Newspaper of True American, 8 Ekim 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 8 Ekim 1838 Page 2
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f caF NI W t)RLENR. CI.KARANC "S. Ck myerall tiWi .JJ _.~rtOorrlla n .Bar of Heondr"., en eAlteu. Enhslie t Brothes. dYL.t Mete, e,, tha, la, Oll, It htut, Mte. ARRIVALS. Towbaet Shlrk. Thoma, (r . the Pee" leht on Friday. Ith,s 9 .a. ' owed to a ship Ashr, and bri Ringladegi r wedpshpe s Bombahy aed Tiger. Ohls Anmelia, nogte, im & 8ee . Nothin, new in the river a il the oilng. 'roWhott Ridde, tio the Peaws left o. Friddyp. 11th, at 11 'ea.e t. Brought up shipOtene, brig eandolph. t-hr A "Ekliet.ii Itip Orltl.,, ee.n. 18 day. from New York.A O Amcn. Shilp Bombay. Reynolds, 44 days faom Liverpool, to 8 & I k t _ ., tekr, S day ften Larpoatl, to I I P saig Anteli, Rest. 34 deyt from Man plPratte * Ion. Brit Sept, Faster, 8 days fronm Mae,. Liardi & co. Ir EIeaa & S an . - , efro Naw York, bound foa Brig Rmlnolph, GrOnile, 9 dys from New York, viae Key Wet. Groni" A to. ehr A E Dlriscol, 7 days hla iavLnl,. R Graine t cno. Ieamer Warren. Cea,, from Coln b Cl h rksota ew ISe..r Jeiohn Lietn, Siraer, ftna Ohio Cier. COMMERCIAL. LateUg Sfatin. C ,ean.Oct ............ Wehinton, Sept ......4 S Yaork, Sept............ Cicinat Sept ........ 2 Plltdlp! dot ...........9 Lolsilie, Sept..........30 aIhtlmoe Sept .............2 Stt. Lone. Sept .........8 Iatnnt. Oct........ ... tIaerpl. Sept, ........., loustomn (Ieu) Ag .....tS Peari Sept ... .... . maoa. Bat ...... . t Lodon. Sept ........7 N ville eptu.......... 30 Il rn Sept............. - EXPORTS. LIVERPOOL-eargo: 83hele. eottoe. IMPORTS. ALAGIt-Per bai Amlie-ta-ego: tl) shal pip.. 40 hbt rad wine; 3001drums ls 42 harie Almond; 4 hale heete; US boxetenedfh; 96W dt rtisin; 3001 boxIeslemonts;790 jugteweet oil; 50 brhi elite.; 4 boee. ieahne. NEW YORK-Pear shop trian...Aonertd mereahedita. -----Pr ba h Rendolph-Aamrtd mercaaBha.disa NAVANA-Pea ehr A a. Dritsnl..913 hbae eoatee, 400 bozw sugar, 1 ctes hatl, ndt lot cigera.r RECEIPTS PRODUCE. Columbia, Ark-Par stemear Warren..I bhtlm cotton, Blrkea Wiltt & n; 78 do lambethL A TLammpeott, 33 do W Sogeart, 173 do Raeynold, Byrne cn. S do Bcknoer. Slantt .o, a40 do Nugeot & Turpit, 39 do Rahard Beche, 7 do P L ] hehr, 27 do Jame HephnRa , 4ldo Wns M eal, 9 do Prae eot. Jne co, 6 do N J Dick la o, I I do Ben a Crnehatw, 5 do A L.dalUS c, 6 dod Mortin,Pleasant A co. 58 do Lyol, Harris LA to, 9 do hoe.m Barrett, It do O Lee, 38 do BennettL, Ferridoy & to, I box r W Hopklen. Ohio River-Per stteamer John Linoeu..9I bhhl Seeor: tef. btd 4 Sogenfreay, 10 do Wi Buchnan, cotten. M White " ao. 0 do Baneder. MR.eone 4 Wright, he do I bh Sor A Ledoux A co, 3boxes dle Mr Leehi. CONSIOGNEES. Newa Yerk--Per ship Orlem..Normanteel & eo. LallyA MeoCraeken. J A Trnell, John A Merle co, Ene J Aedrewl, Ttlor A Gerdiner, trtaon S Avery. (;rantt . ro, Drake - Radoeee.t Dmeth 4l Thomps.e, Javni Andrewn. Yorke& Brothers, J Crohby. H O Antes, Thrng, reant an o. Burk., Wett & co. W Dinn, J t;iley. Ytantmn & ca, BrowS n & co, S Dunlandl, H & PHopktin., Lebadle Jacquline, tarkeay A Whittlnghaoa, tiaerr Shen.oe a nro.Rirmh,e Abtlrouthy " llntlli, t A Hall, N J Disk & co, elloeq A DellnlaC. J Delaonlue. Follee & Bellacq, Benj Levy. Colt a eO, Lyone, Harrs co n o.I Etet ant, Hudson, Englih, J L Doungherty, Plan } Bro, Godfreyla llone.smo 4. C. Rrauder, MKenna. Wright. Bass } Hawthorne, Boerd " Bioane. Eartit. Pleieante A co, I O Ames, J C Weaner oe, C HeStre; Glovetr c.a, Hyde, liomstock Ion, Wm MNrRean. Wood, Sitnott • to, A Caruthets, Tools & Barnett, J A Merle t& eo, Prescott, Jonae It co, ReaynoMs. Byrne A e; GO Sa, Rbee & co. Walton & Knlp; J B Field S OGlpile. R Glitoin 4 co, J W Qirk, nI CCassn;ock 4rc, Roult & Eco, tlutai and Hugh .VWhitoey, Mann and n.o, ellon and no. Coolidge ald Plumpton, A Green nld en. Dimlo and J Cnrlies and co, Petre and Millard, Jlihardo.,WV Wood, n Lockensadne. J C W er and aen, Whlting aod ler k. Lnvy tnd Itch, Thoma. Connelly, Capl d leri . F P d J Fergutlre. VignieO an.d e, Armlted and pring, S and J P Whitnen. Paimei nmd Jo etton, Pe.t and North, J B MIttin, Mlorgan'tud Eno, L Lt e and no, l. P Trunmten nd n, W At Ryu, JIo Bellow jr, Jolly aid SIque O D Elan,L Clittendea mad order. PASSENGERS. Naw York-Per iship Oratent..M E MMastetr and I.dy, and 2 elttater. r Typhunn, ldy and child, Mr. Cn, M Splring,. and r Dai.-k--:.,a ii the teernge. ColUldIn, Ark.--Dr Coondl'l, IJ King 0 Pe.bure. D Pisher, T Wird, . A Turner. D T Lillie. A Boner, I YVckers. Wi ItncKnight. A Laiinel, and A Bumler. Ohio River-Per steamer John Linton..Moalr Allinel, Curly, lotng & leoy. Mstnpln. Nolin. irkner; Ilawth,. rn, Austin. Leretl;ao. (l;areia, McConnell. Caent. RIhryhart. .WVheiar. Epenhain. Solomoan, Molal, Mrs Sheal, Widells. Canlil. Robertln., Devl, Allain, Btaen, Duane, Hopkles, De plict..35on derk. Per ship Tner--Mre Lenrenten and daughter. Per blring :~lot--J t Morally, Dnll R C Aatigee,. Donat P Doncnra Josen Oloner. Mr nV;irla. Per hrlg Ameli--P Dayme, (iilaer. Jose Mriguet. Jose Dives, I i;en, liroea. Ivan, JoIe Antonio Gozalem , V.,lale tiny Rivi-a, Donn Marie Angledn. Dolla JoRoann bui. Don Slarue tn Ie(ilafml, Ilonl Anno Qreay, Dena ltgdalina Ca mel, Dona MIolina BIuealn. MEMORANDA. Sept 20ll, Steamer Gov Dodge hbound down from, t .t.aie struck n be,.us onde ina, lead of ilalnd e1, ceart prierip.Ily lost. Oct I. lGe (ollier eground at island 41, bouuJ down; met Crroll Oct in Bdcher'i Bnand. Newa York, t2311; Sept. cl'd ship Sratota. Hlnthiwty, far New Orleans. At LLvrlano'; the Sidllea, Cownae and George. Dnavis o the 2L d; Cheovelier, Kn:nny, Creolae, T''racy. At, TAt les, " U th 23d. FEOdI-WEEKLY REPORTOF MARKETS. Wednesday. P. M. COPFEE--Tere is no demand for export: hat an iTere. dll one for home consumption. Salel of 150Lbheg Brazil II to 13 cte. CO'IION.-The nacauntt by the Grant Western left the Liverpool malket firm, but witholnt improvmet.t. At Ilvre prices hbd gone up two centimee. Ta tnewt hOt prodnced no effect hare;prieos atrthe same, and but a Inodaret, huti. mess h:ls beenl done. say 000 hales in three days, ranging from a to 1I, and some very nie at 16 lanlts. FI.OUR.-Owilg t heteors but little wa. d. he. Some mall sales nof western anti of Howard street, at $9. Holden nppar very nira at t9. Rye our3 350; Corn maellI 450. GRAIN.-NO wheat at market, salet eac. Saturday and tine the new ofthe Great. Westera, of 5(0 North LCarolin and Virgi;ie lntdollar.. 3001) Maryland it 196I, and 5000O Yorkh river to arire t 139I. No nise .f Foreign. Rye hni come in very paelingly, esales of about 5e n bushels at i 111; Corn bhn reaedod to 00 cel.ts, et which tarlts eslea hvebee mado., nonenaw here. Oit. Northern 50o cent. LEAD.-IOO0 pigsnsoldnt eutsand 9000 pig t rate t not yet tranpired. MOLASSES-The tupplies aontiue very limited, sales of 58 hhda Porto Rico, 404 to 41t conit. SUGARS--Are in steady raque.t, but no change in price. LEMONS-25 boxes Lemons in good orde and for sole by RI.AD 4 BARSTOW, oct8 7 Bank Place DICKI.ES, Currie Powder, &c.-A small invoice justreceied and for sale by READ & BARSTCW, nets 7 Bank Place ANNUALS PFR 1839. HE GIFT: a Chrintmas and New Year's Present. for 1839; Edited by Miss leslie. The Violet, a Christmas and New Year's gift, and Birth Day preentl, for 1613; Edited by Misa I elie. Go A-head!! Tbh Cronkelt Alhanaac r 1839. con ':nlng adventures, exploit., spres. and asrepee in tbh tWest, life and Innners in the backrwoode The American Camic Almanae for 1839, with whims, serops and oddities, from the land of Johnny Boll, Brother Jonathan and Monsier Nongtangpnw. The People'a Almanac of Unelul and Entertaining Kncu ledge, for 1839, just received and for esale by WM MeKEAN, oco8 cor Camp and Common at HITE .EAD-200 kegs sperior No , White Lead in store, and for sale by JARVIS & ANDREW4, nets cor Common & Tehopitouloa at B 7 A .TEl--A woman to takche charge of two cil Y dren; one who is willing to travel, a middle a ged woman either American. Eanlieh or Scotch world be pr -ferred. None need apply without the beat reafr enne". Apply at the office of the 'rue American. octs BOY WANTED. F 11O hits n boy from 1_ to 16 yearn of age, to work in 1 0 Prlting Office and book bindery; on good on. a permanent sitnation can be had by applIvng to DAVID'FEIT & CO, notR 24 Chartres at SAlIT--78 bdage eavy and coarse Bonaire Salt, landling from ship Paugus for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, oct8 134 Magznine at FPANNElK' UL.-35 barrels Tanner's Oil, i6 store and for alne by WHITRIDGE & CO, ncts 76 Magazine at . ·ElING--57 cases leached and brown Sbeet A7 ing, focr uale by WHITRIDGE & CO, oct8 "g Magazine at TiltiE subscriber offers for sale: .L 500 boxes Sperm Candle.; 75 Judd's patent do; 110 " Tallow do; 750 " NoUt & Extra Soap; 40 bbln Refined Whale Oil; . 10 caskb Sperm oil; 200 boxes manafactured Tobacco; 120 booes Toas; 785 bngs Ihavy and cnarse Bonaire Salt; 80 bbla 4th proof American Brandy; 200 kegs Boston Nails, 5 setts"Strees" patent Balances; 310 loil Bale Repe; 0,1000 galnny bags, assorted ainec; 200 cnues bOots, sboes, brogan., 4'e. 50 canse seasonable clothing; 11]0 bales, counietlni of Lindnevr, Kerceys, Lowell cottons, Ctteonde- Sheetings, Sbilttia, Backings, Ieltings, PItine and Sattinets; also, Umbrel. hIa, Ink andPlaying Cards. ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. Oet8 r14 Magazine st COPPERAS-.S bblo in store and for sale b U 1110 ORSEY, actS 4 New Lenve LINSEED OIL in store and for alle bye oct8 44 New Levee ED BEANS-60 sacks in store and for sale by G DORSEY, Onet 44 New Levee BACON IDE--40 cak~ euperior Cincinnaii e.J d, in atneore and for sal by G DORSEVY, Oct8 44 New Levee. N'AILS-80 kegsn oston Nails, for sale low in close a con ETSON & AVERY, dG RDAtiE-Tarred Cr.dage and Mailla Rope as sorted nines, fore nato b STETSON & AVERY, act8 88 Gravier at TVoUBY BLACK-2 bemrels, for sale by .I STETSON & AVERY. ct SO Greavier strets. S ARN--t I Brels of a sapeior.rtiti K- ak reced and for ele bv WINSTON & SIHALL, sapl5 7 ront Levee THIIE I'RUI AMERICAN. ]nlITED " ,jeinw a1ssIgN. AlIWaUL AND SBOLD. .' t* 1" OR IF ANa1t MON IOA 1 ......... ... OCTOBER 8. 1838 The Express Madtl arrived yesterday afternoon hringing three mails up to the 28th from New. York. The most interesting news is the resigna. tion of the Earl of Durham as Viceroy of Canada. The particular of which will be found below. We are compelled by a press of other matter to omit a reply we have written to the Bee's arti* cle on Mr. Clay. It is merely delayed, not for gotten. A vessel at Key Weat, from Neshau, N. P. brings information that the gulf stream is full of wrecks and disabled vessels, and that many of the latter were for that port. A passenger by the same craft states that he was acquainted with a boarding house in that place, where were uenaty-fl sea cap. tains, all of whose vessels had suffered during the late gale. The suit of Ertaberger vs.S. & M. Allen & f'a, for the recoveryof a draft tl$8000, which they ob tained from him by what some people would call swinoling, was tried in New York on the 25th ult. before Judge Ingraham of the Court of Common Pleas. The ease was this in a few words, the Allena imposed upon Ettaberger jr. Stonington stock worth 4C dollars, instead of Boston and Providence worth 93. Mesers. Allen for this transaction was previously indicted at the sessions, but acquitted. In the present case, the Praintiff was non suited, on the ground that he, was incompetent to main. tain the action, being an action for lert, the right in which laid in the Plaintif's father and could not bhe transferred from him to any ether individual. The Court sustained the posirtin. Georgia.-There is no mistake in the Georgia elections. The government party has been sig. nally defeated in all places hitherto heard from. From Edingsville, S C. we learn that the crop of cotton will not exceed the last more than from 10 to 15 per cent. From Beaufort and Graham,* ville the accounts are more gloomy. THE FIRE AT CARROLTON. About 2 o'clocl. yesterday morning, a fire woes observed by the watchman around the stationary engine in the fnctory attached to the car house of the Rail Road Company at Carrolton, which Irhe endeavoured to extinguish, and having, as he thought, sufficiently subdued the flames proceed ed to woke up the hands engaged in the works. While he was absent, the fire by communicating with the wood, saturated with oil, around the engine got so far ahead that on the arrival of assistance it was found impossible to stop the progress of the flames, and the whole of the large premises opposite the Hotel were consumed. They consisted of the large and valuable factory at, tached to the Road and where so vast a quantity of labor of every sort connected with it was per. forned. In this the fine stationary engine, the singularly excellent turning lathe for iron work, the ortlinal English locomotive, the vast quan. itry of ttol,, and other valuable property connec ted with Ihe works were entirely destroyed. Retween 40 and 50 ears, some most valuable, with 3 tenders to the locomotives, were burned to asher, antid another engine, beyond the ene above mentioned, very seriously injured The barroom, the billiard tables, and every thing attached to the Depot on the right of the road, were utterly consumed Insurance had been effeeted on the whole amount, save only about 65 or 70 thousand dolare, but the loss of the tools, imported nsa chinery, and other matters, that cannot be rreplac. ed for a long time renders this calamity of very seriots import. By the activity of the persons empl, yed ohutr the premises a considerable number of the ears, and the principal part of the locomotive engines, were saved, and Ihough this former scene of industry and bustle presented an extended aspect of black, charred, and gloomy desolation, the train of cuar continued to run all yesterday as though nothing had happened. The poleier of Insurance were effected in the Mer. chants, State, and Orleans otnpanies. (l- The Picayune, in replying to the charge of living on borrowed jokes, says it has lever read Joe Miller's jest book; and ergo, it the stories of the two happened to be the same, the modern Joe is not chargeable with plagiarism on the old Joe's jokes. Now, in this very excuse, there is as little originttality as in the quoted jokes themselves, for Sheridan has it a little before the Picayune. DANGLE.".--thiee is something like it is Othelo. Peerr.-Gad, new poa paet ae in wd oa't, I blieve tiere ia: but tht'of no nsseunrsee;--luttat ca be said id tIat too peopleto hnppened to hit apos the smat ough.Lr. sd 8oakupearre me aos of itjtret, tIAt's oil.' So with Jie Miller, and the Picayune: but the parallel between the two does not terminate here. Tradition says-for though Joe was a great man, in his way, he is as little known to history, as the Picayune will he remembered one month after dte-that Joe Miller never was known to alter a joke in all his life, and it was on account of this his known stulidity, that his wageish friends called every hackneyed story of the day tone of Joe Miller's jokes." Thus, too, it is with the poor Picayune. Void of all wit itself, it hasun established a reputation for fun on the jokes ofother people. No worn out jest, is so thread hare but that the Picayune will clothe it in some other, if not fresher garb; and by giving it an editorial place, fanny to one will detect the long discarded runaway. Thus does it daily deck itself in other's plumes, until at lust it inso puffed up withll its own seru:. ting, it at length begins to think, like the Jack. daw in the fable, that the tail is really its own. When we read that kindly warning of our litth, busy, neighbor-"have a care, friend, have a care,"-we must confess we did not fully appre ciate his magnanimity! we did not think how powerful a pen was pointed against us, or what a terrible lashing was in store. But the threatening bubble has burst over our denvted head, and no thing now remains to be seen but a little trashy soap suds. To tell an old Joe Miller joke, ts one thing: to bandy Wits with neighbor's, is another. The Jackdaw might strut unhindered midst a flock of admiring geese, but he is as silly as they, if in the vain desire to and write another down an Ass, he plecks a leather from his plume, and proves the whole a cheat. "Repair Utywilt, good youth, or ti will fall "To cureless turn." WVar! Wary Woar-lf that excellent apherism of the sage---in peace prepare for war"--were ever saited to guide a people who would still be free it is now. Who that has looked cn the long continued calm in the pohltical atmosphere abroad would suppose a storm so rear as we find it by the following occurrence narrated in a police report in   New York paper? We all have read how often causes "t light as air" have plunged whole nations into desolating contest in the olden times, but in the nineteenth centary we confess we were un. prepared for a war between France and the United States from what, to a common eye, may appear so trivial. .dretd ofJlonsieur De La Fleehell.--This gen. tleman yesterday made his appearance in' the Court of Sessions, and having delivered himself up, was held to bail by the Recorder, In $5000, which he st once procured, and was discharged. To show the importance which this gentleman f attaches to himself, we will mention the facts con. I nested with his arrest. Officers A M G Smith and and G F Hays havtng the warrant against him, proceeded to his euontry seat at Woodbridge, N J. Having of course, ap authority to take him in that State, they weat toe magisratn and made affida vit that he was a fugitive ffom this plate, and aupn this a warrant was granted for his arrest. The .earies then went to his country seat, where they found him in a field, and on explaining the nature of their business to him, he declared he would not go, and threatened to blow oat the brains of the firtat man that Ilads hand upon him. He was then told that he had the choice of coming to their oflice eo answer the charge, or of being arrested there, and detained until a requisition could he procured for him, from Goay Marcy He demurred however to both these courser, and made this remark, '' La France got all Algiers for one slap in de face, and L. France will get dis country for disn." The officers returned to the city and had made out yes terday the necessary papers to be presented to Gov Marey, when M D La Fleellelle appeared, and as stated, gave himself up. In the Police rffice he remarked to the officer to whom he had previously spoken, as to the probable dreadful consequences which would ensue to this country for arresting him, ' You remember vat I said yesterday. Veil, you shall sre." We only mention these facts to put the citizens of the United States upon their guard against any sudden attack from s La France." The news from the North is not of any material interest. One Smith was killed bya fall in Falls. town, Pa. A soldier, of the U. Army, was robbhhed of a dollar and a half in New York, by John Davis. A bulack follow named Francis Prince was com mitted for violating a fine little white girl, 8 years old, and diseasing her. We trust the wretch will hang as high as Haman. Joe Smith, the Mor mon, it appears has followers in Brooklyn, L. I. The Commissioners are quietly running the line between Maine and New Brunswick. James Watson Wehb was arrested and thrown into prions in Eneland on a debt owing by him in New York. It appears that the process passed throungh the hands of John Van Buren who swore to hts identity, and other necessary milders. The Common Council, of New York have resol ved to advance $5000 towards the establishment of an Ice steamboat, for the purpose of towing ves sels into the harbnur st seasons when the ire pre. wants ordinary steamboats from performing that service. Flour has fallen in conseqnence of the news from England, eand Southern Exchange had declined, but it was thought the loans effected for Tennes see, and Alabama would tend to restore it to its former promising condition. Private letter, from Europe estare that the new stenmer'Britirh Queen' will depart for New York between the 20th of the present month. and the 5th of the next. The "President,' now building by the same rompnny as the Great Western and the British Queen, in of 2000 tons burthen. She will he finished by tlxt summer. It appears that the Great Western brought no less than 6550 letters from England the postageof which is $1637 The packet ship Poland had on board 2000, and thus every day whileit incroases the quantity of conveyances, adds also to the number of passengers, and the profits of the various voyagee. We learn from the New York 'Sun' that the celebrated Joseph Bonfanti, long known as a store keeper of distinetion in Ilroadway, mret his death on thetOth Sept. from walkingout of his window on the 3rd floor of Palmno's Hotel while in a state of somnambulism. The Eastern Rail Rfoad is completed from Bus ton toSslem. In the 22 days it had been opened tip to the 26th ult. the nnmber of passengers car' ried was 2467, and the receipts $9379. John B. Henderson has been found guilty of forging Treasury Notes, and sentenced to ten years imprstenment and $50 fine. The steam Irtlare "Fulton" has sailed from Alexandria for No'rfolk. Capt. Charles W. Skin. nor commands her. Edwin Forrest is now in Boston. "The Cincinnatian" is defunct. ly- Inn trrtling rtce,2 mile heats in New York, Empress beat Polly Ray two straight heats in 5 46 and 5 47. Another mare called Gray Squirrel was "no where." The Simpson~ Benefit In New York on the 27th Sept. seems to have been a very brilliant affal . All the Stars in the North gave their assistance, and the charming Ellen Tree spoke the address written by Epes Sargent, Esq. sub editor of the Mirror. Whin .Meetin. -A orent W hio m,.linn tannk Whig Meeting -A great Whig meeting took place in New York on the 27th Sept. to receive the report no the delegates sent to the wlig cnnven lion at Utica on the 12th Sept. to nominate candi dates for Govenrnr, and Lieutenant Governor in place of the present incumhent. The Masonic Hall was crowded to overflowinge and James Bu.rman Esq. was called to the chair, supported by 17 Vice Presidents, and 4 Secretaries. The reading of the report by Mr. Charles Starr 'eas listened to with the most excited feeling, and the utmost unanimity, and the warmest applause at. tended the announcement of WM.II SEWARD Of Cayuga Co. Jar Governor: and LUTHER BRADIS I Of Franklin Co for Lieutetdnnt Governor. Texa.--An authorized denial has been pohlish ed In the Courier atnd Equtrer to the statement made some time since by thle "St-.r" that Governor Cass had refused to introduce to the King of the French, General Hlendlerson the 'l'exian Minister, which act of counresv was performed by Lohd Granville, the Brltish Amlassador. IMPORTANT FROM CANADA. RElIGNATIotN or LonD DICRHAM - 'e pt'pv from the Commlll reil if It al evenliti,. the pntaerript of a letter from Qittlehe, tdnted lSltrdav ,vent'i.oer h 2Sd instant, hby w.hiill i lIt h,. (perceiv.I( ,in, 1,he osvernor wg neral ihat puhlliclyn otrnuie I his de e rmination to resign ias offitalt inlorlman i,tn of the late proreerlinge in lnt ose of ,ords, relative to his metsutrer, ishtll have reThlt.d 'im.t We regret bhat we have no elnc~ f . r the .tltre letter, which is ,t consi erolil. interset'. L ni Durh m has endouhtedl.l dine moth to tranquil. line the Canlias ; and as lie Ivcaoie hel.t"r ne quainied with the chraectir aid tittot, of rthe Irelne he was appointed to ,overn was preparing to effect inore permtnent and immense coed The substitottaln of a stranger in his place at such a juncture cannot hut be productive io great emtbar rasrmtent, if nt ofl more seritoul evils. Whatever course his lordship might have 'ursued, tiretnm stances have clearly shown that he coull not have escaped censure, since the Canadian lovnlists have been shoausing him for too much leniency, at the very time when a majority ,of his own ordi.r in En gland were condemning him for undue severity. HIGHnLY IMPORTA T-As I predicted the Earl of Durham has avowed his determination to re sign his adinoniatration, and leave the eountry immedistely in his receipt of the official proceed. ings of the British Parliament. This day, at half past 3 o'clock,he met by ap. pointment the delegates from the lower pro vinlces. The Hon., Mr. Johnston, of Halifax, acted as chairman of the delegates, and on their, behalf read the address. After the answer had been given to the dele gates, Lord Durham spoke to them in the most impre'sive manner for some ten minutes, express ing his sentiments more fully than he had done in his written answer. IHe thanked them for their promptness in complying with his invita lion to meet him, foi the purpose of consulting on the welfare of the several provinces. He was happy to find that but oine sentiment prevailed a determination neter to beseparated from Eng. fond-the home of their fathers. His lordship said that amid all the perple ities which had sur roended him, lle lihd rountd consolation and plea. aure, in looking forward to the prospects of a settlement of the many dificulties which presena ted themselves at almost every step. Tihe cal ling together the delegates front the lower prov tnces was a subject oan which he had bestowed a good deal of thought, and he had entertained hopes that some plan cold hbe adopted which would benefit each province, and alrengthen the bonds of the whole, thereby shedding it lnstre on that country which of all others might he son. sidered the glory of the world. His excellency remarked that difficulties might have presented themselves in the arrangement of a union, but he assured the delegates that his great object woeld have been the good of the whole, and not particua aIrly that of the Canadas. Lord Durham then alluded to the Canada. raid they were imperfectly known by those at tome. He knew very little about them while in England. It had been his aim and the dearest ob ect of his wishes, to be able to inform her iajes ty that her possessions in British Ameriea might be considered one of tlte richest go.,ts of her do miieione-that the entire population were in a per fect state of harmony and friendship, and that each party was striving which could most promote the good of the whole. As a moment when he was about to complete those plans which had been maturing, party spirit had interposed her withering hand, and blasted all his hopes for the welfare of the Canadas. He could not, he did not wish to conceal from the gentlemen present, that the recent intelhlgence from England, although nntofficial to him, had mode a very deep impression on hie mind. Oppo sition from Lord Brougham, anti from those set ing wi'h him,was no more than what he might expect, bitt he was compelled to say that he had been put down-sacrificeed by his Iriendsl-those whose duty it was to stand forth in his defence,.at a period when his political enemies were using their utmost energies to destroy him. [Here his lordship was so overcotme, that he had to retire to a distant part of the room.] Returning, he offered an apology, but none was needed, for every one present had partaken of the samen feeling that had evereome his lordship. He continued:-lt was, he said,the duty of her majesty's ministers to sup. port hirm in the hour of persecution, and not to join with his bitter foes in striking at his head. Deprived of all ability to do any thing for Cana da, it would be of no use for him to remain longer in the country, and he should leave it as seen as he received the official account of the parliamen. tary doings. It was his intention to be on his way for England by the 10th of October. He then took an affectionate farewell of all the delegates. Yesterday and to-day a large number of highly respectable persono called at the castle, and left their names to an address praying his excellency to remain in charge of the government at suis critical juncture. MONTREAL, Sep. 23thl, 1838 I have returned to thia city, and brought with ie the first intelligence of the determination of his excellency to relinquish the government of this country. As might be expected, there is a great excitement among the people. NEW YORK, Sept 27. MONEY MARKEI'-CITY NEWS. We mentioned a few days since, that the Bank of th ,United States was oruanized, and shou t ro go into operation. We have received the tillowi g note by which it will be seen, the fat is . flicially announced, ano that the Piank will ipin this lay. To IAt Editors of the New York Daily Express. The luant of tie United Stares in New Y,,rk will be opened for depneaiors, and the transactlio of business generally, on Thursday (this day) the t71r Instaitt, at the tiaual hour This Banking house is st the corner of Wall slid Hanover sirees. Tic discount days are Wednesdays and Sotuidloys. W. ROBINSON, Piesident. T II YOUNG, Cashier. It will be seen that the lisecount days wilt be tin Wednesdays and Stturdavs. 'There are no dlrec. tore given, and astheeiao irr must neeessarily flr a time be unacquainted with the standing and reponsibility of iur imerthants,-all tlhe duty Il disclounting paper must fall prittncipally ott Mr. Robineon tlhe President It is not stated wheiber this is,or not, the Bank subscribed for by Messrs Griswold and Alsotp, nl. though it hears the same namte, nor do thle public care The impression is from the affairs announced that it has effiBiaenyeoonnection with tle bank of the same name in Pltilldelphlt, it enjoy a large capital. The merchants here want factlities, par ticularly in the negotiation of domeeaic bills; and if this institution should deal largely in this des. criptson of paper, it will be of immenso advantage to the public at large. It will be soutirce of great satisfaetion to almost every one, if the Brent necessaries of life, flour and bread stuffs, should fall in price. The multitude are benefitted by mtderate, if not reduced prieea a e fear, however, that flour will not decline very much at present; for notwithstanding the favor. able weather in Engluand, orders have been receiv. ed in this city by the Grant Western for the purchase and shipment of flour, at $8 5)0, and even $9a barrel. This has been an unusually rtempestulous day, all outdoor business susepnded, and the exchange but very thinly attended. Stocks are very mutch depressed. Some descriptions of fancies atre two per cent lower than yeasertay. The flour market is very fine, nothing can be had below nine dollars. A correspondent at Boston, among other things, writes: l'The Ohio will be ready for sea in a short time. Her top-gatllant masts were sent up ti-day--she makes a imost noble appearance, and does honor to New York by her beautiful mod el. II is expected she will leave here for New York to takeon board her armament, and from thence to sea, on a cruise to the lMediterranean." General Jalmes linmilton,agent of the Louisville, Citcinnati anti Charles-o Iilronad C.panyi, hiss it is stated, negtottared loan of $2,000,000 with the house of John Horsely Pulmers, Ite govern or if the Bank of England. Intelligence places Ibeyond contingency, the noble enterprise for tile execution of which this company was formtd. Fourth Reeiment Loutstarna JMililtao. NOTICE Tr) ALL WVHOi IT MAY CONCERN. FI 11E Mililia Iaw of the 12th Fenluary, 1813, de. clares that "every ceriialo nled oaicer of infan try, wose duty shall require him to serve on foot, slnll be armed with a sliralle sword; atdlevery officer wh sea duly req.ires him to be nmouted on horseback, shall be arle I with a sword and a pair ofpistols; every non. connlissioned officer and private of the inltantry shall constantly keop hnnself provided with a good musket or gull, a sulticient bayonet a d belt, a knansack, two spare flints, a cartrige box or pouchl, with a box there in to contain not less than twenty-four cartrires suited to the bore If his musket or gun; or with a good lile, knapsack, flints. shot pouch, powder horn, twenty all suited to the bore ofhia rifle, and a quarter of a pound of powder-and shall appear so armied unl accoutred end provided whenaver called out, except that when ever called out to exere to aily, he may appear without knnpsaek,or ncartridges loaded with balls: Provided, that the arms and aecoutremnenta of"a mlilit a man shll ,e free from ntieure, arrest, and shall not be alienated in any manner whatever for debts or otherwise: and pr.e eviled, also, that whenever a militiaman shall make it appear to the satisfaction of the regimental court ol'as ssaameit that he has not the means of providing hnm selfin the manneranorennirl, and shall have obtained a certilicate t that effect, signed by tile president of said court, tl shall he exemnlle.l from tile fine and armed at the expense of the State." The third section of the act of 1834, for the oreaniza tiont and disciplining of the militia of the State of Lou isiana, declares: "'That every person subject to militia duty, who shall refuse rl neglect to attend any battalion, company or special muster, or who allahl refuse to i ,ey any order or orders givenby any olfi.ser, having the right to five such orderi or orders; or who shall rease or neglect to comply with any part of ti militia laws now itl force such peron orperrsons, for ach atd every offenea, if resident of the parish of New Orleans, shall be fined TEN dol,lars, and in default thereof, shall be imprison ed 24 hours at the expense otf the Stlor; and if residing in any of the other perishes, .ach person or persona shell be. fined FIVE dollars, :rod nu default there.f, shall be ilnpresone l twenty-four hours." The tmilitia law will be filly enforeed in ths insitance, and on all future occasions of the kind. To avoid as mutch as possible unne'ersarv trouble and expense to all persons susmle to Iilitia ,llty, who r Ftred or neglected to etmply with the military laws of the slate on the 36th d ty af lept. last, at tile review and sutpectin of the th itleicent L. 11 on Lafavette Square, every delinluent is respectliullv requrte;d t, call at my otfice within tl ,nais from tile datIe on this notice, herween the hours of 12 and 2 o'clock, A M ald settle his fine or It .ke his excuse. Ant m. e terofa fire or voluntrer company, wh, may lave been iativertantlvenrolled and notiliedto dl militia duty in the 4th Regitment on the 2tith of last mlonth, will confer a particular favor and save himself from being troubled and pperplexed, by informing me of the fact, within ten days, eitherer vrblly or addressing Snotte; ant alol any other persons who nmay have been enrolledl and notifiedl, anld not being liable to militia du ty. The object of this notice is to give every delin quent the opportunity ofsettlitt Ini line or ntakine his excses, or giving his reasoas why he should not he fi ad accordin to, law, therebhy aviding tile dinsaraeabhle necessity of legal proceedings against himt on the part of ths State. It is hoped thatevery person concerned will duly consider this matter, and promptly comply with thle a. bove reqrest. bov r petfully, JAS H DAKIN, oeth--10tt AtIj 4th Regiment, L. M. Office of tIe office of Dakin & Dakin, Architects, Merchant's Exchange, Bank Place. CL .EAR PoRK-'O ba-r Tels learf pork in store and for sale by LAYET 8r AMELUNG, apt 17 Cottmterce street. R EFINEI) WIHAL.E Oil.. 4.c--50 barrels Ney; Iledford refined Whale Oil of superior quslltw 12 casks New Bedford winter oil, warranted pure, not landing from barque Henrv, from Horton, fair sale by JOSEPH COCKAVNE, Oct2 25 Gravier st O IIS, StOAP, &c.--Winter bleached Sp er Oil; Fall bleachel Sperm Oil, a pure article. No. 1 and 2, Soap of Valentine and other brands-Judd'e Pa. tent Spert Candles, and a small lot of Spanish Princi. pe Segars of superior quality, in store and for sole by S G BLANCIHARI), Oct2 33 Gravier at T OIACCO-20t0 hoxes mRanufactured tobacco, 8s, 12s, anti pound lu pas, of various brands and qua lities, for astc by sepl5 ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine st B UTTER. 80 kets Western Butter in store, and will soldby AYET & AMELUNG, sep20 17 Commerce st. U MBIELLAS-6 Muanta Umbrellas, landing fromt ship Mlississippi. for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & co, Oct2 134 Magazine st. /CLARET WVINE-100 boxa latea La Fitte, J 300 boxes M1edoc, a good article, fiar sale by WINSTON & SHAIL, sept25 7 Front Levee FLOUR-I100 bbls Iresh Flour, for sale by 3- G DORSEY, net3 44 New Leavee I SRYS-50 bales Lowell Lins ys, wove sad -4 Ilain.of assorted colors both narrow and wride in store, and for sale by STETSON 4 AVERY, est4 88 Gravier at HISKEY-50 bils in store, for sale by ang'l Gi DOORSEY, II New Levee. '.--J. ----~ mm ~~~mnm St. Charles Theatre. EIGHTH NIGHT OF THIE SEASON. TWO NEW PIECES. This Eveeing, October 8th, 1838, Will be performed the laughable larce of the BORROWED FEATHERS. Sir Irederick, Mr. Burke, Tom Tray S. Cowell. Lucv Lavender, Mrs. Plumer, Ruamonod, Thielman, After which the petite opera of WHY DON'T SHE MARRYt Nato Tihek Mr. S. Cowell, Man, Page, Liiette, Mad. Thielman. Two Overtures, and the National Airs. Grand Pas Seul, Mad's Ravennot. The performance will conclude with the musical En. tertainment called Crosesing the Line. Wouverman Von Broom. Mr. 8. Cowell, Wouter, Plumer, Pomona, Mad. Thielman, OCt8 GOLD LEAF. TO SOUTHERN & WESTERN MERCHANTS. HE Subscriber takes this opportunity of inform. ing his Iriends and customers, that he still con tisues to mattulacture tile following named artieles; Gold and Silver Leaf, Gold and Tin Foil Bronzes,,&c., and warrants them superior to any manufactured in the United States. WILLIAM BRADY, No. 10 South Fifth at., Philadelphia. I]PAII orders thankfully received and punctually attended to. The 'Courier' Charleston, S C. 'The True Ameri can' Newt srleans,and 'vWhig' Cincinnati, Ohio, will please insert the above 6 times, and senti their bills to the office of the 'National Union,' Philadelphia, with papers containing the advertisement. oct--6t ODFISH-.500 hoxes white and dry Codfish, for sale by ISAAC ItRIDGE & CO., oct5 134 Magazine at B ROWN SHER:TIN2GS & Shir ing-100 l ales comprising a general assortment of 3-4the, 7.-tho and 4 4 Shirtings and Sheetings, in store and for sale by STETSON & AVERY, aug25 88 Gravier st TO RENT. HE four story fire proof hrick store in Camp street, at present occupiedl by Messrs. A H Wallace & Co. The three story brick storeat the corner of Rant Al-. ley and Nat:hez street, at present occupied by Messrs. Heath & Co.; the third st ry being fitted for a bed room. Also, the 3rd story of the brick store in Bank Alley, 4tht dor from t1te last named-the 2nd and 3d stories being well fitted up. Possession to be given on the I st November nextl oct5-tf CHAS. A IAC(tBS. OIK-24l hbls mess; 25 bbl eaer; 12 bbls soft P cleao; 80 bbls soft mose; 30 bbls shoulders; 20 bble M O Pork in store, and for saleby LAYET & AMELUNG, ect5 17 Commercest LOUR-50 bbl ap erfine, i20 bbls fine hour new Fwheat in sltoe and,. h,.te eby LAYET & AMELUNG, oct5 17 Commercr e. ARDI)-440 Kers Prime, Leaf Lard in stre and sale by LAYET c 'a %1LI.UNti. oct5 17 C ,mt. ere et TEN DOLLARS REWARD. chine shop, a grille man, named JOHN BULL, aged about thirty years. Said slave is stout built, 5 feet I inche in h eight, Ihas u light scar upon his lelt cheek, speaks English uait a little French. The above reward will be paid upon hisde. livery to tile subscriber. GEORGE ME RRICK, oct5--t Chief Engineer N. . & C. R.R. PE{lM CANDLE, Sugar ,Vc--O0 boxes New erdfird Slerm Calndles; 50 boxes white IHava na Sugar, 112 bas Hlavana 'offee; 300 boxes No. 1 Boston Soap. Jackson's brand; 20 Cook's Roofing Zinc; 350 sheets assorted Brazier's Copper for sale by JOSEPIl COCKAYNE, sep29 25 Gravier KRAZIER'S Copper & Zine-350 sheets Bra. Szierra Copper; J Cok's RLoofiug Zinc, just re ceived per ship Eliza Ann. from nston, and fitr sale by JOSEPII COCKAYNE, asp29 25 Gravier st tEEXAS' MONEY-- $O18 l'renaury \otes tior ale T hy 'T Rt HYDE & BROTIIhER, may 28 39 Common.ctr. urMaazine st DEWEY'S SERMONS. UST received a few eopes of Moral Views of Cor mere Soc iety and Politics, in twelve discourses by R.v. Orvil Denay. For sale by IDAVID FELT Jr CO, N Y Stationer's Hall, 2 t h2rtrr st. I .IPELIAL Segers,9 ll.01 four sale Iby sop 13 SLATER &'ocRIEEt, 411 P.tydal st. r (ABLE SALT: 30 Cases: 60 boxes euch: fine ta i. ble salt, for sale by READ k BARSTOW. septll 7, Bank Place. 1TRAYEI).-On the 10th inst. a Scotch White Terrier Slt, blck ,,n tile pi.nt of the nome, lai a little rougll. Whoever hans the vs,le will plllae tl return hier to tills olfice they will be liberally re warded. aug 21 lI()PlI & OAKUrrt. .OR'T'Y Rales ofOakum and 150coils Manilla rope 1 assorted sizrs,just received and for sale hy S LOCKE & CO. aug7 22Old Le HlIITE HAVANA SUG .R-50 boxes of prime Squality, itl store, br sale by SLATER AS TRIER, 4tg21 40 Poydran stree rTAKE Nuotice no hill against tile Floatilg Dry 1 Dock, eiened andl aproved by James Dick, will hereafter be paid by tile owners ofl the Floating I)ry Dock, the said James it ik huaving never been authu' ised to make any contracts. Moreover, all bills from this date will have to be ap oved un signeddby the ageat of thb Floating Dry bwhk. IIEI.IUGINE BROWN Cl, aug23 Conti st. lPE:Ilt11 1L, CANDLES, &c.-30 casks New fta S ford WintterOil;210H) boxes do do Sperm Candles 20 casks roofing Zme, lll0 hoxes Boston tlould tiandles 300 sheets Braziers' Copler. In store, for sale by J()SEPH Cl S 'KAYN , no20 25 Gravier Rtrest. 1I)EAD---0 bbhs Pilot Bread in 0oa e, otr sale by B CHAMPLIN & COOPIR, sep22 82 Julia at. L IIIE-1500 Casks fTbhomaston Lime landing from brig Chieftain, and for eale by S & J P WHITNEY aue4 l Conti street. OAP-20-0 toxes Valentine's No I Soap, in store and for sale b. LAl\lRENCE & I.EGENI)RE; I --81 id , in fne shipping order, ipi store,nd LAWRENCE & I.EGENDRE, sep20 28 & 29 New cevee. eep-z o. .. e. Ne' .Levee. tORN.-10i00 uash Is white Corn in prime order, for ale by CHAMIPLIN & COOPER, 82 Julia st. I U MER Oii-1000 gallons su elter strained sperm oil 6ir saleby WIIITIIIDlE&Ct), sept 15 76 Ma arine street. GIBDON'S GUIDE AND DIREOTORT FOR the State of Louisiane, and Cities of New Or Ilensan nd Lafayette; for sale by WM MtKFAN, m2.3 cor Camp and Commas ate. BASH.or Bank Boxes,-iust received by IB B il o W iOLA8bES-31 ,lis a rune order for sale bh VI1 LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, sep 13 2 and 9 New Levee. SIM1E-700 Blarrels of Lime; 250 Bales Hay, land I. ing from brig Caroline, and for sale by LEVI H GALE, angll 93 Common street. KtEW sk)D. RANAWAY from the subscriber the yellow boy RICHARD, about 22 years o 1I, 5 feet 10 inehe high, stout and well built, flat forehead, and when spos ken to rather down looking and slow of speech. Ten dollars shall bo paid to any person returning him to the subscriber, at 52 New Levee. 8 & W G BRYAN. sep50 BROGANS, Shoes and Slippere--l2 cases,comn prising an assortment of Men's and Boy's fine ip pegged and RuIusett Brogan; Men and Buys fine caf shoee; ,Men's and women's pumpa and slntpperp, childrens and inlants hoots, shoes and ankle ties; land ing from, ship Ohio, and tie sale by ISAAC Bt.I)GE & CO. augll 134 Magazine street. [ ICE-21 tiercea fresh Carolina, prime gaulity, for sale by SLAT'ER & TRIER, sep39 40 Poydras st - AVANA Green Coffee; White Sugar, and diffLe elnt qualities of negars, for sale b SLATER ( TRIER, sep29 40 Poydras at UKGUNDY Wine in boxes, for sale by USiULATER & TRIER, sep29 40 Poydrae st "EItIiO CLO'PHS, LINES fn & KERSEYS 'Tlhe subscriber offer for sale. landing from ship Concord, 2 bales plain mixed negro clot bale Cwilled mixed segro cloth; 18 bales linseys, asserted dtolors; 1 bale white swan skins; 1 case printed kerseysr 2 bales heavy mixed Cordova kerseys; 1 baleunfiniahed eva keseys. ISAAC BRIDGE &*Co, jyl. 134 Magazine stree U ARPENT'ER'S Fluid Extract of Sareaparilla and L Rowand's Tonic Mixture, received by H BONNABEL. sepl 'iShla . nouls Ct 1W. A FIRST rate Mdch Cow for s.e. Apply to Capt A Gardiner on board ship Yazoo, opposite Vegeta. Smarket. oret3 SECOND MUNICIPALITY. W AS brought to the Pound of the mln Municipal ity, in Laronno street, Ietween Hevin and Gi rod streets, on thet2ith Sept., 1848, A large Bay Horse. Theowner is reouested to prove property and take him away, or he will be sold by P A Guillott. Auction eer, on Saturday, the 13th inst. H1 S HARPER, oct5 Captain of Watch L La ht amen. an dpot da ISecoude ncip I lit, le 26 septembre, un grand ehevanl a: eIn pro. pri6taire est prib de'venuir prover sa propri6tb et I em mener; autrement it sera vendu & l'encan par PA Guillotte,encanteur, samedi to 13 du courant. 5uet H S HARPER, Cat. Watch, de Mun. S TATE OF LOUISIANA, Parieh Court for the Parish and city of New Orleans. Present the Honorable Charles Maurian, Juldge. September 20th 1838. No. lilz8. William Ken.on, nvs. His Cred itors; Upon reading andi filing the petition and ached ale inthts casnte, it is ordered by tie Court that a meet ingof the insolvent creditors do lake place in open court, on the lth day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A OM,then and there io chew cause whly the said insol. vent should not be discharged according to law, and in the mean time all proceedings against tis person and property are stayed. ARMAND PITOT, sep92-t:n:w Clerk. 1-TAT DE LA LOUlcIANE--Cour de Paroresc - penr la paroisseet ville de la N-Orleans-No 811128 -Pr'sent I'Ion Charles Maurian, Juge-20eseptem bre 1838-William Kenyon contre ses creanetar Aprea lecture et enregistroment de ta petition rt do tableau dans cette lftire, II rest dbcrhth qu'une assembles de I'insolvable aura lien en pleine coat; le ilejour d'oetobre prochain a 10 heures dut matin pour dednire las raisons pour lesoquelles ledlt instlva ble no erait pae lthbre: en attendant tontes poursuitas judiciaires contre on personne ou ses propri6tas sent arrerees. 22 eap:3 ARMAND PITOT, GrefRr. MASON'S CHALLENGE BLACKING! j AS. 8. MASON, of Philadelphia, bIsg respectfully to appcrse the merchants and public generally of New Orleans and Louisiana, that he has appointed Messrs. Reese & D'Lane, the sole agents for the sale of thi unequalled and inimitable CHALLENGE BOOT AND SHOE BLACKING in this section of country; an article which stands pre minent for its beautifil lustre, and uniformity of SInty The manufacturer warrants theChallenge Black ing to retain its virtues in any climate, and preserve the leather to which it is applied. Ht offers $100 pre mium to any person who will produce its superior. Certificates can be seen at tile store of Mesrs. Reese and D'Lange, from merchants of the hglhest respecti hility, bearnngt-timony to itsbenautv anti superority over eve.y other Blacking in the United Status. All orders fttr this article in N. Orleans, or any pet tofthis section of the Union, must be fitrward'd to the Sole Agents as abete, who will pay particular attention to the same, and fill thletm at tile manufacturer's prices. JAS. S. MAosN, Philadelphia, sept. 10,1838. 95 Callowhill st. REESE & D'LANGE, Comb and Fancy Store, 18 Camp street. sep22 H AVANA COIFFEE-59 bars priime green iHova na Coffee, of the new crop, now landing froam brig Charles Carroll, for sale by JOSEPHI COCKAYNE, Octl 25 Gravier ot T. IAGO CObFEE-I0ol sacks or superior qlati : ty, for sale by SLATER & TRIER, Octl 411 Poydras street. t CO-PAIRTNERSHIIIP NOTICE. /1¶HE Co-portnership heretofore existitnq under tie ..firm of GLOYI) & MlDl)ONNEI,Iin tihe Ex change Hotel, has been this day dissolved by mutual consentt . Johnl McDonnellis charged with the settle. ment oftthe altirs of the late copartnership, and tile name of the firm will be tnued only in Liquidation. COK E. 1 tHE price of Coke fom and after the lt day of . October, will be fifty cents per barrelin the Gas Work's yardl, and if taken in gtuantitice ot one hun dred llarrel, will be dellivered fre of idrayage. The advantage that this article offlel possesse o ver tlhe ,anthracite atnd ituminltt coto ls, igiting more readlily than tie furmer, uit ell f ree lll f tile unpleenant smoke of the latter, should induoe every family to make use of it. Orders received at the Gas Office in Bank Alley. E W IVLLS," sep29 Sce'y. TOt SALE-- the sttattlr Washigtou, with her appnloc anr d tcile, e ase now lies at the Couti street wharf. Ierms litral: applyl to \WINST.I'N & SHAI.L, ep9 _ 7 Fronttt Levee YLOU lffI tCN].-11 ?'", ctmptioilg o .sslrtirelu! ) ofoatt:net |tlltlllouJ lcJckel% lltlltu luonll ard Ve\ ts; Blue Derrv and C' ttenadl· putahnoms Ileavy Liver pool stripd trilled and cottolu slhirtt; White Aogtla Flannel Un lvr shirts, and I.Lowell cllrouude Frocks, tlatding from ship Eliza Attn. fit sale by ISAA. C tillii;lE & CO, aitp27 1:11 l1o ltzitt "I (INli(tI. 11l, e-,t-o'ao, 4 lilllcltrt 4-1 J en-liIl Ihlarh.hd sh,'ttiuz-, ami l ll bales D)avis Sville brown 5-.1 Lone I, hlls, lhdlin{ fron ship Cimo U. kee altd Soeallltlt, ttlliltr ttlttv a , ISAAC lBRIGl & CO, sep27 131 31hgazin, st FAiL & INTER Al L 1tillIN:. I P. FREE1IA & CO., No. 3, Magazine tr.ct, . aore rtcieing their supplies tf Fall and Winter c(3lthin·, and ,ill coitiu to 're 'ive sh ipents regu tlarv throughout the seaswi. Thir a-sortment Iemg . lage will elable hlth I)r to ipply orrhals from I the COIIItrV. aIt the sllhortest~ llOice; forl sale wholesale and retail, on ccl:omllodtilg termei ec1d29 CJomtl.l NIE 1)'(N- i A \tl INCI I CiJNTiI-ELE FEU-I)U . Ih NouvIhe It leans. E E at;lonlltlires d.o e'le lonpllpl id sunt liles Jqu le le verseenolt est du el puablsl e:ld',etat,,lt Irochain au bureau Ide l(,la enpunie. 8 sept IE . I rA(CY,secr ;r FI(EJIEN's INSURIII ANCE COhMPANY OF IlEWI IORIEANS. HE Stectkittec uof htt is cotttpatty are Iherebty to tiffed, that tle lilurt iustahu*otr )i th."ir Stock is due, and pavoableon the ninth day of October next, a the othee, of til companlllly. E STrh ICY New Orleans, sep8. See'y. I3 ACON 1I )ES---50 I ,hd lM acl , Sides, in strj e L.A\YTI & AMELUNG, sep27 17 Commerce at jES'l'ER'i Ii ..iri-' kegs guper quali ty \Vestern butteer, rcYived a.d Ia gale by SfIETSON . AVEBLY, sep27 38 (ravier ROWLY.AND'e 'ItONIC MIXTURE. 1!.I.ERHA'E f tlr thecure of Feverand Agcue. and general deb il 3y 0 gm.of this invaluable | medicine has been received hbv the suescribsrs, direct from the manufetiory, who are prepared to supply dealers nod country uterchanta, on the mnt rteeonau ible terms. JAlRVIS & ANIDIEWS, Wholesale &8 Retail Agents lor Louisiana, sep corner of Common & Tehopitoulase SliYORALTY OF NEW OT!LEANS." THEprive of aiesh flour to-day is $5 50 per barrel, Iacceding to the harid; the bakers shall give du ring the presaet week (frotn Monday 7th Oct.) 39 ou-. ees ofbread for a ,ilt. Bread of the se'ol quality Is required to weigh '25 per cent. more, viz: 10 ounces. oct6 C. (;ENOIS, Mayor. FOR SALE, A SEAMSTrTlESlS -The negro gprl CHINCE, 30 years old, first rate seamstress avd excellent cook; also, a good washer and ironer for sale on accomnmedating terms. Apply lto II ItONNABEI., oct6 car Natchez & Tchopiltul s at LLAX SEll) in tierces, and Flix Seed Meal, of tile best quality, for sale, whbleseale and retail by Ii HONNABEL, oct6 car Natchez & Tchopitoulas st B o015S, ShoPs and Bransa-417 cse lttotr Sh ee and Bragansa landing froau shis Clhero kee, ElizaAnn,and Henry, aonmp rising a god assort meat, and stitablle for the city or sountry trade, ani which willbesold on the most accommudnting terms. A F DUNBAR & CO, oct4 2l Custom House st. OTTON BROKERS SAMPILING,of various si ies, just received and for sale by KEAN WM. McKEAN, octi cor Camp & Common st N it'T MEN 1I'S5 For Aeryn or Nay--A hest fromt London, manufalctued by Win. vanss, received lately and for sale low, the Doctor it was inteaded for having no use for it at present. Aply NAEL H BONNABEL, oct6 car Natchez & Tchopitaulas at P01RK-S50 Wbel Mtes antd Primte T'oerk, landing froe at boats, for sale by Prime Pork, landig fro LAYET & AMELUN(G, oct6 17 C('mmetce street B AGGING & Rope. 51110 bIaggingand 500olil erope, in store and for sale by I.AYET "& AMELUNG, octi 17 (Coomeree at FITH IMASTON LIME AFLOAT-.-1500 cask. 1 Themaston Lime, in excellent order, landing from barque Chanticleer, No 7, Third Municipalitv, foer sale by S & J P WHITNEY; aoCt6 Coiti st LADIES & GENTLEMIEN TALE NOI'tE!! T -IS eveneen, October the ith, THE PAVII. LION BALL ROOM, on the other side of the river, will be re-opened Ior the season, N B-No Ladies admitted without being accompan ied by pentlemen. oetti-itf TITOBACCO-40 Boxes Missouri manufactured To 1 bacro, low priced, will be sold a bargain to close consignment, by LAYET & AM!ELI NG, oct6 17 Commece st COTTON Weigher's Book-Jastreceived a few gric of ithe Cottdon Weigher's Book, a very fine article, for sale by the doz or si le, by DAVID FELT " CO; aet6 N Y Stationers Hall, 24 Chattres at PRINTINT G INK. JUST received a fe kegs of Mather's very sape rior News Ink, tbr sale by DAVID FELT& CO, oct6 N Y Stationers Hall,4 Chartres at BANK BOOKS. JI UST received a few grae nof liesm Bank Books; - al.o, a few Mediam Bank Books, for sale by the groce, dozen or single by DAVID FELT & CO, oet6 N Y Stationers Hall,24 Chartres ot P o IL--10 gills SummerOil, ill sore and fur sa e by i WIII'TII)DGE & ( O, art Tl76 sgazine st ST. CHARLES THEATRE. T HIS mninifcent astructure ban undergone, during the recesse an eunire new arder ot emrellisdhmnent; the whole ol the interior has been repaired: the (han delier has teen taken to piees, and its 13 ewt. of ut glasbeadb andil drops cleaned and polilsherd; nothing Ias been neglected, either in the building itself or in engagemenits, whiheb hve been made wi th tle irst dra mnatic talent in the counter, to piromote the high char actir which the St. CI'ir ce has olbtained beth at home and abroad, for its being one of the first dramatic E* tablilehcnts in the Wiitd. The Orchestra, heretofore acknowledged sulerier, has been eona derabl incereased in number and talent, rend former deficiencles in particular members of the Prague iBand. Daring the season the most aucesful dramas of the day will beproduced,end in a style which it is pre emned will give general satisfaction. The followingLadies and Gentlemen are in treaty with, and enagged. JOHN II. BARTON, Stage Manager, EDWIN FORREST, JUNIUS BRUTUS BOOTH, J. R SCOTT, H. J. FINN, JOHN BARNES, S. T. BROWNE, and GEORGE HOLLAND. lMessrs. Harrison Messrs. Plumer, Pearson, iage, e FParen, Porter, Williams, Davis, Cowell, Paret, Debar, Dennison, And others in treaty. CELESTE, ELLEN TREE, JOSEPHINE CLIFTON, .Mrs. Barnes, Missr Charlotte Barnes. Mesdames Farren, Mesd'lles. Sidney Cowel, Cowel, Jones. Debar, Chester, Pliumer,, Harrison, C. Smith, F. Brown, Ravenot, Madden, Smith. S. LM. LEE, Principal erdlist. N. Lewis, Costumer, Well, Tailor, S. Wallis, Properties Maker. ORCHESTR... Meassrs. Croce, Messrs. Hoeller, Gailenari, Myera, Jncobi, Storm, Zitterbart, Lucieni, Desftorges, Charltan, Carl. B. Hop,. " Fay, Eberbardt, Kruger, Rnevae, Holland, Smelger, Foster, Cioufi. Conduit, F ltrella. Parini, Cripps, C Hopt, Even Patterson, And otheru in treaty. H. W. JONAS, Leader R. W. Elliot, Head of Police. sep27 NURB & GTtI'I"IEIt SaTONEiS-30,itc)1I running L feet of curb and gutter atones of the following di mensions, 12 in;, 16 in.,18 in., 211 in., 26 in., and 28 in., expected to arrive between the tat of October and 15th January next, will be sold by the subscribers on arri. ring, by tbe invoice. Terms. Cash on the delivery of the bill of lading. Persons applying shall receive tie stones as they ar rive, in the order of their application. I'E'IKS & MILLARD. sep 27-tf Jl3'-FEi'iteU N ACADEMVY. REPARATIORY to Jefferson Cohllege and to oth er conduceted lbv I. Granet, L L1. Exchinge Alley, betineen (onti and Bienville. Thi situation was the most eligible that could be found; being entirely free from the raise of the streets and the" ratrling of drays and nerliagee. The Jeffhrson Aeileiny is divided into two depart ments. The Junior or elemientary department for the various branches of common education in French and in Engli-h-T'lbe menior department for Latin, Greek Matelrmatiic, ice. P'unctuality, order anot discipline are stricti enjoinled Ind observed. Termns. Juntin Itkplrtiment,prer month; 51$) Seleor do 15 Spanish 6 tt. Bnloks, llates, paper, &c. charerd separately; l2nd. A iionlllth oee blegU, It be peid ill full; ired. Ni dellct liol foIr ilaieellce nr lior loldayJ: 4th. I'nayments t be made rerularly every month. School hours Iroi 8 1-2 to 3 o'clock, except Thurs days. sep27 i',Ntll " Calcined Magui,.sinUnst received per 1 si , d aoe, fr'mn New Yrk, a feiw grace of Ilenry's gonhiec elhind eMagnesia, for sale by the doz. or glere lby 1)AVID FEI.T & CO, sept!7 NY Stationere Hall, 24 'Chartres t I.)UISIANA INS'I'I'UTE. r11IcS luIcitutitm lir the ,eication ofyonng gentle Ien, will go into oleratioi lon tihe first day of Oc tober, ill tile bnet* t ~story of thb .tlethlldiRt Church. corner of Carlnelh't ind PoydIlrs, under thle direction ofrie undersigned whi, has oceluvied the chair ofrnath eullties in severnal I lleges of the niorth, 1ind who ii a gradunate e ofonef l l ,f iiei ost cclelnraed uninersities of 'The 'clrse of ntnlie to btl pursued in this semina ry will b cillInproiii lded iIIl ti ,' followiin g division, viz: . lThe ng . c.Ihlilii d, emlbraCi'g all the briinnii. cif ih iliiighi ltid tcnitiliicished English ed 2. The clea*ic il ielpartmient, comprehending the Latin nd I(relk l:Ll.nlge 1. T'le d-+1artoeitio inodlcrn langu.ges, in which will Iin iughit the n l'rten II, ;.pnnieh end tiernun lan 4. e'Ilie in;ulentieatl and philiso;hllical department le iprehendilg A ,gbr.i, Geoletry, the two Trigonom ctrie, wilh their rlntlical nlplliention to erveying, Nevicut n, Aclremc v hic. Naturia Philosophy and; Clhaustr'y,illnustrated iiv appopriate experiments. L.f'.Ir eing llies i t ibe nloed rn Languages will be feorle(d ad atted, d to flrn the ilie Iut October. C J IIEl)ItIlCIANN, A M. J GIBSON I'Eng, tiek v 'RESIErnms SIIANNON, Iuisiaen College lDa CA L.UZENBERIG, I. 1; DUNCAN Esq, J NICiIiJLSON Eu. t, New Orleans. S-. 3,1,38. SO MIL--iix) bhoe ai iisi , hove a l a for sale ow to , cl~ e. O \VINiSTON & SHALL, sept ;5 7 F rnt Levee ('tl)t LEE--" IIII ++h ,k I laviuo,o, aOd 4(10 eska. Rio, ) ill grass sucks, :a, sueow r rtile, in stom and ior saVeby \VINSTlON & SIIALL, sep)5 7 Frint Levee (( LO'l'ilIlN(i-27 cases, iotprising an anssorment f r ofseasooma e clothing, landing fromt ahips Sea. men and Cherokee, for sole byO, sepj5 131 Magazine st LOtWEL o i ttoius &c.-5 6¢e0 1 lb i Coollllodes; 21 bales h,,avy 7-8 a id 4- d Lowell C itons, adl 7 bales plain and twilled Lowell I indseys; landing Iromn ship Clnthkee, nnd for sale ISAAC BIIIDGE & CO, asp?66 134 Magazine at .UNNY . i.ýt 1 , a' l l 21, 3land 4 bushel sizos in inolo ta0' br sale by ISAAC BRI)DGE t" CO, step4i 134 Magazine st. F)R iHAVRE The fine fast sailing At ship ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrill, master, will have immediate dters tch, ani wants 80 bales cotton to com. plete cargo; for Irright or passagen, apply to LEVI I GALE, oct393 3Commen et. FOR NEW YORK Packet of thLe 16th inst. LOUISIANA ANI) EW . INK. The ctoppred and copper fastened peck r ltshiplbSSilfPPI, Ifebee, master, will snail as above; for reight or passege, having elegant accmodaolntions, aplly on board oppositm the Vegetable market, or to J D IIEIN & A COIIEN, Otel 90 Common at FORl NEW YORK. h . ll Tiat saililg brig CAROLINE, Thompson t nisrter, havinig been detained for want of steam will leave tihe L.evee to-morrow eve. lin, ut 'lok; fr rfieght of 75 bales cotton, or bulk thereol; aplply on board oplpositO t.JoSeph street, to PETER LAIDLAW, 26 Bank Place or, GE' I ABBOTT &c CO, net5 1 Camp street FOit NEW1 011K. The ship CHARLES, Capt. M'Lana than, having 3-4th of liher oate engaged and going on Ioard will meet with immediatedee Iatch. Far freight of 1 lullto Lead nod 120 bales cat. ton, apply to LEVI H GALE, sorp29 93 Conmmon st FOR NEW YORK. To sail on the 6ilh October. Louisiana and New York Line. S Tile splendid and fast sailing paeket ship. YAZOO, GCardiner, master, will have im mediate despalnlch fir the above port; for freig ii 350 biles cotto or tle bulk thereof, or paw cone, lhaving superior aceooinndatiosos, apply to the Captai, on board, opposite the Vegetable market, or to J D BEIN & A COHEN, ap'29 90 Cmtmon at FOB ALEXANDRIA. S The steamer DENMARK. will' run as a regular packet during low water, firom month of Red River to lexandria- particulars apply to sept2 ! JNO H GRAHAM. I AVANA COFFEEKi--ti lliago suporior quality Slanding from schr Iiinden, for sale by STETSON & AVERY, 88 Gravienr a AY-aflloa.lt0U a bundles Eastern H for Ile H $ LEVI H (ALE, snep 93 Commone n 1 ROtANS, BO)'"TS, &o--0 cases, enteinin SMenr's Ist &2ed q.ality kip Brogans;a Boys en Youth's kip pegged do; lMen'a pegged nmoroceo do; Men's call;f, sel and morocco, sewed and pegged boots,. loading frot shlip Seaman and Cherokee, Ior sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, sep97 _134 lagazine t. gg1ýAli GING & l3AE R~lt 0U pores U 100 coils ro e, foe Iale by LAWRIENCE 4 LEGENDRE, sep2928 or 29 Now Lewee A LAIANACS for 9839-Jut published the Mer. 1 lti(t'o ind Plaiiier'o Alntaaoe for 1839. With ale lltions or ithe So If] and South Western Atates. piricialorly loeiliata. hlisaissippi and Allabama, for.. ale by the gioce, dizen or single.cospy by DAVIrD FELT & CO, ct- N Y Sationer'e , 24 Charre it

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