Newspaper of True American, October 8, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 8, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERO DESCRIPTIOt, IPREDILYI HANDeO)MELY AND CIIEAPLY EXECUTED At @HE OFPICE OP THE True Jmnerican, ST. C1IAItLES STIREET, NEAR POYDRAS; m23 LOUI.eIANA FURN.TURE WAREROOMS N.. 53, drenVII.- I lri.. W ILLIAM It. CARNES, (rrmncrl of the firm el Flnt c tarnes,) woult resplecIully inftrm hi 'rioudla and the public that he is co.stantly receivttg from New Yorki and 1stton a gooai atsortmtent Uft Fur nitule, suchl as Lmhogally cll ,irs, sofas, ed tends, mUU ple anld painted cbairs, Imaple and cherry bdsatead-, naboganv and cherry tables if all descriptlion, nu Teau, toilete, secretaryc, writing decsks, wurdro r oft emahotgany and cherry, wash stauds, Ilookirg glnaccs, Iteatbers, tleddil.g, &c. &c. Nl. Fourlture packed for transportatioa with great erje. je MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Custlomltouse St TO NEXT DOOR To ST. ClttAR LES TIIEATRE, CORNER OF POYDRAS &. ST. CtHARIES STREET. atg9-L838. . INE & POtl'I'EIt HOTII' .ES--, I gross wmte S and I0O gross porter battles, for sale by HtLiIES & MIILL.S, jyl2 Bank Alley. - PRIVATE BOARDING HIOUSE, No 13, 'rTtouhse at,-- ly tlrH Iloffimarn. T HIS hIouse is ptcion and coeaveniently aituated for nten ofbuaiaas, tear tie Levee acd tile New Eeltattgne 'lrie tatle willbe well suppliedl anc attended to, rnd the charge moderate. Boardeers wiseling to have lodgite, can he acconmo dated, at dlfferent prces. with ctmntmtdious furnished rooms. Boarders will have te t satistac lien to tleet there, perone speaking thre French, English anl Span ish Inaguag... autg2t3ttl PENSION BOURGEOISE, Rue Toulounse. n. 13, ler par Ve. Hfreann I 'ET 6tabliceemett eat srtcieux, et se trave situa pres d la Levie et de la Nouvelle Bouarsc, 'est dire an eertre des atItires. La table scra bien frurnie, proprement tenue et d ,un prix mod6rt. eua qui prenant pension dt8sirerient y lcger aI rent des apparteiretns de difftrens prix, biet garnis ct commodes. Lea pensrionairersramnt I'ag.imentc d'y trolver des personnes parlant les langues ifrancaise, Ranltice 4t eipagn.oie. .ltctt M-ALAtl A Wbineweet acddry, it qtarterrcaks, I r1 ladia bblt.,fortale b) READ I .81KArSTOW,\ aug25 7 Bunk Place. IM EDICINES, PAINT'S & OlS.--A large aclt general earortlentll ol rand, for sale low, by JARVIA & ANtI)E\VS, or (.mrtmon & 'Tctrounitou NoII'('E. FNIE L'uopartnershrr Itretlore exi-ting in thic city I betewen tile rubsctiberst utder lthefir of Late Van Vyerrt Co., in New Y'trk, I.thilljw ir &L'., andtin Natehec, alics., Van Wvck, l.aidlaw 8¢ Co., as i.+o - red by wntual consent. Jtohn Laidlaw, Peter .. Van Wyck, and T'lomas IV. .Van Wyck are authorized to namte of the filtt it liquidaatiot only. * JOHN LAIDLAW, ANItilEW LANE, PiT'r. I S. VAN IVYCK, "I'Il 5MAS \W. VAN \t YCK, New Orleans, au-. Itlh, il38. CO-PARIt \ElRSill P. The subscrihtlrc havlre frtltetl a ttt.trttlercltil. itt sh;s oily nalder ti1. firl,, of VI.n \Vvc·k - t'o., tuld Ill NcR York urde Il tile lir fJ IJttltt 1.tItluta .t. Ce. JtllN LAll)lI, V. tPET;.tl .t. VAN Wb'CK, Tll),\IAIAS 1l. VAN \VYCK, ice froml t tte dacitel h rof a i lr b. t ivt li to tile Iwnyperl,, hanld,'r. is llr IuOld 7111 w~lrll, Il+)W th+' :Irdl wardl; n all theL Iculllinm.ll t).rfti~ll (I(-l'terd1 I W(Ird, nI t corporatled arlli .tiiu ,c d.tIdd tit, thi Itin\ :t t ir - It I rllet n oflollst gunIli~l aLid I:llor Iavelmtll*pl If brl, n nnu t oflh a~ir i,.·l),,c tivr llll1rul..rtw, .LrItttt¢FI i~l 111 + t .t1 ol t le ul e(·nr.or',r lltl~I +-.llr,urh tot the* : % llll,. U- n trlil itSot~ .h'dd d art l d tllat Ih' I ' ot t 1. 10iet touectl ip iu'lved ,r I ,t tr i, t ti o reqn it ir ttle lttilll tatilf ccl IV toee l ... rquelts llta boat gd I , adLI I ftt I'l . f 1 m aWt itl a t ay oil t r a lr tl ,, It l . ,t a I tl t past ,tf l i . fr every day ·,. negh t.l. . ,,. 'u e ," t ,r a w ', dollars daH ,<; i , , b.r.-,+t t f,, tt ctolllel tenll trlttlr t fIr ml U e f Ill' 'la e llll It I1 eltt l t i ii cta--larr it d1 tirl . 'rdn \ti. I leurs pr·oprclrth · dre spect ·iveair10 drr sl 1· 3- pr a-I· ;+t.7 ,Ij~c.~ ,,;, ,,;.+,,, ,.·,,,,,+ ,I ......~. 3-,/,I.t,i, ,. d a i bPr a iu L tc l dlt I tllt i . t II r 1 r , 3 d tlrrr c, nll( il % pr(· p, lillilr1 s lir I '+llU I . I(I iI "a+ 1··I , ulquil'lt s ltl rI t I ttllricl, tr I ts .t I ' furt '- t 1l ti 4 ue allal n der len duio quev~' rot 10311 pirds, 11(11.1 1r clive ue jor. districl, llne I)I ill Ctll( itl IIIIg , hl1 I ct, re r le ' r IE I.ti , t tI lir l' It ti ll+r tE ,it It.. II Itl. Iph ' a itt u r r lrltl T re:a m n ttc lltlst l s lrIe tallt Iattd I r . , cttre l tlt,l l. , ti ll, Ilir "'' i ;} . +irit l It, Tdhe etir tia i' r .-1 e , t fa1r 1 tr dt r cnc ela Kttttllcet tr .ne yr it .le ,. 1y lwr*t , ,t. ,$ 1 Olic l'lrltl t tit allre oat p c n' t, . m r; citl' s eianc lIadlaIll.I? tt1P.nIe dt h ,lale att-deilXoli+ l I'rt An ANatcAre I arl, o$: t.ile lland fro. xliil til Tia.n i t, Clu a rIell ]lite tl t tt.i,tIr- .r le I satlr, d aeI l -r itlr ra ttt itrat ,,llP rt't rau l I r aIt partneturt irullt ,.oe rtrtletc cit...' Iuth ge Itit Lat d,,r e it.ra, by tlattluc lt irirra I trltttett, At I) H.rl'ia B It Idle Age. Nero edttic1 crtlttllcte itt T'II Near l'el',toar 1838 e r839. Alilid Ilr. tie tlycltriee, 2ahoil l by Itllcee. Leiat tra r the Sieglc rtt(ireltallu, It rta. Tlhe tlctbe.r, u .tti. i" ini rctn be Jatu. Hrpee ,.urn Lilbcarrt ltd ,ca ollDlfen Joat eeritedat tl 'hcur le h1ry IVAI. lll(KN'S OcTh y rcrctft(tl.p rrtrtie for;,llt'nact AoNANu .:L1 . It- t. oril lirrtc t.. Ilc eit y g a rn i . tlriltt leltliCyi, I r)lttRcaditleealeby S Ci IILAN(tIHn\i. Lteia2 _,__ie iS (irenirey II. and lading, snd for aele by S G BLANCIIARD, A " R _O 33 Grtvier st of LET until lot November next- the ele.ant Dwelling HIese, No. 117 It. Joselh street. Apply t Noe. 74 Poydras street. jyl9 I O.IESTI'tC Gl)Ol)-Lawoence & Co -4 heanvy lI:rown sheetings Jackson & Co SI inelh broe ohirtings. Louell o s. 1l & brow., cotton. F'tr aule STETrSON & AVEILR, arg4 8N Graier stree R .AIt)VAL. A NDREWVS E Brlltters have removed their Count . ine g House to No.r0 Camp street. IRVING'S NEW WORK &e. TFjHE ROCKY MOIUNT''AINS-Or scenes, incidents and adventures in "the Fer West," digested froln Rejourntof Captait I L E lBonnevlle, of the Army of the United Stetee, ted illustrated fiom various (nter eourees, by \Vanbiontat Irving, in 2 voler. THE VIUrtlu lO SUJLEI'Y--By the Countess of Blesirgton, s t vols. Just resaived and for sale by A AL far 1839l jutrrve er shtn ' . k anss, from New York. 24 grenace Ameriecan Comic Almanacs f r 1839 25do. Crockett's Alttanact for 1839. 25 o. I'eople's Almanacs for 18:19. Calauln tedl foreverv state in tle Utitn, attl crtatining a great variety of utgrving.s, Ibr sale by the gece, dozen and single by I)AVII) I EITI' & CO, N Y Stationer's H1Ill,24 Chartres st. aug30 J ULD - rcord- Pler-Just received a few realn n Hudson'- very fine blue record (Cap, both plaia nd ruled, for sale b DAVID FELT & CO, aug23 N Y St6ti',rr'a Hnl,-21 Chartres. S' TR R t N 1's-57 kegs Currntst, suerior article, S'or sale by LA .\KEN E & LIEGENtIRE, esp 13 28 and 29 New Levee. I0 IBL. brat qutlity Liunt'rd !Sl, ttr sale by G. I)ORS" Y, sep I 44 New Levee. N AII9-4a kegs assortedl, for sale Iy ADAMS & WHITALt, - sep 15 tf 67 Grevier street. e sIt TII1'GR--AT p PRAIRIE-A Train or Ears will uea the D-pot at the foot of Canal st. tot e e IRAIIIIE COT'PI'AGE, every dayr, Dsparture-.8 a tt-4 p In.-lRetrn, 1 m.--6 p m Sunda, a--6 a mt-10 a mn--4 p m-8 a u--I p m Thi" arrangement till rf nler not er. Sept 14 JAMES H CALDWEI.I, Preed't ' OFFEE-11Il bag eR. 1411 d. Hrout. For sale by STETSON In AVERt Ag4 RIr Grevier tr £AT-J--5 aaebu Oats iu sr re, furesale hc CHAMPLINI& C:OOPEt, aep-0 82 Julia at. LOWELI. Negr Clolth-40 cases heavy ottlans, is store and fr .ale by WIIITRIDGE & CO, oc.l 716 Magazine at C E -500 114.0ns. Sperm Candles, New Dt4 ford, Beisnl autn Nantucket brand!, for sal' by .VHITRIDOF. & CO, ctti 76 6Magazin et For the Interior. 3D FOR ItUISV'ILLE,CINI'INNATI, AND ALI INTIERMEDIATE PORTS. ,,,wi V The substantial steam Iha GOV. SHELBY .1 J kerch. val ry. ' ,1 master; is hourly expected to arrive and will have de.patch fbr the above Ionts. For freight or piasage, hav:ng superior accommodatiios, apply to LAWRENCE & LEGENIRIE, Rep8 28 & 29 New Ievee. For tbsle andoi all lclerediate iding' - l . The low pressure steam boat C ROL,INE,willleave New Orleans ' fr Mobile rvery Thursday and Sudry, at 2 'clock, M. tonehing at all the wa ering places at which passengers may wish to land. For fur ler particulars, apply to GEO. WHITMAN, jy24 Exchange Hotel, St. Charles st. SFor tobile and all laletmediate Laudiolte. ' oThe aost running and splendid steam oat Wit. WALLACE, entirely in state rooms, will erve New Orl-ans tor Mobie, uid all intenrmediote woterioo plaers, very Tuesday and Saturdoy, after thle arrivul ulth [ : Iuclc.c cars. GE). WHITMAN, jv24 Exchange Hotel, St. Chnrles st. SAiTUIlI)AY EVENING IND SUNDAO BXCZURSION TO MANDEVII.LE & MAI)I:.ONVILLE. The steamerSOUTH ALAIBAMA, Capt. L.T. Knight,will leave the lake end oftherail-road for the above pla egs, every Siatur a) evening, on the arrival of the 2o' elock cars, and return the same nigtlt,-and leavoe Sun day morning on the arrival ofte 8 o'clock cears; return it- leave Madisonville at 4 o'clock, P. M. a2 itaw 2mn d'ot .IADIS) NVII.LE, I.OUtlBUItG, MAND)E VI LIE & COVINGT IN. lt Th'lIe fast running and splendid steam ... J bnoat SOUTH ALAPA0[A, L. T. -"7ý= !Knight master, will run as a tar mail bont nor the above ports on Mondnys, Wednes dltas and Fridays, after the arrival of the 8 o'cloek cars, A .i. Keturning, leaves Covington Tuesdays, Thurs days and Saturlndys, at 8 o'clock, A M. N II. All bagage asnd parcels at the risk of the own Ors, unless a bill of lading is signedl. GEO WIIITMAN, New Orleans and Mobile Mail Office, aS Exchange IBuildineg, St Charles st. NOTICE. I RAVELLERS going to Mobile by the Mail Line on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, will regis ter ettear tsoe at this olier, as no seats can be secured in the tagr at P ascaoula on the obove named days, uncoiis meir rumn t be placed on the way bill. IThose woo nave heavy baggage can have it taken direct to Mobile by any boats during the week, excep 0n thebdove tlooed days. tiEO WHITMANI., 4lIFTY KEGS FRESH GOSHEN IIUTTElt, 50 boxes cheese, , 5 boxes hunch raisins, 10ot boxe imperial ten, Io brreels cherry bounce, 1 ltalf borrels Fuluon market 5 baorrels smoked tongues, IU boxes P A cheese, .A1 boxs Glilbert's starch, Received per ship lluntsville, Ior sale by jy28 I' 'l'TES & MILLARD. viltK--BU bbls 10, 15 bbl, chines, just received, f& r sale by G DORSEY, jr28 44 New Levee. (UPU'PlING INS''IIUMIENT'S, &e.-A tipjtly of Cuppgig Instruments, Patent Pump Syronges, and Stoonch Pumps, all ol tie most improved des cription, received by the sublscribers. Also, Cologne Wbater, Balm of Columbia, Ward's hair Oil, Fine luit, Nailand ' Tooth Brushea,&c. &c. Jyl9 SICKL.ES & Co, 40 Canal street. IE.\F I.Alltl-20iU kegs superior article, il flie shiplping order, ald for sale by to l)O.URlEY, jy4t 41 New Levee, i :'l"t EItl T .Iq I.--Jtstrceiv fom the Ihlaiid 1 wine lit , Ii cases supe tidne blue letter I)a lt ole ery low priced; 1it cases sapertite willlt lotto paper, do; 2 cases thn p)ink etter rpaer; 1 cases sup)el U pack.,:lit picot largo tle; 2 cases l uplerioe eitto tass,,rct:d eclrs; L, sute suileriille octave assorteld cslr,; ior ale, whlosale and ,tail, byt It FELT ('co, .New orrkStationers' IHll, jy1 t 24 Chartlres tret. iit) Il NI''-I c-sessoo givecn amocedirtely, the lloouse ao the Blth Raitl Roawl near tI li.k, tiore. i llt oo t Ito I aslIo I th ll T ,uN a ,tlIl-ll.n Sald .\ a lllt I t h tad la id. titetral t tetii n t thIe ur Il tuse of ti o lti llail laud C (.lllnll . Fot hie i ttculaor, apply to I IJI)NAltE1I, J, -, co lel sa,| licz c 'n:holuipn lol sts. '.t.I',t'.: A l.L--7 ,l.eletttcoj+ ;,l, (uartot,,illo I .ty,.) luI tsale by lL.iEb . Ill..:, I ) 2 l ikli.m .tIlev, 1"11(; " At NT'i:N /R F, wdl1 Estract of n'atotsaprilt a u rand u ~Abe, t:a Cpeulet', 'rcpalatsous, re, ened la.t .I ,y tl ltttc ,..,.B- I Ei c , / jill cur [Ti h tsill.uAltuuis & aichtz sll t El , . lt. in x I doz i ch e ar aug4 7, Ba.k Place. StJ,Lbt tlt Ne ,lulas -I,-iI d.lburr for l e by J Tilt.Ll Eit & t, ..t73 ) laoyd, tir able. tn ng:Jc 17 C o.t, ioe tlt. c.-k lA rattl. 7id irb wit te, i stort anlde lort ,y y ll JA.G\S IH 'ALU.Eb LL, it, cndi- 'J U-- ti St. SIhIF NnoES-intbb-.onAotio, cl.).finirPl brid ie cd , lce -Adis, it ancitEl .ate.' xno& LrocE.Nitl ci u o`' g 28 an.d b UA iew Leviee. grottlEAoSLltH Notes--oUic t0doll o. .ort ualec b / b J y'iAY.It & Ct)O, auga3 74 I'oydrus street. VIL ALIl ROAD. in oditionul nuttily of No I, Nicholoa Ntcbtbr.' ILtIcFTr on New York at sight, for sale at 4 per, t .ce t. premiuKE JAMES 1 ('CALDWELL, rt sop8 Pres'l.I L LSTP PUBI.ICATIONS. Nos. 3 ; 4 of Tih Life and Adventure- of Nickolas .Vickleby,containiun a failhfil account of tile tortuous. ALS 1, An additional supply of No I,'Nickolas Nicklebv.' i 'O!iver 'I wish; art first, and 'Pickwick l'apers,'just WM. MIKEAN, sept8 corner of Camtplt ComI mo1|n -t septo comner of Ualntpl t tlm loon .st ( 1ANDI I,S;--IT5 taxet spen candlles, beet bra nles, hmndttg from ship Ilato, f.r sale by ISAAC BRIDOGE . C), s, p8 134 lMagazine st. SXCf.I ANt,b on Boston-lu sums to suit t ur 1 chasser, or sale byTTn STETSON & AVERY, aug2' 88 IGravier st. C HAlMPlAINE lBratndy--In pipres and half piptt, a very superior old article in totre andl f,r sale by T HYDE & BRO, augn 8 39 Cotmsn eeaz, JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &s. THE ROBIER, a Tale, by the author of'Rich' elieu,' fThe Gipsey,' 'Attila,' &e. in 2 vols. THE Love CnAEs, a Comedy, in five acts, by James Sheridan Knowles, author of 'Vlrgiaius, *The Daughter,' &d. &c. Ion, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon Tallourd; 4tlh edition. SocIeTrY A* MANNERs IN AMERICA; by Harriet Maltineau, author of 'Illustrations of Political Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Practical Summary of the Law and Usage of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes; togeth. er with a series of tables, showing when bills, notes and loans, drawn or accepted at any date will fall due; to which are added, rates of commission and storage, equation of paymlents, and general infor. mation connected with business of the counting house; by B F Foster, Accountant, author of 'A Conctse Treatise of Book Keeping,' 'The Clerk's Guide,' &c. Tie LITTLE SKETCH BOOKt a couese of very easy lessons in, Figures, &c. by George Clhilde; slot and 2d series. Just received and for sale by WM MeKEAN, jy8 cur. of Camp antd Commuon ats. ALSO,-An additional supply of "Three Expe ritments of Living.--Lving within the Means, Living up to the Means,-Living beyond the Mtals;" "Sequel to the Experiments of Living;" 'The Harcourts;" *'The Saving's Bank," &c. W INTER CLOTHING--II cases, coitaioing- an ass,,rtnenI of Sattinet Roudhubouts and Paatw. loons; heatvy Metltan Derry pants, and Liverpool stri ped t.illed shirts, landing from shil PallgUSo, for esale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, oct6 124 Magazine at teRO0. V\hbirtitgsn30 hale- heavv brown eshirt. ings, landing from ship Paugue,'Tor sale by ISAAC BRID(;E & CO, oct6 131 Maeazine at PERM tilt-11l ocaks pure, bleached, sutaoer Sperm Oil, lnolding from ship Mississippei, sitable fir plantations, and -or sale by ISAACBRIDGE 4. CO, Octt 134 Magazine at. NEW ORLEANS tOMMERCIAL LIBRARY 3lHE following new w,.rks have been ree bved h by the Library Society, at their room in the Mesrhants' Exchange, fronting on Royal street, Lady of Lyons, by Bulwe ; 1 vol. 2 copies. Humphrey's Tour trough Great Britain, France and Belgium, in 1835; in 2 vole. 2 copies. Love, by Lady C. Berry; 2 vols. 5 coptes. The Two Flirte, and other Tales; by Lady Bles. ,ington, Bulwar, and others; 2 vols. 5 copies. Rivers and the Desert, by Miss Pardoe; 2 copies. The Robber, by G P R James; 5 eopies. The Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, by Boz, 5 copies. (HAS. RITCHIE, Librarian. bHIPPING. . r or Europe. FL ltE M ARSEILLES. - The list sailing bri CAROI.INE, ('apt. at I', will have aise liBate despatch lor , the above purt. For lifreiglht ui 1511 bules cot p, tun, or passage, apply to oLEVI H (; iLE, , _ augd3 93 loo_:_ !t FOR TiltIES'chI'-. The fast sailing hlip III:I.EN Al Il, Si('apt. -- . havnr full cargo ie.aged, will hute despatchi fIrlpa,-saige appl tEY S J P Wilfl rY, Sau,23 8 Counti st Coastwise. IUST received at the Louisiana Furniture Ware . Rolllla, (, Ilienu ill, street, llfl Maple anl I herr liedstends; a first rate article. Also, a good a-soi meat of Mapleh. Walnut, iand Painted Chaira, whicl will li sold for the lowest cau b prices. WV It CAINES. jv7 5.1 Bisaville strelet. a, TIIittLESAl.- ANt IIIEI'AIL 'l:iall5 %\I 77 VAIli'LKY STORI(IE, a. 18 Ca,, stree .s - der Bishop's HItel-The subscribersa.,t-r a,, e .l "a: at their 0new stand, anll extensive asort.melol , rrite i Ithei line, cerlaprlsiig every variety of Conls, Iirt 'ets Perfumery, laloking Glasses, Playing Cardts tel large nlumber of Fancy articles. i'he followir% ts pret a dlescrillption: COMBRS-Tortoiseanl Brazilian high toptuck, pIal and carved; de. do. twist, long, neck, puf, side, poste sand dressing, ivory and horn; fine loeth, dressing an., toeket combs; horn, redding ant narte sa'mbs; wooles, dressinge, ile tooth and pocket conl . PERFUMERY--A general ass, tis t of French and American Perfumery, consistinag ,, l gne waterl in bottles, of all shapes and sizes; Ianl serr, Floridla, rose, orange, lemon, ,essarllne, bergamot, adllerfleurs, ata.;faancy soaps of eaery luscription; inaeassar, antiqns, and lvegetablle lhair oil ald curling fluid; cllorine lutl, wash, eartonic ands lchlorine dennifiece; scented llld lplain toilet powdetr; ponnlatul preston salts, ete. IIRUSHES-Comlprising a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, tooth, nail, caomb, shaving, plate, hearth, fine and plain dusting, sweeping, cruenb furniture, arubhilng aald Whlie wash, horse, shar and tanner's couring, paint ani varnish brushes, and sash and grain ng tools of all sizes. LOOKIN(; GLASSES-Co.tprising gilt frames ofl various sizes, 5, :t, 2 and I draw toilets; German statis, toilet aul iagkrellass, mag lif.ying minors, etc. PLAYINE CAIRDS--agla, Harry 8th, Broom, Highlandler, Spiel Larten, French and white back Play ing Cards. FANCY AND VARIETY ALRTICLES-A supe rior assortment of portable desks, ladies' and genltle men's dressing cases and ladies' work boxes; fancy box es of various descriptions, suitable for the new year anti Christmas' gifts; pocket books of all sorts; suspen ders, musilr-boxes, lead pencils, crayons, violins, bead bags and purses, an assortment of fancy beals, superior qulalily billiard hb:dlls, paste bhlaekin; hbone, shirt, vest, all andi suspender buttons; pearl ualtons and sllirt studs, razor strops; gas machites for creating light; Spanish acd melee segars nmaccouha, Paris, rappee and Scotch snuff's; an assortment of plain andil saod canes; back gamion bouards; dlice, fancy screens, optics, Jews harps, harmonicas, luciter mlatches, pins, needles, perenuslon caps, drhinkig cups, huntina flasks anil game bags; steel, silver anl platedl spectacles; thimbhles, twice, et., a handasome assortmet of engravings, and a large varie. ty of otter articles, all of which will he sold flor low prices, for cash or city acceptanees. may 4 ILEES & 1)D,LANGE l1 e0( l ItA IltflLS 111 hilainding fro.m brig Uncle Ii.- t) Sasa, for sale by jyl9 S & J P WHITNEY (DI\1-\L t", EfIP-'OM SAIlS, AND CALOMIIl. ACal " o-nces Fr-ach uh inine, 1his Epiiaam Salta liu-hks Palarl Asheas 4 aases Culcuael, Ipacra.. Jlnto , Rihubarb, e ri.. Isanding frout brig William, frot Ilnasi, lla ld-for sale by JARV'IS & ANIiREWS, Whllesale D)rat.giets, jv7 coir Conllaon 'l Tchoulpitulas street. +.' l'h. f (i- ,lUISIl.\N 1-FIRST .IUIIICIAI. DI,.IRICT c(lu.rtU .---The, State of Louisiana ITo al ol) eli lae lpresents sh-lalell i e', t reetlillg: \lherame, IHairt lhillhaa lIalfitv haveaig un-chased att -,;le nal idet! tIla -ylll iiiE iI th;e arlieatrs i f E:dli aid lalezlln tile pro lertyv arei slier ie criedl, iais p pliIed to ths court theSoli fh Setn r, b . I. 181, Itcr It llOl.itiI or adterrtseoitIt in coila a hii auII arit of tlihe i- btlaire oif tlihe i'iatee of iliiiianuceltg'ied "AI Act lilr tihe' iurthler assurmntie ofI lilah- to plurchli slirslt fll i-intl saile;" Itpprouved the tenth day ofi north, ,I I.I, ,iw, lher+1f te, know ce, and all pIrsona intareatul hlrein, ;iar hierebv cited ai.,i iiiiklsa. ill aaloieaton of the St ,e-o Lotiia-na t. and the First J. it ieal a istria r CoIuI, who can 't up anl rige title or cihm in and t<i toc a itolra-,tti hruaiaealh'r aeiscrled, in eraaseqini e t fiv iiifdioialths in tiaht order, diectea if iJlleag[ena of Ihi c;iLrt uinder ;lltlh the sale was, nall, or an ir alritv or i:legalihty in th' aplraiseenis anid a Iver ti-me.t., im, or manner o'f e,or or any ote r cieft t w. ianr ier, tra show Uirlll i, ll Ihl r t d r v Ira the day lhli- monitiionll is lir-a i-:lr ill th pub!" ina :r-, +,+ h -ule io I ude sIhould not be conlirllltd nTh- tru1' lerty was aol inby thel sndiil Careonid on bc ta-rll -ltl-i d of Juate Intl i. tr, Iln- hea l i e a t l . ft.e i Ie oltl tcltelrd ifont the fifel di i i nier, tn. I t. 11133.,h t e . i e nn i+, of Ed i llr l ,ltlz i1 ca llis edi i-, 'ii. t iilt I he t darl kel of l his collre, i( , hlIt, sale (hury; W1. Palfrey lr('atue tele ,rclt uinP i h [n hu'drel ah7 d nyinlltO Ia p 79.t aI d sillt lo t otpriepty age lt ill te ,I udiiial Cfeeon. rI Fior lllrt' rieia,ay iine hual audrned and ie ay feet i ell Joi,; -1o. a i.fl*r, iut i, ta/he ,aloib Jilaaraaa a l t tlI e trtn a Iall! nI t ll lie a i. d Ia oin ei -ev Ih it r ', ar .rle, Tallird, JIh feron atl Ziee streeial sle ns, tiled al lity ilo frli i(i -int a certain ledtl. by it- bln i and r itr-I r i ' t ine two hue andred andil eleven lie it lav Ihi Ii bviliiaetd on the tfro it erNo side . n Jef hintc -file - atiin deiih, a id aiit i on Jaiaad ri -trelt. w lro ll t, I e Upperlioi sidi e iby proslry bdtlon tnd dl'.ii-laated by iie - airliierl froiatJITatve t r .uitaai thlt, i al i.ltli in l ion. ii ti, ei hail twelveiundrlt rihl fit. ti lt vrII ant on 'rhird stre,,t bv one hundred lin idllly f et indepitb, aid beillwelen llrallel liines; si i ~ts Ironlt rhirieceri I nto a-twhincltsive, nea-earing sea thlilr alr eort Iaaon Jeflr.on Fwhilet, t lie a I arnd ,id lot Nol twenty three ieaa.uriI thirtv fees F foretnidl 6rth e Jaait, 1837.e hundred and fity feet del l, itnetwcen ralel r A. lies.uch. 3. 'ltetnly i ur lots of groundiaituate in said Carall lt dsinaed by te numlurt, thiso o to went ty far iiiclu-saelrOiiahe whole square J, h ud ed R bh ('atabrocl Tthird Jeffe-rsoa aid Zinal streets, tle whohle iu conflormiity ith a certain pllan dr atw bh louas Ilriuger, survetasr general, doted tat atclh, lS}iiaiodd poiied inttheadices efI D Cenaa, notary public. 4. Idt a certeSi, piece or parcel of ground sutrate in said arrolt in, mr aaSriii twei hunlred and eleven lees eleven inches boottont l.evee street. and extenting in depah liwohuilredsnd fille feet to the phblie roadaon which it hli a like iroat Of two handred land eleven feet eleviieiunces, bounded on the h),oer side by Jet fearson ameet, nnd on the Upper side by proalrty behlng. lng to Wiltiam Jones, All wrhieli said ltu tuf ground make partof the pioa erty surreuder-d bh said inaslveul E Salsazlan to hlis ctediturs, and are ilia some which ta land prchasel - frou if W Palfiey, by act hefore H B Cenas, notary arerasnid. 6th January, 1837. " Witness,the lHonoraeble A. 51. Fuchs. - Snaon, Jdge of said court, his twsntedih Ortt-3t Deputy Clerk. l'I'ATl' I)E I.A LOtISIANE-Cour du premier 1 Ihtrct Judiciaire.-L'Etat d . Linisin,,-A qous ccux que tes pr.sentse canm, eru Salut:-At tendu quea lelr a, Palrey nyaiit ... .. une venle naite pa le syndic de Edward ~snlzman, nla propridtd cilapres decrite, West adresse au grets de cettecour o lIn dir.e ente fht enregistrie le 2Lime jour de septen, bre de I'annle 1838, pour un avis con irmlament d an iete de In Le.islntmre ie 'Etat de Ia Lmui.imarc, ilad tulB "Acte pour mconfinrner lee titres des ac luJeiurs an vetntes Judlcimares," approuva le 10 mais 1834. Qu'il suit connu, et routes personnes intdreasses sent l'ar ces pmersentee sammles an nomn de 1'l'.tn de in naiianat et de la Cour du pramieier districtjudiciaire, qui pourraient avoir druit a la prop ieta ci apree d6. t itl,, e x con ueq:enre d'un dfa8ut de frne danas I'arder, No decretu le jugemdont de Incour, n renll du qutel l vents . . faire, ou de aoute irregularite aui illegalite dana 'eatisat on, l'avis on Ie tentas t e mle l e Is vents ou pour nle uite cause qelconquer, ei faire amire, dans trente joana dater de in publicatenm ce ct avis, pour- uuia la i ate arnial fite ne aeeait pLcs dtmfirnke at hmolma ioguae. La dite plrodriee flt vendue par le ovndie asudit le 25 natme jtar de juin de l'nnme 18.8, ec vrtu l'unn de cretdtie ette coUl rend la 5nie.jnur de ini de I'nnee 1.31, lana l'aair de tEdward Saltzmuan centre sea crancaiers, No. 15,002 du docket de eeate inur, t In quelle vents HI. W.alfrey n'est endu a acqureur plmur le prix ,.e $7900. Iescriptan de la rprpriete d'apres le transfer jadi. cmaire, say, ir: 1. cinq Itt dl, terradig eanaens m~r 89, 1C0 I1, 12, hnit,neuf, dix, ouze l dnuze, dans I'ilrt (7, se jtigfant,situnen A Carrolltan dna In pnroissae Jefftron, at nesurant ensemtble cent quatre viagt din sept dieds, trois paoces et demii, face Isn rue ideln Levr , cent cinqunante cieda u dface sunr l rue Scdonde par cent soinxane et trais piede, traisn iceas et cinq ligaes de pri'lfnleur it face a tla rue Jeff rson. 2. DEnzce ltas d.r terra situeas dmans dit Carroll ton et disign te par lea num6ros de douz vinsgt traoi duns lilt. , lie di t t tin. douze testrunt treaty piads de facee ur le rue Third, par cent eiequaete pteds de prafunder Ice lignes lrtnt paralilles, lea ditA l.te de trize a vingt dleux leclus. Chncune teure trente mied. de face I le rue Jefferson par nea t vingt pieda de prefondear lea iignes tant paraleitle, at le tit lot nt. nringt trois mcsunrnt trrm .e pleds de face A lIt rue Iturte par cent ciiquante Iieda de profandeur Intro liers paralfiles. 3. Vingt gamtnc lots de terra situea dnas le dit Car. rallton,uerignsca ,asr le nmoe. d n A ringt quatre inclus fr,,matnt toet filet J. bornae par lea rues Cain. brona, Third, Jefiernua et Zimple et nmeatrant emsem. bie trais cent pieaI de face sa cbnacune den ditela rues In tout conformiment i un certain plan, dreasn par Louis Brinciervoyer general, d:tt Ir premier mars 1836 ct elmliaos dans Ietude de H. B. Cenae notuire public. 4. Et an certain morceau de terra situa dane In dit. Carrollton, mesuannt deux cent snze piede, onze pour cans facea in rae de Levee, et s'etendant ean profoudeur deux cent cinquante pieda anu chemin public, aur lequel ii a une face isemblable de deux ceat onze pied. onze pnouer, borne mar en hbas par In rue Jefferson, et parun haul par dis propriietes ap:lartenant A Wm. Janes. Toune los dais nut de terra ferment parie do la pro priie vendue par Is dit insolvable E. Saltnlaan A tea resnaierr, ct aont 'es mmea qu'il avlt achetn audit H. W. Palirer, par actr pardavant ii. B. Ceas nolanire auneditle 6 .Jarier 1837. T"moin I'honerable A. M. Buchanan, Jagepr dlata dite reour. ne vingtimejeu r de Septembre AD 288 17eept--3 THEO. LEWIP, dep gaffier.. BUSINESS CARDS. JT. P. FREEMAN & CO., W hl.elesle CIdthing Establishaeseet t' No. 3, M.,,gatene sre., t, II· AVEconetantl oulhand a large supply of Cloth |A ing, calculated for the coutrey trade. Tlheras. -ortment being large,. oereha ts from the country can sttpFiiatd ut tlle Shortest notice. PASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chsrtre MItreet 1IAVI, nolototllotaitpl) y I " erey orticle pecrtltino to t gentleoteu's dress, uof tie latest style, at New YorIk n.t dec 20 Tu'ri''. S SILICEOUS METALLIC TEETL. t PECIMENS of these beautiful teeth, and the man ner of setting the.m, may tn u -en at the olfice of J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canal treet. 'three teeth never change colour, atil re hy tany, and in many cases, preferable to the lnatural teeth. il Dr. It. will wait upo i ladies at their residente, requesled. ap 9i1 S. A. PERROSSIER, MERCHANT TAILOR, (7 Common street, I SB GS to inform the ulblie thot havine purchased from Messrs HOUt II, SKEtGGS & CO. ,art of their stock, he rill continue the business at tler old stand, opposite Bishhp'e Hole!, where le h.pes to meril a share oftheir patronage. lie hos made arrangetents at the North to be supplied moanhly with the latest and moost fashionathle goods or 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 I'oydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all dlccriptioon. WARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BATIuH Fixed on the aost naproved principles. MILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &c lIJ'Orders executed in any part of the Southetn States. Dr. Robert F. Lindee. OFFICE EXCHANGE HOTELor. 6m CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manauheturers, No. 102 Paydras street, i SEt'P on hand a eton.tlt stpplyof Lead Pipe, 1. fromn 2 in. diametter down to 3-. to. diameter, fot sale. ORLEALNS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA BLISHIIMENT, i No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcada. WILLI..I GREE.NE, PROPRIETOR , H. PARKER Commissaioon and Forwarding Merchant, b No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS0. New Ilean, Feb. 2IN JARVIS & ANDREWS, a WIIOIEthALE AND RETsIL. DEALERS IN ft MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DI'E STUFFs' S.AVD IVI,.VDOW GLASS, ft Ctrner of Common and Tehoupitoulas streets, 0 NEW ul LEANS p NATIIAN JARVIS. y JO(IN W. ANIIIIEWS. A large uplly of Garden Sees. warranted the growth F 1f1i837. AT MOBILE, Alal S. I. & I. 1. JONES, I AUCTIONEERS. In Nos. 61 and 63 WATER STREET. rr llE undersigned, having estohblihed themsetols in I .labile fir tile porpose of tra.sauctmg thel Auction Alnd (mlnlisoion business ill its various blanches, beg leave to itlllorlt their friettt and lthe putlic, that they N are n. preparedt to receiv eottglelnte, and mtnke lillorl advances on thie slme, eitber tier private r public sale. ittllO.\tN I. JO.N E:S, ISRA EL I. JONES. d Refer to Walker. Kniglft & Co. New Orleans. Ilottile. Fit 9, 18:1. feh 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. AnBAHAM TRIERt. SLATER & TRIER Forwardittn g. &cotunI so.nou Merchants, No. 4)i Povlrtas Street, NI", W . 11 1. t: N . f They will devote their partecultr attention to the sale fi ol WleVtortt IProduce. 6 Referreea. 01 t tijol Fisk, E1:q. ) at S l Ei anchard, n Ilott I. Shil,; New O)tleans. A 1t Not~lnt., Mlessrs Kohr , 1)are & Co. J DI & ,t Villiams, ) L rigts, Wild & Co. Boston. T..II:RJ · \ ne IEsq. 5 I{,,b, rts Ilrotiers & Co. Ieveret & 'TIoloa.1 New York. Van Pahl &.)Ic Gill. Stanford & ha is. St Louis t Gulaigow, Sltaw . 'TatUt. 5 h 8 Rider & Co. ti Hoawle, oPae & l)unloap. Alt in. A It Skidmtore Esq. ) G I. Marsh all & Co.-Louisville. _Ll STONE. B . T. sONE. te E &B. T. STONE. era F.rwardang and C.oiuaissiou ilerchaont, ho FURNISHERS OF SHIP AND BOAT STORES, as No. 114 TCHou rarOLAS STREET rt New-Orleans. ot - E~ References : R leosre . ALL, BE & Co. Boston EBENEzER VOaE ha L'o A. B t MEACH & Co. New York R. PUTNAM, oh J" & . HOLLA D, .I.t Jl*aonT KtPL.HoAl Cinrinnoti, O, W~RIGHT SMITH sii e DAVID STONE, D)aton 0 cei R.CosTroct & Co. Columnous ). N. Ar.oDtCH, S Co.. l.outavlle, &y tht WILLS, STEeENS & ClhTIS, St Louis MO tUtl A. lL. tRorr, Alton, Ill. W E. WrrTnow, RUshvillC, I11. J. & P. P. oarTWELL, Bayou Sara, La. n22 SoLon HIGH. New O:leaar.s. jon 2o jan 22 DOYLe & MANt DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CAUnoc)LEr STREET. 01 FIREM EN'S INSUR~lNCE COMPANY This Company are now prepared to take RISES AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Musson's Building, Canal street. E L 'RACY, New Ortleans, May 15,, 1838. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Refer to aet & Anrl , New Orleans. Joe. handle & Co. m24 Im ROBERT' CL4NNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No, 12 Camp streetr, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, m30 Window and Picture Glass, &e. &c. :T. W. COLLINS JATTORNEY & COU.NSELLOR AT LA W. N OW prcrtising intrthe State and Cityv Courts,. Cli o ntc will find lhim at Ithe Clerk's ofiee, U S Circuit Court, in the Coustom House building, je8 A CARD. T IIE underigned have opened at house in this city, for the purpose of tran:aecting a GENERAL COIIMISSION ItUSINESS. OFFICE, No. 10 GRoVICR STRtEGT, UP STAIRS. H P LEVY. The house at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be coltinued in tle above name. RIeferences. Godfrey, La rie & Smanll, Ne Orleans. La. Peters & htillard, e tiH Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. John M Gilmore, 1 icksburg, MAlis. Ha perlorperntr & Co Grand iulf, Miss. Muir, Moore. 4 Co, Tilbte I.illard, Natchez, Misea. New Orleans, July I., 1888. jyl2 A CARD. N ATHANIEL TOWNSEND having located him. self in New Orleans for the purpose of transacting a General Agency uand oulnioaou bueinesr, would re epeetfilly solicit fruom tlhe public e share of their pa tronage. Htovin a house in Tenor, he will attendn tthe trans acting ol any business that may be desired in Ililu counltry, and will guarantee prmpnt and unreenitted al tention to all business entrusted to Iris charge. and a laithful oapplicatiun (in eacordance with ionsructions) of all lunus that may coe into his hnwle. Office ir Nea Exchange. on (travier stire, o:posite to Rev Mr Clapp'a church, and ajoining Ghibeou'a reading romr.sign of the Tleiau Consulate. New Orleanse, November ir 1837. References. Me,,re Hillyer, Bush & Co. New York. Burr Warieman. e r. Alrovarez F si, Natchez, Mist. R M Sroth r Sir t.out-, Mo. John T (;r y. Louisville, Ky. A tee e, H pkinreeille, Ky. m28 6m FIRUhMN'S INStURANCE COP ANT OF NEW ORLEANS, Oece 3le. 24 Mmsson's W ig lc2! CANAL STREET. TRUE AItERItlAN O.BICE. In connection with this Oflice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, h rFOR TIE Pa rTITIG OF P.munphlets Blank Checks Catalogaes Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circuars, And every deaeriptioin eJob Woqrk that may be required. --'lThe p.+norietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to ".e above Card, ant assures them that all work intruate, o his care shall be done at the short eat notice, in a stat unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. IAPER, quils, steel peas, ink, fluid, wlafers realing .t au, india rubber black sand, ptance, aed every other article olsltatatinery, of the very best qoulit .con stantly on hand aid forsale by IDAVID FPLT&CO. f ml9 N Y Stationers' Hall, 2, Chaurtres t. PO MERCHANTS. M ERCHANTS can have a beautifil circular struck off at two hours notite, by calling at the Orleans Lithographic (Office, 53 M agazine street, opposite Banks Arcade. m24 f1 ACKEREL-35 half bblE hu " ,lackerel, for sale Sby READ & ItIARTttW, m22 67 lGreier street. LEAF LARD--III00 kegs in store, for sale by (1 DORSEY, jyl2 44 New Levee. j EN'TUCKY BAGGiINI--100 Its li sule bh HOLMES & MILLS, jyl2 Bank Alley 3 Ci) I CH BAGtlIN<i -Slps heavy Scuch luggiu A7 43 incltes wide, for satle by HOLMlES & MILLS, jyl2 Ilank Alley 1XCHANGE ON NEW YORK fornale by I LAWRENCE & LEGENIRE , jv 12 28 &29 New L.evee. NEW ltJIJKS. T HE American Democrat. or hints on the social and 1 civil relations of the United States. Ily J. Feni more Caloper. The Two Flirts; or, Adventurru it a Cotutry House; and othtr tale,, by Lady Blessing-ton, E L ulwer, Mrs Norton. Barry C-rnwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Mlcdwin, and others, in 2 vols. th'le iver anil the Desert, by Miss Pardoe, author of the City of the Sultan. The Casket of Gems, the Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with fine wood engeravings by Anderson. Just receivedad dfr sale by W AM McKEAN, jel6 car Camp and Common ats. R OSIN I)P,)S --70 bills roum d roe, landing and for al hy J T HA i El.& Co, jy 14 74 Poydras street. C AVE & SCHAFFER'S Compound Fluid Ex tract of Sarsaparilla, for the cure of atntinate eruptions of the skin; pimples or pustules of the lIlce; biles whi It arise Irom an impure state of the blood; sealy erutions; p ins it the bones; chronic rheumatism; teot, r; scrofula, or king's evil; whit, swulling; syphilitic diseases, and all disorders arising romn an impure state of the blodl, by a long residene in a hot elimate, or the injudicious use of mercury. Also,-Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syrup, or Ill. fant Preservative: the best preparation now extant. Among which are the fldlowomg:-Indian Dye, for col rctg the hair; Bear's Oil; Rnstian Bear's Grease; Pomatum; ichaw's Free,le Wash: nu. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cretam of Rosce; Vegetable Range; Otto of Rosae; Lip Salve; Kre asite Tooth Wash; Carbonic Deutrotice; Orange Flower Water; Powder Puffs an-, Boxes; Amer. t can Charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vials; P eaton Salts; Cologne; Kreosoto Tooth-achel t Dgops; Hair Brushhoe, English Dressing Co ,be. It tan Hair Oil;-with a variety of other Perfu meries, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TRINCHARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OPPFICET n4STABI.iSHEI) fr the xeceutiou of matls, gophm i and nortwiotgo, terel ;olllot' circultars, blshie.n uand aldlesen rds ofrever, deSclil tion, fitcral circlllar- oat deep mourning paper, apotheo:ry and drugtgiats'ltbeto; p batk checks, dray receipts, &e. priont.d ual executa d illc acheap and expeditions style, by the popriertor. WtL.,I.IAMI GItEENE. NB. Bank Notes nu.'Iv executed. m24 NEW IIAT STUlRE. JUST received per late arrivals front New YOlk, al Iresh an,, t'teicoablte tessrtetntrt of HATS. The subscriber would purtictlily telll the attention of the l t,,lic tlo a ty e o' b eaver htts of iat superiolll I fillish, fine texture, ric , and htilottifal lustre; also to a foe Ipltin Ituasia hat r s nolpcnror qtalitn; and also a et teootid artile oft ik Iltt, tolgtl er .ith a general a.t sertlleat tl unll'atctlu ed by itnself, explessly for this tuarket, whoulesale llld retail J W ,ItOllIN,34 Camp street. N. B City and country dealers tare iuvited tocall. PORTRAIT PAINTING. R. PAIKt R I espec I ullIt + eato as ihe public tho he will remlllln ,. shortt tlte In New Orleans tfr the turpose of plaintting portratitn. Rootols lcorlllr of Clll al S Cnalant tCars, uithe hotuse occupiedly hPal'mly & Lyuv, Delntist+, whoeltoleeimensl, of his paintitog can lie seen. Entrance in St ('lhrles street. 1l8 nI in W tOLESALE TIN WAIRE I\ANUFACTORY e O IIOCKE & CO., No. 22 Old Levee, have in . stire, ,fthteir own mInlunlature, lurge atl ex- it teneire assortmnent ol tin wlre, which tlety invite deal ers in the trade to examline; aleso 2ill Copper, Sugar a house ski mters; 2511 do. Sugar Ladles; til doz. Copper 0t sugar lamps; 7d BatI tuslb. assorted sizesi 30 gross ac assortred sized i'ofee Groighls. N. B-Roofsof buoldings covered with tine, copper Stin. Copper and till gutters put up on Inse slo rle nuotice. l, 7 ENGLISH, FRENCH AND SI'ANtant Aoua ( Ell Y. In EROFESSOI 9IORPHY,asslated by gentlemen of Ii l proper qualificuations and exp.ritce. let, aopated x n Acadeoty, ill the brick buddoing beleoging to Wit. att Irand Esq.. adjouiing the veranda to St. Charles all street, whe.e *young gentlemen, well dlaposed, will re ex teive a good education. Ilo cir. It. salicits the co-operation of his friends and - those of'education, to enable him to render this instil tution useful and permanent. a=oe2: I OTICE TO THE PUBLI .- Uliinled rumors of the undersigned having sold out, or discontinued his old and long established GARDEN SEED STORE, No 85 Coetomn house Slreelt Having been most industriously circullted by self. interested parties, the subscriber begs to assure his friends generally, and tihe public at large, that he still continues within two doors of his late, or former stand, to be furnished with a full and ex. tensive supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen or vegetable <Barden Seeds, of the growth and im. port of the present season, 1837. Since the early part of September, he has re ceived ample supplies, by the packet ships Vicks. burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in short passages, direct fron Now York. By the Missis. sippi and another packet, he is in daily expecta. tion of a supply of Fruit Trees and Asparagus Roots, having already received invoices thereof by mail. The subscriber begs further to assure the publia at large, tlhat he is st present as well enabled to meet and execute orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as he ever was since his first establislhment in January, 1822. Country Dealers and Market Gardoners' orders filled at the lowest and miost reasonable rates. by the pound weight, and gallin or bushel measure. Catalogues, cither in French or Englisl, may always be obtained on personal applilation t. usual, to WM. SMIRH, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customhouse strait, NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Sued, eitl er mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,-withl supply of peas and beans. EGRU CL')TI'HS-30 packages I indseys, her. seys. a.e., suitalle tl" negroes, fer alse by ISAAC RlI)IGE & CO, Magzline sit lFL)OUR-t-iO bbIn best quality, inmade if new wheat just landed fromt seteamei Czar, and ifor sale by L DURSEY, sept 6 44 New Levee. gI ft k'i & od il to1- saauch lmran-511 do ahirte S in stoe, for sale by C:II AIPLIN & COOPER, sep2lIG H Jiliost B AG',ING. ,011 lie loenwky itoggia L7 and for sale by LAYET & AtMELL NG, sep20 17 Commterce er. mlitflASUMt .'iTl'.-tor sal, tito day, onty I $5t0ii reasury votes and $8U0 tivieri.netiet cheeki on the Bank of America, New York in difter entsums. Ap,.ly at tlhe uice of GiEO. WIIITIIAN, sept Elxchnge Hotel. Snt Ch rld0 at e EICIIAIRDS, ITobacco and Snull nianufac, . urer, No. 277, Camn etrect, New.Orleans, wishes to inform his triends and the public in general that hie i now prepared to furnish any thing, in the above business, end has tonstantly for ale thbc ollowing articles: SNUFFS. Rose, Getnet Rolapee, M ls ey E, nglish 'la .regent, Amnricani Rappeea Natuhito.tiss, Imitatedl, American gentlemae'si Bergamot, DIlmkent Rappee. Irish Blackgiard, St. Omnr, Curaco, ' Paris, PrenYpaesbh, Half coorse ltppee, eooteh, and genhine eoth powder. I OBACCO. Fite 11t thewmg. Sweet scented or plaoa. Fine cut smoking, of atloues qotalitieo Rilt.faot Virginia, Spanish, ke. Thehboteartfales are all wrmnnted as g d ;ifnet u-. prl" to nhy thig of the kind iimportcdi; anl will be rnisled1to dealer sor the most tibealtthesn. msl 4 E, SBRALDNESS. B PEAUTIFUL hand of hair in the. grandest orsa . ment belnnoing t. the human frame. Ilew s*rnea ly the loss of it changes tthe ctunteneee,and proma f turelv Irings on the appearance of old age, which a u sea mantn to recoil at hbie ele novered. nd nsometimes even to hu.oet eto tnnid the tests and sneers of their e'queait.lance: the renmitder or their lives are con requentl spent il retiemenent. In short, tea even the Itfpreoopertt fillh the eenern s thinking tvntl with tlhet lnvv 1ikieoloom as tndo the Ioes of his hair. To avert all these unplea- ant crtetllerPmtbOldrlde' Balm o folumtthia trtppe the hair from fielling off tn the first application, and a few lottles restores it again. It likewise produces evehrows and whiskers; prevents the hair from turnine gray, makes it curl heoutifhlly, and frees it from mtcrf Numeronll certiieates l of the firl respeetability in rapport of the virtues of Oldridgag Balm, are thown hby the proprietora. [7 Renam thefollowing: Rohert Wharton, Esq. nate Manor of Philadelph has eertilr' a, mnay be seen below, to the high chara ternf he ftllowinggentlemen. The undersigned do hereby certify that weltave used the Balmt of Coltmbia di'cevered by J. Oldridre, and have fetnd it highly aerviceable not oniv as a preventive aniast the failing off of hair, but alsoa cerltain rester tive. WII.IIA M THATCHER, Senior, Methodist Minister in St George charee. No 86 North Fifth at. JOHN P r IN(LIS, 32I Ach ~lrpeet. JOHN I) 'rHItOMAs, D, 16.3 Rneet JOHN S FUREY,I l6 Spruce street. HUGH MeCllRI)Y.2l3SouthI.2d st. JOHN I3ARO,Jr, 123 Aeeh ntreet. t is known that three of tile alnovr sienre are more than 50 years of age, and the others not lesi thae 30. [Froel the Myor.}t Coemmonweatl ;if Pen,.dvlvanio. I I, Robert nWharton, Mayor oft 'saeed 'lev of 'lhiltlel. hia, doI hereby certify tlhat I ten ell acqeelinted with Messrs J P Inglia, Join Furey, and Hugle M Cnry, whosenamesatres gned to tirelaovecertifieatttlat til.e rhe gentleme of leharalter aned ren .et'SeHlilet and as alceh full credit slould le given te the aidl certrifiate. In witoreswhoreofl Iave hereunto set nlv Banl aned aused rthe seal oftle cily to be flixed, this 6th day of December, & t. tL. S.] RvBIEIoI' WHARdvTONe Mayor. ERttE that each bottle of ther (eeuile Bie n as a splendid engraved wrapper, oi w e ch is reylndy ree the Fell fNtagearao & Sol' hlesalle and retail by tl suoles aents ftr Anit rice. o2 Fletche, street, ncre aide L.ane, ane onl het ..I earl streeoftnd by emost druggileasnd perfuen rs t degh ith counltrv. tJARVIS e ANDIREWS, me9 Vhlolesale Aenes, eeew Orleans. PROSPEC'I'Us. THE aubhcriber p'opehea to pulnih, in tle hbe. ginning of the onaeag winter, a (ondensatieon c I the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Marten's Louisiana Rfpepts, to be c lmprised In feaur volmnean, Son., acnerditng to the modal of Peters' Condensed Reports. Tis work is now in preparation hy J. Burton Harrison, Erq. of this city, anoi.ted by William F. Brand, Eosq. The Editor in also plermitted by a distinguiohed retired Judge of thle Sprenlee Court, and by one ef the sittie g Judges, to expect frem their personal aeupervlion all tie. advanctalre which saoy atuerally be resped frol tceir explrience. Such a work is bhecming veery day more ne cessary, as tie origenal is vluminous, expensivne, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani. felt, in the ollther Staten of the Uniote, it reference to tihe peclinarjurisprudence of Louuaiana; ntd tie circumstantce ofi the nelcerous principles hoere tie tided in thle adjustent of conlrtfl oflae s, makes the knowledgre of our adjudtlcedl ease of primee uti. lity to the jurisat of the, whole Union. Moreuvet, tie rising repeLulio of 'l'exae has adopted our codes, and thus there is a great demane d 'or the Louisiana dceisions froneofresh qoelrter. Convenient notes, indicating tll paralleel ases decided ile Louisiana, and ocnseeue lly those eo the more autehoritativoe lorun of the other Slates, will lhe ddeod to each case. The workl will fitrnl leor volumes, royal octavo. and will le deliveredl, boendl, to subscr.betere at $6 per vol.; in cnn*e it slhoull be foundt practicable to compress it itte three ..olueeos, tle p-ice to sub seribert will lbe 97 per vol. Subecriptiuos received by WMD MeRKEAN, je5 reo Camen anld E(onlllleen ts. GEhNERi.\L Ic'USEl ciF ceOetMM e iE. This pourse is opened d every htrn ront t to 9 o'te l -k '. Mt., fir exercisineg ou tle dlilierrut lrechel ofe n. counhtbi alv. The r.iterary anld Conl' cerial Intitute foer Ollug eeentlenmen is opened fele m t e'celoek AI. h t, o5 le'cloek 1'. 3l. Halfloandlitg sclolars utlmiteet 1' A AUBERT. erp4--1838--ln NEW ORILEAN'S e'iiel F1 ERCiAL IN'IlI Pence rlrel, bilt.hee . cieau etd C'asacalho, seubb. S .1,1 riee l ee SPECI.AI, Conurre of Book Keepring. --7liP couarse of Boo, Kierplnlg oplened since several luuoethr will clusein a Ibw ri.vs. 3tatav good aeceoeetetrete, aet ,elllethln are iren ele enaen g e e.hihele ontlcei ss iC Iee Cill he the etere. c:as offered to tlee publlic eeellllege.. A Aew evenille leass w lieoe Ieeeeoeede as aton as a nf Ccrierlt nu:,'ler of sutbuCrlieres will hove l.tCtC obioned; it will close in Nouvenmer next. For gettletoen residing ill the eppet part of Ihe city, an eveni, calns, three |llltls ia peel., will he openeldl 0t the corner ofel S. Lotti and ExIttehge Place, if sub oet ipllno are receitcd. PFRED. WILKINSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPiL cr LUUISIANA , - O FFERS Itia services to Ie public i:; the depanrt nmentsol Surveig antld Civil IfEgineerig, bothh In tlwe and couttary. FrOlttec ensidcr.bleer ueriene ie tis proesfnioa, and by plroeteptlec unitl lidelite i t le - eaxecution of business eetrusted te Jlil, lie Ibtes ton berlt anld eceive a share ofpulliec peltreaee. He twll' ell so eenesure and calculate te thoeltetit (ifl walls anad excevaletls. Otiei No b (lhrtnes street, seeond story ,sac., jj e7 X11ARTIN Hl DhVELtEUX noilrs flro o , a large Squanh~l ofnluperiol Russian sheet i n, from 9 to l5oz. weit;.n Also, a quantnity of, Eiosh af eb Iron. Jusn received an assortment ofCCook, nd Porlo so te Inltetplllterns at ii, 'l'ebholito hl street RUSH'I'ON & ANPINALL'S COMPOUND TONIC MIX'I'URE.-A speedy and conlttin curo for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared Irasn the original recipe. Used with enminent and uni versnal success in 1832, by lprsn of tile Iligheast respectability in thils city, as stated i n the annexed certificates. This medicine is highly recommended, and has been extensively used in thie above diseases with such distinguished success, tllat the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present forml inl the hope ilthait t Illy be the means of relievng many of thone who are suffering under tile scourge oft ui country. It is a ioedimine possessing grettviltnu, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in tile lost obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at il ditagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomlach, and clhildren may take it with impunity. It strengthens tihe digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldomn reoullres more than onie, or in obatinlte cases, two bottles to effect a cure. T'lhere s neithellr Imercury nor arsenic inl the medicine, nor any tJinig Injurious to the human constitution. T'he proprietors are so well convinced of its nflceacy, that they agree to refund the prnce of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with tile dlrecteons and lils not effeted a perfiact cure of the lever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and mednine store, corner of BienvlHe and Chnartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. MIlI'lII, 48 Conti nt, 1TO IILN I, r HlOSE nlare premi-ea in fiirnd street; one lot Iroml .1 areoaenn ,the ifroto uillro nt In28 lfeet, by a depth 1f i lnl-the inl)pronvencs ,onsist it I a double Tralen dwolliu Ilousne endl kitchen--and thi tear lot ddoin inghas a hbickInbllldding :n in In h--dled inlltol Ire itanmens. 'he whollllle will be let on re,,ounable termla tea good tenant. A11ply to DOYLE & MAY, epI 8 n:aroedelet vt ne" C trloansn, 95 Auk., 18;18 Vf IlIS Bank is checking on Nen 'orkb at sighl. IJ- UI'1. J. PIALFIRY, aug28 Onnahire -EAl-100 sacks G(rmaln P in sltore, fr sale by SClI nlP,'I.IN i& (t0 PEI, sep2l 82 Juliane [PARKiTRT'WTtUii Y MIOUE I'al, &. J OURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond tile a Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the A B C F M, performenld in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography. go ology, climate anld produetious, and the nam es, Ianners and, uatonts of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Sam ael Parker, A M. I le River and Lie Desert or Recollections of the Rhone and thu ',hartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author ofthe City of a Si tan, &c. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tale, ' the author of Richelieu, The Gypsy, Attila; in Sn The Two Flirts; or Ad,- 'ure in a Country House, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington, E L Bulwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Casptain Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Ninklpebv edited by Bon, with Illustrations by Phi, pN. 1. Just teceived and foee ale by BENJAMIN LEVY. BAdeN SIDES. .5 Hnlls Western Bauoa ides In fine ehipning order, for sale by eAYET & AMELUNGo n oct6, 17 Cuoiomvee ,e tutiton is erected on the most improved pln, asd in an airy and moon ai rnile sftuatim, it tih faboeyI Franklin, upon the railroad, ona mile fnrot ,he Mhni sp'he building i large. and tmatereaummarhtasldivided int npartrarente for keeping ieparate dilrtent elsshe and l.flerent disease. The institution is supplied wile toe men skilful and attentive male and female nmtseas,ddslpekieg thev rious macern languages. Private roums may be had by Se del tars per day, includin, attendanea, &e. T'serms in the or'inary wards, tao dolla pei day. Slanves alson two dolluars. Small Pox in the nrdiea wards, fiee dollars All capital aurgical operatioas etra. 'the resident phyoictian s Dr Vt midetsan, to whema application for adltnissmn most be made. atto Dr CA Lunemberg, No 17 Rampart street. ap9ial |?AC . SIDES-Idhhdsbacentleeerl *d egfrom SsO boat Generul Wayne, fin . LAYET & seF Ulks 1y2 i1 Ctomne etreet. ' LOUR, WHISKEY, PORK & REEF-Id8 bhbls superfine and 152 do fine flour; 10 hole tonmon an" 46 hbls rectified whiskey; 1 hbbls mess sad 15 bbln prime pork; 2 bbl prime hbeIl the cargo of a dat boat for sale low, to cloe, hbY iAYET & AMEL'NGO. ite 1i? C.mmereestreet. TAMILY HIIAMIS-74 bblseaItaserdPi ly Hams Sof superior qualiy, landing frm. seambohet Monarch, for sale by LAYET & AMELUN.. je26 17 COmmaerae streL. ROSiN-75 hratels R n , J iW HNo Ele sy Coanti street A. ANA SEGAIMR-500,000of diffesnt in 7v_, in ste, for sale by IR SLATER & 7 RILR, aug14 40 Poydrase Mr E XCHANGE on Mobile aented by I 12 ABUAH FIsK, nugf4 B RANDY--. bible 4th proof American brandy for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & ie, sugl4d 14 Magazine streeat IAVAN A S~ GAKrS-408 bea ofpteen codeland r ling from clhr Liberty, ant 21 bags in sau for sle by SLATER TRIER, sugl4 40 Po)dras smeet. ALE 100 casks Philadelphia Ale, Abbets just received, nd Iar Ele COEN, J 0 BEIN l A COHEN, jy24 90 Commonstreet. Nw -Ortene and Usllteilse Mall Rlos Arraugeineets for runlling the cnts fromn this date.) FROM CARRon.LTON FROM NEW OgRLEANs. The lhorse carat 4o'e'hk A Sa .elneaar 7 A I tetam ear 6 do do do do B do di o do do do 1 do do 10 do do do 1 ateamenr 12 do do ateumear at do Brean eare 2 o Pat do do 5 do do do 4 do do do do 7 do do do 6 do do do do 9 de de dto 8 do do The Jsckbne street cars end l.aivette, helfrpeati o'tlock, A i. Canal atreet at b o'clock t M, and rue nine hourly at 7 o'clock. These cars will commence runnine Ceery hall hour, ad euritnue throughout the dov utntil 7 ocloaek, P M. 'Thbearrangemento fr the I.e Cotrse streat ears ethe acome h lirr Jacklnn street. '1'. sAGO CISFF E, in grass bogb-100, received Sper brig Star, iu selre, lir sale by SLAT'E R & TRIER, m72 411 Poydras street. CODE OF' , TL( E OP LOUISIINA .4. lIE 1 Subscrier has been some ltne in preparis.. and hae now very inearrly eom leed a new edi tion of tihe Code of Practice, upon a plan whlich ennot fitl to becmne rrseftl to the prnfession, in wbieh he is sedatoed I, a few if his friends, tie in tile law of some of whom dates tom the establishmean of our juodicial system, and under whose especial direction ttie matter lhai been prepared, Since the appearanoe o tile speciImen numbert oi te Civil Code, published by tMesnrs. E. Johnsla & Co.. it was thought advisable to publish the Code of Pructice in the same form, that thole who desire it, may be enabled to hind Ite two Codes together. 'lie arrangement, however, will be different. After colleeling all the decisions of the Supreme Court upon tile rule or Ipreice o llilc apply to tihe arlicles rosn toiued in thre (ole, they have Ibeen digested and plan ced under each ulnpropriate tticle, in the slinpe ofr rote; together with referellces to the salle) o thnt tha render by turning to any artlicle of the Code of Prec lice, will at once know tlhe declsion upon it. The work will also contain all thie amendments to the Code of Prtrtice. ire well s the Ihe r. ,retlaig and regulaling the City Courts of rNew Orlean, withl a ncomplete in dex to tilre rhole. ',Te oaove work will make its appearance as sorn as fl:e first of .:arch next, and bound in good substan tal cheep romu.on low binditlg, soldat six ol.LAou Ier copy. M. GREINER. nr28-Sm Atnurnre at Law A Card. ORLEA 1.8 LITHOGRAPHIIC EsTABLIIAt ME.\ T, 53 MAGAZIA 85TREET, OPPOSITE BAvK's AR.ICE. W GREENE returres his rircere thanks to Ids lfrielnds and the ilrblie of New Orlanns, for thel pntroure bestolved on hi tbor the oke t ton years, men regs leave to assure thrrn that all orders colmn:iled to Ilis charge shall e lpunctually astended to; he trill ee isal, keel) tire eficn open luting tile euiinerI. nUJ lln be nrlwr rea to ret striker lif ercillaont's cirec Iare, bu-inesciand address car sr, fulr.ral etices.maope, lans, and drawinos, of every description, at the shorlest otice; and on tle most reasonable tenr,;, Ueing annistd ihy nrtior sllslerior to any otther eetablieb ni:. in the city, and frir lone exiperienee in the litllobruphic lia, ire alels cofident of giving entir' n atis tctonn. N II Aprothecalies rnd drngglts' Inberls eet.nred ir, no gmd style as ecuplperllate egravring, and at rrn tlrird of trh expense. j n4 r Pr.ltr, 8CANDLPES--251 Ibores beet hew I serd Ssad Nantueket brands, or satle by ISAAC RIItIIGE & Co, .ee15 1I4 Mo.oninoe itre:. U r t -- oa blaoy lBosto tu I Soarp, eo J ack, , 'r . brand iow lunding Irom ship (i'oncrutiti, frern, Bloton, ar.d for sale by JOSUEPH COCKAYNI . 25 Common s leer B Rolpe, 8I Ipieces Kanrlieky Baging ih ni re rad or sale by LAWIIENC E& LEGEINDIRE sCptII 'l Bhd l9 New Lerver LJEACH BRANIDY. A felt bbs old peach b!oy Sfur sale by READ & LALtgIOW, sepli 7, Bank Ptl.r SPERM Wlhal Oil--lO0 gallona winter sperltn il lh00 gallonus unruaner oil' 80el gallons cemned what sale by WIIIt'BRIDE 4 CO. 1J30 Mlagazin. . t IRCULAIte, Circulars! Circtilars I- Mej.lerla wl Fhirg to hatve a beautiful circular lrnuel, i rt tile lsories i,icelr, .h only to eell at the orleol, I . lhogrephic tellite 63 Magazine ets opposite Bean'i i.t rle.e sep lb tIRMUOKRliOI DS. lJAY'S LINIMENT,-No Fiction,-This ."x. traordinary chemical compnsition, the nesat of science, and the invention lo a celebrated mordi cal tman, the intfodunt . n of which to the publin was invested with tile solemnity of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, fully sustaining thil correctness of the lamenntod Dr Gridley's last confession, that " he dared not die without giving to posterity the benefit of his knowledge on this subject," and he therefore b.hqueathed to Ilis friend and attendant, Soloamon Hays, the secret of his discovery, It is new used in the principal hospitals, and the private praceice in our country, first and most certainly for the cure of the Piles, and so eten sively and effectually as to baffle credulity, unless where its effects are witinessed Externally in the following eomplaints For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at once. All Swelllings-Reducing thern in a few hours, Rheumatismt-Acute or Chronse, giving quich ease. Sore Throat-By Cancers, tUlcer or Colds. Croup and Whooping Cough--Bternally, nad ever the Chest, All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a few hours, Sores and Utlcers--Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and dhildren in redue. ing rheumatin swellings, and loosening cughs and tightness of the chest by telsaation of the parts, has been surprislhg beyond eondeption. Tnhe common remark of those who have used it th the Piles, in , Itt acts like a ehrm/" TIlE PILES-The price, $1 is refunded to any person who will use a bottle of Hay's Linimeat for the Piles, and return the empty bottle without being cured. These are the positive ordets of the proprietor to the Agents: and out of many theO. sands sold, not one has been utnsueeessfnul W, might insert certifiatesa to any length, but prefer that those who sell the article, should ex hibit the eriginal to purchasers. CAUTION-None can be genuine without & splendid eirgraved wrapper, on which is my calste nd also that efthe Agents. UOLOMOR HEAYtl Sold wholesale and retail, by CUMSTOCK r. Co, New York, and by one roggist is every town in the Utnion, For sale by ths Whslesaj Agsnat. eenna of .ommnen &. Tchotpouashit htretan, ad by th Apothecaries get or.lly. sai TO OWNE.tS AND USERS OF HIOBgMu. SURGEtdT WALDGAVE'S CONDITWI POWDERS, *c. N. lK.Tb- alse be. been rntredubed into the couttry but tboet glee mo, hs,. and thb hllinushlag duhmind it hab a .'.ithb haa ebtielp eceded tbh mast esacpe hopes of .bss perietr. Neatly sll May slcbles, and a great number of bwos.s, hae seded and aIe del I rt I S t t ost ImprVa ti penshe *tee" of cthe hews . ,of eat asent e declded bai·t. A. I to tbu N41.glrisi . t ny. . B ' AR NOI'E PAIgil-J .tm orwid ia quatlikt hir lle by

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