Newspaper of True American, 16 Ekim 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 16 Ekim 1838 Page 4
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SsP- j. atauia Hotel, caaytttt.,ade ly aie. .iablib gene. 4 . t~|shirt, she promises 1 Ja rii"ngn ker part to gilve , g g4 madh n tiitrrl theat inny i utdeatik~ Dr, Set mlit of liharsl tetso. 1 mt 4pim l;ihttnd deulry, has tupplie h dr Srofesote sarvices in thisd with t ldh i tl trad : t slemen that the pronis 4 wil ea ptid tog on part to givch "ItI acetieloctlla Ito 41 whre may patroaize Ihe *eaiqpt andt-,taaslOao-flItel. jr3 lfl PUaL3?fc. ' ediersigned. h.tvma dUdunhder- Dr. Schmiit-.of Cltlael.oel, Sand ra some o year his ervicestan i S lof, rnicbatlhed trd salrgnrp, has tljo honor sea eh profeasioaaul services in thin city. ladle0 and geeltleaen that. the moet l h ttilltta will ha paid to thacvalls which n Olbci4andtelso oteffca his services to tho r -, being well acquainted with the ~nmoaito thpon, having attended them in iitne in Clratleilon. , anti.hiliounn pills a!ter the eomposition Sii-hgollette, with .dirctions, can be had edere.d; 'The effect which they have tating and other citie,; has been attended 4 test esucce. to whlic the best of oabt given. Apply at No. 16(i l1aga at-5156 . JNO. M'LORING. Al1 R 4II OD SCREWV$, AD) ` IRONS) .k_ . a E.OWEI.b W ORKS COMPANY, No. atir l her Beekman street, Now York, eccntd the past season, and are conrstontly 1 Ir6 e l d Sextenlve addi.tons to tie l ork e oe.:eoods, which inow consists of the r" _ n stabetrnt, suitable for the southern and **d ,,pnbkbets. .· : p~. li supearior quality, consisting of S 600, tonsa, eta, Sel of. ifftreat sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Iettle i 15 sines, from 3:8 to 30 gallon., Kettles, 15 sizes, froer 3:8 to 18 gallone, tkhpe t or Ovens, 7 diffrent sizece, T T, sKetilsa, 6 do Sitileti, ' . 5 do Plat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, I do 'ltrddles, - 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 do '/agon boxos from 1 1.4 to 43-4 incthes. Csrtdao.5 to 7 inches. Wood Screw., 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from t. inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior at,.lity and finish, and less than Jstae's i~mported ptiAes. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for T~in or s and hattor's Irone, anmorted. Selh weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 20lbs. Holls for Pltntations, steambahets, chlrches, &c. made to order, Also ateatmbeats and other ruenchinory made to order. The above assortment of goods is pnrtictlarly ref'omtmendrd to the attoetion of Soultlhrn andll Wretoern merchants, and are offered for sale at low trices,,and lupon the, most liberal terms; it is be. rioved to be the largest and best assortment ever toBred for sale by any ett e stabliasthnant in tLis ailed Sltates. 4 Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can late a prin'rd circular, with description of goods, ericesand tcrms, from rwhich no deviation is ever madeo, frnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. Nw Y,,rk, h138. _ j 3 - I.ItN 8lttYlIl R' & I'CIIKLlS--Undner otd's I., IJ itn Stvrlp tand Pitices, IIesrtIICd itei e lso, ,ll ooxsest of lteis & llasktll's Pickle,; for aile I, tt-le a soaelnmtent, by JAIt aVI .N OItlt.W,\i, eli "nr Commn'to and Tttln itani ilttlaa OAP-0-(ltit htll bxesr No I Stnt,ll. lttl ut Jtttme SGould,forsaleby ISAACt Il{tIltli &A Ct). l,16 1314 M lvttete lrlret. 1TO LElT. "ENsma dvellint holsu on Triton atrer, sto tween Tivoli Circla ad t taroudelet ttlltret mtl9. Apply to JO'llTT, VIIIEEI.IARIIOWS, &c-i5 \ heelbibrros, " dirt rwoot e, fur nle br C-IAlID'LN & COOLPER. m15 NltO l .ltl ttet ý I.Atatl,,t roled Cal, and Letter ', mt,f all t1oa .IU litios, eotistilg ol very ulperiIPr Pit, laid, blr sld while lono, ald llt,|il rll rled ond I'Ott ~L. rI .up, celltstotly on alt ltd anl fre sla Ivy IleA il It l'LT . Ct. ea.ll N 1 Staltionta ' lall, t2 lt1- avl o at. tiO pipe, cxtr taletirt. Ittr, nIt l~v im t Imtn1 I tti 4 a.". 5a d il l 1 in A 50 do t. of I o a d h n A•d Bidig ate, et e.u -do t ,e r e oir, I.t(t 1eet. trot tory t1 , u, tIA tVTi gtin;. T t ilatl. l0 a.dhtg, bLr .le b r l YISOAC BI'iI)G!H ERS (.(, mI tt Cl l amllltt t ' tre.t * LA N bOl L o t l I;"-. ttt- i t- ~f r toet, I 1A NE wosto tlodItag fct'11tlt, thoale 5 Ilo; r t l A v J le' , f u ss- s ne ativ ., llIIIP lintI,, 1,?nquirt,,t th e IllellliI t Ie l li'.1 ,. eeli--bg, bls f s ler. b or y l m99 It21,'Y. I 1 HNga . -CF I fo 15lleeils Ito l l, lauldaln ilhan St It r sa ml9 17 (h 2ot lnol +'c t, 1 B OU 0 stbat ar fa HVaour.ll ,fo r Stole hv toOlI.E, G ~iE L'lYl, 1 Newlr e K 1AC5 ld. a llr ru treet. NO MIERCURY NOR COPAIVA 16, Now Urle.,ms, Nov.ll, 18'7. A nOU'T' six months ago [ I Lad ile isftrlune ia, g7 n secret diease., ftr l hich I lhave al,lied tu sve ral detors ti a cure, ua.l tllhe did iint els iet. , -o iow .au the abone ate lI ut iy elfi u ther ileall re of I Itt)In Must, and I expect imn to cure ntse. : ne Inat tie the disease got worse, so as to break out in large ulcer: to thle number if six or eight on ea h leg, and ill ovat ny face, an, sure thlront, and not ahle to work at h, proestnt tiln. st, acoullnt of tle, disleas'.; lar :u Illcor on tie righat idel of rthe rlrutat . th puttin 1t,6ell mafitently under tlie cure ot Dr. i] crt, If '.ri. , to be perfertlv nared JuIl N DEAN.t l, 14 ly" DI CEIR1TIFY IbI:t tle ab ve mFnt;onel dieieen is quite well cur:d to Illy awnr sati-jl' til., Ior iwhich I thank Ur. liter; tuli untireover I :,isro thlat r inn li aite I have taken nikei ae I at, and lId n-t injtre ,u} health at all; therefore 1 anjLt, m ty f IIn w eulcbcr+ r, lose nO tlia cud apply to-'Dr A. Iluet, 1I'2 Cuar,l street, between Datuphmn- and Bourll trlee;s. r. tluet is-at home from 9 io'cl,,cl A l, until 4 P A3l. lley will find a true dectr fr this complniut. JOHN I)DEAN.,I4 G(raier street. It auy one wantt to t ee me. call at No. 4t0 tavie, -street, and tht:y will hea satisfied. To ba publiohed at the uptiun of Dr. u lat. JOilN I)E4N. New Orleans. Feb 1, 1838. fieh 14 Ie y Vi1H eGenuine Iilniat liulnaiaat I.ijrra- t aaul lime h hound, is put all in battla at tIhn low price af 5SI) sants setsh,.ntaiiag the astenilgl of thrte OlLeea ill Liverwort, hesi lea 1it irttias of manly other iullts andll herbs known amon4 tIne ludit.ns as efficaciuus in curing puhtnuaarai cimplaints. 'hea u .itvalled success whilch has attended the uie of I this itnestinable iBaulse wherever it hal been itllro dtlned. has obitaned thie conlidenc nld re(otll Ild f ties of resptetable physiai cias, tr the rlle of colens, I ilidsn pain m the siae, want iof rest pittilg So blood, liver complains, &t:. To whumn it may concern. This is to cerli' ht I eI lave in our prauatice frequiltly presaicrd lirs (ind-l taer' ll ll Iiiai t ltsami of liverwirl I Ia h, laII hunIn, withS ia decided good eftect: we can therefore, tro taitle kino, "'anplt ofithe materials it is tmadu frolu, aild t(.ler valloU or all thime tia l aatilS of the stIuns Ii ir which it i I'e - Iamededl . Ai.I-t I' \I.It \1 11, M. D.I CAI.VIN El.IS . it. 0 Membes of the Boston lMedictl Assoeitatia.ot hasten, October 2.5. .aleby JA.RVlS & ANI)RIW. ' La I. t9 ':"n n t ta i. ". situ r i It t aeo atateitadod ty tar M eldttanll sltl L IJ 'LERant Eittervee:ent Mtagaesin Aptritet-F-Pr ~ dý'erPpea Or in ligestiun, aervrOs dibtlilit giddii asre henddenleneuiduity of the st.,nncll, labilittl eoal a tivenesnl, utatnous disa.ets, gnut grit. elic a I1 iu-h at Ralnied as gentle, cooling irgaiitivI. S TIis desimable prepartiou has received the patron age of natmy eiaetlr mtrntmbera o to ':0 prof.Cl inr , Nad trol a dsuneraInmipuhtlic tal.y reupciutt le imd li. sited t.llalmnilis s l its efficacy as a mediri.Ite Iato bee .-elRtI dl W 4it the plennsing qualities it a ,laes of - at5.wMerit pitseasee the sactive mticiaS properties ,. 1'B l) tItnitstpr veal salilus purgatives; it is plehaant V ,, UTlON--'rhe itlerrainT reputa .hd n.'demands lid r Butle,'s I.ffervescPet hiIgne ,fi5 5 ha bae.n n induaeateu t for lthel a to on .-sn-oiatm a.fthUia rlaul edl:se. ul chaiers. ' l, e a1-y. waeaed's1f this tnct that th,,y mar be en 1 -". lrd, adl not procure an tIii ure ir,iud. " - l it. are raspriefilly inter eil thut the -ihseri ear . ofttteatlsplipe, nibh tit, nrigiunl anI gpe 14; mtei iJJ Lkahntlo -Ad a- d trtnil. r. .KIfRFry at c:O. A+etsa. i . - 40 Canal steert, N O. A egtaie ai(ilr t i htT r- iLn W 'Jeim smlaeth ufHair, glitig heatih ud beaut e ,a ld =_. - .blw t hi eienlrOilt w -, offrrrl to tlie puabiI, it hii msl..~rilrliotua.u.«, nf eanesfbailen ,tainuess,nll d ltal~fnbftl'or tltdir slid iuevery hltual.p it, hLrodur. fl. a s. n aiseaitdial. It hsIsneerrfai'Ped toprdutre Sathrs ifultts powth af hair ill ,elnl, alneadv mldt7 hsa Wher # t becom a dry end to gr.. wbV wilFlver reader it henlthy, ant rodue.. id and s .a.ih.ifl growth of Itair. wit'itlit thie least lhhiteud. Tehisl Oil rgives a. agtreeahle f.a. , -, " to.'lBfarabte to ally otlher 1i ir Ill far per . ib urnad iOi the hair. liii h le ,',: gf # .dry , r',,t..1in" For, sal ut : ,a$Q9+ a I.. )'LAI.. 1'I gielol*ON8f ITT & Cao, oreain s rectninlrmn I ·V oh bnrd bp Mriean. Eagle, f ighlnlla er, tnker eairy Andlrew, Fenah and Gneran pinrs cards; tRack mon BoardS Chcssman, 21-4 and 2 3.Snch ltdl -O+ Mall-; 8,9 10 alld 12 in ah blade nowie Knivaes;n batiea r andl otihr 7r0e litl, Derinhg Canes' Bsr t, • 'kot, flr.-,.man',, and Duallin" Pistol:;donslse and atinge barrelled Gan;s. Ganin Shot Belts' Powder itd Pistol lhlsks; )lrn IBtitles nlll Drinking Cttps; Prrr','sinn Csps and Cop ,loldirs; Cloth, nir, Tenooth; e trad Nail rnshris Orra s rn nd Chlorine Tranth Wash an oabth Powder;l Toilet and Shavinl Sonnaps, in grst a it rita: long flair Braids, Itinalet sad FiraettR, ; Pear; it and Tilot Pnowder Emery lhanr Ivory Thab 'uthidns: Pattntt Sihdes sr Gnrtrrn; Glat E'atie Snapcn:ler; n "',w erd Pal1 a ld lces.; it , iniat cal haia S ; a it , a:nr-dinp; titnis ul lckle.: lrt.tsat: Biend Ne: lanrr -a snr!Clhains; Gilt d Sidie-eland Indianl Belds. Itlre ndal Plasmce Shell Twist: Side and Der·ine nl ta.i;w ih. icn atdcion II tllcilfiarmer rns ck ai ha and. cnklr. s their nasaort,,',nlt vii coIIplelr, and will le sald iw aral d onalieioral r stra, i tie all ao thme Gonldi vij ilcf an i tII" A ll u c SV S. hh 'r se ffi . Eclad hve l ecehed iln oer a1di tin 4p1 ouf n' .,:m ster in t in,, ,f male and lt rs~ p rt Koine r of e . d..;,h lim,. r.n. ;.r I'rl:et. llin , and t .h ierm ninimr 4 o lKe:l : ]. 11lr4 o . .I - tor.:, Tnj'l.,ze' 1' -v.a& &. \ , &-. whl ltlth. v . '. i·,-rd Pa<1ilt to tlin raI e lnd l t h,-e. sa avlra, ain ald i n tolillt rwill !r mad, ]lin fit l Itin i. mQlM; n t J. I.1 tH"IN tlAt' ' O' & O lii Xci· annnl + Ic. a"-` ii rrh lp Itta, .v t , eal, h, i ll . \u h, Il i.hit'-n F' i coy i 1 1,p+; fa .i 1, 111'; " 4t rli+ T r, '". n 1 -er ; (rilloe l 'a : rle ,mere l ml I s h',r 41, c euq n- -, Ei W sih ).n t -'in shell, iiius a nuo ,n l h tm ,lla : tit .l, i aI.te Ialn:k land nrn l llti ' 4re li!, :.itntilnll eil; i . ti* tIi ryati n i tn tat plll ti ttn h4- ve tiri-n '"i e .al t ,nn; wti it -lwi,:e i lo:lt no ,hy a:, i~ sna ps aoile t Sint'dr c "nua'n i w' n 1i :d .lan ; sct' dir(d lt ii cl iiii.y;i pool stell;; r e.t tw e!dhi ·n(l ll tP chai.nsan:rod tnnai,.s; t illr . ri l :,an t ,t meI n i walh, t: (ani Ita,, i at ina i''I.4i" li- lnit' liiandi il l l - latildc anslcnde., .'rý:'i"r ,. 11 , lhi luu1aiir r 'niache; iil- \ erricnil s; llrcylot &l c. &c, I tlnea a .iatrsttnttI tit -r t ita it · a1 2 , 11 plt ini tia ti ni l ili IIIk s I o1t a sF n llint I t vi' c l,llt,". al r .le Iw n tle td e or l, c lnil; ai h rlel l' Cae (lld, Cit, t1't, 7a, liiha. nldr a t iatt , arnil a, lt ti ltn, will I:n: fi lert,, 1 fi ,ith la l' n ct n l,' , aid i,aanina s ti l hg a Ii n a-iC nrla-ina taadill ,ba ild 'il: . ,anaI e'I + J' vv & N(11 . l It.1 ale,1 al lIIt . ll . ,Il . la d It -r b e ~ t q' of th • 'in^ c,1f l,', Ih I ,,lt &. l 1"tIt aod in li.iand tioanl - v oco ,i,; l·Itld annr In al., illy c'l Se,;\" m ;ill l lt. ijd lihef( : ll+ialg I' Iti"lld I ill Ile.<I l++tc . p fi themln ~ I\% II rilh y..1 t ii v S1'11 11.1 1 lii - ,--.N- \1111th; +iIf Ir'.; ftl \1 tb.-+ "-Il (;',;\E 'I'.1''lr rceivds a d fr aeIs I, ilIi 1io o r sll 1 , II-Mt. i .al .tlll erianlt'l, a r , l h i5ih-t 1p m ic.e', ,,,l d' 1 eally h d ir 1at l u la It tk I I- ·1' it id tnl l . In Itiii ,Icr','rit. , I t oi l r, i I ,ttt I ' ~'k, ,, hanlt 11 :nl', + ve e',t he ir Ill p''i'•a:", r k,r,.. d :,' =rr+,., I l,'h i ,.n. h :i, roiar nl il (ny elw'ova i'rtti. ilit : J u'-llt1 ltu,\11 ta-ilh l t,- t lllui't ili i ll'tl t'-I iIe rt ,d IN lllcd ,',l, ,' t'h n lri nrd ()i'ri, o.ol" 11 ,-it dhllan ir, hat-u i,' nail ai ld 0h-h !t nih ; tt,) lher ,ill in ndtiiittil t itptl- iii f flv - iiiiiiit'l Iti,-i-i--!i 'it nn'lL, n.t liit jr,, elrt- Ita ." ali,,h , Iit ~ldc h ,lh -r rt" il ,I jia ti- I 'hi ill i I ret. ý 7 F.; \ G G ( O)1 ; - -s iln n ,,i i M ai-I l \ r , e rr ii-w ' _ lý rriine from nn (+1I, l nr li',,l hi , ::,,o 11,t ýtll-. m_1 So l intý. (' .tutu di, It ln Net w t-rk a se rmi II -naeial:, t"l i lite. w lh I 1, ,lln \xii ta-Sll t't,1l, tlocl, ,il rocil kl ,,l li;,ir , air', ('!It v 'elrl' I l'. I aT il i ti,,n ii_ I;, id :Ill l l " i l n; i ti ',i,.\ 1' t neik n , l lit ii- , lt ;i'' il l a il lll dI "'riitil, < I~ iFlla lr~ h I'er, t llnI w+ r.h, d ;,I c -'h c. ri,,ra. comm onl ,, ! l fine r, tttic vllnl~apvnil·,Is.C Im,, n fly: willli I: ,illl'l'', I .c " j Ivo Ilndi' il'(,iv ll. l 11-1.. Id' I ,-ii, lit- ihead ,i;;l:: 'lll'c - i- riat-ti Itii '- Ir ll. i lanth-- -till ii+<, It'. ld tllcihi ý,trefl, ,adult ita Intl I(-1 tilt llm ,. h , It' tt i ll an In . rim' ll.k', hr lma anl-i, -, I 'r, fll . Imll ' 1,,. , n. hl i )sI le d oLIII rolld. SL r iht' )rl lii, l lll\ ll l ',l I:h,,ice, ' itli loi s, watist In 'kh +,i n i, h lh, i, r, t , i l, '~.;.i' I, , ''trllrln , alia, n lnn , , r nrd uila ýi ll-rhr -lr 'oho ne Fh .;dns, a \ nerie',I l \r i'o. , ,:,,I y'Ir,+ ,'ýi. ol. r;,.l , :c-,r , nc.:, ntlid ixlrni tln , i lht ,i ,aunt r, l,+'a, ,!t i'l lhl illa 'a r al -n) Stiih t- i , i mt It m-lst l r-ll d.= (,it ; t , ,,dir.' ii ' , ,, ' clerk in itr _llltl a il ti nk - i )o uttt-tt , II :i til t , ,;+,-,,', e i 'tld sra, !11'It +in t It-:r l i s or,- *hht Id , .l ft( ai d l, , tllla silaer h,- oied ,tia i Ii , ,,,lii , -t it , , ! ,,itI ind it it h~I l.,,t, li~a--e , , .i- 11 ., n.. I I- , rt' ll tal" l aois alt I,,tl , I,IF i-, ii,',,l, lin aot hlan ,,rc in- i em irs, hl',+", t 1:"el . ai ' I :,n , wn- X, i, I a id -Ih ' I ttla ,, nli. l l ! "i ,' , ,' 'lI,. r n , hii ' 1 ih i, t of Ill u'i ,lit i t Ini I ill ti.trni ti d - tnt-a tit i ( 1. tI' al'tlt l ull -- t tilt it ~f Ih . . tltl,,i al , ()% -t r ntit ,sti at ~f: h; , "= n tl li' , ! i':. i l l , me t t, i 11dei-iil I . aIh t'I- , tIlt,,h, , . s at i ný'mlrli'mi[ -- I'eo I +.' , , I ieei*'er Ien >1., ,ull ; .1.0,l iii al It is Yprlrti, ,tltllllll i' 1 "isnl f-, p iv w : tue ;, u sciattl"i nod1 i.; c., , hilllll (;I~l I : ,+ VI l, ,, ,,,"s,~ I~o ieruudývnlv~eo re,.vt"! oc :', , ;l \n iu C(Iove·CI IIIII I) ll, null to 11) I tliFIL I 11111,1·11 111 ;lll 1"I:1 al' I DI's ait% nidiilic·. Petrai ns "Ty ll"-t r ~1:Im · " t 5' of h·-.., 11t,,, a lrirv l u attvud until they to n I·t . 1 1I 1 .5.. it. w,=,Ih. _ uI l 1)\5 )t1i.h N, ,1 , t~)'I!. C' 0 Ai,2.: ESS *1 IL-N - lvd l 1,0 L pI.O (;Tlllll 0 '.' 1.11Y Ili I.~l ' 0>i 1.~111 1( 1· !1 ( re1ie Its.. lnrJ'o p.r , I a i,, : c" rv.,' balt the u liv tl .; hi n: n? i IIi it-I lr~vI'lj t /1 11. flit. 11 - ,l i~ h It0PM,: (rf LIbI cli) el 'Li L i0t -i " iiI:,v , wall vulva n.i: lritt Inil: l watered to toe vi·ItI. .1 Ill. u1u " ý,xrn.ýsutatt t't Unula-d ,,rllt 1v ,b nt-el l - uL l I t:" tu t tlivitufl y vuttul;,n ,,;rt ýv l . , wl. It- li, ue t E ar I a. I- Nir i il' 4 utsttcpI I!Lu e :.a r, a"Ia ,tL ,Ithe I lt 1" baring used ton I bb, r-ri. Iu rii .1 n Facy ae..can.rru lontunn i td ., 1IlllIL ,LIt Ii) keg', lea S1 11 loit Iloo.; 4,1 C -i vl)''' 1 n i Ie opala, N L ,l CI 1 I " c, 1aaI 1 gn u, du ':1k' luoir,1Lr plle 1 \i Ji ~ I F.i 20 ,odil)ono (l a ll `"t) l Ill d' v uiL C~) Il)do uth isul..6 u·o~fhy-u d WINDOIV (IL 1 aS A au,rn,~ 1'(',lslt n rta }-11)1b buoxar, LOLLIu -pie0'L~ wId~lits e lio un rrwn .,-5t10 ill b a Alsoageneral 'Lwat of ist,' , tool,', ia,' tol, by A IN "C(AL Es-, a" N 11. Aloa-ttna Latea Itake 00 it rLOLS Sheiao=isip:.i \LUU~t-li A LLtin oIILtLLLOO Indejwcoi orfl, it JILILSEY, t112 .14New Icon,', MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT THE JFFERSON IHOUSE, JEFFERSON STRETr, - LOUISVI t.T. = To the Editor of the Loutrr ile .-drerltiw r: Si Il--it appars by the observatiln+ of the Editors Sjoftie Nashville Presbyteriltn Union sno Trans- pi cript, ns well as the editors of tho bfeniphi. Enquirer, ab tlat the "tld G(ientlemml" is among the ipoetnr+. This nit is proved) by is kiingly rngo, knowhm"¢ that his tim is tt but short, and that the indenrlndent A rtnm.iean nro ,le in; are ahle to judie Aiwr lhcml.nih'e. hat are polio and/ p: mpolitions. Tilhe o thyeditors who me Ihtctm', eh the proprietors, editori's or sub-editoro of 1the :1n)ve ty amned j"l7rat, e,,ll every atter from persons I have is reaorl to i-t ight nl th. nh,.- py pno, 1 .. | v| . 'hhe fr'ct i, t'at I novor Ihadn carnt rres i wtthti s limiited n. priod r pen ,r twel t ·d. Onoe " nlwho tna n i. ' ut lterll yers, t'ho hrd oils.oen ihr t.F t,.. my hoel, [i.h,'ad o.f hh 1 ,ll, -p , i Ito h lIt ! "li t1[.l 'f'irs "m 11 " Ini ; bu c. ne nh h i i ll Im o t th, .ih o.f n iii ,: , iel, o n o f imu t tl t ro ' tol o t r l t , , olll r f a r tn )yr l t ,aol t:l t v t 1e,, . t hel . tach If those, cnomd wdh, b.,n.. t t'-,'e ,': 'iti moth , rye, N . 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TheLkrMail Da ne orv Temay, Thursday, an vileakeMlt Salurda), byv 5,11, 5, , via I Closes every Monday, Wednesday S EXPRES.S MAIL. TIMES OF AIRRIIVAL,)EPIAR'TURI DISTANCE c. ifheier Expreas alnil, btri-er Maaoile nal No,, Yolk--ntavinc lo.,iln lail" at 3 P. M. Nortbwar New York daily al 5 P'.M11 Soutlhward. Arrives Arrive Northwardl. Disanace. Time. isettrn'g Montgamery., Al. iapn. 198 m'a 231, 12 m. Coalaliu., ]in. 111 Il 94 31 .im Columbaia . C. 7j an. 163 17 10 lielrilh, N C. 5T 215 22 12 WaTrrnton, ,Va. 1 55 Ri i A 'rtnrgc1, Va. 1) pit. 813 10 Yn. re lich ol[, Va. rz1 atn. 21 3 64 Frrtleicksacrya 8 67 7 ILIp mn, Wshicliaton citi, 2J1pm. 61 64 5 Ba ittotre lt 38 4 0 lildelphia, a . 11111 11 2 Nen York, 2 l Jm. 990 11 13115 143 Ith. or 51 23h Nortlhwardl. Coming Southward, tie tiln is six hoars tt: lhi,,g5 daoy-a and_17 hIaesa. T-'(Ei IiOLlA11 Ri VWAItD. 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