Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 26, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 26, 1838 Page 1
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BY H. 11. STACY. For (ho Free Press. THE WOMAN'S APOLOGY FOlt DRINKINK TKA. Givo mo, give mo hero my ten ; Liulies' nccinr ! give it me ; Sweet ns the Hummer sips, Or the Jew on bcniuy's I ips. Tea 'lis makes the spirits flow, Tickles tip the heart of Woe, Sets the tongue, enlivens wit, Gives the sweet poetic (it. Tea 'lis makes the churming fair Sprightly, pleasing as they me, What is moro than nil, 'twas Ten, Ten, that set Columbia fice ! P n. PUDDING AND BEANS. Oli 1 rthnt fa there better ihnn pudding and bcansi Nor lurKey ; nor surloiu ; nor minion iiml greeny, Can vie with the honest "old Indian," well done, Well latheicd with 'lasses, ns bright as the sun. 'Twns otir forefathers' dish; in rough limes of yore, When first they "look lodgings," on old Plymouth Biiorc ; The corn for iheir food : ami cold water to drink, Made hearts to resolve, and cool noddles to think 'Tin llm nriill nfllmir enna nn K,,lr.1.,.. .,!!. When the wind whistles loud, anil the kitchen burns Drigat, All inimd the oak table to huddle with "leu. And flourish their trenchers in right jollity. Ah! what snoring succeeds anion; the "old folks" While I he youngsters are slyly whipping ihc yolks Of eggs, newly laid, and when mingled the "pop;" A II hands on the floor, for a reel or a hop. Oh ! pudding anil beans ! the delight nf my youth; When loved all the lovely, with ardor and truth ! When women were true ; and their Imcrs were gay As loosterson bam top and heii3 in the hay. j. u. n. HonRtnr.E Death. An English paper states that an inquest had been held on the body of John M'Lellan. who camo to his death under circumstances of the most shocking description. The body of the unfortunate man presented a spectacle too horrible to describe, the face being entirely eaten away, and tho whole body being one mass of sores. It appeared tho deceased was tho cab driver of a cab and horse, the property of a cab owner at the west end of tho town. One evening he came homo and complained of having a cold. He took some Cruel, and went to bed. On the following day large lumps or swellings began to make their appearance under the jaw and on tho nose, which, as well as tho eyes emit ted a great deal of running. The eyes gradually became worse, and full of holes, and tho nose and jaw broke out into dread, ful sores. Medical aid was called in, but tho gentleman who attended was unable to tell the nature of the disease. Ho was conveyed in a cab to Sir A-tlcy Cooper, who examined him, and pronounced it to be the glanders, caught from r. horse. The deceased's medical Attendant subsequently fell in with his opinion ; but all the reme dies were found of no avail. The unfor tunale man gradually became worse and entirely insensible. In the Fpace of two days his nose fell from his face, and his cyos became like a colander, hoth emitting a thick mucous running. Ho, however, about a quarter of an hour before his death recovered his senses, and stated that he got his death by wiping the horse which was glandered, with his pocket handker. chief, and then incautiusly using tho same to wipe his own nose. Tho jury returned a verdict 'Tliat tho deceased died from glanders accidentally caught from a horse, of which ho was the driver." Hints to Young mechanics The first object of a mechanic, as it should bo that of every one, is to become thoroughly ac quainted with his particular business or calling. We arc too apt to learn our trade or profession by halves to practico It by halves and hence aro compelled to live by halves dio by inches. Study and labor to excel your compote tors, and then you will not fail to command tho patronage of the most discerning and liberal paymasters. Thero is a great vari ety of highly useful knowledge which ap pertains to every branch of business, that maybe acquired by a course of judicious reading. This knowledge, well digested and systematized, constitutes tho ecienco of every occupation. Thus ir yOU aro a carpenter, tho science of architecture fchould be studied with profound attention j if a ship. builder, tho science of navigation and hydrostatics, and the combination of them which will givo tho largest capacity to a vessel with tho least resistanco from tho water, ond the greatest safety in time of danger from tho elements. If you arc a machinist or mill-wright, tho mechanic powers should be well understood ; and if tho machinery is to bo propelled bv steam or water, you should study tho scienco of Hydraulics, anu should havo a perfect Knowtcugo oi tno ciiemica combination of heat and wntor, both in its latent and ac tivo elate, and understand how it happen NOT that it quart of water converted into steam, winch, by a thermometer, is no hotter than boiling water, yet will bring a gallon of water op to tho samo temperature. If you aro n hatter, a dyer, a painter, or a tanner, there is no study so useful as chem istry. Tho fact was known a quarter of a con lury to chemists that gum shellac was in. soluble in water beforo any hatter ever used it to mako watorproof hats. The whole art of giving beautiful nnd durable colors to bodies depends entirely upon lite chemical affinity of such bodies for the col oring material, and the affinity of this lat. tor for the different colored rays of light. We speak undcrlandingly when we say that the tanners and the Public in tho U. States lose millions annually from tho lack of scientific knowledge how best to com bine vegetable tannin with animal gelatin, which is the chemical process of making leather call it by what other names you please. Tliero is a vast amount of knowledge which is now completely useless that ought to bo brought homo to tho -understanding ot every operative in this Republic. Wo love industry and respect all who practise it. Hut labor without study is like a body without a soul. Cultivate and enrich the mind with all useful knowledge, and rest assured that an intelligent understanding will teach tho hands how to earn dollars when tho ignorant cam only cents. AGRICULTURE, "Grains of sand the mountuini make." Maine, with a population less than -100.. 000, last year gave g7G,000 to her citizens engaged in agriculture, out of her public treasury, as a bounty on wheat. A bill was recently introduced into tho Legislature of New-York, appropriating giu.uoo tor the promotion of agriculture and tho household arts. This bill proposes a premium of g500 for the discovery of an efficient remedy for the grain worm, an insect now doing much damage t0 t,e wheat crops in tho north-eastern slates tho formation of a museum containing com plete sets of mincralogical and geological specimens premiums for improved agri cultural implements, nnd superioi crops and last, though not least, it authorizes tho State Board of Agriculture, which it creates, to procure so many copies of the Cultivator," and "Monthly Genesee Far mer, ns there arc common school districts in the State, and furnish one copy of each to each school district, to be used as occa sional class books. Indiana has established a scientifiic and agricultural college. Georgia passed an act ot the last session of her Legislature, to "Incorporate the Board of Agricultural and Rural Economy, of the Stale of Georgia." Massachusetts has undertaken an ao-ri- cultural survey of the Slate; and a nrono- sition was recently submitted to her Leg islature, to give a bounty on wheat. This stale has given a bounty on silk produced by her citizens. The Legislature of Maryland, a few weeks since, had a proposition beforo it to establish a pattern farm and agricultural schools. Maine gives a bounty of 5 cents on each pound of cocoons raised in the slate, and SO cents for each notiml of silk rnin,i i the state. Connecticut gives a bounty of gl for each 100 mulberry trees of five vcars growth, and 50 cents on each pound of reelect sun, the growth of the state. Vermont gives a bounty on silk, of 10 cents on each pound grown in the state. 1 ennsvi.tanu gives a bounty of 20 cents on each pound of cocoons, and 50 cents on each pound of reeled silk, the growth of tno state Tho Congress or the United States propose to give the President tho nnivn, m lease any unappropriated lots in the, District ot Columbia, for the term of ten vears, for tho encouragement of the cultivation of the sugar heel, and tho production of silk. fcliouitl tins policy bo carried out hu ni. State, our citizens will not long continue Bi wreign ureau, and our country will regain her usual prosporily. This is our remedy for tho pressure encourage . duclion. Journal of Productive Industry. iin luoposuion was not only submitted, hut was accepted, and u law paesed iiccordinlv.--Louricr, " ' Rend tho first and third fi left hand and coinmcnclnrr with !twi. the thumb count on tho bent fingers will indicate tho months which contain only thirty days. No mistake. THE GLORY OPCSAR JFRIDAY,OOTOBEU 26, 1838. VERMONT LEGISLATURE. Saturday, Oct. 13. SBNATE. 1 o'clock, p. m. Memorial? ly Mr Bowcn, of inhabi "'" "-y " uowpn, o iniiani- nuns in veo.iiereiii)iu, ngatnu tno tramc in ardent spirits: referred to select comm. Resolutions- Ry Mr Briuna. at.thoriz.ntr tho Sccretarv to nrnn.m Th ..rtmlnrt f 300 copies of tho Governor's Messago "ui'iw u uuvuruur a message junvu, uy mi. unggs, ruiorring me scvera subjects embraced in the Go.'s message to appropriate cnmmiltccs-passscd ; Mr Steele called up tho resolution upon tho table, recommending MondnLmnrnnnnvi table, recommending Monday morning next for the election of a U. S. Snnninr! Mr lll 1 1- . r... .... . nuu.uu ui.iuu n mw preliminary rcmarKs, nun iiioveii in iay i no resolution upon the table. Mr Lnwrnnnn snnL-n in nt.nnsiiinn 10 tllO motion, fnllmvm! Uv Mr Pinrnninl nn to tho motion, followed bv Mr Pinrnnint nn the sain.-: side. Mr Hcbard replied in favor of I bo motion to lay on the table, when the (illation wu3 decided in the affirmative. Renorls-Bv Mr B too on rules a report of the rules of the last session without amendment accepted. Committee on Dills- Messrs. Short and Scam. Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. A resolution from tho Senatn, relative to tho joint rules, was concurred in. Mr Adams of Marlboro' was excused from the committee on the grand list, and Mr Whcclock of Wardsboro' appointed in his place. Mr Wilcv Was PYPIlsnil frnm llm nnmm on the grand list, and Mr Havward of Shaftsbury appointed. Air Havward was excused subsequently, and M;; Gillctt of iv.-nueuuro- nppoinieu in n is j "icq. The chair announced the foiiiUviog ap nointmcnts: Select committee on geologies! survey of uiu uiuiu, mossrs. cjinun ot jfcrkslnre, Elliot, Colby, Beardsley and Winslow. Win. T. Burnhiim, to be officer of tho House, in placo of J. D. Hatch dcclinod.1 Petitions referred A large number touching the sale of ardent spirits tho militia laws -slavery, received and refer red; of inhabitants of Glover, in behalf of Geo. Drew, to select com. of three. Of inhabitants of Brighton, to Gen'l comm. Of A B Hutchinson nnd others, to com. of Elections. Of W. Brown and others, to com. on banks. Of Selectmen ofSandgato, to CGT.I. of Claims. Of inhabitants of Cornwall, acainsl. rnnilnl nnniJimnr-.i I. judiciary com. Of David Gardner 'and oiners, to the Gen'l committee. Resolutions By Mr Fairbanks, referring so much of tho Governor's messago ns relates to capital punishments, to the jndi ciary committee; by Mr Chittenden, re ferring SO mUCh Of tflP Onvnrnnr'a mr.asn.rn as relates to tho militia, to the com. on military atiairs; by Mr. Hopkins, referring so much of the Governor's messago as relates to banks, to the com. on banks; by Mr. Miner, relcrring so much of the Governor's message as relates to Education and a topographical survey of the State, to the com. on Education ; by Mr Sleeper, as to the expediency of restoring the cavalry to their former organization all which were adopted. The Senate came in, and both Houses in joint assembly made the following county appointments. WINDSOR COUNTY. David Pierce, Assistant Reuben Washburn, i Justices. John Pottos. Sheriff. ..hi. uuioiuii, riign isaiiui. John S. Marcy, Judge of Probato for the district of Hartford. Wm. Colston. High Bailiff. ..... ivv u, iiimiuru, Thomas F. Hammond. Judge of Probato for the district nf IVimUnr Ezra Putnam jr., Robert Barker, inspec tors of hops. ADDISON COUNTY. Samuel II. Hollcy, ( Assistant Davis Rich. Justices. Ethan Smith. Sheriff. Wishtman Chapman, bailiff. hi. N. UNrPS. stnln' nltiirnni. Samuel SwifC Judge of Probate for the Strict Of Alllliann district of Addisnn Harvey Munsill, Judge of Probate for tho district of New Haven. Joel Doolittln. T Woostor, commissioners for the jail at ui luwitjuury. John Picmoint. All,nr IT si. -in it Willard, commissioners for the jail at Ver! ORLEANS COUNTY. Alva R. French, ) Assistant John Kimball, ( Justices. Jacob Rates, SlierifT. Elijah G. Strong. High BailifT. Sainunl Slimnnr. Klninc' An. Joseph Wiggins, Judge of probate for i mi uisinci ot urioans. Samuel C. Crnfis, Moodv B. Kimball. Gcn- Worthingtnn. jr. jail commissioners, 1 .1 1 1 1 I ' f 11 UPD inLln. I'. James Salisbury, Samuel H. Ilovev, hop inspectors. ORANGE COUNTY. Lnment Bacon, ShorifT. Abol Underwood, Stales' Altomcv. Will. Ilebard. lu.Un nr ,!..,. e'.i.. - i- T-"b" I'.uuuiu iui uiu district ol Randolph. Win. Spencer, Judge of probato for the district of Bradford. John W. Smith. ITnrru ITnln t CJ, , . ., . '. ""'J WU3UII otoelo, j a 1 1 cninmissionors. eo. &tearns, hop inspector. I'hc ioint nsanmhlv mlinnrnn.1 n ur.i nesday next, 3 o'clock, aftornoon. Tho n;iireu unu i no uoiise adjourned. i3tui a ri'i, ,r . , Monday, Oct. 15. Memorial ia nr, 'i'n.... ..r.i.. "J iviiimj, in uiu jr. aiige County Temporanco Society ; refer red to committco on Temperance Momo. Resolullnnt Tl.. f- ni .i, uy m r uriggs, nsiruciinr - u,,u yaru auu turnisiiiug uol, II U T THE WELFARE or instructing the comintttrn "nn miiitnru i' iv.:.-.,. .. . . .I. , lunuiu nsuurinm nni rnnnrl. 111 , n. - - expenses oi tno present, " ,. t"KSWl military system passed, By Mr Rnnnoy for tho of ngrici.lture, referred to the nn ricu Jturc. ?, ' n!, ivr. ....... .. . I "j " u'vm, oooiisntng capital i",M -ul . muu iwicc am rc erred to 'ho com. on that part of tho Governor' which relates to capital punish- monl. Hy Mr Picrpoint, relating to the Rutlind Rail Road Bank. rrmi comr.ittco on Banks. M. ITnl... I .... .. . . . "-". u t.iucu up tno resolution ns- b,B""k -o"ay, ior tno election of n Sen ntor II the Conirrpsa nf llin rTr.iln.1 Olid t'lO rCSollllinn Wna nmnn.ln.l I... J Moncay and inserting Wednesday, ond so n. nr.,i:.. n t ... io uic taKing ot depositions in cortain cases, rctcrreu to committee on the judici BMfu., Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Player by Rev. Elcazer Smith. The chair announced tho following com mittco on tho petition of inhabitants ol Glover, in behalf of Geo. Drow Messrs. Noycs, Wood of Wcstford, Leonard or Glover. Pelitiom referred Of bank of Caledo- nia, for a iccharler, to com. on banks ; of i iko mvj 'o com. n Ways nnd Moans; ot Joshua Dnlon and others, to committee (i i military affairs ; of Jona. Briggs and S A Willarr", to meniburs from Lamoille co.; of inhabitants of Si Albans Wpstfiird, and sundry oiicr meinorials, to committee on temperance; of inhabitants of Rutland, to committee on sin very; of II II Robinson, to committee of Claims; of inhabitants of Bratllebnro'. nn mntinn nf M . m' ley, and referred to com on Education ; of u lnyior anu .Mtlo lieecliur, to Gen'l com; of Robert Ulonmer and others, to coin ol Claims; of G E Holmes and others, to laud tax com ; of inhabitants of Brattle boro' for a bank, '.o com on banks; of in habitants of Watcrville, to com on military a flairs. Rcsolulinnt. Ru Mr TTnr.1ino f-- .1.. V I ' ""lium, IUI lliu disposal (for ; what the bills will bring,) of a-'i in vmusor unii, received bv the treasurer after some conversation between Messrs Hopkins, Dewev, Field nf W. ond UllllllL'hnm. tlm rnsnlntimt iuna Inl.l nn H. lablc: the resolution was subsequently amended so as merely to authorize the present treasurer to receive those bills from tho late treasurer, and referred to a select com of three. Frnm tho Senate, for a joint assembly on Wednesday morning to elect U S Senntor Iniil nn llm iMn " Tl., Mr Goodale, directing com on military affairs to rnnnrl n I. Ill nl...liol,... : : " ...... uiiunniii llllir IMMI" nicnt lor military fines adopted. By Mr uiuuiuy, atitii .rizing tno auditor to audit and report the neennntci nf tlm n.n'i nr ii, state house. By Mr Goodale. rnisinrr nn inquiry as to the expediency of altering the militia law so as to preyent militia "men from being drawn out of their towns to do military doty adopted. By Mr Miner ossigninir Tuesday morninrr nrvi in nloni auditor in the treasury department adop- ii;u. uy nir iNoycs. as to the expediency of abolishing the ofiioo nf wnnlnn r,r ti state prison adopted. By Mr Gillett, as u uiu c.peuicncy oi preventing justices from signing writs to no out of tho count v. ..jviuu viuu icuiiiibiiiiereu, anu t no rcso- lu(ion adopted. By Mr Fairbanks, raising an enquiry ns to the expediency of rcoe.iliiifr rejected vote reconsidered, and tho rcso -injun j ns iu uiu uxpcuicncy oi repealing t,int Pnrl of" t''o election law which require'? ...o iiiviiiiy in jmris ui me siniuic at town mectinffs adonted. Itv Mr Tnum mi,.i,..n to extending the jurisdiction of' sheriffs mm UJIIMIIUIUH niloptCO. Bills Uv Mr F.Bk. ilimnlinr, tl.n ..o.e.. rcr to credit the town of Waiervillo a cor lain sum. referred to committee of Claims; by Mr Baeheldcr. cxninntinrr tmun niort.. from fine and damage, in certain cases. rcferrC(l " judiciary com ; by Mr Fullam tO O.TV fi A SlinrK.lrnr. n .... forred to com of Claims to niter name of - , j vlllllll MIlll, IU David Winshin. to Gen'l nninmiiinn. mr I'll 11,1111 CQ 1 IC(1 lit) t in rns-n I.ll nn in In . tivo to proceedings of joint assembly, and mnvrwl In nmniwl 1 1, ... . .. " . ... cuuiu eu um 111 rrquire such proceedings to l)e appended to tho journals of the House, and instruction- tho Secretary of Slato to furnish lists o? ap- puiiiiinciiis ior tins purpose. The amend I'uneuu. i Messrs. Hopkins, Field of W. and Brndlcv were appointed select committee on the resolution relative io Windsor bills. Aili. ' cck. r. m. Tho President communicated tho rnnnrl I ' the committee, annointod liv ilm P.n,. w.rJ rr !te SlSi',. cmry. u lvlu To au"nrd rnmmlllnni nn nn : mature business tho Snnntn nillmimn.i aturo business, tho Snnntn nilinnrno, i HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES The select com. on the matter of the wtnusor hills, reported tho farts in tho cafe, accompanied by n resolution, author izing tho present treasurer to rcctivo from uiu mm ir;nsurer g!M in Windsor bills; and tho resolution was adopted. Mr Noyes suggested that many of tho iiiuinuuia wi ro onnnrrpi on rnnimi tons nm iiiuvtu inut uio uouao uo now adjourn, Carried. SENATE. Tuosilav, Oct. 10. Resolutions from tho House, for con. curronco, providing for nettling tho ac counts of tho Into Slnln T rnngnrnr nm fur suttling tlio accounts nf tho Superintendent of tho Stato House llio Senato resolved tOCllllCUr. Bv Mr Ilnbard. rpfnrrinn mi much of tho Governor's Messago as relates in ino suojeet o elections ; passed. By Mr Hubbcll. inslrnrlinir il in rntnmiMnn nn olcctions to make inquiries into the cxpe- uiuiity ui 6u uincuuitig uio law concerning HOME. ,a vuicu ior, sna voted for, shall be designated upon the i..n. ..... ' - wild lands; road and referred to tho rim on land taxes. Bv Mr ttiitrl,l ,. IVZ ,L T, dipin,.P, m' ?C' Ju 10 a T t '"quiro rolatirifT to taking depositions without tho '" " "u -i'V repealing tno act stale, passed. 7?i7 1u Mr q..,!fi , i . ., Bank of Bcnnfngtoi cad t wfco'S " fcrrrdo th comm Upp r n, f n"d rc' K," , - '"uy McMillan, ofGeneral 1."? IQ,cn?r' "?!n& compensation for services rendered the Blatc; referred to tno committee ot claims. Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Kellogg. Petitions referred. nff3 Arn i uieuu, or innooi onts o Uratt rboro". AL Glecd, of inhabitants of Brattlnboro', Al- conimittce on temperance memorials: of tiiius jveyes. reati anu reicrrcd to n solect committee of five; of II B Webster, to com. of claim ; for land tax on We3tmoro, Ripton ond Maidstone, to land tax com ; of inhabitants of Cavendish Ferrisburgh, to com on slavery ; of J Judson and others, to com on grand list. Resolutions. By Mr Richardson, raising an inquiry as to the expediency of reducing the number of active militia, nnd increas ing their pay, also exempting from duty all persons who have held commissions in oth er states for the term nf five vears; by Mr Dinsmore, instructing the judiciary com to inquire into the constitutional power of the legislature to prohibit the manufacture and sale of ardent spirits; by Mr Kellogg, assigning Wednesday morning to elect Surveyor General ; by Mr Bruce, instruct ing the com on temperance memorials to inquire into the expediency of repealing all laws licensing the sale of ardent spirits by smaU measure also, instructing the cmn on Education to inquire into the expedien cy of furni.-hing every school district with a copy of tho Declaration of Independence and the constitutions of Vermont and of the U. States; by Mr Butler, as to the expe diency of taxing tho slate with costs, in ca ses of accused persons not convicted on trial also as to tho expediency of allowing certain artillery companion to maintain their organization; by Mr Noycs, instruct ing the judiciary com to inquire into tho expediency of repealing tho law allowing a review alter one jury trial; by Mr Whe"el er, as to the expediency of providing that highway surveyors ontnr nn iimir iT, r office on the I t of April; by Mr Dilling- iiui.i, iiifirnciing inn com on insolvency to report a bill extending the trustee process ; by Mr Smith of Berlin, as to the expedien cy of restricting tho banks in th-'ir discounts to directors nil which were adopted. Bills. By Mr Huntington, io continue the charter of tho bonk of Vergonncs, re. ferrcd to com on banks; by Mr Wheeler to pay Augustine Clark, referred to com of claims; by Mr Chandler, to repeal the act granting bounty on foxes, referred to Gen com; by Mr IIowo in addition to the list iog acts, referred to judiciary com; by Mr Carpenter, for the relief of Melvin Harris, referred to Gen'l com: by Mr Dewey, in addition to tho acts regulating elections, referred to judiciary com; by Mr Fullam, in addition to act incorporating the Rut land nnd Whitehall rail road company, re ferred to com on roads and canals. The committee appointed to revise tho staluto laws of the state, reported that they had not completed the business assumed them which report was referred to the judiciary com. Tho Governor, through the Secretary of civil and military affairs, communicated to the House the report of the bank ennunis sioners, of which report, together with the report of the bank inspector, 400 copies were ordered to be printed. A communication from the Governor informing the House that the Hon Wm' L. Kittredgc declines the office o first as. sistant judge for the county of Rutland was read. Mr Elliott, nn mntinn nf Mr T i... was excused from tho com uf insolvency, on account of ill health Adj. SENATE. Octoiikh 1G, 2 o'clock r. m. I'ict pursuant to m imirnmnni ivr- Hubbcll from the committee on judiciary . ... 7 . M u.e . l !nflu,rc roIatlvo to " 1 P. l(3S's'nting upon taking de- Posltlons " certain cases, reported that "-soiuwny ia necessary upon mat sub ICCt. lUr- Ktni.i.. .i ... ?a,,,s' 10 w''. "(erred the bill To innnrnnn ll.n r I T!l T ... . r- .u uiuuuun jv.iii aioau liank, iu luritu mill uio same OUL' lit to nass w 111 nmendmcnt. Tho nmentlment hnrrlnn- any stocklio tier or i irof-.tor. niilmr ,vnnt.. or indirectly, at one time, from becoming intlchtctl to the Rank tr nn nmnunt cecding 53,000. Also appending an net clll,inrlinir ll,n I. Ill il. """j" s uiu revision or al teration of any futuro Legislature. On motion ot Mr. l'terpoint tho bill and rc port woro laid upon tho table. A mcssarjo from llm ITnncn l, nr muirui, incir luicrk-, tuat ttiey had passed u joint resolution n.ving upon Wednesday 10 o'clock A. M. for inint iiccn.l.t ... l. o n - -...."; ,w wuivuui uuiiitui ior uio year en suing Senate concurrod. IIr Uriags called up tho Kill to incor porato tho Krnndon Rail Ti nm Until n .) - mii, nun tuado remarks in favor of ilm I. ill nmi plaining its objects. Mr. Ilnlihell moved to lay the hill upon talilo to bo mndo tho order of tho day for Thursday nlHornoon Mr. Itanney spoke against, and tho prop- VOL, XIIJVo. 592 mi osition was withdrawn, and on his call tho Kill and proposed amendments were road. Mr Kriggs moved to amend tho amendment hy striking out 3000 and in serting in lieu thereof 5000. Mr. IIub bell spoko against, and the proposed amendment to tho amendment was with drawn! nnd the amendment as rennrtml htf tho committee was adopted. Tho Senate now considered the bill as in committed of the whole. After making several amendments, on motion of Mr. Hubbcll u was laid upon tho table. Mr Converse, from thn rum. nn Ttsnl. to whom was referred the bill relating to the Rutland Rail Road Bank rnnnrtorl that tho samo ought to pass. On call of -nr. nuubcll tho bill was read and on hta motion laid upon the table. Ky Mr Ranncy a resolution fixing on Tuesday, thn 23d inut.. no timn tn nA. journmcnt of both Houses sine die. On motion oi mr. lirigga laid upon the table. Scnato adjourned. HOUSE. OcTonnn 1G, 2 o'clock p. M. Bill3 introduced P.v Mr. Tlnvion In iIm vide Grand Isle Co. into two Probato districts, referred to .Tnd. Com bv Mr. Keartlslcy in addition to the highway acts, rciurreu io com. on Koads and Uanals. Resolutions offered and adopted by Mr Wardner instructing the com. on Ed. to inquire into the expediency of requiring1 by law an equal distribution of tho public money among school districts -by Mr. Lake instructing tho Jud. Com. to i'nquiro into the expediency of a law to onlnrirn tho jurisdiction of justices m actiona on note and book account. The committee to settle with tho Sun, of Vt. Slate Prison, made their report which was read and referred to tho com. on Ways and Means. The committee on the bill to repeal tho act regulating the practico of physic and surgery, reported that tho same ought to pass road twice and ordered to be en grossed. Tho COm. fin thn llill In ntnnA llm itmn for CarrvillL' into onnrnfinn llm Rutl.-inrl and Whitehall Rail Road Co. mado re port in favor of the passago thereof, which, on motion of Mr. Field of W., was laid on tlic table. Agreeable to resolution, the House proceeded to the election of Auditor of Accounts, when Charles Davis, Esq. wast elected without much opposition. Mr Goodale offered n msnliilinn in. slructing the military com. to inquire into uio expediency ct repealing so much of tho military law as requires the payment of certain sums of thoso scrupulous of bear ing arms adopted. Adjourned. SENATE. Oct, 17th 1838. Secretary read tho Journal nf day. Mr. Converse moved a reconsideration of tho vote of last evening, refusing to concur in the amendment proposed by tho House to the resolution for election of Senator vote reconsidered and tho senato concured in said amendment. Mr. Steele from the commute on Fi nance to whom was refored a resolution relative to taking charge of tho Stato House, reported a bill relating to the of fice and duty of Sargcant at Arms, which was read first and second times and on motion of Mr. Steele laid upon the table. A message from the house, by Mr. Merrill, their clerk, that they had passed a bill repealing an act entitled an act regu lating physic and surgery in which they ask the concurrence of tho senate read first and second times and referred to com mittee on education. Mr. Steele called up the bill relating to office & duty of Sargeant at Arms,tho question being upon its third reading, Mr. Kriggs spoko in favor of tho Bill, Mr. Hcbard mado a few remarks, stating that ho was unprepared to act upon tho bill at present, and moved to lay it upon the table. Mr. Ranncy followed in favor of the motion, and the bill was laid upon tho table. Tho timo having arrived for joint as sembly to elect Surveyor General, tlm Senate repaired to Representatives Hall. On return, Senato Adjourned. HOUSE. Oct. 1 7, 9 o'clock, a. m. Appointments by the Chair Mr. El liot to supply tho placo of Mr. Smith of B. -excused! on tho committooof , j. voncy. Messrs Donsmoro and Minor of M. a com. on bills. Resolutions ofiurcd bv MV. sin. fixing on Tuesday 25th inst. for adjourn tuentof the Legislature. On motion of Mr. Wheeler laid on thn tabln llV Air Pli!.- tendon requesting tho Gov. to appoint tho tho Gib of December as a day of Thanks. giving. On motion of Mr. M innr l nr. the tabic. Kills bv Mr. HnnK-ina In .1.- , ... ,.11,1111,1111 IIIU rendering turnpikes frco was referred to com. on .. and C hv mv i,.n. making Gdlbs the legal standard for a bushel of potatoes, refored to gen. com. -bv Mr. French nf William.. :.. , , --. "It, nil II LI III addition to tho Probato acts relatiti" to assiginenis referred to Jud. com.

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