Newspaper of True American, October 8, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 8, 1838 Page 4
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. . I MIA KIRIKLAND respeetfully an. n.unces to her.friands.and the public gone. t that she is prepared to'accommodate them at 5 babbo sntablishment, and hopes from her #aStionato render visitors comfortable, to receive .l·ooatinanoea of forner favors. She feels confl. dent that persons visiting Covington during the vvll te*U months, as nnot find better accommodations 11at' she can afford them, on more liberal terms. 4a bsm is puasantly situatrd, and well supplied Wlt avery nonveniene;i' the bar is furnished with O4bnPeet shoice liquors, &n. in short, she promises I-.l enothing shall be wanting on her part to give rtim satifmactin n to all who may patronize the 1 mlasippi and Loisiana Hotel. je3 S-iO TILE PUBLIC.--The undersaigned. havmng studied under Dr. Solcmidt of Charleston, lath Carolina, and for some years his assistant in she practice of medicine and urgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most 'prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also ofaesr his services to the *lsdere of elaves, being well acquainted with the deaesmommon to themon, having attended them in Hm Sgar Imhouse in Charleston. Thefasmous anti~hilious pills a ter the composition of Profoessr Smollette, with directions, can be had ofthe undeaigned. The effect which they have pudneed in this and other cities, has been attended *0th the greatest succesa, to which the best of softrenace can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mags. Ise street. JNO. M'LORING. ULWW WA l.. WOOD SCREWS, SAL IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S.gS Water, near Beekman street, New York, laie received the paot season, and are corstantly SIrebieing large and extensive additions to the stock of tle above goodt, which now consists of the allowing assortmeun, suitable for the southern and western ,markets. tollow ware of superior quality, aonsisting of ohrut 1500 tons. viz, Pets of 22 dileroent sizce, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 . 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 izes, from 3:8 to 18 gallone, tkrpauna or Ovnes, 7 dffsreot sizes, 'lea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Coveroed Spiders, 2 do Onddles, .- 4 do IFire Degs. - 6 de . Wagon boxes from 1 14 to 4 3.4 inches. Csrt do. 5 to 7 inches. MWood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior qa lity and finish, and less than Jame's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor'r ITran, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to S00hs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steamboats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly eceommended to the alttortion of Southern and Westerl merchants. and are offered filr sale at low pries, and upon the lmost liberal termr ; it is be. Reved to be the largest and best assortlslelnt ever rred for sale by any oe:e establishment in the Veited States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, coo have a prin', d circular, with deoeriptins of goods, iiceeand terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. jr3 Eit)N SYRUP i & PICKI..lS-L'rUndero,d'n Le. man r vlorr and P'iklres, e urrerd sizeb; alnt, 60 bek n of Lenis S& iioske.ll's Pickl.e; for tale t tilre a coasipgrment,by . A IVIS \ DlIt WS, ,, l car rr'onmn a nd'Pehrtpitrmt:ota r O '.A Il-- o hrll hexes Nor I Slt, brand ar tGould, for sule by Is.\AC BRIDGlE , CIt). m16 1,14 tMaazine rtrert. fT1r LET., NEana rl d:rellinr rt.o, on Trirrtn streert, be. eweIt , IE f, I (L-.rIo cr1 e-r5 Wheelb:trrows. 25 Sdirt do. n t e, r ,eJlA tlv CIIAI,\ I'LIN& COOPIER m153 i2.lIelo t snr whit wrl, r, alllllIi'l n'd rllel r rrhoglr ldgr l,:teord I anp, ceanale o tly l urild an I, role b l1.(1.l1 I'DI & (' 0. t '031 N I Stn eit , ' 1h si, : r4 1'h r r+. N c t h' ,i fnil I, III mr . tl Illol ~ 1S t. ,r '. ai 1.110. .1· 0 er oA NE bridoo 2 d ll lo r l a dor il strell. H oul - v drr , l, , rwrehle ni rrl n tro et el, I .r,1N lrl-. hal .nrni 1,1 t .c roar: n rd liuiafila l l nollet her nol'i, by A it Nr Senrdl erl' tt.o,94 Crnrtr's .d c In l + -- 1 i- Insmtt -;r ___._'-__n__ !rh, 1Brands m1 I131 u r lagars r e sreetI . F ruit G iruflte :Y, 44 Nero I ees, V V1 ,ie rll) n I,;S"0,4" n d I nest, r t 511 coils i olpe, tluttiit from Ambaisnrlor, lthr alle hy I..1YET' & AIMELU\G, A l'O .1 17 (omlnereue at. lltroim stosniar liean \\el'loa . nn if r nile bi YOtIlKE, 11tKO+H-I+ li4, I.) (i:. l'fnip 'treet. NO MERICURY NOR COPAIVA :iew ,wi-e ies, Nov. I4, 1I87. a ns mclr dill'lse, ltr .hlick I hnve applied t1o ese r:ll doctors for a cure, aill they didll 11111 c cure ie. l now •o die above date I lits myself uwler the cits of I)octo Illnt,anoll I expent him no culire lm. Since that time Mthe direrase gt worse, so aI to break out in large ulcers to the of six or eight oi o on hI leg, l a all ver tin lace, lal sure thralt, and l nt able to work at he 'pri.elnt tilme nll account of the dinanse: lare llorer on tir righllt ill of the tlhr'lnt. I on ne , pnttinr mr self suoliently unrilohn care of ie. luet, rif Portie to be perleetly cured JO1h DIEAN. o., 14 ly I o CCFITI'FYthat the b.vementir.ed idisente is Squite well ncured lll y own satisfrieiil, for whllilh I tltnuk lr. Him; nl mllreover I U.n re tIhlt the inedi. ine I alvne take.n lal ,e thellt aii nd did not injiire my eralth at all;. iherefore I advise my f i ,,w sufferers ioI tae notimneand appllv lit IDr A. Iliner, 124 Cainlll troat, elrwee n Iirnlufiih tt il' N tlourhonu snrerts. I)r Itht isi t hone fromiii 9 o'hk, A i 1, tnit l 4 lP i1l. lthey wtl fitd a tine drhnmor tr r is coilpliot.. JOJHN IDIlAIN. II) irnlvierstreet. If aty oneo intli st e 1In, all at hNo. 4 ti .viet, street. Iand thi.v inl hir sltisfied. To be iublished at the oliiit n of Dr'. Ilnet. JOHI N DEAN. New Orleans. Febh , 1P111. fIe 14 Iv 7 Iiit'. Gnniilte rndlnn Idiia tunolu u.i.t lnllmd, ir pilt up in batill.e at the how price if 51) :ents eaoh, contaiuinl tile streonth of thlre illitces lf Livei wort, lsi let, til , irlltus oi mainn other roots andl herbs known amonglll tIhe Inli.tis usrleicuonus in curing polnimlary cominlaints. 'ie it t 'aileid isucces which hasntirenrded the e of Iist lilestimnhit Ilsalnm whrever it hi been intro ..iadl. has oihtined the cinrmian e d e rnld rcrn',ili, nda line of ieflectlh plt ysicimns, for Ithe lure of tollus, clds, pain it tilhe ide, want of rest, seitting or blood, iwilr cotmplint, Yu. 'Pio wbu, iti ,iy cmencern. 'his is to enrriiv thmat we Jlotaein oarlirlaticn freqlIeintly pre.nribed lre (iarnl nter' nlomindi Itlmll oif liverwrtl a Id iitllitrtniid, with an dieided rotod eRier: we can therefore, ifri tlhe know dedge oftr e materials it is nimla fromn, nd t kervatnon tadeolpoirn,r'r oreellllenml ts It s lperil pr iparatihi or all tloes allritione of the tinllln iliict it it re ienuodetfl. AII lK I' \VIIIA 41S, I. .D. CALVIN El.,IS II. l.. Metmbers of the lftillu Medical Association. Busotan. Mtober '5. Asleoby JARVIS & ANIDREWS, h I p q l i "t ti' I a ct I1s1, . ls liecn, nti* ,ed ,y toe .11mti.i l F' , - - Ii .T(.ER'SI Efrrvesorent Mnrnesianl Apierientl-Frw xpda~ielel or inn igieti:ill, nirvotl debllit,, illli .absi·d'eehelir eilitn if the *nt muh, tibilanl cos l eltuneoundi:a-es, giiout gravel,&c.antd lmuc valued t a gentle, eooline putr.ltive. f ThdebliraeMe prelratinn has renoived the narmon tLof i anwly einetll mrnnllers e f me ai),'.imieioii, tld knamn disl:mirnio lltllic nmany aespetiable and inoui. ileed trelimnhentsn li enliicarv as niterdicine Iavnireen alilned rl. \Vii slltih pleoanig qualities of a glass of ieda Iw'er, ipt enn+saeu tile active iie!ieinal t)roietrtien of the olsit Ulpr oml tiiliint pnrerirertitin it i n Ilnasnnt tll Ipatrolite,al gratfil I. h f iith.. . .:MlORTANT CAJTI'lON-The ihrenliinn repllta. Isl enid great demand for Btlen's Itffervsctait ilugne iatn A!eritnt, hais bee.n n imduo:tentt for otlere to of fer oilranuin of thin valtuble iied cillt. Pnirihauers SptktI,.tleluly warned of this fact thoit tille miay be ao ir igmlrd, net not procure ant imlure arteile. 0 oaebltdi are rrPellltllly infeir edt Ihnt tle rihleri ,benr aee s ltontll, erplield si,1 the original soul ge. tsine prepaleimno. For sol' wht nate le d reail. iICKL S &Ct. Aglnta. 11S 411 ("annt ltrrrt, N O(. 'l • g gnietale loil, lin te reorot; • andgirowth of Iair, Giving hetlthanod beauy,and -f lvtilnlihin e s. , Bafir this Hair Oil we offared to the publlie, it had nmatrlnd.nhi huhi.cdll rfesen of tlithieue, thhiltneem, and sdlinaenosftle hair. end inevery innerne ils salutOary .4stbjltivenbeent realipod. It hasm oer faied to produce tae~ d b" aifd growlb of hlair an bends nlready ' ýid 0l eylgl pl it bnesme.' dry and esaes to ngroe ditl l II ver son render it healtlhv, and produe. iland betotifol gnottll of hnir. witiolt- the leeant Imjy e eh. brad. Tl'his Oil girs an, agreeable tra m4pn aed i preferasble to ny oether H ir Oil fe per .lamattuinming soid i louing dn .hair. '1i h ir sot hero re dt' alte, m.ire it For ann at S J atil -tl relt. - g.iti hM& l'AI, G1 3 i-t.di'T., ilAidina' V- CO, are now receiving l rot os board ship Orleans. Eagle, llighlander, Poker lefry Andrew, renah end German npiy anra; Back anlmnan Boardo; Chessmen, 2 1-4 and 2 3- inchl Bit t ard Balls; 8,9. 10 and 19 inch blade Bowie Knives: *r ea other t .er traelline Desailr Canes: Belt. Pnket, Horama'r aned Daelling Pistole; double and nmels barrelled Gnns; Gaine Bags; Shot Belts; Powder and Pistal FlaeksR Dram anttles and Drinking Clips: s-ve'esion Cahps and Ca Holders; Cloth, lttir, Tooenth. tad Nail lsohues: Orrn and Chlorine Tooti Washi 'oath Pwnder: Toilet and Shaing Soaeps, in gret va d rirst,: lonn Hair Breids, Riaglets and Prizettra; Pear. SId Toailet Poader; Emery Hune; Ivory Tub Cushions: SPatent Srildes nr Garters; iGum Etastie fSspenders; Sonwder Pul. anls Boxese Gilt C mine, ineani antd Kirv; f:nr-airop; W\laist B laeklos ; Brelets; Brad Necklaces Slnd Chanijs; Gilt and Siira Beads; Indian Brluad ells and Plm es; Shell Twist: Side anod Dressine SCvnts; addition in to eir former stock on hand. makes tleir natsrtmnnt very conmplete, and will he saold ow and on liberal tes,( at the sign a f the Golden T IComb. iO5-tf 70 Chartres street. C-. llIe St;heiritr, Agents fr the extensive lonse of i W. &S. Bltcher. Shellield. Entland, have jtst heeiveod a v-r extensive set of pa' rl,t., eonsi~tino of Table and Dessert Knives olf "' - description, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear point Nnives Rezorsr, Seis aors. Edge Tools, &c. &e. &e. which they are prepared o exhibit to the trade n tor nles. Terms ;rd conditions will he made k rnown at the ti'me. m16 J I). BEIN & A COrHEN.l Common at. d- A c N'E GrlOD rs. aIlMDOIHl IIARTT d CO.--Are now reeeiving Sper s khip wlntville. Eagle, Merry Andrewt, ich adler, Frenl e olfd Gee tna dootile hlead plavinocards: ter,helt and pocket pitols; plain, rihhe and ldsplit sansina reslps; sa, Itilers; ae seisrs, lain, tien. S ve; (;illot'a commersihl and other steel pens: Vie est Violin strines; shell, ivory and horn eo skat wafera; k, beiad and leather lie, re; hair Ikialn, feolt and ask rinlets; negro paffs; German and French t olagle eater. Rolaonds maesasser oil, imitantin, d; antiq ue ul besaronil; pnrtable deske and dressi.g esers: past bilckingl statlaaianl toilet glasses; convex mirrors; on el g:lean andtl viewrs; lndoin ts ad n bells and ialluees T eEo vem; whir-twine; toilet and rhaving voaps; toilet odeser, c 'smtie wath hal ls; setited satin cosltions; i ponl atnlas; screw enshiosna; fancy henad hains ani leeklaces; bhillianrd hallh.t ;mket honks anld wallelts; ermaan hones; ranor rpptp fine and commna ganm lastlic alt venders, garter do. lells Insifaer matches; nil :er pencil; Ccraeon, &c. d. The above ill addition to ouar farmer stack of fancy aicllles, inakest; -' is"aoilneat i rv er Inls' etto. Por sale wholeale or retail; as the sign ofihe Goldien Coml.. 70, Clanuler atret. m2R. 1T)'lTICE--T-lhe pnrtnrship of Kcllev, Mlsan &Co i• of .ew Orlean ; Mason, arris &Co., of Natchez; id Harris, Ke-llev &Co, of Reodne, was dies lead on ho21sl of May last, by tie death of samucit A mnusn, noa of te iarisner o ithe lir.,es. Thc utdr ole Aied urviving partners, wmill be larled with tle settliin and elleing sal I nsi ne as fellmws: Levi C Harris will attend in the settlino of thie holoineo of lasoc, Harris & Co.. ill Natchezlr; and Ilnrria, Kel er & Co.,ast ielnev and Healnr Kelle will attend to he seltlhlg of thie hsinars of Kelley, Manon & Ci., at New Orleans. The namtes of iha neveral firmnns will lie used in liqitilotini onlv. lThose t lhbtlrPd to said fhirm are ernellvo requested acome thoNward and mek early settlementat and thole having nluiuis ill pleasee present them witlout delay. .EVI C IIARIIS, HENRY KELLEY. NeAw Orin;;t, June 7, ,1.37. . iFAN .I1tmk FARINA'S COLOGNE WAT-ER Seraseles a -re of this superior Cologne wate. juast receivedl lHodmr 'ale by the dozen or inlgle bhottl. Stand American and icrench toilet ip waers, powder ann!k, kepliahn, l\ard's vegetable hair nil, potwnatnm, c:rem de peri. Florida. hsendar, rose and hay waters, isee' it,'s salts, MUoesilleo perfulmery is trunk. veeeto ides Iel liqid rain e, Chlorine and Orris toth wanoh eldtl. hltir, tthl, nail arl lesh lirathes; tgether witl an nadditionl rtipplv of fashionable ilorn nod shell Gombs and jewelry,forsLt low at wholesale or r tail ,y SIMMONS, HAIT'PT &CO, jnIlv 6 711 hartrs street. I W .- I-ODS-Simmons Harit c are now're *I civin" frol on bhcard slhips Yazoo, and Saratoga I and brig (rncordlis, from New York, a great tarietrlof goalds in ltheir line, whichl together witl thei r fato;mr i stock on hl.nd, mnkes tlhrir assort eantvery: plate. fite tolhwlnz compose a part, vsz ell twi sol.or..s le, tack aidd re'ei n cooaik hor do of al descriptions, Iu lia rill,er. silk nil worsted lnoi.t carters, conmnon tc fine elnastic supeondlers, Inc fco oand Iucifer lmntches, oeidlile powdersI, Ptiwder polls and hoxes, toilet piowdcr, pocket looks and wallets, needle hooks, shell, pearl, ivory andil card eases, hland ornamet, itlain co ',tl " 'ends, 'i.ltlaeoas nol negigeces, bl chkailts, Iead s.eklacen, cut class anod iiitssilai'ver and gill haads, Indian bilads, hellsl and plunite; pistol anid lIre ipow tielltaclsolnit lbelts, horser, blt. pocket anl dictilit., ) od-llh a; abiolI harreOllCed lts, Bowie kniven, n ,lick. c , ii.nsr=t 1 anar ,pncket knives, i lcard carllns, s lt rihbos, wliit bHuckles elto h, hair, toolt nailocomb 'romnb. h,'he, plat', floor and dusting b"u.:les, Cologne, F loridl, ,..lii, ruse adllr an watereiiaorad easencia. i and extractlrs, tLcrIlcnanr, bear', nnt ,nile al \Vtrrl's va I getable hIllY Iir , oi llavinpg muld toilet soaps ot'all +es ci buions, -lihr.' and feotletPniI*' del t;nnd dressoin ensne, lhair ri.letl'rizisinotit oll Ireidils, plait, flittoonil mlusical work leersx plain and eilt, fielln.dl cnOlt nl teit h11 ae 'parl tileol ivory thiet dol shiiOitstnI.oIt t l ' silver pcncil caseac, tnoih;,kno and tw'ezees, plated -tid ilt al:ikt', ti.iniatnre do, eilver, Irass inlltesel 'iaindd. lvi nd eve, heair phi, imitation freitllk tnodll redink,'he bhlnckill, ailins and goitarsrihcrd hsllai libh p eiwl'illnl capIs, liln.. twine, n'e llted elltIll in ilold ll llstilvr Inac anld frngCr, latter paper, c.lneo bhgsF, ridli'e c'iiia walking car;ues,plhyingcards, fins gild, 1111 ittl e il 'ibtwPl'rllrv &c. lThe abtov, t e ctllte with rell variIety of othler arti Ihe iire illiclel ut nilolelecl i or relitl on ac.nomn odatiing HIt hcol! c cpLae r dnire.l -- I. ll'fi Inl' C )RU --at ilie sign of i ile golden ombth, MolliC·1hart.,c ser, er:. 'T'he nlabwrilbers have re eiwd, inhlititn to i etheiir treviuns stlok li ihndl, a 1full cnnlebt, ptirfiuni.rv, ,oswellrv, brnlres, locking glasses, fnll' a'rtil-les, l-c. rcni.tininig in part a; follows: I(ii)I Sl.--tnrllise shell, wnecllht and plain tunk,twist, giiilled tach, Itam round, dreseillg, side pulf, enurland tIlel k, lrLlslehiln cotlrs of every dlcseription aoiongst which 'arc soani Meoxican patter, Ivory collnbs of every dnscriptilii, hlrn, dlea.iig antd packet, together witl a g nPIl nl as oreiP kt ofretltnhtId Alnerincn. Pi.Rll.ttl? RY'-Cndognc, Lavender, Florida, houev, iay, rosc, nid , raal e flower wafers of every sizeoand de cri'ptii, call;lori'tld Clogine, extract of Bargantot, tanse s-p ot ol:l kinds, shaving do in cakes and potsa creanli sanl di, Word's veetanblr hair oil, bears and an ti:iedo. I rctola' snelliig sails, plain and perfumned tilet powder, pearl powder, po ter pulls and hoxes pie atil iln luts ant rolls, orris and chlorine tooth washi and nlewde., w'itlh n general asseortmentof JE\VLLIIRY-.omne ofthe latest nod most foaslions hIe ettsl, 'l'li.itiug oflwhit eand red cornelian, topse : let neardro]s, set in filagree, hbreatsl pins nfa gre"' "P tv of polt-rns, watch trimnmiopo, gilt and silo tuckleas, oilrnr tlhibhles, silver andoupl p icilns ad gunrd c:hains BRUSHII IS--CCti i, hair, dust. ig, errual,lienrthfioor, hat, nal;, t.itIt;, ltate, comb, Nail, shoaving, ushe and whit( wa.l hbrusles. Lf)hilNOIN G;ILASSES-German Itntia and toilet olanas, notgnifnihg ond French dresasing glasses, home dio, -'ith a o'ri-"iy ofother kinds not enmteratenl. i'.\iNCY AND 'ARIIETY ARTICLES--French and Aieerican portnble daeks and dressing eases, soie very richt and oely finished Inldies work blxesn aond dires sing casese, witli td without musii, musical boxes, Ac eordiuns nvurioins kinds, violins and guitars, silver anl plated pea:ils aud leads,wood ipencilsa lor carenters atdl crvots,:ti alea cloens,guns ntd llistls with untd without e aseo, prcr nussi oa c aps. p ereussion e ep chargers, nilpple asrewariveri, 'oelt beltge hs,s paste blacking, Iy tea tltic, Ihitlinn teoots ot.every kilnld, iells an.d d etl, iinloninl lnlllnoonia knives, cNE)tr snd sCiaorn, hiilahles, nepit;i, :iei, silver tidlei, steel luld collolilto soituate alet,lt;eolt bllntllslnd wallets ol vnriotth klnlci vositing nnrdnt e s al nilrca, ploviag oards of fl[enehi C;erlnnl titld .klneicaini t tlntlliuliinetmre, dalls. ihiitalint finlloStit, bhxias, prulrltR olf varinos kinds, SanldlPss Pa'oenrs'c, Etltltnereatt2.o llinihuan' nod itawkia's rasor strn ts ond inelollin Itonea,-lirik, fimcy taghd ictklmoesa, do with - Ir dlrnpz, t~v . tatcllend t,e httotls, imowtner lashks, e-a ,d plain .eeld Itoadg, gilt ,tnd silver to, gun oltla n tospe l ders, and arterst, oilain n san ornd canoe, hanckgnulnon eoand drikingnasps with a i greatvari'ety ol other arti ales, ulio lF ill II will hIe nold Ibr cash or itpy aneetan. ceeon Ii ;nmolth credit. B IlHl hlllGS, ,.o. d4 P0 ('tactesst. IVOL II.EAR S Science of Penmanship received,nnd - tr sile it their permanent Writing Acadlmite s No. 8 ilaitraa raot, New Otrlacnta, I8J /lhadway Aw h'ar k, atlaeaniae st., Mobile. It is parliiilarlv designed for private learners, and sctlholls, alnd is caahtlated ir persons ort all at s. Ladires aid gientlcl n aanre invited to call a examnine the yeatem for theaseles. I.esons are given at stalc houses as may suit the convenicae oftall, and to classes formed in any part el t he citv. Lalies wlio prefer it can receive lessons at theirown ref sidences. P'ersm,- paving for one , arse of lessons are desired o attend until itley write t ell as they wtah. ot 11)i,..dElt E ItlvIril'Ha.R. D)EA INESS. A NE' article forpersons troubled with daea'naas, (coaled th, Ear etrumpetl has just been receaved by the une It ,iich, the slightest nrtetlattiat of the Itht Inn e rale is diselmatly conveyed ton the tar. Anll oUe who bas ever Wheln abliged tt converser with a very ten i-on, Illst ha frilly aellt ille of the dtlleultv aiId rm barrassnmenLatexp elien .ed both by themselves and tl.e in dividuals autountrlunatea v alllicted. Bly the use of the Ear I'runlpet titia oblletio n ta entirelyt avinaed. Trile olIetscl cuIaxihalwe Uh a ta a tt dolei'rdnlitat0alaer hlaving uted tIll. Trulpet. Fur sale a' TI' l Gtl)e'S, Fancy store, ctrter orf Coe n a and St Charlesa treets t a:tn: e., it Hetel. fah I1: SPERM O il. -1i0il galions pure wmler 4 Spermn ilt, in casks and bblsl,f r eale by J.1.tIVI & ANIl)tE\WS Wholesal DI)rutgg tas, oretr C' i lln an d Talca s I r t r .l a alt 40b kbegs, 1 ',i 2til1 do ": , English ,!o--5 1-4 bble. iHt0 i 100 Paint ttrnahus, various sizes; 1 ca.e Vtreetliat; 5 bl ( 'opal Va\'nish; • .` Julian "" 4 " Clatle (1 paacks (;old e.Paf; 50 do Silver do; IIf) do IDutch Metal. WINDOW GL . ,iS, American, Erglish and French -151tt haxtre, varnoaa sixes and qualities. Bnten truwn do.-510I boxes, eonsignmnet, will be ohl low. -, Also, a general assortment of artiste' enlonre and No a16 Canal *treet. N B. Alabama notes takeb at p r, and Misissrippi notes will 1 received at 10 percent discount far gaods, or in payment efdebts. je I aw LOCR--00 sotling fromn steamer lndepend. eIer,, ale G DORSEY, a 44 NIS leaes MR. "WIL.LIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT IHE JEFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFERSON STRET, LOUVILLE, To the Editor of the Loafio ille ./ldeerti/er: IR--t appears by tho obervationr, of the Edbtort Sof the Nashville Presbyterian, Unioan and 'Prnns er/pt, as well as the edttrsoaof the Merehibs Enquirer, that the "Old .ientlelnl" ins rmo the )actors 'I'hi is proved hblois kina.rl rage, knowite that hia time is hilt short, and that th- ilndeledeot Amerinon people are nable to judge tiFr thenteelvee what ore Iuffs antil impositions. Tih wo nthy editors who are Doctors, the p.oprietors, editnr o oh ub-edlitor' ef the above named journal., call every letter from persons i have reolored to eight in the above ploaes, ptfo . 1. The fact is, trot I nver ha d sulth great sucetes within so limited a neriod as ten or twelve dito. Onf who wasn ned a',out ten Cyears, who hIad oly'seen the light from hit birth, hean to see to folow hin masTter to my hotel, intoead of heinp obliged to he led lby ii t. Cwo young lndies, hio had each loot the tight of one eve, one fur ton vearo and the other ftr nenrlv two veart, having ot th ot them the other eve very weak; beat each of those vneon Italis heninn tosea writh both ryes, which reaefit I nleden mvrslfrtill continoes. ex erptine they rae inder thle influence r doninai n of the Medi;an Decltors. Antotther is te daugelter of eespectahle merchant, hav''os name I am bhotd never to mention, (as he paid mie my fees), who raid she had lost the eight of one eve fron the age of If monti s, hut that sIte now begin' to read large letters wi thile other eve cetpletel) shut. This thie dotor editors knew, as the g.etleman told me himolf he ihad con dan ed ta Iit luhter It the office of the medicl editors. that they might be inf roaed of the fact. rThle ast shall mrsn ion is an elderly gentrlemS by the name tof Ynunt, nearly serenty vea teof age, who declahed pob liclv by letter, which he taok to ll the difforent ofl/ce in Nsehville but one, end himself told ile he had paid for'he insertion whatever they dOeanded, wht d,/clar e. iu that letter Itont lie ha otrally deprived of the p fiuit of one hve frotm f kas oter hs hirth, which his mother inated to t,,. -,. aoesiolIed by the measles or small poxr that nc v ic c.uld not ionly se the lililt of the csu, for the first time that Ito recol ects, but the stars alro, and was o hginning to distinguish many obiect; anod did, before I lert that o;tv, pive ma. nv proof that he enhld see to walk abou tthe sro ets with the other eve comloetelv elorsed. He sild he hall been a memhermt the Metheldist Episcopal Chrch Ior te lur forty earr, an I tlat his word woa never doubt ed 1t/eolgh the whole course ofhis life.. 2. I repeat thr I 'tald never erecter noteeca than at Nashville, and t thr: tle medical and lerrica dlctors had never bhnfntsi too /eh reason to he enraed. T'rhe piouo ind/gnatiotn C o Rei . clerical re Smlith ptroves, when .e statedto mn that ohlnt six e are n osthe wa ennverted from being a perfect in/fidlo, to believe in tile di'trin s of'he Bible, that he must have mtadn a irifing error-that I . cust have leeanllt to , tIt t before thll end of six yenrs to colle. lie shold he converted front hib/ i/flehiv as tie spch/it tOf the trit minister of the pearefiul ait heoit/o do/itrnui of the oCristaen relieion drie nolt ebreathrt olt dlotrauction, rage, oelunIy and falsehood to Ireate hi medlical f/ields, a.iuteI the man lihom he knlew had doe so mn fl good, sal nod io jory to ano ol.. All the inehalitonis of Nashville spoke of the grearot toe hs I o ll,-cenot tle odical hdletorl. Most nofthem also hall been ofoll.ed bh nlr Yount of the cire prfoismed on his ltotally ltid eye. S. T'he fnioes co labil S. ofthis tic,,vn, pretends that I have lost the lanorels I gained in the Norti,ine illy anival in th/ie Suthwett. 'lhi/ proves, t,;wever.I ,lnd, aod thlat l kept tllc l anil rrived i tlhis section. If I eoined oine i thle ortlh,l lingt to lhave ain I aloth. er inl te soth nid snislllh:veist, anil I stillope to wear them on mny very vlttllful trow oll the (l i I leave, in spite of tite vitoperaliono f tle great I)r'S.,if I nla judge from t/e tnoo ave alread/ l benefitted in thin city it/hi/ tthree daoe. 4. 'I'he object if the present is to inform toe madi nl tsoliahs and editlrs of !he Repohlican and '"'rci scriutl, as wall oas the clerical i)r h'oith of the C. Pres. hyterian and of tie Uniotl, of Nashville, ats well as thbe edlitor nod iut medical editor of the el/rmm/tis Enqotrer, as well s Mlr I'rettice, the editor of the 1.losville Jnollrll, anttl se ti/ medl flti (Oli/ diior of thin ecty, the .relt Dr S. that I /shall/ brin atiots a'gainst tlim t lll, for vtouperati/,, slander or culomny, immtiedi. atrly afermy/arrival in New Yock. na welo as against their atiahle /ooe hren the nledical Golial/ ofthe nortlh. Snowhiad mioselfbv promise, onevcrlooquit this hapy clin of li/heto, until [Ihave roughit ilia nses o all toy oOdicatO/li /ll9a of ite north, as well as to e s uth a tht weot, t ihe grifdstolnle! The alllited, here-. fore, toay c/lcolatt ol /lingoiat dotring the'tcolu of neixt year in New York, here letters, post paid, and no others, will lie saore to reach inle. 5. 'T'o itfonn the nh/lie tohat the taft', sn toca'ed, which the Rev. clerically convertedl infidel lpretrc d was writel for himn. was wrilltCen ore ithal a week trior, niod iotolodeo for tihe Rev. ). Howell, who read it in 0lly presence wiithout naniftsliog any disap/omst/ o ; on the cotrarv, t0ook it to his slldy antol Coit;Cen.Ce it the way ihe did, which lie osid Ie otot plt would in war tlly ptturose hltter; he de/iverccd hem ill, ht mtite, withou preter i touthlt i wantP " t, o'ibie h/t/ ftroo h: Iat,, as I never n colo lrtelllle to offer that geot/leoon or iny other, coop money fIor st:tin/ tolpto 'I/Te ev I)oetor'slown stlrmeronl is I/eli/re /tle o' blic: hard ie not exItlalledl all all' dillp o,,as, ,h . &c. wi Ih it ge I. C Ir e , Ilatierlt, ill comllpanll y ith ItIha othe!r clerTIl i1 ofl f nllll tllhem all tIo e o olllhculi, o lnll all t lll/ y )t e , t be iore or lees oo he oelitlid, he ltevlr /.'ild . niao e Ihtol tlducecd /n a lot:ll c trlllle/r to lrav up . + al11a lintot :to a wrote hilm Peffptr Itllhicvtinr, ,it I atlresa ed it to M/ Stri/r/fi/o.d, editor f'/o' S' , C. Adnvoll, ae. (. No ollder ihe plear / ihted loo'/i(:al (Ioca/ou of N ots/vio/e too/ i /c l:, ;ao/ d uri /li'e lleP t i rel foors to joil wi/ho hem the ol!-ooofoo tll i phis. cleri:ll infidel. \\c read in the il/r le than t/ trit i' Iaowil bv its l'rlih,' I oe"s sY tile conveClted illtludel I on plen.dle fil/ l tit lll' ' -ml ..e 7. evidently oo t antol too c/tnllit: Ili onnral hir a: nor as a mllu, ip ohewillo th:lt ihe waI uhll v t ein' b/ihcd/. I.otou'tse'mi'httherle he- o of thool. pics of eilvor will aplny tr hin i.n w-rll a, it was .r.ll npdied to .o1o ' reton e I io' liip , who, io the ot/'s of tht itl carnation of his Dio'iooe iloicr tho/nt o ly sot to i f/ r t-ot Iol olnoer ,of I/ato. of si' ,-/ r 1 Sly Ilno cori i, thal it was imaer inaelllo I an a ) i oe, norcould i, lie .unilPr ell snot t nov ' one, a r i w'u triev t .il/l / to the tenth ietofall tI I/et . reollallr /inter'st .., oof/l pr st1 1 re' CooIlo.Ini o.on ou tI/moe 1ot/lnotoi of clte 'rlc Oto t matter hilch wlre to be repeattted I/tre oo filar tiees evntr intleldd io bribe him, I shouold ltove OocoeoI/C hio l enst $300. his, reciolnr fee, insteild of$ 0, w/ll/i, i lltI pi/obhtility, lie woullt have clnalv re, eived as I/s foe, oand not .sa hilbeo. tO)n lhe ' rivit",f I ad oeen cn Ipihle of oTericot Ilip to e, I shlolhd certainly have done it ill a wav It Ilave insunrld hii ac.'elnce. 8. IHnd tihe IRe. I)octor Ieeo redly /'onavertod to tl/e telifoof ikit e ltctrineo of tI. :avioue. he would ot lhave prpoised to ucoll and exanntil'm nl patielnts t- illt. out keeing hiis wonrd as I have alwys foao d every oinisler otf uie/ gosel zealtos tIo to. 9. Itiol lo lel reall cntomverlted, lie wn ld nrl tpoh ihave sokl agoinst the American institutiont,. lwhich, it is/welluknowt, airelorenumerou, and wh/ch are stperior to intuyt in soloo arts ol' Europ|e. Ilis condlu:t so u1c1h clioousted .one VOllg literary clhar. acters, as tol he scloelv restrainei d frome I/tfisli. hi otl tihe nlt,bv lInyin violent Ihands o hlim. 'Thle Ice. d'ntlemnn,thtui h I/oo Suotehlii, is witn u excuser (unlss hle is cal.,tniatedi a), t oi h he 0n0v i/ink he 'hos i ri/ ht to lhl-e h tho Amterican iouSoitationi, because he in a olloooerlcd infidel. I say ie ltlas ilot-as all ought ti e/pnak well of ithe ridges he gne' safolv over. I fncyv toe gallant Captaiu Girundy, and sever other alto/ah/e uvotig crentlrmen of Nnashville, recollect well ito conttctl of this pious expoundler of the Iloly 10. I never saw ecush d oemon in human shape as the Rev. Doctor was ti he d I cal eI to reason withl him, whell hre moenaced my grey lairs willt n uplifted /igantie arn, .s if lie would have filled nme to tie groltnd, for durinlg to draw a pious miniist'r nway fron his dctn, hb a hribe of SO piecesof nilver! I teally trembled monre thoa il ehe "otld Genlleman" hold ap i Iared i hi ownll shapel 11. I so/emonly declreC before Od, and am not afraid ton/a alllnt/ t wito, tlllt I never, ill thewhole cours/e of 42 years /rn:tice as an ocolist, it Grent Britain, I orpL'one, I tltloototl a looerica ill a single untonee o1 fereduasa h'ilclt alut noncllt tho eed/nor of anvjourn--j trou/lenwh/iohl I t.astitoneod Ithe/io o sad t tiler was always nlore/ inliaed tot reo/uce, Icol/mor tot atid nury tioinp to I'm pointer's bill; h/iCh is a tUlo/iCnt proof thut I hod no/ttcnlioll to bri'/i. 12. l.uoiy.--'l'ha Mcmphbi Entqir/refortwe or bhree weeks eootohioao a tissuoe ul Ilaunrnt follnolio d, which ti/e mtrticul (Go/oan/ etlitors fruot toeir brhot/ren elti/i l. Goti/uits of ti/ Nor/h, and I sholl/treIt them with bisl// e onleopt notil the proler thius Itrroes: Un/lecs it is tre ehob I hove heoa iu/iroo, ed--"Sue a beggor,nnd yuot will catch l -." 'Thoug/i Ipoid hilll lior uly ndVorllseoento floe two Or 'hree weeks, he only inserted Ibot onope. loot will pl/0/se to icaert tIois lett/r in your nett pl per1 anid oblige / ouno, &e. th. English Oeulist. I.ouisville, Jnly 1837. th English Cepied frrt the S. W. C. Adearate of the 24th aune, 1837. At tile requestof lIr. Wh11im, we ilsert the fowlno. ins n.,te fros tshe Iev. Mr HIowell, of Nashville, th tle edalor of tlhe Suth Western Christian Advocate, who, it appears, has exalmined the dliplomas and other docu. mnonlis,evircive of the Doctor's claims to uie putron. age In conseqluercef f n accidelt, D)r. \V will ra main in Nashldle a few days longer than he at first intendend--ay the tIt Julry. Ret. Mr Stringfielil:-o asving been requested by Dr. Williaum, tie oclist, now isl this city, to eXlaine his numesrots dipSirrne mI t other doeusents evieC;Ve of his clais to r uLteic onfiderl rin Iis pIrolnsitr, I have, in coa lann, with a valed friend,done so wi th pleasure Amttng theit I fitnd a letter fronrt i Mr Pageot, at ,ree. ret( Clrge d'Atlitires l rie Kint of thie rei ree, at W\Vrashigrtlo, Raddressrsed to l)ri. Wiialers, tesrifyig trhe onstilenels of the diplomas lrn tihe Kings ofslFrance, ielrgilstt, a. as well an thoe frrio tire Mtedicsl Soeir tiensof Fsranet . ie hais numerous voeucherss frort rien known to he -f Ilih relltattiru il his country, receive I since Ilis rrrivrl in tile United -sitts, dtdtallinsg inrtan. ces of great successr in e rtsstoratinl of sight tI the .;nd. I Iave srnl ire rlv all hio los r patients ill this c.:. I knew no r f istirlel previus to lei conri :l.esr hri care; h triltl I have steu say tley are un. q:lestionably beLnefittd. S ItOl'T. B. C HIOWELRL, Nashiville, Jrler i, 5:17. P.S. S in:e writsr glthe aovr, oneof Dr. Williams' isatietS has elledl )-tn tntrrr l ss V lie hilt tllly sand ttalll lost the siglht of ne eve tor severnty yearas but tiow d.eclarres hinself better; shine t IhstIIgRhtI fr tle first im h irsTir lire toot ie ien rtcolle:t, hle courld dij tinguirh, wilhth I t ese, sotie of the pronlenet r tars. I learn that this olli genistliernlll e rs livte Im llrnrv yeanr in this rdgion,snd says lie lhas bees a .,etllodlastduring fort) years. Yours, truly, nglo0 h. B. C. ii. A New Mae oF LOUIIsNrs.A, with its canals, mnarl anl t distanee, froul place to plree, along tile stag and stiesnllboat rotutes, by II. S. 'I enrter. lItertHEI.I'S M.P OF TH: It?.rrER SPATEr aItWInisg the rinr.ipal Taurpike and tCOssmso roads, otn ehichi art eisens tire (ltSttCses isItiles from one ilace to alotetr; also Ihe coarses of tile nstals and rail roads throllhl got tlre tcoisrV, ereefullyd cempiled from tlhe best r thirities--pud'isheid by S. Augustus Mlitchell. MtsrcHt.LL'n TtAt tLEa'S GUIDE THROUGH THE UNITED SrATES; a rtri, Of tile roads, diRItanes atelle boat andcante routese , jnst received anti forts le WAN M'KEAA, IiHECK' ON PHILADELPIIIA--For sale b O ikir.t BRCITIIERS; 31 t ramt rnieerst InK. INDIIAN'S rA14s-KS. "OR thee.ureof rheumntisasser fulaorkingsevil,gout, F. olltica or hip gout, incipient cancers, edalt rheom, aiphilidtie and mercurial diseases, iatiscularly ulcers andl paiofutatteetions ofthe bones, uloeisted thro&t; r n." - trils, uiero of evers dessrtption, fever sores, and internal absessl, Aulias, iles, sntlll head, scurry, blles, chro. ni aore eyes, crbsipelishlotles, .old every variet 'olfen. altt'e:ntion, chronioe C.t.rrlb, head acle trt ceed ing fromn aly acrid hmor, pains in llthe stomach lld l peplsia procehlagitirnm verintint, allf'eetionsof the liter. chtonlio iofloimuation of the kiilners, ond Cenenl dehIili ty eulse' hyv a torpid actlion of thelessels fthe ski,. It issing lnlarlyetleaoioosin reltovatillg those olstitltiois a hiL' hve teen Irnoken dfown hvl i·jtlleiios ItrRtlellnct, juvenile irregularities. In gneorl terms, it is reiom ntltlt In all tholse ,iseales which ar.iiso from imnrttitirs oftlle tlood, or initiatio, of the humors, of wnateeer name or kindl. Soore of the shovre complaintsmyv reqsire some tri fliongr asistant laplicatins, Whilch ithccirnustnllces of the ncase will ictalt;lhut for a getlral renmelv or 'urieantor to removethecauee ,the INItAN'S I'ANACEA will generally be found sullficirent. To) t'Htl IPUIWE. How true it is. tlht molloden Plysicians, mn their em hition to excel in their ptolfelsioi:extlore the vast fields ofaeience by the aid ofrcheistr.y, ansd seek ot new re medaial agents;ll insht, to arrive at perfection in the practice hy easnl of art alone,-ontirely overlook and negtlet,as bhlleaththelnotiae, t lherich and ol teotrous stores ofettdioine, which the Altightly h:s causeoi to iiring out ef the earnh in evrn time! And lhew mnuoc more true isitthat whilethe Anmtriean Phvsiciat looks to foreiKn countries fi'r allly of his most colmont atnd nesessryarsioes, iorletuasly ohoigiog isdthye are at ttte Iitotates offshtinto .r t ,IIIe-, lie is sIl'sr(i-llhii- iti Is owe Etounlry withtli endlemsnprfusion of snedictl ithents, -itieillt to allswer any itdictiona in dlisease or to el+" atiy eluiHla disorder sas iyet he is ignirilt of their vsi ttse, aunl they are llufferedlto 'waste tllcilr Ihealiig on the *lesers air. The effects of vegetable medicines upon the system are tempornry--thtose of tni.eols lt!ting. T'he tormn e' crt thiroleffnts and ioans dft--thr latteer, sirenuy itt Isor tieultr, cet chemically Illtnll the solids, Ileaoiiliosittg the boiesn onutsermititg ste coiititutian bya salo coil stlre destrotictitn. The congeoisllity, efficiency anli S.A t'l'TY of vegeta ble remedies ever minel-rl, a tie estimated hby etoaltrst ingthe ancient Itlnctice withthe modern; or, to liritg it imo immelliately ounl.ler lolll rill ibsetlvlttionl, t li- tiil nll pruetice with thatsf the whites. Who, ill Aiterien, tns not luownoolhelrld of retated tItinstCels whoereIi some decrepild, tillntreltedilcltt flnllte hldiani, bh meaiSOf her simple remedieis aloe Ios iffeted the .most rsIpid tanld astotishintg cures, nler the Mltic Medellica of the -ommnn p-ratice dlirreted in thie most skilfl manoner. ttn foiletl? An l who hbn not ieen sueoris,- tit the eom jtoesliveense oile facility with whlch the IndtliaI furIshi is selflrinm any disease, ani at the alttost tltda astlneno e ofnlthriio tiIoense antlttg tlett! ~l'to he' i tes beerd! todan Il. withs s EonlstioonheenhrOk nt l ditd r bied hy ill treatmeto ? A:td can a doutt exist thli this hsr, no enmpttin of tihe fsavage iom most of thte ills whichr the fllls oefnu is heiro, is ohielt owiag to soet eia atiitsaferem'edes wheioh litet ttltityst 'hls asloillil illg diffit'ee it solccess, is a filr exemlniicatlion of tile infinite s llleleintity of tile f inlljle nlll $8|' I llell elre ohich oind has caRllted for tile belltn of" b hin l 'e , over illost wlhich tile pridie allll the iat of Itut Inave in velltel, From a long resilence among a iportion oftheahorigil ali lnhabitaltsof thi contloy :noltnl ittinlate alc iil a-ntce wittthe nlothlds of coreiof some of their most soteesstlid ionotitioters, the lIoprlietor of 'Theh Illian's .tallaee,'tlaillin a ikno ellge of sllole of tile most pluwer fuhntis favorite tstleilies. feotottise iteseheosted slltl as were most enffiacillous slilllli ilo-its h ftesail ter nariotun ealerireotts to test their lieiiiles anid strength., lie helc thbtiared them in thie Tirnlm here ipresented, as llthe most lel'f rt alind elieicil for thi e InurltpS ti r which it is teconmenh tel. 'ihe ropl.ire'.rofters- hiis uI'eplaration to the. iiblie, with tile contscito.;'titss that ie is ilacilug vhiilttiieir sea, a remedy capahle ofrelieving many of hiis altictedI fel low beil.igs, whoto aRt sd'Relrinlg niler tite naltrios choni. mul ontitnitle eonplhbits to whicli t is atltticahle. To ssclt it will IOeove of iuetltnlahle valie, as the metals, als in nsaty cases, tihe only sCeans of elCeieng iheir suf teritgsand restrihglthem olelatent e Io heahlh tee hatp pimss. 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Thse Iblowhig ceifiIcates, iii i Of t hl i i l i tesill it Ill t u , whic might he' procured, are gaten to show he l. 1 0, Coantiri~oN, Marcal 47,1tO, I was a'osetiuii itllCelt rIItiasaili ihe InIiaiIo itr'siiif i-teietii lllla 11caisd l llt inii t l h.i-e cl , ilt -- ilct Illulli~ II)lY 0staeu~lul~lortOle~tll. the SPI( rlrl ;sin ln113tlJm vl. i CAtl ES ) Ice'f meret IA, iii I. s a. , Neile. 1sh 1 Sr. atine ie tie itti l iii tell arie Ilt i sit. , I. ths cih av ry in.e re mot ai d IISierll. y the I sahenlliiie, o eI itte i. ishe tt allt e Iis ih nsilt i i iitiitet i s l t . r Iast, It tiha si le u ellll h, abi, et I odial iela .ct l e i ito , oIle, a aacmntet iheht l llsse if llit ll t rn cil. It te. i to ii o slaa t ll tatltlitlisirrtrf ifletill wl W .It "''UtItSItI , Mai.gst Let a CAoll ES OF SI t I S LItell.lar, tll hil i-. This mity ceitify that its sue fieth sKn~ I nilho al weofrllingi ey and whele, hI i lairw nreer tedeal ubeeamlae ege gbnsli ulae ies inim j neck Aiiull -r lyll' oostne t-altt tt I, siInti , illmla i i Iat lcltet i , rsPbilh te 1 att liet lin i lhe itselle Irtti si.t tsoe to to rfkt stoa uiniutoeii tiir-l-tiaitie Alte tentef le ilottet Ctteieoliaiu, wit n I ttetlh henefitebs ir llustialgtlof iile,. welHic. r ad oa l-e lllntiei C lolllte ,eorti lnls onr ylhihieic ufeciln, hdhu tls llenuy khluow Wllhe Iit-llollrdn i hie ilheas iifed eo" ry tn illl uil u leat lll,ld ltl consi delr Iis litler snsed tly fttuufove st. me.'' Wiygetot.tin as' K cel as unsinketion,. wetttitteooaaeefrostIttisuOR,aaett Isa eiitiett.'o. evrhlices stakee'ly thisabsesct ai he ti out 1o.Iwsit t'ieh t wlteiliogiifnyleeooiir snitherii thintaferw I~~llor ayoihieisie lait.e tiu~tit tulus the tnykitoclell ollial'lse erhl .et 'liti ttuh utssi tiioeritt etrev sll ltti tig bitt dead;,icade hnnoai, i ~ac od leralihfsteis ttrhuvvslt WM. IIINIIA' CllAtLt.TOST, Jly 1 t,1$31. I wan afflicted, foer years with nll ulcer ih the leg, nc. casrionally accomlmnied witll cr'sipelamns infl.llatial and excessive tain in the leg and un1tice joint. Sevea eminent physicians exerted their skill upolln it, but with out p1arntanent benefit. In hiis case five bottle Indlill' Ianllee made .l perfect cure. MAItGAltE " A WENTI'., 121 Market ,For sale Iby II NIIY IiONN AISII., druggist, age to. the prllrietolrs, l'ehtltliltnitas trett 16 NEW ORLEANS & NA.IIVILLE RAIL L(AD CO. I'.lN IHE stokhlllere oft titis comptny are herehy no Stified tlat by a restaltiti of tite Iord of direr. ittn passed on tihe 19th inst. the call ncie ol thenm on Ihe 13th Feblruary alt, lite tile tatvlllettll o five doilar, a shatre, wais reuicinded, ant thle said stockholdera are firther Itlified tlatl \VI RE.AS, hb a resolution of tlhi board passed on tile 19th Icat, a cell has ,aell u r ie aoil tih stockholdaers of Ihe New Orleans L I NashvIille Rail Road COltai ity for the ftll,,wiingpa.ioltatsu li tile the stelocl hld respe tlhe rsat daV iiof Stepltrtlentlleeot; itl ', rs pIT r share itivable on thle firl tv of lDecemlllbr next; illd two1 Illars.lier shlare lpayalte on thi tie t lily oft' Martch lnext. vow thth ibl, bell it reolved+, Illh-t t: e se retrth at, this colalltly ,s i llu, itl' itt are ho lders thereinl ithou~l h Il1 'uilche tlr nlill ip he city, that inll w ru'r it witl the -ixtil se'tioe , of the chllrttlr, they: ltle per itt1ll to lstipone any llllllpayment c lled iln ni t llt t let s ,tok cimpany for tie te lerm oit sixty days, ftlllt d after tihe day oin which it is made payIible, wth t c it IexP t lea Sll ld l l l:weVe, thati itetl lrllltle till tid e witiet ath lsaid gronaIeti loel+ aixly dayts fron and arift r lhe, dn v on which it shrttl ihave ,tee. c tire ttlItahen tiea shlio on whic:eauidpaynettas.bould have beenmle, is and retna titit tited tiacthe eompaty, th crt , r t pllltr pbr in e pratil e. Itr, Ctllllie nit the' firet ol eti tetltall alaack of tihe metkarha re i "said fa ctpnv ati hik propld r to t a fllaiIaa the paeltttiied ticit tmek t3i allows uthi s notifled that the a Vletlltt o"two lot lrl'ugs p,.r shirr called li tinallr ie en thle Brat of Sep,. telllnlernllet, lnv lie p))tpoL d under the sixth Iepron I)of said ctharter, ulntil the 31 t dryilv of Octobller nlext, tallt firstday of March next, may tI postpuned Ulltil the 301th tla of April next. Extracts of to mlinutes of the board. juna 21 A It McNAIR, Ser'ry. " 00I" HATS, itt caaes--5 dozeneshi-e -o r V lats, for sale JOHiN II GR IIAM. ia f1 ST'I'ATE O' LOIIIlIANA.--Parish Court for the Parish and City of New Orleans. ,II| STATE OF LOUISIANA. 'To oll whom Presents slhail come, Greetieg:--Whereas, Julnes H-tmlre toveheg purchoed at o saie o ade hy thie hofo ite pel ih of tleacelr thle proper tu lereiallere docrioe, .ao anpllr te the clerk o thise eceurlo ill woo eolninee thioe eied e.Ir ies recorded orn le Stte.l of ALprii, A.I). 18, ine r a tiln r ar tereoe irn s'e'eeot'ec boorh otieth& oricaiotoe ofan toe tiseel t;n tohn'oiloav thin tirt yf t he; eoitle afrof thie " "tae of ouisiana, eli'i!lei.Jb'A act rilt tdlp fur ytau v ertuel ofn a dec o tis aljudicor al red on PprOV, d 11e (rhar dn r tl Mfarchf, 18 yo4. Ni,\V. ioereetere,know ye and al persroorhoteretedl erein, are ier ev riled i d adnonihoei thil die ialme of the itero of Irouiilno , rnd if timhe I'i uri tot, wlo call iet Lu 00u torite , ltie or cltiln iun and 00 dleo teroict ieereirclertric, eieedi onone e oeenl Tonv tooo(i qarit lthe therdcr, tcree or iutl.a ellt tho eurt onder illehi t ioe -ale wan, anet iter noty irreiulnarity r il . -"olito jotitle teOpre eet o ottet eel" oerleleo'eoolP to, tlo teelC otoetellere tf ooie, or feor eeoc te'tor o'~efcc~ltottceee cor8e;!e, Oitlin tlrtirve terehor tr1o ,ilt ier toe itorhrn is fiseet iniertd in the telllice the oaIr ro nlaoie should not be colltirmed oud bhieoo ht ted. tIe sid prrpera wotar rolhe Iy die Sieriffa of the pnr e11hofoerpaici oo thie tItt doy of April, A. D. lt :8. hlo virtei IfI deecrP e tofuire IO rcn eederrei t heet 51h dtey tfFeasnrc,. It. .1838,nin a reit en ltloid Alcexlider Cda dwue s. Jloleo ihRner, No 1Ce67 of tPhe dickthrl of tllia Cotlrt ot whtic sale the aohil oloe toore hecanme tlle perohaer for the pltee of twenoty o, tioe tomuOnd delliore. I)erriptioto of Proierte as given in the Judieinl Con resnree, vCl: A eernio lont of orllend titoated in tile euhorb An nuei 'tion lintas Lateoure of thih ito. ill rquarte o 5, nd it h roieg Frenh oonrenos , iFel fes oot eot nfchou. pit ,las otrcet,c:6ltd fi.ct rcn cn(etrtepera otreert, and e flcet on I a:'gonde d o eare sre.. t, in uoh oeloonler thai sPid rtOld is i6 feet wide franr ne side of tie q are tai tilt tliere tueter wimth a dwelling olltseo front n ot oa Tehoopitolasr sttr'tH, tile khtetoen alree tie peadenlo,e alsIo the dietilelry oesto hiletn ot elet ed iterloto nld otroer huiings otoet ieeepreoveere its, tie mocIitletere, otrecio impieme rote mood ferator theterlog mareholry, uteuil1, hinplie, et es ld pendances. ing teie lld dhtilel vr it dit'perdtneiorl and oint, ulenat e t and tite oigllcs.c etioea rtl prilVilelge I cinte r belonl oru tnv wit e 0 pll0t rttinoLr em . C.renu' Office, New Orleoos, tay 7 t183i. tol4,t,4,j. J. (tLlItF, tept rllCtlerk E-T -\'I-tT liP LIA ULttt~ A.'l--Lt l+ IearteM trin lt ettioret el ti dto lat Ne ilelt OIIielltl. ci 'T'AI'A tIE I- I.OUISlANI.,--A . 00u caer qlle l etes I lCoellte o t erlllteoll , aicntie Atote qlll ei tietsompatetre yettto'iow of ter1 otrtie teootitet iurteite SJa es liese ayrllt Uathion isa eals faite I anre Sner idelapollooiss '(Brlel s a imlropibi. ci-ralllPi olefGuyri re'ottorr allOts t GteRll de otlte Cor oil oa dit le ceete fille eltregitlll Ir ferlejoor latie oo ttetee 18t3, 11tor 00 tnvii Eonlol'lllollrtl A an oElotie to LBLlSgiotoco lie II Fliet die to Loteitio le. oiti , iAo itlelto toleo1er tes tillteo lier oog'qlle'eoUls t arott vontesjudieioit''re'" oterouorr le tI oMars 184. Qt'it soitrulo , st oatoea pc'srorl. *elllo elarr oelstreraotle enot.liee all nsem lie I' Etant die ia oulhpoisioe ot ise a Coe ie Plroi sse, qui pOlrroient aric drot oi l toillO tolele tCi-io'los rl oti c, ell oeo r o tqe 'e c l'u intI.tllt ie tlrte doeR t'rctrr, It elrcet ont le jugemeletme at ourl to looqllel l veonte a Ate tilio, on lie trIIetule irlIegtclie eu iltlttllilte oion I'nestiatiarinl ri i ou0le t leo t t p l e ItOlt tie Il vnlle Oil e ao r Iie tCo ootre EoiteoLe eieteo; tie oeh. cl'lli lllooleileors a to iter de la itlloolleliaioi tt'e oeot cu i atl o u reuoll' u Hn kili it r te Il oi t Ilil cts.Oll e rt looliiotoguot, I. oirlol r6 fet veode anr lp e salel'luadit, te aoo toeecrletc lo'er d'eoril de foaloe liCi. co vPrlll d'lln tll ,le de cetlr eallr Ie 5 dre Ulierir dr lllee 18t.wt diel 'cfEtire d'Atleendor Caldwell, clnttre Jlnetr Itnte, Nilt 1IliS7 dn ilocket de ette C our, A Inqeuelh vet'oe le lt JlAoe. Iaoo s'est reodo n cqolrecor pour Ic pea de $LetrOlt. Deserilption dotla P 1oer ilAtid'oprfs lerttrPafcr JUdiiare, Savilr. Un ceotain tl t le terre oiti oit faUitenlg te I'A hnnon eiaqi~lln tli o oteOrIe, de oceoto ville' toter I'llet No Se le it lot lie t .ee arealt [otrLoro l'rt'o t'oi ,'] ol xitete' tId ice foae A hi riue Teihoopirtu'a l tro tr ietd ie lace IA lito roe de rantrrs, ot seaixnlte pilcdt lie face e tl .d. de ia rie sdu lilhllrll orq IC dit let ie er lne t lotr pitede do artt.ur euc IJultte de I'ilet ltt I'atlrr : enel, l te lerIl o nla to e A w on r au '' ohl, illtlt sett, thoe s an' Bro S nels, ,i qlie la dIStil'e·ri e llllrlrllie lIlt h Il. it f I ,t lr. '111 lli tisue. et a,, %lllrl~lill le. ( Inllehi,,e. scu e. 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Artiqarenave. per ship ;rotoen, fromil Niew Yurk, is hereby not.led tlha thee ihave lenac ra rted by -TETfON, AVERY & Co. vlil Von'rtnrsgeo "rrllrrln J UZTlPUB*S.LflOI OT.EOT IE PWlTES, The MVih Edition ,f ROWLET'JS TABLESOF IN'T'ERFST: SIT O which is new d ad Avel a "|Avr a e 'T lne Calenla 1 tor, or esy metlhods Iblr lflngll- the vurag-e ime on·, rotellsll' IhYand or bill* of glon s h e n Ip " chased at dlftlerent dates, on stiffelrltt credlits. si, I vnrit anloullnt; iesilesadnseful eIl coemn lee Hlinki.g Tinte Ia Ic', rt e lbestttlmleteene eotenved,t nethletl. gllres call r ,.UCe wilt itll the same .malel,ed EOInllaC* , Hfid sire ol t1 pC. 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'ITHE propriet r i llis stlblisllmnt has tllhe plet. n ure allllnnouncing It his Ibi iendlls the pubi in gereral,r at he will be in realile-sbv the first dan of \lay t+ Iccive vihiter. lie will also ,*lte lnr the be' - nelit ofl the at aI di tance, tihat there lllave leen lre ';llllr lrl+v l miadie, ndlllll llhI ers l W e elnill n o inlld in ral'idl ,roree = fT r cmlnletiel, hltch will ettlande then ublllser iher to a olllllllllate a uch larger numllllbler than nrtthl l and at tihe slIte timte imuich beler. lllilie run e a nlllllllll ted ith gold rl oms. or tlie he pr ler ran have large hii s n elached from It isnnleeelm lllnneimnry tny anntttng innipnptiel. Iatftlecartr eherneterese w: tent, fn it ie generally helienrd that thene are not inferinr Ce ann itlielln Snntllh erll Stlllel. All tite nil iemnlis that are genelnallvy lilltd nt Wetnrint Places, will be fend at I ris. Trhe best music that this part oIIf tI eOunltry anlnords, has here, le rLed,anld will be in const nt atteadilicetn the Sprines during the whole senason. 1I ha 1ubltli I twill avail himselfr o hllis. Oppnrtunlti inl returnintn his lnfleiaened thanks fir the very liberal ell port "iven Ias lant eaoni. ani hopes )v ite exer lion< tlhl have b.eenn nlde in illmproviing and extedlltu llt act onillndtinus, to merit a liberal pannitlngi* Ithe Ilerntll seneeo. JNI) CRAM. TO 'C'HI LADIES. A TKINSI)N'S IEPILtIATrotY, fnr removing en +.+ perfllous hair from the face, neck and arms, with Seqat lnlety and cnrtainty, leaving the skin liner and .+liner than before the nppllieatiit. A fresh supply jlust received at OUION'S, Sno I Enehanyr jnntal, urnel t elnarle. and Cneomma MAIL ARRANGEIMEN'F lNor Due Every Day at 1Q M. Nrthen ialsas Every day at 104 A. M Weaern Mail' Fria eyr' dIdy, Wednesday an bysvtry o '"F e lay, 'hy, P. 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" ]ANAVAY fr a, I(i69 Ctiruttelelt corner of Hevial rt l streets,n 'e nigh' of 30 h of Auast, and wae seen .he next mItorning in I('nyra streert, a ntgra boy namedl 'IAIt.l S, alilttt t7yearntoflage, on 5fee or therenbots in it, vera Ilack, still has an in ed inpsen in hlis sien, ,one of Iis Nldae is sorer ,aaaioneir by a reeIt hturt; e. had nln lhen li neat away a whita aion or linen slirt atid white v ttna I anttaloens. linm nre f 7vessels aid stea:, Imat are ,auti.ned a nst receivg or harbr g said Aerte as well an all oter irersonst,. Iha ttn t ri.ul t f tlte law will ha enfarced ageait ttlm. T'le honve rewad twillie pati It rielie:inlg him int anv of tile vilt of eithot of the matai.ipalltien, or at t69 Caranndolet, corner orHevi. 1Vrinnaton col, r rtner, hi F s ti, T xi sting unlterthe firta tt llatta & Garrtrtsn, ban.beIer issolvcd. lThe sl Isncriber will liquidhtel the ailairne tbe concPr,~ in this city, ant reqiiret all p - snns indeb. dntt timke tenmttt to titn, and all thesshaving claim., to ,resent ben forsettlelaotA aite i-7t i GiARRETSON W. W. S\VAIN. Noa. ACaal .treet trte Orleans LTAAS always on hand con'tantly S raceivini Dr,. I f ives, tlthemicala,and L'ants,attong tilte ar ollownir . She. o IIISU .S. DYHSJ Antie.ny, crudei, Argnle, red, Itt regntlau, A nn:tto, SpItV. Asentic,, elllle, Alum, do m wdered, Bllmaillette wons, !silsal aotltavie, Cacbhirel, Ieanr, er·des, rCapt,. r.ela , Amerian, ldo trleted, Ctupbttea. lerim stotn, erude, Fcrtie, Tlampico, da flower, Ao Maine, Ilirnttth, Frthl l Lerriei s, :nathr" oil. Itttigo, Ilengal, trlllt tria la, dto i anilla, jatIlaritie.,l ic llTnaesceai, Gl loaeait, do (t,. tamale, do A.itibn, Lo:anat, Camlpenhy to asnafetiai , t n St eDomingo l( atuiattia, dio Jamaten, do brezoht, Canwodai do copaal, routa, ltiMadder, olaltin, do do Iaertd, Ninueargna, anateel, tio do S A liaeia'e, do Conn, in eontolle, er, ce, lo Mharecib o do refit, de, linaiane. Io gatttianm, CillIltALS. o kiio, Acid, nitrt ant, r1 t.tslii, (o tttrr tic, io opiumt, dIo .nlu er ie , , in erlli, Ihitteir ,tlIt e l e trm i alb, "t tl pal, o milnilaiic. rta o vta iv anllllmat etie, ihl vatII nclal1 'hn'intform litleI, l I nl dllge, it I sll iott ln i l, All t~ t L wT more, A orreic onti.u . anPns rie, d dot Foreigrle, lied lll (iasc. ' dtitiloea t nl'ti Red hilhlly tll, Ith itan le cI rotii. . d\ i It fI'ak,, Sup crp til ta " Sluv b-:dl, Sulptunglenhi m lIIIt.%me Saip zht d i lsti cl. 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L, ihrittt tIer.e ltt. trtvi itlertbarmd; antr vons. 1 (a'omittleru r i.a terad itlenny, alllla'tei d romn tlte 'hrigili, b Itltli I hbiy , ntlnt el GI eell , in 1 rv t. far VlS. Iria y 4llltle Evlltvtt. e tll ha i mld unifnr m, |vo 'hIr I .'c.'into l rrin h ll aot.l n. . itlr ir'i Ihthiulh Ind hea lig h iltionary, in i vot. nro bleI I Nvery aet rftalllSl s p I repuirlyi wnlrir a afhta't t rb aalitia /ish Dirlio/arv. , A 1aa :1t Ife a la ore itail!,l f Cahe'iR I'hrenology ul i ti rrie ,r's acsses rte, eriornqu iav, vitir Ch$n1 , Itin Hallst2t. 4 Si d n 2ni -2 iaW heI Silthlt ' ijproved nrelalic v 'aen,japuned itaers, wliltu Jnuat receiverd, and for sale by mll BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN I EV|SI'rED,&c. &c .|'AIN REVISITI'ED, &e by the aut trof'Ayear Traits ofl/lrlsd character+ as .aenrallr applicable to tihe Aorigln ee of N erth Americea by U Turner. Eaq The Politieal .rmmar, of the nhited States, or a comllete. view of the theory en. d pnralice ofthe genera and slale gl'rnlnnts, wilt the relations Ibetweea them -dlhdieated nail IloIptrTo thle )sung men of the United States, by E I 5at:asfield, Esq. "dlssurtlllenl of flesh dru gs, gsr ·ualrtleeslofvetltdrugs, N PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. p INNOCK's IMPROVEDI EDITION OF DR Goldsmith's Abridgment of tile History of Rome to awhich is pretilxed an Ilnatuetiotll to the study o oan Ilishtoo',t and a great vanriety of valuable infer mlatioa added ytlrnutnt ttlte woork, on the MannO. Institatimts and Alltlq itiles of tile Rontns; with ni merousoa Iiographiol and Ilistorical Notea; and qeo tions for exanmt:ntion at thie end of each section. lb lusltrtlted with tirtvengravings o wood, by Atherto, Ptlsxoca's Improved Edition of lI)r Goldonjith'a Hinter. o Eptglanot, fr.n tile Invasion of Julius Cesar to the deatht o' tirorge 2d, with a cootinttio t to the yea 102I. Wilh qaestioat Ior examination at tile end o each section. lishles a variety of valuable itfuraa tiou added tIhrou glah the work. Consisting of table oe' tooollt,11oaoy Soereigon and elaiuent pirooa Copioas explaoatory Ieteo. ItEeorkt on thle pa tics, romters and literatre of thle ae. An ottllnen the Constitution, &. &. llustrated by many engrt aga. Gavs' ELtEMgrs ot ARranooevY ani an Aoridgtme of Keit's New' Trea'tise oiln the e of tilobeas. Nep American odition, with additions and lrtttreeattlrt onl an xplutioa ol'tite astronomical part of tte A. ticna Altlotooc. Jut received and fIor ole by WI3 M'KEAN oo 24 corner eotCaop and Common ate tAtLI'ER'S CLASSICAL LIBIRARY. 1 OILACE,trahatoi by Phtlttillip rmacis, D D, with t11 an appeohlx, coutaioitt teralaGlattao o varioul. odes, &c. by Ben Jonsoan, Covley, :Alitta, Drvdom olee o.dioull, Sowift ch0ttteoto, . tYaketield, Ptirso r 1 utltl, & nlld sol of ethe morenolinent poeta of th day-nod at lu.'--ulld l'I0E)tOKUS, with the oppendix aI ludit tranals ted by Cltrestuopler S.ltar tt in o vo fIrtIttt voluaena I1 and Iuotf'"tlrlter's ClaoOa;l Librarv 't'ih ILxiedtllon of Hll', Lttdf CLINKER, he Sollelt, t I), with a ,.e.onir ot tlt Authonr, by T'no n olsonoe, Esq, oow edition, wiat illtotratoone, hy. ('atuohalonot '1'toE 4LPAY; a Tntv,by thotauthor of "Ricttdie Mary oyl' trgootdy, tstet., tow edition, 9 Vole tetplg PAUl 'LIFFORD; by the autoner at "Polha. "he J Oi, t ed, & a,bial roluly at olt ,new e4d nolL"Et rurar Complaw Verb.. sueeceivedv. eale,) WM MoKhAiAN ACON SIlDES--36 saeks Cincinnati" Jlanvin, fvrom ta, esteatboat EhLo, ed ror fsae BOGIERT & IIAW e

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