Newspaper of True American, October 17, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 17, 1838 Page 4
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Nor 1t tisalanb Hotel, .torl'.a a l ot . , SKIRKLAND "repeetllly an. Ons to her frionds and the public gene. lire d toi accommodate thlem at ihmont, and hopes fr her rvilttaite comfortable, to receive do of firair favors. She feels conf. Sf-isitia Covington during the he, snnot in( better ceommemlations tab them, on more liberal terms. stly seituated, and wall sapplieod cnionea; the bar is fhrnished with lgquiorse. &o. in short, she promises lhtoi bli wanting on her part to give ot.a toC al who may patronize the .d d nlaians lHotel. je3 ILIG.-The undereiinad iaving rndsr Dr. Slmidt of Charleston, csad for some years his assistant in jd and surgery, has the honor sal services in this city. til'idies and gentlemen that the most n ill be paid to the calls which iald also offers his services to the ee, being wall acquainted with the on tathemi having attended them in lgaP inein Charleston. a ahti.billous pills alter the composition ItMollette, with directions, can be had dtieiil4tbd. The effect which they have o, tit anad other cities, has been attended sn5ceas, to which the best of given. Apply at No. 166 Mag-a. _ - JNO. MLORING. A ,. S REWS, SA SIRONS, &c. aW\j L WORKS COMPANY, No. Wat.r, near Beekman street, Now York, a'the past leason, and cre cor.stantly og large and extensivo additions to the stock Iseve goods, which now consists of the g aortm eat, suitable for the southern and fro nlibkets. 111imw ware of superior quality, consilting of aeist 1500 tons, vis, FIPeaof different sizns, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kattles, 15 siaze, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettaes, 15 iszes, fror 3:8 to 18 gallons, S,1iaans or Ovens, 7 differont sizes, 5 l mleitUlee, 6 do Sk-lotr, . . 5 de Fiat Spiders . I do *overed Spiders, 2 do *riddles . . 4 do s onltens from 1 14 to 43.4 inches. 0ott do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Serews, 0.000 gross, iron and brass, front :. ineh, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 sf a luperior uelity and finill, and less titan Jastls imported Sad ttens, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for tetailiog. Tailor's and hatter's Irons, assorted. Sash wevghts, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to lhew. Dells for Plantations, steamboats, eburelase, &e. mcade to order. Also steambheats and other machinery made to atder. STe above assortment of goods is particularly roeemmended to the attention of Southern and Western morehants. and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. Ioeed o bhe Lile largest and best assoraatment ever fpred for sailo by any olne establislahmnct in the united States. Morehants, by lerwarding a request by mail, can have a prinasd circular, with description of igonds, prices and terms, from whllic no deviation is ever mande, tsrnished by return ofA'ail. All orders will receive imnaildiate attention. Noew York, 1838. je3 RF.1ION -YRIUP & PlICKl.S--Undcrlood'ae Le Uli san vrl aland Pickles, lsearlellr sies; also, 60i bneaa of Leais & iHaskell'a i'iekle.; for ole I,.rlale a all car Caamllaiaon noa 'rela.,lpitalllaaa tl SOAP--IIlU half Iaaxes to l Slap, lralld cd JalUlI ia Clould, for suleby I...IAC Illlll-E &a Cit. ml6t 134 , a'gaaixre turel. TO LET. O.-L avn tliaaellinc houaal oa Trion allreetl, Lae tween T'ivoli Circle said t'arouaIleal :,ltcaa. mliJ. Apply to J OTT, l ItEEI.. ARROWS, &rc--5 \iheellarrowe, 25 IV dirt do. ia to le, for aala ly ltIAPllLIN & COOPER., mlS 81ti2 ul'a alr " R. aant ruled Cat aad L.eittr t'ipaars, -a all lot lilles, canistlial eg very vaaterir blue aid, hlaea till while wilde, nodl ,1.i',a nod ruled ruigh cdge ieL:ord .lca, ctanutctly on blalll nll lor leale bv IIAVID FI'LT & CO. 731 N V tatlioace' l a Itll, L24 ChlIatras st. IVVJ5a1 ne.ef3 do'.a anach !loaelle Wine, llf0, o d all do sn do 1121; A50 la od ab . I' Pao, thai; Si do ofi do I.PbrownSla.ry, 1l11li [ill pipes exlaa MIeira. Fotr ala h IEItlOGENla, BIIOIWN & ":lO. ss1 Corti f r eet. -iLANIK IIc)a,(S. of seary variety if rlillg tlnd .UN hindlillg, ciaatanaly onCanail; stand Piraillig, Hlulin aind Qilidig in:atly executel, nl lhort notiae, I l JA'II) FEI.Il "& .. m31 N Y Sintioners' Ilall,9.I Clartres st. _lstAdi --40 bils Iourth lproof Americaiirn randy, .3 lau.ding, far sale by S I SAAC BRIDGE & CO. m l131 l Maganin stlreet. rO-RENI T. A NEW two story brink liaouve, situatel 5 dalornar frem the i eeond Iauinelnlilty Hsllon tll Charles sheet. sent very low, possession iven gialmediiately. Enquiro at the prelmise-.. rnN), if. LILIUR-hO0 bbla a f Flcar. for oaly by inl0 0 DOIKRSEY, 4 New l.evee. *m9 G DtOtIRSEEY, 44 New Levee. I 1 Lmoils Rlop. laigfro Amba r sale l y- LAYET & AMEIUNG, - m19 17 Commerce st. lie A tslii pieoe Kentucky Bagging, land in t ol stetamer Gen Wayne. ani itor sale y YORKE, BRIOT.HERS, 3.8 g65 Camp street. NO " womOBY NOR CO yIVuA " New Orleans, rnv.14,1817. (V A ROLT six months age I had Ihe misfortune t got l a oeret dioseas, for which I have applied to sere ral doctor for a cur, anld they did not cure toe, so now.Ie on the .hove date l put myself under tlth care of DoI)l Hueat,and expect him to cure mie. Since that tile the disease got worse, st as to Ireak out ill large ulcers to the number of sia or eight on ea I leg, and l a vl o I y fitch,saol sure thlront, anti not able to work at hlr oproseit tisn oat accontt of the disease; large tlcer on tih right side of the tthreat. I au no putting tuvsclf ctfisently uluderth care of Dr. lluet, r i'PAri*, " to be perfectly eared JOllN DEAN. c ikl 14 lp I DO CERTIFY that the sbhve mentioneld disease is e qoite well cred tlo mty own satisflistti, for which I ci thank lor. Hiuet; and motreover I axsere that the me li- to cine s have taken makes the fat, and did not inijure rmy t sealtl at all therefore I advise tsy f Il*ow sutlitrs to losenothier ld apply to Itr A. lotet, i21 UCnal ci street, boetween Datpltlute atd Bourlon streets. 1)r. Iluet is t htome from 9 ota'elck, A , unltil 41' .P . T'hly will find a trute d:ctor for this collplnitt. 1 JOHN I)EAN.40 (;ravier street. F IIf any one wants to see mte,call at No. 40 Giraviec street, and thoey will be satisfied. To be published at tle liajc of Dr. I.he Nt. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Febl I, 1818. fib 14 1lv F1gT llE (enuine Indian Italantof L.iverwoo t .att IHLlre 1. hotad, is put up in bottlre at tlte low price of 51) ,ents each, coitaising the strength of throe tuitlltes of iveswort, bsi lee ti irtueas ol me y otlther roots and herbs known among thle Itdians as ellicacious i curing pulmunoarv complaints. Tile u rivacled success which lhs .ttenrled the 'ite of this inestimable Balsam wheroeer it has Isoen iirtrtu d~ited. lute otbtlied the ctunfidlece and relolmlinotlli dons of respecthlse physiciat., for tile atre of c'uco s, selds, pain it the side, want tof rest, slilling o bhloud, river eotploilnt, &c. To rlwhm it may concern. This is to certirv that we have in our Iractie frequently preocribed irs (;art . ser's Inldian Balmtnl of Liverwort a, llciotrhouadl, with a decided gold elfct: we can therefore, from the Iotaw leile of the materisls it is made fruom, ild al rservation madexperieoce, recoluweia d it as a superlia preo oia anti( ss all tre n8slHeriooo of tihe uloe, fIr willth it is re amendestld. AI.BLIR I' WLLI hI31S, .I. D. CALVI EIt.IS AI. D. Membes of thIr BUosto Medical Association. Boton. Oc:tober 25. saleby J litIVIS & ANI)RI:EWS, ' , It F. t ':rtu I ! fi tto its alon ate ..' rrnd, e tby osu Medical pcfleulty. t rLER'S Efervescent Mlagncsian Aptorioqt--Flir Sdystpepsia or it ,igeetihe, nervouts deiliti, gilddi pee,h.edalsheesidity of the tosratl,. habitual cos ti t.neosut.anenosdise.e ,gout grael,&ke. atd .u ic saJued s a gealtle, cooling purgative. Shia desirable preperati has received the atronu sot"f snaty emdinelrt tsmbhers sof t'ie ptofeitlln, a;dl n a c d eea tsring putlic may relattsahle aid tnsoli e 'qil tsdotheniufs ofitf eilcscy as a medicine have e Io a lcited. With all tile pleuaing qualities of a glass otf ssa waser, it p.o.ereers tes otie e to. tliriul properties ) of the istts appr yetll linnuse purgatives; it Is plecasant , t bh.palatle,Ctd grateful t th etoatch,. .I*BR'rAPiT CAUTI'(.%--T'he itc.rOaoieg or.tion. t to gned'getdsmd i for vutle's aoervcelnt A rgale a .st AP . .tt.aT-u beIar an ilducemeotwt for othe . to tf it assit r.ts of tltie valuabhle tised cie. 'Purchasers qetpp1rse.,,lsy wanted of tlhis fact thit tits7 ay be . ;" thlee gisard, salll n. proclutre at tnpwre article. .Thepublic ase reepecelelly infer edl that the etlbsori bats are onatently asItplied wih tile oeriginsl nd g-o. 4 t:preitretioana . sor sale who eseals a d retail. SICKIES K CO. Agents, Jm1i 41) .aial stret, N O . Sseets sir Oil, frs tle rostoratin,o - "" g"I lf of Hair, lgiving healthhandhtbeauty,andl f'is ithis lile rOil- wosefret tno the putblit, it had S ltdlttdE. ulbda of ca ,s o f Itslduses, thittaoess, and Oiln e eotibsl hi, and inesvery istataco it eoltsarty >,r lb.siilbeaba realised. It hss neter fei!d to produce a tswieioh"asstiul gerowth of hisr et bdlo alrecdly .la..-hi Mtewhiseeitbeceoa dry anI entemst o crow ,bl. ( ill Far) soon render it healthy, an t lr.htec Sdad beutslfl Igrowth of hair. without hle least to the he.d. This Oil givese asagrroc!le frn gram mod i. preferable to uay othlr H ir Oil far per ,asniag.ucliag sad gleiieol the hair. The h ir nrt bove a dry ate -soitnl i' Far isle at Ii& c D'LANGE6. : Iddiog1i -IAIRTT & CO, ae'snw receilamgrro ton board ship Orleans. Eagle, Highlander, Poker Ieary Andrew, irenrih andl German play cards; Back amnmon Boards; Cheesmen, 2 -4 and 2 -8 inch .il nrd Balls; 8, 9. 10 and 2inholl lae Bowie Knivesm Leather anl ather traollinh Dressing Cases; IBlt, s Peuk'lttier'Pnln's anil DGslli l. Pistols;double and noilre trrellid Gula; GameB eags; Shot Belts; Powder1 sad Pistol Flasks.; l)rI BIrotles and Drinking Ctps; i P're r, ion Caps and Cup lHolders; Cloth, lair, Tooth;' t ind Nail Ilrnshr's; Orrs aad Chlorine 'rootht Wash 'ooth Powder; Tnilet and Shnving Soanps in great vas rieti; tong Hlair ramids, Ringlets and p rizerte; Pearl w sid Toilet Powder. oEmery Bags Ivoryv'nh Consliosns: Patent Sdldes or Garters; G.a Et.lastir Sspenders; i'owder PtiR and loxes; Gilt Chains, Semls and Keys; E:r-draps; Vrist Bckloe; Bnlrelets; Bean d Neckloaces naad Claiose Gilt and Silvermd Bletad; Indian Benads, terlls eld Plomens Shell Twinst Side and Dressino Cinllls; wsich,in addition to theirformer stock on hand, makes tbair esslrtsnent very complete, and will he sold ow and onlikerl tenne, at the sign of the Glttdene Canmh. 235-tf 70 Chartres street. luie Snhsereilerrs, Agents flr the extensive bronse of I . & S. Bntrchr, Sheffield, selnsil, lnhave jtus aereid an very exiensive set of l' strs, consisini of nkle a nlll Dossart Knives of a-- -, d"b-ripision, 'en, Pocket, Dik, andil Spear point Iaslirve; Razorm, S-ian sors. Edgel'r Tol, &e. &e. &e. nwhich thek are prepared o eXlhit isntlhesradfor aolrers. l'rirnsa anid cditions will e iliand known at hel teine. sll J. I. IBEIN & A COIIEN.90 (Comm on st. - ARW G()tll)S. LI3IIMONS, tIARl'T & CO.-Are nsw reeeivinn epeor hip lnsllravillet, Eagle, Merry Andlew, Itirk - aLde, Frenoh nsid Goernin" dlonlle Ihead srllvinrcnrlsi: slter,bell rnd pa keti isrols to tlin, rilrled nsod i lidt snire craps; K raI lidell.s; osis-lrs, Raiznrs, peo. vens (illotl's ntmmereial nail oilier steel pass; Vian st; Vinli strings; shell, ivory ianl horn a eanl; walirs; it, heai ands leather lorses; hair Ibnrilds, front aod aek iingletas; Regro tanls; (tearmnn and Firench cologsne ater, ilnwlsnds mnausessar oil, imitation ito; ntilln lkn hsars hill lorsable desks and drsslal o eases: liast blscking; statia id toilet glasses; Cnllare ntlnnl; li. ilt glliss.s a.d views; Indiaio he ds, bells sail litnels; learllen; whitsiwise; toileteand shavilng anp.; toilet owler, nsmetie wash hanll. ; seenisal aalii coshionm ; poosl standllsi; clcw csahiins; fancy heasd chins and mneahl.ea; lird lindl ; all ket blyaoks nlu ntisl nllets elmain holnes; .znor tsnins fine nlld onlon gp17 'dastic rsslspendslna. giaast.o; A i Bells hicil'vi matches; sil er leerilsa; Crsyolns, d.c. &. The above in adlitioan to oar lfomelr stOck of fanoy irticles, makesoas :asal-llliellt rvear oaliodlots. For salt wkOler, le ohf raoili as the sign eftlle Goildnl Contm 70T l yarlr,-e stret,. remS. J OTIC(E--Thea partncrshlipn of Kelley, Awtosn &C( il Ne.w()rlean ; ll.rin, lerria &Ca., of Natlllezr. ail Ilarris. Kellry ACo., of Iodnev, wan dis.tolved iOi lse ..It of May last, bly lhllen tl of Sasloel A Mlaon, tlr of the ianrlers ofthe firus.'r rhe siindersigned, s.nrviving pnrnerra, will tie chgged with the sntting nnas mloinhg esuid tssiilse as f-lltawiso I.eviC lfarria will attliel t tte setilin oel' the lr in.l f saasn llssrrois Co.. al Nalhez; and Ilrris, K- I S&R5'oa, t Iloetaind teiry Ktlleh ill attesn itl tienalstatlgal oftha nsiner irrlle e, .ilon & Co.i, ati Nes OrhaleIs. Their nlues of Ilia sevesral .s will be n.e is, liqsidlt ioil oil 0-. 'ltho.l indOle-Indl In fild fTnu are ernerllst ireque. tt on ore forwnard lnd soke early stnestleet snl allld e lavini chsislns will Ises trires i' tiherm wIhilto ela I Ne t Onl.ats, ane 27, 18.17. J l-:AN 11 llItl i-'ARINA'e COtIOGNE WAT1k R , as arose . ie ofs tillis lperionr Cohile warcte, just reeiveld and flr .ile Ihev tine rzen or sitnra at, -ly- I Alsn AmiIrican i slole Fnh toilet Inierl;s, I nac e ' li siaiik kllihnah, \sai'ird' ve hlll hair oil, illlllilslll-ll Sl'lil e i e, I los ithr It- PllllallreIn, rIS e atl y w lCe r, I'Lisi' s slla, t lllrseilhs s rl lllllo v in nii eoi Isv-itl lt - elotlh hail, tooth nail aldl llesh !,ru~llhe I; t tlFlbsr wivlh lll; ulll d jweIryff lat I lowt wh n orfreiIi l rW teo iln i aE\V a.lT)i't.-iT,,lrr iolortit is c rr i r,-i ow 'r, Seivhillr froth on (iwanl hilps Yazooi, imd San.oilrlallil I ndll ri m rsldiol iri sl;l New. York, a iorull ll-s-s-l i gooIs in their lines Iwhhhslltehiier ;ill their liiirlle sto,"k on hl'nd Iiind, Uke h r ni l hi sort o ery:l';, I IpotI'. Itak , d , sI ilas bril dol f.i deifripl sionue In lift aubhiber, silk and worssed slt r, stiArt] .ol nnn & fine "la~ic IlspIud, rs, lot o f 7r.11 n hueibr ntnirhrs, n.irlitz poslfersa,s aderitlll tua I loxea , sailet oIaa'ir, aockent Ioiks ans d r sllets, nerh-ar,lboa , g hee l, pearl, isorv nnd rloroveo card ssasis head ornunIentst shrha-o rnll "heads, necklcsall nt,,.gliFgee, bead stalihl, baLUd nloekice.,ol o gitlasisnd ors ill,serd,si vtr:m illllnlls, Inliall t lel , heisis 111111 lihlnesi ; l isitol d i l il t re l.W - slo lllirke, slhot ol. ie hIrrle, beilt. rkeoe tda 1 t lllh iug midl; donleth m.dann glr Ilase, seir tatise orll, od, kiiveis mlld rie liois, wnisl tickles- csoie n ir, , oo i+ ill Oii , elns extsinsrllsltIsaiirli-rstieli.-sal, and t+irr'a ve getable huilir .ile, sgav ruenlled tilt saps of all dFs criialoa-, ietr' Dud geItSulesis' giesilsnnd dressins cn - la, hliir rirglelsl rirstVis Inh braids, pt Iiill V linnd veas btllltehiras I lind iv- l shirl dl, hirt Ptuldd, goll and s cis Jo)'.l i'a Fe ltllali(llecka Ilnd tweezers. PI elI d , i -id ill l aristst iyi otlnr sie ,iu siaivei, olant lis- sl llois-,liliooks tI- i eio ,oi i ,i i- lir loilS iiIIn liliiis 1snii, issk sid r sodilkshoo snlsiiiohlio ii hi ud nis il . it ai,ri ulsl l I nIn ' oli alioc, BI i. s taulrsi scll uu1 l lll-u ed l I-sail--ill .lsinsielr isur id ilie', leta ro llr, ;orsle baig., ridit sr'i si , walkinig 5IIrs, luhiI ng cardsul, tlno gosll, lntIA sutl giltji,,vrllrv ore. l'lh I---love, isrslsshr wih ih aIlio'l islls arieyI ofI lier arti lea iar offered at wlhlerasde or retail i lnllldtltll-i V yRIETY TI'OREli-at tie sigil f tIi , boen pI :omb,l Mo70 ('lartrer sltrret. Thsl'ihrlcrihers h-anv' re- C eived, inl ddition to tlhirplr-viason stork a1 litaldni fill l o tl, complet assot en O llnelr nt n l e.n stn ill thnir lint, viz: ll :osll, .-rfl'umerv JPwellrv, bshesc Is, 'kini ghlasses, i Inn v +Irtit'h'l ".t ,.llal tllinlg illnpar ll S illhow.: I ltllt tn--tonrtoine shell, winonaht and plainl ilk,twintint, Ililled btnk, long rnold, dr,.eing, sid .; cur nnl n l eck, Brazilin n cono s of every descrilptin 1mongst p: hilch are. s~ol Mlllxican patter, Ivorvy conhs on f eePr i inscription, ornll dressgll Illld packet, together w ith "I P'ltlni:Mlit'-Cnldogn-, I.ivn eher Florido, boney, ht y,rose.,nd orange flower wafers of every iz and does- i eriptin, canIIhirtetLd Cologne, exnluat' il IIvrltiý"llnl ilary roops ofall kilnl shaving do in cakes nin lDot-, nrenam sln do, Ward's vegetllble hair nil, beamlnnls. ane- l tiluedo. I.reston', antelling salts, lain annd perfumned w ntletpowder,pearl powder, nlwa erpnflh alndhoxnesap netutnlin pots and rolls,orrls and chlorine tooth wash e and inowdeaa, with a gene raI nesortment of JI1VEI,LRY-some ofthe latest snnd Istl fashiinn- na rle sells, conslnainig of while and red cornnline, topz h : 't eurdrops, set in filagree, breast iins of a gree.' ,ri e tv f pattemrns, watclh timlmingh, gilt iIall 'il'r .n-kles, i il.ver tlhi lllcs silteran nl ga, a iIs it il. ialli tni lnrntllc ais i DitUSHES-Clot, inir, fltoe lrtnl' ,,harth,flaor, a int, leash ,tnnth, plate, ionlnb, Nail, shlavig, hoe and I,OtOiNIi (iI.SSES-G-erman latia iand toilt lt tSesa, Imgnifving aeld Iel,'ah dl-essinl gliasses hiOme do, with a vlr!iv of other kindsnot a lol elllliflited, IFANCY AND VARIETY AIf'flt.,--Freneht nd Amneriican portable heIks and drenssin cases, snone very rich anld fl ely feilshld ladies work Iboesndl dre hinllgeaes, with allnd witlhounlt illlsi, msinlall hlinIa, A ordinlin of variats kilndst, violini ad g.itlr, silver iInd plated ipnneils and leadn,,wood ,en(ili for caerlnallrs nlll ravonllntta ttlllll ,glln t nllnid pil ill l w lth in I withnat ase.ras, 1ereisinl e"n Ipt l're'esion llp l'trgers, nipple,,twln'ivers shot Ill ,thnlin hau.s, pinte blur:,ii ., toy .eIe .tllets lu i hbteand of rltary knnid, llII n ed NIlillier iropnnd watchnon kiVes, rlvi rs kind awie tks, ni: anl i a leedles, pi, ai llne ], lted te anldin ll lllllnn lpellt'. cle1, olll{ket ollnokn lnt d ille.a at variollS kiilni, vineitlng eardsannl ardere playing" ewIdl on lI'"each, te lanl+ aldt A ereiconiall nli ie ell e Ii+, ll. iitillot iuit s u boLner, prtlla of varions kined, fneaued-na..' I'elv', Entnerneeou, ttilnhntttaandn lnldllwtti razor satres n.l d u.tndllic nhonea,nlirkt, fnnl belald nelilneu:.a,n do with l-"r ldrop,toy watches, n pearnle ttl.t , powder r lreAk, ell: And idlnt etl heis te, filt, nd ltirer tto lni, I1n-ia -ill llt lae, rnd gllrlt, rf s pinunte swrd n n.I , elle lilllitllo1 butadnl. dine, optiat l ivell sjlwti llt , lr lll Illeilar ultn esahld drinlkingt cns, with na lnent vnriti'ety l other arti elisI all fwt It h twill le sold tinr casLh or city acLne tlantl tat oni . iiOltllhl ctedIt. i 11 .Iii3111'l , Lf o. l. 41470 C.ta treth S OL BIw,A R'i Scine nen nP Peiteen nas hip ret eied, - i d . for rte til their lerllitlnlte W riltn .clth ,llli No. t (Iair.s astre-,t, Nnew t)rleanna, 1.J Ittnntn.ay Netw T, ,rk litnorlin le eat l., oil h.. Sis attenai terly denigned fir privane Inrner, anRd A.i Wls, all is fb:l latr ed ri sr per-ubl. ", ill u,: , s. it nlt innen tlemnel arte tvtten to call 3li xlnninnint then avtem finr tt e.snelaen. Err rmet, given at a'letin hnlutr.e nll.n llia te he elllllteien on all, h a d tol clan e n tlrnll di sill n pall of ti e. rit h. I Tlie o prefer ten rece leeae tlieiror n ref sidel cea. L'IrstI at panillS for olllo : aire of It- as fll re.I deircd no alelld until tivh awrita rI in hll o v Th111. fnl D"It. dEAIlt . ifRatTlirI DEAIFN.ES.. SEW artile fiLr nraona tl'nntblPe wilth deaCnesa I .allel t ae Far'l'rl ntlitiIll n) ihasejn t.ll Il tea leived, t, tIhe ue nt n hinth, til sl igtent arteultir ll ot Ite fiii. Wtun voicae ir diatilatlv nlonleyed to the var. All n wlho lslas evo¢ heen oligelld t ;o:lers' with ii ver' Illt I Or. W on, iisl b ftully aentinllhe f thne dilicuhluid t etnt Iyrrm.n ienl experienved izoth ay's andn tihe ill ali'isltalm fi illtu n 't , i ilen t, f l I i t i.' tn l of It, Ear 't'rumlpet thin tlltjetioill is t enlirelI . h, nin itt. T'htt r lt natcepticnl Ilve r al.nys inh. nnr tlllen tl"tr douht- alin ilaritg used lila'l'ruiitet. 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I In SLOUR--O0 anding a 1 eltratner Iandepend r ence, ti. il DORSEYV, aNii 44 iNw .it_.o MR. WILLIAM.S, OCULIlST, Row AT THE JEFFERSOOU E, .SOI R STRi EET, T the Editor of the Looitil ./d:eerliser: E1 S I--t appear o by th obsertioo. of te Editosrs m ~of Ihe Nashvitle Presbyterialn1 Union oud Tress- tel eript, ns well as the editonr of the Menplis Enouirer, elis thot sIte 'Ols (ientlemsno' iR 50o0n5 she Doctors. l'ijls ile is provred by hlisl kinly rage, knowine that his timre is tans hatshort,otl tshot the inlsepssdent "Ateeican popssle ing are ellle to judge etr iellsei'eh-. wlste ire ptlep aIondI jrel imlposition. lThe worthiy editors whlo are I)octrs, cls the proprietors, ediitore i subl-editors of the saiove ty namtedjornlais, cll every letter from sprsons I haive is restoredl to sight in the above places, pllu~. oh 1. 'The filet is, that I Ilver hod su'lh great osnecess i v within so limited a leriod as ten or twelve daysl . (One s tho iar sees aeeshlot ten ytesars woio ihati sttlyeeeon site efi li sit trmn Ihi e irth, hrlien to o-es to fiotlo his tiletrer os r to Iy hlotel, ia~teadc of b,;ie¢ ob~lit·ed to he rle hv hlill. < er e one for ten r years. anll the otilr for lt nlls trlwo cas' o ear is, havinrs t of s hi mnI tie other eve ioert s ;fsits- to ·et ench olf thoe you Y ladiese iesLe l tst see i ilh hatth t t vees, whilch betrelitf I sietges setfs'o till c ntiil e, ex s ol., itin thley ape anlelllerte infllletlee tip Illllliltali Ill t). tie ll e dlellin D~o'tars. Anloth~r in the dlliiulhter. of b'l respsio etalle lerhallt, whorse nite 1 am i oristied never oi f to illenstion, (als e paid tile ly fees),t w o t saii s te Ihl Iost the i ht oe a t f eve frolll the ges f lo msntls, e is lstt that she tntw ieginir to read I.rge letler wis l tlhe It S stltsr ere elsilltisticr s hisols s T hit e 'ts t siior es htsrsr i krheew, e tosrite gri-soloinses ttltts Iihiserlfie h'd C o n- d tt ,hac'Pal hlis dAollolhter Co riseh otler of tihe meical edhirs, sp ithlt they might le issrlmedl of the ftiet. "ile list I ml slml mension is an elderly gsentlemnl hv thie uames of to i'Olllnt ileal'i FV l~vl.'y .+.el.lS Of affe. \vhoIletPiar1Ed ptII- l](. li,:Iv bc itIrett wlo h e ie ts nki to all't'iet++ iicrint rtl·,P i Ith in A1nhrille bhut one, ant himseilf told al e iie had paid ov for the insertioln whatover they demandedl, whrll dclar- Sit ed ill that letter that Ihe Isa !rotnally deprived of an the sisht of onee ve from fit ks ifter lis Iirth, t hiht i his mthter istatesd to hI., ir. oiasitced hy the sit watit~le+ or slnall poxi that now no cll nlllltlit onlyV ,.ee the liiht If the snt, fir tile firet time trhat ie recr llerltC, te but tile sItrs also, anld was bheisni lle i to distinsilh e s heen a n.memer ot the letho'list Edcpa.eql Churchl for ne, llr 1 'Arty veal*r aCitI hit~t ]ia ft i| .a never donht el Irrorthat: Ire mnust hav ma to rvnyn, lth tll beforez the std theteist to relt'is e rr sehoit rihi r life er. im sri: sti es e mit ees oe stsiie en at a Ihroo ls t tshesleoii rtwrs I essittolt EintheNr-s tih( sner Is crsisals'esthide ssoithersrisreisiclirov oee, n tn. l epesat I k t ns odl leer a rriveni'r e llrei s se ih it Nahrilli es, ari ti ries e l nt l lrsiisl s te s mtlrs i e i Ilsrl neooerehoref riC- rtltle resoiito IClbe enraces. 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Ais itr he sihiitii lihnrsli .Ilteit ill -ls lkis t ef ithoiu -ss'll -re iti'. -l ,hat --esne it tl e I eil sl si i stl ". ii duy as 'I'I new~rlto old tprm eto ilrht ntnu xMoins e nl a ll htlay lile hil'i c r.&ie.I h I bv e .r +i'olili th itfilsr e lll cri illilos-s hi s, 'i':l sc ll i elh eiiir. Ti 3i . "l'ites i oi hreni'ii iii s is rthte te ste r ise is r~i harp h~l.. the Ii'I'ejll+I ih.ll rli~lll in the .'lllli* .hll'O il.( I· ·I liv:tlIIII inl t lc~ ll Ih l'l.iln Thb, l'O Il1 h`~iwevr I' !Ii h :i' lnsd th i e llk ti r 'the' m tilIei t i v ul ill h . st uth ,. I - Ie lll'ri eI s lk Osssl r hi snit hiei vesii sill t lsirInei IlIh indu l er ill, t~1 + tr allh i r to~I llhw Iit sIin s ti ii h eiii e i i s i em t hn i m els' tllii Ifllhri lte hI lenti sit Ct si i ll r t sir stril ie rih, e i r oifth e i ti sI 'f roI e i l. NI o w eri . (I h, rle.r in hte It l l ls I lll rl lle o k I thle 'do i. 1 . 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C. /dt.orate of lrhr e11h .une, 1.17. \ the ,, 1.. stnf fir. \'ltlli l \V, w , m-n tln, fnlitl,,w - tl e l l hf , 't ., , lllllIt \\'e-I t rn tlli-lillll n t .,'it n. i htl, i, il t pee, l'" t l , nlllill 1 t , ll' l litLln mill oth .r t-ll(- ll u I tlt-lttttttltl e ttn tit"iu itt l , Ili- . \- (till ra illtelndlll-- ay lhe i t ti J i t,. .tendv. r tiriti lt hl:- vint b.en reluested by tli. Williams, thei oculi, i nw int tthit . it, to exal miit hi in ti 'l c lelgtutl tllt in vm ne t i u dia llt . I h • il e ,'h, < ll . .ml l lOli n g l lt h e lm I f iu lel t elle t r F -r e tl f •o n lACr l ,at , ti t -l se l htt ( t'l'l·i rta l fiPt Iitt ftl.rth ie ,i t revh at \Vahhtin tmedre itill lnjr \ilimti tetyt l't iw,, the p..numtie ist o tf the di ttm, rm the KinC ' of litm. ni litelitt, li c. as wl as tott l e frt in the i .ltignl itt , ie - sieP. ' n Francel. ell has llnumerou lts ,'ll IIn..uhr tnn e IntI ll tita ) I itt inli re itttllt it , t his lluttry, , t ' a iti din siut, him jat'val n the U niItld I"lým lr I IIi l l : - ces of great su ICess ill t:e lre1t+ll ti o fllll :e LI I tI L c'. I klett iutlllt i h of hetltlhel tti t tlit iu. tt l o his nare; ll t all I Lave sn et n m ty a l tth y nr an , q tstioatbly C ). T It' I'T. Il , C II I \111i I,&Ie., &. A Nushveille, Jne °1, 1It:t. and. Sintnce writing the tnove,ne of Dr. tie lin n.. patientsp hs canlld upon .I c,anlll , - le andd : tl, aln mnd .wally lhst Ile sight of one eve hor seventy tenor, , ut now the declares himself i ller llotl lstl ntigh nt, lnr lhe first time in his life thut he can renillcct, he conld dis tiant inuishntrth tdrtiv eolntithe prometa inethta - tllillritizntlwiltinh Ith Sy. Angtlntla fh itehell. I learn that Thi old genhtlemn lll tivet d ttany year in this rdgion,and says he has e ren, a ethodist duriu forty years. alO " .itl ntc,&. C.jeaier-ind inlt :NNF' MAI L WI 1 KEAN.A,&c. &r, A N E w M eA P O F l o U oS tI N A , ae it ht i tt c al a, r t ,dle and distances,from place to phlre, along the stage HECKS ON PH IILADELP IIIA-Frd nat Ity MITHELL' AP O H UITED S E t gita the dtse in les o oe plate aote I~~l (IS ,amp iltE INDLIAN'S i'ANAUEA. I, T.OR theoureorheunmntism,s5 r fulor kingsevil,gout, = ahiatica or hip gout, iniidentc.acer s,sltrheum, FM aiphiitic snoo mercuritl diseases, pastioultrly ulcers and poisflals. ecion ts of the bones, ulicrtedstltros t s.. - no 0 trilu, ulcrs of every desorilptin, fever sores, amlnd internal obsesses, tistulas, piles, scald head, scurvy, btles, ollro nie more ye€s,e |rsislps,ldtlss, aod everyorietyo'elo- oUt taneous alfcetios, chronic Cetarrb, head ache proceed- she ing from any acrid humor, pail ill the stomach nd dye Ipepsin proceetiieg fiom variacion, aibetion. of the liver, "ocis iniclmitio .n of the kidecy, acd genernl sehili ty este-stl hy atorpid action of th vesselsofthe skl. It is sitg.ilnrely olicjiocisinr vatnes toii t onstilltions loosh have iheesn teo-bess down oisy iosdliouiois recetment, ti jvenilu irrceguolaritiesl. In general terms, it is reom "isenseill tsall those diseases .hich aliste from in mrises tsl of the blosd, or initiationl of tile hlunores, of wlhatcver ii natme or kind. Some of the ahove eomplaitls may reqhire some tri- illi iing'asistant aplidationis, sihieh tsleicirnmstances of the tie ease sill dictact; hut for a genersc remedy or Pr'liect.c r to rellotvlcohec asse, tile INDIAN'S PANACEA will Isi generdly be fisnd suliicient. oh TO "1THI PULI. 1O HIow tre it is, thatI modern Physicines, mi their am bitios to exceli in teir irofeolsion; expo rie the vast fclds i iofsciene hv the i oilchleistri., ansid seek ont new re- vis imedial agents; ill sholt, to arrive ait loerf'ction in the of a lactice oi means of art alone,--entirely oserlook and C ne-igelect,as bhcnelaththel rneer, therill antd bounteous ti rtores ofnmedicine, which the Ahtsightly has oanosel to th sprilg out of the earth ill every clime! Alll how mueh i mole trsueisittilat while the Am-riien Phlstriss looks 1) to f'oreign cooletries for many of Ils iost icnilollo and lecessary ao'ticies, perpetually chlgieg os tIhey are at thle dlictates ofisio ols ortlsily-, be is surreovundd in hIis own country with tol esndlessp.rofnoinls of medis l o hss, ibi slliciellt ts answer anty itslicatii n ii l lisielse or to elnre any clahbl~ isordreltadyet he is ignra t fiigs hesi ir vir- ti tues, and theiy are souflferedto swastthiiheislini on the Ii lThe ciects of vegetable medlicines upon the system are I temporary-thoe of miners Isting. The formor exC1 err lthlir elffectsauld pass off--the |ltIter, mecutrlIy in n tisel ,r, act chemietally nssosl the solids, decomposing ts lhe h s!vtivlll llnrlliinsig the eonstitstion hyn slow sThe snsenilliity, flicinecy med SAFET'Y of vegeta hIle sllllessiis lv-er l-silsrs.l, lls'y he estinmtted iv eontrast int- the sancient Insaelti-e with tile mnolernei; or, too ring ii more immeditely nssser our cnsc ohssrvnsion, sth- tvsl an praeticie with that of the whites. Who, it America, as not known or he-rd of repeated instances wherein some decerpid, nll iretendinqg fimnle Indinl, by menlsof Sher sire le rlcleas islonle, has afIIHOCted thle IosIt t.!ljlh| cul atosisisinb o, llrese, afrtee he 3Hteiei letiia o-- f itle sebmmn lraetiee. l directed in thie most skillnl nmnnse-r, has Fotiled And who siv not s been srlsls'is ,d list tle eornl pratie cse sand fioility with whicih ti n lsli test lhit - svelf irom any disecsee, :ssd tlt the alnost tiot nhstinnsee t ochtbonic disesee among themsl W.o haI es s heiardI ot an Indian ailth a constitntion hrokn lind rsicnled by ill treitmentt A:tl Cas a dolt exist thati this tIapp~ ex emntins of the savag- e feom nmost of thie ills which tihe flcm rlflrlnll s~ Inis cisieliy owing toi nesse letia issis-stlidssfermeiieso hisvl hie ess,lsyisss tisThis astoisish insdsiflserlstlce itn suces, is a tircsxempiilete ation-s of tiles infillte su iot-sity Of tihss siloise sind stte tniis o| cares , hlieh God~ Ires creatcd for the henefit of his children, oves silnsos hicsi tvie prisie iandii the itl o man Insse itn ls- -ssss sisons ssesshiesee nmons a t 'ortion of'the horligin lsin svbihatsof thiiscosnstey. e:etn intsis te s e inin tinco withthe s thodsof c vi seve of itheir-most s iCcesslll vroletitionelr, the lsosirietsr ol 'iThe cnitss P" .e.snc:,'vetisreiis knloweltge os f solsee oi thie mostl * Issvs -vii -sIIi -IT'site res-ssmedsies. 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T his s s not ot/ll u d a 1, a t oS t o! r dlll5l5i5 tll , hL I lati S.t elrc, l slllebe e,,,lity d ith: m. y o}tht'r's now I i u *1 htus l i,: ii onewhichisct-iP alescftsavinglio ss in tis" sixtricmesesol shihal sshtieinuis lsicedieslti ll. This t ihas done r cpesttidli; and this iisothe re uti-tion itihasob S iCei whvitirevor iiiII has been intsviueie iii. I It isonhihout thre yea'ssincethislpa'eiiidsin wasI S·eetsIctd l. o the piblici het i ll that sih.t space Of t -e, smc udt'ul.of per,.ons belIundl wlho wouhl a so clem l declhu'e that theyv holiered thatt theh. lives w ere Isa\ted hi, it, and in imostcacei.''.mlerL- they had tried mTany iand i , nii v the comninvrvmediesvin viin , W her-s eve lit is knbownit is rapldl econi.s ito usie, and -his afflordsthemtostautbstanxtudan~ed conilncilg isron of iti " l'e valhler f lllrh Pilaln n i Inost cnplenjioul. in those I is. s ni i s-i s -s' I s hili tii sti- . s . lvi ctio..ns I h \ }lcll ihlh e iclld :illdni a h r ...,,di,:s, snd parti culldarly I th4,s,' · :I··'tl t~ l 'tr nlerr ull" h s Ibeen so I, i !y iI.tse 15 h, C:u , (distess.b; p la- s'i n the. btI)o1 s, ide is-ervsl Ii ttiosss lesnt otlthe disis, ive ii rgl . "l'l r·r u it s,lnq ath: tcl I.el a ttc, hei pl :.11 I:zS. ilt cntire-I :I., e ',.dii.,;lca Iv, e - s-s e- s i ,i " ns-ri.s;i's , r' e:o tcll . vbi,.li llltism ilc d In :ale th : s e I: t ronl nt ;i t ;· I 'h il ·1 I lllli Ctl ql~l trodl·l.l: in I lh' l:lt|I ,[ F.l~liC tllllOt,.ila is -ith c i t ir' -i iii i si- i i sissies sit vmu I i i io i i - ii. sItItr ini - 'r i It. U .i- I~iji dl~ .2 ,tl, i~l·l I[(t, I, t, I¢, ,i i ,.ll! .Ilt~t. linrrr l l vtl: i u, i '. d lrisase, n hr e sl W ( 0 i't h IIs -ss-isr.tit Ii. II [,I:I;, ]. ! 1t;%t ·h h ll·,:; · tlll 'it:l i II,' I lllll'. t}l· I ', (·lIIII . .I(· - l y s· ll . T" i ,i ne i liet.I .tb Ii lilti c nl' ','sid ll . n lilss IIr,' I si t I'I naco~take in a analls (I Is-i- -s I, .ul rp o ,e, .i ..n - Im u 'c ,. le ss U l ii ,i t :. l e x p e le , nitit ll The] •'-sll -win c ils --- l ll-ltll, 'i ll h ui'. ]l r siI It i lne hiinch m.ihtb:, pl'a rotwiedi , ii e Ci ii snho , td.o r i ' I i-n it-icise h v i '.h aon flu i in "is v] n - iss lll hl fllo I,. : its0 ,d s- i iii. s-i n iSl : -i ' l l -i tsrh*1I.lh,, iess iisisivt -stll1iocl~l,~i lt i s-'hec v. ive so.,, , te v. 15, snt, si -sal't ill s its n es- l ii e ,i hm I II silse li-it s IiltsIII ii ll si niw 5e h, mul,:tkl, ill ss lls Css ios l IIdin rI a iiicol ist it' GAS55 sits- i-Fs viis.seis ii|ii i ts,] to visit~ ltes ]a{'-isisti-t ssini-i - srltg i it itsse sfsicisv', seta sll. htsi ht-lsi- 1fsitu iidian'sis.aca eso rileIi:I~l[.:L halt, llll [ un-- - - - - - - -cllnlldist-io S .1011oIN Fii(RISON, Kil, st. I wats , 'ed -A i lut three t \ ar. Sin."e, M ith a disttltesing 'l\rlno:,t,.u ye:lT . ,lI lit ~ I l 0 ;n;; 1 ' s {veIt re co.l it, while ulll r 1 h:t iuin'll , nc ' ne, ,rcurn, .m:d which has disblehd ºi .i'.o, hltli,5ll. . · :lrIi'l rI . sincell+ DoCrim,1 this atteii.i moe h , n a t hly i t h" . it rhi Iospitd, hi this ci. nli 'l(r , il r mllll. : I lt i l, 1 um -I il~ the same length t l tilt n the lll I I.I:li I! Ilopil', satri bied ahmml ever r 11i at that timi e seteel% ableto move ahout upon crtch. es, I coa nns enced t .he use of l' dini 's li t i twi l. I o:, ronnhll I linuud loyselfelntir, l, lived frot plnm , :o. ,; no I happy to state that I derl11 my If pls lll: pe . f:; 3lI . T I 0581, I.. tl lbw:L , , CAL:S OF SCIIio1J'I.0 I'S I.'I iCIII·C N tte Yotti, S11 ila . 1.. This miaII certify that in the Ihtl of 1t .., iii ".I , l with ia sw 'lli nglin " t y IIli . e i c o i l tinct, whicn l t it ti . eitla,' ildlerate. l t becamil e Iiui'h. , h;li tll) uilc lrs i ln ily neckli . \A ll lil'l llcr e iog 5Vtltrl .it 0i i it'"llt iit la'e tlt elei win' hitlltiltlalallclc till ii hi e d nl)C f i li e IIlll'[li lIri. Ph t ti ilnal lletci, l miit.iit lii . atic d rL livateoi t no mtetlicl , I was pioonuncel attae'ly icurathle. A er. lwards l R lokt Cent tllttll.sofll. aimi'sI Panace nd llllll t - ! tli 's ol f 'otter'lC.tlholic'i , with nio t ellrl I.t benl fli i)+. p i i.g of lit, wh tilck ii now beoL I ll b Lh':h .cl 1 tatm', 1 rttmtned t ny pcreOi t t i etw .a . k, 1 i I , a-t ie insi.e llli t it linge'I g dieath. i earin of tith "rat sucess of ~he ladi"'act! Ithuee, idweter, in caste sinil: r to l y od n, I iv peu'llle.l to rt it, as u last i-. sort. To ny G'reat srrias, ais well as tiot soom lundi m li'')fel tfla id/ly ieet ,ov. ,' and utly i taki ti se n blill ths, the nll ad I el i ne phlll erlfecltli Arell in It., coarse oft'two lmtoths, and have remahled t, l·r I..ilnce . I m Ilke tlis titimnli aiindl \lshiih ublished n,.r fi h, it nf lthi, e r r . ina' sIll tin . tnoder similar ti l i t , s oru " s\ phbilhic l!e tiion, thati theI y i vra know l:ti :I m c rIrlied one who ii u at iltItI- etil y ti ing biut it:ek, ..ou tia i ti itconi idtts !is liye sa ted iy th te diet-e. CI telntdaySTiN. Iatc , I I431. I witen. ftiictrti, for. yt:als with uen iner i the iln, omi Icr i It n, i ly m ()l-e mo nied , 'I .'ilh cr 'sip amlo S il atiol .it l \ 'I.'.iVt' llv i i hl hti the h I mol ma te JoIhllnt. Seve rl loio, of 1 1 i 1 i t excrltd thehtskill titan it, ha)ltl wi otin 11 o Iti t t biet deliielilt In this c tlase tie lbo lel; e \in Ii cii T tie t dvA iE T, 1ilt Markethe Iorsleteh IllNRY liONNt All, l , ditggist, aien 1 1rtll! stnt.khlai fx , inay o Ie ny i tie hertlv n-t t_. ts of Itie ataltioe a o t le b nle. of i t'1.h 1 I t"+ .at fnil' Ifth ill- t. tiheeall II~itat nu |he tn oi i t. tl-0l" v t- t lla i f dollar c' Illr,, V l a orfle ts Jsid tockholerI are a, lr w d r 1,6l " l at r nentI Illo . tw ! ,r hrtIo of thi rh ard uea on t fh. I r' h, o . r , mh, oi ' t IR I I . etc"'khers , . ,-p I; 1I6+, oh par share alpl6 STA'T'E OF LOUIISIANA.-Parish Court for the JU| Parish and City of New Orleans. T IE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom those Presents shall come, Greetin:-Whereas, f hsres Hones hoving purchased at asle oladeto by the Sheriffof tof e roalit of Orleoes tire properry ore boreittahter described, tas applisel to the clerk o" tlAalh ulrt, in whosa oie tile diledol sale was recorded on r he 2d day of April, A. I). 1838, for a monitiot or onler- lit isementinconformityo to an et of the legislature of the g btate of Louiiaoao, eotiilled.'Aa IItt for the fasrther assu- n mnee of tiles to prl:lasro atojutdicil sales;"'appro id the 10th day ol' orhlh, 1834. NOW, Ilerefore, know vre eand all perman intearsled herein, are hereby eied aood odonatisoh.d In tile nate of tt tile State of Lesriaiono, ond of the Parish Ceuttl, lwho coan set up ny right, title of claim in and to i tleproperty horeiinfterdesrrihed,icoan nsequenese vef invlarnlity in tite onler, decree or iltdg,,,ert of the e olrt tnder wohi:h the sale tah rndeor an irregulnorily oren illrgality in rthe pproiments ond aderti~omers, in o d tine, oroannr of sale, or fosr ny o'rr tfeet wu sna- In Aver;to slow coanse, within tlirty dns ifrom the oy this FA iouniltiotn is firast iserel in the tltli paopersr thyo I troe nsal so mTao houild not be contirted ottd oand ev log:ated. hi Ito' said d trclertv avs .oIl bY the aSrif of the panr ih afore sid ou th ls I hhdy . AprilA. D. 1M:a1y b, y virtoe fa drecree of tlief Court, rendered on the 5111 daoy of Fehuiri, A. r. 1s38,in le e itl oitlel Alcxnoder or Cnollwoll .e. Jrates cnlcr, No n0,37 of Ite dckettn of Ia tlio Coltr, st woiiC ptaiti ethoie iid Jaos lanierle hea lt the prehisto pi r hfoe rt r tice o twenty onte 1lusn dnollitro. I)ecription of Proert ns fiveon in tihe Judieial Cono F vevuec rig: ol A ertaoit lot of uriln itoie:Ied in te s PbosUrb An ul ttrtii'tinn 'dice Laonrie of tlhii city, ill oltrtro No i, ii pot htatinog I'rcol n srtolte, i ltl fprort il li-otpr iltulte ltrcct,ll0 li ,o t 'iorton o o in Ollgers street, and i lit feet on itroie loi .ae:.t slret, it smuch acor nlnter that uidl lat enl't lned is 1on feet i ge froml one ride Oe rh oqite nsto ile titheri incilIher onitl a dwelling rouse fosntint gostl'clToutlitllhoo ottloct, tie kitchen oiiil tic peodenics, nlso tie dlistillery ecshieli nqultt t erected rhereon and otitor hIuittliogo anrti itoprovements, the noehinerv, utenoils, implettlenls r lan fixtures heiclngie g to said diiillerv its dtee ieunoire and n ppmitnaocoenm, It tle rthoe rigl.,ie&tiouoandn privileges thertoi belonogitl a I or il mny wio Iaplrtoniltitrtg. leri's Offioe, Noe Orlens, nay 7. 1838. I mllotLJo:&l J. 0llrit, I)'%pole ty r flchrk ErAit IE de I¼,UlltlIANtE~-Uorer de Parn]oloto prt Inlao paneroisse l sill tie In N arvelle Olelens. T 'I'AIATD I)E . t.lU1SIAU na.onE. to rs co xil eIP pr{ictit rc(itoontint. Sttlut: Attctlth tlejio Jleit l i.ra.ylloe ottihitnt, e vets s filte par le Sleif I' e lt a d;i t.:il 1i (;ro11 tc rite l ntir otuI lit dil e entrs hfit I ,C.i."ss e t " n h lorl -tilcn* lie mac l ie Inlluse s18i , instalr i~t II.' ;Irqi cn~ll,; ·iO lleII.1( i Intiolo ol ir In L L g is nlur te eIn l,:It (: hI: I,~ltl'ialllO. inllltlll[, I Acrle loui eotfirmer tnt Si tino~e Ihs .nplllplrtlln, aix ven tes jdieilalres;" pprouv6 Ie t Maprt n18'. tq' ilsoiteornn, ct Ionues penrsonnes atintr os.eon t.r rtes l'tettor 'teso iime at nora de i' SEt doe Ina Loiie et o le o t Conur de Paroisc, i'qi potrlret aevilo drlcit i n propriln e ei-septr s r' eonseqrtuentce d'nut ili'flut rie foerse laine l'orlt, Cle ilercet ot le jjugetnoentiate conl Aoe'rerlu PltocIal ca uterlo rie idte, on te retu i il golaiti tuo t Silltitit a lan c ottiatioinlanit ou tle temtts t le Ii tote I Tde I vnl eu nle mitoIIt nle notiie lulelnoqate; tlie fire onri en icnte j olns ta ii ,tic to jlrtitis the iteritie nis, pouriuoi oi vt ititu ansi nobiitetesoi plleootliiontI t hlotoologo(.e' It th printc fit vcnue r leherift srlsei iti lrho arnto lctatorz of'l fourntr d'ari denIlanemno long8 al vrt hi;ln 'Iriect Ie crie c'iiir lo 5 tie I'ovri,'r de I'annoc 18:10, Iitdien I'ntire l'rlleisonirI (: llwell, t conre Jamis Inrystep, to IIk,:1E7 tlocket die eries nd alt onquelce vI riloe le i oli it'et Joll ten s e rouii aqiilt1ir oir Ic prix (Ii $0'.1 {}. iDesoriiltioo drelii P'opricilod'aprPi'o totmofrarJuldioIore, on orrtain 1,I t le trre onilll" oit afh onrg" de l'Aonnon I rialon mralh lo t octrts, d i tlraes I'ih, N' 5, I lelit lot!e tialr oviitit Lncolrne fr thivilte ]sloixnte SlEttlc it'!' itee o rn ile 'T'honlllatiirlltar, troilecot Istiilo df lace di hie rIle i .=L'r·ii elsli.llfe pieds deo files P' h.1 faead,'deII la rut IIu ?,la1c(.14 deS(.*t(' ( ue le III (li ot t l ti licanr i i di wlni' t ar llr , tllli, ot I'tilt h c i ].il l'P I elh trl iTio e li P Illlli til onllll (ii In at ra e r nTuho. shoul, d h e ke pt i n, el rqsit. 1ndnl.e.,it l e ic i is folitolb thii'ri 'ronitr io tl'e la~litil!eric ellI~fl'lliP ..,]11 11 (· dlit li.I ,ioiiil.t iillii no oll.'e lpp5llrlc Cso t I vers doit' , antiu 0 t0 riiligc y IIIIIn, I t I II ' IIe. lon lril rI, hi Gn Nreiiolle flnnIit, Ic m1i I 'It tnllhed j: prewn J. I ln l lthr n )i llnl (;rTIo rI sui lth, 1hulue 3e wtht tihIepu. Thaiey I. Royal ColtreeR ott I'leos ass', Lrttrltett. IcE ttl nrial rgetish. lit' Ito.etnch tletnid M i t ni tnel wtarst' I iV Glisoin,t Ea. i lnlcri ut Sthe Icoi Cnll ego,: IOit S,'gellni , L oentiatle 'f Apollhe , carny,'s o luao, lFholwl ol I1lI WtlrLt tSociet, SllrgOell racy1 Asliton 'iov, AVro ptn I . u ito the l.aeov: r iilc 'i(gn Asoei:ul ti',i e it CaiTo h Plae. n 'eralAgnt ad(, aswee h ned cipet isai of ;n' IC iThis t :tlll:lult el'diri'nu,, tie nrttll of ttsenet nears' 1t nd his hh 1:tl10e w hmr (1a01 lhc00 tlt ,rihl), ):h 'tie t o tlle Ih Ameiian tI.olit t a lrlh,:rSt p r / .I~lnlli.R ill 11111 11111~~ion 110 iii 1101110 1111 I ~~l blncla o aw11) Iie 1: l 11kr Ill i· s ollt I 0lllol I(11 il t Ii ( mn Ag etin l "i fSt;) Ir) a. the Iti ii hou i as pa I r'lifi Si ii."l'y O $ i{.|1 l~l, r l Lo c ick 1P :I1 III {'v ItJf all ll ls t-i !· o.j.I bul~l II i isr rlOtla l Ii 01 'lltt,' Ill Jlic h Ih ,lilflt -c t. 1.11 liuii:it 11 L:.i(.ll' t11111 t ili lllpl·. i e lh m,1 1lll . ill"lielii o o 7,- I AuI~iuulI)II T lu ltti.! i lilt I It 'A tuul. 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Yo'ths' :u ;e size huis of diilerenl qualities; do chiihiren's. laa's andall 'lly's laltlld d'rab wool hiats of vau'iols slu pes, wiah general assortamtelt of boys' and maen's sat caps. 1 I as assnrtl'nt will be replenishlrll Ilythe atrrial of earhpl.cketstrolra thenove an.ledcliiies, all of which Sat illba sold oil ncecolr ndarliilg term. anlg I--t' ,1xj IaN' 'IAI 1I ;'Sa B.A. l. FOI 'I'll/H. T1PITH. S Tlllle l tab tlishe re ilil na l rti edrlv olfll inlll l srillive o i' I,' ahlh has inllucedj'lhe l l-o rir r r ll'br it Ito the publllllic. Arra ai,'laon 2'ts hiv I heeln l m .idi. tlo st neets inl all the prinilnl ratie and Iml u o il trl, nlild wilta s, so Is to piLI , it ithi l a le th toslfll)bi'i anll like 2 ly to sallfer lhis Lle lhar..s.oag of ill aThllt'., 'Tura, -h;rljh . Wl\h.a jpplier'l ,.errdig to directionr given on bottlle, it r i, s never fjiled to amaoid inedialle anld lanea t re!ijf. It ala. arrests the derny a leeetiv tthdrr a d reliln thait .ineness h. ih a frequeull renders a tron tooth useless The a ppill irnt2 ana rem2edv are .iamlre, . innocllt, all not uaplel.utL; sad the lare, numLb.r olf tpersons in different sections io th arounltrv, that love llr, aall, exaperienced r ltch delialltfal · olll.t, ibo a (- ue Ilfthte IlIalmI, rie readyL to bear (r trhe plublic t, 1ol their testillmorv lto its I a rivalled tlaillltes. I i an Inldian remierlv, obtained sgllanglrly anid Inrxplsr 'dly, and la il e raa.rled bI tlhe civilizll w Id 1as the valuable dicoverrv redtiill"h of the woods. a !'ice a l $2 i baaill. Sold by J.\R\VIS & ANIDRII\WS, aar 5 al r a alllll l n I', ao,_ l ll s -l.s IN EB 1' l K() Sktrta h lrook, olthe S.rviaia Atla'l a.I a-lIahore. Wih chlaracteristic reniti-llill ce, fragitnmlts aIl opinions. By the autlhor of 'ltoes nla Ta Ir,&.. "second series, in 2 vols. IIaaja, of tlha I Iaotar oa C'aanaanoaa, fl'ainl haal'.'r 12l1)a to ilae closae ol 1833. lallhiing Ita'a.a nal akrethes .f hllr aaalinr aalllebrna--lhe ' alne of il plr y,j.l.atrajived aal fral rsle ly \V '3KElrAN, SRO.II\ 11W.II., ni Iistori aIl Novel, bI the autllor of l J "'The Inll'.ers," .i. in vols. II'opl'ar \lreicilne, or I'lajittj; ca2rnaaiaina ol IOualila.. at Aaaatly, I'hyaiohlgy, atila IIjgiene, withl s tick lin's o. tihle .l.r.lie. ' rf Phys'Il, SuIrgery a', the diseases of wolmen ard childrenl, as may prove useful in it fililies whenl rn'glar physicians cannot tIe procured: a of mnala!mlc'aorij., plantations,aa la boardillg school.', n leads of filrlin~, lilaser llro vessels, tollssiurnraes, or it travellerr; uai a uefull sketch Ia r a yo.lag mlrllellmllaen'. Sing aloe stdvo m.elin'. liv ltaoyall (Coatre, I. It. 1- 'eter I'Prlev' Unllivernllt lisinorav trhe bases aof Gr aeography, f the I. of famlilies, illatratelld by man and engravinga, in vtola S Just received and for aale lby WV erKE. N, ma) ..aur ltatnp lana Colmalr5ll . OTICE.-l'ha ewner oraasvaral jakagas alerrhtan N dio marked lIladme V. Artiquenenve. lar lship ro froto, i Now Yuork, is hrely nt.fil that hey hba b. rad by STETSON, AVERY & CO. aaaigwsisa "GOttots' JUSTPUBLISIIEDROMA STEREO'ITP PLATES, The Fith Efditinno f IO.OWLErT'O TABLES OF INfEltbWT: - O which isE a d d SA e Cwleula- n Stot, or adsy methods fr filnino the average ie e Son storage, notes of hacod or bills of goods, hlee u- bit s chased at diffirent datcs, ot differet oretits, and of various amotott; hesilesuseful at enomplete Ibalenkil ng t Time Ta'tle, the best that can be comrived. at that fi lres coan pr dnee within thie same condesend comlatass, - antdsize oeltype. d A aI oertisement in thehook is in nearly thie follow i distinction this work its ieects-d thttougtt he te istive sets prefixed to the title rage, is a re cioa too int itstelfs so untommon,, and so eoclu osie. tits nothing is ceessalt more thaos by na t of ad vertisement to given ctonlt-ised ifew ofi some oflts p- lot eldiaitiesia s ferilsnaesce, thie Intsest has been eomp os ed fam,nd Eo)tmpsretc d witllswht is eqwh ivlenttno fo- til to- teens elsefeiculosiotione, exomisedii tsie ptesstlhioty- Ccl lfie titttes, oonl 5aeiited rntm rtrseolltye pletsteoti-tt Rat ithirytyl-one tiemes, fRin iall hiob it mtts be eoidett W eves so the shelatic (os ehoiollenn the pr ~aeonl oileher e pe htriinisienafiastie snrofoc)tltitt titooe lRk ttoliiot-I,e l~ii- Rhi mesiteticlly itfuliilte, on it eofirmflatlioa of this hitlibfa Fre by pretmim ofi two itunolret oand fitr dollars, is now offer- IV So r ihe detoctilon of als error ofa cent ill tile pleseet e or lifth editiot, as extrussedl in tte pretitce, makinitile Pit of lalge Ireai s ollferwi for the stame ctrnor siltce t itro st No 5apltlicatittt in tde year 10800. I Olne of thie most conspiconas tfesatttes o.fie tthles is inthe :rrangement of tile Time lod Aoiionts, whiciI No n fnr eaiediititns. roirenee onlperlspielitr, witihtoiehrt Icl of thse s ale ntd index, cannot he excelled; :lld thiI. salty LttV nl pole witlh whih tile in:eresl ca Ie I',ndttotl l e xt'lent of giLnerl Isiness, wilhont druhling . of smn t is heslidls :l eollnvertieice si essenttial, that ill t itn estlm od iof sn ome oi a le elt enompeteot atnd alctiear l btsi-t n ness nlen atI phlii oflie ers who hae IItle gatiil.ll IIe or lof thework, it lls teen dstitiguishcld hv t the hootablet n- IIprllttlitclfol'a "renbter lnition'.. Azi elllliOiitiig by soi the inallitbilitv of tile tethot tt composing the work, arod the eta iiaynme u i variety of the exarinatioosi i a d tests of eey ediiio it has paSseditt the ptlrts eotwithstalnding tite itole is in utg sterento Ie, cinonsiti-Rig, in shfts. Ito h tonitire tintte) bit sectred by the luoilc--Itttilo oetiis i ttt lolye, tile vIo lumthns ieenilaeihlup o mib emr- haticai' stleoti lost woia-Ttlfl hook in the .uslk;" lost ertil smiane name fig :ure work ofthe sllame extetat,el ic tince tie egini. o creation, has had the samtnto -t t hIr atlt variety tf tests ill the samet nlaitb:,r if leditors; no, nor oe hail'fthe ntomber, as is clearly shown in the t -i rcsildes, notets anllo standard, it ks bena tried -il- l prteed i nearti all tile bank si phillic liclc-s in the - rUnited States, and by tlheputslie generally, during the I' long period oftlirtt-five rears, yet no eror of ithe rl le culations has ever ben founad in print, althhongh eonttiu av ll) oehallelgcd~ hy thle olflerof very Ilare +rrl·umslll. toes The bitktin il ilsct elresnsly ndoptledl yv alltheeoenots l' oflaw cl several of the States as tile rate ot' c:llelntlatioll s forstatute iteest,"a also by law for bahk itrest, oBs tecoedingosthe bIoli is nsed, and asaony teseenin ns rt, 5y coe niotes oftte subsseeiihrsa, noso i li.w olf tlh sItt sualseqtlet iltclhasirs, inthie list attllheellld itll'lhl ibook, Sisin I oasefsnf every l-ots if citizauis ill every tI(uar ale tOfitte ilititti Stllolen.Is. e It is moreover well tknown that, by its rearly cheek. it itl has so often detctetd large etrtrs,roIr ltg.i ft-tr they w, e mad'le, even bIy themost enarcial aod tnnot corntetetl al-ithmneticit: , 1t:n its sefillllesis, al the hbsolte inite n e- essitv for its ,r,, ihave ben extecnsiyely insistled torn, ' so evilentB, inCeeC, Iav Cbren its adlvaltages, aIlt its C :1, savillgs, that, severlrl etarosgog, lwhilst thie first edition C ns wasscarce, anl oult of prilt,a great IUltt)ler Of secolld lIe Ihanl copiies were songht fir, some to a gre t dli(tanee. I ior nd lltra)iicelUdl c triois plrices, as tIIhey colltl oce:l'sioll allre a o picked up ai t from lt10 to $O5 per copy, :llll sre, some persons hIt:e recesl.ty dclred, i irtlalntel euld he qurolted that they wt'uhl Ipav $30+, ltxt, andl j-MtI on- for en,, Ifllott to be litl for Itss, andlln inlllivililla , illt tcle ltter instclllle partiollrly, h Cig ot Iithe IiiI oe iiite rxhiiited iltisfactory plonf, t several tiro's proe S snt'Il that to hin it was really worth that mlonefOy laln S more thInloIgh the saving of his veor valoahle tilllo, lto he briitgito trich manioontl inttytlicoffice. io t iswlikwi-e "northlv of' notice, ind ioiilleti ll.-.r to n imyre,, th:t such is the nats.e of figie work bg-trilly tt and allrpeciilo.n whoi tc f tile xtet tandi itioiiilo:uiee oi these In ls, ihat h:ii this hiook or its lilke b. t, lt'-'cLtt rul- I ill the IIset lll ninellPr I toti, ho tho losli ti cilipetultI llcellattor in the world-, lall e af'ti t·l'9 ll intt d miost e allliolly under Ilisown corrlectin of Iroof u tttt it woiul, t lmot to a ctsi trilnti, haie bttnn tltl'l'iel1t, lo utr-l ec,iane it artt t a n priOt , as the t rewe darite lurl - e pla tt. , l it'- s a -terinct alel v nii a lu i oe tli - stetleoll titta)es of tlhis wat klhblllnl Ito tuhat tIo)l uir hthl n l, lilllth tir nIllmlerculs :a1111 textrao:ldll'ina'. ex ill))illnl r f ions ..gainst lrfe, IbrI the gelneral berna li, they~ are (he . he llvelrtiselnll) cIIonsutiy ket in a o lce tof specil F.tll: s it te o c e -lutig ecititits , cotitui l i.t Aer) lnl~ll~ifil 'ltl(i~lio t 1I~Iii tH·O I:,II~ lltlr..llhl .l', lllll 11t¢I .l~, les, t!I w l|(i· I pr{'fa a-it .h ll i:,in I. "~l· t '.rl .'jis ill tile li. .I ll~il.Oe:l~ill: tlli(llr jls l. till Inlr i ll-::jj~n s i l'erlla tin li -llll ig thi tot to lao ( i In; oI n .lll o 11t sivt inginer sis, wet +.} s :.f +lnce, kc. hr -Iti re-li It lltt t 't I ,ml l k thI-tt, I- dilll -ll -i tll ts s- uil-teriosiot ttbe ittno trtotogotiuin on sdclb n--i l· ii tti i itiiti h,.. i t 1t ti-it-to'''' h lsoexte.sit-,i - +i- patrnisdl it 11'a+ oI t i t so much - s pairl ic ,:e heo ...... of+ nei l ... , ," n , th ,ou ,a ..+,. .. . cili ersl iaw from oti-no bit3, -tillf 0e 1 - I 5+ th i tt : It o ih t tic l:' l Jd r i 't t is" tl titi+ I till. - it t .I1'I 1H~ l11 %:11 +11· 1 1 . '' l ~ l . l+t l; i.-i, , ,:t% iI 1 -, d i -t' i--.+, *h i it-ot- i-t-ra, e fi " , ----liii -Itl : Il~l~i- 1...1. \rW ill -a ent .0-ti+' i ttii- oI ti it- i tl t it "i tl ' r . nli~ -111:\ Iundor leb 1:h 1 lllU1. 11KL ' i.ii ott , lit-- i .It I 1 r i "t.tnt 1 ii tIt,,,t ! ,it til i tt-- r \\ \tti-- , . --h- .,+ 1, DOCTORi'Ea .185;~.:10525%@% it' -e c o.n.s[ l .u llllt coti .t yi t t bni i ei Iti-,l : I tll + s ; e H'o' ttlrlllll' \ tourer, r Ii . <itltilm uit i -{. I si. u i :i m 1 ttItaglnt, ol hIt Co-iit ' i+t. l.i, J 't r.', til [ v t.+ \.l y t- ot, te t i •~il. i t,~ , I lllli\.+" l I '..++ult,,l 1;11r.1,i'h'Htt at1I I,;. ,lh.,,, 11 +:I I1· ull -twarcl I ~~ illl , whll~iT·l( r.l I·? dil'llll IIial 'l') ju (,lalrn llnllhlllle -l-wI1) 1 , llns , . vr It1til7 l 0 t , ,)r , t, . Li l1' ill- tri11 'lll I " ii ' .ll· i i lil)<lll +. tll" d{'li C'I. o ,iII-,'l- ,'e..l als: ti rsonr~~itra nv h , i e"r nul c l tr. , morll. ligl uIllh l nitgt , at:Ir l Cuioi l " l1 : l t+ + % ati" h tri,,tly iionfii e tiail- ,n all1 -a Is. ;. '+ t I.x lhte 1 :tll+, h,3~ ~ ltt+l' ,'ll'tlt'"11 ()YI.f' & MAlY, Ilthus.,, and OI aoswia lainters, N Z Car.oadcle sItr.u, two doors , 'rlti , fIll.lliID. of .llt e ilisowiar woods Iand nll Wleil'i2, -,x ueated il a s lmaste) Ianner. w oot' t hiii n it1 lst.t . M\ahtogany., Egyptlin It ack anli golld, Oak, Gilla a:, Acico, Pollard do, O'ietlal or verd :atliqpc, Curled do, Jasper, cnurled Maple, Illod Stone, lirds Eye 'o, I)arbly (,;nate, Satin i. nd, i'tnt e, Ihair Wnod, I)oe lrI inrdello, tCor ult . o m llaock S:tluall: . l ItrlOletlla, Hioms Wood, Ameris.a Grey, Ash Whitte Oak, kc. k&. e. Cu(l, d El n, Speeilmnls to be seen at te shop. 'aints. sils, glass, cepal varniish, ke. ol h:nd aniltr sale. &.ON, ' WTAI. HIII.\VY (Oa)r,-- lat, sE(qur Sand hundl, iron, rell assorted. lnnp, selroll and rod iron, nail rods andl plngh mno~ulcls Cast, German, shear, blisters d, spring, sheet and C'owlev steel Hlollow ware, cut alnd wrought nails int spikes Zinll, blck till, mill and grind btotne, sall kettles (Chain cabls, anchors, hotb (hOx, Ing and trace chains, corn mills Anvtils, vices, Ulamersaa l beollows Wire, sheet, pig and bar lead; .al, andll ctkilng stores Ames, I(a alanl's and othel r spaels and sehovels Ihntok atadl plate Ilinges, door and willdow hooks Cellins, Ili ts, Shalrps, and other axes iur'd and Mlanilla cordage, lines and twine iolt tlat sleathing eoppel; Naval stores Paints, linseed ald slpela oil A till assortment to hardwlare anld ship t ealullely, always on halld, atld which ar offelred fir sale at wbhle atle or retail, on the most favoal-ae telrms, by neb LAYT'ON o Co. 53 i llt Levee. IIHAIROWGAT SPRINGS At atllttgttttv' r toluttVt Alnl. .,a. TIREE D1 YI JOURR' i' FR i0.1 A'El' ORLEANS. r litE proprietor of this establishment has thl plen sI re. of tltll ull titg fit his irietidsnI l Ills jlh blie in to'llll lh~l ht le will be in readineasby the flrit dnv of sav to receiver viailter. Ie will alo slsate fitr the 'h nell ollthose fat a ,li-taurel, that thera have becn harge ilnlprovlintts Inimde, and others now going on and g ,apid trttgress ftr tcolletion, awhich wiii enable tile sbn aom Iner to nunlnodl.te mit c a l rger nilnlumer tlIm her. ttlllte, lld ait tihe salmte imte imnLth better. lattnliin: cn Iut areclnmnmolateda itll good rooms, or thoe whoi preler can l have lnrge cabins detached froml lTSe mainiN bnuihling. It is eetetI unneea:srry se say anyiything in partien tar of the rlltnrttr el thlese waters, for it i generl'tly belired thaut iey are not inlfrier to alny in thie Sdatb era States. All the amusements that ase generally I.tntd at Watering lancos, will ie found at tllis. The Ibest music tat Ithis part of tht+ otyl affordt, hlns besengeaged, and will be in eonstant attendance ant ite Springs dering the whoule season. ' I l suboseibn b will avail himtseltlf this oppnrltunity in returning Ilis nlfeigsned thlaks for the very liberal snpport given him l sasot .a, and hopes hby thle exer tiotts that hsve ,bean tmtno in itnproviltg and exenrdling tihe aeolnlondatlions. to merit a lihueral pnallanlGnt tile present season. JNO RAIM. i .3 TO 1THE LAIIES. A TKINSON'S DEPII.LA'I'OILY, litt removiag su -1 perfnuls hair fronl Ithes face, neck ad arms, sitli .ucal safety and certainty, leaving ther skil finelr alld swhiter than before the applieatioe,. A fresh sIpplv jst reeeived os GUION'S, n I Exchnnssr Hotel, comel St Charles and Canantrn ,m 0 .o MAIL ARRANIGEMIEI'NT S I De Every Day at 12 tr .Nenrn .), Cts Eveny yat 104 A, M WVetera Mail, FriDy a y ,Sat y, Wedaesday an bFriay a, 1'. Nl. by .ay of the Closes every 3lo nday, Wednesds Coast, and Sntnlrda,' h 9, . I. erLdrMail De ca r.·;'l'ilednytis 'Thursday, an nI'ile ~d , at urd a), biy 5 ,P . A1. via Closes every Monday, Wedtinday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIYAI.,I)EPARTUIRE DISTANCE &c. of the Fxlpress Mail, Mlooill and Nevs York---lenvin Mllbile daily at '3 '. . Northwar New York daily at 5 P, .1 Seouthward. Arrives Arrive Norbllwsrd. Diistancs. 'Ti. Herttwl ' Maaogomiry, Alar. pron. 190 si's u 23 I sh s 'm, Ctoluthtlt, an. It, 81 931 3 Milledreville, O .. 133 14 21 Coluat.ida S.C. 7 nam. 163 174 10 Raleigh, N C. 54 915 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 05 f Perrsabuog,Va. 10 pe. 83 1aQ 9 Richmand, Va. I m. 21 6t Frederickslbrp, 8 I67 7 4.p Washington city, 24 pm. 61 64 , Baltimore, 64 38 4 Pltilodelplini, . 10 11 New York. 2 p. 9 I: 1305 143 h. or 5d 2'1 Northwnl. Comin Southwardnl, the tisme is six holYl less; lying5 dayois an 17 hours. 'TEN IOl.l.AIS I REWAILD. ) ANAWAY fr,,m, 169 C(earotudletl corner of Hle..l . streaotr on the night of 30th of Anugst, and wm* tei the n.ilt rmorning lr I'aylroo str'erl, a migre boj naAmed I'II.i l.:S, aiboet 17 years of y age, o n 5 fee or therenouts il briit, very black, annd lhs an itmped. inent in his speeoh,'ime of tin lags it sore, oreasioned by arerieut Ihurt;lhehlad on wllen be went iwaay a wllit. cotton or linen shirt ald white cotton Isantaomnn. Ilasters f vessels and steam boats are cautioned a gainst receiving orharltriog said negro, s well asm al other persons, as the almost rigour of thei law will he elforced agninat them. The above reworral will be psis for delivering him intoll ay of tile jails of eitilher othe municipalitiet, or at 169 Curoudelet, corner of.lievi __eet, slt N tl'lI -lThe coparltl'rshiill hieretolire rexisting nIdler Illho firm of Ilbois & Garretson, lias bsees dissolved. Th'l subscriber will liquidate the afltirs a the colncer in this city, and require. nill persons indab . ed to make oaynment to him only, andt all those having clitlai, os prelarntl the forsettleraitll. nalg 1-7t H (IARIIETSON W. W. SWAIN. No. 1Canal S1,eet Arrc Or(Aans I-I A tlw nYv s in n ll ;la s tc n , tly S rs:eivitt - Dr n. . I)ve, hlrmicraleld ,i'ntl:siairllrr; leoi ase allowniA: 1lU( UGS. DYES, Anlimntity, elrude, Argols, red, di regtlus, Anntlllto, Sport. Arsenic, elrlnle, Alttom, do riwderaid, lIrazillelte wool, llalsam eopnvia, Cochineal, llama, crdle, Colcprlls, American, do refined, Culli car Brimstonlle, crude, Fustie, TI'mpico, ldo roll, do Cubla, do flower, do N.aine, Ilirmuth, French berries, Castoroil, Indigo, Ilengal, Cream tartar, do Manilla, I Cantharides, do ..trlleeas, dant aloes, do C.,, tamnla, do Atdiia, l wngrood, (' areathy do aonato'tida, Ito St Dlomiag do lanoiacie, do J;nemaics, S do bellzilln, Canitad, I to eopal, rough, Madder, omlio, do do scralpedl, Nieturlgula, 1olnre, ldo do S Americr"r, do Coeo, I do alnlmphor, crlle tdo Slaerlcib tdo it rin. do Ilrlche. ilo umicenln, CCIl".MIICAI.S. do kine, Actid, nitrous, i do mastic, do mrillici dIo opilum, . Ill'ic, o senegal, llllotnl, p p, t do $sanih'c. .'arrosiv, subliatio ito Ivercltl, t .htloildeII lime, - lllllbg, ';som sills, - Juiper herriest, Americao,l.iunr mutsis, lr i,.itisin, REgli.l, Ilo ellr o:ilt, 1- do Americnil lied chlromite oltnh y Manta ike, Soi carpl Siar". 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I in,! !o/.i'.., enomim-ii. lhv ,llon C uninetham, I va A I 'o-.dious, listiry it , Iecy nnlcated orn thel .'ii , 1 I ilnhan, e1N i ' h 'ni c Irer , in I iel. fop SW,, No. 711 off lar +el'+nnh' ISJ. Librarv. Vola. :1 & dl 1of . new t11" 1 . t . lOlnp I " lllr tiItrn edition,. C llnln, · I,, IIi'i/t nc/z'ex Iite/irn . Ioe,"r'' k'runh ank t Ionh/inhi !irianry. in I val. :it, nrn c.nt', F vr. .r i ke l E euntliosh Dirli..erA. Alrol--A f 'ew lr .tpies kiy n (Ihe'ctiI oPhrenolnge "Rinllzi." ,llrv Snrvetr vr's l·ill ( lll oIfon.ritr qtn.. . niiim crhdin, I illiniIl RoI.s tlr.-, t"4 d It-2 irneher i;;;lt's itolpronted r na· l'cLs,JaPnt lpanpersn,weigltle .allt received, anld for aloei . foal ]IENJ. LEVY. SPAIN ItI:VISITEDI,&e. e S PAIN IuEVISI'rID, &e, Ile in thor of'Ayeas S in Slno n in' in2volt. li'rits erf Int rknrarter, ns ,r'rnerllr npplietnhl to the Alllornignle of Nirlh Aeitrica, biy .t Turner, Eeq t'he Polirirrl t;on.nar, of the United Stat,, ur a onollee view of thI helrt atuid lf lile generaT ciuR stHte Fleruitiils, wi Il thinlc.ati Il tineetl tlhe ,edicted tlllllllealllla I lieto ylg Ig n eof tei United. Sutt',, bi F'l) .IIs'Nn Celth, ERq . tim,,osG luc reinr 7'ours interupered withe)M ttemr itin anecdole, tlviugs ahel doings cf Esnorting inen, in eludigu noltic. oflthe Iriu'iill era'-k derti' ofE.llland uitlt:u nlyitcnl nolntetnud general i Ande of unnreaZ FOF THLE CUREi or A Scrfitla or King's Evil, Chroni Ithetlnmatismn, Clhroni Cutaneous Dis- Pains in the Bonr, by freet esoest, ta, of Mercury the lined ieing in vitte1 state. This very cOIntralted Syrti, is prepared witt the grentest pharilrnlaceutiilare tiii ie:ntcirn ,utled contain ile acntive principle, of Snrsulrilln inl tie ount colnerl atenr daee.Ie, icombined with other vegetable substaneo of known cllicoev. l'h ereet desileatenn wuith physicians in being ahl O exhibit a large qiyuatitli f iarsnparilla in a ema li., hl been oltained in this prerinein-t hey, beingo hilly cl,vinced of its meri i m eci lideutly administer the iours Y of hTeir pet-tioe. Price $1 54 per bttlte. Sild ouly at SWAIN IlR()'l'lll'S drlntg store, No,. I ]Canl street, whr tnay ie iidl, tresh unud genuine, dirce t fromi the lprerir tor, SwaKilll'n Plnca tnltd Vecrlllige, Poitter's Cit.tali can, Cn'rpelter't PreloFetions, tult a large and genera,. annorlUieui of fresh ldrugs, ad PINNI)CI('tS ROME,, Ar. p INNOCK'S IIPROVELD EDITION OF DR Goldrmiiti's Alridlgment of the Ilistorv of RI/no. t h, b hih is prefixed n lntreoldntioni to tte toldy o. .Orniu iiistnrl, nod a glrent vnriety ofvalnaile infoer mtiou udded 'tlhrteiiihollt thlle work, on tle M.nneirlla Instittions and AntAotqitis of thie IRomano; with nu mernus Iiorraphicl nand historicail Notes; andl qlle tions fir exohminintinl at thre etnd of each section. II lustntted with thierty norviingn noi wtol, by Athertem. lxienocx's Ihmprnoved Fditio of Dir Goldmninlth'a Hitory,; oftEngland, ifrom thie lnvasnion of Jilius Cesar to the, death nf George I2d, with a eletinuntion to the yea 1832. With questitns I r examination at tle rend o. each section. I esides n variety of vahlnale informs tion aldded throughlot the work. Conesisting of table olf Icontellllmnransy Sovereigns and emninont tpereona Copious explanutory notes. Reonrks on tihe pon ties, lloalllner andl literature of the aige. An teltines the Constititioin, &e.&. illnstrated by manly engr GuVS' Et.r'rsn o' ARTnRONOoMn, and an Aoridgmen of Keith's New Treatise oni the Use of Globes. New. Atierict n edition, it lih ndtilitios and ialtproveener nod tin extntitlo of ilth asiitronomlical part of the Au rican AlUinune. SJuetreceived and for ile le WMI MIKEAN now rneorler of Coiop nlld Colnon eet IAIIPEIUS CLASSICAL LIRII)ARY. I- OIlACE,lrunnlnlatd ly Phillii Francis, D) D, with 11 all apprendix, conutaining lrltlations of variousa les, &e. by lien Janson, Cowley, liltln, Dryden Pope Adidison, Swift Clhtterton, GA Wakefield, Po.Lrt iryan, &c. and some1 of the marenlhineut pets of th dov--ntd PHEDIRUS, with the appendix ol (udius trenele ted by UCihristopher Saort, in evoie firnien vulumeae IS nld 1 ful'"lnrper' Claseieal Librare Tl'hu Expeditioa of HUMPIRY CLINKER, hl Siolltt, 11 D, with a memoir ful'tlie Author, by Thet. us Rosene, Esq., new edition, witl illutratione by Ge Cintikhhaotk TIlE ]PSY; a 'rTle, bv then author of Rihbelim iMary oil! urguetdy," &e.,e nw editioun, 2 ale tu.tple s PAUL 1LIFFOtD;by the nuther at "Pnlir.. Thle I)it r d, S&e, betil volume Vl otk tonew nuf"Eit are Complew Vrke. Juetreceived s sale i 1 WM MOKIAIN TIACON SIDES-36 cask, :ineeinnati etu4 hB lli ftn tle sltenllmhnboat Ehtho, and fier gates IS.NEKC d llAW?

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