Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 26, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 26, 1838 Page 3
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FRIDAY MORN I N G, OCTOBER 20. DISTRICT CONVENTION. pThe Whig electors of the Fourth Congressional District arc hereby notified that a Con vention of the freemen of this District will bo holden at Cam bridge on Thursday tho first day of November next, at ten o'clock, A. JM. to make a nom ination of a candidate to rep resent said District in the Con gress of the United States. By request of the Whig del egates of the Fourth District in the Legislature. G BO. W. FOSTER, SAMUEL' ADA MS, JOHN N. I'OMEROY, LEMUEL RICHMOND, 17lli Oct. 1038. District Com. WHIG 3ICI.TING. The Vlii);! of lliis (own ure ivquuird (o meet nt Howard's TO-MORROW evening, 27lli insulin, til 7 o'clock, for die purpose of choosim; delegates lo ilio District Convention on the 1st November. fjC-Vill the Wliigs of the several towns in the District in mum to bciiu iiuenii uuicgnuoiiu iu il,n dinhriifoc convention. It is till-inipoi unit lo have u full nnd hearty expression of the whole district. Onr friend?, we observe sue iiltc.idy mo inc in Franklin County, and we have encouraging indications in oilier quarters Qd-Our columns arc occupied today utmost ex clusively wilh die doings of the Legislature, which will he lound of some interest. A resolution pa"? cd the Senate to adjourn on ihe 30ih instant, but we observe it was laul on Hie lame in Hie iioiifc. Tlie session will doubtless close in nil next week. Senatoh. Hon. Samuel S. l'helps was on Tucsd.iy elected to ihe U. S. Senate, in place of Rlr. Swifl. whose term expiiesou the 4tli Match next. Judge l'helps is man of fine talents second to no man in the state and will doubtless do honor to hiin-rlf and U rnnliinciig. South Cauolina. l.egnin has been defeated in the Charleston diririct by 500 voles fir Holmes the sub treasury candidaie. lieneral 'I hoinpson, Whig, lias been" re electid in the Greenville (lis., trict Ijv over 1000 voles. 'I'liis is a real triumph over Calhoun, the district embracing his home. Many supposed Souih Caiolina was deeded out right to Van liurcn by Calhoun, but there is one exception, if no more. Ohio. Tho news fiom this state is decidedly liadforthe Wliigs altogether of sin unexpected character. It is iitelcrs lo publish the figures lliey don't foot right. The Tory candidate for Governor is eleded by a handsome majority, and we have lost three membcis of Congress. Bond, nvevr, is re-elected. 0 I'ln Whigs hate nobly Iriiunphrd again in JSaltiinoie. At the election thiee weeks ago their majority was only 130, a week or ten days after which, in tin1 choice of Major, they carried the cilv by near 500. The general result of the elections in four or five of the stales is alumt quallv favorable lo each parly the Whigs have gained members of Con gress, while the Tones have Kained Govcmuis. So the Whig for a while must be contented with nut tfainitiir evcrv slate, and expect id ofo some us well ns io sain. The splendid iicliieeinnts of our parly din ing the last Iwo jcars have led us lo look for too much, and fir too easy irioiies. All who suppose the administration is In be easily con,, .nuered ill one or linen, .lie euirgioii-ly mis.. laken. The iipniili1 caiuiul i iiuer ihe niMrttrt of the tuition, backed tip by 100,000 oflico bolileis, without a liciiienilmis .-niggle. Ami an ocimsioii nl teverse in ihe final uli lo victory, may anil will happen. AcciDF.NT. James I'.nker agpil 57, while ad justing si leather band mound the :-li,if( of si wheel, which was then tapidly lewiltinir, iu ihe upper part of one of the building si I llio Tioy lion Wink became Midilcnly entiingled iu the strap, was huiled from the tpol twcnly or thirly feel among ihe rocks, .and taken up senseless, lie ciutited but 2 hours. CANADA. We rejoice to learn that Theller nnd Dodge, two of the political prisoners confined nl Quebec, have made their e.-eapc, and we hope made their way lo the Stales; but of this we sire not quite sine. It appears ilia: they effected the escape by culling ono of the bars of the window, and then scaling the pickets. Three others made their escape into the town, but were retaken. A strict search is kept up for them in the neighbor hood ofQuebcc. A few days since si funeral pro cession was Flopped while the authorities could take a peep into the coffin for the teereani rchhclb, The Ursulino Convent has been rem died, and, ac cording to some accounts, the ladies wein treated rather cavalierly. John Dull is getting himself into trouble no mistake. Il now apppars that Lord Din ham lias changed Itis purpose of passing thiough the Slates on his way lo England. Iln will sail fiuin Quebec on the first of November. This change in his plain has been considered necessary, it is said, both by his Excellency and the Commander of the Forces, Lord has eiteu Sir John Colburn the lull. est authority lo call into sen ice tiny furrc he may deem necrssary for the defence of I lie frontiers and the preservation ol internal ccurily. It is slated that sevcra I battalions of ninvincisil troops arc to be immediately embodied for five jcars seivice, and siulionnl in Ihe disaffected districts along the fiontier. The Montreal Courier says block houses arc lo be erected mound that city. Tioith- e is evidently expected, and il will doubtless come. Tho officers barracks at Cli.unhlv were burned down on die lOih inst. Ensign Carey and another oliicer lost their lives in the ullatr. Episcopal Ouuination. On Wednesday the IT, I. ;, it, n,,,, r 111,,,! ... ' lion in St. Paul's Church. The followim? Gemle men wcro iidmillrd to the llojy Order of Deacont,, by i lie Right Reverend the liisliop of Vermont : Albin K. Putnam, A. IJ., Geoigc P. Hopkins, ullianiet sprngue, A.m., aim vvillarcl r. Uili on, M.D. Heat this. Mr. Saul Bithop has shown nun potatoe, rairPil nt Itirhninii I, weighing two pounds und seven ounces. Sentinel. This'polatoo isn't the thing it's cracked up lo he. Our friend Marshal Rogers of Wesiford who by the way, ha Ihe best honey of tiny man vve know of fins sent us a potatoe that weighs (too pounds and twelve ounces, besides several others ihat weigh two pound eight, ten, and so on. Two pound seven, forsooth I A small potatoe. The Sentinel talks about n pumpkin that weighs 39 lbs. Wo have got si Kunsh ihat weighs CI lbs. unci six others of iho same kidney. I Jut jou will mind, neighbor Wins low, that nono but real whig totvoa produce fiich fruits. M A It II 1 E 1 At Winooski village on Monday evening last, by l ho Rev. J, K. Converse, Mr. John A. Johnson lo Miss Mary N. Wntsoii. In Shorelmm, on llio lOih mat. by Rev. Jnsinh Goodhue, Col. Clark Calender to Miss Elua Wicker of Cornwall. DIED. In Middleburv, on the 18th inei. tho wife of the IIou, Horatio &ymour. Extension of Jail Yard Limits, STATE OF VERMONT, ) l CoUNTV II F ClllTTKNl'EN, RS' S WHEREAS tit a special term of llio County Court lioldon at Burlington, in and for Raid County ofCliittoiidon, on l!to Oil) dny of October, A. I). 1(130, an order was tnndoand issued by llio said Court, in llio words and figures following, lo wil : ll is ordered by tho Court aforesaid that Iho limits of llio Jail Yard in Cliiltoiulon County bo so altered ns tnko in llio Broakwa. lor, now lieing cricicu in mo nay oi uunnur ton, with sufficient room around llio sutnu for tho noiivcnicncy of doing business. And whereas tho full cxtcnl of four squaro miles is now included in tho said jail yard, which is all tli nl is allowed by law j therefore, itis hereby further ordered by tho said.Court that (hero shall bo taken off from tho notlhcily part ofsaid jail yard so much land as llio ad ditional quantity of water in Luko Chntnplain which will bo taken into llio limits of the said jail yard by virtue of lliis order. And wo liereby'apponilJolin .lonnson, l-.sq. of Uurlinglon, lo muko a correct survoy and description of tho land so taken off, nnd of tho sutlaco of tho water lo bo included by llio foregoing order, and lo mako duo return of tho suid survey into llio office of llio Clerk our said Courl ; also lo alter tho plans or maps o( tho Jail Yard now deposited with tho said Clctk, and at llio Jail llouso in said County, in conformity to tho alteration above directed, and to cause tho stono monu ments which have been erected to designate said boundary, to bo so altered and placed as to detioto tho prcsonl boundary as herein be foro directed. And it is hereby further ordered by tho Court aforesaid, that when Iho plans, altered and corrected as aforesaid, and a description of tho said alterations shall bo returned by tho said Johnson into tho Clerk's olfico aforo- suid. il felt all be the dutv of the Clerk to causo tho said description, together with this order, lo bo published iu both llio newspapers print cd in Uurlinglon, thrco weeks successively, at Iho end of which term tho same shall bo and remain Iho limits of tho Jail Yard for the said County of Chittenden. ot unuicnucn. SAMUEL S. PUELPS, ) .VILLIAM WOOD. SJud STEPHEN BYINGTON ) KA.vlUr WIL STEPHEN Now, therefore, I tho said John Johnson, in pursuance of llio foregoing order of court, commenced llio survey at a slake at llio foot of tho bank of tho Lake, in the north lino of Franklin streot, being tho street next north of Colleiro street. Thence N. 8Jo W. 124 chains and 39 links, to a buoy lived in tho Lake thenco S. 8o 35" W. passing about 100 feet oiilsido or west of llio Breakwater, 39 ch'ns 24 links to another buoy in llio Lake. Thonco S. 85o E. 2G chains i)5 links to stake on the bank between the Cove and tho Lake, in the south lino of llio lano or narrow street which extends from tho angle in Shel burn street, near llio brick yard, lo llio lako shoro across tho Cove. Thenco following tho shoro of tho Lako nnttlicrly lo tho place of beginning: containing cighlyninu and two tenths acres, exclusive of what was before within tho limits of the Jail Yard, and which abovo Faid tract of water is annexed lo the said Jail Yard, I then commenced on tho northerly line of said Jail Yard at a stono standing J2 chains 50 links from tho north cast anglo of slid jail yard, and on llio cast side of llio street cxleiiuiiiir Irom tlio lower bttugo over Union River, northerly, through tho town ol Col Chester; thence N.80o W. 101 chains 11 links across Onion River lo a stake iu tho former lino of the Jail Yard; thenco following the lines of thu Jail Yaid as now on record and iu force, except tho piece abovo excludei which contains eighty niuu and two tenths acres, and leaves Iho Jail Yard equal to four squaro miles, ns before. I havo also coused the stone iiiiinuinenls In bo placed on the streets in the lal mention oil line, and also, stones to ho placed al the font of the bank of llio Lake in llio north line 1 1 nf the said Franklin street, and in the nulh line 01 llio lauu ur Miinuw sircui uoovo ineii t totted . and on the bank between the cove and the Lake. Dated at lliirlington, this 13th day ofOcto. ber, A. D. 183!!. JOHN JOHNSON, Surveyor. ST.ATE OF VERMONT,) 1 hereby certify Chittenden County, ss the foregoing to bo a Iriio copy uf tho order of the Judges of C'luUenden County Courl, altering tho lim its nf the Jail Yard in said county, and au- thorising a survey and publication of the same, and also of tho return and survey of tho tame by llio said Johnson in complianco wilh said order. WILLIAM NOBLE, Clerk of Chittenden County Court, INDICTMENT OF THE COMMON .1 A I L . STATE OF VERMONT, To Iho Hor. Chittenden Countv, ss. s orntiie Uu. Court begun and holden at Burlington within and for tho county of Chittenden, on the la.-t Tuesday save one of Augtiot, A. D. 1838: Tho Grand Jurors within nnd for the body of tho cotiniy ol' Chittenden aforesaid, represent to rVie Court, that they have vi-i leu and examined the Common Jail in Burlington, nnd regret to find that it yet remains iho (subject of the same cnmpliiiut which has been made by tho Grand Jurors for some years past. Though kept ns well as ought to bo ex pected, considering its bad construction and dilapidated stale, it is, nevertheless, offensive mid unwholesome. Thu Grnnd Jurors would particularly present to the Cuurt the fad, that thorn ore no separate apartments lor mate and female inmates of tho prison. The rooms originally dusigned for Ihe detention of criminals und those charged with crime, are so dark, damp and (tinker ous to health, that it has been found neces sary at times, lo put such into tho debtors npartnient, thus placing tho unfortunate, tho accused, und tho guilty in immediate association, while confined under the au thority of llio law, Thu state of the prisons in any country, is justly considered a criterion, hy which to judge of llio humanity anil advance in civilization of tho peoplo; but presenting as this Jail does, a melancholy exception to tho evidences of thu progress of civili zation around it, wo might well dread a Judgment rounded upon such criterion here. Prom tho present stnto of public opinion, wo aro happy in fooling assured, that tho barbarous custom of imprisoning for dobt, will bo speedily dono away, nnd no place of confinement bo required for tho honest debtor; and for those accused of crime, or even those convicleil of crime, wo cannot perceive tho propriety of adding to tho horrors of a c.totc and solitary cell, tho darkness, llic dampness, and impurity of a iTOMD. Humanity os wpll tn tho certain cxecu lion of criminal justice) in llio county, call loudly fur a remedy, and hi thu opinion til iho Grand Jurors, llicru is but one tu bo fnuntl, nnd that is, in tho erection of n NEVV JAIL, on nn entirely difTurcnt plan. Tim Grand Jurors iinvn thus nltemptm), briefly, but plainly, to ihschnrgo a duty imposed upon thorn by Ihu laws nf this stato, and their sensn o'l'jtistico nnd human, it y : and thoy trust Hint those, whoso duly il will bo 10 net horctipon, will fearlessly nnd faithfully discharge theirs; that wc may in Iho administration of criminal lnw, nt least be protected from the rupruacli of indicting PUNISHMENT n b v o n b CONVICTION. ALVAN POOTE, Format an. A true copy of record. W. VOULE. OVer. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Grand Isle County, ss. To the Hon. the Supreme Court next to be hnldcn al North Hero, within and for the County of Grand hit, on the 3d Tuesday of January. 11139 rriuE potion of Ann Htitchtns, of North JL Hero, in tho County of Grnnd Isle, and Stnto of Vermont, humbly sheweth unto your hnnnrs, that at North Hero, on the 5th day of February, A. D. I3'2, ehc was Inwlully married to Nathan Iltitclnns, n( said JNortli Hero, by l'helps Cook, Esq Justice ol llio Peace within nnd for sniil county of Grand Isle, nnd Hint from that time to tho first day of June, A. 1). 1035, she lived with llicfnid Nathan in the strict observance of all the duties required by the marriage covenant, when the soul No than, without any provocation or just cause lelt your petitioner, and ever since hath and bltll doth refuse tu live wilh your pcti Honor or perform any of the duties renin red by the marriage covenant. And vour petitioner further sheweth unto your Hon or?, that the said Nathan on llio first day of January, 1830, and before nnd since that lime, did and has committed the crime of adultery ; and your petitioner humbly prays this honorable Court that the bands of matrimony between her and tho said Nathan may be dissolved and a bill of di vorce granted to your potioncr, und your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray. Dated nt North Hero, this 8th day of Obiober, 1830. Ann IIutchins, Uy, P. Hazen, Att'y. jlonlptlier, Oct. 10, 1030. It being made tu appear that the above named petitionee has left the state and cannot be served by the ordinary process of the court, il is therefore ordered that the foregoing petition, together with this order, be published throe weeks successively in tho Uurlinglon Prec Press, printed ut Uur linglon in tho county of Chittenden, tho Inst of which publications tu be al least six weeks previous to the term of said Court to which said petition is oddresfod, and such publication will bo deemed suffi cient notice to the snid pelionoe to appear and make answer to said petition. Given under my hand at Mnutpelier, tin-; 10th day of Oct. 10311. S. S. PHELPS, Judge of the Supreme Court. B.EMOTAL. DOCTOR ATWATER, respectfully informs Ins friends and tho public, that ho has removed lo the new Brick Ihiuie, corner of Cherry nnd fit. I'nnl streets, three doors north of the Epispopal Church. Professional calls promptly an swrrod. hi, !ittnn. Orlnhrr QC 1 838. Apprentice Wanted. A l!OY. from 15 to 17 vears of n.n-n. can havo n siliiaiton ns nil apprentice lo the Cabinet making htiMiie?s, by applying to i lie subscriber. One from the country would bo preferred. D. K. PANGDOHN. Burlington. Oct. Q3. 1838. PAPER HANGINGS. i? tUE subscriber has on hand a good as sorlmcnt of Paper Hangings and is constantly receiving from the Manufacturer and will sell at the manufacturers prices, wholesale and rctnil. EDWARD J. FAY. Church Street. Burlington. Oct. 24. S JNEW GOODS. JUST Received n new ussortinunl of Fall and Winter Goods, consisting of nil tho articles usually kept at a Dry Goods and Dry Grocery Store. Persons wishing to bo suited with their purchases will do well lo call on the sub senbers nt their store, West side of the Court House Square. Hickok & Burlington, Oct. 25. If!30. N. B. Hickok &. Catliu arc daily suit ing customers who have sought tho article they wanted elsewhere in vain. 8. Walker fc Co. Tl AVE for 6ale the lamest Stock of 13 GOODS, over ollorcd by ihem to the public, consisting of Dry Goods, Wet & Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass and Hard Ware, At Wholesale and Retail, most kinds of produce taken in exchango for goods. Oct. 2.1. ESTliA Y. TROKB into JLJ thu cnclos Ure of tho sub scribur of Milton iu the County of Chittenden, mid Stale of Vermont, n small dark bay muro Having n wlntu lelt liiuu loot, with a scar on Iho same, a white stripe, in llio face black mane and a black switch tail, appears lo bo troubled with the heaves, said mare is supposed to bo ubnut seven vcars of ao Tho owner is requested to prove proper!) pay cuurges ami tnko her away. El'HRAIM HOLMES Milton, Oct. 23, 1030. p3v 1TERINO SHAWLS-chouper than IT- ever, by WAIT and TAllOR. A CARD. S. 12 A It f 1 IIOWAltl), OP the Cheap Cash Store, would lio tin. mindful of 0110 of tho first 1) 11 lies lie owes to his very many good friends and acquaintances It no did not most cheerfully acknowledge liia high sense of gratitude lor their Ircqueni recommendations to their neighbors of his establishment, for it Is by such helps that he is sonsible nf tho im provement ho tins made in the wny of Blip, plying and disposing of merchandize, nnd such acknowledgement ho now makes hop ing they will accept it with the same good feeling with which it is offered. C O M M UNICA TION. S. E. Howard now leaves his storo for a few days 111 charge of his nssistants who will he most happy in his nbsenco 011 com mcrcial business, to attend in distributing such nrlicles as tuny bo desired nt tho most favorable prises, nnd as Mr. Howard's stay is tun generally long in New York it is hoped the goods will be taken as soon as convenient o mako room for tho next stock which wc have reason to believe will be good. Geo. II. Vail, ) C. P. Pattison, f L.CFisk, T. M. TmniTs, J Assistants. October 25th, 1838. Goods for the Season.- A PULL and complete assortment nf London, Crnpe, Merino, and Goat's Hair Catnblct, French Merinos, Thibet wool do. Merino Circassians and English Merinos, rich splendid superb satin Uatna sas Tnglionys and Oeleions for Dresses and Cloaks, which for beauty of appearance and elegance have never been surnnsscd by nnv goods over imported into tho U. Slates and just right for the Vermont Trade whoso inhabitants with regard lo propriety and neatness ol'dress arc equal to any in the world, and one of their merchants is HOWARD Of tho Fashionable Fancy Cheap Cash Variety btorc, whose motto is n it always has been, to ba Dp and Doing, Quick and Cheap, Cheap for Cash nnd No Itnprisun tnent for Debt, which enables his customers to buy as good nnd cheap of htm as can be found in any city, town or country Btorc in America. BuH'alo Robes, Lamp Oil, Car Dctings, Paper Hanging, Farwoll's Shoe and Hoots. Family Groceries and TEA of an unequalled quality nt 75 cts. per lb. cot. ton Yarn, Hailing, Wicking, lickings Sheetings, &c. &c. with all mhor Goods Cheap lor Cash at HOWARDS. Oct. 25. 1830. HATS. npilE subscriber having located himself in lltirliuglon, offers for snlu ot the ptand formerly own ed and occupied by Mr. Win. I. Seymour on Pearl street, a good assortment of late tniide hats and will bo happy tu nc cnminodnto the cuttnmers of the Into pro prieior of the eMnblislimcut and Iho public generally with hats of superior quality and l.ishioniiblo sty le on such terms as cannot fail lo be satisfactory to the public. "C A. SEYMOUR. Horl'ngtnn. Oct. 12.1838. CAPS, CAPS. FOirSA LE. 9 rate Odor, superior Fur seal, I- Hnir seal and Muskrut Cap-i. Collars? I'll- Gloves and upuntlotts Six Bales IjiifTnlo Robes Thu public are invited to cull nnd examine, quality und price, and liirinsh themselves with rich and splendid arlicl'-s, at llio lowest prices Cups made lo order at the old bland. 1 carl it. Oct. 25. Wm. I SEYMOUR Stoves ! Cook Stoves ! ! WOOLSON S PATENT COOK 70 YES. l)HE best stove in use of the kind. Just . received No 3 of this description of btoves and for sale at jjJo. Also, No 2, a larger size, nt This kind ot t.tnve is so much valued tnat persons wishing them havo sent to New Hampshire Innn this place and paid -10 there, lor No. 2. to prelerenco to buying any other to bo had in lsurlinetou. Hickok & Catkin. October 25. 1830. .Joseph Jones's Estate. WE The subscribers, having been ap pointed by tho Honorabln the Pro- bate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine nnd nd just ilteclaiins and demands of all persons, llic estate nl Joseph Jones late ot Uiuler iu said District, deceased, represented in. solvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in uflet thereto; and six mouths from the day of tho date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wc do thcrolore hereby give notice llir.l wo will attend to tho business of our nppnmt ment, at thu dwelling ol widow Ruth Jones in Underbill in said District, on tho fust Mondays of November nnd April next, at 10 n'cluck, A. M., on each of said davs. Dated, this 17th day of Oct. A- D.'lC33. JOHN STORY. ) HORACE SPAULDING. Comm rs Just received at Wait &. Ta bor's Cheap Cai Store, 10 bales Heavy Sheet ings. Oct 25 N O T K . TTOUND, iu the street, a low days since X a nolo for four dollars, payable to r tenuis bmith which tho owner may ol) tain by applying at this Office. Oct. 10. UI38. A Room to Let in tho 2d story of Sherman's building, directly over Wait nnil 'I'limoi. Si,..., ...ilol.l.. IVw n nnin or shop of any kind. Inquire of Oct. 10, WAIT St TABOR. IATHROP & FOTWXN "AVE recoived a largo usssurimcul uf jlj. i-atnily Groceries, warranted ol su porior quality, and for ealo cheap, Oct. 3, I03, STATE OF VERMONT. 11Y HIS EXCELLENCY. SILAS H. JENNISON. GOV E R N O R . A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS, Tho Committee appoint ed by the General Assembly to sort nnd count ihn votes given in Iho fourth Congressional District, nn tho first Tucs day of September, A. I) 1030, for a per son to represent this Stato in the Congress of the United Stntes, havo given notice to the chief Magistrate Ihat no person has a majority of all the votes given in ns aforesaid, together with a statement of Iho number ol votes for each candidate as fol lows, to wit: John Smith. 4375 Herrmn Allen. 3905 William P. Briggs, 3G3 Wyllys Lyman, 5 Nathan Smilie, 14 Harry Bradley, 1 Jchial Johns, 1 Charles Stevens, 3 S. II. Jennison, I Samuel Fletcher, t Chittenden & Ilaswcll, 1 John Brown Jr. 1 Joel Allen, 1 Azarinh Corse, 2 S. B. Hnzeltine, I Joseph Cbnfleo, t Dnvid H. Wnlkins, I William N. Briggs, 10 William Briggs, C S. S. Brown, 1 A. G. Tarlton, I Fiancis Davis, 1 Ilensalcor Reed, 1 Stephen Brown, 1 B. S. Miner, 1 Jonas Boutcllo, I T. Poster, t A. Bellow, 1 Joseph Bloke, I Briggs, 1 George W. Foster, 1 Scattering, 12 Joseph Waterman, 1 Augustus Young, 4 Joseph Clark, I Charles Hardy, I Win. J. Hastings, 2 Alva R. French, 1 S. S. Kendall. I Therefore, the Freemen of iho Fourth Congressional District are hereby request ed to meet in their respective towns, at their several plnces of holding Freemen's meetings, and if in any towns, such meet ings havo occasionally been held in differ ent places, at the placo where the Free men s meeting was last held in such town for the election of a Representative to Congress; on llio second Thursday of November next, at ono o'clock afternoon to represent this State in Congress of the United States, which meetings arc to be governed and conducted in all things agreeably to tho requisitions and provisions of the law in such cases made and provi ded. r .. .i Given under my hand and the lL. Seal of said State this nine. tecnlh dnv of October, in Ihe yiar of our LORD one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, and ol the Independence of the United States ihe Sixty third. SILAS II. JENISON. By tho Governor, Geo. B Manser. Secretary. New Goods, t5' Cheap Goods. THE subscriber has just returned from New York wilh n large nnd general assortment of Dry Goods. Dry Groceries, Crockery, China and Glass JVare, which he will sell unusually low for cinh. Butter, or Grey full cloth. Nonr.E Lovely. Burlington. Srpt. 5. 1838. To Wood vJhoppeis. GREEN'S AXES A SUPPLY of the obovo celebroled Axes, j ust received, and for sale by the dozen or single, by the subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. STOVE PIPE. A General assortment of Russia, English und Canada Iron Pipes, kept con stant I v on hand and for sale n! wholesale or retail by W. R. & P. C. VILAS. Oct. 4. Odonlica ! Odontica ! ! The Teeth! The Teeth!! ITT)11, M 1,11 CH COCK'S Magnetic Odon JJL lica. Tho fact is proved, and the most incredulous and doubling aro fully con. voiced, as wo havo llio evidetico from Iho sale of more than 7000 boxes within tho past year, mat tlio Utopian dreams nl tho ak.'liyini.-t aro realized, and a remedy discovered for prescrv- tug lliosu important and ueautilul appendages of tho human system, by the uso of iho Mag. nutic Odontica, which, by its attractive, pun-, lying and strengthening qualities removes all extraneous substances from tho teeth and preserves them in their natural brilliancy, and Iho gums in soundness and beauty. It is as. ncrtaincd from experience, that when used , iho leclh will not decay, but remain till tho latcf t old ago, wilh their natural woar. When thoy aro decaying, ils progress will bo ar rested, and tho teeth preserved and prevented from aching. Ladies and gentlemen of tlio most rcspcctablu churacler aro daily calling, who assure us that beforo thoy commenced using llio Oduntica, their (colli wcro looso and fast going to doeay, their gums spongy and leyorisii.anti mo ureatn lojicu, and alter using this invuluablo powder, in less than ono week their teeth woro firm in their sockets, their gums resumed their health, their breath cor rected, and no money could induco them lo bo without il. All lliis costs iho small sum of fifty cunts. For sale by J. J. H, Peck h Co. only agents in Burlington for llio solo porprictors,A.IIilehcock&Co. Ulica N. Y. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S newly invented SNUFF only 25 cents. IOll tho euro and nbsolulo relief of . cutarrh, dizziness of tho head, weak eves nervous head'aehes, fallen. sickupfs fits, dud infants troubled wilh Iho suulllcs, pciiial shocks of palsy, .tu. For salo by .1. & j, jr. Puck ft Co., only Agunls in Burlington for Iho solo proprietor's A. Hitchcock & Co. Utica N. Y. NEW GOODS. A Great Variety of Now Goods, just received ut tho Now Cash Store moderately cheap, by Sept. 27. WAIT and TABOR. BEGS leave lo in. form h Patrons that ho haa takori Shop two doors Went of J. it J. II. Peck k Co's. Slore.Norlh sido Squaro Collcgo Streot. Whcro miRlmimra will find a ",5u.a, great variety of Ready tnndo Saddles, Harness's, Trunks, Vnlesses, Carpel lings. Pill Hags, Portmanteaus, Cir. cinglcs, halters. Bridles, Martitigils, Sleigh Hells, Whalebone llosetts, Cushions Whips and Lashes,aw such oilier articles as usually con nected wilh his lino of businoss, logolher with a choice selection of Saddlery Hard Ware, of iho latest Importations, all of which will bo sold cheap for cash or Approved Credit, Burlington, Oct, 17, 1S30. Upholslorings and Carriago Trimming; exe cuted wilh neatness and despatch. Ladies Shoes. R! Pairs, composing evorv b'iro JfW and quality of Ladies, Missos and Cliildrcns Shoos, just received and for sale by the subscribers at very reduced prices for cash. Also, Genllcmcns Mnroc co Pump, Moccasins, India Rubber Over Shoes, Fur Lined do.. Fur Lined Wolkirg bhoes. &.c. Sic. LATiinoi1 C( I'otwin. 1 OH Hxe8 Uar Soop. AlJ,J 75 Bags Shot, from No. 0, to 4. 300 Mats Cnssin, for enlo by FoLI.ETT &, BUAIH.EYS. Sept. 24. WANTED. , , IN Exchange lor Goods, a lew hunorpfl ynrds Sheeps Grey cloth and Domes tfc Flannels LATIIROP & POTWIN. Oct. 4. 1030. MILLINER AND DRESS MAKER. 1V2ISS S. BRAY. XT AS commenced tho Fasliionabis Millinary and Dress making business in jQ mo room laioiy oc MgVJcupied by Mr. Bra. WWJi man. 4 donra south of the Bank ot Bur lingtnn; and having nl all limes the la test fashions, invites Ladica from in village or country lo coll. Straw and Leghorn Bonnets cleaned and repaired. Burlington, Church St. ) October 3, 1838. Feathers. THE subscribers will pny tho highest Market price for 500 lbs, Live Goose Feathers, if delivered soon. L a t ii n n p&Potwi . I" '0'5, American Brandy, 3 Pipes Coguiac da 50 bbls American Gin, 2 Pipes Holland do 40 Casks of Wine of various quali ties and prices, for sale by Fo I. LETT & Braim.kvs. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY. THE subscribers have for eals, and art con-uantly manufacturing a variely of Cnn-iisting of COMMON DINING, FANCY FLAGG, and CANE SEAT CURL MAPLE. LA HOE AM) SMALL ROCKING CHAIRS. &c. &c. al Wholesale or Retail. Wc would say to those wishing lo pur chase I hnl thoy will tin well to call and examine Iho quality and price before put cliaMiig e!-ewhere, ns wo are confident wo can sint! them the trouble uf sending tu New York. . 2 L S O On hand, a lot of Livingston's Pulout Funning Mills. NELSON GATES. Church Street, opposite tho old Bunk. Oclnber 4. 1838. N. B. Wanted 10.000 feel 14,2, 21, Hi Curl Maple Boards and Plank. GREAT BARGAINS IN STOVES. HAVING made arrangements for deal, ing more extensively in lliis branch of business than heretofore, wo aro prt pared to show purchasers Cooking Stovw of till the various approved pailorni, to geiher with Parlor, Box. and Canod Plate Stoves of nil sizs. Also 10,000 joints Store Pipo Of Rusiio. English and American Iron. Dumb Stoves, of Rusin and American Iron handsome patterns. Slovo trimmings of evcrv description of Tin, Cupper and"cop per Bottom, and IRON HOLLOW WARE. Wo recommend to purchasers wilh grcnt confidence, on examination of Hi assortment ol Stoves tmd trimmings, be lieving it to ho not only muro cxlnnsiv and complete, but i hut pnrehasor will fmil belttr bargains ihan at any other eslublioh in cn I in iho slate, ' T. F. ,fc W. L. STRONG.

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