Newspaper of True American, October 10, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 10, 1838 Page 4
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' and hopes thm aet gter omfotble, to reeive OOOf *Oeftog of f raie vorvs. She Sbet dons. 1- ~t T petalt vsitng Covinlton during the alhliftb tnho nnt fnd betteraccommodations fl f or qo ,frd them, on mere liberal terms. j3e.h tom i.ienatly situated, and well supplied iimth sevlrWy eo aiene; the bher is fhrnished with heasst shis lin quors, t&. in short, she promisen s'uat thinrll b h wanting on her part to give , s.51tirtIr n to all who may patronize the studied under Dr. Sel.midt of Charleston, h Carolina, and for some years his assistant in Mlo e of medicine and surgery, has the Imnor O' hip profemssional services in this city. iH okelethe ladies and gentlemen that the most attontion will be paid to to the calls which b made; and also off'er his services to the ofelaves, boeieg well acquainted with the m ommon tothem, having attended them in, N . l.ahmbse in Charleston. slasnti.bilious pills alter the enmposition of 'hei.r rmellttte, with directions, ean be had fthe uersigeed. The effcet which they have )gaeued in this and other cities, has been attended Wih the greatest success, to which the beat of ans be given. Apply at No. 166 Magp. .ig, o.0 JNO. M'LORING. W WARE. WOOD SCREW$, .iA IRONS, &e. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S311 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are eorstantly eeiving large.and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the oHowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markete. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of shont 1500 tons. via, Pets oaf .2 diSlrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kattles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to30 gallons, Kettles, 15sizes, fromn 3:8 to 18 gallons, SIlakpans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, 'T. Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 6 do *lat Spiders . 6 do Severed Spiders, 2 do Oriddles . . 4 do Fire Dpegs, - 6 de Wagonbeca from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Weood Screws, 0,000 gross, iron and brass, from 8 ineh, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a snperior and finish, and less than Jame's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 the for ritailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, ac. smde to order, Also steamnbeate and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for saleat low prias, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. ieted to be the largest and best assortment ever ered for sale by any one establishment in the Merehants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, prices and terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 SEMON SYRUP & PICKLIS-Underwood's Le mon cvrup and Pickles, usorted sizesa; also, 60 Ihe .e f Lieise & Haskell's Piekles; fuor sle t, clnoe a eorsignmeet,by JAItVIt ONDREWR, el' cnr Common artd Tchonpitl ast OAP -IUO hallf hence -Ni l on ap: brand oi'Jaluoe Csmuld, for eala by ISAAC LBRIDGE & CO. mv16 134 Magarilue lreet. NEsma hwelling house on Triton street, be Stween Tivoli Circle szid t uroendlet direot. m99. Apply to J OTT, W HKELBARROWS, &e-2-5 Wbeelbarrows, 25 diret do. in state, ian gale by HAMIPLIN & COOPER, m15 2 .Char t DLA N and ruled Cap Letuer I'apers, of tll te11a .1 lilies, conitining of very smperior bllge laid, blue mand while worve, and plaini m,ol ruled reugh edge recrd sap, couetamily on hand and lor sIlIe lV 3AVID FHlLT & CO. ear N Y Stosiwiele' Hall, 24 Cllmoetinmusi. S00 G Sumatra Coifce" 50 bnses tof3 doz each Mloselle Wine. lt2Sf; 50 do of2 do uo do 1821; 50 do of do 1. 1 Port, 1816; 50 do of 2 do I. P brown Shrry, 1810, J10 pipes extra Mdoeira. For e.No by IERMOGENE, BIROWN & Ct). mr Q Cir.ti street. ~ BiOOKS, of every varity of ruling and . bU indlng, enetantly on hanld;anld rin'icg, Rulhl and Binding neatly executed,ot vllort notice, by DAVID FELIT & CO. imn3 N Y Stationers' Hall,24 Chartres ot. '-B- 401 l--4 iI rth proof American Brandy, ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. m?1 13t Magazine street. O RENT.M NEW two story hrick ,ouse, situtted 5 doors Sfrem the ,,eeond Molnieinlity Ilail,ou StChnrleo tsseet. Rent very low, possession given :rmediately Enquiro .t the, m-, if. FLtUR-50 bbla a I Flour. for sale by ml0 (i I)t)REY, 44 New Levee. CL.-8S BACON aides fir sale by U mn9 G I)ORSFY, 44 New levee. tJA GiNt AND Rt)PR-2lpid t coh.gtni0g,aud 150 coils Rope landing from Amhaadno or,foresale Sly I.AYEr & AMEIUNG, n1i9 17 Colmerce at. B3 A IGINfI--. pieces IKentoe ky Bagging, land in from steamer Gen WVane. anl for sale by YORKE, BIROT'IIERS, je6 f(5 Camp otreet. r O MNROURY NOR COPAIVA NIew ()Orle:ns, Nov. 14, 18:l7. A BOLT six m6nths ago I Ihad the misforlnne to get Sa ecrrt disease, Ior which I have applied to seve seal doctors for a cure, and they did not cure te. an now on the sheve date I put myself under the care of Dncton 'neat, aod I expoet hin to cure Ime. Since that time the disease got worse, so as to break out in large ulcer to the number of six or eight on ea h leg, atn all over my face,and more throat, and not able to work at lih preent tine en acemnt of the disease; large thier on be right side of the throat. I am now putting mylelf oaildently anderthe car of Dr. Huet, r.f Paris, o be pereetly coed JOHN DEAN. fe 14 ly I DO CERTIFY that tim mentioned disease is 1 gq0ut well cured to my own satistfurtin, for which I thank Dr. Huer, and moreover I assire that the nerdi ,ioe, JItve taken rlkes me fat, and did not injure my anlth at all; therefore I advise my f Ilow sufferers to Amte no time and apply to Dr A. Huet, 124 Canal rtteet, between Dauphme and Bourbon streets. Dr. Huet is at home from 9 o'clock, A M, until 4 P At. IThey will Bfind a true de:ot for this complaint. JOHN I)E.AN,40f Gravier street. If any one wants to ae me, call at No. 40 Gravies moest. and they wil be satisfied. B To he published at the option of Dr. Huet. JOHN DEAN. New OdrIesa. Feb I, 188. feh 14 Iv i" i Geoinae IsdiantBaleom of Liverwort and Btore ShLmmd, is put up in bottles at then low price of 50 satq h contaning the stre'gtt of three ounces rf da wmp r besodes th virt:ues o many other rots and lrii known among the Indians an effidacious in curing svarlel snceeU which has attended the use of ls is inestimabhlt alnao wherever it has been intro he, s abtdas ed the conidoence and recommenrd t Me mrssoefidd phyeiciano, for the clte of cougts, nide, ps m thbe aide, want of rest, spitting of blood, SWrrotmjlaltt, s.e. Toe·in.q s may concern. This is to certify that we hare in or eatmie freeiensty prescribed Mrs G(rd. tsr tadin Bbrlam of Liverwort anol loarheund, with T good efrfe: we ca therefore, from id know ofthe materinal it is nbt itcon and obervcation .maae. renommendit Is a suprie" preparation r l then e aleetira of theassgas ltr which tt is re maudd. AI.SBtr WiLUAMS, M. D. CAVl'N E LLS h. D. Membee of te BonIm Medieal Aasoeiation. Beaten, Octohber U5. aby eJARVIS & ANDREWS, Ih Ip 'ononon fll t Pehl litrlnes ate .eoremmended bty the Mrdical FPracult. 13 UTLERtS Effervescent Magnesian Aperient--For U dyrpepsia or indigestion, nervous deblityv, iddi. nerahaee aedhe,aedity ofi the stomach, habitual eors tloesaesataea sandieseasgout pravel,&tc.and touch i gen2le, ~eing purgative. Lr Ole prepaation has received the patron Itaof tmany eminent members of tle profession, and t 8(ia droceaing tpubiE many respectable and unseli. ciad tetlmoaala elitse efficay as a medicine htve hemt asiniad With all the ploning qgalitivs of a glass of eda water, it poaesesto the native medicinnl properties dof thenamt appetvod ahionus purgatirese, it Is pleasant tO the palaten s at g steal to th stomach. IMPOIRT TT iJTAUTION-The increasing repnta= tin and gnat demand for Butlet's Liferrescent'Magor. PlanApw.t, has been an nducmtnent for others to of. oran i.tbsiofthin i vanluha ruedeine. Puhesrsl at potnicetoly warned of this fact tlit they may be I hertrguan and ea prooun ait mpuren article. The piblie an reepetllly infer, edthat the snbhcri bs pre-ums.atntly u.aplied with the original sod gao Uiitopesatlnaa. r oe t who str n t ad retail. SIKOLES t CO. Ageao. is. 40f Canl natreet, N O. . gf uothf ,ajaivig health and neatyand ature thie Hair Of woo i eod n. the publie, it had gmNe triad iL ot eeo of betsaea, thloae"e, ad adtjg of athe hImr, b ad iuery hietaroe ho mlutar i hee hbeea realiod. It h.oneoaofold topreducm a" n i b ltatilg growth o1 hair on heads alttdy Me a mi ege m nesfttb omesea dry and oteneton grw 'Yo wOill very seorlder it halthy, and produec Sqbel j sth of hair, without the least b 1t MI d. Thi Oil giea as agreesble f,.. altº t For sale at 3IB & D'LANG;E. S CQPanta new neenivsin lSI, ndmma . pl Iacaml ; Bacrk S 4 and 3.8 inch Bil lad t ?and 12 leek blade Bowie Knives; Leat atr a uc tnaealng f)eee Caces Bhlt, P.eke, H nremean` ealla, ; dtnbDp and ned vi mio ekingIa Ceup; Peer a . e dM tp f oldeete h Hair, Tooth; and Nel Bn {E and Teeth Washe Tooth dnwderha, 4Shay~ , in eretet rier; r lan Iflac N Rlnglets"Molem lte,; Pearl and Toilet PewdteenEmerp IBeg; ivory tub Cushions. Patent Slides ar (aere;e Gut F.lo.stie Sunependers; Powder PtuF and Boxes; hilt C ins, Seale and Kevs; Ear-drmps; Waist Buckle;: BraceletR; Bead Necklaces and Chainms; ilt and Silvered Beads; Indian Beads, Bells and plumes: Shell Twist; Side and Denanine Cambn; which,in addition to their former stock on hand, makes their assortment verv complete, and will be sold ow and on liberal terms, at the sile of the Golden oltnb. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. T HE ubscribers Agents for the extensive e uins of W. & S. Botcher? Shefeld, England, have just eceired a very extensive aet of tao etren, oenisting of Table and Dessert Knives of ce descrintionm, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear point Knlves; Ranzo, Scis oren.Edgel Tools,&e. &e. &c. whichthey are prepared o exhilit to the trade ar onlers. Terms adnd toniions will he made known at the tile. mt16 COHEN.90donnmon t. ---- .- w--GOOD.S. r IMMOh S, HARTT& CO.--Arenw reneiing rship Hus aille, Eagle, Merry Andrew, High retnel ani d German dolde bead playin urelas: ter beld and docket pistols; plin, rihed anl split euannt eaps e p holderst; seisrnrs, Iazors, lien. vest Gillntt's ommereil and other steelpens; Vio ue Violin stringa, shell, ivory and horn combs; wafers, l, bead and leather etrmeti hair bradls, tfrnt and ask ringlets: ngro puffs; German nld French ealogne water, Rowlanrls mac tamer oil, imitation anlot aique end eraraonil: lmrtahle desks and drllealsing eaes: pent blckiegt stalti and toilet gplases; conex mirrors; ol el glemst and views; Indian weade, bellsnnd ldumes; eenleemn; wnitl twine;toilet and sharing soaps; toilet oewer, aesmetie wash alls; sientlel mtin anualnon; poel stands; screw esldioes; fancy Icat ehmins atml aeekleerat hilliarnl bhall; panket hooks andl walletts; German Ihoes; razor strmp.; fine anti common gonm lastic suspenrlers, gartersdo; Bells luolfmr matches; sil er eneils CreynnO, &e. d&e. The ahbve in addition to ntr former staek of fancy artioles, makes er assortlmert veo en,letv. Pote sale wholesale or retail; as the aigl of the Golden Cmk, 70. Cln.rtre street. m 08. 1.OT-CE--Tbe partnership of Kelley, Mason &Co i r of New Orlesn-; Mason, Harric &C.e., of Natchez; d Harris, Kellery &Co. of Rodney, was dissolred on he2lt of ntMa last, bh thiadeath of~Samuel A Mas.n, ame of the mrrtnere to tine frns. Tihe undersigned, suriving partners, will be charged with the pestling end cloling said hbuiness as fdllows: LeviC Harris will attend to the ettling of the business af Mlason, Harris& Co., ot Natchez; and Harris, Kel Se & Cn.,at Rldnev; and Henry Kelley will attend to he settling of the hninenss of Kallev, Mason & Coi., at New Orleans. Thoe nmes of ita eeveral firms will he used in liqeidation only. lThosne indebtedl to said firms are earnestly requested acoo foirwnard and make early settlement'; and those having claisa will pleasepresent them winhout deltv. - EVI C IIARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. Newmfrleans, June 27, 1837. EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER a2 eases mtneof this superior Cologne water. jilnt received and for sale bn tim dozen or single bqttlr. Also Amnerican nid lrrench toilet powders, powder pntllhe and boxes, slniang and toilet soaps, cotmeac wash baIls, milk tf rosesa, cosmnetic oldi cream, extr nae o muskh, keplalha, Ward's vegetable hair oil, pomatutm, ronne de perae, Florida. lavender, rose anl bay waters, Preet sit's salts, Marseilles perlomery in trunks. verets Inle t id liqaid rnnte, Chlorine and Orris tnoth wash, elotlh,hnir, tni, tnail and flesh nbrushes; together with on addlitionl supplv of fnlshionnble heoro and shell combs and jrewelryor sale low at wholesale or retail Iby SIMIMONS, HART T &CO, jnl!y 6 70.Chartrs streert. EW -G!ODO --Si munnon Hartt& cor, now ire ceivont front on hcardships Yazoo, anl Saratoga nd brig Cneordnlia, from New York, a great variety of goods in their line, which together with their fnrmet stock on Ilnad, nmnkes their asnorm'ent verye, plate. 'he iollowing eompnp a' rt vinz: n ell twist, n.,,r!;nde, t en:k annl dreseinngc etlns, noren do of all descriptione, In Iia rabber, silk annd worsted elastic gturters, comoon & fino elastie Snuspenderns, loce foco and Lucifer matchles, eillitz powders, powder plls and boxee, toilet powdler, phket Iboks ahd wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, ivory anld morccot card cases, head ornaments, plain Oe ral beads, nerklaces anlt negligees, head chaine, bead nreklaees, cst glnas and plain,oeed,nilver anl gilt beads, Indian benlds, bells andn plumes" pistol and large pow ler fltlks, shot helts, hors, lbelt. )cket andl dlueliling nictols;doubelnlanledsingle larrelland guns. Bowie knives, andI dirks. scissors, shears, pocket knives, enartd chains, and riiltnbons, waist bucklesn, cloth, Ilir, tooth, nnilconlb, rumbk. ihoe, Idate, floor andl dtsting brshes, Cologne, Floride, lavender, rose and bay water,asortredl essences, and extmracts, Maneeaner, bear,tntiqen, ntd Ward's ea gethale hair oils, shaving and toilet soaps of nil des-. eriptians, lanlier' and gentlnmenns' desks and dressing eases, hair riegleto,frizettes and lbraids, pnlain, ftancy and musical work boxres, plain sad gilt, fiureld, cont andl vest blttnens, pearl and ivory shirt do, slirt stnudds, gold and silver peneil cases, toothleks and tweezers,plated( ,md gilt lockets, Itriniature do, silver, brass antd stel tlhimnles, hooks and eyes, hair pins, imitation fruit, blk and redink, hte hlaeking, violins and gtitars ribned and pilain percussion cps, litona twine, senteId cusl ten odlantld sier lace and lren frind rn,lntter paper, gene hags, riding w'ips, walking eanliso, play!ng ncards, fine gold, ploat. and gilt jwellry &c. ' Tihe above, togetler with a grenat variety of other arti leas are ofiered at wtholesale or retail oil aeeamnodating NB Sloll comb rennirerdl. W HOLESALE AN) RE`AILCOMS AND VA RIETY STORE--at the sign of the golden comb,Mo 70 Chartres steeet. The subscribers have re ceived, in addition to their previous stock on hand, a full and complete assortment of artliles in their line; viz: coahbs, perfinery, Jewellry, busthes, locking glasses, fno} articeles, &e. consisting in part as follows: COMl--tortoise shell, wrought and plain tuck,twist, quilled lack, long round, dresing, side pufl; curland neck, Brazilian combs of every description amongst which are some Mexican potters, Ivory combs of every daseription, horn, dressing and tpackett together with a general assortnent ofFrenah andi American. PERFUlMERY--Cologne, Lavender, Florido, honey, hav, rose, and orance flower wafers of every size and des cription, cattpllorated Cologne, extract of Bergamot, laney soaps of all kinds, shaving do in cakes and pots, creamn sa do', Ward's vegetahle hair oil, hears and on rtiquedo. PrCsto's smelling salts, plain and perftmed toiles powder, pearl powder, pow der piffs and boxes po matumin Ints mnl rolls,orrms and chlorine tooth wash and powdeIl, with a general assortment of JEWELLRY--some of the latest and most fashiona ble setts, consisting of white and red cornmelian, toper A. jet eardrape, set in filagree, hbreast pins ofa greos, ne ty of pattcrns, watch trimmittgs, gilt and stilve tckles, silver thiteblee, silver and geld pe lcils itan guard chains BRUSHES-Cloth, hair, dustl ag,erumba,hearth,floor hat, lesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewashl brushes. LOOKING GLASSES-German statia and toilet plasas, tangoifying and Freech dresaing glssoes, thonle do with a variciv of other kinls not enumeraoted. IFANCY AND) VARIET'Y ART'ICLES-French and American pmrtable d oesk and dressing eases, some very rich and finely finished ladies work lxe atand dreos sin coaes, with and witlont nusic, musical boxes, Ac. etrdians of various kinds, violins and guitars, silver and plated pencils and leads,wod pencils for carpenters and crnyons, mntle eloeks,gunsand pistols with and without easeso percussion caps, pcrciasio cap chargers nipple screw drivers, shot belts,game bigs, paste blacking, toy tea setts, Indian bends ofevery kinld, hells and pluates, fine and cornon knives, razors ald scissors, thimbles, needles, pins, silver plated, steel and commoa specta cles, pocket books and wallets of various kinds, visiting cards and eard eases, playing cards of French Georman and American manufacture dolls, imitation fruit, sno boxes, prints of various kimls, Seandars' Pmateray'h Emmernun'o, Hillmon's and Hawkin's razor straps and metallic hones,dirks, fancy bead necklaces, do with tar dropo,toy watches, pearl buttons powlder flasks, eat and plain seed beads, gilt and silver to, gum elastic suspen. ders, aud garters, plain and sword canes, backgammon hoards, dice, opticalviennres, jewsharps, loeofoeco match ds and driinking cups, with a great variety of other arti les, alt of winch will he aold for cash or city acceptan ces on 12 months credit. B H SIMMONS, & co. d4 70 Chartresst. "OLBEAR'S Science ofPenmanship received, and U for sale at their permanent Writing Academies No. 8 Chatres street, New Orleans, 189 Bboadway. New York, I)auphinae t., luobile. It is particularly designed for private learners, and schools, and is calculated fir persons ofall anos. Ladied and gentlemen are invited to call aoi eaniine the system for themselves. Lessens are given at sacu houses as slay suit tihe onveuietcm of all, and to clamse farmed itn any part of the cirv. Ladies wlio prefer itean receive lessons at their own ref sidences. Persons paving for one , I rse of lesseons tdesired o attend until they writs it well as they wish. llt DOL2EAR & BROTHtiR. IDEAFNESS. A NEW article for poersoas troubled with deafness, A (ocalled the Ear Trumpet,) has just been received, hby the use of which, the slightest articulation of the hlu man voice is distinctly conVersyed to the ear. Aiv one who has ever been obliged to converse with a very den person, must he fully sensible of the difficulty and em barmsaotit experienced both hy themselves and the in dividuals so unfortunately afflicted. By the use of ths Ear Trumpet, this objeetion is entirely obviated. The most sceptical have always a:i adnsed their deubna alter having used ti Trumpet. For sale at T F GUION'S, Fancy store,corner of Common and St Charles streets nderthe Exchanlgt Hetel. felh 13 PERM OIL--IH1500 gallons pure winter d S perm Oil, in etasks and thls, for satle by IARVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale Drugg at, eoruer C' ammnan and Tcop loa streets. mr 1 W " 40 kegs, Il@ - , 204 do 25 " English do--5 1.4 bhls. 400 " 1It0Paint Brushse, various sizes; I ae Vermillioun 5 hblls Copal Varnish; 2 i Japdn " Coaech 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 100 do Dutch Metal. WINDOW GI.ASS, American, Er lish and French -10" boxes, vaonas sizes and qualites. Bsston rrown do.-500 boxes, eonsignmet, will he sol low. Also, a general uassortmet of artists' enolors and tools, for sale by A W SCAR ES, No 46 Canal street. N B. Alabama notse taken at p r, ap Missisippi notes will be received at 10 per cent depount for goods, se in payment ofdebts. je 1 Iw LOUR-1!.011o asig froe steamer adoepend. SCae, ale G DORSEY, on 44 Neo Levee. LO UsI it.. Tb the Editor fofde LoutseiUe ,Adeertier: S iR-It aepl(ers by the oiservations of the Editors .of the Nas. ,le :Pi.,byte-ias, Union and rnis eript, oa well as the editors of the Memplit En9sp , that the "Old Gentlemsn" is among the Doctors. T is plroved by hiltingly rage, knoiighbat Ilks tiinsea bat shot, and that the independent toptle are able to judge for thenmslves what are puffR and impositions. The worthy editors who are Doetore, the roprietors, edilors r sub-editors of the nlToe oared journals, o ll every letter from persons I have restoredl to sigh in thoe olve.places, plffi. I. The fact is, that I never had er:h great sucesso within si limited aoperiod on ten or twelve days. One who was aeed aout ten vears, who had only seen the light from his birth, hegan to see to fallow his master to my hotel, instead of being ohliged to he led by him. Two young Indies, who had eaeblost the esight of one eve, one for ton vears, and the other fIlr nearly two years, having both ot them the other eve very weak; vet seah of those young ladies began to ste with both eyes, which benefiti pledge mvself still continaes. ex erepting they ore nnder the influence or domlnaetio of the Medieal Dotors. Another is the daughter of a enpemetable merchant, whose name I am bound never to mention, (sn he paid me my fees), who said she had last the sight of one eve from the age of 18 months, but that olie now begins to rand large letters with the other rye completely pelt. This the dotor editors knew, as the gentlaman told me himself he had eon dlc'ed his daughter to the office of tie medical editors. that they might le informed of the fact. The last I shall mention is an elderly gentleman by the name of Yotnt, nearly evel.ty veats of age, who dlelared pah lielv hv letter, which hie took to ill the different noffices in Nashville hot one, end himself told me he had paid for the ilsertion whatever they deeoanded, who declaer ed in that letter that ie s lotally deprived of the silhtf one eve from I hts aofer his birih, which. his mother tntcd tno ho .. onoasiooed by ihe measles or small pox; that now r.e cl0uld not onlv see the light of the sun, for thie frst time that he recollects, but the stis alnso, and was beginning to distinguish many objects; and lid, before I left that cty, give rn ny proof that he could see to walk bshout the lleets with tihe other eve ioempletely clased. He sail hie had been at memrer t lthe lletlhodist Episcopal Churchl fir nearly fortv srears. andl hint his word wna never ldoilt ed tlhi ighl the whnol eonrsoe aflhis life. l. l repeat that I had never ge atenr Lcers than at Nashville, and that the medical lnd clerical doctors had never before eo marh reason to he enraged. The pins indignation ofthe ReC. clerical Dr Smith proves, when we stated to me that qlont six years past, he was converted from beting perfect infidel, to believe in the doetri ar of he Bible, thet he must have made o trifling error-that I e mast have moant to say, tht efore the end of six years to clome, hie should be eonverted from his infidelity, ao the spirit of the true ministee of the psaesful and bemnign dtrirres of the Christian religion does noat breathe oat destruetion, rage, calumny end falsehiood to please his medical fieide, against the m ln whom he knew bad done so muob good, and no in. jury to anr one. All the inhbirants of Nashville stoke of the great sliccess I had, a-eept the mredicl docters. Most of them also bild been informed by iMr Youtt of the coro performed on his totally blind eye. 3. The famous Golialo S. ofthis town, pretends that 1 have lost thie larels I gained in the Nortl, since m. arrival in the Suthwest. This prave, hewever,l haed, and that I kejt them until I arrived in this section. if I gained one to the north, I oaght to have gained enoth or in the south and southwest, aned I still hope to wear them on my very youthful brow on the day I leave, in spite of thIe ritnperationi oif the great Dr S.,if 1 miny judge e manf 1rh an e alreandy benefitted in thie City within three days. I. The object of the present is ta inform the medi cal Goliahs and editors of the Repiiblican tnd Trais script, as well as the clerical Dr Sliith of the C. Pres bvterian and of the Union, of Nashville, as well os the edlitr and snth. edieal editor ofthe Memphis Enquirer, as well es Mr Prentice, the editor of the Litisville Joirnal, nidl also the nmedical Giolial edlior of this acty, the hreat Dr S., that I shall bring actions against them nll, lr vituperation, slander or calumny, imuedi ately afeterimvnrrivl in New York,nas wellas h ae inst theireamiablh bre iron the medical Golinhs oftlie north. 1 nnr hind myself by promise, neverto quit this unnpy land ,of liberty, nntilt have bmroght tihe noes of nl my imedical Golieh of the north, na well as-tlne south and the west, to the grindstone! The afflitedu, here. fore, may ealeoalta ou finding me laring the wclol of next year in New York, olere letters post paid, and ilaotlers, will be sure to reach hlie. 5. To iiaform the pulioi that the p t, to cla'ed, whiclh tie ielv. clerically converted iufidel prcendl was wrilten fio him. wis written more than Ia week prior, and iinteiled fir tie Rlev. D. Howell, whoa red it in my presence wilhout manifesting any disipprlnhtio,; on thecontrary, took it to hisstoily anti cindensed it in tile way he did, which lie sail lie thoughlt would an wer my purpose better;lie dclivered them hbtll tio tie, witlout prctenling that I wanted tol ihre him firom h;s duty, as never could presume to oibr that feuilemauon or any other, any money for stating facts. Ple Rev I)oectr'nown sti.tenmet is before the publlic: ]iii] ie not examined all my dlilolnas, Lic. ie. with ia gentleman an intimate friend of his, ns well ais the whlolel of ioy patients, ill omplany with another clergyman, andl fonnd tlem all tu he altlieniic, ail all ily patieln ti, he more or less henafitted, he never could hare Iree inducedl by a total stranger to draw up such ai article as lie wreote i]ioiclf fr publicatlil, andi adldressed it to Mr Stringfield, editor of the S iV C Advocate. 6fi. No wonder tile clear sighted iledical Golialisa of Nashville took tihe al,..; alnd tllelirel usedll teir el firt to oiii with therl the all-powerful, atlletlic, phys ical anl intellectual force of thse nid to-ie-convertedI clerical infidel. Wit reanl i the Bilble tlat 'n tree is kiown by iits fruits." I dare say tilhe ciionverted infidel uhas preohel from thlat passage. 7; lie evidently wantold testalblisl his moral chlir acur as a man, by slewivg that he was above Ieill hribed. ns se whletlher the a uni of thirty pieces of silver will apply t hlill as weoll asit was well applied to an'ilher convertedl infidel, who, in thIe days of the in crnoatilo of his ltivine iMaster, absolutely od hilll tie tlit niumlir of piscelcof silver. My oaswoer is, lthat it was never intlendel as a bribe, nor coul it be consider edl so iy al one, as it was not even equal to the lentl port of all die regular printer's fee, of $t per sqoure. Coluinllin, two or three eolnmis of clselyv prilted nalltter, whlieb weiae to he repeated tiree or Ibur times in tie Presbyterian Union n tilMonitlorjlloulrnlli haI 1 ever ilntellel io lirile him, 1 shoull have ovlred hlil at least $300, hIis regular fee, instoad of$ 0, nwhlillchi, ill probability, he would hare gladly received nits his fie, and uot as a bribe. On the contrary,if I I al bIeel ca iable ofl offerin a halbe, I shiuld certainly hiave done it ill a woyto have insutredl iis ae.leptarne. 8. Illl the Rev. IDoctor been resllv converted to lithe eliefof teil doctrines of tile aviluo, lie woull not haveIn rmisedrl to come ania examinel iv lpatientis will. olut keieling his wordl, as I have always fanida every oinister f thle gospel zealuls to dlo. 9. Ilid hie Ieeu really converted, hie would n0t pllb lil.Iv hove spiksn against the American instititionis, whichl, it is well known, are more numenrous, ad lwhich are superinr to many in somne parts of Europe. his conduct so much disgusted some young literiry char acters, is to be scarcely restrathedifrom punishii Ilim oiln tihe spot, iy layinl violent lanids on him.n. The Rev. gentlnmnl thou!b a Seotehmn, is withoot excuse, unless he is ealumniated), vlthouih lie icnv tlhik ihe has a right to nbuse the American iistititiuotl, hecanse he is a i onveortcd infidel. I say lie has nit-as all ought to spealk well of the lridges lie goes siftlV over. I fancy tle gallant Caltain Geuondy, and several other oamiable voog gentlimen of Nashville, recolleel well tie condulct of tis plliious expoundecr of tile lidy Script lrus! 10. 1 necer.,aw rech, a demon i hlman shape as the Rev. Doctor was tihe day I coalled to reason with him, when he menaced my grey hairs with an uplifted gigantic arm, is if he would have tflled me to the ground,fer during to draw a pieos roniisterooway frou his duty, by tn babo of 30 pieces of silver! I really trembled more tihan ii tile "Old Gentleman" had op peared in his own shalpe 11. I solerdnly declare before God, andoamnot afraid to call Himn to witness that 1 never, in tile whole eorse of 42 years practice as an ocnlist, in Great Britain, France, teligomm and America, in a single instance of feredasa bribe any amount to the editor of any jour, rt es aonlipcsation fir thie space I pceonied and the trouble which I occasined them; and that I was always more inclined to reduce, rather than add any nrney to the printer's bill; which is a sufficient proof tiat I tad rneiutention to bribe. 1. Lastly.--Tha Memphis Enqoirer fir two or three weeks contains a tissue of flagrant falseroods, which the medical Goliah editors learned fron their brethren of the M. Goliahs of the North, and I shall treat them with silent contempt until the proper time arrives: Unless it is true what I have meen infurmnd--"Sue u beggar, and you will catch a L--!" Though I paid hint for my adverttsements far two or three weeks, he only inserted Ithmn, once. Vou will dleae to insert this letter in your next pa per, and oblige yours, &e. In haste, JOHN WILlIAMS, tihe English Oculist. lrorisville, Jely 1837. Copied frost le S. W. C.adnocate of tle 24th Jane, 1837. At tie request of Dr. Willimns, we insert tile follow in. note from the Rev. Mr Howell, of Naslhville, to tile editor of thie Suls t Wetern Christian Advocate, uon, it appears, has examined the diplomas and other .loo mAnts,evileive ofthe Doctor's claims to public patron age In consequnce of an accident, Dr. W will r main in Nashville a few days longer than he at first intended-say the lst July. Rev. Mr Strigfield:-lHaving been requested by Dr. Willrtms, the oculist, now in this city, to examine his numnerous dipilomas and other documents eviutive of his claims to pubdlic confident in his profession,I have, in company with a valued friend,done so with pleasure. Among them I found a letter from Mr Pageot, at fre sent Charge d'Alaires of the King of tie FItrel, at Walshitgtot, addressed to Dr. Williams, teltifying the genuineness of the diplomas from the Kings nfFrance, Belgium, &c. as well as those from the Medical Socie ties of Franca. He has numerous vouchers frott tte kmswn to be of high repntation in this country, received sitne his arrival in tihe United States, detailing instan ces of great success in tile rrestoration of sight to the onnd. 1 have seen ne Orly all his poor patients in thlis el:v. I knew non , of thiemr previous to thele cortin g his care; Iut all t have seen say they are un questionably boeefittad. ROB'T. IB. C HOWELL, Nashville, Ju ne 21, 1837. P. S. Sitter writingtbhe asver,oneofDr. Williams' iatierts has called upon r,nand says lie hod ottually and totally lost the eight of one eve ior seventy etare, but new declares Ihimself better, that last night, for the first timne in his life that he can recollect, he could dis tinuislt, witll th t eye, asome of tle prominent: tares. f learn that this ohi gentleman Ihas lived many years in this nrlgion,and says he has been a Methodist during forty years. Yours, truly, augl0 R. B.C.H. TENNLE'S MAIP-F L UiSIANA,& 57& A NEW MAp on LOaSArNA, with its canals, mrads and distances, from place to place, along tihe stage and steamboat routes, by It. S. Tenser. MIrTCHELLtS t AP Ot THE UNITED STATES ch,,wing the principal Turnmpike and common roads, on which are givee tie distances in miles from one place to uarotler, also the courses of the canals and rail roads tltrt rrl iout the country, carefully compiled from thie best nu tlhoritier-pnhlshed by 1. Agntstrta Mitchell. MITCHELTL's TRavF'ILt.'a GosUIDE TROUGH THIe UNyaTED 8ATsi; a s.ep Of the roads, distances stemat boat andcanal mroutes, k. jiledareceived and for sale WMA M'KEAN, C HE:KS ON PHILADELP HdIA-For sale by vORKt. ,BROTHF.RS, 1 " M 66ampt sreest. thl_ ofrbait herdfirtit sorki.gaevilgout, .atia or hlp ut, inipieat ammcnrs, malt rhaum, hlite mand al disrobes, partimilarly uloerm and jdafmlatian ofthe boanes, aledthm t sad nos irls,aler ~o delrmption, fever omre, atnl internal abees, ltuls, piles, ld head, rvy, biles, chnro ale mor eye, erytpelishlothes, and every varietyofeu tateon alffction, hronie Catarrh, head ache poceed ing from any acrid humor, palin inthe stomeaa aad dy pepsala proceeddhgfromvarmation, affeationaofthe liver, chronio inflammation of the kidneys, and general debili ty caused y atorpidaction of the vesselsofthe skin. It is singlarly ef.ceious in renovating those constittions which have been broken down by injudionus treatment, juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is recom mended in all those diseases whicharie from impurities of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever name or kind. Some of the above complaints may require some tri fling asistant applications, which thecircumstances of the ease will diata.; hat for a general remedy or Purificator to remove the cause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found sufficient. TO T'HE PUBLIC. SHow true it is, that modern Physicians, in their am hition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fields ofscience by tie aid ofohemistry, and seek out new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the prattice by means of art alone,-entirely overlook and negleet, as beneath themr notece, the rich and bounteous stores ofemedicine, which the Almightly has caused to spring out of the earth in every clime! And how mueh more true isit that while the American Physician looks to foreign countriesfor many of his most common and necessaey artieles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates offoshion orfolly, Ia is surroanded in his own country withan endless profusion of medical plants, nffioiinte to answer any indication in diseanse or to emre any cmaablaedisorder; oad yet be is ignorant of their vir tues, and they are uoffered to ,watetheir healing en the desert alr.' The effects of vegetable medicnes upon the system are temponnry-those of minereas lasting. The former eno ert their effeots and pass off-the latter, meroury in par ticular, act ohemically upon the solids, decomolmsing the bones and undertiining the constitution by a slow and stire destrueetion. The congeniallity, efficiency and SAFETY of vegeta hble remedies ever mineral, may be estimated by vcotrast ingthe Ancient practice with the modern; or, to bring it more immediately under our own observation, th" IIni an praetice with that of the whites Who, in America, nas not knownorheard of rep ted instances wherein some deerepid, unpretending femalelndian, by meansof her simple remedies alone, has affected the most rapid and astonishin? cures, afterthe Moteira Medica of the ommon practice, directed in the most skilful manner, has foiled ? And who has not been surprised at the cnm parative case and facility with which the Idian firees him self fmm any disease, and at the almost totm abstinenee of chrenic diease anong them? Who has ever heard olan ilnian with a constitntlion broken and rmined by ill treatment? And can a dotbtexist that this happy ex emption of the savage from most of the ills which the leh ofmn is heir to, is chiefly owing to more genit atd safe remedies which he employs? This stenrmiash. ing difference in saucess, is a fair exemlifieation of the infinite superiority of the simple and safe means of care which God has created for the benefit of his chilreo, over those which the prile and the art of man have in vented. From a long residence among iotion of tile aorigin. al inhabltantsaof thismonntry, andam intimate cqumia anoe with the, methnda of cureof some of their most rumcessfui Ipraetitieners, the proprietor at 'lThe Indian's Panacea,'amtmired a knowledge of stome of the most powerfuland favorite remedies. From these lie selected sah as were most efficacion and applropriates, and after various eiperiment to test their priniples and strength, hie has eombined them in the form here presentedl, an the moat perfect andl beneficial for the putapose for which it is recommended. The proprietor offersthis preparation to the public, with the consciousness that he isplacing withititheir sea, a remedy capable of relieving many of his afflicted fel low beings, who ar suffering uondcr tihe various cnonic andl obstinate complaints to whichiml is nlppliablme. To sutch it will prove of iticalculable value, as the means, and in many cases, the only means ofrelievilg their suf. lerings and restoring them once more to iealth and cluq piness. This is notoffered as a common remedy, that may per ehanse be elually good with many others now in use, but as one whmch iseapable of savitg lite in mmny extreme eases which all the ummusualremediaelofal. This It Ias done repeatedly; and this is the relmotatioln ithasob tained wherever it has been introduced. It Is omly about three years since this preparation was presented to the public: but in that short space of time, same hiundreds of Itersons might he fmnnl, who wohld solemnly declare that they helieved that their lives werc saved by it, and in mostcasenafter they lod tried many anti perhaps all the common remedies in vain. imher ever it is known it israpmdly coming into rse, nod this affordsthemot mnsuhbstantialand convincing proof of it merits. The value ofi e Panacea i most conspieuous in those long standling and syphilitic and sceolflous affcltions wlich have defied all other re.nedies, aml particularly in those cases where mercury has been so lavisl !y nsed as to cause distressing pains ii the bones, nodes, mercu tRint ulers, dleragement of the digestive organs, de. 'IThese it completely removes, and in all cases it entire ly eradieates tile dlises and leflects oftmernury, relo notesthe coustitutiool, and leaven the patielt sound and well. In rlhumatista and in ulcerated sore throat, its happty eflects era not less apparent, giving almost illmoe ihate reiel. 't'aken in lapr- p dnses, the Ilnian's Paltcen opserates as iall lernativeslnd detelrgent; a diaphoiri, io diretic, mtl laxatives, an anti-spt.smodiu asId anodynle; anl ill rolper cases, assaloachie all enllneagoue. Gener ally expresrtd, it all the reratotllls andl ex nretiulu, givestone to tile stomach, and excitesacion iin the glands in a piticular ulaller. From thesln princi ilnoitsopelittions snray lie untcrsto.ll 'liis n lisciee has been fomd highly iusefill in many diseases nlt lere specified, uand it has Bree used with wonderfil success as a Spring and a Fail Pu rifier, by those nwho are isuiliert to coplainlts of tile hest, and whose constitatisnsrequire new vigor. Such tar sons will do well to Ise t o or three bottles in small do se. Whenrever a diet drink is considered neeessay, this Panacea, taken in a small dose; will answer all its purposes, in much less time, at less expeose, alll ill tar more agreeable mnnner tdan the ctmnlmon diet Irink. lThe following certificates, ut of hundreds similar, hiolh miighlt Ie procured, are given to show the effect of the Iiduall's Panacea, in tile various comldhsnis nereal mietioaedl;ual also tn exhibit ia the most satisfHctuory malllnner its suleriority over tie syrups in eotnnion use. CASES OF RHEUMATIlSM. CoatoLns-ron, Nov. 15, ,832. Durinog the last winter ail st'ring, 1 was aftliete.l with a very severe and distrlessing rltnumatlnism, occasioned by exposture ill biad weather. I niow takegreat Ipleasure i statinig, tItit six bottles oflhe Inliian's Planacea, restored me to Irlteect health, anil I confidently recommend it to all similarly aflictel. JOHN FERGUSON, Kingst. CentALsron, Muarlch 27, 1832. I was seized about three years since, with a distressing rheumatism, eaused by takings severe cold, while nuser theinflueneeef mercury, all which has disabled sp from business nearly ever since. During tits period have been a patientin the Marine Hlospital, in this cit ul'wards of four months, and nearly the same lengthl time i tlhe Baltimore Hospital, and tried almost eve remedy, with little benefit. Ot the Ilth of Februnar last, atthat time scarcely able to move about upon crutch es, I commenced tle use of Indian's Panapea. In on. month I fould myself entirel, freed from pain, and an now happy to state that ! coasnler myself perfetly well. WM. TUCKER, 13 Market st. CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERS. New YuRKan, Sept. 10,1130. Tlhis may certify that in the fall ol 1825, i was seize with a swellingi my neck and face, which afterward ulcerated and became large ghastly uleers in my neck. Aflerttyiag several physiciaast ano advantage, 1 weno to Phililelphla, and placed myself under the caret hre. Physic and Beach, when, lfier repeated salivations to no effect, I was pronounceq utterly incurable. Alier. wards Itook twenty bottlesofSwaim's Panacea and eibght bIottles otPotter's Catholicon, with no nmteriul beiefit Despairilngoflile, which hal now become a burthbtt , me, I returned to my piarents in New York, is 1829, ano gavemyselfupto a lingering death. Hearing of dt great success of The ladian's Panuocea, howevere, i ae similar to my own, I was persuaded to try it, as a last as. sort. To my great msurpise, as well as satisfaction,. aoonfound myself rapidly recovering, and upon takina seven bottles, the ulcershealed amd I became perfectlI well in the coarse oftwo months, and have remained so ever siaoe. I make this astuteme tad wash it published Ifrth bhnefit oft dioe who 're suffering under similar sesrthlous or syplhilitic affections, thal they may know what he cured one who has suffered every thing but death, uad who considers his life saved by tke above av rup. WM. HINHAS CHARLtEsETO. July 12,1, 31. I was aftlicteri, for years with an ulcer in the leg, oc casiomolly accompanied with eryusipelatous inflamation ad excessive tiua' in the leg anid l cle joint. Several cminent physiciana exerted their skill upon it, but with out permanent benefit. In this case five bottle Indian's Panaceamade aperfect care. MARGARET A WEST, 11t Market 4For sale by HENRY iONNABEL, druggist, ages for the proprietors, 'ehoupitoulas street 1 NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. T HE steckholders of this company ore hereby no tifHed that by a resalution of tie Ioard of direc tion passed on the 19th inst. the call made on them on the 13th February last, for the payment of five dollars a share, was rescinded, and the said stockholders are further nitified that WH.hREAS, by a resolution of this board passed on the 19th all has ben nade on the stockholder of the New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Company ibr the followitigpaymnots on the the stock held respte. tively by them, vai:--two doliar pter share, payable oa the herst day io i Soeptemher next; two dollars per sitare povable n the first day of December next anod two dolleeanper share tmyable on tIe linst day of aurche nlxt. iNow terefore be it resolved, that tie secreoary of ihis ermpauy shaIll notify the share holders therein, through the'public prints of the city, that in conformitp with the sixth section of te chairter, tlhey are peritttuit d psutpone any piayent called ian oa the stock f said ecipany for f he term of sixty days, from aod after tihe day on which it is made payable, with the express con dition however, that ionot regalorly paid within the said proloneation of sixty days, from ami after the day on which it should have been paid, that then tie stoark on which said paymentsahould have been made, is and rema,: birfited to the company, the charter oni tlhat point tiing imperative. In conformity therefore, to said call,allrstek of the stockholdler in said camnany, as think protr o pot off the payments on their stock to the and of the additional sixty days, which thoe charter allows them, are notified that the payment of two dol lars per share called for,and done o the first of Sep emoer next, maybe postponed under the sixth section of said charter, until the 31st day of October next, that sthe payntc of two dollars per share called for, and due o the first day of DIecember next, ay blie Post pouled until the 30th day of January next; mad the iav mont of two dollars per share called for and dane on time frst lay of lamrcb next, may be postponed until the 31khi day of April aext. Extracts of teo minutes of the board. uanl 21 A t McNAIR, Sec'ry. 0 0, IIATS, in ecases-5 dozen whie on Ifts, for sale JOHN Il GRAHAI. ap 16 STATE OF=8 tl8INA.-Parish Court for the ParCh and City of New Orlemas. TIIE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom Sthse Presents shall come, Greeting:-Whereas, James Hanae having. purchased at a sale made by the Sheriff of the parishl of Orleans Ithe property hereinatter deseribed, as applietl to the i lerk of tlis court, in whose office the deed of sale was recorded on the 2d day of April, A. D.1838, for a monition or adver tisement in conformity to an net of the Legislature of the hunte of Luiisiana, entitled 'An act for the farther anRu rane of titles to purchterse at judicialsales;" approved the 111Ith day ofl'larch, 1834. NOW, Iherefore, eno ye, and all persons intereste herein, are hereby cited and admonished in tire name of the State of Leouisiana, anld f the Parish Court, who can set uap ny right, title or claim in and to the property hereinafter descrihed, in conserqunen of nay informality in the order, decree or iudgent of the court under which the sale was made, or arty irregularity or illegality in the appraisements and advertisements, in time, or manner of sale, or for any other defect whatson ever;, to show cause, within thirty days from the dny tlis monition is first inserted in the public papers, why the sll t so made should not be cotfirmed and hortan logated. lhe said prrperty was ell iby the Sheriff of the par ishr aforesvir ontl I 14Iti day of April, A. I). 18t38, by virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th day of Febunrv, A. 1). 1838, in a srnit entitled Alexander Caldwoll vs. James Hansr, No 10,367 of the docket of this Corrt, at which sale the said James Hanse became the purchaser for the price of twenty one tlhousandl dollars. Description of Property as given in the Judicial Con Sveyane, vis: A certain lot of grennd sitrmted in the suburb An nunciation alias Lacourse of this city,in square No 5, and lot having French measure, 60 feet front on Tchou. pitnulas street, :60 feet fronr on Orangers street, and O feet on lnafaads der Marhcl street, in uch a manner that said lot ofgrond is 60 feet wide from one side of the square to the other, together with a dwelling house fronting on Tchoupitoulas street, tile kitchen and de. pendencies, also the distillery estal.lishments erected therelmi anti otlrer uildings anrl improvements, the machinery, utetsils, implements end fixtures belongirng to said distillery, its dependencits thd rappprtenactea, and the rights,actions, antd privileges thercto belonging or in any wise oplpertt:ining. Clerk's Office, New Orleans, May 7, 1838. m14,24&j3 J. OLL.. , Depitv Clerk. ETAT )IE LA LU. LIIANF--tour de i'aroln poor la paroisse et ville tie la Nouvelle Orleans. L'ETAT DE LA LOUiSIANIG.-A tous ocux que ees prlsentes concerneet, Saint: Attends qae Jamiest Hase1 ayantachet A toue 'nel te fare p le Sherif dlelapnroisse d'Orleans la pttrotlirbtr ci-aprbo s decrite, s'est adress6 an Greffe de ectte Cotr on ta dlite vente fat enrregistrbe Ir Semejour de Mar de l'atntru 1838, poor on avis eonformement A un acte tie la Lrgisla'ure de I' Etat de la Louisiane, intitula. " Aete jyur colfirlier lee titres des aeqtereurs aux ventesjudicairnees;" approurb' le 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il sitconmn, et toutes perronesa itntresscessomt par ces presentes ommanres al nowm e I Etat de la Louisiane ct de la Cour dtie Poroisse, qni pourraient avoir rdroit A In prpritbte ei.aprea deerite, en consequence d'un dbtitut de forme dane I'ordre, le decret on le jugement de Ia cour, en vertu duquel in vente a bte faite, ou de toute iihrrgularite on illeglitb drans I'estimation,l'avis oule temps et le mode de la vente, on pour une autre cause quelconque; de faire voir, dana trente jours a dater dte l publication de cette avi, Imrquol i Ia vente ailni te ite te arair pus confirmnle et homologuoe, La propriht ftirt veadue par le sherif susdit,le qItn. torzikme lour d'avril de l'anoLe 1838, en vertu i'on deciet de cetse cour le 5 de fLvrier de I'annbe 18:18, dens I'affaire d'Alexander Caldwell, contre James Hanse, No 10,367 du docket de aette Cour, A loquelle vent le irt Jaes Ilanse s'est rendu acqu6reur pour Is prix tie $2,100i. Description dela Propriet d'aprbs letransfer J udiciare, Savoire Un certin tlt tee terre situo ai faholirg de I'Annon eiation alias Laoorsre, de centte ville, ldaes I'ilet No 5, le ditlot rle terur rynt [merlreu fir nt.isr,] soixanrte teds fac rue 'foi lou 'choupitoula si , trois rcent n piedr tie lace A Iht rue, ient rangrrs, et soixaote ptirds tie fae A ir faondirde I rue idu Itnrchi,ie sorts qe le ;litlt tie cterre a soixante pieds tie lnrgter d'un lout tie I'ilet A l'atre; ensemrble one mnaieon li-snt face Ala ree Tcrholtitouloae, In cuisine et ie do pendoneesntirrsi que la distillerie construite sur Ic dit lot, ent itres bi tisses et an:bliorations; lee maclines, ustensiles, instal ations, &c. appnrtenant A ln dite dirillerie,se, dt(pend ancesappartenances et les droits, actions et priviliges y , unnt, lBursau d' greflier, Nouvelle Orlbann,le,7 Mai, 1838. m14,94&j3 J. OI,.IE 1)#lum6 Greltier Royal College of Physicans, Londlts. T HE original Vegetable H)geian Universal Medi I clte, prelpred Iy WV Miskin, EPu. Meoaner of ithe Renal College of Surgeons, Liceotiate of Apothc Cary's oomlpan, Pellow of Bolt Court Society, Surgeon i to the IRoyal Union Pension Asnociatiol, Lanoaser Place, Waterloo Ilridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. Thomas's Hlospitals, London. This valuable medicine, the result of twent veyears' experience lland nparalleled success in the esxtesive and highlY respectable practice of the troltrety, latro lised bv the fault and lnolbilit, uatd is llow inltrout.d to the notice of Ithe American itblie, at the earnest so licitation of a tmttber of gentlemen of long and high standing in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelim. nary step, to check Ithe evils and Iondl coisefuences arisitg from tihe use of tile nttterore s altd dteleterious noslrmns toisted Ilpon the pnhlic lit the sid of faln'icated Iproofsof mirl"culons cntres, and otller tratsllS, hya set of lercenary, nil ricpled plreltenderP so totall ignolrant of medical science, that it impollslsible thie mollnstrans d tlusion can any longer go down with the intrlliget etople of this eoeOtttryj. T'hes pills, mild d atlagreebl IItheir nature, should be kept in every fsmily il cases ol'fsdden illness, for, by their prompt administratin, cholera, eamnps, spasm.s, fevers, aid other alarming oriplalnts, wlhich ow ofite paroe starsi .v male saten.i Iv cl Ited or prevented. In fact, tI lt hose tht t voltue ,tdt leaith, should never be without them. Thll ate sol' in packets at 51 cents, .1 iat l Sd2 each, by every respee table idrggitt, ibookseller, anol 'etntltof medicie is tin United Staltest I Ile C.aladas, with copinous dIt.etuionts, togetiert with estntnonials of prol.ssiontll ability tlt,,l the flloliaiog eminentt gettlll lue: Sir Astlet Cool.rt, J J. Aston Key, A. Franmpton, M. 1)., and numerous others. The originals nly be seen it possession of the eonertel Agent, by wlhom thle omuillne is imported into tlis eruuny, and to whom all applications folragrenieo must be, JNO. HOLBEIN, 129 Vtoerlv Place, N. York,. Sole General Agent for the United States, Uc. For sale hv alppointment of the original proprietor. by SwaIN & Boltr.tE, )llrtggits, No 11 Canal Street, ruenet Agent lbfo Stasthee of Luuisialn. jul vn h E.ILY 11 LEE & co, No J3 Magazine street, re t:ow receiving from ships Nashville, I.ouisille, Kenttltbk, Eagle, and other late arrisals trnm the : l,ern cities, a large and new seescted assortment HR is, Boots, Shoes and Brogans, consisting of gentlrman's file calf andl Moreo biots do 2d quality; do bui'll, and stout wax pegged boots a varionsqualities; melln's fit, calf' seal and Molutror rb. * sstis andl brogans, buckskin shoes, lbrogtans ant Ohppelts; Ien'sfine calf nti kipped pegged shoesunld I rogans; Io boots; do sttot kip ad wax pegged shtoet atd brogans; gentlemen's best tuanlity call seNed shoes, Itcogano antd Jack l)ownings; lo calf and Morocco i, tekle shoes and lbcrogans; do calf, seal and M5.n rocc: I aliae shoes alnd slippers, do calf, buffl Hat seal wntgs a lew article; do fine calf, set andl morocco quauter loti; loys', misses' and children's pegged and sawed bt ogans, and ahoes of every quality tand kinl. Also a general assortment of men's stout wax and rcatt brogans and shoes, together with 10,t00l piru ugro bust tiuality, russett brogans, Iailed in hL tanks, madle expressly for Iplantatiol sole a good as Srtmeot of men's fine anl sotst kip russett br'tglst, W article, andl a agXe quantity of all inferior quality r',sset and wax brogans. Ladies' fine calf, seal, morocco and grain welts, and pump sole shoes; do fine French Morocco nld kid ran c.tstl slilpers; do roan shoes, with altl witlollt tlels; I cale; seanl., to stout leather ooteos; do Pro ella sloe, I tall kinls ntil qunlities; do lasting brogans; to gaiter a'antl Ibxedf bootees. Misses'lusliogstring stoesana= at guns. Children's colored Morcoo and lasting bro br us and boots, boe. Gentlemen's fine fashionable black silk hats; do blacte sn IdrHab beaver do of a superior quality; do imitation t. ram do; broad and narrow brim men's fine drab and slick Russia short napped hats, a new article. Yonths' lo;e size hats of different qualities; do hekildren's. Mcn's anl bcy's black and drab wool hats of various shtpes, with general assortment of boys' and men's Iul ctalls. ''hTs assortment will hbe replenished by tile arrival of eat It pcketstrom the aoove named cities, all of which aillbe sold an accommodating ternls. aug --tf MO)NTAG U E'S BALM FOR THE TEETH. SHE establiaslled reputation and oostal:tlyhlcrea i0 Sdlemmad ftr this effe tual emedly ofpain, and opm servative of the teeth, has induced the snuhcriber offer it to the American public. Arrangements hay been made to supplv tegents ill all tile prcinepal ctie ttnd towns in the Utited States, so as to place it itlhi the reach of those suffering and likely to suffer this mos harassing of all aelt, ,I'rtll-nche." When applied according to directions civen on bottle, it has never failed tntoolldt iumedoate and manent relief. It also arrests the decoar i defectiv teeth, and relieves that soreness which'so frequantti readers a strong tooth useless The application anl retedy are simlple, innocent, an not unpleasant; and the lage nuobser of persons in different sections if th cotntry, that have already experienced such deliobtfu and salutary fets Iftom t the use of the Balm, ram ready to bear for the public gol) their testimony to its un ricalled qualities. It is an Indium tr.oedv, Iatsanedl siugularlytand unexpectedly, sand Aa ibe re'garied iv tle eivilized world as the most valuable disconerv redman of tile woods. Plies $1 per bottle. Sold by JARVIS & ANI)REWs, nr 5e Cor Comson and T.'chapitoulas ots. EW BOOKS-Naval Sketch Book, o, the Service Afloat and ashore. With characteristic reminiseen ees, fragnlents and opinions. By the author of Tales el a Tar, &e. second series, I 2 vols. lltttotha Recoliectiaons of ts House of Common ns, frbu the tyear 18:10 to the close ot 1835. ncltuding peraso nal sketches ofthe lealing mettbers--by one of no par y,jalt received and for sale by WV McKEAN, LATE PUBLICATIONS SROMWEI.L, an Hislorical Novel, bv the author o S"T'l'lbe lrothelra," &c. in t vols. P lopnlar Medlicine, or Fuamily Adviser, coonsisting of Outlines of Anatomy, Physiollogy, and Hvgiee, with sckh Ihints on the practice of Physie, Sttrgery, andi tie discuses of women and children, as may prove usefl in families when regular physicoioo cannot be procured being a compniot and g ide for itellignlt priucipnls of manutactories, tianttations, and hoarding school' headus of familiooes, masters f vesasels, Iissionaries, or travellers; and s oaftl sketelch fir young men cetntenoc. istl the sotudly of tmediine. Ily Ievnell Coates, sI. I). Peter Parley's Universal Iiitorrv oil the Ibaee of Geoershyb fitr tIhe te of ftnalies, 'llstruted by mops nnd eegtrvineo, in '2 aols Jurt reeived nd for sale by WV MeKEAN, It19 nor a'anp and Comlon Fts. OTICE.-'Theownerofseveral packages terehant Sdine marked Madaet V. Artituencave. Iper ship Giroton, frm Now York, is herreby notfisld that tlee have c.en astorsl by STETSOtN,' AV.I & CO. " stat Cosigueea "Grotlon,' 7uaTnatP s'MzonourifloTYfft TPt Pla4tfZS, The xtlh Editionaf OIOWtTT'B TABLES OF IN'ItYREST: ..O which is now added an Average Time Calela S tor, or asy methods for findg the average time on stornge, notes of head or bills of goods, when pur chased at different dates, on different credits, and fnr various amountst; esides a useful and complete lianking Time T'a'le, the hest that an be contrived. so that fi g area n rBdluce within the same tondesend dompass, de slse of type. An aitvestisement in the book is in hnearl the follow intgwlrti 'a The high distinction tlhis work has received through the tea legislative acts piefixed to the title page, is a re commenettion itn itself, so ntoosmmon,, and so eonclu sive, th .t mlthiag is necessaty more than tiy way of ad vertisement, to give a condeised view of sinet of its pe clliaritles as fer instance, the Interest has been eomp3as ed from,and comlatetl with, what is equivalent to four teen sets ef ealnulatiohe, exaniued in the pres thirty five times, and printed from stereotype plates tested thirnytyy-one times, firom all which it mnst be evident even to the skeptic (esprecially on tit pe.solal ofthe de mtil of roof in the preface) that the work most Ihe nrith metieally hlfallible, ond in eonfirmatiori ofthis beliefa premicm of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now offer-' ed for lhe detoetion of nn error ofa cent in the presrnt or fifth edition, as expressed in thie preface, making five large premins offered for the same error since the first pnhtliecation in the year 1802. One of the most conspieaous features of the tahles is in the arrangement of tile Time adll Amounts, which for expeditions, reference ondtperspienityv, ith the help of the aic ond index, cannot he excelled; and the tafly ty and ease with which the interesl can he found tothe extent of general business, withont doubling of sums is besides a convenienee so essential, that il the estlma tien of some oi the most competent and practical busi ness men anl pbllie officers who have made great Ilse of thework, it has teen distinguidll hbvtlho honotable appellaion efofa "mnster pince". AtI considering theinfallhility of the niethoel originally adlolted in comlosing the work, and the extraordlnary unnlber and variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it has passed ill the pr'ss, eotwithstainng the whole is in atereotype, eonsidering, in sh6rft, the positive nconeaay secutired by the unpreeedented means empIlo oil, the vo lunmehas heen hedonp and em hatiehally styled " tlhe most wonderfil book in the waslk;" most certainlv no man can names figure work of'the some extent, which since the beginning el creation, has had the same nmoi her and variety of tests in the same nummber of editorsl no, nor one halfthe number, as is clearly shown in the preie. Besiedes, astest and standard, it has been tried and preoed in nearly all the bank and puhlie offices in the United States, and Iy the public generally, during the long period of thirty-five rears, yet no error of the ral culations has ever been feond in print, althongh continu ally challeeged by the offer ofvery arge prrmiums. The in fEt exnpresslv adopted by all theeoarts oflaw ci several ofthe States as the " rate of calenlatlon firostatute interest," as also by law for bank interest, aecording as the book is used, and as may Ie seen in part, by te names of the subscribers, and a few of the subsequent pturha.ers, in the list at theend of the book, isin possesson of every loss of citizens in every quar- I te of the United States. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it has so often detected large errors, long after they were made, even hy the most careful atd most competent arithmeticians, tcat its osefulness, and the absolnte cle cessity for its usa, have been extensively insisted upon, so evidtent, inceed, have been its advantages, and its t savings, that, severrl earsango, whilst the first edition wass aree, andl at of print, a great Iumler of second t hand copies were songht lor, some to a gre.t dlistanee. and purerased at various prices, as they could occasion ally be picked up at from $10 to $25 per copy, and some persons have declared, and instances could be quoted that they would pay $50, $100, anid $500 for a eopy, fnot to be had for less, and an individual in the latter instance partievlarly, having at the same lime rxhibited satisatatory proaf, to several personsp le senttlhnt to him it was really worth that money and moare thlntngh the saving of his very valuable time, he being tvery rich man and in public ofice. It is likewise worthy of notice, mind indleed propr to implreim, that such is the nature of figue work generally aid asnecially when of the extent and importanee of these tao os, thatland this coMk or its like been prealr ed in the nusual maner vlone, hv the most competent calculator in the world, tilc afterwards printed most eantioulyv nder hisnown correction of proof sheets, it wnuld, allost to a ceertaily, Ihve tcen unlsafe foir re ferelce,a nd dlealr t any price, as the preface dariien larlp explains. Blt so penrfect and l vinatile have the stereotype plates of this worklbeen mlua'e, that to neenre them, withtheir numerens and extraordnary examllia tions, gaitst fire, for the general benefit, hey are (by dverltisement) constantly kept in a place of special safaTt), exoceit weilite se ritl prlitinig. Amnpleelliiretions to find lot hnanks and statute inter eat with usefnil otes, follow thhe preface, which, in this fith as inl the two preeceding editions, containl Id inl ferllctitiol cnicerling the two lawiil modes of comput iug inter, sts, tee day a af grace, ke. It reaumis only to reimark that, notwithstcalding this Snalleomlllion ork, which wnsptlblished before illterest t:ies vl illntrodned in dollars and cents bie yend alnlllllance, hls heen soextelsivnel aicd uo liberally patrtonisell, it has not yet so much as paid with interest. tee heavy loss of nruly feut'r thotsand dollars, besides six rears of time from 17+J9to 118t5, sustained of thIefils edition nf 7iatHl nopies,carisig t hilelly fliam its pnhlica etiion ct that t , it alln under price,) to sy nothing of empensn:dtion or iprfit I',e atmnost i ile-time of are, toil, :Id sacnritice. 1\ hel'etfor, tie aL thIol still relies on tihe discernment and( gemrosity of the plllic for iontlllil: Iane o if perenlI'c nccIllmlarontt. I istle v ah Pr+'it..r/lul liHoksll+r., n l/e " ilyd St,.h,, r,7 lEhtylatd, by tile authoroil ,k Year illn ttuit" il Noble lI)edsof Wnattcn, i: ole. The Yiune 1ife'. Itook, it amnulal W moral r'li t, IIIoldi d mestiPr dll ties. Joist ra eiv,', andtc lerue h. W11. 'Keit IN, 'I .\IEItIrti¾ iCA l I. - DOCTOR J)OII.hSON .1~ AY bu consulted eonhtilrtl at his ofilice, 1i1 s il .riltomr. Holse [ctret, 'tetr Daulthine trt)l. up lth trlea l lnt; noi 1 e t .lltinlrl se of elici te disiass. SFrom D)r. Joltnsote s extnasirve op ortulit)y ill srf-. of th, mill st eeh'r.lct ll IIoIlllhlt Ito Etl'r(l ye t, rxtIl1sivc Iv dlevorted t ti re atlilelll In h nerirel II11I nlllliili(t complaints; and als.o i'mn n resi:!ence of live vyirs in Nelw I'ork, during which tile I)r. Johnson lcollied his prclice so811ly to tle treaOtment of those diesel , with tile ot Unprleceldenthel sucr:'li he is enabled to rie mllov ally of the llolwhili contmlldills ill frlom 5 to 21 dlny'. witltnt illOiurillg tlhe rlllnutllrtiol bry trtr, or M.IV other k'lelvtrl'ill nledicine. (ihInorrihe,, ili , Structure, Saminal W\eakLness,R Affetion.s nf thollland der,.Kiduelnl Prostate , llllad,d anly of those nuler nolstr:lin of altections, which generally follow neg.I, I. elrd or itl-nreuted c1s1e of Velerial. ScrolCelus .oas , uicerated legs, anld wosrlll* molll ven d bly i simplell i ll l tll II "'lnu t rei withoullt restriction in diet or interrupt. tionl rlom Ili lles. P'ersrtnsresiding in the country, and who feel deli erle in Inlllllmg their .roily physician, Iy rsending ,i itiIn.reIn ne their ease by ltritr (pot nuid with Ifer enclllosled)i ca elll Ilnvp it..I llhSO 's advice, fIor lth ir oiwi trnlllelllt,n with medicine, Irlnecesary lt be usedr, tolwar dedl. Sepernte oriles pirided whllere patients call ever collie in contact with each other. Atlelnncefllroeol orning until night, ot 143 Customl House s tirret. lICoeulirations strictly olnfidential in all cases. det 13 DOYLE is SlAY, Horrse, Sign, and Ortrionnois IJ Painter, N 3 Cearomlele stlree, two doors tfrom Canel stree'. Imitations of the following woods and marbles, ex ecuted in a masterl manllner. w'oOts MAnIIL.ER. Manhogany, Egptian black and gold, Oak, (iruln and Antico, Pollal. do, Oriental or verd antique, Curled do, .Jslper, Curlell Maple, Blood Stone, ilrs e do, flarby Granite, Sitin \ sood, I Potonle, Hair Wood, Dore or lnurdello, Yew Tiee, I Italian White, Coromanolle or Black Sialnna sand Brectella, Rose Wood, Ameris in Grey, Ash Whlite Oak,, io. h hs. Curledl Elm, Specimmns to he seen at the shop. Paints. oils, glass, colml varnish, ake. on hand mi tor sale. ml 1Kt N,T'PEEL& HEAVY (IluDS--lHst, sqaare ald bundle iron, well assorted. Hoop, scroll and rod iron, nail rods and plough moulds Cast, German, shear, blistered, splrinlg, sheet and Crowley steel IHllow ware, out anld wrought nails and spikes Zira, iloek til, mill and grind stones, salt kettles Chain cbler, archiors, hoes Ox, log anld trace chains, corn mills Aovils, vices, Hammers and bellows Wire, slieet,pig and bar lead; allot Cnri, and cooking stoves Ames, Rowland's and other spadies and shovels Hook and pldate hinges, door and window hooks Collins, Iluots, Sharprs, arllr other aers 1'r't and Manilla eordage, lines atld twinle holt ani sheathing tii lperi Naval steors Paints, linseed andl sperm il A fill assortment o hnvardware and ship chandlery, always on hand, and which are offered f:r sale at whole sale or retail, oil the most favoraldle terms, by m4 LAYTON A Co. 5301d Levee. HARROWGATD SPRINGs THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEW ORLEANS. flIIE rpr.prietor of this establishment has the plea Ssure ofnrnouncing to his friends and the public in general,that he will he in readinessby the first day of M1ay to receive visiters. lie will also state for the ire nef;t of those at a ditance, that there have been large improvements made, and others now going on and in rapid i rogress for rcompletion, which will enable the suRllb:riler to aeol:mmlmodltr a omuch larger numnber than heretrofore, and ait the same time imuch better. Yalilie can be rh a odnesd ditll good rooms, or Ihose who pretor can have large cabins detached from the main building. It is deemed nooeeeesary le say anything in parieu lar of tile character of these wters, for it is generally believed that they are not inferior to ny in the South ern States. All the aemseerntur that are genroally Ibundat sWtering Planes, will be fnrrd at this. The best music thathis part of It country aflirds, has bees engaged, and will ie iueoo.srtet attendanceat the Springs during the whole season. 'l he sulbseiber will avail himsnlf of this opipnrtunity in returning his iumliglled thanks for the very liberal aup ort given him last season. and hopes hv the exer lions thinrt Ilve been imsde in ilrproving ond extenrding tihe acromlodations, to merit a lilerat patronage the piresent season. JNo CRAM. r13 TO THlE LADIES. a TKINSON'S DEPILLATOItY l'r rermorving su! i.. pierlluous hair froto the Sfe, lleck and arms, witi llasl cstnhy nod certainty, leaving thoe skin finher and whiter then before toe nIrelirotion, A flese supply julst reeiled at trI[lONS, No I I Relhange llotel, uonler Sl Charles and Coermer st.olt. ap 6 ti.i ARRAWvGtEM 1t rn No. ...rn ... Due Every Day at 12 M. i , sss Every Day aI 0lO A. M estern ial, 1) ue ever unday, Wednesday an er xm a l Friday y a, P.M. 1 o .,e° Cl C sYevery Mioday, Wednesda Cassgl, nandt ,aturday, by 9, P. 51. The Loeai+ l t)a ever ToPredrv, Thursday, an (eLae au rdas, liy 5,P. I5. via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTUREP DISTANCG &c. of the Edpret Mail, betwens Mooile amll New York--laving Mobile daily at 3 P. M. N6drthwar New York doity at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arrive lsrthlward. Distance. l'imet. e2eurri'g Montgomery, Ala. 2 pm. 191 m's 23T t 2 n. Cglumbus,G(. 11 81 3a.m Milledgeville. G. 2 133 141 2p.m (Cothmnia. S.C. ?7 am. 16.3 17 Raleilgh, N C. 54 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 6t it Petersburg, Va. 111. i. 83 10 9a. Wm Richnmnd, Va. Iam. 21 3 6j4 Ftederioksburýte 8 f7 7 ltp t,. lehington ty, pm. fit 61 Baitimore, 38 4m 0i Philodcllphia, a. 2 New York; 2 pm. 90 84 1305 143 h. or 5d23b Northward. Coming Sntthtlwrd, the time is ih hours lees; bing5 days snadl17 hours. 'TEN lDOLI.LARS REWARD. f ANAWAY fRon 169 Carondelet corner of Hevia stre et,on the night of 30nh of August, end was seen latoncxt morning in Poydenas street, a negro hoy named CIHARLES, about 17 years of age, sad a fee or therenhouts in tbight, very black, aod Ias an imped iment in Ins speect, on0 of iris logs is sore, oceionsed by a re:eot hurt; he had on wlon he went away a white cotton or linen shirt and whitle cotton pantalw'as. lMsters of veselts and steam boats are cautioned a gainost receiving or hanrboring said negro, as wells as ll other persons, as the utmost rigour of the law will enfor,,d gaionst then. 'TIe oaove reward will be pail fbrdeliva:ing him into any of the jails of s itpt. of the municipalities, or at 169 Carondelet, corner ot"Hevi. leoeet. oipt NOTICE--'h'e coprtnership heretokbre eaxisting Sandter tie fir of Dulbois & areetson has bein dissolvedl. The nohseriber will liquidate the affairs ao the concern in this ity, and requires all persons ndeb - el to make psayment to hito only, and all thosehaving clarimse, torosenet the, forsettle amet. oe 8I-i llt H CARRETSON W. W. SWAIN. No. llICanal &Yreet nche Orleans I AS awajl a onailml contamtly & reoeiving Drl. L Ivosn, themienle,and lsamt.s,oanlcg thetw art. rllownia: ])IIUGS. DYES, Anthiitny, crude, Argols, res, 'to regulwt, Aesttoa, jSuts.i Arsonio, crdle, Alum, dIo enwdered, razillette wanoo , ialamo copravin, Coohieesl, Borax, orude, Coptperas, Amerisent, do refined, Ceplesr, Blrinlatoo, ceoe, Fustie, Tampleoar d o roll, do Cobna, to flower, Io MaI~ne, llirmuth, French lerrien Casteroil, Indigo, Hengan Cream tattar, do Manilla, Cantharidue, ie tfelreneas, Gu(m sloes, di o iatamtale, do A meic, Lo ewod, Camapesash) do assaftith, do Stll Doaingo do amoniae, do Jarsaisa, do heszein, Camwodl, do cloital, rough, Madder, ombio, tI do aret~ et, Nieauragus, llosiret, dIo Si Amertie S, ido Coe, ln aottmlo, ore'le, to Mearceib dto to rfttie do Ilache. do gaiaeum, CHEM.I ICAIS. to kilo, Aolid, Ilitlrots, io mastie, do muriatie, ilo opium, do stlphuiieo, do shella, Blue vitriol, t:. senegal, Cedomal, pep, do sidiatie. orroasirve Slbli atie Io t golontlbc, S.ilorhile eflime, irasboge, T'lom salts, J.unilpe berries, Ainerlieatiuoso eeustir, do do Foeolgn, Red lureoi pitnte, Mlegonesi, Eigishb, Rochelle sit, do Aoiericaln, lied lomosatot rtaln MlalO flake, SuI) anlpit Sot4 do swoit, Sulp pola, Liq,:a. iee hall, Stgar leas, Oil cloves, Sultp zinoe, do cassia, Sl quinine. do trrgtamot, Tatrtr acmetic, do lemao, l'AINT'lS. liea. dopep Ie'mint, Bslue, llotd pI.litii, Chrtamiayellow, dry, hlo tlpee, tI tdo in oil njalatlt dIo groeen, dry, do Iiqluoice, tto do in oil, do ri'nhuokb 1 1 Imambhiek balgtibh, dIo Senecal, t'to (.rmoltotan do ae,,t nirq, . 'rge, togad st nis AIte.o itlnh tIt unllOId i o' a i ,o AIlieea, spoge, om"' vo.trod crIt do]elect Leves, 't llttei, .lo 'lt&, o pary diol dIt Illalii to ' t1llan .otre o t bVolad t.T 'I:1 ,in I d, st A EI4 'to do Aoo. C ie Eaglish, to Castle,. no gront itn tl~ni:n'il,,Ato wt.'t ll.l I"re. N s, n CAPTAIN 9IAR .hI'VATl' " NEW NOVELS. Raltlio the Reefer, Iby tith author ot Peter Siplet, &e Cummujins, or n Winter at Schlosoe Ilai'lechl in Lowe Stvila, bIy Captain Basil Hall, Royal Navy, F. I Lr AbeL , a romance, by Allan Con(ningham, r o ,'heppard Le,, ,written byl hiseelf, i i2 vols. d Coanpeedioens llislory of only, trnnslrtet from ti. original ItalI, ,by Nathaniel treene, in I mvl ft r ming No. 79 if Ilnrper's Eatnoily Library. Vols. :3 & 4 of lwe new complete and uniform edition i, of PVashieeg.tonoJretng Il'orks. Roper's Frneh ad nglnish Dictionary, in I vol, 3ro SA'n.'een's French 'nd I nlish Dictionarty. A tI.a-t-A few moe' to1ies of Cobtl e's Phrenology "ltieni." .Lares Survevr's (umtnenos of superior qta 'iwri, w th ehiain, Iiltard Itelllui'2' attl 2 1-2 inches (tilta t'o ispvedtiletnlic Iets,jap aed papers, weights Ju;t received, and lfr sale Iy m:t1 BENJ. LEVY. SI'AIN REVISITED,&c. &e 1 PAIN REVISITED, &o, by the author of 'Ayear ino Spain, in 2vols. Traies of tIals raraterts as generally pplicoabe to the Abuerigiuni of North America, by G urner,Esaq The Political nGramar, of the United States, or a m s "ete view of the theory and pr.atice of the genera and state govcrnm,nts, with the relatione between them --dedicated iesd ptead to ite ysung men of the United Statel , by E I) 3ansofield, Esq. A'imrod's Houatliro Tours interepersed wtth character istie anecdotes, sayings and doings of sporting men, i elBdiog notices of the princoipal srack trder ofEnglatd with analytical contents, and general ndmx of names . vo uules. FOR THE CURE OF Srofila or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumatism, Chrmpie Cutaneous Dis- Pains il the Iloneeby fres ases, usoof Mercury the blond being in vititedate. Tl'his very ctcentranted Syrup is prepared witt the greatest phantaceuthtul care and aseurnacy, nid contain thl active principle of Sarsnaprilla in the most cocens treted dagree, counmbined with other vegetable subatance of known effi'aey. 'The great desideratum with physicians in being abl to exhibit n large quantity of Ssrsaparilla in a antn dose, has been otined in'this preparat on--they, being fuilly convinced of its merits, confidently aditlisterm the coirse of their practice. Price 61 50 par bottle, Sold only at SWAIN BROTHER'S drug store, No. I I]Canal street, whe" may be had, friesh anl genuine, directfrom the pr-fria tore, Swaim's Panacea andl Ve'rmifuge, Potter's l..tclOll con, Carpenter's Preparations, and ia large and genera. assortment of fresh dru gs, m4 L'INNI)CK'S ROME, &c. DINNOCK'S 1MPROVE,t EDITION OF DR G oldsmith's Abridgment of the History of Rnome. to uwhich is prefixed an lntroduation to the Study o Roman History, and a great variety of valnable infer mnation added threghout the work, on t to Manners, Institutionsa and Antlqutties of the IRomans; with nu merons hiographicol atil historical Notes; and qtes tions fur examnmtion at tie end of each section. II Iaetrated with, thistyengravings on wood, by Athertaa Pitsscx'a Itmtteoved Edition of l)r Goldsnitlt's History of Englantt, t'om, the Invasuon of Julius Cisar to the, ieath if Oeorge Od, wit a caotinuation to tihe yea 1832. With questions for exomination at the eud o each section. Besides a rariety of valuable informs tiun added througlonut thle work. Consisting of table of' eontottperasy Sovereigas and eminent poersona Copious explanatory nmtoe. Rearksa on tim poli. tics, tunlnler antil literature of the age. An outlined the Couatitation, &e. &,e. illustrated by many engra lugs. G.u' ELEME.t. rs OF AerRONO.., and an Aoridgmea of Keithts New Trelatise on the Use of (ilobes. New. Americant edition, writh addltiouns antd improvement anit ao expiatiuon uof tlo astronomical part ofthe Am vienae Amanae. Just received and for sale by W2M M'KEAN nov 24 _coter e Camp amd Coemmn tal HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. I7 ORACE, trnuslatd by Plhillip Francis, I) D, with Ill n appendix, co tanintttg translutl of varnoul. itales, &c. by Ben Jutumn, Cowley, Milthm,, Dlrydon. Pope Addisun, Swift Chattertoo, G \akaieli Porso BIryan, t&e. and scm of lthe nl0re aleminet poets of tn day--Uad ttEI)RlUS, with thel appeltdix if Iudius transla tIed by Christopher Sunart, in 2 vaUl intrtI ," volulies 1S ant 19 oft'tarper's Classicalu Library T'hs Euttodittut of IIUMI'IL'Ey CIdNKRER, by Slnolett, t 11) mitt, a unotuir of tile Atttnr bP Tlo Crus Roscoe sq. ew editiu, with illustrations, by G Mary o11D argulty," &c., law edition, 2 ela wumple IPAUL LLIFFOB.D;by the anutmr oa "Pulho 'hts Ditt, ee,"e, od"t e vbin olume IV ni tee new a4 nof"t acur' Cuoplateb Vbieks. Justreceived sale ) WM MoKIKAN ' ACON SIUES-36 casks Cincite ati otinp BJ!andiui from tetLteaolboat Eghot n tr fu r ate 4 r BOGiERT aS lAW '

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