Newspaper of True American, November 9, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 9, 1838 Page 2
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Mail Regulations. Thke Oreat Eastera .Mal is closed every day at 10 o'clock, A M-Ia due every day at 12, M. lhe Fpreu .Mail is closed every day at half-past 10 A M-Is due with the great Eastern Mail, every day. The Lake .Mail (via Covington, La.) in closed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6o'clock, A M--I due every Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day, at5, PM. The Lnuisille or Riser Mail is elosed- every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 P M-Is fsnt and returned by steanmboats.-Arrives irregu I arly three times a week. The Bayomu Sara or Coast Mail is closed every Tuesday and Friday, at 8, P M-Is sent and re. turned by the steamboat Brilliant. The A.lexandria or Red River M.ail is sent irregu larly by steamboats, twice a week. Louisville or River Mail. %Monday, " Wednesday, and Closes at 8 o'clock, P M. Saturday, Coast Mail. Tuesday and Cloe at 8 o'clock, P M. Saturday, erw-Orleans Chamber of Commerce. OF.rasae ea s TH TEAR 1238. S. J. Peters, President, A. Quertier, let Vice President, W. L. Hodge, 2d do. COMMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. James Dick, Thomas Barrett, John A Merle, I! C Canmmck, Jas H Leverich, Abij1-h Fisk, GEO). V. WIIITE, See'y. FORIt' OF NfI\'V I.liif'ANts, ARRIVALS. Brig Rtichard Henry.Sturtevent, Is days from New Tork. Srhr Henry Lee, Neoton, 10 days from Apalarhicola, to Master--cargo. 18 barales rtte, to order. -otamer Brian tornihmeoweeney. from Port Adams. Stlamer Levantl, La.reot, frons .ayou Snra. COMMERCIAL. Charst..e No ............. .\aahineton, No.. ..... New Inrk, Oct............ 3 1 Cinernoali.o........... I Phildsiph., Nor .......... I ti,rndsliv, do........... I Iltimre ......... ..... St. I ouis, Oct......... 0 Enrnvn.n, Nor........... t L.vorp.ol, ()ct ...........3 Houston ('Iexas) Oct..... i I Paris Oc ............... sto. Oct .............. I [I do ........... N.hiller, NoV ........... 3 Ilnvre do................ a RECEIPTS OF PRODUt E. ew York-Per irtleS Richard Ilenry..iO0 hrls sperm oil. 60 h.os Ihle.0 bags eoree. to5 hoxne o-i,, 540 bhas ed fish. 55 brlt pomtetes, '5'00 huncel. Jlonen. fllI hli sperm cande.s, 4 ,oles and 5 hbs dry roods, 31 half and lnairter ht, eeickrel, 7 hkegs Gsho butter. 30 bags tnle soit, O0l0 istee eoare tiver pool salt. tOl keta huck ehoi. 50 brih apples, 14 hrl. 7 half iind 4 quarter brls cranberries, all conei.ned to Cptiman for sale; remaioder of the freiht for Natcez. IBaeyol Sara..Per sleslmor Leat,.. If li.s entee Lamoeth STl'hompson. I1 doeA Ledoux &ee, 18,io0di Adalm n t~hll stall, r8 l, Finl y & co. 44 do Burke, Waet . .,, 55 do 'ray or, Goidner co, 16 do N t J Dick co, 47 do,,. & eo,34 doJ i Plalnhoe co. :43ldo a M Lee, 45 do Peeroxa. Arcieul & co, t8dn Reynolds Byrne - co, 34 do S I' Oekhe & co, 26d do V Cuortils. 2 do C Tolrdino, Iti to khit'd Rll. t5 do A Rivarde 4 co, I do Thu Barilet. 14 do, Ferriday & co, Il0 do Peroecot. Jones &e, Ic d L.ane, Foe laine e eo. 12 d,, Smith & Verlees. 10 do D Caennon, 5 do Foliain, Bellocq & egeelos. 4 do Gayie & Seroel. I dlo louliulnley; box casotiogs, J Leds, I Ile I bhe and I jer I tolf, coops Mr .and; sundries to owners on b.;rd. Fet Adams..Per steaser Brian eoroibme: e bale otertonl Taylor Gardner & o. 6e J o Stark. 15 Allen Asher . ro. 1tO5 Jnmes Armour. :t8 Reynoid Byrne & e, 31 do G M Lee, 69 do Buekuesr., StMon A c. 17 pe Lyons Harris eon, 70 de Lamhpth 4" Thomson. 90 do 8 Oakey & co, 14 do Lane. Fontaone -co. 17 do Gay.les & Oewart, O3 do Caldwels and HiLekey, O10 do ownocr on boardl. I o mdze, laily & [lalght. PASSENGEIRB. Noe York-Pe-p b'ig Rilhard esnry..rAii er B ,tesp, West Louise, Fraucis. Iall, Mason. Rodgers. John E .i lliams. Fort Adams..PePr alenmet Brian Boroihuio: ,lir 'eocr, lady Lo seorntoe. Jo Jenno p C Bull, W Hunter, Bnylor NieI,,lus, tie ci Cars--Per eteleer Lvcel-t: Mlr l-el,,, BP Deiceet. toe. OP F Ploeer., Tilompson, Jtlenk.J 00 ftihacidoo, it Couy., olibe Aedes.. A Petit. J;E Wulion, Wuuld. F (Ce. tey. 1) loerron, Js 5oielleowii, S S olseo,ludoue lloucle, M St Sidou,J S Ds is. MIEMORANDA. Nea York. 36th Oct..Arr ship Saracen, Derareila, from Now O. lenlis. MARKETS. Flulr. lommon Ir"ild,, is a OI Cl 50; Ohio 8 50, ,nld I.oi 8 37. .,10 tuhilll fureigl Rye hrave en sld at 1121 ecena' ot, d 10 hubohel .ortlerll at the aales rice. Corn lu it'otto there is n steadty hlin. b A onlley stokes are crEwllg uIp u littlle. Biils ol Eiila0ld. Il presm. deported for the Jeoeur. of Connterce. N:w Yen AvcrTtics .l4.S, Oct 30. Raisoinr..Over 150 4 m: 25M boxes hu;uell 170c. A75 ha'r S1114; q00e qr Olc; 100boes bltol aoou tl to 155i; 030 cluster 146c. Girnpr..e pots $l and lI; '75j "ri 3; 10t0 ogs $)e; 00 til..60 ko Olive t. 3 month,. Coree..;.3i l,a1s J;va Il. 1id ilie. Aemond..4 lrea .hkeled I lie. neile..5 hanf easa Claret $i; 10qr im Pert 3le: 3 hlh . P Tenerilfe 6tc. IOqrs li9c; 20 ro; Oargo 3Sri ua, 401; 5 ir. laodeiral5 5 hhda do 0c; c3 qrs do I5 and 70ic; 50 cl swet 32 nnd 3.3c; 2 hlda Sherry 70c.4 ms Paperr.. 11 reams Wrapping 51 end 2e; 134 do Tea 621; tdo Le ter $21 per ream. Frm the Londn Jtercanlilr Jottrmnl, Orc e. The Graii Trade nsEsarily eontlinues to sattract much at entieou. W0heat still advances in value, and sippeara likely to do so. Foreign hneat is now aski ng for our imrin Iut slendler pareels; iudeed, it appears that there is but very little to come from aly quarter. The pretest of the Corn operettin to provile resources for this country in ease of famile, is now th.rluclhly expoeed, flr suech is the resaht of their operations, that foreigllers havilll no market here foa their Grain, tle, gelnerally teased to grow forthis eountry. The oneqnrunene is, that whenl tils country Is short they lave none to esend her. Such is the facLt now. and tis fact of itselflmust tell very powerfully agaiet the Corn I.anws. The variation whlich occurs noew in the duty of Foreign Wheat excites eonparatlvely but little interest. hs eels pretty cer taein now that e mits have higher priced Wheat for some time. The Duty on Foreign Wheat is now 10. Sd per qnarter. The whole country appearns to be movilg against the Corn Laws. Tobneeco..The probability of a sliort import thi year, t gerllr wih t tile reduced stocks remaiiltg here i the hlind of the Importers nld Dealers have for some tllle past tlraeteldl ouch alttention: ; the homeo trade have |lrehisel very free'y; targe purehasrs have hero made lor esport, and .pecnl ,re have also Iheen operators to saea extn;l: the llerrhl,.c. le,s ilnntlh vllle rea, lted 3n)0 hhlds ilries It d to 2 1t1e her. There i. ilnthlin to he had of eomnll quillilty nlier 31Ill, nod very litle at this price; the pe.ent rates ire 'd t- : ),lr th oleve those of last ssrson at this peried.e,anll thor. I- ery prouhrhility, that iri m the caOule ostted acsove priies Wll rulil high, parttieularly fior Alercean. fr ,olls tinle to clee. .tiw Yow~ .larke.-Tihe Exprets' of - e 31st ult. sa s: Our lanks disc.unt very. reely and oopi:lim i th. nl.reet ofit d c t to rralis. over sven per at for money... T'his gre.,t rhnor In financial mano ers ha bon brotl t nhent in m enrgt mIrure by the improved lhat on Tax rsdllP ,it thn ulh: Allno llmOns aolnlnnt e Ie roe laked tIp anI the pIot year', Daln M'rrrh nts Irvo hart their dhls a, H loed not d p'r(red in ltanks theln and akeIn certisfiate of depal,. . ro 'ipo., cerntfiiates thy hove been t,oIpel .lld hr to sI l at a mot t ruihous sa"hri-ic I ar to kPep thiom Ilnlll khe pretsnl lol.+.. These finlds h , a now nwnar all Dome Trbll market. and ht'n the sudden rht.,0. The 3an l at ollth t, vi o g nr e p r rlenlen ,s . tholea bo tha Iol,h N r th e b- whith [her col, p.,- - t, .a c lo, it dem,.ds r imon them withr o lt pesr ll " tthir cu tomers. 0'0I0e ballks of MHainsi pi Ian n aociat. n Inoa. with tho' S Rt uik fr six Millions. The hanks a,- Tunesorle har moalnn (npls. anarrano )nltent lthe No, nlh. TIle O;lk, o Allabama. ha ngotia,0 l Donnds in Inl.dnn st that they will ni h ie, flulla at ti North to lay their dilts owithout Ipn) in prie. ThIe oanhs h.v io faet thron, ithir debt c n yOer aadt. and blefore that tine Iba ,pioretd. the preet co ttn crop % il I e all reaiiizd, alnd a I;.rc ile p:us inetn Tile rop of Cervto a loneais flim er d alth loty to aui ,ty mitlinsin vale. 'In be ,dded to ohirhl is th It te. .ttar , ad 'ohaeo t tp. A no ,lr- wna h , nl dsI th charmnus in-none, is i c, no d.uoete, iAty degreen of prudesllc is exeaciced, ol'olg be'in da u to L the Nolrth Nh t so much inloiry for Nwa Orleas funds yesteraev or to,,dl,an d , e rute is rather dill at If pre ni diroetunl. t M.obl! fundu are firm t 4 par cast. and we hear reports atl 1 tler rtll. Drnfct on Tenm eme and fMissotmpi are doll... Nutlhing doing ill Brnlmdon ank. T(,BACrO WANTED --lercnlol, whon .no:!d e- k.! to furniih rxnic Tl.tbocos for the su;plesnol !1he ,lynl rllel-,,lctoure, are infnrlnrd Itati o, oT~ acrRd.l tlheL27lh nf ]),ceetrr neot, at I o'-lnok, p m, i public oadil,tiuiiof will be prorrededll - al t Ihe )pRrlllltlt of Finances upon scalel, az: Ist Of 2,6;)10.000 to 3,.09,001 kil,'ramrno. or Virginia leal'Foba,cn,, from lthe erppsa'f ;837 and 1838. 2d1 Of 2,100,000 to 3 600,000 kilogrrmonae of Kentuck leaf tonhapo. Ireon the amne crops. 31 Of 800,000 klnogramnmes of Maryland fIal tol,cnco, front tie eanme eropr. 41h Of 50,000 kiloeremnle9 of ilvans letf nt. b,tco., (nehtra abtjo,) quality i ajIrtlndi, fro the, crop of 1838. 5th Of 2.,,000 to 25,000 kilhgrammo. of leal tobsaenof tilhe Levant. A separt e proposnl is tnhe made. ,reash of thea, eltpplies; the propnsals will bIe depositeld on thr table of the Counll at the opening of the sitiog, Copit, a of tlhe comoiitt, no approved by the Minister of Finance, to nerve as t basis for eceh ol thi adjudiclatino. will h. put at the dieposal of the Merchants in the onfce of the Adrainistlration of lthleaco , at Paris, end in the Royal Manttlapourea of Peris. Havre. Bordeaux, Marrsiltes, and Mottaix. The typec, in e,,nfnrnt:y of whlich the deliveriea will have t, b mande, will he dep.asitted at ihe Masnufettare of Pareis, where Merchants will be oble to mn-pc them every day from 12 m to 4 ,',lnok p i. T'lie Director of the Admiaiatratinn of Tobacco. PASQU IER. PotRs, Septemher 7,h, 1838. YOK PROVIDENCE. (R. 1.) h' 'fie fast sailint A I capper fartenrd Sbr; SNIW,C.elttoiTheradike, will sail i. -fea tow days, having moat of her cargo rara - o; atF' heJivy frmit and .50 balos arat, or Ialsage, loving najatmame aeconodoaaiounMP, applyt. n.v' 95 Common t FcflT ciUNCHIIA RIVER. The sbhtatetiel steam boat MANCHFTS'EI, Capt. Fabique, witll Po lay leave on Jnturday, Sneat Ito[loik, A M. FtfrItnght or patamag, apply on board, or to LnWhe, JCE d LEGENDRE,' nove 28 & 29 New Levec SAX-150 bales uooelt he, eow aanditg fem I shipl Faoitetltr, eupo lte the Mint, nr alfe Iy CHAodPL|I & JOulI'-I.f none £2 Julia ilatat TRITE AlERICAN OFPFICE. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR TlHE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, Aad every descriptasin ofJob Work that may be required. . iThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to to the above Crd, and assures them that all work intrusted to his eare shall be dne at the short est notie, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at tlhe lwest rates, TJIl PRUE AMERICAN. EDt''E5D BY Jl|ar celsR lON. FAITarvL AND BULp. N.1.I OR T, LEAN l FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9. 1438. Yesterday's express mail did not arrive: it is conjectured that she has grounded in endeavoring to come throauh Pase Ileron when the steorn arose Our slips frem the Nortll brings us New York seeunte to the 31st hlt. with Liverpool and Lan don date t to the tnd Oct. The ship Cretle, Ceap. Trse7y, arrived here ycsterday, and hrines dates one day later: having eeiled fro,. L:verpool on the 3rd Oct. The time ia not far dlitsant when our ernele horses will bepeme an good, and sonumerons, that our reed meetinp will not depend for their sport on the arrivaslefrom ether sat.s. Many of nou pleniers are now be.iowi . great pains on their breeding sitales. and by jlditciaus purchases of young sCetk of the very finest blood are laying the loundation of a reautrtian for racers equal to any state in ttl UInin Among the firlt and firm. esat, is our friend snil ilow citizen John F. Miller, wvhoue stable now contains many nags ofgreat promiae that will heresfter k irck p their heels with the beat. Messrs Wells ase m.eing great additinse to their siock. and hwve made very extensive purt r chasse, pertirclarly of young things, the get of imported horses ont f the best hlned in the toun try. The laes 'Spirit of the Times' announces the names or a large narnher of all ayes that these gentlemen have hotuhr, eamont themr are Queen of Teumpe, cr. f. 3 yo.. by imp. Le,vi than: The I',ney, ch. e. 3y. 0. hy Levia then. They have al, t ptrrhasend one half of three sncking fillies 'c imp. G'Pnroe,a yearling, and a two year old filly, by imp. Leviathan: and a '2. n. imp. filly, loang, by Taarus. Mr. Farrar of Si' Francisville has also made extensive pari:hses of stock; hre has bought Monlalin, bra. I year oll bhe imp. Merman,out of Maria Louica. Parsrol,b. im. by Napoleon: with sucking enlt hy Leviathan. A Filly, 2 v p . by ima. Leviathen, out of Parasol. Also four Lrtuoirougha, 2 y. o:and one terman, I year old. Later front England.-T'l'he packet chip Virgi nian, Cpr. Ilarris, arrived in New York from Li. verpool on the 21th 1Oct. She bringas London paters to the Iet and Liverpool to the t:rd Oft.: they however enntain nothing new, wo worth ex tracting except, the conmmercial intelligence. Loatn., Octohber I. The transationns at the Stock Exchante have been unimportant, and therefre tile quoia. tions, are much the same as yesterday, namnely, Conn-nl fer mney, 93 314 to 112, for the asee.ount 93 7f8 to 4, fX.hEhrquir Rils 68 to 70 prem.; Inalin Stock, 294 112 re 265 1I'. The ahundanpe of gold, atid t.s cnlnnoedl infIlix from variuas quarters of the world, is a sa'ij.jct oi r con iders le attnlion in the clry at the irernt time. The last oeical puhlirationt of he ae.ets and hahilsliP , of the flank OtI E'isnland displ.ys n a ork of hb llion little under ten milkn· -ith. thit Int f, w days not less than £500,000 hau ar rived by ilte packet fronm Mexico, anid a vessel of war, which h e hrourhlt n oitiununlly heavy a'iount fromn the Sotih .An, liani Statet , the SwhIole r a hich will find its way into thevaults of the lank. Amongie the rdprslnlnrnon ref rheodinenef efsatrs in Laneaenhire and Yr rlalhire, we are happy to 6.d th : t lere is it l'at at great de rce ofani mation in the iron ittanuefa ure, and particularly in that brinch or business in S i.ti Wal ae. The lot iron III ear ic have been itntrally heavy by the last two rn'kets from the United States, and a rise of os; ec"i ton has cciinrr.dl in cnse. f quence, with every prohability of a further ad. vance both In Staff .,rdshire and iWalee. MiortoeCr eso large are the orders for iron already in the country, that the wtiole of the eetahliehmens are certain, it is said, of full em:iloyment for man months from the prisent timnlcor is there any re.' son, it is further stated, why a lacrn number of additional furnaces should not be allowed to be put into hlat. We hear tatt the American Iltuse of Wilson has paid this m.rni.ig si. ahillings a.nd eighit. peonce It thile pI"und. "T'he Iialadrtiphla," and IPtrlour Cbnopanis,, is a '. r tv .ervritg menrllany Ilf hleraturoe, fshion and li. I: :otalllllO aa n tnuisoa. quantity and va r'' tv'ry enio rtainrg mattler, some spiritedl woe d llts, andl - rnetly pr.nt,-d e ,py of the charm. ing lile hbilld "Sore.t Marteta.' The work is plh!l.halJd snte-monthiily: coneiinsn 4 loare super rya- ,,,.v (i pag a at t lhee ere low price of a d.,'/lr a"d a qutarter pe.r annum l The agent is ir. ". 1. I- r nk, at 2dr. hti;elil'a. on'Cireuo sr,,, , Tar J ala. it hi s of Vese York.-.' >i ta-i evenling of tho 29th ) tbher t,.h e whiai(p of Nitw Ylok ahsmnnle., in slattonic 1 !ll in ovcrwhhiiig nllmherse, anl the enthusiasm wi:h which ,llwere animated, is an naury of cOrning trimphn;. The ohiifr nf the thmoting was to receive the report of llht unmioiin, cil. ommit' e, and the exited throng whol crow,led t 'e Illl, an I ev.rva rveoueleadlin. to it, or spot thnatro ld etomln n o a vitw, received every nnname proposed with shoutef approvnl. The Presi dent ofthe meetin, D)avid II. t/e h-n. in hi: preliminary remark., Ihappily Ibhcrvied that thoumh it was impnssi ibl to select llamen Ihat w o lI1 It neceP;tah'e to every one, that the preseot nolnilnatinl had been imo-t care. fully made, to meet the vie.r of th" party and the emergent y of the time: -anid that in tile present crisis of political althiras it wou i he as idle for individalsa to disnrat from th- nelections of the conmmitee, as for inen wlloe poperty was burning to quarrel about wh'l:n they should employ to extinguish the flames. The whi, callidatee fir Congress are Ogdena Hoffman, detard tCarlis, "loses If. (rinnell, and James M3faroe. The first two were eleeled to Congree- in 183i, nd Ihaveevincel by their ufliehing attenion tu the true interests of the country the excelleaeeof the se lection:-Mr. Ginne!l is a self raised merchant of on blemished reputation,--and Mr. MIunroe is a highly ar complished niphew of the ex-President. Such a ticker deserveo support, anld mlst succeed. The eomnitlee lay partiuetlar straes on the necrssity of sending a whig senator to the legiilature. "For year., they remark, has tihat senate, nnthwithatanding the efforts of a noble minority, heen the mere echo of Governor Marcy's will: fr years hans this office been oceupied by one of his instrument.'" The candidate now notminated is Gabriel Funlman, who stands iefore his fellow citizens with the highest claitms for support. In enclusionn, the committee thus appeal to the V'hige of New York. "Phe field is befihre you fellow ciiizens; if you labor faithfidly, the noionau waeds of Van Breniatn will be ronted out, and the City and State of New York will tell to the world, that trifling defeat elsewhere by the ma chinations of power and the force ofoflice and money, does not awe you; and that fearless of inluence and patronage, you have dared to heard the Lion in his den, and driven him fromn his grasp. Citizens of New York, the prosparity ofour country and the safety of its insitutitons rest with you-yours is tobe the "Waterloo" battle--suceaa will plant yt standard ont the ramparts of the constitution-dfeat willerush you under the juggernaut of a Sub-Treas. sry." !Frauds at Election.--Daily, nay hourly, exposures are being madoof the iniquitous fraudls rcmmited bi the Iotn-fio party in the states they have lately earried particularly in Pennsylvania. The "party" has paused at nothing. They havoe aaclted Sto poll moire votes than there wereinhalitants in the pliiace: so that though the whign polled more vnres than were thrown in tim.e of Jackson's greatest popularity, they have been beat en! Ha*? Not by legal oterte, but by lille ballot bno, es, by spurious votes, by double and treble voilin., Iy perjuredjlidges, andi false returns. A correspoudent of the Cotrier & Entqirer thus strongly tprTe' the moral ltnpossibility of its being a fair elrti.lo. ..We haa been LPthaht.y fratal. A Irt A.cemn ia infernal knavery has been practisad upnn us. This h is the very wort eature in the case. It ie this defeat of tt the polrlar trill-this defeat by a minority which hrows tuch aglonm over thle proepects of the utuore. It is demanded what reason I htoe for asserting that we have been defeated by fraud? I.ook at these ficts. In tile guhernntorial contest of 1835, Ritmr received 94,000 votet in Penanylvania, and h WVolfnd Mohtlenberg united 106,l00. In the contest, h however, which hapjust terminated, Ritner hap received c ao far a n we have heard, nearly 114,000 votes, heing p about 8,000 more than the noited votes of Wolf and Muhlenburg both, and nearly 2lt,tt00 ii more than he received in 1835,and YET he is not elected, according t to the retlurns ! ! Now, in the name of common sense and common candor, I ask, is it probable, is it possible, that those returns are correct? T'he Globe any chuckle t with a ghastly laugh over the result-the pentioned or oans lrn reckless party, may aholt over their preten der vicaory, hbut I tell yon, air, itis all the result offraud as fiale and hollow-hearted as the apples of eodom; ,and o very mtuh mistke the spirit and nerve of Pennstyl vantia, ilhiartin and the Globe's tlique l gnamhleea and denperadcae do not find the prelnoua norsel of the "spoils of victory" which thly o exultingly anticipate from this conquest, to be likkethose fabled apples ef s dm ashes in their months. They will ficd, air, i the montest of 1340, tlat th tey have clutched greedily at hlladows, and received "A hbarren ceptre in their grasp." Whatever the lying oraceles of a heartless party mnay say -mwhnteeer people ahroad may ble induced to believe we know here that the friends ofJoPeph imer eare in the mtjority in abe Keya;tanse State, and I pledge my life on it, sir, that therew.ill ie such an rcgnairation, at will show it in 1840, and startle the minions of in inei plent monarchy I pledge my life on it, sir, that ther ehall be .u.h an oreanizntioe as shall prevent a single illegal vote from ,eing polled--prvent a single false and" forged return from uLring tade. The deep laid scheme of villainy which has eueceeded for the time, has aroused a spirit, which no ateliites of power will be able to quiet-wlie h an fascinations of gold or aMee will be ah· to charm down. There was a es:nw storm in Boston on the 28th nlt. the first of the season. Lalt year the first snow did not fall until the 16th November. U. S. Bank Stock was at It1 on the 30 ilt. The expected rise in the Ohio has proved cousin german to the 'labotnmg mountain' of yore. .ere York Canals. The Albany Argas gives the following particulars of the tolls collected for 4 years past. The toll. far the third week in Oetober, in each of the lest four years, were as follows: 1835, $57,349 41 1836, 5!9,479 f0 18:,7 59.563 8l 183S, 75,579 34 Tihe toll, on all the canals up to end includinglthe third week in Oct. in enach of the four firt veers, were 183:,. $1,8y1.,ild 89 1816, 1,342 973 41 1837, ],l)00,G21 60 :183, 1,288,782 4.1 An inerene fir lthe r.eidltlt of thoe eason eqnal t te t rate of increase for the lnst week, will swell the tvde fIr fl; e vear to more than $1,6tt0,0010. In 1836, the largest year, they were $1,614,294 7:1. The Mayor of Charleston has publicly announe. the tre'Ahntinn of the epidemic, and advised the return of the eriizens. B..orn ait: Phrladelphia were both visited by a eIonnw lornt on Sttn lay, 28Gth i . In the former the lsnet thunder was serae. ly silent 'ere the first snow was fallin.. Some of Ihu PI'bsal New York during the elec. Lion were to be opened at sun rise. A.lccrteraeknewledge.-lThe Public Ledger man in Philadelphia is distinguished beyond all hisbrer, thren of the north for frequent mention of our city and state, of both which he is most profoundly ignorant. Ile enlightened his readers on the 31st October with the grave information that large land eliles of many acres in extent are rolling into tho river below New Orleans: and ,I G Penn, of lSt Tammany, who wrote to the Bee regarding silk culture, he ca:ls .afr Covington. Sir John Ilersechell has dlclined the office of President of the Royal Academy, vacant by the resignation of Ithe Duke of Suoexs. Fnrcke's Comet thes ,made its appearance in Eng. nland: it was visible from the observatory at Ken sington on the 'ih, S-,p' The husband ol tr~e Iate adri!ne 3Ialibran is to be married to her sis!er, 31'lle Garcia. Louis Phillips was 60 years old on the 6t L lt : the first of the Orleans family who ever reached tlhat age. The family of Sir John Colborne have quitted Csnntda. They started for England by the way of New York. Tihe Great Western was to sail from Bristol on the 27,h October and will, no doubt, arrive in New Yok during this week. The steam ship Liverpool was ready for sea on the 2d October. She was to makean experimental trip to Dublin on or about the 10th. W"'e copy the following notices from the Philn dolphin GOzntte. They are imporiant to our citizens more than those of Pennsylvrnin. New LronT flousra.-Navialntors are hereby in, formed that from the Ilt July last a small fixed light of a red colour signalizes, during tihe entire night, the turret recently built at thie extremity al the east pier of the commercial port of Cher bourg. 'The foeus of the ligrting apnarnats is establish. ed at 10 metres above the level of the highest equinixial water marks. In fair weather, this new light can he seen at the distance of ene sea mile outside of the two passes of the roads. It is to be rermarked that the buoy which marks the a: proaches of the western extremity of the doke, is placed upon the direction given by tihe ourret of the pier of the enmrnercial pert and tihe enrelrpn of the Frt of Flomet, so that the red light will be Iidden by the lrrt from tihe eyes of the navigator, who will find themselves to the westward of that direction. By order of tile Minmeterof Marine. The Consul of Fertrer, HERiSANT. Correspondence of the Journal of Commeree. KEy WEST, Oct. 17, 1838. The nalvage of the oarco of the schooner Hlyder Alyp will be most probably $3000, and crffee, se gars, and surer, will he sold to pay it. Tle value to cargo saved by tile smacks was *110,000. The vessel and one.third of the cargo was insured at IIseni, and the remainmer at New Orleans. Tire sralace o .tile cargo saved from tile brig Export was $20000, being 50 per ct. net, of tile 30J boxes dor.eem d sronr. At Cape Fl ,rida the Inliana have quirte a Iilli ponion ship yard. They have taken from the Span ish B ig, that was lately stranded there, a cargo of ecidar lisi, and are all actively engaged in rmak. trg ton a Psrce the a!oe -ofthe8th of September ithre has bii t no dietersrra ri the coast, although many ves, is p i alorng the reef daily. IMrecks on the Upper Lakes --Pussengaers from the l'pper L ,k,, report several vesels driven T!te see: i:,rs (itesw, W. C. Buckner, and the Vir: in, of Ltl.e .t rle.i, are arid to be ashore near Mictr gerl ctri. 'Ph sachIi,rnlt r U l.eid dratns is said to he aahre no Presque aole, Lake iluron,-Cle'elandtellerald, Oct. 24. NEine To roni: 'IInaoNr or f"RANaI.-O-.ur readers prouobly do not require to be rnorrmed that there is an i .drvidual now wandering about in Eur.p.e, calling himself Duke of Normandr, and claiming to he tea legitimate sovereign of France by birth right. lie maintains that the boy Dauphin, the soa of Louis Sixteenth, did not perish in the Tera. pie, soom after the execution of his father, but that him life was preserved, and that the dead body exhibited was that of a substitute provided for the express purpose of facilitating the real Dauphirn's escape, by creating a belief that he had perished, ill rte mind of those to whom it was important that he slrorlld be etTectually disposed of. The sai-dia sant Dike oi Nor.nondy, now anll eldrly ilan, in Slo a that he is the royal boy thus preservedl by stratagemn: and he has been for several years en gerd in porreveringo , but si far orer unsuc cesstll, cit irtr to fstabtsh hisa cel.ine to royal Ioterrniiy. t11 has indsed made some converrts, who ir rri enlt a constancy of drevotlon rcaoceiy exeeded in the annals of royait.. For the Irst twenty yepars ea have oeea r lly i ert witth nil 'a II Oi I . I oiuv meonts and prrte sions, and of the pro.fs by which the iltter are s rrprorted; bit as yet ihe lhas i ot otcceePded in pllltng hiis great rinietc , an interview with, or any nirce lrton the DuchehaeD'Angouleme, (who, if ihe is really the son of Louis XVI, is his onlly sister) although he has caused to be published numerorus and mirnute details of events that took place In his childhood, and by which, as they could be known only to herself and her brother, ire main itine that she must recognize him. lie as eapplied in turn to half the monarchs in Europe-not exactly for sup,,ort, but for their rnauince wrth the Duchears to galll for hint a hearing; and ihe declares that Nipride.n was so well satinfied of his identity, no ecrrr fly to grant him a liberal iernsion-inorrented thereto, lie says, lby serypaoi fr hlls misfortune's, anid prerrops by somellt undetinltd Iloiot of using hit", In to ine puss ildeenteCgency, against I1.i supposed incle, Louis XVIII. II hlrsoftel struck on u rather si:cgular i shte the Lu herue re 'to ns so ,soe r,.t ly r rr l ai r ti i o he ,relcuseito, i of this iidivr du.rl. ''.Ie details hI, aiv.e of his tr le.rls raI u e. t rtr the ri' mlre r, tlf hir ,,it. I'a words anrd '.c!: s hro. .,,tt ..u t tau rr so eht, ahd of littlehoearirensee duttg his tua 1 i) hood which ctiuld be known only, it would seem, to the family of Louis XVI, are so minute and clrcoms'oentil that tihy appear to afibrd ample means of proving him nn illmpostor, if he is one; yet the Duchoss will not a tenk, either for or against him; she will neither nor deny til truth of his statement'; and as we have already snid, he has in vain solicited, for years, an opportunity of conversing with her, although he declares that in a private inteview he can produce such other tetS. monials of his identity as must convince her: tes. timonials of such a nature that he will not exhibit them to the world, but only to the person who alone coan know their validity. Yet notwithstnnding - all this, his sister (if he is the rightful Louis XVII) hs adhered, so far as we can l arn, to a system of rigid and obstinate silence, stiand neither Charles X. nor Louis XVIII, nor any other mrember ot the family, hIt. ever taken oaly notice of his proten stons. We did not intend, when we suttmenced this article, to enlarge so much upon the history of this, pretended Duke of Normandy. Our purpose was only to point out the somewhat curious fact tilehat, supposing his assertions to be true, there are now living no lower than live hiirs of the throne of France; the Duke of Orleans, son, and the Count of Paris, grandson of Louis Phillippe; the Duke of Bordeaux, grandson of Louis Philippe; the Duke of Bordeaux, grandson efChar!cs X; thesoi-disssnt Duke of Normandy; and Louis Napoleon Bons parte, nephew of the Emperor an d grtndson by adoption, who claims as next in succession to the Duke of Reichessdt. Who can say whether by sotme strange turn of fortune's wheel, any one of these five may, or may nit, at some future day, become possessor ol a crown which has already, within fifty years, been worn by three dynasties, and for a time lain in abeyance, and without an owner'-New York Commercial. ANECDeTE Or StLEA NAItouTIUn. A small dnp per little fellow, with a pattern hook under his arm, called in at one of our large carpet ware houses: "I have come, sir, for some orders; here is my pattern book, should hbe hppy to serve you.' The proprietor, alter turning over the leavee, said to the agent, 'W !l you have the goodness toleave this book for a dlaor two, and I will sendit to your lodgings.' 'Bless you, sir, I have no parti cular lodgings: I arrived in the Great Western, took with me I valise and six clean shirts, only used three on the passage. I have rtn about from store to store until I have received orders for one thousand pieces oft russels carpeting: you are the lost person I have called upon. I am constantly on my feet; I dine when I m at leisure at any earing house that is nigh, and I pay for my lodg ing at night: so I have really no astiled habitation. I most return in the Great Western tomorrow, as I shall have bhen absent from home when I get back full forty days: you are the laent I have is call upon, and any orders you may please to rive me call b execured and sent to yun complete in sir weeks from tiis time pet arearn ship. C.)mr. mentary is toeless: the trsvelling aernt In 24 days from the tims lie left home, received orders for $100,000 carpeting --N Y Star. Edwin Forrest,--tue trotter, not the actor-won the two mile purse in harness, 3 heats, is 5. 17. 5. 13.-5. 17. MARRIED On oednesday Evenin4, the 7th inet, hy the Rev. Mr Clapp, JAMES C. ABELL Esq., to Mrs. MARGAItT BARNETrT, I a of this ity. .N'ew Orleans and Nasehrville Rail Road Qre.e Nov 7th, 1838. NOTICE T') fL.UMBER MEN. EALED Poposals will h receied at thllis office until the n 11lh inst, for the following lunlbert 1000 Yellow Pine or Cepraee piles, i0 feet long and nt less than 8 inchlies in diameter a tile small ecd. 50,000 thousand rteet of mudoills. fiattened on both sy iid., to hew in ilches on tile flat surfiee, and 10 inches in dep h; 10,0(O cronsties. nine feet long, I0 inch es rtllnre, clenr of rap; all to he delivereld t ielth ptintl t on tile shore of Lake I'Pochartrain as shall he designe d ted. D itOAIti.. nov9--o1t it otiir lIt SLhl , A rnO'rE, drawn by Davits& I Richardson, of tLake Providence, La., in finsor of Felix Iinsworth, and endlorsed by hitm and Zarhariah Dorsev for deven hun i dold and Sixty dolltarso date aod time Ilank. Ao it enn i e of no usee o t the fintler, he will confer a ftvor, and receive a rsward, if requiretl hv leavig it wit l (EO E. RICIIARDSON, nnt S \V car Camp - Cominlut ot Ofice of the Firemen a Insurance Company of PeVr r IIllE Stohllkohl.-:+ .r I1:o, tiedthattltherrar I n f t-tl n ,i - ni , :!:i- !r -I. ti" t-o" nl nlt vble on the 813h Dereirfe airo it, it Itn f tile jt u otny. nnv9 : ec'v. "BURtEU i)A.- . K -N( -. E POMPIEIIS DE lA NI.,II-OtlIEAT.N. T FS Aitionnunireo csnt pir ..t avis nolificatqtu. It .5 Cinquieme verntenllut AiIr leIr letioln, eat du et deeroetre pnae le 8 Dicenlbre eptithiro , all Bureau tce d lComlto-nie. Bnov n C I. 'TRACY, rertoraire. S-ni .A.C fllI)tiE & Ci, nov9 13]4 Magazine et LIV.Ol-'fO .-i.flTffin rtuoso of ariouun sis.-e to suit purcltrta.iers for sal ty lit[ii 1E>S & MlILL., nov9 9 Ihtank I lner NO -f'n " . a "fNathlaniel Townsend Iao retmnoved htis ochi to ti the corner of Cannl andl Italtine tnets,, rover thl, ator of IlMearst. A C &. W Squer &Co. Ilnv9 S [ AY, P'otntoe, anil Lurtlr--4l0 Ioale Estern 1 Ila, in pritne orir- -00 Ibarrol Potntres .'t5,t(101 ft. Northern Pine Board-, from ship Iiverpoul. landing and for sale by IdetV_ _ _ G 0_aL, nov9 93 Clmpnon at Te-NI- N P E'R--F24 ks hetrs Brown Stout, L received per ship Creole, from Livcrpotol, for saln hbbyHOLLMES & MtriI,S nnr9 9 t|nnk Plaes -.X -I-ANU. onut- T:otYrk, for sale hty 11. ADAMS & WItITALL. nov9 67lrsier st i Pul'B STONE-3(00 ran.ntng loeet 12 to T1, / PETERS & MILLARI), 0 noe9-3t AISINS--t100 oxes NIt Raismins; , 20'1 half l,oxe do do 100 qlarter do do do 100 drumrns Fig, lalin, for sale hb CIIAMPL1N &. COOPER, nov9 8"2 Julin at P ILOT BREAD-SO bbls Pilot Bread in store, and CIlAMPLIN & COOPER, nov9 8_ Julia at ITndiNgArEt PEE'P-A new article, o 5 bbls Slanding from ship Euphrtra, and for sahle y SLOCKE 8. CO, nov9 8 Front .evee .t IEErTINlSl & l Slrtings--l2 bhales i"ooa e a1 it,gs,on:l 5 bales I.owoll I.inlreys, landing from ship Norman, fir sale by C ISAAC BRIDGE &l e, nov9 134 :Magazine at S PERM CAND)I.ES-131 boxes New Bedfird Can 3 dies, landing from ship Norman. for sale by ISAC BDll.lGE & CO. no,9 13 ,Magazine at B IOG \NS, &c--76 cases, containing Men's a nd S Bov's fine kip Brooanr; Men's extra size Russet Blrooans; Men' Kip, Ctalf an'l dater proof Boots, land ing From slop Norman, or nale hv ISAAC BRlDGE & CA), nov9 131 Ma~lazine st $8,000I Capital Prize. Tirckets only $2 50. GRAND STATE LOTTEIRYl Drawn numbhes of the Grand Stato Lottery, ClaIs 49. 35. 15, 731, 7, 42, 55, 9, 5, 30, 5,4,3,163. C LASS No. 50. Authorised by the L.egislature of the State. To hbe drawn SATURI)AY. Nov. lOth, 1838, at 5 o'clock, P. 31. at the lMerchant's Ex change. S. DAVIS & CO, Managers. 75 Number--12 I)rawn Ballots. SCII.ME.I. I Prize of $8 000 $8 0110 I do 2 500 2 500 I do I 500 t 500 I do ] 2I10 l _01 3 do I 00t 3 000 3 da 600 t 800 3 do 511) 1 501) 3 do 401) 1 2110 4 rdo 3110 I 200 5 do 800 1 01)1 7 do 150 1 0100 I0 do 1300 030 15 do 70 11 50 163 do 61) 9 781) 63 do 25 1575 63 do 21 ! 2.0) 63 d. 15 615, 63 do Io 630 1.t) doa 8 1 103 3,7811 do 18 9:10 23,13til dio 2 0 5k1,590 7,8I1)i Prizes, atmontinG to $1t18,6"8 Tickets $'1 .10- Itol)Pr 61 5--(Qoartrro 7. Palckes of 2dl '1'i krets r S, , r', orol antcd to draw at loFl 6)10. f or', -ore a'0l2 1 h a lly t S A, C I l: ? ·. , ) j G; ,, , r a +e l to donl l Jaol t $!.,. .l'ckl·, r ' 1 '::r2"r . ( !k ,,I 1.51 0, lot tla ite to hi .t , e t 7 ,or A r. .l ulr l'tclG ca or C ingle 'liekots, apply st Ilat MA NAGERS' OFFI' , J for sale by ISAAC Iti,;I)GF. & Co, novr 8 131 tlatatine at J ANS &. KERSIY'S-- ae Id'k mixOd Kc. t ew, nod oner crasedotbla warpr Washingtonl Jeana Ianding Irra rhip; hormano, for rule Iv ISA.\C BanI)GE & Co, nov 8 134 laga/ine at ir.-)''IIl IN)I e-trt8 ca.,eaonable toIIrlut;i Ittl-l g ( 1 frtolmlhp iNorln,oa, or -le by IIAS\C 111il)t]E to Co, nov !t 1:14 Atllrn1ioe st lUST recriveod o invoic.e ofr Itlt'a Charts, eIl Sri'jintgofthI-. fnlllwit , trulft f 1 .lxiot , e, t ire -. liesr, io two s Ieeotsr; hIto,:;, II nkv; \\rest Flornd; Cnaof il" lrc,,il, two sonets ; le. l itsrrltn rt:; t ott t ,i Africa; English tm.,rtmtl; St. Gt rg a 'Ctharr erl, rrr, for sale Iby DIVID I- ., . CoI New York etai,,tera" Hill, nsret St. Charles Theatre. MR. GEORGE HOLLAND. Will appear. THIS EVENING, NOV. 9, Will he performed the new Comedy of A LESSON FOR LOVE. lohn Frankly, Mr. Harrison, ot it. (Clair, Debar, Oeysmour, Page. Lady Grantley, Mrs. Fnrren, Fanny Mildmay, Harrison. An Overture by Orchestra, After which the Farce of COMFORTABLE SERVICE. Sir Smith Brown, Mr. Farren, Pedro, lolland, d 'ierbouchon, Williams. Mary, Mrs. Forren, Mrs. Audlove, Smith. Grand Pas Seul, Mad'e Ravenot. hhle whole will conclude with the Extrnavganna of ZA ZE ZI ZO ZU. Mansion House Hotel BALL BOOM. No. 22 NEW LEVEE, rfrhis establishment will open on THURSIDAY U EVENING, Oct. 18, on which uc..tior, tlher will bea GRAND I)RESS BALIA . The plopriator will have good order at hi. Ball Room, for which purpose ime has engaged officers of the Police. Oct. 17. A MEEIt;AN ALMINACk Ir 18391-Jua t received . a few copies of the AAmericalo Altnanck lor 1839, for sale by DAVID FELT & Co, New York Stationer's Hull, noy 8 24 Chartres at 1T V-.IO sales car'e hay, now landing - froE m ship Dalmatia, near tha roil road, tor sale bv CIIAMPLIN & COOPER, nov 812 Jolia street R AIlSlINS.31:0II boxes t It roisins; 175 holf do do; in storefor sale by LAURENCE & I.EGENDItE, novlr 88 Onlll 2 New Levee BRASS FIRE SE'TTR. l PAIR new pattern brass andirons and fire i.seetsl for sale by S LOCKtE & Co, nov 8 No g, Front l.evee ( ATSUI'S--Msnlhroons, Tomato ald Walnut, for r sle by 'I R lYIDE & BEO, nntv8 car lla.aine & Common st F -LOUR-O700 bls. Poase brand. in store ndll t for sole by C IDORSEY, nov7 4I New Levee )APERI, INK, A.c.-The suhscriters are now re I ceiving a full supply of all the various qualities no paper, ink, quills, teel pens, watnfere, sealing wax, ply.g ud blank crds, blank books of reery srie anll styl, steam boat books, writing parchment, bronze ialsrtands, sand boxes, red tape, wire 6i.s, lead weiglhts, India rubber, pounce, &c. Ar. For sale by DiAVID) FEL.T & CO, New York Stationers Hull, novr 24 Chartres at -APER--100 reams Slheathinr i'oere in etore and A forr sale by $, S J P WHITNEV, nor7 8 Collt st dLr-50 tierces refined Whale Oil in store, forsale bIy S&J P WilII'NEY, nor7 8 Conti st ( rOFFPEE-Stgar, I'imenlto. Blle Irl ry, Ilaggins; S30010 boMs Rio Cofite, 150 Inxrso write Ilavana Sigar, 31100 bngs Jamaica Pimntto, fi00 pieces Kelietlky Baggine and 1400 coils Rorpe, lor sale cby nor7 A FISK. iOSlItPN CHEI.ESE50 hnxrs (;olrher lrer as rr launding fromt New York, hi store, T R I1iDE & 51RO,, oct23 ecr COlllllla _.r ligerritir + stret a NUR'tE WANl'l1t-A nihlle anerd nwornl L wottlld e refsrrdeier; n.o olrn tirkls arr hloj tion sh.,Ntlrel Iv esn. onl n.rld atI l llll t lllh lld reference. Aptl aot lire I.vslto privr at, b.wt lliin bltrte, lamerentf ltagouiurt anl Crtrrootn strcu noaJOUN IS SERVANT WN'I'I:lD. A OMAN, c TuaiNtrled with Cokting, Webashing and rnonln, nylnl Ilollrte ,rk eelortll calt Thave hisrlre ie ntadilhvrneirli i a mrOll rivtle frIuil, ly oplnlgth in It. J.. llCKEIIIN(., otine of rIt'e Rl'll AIIEIICAN, coi-;ler oi i'or . lnd Slin Clutrlr ve,. " mvo. 8--3t - IV 1OI' F'T ON 1NI1 N-i; ST'r"ll,. Sr11I1 WEIt . civ. oe nton rrntlont hnAnd nIolir el illriV, ' 'ceitllle"llr V r "1tA' .r nl Croop ... ntr r 4 CI , i i'torr l s$tet, , very lee rlt ltrelrlr t or hltroas kreoti ttig, trttir/er, rOtitilrtL i o C ,hcll' uP¢IF (hials aorl cItlrns; kllrt ,turrlt l S '/t 'irot ,ol d l'errderls: [.ilrhtr elerrr, cl ; Iron, 'iorn, lrr'omrrdtrr' an. Mltcsos/os; Si/e,' r etfr'tl, britfnrtrrirtr ard jtrelJtrttt'd ,ats,;o y Innrls unal ehln bntiers: itniter at. /',rrl/, rtrd hore. ('r cinirtt s , 9 Ild s ,lurn, , whrl , tl'h l. .l e )r. lare d t i s ui l, at r .,ll1,;, e lr ll l LIr o If p ri o at , dw ol ing s, b c, bir tinghlaner,, Iio,151 ___l, _teuhh,_t, & _. Ne. I )r~raer+ ;eyl I;, I, . I!TY" ANI) INCI.tNAl'll)N: o novsl, edlitd by bi! Lind Il rtlo. t tll iu "The limtreirrtriteno' 'T'II'lO'll'ON'ý' IllII OFIl IIANNAII ltr:rRl,:, 11R I tY At :STIN; or, Adrenturr-e in lti Brnilth IP'AIKIII1( lRAllIY OF AME.RICAN IIBIO(1A PITY, v tS , 7 I.; tln =l. I'f1E+ l lI"Fl 10 "1- KIot El'RLR arl Tltotgh ts urt Il.trtele or \V.11. Alertn. TIh eie tr Irettr NIlIl11t..1¶o NICI.- I I11 -'to. I, OtLIVIER ITWISTI'; or, tie I'rrielh Boy's Progresse; Wil McSKIEAN, noel8 cr e llorlpanld Comm".lt r tstot - - TOV EN. ,POOR'S patent Coal stoves lof al rics, some of k wlicah are n suitable for chorclino. Alho, Sloor', ain coal stoves; ifanc wooa clyes, frcp.tarlors; eoni cal cooking stoves Piladl; team l ililjll o t lr, he, cal eulated to rook faor 1li) persons; sic lcl ten pllate wood stove, price six dollars, just received i, store, and f'or sale by S LOCK;' & Co, nov 8 8 Frol Levee C O)FFEE-50 bags Ohld Java Cclfce, '208 de Rio dli 300 do St. Domingo do., landing per ship Isaac Hicks, for sale by LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, nov7 2 & c29 New Levee (I-PETER LAIlLAW bas removed to o ftii Camp street. nN ov7 TO RENT, - AN Officeon the second floor of No. 66 Camp at. SAlpply on the prelises. IME-1500 barrels Lime fr sole Iby L PETER I..IDI.AW, nov7 ilci Carp st AGGING I BALE IROPE-500 piecies bagging S700 coils role, for wile by LAWRENCE SF I.EGENDRE, nov2 28 or 29 New Levee t iACKEREl. in whole and half barrels, Nos. 1 2 for aleAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, novy2 '8 & 2) New Levno GENUINE LINEN STo'(tlE, 122 Royal Street. OIIN II. MARTFENSTEIN coa .r saile, d:rect Sfrom the manufacturices in Silesia, (Prussia,) a arge assortcment of )uconak onrc Diaper Table Ilcnas, Towels, Napkina, &e. Also, Slheeting, Slhirting, Handkerciefas, Cream, Bretgunes, Estopillas. Platil aIno Mlsquito netting. A, & which are warranted to be Ill pure licen. Also,, an asortcment of Stookinga Shawls, re. oct22--3tp TO LET. a The upper part of tile house No. 58 Camp a street; possession may be given immtaediately a apply on the premises. antl_ T'O LET. A converlient two story dwelling House, corner of St. John and Perdidlo streets. For J not particulars apply on the premises. novti OFFICE N. ORLEANS & NASHVILIE R. R Co: R'Change of hours of starting..jl VERY DAY, ISundayv exceprtedl) I traicn of Pil ' s ae Cars will cllelart frcctl tcc i' pot, at the foot ofCanal street, or Blath and tile Great F'rrin. D)epartnre. Return. SUNDAYS. Departtre,. Return. 6AM 8PM 2P 41 PM JAMES iI CALDIWE.I., Presd't l.oPassengers are requested not to fire at the game from tie (Cora. nov5--tf ciAP-II0 boxes imittior No. I, soap, b:anld of SGeorge Robbilns, londing froia sholp Charles to, fr y ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. nov5 131 Magazine it i UNNY i AGS-a75 cales 2 bctohll bags in storeC and for sale by G I)O)RSEY, nor5 44 Nnaew evee O11(11)11 CAINrll EPS-1tl)i boxets Hciccn Oltc 1IIn CCacdles, .ackson'' brand now landing flrom ship I)iallatia, and Ifor sale Ilv JOSEPI' COCKAYNE, nov5 25 Gra ier a I3Ell BEANS-SI sacks in store andc for sale by L tO DOIRSEY. qnvS 44 New Levee tn Iclc & cAc RRIEIS--:I 0 boes odilsh--StUO emp. Ic arrel, in prrime ordor. AL ply oly hounl ship Dai.ilmatia, or to LEVI It GALE, acn5 93 Commluon at ' UNNY t ll.iS-~50 halea assorted sizes landing G faloa ship Delhi, and rc r sain o v a p J1P WIIITNEY, novt6 8 Cccri st 1 l E- 0l casks I'hnlllastoul Lime, landing in good ordr, andcl fLr sale by S&J P WIHITNEY. | CtiN SIDEE-4i casks nsupeicor Ccicnuantt L cured, in sltore an I for sale hy D naev6 44 Nev Levee rt M-k *t'sn -eth IL L&t laIn p bat I Sisa, and four sale by J' t IICIN & A COHEN, nov5 99 Cumman u - M ESS l'ORth--4 bbls rte-s and fi8 bbts soft Maes ll Pork, in store anti for male by STEI'T'SON & AVERY - ano5 88 Gravier at Ai T)IV ES-lianding from shll Vietnia an ausolrtiatn A7 of ietpIlas. i'iakiuig tInevr siid a C inu Illase, (f liferent siizes, fino No. 2 t, 5, of the latest patterns, suitable fur steam boats; fur sale by NI t I)EVEREAUX, aov5 21i iTch' iloltai as AN -EI-Tic , goonf Smith; pl tod ln 1¥ IH DEVEiIAAJX, nov5 "26 Tehopitoulas at NEW PUBLICATIONS. OW TO OBSEIRVE.-Morals and Manners. By Harriet lMartinea. in oa e valuine. Public and Privnate Ecnumv. IllnaStrIated ry obser- -I valtions nade inl England in the year 1836, by Tlleo- T don Sedgwitk--lart second. Oddities of Londn Life. Bty Paul Pry, author of Little P'edlingion,in 2 elol. T'he imperinl, a Chritmans and New Year's present C for 1839 Tire Works of L. E. i.ndon-complete in one vol. Bulwer's Workr, with illustrations, complete in one volume. Just received and for saile hy WM1 Mf'KEAN, octl2 car Camp & Common at TO MERCHANTS. [TMERCHANTS enan have a IIE.nrTIUL CIRCU Lan struck of at four hours NorTC , by calling at the Compting Roomt of TRUE AMERICAN Paltrto I OFFICE, St. Charles Exchange, adjoining the REAnD mIe Room at Corner of Gravier street. NO CUKE NO PAY. D"R.JOIINSON,Oifice 1.10 lienlville street, con Sfines t his practice to the treatment of Venereal Disease, n all its dlfferent ferms. Dr. Johnson, from a residence of nnny years in Iaem pialse in Eerope, devoted to the treIatmat of Venereal Disteases, and from his present extensive practice in that particular trench of the profession, guarentees a safe, speedy and efleetnal cure to such persons as are tioubled wtith ay of the following diseases, viz: Gonorrhoena. Glees, Strietlles, Chancres, Iulosn, Seminal Weaknean, Afctions of the IIludder, Kidneys, Loins, Urethra, Prostrate (iGlandi, Swelled 'I estlicles, Eruptions on the Skin, Sore Throat, Pains in the An, the numeroussymuptoms which generally follow this dilenare. Recent craes crred in two or three days without the use of Merctry, intterrnption trotn business, or altera lion in thie mode ofliving. A medicine to prevent Venerenl Disreae can be oh tained of tDr.Johnson. It is fromn the recipe of the Baron Larry, a celebrated French Surgeon, and was used by hil during thevertnl cnlnpei lnt in which he servedas. Surgenn Gneral in Ither PFreach Arl. Sold by I)r. Johnson, at his office. 'Those tpersons haaingu ny nlfection of Venereal Disease, and Pboant tlking set voyages, or removitg to tie countly, would do well by giving D)r. Johnson a call, as proper Iedi ciiees lor their care in the slortest time can be pat iup witll written directions fPu their usae. Office open from 7 to the morning until lao'clock at night. ABERNETIIY'S DYSPEPTIC ELIXIR. t Dr. Abernethy, the greatest of Engli.lh surgeons was Slo opinion that nine-tenths if tie diasenes tIlat aflect mtunkind originate in Ith stomache. This Elixir wai t used by him with the most unprecedented sucqeass in his private and public practice fer upwards of forly years, for the removal of the following diseases: t Loss otfippetite, Flatulenev, Distention of the Stem ach,Paiuin the side, sleavines of the Head and incli ; nalion to sleep ,lrregularity of the Rlwels, and in all ca ses where Indigestion or a costive habit is found to y exist. Thin medicine nmust not hw numbered among the host ofq unck nostrumrs ianw bIfore the public, as it is the ale iventllton of te ablest and n imost scientific surgeon Europe ever produced, and the secret f )preparing it wa purL rhLsed by tile lagent for a very large slu. It is agreen.le and I iasaint to the rat.e na:ts ni a mild toper t int.nlwnays kelep the boweel free, imlpars vigor and -lstrengrt to thr systere, anti cheerfuln'hss to the mind; - nd a fel w olilei r'timves tiie llmot einlirne td asei ofn itieieieps or leitgestiont, neld prevetto return at arty lititre period NEwr liY a IK.17 Algnst, iRl. rtn yenal'r ; f,r the I ast thl . : 1,;+. - ý alllt n IlllIZ mootr ol( tl 'k l e{ r 'ir~l((l +." i. ",t ,{,r". ;,, . ,r e, n'lefit. Id niptied fi ,v,,r i nlln . , ; l , . , , relief, ied rcsinnared lly nl" :, t r !, , h . . al I wn's pers nd,ed h, n . "~'. , S Dy ,spelii i lhi xir. I . , o , , , tl. nll, li know nl t IhownIe, texpr' s" Ill ,',.1: ." it wonderl' irties and tihte it c l i it hb - tc.1 teI n d tl " Srestolr Iing Illn thlat heaItlth which i t , yzh.l , ! t - ' ,ever. ' le d ina hull a tI' nl at~, . ,, x, . ou; Ihnlnk ler e-l gI_" oatlE . eU ^co ,c - J twrinyno. o p,, eirbt hc b. tI ieta in t -','+i T;,I e na,+,+t uI- in hip poserr-sin several hundrIed r,.. I. nlle il t nie rlr to th abli tv , of i'hi iexta lll dinyl viir t t ' ithi ndi t l. o lhv tf Ipp internat, n "frt N EsWi tI'5; i)K .- - ,+ulk t of U I', ltienl E thw <, t. l - R iecord, ofi 'rinel., in tWne vhlm.l A lipr in it t.:, i itnn t-,rai letters, rn tri ELidi W ,nai is s.cle :"hi, I 'r, n-and Wanan in Her Social nnl l tnliesth rater, in 1 ,l. Julte reeaived and aýt1 :I r(nenr of Cnitpl and C.-anrt sirena. £i UNN Iint. ' -i5 ial-,l,-i lI . bhel s, in ;tor. K and fir sale by T It IlfilL, k IR-)., etW0: car 'nonmncn & llfngzine strret m T .RA ci-e-The u f lk of2111111 hrrels can be aken in a firr prac wrehlluse, in Notre Dame strteet near New Levee, apply to T R HYDE & 1IRO, nf Cu3 er Comae Manzine strreet Blnnk Cheeks, Bills of l.asding, Auction Bills, Pamphlets, Show bills, Cata logues, Ac. &c. [lyORDERS for the Above, anl every osher des rription of,lPIUIN I'iNGcjl received at Conlplisg Room of' TILUE A)MEtllCAN," in Sr. CisAatLs El CeAN0e., 3d doosr from Gravir street. Extensive and Beautifsl ItooK Rad JO FOUnso. from the best Fcosulries in the United Staten, have jois been added to the already weoll-stocked Establishment; --ord O sERS weill be erecuted as Iows, as Cheaply, Expeditiously and Beautifully, as at any other Ollies in tihe City, Noelt-tf 'l iR.UGGIS'rS. JUST received pership1tOrlenns from N York 61) gracehlack Cosrt Plaister, 49 do Flesh cold do 2 do Hlnr v', enlcioed Magesiia; 2 do llutter's A lericlt do 2 do Schdlitz l'ownd,.:rf, fsctl by IDAVDI) FELT & CO., oct12 N Y rtatioiers' Ilall, Chlnre .t NOT'IC' : ellIE subscribers hass eoosemistsd tlhemselves n ob uiness under the fitrm of CIIRlIS'lE . SIN NOTT, and solicit a conti cLance o.f tie patragr re ceived by their John Chritst, while ciondueting lueine,~h iln is own nan, as UWholrsale (Crcer and Cousonissin Mlerchant. JOIIN CHRISTIE, covr--3w N, SINN'TTl, Jr. Exchtantge " .7rloney Brokers. ST. CIHARLES TIIEATRE ARCADE. A 11ll of Exchange on New York 1at ight, fot l5ll, for sale: Uncurrent money, Gold and Silver, Bills of Etxchange; IProoissory Notes, lsnk aod other Stocks, Bought, sold and exchangsd. no2-3t CARDS xhag PRINTED) at the shortest Notice, in the mols elegant lnenoer, in Block or Colored Inss, on Enamel. led, White Floake, or Plain Surfeced CARNs, and at Prices very reasonable at TRUE AMI;RICAN OF. FILE, corner of l'oydras ard St. Charles nls. ,Soeenl Now tned IlBeatifil FountLs of TY.p have iust been aodded to the Establishmenl. Orders reeiveed at Cossptisg Rsootn, St. Charles dalehtangc, lrt door from Grasier st. noe I -- tf Wondelli &d ,oeynolds, ARCIIITECTS AND ltLIti't.i;, I IAVE removoed tlheir ofI'ce tolihe \wlosct.T' S EscHANGO , o, d 2 torlt e, No. P Q. in ..Cair iloin Exchllnge Plcr, stea thie Post Utlltce. A CADt). CHiRISTIE & SINV T BT ", WIholesale Grocers and Csomrnsssos .I-rrmrotn., No. 7 i (ldlors lon Street, New Oirleans. l->oIPrti",h.r.utw-,s ai t It . ,.him:i.; us ofs SioUN away as' the utlping ofthe J3tIh (ctobehr, tle slave l \TIl.\INIE, a gt;fit, agesd altout tlhrtv years; sspeaks Frencil ahd English; is well t.tlloo , ilnd w 11 Irc to ltas ' Irscif as fre,. Tlhe above reward will be paid for her delivcry to tiae slbcrilhers. ttYLF & MAY, SCorondelet st Cstsin. of yesftal, steaml boaIts snd otlhers, are caL lioned szainst takin; awey or hsartoring the abhvp 4 a med Slse, under the pena!ty ol tie laow. oL31--183S TUST received at the Iouisina Furniture Warp R Rooms, 53 Blelevile atet5 2it 2 t1tlp lend Clherry Bedsteads; a first rute ortisle. Also, n .c.d ossort mlsst of iaple WdVclt, ancl Pointled Ohairst iwhichl will lI soldl for tlhe lowest cash pries,. W It CA RNES. jy7 0II fisnville *sreet, BRI.IIMSTOSE-5S ssods col 2 boxes Brietlcone. . in torseand forcsk by S1 CAN NON, oo53! II Trhrliohtl,. eee Camp St. Theatre. 7th time this season of the successful Piece of TIIEGAhMBLER'S FATE. Second night this season of the Comedy ao CA RM ELITES. This Evening, November 9. Will be performetd dthae ldmired Ilay of THE GAMBLERS FATE. George St. Germaine, Mr. Barrettk Wacer*,a Fredlr;eks, Birmana. Johnsonta Albert St. Germaine, Mrs. Barrotti Amelia, Greene. Overture, by the Orchestra. The performance will conclude with the Comedy of THE CARMELITES. Bondndea, Mr. Johnsoni (apt. Brtsaae Banrrett. Capt. Ernest, . rederickll Maria, lMrlt. ireeed, Louien, Barrett. Dress & Masquerade Ball, WASHINGTON BALL 110o1 St. Philiptret betbetween Royal & Bourbon. 1iea Man ler of ohe anve namnted Boll tRoamo,grsteo 'ul to h-s frieads und the public it the tmparal lalled ptrontlge bestowed on hint torseveral seasons, Srespectfully informs t t thate tlhe entatlihtmeat has been eolarged for tie amlusement of visitors, and un dergone immnense repairs. Th'Ie bar will be surpassed by none it quality of liquors, and ltoe Ilettanrat ill ba Sket by the ablest Restaratentra ia te Unitedl States. Ta rono wolill re-ope on Saturday, 3rd of Novemlber next, ho a I GilNI)Il DtESS & MASQUERADE BALL., oud will take place as usual every Monday, Wedaen Ido atI Soatarday evening, dnring the season, which Swill aud on the Isot of Mayv, 1H39. N. II. The renatest attlntion will be pawl to a ing perfect order throughout the establilhtlaent, as was .e done last season. Oc EXCHANGE READING ttllaOM. TU HE proprietor has re-alted hit Rendiag Ramm, in I the St. Charlee Exchange, Corear ot Gravier to and St. Charles street, l tile neatcest anner. eiledes all the oriPcilial apers oof the Unload States, ofeverv city and state. the (Conato innaex:o niotd Mexi co ando Ialviannan, tie lltal it regularly and extetaivo+ Iv snpplied with the latest Eiurope;llea papnlers, I.oyd'a l.uts, mad i P ren ' Parice Cuntret. Alsn ailth nearly all iet I.olrncry Peraodicaal o(lothe calyt, and has thelre ipublicatioan fta the. London, Ediohlirg, Westminster aletropolitanll Ieiews anlldl Bsllekw lods tt agoiale. Thlle North American Review; the Southelrn l.iterlrv ,Kniek bohker,To'l halleican Journal of Siertce.a Mad Arts, Calinet Miscellhny IDerialtlllotic Review, tien.tllemen's s a gaine, American monthly, lently'vs Nliscellcny, the Mexico lChirurgliat Reviiew, and a% variety of others. All these ,works are reegularly sublcribed for and roeceia Sved. ITha rotaaa is at l a aupplicd witl o Inlage variety P of mnpsaotl etlotn , Noiles Ilegister, oevy's Price (Cuo rent fliom its comlnllelUoeulnt, Gzanteer, and a variety tof works orreferenee. The natot active & intelligent news collectors areem plaoed, to give the elarlient thrivals, otll no pailnt nor ex peose will be spared to render tllis Reding Room the ale first the UInilted Slates. ct Subscriptions are respretfully receivel. o octl l--t n FASiIONARLE PARIS MII.I.INERY. Ir iE subscriber has the honor of informing the Is T dies, that ise hats received per ahip I.afIventte o-anad taareagn, tala aa1,of loll atdl winterat ;lillineov, of t- the latest tiald richeto moateriai in Iarilo, whilch Irs. l Seanlian expects to h.ave opened and ready taor exam= to ination on nModay and Tunsdany netr. t) lP SCANI,AN, rot o e g3 h5 Chartres seo M.AtORAI;Tr" ttF NE'.W OL tE)ANS. it I"Eprie e lmlr t-dny is $1? 5 a p'r bdrreol I according to the ariff; the tbaklr.r shall give du grinat Ille pr-o.eollt week frln MIItnoIlay 5th ila-t) . oun Srealat of brtead fian a hilt. Bread of tlt e .toetnd tuaallty a. retquired to weigh alt per cent. I Aior. viz :: f onlles.. ,, o3 C. <; r I,,,r _y . fi- 4.\ NVIL')IPI; l' P i, I -Jtl. t fNatt rla L A ,f fvery *supearior a tnvelaope or I'-t t(tie Plper. o erdilrl, r,"Ytal an impyleia}l s .ta for ea tl Ily t h !i t "hartrew se . , " 1 1 , ;11. - - ' . ' +.r I '. :- I r. , +, ' " h . .. . ..... . I I ocir ('iollller " Tc 'f ho r oll u ils er ,+ 1:: - Pt-J ,,,: u , I, . ,, ,fl s ,,r,,,r qu -ly now in atota:a1aRItai & tic, neov5 t.l 1:1 in(zile at r AVANt "1 t.- l lAt,.d h ro , Ile Sn l . It Ill.. a .\ i'a a llt. a eI .a 'AI V \.\t 1 \ T ,'II ,_ r f ,'I..I) :I: , 1 ,r l lltn gn.,d v is ;oter r u i- at at qtoa, ta, n fi eaill t lt 1 by S--Th above l il, N(' IA i a nt or l . ... :al fiorulo tr s 1t hi'- IlIt es I &nn.nta I -- of tlnyt a Si n t, d il a a'i"" Ittl hla a ,l '.l Ir:l+ e whiatann t oa lra.d rlataatat tIatlla, a -al, r'nr irll,'le, Iao toll aallld aa.tar a h l ia dll Slnamr )til, tlte atr'alct at Six tnrreld eoutatry Cateoar tiP, ua elm. her tan ,, aav St l .At't 1 .1t , nro3 ____ (:ilrtltlpt r t W. -i' --taT Ia t/N'rr. A oanAleaaat cn,:a l.lta ls tae.rr ev'r n .avaa+ta auet- -m , . a1 l atnoei tla-o.ltoet. etor a thos - ihtheoo rse iher, a n the prentiei-. V At.l.,A11 CA.). iLEM-i0ll ha in store for n Seheapto c l,,se a c:l, e n larign ent, by L.WVI..WHNCE & I.FI;l2)1RF,, nnv5 'ol & 29 New Letese )-.)rTA'i't-1:ac:-11 hTiper; Plco toi,,,o of a ;crior Squality, lading tarerl ship l au hstlr, slid for nale by LEVI II ;GAE, nor3 9. l('lomon at STANiiES--ii-ftxen Sperm C(andlest. Nea lhd 1 ford, Bristol and Nanllkert brands, for salt by WIIIl'ItlDGtE & CO. aa li 76 Mlaeazie st .- perh.rksl in (tie and tWile and white ,ove Cap pa per a new alnd splendid artile, ltrale bv IIAVII) "FEiL']" . CO, aclrS NY Stniar' Hull, I hu nsit ACKERFIII.-0 ntarharreln NT Macerel; 50 do I No ', ialstore illd fir sale by WHITI RGIE & CO, S L 76 Mlagazine ms NOTI'ICE. - IrTHE Officeofthe New Orlranr and Mobile Mait Line in renraied, from lndler the I;xchange Motel It. No. 78 Poydras streer, at which place a letter tb. till be kept open antil I-Ito 12' A Il. F'er anv letty r Se. Thlrse for itobile and further Erast, will ie pat in tlie Post flice at Mlolile. novl GEr). WHYITMAN, ,lIItlICli't I-New lendiilg iculn sajln I iamhler....... Colnlibas; 12:1 .I.ckagtts lf Mldi ciens, selected under our personal observatio,, express ly for this market. Four casent( Calollel, Three do pnotldered Bark, 41 nc0 ounces Stlphute Quiline. Two caes puai. E'acae,. 're barrels pore alclhot' Ten Ibarrels Alunt, Tlhree esnes I.iquloriee .erPe, 'lwenty rlunyta oil Vitriol, Epanin and Galuber Salts, Twenty boxes Rowa;d's Tonic Mixture. Pure rround Ginger, Jnlap, Opium, sponge, Ot Pepperlint.Oil l.erton, 'artaric Acid, aoda, Seidlitz ano dars, Soda Powders, &e., lfor sale by JAILVIS & L ANDREWS,. WhoVlesale Druggists, nail Car Coltttmott &. 'T'choliillli8 stn' C.OTTON Weigher'ra tIarw lBok--Just rerieveld - few ndozea Colttao WVeighler't bwan Baok, roletI and baounad in tite neatest mannear, for rale hty I)AVII) FILT I Co, New York SStitioner's Hall, octn0 21 Chartrea st IT EAS--140 boues uilnpowder ten, each 13 lbs, an. .L 1 Ib boxes Imperial 'I'Pe, i stoIre, and lor ale low by J TIIAYER, Sete30 74 Paydras ) EPI'IPEIR--II0 baga Pepper landiag framnl lit Cal - unlbos, eld lur tale by J THAYER &CO, act30 74 Poydra at Si\ii1At'I' Iaelthp-.-5-, It '.ae latditng thnm lip' I. C'olulibll, and lft ar!e i. , t:0 71 'Ivdria st gACl: iLEEL and /Cod Viah- , I, 8ýtn(. 11 f oNo. I, i- ld3: 1 \!,rckerl, ia ',holl:' non l, ihl barrels 10l boxes of Cid Fish, in store and t ,r s. le he ). N'41!; '.i ITE. S,.:!'i -'.+ ! 'ti t e afl lHouase a faU" BACC- ,-n-, e rl e_ co; 20 du:liunt ttett, ,Ildialld fir ale % ',Se&,JI' W I'II','Y, e _l_ _ 8 Conti st Stllte eh8iUP in I xe.. I. I lhez. aeil- tar A -alIr ib I(EAl) & I.\I l'I'W, 4 .GN*;i - euini dI ly ofHatry'tt inededMtg. as.l. , tSIa lilt er't lligeili.ln Aapernet, war. ltoiel g;"nlliec -Jall received by thte sllu'ltibene. Iorr KIIES & CO, oelTl 411 Canal at l AltNISIllE -- argel and Ixateui- flleronm thle manaufactory of Ii Siuilth & . . comerising hrotnr j apn, it sarle by NOTLCE. S3l1iM, FIRIEMIEN'8 INSURtANCE OFFICE has Lcan trill 'mrrilv rellveld I¢.enlved to 4u Canal treat, net I lto l lert:hta at'i nd '1 radars Ilnk. 7.AVIS-T.a -liiran ,lt're.ra;.n ede Po,',pike 'at telnmpornt'itenlat tIrnslprte an nlo 45, r;e du can I toignanrt lla ll.qe dIes ArittInn. novl j I1'IN\G; ,V Olilt LI t.a:-4(10 lee 4-4 brown 8 lhetiingl, and 1ll atles fine Ilnlp hilae Iril inge,landing tralli slhip Dallilna, fur sae Ily !lnAiAC 1I:IIIiGE & CO, tiot 1n.1 Itinazine .l

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