Newspaper of True American, November 8, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 8, 1838 Page 2
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t OtC (IYQ~t of 4 rt the TUESDAY, 6th November, 1038. The Conned not pursuant to adjournment:- ' (.t1, the Hon. Jo.hua Baldwin, Recorder, Al. dermen Canldwellt Oloyd, L11ll ,ekett, Meux, Nixon, Peters, Sewell, W-titoy, and Yorke. The journal of the prccudttg muetmg having t been read and approved. A message from the M yeor was received, return lpg with his objection., tue resolutions paused at Sth laeesttting prohibiting the erection of Steam angines within the Municipality. Whereupon, Aon motion of Mr. Loekett it was, unanimoualy -Resolved, That the Council do persist, notwith. standing tile objections of the Mayor, in its resolu tions, adopted at the sitting of the 30th October, 1838, I.rohihiting the crection of Steam Engines within the limits of this Municipality. I The weekly statement of the 'l'reasurer was sub. witted and showing the receiptl of the past week to °avo amounted to $13,395,32. Balance IthIs date $.8,093,22. Balance last report $24,485,96. Expynded $16,941,22 Notes rudnloeod $56 36. Petitions Of James Flood, referred to the Committee on Streets and Landings. Of Wen. A. Gasqrtet, pro. poeingtlosel to the Municipahlty the site of the present Watch ooause in B.lronne.alreet, referred to Finance Committee. Of E. Fartnlly to the Police. Of Robert Mitchell to Claims. Of A. Jonau to the Surveyor, with instructions to report thereon to the Council Mr. Peters as Chairman of the Finance Commnit toe, reported the account ofi the Comptroller Ior 1887, and moved that it be placed in the Archives of the Councl. Mr. Nixon offered the following: Resolved, That the account of the Comptroller be referred to the Committee of Finance to exam-l ee and report thereon, S Which was rejcted. Mr. Nixon called for the ayes and nays, whtich resulted in Messrs. Caldwell, Moux, and Nixon voting for it, and Messrs. Gloyd, Hall, Lockett, ceters, Sowell, Whitney, & Yorkc, Mr. Nixst moved to print the repot of tihe Cont° nittee, which mottion the Recorder decided not to be in order. Mr. Nixon appealed from tie dcoi. sion of the Chair, and called for the ayes amnl tays, which resulted in Messra. Gloyd, I1thl, Lockett, Meux, Peters, Sewell, Whitney, & Yorke, voting to sustain the Recorder, and M1ussrs. Caldwell and Nixon againstt. Mr. Galdweil introducen the oillowing: Resolved, That the Coulptrollor's aceonit as presented to night to this Council be printed, which resolution having been amennded, by son.. sent, so as to read, that 5110 copies, be printed and in pamphlet form, on motion of its adoption it was lost; the eyes and nays were called for, Messrs. Caldwoll and Nixon, voting fbr it, and Mssrs. Gloyd, Hall, Loekett, Menu, Peters, Sewell, it hit. 7 oy .ond Yorke, against it. Mr. Caldwoll moved that the account e printed a in every Newspopar in the city, in French and re English, which motion was lost. Mr. Lockett introduced the following: Resolved, That the re, ort of the Fiannae Com a mittee presented this day of Ithe affairs of the Mn. nicipality, certified by the Comptroller, l e printed in the oificial G tetato of this Municipalily. & Which was amendted, by consent, by striting out the word "roport" and substitluting account, and the words "Finance Connmttoe" and substitu. ting Comptroller, and ndding, after the words, cer. I, tilfed by the Comptroller, "lur the year 1837. Mc Nixon offuerd the following, which was rejected. Re solved, that the resolution introduced by the i menmber from the 2 1 Ward be rejected, because the report hlas not boon signed by the Committee of Finance, anzd Art. 25 of the byo laws has not boon dispensed with. Mr. Lockett then offered the following noas a substitute to his previous resolution, which was adopted. Riesolved, that the acount of the Comptroller Pf. the year 1837, as presented by the Finance Corer mittoe, be publishld in tie oflicial gazotLte; and that the same be deposited in the arclives of the Coun. cil. Mr. Cal weoll presented a paper which lie had, stating it to be his reasons against Mr. L.ockett's resolutiona,nnd asked to have tie e soma inc Itbed up on the minutes, which was refimed--ho called forthl ayes & nays, which resulted in Mesa.r Caldwell & SpI.n voting fbr, and Mea:rs. Gloyd, Ilall, Mt. Peters, Ht w ti>'titn .y and Yt... oi :at. Mlr. Caldwell gave notice tlvt at tile next sitting he would introduce a resolution providing for a revision of the Bye laws. Mr. Gliyd o netlairnan of thn Committee on Streets and Landi .gn repnrtlo the two I'llewing resolutions, whichi, the rule being dispensed with were thakes up ad adopted. Resolved, lTht the Surevyor be and the is here by oauth rized to cause to be one osed with a wooden railing the triangular piece of ground bounded by Calliope, Clio, Prytnena and Collisenilt streets, in the thierd ward, ot, a to sau to be made the sidewalks arou:id thle sne. Resolved, That thle owner or owners of the square ofground boundlod by Mlelicerli, Prylania, Clio and Calliscul streets be inquired to enclose the sanme, & n imiake sidewalks a ocud sni i t quarel within sixty days froin this date, under penaily of $100, and $10 per day after the exlpration of said sixty days. A petition was read from Jam esPriestly. pray ing tile remin.iin of certain fines, wlic was re f(rred to the Commaitce on (:Clims. ORDER OF TIlE DlAY. The resolution regarding tihe duties ofS.cretary, &c. introduced by Mr. Peters, being in ordtlr, was on a Inotion postponed to the , xt meetring. On mnotion, thel Council sat with oloted doors. The doors being opened, Mr. Nixon intioduced lie following, and asked for tile dlrpensat!oni of the rules, which not heing granted, it was maud the order of the dty for the saext mootitig, RI'solvtd, T'hat tha account of the Conmplroller, now ldeposiod in tIhe Council ho r,,linrrcd to the of Filnanc, to exainoe tih slame il report thereon. Mr. Pot eras pnresente the following resolution, and asked for the displnsatlon of tie rules, which was objected to by Mtr Nixon.'The Cou.ncil diapens. ed with the roles. Mr Nixn li asked for the ayes and nays, the Recorder decided lie was not in or der. Mir Nixon a, leald from then decision of the chair, anid nA/ors. Gloil, Lall. Moux,. Peters. Sewell, Whiltn.y Ind Yorko voledto sustain tile chair, and M,'sr..Chldwetl and Nixon against it. Resolved, ''hat he vuin of eighty ninea dollars be paid to L.J. 1'ili fier plans furiliohl tile at. tornis emllt oylcd by t this ,lunicipe lity, in tile suit wihii tftic Oclotns C,).iti Press Co:npanv. On motion, the ('o'lneil adjoirniid to Tuesday r est the 13.h Nov. itittnt, at 5 'lock P. M1. JOIIN GIBBON, S.crctary. RI'1VATE JOURTNAL. Council e'econd IIunkicipality. TU ES D.% Y, :;0 Oct. 113 1. Present, lion. Joshua Baldwin, RIcorder, Alder. men Caldwell, Gloyd, Lockett, M1tux, Peters. Bowell, 1Whiting and Yorke. Mr. Lockett hay ng withdrawn: Mr. Peters submitted a letter from I. M. Car. ter, Esq., recommending to the Council to emrloy I additional Counsel in the prosecution of the ruit in relation to the Batture in front of the Orleans Cot. ton Press, and introduced the f(l owing resolu. tions. 1. Resolved. That in I ursuancn of the .ngles tion of the Attorncy of the Municipality, contallneod in his letter dated 30 Oct. 1838. S. Mnzurean, Jollhn R. Grymes and L. Pierce, Esquires are hereby employed on behalfo t the Municipality, an its \t. tornies, to act in conjunction with the Attorney ofl the Municipality, in prosecuting to a r covery the rights of uneand of properly which the Mo unicipl. ity No 2, has n the alluvion in front of the Or. leans Cotton Press. 2. Resolved, That a fee of $3)00 be paid to each of the above named Attorersi, and of $1000 to the Attorney of the Municipality, in notes at six months, so soon as they, to wit: S. Mazureau, Jno. R. Grymes and L. Piearce, shall assent in wri ting to the foregoing, and to the following resolue titions. 3 Resolved, That in the event of seid Alttr. nles procuring a decision of the Supremo Court, declaring that alluvious situated within the limits of this Municlpality, in font of the plantations which have been dtvided into, I ts ant united as Feuxbourge Delord, Saulet, Lacoer.e and Annun. ciation-to the City of New iOrnane, which allu- i vionts were formed sines said division into lots, or which were thln so low as not to be rosoepttble of use during all the tite of the year, that is to say, at hilgh water as well as when the river was at its lowest stage, with ut being raised by artificial means, are the property of, anid blong to this Mu. nicipalit ,-e-ah of said Attornies, to wit:.S. Ma. sureou, John R. Grymea, Leva Pieree, and R. M. Carter, the Attorney oftlhe Municipallty, shall re eeive the further sum of $15,000 it can , or the e a ds of the Municipality, at the cash value. 4. Be it further Resolved, That the Mayor ha lnd he is hereby requested to enn.u icate to lMesrs. Mazureau, Gtrymes and Piurce these rcoo lutions, and receive froe, tira.e.ti o ith Couneil their replies. . o ýd it furtler Resolved, That when the as. seat ofssid Attornies shall be romnivot, it shall bhe. tie duty of the Secretary to furnish the Comptrol. lee with a certified copy ot Ihe two first resolu. On hotion, the rules being dispensed with, the smne was adopted. On motion the doors were opened. JOHN GIIBOr, | Secretary. TUESDAY, 6 Nov., 1838. ! Present, lion. Joshua Baldwin, Recorder; Alder mon Caldwell, Gloyd, Hall, Moux, Nixon, Peters, rewell, Whitaey and Yorko. A message from the Mayor was received, inclu dingthe written acceptance ofM ears. S. Maz reau John R. Gryntena and L. Pierc, to the propositions SI of the Council, and giving their opinion that the nuti is funded in law and justico. On motion of Mr. Peters it was Pesolved, That the procoedings of the sPcret sct . lions in relation to the suit of the M wnihipalitywith the Orleans Colton Press, b, pn lislhed. On Ilotion thle oors were opened. JOHIN GIBSON, Secretary. Mail Regulitions. The Greal lFastrnL .anl is closed every day at 10 ,'clokh, A M-Is du. aovry day at 1i, M. Thei ,, ss 01lail is closed every 'lay it al 10 A M--Is due with the great E.,ster Mail, ea every dy. 7T7e Ldke .11,i1 (via Covinoton, La.) is closed at every Mndaly, Wednesday and Friday, at Go'clolck, A M-Is due every 'roesday, h'lhursday and Satur. day, at 5. P 1M. TheI Li,,irrle r Rirr .11,,1 is clonsed every Monday, Wednesday anti S.aturday, at 8 P M-In sent and returned by steanlbouts.-Arrives irregu. larly three times a week. The Hnvoer Senra or (',01t .vlo,l is closed every Tuesday and Friday, at I, P M--Is sent and re turned by the stoau;boat Urilliant. The .hlesxandria or Red Rirer .Aail is sent irregu larly by steamboats, twice a week. .ounisville or River Mail. Monday, I Wednesday, and Closes at 8 o'clock, P M. Saturday, Coast .lauit. Tuesday and tClose at 8 o'clock, P M. New-Orleans C'ha lnler of Commerce. oaFicEas ro rirt. wo ol, 1838. S. J. Peters, President, A. Quertier, lot Vice President, W. L. ilodge, 2d do. CO11'MI''TEE OF API'E.LS, FOR 1838. Janms Dick, lThomas Brrett, John A Morle, II C ('amnrack, Ja~ ii Lovoriclh, Ahijalh I"hk, GEO. WV. WIHITE, Soc'y. . .I . . . F N 011 -`I \ S Novmnlber i. CIEA It. aNCI1.S. Ship mprl n,'o. oio rt. o , .lr-. A & J D-nnitolua. 01llr inil.00, Perk, l, :l IIII ,lurngi J Ju , R om 1 enr l t It,on nrpoin i ,tavie, fnoml tle PL sen r. Brought lip s h op E sl . 1 i d h t _ 0 l ll. I.,k ' t \ lo l 'r il , fI h, at 4 Ii m I .ettr llilll tio lll. till 0, O .1 I. 1 pell , Ir.',--I.', lll, F'i Ir-lt lolgl,, Jourdue, Rolmaolg hieC a& t r, It I.T. .l. Duoilhn. l Shi, I,=t-r l,,l ,s a rt, .( d.,ys from IBath to I,ter... 0100ll l "5F[.hl llUllId r 11111 11 10111 Illls, 1, 1,00 Olonýooi, I0i1d T l1 r, ,'o o .ay s f ro m ewti e reg & t ltller,. utt..clnrp 'Ic rly , I ronl iu tll+, 0 '. p Ibtti. Itrl.. n d ,) I fro n u B",nu 'k I, Co vter. Itenne , lo,. hlsinnol , froo l t I.oui,..caro, 200 bl. • t -tc lr |'an neei':orllr , Croon St Louis. - COMMERCIAL. 2L ...e... .. . K.... , (AK fh":ar| .t" . :nv ...A........1 \.p .l. ll t1, OrI t .....0 a 9 vA f , flK.t ... ... ... .1 I' .n I t ........i w,. i'hll~rl, ll l o JO....... .....'0 1 I I.,l lina .llk L, 11,1 .......... I C1 I.llll no r i A............. .: . I II I (I" , )It 1.. . I ,lt,,mI , Ilrt ...... .. .....:T I·1I., nll(h ,, C I .... ..... llle 11r. .... ...... 31 K lla le 5 lt...... .... I II 'VR...lPer A' I ,'' 53IIIIII .. I14 ,A hI.I C ,hltl l i . IIONDIUI. I S- l ,rl1 I rlnI. 5 Irl iiiii, I. oB Pllill, o I AnII- II r .oxp. lllli,"n.;: +,0I ,I . Wt . i II lrll ter IllK.'Kl,.1 21nlo1.I& I Ar w 1'" .A: K 1K , KKONA%'I. TA. I'", b rig K,,II..1, , Ii,'. a Kll, 4 I K1 + fl',Iz. n .t ni 1111 ,l . 1' rnl, +{i nl 1oH , 1. ~11lln n )- 1 r ll, l. KI I ; 1, K h , .`.."ull, ·.R .K I'... I Ior IiI. 1:I('11III S l e l'oAII l)I1:t .itl 4'IS I ; lilAKI h AKAI, "1A~l.'A.4 KI ,.. K) ,m , lh I. K OAAA ArK K.- 'rr ,l .alllr4I. + 'I, K 4lr'I'i S ... . 1 I A lA. ,,is Aln l K:Sln th h K .'I, &II'l. .11K,2 I . K.l . ll,11y'1 1 4KA'o' AAol , 1'r , uiK r o,`;,'1,. NKI","'I0, ,>; KAt., , 7 ,IK ,i ayI,, , (ir'dnK r I K. ' ,,I 0 It. . (1 11 A° l K, , o.''. K' I KK Rlnlrk Ilt o r- l ml - I' t 01,0,0 V,,toripr l ,, ..SI 0l 1 ,,+ ,'awlion Tihl h 4llll I 31 (\ IInI+".' rl d. 11 1 ','I rlo t lI1n IArc,'UI S ,, 54 ,h,, . '110IK A' 'lS I ;,oulAt' .1 d~ Ku)l.,,all. w A 'll.- K .A I,tAll l h . l,.I A K ,I'd, Ah , llXt, I I i J " ll' r,, 1I,1;, Ihlali l, F ,"-d y tlrl , "i I ·n ,5l',, +' rr+'tt. e learl , lt. rl . rI I l . K, I . ll..' I:q d" In-;y. I 5( Adrrtll. : '. 1dl. ' Kr tll"I. llt n l"h h A I 3, IoI" ,'. coIlr.n %l,,rlll, 1'1.,.i.01111 A" 0it, 17 I,i. -It l,n ll .' 31 l h,1 I I doto 'PrK' l oln, K, KAS" K Al K II u II,,, h llK l :S: linI. Tal, 2i lAl5 i l. and I Ki'4 Ae. I,, (', K t.' h- , u hil ,, ,, 1P r .Iran. . f pllo,,...l I .In , I'ald I i All k.lh y 40 1 ,11 4r l ,, I ,ll l r, '31. hh,.lld- ll anidr 1 3r ).1 10. un i lf ln i l o1. ordlr Io fI ,., 51,x.. I1'.$g t, |lVrl _ ,"--P+,r Imt). 'ah'm..J J l 1,014050, J 1t ruyalr, rl" .ir A ,' r , '''" " ' 'KK ,AAK pl'l 1 ' L '', A C.r- r KAl"n .1 AS IAI lr h l., ll'l, e 4. IIIII'Ih"al l , J I A1, Ca S . O lli R o,4l., t ll, rh C n ,nllln,. " :It lI,, ~.,n . P' I' w arKlA n R.a h, 00, C sor ll J F Iiol. llr , ll ,C It, 14., ,, I , rr, r I..,more, J , I- 1 aIt lli-n'- 'r . e, A I.- e ,K,. I' , 0:1i,1d o oI I1, 5 , ) +. |+K & I.ei. i ll·, uIInvhard, ll+ S" I t). Slnlth, llllrul . " 1'r pvn· t, l i M ol ,,i+ Gro · \ n . J I ur It./Ir 1.I' . 2", h, |'hull wr {Ch we tl l' I Ao K I' ,11.All I Kdlr, Kl , "lll, KSo A"l, 1 .. Atl 1 A1 l S .Rk Al T Nr--'r l A KvK, AI A'll , h.. ,r lln h nll:t t olAt , Rm h, l I ' Ki 'lR K' Y All ~l a r11 i C, rJl I: O RAIIllA, L I.t WL,, ---i' 'I A , lA, ' r PIlC.A ' .' 111 .K llo '.v aLd 1t s. I lt CO ev, 11" I I,' +ll,,lt I I,,k, J I' ~ 'Inll,,r II 1I 1-Y+ 1 I Iy | . 1u1' 1.JA 'K itS 7U ; . A A1,':,i . hA.A I , nlln , I t ' K liiAlA r a'il K o1K .I' ' l'urIl.dl+ ) AKI' ,lu. . I' K" .1l-lll, 11 L i. II .r oll Kx. . . ll ka,, rk. NIll,+. U 'Ir 'lU T , A l. IA IN 1,:,,'K t I' 'u,,~I, . 1 ,.,. be M IKAK,. ' AU irN , "A,',KII" A lCe l',r . sT IVIK.I KKY , A 'l Iiur, .l7n4hK t I hA ly. Il K IlUEA K E K 'KgKr ry ni i l l'.'r l II *pI . r uli nt N.w CA SiA 'aud I Al.ol l KtAp hlo 10,. lli' 0 thl..osl + 7, i. '. Npr .'! '.'1 I, i':. K dI lIKI eIT='rhe shill N1KrnMl. ('ui phi \V ..l, Kl,.,.KnSiA i s lni rgll - S 'I. A'0 llll A 'hupper I'S ll ' Klll l r 'l..Al C Ai ,ir . levs ,111 I h" e utu . U1 hl e I. ,."I;t ,I lih.i, .oods. I AK A ,K " J A A IA ' .i' I'' "aK.o , r r. nlDv, , I I Plit l WAelrl, \AV+'1iK--A nA ihlh CKJK,''In n r i 17 t o 7rn I 'KI' bS s a .. NK ll1 1 1' . 1 11' w IIl i Cl K iA l Kl i i l. l l'l i lt, r M I a,| 1 i ,"t . i. i lll 11 i ilo l i0 . l 'tltoli. ni l Ireul|;| . l00,1 I ,llil-l'O \\',+ik +.'l . + h, I I I, 0 rl h ve i nL n Ile inli nlrcrlvtm.'.lt ion -i ' ++ ll privlIte, 81 ,,111, Id nb r p lyn/, is Iv.ll \ : 0IV,. i--:Its u. .'IRUE......... .... nr of '1 + llr ,,,l I.,y + 0I,-- , to -.11-3t +I 'e + la irh nre all11 'li ': Xl, rh.,r, Ih,rB. Also, 5' .)oF'z 11. plin iCoo s ves: Illa. I oln d t llh ll f ph'iii r'l' nti ct . i a t o ro k for Ili . ir n ix. Irn pl ,, wood Is ll h 5 I. ('K.Jr.: &2 {Co, . N w-.( )RI 1.-.x1, Nov 8, 1 1 3'). A TTF'N I I R 17 Ill.uon T lliursdlhy, tli,~ 8hill stc., ;l .+at 4 o'chlck, P ,%+ Ill L. u rllAmor, hi full IhI ter un.1mn, rI:.layt h rdeof L 1llp. C. I,'. 111% E 1', it . Y o l j\V I 'H ,I r. C -. a t e io r l s , tll o n h moo dl h llo u lle k ee p i tn a rt rr lr hlrle s, tl. i li i l t o t'utra re 1u. 'hina and (.i"[,ss: Ifrarnds ,d 'lerl Fie . rlls tiLnd Fenolrs; Kilhrhn I7l stla; Iron, "T'inl, ||'oodtrtrt and or LaktsIE; I/ler /,hlatd,britlariai andlJapnnyled Poodts; of lanps and +ha de/irrs; krriees rlld fork, and hou se nIt to ,u iry tiirer l, lilnvate, dvclli Lgs, . Ne.w 7)r e tns, iNolv iI ! U A N D IN C II I A TIN a novel, ed hed b y # i' · Land~h, auth r f " le hi llpoviatlricee TRUE AMERICAN OWFICE. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE culc ThE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, 1iill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Dills Circulars, And every description ofJob Work that tany be requirld. [.TThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be idone at the short est notie, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the Iltest rates. brve TIE T'I'RUE AMERICAN. EDITED t JV .Y ga0n aUIsON. fPrwy resip FAITILVUL AND DOLD. him N ;le V OR LEAN " ate, - --- ti-ll r TIIURS1)AY, NOVEMBER 8, 1I23. and ---- ------ Wia There was no mail yesterday, and that of unti Tuesdly failed he\ond Charlraton, so that we are war now three days behind hand with northern intel- thin ligence. I Vary early )re1erdny mnornin, an storm bnlew up arri which lasted with slight intermiePionJhe entire hir dan. The rain fell copiaotsly, the liahtnring flsh, as ed, ast th thunder roared. Rain is of little inpor, n tance to us just now, so that we would willingly Chi resign all our right and title in favor of nardy the friends on the Ohio. Wh (L-'We bove to appologize to our subshcribers in w0 the upper seations of our municipality, and in Lan on faPeste, for any neglect which maty have arisen tre within a few weeks. We have hern so tnftorau, i ante sa tio pnt three new carriers on the upper ee route Within a fotrtntight, owing to unlnokreld for riekne.s. We are in strong hopes the fanult is n now remedied, and trust our good Iriendrl will lr kindly bear with oar unintentional remineneess. --~-----all It is a prevailing rule with thie tory presses to ell mnl.e assertions exaetly to suit their purposes, ut- nt Serlvinrliflerent whether they contain one word of trulh, or nno, onl the prineisal that lbefore they d can be refute d they will have perlormted theirre- it , qnired duty, for where a thousand greedily devour i t, a Itold av,,wnl.t ntone cares to observe tie t expo- et eutre o its islehood.Thls it is with the Glohle,tnd be all its followeors . 'lT'hy retcklersly assert the broad- mt eat lies whltch isseminate among the faithful who in abo,-nd by party nsawne to believe no other journal ala than those wahich advocate the same tenets, take do rno ,notice whnatever of the refutation. Tile Dela. in ;t wnre Gozetto has the following unblushing false- w hood. er DEFAULTntS SPB TREASURERS-Under this head thle Itace potn papers harve published a list of the pulice denaulters ao the Treasury with a view to convinte the people of the danger of adopting the Ineleipenldeit Tro-aoury Systc., with rtepret tm ile rafaty of rthe public funds. But unforlnantely for in th-,mn, it happens that the list includes the namnes ti of old defaulting collectors for the ltst fifty years,o n waill were part and parcel of the U. S. Bank dept. • 0 salt ecstco. 'The only naie o the list wit whmfim wta', were acquainted is Mr. J. MerCniiat,ah.h, the lte I Collect or of the port of Billimnore, and we know ' him to have been an '"uncompromising whig." i S()On examining the dates of the many deoaullere i prclaimned in thil Secretary's Report to Congress the dates of all the frauds are subsequent to 18343 an 1 principally took place in 1836 and 1837, yet a the tory press nrheseitatingly aesera that thie dfsaul ters were connected with thlt U. S. Banl, and by 0, Ot his concluding words wishes it to be inferred that o lt,-,y Were owhplt'! It is an imputation on the in- h t. llgenco of the age to supp;ose that so inlpdent a Ka falsehood can have any inflnence: but we know e it has. Few of the blind adherents of power at i tempnt t think for tthemnselves: they trust impli- a ci It to th-ir leaders who are utterly indifferent to truth. 'The fIunlnes of this falsahond stated bh athe D-laware GPizetto will be readily perceived when it is remembered that Jackson turned out every officer of tle gnvernment, fro n the highars to the lowest on , whom even an in ploetion eof doubt as to his devotion to the spnils party coal I , rest: and add to this thiat tihe entire bunch (f tihesa, va nabond delfaoltcrs were woulnd op in the latter tE il 18d7, and n t itle lie is most compltl."' flour, which was qaoted in Cincinnati on the' t '29th Oct, at $t, is sellllg here freely at $15: nay re llre would anve lieran demandead yeatrerday bill for tie ttletrly art l tof a fait boat tfrom Ohio with 700 bbils, nal a asteamer ftrm Missouri with some monre. As the elpealnrs no very innlmeliate pros. t ,,pct of hIavy arrivals, this price is bound to go up sa- llnl frther, and thus our citizens generally nwill lan leR burthened with this exorbitant denmand for ne. 'to. crsatries ol life owing to tie unntsal low slate of & athe waoters. Were the Nashlville rail road formed, this state of thins could not arise; for ontihe in -r ant of its reaching its destination, branches would be run out to conilnll the conmma :'' nienatin with the Othio, and wi:h Kantuckt Sso that in ana y casualty, such as that we now suf ter front, a speedy, andl certain, menns would lihe afforded for the translmirion of all supplies. There' - it daily evidelnccs, monr strong than nrgumnensa, will tna, i oit, we trust, tbe lat upon our legislators when Lae tihey reassemnbl. ThIe quantity of merchandize as t, waiting here for transportation up the river is Itn a.: procedentetlly trent. On dil. \W*e hear it by the wai," as Macbeth anys, that thie new and elegant company if the Governor's Horse GiaJrds' will make their first appearanre in full uniform in the ,'. Cihalles thentre, this evreine, where they assemble to, hear tihe lovely opera of Crnriorell ,. blora Ell/rli,n. Thie territorial 'Gnzette' give the oilicial returns for all the counties but two, and they, it is heit i ved, 'will greealy enhance t'hnpman's majority. In II counties (2 short) the itae stnnd, Chaupinman 1455, Engle 1441, Wallace 916, Rorer 6r23. Tears--'lhe splenlid stm s .p 'Cuha,' Capt. Cars,ll starts this morning at 10 o'clock for Gal visionr, &. This is her firat Irip since she returnt ed fII . New trk, where she underwent most exr:enive altcrations, and improvements. She deparlts prerisrly ts the appointed hour, so that all who leatnd vilrirlg "Texas by her must be a lnecln t --rihe Cuba sad Columbia, will each start every alterna te weet k tihe latter an tihe Ilet,and I5i h, .nid ,he frmier ,n the 8lh and 12rd of the mrntih. (l-m-'lhe new and elegantl Iotoli, the ttVERsANDAp't is to be in nabou a week from this. Mr. King has renrllrle I fromn tile north, and most of the requ rid articles are ntaw prepared and being placed in the estab;lshaimnt: the delany hitherto, has aristn Irol the fact that a large portion of Ihe lurniirure, aiod supplies, was lost on tihe voiyage Iither in the recent str-rlnr. Thie most active xxrtions ,re being made in orel,s r to commence operatons slpeedily, and with Ihe graltest cclitt St. ,Lrns Ercha..tge. The epeling hall in thie superb snlon of this estabslis'meii, is to take place oni the 17th Inst. The advocates ui racltg to Liarutlana need nor travel so far as the fl-tla of liascomb''rtriumph fo I 1ced equal to his.On our own course, Eclipse, the 4 otilI race has been run in 7.44 whitell s the masie as liasconb's great race with Argyle. Ti"hough we have some pius doubts that Bill .lustin conls ever make 7. 30 on any course, we are perfertly convincel tlhat as fine time can be made in Liaui iann as in Vlrngii i, Kentucek, or New York. European ship "Salem," Capt. Detre b- ech, 46 days from Ilarre, arrived at the Levee yes terday, bringing Frsench papers at.a the 31 Oct. 'These containbhut few item at intereest here, except that tile Cotton Maiket in llavre had a downward teudency. On tho 3d prices had fallen halfa cent, and it was feared that the ttlicle worul experience a still further decline, shoild the stock be tench ineleased. The salhs an nounced at lavre o e n e hd include 21 Louiaiana at 87f. anti 5' Mobile iat 105f. n Fromn Stailr, we Ilnar that the Queen's general Es psriero ia sick at 1are, an I his tronpe quartered on the fintiers o(f Castile. ~ler.sures Crln Ier.,gress to raise he sort of erige int whkll tle Cenllst had placed Anda luaia and Marcia. The French expedition when at Cadiz, was not very popular with the people there.-We yesterday that Louais llcotnparte had left Seitzerland; the grand council of Zurich, in replying - to the French Agents, confined itself to the simple anl nouncement of the Prince's departure. Fro.l Italy we hear that Mount ilan is in a tante of ernptionl: andi tht the Emeperor of Ajatria, still on his Gc tour through thlt country, was a:t Mlantoaon the f24th Selltember. A Pru=sian fore to the amount of 12,00 - men, has been assembled "on the banks of the bluer Moselle." Mr. Kilgore, an anti sab-trearury member,it is known I to all now, resigned his seat in Congress when he found thle citizens of his dlitrict lid voted fir the ad nlinistration party. l'hi' in a purely repibliean act, and redoutnds to the credit of lMr. Kilgore, though nolne ofthe relf styled republicans can he tfund to fillow hlis example. This act, is termeed by the lueo-fico I)ela ware Gazette, "n conservative rebukedl." The ditric't which sent lr. Catmbre'ing of New York to Congress, ve sine aicer Il election voted again and again in oppo eition to his sub treasury doctrines, yet lihe keeps his r seat indefianee of his professed rericblieani'm, and the force of public opinion. When Mr. Kilgore at once li resigns when his constintents by their votes call on him to do so, and MIr. Caolmbreling only more obstin ately holds on under similar circumlstances, we ask of all respectable men which party should feel rebuked? i and which of these gentlemen is th trite republiean?- When will the loco locos "go and do likewise:"--not iuntil the plunder of tile public purse shall cease to re Sward their nlan-wornlship, and dtaalelmacy become some thing more than a mere word. The horse "'lazippa" belongin g to Air. Franklin p arrived in the city on'l'ueaday, nod will shortly exhibit his docility at the Camp-street Theatre in the .cqestri an spectacle fromi wbi he takes his name. Since he lelft New York this animal has gone through a compllete romance of adventleres: Ie was shi;ped on board thi, Charlestton packet ".inson" which was exposed to all then vio!ect toria in the middle of SeI t(emiher, dlilng whiech the house was b iwn ioi over the htlrse's headt water casks washed away. and the anim II leti at large on thle bare and slippery dick. W\hen the ship rolled sthe in.tiell: of the noble beast inldced him to brace himsclf upigniniit a siigle lpar that rema:lillned lah d athwart ships and maintained his position by fixi.g hsi teeth firmly in tie wood. At ca, time the Captain an. o nuanced his intention to throw hint ovelloarld, Ibut hi is wner bceged his lift, and the crew were iduluced to lal the hoIrse roundnd d iOlllld like a water cask, and make hinl o it to tihe ain-lct. W\\ounded and llri-ed all over hie reached Chtrltestoa just alive, nod lls trav o elled all through Carelina, Georgia & Alhlunna by land, lhaing giving aut twcie from exhalusion., and -c c ic cineg ten days at a time to reover. For six or eight days on bhord tuh A nsn,lhe sulbsisth d entirely on atc:w app- l , his fiood and fild,.er liing all destroyecd cby the ar storm. At iulton on the Alabama Ihe got on boardl a i- teamr i boat, anid so rachd tl:e city iic good health, hiti ad bad coalitien frlc-xpo.a' tcc so many hard ships, t- meacning of course the ".aktsln" aind the sten.cll ir. I.i So is ofa cream color, finely formeid, and highly ace mi aI plished, beinug as full of playful tricks asi laly's lap ke dog. As soon a recovreoered fio his travel trl ails e ill mI. cake his fist kick to our citiaz-tt in lazaeppa. 'Thli wooden herse of the ancient Greeks filled Troy with troops from tihe hostile cmilln , ibt we trust this recov a red reca-holrse will fill our Ctllp withil troops as numr e ousbut oft ilmore friendly challiailter. It is soamwhat curious that so mayr of trle nmot rele hrated rucers oil Ircord have lbeen, like geris, lpiked tii instrange places. Thiea strt "qulrler tlneg" known in the south firvl ear, was "Lrow-boy,' brelongingll to anl iused nia n tomman hack by i Ibutcher in L afily erlt. '['he Grrodolphinh Arabian,froInr i hich hbas descanded the finest racers ever known il Elrope or America. lie wa the very fotntainllllhad of th. itre race blood, yet was found by Lord Godolplhin drawing a hucksters aurt inthe street ofPari. The late Duke of Leeds, who died in England, during his lur career raised, trained,. and runrt, irn less than til l high blooded racers. The )tlke wa an ornneaateto to ie -tre I fli the h]igh (chr aeter Ie erveermaniriined Iupon it. lII tllear nalloed privante tials, and if he Ih', or more horses in any one me^, lbe Imanle therl run for it :i severely as thollh owned by straangers. Longinl nd Zulr;, twol f hIis horses, ran a deslleratet racet ('attlick nider whipl and spur. Although ie(utat lltllIlnr tlhe hDuke ale er took the sr. I.,cer bullt once, and that liln ithl Octarirn,eh. eb. a. Ji rip!ing, .r t by ()ber,. T he. manner in which r he hle'a p, l ',ed of this horse is anoth r instance iof l a sin ranl- way int wi i li-t rai cern are rcc:aciona'ly Iprickt lup a ll lh,' ill" , t t h Itdllke posessed illtll IIlstar ar SelllOr, in the nortlh rillE i of Yorlkshi, and hiatvit elln spending son nlllll I rll rllol'lllu , I 'was Mnal ier ding in his nr. eerrit. t t-nll hif- trilri h hiir Il.staten whenl lihe neidlntalll.y rie-olll one of his own lonlis plounchin in e r itla , with na ci un t r' . l tt a l dtlot, ingi thet nlr which wts rr dra ine tlhr poe..,; his rnern'i or de'rr d his elarrilng r t r sl. i.,ie !; exanlined I tat t l ascertainu" its e pelia rie- pUelr..-cd it, andh lbelne poi ess+ ll" Iof tinll a of il l, ll ln et . t atll l lllir ls art Over called hi< own. Sucll h illgtale ,s mrl iht hre' n IIltlph 'd n!t ý.t oi itf iln y bill it i solrnewhlitrrl il thall such tihings i hotel occllur freqluentllyiln nl.l, wlr r t horse'.s pedisre .must ire substantiated beftilerl e atll i n fr ani of the regulanr gtakee. t, lerrmudlitl l itoynilGaztt h s the I ilowling no tie of the late annulinrealipie of the won. We rannot butonvy the editor his free ticket to so gramd an exhi. "lthe greal anullatr Ele prof te sun onll Tueldy lals, rthe tlllh,ws visible Ilre til l it mtiall .tnitid lenlce. It coanllllced abouIt 4, ant d Ii te till near li o'cllelk P. M. Thei great ina of day win in it il lmullr hlotted out frol the leav+ns, and hi place rrsulid hv ail lu minous ring ofsurllassinglt s I. illor aind beauty." Sarn Ladies.-A touricst in ll rmnlll y gives the nitlls arl modes of itdr -tr; wheter at hili or abradir , knitting alnd n[edh work no interr tion. JA lad -g ih to u ro t e oula think litle (t fi ge in her 1 ipenw t, offenale industry. A than wplid be quite pardonable lfr doubling, on enteringr such it deraning loom, wl.ther he had 'not str'yed into a school of ii d 'stry, and whtvher he was not cxpetred to cheapen stocking, inuenad of dealing ill =mall tIlll. At lres dell it is curried si Iblr Ihet 4, l Ihe I hal -t a is anot Iru teted ntuinst stockialn ware.'s. I have s..en laita Ibl,-ht into her yesa, and iouaediat, ly tesual e her kni ting. S PERIM CANDI.IE, OIL, `"e. - S 310 boxes New Redhlld n1 Il"'tn Candles;; 11 b iarrels lii II \\-IyI li)il; a13 Cakr New ( cidd Winter Oil; 4 , tIaPd I J P COCK XYNE. novy_ __ __ , nii 13 A~l,- 711 ibn(- "'bushel i;et Bing,, is Ityly, J TIIAYER & C0, Y.Jv8 71 enic',b,,!l R & C ilr s b 1 I&O, nnr8 eor \1Rall~in e \ (:rlllnn l f - OI ICt 01.0101: ii, Iln\8 rnr Mnf;",/ins &d ('onim",1· n st JU(N hNl Gli li-IIIt , It-l GOV\ERNOR'CS I11 Ilt,,E rU.\ltnD!" T I., 1' a d, ordre eni, it, t .bnnn,1has~ the Oil, iantaot, is postponed autil fu1rther orde By E.INS r ii& -al. Cracsi. JOINl GIBSONS ficate thi,. ISAAC KIliGr & Co, nov 8 1:1 11-,y c ,IAAC B1IOIID: & Co, :4ov 3 i ian et says, and titi e c..g'.tilcf c warp UcifafMciccmt Jnlc bdinc ro chipcvNor I, forn slenc hbII ici ISAAc BHIIcGE & Co, norv8 124 \ChigRi Ccti 1 (.1)111(N-i-18 eases sent suale clothinlg, lauding froml ship Norman, fo Irr stile byv ISAAC BRIDGE &2 d Co, nov 8 1:34 Magazine of. 9 (N1.11L1l'n! CIllAA(1'3!! UST received an invoiie olf Rlault'' Charts, cnn-l ýT1 sistiag of the fnlllrwini, GiuiFlf N~exico, \%Ve IIt CastC I·f Bra/dI, t\VO sheets ; hle~literraean; ('onlut 1' Africn; Englishl (Ialllel; M. George's( (:1h1n1118 , %L, for pale fly )VD E.1& 1', New York Otatliunern' (loll, nov 8 24~ Ch irtres it Camp St. Theatre. Lost night of the LADY OF LYONS. This Evening, November 8, Will he performed the admired Piny of TILE LADY OF LYONS! S lIhude Mtclnotte, Mr. Fredericks, of c General I)tnas. iBarrett, suil lPauline, Mrs. oareett, 3 eerture,by the Orchestra. Precious to thei play, the Iorite Force of the IIEIVIEW\ ; OR, TIlE VAGS OF WINDSOR. - Caleb Quotem, - ir Johnson, Johnts Lum. p, Itroctn, Loony cTlecIwolter, Greene, CapBt e gr l lnr I dges. a Graca Gaylove, dor IPeggy, Alderseon. -- - Li Mansion House Hotel for BALL ROOM. No. 22 N.W LNEVEE, .fllts eotablihment will open on T'IIUIlSIAY 1. IEV.INING, Oc. 18, on which ocansion there will e n r (\N) l)Elt(E IS ALL. Tlhe ptoiriotor will hnove good orderLit hi; clll Rcooc, foer which purpose he has engaged officers of the Police. Oct. 17. AM IIHlAN AALMANACK folr 1839--Just received n sfewcopiesofthe American Almnnack for 1839, olr se. by DAVID FELTN & tt, New York Stationer's Iall, t nrv 8 . ii Chartres st 0 f If-Tf0b.isoonrs tLilclcN y hcycnoW l8 oen 0 from ship Dnalmati, near tbes rail roon, for sale bIc CIIASIILIN & C()(ollEIt, iov 8 82 Jullin trJet nAII-S;-ccl- bhoxes 31 It raisius;, S 175 half do do ; in store for sale by LAURENUE & LEGLENIIIE, otv 8 8 aiod 2l{ New I.evee IRASS FIlig SErI"FS. t 100 1AR11 pnteern baess. lndirons and fire ts i sets; for ole' Icy Iy S I.f.,tiF & Cn, nnovd Nos, Fritiont la evee s SAIeT, l'~S3M ulcehron,'I'lmcc:o aecd \\himtt, fo Ir tJ Aole ly TI' l II1E & RO0, l I -o3 r r Mr n in r s re Coe & llllllco no t a F Io-aURd7 100 bbls. fIop.cea oro -, i-l F ,m)T.nd cf u fl sle by G ]ciRe'EY, 11n7 A1. Newor I.evee T ) I brI'l on, I0 K , 4 c.- Te. l ..E.. & 7 a n rO ee. t e Pf r, iNk, Itlo , tel IUcs, wlcO ccL , ce rllo wco , t i e ...... I oi c .... -rilinc p d hll chc c cicl ltei iicc ndc c cc ncccrcoses rel or tcc i l, se weie s SIllcl rcbberc pounce, cc.e. cc. Fr sole Iv DI) VIlt) FIITk (ll'& C New fol cck Stationers Iclali, o7 0ii c i hartr es sodl fl r sa't It v , sA J I & W IIITNFLL , ý nov7 " Clnt( Pst .- I-5l1 dece-s rccficed halh ( il in sitre, f.,resale ll by - S J Pr VII IlINFY, 111.1'7 I· ('lolt et / 1 .l)51 1 ls I si, c,1be, 150 h es ,gi ce a slsnn.1 ol. 1T : c ci ,s I. 'tcc. ccccc Pillmcete eccc silO ees Il c'tl ckcfl k 'ln, fccccccncclll c c It cl, ci l c RoplCe, crc cl'ls I . nov7 "c A FISK. ct 1-O: I- N Cli1 I~S:-.l IC,'s l l c now uic din g sroc Ndw Socrk, i steler illT R IiI llE & 111O., 112 ot'i ro Comlmll on I, Ma1 azllille strec, l•laod 1110 romsI porter slaes1, Oiar slIt- by, T 11. 111S A- ;111,.1 (0, 'r-1 sacs h. k All_ . S UFI I":1:-- i1itF.c. del Java Coffee, now landing Id and Ir sale byTcIcII' & Bo le- TIiD Is 1c c, IO110l'I . & MIl.LS, 1 oAI7 9 Bnk l'lae Ie ITA Bl\l' SALT in'es or aler ,by l T [ IIY)711 & RIIt)O. sc- I oV7 4r Collttlll . 35 l.llioccciti s dcn U cIR dl Iin it, S ;i115 iso -t. lsols go do., lc ading per ship Isaccc Ilirkc, tler cclt' Ib IA% I' R 'ONCE & IFit I'NDIRE, not?'2li& '29 New I.evee -[)'' 'I. I .Al4,\4 . A Iot, r, uvel to N'o till w ( : a m p s t r e etN . .. . . I ln v r c e N Olr oi he see onl floor of No,. N Camlp 4 t. "'t. J Pll Ply on the piem ise , eto I :44"4'i In r la 1 I Ir 4. 1 4 i4EI4 1 I4'' il e \ D''43W • 4 J 1'I;' '1":( t L4j) , 4 -n 7 rle C it IiI lion 4 1 , .; 1' . 4 14 1llo ' II do 1t I;, ca- {lin llllnll" dII ICO d d do 1il 17 -1 1'( ,ts 3'34:.on. Ten \Iti4 ' - ,U boxles ,woIIII h du) fro re ship la nme mli g,', .,, "nolr T h,' -- I U k 4-h , . I n IP irv- l. ' T -L, il - l ,1 lo it k fha:l . n t l' I i l Im "ning ingood I l r , ' ndn h ibr I alle bnd I'& s , b"" O I - 4 4&I)k uPe r 41'I:ncin 44 j S 4 d IN "'4444 " -4 44 4 sak q ,'.. ( 4 ,4 4 34' n.,, '. llbh" d 4" 44lh 444Bo,.. i4 I',o . - lvl4 7h' ,k1 N, 4Lven - EL V 1 IPi ,asks ' hGAl- n IlluJ Tl e himV II nFr le ,n -- l.-1+ic -sk; -,a o-. -.;,h~lni) , 44n4444 7 441 4r Pl)44 .' order, and fI r shl l b ly a f(onli st i F ) i--Ici ratk. r i r Cineinnastia f .4 ear 4d, i 4 st 4re 4tl44l f 444r 41444 by 441 , ] IORI CY, sovr r41 New .leve" N R Al)4 13 I4&)A R STOW, nl-fi 7 hank Phl ee -l ,I -tr-. \ d l o r. l a p e f o r I 1 b y C anvi 7 Bank P1ap.e I t r ca-ks aodf I l a b1 h n: illllcd) to d RIbnttre, fl r al I I REA l & IA L ,-YrOW, noe L; 67 (;rey er rt . l / lri- ll~ l ill S lu LII n fitlll l t i7` i t't n iet Rilno pulr 4i pu l e, A l til, nnl as t l.d ta ner f shires, lnid l; Ironl ll ship D ill tiatier a tile by haIwSA:l, l I IIl Iu. C )O, sr~lVt; • 1 lllZ) l le 141 - r If h u No. 1 31: m l4.ii4 444 N4w4 4 e44 N4 4441(4444 II t ,41' i n-164 4 n rm4e4 s4 eel 4 il4enl liat l4 , ing4 1 4 j4 I . 4 ip ll o) t elll n, flr t 4ile by 1. n'm" 13) Mfgazine st ta h nu, ill store alllnd for 'LII b (ily & o I)M 711 roll to tIr sale b n~, o.',! 7'1 or `7~ NeWl Ln ee C anr stalllrt , r]] 1 ,\,- h Di nr` _r7 R". !N ! ern. e e 412)oa l R'rya4 S e. SO^N I1, M1 44NSTi 4IN has 4 or ale, d,nel ýl f NY t I LG to7balein bihusil, (bra s in,) a farce n lS'l of I Iiisk and D iap Tlraille y. lDRSE Y , a' al pki (n , i . li. a ]-II A .ln, S O R'I mhlrl i , l ndk,,'chi.Is . l Crr4, l 4it ll44, I.sl44 illl4, Pl4 4 il-4r lnv, M1 u ito ne 'tinL , h,, whkich tre 'it allield to lre w 4 NwLve, ' c. " Pi er pirt of ihe llhouse No..%q . T IIp i1,:` tre; sio. . . . . i, give.n imirwdia . .. ihiely-" p 4l) 44n4 . l (44,e lr mis H"O i. ~·~A rveoultit tm torllyr dwelllng Iho"l, I,;'I'I N. O ILEA'NS & N 4IIViI.I,4 R.4 I4 Co: A Sir . rs .il detrll rt Ifrom3il the ,p at tle 4 l. ot efCxneI ,,trael, it.r Huth and t 4 i hreat rarie. 14.4.,44.4.. I'44 l, 4 0 44 ." j1 1 43 n45 13,4 44sgzm it I ,ers5 41 N4w Lec4 (4 4.44 44 .h( ' 'ksoFn'S bran d now l41dill1 4r3in , 3n)44 :4S Grolier 44 n AM "}) ,44w Lee. AY--,batee prime Hay lInding erom elip Lou - IL ion, and for onlelce in', Dnd or le B N & A COIIEN, nov5 99 Comnmone nI ESS PIlth.-4 bitl lisme nod l; btis sntSrlens i Pork, ill store and tlr s Nale I Ay STETSOtN & AVERY, nov5 88 itraviler st .-Tt')V F.S--l~anline from alhir, Vlnslla aul a:.s11·u'mtm L ~ of L'rpc€ p I.41 t'din.. l e.v a (I~nIconn Ile.ue. cdilTcrecnt sizei, fel'm No. to 5, f tile latet patternll, suitlide for setem boats; foUr .altl by 1l I!IEvEiIEAUX, P novn5 i'l'cThopinlounlet Pt I • t~lI IIIEV I;i{I.AOX, nov5 iti Tnhopitoulnns ot NEW PUBIIJCAT'IONS. H OW TO OIISEILVE.-Morals nndl Malnners. By llnrrint Ihortinetati, in one rnlme. Pnblie and ttrivate Io.cnnoemy. lhtleetent bvy oser vntionn nt dre in Englen dl in th'e y enr 1836i, Ic T'litno- V dorr'Sedga ek--part srecond.. Oddinise td'lotdl n lith. Ily Pool Pry, nauthor of E Little Pedlinglon, in 2 vols. I 'hie hlperlnl, e Lhriltnas and New Year's present for 18"1 Tie Works of l.. E. Landon--cnmplete in one vol. Ituher's WVorks, withl illunenlines, comnplete in one volume. Just received ant for rsale Ibv w\M MIKEAN, netl2 eorn Cap & Connmon at - ----- --- lll TO 1MERCHANTS. ce ilrIEIERCIIANTS can iare a IrEAUTIFUL CIRCU- ier LA strclkC off al fonr hours NOTICE,bycallin.gat the Y Compting Roomn of T'RlUE AMEIIICAN P'ln'rmnT b OtFFnlE , St. Charles Exchaonge, adjoining lthe REUD- No 1O ROOM at Corner o' Ganvier street. NOCUIE'I NO I'AY. d Ij.JOlINSc)N, tillies II0 llie'villct'i' wict fitles hIIl practice to the treatmnent of Vnereal lDisease,n IlI its ditirent' fiencs. i Dr. Jonsoeon froc o reeidnee of mnny y.earnin tIne- d picltt itttbttlrclcle deotend to tic treetplettot et'Venercl tti-ecnc'e, eit tt'oln hlit Itre.oat oxlnelclve tee'tic:e in that11 partienlllar trah nf the prol'eeion, gurtnlteer a rt'elltlt seel'tn' ailnt efl'fecltal ctre nto suht' pler.les ans are elb llld with an of tht foillotihtt disense. viz: titcttorrhtecct htleel, Scrintltce+, e;htennrno, IhltenOtt Seceincl Vrktbctens, Ac'iet'teom tItite lleldhh re tid,,eee, r cin. Iretra, Prostrate Glandt, Sweed I est'leielPs* Ir. ptions on thie Skin, Sore Throat, Pains il the Antc tice lnucerous synmptoms which generally ll'cw elit enetrce itt nto ccrtfilletlciy'otrtcthotttt \the ilaP, o['h leretllr.( illllltl~lrn lhlnl r~ll 011bU-Yilte6I 1 or altera tan tic iticet crclIh; olie n'.'. A ctd'icit n tti I prerentVenlernol Diceate enn Ie oh cctaed of tr.Joson. c It i Ierlcllll the icetipe of 1the I tierctn la , r c clehirated Frele h r rge'lllt and was (mdb i. dtcrcnccctiinttcc' t'e,.pnic+as nwih se Illas,.1 r.¢lllP 1:Jtlttrrl·\ ill Cl lihl, * Ir lehA llig. re n Sodi by tIc. ,cchctnon, ct hie clnice. Ii he per ons hiav naly llbtclion Icc Vren'rl'al licinccc, antt sho t ctlhtt(lc nec v'ccatge%'. Icc rlllcritlchic the Itll lt c'cc ccc' ,w'ccc i ·tt ( till. ln r i thei r clre ill thle thltrtt , l tlllle c tln be pccut Lp writh writlln i nati ts teir ctc. ccci ic ttckt tI lticte optl't flrom 7 cn tice tternicc unti II) cetoclck Ia night. AlitI ItNlTI;TlY'S ullYSP'PIT'IC El1XiR. Ic,1" Ahccrcn'cicchce grectc'ccc ft 'n.i'?ithsren ~ n. 1 tI ttlilll Iilhtttil h,-lltl h .l t~l f t~l le(I~ )ltetls h tall,' I·· e~t \ n runkiind origin+Its inl fh,+ stomalob. Tlhis I'lixir was~ sd vl h - with t ie imost 'lII'ccedttlc'c c uc et i ill nr his ritvat" all pnhlic practi+'e tr upwnard+ -f | rtV 0 y e aLrs , lib r th e 'emlll tl l O f1 sIh f oI tI.ll in g (I s tIe .P l's : cc?"i!::: cite s on roc icc ittcctn'tin fttealtccetneittec'ccct e'etfcsugo I. s.. n fo ll cctellc'tte. l'h 1111c't' n', t ticccc iccc tcf cc Itl nt Eurh Pei u 11 lllert . l l t I Ic'll, aI n t hnic e tct rc ' It io cpill l it no' tuchtc el t'he thhengc ri cn it' n lwt e ni' cen on' h'ere. titigt'eltlollt Icttt tint' L ciccl(it ci tccellltc Ito e~ Ixist. nc g lt ertleti il tlest tlo t io n ltne, nlcll t n lc lntco g tile Iteet onquck Iclnlltlrt iiw hmer irm e te nlllfie iit i-othe sltc' invlentione Icf ti.l,' . I ti c r nlltltI el Ilctetc lllil. r attr - lE'o e 'vlcr 'e mccll cltc l,d, t Ied h cret If" lll'pill e it o ccurc'hnasec II cc, iccec i'ccmcoit'eV lcregt cIlec. It it ngrtfi"O.h; iio~l Ih'-aSUlll to the lIll-h., nt-ta iis It nlihl aptl?r iellir.t~alr v i.4 kt,e I~ln bov.-elz fret+, illl +tsr ts uig~r slid .Ila·lgll II, tIl1· *r*l'l~lt. 1111+1 tlhtt'rltlhlll t1m Inu lll atld: Xfi~ll a few Il~lotleri cllltV llt+· 1II llllp tcllnllrl~lllll crt.('l· lit" t Ilvslle )sin o~r huigcr~ io~n, anld Il~rtv t'lltJll rtettlrll at anly Iuture pertiod e New Ye R.,7h Anllllll 13]38. .Im:--IlronarenT~tlec iedicalitn. a serienhll'ry life, I e nve be truled, re or , wil e llirc tio tr S t. yeers; hr t1he l I tP-I Ihree et s y: . s uffll lin ll w I Tve M int-icc rellp etlllllllill '. I hive Itriccc' c er.cincII th)y-ieilll atedll Ii i1n 1 isralqluark ,tll rlCc ic" e , w ithn' lrlviit ity bIen.r1. [ <l,pildpted of l.veI r obtainilg peI V H1rlmlnlllell t I ce relieef, Itd r,,in. ed Itm 'lf to It cc ' It hnet I tl .s l." i. -- lcc'cc u e cthank ccrthclctiit' IIctc' ccitt *t'et 'n rcci r ecdtriguetoincct'cctc'i 'cctiicin'.nctci I wits )1Pr""llIllel Il)v "lltlllV fr~lelll. to t· ..0riCT'114l+.. Ih, obsleplh" I';lixi ar. ~ v;t'- l|:h lil illl ~ CIt' l ll, ce i llft tch'c Ie Pc rT'iic I'IIi Ilmlrctlic.i lllc I" Iic 1 , wonller ill l;oir 1,ll okIll · Ih IITl lh l lhis Irti)cl uc l cille rcntorinr Ill1" 11} t1111I h,,ll ]1hf .hlil'h I t1/l~lllzht Il)-t t+l tve r. r i cnll tl tloI h cl c t ''f,'ntl L teitIt'. iteo t .e it - st y th. lnnk · f,,r tile hll.lti_ . Y, v I have.C tqlhI·III l b vI1I re-· lit''rcio tmc cr pe'cc t c d l c It'c i l li n \lVc lllI it, T hel .s.,,lrr I~a. ill !lii II ,. '+i ,,nril .¢vT111l hlll1111l,'d h,._ n(lerb p lllli h I I.. d l c ,' r ,\lcce . t c Illlo ir I * II-IIiit, l j~itl 'li.ltl d ,ille.· $,,],1 b)?' Illll.k'illt t14'!111 I| li)ll t't ccli cl J it cl abl. :,. l occitic t- " " , u rl, l rl; W . i i' ,i l, &.;,i |: l (.I-S, ort13 car Ca Ice ccl 1Oatiecin rr :I II ,.1I1.·itl· (·jh i ,ly . i[|* I 41 . ·,I'['i I+,._ T,. :+I r 1,,l~ll II I" l lt (Il,:,x, ('')lt " Iir+{l l ··t111H. ll ·111 . ~l++;h.'. 1;trll 'l ll , ,,· l',,i fi,,+1, - l.,,. I+. 'l'h+ : 'zt +t,.. (I ByI·~ 'itll , i l~ Ic1 ciccir -en cc t icn ' ,fc'r i rc ,c.cin cc, a n he .cc u cc' l c T ripcrc.c itt lit 'J nfiici'tcli'-t cccccclllllll ,ct \I 'ccc'ccil It. cit. I g · lr r Newlt+ ,, v I napply "11 4 Il.'4li ~8 R (. ., , nI ii n 'tI tt c1rl t,( 1'cnc'ct, t I' cn/thIIll [iltC cl-cr c ccIn eccti Jict V\.hIt ,. i t rcilN ctc.c tic .-c , ,t,,:.. tl'-hc I,tt icci .tie-r ccl~i t ic .. I I;,r' "cccle I' 'c. ro "it l'tc ti l,-Ti' Iiii ,f iiccti t , trl. ic l RI IiN~ i ~t t N. Nin lir |itil .ir'hIc ic-ic'' l .'ic r l lhI sr' . illg lietr ew Ivw'. It~pt I+ ' i ttle% I' tt, Iel.l, M'+ 'Itll11 Itc.ll nZl treee tcc Blank ChceLk, (tills of Latding, Aoution BlillI, PionaplilelS, Showt bills, Cata lognlc, &c. dec. Irj '( IRIIRN baa the.tb,,r', as-l a.ery otlher des ariptian' af 1l'l III(Nil ff , eaeitad rrt C opl ang oom saf' Ikr i: AlM, XdltAN, in Sr. ('onotis Ex ItIu. d dor fro~s oitan instrt. Jfrom th esat FInI,',,is in th l'itsa,,d taeshe jes~tO been addlelatothe alreadly aeellt.-(aked Lot'tblis'a',f; -an,lO I(J na salt la'I .ifrnted las ow, as ChIaspil, ExI opadi.saly and lte,,,tit,,tia, as a I' anyther (Oflice - inill ,- C (ity. J IýST received· per ship[, lrllllllli front N York, (nil grmh e binrk ('mint I mint'er) 2 do Bror 's en Ivim'd Mngm aia; ii do Srolli·(d i'lowdrrsP li rr snlýi by DA.VID FEIN·I.'' & co., nctl`? N V rtutimlnrl' ' I 1111, ('11:lrl Te t ,'msNl 'lftl 7 iillsr underlinell l litm of CIIIll Ij'1'll ,' SIN- N' (T I', and add it n l ll rlntilllll(l of tint prrtrmnlligs re rpirill by their Jame, C (:lii'I , r )\lila conductingillC busneinn·* is Il m nlu lnmn, i ts VnbolesnllO (;racer and1 C'otunti.;ksion Merabuulilll JOIN Cl~itN ti-i 1l5roaa'ast pw Nt~.ia SINa NOT'] 3k Exchangeas Ida. k y m Broket . ST. CAI ILS ''NEAT ER AR -Im;T I 11A. of Ex11 hang on New York it sight, f-m (;oldil Ild il & O., Nhills it' i tliii' 1ag it I'nlnias orr . Note l, Iunk andotheir t- k ls, CARDS It- PRINTI~I) amI he osoresst Notl,lia. inhe tsm elevant manner, inl Illuck or Coloredl Inns, on Enam~llel led, Wh'llite I l or Plainll Sulrfaed CAlR, nand a Pr·ices very reasurc~rbl at TRUIE AMII·ICAN OF-1~ FICE:, cornrer of lI'oydraln and St. Charlecs stn. Several New an~d Beastifnll Iznnts of 'I'ron harer just brew stinted to the Establishment. Ordlers rerrired at Comptinile Rlnutn, 5t. Charlese Exchange, 3rd dooO~r from c ravier st. NnoINm-Ilf Mondelli & aeynolds, STE rCnavmi treir office to tAr At:ItlEIANT'. ExnHANGF., `Lad Nlory?, No. ~. Enttlinloo From Exel tuteel Place, neaor thle 1'n,~t Olilee. - - l A CAR1t. IHRISTIE & SINNOTT, I'r7olmisyle Groers and ComNiission imchani,, No. 27 lsomn Street, Neml Orleana. IUiargl nrntmrltin paid to the ,utting up of Stenm bout nod Sh1 Jlip states.. AllRDS 1lJPR NTI ait(.. ES Itmr-t Nm. tisaltIh tr RUU away Lll line, moraine of denl~ 39th1 Ortuber, tine sliaveya as-rIds mOII NE,- grill', A Ogd F-rltnit years; rprak' I1:nren·11I owl Loglisbl; is will known, and,; Fwll Irv na-sir hfl' yfraitr fre er. 'CI.ln aboe rtwo rd. will be praid o r t r d tlivi y ato t .he s ifbscribe s. juatE & MlAY, Etalmaame 3rd3 Cdifan imt at Ca-m- ins of ves -(,I, Flcnlm hunts and othlers, are canl tinnecd against taking away or harbouring tIhe above na. t cod Slave, Ilndlzr the pDenalty of the Ian'. s e &31-18y3l2 JUST received at the l.ooisiimna Furnittrr Ware AIICIs, 7 ini~ll' Istetn MapI e anII Cherr, Bedsteads; a frrstante article. Alot, a 'rrdtl n'orIt Imt UN Jlapt>i Wisnl stand Pr, nmed Chaisa, which will te solI, for tinerloIwet cashltimicon. A V C tARD. E4 jy7 53 Bio~lville street. flBmalaS'la OaraaeS and and 25 borxs Brimslta n. A in a store sad lur apot I. I INi.IlL.5~a llA mdir uov I)UN31 a h T3hopithulasatiaert St. Charles Theatre. Second night this seaCon of the Opera of CINIERELI, \. Tills EVENING, NOV. 8, Will be performed the Opera of CINDERELLA ; OR, 'TIIE LIT"LE GL.\SS SLIPPER ! Prince Felix, Mr Plumer, Pedro. Mr Hlolland, Cinderella, Mlad. Trieloman. An Overture by (irchestra, After which the Farce of CROSSING TIlE LINE; 011 TIIE DU I 'II BROTIIERS. Wooverrmn Van llroolm, Mr Burke, Woater Von IBroom, Seal Cowell, Estella, Mrs Pluainer, l'oootoa Vonderville, Mad. Thielman. Dress & Masquerade Ball, WASHlINGTON BAIL ROO, St. Philip treet, between Royaly & Bllirbon. 1 TlIIE Manager of the above named lall LIoom grate Ltillo to Ies friecds and the ptublitI fir tie nnparal oll ed patronge Ibestowed on titi forTevera seasons, respectfully infirmns tiem that tihe estaloisrltment has Ibee r enlrged for the talrusemlent of visitors, and un rdergoae rep!irs. lThe bar will re surpassned hby none in quality ot iiqors, and the Relsttarat will be okept by tire nlest lestaurateurr in tie United Stlates. The room will re-open on Saturday evening, 3rd of November Iext, , IV a .oRANI) DRIESS & MASQUERADE BI.LL, - and will take place as usual every Monday, WVerinesr d iv arid Strdav ove itg, duri rng the season, which wilrt dor the el itft' May, 11r39.. i N. It. lThe greateat attenioar will Ire paid to krep il; perrfet order thiroughout tihe eslablirnittr as wans - done last seaso. iXUciANGE READING 0li119M. a Ile t proprietor has reflitted his Reading Room, in rthe St. Uhtrlen Exchlnge, Corner ul Girrnier anll SI. Charles street,in ithe nearest mnolner. l Riesides all the nrincil alersaoflthe Unted Staetes. A. ofevery ciV al d state. the Cattadns TeoXas ned Mcxi* aE co nlld I|]talnlln llto romn is regularly adl extensive Iv nrepirli rarit ti.he latest i.lllrneatl papIers, I.oyd's w Lists. lllSt l'rieu' Price Glrrerl Al Alo riti nearly oll tal I.rtray r' ridienals of the tay,ilet hs r tilre lie p ubrliculirr rf tie I.onr on Erireoirr, Westminsler M letrro itaa Reviewtl arrd Itodlluerkwmelu Malgine. Tihe North A t,.rrcra Review; the Southern I itet.rrrKieck t,rrhcker,' The Alrerer'On .arrrn:rl of Sreerrer anei Arts, I le Llinrt Mirelht eerv lttrmrr atie Rtrview, (.eolllelett'a a rgei or , A oerrlraot rmoi rlthhi', I ,leIn ly' tlircellrny, ,tir Mie ..aie~o Chirorgienl R(rr'w, andi rt vsriety f odhers.. All these woreln arre egnlarlv snbeeribedl fr and recei ived , T e r r ooim is aloo iIlll lle t with a lrlcr variety net of r r mrr rrri orli es, N ihrle, l ir ier. oev y' Price C ur real f.''romll it:l rvmoitnetelnllnt, Gioatht leeis, d a variety oi- f works ,,l rref, r FrIr'rP Tip The rlrernt.rtelr,+ intelliger n nerws elleeters areem played, t, gila the. rnrliest arrivalls, amtu a,, pains nor Se p prrner will be .red to leader tvis Irraahlng Roiot i thr firsi th t oirtoied .rrlrrlroti. cnubciilltnr alte re pectfuilly errore:.i Oel] I1-tl" FASIHI ONi..lN Ii1 P.t1I.0 MIIIINEiRFLY. T subvscriber hs Ithe honomr of informing the la het", hatl hI e h va reliv,;d per schipve I.ivi lto dlll l1ureu, it suppi fif f vll vvI d w vllh.vr (lillinlrv,v or he latet andlI rti l t . lliltClill in Pari, whlic'h Mrs. nCntll) expectsl to l.have opmvnl:entl ready foIbr exam intiulv (io llday aiind vrledlvvy nPxt. I) P CtMNI.AN , oOv:l 25 ChLnrlret r MAX()IRAI.TYi OF NEW ItilANl . rrs of bread fir n hilt. Blread ('of le ieoid quality It requvre v to weigh 2 t perce.mohre, vhiil giete iir - (C. (ItIe( IOi, v(Iilvlr. - NVI+:Lt'I.l'' reel.ive, aI fw ramr s I oftirryv sllrir Iuvep lopr l'vost Olice Paper, mediul , rIevl and hivpetvil tzev, vr salel I.v New York ttatilnmrs Hall, L I f the llerch:ant'+ ad Su l ,anen's EI xpeldiio t 31iasurer or headyv iii, .oner, I.. s., l y N."wv \Tork Slttionter IIIt, nvW3 24 i t('hartrei at 11 1i '1.'1'1l - 15 banrel, pirit e f T'rpentine l. Iauding fro.m ship I "lep et,f R sole bv J &\iVi & Aill1l"\1'AVS Il)rng.ists l caor ('.Iutl'"et & Te " (l+ lllllluhl at s /.) ill .tore, nod t hill- (.al y C nor:( "l I1I e. zi.," , II VANi A ^ vv . I l.--\\ht, 'ld I iro i, (iox Sit l g N', of Il' e qg ali v, % ( loitl ad 1 fr snl by n 1~v3 '.oi i I i (3: luir st i lll Inucliltllt lllll l J)l i.lh, )iv ; I: H N ( (l..\ N i .l. {I), it .\ I'--l 1 I hl e. \... I t I :I St.1 , It" Itvllr ll wliilr ot"I rot-ir. I St · li -ep iot ,tii NI I Fa ll : l .1 i·l+ r le'l lll (( i ,I.."eI I)il. 1,11 .'4 o Ire i'h'. Six h \, rl 111- 1 .lI , 1 -llr hoxll, III h I t+ r tl e e n t A-i. .5 11, l I , rl sll irt i v3 n. . , ,,in- at . t r nvl VIi I RU IiN I. ll" ' : )illlli T * 15 Ni Srlhtio.nlr ' Ilt ll, & I.n lteemv t iii Magavine t li .. l lumIi'vv,1 ; .i E ll'k:lvi MllllE, i 1v, NiS; viv 2- 1 New Iivve I II(.+l eTA'_O un r -J nr hrti ]olI (et_ of It Ixprllerr 11 quality, l(nh die t l N h,-,v ti"'cvvd'livir, and t.r N %N ii(IivipIvII*b'IesItev' Q itIiinv'-v itw (v vv.iiii' y ii i ii L1i' VI iiy)I ( (l'tv T) fur, llrIvol and N..,m'I.H brand,, for soli- by F WIIT'il XliI"i t 1'O I Al' I' l'\ l l -Jutrlt ceive at e, a s o y it pr ew and slxeldid artihe ,trahe, by IiD lVID, ' F .T r CO, 4o11S N Y S otvi oi l I Tii t, l tll i .rtrm st" (TOTTONK \\cit ber'. - o lull inok-Ju t I s)lecltmeell; a Nvol iv,", i it s tore a ildir' ' P- h, o eb ' \\ Id i' Tv D& ' ti Cip O, n 7t, M t+gazi.)c .t I.IIE ()lit, of the New Orhans anrn Mobleh Mo il the bost Office a t nll, ile. vIvvriLl C1 v1.o . --Nor ,ltm o f ni , hip lIohI Nr tvl ('ol X h 1 i i t v lll .l of M li ri"enl, s ulltd nderour Oll er ll s11 tll erl itmll t x revl Sly flor it l lllle l rkell. Fol,'tr riass l e'll l ll, '" Tr 'th, o pwd,.red lPark. 411) oaines S Iphut.' Qfitnine, Tlwn catses p ' ll(el.ll (p ,, Tl'l n harlllr s A Ir hii ,ii r"'IVII le9' , l noil , r Theov boxes Him I's '.l. eic llixtule . ]h'l rmhnt, Oil (.emoe 'rnurtunrc Acidl, i-odl, Seidlit. _ t' 0 2i (;hurters· st PM PIA.i- I1 III -v IUanp derWIe, Cewlla 1:3 h ba, loll Iill bo'e IIpeiai l Tion is storo, and liar R B y YI~Il ouO J 'll' hX R,:CO ___30 74lydooot Po IiPi)8llt-1111 beg I'lr a tl rr Ina h ig 1.1 aItem Clli ou aill iur sae y or1311 74 'y iaa j11A¶u'Kk1l AT1 ethouiu Fili-il l od ingf No.Im . h1iiLbutoooiuf Cu ·ibsju,jiu suru lrlhr oobuiolubIv Colt311 bo ,lanuid blunioe 1l130 71 yloi p1 I EbiuNEI Bibll'(a Fiiil-5110 aii . doo No.h O, LJ~a iii' hr bl~l·:Ab & IbOItRO\IU, I41aU.iCtsI-.u l lb w;'a Cauwiscd inge iOio'ibuiuiicjuourwuio'od l~eyubIodn d '/llby S tJ'bll; . i 1 h . ib IIII' AiluoIuuoIloupICS. I'llr Sl iS i,. o'IU) I upruologe 0.1 I,,roiuuipoib i jU o II, lin Uouhoooo I iu. beldio iOr hiupo Jiipoii fa i sllo by p111 andj) lb. CIg \ri, o Cprr ,or 1 J :IbFIbbE~bIN'S I CKULES & C)F Ihooiiiu1iporouibo Cn'r uooou nrpelotirelto lie woi yluiixl' t siid' hmg o1l, t _ lbCAVu0-Lo U ;IAi*u;·ls Ilnpc '01 lrnitareiumour ouoe 2, troituopo nirbe s nl, njs r d a no .i': vuuiguu o r i, 2 ld:1 f Ar or ii nr.uuika browSlun lluigo, f i 10 l Ieb ey liogrbnldi g irob NOli I C - -T I~joAC &llIcE~ o Ill",FIREEN'SINSURNCEOFFIE ha T beau temporarily removed Iteaoved to l"li Canal~p s ytreelt, neixuPuoth oo oMa rdo Aand T id I1 Bank saip Dooolmena, o r tt LY ni Irdcal jagui IiB lieie ri5n. ne

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