Newspaper of True American, November 8, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 8, 1838 Page 1
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PRICE 12g C _ETS_ NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 8, 1838. VOL.-VI No 1799 lar frth tri:-ekly ~ty pe rpaya I B. Brow cr e & CoP. MR . WI II.I (\IPOIJNI) EI'I'iAI'P I .. ... I .. . . .. .............. a II , .M lin ro for tho tri-weeklyiountry prper, paya eanr in lvautce, where no crty rcirernce r gir aIba.riptioe will be ho cdntiniucd uotil arraar aettlet. lucase of di:coatinaunee, one week' r eritang malor nor invarrubly given, previou plirtion of sublscripitn. AocVKrnrlrtni.--')oe dollar prnsquare. for tle firs: naortion, and half that price ,r each siferquhent oqu et a u. ma terial alteration fruo l the original advertiseorent will he clargodan a new one. Y''rrot.c AnacaTnSatas.-ttcrlhanto and 'Pra err, arty doturnr fo Eonglish alone, rnd sixty fdr roth Inn Lagarn } oanks, lnsuruce Offices, nod other similnr puhrlie rotitutiour, fifty dollars ia rtnaliiah only, and tigrtry for btho lanoguoas; Slhip and Stemnbocat Fae rs, or Coumoanioiou oerohatod sixty dollars in English ae, and eighty for both llaogagea. IralOralros, r)ator.*R Noracas, and artielcs eoll the atteutiun of tile puilic to sales or' property, ards of passengers, be neafits , ,& . &,c. will he l.tarrf d sao dollar per square for tire hret insertirrn ao acl Ian gao ,e. Coreurtrcatmons, ar Adverrioemrolts, of any person al nnture, when adm ssible, shall be chargeed double, andr ill adeao A dedur-t a f twentyfite percent, will be made to Auctanerernr e Ffn K afist.g arf Willsranrd Marshals orl saes n t rie .oitats. nliahetd in both languageo, *nd 50 ipr Cnt. in gioglish aaonen: t0 pnr cet.onaas of otaer prirrertY " orl" af the direet line of busineaos of the advertiser, sarch as lefal, auction, ant plants ioll sales, rnawary slaves, stray aaillloaln, cc.& c. will he charged for sapan.toly, and at the ordinary rates. AtrvnnTIStaa TS non t i recified an to time, will be ublished one mnonth, ard chrarged nccorerlogaly. No advertisnevtr ts of tlankruptrcioi will be punhrlishe na y case, ranlesn paid fir previosn to iniaertioa, or ·aayment gririranteed by a responsiaible person in tnwnr. . rt,,at.. aad othnRe plaor...f raa.... nit, .d,,orti.og maily ir tae season, to he chnrn ed.t irfr tungt"ih n oas, and $150 in both lanunages. All raununcements of rranlidnites for political offices ire chlargert doable the price of other advoertise ti:r+ , tihseinerrc Isoa suntoinod Iry newspaper ontrietoa, they rlavce ae Into the iconclsiion thoat tle nane, ofperseora whone accountt havo lint been paidi within nere icoahtl after treenetathnir, shall he made knuw n(to ffr as practicihble) to echi other--thley obli gatinr thesnaelves not tir advelrise or print for such derlinqnaenrt, unless ira case ci ndrance pryanalar. 1Signed) J.C. I)n Sor. ftOMtS J. BAYON, p'. P. tIbA, J. C. PRENDV.RGAST, JOHtN GIBSON, I.U M S IEN. i eely Perac.-We, rho uidcrsie ineil agree to abidle by the hlove conditions, as far as they are applicahlo to r,.+,kl v papers. (:Sigarcd) A. B. IAWRENCR, ,.No sihierilptions arR tinkrn fi~r less tiar 6 crorthr. Leoatorrr nrtirnill co Cea , horie post paid. " PAIN IL.,VIsYfttIT bry ati rutne "of yar in Siriui," in '2 vins- llrcg !irly,ir a inovrel, by rr ontl rrofi"Cec i Hvrl," in'lrols. The Atress of irirdtilrit, rind otlier tatle, hy tire aerither ,if "rTleic Frota sIe,'1 il.r ol . Nilnror'n lmuntlu- ToUnr; interopI eracd rll i characteristic aueodotec, iRailgal andl doiuIgs of nirirtie Mon, iucluding rntices nfiiic irrincipil crock lers ill" I,:nglaull wirlb i nl .tieal eolr nt. anir nrl I'X o ilqlle owhich I lre l a et u, Nin lr~l In~ettes 1 RIricttoirri ,1 r i icils heir llcirc(, tre lariat - "1o "e~ )f a Saill~ 6r".%n.v Oft .. (iiOlnlrillrtticr ji iqitv JIIciiriipcrlnce as a isiitirII mII Eli d ..rlr IdrIicrin., A reytJocl. Stiar, .. i). bOvil tara. -r lan- l rirdth l i . 1,r s lo p li a ll aciiu aiO nhhirail ii l iiq: N ethloca Iq~ : llu, Izr allosc oltll i. B4atcols t+.:F.l - ee rkItVw ii Ire lmri tr a'claiiic ire Stoneln f ! lc . i l culrl Ifa Ac I raI'alllc. t; Jnt: ani onc Vel n l.-,;:, t:l; r'.' Co {e'I; {~ir.+e. Ee r.. foilv S¢,ul~lli ltff. aide irriltlhta !Llbl rIh lir Wi- 5i , e t:i'. ,,le== unrite. ruI rioht pBcrigantine f)hiririnir I. , Flrai,,l",l l~nhv J in,:4 h ll r I idalw; Sarr, lili l icruer ti oir i \ ; lii, ,e IVr cI, i L eeI,,k; Ii 'vun Nrlrl; I rll w, , l,.,,r l t l,.i B lirlt; " LIIII Y ev,.n IPI I. ·II /.'a Ir • l no ., llr r .cire•t* ll ith ,nA l'iuo ll rover rIi, .i "'°4~ I:.lrlti., Iv.,['-;.ii er iuu cI, nrv cu i hdilliiit l r i it, l rrl' t II ro l ( '.ii i dl. icr iii,~ I rI tri,, uric I~a~ln i.i,, '. Flhli tri;l in I i i I.' ile ; Pl~tlo" Vil ; f i tr iii rrAI III: lh 'ir a r uf.lE, [I h'it riir+le;uti Jlliti,; m, lin ai rH ni liclin I *i v1 ';i ViibIi,~.c i-icinlliiiinalt nyI,.n-irnarl, | tiiilil' l(in'iio-lti-i \Viitl., l~v"rii! incurhllui trtilreJI O ,cl+:,t+t+ l,' .iri ,ri icirulic; .1. ccc a,-n *nf+..i I.nUncar ln tnet i... ren to ,it...... ron .....imni.s.,. iilo[. re llt .\.i e la St+r' •iu 'lricii.-trieit. 1 . Coolar't P'rasro. t 'oliecthsn *t ' io. ; , ' P r er e,: e .v ry topi' no ,e, n p try wA oz ninitnn toier ltion, lrriant rlh. u l luth ' h l ln ds, with nl lirls Is .tre Ilhe t. tebar to ttlci i lit n and oi,- i nfint exotori,, The uhnh rele ,t40 ,n'.", >; t, ,,n ,iel++r.' l i lm l Il +' al'+iltt-itt,.tt th" i t I uITP(t to o..t I oor ri tl " e Frnch. cy .\ luoin or n -l, :.II u l, Iri e dtn i r h on lroio u i rree01111. I .TTI'lllfti udred ' 'PrrLt.'s NaPIN ,ae . i pu ill ia fle tOTt, trai l I ti W laion, 1r1111d in sot ch it tinler :is to pot, ot + hin tiwe Lntw;e tle F'ri ehorlt.rd E.1 i id ltio, ,rl Tli, aoritdewlleOrintoo plonre Fin te tl, anrdig to hte il-te l'lullv wTrkill bextentorl thi sue jstao t r .th e i ttclrtinet of rblclont i. Mitt ietlliprtln t itto tveiotute ntrec b llt nll t i il err tehOtse no te rttl he Frenchti San aglul 1 eulpared wih os-ble of the I"u.|ieh ride hl an ll n ew toisttillt 0.i llr el 1c¢ ut 1 ...ording to r tl Ielst o Jus ly, yiBr ~i) "tixor.l, An rxcellived and ,,e r etll Itl t eaoeltrucd IlasrIi tite M MKANgs, lllloe i t favorite wfte mgl place in tlte Inf Inttiar' \'il lolitit o¢ neilo e w'ee ofit ILewibu, rtody2 lifront taile hite SphCur iill be open it don e seitoni ot a tblsh nite be tir b sne the has season. A spurieotus hnli o ilLLtnId it tllloiter nbi.e-r oroilllems have betn ddued and ncow fito isihe oafirdihtg etnonl rmodations. fiTi tIste f July, n lr 25t r vior .ol IAo excellt'd trn-hv oke1 rectd hont holu aboestruotel pashr;e y the sprin gs, po ilad iti, .secti tile l Kal lia a turniake opear Lewis de parmeot, Messrs. lehirn, Walker & co 's. line of nil nches o will rn. A e l office being established atthe sp ring, visitors vcony Itmneive newstad corns A mend d dilt, eastandNlst. Of Mttl, medicinal qualitiesl f these 'atNrso the proprietors, need et spee.ik. They u teo u toh h ildu ai soluit all ithe valuablte iugredient oe An m ost celebrated sprite i i t Virginia.ti ie The et11 lhiu1tilbe10 lltai.+iutti t th oulphuretted ly lherllntte of oine nlllphate of Sijoio Mlurate of Soda. Alnd tllliPtecftitlnesa," the sa Litary efnect oflthieh are exhibited in diinse s inrcident to fe.alis; and chron ic alfimctio, oIf the stoalneh, liver, ind bowels; il ouna Neous niffeetions or diseases of the skill, no realdy morde potent erll ili.e icioll alin nie f toleutd. Eixiten.ive bathing e taoblishlnel.o for both sexes have bleei erected ooti guot o to tle s priltgS. Visitors call nt ill iltes enllji h tie peculiart il t'lultes oflr their be uigil od wholieso)me effects. MCoilr Wilnl.Cr Vasentrwll ontinuew thie arperintend an.e oi the spri'lln lvers exertiol ol his part, and on the iart of tle proeatiotors, shaCll lte rofdered to insur or the llie slplur a liberal of hare of tited public pat. olrnge. 'Pl1ren1 edirtors of the Silko SCllltltur .ilng wiit." be literol in te receitr of nMatel or lle art llof raind Vg en n IRanks whichfitre cousidered srlvr ;I,alpar. MARIA MrONKy .M., A WFUL diselosures of iMaria Moo of thei Hoeel lL)ieu Nuiionnery of MollOtroall, .,.i1, with an allp lTpendCi, coltek uide, part 1, Comercionl, t first edition; p11art 2li Sleqel of her narrative; pr d, of eview of the aset. Alslt a sllelelent, ivig mn ofre p artiymeultrs o thie Nutory of hroue ar illustrated by a plan tih Stie Nuery,, &,c. Mari e Qu k and the Nor iew ohe linotel rk tieu--be. in alle account ot a visit to rtme onvents of Mlhontroal aild refutation of th "Awftil Disclosures;" by Winl. L. Foturth .xxperillbent of Living. Liviug wilhott mueans. The Ctlldelnt' Itnritllr"tilr in L)rawillg lnd workinl -The Five orders of Archltecturn," fillly explaining the methods for striking regular and quirked moulders; fir dilnishinc and gluein, of edOlmnlund capitals; tbr fitdling the truie diiaueterof'nn order to any given heiglt; folr sirikinig the iolic Volute, circuluhr r clrltitcol: with filished exalltlles, on a Iarge scale, of the tordlrs, their planr. er, &c.' and ttnfor desilns for e:by .es, ele Genllyl engraved on forty-nne pintes, with expiates--bY OPPter NiehRASn, architele, author of th1e b"y1M hanic' Coei 6 44 Neni'- ereeenter'. New Guide," "Carlenter'e and Joiner's Assistant," &e. I, "A Pracatcal atie n t Cuture ofSilk," adapt ed to the. esoil and climate of the United Staten--by J. (G. Clomstock. secretary of the Hartflrd county Silk So ciety, and editor of the "Silk Culturiat." "LTha Silk Rliseer's Manul, or lthe art of ruisi o and celding silk wolrms, and of coltivating the M tlberry IrPee-by MRl. Mri. r I'hn Clerk' Guide, or ommercial Correspon tene; cOLl +risia. letters of busia, ss, uormls of bills, invoiees, aceoant-stles, and shopkeepere, equation of payments, eotmmercial term, &c.--bv B. F,. Foster. "Historv of thlheWr in h Peninsull nd tle Siouth of Fr'n lesefrom the year 1807 to theyear 1814" by W. 1. P. Na ier, C. If., wa V:;to which are perfixed an swers to some attaake in Ro inosou's Life of Piton, slid iu the (Itarterly Review; with counter remarks to Mr. Dudley Montuga Pereival's remarks upou stone passa ga in Cohloel Napinr'e foarth volume ofl the Peninsular ar. ustrreceved ld for alby COPPERAS--0i bbll, in store, for sale by je26 44 New Levee. SUGAR--50 tlds, prime article, for male hy Je26 44 New Levee - For al by STET"SON & AVFI"I " B. Brower & Co. TAYE just re.ssivedat their Furnishing Ware-house I1 No. I CUa.p street, by recent arrivals from iEu ope, and the North, large additions to their stock ot U ful andoornamentul hoaeekeeping articles, which col lectively (they believe) form an assortment more gener al and comnlete tban is to be found in any sinitar estab tshment known; consisting of SILVER WARE. Coffee and tea sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, cnndle sticks, cups, tumblers and goblets; table and desert forks; table, desert and tea spoons; marrow and gravy, or ra got spoons; sugnar tongs; sugar, sauce and soup ladles; hatter, fruit, pudding and fish knives; pickle and desert knives and forks, napkins, rings, &c. prinei(ntlly from thle manutaetory of Mr I. Gardiner, of New York, itwhose long established reputation for the manufacture of silver warn is sufticient guarrantee of its superior quality. PLATED WARE OF SHEFFIELD AND BIIR MINGHAM. Ten and coffee urn, tea setts; oastors, liquor and cor dial stands; suaperb candlebras, and Epergues with mir ror plateaux, for centre of the dinner or supper table; waters round and oblong, from 8 to 12 inches; beef steak and vegetable dishes; rich dish covers; cake and bread baskets; decanter stands; mantle and chamber candlesticks; wine strainers; coolers and syphons; decan. ter labels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, ta. ble. egg and mustard spoons; egg boilers andl stndos toast races, nc. SILVER ON STEEL WARE. Table and desert kmves, forks and spoonst soup and sauce ladles; buhotter and fish knives. cheese scoops, as paragus tongs, vegetable forks, k tc. JAPANNERY. Fine Gothic Sandwich and round cornet waiters, n nas and snglrn, from 0 to S1 inshea do of papier nsche; bread, cheese, and knife trays ; large upright plate warmers; spice, sigar and cash hoxes; pressing cases; Iltia tea taofes in neets, soaddles Jappon1lt and of rich tortoise shell, etc. LAM LAMPS. An extensive assortment, among warn re Astral lamps, all bronzed and gilt, and of rich cut glass; mantle lamps do, do, each plain and with glass prisms; very splendid not glass do; bronzed nand Japaonned side or hracket lamnps. CHANI)ELIERS AND HANG;ING LAMPS. English and French cut glass chandeliers or lustres of 8, 10, 15, 18, 20 and 24 lights; French bronzed and gilt Greciap Inmps, 3, 4 and 8 lights: hall lamt s and tIu terns, %b bronze boat or centre Ismps for drawing rooms, from I to 6 lights, lamp shades, glasses sid wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDI)LEBRAS AND VASES. Bronzed and marble; bronzed and gilt, andl all gilt, with lixtnures, ete; counting house and kitchen cloeks; isrlzod inkstasds, cegar io; 1p er weights, thermome er0, card racks, canodlesticks etc. CHINA WARIE; 01I PORCELAIN. English and French dining desert, tea and cofee ser vices of ,lain white, gold edge, and, very rich fancy styles; splendid toilet setls; water andI milk pitcihers, mantle rases; faney card racks and baskets. EAIRTIl'HENWAIE. Dining, desert, tea, co'fee, breakfast and supper setts; toilet ware; pitchers. Also, Canton china dinner setts, etc, CUT GLASS. Decanters, pitchers; claret and rolrred hock decantres; bowls, dishes, celery vases, salt stands, sugar bowls, butter tubs, fillnger bases, tumblelrs, wine. ehampaigne, clart, cordlials, lemonadle and jelly glasses; fine colored shoakglasses. Also, cmi!+ shads. fTAiLr CU'Il'I.IY. Fine ivory balance hamlsbls, -Itf tipi and buck handle kniesrnu a a Irks if 51 awl 53 pi c-s, or by tile dozen; ivory handle knives only flor silver forks; guard and g.une cnlros; long slices for rollnd beef, oyter knives, nit cracks snd picks; sugareutters, cork .c1iew, etn. ttlfIIl'TANiA AND ]lLOCKI( TIN\ WARtE. Tei ant collee sClts and rns, with I and '2 faucets, suitable for hotels and sleamlbomts; spoonsmi ;d ladles; venlsn dishes with covers, e ystersor chaiingdsnes; dish covers, plate heaters, cotse glregs; tea kettles oi stantls with lcinters, c.g h ,ilor , etc. FANCY , ltAIlIWAIlE. nasars lnl wire ti.ndors. brass:mlliný ýns, ',rues tnt steel sih'els and oims, etc; copp'r : hau and unch ket ties; b ss spionll, chimlllls l Iy i ; .s ipm:mi d, brasni l brmouzc handle Iearth hruslhs, holcy bcllhws :adl ltnot rllsshes; crim ing nu Iluting immchinl s ; umbrella sta lds, g- Uoe (' lin - fis " w:Iar IIIIn llts. KITCHON IltNItUltl'--;onoistlinc iron, tin, hbrass,, coppr,·:III wml i oode ulwres, billng a collection of all ute~silsr,.nally reqttired lor cubor:IY pur)poses, Iand Slril'alanst every ari:lt w ltled Iw i , 'e1 kepelrs can be find inl their iitajlisl mt I. Ii'SihrlsInd ,,latedl wale reir-'dl and repolishledas new. Lamlps repaird and rebronzed sdec 31 f.eIfS" -'d'EArT T '7'COT'T'O.N(I' Iydyth t e Ontse, io. R:I .ag zirls cltett, New ()llcans 'rUItE VANlI'fAC''t1ItE; Is NEl.\V YORK BY For a ldotsle f;ro of o0 soiu a ut ole i eich l c linler, mallking 16l slaw to the ataltd, w,'ith I"edr, b..d , l&c. oit $ sersaw, or $940 00 IFor f fouble ;in of litl t 's e o scliader, or 1211 s:xa . in t.- sta',l, lerll: -s, &c. a t $6 per saw, orl 70se 00 IFordo. <r 4nysaws .do.oo Et saWel ian $tand, at $. 0s per saw, m"r S a . i For do. of Wi srawso' do. or 40 saws in a stlan, ir.l 50 per saw, or 20) 00o fIN E f; (INS. , For a siorwe gia of 5s saws or more, with one set of fs.dle, bands, hc. at $6 per sa, i548s 00 For do. of 60 saws, with leeders, ke at $r Sfpetr saw, 300 00 For tdo. of 40 saws, witk feeders, &c. $. 75 per saw, So f00 Fr(' do. o'f t sawst, with fsedo s,',&c. at $7 50 pCo aws, (O o00 se xtr teeth where desired, for feeders, supplied a 4o cellts eaell; the number lofteeth ei bei out equal o the slmber of oaws. One set of feeders, it is con side.ed tiowever, will out two or oLse e sot of sos. Extral saws supplied at 80 cents eaeh. 'Tire Gins ordered, will be delivered to the agents of planters s any of dthe seat port townss of the cotton plan.i flog Statesa,oatsthe ateose frices, oheoegents pwying the fr'eight on the some from New York, nsfd freotnisg re rsponsible for the amount of the (int. A (Gin wright willbe sent with the Gins to put them up where de siredl;tile charges for whose services will be etra, but molerote. Iron running gearean also he ordered where desired, on reasonable terms, bat will.te charged extras . lorse power, ol'any detscription, can be furnished on like terms. Stall steam engines can also be orderf l if de elresf. It isdesirable, when ,lnto'es give orders for Gins, they should accompany them with their views in regarst totllerarrangoementol saws, breasts, brushes, &ce. It is frundt they ditirl s opintion. Some desire saws of folarger liametertdtan of.t,. Tlie most f m.llos n sis t is or to iinches; s . some wish them 12 ilnhes. Soe I wish 5 or 6 rowsrl brushes on an axle, while others do not want more that 4 at most. Some wish saws with 8 orTiteeth to the inclh, while others wants 10f If. V, t uh dliserepancv, we prsela they stoultd, iat tire cii o fgivineg oldulcrs, furnish a lssttanet of theirl wishes, alf the manualheurers cat fullil them in evetry particular. Where it is left to our tdisretion, we shall make thelm ol tile most modern and approved Peftst. Ahn oorer call beexceuted, from the time it is received, in the spce of rcight or eine weeks, and the (Gin in thatf time placedin the hands of the factor. To be in timme for thile ext crop, all orders ought tlihe in the hands of tile Itnsulfacturl'ellby the tiest or middle of fInay except for plantations wlerlethey arelatet in commenlleng to pick or gill cotenton. N. If. The Patent Right,for any one of the cetton growailrg Stales, will be sold on reasouable terms. metis lmos STA''E OF LOUISIANA.-First Judicial Distrset I Court. 'PI E STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom thllse Prsesnet shall come, Greeting:--Whereas William .Mackey raving purchlased at a sale made by the Sheriff of the parish of Orleans, the property hereinlalter descriobed, Ihalns plied to tile clerk ofr t is ('ol't, ill whose olaf tile , ced of sale wts recorded on assuranco of titles to purchalrs at judicial sales;" ap. Isrved tire I tl day of fMarch, lis I. NOW, therefort, know ye, and all eersons interested herein, are herr-r cited and tinlonroirled n the name o tihe State uf L.onuisiana and Iof tile 'oirot J Iudicial I)istrct Couret, who can set up any right, title or clain in and to thlpropertcy hereinafter described, in onsequence ofano infrormalit in the order,decree or judgmentof the eurt under which the sale was made, or any iriraolarity or illf'gality in the aopraiserenots and advertisements, in title, or manner ofi sale, or for all, othear defect whaltso ever, pt show cansae, within thirty days from the day thisle onition is irst inserted in tihe public pa prs, why the saile so oade should not bi csonirmed alltd omolo. gatsed. The caid property was sold by the Shertil'of tihepar islo aoresaid on the 23d day of April, A. 1). 138l, hy virtue of a decree of this cotist, rendered son thie 3d day of March, A. fI. 183I,in a auit entitled William Mackey vs. onmuel Jatll, No. 15,535 of the docketof this court, at which sale said William Mackey became the pur chaser for the price of $3,300, cash. Deseription of Property as given in mte Judicial Con veyancs, voz: A certain lot of ground, together with all the build Singa and thereo,, situated in the parish of Orlesos, in the square bounded by New Levee, Louisa, P'aul and Delord streets, designated by the No 9, on a plan drawt bIy C. F. Zimpel, Deputy Surveyor Geoerl, on tile 6ltt December, 1834, and deoesitedas plan No 10, in the book of plans of Felix Grims, notary public. Said lot measures 20 fOet 11 inches front en -New Levee street,75 feet in depth on the side adjoining lot No 8, and 80 feet 7 inches and 4 lines in depth on the eide adjoiring the property now, or lately, belonging to SNdioodale, and 19 feet II inches width in the rear, w- here it fronts on an alley of three feet nine inches in Scommon to lots Nos 1, , 6, 7, 8 and 9. Clerk's Office, I' a. I I'l 9. t1e6 G W1 EWIl Delp (leek. AllR. WILLIAMS. OCULIST, LOUISVIILE, JtlY 21. It Ieas been said that I ran away froml l.oia ville and (alnR ogtler places) had made trucks aor the Niagarn-t-herefore resolved on Tuesday last, tript t, Cincinnati, fo one day only; I returned'again Ins night. I begin to feel that I am a veryiaporaant imdi vidnal, as this instant the Journal of this city was pt into ". y Ilhand, tltinlg, annlegt a greant anlav ottbe things, that I had actially run away frmn L;utsville to ecanpethe effects of the wonderful magnetic nee a e of doctor Snip, the knight of the thimble, alias, A S S, My return, however, proves that the fable of the ha and wolf, is applicable to the Journal. The fable is "A boy was employed ta watch and gve the alarm, when ihe walf appeared; he heing eitlber a 'latbnaaa' ' tailor'an'p, or a liar, fequently cried out 'the wolf in coaina,' t thti greatdismay of the citizens 'hithv t last fond lout his real harnacter: that he was a liar, and not to be believed even when he spoke the truth." The fact i', that causes mast produce their effrcta. So it will prove, of the all-wise writers, Dr. Snip & Co. i the Journal. I would advise them to provide them selves with a steam engine press, in order to meet tile wonderfal demand and increase of tlhat paper, a. it is well known,there are many who seek for nothling bat fanlsehood,out of sheer hbe to the venders of that arti cle. But unfortunately for Golinh Snip, of needle and thimble celebrity, the great mass of the millions of A merican people, are aed, and Tfar famed as lovers l truth. Thre'fore they will,(as eftacts produced by tihe canaae) naturally sav, i want to reada la er, that i may rely on, therefloe I will seek out smCh, and hbecome a suncritber to the other journals, whose statements will notpren. false. Their lst: statements are too pal pable to requtre rcfutation yet I will state: let. I nil. agat talntl Ithotel. t2t. Thlat I hallremat tlilhe 31st Jul ,, 'tih Dr Snip &d C., have sent me a letter threatening ay life, if ntnmainednter tlht0th. 3d. hnat from thts,I shall pranced to Ciainnati,for fourteen days only, of which I wish lr Snip, & Co., o inform the nlllicted,in their own anlaible never fails to bring me patients. 4th. That frotnm Cintenali shanlt praeed to the Falls of the Niagara ,to be at lr.tfnlo, (if tr Sntip & Co. do not take away Ily life,) on the Itst ofl'fetember nn at New Yorkon the tastofNoevher, talpend the whole of the neat esuntte, ion rder n laue at alt l te wholll Philistines; then medical Golinhs af BosEtn, Philailel. phia, Memphis, Nashville and Lt.uisville, who aiei probally. (befne thaet time arrives dooran ,liah ta, lRpe and thnre Gtlisli 2d. Carrier &e. loaltn make fir aases, matlea, hc. Golinh litt. Corn critter. (lil 1h 5th, Paintssa wll drag, an:l piokle storce. Glini latil the inmast mgifcent oaf al, Il,. Snipu aulis lrll, &c. patherl to tlt prinprietors and edlitors of the JOllral. tastl. I would hlave tihe nibie lir. atip & Ccc know, tiat ong beforethey were able to lrell a ne ile.or spread ta l'ister, I ha beeln for wear-, ia the hIav t it of rstoringseight to the blitl attl haitt tao wheh i was a collector of his Majesty's eastolus tI(roe Illh ain. I anseacn then so etaployad. Did tle tlhrel aptiner; tile curriet tile larness tlnker far anena; tb corn clltte; tile paint and drtg sttre krepc- Illla tile magnificent doctor Snilt , ver, even mIore tIal dre.a of ei a bainle tio tin ie like? I wiall the Jnurnall t state, I shalll rceive ladies and 'srrae ges li m 10 to I A MI. antl gentlaemen frolm to 5 o'clock P i. even day,to obtain tmyopiniu n withoct lee as usual In great laste, JOIIN \VIII.IAlN.OculItst Jeff.rsen Ilae, L.oanisvitai,t .iiI 1lih;37. '. S.-Siince writinginv .ic , I' -n : wi t inartiteii flhnt nne o the coon"oalla hv the oiOr 1.trtuga of tile Jotrnal, liand his nnaicii iil'lh," t :., wtt ell lice i at wilt ne,is, filn Ia t onrlsriril C u IIug tiem tnll bPrt ll rr, \' late re t,,lrke, as they cit 1el fit'r!l ri an'itll o'" til r fet 2. For tie t pavig the latter Mr. ute, adiae. '"!.lniiht oftaltle il."',ifthie rotlltlva of Cl ', tnv \Iisa ss'llausrtli, tlle resptrt der to . lt'h adig • );'ili rt r)v ag(e. Itiutrlt , hy ,lingbet IIRnet in so eCvt t, aacit urnnlelmntfqd ,itb ter, nmtl tle iliiiiaen of antl·CO n, up Il ino on dltng-ll;l- witlun t anvy m ral mrit d, dlaeclainton his part; as we at II b nill: h lt ea irt ry at hs tnoe were burllett alive, othlers ti g by a lhaitr whihtsalim. were raisti l e i , penarrs or eevated tie knigllht of tilh rail. Th'ionl snl meII saY te}v ml gitI have ralther hoeeu the* kniglta of the halter. Hot min wolrthy knllght is yet lint eluntolisve, and i r, " llen his p rolin ia b ra in s, to'jo in h is b rotihe r , k n igit i f hlnbhltt inilllt inta liani tiLhe torI , I t ' l 'StI stlill in "N'"o:inlh'crm a;projcil tihe, we, ti,, , ,, ., -!, ::-,J{ ;, h t t of ,il th, ti, . the t i, i :li s, ic . ktlt i t ' i lhehict'ble\a , willtabla t t llOnl g v dc, ti li r l , ivi s fi lie i t a n d a t o the rs e nit .; l s l Ii . par SIllnl'll appr d ve]f hb somei ladicei. dIt' . This Itt IIteIt ol ydv I n ,Iiii 1ac tai le e of S "I'tl) ' 111, savict'stbt'it g aboii te atulpiai k (;"liahr . nlii .kliglhts of h' d" ag 1 nod [airt'ta l Ick ! 'tres of i alct his. t .'Po gre t 111,.0 I rftriot N. Yrlar: but when he s[)oke of t1(}fl, 1 was si mons afro ' it w1as ( Illt o e Ibsult hal h is at 5 1( r lin.a e (c i liltlla if tile citv.alltnl I:it t Lv r-toie t it sigilt motre aitnvr ained thie gage, as I had Itly riloredt to sight, one pglttl cinall nlday va'teriae hitm, .lloae 'ate', ttIuolg, is anlhlrsirlgulnr, un[I Mill pies .he ( lihalin, tia. haJd n 1Snr hut his split is t ex i n Is. 1e hlis to New i tz. 2a ,rt, w hreal( I1 horll tl( nitimet itIe I ldiell I li r he waYt. ,lie |on owed illll mrlnd %esterrnv 111 n'clnk firms bI/o.m_. nlv patlient. Witliinoi et hour t e l o' .l' rly d,,y tibia gemlmnt t1nin O t t o ch apro e it i.ti t i 1, ie to .tallsl l all who hoar hsias. l : eII. s iris d iitadall has no hnundl, though l hnJl aid a the Imoor,' I ! utn ;idiia;icnd tIlh han he paidia) c1 i arcd s I'hu gitb iI, lt \1VIheak,.d i1 Ihe approved tlill renmedies witl whidth I. dressed Ihie even, said a wonuld rnther pity, $2q, than e:ose . single drop. lie cattle upwards of" 21071 miles Thle steel pens of tie wwrthv k 11h- tf the rail arnd tbe ' ithble, will tce'tt.eln marek letgibln, after reldint thle Ol ve hl.atv ltter. "lhowever a little .andlyne. i, the form o o tlhink ortIwo or tl",ee will set all rgilt and tlley wll illouhbt teunrle Ol tl'ill:1 tl suit thll nlental appetites of their rteader, at hrea:lont on glen day tonrlItg. Forto llaatel ' eir e t here i a whole Sthabnih dayr,(t,-morrow)" illowhtch they cat do tlleir dirty wrki. J Wh'ILLIAM.IS, Nr. I-I have just receied a oletter, daIted 2lstJo d, ingia.tilla on vllinki an atyolog to the dr llggist lou this city. l'l writers style themiselves LKeontue Screalowrsn' prIelnliog that I alluded to thet in my last letter. Thev tnv rest assured, 1 did not k ow or even suspect te" (iuoliahs e noog te d'tugglsts in LoI isville; yet, if the cap its any ge tle an ho lm t course wear it, though lot inttended by tooe. 3. \V laelrsn House, Saturday, d , .! Julv, 1837. JEhtFERtSON HlousE, LIOUISVILLE, Jolt 13, 1837. To e Edi~o~"g the Cty Gaoette: ~it.-Having listened to the entreatiea of nv poo patientsr, I am olved, if nrlvs health peri tsl to re. main in this city till the enl of .lly. I. ''To try to do them mor good. 2. To convince the inlhabitaocn tlt the vile opt thoet the 3letdica l (;oliaha S. r d, Itave apptied to tee, belong tot tlhh, na t hir lawful right. 3. 'h it I ant road), to de positc twvo hundred dlollars, int ones of the U. S. (ank, in the latds of hIi Iloolt the Mayor of this city, agninsT t a inilar sart to e lde pnsited by all the grne and at g Khty octors S. & Co. that I restoie to sight, more agoed, middle-aged, voutg eront ano chlildren, who woere totally ao parltitll blitd, thon theyg dr ld that I an A elalledl t cure a greater numle of short, weak or diot ighlted pier.on durilng y short visit, thao they do. Yt 1 wl all o ly 'itt ennlomiaot rs to call in to their aid all thie ver deservedly ctlobrtnated tomlsontnrs atI ltotort of all til ntedi .al college, as ,ell as all the doctlors and quack doctors t he lollld in private practice, who are not fewo in the States of Kettohky, Ohit, ttlindin ant.In in] o nollcase; where o llere ro indteed snua, two ittltl. famous doctors, whose Iatnes ougt to be hahded doe as low as possible to lttest piosterity. 4. It mnst lne lnarlv nndernmtoin that all tile o res if anyv on botlh sides, Ilngt be I:treyl shall I have been perotarmed ttihou thae aid ol any sogicol o,,eratiot whatever. 5. Ithanos who realy nmerit the eplthets tlte ,ave al liberanlly n plitld to me, she. i Ibrf'it toe $21.0 ft. tiv. Ibenelit or'tile lls houses in thin city, ant the othlnr liar ty shall take back hisown $1204, whoevt'er 'e or to r may le. If even tile mighty teldeil huat dggeL r St should prove one of the ettaoeanetl cn'thdateat I wilt fulfll the old pronverb, and give the "old gentley't",ow Iti due! Ii. At all events I wouln advire tlh' last lt.amied anoe lita S. not to n'ttero thiatlttr to a.ot .tt.,! uit pol for "eaimleton" eas weltl ts 'tajtll",pn" lltru vestertdap sot to..lo;" hbot I lovi'ai-ollo. to efir, it its (spit ''.1 cumonltiotte, A S placed lettrrtoit,taI itltltpl ettttl etlv' wayn know tioe writr bo rite utclolyof Iliaie h tIC:. J011H \WILLIAMIS, Ocalint. ,l was weak enough to read the mnns ol lalseohodoa signed S., wthich deservn nofthing but toy nilent con tempt. Had I known last evenihng of tile great inmportnnce of A S S,I shonald have treated the l nst of the three son, what ditfereonly: but let that'apss. I will. hnowever co.mplinmnt his master of the Jottnal, for his son aity to elnploy the fi.trtr knight Iot ofl'the garter orof te tlristle, butl ofthe needle and tkimtbll, in order that Ihe ttty kill two birds with oe stone, i .. to patch the holes that may be in Ihis natnral or tm icualgarnent and, itf I n7y judlge frno that exaellent 'alte rt Ad vertiser, Dr. Sti t a mastetr is, political ly, in cott nst need ofl is servic"s. When otyv irnomstanco0oecurs, whetlher dnloesttici ti or politically, which requires a blister, whether o ilt i ,wtn nose or ont tle reputattin of those whol do not hil set to pleaso hin, being unlike hita, which ilnmst be great misfortunet ) tthen it is Ite rings his IILI,., wltico anfterall is nothling more tlhan if it was'esoonding brh..a or a tinkling cymbal;" yet, to view it thuns-tDr. 11i looks well; Iut with an 11. t). A. `S. . after it, appearo. mtgnificento!' JOHN WILLIAMS, Oculist. Jtly 14. IAVANA SWEETMIEATS-In store and lft rale Sby T R HYDE & B RO, jog cer Common and Ma gazi ne ite. TO RENT. TIIE handsome STORE and back Kitchens o on the basement story of the True Antri canOffice, two doors Irom St. Charles The atre. A first rate stand for Coffee Housce. Apply to t18 JOIIN GIBSON, Editor True American. AILS,--A prime assortment of Cut Nails from ~to20d, for aleby CHASE & DIXEY, alt CuMom Haute a.treet. MILES' COMPOUND EXTRACT OF TOMATO. A aUBRTITUTE roll CALOMEL. r lIIE doctrine promulgated with so much assuranlce L by hiiny empiries of the lreset tday, that one me disine will cure all dliseases, is not, nall never can be tlre; and he who asserts it, is either a fool or an imo Imstoar. liut Iis a thot demonostrable by experience, that comnioa siss of otrdicine sisy be formed from the VEGETAIIL KINt.OD I, that will act so0 niverMallay on the system, when taken seasolably, and in judicious pro portions .as to ctre, ill nine asesout of tell, all diseases within tsle reach and power of meticine. From tie well known and established reputation of Calomel, it has long beesn employed by the empiric, alnd scientific physlician, as one of tile most powerful agents for the removal of disease. By tie former, al most every land has been deluged with nostrums, that th-ir slithors claimed as specifies in every disease inci dent to the human family. The folly of these preten tlions aeds , ao omn1ent, for aoeltete olmleola investi gation has shown, that tile base of most of tle l'allncels, Cttholicolns, kac. which have been trumpetted before tile community, with so much assurance, is Calomel, or mercury in some form. Now, if this potent articlee even ill the hIlants of the most skilful physioian, fres uelt ly exerts an influelce on the humanl system, unforeseen, and entirely beyond the control of art; undermining th, eonstitution, sod bringing oil prematulre old age, disease and death, what result should be expectedl when pre seribed by tile ignlorant? Could their many thousand victims sleak, a voice from tse tomb would soon dispel ho 'spectfic' delusion that now sways the minds of the livineg Hliumane lysicians deplore the sad evils resultmg from the mtertlrial paetose, and will gladly hal tlle in troodutiou of an alticle tbt ut safetlly he sbstliatuted for eoamstel. They feel, and thal keenly, the uncertaint of its prisolay operastiOn; tlhey canlot osy whetller it will be fLaomelle or lttfavo"oable. They silso htote, and feel, thatif t its use is continned for any considerable time, ill jurious seconllary consequences most follow. But they must choose the least of two evils: they know no other article that will arouse a torpid liver, remove obstruc tiol, and set ill free action the whole glandular systenm, and it beitg indispenslhly necessary to do this, they conlltinue its use, notwitstandinlg the evil consequences whicl follow. They have long desired and sought an article that would produce the good effects of this drug, without sll!jrctlllg itile Iltiellt to its deleterioue results. Sitca a ldesldelatum, i iis Ielieved, has at letngth beea oaltaine.' ill thle article now lresented to tile publie. The proprietors of this article keepig in view tile ilet, that a asise and bene,olenlt eint, has placed with ill thle reach of all, remedlies adaptel to the dislases in cilent to the climate they inhabit; and knowing, like wise, that most of the liseases of the South and IWest are Iased rl t1sstt )igsllic or functional delaangen ent of the livter; dlirected their attention to those articles wltich act more especi:dly on the biliary organs. Alr tlo, la, aboio and expensive research, they have succeeded in extracting a substance from tie TO MATO, whiellh, from its peculiar effect upon the hepa tic at, blitnr organs, they hal:e denominated lecalttte. It is a mediiane that will prodllue all thle benefsial resultn of Jalomel, in both acute and cllronlic diseases, without the possibility of produceing the leeriousda toot srs1lr$ces eOlmtmolo to that arltile. Its actionl pon tile constitution is universal, no part of tilo ) stlm escapingll illnlluence. It is, however, Iupo tie organs of secretion nld excretion, that its greast power is particularly natiftted : helnce it is pe culiarly adapl ted tio te treatment of bilious fevers ald other diseases in which a torpidity or conge.tioll of the liver aHnd polrtal circle prevail. It is admissile in all alses, where it is neeessary to clense tle stomach and b)owels. It Iretart's ob.trsae tionll, anlld excites a qulllilk adlll healthy actioln of tile liter ald illhr glandular vicera of the abdomen. Beinlg dill fusllable in its o peration, it prodlces a lree circulation ill the on tle surfce of tile body, necolpanlied Iy iai gentle perspiratiton. It does not exhaulst like dras tic purges; still, its action is more universal, andl miay oftenl bereepeltated, not no rely with safeCy but with lgreas lents-lit. 'Thi iecrones h 0 lispell.a.bly neeessary ill cae of olong standing; for in thels itenestetsetmporarys inpres sions tlllde by strong ntmdieillso, sehlollm, if ever, do g'ool; ut teml to inljlure tie stamina of tlhe cnstitution. It is clenllsing andlll ipurifllg to the svstern, acts in perfLct lharmony wilh tile knowni laws of life, andil is ulldoubtedl oe t of tlhe iost alniahle articles ever oller el fir publie trial and snspection. For convenience, this medicine is formed itc 1 or':sin pills. The white pills are cathartic, alterati"te, dia /hoiretic a:nid dlitrtii. Tlhe ysllow plillu se conics sltun itlsiitssltisii/sii __t The ftalowlig extract ao11 tila saject is frot the Cincin t oauti Juraul. VILF.S' T')MA''O 3ME)ICINE. The viltnll of tile l'otlnato, not onlly an a dliciotos vegetattble the table, but also as a medieta, have tior l considerable tile past, attracted io little nitentlion It haIu bell licved to plostss neanti-biliqus qualities w hicl, it they coutld he eltiectuallty extracted, at' seltratlt ftloil thie uperfluos mattelr, w'nlh be invaluable. This has been chat:lleterlizld a a bililus tou utry. A large portion of the diieasesarise from li+wdereld fivelrs, or fronl de rtanagent in the gtltatlula 'tema . This is especially the tytear il tile war t, :old till .lotl'e sc at the south. If a endyII ., Ciasy, s: l M iCllietlltual in ilts operation, anlld leav ing the arnstihution unimpaired, conhi be discovered for bihllos Iolmpllnllill, this ollld uInllluletionably he among thile most Iheallthy I:ll ates in the w d( h h r, (:ahlretl hals bteen tlle alllost untivtertl remedly for I diseases of this charleter. Itut it is a retntmed which t ni(thglll bult I'essity should inlduce the ulse of. It ma be calat iderat'ld at trespassing ot n the prio e . 'anaeoth er lprlaoissiun to slak iof this, yet we tmay Ite permitted Ito exp1r's our strong conviction that Clalllel cannot be used without ianjurious anld latl ing eli'cets upont the sys tell, greater or les, aeccording to the iqu atities taken, and the frequency of its use, and the tallsttitt Oli lthe patient. A substitute for this, thelreore, tratot the vc getable kingdoma is a dcsiderlttaun ill this coauntry. We Vbelieve this hdesideratmn has been discoveered in hle Tomato. Dr. Miles, of this city, and his assoaiates with nauch labor and expense, as 1e understand, have succleeded in obtailling sucl h a. extract frtomt this veegetll hie as, it is hoped, will be founl all ctfectual suhstitate. We Ihave taken some pains to (lllir. among medienal men and Iothers who hav e ued thliS tietliine, as to its ettects, and we led wwel satisfied that it will pro! e a most valuable remledl in bilious eomplaints. ao flir as we Iarv beeln able to'le.-n, it has producedta a the desired effect, oneratilng to prloduce a healthy action of the liver, peoetrllnrl bilious discharges when needed, and ill some inlstances breaking ftl titers, wtith etel nore certainty and in a shorter time than calomel: For sick or bilious headaches, it has been found a good remedy. l'hose ' who have used it say thai it does not produce the debili rating effects of most other kinds of purgative medicines thlt there is no increasedl danger tr'tatt coltas tler Its use, and where large closesof calot el woulh be irelled this oplerates without any danger of the distressing and ijuprious efrfcts of calomel when producing sxlivation. As e llave reeson to hope from our investigationl his extrtct of the Ttomato will prove a subsbttitute fo alomel in a great variety of cases, we cann o artd it as a blessing to the Ithuman .alia'. tll p erfeclhti safe, anid free Jrotu all mailner is e thatte aPpea of it, and we trustthlat itsureao ftllyv trated by faatilie. \Ve ohave every astl sube The above medicine can he ohlailned only of the G-. nerar Aeeota, alId those rtaili il ogents hoaviag ea ctr aldsi . signedl hy" v. Mliles, rea.t po. iM. C." etall ouanterAgennd hy i B'1'i LB Stonle, General Agents fbr Louisialni," and bearig thle Cmanaloy seal.t List oaf . e c ,a,.,u . E & B Tr Setone, (enueral Agento for Louisinnt, II TelnitupitaorTla. ,atreat. thriear & Co. 133 old I.vee slaeet, Teatoponite Veg t ble n ar :ra a. PTaul Atlartil, cer Olt Lever anad lloapitul clreel. \VWe Sialelr, eor alp atd Julia seetats. r" .Muelle., cur 'T'chouaitotlas strec t and St Mary't Inmrket. streethr. J &I.Pt llartwell., Bayou SPra, La. llr le'ttl , S.t t raidy, Nathitllbe IriY a tt. '.a. Jie,, lyTichliCirle. Wit. EO ns N. reot tuilding Co. Rl ow. Applicatida fir tagecisi , It i or redici ee thy iles C All lettera, ll i t paidb, agl einst hsl p ott anded .o ST.-;tIE l)t' LOUISIANA. P IRISt COUtItu. l thille 'atiah and Cit Nouef New Orien.-l . Pre'r t tI' e thi. Chalales Maurian, LJdge. June 1t, 183-.-J -No. lil.-er tre sqes r'olier vs. his rerditor .--Upon reading and filing the etlitionl and ae .l crll in thie I'i, It is orderedsavor lhe lorti thalt oe a rtlditat s aat the itasrlvealtdt a choalaw tte''ae tai ten co olt oueartll , Sa' l7tlli 7 daye f .ill , ICh18 , ly Itc tuld nnait poedit decarigd acordmg to law; and in the meantie lte pert rlleeange agaions his person and pro. etv are tacyad. loerk'e t rlhte, Ne V Orleanr June 11 in, 1818. jeltt iaaw AIAN1i FITO' i(trerk. f.f''' TAT -- t t i1t hNE.--C-am de lPar, tse, SIN EEI )( laroi, e et b ile and lad I Nouvt elI'e Or ea. r t I'ho. Chaarles Marial, ja t', I jo in, lt.--No. 10,984:-J:3cques Potler eoutte sea creaa tiar,.--.r ttlettr at enregi atient'er lae ll retition et tat sal.adiloe dam tte nittlier, I lest detr' par ois, routr ue tlv ran iers a de la'ins'alhe fna ire a voir leersi rani nac eall ouraotveetr, Saotali 7 de uiillet, 18t8 ptnrquoi ilt fie tait iaaint deca rgi' canfttrtlettt t It l toi, ec en proprieies so prott l'tter tBureau de grelier. Nouvell Orl,,,ta tan, I1 ajuin, 138. jet t law AI IM.IN1t PDti'T1, Girettirt. INSEEDiit iti-l- tabhi, laaadng batl stoambohat j AIaloy, for saley G ItORSIEY, joi 41t Netw levea. ARLY'S SUPERIOR HAMS-Now landitg froet . eteamboat Sultari, a stppty of the ,bov, put up Sin Mihds tierces tnd bols lor sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, jelt 17 Commerce street. S[INSEti OTTL--I2 hblt atd '2 caskc best Linteed LA Oil, now landing from ship Nr~hriile, and for ale by JARVIS & A..DtiEWP, lVhbles.le Druggiert, jel3 Common and T'ehripitouhat mt. SCOTC6 i AItE-i- casks (pinta and quar.t) in stere and frsaleby HO11M0LS & t MILLS, jet9 uPk Alltlr" PAINTS,OILS, GLASS, BORUOIlES, &c.-.-us anding trom ship Cnstrlturtion, and falr sale--viz: 16.000 feet oli'las, best quality, from 8\10 i 23X'20; 3010 kegs white lead, pure; 356 da green .oint, in 25 libr. kegs; 24 doz Jalned ians Inr igni';ofna l0 b. lin traga; 26 doz splendid 00000 ground bruabe-, aulo of000 and 000 do; 2canes crome green in powder; superior article do do n can; a large assortment of mash tool, of every size and quality; sable pencils for artists; tat marking brushes fir melchants; artist's colors ill oil rend) pre pared,in hoxe, fitted :"p with all uecessaryr brushes; artist's tools, &c. Flake and, emnity whlite; 60 rncks gold teaf; white and yellow wax; guti arabic; and a large and choice as slrtllent of pints, dry colors, oil, turplenine, a'arnish, &c., for sale,whlesale and rretail, at tle lowest prices, by MONI)ELLI, a28 58 Camp st. FROUSPECl;I Ub. NEW EDITION OF TIlE CI.IL CODE OF LOUISMIN./l. IT has been ftr some time made known to the public that tihe ubscribers are engaged in preparing Ior the press a anew edition of the Louisiana Civil Code - Tlev wrere.r, lrn tile firt, aware oa the great diefieulty and reepodlnu ilitv attending tie putblication ut the work, and it was not wnhout great hesitntian thatley cnn sentcd to tile undtrtakiri. BIut tihe present e;.litieu, am.ounting to tbout three thousand copies, and which lad eost ne State amore than thirty thoulanrd dollanr, was entirely out of print. For more than two eaers past, the usual price of the work has been from thirty to fifty dollars. It is a sysvatem of written rules r which nr immediately opcrates upon every individual of the .tate, interestedl either in nur'ieulture or commlere .and whlich governs the disposition of so mnlch property coming to us from other states, thnt-unlike altsoo ar). other treatise toprll law--it is as ranrch the text-rook and manual of the merchant arnd the planter, as it is of the private gentle mlaln anid tile prefessionat advoieC. . n 'l lawyers ofthei jroining states, and in fact o al thoestatates"po rl the Ohio anr d Misri iippi rivers w hich fintd a martl for their produe in Louiaiana, have a fre Snnta necessity of referene to thle cde, and make it at inpdislmns.le raquieite to tlheir licairine; and in tie eit orf New Orlei s tile hook is its sure to e, foundrl in the merchmaet's counting roaom, as nupra tie desk of tie rlthrrefire that the first ediirtin frlte wor was so equick ly disirosed of; iand althbugh a mre reprint of it waruldi ill rome lleasure supply tile public rnecesrity, net it would he ilnrer:ect rand nnantisiirtorv nrrlers antoated with reTrencer tor thle IreI.rtn and Sratrrts-, ill order to em',race the numllerou, a llndolnts which hlave bhen made by tie I.r.gislature, and the imlportrnt decisions and constructions which rairr been given upon mrany o its nrtlea hv tile Supreme Court. The pullishers hve secured, fr tile geeneral super intendence and editorial dellrtrent of tile work, the prrofessional serrices otf Wherlck S Ulpton, Erq. a menrree rof thie Narw (Orleans Bair. Thie lhlr. Judger Bullard, .lllnde Itprnlndest, andi lion (eorge Eustis, have eahl kinllvy assiste Sier Ulr0ton with tile vanilable notes which they have collected in the course ot their studies and practice;nri to ar N It Jenninsa,thte part- I ter li' Mcr lUpton, who is also enraged i thie work, G(e Strawbridge. Esq. haL pltreented thie oreat mass ot re(i reetV atontllfined ilin h aoffile irty of the coder and whrich nave abeern made iby him duri;lr tilre whlPe reriod of his dii:isngnrerihed irlersiola l rlabrs. 'ilre publias ers may therilre well trt tilet tie annollltionI ofr tihe work a.ill e Ill thIlt indulastrry ariId lbour, assisteid by learning and ex erienree, can erfin)rut. In putting firlllt thris ltireaslectrs and sollitirng ent tel stubscribers to the work, tilln, Iu liIIdLr take iprn. ill tilt, f at t iatthe Leg islatur e )1 NI .Or iSiar has Pulto rized I thle Governor to rerinear oe thousand coies iotf it fllr tihe futuree rlae of l State. .ilre rallin.., t ih wthich tIis Itumebr wlltr tlkeil biv tihe AssenrIiy, evincedi their ,]ist seaC.r of the Valtu of tile workrTnild ibe v thteebv e CXlendrl ed tihat coanfieitcre in t nt aility ofrtihr Ilrllslrs ri anrd e.ditors which it is tio; ell s sI n t ¢.'hIdllv ndeserved. . The, worrk will he printed in FrTeet Irni FandEl;ish, upon angard papiCr nila with iar tIype; nor will IIn n - ix entse ornecatre ipre s toill tnrilrakr tihe whole nchahieal exee ntion of it orr.srtt .nl d ivitll irt, rnr.llt illlllr rtltl It will Itdalylv he r,'udV for delivery its Hw mond. . i September a xt; rrd lhe tp rice awill ie, to eohcibT liftee.n dollnrs--live dollars tu e p aid r tlhe tI.e rf sibtI scribintg. TIhe iruleriltion list onItce Iosed, tlhe store price will be twenty dollard per cop". ap 6t E JtlINd & CO. Prublishers. FLonirianaan d New York Line of Packets.] ti A l 111":i'; .li D. , ips ,,u,,, thin los .ill ,,a . .ro t ew c elllltnei nc lg t Ii "?1)0th ilnov llber, a ld to inslre the I strictarst paIne ality in the r tilr ofi sailing, tlhe lire tvill herterlfter e atii't of iive Ship.a vio:t Shil Ya roo, 'tI llaptia r'a. l l taltve tn il the t1th olv. S ip l.ouisrille, Calptain Patlner, to leate oni tile d4th shilp Ilrunlsvile. (Ilptnin Eidridger to leave on tile I'oh Die-ob I. Shil I 'ierblrrg, ( prti We oodhot e, to leave in the 1st Faile Jrv. I[t Tire atove shis re ll ae, of the ftirt clss. elllred ainr d coppier flsltne n.iulld pl lWiod of 5l I1 ut: bul hen, fketof light dlarnht ofl water, betin, built hi vere York ex rei n t ii r ti le lralr . The r rit t, lt - snal is lied alt owe lundred don!r, ie hir lbns Ire Iteolrl laun i ellr mstiltroved nlltla illeitI omeslead fiished In a nreact iand olennt eri tl. Atlile slra l the lrst ualht will be ttr tia, lla ml every regale rdha will ieeaer thke noticel that no berlth rn be .ecuald till tll alrid Ior at theo oi tile nothe h siar'.n s. 'I le a lr kett pr t ire la , alllllllr lded b( pt A ill . ll ex periel ttc iu tile tradee willr will dive errv alttlentiol antid exert themIInselves to nCeOllllnodate. 'I hIey will ill alli tiaa'n tatard a it retrd tile UMiraeialdtpt Ih ITenll mlut. n at the stricteast puctulity obelned il the tliler of sauililg. T'lhe owners of tChese hlip will not be reSponible for ar: letee, parentl or pekloer seet by or ptt o t boald o !hem, unlee a et leatar ill anlt abilege seigd trllaCrefr -j A'J A una d tii t, ailest o there t a Ira l in the oinlni A t tlv h rnea litre it I, (Eangli lia built) catper fastened, lild llas ben elrpplered, slt is 22 feet rleog. and egitt eirt baaon; tlid has IlaeeeI oop rigged, it ther are iroin tranrs fiirWllrd fitr tiv;illn. Wllhunee re aoarises said lauicll, will l.nt. etll at sNo i t01ld Levee. a i0--'`I ill 4 tA - li hhd-o c plrioe articleh, Iitr ale Icy t(I. DIi ORsI;Y, Je°22 41 (a w Lr e V's IIUPIIR'Y'cS Ft)RItIN N T1OUIJR, he. G REAtI' hi ltI AIN, FILANCE and IIIl. Ii Ut a seort lTlntr in 11p35--Bty Iteolan Hln pirer, D. D., President ot'Aulheoit Collogr., lit 2 rille. T'he tl)rks of 3lra. tiherlcood.--Blellll tile only lllplete lll unifc llA edition evear alisl ed ill tile Ute iltl reite, vu. e15. Just received and for sale by WAIM A' AN, .t Corner Cllop & ttina isCc .teet t. PENSACOLA MIANSION IHOUSE NEW CITY, PENS \UtILA. 1lHE ltbsneriber havieg purchaed te tre lacr ond fir D eitllret Of this well k ,lltw aotabli'err a rh e t fr it11t aylor, tile late roptrietor, will he ieldv to rearie rie iters l v tile Irt f Aprtil t ati. Nrtttleraut ae cosily im ruovretent will be firltnd ill tile Irrrentemere'tt oef tiet' ltlrr r lrOllt aouse. Neaw tld more eomlmlrodiolis biathlig hIouses will IrU Ilt itand warl bulls will be irradrillrat all hoIlrs. A st h e will bie itialhed to l the hoSrer twllit good atcllltl tinsa tilr Iorses aid carrhiirIres, ir rFit horses ind ecrnges will lso bee e het it r hire at ororate it ri'es rand ertllil nll ronw bots, witih IlreSroe In ItellllPge Illenl for ith seor of vtslero. Biliiuirld nnd other rtilrirr te urtilyly ouiid atctater'nrg plhert, will inir l tir -he, mot so eo ducte, t as not to inrt ert ` with tire' er lnl irrt rlld euiet ofthre oarderrs. 'ile twinles atn lllq Ieora will ie of the best qrteltv, rlld to enslire ia til asrpply oft ie., a cargo hts alrea;dy le ordPredr wllicI will ae t etrre tboet tale tar t A llcy. llr Frederick IBrucard, ho forlrerlta kl tit plpllrrr ai hotel at WVanhilirtll ciy, will condrtirlh I8 h elfr t i the proplrietor, ate, howith UCll a aid,,n:olltdll v eIlatures the gvieil in ol lat year, ld hisa fi'itrrm geneIrally aeatt they will re~ltve ry rn pssible rtenlltioe; nod therebycl TlIe ocarel rrvrctttger otf thire house are too yell known to nied it lengt. aied deri ripthcu I~r. The fanct. tlt 'rieola ir the Inlgrst navul t thlr n fe tihe Goveritientl the general retl'; rvorr of tie (;tifrsqrtuad re't trte s:lubrilr ot'i esa ,.irr rr*lref rh d cr lreshtlll du en till the luller t onitet l tlt Ihoree colest i reeoerai flr rho Gulf; lhe be of tilte filly and tie nePilhlllirlilI island,- dlud riversl'; tile abluitdam",Il d dellicacV of the witlh which the watcl's ,,Iound; and its lr'oxllluavy to tlhe bsat outhern ariiete, seae g 'ernucohr tIn rir;e ferenee over all othe. plebce it tllr-e la t Itude, aas healtlhv anld delightfll huttllferretrl:ut. 'irst rate blnatr r ill tu o hAletweelCri Prletiela siri d Mo. bile, and will at all times be ablr to take the -a, engqire from thl New Orleans boats. N Bt ARNOLD. Penaratreoa, Feb. ath,18:18. t7 (;ientleuen wishirg to erange roonm for tlceir farilies call address tile froprintl , at Pelranerela, or Mr Scwell T Taylor, the former prloprietor, at New Or leans. References. T .alnltfird, Roq, Mr C Caullmla, R 1tcAI lin, Esq., l.t. Kibev, in Mroklle; S T Taylor, P P Rta, Ernq, hi Net, Orleans. P S--A letter bag, to receive efmmuneationen for perllnts at the ,ihove hotel, is pleeed at Gen Whitman's office, 51 St Charles Exchange. FLORIDA ROUTE. FOR NEW YORK. R1. Travellers desirous of taking the Florida ronte, via Peas,cola,to the North, are inf',oented that irt rate boats will constantlv run fron. l.bhile to, Pensacola, leaving' Mobile and fensacola every tither day after the let of Mlay. Good otagea will always be provided tlv the nbascrlher to be in readiness to take passengprrfrot Mobile, is case of the failure uf the boany N I AN, SNOLD, The triaairoar Champion 1;toren .liila fIre Pet-a elai 'ird ,eel. N:b 5. it. THE IL91t1)A S.STAtIkN COAt;H ANDI TrfO ttlhN tF ilO ANo DA IIAL? D0ys. From Mobile (Alabama) to Augusta (oee) - EAVES Mnbliie oerty other dao, irma.iatlely stiel Stihe arrival of the mail from New ecrins, per the steamboat KMELINEs, to Blakelv, coaches to Perstnolr tean oats (hlter Penaosela la5, St INoaa souol and Choae talaehie River aoid Bay) to Ctedar tluF, coachs thesta via Mariann, Clhottslooobee, (formerlv Mlount Vet' non,) Bainblsllge, Pinderton; Ilawkiuaville and Louis ville, to Augstoa. A passengeertaklnhhis soeat at Mo bile is i no dlanger of beiag thrown out or losing hit preeerence by other onfticting intereats, as 'he I.LOI. DIA LINE is bhot on concern, and under one coltro throughout, aln may rely wIrT CEnTAITT 0UPOlt his arrivalat Aougusta in time specified, throogh all weath er and at any season, unless some most unforweseeOs atar tiacoe aeho1id oocor. The Great New Orleans Msi is carried by thlis route. The Agents for acomtontld tion, Teams, Coaches and Drivers are not sorpassed the southern coontry. The smooth, hord, natural roads, the safe and inter eating water navigation, the lime and aceommodation,. affor te e therveler tred, eoeettsioe, comfort, and a pleas gle voietv; connected as it wero withthe Rail Road. Charleston, S. C. and the steam packets to New York. travelers oan reach New York from New Orleans L ro. THAN II oAois ýVlashiegtoe city in 12. From Clottahoochee, FLorida, we have a Brans Li via Quincy; and Tallohassee, to St lMarks, t hor post coaches, aimso two Branches frot Hawkinovills one to Milledgetille, and ole to .Moao, lightl two hors cooaches. STOCWI' NS U co. AUrsTro, Wlbh Jan.1835. Officoat Mmasion llouse Mobile S 51)irato Nrw Orlelns to Mo'ile. 150 mils Mobile to Augusea, (40 Agon5Ia to llarlestou, le Ilholston to Noew York, 980- 180 Time, Now Orlean to Mobile, 28 hoors Molile toAugosta, .32 Augasta to Charleston, I2 Charleston to New York, Itt- 58 Mlaking lIS'stiles per day. or 7 miles per hoor, inclu sive of 'all stoppages. 0nv 10 N. Il. 1 becg leave to hlform the publie that th. bridges over dthe lhatahoorhe swamp atd Hard Lobo creek hocj just been completed iy the general govern ment (the, lmy obstacles operating agalinst this safet an speedy route are thus haplply reoloved; ood I have th pleasure ofleaiiotng from travellers this the coahels,hor ea, dlrvers adl nadls are of the flsrt order; anti as it, tli wator route from oteotoaola to Cedar IBllfi it is alnit trd bytll who have paesed tl.lrogl it to Ie oIlltrpassel in tioolties beauty ad o a soit. lThe bridges tlroog' Georgia have also benrepaitLed. J U C BAKER IIARDWARE. 9 itl MAGINE STREET, NEW-ORLAhANS. TOSEPH KNET &LE, & Co.--lmporter of Foreign l and Domestic Hlardware, are receiving from Cu rope and tie Atlantic Cities, direct from the Manufar t rersnrrc e extensive assortment of Fancy and Ilea, v Itodwaore romprising ever) article in the line which thety ofldr low. Coocot Mlerchants and others are onvited to call and oxnmine illreir stok r lih irlconsRts in part, of table, ,btcc ", pockct, saldder's and straw knivres platedl ald ltritttin tena l one neetlletrr, pint , hooks tlld t ee, 110t ei ulod sp)ades. otongs, shoveit., feders, andiros, lleitr tania untl o pited wr, r.trues, lo k lb eaks anI d It pet, totki,g eiattcs, nevits, vicers,screw pttes, llltd, shd ie'cil hammere, snilltes bellows, Am erican ad Englioh tlistt'r. nsot, shetr, Gcernllo aod crorleor stecl, !lotlgt mtotutd trce, rti and log chain, waedilng I.ouie i LLnad ýtrubb in hoes Olaliooko pick liLoh Tococr IIlg gri5s Collhis Kitgos and Siiotlto choppbinl axest, barou lt. horse and cut nail.,, cotton aord od cards, cotl'e atd corn mlnilslplanee and p li ell, g.uges, locks, sad, irons, hooks and pisttoln, sotlt, Iowder allt hquotr thtks,oer pyeIerr, ten, iai, brass ond bell 3letl knob cheot, trunk and pad Iocks, bridle EUUISAIANE-Cour du I'reun.ert lil P orict J udieisildu. L-'ETAT IE LA LOUISIAN E--A toIs ceux qu ot ces Io ecente, concernent, Salut.-Attelndu tilue i Jamille, ]liaes D)iggs, ayutt achite A ini e vente lite palr i le Shelrif de hla ploisse d'Olleans lt propn rttd i ! . 'e- s :utb nu Gre.ths ( l cetlttcUoh"U ICo u ttar vente li"t etregistree it i ine .iout d'Av n'l e l'atnne vi I 13S, pour un ttis conti. em enlllt :i , nlte d laI Legis- C ature le lI'tut de la Lulisiane, intilude " Atte pourl colntillrtuer les titles Ides; qu eettrscnux velntsjudliciares;" approuive le Ill lMars 1824. .lu'il stuit coulnu, et touter al personnes int:rsses sOlllut plar ces presentes lninuV Ian si nonl de I'Elat hle aIn LOllisiPet de nla Cour du PreliterIr Dlstrict Judiiaire., qtlli pourt'aietnt avoir droit I ll pro prl.iete ti-apres deceite, en ctoseqtence d'ult dtflault de Irome dnans I'ordre, le decret no i jugemet de nl cour, en vertu |tiquel la vent" a . et' aite, on de toute irr6pgu- d hulite oil illegalitt duns I'estimation, I'tvis on le ternmset S le mode dte la vellte, tit pour nIlllne tle euse (queltoltque, a dlu fire voir, dalls tente jours i dater de la publication a dle cette:nis, plurlolllO ln ene ail t Si tilite lie serait pas coliillrnlee deihOltOgullce at I.a lite propriete tut tetdue par le Sherif, shs-dit le it 30 cilne jour de a~]s ede Illllne 1838, ell vert l'udo decret ni le cetteCoue rendttletileie de Janlvierl'de alnce 18J, ! di dIas I';fthire die Janes IH'arnes DiFgs vs. Rufus Gre e, i a No. 15,191,du i )ocketide cette Cour,i laquelle vetnitI t 'est rctanu aequereur pour leprix devingtcinq milee 1 i pianstrecs. et Uescription de la Plr'oprIlte de ntres le tralnsfer Judi- I liri"c, Savoil. Un certaill Inore.n1 de terse avee touter leg entisses P: et ;lllelioratio lls qui s'y treluvelt, aillbt (ui lesdroils, el i privileges etc. y ppurte::ant dune n le quelconque, n situet all fuxbuirg Annoneiation. nesuranlt (mtnsure aglatise) ltroi. cent hinqlant six pieds et qluatre heltiemes15 d'ull pourI'e tie nu Chenlin plubliquee str 'la rue de la noulelle LevetroiscentJoiscantllle llpiedssix poncesg U2 quaLte, Innt fare a la rue (.celte, dleux ceti eill tallullte cinq pieds nelllf poues,et dlellx hltitlemles s.r tllle liglie tacu ti la i'ue de In vtille L.evee, JiUlU h iinl, 11.11I I' Biyue linil,orulphede hlltlroplvitele de Laturcint Millaedonll, i I'enloglltnrllllle des rells Veille Levr,, et des Nonnes; lie 1i fortaut un wiangle driOt et s'eteldallt iA quatrevingt cinq piads et trolts Ipouces eproftndcur le lulng de Ia ligne lihnitrolphede 1l, propriele du dit ilillandon, plar. hllel :i la rue Celeste,de lt formant un angle dlroit et s uenda:It de Soixt:lle traeis pieds ooze pouces et Irois cuitluens str la ligne lillitrolph tie Is pJroprieb t de de Louis I)ted, parallel i In rue vielle Lee.e : de IA, l.tlhltnlllt ln Ire al"ngle tltoit et s'etlendant de qualrante delllx ipietds sept pOucet et chill huitilrles sulr Is lie ne l itrue Celeste ; deli llorlllOllt nalltl.e nngle llroit, elj'erten e daunt decnt t i elll n V l t pienln dix poules el qatrehllu lll '· . telllcs Silul ligh le linlitrlolp e tie In u'o pl.iitl e dlu idil letht parallel aIt clletnlllplligqlle surl I rluedellt Nou · voile Levee el soixante seize pieds IquaItre pIouces e quatre Iuitiems ltacet la re ides N onllnes, eonfolr'nltle Aiull plan dlress lpar J. Pitie Vyver diela Irille, is 23dt Janivier 1832, alllnnexe a ull actl"e palss pair devant Louis T _'iCne, noltailr public, le '26 .ulllaier 183.. T'enioIi I'lmlu. A. M. Buelianaln, Juge tie la Coiir Siltlit e 16 v Avril 1838. PI'. LE BILANC, all 21 Dell. Greffior. 11 I'I'A' I) DE L\ IOLUIeIANE-Cour du Premier Dis trib IJ 1 l3 l deinIe. d S E'I'A'IT DHE I.A I oUI IA\L'.\ A tont cux qhte I I r . presenllted conerelln, Salut:-Altetdu Ilqlle W\illiam llllakov yunt nllchete ; ucre vee note piue r le Sherilf de hit pnroti~se ,'()leall.lma, Itrorit ei-n" tirl'.8 deer't", a 'esa iiihdre>s all (treluit, die eel (ol ltlh lt Indite vent"e fnt enregistric le i iiwe jutr de Mai, id Il'nnbe :J r m llllr us tills- iOesl arll g eletlllI iii n le e lu lie ir Ililtlre tie I'F.lnl dP t. ou iin , liu 'A r ,l allrerts,"a" ipprolb le 111) M r t, 183.1. (In'tl aoil eoeun, et litnetll o:lu.l lt de 1'IEt de In I·u1iin e et d lie e oiir (fih I'remlier Ilirtriet Judihire ,, qtr, inuirnienl t lvoir dloir it In I"l".pritt( ci-IIpTCI demurfP en unnoq llrn e d' in de tl imlt ,le t!hr,:,e dluns i'o"rdrr e, ll e octket Irjtllldn l lll l te 1' r.Oll, n vert di (llqlle II vePne :a i'te fnite, tau de m,ute ilrt gul llritti o il,egadlitit dails I'estiln lion, I'atvin oil i tlns et It llla d e te lI vente, on pour tlille ant a rn use lglll "Olga"~, dIe faire vo~ii, dans trelnte jttre k a nta der I 1,ullil't. o nh n e crietle ividp orqutliIn veute sins, ilitie lie serait illt C r llfil'llle at htintoh ul.,eu . Lrelitl tollin rtitinl veldue par le Sherif, sus.d let 23,eiue jtourd'Avril, de l'unliruv 11138, eli vertul iluni d,. eret tie cete c.lllr leldit le :lerimin ao 3111r., de I'.nni e li8.;l, daUsl: 'itlolire rte W illiamn Mtaekey v.. Snlitucl I Htl:, Ot. 13.:,5:35 (l docket dr' cefte Couir, i Inquelle vlte It dit \Villi, Malackey, Wes't rendu acqulleur pourI le prix dle $3,3110 coitprlltl. Desription dlhla Proprifi n d'ni rt) 1, transfer Judici aire, Savolr: Un ertanin lot de lerre, v eouplll)rilou ls batiste I e~t allnrhltrltthlnt, milne, e'n t pdroisse d't - rl nnls, ca I'ilet hnru. par let rue de la Nou telle Lev(,E, Looisa, Poltsnond 1),:ltd, ti.t elgnt par le No 9 d'a[nll tpa in p I 1,'es par C I' Zimpel.l)hputt VFoyer General, la I6 Drcrudiul'e 1831, e t l"ost ell I'etulle de Feili ili in notaire public, cmnelll plan No 13, le dit lot deterr i ll.qlll~llnl vinset pieda, oozet pmllees Fbrte li I rle deln eNouvelle Loe vtt, soixante t uinre pieds de profondbur du cote qui tontche le htt No 1, et qnstro ring! pieds, wept poUlles el lltlftlr liglles ell profondeor dl c1ms qui toull" la proprittn apresent, onil dernieremuit apparte stt ilt N Goodall. et nventi ttix neofl iens ooze poluees de largo lael la nprofotid.or,ou il fnit Itlee i lne all de tra ied i pucd en comlltnne aver t. Irao Non 4.5, 6, 7,11 and 9. lBur nou ti Gr |ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE WAFoHOtSE, . Customhouse street, opposite thebs post.ofice. Thi suhseribhers are now receiving from their fae. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortmentof Marble Mantle Pieces of uperior workmaonship, and of the latest patterns, nmade of the best Egyptian. Italian, Irish and American marble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintels, marble facings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & Hydraulie Cemoent and Plaster. ing Hair, together witlh a splendid assortment el brass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron Grates oftho newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the shortest notice. They have first rate workmen te art the alove wnork. ji5 'AMEI.S TAI ' L. STROL'D. DR. W. EVANS' CA M T HIS hi.hl; valuable med ,dllle and retail at New Y D'I.A NG E.18 Camp street. It is cnfidently aacoaamended Ioe the followthing eadsets: Iygeppia in all its f ta,; tllious and liver akf ictons, in every stage and degret; femnle sickneass more particularly the nate.a aetident to mothers; fo t albue, fever and ague, inaciplent consumptions or deo alite., whether of the liver or lugs, healatche or piddh - ien, lose of atIppetie Iervnus tretorae, ineriatlon ot delirium tremens, a 1ta ,odic affection of all kinds rh mantism, whether hronic or inflammatory: nerous ofr hilioua fevers, et every variety; acrofula, atlt rheumr s sad all hlatctah,. bad humors, aad imtp;re cnmtaplsin.nd ofhe ekin; rtitlesescr at nicht ,and daily irritabilitf and metlacho'y; the cotplaint, and cholera morbusl or diarrhea in grown pers n rmsa; and flatu lency, with had reath; ehlorosais and palpitations oftles heart aod headl clhanges of femtale costitutio, and for impaired and aisrrganized aonititu tiona in either ae5X whial, have not beel permanently relirved by noy other medicines A sianle trial of Dr v Fvoast medicia es tri anc of theme cases, will produce Hcht effects as will in dicate their incoatlprale superiority, and induce saue a use of them a will inmrss aspeedy and ungelostiotaf tls cure. Dirwctioln feor use an comptanying theat Nuamerou* certificates ofn cares witll hb showas faro the length of the catalogue it is impossible to give thei publieity through tle medit of a newrppoper. On Dr vaaao' catalogue tilere are upwards of 25000 easnes, and in this city we can refer to many persona who habs baeen rlieved, and in some instances entir'ly cured of long standing diseases, by Dr Evans' Caomon il Pills. ao0- lm STATE OF LOUISIANA-First Janic Coart. TIHE STATF. OF LOUISIANA, To all whom J. these Presents rishall come, Greeting;-Whsre'as James B:,tets Diggs Ising parchased ata isatmiad by the Stherif tihe partish of Orleans the property here intafter desarihwl, has applied to the clerk nf tlis eourt in whose ortiee deoed of sale was recorded on the 9d lday ofA Aptll, A. 1). 1838, for a monition or adveFtise. met in aeolbrntilty to o anct of the Legislatnre of the State oaf a.ouii:an, entitled 'An tast fare thie ftrther ass rance of titles io prehaserrs at jutdiaial salest" approvedt the 10th cdy of March, i1834. NOW, therefore, know re, and all pesaons Interesad h, rein, are hcreby cited and at retitlhed i Lthe name of the State or louisiana, sad of the First Jtdilial Distriat Col~ ,wlto ecan set t any right, title or claim iln and I the proprtcy Ilereinafltetdestcrihrel, i n consequence of any itl' ,rlalit in the ordtrc, decree or juadgaent of the cort ,cmIer whic the suat was malde, tr any irregularityor illegality in thIe atpriteamettsa nndad ertltsemeati, in lime, or manner ot sale, or fm cny other detect whattni ever; to mahow cuse, within thirtiy lays from tihe dtythif motion is first inserted in the publi pa Iters, why tha sale aso made tshould nlotba e fift ed anil hau nlog 'The said proplerty was sld by tlhe Slerilof the pariay afresai:id on the 31thil ay of Marclh, A. D 1833, by voan rue of a decree of this c.tart, reh.dlrtt on the1 20th dsa tit January. A. D. 1838, in a suit entitled James Bar a Iiggs s. Rteits Greene, No 15.191 of the docket Court, at which sale said James Barnes ggs the purcahcer for thle price of twenty-five iusa o (leseription of lproperlcy as given in tile Jdi veta c, viaz: Acertatt piece of proerty ortt parcel of grottd tolgdether with all thle tlhlititgs and itaprncements thereon, righta taivt!lees, &s. tteretantoaIltltttgitg, or in any wise ap prilel i .tt, situtte in faubottrg Antuneiatio, , above this city andl tenssatrg tt tltglisth measure, tlhree hnldredt antl iftre-six feet sandt lor-eightths of an inch froat on tto pualic oad on Nera Levee st, tllee huldred anti sixty tcs feet six iehesacat foar-cighlhs of ac inch firont ona Celeste , two httnded latttl litv-flve feet lnine inehesand two-eightls ofan inch on a litne faonltig on Old Levee sreet. uatil it strikes the btonndatT li. of l.taurcnt Mil landoao's property,:at the corner .l'Oltt Levee and Nuns street; there formitg s right aagle, and extending eighty-five tfeet a,tl three itcha deepralongthe Iattndary lias of said Mlillatdon's prolet- Ipraloilel to OCeleate strta; tlhere formit. a right angle, anl extendtlig sixty. thlree feet eleven itctaes cadl three eighthst of an inch on thle houndatry lice of Lattis i)cdc's prc..erty, sraille to Old Levee otret;tthere Iorming anothe, rightt., le, and extedling fortv two ict sec'en itches and five of as inch ot ttle otdlaltry line of s:tid Dcde's propeetv. Iarat;lel to Celeste stret; tltayr fotmintg anotter reight angle, Astll extelding one hundred and twenty- seven feet tctt ilehes tand foar eigihths of an inch ot I;t~e bomudsry line of said D)cde's Iproperty Iarallel to te Iputlic road an a Nwa I evee satreet, land sevty si ifet fotur inahes eightlltsl ofaninlh 'l'ont on .ut.'s street, accord acev, It2, lni.cxi" It ,, act befotre Louis T1 CtCane, Notty Pullie, attetL 26th January, 1832. 1 Witnessa the lion A.31. Utthalcahn, Jclge of this Cort afaoresaid, thli 16th Altil, 18 h. ap23,m3St3 P. LE BLANC. Dep. Clerk. SAN'I'IONED BY TIlE FACULTY OF MEIk CINE. IHORN'S Compnamd Extract of Copaiba and Sart S parl -A certain, saie, and moct effeectal renlr dt ever diovered Ilat the cure of qon"lrtesnG rt. . Siri..tus, White., Pains in the back and loins, t oo.:1 weaklles, affections of tie kiduies, gravel, ,sorbui In the introductioe n f a melieile possessing the 1.sslt anlt actitr vte t lu e omll e a now ofttired to the pLi.. rtel: roprietoba Ills bait to Pc efl, to tile mlmerous 'ece.-· mindatinS rewceived roma the most eminent of thlear . allreiatted lheln i't s mtrits anre orue . tinlly ktow t. 'I I, Balsamnlt Copa ,lla 0. t'xlell iat'li'y ne.t, has ost mt I of its credit Irom the ihslike oa hith patients torn,el. expless. d regardiamg ith tiiagt.ealle taste, psti. i, produi.d ip thie bowels und stemeihl an its uIere tI illerficielc when clt ad ill tile il.laimatov sage. 'i , 1)r-oprietor has mad aall nalysis of the !.alssmt, eo t a it, g that the tmore acl i te qualities . Ot L tietehb he n,Ilo t move ro celrattd iad more usetilly aI datin istele itt ill te preselt statexo The ot H la med:cle eomb ilnr I - Bredients cieoh re in the higlhest repute in ot i tr most cientific hand learned inl tle p.ofesaiollt y I drug ill the corposition of tis prepatation illcreaser i e eficacv of tile other, p lpolucilnig mil operation truoy n - niliin,, aid utxp ssing S he most sannguine eopee "uh . i.. posscsillgat tlhe snle time tile advantage of its i r, adninistepred with pert.ect sucess in Ite diflrllr at., . f tile ahbot disease. The most eminent physcian II utger n of tile present da. etxpress tllei'r tiect'-i. protmntieo in faor of Sarsaparilln, whilst its t ise :i t. ritip hospitals and pubic medical institatits ia be n, atd still entiles, very extensive. It was ia I,.s olte r.emel'dy ith the celerated Dr Aernethy i.. . venereal atffctions, and t obstina tecutaeousetatn , b .,, arising fiom a disordered state ofit'tdigestivefunt it.. lavig gbeen sah mitted to tihe test and experience I ;., most celelbate among the trelt rey Il hveexprmi - d their satisfaction of its extrt'adin'hy e o ffioaev ils etr case tlder their charge, Iy opting it botpt h i ll r ' public antd pIrivmte pratioe. Their ob cerations ii Itserted iicerefter. lpared iby J B ThornB Chell, .t LottIon. Price $J 5lf per pt. TiESTIIOON IALS. From A H Salmon, Etsq, F . , Surgeon to at ai St ''latnms Hospital, atti Lectutrer on Anatomy. 'The trial wehich I have malie of your prepatation ia t varirty feases, hothtlaaleandrtfemale, in its "esuts Its iroved to ihigitty favoetabrc, that I do eot hesitnte iý rtonouneint it one of thle most valuable anti efelteio' , •rmediar ever ofeitred to tile publie, andtone in wtit . fronl elerie ice, 1 call place evet reliatee, whilst t d cts not I radute tile sl me tnpleatalt efl'etsusually ty - periecotl Ifrotm enplaibha. IFrom G H Hl.ward, M R U CS, Physician to the St Malrtlehone Die tnasaa.-. I take great in addling my testimony to tt , vtahnble iropeeties of taour preparatil, wishlingyou tl.e success a ot so ftaly deserve, in 0 a ample rewardl for the Iatorand exptense mlIre'ted in hrinagiing it to sucrh tal pletii perrlctton. From W 0 Cooper, F R S, SurgeoIt to Gtty'a lles pitai T'he aUlliforln slceess which Ilts a'tendedtt tile admini,. teritg yoltr medicitne among my latietts afflicted with thre habove diseases, has flly satisfied me that it has otly to be kllown to te truly atppreemted. Mao the success yo u s well detetOr, amplty and s.eedily repay you for your valuable preparation. FromtSir A Cooper, FRSPRCS, ,c.&e. Havilng hbeen ilducedt to trby your Extract in tsevral casesof aiilent tOoaent'riea, which had itthierta baffled rier) prescription lalmitisteredt by me, having fIbaod sure and speedy cures ef'cted iy t, itn a few days I feel m aself itn duty tountd to state tlmt 1 now in my prns tice both public anid private recommend and use non other. From G W Blair, M D, Physician to Gy's Ito : pittI. The strict test which 1 have given your medicille antaeg mtly patieltts, and its itlvariahle success tlius fart will itlnduce re to Imrsevere in its use, and I deem it but an aet ofjjustice anti of duty to aa.d my feeble telti. tnonia int coatmeudation of its virtues. . From LC Thomptson, M D F RI S L. Irettrn you my sincere thanks for tle valuable pe setlt of your Extract for the cure of OatOretit., &n.i I feel grateftal that you hate at last brought a medicinn into use which will prove a desiderattmn long soughtfor in tiha medical world--a suore, stpeedy aednulettip enro n cases.f theabove class. It atlordc me great pleasture int pubhilldtg to tlo world tile valuable qualitiesof~cur Were it necessary, the proprietor could here fiinilh canty more testimonials equaly as coltnmentdat., as the abe\ei but t usts that its greaficteesshitherlon the eare & expense at which it hias been pt epared, will provaeit greatest recotnmendalion among a discerning publiie One recommendrlaticn this prelrlration enjoys aboves all others is its aeat, portab e tDrnm---t Up in pts-th made in which it may be taken, hemt'g botheyt and pleatmnt-its tasrelv nature, with no restriction in diet or cocltfiement t'rom business. 'iravellers espeeilll woultd fi ttd ts medtaiine highly useful, and ought snve to he unproyited with a preparation posaess trhe ad I vaatages which the present on eombinel ' r Aceompanying the Medicine isc pamphlet etplanh - Story of the different stages of the disase, withatit.lany extra Charge, containsng full and amJple dl*e;lia. For sate by SItKLU&k CO. amr i4,tawJm 4o0 Claimed_. B ACON-2i hhda Sides, 15 hitds Josla,,nd % Shoulders. Uictiosnati cared. ladiadln*ossi er Bcc lkeye. and for ealh by STiEeT ON & AVMi, r |o It ci sVier

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