Newspaper of True American, October 27, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 27, 1838 Page 4
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r s +tn.Ttiee d dtht o ih~t gane. ! , 11y t 'lt ,.t13 d 'to bi.eioeldata them at .l!;M3l hopes frme. her 0 ,, f eO mitt visitors comfortable, t. teiivew forme favors. Sho-foels con. Stvisiting nvinlgton during the t cannnt find better neenmmddations ihe cn afford them, on morelibhral terms. 1 h laaitty eitnated, andl'oll sapplied ri .i iV5oiaitience; the bar is furnished with t oa liquors, &e. in short,ahe promises tat g hall b:: wanting on her part to give tton to tal who may patronize the and Lmuisiana Hotal. j,,3 I [1~ PUBLIOC.-The ls lerigned. having S 'etaihediadcnder Dr. Sctmidt ofa Charlretou, tLhGCa*lina ei1 for snrno years his assistant in Shi ptyir o of'tnilicine and surgery, has the honor Sl=6 ifa, fhi = irofefsifinl nervices in this city. I he it h.;tlae-1sl an gnmatlsmen thart the moat at ttiaotn-r " ei pidt to ihe calls whimh n' bo madem and also oilbre his services to the o.laves, belng well acquainted with the aommon tnthtotn, having attended them in Iltma.e itno iarlfaton. me anttl.bilinos pills a ter the composition 'P-triear Smollette. with directions, can be had a. idqarsinind. The effect which they have ien th and othIr cities, ihas been attended ithl .antest scec mes.. to which the twat of dafereneos can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maqta. sin t. JNO. lI'LORING. S1 T l woolTO) SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &e. -. 1iT. E HOWELL WIORKS COMPANY, No. -.:38 Water, near D;oelman street, New York, Iav rnreceived the past season, and are eor.stantly raceivitog large and extonlive additions to the stock of thveabove goods, which now consists of the allowingaeosnmtmunl, auitable for the southern and eomt.te;ita rkelts. .allaiwno of superior qualily, consisting of bheuiL.JSfl tens, viz, Pats ofl 2 diffrrcnt s:z :, from 1:8 to 30 gallons, lettles, 15 sizes, froim 3:8 to 30 gillons, Kettles, 15 sizes, firol 3:8 to 18 gallons, Blmkep.sre or Ovens, 7 ddllfercutize, 'Toe Kettleo, ii i do S killate, -' 5 do , Itit Spiders . 1 do Covered Spider', 2 do Oriddlee, . - 4 do ` isr Dons, 6 de S ag"a.Lhoxes from 1 1 to 4 3 4 inches. I.rt ha.. 5 to 7 iuhies. 'rod reworaws, 20,000 gross, iron andi brass, from i: inchl, No. 3 t ;3:3 inch, N,, 24 of a .upcrit r qu:lityheud filisl, and less than Jane's imported, assortad, in cak, of about 500 libs fr STilors and lha!ttr' hIron, as.orted. Salshei'ig ts, 1110 tune, a.sort'd from 1 .1 4 to 20ths ., Belle for Pl-mtatio s, st,,ambuts, chur! hes, &c. I mInadeo tio ridr, Also stteamatmaet and other machinery nmde to ordu.r. The al ove aenortunent of goods is particelarly recomrioded to to .le attlitoel of uSoLrill mnlld Western murchanls, and are oInlred for sale at low prices, and upon the most libor.l terlm ; it is he. lieved to be thel largest and best assortment ever offleed for sale by any .e orltablislment iln tihe United States. Malrchants, by, fl.rwarndien a ruquoest by mail. can Ililsv a print d circular, with description of ellleods, prices antd torne, fromrl wlie no deviation is ever m nlade, firnished by retlurne of mail. All orders will receive iammediato attention. Now York, 1838. jr3 --EI'N SYRUIIP & Pll'liC;LI-Undrl oorEd' .r ilo mu rumlp and l'itile, ueirle ted sizes; u lll o, b hox, naofLen in&l li. I l'i ikle; fi riien lome II i l l li . u(or nllti an l 'l h upitoull a i ii. '--ti bli bxe i i'i I i iii ,, ii l'lCl tI~ cs (uldi, for alte by IfSA io bI:LHII;: , (i ,l1I u Nll .I;I r ll a zli -e satrn,.,. 'I'll T.' I 4 (ýN~smn dC)Nf liu0 oulo noa - o slii a' bei-li "10ia , li ('ib cle at d tlieiti Uien't. J ' dirt do a in lutee, t ia ba b, Lil11t LIS & CO(Il'ElR lnl+5 .I st T ,. _ , hl 1l rolli el4 uulld nl 1':,pars, nlt. ll l g ns i S IAVIIl)Y I"LLTI & liiO. ei l N " Stali ,,iui ' i l all, -i (lt iitirs A. .1 .b es Go3 t oliie et'h i31-le iii , I li'; ,,11 ido a1 do 1, I' Pueti , 1 ;li; - li ' tit .()(: ENI", fllllllWN i.: "Il uulld tiudi.ig neatly exicitcd, iit i-mrt uiier,1 |i" ISAAC 1BI[)(;E & ('&). - nl . . . . . . . . 1_I d ,, ,ziae lru t. A f.rWtwo orv birick Iollns', sitllated 5 di r i from the dre:,md Mtmici uli(·il e:¢ dli(,+d(t'her els .steet. ltrut iarv loe, poavnceiuu given :niilneiditiilV ILteJR--BSi0 bblse f Ilt"iul,.ter raln Iby e(l0 Id I "iteYl', It New I ve. 50m) 29 (: I OlRlAl:1Y. .'Pamuw l. -.. 1).154) ...44o 44oj., Iaod~i..g 4Th,. .4\ ild 4.r oake by LA41. '4' &i AMFI .U \4,; YOIIIE 4j4 444r)444''4t. N.)M1 PISRCUHY NOR COI'AIVA A... 4.4 a,~l ,,,P 441· 4. 117· A B~"S ix nlr~tla au IIral tle II~CII.~III L 1go4l ILLI a s·els l L1~CII, lil. OI44,4.4444'444L]l~l4d t eg .um~ i ,oc.4.o....',.,o.,,..4..4 4,444444444iu ~rleIlr*n~li 1111lJI ·I~oiedur L 'I1.4..)~l ,u,..4,4, lr ll ,, ' o...k 11 roofl)dos.,t fly .o l·doo, ,, ..... .44 14).l.l 44 I1 ,..4,'44 1,oj IIC·l to ho11 4..ln,ica4i ,.... .4. 4 41N44 44 AN. IC(II~ llor Ilen 14ourr rly - tilitlr l lr ll! no ie t4,a,,k Ilr.444,o4;..,..4.o,...4..4-a.4...o..o, 44.4 44.' 4,44.I ,o abt4, .4 .44; 4breoob.I.41,. , .4.. `lo.yoooll ll~ul nt.rl to o ,..' a.4.A. 4444. ... .".ul .t.0e4 , tlll~~rlll (C.I· lT 1. F.' p,.b ..rda.o4 ..4'41. a'j.4..'*u .'4rlqcu~lil. Ne'0I )oo1,.1 484.4 N l ;vir Fr~t bo..4,, oeIoUi,' o Yo..pLwe 4..4...l-flJ.. uu4,'o.,.,au.,, ha...~ eul, o.llll~r 4404'4.4 4'o0.4444tiy po.ol.'d 14-.p 4,,,,,4Il 44.4 0I4t,,l,0444,4,,u, I.,44'44r 0ll .4lll~ 44,, 44'4,,.y~ 444,4 m O,4 .444nm 4....4.4..4to4. bllof' 44., 4..L...ll fo 44lC~OLJ l Ul .,ono4 ,4((1 ILI -444'4 I) Dep~kt 1) U7w111"44i Eflroo."..~~. ·ni~,, 14 ..oo,.i, i., -, I 4....r~uu 4robeopo.e ro4,.. hlrr·or, Ro'oo, tho 704.4.4 00.04 ~tb o,,)4,o4,,'o4,.,o44,ll ti I~ O f(II:1 1 444.u.4i..,,a.,, 41 .nleo ll~n ,m.oi... it4.4l,4o, 104b4404840g.40r1..44o4t.44 044.44,I4~,.M.D IMPO4LI4 IY EAI14)-'44, iu. I..4o4..4p4 j Inodro:.rull. o.41 4VU44r444d.4,.'.Oa, 4,4.44.,1.,.' a...Apnoooha boonb 44 .,444,.40(544,,t,.f 404 p04044.4400.d\l 444 44 4444 4SI4E~,~.44, p444440 po-oaLi.' ol~pm.~ ['i44 004.'~c 4044' 000,044.4444 kie t~imn~lO' 5.gialo hmocr 4444 'o hl~i~lo Ilro,4o.4.4,0 .aeo~or~~*~ h'oob40, jroffi. t4aobo.'rIP.rfill 4o44nldu4 'AbIa*Wriatv,r .oo,,r.ndernitltCo4eL4, k o,4d l~ 4444.4444 1 oane yd ice~~ prlomrabofo 0.07s o44.¶ 114.4)4 4.I44 44444' o uan g,.'b L "0d, Pe b4 n~~1~ all ~r.nlr TI.a. h i ~n~ r jrdl~l 444ff~liz uiESl fl' l A','0lll md 3 IM.G4O8 IARKTI P& CO, are nrw atrrivstriiroa, °n~boanrd hlp Orlegttt, PEnle, Iliphlander, I'ekerew nB ptersasi Board-; Clreassaen, 2 1- 4and 2 3. ieeh lii nrtli~ tlNis . If I sad O 2 inClr Mlade Bowie Knlves; lrbre, tl'-l ortirr tt vellie" lre-ainag Carerf Belt, irrenlt, liorraledic and Declling Pistols; tde tllld and, b arrelled Gonwe" (; nGa Bng'; Shot Bolts; Powder ') lad Piatnl Flaaks; cans Bottles artlI Drinklin Cupn; aertwNiol Caps and Car Iloerdlnr; Cloth, lHar, l th. tea Nil Ilranlrae; Oerri anrd Cilrine Tooith Wea~ti 1oorl Powdetr Torilet and Slavini Srnsa, ill gae;t vat retto slng flai r Braids, Rigletsrn l arirzettea; !'ar: lToiletlr Powderr: fEnerv ralt-a ivlerylr tCashions: Patent Slra e ,r cGarters-. G:e l1 .a-slCr E ls t i r r elite; I'owder fl'ait' andrl lrrsr;h lt lalin.s, Scl Rnsard KcvS; Ear-lmrls; l Wnirt lblrk!; lr: rtse li; Heard Necklaees lai Chsainse; Gilt anlld Siivterl tielie; Inrlat iceals. Belln an li rrrrren Shell "rriede Side cnd Ifrein" Caers;a-lrlik.,in aldition o a tir former stock U are an, alkrr their nssortealne t very ron, -te, anl wirrill e Ol ow rsi o liberal t herrr, at th of tile (;ol, le Uorl,. i.5-tf ?0 Cllnrtre arrerer. fýI-I1 f ..u'll crb ih'erc, i-.,,7rrr fir tier e .ernir e hruri -f - W\. &S. Boither, .]llffield, +:nelanrl, tvn jus Fable n mdes i.yrt K ivrn onr e"" de1 e rotilm Pen, Pocket, L tik, ca tlnI S esr oirni Iiv t rr UZ- I l e r'eisr lor. e eor l'a,&e. rIi le. &eIr, whiehtlhlr are prera ed aesihlitbiito trie l e Ieor.derl Ter rs r and rrdrti, r .viii se a ewr ktnown ra t lh time. - n or r t nc16 J. il IIEIN S.. k CC)IITN.90 Comhtln ist. IMMINoS', . nR'n"IT& H CO.--Ar e now tIecfIe g per shli fhnlrlsvtle EFaghr, tenevs withrllw, ir slor rF i wrtrriar rrrr caule h, French a ,tkit ra n d tlre rhead il:, in rrilari: rrep ( tl p t is E lommelcril Rtlld othesr :i-et pent; Vin rs; Voil sr llririgsr shell, ierr-s rrd Ilor n crnlr s; wi atrvr k, eaI :alI learlller 1IIlses; hir il nid , fr(lll, t an anekrioieleer;r n crrgrrpl le+; a rit oill ierrs eiolrerr t lei r trlalltr an s eearer. ol , rtiml i i e ni s ri l iu hebrsoil; io'ale sk and thiesaleor c-s' s: r :a.t bhlrekig; statrierie tolhel ..It,*sus; oerrer"rsrane np eai l las liaerl a iewc ; ll et -li rl, eh/ l- rllsua l el'atu Ve, e aol'.+le ; whits wille: to hilelt s ldi g sn:ilS; trilrl irol st:i l ls; screl w le hiri l- ke l el eb hs:l chaise :;r ;leckh es; liilliald toielr; pocket tanks m.l l vellet- ; (;l'lrlnln I,·lh n ; mzn l n .lrapc nlle l a otllnd mol glll deltiic Noxue; ·IIcra, garte rs lo; B lls lucifcr" I tc s; sil :ar pencils; Crie)y'c, &e.. &. Tie rirrve ill alldln litio, t llre former strk n flrv l 'ti ol iI* It ichcl or tni.tnl (+i ict w.a e ol hntplc , Fllnt sald uwhole sle or retail ; ls t ir si ofll rllhe (;rllrl crrlll bi. I'). - ( r'I' --li- ll e :rt- reller., e i leri rer CI- , err's.l . i-. u id Ihamrri Kevliev , d o~ f Ilndnr'y, was tl-i ,ve,L oiu aest f tleav lest le tthre tlech cfi Slerr iA Masoe Ire oflhie earncI a ri tihlel i . nh, uucl ler:, Corvi.ig Llr llp alture- will h*e .h'arffe rfll" 1 soil, lirrir&e /',I Na irir z; anreti Ii r Kel he N C.lie go h huilolee aloK Illnv l.+l wll & Cc,,, r[ il. rllr: la. The ite r lliero dtllll. e l , e cl im r d l llll lill; e rlThos inih ber'e to selrlrn, are c'm,-d%, lpet l SIsI IP, I~il \Ii . rll' i llt hlflk il· l' 1 L-tt .nlell ll XT ii In otlt l aims e'll ,llr .ill ,] ila.=r f .nlt tlei wiitlhn t l Jcivt . S1,11 i (l in IIIi Ilc, - w (N Ii Itea le IrF7 Isr Yn -llre r itri l ri er eie-lN .it eil., I"iI..\1 i '('Icr ,0; N InA WTEl R-' eI -ll ei cl reof IXit,+ rriuc rerl ie'e l( w , ju-t iis rcee rer snd filtr Iurl.e h ile ielorwr oir slni i' r -cll., -ie Also .\lllelicuall urd l tea ll P ,-i 't , w.,,r e- l,-,sir r Bills+ n iPointl P, ?,)x uriol ca t ll 'l .INS p, 1 '1 llhi w '1\ ll N k. IW,,l t'lr()h ircl '?I" veerilelt Iee IIrs erl l )r l iottl ll c.. rrs re - larss Ie la s Ilellle rp.Yese1, irle - % ir. i'rll ' In' , sa-e11ii s'le .efe I e - rir rlln e i' s eilrliltl s lte Mi .hle , e1 l t gool r,(te. ('Bil,, l,m lv m d ()rri. ls l h L il .+llh . i creelroi er, eu ll crnil a u el eleie, I eer.h r-l=, tnthilr ii i IB tuk reill r lssec il er ir-r ardilelip, Y zi o, e ri el.e,- iaat, niod hriul, rl, ' .r1 , fis i Nll •v rk, aiie l ic reaij easii'e y r ( I'leli itr heirrlllnr e, w.hlic e to ,llcrr ,tilhr , eth ll l Ilim l sti k ollIre hrIll, lake .+ r le ire t e a+,rl' l ler- es c IMete. The fIalhof inlr llcrk se ilet e lp , vIilz: ell i- Ii, i r, i dl , rtel l.-k eo lreski t'.- udr,, , err- In of tall leecripe l in-ili lie r,- e ber, sil lin ererlwor d e Pi eai rlere , eerie lllllOl & ile reltic dIe r )llll'r1 ,e ioN Ilair iille i elIlucif'rie In lc e s, ecillrIz powdere, pi~o dr 1h.rselei bioxe s foil it 1, cr, pocket hoorks ran l eel,, (resi- et ookl e Ill, ,parl, l noit~l ri~oroac• iee l c-ir e, t)nd orsiIelle nt - , leriie o ral "heal .( lnecklaices l i. Io),'.:lig c l' hea,1 (.hab) ., Ic, 'ad Icekhlt'., s 'ie t Cli,,,c i,,s 1ril , edliver li i, ..ll hiuo :; SIll eiresu ber rr - bel as i la ll risis III l ill s t. ille pow ]rr; , .;rlt-llc) hrn t ht' lte, h rs ire, belt. p 'kt tseeifrllt lirh .lirul. ,l.Iuhlea s ii lo etc iirreel d diuns, bowie kniccii I nd ribbons t, wl'ntt i 'keer cr t h, s iri rl tiol ,ii al -,Oel h, F l ori d la , la v .+u d e i-, r o s , ,in tie i ' - w , e r , r teor i e r r e+la c ?, --nr e tl rl l r - ccbr +.-r rr-e ,,r, r lieere;rand ,l'e -rsirs e ve--- = leet el k hair ed s e t ha - ein, :i t see-iee:t ent I fall des !n ri ii l i'k ' llr iir ui l eintn t ii eeri u r, i ie r i[ n nr l n ' Gilt .i- rtkter, piril le do, ai- c er, heirr ii ' cc',, lhinr rcalle,, hnooks l cl'tc, hair pin+, in iestlt rel e 'il, eit; N II Shell cmhnb rIpalrd. comb, T0 " i x ari rs ( eer. it i ' hel - "l l.x h' e ived, in addiiton to theirp' vious torx k on had,: a tll aix ( illlI tO al,, rtll t ,of I.ti ,lo ill t lh r linell.; xii: I cxxlxixii, rLinx xxerv, Jxxx ex i , x rxxx-x x , Ixx kiii s, i - ," , (!'.U il| --tl.ort oie. hrll, n rouglitar, Illll i lte.,tlwi:t, q x.lled x. rk, l llong d di l 'l sin' , I h pi lll r111llll neck, Blraziliiu olub. Iof Iv.' decription axull l -t i which ar Mheximan Bilpter-, Ivory com s of exvrv diacript ionl, horn, d;re in,": I :[ pl keti , tOglxther , ixl general n jsxormlix t llh fl x Ix lllxx ri' inori lPExL: I iME'x RY--- 'olinxnx, Ivlh .ider, Florid , Ihon.. Ihi, ruse, and rllla w llx oser w t"s of- every i za d de- I, I cripntion, cmhlllwde ra d oilon, ax n l'rn trator 1 TlLllot laes Hoot s ofall kiind mow i ng do in c akes nal 's ] ieriewl oix N,i xi artl', vx t-xtaxlx x ir oil, b ai l anxx llli til redo. Ir, .stol V.1 smel . s,.tl. T tigni and fTiC ll r .ll.n l vollr . iow r, peii. irl ow e", ],xii . I t. u! d x'xs l i x lx - nlatel Illilots ianlldt roll?,orrds nCid hlorine t [lLentwh ia raid oxwxiti d s, with x lxi gx unrx il Inaxl wx t liofi J hiiEii Ll.Y-ix n-x oxxxhe te la n xixnd xxoxt fxixhhxx- x Ido setts, consistiug of whihr ani roid eoi'we1:* , .'.++ et ear h,, p s, se t inx la're , x hrex Fin l "l it gre ti xxlei urnv of p ic.ll, ulltch t'in ii, h rlts iandL wl si ii bl . eu .+ is, lx,r t h xil n tx l ixxx x rlnd ,,ioxixx l lx , and ulol nlxdh£ BILUSi I 5.l---t;lo , hnir, c -L t ,e-' lir thmlllthlloor, hxxt, x xitx, o hl ,txx .lxlhxix, Nilxx, ixixVix xi .ll'hxxe sxnx1 Lth OKIN(I ; :i.. l.]S-11-{;rxluiil r xiiia I i olllxh ltIss, nii ttiill illug nd l'ituo h ,la esihrm gd lasn+ hoarl xxxxxxxi*x'x' xxx'i 'hxe xxxxxiinr xxxi xx'xs xla xxxxxIxrxilxxxxx fI1ANUY .;1\I) V.IILAI R1'Y R A "L T(Ill1.'li --ll'reneh Hlrai . ns., xxxwith sl xll xxith ut ll .i O siei l oxlsI n - pluted pel n il= ah, Indsilrlll p ar il lire eIrli eI n dld blarrlaOl slis tn rll i e.ncel t ul ndlllP pIt iiatv wiCh ill ".v i -llt .lxrxa ls, l l fodixnxx at"l xxiix x xti l lx le i th l llrs tapple Ert'wdri r , shut bI lt-s, g.le hllll lllli as ile wTIn llu in ll It t seol rs [liliu l b llllds ofevtr kiS d bells lld pllt i ixxlxd xx L xixxxllxx ixxlx", rzoL' ald , ui hl , t 0s, l let oo and rlhl s kid vii iti icxxs a xid d cIxx p c e i pla ig I arls oxf ' ,Llh, xTx iIxIIx x x xd A ilnrlul xlli i xxx'xx, i dixxox , imt a tiox x fxnxx tir x o ees, r. vari ', l ins, Sx lxtx ' |'tllx bx"V'x , [ r.lll nerrt li lhnal'soaud lawkin's raz - o n strapslld metallic I n , ll fal hvod nc r ul n n wlll n, -. wlrll t h'xps,t x.x llx.,xe1x nri bulhlx l , ix x .i l hx , s xxxxi xxlhx i pli aIcll rld beads, gilt , ittl silver d-, gumn h,:I-tilc ll , .usp drrs,,td gw te·r., ph, l u .i- ,,d, u" ,ackz mm,: 1 ixxxxxxixc,x! ,di lc, o xpti xl x llll xlxxxxxxxxx s! ixxx xl x,xxxxx s xatl , i .. a Ond drii n 0g cux i t l it ax t vl riert,' x l othx r e ntid u , al ,,oloS r it "l1 uhl f Nr h Lrch acren. xrlxx il 2 xn ixxixll, redix . i 1ii D i.xll , 7, . 3 'l a sx r e. x 'r ,,.x ew x'xxlxlxxxx :;.x.xx 1 xx hx ' tv ixw York, l auxx x atxx .x , x xhil-. It is x' irtxx lt rl)x d signed x' niv x'le ', a dI t e i L isosoe givtn i ll hooeh q as FHllV ,,it the I corl lnleilft , no ud d lto i l aeC+. lorni ed in '£1 y " i llle Iof x xe cityx.ixxi d radi,, o. pr.fl,, ,r ...... eo ,o .. . . ' , , , .......u awn eel 'r's lx s payinx for nnx , txx lrof h ,ins are d inexdx o attend until txxxx " n ritex x ,x ~ ll as thx v ~lx It. ll " lxi). iiHAi1,'I lixt(i 'lll, i l DIxA Fi N I':xSx.x. ( x l x\V nilxx e fxx rxI'Jx xx lx'x, iixxx . w h dej:xxxxl (.3lx ed x hx i I 'r xrixnl,lx' bas ixlt been rxxixi,' ,lx ! by Ihld ~Pr il" hixx h, x lh x lixilxxx artxexlx lixx n x f lxti'hl Ixx x xu x, v xin. ilx tinxxiiy tx li d to x th vxi r. A oi ie xIwho has ever beix x x lix x d to xxxx, si xi' x vx l, de .t LE ' 'r i Oilt. thi i oJ'xi'txxxx is .ehet) ,xxxx '. xxcx The il Sjxxxxxxlxxi, haxve l' s o. 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MR. \VIIALIAMR, OCUIIST, NOW AT THE JEFFERSON HIOIttF, JEI'FERItSON STRa:aT, To Ate Editor of ate Lo:ise l.dr'ier SIIt-It appear. by tire rbr'riati at of the Editors pa t3f the Nashville Presbavteria, Untian at Trans- tr ertpt, ai-well as the etitor's of the i .tor lti tianquirer, that the "'Olt G .ntlc tllt" isa iolrr thle )octohrs 'ih;e it it praved by loin kinsle r;ge, kn'olrilg that hii titne i to but hort, ntio that the iadreneadhent At erican theor e i tare ili to jlld.d e titr ttherr,a[tlooa irw at are pIlltus atll implloa itionr. 'T l'llt r anthy erlitor s 'ho ne I)tD ctorsa c the prorlrtetors, editorl , r C hub-eritors of athe abover n mllell le j elllrln ha, all every leer flate Pel e rouas nvet r ,ore to rto ai 'l i r hf tt ,' lve plr e t, wrt ' dttl a tit a oI i1. ThNn e fact i tre ' e tao I mv r h uh great sees a thr in so limited ,t period an tea ,r ttaelvo dyse. o nelr whllr wns n'rrt tIlrout tell yearr , lo h lllllScad aronl fe the 1 libuht from iia birth, hirl i to see to foin lhw t ,is non-tor I t" my hotel, itlntcad llr Ioifil . 1ll,"i;ag 4l I i to ble 'l hy I'u.o 1 e Diule for ttlln a .l rsi, dlr l tIe olther itr, ale rl a t I yearsl, httth boailtit ar them tieltlrr h ryeye avery aveak t et atlrh of ti Of e OIr, ihet o tdil.s ba t'u to I scee ilh hotra t ieyes, which benla t I pledge mr self till ea1 t oe, ex tejtitca tierl are tr ali the im anlte e or dorr'tt' iu of ior lt ediel ri tota rra . Ai tl e r l is e h i htell.h l lao p ter l' e arllla MI rter c ome, ee l il) he id r he ' rud I lo .t tile' oir t of l e eriri l ' f tfr le r .e l a of 1 Iimlhr ii bll t .lt sli nore af ,e rin t t I rendt tiro e lett' r, wrilh te 11 other eyTe aert o lrt l' a tr tt Thire d t ,ire do toh ml' k. rw, an thte i'rlaratrai told i re hirt'elf e h,,d r e duc d his d lhcr to the irr i of the nted editorsa hIla tlee'riairll tit I1erl r it n the trcr. it tc lt I ll e f 't i tc ry r't't,, whiihh tr' toat, t nilt th 'ilrr rent 'c rr erc in N;ho vi ll. lot o, rold Iibocelf t.ld me ta hl be ,auid o fl"'rir t ii errll. l ttll ins'rlt'e irr thcyid'a rlrlrll trar1o tr.c tarta I ill thtilhtter thr rt hot rh .rtrlly dr ,lr' . d Ilt the et i lt ' o ne 'aye from fi h o e r hi obrr i t which lle i th; r tllt~d Imoh ]llle to .... .".. ll fluasion by teile nu aleas or ,rrrll t oit te ts t norr r.t er,,lr t rlair r see lt ll itt frt e i f ti e nl t tiree hatr hi reol r tlsl r ba tire tilar ioe, trt', t ste at nellle i l r till t d tit ,Itr i llr l Iti irterlrd dIi ipi r fr 1 let hi t t'rt, iivi rlllr ,v hh t'1, other e n1 clml plete i lp artd. II* Craid I lr io Ieel..l i . lu, e yr o i the ttt'th ,lit t r t{:pise nl Chn rch h 'll ne r. Irfr y r .r t r , al l inaer t lr irtg d ea i ee er dolt ed the,,,.! tla o-Lune enacr,' of hi i li , re 1. c I oI- ,t o"ut iohii e pi erx t,,dr s o + th lle .I tHl. t Nashv I nwlle, rt : w ti '1:'t." Ia t rlr l ''t ld r cly i l'rtr ihw t. Sllrd lever hfct llr .c 1 iel re i 'o allt I hel r e ,' r. The i1n11,0, irdi.n.ttcn to, O il lie,. clr1i "ll lilhi ple'a te1 It, aII e tlcttd o ^:d, · that :lhullnt siz tea:lr Po:it, h,. \..t ittacr, lirln I n lt an l perflct toi f, I, tr e btrlh ill t il doetrin a oil 1 . r hiit. l o.t t Mth e tr t ','l, e d a trirttlleng error-that I thisohve na ln t to tore it t te t, fhu end of'tix vra ra to 'moo, hl," ''ir,1l bi e crtr erted rrti err aI h ' + I tiC l i ' nt i rt t hi t lrt' r nl il t r n x til his raiftdrlyl , sid he llon~ jti t'.o lir trr" ( 'i -terrrt ortrIi. riran nltn whotn le I !"ew htnd1 deo, sr, ll.rh ,odn,:, d oll l in of i th t onr,,.t .nee. s. I hood, '.:-ce st tie i, rdi v d (. i tor. ; ots1 of t'1iet, nloist had he. ird l lr t e i Iu f the iri c r pertl ri red ll his r tnll Ii 'en I 'I'lT , f.t n Itt(i ritl] e e tr" atool a , -etend;rthatr I hl .ve' 1 i ale l ri l t rittGr il l Nth. 'l n. . ine, o n dir I t k t'rlhrll krrrp tI i i i trr [rrl t .d t' tislr se,'ti'i it, " [ ci trrlrrilerr :tr itll it ourrr t to herlv ii d t l h ir 'i t C t r' ' I , , /h , l..t, i r Ie m It i hope , ir o weartr alt.-,a no otv very t hf" r I:ro, on. thr dhaIy I eve, in i lte orr tfit , i ll, v 'ttir' r i rl Iho ,.elP'reit D)ir.,if |Irr ay j11h/ e iron the nail,,n, I ow" al'cadv b fi tc. bent; i s .. 'r`h"" ,eye et o e hehth, p"i a'it ' iit isfi ,mti-e i t|oll ll ld C h ,'i d of 'p lre tl hlir'Dll l l Tra " 1ils 'rilt. as well "is t eC te r rctI 'it :tr, -ilrl f rlae r . ir rer- r , I ' . t toon nd ft h U OIn, of \a.l vI.,llat a lle rn ihe, i litor .I ., ,l di,'l tir I r ci lltr rr oflhe llMen ti . I :, irer I nIII eI o Ifret tr" r"e 'dtit terraii t,"'Ih ior of i is t,! tart ,',cot ll. 0., thlat I hll ] oi l l lo'illlll n tion, r rrir' {I'll :,I '!, r 11+,t i alll "l t ir')r t nl, r oi r I(t .luo n', o vli a tcl r ,l' my I ve lrrr rr int .\ fe olk, l'er well Is trlenrt thc i n" l oco [o orrfh' of'Ile north. ihltot] ot Iloar tj-. unt'il l Italy,' ].r+,u :.'ht ill4 Iil. f oftfi{ " i "x." . ed , t;,, I d liul; ft t" Tlol l, sit De ll s ith .I Y I nuold I , t o irt, to thll- S:rodtiud lu The 1 t..ltle ,,, lhcre \' ti lcl, ma ily ll! il·,11 . o" li lilo i.1o ]tallillng fle 1.. ub of z t De er l ro r in le't' r'et, i e 1re' Ietn r',i pot p:,idr IId If i0 oth er r trr h, i!l a , s e it r,"nr" Iil. '1 'J'o hH'oi ielt te ' ! ir that etI p~ff; so e l' ] ul i,, t tl '. Ic ,'U. lclicallO ll o te.d infiderPllllr c drnl \%%u; • vri -I o 1'"" hi r, r,r . r vt l'i len ~ r, ilh r .t a' e.l: prior ,! 'ad iluderra for til Iec.l)s . ll iterr w ,o o rn iti i iMy iiii i e .l i toll t mania:-l.;iil I -|Iv dl-d1 i . tl w'l ; 0,tl e I ubei nu r,v took it to histllt'rl' d cirre ,r detrti - it h e'r I D r'ie y rlom, head; le ,],,re c.le then ),'t t, i', vi toollll.1 prietel . illii wooll, dI tol " l in, Ira ~ h:, oi t ty le~ orv"llltd Pr,,'ill to tir loot rtttltr{,rf , ,or ,tellv , tr.llei i t r -lly M gv fr I :llo f tl, 'I ho Noe, itata rre'T- OW rrtttellr,..tir i belnir, tat p't ic: r ,,It ir.," .t fiIIlld t l, l n il l lo ltie n ir trle lIa ' l lIt 1 r1111 v lirr'' 'I Sh,'e or" i. r.a r itttrail i1v r rrt'er it l aty I,.a o +'h Ii- h1 i d . i l'+' ri' l,l a' , she It l, t' trr ' n' 'C n ,1 t re it. 'it,t a1 ,ý'Li ' o ti l, h, ~ o : l l, O I ,ir o S it itIll ,ot ,ll i ' lnI- t tVr l ,",hl I o i, r e r 't' ' r r t " '' ''''er' r ro . . I t it r , r r r 'tr ll" ' 1 , h ,a' -ld o r prrt ,fl t," 1':,u, , ir' ,"r iitt tir art:i : I , o"r rt rra r i nOre' hrtla of, loo^1" 'il.'d io t t'art. r rr Ii t rc 'lr,r fi'c, iut'tr d of; r l t' 't Lic , i ,t~lI elaoro t its ', I r r w e rti l rliy e M ha ly r c, qc ed ti ,s ret' +tri , i it il ; way" to ' ha t a ill,, It r tte treat t l 7 II , l e 1:, v. roctrr blrel rcrrly rolrerrtt to 'ave 'C itre' llr to cr r n odrtr a d i'r "' i .r t'rt ilh ,r Hir d hr i treir, tIrl' ort I e ee +ln ,iritre 1tir att tily have trtattt ra rnrt ler t r e ,1: ie tnlrr ina .rr ihl'tloura ae UC -;.r to r ii tlatV ill oe1 part., , a 1 rr. [li lenrd eve I'oa wurii r. tI he i":lll:li O"· N ;.et, 'I . .~r .l..tIr hr XXrr,.,to. :1 t Ilselrs II!I,: *\l of I (.rl 1ý ' Ilirt w," ii :11111 111r -1 1(·1 :Ire a .o" liolu ll el" r 1,. :II Ilu".vil b of a);. \ ll , to, tJ I l"III 11o 11 Li/ I lll: S illll 11',-,t (InP L U·;llld (·:.ll( Ail, . eac w o ývaniarilill T i Ih. l 'Ii, Ina:;.l1 , ( 1j nnli Illi l·-F rr d il"·n Ir. .nlsllc"inritI oftl~ Y Ilu(; toi ' l ,"Iliiul s to pll li.' patron-lF· ale In con-, nll GIIIII/ of an u 11I1II i 2, Dr. 11- ;t I".'. -,in ill ..S -hv lll` a I l onger t ni lie ii.l..a tir* e lrnu 11: ·. Ile lllr Illl other ds rllllnllr e : llll IIII.I Shie CC lai [u t, nb li1 l r (lideni -I , i n I i:ii, Itr ill int, have A·, I :::iti 1tlt Iin I fnl Ia I'ltI f,-nn "I~r 'll (Iti. P l IIIl vent (;large .'.1114ir'. oI the I . ofl~l~( the Pa nel , lit \t"ý bin tnl tl ire v o I . 11 11itns ItifingIli I'. `u aien'- (it th 1 Ile diirl ln·a; fine Ibe L .·~illis of runre II.. I.e'i nn, . ' . Cili wil ...I... ..'Ifi...i..;u I t .'ividII 11L i known to he .,f high reputcaiit .,. l in .1ii-2 rr pl~`try reueive i since his arrival ~ il t he·L St 'I." d~luilin: l n mr re o ret u . v if. nite 3.-,Iatl. ,ih t .,:n .I av ee t, r, tllIrvp orj'trrs nt i "'.1kewKn"o ttI Ira H,,in I n h-N i X, I Njwtmn X lpm, b I. mmm.lni mtmnn mm. I. mmi. ...' i' ii. .m inen-nmm, 'm- i. li m.u nimi IIn Ir oi m.. .1' I , ,., A~liltstmhas~ muir Imnmtn~nnm'm~ tim b my ~nt na il'm o. lly-. toS ; he mint tII nn, "" ~r Y.I.U l butnow mmlu"ns in~cfbn".j; That ilam-t I t ir I' firt im I sis ·l"l~· l llife ha I,, e,,nl~ll, l rnll eel, In. \\]lild ili'l tireuiah wilh Iis ll teiceIllll· thII) I nnmli/;(.1nt l~lnr ll'r I I.... that t ii+ .11 ;;enlle~lf I , has lillls) d ninn y vttrel~ l in thin lcaglin, ruuld -Y he haln I-rri a ··u hnrl inl duria { linty year+.1HER S SI IC t. R.-C. II. '.ti| IN l)tAN'S PANAC:A., _.Ol thecureo "rhtonluatism,*cl' fulnorkilngsevil,gout, Saciatica or hip gout, t cancers, salt rheolm, fi -.siiliis vnisd merluris dliscuases, particularly Ulcers and paisshllifeitions oflhe bones, ulceratedthroatare nvs- Jo tris, ulcers of every descrsition, fever soies, and internal by ,ases. s, fistulas, piles, scald head, scurvy, biles, ehro- hie hie sore eyes, ecrl aieisi,blothca, aod every v'rietyol'en- e', ieavcoss ndetiei, elevtnie Csarts, Is hers ache procees- t is sld - "ly )efiicucius in rcnovatlng those eonstitutious h, iaigfrl 'shany acridtisr, lupa enrl te rms, it is reve s- ly its jssiedi all those diseases whihriarrlis from impurities r ta of the bloid, or iniation of the iehumor, of whatesver ia rame r kind. o | t to rrnsve rthre lar, tihe I IIIrAN'S PANACE A wili m . mcla, tliv se t sll cnlltticientt. itl TO THE PUBildI. llo Ilow tli'e it is, that ml ellln Physicians, I their anm Iition to excel ill their irofssions explolre te t 0st tniels is of'seiellce Ily the aid of cheristrly, and seek out new re- vi medial agents; inrhort, 10 arrive at perfection in the of ipraLicite irby meains of art alolne,-.'lltsirely overlook aind iC neglect, as Isene':th their notice, the rich valll Iountltous t it stores ofrmediciste, a hish the Alsaightly has caused to Itl spring out lfvthe eardi in every cline! And how uichl d oli te te isittht while the Alntrical Phllysician looks i 1 to torlicignl coulntries It'r many of his most mommisI d ll t nIecessll. artic;s, perpetually changing as they are at the ldictates offftshions or folly, he is surroinsdetli in his a owen eountsly with all endlless rofusion of medical pia.ts, a slfliciitti to ulnsuera'l inldication in disetlse or to cl0se . as y cu.ail' tisirders;rsl yet he is ignsranl t Ofthelr sir- ti mien , andi they Iare suffered to wastCitheirhealilg oil the t desert air.' SThe tffects of vegetable medicines upon the systen are i tem.raryv-those of se ineris lasiting. The lorner ex- I e.'t thesi (flects and tpass olIt'-the latter, mercury ill Iir : - ticuler, act hemic:oly upon the solids, decomposing t the bone aid Irlllrsiitlg the eonslitlttio by a sIo Snlll sIrie d( struction. oi "I he rcngesviallitr, efficiency mul S.\'E'L'Y of vegcl ble tielleie~s oever Ilneral, may Ihe estimated by cOlntlrst ill the ancient pntice w'ith the mnodern; or, to brinii i iore immediately til r leour own obs(.rvation th, indil tin" p tice with that of the whites. \Who, ill America, I oafs not known or heIri of rlhe :dteslf inrl:nstBcess swhereinl i sole drcepid, Iunpretending fenlale ludlia iy mlealsos is Iher simple remedies alone, has affercted tile mst r Dtisi. :uI astonishinh cures, aotertlle 1lanteira Medica of the moIon ptnetlie, directedl in the most skilful tLlleri, has ioiled t? Amil who has not been sllrprised at the com p:sti.icease Rod llcility with which the lIdian frees him stlf r oln ally disea:se, and at tihe almost tot nlbstinlence ofllrolie disease among tllheml 'ho has eves heard i fall Indlian with a constitluion brok..n andl r:lined by ill lrealBelt~ And call a doubtexist that this happy ex eI tisiln olf sthe itru'va'ge from most of the ills which the aIlh t'(I n Iilrs iri eit) is chiefly irtavisti to (e gelli aid aics rsmeshes is hich li evis isys? 'Ti simpaoy ohis h st - I ina ditl'retllce irn success, is , fa ir exea diilieti o f the I cinfinrae alieriority Of the simple and sate olrmels o core I hiilhh laid hay ces.iitt'i d flor the benefit of his clilhlren, Ii those: which the pridel and the alt o" lllian havle ill irom amii rei ion sidenr veoiga i'orltio oft heihsrigin li inihib ts'" thi iorliylmry v ani intimate ac.uatin I t:lce wilth tsie, mneiitns of ctlre oif soe icof thei lroost lsueesstil praititionlirs, , the propri.etor of 'The llit 's 'aiacei,'acquired ai knowsledge of some of i the most powlfertil alUl ltOlrte remedies. FIroml these heselecledI sdch as w.etre most lhliiac iius aui'nd approprl.'ialteis, Ianils lfter i i raioltus X 'lhimllets to tct thcir rinlcipl hs alnid slrelngthl, he hIs coblhined them in the lolm hurt! I'esenited., as the lperf, t nI d cu L cunldcia lu thie puipiiin: for which it i sn vii,, isrl lvis listt. "L h i )roprietoroltl i:rsllis .i eparailion to t l l pub)lic, niili hII consciosliess1 that he is placilng withltinei sea, Ilw heings, who areI sutThirin unoder the t:lions chronic Sll obstinatle eolplaints to which it is alpplicable. To si'ah it will prove iof incalcullable vatib, as tihe meanltis, ruo i any etlos, the only `ealnsoflelicellintheirsutlf Sftcrin.;s andl' restoring thila oneClie more to healtl a:d i:l- - . ' This is not alti'red ahs sa conmon trencdv, that a p r ob ip l ance be equdly good wilh meny ,the;s nowI ii s l sl Iholls' l isca l tl .i isn s it n ill liln exlr', ime sesi whicai l tei u u''' sili :h'i'i ,'eisnts lt. Thisit is done repe:tedl ; and this is the ep' ttion it hlc'oI tailledll w IherevrL it has been ihtroduetld. It is' o h.lyabot l" t'e i ' ars since Ihis prel n tion was rI . seIeld ill te public: but in ti. t sths iI sp eii i tll t l , 0 lllt r I,% it, a, d1 in mII st s..m+'.aliT Ithey l" ad l riddl iiniyl .s' s 'n s ii l te oe i T '5 St'r it s t iI 0 i:5 's0 1 1k i i liIi( i a .. io n in r hisl tv is':. ent, si g ouris i i Ion;';, sl ill l tn c iiat s , 5 . i i . i." :il li a r d ss ii s I th ,,' a .s's h' l 'i ' ciC IIII ' bs i n s o hIlil lil - ,,Il a e.-two .,;,dih:,l" o;"g hi.a i in t he , .%' , s.a% .lr o 'i:d ul ,1, d P.ý,tl .1 0" u ". . .e t N . 1 :oi, 1''. i S. ,'sii t h slvelu'ls t irltl 'i 's Is :illl Iall s aliltisie I itl vs l : ri ll , ddidsi l.t;es i lut n', st , oc :lci ll.l I s le: if ll , it i h isiiltill,.r -. I ll tsi ll,'v i . ,.. 11 t. vii.,, iii ,ti ci u slits sui t. I t casuis. .t . i .t hen' tI a filet h lin!i isviu'0ii'l)'rrs 0, . .101C C:l:iS), 6if t I :l s.:,il1!111111·C· :LL ilOC jtl IlilleN1l J I~llllIi ll ~ls~lI?1Iink..'', l lll, lil ll~l 1I1~~~·'" i~tlrlr - ''.CI ·. II li~l ll ~a~ll~ 1 CU-CI~S 1)1' S l;'LI DL'S Li CulEIs· Ii i'ivii1 i -ih llu iii 11 iii I 'l t)v l~llst~:I.eczi~ tl~~il i. tivl) vot vl " ahv siz ,,i.,ii·ac l vIII ivv,.iv Iiv lilsle.u.vvv,.dII ~,vi~ ~~~' Ir vvviv ll~,i wllv .'Ivuie~l ivl~vcvl v'I'k 1211 01C Il ~ ll'llllllliil.',iII) IlilOtSilI-W~0·,lil L·L, yr I1 I:l ~ I1·cl lllli viil· lil Cl l j:L il· li ( su Ii Xillr l hill i' l I·~C~lI(. :III L, I I1( 1 ~lil I(·II ·liv nw:I hUll li-:ISIi. jllit 11 uvil ) lel iv F eliii~ III I'~ii ls v~e~u~ 1~isil~li ii l,v ivv bn uvd l n111~~~~~~~14 i"l""ll 1t~i· 1Ills~r ir 144ll NE~ (?LLC.\ S ~J·A JIIV I'I Iv;Idv, Ili i. ll l, l Iltl : CIlvt,..iviiu ll liv0 h utlr ii' divp li '' :'.' h '., div C~i" '~ liv ' iy "v v'i4, "il · ~~ I, li i* hll;i-iti v-it lltl.II' -llr1111~r ~11 1'1 i I vui,,iiituvvlf vf(1I;10· tlvC1111.illliii,1.?. :11 I.-lil~ A i'il: h~ cll, 111 i Ilit AcllliNAlv IiI. 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JlitlleR Lia le !lhlv ll Iglr- l l;tcc'i elt c slle Inlce y.. thie Seriltof the ptlu lt cof tler athi: te Iropeerty hereiccirate describedc s n pplied 1o tile clerk of this o I court,l ill whosel oficnt theile -eid of rlte twas record(,tli on t htle 2d doay of April, A.. ). .133S, fi.r a monition or aciver- o th tiseef tin conformitc to a c ri of titiieleilature of the tt tet; of L.ouiialla, c;:icled'Ant act for the fIrthera atsu r tce eitile to tl:l e tjuidici l all le;" ip 'ov d tie 1Wit dot" of Mlrc h, 10:34. t Nct\V, hlerefore,know ye, nd ni l persFoIli intcerehsted herein, are lerebv cfilet w ll n ll ,n h'd ill tlhe Ilallle of tie Ithe teet' (if Leoliciincic, illd cf e11C Palish Co-:llttt who coo set ep any right, title or claiml in lnd to lropetty he rc eiaClr de-criled, in couseqet ini'cle anyll ilnftlll~llity inthe o~r~lcr,dccree or iudgolnpt of Ltht: eourt L unldert. irlt~ the sal - itwtelee tetor ay itleghcinrity I cr illyc alitv iu thlle applultaeenlelt un,! v;l'i,-lllmnlls ill fillmeor Olllellnlu orfdle, or for any other 'eect ' Illflmeto ever; Io show cause. wthinl thil tv dloys fromt tI1e dtV thlis r monition is e it e ittiie tpa ers, wy ti tlhe llllp so llie hoduld not be eolirnlecd ald rid cc h to logtied. ish nfor fioll u the 14ih L rf April A.. 1t " ;t. b lt tirl is of a decree of tilil (.o.U.t relhdered Ol the :.h dcnt LoFebuhtrc, A. Itl 1018tin, a 'uit entitIled Alextldctric Calwll ;' vs. ,lJate Ihnns, No 10,317 of the docket of I this Court, at which .alt the said Jntes llunic becnmet p tltlpirchanser for ithe plice of twcnty oneC IIt-otumd I)escription of L'ropert' as given in the Judicial Con f oct e ta , c tt: ot A certain lot of +ero,,d trftuteI in the suburb An. i. fclllrnll trete, R c cttc I l cct tllr Til (rlet ti rs stitc c , nllld I '0 feet oienn 1alg, :de tin :l 'c' , +tret t, in suchll nmnu.+tr that snlit lot of greedlll is 1;{I foot Wide fltnn oue side of tihe sqrlllle cc tilce other, toCgelCher withl a Idwellinit h(oite tfrocllnnee O i 'i'c tll itotli.c steect , tile kitlclltll lll(I d - penlldlneis, Illso tlhe distillery eslttliphlm cllts erected lhereonll olIl l othrr !lhil+tfilg mtl ilm rnpl.oVIell , til Ce I t said dcI tillery, it; dt endencisr ' aild aI IIIPIIL IIen o s, I and the rights,n ctions,and p"rivil-es there. heluongig st oe ici ci.'ct liee ap tcrt t tii tttt. t ScIb'.s Ohi'e, Noew ticrltens, hn 7, 1p3,. ti mli i,lt&ji: J. i,11i:, Dtlputy C(Ithk E'AT I)E: LA L.tI 'ISANL-L;courjde i-touIsc pour lit po'isse et ill t ie la N velitc Occ ile:,os. 'I-'TA'T 1 L:A IOLUISLI.AN.-A toneu.x tlle e-J ces pri' se.lts l lcc cte rne.t t, t c lc t : Attoc-de t Il oJames ollase ynltaltihet 1 uieUo venc e ftite pa' le Sherif dtclacp:uisse ti'Ohccc sla' c leprect i(etei eItl6- its dccitc t c cstcl adtl c ct,1 all ( c1. t cl ie cr'e o( c l'c I it dill ccntc !hit eoregietrde ir I emejout de lt dtie I'camo e 1:9, lpoor no avis confornteelnt tci -n nict de la Lt(gisalnure tic Ie lcctt tde la Louisianc iltitul " A.\cte llpour clllfirleLo leF titre es iesncquereule aunt ventes joudicinires;" nPinomt l\ n' hc" 10 tars 1834. u'il so(onuitmm, ct toutes pcrsolmes intr(+sseessont .r ecses'sentes sonnuces tic non i de 1c f1tat de la Louisi:ne t de la Cour de l1:Ioisse, 11 l'tedr, le decret on le j-tgemelt e la ei, hl llluei l In vente a , t f e, lie ite, o I l 'ut e lrr(g[ llliltl oll 1 e illulit y dons l'estilmatlloln,1' ais on I0 tenlps et le llnlod t de la vucnt, )il po r ut ealtlal llrecc sequet'lc utoe; do titre voir, dats tre ell c jiLs a d lr dlnl I p blllllict ol deI v tllc ite is la'ti lea e ine fcidte ne s teait pai s conir ic t' I.a p opri'ii' flit sve ame par le .herif al'u ditl etl l 0l0 toolzilllfle oll r d'vlil ItI I'l 0 ltlie ur 133;, l ( ,1183 "r r 'illt' n I'clt t lt e coltt B r tct 'tltc c 0 1 t rie r ft c i r cc lltllc c .c , ct o ilt alite I'I -ihn " ( C[hin le e .r l.illl ll.Ino f h bo t c, Not 10, i 7 t(ei' I t1o I dot i'lct a ''oliia, itc lcltct L sel s leht. llm' t i -uecc' e c't ren nimtlc.te" r pou tl o le 'p.x d cll I ,0i. \ 10 ' l cr[itptt on B' la I ' t 'trt'ih" d'aln is lc tt o''tccr ti'iT t si t' l titttt n I t't r" , t i"ttti ( hc fc i -'c' i Ic' di t I' licllc+ cilill w la Itc o , Io e i ;li l l ld e it N o :, 'c dit lot d,: tilc't t atnot [c.tu rir CI'c i t. -ix It 1- |l.'!;l dei face hi t Ira ite ',j l h ,llap , [I o] t11a,, vain It 'tf to d, is , f+ loc it, Ili ra'tlt diI". t loi l'o,,r , ct , It 'i\llots pi, d, e ie iv fagcnhd. I ut'ae t ot doi, c '' It i t ic filet :i - ] . 111 i ct c ;i1 I. " t 1o I' 'i .]l ,itoul : I: n c i l' i : ; i" 1 'lld lll,' ; ., i'i'i cIc ifcInt" t t t i, ,ri oll-Ith i, or h' i I, '. c k c It \i l .o cc u , ' a ,! o i, r: , i: ; iti ' di ,'lccl, tii, , ,d i I" l I 'le l tpp trlc l!t' :', ii 'cil t 011 t t lit i; :; ' cc' i t t! it n . 4t Slh nu n ' it i 'lr.' er , N' vc. l I,,,e ( !! ,' s.l' h . ' 0.1.I,. S I.l.' I j: . . t .'I 1 ' u :i: ('' ccc,,T er. ' Id / Ill{,h l V\." ':dd,, Il' :;c;:m I' ive:·: \ c \h '< - vlnch , pr'lv'l, d I, } .\L,' klk n, I'.sl,..\h n,i. r , l l} ' .wu l the U! ,llt.. o ,I "0I' l i.?e,,. . X1 ll iCtaht ,f All I! Ic ito ,<l SI. "1 Ilr oh. , II1, i.;i..! - i r i , hi. I' ]' l'i t i :¢1+' 11 ,1 , .!t '.ll , t; ..' 1'" '. . I( t 'l. , , ',. . . 1'y tr w. 1t' I l !v ir i+t . 1 .+ t, \¶... . . h: :i~tY It I.EI \n 3 ý I ,,~yin: . 7l ,i \ r·I·, "o I· ýI r'l !,ro r-1-1! 1 11'ti t i:I "M ills U nd-:!"",:, II !iii-h,: . i.i·lfi: "l :III ·I:;;i :, o~il oil - : leer ., I1II "ll· T(hl ýI Irkl cfiill'L. : , "l~· .--lii; IGn l) eý,v sell .. r :I I·I \Jor~ ~l,:, 1!:.i s, , I liIc:1 + Nh oes all'! f: n il! :I;1I il tt d lo : =i ; do 1:011',!, .:,:1 soot i,;:"; a~l 'l , d ,.: o 1 rrrri I loCnahli 111 1 111)( I!,- -;It `~l :tit!· 1, A Mo,, ý" ^ \V u"= po,ýps II :ut : I~rv,,;:rt", I lm !. ;i. ily ll t I ";"r·l :tI· I .,.o1 tippet II ei'stin I :.I 1 roanI~~! a~; do h o ,l",: '_ t 1, m I Lilt : ,! I~ l ki; l l'h l I(all :,mm's:1.1, oll,.~ h. t ,loth, A!..... . r6 rho: "",l~SI1~? III gnnlrl and -rl:I, · l: l:ll·lR llIr,,; do to il lC(1I· Moro- ,,1 A, Ick Iv -ets nIIIII 1 11:1:111:?1 do calf, ll'la ticll . .(llilll j l id ian Minus :old still, we " do c a~ oll, Il- n II \ se"+I l~ :w article; ,to ling c1 :ISdtl trI:U and 114-co (L:~L!I tr. H II II. ,l l UI1 li .f311111 11:llilq Ietn, . ;III ki d r?"( 1ld , ). (lid lils "m, 1 shot :, ogt"I lII "I" ", i ll 1,!10() hair II ,, it hest ,l .u lily, 11slr roi; os ,: iyd inI. iimenl of m n's line: I tn il usldtl hirii" : W ar Ic l,", uulLIIII a larjrc 'Inanity of an i) 1(1C 'liiior bpl ah'· t pll· In lrt ut111· do tine 1 d:k, iih Alm - oI ; i, il IIl I, cxlllr ', that :md stout uIl\. trr !mote, s; do Ilh Il.01i shoo: andn~llili· hI I hodd !m pes. 1 lise ' I;11rit,, u1'T}; til c:\ ji. lI il,!,o' s c i w'e I ndt Y tl u and 0, h a d I rn 1'1 nngl boots, llo. rjj¶ -kII i ol o sh rt nnl !o,.1 hat', a ::Y III loll. i'idoil1o 1.,, +,: size !ats of ,IIlernt ,Ioalilios; u cl1ildren'., and hoy0111 P l·o)i( (·onl drab mau l tints of 01111 inn,* dol pr', "It general nssllilP Iuloll of boy s' turd r 1I, e,:l ay,! -p. % PI 1II)l~lrtl ~ I'I"' Its n,"o rtmtllt to l! he rnple'd,,hc",1 by tO~t- nrtin" of co h packlil'; u a "'. , II.L anon: nnm ylll chit.-, ;III of ·Ji".I.M %fl l he hold nII it 11:'C J111, 1,1 iT In1t111 1 terms. an; I-IfI'· 'h'N P'1'.\(:l"'!ill11 '0[' ',iholI·rci,tI,: ·lr I~-*J J',_) It 7 1 : 7 1;1 '1 Iss in 'I I il cii IN l tw-i 10(11- f -iol, -ten- III) ,+ 'o po ti the t e mllof Ih.- nllltl loco Ar lWlel to r olii hnl~v i~oer Iil lr hntse Wl rr.'IIIot ,It? -IIo . . .iOi-, a'idleow t ioio-n-i'-, orIl ridesN0 wo tot uvuIlats t T Ii s ~irti in,,,; rynd ne 1 s·m nt!l, IIIICulnnrt heyv;n~ hi lid u,,iniif Iiy9T1 TiN, n rt e l ofi co~mto~t!~it nge ;1, u I ouiioernesuc "froiii'~t JUST ' !UBI, 4ISIIEI4144I)F'ROM .4TE5T 1T''U I'L. 4I.S , I4Oli4TTt4 F T'.el ,,;s I N4'tI4R's44 T F5'4: r,[ O which is In w wtlhid an Atve't'ngt 'T'ime C uletnht w Stotr, o easy f-r .Innin Ithe av:* :inlto 11on.1 tlllr':I' , lnote's f b:tItl 11 hil t t goods, whrCuen . bu chase: a;t dilfceent dates, mn difiervst! credits, o: d t!.L I va'oious pto tln t-t he:.i.4 . 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S thirty fi'e tin es, a ln l pr llled ll rm ( llre type liltes tle i rl Ihirlltll- ll e" lim , terom aI : hit\ h i t. i nitl s, h'+ evid ent , tall .4f 4 .rtl.4 in lhe i el,'4 ,) t44tk 4the. !Lk a4n. l 4) 4 itl tetlceall' infillih +., anrd in coolfinuolnt of this beli a 1 premtant of t1V hundr' :1nd llIty dolltrs, iv now oanie ct fl'o tile detectionl o;l' atll ,-he r IA's rlent il tlherll 'sent or il4 e lth itinn, as ex 1'tsed4 in se p4et'f, h , l.l4kin4 l.'e hIe'1l. l pnl irus 4 .4 rcd fie t4he :.r4 e ter " s4 ne uth4le 4rst 44thll a ti nll ill they en l' 1 ,lt1. (eIt lof tht most maill rnspivnons fentlues of te tn)le. iS inthe 12rra'senlent of tim Time at11 Am.unnlts, which for extpeditilns, lrollencle ln perl'spielit, with the help ofllthe sidle and illndex, clllot ll he exetllel; Iand leen slofty tymel nase uilth hlich the in tresl sen hn~r l to lothe extent i" gi enel'al Ihllsiness, \wilhollt Idoblinf ol mTns isbetides a conenteinel s1 essential, that in tle estima lill o" soelIn oi tllhe t t cllmll petent :Itna prnt'uletcl btlsi= l4 ss n4 4 ,ll4 1 Tillullls4 ol44' el.s 4 l' o hl4 te 444,4 4 i4 ere:4 t u41 e ol the work, it Ihan hcetu dctrlitualcld ht the honn:tnle appellation 'Tfoar "mi'aster4 p4ace". A4 4 cn'siheing the inftalibilivty of the nluth iltor iinally :Iulopted in S om llposig t. t ol rlr lll l tle traI Ort!in.l\ i m e al ndll variety of lhe exalminations, mIlit tests oI" t'et'y edition it has insse lill the r' ,s artt't hidhtanih g lthe wn hole is in -le: llntype, eonl idering,' in s.tG t, i t," positiv.e eeull llecy steh' ,ill U lc rtle 1pr.,cde1 1 meln:ms muilt Clod tile vo h-,tlehils "tern h ldhi l l i :eln tLnpt+uinlml sty Ted "Oe h mnlot wl l oi t h ,: ol e n tlt w 4 ak;" ml st l certa linly n miiI: n ll1nl t ig "re work o lthe sue.II tetIm,, o hich since te biltlsIn ln) ~ o (.7 e3IT't n, htag Imhd the stmue nllm tIr:lt vari' ty of lets iS I , nt'' bther "f editoll; nl, n, t e hall the 41llmnl , ll, t Is is lll ,how 4 n ill the 1esides, as test mul standlll , it has Inee t'ied ian pI4r ed inl n4 earl l ly a l the 4 4 ,4 k an4 . d p4i4 h 4'4l.4, Sii: t' in theIl s culations Ies ever beLn Iound in print, althnnk I nontiul ally challenged by the of et of very I' tge pr, nniuns. The hI in a tfel l'tressll uih.pledl hty all theo!r"ts ofilaw clt s ev.rl oflhe States 4as the " r4e4 o clclllt 1i1 lra'latute interest," :i su| ]y law I',:r hank inleresl, accordil,g es the hulk is ..e., amt . s n.ay' - e seen in lntllt -y l e sects eI t thI " sl sn et',ir |;ndl at i ',w oft' the s44tl4444 ie 4, 4 4ch 4ase4 44l444 414>,t i 1 44llt]il , o 4" I 4a hook, isin pI )I.'llS't. ii\ /l y cl oys t.[ ,.b 'ehii., I's in t'Ve l·y(tlIa; It is nlI l;ieover welll know ln ltat, itls re:ly cheIn k, it haw") .o chi~t It Te tesLt' Il1','" v , r." onig: t,. theyl were tr'.d e, evte Ile the 1111 c. t ,1111 'll a llm st eomI pelehl li hnldu llci.t.'n , tat its ,st'(hlie :, Itld the abhsolutte ne .4ssity hr' its us-', B' en h e xwn- slyy insist.4 l ilp -.44 . tile t, inved, h re Iet'LI its o l as ,ges, alll its a 4st4l4 , itl,,4 s 44t4l'44. 4 t 4"4,4asg 1, w4 hil4t the i4 4s4 e 44dilion w s s44,4 4 4 44 ll4 o t "4 I inht, 4 great i utbeT' of si ' nl 4 414: co 4is erI t 4e s(,1l4 t I '4i44 1., t o a ,re I di. ta4 e. 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Norlhwaf New York ct!,• at 5 '.. .M bouthlnral. A rtlva. Arrira No hwardi. D)istance. 'Tine. Iletu-' g ontornnlerv, Ala. 2 pn. lt. . m'a 231' 12o m. V hoIl a (at. li 94 Sja.m tillr, sille (an 2 133 1.1 2I r nlut,.ia. .C. 7a... 16.3 174 10 ,aleti-h, N' C. 5' 21 2 12 tt to-lctett V,. 1 t In. 55, 1at rl nt, ree,',., C o." l ap in 13 In S. a t ltnich. aliV, l an. 21 3 64 Wtah ncrin' l ttt- 1 "tnr. 61 14 o 11-lonoen, 6 311 R4 0 I'll lndllllhlplO s4 01. 166 II 2' New York \. pWo. 90 64 1305 143 h. or a 2 Noltthelt-lrd, cOllilt,' ;nlaltlwad, the tilne in sit holof lt'-; IIettt 't.f ttllU n I7 hours. 'I'I,:N IlOI.AI ILEWAII)RD. S~1 AN.AWA from. 169 lit(:rndelet ernor of lferi aelnrr t nt' nti Iliht of 3l:t1 of ALagtU , and wad H -en lt e t ' t II)till)' .t I'evrdns steeat, 'Atqg be, )amedr (:I1AI.IIS,: Malot o 17 l eore of Rge) oral S fe orl , thrrclbl t in lei:ht, I erv a Inck l dlo lan imped iAm t in hicr pet-. 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