Newspaper of True American, 26 Ekim 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 26 Ekim 1838 Page 1
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PRICE 12 OCENTS.----- --- . -; N P RIC E ou12; CE N., NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 26, 1838. - - - - -V - 1I81 1 ahr he tni-weok y o nr a uln e. --- - -- - - - -- - I re for the tri-weekly country paper, paya wear io advance, where no city 'orence is gi g ab.criptioan wrill be discoentiued until arrear nettled. In ease of diceontineanee, one week's as wrifteg mlt e! invariab!lyiven, previous piration of subscription. ADvetrllrtaN.-').la dollar per square for the firs netion,lntle l htftl that price far each subherquent one ean macterial alteration fro:n the origieal advertelemeu will be chlargnd as a new one. YeALer AInveRTsenRS.-Merchants and Trtlers orty dollars fio English alone, and sixty for both lan gtagesr lanlks, Insuranee OTtrces, and other similan puhlic mnstifatintti , fifty dollnrs in English only, and tighty for both languages; Ship and Bteamboet Fuae rs, or Comitission merchants eixty dollars in Englisl at, and eighty for both langoages. .An taaOEr , OntI.toRI NOtaICE, end ertirles eall tile attention of tle poblic to sale on property. Ards of pasetacgrs, benefits, &e. &ae. will be rltargec ine dollar per square for tile first insertion in eachl lace `teage. GoCMVeartciosN, or AlverttiOtlantent, ci any persone at nature, when admissaible, shal be ellarged daoble and in adralace A deduat f twenty-firve percent. will be monde to Auctitleersen a ffs, Ilegislers of Wills, irad Marshal on sles of rtn I .Stae, puolisfeid In hoth laouallgesa, and 50 per cent. t Euglish alonoe: 0 per cent. on sales lf other property. AUVER stlre. ens oat of tfier direct line of hn mineo. of the advertiser, actl as legal, aoction, and plant ion sales, rtuaWv selvesi stray animals, ie&c. &. will be charged for Sep. ately, and at the ardinary rates. ADnroToSVt:Iae NTs not specified an to time, will be uhlishaed one sooth, and charer aaeconrflngy. No advertisen.te c of Ibanlkruptcies will bie plblished i a p ease, iullles paid fr previous to insertion, or saymeat aueranteed by a respaoaible peirge io lowl. nhetres andl other i laces of amn selntel, adveriasic saily or the season, to be chaerged $)Lt aor Ionglisl ai one, antd 150 in both lag tries.oa All announceamelttt oftfuelidcate faIr political olficre hbe chargd dooblee tihe price of alithr advertiseA teii " to the innmaonoa losne sutained by new.papre e nrietnoa, tocv lave colie to the conclusiot tihr the naener of persinst wlose e eoialitot hllva clot bricl paid withit one iontih after presrntattl c hall bie 'ainde knowsn (no ti er en prictinable to earlh other--they obli nting tIelrlnsaeves not to adlvcrlic or print for suct duliqlleants, Itlcss in caae of adro.nie peymelse. tnigcrd) J. C. Ir So. ROtM t-S J. IIAYON, P. P. IIN+, J. C,. lI{INI)ERGASTI, JOb N fIllSt)N, I UMNIS N. .Veekly It,r«,-.\Vt, lic indleraigued, ogree to abide by the' aibove cntfitaioas f ar as they are appleableh to weiklv paper. A, 11,r, SSigned}, ca6 No shbcrpttions are taken for lon tlh oll 6 uontl. .anters mtt, iitl cit asets, be post pail. -.....F.. f ' 5i1'iN ai;VF+T.F;it, [a.e. " PAIN REIrVI SITr lt icy the caulh ir of "A yaar ill h S pain 'i," 2 t volt - lfJO rp L" t) verl g , o no el, by oeautfir of "Ceali tvide,"'iu 2 ls. T ee e1,'le. I'indn. and atiltr a crs, by thie ctlllliar if "the I'crt kena" inO r votles. Nl rt+:l's i .t·lllr ; inter, wrrd mr. co hlicterletid acalaccl ear a t l.c vu dcoe-a; lf nl afrtig Men, it;iluda e notie cl s t fthe l icc lipac l ' .aacci i.lsca"iAlicaiccrad with ealcta tiaca calllT lllt N cnalnd lertII aderxfu i .. tor w . . are ad, isnrtrd'c Litt,' iu NetCOlln ,. A ,lglllllcu.o g., Ir v a)f (7r) ltull'r. IL. N., lllllellr el t ie L.iit t ofa S cilor,' 1.a. n:t. vo lst l llltnlarit.f s an. E q u it J u ri +ru h 'n r :e a s ad m in ister edl I l : - .nm d ad Americia, I V Joisen l' Story, l.. I. I ). Ovid, c l.tcs. taird by Iryd-i , Ppew, cc' u 'eI . Ahiaonr endcflc rsc in'2 ,l. cit'ie f i illN. 5 i . tn 21 if "llarper'i c 'ilts'i,'; Labreen." meic. iro "-1,e+!i.+ or acfraloc? frtic exeric Alieta no-~ts*. .u rev i " e Ui+v. Slten~'nt'c airy, Icey l'iccr i "talrcli l :IIII P ' " OlCllnlo'll o lle . IcI- iatlbe a our, 1 h t p'ho -i., fairt (c ' lI ve; '. httl i l 'ltv I.'n i, ;lc' Iwhtee c hms,; Italy ; te tt.ccace l. ct lI d' ll intr i t, i .c f c ri ,' u'..; Starellr , to , . III ti .hle bri l" 0 "11; \Vrl: ll- nh { m tlt l u1 ..l"orr; (Cttinr., t Cl nt lll e t+r1IIne'; err, e:+ilv Sov wll Ion .-S latc.l ain. It.,l clii' I c c a i ll,.is ,it, er hb c ill-,; 'l"he Iacaa ,uI Wide; trac light Bnriccencile; Ili do ant nnv .'ovrell; Jenny J.tts.,s The teiun, \\"v; S"og 'ieeinee i-i ientt Folr til -lct tlra -Act iIr la it Rli too l, s; ti V ,n ldv (air a rrie 1,c c by I 1in'i; Still sc C il" o'er ian SIlt'iice crrllead lv (I Ca rf ; a t. tie f on " cIt at c , r en oa '- c ...a iccortaca, b-c c ,' rilellcia; Alr tits !?.ie e t cu I til cica'iV ' ['i I cr -i cctnl i+ H ticr ,,rratg.l forth " li l ee a re 11' lie' lVit'i'rtl i l vats !-c.v C elacttV, " t , e ; 1 i e'ev ll \ h't. hrv I. 1:iilnfr Piett- F'a rts nol ,atlc ic Si-f r. i i ' 19 i 'a tirlic lt lt Iloahrnr'a /'hertrs. . Cnilection < oll tan l , ta vr topi ne] ceaearv t . nItintin convereniuou, rr tuted ender r frenat h -ds, vith llll rous ramarl peuliar rtl.0 ln l.lll*: 1o and ti ofvttrlotl. T, a Iaft it ll I leol,lc r" di+p arl l to c onsider:ahlv to fuCilt:tt lythe at't +li ]tllJ ofn ! ~orrect )rnll 111 t,,ao "f the Ireoa h. h ;' A I I el.;tr' a slew ed t'vioed nrl cment, I. SneledI.tlll of LIe hundare rif enlin's 'ra,. :Tab ,IR1 latied with ta ket, t tltaiiui the tent, a lit v ll \ o . fl'n, nI"a l o ltin, aIrraa1a I ill su h uI nntllllo r ai to p)l)illt g)tl Inl di, ratea , I et'weena th l+ rench jat l Itrl,.dI sil i, .Ietn afi llre, l ro ltuk i.tloll (tfllt, Frenal ah, j ca . d II ug to t)rree delI by a s hort trratise n; the on )lll. oftI( l'rech theg .,e toulphure will Ihe of1e t lle Im'es'hh. r Ilti o olloucitlg n F or!n I nfillt Po lr lt-t iI arvs ,f nit att el atcrate Ironuattoli eiattrl .ttt'tralupu of tthe Freotla I.atng: rtet, .lrtrhll ial tlsalnl ttrt, atrlrdiua tl ater ale ar i inLytW AN pikeCor Cramp &a (c(,Inh s ns (IlElNlbltll':e CONtTN+Y, VIIttINA. rndll1i vtc ite tring fort e a n tilll^ tnllhtk the White lulltlatr, will le opent in line. nl lor th re lltiorlaa l" mlllall yllVa M IiV imollli rttal t illllrov llltll tita heta riane sitate the lattsea rtt. A 'eljctr Iall rin, aatl anothlr of saigI -beal ldd rm- hnblr l, teen added and now liniilaf; at litralin accommodations athe lethIbf Jul, ia5 easesrr .ixent t ule le rn. end inatraeetio tihe Kastittoa ltrnpt k a bow Lewitrs nur. Over tlhis rtisa, lv direetiola of the pao.t oflre del.rlmellt, ',elerr. Beldlin, Walker & to'a. liee of nail .clnchs will run. A post 'flice tbeing establiahcd at he issins, viAitors i ' r.-ceive newsIr Lth eolerts atnd daily eata.*rtl lwest. Of helit ali'tiai qualitie of th'ae watrt,r te pro rletors enalit sperk. Thendy save trell ntllvlerd ly alble antd rolessetl ehIlelmltst,+tL' ound to hold it; ofalatll a the' vaautable igried.nts ti ita mert celebrated aprint.s in Vlrgihia. The tan iiuttit containsi Itela Sl tlhrettep l il ttogen, SoIl( lte, of alae ntsit, SulphtOtaf I in, Car-i bonate o itlf la Sureal te of Sa,la, Aluriate otf Sodt and Muilbltte f M gnleia," te ihe saltar tttt et tel f wlielh are exhlbited in didetm es ilcldeullt to feihales;nad t Il hr<):l ir afehctiln of thle sat,lnaeh, liver, anwd btt lo ; iln cam eous altetions or diseasea s oftl skill no red inre poatent or emvacimons oau ie l'lbned. Exteansie Ibthit establisln e ulat for both Poxes have eoer ereitedi te ltttiuto tolthe trigs. Visitora can iet all tinter ejo tihe peculiar aalvluatages o their be nig*ahlrl al.ahlletono setesr. lMajor William Vas C will eontitue tile snuprintend. ncen of tit poritg. Ever) exertioatin his purl, lld Ol rth tart of the aprt ietora shall be iendered to iosure or le IlIe SJlptlr a lil eral sare of tIeo puhliC fnat outge. "i'e Iror.;etors of ite Bne Suphittr S1rina, wa t be ihceral n tie remeipt of nartea of tl t tert, 11aui \\ s SIlu.ks which lie u aol sLv ; I,tr prr. ilAlk Slt)NK. &c,. risto Nu1nnteryakf t" Ruoalrios L-;f t l, with an up. peadi lh, qaetilil a rt I t l ew ptilt t.t lel t atedltol part' ! SeQtel of heIr naRtivL.; po. )l, Rl"view oI toile case. Ales, na splenenat, rivine more partolmt at tile NStilnerv and grotllltt, illustrattad Iby a lotl :t ile Nn Ullter·v, An: tai l .llarla lok and the N atet ,of at Hlottl l)ii-i-be ing to aectcot t o hi.i aoiitta tit. Cveta of dtaltlltl and relutain of the "Awful Disclaosre;" by Wl. L. Fouarll raxperinment ofLivLi.g. Liviag witlhout mtana. The StAudent' Inltractnr it Dro luld wtrkihng "The Five orders of Arhiteaturne," fully aexpa ining the amethods for atrikhag argular and quirbed unlhdles; f t dilnisalltng adl glarig oftlaulunts and caplitals; ihr findinn! lile trtet dilate ctran fortlrde to any given hegllt; for striking the hnie Vhltla, circular oreelplical: with finishJed exaulplen, .u i large seale, of the orders, ttheir planeerta, At.; ard inon de.17is for daor cases, lel 6 anlev tl'aaved onlin a rtv-otne platOs, wtillh expaltes--hy Pateti Nilehla., archlitect, author of the " MI chI ic'i Ci.,r naninlC-"Carpeuter's New Guide," "Carient'v"s *lut Jhoier's Assistant," &c. "A Praetital l'realia oat til CulturtP ofSilk," natlpt ied tothta a:il ani climatte of the Uitedrl Statae-by J. Ii. Comstocka secretary of the Ilartlard coultty Silk So ciety, a elditor of theil "Silk Culturiet." "Trle'a Mlaaual, or the art of rainitg iand cediatg silk wortts, anad of culliatiVgti t he M alberry tre:-by M. Marin. The Clerk's Gulid.e, or Commercial Corre.otn hence; Eolnmlrisine. htier af bslaia, sta orlna of bills, invoices, account-salesis,tat1 alhpkeerltrt equatioui of Iaymlents, eolntercitl tortats, &S.--by It. F. Foster. "llitorv af lIthe War it tite Peninalta andl the South of Ftranca frfot the year 1807 to thle aear 1811" by IW. F. P. Napier, C. B., al V:} to which eaereerfixed at awaers to some attaoka it Robiason's Lile of 'ietto, attd in the (i.Ittrterly I.eview; witt counter retnarkas ta Mr. J)udlloy Alllllolln Pernival's remarks upoln sutae palssa g in Caolotanl Napier' fourIth voaluto of thae Pntittlanr War. iJst reejivead iai far alt by m10 ePIl'P:K;AS--II bblba, in store, taor sth by jer'6 4 New I.even. JUGAR-50 hhdla, prime article, for sale by S G DOI{SEY; JL26t 44 New Levee rt)RK--ltl0 tbbl Seas, IPrime and other desreriptitll SFar tsale ic Is.'E'ITsON & AVFRY " ')L9 Il. itrower & Ce. 1 AYEjust ..,eivedlt their Fuorishing Ware-house Nt ,o. 17 Coap rtreet, by recent arrivals hionl Ei odr, anl the North, lIrge additions to their stock of i totl andoranlo enttol ho.sekeerpion articles, which col lectively (they believe) form an assortloent more gener al snd complete titan it to be reoold in an. uslrilaresb-h. ishmellt known; consisting of SILVER WARi:. Coffee sand tea sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, cocdle sticks, e1)s, tumblers aid goblets: table and tdesert forks; table, desert anil te spoons; marrow and crarv, or rt - gout spoonsl; ugar tongs; Sugar, sallce an soup ladles; il1ter, fruit, puddling nod fish knivet; pickle and ol ert knives andl forks, n:,pkhis, rings, Ic. principally firot the eanlatoory of Mr I. oGarlhier, otf New York, whose long establishled reputation for the manufacture of silver ware is sulticient guarrautee of its superior iquality. PLATEDI WARE OF SIIEFFIELI) AND BIR MINGHAM. Ten and colree orn, tea setts; eastors, liquor and col dlinl stands; setperh candlehras, and Epergaes with mnir ror plateaux, for centre ofi tie dlinner or sulpper tolile; waters rollnd and oblonll, fromt 8 to 12 inches; beef. steak :and vegetable disllcs; rich dish covers; colke and bread haskets; deenter standst; mantle and chmlber candlesticks; wine strilners; coolers anll SYphons; decan ter labels, claret corks, tea strniners, table bells, ten, t.t ble, egg anil Imnu'trd spoons; egg boilers and istlids toast races, kc. SILVER ON STEEL WARE. Table and desert kltves, forks anti spoonls; soup and sauce ladles; houtter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as paorags tongs, vegetalle forks, etc. JAIPANNIERY. ilne Gothic Snolo ich antd round corlle waiters, il setts and single, from 8 to 31 inches; do of papier matche; bread(, cheese, and knife trays ; large upright plate wctmeers; spice, lglr ancl cash hoxes; ln-essig Catles; Inldia tea tabies in neots, catdles t anld of rick tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assor'tmunt, among wmle re Astral lamps, all bronzed and gilt, andi of riitch coil glonss mantle l ticps ino, do, elch pl;iit od with glass plrisnls; vtrt s leolid cut glass do ; bronzedl ai.l Japaned silu or tratckl camps. CHIANIIEI'l1ERS AND IIANI:iNG LAMPS. English and French iclt tglass clhandelliers or l'eitres of 8, tIl, 15, I,20 1 d '24 ligfits; FIrench bronzed and gilt Grecian lamps, 3, 4 and I lights; hall lamps Ind lan tersI rich lbronze boat or centre Inps for drlawing ronis, tfrotn 1 to 6 ligHts, llllltt shaIi.shades, glassesallll wicks. MANTlIE CLOCIKS, CANI)LEBIRAS AND) V; AS E'S. Bronzrd and marble; bronzly' ialo gill, uad all glth, with fixtooes, etc; counting hro and kitchenhc, cl.oks; illrolllze inklondls, ergugr ilo; ipaperi weigols, the i'im - ecs, cmool rckso, einnll.slichks IIl'. CIIINA WVAItE thl{ Plrtllttl,.xlN. [Enlish and French dining descrt, te r11 i l'r c, r vines nof phei; white, gold edge, aml very rich 1a: wy sltylr ; s -le .lid toilet stlI1s; .ltr i S' nd io tilk pi ltchers, iot" le v-qs ; .imeit'Y lll In( racks awl bI:t s .U I FE l, I'I it .,N W \ . It I:. I (lio ;'Id.', i'rle t, lt co'l:t',t:Io kl', .io slo 1 slllpper rsels; ito i., |t on t A s (.:l ootio ci a dint ' netts, Ik' ntertl 0, 0it'0.v : .la et r nd a 'tle a t . hock d'' :anlhes; bowls, tishr, niler tas.s, snlt ,nt;:; d s, bowls, bliit'iitrlts, Oinner havont , ot Imblocs, wii', c oilinpatigti, caeot, c til hol, IhnnnT anojell' -patt; tinoe coloredt hook ;h:, ce. A-,,o. .'mhloco ohOr to'. I ci'.ci 11c" ; I 'cI c.'I I Y. Iiti' i c\. i LA ot'er :;'o,!s t !f iN tnd hbuck Iau Ile ga g ;caros ;rslo n lice forr.; :Iiie.I, v, t. Iin ko ve, m it et ':,t k k a n d I a, L t ;o i r r :'I :1to ' ', f 'ot 'k '0 , " . , ; i , IIT'lill T'A\I.1 N1 ) H111 ;I T'IoN \\Alo'. . tI ' u t toile sett , m ni s, Will y I a :.l l,.dle-;I , dis s " t h c.roi t'" o ilks.-on.s ds It loe ;to.oi- o l ' Not ic, il fctoto'r, o0 ltic Oil oltS I with iheaers, e iog billi lllr, . lIB as sa l wire ti'ohtt.i, brae ,:ivli,,'i;; tt ,l n n e l v I i I hovelso, l :111t o ; u'otc1 . r' boi, l,' n ii . p tcl t , 0 unl'.f i nlt [.:rr SI(h tbrnn s, u il - fII ,. I I, iu l' 1 amI.r, l itanlls, gat iool.ttalnor t rotior ll aor ti s, o KITC tI'.t Fll UR I ,lnl -'l'l'lil- ,, Io , :! in.d iron, til, 'cr c,, ro.lp.r anod , oden wtcei s, i inc , a " el'"ilcti' of atll u -el r' ii iht1 a ( llnu elo li:lrl Inn4;ll. 1, m.t i "s ll a ll'e 'f, lt it I ;i I I'l t 31101. l u l ii I" inew. lanos I'r'paer: alt rebvelz:-p de 31 i ' H ilth'I ' 1.te iktft , No. 5,1 'a a'tlill'' ' r, 1, No." Klrlr:tns o'Jt) J{J+ . , t: ''l t il IN .1i ::I 1 1"1111K I l ll 0Fo0000,r ac0 o til o sns t o l 01o ma i ;''i; Por 131 i slt ctin tie soa ios ir moen, 'c h it $11 pgeri saw', o iot. ",2(). A( I r For dolofi l . smc wslll Illthc ws ilae it', liri it. 2 S lpifier saw, c eof4c' 0 pt n i d IFor do .iofiottl, oln, i orto saws, ' n giho, crilcem p& "sic, I iii; 1; I to 1 0 ll tl1', Iittli1i1iiiliti o', lic etlit itc, h.:t s,.co ] For :o Iotli 'ckll, 1,ih otcrt. Soiott o.oow'hoto nicwt o'tt not oll ito:l ie the , scl;d , .r ohr cci. oln h6 iorde . oft1) si'g, o t .t t', ltcr wsi n s Iot$ ior do. cf l c sawst c llt, iti ,eders, c ,awt s .t: plt ;e r saw, 1h,0 00 FIlrdo. dal sawt' ilt feen t r" , k,) A(Iws o i Y I(~v w$th ixt ola totso w here detinlired, fo tt ders, pplie it lcents lie ; cthe nmi'rler ftc tcet i hiho lo, it equalh I) thit ruinf r o f s:aws. i ih sit of feeter,, it is con till Ier however, illl weaIf iot tw' or tre s ' s of I r lohi. tf irosawsl' w ith fed tr 't) 'c . J1otles in gy olthe lse por towl s of the co ..itton plan sponsible r Wthe alc o( of the ain. A ;in wrigtt w illhie ,eit w I ith the Gi i to po lp ltre .ct - siredhothe charges for whose services will be extra, but Iron ruining gedren also ' e ordered where desired, iton reasonble temos, but will be charteI: extral llioisl Power, ofany description, ca the tintishl on like t'rmt. Sal steai engines can also beordered if' It isldesirable, when plantefs give orders for Gins, lhey silt wiatcom ihy them; gritl their views in regar I sI theairangem fwnt os saws, breasts, brushes, & t. J rtier rlianketer the; others. The root common size rs 9 ol It it:Cher; Ii some wish otem 12 inches. Some ob recut to the inch, while others waen;tll or Is,1 1 tiker ime Soglvi ng e is, f anis a t at em dntere i r wishes, :nilt whe inanutohetoerts can giel them rn enery roks them on the ovh t modern and approvew plan, k,'h ordiT:"erlnc be exiested, from the time it is recIted in the sp dr vight or nine weeks, and tie (inn Uof time placie in the wh the fctor. 'I in ome i for the next crop, all orders on ghl to be in the hands lo Ie. teanethi toursby the birh t otr mi wtdle olf } r exIeh fwrpihandntathe telhlbey n relite in thoeunncing to ik orm" Gin ceh.tnl N. If . The Patent (tight, for any ni of tdoe haino '.r l .'. ing ,.t -1te 1. .ill l .e sol.i on r ...s.b...I. terms.i. STI'Al'E lI lti 'll.l1\NA.--1'irt Judicial Ieiht" r iH]I SI.'T..E O IOt)IItSIANA , To 11 whom Ihbete Ileseut~t nha11l (clllrne, (cretifnIl;:--\V hinrlT.ent W."tliiu l,,:ke i it ue llll huedl at u sale ntlie by the Sthetlilf ofi the patih of rleanirs, ithe pnopi l tr tOereiller laesillel, t lut s an pi td to tleo cl.rk il f to ti ounrt, ill whor- oi,: the e w la o 'stile wnas Ir:ortlerd til o the ith iny or li . Alt e, A. l).t, fe Otr l citi, or d vert i selel~ct ill o e turity tI n ilrtt of lthe legislt:llle l tile t i Sael o .t l,eat itlte i. netfoo tithe fourther assprlllcin of tilrs to lllscniers at judi;ci al tesoe;" ' op ipnove , ti le Ilth olto oi Sl Blrtch, ll:n1. NOW, ltere'l., kllt l .e , tnell e r O11 ., intIereosten herein, Lo e ortr Gteetiie adi li nl ) lhe i .t J adiijlll ile thelo NlSl+lf It-inia.. ane d I7el inhe l an rllllJn in -idp otrint olelrlt, tll ll tt lt 1 o nlN l r, ihlt, tithel or el iln in CtOi tin iho peoi'rlty herrithoteier drlhoedehite, io otttoqetltt.e ef incv innrumlito ithe oh otritlnrtl:ree or jnldteitt of Iheioultt tlnder wtliO:tlllct lthe ael i t Uot e,ie r ea l irl'glllarit. or iligliit in the ppao 4ioe etn aeld eI'le'ti. lertt,t it time, or mllialnllner l itle, or for aln, ollhe"r deflct whtnto p terI th totw CeiPe, witlhill thirtit day.o firoIt the dyil this mnl itionl it tilst invertel it the pulthe iapi.,r w] tihe sfie no oiadesioillld not bln eonuirittl atIit hulltottO. glatel. The aid properlty wna otil by the hIeriff of tite t.n ibh n.bre.uihl oil tie 3:d llav of A iril, A. I). 1;ea, p virtle of a decree of title Ctlenti, rent doll thei tt ie 31 tiny of Mlrcli, A. I). 1838, in a lit eItititlel Williiam Sltl..kU Sota. colrll 41, No. 15,535 ,f the dckeotof thit colrl, at whilch sle alitd \oillii Mlackefy bp lcie the ptll chucer for tihe pi ice otf $3,3il:, eult. lDesecitlion of lrperty nas given inll too Jotlicial Ccn vevance,, vlz: A certlin lot of g teoull, tleetiher with nil tlhe btill nos nllll i, proveAn-lta thereon, itlltted ii tile parts of Orleans, in tile Slllalte bodedl by New Levee, l.ottisa, Paul ttd l)elortl strets, designatled b thle No 9i, ml u phtln Iwn by C. F. Zimpelu . lDeltov Surveyoo leneel, on the ll lil Ic llelleel, 18:Il. anld dtlolitel oas plin No 11l, in the itok of itCln of Felix (iriiol, nlotar phlllliie. Hoiti lot mataur.c '2 fiet II incincf ocilt ei Noew Levee otreet,75 feet inl dleptih oIn tile side adjoiinillg lot Na 3, ald 80 feet 7 inclhes lil i lines in dlepth on tll side tadjUiillig the property now, or lately, helttging to N toodalc, and 19 loot II incltes width in the roar, at here it fronts on an alleC of throe feeool nine ilehas in collolnl to loIts Non 4, 5, 1, 7, 8 and 9. Clerk's OiBce, 11' ' Malt. I 31'. cot ti . EWI8 Irp 'Cltrk. MR. WILlIAMS, OCULIST, LOUISVItI.I:a, JutLY 21. It lhu Ieen matl that I ratt wnav 'enn Louis v ille and(. ollngolther p iees) Ihad nulhI trahck far tie Ni' gar--tllernefor rcolvedt on n ei ' a yV last, trips toCilcinnati, for one day only; I relta rnaed a nnhl ain riget. I h iln to feeptlltht ah na very iprtao t .tli iandh ll as thi, iinstant the Journal , f thhr oily was pt t o 'v hIat , mtlatig, na o nat at great ani mi althre tiang, that l bad m a.tly roanl aRn I' l I, Lt. Sill to eienpe'the etlbCta at IIoBt ItgnllrltiP too tit of doitor Snip, the kniat of the thimble, naliatn A S t , nV retlult, howver ra ltrva n that the titlltie ofth IoIa an'd w'l i apt ieltha I, to l ithe J 1,a, r The fbl tll is "A Iy was en vlor lt t a w tchr nditv1-l.e tie nla l, wlhlo l lhe wIilappeLred, in e I in' eit nel nt 't ttiil atr' a t tl'p, or a liar, fl'nq PII'IV cried oul 'Lte nul ifn n rOl ils' to trti gre :lt d llmay If ihe p citizensl TII v last found outl hia reatl heirnentel' tit n wari a "lara nlld not to be helieved ev w enll spoht kL e t S)(I ce the. trut.ll." The fiaIt i, thii ealltan mllaa t proiriae their 'tltctai. . . t will provt ,of tine all-wieiwriter, i )r. a, ip &Co, il 1 e Joulrllrln . 1 .V)II w l advise th4em111 Ito IIIIVIh. IIIPIII selvt. will a sti alt P llille presa , in order tnt Illel e wlunrferfN (ran( llll a lndinrease olf" tht paper, ai it" wellO loawn, hl ere are al i, nha Feek fir vIr illa hIUt filstaehnd, l of hraer l tve t aithe vea n ers af that h:rti tela. lai rtunlniilittill ' fior (nlililh Si , ii f t e eIle aa l( [th be celebrityr , t atl ,n ntm oa tof ie mlions a f A Inet'ifllr oII~nnl. , al flllr Tlel, ll· Inml r fitl('l as lovers. of snit. 'l'lerea i re thiine will ,(na' ,l'tn lrohl'ad Iv thee ealllrn ) n turallil sa l; I w nlt to rll! a . a I" nt I "ay rely on, thaarr'ae [ will e''k ouIt unh h awl nal mne n s bs)l c eillbr to ilia other jtl1ti'nll ,Itose ..lutmoe l f Iu will not llrat!. false. Their .ls ' stnalO'nellls are too )1| ablet tirest r'la. tio ; ' et I will st ate 1t.a I h. m i l o ttint holhtl. d. T'lmtt I shall m a t hl tat hle at Jtl , 'ia i t Siip & Co(., have sniti ll1 r ta laam er thatenlling lily liit', if I relmn hll tfi ter t hLl lth Ia. I' i f'rnt ti's, I 'hainl l prnr eed t r 'in ainnti, 'or fOllreen(\ da oll|y of whill I \j ih )1l'lll Snip CO, o inafrln the nll iled,il Ihelir olvwn1 i ii llte never fiaitlat brian.rin ti ateltih'l . i & . 4th. That frona (inctinatit I ttallt rnP e, io the P,'alls of ti( Niagara, to o tite llfflo, (ii'fir Snp & (Co. (Inl not take aw y Itm a li,) l tn tl f':;tpI her, nlh t If the ellt s uillllme r il uen ore aughlla t ill tI lllolll l' ilitrtt thr lItla m wPaai('aa l ilit s of IIt et t , e .iti" pn tbal t vp (be 'e than ie arritvest d h'or a G lih -t ast, ) a int h rn ( nlinit t). ( ' ti me r t e . l f o m a k e . I4r nl~srs inllll e , ,(. <hi(li ll e .1111. "rn "o l er Io rtile In )lln, lll' r mn 1nili ill, I t' S a rll- (ad " in lttl t p eh r to te r 'i , "i" I. t'rl 1 I. I woth(, , Sod , 1 C, To t r.e.. i ,o . . .h , , , i ieth b 1. To try to.doth( h.n: an ',:I . ., non. '1 h thre al 1'.r n .i .r Il'ure' i ,, . ", "it" " e rl lita h , t ' u dr eam nt. I altl IIt mln" 1 t s I wo th a i ttI e, ,t. "ltitah 't. ga'' i'tf!er t IaitI itt itt 'art a ln, o u J IVIIIf ,\1'1 1ri[1 11 i i : i, -his , t 1'. S.-t inv t writi I tttt li't, tr h ave h tt inbti,' ir Ih t r In tt'tl tt I -, Nlt,a, Ihvtile, poor t n,'v of' the l tll tlll, n l ii. n bleii IIa rr r so+ wIt I le •:t el w' I l to sllfiv, |r tlmt a..s atria'! rh a jte 're, i s lay tet• re, ''I/ith+'' .+hv',"far in. 'T :, :+I ,rslack ,.'th':" l a aiU lilr s t I li' tiett , " 'r ill ti', \r. b ' ,t'I., t,:-I,. "i. rl.1ht of tlhe roil," of" sir rV mlt ofiv ' o" ( bil urr, !l+. ase\ .llI hat' tll si . OW( rrj) 1o , ' I ttlt tc :t ,i, llt' a n li " t r .ti + Cr. It ii r ., h n, i, " 't h 'atv ' l, ',,, I t 'aa t,It , a oratnnaini, d .,ltl ta r. en, ihr lt ],"n,, o, ,+1" rlh, +( n ¢}f'.lrlrl~·, ilff iIli ' l k' tt Il,. w 'f: lrj bx: i-|i i I , i ant'"n' ait inn at' --!0ii 111' with"',! 'Inv moral merit, d " s r r ll ~ 'a', 'tlao l hi, taoleo; aea, ltttt tint'. ] i^t!tiIo slat 1.+ 11 l :l ll. hor' [ bvrl. . , ; l .i l h i n-ll h i s. r knight, if 1" ri l. I 'lt'"nit m 't', II l : i t ,it I i I aitre rt lit "r ala r. the k i;lt ett f,,. a Jn . hillltatt'. bias ot w,, h, kll l 'l is ye't not ll ' t I"l[i . :u I ;,W e Ill' olnil'll t's pirolita hrai., tat' aoilihs !,rsta ,' : ltaia h, i ona i f tic i iliatal" it l! . i h' . I ,Ia, tin Ia aa a , h t i+a t til i n ii ",l' tih tlh, a ,,|,.t ilt ellta tiI ta ~as" Itt I t l ol,, r I l ,,it .Ire, 'd ot [ lot,;· tat ,1",:ti1 I tt r. tit in ii. ti h t i 'tl it.tia k I 'ti aa ta tti. t 3' !In,.+ taI:,t oi . S . I l. ll , iz t :t i , t t'c ltvta ltaicJlttt oitiatl .hl. " (ialt t lul l 'u alit, i ti lt I 'aI t til- )p tat', uiari 'aitlll, t (, /'dlllt ar, i ) • t, iuit a. t, 'ap ; tan Ii. I , t a nit +it' : ,hIitaattaia br 'I rtat ann yip'h treJ,,f t s "' ihat n' a i a ia tt( . t, TIth .:.; n , n ,i l t to t l"', I ' ttn rr da llSitin Ilita,"', itaal tat',t aldat in 1 ihr'd"I1 i,'ef V r ll( 1 II('zt \.h it a' k <,ti'$nt at daly a;(1 ,i , ( o ' lia ' t.itia, Tl i lealat ilzl t V It t r olat' t t, 1 in ti , k it 'l'l aa tl aln a ,l riratt ' pn aata tlti'aI* . . r !,e INI. tim hi t i .tta t' l, a lte limtt r, i llle i'- llI llll I ti ' atil" ' a atit ' n li:". t o t, ' t e & 1,it lin , I thel ci ty, I.'11 .I ;I ? e irll ros":..( ', h r ait I t 3 ii Ill [Ill III It I a'tlt i ' tata I+ it ' l+ ( mar''l, l' t. ali f ll' 1 ,,1 ' , s rm .l ) r I'K I r Ii'' I 1top('lllO nsiV. o, le'o ilr. tie\ c t l ' :> ' ,• ti !, 1, l", a C . alae allt. t itvl, ta r t ihe Igre ~ Ill I- I , I' it :tI II ta t' tait far i t hiii"- I llar' + , " w it ,, at' +r, h .+zl h, in ia tlt aolllin ,itt ( in'll 'o"", l l , I"[ 'a le . 'I' ' '' IhI I .'i rlt l l.' , , ,o I h ae d It'll h o i ll 'J'[t o te, !ih llow ( liplr ,," l:lV an llllrl f, dt ,/1 e fir s th a tll who h f ,t ,, m S w ,x'. il r a l lt' vat hIls llllc nlle, hr," i])11 l l " I tilt or twit ii Ill tllt t i aort it ti l r i i tIr n 1 l it it tat t ie ii 'I tai' I Ir",,n-noI I loos, b ni rlh l te 111 n llo , be l I roIttlrl , ho lt t r ind ll to lid t r lloc .......... 1 f lie .. .. i.. .."Ileir ..... Ie . Ijr , tk++ .nle e t l wh wicth d ty ' aolllllit dtl lldlllila, td t t i lid :hr a iii oo c, sdhth dtv, dr rop. IL" ,t a le .. e ''r Of, tOU mile it . a I. nI it i tic till a i a. ' i'l i ll ti it a l la t ii arlkil 1tta l tile r red n g the niaaap hsnn , i c'ed'.t Itot r I 'a it nlphahe n i t t" thIe or of,'i t T i w ri til o .t'++.,l w villt sde.t.+ t llriht t IT . ltltly w(1 l si / d" IrIt IIIII Ire 'C IJIC IIt .unllt l e S'ray h itn , ("'tlaniita' i t ilta'titi'|t by Iile. dt lhh Idil or 1 I ,/" re' I hi d ltt knianeoliw o u 'i U we th r it, i't till Ill*,l n ot i fv e il le. _1_1- tl~l.,A . +ll'2tb fge t iltllh l~ l. '1 wasl weaki cIIIIIIh t rendl the n 118 of ilt-ehood,11 signe~d S., whichl deserv~e nlothing bult my s ~ilent Icon tmaljl. Ilad Ikno'n Pa1nt vcl'l'eao the a rcaf i~ttportance rt A S 4, I shouldjhave trealted th last of the, tIreesoim what dill :rrntly bIlot alet tlooltl,. Itwll.aahoaeve comltpliment chis o~irr of the , oornal, for s sags itv attapi aalbdt oihlaattdli uit altiai, Iain rertath jamv kilatwobrds a pat, oIa talve, i tha. I., orc th hoieas'aI hat nus aithi aa.tur. II. A. it.S. atarui n and, if I utu y~lvjudge t a IoIIn tin e exce lllent paper, till A anietiacr, 1rl. Jlll sinti lle N to ( ll .41 lS, o call,, in c u I Whenauv iratnui n r*riI7EN Tr or il iell, ntlaaaa) reqiroi es it bliTte w ettaoil hi hf'l anl 'o r or nn the repnmti-'thoswho no ho11o111 p A sieato -leW.c aIlmlla, b nlikelar fallhm, ( (tich mt bita gralt. Auifaltuc)the~ndfrait a~,laa iAp ruoItsB itilla afteraI8 it notlhing moo than if it was IN, lla IA,'atcns orutAinklS.-Aytanana yetto viit it doIllo Na-ln (tar looks well; but with all iiI. 1). A. S. S. ftr it, upprare byt" (I'Ra I II a Itanto. jetP cor Corn it Ion and Al agr u "rintlr. ata onl the nnsemnlnt story of the 'linae Arnrri aa can Office, two doorsl froml St. Chrarlrp'l'lle oleo. A fist rote stood for. (:nfFFe Irool se. Apply t o1 1\ NAILS.-A prime assortment of T 'ttt Na.ils Too, to2 'N, ror sleh I CIIASI: & rIXEI', tlll ('nstain I100r rt·or MILES' COI1POUSUN I'XTIIIACT OF TOM ATO. R StRTI'TE F~n CALOIPL T IE doct ine nlom atd with .much assurance by ma- llliy emlp iries of the present lany, rhtoeI !licine will c'llle all d isease, is ieot, antuever eau hI, tr'ue; antit he whot asserts it, is cithler at fool or atil im-l postoI'lr. lllt it is a thet demontstrale by exlerielle, that combiattiozns of miie.dicilne may he fnl;ioe(d firom tIhe VEnt'rA.HLE KINIIDOM, that Will a;ct so IlnivC.r.4alyl v eoi the s stemI, hen taken seasoabl, :tlnd in jludileiousplro portiot ,tns to cee,ie tt ie cases otlt olf tent, all diseases within the reacth :llold power Of tlny:dieile FItroII ttE welly klotl ii :uI estayllishe d 'ptllttinll o Ctlomel, it has tt liy g )Iyttti e\llyoed Ie l CIei ,iri ialndl sciltiiC IphysB;Cicili, a1s ole oL" the most .lllm 'ful ige~ts tor the rioval of dise. l Itfy ihe toi-ir, rtl IltOst evey y land has eIIy e ItltgeI with t .tre n , Illlt tilr altlhorts clild as sPlecilies itt ler)y listaySe ilci dent It} tollt Iltliehum liaunily. The foil) of telsPe iier'll sionls nllelle nlo commenl('ll, flthe lli'Rtle chrnmieal ilV(·Stl lgatill has shon, that the jsIef l nlst tll" ih P:Cueeas, C:atholicons, ke. which IhaVe bretle trml'lpn tltlted hCforte the comnllllity, with so millch ee:,hllnlll is (e;ellel, or Illercllry in solnv -lem. Not, if this iote.llt artiele e nl'll ilnlthei l f i)l'lthe most killulplhi sIenusllll (quleInt ly exerts onin hlen~ce oin the' humanu system nl m etrtcetn, ani eititly beyoy thLt yyllitrol oIrets nliemill ihye g Ieh, colnstlitutioii, a t brli etil. otl i mtl e oIlt y .e, p i ast iill dteath, what itesuh shouhl be e ctltd when bs e thrilltll I the iyt norlt:lt t l 'ltt i IiI theill l y tli ll. l nll ietil lli s ntk, e draoi ioln r lete toet witt otlle sett l Islit ll Itle 'slpel ic' dellinil tat ilo l swl tile uIllilts of tih livhng.. Iulnttle Physeicians lte lort the stIl eitt leslttlt!it IIuIIot tt.etIlt. Iill.tlCt's llltlM Ii hlow. e eet ,yhlet.e irtitle tllt t .will rol)ttt a torpid litvr>, I111e1oe iii lll, ut lilet ill itlre atllon title whle etUlllllr sfit, anllid it Illring indispIen(.li) . nrce(Isisa to do 0 li Is, they lltl hs urise, Inotwitlstanlling tlhe elil clln llt;llllee s which ft hilw. Thtey have lon.. deir·hll aind snoughlt n nrtlicle thnt wonlie etlrol le the nooll etlets of this dtug, ithoul sltitleng the ti.lett to its dleteiou C results. I Such a dveillel'ilttiiml, it is he:licved, hala alt hlengthi IbUeli o!btaiille,' in the neticlte now pr1snteito, the pt lit . The' proierhors of thlis articeh keepidng ill view Ithe fiet, that a wise nioidl benlleio'llt Beiill% hl:t' plaIced whih in tlhe reach of I ltHall, remedies adplted to the thsCnses in cierlt'l to thie cllinlte thiey hihabhit; and knlowhing like wise, tll lotof the idisal2ises ofl" tile South tid m l-ist h i i -rganic or f'uneliot l di adt mntyit el the livero' Ilrecte.d thltir attentionli to thoseas airtilcls which tier more e cialll" on ti2 hilinl. orlti s. A lh1 r o in T, laI d r ol · ul is , a n ld e x ' .e li ie r e s .e a l lc h , t h e y 1iil t. ceedet.Id lin e~xractiniI a suibsllit'te fromit he" TO - \11 ATI, whitl, il is Il culiar ettc t Iltoite thle hitpl ti' of hili rll'y oir:IliSn , tilt2; he:I\t' denl omilnatt'd Ir~plltinr·. Itelli nC t it-lIt htl t i l(vill e ld citle :il (ht lllnltitial restlts of I alonl,] it I illlil t )l!i lit ~ihil tof m tli' hih g ' h e l riadi ll tolll sc'qll'll'"'(~'" 'onlllrii I,. 11:i~t :l'h'ill.. Its liti.. I l tll ililtil b iott iltIh'V.','sl i p'r<' ofr til@ < 1'rl~ll| Ilblelllillg it' ildhll vue(.~l. it i.. litl\ll\'\l~l' "Illil h" (11"Iii1' l8llr l hlt.(l'i'lqll. illi~l exit~b~·lil,).lllal :1it. Ireat pow tr i 'ati,,l ,,l :mhnit tet il h n ' CluliaitrIv :lla:plted i o Iitr::eIunillit oIf hilious hir·,·r . lullll othrler dII l~~iltns it whtith - torllilt o celll tioi of tieli aml illllli ] rOtarl r ircle pret ailii. h is .hlm isEl ill 01 o1 all caist's where) 1 it betily tlll l '-" Ill. the slr)l· tllt,) I ln I r b (wtls. It si~l.ll(.l'lil ,i. iraltl ll exitte.s a quik i healtthy atl o I) " the I (.r ti'll~r ,.lh::latl·LuIIr \lcci'll of1 the011 uhdoilleii l.(i~C ng dlf in'It. ill itl operationll i L pro lth es ai l I'e eirlculatim i he vc- ss is th - tilto ?o Ithe .llunh ncoml i dll)l. L hI a genteI 1,.rs fir.tion. It oihes lot othoulil like' d "iS )~t't IIwI rt.I,,,II i ii, rl.ll ih i ll l): ' t.'·I11 l)b t l·il h gla .:."s dC of,1 lon imt Thg; th.r¢li in temiml.en:wl. te..m'yio:~ 7ti e Il e a.,I l ti ttug ,:lr then tttttt It: i i il ,1' IMt i lenint lItt .i t Ite , th:llkieilk Io'thlllkteI eitY p e ik elt h a u'inm .ith l th < k n o ;wni h tw s oIf Ii , a nd ~ i· tII)h1 i t ldh L oneL2"l athIe O itiltillel(' articles elel' tlin SI ]>i ttlri l iui itil ll IL~ol' \Vt~qlv*l~lrt' Iljlli'i: intllld i5il~(ltl;. i'il~e tilth .q .l'.lll llel, th.cte Ilil ,itsls e l try tirt, tet:cltet.IeCdIt oeti e and ,ttrItt t e th Ill e I tel t ills lia t t t . A.;t ayd t it.']t 0!'1. wol ,iig eattetti t is t ell l iilol te ('Ihcin iiI .tlt ie tlt T l Tl i I ellt: l tlflc l . ti . l ille I ltel, d It1t tely"l l ltoo, iLtI t tllltll tittl( ,I) ill eTta1 tfr t h htdill e,.I·I1~I il Iint l( a~ lllqt . :. li,'lili' , hI ill(' hr u'{l~:~ ~I(·I I i':l~lt lll,(+' Ii:I·I) I it tl'acle l ·ltth' I( I (t·ill·lll. 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Thifs less bel'el r .h ' t i riz dl : l bilt,,itu c:Oll.lll A.C... lalr(,e oIrtion Il i i, i1~ i lr.t,.~. :ll ..L' frolil, of uit',hi/'.li t \t',b, tll I~l~l.(i I / 'ueilll.lnull iln the rzlandular s\ln .Iin This is ec..eiadlh - e . c In the e t .ew t, n M I .l l l'e ., t tle .oulih. lif , ra l~ d?, ii Is y a .:1te. flectual in it,. 1 erallion, an ig-; I the I sltillton tnlblhillll 'eT , cor ubl he1 dieI . . tbr bihlSCliosoml ahns, thi.. woulid umlp{lt..tionalyll be{ atmo()lg i illt he'athy clillana w is c t l i (doths c'l hut n veestyl shold. imlitne illthie a ru lie of ] ' an . :te const.e of ths trhspaet-r in ll ont prouc of i'nli.l ih plrolel S l) i lo t i k of thit , et \1: rla" I imlell ell li.r.s. toulr LII,· trgll'oil%.ucll)lht ·laCTe nl comaint I uisad witht n. .'t rious an~d lastin vil tJ .upon. the sys tran, grouter ' l,'ss, necording to. the (quantitie.s take,:l and the f'requencty of its u.'. and thie c.onstitution of the patient.. 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('ham' rafi 'ilil Ju l Ier, June ll h, 18i 3 -No. 10,tl f 1.-Julr os l'ltie le. l lcred'itors.-- p nl reI dilg anl d filing Ihue pelitihn c lrt oli Snthurdai the 7lh (ill ofl . 1lull,, why he shultd I t 1 11 h.Ir 'lllneitd nr Uc lrIugl to IllTw; i d i i l ith auitilor all procewlshgs agruist his pter:on and ilt (lerk's )lhce, New Orleans, .Iona I, "18. I i p r in itrois et t la vili l de ll Nol velle Or lean S.-lresrnt I'l hn. m Chufrl . lf uril jrl l 1jin, I'13ltl.--\, li, 1.-Jl.c u, s )otier '.o'n e sOs S Xur f.--- ii', leciu + ot ellegiatcmnnt ie [vin etiti'n et u ,.sll\h dul li +, B'eltte ',ti , 11 t tih-p -f pair l nol ne i l tintle , (.tltieros ,e I Iml. ,d e Ithlw ar.v, ir letir rid. en c et, a,, 'd t e jpullet, IX I;r l , polriu il ne s.r-ait paint d ch .ifi' conform nlllII t i In lo1, et en I lriEu i lreilt-ri Nn lvol l rlm nn-, in ji, f',iri, el Ilaiw A111\ri llR Ari 'l) 'N ' IiIiT, (reml r. r IN . I ) ll.- bbil , J li In I& uIall u jIrAbany, f mrmlmrmrlld Il'lIilrlrrY,. jel3 41 New Iever. E^1Y' ""lr PBIC "" A 11n -Nam rG Sdingron) j hti t iena it, t tI m, a of the above, put up ,f IAYET &i AMIiLUNG, jel2 17 Commerce street. S IN.IEI) O111--1` bhis and 2 vaks hem Linseed: W Oilnow lanhnbg brum ship Nl-hviile, and for ale by JAIVIS & A ,IIREWVS, %V holes .t I" ) Irit't , j. 19 lank All| r 1I.i00 bivt of lts, I e. t qu it froat t I0 t 2.ii; - lot ke-r while Illd, p tre; :GOit dIo een oaMint, in "5 i tr. ko,.s;1 I Ioa, r !+t rl l- t , terl+ie ;.;ltlll lit lilhru.,; Ut; doz splendid 110000 ground bruhe lte..l. all' fl000 aruld 01100 do; it ,uos cr(.oell P n in Ipowder; sIperior article do dol a h us; o a l 0 -n ot hn t o ,.o totol to f eQI ver size all Igaol Sly I !abi p-not Ifta. artli ttit flat mirkit - Ip re ,i bIa itt'd l, with all . .ecetS ry tbt'uth-; 'l:lk anid in' nity' whit-e; (i0 icks g ld lenr; w.hit,' . -.., fra d tatat tret ail, t h Imv t pricest un' .. llow wax m nrabig nti a tluoro td chioe uls by 11ONIIL: I.1, 120 5,8 L',mp Pt.t. T 'I0tri, 'lt.b I L"1. IEW' EDITIO.Y 01' TII'l CIVI CODI) OP L Oa UItS'.i ..'I. T hal. beoen folr tt lllo e itol d ll known to the pu hl that ltlh1 nab nhe'rt.r rt en lllf l I prl'lnp r int fri t re-" l'C.- :s new e'ditilon f the n.o.ouiie a ('ivd (l'oll' - Crhe w er,. io a th 1f i t tCt Itrt ot l el llle t diilec it a ttd it ns not withott great hesitntion haot they con auterd to the undertaking. But the f l enl iti I, UlInottin. to About three thousand coties and tl l 1h bu cost the State more thnn thirty thoun.nrd dnli -, twos elt , n oy of'pri . .For mor~e than two yco Iap r, th.n u-nml p:ice of the work lhas bteen tr.eIn thirty o li1lt adollarkoa It is n sv.nttm of written rtiles wihill so inneldiaHtely ra t iat very indi t tlh l of the ,t t ate. itro t 't lthllr n n r -icultore oar I.mi tertle .and tt Inch ent erl(IIl thIe dipoosition of ao r iCIl p lroperty comillr n Ill oli oth r slates, lux-ent he abasn, a I: other trrntfse opera f -w-it i t a o t-th t- tet xt-itnk mod mnul of the Iterli at l t hllltilot er, s i t it of the plivaie g.lllll Iltll o t id the It .'ol-- inOt lt l t -lt to tl,. .t. toa e - tael.; t oit thte Oi io 'nd .-lioitiptii titers tlutch "'it, of Ne'w (irie ,it [ihp bnok i= its sole to i.' !imnd Io theI li'hlilt tt lo t it l m Itoli n r ool tilu n h t e d 1,.1 , or ti' e table o .f t t Ilat lilll-rney. It is net stolprl-iie i tcror t to tho- e tfirst editi' n of'the worl wn so qui k 1 disporlst II ofih ll u hilollllIh it lInca+ rleprint of it wh lll h in ,.none Ine; ltllb.P ,l 1 and ' l lhllcsn ii e i unle issmniy rta h .\ill reh.liclb(· l le t I i.,, lt' Ilil'tP1 an1( , wlrtttHP-, ili ortel1 h 0111 'YI('" IO e manll rl' Illl -lowlife l lll all ve b, ll lhd o Ie y thill I.otd ehl rv, ul tl h imlll llnt ,h'ci-lal, Illl I'll l liml whl· hel h he*1 u .ziei give tn iup in mn vty its a- tticlesIl h ilt tl, 'i ltotrt. The rs hae se'ma ed, for te e.n,.raal super. illll tll'l ' llll lllllI d rm nni liln t o the wa l k, the prnfeI sinnl: rl \olvirrs f 1l hc.lnck S. I'l. on, E , -h'q. It I Glll rr nt' New ((rhmin Th e. Ilan. Jde : lIttll ar a..l l iaran lds, iand l h to t1a1r, lot.list- , Shove eli h lildily, a i L t ptItol i lh ilthe v' luable otoa;a ll ,,l.l t ihe, toi 'ollctoed in t ol . 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The .. to i.. w.all b. oont t' d I I' ro nto i :ao 111,:0 l;oh. e1< m a.rl '" 1 al t 'a r ti o tot a n ioenor to il o on .te I' ' e m eas t."i lpa.d tl ' a .l i t l ';o inv Intho oao t Ie 'tli, rt t It i, .u w th i, T'-e, lI tl e o I. t 4t1t.b hoev h.r iI /l l'+ti,'rlioTa.a," ilr thea i U ilb i 'Il-ei Iplr ntoth tnd Ih, plo i', I Ia , I to -ti t l.' ,o ce -li llrl,,n i - it Illt l, r n rattl it th boa t It'.11 - 1.-lo .-o1,tototofil t I Tollh 'bo iti,-"o.ols tt, m li:' toot to llolt-ot l o oot o It, Ihe I otlltt 0v t nllto o t . [ oltuii-intro nud \ w Ylkii n f' Iit ,soill ol' . 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En PIN u~irr Front ilobil (Altbama) to AugIIta D.nOJ Ii l'X( '141 iiC U' s1 o eth r Lilu, ena'he l t lhee = ia le a riano, Chl s anhe r.i f Iora ,uw(re-th s, M r t ,+ r t~.lllllam at .;Et+.luE o1 I +~krlr, a+ 11.,lle+in !PI.I, I'rlzll st ,:tlnlbl.n: ls ( i, t S~: llOl;,l.l ', 1 1 oI::·( I (0 tlbtl tt+[l :I)1I ].lot:.C t\ +cti. {lsis.'ra (:1111 |+.I'+ ., 1.O ·I·, Il~u.', € :I t-ltll~ qemc n jn,) I lin ininhige, ia . t Alg'iuis, t ,IiA r ivdi takirs tl a I, Ii1. 0r .......'" " II\ l natd,,lle.n ll ri~l:t , .... . /I v~s~ ,k ..... +! .... I-·,uLI. ie is in I daigi; I t' being, tlhro o;t ,r losinghi arriv~lat AuguRlstal in tile 'sl ecilr ed, thr' h all w ath r l ' sn t ia n .ii:; I, Is'lll( r 111115( llll 11)·11 911 11-t lllr tl li t'Ir sh 'l i'C .t hi, - '1t ,s' i ( sllt l"I'' 'IO' t llos 'i is is t':tl'l'il~ll I ++ thlis I 'sUIP. 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T, lE. hi..r\ i ll' ( .-lI rll ler (N"r l 'i 'L'IL SN tr 1:1( I' hll' I, hc ' .vrn . d l r is'! , and lon aritilrwar ilar I siis e i'c It t '' st i d ther r t e tonl a'dI'i "i s i h i" ' lo''l hr I's '"trl ' he s , hil s I'' - giss, isilss'" Il d r I sa 1 .lIii i n i i i' 5 1'" ' s il l \+.:t.l. t'rlllt [Il'lml.T t(.:'1, 'CJI];' ic('.1+.II' 1h1!+' iltl (lliq' :4tll/l·Il O (IAlIN -t' ou I u ssssi iiiits ii.n |lll ++' | \ stli~l"¢- ,a..ed1 \l]+iol:11.l It tlF\ litll'Y··'Tll [III S51 I T''ll !'. TAt 1)'l ilt L Il IIAI i) IN--A ( t for" ' htv nris t e hle r'Ii IIIn I j is1t iI I\I1 ,I' ) I r n c 1 I . u ; r 11N i l. _; I+1 )1 l~ ir" JIII IIXV I',PI·I: l. L 'n1hff 1",nt +1 Li' IrSlll l i t i i~ls; I'-CIil.iiii'i i II II1. I1( lit lll~ ,.<11'l i lij 5555.li55lilllt 1I h ll ti t 1-:1lllf(· r I huh i'. 'Ii' 'i ' ii\, .'iii I II i, " I". 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" qll llou ra but a geir rovtit n ,t sli~t ti tl 1P ltrail' poe t' ts k roi nal' ll ie t l onll th de tla, 1 i+ n limt rophe [i I' ] .€ *t. i. letl t in i(.+t Ai l tl I ul' nn ('t r 71 a tlle l ti ¢ l la r i e \Cls t iP p le t1 l, for iant r)n ang .ole t d Ii''11 ;h'il deh i ol,+.11 tc trolsn p'+tt1;leds t 1'e ploue It, I.~U' ' ! .,:e L u i t' tIklb, parIlki tj n.i a t+'e +' hl. i'tltI I.;*dlm |)ln~ll'.~tl' h t e+tch ' |n 'ele ndha t'i' d . ge t h ]0mtiltro ,hel do ,in: ls l. pr l~Cit so s 121t ied tli 11 1111 dt+la acCles( ttl 4 d.l ll. l orruhnl * u4)linl h Jalt l I('Ile t d llni t ' .. l;aut rc inh.]tl1' sep t ll'dls li)1 punces e.t uttl (re, nh ,i eme, l ur, l ignel ),r ttl im~ it ,, op ~ rhe d l,,n tll 5.tii )ele .itov e l't su .|ituat6e se |.r, h+ed g tlm .Rr po uc i- e pcirbuti n I'te t , ,.la e !( o neer. n s [in ptl'an h tdres (:ll ii( . It'll , e 1soter s.o in u h' , Cle .st'. +t llot. A. Af. uh anan,.qt Juge delll. l at tl Cou (ri |.s (l'ite , i. if ,I']rihl. l's l. ? '''...,.iIi 'i.i IMal] lt i jl'. h|ll.A N , aptt 21n l~lX I~l+ .ll~i li l. ll I llp. G rllit r.ll'' i I'A l : i ll i O I I 'i t I A i Al' r . - . t I u . e r rilt t iJA1 l .inl ' r r1 MorlT e (, A IA I& I a),( to l A ".Atius p' G e q T (Ar I tinea or ie r dst, tan iary iml l er. rrfn lr I ml n -i ' t 11.1e f ro r rne rIItI rit, trirnl Til , : nm t nlrlt It,. 'r i ile' hri IIItr e Ili I em i'e f l ha .r:lonte n t e rSl uh . u. aro i n ve t lu l e1 t ,, tr 'f r out . .hhah . t l i Te lfia tI o ,L( t "IIe r ll , ,r . is lll ni P 1. lies, "Ullar t I< II) \l:tl + a lehr . t(I Cll-(ri h tIlt llohn ie Ion,-i I th't ildl,i· , 1 m d l ·,in 1have , s t -rIndu LoIII+ui ltllr, ito A l lll t ,g ,, lap rkb 1rfi1s' r t hIIi',T d s IlIIr . l I r l r il r r hn ha ng '-,1 h o t l{ 11' U,11 il( Inll' lg ln Ini'.rlt . ' ln' the. r rrrrliiilrr J s'jlnrc ir r in J err lil ii. A t LNEtI ot rr niI i rrel, wllnrir t I l n tri t, l I. Itl qlI i ree ald a a l6 t I , l m s u IInn i r.ln P I SI t'A I 'ap iir s rt qu'' l liri r .T irot irr lte aoti. toily· IP ramsi, ( a patrrIr ll nr e wr nat criurp a rse - ' u"omn oush , i trta , o(pomit, trre -I Aet nte. -Itt'lll(R CCI~l TBI'. llr ltlllPni ri.) e 'rr rI I,¥'+l I' 1 ' T C s u " c' rblert ' la l ltl r e . mwIIr x11 1,|iv 11n dirom t att o tlil i inr l e l Y.oin r k, ii i a n , il l nl e p, atnlt a lea ng i h l. rrrnrr l aser t werth M re Mai l e i I c<1 1 odruprrgrinr S 1rr.m0anshpa, nh d of ler s t l t"i r orkA made of tihe hl t Ea yp l ian, Itailian, Iirit l ali Ailericrn marble. Also, lMonlmnst. , Tont r snal Gnrev Strene;rsai, muld sled ld pini cillas a s hl larirle i cingls, IeaRlh nd o r1 nar0 ory to , t h.ill r ofn Panr, olCKMan & IHyrrarlie ( 1rmonr i and Plnter. 'rS l "air, tOeth Ieritllh r plrl rdiid ,n rulrr 1I t (Ir lra nri l t:ld, \ . and plin Glrates a.nd Ruisia Iro Grates of the snewet and rlos t pproved patl terr,. lAttering done in the ne,ltt lranner and t. l aireetc notice, . They rav e iret ats wo .rlnelN to t the abo e o work. je5 'AllEiS KAIN &r STROD, Ihrvolirtntnt!` Teyhw i~ at oke I' o11 551 ahoy wolr r k...,ad` it r 'ti oet xmil 5rl ItA S Kt le N& So'-' nI1TR Of 'll' Illt W. Vi Ian.. 2A'AIMIL L. h]3 1" h - h i. nemd * m lenbeaka t io." a, dd I os fi applv .ettie, nrer tran or in r ti e rollew g -= Ivl: I)r;. liyl in Il i f,)l; iliu nd ver an : i ;rt ural.Ii'-, mm ihevlaus iof i mden to matllein; aliduor ' a leu, oftht an ill le f inaei ;let lilaed ptilns oir af in0ou cvi romui nal ilgva femae etttca lian*t ha thr o."t ih e inet ilnga, heaeilhe v gdl tei Inn- r i f aflivlie, nelv'nmave, vinnhvialireOD ...l.iHI inr lva . n. ..etoli' aflcIvion oT all kinds; rheua n.' ime lmhe, rcruets orhi inlemlnlntoryinWtrvouaf IJnr thl rvrs. • vr vy varie. V se ofula, salt ehein. and al ll b ' tICIil 1sbat h[Imors, i·; d i q, ereeflmlpleljlnne flthlllukil; ri-tlm ueiiaei ievht ;vd idailv irriltability m,, n. mI,,tCh.'y, tile sumsa'nr canlnint,maiid tilolerleia mibn11 tht. diictl . in rlnt ni npe p as : liorasd andt clia. hli.r ie ith b.i ber l mi ,oti i a imiiiid pAlpvlintina fll tiilrt ml] hakI esn i o an uct of figlltle CoaititatiO nel fa it itll'leI o :Il o (uilnz itianied CO SiAtitathioa it eithler xe a : Ii lm+l,il nhae not Ihltn In iei mnli.tlv relitved ily inv other ,nml o icles A singluetril of uDr i l Eveanrs' b ledicinae a Wlly t1 e rlopSr, will perod and alh pre ffot..' Iatwill In, th.alire ihe,.ryl· ited aIsn ionivhirn'd in duce mech ith e ccthat. o iil ilerS n hl)ev a iry mlid ulcialDioetiei i, urt . l)irccset iop Inor isi sectnc lleyling tniemn .i lriiertt.h:r lifieiinaciinlt i' niln Jircbnienin,it a'rom l ie ilinfith li the reitih er it i imioible lO lgive llum i,, hl'.itvi thellallsllmi niltiii iemet a nepnlieme. Oin DC I l s li' o. . lleir n elln, nrr ulvards o Of enct000 , fa i ln iii llm is:inr in inn iereer to Irnni.nn peirstni wilntata . IJ anu rt>i A. 1)," 8 i" n s tn . entiel y CJm ure d on I aid min,.iiicinnmid Jiiiiearniii1ilii beeeie Ii -·ii.vtl din v d-.aisn, eeY lir Envasi Oinamhe ila Pill. .i epvIanc)llc " w t'All thel L l IoI:ISl'mANA-lA-iirtinstluei hti. L'o~llt. . trifvleg, s.'Tir, OF 11ISI\NA, To nall weahor I n.d m ·,.urnt ihall eoisme, (isre-thrl:--Whundrea in.its litln,, s .i .lh hf;im-utou l-lls at mnc le nd aln Ith ii' ql r ikrof e in-I vai+. il-I, ).li-lime iinrrert, lien-d illwltt·r IIt.S'il)P II( ilsq Hll~l+lii.( to ilme nlelk Ol tllhisCnul.- i i llne l,. ofiea tle itee f thre h un revordd on tile n ii !.·a . l'Al;i, A. i). lSre , foln mnireiniti nr clnvenijen. mafihtsoooic n velin1 frding Lnm ilmd afihe t. tvii nili l to .iA te i on rile [li.rf iaturnta of lh +I:lu t, of sltniri atl, i lln d on A ct Ier the p r l ell to ele telll I cnil·. " title 8 o inainelsri at jirliciil sAien;ii appralled he11111 ILih nOf alni-i, 18.81. NI LeSc mtherre, anaothll prmonsntalerested ' rin, i n n lin a hernh i ii and ih piv.ahcn lhe llnaenly te Sofaid t 1eeo oisi:,l, oaniallm e Firt mn.ilicial Discliaccl Sll,,r Newo Ecree set ,upany right, title fe claim in ahd T' thcl.i y Ineii nrt ninalmL:cirigtlm, iniese i uene oFIecAl ill" aInllllit t ill I i Ord/.li'mmUrleicijr ijtldgl nllii Of tlhe eoilr t ,..kllr +; hi;.h ,he. alad nnv i~nileni m,) iir'glaeIiiaiy o i in the i : -eccrnli. n anil and .d~erisement.a ill .i tiile, or· I)lltl.a w .l salt., -r Pal :n(1 othtl <lelect vHhatso · 1\-m: J .+ ePle, witlhilur ity"avdfron tel day utie m~tlu 7' firt !l~i..h ~ in th liiitiii inmyt-rs, nhy altll l.mte in.l;lte ihotmhimy !nt ;lilt ti.f:le niii lomologvted. Th,-sai Ipcty van, ail h e bie' h'l'f o he parishT :f, r m es,, . ul elicm ; nlthd i Ml . ch, A .D 1 83 , hy ri , .1 ,tm.flnl.c oI lii un illrEhl il tl'n0h dayle jJ t~lllH . · A . l)+ 1.'.t;1, illl tisuit Pqltitled .|atlle lisa'el I i.7..' vi. ll-;liti Gmrticie, No 15,191 nfltiei+lonketnfat 'nv imt.vIcn otlnnnlo5gi bean I·("o1III. ·:.t hih m sle said .!'mes fIn nellie 51 been 11 iheIi-i mCll ih:eisrfn t-eY Icltnee of cctct-c-fi tc.naliitnvl ' er (l'"clriptnio i in'm,' vvevlvy is iive n in tlne J inil •Ii i ?ea nme, c iz: .A etrtal1:i, rlit~c(, of Iallojv l. l)l? l· Icel of rotlnllt tnetllel+' viiil iiia tihi: uii i-ila l i lhlroi ments hIelonl, lsixhts IlleiviI+.s, cf~r. ther~r rlt i -"nlt llug, or ill snni aiie ati n I)(·r·:)iling'. Siltu;++e ill lthlhrllll i\nlfllnnlei ,Iltins .ahnve tllis city andl nlenstli~: I ll )nt nFlish measrlre, thiree inlldl'ed anaII l tll' -six rG-i·t :uld tt111n'-Pinnihsn on A. l inrna lt o.l thne Inlhlitn. raa - I-n *r.atrlnoe ve, tctete hilnlavevl nlnd siilyi r!uv l'Pet six ii-ch Im fuiln. a miihil m si nual t illCh liint ei (', two hutth'etl al.1 rinI-fie fet uine ing emnsand twr.n-I ighlhlls a inih .,n a limne r'v mtilli oi Old Le en OSl l't..t uniit-striiemte i-c-i'tl'ar. intl i-f- iiLavlewenl~tM i:tlld]tll'E 1"ropcrt'., At tle cr~rlner ot. Oh I.e~ee *Il~tMrlll. si-ne-.tmm t i.'e m,, nigh, deleild nt I iRIhtv-f; :x e i'et : ml, mc iin.h 'ndl 1.1t, gtle Itol"ldary it£1t of saidi 1 1tumt-o'-im- 'i Iltnn liii. -:ah I oI ('lesig t sal'uet'; the:l'e |+or,+lllnK L a Rl'fi RIIlIh.. :,II (lhld~I ex l I~l jYI i.'y th~lre t't:. el,·..-el ill'heS : XllC[ IIl['t'L.C ¢ig 1JLt If m i l ilich oil till'· hotlldII:I1- lil·t' ol1 l~roli* ih1·(h+'+ l11rc,,ertv, ]tz.:lll e tff 1'\lt, lll Ill(' l ci,]tr tw,.llt if' eel CV i ;l~lht ls :lh lnelhl~le o~fil st~+ h.hs ad ftw ,i~ths.,1 e imr it, em,'Ie tInnm anicu hlie m -n i ' liidI hl i, ll r1iieriiy iiam-.tlhI mmfin. ihel iire , cva :ll,1 I\ J·CVi I ,t.Le. ilq~l,:11nd relenfv six h~·li f'our· il cl ea IN~!['~l. it.i nine-,r~ ,.immiteievFn r +llce ie ',laeld in 1i'.,IA mimncni'I imnm nita'e liaci.l mili~en Lnvin 'T "+q.1·., ]'lar:! 'l cih II,:, it i thie mli m .fa n vl 1835. (1m .."i', tnl II" N 8.:dt ,t II.I Allli g I vf18. . P. ..l IIILANC. )el. Clerk. CJI NI. Vft(1ttliN Coeti1~ I Ihttitt of Clv.ip lt utd 9as I,:,rIi;+l-A r,"1 Lain, ante', noel ,,,rat cflllilrtlWI Iennlr d) r.r dtourd n"tar ure f (;onorii1·11(: 1 (ccts, thtilta Ititi i tia tiae' baoik eloi oitF, ocootl -At-b, afli S~.C11n1 0 the huh00n, gravel, sootbutio i, itiolvr 6iil'lii· n1(,Itmheone n ooeotrio to the prblic, t 1, rap, i.,1,l too. t15he tilite ter'to the I Heto lni otretl Iorn, "ito t', irt' tlt, toote th lm t ofthette= , I ' o" Iei 1,ai'n titietto totlittii g tttto a t it c wit to aol("1"1- irilled oh ro pcs nu ritloollnCI, RI1(/ ifb known. The· ittitoiotitoeo'otonge. s'he togK 1:II i'ttttitliit~l'tt Votiittl;i lir tteoittt.( .ltII(OII eob o'Otlih of ,ls credit Iro m the disliklllu e sWrit patients bi llni rly i cos 'tittid tipottloatito. talst, itou n pr0Itin Iin ~t'aulcl 3'n s'~teomah an it' Ig reoitlit tp ioefi cicoct "tro 1W~ t," 1 o it te tifl ll a tiator tt s tge The pr~lhic·ti r bs 1 dl an atilsl tit if the pi'tetoio of eth nlll g thiat tae o 0i l ,,'lirl'' ol illihio w iuthere lt iyte jru mare vonce·nno d land mal useull administered thani i t the pr e ' t1 phlie. lit,., 'Iteit- ohldcO t ltt itit lite - I1Iccll· (ot t: aich are in the highest repave ,0:101111'' thej~ 1r0 A tt Ytitic mii lear1, 1' 1k i , the Sroo to (lie III It', ~, the, I Inplli; lin s of aispr cparatr n increases tie rllicar) it ta u 1a e , producing an operatiio n t rl ulycioo tt mating, :orl~i l -surpassing thHe most Ianglin, ex Hhiisl it Ilnllsr Ill·.+o ao the m ott,' ti fileitic, o+ tl tot f its ol yi to ad~uiuiteted ita~Ptteeoo'eryooit, the r o fId"r t itye ttttlttetttati ettbotooottolly t tar nbn C; dim, ;,se. 'I tie snail eminent play t11sali 8 ito' toun it tIfar f Slt pt1iCS, Ptootte it, osi th the he It, and mill vo w! noecs·, ill *I extensi ve. It wa s a 1'V. tru t Ott t~ "Olt IIt, ttltp' e d ot toDr otnlhtin tot li WOI(oporF \llSI liS O.gtboooe tty ooln.0. venereal :ldi11· nus, :u~d In 11f1F11l N11 Iltlal'nl F l'1lltl r119, ,voa;fo ioo~-e mttiot lttoa'trotitrttht itijoioa laigbn lmltttttoig al~ tatlotan experietoe oft l mom, nbl,;e rlrb lin, POg the oottoflott o that it exp oles tltr 00d ott ttort elu tll iity attott g ltoebilo ttitu othe ,xr eII· Ylll ar~af r. (IP pxed y JIt i'hri,4heu Ilsrila Ipkl il~llcrcl o to Coy'sxmc il~ltee I~~~~nen'ot lmeolte'iol:,tor ot to:S itol~ titooiott tS, s ttstr tittt tiAlt t S itottue, aEdeoflii aitt otty feeblet teo Sort'ittiftor It foe thd Le oiore of In 'a r'ur y t Tate a i:tt ott tiittoo 1 1 ttluth f) or IrvlOat lt Itta No vitt I)it0 tolns, hult mloto tO lomotle, ioto re u notii 11( 1111 otlt o;~ Ilil· POVO ttt)tt rlttionto Clook' Oogtfb pr eel r stgicl tlt 0orrich , that I dosiu hes tate ill i anl~", clog it ltl( (it' the mee t valuable and elfrs (IpUi sr relmi ils -ll aiii'ec to the pubici is ~s, and one i nah ii I, n nl no(telicet (I-ta plto. every to n ne, rwhiels itor dttoetill i ti n lldotitit 01. It~ tttttanot etecoo aley 1l lte g ttitti ItId lto in ldldon mytestiemony to he s oreitttotroottto, (Id n loot r t't r ioulot w ere flirouoto 01110ittil tO~lttliit0tt1 IIt~ t baoooito0lD b10,001)0~ln it ttittil it91 I t'jl ot1, 111( tteetll ample t s'eiit rtoorl t hej laiitt'toiottottttlttitcr~iit btringn 10 it ttlo sojoy oboe. I : it (tOf tt0tt e1a, inn 00 t lb iiirioottit it (00 iiiOtihtF ItSS rgoog tio Guy's 3 mo illto~lttttttoi· tt'tttioto'~e E ooith ottoegm O'itootoi tlet· ai itillltititl (stite ototltotoolhly has ootef theadlg itiem ,rnT )our sn , k it n iivtoliotmp jtoenoist$ thed wats ttieooi'ooo'itisen tho pe oal s ooied thato it. hs Att'll~r ~t (l~tlhtlg Ott1 Pt01t·o.o. t F·(Potop lotert eoptaoa. t itootito he ttu ly e ,pprecl lest. flay IfI(2lr l se. ott' so it itwel ·:ti, 401 1iy (lootol tforeel Fresu Si,- A Conper, P It S P Ii C Sl, E''c. ifie.~n dl e tt ,se 1·fnetibtl Oilder. lmlhlotloihuh.t bastelit eo er) pre1IIr pt ol(· w Hioistl rld h? me, (inning f oundI ;c.c 111 -,lf io dust hound to shoe that I now in my plrr Frotlth'r, ooti t foeobr to) hsintoG'sI pi tt among 1,n) patients, and its llrasV: !nn meca, thug far wil imlae me o ltraevre i it use andI dem i butanactnljusic ad o dns o li myfebleteti mouali eBnaeoaton f tavrtms

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