Newspaper of True American, November 9, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 9, 1838 Page 1
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- -- 12., CNNTS. NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 9, 1838 VoL.-VI o 180o layr flo tl trl-w~e ly collltry palper, pavy lltr ia;vintll:e, wlhele, o rcity rlefreiece is agilr Ihrt.cll torr will bit discontined Ulltil arroar et11 . i n rcae of di coantinuonace., onn week' cn Icri *rtu ast'~ t il'uv:trai y given, previoa \l vearrro.siv.- )oe dollar per soqtnre for the nd.rtioa, ltI ll f tilet price for each lallbeqaueot one ,ti a teriel alteration Irom til originatl advertisenirt will lie reldnrn la as it ncw one. Y itl.r i ,le rlsueistIS lnl.-Merchnltn ean d Traera, c"ty ollasre forl Im.rglich alone, and aixty for both lan;, lIrcnkar, Illsurlnce Otfices, oal other similar Ijll'lic ietiutitl th ., lifty dtllars ill alglish only, and i1rr-, foir bolth nnleragel; Shipaad tteatthot Fac ;:- or (;:noi1[siioat mercllaOts sixty daolltrS in English .c, aOllI eighlty for huratt Ioagrages. ir.lrirnte.or I:S, ttrrta NOTICESi, and artirelCs eall t i atttentiotr of le pulblic to sales at property, .e dolar peir Sloare for the hint insortion in each ln ?il !,'.. (itO MUN C r IONS, or ..dveritserns, of any persrtn rtl era11ttl'. whl, Udillssie, Shall h. e charged double, sodf iit. McKa A,\ 16d I- f twntycatftve percent. will le made to .u ,t t , Urs' llo, Ita.i eersr Tf WVills, and aalrlhalt s cnnd 5 r llp · i.ctcli ghsh altea : lia le r cant.ton sohlt A vt itrlstri cet of thi dlret line of hainesp ci tl.e ia rle tiser, oin:h Ri legal, a 1IIolill n ilant ioli sale.' rollmv salyies, stray Itiaiiots, &e. &riC: will ile rllr.rgtrl fur rl.ti clv, rrand at ilte ordinrr rates.i Irv elt:iSEnittslo nult spler'iftcld a to title, will be uihled o e illornc1otle I11p llagcd nccorlingCly. No irlvcrtis"or itoi oIf rakrttptcire will be pirblished s y casec, illeostr paid Ir previloas tt inerrlioir ot ,~ernt grrer'ctleed by i roslpuslcle person in town. a 1Ic tris d1l( other placesr of, advereisi.g t rilrlv ''r e r ' tiltll to h chabrged $1011 lire .nglihll a r r, and $151 n both i ln unes. All alrourcerents 'rf caurlialt:s for politiel, omaies be clharged double tire price of otier advertise 1 •i ", . · , 'o t 1 i le 'l e t e lon s . .c e t a i c d y n e w s p a p e r o cc. i'tn, tirvl l e r to ttlie ttrnif"-cnlustiOt tiat tie r, ."; lf 1,'-4" -. acourts iho oat bee spaid all ci ri nonth aftir rerrr.rnttion, shill le i1teto areit , n (go fl r ns pr c:til mile) to earlh ot her-- they obli y.'rif tilr nralcrse Iurt to niolvnrtice or print flr sueh dlli 'lt·.ut., 1ltt.les ill cure of odroac. payrmeut. teniiir J.C. It. re. IhOMES J. IIAYI'iN, S. I. pILENI)EItGAS'F, J()IIN i;ItSON, i. IiMSI)EN. ,, trls.-\l, IVl', Illll cr e tiig.ndl, c.rtC cto ehidc r · tpile rl;t +,o, u , .llltion+l, is hi us they are applicable to ft;r1 .\r, rncripion are, rtakn ficr Ic...athn fi .i.ths. .,"tt , : l£t ill ci ae+e , lre post prin _ _lud. __ S ' ql l . ,;i o I\ IN WE V I ti' l l ),t & c . ' VI' biN iii h1'tl ) lr lie nn ortof "A 'year i S pahln,"in os- It're l/erle, acr ovel, Iy e'" nIrtreto "CilI( I ' der" rinr cu. " ro detAct e of . ·41,l e' ? , t, iiqltl.ll h nolll cel,' ;1'th P .ii al crae k S . o ,, ,.1""i, ii ir1' 1 it t. \h er, h itu h - , " i . ,ý +1+' + ,;1 ly (·r'n.kl'. lll ir r, 11· " . N,n ullllr ,tl, X l I '+ , ir S iti ailllilllat i( ir ,1 1 f od ii ii I '1,ýiý ~r ,, .1 .... I t rv, L. L. ') l ('l d, itli os it+ i l, ; " I ", v l ", <,-, \I'" I :o., l dbit ..h ) I . u I a dot r.. N\ FV nl 1'., , ",,,,: ,, I ,,: o i , I , , , - e , 'l ar lle iloie"; , , . , e ,., . I .'ht IIr t n ; I)h do not ", ' .. i , .i . + ,. , -; l'ol' I .o ,' r A 1' ),; ir 11c . Ill- t - i- +-rtI ,.; .,, , D .i ,i tcv,"h' ci nT, -ic t i . I .re I I ch y\ , i lý. e I eu n r I . Ihd ofe IC-r( r 1 h1c h 1i nI Gi+, i l.i i l"t:. k.\ y , ll" · le1.i it , ot INI l Aud fe ll t oo, rt . s .t pac "r .+ t , pont iat SC .,". ,,: , , I-trI .ý l, l', . i 1 . I id Ih li:, il :'I Iroc ..'.-! tId'r , " . 11 ae ll,, l r l euhj t. hutewhe,,-l" '"' cI v a lohot - c Ir i- r i theW i to11 ivfth trelc I S , . : r, w ll, &th e tof It e '"l, li th. , , . Cll ty pr tlllltluln t tel I tllll thI l h thlC ] . ll I: ill llllailnllllt it ih tll a llc ((ll . I1t, il,.t.r lil:r:c ly lie,+wrd l'rotlt+'ill, plolt releived llid -all, V' \VWIT he·t< iAN, i (" Clr Ca 1lll) &t CoIII its. It ,' I: dl' h I 'll r, ee'lR I Itctttri' ci ic t; ItE "ll i'.] (' 1 oticeg'', VIG I thNIA. he ¢ . 111' I; l. . ,. ui t nt 'llu p .. e ilualtb i lll in (11 ient I \' 1\ ! mi,, , i ! , t, ih. v+ o v, o f L e v i-h n 1 tri o. r ,',, i 11 h le 1 0 ~ill, lt o ltite . niIi ad l ie)l-r o nrtttic c -t 11. tr +,~,ini ii he.i lt lh . sh l rt . A spandchi rt 1n 1Iv ith Ig-ll~l··i ' ,iyI I hO .4ieti r, anC b twel. t cll uro !!!,, ro. I td 1I lo l, · coi ous oton ci.·e np7 the Spri ngsVor a oIIIId ol e-C, elil t . clt a trn pike' near l te n iti - mri.... iv e t. road, l hi dier'tio outhur prngoor ollic e 't r 1",1l .. h i a e < i ilker & co t. I n e ofe •tl I Irold'llo D ill r'l111. : 1100 1me otl c t ib, t' eotbll..hed nI e 11, 1 s nri ung ne.r ol f tn recivlly tie n wi .1 r mrsP Dll aily, e .t fl d w "st. (It thie illedivenl ualitei. ofit w ,r itt, prorietor . (ltced eOt spe aIk. 'they lave l,",, ,l ' "'d Iy little dltlll pr lloifus:+d chem ists, siL l )alllll o n I llo.ii'llt ti tl ttl l l al llc sue red;ly s.L. l1,1 ,loet rittd prn , oL in Virginia. ' "I' rob. <l. o(illliolt I .. till trh iulc h rette lly-h 1r" ,14,. So l tlt l" e t ll +<blon Sallphote of I mhnel , Car ,l I,+ of tll..l :l tl tnr t of."uhlr , Muri le.t of Soda., l ' l III i c1 tt sirc i o11fr t wlhich lr i lo lltlite| ill. 1 g1,1e, iln odellnt t inao rnd fcilltr oll ,r.u a. ollll ror di seao ot'lh Ne s kil oiL r emedy r'eIll II ' ell O thle nI els crl crio vih l dod. .x- Ix '.- i.thling t.tah lkilhl C .is for both sexes have hi'' ,,,'tl tilt vo|il ou s to Iho springs. Viitors! call a :1 oi es I lliy iictr t ih pecu lilr atlvant ge if atheir be ccl c, l ,c tit deo - . 11i c ie 'Majo <r \Villilml.l Vao wil contllh e t111h 81 ;riellspeinenl 11l't o the11' opilnf. EverI n exertion on his Il hrt, lllan ou r h . ,pn t .c rietor', .htall be r enered to isunre 1or t',` H itt ialpllClt r ).lb: 1s*t cTre f llt r h e publiTc ple hti'er, i t I' II ci l t illit cc'a tl S, t lrlre oilltd cll II ttlll R lll'Il Ilrtf ' .c i ulvh t.Ilt parii o ac . It..' I N. ci c.tII tccte & c.rklll t me .aTii se I. . tltnitletirsll tf Mrt i Mo o of t he lin elr )·,! PIIi: r 'lii tLli ctll tr '.cc llllr ll iell ec.,w ritl i cc | ;, ,, rotlt .itiin0, rl t I, .tile I Isll I , l e't lN t d ilon; i1·,". .. lr ;J lI r ivItll 'r , iL l. or porrleit yr. ,ho N.Pi.l 'iR'. b, i ro 1s, ii lstrl ited b ) tos pll ll f the ,'A ,, i .R ....l d thNr ,,... ..",lt h i ti le Ir nin ThI'e' `,:4 ,lt'-.,utlo1,I il tlraoinf Lld +,lwlkil I " -l. IIIo 1 li| 1 l o 'i ls, I0itlhll l l and glto r del riptllion Vwo fo Ih( I ; ".. oetl iot'1 da r to llly 0iven hNVFR lt it. ISrowur & Co. !AY. just wsseiveiiat their Furnishing Ware-htust ]1 Nu. 17 Ca,.p Street. by recent arrivals isom i, i,tn, anld tile North, large additions to their stock of a Iul and orllnaUlsetul articles, which eol lectively (they believe) forl tl n assortment more geoer at andi complete than is to be found in any similar eahb sos.ellnt known; consistinlg of SILVERL WARE. Cofree and ten sets; pitchers, waiters, eastors, candle. sticks, cups, tumblers and goblets; table and desert forks; table, desert and tea spoons; marrow and gravy, or ra goat spoons; sugar tongs; sgapr, sauce andsoup ladles; intter, fruit, ptddlisg ad fish knives; pickle anS desert knives ant forks, napkins, rings, &c. principally fionn the maoutactory of Mr B. OGardier, of NewYork, whose long established relputat;ion for the manufacture of silver ware is sufficient guarantee of its superior quality. PLATED .,ARE OF SHEFFIELD AND HIIt MINGHAM. Teo and coffeeurn, tea setts; castors, liquor and cor dial standls superb candlebrus, and Epergues with mir ror platemaux, for centra of the dinner or sipper table; waters rouned and oblonlg, from 8 to 1a incies; beef steak sad vegetab;e dishes; rich dish covers; cake and lbread baskets; deotalter stands; mantle and chamber candltesticks; wine strainers; coolers and syphons; dteaan ter libels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, t' hie. egg and mustard spoons; egg boilers and sta.ndst trust races, ke. SILVERI ON STEEl. WARE. Tableand desert knrees, forks and spomns; soup and sauce aIndles; butter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as pargus tougs, vegetable fiks, dec. .I APANNERY. Fine cotdc Sandwich and :round cornet waiters, in setts oand single, from 8 to 31 inches; do of papier muckle; lread, cheese, and knife trays; large upright plate i.allrners; pice, sugr ;land eash boxes; pressillg noses; India tea ta les in nest catdltes Jappnnaul ridl of rich tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortimnt, among wmio re Astral lamps, all bronzed and gilt, and of rich cut glass; mantle lamps , o, lo, esach plain and with gluss prisms very slpetdid ert glass do; brolzed and Jalpaned side or laneket lamps. CHIIANIiELIEIS AND HANGIN.CG L.AMPS. Etiglish and Fretnc clt glass clandeliers or lustres of 80,to, 15, 18, a2snd 't lights; Frentcl bronzed aind gill Grecian lamps, 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall lamps and Ian tenils, rich bhronze boat or centre lamps for drawing rooms, from I to f lights, tlamp shades, glasses and wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDILEIBRAS AND VASES. Il'nnzedl atind mable; bronzed andss gilt, and all gills, with tixtuuls, etc; cunlting olllse and kitchen clocks; lrolzed inkstals, cegar in; paper weights, thermlllne rrs, card rtrcks, canellrstirks n tc. CIIINA WVAtR Olt I'(PIRCELAIN. Inglish ac9d Freeh dilrilg deevrt, tea :aid coffee ser ices of ain whiletr, gold edlge, ansI ver) rich laelC shlets; splendid toilet setts; t wattr anil milk pitchers, manlle vases; alt:yS ellrl I(aks and askets. hAlt 'Il'l EN1k AIIF. Dilning, desert, tea, elfee, ireeakfastl and s.plpr selts; silst ware; pitchers. Also, (:alri china dlillel Sets, GUT :I GiA:.S. I)cetl( a t s pitdtel's; claret ald Ill t . ! i low.1. |, bh wis, li+h's, c lery oa., oa!t ., t, . , . , Istllttltnbs, lilsger b 5as e ss, r .III 1 . , r.l r*.1( 't', e'wd.I r:t14, 1'11 1- 't:r, i. _ ~ ,,,, 55551.w t, clist ·lis t" It ;n s Is, , ... hiss lI .=rwk ,l . I~ :1,. . ... :·. . , _e.. .. " .. r . ,' , ri . ",14.:1 I .s . a, ,ire , . . . , ittl'st l lll itt" Is .. ,'.s . s,, 1, l. ilt Sht.tss; slss p . . ., til'h '.l 5sis. l'h l i I is s its l. , i-5,'-t . st KIrIIs~ I ulllll FIN ll T I'I{F f . ... . , . ., w " ' ,l . cln . :ill t n l'lt r il Dll++ !R; ( l tl1 tu. 1 . ' t " Inn, .Isi rillts i IIh bhlit'h tltil, I . s L s rt e b iutt ll0 Ii I . ke ; s:Il s t s.a Ish statn ill I res l .I.I I I 1. ll t. 1. ,1" l ,.lams! . 072.1;-d , 05d r 1ptii,.h a trl ts. I s ir sitn It. ithi 1'rio t lZdl I_ eli- is 1 it l)i its l;i;'(' o nVt': ) L . i stCie .' at (1,' s tbs ,s . 's ,--s )1a . .'i ( ,u.ts . i17,11 t ln llle ( n ill r"t" t s m ' ITII?(. ..o .':.. It fib pel· raw', ol· 7-20 kill :F'r do. of '21 ' s on dh. or 4u saws in a stand, el .t.5t pet' sae, or 20 00 SIN s IL i ( IGINS. For a sin5gle gin o c "1) saws (o. Im'ie, with onle set of llldel's, bnlds, &e. tt i$6 per saw, $180 00 For isid. of 0 saws, with llederls, tre nt $6 0 Iper. saiw, 3i 0 0t For do. of 411 saws, with feeders, &c. S.G 75 per saw, 300 01 ["'1. do. nlofh saws, with fecl,'rs, &c. at f7 50 per saws 150 00 Extrateeth where ldeirted, for li't sdrs, supplied a Its cels callh; the nietuher ofteeth It'lens( about equal SI iti numbei r Ofl Si'S. Is)lne set If i'ellels i is eisi-n siderlcd howcver, will wear oult two or three sets of EIxtml saws s l) ied at 81 .eL"S e:tellh. The Gins ordered, w II be delivered to the agents of plcaters in iany of the set porttowns o1 the t la I in t syr Sises, ait tleaho uet prices, tIteagnltlls ineileg tke freight the sue fhlrom New Yiiitrl, astl iecomis g Ie pllonible for the amount of the (;in. A ;ini wriihlt will be senl with tile !Gins t loput them nit where de sired;the challrlges ilto whtse sel.rvices will he extra, but modeate. I I'(llln runnniny gecell:L also be ordered wh|ere ldesilreld, on. reasonbllllle te:nu, but will be char'eI exeIr. Horse power, ofany deseriptiOn, cal be fIurnished on like tel'nis. Snell stealm engilles call also be ordrell if de It isdesirable, when planters give orders for Gins, lthit shonllldclcomllplany theml witll theisr visws II regals toIn lei:lrlaltigen ntt saws, briieasts, brushes, &c. It is lt ind they dliflerit. opinion. Somer desire sawa of hurger diartnter rith osthers. 'ihe noSt conallon size is i or 10 itnches; t . sinse wisll thlteln 1 inchles. Some wish 5 or 6 rows, Ibrusines oil an axle, while others do not want more thsan , at most. Stome wish saws with 8 or 9 teeth to the inch, while others wantt Il0or 11. S urep discreaneevw e welrere" they st lod, at the time of sgilig ogrders, fmis a sstaliement of their wishes, andsthe miantlletuers can fuisill thesi in everl) alrticular. Whlere it is left to or dliseletilnl, we shall snake thlem onl the most mnodernl allt sapptvl plaen. A.1 order can ge exenuted, itom the timle it is reeilved, in the slpace of eight or nilnle weeks, ard the (-ill in tihat title pilnacditn the IlanIds of th i fttir. t oL be inll sitne sir the next cropll, all ordetrs ohllt o ibe i the ishands of the randihu'rTers hy)il the first or tmisiisi of . ; ex.ept forls ianstlOlln wheretllety arelate in conllllleilcing to pick or gin cllto. N. It. The I(mtet Itighti, four any tne of Ithe cetton lur"wutilg S'leltes, will be sold on i'aiosaill terls. mt thnos- - -- -- - SLYA'IE OF L()UIS|ANA.--First Ju,:icaI i~i.-.ct2 I *IIl* STATE OF I O()I+SIANA, '1t nll who~, W hi ePrsetlller s shln l core, l: r n :--' Whewcav illiamt lacket having p e rcete, ti t .-10 l by the heritf tie polsh oqf ll t ,! i.t.r t her inalter d sclri dl, has aptldied It t.:'" hI", I t i cte I lla , 5 lin d .a1. I). I I .., ,e I i teit vtle t tl llleht Irconth llllv ("t, . t ,! I. ý,. !,", y 1ut ", of Coulrt, who c st I i t ttle , t l r ol ti , in land to tile propS 1 ilc ,l ,111 .:i.s, tl ted nt, Fnl a ,:e llellct ollf ey iilll Itill the mleh:, l ie,", oIr lhi eme t t It e cout t ioder whit c the sale +s. :nlte. r an iezullrt or eill gtut in the apprm1.i: btiientt ln t .liemoot., in n titte, or ta er ,ll'al or o, t : lr it. e',,t whatsol ever; to s tho cn , ",tj;lt IStee '- h I" I t hily chiser fiot'tilr t -.iele of $t,.ll, it . ,' ,' " w .le.c..pti ... if riip. . rty ... gi..en in me ud, it,: C itit-o ATierle tai lot af sorwl r It l ter ihl'l le bilr iplh Nt 10, ji Sn e the :lnl fplan, of ,Feli , ri, ., n 1 It virtlle. ol i de ree l f te c t, ret, 1 1 it .hes ,lti , t Ies. eineel tieet,75 1,5i5 depofh te d e ktoie tidji nig lat Nwhich ale said f illiam ted 4 keeye in epithet the chaserit for tis p io lleyttee feel $t3ie ich tt cni vetatt n :5l,6, vtdil. A certain lot of grotnd, to:tlher with all Ihe build iles l iul er, I its thereon, itte d in the parih tGeneal, (m the ll D(.enmer, I83 tWll9 Kielgoeite' as call 1i .t,' I I.\\'IS. [lep CYlerk. IMR. WILLIAMS, CI1,U IS'T, LOUISVIL.LE, JULY 21. It hlts lhen said that I ren leany ra l.ouis ville anl (lamong other piaaes) had maeli treaks or the Xiagara-thelleforo resolved on TuePsday last, tript t<cCineitinati, for one (ay only; I returned again In night. 1 ieinito feelthatl I a1v a ' re imortalt indi. vidua, as this instant tihe Jonrnlla of teis city w las Ilt int a hnda statilng, lamongst t great nelally oithe thigstllaht I had actuallv run aRvy frlnll Louaville to easllpethlle effects of tile wndgrful iaglnertic ee tee af doctor Snip, the knight of the thitlhe, alias, A S 5, 31ye return,however, proves that the fahle of ihe bet an'd wolf, is pplicable to the Journal. Tlhe fable is "A hoy was employed to watch and rlva the alarml, when ihe wolf apppeared; he being either a 'foutmsn,' a tnilor'asn'p or naiar, fiequently cried out 'the wolf in eolling,' to thle reut dimtay of tile citinen. Th y t ast fohnd out his reel harantetr: that he was a liar, atd not to he hbelievedeven whena ha spoke the truth." 'The fact i', that cauase must produce their effects. So it will prove, of the all-wise writera, Dr. Sni & Co., in Ihe Joutnal. I would advise toihu to provide them selves with at steagm eine press, in order to meet tie wnder'al demanrd antl inarease of that paper, a. it is ell knlown, there are many who seek for nothing hbilt fillsehotod,ut of sTer lrrve to the veeners of that arti lts. But nfirteunaately fir olih Sni, Iof needle and ihinble celelrit,a the great mass of tte Jil ilns of A anleaic plle p areer efatmedl,n d far flei d ats loverns te trmth. Thernref they will, (.heffer s tproduced by the lrolaln) naterally say, i want tto reld a pInler, tlat l ay rely onl, theref,re I will seek out nclh,and hecole a sat nriert to tie other jornal, wholoe statelmenlts winot trat epro. false. Their tatements are too pal itlle to retnllt r.ftantioan yet 1 will state: Ist. I alr agn ,l j tnus motel. tt. That I hallret.mal tald he 31st Jul ,, 'tho Ir Snip & (:o., have sent me a letter threatening amy lie, if I remained after the 2 r0th. 3l. fhlat frlm tl'sI shallill proceed to Cieinnanti,for aourteeo da s etnly, of whiI t ishl I) Snip & Co., to ilorll the altn ieli ,n tl air own a ithl tever fls to Iring tIl patients. 41th. 'Im'it from e inlennalli shall lpreeed tlo ee Falal of tile Niagara, to ihe aot Illalo, (ifrter Slli r & Co. lo not take away ay life,' on thl' t ofIES teilllher, an natew Yllk on tile I t of Nemlierl, aletad tile whole otfI thentet llne elttll, n order o age' lat all thie holll hilistine; the mgedical iliahs of rBoston, tohiladel ilia, Mellrlis, Nsellaille and Ltuisviltle whnI nwe relm l (befoire it:lt lme I rrives leose, aGolill ll,t Irope and t wre Golllh 2d. Ctrrier &c. oeltn neake. flr astens, ae111s, l e. Goliah 4th. Corn cutter (;oli a e51ti, Pa IlItt ad allleuga.l pickl rietoe. Golllli Gtll tile last ancliaticenatt all, Ill, Snip, lin Belll, &e. pnatlele t ttp prpre.ritors and cditerof the Jonrltl. aI.nstl v. wtlll hlave tilhe Inohle l)r. Snip & o r knhwtatll Inghefore they were abl i to thread a usper ieor spread ' ilisatr, h ll.iieen tlrr tler, nl the I at it of reetetitg sigateitottletlicdllll thIlt ttaai n l o tni. w'l tllsve l then ail elnployad. t)ill te tlrein pliner: tILe currierC; the hharness lmaker for 'aseae Ille ctrnutttr the Iait and drue strea keeper, ad the vaegnitcent doatar "ltiptever, even more teat dereh o bI)nig able to h tlile liket I winla the Journal t ,i ltolm, I shell recolve ladies and sirs ief !olta I() to I ' 11.$tl h gnlen9 f 1rom 3: to l5 o'rlo.,, [ .1. over. iiy, lo taine I .ll, iio vilh, lt !tbe, , . Iitnll .!.tJer,'r n le,,I- -. l..t i-.,'l , ,; I . .t' ,: ' .: -~I:. ·· . I t' ·i; ' e, ,it Y :: ' , 'i' t if titl· ' ,~r l i •I: ,; ~0 .=I ;",,' la .F .','. I seI , t" e atl , it li ll' , ( lile a . oll e lev lte Ie ,I llll ,n i ~tlth tar, t tl t i lllit e ll of 11at l er.1 'cocl illi,,'ll, ill e o n ll llalI l, wc thiut aa till, lllrl m rit, do It eal ll +ltl his e art; n wIl ind t I le i lie s r t ' whi l m, nls+ere rai sed to he eme lrors, m' evlleve I Ice. Irlin'r l hei t l e k ii t t, f tthe h, atll tr. i t i ll tlii,. brul ns', t jll% oin hIli, brothler, he KtntI ofi III ellil I hllllt 1 ntl, Ie li e a, ll Iho t isll at, still hl ,,r la't llh',tliind al . h 1ilee l " it i It' ll Ieac t s . .. , -I.pc, ol'r ly 1I lh 1 lIt je r ile wt ., the i,,ea 1, l.1. ft, o . h 'Il e'a c li, I tile gLraia l' lt e. ell, 'Cl ; , ,ti Icililo ll, llglil, 1 ei. w ll e tll e apeln d a' 2111 m' i ,t ll ie cl'i 'r+P 'a' im sn ll;ll stdll aIt Ithl -'l," + i 'IIItH 'lli lt l ot' o I lll lult )ll ,c Fel l I v Foli hl . Irvin -.. ,1. ''lhI·ll , main of onlyl l llllI Il,,ht+ l a' + ant i, p rlc fo l; .r t a It ,", ihe. poke oi " $,too. I wastl ale+stufa tl'it[ I'lr steel ons hv ll tle j nrthv kLnhtsal of the rail nd in hlliurble, will scal..ely Iarirk legibly, aftr reding tlhe a lb ve t ity Iter. IInowevr a linle anodyne. ir ihenfilrt onf a drihortku, ortthree will setall right anJi tley will Ioonl arlnre r omenthn Io .rttl1 I tI Tnernl I fpetitrs o f Iheir roeatlrs, lt t renkhit n Me 1r IToIIrigt. b'orurnatl irl fi)r the h ter i its awhole 'ihbbath diuay (to-murrror| in winlah lh e en rio the I irty work. J 'II.IIA N. I I.--I have jot reeived a Iley.e, dlted l1stJu y, iltcitil m O i rsy m tlkiUn all l l.a og to thie droggists lo this ctity. Tllte writers style thlcrelves "Ken tle realnerrsl erleblldrlg that Iro alluded to tlt ill my hlot letltr. They Inutv rest assure, I dlid net kllnW or eveil si.o;pel alte eI;IGllas allong thi e drtougists n Lou isville; yet, if the curp fits any ginelleoan to must course wear it, tholugl noat intelded by ate. J. W Jefilrson Iolse, Soaturday, 22d Julyl, 1837. JEFIFERSOiN tOUSEt I.OnItVILL, July 13, 18;7. 'o the Editor of ihe Clly 3Gazrelte: lotil ilth) city t il l tie e lll u ti s tly. I. Totr; to toll tItena anre gIood. 2. To convitteo the inritlrnrott fatte vile apa thets the Mltiiedal ilinio S. &i., Iaon applied to me, beolirif to tdiemt, ao ladir loofol right. a 3. Th1tai o rirufrtoy iirirosite Iwo hundrerd dollro, a in wotesrf ltea U. S. Itouk, in the hutand of iln hoor the Maor of thiscirty, ageilr t ot sinilar uylu to bh de rIoited btall thle gr at alll at ghty Ioctlor S. & Co. tilat 1 restore to si;lt moreo aed, ill ddle-aged, young persons ainient hitlren, hito were totally or partt liy blinl, tha they li; nd that I ain eielnh'd to CUrr a grenter nuulre of short, w k otr din-soighted ser during nlly short visit, tlarll toe do. 1'et w ni ll, mIy)" wa ise eallllulllatorsr to cal il to thieir aid ail tile vnr deservedly clebrated proler.rro and I)uir,.rsroal ill th iteli".al clleges, is well as all tile doctors nlitd qlck doctors io be tound) ill private practice, wh. arIe notd few ia tihe States of Kent ckye, Oain, lhdioula ond I vo illf elalessee; wlere theri are in ,ldneot ,or be nI W i the. talUoon doetorts, whose oilrluoen og t to bir'anoded din, as low ar It rssile to lateI poisteliltv. T. t mllolt lie learly utlet.t l dll tat tll tile cures if an. oion both sides, lunst be Iroveo rhall have meen ienformed ani Oil o tile aid ol anly surgical uo erali whatever. 5. ''lle whl relly llnerlit tloe eritlets they lave nl liberllydh ap ied t i te, shaill fIorfiait tle $)li lii t ty - I lten l 'fito lealtl bhts)ll sl tJli-city lln d i e tl "ler ar • ly hlltall lake Isuc It l hi, ow'u 50, "i, hn l he or t;tPe tlliy le. II eth lno I I.e ,u , +!: t It :i ,'nn , t :i iit:,:1 S:il, . .,,:- . i ll:,/,:+, i.i, l, i ol, . l.'... . . r ,r U ........ t l ;,, ` . ..i lnonnl.. lit+ 1 J tln +'n tlrl , o ln l Ioicn . Jol-l, ihILLIAMl, Oculist. tL was weak enough to read tihe nmass o nfalsehood sianed S., which deserve nothing but my silent con tlllint. Itad I knowu last rev.lng of the great itnportance ot A S s I should have treated the loast of tfre thlree some what ditihrertar: but let thutpasis. will. however i.ollnnilienet hin master of tIle Journal, fr hin sa8oa ity to reiploy tile fCrennr knight (inot of tie galrter orof the thistle, buit) ofther needl: am thinblle, ill aordier tlt hai InUtV kill twa birds wlth oue stooe, i. e. 1'1 pahnt IlI, hoer' llst n alift o ill his alller ai ior lldllur .l "Itl"" " i 1,i iilt e n loay judgerrr i tmaInat exr Cllt t);,,, t : l i vr on-er, tr. S i'n ia, ter is, o hlini:- . nI cp S. I"hic iul n in t ir. nlt. ce t a.or. r, o hr t lh l:h i.llo,1 uor irillcalln which reqiireno a Inliter, ilnlhell rIl o h ,tmolle or on thie repollinnU of hlnnore wnho dlo ilt har aeilr Ioleasre hinl, being Ullike hiau, (wioch I llnUo ie (ront misloertitre) then it is ta rings his IoI L, whici alielrll is notlulhlrigoe tllnnllif it n.aonhllnding braT, or aIlkinklinr cralol;"v yet, to niew it thus--Dr. ileli hnnks oell;amt with au n l. ID. A. S. S. hfter it, uppear. umtagnifteinta!! JOiN WIILIAIS, tculi;t. July 14. I[ AVANA SW\EETMIEATI--int otore ond ir onlr bT i t IIntE & BIiO, jc cone Coannnon and faga ainae are. TO IREN'I . - TII K handsomne STOIE and hbok Kitchfen ri on the Onaseent story f tihe ''leoa AllPeni ar1l t)lire, two doors irnlll St. ChlaleaI' 'hTi tire. Arfi. t rate stand fora I'offee Iiu.e Aiklh ann at18 JO(HN GIBBSUN, Edttor 'I'ru Anneriran. NAILS.-A prime .orltmenl of Cat Nails from Nto2 Iod, Ibor aleby 'IIAnf; t I)IXEY, oll (ouet.. lnlouse etlret. MILES' CoIPOUINI) EXTIRACT Oni' TOMI A TO. A UnTIrTUTt'5 I, ruot 5'LUOmL. T-IIF dotrilne ipnomuleted with so im1ulthn assnuance [ by manye im irhis of e ie plereset Ila-, thats oe sonc dicine +will culre all diseases, is nlot, nllld nller c nll lhe t tr; and lie wlo ltaserts it, in eithetr a fsol or an i Iostot. Blt it is a I/at dlemonstrable s hv exs r io n ce,, dhat omlbins ios s of miedicine may be fiet illlsld |from tt i v'eOis'AenE KINStDOM, thaEt Will eCt nltuiwel'loUtty on tle s sttem, ws en taken easnsally, ando in jludicious pro Ilso tion n ,a to ee re. il iots e o f ses ont of tell, all disca se teithin the reacl, ald pnower of medicine. From tne well known atl esteblished reloptaliot oft Calomel, it Ihs long been emplo)edl by theenslirit., and sietitific physician,, as one of the meosetfpo lrfi ageots for thle removal of ldisease. By tlh Ibrler, al mOst evelry ladl has been dtluged wiol Inostrulue, tlhat their authors claimed as specifies in evely disease inci loent to the Ilhtman htmily. T'he folly of these I'ete nions Inoetts nnoIooslleolts for aeolllt's st enlsie l hslvtsl gtien het tlsonnt thttle s ate set' mot nfothe Pollft ccs athotlicos, &c. whilch have been trumpetted lels r tle community, with so mlel aassurance, is Calmel, or Itelellry in some lefr. Neow, if this poteut 5:lrtit even in tle bhanls of he most skilful lphysiseian, tliquet Iy exerts att itllllence ol thle Itumnltn sstem, unlitlesel, attd enti,'ly bevold tile control of at; slnelrillltlng ' i nollstitttsosll, nttl t'inhltt ont slttlnststtt,'tslto'essltlsgesile etllsslsltll, elstol.eSt'e sllltosltt be tix .+toll when t l'c s'tilled Iy tile isgllortllts Ceouhl Itleio lllall)y teI .osne nictims so eak, a voice Itom the tomb woulhl sooll lislel he s'pefiC' dlelusion thnt now sways thie minds of tihe lining. tIumane Phvsicieans deplore etle sad evils resultng from the mtesostrie IsrcticP , sd will glhtly Is il thte its trodlctios oftet sneide tthat oa st sey- ie substitetesl flo nolnmel. 'lihe feel, ansd that kefenly, tle ue.certuaity sI"it+ eesim'.ejse.retietstlhey cnoetssotny-olththeer ite lt toe ltasnotlsle or btts'so alslo. Tlseye also Pt-onv, otolleel, tllst ii its ue is continned for anl' cnllsidlsrsible titme, ill jslioOus secondary osllseqllnoes mtnst lillow. BIt llt)y sUzot Clonse the least of two evils: tlley Ltoew Iso t.lter rl.ticlo thal will arose a s orpitd lier, removr e obltrllc tioll, nd slet il sfee actionll tle whllle glantlllale styteln all it seillg inllis ells.bly llte.eessal'y to tlt si.s, otllintlue its use, lotwithstandetilg thie eil lonolsqllcon s .w;Icthd.folow. 'lley Ilve long desired and soslts an article tlht wull produtlce tle good effcts tof tlis irho, withoul sunbjletitg tile satietst to its deleterious resultsl. Stee, a tehlelsstsm, tt is heilseten tost at lenltlth beess obtaste .' in ttle Lrticlo now pltrtessltell to the Illllic. 'lThe ltolJintors of thisi rticlh keeJiUig in view the fet, shat a se iseI al' belevsleslt hieinIgH Ic illsliw - i tile ireaclh of ll, reemsllsee adaptedl to the disalses ie cisletlttl tilsse linle theyl illllbll; al klolll.ig, lhke- wise, llat most oof the disseses of tile Saotlh ald Ili.t l se Illscd os hlloa'tsli s or llnetionl:ll dellllglllellt tof tle lier'; ilectedes their attelltiou to thIse articles wlicll sat ilonle eesp niillv on tille bilial., (Itrgt.IIT. Alter lossg, lIboliols, aind expensive lestrllc, they nlvu suscceslsd i cxtralctilg sh subsolllce hiol tle s lO 1 Alt)O, wlhisll, fIonl its pecnliar ellfit uIon thIe hIpa hlo ilissey- oegessotrlsy ht.seo selssssiosstesl It ie a selieise tilat will lrotisse all tile s lllil resolts osf salonstl, ill both scllt s to cllsollic s lisIsuis, witlut the lossibility of prodlucing tlhe lIeriousde tsoll nesl 'llets eolsossnl to tla otIlsicli. Its *ctisll IIs IIII tele ConsIlltitltiol is llnive'rsal, 0no ar I telo sostslseescating its ilsnllesce. It is.,4 el s tl orgas oss f slcretion :osd e~lth, that its , /ssst o s', s s i l'tioutl rlsl sas tsils d: ts l c" i is s ' e sllislslly ld5i)ted5 10 s t ' lseltlllet of biio~s fhrrs tslh , in o which a tsspsditys or c0ng0 tton ol the t. ee andIportatl circle Ire. all. It ios asllsible Isio it cas, whtlt it i. heesayto el·lllse tlhe stolln:lhb ed blowelss Ist ssn.vs o lbslssn - tion, amd excites a tluick nl healthe actis n of dhe lie5 hsid othllel, hdnlar viccra ol the ilb lnwllnl.ll t Hong dilf "llnuble inl its o Iel'ttiton, il prlolllth . aI tleet circulahtiol it the vessul, snso the cthel l l of thls' sslr] sto o'l ed hy s gsntle plsc/ eissths it dhe. Is 5 cshusto likt Iras tie lobes; ssll,+ it. :lelil~ll is illol'l, Illlill·VII I l1ld 111.1% 1ftt11l ." ~lt'l, ' lcru lll, i io| II l I1':I(I% .' Ith .tl Ul. ll·\ lb Il't'+ itoll lit This bLeco sllle illhdisClll tLh ICIb IneI I'e .a iII us ss lotslsg eltlllig; fol" ilsn thet ss e s slllslt.tll i soa' ) rs InL oions tssssde sy 5t5o sll. ls lldileslt, noels l, iis.t good1; btlt tenod to ilnjuetnh.Ie of it"lhe cons~ttitu'inll It ist''t clcansin+ "u. /ris l.n to Iste sstes , act i h I Is nt has \ss ith tho kos Is las s ot lih, loio il imst ulable astccles iser olb+ Ilsl. eIts i llses Ih ell e e ll is Iormcd instoe sloain /illo. The Is·/. pills aIse c/otharticI sllteraetiw, S io - phornetic 11idiureic. lih ) llow piillire tondtem. alant and diaphoretic. Ilhe followinsg extrsact Is the Iuli'ct is frosn Ise Cisciel sati J ssot sl. MIt rII ' 'TIOMATL') .tlI)ICItNE. 'l'he vistu.s of tile olmosto, Iot olll"s a delicious vegetable er leth lalle, but also as a Iles ii1e, hsve ilr n consslderslble tisss isot, sstts'.scteel Io little etteentseon. It las hlces h slitevel to posssens sslti-bilioue qutlies whisl, it tlIsy collld hie sllsctlaltlle-t IrUcel o sess a ls irsons the sllll5e.lln s I utlll, wo'lud lie issahlubllo. l'llis hllb beel characterized ;Is :l Iill/lss eOllltl '. A large slortioll o ldthe diieasevstise lIsol liSs disordered liisses, Ior t'll le rtanlgenents in thle glsssullar s)l tenl. 'lhisi is es eCiIly tihe e slssill thlt west, sstd eil5l 55t5e s 5'0t 5th1l sontli, I . r~en dslll easy, .ni el itsutual i's its ossss rallo , a' nt le0 - iiig hllu oistitutioililh linlimllp irtld clllll be O icovertd lbr copili, l oust.lillhthl s, tlli ss5 ouIsl s lsssisee llles bC s llllyllg the slllll healtl sss t ells s sl iss ihs orlt. Clilsel lia. ..eel Ihe al o st solsesloslsi r'slltll d slire tI s of this c It tl, so i s s ostsls wIn ii th glll but ielcessilv silold ind u e ithe u lie t It Illn be coslilelred as tre.pasosinlg ol the iiro.ilE s is f aothr i ls'sofssion to s..'.ak s~lthis,'\ et . . s eY lie eilsitltedl to o-ste o t e ul. o lt. elf eo ievict.ol thI atIC.5 do5 ln l snalllo t b.s Isel witsolut isjsstso'5 50 Isstli g elleso uo.s thIso Sy telll, lletel o0 les·s, aording to tile lualltlties tlllel, .sol tele sofsuvncy- of its rse, osoll tile PoUossitutilso llte e, paetienst. A subetitute f sr this, tlssoeFlss f'so' l to e vu get;ble kingdonl is a dcsideraltulll i this costlsr\. W\e believe Ibis is'sislalllo l ls s been t ditscs n red ill lie 'Tomato. 1)1. Miles, ofthis city, nille isasssliate I witlh inllth labor nlld elllelse, s sllillel'nr lntln hIve slucceedled in obtailnhi sucll au extml t from thix \rSellt lle lls, it is lloped, will be tlouund an tttl'io'til esublsltite. t\VIe Iise takeln some slsins tt elsIsis'se lInsso'I .sliesill Illen anId otherl t who halve nuled this mllledicillC, as to its iftects, aned we feel well satislied that it will prole a moit valu*ble remedy inl bilious coslsss int· . So . - as we ltve beell ahle to lea'lll, it lhas llto'C/ll tsis doo lrd/ ffectl , on)eratillg to Ilroluce nhealtht actio oli the liver, sti' Oatlesg lsihlisun schlretsess hen o n esedt s d ios s cii (Ilitt kslt. rllug il )'s, with even nlorc certainty alss in a selrter tisse than calom.el: For sick or Ihilslous Ilhealches, it lhas b flsn I eound a oold irelcd . "lhoe e who hlve unsel it say tlhat it dres not plroluce tile dlllili tsting eltlcts of slost olIer kindls of l.'rgatise inediciles tsat there is sisseleosntsd danger fssssis esoits sftf505, sld Ithee large c.ll..m.l. i Issltss e ll il nli olsesrts withllout all)y dlosge ofths ditreelissilg ssis iisjuriousi elflcts o'f ctlonisel olen I .llteIuciS Wlalilltso As ne have I'eaonsll to lsolse s I'oL OLr illqI.uItol hils exoctat of the 'l'omato will ro0ve a sulbsl*tltllte to alomenl isn a great vniv of casa, we calln o ard it as a llcssing to thle lslussn anssils. ti5I Ieolfeclhsyv oolie sl nd tIre Jrotl all llsilr is e tlsVe ,of it, lnd se tretlshtla it55tran5 islly testld by foeslisod. \he hve ecry uIal sube The ahuve nedickile can Ihs obtaincd oly of the G;. wisour .,igled by "Al. It lllS, hPir al I-',, t 1.n l Lu s.imullaa" ulld lriallng Ih.e Colllpali ,eal. I.Ist ,!f .q.,e·~r..s" T p. IStone, (;eller a .\j e r ls sbr Ltultiianll, 11 I 'I'cl~ha li I ll s str.atl·o . I1 ie.l.r & t,. 138 Otld Loeve, sor I)to, ppooit Vtg t. Paul Mlartin, car Ohld l vee alld Hlos ital stteet. \\°n S'hel ry, (or C..lunp anld J u ht sltrets. I). Mueller:, cUr "l'Choulmtoulas stre, t aad St Mr.?'r" ulark t.,it J I" , Iarbat & Co, cornler Tcllouphoulus and fiGire.d str,,eta. J ,. P P I'o-rtttcll. yoielu Sra, lI.. r i 'ur , l '." tyh ti a,.hls, jt Thanuts & S~nlalry.,l' HIousltou, Ten + t,'r lcr l't 1ctu~llt l ,oh dra. a d Camp .tl . \'tI. itvia. .'o. 4 Bulldilnt Co. Row. Appli tlion fTor oelct!, or miledicin'a ilv whIollhoahl. l J aIIM llll o tihl. (;inerl[. ' .tll .to t )l lllle . .\il itte rs, po.sft plaid, wdllbe IproUlpluy Iatlelhded to. IIT: \T F IiSIIA )AII,.Ii 'O.LtTt ibr the hari.h .d .it of New • c)rlenll$. ['re,.elll (lit, ],ll1i. ('hllT]#,. Mlnlllllllll Jolittr. Ji.llt 11lth, 183$ --N l. I(tt,,tll.-Jlt lltt IltII' I v. hit T'redoItors.--Utp, retlloit. llld ill.._ Ihe Ielllion alid )ltteulel i, ti Ca-P, t Io ort tt ret iI ttS. 1 o r'(1 thnt te credit. ul'l ii (OIA I . ' , l]iw ullse ll In o en clullrt on Siturdua Flle 71h lll at elJuh I'h,, <J, w',s t., should not bedlcllharlgd ,a,'I.diln~ o l aw, and sh it•e eanthne all uroceedling against hIl~ in i r rrlv IllII. talavcd. Celk'r ()llc New Orlenna, .ll, n 1 I, lli'. j ll l I I I T ITri . pour in rl aroes.eet hr i ville dle la NoUvlle Oir hoau-i.--lvse it lhon. Cluirl- i 1urian.tjot e, 11jin, I O..lL-- o. 1li,tl81.--Ja equ,.es Polier cont'rle Brin creamll r I si'l.-- Rtr lecture at elnalistlelllellt idl" la pelitfin el it hleI IP dahlln : etle Ill31,1e, I1 Pesi dcrrt( par Ia ulllr Sique ,e, cr ',tnciers de I unsolvabhle tllire eavoir leuire rat etll.a n r.1 (! oure pl r el n l.,li 7 c le iuillet, IHp r ell, il I)P b;erul Illoinl Ilech ,rci' i.ollftiflnlUrslai-[I lit hii, r1 Pii I1th.IIlIhuIl ItI)L.1 /OllOli.llil~lClilrt. cultr J Ilutiltlillo oil Rt,+ l'ro I.'ieli'.. su~nt nrril.l+.r* lpurrau lie gro!Hir. Nij velle Orle a, Ijuin.18;14. jel3 w AM\l PITfT Ne Lievre. AilltlnlV, fir salle lIy GIOLFV jEl'" ,I-U 2eu I.n"ne. In ltl.hh t U Sll to liha, a ·u Ill, If the abou e, liutt ul iu, hlid~l. fierce+ lllit bilst il~r saile l/ J AYEiIlS & A0.lltIFNw, jel1 17 (Colllmn 'c. struet. " INSEEl) 011L--19 b~ble .ndl :. ens ist. I inseed 5J Oil, fow laudling liromi shipil Nob-Iiie, aniid fr til by JARV IS & A.el)iIE\VS, Wlhollrle· I)runEstsIt jil3 ('o!lttlItun ald Tichupiltoulus at. K CO TCtl .I l.o - 0 casks lilt ulll quar t) iit stor y -J j ntll9 br l.h -. a . 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CODE 01" 1 LOUISI 1...'!. 1T lits been for some time anldy known to the piblw, 1thaI th11 suberlbhlr are eol l ta ed ill lpreparing l or IUr the prs, a new edition of 0 1 e i0o1nItl I ) vli,0 l l l'ds- t'1 They were. fro t,11 first, aware ,l ho c01rea diI c ll ito 11 a:{nd rs sllllsii lo t lttenlding the pIII i attlll) ht e work, land it was nollt with0 olt erellt hesitatlio tlhlt they cn sell0ted to the llndertlkine. B t the pre olnt edition, Utioluntitg to hlout three t( on0n1 d l coptl -, and hich bud cost the State more than thirty t lon'and dolth:-, was entirely out of Jr0nt. For atlllloe than two 1 t past, till u tsal price of the work 1ha1s been from thirty It io o ovo tem of written ro les wnie .,t illnediatell oplelrtte upon everly ildividual of tile state interested eithelr i loo eio lllo l-0 r cu ercC und whi, I .t teoIans I1 th011diis1poition of so 1 rill h property nOltinllg to u1 i ather state1 , ol 1tt-ut ke atllmls a y ote1 r tre11111 a11lt i i law-t it is as much the li et-h lil -ook 0i0 on nlllolll lnidl ofIl th rl Illh t a dlll til planter, us it is of the pritte gen tile mat ,nod the p (roet.ioual nt1!, tc..te. T'ile tlaw ers of thell in lllllll states, in fact of i find cha nt ft c their prod ou , ain pl lllian, roe ka fie l dit l oted ofIt t.P -l..lltr forllCh lilt. r 1 relllpri d it i oIke i S tadlipe syebl e rogiuslte ala their librarie; atund in th ,it 'r cf New ie l IU111111 ll. k i l tl o tlI e 111 .0 ill tihe I brl'el r coulntlliT" ro , ir t e i'll ile de'r l of er ctl dl'O oir teiP tabhleid" til t+l afttrne . It is n I till n· i ug inertere tha fite fhirs l t ldlt o ot( t the work as so u ick ly dispfa ed J ;e r and although u t l+' rite cl it t optmh is il ,ll le Illhlolllr o itl lI l tl~ 10ll' ()1· ilt I ' -lb Vet i would be iand erc t inud tnat irtuc't rv mite.unnit. hpa d It with retoll t J ceto 1u 'le Rep rt1 1 d otoine , ino lt, r to c atl' rarit(el. tl, ai l ,i II-1 Iltle lllS Itd m IIet I hr 1 ase h ctl , 1rde1 by I til ,kioln,.in.1 hi0 tor, 1 ud0 t he i0d0l'1s0ll0 d 'd , is llit l n u ierll l)ll ll' l eio 1111I0h r ll )L( ' Th 11 1*l rI i The l0 u thierill lt .l e .I ' , ;,rll tlel nell rtl upe111- t Itork( l wil l i e .1.\ t h1 u s1 r ll l l '.111 1111 ou1r,1 . d ( ner ,of Ir tlltlh , whoi o iu o eller ct ii tiher w 'k, (el re ,.i ,n lll d tll, In i .s . (ise I of1 the o ell i l , and wiThl l, avy 1, blnde ri,' him dtin g the wholine periodt n o n his distinguished no rnfl sional taborr. Te pub lir h- l f e. Itav ther t olre nI rll t Ir llet iMtt till O llllllitt1ot 0 1 1 il i 1ltrk :ill t It all lhat i 0Adutr l m ido iCO .- o bsi-t d Iy II [ 11 lilIernn 1d tlld n 1 eri' l , L ine rf rm. Il l tlti,-'i ll1 11'11 tis r 111111et .t11 0 sol thing r r111 - llnll t)b'. rie rs1· Lo Ilo a ll l, loolI i 0( 1 .0111's 1 I l. llril ill I t hill fet.l (ll allt the e ri.hl tl e o lf l.ul al'l t1 ,. t nli' 1111- 1 hie Lo' . un lle, i. in P 11111 n o1 le o t 11111t o n th1 111 ttr e l h t tl e. T 1hI rn ,l t lAi . i , iti i hli~ hon 1 th [mhbr pw t-ickbr by 1he o A .\ ea Ioholt, thtlei o:-t it sense, 1thooe ta11. of'he te40 h;itl0 th1130 t1l.,0 e0tl ell t hrt l,:, idtwnce i . ., of the flbli-I", t .a d en ihi .s vich h t is uo ,dre i~"t wrho lly i, r .en r ,. TIb -ark11 I 1i wII n hl . dedl i nll , envh r1tat 11':n l:sh, i oii lt l tlot and i ittllilo ll I titl' r 0 I ,,oi l r w-ll , v .- , ,ll.l -lt, to' le jt) i lll- thit nl:ld e thl c n h i e t.eI ell . nhl I l lit l.'r oaoto ll, telt O lll 01e , 10 10ure0 t I tlar n 1t 00c1t 1 moCl0ll0, r' t ill 'lli 1t dl' i ., r -i tLwe d llaru to i p id ,t th i n-i su t-' willI,' .he itrs , pd ltllh ier t l iota, to p . 0110p .i l ptitmo e oto Vil i 11 ( 1 11. ti oll l r tll li thi e l . Illl ll nlhlll t l'l t ojl tolle II 1it s r ll llt intilun' l t ho m tilt* tilt-llof , ig t e l-t l iing hr . 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[ Ii'l: t u stht erthabmg prutsed Ibe lease ad fur Ir [itl ie .i.ure this ll kne ont. l[-hment, 'o , . 1. ' i ll'1 it I llte ,prh ltrnet ll, bwilahe i. ldy It ratel.y t - iters hr' ihe I..t o l A11' A pr lI l "ext vI Nul lrn l a.t l cllusty uI/ proventeu, willll % be oll Iund in the la rrluantetllll . Ill l . tl . 'I nsit' t n tl e. New i U.l I ItImre coiInuolinCsa bathing hluIts will he tbui lt,1 ct warm b Ilh- will ,e pruvided at all hurs. A .tl Swill he ttat hed to tl; e rtos,, w ith :,ul I c t .I t Imn ll"t horfu. lad t urrutgh r. Ir i:s i l rtne htr.t+ and cfr'tiags will alat be k tt Nie hhit att iulude.i poiiee tlr t1 usll] oltle viai ters Il i.s i t a nlltln I illu ll f usu 'lly tIf d at NIT u r i ilactts, ill N .' be fu qi Itfi i, li n t cl o .cll t h l t s not It intterfre w1 l'al lit t a otlh 'l t mtud nietol the boarders. Thu winta..nd hbnts will eII o1 tle best ql t intl , ttid t elln rt' a a ull ,uppll of I' I|(ut tile l -t tut llny. 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( l' tlemll ntmll ll hilng to enltga e rIn llnls for their uttirti-, can addrC d tl.h lprnprimll, at Ienstiacla, or 'llR Swlr o",we ell T lu, the. forllmer prpi tlrl , alt tew i Or R. terenceo. T + nforil , Ei l q, S1r (C (hllu , II11c+\li n. P q., I.t. Kibby, in Mott I; S T Taylor, P P Lia, EIq, i. Net 1 , I-.1. It .te . h e, i . receive . .n.. unit ntio .. fur pervo:,s tit the Io..e ]rte1, i, phtee, at ttto WhmhtinalC . FltllIll)D RIL tTF FtOR NEIl'tV YORK. [ Travellers dehir,,us of taking t.h Flhri,+r. mute, vii Peuneholu,t! the North.are iifrined that tir title bt bnt will constln'ly run iron. M'luile t, Pte eue'ln, leavint Mobil," ald Pen-nmolit every otht',r A1 at'-er lilt Ist of Miy. 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"" -'-dl It is cpofiderrly Io:onoIRr ddrd lot the tillooing ai' eO0,t: ilrl.~rpo n al, itn forto;ll lin ol!o and liver af /li(ItO os, hi every~t g o rond d'grea; foroolto oioknlroo , lltre orricul rly tile nl a tloeu i idont to iorlltht lors ot olbur, FO-r trod :,l.te, ioeisienrt rloroufllOti)lluO or de. clines, io , Ither of iho livet or lu tL -hoihe or iddi l tso, bB of pIretotiro nerrours tloiero,o rrneobriatndo o0 dt.(irmllnl trt'lnl-, sas~u~radic uffnrtion of atol indo; rheuo rnairtnl wheoror rchnroir or itlonolndontorytrou; nou or IkI(IU au tt~err, ry oolrit" nto rofuIo sildt rheumo utdraid all ltch-fra, nll u noros, .tld imp ur e ptherlOooS yof trrlhes;e i ero; Iuroatro uilfht id daily irritability rnod ,olaeo,,oh'y; ite .uorur ciunpsaintirdl ctrdolertot [itloU or diulTilor Oin gronno prr Aor, T'rroe adl notu Incy, nirih blo lotola; thall .otos ol ptlloitions oflt ofri hloor arid fhod; thorgons of ior.oeo notiurttouu and for orri'rai rib, hi.urgiaioiod constitutions in ithejr urtl rlofchrilaoro not been peonlonelr ofreeVed obyo no ottotr oedicinooo A inelte trial of lor W'vans' medicines in any of toor ruoe, will pIorodru suofo er tso ad t will in diL.te their Itlt'olusrah~lc superiority, ano ifooel ouch t use orfofiloo oa will insure u speedy ooofro unqortotioO in cr. Iior'ctilot for oir u oe Iccou .Ll anrvrig fIltu . Sro:hoCrr(o('rll.rifn·loo of cures ooill boh(row~n, ts from tr'e Irorlh If rho otalo.ur it i orpostibofA o g to g heo stom ace ot tit lr,.. to iurc orsi ot uoiial orrooorrorro. 00 e Dt l' oaloh' aotrlotllo ti lrrrtch r iottrdd ofk ,o0* crses, WhI br ill Ihil Cityi it, ctn refer It, II1IIIIY I elbgl res who tdiv rclt rl lveo arin lld r eollr inorllloeo entirely cured of Orororiholl n o seoltortooroioorrrrrorooro ooooioolyoorodoO lolg rotllllIlo.r dIoor reol l lt oT , no onst ' llionitu.r tt illa. 000 floor STIATIfE tOF LiLtUIA\|ANAl-rro Juodio ,rIIVE S'I I'TE , OF I.oUISI\A, T'o all oholomt t hIo r e Iothr lls .suld o uregrf o 'ui l :--ooliotyo 'itlllvs lg IIl',t>+ Lheb tprail.oillt llI'tf hotd dlotk n e'ffltooo i nt, I:le ol A neil r A. Ior 18., for . i Illllti II eletr tatLitse Ie l olll I1 caUl li iV t ho t i rt y d1{ the . ht e daf thit 'tfor f o iho iro t V iIted 0 n the fu, the i'all+ sol thh, sh ul pthelatbe et judiruidald rudst"olrog e t e~d l th I ro 000 for' 1"or boo floor Sro to'o l·'flhfr'o·i' l loto iloo'r j olto'lhd o.ol't llo o looor citorl hI I'vin, rl't. I~~tICcby cited Iliad HI(lII~ii1.L l~ltll C h I~t4liCr Ot Ilhe f al Io.,ulu-alil. anr d of tu l'e File s i r hdo i,.tl Ditrluti r Januarll' lAlt) . l 8l lt uin a.n} tislti osu ite itld iJ n atit t tit'o ,o.o o, ii of'eOi len l, d lo l l1 l.l1 4 i, t.he-t . "k l ld'. i ·i!,tll) t ' llr th e w)l letP llll dCt~t' or nubl!~'l ill' lhe outll't~ C utli ,l at hic:h ti le s ae v:,id t.Ian es BarneIilts ua'if i\1 S c hilt% in the fllrois elnet ts tlld d ti- / nt inft oo fili4, or o iolllolro o l tsolt, or flol 1o1oy othlor tele rt \rhotEOi eal tsl' Ilrlll uldllll lnls. wer ithin lthh~t dsys1 flJll h." day th ripotioln oi f rotr' ortorffe as gi fot e ill o t hor oltli l . voyanHlce, viz: oertiu piece lof lo r o er t o rt ptt r.f fl rot ttrtollll o too thgr ftrrolthrbu oofontootlaniroo of r t ronrun t oO'e'n~fi0h07 Thrilathes, tro ,tirotr tr olorh 1 oit, o o t te o illto af fleonrt pena·l·~·~r isinglnt in~ tuourg.~ · Aa,,,,,incidinneabv ths; ritrrl andeasurinlg inl Eng~liah measulre, th~ree hundred J flu o ra r o, , 1t 3, It t e et si e ntihl! la snd ulitno ofl olrorrt fooid Milndofrtoortrorpeoor d oule ra 'rl.toft nlst li, f .s.a i ill'us G lote, ol rfoot l o ol t tihe uolc otot to ustl'. N it Lh s c tre et ,:ulld nRev li s 101 te iBC he H totriutr hto rt iro ch tohron ot r triofr lilo, of sltrt eory AC ltlti' pi oLororof protfro orrI'. arootl oo' 'lllhl· togellr l.ith lllll· )·le·!,u tile htlhlug andr IIul'O Ifll Isr flr.allc i'ilitl SIng·( ten ph .r Pilli,) ( ICityl Survey, male "Jd Jan-II vI 18hlo :r'o tahfer u ntto Iihor hlot s of r ' nf roofre Loui f Tolo' roote ofhi t rutll t i n fo o rlt n If . 'if3ln, i ov hoil cit\ Irond illnl·lle ot'ii in Enli sh ttideilst(iI thre e hi- I I d 'P \rtl ~ li l i fet il f o.otitr e illth s o"tl I 't ofo thB o Ifol tOItI o Crl mpoll n ''ee o thlte f o irhol ant sirho ,t l aill t aet -Ai+' ctehtslu i, hIsle ill'llo t lihtcha fi'Ul llrem tlilll lr s. tW(id )I~Ulld.+ l~rIlcld Ila'l) · -li o t llt2hll.h sllic ~~d rlot -ero iofo crt iloo tflo tii lue o f i lihor- tlr i- r l ca t sitrcel , ittr itt of f lres tih I0 u lltatit ot tr lllis, t erot l lo otrti l'Rioo t tlf ors t ol't rf the it\ e' fr ro Oh, t l tlte lt Nuti soilo't'tr; 6t rt oI r I gl to or ihtliStloLleho or dtel inT toitro ooe oofroto ott u .'d f h tf rllt dofortoo the l 'oo oroooofos ofotl't't't ;torfor ' , Irll to r o~t :t!, :tlor to f olo ox orll l oooty ontht~b aorlt ottidtrro rol ofti s oflOtto by em il00 e oofte rrt e or e I trtll e hll oe h lct rr ioto tfll Li oon mortofrtotitou t .n o ohrrEr IoLo h rlion. 'clfS h f fthe bo rfh ' lirt. o Lolthtimost Veioe tl Ot o ooosorifnsoro or1oeo .t'ti optrer hoootooo t olfo v roof totio -lit-tt tio otlioŽhg locortrotnofrtol ore rtlhtto.ostarie cf.orotinsoo oif h ro ro. Nlt Lorodorl lie of sih fi tooi, it.otto[. liral.ln beCelest su tht1o tirge tes nli nt).tier riht litte, llld~r .Hi·tellllllg nile htld:lvdliCr bi t~l Ptel) cl~bl hu Ili etilebrntd 'ur nghthethelftU tilthI lh:0e boudC ouIl uslw I triee r t l't'lt c id ih r ", b lV a I t .il.g [ +lotlh Ion (Illld Loutco ohtoororn hitr h di':'Orfooo un stret nooroor rIl otolrl too plli ot oo, ror o i o, I'oo for ioad rf( I aOno tioo, t fi l rot r U ll rror Ito rt prll lr efl l . Lot rofiO Tt oro'oolhfoofot 000. th(' trrbt· (,ol~ loo.I Ftr~OoopUI. R't'igh oorrgne troot'lnotoo rIot gollt o... hf r lt rtlt o al J t...t.....lotiO tr I toooifo rii th lliof ll A.foO . t ollioll lto Of. , frio of it' riloo rotorllntiooooott'r'ot orll/)loororortP 1 'orlL lifooelt fooo'iofoo ( Ile t Isip rsiaIdn thise lIbth A ea usl, w 1 . ile Irog 00 1t orf11o' ltl, Coo;pl rosti t orl'ir fo'1. 'nod Jola - -- purti a--Aooert.oIto star~Ottea~rtffr-'fri.cslrfeuf0 lII~l'~ictul'vS \Viic ])ltl% ll the I+:,t'k H,*llilb, it lXhll ti~llllti| Coo.k Noo o llt Ittolirlbo, Ollt. Joo rooe .l 'rt Irsli d. Io crn tIll. 1I tl j ,. C.lill· ,\l xei e 1rl v Ill I i) iiitl'oo l I llo ffo *. I.l ooli ot orll l. d l po iof tIre tud Cti~·t .h ~i~ll, e l Ihe l~ht-i lloW Ohlol' tJIn tilto l. ,,ea lu 'lO ~ ,t ,t, t to5 +.+tt ,.~c l'.('hl t<, t)1 tt+ hlli+,e ,, li,. "U. . ltor ]I otlllll- Ftt i lh I· I lIl'l l £ot' I11i (ll Ipok e:41ht 1I..d (Il(n. Ih b.<,l'c:! Ir! nlt lu ti l th l i I. ~ill bel duly l Frtll)cuttII Soror h p'l~e It of eo roo y o wt du00d00i tlbo iroottO't 0.0,000 of'illl ~d t t eo. ofot'roo~lt'torh ' t'r'ct:llrotil itfror"ot trftoorootn oci S~gthotto heo Vlll/ r.of otrooto rlIott louhltf roolo-r en r iltoo rko'ooo l toftooto to. k1at r oole lid tal ¢o tl ooi tae i t'fl.ltc oi he tht~-+ tlod uiugall l~l l oat . of tr ly ot. tloodtooo~ a llt ltorhoooolnoe thd atO'O4geol itshd t ofof atro''tt't 01,00.0 .0 Ther norl rooilt b lhr siio' lii to'g(nn o iof" throtof. p 'clll 'tl t rs to I fOOOO fotrorood ly w o' ttio fril tlliOlt ~ ~ ooi.'. tuoilh r.his it utro iloo ottore lie n, .Ta ++illI:Oitill tolel' rotorsle to t orog ' l'lr roo tfro.if~rrbeen ooro'th r~tt doto the0 iroot o it t rl]e l llio'ce roroolo nortortt ril~d al.m toot t rollt) de'r tfttotrrt'l'¢ot ot-roototrrorl ooortorthe roll'tor brlihlttrr"r lto'tto,(trot Fol , lii froirooto'~ of, for+:. taroth. 'ior hlt.i' toltforooloo ihtolil fopoflI, NooT t t~ell~' l ticl for.. bi ro i ol '0 Otti ooti t Oh uilo orl 00li. roof I to torti I tT opot TES'IMONI LU.S. Fr t A 11 S.lnion, Es, F it 1 , Surgeron to the St Tl't ta IHospital, adl Let' ui r ot .lAatom n.. "'ht tria I ho'l I oo h at o- ott tow 1. tlocltion in a varit t) IN 'C:f en , both 1,ah. oIi . .t."o ill itlS 151t lrltt Itel noted so highly t0'otulle, that I do no Lesitate in I"prnoumcinl it one of tile most aolutlbl .ld iotlicati runte dlie eve oltlred to the oublic, :tol oue i, which, ItollI earie co, I canl ilec r every relianr, whilst it dots nlot, rodu ( tdhe sltoa unp leCsatt iltheta usually ex t.eriinctl from coitsiba. Ft'l oot G It I) ward, M R C S, Ph) siciati to the St Mart·. lc olltr Dirlpensa t . I to. great ple:oslrt: in adding tny testimony to the viduable rolerltles of yvouo retlparation, w isillng you the success you so fIull dorseler, ill an nlloipreo oa rd for the Iltoranlll rlls itlculred inl blringing it to such ooa. lete oto rkto ou. Fro \ O Cooper, F It S, Surgeon to anG's Iiae The tnllifll stucces hich hits a ltetndedt t th admini. terln yotur medlicinle nlolg tly t icents attlietod wilh thre aloe diseases, has fully satisfied mse that it has only to e kw, l to r o obe truly applreciated. .lt the success ou seo wltt detate, Pamply sul spedtlily otpay ou for )oLrt talunble ttlplrtlrtion. Fromt Sir A Cooper, FI S P ItC S, .cf. ne. Ililong been ilducedt to try sou tlllottoetaill several CilasOf violelt (;olorthaol, whiLh had hithtrto baftled e.lry prescrittion admlinisteed by le, hntinlg tfound sure ald speldy cures effected hV it, in a few da)y I trtt toottlin duty bound tootore that I noe in olt pel tre bolth public anid p.livate recomnlltl antl use lioc other. From G V Illair, M 1), Physician to Guy's Ilo ' iThe triec test which I have given your medicine anllgl mt patients, and its invari .le sl..cres thus olr, will inducme n to tperserlr in its use, andtI leem it hut an e:w of itltiee and of duty to add miy ecble testi monial ioleoltmm.endtion of ilvitrtues. From 1. C Tholmptson, 1 a ) ItD 0S L. Jreturn you my stineel thanks for t: vaehalute pre selit of your Extract for the cure of Glonorrhtea, e. I feel grtitful that you have at last brooaht a mredicin into use hich will prove a desiderototm og sc ought lee tin tlh medtlioaol .lot-a sure, speedy ond effectual ot ill caies,.f the above elassl It tlrorrds me great pleasure ilt lublidlillg to the world the valuable qualities of our Were it lrleesaroy, Ite propI t itter could here furnish inyrr more testini:ni;dal tquatllvas conmmendatoy as the dtol,\e; burt taIt that ptoarat success hitherto the care & eXrltese t which it has been ioet ltred, o iltl loveita greatesta rreommendtiolnl lmong a distenintg pulic. O(it recommrc lloltaion this preparnlion enjaoy ahbov Ailt others is its ilait, portd e tr--ltl up in aouts-th ti alll i e which it nay he tkrel, hing both oeay and plet:totl--its tt.tely nmare, owith no restriction in diet nor ot ntinenoht trout buhsines . Travellers eaeciaeitly Iwttotl find this medrlicine highly useful, and ought nerve d to he olllprotilhtd ith I pretatlatiol pouessang the ad d vahtoags which the presetlt one colhilea. A.coil-l toying the Mlediciae isa patnl hlo explana. ltart otllhe illtrenot atlgea of the disease, without any rct a I gtoih , onltalilltlitgull aid amlle dirlotOaL For sale by SICKLES k CO. mt r 1o 4wJm hw Canal Siet. B ACO-~-25 hhdoa idrs, 15 I.hds iiracod 56 k S Shouldera. (:lCoinojtoi curead. landalgI-oya, STETSON & AVERY er B9aceyc aa c toe

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