . Fr'om Sir A Cooper, F R S P R C S, e. &e. Ilnhltg been itlduced to try your Extract in everal cases of uiolellt (;onoitorita, whiclt had hitherto bffried t ttev ipseoriptiot udntinistretrl by me, having found sUlrettd stteod' totets efflented by it, in a few dlays- 'eel mttrll'il ltt houtlltd tInsttedthat I uow in my Iee. tier bth Ipublic .:d I,"itate reco.mmed sod use nte other. From G V lltir, MI D, Phylcioan to Guy's Hot. The strlet test lwhieh I have given your medliocm amtlg nt.y paitienrts, t.d its itotti;ltble stteoeo thus far, will inldcoee te to teo'event in its use, and t deem it tot aOl act ot'jttstice antd of duty to odd my feeble teoti mial incottetentltiont of is virtues. Frtnm IC Thmntun, 11 D F It F1S L. I ietnrny oll nt) suIoere thabks for I e valuable pre sltt of olll o Eoxtout i'o' the cure of Gioorment, he. i f'eel "latl til tot tOt bhtt ot labt bto lgltsa mealiesio ittto use ltict sill p'vr ae Itt.SttIrtl'lst Itto sougt foe it the u.etlio' saod--ao ure, speely astl eletil Or to cour.' the oabovt class. It aotIdsm megreet rp i, pttlihig to tht w orld the valuable qusliteiofyorw Fxtael. Were it neeosocy, the proprtietor could here fiRnid lIilIi% m.nt'e testimloialurls iltly as e onmmeldntltrlya hot te;obu t uts thnt ittgreat sutee elt hithernoth m & esxperte t which it haln lbeeniorIued, U ili ipoveitl greltest reotclnltl'ttiott lllnlllg it diserti itg jli..jh ()itte Irte ,Uetntlr, t tlltto tlht it'ellr'tion lltjoyl aboh all ltheLs is its eout, pmoetoo e m'lm--tlt up l e itl-sb mnlle in which it Ia t ott, elbeig both elyajnd pruemnt--ilsttusle luturte.uith uo restritiutini do., or otnfittement ft'rolt busiless. l'motlers eaeelsall woult find this medicine hibghly sefuli, sid .aght k o be uultoluided iitll tel luutitmi . latsiis the ad. vottages obhleh thle tretlet nloe eoolbilue Aeeomonlying t e Mettlicice lgl lmphlet u-pla. torn of the ditllrte Mctgel of the iblese, wldheliot ay tiot .eltre, nllotilheig fuloil ahd tmpcjt directios. For sale by SICtLESk CO. mor lh.1;&wim Ate ulotoog I ACO--2 bhhd .dide, I5 hhds Jelsu,oad t6h ii Shoulders, Cintinati t cuttd. ladtoigfro.ia er Btaeeye. sd let sale h .... * s'eTtDI ' noiwB .

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