Newspaper of True American, October 17, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 17, 1838 Page 2
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"t,. fount, lC'ar..tu, - ALt " I Ot.,........ 0 \'aato, O.t ...... COMMERCIAL, Luaeti Dste1. re .. . ... 7 Cincinti, Oct .......8. 'la t a.",....,. 8 Iouieeille,Oct .......... 4q.. ...... .. . O ofa::l: lee Sept TC..o..r, .e t.. . e,..o....... 3 odn. Bept ......... 7 an lt .'......... 0 Hvrer Sept ............. S.- CEIPT4 OF PRODUCE. ti SUt.IsiCi r KLaieokrbokeb ..l187 peresl h geinl, ' t. o sr.. O . tl eoa.163 eelSl Isat, Wet trowe % e toccot.4 boes do. 43 sce t . .AP UrrLa & i~ aheleu, Tllsor ale4 ter, Ob tkd teobcc, N & aI It"1bteeoit role, do; 4 hhde tobacco Tate - - bitl tt b Scur Groalg; 65 1,1e npple.. .5 bill at l .silek onbions., N00 do eMle. 100 d shh.vel, Tbll it oeitJW dou cthickens, 17 head beef cattle, owne ost Fa L A.Pers-tesmer lenzi..eorlo, 100 keg l bnt, J h9 41frSptp led s KeueLttE, 8 bll appes, oWnu e or be Stl keg better, Stepbha Field. w steamer Keic4s0her.-ee- o, Berat des .rred Mills. H Temple. M lee-ry, A Pierce, Ficher. Ate De74, Turner, A Brooneau, John Hughes, Mloeiiue, pI., yd A o Ely, Johe Trbiso, Cloleelan, Surle, i aieealJ ily --5bio palsoelers end 50 on deRk IloeOa..Pcr bteslmG Kiolnsi..Mit J Cade, At Cimp- C SJohas Meti. J J Hill, L J it . W Hillt,Stephen Field, t Fete, Duoiely.J Dwyer, Mr Lne. lloustou, H P Long, tite.eiued, H J Harper, ltllebett, N Cergily, Ruath, Mi.. it .lekernt Temuae and lady. SUrMEMORANDA. s Y" aLser ieoi tet the Alto, I sland 10tb; Pawnee, Wal' `it7{Ii d , MVLibio, Arkanb ss, Ilowre., t do; the U Itates' Es, l . Vicksburg, r Ci(l mile below Ntche. w I" ni u tO LET. '- Aone story dw.lling house in St. Joreph S street hetween St. Charles end Carondclet it; " i ueited to a small family. Apply to r -et17 J OTT. 'LUUK-4Nt hbblls Iesh Floor, just receiveed it al stores eo for 9ala by O IOR4EY, oct17 41 New Levee U'Pl'|IttAeb --'25 bleis in etere end fort sle by i GI il)elih l', oct17 4d4 New L.vee F LOoUR--i60 bhli (I'ngc brand) lardling frott ateoam i' bust Slll, lfo sale by G D)YIISEY, ec117 "14 Neew i.etee ý OD.,'l S l-30O boxes, for subl hy T1isAli m IIt Ii I "11: & C1O, octl7 131 Magdnzinee t. , NE\W PLIII.iCA'I'IONS. rtIE Yellov lt-It (:orrte-peee ecncc in I ol, K iihnrd llurtdie.;ort, cit Avetn er of iloteo. A Tale ufahtbaea .1 Just rtee.ved ancd fe; rule bv w\V M'KEAN, oct17 eor CaoIp &o. t'pnno st XCIIA.tuL on oteuroy, itor tole by E.3 15.AG BI.Ill2iE 4, CO, oet17 la_4 Seieiate Cs ATr ' i--A t A R - -0 kegs oef prom e tn eliTe', n-s. r 14 ed efor olect by fi ALATER & TIHA EtO , actl7 4n PetI,. e H VANA .iiAikS-~ IIIt', Cnzadre, cc. a liso a led Cnel orf diTet reet brottsnoe, i store, anlld for eule by SA'TEIt & 'FRIER, oct17 40 l'ndrtncct T. JAGO COP FEE- iL taegs of gree qnettirv in ty r uste, andt or lale by S1,AT'rIt & TIllER, oct7 40 l''llmra st rsl fit t-1it corxer flstight n Ioee; a d os-ortInet fromen 2 too IIlb plate, ecoan.ering It, by ,A--ticle a Iluxea 20 by o6l fre m 7 to lih, fier ttle by t1 IIt:\AEREAUX, oau : ochoro Fl7td k lIALE OIL,--J,0fl0 gellt chole oil ftr atle hy S & J P e\lILI'N;lT, oct17 0 Conoi Pt Frv IIOMASTe N 1.131 E A Fl fAT'--1011iei Iit~ le I teetdietgopc egitol 'ot7, Third i ,ll i t eillIt, etly; plto S & J 1' W t J ''hil.t, cet17 0 Co:3tie lSEuSItS. S. IIt'KE d& Cl)., hoet retelldoc the.r S`hilp (.1 .le. derv i.n Ilntrl '.are Stoettk of goods from No. 'l2 (d .ve, teo ",. 81 Irout 1 eer,, where thaey orfl;rfero le a a. end etenerivei retck of gnudtrtctoivei by le lettare t evals. '('h'i also roltllnu ileir tmantiactore td' Coller and sheetr Iran anod ' in wnaee. oc117 C- -P017i=.NE-YRSI- I I'. IrOhEORGE hlic RiE hl a tle une leedtl ta no-part Serrrieip with hie Ir.ther CIrletrs to hi e'; and will cottn i iu l t he s der the firml of GCEORGEi (IEEINEle.& Itlt)'I'llttICe oct 17 3t 26 t('amp-,relt M AN SION i OUa E I OTE L BAI.I. RlOOM, No. 22 Ntw Ltero, hlihe ehtohli.b tent will tpenon 'o'TIURSPAY I'.VI'ilX.' G, Oct. 11h, e oie h acoie,; there wilI be e (lIAND eIttESS IHAIL. Thce Iplroprietor will have good ordelr at hi.t HBll oom, Ior whichb itrpreec he haS engaged officers of tlie Iolice. Uei. 17. INOTICE. '1 IE Sockholder' of the Second Menicipitlity Steeem F1rty Cmnpan, are hereby notifete, thet their 9,1te9 for the third eltelalmeet are enow die, lld pnyaeblc at the office of tie IPresident, No. '24 Msisons uildeng, Canel street. rlHE Stockhlolders of the Second Mufietipelity Stteam Ferry Comlany ate reeleeeolc tol cull at the office of W T1' Lewis, Eit., opleaite Ithe City Ex choange,in St, Louis street, netd ign thek charter el the company. FOR SAI.E. W ILL Ie sold at the Frienh ixlehance, St. I.olis street, n Slaturday, the 820h Octte er, a .ll latto girlaged 1 yecare, warranted a first rate ae -e. etrces, hoseeekehper ard waleerwotelan. 'Terls etah. telii--tde HlENRY It LEE & CO, are now receiving vby the late arrivals froll he Nortlhern ceilioee, a large and newly seleteed-e asortmenl e f HIA'TI', BOO)TS, SHlOES AND IBROGANS, eopcieting of gentlemee's fine Calf ned Morocco I oet; do etld qtditev; do bufftl, ond letout wae pegged boots tfvariose qualitice; men's ilet calf, eretI l el Morocrn Altoe, pumpse andl brognc;e buckskin shnoe, crogans and elipperc; men's fiEo calf pdl kilpped pegged chet sad brogeans; geetlemeien's boat qloli'y celfsewedl shoes; roegeas and Ja.ok Dtntttillg.l, n[U calf nied clereco an kWe hoes andl hbrogae; do calf, oeal & Moroeco lediae shoes and slippers, do eliff, bltTf nd 'enl whigs, et new arti in; do ni a enlf, ecnl and ltcrrcco qurleeor bot; eeys', Ilis-eeee and hlilttren's ieggPd teed seCwed beT. gone, eand elhoes nof every qenlitv aend kedl. Also a cge'nerel asortlenlc t ii" ien'ts cltodt wax tiro gtar and ohotes, togelher wich ll,(Ili Ihilre near,, Beti quality, rusecett brogacns, nileditl s t ithe icele, eatte er pressl'lfor plantattlho tlre a n good aslllnrlIle t Lof ,tl;ell't tite andl totlc kip rbiesrtctt Icroitn t, a ale erlicle, nod a dlarge quautity ofean inferior qeallty russett n!ocl waxn brogies. Ladieefereealfc enl, enrnrce n-crc,;n weltet nnet pelele sole tOceinr; do lire tin'te nnIe:ih cerctete nnd kid run relltd sliitpp er; do roall ecllt l d (t itllOet hteli; eto raiel, renl .red secut eirther rIct te.,ot; lt Po-ee reli ochoeo cel'eili kinItdscecllinu tie- dtl e .ntinglit tir(Oegaen; ,u otuieretlatcd Ioeatcl Ieontceee. 2line,.' IeeIeengp E:rietg nlelcta teiled lclcgtte. Cillerellt'c teoetirei I1OOeeeO nnetJ Gielt ente'c la .hiunrdde black silk hotce;do e Ileek abod t red hi; lerveer do c a *IIupiOr qualit; dll ira itatell elletael e I:.; brntid tllntle.rrow Ieee rl ileen's 6Liec dlrb oeed btltek Rue sia hort n leltllctc hlll.t , i Int ttrlI ehilelhence treet' ane, leo) . blie tnrl dl-eetb ,ecl e alcI. dllleaotisel celso. lThis ottrcretmeet wtill i," reheni'ihoei in thc, ecnicol ef octlif--f G UNNI.Y BiAi"-?. + dacks s 1-2 I,,,.I '1g ti store lLd t'orrsnic a o t ); I(lý,F oct16 441e - W HISKEY--b0 lit Is in stare, foIr rite. I,, LINSEED OIL 1 at stre uttd brook e byEy R ED BEA NS--150 tacks in ut~e an ot too b oct16 41 Mcw BACON SIDES-411I rusks n upctior Cincinnatii eurod, in statV nLd or eel, Iby Oct1G 416New Levee 1AN60 bble for cafe it !-" --~ ~~ 1 eNlIj D.AW, JES kjc I .11111 L IjNI'OO D~lt end Imperiall Ten-.'S 5 (·(-I? l·.1IIC '%'l' o do do, )Rlldillg (ruin slt r 1"01 jl t ills uud 6 23 '8 '9 New leeyc C HEESE 15 I~I lr hcl In l p ,0 do. round C obee, landing aud or sale by LAWIIENCE 4 LE6ENDRE, ncct8 X 11 & 23:yuw levee j yUltAN l EAIENT-Direct fruom London, i solure READ & BA 1(TC W, c 116 7 cank Place ii B"E SALT in cnoa of 60 bozes eoch, in Sture, andt for tl by READ & BARSTOW, - 01I6 7 Baisk ' eoa ,M(ONQ--O boxel just received sod for Sats by READ 2r BAARSTOW, ' b I 6 7 Bank PIlacs :. flj~tmDsea Newfldfrd~prm Csndlrr P herruls Refined Whale Oil; 4 eQrw~s New B5c0,rd Winter Oil; U1S lCcrk'ts Koofe Zinc; A ap pxowlncoes No. I l ua;oa C Ho MI·Havaoa00Bee; 10 boesr cbhie IHavan Sugnr, suprriwqosal Jq.1iis sotdi sod titr ja'eb 1011 . . josrpH COCKAYNE. gr1 2 ieres TIIl' lRUE AMIElIIAN. beI EDITED aBY JOhalt UStmSNt. S ATRA.IUL AND BOLD. i ..K WY O1R 11l AEANs: ins WEDNESDAY,OCTOBER17,1838. Na ./ mte SThe ship Saratoga arrived shortly after oat miduight. She brings itlh her Mr and Mrs Bar th, re!t and Mr Fredericks, of the Camp street thaaL t. tre. Alao, the Oceula from New York. n CD The Express mails due on Monday and Ito Tuesday are yet things of the future: they are pr, among the "events to come." In their absence be asin the night, we are much in the dark as to many rit things. We have no foreign tin. go by the Royal William-we have no recent news of the northern elections, and are ,still in ignorance of many ships lit and friends that have departed for our city. When w it shall please the sovereign will of Amos Kendall ci to make his regulationa conform to the irrevocabler th because natural, neeeeeitiee of our lake navigation hr we may hope,for regularity in the mails, but not th before. o_ &- We are happy to say that the list of sub seribers to our Reading Room is daily increasaing. Our old friende lre returnihg, and new comera see at once the importance, as well as pleasure, of hay, leg a place open to them where the latest intelli gence from every part of the Union may be always seen: where the best work, and periodicals of the t day are constantly on haen;, and where every infor. matllion regarding the arrival of citizens, and etran gere, the receipte of prrduce, esports and import' arrivals and clearances of shipping, and all other mattereof information relative to the busineseof the city are always to be obtained. These consid . eraricns naturally have an inAluence on the minds , of business men, and it is with pleasure we ne that our reading room is becoming the resort of the m'sl' intelligent of our merchants, mechanics and visi There is a practice which has ibecome much ton common of larte, and requires tho correcting hand of the pnice to ase that it is put don:to s.o that the laws are not infringed, nor the quiet of ttii city, uniecesisarily dtliirbed. Yeistrdlay evening after gun fire, a negro hand with drima, ant fife., came rattling al ng the ereres, noot to airendance on any of the military companies of our city, hut curtring alting *!th tiern a string of idle vngabnnda of their own eolotr, nuch to the digrace of our muiripnal order, eand in dirrct op t posttrin to enirti g ordrinances. Such palpable infringements of tne laws, and good or ter, ought to be promptly esrppra.eed. No, negro hand has any righi to beha drmming through tihe treltt ao night, unltes nwit!le in lllltndanr on somrse uni. tlori companiea of our nrganrzand eiU zen, and tihe night watch, or its oalcers sthould stop such dis Surderly proceedings' Silkl --Th Boi has given a letter fre n 1Tr Johnu t MD!rons!d, the lato member from S'. Ts.n:nan y, on the subject of silk ci lurr, which is certtainly, Sas the ree justly terms it "trn.erering." The Fire is wnrhy ,of all appruivnl for co.rtiniling itsexer t trxns il older tn inl.icct an rextenive growrh or, thie sik wormtnt and of the mulllrry In I.lulatann, I for it io an o', ec I f high, nato nal inp'rrtancr: bi.t we can assure hi:n he oIny "a iii'ter;ng tinc lion int hie sniul"In thnking hi self either the fire, i or th only one, who fea llurned aine nttentinn St the suhbject here. The fiat persin, na far as we can gathler, who introduced the cunlurte of the S.lorrr. .trllirttlirs, or Chinese Mlulberry into this of state, wat Judge Bree, of Otnachito, who bestowed in infinite pvain upon itr, tne 10 or 12 years ago. fie likewise procured the eggs of t:e silk worm, t which increased extensively under his unorasing id care. It is now ttmore than 7 year ag, when, in our then Joarnal, tile Asnrs, we wrote, copied, and publiehed a nutn! er of articles, and eesl.s, upon this subject; and Goueenor Roman, who 'tok particular interea t in the subject, kindly gove it same sheers of eggs which he procuredl from Judge Bree. With these we were the irst to in II troduce the culture of the silk worm Si' te Tammany, not only by personally trying the ex periment on the "rod,"' or indgeniuos mulberry by y which we raised a tolerable sample; hbt, having no time to hestow upon them ourself we presented a some of the eggs both to General Morgan and others, who, we believe, have continued to eulti vate them up to the present day. These ciraumo it tances will esuffiiently prove that the culture of u the Mulberry, and of the silk worm, is by no means navel in the Florida Parishes; and though - the Bee deserves much praise for furthering so be. is neficial as object, he is not the father of the en - terprize. For 7exas.-'The steamer Ctur!ubin, Capt. Wade, was unable to coenplete her preparations for starting yesterday: she wlI, however, depart this morning at 10 o'clock without fail. Peasen. geres ntending to visit that Land of Promise, Tease, should he puncreal, as nn orher etath mrens-i of rraching is now to be hao, for both boat and eaptain are first rate. The road now being .onns:rutaed by the Nani gatiunCo on the west side of Carondelet Caantl and Bayou St. John, exhibits every ytnprtuo of ener getic dispalch. The surveys have been ntonplh. ted by . J Renney, the rngineer, and the gra dinge of the embankmenltt, ant raicing of the strui lure ready for the rails has been comp!eted to some extent. There is every reasen to believe that a remedy for the many ennouancen :of the Poneharttain Road stali he epeedtly found. TherCntarrlltn ntil Ronad Compann art raphIl\ progressing ntth thte re-c a, trotretin of thou boil. dingo recently d.otryr'ed lt firen. Few rplaces in the city rra-net atc "t on' evi lr nepes of the advent of tbuiness r thi FRxtalnyet 11, e'. The Vat Mir rooma of tihe ot hourly prrsenlt a ernn't of strnnge aeta, Ind lots of bllusy' uorvrse. Wf'lle other pltces of formerr rendere'tu sr ill bear lth onr erc ofl dle times, the xrhalngee is fuar of life. The newly formed part nrothip hetrween Iaedlonne & & Iatermnn to boand to,,and does Inflse new life into the co:n core. TheCre are fewC w!o do not know fricait W.atrrolan, and no one who dloe, oan (nil to res pect him. The Exchange tll tel is now tile very centre of attrtaction, an all wh'io vtit it are sure tn .e the evidences ofn cfa:nge io the timoes. It ie now in t1Int- -the Raleto, where ilrchllant nmost dt connregate. krrnr.-In hItatdy captitg from a pencil rrp-t,r -and that, too, between dark an I d :y.--,e in adverlently eabetituted the "United States" for tile U. S. slop irEte." We mitnied the item in proof, or would have saved thitt blunder and this puragraph. But as out of evil springs good, we should scarcely regret ts it will afltrd thb poor Picayune subject matater for a hallt column of ori. ginulity:-a suitable theme fuor the Pick, and a bout important enough. ý- There has been some confusion about the time at which our Races are to commenie over the Louieiana Course, for the olaty paper in which they are advertised, the Spirit of the Tites, says it has two dates front two different officers of the Club. A few days since we gave what was tthen considered to be the existing arrangements; nam ea ly, that the meeting would take place in the last week lof November. We now learn Irom the Secretary, that as alteration has taken place, and the time is definitely fixed. The Races over the Louisiana Course will commence on Thursday, she 25th December; aend the purses to be given a. mount to O8000. Tise arrangement is intended to preseut any cunlletihtg, either with he races .5 Mobile, or thole on t he b;llpse Cour Ae be.idea enabling more horses to arrive, as the low Aý slate of the rivers will necessarily delay their cornm- y Ig. EzxporT Specie.--Muoch has been said regard. ing the exportsof a large amount of Gold from G New York, on board of tle Great Western, and many sage deductions have been made from the assumed fact. It now appears as very likeoy that a there was none exported: at all events the collec tor of the port has assured somea enquirers that no specie was entered on the malfetar. lie to de teroined to institute strict enquiries, and f he can e prove that gold was so smuggled out of the city a he will visit upon the gailty parties the utmost v rigour of the law. Bunker Itll The irobability of this temple of liberty being desecrated by the sordid pursuit ot wealth has raised a universal feeling among our citizens, but action, action is necessary to prevent this national disgrace. If the owners of the soai have not patriotism enough to bequesath the spot to their country's glory it becomes necessary that ael shtould give theair mite to saves themselves from dis grace, the temple from pollution. Bunker Hlill is not alone a spot of local interest. Every Anmeri can breathing, whether native, or adopted, hla as vital an interest as the citizens of Boston in the events which render Bunker Hill such hallowed ground. They have a be called upon for their contribution to save it, and we hope for our country'sanke that the appeal nouw made to them will notzbe made in vain. The "Transcript" has collected some suggestions on this subject, which r we not only endorse, but do our beat give themor way by republiuhing to here. "Cesm OVER AND o tLr.F U," we the motto home on the seal of the "Gtovernor and Cnmprny if ,Massachusette Bay, in Now Enli.nad " It was a tanJd mtote. It indicated n good catsc, ntid ont. it deuce in the causae, end a modest sense of the necessity of aid to help along the cause. We have been reminded of it in reading in the New York papere spirtt stirrinz apnenle toi rh pa'ri, tis.n of the reader in behallf lillVN ER IITLL. we.rlr this assistance. We want ail we can obtain fro:n all the Ya.Frns scatiered over the whole. faet: of the earith. 'The Yakers in N;v York aind Pni ladnelhien. in Dl imore and Charl;ston and Stavn. r nah in New .Orleans, ani, ,. i.ttoe, nd L('irrtt. lnatl, in Pttteburg.and Albany,Uhr .hto itntd Inl lain, aerl ftltvia ukie, andti whearever itey live nil l breathle and fcl lthe inti ence of the silrit ,t '75, ,r teiiu"come over and iihl;, us.'" l;ar w;nat tthe New York Sun saty: "f1..t all Yankres by de centt, iind l ll tngrelred N w m r.ilan.lers, c'uh wherevt r tntey ar', and fuhr ard mIntiy, uroler care of tlsome riend in eBottin, ti. be l.v vltred to the e rurpoe i filitthing Iihe lonont nt.'" I,,t alt A .riclnl s ci t 'lribtlte, in cO rnpa^ies , or sin ly. I.Lt tle 'l'rena ur: r uof the l:ke hu il .\p t dnclelo n, in RtB-tole , otkno le ;gi tle rec ipl.tin the ,il ers, anrld th a i t ne mattter will hiu writ bhforer thepuhitlc ; gitving will become intrc. otts atndI run, we h, petrimn tot. end of itle Union to tloe ohir. i. hnt do you say, bayslt Whit goes Ini for tie first V, the price of ternlberes ipl the .tlrumomet itteIst be finlised, or by and by, anoth er generatitn will Ibe arlhug tih stone at auction fa r ,utldng nmaterials. The ladies in all towns anhd ctties at Ner. Etginndl must get up fancy falre ' I and the wooed must make contruttoi t tills ob jcit which to aemontn tile duiles of their swIi e. All hands motut untie na then 'bkcat with hr t' outethring mIUsth be dune to Yorkl, totl. 'Where ttroathe tttrmberi of ihat New Enlgt.lnd Sitltt: land what are they about ? Aud tlIe all the re~t n, t us: no inater rllom what section of tihe countl y wecatme: n tntt frmi hat octin of thte world, it we live under the stars and stairilpee, allot -o iUs at dol olur qtlcu 1839 oust not leave the structtlure without I.4 crownintg aetln ." sHear wchat thel N. Y. Gazaett says: " DOellly S hulnii lattn will it he to the whole country, i tIihe so dieserati n lie ptrotitted; aid it must not bu per to mitred. It rniit even Le prt vented by an ollf,ti t the Now E:ngla derd of tirs city, andl a iii la l', is without beling fel, by each initvl duto l throwing in id his mite. It Iho, Yiank ladlies of N York wIuld cotlrilute tIheir antglE dollar i pier, which wi In verily believe they ouldbe pouttd It do, hall thil n, neosaary sum would be raised in a day. Why will not the i aimve oft Now Entgland rullding in tg this city bestir thellaulves on IItI siub ectI, and de i terntine promptly that tile ua:tle mlnumleu llt ont untatil 11ll shatll go lup." laters at tLouiottillE.-'l'hl Jtournal gcies a gl-w. ing view of the rntictlatrd rports on the O:kliard G.turae which co tro!lenced on the 1lth. 'l'ie editor gives a list of high ilettled ralt nrersem lel, and easrnb!ing there enough to vie with ten tribes of Arabs. 'lhe entries for theo srile racce are not losa tntlertus a Ihann tirlteratigy, ''lnn lct p will have to titaot winn-rr, aa Greek moets ire'ok, id and than indeed iwill come the tug if bridle. d 'he following is the enumeration of the ponses and entries. OALAonn RACES.--Thi rnce8 Over thi rnelree conimenerte Oln the 161h, anrd thy prorrise to be far more interesting than any previousl racs. no 'he purses ate very large, aid the ntL erln o entries intprocedenti d. For the firm t day, ,ile heats, eight cattie'; second day, two miale ears, a- lilteen subhacrbers; third day, purse $701 ; fourth n day, $1200, filth day, eighteen ouiauribers. Theas races will brinlg illn competition some (f Ih fnlest blood in five States. 'hii re are already bevcrai stables in training at Oakland. The Prcarvne with an affucration of magnani mously disdaining to seek for holes in its neighbor's coate occupied one-third of a column yesterday in copying an arlrele from this journal for the pur pose of ihowing three important crrtre: one, a needless letter In a gentleman's name: another, an omitted monooyllable: and the third, a iniseu mer to a street, With such truly picayune trasl dooeit seek to amuse-net its roeide, -ut itself: hery are superior to such chll is Inol.lry, o«lhto egh it is provisely stiti d t. the calibre of the editaI'n wit Bu fre it wne a, publt , li k own tinat th Picayu.v:e, ltke ptoot D tiotao, w ,se ritllbi t. I nre;iary f:i hiret 'I, nd. /his sirtýti nintttt fir hit fcetse, thotedhit l iild hie lih e ;hii sa'ole Sikei, ad ilihe stily twadll., t "s "t .tonI.. lid co::iingnv:" ki site, he n h a t 'i,, a e, - sroi n i i b n r ,tod dIlt[It s hat v ct' :.e r a:l ro l ., lor t li - t n o t o c c ue yi n g , t t ti d o f a ct , . l n 1 s! oi , w ,e g l, . I 1tr o p o to t ln t dJ L l '. In c t b eh tw nl S pa;i ll tr a n d S , ,.-arl ! torl n i i awe nall ta jr:t ge !hhe .!:If rinlr bettoae, n its i: t lesl l ttec, int l its itrl, l.d m .::es ,--!,e. Ile- its ow-nl r1:1 a1 d its t'o1 Ijt kts. N ti con the I' i.wet tllo 'tke tile ten oic of this at e n, d trrpoe. 1' ic .ot for its ,rp - ,s " . ca,: cling ilhro e rlst ntinlotstt n errors, iot for i,, chance of siili'ng its Ipety sltue. As it clltl.* rhine in a bht let o: br nt , it ret ,rts i to thi l wag nlailltornou o jcup l, ,in of eettig r,'ihti a stri e: itr, in whicll it is stre of l hav:ng all tlh glnory to Iia"l. The art is that a hew rive once it at tempt!l d r cill is eolnest tr witn,asdl on being wn il co'llr.t.l for ii ro rt i i n as irI 1 I-rot l sttoill/ whi n he tail etks his r ian ter, it ilcr the ti'eld of a iule die t' at n . c,: shou n d it, l fi n n irh petty l in s ii-u w ith the wo.uur ied,, tool chi nlg If, thie sr. a: ant occon loun r ch h it rghtly ju !g, d was pre'ty nlru t b, neI tl its n ...o u rl' s no t ice., as a lint e w.i Pi Jw ldog wltan it canitlt light cohonl rlt its with t k ing. .jT l.he h otrl tostiod ater o b t n, sems r , set in, should %viar n all perso.:t to it . te m1 t t ca ui in their m nethl I t o clo hint . C di c ii.i't at tI"'s time olf the year tiu very ldk(ly 1t, hold ctu throiih. aI the ineer. The prersent etratrt wit s , h' blow on harshly, lntlLrm t onr' ips.s.v i n ith o cessty ofe this w.rnioe , but Intone wdill drlepise a caution evon on eo simple aa m itter, whenl souch potent ceonseqreences mtnn envune, save those who hold opinirn with tie songotei "t-flannel de d-a. and tte ague fr ever." Reviving trade of .1'obile.-The Register thuo speakheot the prospects of returning vigour to the long supine cante le affalire of our neighbour city: Corroot Cr'rror! CoTreoN!-Thi staff of Corn mnercil life, has been reactitig our wharves in most animmatingquantiltes enoce our last. To this ar.i ie we are to look ito create At soul under the ribs of death." The Emblem Iroin Muntgo.ery bringe 481 bales, and thie despatch 301 bat es from Gee's Landing. Sonse pf our "teavelled".c itizens, who have been enjoying themsaelvens at the North, have returned in these beats wi h lull personts nd ruddy checks. The Emblem teik advantage ofa rise .f U1 inches in the river as Moelngeomoy to get away. Weunlderetand the watesr wine alling again, Alrsady the towA loiok br.otoer anr fases riugater. All seerr determined to oaoke up by industry and enterprise. for the dreadful havoc of the two past years.. lThe great stroggle is to pay ioff old debts, a load uandr which no gener;us rtind Cn l stagger writhout the most eutoeoaulIlk ng. Camp Theatre.--Mr. lillrert, - gentleman George-with his lovely wife, and the remainder of the Camp street companry are honerly expected on the packet ship "Paratoga." As soon ms thly acrrive ne ampaign will ropens We have little Jtr doubt that the firar acticon oill take place On Monday next, and from lte nuntber and quality Pt rl' Ilre troops we expeto a sharp contest for public estimation. The t.eatre is a perfect bijour; taste and elegance regn ithroughout its decor.itins, bIri we avoid'going into particulars lest we drar,-yd the effect of a visit when hie "lights are lit," tile mtanager arrived, and "the press-gang5 invited. Front Ihe Pracitic.--e are indebterd In an es teemed friend for tihe lollowing extract of a letterr i dated ''"GUAYoart., Auon. f, 1838 We are sorry to infrm you Pera is ao:in in a lamentable state of revclouion. IThe vesotl that silred from Callae on the 'Id5 Itf..rmt nu that the rsvolntron was ilelarcd on the 2t;h, and hby an arrival from Payna nrero Iten the same is con 'li:rn. ed-that all the Noorh of Pero, whirl ineludes the deLartrmens o[ l.ilbertadr,.lanrn, thttiya so and Plerra, had declared agaoin the c iofadernatin. - G.Cenesls Nelaonl diltlselhad marcherd iod Lt aLo wtlh 2,Si,) menr, a.n ti h ol arrivtd at hatr:eay. about tour loagoeo froom Ltrra, roltere tey or-eg It oed byt.l nerralOlr: rto.r, their r', id r;t ol Pru, I wi1 thOO cavalry Iroot LUaon t. coiiplte the rin-ii bination, oand declare trin revolutittn agaiier tIhe 1 ProtoctorI (jGovernlnll of . l o ar toftilia Cr irOt - I lThere are two battalrnr n or rI lvir.nioir stauiiiei at Lima, and Gfnor-.l bMille,Govvernor of C;llso,a-nd i (eiieral Moran, whlo has uollllntand d the nav;ll : trces have been considered nirunch friends of olr aCrltCuz--how they wiii act we do not krrow yt, hut It is ihkely they wrll endeavorr eithtr ,to ut ithe revolutron duwn,,r hull ,lut in r he tnttlos fUCallni, nas llles was pittiu;g watr oand pro vcsror s ill tLhe castle.l . ( Gen. Sntor Cruzto is In Buiie, anlI ha.. a cosir. a oratro fi re ahere, rnd hould lln revolation! eo mae ng:inst hini tt re he will not uo rh slhp, will ul Itring his silrergtr . Tlie e.1iedlttrio Irom i.', Gico ol.lrng of ertiii-tlrcre tltri.o· ad with 1lrcr ineri-- u Xd .l io.dierir l.rd sdrlors, no, dotlbt saill dt I VgltH .'ilpjarlC II 'bcl 4 h illille it sory .ci ttCoIII I - I III PI er i tilte 3 1: a part ofI' e S ilorlly iid ua.r;aldy euotar kero l, and ro d ul), itig I ore tis inve .err.v do n naeo part I tia roas~t ofl Peru It c o.operale Wttlt tL:n t rt vo!lt ionatl~t y iyco i. ri r a ir no - 0U pr as t t 10 rev - ,utio. shou.d > {iv. ;ale' .l tta ,, .s everal av mttoltte Il. vu been nr do. --\oIroe Ito-r icry hIrvr -Colll.y I i l s ,~w eovud w do It. kn w, tu'1 'hIllk. it vwry ,,r h-j hr ic., ao it t ro a .t no, r ion. We haiv gr r-ati leasc, :I to tl rk tirhe Ip ld n a. r i, ht a.s ;ut t orur - Iretlteot Riiou, rar, .r.dh hc Ot SIt'r .ij h bviir any ita" lllr wit m tho qrrIrI.on betw I-an Chilhaird ttu At pr sent we Onj.y trrityol ity arc, ·a:n po.le go. rly Ire con tci .W.It tihJ grorverrrl r- -L..ll -- nrte.sci. LatS; I.rIDo t lnt.r ; btJl.--T'h hO .r of the in lt dau tioln of rtdl ng ij dowatys Ily wom!nrt, ill t1is u chutly is allribu ab:e lo r AIin . of I itlOtt ai. cotn .s serl o ichard tho seclold. Sil it wan (a'crd I ing o ,ow) that ,rrigi yrily shiwolwd the women of a hlis counrtry how gracoully awl eonveniemrly they or ght rirl on horseback u lrdoayo. Another old ShistJriani, enumicratinnr the Iashotn of Richard the SSecond'o reign, rselores, "Liktt, so lliblo ladles then orlltd ht.ll readRI rlnd corllotr .'nd rolbe, Wieth is on trrains alod sea:. ion oitle laddle o, thteir hlor.. I. ass,,y the eximplte of hr respeei' bler Queen Anlne, , dauglhter of the Ktgot BI.,air, wiho tiist Inrot, p duo.e l ,hr rti s 0.0 o ii thri king to:ll; tor bet-re twomten ,,r ev. ry roik r,,,,r ar r.c d.or .l his I iha ru v. pit tltr, 'tchiu er'r aoter r blury 'lgril' s 2 :i lh.. d i ;i;i u l'i o il0vo c. i rhe - li ed al0 antt+l c it it in .1 O rer tire itio-t cor.tpoure. ;o U tCu I fe .al ch are t, or, hi. ri ,0 c~ohtpto i inl ss le it w. sO:i her s.rl. e :Ii I trirr It dy sriloull hrvr cc sen inferred withint ony hiitooio rIestnarch on tire Subjcct, fror th-I -pu,+'s in O.cou:ig her .is hav I ilg Ol her feeot, ";Ii t t., f n.rlllrre c urlar ile.'--.l' te Ibt auncr L:rdle's Eugtroclrlits r;infrual. it Mr o R R their. rf 11r i:,:t.a r,'s ole ihirr ,,of Cinsercs iT-m S;.lwh C',roe~a ~,[+trlaI' to lioor darttrtr lo t ae ..' illrre.drrsom y id reonllntter, It:,! ' 1 l I rrora thlie tI: lrltl l rllO I h Itt U1lcr- . . th a -c , l:-i i·ult y - inler in t iit uer . t ter', iS , .-r lih-t., , .,, ,,t.r -, a pu, . - n ) rtn- C, alll. . t.l t h, lia, l;,, h . , s ry r l. I n ito nfi t-encie nol limi t i-it ii I, ai , cm po/i,( rP tt)neelr,.e,1 %.t, tjl ,'e vp %V* ,l I .+h ,.I)rinll r- 01 rt ev00 " eIr t n W lthi0 ,i s , i v e. " , -re rk s ,e ar,3 h I rre e. IV s.,.t i ' ho un o. r,..-.,n-+ ! ion tnote oiioiu io tc-iit a i ,t E ni t hi ti m t? n i-e ., err.! , . itt tI s Port n puIr·r i it - h ,,c ct tn intIe t, g a C .t, I i ln h .l l i i of, sory' ill p+rtice tla i' du..: ,. a en< re v n s the men aun jiniac it Irerolvlg ethr.ttipp. . c-c, cr00t . en ic o t a I n ' rth c o o rr r o s p I I ti n t *0 I t o f ' [ Terrl.11 to the very l ..s, " i glo. y h. +? ik+. .r ".,.; *, {.,ren's ill bseing a rs'lrye~ ..uplp ne: Ii y [Lea cI ' rtT a l at],'llitc' of the N",a ou,mu i " . il ...--1.aia; ile.f: o.:r Th AtI ftat ',i!'i'' -h ip lihi 1 I Capt an- '"t ill :L,"'It dI'l"'ht. Io frvight or ' ,.-y nege up l ylvto the ('apy lt bo trd, oppa .ist p[sto. ., :Srd hnici qaht., or to s & J P II! NIN Y, ct17 8 Conti at grece, ,.en r igt e le, .I' D I Ill O s xl-o, irl ,." ,18m11,011kil' & b yo C e g eT " "l n " I 't" h :' "` ' "tst I I)( 1IE [: r tn i"+ri'II+ ", Inv' oa'l.,l I a I,- vrln'-I:4; l llll- - t eraht fit f ," II)a'I't. 'II '. \V V\ (I",,t,, at thIe ' txchana e II tel, on St.I [ otiles vt. f'o 1 and I |ter the fir-tdnv of Nue , I 'r II xt. Lwl ivid lxiv tinder ohli gatilns t h Ili ' +vi ++; t'+.n gers and !rn - l 'r, !:relll a:,ll , I l'I the li Oern I potr n L ,m Titel while coFr nt tI ne th . t t. < " wrtl - li i. t I ta Ntirult tl'e' l th 'u te tllI to 1'a p ."il nte ring c lr the tale: al[ , n Rl c I .brr ,I th, t ' public ra vor an I lphvtr e" Jv o'rc N atche. I,'rctr,,lY,"; t .-u n ,' ill, .! u h rtrl ,' 'Y K . Sork Is.: , I++ I ': I I, iir. l I i ,l; 1 ,o t n \ !' +-i , ill pl, 'u- ' ý,,o .111· tht' :,".· n," Il t t' e tllml., u:', ftlW,:rl Ih 'ir ,w, n t r t + llilI, , : 1t i i .J-- ll - 114 in,, . " ,+ lll·. .; I ll.. ii r ,, t ! I': ,, ' i ! l i. I .P'+. ...... . -v . I.,w I Io i, ,I . : ,, ..... .... i :t , f foi r r 3 l r ~, 1r= 11 1' '11, " & 'I"+" " d e+,, io , wil o. i. . .. .. ... "1.'h,,,-tr.'t L i l. t - l Tin' Il r ,.f at,,1 Nt+ ' - .a:I,'1. P nt ted to vall 1,ti , l.: 1 s-II l' s t '.Y 's gi; f n IN t15 ('.\t in ing ii . I l-tttt'' X1V','VtV( I'i ,' I ') Il I11 &' C, " .. . o , : 1 5 1' V "t " .2t ,I :tl '< II"L',!, l· Ih'trtr, l. oN 1 ."I,,tiatamp"' 1ladl, C ltmm(i .' I V'tr aI )' NI I A RI & n , . ct . . 7 ls nk Pla. "' i qr \' I, i'dIai'-tll ah i nI1 ",t tV al ,nt !~'l tor., ' .+. t 1I;:1! t'.\ND!,li":.- i', r ",,I`c by .... ~ I lis l+ .ol lio +'t. i~Io 31 Nie. Yt, I. ttog " t'a' liV , + l/t';,+ Etl i' i r Iy li| l c die. . lo ltln.'. I ~t, t taetl t at' ait h t do l t;.ttt ' l\i tlc i tan'akt t td TIta V'to i h',t 1'at.t..i , t 'n ('a E a bnl tisn a, otltd t N iaa I t.timtola 'n alf llCo h arny 'u a t-;l't ,uoItInt' Iitllt of ,Cra, tie l Ettt aaaniitatg tn.u htn , 1 , I 'n 183 , ip j t uoniordi a, and fur sa lo t lt e le 1 o Choapaatlolet paeran, by T IC I.It1 Co: a ri awtl ar'e, a Ad N ew Y entao ['resent Tah Violetn u Charnlt .n-st New Year's gift, and M}Fl.AD & BARlSTOW, -tl{ V r1nk Place St. Charles Theatre. I hbu 17TH NIGIIT OF TIE SEASON. to Firt ippearance this seaoon of MR.ill ARCAER, This Ecening, October 17h, 1838, Will be performed the eccentric opera of JOHN OF PA I[S. Jahn of Pm is, Mr. Plumer Grand Clhamherlain, Archer Pcdigo Potts, Cowell. Princess of Navarro Mrs. Do Bar, Km t, Cowmol. Two Overturo, by Or (hestra, Grand Pas Scul, Mlad'e Raireot. 'The Sea,' by Mr. Archer. ei 'the performance will conclude with tihe drlama of ROBBER'S WIFE. Mark Redland, Mr. Pearson, Mr. Briarle, Farren, duoonry, S. Cowell, anee Redland, Mrs. Farre. C onttl I) RA.N & i.Al'--lt) sauicks limn-l-15 do, oals .D in store for sllle i v CIIAotIPLIN & COOPER, octl3 08 Jtlit at EXCIIANGE R'ADINGI ROOM. [IE proprietor lire re-tittred his Reading Room, in the St. Charlet Etxchnote, Cornur o Gruviter alrl St. Charles r trcot, in tlhe m rt Illlllllr. Iltesidel till the principll tl aper of the Unitod Sto tes, of erery city and state, the Canadas,'leoxas and lexi ro Ilio I iav lln , the room ii reguhlirly anil c.xtoIr ive-. jrIv .11llied with ltle late.t itl.itllt p tul ors Lord's Lislit ,ctinF Pla: P i'ce (tCllrrPelt, Also 'with neIily all the Literary P'il r,,die ls of the day, lll had n t ril e - pf blicu l itir " t , i d , Iliin rre, .. tri . ,lett.,, itar, it; , ". " ',- r I i e kwon". l ut ine. The A Il +.;. + +, % , ..-.. . + ' . l , , 1 ta rrre,-· vt ,,. Ih . , , , a , va iet f lhral,+ l .tl -. , ~C_, wr. o.e In-l te I r tr l I ot, iv & iti ll n tploi , givt e o i th earliest ic vr ti rllh a illlll Ilhr lx l en te will e l'ed to eneilr this lte iuhig ituoon tlhe - lri t thli Unitei i tr tesi . "le,1b r r i t io l u r ea ' r e e ctiel btf ly r e c e i 1o I. tirl: o iceil I-- ti "tll SoUT IF;RNt . Ii Wt't'ITN XIIl'CItIhNT',, i' H Su1' uh riber ta k ls thi ; ol , ri nnity of ii t - io int i n lt llieti'ed and e,'a i -, ti- nt ho art1: l o" " 1 'i-ruea iruhr-e111t!tl .l il e folir p rtil its in* b irrrt Ia.,l w ,ri u ll llrt h r wuperior to nllyl rn un tL. Iec rud iu 1 in te Urctit -d t/itit, . r V'I.t Idl BIRADY, No. '1 ii itnh I 1111 1t., Ihit hd llhi, . I lll order.ii lth nullrlly ree-ive ll d pI l lia lltli SItie iti'erl' C'hairstoni, S C. C 'The Trl e Ainie il e l .u'N.d' , + lrlticn , IILL 'Virll , ' tlilt Inn ti, Ohio , wi liiIt:t=I1e t n llrr 1II(r u ivl nties , Itlln d cr ll Ih i bill to thie ollier ftirl .' tinll llnl P I 1u 'ilt d p i ii IC L withl triopapers -onttairnilg thrtuivl'riertiUnt. isARTiiiblllTi-TIC( Ci I-PAIlTNIflt Itt I'1Nitlt' L IIe iU i -pirtcrr.itip lhri irliori 'erll lli. iiuIne rrr tiLe ef ie of GLrer)it 8. .II I) MIAI .I , in tite Ex hy chlirge ittel, iha< to en i r tii day diisi lvetd by iini ti I consoint. John Mct r orirell i chr.ed with the Il e inent io'tle tliri of the htte copartnerrhiii, a d the urne of the fire1 will be an1 ,, only in I iliidatid n . OctI1--d10 1. IARNISlIES-A lr.e and extensi' te l, t V I the runula ctolry of l II Smilhll r . 1r , e omlprislrtg ilI pI rt thl fi ll ,will- : extlara l iI.- lll ll iI, di llnl f-rlttl, no I do rer, do 3. to,.ch vuiry h no I, th, nrl o Vol id tin I, 3 lb or uriary rre; Ilack notl sil ti9 It. CL INNi'N, 1d C -Camp t IJT+T EUS-1 ca'r-k frIeh N urn-.go in store, and r. ir -al y J 1' IIA .I1,1(S (.AI), octlt 71 1'Jo rn at "n 'l 'S-Very screriir hld Loni hn nrtii ur r Sin lr tiln , ith elruirk.eI l hli-ir 'r-iportei by the Al-o ther de til knll; 1,1 'lah'ila, b:hurry ust l fort nuinIl lil l' i i re, l i c fo r r, e a i r c) i J )j4 'A , . u-llLrcc uf lr uinticr lrr iiiril for clo ll~ iii by IlI i i.toA Itl,2 t l .; .. ''_T hor t,,ulnr .t f .' - I. tox, e ultp ' .N I S ,1 , i -l e andP i' 1 1 fr cile by J't e IAI'i i " i -'h, _ _tl .. . li. 71 t N . ,k r t, to iJ foir - ao e b ' r i ci hit if n ri ro I i t rI ton +t1-t- ih wil i -. rt n n-in,+. N iw, It; 1n.. ll ., ' t nr ., toi l i : ill., " I of i%' hv the i , itir r'. '' ern+, fa. d ol th, ,l ry -f the hill of ldlint . e e I'r7 1aI t, c 't ore r .11.; . t1 e ,, 1 ih li ttus o ritey atr of -__---- - & liL AR l. try, ir ale at co t, by BONN ct cor N rch: 7. &'l'cThoioule ,d t clied ,rote:ot hI ticnr cI .., t li ,iriftr lre trd y " i ' T thop nine., -1TltlLA(il-l e-3- 0 khel. or thel I alk tie rel; i i' h, et taken on sturage in the wtrtehou-, coirter of S Magazine. and Laloetwt etreti; itply to ,k,. CcIMIIN & C JOPEIit, I ;.2 Julicit ISAAC BRIIIIIGEI & ), .l015 1,1 lam wim, .t . it, : ,t ,,,' ,r,,, of( ( - h.,,rl...,; nI..IV , I" :W A ' " lt,;il. i "(, l " 1;S . , it t , & I Atl (Ik, 'v (l "in "c 1a" . of aI' I 1'" hl' n 'ul' ws o yll. 1 ,'rtih, an 5'll i ur I ', n:" eI ·II ' e ".i do not u os c b te ci v :-in or wilt ito d1llr 1finik h t. "of th I'io hO I tpo j b-nti o iyF ' Ithy rw em p roe d"' ... -i; .o ' 1 l- Ie 0 1", _ b _ - ,il ; vl _oI S . I : ~ IA , ,.c \ ." \ i 'i " ,I'; ' . r Io .. n I ,: ill I 1 1'i rr l in.r1 n olh I. 1hh a n I 'ite r i5', ,l d fu' ý , l5' " .I ,l , ' I i h ill, 1i'-1 la', t " r ty5 i"t ;b d 1'' ". h, i ot o , u , o t thinl t I r."' I e.'. , , l h i tii t L r, ' Il: l h : ,' i n I i .ll " l ' . InlI' . rIk i il ; I ;I I l ' ,ll l ;.I,:" , t , I j!roto c le I1", .I Ill' "n' ll: run l t iel,, 1# d i s., I 11 r, o , a dN him ;.-i ,,.,c i ru,+ co. I , I oh il .. I. r, , in rt , , , s . s- , li , i I . 'l i I o i. 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'' Hr t -oltl:ll, t bCh ar ]',1, Iuhat+ \ Voirk i, v ol-. ; I.Ib ifn' iloo l, I2oquVc, otliusto '.o; us le roo t o vin d for ItI, l it pl e voly ('s l, Cihcr't~u 1,, lp C norkxn. vo]; f :NE :'si 's 3C mu: M g. oi t'ooult o ;r .Irec It : S elect 10 \ erIi u tt lh i o ka' fll gror. i o!ifin" 5l," Ir rhead'. l.i'f \I" uN poeot, 4 L,.., i,' o: onby | goolllo oo otRo l l atin (lles li, or -o lby 1io Fiehin+ Wourk., 1 v, 1, , d ,uoor '. .p. oby DAVID FELT &n Cdii, 3 v, bete btrY t Sburcem s H3 lo, 9 it. 17Cbne se91' I Y 9ltiur n Hall, 94 Chanel at JL K. & F. D. Newoomlb, AVE opon., houaea r a trn nnranteling of gen e ral Uoaotonsnona hosinesa at Nntahct, and any hosineess confided Ia het aB sll be fidlhfully attaeuded S References:- I C CaanookCk a. Co. od Maunscll \Vhite & Co. ? New Orleans. C(uldwell & llicky, ) oetl2-eol'i. hieL . The basement floor of No, 123 Julia. next ay the corner of Camp stre; suitable flir offllices J or store roomsae. Applya o the Aemisae, ort o CV CA..hlIIACK, oct) Canaal lahok. pr ot-- ATTEN'I'ION !! GOVER0RNOR'S HORSE GUA.RDS, XOU wiltattend drill evelr evening, Sundays ex cpiOtel,iitthedrill roool, lagalln street,lneXt doo t r I e a\ilhalooiava Bok, at 7 o'clock, precisely. ' he greatest plneotuality is a re ulested, as a maIster is n nganged to tgiove lsosa in the sword vxereise. By ui- an der of Capltaia Oshborne CtIross. JOIINN GIBSON, hi oCtl2 (rIndorlv Sar't. ['sLOUL--.00 bids SUpelr fie floorulltr jet~cstettd; B1 I and i or sale by0 Y jL a t LLYE'I' & AMEI,IUNG, otl'2 17 o(,o eetlllllt' ra st IAItt)-500 kegs Ptiao Laro.'tneaod f. r srtle by ILYE'I & AMIllLUNG, ocll 17 Cotlullirce fst SUItYEl1 i I'.OS FFI CIE--I CON I.IUNICIPAL- t IT' Ic t NOTICE is hirenl giru t iat in conflarmit to a aNreohtlion of tile Coutntcil of thesrcoer Mnl to nicipalily, passed at theirittionl t of t'ntenlhy, line Idth oft.\igtit nlta I , i:t l It noon oill oI'lIIh )llolI er, 138,, adjaioliuta al atv office toth oet d the lowst bild te ir nitalng tle tim eor, reqlinlled rorllso year, frolll the1 d clie lio n I ontiit fooI r Mlidlgesoli h to/h. Mlt -i .icilml works, exlursite oltv tf IIof the tl: ibr al+ nad contracted to be furnished ther'tb. wh:arves. The wool to he t ell(v I'v p es It'good qultluI , ft Ilo hoiltuLond lati- ' cto sctur ity ill t ihe so of $10t'fi ill lie re xtiirllf1d . 1 fre .Now Orlcaso, O(ct. 10th, 183!:. BUR E.U IOU VOiYFR i.o:t-le MUSNIC I ALldFl :, I)'m fiu'lnili; d'tleo re!solutiton 'nl clnsel fil IdCi oli '. ol'il ipalil. pIa (be Jons la slmoe o de mlladi, 15 .,oat ldenir, .vis crt donne (iroe Ir 20 dI'octobre, 1830, h o mid|. ri nro, io eu i'a olj.erai n o rc aieo , hI f1 i r Ili , err s toutL I t,,i e ta rl itlt doj t la nc111 llllniil il e S p ourri tlOi l beN o rill lici a o relva llls l welllu t atl alI S lr ft j r do I adjudicer f; I:s I di deia on t, ctee, pett r whra lf cxcpLI la hIo s bio so i llll r sti .pa 1be B ioes th in telhi, dl- b llll olrt e, s rs ubier, ftia1he, r u"lllllrlr l pilllec . Une caution s, tiftioletllle aIo $111010i satt xigee. l0ilct _ _ .U tlO l'tL i, Voy, r. UColtTL<1'iOIFI'S OIUNI CII' il.i'I-V. Neow tt ( lloooe . Oct 101t it,,. A IRE... 1.oy ao oooiono o io(l utilo ; du ed I 1 11 h : ; ll lll00,0' 1.833, eo',l.hl "lrtlo Ii llo wioll br t ro,' ll at bto ol'hieo I"hoil T" al til' lol l. icy IN en l ,o.'lter i , fr T hre. to e re 1 10 0 ,l o o: Il 0t0h ia ll n" tI ioooloollooo i i, li ,lolho Islln i l, pay ble Ili)y t tas, d11 o uni h otrio ix p r oeolt plr inoi tll illller t. "iity t ln lnl-ll 1I r ntd, ,1. , dli-,itlionol )' in L ot rdr:ll S: ew Yol k i)1" Prlo, 'll 1 illll nq f1 ls Jot NLi.olot N, a TATEI IOl loo.Oot ljl h Couo rlo T. he· IhI It.), t" h fI1rýllsiO .':,,h, i" thao i|llelrrei l 1 Pal l lr l l I t ' otlnld l oSoolllol o o mil o ITr l-O t h lt' s, ifo the leo ,t bl to pai ide i N, Lodon. Th Ir .t , tube Jo.\IN CAI.Ilt UN, itl (.1t1 11 tINa .t ooiro I llo. . trollier. ll oooi s ie td" Ciolr tto 010 1 ide' ai tol ai iIetl I7r1 O'N tt ,II I NI.,,olooool'Oo -Nt¢oad, IlloI(ai i lt', "N ll e ,lo i. ( trio , oi0 iottot l Io3e. l IONF()tR E 0 1.vr 1 or, resblutiot du o.t.e il .e o j i'e.ll d . i erot tlllt. i .i de, 0 ol00 0 w e tl,00l t'o d lteeslll w u eI whtle: t jhll 't ilt o o o 'o l joor 'ea l o.bll pe roch ul l- i Oblr ll r Bertl 'l0ll s 0 J00 li0 islrs li S ounctu, o oio l I e l'li ' hI ,-o vellll, rl t rii:l, , (, O ll llllt: I -(I rot e·\\ .II (IIII. 0 ilo oo lll o 'lt t vi ooo in: millt i:lsl r Ps ( tllrf I T0- JH(IN CAIlilt UNmA p ra TA1T OO i'ol llll o \lNo - 'ii ,io h ( 'olit or the1 ao rit-h and o ityeo lNow , : ' h, ('hori . .ti t11 rt , Jud.7.+', No. -- -- , U,"I . t 1tl+, I,,'.!. oI SL'o bl hitoo', l -oo -, I r ;t o lltor 0i0ll Il0 t 0 , ,, Iy s. lti oi~ gisltl. i he ('0 rt too tooodo 'l 1 oolo .d t t o nolli'ieut i," l it l' ealedtil· 't I n ittlillll ' ll l 3111,111 l ll h'ld I "l ui1 p ho tollol ,l 0t the Xwl e (loli llo c , l. iic lilod t . to lli" ' ie ohorgoo oo r Ie ill boo,. I is lt IOo liar ,dsevil0 tv oihe t 11oo , Hutt the s,.c,. l "i"let oi. 1o f I ' t i, l'ly i " the t'mlttt· ol ,o~ 1 y. h~it , hI tv ofil ooi o"t .,,r, l,3:;, tho l tol l l thereoto dohooheloa the iffl tl- of tile p..ti ur, mid 1o'h .i -l,V. : y.lltl- helily I th ill itl olve't shoulid 'n.t hr dj' rig Il to .:l,. -N too 0 E Ir t rom 1 the mmlllllt -"s. Cle.k's {fli ,,(,t h ,t (.13 0. I . \ I t 1 ['t f, ni 0000000 ooooooolosfl l o- o- _ooo ol.t-- Iyl ('hltk .t Aid ot. llll)or iý e .,t vi , !..0 L I 000.000 lh ( llt , 1 0i0'- 0 1 ,oo . 0'hnrh - I . uri,,:,, t oo oo , m t,,re I0, a- ,, r.m olpls et 0 t .oe t lllo , 'e-t ),;I. 0l0000 ll .0i l ,, r l ltllel, ,0 c I0l 00l 1' c-folo o c11 oo o o lho'rt .0000 oo ol 00 r,. l l , l +e n tl~leh , dll ilI tll o irl. l 4 vIce ( I" \\ahih1 ., Foit ' .it Io" n ,r loeoa' lOoor. oNli l, ,f',ohe S 18 , Ir11" Y +' :. r,0 r lo r I,:s .0i0s oo , Jrdo h lo llo\o 'hi'i , 0000po r t oill o o o. omi , llO' ,ll t J, lo t \1 hir 110 -I ra I' l I, Vt'' oY. 'i' ( It I i.\' t. S 1iill; liir s Ilry fir, !:oI..f hbrik tI lsre iin Cnmllp , 'r, . at ( I ,."nt ac l upiel by .JI s-r s. . II 'I'T l, til,'e turt brr'k lutel t II" th ,orner fi Bootk A] Heath & 1 o.; thbi third tt ri b iii filltted li a LedI ,r l , the Ird storyl of the brick store iin lank .lley, I ol d ir from tih,, ltst mlion:d-the 'ad and t d stories en ll wa.l fitted fIll. i ().'0 ;, io la giveI .l thle 1 ,t N oveeli uellr ocb+'i--tli <'\(1(9S. A il.l i()'S. ,\S'. 111.')I ' 1i For .i: A 1y" or inav -A 'hi t firo : l lllonll , m:l.lllti 'll d i I l'by \' l. L i Is, rs i iived tely' aii for s lte Io , thl Do, 1hr it wei inte.d d for i la is no itsfo Arit :t plit tII. .\lpl 1,, i ritini 1 A \i1i:s l ,' i a I r to t i ( ii r in ::h',lil. 11· ''tiihs pi ll$ I s ......i .rte. - .- -h-. .... Can IILa 1, 2Nt wIc(.;I oG f t In e- repeN t i \ili , eS. r l I , 1 \o"n' I'hi!u t I, h laiu. an' I rtpe, nItllv a iý o a pt r. .. i rl Ihe( u:. i i ti rl I ii 'ei Sites. lllli the , ai ndI: ilrl - tlil ''l I ' a a lt+ , l +l h+' t* thti na t 'DrI t h'.c ril . ( l ais,n - t - . ll)t, l :i t . a11, , ho,- .5 I and II i ut V ls , or 1 8, Cato lot. tl re s tll., hi' l, m ii i ta n , d Id ,Iiurl, i ill 'i i i l r d Ir II,.AC IING thi s c :t that' e t i articl:e a. eIl ii ll & st spre lan 1t lt rittlll o irt llhe ot lllllljl lash' d , l t ll( I n liflorm y oftlI).( ~l v T'hie m' 'r "llll ~[ry( i loe . S hu e C' 1 Il' ijio e i , e e ltk rJ toi reta nit s vhtu inl b itiv ctina, in'o Ituse ife hrue ;rh r tciv hi. it tim alsOli ce lh tlItst uli1 i'pe i : ti ps ii ri ei r l l n l t i:. .15110 ibox1tee Sperm ne; SCllite " Ti hes :lleto the sin:- ,f I s. I d l750 i nlhtu of i li h t 4 bili , ltr bi s Inlil ul t l W tiule il sii; .uri; v ,l tiimll tir ankh i the I'is T ttc o . I a r l" th is ari' in N. lirl or nuv ace; i slntio 'il th n nle II; f r l t , 0 c a1 aonIti , i ai cag 1s - rh rll r n t l lii ir " iistll tlhe l a tht'u e iosl iilrs , price. . IE -J s re.ived .pr ship Chester, - .llm Isil - dil elphia, igllt.een caes i ,. lw Irict 'd blu hill. hire LttertP llr ntour ,autr Stls'rcy lter pupl; t tur Ce 1m.OIby1V ŽE & CO Ir) 1'1. Yrrol f suip Cl tr , Io"e 1s Div , o. elitt, g wiltt L ill v 2'It" pr arel il ther (it :lliie Lerrtlt ill he ta elivr redr fa''ny ruf p ape. )fu Tiltt la d ltnta Ihr t e his 1 tik lct P fot fel o bsstbss o ou oer Op,1 aollaruIt " nm uwt Vmer cldtio tihg' nelive eu 4 -f it. oerd, 24i ULlllartrsl a SECUND MUNICIPALITY. W AS brought to the Pound ol the 2nd Municipal' V ity, in liuronne street, between lcvia and G6i rod street.s on thel2ith Sept., lt!4, lalrge Iuy Ihoro. The owner is recquentd to rpr property and takd him away, r ho will be cold by P A Giillot. Auoetion cer, on Saturdoay, the 13th ist, IN S IIARPEIR oct5 Capoltin of Watch jE7n bib dmliFa eiid ltot de a ltontoe 11 ucipa' i, le sipte, iclbre,e un'grcnd ohevnlbhita: le jro pribtaire est priO de veuir prouver sa proprilth et Iemna mnaier; lutlecct ilt scr ve.ld I ['encan par PA (iulotie, anTellctur, aeidii lo 1 13dl couraut. ouct II S tIAtI'ER,telpt. WVttch, ode Mlen. WS/ERE brought to the P und eofthe Second MAn v icipalit, in lHarlinee otreet. bIotwee Hevrd nod Gired stre , on the 13th instant, the following animul, viz:-, Twodetrk oay Iolorcs;one has a taek on the left tip. PThione law o requnsted to prove property and takb Iem iawwy I hire Saturday, 27. th Oetber,or he will Y sold by P . Guillot, Auctioneer. it S }HAfPEff; octl5 Captain of Watlit ST. CHARLES THEATRE. T III rnUngllilcert .lttlere lun undargone, during the recess, lilt entire iew ,rler it enleollialhmente the whole ol the interior Ilhs brlol repiired: the (han d iier hIa i ieen take to pieces, otl its 13 rwt. of aut gasne ldehes t drip cleaned and polished; asining has been cngletred, eitller in the tuilding itsel f'r'V it o, ugngotiiit, which hIve been manode with the first dran nti Ilellt in thie oiountv, tol promote the high char. notr which tile St. Clarles las ibtaineitld both at home I t, rtbroadc fl i cl being one of tile first drolaotin En ti hta ill tile Woild. The I)rc:lietril, lAretlofore taknowledged antuerior, iitis eel cti. nll+ teiralbily iII.rcoseo ill ilnlubler and tolent~ nlll [tirllel Ilcielioe inO particular nenlOhlberl of dicb Pi UNU Rue BtaOnd, Dtrn thie sonlell tile inost isucealful dramas of tie tday will Ieproduced,u in a sitryle wich it is pIro nuid wiltl ge ginerl altifietion. '1'Tt Ifih)n"h Trg la.ies iil Gentceomen are in treaty will. l an r.ttegod. JOHIIN I1. BARTON, Stango Manager, EDIWIN FORRIESlh T, lUNIUS BRUTUS BOOTII, J. It SCOTT, II. J. FINN, JOIIN BIARNES, S. 'I'. BROWNE, and GEORGE HOLLAND. Messrs. Harrisio M|esasr. Plumrr, I'ltl l nl, f.oes, 1,'urvl'n, Porter, (`awe,, Parie, )ar, Dlitonison, And ulhe'res ill tl'Peato. CEEI.STE, ELLEN TREE, JOSEIPIIINE CLIFTON, .Mrs. Barnes, Jliss Charlotte Barnes. Mesda:un Fa'rron, Alesd'lles. Sidney Cowel, ('n. [, Joneslls, Pllltll r, Se.,tt, rrison, o. n ith, F. lh uw£n, Ravenot, Sinili. S .'I. LI"E, Principal .irlist. N. Iewic, Clotlllner, Q oil, Tailor, S. Wallis, Proipties Maker. O1tC501.C7'lid. Measre. Croce, Messrs. Ioeller uIclleunr, oMyer, Jnc,.hi, St orm, t lla. i ite il art, ueinaity i llotr.cs, ('harl tti t l l, Iit lhlopt. ay, Eb rdt, iKrutter, linen, N llollant ., mIelger, I"(osIs r, ( iolni. (ConduiitUl t sotrelle. Irll i, 't" hi n Sep os, ire ,,,,t, ,rpc lir lele r'a r, i i ii A Ii rti er; i ll treaty. I1. 'rV, Jr I\ 1N, i.+ 'dRr i. \1'. Erllit, Iti i il ta l'olee. N fo trlg "Nh o .r \ [ lTIii ou: IANE OIt r[.11i:' line ;ill fU.i-t o ., fo ronig vesel irluiio It chip ZlTOFP it wii ,b h al-l IIt, :t bui, L or plllcl -a>d expressllrmy r i c i r , it ll e it diah, i: coil C:eitlInNn, tu.ptul.s Minor, / 1 hr lar g M A Y, N ieokernn e l lt.`.D I tl Y, (ew) Stevens, SI l . l )I\I l) I oltl'. U, PI t loI. . r li tl iirstp A.l.NIN'E; Perndal S 1 ' 8 ;,]" -n. t. olf ta r Inta ,.-t orn t tg fe d. a, I i"'1,-. 1 U n- ll IN I I kil Nt er l tilli i In Ith rinE t Sit l t. t will b-n feo e t Ia!!i ,; o: liil nII /te'l l -o 'd , i ll i crl,.d will ber a i T'le , Iri. 1,l- t - l it ,. I l i I le o it el-nro l ft itoree of D o, ;-1 BIN *II A ICOIIIIHEN, :ii ,, ii,,i i t I i wil ' l a+ . Sy I 1a1i , " Cot , nill aeI ,r r ip; o iL illaE i, Onpr. M'Iae nd - c, it -Wt t llrt ' t .2 lle as +'_ }ý J"'*b 11t, rt ill ....... t, , ,ill i..... i,.[..dia I"II.I ] "(' Ir ·,l ool'h+ St t~ll II.* 1L b lle l ot O It o a ls her Ireigr ; Ir h't1igb tor ptasnt 1, bpply to , to LEVI H ALE, OIt1 93 Commaen .ae , l IHh.r bItill mols.o Iet'r calrgo ellgged. ~ b. .III 111(~m' with 'jle.ctthl. For remaoin der of I'T:r'TS iON & AVERY, o1112 88 Gravier as Oi-R \ lI.'XANDRIA. - Tl'h liic+teelllr DE.NMARK. will . .- ril o .. " r ,c ul lr packet during law IIwer, Boutitl of Rod River to "tie ,Inc'uc,. For ptrticular. ti.cly to . NI)1 It GCi AHAM. lý hl0, otl- to v, i,+r de' by lIA\ tNCE " [LEG.ENI)RE, ._.,_I 8 r' 29 New LoveO l;';I" [.l.'IN A,'AII)MY. 1 ~PIP L.\! T l' tl o JelhiTraln s Coellc e and to eth I'ch'b',t .\illc, h tw'ecl ionti ald tIHieville. Thi; Ai"tltitll ~aI+ ,thIe m1tst eli'ihle that could hbe found b'eill' 'ltilly free Irolll the l Oise of the streets and the iattlia o drfl s ntc- d c ari es. 'ihe J..ell r'Ion .\cadr: v is divided into two depart Inlt.. The .lunior or eletentttr deptrtment for the vrat iou. ollt trellrh¢ !l'1 etll jll et lld cttli ju ill French and ill lo.-gli-h--*T'lh ti e ntIior cji'ti'ent for Latin, Greek. . ' \tll. clttitc, kt. I'llt' luuhty, order onl discipline ,ir': stri, tl) "3oin'd nod obered.r ' .. JuLir ItI t' a ,permnonth; $10 [sti Xllltie, nltl:ctle plll c r, 8'. chlrced eoparetrly; lpid. ,.1o t o pa i ln(I itl for al-i :e, nor for holidays: Ilit. I'l ol nt to lCbe lade renil'.rly every month. scloul hluers itrout 1-'_, to 1 o'clock, except Thurs hdays. sep27 I cS i.N A I1NS'TITU''TE. r I' Ill's l ,itutio c or the education of youn gentll 1 1taco. will go in1o opueration on Ithe first day of O. th,~, ,i!lnil+ I'.hlne3t tucvry f the Mlethodist Church. .r of C o('+lt, iela't nd PIc di's, under the direction ,d'l 1 ll' l lruu ;:,t +'iv 11" l ol o tltll c iercd the chair of math lictic ic ,titril o.. ge Cl of tchte north, and who is a r:,t( t e,.ll tt+r (nIOIIP t)f te st celeb.tated universities of lI'h-u" . ci. of rtldi. le Ito Ce pursued in this semins Srv ",I] b," comprum.udud ilu ti.' I(llowi og dvilion, vie: I. +lhv ll£.ihill hiclctlllllltlltl eccttracing oIl the I clh,.i: ofit thIorulll Icod tcceUttpliihed English ed '. The c.lasical dlepcrtcuet, comprehending the LLti atl (ill .' Ih i ltncicc c . I. ThIe c1t,' ofl't mod"lernc languoges, in which. cxill hI, ttlht lbh l bn I, Spanith aonld oGerman too 4. e mii thelutical and philoco: hical g, t n'prelh,' Ic gglebra,GecmCetry, thetwo Trigongqe t.lri lb \ cith tI cr i)r-.tieii t application to qg r..eo, rN vi-it on, AIroH tc .be. Natural Pthiloeoplh am; lhh.tcil-ctre ,illtoctbcicd Ibc . ppc oeriate eoxperimen.t . Lu) Icc.tuo'; (:-.bret in te lodcrno Langutltge vl be lbrtoed and attc'nd:d to front the lIst Octohber C J IIAI)ERIMANNA M. tIe +icettcc: v: J GIlSON I.'s R, a ic v LPEtit.E.r StIANNON,Logjgig" Colege . I A . L.ZI:EN [ItlWG, i. I! IDUNtCAN i..sq, J NICIIOLSON t:, , New Orl.aps. S25, 1838. ~ T A NTlH) A woman to take charge of two hllt. V dren; one who is wiJlit to'travel, a middled a ged womo ,hll.e;it. Americiea. legish or, Scotch weal br, r 'eIr edl. Alinc need oply tithout the beas refero .... Apply at. t e otelice ytltrp Tryp American. 1B2O'['S, Sho'es antd tlrogaus--407 casesl Meo Shores and Uo aoas, landi.g from ship Cher - tee. Eliia Anu, and Itlenrv, comprising a good nesror tlllel tmllI vllttltie or tthe city or eonltry trade., od whi. at ill bt ,old ottn d ,tou clmuda'i ,l e t e all f"it . .f

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